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Satellite L350-170 - Recovery Disk doesn't work

Question: Satellite L350-170 - Recovery Disk doesn't work


I have a L350-170 running Windows Vista home, I have recently purchase a recovery CD from Toshiba and now that it has arrived, it doesnt work.

I put in the CD and boot from the CD drive, I can hear the drive working and the screen says "Windows is loading files" and a bar appears at the bottom of the screen, after this the screen goes blank and all I am left with is a mouse pointer and a black screen.


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Preferred Solution: Satellite L350-170 - Recovery Disk doesn't work

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite L350-170 - Recovery Disk doesn't work


Did you test if the notebook would boot up using another bootable disk like Linux Live CD, WinPE or Win XP?
Please check this?this would help to determine if the issue is related to Recovery disk or notebook.

Please check also if the HDD is ok. For this test you can use an free HDD testing tool called Drive Fitness Test. Google for that.

However, it could be also an faulty recovery disk and in such case you should get in contact with the guys where you have ordered this disk? maybe you need an replacement.

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I am selling my laptop.

Went to use original Product recovery CD's supplied with PC.

1st disk worked OK - unfortunately 2nd disk (not damaged) stops at approx 60% and gives the following message;

error number 437
Cannot read from file
version: 7.00 (apr 19 2001, build 254).
License: XQ199905
command line arguments: -clone, mode=pload,srx=x:\01367000.GHO:1,dst=1:1 - batch

prog mode : prog_local
Path name :
dump file: x:\01367001.GHS
dumpPos : 0
flagexplode : 10

Mouse IRQ status : not in IRQ(0)


I have a buyer waiting and it all looks dutch to me!!!

Answer:Satellite P10-304: 2nd Recovery Disk doesn't work


It?s not easy to say what?s wrong with the 2nd recovery disc.
I would recommend formatting completely the HDD and trying again to recover the OS. If it doesn?t works, well try to contact the Toshiba service. There you can order the Recovery CD. Maybe the recovery problem will be solved as a gesture of goodwill.
Nevertheless the recovery cd is not expensive.

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Hello all

i have an old Satellite A30-203 and have a problem. I've tried to format my laptop but the product recovery cd does not seem to work while its deleting the data on my drive its gets stuck while loading ntfs files? Now im not able to get back on to windows would I need a new product recovery cd and would be able to get that?


Answer:Satellite A30-203 - Recovery disk doesn't work

Hi dimation,

It?s hard to say what is the exact reason of this but fact is either it?s a problem of the recovery disk (e. g. scratched) or the notebook itself is causing this problem.

In my opinion the easiest way to check this is using a Microsoft Windows disk. If the installation will be finished successfully, you need a new recovery disk. Therefore you can ask an authorized service provider in your country! :)

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because my laptop (Satellite P200 - I bought it in dec. 2007) didn't work properly anymore - and when after a lot of cleaning up it still didn't work properly - I decided to start from the beginning and restore the operating system with the 2 product recovery cd's/dvd's.

Product Recovery Disk 1/2 worked fine - Windows Vista Home Premium is loaded again on my computer.

But what abot *Product Recovery Disck2/2*??
At one point the recovery program asks for an 'ADD-ON' but when I put in Product Recovery Disk 2/2 at that moment the program doesn't recognize the disk. During the rest of the recovery program the program doesn't ask for Product Recovery Disk 2/2, so the content of that cd-rom/dvd now isn't loaded on my laptop.

Has anyone had this problem too?
What did you do about it?
Is it a problem not to have loaded the content of Product Recovery Disk 2/2 (can I go without it?)?

Thanks in advance for any reactions!


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Answer:Satellite P200 - Product Recovery Disk 2/2 doesn't work


> Product Recovery Disk 1/2 worked fine - Windows Vista Home Premium is loaded again on my computer.

I don?t know what Add-ons the tool asked for but as far as I know the Toshiba image contains the Vista OS, Toshiba drivers and the additional software.
So if you have recovered the notebook using the Toshiba Recovery disk 1 then the notebook should be set to the SAME state like at the first day of purchase.

PS: what files can you find on the second disk?

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My laptop Satellite L350 shows a blank screen.
After the welcoming text: "Toshiba leading innovation", there is only light on it an a non-blinking cursor.
With an external screen (and Fn F5) it's exactly the same: that screen also only has the non-blinking cursor.

What can I try?

Answer:Screen on Satellite L350 doesn't work

Sounds like Windows is corrupted. Do you have an L350 product recovery disc?

If you have important data on the HDD, you can connect the drive to another PC using a 2.5" USB Adapter to copy the files over.

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Hi all

Very recently I bought a pre-installed L350
From the first day of use then webcam is not working

I always get a window with header "FOUT"
The text : "webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer"
All you can do is click an "OK" button to close the window and that's it !

Any help to solve this enjoying problem is very welcome...

Thanks in advance


Just update the driver I had version 6.0.6001.18000 from 21/06/06
After updating : version from 14/02/08

The webcamera works !!!

How tot do it ???

Start-->Control Panel-->System-->Device Manager-->Imagedevices-->Chicony USB2.0-->use Tab Driver-->Update... Windows Vista looks for an update, finds it and installs it...
And the thing is working !!!!

Hope i was of any help

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Answer:Satellite L350 - Webcam doesn't work BUT NOW IT DOES

Here in the forum are already threads about this issue.
An user named Akuma posted an interesting solution for this problem so try it. Maybe it will help you.

Furthermore this could be useful too:

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The screensaver on my new L350 will not work despite being turned on? Can anyone help me get it to operate?

Answer:Screensaver doesn't work on my Satellite L350

It would be interesting which OS do you use. So you should post this information.

It?s not easy to say what is wrong but you should look in the event viewer. Maybe there can you an error or what?s the reason for this error.

Make sure that you have all updates and Hotfixes for your OS installed. Visit the Microsoft Windows update website and install the latest updates.

However, maybe this document is useful for you:

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I have created my recovery disk after buying new Toshiba A300-1G5 model laptop. That recovery disk is damaged now.
I have tried to make 2nd set of recovery disk, but the application is not working.

error message comming "---- orisetenv/setenv.ini file missing.

Please anybody help how to resume the application's (Recovery Disk Creator) functionality?

Another question--- does not Toshiba have a online help facility apart from this forum? Forum is from user, can't we (Toshiba Users) get online help from Toshiba technical team directly?
If yes please send me the route to reach.

Answer:Satellite A300-1G5: Recovery Disk Creator doesn’t work anymore

If ?Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator" doesn?t work anymore then you have big problem.
Fact is that this tool cannot be downloaded and reinstalled.

What to do now?
I see two options there:
# you will order recovery installation disc from Toshiba -
# you must install OS again using HDD recovery option if available. With clean preinstalled operating system (factory settings) you will be able to use ?Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator? again and create recovery discs again.

It is not known to me you can contact Toshiba people directly except to call Toshiba?s hotline.
As far as I know it is for free.

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Mate has an L350 which is completely knackered and unfortunately has no recovery disks. Could I use my recovery disks for my L300 model or will that just make things worse?

Answer:Satellite L350 - Can I use the recovery disk from the L300?

You could try but it may be missing Drivers or it may BSOD depending on the hardware differences.

Can you run Recovery from the HDD? Press F8 when Windows starts and choose the Repair/Recovery option.

Otherwise you would need to buy a replacement recovery disc from Toshiba.

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Got this L350-212 running Vista Basic.

It loads up to the Toshiba splash screen prompting f2 for setup etc. but does not acknowledge f2 or f8 or f12 to boot recovery disc. Goes to black screen with steady cursor in top left corner ( _ ) not flashing. Waited quite a while to see if it was just realy slow but nothing.

Dont know what else to do... any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite L350-212 - Does not boot recovery disk

Hi buddy,

Have you checked if the CD/DVD drive is recognized properly in BIOS? Maybe that?s not the case so it doesn?t boot from recovery disk.

If you have another bootable disk, check another one. Maybe the recovery disk is scratched and can?t be read.

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Hi all,

I am trying to fix my sister-in-law's Satelite L350-277 following a failed HDD. Prior to failure it was running Win7 Home Premium (32bit) which was preinstalled on HDD. I managed to run Belarc on it before it completely went, but wasn't able to create restore disk in time.

HDD failure appears to be due to bad sectors, and once failed, couldn't get past Startup Repair. Upon checking HDD (in USB enclosure), both C: and D: (backup partition) appeared intact, so guessed it was issue with MBR. I used Clonezilla to clone to new HDD and am now working on that - failing HDD is still as it was incase I need to clone again.

With the clone of the HDD, I first tried using bootrec.exe but some how managed to "break" C: and couldn't see anything in the partition.

BTW I am currently using a retail DVD copy of Win 7 to provide the "restore" functions. However the Toshiba Restore functions don't appear in the option list. So I then decided to just install the retail copy on C: to see if I could access the toshiba restore functions using data in D: That didn't seem to work either.

Then I came across this thread which gave me hope in being able to boot the Toshiba recory tool:

I was hoping that Vista and Win7 preinstalls would be very similar, however the HDD only has one recovery partition (D:\ HDDRecovery) and I seem to fall down at step 13. There are two boo... Read more

Answer:Win 7 restore without recovery disk on Satellite L350-277

On one side I can understand your wish to install recovery image but on other side, for me personally, it is nothing but wasting your time for nothing. Generally speaking recovery image is designed not to be copied or manipulated so this guy was very lucky.

Problem is that recovery disc was not created after notebook purchase.

Maybe it sounds stupid to you but I recommend you to order original recovery disc for this machine.
You can order it on
It costs 30 Euro only. For this money you will get original recovery disc that includes activated operating system, all necessary drivers, tools, utilities and few additional and useful applications.

Using this disc you will be able to have perfectly working machine in 2 hours only.

One more thing: usage of this disc is unlimited and you can use it 1000 times and every time you will have activated and perfectly configured OS.

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How can i produce my own system recovery disk?
The windows system keeps asking for a floppy disk system which i haven't got

Any advise?

Answer:Satellite L350: How can I create my own Recovery disk


I don?t know what you mean exactly?
You can create an own Toshiba Recovery disk using the Toshiba Recovery Disk creator software.
Its preinstalled on your notebook and after the successful creation of the Recovery disk you could use it for the OS installation.

The Toshiba Recovery disk will NOT ask you for a floppy disk!!!

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The Common Modules diver is *not working*.
The way it's not working is because when I try to install Toshiba Controls it tells me that "TOSHIBA Common Modules is not installed on your computer". I can continue anyway but it's not working (obviously). I tried versions 1.00.05, 1.00.08 (both which are on the Toshiba European Driver site) and 1.00.22SE, 6.05.01.TE (from a different site) and none of them are working.

After I install any of them I get this message from PowerSaver: "TOSHIBA Common Modules is not running correctly. You will not be able to use TOSHIBA Power Saver." A weird thing is that the Toshiba Common Modules driver _doesn't appear in Add/Remove Programs_ and I can't find where to uninstall it. The way I installed the other versions is by simply running them.

My laptop is a Satellite L350 PSLD0C-03N08C ( art=8282#spectop).
The Canadian Toshiba website only has the Vista drivers (VAP). All the drivers on the European Toshiba site worked perfect.
*Please help me, this is the only part that is left for my downgrade.* I can't use Power Saver, Fn keys and all these important things if I don't get it fixed.

+P.S. For those who are interested in a history of my downgrade problems can be found here:

Answer:Common Modules diver doesn't work on Satellite L350 with Win XP


As you said this is a Canadian notebook model and if the Common Modules are not designed especially for this notebook then this application will not work properly.

So we have found a reason why the common modules doesn?t work -> this software was not designed for your notebook series.

Unfortunately, if the Toshiba Canadian page doesn?t provide the Win XP tools and utilities for you notebook then you have to wait and have to run the notebook without such tools.


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since the update to Windows 7 my touchpad from my Toshiba Satellite L350- 17Q doesn?t work anymore. I don?t see him in device manager anymore. I try to use added value package and the new drivers from Toshiba site, but this also didn't help.

Please help!!

PS. my USB mouse works fine, but I don?t got more USB space if i got 2 external USB HDDs and my dj panel.

Answer:After Win7 upgrade touchpad doesn’t work on my Satellite L350-17Q

What happen if you use FN+F9 key combination?
Have you checked all mouse settings?

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Help, please.

I have been reading through the User's Manual for my new lap top before setting it up and am feeling rather nervous.

The salesman said that it should open automatically when I start it up, and all I then had to do was install the printer and (say) my m/s word program and I would be up and running.

But it sounds as if I should first of all make some recovery disks.
How many disks are needed? DVD presumably - or D/L.?
Can the recovery disk(s) be made after other programs are installed?

Secondly, it mentions the online manual. Where do I find this?
I have a scanner and external Seagate HD, but these can be added later.
I am using the laptop as a desktop replacement for my five year old Mesh PC.

Thank you for your help.

Answer:Satellite L350 - Question about Recovery disk creation


Yes, it?s very important to create the Recovery disk before you would change anything on your notebooks HDD.
After you have finished the Vista setup you should start the application called Toshiba recovery Disk Creator.
This application will help you to create the Recovery disk.

As I?m not mistaken you would need one DVD?. I recommend using an DVD-R.

Note; in some cases you can get an error burning the Recovery DVD. This can happens because not all disks are fully compatible. So if you would get such error please check different DVDs from different manufacturers


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can i download a recovery disk for free ? if so can you post link

Answer:Satellite L350-170 - can i download a recovery disk for free?

any 1 out there know of downloads

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Hi, everyone!

My system is Vista home premium 32 bit (German), and I changed the system language as Chinese,
After that I installed some Chinese software.(i don?t know if this caused problems) keyboard is OK after.
I have done this, even I restart or shutdown my computer keyboard works well.

But after some hours or a night, there is no response with my keyboard any more, and hardware manager can not find new hardware.

(PS: Keyboard works until I see the vista logo, because I try to press the CAPS-LOCK key, this light on).

So every day I must delete the driver of Keyboard and restart -- F2 - BIOS - default setting ? save ? exit - restart, then I get my Keyboard back.

Can some one help me please?


Answer:Satellite L350: keyboard doesn’t work after changing to Chinese language


>I changed the system language as Chinese
Can you please tell me how you?ve done this?
Does keyboard works well in BIOS settings or when you start OS in SAFE MODE using F8 at start-up?

I don't believe anyone here will be able to offer exact answer to your issue. Who knows what you have done and which software you have installed. It is known that some bas programmed third part software can have bad influence on OS stability and hardware functionality.

Maybe you should use your notebook with ?factory settings? and with tested software.

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I got a problem with my L350.
Windows vista won't start up.

So i ordered recovery dvd from Toshiba because i didn't create my own recovery dvd.
But during getting back Vista i got image error restoring.

I don't know what to do now .

Thanks for any help.

Answer:Satellite L350 - Error while restoring the Vista using Recovery disk

Can you remember the error message?
Are you able to boot from another bootable disks like Win XP, Linux, etc????

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Can anyone help please?

I own a Satellite L350-20F running Vista
After suffering a blow to the laptop it stopped working. (no surprise)
Have used recovery disks to try to restore unit, but nothing happens it just reboots to the running ants with microsoft corporation written underneath, then check disk starts reporting no bad sectors, after this fins it reboots to running ants again.

Am getting blue screen error message every now and again, then goes to windows recover screen to either launch startup reapir (done this lots times still no progress) or start windows normally.
Tried to repair but just keep going through the stages of putting disks in and going through disk repair.

Is it easy to change HDD inside (i know how to on PC but no clue in laptop)(out of warranty))
I also own a satellite L300-25H is it poss to network them together and do a full format of broken one to see if that helps?
The only thing is will i be able to reformat new HDD with recovery disks to put back on Vista or will i need to pay out for a new OS?

Many Thanks


Answer:Satellite L350-20F - Recovery Disks work to a certain point, still no boot

Yes it is easy to replace the HDD, just unscrew the two screws in the HDD Panel on the Base.

If there is a HDD chassis/bracket on the drive, you will need to transfer the bracket to the new HDD.

If you have no Recovery Discs, you can order the discs from the Toshiba website for a small fee.

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I have a Packard Bell Imedia 5205. The problem started with Rundell but has got worse. Tried the recovery floppy but when I turn on all I get is a load of commands which scroll for ages then stops with the cursor blinking on a new line. Where do I go from here?

Answer:Recovery disk doesn't work

Oh dear, I take it you are having a rundll problem. Could you post any error message you are getting. The recovery disk you talk of is only a boot disk with probably some Packard bell drivers on it ( typical packard bell). Post back error messages for further help. There are hundreds of possible solutions.

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Hi all.My 4 year old laptop won't boot to windows, and I have tried to get it boot into XP via chkdsk (reports fixed errors) and then finally tried the Toshiba recovery DVD. The recovery disk completes 100% ghost image but then still fails to boot. I spoke to Toshiba to try another DVD but they say they don't produce them anynore and I should repurchase XP. Doesn't UK law state that the vendor has to provide for the consumer to be able to recover the PC back to factory defaults? I don't think I have HDD problems, it's just the DVD doesn't seem to drop the image back on the drive although it looks like it completes, so I would hope a new recovery disk would do the trick.Thanks.

Answer:Recovery disk doesn't work

Warranty only cover Hardware, not Software

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My laptop broke a few months ago and the hard drive had to be replaced, and I was told by the guy who did it that I needed to put in the CD that came with the laptop and then it would be fixed. However, I didn't get a CD with my laptop so I ordered one from HP.When I put the CD in though, it just says "invalid system disk". I have had the disk replaced twice so I'm quite sure it's the right one, but I don't know what to do!I would really appreciate some help!

Answer:System recovery disk doesn't work!

try formatting the disk BEFORE you use the CD...

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Hi all

I wanted to recover my original Windows that i created 2 DVDs when i first bought the laptop.
the first DVD worked OK and erased everything, then it won't read my second DVD although it appears fine to me and can be read on other devices.

is there any way i can recover my original windows?

i tried pressing 0 when starting up but no use.

thanks a lot

Answer:Toshiba Recovery - 2nd disk doesn't work


This is very bad situation now. All you can do is to try again. Make second DVD clean and try it again.
I really hope this will work somehow. If not, you have a big problem.

Before recovery image installation starts whole HDD will be formatted so there is no chance to start HDD recovery installation from the HDD (using 0 at start-up).

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I am trying to do a clean install on my laptop, but the recovery disk doesn't appear to be working.
The files transfer onto the laptop, but once done, I get an error message that says "The system is not fully installed. Please run set up again".

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I fix this?

It's taken me four days to get to this point, and am getting very frustrated!

Thanks heaps


Answer:Satellite A50 - recovery disk doesn't appear to be working


How about installation using another CD; i.e Microsoft Windows XP disk?
Did you try this?

In my opinion this would help to localize the issue?
The error message can be related to different issues; I mean the HDD or a single partition issue could be possible too.

Try to format the whole HDD again. Erase all the partitions from the HDD and check if you could follow with the installation.

But if you will not be able to install the OS using the recovery disk and other disks then an issue must be related to an hardware part?. (possibly HDD)

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Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download — The NeoSmart Files

This is the link everyone gives me to fix my pc. I carried out all the instructions, burned the file onto a blank dvd and everything. When I boot from the DVD, Vista Installation pops up...why is this?

Answer:Windows Vista Recovery disk doesn't work..

Did you download the right bit rate for the disk?

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I got a virus on my laptop and want to format.
I have tried to use the recovery disc but after pressing the F12 button & choose the option CD it just reloads to windows... it doesn't give me any menu or instructions to follow.
Am I doing something wrong or is there another way to bring up a menu to format my hard drive.
Also... is windows XP on the recovery disc?

Thank you for any advice.

One more thing:
I think my recovery disc is faulty, doesn't give me any menu or instructions after I press F 12... just goes to a black screen and loads the ram disc image & then returns to windows, with nothing done. Can I get a new dsc. I have a Satellite A100 laptop.


Answer:Satellite A100 - recovery DVD doesn't work

Thanks for you no replies, but have finally managed to get the option menu on screen to start the recovery process.

A complicated sequence of steps but has worked.

No longer need help.

Thanks anyway.

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I have a serious problem with my A60: the keyboard doesn't work any more. I have tried a lot of solutions and the last one, recovery with the Product Recovery DVD-ROM doesn't work, because I can't use the keyboard!!

When the screen with the 3 choices appears, I have no possibility to answer!!
Have somebody an idea???

Thanks a lot for your answer.

Answer:Satellite A60: keyboard doesn't work, recovery DVD can't run

They keyboard might not be the problem or it might not be connected properly to the motherboard the best thing to do is take it to a service centre it shouldn't cost you anything, if it is still under warranty...but if it is just the keyboard and your laptop is out of warranty then it should cost you more than 100-200....can't say how much exactly because I have no idea.

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My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite M100-139 and it came with a Recovery CD that is supposed to wipe out everything and then reinstall Vista.
I ran the CD, and it wiped out everything but didn't reintsall Vista - I got an error message saying:
Error: Could not open WIM File F:\05718XSP. swm

What can I do?
The laptop is empty now and I can't do anything at all with it. Help please :-(

Answer:Recovery CD for Satellite M100 doesn't work

You are right about recovery CD purpose. Using this CD you can install OS and have ?factory settings? again.
Do you use recovery CD/DVD for the first time?
Is recovery CD/DVD clean and without scratches?

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Hey guys,

got the following problem: My L670D got hacked by some *******s and now I'm still trying to get the power back. I heard something about the HDD Recovery by Toshiba, which should work by pressing F8 while starting. I tried many times, but I think something went wrong and nothing happened.
Can anyone help me by telling me, where my mistake is? I just want my notebook back!

For those who encourage me to install Windows again: I don't have any DVD, cause it was already on the Laptop when I bought it (Win 7 64-bit).

Please Please Please help me!

Merry Christmas to you all!


Answer:Satellite L670D got hacked, HDD Recovery doesn't work


HDD recovery works as described on follow Toshiba document -

Try it please and send some feedback.

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My daughter?s laptop was so slow we decided to take it back to factory settings. There is no recovery disc with the laptop as it has the repair function however when we did this the computer would no longer start up and when we started it in safe mode the repair option had disappeared!

I then went to and bought the recovery disc, seem to work, loads files etc then says windows loading but the screen just goes black.

I can't find a phone number or contact point on the invoice and if I am going to have to take it to a shop to repair I don?t want to have paid for the discs as well which didn't work!!

Am I doing something wrong or can any-one help?


Answer:Recovery disc for Satellite L450 doesn't work

New notebooks are offered with preinstalled operating system and without recovery disc but in user?s manuals is clearly described that you can create this recovery disc using preinstalled ?Toshiba recovery disc creator? software.

I?m really wondering you didn?t check this option.

Anyway, try to use this disc again to see if the problem occurs again and again. If you will not be able to install original recovery image I recommend you to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.

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I have a Satellite A200-1H2 notebook with a Windows Vista Home system.
Computer was never connected with Internet and I used it only for doc writing, playing music and watching movies. It worked good until yesterday.

After turning on, there was a massage "c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe" corrupted (missed? sorry, i don't remember).

So I have used Toshiba Product Recovery DVDs and after reinstalation system reboot. And now i have a "Startup Repair" massage, which is:
"Windows cannot repair this computer automatically" and below:
"If you have recently attached a device to this computer, such as a camera or portable music player, remove it and restart the your computer. If you continue to to see this massage, contact..... bla, bla, bla. .... Click finish to exit and shut down your computer".

It's strange cos I have no device attached to my computer nor it was while recovering system.

After pressing "View diagnostics and repair details" another popup shows and it says, that all test "completed succesfully" (the last one is "Setup state check") and that
"Root cause found
Failure while setup is in progress"

What i have to do now? I don't have any bootable Windows Vista DVD.

Please heeeeelp!

PS. Sorry for my poor english :)

Answer:Satellite A200-1H2 with Vista doesn't work after recovery

That?s strange and I would assume that the notebook would run properly after reinstallation from the Toshiba Recovery Disk?
However, maybe something went wrong during the first attempt?

Try to use the Recovery disk again and try to reinstall this notebook second time?

Good luck

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I have a 4 year old Toshiba Satellite L653-120 and factory recovery won't work. Can I purchase recovery discs (none came with the computer)

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L653-120 recovery doesn't work

Did you try the method outlined in the page linked below?: believe F12 is used instead of F8 for Windows 7.

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I've just sign in

I've got a problem with my Satellite L350. It does not read any CD`s but DVD`s work fine.

Anybody have any ideas?

Answer:Satellite L350 - Doesn't ready CD's but DVD's


Try to remove the upper and lower filters from registry. Therefore follow this workaround:

Remove the CD/DVD drive from device manager and restart the notebook.

Maybe there is dust over the lens and you should try to clean it.

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I wiped the HD of my M105 using the Toshiba Recovery DVD. XP Home loaded, but many of the drivers didn't load such the Intel Wireless, the Ethernet, ATI etc.
Many of the factory programs installed, but not the important drivers.

What do you advise?


Answer:Satellite M105 - Recovery disk doesn't load all drivers


Did you use the right Toshiba recovery disk?

I don?t know why this happened but try to install the drivers manually. You can find on the Toshiba website:


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Can anyone help! My laptop works fine, but I wanted to create a boot disk incase of problems.

But Toshiba Assist>Protect & Fix> doesnt give me an option to create a boot disk.
Is this expected with this model?

I do have the Toshiba Recovery Disk that came with the computer, but have been warned NOT to test it, otherwise it may actually cause me problems!
Any ideas?

Satellite Pro A100-302
Part Number : PSAACE-008002EN

Answer:Satellite Pro A100 - Recovery disk creator doesn't exist!

This option is not offered on this notebook model. Because of that Toshiba gives DVD recovery that can be used for operating system installation.

>I do have the Toshiba Recovery Disk that came with the computer, but have been warned NOT to test it, otherwise it may actually cause me problems!
Such info can come just from people who don?t know what they are talking about. Please ask this person what he means exactly and I will offer you the right explanation about recovery procedure if you want.

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At me has broken new Satellite A300-234, has flied Windows Vista. I have not made the Backup copy of system. Has put system from a disk of other laptop Toshiba A200-23J.

The key does not approach. What to do?

Answer:Re: Satellite A300-234 - Product key doesn't work with disk from another la

You can order Recovery discs here:

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My problem is that when I used the recovery disc supplied with the laptop it froze the computer when it was at "Expanding Files (0%)"
I thought disc was faulty, so purchased new disc from Toshiba (?30) but get the same error.
Machine is now unbootable as the recovery discs wiped hdd before freezing.

Any ideas?


Answer:Satellite P100-160 PSPAAE - Recovery Disc doesn't work

Is HDD recognized in BIOS?
What happen if you try to start recovery media now?

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I have Windows 7 Home Premium edition (64 Bit) in my Toshiba Satellite laptop (L650-12Q) and after a fresh start the Windows stopped working. I have a recovery disk which didn't load (I ended up with the pointer in a blank screen) and the windows 7 installation disk wouldn't work either (same thing). Safe mode doesn't work either.

This probably means that the partition has a problem am I right? - I have used Ubuntu Live CD which confirmed that c:\ cannot be mounted although d:\ can.

The problem however, is two fold: a) I'm not sure whether aspects of my data are accessible or not (I can't check this) and b) I can't re-install Windows, as the Windows 7 installation process doesn't work.

Any ideas please on what to do next? I would like to access the partition, have searched the internet (even tried with a Windows 98/XP boot disc) but didn't have any luck as the partition is written in a newer way, which isn't detected by them...

Thank you in advance.

Answer:Satellite L650-12Q - Windows 7 recovery procedure doesn't work

> I have a recovery disk which didn't load (I ended up with the pointer in a blank screen)...
Do you use it for the first time?

Anyway, try to start recovery disc following these steps:
-Start notebook model and when you see Toshiba welcome screen press F12 several times to enter Boot options
-when the boot menu is shown put recovery disc into optical disc drive
-in menu choose CD/DVD drive and press ENTER
ODD should start reading recovery disc.

What happen when you do this?

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my computer is 2 month old, and since 3 days, the ligth that indicates the charge of the battery is always orange, and doesn't want to get green, and the battery indicator charge of Vista or Ubuntu, indicates me that the pc is in charge, but the capacity only of 6%. I did change the battery with a new, and nothing changes. When y unplug the ac adapter, it indicates me that the battery is discharging, but the pc doen't stop, and when i plug the ac adaptator, it indicates me always 6% of charge.

I did dowload the latest bios update, but I have the latest bios for this PC.
Thank you for your answer.

Answer:Satellite L350 - battery doesn't charge

Hmm if you have tried a new battery, then it sounds like the mainboard has a problem.

Send the laptop to an ASP for warranty repair.

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i have a Toshiba Satellite L350-235. It has suddenly stopped recognising my usb stick that I use every day. It would normally say "new hardware found" and allow me to click on the F drive, now i get nothing!

Can anyone advise me?

Answer:Re: My Satellite L350 doesn't recognise USB stick

Have you checked all USB ports?
Have you checked USB ports functionality with some other USB device? Is the situation the same?

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Dear members,

My 1 year old Satellite L350 14F doesn't play CD's anymore.. DVD's work fine.

I've tried to delete the LowerFilters en UpperFilters. The Upperfilters were deleted succesfully, but I couldn't find the LowerFilters.

After this I deleted the software and restarted my notebook, but also this didn't help.

Tried to open the CD's in safemode but this didn't work fine too..

Yesterday I went to the computer store and there they told me I had to download a drive from the Toshiba site. The guy adviced me to download the DVD-RAW drive. But this drive isn't available for the Satellite L350.

So, can anyone help me out?


Answer:Satellite L350 doesn't play Cd's anymore


I doubt that this has anything to do with the driver? the point is that Windows does not need any additional drivers! It already use the MS driver.

The reason why you CD/DVD drive does not read the CDs anymore could be different.
One reason could be a compatibility issue between disk and drive? not all disks would be 100% compatible? the other reason might be a laser lens malfunction? in many laser lens cannot calibrate properly and therefore the disk are nor readable?

In such case the ODD has to be replaced.

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After getting some annoying adware I could not get rid of, I decided the format my harddrive and return my notebook to factory settings.. something I could not do.

Firstly I inserted the disc, and in no way could I get anything to happen. I tried run from start menu, I browsed the files and looked for some kind of file that would open the normal wizard.. etc.. nothing.. I restarted to see if it would boot.. nothing..

I went into the setup (f2) and asked it to boot the disk. It then says "Loading ram disk image" with a progress bar.. the bar finishes, the screen goes blank and than reboots, gets to the same point and continually reboots.

I found this thread with a guy with the exact same problem here:

He describes his solution but I have no idea what he is talking about.

I recieved this "Product Recovery DVD-ROM" and no other discs. I cannot enter windows, I can only enter f2 and the settings there, and watch it reboot.. I can't do anything with it at all.

Stunned that using the recovery disk made my notebook unusable where as before it was just annoying ads on websites..

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Satellite P100 - Recovery disk does not work


I have checked the link provided in your posting and the other person has booted the notebook with the Linux booting CD to format and to delete the whole partitions on the HDD.

I recommend doing the same. Delete the partitions and format the HDD and then try to recover the notebook with the delivered Toshiba recovery CD.


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I have a Satellite P300-13M. I want to reinstall my Vista but the program Recovery disk don't work.
I haven't uninstall the program, it's also on my software list. I can see the program in C:\Program Files\Toshiba\TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator but when i click on ToRDC.exe it doesn't start.

These are all the files in the map:

+13/08/2008 17:30 <DIR> .+
+13/08/2008 17:30 <DIR> ..+
+28/02/2008 20:49 <DIR> Img+
+19/03/2003 13:14 499.712 msvcp71.dll+
+21/02/2003 21:42 348.160 msvcr71.dll+
+30/10/2006 08:27 7.958
+27/10/2006 23:36 4.093 tdcmdpst.inf+
+18/10/2006 11:50 16.128 tdcmdpst.sys+
+03/11/2006 03:30 122.880 TDComSet.exe+
+21/11/2007 17:09 262.144 TDMSTING.dll+
+21/11/2007 17:23 129.632 TODDSrv.exe+
+06/12/2007 13:59 1.212.416 ToRDC.exe+
+14/02/2006 16:23 57.344 TosChk.dll+
+24/06/2007 19:39 9.657 TrdcHelp.html+
+25/10/2005 08:53 28.672 VXBLOCK.dll+
+12 bestand(en) 2.698.796 bytes+

I also have the map on E:\HDDRecovery with all the files in it (4.12 GB).

Is there a way to make the program work or can i make from the map HDDRecovery an ISO-image and burn it on a cd?

Answer:Satellite P300-13M - Recovery disk don't work


> I haven't uninstall the program, it's also on my software list. I can see the program in C:\Program Files\Toshiba\TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator but when i click on ToRDC.exe it doesn't start.
Sorry for my question but what do you want to do exactly?
Do you want to recover the notebook using the Recovery disk or do you want to create an recovery disk?

The Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator creates the Recovery disk using the files from the HDD recovery folder which is placed on the second partition.

If you want to recover the notebook then you have simply boot from the recovery disk.

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Hello everybody

I have a Toshiba Satellite T135 Laptop and it has recently crashed. Since then, every time I switch it on, Startup Repair automatically gets enabled. But it fails repairing the error.
I tried to resolve the problem with System Restore, but that didn't work either. So I think I have to go through the HDD recovery procedure.

The problem is, that I have a lot of data on my laptop that I need to safe first. I wanted to do this via Safe Mode which I supposedly should be able to enter by pressing "F8" while initializing, when the Windows logo appears. But my laptop doesn't react when I press F8, but rather begins to make a alerting sound, if I press the button for a longer time.

Apart from how to enter safe mode when pressing F8 while initializing doesn't work, I do have a second question: Is Toshiba Recovery Wizard the equivalent for HDD Recovery Procedure? That's the only similar option I've been able to find...

Thank you very much for your advice.

Answer:Satellite T135 How to enter Safe Mode and HDD Recovery if "F8" doesn't work


The HDD recovery installs the Toshiba image.
The image is the package containing OS, drivers and all the tools which were installed at the first day of purchase; simply said; using HDD recovery you would set the notebook back to factory settings.

You want to backup the date before installing the OS once again?
Well, remove the HDD, put this into a USB HDD case and move the file from this HDD to another computer.
This would be the easiest way to get the file save.

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I purchased recovery disc for my Satellite L350-370 followed start instructions program now stopped at "waiting for odd to become available" .prior to this the odd has worked perfectly.

Laptop will not switch off now and no keys work .


Answer:Cannot use recovery disc for Satellite L350

I really don't understand what happen there. I used recovery disc numerous times and I?ve never saw such message.
Set BIOS to default settings and restart your notebook. When notebook starts and you see Toshiba welcome screen press F12 several times to enter boot menu. When boot menu is shown on the screen put recovery disc into optical disc drive. After doing this choose CD/DVD drive and press ENTER. What happen when you do this?

ODD should start to read recovery disc and you should see the recovering menu on the screen.

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I have a Satellite L350 and need to put it back to the original settings. I have created a recovery disc but not sure what to do from here.

Answer:Satellite L350 - How do I use my recovery disc?

Before to start a recovery process, backup all important data. The,, enter Bios (F2 on startup) and set cd/ddvrom as the 1st boot device. Press f10 to save and exit. Insert disk and restart the laptop. Then, follow onscreen instruction and that's all. Note, during recovery process your laptop will restart for many times :)

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There's a problem. Windows isn't running any more, but we can't repair it because we can't find our recovery cd/dvd.
How can we get it now?

Answer:Recovery installation on Satellite L350-12C

Can you start HDD recovery installation following instructions on

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Is there someone who can tell me why I got two recovery discs?

On disc one there is my Vista recovery with all drivers, after installation the system don't ask for the second disc. All works well.

I just want to know where the second disc is for. It?s a Satellite L350-144

Answer:Satellite L350-144 - Second Recovery disc

Maybe the second disc has the Applications and Drivers? Or its another Operating System such as 64bit Vista?

What does it say on the Disc label?

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I have recently (yesterday) downloaded the latest bios update dated 25/02/10 version 2.20-WIN, after downloading and running the software the laptop immediately stopped working and shut down. I am now no longer able to boot the laptop at all, all I get is the power light on and the hard drive light blinks, I can hear the CD/DVD drive spinning, but thats it no screen nothing at all, I don't think it is booting.

Is there a way to correct this without taking it to a shop/engineer, recovering the BIOS??

The Laptop is a Satellite L350, I have opened the laptop to try and reset the CMOS by removing the motherboard battery (not sure if this would have helped), however as far as I can tell it doesn't have one or I can't find it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Answer:Satellite L350 - Doesn't boot after BIOS update

Hi Andy,

Hmm... If BIOS update failed you can do nothing because only an authorized service provider has professional diagnostic and recover tools to make an update again.

So in my opinion you must contact an authorized service provider in your country. Get in contact with the guys and ask for help. They will tell you what to do now.

Here is a list of them: > Support & Downloads > Find an ASP

Good luck! :)

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I have a new Satellite L350 with 4GB RAM on windows 7. whenever it goes to sleep (or hibernate) it does not wake up automatically.
Is there a specific key or sets of key strokes required?
I end up pressing the power button which tells me it did not shut down properly.

I have disabled the sleep and hibernate functions in the meantime.

Answer:Satellite L350 - Doesn't wake up from sleep mode


You should check if your BIOS is up to date.

Usually there is no special procedure to wake up the unit from sleep or hibernation mode?You have to press the power button (very short) and this will wake up the unit from sleep mode.


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Satellite L500-1WP

After update from Windows 8 to 8.1 my external USB 3.0 disk do not work.
Windows message: "Device not recognized".

Answer:Satellite L500-1WP: after Win8.1 upgrade external USB 3.0 disk doesn't work


I guess you are talking about external HDD which supports the USB 3.0 standard.

Did you try to connect the external HDD to another USB ports?
Do the USB ports work properly in connection with other USB devices?

Does the USB 3.0 device support Win 8.1?

You should check this.

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Good Afternoon,

Wonder if anyone can shed some light on the following error message I get when trying to restore my laptop...

"Setting access permissions V:\HDDRecovery...
V:\HDDRecovery The system cannot find the file specified
Unpack WinRE...

ImageX Tool for Windows
Copyright Blah.....

Error Opening file [V:\HDDRecovery\SWImg\06546XSP.svml
ERROR: ImageX could not apply WinRE V:\HDDRecovery\SWImg\06546XSP.svm Index 1 from HDD to W:!

Press any key to continue..."

After this I am left with the Toshiba recovery software running with no action and an Active DOS screen but nothing happening...

I'm guessing HD fault, Recovery media received today from Toshiba for this system

Laptop is:
Satellite L300D 202

NB. If i restart the laptop boots so far and displays BOOTMGR is missing Ctrl Alt Del to restart...

All help much appreciated,
Thanks in advance,


Answer:Satellite L300D-202: Restore using Recovery disk does not work

> NB. If i restart the laptop boots so far and displays BOOTMGR is missing Ctrl Alt Del to restart...

Hmm... for me it looks like the notebook does not boot from the disk (DVD) but it tries to boot from the HDD....

Anyway, did you try to boot from another disks; for example Win XP, Linux Live CD?
Do this and check if this is possible... if yes, format the HDD and try to boot from the recovery disk again!

PS: Did you try an HDD recovery option?
Power up the unit, press F8 and in choose ?Repair my Computer?
After that choose ?Toshiba HDD recovery? option if possible.

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I want to upgrade my Satellite L350 up to 4 GB RAM. BIOS accept 4096 MB.
But I cannot install an operating system (xp prof. or vista 32 bit)
My L350 boot from CD /DVD, but if the setup will start I have a restart.

My question is: will my Satellite L350-141 work with 4 GB RAM?

Answer:Does Satellite L350-141 work with 4 GB RAM?


I think there shouldn?t be a problem with the 4GB RAM.

But as you probably don?t known, the Microsoft Windows 32bit OS cannot use the full 4GB RAM due to the 32bit OS limitation.
Microsoft has published several articles and documents regarding the 4GB RAM issue.
If you want you can google for this issue.

Fact is that only the Windows 64bit OS (XP or Vista) would be able to use the full 4GB RAM.

Additionally the BIOS and the Chipset have to support the 4GB RAM to ensure that the notebook and the Windows would be able to use the full memory.

Best regards

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Hey Guys,

first sorry for my bad english =)

My Notebook:
Satellite L350-153 - PSLD0E-02200YGR

I have the problem that my windows vista doesn?t start.
I get the following Bluescreen:

*A problem has detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage ro your computer.*
*If this is the first time you?ve seen this error screen. restart your computer. If this screen appears again?. follow these steps:*

*The Bios in this System is not fully ACPI compliant. Please contact your system vendor for an updated BIOS.*

*Technical Information:*
**** STOP: 0x000000A5 (0x00000011, 0x00000006, 0x00000000, 0x00000000**)*

I?ve tested the RAM and the HDD, but they are ok.
Also I have tested another RAM, but there?s the same problem.
I?ve also tested to install Windows Vista, Windows 7 and XP, but i get everytime the same Bluescreen.
Knoppix and Ubuntu Boot CDs works.

Now i want to do a Bios-Update, but the File on the Toshiba-Website must run in a working Windows.
Is there a possibility to install it with a boot CD?

Answer:Satellite L350-153 - ACPI-Bluescreen - vista doesn´t start

>Is there a possibility to install it with a boot CD?

On the Toshiba EU driver page you can find only an Win based BIOS update.
But I found on the Toshiba USA driver page an BIOS version which could be updated while booting the notebook.

The Satellite L350-153 - PSLD0E belongs to the same notebook series like Toshiba Satellite L355-S7812 PSLD0U therefore the BIOS update should be compatible.

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The above laptop will not respond when I press the power on button.

The Dc in green neon is lit, as is the Main battery neon, the Power neon remains out. I have left it with the charger plugged in all day, twice it came to life its self without me pressing any key, it works great when it was on, its when I put it on stand bye or shut down it just dies & goes into the above mode.

Any help or advice would be most welcome ty

Answer:Satellite L350-170 - Doesn't respond if I press the power on button

Hey bluefin,

And what happens now? Can you start the notebook or doesn?t it respond again?

Anyway, I think this has something to do with the hardware. Are you using original Toshiba battery and AC/DC adaptor?

If yes you should contact nearest authorized service provider. They can help you and check your notebook.

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Satellite L350-172 Bios-Update from bios-20090203164614 to bios-201002250

I just updatet the BIOS of my notebook from 1.60 to 2,20. Now the Notebook doesn't start any longer.
"It was stopped for reason not to damage the Computer" - blue schreen.

How can I downgrade the bios again? Or - what have I to change in the bios-settings?

Answer:After BIOS update Satellite L350-172 doesn't start anymore

>...what have I to change in the bios-settings?
If I understood you right you cannot even start your notebook so entering BIOS settings is not possible.
Can you confirm this?

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I'm new at this so please be gentle with me! - I have a Toshiba Satellite L350-170 (Windows Vista SP2). I burned 2 recovery DVD's just after I got it from new. I decided to recover it to factory settings, so I placed the first recovery disc in the drive and ....nothing. It won't auto play/boot up to start the recovery process. I can access files on the disc via "MY COMPUTER" but can see a "SET-UP". I had previously used the discs to recover and it worked then no problem.

There is nothing wrong with the computer or any error messages

Apologies if its been said before but, can anyone help or let me know whats happening please?

with grateful thanks


Answer:How to start recovery installation on Satellite L350-170?

Hello Myke

If it has worked in the past i don?t see the reason why it should not works again, except the discs are damaged.

Anyway, try this:
Start your notebook and press F12 several times to enter boot menu
Put the disc 1 into optical disc drive
In the list choose CD/DVD drive and press ENTER

ODD should start to read the disc and you should see something on the screen.

Does it work for you?

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I have a friend?s Satellite L350 laptop which I attempted to repair, but the HDD is faulty, so badly I can't create restore disks. I cloned the image partition to another HDD (yes I created 2 partitions) which is a western digital, but for some reason when pressing F8 I can't get into the restore option, but I can on the faulty drive, is this because you have to use a Toshiba HDD only?

Thanks in advance


Answer:Re: Satellite L350-170 - cannot use cloned recovery partition

Hello Chris

It has nothing with Toshiba HDD. This option works when notebook is preinstalled with original recovery image. This with cloned partition will not work and HDD recovery option will not be listed in ?advanced boot options?.

Only when you install recovery image on this new HDD it will works.

One more thing: this old L350 works very good with Win7 32bit so if possible install it instead of using original Vista.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L350 which I bought some years ago

Originally it was a vista home premium laptop and I opted for the Toshiba windows 7 upgrade and its been pretty much trouble free .

However recently something went a bit weird and things just were not working well (it would not always log you out and never seemed to shutdown correctly) and various other applications did not run correctly.

After a few uninstalls ,reinstalls, scans and Microsoft patches did nothing I decided to take the plunge and use the recovery disk.

I had bought one from Toshiba when I got the machine originally and had made one myself before the upgrade to windows 7 and one again after.
I still have the windows 7 upgrade dvds so I can apply them after if I had to start back on vista again.

The only other big change has been a RAM upgrade to 4gb - I still have the original RAM if I need it but before all this there were no hardware issues reported and chkdsk was fine also.
So to me it was the o/s that was the problem.

I have now tried all the recovery disks and they all have the same problem reporting that imagex cannot uncompress the second file image as it is corrupt at block 90 ? I don?t have this actual message to hand
but can update later.

I can?t see that I?m doing anything wrong as all i do is put the dvd in the drive and restart the laptop with F12 to boot off the recovery DVD and follow the on screen commands.
Have you any reports of such of this p... Read more

Answer:Recovery disks not working for Satellite L350

Thats very strange that al recovery discs show the same error message. As far as I know when you start recovery image installation the HDD will be formatted, new partitions created, recovery image copied on second HDD partition and as last step is recovery image installation.
>I had bought one from Toshiba when I got the machine originally and had made one myself before the upgrade to windows 7...
Have you tested both of them in the past?

Generally speaking all you do is right. In my opinion the problem can be recovery image itself or maybe HDD has some failure on certain sectors.
If you can obtain second HDD somewhere exchange it, set BIOS to default settings and test recovery installation again.

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I tried to restore to factory settings useing the hdd option but then change my mind so i click cancel button.
It went back to the toshiba logo screen then a screen came on saying boot menu at the top and underneath it said i had to use restore disc to install operating system. But i did not make any.

Does this mean there is nothing on my hard drive?
Anymore and that i have loast all my persoal data or is there any other way to restore with out the disc all so there was no indcation light for the hdd.

Answer:Satellite L350-170 will not reboot after HDD recovery cancelation


It looks like the boot master record was damage due to the starting the HDD recovery procedure.
I think you can get the notebook working only using the HDD recovery procedure again.
You have to press F8 after notebook powering up. Then choose ?Repair my computer? and then choose ?Toshiba recovery?.

Hopefully this will function?
By the way; Why you didn?t create a Recovery disk? This is strongly recommended in case something would go wrong with your HDD.

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Hello, I Have a Toshiba Satellite L350-20G Laptop, I downgraded to windows XP

The, Display, sound, WIFI All work great but the Fn Key for Brightness does not work, Does anyone know the solution to my problem

Thank You

Answer:Re: FN Key for Brightness does not work on my Satellite L350

You have installed own WXP version?
Have you installed all available drivers, tools and utilities?

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Does anyone have an idea as to why the number pad only works sometimes?

Not in EXCEL or in YAHOO composition to name a few.

It is working now for some reason 123456789


Answer:Satellite L350 number pad work only sometimes

I?ve got only an assumption and I think you should update the BIOS.
Check if your notebook already uses the newest available BIOS version.
If Toshiba European driver page provides an newer BIOS then try to update it.

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I am using windows XP on a Satellite L350 PSLD4E but can not make the webcam work.

Whatever I do I get to "Creation of the video preview failed. Please check the device connection and make sure that the device is not being used by another application or user."

I have tried the toshiba drivers for windows 7
I have tried the Chicony drivers, both older and newer
I have tried the drivers for the L300
I have tried using F9 on the BIOS (that stopped windows from loading ..........)

I've now run out of ideas.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Satellite L350 - Webcam will not work under XP

Hi briley,

> I have tried the toshiba drivers for windows 7
Usually the Windows 7 drivers are not compatible to XP because the drivers are different and not compatible.

According the Toshiba website, Satellite L350 is not XP supported because there are no drivers for it but if you search for all L350 models (without model number) you canf find a Camera Assistant driver for XP.

So just download and install this driver, it should work.

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Hi all,

I try to upgrade a Satellite pro L350 with ssd, currently i try with a samsung ssd 830. I've already updated bios to version 2.2, but it's not working. Can anybody help me?



Answer:Satellite Pro L350 SSD upgrade does not work

?and what does not work exactly?

Is the SSD recognized by BIOS?
Did you check if the SSD drive needs an firmware update or if an firmware update is available

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Call me an idiot, but i don't know much about drivers or installing vista.

I'll tell you guys everything in order to make as much sense as possible:

On my Toshiba Satellite Pro L350-107, i was simply watching a .MKV file on a program called "Zoom Player", it suddenly popped up saying "zoom player has stopped working". So i clicked X on the pop up but my laptop crashed, and i had to turn it off by the power button by holding it down for 5 seconds.

After that incident, i turned the laptop back on, everything was normal until about two minutes into logging in, everything froze again, and again and again until i gave up on it. The next morning i found out that my father managed to use the guest account without problems, so i instantly logged into my account only to see pop ups like "flash cards have stopped working" and anything toshiba related crashing, but i could still use the internet.

I decided to do a system restore, after 2 unsucessful attempts i finally restored my laptop to the earliest date, and everything was fine until around an hour into the laptop it would crash like what i explained above.

Then my father got a copy of mcafee, and we were looking for viruses, at the halfway point of the scan it found 2 trojans but crashed during the middle of the overall scan. Now here is the real problem....

I had an operating system disk, due to the fact that i thought it was simply just installing vista again, i formated the harddri... Read more

Answer:I installed a Dell OS disk onto my Satellite Pro L350-107


> toshiba stopped giving a operating disk with their laptops (so i heard).
First of all newer Toshiba notebooks are equipped with the HDD recovery option and this helps to recover the notebook but only if the HDD was not formatted.
Secondly you will always find an Toshiba recovery disk creator software preinstalled on the Toshiba notebooks. This tool creates the Recovery disk!!!
But this should be done also before HDD has been formatted!!!

Furthermore you always get a reminder message that you should burn this image on a DVD:

your system is equipped with hard disk recovery system. if you need to repair
your computer by restoring it to original factory state, you can do it directly
from harddisk (press F8 when you boot your computer, choose "Repair your computer"
and follow the menue instructions) or create a bootable Recovery Disc Medium for this purpose.

Toshiba recommends you to create Recovery Disc Medium using the "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator" to ensure
hat you are able to restore your computer to the original factory installed state, even if your computer
gets seriously damaged

However, back to your issue...
You've got two possibilities;
Yu will format the HDD and will install the OS using the Microsoft original Windows disk. Then you could download the Toshiba drivers from the Toshiba European driver page.
Or you will order the Toshiba recovery disk for this notebook from here:
https://back... Read more

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My L350 has suffered a disk problem and would not boot. It attempted an automatic recovery but failed. I have rebooted from the system recovery cd's I created when the laptop was first purchased but the recovery fails at image 5.

Does anyone have any advice?

Answer:Satellite L350 will not boot or recover using the recovery disks

Have you used these recovery discs in the past?
If the discs are OK I can imagine there is some problem with HDD but I?m not 100% sure about that.

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I have a fairly new Satellite L350 (5 months). I recently discovered a trojan attached to program files for AVG software. I got rid of the trojan, did a restore to date before loading AVG in hopes that my system would go back to normal. It still continues to be slow, explorer keeps locking up and all sorts of quirky things keep happening! Yikes.
I have the Recovery and Application CD that came with my laptop. Should I use the Recovery CD or should I try to just repair by using the F8 option? And if I use the Recovery CD what files will I lose, normally? I tried to search for a list of apps that are on that disc but found no info??

I have spent most of the day saving all my files on disc. I will lose some paid downloaded programs which I am willing to sacrifice if I can get my computer to love me again!!

Any advice would be helpful.

Answer:Satellite L350: What is better choice: Recovery disc or F8 repair?

>Should I use the Recovery CD or should I try to just repair by using the F8 option? And if I use the Recovery CD what files will I lose, normally?

I would recommend using the Recovery disk because the Recovery disk would format the whole HDD and will set the notebook to the factory configuration.
If you have some viruses on the HDD then the HDD format might be the best option in order to remove all the Trojans and viruses.


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Please help. I have Toshiba Satellite L350-12c and it?s a German model. My hard drive failed.
The local Toshiba repair centre said they can replace the hard drive but without the disc they can?t restore it to working order.
The worst part is its still under warranty but Toshiba is refusing to help me. The only place I can order discs is from Europe who won?t accept an American credit card and mailing address which kills me because I have another laptop from Germany and they sent me discs with no issue.

The local shop even contacted the local rep and she was no help. Please help frustrated Toshiba customer.

Answer:Satellite L350-12C - hard drive failure, need recovery


Can we please clarify something? If I understand you right you have German notebook model but I didn?t understand where you are now? In US or elsewhere?
If you are not in Europe the whole situation can be a little bit complicated but for every problem there is some reasonable solution.

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I just restored my Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit Operating System on my Toshiba Satellite L350-170 using the recovery discs I created 4 years ago when I first bought my laptop.

Having restored the OS, it has taken the best part of a day to install all the Microsoft updates, including Vista Service Pack 2, and other programmes I use (e.g. MS Office, Real player, AVG etc.).

Now everything is up to date, I have created a new system restore point on the hard drive and run the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator again. Just out of interest, will the recovery discs be created up to the last restore point, or will it just reproduce the discs I already have, which restore it to the factory settings?

If this only restores it to the factory settings, is there a way of creating a system disk to get it back to the point it's at now?

Answer:Do new recovery disks for Satellite L350-170 save updates?

Hi, no it doesn't work that way. Running Recovery will restore the HDD back to how you got it from the factory.

Message was edited by: RandyRoberts

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I have a Satellite L350, Vista home premium SP1, (had it for about 4months)

And yesterday I got a black screen error on my laptop it said to restart it, so I did, then my laptop just wouldn't stat up any more, I have no idea why?

So I put in the recovery disks that came with my laptop to just reinstall every thing like if I just got it out of the box and as I follow the instructions that the Toshiba recovery wizard disk says, and as its "coping files" I get a blue screen error saying "a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damages to your computer DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL"

And say to restart or what ever and just keeps doing that.
(Tech Info: STOP: 0x000000D1, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x8D246FD7)
( usbccgp.sys - Address 8D246FD7 base at 8D23E000, Datestamp 47919053)

Then I restart my system and a black screen comes up saying "BOOTMGR missing"
So now I have nothing that works, I have retried the disks but same error with blue screen.
I have also tried doing the safe mood and docent come up, nothing works.
I?m in need of help!

Thanks for reading sorry for so much reading to do

Answer:Satellite L350 - BSOD during recovery and "BOOTMGR" missing

The reason why notebook doesn?t start (bootmgr error) is while the installation stopped with an BSOD. So you must reinstall the notebook again.

It looks like an USB problem because I have found this in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

If you have connected external USB devices to the notebook, remove them.
In worst case there is something wrong with the USB ports or controller and the mainboard must be exchanged.

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I can't access the recovery manager on a Toshiba L350. I have tried holding down 0 (zero, both of them) at the start to access the HD-Recovery, but nothing happens. Is there something obvious I'm missing?

The reason I want to access is:
I have a Toshiba l350 with a partly installed windows here. At the moment, it gets "Starting Windows" and "The instalation program is started services" (in Norwegian) whichs stop with a popupbox saying "The computer unexpectedly restartet, or an unexpected error occured. The insatllation cannot procceed. To install Windows you have to click ok to restart the computer. Start the installation process again.".

What started the trouble was that during the last part of the installation (after Win7 became usable, but before everything was setup), escape was pressed and the computer was used normally.

Answer:Satellite L350: Can't access recovery partition by pressing 0

> I can't access the recovery manager on a Toshiba L350. I have tried holding down 0 (zero, both of them) at the start to access the HD-Recovery, but nothing happens. Is there something obvious I'm missing?

I assume you are using an European notebook model and therefore you should try this;
- Press F8 while notebook powering up.
- Then choose ?Repair my Computer?
- Then ?Toshiba HDD Recovery?.

This should allow you to start the Toshiba HDD recovery process.

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I have had computer crash on my Satellite L350D. I have tried to take it back to factory settings. I went through the steps with both disk and when it finished it said there was a error and shut down. So I have no idea what to do any help would be great.

Thank You,
John B

Answer:Satellite L350 - After recovery an error apperas and shut down


Have you tried the Toshiba recovery disk again? Does the same error occurs?
And it would be also interesting to know what is now? Can you boot into Windows or do you get an error message during Windows boot procedure?

Normally the recovery installation should be finished without any problems so in worst case it?s a hardware issue and you will need professional help from a notebook technician.


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My niece asked me to re-install her Toshiba Satellite L300 laptop, because the windows installation is rather buggy. She didn't have a recovery disk. Using Toshiba's Recovery Disk Creator I tried creating a recovery disk.

However, the program wouldn't start. Checking the directory of the program, it would seem that the program simply isn't there. Afterwards, I checked the data partition of the laptop.

There was a map with HDD recovery. However when using Windows' advanced boot (F8 before Windows startup) there was no choice of repairing the notebook. They only choices were the standard windows options (Save mode, normal start, etc.).

In short, it seems impossible to re-install the notebook with the current information at hand.
What would be the next course of action? Is it possible to order a recovery CD from Toshiba?

Another niece has the same notebook, would it be possible to use that notebook to create a recovery disk?

I'll appreciate and look forward to your reactions.

Answer:Recovery disk Creator & data partition won't work - Satellite L300


It looks like something has been changed on the HDD?
However, fact is you?ve no Recovery disk and you cannot use HDD recovery option.

This means you need to order a new Recovery disk from Toshiba.

You can do this here:

PS: one tip? if you would use a search option of this forum, you would find the right answer too ;)

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I have got my 2 Recovery disks for Satellite L350-170 and after putting first one said something about loading files and then the Microsoft bar came on.
Now I have a black screen with a white arrow cursor on it.

Does this mean its working?

I am a novice at this :(

And when will I know to put second disk in?

This is only a month old and just shut down on me.
It has full virus protection on it and hardly used.

I can?t understand it.

Thanks Michelle

Answer:Does my reocvery disk for Satellite L350-170 works properly

Hello Michelle

Does it mean you have created two DVD-R medias for recovery installation?
Please start your notebook and press F12 several times. When the boot device menu is shown put the first recovery DVD into optical disc drive choose the CD/DVD in the menu and start installation with ENTER button.

You can also try to start recovery installation from image saved on HDD.

If you didn?t change anything on second HDD partition try please follow:
Start your notebook and press F8 immediately several times to enter Advanced Boot Options . If everything is OK the first option there should be ?Repair my Computer?. If this option is available please choose it and execute with ENTER.

Then just follow the menu on the screen and you will enter System Recovery Options. The last option there should be ?Toshiba Recovery option?. Please use this option to start recovery image installation.
As I wrote before it should work if you didn?t change default settings.

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My husband used his laptop (bought new about 13 months ago) yesterday with no problems at all, but when he wanted to start it up today, it wouldn't.

The toshiba logo appears, as does the little windows icon in the bottom of the screen, but then the screen goes black and nothing happens. Does anyone know what could be the problem and how this could be solved?

Nothing stranged happened at all, only windows did an update and we bought a renewal for McAfee anti virus software that he downloaded... It would be great if someone would have a solution for us, because we currently reside in different countries at the moment and our laptops are basically our "lifeline"...

His laptop came with windows vista on it btw.

Answer:Satellite L350 doesn't start up but toshiba logo and windows icon appears

Try to start notebook in safe mode (F8 at start up) and try to roll back operating system to earlier time using system restore tool.

Can you start notebook in ?safe mode??

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Have Satellite L350, computer been working great until I decided to back up Toshiba Recovery System on DVD Discs. Screen kept going white, protection off and could not get back my desk top icons...nothing... could not even shut down computer.
So..after taking myself offline, I did a complete start up which worked. Went back online and found my McAfee had disabled itself, was not protected...reinstalled it...all seems well for now.

BUT! the ? is 'What went wrong' ? Been reading the users manual...worried that I shouldn't have been online to copy backups?

Answer:Satellite L350 Lost DeskTop When Made Recovery Disc's

>...I decided to back up Toshiba Recovery System on DVD Discs
Can you please tell me how you have done this?

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Toshiba Satellite L350-170 - Intel Pentium Dual Core T3200 2.00GHz, 2Gb, 250Gb, 17" TFT, DVDSM, VHP

My wife bought three weeks ago. Light use. Everything working fine, until a 'Startup Repair' dialogue appeared. Since then the machine wont boot.

Machine goes into 'Windows Error Recovery' immediately after Toshiba startup screen, and presents the following options;
1) Launch startup repair
2) Start Windows normally

Option 2 results in a blank screen, and eventually goes back to the 'Windows Error Recovery' screen.

Option 1 presents the Startup Repair dialogue box;

'Your computer was unable to start
Startup Repair is checking your system for problems...'

At this point the Toshiba laptop gets into an endless loop.

So what do I do now? There are no system disks provided with the laptop, so I can't reinstall the operating system. The reseller (Comet) is less than helpful and wont entertain any refund or exchange for a defective product.

Can someone please help!

Answer:Question - Windows Error Recovery loop on Satellite L350-170

Try this:

Press F8 button immediately after notebook has been powered up.
Then choose the first option called ?Repair my Computer?.
Then a new windows should open and there you could choose the option called Toshiba recovery.

Please note then this procedure would start the Toshiba HDD recovery and the OS would reinstall again. This would format the whole HDD and would set the OS to the factory settings.

In my eyes you can use this HDD recovery procedure or you can try to reinstall the OS using the Toshiba recovery disk.
Both procedures lead to the same results?


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My hard drive died (completely) 3 days out of warranty.
Recovery discs didn't even load, all i had was a black screen and a mouse pointer.

So i bought a new hard drive. Problem i have now is how do i install Windows on the new disc.
What do i need to get from Toshiba?

Obviously i've paid for Windows Vista when i bought the laptop so i'm a bit confused about what to do next.
Will a restore disc work on a completely new drive?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite L350-235 Will a restore disc work on a completely new HDD?


The Recovery disk didn?t not arrive with the notebook because you had a option to create one using the preinstalled Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator.

Now you need such disk which can be ordered here:

Boot from this disk and follow the instruction in the screen.
The recovery disk will work with new HDD too!

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I'm eager to set win xp instead of current vista on Satellite L350 -17Z because some soft is not stable and faults, while under xp on desktop I had no problems. XP Compatibility mode doesn't solve this.

So I decided to do it in a cruel way as a notebook is new and hdd nearly empty, besides I have got used to xp. Still I tried to make a recovery, using TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator.

But?*during burning DVD there is a fault and message about some problems with calibration. I tried few disks - same result.

Answer:Satellite L350-17Z: Recovery disc creation issue - problem with calibration

Hi Snen,

It would be interesting to know what CD/DVD drive you have. Maybe you should try to update the firmware of the drive. For some Toshiba and Pioneer drives the website shows a firmware update. It?s worth a try! > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

And what kind of DVDs you are using for creating a recovery disk? I have good experience with DVD-R types and I use it from Verbatim.

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Help my windows 7 laptop just keeps rebooting and i cant get to safe mode or recovery what should i do ?

Answer:system recovery doesn't work and safe mode doesn't work and just keeps reboting

System manufacturer and model?

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Help my windows 7 laptop just keeps rebooting and i cant get to safe mode or recovery what should i do ?

Answer:system recovery doesn't work and safe mode doesn't work and just keeps reboting

System manufacturer and model?

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I have just reinstalled Vista Home Premium 32bit but cannot get the keyboard to work. I have tried connecting a external keyboard with the same results. I have checked drive manager which says the driver is working o.k. I am wondering if it could be a system problem or a hardware problem.

Any help would be most welcome


Answer:Satellite L350 - cannot get the keyboard to work with Vista Home Premium

The caps lock work,The space bar works,The back key works. + various others
Also i find if I open note pad it works okay


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Hello everybody!!! :8}
I have Satellite L300 :x

My problem is not working +multifunctional key+. :-( Only one. It is a key of "turn off/on" of sound.
It have started after reinstallation my OS Windows Vista. :0

What can I do? I very need in it!!!

Answer:Toshiba Controll buttons don't work on Satellite L350-107 PSLD0E with Vista


Do you have a preinstalled Toshiba Vista OS or did you change something?

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Hi!  First of all - sorry for my english. I have problem with my Lenovo G570. I make a backup DVD with system by OKR (4DVD). Then by accident i DELETED my recovery partition. When i try to boot from these DVD i get error: "The program cannot restore the system partition because its structure is incorrect ,you may have to recreate the partition to continue". My partitions looks like this: C: New installation of Windows 7 enterprise trialD: Lenovo (default partition with drivers and backup)Hidden empty partition where recovery was. What should i do now?

Answer:Lenovo G570 - I delete my recovery partition, recovery DVD doesn't work.

@meliegree,Did you make a Factory Restore disc in OKR or did you just do the backup only?If its backup only, you might need to contact Lenovo support to get a factory restore disc instead in order to get the partition fixed.

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This is on a Acer Chrome model Parrot Stilt A-C 6844. Chrome OS is missing or damaged. Did the OS recovery, inserted the SD card, powered on, but it still came up to the same Chrome OS missing or damaged message. It is out of warranty, and the Chat person at Google thought that it was a hardware problem. Anyone have any ideas as to what it might be? Don't want to spend more than $50 on it is now two plus years old. Thanks...

Answer:Recovery reason 0x02, recovery OS doesn't work, no...

Verify you are doing everything exactly right in entering recovery mode. I you don't hold the buttons long enough or a button isn't working right then it'll never get ready to rewrite the OS. If the storage is broken, which would explain the corrupted OS, then it's likely time to put you shopping cap on and look for a replacement. The process used to fire up a replacement HDD is a bit of a pain, best done by one of the factory service centers. On the other hand, if you can jump through the right hoops to get a reimaged drive ready, you could replace the HDD with a SSD and bump the system memory up to 4GB from the stock 2GB. BTW, the "Parrot Stilt A-C 6844" is actually an Acer C710-2847 model.

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Long story , I recovery all system programs because of my driver error (the new amd driver didn't work at my pc) i try to recover driver but didn't work , last thing to do was to recover all programs on my pc without deleting the fils. and under work ( recovery manager was installing the programs) it come a error "recovery not complete" and I get 3 options ? Save log, details and try again , the try again doesn't work , it's just come ups the same and I can try again forever without any news. Pls help , i would paste in some screens or videos but I don't now how on this site, maybe I can try something with bios, pls help

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Will Vista Recovery Disk Work if there is No Recovery Partition?
Thanks all.

Answer:Solved: Will Vista Recovery Disk Work w/ No Recovery Partition?

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I have been using my L750 for about 3 weeks now and suddenly the function keys (using the FN + F keys) have ceased to work.

Also, the shutdown, when I go into Start, then press shutdown, my laptop used to actually shut down.

Now all I can do is click either the sleep or hibernate on the arrow pull-out menu on the shutdown button.
Can anyone help me with this.

They have all been working fine up to now.

Answer:Satellite L750 Fn buttons do not work & shut down doesn't work either

> I have been using my L750 for about 3 weeks now and suddenly the function keys (using the FN + F keys) have ceased to work.

Go to All Programs -> Flash Cards Utility and restart the Flash Cards.

The point is that this Utility controls the FN buttons and this should be the first step in order to get the button working again.

If this does not help, reinstall the VAP (value added package)

Regarding the power off issue:
Click right on the Start button -> Properties
Now choose Start Menu tab
Here in the point power button action choose Shut down

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Talk about confusing. Does anyone know how to get a Toshiba C660 working after the HDD has failed and the owner has stupidly NOT followed the instructions to make a recovery disk. Will the recovery disk ( if you purchase one from Toshiba ) rebuild the new HDD along with a new recovery partition and install windows 7 (original OS ) and accept the product key printed on the Windows License attached to the base of the laptop. I have read a number of suggestions but these have been deemed incorrect by others.

Surely Toshiba must have a way of sorting this problem.

Do they read these posts ?

Answer:Satellite L660-12Q - Would recovery disk rebuild the new HDD along with a new recovery partition

Hi buddy?

I don?t think that this is really complicated? I could find all info regarding the recovery procedure in the user manual?

The recovery disk has to be created at the first day of purchase? its recommended to create one in cases something would be wrong with the HDD.

The recovery disk contain an image?. Image is a package containing Win system, drivers, tools and all the stuff preinstalled on the notebook.
You purchased the notebook and the system was already activated so you don?t need the key placed at the bottom of the unit.
Furthermore the usage of recovery disk formats the whole HDD (partitions too) and set the notebook back to the same state like at the first day of purchase.

There is also another option to recover the notebook called HDD recovery. This HDD recovery does not need recovery disk. Usage of HDD recovery would format ONLY the C (system) partition.

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I just buy a new Satellite L50-A-161 with 6 Gb Ram.
When i try to create the recovery disks (3 of 4.7Gb DVD) with Recovery Media, during the verify, after writing the first disk, I receive this error message:

Cannot read file:
D: \EFI \ microsoft \boot \bcd
(error code: 02014F - 20-00000000)

and the process stops.

Is there anyone thath can help me?

These are the spec of my notobook:
Satelliete L50-A-161, 6 GB Ram, Intel Core I7 3630QM-2,40GHz,NVIDIA GEFORCE GT740M 2GB RAM, S.O. W8 64bit.
Ask for more, if nedds.


Answer:Satellite L50-A-161 - Recovery Media fails in creat recovery disk

Hmmmm.... there must be some problem with recovery image.
When you open recover disc creator and if there is option for USB media creation please test it.

Maybe you will be able to create recovery USB stick.

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I have a toshiba Satellite C650 that has recently come up with a disk read error. I want to access the command prompt to try some potential solutions that I have read about on the internet.

I have made a Windows 7 recovery disk using my other acer laptop which also has Windows 7 64-bit installed. When I use the recovery disk and it has loaded the files etc it just brings up a black screen and the cursor.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?
I tried booting my acer laptop from the recovery disk and it worked fine.

Also does anyone have any suggestions as to why I am getting the 'disk read error - hit ctrl, alt and delete to restart' message?

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

Answer:Satellite C650 - Disk read error and recovery disk is not working

On this virtual way it is not easy to offer exact diagnostic but obviously there must be some problem with HDD. Can you obtain second one for testing purposes and exchange it. Just to be sure if HDD is ?troublemaker?.

But there is one another thing:
>I have made a Windows 7 recovery disk using my other acer laptop....
Sorry but I don?t understand this. Can you please explain to us what have you done exactly?

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