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Satellite L500 serie. No recovery menu. no option to restore just C.

Question: Satellite L500 serie. No recovery menu. no option to restore just C.

Just the other night, my laptop was still working fine. The only systemchange I made was installing a program to read .djvu files.
Now my computer won't start anymore. it just says:

windows fail to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. to fix the problem:
1. Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer.
2. choose your language setings, and then click "next"
3. click "repair your computer"

if you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

file: \Boot\BCD
Status: 0xc000000f
info: an error occured while attempting to read the boot configuration data.

I do not have the windows installation disc, as it was not supplied when I bought the laptop.
however, I have recently made a recovery dvd. The problem is, only by pressing f12 during start up and then selecting the dvd to boot from, will the recovery start. TOSHIBA HDD Recovery Utility screen does not appear automatically during startup of the computer. however, via the f12-boot way, no options are presented. I cannot select any option to recover just the c partition (no menu appears like I have seen in many tutorials with the 3 options: ) . It will erase my entire HDD.
Help please. I do not want to lose all the data on my other partitions. I'm scared :(
many thanks in advance.

kind regards,


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Preferred Solution: Satellite L500 serie. No recovery menu. no option to restore just C.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite L500 serie. No recovery menu. no option to restore just C.

> I do not have the windows installation disc, as it was not supplied when I bought the laptop.
The disk was not supplied because it was possible to create an recover disk using Toshiba recovery disk creator software which was available on the HDD!

The Toshiba recovery disk is NOT the same like common Windows installation disk!
The recovery disk contains an image and you can just run the recovery disk in order to set the notebook back to the same state like at the first day of purchase. This means, you HDD will be formatted!!!

If you don?t want to lose the file on the HDD, I would recommend booting from a Linux live CD or from WinPE disk.
WinPE can be downloaded and you could create a bootable CD.
Then you could get access to the HDD and could backup the data on external HDD or USB stick.

Google for WinPE or linux live CD to get more details

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I need to get to the option "Recover to factory default software with user's data" but I'm having problems getting to this stage.

I've tried power + 0 with no luck, same with power + f12.
When the boot menu comes up, HDD Recovery is not there as an option to select.

I need the exact option above but I have no clue how to get it. I have the option of selecting "Toshiba HDD Recovery" at startup repair, but will it have that option if I go further into it?

So far I got up to the screen that warns about unpacking the system image partition but don't want to go further in case that option is not there.

Can anyone help? :/

Answer:Satellite L500-1ZC - cannot start the HDD recovery menu

I have the option of selecting "Toshiba HDD Recovery" at startup repair, but will it have that option if I go further into it?

Toshiba HDD recovery sets the notebook back to factory settings! This means that your system partition will be deleted and you will get the same HDD state like at the first day of purchase.

Therefore you should backup the date before performing the recovery process.

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Hi, everybody,

I have a Toshiba L500 laptop, Yestaday I tried to return system to factory settings (pressing F8 at start up and choosing "Repair your Computer"). In the system was almost installed , but at a stage of installation of drivers for reading memory cards and similar - there was a failure (the blue screen and shurt down) - after that - Windows 7 isn't loaded. the analysis of mistakes (by means using an installation disk of an another Windows 7) says that the registry is damaged, can't repair.

but the MAIN problem is - when pressing F8 at start up - There is no MORE menu "Repair your Computer" (!) . that is it is impossible to start the preset Windows 7. Thus the hidden sector containing preset Windows exists (I saw it when loading from an inatallation disk - there Total Commander could start - and hidden sector was visible). All necessary HDD Recovery files are also available.

How to restore the "Repair your Computer" menu? or how it is possible to start preset Windows without pressing F8?

Answer:Satellite L500 - How to restore the "Repair your Computer" menu?

At the beginning I must say that I don't understand which OS version is installed on your notebook?
> In the system was almost installed , but at a stage of installation of drivers for reading memory cards and similar - there was a failure
Original OS version (recovery image) contains all necessary drivers so I don't understand what you have done.

Fact is that notebook with original ?Factory settings? have ?Repair my computer? option available. Just in case that notebook owner install own OS version this option will not be there anymore.

Anyway, in user?s manual document is described that notebook owner should create recovery disc. This disc can be used for recovery image installation in case that HDD recovery image installation cannot be started or there is some problem with HDD functionality.

Question is: have you created such disc?

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Can this be done?

I'm trying to restore my laptop to it's day of purchase (only a month today). From what I can see on the forum, I'm just one of a long line of us who has discovered that the version of our recovery DVD does not match the product we bought. Hence, I'd like to restore the 64 bit version (without the over-priced option of ordering recovery media which is scandalously over-priced compared to Microsoft's offering of 64-32 / 32-64 DVD switch for little over the cost of postage).

(((I'd be grateful for any ideas, however, I notice there is an unhealthy amount of 'experts' around who LOVE telling us consumers that everything is our fault. This brand of righteous 'help' is judgemental, condescending and above all - and most relevant to this forum -, is unhelpful. 'I just don't understand why you didn't back up 5,000 copies on the day of purchase'...etc. We all make mistakes, and if you've made one, you'll make on again. It's nice when the person we meet at that time doesn't point the finger of judgement)))

Answer:Satellite L500-1XL: restore to day of purchase using HDD recovery

> Hence, I'd like to restore the 64 bit version (without the over-priced option of ordering recovery media which is scandalously over-priced compared to Microsoft's offering of 64-32 / 32-64 DVD switch for little over the cost of postage).

The notebook came with preinstalled Win 7 64bit. Additionally you received the Toshiba recovery disk Win 7 32bit version.

Please take a look into the user manual.
It said that you can create an additionally recovery disk of the OS which was preinstalled; means Win 7 64bit.
There should be a preinstalled tool called Toshiba Recovery disk creator. This tool helps to create an own new Win 7 64bit recovery disk.
After you have created this disk, you could use it in order to set the notebook back to the same state like at the first day of purchase.


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I have a Dell Inspiron 15R 5520.

Previously when booting windows and rapidly pressing F8 and then choosing repair computer there was an option to restore the factory image on the repair menu.

I then installed a clean windows retail disk and now when I press F8 and choose repair the Dell Datasafe restore option is gone. The recovery partition is intact and still contains the Factory.wim image.

Is there anyway I can get this menu back or restore the factory.wim without it?

Thank you!

Answer:Lost restore from backup (Dell Datasafe) option in recovery menu (F8)


You have done clean windows installation with the help of retail disk. The Boot manager, which has the feature to boot the system, has changed due to which you are not able to get the, “Repair My Computer Option”.

Dell Data Safe Local provides you with the capability to create a set of Recovery Discs that contain a complete copy of all software installed on your Dell computer. By creating these Recovery Discs, you are making a backup of all the software that was installed on your computer at the factory, which allows you to reinstall all applications, drivers and the Windows operating system shipped with your computer. While there is a similar copy of the software in the recovery partition, creating recovery discs provides additional protection for the factory installed software.
Hope this helps

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I'm really getting frustrated with my Dell laptop. It loads Windows 7 (Professional) but I want to do a system restore back to factory settings as it's 4 years old. All important data is backed up to cloud storage and double backed up on external hard drives.
Machine is a Latitude E6530 running Windows 7 Pro.
If I go to Windows drive manager I see there is a Dell Recovery Partition
'Dell Backup and Recovery' was not factory installed in my system, so I downloaded it and tried to run it. It ran for hours 'creating a disk image' or something. Why it has to do this if I just want to reformat and load the original drivers etc I don't know. I left it running overnight and it crashed. Try to run it again and I get an infuriating error that it has had a problem and has to close. The software is junk.
Next, I try from the advanced boot menu accessed by hammering the F8 key when the Dell logo is showing on startup. I go to the 'repair my system' option and there are various options but no Dell Backup and Recovery.
Why did Dell bother with a recovery partition when it cannot be accessed?
So as far as I see, it looks like my only option is to manually reformat the hard drive and clear off all the Dell proprietary junk and hope that Windows 7 will load the correct drivers. But even this seems to be an issue; if I run the command prompt and type 'format C:\' I get an error (though maybe this is me trying to use old DOS code with a different s... Read more

Answer:No 'Dell Backup and Recovery' Option on system restore boot menu.

Hi EurasiaOverland,Thanks for posting.As I read your post, I see you've been very dilligent in backin up your information.  Congratulations, as most people don't do this, and are in a panic by this time.By chance did you create a backup/recovery disk or usb drive?  If so, please use that to restore your Windows OS.  If you didn't, then reinstalling Windows 7 would be your best option.  Here is information about DBAR: if you need additional information about OS reinstall, here's an article you may find helpful:  If you are using a Dell OEM Win 7 disk, it does not require the activation key.  If you are using a purchased software disk, then you will need the activation key.

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Hi, this my firs Thread.
I reseted my Satellite A500 and due to a power failure the reset didn't complete. When I restartet with F8 I can see the option HDD Recovery, but then it requires login into my account which I didn't make at all because of the power failure.
Then I installed a retail copy of Vista, hoping to create an account and be able to recover from the HDD.
PROBLEM!!! : Now I don't see the option "HDD recovery" at all.
QUESTION: There must be a way to integrate this option back into windows Startmenu (F8). Can somebody help me with this matter? I didn't burn the recovery DVD's and the recovery partition is still there.
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A500 - HDD recovery option no longer available at F8 Menu

Biggest mistake you?ve made is that you didn?t create recovery DVD as recommended by Toshiba.

Why you didn?t ask us how it works before you done anything?
You?ve wrong understood this with username and account.

At this moment when you use your own installation you will remove option for HDD recovery installation and recovery image can be installed with recovery DVD only.
Now you have two options:
-to order new recovery DVD or
-to use own OS installation.

What do you think about that?
To be honest I think you should use Windows 7 on this notebook.

I recommend you to install Win7. All necessary drivers you can find and download from Toshiba download page

If you have more questions or need some assistance please let me know.

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Hi everyone,

With my Toshiba nothing but problems. First I waited replacement screen for month cause there wasn?t any at warehouse. K, after that I downgraded to XP but driver are buggy, sound is poor, cant get USB2.0 to work, system is slower than Vista so I decided to return to Vista.

But of course, there is no DVD so I need to restore via HDD restore folder I have. But cool, Toshiba doesn't let me to download utility to create backup DVD. So what I can do? I have HDD Recovery folder, how to now create DVD without utility I was first given.

You can say it?s not Toshiba fault; you did that bla bla. Of course, but first I waited replacement screen, I wasn?t given original Vista DVD, I cant even download utility from Toshiba. What sad piece of equipment. I have experience, my first installed OS was DOS and Win95, numerous OS installation after that but this that I can install back my OS in 2009 I wouldn't hope its gonna happen.

Any ideas you good ppl

Answer:Satellite A300-1lT - I want restore Vista with the recovery option

Sorry buddy, but in this case you need a new recovery disk. The HDD Recovery folder is not useful for you because you don’t have Windows Vista yet and as you already know the Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator can’t be downloaded.

So you must order a new disk from an authorized service provider or Toshiba directly:

To be honest this is not a problem of Toshiba. If you start the notebook at first time you get the following message and this should not be ignored:


+your system is equipped with hard disk recovery system. if you need to repair+
+your computer by restoring it to original factory state, you can do it directly+
+from harddisk (press F8 when you boot your computer, choose "Repair your computer"+
+and follow the menue instructions) or create a bootable Recovery Disc Medium for this purpose.+

+Toshiba recommends you to create Recovery Disc Medium using the "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator" to ensure+
+hat you are able to restore your computer to the original factory installed state, even if your computer+
+gets seriously damaged+

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I just purchased a brand new laptop and have realised that it didn't come with a recovery disc or a recovery partition on the hard drive.

Just wondering if my hard disc crashes how am i supposed to reinstall windows?
The laptop i bought is a Toshiba satellite L500 and is only a few weeks old.

If anyone could help on the subject would be very much appreciated.

Answer:Satellite L500 - No recovery disc or recovery partition - How to reinstall?


Normally if I buy a new notebook or other product I read the user manual firstly. So I would recommend that you should the same before you ask different questions.

The point is that you have to create a Toshiba recovery disk yourself. Therefore start the recovery disk creator that is preinstalled on your notebook and follow the screen instructions. I recommend a high quality DVD-R medium to create this disk.

Furthermore you can reinstall Windows using the HDD recovery option. On the second partition you can find this folder that contains an image of factory settings and you can start this feature if you go in advanced boot menu and select ?repair my computer?. This is not a special partition, only a folder where the image is stored.

HDD recovery procedure is the same as Toshiba recovery disk. You get back factory settings too but the recovery disk wipes the whole HDD. The HDD recovery only the first partition.

By the way: Normally you did get this message:

+your system is equipped with hard disk recovery system. if you need to repair+
+your computer by restoring it to original factory state, you can do it directly+
+from harddisk (press F8 when you boot your computer, choose "Repair your computer"+
+and follow the menue instructions) or create a bootable Recovery Disc Medium for this purpose.+

+Toshiba recommends you to create Recovery Disc Medium using the "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator" to ensure+
... Read more

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I cant start my toshiba laptop L500-19X.

When I start appear two option menu. 1.Start normally or 2. Recovery mode. Both options cant run windows 7. I only obtain black window without seeing any windows.

I try pressing F8 to enter the detailed recovery menu. I select the Repair Computer option waiting for the Toshiba Recovery Options Menu but it does not appear. The only thing appears in the screen is the mouse pointer in minor resolution mode, but i cant see the menu, and this stills forever.

What can I do?


Answer:Re: Recovey menu does not appear on my Satellite L500-19X


HDD recovery option works as described in follow document -
Please be nice and explain to us which steps are available on your machine so that we can understand what happen exactly when you start ?Repair my computer? option.

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Stop 0x000000001A *Memory_Management* Blue Screen during recovery.
Please help.

Answer:Satellite L500-12T System Recovery from Recovery Disks

First recovery or first notebook start?
HDD or DVD recovery?

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Now I have wanted to connect my Laptop to my TV again (I have done this before by using an HDMI cable and FN+F5, however not anymore.) but now for the first time I have noticed that the FN key does NOT bring up the menu it used to bring up when I pressed it before and I have no idea what is causing this.

I have tried using google ect to find a solution and the thing I noticed is that when I go in Start>All Programs>TOSHIBA>Utilities other people seem to have "Flash Cards" and "Flash Cards - Setting" now all I have is Flash Card Help, Restart Flash Cards and Settings for Flash Cards. I am just saying this to see if this has to do with the problem anyways moving on.

I would like to know how to fix this problem I already tried to install the Value Added Package but it did not help at all and this problem was probably caused due to me fiddling around with my laptop. Thanks in advance.

Toshiba Satellite L500 (Part Number thingy: PSLS0E) Windows 7 64 bit.

Answer:Satellite L500 PSLS0E - FN Menu doesn't work

Hmmmm..... Usually Toshiba Value Added package reinstallation schould help.

Try please one more time to remove VAP from the system, restart your notebook and install latest version from Toshiba download page.

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I would like to restore my Toshiba back to the factory settings.

I have tried to press F8 during startup to acces repair menu, but the recovery wizard is not an option.
I have tried pressing 0 while starting up but no recovery wizard there either.

I can see the HDD folder at the drive E: but there does not seem to be an option for starting recovery there eihter

Any suggestions what to do?

Answer:How to use HDD recovery on Satellite L500?

Do you use original preinstalled OS hat you got with your notebook or own OS version?

Have you created recovery discs? If yes, use these discs for recovey image installation.

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Hi I have a second hand Satellite L500-1XC, the previous owner has installed Ubuntu (which I can't access due to password) as well as windows 7 and I'm trying the laptop restore it to factory settings but I just don't know how.

I've tried turning it off and then holding 0 and pressing the start button. On start up the bottom of the screen does say HDD Recovery at the bottom left of the screen but after that it just goes to the selection part for me to pick either Ubuntu or Windows 7 and then just loads the laptop as normal.

I have tried looking for the Recovery Media Creator but I can't find it. It seems many of the original Toshiba utilities and supports have been deleted.

If anyone can help me to fix this laptop I would be so grateful as I really can't afford to buy a recovery disk from Toshiba.


Answer:Satellite L500-1XC HDD Recovery help

> I'm trying the laptop restore it to factory settings but I just don't know how
I don?t think that HDD recovery would work because the Linux has been installed on the HDD and I think the partition table has been changed.
This might be the reason why the HDD recovery isn?t working.

You could still check this Toshiba document which describes the whole HDD recovery procedure:

So now HDD recovery does not work? in this case you can use only the installation disk.
You can try to install Windows 7 using Microsoft disk (the Toshiba drivers are downloadable) or you will order the disk from Arvato:

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How can I prevent menu boxes popping up randomly and the cursor failing randomly as well?

It settles down after a while but can occur at any moment.

Answer:Satellite Pro L500 - How can I prevent menu boxes popping up randomly

Hi mate

What menu boxes do you meant exactly??
What happens exactly with your notebook or OS?

Please provide more details?.

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I have an L500-19Z laptop running Windows 7 64bit. On a number of occasions I've wanted to run System Restore but have yet to succeed. No matter which restore point I select the system restore appears to work (initialising etc) but when it reboots I get the message telling me that it failed with the suggestion that it might have failed due to an anti-virus program running.

I use Zone-Alarm but have turned it off when trying to restore but it makes no difference. Yesterday, I made a mistake an inadvertantly lost my Wireless Network Adaptor. There's a restore point which I could use to recover but as I said above it always fails. Unless I can get System Restore to work it looks like I'll have to re-install Windows which I'm loathe to do.

Can anyone help, please?

Answer:Satellite L500-19Z - System Restore Fails

Have you tried uninstalling Zone Alarm completely?

Also do the same with your Antivirus.

If still no luck, you may need to start fresh by backing up your data and running Recovery (create Recovery Discs first).

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L500-128. A couple of months ago I have installed the windows 7 upgrade. Now I want to clean up my whole laptop. I want to restore the factory settings but I have no idea how to do this. Does someone has an idea how to fix this?

Thank you

Answer:Re: Satellite L500-128 - How to restore factory settings?


What do you want to know exactly?

Normally it?s very easy to restore factory settings. You need only the Toshiba recovery disk that you created I think. So you have to enter the disk and boot from it. The setup menu will be loaded and you can follow the screen instructions. Factory settings will be restored with all drivers and tools.

By the way, don?t forget to backup your data. Everything on the HDD will be deleted.

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Good Morning,

I noticed that my Satellite L500-19X's hard disk was on it's way out so I have bought a replacement. I used the tool on the machine to create 2 restore DVD's to re-install the system.

The restore seems to run ok, working through both disks etc. It finishes, asks me to remove the media and the machine reboots.

The Windows 7 startup begins, but get's to "Setup is applying system settings" and I get a message stating "Windows Setup could not configure Windows to run on this computer's hardware."

Does anyone have any ideas? I've run the restore a couple of times with the same result. I'm rather surprised that the restore CD's are essentially useless.

Answer:Satellite L500-19x - Restore disks not working

Is this first time that you have used recovery discs?
If your old disc still works somehow try to reinstall OS using HDD recovery procedure - [] - just to see if the same will happen again.

It is not easy to say what is wrong there but maybe by disc creation some bits were not saved on the right place. Who knows? ?:|

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Hi all,

I just bought a L500 and I realised that my system is 64bit but the recovery disc that came with it is 32bit.
Does it make any differece at all? Should I contact Toshiba to get a 64bit recovery disc or is there any way I can create a recovery disc?


Vini Cruz.

Answer:Satellite L500 and recovery discs

Hey Vini Cruz,

I have checked the specifications from some Satellite L500 models on the Toshiba website and it seems that some are equipped with 32bit recovery disk and the preinstalled OS is 64bit.

If you want a 64bit recovery disk you have to create it by yourself using Toshiba recovery disk creator. It creates an image of factory settings from 64bit OS that is the same as 32bit but only 64bit ;)

For further informations check also the user manual chapter 3.

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Excuse for my very bad English at first!!!

I want to reinstall Win7 but the HDD menu recovery in the screen (Boot, F8, Repair , ...) is not present on the menu.

If you don t understand my question, can u send me the web address of the French forum?


Answer:Satellite L500-13Z - HDD recovery is not present


At first I must say that your English is good and understandable.
So, back to your problem.

If ?Repair my computer? option is not available in ?Advanced boot options? HDD recovery installation (from recovery image saved on HDD) is not possible.
It can be done with recovery DVD only.

Have you created recovery DVD following Toshiba advice and instruction how to do this?

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I have this laptop with 3 Partitions

The main partition got corrupted and apparently wiped so all windows folders have been deleted and a low level format carried out

I still have the recovery sector

Just wondering how to reinstall it back onto the main partition

I tried F8 and it took me to a screen to choose language but after that it said "You must log in to access system recovery options"

I guess user data has been wiped from the main partition ?

Are there any other keys to press on startup to access the Recovery partition ?


Answer:Toshiba Satellite L500 Recovery

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hi all,

since yesterday my Satellite L500-20x have only Bluescreens called "Driver not Less or equal" --> Restart! He boots to win7 till login, after that EVERYTIME restart. I try a lot stuff to solve:
Systemrepair (3Times) and no changes
SystemRecovery (by HDD not CD) Recovery works but still bluescreens and no changes to fix the Problem.
Memory check (from Win7) checked it 3 Times all 100% ok.
Toshiba HDD Recovery (i try many times but he shut down EVERYTIME by bluescreen while Process... so i cant do this - unpossible to finish Recovery!)

Thats the first Notebook I every buyed and I never heard of a Recovery Disk - so I dont create one! Now I cant come into win7 - so I cant create it now. Anybody have any Ideas? I want windows new to install... but i dont have the same Win Disk. Notebook Win = Win7 64Bit all i have is WIn7 32Bit for my HomePC.

I need help!

Answer:Satellite L500-20X - No recovery disk

Hi beAm,

If you don?t have a Toshiba recovery disk you can order one from Toshiba directly:

This would be worth a try if HDD recovery option doesn?t work properly.

If you order such a disk and install it the original factory settings on HDD will be restored. A clean factory installation will be restored with all drivers and tools (out of box settings) and if this doesn?t work it seems to be a hardware malfunction?

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I have just formatted my laptop using Recovery Disc 1. On forums, it says after Disc 1, the menu will ask for Disc 2. But it never asked for Disc 2. Should I have inserted it right after it asked me to eject Disc 1?
I am writing this now on my newly set up Win 7. Everything seems fine but I wonder whether the lack of Disc 2 will cause any problem. Is there any way to boot my laptop also using the second disc?


Message was edited by: wawawa

Answer:Satellite L500 did not ask for Recovery Disc 2

> I am writing this now on my newly set up Win 7. Everything seems fine but I wonder whether the lack of Disc 2 will cause any problem. Is there any way to boot my laptop also using the second disc?

The second disk will be created only if the space on the first disk would not be enough! So the amount of recovery disk depends on the size of the image file.
If your notebook works properly, I would not be afraid about the 2nd missing disk :)

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I have a Sattelite L500/nb I purchased in december.
I attempted to perform a HD wipe and system recovery the other day and it seems the recovery partition has been corrupted.
On boot the system states error: F3-F100-0004 and then shuts down on 'ok'

Can I obtain recovery cd's for this system?

How do I fix this?

Answer:Re: Recovery partition/help Satellite L500

What country are you in?

You can order Recover Discs from the Toshiba website.

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Well I got this laptop two days ago and used it once after installing fire fox and my mobile broadband drvier's and going back home to boot up and find it was going to happen,

I had tried safe mode (all three) and repair and all I got was a black screen with the cursor up where there should have been a language screen (I used the recovery disk that came along with the laptop) so anyway after finding out I wasnt going to be able to repair it I tried to install but of course that didn't work either so I put my XP 64 bit OS on and worked perfectly fine, then I upgraded (using my own upgrade windows 7) and that works fine no problems, so I tried again with the original windows 7 that came pre-installed on the laptop's hard drive and all went find untill it starts installing driver's or updates (I'm not 100% sure on this but it is at and/or after the face recognition installation,

Then it shuts it's self down and boots back up to automatically restart and asking me if I want to repair due to a bad start-up so I do the repair boots back up and still says I need to repair and finds nothing wrong and carrys on in that circle.

Now I have been told that it could be the register or it is a graphics problem, I myself am getting pretty fed up of having to install/reinstall/format this laptop.

So if there is anyone who know's what is wrong or what to do or even if it needs to be sent back to be fixed that will be very helpful.

I thank anyone in advance.

Happy new ye... Read more

Answer:Satellite L500-19X - Can't use the recovery disk


Well, I think it?s really hard to say what the reason is. Maybe the recovery disk is scratchy or the files corrupt there.

At the moment I can?t imagine that it?s a hardware problem because other Windows disk working properly.

In your case I would try to install Windows 7 from a Microsoft disk and then see what happens. If it works properly and you can install all drivers & tools you should order a new recovery disk from Toshiba directly.


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I have got a Satellite L500-13w and it came pre-installed with Windows Vista and the recovery files, but I formated the PC and installed Windows 7 and then installed XP.

Now I want to use the system recovery to get back to Vista but I didn?t create a Vista recovery CD using the files that came on the separate partition.Though I still have does files in the place they came.
So my question is, running Windows XP, is there a way to use those files to create the recovery file or CD?

Please reply

Answer:Satellite L500-13W - Creation of recovery disk possible on another OS?

Hi Nagravison-PT,

Unfortunately this is not possible. The Toshiba recovery disk can only be created on preinstalled OS because only there the recovery disk creator is installed.

The recovery files on second partition are now useless, because you can?t use the HDD recovery option anymore and recovery disk creator is deleted.

What to do now?
Either you use a Microsoft disk or you order a recovery disk from Toshiba:

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Dear sir

I have a Labtop *TOSHIBA I3 L500* , in 2nd of April 2010 from one of market there in FUJERAH .

.Aafter 11 days *I installed uncompatable software with Windows7* so the blue page which content a warning massage says " Your software has been damaged " have been viewed then i deside to use the RECOVERY CD .

I was foraced to use the *Recovery CD* which found with Bag of Labtop but something strage problem founded which is :
The OS was stucked in the last step of installing exactly when _logging in_ , a warning massage was appeared "Please dont interrubt installing the windows and logging in ..please wait " , the the massage was disappeared then system were shutdown and logging again and so on .....etc

I created a nother Recovery CD's which have 2 DVD's , and the Problem was still the same .

I used a Copy of Windows7 to rebot from it and to install the windows7 .

WHY THE RECOVERY DVD WAS NOT WORKING ??? despite I create a RECOVERY DVD from the which have 2 DVD .
I dont think there is an scratched in original Recovery DVD which sold with toshiba labtop !! because the Recovery DVD which I created from windows7 and the same labtop have the same problem .
Please help me

Answer:Satellite L500 - Recovery disc failure


If you have created the Recovery disk correctly ad if the procedure finished successfully then the installation from recovery disk should work.

I?m not quite sure why you are not able to recovery the unit using the recovery disk but you should check the BIOS.
Access the BIOS pressing F2 and you should set the settings to default.
Save the changes and try to reinstall the OS using the recovery disk again.

If this will not help then go to BIOS and set the SATA mode from AHCI to compatible and then try install the OS again.

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I have this laptop with 3 Partitions

The main partition got corrupted and apparently wiped so all windows folders have been deleted and a low level format carried out

I still have the recovery sector

Just wondering how to reinstall it back onto the main partition

I tried F8 and it took me to a screen to choose language but after that it said "You must log in to access system recovery options"

I guess user data has been wiped from the main partition ?

Are there any other keys to press on startup to access the Recovery partition ?


Answer:[SOLVED] Toshiba Satellite L500 Recovery


If the computer is running, shut it down by clicking start, then shut down again.
Press and hold "0" (zero) key on your keyboard and then depress the computers power switch. When the computer turns on, the Toshiba HDD Recovery Uitlity Screen will appear, presenting 3 options, just choose Restore Original Factory Image.
Press 1 to restore your hard disk drive to its original factory default. A confirmation message will appear, indicating that all data will be overwritten and lost during the restore process. Be sure to back up all important files before proceeding.
Click Yes to begin restoration, A message will appear once the operation is finished, indicating that the HDD has been restored.
Press any key to restart the computer.

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Hi all

I have a Toshiba L500 -128, the original 320gb hard drive is simply too small and i would like to avoid buying an external hard drive (for any other purpose than backing up) because in my experience they are just rubbish and i want all my data on the laptop.

I wanted to buy a new 1 (possibly 2) tb hard drive to put in it, which i assume it is equipped to deal with, (please anyone correct me if they know otherwise) along with another 4GB ram....

Anyway what i'm really wondering is whether or not i can get away with using my recovery discs on the new hard drive.
If they did it the old fashioned way (sending a OS disc and a drivers disc) i wouldn't even question it but as i created the discs from the computer itself, i wasn't too sure as when i opened the discs up to make sure everything had burnt on to them ok, i didn't see anything like what i was expecting to.

Also i read somewhere that someone else tried this and it didn't work, they assumed because the recovery included an image specifically to fit the original sized Hard drive?

Can anyone shed some light at all please?


Answer:Satellite L500 -128 Using recovery discs on new (bigger) HDD


First of all you should create the Toshiba Recovery disk using the preinstalled tool called Toshiba Recovery disk creator.
Usually you should receive an confirmation message that the recovery has been created successfully.
This would mean that you could use this disk to set the notebook back to factory settings not matter what HDD is in use.
This means that Recovery disk should work with other HDDs.

But note; the usage of such recovery disk would format the HDD and delete everything from HDD partitions. But this should not bother you if you use new, empty HDD ;)

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Could someone please tell me what I can do after the process of Product Recovery.
I made Recovery Media 1, Recovery media 2 and System repair disc Windows 7 64-bit much earlier when I bought the laptop.
But where do I put these files which are on the DVDs and especially how do I get the 64-bit icon back into the laptop?

Answer:Satellite L500: What to do with the system recovery disc for 64 bit?


The recovery disk which you have created helps you to set the notebook back to the factory state.
This means that you will get the same state like at the first day of purchase.
The HDD will be formatted and you will get the Windows OS, tools and drivers?


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Hey guys. NEED HELP

How do i load windows 7 back onto my HDD with the recovery partition missing?
And no i dont have a copy of it just windows 7


Answer:Satellite L500 - recovery partition missing


If you didn?t create a recovery disk, then you will need to order the disk from here:


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Used Toshiba product recovery disks to recover system on new hard drive in Toshiba L500 PSLS3A-04M002.

During recovery, Windows complained 'Windows can not verify the digital signature for this file' - file is LPCFilter.sys.

Also while setting up drivers, Windows made the same complaint about Realtek High Definition Audio driver and a Virtual WiFi Filter Driver (from Microsoft Corp!).

Following the restore, if I start Windows normally, the Windows startup repair starts automatically with a title "Your computer was unable to start". The startup repair takes a while then comes up with a message "Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically".

If I press F8 on startup, and choose the option "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement", Windows starts without any problems.

I thought doing a Windows Update might help but when I click on "Check For Updates" button I get a message "Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running. You may need to restart your computer." When I look in Services I see that the service is running.

I don't want to press F8 every time I start up and don't think it's a good idea to do it anyway and would like to be able to update Windows.

I would appreciate any help.

Answer:System recovery problems on Satellite L500

Have you created this disc on your own or you use original toshiba disc?
Do you use it for the first time?

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on my Satellite L500-1UR ce two DVD I created and the Windows 7 home premium 32bit given with the PC don't work ..
In both cases, the restauration process seems to work correctly but the finishng phase never ends .. boot, reboot, rereboot .. and so one.

Reinstallation using a "standard" Windows 7 32 bit seems to work .. but .. I am afraid I could have lost something.

How to get "correct" DVDs ?
Thanks for help

Answer:Recovery DVD Creation does not work on Satellite L500-1UR


Please check if you could create the recovery disks using another DVDs from different manufacturers.
I had the same issue in the past. I tested some DVDs from Verbatim and TDK ?R and could create the recovery DVD.


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I have a Notebook Toshiba Satellite Pro L500-1T8 and its hard drive has been damaged, so I cannot recover the special partition (I've tried also with the 0-key bootup).

I haven't create a restore disk from windows 7 because nobody told me to do so!

I'd like to re-install my windows 7 licensed copy (at the moment I've installed an ubuntu linux).
How can I do?


Answer:Satellite Pro L500-1T8 - How to install Win 7 if recovery partition is damaged

No way to recover a genuine Toshiba laptop? Is it true?

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I've bought a new Toshiba Satellite L500-19E with Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit). So far, everything's working brilliant.
I've already created the recovery dvds.
Therefore, could I now delete the partition with the recovery programm? I want to use the full space of my hdd and create partitions as I want.
But I don't know how I should do this?
Could you please help me?


Answer:Satellite L500-19E - Deleting recovery partition and create new

If you are 100% sure the created recovery DVDs are ok you can remove all saved data on second partition.
Open Windows Explorer and on the left side where is second partition listed click with right mouse button on it and choose option FORMAT.
Choose Quick format option and click on START.

After minute or two all data will be gone.

Please note: in the future when you want to use recovery DVD for Win7 installation the whole HDD will be deleted and you will lose all your data.
Using recovery DVD you cannot format partition C only.

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I have a problem creating recovery disks for the Satellite L500-126.

I am using the Toshiba recovery disk creator.

The 1st disk is ok.
When I try to make the 2nd disk, the systems stops exactly at 50% of the 2nd disk. and no more reaction from the disk creator.

I tried 2x, and each time i had to abort and throw away the dvd's.

any suggestions?

Answer:Problem creating recovery disks for the Satellite L500-126


You should try another DVD from different manufacturers?
It?s nothing unusual that some DVDs are not fully compatible and that the CD/DVD drives cannot write the data properly?
I had such issue in the past and could solve this testing and using different DVDs.

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I have a new Toshiba Satellite L500-1XD. I have tried to create the recovery media twice now and both times it failes on the first of two disks with the following error;

Failed to open the following file.
(Error Code:02013-F1-00000000)

I am using the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator. The operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. I am using standard 4.7GB DVD+R disks.

Any help would be useful.

Thank you.

Answer:Re: Failure to create recovery media Satellite L500-1XD

> I am using standard 4.7GB DVD+R disks.

I recommend you to use high quality media like verbatim or Tdk. You see, it can cause problem with ,,low brand,, disks.

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My new Satellite L500 - 19X came pre-installed with Win 7 - 64 bit version.
Also included was a "Product Recovery Win 7 32 bit" disc

Within the packaging was a leaflet saying:

"If you plan to use the 64-bit version at a later stage, please create a _recovery medium_ prior to installing 32-bit Windows 7"

It then cautions me to create a "64 bit recovery medium.....ordering a 64-bit recovery medium is not free of charge"

The manual goes on at length about "_System Recovery Options_" As instructed in the manual I have made a "Repair Disc Windows 7 64-bit" Am I correct in saying that I do not or cannot have an actual Win 7 64-bit disc?

The leaflet says "a backup copy (of the Win 7 64-bit) is stored on the hard disk drive as a _recovery image_" So is this the actual Win 7-64-bit complete disc that I am after, and if so how do I get it?

The Toshiba documentation is not clear, and I believe rather contradicts itself?

I am confused! Anyone understand what's going on?


Answer:Creating Win 7 64bit Recovery Disc for Satellite L500-19x?


As I understand you have received the Notebook with preinstalled Win 7 64bit OS.
But you didn?t get the Win 7 64bit recovery disk but you have a Win 7 32bit recovery disk. Is it right?

Well mate? the case is that the usage of the Recovery disk will format the full HDD and will erase everything from HDD. This means that you will lose the preinstalled Win 7 64bit OS.
So if you would not create the Win 7 64bit recovery disk BEFORE using the Win 7 32bit recovery disk then you will not be able to go back to 64bit version.

Therefore create the Win 7 64bit recovery disk at the beginning. Then you are safe and can install Win 32bit and 64bit whenever you want.

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i have a Toshiba Satellite L500-F19, and recently started have a bad performance in the graphic interface and also started to shut down on its own.

In order to try and fix the problem i used the HDD recovery sistem by pressing F8 in the boothing process.
What happens is that this process failed and and now my portable computer doesnt even start!
What can i do?

I have a windows repair disc but it was only made a few days ago and this pc is in my possetion for 3 years now.
Is there any way i can recover my sistem back to the original?


Answer:Satellite L500-F19 does to boot due to failed HDD recovery process

Yes, you can recover it to original factory settings. You can do this on one way only: you must use recovery DVD. Have you created this disc?

Please don?t mix Windows repair disc and recovery disc. At the moment you cannot repair anything. What you must do is clean recovery image installation.

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I have a Satellite L500-12Q laptop. I used the Recovery Disc Creator to make the recovery discs. It needs 4 discs. The 1st was writtenk ok, but on the second, near the end of the progress, it stopped advancing. It is almost an hour, and it is still not finished. I am on the second try. The disc is spinning and the drive makes noise as if it were writing, but it doesn't advance at all.

Please, could you help me?


Answer:Satellite L500-12Q Recovery Disc Creator Error

Hey Claudiu,

What kind of DVD you are using to create the Toshiba recovery disks? I did also had some problems to create a recovery disk but I changed the media from DVD+R to DVD-R and all was ok!!! I used Verbatim disks for creating because I have really good experience with this kind of disks. Furthermore it seems that TDK disks also work pretty well. Check this!!!

If it doesn?t work check the Toshiba page for a firmware update of your ODD!

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Am trying to re-install my Window 7 system on a Satelite L500-19Z. When I insert the recovery disc(s) it completes and then reboots.

When rebooting it goes through the 'system registry' and 'system settings' stages and then reboots. It thens says 'Setting up for first time use'.
Then it comes up with a basically white screen and the box saying 'finalising installation - will take a few minutes' etc.

However, after a while it just reboots and goes through the same sequence again - and again - and again etc.

I can reboot in SAFE mode but it won't allow me to make a System Restore point.
When I try to reboot normally it just goes straight back into the routine above.

I've tried a number of recovery discs but they all do the same thing.

Answer:Satellite L500-19Z - Recovery process not complete correctly?

> I've tried a number of recovery discs but they all do the same thing.
Does this mean that you have more recovery disk for this notebook model?
Did you use the right one?

I?m not quite sure why the recovery procedure does not finish successfully but it could be possible that your notebook?s hardware is affected.
What was the purpose for a recovery? Was something wrong with the notebook?

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I have been arsing around with my l500-1dt. I used the shop supplied 32 bit toshiba win 7 recovery disk, but I want to recover back upto 64 bit (originally installed on the latop).

I created the 2 dvds with the toshiba recovery media creator but as my current win 7 32 bit version isn't actually broke, it doesn't seem to want to start up any recovery process when I put the disks in and restart.

I've tried holding 0 to start the HDD recovery too and seem to have the same problem.

Is there anyway to force recovery start up and install 64 bit windows 7?


Answer:Satellite L500-1DT: Force Recovery back to 64bit Win 7 from 32bit


I assume the Win 7 was already preinstalled on your notebook.
So the HDD recovery option should be still available on the HDD? Is it right?
I assume you didn?t change anything on the HDD and in such case you could try recover the notebook using HDD recovery option.

In such case you have to press F8 then you should get advanced boot menu.
Here you have to choose Repair my Computer.
New window will appear and here you need to choose HDD recovery!!!

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I have a Satellite L500-19Z laptop which was running a 64bit version of Windows.
Because of a problem I had to re-install Windows. The disc that came with the laptop was Product Recovery Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit. Not realising the implications of re-installing using this

I've now ended up with a 32bit operating system meaning that I can only use 3gb of my 4gb RAM. Can I obtain a Recovery disc for the 64bit version of Windows? I created, when I first got the laptop, a Repair Disc for my 64bit system but, of course, if I try to use this it tells me, rightly, that I don't have a compatible operating system version.

Answer:Can I order Win7 64bit recovery disc for Satellite L500-19Z?

I think you can order it.

Please visit -

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When starting 64-bit version of win 7 cmd.exe script faile due to following error
ERROR could not move v:\_IMG\10185xsP*.swm to v:\HDDRecovery\SWImg

Duplicate file of file already exists.

Has anyone had similar error?
This happens when installing Win 7 as a first time startup

Answer:Satellite L500-1DT - HDD recovery Windows 7 64bit installation fails

Which notebook model do you have?
Please send full model name and model number.

You can find it on Toshiba sticker at the bottom.

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This is a detailed bug report so please bear with me.
If you can help, or can confirm you've had the same happen to you, I'll be grateful.

I've owned several Toshiba laptops before and I even used to work for Toshiba so rest assured I like the machine. But I've got a problem with its recovery software. I just bought a laptop, Satellite L500-1DT with Windows 7 64 bit, on behalf of a non-techie who lives elsewhere. Since I know from experience that I will occasionally have to field panic calls along the lines of "it's become too slow", "how do I get rid of the accumulated junk", "maybe it's got a virus" and so on, the first thing I checked was the automatic recovery, i.e. how to bring the HD back to "as new" state.

So I booted into the machine, answered the questions until I got into the OS proper, and then ran the "make a recovery DVD" program. Double layer DVD verified ok. With the freshly made DVD, I swapped the supplied HD for a spare I had (much smaller: only 40 GB instead of 320) and booted the rescue DVD hoping that it would remake me a clean system on the blank drive.

It did repartition the drive according to its scheme, with more or less half the space for Windows and the other half for Data including the recovery files. It did install the system in the Windows partition. It then rebooted into the installed Windows 7 to finalize the installation. There, trouble began: an endless loop of reboots for hours un... Read more

Answer:Satellite L500-1DT: HDD Recovery of Win 7 is stuck in endless reboot loop


First of all I have to say that I was able to recover my unit trouble free.
The Win 7 installation went smoothly and everything was installed properly.

Back to you issue:
For me it sounds like something wrong with the installation? maybe some partitions of the HDD were muddled up? maybe the HDD should formatted again and then you should run the recover procedure.
You have to test it?

Regarding the DVD player:
As far as I know there is no DVD player for Win 7 64bit. There is only a update available for Win 64bit. So you will have to install the DVD player for Win 7 32bit version and then to update it using the patch released for Win7 64bit.

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Hi. New user to the forum and new owner of a Toshiba.

I am trying to create the 4 recovery discs for my Toshiba satellite L500-12E. Discs 1, 2 & 4 created successfully, but disc 3 failed two times. The message I received onscreen was: Failed to read the following file: F:backslash ZZImg backslash 09753xsp6.swm Error Code: 020150-20-00000000
( I cannot get the computer to type a backslash on this window)

Anyone know of a similar problem or a solution?


Answer:Satellite L500-12E - Error during creating Toshiba recovery disk

Hi Dwight,

Which disks you are using for creating Toshiba recovery disk?

I have good experience with Verbatim DVD-R. Have you tested these disks?

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I have the HP System Recovery USB drive and am attempting to run it on my laptop.  I followed the directions and made it through the following:-Turn off computer-Put in USB-Restart computer and press ESC repeatedly-Press F9 to select the boot option Then when I get to the next window I'm supposed to use the down arrow to select the UEFI DVD/USB source, but that's not an option.  I only have the option for CD/DVD.  And when I select the CD/DVD option, nothing happens.  The Files on the USB are accessible, I can view them.  But I don't know how to run the recovery process.  The directions say I'm supposed to have a pop up window that guides me through the steps.

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My pc start acting up after i made a system restore.For exemple i cant use the fn key function.

Last week i decided to format my pc. But when i opened the TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator i got an unespected error 0D00F6-49-00000001.

I mananged to create 2 of the 4 dvd's. Im using Dvd-r from memorex.
Can someone help.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Answer:Satellite L500 - cannot create recovery disks - 0D00F6-49-00000001 error

Is this the first time you try to create recovery discs?

How you have created 2 discs if the Toshiba recovery disc creator starts with error?

Anyway, in this forum you can find similar threads. Probably is some recovery file corrupted and disc cannot be created.
I don?t think there is something you can do about it. Either it works or not. Maybe you should contact nearest Toshiba service and explain the situation. I hope they can help you with this and order original Toshiba DVD disc for you.

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I bought a Toshiba Satellite L500-1XD laptop from an Argos store in August. Soon after I got it it occasionally restarted itself and displayed the blue recovery screen saying the laptop has recovered from a hardware failure. This has become more frequent recently and it often shuts down, displays blue screen, restarts and does this over and over again.

I have not installed many new programmes on the laptop and have installed all updates. I have removed any programmes I did install with the exception of Microsoft Office.

Another thing that might be related if that when the laptop starts up it says the Toshiba Service Station has stopped working and tries to check for a solution to the problem.

I would any appreciate any advice on how I could perhaps remedy this

Thanks in anticipation

Answer:Satellite L500-1XD constantly restarting & displaying blue recovery screen

Hi katrina_1,

That means the preinstalled Windows version is still installed, right?!

Well, I think it?s hard to say why it happens? It could be a software or hardware malfunction. Both could be possible.
The most reasons for blue screens are drivers or hardware itself? Are all devices installed properly in device manager or do you see yellow exclamation marks?

In your case I would try to reinstall Windows. Maybe it?s only a software or driver issue?
Furthermore if you have installed two RAM modules, test it with one module only. You can also use ?Memtest86? or another RAM diagnostic tool to test the RAM modules for failures.

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Dear All,
I need help I have Satellite L500-1GJ windows 7 home Premium. With recovery CD I installed OS but after complete installation my laptop screen shows with lot of rectangular dots on the screen and freezes , I tried many times and it comes to the same problem. Find attached screen shot.

Thanking you.
Best Regards

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Hi all, just tried to launch recovery media creator on the Toshiba board and the following ERROR CODE: 0d00f6-49-00000015 appears.
This goes after a few clicks on the mouse and the program starts.

Any ideas how to mend this?
Operating system is Windows 7 64bit my new shinny laptop.

any help would be great.

Answer:Re: Satellite L500 - Error appears if I start recovery disk creator


You used not compatible disk!
You have to test different DVD from different manufacturers.
Not all DVD from different manufacturers are compatible. There are big differences between the brands? So check and try other DVD

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Well, I have to keep my computer on for various reasons at times, and I have a electricity problem, due to which I get recovery options most often. Now what I want, is I wish every time I got recovery options, windows would choose Start Normaly everytime. Even though the "startup repair(recommended)" option is there. I dun want to repair cuz its just the power outtage.
And I want it to be automatic because I'm afk most of the time.

Answer:Auto selecting an option from recovery menu?

Is this the XP screen that you are talking about?

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help please somebody help me.
im having this two problems.
search option in start menu is not functioning
as well as my system restore.
i wasnt able to fully explain in words so ive decided
to attach it.

could you please check my attached file.

thanks a lot.

Answer:system restore and search option on start menu not funtioning

Have a look at these:

Fixing Windows XP Search Companion User Interface

System Restore opens to a blank window

Hope they help you

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I just bought an S-video cable and a sound cable to enable me to connect to my TV and watch films from my laptop. After connecting it to both sides I tried to connect to the TV output using the fn f5 key.

However, at this point I did not know what button to press on my TV ?(ir the s-video option). After figuring this out I tried again on my laptop only to find that the only option available on the fn f5 menu is lcd/crt. All the others are now missing. I went through the display settings way but this does not work either, and only turns the screen black for a few seconds before turning back on.

Can anyone suggest a way to get all the other options back on the fn f5 menu or if there is an easier way to view my desktop and watch films from my laptop to my TV. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank u.

Answer:TV option missing from FN-F5 menu on Satellite M30


I think it?s happen because a player application was started or runs.
Please connect you notebook correctly to TV. Then use the FN-F5 to switch on to the TV/LCD or only to TV.
Then you will see the desktop screen on the TV you can start the player program like InterVideo DVD.

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Is it possible to create a recovery partition or image on a PC, which could recover the PC using a Fn key during boot up ?

I have a PC with a recovery partition which is for vista, which is now obsolete now Imhave moved up to Windows 10 via Windows 7.... never want to recover to vista...

would love over to create my own recovery partition, where pressing e.g. Fn11 during startup invokes the recovery process.....maybe this is too difficult...there is a program called AOMEI OneKey Recovery which promises to do such, or so it looks...

Answer:create recovery partition with restore option with Fn key

Acronis True Image 2016 does this. You enable Startup Recovery Manager and you can hit F11 during the boot process to recover a disc image. Adds about 30 sec to boot process before it defaults to OS startup.

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Is it possible to create a recovery partition or image on a PC, which could recover the PC using a Fn key during boot up ?

I have a PC with a recovery partition which is for vista, which is now obsolete now Imhave moved up to Windows 10 via Windows 7.... never want to recover to vista...

would love over to create my own recovery partition, where pressing e.g. Fn11 during startup invokes the recovery process.....maybe this is too difficult...there is a program called AOMEI OneKey Recovery which promises to do such, or so it looks...

Answer:create recovery partition with restore option with Fn key

Acronis True Image 2016 does this. You enable Startup Recovery Manager and you can hit F11 during the boot process to recover a disc image. Adds about 30 sec to boot process before it defaults to OS startup.

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Hi all, I am trying to refresh windows 7 using the factory restore, but there is no factory restore option in the rescue and recovery. I tried run the program using DVD, from Window 7. No option on the both. I have not formatted the original HDD.  Any idea? Thanks!! 

Answer:T420, No factory restore option in the rescue and recovery

welcome to the forum!
assuming your pc came with a Lenovo Win7 installation on it, have you created your recovery disk set? if you haven't, click your Start orb and type recovery into the Search box. do you get an item named Create Recovery Media at the top of the list? if so, click it and follow the prompts to create your disk set. you can boot your pc with disk 1 of the set to completely reimage your pc back to its factory-delivered state. be aware that it will erase all personal files, so back things up first!
if you obtained your pc 2nd-hand, possibly with a generic Win7 install, you'll need to contact Service to obtain a factory recovery disk set.

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I purchased my T420 one year ago and have sufficiently "hosed it up" to the point I wanted to do a factory restore. I saved all my data then proceeded to create the CDs from the Q drive factory restore. I followed the instructs for more and more CDs and once I got up to #12 I noted that the time it was taking to create them was down from several minutes to several seconds. When I got to CD number 18 I thought "this is ridicules" and I popped CD 11 back in to look at its content (via Windows Explorer). I noted it had two folders: 1) Factory restore (or something like that) which was over 500 MB in size and 2) something about data. This "data" folder contained 1 KB of data. I then looked at all subsequent CDs (12-18) and they all only contained this data file. So, rather than continuing to make these (basically empty CDs) I stopped.I then put the first CD in and rebooted the machine. The factory restore started and I swapped CDs until I got to 12. I put 12 in and it said the required data was not present and to insert the next CD. I did this until I ran out of the CDs I had created. I had to "X" out of the restore app and now when I boot I get nothing but a dimly lit screen and a flickeringhard drive light! Am I totally hosed here? How many CDs would it have required had I kept making them?I am ( obviously) a novice. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Tom


Go to Solution.

Answer:T420, No factory restore option in the rescue and recovery

Hi Tom, welcome,
As you've discovered, it's a better choice to use DVDs for this.  Actually 1 CD and then 2 or 3 DVDs.  Too late for that
You have a couple of choices: call support and order a set of recovery media or do a clean install from Microsoft media.
Support will probably charge for the media.  You can use Microsoft Win 7 (this is a win 7 machine ???) install media - either borrowed or downloaded - and activate with the CoA key on the sticker on your machine.  Probably in the battery compartment.  Use media that matches the install already on your laptop.  Probably Win 7 Pro.
Google "legal windows 7 download notebook review" for links to ISOs.  Burn _as an image_ to DVD.   Once it's installed install ThinkVantage Sytem Update and let it pull down the drivers and apps for your machine.

United States
THINK-branded products
24 hours/day7 days/week


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Hey, after cklick on Fn I see no reaction. Fn + F1 - F9 no works.

Please help me.

Answer:Fn + F1-F9 dosnīt work on Satellite A serie

Notebook model?
Operating system?

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I want to restore my system to original factory state, and I have the Rescue and Recovery discs I made when I first obtained the laptop.  I put the disk labeled ?Rescue and Recovery Startup disk? into DVD drive and start system.  When ThinkPad logo appears, I touch the blue ThinkVantage button.  When the system prompts me to press any key to boot from CD or DVD, I do so, and Rescue and Recovery program starts. After the Rescue & Recovery Program is loaded, I click ?Launch Advanced Rescue and Recovery.?  Then I click ?Restore Your System.?  Based on the Rescue and Recovery Help documents, I expect to see three options: Restore only Windows operating system and applications from backupRestore my entire hard drive, including all personal data and settings from backupRestore my hard drive to original factory state. However, only the first two options are displayed.I don?t know how to restore the system without the third option.  Any advice?Thanks!!


Go to Solution.

Answer:SL510--Factory Restore option not available in Rescue & Recovery Program

Hi and welcome to the forum!
ThinkPad can also be put to factory contents without the recovery discs if the restore partition is available on the system. Take the CD out, restart your system and press the ThinkVantage button on boot, thereafter follow instructions from step 5:-
Re recovery discs, is it possible that you created rescue media (backup) of your system instead of recovery discs? Go to the BIOS and set optical drive as first boot device, put the startup recovery disc in, press F10 to save the settings and exit, don't press ThinkVantage button on boot, instead let it boot itself from the CD, once you're in, look for the third option.
Let us know how things go.

------------------------------------------------------------Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)ThinkPads:- T400[Win 7], T60[Win 7], IBM 240[Win XP]IdeaPad: U350Apple:- Macbook Air [Snow Leopard]Did someone help you today? Compliment them with a Kudos!Was your question answered today? Mark it as an Accepted Solution!   Lenovo Deutsche Community     Lenovo Comunidad en Espaņol Visit my YouTube Channel

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Laptop is 2 months old running Windows 7, rarely used and has no extra hardware etc installed. Windows was pre installed with no discs in box
Today upon opening it has a black screen with press  F11 for recovery. Recovery runs using Cyberlink power recover but on completion it goes back to the black screen with  pressF11
I got into safe mode and advanced boot options but there was no option to system restore
Could anyone help with how to resolve this
Thanks very much

Answer:Black Screen- Press F11 for Recovery, no system restore option

There will be no system restore points after running Cyberlink power recover as that wipes the old windows and puts a new copy on the drive as I understand it.
At this point in time I would get a hold of the manufacturer for support and warranty since it is only two months old. Just curious, HP?
If it is an HP, What happens when you run the built-in hardware diagnostics. They should be available on the same screen as the Press F11 message.
Good Luck

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When I press my One Key Recovery button the window that apears only shows the back up option, and the create recovery disk option. Why? How do I restore my computer to factory default? How do I restore to a previous state?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Restore to Factory settings option does not appear when the one key recovery button is pressed?

What you are experiencing is the OneKey Recovery program within Windows. This allows you to create a new backup and burn recovery CD/DVDs. To run the OneKey Recovery and restore to factory default, you have to shut down the computer and then press the OneKey button. This recovery feature has the recovery option.

\\ I do not respond to PM regarding individual tech support. Keep discussions in the forum for the benefit of others //

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Hi there,

I've a L670-11Z TOSHIBA computer, and like 16 other people on a [french forum|].
we all have the same keyboard problem.
When we type something, some keys are dropped down by the keyboad (like a buffer overflow)

An external USB keyboard work just fine.

Some of our machine went to TOSHIBA support and came back with the same problem !

Is this problem known outside France ?

I've made a [Facebook page|] about that with [a video|] showing the keyboard pausing when hitting the 'a' key


Answer:Keyboard problem on Satellite L670 serie


I know this theme? it has been already discussed here.
According to some users in this forum, BIOS updated helped to sort out this issue.
Therefore I would also recommend updating the BIOS!

Please also take a look here:

Changing the settings in
Control Panel" - "Ease of Access" - "Change how your Keyboard works" - "Setup Bounce Keys"

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Have just purchased my netbook 4 days ago andmy webcam doesn't work but the message says"the webcam is locked by another application" and I am unable to use with eg. Skype.
Does anyone knows what is happening?
Wud very much appreciate yr help.Thanks

Answer:Webcam issue on Satellite MK3263GSX serie

Exit ?Cam Assistant software? before you start Skype.
By default this application starts with Windows but you can disable it in MSCONFIG > Startup.

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I've got toshiba laptop a660-17e with windows 7 64 bit.
It's fantastic and I've had it for at least 3 years.

It didn't come with any discs and it has the recovery partition.

Some time ago my hdd broke down. I had to replace it for a new one.
I thought the recovery partition would be gone and I would've had to install win 7 from some cd.
But actually the recovery partition was still there after hdd replacement! The win 7 installed easily.

Recently I tried to start from scratch and reinstall win 7, but after restarting and going to the menu where you should be able to do it, there's no such option!

Please help, what can I do?

Recovery partition is still there, but it doesn't let me bring back my toshiba to factory state.

Answer:Satellite A660-17E - no "restore to out of box state" option

{quote} It didn't come with any discs and it has the recovery partition. {quote}
There was an interesting note in the user manual regarding the recovery disk.
It could be created using the Toshiba tool called Recovery Media (Disk) Creator
But since the HDD died in the past and the Toshiba image recovery files are lost.

{quote} But actually the recovery partition was still there after hdd replacement! The win 7 installed easily. {quote}
Are you talking about the Toshiba recovery partition or Windows repair partition?

How and who has replaced the HDD? What disk has been used in order to install the Win 7 again?

From my knowledge such recovery partition would be created only using the Toshiba Recovery disk. Therefore I?m wondering about your statement.

However, if you don?t have a recovery disk, you can order the media here:

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Hi, I am trying to get my Lenovo S10 back to its original configuration. I have not changed the partition size in anyway or changed from the Orignial XP OS. I can see on the Lenovo parition all the Recovery files / backups. If I hit the recovery button when powered off, it just boots the PC. Help please, all I want, is that it is back to its original state. Thanks

Answer:One Touch Recovery does not give System Restore Option / Factory Reset

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Laptop was upgraded and repaired, with new memory, DVD and hard disc in April.
Also isntalled XP SP3.

Last week, I turned it on and as windows was loading, I heard two sets of two short beeps.
Rest of the laptop seems to work ok, bar NIVDIA Twin Towers having problems when I turn off, but I've now got the laptop as I want it and these beeps worry me. Ofcourse, warranty for repair was three months, and that has just run out.

Oh woe is me. Can anyone reassure? I can't reinstall everyting all again. Too old.

A very silver surfer with a beep phobia.

Answer:Two sets of two short beeps appear while booting up old Satellite Pro serie

Learnt from engineer: clean registry using Ccleaner. Beeps suggest that the OS is looking for hardware or settings and not finding them. Ccleaner is a good first step.

If this does not work, go back to last good configaration.

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My Satellite P10 has crashed, suggesting a hard disc error may be imminent, I have a recovery disk but this does not have a repair option, only a full recovery. As I would like to attempt to recover some data, is there a Repair option, which normally accompanies these discs.
If so where can I get one?


Answer:Satellite P10 - repair option on recovery disc

Recovery disc has no repair option. Recovery disc contains recovery image only. Try to obtain Microsoft installations CD and use repair option there. If you will not be able to repair preinstalled operating system as last option you can use recovery disc and install recovery image.

Bye and good luck!

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I need to reset my computer.
When i press f8, i dont have the choice hdd recovery. Is this normal? how do i do?

In the hdd manager i can see the eisa partition, i have no dvd either...


Answer:Satellite A200-1XO - No HDD recovery option pressing F8


It looks like a hdd image folder not available anymore on your computer. You can

1. Order a [Recovery disk|] from Toshiba
2 Get Windows copy disk to install, all drivers are on the [Toshiba driver page|]

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I'm trying restore to factory settings but not having any luck.

I have tried pressing F8 when toshiba logo comes up, it goes to the advance boot screen and I select repair computer and it starts windows. I don't get the recovery options.
I have also tried pressing zero when powering up the laptop just beeps at me.

What im I doing wrong?

its a L300-149 running vista

Answer:Cannot recover Satellite L300 using HDD recovery option

As I can see all you do is right.
Switch your notebook ON and press F8 several times and you will enter Advanced Boot options

The first option should be ?Repair your computer? and after two or three steps you should see System Recovery Options and last option there must be ?Toshiba recovery?.

Have you used this recovery options in the past or you try to use it for the first time?

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I own a Satellite A100-237 notebook which, after a long struggle with various virus and trojan attacks, needs a system recovery. I have a 2-CD Product Recovery package with Windows XP Home edition along with SP2 and all the drivers/tools etc. and the process is supposedly pretty straightforward - albeit I have a serious issue at hand: Partitions.

My 80 GB HD is divided in two partitions: A 60 GB C: for the OS and general use and a 20 GB D: for back-ups of EXTREME PROMINENCE. Now that I know that I can use an "expert recovery mode" to recover my system while keeping the back-ups intact. Now that's actually where the problem steps in.

When I boot from the recovery CD there is absolutely NO OPTION FOR AN "EXPERT" RECOVERY MODE!

I'm simply greeted by a language selection screen. Past that is the option to install Windows XP Home in English or localized version (Turkish, in my case), in both cases the entire HD is wiped out. Next to it are an "Abort" button and a "Settings" button. "Abort", well as the label suggests, shuts the computer down. "Settings" on the other hand is more complicated. You are presented with a window with a nice slider which maxes out at 76 GB - you are supposed to set an installation partition of preferred size. However, in this case the whole HD gets wiped out as well - you get only an installation partition and the remaining space simply becomes "Unallocated". I have tri... Read more

Answer:No expert recovery option on Satellite A100-237?

I have contacted the local distributor and various technical service centers - the response is still the same: "A100 series notebooks are not meant to be used with a partitioned disk, use of a partitioned disk will put the machine out of warranty and you will not be eligible for technical support if any problems arise." They "kindly" offered me another Windows XP license for $170, though. And one service center actually offered me a counterfeit copy of the Windows XP CD - they surely haven't met BSA, I say.

All in all I'm between returning the machine for a refund or just picking a sledgehammer and pummeling it to the ground. The second option seems more appealing as the refund grace period has long expired and they'll probably charge me just to dispose of the machine. A computer I can't use with a partitioned disk is little more than a worthless piece of silicon and plastic.

I guess the only remaining "sane" solution is legal action.

But then I have to use a pirated XP to retain my partitions, which puts me under equal liability.

I guess this problem is unsolvable.

EDIT: I absolutely have no idea how and why I have violated the rules of this forum - hence my post is edited by the administrator. Still, I apologize for any violation. I'm unsurprisingly enraged by the current situation and may have made a mistake. Anyway, my stopgap solution is to stick with a non-genuine XP and purchase Vista when it's out. My A100-237 is out-of-t... Read more

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i am trying to do a full computer recovery using HDD recovery procedure, but the problem that i can not find the entry (Repair your Computer) when i press F8 after restarting the machine.

My laptop is: Toshiba Satellite U400-144
Model: PSU40E - 03P00WAR

Kindly advice what to do.

Answer:Satellite U400 - Can't find HDD recovery option


Normally you can start the HDD recovery feature if you press the F8 button to go in advanced boot menu. After this select ?repair my computer? and in next windows you can choose the HDD recovery option from Toshiba.

By the way: Which OS you have installed at the moment? HDD recovery is only possible on preinstalled OS from Toshiba!

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Good day to you all,

I have a satellite P300 and the volume control wheel in front do not work anymore as it used to be. Impossible to adjust the volume anymore, unless openind the sound icone control.On top of it, if I try to adjust it (volume) while working with a word processor, a serie of C is written on the screen page.
What is going on and how can I get it working properly again?

Thank's a lot

Answer:Satellite P300 - Volume control wheel write a serie of C

Hi JCP34,

I found a similar thread about the same behaviour on Satellite A300 and the solution was very easy: It was dirt inside and with compressed air spray you have to blow out this. After this it?s working again.

Check this thread:

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Hi there,

Brand new Toshiba Satellite L500-11V, first thing create the TOSHIBA Recovery Discs, disc 1 no problems but disc 2 never finishes it gets half way through and just stops. Even left it over night and nothing!!!

End up quitting the program and starting again, i now have 4 copies of disc 1??!!

Any ideas people??
(also fully up to date with windows updates)

Many thanks


Answer:Satellite L500-11V - Recovery Disc Creator crashes on disc 2

Windows updates are not relevant for all this.

Which empty medias do you use, DVD-/+/R/RW?

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Hi there,

I have a Toshiba Satellite L655 with Windows Home Premium 64bit. I have recently got into problems with my operating system. Unfortunately I did not know about HDD recovery option, so I just reinstalled OS with Windows 7 installation CD (i've got one).

Now I'm aware about HDD Recovery and I'd like to get my system back to it's original "Toshiba's" state, but there's no "Toshiba HDD recovery " item anymore in recovery menu (F8 on startup)

I still have HDDRecovery folder on my D:\ disk with 7.5 Gb od data. But how can I get it back? What do I need to install to have the "Toshiba recovery" item back again in recovery environment?


Answer:Satellite L655 - Get the Toshiba recovery option back

Hi buddy,

The Toshiba HDD recovery feature is only available on preinstalled operating system. If you have installed another version it?s not available anymore.

So in your case you would need the Toshiba recovery disk to restore the original factory settings. Did you create the Toshiba recovery disk before installing Windows 7?
Usually this can be done with out of box settings because ?Toshiba recovery media creator? is preinstalled. That means you need some blank disks to create the recovery disk.

If you don?t have the recovery disk you can order a new one here:

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L755-16L.
I want to re-install windows 7 ,but the recovery option will erase everything....I don?t want to use that ,I saw an activation key at bottom of the laptop for win 7 saying it is oa mea ??

So is there any way I could do that without erasing everything.

Answer:Satellite L755-16L - Installing new Win7 without recovery option


Please check
There you can find all info about HDD recovery installation and exact info what will be deleted exactly (check ?Note?).

Product key at the bottom means that you have bought notebook with preinstalled OS and valid licence. This key belongs to preinstalled OS version. Don?t think you can use it for OS activation if you try to install own OS version using Microsoft installation disc.

> So is there any way I could do that without erasing everything.
I don?t know what do you mean under everything.
If you want to have clean preinstalled OS again best option for you is to back-up all important data to external device and after OS installation you can copy all this stuff back to notebook?s HDD.

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i have got a Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 which recently faced the "alert: system protection failure! password:" problem i.e. it turned on some unknown BIOS password on its own in the middle of normal operation.

i got that fixed from local toshiba ASP.
However now when i was about to reinstall the Windows cos it had got slow, the option that the recovery media normally gives for just formatting the first partition became invalid.

In the settings dailog box, the option is still there however it cannot be selected by clicking on it (of the color of the background showing that not valid option presently)...which means is that the only possible selection (selected as default) is format the whole of 38 GB... which i don't wanna do.

Any one knows whats gone wrong and how can i fix it.

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro A120: Cannot select a option on Recovery disk

I assume you are using the Windows XP and the recovery CD contains also the XP OS.
It?s also interesting if this option worked in the past ?:|

However, it?s really mysterious that the available option cannot be executed and unfortunately I have no idea why it happened?

In worst case you will have to backup the data from the HDD and to format the whole HDD? :(

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I have tried numerous times and can't get the system recovery option by intermittently hitting the *f8 key during startup* like it says in the manual, it just goes straight into Windows. I just installed the latest BIOS but that didn't help either. I have no disks for recovery but I would like to get the f8 issue solved anyway. Everything else works perfectly. Thanks.

Answer:Re: Satellite T110-107 will not boot into recovery option screen using f8 key.


Maybe you didn?t press the F8 in the right manner?
You have to press F8 immediately after the notebook has been powered up!!!
Press it several times to be 100% sure?

If this will not function, create the recovery disk!!! This should be done at first before doing anything with the notebook!!!!
The recovery disk is always important and helpful if something would go wrong with the HDD!!!

After creating the recovery disk use this disk in order to set the notebook back to the same state like at the first day of purchase?

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I have Toshiba Satellite C650D notebook i want to know that when i go into recovery menue by pressing F8 i can not find the toshiba recovery option there as before the installation of windows.

The hidden recovery disk which is of 10GB still has the data of 10GB
How can i access this to recover my factoryt settings?
Can i rocover from hidden partition now or it is corrupted?
if corrupted how can i purchase online backup recovery from asia pacific region?

i found the link on the forum to purchase recovery disc but it is for euorope i want to find it in asia pacific region??

Answer:Satellite C650D - pressing F8 i can not find the toshiba recovery option


If you are not able to recover the notebook using the HDD recovery, then you will have to recover the notebook using Recovery disk.
It seems that you didn?t create the disk in the past? right? Well, this was not a good idea?

However, the Satellite C650 is European notebook series. Right?
In such case you will need the Recovery disk for the European series and this can be ordered here:

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Hi there

My Satellite C650 got a virus. I managed to start it in safe mode and run avg. Then shut it down, restarted and now says bootmgr missing. I?ve used the recovery disc I made when purchased but it does not give me the Toshiba option to restore to factory state. I?ve tried the repair option and everything I can think of.

Any idea what to try next as obviously i don?t have a Windows 7 disc any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:Satellite C650 - No factory settings option on recovery disk

Hi debs2k,

If you boot from Toshiba recovery disk what options you have exactly? Normally you can restore the out of box settings if you choose the recovery wizard.

Usually all Toshiba recovery disk have the option to restore the original settings and I can?t imagine that your disk doesn?t have such an option. So please check it again, I?m sure you have an option to restore the original settings. ;)

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On the subject of System Recovery

For some reason, the option for System Restore disappeared from the Tools file of my Accessories Folder in the Start Menu.
In order to recover, I Googled but after hours of searching could find NO answer which helped to recover the option even though a lot of people seemed to
be having the same problem.
After some fiddling around, I managed to resolve:-
1). Locate original System Recovery Icon = C:\Windows\system32\rstrui.exe
2). Right click and choose 'send-to' and Desktop from the options. Make sure it is a Shortcut you are sending and not the
actual exe file.
3). Rename the shortcut to 'System Recovery' (may need Admin priviledges).
4). In Windows Explorer, Click: Tools/FoldersOptions/View/Show Hidden Folder, Files and Drives
5). Locate & Move shortcut to :-
6). This is it - Just remember to close Tools/FoldersOptions/View/DON'TShow Hidden Folder, Files and Drives (Opposite of
Step 4).
I have a strong feeling that a downloaded application may have affected this Start item and as such I am running an additional Full
Virus and Malware Scan.
Whatever the case, I now have the option back in my Start/Accessories/Tool/System Folder although of course it was always
available in the Menu Tool Bar of 'Computer' under System Properties., but access is easier from Start Menu I think.

If there is a more correct way of doing th... Read more

Answer:System Restore Option Missing from Start Menu/Accessories/System Tools

And having said this - I have since found that although this works for a while - after a couple of days' reboots, 'something' triggers the deletion of the rstrui.exe (system restore shortcut) from my System Tools folder in Accessories (Start Menu).

So, I am back to square 1...... Happy new year folks...

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Hi folks,

I have a new Satlellite A200 and it will not boot up. Tried running recovery CDs but no joy.
Could someone please tell me, if I selected

'Erase Hard Disk' then 'Delete all data and partitions from the hard disk'

would this also delete the computer's internal recovery partition?

I have the recovery CDs but as I said, they don't work and I was wondering if clearing the HDD completely then running the recovery from the HDD recovery partition would help.

Sorry if this is a basic question for you guys! I've read through hundreds of threads, but can't find a definitive answer.

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Satellite A200 - Does 'Erase hard disk' option remove recovery partition?

> 'Erase Hard Disk' then 'Delete all data and partitions from the hard disk'
>would this also delete the computer's internal recovery partition?

If you mean the hidden Vista WinRE partition then; YES

But don?t worry buddy; The Toshiba Vista recovery CD would format the whole HDD and would erase all partitions but it creates the hidden Vista WinRE partition again on the HDD.


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Appreciate any help anyone can give me here.

Turned off my PC this afternoon, with no problems that I was aware of. Turned it back on when I got home tonight. System hangs with a blank screen during normal boot. Power off and try f8 to go into safe mode - and now all of a suddon f8 brings up a boot menu with my dvd and dvd rw-drives and my hard drive, and not the advanced boot options it always did before. Cant get to safe mode, can't get to a system restore option or a command prompt or anything.

Now I'm getting a bit worried, and figure I'll break out my recovery disk. I have a cyberpower, inc. recovery dvd-rom that came with the pc - but no matter which of my drives I put it into (dvd rom or dvd-rw) and no matter which drive I boot from, the system goes to a black screen and just hangs.

I can press delete when the PC starts to enter setup, but thats my bios and there doesnt seem to be anything I can do there. f8 gets me to this dumb boot menu instead of advanced boot options (is this some kind of crazy virusb, or I am just going insane here?). No idea what to do now. Please help!

Answer:Vista 64 home - advanced boot menu gone, can't restore from recovery disk

Hello kad153,
When you get to the boot menu, high light the HDD your OS is on and press enter, that should bring up the options you are looking for, choose "Last Known Good Configuration".

If it still wont start follow this tutorial.

Create a Recovery Disc

Then this tutorial.

Startup Repair

Hope this helps, good luck and post your results.

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Hey all, this is my first post here, so please be gentle.

Problem summary:
A client of mine (I'm an IT summer temp in a production facility) recently contracted the Windows 7 Recovery virus and contacted me to fix it. Having encountered the XP version recently and resolved the issue, I was able to easily remove the virus and associated rootkit. The difference this time was that unhide.exe failed to restore the start>all programs menu shortcuts, although it did manage to restore the folder structure. I read through and followed the instructions of another thread here: which did not resolve the issue. The output given by SystemLook is as follows:

SystemLook 04.09.10 by jpshortstuff
Log created at 09:14 on 09/06/2011 by debra
Administrator - Elevation successful

========== dir ==========

C:\Users\debra\AppData\Local\Temp\smtmp - Parameters: "/s"

None found.

C:\Users\debra\AppData\Local\Temp\smtmp\1 d------ [17:43 08/06/2011]
desktop.ini --ahs-- 442 bytes [04:49 14/07/2009] [05:01 14/07/2009]

C:\Users\debra\AppData\Local\Temp\smtmp\1\Programs d------ [17:43 08/06/2011]
desktop.ini --ahs-- 1130 bytes [04:54 14/07/2009] [14:23 31/05/2011]

C:\Users\debra\AppData\Local\Temp\smtmp\1\Programs\Accessories d------ [17:43 08/06/2011]
Desktop.ini --a... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 Recovery virus, unable to restore start menu programs list

Unfortunately, it looks like you'll have restore everything manually.You can restore the defaults for the Start Menu and Administrative Tools as follows:Windows 7: Restore Default Shortcuts in Start Menu All ProgramsVista: Restore Default Shortcuts in Start Menu ProgramsRestore the Administrative Tools folder with vista_ultimate_admintools.zipTo manually recreate "All Programs" entries, follow these steps...Download App PathsDouble click on AppPaths.exe to run the program.Keep the program open.In this example I'll recreate an entry for Avast antivirus program.Go Start>All Programs.Right click on Avast entry, click "Properties".NOTE. Make sure, you right click on Avast program, NOT on Avast folder.You'll see this window:Due to the damage caused by the infection, you'll find "Target" box empty.Go back to AppPaths window and find Avast entry.Right click on Avast line, click "Edit".A pop-up window will open:Highlight everything in "Path" box, right click on it, click "Copy"Go back to Avast "Properties" window, right click inside "Target" box, click "Paste".IMPORTANT! Add quotation marks at the beginning of the path and at the endClick OK and you're done.In case, program's link shows as (empty):Open Windows Explorer, navigate to Avast folder in Program FilesRight click on Avast ".exe" file, click "Create shortcut":Copy that shortcut, go back ... Read more

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I am trying to restore my Satellite Z830-11H to factory settings by using the F8 menu before start-up.

However, when I try to click Toshiba Recovery Wizard I get the window where I should be able to choose which process I want (Recovery factory software OR Delete Hard disk) but instead I don't have any choices.

It's just blank. Have somebody encountered this problem before?
If you have other strategies to restore to factory settings I will be glad!

Answer:Satellite Z830-11H, no options in recovery wizard (F8 pre-startup menu).


Did you modify the HDD or did you delete some recovery folders, files from the HDD in the past?

Usually you should be able to start the HDD recovery by pressing F8, then choosing Repair my Computer -> Toshiba HDD recovery (last option)

In case the HDD recovery isn?t possible, the notebook could be recovered using Recovery Medium (DVD or USB flash memory stick).
Such medium could be created using Toshiba tool called Recovery Media Creator

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I need to recover the above and have a coupl'a questions.

For recovery from <0> do I need the windows 7 disks., which I don't have.

Disk layout is:

Health (Active, Recovery)
C:\ (Healthy, boot)
Health (Healthy, Primary

Question is: Started the <0> recovery, faced with 3 menu's, which are.

From "Recovery of Factory Default Software"
we have

1. Recover to out of box state
2. Recovery without changing hard drive partitions
3. Recover to custom size partition.

Which one do I choose to get back to factory fresh image.

I figured it would be 1, why 2.


Answer:Satellite T135-S1309 recovery - which menu item should i choose

Choose option 1. Out of box is exact the same state how you got it after first start.
Of course, before you start recovery image installation back up all your important data.

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We have a Satellite Pro L10-135: Intel with Windows XP.

The laptop is a few years old and is full of spyware, my partner has also accidently deleted some program files. I have removed all personal files and would like to completely reformat the unit to factory condition.

But she has lost the recovery CDs. I have tried to get them from Toshiba, but when I enter the serial number it says that its too old and the disc is unavailable. I've also tried to find the Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator, but on the start menu, it is nowhere to be found instead it says Start>All Programmes>Toshiba>Networking or Start>All Programmes>Toshiba>Utilities.

I need the process to be idiot-proof as I am not too confident with computers, so I would like to get a genuine Toshiba restoration, rather than attemting to download individual drivers, etc.

Does anyone know where I could buy or download the disc in the UK?

Many thanks.

Answer:Satellite Pro L10-135 no recovery disks, need to restore

It is always problematic with old notebook models but what you can try is to contact nearest authorized Toshiba service provider in your country and ask for help.
Maybe they have somewhere archived old recovery discs and can help you with this.

One more thing: very often I saw that people offer recovery discs on eBay.
Check it out. Maybe you will be lucky and find recovery disc for your notebook model there.

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I wanted to format my hard drive on my L25 laptop which currently has Win XP, but am not sure if I ever got a recovery CD/DVD from the person I bought it from.

Does anyone know if this laptop (L25-s1192) would contain an image of the recovery disk or if I can get a recovery disk from somewhere or any other way to format the disk and reinstall the original contents of the laptop?

Would greatly appreciate if you could reply back.
Thanks.. Amare

Answer:How to restore the Satellite L25 - where to get Recovery disk


Usually the older Toshiba series were equipped with the recovery disk and the Toshiba image is placed on the recovery cd.
If you have a recover disk then you will have to boot from such disk to start the recovery procedure.

If you don?t have a recovery disk then you can use a clean Microsoft Windows XP CD to reinstall the OS and the necessary drivers could be downloaded from the Toshiba US driver page.
This is a US notebook and you have to search on US page for drivers.


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I'm looking for a solution to my problems.

I would like to format XP Home/ or restore factory settings and at the end make a dual-boot with a linux distribution (Fedora or Ubuntu).
But I don't have any recovery cd/dvd nor XP installing cd and I can't buy online mediabackup.

How can I do it ? Is it possible to format HDD with a another XP cd I would get from a relative/friend ? Is it possible to format with a OEM-XP cd ?
Is it possible to get some help from Toshiba or not ?

Thanks for your help.


Answer:Satellite 1900-102 How to restore without a recovery Cd nor XP CD?


> Is it possible to format with a OEM-XP cd ?
> Is it possible to get some help from Toshiba or not ?

You need an installation disk if you want to install a Windows XP OS.
Unfortunately, the notebook seems to be very old and I don?t think that you will be able to order a recovery disk? so you need to purchase the Win XP from Microsoft.

After installation of clean Win XP you could download all drivers for this notebook from Toshiba European driver page. The drivers can be found in Archive. (on Toshiba European driver page, in product type choose Archive instead of Notebook)

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I've got a Toshiba Satellite Pro L510, which I purchased in Feb 2011, in Australia.
I've had no problems with it until I've tried to run a wifi usb modem with Vodafone. It worked fine for a few months until a couple of weeks ago. It's connecting but not opening pages. I've been to the Vodafone store and they've run tests and told me it's nothing wrong with the modem but with the computer. They've said I need to restore? or recover?

I have no idea how to do this....I've done a system back up through the "maintenance" menu. And then I did a restore through the advanced restore options, however it's done nothing. It's gone exactly back to what it was doing before.
Is there another way to wipe clean the computer?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:How to restore/recovery Satellite Pro L510?

> They've said I need to restore? or recover?
>I have no idea how to do this....

Seems you?ve got a Australian notebook model so I would recommend checking this Toshiba AU HowTO:
+How do I run a System Recovery?+

Does it help you?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1720 with Windows Vista I am trying to do a factory image but the repair your computer is missing from the F8 advanced boot options menu.
Can anyone tell me how to get this back on the list Thanks in advance

Answer:advanced boot option menu missing option

if your just trying to do a "factory reset" try powering on then press the ctrl key and the f11 key at the same time (at the dell logo), should get you a pc restore screen, follow the instructions...good luckps, if you have a manual, the key configuration may be different...

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