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Equium A100-027: Does recovery disk delete data from second partition?

Question: Equium A100-027: Does recovery disk delete data from second partition?

I installed the Windows Vista Service Pack 2 update and now the laptop will not load.
I have a partitioned hard drive and will have to use the product restore disk.

I have a lot of photos and things on the second part of the hard drive.
I want to know if I use the restore disk will it delete the imformaton on the second hard drive or just the first?

Thank you

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Preferred Solution: Equium A100-027: Does recovery disk delete data from second partition?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Equium A100-027: Does recovery disk delete data from second partition?


The Recovery disk will format the whole HDD and will also erase all the partitions created on the HDD!
This means that you will lose your pictures and all the data stored on the HDD.

Therefore you should backup the data before using the recovery disk!


PS: Its not needed to create more postings about the same theme ;)

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Hello there,

I recently attempted to restore my laptop back to its factory settings. However, the recovery cd stopped working after it began wiping my hard drive and is not completing the task. I do not think the cd will work anymore. My computer now has no working OS and is stuck in limbo, the only way it will work is if the recovery is completed the whole way but I need a new cd.
I tried to find the recovery disk here:, but it seems that my laptop is too old and they do not stock the cd anymore.

Is there anywhere else I can find the cd?
And, is it possible to find it anywhere in Canada?

Thank you very much,

Answer:Need a recovery disk for Equium A100-549


If you have European notebook model you will not be able to obtain recovery disc in Canada.
In my opinion easiest solution for you is to obtain Microsoft WXP installation disc and install OS on your own. WXP is not so expensive anymore.

Buy WXP (SP2) installation disc, install it and then download and install all necessary drivers and all other Toshiba stuff. All you need you can find on Toshiba download page under

If you need assistance let us know.

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I have a bit of a dilemma. The vista sticker on my Toshiba Equium A100-338 has worn out (was like that when I bought it). I upgraded my hard drive, installed Windows 7, then gave my old one away (forgetting it had the recovery partition on it). I want to sell the laptop so returning to its original state would be ideal.

Toshiba said I must buy a recovery disc for 29.90, which is ridiculous. Can anyone else help me?

Laptop details: Toshiba Equium A100-338 PSAAQE-006008AV


Answer:Equium A100-338 - Do I have to buy a recovery disk?


If you want the factory settings back as the first time you started the notebook you have to buy a Toshiba recovery disk. This disk contains an image of the factory settings and so you can install the notebook in few minutes with all Toshiba drivers and tools.

But I don?t understand why this is ridiculous for you. I mean normally you get on Toshiba notebook with Vista after the first start a message that you should burn the recovery disk yourself. This takes only 10 minutes and you need only one or two DVD disks. I did this on my Toshiba notebook and I think you should take 10 minutes from your free time to do this too.

However, nobody says that you have to buy the disk because you can also use a Microsoft disk and download the Toshiba stuff on the Toshiba page but therefore you need a lot of more time.


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Don?t know if anyone can help, I am just out of warranty by one month and I think my hard drive has failed, or I have had a virus that has knocked out loads of files and the PC is always wanting to run scan disk and still getting errors on starting up, sometimes wont even start just goes right back to boot up mode then crash and again and again the same thing.

I have the recovery disk but this is not sorting out the issue, so, if I get a new hard drive will the recovery disk actually load on a new HDD? Why don?t Toshiba just give us the full OS to start with?

Anyone has any answers or similar issues that could help please let me know.


Answer:Equium A100 - will the recovery disk load on a new HDD

Of course you can use recovery media with new HDD. No problem at all! Exchange the HDD and install operating system using recovery DVD. That?s all!

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good afternoon

was wondering if you could help me at all

My A100 has become really slow and unstable. So decided to use the product recovery disk but have found it to be scratched.
I have tried to use a disk repairer but have had no joy.

I have the original product recovery cd and receipt of purchase is there anyway of obtaining a new disk from toshiba.
The laptop was bought direct from currys and is under a year old.

Any help would be much appreciated.

many thanks

Answer:Equium A100-027: Need Product recovery disk


Did you see other thread here in the forum regarding the Recovery CD purchasing?
I?m sure you did!!

So the solution is very simple! You have to contact the authorized service provider in your country and order a new Toshiba recovery CD for you notebook.

That?s all!

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I have a Toshiba Equium A100-337 Vista Premium laptop. Unfortunately the HDD has died in it and it is out of warranty.

I have the recovery CD and have used it previously so know it works.

I plan to put in a replacement HDD, but looking around, I can get a much better deal on something like maxtor/WD/seagate.
Would this be a problem for the recovery CD?

Also, the original disk is 60GB - but if possible, whilst I'm replacing it anyway, I'd like to put in a bigger one. My worry is if the recovery CD is pre-imaged for 60GB - then the rest of a bigger HDD would just be wasted space? (if indeed it would even work in the first place)

Has anyone else put in a different make/size of HDD and used the recovery CD successfully? I have to admit to not knowing much about how the process of recovery works so any pointers on that would also be appreciated.


Answer:HDD replacement on Equium A100-337 - installing OS from recovery disk?

A different size will be fine. Not sure on the different makes though, but as far as I am aware, as long as it has the same interface as the original HDD then you will be fine.

An yes, the recovery will work on a HDD larger than 60GB.

Hope this helps.

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I have recently tried to help a friend with recovering data of his Toshiba Satelitte A100 that screen has died.
I thought this would be a simply task of removing the hard drive and putting it a HDD caddie and attaching it to another computer,

This does not seem to work.
I can put the hard drive back into the computer and i can hear the computer boot up and was able to see it with a LCD Screen. I have been able to remove the data this way so we are safe.

My question is why can we seem to remove the drive and see it on another computer?
I assume there must be some interface or format that the laptop may use for the recovery section and so cant be seen as a normal drive.

If I couldnt remove the data because say the motherboard died. Is there any way to be able to see the data on another computer.

Email: [[email protected]]

Answer:Satellite A100 - data recovery from Hard Disk Drive

> My question is why can we seem to remove the drive and see it on another computer?

Of course you can do that? if you would use an external USB SATA controller (external HDD caddy) you should be able to connect this to another computer.
But if the HDD is faulty, this will not work.

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Last night I wiped out my ASUS T100 tablet to clean install TH2. But there is a 7GB Recovery partition from Windows 8.1 that I can't get rid off using Diskpart.

Can someone please assist me?

Answer:Delete Protected Recovery Partition (GPT Disk)

What is Disk 2?

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Hi there,

I have a Satellite C660D-17E laptop and want to format my hard drive, delete the recovery partition and recover the preinstalled Windows 7 and other software. I don't want to keep any of my own data, that's all backed up already, I just want to be sure I can safely restore the preinstalled stuff. I have a few questions I need help to clear up before I go ahead.

Am I right in thinking the dvd recovery disks I made when I first got my laptop will have all the software and drivers I need on it, the same as the recovery partition would? If I make another spare set now just to be safe will they only have the out of the box default stuff: OS, software and drivers on and none of my data?

I found [this post|] which explains the recovery process. If I select "Erase the hard disk" (so I can erase my hdd and remove the recovery partition too) what happens after that? Will it restore the OS and software from the dvd backup disk? Will the process after this recreate a recovery partition (which I don't want)?

Added sidenote:
I actually would prefer to be able to choose which preinstalled programs get installed after I format, but I'm guessing that's probably not possible and will have to settle for installing everything and removing what I don't want after. Or is there a way?

Sorry I know that was a long post, but I want to be sure of what will happen BEFORE I go and mess things up! :) If you... Read more

Answer:Format HDD, delete recovery partition then recover with disk


I will try to offer some help. ;)
> Am I right in thinking the dvd recovery disks I made when I first got my laptop will have all the software and drivers I need on it, the same as the recovery partition would?
Yes. Recovery image saved on recovery discs contains operating system, all necessary drivers, Toshiba specific tools and utilities and some additional software.
> If I make another spare set now just to be safe will they only have the out of the box default stuff: OS, software and drivers on and none of my data?
Preinstalled ?Toshiba recovery creator? make recovery disc that includes recovery image only. It has nothing to do with your personal data.
> I found this post which explains the recovery process. If I select "Erase the hard disk" (so I can erase my hdd and remove the recovery partition too) what happens after that?
After that you must use created recovery discs for recovery image installation.
> Will the process after this recreate a recovery partition (which I don't want)?
When you use recovery discs for recovery image installation your notebook will have ?factory settings? that include recovery image saved on HDD. To be honest I don't understand why you don't want to have this recovery image on HDD. This allows you to make recovery installation using HDD recovery option. But of course you can delete it later to get more free space on your HDD. For recovery image installation you can always use created recovery DVD discs. ... Read more

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My niece asked me to re-install her Toshiba Satellite L300 laptop, because the windows installation is rather buggy. She didn't have a recovery disk. Using Toshiba's Recovery Disk Creator I tried creating a recovery disk.

However, the program wouldn't start. Checking the directory of the program, it would seem that the program simply isn't there. Afterwards, I checked the data partition of the laptop.

There was a map with HDD recovery. However when using Windows' advanced boot (F8 before Windows startup) there was no choice of repairing the notebook. They only choices were the standard windows options (Save mode, normal start, etc.).

In short, it seems impossible to re-install the notebook with the current information at hand.
What would be the next course of action? Is it possible to order a recovery CD from Toshiba?

Another niece has the same notebook, would it be possible to use that notebook to create a recovery disk?

I'll appreciate and look forward to your reactions.

Answer:Recovery disk Creator & data partition won't work - Satellite L300


It looks like something has been changed on the HDD?
However, fact is you?ve no Recovery disk and you cannot use HDD recovery option.

This means you need to order a new Recovery disk from Toshiba.

You can do this here:

PS: one tip? if you would use a search option of this forum, you would find the right answer too ;)

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After having insalled Ubuntu 9.10 onto the laptop when it came out last month I had been using it fine up until last week when suddenly I was being asked for the bios password upon startup. I cannot boot, load into the bios or change where I boot from.

I have never set a password onto my bios or had any reason to go into it and have never had this trouble with Ubuntu Linux on any device in the past. The internet hasn't helped either, nor has the user guide which tells me to go to chapters that don't exist and the support website which has dead links and then tells me to go to Currys as I bought it from there.

I am covered by Currys tech support until next year but they insist I should pay for the solution, insinuating it is my fault.

Any information would be massively appreciated. :)

Answer:Equium A100-338 - How to delete BIOS password?

Hi buddy,

If the BIOS asks for a password and you don?t it anymore you have to contact an authorized service provider. The point is that only a notebook technician can remove the password and so you need professional help. Here you can search for nearest ASP: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

I also don?t know how it happened that a BIOS password is set now but only ASP can remove it?

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My Equium A100-27 has an 80GB hard drive, this is slit in half C drive and E drive.

I understand that the E drive is used for system recovery purposes but can I also use it to store data on?

If I do use it for data how much room should be left clear for system recovery?

Answer:Equium A100 - can I use E drive for data saving?

This is old notebook model and it has no ?recovery data? saved on second HDD partition.
So you can do with this partition whatever you want and also use it for data saving or data back-up.

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I have a Equium A100-338 notebook with vista premium installed, 2 months old.

I had to reinstall to factory settings from product recovery disc all worked fine but I seem to have deleted the WIN RE partition which I think is for data for recovery and diagnostics can I get this back from the product data disc and if so what do I have to do ?

Answer:Deleted hard drive partition on Equium A100-338

So, did you already tried to recover your machine with this product data disc? Usually, such an recovery looks like this:

- put the CD in your drive :)
- boot from the CD by tapping the "F12" key when you power the machine up
- then just follow the instructions on the screen
- done ;)

This is the normal recovery procedure. But if you encounter some problems, then please report it here.


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It will read/play commercial dvd's,but not commercial music and data cds...

i have tried a brand new norton cd,but won't read this,and have tried other commercial programs but no luck....just clicks

the same with music,tried umpteen discs,same me please !!

Answer:Equium A100-027: CD/DVD player won't read data/music CDs

Have you tried this method already?

Go to device manager and remove the CD/DVD drive from the device list.

Then start the registry (regedit) and remove the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters values completely from the following registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

Restart then your notebook and after this windows installs it again. Perhaps this can fix your problem.

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according to disk management on my Vista Home premium OS my recovery partition is healthy and still there. The problem is I can?t do a HDD restore?

I hit the F8 on boot then repair. I then select keyboard layout and enter my admin/user password.
I then get the list start-up repair, system restore etc. The option I want is restoring the complete windows OS. When I click this option it opens another window saying Restoring the complete windows operating system.. then under that it says .... if pre-installed files are damaged, you can use the product recovery DVD-ROM to restore them.

Under that it says when you reinstall windows all data lost etc.... When I hit OK it just goes back to the previous menu? I don?t have a recovery DVD only what's on the partition. Also I don't have software to create recovery CD's on the system?

Is there anyway I can make the recovery partition work? Thanks for any help...

Answer:Cannot start HDD recovery on Equium A100-027

Which recovery partition? Please don?t mix WinRE partition and recovery image for clean OS installation. That's not the same. WinRE partition can be used for repair but not for clean OS installation.

I?m not 100% sure but I think this old Equium notebook was not delivered with HDD recovery option and recovery DVD was probably delivered.
Have you bought this notebook as new one or maybe as already used hardware?

BTW: you will not be able to create recovery DVD. At this time when the notebook was offered this option was not available.

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I need help please, I bought an A100-549 over the internet, it did'nt come with any recovery media.
It now has a serious virus and I need to restore it. Where can I get recovery media for my laptop?



Answer:Where can I get recovery media for Equium A100-549


where did you buy it?? On Ebay? If yes then you must contact the person which sold you the machine. If you have no chance to get such recovery, then you will have to contact a
local ASP to obtain a recovery.
If you don?t want to obtain a recovery, and you have a genuine Windows copy lying around, then install it, download the appropriate drivers for that machine from the toshiba website and install
them afterwards you installed windows.


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Is it at all possible to have replacement recovery media sent for these machines or a possible download?
Little has lost the CD for my partners laptop and its playing up big time. Thank you for reading this.


Answer:Need recovery media for Equium A100 - 549


If you want to order new recovery media for your laptop visit please


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My laptop has completely screwed up and I was going to do a full reinstall using the recovery disc supplied when I bought my laptop. However I can't find it anywhere and was wondering if there is anyway I can get a replacement?

I have a Equium A100 running Windows XP. I bought it in November 2006 from PC world.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Answer:Where to get recovery disc for Equium A100?

You can order the needed Recovery disks from the authorized service provider in your country.

On the Toshiba European support page you can find a link to the global ASP database from where you could choose the nearest ASP.

Best regards and have a nice day ;)

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I want to know I bought my laptop from United kindom which is Equium A100 now the problem is my laptop is too much slow and it takes 10 -15 min to boot and 10-25 to shut down.

-My recovery CD is expired I dont use that recover so far I dont know how it expires. Now a days I am in pakistan and I want to know is there any office of Toshiba in pakistan from where I can purchase the recovery CD? If yes please mention the address and contact number. I live in islamabad pakistan.

-Is there any backup of recovery in laptop drive or not so I will make a recovery cd from it?

-And one more thing if I download the Windows from the Microsoft official website and use the product key which is written on the back of my laptop will it work or not?

Please help

Answer:Equium A100 - Recovery CD needed


Why is your recovery CD expired?
Sorry but I really understand this. Recovery CD can?t expire and it will work always so you can still use it.

If you still need a new recovery disk you can look on Toshiba website. There is a list of all authorized service providers in Europe and the guys can order such a disk for you.

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I had to use my dads copy of the toshiba boot disk to restore my Equium m70 psm77 because i lost mine. his was for an equium A100-147 and works perfectly except it doesnt recognise my sound card and tells me i need to install microsot bus before it will work

Dont know enough to fix it and im missing my mates as we ve just moved here and i cant hear them so we cant chat

anyone got any ideas ?


ps its says multi media software is missing but pctures video and downloads and all other functons are fine....

Answer:Used recovery CD from A100 on Equium M70 - Now no sound

Don?t use the Recovery CD from different Toshiba notebook model or series!!!!
The system will not run correctly because the drivers and tools which are preinstalled on the Recovery CD for A100 were designed only for the notebook A100 model and not for M70 or other series!

If you have lost you recovery CD you can either order a new one or you can use a fresh Windows OS from original Microsoft CD. Then you could use the drivers from the Toshiba page.

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Hi all

I?ve had my laptop for a good few years now and I need to use the recovery disk, the problem been is that the disk is all scratched to hell and Toshiba say I have to pay ?29.99 for a replacement disk, which is a bit steep.

My question is does Toshiba have a policy about replacing scratched disks if not than how do I get all the drivers and the pre-installed software back I have no problem with using my parents vista install DVD which is licensed for 3 machines, but I want all the software and stuff that is loaded on the recovery disk.

Any ideas on how I can do this

Answer:Need new recovery disc for my Equium A100-338

When you buy Toshiba notebook (older model) you will get one recovery DVD installations disc.
If this disc is destroyed and cannot be used you can get the new one but it is not for free.

So, you have choice to order new one or to install own operating system.
Recovery image saved on recovery installations disc contains follow software:
- Operating system
- All necessary drivers
- Toshiba specific tools and utilities
- Some additional software as DVD player or antivirus application (trial version)

In my opinion you should install own OS. All drivers and Toshiba tools and utilities you can download from Toshiba support page -

It is absolutely the same as on recovery image. DVD player is not important and you can download for free very good VLC player. As antivirus application I recommend you Avira antivir.
If you have more questions let us know.

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Hi again,

I have been having trouble with my equium a100-147.
i tried a recovery but the disk was scratched so i phoned the ASP and he snet me a new recovery image.

I have tried the new recovery disk and am now getting errors when i boot from the disk.

error is

"internal crc error at file :\WINDOWS\$NtUninstallKB895200$\msdtctm.dl"

all suggestions are welcome. getting really annoyed with my machine as my warrenty has only expired about one month


Answer:Equium A100-147: I get errors during recovery procedure

also forgot to mention when i boot up from harddrive i get the message

windows could not start because the following file is missing or corupt:
<windows root>\system32\hal.dll.
pleas re-install a copy of the above file

look forward to hearing from you

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Hi , i am new to this so any help greatly appreciated.

I have an Equium A100 02L model PSAAQE OOPOOKAV
The hard drive completely failed so i have purchased a new hard drive and installed it , then used the Toshiba Windows Vista recovery disc... all good so far !

Once installation has completed with no errors along the way , the laptop reboots and starts windows , during windows initial setup i get an error message saying "windows setup could not configure windows to run on this computer's hardware" .....

I have tried reinstalling in case it was a glitch but same thing every time ..... any advice and help please

Answer:Recovery disc installs but then says cant install on Equium A100-02L

Did you use the right Recovery disk released for the Equium A100 PSAAQE?
Be sure you used right disk because the image on the disk contains also the drivers and if the drivers would not be compatible with the notebook, the system would crash.

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I used the Recovery CD after my Equium A100-338 started going very slowly, It still seems slower than it used to be.
I haven't added anything to the comp since the Recovery CD and checked the task manager to see if i could spot anything suspicious.

The stats say, CPU usage 18-22% but the Physical memory was at 68% is this normal or should it be lower?

Is there a list of standard processes that i can check against mine to see if its doing something it shouldnt be?


Answer:Equium A100-338 started going very slowly after usage of Recovery CD


I think you are feeling that the unit is a little bit slower due to the high amount of different processes which are running in the OS background.

The point is that your notebook supports different features like FN buttons, Toshiba control buttons, etc?
All this features needs drivers.

Furthermore as I?m not mistaken the Norton Internet Security was installed on your system.
It?s a part of the Toshiba image and this tool could affect the system performance.

I used it in the past but switched now to another application which doesn?t need many hardware resources.

So if you want you can disable or remove some tools and utilities which are not important for you and could clean the system using a 3rd party tool called ?CCleaner?


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Having a bit of trouble with my Equium a100-147.
Tried a recovery from the disk and i only got up to 75% and the recovery stopped.
Took it to a computer shop to get it fixed and they could do nothing as they didnt have a recovery disk in good condition.

Is there any where i can download the image to a different computer, put it on a dvd and reboot from that one?

Answer:Equium A100-147: need a new Recovry disk as mine has got a scratch

Contact the ASP in your country and order the needed CDs

Here you can find the nearest ASP in your country

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I have a Toshiba Equium A100-338 that I need to recovery to factory settings.
I know that I have to hit f8 and go to the Toshiba Recovery Wizard.

My problem is that this option is missing, and has been replaced with 'Restoring the complete Windows operating system'. When I click this option, I get a generic message saying I need to restore from a restore CD.

My question is, is there a way to manually start the recovery from command prompt? The wizard must be running a program. All I need to do is find this program. I know that I have the recovery partition (I used Ubuntu to recover the User's files, and it should up there).

Answer:Equium A100-338 - Missing Toshiba recovery wizard in menu


Just a simple question: If you have problems to start recovery from HDD, why you don?t use the Toshiba recovery disk?

It can also restore factory settings with all drivers and tools, so it?s the same expect it wipes the whole HDD.

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I recently purchased a Toshiba laptop, everything worked perfectly until my laptop was attacked. I got rid of the virus and went to reformat due to lots of problems occurring. The main one being a error has accursed and "Blah Blah" program needs to close. Also i kept getting loads of errors.
Them types.

Now then the Toshiba reformatting disk said simply put the disk into the CD drive and turn off. I did this, great. The toshiba disk said press F12 upon starting and click run the CD. The CD fires up and gets half way thro reformatting.

I suddenly get a blue screen error. I thought oh well ill reboot and carry on. This is where the problem started. Because i was half way thro deleting/reinstalling windows i was missing some files. I go to reinstall or try to use the Toshiba CD I get a blue screen error.

(Click to consult the online Win XP Resource Kit article, or see Windows 2000 Professional Resource Kit, p. 1548.)
Requested data was not in memory. An invalid system memory address was referenced. Defective memory (including main memory, L2 RAM cache, video RAM) or incompatible software (including remote control and antivirus software) might cause this Stop message, as may other hardware problems (e.g., incorrect SCSI termination or a flawed PCI card).

Any ideas what i can do? I don't want to send the laptop back to Toshiba to fix however im thinking this is the only... Read more

Answer:Equium A100-549: Blue Screen error during Recovery CD installation


It?s very strange because the installation from the Toshiba recovery CD should works properly and without any Blue screen messages.
Usually if the BSOD appears if there is a serious software problem or something wrong with the hardware.
I don?t think that the software on the recovery CD could be corrupt.

Did you try to install the OS from original Microsoft Windows CD? It would be very interesting to know if the blue screen will also appear.

However, I think your notebook is new and the warranty is valid. In my opinion you should ask the Toshiba service partner for the help because the guys could start the diagnostic test and could locate the fault.

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My Equium laptop has an permanent error when I switch it on : "autochk program not found - skipping autocheck".

I've tried everything I can think of (and advice from t'internet) to get to the data on my laptop hard disk, including creating a boot disk (using an external floppy drive) and a knoppix disk and nothing has worked.

I now presume if I can connect the laptop hard disk to my desktop I can get at the data that way ? But how do I do it ?

I have bought an IDE 3.5" to 2.5" hard drive adaptor lead but the instructions suggest the laptop hard disk needs to have a 44 pin male connector ? The hard disk is a Toshiba MK6034GSX and when I removed it I couldn't see 44 pins ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Equium A100-147 : Can I connect my laptop hard disk to my desktop ?

Yes you can do this but you need USB 2.0 2.5" Hard Drive Enclosure Kit.
Be sure you buy enclosure with the right interface. Your HDD is SATA HDD.

So you can connect the notebook?s HDD to every desktop or laptop as external HDD and you will have access to all saved data.

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I have a Toshiba Equium a100-549 laptop, about 3 years old, running Windows XP Home Edition.
Everything has been running fine until now. While booting up my computer I got the message:

A disk read error occurred press ctrl+alt+del
I dont want to lose my data

Please please I need some advise what to do

Kind Regards

Answer:Equium A100-549 - disk read error occurred press ctrl+alt+del to restart

> I dont want to lose my data

Well?. Everyone knows that an HDD issue can always happen and suddenly you could lose all the data stored on the HDD.
Therefore it?s always recommended to backup the data on additional HDD, DVD, etc?

I?m not quite sure if this will help you but try this:
Try to boot from Win XP disk (NOT Toshiba recovery disk) and press R. R means repair and should start the repair console.
The DOS similar window should open and there you could use an command:
chkdsk drive /p /r

The chkdsk command checks the specified drive and repairs or recovers the drive if the drive requires it.

More details can be found here:

If this will not help, then you will need to reinstall the OS again.

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How do I remove the second partition that came with the laptop so I can use the computers full HDD capability?

I have a feeling that this partition is their because I haven't created a recovery DVD would it delete the partition after I have created the recovery DVDs.

The partition contains a HDD RECOVERY folder and in the folder in says do not delete or modify this folder or files.

I have a Toshiba Equium L350-11D

Answer:Equium L350-11D - How to delete second partition on HDD

As you already said the second partition contains the HDD Recovery folder and if you would remove this partition then you will be not able to create the Recovery DVD and would be not able to recover the notebook from HDD.

Therefore you should create the Recovery DVD before you would delete anything from the second partition on HDD.

After you have created the Recovery DVD successfully, you could delete the partition and could add the free space on the HDD to the first partition.
This can be done on the Disk Management!

Here an useful page from Microsoft:
[Windows Help and How-to: Vista HDD partition|]


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I have a A200 equium laptop with a 120 gig hard drive but it is partitioned.
Can you delete a partition on a hard drive without loosing the operating system and get the one hard drive with 120 gig?

If so can any one tell me how.

Answer:Equium A200: How to delete one partition without losing the OS

I would like an answer to this as well.

Why is the disk split into 2 partitions as shipped from the factory. What is t he advantage of 2 partitions rather than one, it just seems less flexible.

I hope someone from Toshiba reads this forum and can answer for us.

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I have a Equium A200 with a partition on the hard drive is it possible to remove the Partition without loosing the Vista OS

Answer:Can you delete a partition on Equium A200 without loosing your OS?

Can you please tell us what you mean exactly? Which partition you mean exactly?

Please open ?Computer management? and there click on ?Disk Management?. On the right side you will see the status of your HDD and all available partitions will be shown there.

At first there is shown partition with 1,46 GB capacity (EISA Configuration) this partition belongs to Vista and please do not do anything with it. There must be also partition C for preinstalled Vista OS.

Is there any other partition (something like D ? Primary Partition)?

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I have a Toshiba Satelite A 100 - 786 model.It has a HDD of 120 GB.n which 1.5 GB isa factory Setup partition and the reast is for my usage i guess its for Win Re ...but i dont wsant this partition wat do i haveto do.I used the disk Management but this 1.5 GB remain Unallocated and it does not even gets extende.Pls advise.

Thank You

Moosa Anis

Answer:I want to Remove the 1.5 GB recovery partition of my Satellite A100-786


why do you want to remove that partition? Because of additional harddisk space you will gain?? For the cost of a really nice and comfortable recovery system which is really good? Postpone, if your system has some serious problems and you want to recover your machine, what will you do then?

So if you are really sure that you want do it, then make it like following described:

Grab a cd-image of the windows-live-cd "UBCD4Win" (, burn it to cd, boot it and modify your partitions with it, should work withour problems.


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Hi there.

In the last few weeks, I've been encountering problems accessing the recovery partition of my hard drive. I have bee using this area as a back up section for files I want to keep. Whenever I try to load files from this area, they work maybe for a moment or two, then the system completely freezes, and the only way to power down the computer is to hold the power key for 5 seconds. I am trying to now create recovery discs, but this is not working either, as it is crashing very early in the process. I have tried copying the files to the working partition, but I am struggling to move 4 of the actual recovery files. Even if I do succeed in moving them, I have a couple of questions:

1. If I get the HHDRecovery folder copied to my desktop, can I direct the Recovery Disc creator to this new folder instead?

2. Given that it is only this partition that seems to be the problem, does anyone think that fully formatting and removing all the partitions will actually solve the problem, or is it more likely that I'll need to buy a new HD anyway.

Any help is much appreciated, even more so if anyone knows an easier way to move the files!

Many thanks in advance.


Answer:Equium L350-10L Faulty Recovery Partition


The first part of your posting is a little bit confusing for me. I don't know what kind of ?recovery partition? you are writing about.
Your notebook was delivered with two visible partitions. First partition C where was preinstalled Operating system and second partition D where was saved ?HDDRecovery? folder with recovery image you can use for operating system installation. So what you mean under ?recovery partition? is not understandable for me.

Back to your questions:
# No. Recovery disc creator works with ?Factory settings? only (factory state)
# Best solution for you is to install operating system again using original Toshiba recovery image. You can do this using HDD recovery installation or using created Recovery installations disc. if I understand your posting right you don't have this disc and HDD image installation doesn?t work too.

Can you confirm this?

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Hi, my sister has a 2008 Equium A200-1V0 with Vista 32-bit which will not boot (probably due to virus rootkit damage). It loads the BIOS but then goes straight to black screen with flashing cursor.

F8 does not work.
F2 goes to Phoenix TrustedCore Setup utility. The Toshiba hard drive and CD-ROM drive are listed in Main and Boot in the correct order.

Using F12 I can get it to boot from a Win7 64-bit repair disc I burned using my laptop.

However, this does not recognise the OS nor any image or restore points (because it is 64-bit) but it will load Command Prompt.

In *Command Prompt*, I can start Notepad and when I click File/ Open and double click on Computer it shows 4 Hard drives as follows:
Local Disk (C:)
Data (D:) 42 GB free of 54.5 GB
WinRE (E:) 1.11 GB free of 1.46 GB
Boot (X:) 29.0 MB free of 31.5 MB (which is used by the Repair disc)

So the C: drive is listed but without capacity.

chkdsk c: /r and press return

"The type of the file system is NTFS.
Unable to determine volume version and state. CHKDSK aborted.
Failed to transfer logged messages to the event log with status 50.

*Running TESTDISK*

Partition Start End Size in Sectors
1 P Windows RE(store) 0 32 33 191 89 26 3072000
2 * HPFS - NTFS 191 89 27 7477 118 1 117051392
3 P HPFS - NTFS 7477 118 2 14592 190 62 114307072 (data)

* = Primary bootable
When doing Quick Search and then P - list files, of the second partition it reports:
"Can't open... Read more

Answer:Equium will not boot - how to access Recovery partition?

>F8 does not work.
What does it mean exactly?
Can you enter ?Advanced boot options??
>My question is to any Toshiba experts: When F8 does not work how do I use the recovery partition???
I presume you want to have access to this WinRE recovery partition. Try to create system repair disc as described on
Do it on some other 32bit OS and boot from this disc. You should be able to have access to system recovery options. Choose there ?system restore? option and if you will be lucky this could work.

If not maybe you should install original recovery image. After doing this you will have clean preinstalled OS again.

Do you have recovery disc for this old Equium notebook?

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On my Toshiba A100-920, it is impossible to operate the disk partition, using the existing disk manager function. All applications and data are placed within a single space (100 Go)! which is really a non-sense!

Could somebody help me to solve this problem?
Thanks a lot.

Answer:Satellite A100-920: Windows xp - How to perform disk partition?

Hi there,

why don?t you use "Partition Magic" ??? With this program you can perform almost every partition operation on your harddisk. It?s a great program and it shouldn?t be absent in your software collection.

I suggest you to get the latest copy of that program, it?s really useful.


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...this may be a difficult question but i wil give it a shot....

i have a Toshiba Satellite A100 PSAA9E and a recovery disc set.
In the recovery disc for the OS ( win xp MCE ) there are two iso: PEbase.iso and the HDbase.iso.
After some digging in the ne i discovered what a preinstallation enivorment is and a prepared installation(sysprep) .

Now i'm wondering if it can be so simple to place the .tpa image of the Recovery disc in a partition and install it whit a pe that runs directly from that partition.

The only real obstacle is that there are some .inf and .sif that refear to the install partition statically and may be helpfull to know what was modified from the original version of xp MCE.

I know the question is not easy but i hope in the expertise of the admins

Answer:Re: How to create an instant recovery partition on Satellite A100 PSAA9E


> Now I?m wondering if it can be so simple to place the .tpa image of the Recovery disc in a partition and install it whit a pe that runs directly from that partition.

I doubt this will function? To be honest I never tested it therefore I cannot say exactly if it will work or not but in my opinion this is not possible?

Newer notebook model are equipped with HDD recovery option but this recovery works completely different. There is an additional menu which helps to start the HDD recovery procedure.

Your notebook supports Recovery Disk and this disk should be used to recover the notebook.

By the way; I?ve got a Norton Ghost Utility. I create my own image using this tool and placed it on the second partition. If something would go wrong with my OS I can restore the whole system using the ghost and the image file from the other partition.


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Hello friends,

I have Satellite A 100. I was using dual OS - windows vista home edition and Ubuntu. Now I wanted to delete the Ubuntu and so I did the most stupid thing - directly deleting the partition with Ubuntu which had the GRUB files. Then when laptop restarted obviously the Grub bootloader was not there and so computer didnot started or loaded any OS. Then I thought I will reinstall Vista with product recovery CD but the progress reaches to 2% and then I keep on getting Error 1117 a failed to read. I tried so many times without any success. I even tried to install XP but it says Intel boot agent cannot make connection. And it also fails.

Please help to reinstall Vista or XP. I am really stuck and I have learnt a lesson not to fiddle around in laptop when it's not ones cup of tea !!
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks !


Answer:Satellite A100: Cannot install recovery after deleting Ubuntu partition

hi meghal,
you successfully killed your vista bootmanager!
this little entry at the beginning of the disk loads up the os loader from vista, it was overwritten by your GRUB installation.

no worry - that's no big deal... reinstall the vista bootmanager or a bootmanager of your choice or do a repair!

how this can be done?!
- the easiest way is to run EasyBCD (search for this, you'll find this one easily)
- reinstall GRUB to get your Vista working (command line is a bit tricky)
- insert vista-dvd and boot into the repair section and reinstall the bootloader

the whole thing can be done in 5 minutes so dont worry.

you can also try to find some howtos in the net... use "reinstall vista bootloader howto" as searchstring... you'll find many...

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Please can the team advise?
I would like to have the operating system and application programs in one partition and the data I have created in another partition.
Please can I have the team's advice?
Has anyone repartitioned the hard disk drive on their Equium M40X 189 and what software did you use to do the partitioning?
Also I have just defragged my hard disk drive and the drive map can be seen at:
I'm curious about the above layout given that the free space if 52% but the white space does not reflect this and there's a chunk of defragmented files and folders near the middle of the big white space at the end of the drive that I would have expected to be adjacent to the last large defragmented file.

Answer:How do I partition the hard disk drive in my Equium M40X 189 ?


I use the Partitions Magic to create and to administer new partitions. In my opinion it?s the best tool if you want to work with partitions.
I have 2 partitions on my unit. ?C? for the OS and ?D? for 3rd data and files. In this case if I recover my unit only the first partition C will be formatted.


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I am stuck with this laptop at the moment as when I did a virus scan about 4 weeks ago it discovered 179 virus and no end of malware threats and since that scan I can no longer boot into any area in normal Windows Vista 32 bit unless it is Safe Mode.

When my mum bought the laptop it was a display model and they did not provide a recovery disc witht the laptop. Am I able to request one or if I am not to get a disc how am I able to rectify this problem please? Also when trying to log on in normal Windows, it accepts the password then sits there happily on the "Welcome" screen and does not move any further.

Please help

Kind Regards

Answer:Equium L40-14I - Can I get a recovery disk?


I think in this case you need a recovery disk or let?s say you have to reinstall Windows due these lot?s of viruses.

The recovery disk is not provided with this model because you have to create such a disk yourself using the preinstalled Toshiba recovery disk creator. But I think not it?s too late for this.
What you can try is to use the HDD recovery option. You can use it if you go in advanced boot menu (F8) and select ?repair my computer?. On the next screen you can choose the Toshiba HDD recovery option that wipes the first partition of your notebook and you get back the ?factory settings?. That means the preinstalled Vista from Toshiba with all drivers and tools.
After this you can try to create the recovery disk using the Toshiba recovery disk creator.

If the HDD recovery doesn?t work due the viruses maybe, you can order a new one from Toshiba directly:


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Hi there. Does any one know where I can get a Toshiba Equium A60-191 recovery cd from - the one I have has been badly scratched and I need a new one - can I download one on line?

Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thank you
Dee :-)

Answer:Equium A60-191 - Need a new recovery disk

The recovery disk can?t be downloaded.

If you need a new recovery disk you must ask your local ASP. They can order it.
On the Toshiba website you can search for an ASP: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

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Hi!  First of all - sorry for my english. I have problem with my Lenovo G570. I make a backup DVD with system by OKR (4DVD). Then by accident i DELETED my recovery partition. When i try to boot from these DVD i get error: "The program cannot restore the system partition because its structure is incorrect ,you may have to recreate the partition to continue". My partitions looks like this: C: New installation of Windows 7 enterprise trialD: Lenovo (default partition with drivers and backup)Hidden empty partition where recovery was. What should i do now?

Answer:Lenovo G570 - I delete my recovery partition, recovery DVD doesn't work.

@meliegree,Did you make a Factory Restore disc in OKR or did you just do the backup only?If its backup only, you might need to contact Lenovo support to get a factory restore disc instead in order to get the partition fixed.

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I have Satellite A100-233 notebook.
But I lost my product recovery cd and I have to get format my computer now .

How can I download that from internet.

Can you help me ?

Thanks from now.

Answer:Re: Satellite A100-233 - Where to get the Recovery disk

Toshiba recovery image cannot be downloaded.
The recovery disk for new notebooks series can be ordered here and you have to pay for this:

But if your notebook is a little bit older then maybe a ASP in your country could help you to order such disk?

In very rare cases you will be not able to order a disk if the your notebook would belongs to a discontinued series?

In such case you will need to install the OS from the MS Windows CD

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I got a warning from Tempro that a hard disk partition was more than 75% full.
I did some cleaning up and the disks are now
Vista (C:) 15.9 GB free of 55.6 GB
Data (E:) 47.4 GB free 54.6 GB
WinRe (D:) 1.25 GB free of 146 GB.

My question is: can I shrink Data (E:) by say 30 GB and, if I do that, will that allow me to expand Vista (C:) by 30 GB?


Answer:Re: Equium A200-1V0 - Tempro warning: disk partition was more than 75% full

>My question is: can I shrink Data (E:) by say 30 GB and, if I do that, will that allow me to expand Vista (C:) by 30 GB?

I think this is not possible using Windows own settings because E partition is placed after C partition.
If you would shrink the E partition then you would get free space after the E partition and you could not add this to C.

I think you would need to use an external application.
I use GParted

This is a free tool? I think you have to shrink the D partition in order to get free space between C and D. Then you could add the free space to C

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I have an Equium A200 laptop and the hard drive is fried.

Therefore I need to obtain a replacement operating sysytem.
My discs are in the UK and I am in Canada!

How do I go about doing this?


Answer:Equium A200 - need recovery disk


You can order the recovery disk from here:

But I don?t know if the guys will ship the recovery disk to Canada.
You have to ask simply?

Otherwise you will need to find someone in UK who could send these disks back to you

Good luck

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ive had my laptop for 5mnths and i need to recover my toshiba laptop but the dealer, pc world in UK, i bought it from gave me a copy of the recovery disk and not the original but nothing is on it. so how can i download or obtain a Toshiba L10-300 recovery disk. or should i use my Windows Xp home edition disk and then install the necessary driver from Toshiba tools and utilities disk? please help or email me on [email protected]

Answer:Equium L10-300 recovery disk needed

Hello Mo,

Yes you can install Windows XP HE or Pro and then download all the drivers from Toshiba. But the place you bought the Computer from is supposed to furnish the Recovery CD's that came with the machine. If you go back and ask them they should be more then happy to oblige your request, since after all it is not your fault you do not have the CD's. Either way, for now if you want you could install windows normally and download the drivers, and wait for your recovery CD from the store, or you can go to the store, request your Recovery CD, and install it that way once they give you the CD's. Hope this clears up your problems.

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I'd be really grateful if anyone out there has a system recovery disk for a Toshiba Equium L100-186. Mine is lost and I am trying to return the laptop back to factory settings.

I realise that I can install vanilla XP instead, but I want all the bundled software, etc that the laptop came with.

If you have one of thee disks then please get in touch and I'm sure we can work something out.

Thanks in advance!



Answer:Need a recovery disk for Equium L100-186

Hi Adam,

Unfortunately I think it?s not possible to order a recovery disk for it online. I think your only chance is contacting an authorized service provider. Maybe they have such a disk or can make a copy for. Just ask for that! ;)

Here you can search for one: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

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Hi guys

Does anybody have recovery disk for Equium U400-146? I didnt make a copy on DVD andI lost second partition. I will call service for new CD maybe, but I was thinking somebody can upload this on rapidshare or somewhere earlier.

I did installed Vista, and all drivers but its somehow different, utility programs are not the same.

Anybody help?

Answer:Equium U400-146 - Where can I get a new recovery disk?


Yes, maybe you will find someone that has the same notebook and make a new recovery disk for you but you can order a new one from Toshiba directly:

A new recovery disk is not for free because it was your mistake that you didn?t create one. ;)

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I have a Toshiba Equium P300 and needing the recovery discs for this.

I did ring toshiba directly but they dont take my card my laptop has been in repair 3times now the 1st time was for a new harddrive when they returned it it came back with Vista Premium on it.
2nd time in repair it went in for a new CPU and the 3rd time just recently it went in for new hardrive but when I got it back this morning it has no Windows on it at all.

I couldnt make recovery discs when I first purchesd the laptop either. Does anyone have the recovery discs for this model as if not im stuck with no laptop help me please!

Answer:Equium P300 - Where can I get the recovery disk?


You can order a recovery disk from Toshiba directly

There you can order all recovery disks for Toshiba notebooks that are not delievered with recovery disk.

But you can install the OS without recovery disk. Therefore you need a Microsoft installation and then you must download all drivers on the Toshiba page.


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I am a noobie and posted this query across on the Equium area, so apologies for cross-posting. I bought an Equium A200-15i computer about a month ago. There was _no_ Recover CD in the box just the Windows Anytime upgrade disc. I contacted the store from which I purchased the computer to be told to bring in the computer and they would take details of it in order to create or order the disc. I did this and then was told that they would have to wait until "some guy" came in at the weekend that knew how to create these discs and to come back again then.

Because of the large distance involved in travelling, I was reluctant to make a second trip back to the store and suggested that if they take all the details from the computer now, they should be able to create this disc and then post it out to me. I still have not receive this disc at all. Now at the same time, the "tech guys" in the shop said that they believed I would not need a Master CD disc. Furthermore, they implied that it should be possible to create this disc myself at the time of first boot or from the windows environment itself. I don't recall that option being made available to me at that time and I can't find anything on the computer that would allow me to carry out such a task!

I am confused here. I know enough about computers to realise that you need a Master CD to recover a system in the event of a major Hard drive failure or simply just to wipe and re-start all over again!

What are y... Read more

Answer:Need Recovery Disk for Equium A200-15i


I wonder why you did not receive the Toshiba recovery CD together with your notebook.
I?m 100% sure that the CD or DVD should be delivered with the Toshiba notebook together?
I don?t know if the package was already opened or not but such DVD must be available!!!

SO either you will ask your notebook dealer for an original Toshiba Recovery CD or you will simply contact the Toshiba ASP and will order an new one!!


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Hi there

I just wanted to know where to get a system restore cd from as i have lost mines.
I want to reboot the whole system but i have lost the cds.

Answer:Equium A110-233: Where to get the Recovery disk


Here in the forum you will find a lot of same questions regarding the recovery CD ordering.
And here is always the same answer; you can order the Recovery disk from the ASP in your country!

Here you can find the nearest ASP point: -> Support & Download -> Find an Authorized Service Provider


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I'm having difficulty recovering my girlfriends laptop, it has start up problems and start up repair hasn't resolved the situation.

I have mananged to remove the drive and save all the important files and pics.
However I haven't got a recovery disc for it and she is the other side of the world at the moment.

Any ideas where I can get recovery software from???

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Equium P200-1IR - Where do i get Recovery disk from?


Hmm? do you know this Toshiba Recovery disk order page?

Maybe you could order the disk there?

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I got a virus though MSN on my computer and it slowed my computer so I downloaded the free version of avg and done a fast scan to clear the virus out.
Then once it had finished it asked me to restart my computer so I did but now everytime I log on ot logs me straight back out instantly.

I have miss placed my rocovery CD's.
I was wondering if I could download them and burn them onto a disk from my other pc?

Answer:Re: Can I download the recovery disk for my Equium?

No, you can?t download the recovery disks.
But if you have Windows Vista, you can use the HDDRecovery option. Press F8 to go in the advanced boot menu, choose ?Repair my computer? and then you can choose the Toshiba recovery option.

However, if you need a recovery disk you must go to your local ASP and ask for a new or you order one from Toshiba directly:

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I am looking for a Recovery CD for my Equium m40x 148.
Is there anyone that could help?

Were do i get a copy?

Many thanks to anyone with a solution

Answer:Equium M40x-148: From where can I get the Recovery disk


Why do you don?t contact the nearest authorized service provider? They should be able to order a new recovery disk for you.
Maybe they have one in stock and you directly have it if you buy a coffee or so ;)

Here you can search the nearest authorized service provider: => Support & Downloads => Find an authorized service provider


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I have a Satellite A100 PSAA8A 19Y03Q laptop that i had bought in australia and i brought it vack to singapore.
Currently I am trying to restore my laptop back to factory default but the recovery disk shows a black screen and a mouse cursor before rebooting each time i tried to recover.

My hard disk and recovery disk is working fine. And i have the original toshiba harddisk that came with computer. (I had cloned the original onto a bigger harddisk)
My disk was working 2days ago and had used it to clear my laptop of junk files. But for a reason i had to restore again.
The recovery disk would not go to the screen to selet the recovery method and would keep rebooting. I tried reformating and cloning the old hard disk today but the disk would not work still (Although the clone was able to boot and work like i had left the old harddisk). I checked the harddisk for errors found none and also ran an windows 7 installation which was sucessfull.
I would not waste any money in going to buy a new recovery disk and harddisk as both are working fine. I also did not mishandle the disk within the two days.

Thks in advance, and i would appreciate an answer.

FYI. i am running the cloned image of the old harddisk

Answer:Satellite A100 - Recovery disk loop


> My hard disk and recovery disk is working fine
How you can be sure that recovery disk is working fine?

To be honest the story is a little bit confusing but I think it?s a problem of recovery disk if you have checked the HDD for errors and Windows 7 installation was successful.

You should ask an authorized service provider for help, maybe they can exchange the recovery disk but alternative you can use a Windows disk. All drivers and tools you can find on Toshiba page.

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Hi All,

I am trying to restore my A100 laptop to factory settings *without* a recovery CD via pressing a sequence of keys while booting (which should fire up the recovery partition located on the hard drive).

The truly sad thing is, I know this can be done as I have done it before butI can't for the life of me remember what that key sequence was nor can I find the article that I initially stumbled on!

I have scoured the web looking for this key sequence and all suggested solutions I came across don't seem to work.

Failed attempts so far:
- holding down 0 when powering up
- various suggested "F" keys: F1, F8, F10
- holding down delete

Note: I guess it may be worth mentioning that pressing F8 does in fact take me to the "advanced windows boot options" screen however I don't have any recovery options.

So yeh, I would *hugely* appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction here as it's driving me insane... the fact that I have done this before makes it that much worse!

Message was edited by: Atta

Answer:How to recover Satellite A100 without recovery disk

> I am trying to restore my A100 laptop to factory settings without a recovery CD via pressing a sequence of keys while booting (which should fire up the recovery partition located on the hard drive).

As far as I know the A100 series has not been equipped with the HDD recovery partition!
And therefore I doubt that any key combination will start the recovery from partition!

Therefore you only chance to recover the notebook is taking the recovery disk and then to boot from it.
You can also try to install the OS from Microsoft Windows disk and then could install the Toshiba drivers from the Toshiba driver website!


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I had Toshiba Satellite A100 PSAA8C-SK800C NOTE BOOK. I had lost the product Recovery DVD-ROM of this model.I had nither
back up dvd of product recovery. Can u tell me how should i get the Product Recovery DVD-ROM with XP Service pack 2 Operating System .

Answer:Satellite A100 PSAA8C - how to get the Recovery disk


I?m not quite sure if you would be able to order the Recovery disk for this unit because in very rare cases the Recovery disk cannot be ordered if the notebook model is too old.

So hopefully you can order it from here:

You could also try to contact the ASP in your country and could ask the guys if they could order the disk from Toshiba directly?

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Hello my name is james.
I live in dublin Ireland and my product recovery disk for my toshiba A100 549 is gone and my labtop is after crashing can any one help?
I would be very greatful thanks.

Answer:Product Recovery disk for Satellite A100 549 is gone

If you want you can order the Recovery CD from the ASP in Ireland.
Here you can find the whole ASP database: -> Support & Download -> Find an Authorized Service Provider


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I have got satellite A100-784 but I lost the recovery disk and I want to restore the PC

what should I do?

pleas help me

Answer:Satellite A100-784 - I lost the recovery disk

You should contact the ASP in your country if you want to order a new one.

But if you want to restore only the installed OS then you could use also an clean Windows CD.
After the Windows installation you could download the Toshiba drivers from the Toshiba European driver page!!


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Hi there,

I lost the original CDs which came together with my computer.

Buying a new copy of Win XP is the only chance to reinstall the OS on my laptop, or is there a place where I can find and download a copy of the original CDs?
I still have my Microsoft product key, therefore I can show I own an original copy of Win XP.

many thanks for any help you could give me.



Answer:Satellite A100-139 - Can I download the recovery disk?

Hi Michele,

Sorry, but you can?t download a Toshiba recovery disk. If you have lost your CDs they come with the notebook you have to contact an authorized service provider to get new disks.
On the Toshiba website you can find a list of ASP?s. You can phone them and e. g. they can sent you the disks.

What Microsoft product key you mean?
The product key on the bottom side of the notebook is an OEM key and belongs to the preinstalled Windows. It can?t be used with a Microsoft disk.

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Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone can assist.....

I have an A100 [PSAA9A if this helps] - I have hadit from new.
I have the original recovery disk that came with it - but when I try to use it, it just keeps running through the "Loading RAM Disk image" - "Please Wait" - then re boots.

I have let this go for up to 10 times before shutting down & trying again.
I've even cleaned the disk in case that was the problem......
I have used this disk some time ago successfully - but it won't seem to fully load now!

Any Idea's??

Appreciate any help - it's driving me mad!


Answer:Satellite A100 - Recovery Disk Loop

I don't know for sure but for me it can be either error with recovery image or some issue with HDD.
Is recovery disc OK? No is the disc without a scratch?

Try to set BIOS settings to default and try again.
It is really strange.

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I am trying to set up my Zbook 15 G2It is a refurbished model with set up warranty til 8/23/16.I just got it & it was upgraded to win 10 (1511).There was no recovery partition on the hardrive. I upgraded to the win 10 aniversary edition (1607) & have been updating software/drivers as per HP support suggestions. It was recommended to create a system recovery thru a HP support message which I attempted to do but there was an error & it failed which led to a empty recovery partition being made on the harddrive. Here is the summary & details..I am trying to delete this empty recovery partition but right clicking in disk management is not giving me anything. Can someone please advise a solution... Tried to create System Recovery as suggested by HP support (Launch recovery media creation tool) & it attempted to make a recovery disc & partitioned the hard drive.The recovery failed (error 1AstorA.sys System Thread Exception not handled) & a empty recovery partition was made. I am trying to delete this partition & gain back the 784 MB space. This entry was made in $PBR_Diskpart Notepad same day rem == ResetPartitions-BIOS.txt ==convert mbrrem == 1. System partition =========================create partition primary size=100format quick fs=ntfs label="System"assign letter="S"activerem == 2. Windows partition ========================rem == a. Create the Windows partition ==========create partition primaryrem == b. Create space... Read more

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I just lost a partition. It changed, something happened I cannot access my hard drive now.

I have used R-Studio data recovery in past and it has worked well for me. I was just wondering what other people out there think is the best data recovery software for a lost or changed partition?


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I just lost a partition. It changed, something happened I cannot access my hard drive now.

I have used R-Studio data recovery in past and it has worked well for me. I was just wondering what other people out there think is the best data recovery software for a lost or changed partition?


Answer:Best data recovery partition for a partition loss?

Maxtor External HDD Unallocated?

I answered this question here.


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My dad has a Toshiba Equium P200D-139 and we lost the recovery disc for the laptop and the recovery HDD image has dissapeared too.

So I have ordered a new pack from Toshiba and was just wondering if I was to put a new HDD in the laptop (a bigger HDD) does the recovery pack contain Windows Vista to put it back on the hard drive?

I once had a old Windows XP on Toshiba Satellite 1900 and the hard drive packed in on that so I bought a new drive and ran the recovery disc and it put Windows back on so I hope this pack for this laptop does the same.

Answer:Equium P200D-139 - Question about recovery disk


Fact is that the Toshiba recovery disk can restore factory settings every time and on every HDD. If you replace the HDD with a new one it?s still possible to restore factory settings on this HDD even nothing is installed on it. HDD recovery files are not necessary for recovery disk because the recovery itself contains these files.

So replace the HDD with a bigger one and boot from recovery disk. You get out of box settings back and the computer will be ready to use after that :)

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Fatal hard hard drive crash in RECOVERY PARTITION! Bought it secondhand and didnt get recovery disks.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to buy/acquire/download recovery disks Equium P300-P6T?

Answer:Equium P300-P6T - Where to get a Toshiba recovery disk?


Nice to hear that you got second hand Satellite P300 and welcome in forum!

Back to your problem:
You can order a recovery disk from Toshiba online. It?s not for free but it?s the easiest way to restore factory settings with Windows and all drivers/tools. Everything will work because you get pretested installation of all this stuff.

You can order it here:

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Equium L300
bought new used 3 months the left for 9 months. Dead flat battery.

On restart

boot from hard -> disk Bootmgr is corrupt will not boot
boot from Recover disk cd -> The file is possibly corrupt. The file header checksum does not match computed checksum
boot from dvd windows install -> same as above

Tried numerours disks but will not boot.
No will it boot from USB stick. Pulled hard disk tried elsewhere seems ok.

Bios looks ok and sees hard disk and dvd etc

Any ideas otherwise a pretty dear machine for two monthe use.
Was just out of guarantee before fault appeared

Thanks chris

Answer:Equium L300 - Cannot boot from recovery disk or other CDs

Some more information
Shorted bios backup battery, restarted.
Now get "The file header checksum does not match the computed checksum" Can access bios screen still looks ok but I now assume that this is the bios checksum and bios is corrupted and its "Game over" as far as this machine is concerned.
Unless there is magic cure out there!


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I have a Equium A210-171 and I believe there is and onboard recovery to bring back to factory settings.

Could someone please help be in how I can do this or burn the onboard to cd. or even where I can get the cd from.


Answer:Re: Equium A210-171 - How can I burn a Recovery disk

You believe or do you know exactly that you can create a recovery disk?
Do you have a Recovery folder on a second partition?
Did you check the user manual for details?

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I cannot load past the boot manager on my laptop and so am unsure whether it a hardware/software problem. There seems to be a problem with AVG antivirus and so I want to re-installing my operating system from a product Product Recovery CD/DVD. However I don't know where to order one from for my model. If it doesn't work I plan to buy a new hard drive and could do with the disc anyway.

Model: Equium A300D - 13X
Number: PSAK2E-001003KS

Does anyone know where I can order one from?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Answer:Equium A300D-13X - Where can I order a recovery disk?


That?s very easy, you can order a recovery disk for your notebook here:


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I have a Toshiba Equium and also a Satellite Pro, the Satellite Pro needed wiping but I used the Equium Recory disc, it now won't boot properly, no network adaptors are working correctly as well as the video adaptor and the graphics.

I have no disc for the Satellite Pro and because I've wiped the drive with the wrong recovery disc, can't create one.

Any ideas?


Answer:Equium does not book up - used wrong Recovery Disk


I assume your notebook can boot the OS properly but the drivers don?t functions because the hardware is different.
In such case you can solve this easily installing right drivers!
Visit the Toshiba European driver page and download the necessary drivers for your notebook series.

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Hi can anyone help me please? I am getting an old Equium A60-157 working, sorted out the backlight inverter but would like to obtain a recovery disc if possible as it may have more system files on it than I have found on this site.

Certainly wants power! must get a more powerful adapter as it's creaming my 4.5A supply at times but seems to be a good laptop.

Many thanks from David

Answer:Equium A60-157 (PSA67E) - Need recovery disk and AC/DC adaptor


> would like to obtain a recovery disc if possible

Check here for [Recovery disk|] if available to order

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I have 1 recovery disk that came with my equium, haven't used it before.
On the back of the recovery disk envelope it says "insert the first disk"

I'm assuming there should be a second?

Also what info will i need to provide during the install process? like serial number?
All i have is a black and white sticker that's on the side of the box it came in, but that was so long ago.

I'm having lots of issues with windows installer not running and many others,
Windows updates won't work either and i've tried to fix those but a clean reinstall of the os was recommended.
Now at this point nothing will install because windows installer won't work.
So i think i wil lhave to attempt a clean install, but i'm not even sure the cd drive will work.

I have gotten a great run out of this laptop, bit slow for my needs today but over all great product, bought in 2007.
With a clean os and 4 gigs of ram this thing could last for years more, can't afford a new one right now.
I have really tried to avoid using a recovery disk in the past, as i've never had any serious issues till now.


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Answer:Equium A210 171 What info do i need before i use the recovery disk?

> I have 1 recovery disk that came with my equium, haven't used it before.
>On the back of the recovery disk envelope it says "insert the first disk"
>I'm assuming there should be a second?

I?m wondering why you get such disk together with your notebook? why? Because I did not get the recovery disk but I had to create one using the Toshiba Recovery disk creator software?
But my notebook is newer than your A210? this might be the reason why you got such disk?

I created a recovery disk and I needed two DVD disks? I think these depends on the image file size?

> Also what info will i need to provide during the install process? like serial number?
This is not needed because your system was already activated.

But I recommend to backup your personal data because the recovery disk would format the whole HDD and you would lose the files.

PS: recommend reading the other threads in the Product recovery forum!

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Would like to know if I can get recovery disk from Toshiba.

As I cant load from hard drive and I dont have the disks.

Answer:Can I get recovery disk from Toshiba for Equium A300D-13X?

Yes, you can order replacement discs from Toshiba :)

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I'm from Germany and I have a Toshiba Satellite Notebook which I bought new in 2006.

After almost three years it started do show problems and slowness, so I backed up my files and inserted the "Product Recovery" CD which came with the Laptop. I followed the Instructions and It started to decompress. After about 1% it shows a brief error Message, which I havent been able to write down yet and Shuts down.

When I restart the computer ist says "NTLDR is missing, please press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart". When I do that, it shows me the same "NTLDR is missing" Message no Matter how often i restart the thing.

I've tried to repeat the whole fotmatting procedure, but it always comes out same way. What di I do?

G Demolidor

Answer:NTLDR is missing after using recovery disk - Satellite A100-493

What laptop model do you have?

Test the Hard Disk for errors by using DFT.
DFT Download:

Download the ISO File and burn it to a CD-R Disc (There is also a Floppy Disk version if that's easier).
Restart your laptop and boot from the DFT Disc.
Choose the "Advanced" Test and let it run (it may take an hour or so).
If you see a red message box, the HDD is faulty.
An error od 0x70 means there are bad sectors and the HDD needs replacing.

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I have a Satellite A100-068 where Windows is crashed. When I turn it on it says configuring update 3 of 3. After a while it reboot itself and comes back with the same message. It is anot possible to start up in safe mode. (Same problem). I have searched the net for a conclution but only found that I have to reinstall windows (Vista Home premeum). My problem is that I don?t have an installation medea. The PC came with windows preinstalled and there was no recovery medea or recovery partition on the disc.

Is it possible to buy installation DVD which will work with OEM licence (in danish), or can I get a recovery disc from toshiba or?

Please help me out here.

Answer:Satellite A100-068 - Recovery disk for Windows Vista


Normally you had to create such a recovery disk yourself using preinstalled recovery disk creator but I think now it?s too late because Windows doesn?t start anymore.

But you can order the disk here:

If you can?t order it, ask an authorized service provider. Alternative use a normal Microsoft disk and use the drivers from Toshiba page.

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Similar issue to many here; I manuf. has partitioned a single HDD into an OS and a DATA partitions. And since everything defaults to saving and installing in the OS partition... it's gotten full

I wish to delete the DATA partition (logical drive) and extend the OS partition into it.

However, despite reading what has worked for so many here, I have run into a problem: the delete volume function for the DATA partition is not available (greyed out). The left most partition was the only one that could be deleted; I have done so (and hopefully that was not a bad thing?)

I know it's been about half a year since the last post, so hopefully someone will see this and be able to help.

Answer:I wish to delete the DATA partition

As you deleted your Recovery Partition, I hope you made the Recovery Disks first.
You do have data on that partition backup first.

Try method two in this tutorial:
Partition or Volume - Delete
Partition or Volume - Extend

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A couple of years ago I uploaded Ubuntu and experimented with using it as an operating system for my VAIO laptop. In order to do this I partitioned my hardrive and for a while ran a dual boot system. I didn't take to Ubuntu and decided to stick with Vista, so I deleted it and attempted to delete the temporary partition on my hardrive with no luck.

I have sat on this problem for years, occasionally trying to solve it to no avail. Now my main C drive is nearly full, only 5.59 GB of free space and I need to access this unused partition space and the 9.31 GB of potential it contains. But still I cannot delete this partition, it should be sooo easy, but my system is not operating as text book.

I am in Disk Management, in Computer Management folder.

It is a basic type partition, simple layout that says Healthy(EISA Configuration). But when I right click the mouse over the partition I want to delete, the only icon that pops up says 'Help', it doesn't give me the option to 'delete, shrink or expand volume'

Now I have tried lots of suggestions from the help section, but can't seem to solve why my computer will not allow me to access the necessary options icon to delete this partition.

Can anyone out there help, or has anyone experienced similar challenges?

Answer:Attempting to delete disk partition in disk management

I suggest that you follow this tutorial carefully. partitioning - How do I remove my Ubuntu partition from Windows 7 and reuse the space? - Ask Ubuntu

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I am unable to create a recovery disk. I get an error code:020150-20-00000000, and a message missing file F:106557xsp4.swm. when creating disk one. Disk two doesn't work either.

I think its important to make these recovery disks, but I have already wasted 5 disks already. Is there any help anyone can give.


Answer:Unable to Create Recovery Disk on my Equium P300-19O

Has the hidden recovery partition been deleted or modified?

Perhaps the hidden partition has been corrupted due to a power loss or something.

You should test the memory and HDD using Memtest: and DFT:

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Can anyone point me in the direction of obtaining a Toshiba Equium - A110 - 252 Lap Top Recovery Disk?
Or if someone has such a disk; I would appreciate a loan - or - Buy from them! Thank-you


Answer:Need A Recovery Disk for Equium A110-252 (Model PSAB2E)

This Equium is old notebook model and I believe you cannot order a copy on
But you can try to contact nearest Toshiba authorized provider and ask if they can help.

Other way you can install OS using Microsoft installations disc. All necessary drivers, tools and utilities you can download from Toshiba support page.

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I had a Satellite Pro M40 with XP Pro that died completely (hard drive). I have the recovery disk.

I now have two more laptops - an Equium and a L300, both with Vista. I would like to install XP on one of them (preferably the L300). Is it possible to do so using my M40 recovery disk?
A bit of googling suggests that differences in the size of the hard-drive can be an obstacle. My M40 drive was 40GB, these new drives are much bigger.

Has anybody tried this or have advice?

Answer:Will Satellite Pro M40 recovery disk install XP on Equium or L300?

This will not work. Before the recovery procedure starts the notebook will be identified. If the ?code? on recovery media doesn?t match code on the notebook the installation will be stopped.

SP M40 recovery on L300 ? no way.

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I have an Equium A60 and have had no trouble with it appart from the overheated which was sorted by changing the thermal paste on the CPU (which i might say there was hardly any there).
But as other people have noticed it slows down and re-installing, thats ok, something to do when im bored but i hate all the bundled aplication that comes on the recovery disk.

I have a downloaded version of every version of windows Home but the COA serial key does not work with any of the ones i have and i do not want an illegal version of windows.

Please could anyone tell me what version of Home i need for the COA serial key to work with.

I have tried:

-Corporate ???

What do i need to use the legal Licence key.


Answer:Version of Windows Home on Equium A60 Recovery disk


The windows OS on the recovery CD is a OEM version (already activated).
You can not use a key of the OEM version on another Windows OS.
If you want to install the fresh Windows OS on your notebook, so you have to use an original Microsoft Windows form the original CD.

But I don't understand why you want to install a new Windows OS without the Toshiba application. Without this software you cannot use the all notebook features.
All notebook features needs additional tools and utilities.

Of course, the notebook needs a little bit longer to start all this applications at the beginning but if you don't want to use it you can remove it from the OS in the control panel.

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I bought the new Toshiba Equium M40X about 5 years ago and it came with recovery disk. Now my system is bit slow and thinking about running recovery disk on it.

When I bought the system I think it had only one drive C: and later I partition it to three drives. Now I want to know that if I run the recovery disk on my laptop then would it delete all the partitions because I have taken the backup of c: drive only?


Answer:Equium M40x - Does recovery disk remove all partitions?


if you run a recovery disk all data on local C: and D; will be wiped. so, you should backup all important data before to start

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I had my L40 17m Psl49e crash and die.

I phoned for help and i was advised to run my recovery disk.
I doing so i can start my laptop BUT no usb device will connect, no network card is found plus a host of other issues.

It did ask me me if i had an add on disk (which i dont) has this stopped all drives and setting from being correct?

Answer:Re: Equium L40-17M: Recovery Disk has left hardware inactive


Did you use the supplied Toshiba Recovery disk or did you install the Windows OS using an Microsoft disk?
I think the devices do not work because of missing drivers or wrong drivers.

If USB does not work, then I recommend installing the chipset driver.
If LAN or WLan card is missing, then install the LAN or/and WLan driver.

Maybe you will need some details about the devices inside the notebook.
Install an hardware diagnostic tool called Everest Home Edit. This helps to get info and about hardware.

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Hello, I upgraded my notebook to Windows 10 shortly after it was offered in August 2015.  I also upgraded my main drive with a smaller SSD.  So, now that the notebook's been running OK for almost a year, I'd like to delete the recovery partition.  I only have a 256 GB SSD, so deleting that Recovery partition would give me almost 50% more space on my C drive. I tried using two different partition programs to do this-- both apps let me delete the partition (D: Recovery-- far right, top), but then neither will let me add the new space to the C drive.  There is small partition between the two, and they will let me resize that partition, but not the C partition.   I found that the HP Recovery Manager that's installed on my notebook has an option for deleting the partition, but it doesn't say where it will put the new unallocated space (but I didn't go all the way with it yet.  If I work through it the rest of the way, will it give me the option of where to put the new unallocated space?  Or will it add it to the C drive automatically?  Below is a snapshot of the drives configuration (the drive on TOP is the one in question): 

Answer:Using HP Recovery Manager to delete the Recovery Partition--...

Hi, I can see C: and D: do not sit next to each other therefore Windows Disk Manager may not like this. Please try: Note: you have to delete D: first. Regards.

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This laptop had the HDD reformatted and I decided to try Windows 7 (beta) which is now installed and operating nicely. I would like to instal the original drivers and applications from the Toshiba recovery disk but I do not want to reinstal the operating system (was XP). Can this be done?

Answer:Satellite A100 PSAA9A - drivers and applications from recovery disk

As far as I know this is not possible because the drivers and applications from the recovery disk are for Windows XP and they are not compatible with Windows 7.
Furthermore it?s not possible to install only special drivers or applications from the recovery disk.

You can download all drivers and tools from the Toshiba website but I doubt that it?s compatible with Windows 7 but you can try it and post here your result.

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Can anyone help! My laptop works fine, but I wanted to create a boot disk incase of problems.

But Toshiba Assist>Protect & Fix> doesnt give me an option to create a boot disk.
Is this expected with this model?

I do have the Toshiba Recovery Disk that came with the computer, but have been warned NOT to test it, otherwise it may actually cause me problems!
Any ideas?

Satellite Pro A100-302
Part Number : PSAACE-008002EN

Answer:Satellite Pro A100 - Recovery disk creator doesn't exist!

This option is not offered on this notebook model. Because of that Toshiba gives DVD recovery that can be used for operating system installation.

>I do have the Toshiba Recovery Disk that came with the computer, but have been warned NOT to test it, otherwise it may actually cause me problems!
Such info can come just from people who don?t know what they are talking about. Please ask this person what he means exactly and I will offer you the right explanation about recovery procedure if you want.

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Can't delete my data partition or format it, any suggestions?

Answer:Can't delete my data partition or format it

More information would be useful as you haven't given us much.

SSD or spinner?

How many partitions?

Basic or dynamic?

What have you tried so far?

Have a look at this tutorial: Partition or Volume - Delete

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Hi,I want to create a partition on a secondary 300gb hd within my VHPMC PC. It only contains a folder of third party software, no OS or similarly vital components. Using Easeus Partition Master will the afore mentioned folder be erased during the partition process?Many thanks.J


I have not used Easeus, but if it is similar to Partition Magic, then your data should be safe and still there after partitioning.

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Talk about confusing. Does anyone know how to get a Toshiba C660 working after the HDD has failed and the owner has stupidly NOT followed the instructions to make a recovery disk. Will the recovery disk ( if you purchase one from Toshiba ) rebuild the new HDD along with a new recovery partition and install windows 7 (original OS ) and accept the product key printed on the Windows License attached to the base of the laptop. I have read a number of suggestions but these have been deemed incorrect by others.

Surely Toshiba must have a way of sorting this problem.

Do they read these posts ?

Answer:Satellite L660-12Q - Would recovery disk rebuild the new HDD along with a new recovery partition

Hi buddy?

I don?t think that this is really complicated? I could find all info regarding the recovery procedure in the user manual?

The recovery disk has to be created at the first day of purchase? its recommended to create one in cases something would be wrong with the HDD.

The recovery disk contain an image?. Image is a package containing Win system, drivers, tools and all the stuff preinstalled on the notebook.
You purchased the notebook and the system was already activated so you don?t need the key placed at the bottom of the unit.
Furthermore the usage of recovery disk formats the whole HDD (partitions too) and set the notebook back to the same state like at the first day of purchase.

There is also another option to recover the notebook called HDD recovery. This HDD recovery does not need recovery disk. Usage of HDD recovery would format ONLY the C (system) partition.

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When I push the Q: recovery drive> Create recovery media, I get a message saying "Windows cannot find 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Lenovo\factory recovery\recovburncd.exe'. Make sure you types the name correctly, and then try again."How do I go about fixing this and creating a recovery disk?

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Will Vista Recovery Disk Work if there is No Recovery Partition?
Thanks all.

Answer:Solved: Will Vista Recovery Disk Work w/ No Recovery Partition?

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