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Need XP recovery disks for Satellite A210

Question: Need XP recovery disks for Satellite A210

I have lost the recovery disk for my Satellite A210, is it possible to get replacements? Thanks

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Preferred Solution: Need XP recovery disks for Satellite A210

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Need XP recovery disks for Satellite A210


Visit Toshiba page under
There you can order recovery discs. I don't know if you can order recovery for your Satellite A210 but you can check it anyway.

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I try to write a CD or DVD and the DVD drive does not read any of the blank CD/DVDs I insert!
Nero and the Toshiba disk creator tell me toinsert an empty disk although there is already one!

Please help!

Answer:Satellite A210-183 - Doesn't read blank disks


Have you tested disk from different manufactures? I have good experience with Verbatim disks. I use it for years and never had problems with it. Try it!

Check the Toshiba website if you can find a firmware update for your CD/DVD drive.


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i've had My A210-12U for about five months now and recently for the past few months i've been having some problems with the dvd disk drive.

The thing is that The drive won't actually read any disks, the drive will detect that a disk has been inserted but it just won't read it. It's happend for about a months but its only recently i've really know whats been wrong with it.

The drive i'm currently using is a MAT****A DVD-RAM UJ-8505 ATA

I've scanned the drive for problems with the toshiba assist utility but that didn't come up with anything so i decided to check the drivers.

Windows Vista gave this Message: Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

I uninstalled the drivers and drivers on there and installed new ones that i downloaded here on the toshiba website.

What i really want to know is: Is it a problem with the drivers? is it a case that operating system isn't detecting the hardware? or is it a situation where i should have the drive repaired on its warrenty?

cheers Dan

Answer:Re: Satellite A210-12U: Mat****a DVD-RAM UJ-8505 won't read disks - Error Code 39


Don?t worry buddy? I don?t think it?s a hardware problem. It looks like a corrupted registry entry and it should be solved easily?

Remove the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters values completely from the following registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
?and reboot the notebook

Check also this Toshiba FAQ article:

?and the Microsoft Knowledgebase


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Hi All

this is my first post so if I get anything wrong I apologise.

have just bought my daughter A210-1c4
It came with a recovery cd,what i would like to know do i need to back up the vista partition aswell or does the cd contain everything to go back to initial set up?

So if for any reason i replaced the hard drive,would the cd put the os (vista) back,

Many thanks

Answer:Question about recovery DVD for Satellite A210-1c4

my email adress is showing,yet it is shown as hidden in profile with user name as robert

i really dont want my adress showing any help appreciated or if there ia a mod around perhaps they could delete the post ,i cant find anyway of doing this


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hi im new on here
i have a friends toshiba A210 - 171 laptop

unfortunately the had drive died and i had to get another
so i got one but unfortunately it had windows vista on it but there is no recovery disc or boot able disc

i need to find a way i can put vista on to the hard drive as at mo the computer is saying no operating system found

i would like to know how can i get a recovery disc from
i do have a newer toshiba recovery disc for another newer toshiba
would this do

if its cheep enough i would by a recovery disc for this A210 model

if some body can help i would be very grateful
many thanks andy

Answer:Recovery issue on Satellite A210-171

Generally speaking recovery image is always created for certain notebook model and you cannot use recovery disc from other notebook model but if the hardware is the same you can try to install it and hope that everything will be OK.

For new recovery disc you must visit

Last option is installation of own version. All necessary drivers, tools and utilities you can download from Toshiba download page

This old model is known to me and I can tell you that Win7 32bit works perfectly on this machine so if you can do this install Win7. It runs better than older Vista.

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I've buy my laptop a year ago. In the first week I want to make a backup copy of my recovery disc.
But I have not succeeded because it gave me a read error.
I went back to the shop where I bought explaining disk recovery is not functional.
They changed my disc but with this I have same problem.

I accidentally deleted recovery software from my computer and now I'm not able to create a disc with Recovery Disc Creator.

My question is:
If someone has bought the same model in Spain can he make me a copy image and upload it on rapidshare?
I don't want to buy another copy from [] only because toshiba don't provided my a good disc.

Answer:Satellite A210-158 PSAFGE Recovery Disc

If you still have this ?bad disc? bring it to nearest Toshiba authorized service provider and let them check the disc. If there is some problem and they can check this, I am 100% sure you will get new one for free.

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I can't find my recovery disk, does anyone know a trustworthy place I can gain/buy a new one from?
Would this help solve a corrupted/missing IDE controller driver problem?

Answer:Recovery disk for Satellite A210 needed


As far as I know you can order Toshiba recovery medias under

Please visit this page and check it up.

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Winphlash killed my BIOS and now I'm trying to make a crisis recovery disc but it doesn't work. I wrote minidos.sys and phlash16 and the BIOS file winphlash extracted onto a USB stick. I renamend the BIOS.ROM to BIOS.WPH but when i start in recovery mode the usb stick works for around ten seconds and then nothing happens.

What am i doing wrong?

Answer:Satellite A210 - Crisis recovery disc


Here in forum you can already find some threads about this crisis recovery disc procedure and how to reflash it. Just use the forum search.

But you should know that everything happens on your own risk and in worst case you could destroy the whole ROM module. So you should really know what you do?

I never had a problem with failed BIOS update but you can also contact an authorized service provider for help. The guys have professional tools to reflash the ROM module and can do this for you.

Good luck! :)

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Hi all,

I have been given a Satellite A210 (second hand, about two years old) by a friend. The laptop is not working at the moment. When the laptop is switched on it displays a message "Missing Operating System". I have tried using the recovery disk that came with the machine but it's no use. I keep getting the same message "Error restoring image"
ERROR= ImageX could not apply VISTA F=\05853XSP.swm Index 2 from ODD to C=\! Press any key to continue, and that's as far as it goes. Now being a second hand machine i'm not sure what is working and what is not.

Any ideas on where to go from here would be very much appreciated.

Answer:Satellite A210 - Error message during recovery

Hi buddy,

I never had an error message during recovery installation so I?m not sure what the reason is for this problem.

Have you checked the BIOS? Is the HDD recognized properly there?

What happens if you try to install Windows from a Microsoft installation disk?

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I have a satellite pro 210 (bios v1.6) in which the HDD recently died.

I purchased a new WD Scorpio Blue 250Gb HDD and ran the recovery disc (I did exactly this for a friends Equium a month or so back and all worked flawlessy!)

All worked fine until the first re-boot, went through the usual stuff:
please wait a moment while windows starts for first time
Then a windows background, spinning cursor with please wait message, plenty HDD activity
Then the sudden error:
"Windows setup could not configure windows to run on this computer's hardware"*

Does anyone have any ideas what this could be?
A google search suggested bios sata settings, but I can't see any in the bios setup page.
I see there is a new v2 bios for download - would this help?
If so how can I install it when the computer won't start vista? Or any other suggestions?

Thanks for reading.

Cheers, Stephen

Answer:Satellite Pro A210 - recovery error after new HDD installation


The SATA driver is not needed if you use the Toshiba Recovery disk because the image on this recover disk contains the SATA driver.
So there must be other reason for that.

In your case I recommend setting the BIOS to default settings and to start the recovery procedure once again.
Maybe something went wrong during the OS configuration? so second installation is worth a try?

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Basically, my laptop has been stuck in a start-up repair loop so my only option is to use the recovery CD. However, I have some files which I did not back up before my laptop decided to fail on me. Is there a way in which I can recover these files whilst simultaneously fixing my laptop ?

I am running Windows Vista SP1.

Thank you for any help,


Answer:Satellite A210-11K - Can I recover my data before using the recovery disk?


You can backup your data if you put the HDD in an external HDD case. Then you can connect it to another notebook or PC and you can save the data on it or burn it on a DVD.
That?s all!

Such external HDD cases are very cheap. I have bought my external HDD case from eBay and it?s working well.

But there is no other way to save the data because the Toshiba recovery disk wipes the whole HDD and all on the HDD will be erased.


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I go to use the recovery partition cause my windows doesn't work, and every time i do it, it comes up with an error "20-FFFE-048F"

How can i fix my computer!?

All help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Satellite A210 - cannot use recovery HDD - error 20-FFFE-048F

Maybe the HDD is faulty?

You can test the HDD using Hitachi DFT on a bootable CD or Floppy Disk. Run the "Advanced" test to check for bad sectors.

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I have been having some problems with my Satellitte Pro A210, (AMD Athlon 64 x2, Vista, 120GB HDD, 2GB RAM), and it seems that I have made recovery discs when new and have misplaced them.

What can I do?

Answer:Satellite Pro A210 - How to recover it with misplaced recovery disk`?

The Hard Disk should have a Recovery Partition.

Try holding down the Zero (0) key when you power on the laptop, this should start the recovery process.

If that doesn't work, press F8 quickly after the Toshiba Splash Screen to enter the Windows boot menu, where you can select to run Recovery/Restore.

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Hi, my daughters laptop stopped booting, I have tried all ways of repairing this but it seems to be on a loop.

It runs repair your computer but after a while I receive the message, this computer cannot repair this fault automatically (or something similar), there is also a message that says - if you have connected a camera or portable music player to this computer, remove it now and reboot.

I have tried running in safe mode, safe mode with command prompt and last know good configuration but still no joy so I eventually ran the recovery disc. Once this had completed I was back to square one.

Does anybody have any idea's of what I can try next - other than throwing it through the nearest window!

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro A210, stil wont boot after using recovery disk

hi nikd72,
if you wanna throw it out a windows tell me when you gonna do it! ;-) i'll be there!

what you can do/try is:
- check the hdd for errors
- check memory
- check bios and load "setup defaults"
- remove all external components like printer etc, all that is usb
- wipe the hdd and
- make a clean install or recover system to factory default
btw: trying to get back to "last known good" isnt a good idea when you tried to start this system already more than once...

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Last February I bought Toshiba Satellite A210. Yesterday I had to re-install the system to get original factory setting using CD-Recovery DVD. I follow the step shown on screen until I came to "Format-Partition" stage. Start to copy 1/5 to 4/5 things that I forget the name what was going to copy and suddenly I get an error saying that data couldn't copy or some data error from redundancy check fail and then "please press any key to continue" and I press a key to continue and suddenly the cmd window disappeared.
I realize that on the bottom it was another cmd window shown and when I maximize the window all I see is something like


I didn?t understand what I have to do. So I restart the system and do same thing again and I get same error.
First I thought my HDD might be a fault on it so I used my another original Windows Vista cd to install Vista to see if my HDD is okay.

During the setup I see 4 partition and one of them saying WinRE. Anyway I install my vista. But I was needed original recovery cd data so I can install the driver.

Then later I tried to use CD-Recovery DVD and I get same error that I describe above.

Does anyone know what was wrong?
It is very difficult to call from the night to Toshiba help center so I am trying to get some answer in this post.

I thank you for reading my post.

Kind regards,

Answer:Re: Satellite A210 - Toshiba Vista Recovery installation error


I recovered my A210 notebook many times and had this issue only one time.
In my case the black cmd window appeared and I didn?t know what I have to do.
So I closed this windows and nothing happened.
Now I know that I have to leave everything until the installation procedure would finish.

But listen buddy; you said you have installed the Vista using an original Microsoft Vista DVD. Well, in such case you don?t need the Recovery DVD for Toshiba driver installation.
All needed Vista drivers are released on the Toshiba European driver page.

Check the driver page, choose your notebook model and then you should get all necessary Vista drivers!


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My laptop is Toshiba Satellite A210.
With the help drive the sales package made a recovery system at the factory settings.
Now virgin pure hate, even delete what was NOT on the system disk.

I tried to restore the information through various programs (R-Studio, FileRecovery, etc.). I found files, but an attempt to restore grants that their size 0 bytes.
I crying and I?m very sad.

How do I return information from the disk Data E?
OS Windows Vista Home Premium.

Answer:Satellite A210: Made Recovery - missing data from the disk E


Using the Recovery DVD everything will be deleted from the HDD.
And if I say everything then I mean everything. All partitions, data, files will be removed.

Sorry but I don?t think that you will be able to restore the deleted files using common software?
Maybe a specialist would be able to restore it but it?s always a matter of money? you know? I think such rescue procedure is not cheap.

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I have SATELLITE L350D-212 notebook with windows 7 home premium OA.
It started to complain that there was something wrong with the harddisk so I went and bought another harddisk of same size.

I have created the recovery disk when the computer was bought and have backup of all the data in external harddisk.

After I changed the new harddisk to the notebook and tried to boot from recovery disk nothing happens eventhoug I can see that there seems to be everything Ok with the disk.

Any ideas on how to get the recovery to run for the new harddisk?

I have the old harddisk attached as external disk via USB but can't boot from that too. It just stops at some point and says to shutdown.

Answer:Satellite L350D-21 Problems using recovery disks to recovery to new HDD


Usually the recovery disk should format the new HDD but I would recommend to attach the new HDD as an external device to another computer and to format this new HDD before trying to recover the notebook.

After the HDD has been formatted, connect it to the L350D and boot from the recover disk?

Good luck

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Stop 0x000000001A *Memory_Management* Blue Screen during recovery.
Please help.

Answer:Satellite L500-12T System Recovery from Recovery Disks

First recovery or first notebook start?
HDD or DVD recovery?

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Well, for the first time in 8 years I had to do a system recovery using the disks i created when i first bought my l300-13s using the Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator.
I had inadvertantly deleted the HDD Recovery partition when i set out to do a clone using a bigger HDD.

What I want to find out is instead of making recovery disks to DVD can i make a recovery USB flash drive?



Answer:Satellite L300-13S - Recovery USB instead of Recovery DVD Disks?

When you open Toshiba recovery media creator you can see options which media can be created. I?m not 100% sure but I think on old L300 there was option for recovery DVDs only so I think you cannot create recovery USB.

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I have damaged my recovery disk 2 on my A30. Where can i get replacement?

Answer:Satellite A30: How to get the Recovery disks?

You will have to contact the ASP in your country for the CD order!
Such CD?s are not very expensive an I?m sure you can purchase the recovery CD from the Toshiba service point!

Please check this page to find the nearest ASP in your country!

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can anybody help me. i am trying to use my recovery disks on my p10 but it will format so far and then just shut down. it gets to differant stages each time but been as how it started to format i now have no pc so if anybody can help i will love ya forever

Answer:Recovery disks for my Satellite P10


did you checked your Recovery CD/DVD for scratches? Also it can be that your HDD has some faulty sectors which can be checked with Scandisk!
Scandsk is a DOS based tool which is on every MS bootdisk. You will find different bootdisks at
When you will connect a FDD USB drive and start the notebok, you have to press F12 for boot menu! Choose FDD USB and the bootdisk will start. Then you can use scandisk.
After that you can use a tool called
This will format your HDD.
When you finished and cleaned your recovery CD you should try the recovery again!


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I bought a refurbished Satellite M70-364 off of the internet but it has no recovery disks and I was wondering if any one would be willing to make me a copy of the Satellite M70 recovery disk or loan me the disks.
Would be very gratefull and will pay for the use of the disks please reply by e-mail [email protected]

cheers craig

Answer:Satellite M70-364 recovery disks


you can try it here:

It?s a newly created site for people which need recovery media for their machine..


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Hi, I seem to be getting mixed messages from Toshiba about the availability of Recovery disks for my laptop. Are there any UK readers of this message board that would either sell me a spare copy they have that they no longer need or, do a copy for me of their recovery CD (and ideally the tools & utility CD) for this laptop? I would pay of course.

Answer:Satellite Pro 4340: Need Recovery Disks


The fact is that you will get all Toshiba CD from the service partner in your country.
You can order the Recovery CD and all another CDs.
I'm sure it's not very expensive.

Check this link:
There you will find the ASP in your country.

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We have a Satellite Pro L10-135: Intel with Windows XP.

The laptop is a few years old and is full of spyware, my partner has also accidently deleted some program files. I have removed all personal files and would like to completely reformat the unit to factory condition.

But she has lost the recovery CDs. I have tried to get them from Toshiba, but when I enter the serial number it says that its too old and the disc is unavailable. I've also tried to find the Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator, but on the start menu, it is nowhere to be found instead it says Start>All Programmes>Toshiba>Networking or Start>All Programmes>Toshiba>Utilities.

I need the process to be idiot-proof as I am not too confident with computers, so I would like to get a genuine Toshiba restoration, rather than attemting to download individual drivers, etc.

Does anyone know where I could buy or download the disc in the UK?

Many thanks.

Answer:Satellite Pro L10-135 no recovery disks, need to restore

It is always problematic with old notebook models but what you can try is to contact nearest authorized Toshiba service provider in your country and ask for help.
Maybe they have somewhere archived old recovery discs and can help you with this.

One more thing: very often I saw that people offer recovery discs on eBay.
Check it out. Maybe you will be lucky and find recovery disc for your notebook model there.

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Does anyone know where I can download or order the recovery disks for my M70, the place i took it to get it fixed said it cant be fixed without them.

Answer:Satellite M70: Where to order the Recovery Disks?

Hello Luke

Is your M70 not delivered with recovery DVD? As far as I know it is definitely delivered with recovery DVD and please asks your local dealer about that.

The recovery image can not be downloaded just ordered by Authorized Toshiba service partner in your country.

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Ok my first problem with my laptop was that I had about 5 Trojan viruses which passed through my antivirus some how =/

But now cause I rang up Toshiba line they said use recovery disks. I did not do the recovery disks because the disks would not go had to update firmware -.- did nott do that but he said ok press F8 on start up.

I did that HDD Recovery but it got stuck at 31 % and restarts. I load it up and it says BOOTMGR is missing press cntrl + alt + del to restart. I do that comes straight back to the same screen. I do it like 50 times nothing I can do.

I have searched the internet for the recovery disks download no help. I rang them up they said they cant system recover it -.- no idea what to do Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite L300D-13S - Need recovery disks


I agree with the Toshiba hotline, you should use the recovery disk for this problem.

You can not download the recovery disks in the internet but you can buy a new one. Here is the link:


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I have a Toshiba Satellite C50-A-19T laptop with OS windows 8.1

Recently my laptop had booting problems so i contacted toshiba support and they told me to get recovery disk from and i ordered the disk and it arrived today#

When i enter the recovery disk and boot from the disk drive (ODD) it brings the windows logo then after a minute it goes to a blank screen and i waited and after a while it was still a blank screen
I had already went into the BIOS to change the settings to boot from the CD but even after that the same problem persists

Please help

Answer:Satellite C50-A-19T - recovery disks not working


Go to BIOS and disable the option called: secure boot
Now you should be able to boot from the ODD.

By the way: please check if the HDD is listed on the first BIOS page (name, size, etc?)
In case the HDD details are not visible, the HDD isn?t recognized by BIOS? this could be related to HDD malfunction.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A300- 1EG.

I created 2 recovey disks as required in the "Toshiba Recovey Disk Creator". I created the first one (Disk 1) 2 weeks ago and the second one (Disk 2) today because I didn't have 2 DVDs in hand.

My first question is does it matter if I have left a period of time between the two creations will if affect the recovery if I ever need to use them?

My second question is do both recovery disks just recover the operating system eg: Windows Vista or do they recover everything that was saved on Local Disk C at the time they were created?

My final question is if it happens my operating system dies, do I just power on the laptop and put in recovey disk 1 and then 2, (if that is not how I do it can someone please tell me how to?)


Answer:Satellite A300-1EG - Why do I need 2 recovery disks?


When you use ?Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator? you can see there option for using different empty medias. On some notebook the image can be burned on one empty DVD and on some models you need two of them. It depends on recovery image.

For my Satellite A300 I used two DVD-R medias. I have created recovery images for several notebooks and it is not known to me you have interrupt recovery creation and continue it later. When the first media is finished you must put second empty media and burning procedure will continue automatically. As far as I know there is NO option for disc 2 creation only. Please be careful about that.

I recommend you to obtain two empty DVD-R medias and create recovery DVDs at once.

When you use recovery DVD the whole HDD will be deleted, not just partition C. that means all data saved on HDD will be deleted. If your notebook has two HDD the recovery procedure will affect HDD1 only. Be careful about that and before you start recovery procedure back up all your important data.

Final answer to final question ;) ? when you want to install OS again using recovery media do follow:
Power your notebook ON and press F12 to enter boot options
Put recovery media 1 into optical disc drive
In boot options choose CD/DVD drive and press ENTER
Follow the menu on the screen

Of course, start with DVD1 and when asked insert second DVD.

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My Sat Pro A10 operated happily running a dual boot system (XP and Mandriva) before failing to start one day.
I successfully used the Toshiba recovery disks and all was OK for a year or so before the same fault recurred.

Now recovery disk Nr.1does not restores the system and the laptop switches off after appearing to function normally for about 20 seconds.

Restoring the MBR and reformatting using a Win 98 recovery floppy failed to solve the problem.

Does anyone have any ideas please?

Answer:Satellite Pro A10 recovery disks fail to reinstall Win XP

What exactly happens when Disc 1 fails? Read error?

Is the Disc scratched or dirty? You may need to order a replacement disc from Toshiba

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Dear All

I wish to find out how many recovery disks my L300-1AQ (Model No PSLB8E) laptop requires.

I have a disk that I made when I bought the computer but I cannot start using it untill I make sure that only one disk is required (if more than one disk is required and I start the recovery process I believe I will render the computer unusable). I know that recent Toshibas come with multiple DVDs so it's definitely worth my checking before I do anything.

Oh and the recovery partition is gone due to an "aggressive" installation of linux, so that's not an option for us (it's new user is a windows user).

I cannot find this information on the internet or in the manual so I would be grateful if anyone out there has this information.

Best wishes to all

Answer:Satellite L300-1AQ - How many recovery disks required?

Hi DiodePrridge51b,

If Toshiba recovery disk creator required 1 disk only, you need only 1 recovery disk to restore factory settings.

It?s always depending on the notebook model and OS how much disks you need but if only 1 disk was required it?s enough and you start recovery installation. :)

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I recently bought a new notebook from Toshiba, the Satellite P300. It has Vista installed out of the box but there is no recovery media included with the package. I'm worried that if something might go wrong in the future, I won't be able to repair my operating system.

Two questions:
1) Is it normal that there is no recovery disc included with the Satellite P300? In other words, other customers who have bought the same laptop don't have this either. Or is this an exception and a mistake of my local vendor. In the manual on the 'included in this package' list there is no mention of a recovery disc included with the package.

2) Can I get a recovery disk from Toshiba if something goes wrong?

Answer:No recovery disks included with my Satellite P300


> Is it normal that there is no recovery disc included with the Satellite P300?
Yes, because the notebook was equipped with the HDD recovery option which allows you to recover the notebook from the HDD.

> Can I get a recovery disk from Toshiba if something goes wrong?
There is preinstalled Toshiba Recovery disk creator software.
This software creates a Toshiba recovery DVD. I think this info was published in the user manual which should be preinstalled on your notebook.

So I would strongly recommend reading the user manual and to create such recovery DVD before you would change anything on the notebook.

Cheers mate

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L350 which I bought some years ago

Originally it was a vista home premium laptop and I opted for the Toshiba windows 7 upgrade and its been pretty much trouble free .

However recently something went a bit weird and things just were not working well (it would not always log you out and never seemed to shutdown correctly) and various other applications did not run correctly.

After a few uninstalls ,reinstalls, scans and Microsoft patches did nothing I decided to take the plunge and use the recovery disk.

I had bought one from Toshiba when I got the machine originally and had made one myself before the upgrade to windows 7 and one again after.
I still have the windows 7 upgrade dvds so I can apply them after if I had to start back on vista again.

The only other big change has been a RAM upgrade to 4gb - I still have the original RAM if I need it but before all this there were no hardware issues reported and chkdsk was fine also.
So to me it was the o/s that was the problem.

I have now tried all the recovery disks and they all have the same problem reporting that imagex cannot uncompress the second file image as it is corrupt at block 90 ? I don?t have this actual message to hand
but can update later.

I can?t see that I?m doing anything wrong as all i do is put the dvd in the drive and restart the laptop with F12 to boot off the recovery DVD and follow the on screen commands.
Have you any reports of such of this p... Read more

Answer:Recovery disks not working for Satellite L350

Thats very strange that al recovery discs show the same error message. As far as I know when you start recovery image installation the HDD will be formatted, new partitions created, recovery image copied on second HDD partition and as last step is recovery image installation.
>I had bought one from Toshiba when I got the machine originally and had made one myself before the upgrade to windows 7...
Have you tested both of them in the past?

Generally speaking all you do is right. In my opinion the problem can be recovery image itself or maybe HDD has some failure on certain sectors.
If you can obtain second HDD somewhere exchange it, set BIOS to default settings and test recovery installation again.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A300 2CW. I bought it with Software Windows XP (included in a CD), which worked perfectly for years. I have reinstalled it several times during this years, but now the CD has deteriorated and it doesn't work anymore.

Originally the machine had WIndows Vista installed with DVD recovery creation option and a HDD recovery option, but I think this is not possible for Windows XP.

Do I have any options?Where could I buy the original Windows XP CD?

Thank you

Answer:Satellite Pro A300-2CW - Need Recovery disks with Windows XP


You can try to order it on
Other way you can install own WXP version. All WXP drivers, tools ad utilities can be downloaded from Toshiba download page

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Have an Satellite Pro A300-28V laptop with Vista 32 Business. After a recovery from HDD Recovery partition I decided to use the function Complete PC system backup to make an image for future recovery with all my present settings. Too annoying to reset to factory default (Thunderbird 3.0 Mail, Open Office, and some other small applications previously running with no problems for years on another desktop computer).

The system needs 5 to 9 DVD's and it writes the first DVD. Takes roughly 30 minutes. Then, during verification of that disc it hangs. Verification bar stops at about 30% complete.
Anyone with that experience? Does not the Business "Complete PC image" work well on a OEM installation of Vista?
Or is it maybe the DVD driver who needs an update? I do not use a 3rd party burning software.


Answer:Satellite Pro A300-28V - Can't create own recovery disks


Which program you are using to create your own recovery disks? For example I mean Acronis, Norton Ghost, etc.

In your case I would try it with another burning program like CD Burner XP or Nero.
Furthermore you could try to remove the upper and lower filters in Windows registry, maybe it will work.

Last but not least on the Toshiba website you can check if there is a firmware update for your CD/DVD drive.

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Hi folks,

Posting this question for my neighbour as he now has no internet access as laptop not working - Satellite C660 running Win7.

When powering up he gets the Toshiba screen then a blank screen with cursor at the top left flashing.

Tried to boot from Win7 DVD (Pressed F12 to get to boot options & changed to DVD), can hear the drive trying to access the dvd but then get the message 'failed'. Win7 DVD works in both my laptop and desktop pc's.

Any ideas.

Thank you


Answer:Satellite C660 Won't boot from HDD or recovery disks

> When powering up he gets the Toshiba screen then a blank screen with cursor at the top left flashing.

Possibly the HDD is dead.
You ca try to power up the unit and press F2
Now you should be able to access the BIOS.

If the HDD isn?t listed on the first BIOS page, then this means that HDD isn?t recognized by BIOS and this means that HDD is faulty.

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Hi together,

I got a big problem. Win 7 Home Premium 64 BIT crashed on my satellite L550D-13V.

I tried to repair but it doesn't work. So I decided to recover via HDD Utility.
Everything seems to be okay but in the end the tool said that errors occured. I tried to recover again but the process aborted with bluescreen "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA" this time.

After reboot system told me that no bootmgr is available. I tried to boot by using recovery disk but it also seems to be faulty because the system cannot not boot from the disks.

And there's my problem. I am unable to boot / recover now. Volume D seems to be okay - the HDD utility files are still available but I cannot create new recovery disks and it is not possible to boot into HDD utility tool.

Do you have any ideas?

Many thanks in advance and regards

Answer:Satellite L550D-13V - How to recover without recovery disks?


The story is strange?
I?m wondering why you are not able to boot from the Recovery disk?
Did you use the created recovery disk in the past or did you try this disk for the first time?

However, regarding the error message: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA
I googled for that and it seems that this could be related to memory fault.
Possibly one of the modules malfunctions.

Of course this is just an personal opinion?

If an HDD folder is available on your HDD, then there is a small chance to get the HDD recovery to work. Here a interesting thread:

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Does anyone know where (or if ) i can download the installation / Recovery CD's for the Toshiba Satellite Pro A200.


Answer:Satellite Pro A200 Where to download the Recovery Disks

The recovery CD cannot be downloaded!!!!
You have to order it from the ASP in your country if you have damage or lose it!!!!

But I really don?t understand why you ask this!!! Such questions are answered many times!!!! Check firstly the existing threads before you will ask something!!!


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The computer has a black screen with cursor in the middle not able to move. I have opted to do recovery disk but it is not doing anything still black screen with cursor in the middle of screen. I have backed up computer ages ago not worried about wiping it all off just want to restore to factory settings.

Answer:recovery disks for toshiba satellite a500

I have similar problem I got mine to boot from cd by removing hd.
didnt do much good didnt have anywhere to install so I tried repair computer
and put hd back in no good wont recognise hd can use cmg line that way though
hope someone has an answer

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I'm upgrading the hard drive of my *toshiba a300-1mz*, but I'd be sure that I can use the *recovery disks* maked at the first boots for the s.o. (vista)

I expect your support...
thank you very much...

Answer:Satellite A300-1mz Can I use the recovery disks after a HDD upgrade?


Yes, you can do this!
If the HDD has been recognized by BIOS then you should boot from Toshiba recovery disk in order to reinstall the OS which was preinstalled by Toshiba.


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is there a way to make the recovery disks install win7 x32 instead of x64 (Satellite Pro C660-2JR)

Answer:Recovery disks creation for Satellite Pro C660-2JR

If your notebook was delivered with 64bit version you can create recovery disc for this preinstalled version only. With other words, recovery image saved on recovery partition will be saved on empty DVD disc. Nothing more than that.

If you want to use 32bit OS you must check if your notebook model is supported for it and install own version.

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Hi all,

I have a brand new Satellite M300-18P, pre installed with Vista 32bit. I would like to make rescue disks using the pre-installed Toshiba utility. Every time I try to burn a disk, the process stops halfway saying (and I have to translate this bit): "a problem has occurred in the power calibration area". code OEO1B5-26-00037304.

The program suggests the DVD-disk might be faulty, and urges to try another disk. After 3 disks, I do not believe this is the cause. I used DVD+r, normally compatible with the driver.
I want the recue disks since I want to format the hard disks and make a clean UBUNTU install. Might I decide not to use Ubuntu any longer, then I would like to install the original software back on the M300.

Can anybody help? Thank you. Kurt

Answer:Impossible to make recovery disks with my Satellite M300

Hello Kurt

I recommend you to use DVD-R media and just high quality product. Friends U400 is a little bit ?sensitive? with medias but I have used TDK DVD-R and it worked perfectly.

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Is it possible to extract the OS from the recovery cd's that you make?

Answer:Re: Satellite A660 - Extract Windows 7 from recovery disks

Yes, it's possible but you won't get Windows 7 installation files but the image of the system just before the very first factory run. Anyway it could be useful on another Toshiba notebook replacing Vista.

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A short question;
how to dual boot with the two recovery disks tath ive got with my laptop (Satellite Pro L40)

disks 1&2 are windows vista buisness
disks 3&4 are windows xp profesional
disk 5 is bios update

The guy where i bougt the computer (an ordinairy electroinic store named expert) said it was posible with tose disks.
I've already made a partition but when i boot the disks it doesnt has the option to select a partition

thanx already

Answer:Satellite Pro L40 - How to make a dual boot with two Recovery disks

>Satellite Pro L40 - How to make a dual boot with two Recovery disks?
Short answer: you cannot do this. Maybe if you have two HDDs (I didn?t tried this) but as far as I know your SP L40 has only one.
Ask this smart guy how to do this. Maybe he has some useful tip.

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i want to reformat my laptop, its a Satellite P300.... many things do not work anymore ie: system restore and corrupted c drive

1) would reformatting my laptop fix these problems?

2) 2 disks "product recovery media TOSHIBA satellite p300 etc and says windows vista ulimate 64 bit

Does that mean they contain vista? (vista came pre installed

3) should i make a copy of the vista serial PRODUCT ID that is on my system menu screen

4) how would i run these disks.....

I appreciate if you could help, its an awesome computer

Will reserach on how to run the disks, just wanting to make sure they contain vista

Answer:Satellite P300 - Does the product recovery disks contain Vista?

> 1) would reformatting my laptop fix these problems?
Probably yes

> 2) 2 disks "product recovery media TOSHIBA satellite p300 etc and says windows vista ultimate 64 bit
As far as I know P300 has been equipped with HDD recovery and the Vista 32bit was preinstalled. There should be an option which would helps to recover the notebook using the HDD recovery option. Press F8 while notebook booting up. Then choose Repair my Computer and start the HDD recovery.
This should set the machine to factory settings. Finally you could create a recovery disk using the preinstalled software called Toshiba recovery disk creator.

> 3) should i make a copy of the vista serial PRODUCT ID that is on my system menu screen
You could do this but as far as I know the Vista on the Toshiba Recovery disk is already activated and you don?t need any serial keys.

> 4) how would i run these disks.....
Usually you have to boot from such disk

PS; to get more details you should read the user manual and should read the threads in this forum!

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I bought Satellite A500 yesterday and now I am trying to create the recovery disks before anything else.
However, towards the end of the 1st DVD, I get an error message saying "Faile dto open the following file. e:\boot\bcd (Error code 0201123-F1-00000000)" and then when I click 'OK', the DVD is ejected giving a message 'failed to create recovery media 1'. Upon physical examining I have noted the DVD is written to almost full.

Any advise on this? Also, in the interface, it does show a USB option and says to insert a USB media with more than 7GB free. Can I use this to create the recovery disk? If so, when I reinstall windows 7, can this be used as a bootable disk?

Would greately appreciate any help on this issue. If it is malfunctioning, I want to return it ASAP.


Answer:Satellite A500 - problems with creating the recovery disks

As far as I know you cannot use external device for recovering so it is very important to create recovery DVDs.

Try to create recovery disc using DVD-R media only. Use high quality medias like TDK or Verbatim.
Last month I created recovery discs on Satellite A500-157 and everything went well.

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I was just wondering about this.
Could i make ISO images of my recovery disks, i know i could just make some more copies, but i am learning how to create ISO images.
But i was a bit worried what would happen when i put a disk in the drive.....

Answer:Re: Satellite L300-1BV - creating ISO images of your recovery disks

This with recovery image is a little bit complicated and something like this is not possible.
All you can do is to create recovery DVD using Toshiba recovery disc creator or start recovery from HDD directly using Toshiba recovery option (F8).

You can do with this what you want but how you want to start installation later?
Sorry but I think it will not work.

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I have a problem creating recovery disks for the Satellite L500-126.

I am using the Toshiba recovery disk creator.

The 1st disk is ok.
When I try to make the 2nd disk, the systems stops exactly at 50% of the 2nd disk. and no more reaction from the disk creator.

I tried 2x, and each time i had to abort and throw away the dvd's.

any suggestions?

Answer:Problem creating recovery disks for the Satellite L500-126


You should try another DVD from different manufacturers?
It?s nothing unusual that some DVDs are not fully compatible and that the CD/DVD drives cannot write the data properly?
I had such issue in the past and could solve this testing and using different DVDs.

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I bought in June 08 a Toshiba Satellite P205D-S8804 on Ebay Australia and I now need to format system but cannot find my recovery disks that were provided with system.

Where can I order the necessary recovery disks from in Australia? Is there a number i can ring for products no longer under warranty?

Answer:Satellite P205D-S8804 - Need replacement recovery disks

Hi Eagle,

I don?t life in Australia so I don?t know how it works exactly but I would recommend contacting an authorized service provider in your country. The guys can order a new disk I think.

Furthermore if you have a Microsoft Windows disk you can reinstall Windows with this disk. You can download all drivers and tools on the Toshiba website.

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I recently purchased a Satellite Pro A300-13X notebook with Vista Business installed.
It came with two product recovery discs to install XP professional.

Since I decided just to use XP, I followed the procedure for product recovery and I am now running XP from the first disc. It seems to run properly.

I'm unable to install the second disc and wonder where it is for. It contains 7 application files 001-002-003-004 crc and tpa.

Does anyone know what to do with this disk?

Answer:Satellite Pro A300-13X: Question regarding the Product Recovery disks

Don't know what this disc contains or how to install it, but check if everything works and if all utilities and programs are installed, which you had under Windows Vista.

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I'm working on a Satellite A200, which doesn't have any recovery disks, and now seems to have a messed up Vista installation.
Before I started working on it, I created backup images of the Hard drives 3 partitions (C:\, TOSHIBA SYSTEM VOLUME & HDDRECOVERY) which I have saved on another computer.
My question is, can I create recovery disks from these images? The machine they are saved on triple boots XP, Vista & W7, they were created using ShadowProtect Desktop.
I can mount the images into either OS...

Answer:Satellite A200 - Burn recovery disks from HD image?

As far as I know it can be problematic now. Recovery media can be created when notebook has ?factory settings?. That means available "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator" tool and recovery image placed on second partition.

When you move this recovery image somewhere else and put it back later it can happen that "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator" cannot find the files anymore.

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I have 3 recovery disks which were provided with my Toshiba (which was originally bought in the US for me by my brother although I am UK based). The laptop was originally running Windows XP Home Edition and Microsoft Works and is covered in Toshiba labels to that effect. When I try to restore the system using the recovery disks, the screen says it is installing Windows 95 ! Also, although It appears to be reformatting the hard drive, it only gets as far as 86% then stops ! (even if left overnight)

So I have two questions:

1) Can I get correct replacement start-up disks for XP?
2) Is there a likely reason for the 'lock-up' at 86%?

Answer:Satellite 2415 S205 Recovery disks do not work

Hey there

About getting correct discs, I think you can try here:

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*Request for help*.

Following system crash 16 January have reinstalled Windows - as per my TOSHIBA Manual,
from the 2 supplied Recovery CDs - onto my Satellite 2450.

After watching the TOSHIBA & SYMANTEC Recovery Utility screen show progress
over the course of 21 hours - inserting Disk 2 as per screen instruction along the way -
at the end I was left with blank screen apart from a C Drive Prompt.

I am uncertain as to the proper required action to continue the recovery.

REQUEST ADVICE correct procedure to complete the recovery.


Using 1.4 Mb floppy StartUp disk can see that C: has what appears to be the XP folders.

- plus a folder, SYSPREP, which with another machine I see has contents shown below.

Volume in drive G has no label.
Volume Serial Number is 1724-0EEE

Directory of G:\SYSPREP

01/17/2003 07:40 AM <DIR> .
01/17/2003 07:40 AM <DIR> ..
08/29/2002 01:00 PM 16,384 SYS.EXE
08/29/2002 01:00 PM 27,357 CVTAREA.EXE
08/29/2002 01:00 PM 32,768 POWERCFG.EXE
09/20/2001 01:40 PM 588 WINBOM.000
02/25/2002 09:52 AM 153 SYSPREP.INF
08/29/2002 01:00 PM 112,640 SYSPREP.EXE
08/29/2002 01:00 PM 24,576 SETUPCL.EXE
08/29/2002 01:00 PM 50,055 OFORMAT (a COM file)
08/29/2002 01:00 PM 15,360 NETCFG.EXE
08/29/2002 01:00 PM 46,592 MSDINST.EXE
08/29/2002 01:00... Read more

Answer:Satellite 2450 Recovery Disks completed - Is there life after their use?

Just info. Finally cracked it and re-installed. Not clear why. Kept returning *Extraction Failed*. I kept running the recovery disks again, and again. The rate of progress seemed to increase on each attempt. Got to the *insert second disk and press Enter* bit. Did so, and on this occasion got message that the extraction failed due operator abort. Don't I just love this kit! Regardless ran again from scratch. When second disk requested I inserted it and confirmed done by pressing the letter *O* (For OK) rather than Enter. That ran through to 100% whereupon got a dialogue asking to remove the second disk and boot using Ctrl Alt Del.

It booted and brought up the Welcome screens. Could be in with half a chance. Thanks for input. zeds are calling.

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I have a Satellite L300 and have made a few sets of recovery disks as from what I read some makes work and some dont and so far none have.

Insert disk 1, press power on button and hold F12 down until the option for boot comes up.
Select CD/DVD then dos type box appears with X:\windows\system32\cmd.exe - startnet.cmd
and in the box Waiting for ODD to become available...

You can add as many dots after that as nothing proceeds further - hence three sets of recovery disks on three different brands of DVD any advice would be pleaseing!


Answer:Re: Satellite L300 - Recovery disks made but wont run


According to your description, the system recovery procedure does not start up and the ODD cannot read the disk.

In your case I would recommend recover the notebook using the Toshiba HDD recovery.
You can start the procedure from HDD; press F8, choose repair my computer, Toshiba HDD recovery.
Now the system restore should proceeds?

After the notebook has been set to the factory settings, check if there is a firmware update for this ODD (CD/DVD drive). If yes -> update the firmware.
I know you have tried three different DVD brands but you should still try to create a recovery disk using another DVD disk? I?m using TDK DVD ?R and had good experience using it. A friend of mine uses Verbatim DVD?R and never had any problems?

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I have a satellite 1800-400. The cd shows in device manager but it doesn't recognise the cd is in the drive. I need to use the recovery cdsas the system has been damaged virus etc. Is there a way i can get around the cd drive problem.



Answer:Satellite 1800-400: CD Rom wont work/ Cant use Recovery Disks


you have to boot from recovery disk by pressing C or F12 at startup.

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I just restored my Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit Operating System on my Toshiba Satellite L350-170 using the recovery discs I created 4 years ago when I first bought my laptop.

Having restored the OS, it has taken the best part of a day to install all the Microsoft updates, including Vista Service Pack 2, and other programmes I use (e.g. MS Office, Real player, AVG etc.).

Now everything is up to date, I have created a new system restore point on the hard drive and run the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator again. Just out of interest, will the recovery discs be created up to the last restore point, or will it just reproduce the discs I already have, which restore it to the factory settings?

If this only restores it to the factory settings, is there a way of creating a system disk to get it back to the point it's at now?

Answer:Do new recovery disks for Satellite L350-170 save updates?

Hi, no it doesn't work that way. Running Recovery will restore the HDD back to how you got it from the factory.

Message was edited by: RandyRoberts

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My L350 has suffered a disk problem and would not boot. It attempted an automatic recovery but failed. I have rebooted from the system recovery cd's I created when the laptop was first purchased but the recovery fails at image 5.

Does anyone have any advice?

Answer:Satellite L350 will not boot or recover using the recovery disks

Have you used these recovery discs in the past?
If the discs are OK I can imagine there is some problem with HDD but I?m not 100% sure about that.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A55-S1065 that I recently replaced the harddrive in, and when I try to use the recovery disks it keeps failing at various points with the A:/ghost error, even though this machine doesn't have a A drive

I really need help can anyone?

Answer:Satellite A55-S106 A:/ghost error when using recovery disks to reinstall OS

Apparently from my research into this problem on all of that years toshiba recovery disks they are set to automatically try and find a floppy drive, even when there isn't one.
I've copied the recovery disk onto a new disk, still dosen't work.

I've reinstalled the harddrive to make sure the connection is good.
I don't have another windows disk to try, does anyone have any advice for me?
It's very strange.

Can anyone help?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L300-139 (Vista, 160GG, 2GB memory).

Hard disk has been damaged (when booting Vista, systems does not start at all, and every time only a blank screen with the mouse arrow is shown --> tried all choices + PE boot etc. but there is no access to the Recovery Console) and there is no possibility to run CHKDSK to fix this problem.

No recovery disks were created when the computer was new.

I removed the laptop hard disk and plugged it in to my desktop computer, but 2 partitions out of 3 were damaged and I managed to recover some data including:

c:\program files\TOSHIBA

Recovery of the data was done by using and external USB hard disk.

I copied all the data to the USB disk and started the TRORDCLauncher program (run as Administrator). All it does it removes my DVD-drive from vista and then fails with error (rough translation):
"Other process is using the drive or there is no drives available. Check the drive status. [OK]"

It seems that Recovery Images have been created with Windows PE Tools 2.0 (Imagex), but as the data is spreaded around the folders I have not been able to create the recovery disks manually.

Any Ideas and knowledge how to create the recovery disks with this data what I have or do I have to order the DVD's and wait for couple of weeks before getting the system up again?



If someone knows a nice solution for executing Microsoft CHKDS... Read more

Answer:Creating Recovery disks without the possibility to boot -Satellite L300

Sorry but there is no chance you can create recovery DVD. Recovery DVD can be created if you use ?Toshiba Recovery creator? tool only and unfortunately there is no way to get it.

HDD recovery procedure using F8 can work only if the HDD configuration is not changed (new OS installed), the HDD recovery folder must be placed on second partition.
So with short words, you can do this just if the notebook has ?factory settings?. Now you cannot do anything but order new original recovery DVD for this notebook model.

If you want to do this you can order it under


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Can anyone help please?

I own a Satellite L350-20F running Vista
After suffering a blow to the laptop it stopped working. (no surprise)
Have used recovery disks to try to restore unit, but nothing happens it just reboots to the running ants with microsoft corporation written underneath, then check disk starts reporting no bad sectors, after this fins it reboots to running ants again.

Am getting blue screen error message every now and again, then goes to windows recover screen to either launch startup reapir (done this lots times still no progress) or start windows normally.
Tried to repair but just keep going through the stages of putting disks in and going through disk repair.

Is it easy to change HDD inside (i know how to on PC but no clue in laptop)(out of warranty))
I also own a satellite L300-25H is it poss to network them together and do a full format of broken one to see if that helps?
The only thing is will i be able to reformat new HDD with recovery disks to put back on Vista or will i need to pay out for a new OS?

Many Thanks


Answer:Satellite L350-20F - Recovery Disks work to a certain point, still no boot

Yes it is easy to replace the HDD, just unscrew the two screws in the HDD Panel on the Base.

If there is a HDD chassis/bracket on the drive, you will need to transfer the bracket to the new HDD.

If you have no Recovery Discs, you can order the discs from the Toshiba website for a small fee.

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My pc start acting up after i made a system restore.For exemple i cant use the fn key function.

Last week i decided to format my pc. But when i opened the TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator i got an unespected error 0D00F6-49-00000001.

I mananged to create 2 of the 4 dvd's. Im using Dvd-r from memorex.
Can someone help.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Answer:Satellite L500 - cannot create recovery disks - 0D00F6-49-00000001 error

Is this the first time you try to create recovery discs?

How you have created 2 discs if the Toshiba recovery disc creator starts with error?

Anyway, in this forum you can find similar threads. Probably is some recovery file corrupted and disc cannot be created.
I don?t think there is something you can do about it. Either it works or not. Maybe you should contact nearest Toshiba service and explain the situation. I hope they can help you with this and order original Toshiba DVD disc for you.

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I?m trying to do a clean OS install of Vista onto a new hard drive, the install runs correctly but at the end, instead of it requesting me to create a user id and password as the machine does at first boot up when new, it shows a login for administrator with a message that the administrator account has been disabled, and another to input a pre-existing user name and password, which I do not have since this is a clean install.

Does Toshiba want me to only run the recovery on top of a pre-existing OS install? That would be quite a limitation, and would prevent one from recovering their machine after a hard drive dies.
Any thoughts? I did look thru the docs for a default password, but if it's there I didn't find it.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Re: Satellite U305-S7477 - issue with clean install from recovery disks


To be honest your issue is strange to me. The fact is, for operating system installation you can use either Microsoft installations DVD or Toshiba recovery DVD. In both cases when installation is almost done you must enter your username and password (optional). There is no difference at all.

I have done recovery installation many times under WXP and Vista. No difference at all. Username must be entered always and I didn?t notice such issue as described in your posting.

So please try to install OS again and be careful with each installations step. All recovery installations images are tested and I cannot imagine Toshiba?s people can oversight something like this.

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just bought a satellite A505-S6005 and trying to create recovery disks.
I am using Dynex DVD-R.

It created the 1st disk after erroring out 2 times and when I started the 2nd disk kept getting the message again which is Error Code OE01BS-26-2A037303 says power calibration area error occurred, check disk for dirt or scratches.

The disks are not scratched and after going through 5-6 disks am wondering if something is wrong with the optical drive & not the disks.

Any help appreciated.

Answer:Satellite A505-S6005: power calibration error creating recovery disks


I think it?s a problem with your DVD medias?
You are using not compatible disks!!!

Try different DVDs from different manufacturers.
I?m use the Verbatim or TDK DVD-R and my CD/DVD drive handles these disks trouble free.

Check it!!! I?m sure this will help you!!!

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Lenovo'ers I just got my ThinkPad a week ago. It could not complete its Windows Updates, seems there was corruption in the Windows Update registry (google 'windows update error 643', seems to be common). I tried a few Microsoft support tools to correct it, but in the end I was wasting too much time so decided to restore my laptop to factory state. I went to the ThinkPad tools from the Start Menu, where there was a tool to create system restore disks. I went through that process, and created "Boot" and "Data" recovery disks. I rebooted my laptop with the boot DVD, and it started the recovery. I opted to do a full factory reset. It started going through the process, but then stopped and asked  for the "Application and Drivers Disk 1". What? The disk creation process only produced a "Boot" and "Data" disk. I tried using the Data disk for Disk #1, and was relieved when that worked. Sadly, the process continued until it stopped again and asks for Application and Driver disk #2. Sadly, the 'Data' disk  does not work for this, and the restore process refuses to continue. I am stuck. My machine is now in a completely unusable state. The original parition has been wiped out, and the OS is not installed. Two questions: 1) what is wrong with the recovery process? Seems like a major problem with the tool producing 'Boot' and 'Data' disks, while the reinstaler expects different disks. How can this be?2) how can I restore my machine to factory s... Read more

Answer:T530 Recovery Process Broken, I have Boot and Data disks not Application and Drivers disks 1 and 2

Hello and welcome,
Sorry to hear about this
Your recovery partition is probably already wiped out by the aborted restore, but what happens if you press the "Think" button during boot?  (or whatever it's called these days)  That might have given you a factory restore option _before_ you tried the DVDs.
Failing that, give support a call and explain the situation.  They can send you a DVD set.  They normally charge for these, but in a situation like yours they are often provided free.  I can't speak for Lenovo - that's just my personal experience.

United States
THINK-branded products
24 hours/day7 days/week


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i have had to replace my hardrive on my tablet now only to discover. I can no longer use the tablet as i don't have the nesecary software or drivers. I have been on Toshiba web site but can not find what I am looking for. I am now using Win xp media center on it.

I have also tried Win Xp and downloading the drivers but do not work. Can anyone tell me where to get the recovery disks and tablet editon for this laptop?


Answer:Portege M200: recovery disks and Win Xp tablet disks needed

Hello ez

Contact Authorized Toshiba service partner in your country. They can order for you original recovery media. The installation is very easy and everything will be work perfectly again.


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I'm selling my laptop and there are a few people interested in it. The thing is, I no longer have the recovery disks for Windows XP nor do I have my Microsoft Office 2007 CD or the Adobe Photoshop CS3 CD. I had them for a while and lost them when I moved to college. The potential buyers are interested in my laptop because I have Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 as well as Adobe Photoshop CS3. So if I do a complete wipe with DBAN, it will wipe my entire HD clean, correct? Is it possible to wipe certain parts of the hard drive and not others?Is there a way for me to sell my laptop while keeping Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 and Photoshop on there without compromising my security? I can't reformat or wipe my whole laptop due to missing recovery disks. I know simply deleting everything isn't "safe" but is that enough? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Help! Selling Laptop But Missing Recovery Disks and Software Disks

 1 You can wipe the drive [totally] with software. 2 or you can buy a Windows cd & format the drive, this is not a foolproof wipe like #1. I dont know how important is is to you?

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Following Mark's suggestion in the shipping thread I thought I'd get this started here.  I noticed a couple of people talking about making recovery disks, and then someone else jumped in and said that a bootable disk and maybe a few others should have come with the machine.  Can someone clarify?  Were we supposed to get (for example) an XP boot/install CD with the machine, or not?  I got nothing with mine, but I have a whole bunch of extra stuff on the hard drive.Damien

Answer:Recovery disks, boot disks etc

Generally no recovery cds/dvds are included in the box. It would appear that sometimes there have been XP recovery sets included with some Vista TPs, but this is not the "rule". Sets can be ordered from Lenovo and may be liable to cost something.It is up to the user to create his/her own recovery set using the tool provided in -Start - Programs - Think Vantage - Create Recovery Media. Be sure to create a set, lower part of the window, and not just a boot cd, upper part of the window.

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Hi, I have a just purchased the ThinkPad E550. I want to create recovery disks for the system. I have already upgraded the laptop to Windows 10 (system came with Windows 7). There is no OneKey Recovery icon that I can find, and I understand that this may not be available for anythign above Windows 7. How do I create the recovery disks? Thanks

Answer:How to create recovery disks for ThinkPad E550 with Windows 10 and no OneKey Recovery option

Hi srm17,
Welcome to Lenovo Community.
Does this help?

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Hello, I've lost access to my Thinkpad because of lost password to Hard disk.Then purchased another HDD and installed OS and drivers. Getting few problems, one is that I cannot use ThinkVantage key to restore my system. But I have Rescue and Recovery Startup Disk & Product Recovery Disks, so can I recover my old HDD?If not possible to use the old, can I get back my system working[as factory default] with those disks? Thanks.

Answer:Thinkpad z60m: HDD password [But have Rescue and Recovery Startup Disk & Product Recovery Disks]

For second option, what will be the passwords of the recovered system: BIOS, HDD, Windows?

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 I am doing a fresh install in the following rather than cloning because the system has not been reinstalled for 4yrs.  From an external usb CD drive (internal drive removed) I installed the recovery disks onto a 160GB Samsung HM160HC PATA drive with no problem .  Then clicked the restart button.  My T42 booted right back into the opening page of the Rescue and Recovery routine.  On restarting again I used F12 to get the list of drives and selected the Samsung HDD.  This did not help.  Have repeated startup numerous times.  The computer could not be looking at any other drive because the Samsung is the only one connected.  I am tempted to download Lenovo's available BIOS update while logged-in with the old 30GB drive regardless of the fact that my  Embedded Controller Program is ver 3.04 and supposed to be suitable for the 160GB drive upgrade.  If anyone has a suggestion please let me know.


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Answer:T42 HDD upgrade- Recovery disks install but hard drive only boots to Rescue and Recovery routine.

Welcome to the forum!
Wipe the hard drive clean.
Boot from the first (Rescue & Recovery CD) and follow the prompts. You'll have 7 more CDs to go through (5 for the earlier version).
Once the process is complete, the machine will instruct you to remove the final CD and reboot. At that point, you should be able to boot from the hard drive with no interaction required.
Good luck.

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I installed Ubuntu GNU/Linux in my 3000 N100 0768GZQ laptop and deleted the partition in which i had installed Vista using fdisk. However, fdisk also deleted the Lenovo rescue and recovery partition. Not realizing this i created 2 new partitions in the free space. Now I want to install Vista in one of these partitions and I don't have a Lenovo Rescue and Recovery drive or the recovery CDs. Please help me.

Answer:Lost Lenovo Rescue and recovery partition in 3000 N100 0768GZQ have no recovery disks, please help

You can either get a hold of Vista installation disks and install it manually, or call Lenovo support and ask for recovery disks. They may charge you for the disks as you are supposed to create your own recovery disks.

\\ I do not respond to PM regarding individual tech support. Keep discussions in the forum for the benefit of others //

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Hi, everyone.I'm quite sure I found this on-line and that it's doable, but now that I need it, of course I can't find it!My computer-illiterate sister has an eMachines Windows Vista computer that will no longer boot either normally or in safe mode; it hangs on crcdisk.sys.  She didn't make recovery disks when she got the computer, and the recovery console that comes up when it tries to boot also hangs.  She believes that it was interrupted while running a Windows update, but she's not entirely certain about that.  Anyway, her primary concern was recovering her pictures and documents, and I was able to do that by booting off a bootable Ubuntu CD.   Thus she now has everything she needs from that computer.  Before we take the sledgehammer to it, I want to fiddle with it and see whether I can get it booting into Windows off of the hard drive again so she can use it again, even if only for going on-line and not for saving precious stuff.I thought I read somewhere that if the recovery partition was readable (as it -- and the rest of the hard drive -- seem to be) that you could copy it up onto an external hard drive, then create recovery CD's on a different computer, but I can no longer find the instructions on how to do that.  Is that do-able, and if so, can I do it on an XP computer, or do I need to use a Win7 computer (I don't have a Vista computer).  Can I do it right off of the external hard drive, or d... Read more

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Hi all Would need some help for the OKR. Currently using Y450 Situation :System came with 3 partitions, Large C: , Small D: , Service Partition [Pre-installed Vista]Copied whole service partition out onto a external HDD. Formatted Main HDD partitions without touching the service partition, then installed XP on my systemAfter the XP installation, C: Drive is my "Service Partiton" and i can see ALL files which is supposed to be hidden (don't ask me why, I don't know -.-)D: Drive is my XP System files and everything else (1 HUGE partition 480GB). So right now, when i try to create recovery disks selecting the file on myC: Drive "Service Partition" factory.wsi file, i keep hitting this error : OneKey RecoveryFail:  error code 0xE0DD001FAn internal program error has occured.  Also, my Optical Drive also seems to die off after hitting this error, I can't eject, read, anything at all! I have to restart the whole System to get it to work again, its as if the power to the optical drive just died.   I have applied all the possible updates/patches for OKR, still nothing works. How can i fix this?   

Answer:Onekey Recovery error tring to burn Recovery Disks

1) You can't just copy the entire partition and expect the recovery process to work...2) You now cannot create your recovery disks because you have a) changed the partitions b) have removed the ability for the OKR partition to function.3) The only option you have now is to send your computer into the Depot and have them reimage your HDD... Also, while you are talking to them, ask them how to create a proper set of recovery disks through a backup and ask if they have Recovery disks they can send you... if they are available.

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Back to school for 4 children with laptops is a pain, I seem to be constantly wiping them and setting them up again.

Any ideas why the recovery disks of Vista don't display the TOSHIBA HDD Recovery option?

I made a USB drive and copied all the files from a backup of the Recvery Drive to it. The USB shows the TOSHIBA HDD Recovery option but asks for the disks and will not run the recovery from the USB itself. This is annoying but at least I can still use it to recover the machine.

I would like to either

solve the issue with the disks


get the USB to recover using it's own files instead of asking for the disks. Vista wasn't created with the option to recover from USB so this might be impossible.

Answer:Vista Recovery disks don't display TOSHIBA HDD Recovery option

The HDD recovery option will not appear in the Advanced boot menu if something has been changed or modified on the HDD and the ?flag? has been removed.
For example this may be the case if the partition has been changed, modified or if the HDD recovery files or folder has been modified, moved or deleted.

In case you want to recover the notebook back to factory settings, you have to use the recovery disk

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If I use the recovery disks (3) and the driver and application disk to re-install Windows 7 on my Acer Aspire 7740-5691 will the recovery partition be restored. The recovery partition is 11.72 GB and is 100% free space and healthy according to information in disk management. I am not sure how the recovery partition got wiped but the computer is up and running at this time. The disks were made when I purchased this computer about 5 years ago. The hard drive is 320 GB, processor is intel i3 quad core, ram is 4GB. Thank you in advance for your comments and information. Oscar1


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Answer:Do Recovery Disks restore Recovery Partition, Aspi...

Acer erecovery media will restore your laptop to factory default, so, yes it will restore the original recovery partition too.

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The 500 GB Samsung Hard Drive on my HP Pavilion a6500f PC running on Windows Vista Home Premium (64-bit) crashed. I bought and installed a new 500 GB Western Digital Caviar Blue model WD5000AAKS hard drive on the PC. I ordered recovery disks from HP using the computer's serial number and confirmed that the Build ID on the recovery CDs and the sticker on my computer match. However when I attempt to recover the system Windows loads the recovery files and then I get the error:

"This PC is not supported by the system recovery discs. You will not be able to recover this system with these discs."

I have tried 2 sets of recovery discs from hp and get the same error. I have attempted to use the Cyberlink Recovery Disk Utility from hp but it fails. This Utility only supports Windows 7 per the hp page.

I would appreciate any help on how to move forward. I am new to this site so if I broke any rules please feel free to correct me. Thanks.


Answer:System Recovery Fails with hp Supplied Recovery Disks

How much did you pay for your recovery discs and is it refundable? If you the recovery disc costs more then $100, you would be better off purchasing a copy of Windows 7 which is far more stable and a less of a memory hog.

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doing a factory disk recovery vista business 0n lenovo 6072 bvu thing centre windows comes up tofinish after finishing state shutdown load custom startup shuts down restarts the bar with moving lines appears the screen goes blank can hear startup sound the computer goes in like a sleep modeif you shut down the computer it restarts with not properly shut down restart normal safe mode network mode press normal does the samething and goes in sleep mode again is there normal startup and acustom startup if so how do you fixit

Answer:recovery lenovo 6072bvu withfactory recovery disks

'Startup sounds' as in the windows music or 'startup sounds' as in you hear fans and drives spinning up? If the former then you've got some kind of video problem. Try booting to safe mode. If it loads to the desktop set resolution to 800 x 600 and reboot to normal mode. Then try setting a higher resolution if desired.If the latter, well it still sounds like video. Do you have both an on-board video port and an added card? If so try both.

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My Laptop came preloaded with Windows 7 Home Premium and I would like to create system recovery disks. I have a drive labeled RECOVERY (D. How do I create recovery disks from this drive?

Answer:Need to create system recovery disks from RECOVERY (D:) drive

We know nothing about your laptop, so it's hard to say. Who made it?? What model?

You probably have to access some program, either from a choice in your list of programs or through a particular keystroke during the boot process. Look in your list of available programs for something related to recovery or consult your manual.

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I have a M92p SFF that I am trying to create the recovery set for. I have created the boot disk using a cd-r. I inserted a dvd-r for the first of the recovery disks and I get this message: "This disk cannot be DVDRAM, please select another recordable media type supported by the selected drive and try again." I click OK and it returns to the menu where the process begins.

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 I have gone to restore my laptop to Factory setting but in the rescue and recovery application i do not have any option to recover to the laptop as it came out the factory. When i got the laptop i created rescue media and have a set of 4 disks, All DVD(2 are 8.5GB). The R&R  boots and asks for the Final C disk. None of the disks display in the backup listbox. Before i went for a fresh install using a Windows 7 disk, i got R&R to off load media to a portable drive. This will boot to a different version of R&R similar to the post 2008 walkthrough. But the screen i get does not have the radio button for Factory restore, just the backup and when i put my DVD's in, no backup is found from the media i have... I removed the factory partition after i created the media as i presumed i could get back to the factory using them. My fresh install of windows 7 works but downloading the wireless driver from Lenovo doesn't activate... wish i never started to mess with it now.... Any suggestions???


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Answer:Edge 525 & Rescue & Recovery & No recovery Partition But Disks

Update: All Restored and Working again... Must label the Disks better in the future... I had 4 disks in a bundle, the first being the Rescue repair disk, which boots to a similar screen. As 1 of my disks didn't do anything in the various rescue and recovery application i used from previous thinkpads. Turned out this was bootable and the proper rescue and recovery for my set of disks... cdrivebackup.swm took ages to load and then asked for the second disk. Processed and now 1 working system again... now to move all the data back...

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I put in a new harddrive but I do not have the original recovery cd's. I want to reinstall Windows XP and enter my original Windows Key - will the Rescue and RecoveryŽ 4.21 download give me everything I need - or is there something else that goes with it? I didn't see any mention of reinstallation of Windows XP - only other suppoprt and diagnostic software.Thanks for your help - the amount of information on these computers is overwelming! Scott 

Answer:Recovery and Reinstall Windows XP - A52-8168 - Need Recovery Disks.

do you have the original HDD you have to burn the recovery cds from a service partition that comes on the HDD you can also use microsoft win. xp disc but I don't think your OEM key will work with that you can also search online....ebay

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I'm getting bad sectors on my laptop's hard drive so I guess I should fork out for a new one - but which are suitable for A210-1CO?

ta, M

Answer:Satellite A210-ICO - Which HDD can I use?


The Satellite A210 uses SATA HDDs and you need a new HDD with SATA interface. You can buy every HDD that you want, for example 160 or 320GB. On SATA interface there are no capacity limits.

Furthermore the most SATA HDDs have already SATA2 interface but its downgrade compatible to SATA1.
I would prefer a HDD with 5400rpm. Of course you can buy a HDD with 7200rpm but they produces more heat and noise. For the most applications are 5400rpm enough.

I have good experience with Hitachi and Seagate HDDs.


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I?m sorry if this problem is solved somewhere on this forum but I didn?t find it..
I have a problem with overheating, my laptop never shuts down but it?s getting so hot that I can almost burn my hand on it... it gets hot if I?m playing any game in about 10 min.

I changed windows Vista, WXP and now Win 7 on all of them same problem occurs... Laptop is cleaned inside 10 days ago and I didn?t touch processor only... the drivers are from Toshiba site. Laptop is Satellite A210-1AP (PSAELE).

I think that my graphic card is overheating but I?m not sure.. If I put my laptop on the desk and start any game in 10 min he gets really hot and continuing to rise temperature, then the game starts to lag (picture is going slow on moments or just freeze for a moment) then I take it to my lap and it works fine, its hot again but can work.

If any1 have any advice I would be grateful.

Answer:Satellite A210-1AP is getting really hot


1. Choose ,,Maximun Performance,, in cooling method in Power plan.
2 Maybe, thermal grease should be replaced.
3 What games do you play? Maybe, they are heavy for your computer. How was it before?

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I have a A210 Series running Vista. When switching the laptop on I get 'Windows recovery error'. I then get two options 'Launch Start up repair' or 'Start windows normally', if I select 'Launch start up repair' I get a the message: ' System recovery options. The installed program cannot start. Click OK to turn the computer off' Selecting 'start windows normally' loops round to 'Windows recovery error' message.

This message appeared without any previous problems with the laptop or Vista.

Any ideas on how I get back to normal use?

Answer:Windows recovery error on Equium A210

Hmmm? looks not good buddy?.
According to your message you are not able to boot into Vista neither using the *'Launch Start up repair'* nor *'Start windows normally'* procedure?

Unfortunately, I don?t see any other possibility as to take the recovery disk and to recovery the notebook again.

It looks like a serious system problem which can be solved only using the Recovery disk and reinstalling the OS again.
But note; the recovery disk formats the whole HDD so you will lose all the data :(

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I am trying to recover an Equium A210 back to factory state. I run the recovery utility and select the default settings. I get a diskpart error and the recovery process stops. This i what it shows:
Try to remove all letters from potential partitions on HDD 0 ...
Try to remove all letters from potential partitions on HDD 1 ...

Microsoft DiskPart version 6.0.6000
Copyright (C) 1999-2007 Microsoft Corporation.
On computer: MINWINPC

Disk 0 is noe the selected disk.

DiskPart succeded in cleaning the disk.

DiskPart encountered an unexpected error.
Check the system event log for more information on the failure.
ERROR: DiskPart failed!
Press any key to continue . . .
How can i check the system event log when I have no way of looking at it as the HDD has no operating system now.

Any help & advice would be great ,

Answer:Equium A210 - Diskpart Error during recovery

I really don't know what is wrong there but, if possible, obtain Microsoft Vista installations DVD to see if you can install Vista properly.
If yes then is there something wrong with recovery image files. If not I presume there is something wrong with HDD.

Sorry but it is all I can say at the moment.

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For some reason, no matter what I do or try, my Toshiba recovery disc will not boot or load in my disc drive. I hear a lot of whirring noises and loud clicks, but nothing. I've cleaned the disc, I have my BIOS set to boot from CD/DVD drive. I have to eject the disc or else it would stay on a black screen all day. This is driving me up the wall, my laptop is just out of warranty and my games/applications are running slower and slower each day. I can't afford repairs, I need help! Has anybody got advice for me? Thanks

*edit*: I forgot to mention, certain discs don't load in my laptop but they'll load fine on my desktop (including my Toshiba recovery disc) is there anyway I can copy the files off my recovery disc and create a new one? (I'll admit it has a couple of scratches)

Answer:Recovery disc won't load on my Equium A210 - 17l

It is not easy to say what is wrong there. It can be faulty recovery DVD or maybe defective optical disc drive.
Try to use some other bootable CD/DVD as Microsoft installations CD or some Linux installations CD. If none of them work maybe is ODD defective.

Recovery image cannot be copied on HDD and new media creation is not possible. If your recovery media cannot be used because of scratch you can order new copy under

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I have 1 recovery disk that came with my equium, haven't used it before.
On the back of the recovery disk envelope it says "insert the first disk"

I'm assuming there should be a second?

Also what info will i need to provide during the install process? like serial number?
All i have is a black and white sticker that's on the side of the box it came in, but that was so long ago.

I'm having lots of issues with windows installer not running and many others,
Windows updates won't work either and i've tried to fix those but a clean reinstall of the os was recommended.
Now at this point nothing will install because windows installer won't work.
So i think i wil lhave to attempt a clean install, but i'm not even sure the cd drive will work.

I have gotten a great run out of this laptop, bit slow for my needs today but over all great product, bought in 2007.
With a clean os and 4 gigs of ram this thing could last for years more, can't afford a new one right now.
I have really tried to avoid using a recovery disk in the past, as i've never had any serious issues till now.


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Answer:Equium A210 171 What info do i need before i use the recovery disk?

> I have 1 recovery disk that came with my equium, haven't used it before.
>On the back of the recovery disk envelope it says "insert the first disk"
>I'm assuming there should be a second?

I?m wondering why you get such disk together with your notebook? why? Because I did not get the recovery disk but I had to create one using the Toshiba Recovery disk creator software?
But my notebook is newer than your A210? this might be the reason why you got such disk?

I created a recovery disk and I needed two DVD disks? I think these depends on the image file size?

> Also what info will i need to provide during the install process? like serial number?
This is not needed because your system was already activated.

But I recommend to backup your personal data because the recovery disk would format the whole HDD and you would lose the files.

PS: recommend reading the other threads in the Product recovery forum!

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I have a Equium A210-171 and I believe there is and onboard recovery to bring back to factory settings.

Could someone please help be in how I can do this or burn the onboard to cd. or even where I can get the cd from.


Answer:Re: Equium A210-171 - How can I burn a Recovery disk

You believe or do you know exactly that you can create a recovery disk?
Do you have a Recovery folder on a second partition?
Did you check the user manual for details?

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How do I go about making a recovery disc for my A210 (PSAFJE-003003KS), according to pc world it should have come with a disc, but it didn?t, and although there is one on the harddrive i'd like to have a physical one as my laptops been acting up lately.

Answer:Re: How to recover the Equium A210 - Don't have recovery disc


I think your notebook supports the HDD recovery!
Therefore it should be possible to perform the Recovery procedure without an usage of the Toshiba Recovery Disk.

Just press the F8 button immediately after notebook was powered up.
Then choose ?Repair my Computer? -> new window should open.
There you have to choose last option called ?Toshiba Recovery? and follow the instruction on the screen.

Please note that this procedure will set the notebook back to the factory settings and will format the whole HDD!!!


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My laptops hard drive failed last year and had to be replaced. Vista was installed by the repairer.
However I now want to restore the system back to default.

Will my Toshiba Recovery Disc which I recieved with my PC still word despite the fact the hard drive is different? How can I tell?

Answer:Equium A210-1C4 - Using Recovery DVD after replacing hard drive


You can use the Toshiba recovery disk even if the HDD has been replaced.
Usually it?s no matter that you are using new HDD...
The Recovery disk would format the whole HDD and should install the Toshiba image properly.


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Need to take it back to factory settings...

Cant find anywhere that gives the correct advice

Tried F8 and advanced options

Holding "0" while pressing On button

Any ideas


Answer:How to Boot into Recovery Sector on Toshiba Equium A210-17L ?

If you're sure you have a recovery partition, F11, F12, F10, Fn + any of those keys, and some other combinations are common ways to access it.

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My laptop contains smart 5400 rpm and 160 GB. I think I have a mechanic problem with HDD because of boring voices.
That's why I want to change that with a new one but I don't know What the highest capacity of the new one will be?

Answer:What is MAX HDD capacity for Satellite A210-11C?

It must be HDD with highest capacity?
Unfortunately Toshiba doesn?t offer such info but I think you should not have problems with 300 GB or even 400GB HDDs.

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