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Can I use the Satellite A215 recovery disk for Satellite L305-s5921

Question: Can I use the Satellite A215 recovery disk for Satellite L305-s5921

My laptop crashed (Toshiba L305-s5921 series).
I dont have the recover discs, but I do have the recovery disc for my Toshiba A215 series.

Can i recover my laptop with this disc.

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Preferred Solution: Can I use the Satellite A215 recovery disk for Satellite L305-s5921

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Can I use the Satellite A215 recovery disk for Satellite L305-s5921


You can not use the Recovery disk designed for A215 because the A215 is simply different notebook model which need different drivers as the L305!

The image on the recovery disk contains the OS, drivers and tools and if you would use different recovery disk then wrong drivers would be installed on the L305 and this can lead to other troubles!!!

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Thank you in advance for any assistance.

I have had my laptop for about a month by now and about a week in I plugged in an external USB mouse because I prefer it over the touchpad. One day I decide to unplug the external mouse and to use the touchpad for a little bit, but when I unplugged it and had the touchpad enabled, the touchpad did not work.

I tried to FN+F9 key combination numerous times but it doesn't work and I also have reinstalled the drivers for the touchpad numerous times and they have not worked either. I have also uninstalled the touchpad drivers and restarted the computer, letting the computer take care of reinstalling the drivers but the result was the same.

Does anyone have any other ideas or should I send my laptop in for a repair?

Answer:Satellite L305-S5921 - Touchpad Stopped Working


Have you installed some additional software for external mouse?

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I hope this isn't a duplicate thread - I did several searches, but couldn't find this, so forgive me if I missed it.

Anyway, I bought the L305-S5921 a couple of months ago. It's a great laptop for the price. My only complaint is the video playback - it's not crisp at all and is rather blurry. When I watch DVDs and watch the 'higher' resolution videos on Hulu, it's blurry (note: Hulu's 'high-res' is 480p).

I've tried adjusting the laptops's resolution before video playback, but it doesn't seem to help.

I read a review of this laptop on a store's review page and he said that he had to tweak the video playback. Anybody have any idea how to 'tweak' it? I could not e-mail that person, as it was anonymous.

Or, do you know if any programs (like ffdshow) will help? I think it would help with DVDs, but does anybody know if it would help with streaming from Hulu?

If you can help, please be as explicit as possible - I do have some technical know-how, but this problems seems to be beyond my realm of understanding!

PS - everything else on this laptop looks great - photos, the games I play (not too demanding of hi graphics, etc...). It's odd because I got this laptop to replace an old (7 or 8 years old) desktop that I had (with a CRT monitor). But, that monitor seemed world better on video playback than this brand-new laptop with higer resolution!

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Satellite L305-S5921 - Video playback is blurry, not crisp


First of all where did you read about this video playback tweaking?
And what you mean with DVDs in higher resolution? Normally all DVDs have the same resolution as far as I know. Only on HD-DVD and Blueray you can have another solution.

Furthermore it would be interesting to know what DVD playback software do you use. You should try the VLC media player. I have only good experience with this player and its freeware. It can play the most video and audio files.
Sometimes I can read in the forum that with this player works at best for watching DVDs.

Check this!!

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I have a Satellite L305-S5917.

Yesterday I tried to create recovery disk with recovery disk creator, and then when I put a DVD+R, it said "Another application is using this drive or no recordable disk drives are recognized on your PC. Please check the drive condition. (Error code: 0D00E4-F0-00000000)."
I also try with DVD-R but I didn't work too. Anybody tell me what's wrong with my laptop and how can I create recovery disk.


Answer:Satellite L305-S5917 can not create recovery disk


This error message is not known to me.
Have you installed some application for CD/DVD burning like Nero?

Maybe some application agent is running in the background and optical disc drive is permanent in monitoring status. Restart your notebook, check background activities and be sure nothing can be responsible for this ?drive blocking?.
Is the ODD properly recognized in device manager?

One more thing: for recovery media creation I recommend you to use high quality DVD-R medias.
I had best experience with TDK and Verbatim.

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I had my laptop formatted about two weeks ago, unfortunately they did it in Spanish (I'm living in Mexico at the moment).

I've been looking for the recovery disk to restore my laptop to the way it was when I bought it. I lost mine and I'm in real need of this/these disk(s). Does anyone know where I can buy them? Or can anyone give any other suggestion?

I'd very much appreciate it.

Answer:Satellite A215 - Where can I get a recovery disk?

Have a look at the Toshiba US website, maybe you can order a Recovery Disc?

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Okay so i have a Toshiba Satellite A215-S7425 and I was wondering if any of you may have this same laptop too.
The reason you may ask is this.

I need a recovery disc for my computer because it got a virus and will no longer work so I have to buy the disc. I called Toshiba and they said it would be $50 or more. This is why I came to you. I was wondering if somebody had this computer and had the recovery disc and someway could burn it or something and give it to me I would try to repay you somehow.

If anyone that has this computer is interested in helping me would you please message me.

Thanks for your time,


Answer:Re: Satellite A215-S7425 Need recovery disk


I think there is no other that you buy a new recovery disk.
The forum here is not for exchange recovery disks.

I know this hard to hear but the first what you should do if you get a notebook is to burn a recovery disk and you didn?t do that.

You can also ask a local ASP (authorized service provider) for a recovery disk.


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I need to restore my notebook to factory setting but every time I start the toshiba recory wizard it stops and shows and error: 03-EEEE-0000.
I know it can read disks b/c last time i put the 2nd disk in instead of the 1st and the computer said to put the 1st disk in.
When I did the same error showed up. I tried booting from cd/dvd but it stil doesn't work. :(

Answer:Satellite A215-S7414 will not read recovery disk


Did you try to boot from another bootable CD? I mean can you boot from Microsoft Windows CD or from Vista DVD?

The error looks like the CD/DVD drive is not able to read and to boot from the first Toshiba recovery CD.
Maybe the disk is not more readable for this drive.

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Dear All,

I have problem with my Satellite A215-S7422 (AMD)
I bought this unit included Windows Vista Home Premium+Recovery Disc inside the package.
I really enjoy the fitures of Vista, amazing !!!
But some programs I've had didn't support for Vista. That's a pity for me.
So, I tried to make new partition than installed Windows XP SP2.
The problem is my Vista wasn't appeared anymore.
So I tried to get back my Vista using my recovery disc. But unfortunately it didn't work at all.

Questions :
1. Can CD recovery didn't work if we split Harddrive (make some partitions) ?
2. My recovery disc file is .tib, so I try using Acronis Image, while I operating this program my notebook didn't detect DVD Drive. Than I try to copy the all file for both of Recovery Disc to empty partition, I can see the .tib file but it didn't work also. Can you explain what probably causes ?
3. If I format all drives than make it one drive, can Recovery Disc works?

Please do me a favour for this
Your assist will be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite A215-S7422 some questions regarding Toshiba Recovery disk

I?m not quite sure how it works on US series but I think it?s not very different to EU series.

1) No, you cannot split the HDD using the Recovery disk. The recovery disk will format the whole HDD and will create the partitions like at the beginning.
2) I doubt you can burn it using other 3rd party programs. Toshiba has installed Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator which should be used to burn the Recovery disk
3) As I said in point 1 -> Recovery disk will format the whole HDD. It?s no matter how many partitions are created on HDD. Everything will be erased

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When trying to run the recovery disc on my Satellite A215-S7422, the install program won't run, telling me that "This CD is for Satellite A210, Satellite A215. Please use correct CD"

When I run System Information, it identifies my system model as a gibberish-like string along the lines of: "t.o&"

Could it not work because of this? Is there a work-around? How can I give it a valid System Model?


Answer:Satellite A215-S7422 - Can't run recovery disk - corrupt system model?


I heard about such an issue when DMI informations are missing or corrupt. You can read about this in similar threads.

Anyway, I think this happens when the mainboard was exchanged and the service centre forgot to update the DMI informations on mainboard. So the computer model isn?t recognized properly.

You should contact a Toshiba service centre. The guys can update the DMI informations and help you to solve the problem. :)

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The hard drive on my Satellite L305 went out and had to replace it. Ordered the recovery discs from Toshiba and have spent the past two hours swapping them back and forth every minute or so when prompted. Is this normal or should I be trying something different?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Answer:Satellite L305 - Recovery installation after HDD exchange


I?m confused about your posting? Normally you can install the recovery image from Toshiba recovery disk on every HDD. Just boot from this disk and follow the screen instructions, everything will be installed automatically.

What happens exactly if you start from recovery disk?

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My Satellite A215 didn't come with a system recovery CD. Is there a way that I can make one either from my computer itself, or online? My computer works but needs a refresher system restore, so I can make one from the computer itself if that's possible, or if someone can point me to where to find a site online that will make one for me that would be great.

Answer:Satellite A215 -- Making Recovery CD

I believe you can purchase a replacement disc from Toshiba, check their website or give them a call.

Unfortunately you cannot download one from the Internet due to licensing/copyright issues.

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I have A215-S7422
First I enjoy the Vista Home Premium until I got some problem with my OS.

I was downgrading my laptop to WXP SP2.
I formated all the HDD, than make some partitions.
Several weeks later I tried back to Vista using DVD-Recovery System which is included in the package when I bought the unit.
Unfortunately, the DVD undetected in the first on.

Do you have any idea how to use this DVD-Recovery?
Is there any special program for activate the DVD-Recovery?

Please, assist me.

Answer:How to use the DVD Recovery on Satellite A215-S7422

May I ask why you create double postings?
You have already asked this here:

Secondly as already described in different threads you have to boot from the Recovery DVD and this will start the new image installation.

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Whenever I put a CD into my CD drive, I hear the 'rurr' that usually accompanies the normal working sound of the disk drive working.

But lately, it makes that sound but doesn't read any CDs at all whatsoever. I searched the download and support already -- any suggestions?

I tried to look for basic/default drivers on the Download drivers page but they don't have 'em =/ And restore disk's definitely out of the question since the Drive's "broken"

Answer:Satellite A215-S7437 disk drive not reading

Hmmm?. Do you mean the ODD (CD/DVD drive) is not able to read ANY disks from different manufacturers; neither CDs (+R ?R +RW - RW) nor DVDs (+R ?R +RW - RW)???

If yes then the CD/DVD drive malfunction could be possible!
If this is the case then you will need to replace the CD/DVD drive?

If your warranty is valid then I recommend contacting the ASP in your country for further help?

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I need help regarding finding *Disc Images* of Toshiba *Recovery and Applications/Drivers* (2 DVDs) for the following Toshiba Satellite laptop model:
Model Name: *A215-S4697*
Toshiba Model-Part No: *PSAEGU-00V00U*

The problem is that 2 Recovery Discs I have are *empty/blank*. When I tried inserting it in my computer, *+Nero Burning ROM+* applications detects both discs as *Empty DVD-R media*. (In fact, I can even write on it since its just blank DVDs)

I can't create my own Recovery Disc since my system is broken (hence my *+need+* to use the *Toshiba Recovery Discs*)

I would certainly appreciate if anyone can share a download link or a torrent file for the *Toshiba Recovery Discs*

By the way, here's a [photo of my *+blank+ Recovery Discs*| iscs_122_881lo.jpg]

Answer:Re: Links for Toshiba Satellite A215-S4697 Recovery Disc Images

Hello alibaba

At first I must say that I know for sure that Toshiba does not offer link for recovery images download. If you want to have recovery CD/DVD for your notebook you must buy it.
The CDs shown on the picture are really strange. it does not look like original Toshiba recovery CD/DVD but like some self made recovery media. See just the print. I am really confused about it.

Original Toshiba recovery media looks like this one . Can you see the difference? Of course on this picture you can see recovery media for European market but I cannot imagine there is big difference for other not European countries.

Can you please tell me who gives you those CDs?

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Satellite L305.

Although 4 years old my battery is in good shape. But has just started to not charge while I am using the Laptop. The icon shows plugged in and charging, but the percentage left reduces. When switched off and the power left connected, the battery charges back up to full 100%. If, while in use, I disconnect the power and then reconnect the power, the icon shows the battery charging and the symbol inside the battery icon climbing correctly. But after a few seconds the battery symbol stops moving and shows the amount of charge stored.

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite L305 is not charging

If you can, try your charger on another compatable Laptop and see if its the charger that is playing up or the software.

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Can anyone give me feed back on this module?

It will be for my grandson who is 12. It has enough horse power for his needs. It is for sale at Wal Mart for $373.00 marked down from $498.
All comments will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks navydad

Answer:Need some help with Satellite L305 S5928


Satellite L series is not the best Toshiba notebook and I cannot recommend it for someone who want to have notebook for gaming and who needs much performance.
Satellite L305 is nice notebook and I think that 12 years old child will be happy with it.
Price is really OK.

Anyway, before you buy it ask him for which purposes he wants to use notebook. If he is focused on gaming and play newest games I don't believe it is not the best solution.

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Anyone have the drivers for a laptop Satellite L305 - SP5935C?

I have been searching everywhere and I can't find

I need to change windows vista for XP

Thank you!!

Answer:Re: Satellite L305-SP5935C - Need Win XP drivers


The L305 seems to be a US notebook series.
The 5 at the end of the notebook model means that this is a US notebook.

Therefore you should check the Toshiba US page for the drivers:

If you will not find any drivers at this page, then you will have to collect such drivers at your own hand.
Many different notebook model use the same devices so you could try such drivers which were released for such notebooks.

PS: Try the Toshiba European driver page and check the XP drivers released for Sat L300. Maybe some single drivers would work.

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Hi All,
My computer keeps freezing at random, sometimes it won't let me get in to the home screen & like now it will let me in for a little wile. I can't work on more than one thing at a time or it will freeze up immediately. Also when run scans like my virus scan it will freeze. I tried to run the SFC/Scannnow & it freezes up on that one also. doesn't matter if it's in safe mode or not. Also when I try to run it in safe mode it would sometimes freeze on the same line everytime. "CRCDISK.SYS. I would then have to manualy turn it off & reboot & after a few tries it will come on.
I have looked on some of the other post & have tried the scanning with AVG virus & malaware & such I did the msconfig & made sure I don't have anything running at start up, I also did the service part to see if was the background programs but it still freezes. So I ran the hijack & this is what I have. I hope it's something simple & someone can help. I am banging my head right about now.
Thanks in advance,

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 2:22:19 PM, on 2/28/2012
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.19088)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\HP\Digi... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L305 Freezing up

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Hi everybody!

Somebody who helps me to find drivers for Toshiba Satellite L305-SP5920A?

I can?t find them anywhere and I need them for any Windows (Vista or XP). It?s strange because in section products. This model exists but not in support or downloads.

If someone helps me, I?d thank you!


Answer:Satellite L305-SP5920A - Where can I get the drivers?


I have a little bit searched using Google and I founded out that it?s a Latin America model. So that means you can find the drivers on this Toshiba page:


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i have a toshiba satellite L305-S5955. the op system is windows vista home basic edition. i have a problem with power. the laptop powers up for about 30 seconds and shuts off automatically. i have bought a new battery and ac power cord and the problem still exists. the power jack is not loose and the laptop is clean inside and not getting hot. the battery also show its not taking charge when the power cord is plugged in.

Answer:toshiba satellite L305-S5955

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I have a L305 running Vista 32bit SP1.

It came with 2GB of DDR2 6400 memory (two 1GB sticks). I have upgraded to 4GB using two 2B sticks) Is there something else I have to do to get win to utilize the extra memory.

I have seen plenty debates about 32bit will only handle between 3-3.5 GB total. I'm no worried about that. My system is still only using the factory 2GB. I have gone into the BIOS. however I see nothing importantthat I can change. I'm confussed. Where is the clock speeds memory allocations etc.

Is there a trick to this or have I just flushed $$$ down the toilet.

Answer:Re: Satellite L305 - RAM Memory Upgrade Help

Have you bought compatible RAM modules?
It sounds to me as compatibility problem.

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ok i tried to start it and nothing at all happened... i think came up saying entert he boot disc so i did and it took me to the microsoft loading screen and it sat there for hours never loading....... i tried to restart the computer and tried to go to the boot options but it wouldn't even bring up those options it just told me to enter the boot disc....i really have no idea what to do any help that you guys can give me i would appreciate it

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L305 problem

i think you should take this to a repair shop, laptops arent like PC's in that without the correct tooks you cant diagnose the fault..

but at a guess i would say that the hard drive is stuffed

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This evening I noticed that my lap top would make beeping noises at random. At first I was not able to tell where the noise was coming from, considering the noise certainly does not come from the speakers. Unfortunately the beeping has been occuring so sporadically, I have not been able to get a clear idea of where it is coming from. My best guess, is that the sound is emitting from under neath the laptop.

When the laptop beeps, it is three to four quick noises, that can I can best describe this way: "ba-beep, ba-beep, be-beep."

This has never happened before so I am not sure what other information I should offer. If it helps, the lap top is only a little over a year old. The noise occurs randomly, whether or not it is plugged into its charger. My operating system is Visat Home Basic.

If there is anything I left out, please let me know. I have no idea if this is any cause for any real concern, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


-- Brenna

Answer:Re: Periodically beeping on Satellite L305

Does it happen only while you are typing?

If its definitely not coming from the speakers, the only other device that could emit such a sound would be the Hard Disk.

Maybe you should backup your data just in case something happens. You can test the HDD using various tools available on the internet, such as Hitachi DFT (Bootable CD).

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I have just set up windows Vista Ultimate.
The first window is home basic. I lost driver for standard VGA graphics Adapter.

Please send me. I need it. Thanks so much.

Answer:Need drivef for Satellite L305-S5915


All drivers for your notebook model you can find under

Choose your notebook model and you will find Intel Display Driver for Windows Vista (v7.15.10.1502; 07-16-2008; 20M). It must be the right one for you.

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How do I reset it?

Answer:Toshiba satellite l305-s5900

'How do I reset it?'What really is your question?Some HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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Working on problem for niece's laptop (Satellite L305-S5894) running Vista Home Premium SP1 (32-bit), 3GB RAM, Pentium Dual Core T3200. Getting BSOD, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL errors. Stop codes 0x0000000A (0x00000034, 0x00000002, 0x00000001, 0x820008FE9). Problem occurs in regular and safe modes. Feels random, but definitely related to activity on the system. If allowed to sit with no user action, the problem does not occur. Have run a couple of virus and malware checks against the system, and cleaned/deleted the items found. There really was not a significant number of threats found. Have tried disabling non-essential startup software to no-avail. Problem prevents me from upgrading to SP2.

No help from niece in terms of anything she might have done, or software she might have installed to start the troubles. Nothing available in system restores to allow roll-back - although system restore is enabled.

Am attaching 3 recent DMP files.

I would appreciate any help in resolving. Thanks.

Answer:BSOD Vista SP1 - Toshiba Satellite L305

Hi -

Install all outstanding Windows Updates, including Vista SP2.

How to obtain the latest Windows Vista service pack

Regards. . .



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I have a problem with my Toshiba Satellite L305 laptop and it repeatedly crashes and gives off a blue screen saying: it was doing physical dump of your memory, something like that. So I was wondering is there an easier way to fix this and is this caused by a virus?

Answer:Toshiba Laptop Satellite L305 crashes

Let's try this.Download/install BlueScreenView, BlueScreenView.exe file.When scanning is done, Edit/Select All...then File/Save Selected Items.Save the report as BSOD.txt.Open BSOD.txt in Notepad, copy all content and paste it into your next reply.Louis

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Windows Vista, Bit 64.

Called tech support but it could not help. Neither the built in microphone near web cam and a plugged in microphone will work. I have good sound and the cam works fine. I do not know a lot about computers, but neighbors help me.

Any help or guidance would be very much appreciated. Thank you, Donna

Answer:Satellite L305 - Microphone doesn't work


Are all devices on your notebook recognized in device manager properly or you have yellow exclamation marks?

I assume the Satellite L305 was not delivered with Vista 64bit so does the microphone work with the preinstalled Vista?

Maybe you should try to update the sound driver of your notebook. On the Toshiba website I didn?t find a Vista 64bit driver but maybe you find a driver on the manufactures website of the sound card or on the Toshiba European page for Satellite L300 (it?s similar to yours).

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Hello i have a toshiba satellite L305 with a built in hdd user password that i need to remove.Is there a way to remove hdd password?

Answer:toshiba satellite l305 hdd password removal

Yes there is.Contact Toshiba and be prepared to prove you are the original owner.Questions like this are asked everyday on this forum.

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Looking for info on how to replace cooling fan on a Satellite L305-s5919 model. been all over the internet and seen everything but this model.


Answer:Cooling fan replacement on Satellite L305-s5919

Before you exchange cooling fan you must disassemble whole notebook. How to do this is described in maintenance manuals but problem is that this document is not a public document so you will not be able to find it for download.

I presume this is US notebook model so you can ask for help on Toshiba US forum.

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I installed XP on my L305 Satellite, and I found all the needed drivers except the Ethernet (LAN and WLAN).

I'm searching the interent for couple of hours, and I can't find the right drivers.

Can any one help me?


Answer:Satellite L305-S5875 - need Ethernet drivers for WXP


Regarding the lan driver you can use the realtek drivers because your machine has a realtek LAN card installed. Regarding WLAN I would check the device manager and take a look at the hardware ID which is stated in the "Details" of the device which has the exclamation mark. Just paste the hardware ID into google and search for it, you will surely find some hint which card is installed.


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Satellite L305-S5885 on Vista premium SP1. This was bought from circuit city, and has all of Toshiba's drivers installed.
If i try to hibernate or sleep, the laptop just restarts. I am using the "balanced" power scheme.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?

Answer:Satellite L305-S5885 won't hibernate or sleep

That is strange. I would try a BIOS update.

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Aloha all,

OK, very strange problem with my Satellite L305-S5883.

This laptop will reboot all by itself every 10-15 minutes like clockwork only when connected to both a battery AND A/C adapter. Yep, that's right.

It runs on a battery w/o any problem until the battery is drained AND it will run forever on an A/C adapter provided that there is no battery installed.

But if I put a battery in AND connect an A/C adapter, it will definitely reboot within 15 minutes, over and over again.

I've looked around out there and found folks with bad batteries having this problem, so I bought a new one online but the behavior is the exact same as with the old battery which actually lasts a whole lot longer than the new one since it's a high capacity version.

I also tried a 2nd Toshiba A/C adapter that I had lying around.
The original one that came with this laptop is a 19V/3.95A. The one that I had lying around is a 19V/4.74A.

Same exact result with all 4 combinations of 2 batteries and 2 A/C adapters.

I've seen the thread about the bad NEC TOKIN OE907 capacitor and it does seem related but my deal is a bit different and I'd like to avoid hot-prying off that chip if at all possible.

Anybody know any more specifics about this defect ?


Answer:Satellite L305-S5883 reboots spontaneously

To be honest its difficult to say something about such issues... it looks like an motherboard related issue.
But if the issue is related to an motherboard part (faulty capacitor, etc?), then this means that usually and in most cases the whole motherboard will be replaced.

To be honest I don?t think that an capacitor replacement (if possible) would be so easy? usually such replacement procedure requires some experience is soldering and electronic components.

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Hello guys.

FIrst, sorry my poor english.

Recentlly I bought a toshiba L305-S5933 and by the Vista problems i downgraded to Win XP.

So, I have so many problems with the FN Keys and Multi Media drivers (multi media drivers = pause/play-stop-previous-next buttons to w. media player and winamp, etc) The multimedia keys i fix with some downloads.

I do many searches and downloads, and with this downs I can fix the media keys to win media players (this keys run only in WMP, in Winamp don't work (i dont know why :( ))

cmod 20080908150253

But the FN Keys (FN + Light +/-, FN + Wirelles, etc, etc, etc) I can't fix.

I need help to fix all FN keys, but don't know so much about notebooks.
I read some Jeff posts, with good replies, if you can, please help me, man.

Answer:Satellite L305-S5933 - Need Webcam and Mic driver

Sorry for Up, but i need the Webcam and Mic drives too.


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Just got an Satellite L305-S5926 (has serial SATA drive) , that I want to add a Windows XP partition (first choice) or convert to a Windows XP only system (second choice).

First I did a partition Shrink using the Disk Manager in Vista to free up about 73GB of disk space for use by the Win XP partition. Then with the BIOS setting for the Sata Interface set to AHCI (default setting) I rebooted to the Win XP install CD and got a Blue Screen of Death (BSD) with a Stop Error after it loaded all drivers and attempted to start XP.

I then created a floppy disk with the Toshiba AHCI Raid/Sata Drivers and rebooted to the installation Win XP CD using F6 to install the Sata drivers. Still got the BSD. Rebooted and went into BIOS and changed the Sata Interface setting to Compatability and then rebooted into the Win XP installation CD.

Using both the F6 option and not using the F6 option, the installation progresses further than before into the startup stage to where you get to pick the partition into which you want to install XP.

At this point the only partition it see is the the C: partition that Vista lives in. It does not see the 73GB of free space that I created by Shrinking the Vista partition back at the beginning. The results are the same whether, in Vista, I leave the space as free space or if I format it, It does not appear as a place to install XP

At this point I have not yet tried cleaning the disk entirely and installing XP first followed by installing Vist... Read more

Answer:Cannot install WinXP as second OS on the Satellite L305-S5926

Check this thread:

There is a nice instruction and solution posted by Chad.
It?s about L300 but this series is very similar to the L305

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I have problems with starting my toshiba Satellite L305-S5955. When i push the starting button, some times it starts, some times not (even when it is on sleep or hibernate mode, pressing any button or starting button don't work everytime), and it's independent from battery failure or AC power, i checked before. I took it to a repairer, reparing and founding the failure took lot of time, at the end, it works fine, but just for two days. He said that the problem was in the bios. Now i still have the same problem.
- Bios version is 2.02. (never did an update).
- OS: Windows vista home basic.

Can anyone please help, or have the same problem to share.

Thanks for reading.

Answer:Satellite L305-S5955 and starting problems

Is the power from the AC Adapter stable?

Have you installed the latest BIOS?

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Hey M Faizan I just wanna ask u that Is L305-S5919 compatible to run Windows 7 RTM

I've tried to check my system with the compatibility advisor but it shows some internet connection errors, and in real there are no problems with my connection, so wht'd i do

Reply Fast Plzz

Answer:Satellite L305-S5919 - Is it compatible to run Windows 7?


Theoretically you can install Windows 7 on Satellite L305 ? Why not? ;)
The question is if you can get all drivers and tools for it.

On the Toshiba US page I have founded some beta drivers for Windows 7: > Windows 7 Support
Furthermore my experience is that some drivers for Vista are also work on Windows 7 so check this!!


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Should I do this or not?

When I shutdown my laptop L305 I disconnect the power cord from the AC adaptor. Or should I just leave my laptop plugged in all the time.
When this happens their's a green light that stays on all the time.

Thanks, Richard......

Answer:Should I disconnect the AC adaptor when Satellite L305 has been shut down

Generally speaking you can do what you want. After finishing my work I disconnect power supply to my notebook but not removing AC adapter from notebook but rather disconnect power supply from the socket outlet.

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I have a problem with my Satellite L305. Keyboard failed first. I have restored windows and then touchpad failed, but keyboard started working.
When touchpad is enabled in BIOS, keyboard and touchpad don't work in windows. When touchpad is disabled, only keyboard works in windows. In BIOS keyboard works every time. Everything is plugged as should be. Fn+F9 doesn't change a thing. Newest synaptics driver is already installed, but laptop doesn't see any touchpad.
Could anyone help please?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L305-S5884 and I noticed that there's a problem with the keyboard repeat rate. I found some information about this problem with other models as you can see:[email protected]@@@10 [email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccceadefdidkee jcgfkceghdgngdgmm.0

They already gave a solution: I need a BIOS update, but I couldn't find the BIOS to my model. Actually, I have the default release (1.40).

May I have some help?


Answer:Satellite L305 - Keyboard Repeat Delay


You should check the Toshiba page again. It seems that already new BIOS (1.50) was been released: > Download

The installation is worth a try! ;)


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I want to be able to use my logitech webcam (plugged into USB Port) instead of chicony integrated cam because I like it better. When I go on some chatting sites w video option the site usually selects the integrated cam and (from settings) does not SEE the other one whether I turned it on or not.

Can someone help? My search didn't return anything useful-- strange


Answer:Satellite L305 - How to disable the integrated webcam?

Hi crispy40,

In my opinion the easiest way is you disable the webcam in device manager, then right click on your internal webcam and select ?disable?. Now the internal webcam is disabled and usually only the external one should be recognized.

Check this!!!

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Hey everyone my names' Faizan and my problem is that i want to downgrade to XP cause I don't like vista at all

I know all the steps to downgrade to xp like changing bios to compatibility but there's only one problem

I just need an assurance from someone that it won't hurt my system in any way, cause i've heard some friends saying that changing to compatibility mode eats the hard disk and slows up the pc like u are using a way older system of 1998.

So, this happens or its just some rumours ??

*Reply FAST*

Answer:Satellite L305-S5919 - downgrade from Vista to XP

> I just need an assurance from someone that it won't hurt my system in any way, cause i've heard some friends saying that changing to compatibility mode eats the hard disk and slows up the pc like u are using a way older system of 1998.

The compatibility mode means that SATA HDD controller will not run with SATA performance (faster) but this option would emulate the IDE controller.
In such case the SATA drivers would not be needed. But the HDD would run slower?

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Hello, I have recently downgraded my Toshiba Satellite L305 S5885 from Vista to WindowsXP. Everything is working fine except the function (Fn) keys for controlling screen brightness, volume. Some work like mute but most do not do anything when I try to use them. All drivers installed fine the device manager shows nothing missing or errors.

I have tried installing all the drivers for the keyboard, Fn keys, hotkeys and still I cannot get them to work at all. Has anyone been able to get these keys to work after installing WinXP or do you know what drivers/software I am missing? Can these keys be used in XP or do they only work in Vista?


Answer:FN key not working in Windows XP - Satellite L305-S5885

This functionality has nothing to do with operating system or device manager. FN keys functionality Toshiba uses for years and I believe it will be used in the future too.

As I can see you have probably US notebook model. I don?t know how it works in US but here in Europe Toshiba has offered special WXP BIOS update. After installing this BIOS the FN keys are working fine.

So check please Toshiba US support site under to see what is offered there for WXP. I recommend you also to check ?Ask Iris? section. Maybe you can find there some useful bulletins about that.

One more thing: under you can find US Toshiba forum. i hope there you can find answer to your question.

Good luck and please let us know if you have configured WXP successfully.

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Hello there

i have a Toshiba Satellite L305 running windows vista home premium.
I bought a VGA to HDMI cable but when i plug my Satellite into my Westinghouse TV i cant seem to get the two to connect.

Please help me out.

Answer:How to connect Satellite L305 to TV using HDMI to VGA cable

Hi, what VGA to HDMI Adapter are you using? What is the brand and model of the adapter?

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Talk about confusing. Does anyone know how to get a Toshiba C660 working after the HDD has failed and the owner has stupidly NOT followed the instructions to make a recovery disk. Will the recovery disk ( if you purchase one from Toshiba ) rebuild the new HDD along with a new recovery partition and install windows 7 (original OS ) and accept the product key printed on the Windows License attached to the base of the laptop. I have read a number of suggestions but these have been deemed incorrect by others.

Surely Toshiba must have a way of sorting this problem.

Do they read these posts ?

Answer:Satellite L660-12Q - Would recovery disk rebuild the new HDD along with a new recovery partition

Hi buddy?

I don?t think that this is really complicated? I could find all info regarding the recovery procedure in the user manual?

The recovery disk has to be created at the first day of purchase? its recommended to create one in cases something would be wrong with the HDD.

The recovery disk contain an image?. Image is a package containing Win system, drivers, tools and all the stuff preinstalled on the notebook.
You purchased the notebook and the system was already activated so you don?t need the key placed at the bottom of the unit.
Furthermore the usage of recovery disk formats the whole HDD (partitions too) and set the notebook back to the same state like at the first day of purchase.

There is also another option to recover the notebook called HDD recovery. This HDD recovery does not need recovery disk. Usage of HDD recovery would format ONLY the C (system) partition.

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I just buy a new Satellite L50-A-161 with 6 Gb Ram.
When i try to create the recovery disks (3 of 4.7Gb DVD) with Recovery Media, during the verify, after writing the first disk, I receive this error message:

Cannot read file:
D: \EFI \ microsoft \boot \bcd
(error code: 02014F - 20-00000000)

and the process stops.

Is there anyone thath can help me?

These are the spec of my notobook:
Satelliete L50-A-161, 6 GB Ram, Intel Core I7 3630QM-2,40GHz,NVIDIA GEFORCE GT740M 2GB RAM, S.O. W8 64bit.
Ask for more, if nedds.


Answer:Satellite L50-A-161 - Recovery Media fails in creat recovery disk

Hmmmm.... there must be some problem with recovery image.
When you open recover disc creator and if there is option for USB media creation please test it.

Maybe you will be able to create recovery USB stick.

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I have a toshiba Satellite C650 that has recently come up with a disk read error. I want to access the command prompt to try some potential solutions that I have read about on the internet.

I have made a Windows 7 recovery disk using my other acer laptop which also has Windows 7 64-bit installed. When I use the recovery disk and it has loaded the files etc it just brings up a black screen and the cursor.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?
I tried booting my acer laptop from the recovery disk and it worked fine.

Also does anyone have any suggestions as to why I am getting the 'disk read error - hit ctrl, alt and delete to restart' message?

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

Answer:Satellite C650 - Disk read error and recovery disk is not working

On this virtual way it is not easy to offer exact diagnostic but obviously there must be some problem with HDD. Can you obtain second one for testing purposes and exchange it. Just to be sure if HDD is ?troublemaker?.

But there is one another thing:
>I have made a Windows 7 recovery disk using my other acer laptop....
Sorry but I don?t understand this. Can you please explain to us what have you done exactly?

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I have started using my nice new Satellite T110-12. How can I create a recovery disk?

Why there is a frequent message about vibration has been detected, hard drive head disk has been moved to a safe position? Is there something wrong? Should I return it before the week is up?

Please answer, many many thanks!

Answer:Satellite T110-121 - Question about recovery disk and hard disk

Hi LindaMon,

> How can I create a recovery disk?
What about reading your user manual?
You need an 8GB USB stick for creating a recovery medium and preinstalled Toshiba recovery disk creator.

> hard drive head disk has been moved to a safe position?
Yes, that?s normal and everything is ok with your notebook. Your HDD will be protected by HDD/SSD Alert utility that is a nice feature from Toshiba to avoid head crashes and can enhance the life of internal HDD.
But yoou can disable these notifications if you want. ;)

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I live in Brazil and won a satellite M205-S4804. But i received it without any CD or DVD. No software drivers, no recovery CD or DVD.

I have both portuguese version of Windows: Vista and XP. And need to install them on my M205, but i do not found all drivers.

I tried to download the drivers in the @skIris and some components not installed fine, like a Wi-Fi card (I do not know what model is the device).

I think if i recovery the original status of my english Windows Vista (Home) and upgrade to my portuguese version(Ultimate), I will not need to reinstall the drivers...

There are a site to download the drivers and the recovery CD/DVD for my laptop?


Wemerson Guimaraes

Answer:Satellite M205-S4804 Recovery Disk and Drivers Disk?

This notebook seems to be designed for the US market and therefore you should look on the Toshiba US site for some drivers?

The M205 seems to be a new series on the market and possibly not all drivers were released at this time. SO maybe you will have to wait a little bit?

Sorry but this is everything what I can suggest?

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Hi there,

i have set the boot sequence to boot from cd, but the message reads: non bootable disk.

I have tried to open it with ghost but it wants a password.

Toshiba Satellite A60.

Answer:Satellite A60 - Recovery disk will not boot - error non bootable disk


First of all you will be not able to extract the ghost image file because it?s secured as you could see.

I don?t know why you cannot boot from the Toshiba Recovery CD. But a reason could be:
- The CD is faulty (scratch, not more readable)
- You used a wrong CD
- The CD/DVD drive cannot handle this CD due to the old and faulty drive laser lens.

So you should firstly check if you can boot from other Microsoft Windows CD to find out if the CD/DVD drive is ok.
If this is ok then there is a issue with your CD!!!

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Last night I've update the BIOS of my notebook, but when the BIOS flashing finished, it restarted Windows. The machine could not start again. The CD/DVD device enter in a cicle with a yellow light, and in the screen does not appear anything. Can somebody help me to solve this problem.

Old Bios: v1.40
New Bios: v1.50
OS: Windows XP with SP3

I can't use the CD/DVD device to boot with a Win PE.


Answer:After BIOS update Cannot start my Satellite L305-S5885


I think the BIOS was not successfully because your notebook doesn?t boot again.
In this case you can?t make a lot of.

Try this: Remove the battery and AC/DC adaptor, wait up to 1 hour and then connect the battery and AC/DC adaptor. Try it again and hope it works.

If it not works you should contact a local ASP. In worst case the mainboard must be exchanged :(


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This problem just recently started. I've tried just about everything I know to do from Checking memory, running defrag, CCleaner and System Restore etc. I use Google Chrome as default browser, and it will freeze as well as off net features like after opening Control Panel, then going to exit from it, will freeze and say Internet Explorer encountered a problem (and I do not use IE) and needs to be restarted, or will ask me if I want to wait for it to respond, close program or reload the program. But even after clicking option to just close it (and it's not even open to begin with), it will say it's sending an error report and take ten years on that, and so I attempt to close that part and it refuses to close, so I hit Escape and STILL it will not close out (freezes), and the screen will have a white haze on it. This happens with just about any part of the laptop I attempt to work on, with and use. Only works for short period of time before the issues act up. In safe mode the issues do not happen. There are no existing other users on the laptop. There is 2G Memory.Also, while in browser, it suddenly started asking me to allow cookies on sites I frequent anyhow. It's never done that before either. And prior to this, would tell me a program or something is wanting permission to add cookies or something on my computer, with options to allow, block, do not allow, do not ask me this again etc. This issue (freezing) also happens if I want to preview any pictures o... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L305 Laptop freezing issues

Oh and after hitting escape to get one of those windows that says it's sending an error report seems to be the only way they will close. But the white haze always shows up afterwards too. White haze and freeze happens when I attempt to close out browser altogether, and CTRL+F4 doesn't even close em out.

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Toshiba Satellite L305-S5955
One time it froze early in the boot process -- before windows started, indicating (to me) that it must be hardware.


Answer:Satellite L305-S5955 - Freeze in the boot process

Hi John,

You have already reinstalled Windows with Toshiba recovery disk (factory settings)?

If yes it might be a hardware issue, otherwise it looks like a software or driver issue.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L305-S5940. I have lost the Vista OS disks needed to reboot my crashed hard drive.
What are my options to reinstall this software without having the original disks?


Answer:I lost my Vista disks for Satellite L305-S5940

You can install Vista using Microsoft installations DVD. All necessary drivers, tools and utilities you should find on Toshiba support site.
I am not sure but I presume you have an US notebook model. if I am right about that please visit Toshiba US support page under and download all you need.


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My computer is Satellite L305-S5919.

Any time I boot up, the screen is coming up black. Istill see the welcome page, and the loading bar, but the desktop is coming up as a black screen. I have control of the mouse and that is about it.

Is there any solutions to this problem?

Answer:Satellite L305-S5919 - Desktop is black screen

Sounds like something is corrupted, or a bad driver/app is installed.

Boot into Safe Mode and revert back to a previous date using System Restore.

To boot Safe Mode, press F8 before Windows starts.

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I have a Satellite L305-S5919 & first my ESC,Q,4 keys stopped working.
I have only had it for 4 months when that happened. Does anyone know why those keys would just stop working all of a sudden & what i could do to fix it?

I called Toshiba support & they want me to send it back but i hate to do without my computer so would like to fix it on my own. My keys dont stick up or seem broke or anyhting. They look just like the other ones. OK yesterday my little boys spilled my Mtn Dew on my keyboard where my space bar is. My space bar is stiff so ive been told i can pop the keys off & clean under it but looked that up & have read you can possibably break it if you put to much pressure. I cant afford to break it because i didnt get any other insurance when i bought it in July so i only have the 1yr warranty so whats wrong cant be my fault the way i took it or i will have to pay to hget it fixed. Can i pop the space bar off? & if so what are the chances of me breaking it? If i can pop it off is their a certain direction i need to pull it up on?

Thanks for reading & any help you can give!

Answer:Satellite L305-S5919 - Keys just stop working


I can?t tell you why this happens with your keys but don?t forget that the keyboard is a mechanical part of the notebook such things can happen from time to time. I assume you are not the first person that has such a problem. ;)

Furthermore you can?t exchange single keys only. If some keys don?t work anymore you have to replace the whole keyboard. Of course you can do it yourself if you don?t want to go to an ASP but if you replace it you have to pay for a new keyboard.
I think the repair shouldn?t take a long time. Normally the keyboard is replaced in few minutes. Just speak with the technicians.

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How can I Insert a memory card into my L305-S5919?

Plzzz Help

Answer:Inserting a Memory Card into Satellite L305-S5919

Which one?

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I recently bought this machine by mail, and on arrival was disappointed to see that it isn't fitted with a Firewire socket - I thought all machines had that nowadays? Never mind, I thought I'd use my PCMCIA Firewire adapter. But I then found that what looks like a standard PCMCIA socket has a block halfway down on one side that prevents a normal PCMCIA card being inserted. Snookered. What use is this socket? Not one of my PC cards will go in.

I then tried, as had always been my intention, to replace the 160gb HD with a new 500gb one and install XP on it. This one is a very long story, but it culminates in Toshiba telling me that "this model will not run XP". Anyone any ideas how to get around this?

Incidentally, I don't appear to have any means of restoring Vista to a new HD if/when this one fails. Am I expected to go out and buy it, or have I missed something? There's no "recovery partition" on the HD so there's no way i can produce my own recovery disk.

I then tried to play a DVD, to be told it was the wrong region and couldn't be played. Quite absurd to place this restriction on portable computers - I live in both the Americas and Britain - but again never mind, I'll just load AnyDVD and proceed anyway. But no - the Mat****a drive fitted by Toshiba is one of the few that can't be decrypted.

So this machine, which works well within its own design constraints, comes nowhere close to what I wanted and expected it to be. Can anyone s... Read more

Answer:Satellite L305-S5920: Question about PC card, new HDD & Win XP usage

There is a new PC Card standard called "ExpressCard" which is basically a laptop version of the new PCI Express standard in Desktop PC's. Its much faster than PCMCIA.
You need to buy a FireWire ExpressCard.

You should be able to install XP. Try enabling "SATA COMPATIBILITY" Mode in the BIOS. To enter the BIOS, press F2 a few times after turning on the laptop.
You will need a generic XP installation CD with Service Pack 2 or 3 incorporated. Toshiba wont supply an XP Downgrade disc unless its a business model.

When you purchase the laptop, there is an Icon on the Desktop that lets you create the Recovery Discs.
But if you have blown Vista away already, you may need to purchase the Recovery Discs from Toshiba.

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To open the Toshiba Software Modem Properties you would normally have to click:

Device Manager ->Modems -> Right-click Toshiba Software Modem -> Properties.

Would anyone happen to know if it's possible to create a shortcut directly to it in Vista?
I've looked for a .msc file that might do it but couldn't find one.

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite L305 Vista - Shortcut to modem properties?


I think it?s not possible to shortcut directly to modem properties but you can make a shortcut to the Device Manger.

Right click on desktop -> New -> shortcut (from file) -> use this file devmgmt.msc -> name for shortcut ?Device Manger?

Now you should have an icon and shortcut on the desktop called Device Manager.

For details check the Wikipedia:

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This problem just recently started. I've tried just about everything I know to do from Checking memory, running defrag, CCleaner and System Restore etc. I use Google Chrome as default browser, and it will freeze as well as off net features like after opening Control Panel, then going to exit from it, will freeze and say Internet Explorer encountered a problem (and I do not use IE) and needs to be restarted, or will ask me if I want to wait for it to respond, close program or reload the program. But even after clicking option to just close it (and it's not even open to begin with), it will say it's sending an error report and take ten years on that, and so I attempt to close that part and it refuses to close, so I hit Escape and STILL it will not close out (freezes), and the screen will have a white haze on it. This happens with just about any part of the laptop I attempt to work on, with and use. Only works for short period of time before the issues act up. In safe mode the issues do not happen. There are no existing other users on the laptop. There is 2G Memory.Also, while in browser, it suddenly started asking me to allow cookies on sites I frequent anyhow. It's never done that before either. And prior to this, would tell me a program or something is wanting permission to add cookies or something on my computer, with options to allow, block, do not allow, do not ask me this again etc. This issue (freezing) also happens if I want to preview any pictures o... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L305 Laptop freezing issues

Oh and after hitting escape to get one of those windows that says it's sending an error report seems to be the only way they will close. But the white haze always shows up afterwards too. White haze and freeze happens when I attempt to close out browser altogether, and CTRL+F4 doesn't even close em out.

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I need to try and do a system recovery on my Satellite U400-146.
However i don't think it came with a disc.
Does anyone know how initiate the system recovery on this laptop?

Answer:Satellite U400-146 - How to start recovery without the recovery disk


The Recovery disk was not provided with the notebook because there was a tool called Toshiba Recovery disk Creator which allows you to create a recovery disk!
Please check if you can create a recovery disk using this tool!

If this is not possible, then you can check if the HDD recovery is available.
For more details check this HOW TO:
[How to recover a Toshiba notebook with the HDD recovery procedure?|]

As last option you can order a recovery disk from here:

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I have a toshiba A215 running vista.  It won't get past the microsoft screen that has the green flashing dots at the bottom.
I have gone in to F8- it won't start in safe mode.  When I try to repair it says loading files then goes black.  I have tried to use the recovery disk and it does the same thing (loading files then the black screen).  
I have started up pressing 0 and I get a HDD recovery mode and that is it.
I don't know if this is a virus that is stopping the progression or a hard drive or motherboard issue.  
Would love any advise anyone can offer.

Answer:Toshiba A215 won't repair and won't boot from recovery disk

Do you have the installation disc for this version of Vista?

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I have read the threads on this forum, but I didn't come up with an exact answer to my problem.

With my regular PC I got a Vista Installation Disk, that also serves as recovery disk (like the one one could make with XP). One of the more useful things is that when you boot from that disk you have an option to "repair" the system, meaning that all vital files (like the bootloader...) will be restored, but for the rest all existing data wil remain. This is extremely important when for example you install a dual boot with Linux, when often Vista refuses to boot and repairing the bootloader solves the problem. Of course it can easily and quickly fix all kind of other system problems as well.

My Toshiba laptop A200 (otherwise a wonderful machine), came with the Toshiba Product Recovery disk. From all I have read on the forum and from what it says on the disk itself, I understand that it only allows for a total re-install of the whole system, factory-set, wiping out your whole disk and all on it.

Does Toshiba really leave us without a "repair" "option ??
I find that quite amazing, since after all I paid for the Vista operating system, so why shouldn't I get the options I would have if I had an original Vista disk?

If all above I is right, it means that if I want to install a dual boot with Ubuntu and would get a bootloader problem, I would loose all my data, when I only have to repair the bootloader?? (An issue that with the "repair" o... Read more

Answer:Satellite A200: Can I use Recovery disk without wiping disk

Hey Yossi

I think you have misunderstood something!

You have received the Toshiba Recovery CD with the Toshiba image! The image contains the Vista OS, Toshiba drivers, tools, utilities and additional programs!

Please don?t compare this disk to the original Microsoft Vista CD and don?t mix it!!!

So using this disk you can set the notebook back to the factory settings!!!
This is very useful because this procedure takes about 10min only and you get the whole functioning OS with all drivers, tools, etc?

Please note that no all users and customers who buy such notebook are technicians and computer scientists ;) but simply newbie and such recovery possibility is always welcome!!!

?but the usage of this Recovery CD formats the whole HDD and erases all partitions.
Therefore it?s advisable to backup the data before using the recovery CD/DVD

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I have had my laptop for a couple of years. It has worked great until a couple of days ago. I have been running wireless internet on it. I used it one day just fine. The next day when I logged on, my printers are gone, my internet connection is gone. When I try to pull up or search for an internet connection, it says it can't be found. My desk top is also wireless and that one works just fine. I have run virus scans and they have come up with nothing. Please help.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite A215

You don't say what operating system is installed...

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I need a Lan driver for network card (not WIFI) Toshiba Satellite A215 series compatible with XP (already been to Toshiba website)

Can someone direct me?

Answer:Satellite A215 - I need a XP Lan driver


The Satellite A215 seems to be a Toshiba US notebook series.

Did you already search on the Toshiba US driver page?

If not, then you should visit this website:

Best regards

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A215 laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium(32-bit) with 2Gb ram on an AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-60 2Ghz

I keeps having popups and when I was running Root Repel and MG I got BSD's for mbr.sys

Please help me clean this machine (or determine the causes).

Thank you,


Answer:Toshiba Satellite A215

I am not seeing any malware on your system. Tell me what issues you are having. Other than running an old version of MGTools.

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I recently bought a used Satellite only to find when I got home that it was missing a handful of screws on the bottom plastic piece.

These missing screws cause the laptop screen to have some free movement, and overall decreases the appeal of the laptop.
I'm wishing to sell it now, and would like to replace the screws so the next customer isn't dissappointed in anything about it, but I don't know where to buy the F8 screws.
If anyone can help, it would be awesome.

Answer:Where to buy the F8 screws for Satellite A215?

I never bought screws for my notebook but have you tried to contact an authorized service provider?
If it?s possible to order screws for a notebook the ASP should be able to do this.

On the Toshiba website you can search for an ASP: => Locate a Repair Center

Just contact them and ask for this. This should take only few minutes ;)

Good luck!

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I have a Satellite A215-S5824, I too have the second bay.

But i have no connector, only the small metal dots where the pins are attached from the connector.
Is it possible to add an connector or have toshiba put one in?

Answer:Satellite A215-S5824 - Second HDD possible?


If you don?t have a connector, it?s not possible to use a second HDD.

Such connector that you mean can not be added.


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I have a Toshiba Satellite A215, been using it for 1 year and a half. One day, out of a sudden, it just made a short "pop" sound and crashed. Can't turn it on ever since.

More than this, the small lights showing me the AC connection, HDD usage, battery status etc. are also dead. Normally, the battery one was all the time on, even if the laptop was off-line. Plus I've noticed that when I plug the charger, it starts beeping. The charger is fine, it was tested on other laptops and I also tried using another charger for my laptop, without any result.
My warranty is gone, so I can't rely on this. I brought the laptop to the official Toshiba service, they told me they have to replace the mother board (this would cost me more than a new laptop). They do not work with motherboards, they just replace them.

My question would be if there is any chance to repair the motherboard (assuming that the power circuit chip is gone, or something like that).
Does anybody know something about this?

Thank you for your time

Answer:Can't turn my Satellite A215 on


That?s not so good what happened with your notebook but you could try to remove the AC/DC adaptor and the battery, wait one hour and then connect the battery and AC/DC adaptor again and try it.

In worst case the mainboard must be replaced and I doubt that the mainboard can be repaired. This is very complicated.


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Have the *TOSHIBA Satellite A215 series laptops* been lauched in UK? If no, when?

Waiting for your answers, thanks!

Answer:Question about Satellite A215


no, in UK they are not ALREADY available but they will be released soon since in another countries they were already sold and seem to be available -> US.
You can also check ebay, where some sellers give some good A215 out for accurate prices and out-of -the-box.


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Last June I bought a Satellite L305-S5968.

About a month ago my hard drive crashed and luckily I was able to salvage some of the data.
I sent it back in to get the drive replaced and Vista reinstalled.
When I got it back I did all the usual driver updates and when I was done all I was able to get was 1280-800 resolution but I had 1280-1024 before the crash.

I tried going to Intel but their driver for my Mobile Intel 4 Chipset Family was supposedly not meant for this laptop and wouldn't even allow me to install it. After talking to Toshiba about this, they said that I had to do recovery CD as the extended warranty place that installed Vista didn't install the correct driver. I paid my 25 bucks for the pair of cds and proceeded to reinstall. After doing all of this all over again I STILL couldn't get the resolution that I wanted and am still having the same issues with not being able to install the drivers on Intel's site.

Is there anyone that can help me out here please? If I haven't provided enough details please let me know.

Thanks! :)

Answer:Satellite L305-S5968: Cannot choose higher resolution than 1280x800 px


Did you try the driver from the Toshiba US page?
This seems to be a notebook released for US market and therefore I recommend checking the driver from the US page:

Furthermore you could install an driver from Intel page but you will need to do this in device manager.
There you have to point to the driver files manually using the Advanced Installation Procedure.
This would allow you to choose the files from Intel page.

PS: If your screen supports max 1280x800px native resolution then you will not be able to choose any higher resolution even if you have used other graphic driver

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I have the Toshiba Satellite L305-S5944.

I had a question about the Toshiba's zooming utility.
Using the Function+spacebar, which is suppose to zoom in, but all it does is lower the resolution.

Is that the idea of this utility?
Is that what is suppose to do?

I mean lowering the resolution doesn't seem to exactly make things larger, but makes things more un-sharper.

Answer:Satellite L305-S5944 - How does Toshiba's Zooming Utility work?


Have you checked the user manual? You should do this.

On my Satellite L300 it?s the same. If I press FN + spacebar on my Satellite L300 the display resolution will be changed to a lower. All things are larger now.

If you want larger or icons and so you should set this in the Windows display properties.


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Anyone know if it's possible to make the CD/DVD Drive Acoustic Silencer default to Silence Mode whenever I put a disc in the drive?

Right now the icon is in the tasktray and it only takes a couple of clicks but it would be nice if I could just leave it on all the time. My version of the Acoustic Silencer is 2.02.03 32-bit, Windows Vista, and Satellite L305-S5919.

Appreciate any suggestions.

Answer:Satellite L305-S5919 - Question about CD/DVD drive acoustic silencer

Hi pdun459,.

You should read and inform you about Acoustic Silencer ;)

If you open the program, you will see the following notice:
+ATTENION: The drive speed will return to Normal Speed if you reboot or resume from standby or hibernation. These settings may also be changed by other applications.+

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To Whom It May Concern:

I have been having the following problem for two days.

I bought a microphone so I can record myself on my computer, but when I plug in the microphone I can not hear myself through the speakers (which in the past I have always been able to do on other machines and previous OS's), although I am able to record myself and listen to the recording.

Unfortunately, being unable to hear yourslef while recording kind of defeats the purpose, as you have no way of monitoring your levels. I bought a USB mic yesterday, couldn't get it to work, thought IT was the problem, returned it today and bought an analog mic, but I'm still having the same problem.

I have spent countless hours trying to find a solution, ANY solution, and have come up with nothing other than a player that outputs my voice through the speaker, but with a 1 second delay. Obviously, if an application can process the microphone input and output it to the speakers, then Toshiba AND/OR Realtek should be able to provide a solution for the problem of not having microphone playback through the computer speakers when using a microphone, something that I HAVE NEVER COME ACROSS ON ANY OTHER MACHINE or with any other soundcard I HAVE EVER USED.

I am literally begging for a solution to this problem. I am CERTAIN it can be fixed. Please help.

Thank you.

Answer:Re: No Microphone Playback on Satellite L305-5894, Realtek HD Audio

If you have Skype installed, check the Mic settings there.

To hear the Microphone through the speakers, go to Control Panel -> Sound -> Playback Tab -> Speaker Properties -> Levels Tab, and unmute or increase the Mic volume there.
Remember that if the Mic Playback Volume is too high, you may hear squealing feedback through the speakers.

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Just installed XP on my brother's Toshiba Satellite L305-S5919 and got all the drivers installed except the hotkey driver. Every time the setup starts I get an error saying "TOSHIBA Common Module not found! This setup will terminate."

I've looked for another driver for them but can't seem to find any driver other than the one on the Toshiba website. If anyone could find a solution to this I'd appreciate it. I made sure I typed in the right model number every time.

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I have a Satellite L305-S5945 and the webcam worked perfectly fine out of the box and after I re-installed Vista-64 (which it came with) after I installed a program wrong and got a blue screen.

I recently upgraded to Windows 7 and now the webcam doesn't work and I get the error "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer." I tried looking for a Windows 7 driver on the support page but I couldn't find one so I just used the two Vista/XP ones instead. One is the driver and other is the Camera Assistant Software. Here is what I have tried so far:

* Attempt #1* Freshly installed Windows 7. Without installing anything else, I download the two drivers mentioned above, and install then both and restart the computer. End up with working Camera Assistant Software but when starting up webcam I get error of "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer."

* Attempt #2* After attempt 1, go to device manager and uninstall Chicony 2.0 USB Camera under Imaging Devices. Restart computer and let it sit. Eventually Windows picks up the camera and auto installs it and it re-appears in the Device Manager. Still get same errors.

* Attempt #3* Freshly installed Windows 7. Uninstall camera from device manager, then install the two drivers. Get same errors. Restart computer and still get same error.

Help! How do I fix my webcam?

Answer:Satellite L305-S5945 - Webcam driver open fail

Try to install Win7 cam driver for some other notebook model like A300 or A500.
I am pretty sure it will works well.

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Hello all - happy holidays and I would appreciate assistance. I just received this laptop for Christmas, and I woke up to find it in a bluescreen this morning! After calming down, I shut down the computer, and it refused to reboot. The TOSHIBA logo would show, then it I would get a black screen with a few letters indicating the Realtek Ethernet part and then a line owuld appear saying a media cable could not be found and then more lines would appear saying there was no boot disk disk.please insert boot disk. I do so - then the screen took me to two options in a grey box - Toshiba recovery wizard or system restore. I pick Toshiba restore wizard. Now, from here, no matter what I pick (Out-of-box restore or erase HD) I get an error message when it tries the action and asks me to hit OK for the system to shut down.

If I try the system restore, it tells me no WIndows detected...

The recovery disks say to hold "C" while powering up and to release when the Toshiba screen appears. I did this and all I got was a black screen for hours that would sometimes have a blinking cursor, a steady cursor, or nothing. I tried "0" like I saw in these forums - nothing. I can't even access F8 - all I get is F2 and F12 when I boot.

Again, the recovery CD's will run, but when I get to take action, I get an error message and I am told to press OK to turn the computer off.

IS this a lemon? Is my hard drive dead to the world? How did this happen? It was fine f... Read more

Answer:Satellite L305-S5899 booting/hard drive issues

> Is my hard drive dead to the world?

Looks like you had a bad luck? For me it?s not explainable why this happened but it looks like a HDD would not run properly.
I would recommend checking if the HDD has been recognized in BIOS.
If not -> then the HDD is dead.

However, your notebook is new and I think you should either visit your dealer and replace the notebook or you could contact the nearest ASP in your country and could ask for the help.

In all cases everything should be done for free because your warranty is valid and should cover everything!

Good luck

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Last week I ordered two TOSHIBA Satellite L305-S5962 for my kids and it finally came in yesterday.
I was so happy that I found all of the necessary XP drivers for it on the USA Toshiba website, however something weird happened when I proceeded to install XP on there.

It came with Vista preloaded and while in Vista, I checked the HDD space it says about 250 GB (240-ish GB), but during the blue screen XP startup installation it read the C partition as only 131 GB.
So, if you round it to about 130 GB, where did the other 90 GB go?

This problem happened to both Toshibas, and both HDD are reading about the same.
In Vista it reads close to 250 GB, but during XP Blue Screen installation (after I switch the AHCI setting off in BIOS) it reads it at 131 GB. Is this some kind of driver issue??? or OS issue with AHCI?

On the Toshiba website there is are two HDD drivers, one being .exe and the other a .zip file.
I tried to nLite the two into the XP installation CD, but it doesn't help.
It still reads 131 GB, so now I have no clue what else to do, or maybe I did something wrong during the nLite splicing?

Anyhow if anyone has any insight on this problem, please let me know.

Thank you!


P.S. Here is the link to the USA Driver's website, for XP SP2/SP3, HDD Drivers. rpn=PSLB8U&modelFilter=TOSHIBA+Satellite+L305-S5962&am... Read more

Answer:Satellite L305-S5962 HDD storage space issue when installing XP

> I checked the HDD space it says about 250 GB (240-ish GB), but during the blue screen XP startup installation it read the C partition as only 131 GB.

The HDD is partitioned in 3 partitions!
The one first partition contains preinstalled OS; Vista
The second partition contains the Toshiba HDD image and the last third partition is hidden. It?s a small partition created by Vista and it contains the backup files. These files can be used if something will go wrong with Vista OS or if the Vista needs to be repaired.

So I assume you have seen only the first partition which contains the Vista OS

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How can I change the function of my media player buttons on the top of my laptop?
I know that if you go to Toshiba Assist, Optimize, Button Support, you can change the function of some keys, but the only options I have are the Mute key and the CD/DVD key.
I'm trying to make the Media player button open iTunes, not WMP, and the same for the play/pause, stop, fast forward, and rewind.

While I'm here, I have a problem with my Ctrl+1 never working. I can't switch to the first tab of firefox, or aim. I can't make a control group 1 when playing games. Anybody know why/how I can fix it?

Answer:Satellite L305 - How to change the function of media player buttons?

I also have another question of whether it's just me or the laptop gets really hot really fast. I have an external cooler but even with it, the laptop is fairly hot.

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I have a laptop with Win 7 HP 32bit SP1, which doesnt boot at all, if the power cord (AC Adapter/Battery charger) is plugged in. Further if power cord is plugged in after booting, the system hangs / shuts down. It runs fine on safe mode. I believe it is a driver updation problem but not sure. I have updated all drivers given in Toshiba download site. Any suggestions?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L305 not bootable if power cord is plugged in

Hi ahimsasoldier, Welcome to the forums ,Have you access to a different AC adaptor ? that you can try to see if the one you are using is faulty
You say you have updated all the drivers from Toshiba website and you still have a problem did you check the Ram using "memtest" ?

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I have a very old Toshiba Satellite Pro M70 and I had the blue screen of death, I have not been able to find my rescue disc.

I have used another disc from another make of computer and my laptop is working but I have problems with, sound and wireless connection and photo card reader
Any ideas how can I get hold of a proper rescue disc, Toshiba cant help me because the computer is to old.

Many thanks


Answer:Satellite Pro M70 - Where to get a recovery disk?

Hi buddy,

I think you have to install the correct drivers because the other recovery disk contains wrong drivers. Just check the Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Furthermore from Toshiba you can?t get a recovery disk. You have to contact an authorized service provider.

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I'm lost my recovery disk for Toshiba Satelite Pro L10.
Service in Poland say my that: Toshiba not make this disk now.
what i'm do now?

I'm must reinstall my system.

Model No. PSL15E-00x009PL, Serial No. 55016672W

Sorry, my english is poor.


Answer:Satellite Pro L10: Recovery disk is not available


It?s very strange because this unit is not very old and as far as I know you can order all recover cd. Toshiba should have always a copy of the CD or DVD. I can?t believe that it?s not possible.
I would recommend asking the ASP again or to call a different ASP in Poland.

The second possibility is to install the OS from the Microsoft CD and then to install the whole drivers and Toshiba tools.
This Toshiba stuff you will find on the Toshiba driver page.

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Does anyone know where I can either download or purchase a recovery disk for my Satellite M30-106?
My kid scratched mine up to hell and back and it won?t work no more :-(

Regards Wayne

Answer:Need recovery disk for my Satellite M30-106

Satellite M30 is pretty old notebook model and I don't believe you can order Toshiba recovery media for it.
What you can try is to contact nearest authorized service provider and ask for help.
Addresses and phone numbers you can find under > Download & Support > Find an ASP

Other way you can use Microsoft installations CD for WXP installation. All drivers and Toshiba tools & utilities you can download from Toshiba download page. Your notebook is listed in Archive.

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I purchased a Satellite L series, L10-333 a few years ago.
Since then it started to become slow and not work aswell so I rebooted the hard drive using the reboot disc which comes with my laptop.
After this it was fine and worked perfectly.

Since then I have upgraded my laptop onto Windows Vista, from XP home edition.
Since the upgrade I have had so many different problems with my laptop, and it doesnt seem to want to work.

Can I change my laptop back to XP using the re-boot hard drive disc that comes with my laptop to do this?? Or is there something else i can do??

please help!!


Answer:Do I need recovery disk on Satellite L30

Yes, you can format the HDD and can install the Windows XP from the Toshiba recovery CD!
The usage of the recovery CD will set the notebook back to the factory settings.

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Hi there,

every time a make a post the next day it is deleted..
Could somebody tell me why..?

I need a recovery CD for my Satellite M70.
Probably this question is asked before.. But i really need a help?


Answer:Need Satellite M70 Recovery disk

If you need a Recovery disk then you would have to ask your ASP in your country for such disk.

In very rare cases you will be not able to order a Recovery disk if the notebook series is too old. In such case you will have to install the Windows OS using the Microsoft disk and then you could download and reinstall the Toshiba driver which you could find on the Toshiba European page.


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Hello All,

I have a old Toshiba Laptop A30 141 and due to a fire we have lost the recovery disc's for it. I have tried everything I can think of including looking up the model serial number on: but no luck it says the laptop is too old or not in the correct region.

Any help would grateful.


Answer:Satellite A30-141 - Where can I get a recovery disk for it?


As far as I know on the Toshiba shop (link that you posted) you can only order recovery disk for newer notebooks they was delivered without a disk but I?m not sure.

Anyway, if you can?t order a new disk online you should contact the local ASP. They should be able to order a disk for you.
Here you can search for the nearest ASP: => Support & Downloads => Find an authorized service provider

Good luck!

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I just formatted my hard drive but during the recovery process, I discovered that one of the recovery CDs is damaged and cannot be read. Now the computer is inoperable.

I'm looking for recovery CD 2 of 2. The number on the CD is PMR400139ENO. I emailed my local ASP (Al-Futtaim Electronics-CSO) a week ago, but have still heard nothing...

Is there a place where I can download the contents of this disk?



Answer:Satellite A50: Need second disk of Recovery CD


unfortunately it's not possible to download recovery CD images.
You can only get a new one from an ASP.
Maybe you should call them.

But if you have a normal version of Windows, you can install this, and download the drivers and software from Toshiba's driver download page.


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I need help with my laptop. I need the recovery CD because I can't boot up it

Answer:Satellite L - Need the recovery disk


May I ask you what notebook you have?

Normally you can order a new recovery disk here from Toshiba directly:

It?s depending on your notebook model but if you can access the advanced boot menu you can use the HDD recovery feature:
[How to recover a Toshiba notebook with the HDD recovery procedure?|]

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I bought a new Toshiba Satelitte M50-161 about 4 years ago and its been great until recently when it has developed some serious problems.
I need a recovery disc or the original software disc for XP but none of this was supplied with it.

How can I get hold of these discs now?

Answer:How to get the Recovery disk for Satellite M50-161

>I need a recovery disc or the original software disc for XP but none of this was supplied with it.
I'm in doubt about it. According notebook specification Satellite M50-161 is delivered with follow medias:
- Recovery Medias (CD-ROM or DVD)
- Express Media Player
- Additional Software CD
- Microsoft Works Suite

All old notebook models are delivered with recovery CDs. I have old Satellite m70 and still have original Toshiba recovery installations DVD.

Anyway, you can try to contact nearest Toshiba authorized service provider and ask for help. To be honest I don't believe you will get it for this old notebook model. For OS installation you can also use Microsoft installations CD. All drivers, tools and utilities you can download from Toshiba support page under

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I have lost my Toshiba Satellite L30-115 Windows XP Home Edition *CD Recovery*.

How can I get other one? Thanks.

Answer:Satellite L30-115 - Where to get XP recovery disk?


New Windows XP recovery disk you can get from an authorized service provider in your country. Just ask the guys if they can order one from Toshiba.

Here is a list of all ASPs: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

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My recovery disk for my M70 was broken (dont ask!!) and I am in serious need to recondition my laptop. Any help out there?

Answer:Need Recovery disk for Satellite Pro M70


It?s pity that you damage the recovery disk?. But maybe you could order a new one from the ASP (authorized service partner) in your country.
I said ?maybe? because I?m not quit sure if recovery disk for Sat M70 is available because the recovery disk for older notebook models could be discontinued.

However I think you should contact the ASP in your country to get more details?
If such recover would be available then an ASP should be able to order it from Toshiba?


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