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I need to restore Satellite P200 with the Toshiba Recovery disk

Question: I need to restore Satellite P200 with the Toshiba Recovery disk

I also need to restore my P200 with the Toshiba CD. There is a note on the pocket : insert CD, power off, power on with F12 press, select reader and follow explanations. I wonder if it is possible to reformat only the 2nd disc.

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Preferred Solution: I need to restore Satellite P200 with the Toshiba Recovery disk

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: I need to restore Satellite P200 with the Toshiba Recovery disk

Using original Toshiba recovery CD/DVD you can install clean operating system and have ?factory settings again. Before recovery procedure starts the whole HDD will be deleted and formatted.
With other words ? you will lose all your data.

If the notebook is delivered with 2 HDDs the recovery DVD can be used with HDD1 only.

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I would like to reinstall my OS using the recovery disc supplied by Toshiba.

I would like to know what changes i have to make to the Recovery Disc so that it only installs Windows Vista, and does not install all the software it came from, including the two year old drivers.

Answer:Satellite P200: How to install only Vista using Toshiba Recovery Disc


This is not possible!
The Toshiba recovery disk contains an image. Image is a package containing the Windows OS, Toshiba drivers, tools and utilities.
Using the recovery disk you will install the whole package.


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On my P200-13k I have Toshiba Disk Creator installed.

When I launch it I receive few errors :

this error popup when I close it

The DVD writer is a TSST Corp CD/DVDW TS-L632D (TO04)

Any idea why ?

I didn't find anything with google about these errors nor on the toshiba knowledge base

Thanks by advance


Answer:Error message with TOSHIBA DISK CREATOR on Satellite P200-13k

I would suggest you to backup all your data and recover the machine. I am not sure why the error occurs or what the reason could be but usually this should be fixed by reinstalling the system with the recovery media (or HDD recovery) because the system is afterwards on factory defaults which should guarantee that the software works without any problems.

If the problem persists I would check the RAM memory, maybe itīs faulty and causes this errors.


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Can somebody tell me where I can purchase a recovery disk for formatting my satellite P200-113, or is there any place to buy it in South Africa?

Thank you, and expecting quick response

Answer:From where can I get the Recovery Disk for Satellite P200-113

You will need to contact Toshiba in the country the notebook was purchased from. You should be able to find a contact number on the Toshiba website for that country.


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I wanted to reformat my laptop, but I have lost the CD that comes with the laptop..

Is there anyway I can get a new one? Or any way I can reformat without the CD?


Answer:Satellite P200-144 - Where can I get a recovery disk?

Hi James

Did you try this page?

here you could order the recovery disk.

But just one question; why you didn?t create it using the preinstalled tool called Toshiba recovery disk creator?
This tool has been designed in order to create an own recovery disk.

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Hi all,
I have a Satellite P200-17c and im looking for a recorey disk. Is there anyone out there with the disk they got with the laptop?

Answer:Need recovery disk for Satellite P200-17c

Hi dude,

unfortunately there is no one out there which will give you a new recovery. You can only contact a local authorized service partner to ask them for a new recovery disk which will cost you something..

Here?s a link to find the nearest ASP in your country:


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My notebook had some bluescreen error recently and repeatedly crashing, so I decided to restore my notebook back to its early state..

Both disks are fine when installing but afterwards I get this error:

ERROR : 10-FC12-0570

Recovery error..

What does this mean?....need help on this one..

Answer:Recovery disk error on my Satellite P200

Hello Bravo

If you check this forum section you will find several threads with same or similar issue.
I don?t know for sure why this happen but obviously this error is caused by ?defect HDD?.

Can you obtain new HDD?

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I have the recovery disk but when I try and restore my computer back to factory settings and reboot the laptop it wont start up. The disc and says there is a corrupt file on the disc.

Where can I get a download of the disc or a way to rest my computer back to factory settings?

Answer:Satellite P200-17C - Where can I download the recovery disk?


First of all the Toshiba recovery disk can?t be downloaded. You can only create one yourself using Toshiba recovery disk creator or you buy a new one from Toshiba directly:

But there is another option to restore ?factory settings?.
You can install the notebook using a Microsoft Windows disk. Then you can download all drivers from the Toshiba website.
Check this!

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Satellite P200-144 model PSPBGE

Hi all

Today i recieved a 2nd recovery disk in mail via UPS direct from Arvato distribution GmbH

Again it has failed to install in exact same place as the 1st disk that I recieved but sent it back and they replaced.

My original recovery disk was lost in house move 3 months back, which i am now kicking myself about.
Reason for restore of default factory settings was i wanted my pc to be clean as a factory default laptop as it was full of registry errors.

Anyway onto the problem, after 67% of image recovery it comes up with file corrupt, below is the installation proc.

Try to rename all letters from potential partions on HDD0
Try to rename all letters from potential partions on HDD1

Microsoft DiskPart version 6.0.6000

Copyright (C) 1997-2007 Microsoft Corporation.

On computer: MINWINPC

Disk 0 is now the selected disk

DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk

DiskPart succeeded in creating specified partition

Partition 1 is now the selected partition

DiskPart successfully assigned the Drive letter on Mount point.

100% percent completed

DiskPart successfully formatted ther volume

Diskpart succeeded in creating the specified partition

Partition 2 is now the selected partition

Diskpart successfully assigned the Drive letter or Mount point

100% percent completed

Diskpart successfully formatted ther volume

DiskPart Marked the current partition as active.

set RECO-info-guid= 4D2AE583... Read more

Answer:Satellite P200-144 Recovery disk istallation problems

The error that you are reporting, is a fault with the Vista disc image not being able to be applied to the hard drive.

As you have used 2 different product recovery discs, then that would indicate that it isnt the product recovery media but a failed hard drive, possibly faulty sectors on the hard disc.

If the notebook is within it warranty period, then give Toshiba a call to book into depot for a hardware repair.

0844 847 8944

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I need to format my Satellite P200 but I am having some difficulty. I have lost the original disc supplied with the laptop. I have tried to use the Recovery Disc Creator but each time I launch it I am greeted with this error:

An unexpected error occured.
Please quit this application and restart it.
(Error Code: 0D00F6-26-00000001)

I have tried reinstalling but just get the same error. What should I try next to either fix the creator or just format a different way?

Answer:Satellite P200 - Error during creating new recovery disk


Have you tried to use the HDD recovery function to restore the factory settings? Maybe after this you can create the recovery disk successfully.
You can start the HDD recovery feature if you go in advanced boot menu (F8) and select ?Repair my computer?.

Alternative you can restore the factory settings if you install Windows XP from a Microsoft disk and then you download and install all driver and tools from the Toshiba website step by step.

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because my laptop (Satellite P200 - I bought it in dec. 2007) didn't work properly anymore - and when after a lot of cleaning up it still didn't work properly - I decided to start from the beginning and restore the operating system with the 2 product recovery cd's/dvd's.

Product Recovery Disk 1/2 worked fine - Windows Vista Home Premium is loaded again on my computer.

But what abot *Product Recovery Disck2/2*??
At one point the recovery program asks for an 'ADD-ON' but when I put in Product Recovery Disk 2/2 at that moment the program doesn't recognize the disk. During the rest of the recovery program the program doesn't ask for Product Recovery Disk 2/2, so the content of that cd-rom/dvd now isn't loaded on my laptop.

Has anyone had this problem too?
What did you do about it?
Is it a problem not to have loaded the content of Product Recovery Disk 2/2 (can I go without it?)?

Thanks in advance for any reactions!


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Answer:Satellite P200 - Product Recovery Disk 2/2 doesn't work


> Product Recovery Disk 1/2 worked fine - Windows Vista Home Premium is loaded again on my computer.

I don?t know what Add-ons the tool asked for but as far as I know the Toshiba image contains the Vista OS, Toshiba drivers and the additional software.
So if you have recovered the notebook using the Toshiba Recovery disk 1 then the notebook should be set to the SAME state like at the first day of purchase.

PS: what files can you find on the second disk?

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I am trying to create the Recovery Disks for my new Sat P200 and it gets 1/3 of the way through (1/2 way through first disk) and displays an error:

"The following issue occurred while recording data to the disc. The current process will be stopped.

An error occurred in the recording phase. Please check if the disc is scratched or dirty. If so, please try again with a new disc.

(Error code: 0E01B5-26-2A030C00)"

I have tried this twice on brand new Verbatim DVD+R discs.

Any suggestions as to what causes this problem?


Answer:Satellite P200: Recovery disk creator - Error code: 0E01B5-26-2A030C00

I would recommend testing different DVD mediums.
Try DVD-R and from different manufacturers.

From my own experience not all DVDs or CDs are supported and compatible.


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I need to know if I can only restore just the windows on my primary partition because I don?t want to format all my HDD.
In my second partition I have all my files saved and I don?t want to erase them.
Can someone please tell if I can do this?

Answer:Can i restore only one partition using the Toshiba recovery disk?

If you have Toshiba Vista recovery DVD then the whole HDD will be formatted and it?s not possible to restore the OS only on one partition.
Therefore you should backup the data always before using this disk

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Hi ..

my friend has this laptop: Satellite A300-20P.

I'm not sure what he did, but he installed Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit, then 32-bit again. The whole thing messed up.
Anyway, he didnt make a recovery disk for his laptop (damn thing). Now, becasue I have a Toshiba laptop too I know that there is Recovery on the Harddisk on the D partition (not the windows partition). I tried to use "Repair Windows" booting Windows, when I try to restore the whole PC from a backup media it says " No backup media found", now I'm not sure if the recovery sector still available or not, because the Windows cant boot. So is there away to find the recovery media?

If this mission impossible, then I have Windows Vista Ultimate to install and I can download the drivers from the site? The problem is, how I will make recovery media when install the Windows and the drivers ?

Please this is urgent.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Satellite A300-20P - How to restore from Toshiba recovery?


To be honest I?m confused at the moment because first you wrote about a problem of your friend?s notebook and you wrote something about your own notebook where you try repair Windows.
So I don?t understand what you mean exactly.

But fact is you have two possibilities to restore factory settings:
1)Use the Toshiba HDD recovery option. You can start it if you go in advanced boot menu (F8) and select ?Repair my computer?. Then follow the screen instructions.
The first partition of the HDD will be wiped and you get factory settings back.
2)Use the Toshiba recovery disk. It?s very similar to HDD recovery option but whole HDD will be wiped (all files will be deleted). After this you have factory settings back, too.

So that?s all what you can do to restore the factory settings. If the HDD recovery option not work and you don?t have a recovery disk you have to order a new one from Toshiba directly.

Alternative you can use a Microsoft disk to install Windows and then download and install all drivers and tools from Toshiba website step by step.

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I have toshiba satellite s50-a-k1m PSKJWR OEM Windows 8 for one language. When I start the laptop, I get a black screen (see the figure) and any recovery tools such as the clamping of the button 0 and others also lead to it. So I need a recovery disk. So what should I do?

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need instructions on doing a factory restore to my Toshiba Satellite A 105-A101..bought it used from a friend and it boots up until wallpaper comes up then nthing else. i dont have the recovery disks. they didnt come with

Answer:factory restore Toshiba Satellite with XP without disk which the routine is as per "HoppperRox" above?Remember it will wipe the drive in the process; and (hopefully..) leave as was when first shipped/delivered? Which means any programmes etc. installed later will also have gone? (and any data/personal or other files too)!Incidentally are you sure about the model number? There is no A 105 A101 on Toshiba support; but there is an A105-S101? Is your initial model info a mis-type (A and S being adjacent on the keyboard)?This is the Toshiba support area for that model: of "useful stuff" there...

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I have an A300-1MO.
Can I use any Toshiba recovery disk \?
Or is there like a specific one for my A300-1MO?

I'm like a total noob....
Somebody pls help...!

Answer:Re: Satellite A300-1MO - Can I use any Toshiba recovery disk?

No, you cannot use any Recovery disk? you have to use the recovery disk designed for this notebook model.
The point is that recovery disk contains a image. Image is a package which contains OS and Toshiba drivers?
If you would use another recovery disk then the image would be installed with not compatible drivers and this could lead to further problems?

Every new Toshiba notebook provides a Toshiba Recovery Disk creator tool. This tool can create a recovery disk?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite c675 with windows 7. This is my daughters laptop and one day it simply would not boot. When starting it will go all the way to starting windows then the black screen with the flashing curser that I have been reading about through the forums. I have been looking through the forums but could not find an answer so if someone could Pleaaassse help me
It did not come with a recovery disk so I tried the HDD recovery and it would never give me the option to recovery. so I broke down bought the $29.95 disk had it mailed to me and it still will not recovery! I load the 1st disk in, hold down c like it says and it will show that it is loading files but then when it goes straight to the windows screen then the black screen with the flashing curser. I have tried everything. I have even tried boot with my disk drive but the same thing happens. Is my motherboard dead?
Thank you everyone and anyone who can help me! I can't afford to take it to a computer place and especially cant afford a new system.
Anything anyone needs from the laptop I can get for you.
Any suggestions? thanks for your help!

Answer:toshiba satellite will not boot even with recovery disk HELP!

Are you hearing any beep sounds as you attempt to boot?

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I am currently in UK. I purchased my TOSHIBA laptop from Hong Kong in 2004. I have lost the recovery disk and unable to restore my laptop after recent virus attack on my laptop.

Please let me know how can I get the recovery disk. The OS was Win XP Home edition.

Answer:Lost Toshiba Satellite A50 Recovery Disk

Usually the Recovery CD can be ordered from the ASP which is responsible for you country.
Try to contact the guys and ask for the new CD/DVD.

Here you can find the Toshiba global ASPs.

greetings mate ;)

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I am trying to restore my Toshiba Satellite laptop to its original factory condition. However, when I insert the recovery disk that was provided by Toshiba, I get this error message:
+"This Recovery and Applications CD is not configured to work with this machine. This CD is for: Satellite P105. Please use the correct Recovery and Applications CD."+

My laptop model is "P105-S6084". Anyone happen to have a solution?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Won't Recognize Recovery Disk

Have you tried booting from the Recovery Disc?

Has the mainboard ever been changed? Maybe the DMI information was not updated.

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I have a Satellite U500-18L and two have been subjected to a major breakdown,

I need to use the restore disk, but I forgot that I create a restore disk,

I ask those who have the same model that creates a disk and then upload to any download site,

Thank you

Answer:Satellite U500-18L - Need new Toshiba recovery disk

Hi higry,

If you don?t have this disk it?s no problem because you can order it from Toshiba directly:

Alternative install Windows from a Microsoft disk if you have such a disk and download all drivers from Toshiba page.

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I have had Windows reinstalled on my laptop after having a problem with BIOS (result of having windows and ubuntu on the same machine! However I know want to make a recovery disk as I forgot to to do that before. I have downloaded the Recovery disk creator but no longer have the recovery partition as they wiped everything when windows was reinstalled.

Any ideas on what is best to do?

Thanks :)

Answer:Re: Satellite L300-1G5 - Where to get Toshiba recovery disk?

That's the point that you had to do it when bought your laptop. Now, you can't make it as it's not available anymore on your laptop. Installing Ubuntu you wiped it.
Now, you can:

1 Order [Recovery disk|] from Toshiba for money
2 Get windows copy disk to install. All drivers you can find on the [European Toshiba Driver Page|]

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I have the same problem! I bought my Toshiba Satellite L300 a month ago but the Windows Vista recovery disk was not included in the package. Is there any option to save or to recover the Windows OS just in case I need to reformat my laptop?

Answer:Satellite L300 - Where can I get the Toshiba recovery disk?


I you would read the user manual, you would know that you have to create a Toshiba recovery disk yourself so please check your user manual!!!

And here you can read more about recovering a notebook:

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Hello i was trying windows 7 on ly laptop & i lostall of my Vista recovery the lot how can i get a bootup copy of vista please ?

Answer:toshiba satellite vista recovery disk

... anything happen if you hold in the <0> (zero) <key> @ bootup? click here... available for models produced since 2006. Older models are not supported order Recovery Media.... Posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties

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I'm having trouble fixing a Satellite C50-A Laptop, which was running Windows 8.1.

The main issue is a 'no bootable disk' error message.

The secondary issue, which is stopping me solving the first issue, is difficulty using the Toshiba USB recovery disk.

Any suggestions or advice on either of these problems would be much appreciated.

Troubleshooting this PC so far........................

The laptop has only had 13 months of light use.

I have no idea what caused the initial issue, but it's now giving a 'no bootable disk' error message.

( I'm not at all clear on how these recovery partitions are supposed to work. And I'm not familiar with UEFI / Secure Boot etc. Does this error message mean that the boot partition and the recovery partition both became corrupted simultaneously? Or are there some main boot files which might have become corrupt? )

I used a Linux live CD to access the drive, read-only, and managed to recover data. This would suggest to me that CD, CPU and RAM are all working okay, and the disk is still accessible. I'm not sure if this is a correct assumption.

It looks as if Windows has got itself mangled during some quick hibernate process, but I'm not competent enough to troubleshot a Toshiba partition / Windows 8.1 corruption issue from Linux.

So I reset the BIOS after using the Linux CD, and purchased a Toshiba USB Recovery stick.

Ideally, I'd like to just repair Windows, if that is all that is broken, and leave everything else as it was. ... Read more

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My sister has a Toshiba Satellite M100-164 (PSMA0E) which she's been using for 2-3 years.

I've formatted it. Last year to install Windows Vista. But, unfortunately, I've also deleted the hidden partition for this upgrade. Plus, as you might guess as well, I've not created the recovery media, prior to my formatting. She started saying she's not happy with the system and requested me to convert it back to its previous state.

In the forum I saw that the user {color:#ff0000}*["locojava" asked a question about a driver he was searching for his PSMA0E|]*{color}. I wanted to reply the thread but it was locked.

So, I'd appreciate, if "locojava" or any M100-164 users who have the recovery media would contact me to find a solution. I want to make a clean install to make her happy with the factory-settings laptop. I also can buy the duped cd(s) so that the problem be solved.


Answer:Satellite M100-164 (PSMA0E) - Need Toshiba recovery disk

HI donqvixote,

I?m not owner of Satellite M100 but if you contact an authorized service provider, you can get a one there. It?s always advisable to contact the guys because they can give you certified answers and try to help you as best as possible.

Here is a list of ASPs: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

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I've L755 from PSK2YE series for 40 days, and I have a problem with the Recovery Disk Creator part. I believe something is missing as I simply do not have the TRDCLcher.exe on the menu. I probably unistalled it by mistake or so.

I still have the HDD Recovery partition on D:.

Is there any way possible of getting that file back so I peform the Disk Recovery?


Answer:Satellite L755 - Can't use Toshiba recovery disk creator


That means you can?t start the recovery disk creator or what happened exactly?

The recovery disk creator can?t be reinstalled because it?s only preinstalled on your notebook. I think in this case your only chance is starting the HDD recovery option and reset Windows to factory settings. With out of box settings you can use the recovery disk creator.

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I am using a Toshiba Satellite A200-AH9 Part #PSAE0C-AH908C with the pre-installed version of Windows Vista. I have moved since purchasing this laptop, and the recovery disk I made after purchasing it has gone missing! I called Toshiba, however it is approx. 50$ to replace the recovery CD from them. Does anybody have one they could send me an image of? I would greatly appreciate it!


Answer:Toshiba Satellite A200-AH9 Recovery Disk - Vista

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I need Recovery Disk for Toshiba Satellite R830-14U, PT32LE-010013RU
I have no copy, not have hidden partition windows 7
How I can get this for recovery Windows 7 home premium 64 bit

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I have got a problem recovering SATELLITE P500. I had made the recovery disks. It boots ok from the recovery disk and formats the hard drive and copies the disks to the hard drive. It then starts windows setup and reboots.

Then it goes to a loop
1) Start up and says "Setup is preparing your computer for first use"
2) Toshiba banner saying please wait... Finnishing installation may take several minutes. Pleae do not interupt or shutdown the computer!
3) Windows logo
4) Shutting down...
5) restarts and goes to 1)

It would be great if some one could help me with this.

Many thanks,

Answer:Satellite P500 - Restart loop after using Toshiba recovery disk


I have noticed the same on my Satellite P500 but I must say it?s not an issue, it?s absolutely normal. The notebook will restart several times (10 times or more) to finish the installation.

You must know that a lot of drivers/tools will be installed and certain restart must be done to configure everything properly.

So don?t interrupt the recovery installation, just wait a little bit longer and drink a coffee. Everything happens automatically and your notebook will be reinstalled with factory settings. :)

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I have bought Toshiba A305-6829 laptop *without a recovery disk* in US. Because of decrease in speed of laptop i want to reinstall Vista and factory setttings. But i realized that that its impossibe unless i have a Recovery Disk' right?

Then i also realized that in my laptop *recovery software is not installed*. I searched it on internet.But i found nothing.
+*What should i do?*+ Is there any alternative recovrery disk creator for Vista and also suitable for my situation?

I also want to ask there is 20 gb missing in my harddisk ( it hve to be 320 gb but seem as an 300 gb).Is it recovery partition?If it is so ; why cant i saw it on "my computer"?

Answer:Need Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator for Satellite A305-6829

you CAN'T see the hidden partition in my computer. to know it's there you'ld have to go to administrative tools (i'm not sure now) but even then, if it is a recovery partition you better leave it be and don't mess around with it.

Try holding down zero key while your pc is booting. (switch it off, hold down zero key, press power button while still holding down zero key).
it should launch the hdd recovery tool.

It didn't work for me but it might work for you.

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Hi. New user to the forum and new owner of a Toshiba.

I am trying to create the 4 recovery discs for my Toshiba satellite L500-12E. Discs 1, 2 & 4 created successfully, but disc 3 failed two times. The message I received onscreen was: Failed to read the following file: F:backslash ZZImg backslash 09753xsp6.swm Error Code: 020150-20-00000000
( I cannot get the computer to type a backslash on this window)

Anyone know of a similar problem or a solution?


Answer:Satellite L500-12E - Error during creating Toshiba recovery disk

Hi Dwight,

Which disks you are using for creating Toshiba recovery disk?

I have good experience with Verbatim DVD-R. Have you tested these disks?

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Dear All,

I have problem with my Satellite A215-S7422 (AMD)
I bought this unit included Windows Vista Home Premium+Recovery Disc inside the package.
I really enjoy the fitures of Vista, amazing !!!
But some programs I've had didn't support for Vista. That's a pity for me.
So, I tried to make new partition than installed Windows XP SP2.
The problem is my Vista wasn't appeared anymore.
So I tried to get back my Vista using my recovery disc. But unfortunately it didn't work at all.

Questions :
1. Can CD recovery didn't work if we split Harddrive (make some partitions) ?
2. My recovery disc file is .tib, so I try using Acronis Image, while I operating this program my notebook didn't detect DVD Drive. Than I try to copy the all file for both of Recovery Disc to empty partition, I can see the .tib file but it didn't work also. Can you explain what probably causes ?
3. If I format all drives than make it one drive, can Recovery Disc works?

Please do me a favour for this
Your assist will be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite A215-S7422 some questions regarding Toshiba Recovery disk

I?m not quite sure how it works on US series but I think it?s not very different to EU series.

1) No, you cannot split the HDD using the Recovery disk. The recovery disk will format the whole HDD and will create the partitions like at the beginning.
2) I doubt you can burn it using other 3rd party programs. Toshiba has installed Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator which should be used to burn the Recovery disk
3) As I said in point 1 -> Recovery disk will format the whole HDD. It?s no matter how many partitions are created on HDD. Everything will be erased

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I have a Sattelite Pro A200 lap top and would like to install 64bit Vista.
As i've read you can use the 32bit key to install the 62bit version. Is there a way to get the "Product Recovery Disk" in a 64bit version.

Or to download it from somewhere

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 How to get a 64bit Vista recovery disk from Toshiba


What OS was preinstalled on your notebook?
If it was a 32bit Vista OS then you can get ?only? a 32bit Vista Toshiba recovery CD.

If you want to install another OS, no matter if it?s XP or Vista 64bit, you have to buy the OS from Microsoft.

PS: As far as I know the serial key used for the Vista 32bit OS is only a OEM key and it does not work with other operating systems!

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I wanted to format my hard drive on my L25 laptop which currently has Win XP, but am not sure if I ever got a recovery CD/DVD from the person I bought it from.

Does anyone know if this laptop (L25-s1192) would contain an image of the recovery disk or if I can get a recovery disk from somewhere or any other way to format the disk and reinstall the original contents of the laptop?

Would greatly appreciate if you could reply back.
Thanks.. Amare

Answer:How to restore the Satellite L25 - where to get Recovery disk


Usually the older Toshiba series were equipped with the recovery disk and the Toshiba image is placed on the recovery cd.
If you have a recover disk then you will have to boot from such disk to start the recovery procedure.

If you don?t have a recovery disk then you can use a clean Microsoft Windows XP CD to reinstall the OS and the necessary drivers could be downloaded from the Toshiba US driver page.
This is a US notebook and you have to search on US page for drivers.


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my Toshiba Satellite L745 (windows 7 x86 dual core) suddenly shutdown when in HDD or Hard drive disk recovery , now everytime i open it ,it says that "windows is loading files . . ." then after that it suddenly goes in a black screen with a white cursor .
Please help me with my problems ..

when i try pressing f8 it says that "there are no bootable disk .Please insert a disk a press any key"
Should i put the repair disk or the installation disk. here's an image captured by my phone hope this image help you to solved my problem
Sorry for putting up the link , i cannot upload it using the attachments
thank you for your consideration

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L745 shutdown when in Hard drive disk recovery


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I have a Satellite Pro L300 running Vista that I am trying to recover using the official Toshiba Recovery Disk as the machine is unable to recover from the hard drive.

The process gets as far as starting the Recovery Utility and asking to select the language on the Recovery Utility to which I highlight English and then select Next; it moves onto the next screen which is blank and then just hangs.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Unable to Recover Satellite Pro L300 Laptop using Toshiba Recovery Disk

Have you bought your notebook with English Vista version?
Which language is marked before you choose English?

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I was finding my computer to be way too slow, so I decided to Re-Install Vista using the Restore Discs. To my surprise, when it get's near finishing the finalization of the install during the first boot, it seems to crash to a screen with a bunch of screwed up pixels on the top, and totally blank on the bottom.

This happens every time I try using the restore discs.

What did I do wrong?

Answer:Toshiba P200 Won't boot after using restore discs

are the disks scratched? windows vista came out nearly 8 years ago, for me I would buy a new hard drive, or a new laptop as new vs old you would save yourself time and money on a newer faster laptop with a sata hard drive instead of a old ide hard drive.

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Hi all,

I am trying to fix my sister-in-law's Satelite L350-277 following a failed HDD. Prior to failure it was running Win7 Home Premium (32bit) which was preinstalled on HDD. I managed to run Belarc on it before it completely went, but wasn't able to create restore disk in time.

HDD failure appears to be due to bad sectors, and once failed, couldn't get past Startup Repair. Upon checking HDD (in USB enclosure), both C: and D: (backup partition) appeared intact, so guessed it was issue with MBR. I used Clonezilla to clone to new HDD and am now working on that - failing HDD is still as it was incase I need to clone again.

With the clone of the HDD, I first tried using bootrec.exe but some how managed to "break" C: and couldn't see anything in the partition.

BTW I am currently using a retail DVD copy of Win 7 to provide the "restore" functions. However the Toshiba Restore functions don't appear in the option list. So I then decided to just install the retail copy on C: to see if I could access the toshiba restore functions using data in D: That didn't seem to work either.

Then I came across this thread which gave me hope in being able to boot the Toshiba recory tool:

I was hoping that Vista and Win7 preinstalls would be very similar, however the HDD only has one recovery partition (D:\ HDDRecovery) and I seem to fall down at step 13. There are two boo... Read more

Answer:Win 7 restore without recovery disk on Satellite L350-277

On one side I can understand your wish to install recovery image but on other side, for me personally, it is nothing but wasting your time for nothing. Generally speaking recovery image is designed not to be copied or manipulated so this guy was very lucky.

Problem is that recovery disc was not created after notebook purchase.

Maybe it sounds stupid to you but I recommend you to order original recovery disc for this machine.
You can order it on
It costs 30 Euro only. For this money you will get original recovery disc that includes activated operating system, all necessary drivers, tools, utilities and few additional and useful applications.

Using this disc you will be able to have perfectly working machine in 2 hours only.

One more thing: usage of this disc is unlimited and you can use it 1000 times and every time you will have activated and perfectly configured OS.

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My husband was using his computer earlier and it was working fine. He has now lost the screen. Everything is loading up ok but the actual screen is not working Have you got any advice?

Answer:Toshiba satellite P200-144

The back light or the inverter may have gone. Press the Fn button with the F8 key and see if the screen lightens.If this is a no,Shine a torch onto the screen and see if you can see a dim display.Or connect an external monitor to the vga or svideo outlet at the rear. If the screen boots on the monitor it looks like a backlight fault.If it is this, hopefully it is still under warranty as it is a newish model.

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Good Afternoon,

Wonder if anyone can shed some light on the following error message I get when trying to restore my laptop...

"Setting access permissions V:\HDDRecovery...
V:\HDDRecovery The system cannot find the file specified
Unpack WinRE...

ImageX Tool for Windows
Copyright Blah.....

Error Opening file [V:\HDDRecovery\SWImg\06546XSP.svml
ERROR: ImageX could not apply WinRE V:\HDDRecovery\SWImg\06546XSP.svm Index 1 from HDD to W:!

Press any key to continue..."

After this I am left with the Toshiba recovery software running with no action and an Active DOS screen but nothing happening...

I'm guessing HD fault, Recovery media received today from Toshiba for this system

Laptop is:
Satellite L300D 202

NB. If i restart the laptop boots so far and displays BOOTMGR is missing Ctrl Alt Del to restart...

All help much appreciated,
Thanks in advance,


Answer:Satellite L300D-202: Restore using Recovery disk does not work

> NB. If i restart the laptop boots so far and displays BOOTMGR is missing Ctrl Alt Del to restart...

Hmm... for me it looks like the notebook does not boot from the disk (DVD) but it tries to boot from the HDD....

Anyway, did you try to boot from another disks; for example Win XP, Linux Live CD?
Do this and check if this is possible... if yes, format the HDD and try to boot from the recovery disk again!

PS: Did you try an HDD recovery option?
Power up the unit, press F8 and in choose ?Repair my Computer?
After that choose ?Toshiba HDD recovery? option if possible.

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Hi Everyone

I have a Toshiba Satellite P200 and there is a problem with the Display , it works and it does not work .

I have done some checks ,the backlight is on , and it works ok with a second monitor .

The question I really want to ask is , where is the switch or contact on the Lid or body of the Laptop that shuts down the screen when I close the Lid , I have the Laptop stripped down and I can not see anywhere , where there is some sort of contact mechanical or magnetic between the Lid and Palm rest .

I thought that there me have been something where the Lid Latches close but can not see anything around there .
I know there must be something that puts the laptop into Hibernate when I close the Lid , but what and where is the sensor or whatever located .



Answer:Toshiba Satellite P200 LCD Problem

It is usually right next to the hinge near the power button.
Can you download a PDF service manual?. Dell and Lenovo supply them free from their support sites.

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I need to change the harddrive in my laptop - and since I'm changing it anyways, I was hoping to upgrade it to something a little faster and larger than what came with it.

But I need to be sure - there's no point in returning something I can't get to work in the computer anyways.

I found this:

*Hitachi 500 GB*
Travelstar 7K500 500GB HDD 7200rpm SATA serial ATA 16MB cache 2,5"" internal

Would I have any problems with putting that into the P200-12Z?

Thank you.

Answer:Changing HDD in Toshiba Satellite P200-12Z


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Hi Everyone

I have a Toshiba Satellite P200 and there is a problem with the Display , it works and it does not work .

I have done some checks ,the backlight is on , and it works ok with a second monitor .

The question I really want to ask is , where is the switch or contact on the Lid or body of the Laptop that shuts down the screen when I close the Lid , I have the Laptop stripped down and I can not see anywhere , where there is some sort of contact mechanical or magnetic between the Lid and Palm rest .

I thought that there me have been something where the Lid Latches close but can not see anything around there .
I know there must be something that puts the laptop into Hibernate when I close the Lid , but what and where is the sensor or whatever located .



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I have a *Toshiba Satelite P200*.

Norton expired recently, within hours of expiry I seemed to get a Trojan. I think it is W32/IRCbot.worm (Its a slightly educated guess!) because it seems to be popping up again.
It also caused my computer to reboot, as in the virus description.

I got the recovery discs and tried recovery but was given this error when the partition was initialising:
*ERROR: 08-0E89-000*
Partition creation failed.

I then tried a complete erase with the TOSHIBA recovery discs, it took 18 or so hours, but ended with the same error message as above.

I have no importiant data (have transfered everything to external), and would like to start from scratch. I would love you long time if any-one could suggest anything.

Answer:Toshiba Recovery - Partition creation failed on Satelite P200

To make clean OS installation with recovery media is not problematic and you cannot do anything wrong. I recommend you to make small test and install OS without creating any partition. Start recovery procedure, choose language and just continue without using SETUP button.

Please can you report if the recovery procedure ends properly?

To be honest if you cannot install OS using recovery DVD disc there is no much to do and you must clarify this with authorized service provider in your country. Either they will test it with other disc or test it with new HDD. I do not see other solution there.

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Sorry for my bad english - I need your Help - Where can i find drivers for P200-1e9 WINDOWS XP ????? On the Webside of Toshiba the Download for P Series startet from P300!!!

Please Help!!

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Can I use display driver other than Toshiba's driver from support page?
I've recently got a massage from microsoft solution centar which reccomend me to visit AMD web site in order to find newer driver.
So I wonder if I can upgrade my driver with ordinary, non-Toshiba driver and what I could possibly get or lose with it?

Answer:Can I use non-Toshiba display driver on Satellite P200-14H?

hi Strahimir
it's not recomended to "upgrade" your grafics driver with a non-toshiba or generic driver.
i guess the driverpackage you are using now is fully functionable and there should be no reason to get another driver instead.
btw: the toshiba grafics driver is spcial designed for the used hardware.
the chip is driven by special parameters which the toshiba driver supplies.

i wont upgrade any driver of my machine - only if there is a problem with one of them!
remember: *never change a running system*

i turned off "searching for hardware drivers" in the win-update

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Whenever I did 'sleep', on my Toshiba Sateliite P200-10C my screen often would go from 1200x1400 to what looked like 600x800 dpi. Half the time I would need to restart 1-3x to get back to my 1200x1400. Changing by manually going into the screen setup didn't do anything. I never had any error messages.

Suddenly the last time the screen looked 600x800 but this time with vertical lines--no error messages. I restarted hoping for the best and the screen went from off-black to dark grey like it wanted to come on but couldn't. Restarting 8 more times did nothing. Hitting F8 for entry into setup just made the comp beep in protest.

I plugged the Toshiba into another screen and that showed up everything I had just fine.

Does this sound like a video card died? Is this common for Toshibas? It's a year old.

Thanks in advance for any help. My comp specs below:

Toshiba Satellite P200-10C
Core2 Duo T7200
1024MB + 1024MB Memory 667Mhz/256Vram
250 GB HD 4200RPM SATA
17 WXGA+ Trubrite TFT screen
DVD-Super-Multi Drive (2 layer)
56K Modem/Lan
W-Lan (802.11A/G/N*
1.30MPixel Web camera
OS Vista Home Premium 32 Bit

Answer:Toshiba Satellite P200--dead screen

Could be the video card, could also be a loose cable, since its only a year old, it may still have a warranty. If it does take it for servicing

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I have a Satellite P200-1EE. When using the pre-installed Toshiba HD-DVD Player to play DVD's I get no picture only the sound plays. Do I need to update it etc?

The DVD and others play OK on other programmes. Any Ideas.

Answer:Satellite P200 and Toshiba HD-DVD -Sound but not picture

I am not 100% sure but I think Toshiba has designed HD-DVD player for HD-DVD media only.

According the notebook specification on your notebook should be two players available. One Toshiba DVD player and also Toshiba HD-DVD player. Am I right about that?

>The DVD and others play OK on other programmes
And which one do you use?

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Hi There,
Hope someone can help me out?

I have a Toshiba Satellite A100, model PSAANA-04E005, running Windows Vista Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 32 bit. I am wishing to sell but have all my programs files stuff etc which I want erased and be able to pass on with system as basic as when I purchased. From memory (bought it Jan. 2007) I was given a Toshiba Recovery disk with this being able to do it's thing if I needed it but of course is no where to be foundI.

Is there anyway I can sort this? Anything I can download etc to do this?

Thanks heaps

Answer:Satellite A100 - Can't find recovery disk to restore factory settings


If you don?t find the recovery disk anymore and you want it to restore the original settings, ask an authorized service provider. The guys can get order a new recovery disk for you.
Do you have the address of the guys?

Alternative you can also sell the notebook without recovery disks. Just wipe the HDD before selling with HDD cleaning tool like Darik?s boot and nuke or another program.

But I think you will get a better price if it comes with recovery disks ;)

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Have re-installed windows xp onto my laptop along with the drivers - a toshiba satellite p200
everything working fine, restart laptop to get the new drivers to kick in and usb ports not working when laptop turnt back on
Am recieving this error message in the computer management next to USB ROOT HUB with a cheery little yellow exclamation mark
*Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)*
For the life of me cannot figure out what driver is connected to this. Have spent 3 hours exhausting google :(
Have reinstalled chipset what ever the hell that is and no change?!
Please can some genius shed some light onto this issue as I'm about to go mental
and please please don't mistake me for a computer expert (clear from this post I'm not!) Im a mere 20 something girl who is extremly out of her depth and have a University deadline looming so any help put in the simplest terms will be AMAZING! :)

Answer:USB ports stopped working Toshiba Satellite P200 HELP!

You could try right clicking the offending item going into properties, deleting the driver and rebooting.

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I've got a problem with my Satellite P200-1DO: impossible to read HD DVD. there is message who says that video can not be shown at external device.

The problem is the same if I try on the laptop screen or on the TV (Sony Bravia Full HD) with HDMI. I have the last driver and software for vista sp1 installed...

Some on have an idea?
Sorry to speak so bad...

Edited by: ADMIN

Answer:Satellite P200 - Toshiba HD-DVD Player can't read HD-DVDs

I think I know what?s wrong;

Check this Toshiba TB document;

[HD DVD title doesn't play ("Unable to output the video to an external device")| 788xml&sliceId=&dialogID=41741513&stateId=0%200%20 41739828]

To solve this issue you will have to update the Realtek Audio Driver for Windows Vista.

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Hi Majorgeeks, I have decided to put my laptop up for sale, I have read that I should delete or remove the hard drive first, I have ccleaner installed, please tell me if the ccleaner wipe free space x 32 times option will delete all my computer history so it cannot be recovered,

I've already run the laptop system restore cd,

Kind Regards,


ps, if ccleaner will not work please tell me how to do it.


Answer:I'm selling my Toshiba Satellite Pro P200-1EE, how do I delete the history

Greetings, johnboy0, and welcome to MajorGeeks.

Running the CCleaner drive wipe routines should be sufficient.

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Where do I start, planned to upgrade , brand new machine to Vista Business as I need to connect to domain - Vista home prem (OEM) is no good.

Checked with tech support who advised me to download drivers from the site which i did (why are they not supplied with the machine?)

Upgraded system, tried to install ATI driver it fails ! (notice this driver has been removed from the site). Password Utility fails (reporting wrong serial no), sd utility fails (reporting wrong serial no). Value added packages fails to install all components, specifically (TOSHIBA components common driver, and TOSHIBA Flash cards).

Tried tech support, who advised to upgrade bios, however that also failed!

*So now have amachine that will not read flash cards, no function keys work, and the toshiba diagnotic tool does not work.*

Apparently this has now been escalated, but have to say, it very disapointing that there are not clear instructions on this process, as I presume there will be many users who wish to upgrade the same path as I am trying to do.

Any advice or help in the meatime would be greatfully appreciated !

Answer:Satellite P200-17C: Cannot install some Toshiba Vista tools


>it very disapointing that there are not clear instructions on this process
First of all I wonder why you said something like that ?:|
I think you are not newbie and should be able to install some simply drivers. Or I?m wrong?
You have visited the Toshiba European driver page then you have noticed that there are different P200 series.
Hopefully you have downloaded the right drivers for the right series. The P200-17C belongs to the PSPB6E. Check this!!!

Furthermore I have found a installation instruction txt file on the driver page. Seems you didn?t see it!
You have to follow the installation order mentioned in this txt file!!!

Good luck

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Resource Monitor shows 100% CPU usage constantly in recent weeks (not a problem for the first 6 months that i owned the machine) with 85-99% of my CPU being used on 2 entries each shown as "Toshiba Flash Cards", any idea why, and how I can sort this out as it slows everything down? many thanks


Answer:Satellite P200-1EE 100% CPU usage due to Toshiba Flash Cards

Are the correct ATI/nVidia graphics drivers installed? Make sure the Graphics card is not using standard VGA drivers in Device Manager.

Also try this:

1) uninstall the Toshiba Value Added Package in Control Panel -> Programs and features
2) Download and install the latest TVAP from the Toshiba Drivers/Support Website
3) Reboot.

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I have a few questions regarding my Toshiba P200-17C but I'm not sure if I should be posting in the Satellite forum, the Operating system forum, or the Toshiba Tools & Utilities forum but, because my questions concern all three forums and as the questions are directly related to the tools & utilities, I feel that this may the the one to post in?

After installing Windows 7 RC 64bit, I installed just about all of the 64bit versions of the Toshiba software that are available for my P200-17C and apart from a few niggly issues, all of the Toshiba software and Windows 7 RC 64bit appear to be working just fine on my notebook.

Utilities installed: accoustic silencer, assist, chipset utility, config free, dvd player, decoder driver, flash cards support, flash media, hw setup, LAN, modem, SD utilities, sound, TEMPRO, Touchpad,* value added logical device*, webcam, wireless LAN.

The issues that I am having are as follows:

The six media buttons just above the keyboard which are the internet button, the CD/DVD button, the play/pause button, stop, fast rewind, fast forward.

Toshiba/Utilities/HW Setup

With reference to the first issue - media buttons - apart from the "Internet" and "CD/DVD" buttons, the other four buttons work when Windows Media Player is launched but I would like the internet and CD/DVD buttons to work. With the 64bit OS, be it Wista or Windows 7, Toshiba have a download called "Value Added Logical Device"... Read more

Answer:Satellite P200-17C - Windows 7 and Toshiba Tools & Utilities

Hello Dave

Until Windows 7 is still in Beta phase and not officially on the market Toshiba and, I believe, any other notebook manufacturer will not offer support for Windows 7.
I believe you that some tools or utilities work well but it is nothing but luck.

All tools and utilities must be prepared and tested for new operating system. When you download VAP there is must be chosen OS and you can download it for Vista only. So if some tool works is nice but if not there is nothing you can do. Just to wait, like me and many other people who have installed Windows 7 for testing purposes.

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Hi there,

I usually watch DVDs with Toshiba's software which was bundelled with my P200 which I purchased last year.
However, the picture is no longer displayed.

Sound is okay, along with the control system, but the actual picture is black.
I thought that the player might be at fault but DVDs work fine Windows Media Player.

All are the correct region and are DVDs which I've played before with no problem.

I've tried rebooting etc.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Answer:Re: Satellite P200 - No picture playing DVD with Toshiba DVD player software


Did you try to install newer DVD player software or to update the old one?
You should do this!

As far as I know the new DVD player tool has been released and it?s placed on the Toshiba European driver page for download.

Check it!

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can anyone help; last night i was downloading some music from Napster and left the laptop to run whilst i went out.
When I came back i couldn't get back into the vista system.

The laptop gets as far as the Toshiba splash page and is stuck/hangs there..can anyone advise.


Answer:Satellite P200-1K9 stuck/hangs on splash Toshiba screen

Hi there,

did you already tried F8 and then perform a Safe Boot? Or try booting with the "last known working configuration" (which also appears when pressing F8 before the Windows splash screen appears...

Should work.


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I have a simular problem with a P200-140.

When it boots the Toshiba Logo appears for a few seconds and then disappears, if I tilt the screen I can see that the picture is there but the screen does not light up.

I used the SVGA output on my projector and that works fine. Sometimes after booting a few times the display returns and will then work fine but will disapear again without warning especially if yiou close the screen.

I dunno if this is possibly a switch problem?
Is there a microswitch that might be sticking when you close the lid?

I've tried deleting and reinstalling the display drivers and booting in safe mode, neither made a difference.

Answer:Satellite P200-140 - Toshiba Logo appears for a few seconds and then disappears

hi Mortiss,
maybe the backlight of the lcd is gone... (i dont think so)
or the wires broke... (!)
or the lid switch is defectiv (rare)

ask a servicepartner to assist...

or deassemble the unit... be carefull this will kill your warranty..

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I had to format my laptop last night due to a nasty virus.
I have re-installed vista using the recovery cd and have installed all the windows updates that were available.

What about the updates that come from Toshiba? Are they downloaded as part of the windows update or do i have to download them seperately from the Toshiba support pages?

Also how do i know which ones are most important?

Answer:Satellite P200-1EE: What to do with updated Toshiba tools on driver site


Does the notebook run trouble free after the installation from Recovery disk?
If yes, you don?t need to update any tools!

Follow my suggestion; never change a running system!

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Is there a recovery disk creator available for this model as i have searched the computer and there is no option to create one.
I have mislaid mine and want to be able to recover if necessary.

Answer:Satellte P200-1EE Recovery Disk

So, the recovery creator is only available if you got a HDD (HardDriveDisk = Hardrive )recovery which means:

If you only can recover your machine from HDD and your machine was not shipped with an recovery media then you have a program which could create a recovery DVD because you have the recovery on a hidden partition on HDD.

If your machine was shipped with an recovery media on CD/DVD then you?re out of luck and you?ve got only 2 options:

1. Find your recovery or buy a new one
2. Create a backup of your HDD (e.g. with the program "Ghost" or with "Trueimage" from Acronis) and use this image to restore your system in case of failure.

Oh, I forgot to mention that if you have a Recovery which was shipped on CD/DVD then you don?t have a disc creator installed since there is no recovery on a hidden patition on the harddrive.

Seems logical..


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I'm having difficulty recovering my girlfriends laptop, it has start up problems and start up repair hasn't resolved the situation.

I have mananged to remove the drive and save all the important files and pics.
However I haven't got a recovery disc for it and she is the other side of the world at the moment.

Any ideas where I can get recovery software from???

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Equium P200-1IR - Where do i get Recovery disk from?


Hmm? do you know this Toshiba Recovery disk order page?

Maybe you could order the disk there?

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I've just registered so forgive me if I've posted this question in the wrong place.

I have a Satellite P200-1jv and I could play dvd's on it no problem. Now when i try to play a dvd using the Toshiba player I get a message coming up that states +*Unable to output the video to an external device. Please switch your display device by pressing the Fn +F5 keys after ending this application+*

I try this and lcd comes up but never changes. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help.


Answer:Satellite P200-1JV: Toshiba DVD player issue - Unable to output the video..


I think I can help you and I found a solution.

I reminded this issue and searched a little bit here in the forum and ? found this thread:

Jack Black posted a link to the Toshiba document which describes exactly this issue and provides a solution.

The issue can be solved by updating of Realtek Audio Driver.
You could download the newest sound driver from the Realtek website and could reinstall it.


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I have just purchased the Toshiba Satellie P200-17C Notebook and I have one or two questions which I hope can be answered in this forum? aShop=true

1. Under 'bundled software' at the link above, it states that the "Toshiba Value Added Package" is included but I do not see this CD/DVD in the box. (My Equium L10 had a Value Added CD in the box).

Toshiba User's Manual
Norton Internet Security 2007 (includes free Internet updates for 90 days)
Ulead DVD MovieWriter for TOSHIBA
*Toshiba Value Added Package*
Supervisor Password Utility
Toshiba Assist
Toshiba Speech System
Chicony Camera Assistant Software
Toshiba DVD Player
Microsoft Works 8.5 (with Office Home and Student 2007 Trial)
Toshiba Disc Creator
Connectivity Doctor

Why is the Value Added Package not inlcuded and what exactly is included on the CD/DVD for the P200-17C? I am also not sure if I have all of the above either. I.e. ConfigFree, Connectivity Doctor, Toshiba Assist etc, but I will check over the next few hours and post back.

2. Under "Special Features", it mentions:

*Microsoft Windows HotStart for instant-on entertainment*

But I do not see any reference to this in the owners manual and how it works. Can anyone help here please?

3. What CD/DVD writing software is included? I am looking for something lik... Read more

Answer:Satellite P200-17C: Question about Toshiba tools and Windows Vista HotStart

> Why is the Value Added Package not included and what exactly is included on the CD/DVD for the P200-17C? I am also not sure if I have all of the above either. I.e. ConfigFree, Connectivity Doctor, Toshiba Assist etc, but I will check over the next few hours and post back.

The Toshiba value added package is a collection of different single Toshiba applications like TOSHIBA Components Common Driver, TOSHIBA Power Saver, TOSHIBA Password Utility, TOSHIBA Flash Cards, etc?

All this applications are already installed on the Toshiba image which is placed on the Toshiba recovery CD.

>Microsoft Windows HotStart for instant-on entertainment
As far as I know Windows Hotstart in the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system provides built-in support for launching applications directly from system startup.
Manufacturers can take advantage of Windows HotStart to add consumer-friendly application-access buttons through chassis front panels.
In your case this are the Toshiba control buttons for example.

>What CD/DVD writing software is included?

There should be an preinstalled tool called Toshiba Disc creator.
Using this too you can create original audio CD, data CD and DVD and backup discs of CD and DVD

Hope I have clarified everything

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I have a Toshiba Satellite P200-144, (PSPBGE-01C004EN) laptop bought in 2007 with Windows Vista installed.
All of the software updates for Windows, MS Office, MS Security etc. have been downloaded automatically.
However, none of the Bios, Firmware & Toshiba Drivers etc. have been updated and most are still dated as last modified in 2006.

I have upgraded to Windows 7 and am having minor issues such the Webcam not working (temporarily fixed by loading MS USB Video device driver) and Sound from right speaker is much lower in volume than the left speaker etc.
On the Toshiba Support Driver Download pages, (<>), in the 'Driver Download' section for 'Archived Files > Satellite > Satellite P Series > P200 (PSPBG) > PSPBGE > Windows 7 - 32 Bit > All > United Kingdom > English' - and SEARCH, 18 Drivers are found.
As I have never previously applied any of the downloads my questions are as follows:
1) The Driver Files are listed alphabetically in the results - But should they be applied in a specific order?
2) For the 3 'FIRMWARE' updates - How should they be applied and in which order?
3) For the 2 'REGISTRY PATCHES' updates - How should they be applied?
4) For the 'CHIPSET UTILITY update - How should it be applied?
5) For the Drivers 'DISPLAY', 'MODEM', 'SOUND' and 'WEBCAM' - Are they applied normally by running their unzipped 'Setup.exe' files?
6) For the TOSHIBA programs '... Read more

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I'm new here so I'm not sure if I'm in the correct forum or not, if I'm not I apologise.

I have a Satellite P200-1EE and have been trying to play dvds on the Toshiba HD DVD Player but every time I attempt to it comes up with a error message saying "An error has occurred in audio output settings. Please check that the sound driver is set up properly."

I've tried updated the sound drivers but it tells me I have the best drivers already installed.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

Answer:Satellite P200-1EE - Toshiba HD DVD Player issue - audio output error


What OS do you have?
Is it Vista?

If yes then other question; did you install the SP1???

Please also check the Toshiba European driver page and choose your notebook model.
There is a HD DVD Player patch v4.32.00.
The other HD DVD Player version 4.51.07 is a full version and if the patch will not work then you should install the full version.


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Hi - I've got a satellite P200.

The CD Rom drive is not recognized (hasnt been for quite a while since a vista update I think) and the driver update thru control panel says there is none available. I want to do a full restore on the laptop with the restore disc but for obvious reasons this can't be done. I either need to get the CD rom recognized again or do a full restore without disc. I cant do a date restore as no dates appear in the restore list? Can anyone help please?


Answer:CD Rom not recognised - need it to do ful restore on Satellite P200


When you enter BIOS settings is optical disc drive recognized properly? Can you set it as first bootable device?
At start up press F12 to enter boot menu. Is ODD listed there?

Have you even tried to start recovery installation?

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I made a booboo and need some help/advice to get things fixed.

My husband has a Satellite P200-RT2 running Win XP 32 bit (came with Vista but had been upgraded). The battery needs to be replaced, does not charge and he made the error of unplugging it while it was in the process of shutting down, but had not shut down completely. Laptop would not boot, even in Safe Mode.

So, I thought to try inserting a Win XP Pro disc thinking it might work to reboot the computer and get it started again. Nope, it took over and completely reformatted the laptop. So great, now have Win XP Pro on it, but cannot load all the Toshiba drivers which I downloaded from the Toshiba site.

I haven't been able to find out if there's a specific order to load the drivers.....have been doing some reading and am wondering if the BIOS one should be first?

Needless to say the Toshiba Recovery software is gone on the P200-RT2, I cannot find a separate drive which supposedly would contain it, there are only two drives listed, Drive C and D (for DVD's).

Toshiba tells me Microsoft sells the Recovery software, MS tells me only Toshiba sells it. There are sites online that have the recovery discs for Vista which I could buy/download but am unsure about which ones are reliable/safe.

Should mention that I have a newer Toshiba Laptop (L675-40X, Win 7) and have recovery discs for it.

Is it possible to use these recovery discs to get the Toshiba software loaded on the old P200-RT2?

... Read more

Answer:Satellite P200-RT2 - Need some help with recovery

Recovery image is specific software package and created for certain notebook model so you cannot use it on different notebook models.

Now after WXP downgrade on this P200 you cannot use recovery image anymore. All you can do now is to install own OS version and install all necessary drivers, tools and utilities that you can download from Toshiba support page.

Long time ago I had P200D and I have used it with Win7 32bit and I can say that notebook performance was very good. I can just advice you to install Win7.

This is pretty old notebook model so I’m afraid you will not be able to order original recovery image. What you can try is to contact nearest service provider and ask for help. Maybe they can order one for you.

By the way: where have you bought your notebook (country)?

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Hello, I have a Satellite P200 12W computer and for some reason, it couldn't start Windows properly yesterday, I had a black screen. I decided to run the recovery DVD, it formatted the hard drive disk and then... couldn't copy all the files. It stops about 7 or 8% each time i try, the DVD seems unreadable.

I tried to purchase a new one on the store, but it says me that the computer is too old or I selected the wrong area.

Any idea to revive the computer ?


Answer:Recovery DVD for Satellite P200

Satellite P200 is old notebook model and I can imagine you cannot order original Vista recovery disc.
As far as I know, and you can check it, Satellite P200 is fully supported for Win7 32bit so I recommend you to install it on your machine.

Last year I sold my old P200D that I used with Win7 32bit and I can say that I was very satisfied with performance.
Obtain Microsoft installation disc and install Win7. All necessary drivers, tools and utilities you can download from Toshiba download page -

If you have some questions or advice about Win7 installation you are welcome.

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Looking for help !

My P200-1EE will not play HD DVDs. When the HD DVD software starts with an HD DVD in the drive, the player displays on the screen and after a short while returns an error. The message is ' +Toshiba HD DVD Player - Unable to output the video to an external device. Please switch your display device by pressing the FN F5 keys after ending the application'+.

Problem is that I am not trying to use anyother display than the screen of the portable. Only the screen of the portable is available when I use the FN +F5 suggestion. It does not cure the problem.

Drivers are up to date as far as i can tell.

All help greatly appreciated.

Answer:Satellite P200-1EE: Toshiba HD DVD Player 'Unable to output video to external device'


I searched in this forum for similar issues and I think I?ve got a solution.
It seems the Realtek sound driver causes this issue.

According to this Toshiba document a new soud driver installation will help you to solve this HD-DVD issue.

Check this;
HD DVD title doesn't play ("Unable to output the video to an external device") 788xml&sliceId=&dialogID=24590306&stateId=1%200%20 24588233


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I am trying to restore de P200 Satelit Pro 19R. First, I press on key F8 on boot, then I choose Repair my computer. I log with my usual account and Password. The restore factory option (the last one) in not dispalyed the only available option is "restore windows" but this is no what I am looking for...

My question : How can I restore with format and factory default my computer ?
I have not found the right way to do it.
Thank you in adcance for your reply.

Kind regards

Answer:How to restore my Satellite Pro P200-19R to factory settings?

If you cannot do it with HDD recovery instalation you can do it using recovery DVD disc.
Have you created such disc?

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I've restored my P200-1BY because of wifi problems and it seems that now my partition Data is named E:

I think it was named D: which would be logical, but I'm not sure. Is it normal ?

Answer:Satellite P200-1BY after recovery I have drive E: instead of D:


Usually the first partition is named as *C*:
The second, hidden partition which is needed for Vista restore files could be named *D*.
The *E* letter could be assigned to CD/DVD drive.

However, this letters are not fix and can be changed. This can be done in the disk management.


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No Sound has me taking the option of using the Toshiba Recovery Discs.
After the 1st disc does it's bit right at the end of it the error message appears

Type: swm
File Size: 644 Meg
Date modified: 6/27/2007 8:06pm

Three options are offered Try Again - Skip - Cancel.

I have tried try again twice
I have tried skip twice with no result.

When I select option (Skip) I am directed to install Recovery Disc 2.

After this installs itself I am shown the
Error Message:
Boot MGR is Missing and instructed to use CTRL+ALT+DEL to Restart.

Once this is done
Error: 10-fc06-0002 Recovery Error
Please press (OK) to turn off computer.

Any assistance with this drama would be greatly appreciated

Answer:Re: Satellite P200 - Recovery error


First of all you should tell us what notebook you use.

Have you checked the recovery disk if it?s scratchy or something else?
Can you install Windows from a Microsoft installation disk?

In your case I would try to format the HDD before you use the Toshiba recovery disk. To format the HDD you can use a Windows XP disk for example.
Check this!


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in his infinite wisdom my ex father in law installed xp onto my Toshiba Satellite P200 (PSPB6A-0CS04M).

None of the drivers work, the system is a piece of puss. I'm looking to find a recovery disc so I can go back to my original Vista install (with drivers) then possibly upgrade to win 8

Can anyone help please?



Answer:Need recovery disc for Satellite P200

Satellite p200 is pretty old notebook model and I don?t know if you will be able to order original recovery disc but you can try it anyway.
For recovery disc order check

By the way: I don?t know if you will be able to have successful upgrade to Win8 but what I know is that this machine runs perfectly with Win7 32bit.

Maybe it sounds stupid now but I think you should be a bit realistic and don?t expect too much from this old piece of hardware.

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At first I wanted to Install WinXP on a Satellite P200 but then I read a lot in the internet and that could be more difficult than I first thought.

Now I only wanted to recover it with the RecoveryCD that came with the Notebook.

It?s the notebook of my cousin. It is a bit slow and has a lot of garbage on it, so we decided to refresh the system.
But the Toshiba Recovery says:

+Cheking for HDD1+
+HDD1 found!+
+BIOS 0 is Disk 0+
+BIOS 1 is Disk+
+ERROR: GETHDD get physical HDD failed!+
+Press any key to continue...+

Then I press any key is says:

+Waiting for ODD to become available...+
+ODD Drive F: ready.+
+Check for medium in drive F:...+
+Failed to initialize the raid class.+
+No RAID - continue normally...+


I am not able to recover, but I have no idea why. I also don?t want to delete everything before I do the recovery, cause I?m afraid that nothing will work after that.
The Notebook boots in Vista, but it is slow as I said before. Is there a chance to make the recovery work?

The CD is okay and never used before and it is also the original one.

Thanks a lot for help,

I forgot to say, I followed the instructions on the CD case. I restarted the computer and pressed F12 then I chose the DVD drive and then the CD booted. But I did not tried that on the running Vista system, because everywhere I read it is wrong.

Answer:Recovery Failed on Satellite P200


I did read your posting triply but now I?m a little bit confused?

If you want back the ?factory settings? you must only boot from the Toshiba recovery disk. Before the disk starts to install new OS the whole HDD will be wiped so before recovery you can install everything, also Linux, Vista or something else because it will be deleted.

So please follow the instructions on the CD case as you have posted. I don?t know where you read that this is wrong but fact is the disk wipes the HDD and installs a fresh OS.

If you have more questions, please let us know.

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Hope you can help.

I have tried to reinstall my PC from the recovery disc following countless failures in start up after Pc recoveres from Hibernate. Following the recovery reinstall the PC gets to a point and then freezes up, three white bands appear horizontally on the monitor. I then need to start the process again.

I have installed an old version of Windows XP on the PC and this works although I now have the issue that my wireless cards are no recognised, the mike and camera do not function etc.

I would like to get the PC back to working with Vista, do you have any ideas what might cause the failure at recovery.


Answer:Recovery failure on Satellite P200-10O

BTW - The horizontal lines I mentioned in the previous thread occurs about 2/3s of the way through the recovery - at the point where Vista is going to fire up for the first time. The reason for saying this is that I do not believe it is a monitor issue as XP runs ok.

One thought - could it be the RAM?

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I have a satellite P200-140 but it came without any CDs now i wanna recover my OS i found a hidden partition in the manual they mentioned that i have to press (0) zero while turning on the laptop i tried but nothing happened can anyone advice me please
thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite P200-140 Recovery CD lost

On my laptop, I need to time it properly to get it working.

1) Hold down Zero
2) Turn on laptop
3) Release Zero when you see the Toshiba Logo.

If the recovery partition is missing (If you formatted the HDD and loaded your own OS for example), the Zero key wont work. You would need to buy recovery discs from Toshiba.

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I have a Satellite P200-18Z and I am doing an installation of FreeBSD and I require to know the disk geometry because my installer crashes for no obvious reason.
In the installation wizard FreeBSD reported an error in disk geometry.


Answer:Satellite P200-18Z - need to know disk geometry


I don?t know what HDD details you need but as far as I know the Satellite P200-18Z notebook supports a 2.5? 200GB SATA HDD.
_Further details are:_

Height: 9.5mm
Drive rotation: 4200rpm
Buffer size: 8MB
Number of disks: 2
Number of heads: 4

That?s all what I found. Maybe it's helpful

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Does anyone know if it is possible to add a second hard drive to the P200-1DV?

There is room inside the machine but no connector exists?!

Answer:Second hard disk for Satellite Pro P200-1DV

As far as I know second HDD upgrade is not possible because there are no connectors available. The notebook case is universal part and it will be used for all P200 notebook models and some of them are delivered with 2 HDDs.

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Hello Toshiba Forum,

I've got a problem with my Notebook (Satellite P200-1FT). I hope you can help me :-)

I want to sell my Notebook and therefore I wanted to completely delete my whole data on the hard drive. I used a tool called dban ( and it worked well. After the formatting I wanted to recover Windows Vista by using the Toshiba Recovery Disk.

The problem is: When I boot the recovery cd, i can choose the language and the system to install (Windows Vista) but then there are two cmd-Windows which show an error:

I think that it was not a good idea to delete the partition X:\ !? And I think that there is a Raid Driver required. Is that right? What shall I do now to recover Windows Vista?

Please help me, Thank You

Answer:Re: Satellite P200-1FT completely formatted, recovery

Dear friend why you use such third part tools? All you must do is to use recovery media. The whole HDD will be formatted and OS will be installed. All data will be deleted.

Anyway, enter BIOS settings and set it to default. Restart notebook and try again.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite serie P200. I have to reinstall windows vista because my system is not so stable ( blue screen)
I wanted to reinstall from defaut operating system ( system partition of 1.54 Go) but I'm not able to do it.

I don't have any CD or DVD support. On the PC there's no utulity to restore system from hide partition of 1.5Go.
Please could you give me a solution.


Answer:Cannot start recovery installation on Satellite P200

This partition has nothing to do with operating system installation and it is not Toshiba recovery partition. It is WinRE partition and belongs to Vista feature.

Real recovery image is saved on HDD on second partition in folder called ?HDDRecovery?.
Do you have this folder on second HDD partition?

Anyway, how to install OS from HDD and without recovery DVD you can find on

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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I'm trying to fix a P200-17C for a friend. In spite of my advice when they bought it, they did bother to not make a full backup and now it's broken there is no backup to restore from. However, the machine came with a Toshiba recover disc, which I booted from. It claimed that it would format the hard disc and restore everything to factory defaults, which is just what I wanted.

I ran the recovery disc and it took about 15 minutes and appeared to be rebuilding the machine and claimed to have completed successfully. Afterwards, when I booted it up from the hard disc, Windows appeared to be starting but after a while a window came up to say that Windows cannot automatically fix the PC. It appears that my friend had previously, unsuccessfully tried to fix it somehow and it still remembers that in spite of the recovery disc's claims to have successfully fixed the machine back to factory defaults.

Could someone help me with the following, please?
1. Is there any point in buying the recovery disc from ? Will this just be the same disc that I already have and will therefore fail again?
2. Should I manually format the hard drive and then run the recovery disc? Perhaps I could totally wipe the drive with a Linux boot disc and then use the Toshiba recovery disc to attempt a new installation? Is this possible or would I need a real Vista disc rather than the the Toshiba recovery disc to do an installation?

Any o... Read more

Answer:Satellite P200-17C - recovery succeeds but does not fix computer


I have read your posting very carefully and it is really interesting story. The fact is that before the recovery procedure starts the whole HDD will be formatted and all data and existing partition will be erased.

After clean OS installation there should not be any previous problem available.
Answers on your questions are simply:
1) Yes it will be the same disc.
2) You can do this but recovery disc do actually the same job.

In the whole story you didn?t mention one interesting thing: what kind of error or problem is there actually?

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Hello there,

I wondered if you could help with a little advice, i had to recover my p200 laptop yesterday, it went smoothly, but i noticed there was a 14 gb used in my hard drive, i know vista is quite large so i thought nothing of it, but because of a mistake installing some software, i had to recover again, this time i seem to be nearly 24 gb used where there is no files just vista on my computer. ( I uninstalled all the toshiba software as i dont use it whatsoever) does any body have any ideas what this could be i know about the 1.5 gb partition for recovery but im stuck as to where ive lost 10gb

Any ideas or help would be much appreciated



Oh i forgot to add i cant find it with partition magic and ive added up the files i have 7gb as of now in program files and a 14gb vista install does not add upto anywhere near 36 gb which is what is used on my hard drive

Answer:Re: Satellite P200-1K8: Used recovery twice - HDD size issue

On my laptop, its set up like this:


1.5GB for Vista's EISA recovery partition (Used to repair Vista)
6GB for the Toshiba Recovery Partition (Used when you restore the HDD back to its factory state)
190GB for Vista (its really about 178GB due GB vs BillionByte convertion and the File Allocation Table)

In Control Panel -> Admin Tools -> Computer Management -> Storage -> Disk Management, you can see the partitions. Have a look in there for anything unusual

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Hello everybody,
I have a Toshiba P200-199 (PSPB0E-03P00JG3) with the serial number: 97143051K.
Unfortunately, I've lost the recovery disc. How can I start all over with a fresh windows?

Thank you very much for all your help.

Answer:Recovery CD for Satellite P200-199 (PSPB0E-03P00JG3)

> How can I start all over with a fresh windows?
I don?t know what do you mean with ?fresh windows? but if you want to have factory settings again you must install original Toshiba recovery image designed for your notebook model.
What you can do is to check if you can order it on

If not you can install own operating system. All necessary drivers, tools and utilities for all supported operating systems you can find on Toshiba download page -

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Just brought a Satellite P200 it has vista Home premum on,, has recovery disc1 but no recovery disc2, how do I get disc2 or should it have been supplied by Toshiba ?

Answer:Question about recovery "disc 2" for Satellite P200


so why do you need recovery disc2. Are you sure that a disc 2 has been shipped with that machine? And did you already tried to recover that machine with the error message that disc 2 has to been inserted?

If you buy a new machine and there are the cd?s you have then I think it will make some sense that just that cd were shipped with the machine.


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Alright guys, I bought a Satellite P200-143 a while back, and I've got to recover it today, just to get rid of all the junk on it and when I boot it up, press F12 and it goes fine. When the little black screen comes up and it says 'progress [percentage goes here]' it always sticks at 54%. I think it's because the disk has scratch on it.

Does anyone know where I could download the recovery setup from online? I'm running Windows Vista on it by the way.

Any help appreciated.

Answer:Question about recovery disc on Satellite P200-143

Unfortunately, you cannot download the Toshiba image from any Toshiba websites.
If you want to recover the notebook with the image then you have to use the Toshiba Recovery CD.
If your CD is faulty then you can order it from the ASP in your country. In my knowledge it?s not expensive.
Talk to the ASP technicians and ask for the compatible one.

Best regards

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I have a Satellite P200 and a recovery disk. I do not want to use this as it wipes my drive clean C: and E: which has all my data on it.

Is there a restore button to factory settings that just affects drive C: and will leave E: in tact? I thought I read somewhere that there was.

Answer:Re: Satellite P200 - question about part Recovery


If you have Satellite P200 something like this is not possible. Unfortunately, before recovery procedure starts the whole HDD will be deleted (formatted). Before you start recovery procedure back up all your important data on some external device, or burn it on DVD-R/RW media.

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Hi, have the laptop above running Vista Home Premium + SP2 with a T2080 @ 1.73GHz processor, 2GB Ram and 32-bit O/S. The problem is this: the Vista(C:) drive only has 7.18GB of space left (total is 55.8GB). However, the Data(E:) drive has 54.0GB of space left (total is 54.4GB). My question is this: can I use some of the spare space on the Data(E:) drive to give me extra space on the Vista(C:) drive? If so, how do I do this? I'm good with instructions, but not with jargon. Thanks in advance for any help and advice. G.

Answer:Satellite P200-10O running out of disk space.

You can resize the partitions in Vista

Go to:
Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management

Also download and run CCleaner to remove excess files and clean the registry

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I have a Satellite Pro P200 with a single internal hard disk. There is a second bay under the computer for another internal hard disk but I have not been able to find any information about it. There is enough space for a 2.5" SATA drive but I cannot see a connector.

I contacted Dutch Toshiba Customer support who said that it was the official policy not to provide any information about a second hard internal disk. They also said that they would not supply any parts to make it possible.

Can anyone provide some more information?

Answer:Re: How can I add a second internal hard disk to a Satellite Pro P200?


I think if there is no connector you can not add a second HDD.
It?s nice to have a second bay but this is nothing without a connector.


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I have few years ago a :
Satellite P200-1FY
R?f?rence : PSPB6E-0QR035FR

I have just bought a new hard disk WD20EARS (2TB) 64MO RAM ,
and I have plugged it into an external box USB3<-> SATA (hot shut "MaInPower") , in order to plugin it on my toshiba via USB (USB2.0 card)

I partitioned the disk with 2 parts (1 part (activated) FAT32 : 930KB and 1 NTFS 1,89GB)

*My problem is :*
I am not able to detect this disk by the bios (bios updated with 2.7 "") in order to start with partition FAT32)

*the tests that I have already did :*
1) Plug this disk (WD20EARS) on a PC : HP 6530b --> result : disk is detected by the bios, possible to start on the disk
and the OS is correctly booted

2) Plug in sametime a key boot usb2 and the disk --> result : the disk WD20EARS is displayed on bios selection (sometimes)
but it is impossible to boot on it. When I select the disk, the key usb is booting

Could you help me to find out the problem (bios, disk or box usb3) or do you have any updated to solve it

kind regards

Answer:Satellite P200 - BIOS did not recognize my usb disk 3.5''

Wait a moment.
BIOS cannot detect external HDD? You want to start OS saved on external HDD? Is this correct?

Are tests 1 and 2 related to this HP notebook?

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I will explain my problem as short as possible :

Together with my laptop I got a product recovery cd, which I used. After starting the laptop, I pressed f12 and selected the cd/dvd in the following window. So far so good, windows started to load the files. Now here comes my problem : After loading the files, nothing happend. There was a black screen during a long time. I tryed it a few times, but everytime the same problem.

I hope somebody could help :)


Answer:Satellite P200 - product recovery doesnt start

something to add: its the same problem, when I try to repair computer

f8 -> chose "repair computer" -> windows loading files -> blackscreen

Is there anybody, who got a solution for this problem?

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