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Can I send Satellite A300-y00 for recovery procedure

Question: Can I send Satellite A300-y00 for recovery procedure

I got problem in my Satellite A300-y00, which are virus, trojan or more threats.
I want to ask if is it possible to resend back to Toshiba to reformat as a new one again?
I mean that will they install the same software with included everything such as a new one in order to delete all threats.

Will it cost more?

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Preferred Solution: Can I send Satellite A300-y00 for recovery procedure

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Can I send Satellite A300-y00 for recovery procedure


As I?m not mistaken the A300 was equipped with the HDD recovery option.
This means that you can recover the notebook and set it to factory settings very easly and without usage of the Recovery DVD!!!

So power up the notebook, press the F8 button and choose the option called ?Repair my Computer?.
Then a new screen should appear and there you will have to choose the last option called Toshiba Recovery or something like that.
Then follow the instruction on the screen.

The whole HDD should be formatted and new OS with all the drivers should be installed

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I have just brought a Toshiba Satellite A300-1j1 laptop, and at the same time got the upgrade to Vista Ultimate disk at the same time.

Straight out I went to do a soft upgrade to Ultimate, which failed, and the laptop restored to Premuim.

Stupidly I then immediately went for a hard install to Ultimate which 'worked', but obviously the drivers to run the laptop was not installed, so I decided to go back to Factory settings, and try getting Ultimate on again.

However using F8 on boot up is not giving me the option to restore, and I have since learnt that I should have make a set of recovery disks, which I did not do.

The installation data is still on the 'E' drive, so is there anyway I can still use it to make these discs, or what should I do?

Thank you for your help,


Answer:Satellite A300-1J1: Cannot use F8 to start the HDD recovery procedure

>?.and I have since learnt that I should have make a set of recovery disks, which I did not do.
That is your biggest mistake.
>The installation data is still on the 'E' drive, so is there any way I can still use it to make these discs, or what should I do?
There is nothing you can do to create recovery DVD. if you want to have original recovery DVD you must buy it.
For this check please

Sorry buddy :(

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Hi my name is Kanwar. I live in Toronto, Ca.

I purchased A300 toshiba laptop 3 month back, and made recovery DVDs the same time :-)
But i faced some problem and did tried to do recovery and i erased all data after taking backup, but while using my 1st DVD i faced a problem that PREINST2.SWM file is missing after about 12 minutes.

My DVD is brand new, without any scratches.
Also while creating the recovery discs, there was no issue, it got 100% successful.

What can i do now?
I need the laptop in my studies very urgent and its .....
I left message on 1-800- Toshiba also, but got no response :-(

Help me
u may reply here and forward on [email protected]

Answer:PREINST2.SWM file is missing while recovery procedure on Satellite A300


Did you try to use the HDD recovery procedure (if possible)???

Press F8, while notebook powering up. Choose repair my computer.
Then a new window will open. Then you could start the recovery from HDD.
But this would be possible if the HDD recovery folder has not been changed.

If HDD recovery is not possible, I recommend formatting the HDD using an Windows XP CD.
Then try to boot from the Toshiba Recovery DVD again.

Check it out

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Hi all

I have a customers Sat M40-197 which was badly messed up with malware so I did a full recovery using the supplied disc which has the product number PMR400490EN0. After restart the system just hangs in normal mode, and on safe mode I notice that the last line logged is Mup.sys but even in that mode the system still doesn't start. I've tried using Ghost in advanced mode not resizing the partition but no matter what I try I can't get it to start.

Before I take what I think is my only option of using a standard OEM XP Home disc and installing using the supplied product key I was wondering if anyone had any solutions to this?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite M40: Recovery procedure hangs on restart after using recovery CD


sounds first like some Recovery CD error. I mean it?s possible that the CD is physically damaged or whatever and then some data may be corrupted.

If not then I would assume the following reasons:

- HDD is not properly formatted -> reformat it completely and create one BIG partition
- HDD is faulty -> check the HDD with some special HDD tool from the manufacturer (in most cases you can download it from the manufacturers website)
You can also download "UBCD4WIN" (just google for it) and check your HDD with the integrated tools
- The memory could be faulty -> use the "UBCD4WIN" and check the memory with "PI" or "SuperPI"

Thats it..


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Hi All,
I am having a problem with my Toshiba Satellite P10-304, the problem is that I can not factory recover it, It wont boot up to windows xp so I need to recover it, Anyway. When i put in 1/2 Recovery disc it works fine. recovery comes up asking...

"1...Recover Entire Hard Disk
2...Expert Recovery Mode

I choose number one, once i have pressed one a similar screes comes up saying...

The Contents of the hard disk will be deleted

Again i press number one for continue. Now once i press this the screen goes black and a message reading...

"GDISK (E) No Suck Fixed Disk --1
GDISK (E) No Suck Fixed Disk --1"

Teh screen goes blank again and toshiba screen flashes up for less than a second and goes blank again, with the words


Press Any Key To Continue"

Once i press any key the screen remains black with this message now on the montior.

"Date :Mon Aug 1 12:51:36 2005
Error Nmber : (11030)
Message: Invalid Destination drive

[PgUp]/[PgDn] [ESC]"

once i press esc this screen comes up and this is were i can not go any further.



This is were i am stuck and can not get this far. I dont think when recovering this it is meant to go this far but it has, Is there any other way to reset the laptop maybe a reset button under one of the panels underneath or somewere ... Read more

Answer:Satellite P10-304 and recovery procedure

I am sorry to say that this sounds like a junked HDD.

Can you boot from a FDD and see the HDD at all. If you can then I would suggest trying to format the disc this way and then trying a recovery.

If not then you should get a new disc.

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I have a problem with the power saver on my Satellite M70, every time i run my toshiba it took around 10 min at windows startup and then it shows an error message and it is really annoying.

I tried reinstalling the power saver but nothing changed. I couldnt find a solution so I decided to use the CD recovery. The problem is that I have very important files around 50 GB on my D: Drive, and all the system files are on the C: drive. It is really hard to copy them on dvds. so can I do the recovery only to C: drive?

If so, Please give me a fast procedure.
Please reply as soon as possible and thanks in advance...

Answer:Satellite M70: Question about the recovery procedure

If you want to recover the OS with the recovery CD and will not loose the data and files on the D: partition so you have to use the expert recovery procedure.
This expert mode allows you to choose the partition where the OS should be installed.
In this case only the data on the C partition will be deleted.

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Some months ago, I purchased a Toshiba Laptop Model No L450D-13X !( Old mode)l!complete with the recovery disc ! ? Having a few problems I decided to use the Recovery Disc , only to find that ' D ' partition which should contain data, was 'empty' ?? I understand from a friend that I can obtain assistance from Toshiba at cost.! Perhaps someone will kindly advise me on the procedure ? Many thanks for your time

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I have a Satellite A30 and have just done a complet reinstall from the product recovery discs. My question refers to how much hard disk space should be taken up aftre the reinstall.
My hard drive is 4.95gb full following the procedure which is a lot higher than I'd have expected.

Also having analysed the drive with defragmenter I seem to have twice as much of the drive taken up with green, unmoveable files as blue, contiguous files. Should the unmoveable files be there and if not how to I remove them?

This is where I would guess the extra hard drive space is being lost if it is being lost?


Answer:Satellite A30: HDD size after recovery procedure and defragment


It?s not easy to say exactly how much space should be taken after the recovery procedure.
I far as I know on the Recovery CD you will find the whole Windows XP OS, the Toshiba driver and utilities plus the additional software like OneNote, WinDVD, etc?
This additional software could take the most of the space on the HDD apart from the OS.

The blue unmovable files belong to the Windows OS and therefore the files are placed together.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite running WXP home edition. Ran the recovery CD last night, have run it before and had no problems. But this time... after running it with no errors, it asks at the very end to remove the CD and hit any key to continue.

Which I did. The system then boots up show the Toshiba splash screen, and then goes to a small blinking cursors in the upper left hand corner of screen. Cannot mover cursor, screen is black in background.
CTRL+ALT+DELETE doesn?t work.
Hit the power button same scenario.
Ran the recovery CD again, same scenario as above.
Then booted up from Linux CD, shows my HD and contents etc. Ran chkdsk from the Linux CD.
No problems.

Is the recovery CD flawed?

Answer:Re: Cannot finish recovery procedure on my Satellite notebook

Which Satellite do you have exactly?
While recovery installation runs hast you saw usual activity on the screen?

I think problem is Linux. Try to rewrite MBR before you start recovery installation.

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I recently bought Recovery Disc's for my laptop.

However after the first disc finishes it tells me to insert the second recovery medium wich should contain the next part of the recovery (15535xsp9.swm).

To bad this does not work and I hope someone has a way to figure this out.


Answer:Satellite C670D-19E - Recovery procedure cannot be finished


Problem is that there is nothing you can do about it and it is not possible to ?force? recovery procedure to finish properly. Either it works or not.
I presume something goes wrong with recovery disc creation and my opinion is that you must contact Arvato if you have order it there and explain the situation. They should send you new recovery disc.

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I have a toshiba Satellite U500 with windows 7 home premium

Just had a toshiba HDD recovery everything went smoothly except at the end where you get the please wait screen saying fishing will take several minutes...etc

It have been retarting the computer for over 10 times now with sign of ending this insanity.

So should I wait a little more or this is taking too long
Sorry for any errors I'm using my cell phone

Answer:Satellite U500 - Recovery procedure take very long


Don?t worry? the recovery process takes some time and in my case it took more than 1 hour.
I?m not quite sure how often the notebook restarted during the recovery but it restarted several times?
You should wait simply until the recovery process has finished.

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I am doing a recovery procedure on the C660D and disks load and set up but then as system starts to coordinate the features it appears to lock on the Realtek Audio set up. Is there a revised procedure that sorts this. My recovery discs came with the machine so are a few years old now. Can I download an improved procedure? Any help will be appreciated.

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Two problems really

One my CD / DVD drive is playing up.

I can not record dvd'd / cds on it.

I can however watch DVD's / CDS on it.

I have tried different brands to cds but doesnt solve this.

So i decided to restore my computer to default to see if this solves it however i get the message


and it wont let me restore the default settings

Any help much appreciated


Answer:Recovery procedure starts with error message - Satellite L10-333

And you use delivered recovery media? Is this first time you try to use it?

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I have the some error-code, but my cd and the notebook (SATELLITE P200D-11MX) are both new.
The "first-start" Installation already failed, then I tried the recover Option and got this error.

What is the Problem?
And: Can I Install Vista again if I formate the whole HDD? And how to do this?

Thank you for help.

Answer:Satellite P200D-11MX: Question about the recovery procedure

Hi Philipp

It is very stupid situation. I have Satellite P200D too and have recovered my notebook several times. Everything works well and I am really confused now. Can you please write what happen exactly when you try to install OS using delivered recovery media?

You can install Vista any time you want. Why you want to format the HDD? You don?t want to use ?factory settings??

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I'd be very grateful if someone could offer me a solution or advice with reinstalling Windows from the Toshiba Product Recovery DVD. After getting the motherboard on my Toshiba M60 (code PSM60A-0C7OOD) replaced I get the Wrong machine message when I try to reinstall Windows.

I've read through the threads about updating the DMI but after trying to run the boot CD I got error saying that "no matching platform id was found" and so am unable to get it to work. I'm not sure if this is because the Toshiba M60 is not supported by the dmi updates...

I've noticed that in System Information the system model is listed as 0000000000000000000. Am I right in thinking that is the problem and if I was able to change that to the correct model number the Product Recovery DVD will work correctly.

Many thanks, Mike.

Answer:'Wrong Machine' message on Satellite M60 during Recovery procedure

Hello Mike

I am not expert but, as far as I know, a WRONG MACHINE message will appear if the DMI string and label on the image don?t match. In my opinion you should contact service again and let them write DMI information. Obviously they have forget it.

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I've failed with bios update which I had taken the bios file from toshiba's official support page. I'm sure that I had chosen the right bios file. But something is wrong and my laptop is bricked, now.

I'm trying to recover the bios with Phoenix Crisis Recovery. I've tried 2-3 variety of the Crisis Recovery.

I have old, stable bios backup, so I'm trying to recover with this old bios file. I've tried Win+B, FN+B, Win+F, FN+F, Fn+Esc, U key combination for crisis recovery.
By the way, I'm using 1GB FAT formated usb drive for this purpose. The machine beeps every time, and I'm waiting for 10 mins or more after the beeps.

I've put the bios file to usb disk with a lot of names "bios.wph", ".fd", "bios.fd". Also I've tried to use usb floppy, but the bios file is 2MB, so I couldn't do that.

I've also tried insyde recovery solution. I don't know the right file name for the recovery.
I've looked the bios file with a hex editor, but I haven't find the file name (for example bios.fd or something)

Please *don't* suggest for sending laptop to service solution. I have to fix this in *1-2 days* and the service is so far from me and they work slow. If I send to service, I won't take the laptop for 2 weeks.

What can I do, What is the working procedure? If toshiba allow us to update bios, they must support for recovering it, too. ASP is not a solution for everytime.

*Any help* will be appreciated.

Best Regards.

Answer:BIOS Recovery procedure for Satellite U400-138 PSU44E


You should visit this site:

There was the user, who could recover his a500 reading above mentioned forum.

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I am trying to perform a complete system recovery. I get to the part that says "Output A:\GHOST.ERR?"

If I do Y or N the message says "Cannot read from file". If this problem persists, please contact TOSHIBA support center or contact symantec support.
Then the recovery fails.

Any clues?

Answer:Satellite M45-S269 - Output A:\GHOST.ERR while Recovery procedure


It looks like it?s not possible to read from the inserted recovery disk.
How did you perform the recovery procedure?

You have inserted the right recovery disk and have booted from this disk. Right?
Usually the recovery should start and the installation should run smoothly?

If this is not the case then the Recovery disks could be damage, scratched, etc?

Just one question; is it possible to boot using other bootable disk like original Win XP CD or Linux disk?
Check this because this would help to discover what?s wrong exactly?

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I just had a bit of trouble installing a piece of software which, in the end I was able to sort out with a system restore. This process caused me some concern at the time as I couldn't get the software uninstalled correctly (I had to download a program from the maker to uninstall it!)

At one point I considered restoring my Satellite P100-188 notebook with the product recovery disk, the thing is I have never done this before and was wondering if someone could tell me the best sequence to do this for future reference.

I have a standard Windows Media Centre Edition OS, a product recovery disk, an Express Media Player disk and a Drivers and Tools CD which I created when I got the notebook.

I have a printout saying to restore Express Media Player before Windows, does this mean I have to insert this disk, install Express Media Player, then insert the product recovery disk to install Windows?

Does the Express Media Player disk format the drive? This isn't clear to me and I don't want to run into problems when I eventually do have to re-install my Operating System.

I've searched this forum in order to see if this information was already posted and couldn't find any relevant information, all I can find are problems with using recovery disks and missing disks.

If it has been posted before could you supply me with a link, and forgive me asking for the information again.

Answer:Satellite P100-188: How to perform the product recovery procedure?

Hello Gary

If you want to have clean preinstalled OS the best solution is to use delivered recovery media. If the Express media player works well leave it as it is and use the recovery DVD only for clean OS installation. That?s all!

Tools and Utility CD can be used if you need it to reinstall any of Toshiba designed tools or if you want to install your own OS using Microsoft installations CD. If you have more questions please post again.

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I am trying to re-install my notebook (Satellite 2550CDT), but pushing the C won't start the recovery cdrom's which I have. I am following the instructions. What do I have to do to re-install the notebook?


[Edited by: admin]

Answer:Satellite 2550: Pushing 'C' won't start the recovery procedure

Hi Jasper,

Normally you just need to press and hold the 'C' key during the initial power-on until the notebook issues a series of beeps. However you can also press the F12 key during the inital power on to enter the BIOS device selection menu from which you can select your CD-ROM drive as the initial boot device.


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I want to reboot my Satellite 1100 using the recovery CD. Unfortunately I put in the wrong CD and the keyboard has frozen. When I start up I can press F2 for 'start-up' but cannot do anything after that.
Any ideas how I can unfreeze things and get back to normal?

Answer:Keyboard on Satellite 1100 froze during recovery procedure


Put recovery CD into CD/DVD drive, switch notebook ON and press C button immediately. Keep it down for a few seconds and this will force notebook to boot up choosing CD/DVD drive as first booting device.

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I can see that WXP drivers are available for my Satellite A300 but can I have a recovery DVD for my Satellite A300-19R? Should I call Toshiba?

The installation is simple and without error messages. I'm not experienced with WXP installation and must not install ALL the drivers step by step.

Thanks for your answer.

Answer:Can I get WXP recovery for Satellite A300-19R?

You can order one online at:

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my A300 has become a bit slow loading up and such. So i want to format the hard drive.
I have made 2 DVD's using Toshiba recovery disc creator. Now what.
Do i do use the two disks that i have just made or do i use the product recovery media disks that came with the system.
Also what about all the drivers and such will they be on the disks i created or do i need to search for them and other programs such as my virus programs and such.

Cheers for any help

Answer:Re: Satellite A300 - How to run recovery

I assume you didn?t read any topics here in the forum regarding the recovery procedure?
So I recommend doing this because this theme is one of the most asked themes here in the forum!

PS: You need to boot from recovery disk and have to follow the instruction on the screen.
Recover disk will format whole HDD and will set the notebook to the same state like at the first day of purchase.

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Hi there,
please help me!!

I tried to recover my Laptop with my original Toshiba recovery cd, but at decompression 14 % i got an error.., named :
Windows - Delayed Write Failed
Windows was unable to save all the data for the file\Device\Harddisk\volume2\I386\OEMBIOS.Bl_. The data has been lost.
This error may be caused by a falure of your Computer Hardware or network connection. Please try to save this file elsewhere.

So i dont know what to do..
Is the problem that my harddisk is broken? but i dont think so because when i install with Windows XP Home Edition OEM i come up to 91 % and then comes another error :((

Please help me , does anyone know what i can do?

Please answer fast.. I need my Laptop tomorrow :*(

Greets, Tobias Erdmann

Answer:Satellite A100-153: Error message appears during recovery procedure


I assume you have used you original Recovery CD which was shipped with this notebook. Therefore I don?t think it?s a CD problem but possibly with your HDD.
Did you try to format the whole HDD? Please delete all partitions and format the HDD before OS installation?

If the OS installation will not works or will break up in the middle of the procedure then the hardware should be checked. The A100 is not very old unit and therefore the warranty should be valid. If a new HDD is needed you should get it for free.

Good luck and please report if you know more details?

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I have Windows 7 Home Premium edition (64 Bit) in my Toshiba Satellite laptop (L650-12Q) and after a fresh start the Windows stopped working. I have a recovery disk which didn't load (I ended up with the pointer in a blank screen) and the windows 7 installation disk wouldn't work either (same thing). Safe mode doesn't work either.

This probably means that the partition has a problem am I right? - I have used Ubuntu Live CD which confirmed that c:\ cannot be mounted although d:\ can.

The problem however, is two fold: a) I'm not sure whether aspects of my data are accessible or not (I can't check this) and b) I can't re-install Windows, as the Windows 7 installation process doesn't work.

Any ideas please on what to do next? I would like to access the partition, have searched the internet (even tried with a Windows 98/XP boot disc) but didn't have any luck as the partition is written in a newer way, which isn't detected by them...

Thank you in advance.

Answer:Satellite L650-12Q - Windows 7 recovery procedure doesn't work

> I have a recovery disk which didn't load (I ended up with the pointer in a blank screen)...
Do you use it for the first time?

Anyway, try to start recovery disc following these steps:
-Start notebook model and when you see Toshiba welcome screen press F12 several times to enter Boot options
-when the boot menu is shown put recovery disc into optical disc drive
-in menu choose CD/DVD drive and press ENTER
ODD should start reading recovery disc.

What happen when you do this?

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I'm in trouble... I used the recovery CD last week after my laptop developed problems. After the recovery procedure, when i turn on the pc, it loads directly into 'Owner' mode - the internet driver did not load, Norton AV that came with the pc did not load. Basically it's a shadow of its former self!

And when i try and retry the recovery process it does not does not read the disc.
I know that the recovery process did not work properly cos when i look at C: it still shows that 60 Gb of data is present on the hard drive, so the recovery did not clean the hard drive at all.

The only way i can describe it, is that the pc is in some sort of limbo. I can't access the original accounts that i created.

The recovery disc is still okay as i have 'explored' the disc on another computer and it contains all the data.

Please help.

Answer:Satellite A100 doesn't load the OS correctly after recovery procedure

Sounds a bit like the problem I'm having with an A100 recovery disc. Mine formats the PC, unpacks
a load of stuff and then freezes up.

Like you, I can read the DVD in another PC. I wonder if there is a duff batch of recovery DVDs?

I think I'll try installing XP from another installation disc. It'll be a bit of a pain in the neck
because it'll not authenticate with MS, but at least it'll prove whether or not the laptop hardware is duff.

I'll post back here when (if) I get anywhere.

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I tried to run the recovery CD i received on my laptop. the process runs perfectly, (I have only one CD, I don't know if I need a second one). At the end of the process I get the option to insert the second CD, or skip.
Since I only have one CD i press skip.

I am told that the installation is complete and I can restart my system.
So I removed the disc and I tried restarting the system. The system goes to a black screen (on which it indicates that Microsoft is loading) and then hangs. This was the problem I was facing before recovery.

Basically the recovery process has not worked. I don't think I did anything very wrong, unless I need a second CD. What could be the problem?

Help me please!!

Answer:Satellite A100 system goes to a black screen after recovery procedure


The A100 is a one of the newest notebooks series and as far as I know the Toshiba image was placed only on one recovery CD (DVD).
I think the message and the option to insert the second CDconfuses a little bit.

In my opinion the black screen and the freezing has nothing to do with the Recovery procedure and the new installation if Windows OS.
Due to the fact that this issue happened before you have installed the OS from the recovery CD, I presume there must be something wrong with the hardware.

But it?s very interesting to know if the same problem appears after the clean Windows installation from the original Microsoft CD.

It's worth a try.

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I have my Satellite A300 with Windows Vista for a while now, but it started to give me some problems a few days ago.

All of a sudden, windows won't load, it frozed on the windows logo screen. Since i needed to recover the files i installed ubunto from a cd and i was able to get the files out safe. Now, and since i have this partition, everytime i get to the screen where i chose the partition and try to start windows, a black screen shows and nothing happens! So i thought let's format everything but I just can't make it to the recovery screen or terminal. I've tried every key and trick I could find or remember of, but it still goes to the partition screen.

I have lost track of my recovery CD so, is there any way I can format without the recovery CD?

Thank you!

Answer:Satellite A300-1M1 - Format without recovery CD?


If you want original factory settings back your only chance is Toshiba recovery disk. Generally speaking it?s no problem if you have lost it because you can order it from Toshiba but this service is not for free:

Alternative you can use a normal Microsoft Windows disk. All drivers and tools you can get on official Toshiba website.

Check this!!!

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I want to recover my Toshiba Satellite A300-1G5 Notebook to factory settings state. But when I run the HDD recovery wizard, It says that the file or program is not found.
And when I checked to my Partition drive its not also there.

Please help me or post information on what to do or where to get the HDD recovery thing..

Thank you and I hoping for your response from the great community of this forums.\

Answer:Cannot start HDD recovery at Satellite A300-1G5


Seems to me, the Hdd recovery image is already not available on your hard drive. Did you make a recovery disk? Otherwise, you need buy from Toshiba, the more information for ordering is:

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I have an A300-21i and it wont boot. It wont recover using the image as the image seems to be corrupt and it wont re-install with the recovery disks it always hangs at around 52% whilst unpacking the OS from image X.

I have however proved that it is not the machine as I have managed to install Win XP Pro on it and everything is fine. BUT I would like to return it to factory condition as I would like to sell it.
I would appreciate any thoughts on this

Many thanks

Answer:Re: Satellite A300-21I - Recovery hangs at 52%


I have never noticed a problem with my Toshiba recovery disks but have you tried to format the HDD before you use the recovery disk? Therefore you can use a Microsoft XP disk to format the whole HDD.
After this boot from Toshiba recovery disk again and follow the screen instructions.
Does it work?

Furthermore it would be interesting to know if it?s possible to install Windows with a Microsoft disk. Can you please check this?
Maybe the Toshiba recovery disk is scratchy or it?s a HDD malfunction and so it always hangs during the installation.


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I bought a Toshiba Satellite A300 with Windows Vista pre-instaled but I didn't received any CD or DVD with Vista. I just have a sticker with CD key on the back of the laptop.

I installed Windows XP from personal reason and now I want to install again Windows Vista using the folder HDD Recovery.
Can I install or I should have made a DVD with Vista ?


Answer:Satellite A300 - Need recovery disk

Sorry but now you are not able to install Vista with the HDD Recovery. The HDD Recovery can only be used on an installed Windows Vista system because XP doesn?t support this function.

Your mistake was that you didn?t burn the recovery disk with the Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator in Vista and now you are not able to burn it.

The only way to get Vista back is the recovery disk and now you must order it on the Toshiba website or from an authorized service provider.

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Does anyone know if a windows Vista DVD should have been included in the box? If not how do I receive a copy?
Thanks for your help.


Answer:Should I get recovery DVD with brand new Satellite A300-16I?


As far as I know all new Toshiba notebooks are delivered with HDD recovery image. That means there is no recovery media anymore. When you start your notebook model you will see a ?reminder? about creating recovery DVD.
Can you find on the desktop shortcut for ?Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator?? If yes please start it and create recovery DVD.

Can you find ?HDD Recovery? folder on second partition? Please do not delete it.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A300-15B, purchased almost 2 months age. I have created a recovery DVD using Toshiba Recovery DVD Creator as mentioned in the manual. The question is, I have created this DVD 2 months upon purchasing and I used the notebook for this period. Would my recovery disc be the same as a recovery disc created just after purchasing?

My recovery disc's content does not include any setup that I can see which makes me think that I might have created a wrong one. Can I use this disc for re-installing Vista assuming that I am now using Windows XP?

And how many recovery discs are required for this model of Toshiba? I only have one.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Kind regards..

Answer:Question about recovery DVD for Satellite A300-15B

>Would my recovery disc be the same as a recovery disc created just after purchasing?
The recovery image is always the same. When you use it the notebook will always have the same configuration, the same you got after switching it for the first time.

>My recovery disc's content does not include any setup that I can see which makes me think that I might have created a wrong one. Can I use this disc for re-installing Vista assuming that I am now using Windows XP?
There is no setup.exe because the installation cannot be started under running OS or in some kind of DOS mode. Just put recovery disc into optical disc drive, start your notebook, press F12, choose CD/DVD drive there, press ENTER and follow the menu on the screen. You can use now what you want. after using recovery DVD you will have ?factory settings? again, the same you got after switching it for the first time.

>How many recovery discs are required for this model of Toshiba?
This question is understandable for me. Generally it depends on media you use for creating recovery media. Just follow the instructions in ?Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator?. It can be that you need two DVD-R medias.

Do you have more questions?

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Does anyone have the recovery disk 2 for A300? I have disk 1 but missing disk 2 :(
Hope someone can help me or send me a link from where i can download the disk 2


Answer:Satellite A300 - Need recovery disk 2

Hi amrit711,

The Toshiba recovery disk you can?t download so hopefully you find something with the same model where you can get recovery disk 2.

But you can also order the recovery disk from Toshiba directly. It?s not for free but these disks are pretested and should work properly:

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I have a Satellite A300-1MC. It will not boot into windows just sits there with the welcome screen. PC diagnostics indicate that the Hard Drive is faulty. I have replaced the MK3252GSX hard drive with a Toshiba MK3276GSX - both are 320Gb.

When I insert the recovery discs I get the following message when Disc 2 is running "Please insert next recovery medium containing file D:\08008XSP6.SWM.

Any ideas where I go from here"?

Answer:Satellite A300-1MC - Recovery is not working


Are you sure that you Recovery disk was created properly?
Did this recovery disk function properly in the past?

Did you label the disks correctly?

It looks like there is a problem with recovery disk.

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Trying to recover my A300, when on recovery disk 2 it restores for a while then I get the message:

Error: 10-FC12-045D recovery error

Just wondering whether ordering a new set of recovery disks from Toshiba would be worthwhile or whether there's another solution to the problem?

Answer:Recovery failure on Satellite A300

To be honest I have never saw such error but on this forum I saw several complains about similar issues.
In my opinion, before you order anything, try to obtain other HDD for testing purposes. Exchange HDD and try to install recovery image again.

Can you do this?

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Hi everyone,

I did a very stupid thing!! I formatted my laptop Sattelite A300-1EI and discovered that i have lost the recovery DVD that i made???

I called the retailer where i bought the laptop but they don't have recovery disks for this model?

How can i retrieve my original VISTA version for my laptop???

Is there anywhere on this site to download it?

I have downlowded all the drivers from this site but i want the original vista back...

Please help

Answer:Re: Satellite A300-1EI - Where to get the Recovery disk

Maybe you could order it from this page:

Check it out

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A300- 1EG.

I created 2 recovey disks as required in the "Toshiba Recovey Disk Creator". I created the first one (Disk 1) 2 weeks ago and the second one (Disk 2) today because I didn't have 2 DVDs in hand.

My first question is does it matter if I have left a period of time between the two creations will if affect the recovery if I ever need to use them?

My second question is do both recovery disks just recover the operating system eg: Windows Vista or do they recover everything that was saved on Local Disk C at the time they were created?

My final question is if it happens my operating system dies, do I just power on the laptop and put in recovey disk 1 and then 2, (if that is not how I do it can someone please tell me how to?)


Answer:Satellite A300-1EG - Why do I need 2 recovery disks?


When you use ?Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator? you can see there option for using different empty medias. On some notebook the image can be burned on one empty DVD and on some models you need two of them. It depends on recovery image.

For my Satellite A300 I used two DVD-R medias. I have created recovery images for several notebooks and it is not known to me you have interrupt recovery creation and continue it later. When the first media is finished you must put second empty media and burning procedure will continue automatically. As far as I know there is NO option for disc 2 creation only. Please be careful about that.

I recommend you to obtain two empty DVD-R medias and create recovery DVDs at once.

When you use recovery DVD the whole HDD will be deleted, not just partition C. that means all data saved on HDD will be deleted. If your notebook has two HDD the recovery procedure will affect HDD1 only. Be careful about that and before you start recovery procedure back up all your important data.

Final answer to final question ;) ? when you want to install OS again using recovery media do follow:
Power your notebook ON and press F12 to enter boot options
Put recovery media 1 into optical disc drive
In boot options choose CD/DVD drive and press ENTER
Follow the menu on the screen

Of course, start with DVD1 and when asked insert second DVD.

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Installed new hdd on my satellite a300. When i run the product recovery cd, I get error <seg. 10> -> cannot read WIM header]
[Error: 23] F:\05425Xsp2.swm. [_wim_create_file: <seq. 10> Fail to read WIM header

Progress 100%

[ERROR: 1812] C:\Program Files\Ulead Systems\DVD MovieFactory for Toshiba\Ulead

DVD DiscRecorder 2.2\Background\16_9_Wide\Spor03_W.jpg

Error restoring image.

The speciefied image file did not contain a resource section.

ERROR: ImageX could not apply VISTA F:\05425XSP2.swm Index 2 from ODD to c:\!
Press any key to countinue......

Waiting for ODD to become avaiable...
ODD Drive F: ready.
Check for medium in drive F: ...
Failed to initialize the raid class.
No RAID - continue normally .....

X:\windows system32>

Then nothing happens.....

If I close the window, the recover just start all over again...... ?????

What can be wrong?

Thanks for any solution

Answer:Satellite A300 - recovery failure

>What can be wrong?
Good question. Do you use recovery disc for the first time?
Try to set BIOS to default settings and try again?

By the way: which HDD have you built in?

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I have tried using the Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator numerous times and with many different brands of Discs to create the recovery disc.
However every time just as the laptop is just about to finish burning the disc, there is an error and the operation could not be completed.

I don't believe there is a problem with the drive as I have used it for many other things including watching movies with no problem.
Could Toshiba please mail me a recovery disc instead?

Answer:Cannot create a recovery CD for my Satellite A300-1BZ

>Could Toshiba please mail me a recovery disc instead?
Mail a recovery disc? Very interesting. To mail 4 GB image is not so easy.

I don't know what are you doing but if you want good tip then use Verbatim or TDK DVD-R empty medias. Use DVD-R only.
I have Satellite A300 too and I created recovery DVDs successfully.
Do you use DVD-R medias too?

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I've lost the recovery disc that I first created & I'm now up the creak after vista crashed on my. I've managed to reload it but have some serious hardware issues that I'm unable to resolve such as being unable to connect to the internet etc.

Can anybody advise where to purchase a recovery disc please?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite A300-1BZ - Where can I buy a recovery disk?


Of course you can buy a new recovery disk. Just click on the following link and order a new one:

By the way, you can download all drivers and tools on the Toshiba website if you have installed Windows from a Microsoft disk: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers


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can any one help?
I am looking for a copy of the recovery CD'S for my Satellite A300.

Answer:Need recovery CDs for my Satellite A300 laptop

Hi scottyy

You can order recovery media under

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My daughter dropped the laptop. I now get a blue screen that says that I need to press F8 to start the recovery process. But when I press F8 nothing happens.. Any ideas? I would really appreciate any feedback.

Answer:Satellite A300-21H - Can't start the HDD recovery

> My daughter dropped the laptop. I now get a blue screen that says that I need to press F8 to start the recovery process. But when I > press F8 nothing happens.

I think there is something wrong with hard drive after drop. Can you enter the Bios (f2 on startup) to check if hdd recognized. You can see it on main page or boot option.

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hiya folks

I want to do a clean install on my laptop Satellite Pro A300 but only thing is I cannot find my recovery disc which I made. When I first made it is there any where I can get a new one?
I've checked the drivers section but nothing there


Answer:Satellite Pro A300 - Can I get a new recovery disk?


If you have still installed the Vista version that was delivered with the notebook you can create a new recovery disk again.
Just start the Toshiba recovery disk creator and create a new one ? That?s all!

Furthermore you can reinstall Vista if you use the HDD recovery option. Therefore you have to go in advanced boot menu (F8) and select ?repair my computer?. Some files will be loaded and then you can choose the Toshiba recovery option.
But this is only possible on preinstalled Vista version.

In worst case you have to order a new recovery disk from Toshiba directly:


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Hello, at me such problem. I when have bought tried to change splitting of disks that was not half-and-half and that for disk C it was taken away for example 50 Gbyte and on disk D the remained. And so, suffered suffered and because of that that did not know that in BIOS the tag is established that it was impossible to touch SATA. All has spoilt.
Also has removed even the protected area on a disk for system restoration :(

Help please, I wish to return all as was. It is for this purpose necessary Recovery Disk for Toshiba Satellite A300-15E

In advance thanks all responded

Answer:It is very necessary recovery disk for Satellite A300-15E

Well buddy?. You mad a big mistake? you should have created the Recovery disk firstly before you have changed or deleted something from the disk.

I don?t know if you will be able to use the recovery HDD option but try to press the F8 buttons immediately after you have powered up the notebook.
Usually the menu should appear and there you should choose the first option called ?Repair my Computer? and then Toshiba recovery.

Well if this is not possible then you have no other choice as to order the Recovery disk from this website:


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I just bought a Satellite Pro A300 with Windows XP.
I want to know how I can, or if I need to, create a recovery disc which will reset the machine to its original state.
The information included gives instuctions on how to do this for machines installed with Vista but not for XP.

I know I can recover from the hidden partition but in case that option isn't possible I would like to be able to recover from CD or DVD.
There is a Product Recovery CD included which just says 'MS Windows XP' so I guess it won't include drivers or the Toshiba software?

Any help appreciated,

Answer:Satellite Pro A300: How can I create the Recovery Disc


Do you have preinstalled Toshiba software called ?TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator??

Please check this.
Using the TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator you can create the Recovery Disk.

But if your notebook was already preinstalled with Windows XP then a Recovery CD or DVD should be included.

Did you check all items in the box?

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I have just created my two recovery DVDs for my new computer and I want to know if I still need my 113GB partition on my computer?

Answer:Re: Satellite A300-27H? Do I need HDD Recovery partition after creating DVD

The Recovery disk would set the notebook back to factory settings? this means that the Recovery disk would format the whole HDD and would create the same partitions like at the first day of purchase? it should create also the HDD recovery partition too?

Therefore in my opinion you could delete it if you don?t want to have such partition on your HDD?


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I recently purchased this laptop and I get this reminder to make a recovery disc, but the link to the program doesn't work.

When I found the recovery disc program in its original folder it still refused to open.
My laptop just 'thinks' for a moment and then pretend nothing has happened.

Does anyone have a solution for me?
Maybe I could download a working version of this program...?

Answer:Making Recovery disc for Satellite A300-16I


From my own experience after a third system restart a recovery reminder appear saying you need to create a Recovery DVD.
You said you found the recovery disc program in the original folder? well, as far as I know there is a ?TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator? shortcut on the desktop.
Use this shortcut to star this application.
If this is not possible then you could try to recover the notebook again and then to create the recovery CD.

To start the recovery process you have to press F8 button immediately after system start.
Then choose the option called ?Repair your Computer? and follow the instruction on the screen.


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I have a Toshiba Satellite A300-1MM laptop. I want to factory reset the Windows Vista OS, but leave the other OSes I have in the state they are. I am attaching a screenshot of the disk management selection and the :My Computer:.
I want to reinstall Vista from the recovery disk to the partition I currently have them, without messing other ones.
As boot loader I am using GRUB 2.0 (Ubuntu 14.04)

I want to keep the current partitions and replace Vista.
(I know that i have accidentaly deleted the recovery partition, but i have recovery disks so do notworry)

Thanks in advance , for any other definitions, ask me.

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Well at first my computer started doing weird like I wasn't able to use firefox or msn since it said there was no connection. But it showed there was a connection and my download manager was still downloading. So I restarted my pc and it couldn't make a connection so eventually I could make a connection through my Iphone but my normal lan connection wouldn't start working again.

So I thought I'd backup my documents and just reinstall my whole pc. I used the f8 button at startup and it said everything its supposed to say and I clicked on reset to fabric settings (or something like that). So It started up and after it installed it gave a error. Though it started to configure vista, so I thought it would be fine. But when it rebooted it did the toshiba startup thing and then a loud beep with a total black screen.

I tried to do the recovery again but it didn't gave the option when pressing f8. I tried every thing to fix it but nothing worked.

Eventually I managed to install vista off a disk I still had left from my computer from an other manufacture.

However now It won't install any windows updates (it downloads but then gives a error) and a lot of drivers are missing wich when I install them don't work.

Is there any way this can be fixed? I still got the recovery files on my d partition, But it won't give the repair your computer thing that you get when pressing f8.

Answer:Total crash after HDD recovery on Satellite A300


This is strange because normally after using the recovery disk all should work and all drivers must be installed.

In your case I would try to reinstall Windows again with the recovery disk. Maybe you should before format the HDD with the Microsoft installation disk and then using the recovery disk.
By the way, did you create the recovery disk? You can do this with the Recovery disk creator and it?s preinstalled on your computer.

Good luck and tell me what happened.


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I have satellite A300 with pre loaded Vista home premium OS, due to some reason I had to format the entire disk and I lost my OS recovery partition.

Can any one help me in getting my os partition?
I had checked with the service centers they said I can use the OS recovery partition of similar model.

So I request everyone if anyone can provide me the OS partition, I would be thankful to them.

Please contact me at [email protected]


Answer:Satellite A300 - I lost the recovery partition


I think you did understand something wrong.
On the Toshiba notebooks there is no recovery partition, they have a HDDrecovery folder that contains the factory settings.
I recovery partition that you mean is a Window Vista feature, not a Toshiba.
Here is a useful link to this:

The HDD recovery folder is stored on the second partition of the notebook. You can use the HDD recovery function if you go in the advanced boot menu, choose ?Repair my computer? and select the Toshiba HDD recovery function.
But I think this is too late now?

Did you burn the Toshiba recovery disk? Normally you can burn the factory image that is stored in the HDD recovery folder on a DVD by using the Toshiba recovery disk creator. Therefore you get always a remember message or popup that you have to do this.

If you didn?t do this and you want the Toshiba recovery disk you must order a new one. You can do this here:

I hope I could help you. Do you have more questions?


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Hi all

I?m planning to buy new laptop of model Satellite A300-1GR for my work.
But I found that there's a problem. Many users face when dealing with laptop in general which is the deletion of partition when using Recovery disc at any OS failure & losing there data on other drives.
So what I want is a solution that makes me able to do the follow:

1- Have many Drives C, D , E , etc?
2- The OS is on C drive & my work data on others
3- In case of any problem or failure in the OS I can format just the C: drive & install another OS on it without any removing or modification on the other drives at which my data kept on
4- Ability to install different OS?s like Windows Vista , XP or Linux

Simply i just want my new laptop to be like my Desktop PC ( Full controlled by me )

Best Regards

Answer:Questions about Satellite A300 HDD pratitions & recovery

Hi buddy

Will try to provide a little bit light into this case ;)

The A300 is equipped with the HDD Recovery function. This means that you can recover the notebook without the OS DVD.
The installation will start from the HDD.
Of course there is a possibility to create a Toshiba Recovery DVD using a preinstalled Toshiba Disk Creator.
After the creation of Toshiba Recovery DVD you can format the whole HDD and can delete all partitions (if you want).

So now we come to the point which you have asked;

The whole HDD will be formatted (also the partitions) if you would use the Toshiba Recovery DVD.
Why? I think the Recovery DVD was designed for one purpose; settings the notebook back to the factor settings.
And this is what the Recovery DVD does. It sets everything back to the first state.

So if you want to keep your data on the other partition then you shouldn?t use the Toshiba Recovery DVD but an original Microsoft Windows OS disk.

Furthermore it?s always advisable to backup the data on a external HDD for example.
Then it would be no problem to get back the data on the notebooks HDD.


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Hi. I have a Satellite A300 laptop.
I saw that my computer has 1 hidden partition in the first drive and another recovery file in the second drive.

1) What is the difference between the 2?
2) I accidentally deleted the file on the second drive, and now I'm unable to create a recovery disc, so I need to order a new one.

What does the disc contain? does it only install the operating system, or will it also include some of the software that came with my laptop (Microsoft works, camera assistance software and so on...)

Thank you.

Answer:What does the recovery disc include - Satellite A300?

1) This is pretty easy. The hidden partition contains the Windows recovery environment and the file on the second partition in the HDD recovery folder the factory settings or lets an image of it.
The recovery environment is a Vista feature, not a Toshiba. If you want the factory settings back or reinstall Windows you need the HDD recovery function or the Toshiba recovery disk.
Here is a useful link about the recovery environment:

2) The reason why you can?t create the recovery disk is that you have deleted the file. Normally on the second partition in the HDD recovery folder is the image for that and this can also be used for the HDD recovery function. Therefore you must go in the advanced boot menu and select ?repair my computer?. But now it?s too late and you can?t use this feature.

If you want the recovery disk you can order a new one from Toshiba directly:
The recovery disk contains the operating system and all drivers and tools from Toshiba that you need for the notebook.

I?m right that you didn?t look in the user manual?! ;)
Otherwise you would know all what I have told you.

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I have a Satellite Pro A300 and I need to factory reset. I have learned from my computers teacher that there is an unknown virus on it. Apparently it was downloaded when I downloaded Malware Bites. I got the laptop for free from Set-BC because I have muscular dis-trophy and get tired writing.

My teacher told me that I need to Factory Reset it, but when I received the laptop, it had had everything installed on it, (kurzwell, Chrome, etc) so I don't have the factory reset disk. Also, the virus has disabled everything that has the slightest thing to do with internet, (Chrome, I.E., Firefox, Outlook, malware bites, etc).

Is there any possible way that I could factory reset the laptop without needing the disk.
Any suggestions will help.


Answer:How to install recovery image on Satellite Pro A300?

Hello Steve

Notebooks delivered without recovery disc have recovery image saved on HDD and if you still use original preinstalled operating system you can try to install this recovery image following recovery procedure. How to do this is described in user?s manuals document or you can do this following instruction described on

Does it work for you?

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Thanks to a recovery software I have saved the "HDD RECOVERY" folder an all the other files that were in D:(the damaged partition) into another folder in C:

Now how can I burn a recovery cd/dvd starting by this folder ?

I've the Satellite A300-21w that came with a 320 GB HD splitted in 2 partitions: C: & D an Vista Home premium:
The D: partition containing the "HDD RECOVERY" folder was accidentally damaged by me and now the system only view the C: partition !
I've tried to run the Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator but it shows the message: can't find the "hdd recovery" folder.
How can I reboot my laptop?

Message was edited by: melauf00

Answer:Satellite A300 - Recovery partition is lost

Thanks to a recovery file software now I' ve copied the "HDD REcovery" directory with all the other hidden files in D: in a folder in C: I can burn a recovery cd/dvd with that folder ???

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Hello, I have a Toshiba A300 1j1 and have had it for two years. Recently, when attempting to start the laptop just a blankscreen appeared whilst the laptop appeared to be running, but eventually the screen appears. But more alarmingly I get a "BOOTMGR is missing, press ctrl+Alt+Del. So I run the recovery process as I made recovery CD's a year earlier. But I can't complete the process bec. I get...

Checking for HDD1
HDD1 not found!
Try to remove all letters from potential partitions on HDD 0 ...
Try to remove all letters from potential partitions on HDD 1 ...
Microsoft DiskPark_Version 6.0.6001
Copyright <C> 1999-2007 Microsoft Corporation.
On computer: MINWINPC

Disk 0 is now the selected disk.
Diskpart succeeded in cleaning the disk.
Diskpart succeeded in creating the specified partition.

Partition 1 is now the selected partition.
Diskpart successfully assigned the drive letter or mount point.
100 percent completed
Diskpart successfully formatted the volume.
Diskpart succeeded in creating the specified partition.

Partition 2 is now the selected partition.
Diskpart successfully assigned the drive letter or mount point.
100 percent completed
Diskpart successfully formatted the volume.
Diskpart succeeded in creating the specified partition.

Partition 3 is now the selected partition.
Diskpart successfully assigned the drive letter or mount point.
100 percent completed
Diskpart successfully formatted the volume.
Copy Recove... Read more

Answer:Recovery process FAIL on Satellite A300

Hey mate,

> ERROR: Copying of Recovery Base files failed!
Sounds like a faulty or scratched recovery disk maybe?

In my opinion you should try another disk, . e.g. Microsoft Windows disk. If your recovery disk is faulty, the Microsoft disk should work properly. After this you can download and install all drivers and tools from the Toshiba page.

In worst case it?s a hardware malfunction, HDD or something else, but you should test another disk firstly. ;)

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Hi all, I have a Satellite A300 that has been giving me problem in the past few weeks...

I am using Windows Vista

about 2 months ago, teh laptop start to have problem, it will restart itself automatically before getting into windows (while in the windows loading screen, no blue screen, screen just turns black suddenly and restarts itself), but it will eventually get into windows successfully after a few loops

but from about 3 weeks ago, it just keeps looping and never get into windows, good news is it can enter safe mode no problem

I did every thing I can to try rescue it, like messing with msconfig, drivers, removing rams etc but no luck

so i back up everything in safe mode and decided to factory restore the machine, but the problem is that when I start the computer pressing 0 and gets into the recovery screen, the restart loop happens again!

any idea? or is there any other way to perform factory restore without touching the windows installed in my laptop? is it a hardware or software issue?

i thought about creating recovery disc but my cd drive is not working properly, and i dont want to risk buying an external cd drive not knowing if the problem can be fixed...

many thanks!

Answer:Re: Satellite A300 cant boot, cant use factory recovery

>...i dont want to risk buying an external cd drive not knowing if the problem can be fixed...
That?s right but you must understand that it is not easy on this virtual way to offer exact explanation and diagnostic to your problem.

It is not easy to say if this is software or hardware related issue. best way to test is recovery image installation. Recovery image is tested and if there is no some hardware problem notebook should run properly. How to install recovery image you can read on

>...or is there any other way to perform factory restore without touching the windows installed in my laptop?
Something like this is not possible. Windows that you use now must be reinstalled. I don't know why you notebook restarts but this is also risk for recovery image installation. In case that recovery image installation will be interrupted you will have two problems:
-original recovery image saved on your HDD will be unusable
-you will not be able to start t again

In your situation best thing is to minimize this risk and have original recovery DVD that can be used if something goes wrong.
>but the problem is that when I start the computer pressing 0 and gets into the recovery screen, the restart loop happens again!
Can you please explain what happen exactly? Does notebook simply cut off/go off and then restart again or what?

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I'm having some issues making the Recovery Disc (see ), but as the main file burned to the discs is a 1+ GB *".exe"* one, I am starting to wonder if the discs are really expected to be bootable... after all you'd +usually+ require a windows envionment to execute such a file.

Or maybe the files required to "run" that .exe are supposed to be in the bootable part of the disc?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Are Recovery Discs bootable? - Satellite A300


I don?t know how you have burned the Recovery disk but you should use definitely the Toshiba Recovery disk creator tool.
This tool burns the Toshiba image and creates the bootable recovery disk.

And yes, the recovery disk is bootable and if you want to start the recovery procedure you have to boot from it.


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I have a problem with Recovery Disc Creator. When it burns the 1st DVD disc an error occurs. It says "Unexpected error occured. Error code: 0E01B5-26-2A031000".
I have Toshiba Satellite A300-1NA.

All of the updates are installed, and generally the system is "clean". I suspect that this problem is caused by my DVD-RW drive (MAT****A UJ880AS) but I cannot find new firmware for it. Thanks in advance for any help.

Best regards

Answer:Re: Can't create recovery discs on Satellite A300-1NA


Firmware updates you can get on the Toshiba website but for your Satellite A300 with Mat****a drive I didn?t find one.

Have you tried DVD?s from different manufactures? I use always Verbatim disks and never had problems with it.
Check this!


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Trying to fix a mates laptop, had lots of issues so tried to put it back to out of the box state but when loading the disc's on 2nd disc fails to read and I get an error. Tried buring it at min speed but still no good.
Just wondering where I would get them from. Model number is: PSAG4A-02E00M.

Answer:Recovery Disc's needed for Satellite A300


1. have you tried to restore from Hdd image as written in this article?

2. but when loading the disc's on 2nd disc fails to read and I get an error

It looks like it scratched and some files can't be read. As I know, the 2nd Dvd contains drivers/utilities that you can install yourself from Toshiba driver pages. It depends on model:

[European Toshiba Driver Page|]

[Canadian Toshiba Driver Page|]

[Australian Toshiba Driver Page|]

[American Toshiba Driver Page|]

> Just wondering where I would get them from

Unfortunately, it's not free to order recovery disk, you have to pay. For European models, you can order here:

[Recovery disk|]

For other models (country regions), you should check on above mentioned sites

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I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A300 2CW. I bought it with Software Windows XP (included in a CD), which worked perfectly for years. I have reinstalled it several times during this years, but now the CD has deteriorated and it doesn't work anymore.

Originally the machine had WIndows Vista installed with DVD recovery creation option and a HDD recovery option, but I think this is not possible for Windows XP.

Do I have any options?Where could I buy the original Windows XP CD?

Thank you

Answer:Satellite Pro A300-2CW - Need Recovery disks with Windows XP


You can try to order it on
Other way you can install own WXP version. All WXP drivers, tools ad utilities can be downloaded from Toshiba download page

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Hi ..

my friend has this laptop: Satellite A300-20P.

I'm not sure what he did, but he installed Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit, then 32-bit again. The whole thing messed up.
Anyway, he didnt make a recovery disk for his laptop (damn thing). Now, becasue I have a Toshiba laptop too I know that there is Recovery on the Harddisk on the D partition (not the windows partition). I tried to use "Repair Windows" booting Windows, when I try to restore the whole PC from a backup media it says " No backup media found", now I'm not sure if the recovery sector still available or not, because the Windows cant boot. So is there away to find the recovery media?

If this mission impossible, then I have Windows Vista Ultimate to install and I can download the drivers from the site? The problem is, how I will make recovery media when install the Windows and the drivers ?

Please this is urgent.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Satellite A300-20P - How to restore from Toshiba recovery?


To be honest I?m confused at the moment because first you wrote about a problem of your friend?s notebook and you wrote something about your own notebook where you try repair Windows.
So I don?t understand what you mean exactly.

But fact is you have two possibilities to restore factory settings:
1)Use the Toshiba HDD recovery option. You can start it if you go in advanced boot menu (F8) and select ?Repair my computer?. Then follow the screen instructions.
The first partition of the HDD will be wiped and you get factory settings back.
2)Use the Toshiba recovery disk. It?s very similar to HDD recovery option but whole HDD will be wiped (all files will be deleted). After this you have factory settings back, too.

So that?s all what you can do to restore the factory settings. If the HDD recovery option not work and you don?t have a recovery disk you have to order a new one from Toshiba directly.

Alternative you can use a Microsoft disk to install Windows and then download and install all drivers and tools from Toshiba website step by step.

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I'm upgrading the hard drive of my *toshiba a300-1mz*, but I'd be sure that I can use the *recovery disks* maked at the first boots for the s.o. (vista)

I expect your support...
thank you very much...

Answer:Satellite A300-1mz Can I use the recovery disks after a HDD upgrade?


Yes, you can do this!
If the HDD has been recognized by BIOS then you should boot from Toshiba recovery disk in order to reinstall the OS which was preinstalled by Toshiba.


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i'm trying to create recovery disc for the first time(bought laptop before 5 days) and just a little before the end the creator stops:

Failed to read file.
(Error code: 020150-20-00000000)

What is going wrong?

Answer:Satellite A300-15A can't create recovery disc

Are you using good quality Discs?

Try TDK DVD-R media.

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Hello to everyone!!

My cousin interrupted the first boot of Vista, resulting in an constant error while powering up the laptop (saying something about disconnecting a camera or a media player). I decided to perform a clean install of Vista Home Pre and everything rolled ok.

I have a back up of the HDD Recovery Folder and tried to burn a DVD using as prototype my recovery dvd (A200-1J0) which prooved non-bootable.
So, I would like to know whether it is possible to make a recovery dvd manually (meaning without the wizard mentioned in the user manuals) for the Toshiba A300-17N laptop.

Answer:How manually create Recovery DVD of Satellite A300

Something like this is not possible. If the HDDRecovery folder still exists on second partition please start your notebook and press F8 for advanced boot option. Use first option on the top for computer repair. Follow the menu und choose option for Toshiba HDD recovery.

Install OS again and create recovery DVD using preinstalled Toshiba tool.

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I have Satellite A300 with windows vista recovery disc and I want to upgrade to windows 7! how can I get one?
how much does it costs?

Answer:Satellite A300 - How to get Windows 7 recovery disk?


The upgrade is pretty easy: Just purchase a Microsoft update disk and then you can update Vista to Windows 7 ? That?s all!

But if you bought your notebook from June 26, 2009 to January 31, 2010 you can order a Windows 7 upgrade disk directly:

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I have tried to reinstall my Vista home premium on my Satellite A300-247. I have buit-in OS. I have done it axactly according to manual (restart - F8 - repair your computer - ......) When I clicked on Toshiba HDD recovery in recovery tools system wrote me this:

" the recovery of the OS is impossible
Could not find HDD recovery folder on second drive of the first hard disk.
There is no valid HDD recovery enviroment on this computer. "

I want to ask what should I do reistall my OS. I have no disc with OS and tool for creating backup disc doesnt work.
Is there some option to get from Microsoft or from Toshiba my OS on DVD?
If I use this tool for reinstalling OS, will I loss all informations on drive D ( Vista is on drive C)

Thanks for answer

Answer:Satellite A300-247 cant find HDD recovery folder


Seems the HDD recovery does not work.
Possibly something has been changed on the HDD recovery partition or the recovery files has been deleted?

Usually it?s always advisable to create a recovery disk at first. This should be done at the beginning and such recovery disk is always helpful if something would go wrong with HDD recovery or with the HDD?

Now you cannot recover the notebook because you don?t have such disk and the HDD does not work?

What to do???
Well, I think you would need to order new disk.
You can do this here:


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Have an Satellite Pro A300-28V laptop with Vista 32 Business. After a recovery from HDD Recovery partition I decided to use the function Complete PC system backup to make an image for future recovery with all my present settings. Too annoying to reset to factory default (Thunderbird 3.0 Mail, Open Office, and some other small applications previously running with no problems for years on another desktop computer).

The system needs 5 to 9 DVD's and it writes the first DVD. Takes roughly 30 minutes. Then, during verification of that disc it hangs. Verification bar stops at about 30% complete.
Anyone with that experience? Does not the Business "Complete PC image" work well on a OEM installation of Vista?
Or is it maybe the DVD driver who needs an update? I do not use a 3rd party burning software.


Answer:Satellite Pro A300-28V - Can't create own recovery disks


Which program you are using to create your own recovery disks? For example I mean Acronis, Norton Ghost, etc.

In your case I would try it with another burning program like CD Burner XP or Nero.
Furthermore you could try to remove the upper and lower filters in Windows registry, maybe it will work.

Last but not least on the Toshiba website you can check if there is a firmware update for your CD/DVD drive.

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I bought a Satellite A300 few days ago, it auto installed Vista without CD when I opened it.
Is it spouse to come with a vista CD/DVD or do I have to burn one with Toshiba recovery disk?

Answer:Satellite A300 - and Vista recovery Question

Hi, You should burn one dvd with recovery tools for future, toshiba dont gives cd's with a300 :) i also have a300

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I was wondering if anyone knows how to recover the Satellite A300-1J1. My laptop has Windows Vista home premium, I'm not too sure about the number of "bits" because the sticker at the bottom of my laptop is faded. My serial number is 8811896Q.

I shut down my laptop and when I tried starting it up the following morning it said "Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause". Then it goes to this screen which says "System Recovery Options: the installed programme cannot start. Click OK to turn off the computer".

Does anyone know how to recover my laptop without having to lose (wipe out) all data currently on it, such as windows documents etc.?

Answer:Satellite A300-1J1 and system recovery options

>Does anyone know how to recover my laptop without having to lose (wipe out) all data currently on it, such as windows documents etc.?
In the past we have discussed very often about this theme. Anyway it works on this way:
- When you use recovery DVD for OS installation whole HDD will be deleted including data on all partitions
- If you use HDD recovery option only partition C will be deleted and all data saved on second partition will be still there
So try please HDD recovery installation following instructions on Toshiba document.

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Trying to reinstall XP.

Restarted the machine with the recovery disk, the recovery application starts up. Select options and then it starts unpacking. Gets to 7% and stays like that for over 2 hours.
I tried re-installing Windows XP from my own disk but that fails with a message saying cannot detect Hard Drive.

The hard drive is present and can be seen in the BIOS.
Should I leave this recovery thing running over night?

Is there any way I can re-install the drive with XP?
Can I install a new drive and re-install XP?

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite Pro A300: Windows Recovery Problem

Is maybe recovery disc damaged?

Missing HDD message is typical for WXP installation and on this forum you can find tons of threads with exact explanation why this happen and what you can do about it.

Just for example check

Test it again with own WXP installation to be sure HDD is OK.

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I bought a new Satellite A300 and now I have to reinstall Windows Vista. My question is:

Through the recovery disk do I already have all the necessary drivers for my computer?
Do I have to download them online one by one?

Thank you for your help



Answer:Satellite A300 - Does the recovery disk contain all drivers?


Yes, the Toshiba recovery disk contains all drivers and tools for your notebook. After you have used the Toshiba recovery disk you have the same settings as you have started the notebook the first (out of the box). So that means the disk contains an image of ?factory settings?.

The disk is very easy to use: You have only to boot from it and follow the screen instructions. Windows and all drivers will be reinstalled in few minutes.

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I have an A300-1MO.
Can I use any Toshiba recovery disk \?
Or is there like a specific one for my A300-1MO?

I'm like a total noob....
Somebody pls help...!

Answer:Re: Satellite A300-1MO - Can I use any Toshiba recovery disk?

No, you cannot use any Recovery disk? you have to use the recovery disk designed for this notebook model.
The point is that recovery disk contains a image. Image is a package which contains OS and Toshiba drivers?
If you would use another recovery disk then the image would be installed with not compatible drivers and this could lead to further problems?

Every new Toshiba notebook provides a Toshiba Recovery Disk creator tool. This tool can create a recovery disk?

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sorry for my English, I?m French.

I have purchased a Toshiba Sat A300-1fg and I have burn the dvd recovery before installed XP.

And now the first DVD can't be read correctly and I can't restore my notebook for sell it
(the fan is too loud, media keys don't work with another player of wmp.... i'm not happy with this notebook)

I search anymore can be upload me a DVD copy please.


Best regards

Answer:Satellite A300-1FG psag4e does not read Recovery DVD


Try to copy this Recovery DVD on other computer and then try to boot from the burned DVD.

By the way; The Media buttons can be use din WinAmp. You have to enable the option in WinAmp settings. The fan is not loud and cooling settings can be changed in Power Saver settings.
These are some tiny tips ;)

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First of all, sorry for my very bad english.

I bought a portable PC 9 months ago, Toshiba Satellite A300. I have had problems with a virus and the result is that despite of the actions of clean and disinfection, the computer remains infected and I have denied the access to the hard disks and regedit.

I have thought to recover the operating system preinstaled of factory (I hope it is the solution and not the formatting) and Barrie told me to check

I did it but the PC says that it's imposible because there's no files. I didn't make a rescue CD (so newbee).

What can I do?

Answer:Satellite A300 - How recover the OS without having Recovery disk?


Did you already install another OS?

Normally the HDD recovery as Barrie suggested always works if the preinstalled Windows from Toshiba is installed but sometimes due viruses it could not work. I mean if you don?t have success with this you will need a Toshiba recovery disk to get back factory settings.

A new recovery disk you can order here:


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I have Satellite A300-14s

My brother transfer some songs and videos to this partition (Data:)

The good thing is that the original recovery files are there and not modified (i check it because i have a300-20a)

my A300-14s has HDD recovery folder and *.bin file (this is the one has problem) but my A300-20A has HDD recovery folder and **.TAG file

I have deleted all songs and videos in the data partition and then try to recover my A300-14s to factory default...
I restart then press F10 at begning but i got and error...

This is


plz help

I can't recover

Answer:Satellite A300-14s - My brother modified hdd recovery


Try to this:
Press F8 while the notebook powers up.
Then choose ?Repair my Computer?.
Now new window should appear and then you should choose Toshiba HDD recovery.

Usually this should start the HDD recovery procedure.

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I have no prior experience with making a recovery CD and I hear ya only get one shot to do it, and so have to be careful not to screw up. Hence.. I am posting here so I can get some clear instructions on how to achieve this. I am not going to rush into it like a bull in a china shop because that's usually when i make mistakes.
Would love someone to guide me thru doing this step by simple step if that is not too demanding to ask. I would very much appreciate it.

All I know is I have the Toshiba recovery disk creator in Program Files...I will install ImgBurn if that's OK to use, but would love some guidance helping me thru this so I dont mess up.

tmany kind thanks,

Answer:Creating recovery CD for a Satellite A300-1J1 Laptop

Hello Kes

Toshiba takes care of you and made simply way to do this. ;)

You must not install anything. Just start Toshiba recovery creator tool and put high quality empty DVD-R media and follow the menu on the screen. That?s all.
I recommend you to use TDK or Verbatim medias. I have tested both of them and they work for sure.

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I bought a toshiba Satellite A300-15D

ftm the tsscorp drive that is installed in the device no longer works (does not detect any type of media what so ever). ) need to recover the laptop so I used a USB DVD drive to boot from the recovery disc but after the recovery console loads it says waiting for media in drive f: which is the tsscorp drive altough I used an external drive to load the disc.

What files would I need to modify to make it load from the external drive and if thats not the solution what should I do?

thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite A300 - How to use recovery disk with external DVD drive?

Hi buddy,

Unfortunately I think it?s not possible to use the recovery disk with external CD/DVD drive. So you have to place the internal one to use the recovery disk.
You can get a new drive from an authorized service provider.

But if the original Toshiba OS is installed, you can use the HDD recovery feature to reinstall Windows as well. Go in advanced boot menu (F8) and select ?Repair my computer? :)

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I have bought an A300 15b laptop, and it comes with win Vista preinstalled
I would like to change my OS to Win XP.
After searching this forum I noticed that I have to make a back up DVD of the original Toshiba recovery.

I found the recover folder on E:\HDDRECOVERY .
Now can anyone help with "HOW to make this DVD ".

I mean if I burn the folder as it is will it be bootable?
Do I have to use an image burning software , or drug&drop will work??

Are drivers available for Win XP?

Thank you in advance .

Answer:Satellite A300-15B: How to burn HDD recovery image & need Win XP drivers


You can burn and create the own Vista Recovery DVD using the Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator software.
It?s preinstalled on the notebook.

Please check the desktop shortcuts or the folder on the C:\ Program Files

The Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator will burn the Toshiba image.
I would also recommend using the DVD-R disks? some people got an error message during the burning due to not compatible DVD disk.


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hi i'm from greece.

I go to I do boot the recovery cd and she returns the following error:
+Could not get a language entry from ini file+

what to do.?

Answer:Re: Satellite A300-15A recovery issue: Could not get a language entry from ini


Did you try to repeat the recovery procedure?
Did you use the Toshiba recovery disk or did you start from the HDD recovery?

Check both procedures;
Firstly try the HDD recovery; press F8 then choose repair my computer and in new window follow with HDD recovery.

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Hope you guys can help me.

I have a problem with my labtop and have formated the hard drive.. but in there was the HDDRecovery. Luckly (i guess..) i have save that same file in my other pc as a backup.

Now the problem is: even when i put the HDDRecovery in the exact same place where he was originally it doesn't work...

Theres any way to fix this?!


Answer:Satellite A300-1ID - deleted recovery HDD - backup does not work


You see, there was a hidden Toshiba recovery utility that you removed while formatting hdd. HDDRecovery folder you have doesn't help you.
You can order [Recovery disk|] for money from Toshiba or get Windows disk to install, all drivers are available on [Toshiba Driver Page|]

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Dear brothers,

I lost the original recovery for my labtop Toshiba Satellite A300-146 (formated) and now the windows is not working.

I need the recovery CD if any body have it , please.

Answer:Satellite A300-146 - Original recovery (vista) is needed


If you have lost the recovery disk you can order a new one from Toshiba directly:


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Hi there.
I want to completely format my windows Vista on satellite A300-14S, but i don't have the cd with me.
How do i do it then? I want to bring it to factory default settings with everything gone.

Thank you.

Answer:How to format Satellite A300-14S without any Vista Recovery disk


You can:

1 Order [Recovery disk|] for money
2 Get Windows copy disk to install all Toshiba drivers you can download from [Toshiba drivers|]
3 If you haven't removed hdd image, you can restore:

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Hi, Hope someone can help.

Laptop stopped working - keeps trying to fix problem via windows on start-up but this just hangs for hours so I ordered a recovery disc to start a fresh as I believe the original problems were caused by a virus. I have no important data to keep so am OK with clearing everything and restarting. Today. I have just received my Product Recovery disc that I ordered from Toshiba. I follow the instructions; load disc, power on holding C. Then it just continues as if the Recovery CD wasnt in the drive. The CD drive doesnt spin. Its as if the laptop doesnt recognize the disc.

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite Pro A300 - Recovery disk fails at start


Well, either i?s something wrong with recovery disk itself or the drive doesn?t detect the disk properly?

What happens if you access the BIOS boot menu (F12 key) and select CD/DVD drive as boot device?
If it doesn?t work try another bootable disk to make sure the drive is working properly.

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The story so far...

Laptop failed (A300-1MC)

No recovery disk available
Replaced HDD
Installed Vista using borrowed recovery disk from earlier Toshiba Satellite model
Installed missing drivers => working system without valid product key
Connected old HDD using external usb enclosure
Launched original TRORDCLauncher on old drive - no errors

So now I apparently have 2 recovery DVDs.

Question: Will these DVD's restore to original system ?

The earlier Satellite had no TRORDCLauncher and came included with recovery disks

I am aware of correct procedure => order recovery disks from

Answer:Re: Satellite A300-1MC: Would recovery restore to original system ?

> So now I apparently have 2 recovery DVDs.

Recovery disk would always set the notebook back to the same state like at the first day of purchase?

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Hi guys.

I have a question.
I have a Toshiba Satellite A300 which came with Windows Vista.
I have the recovery partition normally with the utility normally preinstalled.
After I formatted the system partition, I installed a clean and fresh copy of Windows 7.

My question is as follows.
Since the recovery partition does not get messed with, isn't there a way to install the hdd recovery utility back in Windows recovery options from F8 before boot?

Please don't tell me that I need to have the recovery disk.
I already do, I just want to find a solution because it shouldn't be that hard for someone who accidentaly formatted the system partition and hadn't created the discs, but has the recovery partition. My guess is that there needs to be some modification to the Windows Recovery Enviroment files that is initiated when you use the Repair My Computer option at boot because normally the HDD recovery utility appears as one of its tools-options.

The problem is that I don't where these files are, (maybe C:\boot ?)
Right now I am tryiing to see if an upgrade install of windows 7 on windows vista will keep the options of hdd recovery so maybe I will find what is needed.

Any suggestions are welcome!
Thank you for your time.

Answer:Satellite A300 - How to start HDD recovery after clean OS insatallation

Ok, just one more hint, I found what's happening with the recovery enviroment and what needs to be replaced in order for it to include more tools...
This article was really helpful:

Also I found some microsoft guides on editing the windows 7 recovery environment.

So I am continuing and I believe I am close....

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My Satellite Pro A300's Hard drive failed.It has now been replaced. I have ordered a recovery disk.
Will this enable me to reinstall the Windows Vista OS that came originally installed?

Also,I am getting this message"BOOTMGR MISSING".Will the recovery disk fix this issue too?
Many thanks in advance !

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro A300 - Will recovery disk reinstall Windows OS on new HDD

>I have ordered a recovery disk. Will this enable me to reinstall the Windows Vista OS that came originally installed?
Yes. Definitely.

Is new HDD recognized properly in BIOS settings?
If yes there should not be any problem.

By the way, A300 runs perfectly and much better with Win7 32bit.

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Tried making recovery disc for new Toshiba A300-29N using Sony DVD, always getting error. Toshiba service center confirmed that Sony DVD not compatible with this DVD drive.
Any one faced htis issue and any update. Tried with Imation DVD it worked fine

Answer:Cannot create recovery disc on my Satellite A300-29N using Sony DVD

I don't use Sony DVD media but TDK or Verbatim DVD-R. Every time I used it I was able to create recovery media. No problems at all.
I recommend you to do the same. Believe me it will work properly.

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First of all, sorry about my english, but it's not my native language. About my technical problrm, short and simply:
I am useing Toshiba Sat A300-1GN with Vista 32-bit. I was trying to create a recovery disc by useing Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator.

I have inserted a totaly new DVD disc to DVD writer, and program was running very well but suddenly it just fail giving an error with something like that "There was an error in reinforcement calibration area. Error code: 0E01B5-26-00037304"

What's wrong?

What should I do to create tha disc? I can only add, that I have turned of my any-virus system just like it was said in Toshiba manual, but it didn't help.

Pleas, help.

Answer:Recovery Disc Creator Error - Satellite A300-1GN

What is the brand of DVD disc you are using?

Some cheap brands cause problems like this, to ensure you use good quality media such as TDK or Taiyo Yuden.

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I have a Satellite A300, and I mistakenly deleted HDD Recovery folder.

I have recovery discs, but I'd like HDD Recovery folder to restore my system without using the discs.

Please, can you tell me how to re-create the folder HDD Recovery?

Thank you very much

Answer:HDD Recovery image deleted on Satellite A300 - How to restore from HDD


Unfortunately, now it isn't impossible to recover it from hdd image, but with recovery disk only. You can only copy it from someone who has the same laptop with hdd recovery folder.

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I have read the threads that already exist, before anyone pounces with the obvious, however I don't see the answers to my specific questions, so I hope that someone can help.

Basically, my A300 was regularly overheating and turning off, and after a recent instance of this, I part disassembled it and cleaned the heatsink and surround thoroughly.

Unfortunately, on re-assembly, it became evident that Windows would not boot, presumably either due to some issue caused by the most recent power cut, or maybe even as part of my very careful disassembly??

Anyway, Vista will not boot, in any mode, either standard, in safe mode or in repair mode. As stadard, it blue screens with an error message UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME etc.

In repair mode, the windows logo and green bar comes up, but then it simply black screens and no more. The only slight variation I have had here is that sometimes a white cursor comes up, but still a black screen. I have left the machine for 30 minutes in case there was a simple delay, but no... nothing happens, it just hangs.

I have no recovery CD, because I didn't create one, however I have been able to access all the files through the Knoppix platform, and everything appears in order, so major HDD corruption seems unlikely.

I can see the folders for Toshiba HDD recover and also Windows RE, so my question to you people is this; Is there a way that I can use these files that are still in tact to recover Vista without purchasing a disk for 30 pounds... Read more

Answer:Satellite A300-1J1 - How to use HDD recovery files to install Vista again


Unfortunately I think there is nothing what you can do because the files are useless if HDD recovery doesn?t work because you must be able to access the advanced boot menu of Windows.

I agree with you it?s not good that HDD recovery from Toshiba doesn?t work for you but you must also understand it?s your fault that you didn?t create the recovery disk as mentioned in user manual. ;)

So either you purchase a new recovery disk or you use a Microsoft Windows disk to reinstall Windows. All drivers and tools you can download on Toshiba page.

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Hi everyone,

With my Toshiba nothing but problems. First I waited replacement screen for month cause there wasn?t any at warehouse. K, after that I downgraded to XP but driver are buggy, sound is poor, cant get USB2.0 to work, system is slower than Vista so I decided to return to Vista.

But of course, there is no DVD so I need to restore via HDD restore folder I have. But cool, Toshiba doesn't let me to download utility to create backup DVD. So what I can do? I have HDD Recovery folder, how to now create DVD without utility I was first given.

You can say it?s not Toshiba fault; you did that bla bla. Of course, but first I waited replacement screen, I wasn?t given original Vista DVD, I cant even download utility from Toshiba. What sad piece of equipment. I have experience, my first installed OS was DOS and Win95, numerous OS installation after that but this that I can install back my OS in 2009 I wouldn't hope its gonna happen.

Any ideas you good ppl

Answer:Satellite A300-1lT - I want restore Vista with the recovery option

Sorry buddy, but in this case you need a new recovery disk. The HDD Recovery folder is not useful for you because you don&rsquo;t have Windows Vista yet and as you already know the Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator can&rsquo;t be downloaded.

So you must order a new disk from an authorized service provider or Toshiba directly:

To be honest this is not a problem of Toshiba. If you start the notebook at first time you get the following message and this should not be ignored:


+your system is equipped with hard disk recovery system. if you need to repair+
+your computer by restoring it to original factory state, you can do it directly+
+from harddisk (press F8 when you boot your computer, choose "Repair your computer"+
+and follow the menue instructions) or create a bootable Recovery Disc Medium for this purpose.+

+Toshiba recommends you to create Recovery Disc Medium using the "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator" to ensure+
+hat you are able to restore your computer to the original factory installed state, even if your computer+
+gets seriously damaged+

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