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Portégé M200: Expert Mode in recovery CD

Question: Portégé M200: Expert Mode in recovery CD

Can i get the files of a image cd?
If yes, can i get the directory \i386 and setup again my xp software??

I change my hard drive, and i cant do the boot with my usb cd/dvd, so i copy the files in the directory \i386 of my xp cd, an run winnt from DOS.
Now i have my Port?g? M200 working very good, but my instalation is a normal xp sp2 windows, and i need to change to tablet pc edition.

Same body have the same problem??
Can i get upgrade from microsoft for this problem??
Can i get the recovery files of my image???

Thans 4 all

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Preferred Solution: Portégé M200: Expert Mode in recovery CD

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Portégé M200: Expert Mode in recovery CD


On the recovery CD you will find only the image files and not a completely OS.
The only way to get the recovery files is to recover the OS with the Toshiba recovery CD and then to copy the folders from the unit to another notebook (HDD, etc.)

Please check these topics how to recover the M200.

Usually you need a compatible and supported external drive which should be recognized by BIOS.

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First, anybody knows how to fix System Restore issue, when I start system restore, it only appears a blank window, so I couldn't restore my computer to an earlier point which I think can fix the whole problem...
Since I couldn't find a way for the first...
The second is: I've got loads of problem with my WinXp and I just want to restore the laptop... but I'm having trouble looking for a PCMCIA DVD drive...
The recovery disk is a DVD disk, but as far as I'm concern, using a 16 bit PCMCIA card will only let the laptop recognize a CDROM drive, not a DVDROM drive... So what should I do now?
Where can I buy a DVDrom drive that can boot so I can use my recovery disk to restore?

Answer:Recovery on Portege M200???


In my opinion the issue with system restore is OS problem and I can really don?t understood why this happened. If you reboot your unit several times happened this again and again?

If you need a suitable and compatible external DVD-ROM Drive for prot?g? M200 you can find it under under Products ? Options & Accessories ? Drive devices. Check the drive with this part number PA3401U-1DVD.

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I bought this laptop on e-bay, but i hadn`t got a recovery disc. How can i get it?

Thank you!!!

Answer:Portege M200 - Where to get a Recovery disk?

Have a look on the Toshiba website.

Assuming you are in Europe, the address is

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I've just received my M200 back from a warranty repair, where it had it's system board replaced. It seems to have acquired the Accelerometer utilities and motion detection functionality, which either weren't there or I wasn't aware of before (it had a clean rebuild many times, and I was never prompted to calibrate this utility). However, It no longer seems to be able to detect it's current operating mode - i.e. it no longer rotates the screen automatically when I switch to tablet mode, and when I set features such as Tablet Access Code to only operate in Tablet mode, they don't operate at all regardless of mode.

In addition, I've just checked the power settings, and nothing happens when the lid is closed regardless of the setting here. The machine keeps running, and I can see the backlight is still on, shining out from the closed case.

It seems to me like they've neglected to connect the lid close button, which I guess would be how it realises it's gone into tablet mode as well as when to turn off the backlight etc for a lid close. I've tried pressing the lid close button independently and nothing happens. I suspect it's going to be another warranty return, but does anyone know of anything else I might be missing?

Can anyone advise?

Answer:Portege M200 not detecting tablet mode

Hello Tim

On your unit there are too many different problems and it must be checked correctly. I know that you maybe want to solve it on easiest way but I believe that without service partner there is not much to do. Please contact them and ask for full check.

They should use factory settings and test everything, especially tablet mode usage.

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I already used the recovery DVD long time ago but now it won?t start. Instructions tell to:
1st insert the disk
2nd turn the pc on while keeping the C key pressed
3rd follow the instructions which are appearing on the screen

I tried as described but nothing happens and windows start normally. I also tried to open the DVD when the pc was on and I can see the files but can?t start the process.

Can anybody help me to solve this problem?

Answer:Cannot start recovery installation for Portege M200

Hi there,

have you tried booting from the DVD? Obviously u can see the files on the DVD but maybe you need to change the boot order so it boots from the DVD instead. To do this, restart the computer then press F2 when you see the Toshiba logo on the screen while booting up (F2 or whatever key it tells you to press to enter the setup).

Within the BIOS setup go over to the boot order and swap the CD/DVD with the HDD so that the CD/DVD is at the top of the list. Go over in the BIOS menu and Exit Saving Changes and the computer will restart. Hopefully the recovery DVD should now boot, if this works and upon completion of all installations go back into the BIOS menu and follow the same instructions to change the CD/DVD back to second, and put HDD back to the top of the list.

Hopefully this answers your question.

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I have a M200, I have had it from new. However i can not find my restore cd! All i need the the SD Card Image that is supplied on it, is there anywhere i can get it?

I have the windows XP Pro full cd, i work in an IT Department! But with out the SD card image im lost!

Any help would be great!



Answer:Portege M200: Need Recovery CD becasue of SD-card

Hi Bob

Original recovery media can be order by Toshiba Authorized service partner in your country. If you want to install your own OS you can find all drivers, tools and utilities on Toshiba download page under

Service partner you can find under

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can anybody help me to get a recovery CD for a Toshiba Portege (Win XP) in Russian??
Or, do you know where I can order this CD or DVD? Thank you!!

Answer:Russian recovery CD for Portege M200 needed


I can just imagine you can get one from Authorized service partner in Russia. Call them and ask. Maybe you will be lucky!

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I have a Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC. It has no built-in or external CD-ROM/DVD or Floppy drives. It has bios settings that will allow it to boot from HDD, FDD, CD-ROM, or LAN. I have the Toshiba Recovery DVD from the manufacturer. The Toshiba support site lists the supported external CD/DVD drives that will work with the recovery disk. I don’t have any of these and I am trying to use a generic DVD drive with an IDE to USB adapter. I am able to connect the DVD drive (with this adapter) to a computer running XP and I am able to access DVD’s on that computer. The recovery disk has instructions that tell me to use an external DVD drive (to perform the recovery) but isn’t as specific as the website as to which DVD drive to use. As a side note: the instructions do say that the drive cannot be formatted in NTFS. I think that I just need to find a way to copy the sys files onto the hard drive and then copy a generic DVD driver onto the hard drive so I can access the DVD when it is attached to the Tablet PC. I would greatly appreciate any experience or suggestions as to how I might get this to work without having to buy one of these specific DVD drives that the Toshiba Site suggests.

After reading other posts for similar issues (although these other posts didn’t provide an answer for me), I thought I might want to clarify a little. I have pulled the hard drive out of the tablet and hooked it up to a desktop using an adapter. I can format t... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC recovery

I thought I should add; I have hooked the tablet hard drive up to the desktop as a primary hard drive and tried formatting it, copied the sys files over and windows 98 startup files to the drive. Then I put the hard drive back into the tablet, hooked up the external DVD drive and powered on the laptop. It errors out stating that it cannot connect to the external drive.

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Yesterday my anti-virus software let me know a virus was trying to access my computer, had quarantined it and asked for a reboot of my Portege M200 to remove it completely. On rebooting, the notebook did not actually reboot and just hung. It gets past the Toshiba window and hangs. I have tried starting it in safe mode but to no avail. It starts loading files and hangs at a particular system file which is obviously now corrupt. I tried to get into my recovery console using Windows XP recovery disks but was unable to do so. The threads on this forum have been helpful however I have still not solved the issue.

I have my product recovery DVD-ROM but I am scared to use it as the warning coming with it says that reformatting will lose all of my work and I am not sure if it will automatically reformat my hard drive (as I have no back ups of my work) or will I be given a choice? Also, I see from your forums that it will not actually repair any corrupt OS files. I have also seen files about making a ghost image to a floppy drive but I do not have a floppy drive on my Portege M200.

Can anyone please provide me with steps to solve this issue as I am 11 hours trying to fix this but to no avail!

Answer:Portege M200 - Cannot access recovery console

You are right about recovery image. Recovery image is designed for clean OS only and there is no option for OS repair. What you can try is to obtain Microsoft WXP installation disc and start repair option.

I hope this will help you and you will be able to start preinstalled OS. If this will work at first back up all your important data.

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I have a Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC. It has no built-in or external CD-ROM/DVD or Floppy drives. It has bios settings that will allow it to boot from HDD, FDD, CD-ROM, or LAN. I have the Toshiba Recovery DVD from the manufacturer. The Toshiba support site lists the supported external CD/DVD drives that will work with the recovery disk. I don?t have any of these and I am trying to use a generic DVD drive with an IDE to USB adapter. I am able to connect the DVD drive (with this adapter) to a computer running XP and I am able to access DVD?s on that computer. The recovery disk has instructions that tell me to use an external DVD drive (to perform the recovery) but isn?t as specific as the website as to which DVD drive to use. As a side note: the instructions do say that the drive cannot be formatted in NTFS. I think that I just need to find a way to copy the sys files onto the hard drive and then copy a generic DVD driver onto the hard drive so I can access the DVD when it is attached to the Tablet PC. I would greatly appreciate any experience or suggestions as to how I might get this to work without having to buy one of these specific DVD drives that the Toshiba Site suggests.

After reading other posts for similar issues (although these other posts didn?t provide an answer for me), I thought I might want to clarify a little. I have pulled the hard drive out of the tablet and hooked it up to a desktop using an adapter. I can format the drive and copy files to it ... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC recovery

I thought I should add; I have hooked the tablet hard drive up to the desktop as a primary hard drive and tried formatting it, copied the sys files over and windows 98 startup files to the drive. Then I put the hard drive back into the tablet, hooked up the external DVD drive and powered on the laptop. It errors out stating that it cannot connect to the external drive.

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I have a Toshiba Portege M200 laptop (Model No: PPM20A-00LG4). Three years ago I ran the product recovery program and discs to get a clean XP Pro installation. I then loaded all the service packs from the internet. Everything worked fine and the laptop perfermed very well.

Recently the laptop was quite slow, so I decided to do this again.

I have booted the laptop from the recovery program on the external CD-ROM drive. It reformatted the HDD etc. I then installed the four quantity Product Recovery CD-ROMs, as prompted by the on screen installation menu and the laptop appeared to accept these. Then when promted to "remove disc from drive and press any key" the laptop reboots but just displays a white blinking curser against a black screen, for hours. Nothing happens.

After pressing any key to reboot, the Toshiba flash appears with the various boot sources, the HDD is first, then just the blinking curser. I have tried to re-boot the laptop but get the same routine and then the blinking curser.

I would really appreciate any clues for diagnosis.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Answer:Portege M200 won't install Product Recovery.


The blinking cursor means that the operating system can?t be started. For me it sounds like that something went wrong during Windows installation.

I would recommend reinstalling Windows again so boot from Toshiba recovery disk and follow the screen instructions. With other words do the same steps as you have already done and check what happens.

Such things that installation doesn?t work properly can happen without special reason. So don?t worry and just test it again. ;)

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I am wanting to re format my 4 year old M200 using the original recovery disks (4 of).
The recovery.txt file stored on the first disk advises me of a process to do this but also states that "this utility will not work if the drive has been formated or converted to NTFS".

My C drive is NTFS and the recovery process does not work.
I am unable to find any other literature or help files on the disks to advise me what to do.

I would be greatfull for anyone who has experience with this issue who can advise me on the correct process to run my recovery disks on a drive formated as


Answer:Portege M200 recovery process does not work

May I ask you what notebook do you have: is it a Satellite M200 or Port?g? M200?

How did you try to recover the notebook?
Did you try to boot from the CD?

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Hi, I want to restore my M200 using the recover DVD supplied. I have a Toshiba PA345U-1DV2 external USB DVD that came with a CD that includes drivers for DOS. The readme file in the dos driver folder is in Japanese! I've created a boot SD card using the Toshiba util and added the dos drivers to the config.sys file.

No matter what I try I cannot get the USB DVD to boot in dos and therefore read the restore DVD. I must admit this is driving me nuts. I've tried every option I can find on the net and still not luck. Can anyone help?

It seems to me that as the DVD player is Toshiba and has dos drivers it should work.

Answer:System restore using the Recovery CD on Portege M200

As far as I know you need a supported and compatible drive to recover form the USB.
Not every drive is compatible!:
Please check this posting about the compatible drives:

In this posting you will find a instruction how to recover the OS on the Prot?g? M200 without to use the external drive:

And this posting provide further interesting information about the recovery procedure of the M200:

hope I could help

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Hello, first of all excuse me for my english I'm not totally bilingual.
So I got a Portege M200, with the model number : PPM21E-02QFZ-FR, serial number : 55893043G

This laptop work fine but *when I unplug the AC adapter the screen come black*, when I replug screen light again (It continue to work but without screen because it not power off).

I try Fn+F5 combinaison, not worked, try to change performance settings in windows, no change.

When I go into BIOS I can make occur this problem even if the AC is plugged by changing the value of the "battery save mode" field from "Full Power" to another (when I change the screen is turning off).

do you know how to resolve this issue ?
thanks in advance

Answer:Screen issues when battery mode on a Portege M200

>This laptop work fine but when I unplug the AC adapter the screen come black, when I replug screen light again (It continue to work but without screen because it not power off).

Sorry mate I?m afraid I did not understand this correctly.
If you disconnect the AC adaptor, the display goes off.
But what happens if the AC adaptor is connected again? You say that screen lights again but then you said you can work but without screen.

So I?m confused now?

In my opinion you should check the Windows power options.
Usually if the AC adaptor would be disconnected, the notebook switches to another power plant (battery mode).
In my opinion you should check the power plant settings which is used if AC adaptor is disconnected.

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Where can I find drivers to my Portege M200? Because on the download-page there are none. The only drivers that you could find there were drivers to the bluetooth, wlan and I think that is it. Have no drivers for my soundcard, my nic and all the other stuff.

The reason I need to download them is that I really really needed to make an new install and my recovery-disc is lost since the last time I've moved.

Naturally I called Toshiba and asked if I could get a new one, or if I could download it some how, the answer I got was "sorry, neither we or any of our associates have any".

And because the windows-license is only valid for "Windows XP Tablet edition Toshiba" with SP1 preistalled and the only way I could get that is if I had such a disc.

So the advice the support gave me was to purchase an new windows-license and if I wanted everything to work I should bye the Windows XP Tablet edition 2005 or something like that.

But since I have an XP pro license already I decided to install it since I almost never use the tablet properties anymore. And now when I have done just that I can't find almost any drivers so my computer will work properly.

Answer:Where can I find drivers for my Portege M200 - I lost my Recovery CD


> Where can I find drivers to my Portege M200? Because on the download-page there are none

What Toshiba driver page did you check????
I have visited the Toshiba European driver page and found all necessary drivers

Please follow this path and you should get the Toshiba European driver site: -> Support & Dowloads -> Support homepage -> Driver download

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Have a problem with my Portege M200 and after hours of searching for a solution I am still at a complete loss as to how to fix it.

Essentially when attempting to switch to tablet mode - or if I press down the lid closed 'sensor' button on the far right which is essentially the same thing - the screen goes black.

This means that i can't get into tablet mode at all.

This is happening across multiple OS's and will happen even before an OS has booted. Obviously I've checked that when in Windows the 'When I close the lid' option is set to do nothing and I've even checked for any hardwired setting in the bios but saw nothing relevant.

As far as I'm aware this has only started happening since i sent it for repair with toshiba a month or two back (motherboard was replaced i believe).

Any way of controlling this via software or am i going to have to send it for repair again?

Answer:Portege M200: screen goes blank when switching to tablet mode

> As far as I'm aware this has only started happening since i sent it for repair with Toshiba a month or two back (motherboard was replaced i believe). Anyway of controlling this via software or am i going to have to send it for repair again?

According to you description it looks more like an hardware issue as an software issue because this happens even before an OS has booted. Therefore I would exclude a software issue.

In your case I would recommend contacting the ASP again and to explain the whole situation with your notebook.

Good luck

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i have had to replace my hardrive on my tablet now only to discover. I can no longer use the tablet as i don't have the nesecary software or drivers. I have been on Toshiba web site but can not find what I am looking for. I am now using Win xp media center on it.

I have also tried Win Xp and downloading the drivers but do not work. Can anyone tell me where to get the recovery disks and tablet editon for this laptop?


Answer:Portege M200: recovery disks and Win Xp tablet disks needed

Hello ez

Contact Authorized Toshiba service partner in your country. They can order for you original recovery media. The installation is very easy and everything will be work perfectly again.


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I would greatly appreciate advice on the following.

My Sat Pro M70-220 (PSM75E-00D008G3), laptop has 4 partitions created by Acronis Disk Director Suit v9:

C: OS-Win XP Pro SP3
D: Programs
E: Data& Downloads
F: Backups

After booting the laptop into Win XP, I inserted the Toshiba Product Recovery CD into the DVD-RAM drive
and navigated to BMP folder, R:\G_INST\BMP, where I found the file "menu.bmp" which gives 2 Recovery

*1. Recover entire Hard disk*
Warning . All stored data o your computer will be lost.
Factory pre-installed software will be installed.

*2. Expert Recovery Mode Warning:*
This is for PC experts only.
Factory pre-installed Software can be installed onto an existing partition.

My questions are with respect to using the "Expert Recovery Mode" :
- will I be able to use the "Expert Recovery Mode" of the Recovery CD to reinstall the Win XP Pro (factory pre-installed software) onto my C: partition, whilst not affecting the D, E & F partitions ?
- will I be able to format the C: partition, using the "Expert Recovery Mode", without formatting the other partitions ?
- what is the exact "Expert Recovery Mode" procedure ?
- where can I find further info on the "Expert Recovery Mode" procedure ?

Thank you


Answer:Re: Using Expert Recovery Mode in Product Recovery CD for Satellite Pro M70-220

>will I be able to use the "Expert Recovery Mode" of the Recovery CD to reinstall the Win XP Pro (factory pre-installed software) onto my C: partition, whilst not affecting the D, E & F partitions

Yes, this should be possible. Using the Expert Recovery Mode you should get the Ghost window in which you could select the partition where the OS should be installed. In such case only this partition would be formatted.

> will I be able to format the C: partition, using the "Expert Recovery Mode", without formatting the other partitions?

Yes, theoretically this should be possible.

> what is the exact "Expert Recovery Mode" procedure ?
As I mentioned above, this mode allows you to restore the OS on a certain partition and only this partition will be formatted.

> where can I find further info on the "Expert Recovery Mode" procedure ?
How about searching here in the forum?
I found this thread:

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Sorry - I did not find the button for ANSWERING another contribution.
Thanks for the procedure for how to install with a particion.

The question remains: Did I receive a Windows XP CD when I got the computer? Or did I not receive it because everything is on the Recovery CD and I do not need more to install in expert mode.

By the way: I find it strange that TOSHIBA does not officially inform its customers how to do installations in expert mode so that a customer has to ask another customer for advice.

Answer:Recovery CD sufficient for expert mode?


you got when you bought the notebook a Toshiba Recovery CD with a Windows XP OEM license!

With this Recovery CD the user has, as you mentioned, 2 possibilities. The standard mode which deletes all data and partitions on the HDD.
And the Expert Mode which only deletes a choosen partition.

The Expert Mode is Norton Ghost with a short menu. If you want to use the expert mode you must know which file orton Ghost requires!

Bye Pelox

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Hi all,

I have problem with my computer, a Satellite 2410-303. Yesterday there was a blackout and since then windows does not start. The only "reaction" I get from the computer is by using the recovery CD. I had read the forum and learnt about the expert mode and I know that you can install windows in a partition so you can save your data in other partitions. The problem is that I did not made any, I just have the old "C:" in it. I would really need to recover the data inside the computer.

Answer:Recovery CD expert Mode...Is it possible to save data?


Of course, it is possible to create the partition in the expert mode.
After choosing the expert mode the ghost window should appear.
There you have to change the HDD size to the lower size.

For example: the HDD has 60 GB and you want to have a second partition with 20GB
So you have to change the HDD size to 40GB. Then after installing of the OS you should enter the disk management and should make the 20GB partition visible.

OK, this procedure should create the partition but I?m not 100% sure if it will NOT delete the existing files on the HDD.

However, the 100% safely procedure is to put out the HDD and to connect it as a external USB HDD to a second computer and then to make some backups from the external HDD.
After this procedure you can install the HDD again in the notebook and then start the OS recovery procedure.

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I want to use the recovery-cd without losing my data on two other partitions.
according to this document i should have the opportunity to choose between the partitions.
I only see one partition with the same size as my entire harddisk.

I have created the partitions with the expert-mode and windows disk management and windows shows me three local disks.
How can i use the recovery cd without losing my data?

Answer:Expert mode recovery doesn't recognize partitions


Check please this topic

There you can find step-by-step explanation (Quad) how to install OS on persisting partition.

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I am trying to reconfigure the partition sizes of the windows and recovery partitions as I don't like the idea of having the drive poit 50/50.

I therefore want to reduce it so that only the recovery data will fit on the D drive and my main partition will be a lot bigger. ie C: = 240GB+ and the recovery drive (D:) will only be 5GB (Big enough for the recovery data only.)

I posted this thread here a couple of day ago.


This and searching these forums has gotten me to the point where I think I need to use the recovery DVD in "EXPERT" mode. This should allow me to set the partitions manually rather than automatically right down the middle!

I have noticed that the screen which asks me what to install has a SETTINGS option which is always greyed out.

Does anyone know how to open the SETTINGS screen or if there is another way to manually create the partitions?

Thanks for any replies.

Answer:Satellite A300 1J1 - Recovery "Expert" Mode to change partition size


I have already answered the other thread (see link in your posting)

The point is that you cannot resize the partitions using the Toshiba Vista Recovery DVD.

The mentioned ?Expert mode? is not available in Vista recovery DVD.
The expert mode was a part of the Win XP recovery CD.

However, fact is that the Vista Recovery DVD sets the notebook to the factory settings and also the partition sizes.

The partitions sizes can be changed in Vista Disk Management!


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Hi all. According to the M200 specs, the Geforce go5200 should be running on an 8x AGP bus, but on mine it's only registering as 4x.. Any ideas?

Answer:Portege M200: 8x AGP bus??


Sorry not ideas but just want to ask you why is this so important for you?

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I've bought a M200 with a 1,5GHz Pentium M CPU.

Now I wanna put the fastest CPU in it. Which is the fastest CPU you can put in? Is it the Pentium M745, Pentium M745a or the Pentium M750?
Sorry for my Wnglish, I came from Latvia.

Answer:Portege M200 - What CPU can I use?


I don?t know which CPU you can use in the Portege M200 because the CPU upgrade is not supported from Toshiba.
Here you can read about this:


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Should I buy a Toshiba Portege M200 tablet pc and if any you have them tell me had you had any crashes or anything else

Answer:Toshiba Portege M200

click hereclick hereA couple of reviews.

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i have tried the usual, pressing C, changing boot from Bios and F12 boot from CD-Rom. none seem to work, if anybody has any other suggestions i would be greatful.

Answer:Portege M200 will not boot from USB CD-Rom


Unfortunately I can not help you much about this because I do not have this Portege but I have found interesting info about Portege M200 and supported Recovery Drives:

The Portege M200 supports the Recovery via BIOS (pressing "C") with USB 2.0 and PCMCIA cards (16bit and Cardbus).
Following drives and Controllers (USB, PCMCIA) were successfully tested:

a) Toshiba, PA3352E-SCD2, USB2.0 CD-RW/DVD-Rom Drive
b) Toshiba, PA3402E-1DV2, Rev.501, USB2.0 DVD Super Multi Drive, SN: 5362870112
c) Toshiba, PX1055E-1NST, (Freecom drive), SN: 3431490096
with a PC Card (16bit), Cable II, PCMCIA, Rev.043.242, SN: 18496 043 3999 0343 01093
d) Toshiba, PX1055E-1NST, (Freecom drive), SN: 3431490096
with a CardBus, Cable II, CARD BUS, Rev.136, SN: 16693 136 3999 0149 06122

The used drive in conjunction with the PCMCIA- or USB-Contoller is not so important due to the fact, that the driver in the BIOS has to enable the Controller first.
There is a generic CD-Rom driver implemented into the BIOS for the attached Drive .

Tested with:
Toshiba, PX1054E-1NST, (Freecom drive ), SN: 151192845
CardBus card, Cable II, CARD BUS, Rev.136, SN: 16693 136 3999 0149 06122

The setting of "PC Card Controller Mode" in the BIOS was "Auto-Selected".
This means, that you have nothing to change in the BIOS, because it is the default value.

It could only happen, that you have to connect the power supply under some circumstances i.e.:
... Read more

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Hi there,

I purchased a M755 2 GHZ Dothan CPU for my M200. I installed the CPU without any problems, but now I have one: This CPU is only running at 600 MHZ. It seems to me that it runs on energy saving mode but I have the tablet on power supply.

I searched for an option in the bios to health it but there is nothing. My version is (displayed on the right corner on the top in the bios): "ACPI BIOS Version 1.80"

My OS is Windows 7 Prof.

Is there any possibilty (BIOS update? etc.) to fix it?

Thanks for your support!

Answer:Re: Portege M200 - CPU runs only at 600 MHz


That?s the speed step feature and kicks in the 5x multiplier to save power.

Check the BIOS if you can find setting regarding speed step and disable it. If you cannot find such an option in BIOS choose another plan and set minimum processor state to 100%. Then it will always run at 2.0 GHz.

Check this!!!

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I have managed like possibly many others to get Windows 7 on to a Portege M200 the touch screen application with in 7 is amazing by the way. However my question is how much can I sell this for as I've noticed there are none on eBay let alone one of these with windows 7 on it as it is this rare I personally wouldn't b able to price it and was wondering how much would you pay for such a rare item?

Answer:Portege M200 with Windows 7

The M200 is quite an old model so I doubt it will sell for much.

Also, if you sell the laptop, it will need to have a genuine Win7 license, which may cost more than what the M200 is worth.

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I have a Portege M200 with a 40G hard drive. I'm running out of space now.
Does anyone know the maximum capacity drive compatible with this machine?

I was thinking of Seagate Momentus 320G.
Could anyone please advise me?

Answer:HDD replacement on Portege M200


I have read here in the forum about the HDD upgrade on Portege M200 and the guy has upgraded the HDD to 160GB.
Therefore I would assume that you could upgrade the HDD to 320GB as well.

You would need a 2.5? IDE HDD and it?s no matter what speed the HDD would support.


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Anyone got any ideas on how to do a restore from a toshiba restore dvd without an optical or fdd drive?????????

I've been trying to do it via a PXE as described here
but since i don't have a floppy drive i've use set up the PXE via the instructions from here

but every time i run the install.bat i get these errors

'XMSDSK' is not recognised as an internal or exteranl command, operable program or batch file.
'PREDATA.BAT' is not recognised as an internal or exteranl command, operable program or batch file.
'TGHOST' is not recognised as an internal or exteranl command, operable program or batch file.

this is getting really really annoying.
Isn't there a simple way of doing a restore without an opitcal drive or a fdd??
Can't it be done from the sd card or a usb drive??


Answer:Trying to do a restore on Portege M200

Maybe this thread created by user stephem could help you a little bit:

I would appreciate some feedback from you?


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I've bought a refurbished portege M200 a little while ago, but the harddrive is having problems so I'm looking to replace it.
Does anyone however know if there are any limitations as to what harddisks the M200 will take? I'm trying to decide between spending 100 euros for a 160 GB samsung available from a local computer store where I can easily return it if it turns out not to work, or order a 120 GB samsung model for 62.50 online but where it'd be harder to return if it doesn't work...
I'm a bit pressed for cash so if anyone can tell me if the 120 GB samsung (HM121HC if it matters) should work, I'd be very happy ;).

Answer:HDD support on Portege M200

Hi there,

usually the chipset/BIOS should support HD?s up to 160 Gig, but the problem is that the machine was shipped with smaller drives, so you will have either to check the forum on users with similar problems (the search function is great here :) ) or you purchase the 160 Gig drive, check if it works, return it to the store and buy the 120 GB HDD for the half price.
I think thats a way without many risks.


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Does anyone know wher I can get spares for my M200? I have a graphics card fault, and I either need a new card, or a new motherboard.

Anyone know of anywhere in the UK I can get replacement parts?


Answer:Portege M200 Spares


If the graphics card is gone then it will be a new board as the graphics chip is on board and can not be replaced by itself.

The M200 ships with a 3 year warranty so a hardware fault will be fixed for free unless there is any physical damage to the machine.

If you still need to get hold of a system board post a reply and I will check it out.


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I haven't done anything but my nootbook goes on sutdown without doing anything.

Can anyone please help me to fix the problem.

Answer:Portege M200 goes off automatically without doing anything

Do you have a Satellite M200 or a Portege M200?

Anyway, check for dust in the heatsink. If there is too much dust, the CPU will overheat, and the system will shut off to avoid damage.

You can remove the dust using compressed air or a vacuum cleaner.

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Hello Toshiba Forums!

I've lost my *digital pen* for *Portege M200* so now I have an opportunity to buy another one.

My question is: what pens (from what companies) are suitable and will work fine with Portege M200?

I'm interested in buying Wacom, Fuji or any other pen including the original one but I still meet some problems:

1. I can't buy anything more expensive than $75

2. It's rather problematic to find something except Wacom since I live in Israel (there is only one Toshiba shop and I'm not sure they have the original pen for M200) .



Answer:Need digital pen for Portege M200


Did you lose two pens?
I mean there is an reserve pen in the battery pack bay underside the notebook.
Check this!

Regarding the question of usage of any other pens?
Well, I have never tested other pens so it?s hard to say if other pens would work?

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Hi everybody
I have recently acquired a m200 without bluetooth and only intel 2100b Wlan functionality. Id like to know what i have do do to upgrade to have both bluetooth and wlan 2200b/g. The wlan should not be a problem, as it is a replacement of a wlan mini-pci card, but how do i do the bluetooth?

Thank you


Answer:How to add bluetooth to Portege M200

May I?m wrong but as far as I know the Port?g? M200 already supports the BT and it must be not upgraded with additional BT module.

Check the bottom of the unit if there is an BT label

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Whenever I try portable USB devices on my Portege m200, they won't work as long as they operate in a bus powered mode, e.g. without external power supply. I wonder whether the Portege delivers not enough USB power for certain devices.

Here is what I tried:
1) Freecom FS 50 - a slimline dvd burner, comes with 2 usb cables. According to Freecom they will be powered from usb simply by adding the power of 2 usb ports. Result: The drive is not even recognized in my m200. Using external power supply, the drive works through usb as expected.
2) Pinnacle PCTV 200e - external dvb-t receiver. Is recognized but produces errors in any receiver software that I tried. However works on FUSi Lifebook S series.

Can anybody confirm the waekness of the USB ports? Any suggestions or tweaks besides trying an external powered usb hub?

Answer:Not enough USB power on Portege M200?


The USB ports supply 500mA. This is a USB standard. If the external USB devices need more power as the USB ports can provide so in most cases the external power supply is needed.
You can also try to connect the USB hub with a external power supply and then to connect the external USB devices to the USB hub.

Additionally you can try to change the settings in the USB root hub properties.
Go to the device manager select USB root hub, choose the properties and open the power management tab.
There you can disable the option: "Allow the computer to turn off this devices? "

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Hi Everyone -

The hinge on my Port?g? M200 Tablet PC has become very stiff lately. Sometimes there is quite a resistance when I open or close the screen. This affects only the "regular" hinge - the screen rotation hinge is fine.

Does anyone know of any way I could loosen the hinge a little? (but not to the point where it swings freely!!)

This is a bit of a strange question, I know, because hinges usually become overly loose - not tight.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Portégé M200 Hinge

Hi Russell

Sorry but in my opinion things like this should not be repaired on your own because if you damage something you will lose your warranty. It will be better to contact service partner. Call them and ask for opinion. If you still have warranty in this case it is very simple to solve this problem. Call ASP and demand the repair.

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Hi Everyone

I purchased a used Portege M200 and replaced the 40 Gb hard drive with a 160 Gb.

After about a week and a half of searching, I succeded in getting almost everything back up and running.

Answer:Portege M200 - HDD replacement


Do you have some question about your Portege?

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I need to know what is the maximum hard disc capacity that is supported by Portege M200.

Answer:Portege M200 - What is the maximum HDD?


I assume that the Portege M200 is equipped with an IDE interface HDD. That means the notebook has a 28bit LBA limitation and so it can only handle HDD?s up to 128GB. So you can only use a 120GB HDD in this notebook.
If you want to know more about the LBA limitation you can look on Wikipedia or here: [].

I have good experience with Seagate and Hitachi HDD?s but you can also buy another HDD. ;)

I hope I could help you.


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I've inherited my Boss's Portege M200, and he had upgraded using an external DVD from XP Pro to Vista Ultimate. Slow as a slow thing, very few drivers etc, meant that I'm determined to return to XP Pro.
I have SD cards (128, 1 Gig and 2 Gig options) and an external USB HP dvd1040e drive, plus XP Pro Tablet disks.

I have tried selecting the boot devices from the toshiba splash screen, selecting SD or external DVD, but to no avail. I've altered the boot sequence in the Bios (hitting escape and F1 during spalsh screen boot), and tried every combination. I have copied the $TOSFD00.vfd image file onto the SD card.

I have managed to loop the machine, in every configuration, so that I just get the PXE-61 Media test failure, check cable, and the PXE-MOF existing boot agent lines, then going to Windows boot manager asking me to insert the windows installation disk as winload.exe may be corrupt or missing. I have removed the drive, checked that the winload.exe is present on the HDD, it is and it is in it's original version / size / creation date format.

Does anyone have a suggestoin that will stop me tearing my hair out?


Answer:How to get Vista off from Portege M200?


If you want to boot from the CD or DVD you will need a compatible external CD/DVD drive!!! Without this drive you will be not able to reinstall the Windows XP from the CD!

But you boss has installed the Vista OS using the external drive. Why you don?t use the same drive to reinstall the XP???

The installation form the SD card is not possible! And if you want to install the image using the LAN you have to configure an server

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I do have an M200 with external Slimline COMBO DVD drive PX1055E-1NST.
I have upgraded to VISTA and needs to reinstall the devicedriver. Where can I find a driver that works with VISTA?

Answer:Portege M200 with external DVD drive


You drive is connected to the PCMCIA slot. Am I right?
Unfortunately, at this time such drivers don?t exist! :(
I didn?t find any on Toshiba driver page.

Try to search for any 3rd party PCMCIA drivers for Vista. Maybe you are lucky.

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Hi I have an M200 which I use both as a tablet & at my desk as my work station. I run a 17" LCD directly from the M200 with no dockingstation. I want to be able to extend my desktop on to the M200 LCD while the main desktop stays on the 17" LCD. I can make this happen the other way round, but not as I need.

The use device as primary monitor is greyed out in disp props. I am using driver version

Any ideas?

Answer:Portege M200 and Dual Display


This can not be done.


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I have a m200 and it is going all over the place i don't think i'm technical enough to fix it, even with extensive help.

I want to to a reset/install but obviously i need a compatible external drive for that which i cant afford.

I want to boot off of an SD card which i heard i could do. Do i just copy the files from the recovery dvd over to the SD card?

Can i get hold of another copy if i have lost mine?

Answer:Portege M200: How to start the OS installation?

Well, to install the OS on this drive you will need a compatible drive (as mentioned)
Of course the unit supports SD card booting BUT to use it you have to use the Toshiba SD memory Boot Utility which is preinstalled on your image.

This utility will create simply booting files on the SD card to boot into the DOS mode.
It?s a similar to a bootable MS-DOS floppy disk.

As you see you cannot use the SD card to install the OS :( unfortunately

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I've found a few posts on this subject but nothing that gives a definitive explanation of how to solve the problem of lack of adequate power from the USB ports on my M200.

I have a LaCie DVD burner that operates perfectly satisfctorily on other computers when powered only by USB, but simply won't work on my M200.
I have also tried to use a simple HDD enclosure with a spare drive in it and it wouldn't work either.

I've tried a few of the suggestions from other threads such as unchecking the box "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" on the properties tab for the USB Root Hub in Device Manager; and I've updated the drivers where available.

What else to do?

Answer:Lack of USB power on M200 Portege


How about the external USB hub with a own power supply?
My brother uses a external USB 300GB HDD and this device works only if the external USB hub is connected between the HDD and the notebook from other manufacture.

I think it could be a similar issue with your external writer.

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I can not post my error. It keeps coming up with profanity.

MY ink is not working on my Portege M200.

First of all tab-tip stopped working with the error 'has encountered an error and needs to close' every time I wanted to use it.

I didn't bother with that as I could still use journal and one note so it didn't bother me but I???ve recently discovered that I can no longer use my p(e)n on my screen at all.

It works on the side buttons that I hover over and the option comes up and I can select but it doesn't even move the cursor around my screen anymore.

(I had to edit my post and add text bit by bit to find out what was being censored as 'profanity'. Sorry)

Answer:Portege M200: I can no longer use my pen on my screen

As far as I know the Microsoft Tablet Pack Microsoft Office XP Pack for Tablet PC (Tablet Pack) enables you to write directly with your tablet pen in Office XP documents on your Tablet PC.
This software you can find on the Toshiba driver page for Port?g? M200.
I would recommend reinstalling this software if it causes some application errors

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Hi. I've just received my new M200 tablet pc, but the display is sluggy compared to my Tecra S1 display. It seems like there is something on top of the whole display which makes the picture sluggy and the colours too. This can be seen especially on white background. Is there a plastic to be removed, because I looked and I think there is no such or is it normal for tablet pcs?

Answer:Portege M200 Display questions


The LCD Panel of the Portege M200 is covered with a protection mask. This protection sheet is integrated into the LCD Mask to avoid scratches on the LCD Panel - caused from dirt or handling - caused by the usage of the pen.
You can not compare these two displays (Portege-Tecra) because Portege is tablet pc with the protection mask and Tecra has a very different display with other properties.


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Portage M200 does not come with optical drive,
I want to install windows 7 on it,
I tried to boot from USB or the regular external DVD rom with no luck.

Anybody know how to resolve it?

Many thanks!

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My husband brought home a Toshiba Portege M200/M205 from a foreclosure cleanout that he was doing that apparently crashed. Black screen that says "safe mode", "start normally", etc. I restarted it in Safe Mode. It starts to run a scan saying components regarding sysem 32 and then gets to a screen that says "PXE-E61 media test failure, check cable; PXE-MOF: Exiting intel boot agent. Insert system disk in any key" I don't have a system disk. Can I do anything with this tablet or should I just trash it?

Answer:toshiba portege M200]M205


PXE-E61 media test failure

This means that the the Boot File on the HDD is corrupted or the HDD has failed and the boot sequence has by passed the HDD and is going to the next device in the Boot Sequence which is a Network Boot which fails.
Boot off of the Windows Disc Or download the Recovery Console ISO. Burn it to CD with IMGBurn Boot off of the CD and get to the Recovery Console. Here type chkdsk /R and press enter. The Check Disk utility will try and fix any file errors.
You can also download the ISO image for Seatools or Drive Fitness in my signature and burn the image to a CD using IMGBurn also in my signature and boot off of the newly created CD and run the Quick and Advanced tests on the HDD to test the integrity of the drive.

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I have a Toshiba Portege M200 running XP that won’t boot. The Toshiba splash screen comes up then goes away, the HDD light turns on once and then shuts off and nothing happens. I tried hitting F12 to get into the bios but then the splash screen stays up and nothing else happens. I can get into the advanced startup menu by hitting F8. I tried booting to safe mode and last known good configuration but still nothing happened.

I also tried taking out the battery and booting it without the battery because I read that may work, but I had no luck with that either.

Does anyone know how I can troubleshoot this?

Thanks for reading,


Answer:Toshiba Portege m200 won't boot

Try downloading Fedora Linux iso, and burn that image to a CD. Boot with it, and when it comes to its desktop, you will see all your hard drives. IF the CD won't boot, then its a machine problem. If the hd doesnt show up, then we know it is a hd problem. If the hd does show up, you can copy out all your data onto a usb memory stick.

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I have recently been given a Portege M200 by a friend, however the operating system has become corrupted (thus why i was given it)

I have i copy of windows xp that i would like to install but have the quite major problem of the M200 series having no cdrom or floppy drive :(

I have a usb cdrom but have descovered that the m200 doesnt support booting from usb either.... and without having an operating system installed can find no way around this.

I have noted that it does support booting from a network, but have no idea as to how to get this to work.

I was wondering if anyone knows how network booting works? or failing that if anyone can think of any other way to get a OS installed onto this pc that would be great.

thanks in advance to anyone who can help


Answer:Window installation on Portege M200

> have i copy of windows xp that i would like to install but have the quite major problem of the M200 series having no cdrom or floppy drive

Yes, this is very annoying!

> I have a usb cdrom but have descovered that the m200 doesn?t support booting from usb either.... and without having an operating system installed can find no way around this

The booting from the USB CD/DVD rom is not possible. If you want to boot from the CD/DVD drive you will need one which can be connect to the PCMCIA 16bit or cardbus (32bit) port.

> I have noted that it does support booting from a network, but have no idea as to how to get this to work.

Yes this is possible but very complicated because you will have to install the RIS server on the second computer! I don?t think you have enough experience to do something like this.

Maybe you could take a look into this thread:


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I have a toshiba tablet M200 series laptop and for one particular profile on that machine a cant see the titlebars of any applications that are opened. The tablet Pc input panel titlebar seems to take up all of the taskbar which i think is stopping any other titlebars from loading. I have tried ending some processes to see if i can clear this but haven't yet managed to clear the input panel tilebar.

Any ideas?

Answer:Portege M200: Can't see the titlebars of any applications


Sorry, I am not an expert but can you please more specific about this profile that you use?
The last possibility is to recover the OS. That should solve this strange issue.

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Questions, is there a chance to replace the glass on the screen without replace whole thing? This is tablet right? It's been used for some time now and the glass is a bid scratched in few places...

Matrix is ok, it's just the glass...

Does anyone know is this something I can do myself? or this need to be done via toshiba service? any ideas where i can buy it?

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Portege M200 - bad scratches on screen


I presume you need something like this . Use ?Portege M200 LCD mask? as searched term in Google and you will find online shops where you can order new part.

What to say about replacement. Following maintenance manuals you can exchange it alone but those manuals is not public document and I really do not believe you can find it somewhere on the net. But you can try. Google a little bit around. Maybe you will find something that can help you with replacement.

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I have a portege M200 (M725) with a bluetooth adapter.

I am trying to connect my Qware bluetooth headset. It is recognized, but it doesn't connect. A message as "could not connect device".

Could it be possible that the standard Bluetooth adapter doesn't support headsets?

please help me our.

Answer:Portege M200, Bluetooth headset

Do you have the latest Bluetooth Stack & Drivers installed ?

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Hi guys,

My Portege M200 has just developed a problem today. It shuts down without any warnings or info.
The event viewer hasn't logged anything out of the ordinary, I suspect that its an overheating issue because I'm looking at the cpu and gpu temps using speedfan and PC wizard and they both read the cpu temps in the 50's and PCWiz reads the gpu temp as 57. But I am getting no info on the fans is that normal??!!!??!!

Speed fan has 1 manual control for a fan (doesn't say which one, but seem to be the cpu fan) which I now have set at 100% to test it and see if it shuts down again. This has been on for about 5 mins and the cpu temp is down to 36.

I have no way of controlling the gpu fan or getting the temp down on that....

Is there any way of testing the fans/ sensors for determine where the problem is??

Can anybody think of any other things that I can check or that would cause this to happen??

Thanks Guys.

Answer:Portege M200 turns off without warning.

Can you turn the machine back on as soon as it shuts down? Or does it just turn off again? If this is the case, then the machine probably is over heating. If not, consider updating the BIOS for your computer and see if this fixes it.

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Hi i have developed a directshow application which does captures the screen and stores to a movie file. It has Cpature filter -> WMVideo Encoder DMO -> Avi MUX -> file writer. The application works fine in Toshiba Protege 3500 series with trident video Accelerator card on it. But it does not work on Toshiba Protege M200 machine with NVIDIA GeForce 5200 video card on it. Basically the application captures only one frame.

If i remove the compressor filter then it captures properly. I want to know whats wrong with the machine. With encodre why it is not capturing. i tried on other machiens with NVIDIA video card series and it wont work as well. Why is this so?

Answer:Capturing problems with Portege M200


Well, maybe your application has a bug?
Unfortunately, I?m not programmer or an applications developer and I can?t solve this issue. Sorry, but I don?t think that you will find here the answer for you question because the most users are the common Toshiba notebook users not application developer. :(
Good luck


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I am working on my friends Portege M200 that she bought used. It only came with an external USB CDROM drive and the laptops AC adapter. To make things better the HD is no longer recognized by the BIOS. I had a spare HD so I installed it and now the BIOS see the new HD, Yay!

I also found out that I could buy a replacement system restore CD from Toshiba, Yay again! But before I do that I wanted to make sure I could boot from the external CDROM drive. I plugged in the CDROM drive and attempted to boot from a spare windows xp CD. But it will not boot to the CD. I made sure the CD-rom drive was first in boot priority in the BIOS but that doesn't seem to work.

I read other posts that mention that booting straight from the external USB CD-rom drive doesn't work and that I have to boot to the CD-rom drive by plugging the CD-rom drive into a PCMCIA card. So do I need to buy a PCMCIA card that has USB ports to plug the external USB CDROM drive into so I can boot from a CD?

If so will any brand/type work? If not which brand/type is known to work.
Any advise will be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Can't boot from CD to recover OS - Portege M200

the portege's bios will only recognize a limited number of pcmcia-CD-drives

in this thread you will find all the information you need :

but your portege also boots from most usb_FDD-drives ; if you make a DOS-bootdisk with the proper drivers for your usb-CD-rom drive you can use it without these bios-restrictions

as you can read this method will only work in a DOS-environment, therefore it is absolutely mandatory to format your HD to fat32, otherwise it will not be recognized

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My bios version is 1.80.
Press Esc doesn?t work.
Can you help me ?

Thanks Andreas

Answer:How can I enter the BIOS of Portege M200 ?


Did you already tried the keys "del" "F1" or "End" to enter BIOS? Please check this and come back in case of no success...

Would really like to know if you found a way into the BIOS. :)

P.S.: You can also use the HWsetup under Windows to modify your hardwaresettings, since there are the same things but with an graphical user interface.


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Hi all,

bought a new LG DVD recorder with a USB 2.0 interface. My installation crashed so I wanted to use this drive to setup again. But no way, my Port?g? M200 only boots from some special cd drives (you can find a list inside this forum).
That really sucked, but was just the end of a sad day ;-)

But there is a simple solution:
I extracted to boot disk image from the recovery cd. Since I don't have a floppy drive I used a floppy emulator, mapped the image and...nothing. No file listet in the image. So mapped the virtual floppy drive to QEMU x86 emulator, bootet and...ok, here we go. The disk image is a standard boot disk. Copied all the content to a temporary drive and formatted the floppy image, made a sys a: and copied the content back to it.
Now I could see all the files in my virtual floppy software. And even modify them. So I took some USB device drivers from the disk image distritbutet with Nero Burning Rom. Those are capable to mount any USB CD/DVD-Drive.
And guess what...I was finally able to boot my M200 from an USB floppy and to start recovery process. Quite easy. So all you need is a least much more cheaper than buying a supported dvd drive.

I assume this solution works for almost any recovery dvd delivered.

If you are interested in the disk image, just contact me: andreas[at]derandi[dot}de. Sorry but I don't have websapce to upload. And sorry for my bad English...had a long night.


Answer:Solution: Boot Portégé (M200) from any USB CD

Hi Andreas

Thanks for the posting and the feedback!

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I have a Portege M200. The processor reports that it is 1800MHz but seems to be fixed running at 600MHz. The HWSetup program installed (v4.03) does not have a CPU tab although the documentation suggests that it should. Have downloaded HWSetup 4.2 but this reports an Error 401 when I run the installer. I would like to get the processor running at fuill speed - can anyone help me understand how to achieve this?


Answer:Portege M200 - fixed at 598MHz

Hello David

Can you please tell us more about your Portege? Is this second hand unit or is maybe the mainboard exchanged?

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Hi there,

I recently purchased a used Portege M200 and I'm having trouble installing an operating system.

The situation: I got the notebook with a basic trial version of win XP home which I couldn't use. It wouldn't boot from the external usb dvd drive which I bought so I installed a linux system by switching hd with a friend's laptop and installing it via this machine (this method doesn't work with windows though).

After reading many articles by people who encountered the same problem I decided to go and try to boot from an sd card, which would offer various possibilities to install windows.
I tried many things but yet couldnt boot from sd.
I use a 2GB Panasonic class4 SD card.

- The toshiba sd-utilities (afaik) only work on toshiba windows machines, so they're no use to me
- People said that placing an image of a boot floppy on the SD, naming it $tosfd000.vfd or $tosfd00.vfd (tried both) would do the trick, but no.
- When switching the boot order to FDD->HDD->... or using the third option in the toshiba boot screen the green led next to the card reader will flash once, but afterwards directly boot the linux from HDD.

Specifications: Toshiba Portege M200, 2ghz, the bios is ACPI v.3.01 (which is a little confusing since the most recent version i found for the portege is 1.8)
could it be that someone messed up the bios by installig a version that is not compatible with my laptop?

any help much appreciated!

Answer:Can't boot Portege M200 from SD-card

Hi there,

really strange case, but one of the first suggestions would be to try another SD card because it could be that the card is not recognized properly.
A good idea would be to try some transcend cards.. but just try another card and give a feedback if it worked.
Would be really interesting if it works..


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Hi there,

I bought a new M200 Tablet PC January last year, and I was happy about my choice. But for 3-4 months ago the machine started fo freeze randomly when running Win XP Tablet ed. -from the original install. I reinstalled using the recovery DVD, but no the freeze pattern continued. And for about 2-3 weeks ago it startet to freeze every time I was using windows - after using it for approximately 2-20 minutes..

I have tried to install win2k and the latest Vista beta2, but Ut's still freezing. - Then I made a funny discovery... It never froze when running any of the win versions in safe mode!! I can run for hours without any problems - but it's not funny to use it in safe mode all the time though..

I can't find any topics like this in here - Do anybody know about this problem? Maybe just a hint?

BIOS version: 1.60
Model nr: PPM21E-0260Z-DK

Answer:Portege M200 Freezes randomly


The Toshiba recovery CD contains all Toshiba drivers, tools and utilities and additional Microsoft Windows QFEs.
In my opinion your unit freezes on original Windows installation because the Toshiba stuff was no fully installed and/or some Microsoft updates fails.
The right installation order of Toshiba application is also needed to use the notebook without any interrupts and errors.
In this case I would recommend urgent to use the Toshiba recovery CD.

You have also suggested that you have used the Windows Vista Beta2 version.
I have read many postings here in the forum about the Vista using at this time. Fact is that this OS is not official on the market and it doesn't run properly because it's.. BETA version.
I think we have to wait for right drivers and finally version of Vista

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I bought a used Portege M200. I found out that the HDD was broken, so I bought a new bigger one (160 GB)
I know the Problems Porteges can make when triing to install OS on them, so I used this tutorial for network installatin:

everything worked fine. then my "xp installation button" was grey, so I went on with this tutorial:

that worked fine, too. The setup kopies some files, and want to make a reboot. So it brought me back to Windows PE, I typed "wpeutil reboot" as described in the second tutorial. My PC started new and then nothing happens.
I chossed "boot from hdd" and all I can see is a black screen with a little white blinking underscore at the top.

THAT IS REALLY FRUSTRATING. I also tried some other Method, for example the dos stuff (like I got [my R100 to work|] ), with the same result.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Answer:Can not install Windows on Portege M200

Do you have a smaller HDD you can try?

The M200 may be limited to 120GB HDD's due to the LBA48 137GB limitation. More info here:

Ultimately you should use the original Toshiba Portege M200 Recovery Disc to reinstall Windows. You can order them from Toshiba

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I found a list a couple of weeks ago of boot-compatible drives for the portege M200 (which i bought like 4-5 years ago), I did a rough search for the drives on google and everywhere said 'out of stock'.

I've lost the list so another list would be helpful, but is it still possible to buy these drives from somewhere?

I'd like to install another OS on y laptop.

Answer:Where to buy compatible CD/DVD drives for Portege M200


You can purchase all compatible notebook parts from the Toshiba ASP in your country.
Here you can find the link to ASP: -> Support & Download -> Find an Authorized Service Provider


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a week ago my computer decided to go slow on me, it took a good five minutes to load up from when i switched it on, i thought i could easily fix this by using windows restore and going back before it did. (it happened after i defragmented my hard drive which was strange)

restore did not work and now some of the programes are not working such as tablet pc input panel.
some of the drivers have gone haywire as well, my external floppy and cdrw drive do not work now, (the cd is a ide to usb in an external case)

I have a portege m200.

is their any way i can fix these things?

I want to restore the whole computer to factory condition sing the restore CD but it wont boot of my external CD drive and i cant aford one that does.

Answer:My Portege M200 boots up very slow


Well, if you want to recover the unit you so you need a supported and compatible Toshiba external drive. Not all external drives are supported and work properly.
The Port?g? M200 supports the Recovery via BIOS (pressing "C") with USB 2.0 and PCMCIA cards (16bit and Cardbus).
As far as I know this drives you can use:
Toshiba PA3352E-SCD2, USB2.0 CD-RW/DVD-Rom Drive
Toshiba PA3402E-1DV2, Rev.501, USB2.0 DVD Super Multi Drive,
Toshiba PX1055E-1NST drive with a PC Card (16bit), Cable II, PCMCIA

Well, if you don?t have one so you can contact the Toshiba service. He should be possible to install the OS.

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I have a Toshiba Portege M200 with Microsoft Windows XP Tablet Edition. When I turn the computer on, I receive the following message:

PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-MOF: Exiting Intel Boot Agent
Insert system disk in drive.
Press any key when ready.

When I insert the Recovery and Applications/Drivers DVD Portege M200 Series, the same message reappears.

What is my next step(s)?


Answer:Portege M200 fails to boot

Enter BIOS settings and check if the HDD is listed there. Every properly recognized device like HDD or CD/DVD must be listed in BIOS.
One more thing: when you switch your notebook ON press F12 and let us know if HDD is shown as bootable device.

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i have a portege m200 and because it doesn't have any device on it (fdd,dvd) i want to be able to boot from an sd-card. For that I need the newest bios version v1.70win, but to intall it ,it requires the Common Module. I have instaled it (there was no error, at least) but when I retry to do the update , a"missing common module" message appears. So I'm a little bit confused. I suppose that the best think to do is to erase any previous version of common module,and reintall it, but I have no ideea how should I do it.
can anyone give me clue, or maybe i'm on the wrong path!?

Answer:Portege M200 BIOS update

Hello Daniel

As far as I know it?s not necessary to install a Common Modules if you want to update the BIOS. Nevertheless normally you can find the Common Modules in ?Add and remove programs?. If you need a whole instruction ?how to make a BIOS update? you can find it on the Toshiba website.

Please go to ?Support & Downloads? then ?Knowledge Base?. There you can search for ?BIOS update?.


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I'd like to update my bios (install from windows) - Toshiba Portege m200 BIOS ver 1.1. , but i got the following error: the user is not authorized to upgrade bios.( i am logged as an administrator even). any suggestions???

Answer:BIOS upgrate on Portege M200


Please check this FAQ how to upgrade the BIOS on this unit.
?BIOS Upgrade Procedure 5? IOS&FID=TRO0000000b07


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I was wondering if you *have* to use the original stylus on a Portege M200 or if you can use any stylus. I read something about the included stylus having a magnetic tip, so I'm not sure wether the touchscreen on a tablet PC is basically the same as a touchscreen on let's say any PDA or a Nintendo DS.

I'm asking because I'm about to buy a second hand M200 but it doesn't include the original stylus. Thanks in advance!

Answer:Do I need original stylus on Portege M200?

Usually you should use the same, compatible part with your notebook.
Fact is that an Port?g? M200 stylus supports two different buttons;

_Pen button_ ? acts as the clicking of the tight touch pad control button.

_Eraser button_ ? You can use this button as an eraser when using the application software for graphic. The application software for texts enables you to select and delete characters with one-touch action.

So if you think you don?t need these two buttons then you can use another stylus.


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hi, I've reinstalled my windows, and after that, my dispaly doesn't allow any frequency bigger that 60 Hrz.And that is really exhausting for my eyes.I've reinstaled the driver for Nvidia but is not working.
Can anyone give me a clue how can I solve this problem?

Answer:Portege M200-dispaly frequency


This setting is fixed on the notebooks and it?s not possible to change it.

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Or is there any other solution that is as usable in tabletmode?

Or is it possible to use the M200's dockingstation with the M400 without the functionality?
I just need it to position the tablet for easy painting.

Thanks all

Answer:Can I use the M200's Dockingstation with the Portege M400?

What docking station do you mean exactly?
There are different docking stations which could be used with the Portege M200?

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I found no list with bootable USB-CD-&DVD-ROM-Drive for the Portege M200.
No Drive will boot on USB. Some change to boot from other USB-Devices?

Sorry about my english,

Answer:Need CD/DVD bootable USB-Drive for Portege M200


Please check this thread:

The user Horwath has posted a link to the Toshiba document which provides all informations about bootable USB CD/DVD drives.

Furthermore you can purchase an compatible USB ODD from the Toshiba ASP

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do you have any idea why my Portege M200 laptop screen flickers in some 5-10 minutes after switching on?


Answer:Portege M200 screen flickers


Did you checked the Device Manager video card entry?

Also a reinstallation of the videocard driver woul help!

Go to and then to Driver Download!


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I face a very obvious slowness in the performance of hand writing when in tablet mode.
usually i write "i.e. with one note" and the handwriting is displayed instantaneously as normal writing on papers.
but when i tilt the screen to be in tablet mode, what i write is not displayed unless i finish the whole word, and normally displaying is extremely slow.
although if i tilt back the screen to be in normal laptop mode "with the same session of one note" the speed is back to normal.
please advise.

Answer:slowliness when writing with the pec in Portege M200

I?ve tried to simulate your Problem with my M200

I could not see a Performance distinction between the Tablet PC mode and the Normal PC mode.

Could it be possible that you?re using the Tablet PC Modus in Battery Mode ?
Then of course in consequence of the Power Management the M200 runs slower.


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Good day!

I've been experiencing the following problem on my Portege R830-10R for a long time.

Quite frequently, when it recovers after sleep mode it loses ability to recognize connected USB devices and built-in 3G modem does not work as well.

After some time, like 10-15 minutes of working (or never), the problem becomes solved by itself, but normally it is not the case.

If I try to send the laptop to hibernate or sleep mode again, while this problem is active, lets say, it does not hibernate and hangs on a half way with a black screen - so I have to shut it down manually and then start again.

Normally, the only way to resolve the problem is to restart it, but the issue comes back after next sleep mode.

Has anyone had something like that? Any solution available?

Answer:Portege R830-10R: No USB connection after recovery from sleep mode


> Quite frequently, when it recovers after sleep mode it loses ability to recognize connected USB devices and built-in 3G modem does not work as well.

Did you notice this behavior from first day of purchase?

Are only special USB devices affected like USB flash memory stick or USB HDD or are
other devices like USB mouse or USB keyboard affected too?

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Dear All,

I need a copy of the original restore disc for a Portege M200 Tablet pc.
Just found out that Toshiba doesn't sell these discs any more. (?!)
Too outdated... I am in deep trouble!

Can anybody help me please? Anybody has one?

I tried ebay but no succes for me.

Thanks in advance.

A desparate M200 owner in Holland.

Answer:Need restore disc for Portege M200 tablet pc


It is really stupid situation. I do not have such media but maybe you should contact nearest authorized service provider. Maybe they have such CD.
I don?t have much experience with tablet PCs but until you wait you should try to install WXP Professional and all offered Toshiba drivers, tools and utilities.

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I recently bought a Tablet Multi Dock for my m200, but have the problem that the pen buttons on the right hand side of the screen get randomly triggered during normal use when docked. I tried new drivers for my USB mouse, tried different USB ports, but it still happens.
Any ideas?

Answer:Portege M200 - Pen buttons triggering randomly


It is not easy to say what the problem can be. I don?t think that it is a usual problem and I don?t think that is the USB problem.
It will be interesting to know if this happened always or just when the unit is docked.
Furthermore I recommended updating the Accelerometer Utility and Mobile Extension.


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I have just replaced the motherboard on a Portege M200.
The install guides states you must run the T&D FD after replacing the motherboard and run the initial configuration option.

Does anyone know what this utility is and where to find it ?

Its also the same utility for setting DMI information.

Answer:Portege M200 - Where to get T&D FD Utility after motherboad replacement


As far as I know such Utilities are special tools which are not designed for public usage. Only the Authorized Toshiba Service Provider has got such tools and utilities.
Because of that I don?t see any other option as to contact the ASP in your country and to ask for the help.


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i have a Toshiba M200 Portege tablet PC, and just recently when i turn on my laptop, the system32 folder pops up, and i have also gotten windows file protection windows that pop up , that say to insert my Windows XP Professional CD 2, even though i was not provided with said CD. I just got a new keyboard put in, but the function keys werent working a while before that time. I also can no longer scroll on the side and bottom of the mousepad. My crossfunctional button also does not work. I ran all the suggested programs, and also ran Windows Defender, i updated and ran my McAffee virus protection, and ran Ad-Aware, and Spybot and updated them too.Here is my hijack this log:Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 7:52:21 PM, on 9/15/2006Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\csrss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Ink\KeyboardSurrogate.exeC:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless&#... Read more

Answer:Toshiba M200 Portege Tablet-virus?

Hello shadowtiger72 and welcome to the BC HijackThis forums. I do not see any signs of viruses or malware in the log.Let's run a different scanner and see if we can find out what might be casuing some of the issues you are currently having.Download and unzip it to your Desktop. It will create a folder named WinPFind2. Do NOT run the program directly from the zip file.Open the WinPFind2 folder and double-click on winpfind2.exe to start the program.Keep the standard settings.In the AddOn-Options group click the checkboxes forHKCU_IEDesktop.defPolicies.defSID_Run_Policies.def
to select them.Now click the Run All Scans button on the toolbar.When the scans are complete click the Simple Report button in the lower right-hand corner to create a report file. Notepad will open with the report file loaded in it.Click the Format menu and make sure that Wordwrap is not checked. If it is then click on it to uncheck it.Use the Add Reply button to post the information back here and I will review it when it comes in.Cheers.OT

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I have a Portege M200 with APR III. I understand that the DVI socket does not function with it, although for some reason, even though they are not supposed to all of the other ports do. ALL of them!

What I am asking today, is how on earth can I get the laptop to output in widescreen via the APR? I have tried everything, it has the nVidia Go FX 5200 chipset (which is capable of DVI output according to nVidia)

I have just got a Philips 20" Widescreen TFT and am getting tired of looking at it in stretched standard resolutions.

A friend of mine also has Tosh lappy, but that is a Tecra 9100, which will output in widescreen without any issues whatsoever as standard, it appears as an option in the display settins panel. Also, nVidia say that this chipset is capable of custom resolutions, but I cannot find this in the driver set anywhere.

Can anybody help?

Answer:Portege M200: widescreen via port replicator


Well the Tecra9100 is not a Portege M200. This are completely different notebooks.
The Prot?g? M200 does not support these interfaces.
This is a technical limitation, that the PS/2 Mouse port, PS/2 Keyboard port, Serial port, I Link port (Firewire), and DVI port
will not supported on the Advanced Port Replicator III if a Prot?g? M200 is docked.

The following ports are supported and may be used:
Line-in jack, Line-out jack, USB port, External monitor port, Parallel port, Modem jack, LAN jack, DC IN 15V, Security lock slot, Computer lock.
In the documentation for the Advanced Port Replicator III is a sheet "Information sheet for the Advanced Port Replicator III" where this limitation is descripted.

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I'm having problems with this keyboard. I've edited the text to6correct the faults.
The keys seem to be remapped as follows.

How can I fix this?

6 = 6 + space
space = 6 + space
0 = 0 + y
y = 0 + y
p = p + h
h = p + h
left arrow = left arrow + /
/ = left arrow + /

I'm6 phaving6 phroblems6 witph6 tphis6 ke0yboard.6 6 I've6 edited6 tphe6 text6 to6 correct6 tphe6 faults.6 6 tphis6 is6 tphe6 original6 text.

Tphe6 ke0ys6 seem6 to6 be6 remaphphed6 as6 follows.

PHow6 can6 I6 fix6 tphi?


Answer:Portege M200 - strange keyboard issue


How long does this issue occur?
Did you install any 3rd party applications which could have a bad influence on this OS?

Well, if this issue occurs on a fresh recovered OS so it could be a something wrong with the keyboard.
I don't think that this issue can be solved without any experience. In this case you should contact the service.

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My 60GB Toshiba hard drive failed in my Portege M200.

I tried fitting a hard drive I had in my old laptop a 30GB Hitachi hard drive but the laptop doesn?t seem to recognise it. Does it need a Toshiba hard drive or is the laptop dead, when I put the hard drive in I get invalid boot disk message.

The old hard drive goes to a blue screen then reboots laptop.

Answer:Portege M200 - hard drive failed

No it must not be Toshiba HDD only. I found the list of some compatible HDDs for this old Portege.
You can use follow HDDs:
- HITACHI G8BC00014410
- HITACHI G8BC00014610
- HITACHI G8BC00015610
- HITACHI G8BC00014810

Anyway, when you try to use new HDD set BIOS to default settings and check if new HDD will be recognized properly in BIOS settings.

Is old HDD recognized properly in BIOS settings?
Have you tried to install OS using old HDD?

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I´m new here and I kindly ask for a warm welcome. I bought an M200 on Ebay and received it two days before. The M200 hasn t got a DVD drive and I dont have any Recovery CD or software for my Toshiba. I have a Toshiba slimline external PCMIA CD rom drive, but more of it later.

I found a lot of informations based on that topic but really nothing worked for me, that s why I ask my questions here. So far I will tell you what I have tried...

I have bought VISTA Home Premium and want it to install on my M200.

On my M200 FreeDOS runs.

I ve tried:

1. Use my USB stick as a floppy disk by using an HP Tool which simulates a USB Stick as a floppy disk ( FDD ). I ve copied the whole content of the Vista DVD to my USB Stick. Then I ran BIOS on M200, select FDD as first boot option, but nothing happens, it still boots FreeDOS.

What am I doing wrong, does USB ( Floppy )Boot work on M200?

2. Since there was an external Toshiba CD Drive included in my M200, I thought of first installing a Windows XP disk. In first times the drive seemed not to work, but after a few time it worked and I putted my Windows XP on it. It loaded the disk and the typical blue screen for start of installation came. But after a few seconds it stopped and said " couldnt read data xxxxxx.xx, Error 7. I tried it two more times and same error appeared, only that it was sometimes other file that couldnt be read and other Error number.

I ve read and I dont know if that is right:

... Read more

Answer:Portege M200 - bought on Ebay and frustation comes


As you can see in this thread you can install Vista on the m200 Portege and it works great:

The point is that you would need an compatible PCMCIA CD/DVD drive for booting from the Vista DVD.

This thread will show you how to install OS without usage of external CD/DVD drive:

It describes the procedure for Portege R100 but it should works also on a M200

Good luck

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I recently tried installing VM Player on my Toshiba M200. When I rebooted my machine I found my network connections did not work. I tried to uninstall the VM Player but it failed half way. As the program had created a number of virtual network connections which I could not delete I went into the registry and delete 20 or so entries I thought where related.

I rebooted and found my HID Keyboard and Wireless devices not functioning. So I began using the softward ketyboard to try and fix the problem. I was able to reboot and login using the software keyboard until I did a restore to last normal boot setting. At which point, instead of getting my login window I get a message box asking me to press Ctrl-Alt-Del. When I do so using the software keyboard I get another window saying because of security I should press the Windows Security Key instead of the Ctrl-Alt-Del. When I press the Windows Security Key Button on the bottom right side of the screen nothing happens.

What can I do. I have also tried attaching a USB CD drive (Philips) but cannot get the notebook to boot from it. I get an error message (so I have got it looking for CD boot drives) saying the notebook cannot find the drive. The CD lights up during bootup but only for a sec.

I am desperate so please let me know what options I have or what I can do about this. The physical keyboard works during the bootup until the Windows first booting screen appears. No Caps lock or such working by the time I get to the ... Read more

Answer:Portege M200 - Keyboard is not working and I can't boot from CD/DVD


A long story about your issue... I think the reason of this is why you have deleted some registry keys. If you delete something in the Windows registry you should really know what you do. You can damage the complete Windows system!
So I think this is the reason why the keyboard doesn?t anymore.

In the user manual I have founded that the CD-ROM booting option is only available with optional optical disk drive.
So for me it sounds like that your USB CD drive is not compatible to the notebook?

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I have problem with pen.
pen not writing on screen.
please help

Answer:Portege M200: Pen stops writing on the screen

Could you provide more details?
Did you change something? What screen mode do you use?

Did you check the Pen-settings in the ?Tablet & pen Settings? in the control panel??
The settings are placed in the last tab called ?Pen Options?

Check it.

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i don't see any com ports on the device manager when i connect the replicator port 3+

My external device doesn't see the com ports too.
Do i have to install a special driver ?

Answer:Portege M200: No COM-ports after Replicator 3+ connection


did you have com-ports availaable before you attached the Portreplicator 3+?

If I remember correctly, the M200 is legacy free which means that no ISA-bus is built in.
The serial port is normally hooked up on the ISA-bus.



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I have Portege M200. The stylus stops working after a few minutes' use. WindowsXP event log shows system error against the driver. When I reboot it starts working again.

The touchpad continues to work OK.

Drivers have been updated.
Any ideas?

Answer:Stylus stops working - Portege M200


Special Toshiba software is responsible for the usage of the tablet pen on the M200.
I your case it seems like a software malfunction. In my opinion you should try to remove this software from the OS and after rebooting try to install it again.
I think this procedure should solve this issue.

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I have a problem with my Portege M200.

Can not find the right driver for the TouchPad or Pencil,
I read that it must be a Wacom Touchpad, but no driver that I tried worked.

I hope someone can give me a list of all driver that I need to use my Pencil at the Screen!

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Portege M200: Cannot find the right driver for the TouchPad


All drivers can be found on the Toshiba European driver page.
Please check it again.

The touchpad needs an Alps Electric touchpad driver. It?s available on the page.
Additionally you would need the Tablet Pack (on the page too)
This Microsoft Tablet PackMicrosoft Office XP Pack for Tablet PC (Tablet Pack) enables you to write directly with your tablet pen in Office XP documents on your Tablet PC.

By the way; you have to use the pencil which was equipped with the M200 Portege


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I bought a Toshiba M200 with 1GB memory. I had a problem with slow and freezing applications so I decided to add 2GB more of RAM.
The vendor where I bought my laptop told me that it's max capacity is upto 4GB. I just would like to ask if that's true?

Another is, what could be the reason why it won't start up if it can be upgraded to upto 4GB? Would I need a BIOS update or is it the RAM I bought which has compatibility issue.
Another point though, the 2GB that I bought works perfect when inserted but when it is inserted together with the 1GB RAM, that's the time when my laptop won't start up.

Both are KVR667D2S5 Kingston. Don't know if that would help.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Portege M200 Upgraded from 1GB to 3GB memory - pc won't start

You posted under Satellite category. Are you sure your notebook is one Satellite notebook model.
Please check the label on the bottom side and post us exact model name and model number.

BTW: if you have Portege M200 it can be upgraded up to 2GB only.

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Hi there!
Can anyone help me to set my Portege m 200 back to factory settings without using the recovery CD/DVD. My problem is that the m200 only have an extern CD/DVD device.

Answer:Back to factory settings on my Portege M200


without using the recovery CD you can only do the Windows System restore or you use a full Win XP install CD and use the recovery console to repair the sytem!


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My Portege M200 doesnt boot.

Turn it on and toshiba splash screen comes up and remains like that. Nothing would work (Neither F2 to enter BIOS)

Any ideas ?

Answer:Portege M200 - Toshiba splash screen comes up and then nothing


For me it sounds like hat there is a certain hardware problem so the computers stops at Toshiba BIOS screen...

It?s really hard to say what could be the reason?

First of all you should follow the instructions in this article and maybe it helps:
[Which steps should be followed if your Toshiba notebook doesn't start?|]

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I've recently bought a Portege M200 on ebay and I'm thinking of installing a new 250GB IDE hard drive.
Is there a maximum hard drive size for this model?

Answer:Maximum hard drive on Portege M200


There is definitely an HDD size limitation? the point is that the BIOS does not support all HDD size and to be honest I don?t think the a 25GB0 HDD would run.
In my opinion it?s simply too large?

Unfortunately, Toshiba doesn?t provide any details about the max possible HDD?s?
I have searched a little bit an found out that the M200 was equipped with the 60GB HDD
Therefore a 80 or maybe a 100GB HDD too shouldn?t be a problem?

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