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T430s constant blue screen and no help from customer support or tech support. Help!

Question: T430s constant blue screen and no help from customer support or tech support. Help!

I have a T430s laptop and it is less than 6 months old. It starting getting blue screens within a month of purchasing it. Technical support has been helpless in trying to fix the laptop. First, tech support told me to turn update my computer daily. Then another tech support employee told me to turn OFF my auto updates. This did nothing and over a few weeks the blue screens progressively got worse. Next, tech support told me to run a diagnostic on my computer which turned up nothing. Then, they tried giving me recovery discs and a new hard drive. After that failed they took it in to replace the system board which made the blue screens worse. Then they sent me MORE recovery CDs to try to fix the problem and that also made the blue screens worse. I called tech support after this and they said they would send in a request for a replacement laptop. I was told I would hear from someone in a couple days. FIVE days later I got a called from someone asking if I wanted a replacement and I said yes. Then I was told I had to wait two more business days to get contacted about it. Another 3-4 business days later, someone called me to tell me that they would NOT be replacing the laptop despite the fact tech support could not fix the laptop. After calling tech support once again, I was told that they wanted me to send in my laptop again for up to 7 business days! This is completely unacceptable. I have had problems with this laptop almost the entire time I have owned it and no one knows what to do/how to fix it. Considering that I spent $900 on a computer that does not work and that I am in graduate school makes the whole situation worse. Finally, I contacted Customer support and demanded a refund for the faulty product that I was sold. I was told and also sent an email saying that it would take TWO business days to here back on how to go about returning the product. It has now been a week. It is clear that customer support thinks that it is okay to take their sweet time on this matter. I am beyond angry and fustrated with the way this has been handled. This is the worst experience with a laptop that I have ever had in my entire life. Has anyone else had such a horrible experience? If so, what did you end up doing? I am a few days away from contacting an attorney if this does not get resolved so any suggestions are appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: T430s constant blue screen and no help from customer support or tech support. Help!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: T430s constant blue screen and no help from customer support or tech support. Help!

What are you running when you get the blue screens? (operating system and applications)

Are there messages in the event log when it crashes?

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MSN Customer Service Technical support USA, Online Msn Help, MSN Technical support Number , Live MSN Support

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I had another post going about my problems with Windows 10 upgrade suddenly disabling my Wifi. I ran out of solutions and decided to just erase the computer and go back to Windows 7 with the Recovery Media. I ordered the Recovery Media from Lenovo support. They sent the DVDs a week ago. It was part #00HP879. The labels on the DVDs all say they are for the T430, T530, W530 and a bunch of machine types, none of which are mine. I started out hopeful anyway since the tech support agent had assured me this is the correct media. I followed the instructions - changed the BIOS to load from the CD.Inserted Applications and Driver Disc 1 of 2 and booted up the Recovery program.I answered the questions, accepted the license agreement, etc.The programs then says to insert Operating System Recovery Disc 1 - I do that, Click OK.The programs then asks for Operating System Recovery Disc 2 - again, inserted, clicked OK.The program then asks for Applications and Drivers Disc 1 again. I insert that, off it goes.Then it asks for Applications and Drivers Disc 2 - like the others, I insert it. I keep getting an error message that it's the wrong DVD, try again. I try each of the 4 DVDs, thinking maybe there is some dialog box error. Nothing works. Called support again. The man I spoke to says there have been some cases where the DVDs are corrupt so try another one. They send that out. Same EXACT problem. Exact everything as before. Call back - this time they give me a number to try t... Read more

Answer:Recovery Media failures T430s and Machine type 2352 - Tech Support failures as well

I have reported it and it never got fixed. Here is how I got around it. I create iso image files of the 2 applications/drivers disks and used winiso to extract the values.txt file from the mfg directories on the 2 disks. I edit the extracted files and added the types I needed. I deleted the values.txt files and replaced them with the "fixed" ones. I then burned new disks.

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I keep receiving calls from fake MICROSOFT Tech support with various telephone numbers. Strange, they do not show up in my phone on line logs. They wanted me to go to FASTSUPPORT\763721586 ( do not use  these numbers). It is a company  called they also give you a complaint department where you can enter the number that you feel is causing you problems, the number of the LOGMEINRESCUE type remote access code. of course it is clear to them that you are suspicious and they will get rid of the  phone operator who didn't succeed. So do not bother to leave any complaint.


Appears you are dealing with a well known scam.Microsoft does not make unsolicited phone calls, display pop-up alerts in your browser to call a support number or send unsolicited email messages to request personal or financial information or to fix your computer.Avoid scams that use the Microsoft name fraudulentlyIs that call from Microsoft a scam?Tell Your Relatives: No, Microsoft Won’t Call You About Your ComputerMicrosoft calling? Mind the tech support scammer!Tech Support Scamming through unsolicited phone calls, browser pop-ups and emails from "so-called Support Techs" advising "your computer is infected with malware", “All Your Files Are Encrypted" and other fake "alert messages" has become an increasing common scam tactic over the past several years. The scams may involve web pages with screenshots of fake Microsoft (Windows) Support messages, fake reports of suspicious activity, fake warnings of malware found on your computer, fake ransomware and fake BSODs all of which include a tech support phone number to call in order to fix the problem. If you call the phone number (or they called you), scammers will talk their victims into allowing them remote control access of the computer so they can install a Remote Access Trojan in order to steal passwords and other sensitive personal information which could then be used to access bank accounts or steal a person's identity.These are a few examples.Call Windows Help Desk Immediately Tech Support Scam Fake Your com... Read more

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Blue screen best services provider team is always here to help you to fix your problems related your computers or laptops you need to just call @1-86-217-0601 and our team will fix the issue related your computers and laptops. We have the best technicians with best supports with great deal and also for lifetime support. Just call at 1 866 217 0601. Smart & Instant Support for Blue/Black Screen Errors

Need help for Blue/Black Screen Errors? You are at the right place to get wonder solutions for blue screen issues. We are here to help you with all the blue screen errors you are getting. World-class remote tech support is just one call away. Call 1-866-217-0601 (Blue/Black Screen Errors support) to get access to our online remote tech support.

A Blue Screen also known as Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) is the error displayed by Microsoft Windows Operating systems which may be of non-recoverable nature resulting in major breakdown of your computer. It is officially termed as Stop Error or a bug check. It is named after the color of the screen generated by the error. In Unix-based operating systems it is known as kernel panic. A computer may stop responding because of stop errors to prevent any damage to the hardware or data.

Windows which is the most common operating system needs an instant solution to resolve this blue screen issue for better functionality of your computer. De... Read more

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When I installed Win8 on one computer I need a H.P. printer driver. So I went to H.P. support/download did not find the needed driver so I called their Tech. support. A friendly support guy looked at my system and told me my copy of Microsoft Win8 bought at Best Buy was not a legit copy, also my system had been infected and they needed to remove my Win8 clean my system and reinstall Win8. made me a deal of a reduced price of $250US I knew this was not right so I begged them good buy went to Best Buy where I have good friends in the Geek Squad. they got the needed driver and printer works fine.
Today my Netgear routher died, called Netgear to get my lifetime warranty. This also was a support in India guy said it would cost $39US to make sure it was the router I said thanks but no thanks. Took my old Netgear router back to Best Bye where I bought it three years ago and they gave me a new Netgear router. I needed setup help so called Netger as new user also in India guy was friendly looked at my system and helped me get it setup. Then he informed me my computer was under attack and my files were being read he could fix my system and protect my files for the small sum of just $85US. Well I was using a small backup H.P. computer on the Net. hardwired and it was almost never used. So I knew it was a India Tech. support scam again.
I think these guys in India do support for many Mfg.s and software makers, and it's an easy way to gleen a lot of fast cash from people who trust the br... Read more

Answer:Tech. Support Scam from India support bases.

Are you sure you were using legitimate HP/Netgear phone numbers? Where did you get the numbers from?

Are you sure it wasn't just a variation of the scams the FTC are starting to crack down on?
How Windows tech support scammers walked right into a trap set by the feds | Ars Technica

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Blue screen best services provider team is always here to help you to fix your problems related your computers or laptops you need to just call @1-86-217-0601 and our team will fix the issue related your computers and laptops. We have the best technicians with best supports with great deal and also for lifetime support. Just call at 1 866 217 0601. Smart & Instant Support for Blue/Black Screen Errors

Need help for Blue/Black Screen Errors? You are at the right place to get wonder solutions for blue screen issues. We are here to help you with all the blue screen errors you are getting. World-class remote tech support is just one call away. Call 1-866-217-0601 (Blue/Black Screen Errors support) to get access to our online remote tech support.

A Blue Screen also known as Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) is the error displayed by Microsoft Windows Operating systems which may be of non-recoverable nature resulting in major breakdown of your computer. It is officially termed as Stop Error or a bug check. It is named after the color of the screen generated by the error. In Unix-based operating systems it is known as kernel panic. A computer may stop responding because of stop errors to prevent any damage to the hardware or data.

Windows which is the most common operating system needs an instant solution to resolve this blue screen issue for better functionality of your computer. Despite of excellen... Read more

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I just bought a SX Series Gateway PC and I had it for about two months, and Im getting a lot of blue screens that says that the PC ran into a problem and it restarts the computer, I don't know what is going wrong with it or what to do about it. Should I go to the store and get a replacement one or is there anything I can do to fix it, it does this mostly when I have a couple of programs opened at once.

Answer:Windows 8 PC Tech Support Needed/Blue screens popping up

If it is only a couple of months old, Yes, I would take it back or at least call the company you bought it from for support. It should have at least a 1 year warranty

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I have a Thinkpad T450s and it is just over a year old. It still has 3 more years of warranty. Edit: Warranty type: TPJ (This product has a four year limited warranty which includes a warranty upgrade. This product is entitled to parts and labor and is entitled to Depot service).Recently the lenovo solution center gave an critical error for the HDD (Read test failure) and I submitted an online request reporting it. Without even sending me an email or contacting me, they sent me a new part and gave me zero information about it. Apparently every other person can replace a HDD now!  I have created 3 more cases calling their tech support to send the laptop for a depo repair. Everytime the request is rejected 'at the vendor' according to the customer care. Neither the customer care people or tech support can tell me why. Every time they create a new case, tell me I will receive a depo bag nect day, and I dont receive anything, have to call depo customer care and on hold for minimum 40 minutes, only to hear that the case has been rejected they dont know why.One tech support told me now I have to send the new part back before creating a new case, otherwise it will be rejected again. but he does not know how I can send the new part back. The return label sent to me was for the faulty HDD.Can anyone help? What is the point of paying for warranty if I receive this type of service? 

Answer:HORRIBLE tech support and warranty support

You do not state which type of warranty you currently have, there are a few which will affect how TS will or can respond. I hope you get this resolved to your satisfaction...

T61, 6465, Vista

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What is wrong with MS Tech Support, they say they dont support One Drive. I cannot connect to One Drive with any of my Windows phones, iPhone, or Android cell. I called tech support and they told me they are not trained to support One Drive for cell phones. I have spent lots of money on my equipment to be told they do not support it.

Answer:What is wrong with MS Tech Support, they say they don't support One Drive?

Did you go here?

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hello to everyone!!

im working as a tech support agent for one of the biggest ISP in the US.. its a good paying job and also very challenging.. i use to troubleshoot internet connection issues for residential accounts (1 pc only) and for all other issues that i get, i browse for similar issues on the forums of this site.. well, most of them came pretty handy (esp for the security forums).. now, i got transferred to the networking department and im in a total loss!! i can do simple troubleshooting and install assists for new networking users but i really need help in issues like:
1. remote access/ port forwarding
2. invalid IP addresses on the wireless devices
3. file and printer sharing
i was browsing through all the topics but i cant find any.. if there is someone out there who can help me with this issue and give me some pointers on how i am going to do this in an easier way.. i would really appreciate any assistance..

thanks in advance!!

Answer:tech support in need of extra support

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when I walk away from comp and leave intenet on, then screen saver comes on. When I return and proceed to what I was doing dialog box is black for a few mts and then comes back to normal. or when I use down arrows on the tool bar, they stay in dialoag box while it trys to go to the place I have chosen. computer hangs.

Answer:tech support black white screen in dialog box

Why is my computer running so slow, it used to be much faster? of Computer Power Supply Failure Symptoms be overheating.Take a cover off & clean out the dust, put an external fan on & see if it behaves with the extra cooling. Make sure all the fans ( including the power supply ) are spinning fast, with the power off, give them a spin with a matchstick to make sure they are not stuck.Curing Laptop/Notebook Overheating a Laptop/Notebook Computer

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Yoga 910 - Fragile Screen, Long Repair, Poor Customer Support - Suggestions? Hello all. I've seen a few similar posts and I'm not sure if people are getting answers via private message, so I figured I'd post and hopefully get some advice.In short, this post is regarding- Yoga 910's extremely fragile screen.- Lenovo's very poor repair service and customer support.I have (had?) a Yoga 910, which sat on a stand on my desk happily for about two months before the screen had mysteriously cracked, originating about 1/4 of the way down from the top right corner and extending all the way to the top and bottom of the screen. It was pretty surprising, given it doesn't really ever move from my desk. I'm wondering whether or not these screens are, in general, extremely fragile. I've seen a few other posts about it, but it seems odd that the screens on a convertible, which one would expect should need to be designed to withstand a lot more abuse than a normal laptop, would be so flimsy. On my laptop even the chassis itself seemed very weak and pliable. Is this kind of par for the course with this line, or did I get a dud? Maybe it has to do with the high DPI screens (which I have) versus the regular screens?Second, I'm wondering if anyone has advice on how to get in contact with Lenovo support regarding depot repair services. Of course there is the normal support line, but each time I've called I've been given different (and conflicting) information, and it seems like the bottom line is th... Read more

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Microsoft Windows Technical Support Phone Number 1-800-723-4210
Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-4210 Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-4210 Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-4210 Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-4210 Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-421Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-4210Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-4210Dial now 1-800-723-4210. We are certified technician from microsoft you can call us for any query related to microsoft product. 1-800-723-4210We are here to help you Call us for outlook and Hotmail support Microsoft Outlook 365 Customer Service Phone Number 1 800 723 4210 United States Super Support 1800.723.4210 Microsoft Outlook 365 Customer Service Phone Number 1 800-723-4210 United States Microsoft tech support phone number Microsoft office tech support phone number1-800-723-4210 windows tech support phone number Microsoft tech support phone number usa Microsoft windows tech support phone number Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-4210 Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-4210 Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-4210 Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-4210Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-421Microsoft Windows 10 Technical... Read more

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i got a new Lenovo IdeaPad Y580.
Model name: 2099S/N: xxxxxxxxxxP/N: 59337663MO: CB02082495
Recently my screen went black. Upon further examining I saw the Windows picture, so I figured the background light was not working. I rebooted and nothing changed.
The next day I found my notebook working again only to have the same problem another day later.
Once I saw the screen go on - off - on - off for a couple of seconds.
Right now it's working again for three days now. I don't know what to make of this.
Another problem I have is with my webcam. The first time I tried to use it, it was not working. I tried to reinstall the drivers, but upon installation it was said, "No Appropriate Driver to Be Installed". I couldn't even find the webcam in the device manager.
A couple of days later I could use my webcam without problems.
Right now my webcam is not working.
My main problem is the following: I live in Germany and I am working during lenovo's service hours. I emailed lenovo Germany with my problems and they told me that tech support is only available via phone (14ct/min). I told them I was working during their service hours and asked them if one could handle my problem via mail, but they explicitly told me again that that would not be possible and that they only offer tech support via phone.
What am I supposed to do now? Take a day off to get my laptop fixed? I don't think so!
Please advise. Thanks.
Moderator Note; s/n edite... Read more

Answer:Y580 Camera not working / Screen problems. German tech support only available via phone??

Welcome To Lenovo Community
We are really sorry to hear about the issue you are facing,  
Please update Bios of your system to fix the issues you are facing
BIOS Update
After Bios update , press FN+ESC to enable webcam .  And  Fn + Up Arrow to increase the Brightness
Do give this a try and let us know the results
Hope This Helps

WW Social Media Important Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

English Community   Deutsche Community   Comunidad en Español

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After having been in touch with Dell support for nearly three months, I decided to recount my experiences here, mainly to provide insights for future Dell customers as to what their rights are, and to provide tips on how to effectively contact tech support.
I hope this guide can be of use for people struggling with their purchase as much as I did (and in fact, continue to).
Anyone having further insight to improve this article is welcome to leave notes here, and I will try to incorporate them in an update if deemed relevant.

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On the 13th of March I bought a Y710 laptop after checking that this model is supported here in Australia ( it is ). I imported it from the U.S, and it arrived 2 days prior to my leaving for business trip to Italy. I opened it up and straight away noticed the screen/graphics was "snowing"  - no chance to exchange it, as I had get on the plane.
Whilst in Italy the screen got so bad I could not see any photos etc, (graphics card/screen?) and then I noticed the game zone melting the plastic, from the inside out!  I returned home (15th May/09) and arranged to get it repaired - 2 weeks later I?ve still got the laptop and I?m starting to bitch to Lenovo, 2 phone calls later I get the Australian agent to pick up the machine.(27th May/09)
They replace the following parts:
31033031 ? LT71 GAMEZONE COVER MODULE11010043 ? LT71 DISPLAY BOARD 07568-1 4L31033094 ? LT71 1.54-in OLED LCD UG-2864ASOCG0131033037 ? LT71 OLED HOLDER Module 60.4X016.00118002833 ? LT71 17? LCD WUXGA MODULE AUO W/PLATE11010115 ? LT71 965GM MB 55.4x001.031G
 The laptop comes backa month later (26th June/09) - it lasts 3 weeks then the same problems are back, so I contact lenovo again. This time they pick it up after only a week.(22nd Sept/09) I?m in shock - but my surprise at the prompt pick-up service is soon brought back to earth. It arrives back to me 3 days later.(25th Sept /09)
This time they replaced:
18002833 ? LT71 17? LCD WUXGA MODULE AUO W/P... Read more

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My Spectre13 is less than 3 years old and out of warranty.  I sent it into HP for repair about a month ago to have the keyboard replaced.  The RETURN and END keys among others no longer responded.  About a week ago I was contacted by an HP Case Manager and informed that HP was returning my laptop unrepaired since they didn't have the replacement parts for the screen.  The screen had been working fine.  She did not mention anything about the broken keyboard.  I asked her not to return the laptop as I had no need for a broken laptop and I thought it extra work to have to remail it once the parts came in.  I requested a firm date for when the parts would be available.  About 5 days later she informed me that replacement screen parts for the Spectre13 were no longer available, and she was sending me back my computer unrepaired with a coupon for $125 to apply towards a new computer.  In disbelief, I queried her again about fixing the keyboard, and why they needed to replace the screen since nothing was wrong with it.  My only consolation is that they will negate the $240 charge for the keyboard repair they failed to do. I am in shock.  There was nothing wrong with the screen when I sent it in.  I only asked to have the keyboard repaired. My faith in HP is shaken.  Would you buy another laptop from a company that can't guarantee replacement parts for a laptop that is less than 3 years old?   I told her not t... Read more

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I have the paid for version of AVG + Firewall. I thought I would just record on this forum for anyone looking for security with good support that I highly recommend AVG.Without going into detail, I had a recurring, all be it minor, problem at start up. A delay in Firewall activating. AVG were excellent in their response to my e-mails, and after trying various things no immediate solution was found.They said that they would be continuing to look into the problem. I thought to myself "in other words let's ignore it". However after the last major AVG update, this problem was rectified. A few days later I recieved am e-mail from AVG stating that the problem had indeed been dealt with in the last update.I just thought I would share a positive support issue. So often we only see the negative ones no matter the company.

Answer:AVG Customer support

It's good to note that Grisoft have a quick and positive support database,in the cut throat PC security market companies cannot afford to be slack on customer help if they intend to keep your's and other people's trade.It's a pity some other companies don't follow there lead.Nice one.

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I just received this message.  My computer is 3 years old.  "Support status change for your HP PCYour HP support coverage for your HP Spectre 13 Ultrabook expired on ?4?/?5?/?2015.Your PC reached end of support on 3/13/2017. HP support coverage extensions and some repair parts are no longer available for your model. Use HP Support Assistant for self-support resources and tools.Your coverage provided access to HP support agents trained to help troubleshoot and repair hardware issues." What does this mean?  Am I'm being told that HP will no longer repair my laptop if anything goes wrong?  (Would Apple say this?)     

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Just curious, For all the major companies who see any form of computer, ipad or iphone, is there anyone in customer support in the usa anymore who u can actually talk to?

Answer:Customer support sux

Depends on what company you are calling for support.

When we used EMC i rarely if ever spoke with an American unless it was an escalations issue. We now use Dell and i've never been routed overseas. In fact i've toured their support center and it's in the twin cities.

Just depends on the company and the product. If you don't like speaking with overseas support personnel don't purchase products from companies that offshore that type of support.

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I just had the WORST, FIRST and LAST order experience with Dell.  I will never try to buy a computer from them again.  I tried to order a laptop online and my ordered got canceled. First, I got an email that order was received, then five minutes later, got another email saying it was changed/canceled.  I sent them an email wondering why, and never provided an explanation, later the computer was shipped order. I was told, they tried to deliver on Aug. 10, but it was rejected so computer was sent back to Dell. Apparently, Dell did not use the shipping address provided on file and delivered to the wrong address.  Every time I called about problem, it was connected to someone in India..  Three weeks later and no computer.  I will never buy a computer here again.  I'm surprise they are still in business with this kind of customer care.

Answer:No customer support

Hi vannavo,
Thanks for posting about your ordering experience.
Apologies if there was some confusion with the ordering process.  If you would like me to look into it for you, please contact me privately and send your order information.  Thanks.

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Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on my experience with logitech.Bought several keyboard-wireless mouse sets from newegg.Dont remember the model # but they were on sale and around $45.00.Charger went bad on one of them right away.Second one mouse died little over a month later so I called logitech and they said they would send me a new mouse.Much to my suprise today I received a whole new LX300 wireless keyboard mouse set! I did RMA the first one back to Newegg.I buy alot of Logitech products and now have alot of peace of mind.If they treat everyone this well then they are a great company!

Answer:Logitech customer support

Good to know.

Microsoft Mouse are good, wireless+laser and its worked for 3 years without fail.

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I trying to fix my sister's laptop. The recovery CD's she made with the device when she first got are not even reconized by it when trying to do a system restore.So I come on this website and try to purchase a set of recovery CD's from the company that made the thing in the first place, but I can't even get pass to the order confirmation page because it states invalid entries in the payment field. Now If I go to and obtain a set from them I won't be able to activate windows 8 because they don't provide OEM serials. Right now this thing is just a pretty red paper weight.

Answer:Customer Support really SUCKS here .....

You do not need OEM serials as long as you reinstall the same version as was originally on the computer. The serial (Key Code) is embedded in the BIOS so will "just work" and activate the installation as soon as you connect it to the internet.  From the official HP specs, you had Windows 8 64 bit non-Pro. There is a workaround to directly install the Windows 8.1 .iso which is explained here: This is a Dell site but the instructions all apply to HP as well.   

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I recently sent my 3-month old Y470p for a repair since the charger port was broken.I opened the laptop up and found that there was a broken wire that just had to be resoldered.Since I was afraid of breaking some other parts and I was still under warranty, I sent my laptop to be repaired.It took about a week to repair, and I was perfectly fine with that.However, when I got it back, it was not fixed.It said on my repair status that the laptop had indeed been fixed and would be sent back to me as repaired.Lenovo had just sent me a new charger. The technicians didn't even open the laptop up since I put a tape where the screw was just to know whether or not Lenovo had even bothered to open up the laptop.Of course, the laptop still didn't charge and I called the customer support to know what had happened.Some manager picked up and told me that he could not fix it since that would mean he would have to replace the motherboard which would cost $300.I was frustrated because I had told them that the charger port just needs to be resoldered.The manager just told me over and over that the motherboard needed to be replaced and that he would not do that.I was on the phone for about an hour and then I just hung up because of the manager's stupidity.I have no idea what Lenovo is looking for a technician, but I think you guys really should raise your expectations of how educated the technicians should be. The charging port just needed a simple resoldering in order to be fixed.Yet, ... Read more

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Greetings all!I've been the (not so proud) owner of a very troublesome Y50 laptop for just over a year now. Being a university student, the majority of my school work is done on my laptop, which software/internal wise, performs amazingly. However, this laptop will not stay together. It literally stays on my desk 95% of the time hooked up to a monitor. Despite its easy lifestyle, I've had to replace the hinge, trim under the screen, the aluminum around the back of the screen, and the screen itself.The last repair I had done was a screen replacement. The screen sent by Lenovo was REFURBISHED, and had white ghosting all over the left side. Furthermore, when the computer was put back together, the trim around the back of the screen doesn't meet up with the screen, so there is an open **bleep** in the side and top of my computer. This was the last straw for me. I need a computer that will stay together. So, I contacted warranty support to see if I could have my unit replaced or a refund issued so I can do research and buy a computer that won't fall apart on my desk. That's evidently an issue that needs to be dealt with by Customer Relations. Fine, I can deal with being transfered. No. They call you back. So I'm promised a call back within 24 hours. Time ticks by... no call. I schedule a call from tech support, and they promise a call within the next few hours. Again, no call.Finally, I get completely fed up with the nonsense. I called today and asked to be transfered directly to t... Read more

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Answer:Ms India customer support

Microsoft Store India Online Store - Sales and support

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one of the computers at work is being hit with a virus. It is windows XP on an old computer.I have been getting a VIRUS ALERT messege on the task bar next to the clock and I have no access to either control panel or the task manager.. Please provide me with help if possible..

Answer:Customer Support Manager

Run this tool first..Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.alternate download link 1alternate download link 2Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan. If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself. Press the OK button to close that box and continue. If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected.Then click on the Scan button.If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and click on the Start Scan button. The scan will begin and "Scan in progress" will show at the top. It may take some time to complete so please be patient.When the scan is finished, a message box will say "The scan completed successfully. Click 'Show Results' to display all objects found".Click OK to close the message box and continue with the removal process.Back at the main Scanner screen, click on the Show Resu... Read more

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How does a person chat with a HP Customer Support Representative?

Answer:Chat with customer support

Greetings, Suggest you contact HP using options  here. This eliminates the language barrier. Can we help? Cheers!

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I went through the Lenovo Warranty Support Line on Thursday 30th June: 03337773991They arranged for a repair technician to come to my office on Friday 1st JulyThe UK Lenovo warranty team then called me (on Friday 1st July) to inform me that the repair engineer was too busy to repair my laptop on Friday 1st July as scheduled so they agreed to re-book it for Tuesday 5th July as I informed them I was going to be at a customer meeting in London on Monday 4th July. The repair engineer turned up to our Southampton office to repair my laptop on Monday 4th July and called me during my London meeting. He abandoned the repair appointment as I was not available. I have just tried to contact them the UK LEnovo warranty support team again today: 03337773991. This number now hangs up as soon as I call it. This is the Lenovo support website contact page: clearly shows me that my laptop is listed as 'in warranty' when I enter my serial number.But they no longer list a UK support number!There is an option to show the 'Support Phone List' but this list has every country on it EXCEPT for the UK. Can anyone provide me with a uk number to call so I can re-book the repair technician to visit me again now?

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Is this the kind of answer i should be getting??

Hi Adam ,
Thank you for contacting Belkin Technical Support.
We understand from your E-mail that you have slow connection when you play battlefield 2 .
The reason behind this is you are using a lot of bandwidth when you play this game. Unfortunately, there are no settings in the card that could be changed for this issue.
For further inquiries and concerns, you may visit our website at or reply to this email. Our highly qualified technicians will be very much willing to provide you with the support that you need.
Belkin Technical Support
Note: Thank you for choosing Belkin Components.Please include original email when replying.

Answer:Belkin customer support

I guess it would depend upon what the question was.

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Back in May, I decided to get myself a Thinkpad X201T. Everything was great for a short while. Then I began to notice the high-pitched screech coming from the thing. So, naturally, I call Lenovo Support The support guy tells me that the CPU is the problem; appearantly there was a bad batch put into circulation at some point. All I had to do was send the thing to Germany by way of UPS, and the CPU would be replaced.It came back with a new fan and, suffice to say, the problem continued. I called them a second time. The support guy found the whole thing quite funny, and we both agreed that, hey, **bleep** happens. UPS was called upon once again. Today, the computer was returned. Appearantly the repair crew found no problems. So, I called support again and asked if I could just get my money back. The support guy seemed flabbergasted. He also found the process somewhat weird. When I pressed the issue of just getting my money back, he went off the line for a while to talk to his boss. When he returned, he informed me that all of their computers made those screeching sounds and that some noticed them, some did not, and that it was not considered a problem. The first time, they tell me the CPU is busted. The third time, it's like it's a feature. So, I sit here with a machine that I can't use without blasting music or otherwise fill the sound space to block out that **bleep** screech. Now, I don't want to have to turn off some power-saving functions ... Read more

Answer:Strange Customer Support

Hello Mehlers,
It is unfortunate that you had to go through this experience with Lenovo Support and you have been most agreeable on top of that. When I have had to deal with Customer Service you are much calmer then I am.
After reading your post I would like to make some guess and it really should have been explain more to you what was happening. The support guy said one thing and it would seem that the Depot repair guys did a nothing thing. Now this is just a guess so I am not saying this is fact but what I can tell is after you shipped it to the Depot they tested and it and came to the conclusion that it was the fan and replaced that.
This is also why when I believe they said there was nothing wrong when you sent it back the second time.
Could you give me any information on what is going on when you get the noise? Is the noise happening the moment you turn it on?
Best Regards,

Did you find a post Awesome? A response just Outstanding? Kudo them!Did the post you read answer your question? Did someone help you figure out your problem? Hit Solution Provided and give that person a pat on the back for helping you out!

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This was a while ago, but it is still in effect. An apparently widely known trojan has infected my computer. I have to type this up from my phone because I have no way of accessing anything from my computer.

Answer:Customer Support (888) 322-9655

Please attach FRST reports from preparation guide.

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I had the worst experience ever with a pretentious and dense customer service rep, I asked for her name she said it was Desirae Mercier.  HP should hire more professional experienced people, what I experienced with "Desirae" was horrible and did not solve my problem.  I hung up and called again and finally got someone who could help me with my lap top.

Answer:Customer Support - HP Canada

What number did you call? I have been looking for a number on their website.

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unless theres one already( i searched few different keywords nothing came up)
id like to make a pool of 10 manufacturers and their customer support

mostly for motherboards.
the reason is, ive been goin thru hte newegg for hours-days months
reading reviews and all.
and pretty much trying to avoid buying a motherboard that has crappy customer support if i have any issues with it.

Answer:customer support pool

selection means a point. select whichever company you had a good experience with .

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I just purchased 5 Lenovo Ideapad Z570s. I loved them until I had a keybord issue. I called CS and got Glen on the line. He kept me on the phone for 70 minutes and had me email my invoices (I purchased from 3 locations). Once he received them he asked for my SNs. He then told me that I had to call my vendors (TigetDirect, Futurshop and BestBuy) to have them send me new receipts with SNs attached. I called said vendors and they said absolutly unessesary. At this point Glen instructed me to OneTouch Recovery and return to factory conditions or putthe unit in a box and send it back. At that point I got a little upset. I just tried updating the devise in question through the device manage and voila it worked. I asked to speak to the manager. He (Carl) took another 20 minutes to explain that Lenovo laptops hardware fail so often that there was no use trouble shooting. I asked who he worked for (Lenovo or a 2nd party service supplier) he said 2nd party. I asked the name. He said no, it was against company policy to reveal the name...but...I had the email address I sent my invoices to as pop. [email protected], Googled it and ,It belongs to Sutherland Global. Lenovo. Save the money and get an answering machine to ask for the clients name, address, etc and send them a box to return the product. You'll save a few bucks and your reputation in the process. With partners like these guys Lenovo is doing nothing in improving its cs image. Read more

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 I have an Ideapad Y510 which I use as a home computer; we all use Thinkpads at work.  At 10 months of age, the Hard Disk suffered a irreparable fault  (May 30, 2009), and at the suggestion of Lenovo Technical Support, it was sent in, the Hard Disk was replaced and re-imaged, and the computer appeared to function without fault.From that point on, the Hard Disk failed twice more, and at the recommendation of Lenovo technical support was sent in (Oct 31 and Dec 22, 2009) to have the Hard Disk replaced and re-imaged.  Lenovo technical support was not able to find anything else wrong.   However, on February 15, 2010, the Hard Disk failed again.  (That's 4 failed hard drives and 3 replacements?!).  Lenovo Technical Support wants me tp again send the computer in to have the Hard Disk examined/replaced.  But at this point I pose the question, is this not the time for us to investigate other options?  At my request, Lenovo Tech Support has stated that they will transfer my case to 'customer relations', but I have not received any correspondence to date regarding such an escalation.  Despite repeated phone calls. Anyone else have such a problem with customer support?  It seems the only way I can contact 'customer relations' is through 'tech support', as there is no contact information available on-line or otherwise.  Since 'tech support' has failed repeatedly to refer my case, I'm stuck in purgatory.  Seems lik... Read more

Answer:Ideapad with no customer support?!

I went through the same thing that you did. Trying to file a dispute is worthless with Lenovo customer service, they never let you know if it was ever actually filed or bother calling you when they decide the outcome (which is usually to deny it) Your best bet would be to message mark here  under "contact" on the right it should have a link to message him. Give him your info and your problem, that worked for me and he filed a complaint on my behalf to get my issue resolved. It's a shame that the phone support is so crappy and there is no phone number to contact customer service with issues regarding disputes. 

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 bought HP total care after my warranty expired for $192 . The customer care salesperson went on and on...  how good the support is and they would even pay for FEDEX to pick up my computer. when it came to use the policy on first occasion  Hp service said they would take 7 to 15 days to change my Keyboard on laptop. I asked if I could do it myself , they said If I do it myself The warranty will be void.Hence I am stuck  I cant fix it myself or get it done privately .  After waiting for 1 month  I got that finally sorted out . As Hp took its time in repairing. Then My battery went dead. Hp this time refused to cover the battery saying that battery is NOT PART OF THE COMPUTER and will not be covered. Wanted me to pay another $120 for new battery plus shipping! The supersvisor was too busy to talk to me .... after holding for 45 Mins I was told he would call me back. IS this the kind of support HP offers to its Customers! Shame on YOU HP. I for one am not buying HP any more !

Answer:Re: Customer Support is a fraud

i've been on the bad end of service myself..   tho finding out that a loose screw from my laptop hard drive is responsible shocks me a bit..  but things were going good with cs and tech until the issue got brought up to case management as having 4 loose screws on my hdd, one of them having fallen off and shorting out the system board,  is quite unsatifactory assembly to me and require more than a 90 assurance to cover productions serious short coming.. anyway once i got on the phone with quite the rude CM i **bleep** near started to lose it in rage..  he actually had the brass ones to tell me screws being so loose as to fall off the hdd was not a production mistake..   WHAT?!?!  OMG! he then went on to say he doesnt even know why hes talking to me and why this got handed up to him...  trying to ask him why he thinks screws that were not properly fastend was not productions mistake he got even ruder and refused to discuss it..  my bipolar started to flare up from his arrogant ignorance... and he cut the call off quite quickly thereafter... anyway cs and tech were quite polite and helpful with the matter and i am filing a complaint with cs on the CM jackwagon..  both CS and tech recognige the problem and accpet it as a failure in production..  one CS mgr  told me all the laptop screws get loctite just to prevent this sort of issue..  and theres none on these screws..  he's gonna be looking into... Read more

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Worst customer expense ever, three think pad?s and this v570 latter and all they say is try again. After this im done with their productsThis is my experience over what has become a 2 month long episode and a very bitter ending for me.I recently bought a laptop for school, I chose Lenovo because iv only have ever used a thinkpad and was very happy with them.I bought a v570 , the model I got was a great price but only has a 2200mha 6 cell battery (half the normal amount) so battery life is only 3 hours. Which is not a big deal because I can buy another battery and this is where my story begins .I call Lenovo (feel better when I support someone though commission) and asked about available battery?s, and wow my luck a 8 cell battery is available for my laptop! So I order it and was told it would take 9 business days for me to receive it, which is perfect because I can return my laptop with in 15 days.Latter that week I look at the battery I got notice that it has crazy dimensions that will not fit my laptop.So I call in explaining this, and was told that I was wrong and that is will certainly fit my laptop ( which is okay because it is their job and I believe than are far more knowledgeable than me) So two weeks latter over 20 days latter I have no battery and no call or e-mail saying why I haven?t got it.I call in with my order number and am told that there are ?... Read more

Answer:Worst Customer support

hey jul644,sorry to hear about what had happened. could you pm to me the following details as i would like to check what had happened.Name:Country:Mobile:Email:MTM [machine type model]:( To locate MTM - )Serial Number (S/N):Date of Purchase:Case/Order Number : (if any)Screenshot of Error(if applicable) : (upload it to a hosting site and paste the link here)Location of unit : Home / Repair Center (delete where appropriate)Description of issue :Troubleshooting Taken : (if any)

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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I think there might be something wrong with my subwoofer... Just called logitech and they are sending me brand new speakers without me even having to send these back.. i got 2 sets of z-5300E's now.. haha WOW awesome support.

Answer:Logoitech Customer Support!

im not sure y they would get u to send in the broken ones

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Kindle Support Phone Number

Amazon Kindle Customer Service

kindle helpline

Kindle Customer Service Number

kindle fire tech support

amazon kindle help

kindle fire customer service

kindle customer support

Kindle Help Phone Number

kindle help

Kindle Customer Service Phone Number

kindle tech support

kindle fire helpline

kindle support number

kindle technical support

kindle contact number

Kindle Tech Support Number

kindle fire support number

Kindle Customer Support Number

Amazon Kindle Customer Service Phone Number

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 12-09-2009 10:57 PM I purchased a new G530 about 60 days ago. I recently had issues with it and called to see what I needed to do. I explained my problems to Customer service, they took my information and said to allow two hours and I would receive an email with shipping instructions to a location in Texas where it would be repaired. I never received an email, so I called the same number and waited on hold for over 20 minutes. I called again today (two days later) and waited on hold for 30 minutes. Im positive the person on the other end of the line has no clue what its like to not have a computer during the Holidays. What would you suggest at this point? Keep calling? Any help or advise would be awesome!Thanks,Jason

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North American Solutions purchased several Lenovo W701 laptops from CDW, one of them had started to fail prematurely. It started off with the internal DC power supply failing. We first believed it was the external power supply but after replacing it with a new power supply it did not solve the problem. We of course found a temporary solution that was to maintain the laptop stationary. Then we started to notice various hardware components started to fail, including one of the processor's cores and the video card. Our USB ports have also completely failed and no connected device would be recognized by the computer (the computer does not see the device even hooked up). We ended up taking it in for repair at CDW which was supposed to be for free since the laptop is under warranty. We told the clerks up front and showed them that the there was some liquid accidentally spilled around the trackpad and the mouse keys (only the mouse keys) were slightly sticky but nonetheless everything functioned. They told us no problem and took it in for repair, few days later we receive an email stating that because there was some minor liquid spilled it meant the entire laptop's warranty was voided and thus it would cost to repair. CDW says the fault is Lenovo's since they are the ones who told them this. We have internal techs here which are now going to open this laptop up completely and photograph all the hardware because there is no way that the liquid ever touched any of the hardware ev... Read more

Answer:Atrocious Customer Support for a W701

Hi vladkryvdyk, welcome to the forum,
certainly not a nice situation.  There are other posts in these boards about warranty service being refused due to liquid damage, the usual advice to members, in such circumstances, is to ask the service centre to provide photos of the liquid damage, did you request these and have you received them?  If so maybe you could share them?

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Hello. I am making this post because of my horrible experience with customer support. I purchased a Lenovo Y50 last year for school, and it worked great, until two weeks ago when the hard drive and keyboard failed simultaneously. I checked my warranty, and I have about a month left. So I decided to call in and see what I could do. That was the worst mistake I could have made. I am a college student, and I used a cell phone to call in to customer support. Not only was I on hold for 30 minutes, when I finally reached a representative I thought would help me, she told me I would have to be put on hold again, and transfered me to the warranty division for Lenovo notebooks. While being on hold, there is no music to let you know you are on hold, no robot telling you how long you have to wait, nothing but a pre scripted message that tells you to go to some website. I don't even know what the website is because the message was so faint. I eventually had to hang up because after half an hour no one responded to me, I had a class, and I wasted 30 minutes of my 100 minute plan. Mind you I am a college student at a university with a prepaid phone plan. I cannot afford to be on the phone for half an hour, much less 2 hours like some other users on here have said that they were. I should not have to pay money to tell Lenovo that they made a defective product. So here I am with nothing. A broken laptop. A bigger phone bill, and nothing to show for it.  

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My main problem is that my T61 freezes up.  It came with a 2 gig ram, sbbb Intel core 2 duo t7500 processor, 1 gig turbo memory window's ultimate 32 bit os and an 80 gig hard drive. This problem has been going on intermittently (odd) since I  received the laptop brand new.  I may or may not be able to move the cursor over the screen when it is frozen.  It does not high light anything, control-alt-delete does not work, nothing responds.  I have to manually hold down the power button to turn the system off.   The different things it has done, and not all during the same occurrence:  blue screen with white writing, black screen with white writing, black screen oxc 000000f-selected entry could not be loaded because application is missing or corrupt, the memory was dumped (I had used rescue and recovery backup disks then because I did not know if something was corrupt in the original software that came loaded on it), sometimes it checks the c-drive after being manually shut down, sometimes it does not, problem with window's registry (only did that maybe twice), and corrected master file table, corrected bit map (after checking c). Sometimes it freezes and gives no error messages during restart.  I do not have anything loaded on this system that is not compatible with vista nor anything that exceeds the ram.   When I had to use my rescue and recovery disks because everything crashed, I called tech support.  ... Read more

Answer:combo of T61 and customer support problems

obviously you have suffered a lot with the laptop os not working properly, have you tried to disable the turbo memory, sometimes that cause alot of trouble. 

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If you have no urgent or important work with your yahoo mail account, you may not feel disappointed to see the Yahoo mail loading in a sluggish manner. However, you cannot afford to wait if you discover that your yahoo account has been hacked or you have some very urgent message to send through your yahoo customer service number.

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Please can some one help me, Shuttle customer services is really bad .. and Patriot tries but fails. I bought a Shuttle XPC G58300 from Shuttle's webiste (mora than a year ago).. I've been using it okay until now. First here are my specs:

Model: Shuttle XPC G5-8300 (Media Center Edition)
Chip: Intel i915 P/G 3.4 GHZ (HT)
Ram: 2 GB of Patriot Signature Line (model: PSD2G400K); previously it had 512 DDR two DIMMS no brand memory
HD: Western Digital 250 GB SATA
Video: EVGA - Gforce 660 256 MB
Operating System: Windows Media Center 2005

The problem started almost a week ago ... I was using my computer when suddenly it freezed .. then I restarted it and it just sits there no boot .. the only thing I can here is the Fan working but nothing on the screen or no HD light .. so I waited and waited and tried again.. it worked .. few hours into playing F.E.A.R. it freezed again .. now I reboot it and got the same responsed ... I do not know whats happening .. the only concern is that two weeks before the problem I had upgraded the memory, before having the Patriot one I had 512 MB (with heat dispenser) of a non brand memory that came with my computer. So know I have no idea if it is caused by the Ram I installed .. the funny thing is that I called Patriot, they told me to download Memtest86 and to run it .. (when ever my computer wanted it) so I did and got non errors .. I ran the program with only one stick, two sticks, switching them and all combination possible.. I have gi... Read more

Answer:Need some help (no one could help me, nor Shuttles Customer Support nor Patriot

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So I first contacted Lenovo when I received my computer on Tuesday, January 25. I noticed it wasnot a multitouch computer, as it was supposed to be. The representative I spoke to agreed that it was indeed supposed to be a multitouch, so they arranged for a box to be sent to my home for me to send the computer in. The box arrived on Friday, January 28, and I sent it off via UPS that same day.
The next week I received a call from the Lenovo technical center, indicating that there was no record the computer was supposed to be a multitouch. I then had to track down the invoice from the original purchase to proove that the computer was indeed supposed to be a multitouch. Once I did that, I was contacted by another Lenovo representative, Dan xxxxx, who told me the process to fix my computer was underway. Shortly after, he gave me a new number from the customer relations department and a new case number.
Well, here we are. Weeks later and I'm still waiting for my computer. I've tried repeatedly to get in touch with Dorris xxxxx, but still I just get her message (of course she calls and leaves a message while I'm in class, but if I try to call her back 30 minutes later there's no response) that the part is out of stock but that they should be resolving the problem shortly?
Anyway I'm kind of fed up with Lenovo at the moment. I need this computer for schoolwork and can't afford for them to take months to resolve the issue, especially since it's due to their e... Read more

Answer:X200 Problem, No Customer Support?

That's terrible and certainly the type of scenario that would make me vow to never spend my money with a specifc company again. Maybe you would be better off communicating via email. That way it doesn't matter so much when you and the rep are free to talk. ...Also, you would have your correspondance documented in case the issue had to be escalated to the next level.

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Hi All, I was wondering how I can reach the Customer Complaint Resolution team? I paid more than $300 dollars for the ThinkPlus support and Next Business Day Onsite Service, but I have been experiencing extremely subpar customer service. Here's what happened: 1. When the NBD Onsite Service Technician came and installed my WWAN card, he wired the atennas wrong. With the blue antenna cable wired to MAIN and the red antenna cable wired to AUX. I had to go read a service manual and do the rewiring myself and finally got my mobile broadband to work. This was back in December 2010. 2. I called in to TechSupport recently regarding overheating/WWAN issues with my X201T and I was told by the techsupport technician that he cannot resolve the issue right away and he would give me a call back the next day this was prior to March 28 (I forgot the exact day of the call in but I still have the service number). However, he never did. I called back 4 times to try and reach the representative. Twice he was off-duty and twice he was busy with others. I was told that a notice have been sent to him and he would return my call promptly. Well, since then a week has past and I have not received a call back. 3. Since I did not receive a call back after a week. I tried calling in again and talked to another technician to see if he can resolve my issue. However, he simply told me, I only have the 1-year mail in service warranty. However, I told him very clearly my S/N number an... Read more

Answer:Dissatisfied Customer with ThinkPlus Support.

I called in today again to TechSupport and another technician noted that someone will follow up with me and give me a call back before 3 PM. I don't know whether or not he meant 3 PM EST or 3 PM PST, either way, I have not received any return call. This is getting beyond ridiculous. It's ironic that when I call in, the pre-recorded msg says, "Thank you for contacting the Lenovo...we're here to ensure you're extremely satisfied..." Really? Is this some sort of false advertisement...

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Somehow after I knew Emsisoft and Malwarebytes I find all other AV vendors' customer support lacking... but that's just me.

Answer:Anti-virus customer support

That is because some of the employees involved with EAM and MBAM product development, research and technical support are well known security experts who have volunteered their personal time to assist victims of malware infection long before their program was created. They still stay personally involved with helping victims on Internet forum boards as well as provide individual support services to users of their products. This means they are personally tuned into the day to day analysis of active malware and any reported issues with their software so they are able to respond quickly to them.

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Nobody would Help me downgrade my Dell Inspiron from Win8.1 pro to windows 7 pro.

Is it a useless post? 
well, I purchased Dell Inpiron 3542 with Windows 8.1 Pro OEM
and been using it since half a year or so, and now I want to downgrade to windows 7 Pro because that's faster and more comfortable to me.. check this article, yes its free of cost but just for OEMs,
Now I'm wasting 2 hours of my time already while debating with Microsoft customer support as well as Dell Support on phone again and again. and they just won't cooperate at all, whats the matter? aren't us your legitimate customers, now please some one kind enough there to help?
I'l send Express Code or Service Tag in private message, just some one please help me out.


Answer:Is Dell Customer Support so careless to me?

You are absolutely correct that your purchase of Windows 8.1 Pro pre installed on your Dell computer gives you the right to 'downgrade' to Windows 7 Pro.   The Microsoft artical that you linked to states that quite plainly.  It is a bit surprising that someone could misinterpret that.
But there is no magic wand that makes this downgrade happen.  It requires that you completely wipe your current installation of Windows and reinstall the new version yourself, followed by all the necessary driver, Windows updates, application software, and your data.  A very time consuming undertaking, more so if you do not do it regularly.  
But that Microsoft article also states "Neither Microsoft nor the OEM is obligated to provide media for the downgrade."  In other words you have to obtain the software media yourself (as well as all necessary drivers that are readily available for download from Dell).  The article also details what to do should your new installation of Windows not automatically be activated (call Microsoft about activation as instructed in the Windows Activation dialog - explain that you are downgrading 8.1 Pro to 7 and they will probably ask for your 8.1 activation code from the sticker found on the PC).
I have two suggestions on how you may want to proceed to rid yourself of Windows 8.1.  The simplest is to upgrade for free to Windows 10.  This 'in-place upgrade' can be done directly over your... Read more

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does anybody here buy anything form EBUYER? And if so has anyone here try to talk to their customer support 0870 467 0753 line? I have tried to call them for the last three days without success. I either got an engage tone of if the phone is ringing, no one seems to be there to pick up that damn phone. Very frustrating indeed. I have ordered a wrong part from them and is trying to tell them to replace with the correct part.I have even sent them this enote thingy. I took them two days to reply to me and even that they did not answers my query. They were telling me how to return the goods for refund/replacement. I think they are pretty hopeless.

Answer:ebuyer telephone customer support

Nothing changed so far.They supplied a faulty DVD Burner to me 2 weeks ago, so I contacted them to get an RMA and a replacement.Two days later - and several aborted phone call attempts, I received an E-Mail from them with an RMA number, but advising me to get the other return details from the site. I followed the site's instructions and by good fortune was due to be home all day on the date that they advised that their courier would call.The day came, it was half-term so both kids were home and - the main reason to be home all day - so were the 2 guys fitting our new double glazing.The whole day passed with no courier - I checked with the fitters who also confirmed there had been no callers for us that had approached them either.An attempt to email back to the address that sent the RMA E-Mail provoked an email claiming it was an automated system and that I'd have to use their E-Notes system to communicate with them.After trying for over an hour to get through to them by phone I sent an E-Note off asking what had happened.2 days passed, then another E-Mail arrived advising I had a new E-Note. On checking this advised they were sorry about missing my 'delivery' and had refunded my delivery costs.They also closed off the E-Note.I tried phoning - constantly engaged, so I sent another E-Note pointing out that I was stuck with my ongoing project until the burner was replaced.Another 2 days passed, at which time my wife phoned them and after nearly an hour managed to get through.The... Read more

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Hi there.
I went to the support page for Office but when you must key in the product ID it does not accept the ID. The reason as to why it is doing this: it is asking for the Windows OS product key and not the Office key. Of course if I do key in my OS key, it being an OEM version, it will prompt me with support not being supported or i could choose to pay. But I do not have an OS issue I have a Windows Office issue. All attempts at getting 'Office help' always direct me to the one and same page.
After a few attempts here and there and getting nowhere and getting somewhat upset I then choose the option to get help from "The Community" and guess what it takes me back to the same pages above.
I start here:
Support -
As you can see (if you hover your mouse over the link) it clearly says, 'office' in the URL
then I go to here:
Microsoft Support.
Again one can clearly read 'office' in the URL
I now have 3 options, 2 of which are: 'Get live help' and 'Ask the Community:
both however take you to the one and same link:
Microsoft Support
WOW guess what? Office is now repeated twice in the URL
which of course explains the stupidity, and endless loop. that one soon encounters.
Does anyone have any clue as to where I may go to get Live help for a product that I bought directly from Microsoft themselves, not Amazon, not a local store but the actual Microsoft website.
Looking at my order and bill shows nowhere for contact except where I can verify my order (delivery)
... Read more

Answer:Microsoft Customer support gone wrong

Without knowing what specific Office product you are searching for help with, I don't get the results you do.

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I bought thinkpad t420s from Lenovo website directly and also purchased extended next business day on-site warranty for $300 more...what was I thinking?.
-           Only a few months after purchasing it started to crash/restart when I touch the keyboard.
-           Technician over the phone said it must be a mother board problem and told me he'll send a new MB with a technician next day
-           Next day technician called and said he can?t make it today?. but he can come tomorrow
-           Next day technician arrived and replaced motherboard with a used/refurbished MB ?but issue remained...New diagnosis key board needs replacement
-           Next WEEK he came back with a used/refurbished keyboard.... ?issue remained....New diagnosis..  It MAY be the housing/case let?s send it to depot to check out?.
-           2 days later Lenovo sends me a box to ship it? I dropped it at ups on same day and lenovo received it 2 days later?
-           2 more days later there came an e-mail saying they replaced the mother board again and the case and attached excel with diagnosis report saying everything working.
-     &nb... Read more

Answer:t420s 4170-CTO bad customer support

Your question seems really pertinent, verified by the fact that not responses on the forum since 2012. It's a shame for Thinkpad.

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UPDATE 11/10/11: I was contacted by a friendly Lenovo representative who provided for a replacement machine within one day. The new order was placed with expedited service and shipping - good to know that quality support still exists! ... Hello. I'm posting here in an attempt to get further support with an issue I'm having with my W520. The customer service I've received is unfortunately not up-to-par with the normally exceptional service from IBM/Lenovo. I ordered a Lenovo ThinkPad W520 on September 23, which arrived on October 3. Everything was working fine at first, until on the October 4 I started my machine (which hadn't been dropped or anything) only to find the Ethernet connection broken. I first did some diagnostics myself - reinstalled drivers, tried using Linux with no luck getting the connection working, and finally ran the PC-Doctor Ethernet card diagnostics, which failed. I called support, and after a few hours of diagnostics, got told to bring the machine to a nearby Business Partner. Unfortunately, it was only for students of a university, and my machine would not get serviced. I called again, and had a repair package dispatched to me on the 7th; the machine was received the 12th (it was a weekend). Since then, the machine was on hold for a system board. I called for the next 2 1/2 weeks, and kept getting the same response. What's more, there wasn't even an ETA on the board. Finally, I did get an ETA - November 30. After talking more wi... Read more

Answer:W520; an unfortunately bad customer support experience

Sorry I can't offer and help with your problem, but whenever it gets worked out, you should ask for a warranty extension for however long you were without a computer, especially since it's taking so long.

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I have just sent a thinkpad back for repair for the first time in over 20 years of owning  Thinkpad.  I have had 8 thinkpad  series laptops in my time as well as a few desktops and now lenovo phones. I am absolutely horrified with the diabolical Thinkpad support. This is meant to be business level support. I feel like I am phoning up Curry's.  Laptop sent back with hard disk in it and I am being told now that it "turned up without a hard disk in it". Now undercurrent of me lying. Original problem had not been assessed and I still don't have my laptop back after 3 weeks. Customer service agents just tell you anything they want to get you off the phone. I suppose all things come to an end but my loyalty to the Thinkpad brand is probably over now.  I am sure I am not the first. Has anyone else come across this?

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My ideapad z580's hard drive completely failed after a random Windows update ravaged my computer with its awfulness. I need support and repairs, but I live in Tokyo now and don't want to be charged a million yen trying to call a u.s. support number. I can't even find my computer on the support page drop down menu; it goes from z575 to z585 and completely skipped over z580. I've had a million problems with this machine's performance from day 1 and really I just want to go out and buy an axe and chop it to oblivion but it's the only computer I'm going to get so I NEED to get it repaired! How can I get this hard drive repaired/replaced from Tokyo? I am within warranty, and I got the super duper kind.I only have a smartphone now, and using lenovos website is incredibly rage-inducing so I'd really like it if support could help me through email to create a service request.
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity

Answer:z580 - Need email customer support.

hi Kimhartley24,
Welcome to the forums and sorry to hear about your trouble.
Looking at the International Warranty Services (IWS) lookup page, the Z580 has warranty coverage in Japan but it's thru phone support only. I would recommend you contact the helpdesk on how to go about getting the HDD replaced and the OS reloaded.
Country/Region: Japan
Phone Number: 0120-994-244
Supported Language: Japanese / English
Hours of operation: 9AM - 6PM
In addition, if a Windows Update corrupted the OS (causing it to not boot into Windows) then there maybe a chance to recover it.
Things that you can try:
Option 1:
Shutdown the machine, press the OneKey Recovery (Novo) Button then select System Recovery. 
  - Link to picture
If successful, the System Recovery page should appear and just follow the prompts to restore the system to factory settings.
Video Guide:
How to RUN OneKey Recovery on LENOVO Laptop
Option 2:
1. If the Z580 came preloaded with Windows 8/8,1, using a different PC, follow this guide on how to download a Windows 8.1 ISO. When finished, follow this guide to create a bootable UEFI flashdrive.
If successful, you can then use Automatic Repair or one of the System Recovery options to restore/reset Windows.
How Run "Automatic Repair" to Fix Startup Issues in Windows 8 and 8.1
How to Boot to "System Recovery Options" in Windows 8 and 8.1 (see Option Seven)
Alternativel... Read more

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1-800-723-4210 avg ANTIVIRUS Error support phone number1-800-723-4210 avg ANTIVIRUS Error support phone number1-800-723-4210 avg ANTIVIRUS Error support phone numberOffical AVG antivirus tech Support number 1.800.723.4210Customer Service AVG antivirus tech support phone number AVG Symantec phone number

Offical AVG antivirus tech Support number 1.800.723.4210Customer Service AVG antivirus tech support phone number AVG Symantec phone number
AVG toll free customer care number 1.800.723.4210
AVG toll free customer care number 1.800.723.4210
AVG toll free customer care number 1.800.723.4210>>>>>
AVG technical support phone number ((1.800.723.4210))
AVG technical support number 1.800.723.4210
AVG technical support number 1.800.723.4210
symantec technical support number 1.800.723.4210

AVG security center phone number 1.800.723.4210

AVG support telephone number 1.800.723.4210

AVG 360 technical support phone number 1.800.723.4210

symantec technical support phone number 1.800.723.4210

AVG tech support phone number 1.800.723.4210

apple technical support phone number 1.800.723.4210 usa

microsoft technical support phone number 1.800.723.4210 usa

gmail technical support phone number 1.800.723.4210 usa

kaspersky technical support phone number 1.800.723.4210 usa

lenovo technical support phone number-1855-990-5999

epson technical support phone number 1.800.723.4210 usa

AVG technical support phone number 1.800.723.4210

AVG AntiVirus Customer Service Phone Number #1... Read more

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Hello, I am writting here to steam off my frustration with Lenovo customer support. About 6 months after investing in my brand new T400s, i started having issues with my screen. Fine. Problems do occur with gadgets. Customer support where fairly fast to respond, and I sent my laptop over for repair. However, I have since been waiting for the good part of a month and so far no news. Multiple calls to the customer service number always end up in "Sorry Sir, we dont know what the status is, I will escalate your call, and will get back to you in a few hours as soon as I hear back from the depot". Never heard back, and same story day in day out. Even when I ask to speak to the manager, I get the same response. No compensation, no replacement, no laptop, no nothing. Quite appalling for a company the size of Lenovo, more so considering the laptop in question being a high end business model.   

Answer:T400S - Poor customer support

zendal, welcome to the forum,
clearly not a happy situation.  
My suggestion would be to call support again, sorry - a drag I know. Quote your call number and ensure you note the name of the person you speak to. You then need to state that you wish to escalate your call to a complaint; "complaint" is the important word. The rep will be required to escalate your case in the system resulting in you being contacted by another department. Unfortunately this can take up to 3 days - another drag, I know 
Make sure you make a note of the complaint number.

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My Yoga 910 has BSOD twice in the last six days. All drivers up-to-date, Windows up-to-date, no new software installed, etc. Initiated chat with Lenovo Customer Support on Tuesday afternoon at 2:45 p.m. They were of no help and "escalated" my case to Upper Management, and they would call me back within 1-2 hours.Waited the rest of the afternoon to make sure I was close by the machine... no call. Today, a full 48 hours later they call, and of course, I was in a meeting and could not pick up. I called back and the customer service rep again could not help me so she had to "escalate" my case to Upper Management (sound familiar?) and they will call me back within 3 days. Uh, what? So it may take 5 days before I can receive help with my machine's issue? C'mon Lenovo. This machine is less than 6-months-old and I have even upgraded the warranty to the 3-year on-site plan. I guess I should be thankful. At least when it BS's I can do a hard boot and bring it back.

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Lenovo just made my top 5 all time worst tech support expriences ever.  I would probably put it right behind Nortel Networks.  Holy cow.  Here is the email I sent to the [email protected]: I have a T530 that is less than 5 mos old. The "R" key keeps popping off, which according to the internet is a common problem.Anyway, first I go to the web site to try and get an RMA for the keyboard. I have to enter the serial number and type, after struggling to find it on the bottom where it always used to be, I find the only way to view it is to remove the batterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry. Sorry, **bleep** R key keeps popping off. So, I find the SN and Type and enter it it in. I get a "invaild SN and type". I try again same error.At this point I select "Chat with our Expert" Only the "Expert never replies to my request for help. After about 5 minutes I give up. and dial 877-737-1082 where I get the displeasure of arguing with the voice recognition software over whether the SN R9-TZVIN or R9-B3VRN or any one of 47 other combinations. When the IVR finally gets tirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred of fighting with man and kicks me to an agent, the agent tells me I have the wrong number. So now I am listening to hold music wondering if anyone will ever answer.If this is how the "Premium" support functions I dread what is going to happen when I find out I'm not qualified for "Premium" support.This is the end of my rant. Thank you. Now, after being on hold for 15 ... Read more

Answer:HORRIBLE Customer support for T530

Hello Ahochau, welcome,
Glad to hear that things worked out.
I don't speak for Lenovo (!) but my guess is that there were enough cases where the SN, type, and/or CoA had been scuffed to the point of being unreadable that hiding them in the battery compartment was the lesser of evils.
I'd rather have to dig a little for the SN than have a warranty claim denied because the SN wasn't readable any more.  A readable CoA is handy too...

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I am truly disgusted with Lenovo. My Thinkpad edge 14 stopped booting on 30th of August, 2011. I sent it for service. I received it on 22nd September 2011. It was booting but in just one week, the thing has starred falling apart. Firstly, the shinny surface was all scratched during the repair. Now the keyboard and trackpad is failing. Today the VGA port stopped working. It was all fine before. My warranty expired on September 9th, 2011 and now lenovo is refusing to solve any issues. I heard such things with HP and Dell before but now I have experienced them with Lenovo. They have lost the IBM quality I used to trust. Have to switch. Please guys don't waste your money with Thinkpad anymore. They are no more engineering and support. They are only specs now, at a premium.

Answer:Lenovo is cheating customer through its support

hey ronargr99,apologies on the service that you're receiving, could you pm to me the following info and i'll assist you the best that i canName:Country:Mobile:Email:MTM [machine type model]:( To locate MTM - )Serial Number (S/N):Date of Purchase:Case/Order Number : (if any)Screenshot of Error(if applicable) : (upload it to a hosting site and paste the link here)Location of unit : Home / Repair Center (delete where appropriate)Description of issue :Troubleshooting Taken : (if any)

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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By way of reference.  I have used thinkpads since at least 1999.   I have probably purchased over 200 machines for my clients over the last 18 years.   So I am not a Lenovo hater.   I would attempt to fax or email this to a customer advocate, but I cannot find them.  In fact, in the customer email from the support request in question, there is the following paragraph from the email from lenovo on 15 Mar 2017.
Our goal is to make you Extremely Satisfied with the service we provide. If you have any issues with your service, please contact me directly [Moderator edit]
But when I tried to write I found this email is no longer valid.  So I am forced to use this forum.
The device in question is an Thinkpad X230.   On 15 Mar 2017, the computer suddenly stopped working.  Client calls Lenovo Support who issues ticket number 403QRH4.  The diagnosis was a bad motherboard and setup an onsite appointment to replace the motherboard. 
The problem is that the motherboard in this same machine has been replaced twice previously over the last 3 years. 
The first incident was 21 Feb 15, ticket number CQMWSCG
The second incident was on 22 Feb 16, ticket number 304BT5Z
My client is understanably concerned that the warranty will run out in Oct 17.  She contacted the warranty support people to see if she could extend the warranty.  She writes:
I called Tech support and was o... Read more

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Call AVG Customer Support number USA +1-844-803-9811, AVG Support Number for troubleshoot the all AVG Antivirus related issues and get instant solution. AVG Tech Support

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I have been having a look at a friends old Laptop an HP Pavilion ze5300 and found the hard drive had burned out or whatever. Contact HP online customer support, who fail the Turing test by the way, and the local (Swiss German speaking) people. Both told me my olnly option was the official drive. CHF 600 or araound USD 500. :confused Jeeeeepeeers I could by a new PC for a ltille more. Finally found an option for 62.20 and it work like a charm.

Moral of the story do not beieve what they tell you. Just put this here as a rant and in the hope it saves someone else 540 francs. Bastardos.

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In May of 2011, I purchased a ThinkPad for my son to take to college.  With it, we paid extra for a warranty that we thought would ensure that he would be taken care of, if any problems with the computer came up.  In November, the computer ceased working and after three weeks of calling and waiting (and much frustration), a technician finally came out and made a repair.  Unfortunately, after one day, the computer once again ceased to work.  This time, it was not even possible to run the diagnostics because the computer would not even boot up.  Again, I placed a phone call to the customer support number, hoping to have a resolution before finals started.  A case number was assigned and I was given the name of the "Escalation Specialist" who I was told would be calling me in 24-48 hours. While I tried to be patient, there was no call and so after almost a week, I tried calling the Escalation Specialist.  Instead of reaching him, I was greeted with a message that his voice mailbox was full, so I could not leave a message.  The recording said that I could be transferred to an operator if I pressed the # sign, but when I did that, I was told that this was not an option available to me.  When I called customer support/service back to let them know this, I was told that I should stop calling because each time I called, I was being moved down in the list of people to receive return calls.   Wow!  is this what customer service has... Read more

Answer:Lack of customer service/support

hey UnhappywithLeno,welcome to the forums and apologies on what had happened.could you pm to me the following :Name:Country:Mobile:Email:MTM [machine type model]:(To locate MTM - Number (S/N):Date of Purchase:Case/Order Number : (if any)Screenshot of Error(if applicable) : (upload it to a hosting site and paste the link here)Location of unit : Home / Repair Center (delete where appropriate)Description of issue :Troubleshooting Taken : (if any)

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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Hello Team,
My Name is Anish Mathew and you can reach at my number xxxxxxxxxxx).I would like to report one of the worst customer support I have ever experienced in my life. I am not sure which email address I should be sending this,so marked on all addresses I got from the internet. Please forward this to the right people as I didn't find any escalation point.
The story begins around last week of June 2013 when my laptop(Lenovo thinkpad edge xxxxxxxxx doesn't detect my battery. Since it was out of warranty I went ahead and bought a new Lenovo genuine battery thinking that my battery is corrupt. But the laptop didn't detect the new battery. As a next step I reached out at one of your Authorized service center in Bangalore below.
Caddons Computer Services
No.3350, KR Road,
BSK II stage,Bengaluru-560070
As per the call with the technician I took my laptop to the service center. The initial response itself was pathetic. The problems seems like the chip that is supposed to detect the battery is no longer working. As per Lenovo we cant replace the chip instead we need to replace the Mother board which would cost me 14k. Rahul told me that he will extend the warranty and get the mother board replaced under warranty which would cost me 8k. We agreed this and gave the laptop on 29th June 2013.Attached is the service report copy with the dates for your reference.
Guys Today is 21st Feb 2014 and you know what still nothing has... Read more

Answer:Worst ever Customer support in my life

Your complaint is with the computer store that you took the computer to.  Go back to the store in person and get your computer back.  They've had it long enough for you to know they are never going to fix it.  Then call the Lenovo customer service number on this website (for India) and work with them.  This is a user forum, not a Lenovo customer service forum.  By all means take the computer store to court (if the Indian court system is anything like the US system, you are wasting your time), but they are not lenovo..  

KeithFormerly 600E 2645, T30 2366, X31 2673, T40 2373, T41 2379, T42 2373, T42 2379, T60 1952, T61p 8889, T61p 8891Currently T420 4177-CTO, T430 2347-A54, T430 2349-L64, T430 2347-UN9, T430 2342-CTR, Ideapad K1, H520S 2561-1LU

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Hello all, Has anyone tried an Intel PRO 2500 SSD with T430s and managed to get the eDrive working? From the video posted in Intel website it seems that Windows 8.1 should do secure provisioning of the hard drive during instalation if Opal and eDrive is enabled in the firmware. I have enable eDrive support (tool by someotherguy print all YES'es), have secure boot ON, UEFI On. Regardless, when I install windows, it is not doing secure provisioning and if I try to manually enable BitLocker with hardware encription, I get an error saying that it is not supported. An I missing something, or T430s just does not support eDrive? Thanks.

---T430s (i7 / HD+ / Intel 520 SSD / 16 GB Ram)Previous: X60s, Portégé R100

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The T430s specs page on states: The rich performance is enhanced with Lenovo?s Rapid suite of technologies. Recharge the batteries to 80% in 30 minutes with Lenovo RapidCharge. Boot or resume the laptop in no time with Lenovo RapidBoot and RapidResume. Connect to WiFi or WWAN near instantly using Lenovo RapidConnect. (Emphasis added) However, the product doesn't appear to include a RapidCharge battery, even as an option. Does the T430s include and support a RapidCharge battery? If not, why does the specs page indicate that it does? Thanks.

Answer:Does T430s include and support RapidCharge battery?

Robisan wrote:
However, the product doesn't appear to include a RapidCharge battery, even as an option. Does the T430s include and support a RapidCharge battery? If not, why does the specs page indicate that it does? Thanks.

I can confirm that it does come with a RapidCharge battery. I can also confirm the claim that the battery recharges to 80%+ in 30 minutes. Very handy at an airport so you can recharge before each leg of a journey.
Note that you need the 90W AC adapter for RapidCharge to work. When I bought my T430s the order page offered a choice of either the 90W or 65W adapter.

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I got new HP HP ENVY x360 Convertible laptop week back. Getting various BSOD messages. Few of them : PFN_LIST_CORRUPT, IRQL_NOT_OR_EQUAL, KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE. As HP doesn't provide support after 6 PM, I contacted Microsoft Windows 10 support and they did try to help me with device driver update etc. but no luck. Still getting BSOD messages and everytime it's different. MS asked me to contact HP and sort it out as it's still under warranty. I have done all required windows updates suggested by HP Support Tool. Thanks,Dipen

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Does anyone happen to know an AMERICAN technical support hot line for Hewlett Packard?

Answer:u.s. tech support for hp

Are you experiencing some difficulty communicating with them? Try the advice given here:

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I have been getting screens, such as the one attached on several occasions. When I call tech support we have to go through all the tests and nothing shows. The tech has me do a few things and he even takes control of the computer and does some things. Of course, immediately thereafter everything seems to be working fine but eventually I get this screen.  This morning, 08/10/17 the computer gave me the screen I have attached, I sent the technician the picture of the screen and he sends me this response
"Thank you for contacting Dell Technical Support. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you to help ensure you continue to enjoy the use of your Dell system. ?? Please contact Dell Technical Support any time at 1800-624-9896 for quick resolution Service Request Number 951652777
Please contact Dell Technical Support any time at 1800-624-9896
please have your service tag or express service code ready. You could also resolve your issues by logging onto our support site for basic troubleshooting assistance and information related to order status, driver downloads and queries regarding your Dell system. Please allow our representative to contact you within 48 to 72 hours. Your satisfaction is very important to us. Thank you for choosing Dell."
I think my hard drive or worse, my computer is failing.  I have warranty until 01/19.  What can I do? If I keep calling nothing seems to get fixed.

Answer:No help from tech support

Remove your service request number because it may allow a scammer to access your personal info.
Always include exact PC model and version of Windows in your posts.
It's possible (1) the hard drive failed, (2)  BIOS is mis-configured, or (3) the boot sequence is incorrect.
For starters, you can power off and unplug the PC. Press/hold power button for ~15 sec. Open the case and find the cable that goes from the SATA0 connector on the motherboard (possibly a blue motherboard connector) to the hard drive. Carefully reseat the cable at both ends. Then check the power cable connection from the power supply to that same hard drive. Close up and see if it boots now.
And obviously, if it's under warranty you have to get tech support to assist. You can call them again if they haven't responded. Give whoever answers your Request number and your Service Tag. They should be able to help you.

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Question: Tech Support

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2600+, x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 767 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 109915 MB, Free - 42983 MB; D: Total - 4538 MB, Free - 690 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., A7N8X-LA, Rev 1.xx, X312345678
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Answer:Tech Support

thank you. I understand!

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I use Firefox and Safari and when I'm on Myspace,some pages wont load all the way,right after,I get a error message and I opens another page and says Download Adobe9. I tried to download it but I can't find the download or install it

Answer:Tech Support,please!

two steps
for windows ask about mac or linux

1. make sure you have the newest version of firefox and or Safari

2. and download

3 make sure to check the right plugin checkboxes when in stalling

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Here is the problem I can't even get to this forum on my main computer to get help. I was gone out of town on a fishing trip and let some people stay at my house now my main computer is screwed up. web pages keep redirecting and any web page that i try to go to like this one just comes up web page not found or it redirects you. one of the idiots that stayed removed avg and installed avira which i know is good but it wont pick up anything wrong i would like some help but like i said i can't get to this forum to get help any ideas????


Answer:can't even get to tech support

Please follow the instructs from this webpage (sticky):

You shall have a proper set of logs for us after that. Someone shall be along shortly

* Kindly note that threads without the proper logs shall likely be ignored.

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i trust you all will know what to do with this. i'm short of new to this so directions would greatly help.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 9:50:57 AM, on 6/13/2004
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Network Associates\Common Framework\FrameworkService.exe
C:\Program Files\Network Associates\VirusScan\mcshield.exe
C:\Program Files\Network Associates\VirusScan\SHSTAT.EXE
C:\Program Files\Network Associates\Common Framework\UpdaterUI.exe
C:\Program Files\Roxio\Easy CD Creator 5\DirectCD\DirectCD.exe
C:\Program Files\Viewpoint\Viewpoint Manager\ViewMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\CasinoOnline\CsRemnd.exe
C:\Program Files\iPod\bin\iPodService.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Reference\Bookshelf 98\qshelf98.exe
C:\Program Files\Netscape\Netscape\Netscp.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Slik\My Documents\HijackThis.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software... Read more

Answer:Tech Support - HELP!

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I have some type of virus on my computer. I keep getting pop up and unwanted icons on my desk top. I try to clear them out but everytime I go back on the internet they come back. Please give me some advise.

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Question: Tech Support Guy

To: Tech Support Guy Staff & All Other Dignitaries

I just wanna say that I LOVE Tech Support Guy. My first encounter was a few months ago, when I woke up one morning and found that my homepage had been hijacked by Searchv. I couldn't get rid of it. So I googled until I got to Tech Support Guy, and found that somebody else had the same problem. I followed the instructions and was rid of searchv. Via HijackThis. Jeez, I like that name.....HijackThis. And then came Ad-aware, and Spybot, and a whole new world was opened up to me. To top it off, it's all free. Not quite. I'm sending you guys a donation. You earned it.


Answer:Tech Support Guy

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Question: Tech support

I have a LG X120 notebook with windows XP, will it be able to be viewed threw an HAIER LCD Television.

Answer:Tech support

Hi Debbie, and welcome to TSG.

If this is your computer (, it has a VGA video output connector.

Your TV would need to have a VGA, DVI-A, or DVI-I video input jack. The TV would also need to support at least one of the video resolutions and refresh rates that the computer can feed to the VGA connector.

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Am having problems with a mercury router, yet when trying to get in contact with the company, I am thrown all about the world, and still no help. Not even a reply to my emails! Does anyone have any ideas what I should do next?

Answer:Does anyone know how to get tech support?

sorry, will re-post in consumerwatch

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My computer has become very slow in loading programs such as Firefox. Once it is loaded it doesn't work smoothly as before. Not Responding message appears and everything stops working for a while. Scrolling also doesn't always work. Sometimes the arrow changes to the hourglass and stops working. After a while it changes back to the arrow again and so it continues.

Quite regularly I get the "script not working" message window in the middle of the screen with "continue" or "cancel" options. Sometimes it is the Shockwave plugin and at other times it is Google or other script. And often the end program command doesn't work. For the last few days, script error message for Internet Explorer comes on at powering up.

I have been thinking of reloading Windows but with no more Microsoft support for XP I don't know how I am going to get the updates.

I know the laptop is very old(2001) but I really use it mainly to check emails. Any help in resolving the above issues would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.



First off, All updates are available for Windows XP and will continue to be available till the end of time. There will just not be any NEW updates for XP. I just installed XP on an old computer 2 days ago and ran all of 142 Windows Updates.
As for your current installation, try running a Clean Boot. If this works then add one startup item at a time, restarting each time till the computer becomes unresponsive, then you know what the problematic program is.
Also, go to Start/Run and type chkdsk C: /R and press enter, in the command prompt type a Y for Yes and reboot the computer. Check Disk will go thorough 5 stages and takes some time. It will check your HDD for integirty.

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Question: Tech support !

I was giving my deceased grandfather's computer and it's has a password on it how do I get past it ?

Answer:Tech support !

Unfortunately we will not assist with that issue
One of the site rules is
Please do not ask for assistance with (or ways to bypass) a forgotten or unknown password, personal identification number (PIN) or any other type of access code that may be required on a computer, mobile device or web site. As there is no way to verify the actual situation or intent, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.Click to expand...

Please do understand that we are not doubting what YOU say, simply that we have no way of verifying that your explanation is the truth.
If for instance your computer was stolen or accessed without your permission and we enabled the person responsible to gain access to your computer, you would not be very pleased.

Sorry we cannot help
Our only suggestion is a clean install of Windows using the product key on the case of the computer if there is one.

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So, like most people should, I use an ad blocker. Also, like most people should, sites that you enjoy or visit a lot, you should contribute to them. This can be easily done by turning off your ad blocker for that one particular site. I did that for Tech Support Guy and the ads were still blocked.

I'm using Firefox and I started disabling some of the privacy features that I use. I disabled Tracking Protection and the ads appeared. Great.. or so I thought. There isn't anyway to disable tracking protection on a particular site. Technically, you can, but it's session based. After I close FF and start it back up, it doesn't keep my individual preference for TSG.

I wasn't sure if FF by default enabled Tracking Protection or not. I mean, if it is enabled by default, then EVERY guest user that visits TSG on FF is not seeing ads, meaning TSG is missing out on a lot of profits.

So on another computer, I completely removed FF and downloaded a fresh, uncustomized copy. Tracking Protection is enabled by default, but oddly, I now saw ads on TSG. Back to the drawing board.

I started customizing this fresh install of FF and after enabling Never Remember History, I no longer had ads. So it appears that this isn't one feature of FF blocking ads on TSG, but 2. If I disable one of the features (doesn't matter which), ads appear. It's only when BOTH features are enabled that ads disappear.

So my question is how can I allow only ads on TSG without havin... Read more

Answer:Ads on Tech Support Guy

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I wanted to make this my special post, as its my 1000, and encourage all members to use their System Restore more, I keep a system restore icon on
my desktop and make a restore point everyday, I know the computer is suppose to do it, but it makes me feel better, evertime I make drastic changes or questionable downloads I make a restore point, I simply type call it rp it only takes less than 10 seconds, if everyone did this we really could cut down on our
Tech Support. Have a good day.

Answer:How to cut down on Tech Support

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ThinkVantage suggested some system updates. I ran them and now my laptop is almost useless. I called Lenovo at (800) 426-7378 but, because I am out of warranty, they won't help me even if I pay. Please, does anyone have advice?

Answer:How does one get tech support?

can you be more descriptive regarding the problems you are facing?i.e. what did you install and what problems are you experiencing?

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