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Installed second hard drive in place of optical drive and computer no longer charging

Question: Installed second hard drive in place of optical drive and computer no longer charging

I installed a second hard drive in place of the DVD drive and now when my computer is plugged in it won't charge (it says plugged in, not charging). I can't imagine that the power adapter isn't able to handle a second hard drive because I've seen plenty of people that said they put two hard drives in their w530. Is there some kind of driver or setting that I need to reset to make this work again? I'm on windows 8.1 by the way so a lot of the solutions I've found by googling do not apply to my system.

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Preferred Solution: Installed second hard drive in place of optical drive and computer no longer charging

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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H Guys,Need help with this one. Got three Dell Latitude C810 Laptops and all three are coming up with the same message. Primary Hard Drive: NoneFixed Optical Drive: Not installed.I am very comfortable around computers / laptops  and thought I knew my way around them until now.The hard drives are all brand new 40GB IDE hard drives that work fine on other laptops (tested them). The laptops have the HD adapters fitted before I installed them in the laptops. Even bought three replacement adapters - just in case. Did not make any difference.When the units power up, they go through POST, spend ages on the splash screen and the error messages come up.The HD and Optical Drive is not registering in BIOS.I read somewhere to take out the battery, unplug laptop from mains and hold power botton for 30 seconds or so. Tried that no luck.Also read somewhere to have the Caps, Num and Scroll keys all on in or before going into BIOS and do the Alt+E, Alt+F and Alt+B. The Alt+B combination was supposed to be held until the laptop reboots itself. Held them down for almost a minute and nothing happened. Laptop did not reboot. The Alt+F did reset the Laptops Bios to default setting and dates, and nothing more. They still did not register the HD or Optical Drive.I have swapped out HDs, DVD ROMs, with or without battery, Swapped out RAMs - ram memtest on another laptop. They all came back okay.This is really thrown me and I'd realy appreciate some assitance.Cheers guys.KS

Answer:Dell Latitude C810 Primary hard drive : None Fixed optical drive : Not Installed

Dead CMOS batteries ? ?May be worth trying replacing 1 at least to see...

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hi,please could you help me.i have had a new hard drive installed but i find a couple of the keys on the keyboard are in the wrong place especialy the @ which is where the number 2 is.this is anoying as its the one you need in your email addresses.any help will as allways be appreciated.

Answer:installed hard drive/now keys in wrong place

its set as a US keyboard.change to UK in.control panel/regional settings.

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It was a mistake, but I see no downside right now as I don't need the space and it looks like it would run cooler. I have only 2 screws securing it as access to the other 2 seems problematic as it would be in the proper bay below HD 1.
Initially not recognized but after seeing it as available in pre-boot, and re-booting it appeared in Disk Management, ready for the formatting process. 2T.
Thank you.

Answer:XPs 8700 installed 2nd hard drive in optical bay - any problem with that?

I would not ship the system with the drive there with only two screws, but it wouldn't bother me at all.
On the 8700s we use with gaming cards, the HDD cage has been removed so there is only room for one drive in the HD2 slot, and the SSD is parked in the optical bay. Again I wouldn't ship it like this but it is fine for me.

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Hello Guys.i have a question to ask.does installing a hard disk using the same cable as the optical drive affect or will affect my system in any way?i have to do this bcoz my motherboard has only one IDE connector thanks in advance

Answer:Solved: Hard disk installed using the same ribbon as optical drive

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Hard Drive is not showing up. BIOS says it is not installed. We have checked the cables and plugged it into multiple ports. Hard drive is good.  We can plug it into another computer and it is recognized. We put in a Windows 7 image on a thumbdrive.  Can get to command prompt.  Downloaded the driver for the hard drive and tried to install. Gives an error message.  Ideas?

Answer:Internal Hard Drive is no longer recognized as installed

Have done these steps On the Main tab, make sure the new drive shows up under its proper location (1st or 2nd drive or First or Second Channel Device). If not, exit BIOS, turn off the computer, open the case and make sure the IDE and power cables are firmly and correctly connected. Once the settings are confirmed, close the case and repeat step 1.If you are installing a hard drive that already contains data you are done with installation. Restart the computer to begin using it.The hard  drive is sitll not showing up

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Hey guy, I am having a bit of a problem with my PC. I recently installed a new hard drive on my system. I am using it as a storage drive. Everything works great except that Windows takes about 2-3 minutes longer to load. What do I need to do in order to make it load faster?

My system specs are as follows.


Any help would be great.

Answer:Installed new hard drive and now OS loads longer than usal

At what point is the computer taking longer? Have you run BootVIS to pinpoint what's going on during the slowdown?

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I just installed a brand new Western Digital Hard Drive 160 gig. I partitioned it with FDISK, then formated, then did a clean install of windows XP. Everything was fine until after i finished the installation, and i tried to connect my old maxtor 20 gig so i could transfer some files over, and the computer stopped reading both hard drives. When i start it up, the computer can't boot from either drive. I've tried disconnecting each of the drives and only booting with one connected, with no luck. I also tried changing the gray strip, I can't remember what its official name is, but that didnt help either. When I go into BIOS and let it auto detect my drives, It wont recognize either of the drives.

Answer:New hard drive installed sucessfully, now my computer cant find any hard drive

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Hi all,just wondering does the lenovo website offer their own hard drive caddy and hard drive for purchase so we can add a second hard drive in place of the optical drive?? That customization potential is avaliable for the thinkpad t510 correct?

Answer:Adding Second Harddrive in place of Optical Drive?

Looks like this is the part number:  43N3412 (according to the PSREF sheets)  You can order it here:   Walter

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Fresh install of Windows 10 on Dell Inspiron M5030 from my KLite USB drive where I have only added the correct, workable AMD-4200 video driver to the normal Windows 10 ISO. Windows 10 is functioning properly EXCEPT my TSST DVD+/-RW TS-L633C shows in Device Manager as DISK DRIVE 01 (which of course is not initialized) instead of showing as TS-L633C in DVD/CD-ROM drives.

I have tried the following:

1: Online updating drivers.

2: Hardware and devices troubleshooter. My problem is not recognized.

3: Uninstall CD/DVD drive driver. Restarted the computer, checked the functionality and the same problem exists.

Per device Manager, I have the standard SATA ACHI controller installed but no ATA channels 1, 2, 3, or 4 and no Standard ACHI 1.0 Serial ATA driver. Since Dell has not "approved" the M5030 for Windows 10, there are no drivers on the Dell M5030 Support website for Windows 10.

Can someone please give me some help please so that I can solve my problem?

Thank you very much.

Answer:CD\DVD CD-ROM Optical drive installed as disk drive 01 NOT initialized

A moot point now. Tried to update BIOS -- MB died and the unit now has the very common 7-Beep error code when trying to boot.

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I am having difficulty finding any compatible caddies? Has anyone succesfully added a drive caddy in place of PLDS DVD-RW DA8A5SH optical drive?
thank you.
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.




Go to Solution.

Answer:Flex 2 15 - Any options to add a ssd caddy in place of optical drive w. Flex2 15?

Hi. I bought from ebay : , and it's working. I installed the hdd inside.

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drivers don't work anymore. help fix. device name: MATSH.ITA DVD-R UJ-875 OS: Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate

Edit: I don't know why the forums filter out the name of an optical drive, rather stupid if you ask me. But just remove the .

Answer:optical drive no longer works

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My computer stopped detecting my hdd, and I've tried several things to solve the problem. I switched out the hdd with another and replaced all the cables to no effect. I know the hard drives are getting power because they vibrate when I turn the pc on. Thus, the problem obviously has something to do with the data portion of the system. As said earlier, switching data cables has not worked. I even tried plugging the hdd into different SATA slots on the mobo to no effect. I'm guessing that my motherboard just blew out in that region or something. Any help is appreciated.

Answer:computer no longer reads any hard drive

First of all, one thread is sufficient. No need to post twice.

Have you tried installing the hdd in a different pc? Try to troubleshoot the individual parts seperately. e.g. swap the cables into a different pc, and see if that works. If it does, rule out the cables as possible cause of the problem. Also try installing a different hdd in the broken pc.

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I have a Western Digital 1TB Hard Drive (External).
I use it 99.9% of the time on my Windows 7 64bit computer to store pictures/videos and backup important files.

It was working fine until I plugged it into a MACINTRASH to backup files from that computer.
It was a simple copy and paste from the MACINTRASH to the External HDD.

After copying the files from the MACINTRASH, I plugged it back into my PC.

My PC no longer recognizes my external HDD. I unplugged the power, plugged it back in. Same with the USB cable. Rebooted. Then my computer wouldn't reboot and windows did its automatic self repair. Nothing.

I unplugged EVERYTHING and left it that way for about 30 minutes. I plugged EVERYTHING back to my computer and turned it on.

Windows booted up fine. I plugged in the external HDD and windows had that little icon telling me it was installing drivers. I was excited to think that it finally would recognize my external HDD.

Of course, it didn't work. The HDD does not show up in my computer. It does show up in Device Manager and Disk Management.

Device MangerUnder Disk Drives it lists it only as "WD"
My other drives it has a nice long name like "WD 7500AAK External USB Device"
Under properties it tells me Volume information for the disk cannot be found. (The very first time I did that prior to the reboot it said there was 0MB of space on it).
It claims the device is working properly
Disk ManagementAt first this said that I must initialize my disk.
N... Read more

Answer:My Hard Drive no longer shows up in My Computer

This got mine back on track last night from trichard13

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I have had a second drive f: for a long time -- over a year. I can nolonger see it! I tried to use restore and went back several months but get message that "changes made to F:\ after that point cannot be reversed because the drive was either excluded from System Restore monitoring, or was turned off or removed." ??

Was having CD/DVD burning problems. Installed and ran Registry Smart last night but unsure if F:\ disappeard before or after running Registry Smart.

Answer:Computer No Longer Sees My Second Hard Drive? HELP!


Where is it on your PC.......on the Secondary as Master or on the Primary as Slave?

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I bought myself a SATA caddy to replace the optical drive on my Lenovo Z51-70, with a 2.5" SATA Drive.The caddy and the hard drive work, as tested on another HP Laptop.But on my Z51-70, the Hard drive is not detected, either in BIOS, or within Windows itself. I checked the Device Manager and Disk Management, but it is not visible anywhere like it is on my HP Laptop. Any and all help and suggestions will be appreciated!I desperately need this to work!Please Help! 

Answer:Z51-70 2nd Hard Drive via SATA Caddy to replace Optical Drive.

Lenovo released a new bios update! Did you try it?

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I was given a pc (asus K8N-E) the problem is that although it powers up, mobo light works cpu fan spins and system fan spins front panel lights work, the hard drive and optical drive wont power up unless i disconnect the IDE cables, when disconnected the hard drive spins and the light on and drawer on the optical drive work. its as if the IDE is somehow disabled, i have tried different cables but to no avail any help appreciated.

Answer:Hard drive and optical drive only work when IDE cables are disconnected


check that the cables are plugged in the right way round, the red stripe on the cable goes next to the power socket on the device and the board is usually marked pin 1 or has a dot on it.

does it happen when you plug in a single device or only when you plug in both.

are you using seperate cables or are you putting both devices on the same cable.

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I disabled the optical drive from Windows System folder because it was faulty and slowing down my computer.

However, now, a virus has stopped from starting Windows.

Since this configuration of Windows on the Hard Drive, can I replace the Hard Drive with a new one so it can:

A. Reset my configuration to allow a Windows Installation disk to boot up from the "newly installed" optical drive,

B. Erase any prior infected files I may have had on the previous Hard Drive.

Thank you,


The computer is a Dell Inspirion 2200 Notebook.

Answer:I cannot boot my install cd from my optical drive? Should I replace my hard drive?

Go into your BIOS and make sure the CD drive is the first boot device
Use the recovery CD that came with your computer and boot to it

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I am trying to replace my optical drive with a HDD Caddy with a Seagate 2TB HDD. When I start my laptop with the drive installed both my bios and os don't recognized it. If I start my laptop and then slide the caddy into the optical bay my os picks it up immediately. If I restart the computer the drive is gone. I have discussed with the caddy manufacturer and they aren't sure what the issue is. I have updated all my drivers and my bios via Dell's website.
Can anyone provide some insight?
Thank you.

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Hi Everyone:

I'm new here and I was hoping one of the experts here could help. Woke up this morning to a bluescreen on my 2 week old Windows XP machine (was left running overnight). Message on screen stated
along with:
STOP 0x00000077 (0xC0000056, 0xC0000056, 0x00000000x 0x026A9000).

When I try to reboot, the machine will not boot, and says that it cannot find a boot drive (it does seem to see my two dvd drives, but not the hard drive).

Spent 45 minutes on the phone with Dell tech support (very knowledgeable, and flawless English), and the computer is definitely not seeing the drive (tried again to reseat cales, and even changed drive connection on motherboard to a different "port". Tried BIOS changes as well. All a no-go.

Dell is sending me a brand new drive, and I'm hoping and pryaing I can slave this drive to that one and get my data off witout major expense....but not confident at this point.

Any suggestions on how to remedy this incredibly distressing problem (I copied all data from my old machine onto the new machine, and now l no longer have access to the old machine), and I'm really hoping I don't have a dead hard drive with tons of irreplaceable data and photos on it.

As an alternative, if you could provide suggestion on other forums on which I can post regarding this problem, that would be great!

Many thanks in advance for all your help.


Answer:Two week old computer no longer sees hard drive....please help

try a new eide cable

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Ok, so I have an external hard drive that I use for both of my computers. We store albums, videos, photos, etc. on it. However, neither computer recognizes the hard drive anymore. It is connected through a USB cable and is a LACIE. It won't even show up in My Computer. I have tried restarting both computers, unplugging the drive for thirty seconds and plugging it back in, but none of this has worked. If someone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:My computer no longer recognizes my external hard drive

kasmsod said:

Ok, so I have an external hard drive that I use for both of my computers. We store albums, videos, photos, etc. on it. However, neither computer recognizes the hard drive anymore. It is connected through a USB cable and is a LACIE. It won't even show up in My Computer. I have tried restarting both computers, unplugging the drive for thirty seconds and plugging it back in, but none of this has worked. If someone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.Click to expand...

What brand is the drive?

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Is it possible to replace the optical drive with a 2nd hard drive?  I've installed a 128GB SSD as my primary drive on my Y560.  I'm interested in disassembling the laptop and replacing the Optical Drive with a secondary hard drive for storage.  It doesn't appear that the DVD Drive is designed to be removed, but is it possible with some effort to replace?

Answer:Y560 - Replace optical drive with 2nd hard drive?

found this when searching for the same thing..

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I have a T400 without optical drive. Want to change hard drive.  What's the easiest way to copy OS and files to the new hd? Thanks.

Answer:How to change hard drive on system without optical drive

Hello, I would suggest to use Acronis True Image. Make a clone of your hdd onto an usb-drive.  Then attach your new hdd into your system (the other way round wont work!)and play back the image from your external hdd. Please read here for further suggestions.Message Edited by Agotthelf on 21-11-2008 07:31 PM

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I recently replaced my hard drive with a SSD and put a fresh install of Windows 7 Home Premium edition on my laptop. I've had a lot of trouble getting all the drivers to work but fixing the optical drive seems to be giving me the most trouble. I've looked around on this website and on several forums. I've gone into the device manager where the DVD/CD-ROM DRIVE entry only appears when I select to see hidden devices, and even then it is not the optical drive that is installed but something to do with my android phone so scanning for hardware changes makes no difference. I have seen tips on going into the registry to delete two files named upperfilters and lowerfilters, neither of which exist in my registry.  The drive can be seen from my BIOS but appears nowhere else. When I insert a disc I can hear and feel it moving so the hardware is still functioning.  When I installed the new hard drive, I did not unplug anything else so I am certain that the drive is just as connected as it was before when it was working properly. Any other suggestions?

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I have two identical hard drives connected as master and slave on primary ide channel, and two optical drives on secondary ide. The problem is that the slave hard drive will only run in pio mode, and not udma mode 5 (as the primary does). The upshot of this is that any file transfer to or from my slave drive results in 100% cpu usage, and it's very annoying. As I have an uptodate motherboard do you think that putting a hdd on each ide channel with optical as slave would speed things up?

Answer:Hard drive- optical drive configuration problem


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I have a Sony Vaio Laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Model VPCEC1M1E. The problems that I am having are: The ATI Display driver stops responding and the screen goes blank, Also the optical drive is no longer showing within windows, and it will no longer open. I have tried lots of different ATI display drivers for the laptop however none of these have worked I have also tried clean installs but this did not make any difference. I have had a look through Event viewer and one error that seems to be a cause for concern is:

Event ID 13

: The embedded controller (EC) did not respond within the specified timeout period. This may indicate that there is an error in the EC hardware or firmware or that the BIOS is accessing the EC incorrectly. You should check with your computer manufacturer for an upgraded BIOS. In some situations, this error may cause the computer to function incorrectly.

I would be grateful for any help people can offer on the above issues.

Answer:Optical Drive No Longer Showing Up And Drivers Crashing

"You should check with your computer manufacturer for an upgraded BIOS"

I think your first port of call as a matter of urgency should be to contact Sony. If a BIOS update is needed, they should provide it with help on downloading it, and then flashing the BIOS.

You might also want to check with ATI's support website to see if they can give you any insight as to why this particular problem is happening.

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(I sign up on this site intending to post my own problem, and find myself contributing to solving 3 others before I even get around to it! )
Anyway, here's my problem.  I'm still running a laptop and a PC operating on Windows XP which I need to back up from time to time.  I use a WD MyPassport for that.  All was fine until sometime over the summer the laptop suddenly stopped recognising the external drive: I got the "USB device not recognised.  One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned ..." message.  I tried it on the PC: same thing.  I assumed that the drive had indeed failed, and went out and bought another one, but that didn't work either, despite allegedly being compatible with XP.  At that point, I got suspicious and plugged the external drive into my Windows 8.1 laptop, and found it was still working, so it's clearly not the drive that's at fault here.
I've been hunting around for various fixes on the internet and found some that should work, except that the general recommendation has been to assign a new letter to the drive - but if the computer doesn't recognise it in the first place I can't do that!  A lot of the solutions require you to go into Disk Management via Run:, but the trouble is that when I try that I get the following message:
"Logical Disk Manager
The specified service does not exist as an installed service"
and, in the bottom of the window:
"Unable to connect to Logical Disk... Read more

Answer:Windows XP computer no longer recognising external hard drive

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy,  taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.
   Go to Piriform's website, and download the free version on the left.  Click Download from (the FileHippo link requires an extra click). Or if you want to use a portable version of Speccy (which doesn't require installation), click the builds page link and download the portable version. You will now be asked where you want to save the file. The best place to put it is the Desktop, as it will be easy to find later.
    After the file finishes downloading, you are ready to run Speccy. If you downloaded the installer, simply double-click on it and follow the prompts until installation is complete. If you downloaded the portable version, you will need to unzip it before use. Right-click the ZIP file and click Extract all. Click Next. Open up the extracted folder and double-click on Speccy.
     Once inside Speccy, it will look similar to this (with your computer's specifications, of course):
     Now, at the top, click File > Publish Snapshot.
     Click Yes &g... Read more

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I managed (don't know how)
a, to get my 8100 to fail to boot.
b, try an incorrect restore disc (that created an invalid partition)
c,then enable a hdd password i can't remember or bypass(using DELL)

If that lot doesn't seem unlucky enougth after loosing my mobile i now realise my (lil millenium bug) is the only HD with my childrens pictures on it.

Been diviorced with a real bunny boiler of an x i would be grateful for any asssistance in getting to the stored data...(that can't be replaced)

I aplologise if this thread isn't writen the best but is first forum i've ever visited...

Can anyone offer assistance as i would really like to be able to retrieve the pic's some taken 10yrs ago that can never be reproduced

Thanks in advance (a stupid beginner)......

Answer:Computer will no longer boot, how to retrieve data off hard drive ?

I'd suggest paying someone to do it professionally as then it will get done properly, as opposed to someone here telling you how to DIY.

Just my 2 cents.

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I have a Seagate external hard drive hooked to my XP computer and it is working and backing up fine. When I initially set up my Vista computer - I simply hooked up the drive with USB port - and opened like an extra drive and copied what I wanted on the new computer. When I went to add some files today - it will not reveal those files and keeps telling me access is denied. I have searched and cannot find solution to this. When I look at properties on the Vista - it shows the space is taken up but will not open to the files that are clearly visible on the XP - most of the research I found talked about security settings and nothing I did made a difference - and the mystery is that it worked just fine the last few times I have done this - over period of 2 months.
Hope I am in the right spot - posted first message today and got a great solution so hoping that someone will know how to fix this easily.
Thanks so much!

Answer:My vista computer will no longer read the data on my external hard drive
I found the fix - it took me LOTS of searching - and two tries as I chose the wrong identity the first time - not sure if it is consistent but needed to pick the administrator as the owner and now it works as it did.
Hope this helps someone else.

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I recently used my system image disk to restore on a new (larger) hard drive but now when I look at the hard drive from the computer view it shows my hard drive as being the same size as the old one instead of being the size of the new one. I'm not sure
I'm making much sense so I will post a picture...

Is there anyway to fix this? Does the drive really only have 286 gigs on it?

Answer:System Image disks installed on new hard drive show new hard drive same size as old one

You have to be logged in as Admin to perform these operations.
Go to Start, and in the Search box, type in DISK MANAGEMENT. Pick the Control Panel item "Create and format disk partitions." Once Disk Management comes up, right-click on the area of your disk and select "Extend volume..." Move it out
as far as you want, making the whole thing one drive.
If that doesn't work for you, then you can download Easeus Partition Manager Home  and create a boot CD from it that will accomplish the same thing (and more, if you want to read up on it). It's a free program and works
with 32- and 64-bit Windows. I like it and use it myself.

SC Tom

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 Hey all! Just posting to see if anyone has experience with upgrading their Lenovo laptops/notebooks with 2nd hard drives through the use of hard drive caddys? I have been looking through this website which includes many 'how-to's and video guides on the process. There are also plenty on youtube. However I am reluctant to go out on a limb. They have entire production lines dedicated to certain brands of laptops and notebooks and this includes Lenovo. However, I couldn't find one for my specific model, G570, but I am able to find them for the G430/G530G560. Link: Are the dimensions of these laptops the same as the G570? Other Links I thought might fit the G570 if its possible

Answer:Swapping out Optical Drive for 2nd Hard Drive, Anyone done it?

it should fit.

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Hi Guys  So I decided to replace my internal Optical Drive with the orginal Hard Drive that came with the laptop, I used a caddy which I bought from eBay and all went well and works well. I have noticed one issue though, with the original Optical Drive there is a little screw which goes through the end of the optical drive and into the main section of the laptop under the keyboard (I hope people know what I mean). Anyway with the replacement caddy it does not have this hole for the screw so I am unable to secure the caddy in place.  What this all means is that I can literally pull the caddy out of laptop while using it as it's not secured, has anyone else performed this replacement and had this issue and know what can be done to secure it (other than blue tack or something). Thanks in advance

Answer:Replaced Optical Drive with Hard Drive


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So I'm currently trying to install a game, for some reason at the exact same point every time i am getting an error that says: Cyclic Redundancy Check Error. Ive been all over the internet looking for solutions to this problem but none of them are working for my situation. Most people say it is either a problem with the disk or the hard drive itself, but i have gone back to the store where i bought the game and got a new disk so the disk cannot be the problem as it stops at the same place regardless. Also my hard drive cannot be the problem because i have tried installing it to both my computers hard-drive as well as an external drive which leaves me no option but to believe it is a problem with the optical drive. Since i have a laptop i cant dismantle anything to clean / make sure the drive is connected properly. I dont know if there is a solution to this problem short of having to send my computer to a proffessional / back to the manufacturer but if anything i have done is wrong then i would love a suggestion of what i could possibly do to fix this problem. I am also not against revisiting my hard drive being at issue if anyone still thinks it is the problem.

Please Assist,

Answer:Optical Drive / Possible Hard-drive problem

I find it difficult to follow the instructions on that site, i'm kinda new when it comes to using cmd, if you could possibly break it down into a "exactly what i should type" kinda thing that would really be appretiated

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My computer has 2 hard drives, a CD Writer & a DVD Rom. I have used the same cable to connect the 2 hard drives to the IDE port 0, one hard drive is set as master & other slave, I have done the same with the CD Writer & DVD Rom to IDE 1. Is this an ideal way to connect the devices.

Answer:Hard Drive & Optical Drive Connections


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I'm on the verge of buying a T430, and I was wondering whether having an SSD as my primary hard drive (on which I would have the operating system only) and then using a 500GB hard drive in place of the optical drive. My reasoning is I want a fast boot time, and also the storage on the SSDs aren't that big, and I do need a lot of space. Are there any performance issues (eg slower) when using the added hard drive?  I was thinking of installing all my programs on there.  I read on a YouTube comment that having the second hard drive creates 'bottlenecking' and slows things down.   


Go to Solution.

Answer:T430 and hard drive instead of optical drive

Be sure the SSD height profile is compatible with the 430. I believe they're using a thinner drive not the 9.5mm is standard. Verify before you order a drive if thats the system you're wanting.Momentus drives are 9.5mm from the data sheet of their website.As for slowing down I say not. You can put the swap file etc on the 2nd drive and that would reduce write access to the SSD for temp data. You will need the storage and or target for a backup image so IMO its a must.

T520 Model 4239 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QMbr>; Nvidia NVS 4200M Win 10 64bitZ70-80 I7 - 5500U 16GB GB - 1TB HD Win 10 64bit FHD 17.3", G840 w/2GB

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I recently uninstalled a programme for a DV camera on my Satellite U300. After the uninstall, I am no longer able to use the optical drive. If I put a cd/dvd into the drive it will 'fire up' however it will not register with the laptop to enable play. I have tried diagnostics test, but it just skips past optical drive as if it was not there.

Has the uninstall also removed driver software for the optical drive and, if so, is there anyway for me to recover/download the driver without a full recovery losing all other installs on the machine?

Any advice greatly received!

Answer:Re: Satellite U300 - Optical drive no longer registers after prog uninstall


is the optical drive present in the device manager?? If so, then remove it and reboot your machine. After that the drive should be reinstalled automatically.
If not, then perform a complete registry check with some registry cleaning software.

Afterwards perform the first step.

If this does not help, then it would be better to recover your machine..


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I just upgraded my T400 to windows 7, after doing thinkvantage system update and install power management software,I'm unable to find the option to disable optical drive for battery savings what gives? any idea?

Answer:[Win 7 64 bit] Power management no longer having disable optical drive to save battery?

Should be in Power Manager.

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I have just bought an AIO Asus desktop with 1 Tb of storage. The c: (Windows)drive is allocated 100gb and the d: drive 931gb. I just want to transfer all the data from my old computer. This was pretty much all in the folder c:>Users>Myname, but when I try to transfer it all into the same folder on the new computer, obviously with 100gb there is not enough space. Is there a simple solution to this?

Thanks and sorry I am not very technically gifted.

Answer:New computer, c: drive too small, d: drive wrong place?

It is highly advisable to keep as is and copy your personal data to drive D: so you can separate Windows OS and Data on two separate partitions.
Easier to backup/restore/refresh/reset Windows in case of Virus attack, Windows becomes unbootable etc... so you don't have to worry about data being loss.100GB is plenty for Windows and would run faster (less fragmented)less time to backup/restore Windows.You can also relocate what you save in C:\user\yourname to D:

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I'm not 100% sure this is the right section since apparently the error is caused by an .exe but this only started happening after my dad installed a new hard drive into my previously perfectly stable computer. It's not a new boot drive, just one I use for storage. Ever since then, my computer has been randomly restarting (usually every other day, my computer runs almost constantly). A message pops up that says "system has recovered from a serious error". I finally got fed up and ran the .dmp file through the windows debugging program and got this.Microsoft ? Windows Debugger Version 6.12.0002.633 X86Copyright ? Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.Loading Dump File [C:\Documents and Settings\StoopidKat\Desktop\Mini052210-01.dmp]Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are availableSymbol search path is: SRV*c:\symbols* search path is: Windows XP Kernel Version 2600 (Service Pack 3) MP (2 procs) Free x86 compatibleProduct: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS PersonalBuilt by: 2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr.090804-1435Machine Name:Kernel base = 0x804d7000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0x8055d720Debug session time: Sat May 22 12:19:13.080 2010 (UTC - 5:00)System Uptime: 3 days 3:46:45.469Loading Kernel Symbols................................................................................................................................................Loading User SymbolsLoading unlo... Read more

Answer:installed new hard drive, now computer crashes

Download BlueScreenViewNo installation required.Double click on BlueScreenView.exe file to run the program.When scanning is done, go Edit>Select All.Go File>Save Selected Items, and save the report as BSOD.txt.Open BSOD.txt in Notepad, copy all content, and paste it into your next reply.use this and while you are doing it this will be moved to Windows XP

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Hope you can help. I fitted a maxtor 40gb HDD and set it as master. My old 6gb HDD I set as slave. My comp can't be set to boot from CD so I installed windows me start-up disc, ran fdisk and partitioned my new drive. I installed windows me and then upgraded to XP. When I boot-up it recognises both HDD but after a while my screen freezes. I have got 196mb ram and a P3 processor. I have also formatted the drives using FAT32.

Answer:Computer freeze after new hard drive installed

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The new hard drive is good, could it be the IDE cable was installed backwards or bad power supply. OS Vista SP2.

Answer:The computer will not power on after a new hard drive was installed.

Does it power on if you disconnect the drive?

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I recently purchased a brand new hardrive for my laptop. After installing my computer won't power up. Took hard drive out and computer turns on. Does this mean I bought a bad hard drive? Thanks

Answer:Installed new hard drive and now computer won't power up

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i have a 640gb hard drive for my computer and a 2tb hard drive as storage. i just installed a second 2tb hard drive for more storage, but i can't see it in my computer.

i got the little message in the bottom right when the computer logged on saying device driver software successfully installed. i opened up Speccy and can see the 3rd drive there. i can see it under drives in the device manager too. but its not in "my computer."

i wasnt expecting this to be a problem and am not sure where to go from here.

Answer:installed new storage hard drive, cant see it in my computer

You will probably need to initalize & format the new drive in Disk Management

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I have an E5 573G which originally has an open slot for an optical drive or caddy.I bought the correct optical drive and bezel and I installed it. The drive opens and I can hear it start to run but no prompts pop up, and the computer doesn't seem to be registering anything. Am I missing some software or did I do something wrong?

Answer:Installed an optical drive in E5 573G and it opens...

"Step 1: Type Device Manager in Windows searchStep 2: once there locate your driver. Mine was called "DVD/CD-ROM drives." Double-click it to show it's contents and there should be another device under it. Mine had an question mark but in some cases it might have an exclamation point next to the name. Mine was called "AOPEN DUW1608/ARR" but if your's is different, it's okay. Step 3: Double-click the newly revealed hardward "AOPEN DUW1608/ARR" and it's own dialog box will appear. Go to the "Driver" tab and select "Update Driver..." from the buttons below. Step 4: Now, select "Install from a list or specific location" and click Next. In the next box select "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install" and again, click next. A different box will show with compatible hardware for your driver. I selected from the bottom believing it was the most recent, it was called "CD-ROM Drive [IMAPI settings 1,5]." Click next and finish the instructions it gives you."

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I just received my T400 tonite and I open the box all exited only to found out there is no dvd drive. I bought it through the $700 T400 with free case and mouse . Is it possible that I didnt add the optical drive. I thought it is standard on the T400. Has anyone experienced the same situation. Aris 

Answer:T400 arrived without optical Dvd drive installed

Ironically, I wanted to buy a T400s without the optical drive (but with the travel bazel) in order to reduce the total travel weight. However, my salesman told me he couldn't because the travel bazel is only available through IBM US.

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So, my computer doesn't recognize my optical drive after I reformatted my computer. It's there as drive D: but I can not burn anything using it. And it's my only drive .

So here is my conversation with Gateway support chat guy: In it contains more information of my problem.

Gary_GWER9390 joined the incident.

Gary_GWER9390 says:
Thank you for contacting technical support. My name and badge number are Gary_GWER9390. Please hold while I review your issue.

Ilya says:
I was speaking with Shannon_GWER1666 and our chat session disconnected accidentaly

Gary_GWER9390 says:
You mentioned that your serial number is CSX7******45, which refers to a GM5478 system and your current email address is ************. Are these correct?

Ilya says:

Ilya says:
I was speaking with Shannon_GWER1666 and our chat session disconnected accidentaly

Gary_GWER9390 says:
Thank you for verifying your information.

Gary_GWER9390 says:
How can I help you?

Ilya says:
I was speaking with Shannon_GWER1666 and our chat session disconnected accidentaly

Ilya says:
Could you send me to her?

Ilya says:

Gary_GWER9390 says:
He is not available at this moment.

Gary_GWER9390 says:
Can you tell me your issue.

Ilya says:

Ilya says:
My computer can not recognize my dvd-rw drive as a dvd-rw drive

Ilya says:
I cannot burn anything

Ilya says:
I did reformat my computer a week ago, and prior to the reformatting, everything worked perfe... Read more

Answer:Computer doesn't recognize my optical drive as a dvd-rw drive!

Please? I really need the help!

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Our hard drive has been going out, so we purchased a new one and installed it last night. We installed our OS and security software, downloaded the drivers that we needed for the printer and the scanner, but this whole path has been fraught with difficulty. First of all, our new hard drive is recognized as the F drive by the computer, and the C drive is now called a removable drive. When we run our anti-spyware scan some of the files from the C drive come up and it says it cannot read them unless we place the disk in the drive. So, we just skip those ones. But now our DVD and our CD are not reading/working. I am about ready to just go buy a new computer, but don't really have the money for that.

So, I have two questions. First, do I need to be worried about the files still remaining from the C drive? How can they even be on there if the c drive (old hard drive) is not in the computer? Can we remove those, or can we move them to the F drive?

Second, why is the CD and DVD players/burners not working? The DVD said something about not being compatible, so should we download new drivers?

Please forgive my lack of knowledge, we are somewhat computer literate, but our computer guy moved away and assured us that we should be able to install a new hard drive and the OS without too much difficulty. I did not think it would cause this many problems. I homeschool and my kids use the PC for school, so the sooner we can fix this the better.

Our computer tower is a Dell... Read more

Answer:Installed new hard drive and now having major problems with computer

Here's what to do
Remove your old drive (just unplug it from the motherboard)
Run the below guide (whichever OS you have) but start by removing the Partition
Once Windows is fully installed, and drivers done, (Service Packs, and Antivirus installed as well)
Then plug the original drive back in

Microsoft's Windows XP Professional Repair Install step by step (* Including Delete Partition)

Microsoft's Windows XP Home Repair Install step by step (* Including Delete Partition)

* Warning deleting the Partition will remove all User data and Windows system files

Vista Repair: (index page) (guide)

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I have a 120gb external HDD, I've connected it to my laptop and it has been used before but it is not showing up in My Computer. It is recognised by the computer and installs correctly and is visible on device manager and disk management, I've tried reformatting and this doesn't come up where it is supposed to. Is there a problem with the HDD or my computer? or is it something ridiculously simple. I'm running 32 bit Windows 7 Ultimate. Any help would be brilliant

Answer:External Hard Drive installed but not showing up on My Computer

Welcome BmBranch

In Disk Management, does it show that it has been assigned a drive letter. Can you right click on it & open it, & browse the HD to see what is on it ?

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Hi folks,

I recently moved a hard drive from my old computer to my new computer as the secondary hard drive and using "Disk Management" got Windows 7 to recognize it.

Now this hard drive has 2 partitions (from its setup in the old computer), one is the HP recovery partition and the other a FAT file system containing all of my data. Once I used Disk Management to recognize these drives, my old data partition became F: on my new computer and the HP_RECOVERY partition is K:.

Now it appears I can successfully peruse K: the old recovery partition and see directories and file in there. However, F: appears to be corrupt or hosed or something. Using the DOS shell shows this:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Volume in drive F is ??H

Directory of F:\

01/17/1990 12:38 PM 6
1 File(s) 6 bytes
0 Dir(s) 3,543,040 bytes free


And from Windows Explorer it looks like there are 3 folders present but with garbage names with odd ascii characters in them.

What is the best way for me to recover the data off of F: partition on this hard drive?

Thanks for any ideas/help!

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First of all sorry if the is the wrong forum area, first time poster.

The other day the hard drive for my laptop crashed so I bought a new one and installed it, but ever sense I have installed the new hard drive and installed Windows my computer has been running really slowly. Does anyone have any idea as to what might be the issue? My specs are as follows:
Windows 7 64bit
Intel i3 2.27GHz
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730
Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid Drive
It is a prebuilt Alienware m15x and so I am having a hard time finding the Motherboard.
If any other information is needed I will gladly do my best to find it. Thank you in advance.

Answer:Installed New Hard Drive and now Computer Runs Slow

The most common cause of problems for a New Install is that the User (you) did not install the motherboard drivers.

It appears your alienware laptop is being supported by Dell. Here's is the link to the driver download section for your m15x laptop:

Drivers and Downloads | Dell [United States]

Another way motherboard drivers are referred to is "chipset" drivers. Check Device Manager (click "show hidden devices") to make certain that all of your hardware has drivers installed.

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the title sums it up. I installed AVG Free on a clients pc and the next day his computer rebooted and said "no hard drive was found on this computer".
Is it possible installing AVG destroyed his HD or is it just bad timing?

Answer:No hard drive found on this computer a day after I installed AVG Free

It is probably just a coincidence. Is the drive detected in BIOS? You can pull the drive and attach to another computer to confirm if it is truly dead. 

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I just wiped clean my hard drive (intentionally) and then did a clean install of XP Pro.

Now my hard drive is Local Disk (E instead of (C as it always has been. I don't know if this is likely to be a problem or not but in any event I'd like to reassign my drives so that I can get it back to being (C.

Does anybody know if (a) this is possible and (b) how to do it?

(Currently my Zip Drive has the C assignment.)

Answer:Hard Drive no longer Drive C after clean install

You will have to re-install XP, and remove the ZIP drive(s) before the install, then they won't interfere with the drive lettering.

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Hello there, I seem to be having an issue with my external hard drive. I am running XP Home edition, 2002 service pack 2. The drive is a Maxtor One Touch III Mini 80gb. The computer is recognising the external hard drive in the in the "Computer Management" area and its stating that the external hard drive is an extended partition and it also does not have a drive letter ie. F: associated with the partition. I cannot get into anything within the drive and I have some very important photos, and school material on there.

Is there anything anyone can suggest because I think I have tried everythinh else!

Answer:External hard drive no longer represented by a drive

Hi .

The only function of an extended to contain any number of smaller partitions, which are called/designated logical partitions. Or, to put it another way, the only way to have any logical to create an extended partition first.

An external USB hard drive is normally not formatted as an extended partition. There is no need for it, nothing to be gained, since an external hard drive is used as one big storage cabinet.

External hard drives may be formatted as either FAT32 or NTFS file system, with the partition created being a primary partition.

If you have an external drive that does not reflect a drive letter in Disk Management, please post all the info reflected (in Disk Management) for that drive.

If the drive had previously been properly recognized and it now reflects nothing but unformatted space...either your enclosure or the drive inside the probably going bad.

The actual hard drive can be removed from the enclosure.

I...not necessarily you...I would remove the drive from the enclosure and attach it directly to the motherboard see if the motherboard/BIOS/Windows can properly recognize it if directly attached.

In the event that the drive itself is failing, your logical recourse is to attempt to use data recovery software of some type to reclaim/recover data files on the drive.


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the optical DVD CD ROM disc drive is not on the computer and will not read anythingi have got onto the support pages and can not locate a download can anyone help me locate it?

Answer:Ideacentre B520 DVD Optical Disc Drive Not Installed

How do I get the downloadfor the DVD RW drive I am really stuck it will not place DVDs or any discs

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envy m7-j010dx hard drive died. i installed new hard drive and it suddenly went into some kind of failure & windows 10 keeps trying to boot then goes into automatic repair and fails and the cycle starts over.

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envy m7-j010dx hard drive died. i installed new hard drive and it suddenly went into some kind of failure & windows 10 keeps trying to boot then goes into automatic repair and fails and the cycle starts over.

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I want to buy a W530 and upgrade to SSD aftermarket. I want to order the one without a DVD drive. How to move the original system, drivers and other softwares to the newly installed SSD without a optical drive?  Hope anyone would help me. Thanks.


Go to Solution.

Answer:How to move the original system to the newly installed SSD without a optical drive?

Hey Skywalkerlin,
You can back up image on external drive that connects to USB which will allow you to do a system restore to your new SSD. This would require you set up a few things in BIOS, the other options are all USB solutions like a Flash drive.
Best Regards,

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I have a ASUS & Intel 845pe Motherboard, AMD Athlon tm XP 1800+ Model 8 computer. I bought an Ultra 31664 1024 DDR PC3200 400MHZ yesterday to upgrade my RAM. I have 2 256mb DDR PC2700 memory sticks. I made sure it was compatible with my system before I installed. I found that I could install a 1024 MB stick after I ran the system scanner from My system has a max = 3072 MB, 1 slot available, no dual channel support, cpu speed 1492 mhz, and does not support ECC.

When I installed the memory stick in the slot and booted my computer I got an error - CMOS checksun error. Pressed F1 and got after veryfing DMI Pool Data...

BOOt from CD :
NVIDIA Boot Agent,PXE-2.0 (build 082 V1.82)

PXE-E61: Media Test failure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting NVIDIA Boot Agent.

I checked all cables and rebooted and got the same message. I took out the Ultra 31644 stick and still got the same error. It seems that something happened to my hard drive.

I booted with Windows XP CD to repair (I thought the registry was bad), but after I hit repair I got this message: SETUP DID NOT FIND ANY HARD DRIVE DISK DRIVES INSTALLED IN YOUR COMPUTER. How can this happen when the only think I did was to install more memory?

Is there a way to recover what I have in my hard drive?

Can you help me fix this problem? Can a hard drive be ruined installing a memory stick? Did I install the wrong memory and ruined the hard drive? ... Read more

Answer:Setup Did Not Find Any Hard Drive Disk Drives Installed In Your Computer

Did ya knock the connection loose when installing the ram?

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I have just installed a new hard drive. (Maxtor STM3160815AS 160GB Hard Drive SATAII 7200rpm 8MB Cache) The OS detected the new drive on start up but it wasn't displayed in My Computer. In Device Manager drive was displayed and it says that the drive is working correctly. I installed the drive in the second SATA port of four as the first already had a drive plugged into it.

I did notice that one of my optical drives also disappeared. I tried unplugging its power supply but this didn't help the hard drive problem.

Any idea what I should do? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
(Windows XP Pro SP2)

Answer:Solved: Installed hard drive not detected in My Computer but seen in Device manager.

Is it partitioned, formatted, have a drive letter?

Right-click Computer > Manage > Disk Management.

Is the CD-ROM in Device Manager and working properly?

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My computer no longer recognizes the cd drive/burner on my dektop PC, and I think the problem is related to a removeable USB flash drive.

It's a really old Compaq Presario with an added cd burner(drive d now), and the original cd rom(drive e). My PNY usb flash drive installed some software(drivers I think) when I 1st ran it, and shows up as drive f.

Worked fine a couple of times, but then the lights went out on the cd burner(drive d), it would not open, and it didn't even show up on "My Computer" either.

Searched on internet awhile, and read something about a flash drive problem, so I removed the flash drive from the USB slot, restarted the computer, and both cd drives re-appeared, and worked fine, as long as I removed the flash drive, and turned computer off after burning cd. But I forgot, and left it on for several hours, and now even when I remove the flash drive, and restart computer the 2 cd drives don't show up on "my computer". The cd rom(drive e) light comes on, and will open, but the burner(drive d) light is off, and will not open. Neither drive registers on "My Computer". The flash drive still reads as drive f, even with no drive d, or e.(lol)

Suggestions anyone?
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Computer no longer recognizes cd drive - think problem is related to USB flash drive

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Is it possible to have pre-installed vista on your internal drive then buy a new external drive, install XP on it and then boot that drive to use XP?

Answer:Running Xp on an external hard drive with Vista installed on internal drive.

Yes this is possible as long as your BIOS supports booting from USB.

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I have a backup drive that we had used for for a while (WD 6000aak), previously in an external drive enclosure. I connected it today via USB to find that the computer has the driver installed, the drive appears in the Devices list, but it does not show in My Computer. In "Disk Management" the drive appears but is not assigned a drive letter. Also, all the options for the volumes are greyed out and cannot be selected - thus I cannot assign a drive letter.

I have tried this on multiple computers. I have also removed it from the enclosure and connected the drive via SATA... the result is identical. I checked the bios and the drive appears there.

The drive does spin when powering up. It is hot (even though it cannot really be accessed).

Any suggestions? Is this drive done?

Answer:Hard drive installed, shows in Drive Mngmnt, in Bios, but not in Comp.

Go to Disk Management, in the bottom part of the screen, right click the drive, select 'change drive letter or path', next window select add, next window select a drive letter from the drop down box. For an external drive it's best to use a letter lower in the alphabet. If disk management wants to initialize and format it, don't do it if there is data on it you don't want to lose. If no data or if you don't care, go ahead. It will show in computer when a drive letter is assigned.

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I need a new hard drive around 20 GB.What manufacturers do people recommend and what supplier gives best value for money?

Answer:Best place to buy a hard drive

click here Western Digital, Maxtor and Seagate are all good drives. Its probably worth paying the extra 5-8 for a 40 gig drive rather than getting a 20 gig drive.

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after installing windows 7 operating system, i cannot use my external disk drive.

everytime I insert a CD/DVD it recognizes it but does not run it.

any help would be much appreciated

Answer:installed 7 os and disk drive no longer works

Look on the external's website for any newer firmware or driver.

Does it have a letter in Disk Mgmt? Assign one if not.

Plug and replug. Restart.

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I have a Compaq Presario computer that is getting a Boot Disk Failure. I suspect a bad hard drive but decided to check the drive setting in the BIOS. When I boot up to the BIOS and go into the Standard CMOS Setup, only the following options are listed:

Drive A: 1.44 3.5 in
Drive B: None (all available choices are for another floppy)
Floppy3 Mode Support: Drive A
Video: EGA/VGA
Halt On: No Errors

That's it, there is no place to list a hard drive. May experience with computer BIOS's is that even when no hard drive is connected or if bad drive is connected, there will still be a listing in the BIOS for the hard drive. Usually it will say AUTO or NOT INSTALLED. But this BIOS has no place to list the hard drive.

The BIOS is AWARD BIOS (2A5IMG09). No date is listed.

Any ideas?



Answer:No Place For Hard Drive In BIOS

In most cases, you're very right. But Compaq's are always different and usually a headache. The one i'm picturing had drop down menus - kind of like in windows and the harddrive was under one of the last menus - something like devices then ide devices. Take a look around but be warned it may not be there. can you press Tab or ESC while you have the compaq logo on the screen? It may show you the POST. If not use FDISK to see if it shows a drive.

A complete drive failure, where its totally dead, may also give you this result. Because Compaq is very proprietary it may not show anything for the HDD if it's not detected.

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I have formatted my hard drives. I have an old hard drive which is 30gb ST340014A. And is the Primary hard drive. My new hard drive that i want to make it as primary is WDC WD5000AAKS-75A7B0 which have 500gb

I formatted both of the hard drive. And i tried to make the new hard drive to primary(ide)

I only have 1 jumper thing. I place the old hard drive jumper to the second row. Still my WDC hard drive detects as SATA.

Is there any way to change my new hard drive to primary?

A helpd would be really appreciate it.

Answer:How To Place New Hard Drive As Primary?

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Hi,  I'm thinking of buying a HP ProDesk 490 G3 MT with a SSD hard drive.  I need to have more storage on the computer so I want to insert an extra hard drive.  - Is there place in the cabinet for an extra hard drive? - Which hard drive would you recommend me to buy?  //Harry 

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I did a restart as I do when things start to slow up but this time she did not start up again.Everything was dead, the only life I saw was a slight kick on the proccessor fan.I started un plugging things until I can to the hard drive then it restarted, as soon as I plug in the hard drive it fails again.Asuming there is a fault with this drive can it be fixed economically and can I recover my info?John

Answer:Won't start with hard drive in place

Could be a fault on 12V rail of PSUProve whether HDD or Psu by trying another HDD, put your HDD in another PC or try another PSU.

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I have an Edge 14. Intel i3 M370 model.  I ordered a OBHC and installed a 160 Gb SATA drive, loaded with WIN 7.  In the main drive bay I have an Ubuntu OS setup.Trying to set up a dual boot configuration.  But, when I boot the drive and enter the BIOS set up, the drive in the caddy doesn't show.  If I let it boot from the main drive, Ubuntu starts up. If I put the Ubuntu drive in the caddy and nothing in the main bay, "NO OPERATING SYSTEM." When I look at the computer in Ubuntu, the OS7 drive is there.  All three partitions (Lenovo, OS and startup).  I can mount them, etc.  When I use Disk Utility in Ubuntu, the drive shows up listed under the SATA controller and is located at position 2 of the SATA bus.   I updated the BIOS and it is now 1.26. Still no sign of the HDD in the caddy.  Very odd.  When I power up the computer, the LED in the caddy does light up. When I run sudo update-grub in Ubuntu, the WIN 7 loader shows up in the list.  So a bootable OS is seen.  But if I select WIN 7 loader in the GRUB list at boot, I get a "no such drive" message, and am lead back the the GRUB list. In the BIOS, the config menu, the startup list only includes HDD0.   Is there some secret BIOS trick I need to play?  Correct me if I'm wrong, but there aren't any jumper settings, etc. on a SATA drive, right?  Nothing there to change. Any suggestions would be very much appreci... Read more

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I had an older 3G hard drive that I replaced with a new 80G Maxtor. I read the instructions and it said that I could hook up the old hard drive as a slave on the IDE cable, but when I tryed to boot it gave me the error "Insert Boot Disk". I unhooked the 3G from the slave output and then it worked and the same vica-versa. Is there any way to correct this problem


Answer:Can not place second Hard Drive as a slave on IDE cable

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I accidentally hit my computer this morning, and when I tried starting it, it told me to select boot or insert media device boot. I ran tests on it and it says I dont have a hard drive, even though I do. Then I started up my brothers computer, which is the exact same, and saw that it said it had a hard drive and when I pressed f12 for boot options, hard drove was on his but not on my computer. So I think that my hard drive is damaged or out of place. Any tips on what I should do?

Answer:hard drive is damaged or not completely in place

Why a new topic for the same issue?

Depending on the model, open the HDD cover and verify the drive is connected. Most are a tight fit, so it's not likely loose. In which case, if it's under warranty, have it serviced/repaired. Otherwise, you will need to buy a new HDD and hope the HDD is the only thing that was damaged.

After you get the new HDD, you will need to install it, and reinstall the OS (assuming you have the recovery discs). If not, you will need to buy the recovery discs from the manufacturer or buy a retail copy of the OS.

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i`m building my first pc and i havent seen any revues of cd/dvd combo drives anyone got any suggestions for a decent/fast one.also any hard drive opinions

Answer:which optical drive / hard disc

Western Digital hard-disks are the most reliable. Seagate is a close second. Performance of both is excellent. Maxtor is not bad peformance-wise. Avoid IBM-Hitachi.I've no experience of combo optical drives.

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Does anyopne know if it's possible to buy an adaptor to fit a 3.5" hard drive into an optical drive bay in my PC tower case?I want to add a shiny new 1TB drive to fill up with video but the two hard drive bays are already occupied. I'd rather not take one of them out and I'd prefer the new drive be mounted internally, rather than attached via USB. I'm not after a removable caddy or anything like that, just something that will allow me to securely fit the drive.There's no problem with having enough SATA sockets in the motherboard or power connectors, it's just the mounting problem. Any thoughts?PaulC

Answer:Hard drive in optical disk bay

something likeclick here

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Hello,I have this problem.. In both properties of the "C" and "S" drives are listed: Hp DvDRamGT80N Sata CdRom ( Optical)ST750LMO22HN-M750MBB Sata Disk My Dvd/Cd player is not working due to this conflict. I wish I could post a picture to explain better.  

Answer:Optical player and Hard drive ....

A picture might be helpful as the "conflict" is not clear.  While making a reply post, notice there is a place to insert a picture in the line of icons along the top of the post box.  In that line of icons, notice the symbol next to the paper clip.  Click on that symbol and direct the posting software to the location of the picture you took that will help show the problem.As long as the picture is located somewhere on the PC making the post.

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For some reason my hard drive went from C: drive to J: drive. I have never... encountered this before. What is now C drive shows 0 bytes used and unused.

Answer:Hard Drive no longer C drive

I use Windows XP Home sorry forgot to post that.

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Hi. I just installed windows 8 on this new 2gb disk as I was having issues with my current disk. My issues are resolved and I c an now boot up with my "old" drive, and now the "new" drive is going to be my backup drive, but when I click on the properties this is what I see. What do I need to do to get this as a full, empty drive?

Thank you.

Answer:installed win 8 on hard drive, now want to use as backup drive

Don't mess with that, reserved for Windows boot... Go to Disk Management and give a screenshot...

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Hi all,

Her's more detail of the issue. Any help would be appreciated, a little out of my league and comfort zone here.

My PC is a Tiger Direct - 3Gig Pentium 4 - 1Gig Ram. It's 5 years old and has had heavy use but still runs good except for this glitch.

The OEM HD is an 80 Gig IDE, after a while it flaked out for the most part. I uninstalled and reinistalled Windows XP Pro SP-2, working great. My C Drive.

Added a second HD, a 250Gig SATA - F is the partition, the rest is the "G' Drive. Someone helped me do configure and add this drive, but partition is only 10 Gig's, anyway, this drive started getting flaky, not real heavily used, more of a back-up and to build websites and store all that on a separate drive., tried to a system restore to and earlier time, said "not enough disk space", tried to remove everything I could, still not enough space.

Went to do a reinstall, when I boot up the PC I have 3 options:

(1) Boots original drive C - no problem

(2) 2nd option used to boot the F/G drive - now I get an error message as below:

Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware problem. Could not read from the selected boot disk, I have no external boot disks - my bad. Check boot path and disk hardware. Please check Windows documentation about hardware disk configuration and hardware reference manuals for additional information.

(3) Install Windows which I can't remove from the menu choice. I F3 out of that and go back and... Read more

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Hi guys, i wonder if you can offer any ideas here. I have a brand new T420s which came with an optical slot place holder piece of plastic. I removed this and popped in a 'Lenovo DVD Multi IV DVD Multi Recorder CD-RW' P/N 45N7453. It clicked into place fine, but the power light on it does not come on and the eject button does not work.This same drive works fine in 2 other T420s laptops my colleagues have, so the drive is ok. I tried disabling the optical drive in the bios, rebooting, re-enabling, rebooting but nothing. Is there anything else i can try or would you say its a board issue and i'm stuck with it ?

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Hi,I'm Tutti and I'm 14 years old.

I'm planning of upgrading my x32 Windows 7 Ultimate to x64 Windows 7 Ultimate, I copied all of my important files and drivers needed after reinstallation to my Local Disk D. After reinstallation, would my files inside the hard drive be saved or not? Well few months ago, I upgraded my Windows 7 Starter to Ultimate and few files from my Local Disk D were saved. Just thinking if it would be saved again after this.

Answer:Will my files be saved if I place it inside a hard drive?

How did you do a Upgrade from Windows 7 Starter to Windows7 Ultimate??
I could or might not be understanding you correctly.

Upgrade to another edition of Windows 7 by using Windows Anytime Upgrade


Windows Anytime Upgrade will only allow upgrades from a 32-bit version to a 32-bit version or from a 64-bit version to a 64-bit version. You can't upgrade from a 32-bit version to a 64-bit version with Windows Anytime Upgrade, for example. For more information about 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows, see 32-bit and 64-bit Windows: frequently asked questions.
Windows Anytime Upgrade isn't available in all editions of Windows 7, such as Windows 7 Ultimate edition.
Windows Anytime Upgrade is only available for online purchase in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Anything you saved on Drive D if done properly will still be there and you should be able to retrieve them when need be.

If you have done anything to Drive D to format or the such you got problems.

At this point I would recommend doing another backup of all data you want to save to a external hard drive. Better safe than sorry.

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please i did a mistake yesterday i place a magnet a very powerful magnet, near my pc at work last night and since den my pc is not booting
its telling me that hard drive not found
please what can i do?
somebody help!!

Answer:hello please i place magnet near my hard drive on laptop but its not working again

It would have had to be a very powerful magnet to erase the drive -- more likely is a coincidental drive failure.
Unplug the system, remove or disconnect the battery and hold the power button for 30 sec.  Remove and reinstall the hard drive -- if it's then still not seen, replace it.
If you need further information, we'll need to know what model system (i.e., Inspiron N5110, 5523, etc.) you have.

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(Sorry if this has already been answered; I'm new)

Today at college I tried to continue my work by plugging in my USB hard drive and it simply wouldn't appear in "My Computer".
When I tried later on that day it would appear as a "Removable Disk" but I was unable to double click it.

The technicians at my college said that I need to format it, but when I tried to create a backup last week it was unsuccessful so it would mean losing all of my college work.
Is there a way I can at least access the hard drive to get to the contents?

Please help

Answer:USB Hard Drive no longer appears in "My Computer" Help please

Backup files using PartedMagic may be helpful. You will want to do the reverse of that tutorial or get a second external drive to mount to backup to. Download and burn PartedMagic first.

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I've purchased this optical hard drive caddy. In hopes of running an SSD from the optical bay. (Essentially an SSD is just an oversized flash drive that doesn't emit much heat, so a poorly ventilated optical bay is perfect for the drive IMO). I want to keep all my documents, movies, songs, etc on a slow 1TB hard drive in the hard drive bay. 1.) Does anyone know if there are any hardware limitations that will not enable the hard drive convertor to actually function?2.) Does anyone know what the speed is of the SATA port in the HDD bay and the ODD bay? (do they differ?) Thanks

Answer:Can the SL410 Optical Bay support a hard drive?

Hi, unkthinkpad. I am also thinking about getting optical hard drive caddy: However searching the internet did not reveal much discussion about SL410 and second hard drive. If I may ask, how the experience was for you and what was the speed for optical bay? Presently I am using SSD as main drive and HDD as external USB drive. But it is a little bit irritating when I want to take computer with me. Since I don't use the optical drive that much, thought I could put second drive there. I was thinking about putting HDD in there, but you have a point, that due to not so good ventilation that may not be a wise thing. Hope to hear from You.Thanks for reading.

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I have an Aspire E5-551 that I recently upgraded.  I replaced the stock hard drive with a Crucial SSD and maxed out the onboard RAM (came with 6gb, now has 16gb).  The system is blazing fast now.  Right now, I'm using the original HDD in an external USB enclosure for storage.  I wanted to look into the feasibility of putting the storage HDD onboard by means of a caddy that fits into the side bay that would otherwise fit the optical drive.  I have been able to find all kinds of options for the parts for this, but I wanted to check with the folks on this forum to see if anyone has ad any experiences with this idea and how well it works.  Any info anyone can pass along would be helpful.  Thanks.

Answer:Aspire E5-551 - adding 2nd hard drive in optical b...

Do you have a DVD drive in there now?You don't want to boot from it? should be able to put the bezel from your DVD on this too.You will also need to put on the bracket to secure it. 

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i've got a GIGABYTE GA-73PVM-S2H mobo i've got all the power connected and that works fine however there only one socket for the optical and hard drive i know ones got to be master and the other slave but how do i do this? i know i've got to do something with the jumpers but how do i do this i'm completley loss on this bit

Answer:connecting optical and hard drive to mobo

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Hi ,      last week we purchased 40 new HP EliteDesk 800 G2 Tower PC for our office with freedos OS.I try to install Windows 8.1 Pro 64Bit Operating system on Pc but pc did,t boot show Hp logo but not boot from any device show blank window.I m also try to boot from Press F9 key and choose Optical drive from boot and install windows. After choose optical drive show window blank i m also try from Bootable USB result same.I open system side cover and remove wireless card (Tp-Link TL-WN78IND) From PCI Express x1 slot and try to boot from CD ROM this time system boot from cd rom and starting installing windows. this wireless card issue in PCI Express x1 slot.I install this card in PCI Express x16 slot this card working fine and did,t create any problem when i install windows etc. My Question is that why HP EliteDesk 800 G2 Tower PC system not boot when (Tp-Link TL-WN78IND) wireless card install in PCI Express x1 slot . Thanks

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I've got 2 hard drives, thinking about at least one more for a RAID system or for nothing but storage, and dumping DVD backups of everything I've got altogether because of eventual data degradation on that medium, physical space in the closet, cost of DVDs, etc. Is this smart or dumb?

Answer:Better to backup with a hard drive or optical media?

Hello Colonel,

I think a backup on a HDD would be the safest of the two. Having backups of anything critical on separate multiple media is the best method though. This way if one should fail for whatever reason, you will still have another backup of it.

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I installed a new 500gb hard drive in my acer laptop.  Ran the system disc.  But it won't show my 4gb of ram or my 500gb hard drive.  Shows my old config.  What's up with that?

Answer:Installed new hard drive. Still shows old hard drive.

No idea what you are talking about. You need to explain IN DETAIL. What shows your old config? What does ram have to do with the hd? What are you talking about?

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So I'm having moving this 500gb harddrive from one computer to another. It's not removing the hard drive itself that's hard, but the metal casing its held in. It's bolted inside the computer and I have no idea how to remove it. If this can't be removed, then the hard drive can't.

I'll include some pictures of it to show.

Answer:Can't remove hard drive. Held in place with weird scews.

Of course..the pictures didn't upload. Let me try that again.

Okay so now I can't even upload a picture for you guys to see..

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I had to take all my music off the hard drive and dump it on external HD's.
I rebuilt the W7 os because of a virus.
I had to re-index everything.
Now the Music collection is in disarray-duplicates,temp files,all sorts of messes.
Would you buy one of those tidy up music products?
its all itunes.

Answer:Tidy Up-Music all over the place- hard drive ,external drives etc

No i would not.
The best method though laborious is by hand.
itunes will also sort the working music. You would be left with the temp files.

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I have a dell dimension 4600. When I boot it beeps twice and on the screen is this:

SATA Primary drive 0 not found
Secondary drive 0 not found
Secondary drive 1 not found

Strike the f1 key to continue F2 to run the setup utility

so I go into setup and under device configuration:
Sata Primary Drive ........................Unknown Device
Sata Secondary Drive.................... OFF
Primary Master drive..................... OFF
Primary Slave drive....................... OFF
Secondary Master Drive............... Unknown Device
Secondary Slave Drive.................. Unknown Device

IDE Drive UDMA................................ ON

It doesnt seem like the sata hard drive is powering on because I dont hear it at all I have a power converter cable converting the power from the normal ide pin to the sata power I dont know if that has something to do with it or not. I had to replace the power supply because it died but I didnt get one with the sata connections by accident and I had a converter so I used that instead. The cd drive and burner drive both power on but are not recognized.

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Unknown hard drive and optical drives in bios

Can anyone help here !!

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