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W530 Hinge Very Tight, Cracking When Lid Angle Adjusted

Question: W530 Hinge Very Tight, Cracking When Lid Angle Adjusted

Hi, Generally loving my W530, but the left hinge has developed a strange cracking sound when adjusting the lid angle and gotten much tighter. It makes the noise because it seems to be holding the display so tightly that when the display actually starts to move it makes a cracking sound. I wouldn't mind a little bit, but it's now to the point that people in a room look at me when I move the lid. It's worth noting that the hinge isn't quite flush where it meets the base of the laptop, unlike the right side which doesn't make the noise and it considerably looser. There is virtually no space at the left side of the hinge where the monitor meets the hinge, but on the right hinge there is considerably more room on both sides of the hinge. I'm wondering if the monitor is rubbing against the hinge or something like that. Is there a screw that could be loose that I could tighten to make the hinge more flush if I removed the keyboard bezel surround? Would squirting some oil in the hinge be a good idea? Any other thoughts? Also interested if anyone else has experience this. Thanks!

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Preferred Solution: W530 Hinge Very Tight, Cracking When Lid Angle Adjusted

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: W530 Hinge Very Tight, Cracking When Lid Angle Adjusted

My hinge tension is perfect, there no hinge cracking noise when opening the screen.

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When I adjust the angle of the screen on my Inspiron 5555, the screen goes black.  Sometimes I get black-and-grey horizontal pinstripes across the screen for a moment before it goes black.  (These stripes replace the video display -- nothing is visible beneath them.)  Initially, this only happened when I adjusted the screen to a certain angle.  Now it sometimes happens simply if the computer is bumped.
The computer is not going to sleep when it goes blank -- if I am streaming a video when it happens, I can still hear the audio.  If I attach the laptop to an external monitor like my TV and set the display to duplicate, the TV display continues to work even when the laptop screen goes blank.
I thought that maybe a cord or wire was getting pinched in the hinge, but if I press the power button to put the computer to sleep and press it again to wake it, the display comes back like nothing happened.
The laptop is about a year and a half old -- I bought it on Black Friday 2015
Anyone have any ideas?

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Question: tight hinge

need help urgently. my laptop's right hinge has got stuck. it is not moving and the laptop screen case comes out when i try to close the laptop. please tell me how to fix it at home. 

Answer:tight hinge

hello11 wrote:need help urgently. my laptop's right hinge has got stuck. it is not moving and the laptop screen case comes out when i try to close the laptop. please tell me how to fix it at home. You can disassemble the notebook and make sure the hinge is operating properly without anything sticking in the mechanical parts.  There's no "fix" that we can simply state because we don't know the exact cause of the problem.    If there's nothing blocking it from closing then you'd be looking at replacing the hinge(s) at minimum.

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My laptop, purchased 6 months ago has always had a tight left hinge.  It has recently gotten to the point where I cannot open or close it without a very real risk of the whole bezel cracking.  Unfortunately, when I attempted to claim this repair under the warranty, I was told that I would have to pay for the repair since it wasn't covered (!!!).  Anyways, there is absolutely no way that I will pay the extreme price that Acer quoted me, as it was nearly the price of the laptop new.  However, I am having difficulty finding the specific model for the hinges to purchase and fix on my own.  While there are many acer hinges to be found, I am not sure which would be compatible.  Does anyone have any information on which hinges would be appropriate for replacements?Thank you

Answer:Left hinge on E5-575G too tight

A small update, I have had my second (more clarifying) warranty claim to Acer rejected and also called the technical support hotline.  I was told that Acer does not cover physical damage.  Well, this is physical damage caused by their manufacturing processes.  I am very miffed at the moment that Acer cannot fix an issue that they caused. But, on the brighter side, I am willing to attempt to fix this problem myself if I can find the proper replacement hinges.  Does anyone know which hinges are compatible?  All of the normal parts websites listed do not seem to list the E5-575G-53G next to any of their hinges so I have not been able to find the appropriate ones.  I hesitate to go through the parts supplier that Acer pointed me to, as I do not want to support Acer in any way in the future.

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I would like to know how to loosen the left hinge before it breaks but custoer support want me to ignore the problem untill it breaks, this is unacceptable as i cannot affor tot wait the month it would take to repair. How do i loosen up the hinge? Please Help-Ian

Answer:Lenovo y 50 left hinge to tight

Welcome to the Lenovo Community Fellow Wisconsinite !
Another owner of your model experienced a similar problem with one of the hinges being too tight.  He / She found there was a small nut on the hinge that could be loosen so that the hinge moved more freely.  Please see message number 89 in this forum discussion for additional information......
For your reference I have included a link below to your model's Hardware Maintenance Manual.  Please follow all precautions when working inside your laptop.

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Hi, i own a Lenovo Y50 non-touch laptop. The screen lid nowadays is tight to close. While opening the lid is smooth and does not feel tight, but while closing the lid the hinges in the lid seem to be locked due to more friction and each time while closing one has to apply more pressure and also produces a creaking sound. Please help me with this problem. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Lenovo Y50 Non-Touch tight hinge

Hinges seem to be a common problem on this machine. this video show how to access the hinge you may have to loosen the nut slightly

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So, I just went to open my laptop a while ago. As I was opening, it went maybe a quarter way up (I don't think even that but giving the benefit of the doubt) fine. Then it suddenly wanted to stop. Unfortunatly I was already into the motion and snap. Bezel popped off at the bottom and screws that mount the back panel to the hinge are broken! It appears the nut on the hinge self tightened! I had to use pliers to loosen the hinge so that I could put it back down! Contacted lenovo chat, guy said that "accidental" damage is not covered under warranty! Has anyone else had this happpen to them? How did you handle it? He said I could send it to them (I have to pay for shipping!!!) and IF they decide it is covered under warranty, they will fix it. Otherwise I would be charged or have to get it shipped back to me. Needless to say, I'm pretty md right now! 

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I have a T500 that has a left hinge that has tightened during the last two weeks. Cracking/warping of the surrounding plastic is beginning to show. I see a number of posts from around 2012 on the same problem, but no discussion other than "Replace it." I have a replacement screen, so I intend to do the whole assembly. However, it seems as if the tightening should be just a lubrication problem, given the age of this unit. T500s possibly aren't unique in this respect. I'd expect that it's at least partly the same for some other members who have asked or will someday ask about this. So, does anybody know:If lubrication is possible/reasonable, andWhat an appropriate lube would be?Maybe if this is solved once, a number of other users will also benefit. Naturally, any introduction of a lubricating material will be risky, if it's desireable at all. Thanks,Tom 

Answer:T500 hinge tight -- loosen/lube?

Welcome to the forum!
I don't think any lube is needed.
My bet is that the LCD's magnesium structure frame got a crack on that area. I've seen that too many times, a commom problem with the T/W500 series. 
You can open the LCD bezel to inspect that left hinge area. This means you need to remove some screws and carefully detach the bezel. You can follow the instructions from the HMM (Hardware Maintenance Manual), page 106 (the page# printed on the PDF), which can be downloaded from here: click me!
If the crack if the cause the only fix is to replace the full magnesium frame (some users managed to glue it with two component adhesive)

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I am looking for a right angle connector for my 170W power adapter because I tend to damage cables rather easily due to bending and such. Owning a right angle connector ought to rectify this.

Answer:W530 170W adapter right angle connector

Ever locate one? I was hoping to find the same thing,

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 I have a problem with my Y580's left hinge and right speaker. There is one month of warranty left.1.5 months after I got it, the left hinge kept making cracking sounds when the lid was being closed. I couldn't be bothered it send it back for repairs, and the problem persisted from then on. Once it got so bad that it felt like the hinge would break off. However, In the last months of warranty, it has been better (almost normal) but if I leave the lid half opened for a few hours, the hinge will crack when I close it. But only when it's being closed, no problems when opening.There's still a soft bezel creaking sound around the hinge which does not happen on the good right hinge.  The right speaker went completely for 30seconds as I was playing music. I want this repaired but has only happened three times and I can't prove it faulty to Lenovo.  I want my laptop to last at least 5 years. Have you had this problem? Should I return it for repair? Thank you so much. 

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2008-2013 ThinkPad R61i - Core 2 Duo T5450 | 2GB DDR2 | 160GB HD | 15.4" | Legendary build | 5 years and running2013-now IdeaPad Y580 - 15.6" FHD 1080p | i7 3630QM | GTX660M 2GB GDDR5 | 8GB DDR3 1600MHz | 1TB | Flimsy plastic

Answer:Y580 cracking hinge


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2008-2013 ThinkPad R61i - Core 2 Duo T5450 | 2GB DDR2 | 160GB HD | 15.4" | Legendary build | 5 years and running2013-now IdeaPad Y580 - 15.6" FHD 1080p | i7 3630QM | GTX660M 2GB GDDR5 | 8GB DDR3 1600MHz | 1TB | Flimsy plastic

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I have been recently experiencing some problems with sound quality on my Thinkpad W530 (bought in December 2012 ). I have cracking and popping noise. I tried reading videos on different softwares without success, and also the sound problem is still there when I plug speakers or headphones to the laptop.Any solution ?  

Answer:cracking and popping sound on W530

Are you using the dock? There is a known audio problem when the system is docked that causes that kind of popping. The fix is a motherboard swap for a more recent version, since Lenovo has corrected the issue on all currently shipping W530 systems.

Thinkpad W530, i7-3720QM, 1920x1080 screen, 32GB RAM, dual SSDs (Samsung 830, Crucial M4 mSATA), Quadro K2000M, 9-cell battery, DVD burner, backlit keyboard, Bluetooth, Intel 6300 wireless card

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Hello Lenovo Community!I bought my yoga 3 pro not too long ago, I love it and everything except when it comes to one part.. Whenever I adjust the screen, either push it backwards or pull it foward it makes this weird cracking sound around the hinge, it's not the ratteling sound but some weird cracking.I just want to make sure it's normal.Thanks

Answer:Yoga 3 Pro Hinge cracking sound

Mine doesn't do that.

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Hi, I have bought Lenovo Yoga 500 14 a month ago. Several weeks ago I started to notice left hinge cracking when opening/closing laptop screen and it becomes louder. If open/close screen a little faster - the cracking dissapear. If do it slowely you can hear hinge cracking even on the video: I bought laptop I had upgraded memory and hard drive, so I don't know if I still have a warrenty. But this problem defenetly isn't due to me.

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I bought an Inspiron 15 5547 8 months back and is currently out of warranty . It had been working just fine untill recently, all of a sudden  I am hearing a cracking sound from the right hinge every time I open and close the laptop. Despite numerous calls to the customer care department there has been no proper response. Looks like numerous people have been suffering from the same problem, which clearly reflects on the inferior designing/ components used. It is also very disturbing that a trusted brand like Dell has let down on it's customers . It would be deeply appreciated if the laptop is replaced. 
Has anyone managed to get this problem sorted?

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I too am having this problem.  Now I need it replaced, it is just over a year old.  I have ordered the wrong part 2x, cant seem to get the right product numbers.  I need the bezel and case replaced.  Too many people with the same problem.  I was told it is the design of the computer that causes this. Shame on HP for selling a product that wont' make it over a year.  

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I'm having the same problem with my top part of my laptop as well.  Is Jeff even replying?

Answer:HP Pavilion m6 Notebook PC lid and left hinge cracking and s...


  I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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My daughter's HP Pavilion 15-p051us notebood developed pretty severe cracking around one of the hinge locations. In looking at this, the cover doesn't seem strong enough to transfer the load of repeated opening and closing to the hinges over the life of the product. Also, the hinges seem as though they may be somewhat 'tight' as far as force needed to open the cover. Have there been other reported problems like this and/or any kind of recall that deals with beefing up the cover in the hinge areas ? Thank you

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I bought my Hp envy about 18 months ago and a few months ago the hinge started getting loose and I noticed that a few screws were missing. This was a few weeks after It had come back for repair for a bios issue and recently I noticed that the actual bottom plastic was starting to crack and eventually the plastic was sticking out and I struggled to push it back in like I usually did. Ive seen that this issue is extremely common with these laptops and most have said in the HP forums that its a design issue. So I don't want to continue using the laptop in case something major gets damaged. Ive seen in other forums that some users have had there laptops replaced but all im wanting is a quick easy fix. Thanks

Answer:Hp envy loose hinge and base loosening and cracking



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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Hey, so as the title says my Yoga 2 has some problems. Whenever I open or close my yoga it makes a snap/crack/pop sound, seems to be from the hinge. Anyone have any idea if the warranty would cover this? I just got this like the last week of August, so this is really upsetting. Also the headphone jack doesn't work at all, hasn't since the first time I tried it. It doesn't recognize that it is there (I've tried the device manager or whatnot, it is enabled just does not work). When I play music with the headphones in, the sound comes out of the speaker so it is super not working, ha. Any one have a solution? 
Moderator comment: Please don't post the same message(s) in multiple places as it splinters the discussion. Duplicate(s) removed.

Answer:Yoga 2:hinge making a cracking/popping noise and headphone jack doesn't work

I got this same problem too (not the headphone jack). But mine is not a yoga its an ideapad 100-15iby. I got the popping/cracking sound in the right hinge of the laptop. Is there any fix I can do for the laptop or is it not a problem at all. And BTW I used my notebook for 6 months and this problem started around in the 5th month. Reply ASAP!!

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Anyone know much about it? How secure are our passwords, really? I mean people have huge farms of computers mining bitcoins that could easily be turned into massive password and hash cracking servers with ocl hashcat. Internet security wave coming soon?

Answer:GPU based hash cracking and distributed cracking

i was pondering what bitcoin clients were calculating and in the back of my mind..... password hashes

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My brightness cannot be adjusted, either through the hotkeys or manually. I use F.lux as well, which dims the screen automatically at night, and this isn't working either. My energy management drive is up to date. It's a z510 Windows 7 laptop. Any ideas?  Moderator comment: Please don't post the same message(s) in multiple places as it splinters the discussion. Duplicate(s) removed.

Answer:Brightness can't be adjusted

hi tiggertam,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
Open Device Manager and look under Display Adapter,
   Look for Intel Hd Graphics and rightclick Uninstall On it.
           Place a check on the prompt to delete driver software.
Restart the Copmputer
   And download this driver based on your WIndows Version type
 Intel Video Driver for 32-bit Windows    Intel Video Driver for 64-bit Windows   
Restart the system after the installation anc check the Bightness Adjustment Shortcut.
Hope this helps

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Ok, I've just done a mild overclock on my q9550 and raised the FSB to 383 giving me a clock speed of 3.2 Multipliers are 6.0 and 8.5 respectively (I'm leaving speedstep on ATM) Mobo is a P5Q PRO.

With the FSB strap set to auto, my DDR2 800 RAM is now being reported as Dual DDR2 766 (383mhz) which doesn't sound right to me. I don't seem to be able to manually select 800MHz. The FSBRAM ratio is now 1:1

With the CPU voltage set to AUTO, according to CPU-Z it's now maxing 1.296, would it be safer to lower this and remain stable?

The only stress testing I've done so far is 2x10 passes of IBT @ maximum stress with no errors plus a bit of Far Cry 2 and STALKER. (I primarily wanted to check the CPU temp) I'll do more rigirous testing when i'm sure I've got it all set up properly.

What is concerning me is that my LOAD temps aren't what I'd expected with the NH-U12P cooler:

Real Temp 2.70 max LOAD: @3.2MHz

Core 1: 63c
Core 2: 63c
Core 3: 63c
Core 4: 63c

They seem a bit high, I'm thinking that the cooler needs to be re-seated etc
(even @2.8 it maxed out at 52c)

Am I at least heading in the right direction?

Answer:Mild OC done. What needs to be adjusted?

its looking good mate.....

your CPU will be fine up to about 1.34v for 45nm, temps do seem very high, you could try a re paste & re seat of the HSF, also check the cable management & airflow config

forget the stress testers, they do their job but the results are only needed for forum clarification of a stable OC.....believe me FC2 is more intensive than any stress tester.

so if you can play with no BSOD ''its stable''

your RAM speed is correct for a 1-1 ratio, 383x2 = 766mhz, though if your RAM can take it you should be able to increase the frequency via the BIOS..??

ive had hot chips..... P.D. 925 netburst & an E2180 allendale, bot of these ran extremely hot after i clocked the crap out of them but they never exceeded max temp & shut off.

everyone hunts for that sweet spot on an air cooled rig but sometimes its just a hot chip...... my sig E6750 is concaved, the IHS is not sitting completely flat on the cpu wafer, hence my drastically varying load temps between the cores & overall CPU temp...

@ full load

CPU = 38c
CORE 0 = 54C
CORE 1 = 58C
But your certainly in the right direction, what i tend to do is loosen RAM timings to 6-6-6-18 & push the FSB as far as i can & then tweak the RAM....

just remember ''FSB is KING'' no other setting is as important.


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I have a Dell Inspiron N5110 laptop. Right hand side LCD panel connector to the base is broken. When I close the LID, part of the hinge coming out from the base. I think hinge screw holes( plastic piece in the base that attaches LCD hinge ) is broken. I attached some images if you are not clear about the situation.Can I fix this by replacing the laptop base cover ?

I also got these pieces from from the one who repair it.

Answer:Inspiron N5110 hinge/hinge base broken - identify damaged parts

Hi did u check on ebay to see if someone had like it for sale.

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It is bad enough that Dell makes a product with a defect affecting many of their unuts (bad hinge design/manufacture), but then makes a statement that part is specifically not covered under any of their warranties. 
C/mon Dell.  You created the problem, man-up to it.

Answer:Hinge Laptop Broken (Inspiron 5545 Right Side Hinge)

Frank,Thank you for bringing your concern to Social Media support team.Please private message us the snapshot of the hinge, system service tag along with registered owner's information and email address.

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Can the XPS 13 QHD (4K) Internal Display be set to display at resolutions of 1920x1080, 1600x900 and 1366x768?  (To be clear, I'm asking about the built in 4K display, *not* an external monitor attached to the XPS 13).


Answer:XPS 13 QHD Display - Can resolution be adjusted?

You can do lower resolutions, but it best to choose resolutions that use the same 16:9 aspect ratio as the optimal 3200x1800. Other users should post their opinions on the clarity of lower resolutions and Windows scaling.

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A few days ago the brightness setting of my Ideapad S410P stopped working. Any solutions?

Answer:S410P brightness cannot be adjusted

Hi  Gillanfrances,
Welcome to the Forums  
As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with brightness in your Lenovo S410p laptop.
Try to press fn + f11 key to decrease the display brightness and fn +f12 key increase the display brightness. If the system is installed with intel graphics then please perform the below steps.
Boot the system into safe mode and check for the issue, if still the same issue right click on the desktop, select graphic properties select advance and select color enhancement in display. Adjust the brightness bar to a setting which you desire and press ok to save settings. Let us know the result.
Best regards,                                                                                                                              
       &nb... Read more

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i dont know how to describe it but i hope you understand. Lenovo G40-70intel i3windows 8.164-bit i tried searching for solution but i found different things i need to download (driver/energy management) which left me confused. help worked just fine before.

Answer:G40-70 brightness cant be adjusted more than one press

Hi G40-user,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with display brightness in your Lenovo G40-70.
Check by pressing function key and f12 key to increase, also try to update the display driver and check for the issue.
Click here for the display driver.
Click here for the energy management
Hope this helps. Do post back if issue persists!
Best regards,       

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Does anyone know of a program or way to adjust selection of web items. For example, with the following list of IP addresses, is there a way to select just the IP addresses and not the country of origin? Dragging to select seems to capture everything. Thanks. elite proxy Argentina (Buenos Aires) anonymous Australia (Melbourne) elite proxy Australia (Mildura) PlanetLab proxy Australia (Monash) PlanetLab proxy Australia (Monash) anonymous Austria (Graz) elite proxy Brazil (Atibaia) elite proxy Brazil (Belo Horizonte) elite proxy Brazil (Bras?lia) anonymous Brazil (Bras?lia)

Answer:Looking for program that allows adjusted selection?

Dump it into an Excel spreadsheet.
Select all the data
Click the DATA menu option on the toolbar.
Select Text to columns
Select Delmited click next
Select Space for the Delimeter and click next
Then click finish.

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I am frustrated with my Dell 7720 17R (Inspiron) laptop display. I have tried to reduce the brightness with Fn+F4 key but to no avail. I also noticed that the Fn key is not working with any of the function key commands. Someone should help me please.

Answer:The brightness of my laptop cannot be adjusted

I need assistance on how to reduce the brightness of my laptop 7720 17R (Inspiron). The Fn +F4 keys meant for this purpose is not working. Also, the Fn key does not respond with any of the function key commands associated with volume, turn on/off wireless, play/pause, etc.

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On some news site videos and Google Hangouts phone calls, I cannot adjust the volume. Even if I slide the volume control, the volume is at its loudest. Only when I turn off the volume to silent, does it go silent. Youtube videos are not affected.

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Hi, I'm not sure if this is definitely a Windows XP thing or just a monitor thing. I recently had to use a wiper utility to clean my hard drive and everything seemed to work fine.

I copied all my backup files and everything looked normal until after I rebooted, my monitor's screen resolution lost its normal sharpness and images looked like they were in black and white. A popup window claimed that my computer's virtual memory was too low and asked me if I wanted Windows to fix the problem. When I checked "Yes", the problem was corrected for about five minutes but then the resolution returned to the same poor quality I saw earleir.

When I reboot and repeatedly hit F8, I can choose the "Enable VGA Mode" and my normal resolution returns as long as I'm in that mode, but the large fonts take up too much space on the screen. If I reboot in "Normal" mode, I again get the same poorer resolution, but no popup window offering to auto fix the problem comes up anymore.

I've tried to download an updated monitor driver and even an update to my video card driver but nothing seems to help. Also, I can't manually adjust resolution from "Control Panel, Display, Settings". It is pegged to the left and won't move.

Sound familiar to anyone??

Answer:Monitor resolution cannot be adjusted

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My wireless connection in my Lenovo ThinkPad W530 is not reliable.  If I do a ping -t [gateway-ip] and let it run, I get a lot of timeouts.  My wireless network is 5 bars and seems to remain connected.  I have disabled power management on the driver, as well as uninstalling Lenovo power management on the laptop.  My network card is the Intel Ultimate-N 6300.  I get this problem at work, at home, in hotels, and many customer environments.  I have swapped out the network card twice.  I have tried the latest Lenovo drivers and Intel drivers. Is there a known compatibility issue with the Intel 6300?  Any other ideas besides putting in an external wireless NIC in my ExpressCard slot?  Any ideas as to how to isolate this problem further?

Answer:Unreliable W530 / Intel 6300 wireless in W530

Mine is fine. Try reinstalling Windows

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Hi, I had purchased my lenovo laptop on December 2007. The model no is, Lenovo 3000 Y500 series. The laptop's hinge and hinge cover have been damaged.However the laptop is functioning well. Please suggest what to do in such case. Can I approach any nearest lenovo authorized service center for replacement of this part ? If Yes, then what will be the approximate cost involved for such replacement. Please help... Thanks and Regards, Jitendriya DashMumbai.Ph - +91 9920896286

Answer:Damaged Hinge and Hinge cover for Lenovo 3000 Y 500

Hi, I also intend to buy a new body/shell cover for my lenovo y500. Any suggestions where can i get it from?

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Please forgive me if this is a dumb question but I have an old software program that I used on Windows 98 that I would so very much like to use on XP. When I put in the disc to download it, it states it is looking for the installer and hubby says it is incompatible with XP. Is there anything that can be done to make it work? It is an old financial program and the new ones just don't work as well.


Answer:[SOLVED] Can old software be adjusted to work on XP

If it is looking for the installer, it is on the Install CD. If it can't find the installer The CD may be scratched or smudged. Clean it off with a clean lint free cloth.
You can install mostLegacy program by right clicking the Setup.exe (Install) File on the CD. choosing Properties/Compatibility tab. Put a check box in Run this program in compatibility mode for... and Choose 98

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So I was wondering if it's possible to "hack"(don't know better word to describe the process) mi4 wm10 preview rom and flash it to other android devices ?

Answer:Can mi4 Rom be adjusted to be flashed on other android devices ?

I haven't heard this happening with any other devices, so I don't know if the risk would be worth it for you...

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after updating windows 10 to windows 10 interprise brightness can not be adjusted ...... which make too inconveniance to me ....plz give any suggetion  

Answer:my brightness can not be adjusted after updating windows 10

Hi The following link has the drivers for win 10 for your PC. Install the Chipset drivers and the Graphics Drivers on your PC and see if that helps.

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so I went into control panel to adjust the screen resolution, applied the setting and then my monitor reads power save mode.. I have already tried safe start with f8, only worked one of the times, but when it did it looked like an ancient version of windows had way bigger font and sceen in general it seemed. So i went back into res settings to readjust and then restarted the computer but the monitor won't proceed any further than that initial power save mode.
I have also tried using two different monitors via vga cable and both came up as no signal.
Now.. I know this isnt the brightest thing to do, but i powered off the computer by holding the power button and now the computer itself won't turn on, however there are lights flashing in the back..but can't get anything to work
Any ideas??

It's an older dell inspiron

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Answer:can icons be adjusted to any size in files

The subject line is not intended to be the area to pose your question. If you have a query provide details of what you are trying to achieve and any other details that you think may help. Making a statement such as you have is of no use whatsoever!

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bigadv points changes

by kasson Fri Jul 01, 2011 8:11 pm
After much discussion, we are adjusting the points bonus for bigadv. Bigadv work units have been given a 50% base points bonus over standard SMP; the rationale for this was to compensate for the increased system load, increased memory requirements, and increased upload/download bandwidth requirements. As judged from the high demand for bigadv work units, this has been very much a success, perhaps a little too much so. We would like to continue to offer a bonus for bigadv to offset the above factors, but we don't want demand for bigadv to overwhelm the rest of the project or imbalance the points system.

We are therefore dropping the bigadv base points bonus from 50% to 20%, effective for all work units issued this time onwards.

We very much appreciate the donors who have volunteered to run bigadv work units; these projects add substantially to our scientific capabilities. We do important science with all classes of work units, however, and we want the points system to reflect that. Based on extensive feedback, we are considering renormalizing other parts of the system but have not finalized decisions in that regard.

Thanks again for folding!

New points values, old points values, and unadjusted base values are given in the table below. Deadlines and k-factors remain unchanged.

"Standard points" is what the project would receive for b... Read more

Answer:-bigadv bonus points adjusted

seems like a slap in the face from my perception. (from a folder's perspective)

thx. for the post augie. :major

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Hi friends,

Please help me resolving an issue with my desktop icons. It seams like whole icons are selected with blue back ground. How can it be adjusted to normal? I am using window xp 2007.

Thank you,


Answer:How Desktop blue icons can be adjusted

Well first off, there is no XP 2007. There is either XP Home, Professional, or Media Center.
Remove Drop Shadow for Icons: Windows XP Common Issues > Remove icon border shadows on the desktop

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I have had this laptop, a Toshiba Sattelite A665, for... about 4 years now. The only real problem I've had to deal with is some networking issues, which I had fixed. As of recently, whenever I adjust the screen slightly, about 50% of the time, the laptop will do a hard shut-down. All lights go off, and the screen goes black. When the computer shuts off, windows comes up saying that the computer was shut down improperly, and asks for the safe mode start up stuff, bla bla bla.

Any ideas as to why this would be happening? It's really beginning to get to me.

Answer:Laptop Shuts Off When Screen Adjusted

Is there any Minidumps? Perhaps it's BSODing. Should be at C:\Windows\Minidump\ , attach them up here for a geeze. Perhaps try re-installing the drivers from the manufacturers website, Drivers & Software Support | Toshiba should be there in your case.

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I need to set the monitor to High Contrast, so that I can use the photoshop colour manager software, but there is nothing about visual contrast in the manual.
Can anyone help?

Answer:How is the Contrast of the Monitor adjusted on my Satellite P


Did you check your graphic card settings?
You didn?t write anything about your notebook model, OS or what graphic card you are using but in my graphic card settings I could find an option which changes the contrast, colour and other settings?

Should check this too?

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Hi. I just got my laptop for about 3 months. I haven't installed much apps yet. But since yesterday I noticed that my screen brightness can not be adjusted. When I use the shortcut Fn + left arrow/right arrow it alternates between two levels but it does not change anything. I have also tried to change it in different settings like in power options and etc. I noticed that in the PC settings, the screen has this lock icon. I don't know how to unlock it.   please help me should I install a driver or something? 

Answer:Aspire r14 screen brightness can't be adjusted

Try this and see if it fixes it. 

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I broke my w530 screen, need to replace it. Can I  replace W530 1600x900 LCD with  W530 1920x1080? Thanks


Go to Solution.

Answer:Can I replace W530 1600x900 LCD with W530 1920x1080?

Yes you can. Here are the compatible FHD screens from the parts lookup list.
04W1544 N AUO 15.6FHD04W3471 N AUO 15.6"FHD AG04W6851 N LCD ASM FHD AUO for CS
And here is a great pictorial for changing the screen, it's for the T530, but the procedure is identical.
Replacing the T530's screen

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I found the service manual and it doesn't have any instructions to do this i have 1 w530 with a 2gb gpu that has a failing fingerprint reader and the internal hard drive likes to disconnect.  I want to take the 2gb gpu from that, and put it into another w530 that everything works, but only has a 1gb gpu Thanks


Go to Solution.

Answer:Can i swap video cards from 1 w530 to another w530

Welcome to the forum!
The GPU is soldered to the motherboard, it can't be swapped or removed. But you can of course swap the entired motherboard from one W530 to another.

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hey everyone,
I have a samsung notebook, i adjusted the appearance of windows "for best performance", but now the problem is that i can't switch back to normal visual windows. i try to change to "let windows choose what's best for my computer" but after appplying and clicking ok, nothing happens. the appearance of windows remains the same way. what could be the problem with my system?

Answer:adjusted visual effects for best performance, now can't go to normal

What theme do you have selected?

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I have an ATI HD3870 with fresh drivers. I'm using an HDTV as a monitor and (using ccc settings) I put it on max settings (1080p). It worked, but I wanted the text/icons to be bigger, so I went into display settings in windows 7 and adjusted the size to 125%. Logged off, and my screen went blank. I waited for about 3 minutes or so before rebooting. When I rebooted, I was able to see/go into my BIOS settings. However, whenever I boot back into the OS, it just show up blank. ATM, I'm using my back up HDD. How can I fix this without booting back into the OS or reinstalling Windows 7?

BTW, the OS on the other HDD is running the older version of the driver.

Answer:Resolution screwed up when I adjusted text sizes

Insert your instalation CD and restore to computer to an earlier point, that will undo all the changes you have made. YOu can create custom resolutions with ATI cards:

Type regedit:


Just add a line to one of the DALNonStandardModesBCD lines within the following path.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Video\{28EB637D-0B05-40E2-9B10-67836FF468A5}\0000]

(The big number at the end before the 4 zero's is random but you should be able to find yours, if you have installed multiple versions of catalysts you will have loads of different ones so make sure you modify the correct one by looking in your catalyst control panel at the "2d driver file path" entry within "information center").

For example I have just edited the DALNonStandardModesBCD1 entry to look like the following example which added 1280x900 at 60hz.


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HelloI recently purchased a Lenovo Y50-70 online and had it shipped to me. When I first booted it up the screen was very dark, however it was on because I could see a very faint image. I plugged it in to my external monitor and that worked so I set up the laptop. Half way through setup the laptop screen turned on to max brightness. The next day I was at school and the screen randomly went very dark. I dont remember what I pressed at the time. I went home and conected it to my external monitor again and about an hour later the screen turned back on at full brightness. I then unplugged it from the external and everything worked fine.I then went to lower the brightness and when I used the Fn + Down Arrow key to lower it, it turned off completely. I waited about 10 minutes and it randomly turned on again. I then tried adjusting the brightness from the WIndows 8 sidebar using the on-screen slider and when I moved it the screen turned off completely again.How do I fix this? Should I return the laptop and exchange it for a new one or can this be fixed?

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As the title suggests, I was forced to upgrade to windows 8.1 even though I was happy with 8. As a result I was no longer able to adjust the brightness on my laptop. I installed the newest driver for the NVIDIA graphics card and it still did not help. Trying to adjust the brightness via the Fn key or power manager failed to work. I only found a driver for the Power Manager for windows 8, but not 8.1 for the Y400. Any help is appreciated. Does Lenovo plan on releasing an updated Power Manager driver for Y400 running Windows 8.1? Thanks

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I have had my Lenovo Y50-70 for little over a year (so it is out of warranty) and just recently I have been having an issue with my screen turning off if it is adjusted or tapped. It will turn off if the screen is moved or sometimes when I am adjusting the laptop or moving it. The system stays on it and it is just the display that shuts off. If I hibernate the computer and turn it back on without moving the screen, it begins to work again. Oddly enough, this only happens about 60% of the time even if I try to make it happen. This seems to be a hardware issue but I am not too tech savvy so any advice would be very helpful.  Thanks!

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Text appears blurry everytime I adjust ClearType and later rotate the display.  Is there a way my S10-3t can recall my ClearType settings for each display orientation?

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The right hinge broke on my ENVY m6. Now the left one is about to go. The waranty is up and I have noticed that this is a common problem with this product. I should hope that there has been a recall on this. HP should at least repair the issue free of charge (waranty or no waranty). I take great care of my things and my computer is no exception. Please give me advice on this one. I am extremely disappointed at this point.

Answer:Broken right hinge. Left hinge about to go on my ENVY m6

Hi @NeiCe , I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post serial numbers and case details.If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, this post has instructions.

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Removed IDE drives and adjusted setup, but wont boot!
What to do next?

Answer:Removed IDE drives and adjusted setup, but wont boot!

No problem, just run Startup Repair. You may need to run it up to 3 times, but it usually only takes one.

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XP Pro sp2, latest Firefox

(gearing up a new laptop)

I found how to adjust text size i.e. the pages on this forum, but the text
in the bars at the top and bottom are still so tiny I can hardly read them.

I'm sure there's a simple fix, I just can't seem to find it.
I played with display settings and got the height to width ratio
looking pretty good, but I can't find anything to make the various
status bars any larger.

Appreciate any tips!

Answer:Have adjusted screen text size but headings still tiny

Use the zoom feature in Opera? It won't be too pretty, but at least it is readable.

If a web page is made using static pixel counts as measurements, then everything will look tiny on a hi-res screen and AFAIK only Opera is able to zoom everything, including graphics and multimedia content.

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To combat some missing icons (specifically, MSI Afterburner) I adjusted the system DPI to 125% then back to 100%. Most everything went back to normal, except two things:

1. Firefox's menu and toolbar font size
2. System message font size

Restarting does nothing. I tried changing to 150% then back to see if that'd work, but now it's even smaller! Programs seem fine, I tested Word and Skyrim. 1920x1080 res if it matters.

How do I fix those issues?

Thanks in advance, and sorry if this has been covered. I couldn't find any relevant threads, but I might be searching the wrong terms.

EDIT: Looks like the menus for Media Player Classic are tiny, too.

Answer:Adjusted system DPI, now certain things aren't scaling back right?

Ok, don't know why I didn't try this before, but the settings are tied to the current theme, so switching it fixes the problem.

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i had just changed out a cpu and noticed the heatsink  fan is not fully in contact with the cpu.  I believe the fan is supposed to be right on the processor to work correctly. my old cpu(pentium 4) heatsink screwed into the motherboard.  I don't think the push bolts on the new cpu(core 2 duo) heatsink are going to work with my board.  Could I possibly use the pentium 4 heatsink? It has the same size fan but has a larger heavier metal heat sink section and it has a what I would call a breather plactic cone that links it to the vents on the chassis.

Answer:how tight should the cpu fan be?

QuoteI don't think the push bolts on the new cpu(core 2 duo) heatsink are going to work with my board. Which one is it ? ?

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Question: tight VNC help

hey guys i downloaded Tightvnc just to test out on a old desktop

on the old desktop i have tightvnc service setup and on my laptop i have the tightivnc viewer installed

from the laptop to the desktop i cant connect but if im in listening mode (laptop) and add a client on the desktop it works no problem but i guess what im asking is what am i doing wrong that I cant connect from my laptop(viewer) to my desktop(tightvnc service)

the error is failure to connect to server...
Dual DVD Recorders Football News

Answer:tight VNC help

You have any firewalls on the Desktop.

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Question: tight vnc how to

My dad is forever ringing to ask for help with his pc. Using t vnc i could do it while he watches. I know i need his ip address which i have but how do I set my puter as the 'guest' and his as the 'host'? He will also have to give me a password and I cant remember where he sets it.
Basically a 1,2,3, step by step guide is required if anybody has the time.

Many thanks

Answer:tight vnc how to

Depending on OS, but assuming 98. Users access is done in control panel. If he doesn't have a users icon in control panel, do a search on the HDD for usrmgr.exe (if memory serves). This should bring up the add users (modify as well). He can add you there. To set up a telnet session, both systems HAVE to have telnet installed from the original CDROM's.

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I use Tight VNC to astis in managing computers at my school. I use a desktop running XP Pro, SP3.
When I connect to a Win7, 64 bit laptop via Tight VNC 3.9, I must manually refresh the screen to see anything I have done such as click start, close a window, or type commands into the run box. Anyone know of a fix?

Chuck in E. TN

Answer:Win 7 and Tight VNC

I use TightVNC 1.3.10 in the other direction, Win 7 to a XP Pro system and it works well. I just checked and TightVNC 2.0.2 is available. Try that release, see if the problem is fixed.

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I have a problem with my Toshiba Satellite L855D-10J. Since a Windows update, the screen brightness is adjusting automatically, depending on the colours shown on the screen.

I cannot turn this off - I already went to the energy and power savings options and turned off the adaptive brightness, but that didn't change a thing. I also downloaded the latest driver of my graphic card (a8-4500m), and checked at the amd catalyst control center if there are any settings for this - nothing.

What can I do?

Answer:Satellite L855D-10J - Auto adjusted brightness impossible to turn off

The similar theme was already discussed in this thread:

But this happened only in battery mode (when AC adaptor was disconnected)

In your case, does this happen only in battery mode or also when AC adaptor is connected?

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This might be a stupid question but I can't seem to solve it.

Sometimes when I adjust the volume on my laptop the sound reduces drastically and then slowly fades back. This even happens when I increase the volume. In fact, as soon as I move the volume slider (in any direction) the sound reduces drastically. The same happens when I adjust the sound using the keyboard controls but not when I adjust the volume in the program playing the sound (Chrome playing YouTube, Windows Media Player, Groove, VLC etc.)

It doesn't happen every time but I haven't been able to find a pattern except that I think it happens less often with VLC. (I might be mistaking though.)

It is very frustrating because it is near impossible to adjust the volume without instant feedback. I have to guess a random adjustment, sit through a few minutes of very quiet audio only to find out it is still too loud or soft for my liking. And then the process starts all over again.

I am using a Dell laptop with Windows 10 installed.

Things I've tried which didn't work:
Set action for when "Windows detects communication" to "Do Nothing"
Enabled (and again disabling) the "Loudness Equalization" enhancement in the sound settings.
Ignoring it.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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Hello everyone, I'm completing an export license and need to know the APP for the Thinkpad X230.  The User Guide does provide the ECCN identifier which is 4A994.b, however the APP is not provided. Any help would be very much appreciated. Tom 


Go to Solution.

Answer:Thinkpad X230 - Export license - Need to know Adjusted Peak Perfomance (APP)

Hi tkrough, and welcome to the Lenovo User Community!
Isn't it just the APP of the processor? What's the model you are interested in?

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Even with my power settings adjusted, my computer will still periodically go into sleep every half an hour to an hour or so without attendance. Its annoying mainly because I play xbox live, which is bridged through my pc, and I get disconnected because of this.

Any reasons why it could be doing this?


Answer:Windows enters standby/hibernation even with power settings adjusted.

Hello AveryMaurice, welcome to Seven Forums!

Start by having a look at this tutorial at the link below to see if it'll be a help; be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

Hibernate - Enable or Disable

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Two problems, related in timing.

On July 1st, I made some adjustments to my startup config and such, and ever since then I've been having problems where my IE and Windows Media Player freeze for a few seconds when loading (though without interrupting data)

But most important of which is that since that time, my HP Factory Image D:\ drive has disappeared. It never served me any purpose, but it always just sat there in my Hard Disk lists on my Computer screen, and is conspicuous in its absence.

I checked my Disk Management and found that the 12 GB where the "D" drive was had become "Unallocated". Before I did something stupid, I checked to Rescan Drives, and it re-found the Factory Image! From then on, the FACTORY_IMAGE (D shows up in my Computer.

But after a few days I found that it was no longer showing on my Computer window, and realized that after restarting or shutting down my comp, it would always disappear, only to re-appear when I rescan my disks.

What's the problem? What service do I need to restore/fix to stop this from happening?

Somewhat related question: Would getting a whole new motherboard and CPU but retaining the old harddrive end these problems mentioned above or is it something to do solely with my faulty configurations?

Answer:Adjusted startup: HP Factory Image drive disappears after each restart

before you start spending money or mess your machine up any more--go into MSCONFIG and select the normal startup button then restart to see if problem(s) are gone

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I have Windows Explorer set to a ?List? view. In one particular folder all of the filenames are the same length, i.e. 7 characters. The File name extension box is not checked. After a recent Windows 10 upgrade the list view columns are very wide. There is lots of unused space between the columns and not all files are listed unless the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom is used. Previously all files could be displayed in a window of a given size. Can the width of the list view columns be adjusted?

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I am unable to control a Windows 7 Machine with TightVNC. My connection freezes whenever I get a UAC dialog box on the Client Machine.

I have tried disabling UAC and tried installing TightVNC as a Service but still experiencing the same issue.

Could you please point me in the right direction.


Answer:Tight VNC freezes on UAC

Do you have to use TightVNC?
Are you willing to try other software?

Is the computer that you are controlling on the same local network or are you doing this across the internet?

Have you ever tried UltraVNC? It might work - it might fail - it seems picky about videoDrivers or something... but it handles UAC pretty well. Sometimes you only see half of the popup dialog box. Click on Show details to see the rest of it.

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Question: tight case!

hii bought a packard bell pc about a year and a halfago,and since then became more intrested in computers and as my intrest grows so does the listof bits and bobs and upgrades for my pc.the problem is though i think p.b. designed the machine around its compact size , so i find a tight squeeze whenever i try to put somethingelse in (this time a pioneer 105).anyway could anyone tell us about how difficult it would be to swap everything over into a larger case ta..

Answer:tight case!

i have a packard bell too and the cases are indeed poorly should not have a problem transfering everything to a bigger and better might find that the power supply is a custom size so would get a case with one already fitted.use click here to find out your motherboard and system info

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I have just made what is rapidly looking to me the mistake of installing Windows 10. Leaving aside the fact that it keeps freezing there are a number of other minor issues and I’m getting to the situation where I am seriously considering dumping all my computer kit and going for an Apple.
I was using a Word application which I think was Microsoft Office Word 10.
It had the ability to give me what I will refer to as a “Navigation” facility where the options that I set out below marked “1” would show on the top right hand corner of the Word document I was working on.
When I clicked onto “Find” in the clip below the option marked 1.that I set below a column marked “Navigation” opened up on the left hand side of the document I was working on and which I have marked as 2.
There were three options which I’ve marked from the left as “1” “2” “3”.
1. Showed a list of headings.
2. Showed all of the pages in miniature.
3. Showed a search facility. Type a word into “Find” it showed a list of where that word could be found.
The beauty of this application was that one could copy a paragraph heading and place the copy over a particular paragraph, highlight it, then open “Change Styles” and click onto (In my case I used) “Heading One and a copy of that paragraph heading moved into the Navigation pane or column. This gave me a long list of paragraph headings which I ... Read more

Answer:Is Windows really so tight?

The way I see it if you want windows 10 on 2 computers you will need two licences.
Not 100% sure though but no doubt someone will give you the correct answer.

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Hi thereI finally received my new Toshiba laptop (yippee!) and I was testing all the bits last night. The USB ports are extremely tight. I have to almost force the pen drive in and pull VERY hard to get it out. Will this damage the ports/usb devises??Also, is there anything that can be done about this?? I don't think Toshiba will change this as they are working and therefore don't qualify to be fixed under the warranty.Hope you can help!!

Answer:VERY tight USB ports

you could have been trying to put the plug in upside down, they are normally a simple push in, have a close look at the socket the top should have a slim plastic lug and a very narrow space, below the lug should be a space about a millimeter wide. see this:-click here The reverse is in the plug you should see a plastic lug which should be fitted under the Socket lug.see this :-click here Please be aware that there is another type of socket called "Firewire" which in simple terms is flat at one end and pointed or apex at the other "DO NOT" try to fit USB connections in them. the web site can give you a few helpfull guides

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Question: filter too tight?

My laptop and desktop are both win xp sp3 and the settings are identical. I have a wireless router.
Ie spell shows up under tools on the lap but only with a right click on the desktop. I do not consider this a problem but it is an inconsistency.

Same with Snapfish photo program - laptop will upload photos but desktop will not.
Does anyone have an idea why similar machines cause these problems with these two programs and how to perhaps loosen a filter.
McAfee is set the same with both and I have no other programs to interfere.

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Anyone know if there's a way to set up a shortcut for TightVNC that'll have it log into a specific IP (, with the password (opensaysme)?

(neither of the above values are correct, but for the sake of an example)

Answer:Tight VNC shortcuts?

Open a VNC session to the servers, log in, etc.

Then (this assumes it's a Win32 client), right click on the title bar and goto 'Save connection info'... it'll warn you about saving passwords, click 'yes' then choice where you want to save the file.

Once you have the file saved it'll create a 'servername.vnc' file, double click on that and it'll log you in.

Sometimes VNC get's glitchy and doens't associate .vnc files with the viewer during install, in which case you can create a batch file that does something like 'vncviewer.exe /config C:\myserver.vnc' (run vncviewer.exe /? to get all the options).


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I have no idea what the internet explorer is or what it does, but I do know that its very important.. with that being said, i am very confused. I do a system virus scan and all my security scans pretty much every 2 weeks. I always do the updates before i run the scans as this forum tells us to. and i cannot get any of my updates, this is what happened.
SpyBot Search and Destroy:
ran update before I wanted to scan.
ERROR......... Error retrieving update info file HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found.

I ran the scan, it found nothing, and closed this.

ran update before I wanted to scan.
PROBLEM......the file, "" was not found. and then another window popped up saying error connecting to the update server, possible firewall conflict..

Ok, I had ZoneAlarm Firewall and I was having problems with it. So i went under my add/remove and removed it and all of its contents.. So there is no ZoneAlarm left, or so i thought
so now i figure its the internet explorer I double click on it and when it opens it tells me the following:
ZONELABS:VSMON-Lock up Server-Microsoft internet explorer..
This page is to notify you that ZoneAlarm has detected a problem with your installation, and therefore has restricted Internet access from your machine for your protection. Don?t panic! The step-by-step instructions listed here will help you to determine the problem and explain how to resolve the issue.

Please print this page out ... Read more

Answer:I am locked up tight!

Well, you can try downloading zonealarm again, and following these steps, or you can maunally kill it.

Try These Instructions: (Some are from your post)

First try this:

Restart your computer. (To do this, click Start, select Shut down, select Restart from the drop-down menu, and then click OK.)

After restarting, check your Internet access. Try this up to three times to see if your Internet access is restored. If this does not restore your access, proceed to step B below.
If above doesn?t work, do this:

Ok: Here is where it is different. - Go to Start>Run> and type "msconfig" with no quotes. If you have Windows 2000 MSConfig will not work, so post back for more help. When the box pops up click on "Startup". Look for anything that looks like "Zone Alarm" or "Zonealarm" or "zonealarm.exe" or anything in the "Program Files>Zone Alarm" Directory. Uncheck it, and hit "Ok" and reboot if prompted.


In this third step, you will be renaming your Internet logs folder. This simple step only takes a moment?just follow the instructions carefully below. Please note: Deleting your Internet logs is necessary to restore Internet access, but you will lose your ZoneAlarm security product settings as a result.

a. Click on Start, select Search, and then For files or Folders.
b. In the box titled "search for files or folders named:" type the following exactly, with quote... Read more

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hi, The lid on the laptop seems tight, it sort of gives a creek when opened, any way of freeing it up..dont really want to give the hinges a squirt of wd40, unless that is what everyone does..thanks

Answer:Tight lid on a laptop

What brand of laptop? Hope it not FS:click hereForums - amilo d cracking up!!

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I removed TightVNC from my Add/Remove ...

The icon continues to pop up ...

How do I permanently remove this control?

How do I check to make sure it is completely off my computer?

Majorgeeks has so much information I don't know where to start & so much I don't understand ...

Simplicity please!

FYI: It was put on my PC by scam artists ... :crybaby

Answer:Tight VNC Removal ...

Welcome to the Malware Removal Forum.

Please read ALL of this message including the notes before doing anything.

Pleases follow the instructions in the below link:

READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide

and attach the requested logs when you finish these instructions.

**** If something does not run, write down the info to explain to us later but keep on going. ****
Do not assume that because one step does not work that they all will not. MGtools will frequently run even when all other tools will not.

After completing the READ & RUN ME and attaching your logs, make sure that you tell us what problems still remain ( if any still do )!
Helpful Notes:

If you run into problems trying to run the READ & RUN ME or any of the scans in normal boot mode, you can run the steps in safe boot mode but make sure you tell us what you did later when you post logs. See the below if you do not know how to boot in safe mode:

Starting your computer in Safe mode

If you have problems downloading on the problem PC, download the tools and the manual updates for SUPERAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes ( links are given in the READ & RUN ME) onto another PC and then burn to a CD. Then copy them to the problem PC. You will have to skip getting updates if (and only if) your internet connection does not work. Yes you could use a flash drive too but flash drives are writeable and infections can spread to them.
If you cannot seem to login to an infected user acco... Read more

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Every time I go to one of those web sites that say "must have Flash player to view this site" I click to go to Adobe Flash Player download site in another window. I download it and it goes in successfully. I check and there it is (in "manage Add Ons.") But it never works! I go back and click to go into the web site I'm visiting and I still get "you must have Flash Player." But I just got it! I have it! But it never works. Just go around in circles.

Always downloads successfully but it never works. Even tried changing all my custom Active X security to "let everything in" and it still did not work.

2 sites where this is sending me around in circles are and

Thanks for any help.

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Howdy all,
I have applied for a couple of online mystery shopping jobs and for some reason, I can't login to the sites to collect my work as the window won't redirect or open for collecting sheets to fill out online. The sites use flash, I assume that is a plug in and I supposedly have the macromedia plugin as required. I run Zone Alarm Pro and my security is set to what was in Rollin'Rogs security settings thread so if anyone can advise me of a way to let Zone Alarm and my computer know these sites are friendly and I want to access them, I would appreciate it. To get to log-in page, I have to turn AdWatch off or it won't even let the login window come up. It is probabley something simpley dumb I haven't thought of......I hope!!
Regards Paula

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Question: TIGHT budget

My friend needs a good, reliable computer, nothing fancy (a P3 or older Athlon would do), can you help?

Oh, there's a catch---he has a $160 budget.

Thanks everyone.

Answer:TIGHT budget

if he's just gonna use it to check email, then PIII, 128RAM, 5GIG HD... etc

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Question: tight vnc question

I have been struggling for a week to set up tight vnc. I installed it on my home LAN and am able to access the other pcs. I installed it at my sisters and am able to connect within her LAN but I can't seem to connect to her. She has a linksys router and I have a dlink 604. I was able to change the port numbers on hers but not mine. I went to gotomyvnc and did a check on her lan and was able to establish contact but unable to do so with mine unless i disconnected from my router. all pcs on my lan are w2k pro. on her end is one w2k pro and one xp home. Everytime I try to make contact with her, I get the error message "failed to get server address. did u type the host name correctly?" I have tried her pcs name and hostname:0 and hostname::5900.

This is not my strong point (obviously) and I can't seem to find any info on what I am doing wrong.

Also, how secure is this versus somethingk like NetOp by Crosstec Corp

Thanks a million in advance.

Answer:tight vnc question


You need to portforward port 5800 (for http connections) and 5900 on your router to the machine that is the host.

If using browser to connect: Do NOT connect like this HTTP://x.x.x.x:5900 that will NOT work. http://x.x.x.x:5800 WILL work
Note x.x.x.x is your ipaddress

If you're using the gui viewer then just type the ip address in the box and hit connect.
But this ALL depends on your port forwarding 5900 to the host PC.

Why not just use Remote Desktop?

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Hey. i use tight vnc to virtual desktop my windows 7 computer to my ubuntu laptop. it works alright its very laggy and i cannot go to the start menu or basicly do anything that involves opeing up a window that isnt already open. but thats not my problem. i like that my computer goes into sleep when im not useing it. however when its in sleep i cannot connect to it from my laptop. i also like to connect to it threw my xbox and play movies and listen to music. but i cannot do this if it is in sleep. is there a way that when i try to connect to it via my xbox or my laptop that it wakes up?

Answer:Tight VNC and Sleep

your nic sleeps when your computer sleeps. You'll have to set the nic to wake the laptop.

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Question: right angle sata

my 5770 gpu covers 2 out of 4 of my sata ports.(1 for current hdd(first port), 1 for cd(second one), and 1 for (maybe) caviar black hard drive(3rd or 4th port which are blocked by gpu).

i am thinking about adding a new hard drive(maybe caviar black) and transfer my os from my current hdd to the new one, and use the old one for data and to put page file(to reduce load) it?

will a right angle sata cable be able to fit on my mobo and not interfere with the gpu?

Answer:right angle sata

You need to tell us which mobo you have. Without knowing how the SATA ports are arranged, cannot say. Some come straight up from the mobo, others are right angled.

At the least, a photo of the situation will help. Considering the cost of the cable, might be worth getting one and seeing how it goes.

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Question: bad viewing angle

Im having a big problem with the viewing angles of my laptop can i return it or theres another solution.

Answer:bad viewing angle

Hi, Nearly all conssumer laptops have same viewing angle. Regards.

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Question: Right Angle Molex?

Is there such a thing as a right angle molex power connector? I have been looking for one that lies nearly flat against what it plugs in to, but can't find one.

I have a home theater case and an add-in USB 3.0 card, but it requires a molex power connection. Problem is, the lid of the case sits close to the top of the card, so a standard molex connector won't allow the lid to be put on the case.

Answer:Right Angle Molex?

I can't remember ever seeing one?

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General question. My PC tower looks naff and untidy with 2 USB cables stuck out the front (why do manufacturers put sockets there?). I know its possible to buy for mains,TV antenna and other apparatus, right angled connectors which go a long way towards tidying leads IE out and down or out and right or left. Does anyone know if such a thing exists for USB connections?

Answer:Right angle USB adaptor!

front usb ports are there for temp use, such as plug in usb memory stick etc. They are not meant for fixed connection. It is unfair to blame manufacturs if you run out ports on the back. You can easily add another PCI card for giving you more usb port on the back. You can get a five ports usb adaptor card for 7 click here

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Question: Right Angle Molex?

Is there such a thing as a right angle molex power connector? I have been looking for one that lies nearly flat against what it plugs in to, but can't find one.

I have a home theater case and an add-in USB 3.0 card, but it requires a molex power connection. Problem is, the lid of the case sits close to the top of the card, so a standard molex connector won't allow the lid to be put on the case.

Answer:Right Angle Molex?

I can't remember ever seeing one?

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I have owned my yoga for 5 years. I've had no issues until recently. One of the hinges doesn't rotate easily and has now broken the grommet that keeps the case together. Is there a way to easily loosen them to make them smoother with less tension? I've had to purchase a new top case and I don't want to snap that one either. 

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Hey all,Just got my new y410p yesterday and I noticed one of the usb 2.0 ports (the one directly next to the head phone port) is extremely tight. At first I thought I must have been trying to plug into and Ethernet port by mistake. I got my wireless mouse connector in there but it took some.... convincing. It reads it fine and so far I've had no issues with connectivity. The USB port next to it is normal as is the one on the other side. Other than that my system is working flawlessly. Basically as long as connectivity isn't impacted I just wanted to know if a tight USB port was any cause for concern. This is my first higher end (over $600) laptop so I want to make sure everything is as it should be on a $900 machine.Thanks in advance for any responses.

Answer:Tight Usb port on new Y410p

Hi AdamRiggs,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
 I've checked some photo of the Y410p and I think what you're experiencing is just normal
this photo Shows how the two differs from Each other.
   The plastic in the middle. The yellow port is thicker than the one next to it.
That yellow port is for Always On USB,

Solid Cruver,

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Tight Cooling May Limit RAM!

Sounds kind of crazy, but we have verified that testing here today. If you did not see our post earlier, we had an ASUS P55 system that was "losing" half of its installed RAM. After about 7 hours of testing here today, we finally have verified what the issue is. It seems that I was tightening the water block down too tight on the P55 chipset motherboard. Simply loosening the water block solved the issue and allowed all the RAM to be seen. I am also currently testing a P55 chipset board from DFI. I was able to replicate the issue on that motherboard as well.

I have to admit to NOT using the tensioning springs as shown below. Koolance water blocks specify that these mounting springs be used and I was ignoring that, obviously the springs are there for more than just one reason.

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Hi does anyone know how to set Tight vnc server to boot up in the taskbar automatically on windows startup
im using vista basic 32bit

Answer:Tight VNC to Run in taskbar on startup

drop the tight vnc and download real vnc

that is a better program you will be able to install it and then it will automatically start when the pc starts up

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This happens after I try DreamScene Activator from here:
DreamScene Activator: Activate DreamScene In All Editions Of Windows 7 & Vista | door2windows

My folder view is resetted for all folder types to default details view, auto-folder discovery is likely turned off too, and some view modes is too tight including list, details view modes. But view modes in Library doesn't affected. Well, I can't explain it clearly but focus on the blue selection color where at library is wider than in any other mode

I've tried to remove DreamScene Activator and sfc with no luck

EDIT: Auto-Refresh is disabled too. So I have to click Refresh to view file I copied, moved, or extracted. And I don't have any idea to enable it

Answer:Details View too Tight

Can't you just move the column header to the size you need it to be.?

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So the holiday season is coming up, and I`m 14 so I want a new computer. My parents said they have a 400 budget, so I`m wondering if I can get a new computer for 300$ that can fit a 100$ video card. Thanks for reading.

Answer:New computer,tight budget

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