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Internal speakers have stopped working (Lenovo W500 with Win 7 Pro)

Question: Internal speakers have stopped working (Lenovo W500 with Win 7 Pro)

Hi I have a Lenovo W500 4062-5YG... O/S: Win 7 Pro My sound device is a Conexant 20561 SmartAudio HD. The problem is, that the internal speakers have stopped working all of a sudden... I think it is a hardware problem since when I hookup external speakers or headphones they produce sound... but I am no expert! I have done the following to try and fix it: Disable, then enable audio driversUinstall, then install audio driversSetting the internal speakers as the default speaker sourceRestoring the system to an earlier day (where I knew that the speakers had functioned)None of these actions have worked. I actually thought I could perform a hardware test on the speakers in the "Lenovo Solution Center"... but it doesn't seem like it:-( So... How can I know for sure whether it is a hardware or software problem?And more importantly - How can I get my internal speakers to work? Any help is appreciated. CheersPhilip

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Preferred Solution: Internal speakers have stopped working (Lenovo W500 with Win 7 Pro)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Internal speakers have stopped working (Lenovo W500 with Win 7 Pro)

Hello Philip,

As mentioned in your post, you have performed all the major troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. I suggest you to update your BIOS also in order to resolve your issue. You can download and update the BIOS update utility from the below mentioned web link.

Kindly click on Quick path and put your 7 Digit TYPE-Model number(40625YG) in the box and then click on the Find My Product. Please click on BIOS and then download the BIOS update utility according to your Operating System. It might resolve your issue. If it will also not work then it seem to be an issue with hardware. Kindly get in touch with the support centre they will assist you and try to resolve the issue.


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I have a T510 using the Contexant 20585 SmartAudio HD driver for the internal speakers. Today they just stopped working. I run the tests and I get no sound left or right. Now I did notice something odd. I open Control Panel and then I click SmartAudio. I then click the third icon from the left at the bottom of the screen (Audio Director). Now on the right hand panel of the screen I see a large, red 'X' beside the laptop. That would be between the laptop and the headphones.... anybody know what that is? (Would it appear to signify that something is amiss with the speaker?) Anyway, I've uninstalled, installed the latest drivers (May 2010). Still nothing... any ideas?

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My Hp Compaq 6710b was working fine when suddenly during a song it stopped working, I can still hear the sound with headphones in best quality but can not hear it without it. I am using windows 7Ultimate, 32bit. Please help, i m really worried.... I also have updated the driver from Hp Site, but still, it is same.


Check your volume mixer under the notification area, check your speaker settings to see if its on mute or turned down.

If everything is normal, go into the device manager and look under sound, video, and game controllers.

What are listed? And is there any exclamation or red x?

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I have a dell laptop inspiron  3558 with intel core i5 with win 10 ...this morning all of a sudden its internal speakers stopped working after i  unplugged my headphones ..I have used headphones before multiple times with no problems audio settings it shows the speakers are enabled and the sound bar is moving but theres no sound ..I plug the headphones back or external speakers  ,those are  working ..troubleshoot is telling me the inbuilt speakers are working fine and cannot detect any problem ..I tried reinstalling the audio driver ,then restarting , then updating with the new Microsoft hd audio driver ,stopped all enhacements restarting again ,still not working this a mechanical problem or a software problem ? I barely had this laptop for 4 months ...will reinstalling windows solve the problem or what should I do ? is the sensor not working ?

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Hi friends,

My satellite c640, internal speakers suddenly stopped working but works fine when earphones or any external sources are connected
Is it a hardware problem?

I?m using win 7 64bit and I tried to install drivers but seems to be a hardware problem

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite C640 internal speakers suddenly stopped working


I?m not sure if this is a hardware problem.
You may have to check some settings.

In control panel -> sound -> playback tab.
There you should see the speakers chosen as default device.
You can also click right on these speakers and you should see some options:
? speaker configuration
? test
? disable
? and so on?.

Test the speaker firstly. In my case some short bell sound appears. You can also mark the speaker and click on Properties button. There you will see a second window with some tabs. Check the second tab called LEVEL. There you can change the sound level.

What happen exactly when you try to reinstall sound driver? Do you get any errors?

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Hello!Some weeks ago the sound stopped working on my Dell Inspiron 3521. I can hear sounds when i connect headphones or speakers. I had windows 7 and i thought that the problem could be solved if i updated to window 10, but it didn't work. My drivers seem to be up to date. Is it a common problem on theese laptops or it might be a hardware problem? Please help!

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Hi, I am using Lenovo G460 since 2 years and I am unable to hear from internal speakers, but I connected headphones or external speakers it's working fine. anybody can tell the problem

Answer:my lenovo g460 internal speakers are not working

hi arjunkanda,
Can you try Uninstalling and Reinstalling the Audio Driver,
Open Device Manager and look under sound and gaming controller for WIN7 and Audio input for WIN8/8.1
   Look for something says Conexant, and uninstall it.
       Place a check if you're prompted of "Delete driver software for this device"
Then install a audio driver from this download link of your system and install it.
See if that works,
  If not then, Im thinking a connection problem of the Speakers,
You can check your system's  Maintenance Manual to check on how to get access to the speaker cables connecting to the Mainboard on page (52).
Hope this helps

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Just a few days ago, the speakers (and subwoofer) of my lenovo y50 suddenly stopped working. I've already tried some fixes, including input options in the realtek audio manager. Sound coming trough the headphone jack still works though, but since the speaker malfunction it has an irritating white noise. Anyone who also has this problem or knows the fix?

Answer:Speakers lenovo y50 stopped working

Hi Jaffa1997,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per the query we understood that you are facing issues with speakers not working on your Lenovo Y50 laptop.
Please try to uninstall the audio drivers from the device manager, restart the system and please reinstall the drivers and check for the issue.
Click here for the drivers for windows 7
Click here for the drivers for windows 8.1.
If the issue still persists after the driver update then it might be issue with speaker which might be replaced, please visit the nearest service center for further details.
Click here to open a link where you can select the country and get the exact contact support number. I?m sure
they will be a great help.
Hope this helps. Do post back if the issue persists!
Best regards,       
Ashwin. S

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Hi,I'm new to the Lenovo community, so thanks in advance for any help!.My laptop was playing sound nice and crispy, but speakers stopped working without any warning. When connecting headphones, they play okay, just speakers are dead silent. Reinstaled drivers, tried different options, not working. Newest Conexant audio drivers are installed, win 7 64.Am I screwed and speakers just gave like that without warning or do any of you know about some specific issue?Thanks, Pavel.

Answer:Lenovo U410, speakers stopped working

Hi PProduction,
Welcome to Lenovo forums.
As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with speakers not working in your Lenovo U410 laptop.
This might be issue with the speaker which needs to replaced, please contact the nearest service centre for further details.
Click here to open a link where you can select the country and get the exact contact support number. I?m sure they will be a great help.
 Hope this helps. Do post back if issue persists!
Best regards,

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Hey, I was speaking on Skype yesterday and my internal microphone suddenly stopped working. I've tried to reinstall all the drivers etc but it didn't help. I could blame the hardware, but I've had such issue previously after installing Win 8.1 and I fixed it by reinstalling all the system, which I would prefer not to do again, so do you have any ideas what could cause? Thanks!

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Hi!Lenovo TP T500, Win7Pro 32. There was a problem with the integrated speakers. Yesterday worked fine. Then, after a conversation on Skype through a wired headset from the integrated speakers sound stopped going. Through headphones the sound is fine. All tests are integrated speakers through the control panel are normal, no errors shown. But the sound of them is not. That is, I have created the absolute impression that the laptop "thinks" as if the headset is still activated. What will advise?

Answer:Lenovo TP T500, Win7Pro 32. Speakers stopped working

Make sure if you haven't done so already to press and hold (for a few seconds) the volume UP button on the top row of the keyboard.  It's usually pretty close to the blue ThinkVantage butoon.

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Hi, hope I'm posting in the right place.

I had a set of GE 2.1 speakers working well with my Sony Vaio for about a year. Recently the sound started to go in & out, I had to move the wire around a lot and tape it or hold it in a certain spot to get them to work. Then one day they stopped working altogether. Assuming it was the speakers, I went and bought a new set from Best Buy. Took them home, plugged them in... and nothing, nothing at all. So I tried the OLD speakers in another desktop computer, and they worked perfectly.

So I assumed my headphone jack was broken and was going to go about trying to get a new piece and solder it and all that, but then I'm sitting here and just realized my headphones work perfectly.

What's wrong? How come the headphones work, but 2 pairs of external speakers don't?

Thanks so much


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i have a pavillion desktop that has internal speakers, i just bought a bose 2 companion sepeakers and want to use it as my default speakers, but there's no sound coming from bose speakers. Bose speakers are plugged in, but sound still coming from the monitor speakers. I have Vista 64 home premium.

Answer:external speakers not working/pc has internal speakers

Originally Posted by jc828

i have a pavillion desktop that has internal speakers, i just bought a bose 2 companion sepeakers and want to use it as my default speakers, but there's no sound coming from bose speakers. Bose speakers are plugged in, but sound still coming from the monitor speakers. I have Vista 64 home premium.

Hi jc,

Welcome to the Forum.

Never seen one of these before, Try right clicking on the speaker symbol in the notification area, select Playback Devices, You should be able to select the speaker device that you want to use.
Right click enable/disable Hide/unhide
Left Click will allow you to configure the device after selecting Configure
Properties will also give you some options

I hope this helps


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Hi, Out of absolutely nowhere, the Fn key doesn't do anything. Running Windows 7, 64 bit. I just reinstalled the Lenovo Hotkey driver and then restarted (as instructed), but it still doesn't work. What should I try?  The physical componants of the key look fine, everything underneath the key looks the way it should and it presses like any other key does. Thanks in advance for any help!!!

Answer:W500 Fn Key Stopped Working

hey Sakkath,could you uninstall the Hotkey driver first, restart the system then go to the software, install, restart and then try again.

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I have a Thinkpad W500 (model 4061-B13) with Windows XP SP3. I don't know why, but the OSD (On Screen Display) stopped working.  The hotkey still functions well.  I can use Fn key to change volumes, brightness.  But there's no indicators on the screen. I searched many forums but couldn't get a workable solution. Here are the options I tried: Option #1 Uninstall/Reinstall drivers in *specific* order ( Option #2 Modify the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\IBM\TPHOTKEY\OnScreenDisplay registry Option #3 Uninstall/Reinstall video and audio drivers. Any pointer would be appreciated! Michael Moderator note: Type added to subject line for clarity.  Message Edited by Agotthelf on 04-05-2009 09:37 AM

Answer:W500: On Screen Display stopped working

Scratch that.  The solution was delete the whole registry key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IBM\TPHOTKEY\OnScreenDisplay".  The parameters in this key was somehow messed up.  Instead of trying to fix the parameters, we can just delete the whole key.   Log out the current user and log back in (so the changes can take effect). Hope this helps! Michael

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Hello!  I bought a Lenovo Z50 with free dos today, installed Windows 8.1 on it, but the problem is I don't get ANY sound from the internal speakers, despite all the necessary drivers are in place. When I try to troubleshoot Sound it says Speakers are not plugged in. The sound tab in Control Panel says that device is installed and is working properly. HELP please!I read all the topics on the Forum, but it's not working.


Go to Solution.

Answer:No sound from internal speakers Lenovo Z50

Hello, did you menage to deal with your problem?I have similar issue with my notebook. At first audio was fine ( i'm runinng Windows 10 ) but after a while it started to close in random moment. I reinstalled audio drivers couple of times, was messing around with updates and all i menaged to repair that right now i have sound when i plug in headphones. When i try to play sound on internal speaker, left one seems not playing at all, and if I will volume up to 30-40 % sound dissaperes. Can this be hardware related?

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im running an 8 month old toshiba with vista and realtek audio with updated drivers. surround sound speakers bought in iraq were used on audio output for about a week... then the speakers started acting funny, like with one speaker and one headphone working when headphones were plugged in. then the internal speakers squealed loudly whenever the computer was powered. had to take the speakers out just to get them to stop, and now audio output does not work at all. computer tests both devices as working properly, and drivers are updated.

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I just got my Lenovo Y570 today and the sound hasn't worked since I turned it on. I tried uninstalling the Realtek sound driver and I installed the driver on the Lenovo website and that one doesn't work either. Does anyone know what could be the problem? EDIT: I connected my headphones to the jack and they do work, but the laptop speakers don't.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Lenovo Y570 No Sound From Internal Speakers

Joseg1320,Try going to control panel then Sound then see if the speakers are "set as default". If it is and there is still no sound, then you would need to contact support to get the hardware checked.

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 Hi, When I insert an SD card into my built-in reader I see the nice green light on the reader itself glow, get the bah-dunk sound of Windows 7 recognising my card and when I open My Computer I can see that the card is there, but almost instantly after opening explorer and trying to interact with the card, explorer hangs and I have to force-close it. After a while of leaving it alone, I'll get random messages telling me that I need to format the SD card, but I know the cards are fine since I can look at their contents through a much more inconvenient USB I've tried it with different SD cards and it does the same thing. It never used to do this (at least that I've noticed) until a couple fo weeks ago, which makes me think a recent update did a number on me (again). I've tried updating all the drivers I can think of and uninstalling the actual SD drivers and starting from scratch but nothing is working. Just curious if anyone else has had this happen to them or knows of any solutions/ideas. I appreciate the help.

Answer:W500 - Card Reader has stopped working, crashes explorer

Thanks for your post ,
From the problem description it seems some issue related to Card Reader , It is not able to read the SD cards properly May be caused by dust or some alignment issue  .
Kindly contact the support team via the link below

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I have a G450 laptop for over three years. Now recently I can't hear any sound. I checked drivers. But to get sound, I have to bend the laptop screen at certain angle. So I think its problem with some loose connection? Help me troubleshoot it.

Answer:No sound from lenovo g450 internal speakers - only from headphones

Go to Lenovo website, Click on support & enter your model number in the search box, In your case G450, Download all manuals & documentation for your laptop, You should find a pdf of the specs on the G450 & others in the G series range, That will show how to teardown your laptop, Just follow the instructions until you get to the cables you wish to check. Hope that helps! Catt 

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Control panel shows two choices:  USB Audio CODEC or Bluetooth hands free Audio Diagnostics indicates a driver missing at location 65535 (Internal High Definition Audio) My internal speakers worked fine until this past weekend after I updated my ipod. Never had a problem before.  Is it possible that I disconnected them with an f key or some other turn off switch?   Is it possible that the itunes download destroyed my driver? I can't find my original installation disks so if a driver is needed where can I download it? Thanks,Scott

Answer:Internal speakers not working on my T61

what is the full model/type number of your T61 thinkpad?

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I got this proble with my laptop: speakers integrated to the computer do not work anymore.
I checked the Device Manager and all seems to be working properly: no yellow question marks or something like that. Nonetheless, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers but nothing changed.
On the other hand, when I plug the headphones in, I can hear all sounds from them, so I'm worried about an hardware problem. Before going through the hardware repair, I'd liek to be sure that's the cause.
Could anywone please suggest further checks?
I also understood that the headphone jack has a switch that is closed when the headphones are plugged in, so that the audio output is sent to the headphones and not to the integrated speakers: in case this switch is lagged, is there a way to prevent the audio outpu rerouting to the headphones?
Last information: this problem appeared after the upgrade to Windows 10, but I'm pretty sure that the audio initially worked fine for at least a couple of days, so I would exclude a relation with the operative system update.
For information: the laptop is an ASUS N55SF.
Thanks for the support.

Answer:Internal speakers not working

Additional information: hardware failure of the speakers is excluded, in fact, I tested the speakers by running Puppy Linux and all worked fine.
I would be grateful of additional hints to solve this annoying issue.

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Hi first i just want to say im not that great with computers so step by step instructions would be great

ok i have a dell latitude c400 and my internal apeakers are not working although headphones pluged in the jack are and I have no cd drive so i cant reformat computer then try if it works also i have tried DELL.CA for driver updates there were none i have no driver cd or anything please help me

Umm i attached my system resource report from device manager in the word document

and here is a link i uploaded of the sound codecs and stuff from device manager

Answer:Help internal laptop speakers not working



Resource Summary Report - Page: 1 ******************** SYSTEM SUMMARY ******************** Windows Version: Windows 5.1 Service Pack 2 (Build 2600) Registered Owner: jay Registered Organization: A-Quality-Computers Computer Name: LILZ Machine Type: AT/AT COMPATIBLE System BIOS Version: DELL - 27d40301 System BIOS Date: 03/01/04 Processor Type: x86 Family 6 Model 11 Stepping 4 Processor Vendor: GenuineIntel Number of Processors: 1 Physical Memory: 639 MB ******************** DISK DRIVE INFO ******************** Drive C: Type: Fixed disk drive Total Space: 20,003,848,192 bytes Free Space: 12,380,905,472 bytes Heads: 255 Cylinders: 2432 Sectors Per Track: 63 Bytes Per Sector: 512 ******************** IRQ SUMMARY ******************** IRQ Usage Summary: (ISA) 0 System timer (ISA) 1 Dell Enhanced QuietKey PS2 with DellTouch (ISA) 2 System board (ISA) 3 SMC IrCC - Fast Infrared Port (ISA) 4 Communications Port (COM1) (PCI) 5 Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2915ABG Network Connection (PCI) 5 Crystal WDM Audio Codec (PCI) 5 PCTEL 2304WT V.9x MDC Modem (ISA) 6 Standard floppy disk controller (ISA) 7 System board (ISA) 8 System CMOS/real time clock (ISA) 9 Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System (PCI) 11 Intel(R) 82830M Graphics Controller (PCI) 11 Intel(R) 82801CA/CAM USB Universal Host Controller - 2482 (PCI) 11 3Com 3C920 Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller (3C905C-TX Compatible) (PCI) 11 Texas Instruments PCI-1410 CardBus Con... Read more

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Hello everyone

I upgraded to windows 10 yesterday, and since i did my internal speakers and my headphones are not working anymore. I have a microphone called blue yeti wich can be used as an output. It's the only output that works for me. If i go to the audio output manager it's the only device i can selecet. If i unplug it i get the error:"no audio devices installed" i tried to install drivers for everything but nothing helped. i really hope someone can help me because i need my sound back(not even the internal speakers are working as i said D: )

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I have always had Altec External Speakers since I bought this Dell Dimension 4700. We have taken our desktop on vacation with us and did not bring the speakers. I get no sound from anything internal however. When I go into Device Manager, you cannot turn them on (only OFF is an option, ON is grayed out) so I am assuming they are turned on. Also, the volume is on, not on mute, and turned up high. Any ideas?

Answer:Solved: internal speakers not working?

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So I wake up this morning, and found out that my speakers are not working at all, so i had a check, and Realtek saids I got my headphone in, when I haven't. Is there any program that can force speaker out ?Is there any way i can fix it Hardware wise ? Thanks,Anderson

Answer:Y570, Internal Speakers not working

Did you reinstall any drivers(sound)?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop [windows xp]. Up until a couple days ago it was working just fine for me. Recently the internal speakers stopped working. Oddly, the internal speakers will still play system noises, but they won't play music or anything else. When I checked the volume settings it said: There are no active mixer devices available.

Does anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks!

Answer:Dell Internal Speakers Not Working

Go here and download the sound Audio driver from Dell SIGMATEL to desktop and install it and restart your PC

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I see that this is a pretty popular question on this forum by searching, but none of those methods are really working for me.

I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 that I think I have a SigmaTel Audio system (I'm not the best with computers, but I think it does). I use Microsoft XP.

This problem started a few months ago when I had my computer plugged into a TV through both VGA and headphone jack. Somehow the headphone male part got bent when it was in and when I unplugged it the internal speakers no longer worked, but headphones and external speakers work fine. I've searched the internet for a while for ways to fix it over the last month or so, but couldn't find anything that actually worked. This wouldn't really be a problem, but I move my laptop around a lot and live in a college dorm room and it's tough to have speakers constantly set up and connected to my laptop.

I've read a little about problems like this and it appears that I probably hit something inside the headphone jack when the plug bent that makes the computer think headphones are always plugged in (just a guess). I've tried plugging and unplugging my headphones really fast like a million times and it hasn't worked. I've reinstalled the sound drivers, reset the computer, etc. I'm kind of out of ideas. I think I may have to open up the computer, which I really don't want to do (I've done it before to install RAM and stuff, but I'm not great at it), but if t... Read more

Answer:Internal Speakers not working, but Headphones are

bump... anyone help?

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Hi All,I've only had this laptop (Lenovo Z50-70, Windows 8.1) since December and now the internal speakers don't work at all. The sound only works through left headphone.I've tested the sound with multiple head/earphones but sound only comes out from the left ear.The volume control reads "speakers" regardless of whether my headphones are plugged in or not.The problem occurs regardless of program/browser used.I have uninstalled the driver (Conexant Smart Audio HD) through device manager, through programs and features and reinstalled from Lenovo's website.I have searched for updates through the device manager.Rolled back and updated through the drivers properties. I've refreshed my Laptop and tried it all again and updated my laptop through Windows Update but nothings changed.

Answer:Internal speakers not working, only left headphone...

hi waterwhale,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
We have seen concern about the seperate Smart Audio software with the conexant device
Can you check these threads and see if the Smart Audio (seperate app) is causing this issue
Let us know your findings

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I bought this Equium A110-276 a few months ago. I understand that connecting external speakers disables the internal speakers automatically. I have been using external speakers for quite some time, but now when I disconnect them the internal speakers are not working anymore.

Any ideas what I should do to get my internal speakers working again?

Many thanks.

Answer:Internal Speakers not working on Equium A110-276


usually the socket where you connect your external speakers uses a sprung metal contact to disconnect the built in speakers when the plug is pushed in. Removal of the plug from the external speakers should then allow the sprung contact to return to its normal position which will return power to the built in speakers.
It is possible that the plug from the external speakers has bent the sprung contact so that it no longer completes the circuit for the built in speakers. You will need to dismantle you nnotebook to get access to the socket to check.

You could ask your local authorised service partner to check for you so that you don't invalidate your warranty.


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Hello all,

I've had my laptop for just over 6 months now and I've encountered no problems until recently.

However I am experiencing problems with the sound. It just doesn't appear to be working, despite the volume being turned up to the max. The problem usually fixes itself briefly after a restart but it then cuts out after time.

None of the playback devices are muted. When I try testing the speakers, I get an error message saying "Device in Use: Please close any applications using this device for playing audio" - however, there doesn't appear to be any device using the speakers.

I have recently started using an HDMI cable to use my laptop through my TV, I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Acer Aspire E1-570 - internal speakers not working?

The HDMI is probably the reason. When an HDMI cable is plugged in, Windows changes the default audio playback from the Speakers (PC Sound card) to HDMI.

If you want the PC speakers on, with an HDMI cable plugged in you will have to manually change the playback device from the HDMI to the "Speakers". This is done in the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound and finally the Sound Panel, Playback section. However, if you reboot, with the HDMI cable plugged in you will have to manually change the playback device again.

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My ACER VA70 V3-7710 has a Realtek sound card. Sound is loud and clear via headphones. But, no sound at all from the internal speakers. I have downloaded the latest drivers from ACER site.  Any other suggestions?

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I have just done a fresh install from vista to Windows 7 7100. All drivers are installed and working fine but I dont seem to be getting any sound out of my internal laptop speakers.

I plugged in headphones and they work fine, i never had a problem in Vista.

I have install the latest Realtek 223 codecs and still no joy, I'm in the middle of trying some older versions but does anyone else have any ideas?

I'm running:
Windows 7 RC7100
Asus M50Sv
Realtek 223 codec

Not to sure on the accual hardware model.

Answer:Internal speakers not working but headphones are fine

Sounds like an assignment problem;
Realtek HD Changing Jack output reassignments ( FIX )

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I am having a problem with the internal speakers on the X201.  Basically, the speakers just stop working.  I could be in the middle of playing a song and the speakers pop and then go out.  I have to reboot the system for them to work again.  Headphones still work despite the fact they go out.   I am thinking this is a fault with the IO Assembly board, but am not sure..  I have reinstalled Win7 clean with updated drivers and still see the same problem. Another interesting thing is I keep getting the disconnect/connect sound ( like you are plugging in a usb device ) at random times.  That always seems to correlate to the windows AUDIODG process. Any ideas? 

Answer:X201 Internal Speakers Stop Working

As you have already reinstalled the Operating System and drivers are also updated.
I suggest you to update the BIOS and check
If then also the issue persist and your laptop is in warranty then you can contact the support center.
Country or RegionLanguageTelephone numberHours of operation

United States
1-800-426-7378 Select "Option #1"
24 hours/day7 days/week

Best Regards,

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My ACER VA70 V3-7710 has a Realtek sound card. Sound is loud and clear via headphones. But, no sound at all from the internal speakers. I have downloaded the latest drivers from ACER site.  Any other suggestions?

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New T530Speakers and Headphones were working fine. I have installed some codecs for VLC (don't think this would affect things) The speakers stopped working, but if you press your ear to the machine, you can hear some tiny clicks / pops when you try to play audio/video (itunes, VLC etc.) Checked Drivers, Sound Mixer, etc. All say the sound is on full.Volume Control Options show Speaker/HP 'realtek High Definition Audio' I tried updating the Sound Drivers. I rolled back the drivers, I unistalled the drivers.Downloaded the drivers from Lenovo, tried Microsoft. Nothing seems to work. Any ideas?

Answer:T530 Speakers have stopped working, headphones still working, tiny small popping / clicking

Not really sure about this, but it sounds like the audio port's mechanical shunt is stuck or broken off.  That is an age old way of turning off speakers when a headphone or external speaker jack is inserted.  The jack pushes a small metal shunt over that opens the internal speakers' circuit.  When the jack is withdrawn, that small shunt is supposed to return to the original position that lets internal speakers function again. If that shunt is stuck or broken, the internal speakers could remain blocked after an external jack is removed. This is not a new problem, but it is not a common problem.

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Hi,  i checked the previous post on this issue and i followed every step to solved it but it won't work ! My camera was working just fine, and suddenly it keeps saying that the camera is use by an another application, but I can't figure which one. I tried Skype and Messenger, and both application don't detect a webcam on my system. I'm facing theses issue :1. in device manager, i can't find Image Device on the menu2. I installed the driver 7tca23ww.exe several time, but the camera is still not working3. I tried to detect the webcam but install assistant can't find it Please help me solve this issue thanks running Windows 7 EnterpriseRAM 8.0 GBIntel core duo 2 

Answer:Lenovo W500 integrated webcam not working

Hi, I am having the same problem and I am very frustrated by it.  Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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Ive had my HP folio 13 Ultra book for a while now. I'm running on Windows 7 Home premium (64)
But a few days ago I found out the sund was not working. And for some reason the sound is working perfectly on my beats headphones
I have 2 Sound devices: IDT High Def CODEC (speakers and Headphones) and Communications headphones (IDT high def CODEC)
For Example: When you press the sound icon and you test the sound the green sound bar comes up but nothing comes out of the speakers.
Ive done the following: Trouble shooted, it found nothing , the sound is defiately on and ive tried updating the drive but its the latest. I really do not know why it is playing up.
Alright whats weird is it says it is working properly in the advanced settings?????!!!
Also when i play a song on itunes the green bar will go up and down like usual but the sound does not come out of the damn speakers. To make it more weird when I enable the Communications headphones and test them the sound comes out of the speakers and cuts out (since it is a test).i've phoned a friend of mine and he said that maybe the sound is stuck or locked on the headphones. He also thought that maybe the computer is computer is mixed up or confused with which audio device is what.
I have some pics in the microsoft word attachment
All help ppreciated!

Answer:No sound from internal speakers on laptop headphones working?!

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Out of the blue, my speakers quit working this evening... however, headphones are fine. I reinstalled the latest driver but no change.  Under Control Panel > Sound, Speakers are still selected as default Playback device. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks...

T400 2764CTOWindows 7 x64


Go to Solution.

Answer:T400 internal speakers quit working however headphones OK!

Can be a hardware problem. To discard any operative system problem, download a Live CD (Ubuntu) and use it to test your speakers. Best regards.

IPnaSh First Spanish Community Guru - Colaborador ad honorem

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I have a x120e running Fedora 19. My speakers work for a maybe a minute and then stop. If I put the computer to sleep and wake it up again it'll work for another minute or so. When I plug in external speakers or headphones, it works perfectly. I can't find anything in any logs that indicates a software problem (dmesg or journalctl). Any ideas?


Go to Solution.

Answer:internal speakers stop working after a minute of being awake on x120e

Apparently somebody else possibly had the same problem on a different computer:

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MODEL NAME:m6-aq005dx
HP ENVY *360 m6 Convertible PC
(removed content)

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Hi all,

As the title suggests, my internal speakers aren't working anymore since a day.
The sound is perfectly working when i plug in headphones (or external speakers).

Things i've tried include:
- checking all windows-related sound options
- restoring the laptop back to when it was working
- re-installing the drivers.

The speakers are shown playing in the sound configuration window when i play a sound, i just hear nothing...

If you have another suggestion, please share it.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Satellit L650 Internal speakers not working only audio through headphones

You can do last test and reinstall OS using original recovery image you got with your notebook.
Check functionality with ?factory settings?.

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Hi, the internal modem on my Satellite M30-206 has just stopped working. It worked fine till yesterday. Now, when I try to dial I always get a NO DIAL TONE answer. Since yesterday evening I installed a lot of stuff (External videocapture device, and Studio 9 by Pinnacle) does anyone think it might by some software configuration that did it, or does everyone think this is an hardware malfunction (I think so BUT I HOPE NOT)

Answer:M30-206 Internal modem stopped working

its certainly possible that in consequence of installing additional Software the modem stopped working.
I think the best way is to uninstall step by step the installed Software to find out which Program makes the trouble.

Please keep me informed about the Problem


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So my microphone has stopped working. It stopped working when I thought that the Realtek HD Audio Manager was resetting my mic to 100 volume, and I disabled it, along with the HD Audio Background Processes, from the start up. After I realised the mic wasn't working, I restarted my laptop, then re-enabled the control panel and the background processes, and then restarted again. The mic still didn't work. So then I rolled back the drivers, still nothing. I reinstalled the new drivers, nothing. I have tried looking through the settings and device manager, nothing is saying there is a problem. Until I open teamspeak, then it tells me that my mic is disabled. I open the Recording devices property window and the mic doesn't pic up any sound, the green bar doesn't move. This is getting frustrating and I would like to find out whats wrong because I am beginning to use my mic more in gaming now. I'm running Windows 8.1 on a lenovo y510p. Thank you for any help that you may provide

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I have a gateway NV55s24u, my webcam was working fine, then all of a sudden when I click on my webcam it says "No webcam detected,try plugging one in, or if you are using an integrated camera, try turning it on" I noticed when I went into device manager that my imaging device (lexmark x422) has yellow triangle symbol with an "!" right in the middle. When I click on the device under the general tab it says "this device can not start, (code 10). Is this related to my webcam? If so how can i fix this error? I have gone to many different websites trying to fix this problem. WHAT SHOULD I DO, HELP PLEASE!!!!

Answer:Internal webcam stopped working!!!

lexmark x422 refers to a Lexmark printer/scanner, not a webcam. Try re-installing the Lexmark drivers for that device.

If your webcam is not listed in DeviceManager, and if the Lexmark X422 is the only device with an error symbol, it means the webcam itself is faulty or broken. Out-of-warranty repair on laptops is very expensive, you can avoid that by buying an external webcam.

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My speakers used to work just fine, but now they don't.
When I boot up the computer, the Found New Hardware Wizard pops up and says, "this wizard helps you install software for: multimedia audio controller".
If I choose the default of "install the software automatically", it doesn't find anything.
Can somebody help me?

Answer:speakers stopped working

You need to install the "Sound Driver" for the sound-card which is fitted inside your PC case.
The correct driver can be obtained from your PC or laptop manufacturer's website.
if you require more help with this, please reply.

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I'm at the end of my rope here.

The other day my speakers (Logitech X-540) stopped working all together. They pop when I shut down and reboot, but in the speaker properties they are listed as unplugged.

The Realtek HD control panel gives me an error saying that I'm using Vista drivers and to download the proper ones.

I've downloaded the current drivers from Realtek (r2.02) and from Gigabyte and neither work. Is my next step getting a new soundcard for further troubleshooting or is there something I'm overlooking? And yes, I have checked to see that the speakers are actually connected to the PC

Answer:Speakers stopped working

Have you tried going into device manager and checked to see if all the sound drivers are there and if they are working correctly, you could also try to uninstall all your sound drivers and then let windows find the correct ones again by doing a online search.

Also did you try to change the properties on sound manager so that you were using Realtek high definition audio as I notice that it is not set to default on your screen shot, also have you tried to see if the sound works through your headphones.

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My speakers have stopped working and I thought maybe I had blown them out but I tried plugging headphones into the speaker jack like I have done before and I don't get any thing but fuzz. Is that a programming problem or a problem with my jack. I get fuzz when I have the volume all the way up and it clicks when I hit mute. I don't know what to do. Please help.Thank you.

Answer:Speakers stopped working

sorry double post

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I have a dell, windows XP, and dell spaekers model # A215. They worked for about a year and a half and the just stopped last week. Please help !

Answer:My speakers stopped working !

Check in Device Manager and see if your sound card is still listed.

Go to Control Panel-> Sounds and Audio Devices-> Volume and check there, then hit Advanced and check there also.

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I accidentally hit the sleep button on my computer, so I pressed wake up and nothing happened. So I rebooted it, and it worked, but the speakers don't.It is plugged in and powered, and I haven't unplugged anything, I have double checked the plugs.Any suggestions?Thanks :)

Answer:Speakers have just stopped working

system restore?johnny.

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I have a pair of QSB speakers from SoundScience, USB powered and USB Output (no jack) which worked fine for ages on my Samsung laptop then suddenly stopped working a few months ago.
I think it must be a problem that occurred when I updated some software, though I am not sure what.
The speakers are recognised by my laptop, as they appear in the Sound Properties window when I open it. The problem comes when I try to set them as default to make them play- nothing happens, and they cannot be set to default, nor can I test them. I have tried rolling back drivers, updating drivers, both on the speakers and on my sound card, but the problem remains.
At this stage I don't have the skills/knowledge to go deeper into the workings of it and I'm stuck trying to get these speakers to respond via the standard sound properties interface. I thought for a long time that it was the Samsung software that comes installed on the laptop, that was conflicting/causing the speakers to not work, but I have tried un-installing that to no avail.

I am running Windows 7 on a Samsung NP300ESA laptop, with a Realtek HD Audio sound card.
Please let me know if you need any more information about my system or the problem.

I appreciate any help you can give me on this

Many thanks

Answer:QSB Speakers stopped working

Sounds like there may be an error with the USB connection. Go to the Device Manager and check the Sounds section to see if anything is listed for the USB speakers (and if there is any error code). Also, check the USB section to see if there are any unknown devices listed.

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My speakers (Altec Lansing-Series100) stopped working. I can get sound from the computer, but not the speakers. I get the following error message:
( Windows cannot execute SndVol32.exe, use Add/Remove Programs in control panel to install.) When I go to Add/Remove, I don't know what to look for. Could sure use some help.


Answer:speakers stopped working

Can you try the speakers on another PC?

Can you also confirm that the sound card is working correctly.

Since the message appeared have you also tried restarting the pc? typical support technician question

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I uninstalled a program I thought I didn't need - something about "stereo" which I thought I had recently installed.

Then, it being that time of the month, I ran my data eraser and overwrote all available hard drive space. So whatever it was its gone.

Now my speakers don't work and the icon is missing. Oy Vea

Now what?

Answer:Speakers stopped working

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I have a HP Pavilion computer and I use Windows XP.  It has been hooked up to Sony Vaio speakers for about three years now, and everything worked fine until a few days ago when the speakers stopped working.  I bought a new set of speakers and hooked them up and they don't work either.  When I first insert the plug into the speaker port on the sound card, I do hear a crackle noise in the speakers, but then nothing.  Once the cord is fully plugged in, I cannot get it to make that crackle noise again; it only happens when it's plugged in about 2/3 of the way into the port.  The green light is lit indicating that the speakers are on and I have them turned up all the way and have experimented with different volumes - nothing.  I cannot get sound on youtube, itunes, computer games, and other online & offline content.  I just tried cleaning everything thoroughly with a can on compressed gas/air and it still doesn't work.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:speakers stopped working

drucie,Welcome to CH forums.There can be many reasons for this difficulty.The (is the plug in the outlet--just a metaphor) --is the volume set to "mute"? I doubt very much if it is the speakers. However it could be the sound card. Is the sound card integrated to the mobo?What did you do--if you can remember-as the last thing just before you lost the sound?Have you gone to the device manager to check for yellow question  or yellow asterisks?If not do so and post the results.have you tried a set of headsets into the headphone jack? If not try it and post the results. Back to the "plug" metaphor--are you sure that you have the mini plug in the correct output position from the sound card?When your speakers are on do you hear any of the windows sounds--such as the start up music when the computer is turned on? This ought to keep you busy for a bit. Get back to us with your results. Good luck,truenorth

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hi everyone
im new to this so I don't really know how to use this forum...I was playing around with my mic and speaker options because I downloaded a voice changer for a project im working on but there was too much echo in the background so I was trying to fix that following their instructions with what to do with speaker and mic options. whatever they were saying to do I couldn't even find so I didn't end up doing out of nowhere the speakers are not working. I try to play any video or music or anything and no sound comes out of the laptop. how can I fix that or what can I do. I don't even know how to use windows 8 properly like it confuses the hell out of me how theres no start menu so im still strugelling trying to find things.
please someone help! ihave a presentation tonight and im gunna need my speakers to work!

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Turn on my notebook few days ago and don't heard any sound from speakers.
Headphones work fine - speakers not. Try to reinstall driver / windows troubleshot / Dell support assist. Nothing help. 
All Dell support give me just one answer "call us". I'm not in US now, so this is problem for me.
Hope this is some software problem! Sad to know that 1300$ notebook have bad speakers... 

Answer:AW 15 R3 - the speakers stopped working

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Recently, I got a new computer desk to set my Windows Vista desktop on. I unplugged everything, and moved the new desk into place. I placed the computer on the desk and plugged everything back into the right place. I turned on the computer, and tried to play some music, but my speakers wouldnt work. I checked to see if they were turned up,and they were. I also checked to see if they were plugged into the right spot on the computer unit. I unplugged an plugged them into several spots, but to no avail. Please help.

PS: Ive done this once before, and fixed it, but I cant remember what I did.

Answer:Speakers Stopped Working

Hello, yeah, had that happen to me before. Try this, with the speakers unplugged , restart computer, when it has got everything started , as far as start up processes finished, plug in the speakers, You should see the Balloon pop up of New Hardware installed, and it should auto detect it and after a few seconds or so, it should show you in the Audio Manager , when you open it up, a Sound Manager option, test it out and see if it giving you the stereo sound by pressing the test button , which is in the Speaker tab, you should see a blue test button.. check that out and post back how that works out please.
This icon i have on my taskbar is a red icon of a speaker. see if you have that , and open it up to do what i have posted above ^^^^^.

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I was listening to music and my JBL II (2.1) speakers stopped working all of a sudden (they didn't make any special noise before they went dead), and their lights went off.
The light on the Sub-woofer is on, however.
I tried unplugging and replugging all power cables from and to the system, and all of the related computer cables. Also tried restarting the computer.
Nothing seems to work.

I've read on a similar thread that it might be the fuse blown out or the amp overheated.
How can I find out what's the problem, and how do I fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:JBL speakers stopped working

ok check the fuse in the plug I think it should be 5amp so take another one from another lead somewhere to test . also leave for 20 minutes let amp cool down then try if works then amp over heating .. make sure unplugged both ends when checking fuse.. if still not working then look in device manager make sure these is no yellow exclamation marks .. go to start computer system properties hardware device manager if there is let us know .. hope this been helpful but someone more experienced might be able to offer better advice

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Hello, I have just successfully installed a logitech webcam, but now my logitech stereo speakers z120 have stopped working.

To clarify, the speaker icon reports the speakers are not plugged when the are.

Looking for advice on how to resolve this problem please.

Many thanks.

Answer:Speakers have stopped working

I've seen several instances of a web cam interfering with PC sound.

As the Z120 speakers are USB powered, check the connections for the speakers.

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Hey guys,

I have a problem with my Equium A200PSAF5E,

My sound is perfect, however when I plug in my headphones, nothing.

My headphones are showing 'connected' and when I perform the 'test headphones' I hear the sound through the headphones.

This is driving me insane as I can hear the hidious TV



Answer:Equium A200 PSAF5E - Internal speakers working but headphones aren't

This is very strange?. So you are 100% sure that your headphones are ok?
Did you test your headphones with other devices?

Did you try to update the sound driver? If not update it.

But not be honest, it looks more like a headphone jack fault as a software issue.

Anyway, the sound driver should be updated?

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Hi there -- oh, I so hope you can help me.

ETA: I am running WinXP Pro, on a Pentium III machine with 16.7 GB HD.

I have an IBM Thinkpad laptop with an internal Hitachi DVD-ROM player. It's not an R/W. Yesterday afternoon, it played a DVD movie just fine. Then I ejected the movie, put in another, and PowerDVD claimed "no disc in drive d:". So I went back to the first movie that'd worked seconds before -- no dice. "Please insert a disc in drive d:" it says. I tried Windows Media Player, Media PLayer Classic, even WinAMP. None are able to acknowledge that there's a disc in drive d. I tried audio and data discs as well, also nothing.

SO. I went to Device Manager and tried to Troubleshoot the device -- it claims it's functioning properly. I then uninstalled the device and the driver, rebooted, let Windows detect them, and reinstalled. They reinstalled perfectly, and Device Manager still claims the device is functioning properly. Still, the drive will not acknowledge that it has a disc in it.

While searching online for help I learned that this might be caused by...improperly assigning master/slave controllers to my internal DVD drive and my external CD/RW. I uninstalled and reinstalled my Secondary IDE Controller (on advice from a website troubleshooting tutorial), which reinstalled just fine, but I'm unable to figure out where in that device I can find out if my master/slave assignments are correct. Other web tutorials suggested I... Read more

Answer:internal DVD player spontaneously stopped working!

You are like many that I run across, just cannt believe that you have had a HW failure.
If it was working and then just stopped working you have had a HW failure.
Replace the drive.
All that device manager can tell you is that the device is communicating, not if it is working.

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My internal display just stopped working for no reason with Windows 10. The external monitor still works fine though.I checked the Device manager, the internal display had disappeared from the Monitors section, only my external monitor was listed there.It had happened twice. I brought the display back the 1st time after I uninstall the monitor driver and re-installed the latest driver from Lenovo website, but this time it's already with the latest driver and the same trick did not work.Luckily I still have a clone image of the system with Windows 8.1. Once I switched back to Windows 8.1 the internal display worked fine so I think it has to be a driver issue.The display adpater is Intel HD 4600. The internal monitor is the original HD display that came with the laptop. Please help. 

Answer:T540p Internal Display stopped working

Hi Paulgti,
Welcome to Lenovo Forums.
Consider updating the Intel HD Graphics from the Intel Website. Also, check if display fine when you connect with external monitor.
Please update the following
Let us know how you get on.
Tap that Kudos button if I helped  If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! 

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ok, so i was installing a few things and my machine would freeze up when it was testing the install. after waiting about 5 minutes i decided to hard reboot my machine. my sata drive is no longer detected by the mobo. it acts like its trying, but then just skips after around 2 minutes. detects my ide drives just fine. no matter which sata slot i put it in the same thing happens. drive is spinning. windows will not boot from an ide drive if the sata drive is plugged in but will if it is not plugged in. what is my next step in determining where the exact problem is and figuring out a resolution?

Answer:internal sata drive stopped working

If you have problems after an install inside the PC, then look for loose connections you may have bumped. Sata drive connectors are easily knocked out of wack, especially the earlier versions of the cables.

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A few days ago my internal microphone stopped working and though I hadn't used them for a while so can't be sure it was at the same time so did the USB's..... An external mic still works and the system seems to want to make it the default mic I have tried most of the methods decribed on here to get them back - unistall and reinstall drivers etc.(no yellow exclamation marks) This happened when I was on Windows 7 and thought when I upgraded to Windows 10 a couple of days ago it would solve it but it didn't.Product name: HP Pavilion g6 Notebook PCProduct number: A8J56EA#ABUWindows 10 Home 64-bit  Device Manager screenshot below ......thanks and fingers crossed. 

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So, I was on my laptop just doing whatever. When I went to youtube to watch a video, no sound came on. The sound worked earlier, maybe 15 minutes before attempting to watch the video.
Can anyone help me?

Answer:Speakers randomly stopped working

So did the sound return?

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The speakers in my Samsung v20 laptop worked fine until I used the headphone socket to plug the machine into my amp. Since then they haven't worked. The headphone socket works fine with both headphones and the amp but I can't get anything out of the speakers.

I've tried windows and linux, everything is unmuted and the volume is turned up full.

Can anyone suggest anything that could be wrong?

Answer:Samsung V20 speakers stopped working

try uninstalling the speaker driver and then re-installing the driver for the speaker.This usually works in most cases.

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i just got my new laptop. I plugged in a microphone and afres that the speakers started with weird chirping sound and on restart stopped working. Cant tell dad. Please help

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I was listening to the radio on the computer and then lost the sound.
I restarted the computer to see if that would help, but it did not.

I checked all the connections and everything seems fine.My off on dial is lit up so it seems to be getting power.

This stereo system is about ten years old. The bass went out last year but the speakers have been doing fine. Maybe it is just gotten to old to work anymore ???

Any ideas ?

Thanks for any help/advice you can give,
XP-Home, IE-8, SP-3

Answer:External Speakers Stopped Working

Tip: click inside this box to load the editor

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Hi everyone,I know my speakers is the problem here and not the SW or OS.  Basically if I have the lid at a certain angle, I will hear sound from the speakers.  however, when it's fully opened for practical use, sound stops. Probably a bad cable or the connection is loose.  Any suggestions? Thanks

Answer:speakers stopped working on my G450

I'm having the exact same problem with my G450. Have you found a fix?

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This is my first time posting so I hope I'm doing this right. Anyway, the last time my speakers were functioning properly I was watching a movie when my battery ran out. I quickly plugged in the AC adapter and booted my computer up again and that's when the speakers stopped working.

Strangely enough the sound works if I plug in my headphones. I've made sure the speakers aren't muted and all that other stuff so what could the problem be? I believe I have a Realtek sound card and the drivers are up to date last I checked. I'd greatly appreciate any help.

Answer:Speakers on my laptop stopped working

Control Panel | Troubleshooting | Hardware and Sound | Playing Audio

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Playing a music file today, I realised that I was only getting sound out of two of my Creative 5.1 speakers, left rear and right rear. Om investigation, I found that the audio settings had become set to "Desktop stereo speakers". I've reset this to "5.1 surround sound speakers" and rebooted (just to be sure). It's still set to this, but I still only get sound from the two rear speakers and a bit from the subwoofer, whatever I try. I've checked all the cabling to make sure nothing had come loose. Everything has always been fine until now. Any ideas how I get my 6-speaker sound back? I have a Creative Audigy card and Creative speakers.

Answer:5.1 speakers stopped working properly

try the speaker test. control panel\audioHQ\speaker\speaker test, you may also have to set the 5.1 here as well

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My Logitech x-240 speakers just stopped working. I followed the advice on an earlier thread to uninstall the driver then reboot, now there is no sound at all. At first, the volume was gone. The subwoofer is working, and the speakers were working, then, I could not turn up the volume. Now, no sound at all. Everthing is as it should be, no yellow warnings on the driver, and in the Realtek Audo configuration screen, everything says working, just no sound. I have not changed anything, nothing got unplugged. One minute I was watching a video, paused it, came back and hit play, then low to no sound from speakers. Please help!! Thanks!!

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Something weird is happening.
I was away from home 14 days, and I just came back. I started some music in youtube from my desktop and the speakers sounds weird now, for no reason at all. I really doubt my son touched my computer, but still. Tried checking the configurations I dont see anything wrong, so I thought that maybe the speakers were damaged. So I went to my laptop and I connect my USB headphones and I hear music with no vocals or very very low vocals, so I just try playing with the settings now I can hear vocals and music but weird. So I tried uninstalling the driver and installing again, and I get the same result.

I don't really know if its coincidence but it's really weird. I'm more worried about my headphones since are almost new (Genius hs-04U).


Best Regards

Answer:Speakers and Headphones stopped working

Also are two different brand, speakers(no usb) is Logitech and the headphones as mentioned are Genius.

Is really annoying! THANKS!

EDIT: Tried with another regular normal headphones and they are working fine. But what about these expensive hardwares? No guarantee...

EDIT: Speakers were half disconnected from the bass, amazing how I didn't checked that before LMAO :$... But no luck with the heapdhones.

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I am not sure why or how, but my the speakers stopped working on my Windows 98 PC. My kid was trying to play a game and noticed no sound. I popped in an audio CD, and it plays, but no sound. The speakers have power, everything is plugged in, and when I unplug and plug in the cable from the back of the PC to the large rectangular box (is that a woofer?), I hear a low hum.

I went to Control Panel-System-Device Manager, and it says the Sound Card Creative Sound Blaster AudioPCI 64V, it says it is working properly.

Any ideas?? Thanks in advance.

Answer:[SOLVED] My speakers stopped working!!

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Hello! I'm having an issue with the sound on my computer. I have an emachine that runs Vista, but I don't know the specs.

I installed updates on it this morning, and since then I haven't been able to play any sounds through my speakers or through headphones.
When I check my sound devices, it says "Line 1, Live! Cam Virtual, Working", which to me is odd because my webcam certainly doesn't play sound, and it isn't even plugged in.
The only other device listed says "NVIDIA HDMI Output, NVIDIA HDMI Audio, Not plugged in" and I think those are my speakers, and if so they actually are plugged in.

I have checked to make sure nothing is muted, my speakers are on and plugged in, I did unplug and replug a few times, I restarted, etc, and still nothing.

Here's a screen cap:

Thanks a lot :)

Answer:Speakers and headphones stopped working

If you had sound before the update and don't now, then roll back the driver. Start-> (right click) My Computer -> Manage; select device manager and go to your audio driver and under Driver tab select "Roll Back."

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I was playing a game on my computer and my speakers stopped working all of a sudden. I restarted my computer and it still didnt work. i tried unplugging everything and plugging it back in but it still didnt work. Can someone please help me to fix my problem.
Thanks in Advance.

Answer:My speakers stopped working all of a sudden. Someone please help.

can be caused by a number of things. More than likely you blew out your speakers or your pre-amp in your sound card. or something as simple as accidently turning the volume down.

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Im using creative inspire 4400 4.1 speakers,suddenly the speakers stopped working.but the power light in the volume controller is working.Could anyone help me to troubleshoot the prob.

Answer:suddenly my speakers stopped working

Look for speaker icon in taskbar and look to see if it was somehow muted, or one program muted all other inputs but did not release them.You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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Hey there guys,
My speakers randomly just stopped working... this happen a few months ago, but I was able to get tech support (i have a dell) after about 3 hours on the phone with some guy in india he some how fixed it, I no longer have tech support. My boyfriend did exactly what the tech support did but no luck. Saddly I cant watch any tv or movies or even porn...thatts the killer! untill i can get it work!!

help a gal out!!!!

Before you ask,
Yes the speakers are turned on.
Yes the volume control on the speakers and PC are on
And Yes the speakers work, ive tried them on my mp3 player.

any ideas any help?

Answer:Solved: Speakers Stopped Working

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nevermind found out problem

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I?ve had my laptop for several months and all was well until yesterday when the internal mic stopped working then today I have come to use the webcam and it is saying that it has failed and needs to be restarted (I have done this multiple times).

I then endeavoured to download the latest driver which I have on my pc. I run the file but nothing happen afterward i.e. no setup wizard nothing.
Am I doing something wrong, do I have to delete the existing application?

What is wrong here?

Answer:Webcam and internal mic has stopped working on Satellite C660-1D7


The webcam should be listed under the point: Imaging Devices
There you should see USB Video device.
Can you see this?

If can see this, then uninstall the driver in device manager.
Then go to control panel -> software and uninstall the webcam software.
Then clean the OS and registry using the CCleaner.
After that reboot the notebook and download the latest webcam software from Toshiba driver page.
Install the webcam software and reboot the notebook.

After the notebook has booted up, start the webcam software and check if the webcam can be used.

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I just noticed this all at once today. The PC in question is my main rig, in my sig. I went to mount an ISO today, as I always do, by running Daemon Tools Lite (newest version), and assiging the ISO to my one virtual drive. Well the Autorun didnt pop up as it usually does, so I went into "Computer", and was surprised to not see anything at all apart from my hard drives. The DT Virtual drive is always there, along with my internal Samsung DVD writer. They are ususally drives D: and E:.

Now I went into Device Manager, and my DVD drive is listed there, but with a small exclamation point nest to it. In the Properties for it, it says the drive could not be loaded because it is missing or corrupt. So I uninstalled it, then rebooted. Once rebooted, Windows saw the drive, and tried to install the drive, but failed.

Something is affecting my optical drives, physical AND virtual. The only things I can remember installing recently that might conflict is VMWare Workstation 6, and MediaMonkey. Both of which I installed from installers I downloaded, so i dont know if the DVD writer was working before, but i suspect it was, as I installed The Orange Box about a week ago with it.

Anyone have any opinions on what could be causing the issue?

Answer:Internal DVD Drive AND Daemon Tools stopped working.

uninstall Daemon tools and reboot

does drive show in bios?

check cables...

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Fairly simply query. The mousepad on my old Aspire 7750G doesn't respond, and all the settings suggest it's working properly. My external mouse (through USB port) works fine; this is only an issue with the pad on the computer itself. Could it be a hardware issue? The computer is 4 years old, so no warranty anymore, unfortunately. If it's not hardware, can anyone help me with tips on how to fix it?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Internal mouse on Aspire 7750G stopped working! Ha...

Sorry about the dumb question but...have you tried pressing Fn+F7? if you already did and is still dead, have you checked on device manager if it's listed?

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I have had a Portege R830 for 1 month. Using Windows 7 64bit. Have set up Skype and all was working 2 weeks ago, now only the video works. The microphone stopped working.

I installed the latest Realtek HD Ausio Driver and Webcam driver. The microphone setting is not muted and leave and boost is on max. It is the default recording device. The only thing changed is I tried the external speakers and also started using a docking station.

This is driving me crazy. Any ideas? I wonder if it is a hardware problem?

Answer:Portege R830 - Internal Microphone stopped working


Do you use the preinstalled Windows 7 version from Toshiba or is this your own installation?

The microphone is a part of webcam and therefore you have to install the webcam driver. You wrote that you have reinstalled the webcam driver but have you removed the old version first? You should remove the old version first and then restart your notebook. Furthermore use CCleaner (freeware tool) to clean the registry and restart again. Then your computer is ?ready? for a new driver.

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Hi there.Got back from vacation and went to use my computer, only to find speakers do not work at all, nor the audio jack. Ive checked the settings and all the really obvious stuff, but stil no sound. Any suggestions or ideas of whats wrong or how to fix it? Any help is appreciated. 

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About a week or two ago, my speakers stopped working. The headphones work fine and when I unplug the headphones the Twist notifies me that the headphones have been unplugged, so it's not a mechanical issue. I've updated the BIOS and all the drivers I could find through Lenovo, but still nothing. Anybody have any ideas? 

Answer:ThinkPad Twist speakers stopped working

Hi Laryu,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I?m sorry to hear that speakers of your Lenovo Twist had stopped working suddenly.
I would like to thank you for updating BIOS and audio drivers.
In the sound manager, test the left and right speakers. Make sure that speakers volumes are up.
Try removing the Realtek drivers and let windows install the generic drivers for your device and check if the speakers work.
If it does not, however, then I would recommend contacting our Technical support and telling them of your issue. Seeing as how you're speakers are not recognized for a test, then I am inclined to think that it is a hardware issue.
Click here to open a link where you can select the country and get the exact contact support number. I?m sure they will be a great help.
Hope this helps resolve your concern!
Best regards,

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I have a new (October 2008) SL500 and the external speakers stopped working last night, but the headphone jack still works.I don't use my external speakers that often, nor at max volume so I don't think they blew out. Anyone else had this issue? I checked and nothing is muted and I even tried uninstalling then reinstalling the sound driver, restarting etc. Anyone else had this problem?

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It's only a month that I've bought a Lenovo Twist but the Speakers have stopped working and I don't know why. When I plug in my earphones though, I can hear the sounds but speakers don't work. I have tried upgrading my Realtec driver but didn't help. I have set the Audio Director to Multi-stream mode instead of the default Classic mode but didn't help. In the Audio Manager, I've tested the Left Speaker and Right Speaker but they don't work. I have also made sure that the Speaker Volumes are up from the left corner of the screen. What else can I try? Is it a software or hardware issue?

Answer:ThinkPad Twist speakers stopped working!

Hi, LenovoTwistUser
You could try updating the BIOS (found here) and see if that helps the issue. If it does not, however, then I would recommend giving support a call at 08705-500-900 and telling them of your issue. Seeing as how you're speakers are not recognized for a test, then I am inclined to think that it is a hardware issue. But rest assured, support should be able to help you and set you up for repairs as necessary.
Hope it helps,

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The speakers for my dell XPS 8500 computer and my dell latitude 10 tablet stopped working on the same day. My computer speakers had been plugged into the monitor and working fine since I got the computer a few months ago. Both the desktop and tablet run windows 8. I have tried dell tech support, but they can not seem to figure it out. I am concerned that since both went out on the same day it could be related. One reason I feel that it may be a single issue is that on one occassion (when I first setup my tablet) my tablet stopped responding and my desktop monitor entered and would not exit standy mode at the exact same time. If anyone has any idea on what could be the cause of the speakers not working on both my desktop and tablet please let me know. I am posting this hear in case its some kind of windows 8 networking issue.

Answer:Desktop and Tablet Speakers Stopped Working

Since both of your computers are Dells, did Dell support have you run their online diagnostics for your system hardware? The online diagnostics are very much like the PC Doctor based Dell Diagnostics that are likely already installed on both of your Dells. The advantage the online diagnostics have is that they are often more detailed and more up-to-date.

If they didn't have you run them yet, they are free for you to use to troubleshoot your computers. Here's the link to the diagnostics home page --- Dell PC Diagnostics | Dell US --- Note that you can choose which diagnostics to run: 1) all diagnostics 2) diagnostics by symptom 3) diagnostics by component. If you don't have a lot of time, you could start by running the sound system tests.

Both your desktop and your tablet have Realtek audio, ALC3800-CG for the desktop, ALC3261 for the tablet. A feature of Windows 8 is a background service that functions as an Automatic Update for drivers . . . So, possibly both of your computers received a sound driver update on the same day ... or possibly a recent Windows Update arrived on the same day that just happened to affect your sound drivers.

I'll guess that you've already tested for sound with a pair of headphones on each computer?

If it seems likely to be an audio driver issue, you could try different drivers (newer or older, from Dell, Windows Update, or Realtek) ... with the Dell drivers likely to be your first choice. To go straight to the last driver that w... Read more

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So briefly, my processor has 6 jacks in the back and 2 in the front to connect my speakers to. In the back there is a Green, Pink x2, Black, Grey and Blue Jacks. In the front there is a Pink and Grey Jack.

Now I have two sets of identical speakers and having only one Green jack I connected them both to the green using an adapter. So basically the same sound came from all the speakers.

Then yesterday I decided to try make it more surround sounding and I found out that the Black jack is for some sort of other speakers. So I connected them, and I set my sound options to quadrophonic. And it worked beautifully. Then I had to leave and I turned of my computer.

When I turned it back on, the speakers plugged into the green one still worked while the speakers plugged into the Black jack don't work anymore. I tried switching them around and the speakers that were plugged into the green one still worked while the black didn't. So its not something with the speakers.

I set defaults to everything and retraced my steps but nothing works. When I do the test, I set it to quadrphonic and it shows 4 speakers, then it tests each one and the plugged into the green ones make a sound, the others don't. What went wrong?

I'm working in Windows Vista Ultimate and Ihere is some info about my pc.
--------[ CPU ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

CPU Properties:
CPU Type Unknown, 2600 MHz
Instruction Set... Read more

Answer:My sound/speakers suddenly stopped working?

Have you checked in device manager to see if there are any driver problems ?

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Hi everyone.I have the 5.1 Logitech surround sound speakers hooked up to my PC. It's the z-5500 version.

Today I went to listen to music and the speakers have stopped working. The music is very choppy, and the sound will change to different speakers, almost as if it's shorting out. For instance, you'll hear partial sound on the left-front speaker, then it'll change to the rear-back speaker, and the sound isn't constant. I also hear "pulsing sounds" coming from my subwoofer and all other speakers like every 5 seconds. I've tried different applications (itunes, vlc, windows media); same problem.

I haven't screwed around with any drivers or audio settings for these speakers. I know for a fact it isn't my soundcard, as I used headphones on another port and the sound is normal. I also have the speakers plugged into a UPS, so nothing electrical could have damaged it.

I'm running Windows 7 32 bit with no sound drivers installed. Default windows sound configuration is set up.

Any suggestions as to why these speakers just suddenly stopped working? Help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards

Answer:Logitech Speakers Suddenly Stopped Working

Well if you plug headphones in and the sound if normal, then its most likely to be the speakers themselves. Is the anyway you can plug the speakers into another PC and see if the problem persists?

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I recently purchased a Pok3r keyboard, and now my USB microphone(AT2005USB) and my speakers (Bose Companion 5) refuse to work together. However, when I have my old keyboard plugged in, they work together just fine.

My microphone has a way to listen to yourself while you talk, so it also is registered on my computer as a speaker. When I have that speaker enabled, my microphone works fine. When I disable that as a speaker and set my Bose speakers to the default speakers, my microphone doesn't pick up any sound according to the computer. I'll put a little gif up of what happens.

As you can see, when only my speakers are enabled, my microphone doesn't pick up any sound. This ONLY happens with my new keyboard plugged in.

If I have just my keyboard and the microphone plugged in, even if I disable the Microphones "speakers" it still will pick up audio on the microphone. It's only when I plug in the speakers as well that it decides not to pick up any sound.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? None of the devices have device specific drivers; they are all just installed by windows.

EDIT: I figured out that my keyboard works fine with everything when I plug it into the front USB ports on my computer, but it doesn't work on any of the back ports. I don't know what I should be doing to solve this problem.

Could this be a power issue? It always seems like one thing has to stop working for another thing to work. Maybe my new keyboard draws more power than my old on... Read more

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