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how to share an external display with another computer

Question: how to share an external display with another computer

Hey all, I'm not sure if this is possible, but I would like to be able to keep a pemanent dock attached to my work computer monitor (sweet 24" HD display) for my w510 to use as a secondary or even a primary monitor while I'm at work...the issue is that i have an upgraded version of software on my laptop (autocad 2010) compared to what i use at work (autocad Lt 2007) --for certain applications I use 3d rendering and would like to work off of my nice large display when am at work. Is there a way I can switch between my work tower and laptop as far as what is displayed without too much to-do about it?

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Preferred Solution: how to share an external display with another computer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: how to share an external display with another computer

Most of the 24 inch LCD have multiple video inputs, which means you can get connect two different video source (i.e. desktop, laptop) to the same display, and then switch between with only a few button presses.

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Hello everyone, I have a problem with my external display on my X300 laptop... I have a X300 with WinXP, and a 20" 4/3 1600x1200 external display (Samsung 204B). When I want to use my external display as an extended desktop, it didn't work well... First I configure my display as an extended ... into 1600x1200px resolution. As the ratio isn't 4/3 on the laptop, there is some border at the top and at the bottom of the external screen, consequenly there is an "lift" (when I go down the screen move down.. etc.). It's not very So there is an option into the graphic proprety to set the screen in "full screen : not keeping the proportions". But, in this case, my external screen display an ... triky ? There is still an "lift", but there is also two border on the right and the left of the screen, and the image quality isn't there. It's too deformed to can be read. After some research it appear that my lenovo drivers do not match with the last intel one... But when I try to install the lenovo one ... It didn't work ! (hardware problem). How can I get a working extended desktop into 1440x900 + 1600x1200 full screen ! Thanks for all, and sorry for my poor English...

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Does anyone find that when T430 connects with external display using VGA, if you show a white screen, I can find some horizontal jitters. It is not that obvious, but if you show a white screen, or most of screen is white, and you check it carefully, you can see that horizontal jitters. This only happens in external display, not happen in the laptop display. I also have a T420, but I didn't see this problem using VGA to connect with external display.  Does anyone find this similar problem? I doubt whether this is problem about VGA port, or the related driver. VGA should be a analog port.

Answer:External display show minor jitters when T430 connect with external display using VGA

I checked the forum and see this:VGA output noise think what I saw is the exact same problem mentioned in this thread. But how should I fix it?Thanks.

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My problem:

I have several 2 ext hard drives of different sizes (1TB - independently powered, 120GB) and the same problem occurs with all of them.

When I start up my laptop, the drives will appear in My Computer. I am able to Explore them, everything works perfectly. However, when any of them become disconnected, be it accidentally or through Safely Remove Hardware, they will not be displayed in My Computer upon reconnection. The sound will play confirming that the computer has recognised that a device has been connected, but I am not able to use the drive(s) because Windows Explorer does not show they are there.

I then went to Computer > Manage > Disk Management. None of the devices are listed. I also looked in Device Manager > Disk Drives and all the drives connected to the computer are listed.

I was not sure whether this was a "partition problem" (put in brackets because I don't know what partitions are!) because the devices DO work initially when I start up. It is only when I reconnect that the problem occurs.

It would not be too much hassle to reboot every time this happens, but one of the hard drives has a temperamental cable and gets accidentally disconnected quite frequently.

Additional notes:
- All drives work perfectly on other computers, both upon start-up and reconnection
- The makes of the drives are WD and Toshiba

If there is any other information that I should provide, please ask. Any help would be greatly apprec... Read more

Answer:My computer fails to display external HDDs

What version of Windows and Service Pack level is installed? Have you applied all Windows Updates? Are you using a desktop or laptop?

Also see if this might help How to Cleanup and Remove old USB Storage Drivers

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I just got a WD 500GB External HD and I plugged it into the USB port and Windows XP detected it, and said my new hardware is working properly, but I do not see it in My Computer. Does anyone know how I can get it to display the external drive?

Answer:Western Digital 500GB External HD - no display in my computer

Go to Control Panel/Computer Management/Storage/Disk Management then you should see it there then right click and Format... If you are a bit unsure there is a Help section on that page.

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Windows 7 EnterpriseSystem does not see or react to external display when connectedNothing displays when connectedExternal display says nothing connectedTried multiple dongles - same results
Other system that include a VGA connector work just fine to same external display.

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Hi everyone,  I have bought a Lenovo T570 and a VGA to USB Type-C converter to had an external display on it. The problem is when I lock the computer I need to manually unplug and plug the converter to turn on the external display. Have you an isue like this and do you know how to avoid this ? Thank.

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hi, is it possible to share a usb external HDD on a network, I have tried and failed..thanks

Answer:share external HDD ?

hi, all the files and folders are shared between the 3 laptops, but not the external hard drive.thanks

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Question: Share external hd?

Is it possible to share an external USB hard drive, like a printer, over a workgroup network between windows7 and windowsXP computers?
How is it done?
Thanks in advance

Answer:Share external hd?

I have one shared off of a server at work, that's used to back up digital photos. You would share it the same way you would an internal drive. Right clicking on the drive should give you the options.

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Set up External Drive to share on network
I've noticed few posts on this subject matter. I am not just not technical enough to understand the answers very well but i tried few but no joy. So I would appreciate if you can answer my question in a format a non-technical person can understand easily.

My setup is:
Netgear Wireless router(4 ethernet outlets), two laptops(Both has OS: Windows 7x64) (one conneted wirelessly(HP) and one connected with ethernet cable(Acer), a printer, and an Iomega External Hard Drive(500GB){It's not a network hard drive} and is connected to the Acer laptop with the usb cable.

To share this external drive with the two laptops on the network.

1. At the moment I am able to connect one laptop at a time to the external hard drive using an USB Type A(computer) and Type B(devices) cable.
2. Router 1 ethernet outlet is occupied with one of the laptop to which the Iomega External Hard Drive(500GB) is connected, and second one is connected wirelessly.
3. The external hard drive does not have a ethernet outlet any way.
What steps shall i need to do to share this external drive? So that other laptop can use this external hard drive.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:need help!!!( How to share External Drive)

Since both of your PCs have Windows 7 I suggest you use the Homegroup feature. It appears to be very simple to setup, and should also be simple to add the USB drive to it.

If that fails, or is you also want to share with a non-Windows 7 OS you can use the "old fashioned" file sharing.

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Hi. I'm having a bit of trouble sharing one of my two external harddrives. When people try to access it from the LAN, they get a message with something about not having the priviliges or not sufficient space or something... (It's in norwegian, so a bit hard to translate). My other harddrive has sharing working perfectly. I've also tried disabling the protection from my antivirus (NOD32) and the windows firewall.. Someone please help.

Best Regards

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I've been trying for a couple hours to look for tutorials and none of them have helped me out.. I can't network share my external usb 1tb hard drive please help

Answer:Can't Net. Share External USB Drive

Quote: Originally Posted by perphection

I've been trying for a couple hours to look for tutorials and none of them have helped me out.. I can't network share my external usb 1tb hard drive please help

Most likely you just need to add Everyone to the Sharing and Security settings of the drive.

Right click the drive first and go to properties "first picture" Click on the Sharing tab, click on the Advanced button, put a check mark in the box to share this folder and hit the Apply button, then click the Permissions tab you see there, click the Add button on the new window, type in Everyone in the box then put checks for full control if required and hit the apply button again.

Once that is done open up the Security tab "second picture" click the edit button, then the Add button, type Everyone in the box and hit apply. In the last picture window below, highlight Everyone then Add the check marks for full control if required then hit the Apply button again. You should now have access to that drive from your other networked machines.

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I need to know how to share more memory with my display card to get better graphic performance ---------------------------------------------Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 4.00 GBTotal Physical Memory 3.93 GBAvailable Physical Memory 1.58 GBTotal Virtual Memory 7.85 GBAvailable Virtual Memory 5.29 GBPage File Space 3.93 GB----------------------------------------Adapter RAM 512.00 MB (536,870,912 bytes)  Product Specifications:Video Memory : up to 2287 MB total graphics memory with 512 MB dedicated DDR3-------------------------------------------------it says that the display card can go upto 2GB " Not Sure" , but would like to give it the highest!  hope you can assist with this.

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Set up External Drive to share on network
I've noticed few posts on this subject matter. I am not just not technical enough to understand the answers very well but i tried few but no joy. So I would appreciate if you can answer my question in a format a non-technical person can understand easily.

My setup is:
Telsey Wireless router(4 ethernet outlets), two laptops(one has OS: Windows Vista and second laptop has OX: Windows XP), a printer, and an Iomega External Hard Drive(500GB){It's not a network hard drive}.

To share this external drive with the two laptops on the network.

1. At the moment I am able to connect one laptop at a time to the external hard drive using an USB Type A(computer) and Type B(devices) cable.
2. Router 1 ethernet outlet is occupied with one of the laptop, and second one is connected wirelessly.
3. The external hard drive does not have a ethernet outlet any way.
What steps shall i need to do to add this external drive to network? So that other laptop can use this external hard drive.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:need help!!!(Set up External Drive to share on network )

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I recently purchased a new Toshiba computer with Windows 7 for my daughter. I also have an older Emachines desktop computer. Along with the new computer I purchased a Belkin Max share Router and a Seagate 1 TB External HD. I got the printer set properly where both computers can print. The Hard Drive is the problem. I can see it on one computer but then at times the other can"t. If I remove power from the HD to reset it; then I can access it again. makes it dificult to set Microsoft Word to automatically save files to that drive. any hlp would be much appreciated. Thank You

Answer:Belkin Max Share / Seagate External HD

Are you sure you didn't configure it as "another device" that only connects to a single computer until you release it?

I'm looking at the User's Manual, pages 27 and page 28, apparently there are two operating modes for USB connected devices.

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When I move between home and office, I go into hibernation since sleep mode is unstable. Often when I turn back on the Yoga, the screen remains black but I know the laptop is on and can get the image on the external monitor.Going into the display parameters doesn't help: the laptop display doesn't exist. Same with the F10 key: the external display has become the "laptop display". I have to restart Windows. Any alternative?

Answer:Yoga 900 external display works but laptop display remains black

Hi Kitten,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
We are sorry to hear that display is not working in your lenovo Yoga 900 laptop.
Please do confirm which operating system is running on your laptop.
Best Regards,
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Having a very strange (and annoying) issue with the display. I can only see the display on my Twist after connecting it to an external monitor first. If I do not, all I see is a black screen. No cursor, no anything. If I connect it to an external display via the display port to VGA adapter, it works fine. If connect it to an external display and then disconnect my external display, the display will remain on the Twist. However, if I reboot, I lose the screen again until I connect it to an external monitor. I made sure that "PC Screen Only" is chosen in the Fn+F7 option. This is obviously a serious problem. This is for company use and our users will not have a VGA monitor handy with them where ever they go. I checked the hardware manager and all the drivers are installed with no warnings.

Answer:Lenovo Twist display issues - No display unless I connect to an external monitor

Figured out a work around and narrowed down the problem. If I hit the Second Screen key (F7) after booting, it will go PC Only as the first choice and bring up the display on the laptop after a few seconds. The puzzling thing is why it seems to choose the external monitor as the default monitor on boot, even if it is not conected. I've tried running System Updater to make sure that I have all the latest drivers. All the display settings appear to be correct.

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Hi, I own a T420s 4171 and have 2 external monitors hooked up to my docking station. That works fine, but when I try to also display my laptop screen (as my 3rd screen), it won't enable it. It seems to only allow 2 viewable screens (2 external monitors OR 1 external monitor + laptop screen). I tested a T420s 4173 and was able to get 3 viewable screens, but not my 4171, even after updating all of the lenovo drivers. I was comparing video card specs (4171 vs 4173) and it looks to be the same. Can someone confirm/deny that I'm able to have 3 screens with my model? Thanks.

Answer:T420s 4171 - 3 display screens (2 external displays + laptop display)?

TE0810 wrote:Hi, I own a T420s 4171 and have 2 external monitors hooked up to my docking station. That works fine, but when I try to also display my laptop screen (as my 3rd screen), it won't enable it. It seems to only allow 2 viewable screens (2 external monitors OR 1 external monitor + laptop screen). I tested a T420s 4173 and was able to get 3 viewable screens, but not my 4171, even after updating all of the lenovo drivers. I was comparing video card specs (4171 vs 4173) and it looks to be the same. Can someone confirm/deny that I'm able to have 3 screens with my model? Thanks.The answer depends on the GPU chipsets in the machine.  If you have the Optimus video chipset, you have two gpus that will drive four external panels.  If you don't have optimus, you are limited to two. What 4171 do you have?  For instance, the 4171-7FU is Optimus and should work.

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I have a W500 and recently bought a 22 inch lenova monitor 2551p. Catalyst Control Center does not display a Fixed Aspect Ratio option for this new external monitor. I can change the resolution to a fixed aspect ratio on my native screen, but not on the new external monitor. Long story short, a 1024x768 webpage gets stretched across my widescreen monitor and it should not - I should see the black bars on the sides. Is there a resolution to the issue?Does anyone have a direct URL to download and install new drivers?Does anyone have a direct URL to get the latest and greatest Catalyst Control Center?Is there third party software I can use in the place of Catalyst Control Center? I am pretty sure I have all of these things, but want to see if someone knows a work around or newer drivers/software.

Answer:W500 Does Not Display Fixed Aspect Ratio for External Display 2551p

 i am not sure whether the Lenovo LCD that you got, has the fixed aspect ratio and 1:1 mapping option. If it doesn't then there is nothing much you can do from the LCD end.
Which catalyst driver are you using right now?

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I have a T420 with a Mini Dock Series 3 (433710U).  The External Display is a 30" Dell U3011 monitor connected to the Dock via DisplayPort. As Im dealing with another issue (another thread) the Bios is set for Discrete Graphics only as the Optimus mode currently has a bug which cannot drive this 2560x1600 resolution display.  Now that I have a workaround, I have another problem. When the power savings in Windows7/Power Manager turns the display off (for me its set for 10mins), If I come back 20mins later, shake the mouse, the Dell Display acts like its turning on (LED light turns on blue to indicate signal) and then message flashes on the screen from the Dell monitor stating that its going to sleep.  So now I have a Black display (monitor went back to sleep). I can open the Lid on the laptop (forgot to mention I dont dual display, I just use the 30" exclusively and close the lid on the laptop on the dock) the screen on that shows up. Close the lid again, the monitor does the same thing where it acts like its turning back on and just goes back to sleep.  Someone mentioned a similar problem where they believe the laptop is not sending the correct DPI to the monitor causing it to not be able to display the output.  They mentioned that doing a CTRL+ATL+DEL when the laptop lid is opened, and then closing it again works.  Thats works for me, but only once.  After that, if it sleeps, I have no monitor to use.  Only way to c... Read more

Answer:T420 - external Display doesnt wake from sleep (when power savings shuts display off)

hey Dixit,curious to know, let's say if you uninstall Power Manager and use windows built in power management; does the same issue occur ? also what happens if the external monitor is connected directly into the T420's display and not with the docking station ?

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Hy everybody :)
So this problem occurs in 95% of time when external display is connected. Picture looks like it has artefacts, and color is all scrambled. Ati tools doesnt detect any artefacts, and restart of the system or waking up after standby "solves" the problem.
BIOS is latest, ram was upgraded from 1 to 2 GB, there is no difference which OS is used or which drivers are used (official or modded).

EDIT: Not long time ago I started playing battlefield2, and this happens often in this game but in no other (HAWX for example)
EDIT2:This corruption of display happens only on primary display, never on external.

So any ideas of how to solve this?



Answer:Satellite A200-23k - display corruption when external display is connected

hi Triu,
do you have changed the setting of the internal display device?
if you are exceeding the refresh rate such strange things will happen...
please try it and use the toshiba driver with the standard settings to test the system.

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Hi folks!After struggling with this problem 2 days ago: Now I have a new problem: I have literally NO DISPLAY!Either the internal LCD or an external LCD monitor provide NO output. It seems like, judging from the HD lights, etc. that the system is booting normally. I'm able to boot into windows and, remembering key combinations, can shut down windows normally (Start key, U, U). So I think the system is booting up just fine. It's just that there is literally NO display. I've even tried to wait until I"m in windows, then open up the display manager (I assume....FN+F7), then scroll down to other video output options to try and force it to use an external monitor....that doesn't seem to create video output, though I'm fairly confident I'm getting the Display Manager to try and switch... Any thoughts?  Thanks! -Stephen

Answer:t400 No Display AT ALL (either internal or external display)--MOBO Components

Hi ElSteve9, This is clearly hardware problem, please contact local lenovo for hardware test.Worldwide Support Center phone list for ThinkPad, ThinkCentre and ThinkStation systems

T61 + X201i

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Hi, I have Thinkpad Edge E330 bought this July, with win8 downgraded to win7. It recently started a problem where the laptop's own display doesn't display anything (just blank) if I don't have external display connected. The external display doesn't have be in use, just connected, and E330's own display works fine. If I disconnect the external display, the E330's own display goes blank also. It doesn't matter what display setting I have. Any advice on this?Currently I'm not able to use my E330 as a laptop at all.

Current laptop: Thinkpad E330 (3345)


Go to Solution.

Answer:Edge E330 display not working without external display connected

Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I?m sorry to hear that display in your Lenovo ThinkPad E330 is not working properly unless you connect it to an external display.
Have you tried using your machine in safe mode? If that works, try rolling back your display drivers or reinstall it.
Go to Lenovo Support page to download the latest drivers, Please click on "Select Product", then in "QUICK PATH" enter E330 and select the exact model depending on the MTM number of your device.
Hope this helps!
Best regards,

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title basically says it. what gives? i have a 24" lcd capable of 1920x1200 which is driven fine by itself, but in the mode with the internal laptop display on, the resolustion will not exceed 1024x768 in 16 bit on the external monitor... which looks terrible. this is via vga ... not the displayport. i could get the displayport cable though, since my external screen has hdmi. i would just need the converter i guess. but i'm not sure that would make a difference? my intel driver is dated 6/11/2008 ... and i can't seem to update for some reason. again - not sure this has anything to do with it or not.  thanks! 

Answer:x301 external display limited to 1024 x 768 when using interal display

Are you using XP or Vista... if you are using XP, please change the resolution using the Intel display driver tray, rather then the windows display property. 

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2082-RF1 The laptop has had some display issues for a few months.  An external monitor through DisplayPort has always been the way I have viewed content. A few months ago, I tried to view the laptop's screen, and noticed that I could not get it to be viewable.  It was blank.  Disconnecting the external monitor, and restarting, had no effect.Since then, the internal screen has always been blank, whenever I have checked.Additionally, issues started to occur intermittently, with the external monitor signal.-The screen resolution would change upon start-up, and sometimes it would change after start-up. -The screen would blink to blank whenever the mouse wheel scrolled.-The monitor would have pixels sparkle in multi-color  (nice glitch for the holidays) Today, the external monitor stopped showing any content.  It simply gives the message of going into energy saving mode.   I am assuming that the issue is within the laptop, as opposed to the monitor itself, since the internal screen has been non-functional for a few months now.  What would be the best route for troubleshooting?I notice there is noticable dust build-up around the  venting areas, and was considering disassembling in order to fully clean out any dust. Are there any known issues with the video in this model?


Go to Solution.

Answer:T500 (2082)- Display problem - No Display on laptop or external.

Hi, mouserU
What is your operating system? I looked up the Personal Systems Reference for the T500 (2082) (seen here). When you navigate to that page, you can find your machine faster by searching (Ctrl + F) for "T500 2082." In Windows VIsta, this computer had the ability to do switchable graphics from the discrete card to the integrated and vice-versa. I'm not sure whether this ability has carried over through other OSes without aid of a driver (seen here.)
As for troubleshooting, I would first recommend seeing if you can boot the machine by means of another port on the machine, such as VGA, to see if you can get an image over to an external monitor. Not being able to see an image is most likely an indication of a bad video card. One last question for clarification: You can see nothing, not even BIOS, on either screen, correct?

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution!" This will help the rest of the community with similar issues identify the verified solution and benefit from it.

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Hi Guys,  I'm the IT handiman at a local business. Things have been going okay, so they brought me a Yoga 2 Pro that they had abandoned because it's screen went weird so now it only shows colors.  So, when I turn on the computer, the display immediately starts cycling through colors. When I use an adapter to the micro HDMI, I can see the display on an external display. I can even change the display settings to essentially use the yoga as a computer tower log onto the computer like normal and enable RDP so I can get SOME use out of the machine as a server box, but that feels like a waste of a high performance machine. Video.  IDK what's wrong. If it was a graphics card or something, I would think that I wouldn't be able to use the external display. I'm not sure what's up or what to see about trying to order and replace.  Anyone have any idea what I should look at? I can make this laptop into the little print server we need, since it's not good for much else right now, but I'd rather get it back in service as a laptop and use a lower end machine for a simple print server.  Help me? Please? 

Answer:Yoga 2 Display only showing colors. Seems to still work with external display.

I looks like a dead LCD display, or a dead ribbon cable to me, I had a similar issue with my C340, wasn't software related. You can try to contact Lenovo support, they may be able to repair it.

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I have a weird issue with my G550 (which is out of warranty).  The screen flickers and distorts (fuzzy colours around objects on the screen).   If I flex the case in a certain way the problem goes away, it's hard to describe but if I apply pressure in a certain direction to the back left of the case it solves the issue... but as soon as I stop applying pressure it goes away.  I'm thinking it's a loose connection somewhere between the GPU and the display, but I'm not entirely sure where to look.  If I plugin in external displays they work fine, no flickering or distortion at all.

Answer:G550: Display flickers / distorts. External display fine.

hi deicist,

Welcome to the Lenovo Community.

If the LCD screen flickers when you open or close the lid or if tilt the LCD screen on a certain angle then the problem lies on the LVDS or LCD cable (possibly got worn out by opening/closing the lid alot of times). If you're interested in fixing it, you can get spare parts here:

Disassembly Guide here - (video)

Caution: Please be careful in disassembling your PC as it may contain sensitive parts.

Hope this helps.

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I have a G20 running XP Media Centre Edition with an Nvidia GeForce Go 6600. I have been using the 1440x900 setting up until now on the laptop's screen but have just bought a 22" monitor and am using that instead.

The problem is that the resolution of the monitor is 1680x1050 and I can't seem to be able to set that. The only options are 1440x900 or 1600x1200. Does anyone know how I can get the graphics chip to output 1680x1050?

Many thanks

Message was edited by: [email protected]_UK

Answer:Qosmio G20: Setting 1680x1050 display resolution for external display

Hello William

I have no experience with this but somewhere on this forum I have read similar topic. Before you wait here use advanced search option and use ?1680 x 1050? as searched term. I am pretty sure you will find this topic where one guy explained how to set 1680 x 1050 resolution on external monitor.

Good luck!

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This happens as soon as the VGA adapter is plugged in. Unplugging it does not turn the laptop screen back on. Toggling with the function keys does nothing. Since I cannot see anything I cannot try to adjust/correct display settings (or do anything for that matter, other than turn the laptop off by holding power key down).

The second display works (tested with a different laptop).

History: The external display worked fine with this laptop. We had a power failure yesterday which turned it off. The screen toggled to the laptop successfully (or I did, with the function keys--I don't remember) and I continued working. When power returned I started running into this issue. I reinstalled the display drivers from the original manufacturer disc but the problem persists.

msi A4000, Celeron dual Core T3100, Windows 7 Ultimate x64
NVIDIA? MCP79MVL, GeForce? 8200M G, Shared
External display: Acer LCD, AL 1916C

Answer:Laptop black when external display plugged in, #2 display also dark.

To shut down properly hit the Winkey, then the right arrow, then Enter.

This may be as simple as capacitors overcharged. Shut down, unplug, remove battery. Hold power button down for 20 secs.
Do same for monitor.
Then try.

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hello everyone i recently bought a thinkpad from a retailer (i think it falls in the category of factory refurbished)i already had it for a few days, then i formatted, partitioned the entire drive and installed winxp on itthen i installed opensuse 11.2added the ati repository, then installed the fglrx-desktop driver (i had the dektop-linux-kernel). - ive read it here: - that i can install the proprietary linux driver from ati (i need a driver optimised for gaming/3d development, not CAD applications)aticonfig --initial did not work, because there was no xorg.conf in /etc/X11/so i ran sax2, it generated a fileafter that i did an aticonfig --initial, then restarted the machineafter that, the lcd display did not power on.attaching an external display works, it even displays the POST with the big lenovo/thinkpad logo.fn+f7 just turns off the external display for a half second then turns it back on. both windows and linux boots without problem, i could even install the official driver from levono), the graphics card is not fried, because i could run the uniengine tropics (from - although it ran realy slow (it should run realy slow because as i understood, this card's official driver is not optimised for gaming) under windows nor the display properties, nor catalyst control center or even everest report any secondary display btw, system specs:t60pcore 2 duo t7200... Read more

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I would like to know that If i got an external monitor with usb ports on it and then connect my Macbook Pro 2015 to it via an HDMI cable, can i connect an external hard-drive onto the external display to transfer files to my macbook?

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I have a Dell XPS 13 laptop running Windows 10. I have just purchased a Dell U2515H monitor which I am waiting for delivery for as we speak. I believe the monitor has quiet a few inputs however I am not 100% sure which lead to get to connect them both and which port I use on the Dell Laptop. Looking on the left hand side of my laptop there is a port with a lightning sign next to it, is that called Thunderbolt? and is that my monitor/display port? and what lead do I need? it looks like some sort of micro socket!

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hey folks I was trying to get my Western Digital Live tv player to access my video files but I think windows wont allow it to view them.

I followed the instructions for the live tv player to get the files to be shared but they don't show up in the folder when browsing the files on the live tv player menu.

it's a known issue a lot of people are having on western digital's forum but no one is helping anyone. (techs)

if anyone knows any tricks to get windows to allow us to access the files any help would be great.

here is a link to the product instructions,
chapter 6 page 35 is where it shows how to get folders and files to be shared but no one on any windows machine can get it to work.
from xp to 7 the folders show up blank(empty) in the browser. however if I turn on media streaming in windows 7 I can access all my files with my media player. even though the instructions says that setting is for connecting the player to other DLNA protocol devices. but that's the only way I can access my stuff on my computer. the instructions suggest we use the "network share" route instead. but no one can get it to work.

I was wondering if there is a setting in windows that needs to be adressed other than what western digital's instructions tell us to do.

I know it's asking a lot out of you guys/gals if you don't have one or care about it, but I just don't understand windows 7 sharing enough to get it to work.

Answer:how to share files on an external media player

well I moved all the files I want to watch on the live tv unit to the public folders and everything works like I want. but I'm not supposed to have to do all that.

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I have a small home network with 1 desktop and 1 laptop. My printer is shared via my desktop but If I want to print from my laptop I need to turn on the desktop. I know i can buy a print server, but I also want to have the same functionality with my external hard drive. Is there any router i can purchase that will allow me to connect both devices?

Answer:Share Printer and External Hard Drive

Not a router but you can buy a Belkin Hub
I have one which is a print server and harddrive server

The one I have, you have to muck around with to share across multiple users ....
The printserver bit is OK
But if one person connects to the harddrive noone else can use it. until that user releases the harddrive
I think thats fixed in the later versions.

The one I have looks like this - but is not wireless ... I think that may be a bit confusing.
you just connect to your router

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Story: Emachines desktop goes dead. Doesn't load up at all anymore. When it did work, it was WindowsXP and my password to get in. I pulled the harddrive and hooked it up to another computer(WindowsXP), and I can see the drive. I can see everything. But there is one big problem.

It won't let me open the folder for my userid, which is where ALL my data is. All the other ids did not have passwords. Mine did(the admin).

Instead, I get "access denied". I've tried unchecking "use simple file sharing", and to go into the option for sharing it, but I get an error there, too. Same thing.

I have a feeling it won't let me open that folder because it didn't get the password. I have the password, but no way to put it in and let that folder know that I'm authorized.

Anybody help? Please?

Answer:Access denied to external harddrive. Won't let me share?

Hi Toxic

try this works in most cases when user trying to access the data from another XP install, note booting to safe mode if your using XP Home.

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Good afternoon everyone
I have 3 computers that I want to backup on a 1.5 TB external hard drive. One runs XP Pro, one runs Vista and the last runs vista 64bit.
I want to partition the external into 3 parttitions (using Paragon software), my question is What do I need to do to the 64bit machines partition?? I mean do I have to format it differently than regular NTFS?? Any help or income would be appreciated ... Thanks Colin63

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I have 3 pcs ( all XP ) in my lan. I have just bought a external hard drive ( NOT A NAS). (All connected directly to netcomm nb9w router)

I want to share this hard drive on all three computers.

How do i do this ????

Plz help

Answer:how to share external hard drive between two computers on lan

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My ThinkPad T500 running 64-bit Windows 7 Professional Edition worked great on and off a mini docking station with 2 external monitors. The dual-display setup allowed me to have more desktop space; when needed, I can take the laptop off the docking station (following undocking steps) and use it anywhere. This convenience no longer holds after upgrading to Windows 10.

With the T500 in the docking station (LCD lid closed), I can use the dual-display setup as in Windows 7. However, after shut-down and remove the T500 off the docking station and the T500 laptop becomes unusable because its LCD display doesn't show anything after boot. (While booting the laptop's display shows the ThinkPad boot logo and then some DOS-mode boot messages and then the windows 10 logo and its dotted spinning wheel; after the initial boot the display went blank and the Windows 10 desktop doesn't come up.)

The only way to make the T500 laptop usable on its own is to go through a "preparation procedure" and here is how the procedure goes: While the T500 is on the docking station in the dual-display setup with the 2 external monitors, open the T500's lid and set its display as the main display and then select to disconnect the other 2 external displays (in the Settings -> System -> Display page); then , in the T500's LCD display, select the shut down. Once the T500 is properly powered off, remove it from the docking station and the T500 can work on its own as a laptop supposed to be. W... Read more

Answer:Dual External Display - Messed up Laptop LCD Display

Try turning off fast startup;

Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

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Hello, i am using a Belinea 2025 S1 as a second display to enhance the Desktop of my R61 ThinkPad (8918DEG). Max. resolution of the ThinkPad is 1680 x 1050 and max. resolution of the Belinea is 1400 x 1050. I tried to configure the system to use both displays with their max. resolution, but for the Belinea only 1280 x 1050 is used. The NVIDIA control panel allows to configure user-specific resolutions. When setting the user-specific resolution to 1400 x 1050 the test-screen appears and everything seems to be fine, but if i close the test-screen the program crashes. I restarted the program immediatedly and was able to change the resolution for the Belinea to 1400 x 1050. The problem is: This setting is gone after i reboot the ThinkPad. Can anyone help?  Note:The system is up to date; e.g. there is no newer version of the NVIDIA Controlcenter available. regards,  Robert    

Answer:Use max display resolution of an external Display with NVIDIA Quadro NVS

why don't you just use the windows display property instead.

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My ThinkPad T500 running 64-bit Windows 7 Professional Edition worked great on and off a mini docking station with 2 external monitors. The dual-display setup allowed me to have more desktop space; when needed, I can take the laptop off the docking station (following undocking steps) and use it anywhere. This convenience no longer holds after upgrading to Windows 10.

With the T500 in the docking station (LCD lid closed), I can use the dual-display setup as in Windows 7. However, after shut-down and remove the T500 off the docking station and the T500 laptop becomes unusable because its LCD display doesn't show anything after boot. (While booting the laptop's display shows the ThinkPad boot logo and then some DOS-mode boot messages and then the windows 10 logo and its dotted spinning wheel; after the initial boot the display went blank and the Windows 10 desktop doesn't come up.)

The only way to make the T500 laptop usable on its own is to go through a "preparation procedure" and here is how the procedure goes: While the T500 is on the docking station in the dual-display setup with the 2 external monitors, open the T500's lid and set its display as the main display and then select to disconnect the other 2 external displays (in the Settings -> System -> Display page); then , in the T500's LCD display, select the shut down. Once the T500 is properly powered off, remove it from the docking station and the T500 can work on its own as a laptop supposed to be. W... Read more

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I am very happy with my ThinkPad Yoga S1 and do like very much the digitizer pen capability. It works well (given some calibration issues) when the Yoga works without an external display. However, as soon as an external display is connected, the pen outputs always on the external display (and not the internal).
I have the yoga connected through OneLink Pro, and an external monitor connected to the display port. I am using both the internal screen as well as the external screen in the extended mode (i.e. not duplication). When I use the pen on the yoga screen, the actions appear on the external display (and not on the yoga screen). This is very confusing, as the pen actions don?t appear where I apply them.
I?ve attempted to set the yoga screen as the main screen, but did not have success. Also using DVI instead of display port did not help. I also tried it with three displays (internal, DVI, DP) all in the extended mode (it is nice that these setup as possible by the way), but the pen still it appears on the display port monitor.
In order to use the pen meaningfully, I do have to disconnect all external monitors and work only with the yoga screen.
Anybody has seen this? Is this an issue of the pen driver (all updated to the latest state) or the operating system (Windows 8.1, 64bit)?
Thanks for any help in advance!
Admin edit: Please take note that maybe some issue with date of posts due to merging two similar topics.

... Read more

Answer:Thinkpad Yoga: Pen and External Display (pen on wrong display)

Hey hey!Im new here in this forum, i was looking for an answer for my problem, but i couldnt find one.So here is whats going on:I got a brand new Thinkpad Yoga with a One Link Dock and a second monitor.When i try to work with the Wacom pen on the main monitor (the one of the thinkpad yoga) and hold the pen over it, or try to write on it, the coursor instantly sets to the second monitor (the attached one).So i want to have the pen input on my main monitor, while i write on it and got the second monitor attached, like for reading or so.I cant find options in this Windows 8 to fix this issue.Under Linux it wouldnt be a problem, i found heaps of answers for that, but im sadly with windows.If you even got experience with Linux on the Yoga, could you tell me if that works wel and if its possible to dual boot?Thanks and kind regards - Kay

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My P50 display is great on its own or when I have it connected to an external display and use both.  But once I disconnect the external display the fonts are WAY too small and unreadable.  Any way to fix that?

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Model:  4389-AN4O/S:  Win 7 64bitW Series DockDisplayPort Connection (also happens using VGA and or DVI)BIOS:  1.27/1.32Monitor:  Lenovo L2440x During power up, power on password screen does not display.  Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.  I've tried modifying the settings in the bios for which monitor it boots to first, and that doesn't seem to fix the issue either. Sometimes I do get a display, but the screen looks horrible.  I've checked cables (even swapped them). Suggestion?  We were able to recreate this on 2 W510's (same config). Jim P.S.  If I can provide any additional data please let me know.  I often just type in my power on password and eventually the monitor comes on and I get my windows log in prompt. 

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So the thinkpad yoga looks great.. When are they going to upgrade the yoga 2 pro to a thinkpad yoga 2.  12.5 screen is to small for my day to day (even with 21" external hooked up.  And I want 500G SSD, Thinkpads are a lot less business friendly then they used to be.. what happened? (long battery would be nice too).Does anyone know where one can find "new release info"?

Answer:Thinkpad Yoga: Pen and External Display (pen on wrong display)

X series have always had a small 12 inch convertible laptop. X41t to X230t have all being around 12 inch. So ThinkPad Yoga has continued the tradition of offering 12 inch screen size. You can easily do the hdd upgrade yourself, i have put a 1 tb ssd in my ThinkPad Yoga, and it has been fantastic. I guess that is the benefit of the ThinkPad Yoga with its 2.5 inch hdd slot, compared to other tablets that use PCI-e or M.2. SSD standards.

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I've tried searching the forums but haven't been able to find anyone with the same problem, so if a thread already exists and I just failed at finding it please point me in that direction.

I have a Lenovo L440 laptop running Windows 10 1607, it has an Intel HD Graphics 4600 video card which lists the last available driver as 15.40 from the 23rd of June 2017.

It has an issue where I connect a projector and I get the flashing display to indicate another display was detected and connected, but nothing displays out to the projector (which is set to use the correct input). I press the shortcut to duplicate the displays and nothing happens. I go in to display settings, and see 5 displays (give or take depending on the laptop) despite only one external one being connected. If I tell it to use displays 1 and 2, nothing, so disable display 2. Then tell it to use displays 1 and 3, nothing, so disable display 3. Repeat this process enough time, it'll eventually come to the display the projector is configured as (sometimes having to add additional displays to what was being shown originally).

It's OK for me to do this as I'm the IT guy, but it's not OK for the staff to do this.

Here is a sample screenshot from another machine with the same problem. Only one external screen (2 in total) is connected.

Some machines with more up to date video cards such as Intel 540's have had driver updates putting them to 15.46, and the problem is thus resolved. It's back to behaving as expected fo... Read more

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Rally appreciate someone's help comments as a complete novice.Current setupSony Vaio VGN-A397XP LaptopToshiba Satellite Pro LaptopNetgear 108 Mbps wireless routerQuestionI need to share information or create a central data base (basic excel, word docs) between the 2 laptops. Sometimes i take one laptop when i travel so information needs to remain for other laptop to access.Can i use the Maxtor 1TB Shard External drive for this application - just plug it in to the router - or what do you suggest to creat a basic network.Apologise if this is really basic. Any advise would be appreciatedThank you

Answer:Maxtor 1TB 3.5" Shard External Drive - file share

That might be overkill unless you need all that storage space. Just how big are the "Common" files? I have a similar situation and run my business from home where I have several computers and a laptop. I keep all my business files on the laptop and back up the entire system to a 250 Gb external hard drive using Acronis True Image. All my essential business files including database, spreadsheets and documents will actually fit on a 1gb encrypted memory stick so I carry that on my key ring.I also leave a copy of all my business documents on a second computer at home which is wireless networked. The only problem with this is that I have to remember to synchronise the files and keep them updated with the latest version. It takes less than 10 minutes to do this on all the media I use.

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We have a 1TB drive plugged in via USB to one of the computers and shared it for access across the network. If it gets "unplugged" from the computer, when it's plugged in again, the share has been lost and we have to reshare and WAIT!

Usually unplugging is caused by a problem that "kicks" it out and it has to be reattached. The usual, easiest method we use is just to unplug and replug the power cable for the drive.

Is there any way around this problem? Any method of forcing it to connect without having to unplug anything that automatically puts the share back? I could experiment with this but it takes so darned long to set up the share again that I'd be at it most of the day or more so I'm hoping someone knows the answers and can just tell us what we need to know.


Answer:Share lost when external drive unplugged and replugged

USB pocket drives are not made to be shared. If you want to share a drive on a network, get a NAS.

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Hi All
I'll try to be as clear as I can while explaining this.

A friend of mine at work has problems sharing external usb hard drives connected to his laptop. He is running XP pro, and when he attempts to share a drive connected through usb, giving everyone full control it lets no one in. Not even he can, and he is the creator/owner of the share. I'm pretty sure its not a permissions issue, since it gives the same error when I try to browse it and I have domain admin rights.
This has happened with three separate drives, all of which can be shared when connected to any other pc than his. ( I have tried all three on four separate computers, making the share the exact same way with full access.
The computer can see the share just fine, it just denies permission to access it either from the computer that created the share, or from any other computer on the network.

Any help on this would be appreciated

edit: the spell checker told me I spelled usb wrong...

Answer:External hard drive share refusing access.

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When i had windows XP installed, i never had trouble tranfering from one network share to another... I would at least get roughtly 25MBs.. but with Vista (32 & 64) and Windows 7, transfering between network shares is super slow.. could takes days sometimes...

is this happening to other people??

Answer:vista: Network Share to Local = ~50MB/s | Share to Share = 1MB/s.. Huh?

I believe, this is also caused when I have to transfer files from my ipod. that it has to cache on my computer, and then transfer to the network share / computer, this is my theory, I never tested it ofc, maybe someone with more knowledge could help.

it's like unpacking a rar into a network share.

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What are the options available to share(extend or duplicate) laptop display to Internet TV? I came across the adapters which connects TV thru either VGA or HDMI and then laptop wirelessly transmits laptop display to that adapter and adapter in-turn transmits to TV. But Is there any software or app available to stream the laptop display to TV which are in the same network ( as both are connected to the same wireless router). Since it is possible to stream the video/music files from laptop media player to TV and TV is capable of receiving and displaying/playing it in the TV, why is it not possible to stream laptop display and why not TV is not capable of receiving the display content and display? please let me know your suggestions or reasons?


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I have created a folder (Photos) in my new external hardrive (E: drive) and would like to move the photos in my EasyShare albums to the new folder. How do I best do that?

Also: Can I use the Search feature in XP to get a listing of each of the photos in my Kodak album?


Answer:Moving photos from Kodak Esay Share to an external harddrive

I seldom “move” anything. I copy/paste, make sure everything is as it should be at the destination, then delete from the original location if I no longer want things there. And of course if I have other backup other than the single destination.

You will likely find the photos under: Documents and Settings > All Users > Shared Documents > Shared Pictures > Kodak.

If you are the buckaroo your post would indicate – Edit > Select All. Right click one of the highlighted folders and “Cut”. Right click where you want the photos in the E drive and “Paste”.

You can set EasyShare to send future downloads to that location if you want.

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Recently my laptop display has become distorted looks like a bad signal television channel and has a pink tint to it. So I plugged in my Philips 15" Hardglass Display which I had spare to see if that would work. It did for a few weeks but this morning when I switched it on, dotted vertical lines in groups of four. They were different colours depending on which colours were meant to be there e.g. blue came out as black lines, white as yellow and black as red. It was like this on my laptop as well. But when I just left it to start up it got to the bit when thw windows logo appears just before login and then the blue screen of death appeared. My laptop is a PC World own brand Philips freevents X57 loaded with Windows Vista Ultimate SP1. The graphics chip as I understand is a Nvidia Geforce Go 7400. I did a quick search on google and no solutions to my problem came up.

Answer:Laptop Display & External display problem

Try reloading the Graphics drivers first click here={ad69e70c-dcc7-48b5-86c5-b0980ea8a905}&ID={1d5da0f0-60f6-49fe-a9de-d3386432e315} Select your notebook from the drop down box and go to the downloads page for the X57.

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i want to share my display on both LCD and Monitor

The problem is i have full Display ( icons , task-bar , ... ) on only the Primary ( main ) display

the other one scale the display weired ( no matter what resolution or Refresh rate use ) , only a small box of desktop will show and the bottom is black and start-menu not show

when i switch and change the primary display the problem in new solve and in old primary with comes !!

i even try to set the primary display to my LCD Monitor , then use Digital Flat-panel > scaling Options in AMD Catlyast center for my LCD TV and try to scale and fit the display , but it only scale the box of screen and bottom of screen is black and taskbar not show still !!

whats the problem ?? how can i have both of them fit to screen without need to Switch and make them Primary every time i want use one of them !!

Windows 7 64bit
Graphic : AMD Radeon 5570 HD
Monitor : SAMSUNG 1931
LCD TV : SAMSUNG 40 inch Series 6

Answer:Lose Taskbar (Starmenu) when share display on 2 Device (monitor,LCD)

Hi Arioman, how you are describing the issue is that you want to use the taskbar on both displays without needing to set primary every time? This is only achievable in clone mode for the displays, to set clone mode, the TV needs to have the same resolution as your display, so for example, your monitor has a resolution of 1366x768 and your TV i assume runs at a maximum of 1920x1080, you need to set this resolution on your TV to use clone mode and then both screens will display the taskbar, unfortunately you cannot have both displays showing 2 separate desktops as clone mode "clones" the display.

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I already have the issue that when I put my E5570 to sleep and wake it up again that the keyboard and touchpad do not work. So I have disable the sleep options in the BIOS.
Now I run into different issues.Yesterday I booted the laptop and it hang on the DELL logo, After a while it stated that my EFI file would not be correct. Force reboot and it booted straight to Windows.
What's more annoying is the fact that the laptop boot, the DELL logo is shown and then the screens go's black, as if it's not connected. SO it looks like it hangs.BUT an external monitor through HDMI does work and show the windows logon.The keyboard and touchpad also do not work.External mouse and keyboard do work.
So pretty much I got a brick when I do not have external display/keyboard and mouse available.
When I reboot the laptop it works fine again.Am I the only one with this?Loads of issues with the laptop and wondering if I just have a faulty laptop...
Clean Windows 10 Pro install is done 5 times.Used the  DELL Command Update to install all drivers and patches.Issues keep existing...

Answer:Latitude E5570 - Black display, no resons to keyboard/touchpad - External display/keyboard/mouse do work

I have been spending a lot of hours in troubleshooting this week.
Diagnostics are 100% ok.
Reinstalled Windows 10 about 15 times.Installing drivers by hands, installing drives trhough the dell update management application.The issues keeps existing.
To sum the them up:- Cold boot (laptop is off) to Windows. Keyboard/Touchpad do not work. (Reboot and they work again)- Resume from sleep. Keyboard/Touchpad do not work. (Reboot and the work again)
After I got the laptop I installed 32Gb of RAM and an 512Gb Samsung 950Pro PCIE M.2 NVME drive.The drive should be support as Dell states on the product page and in the manual that PCIE with NVME is supported.
"Advanced features, like industry-leading M.2 SATA and M.2 PCIe/NVME solid state drives, provide data transfer speeds up to 4x faster over traditional hard drivers. "
In order to get the drive visible and running on PCIe I had to disable the sata controller in the BIOS.This way the drive is detected in Windows as an PCIe NVME capable drive.
Just to verify if the issues I went back to default with the delivered 256Gb M.2 sata drive and 8Gb RAM.To install Windows I had to turn the Sata controller back on.
Installed the drivers manually updated WIndows and tested.The issues do NOT occur.
Retested by installing the drivers using the Dell Update Application.The issues do NOT occur.
So I figured out that the SATA controller somehow is the guilty part for all the issues.I mean when enabled to ACHI or RAID the sleep and non... Read more

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Toshiba a100

Just recently replaceced my screen

I've been given a faulty Toshiba laptop/notebook to look at. The problem is that when I switch on the power button, various lights come on, but there is no picture what-so-ever on the screen. There are no beeps either, so no idea what's causing it. I've tried connecting an external monitor (and yes I've pressed the fn + 5 keys to switch monitors), but that isn't recognising any video signal either.

You can hear the hard drive start to whir, but there is no continued chugging sound like you'd get if the o/s was continuing to load. As there's no picture, I can't tell if the BIOS is giving me any warnings, whcih is why the HDD doesn't sound lke it's still booting.

Any help please...

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Hi, I have a T60 (14.1 inches, 1440x900, 8743-4UK) and the internal display is not working. What I found out:1) It does not seem to be a simple backlight failure - it really shows nothing.2) It is not an inverter problem, I have replaced it (although with a used part) but it still does not work.3) External display works just fine.4) When I checked with my external display, I found that the internal display is not recognized at all, as if it was simply not connected. I really liked the keyboard -- I am willing to fix it if it does not cost a fortune. Thanks in advance for all help!

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Hi,I have reinstalled my T420s with win 10 1067, it seems the machine can not display on my external monitor (using display port, or any connection). when I set extended or duplicate displays it seems to have 2 displays (the lenovo and my Dell U2414h) but i see nothing on my Dell. Of course i triple verified the input on my Dell is the relevant display port and i am using the same display with the same connection to my T460s ! )I can see in the device manger only the intel Graphics 3000 and there is PCI serial port which is not recognized. I went over all the drivers in the support page and updated my device manger, including chipest and bios. Still nothing helped. Any help will be appreciated.

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Recently got i5 7567....GTX 1050 Ti ...I have an old AOC monitor which supports VGA input....through HDMI to VGA adapter connected my laptop to monitor... On duplicate screen mode and second screen only, it works.....but the monitor goes blank saying "input not supported" on 'extend display '.
display settings has detected the external monitor...while intel hd graphics setting and nvidia control panel are not detecting the external monitor... 
Need help folks...!

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Before going into the details, I have used this setup (W7's printer accessed from XP) for months. I'm now using another XP computer and can't get it to work - although it can "see" the printer via the workgroup and tried to connect to it, it can't find a driver (of which more later). So it may well be a driver issue too. Here's what happens.

I have an OKI printer attached to the Windows 7 (Ultimate) computer via a USB cable. It works flawlessly.

I have a laptop with Windows XP Professional that can see the Windows 7 computer and everything attached to it, including the OKI printer.

When I tried accessing the OKI printer from the XP laptop, it complained that it did not have the correct driver, so I downloaded the driver from the OKI website and extracted it it to reveal the INF file and the others.

In the XP machine I go to "Add Printer" and choose "attached to another computer", browse for the OKI and choose it. It then tells me to find the INF file to install the driver. When I do that it says that Windows cannot locate a suitable driver.

My recollection from years ago was that Windows itself offered to find a driver in this situation from Windows Update, but it didn't happen in this case. The downloaded OKI driver is the correct one for the printer and suitable for XP, Vista and Windows 7, so why does Windows not recognise it?

I set up an almost exaxctly identical (XP sharing W7's printers) on the same network a few months ago and had ab... Read more

Answer:Printer attached to W7 computer will not share with XP computer

Solved - my mistake. I'd picked the wrong driver after all that!


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I would like to give my mother my old laptop. If I add her as an administrator on my laptop and then delete myself as administrator, will she lose any applications I currently have on my computer?

Answer:Are all users on a computer able to share all applications on that computer?

As long as you installed them as available to all users then they should remain accessible.

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Hi all, new to this site, hoping someone can help me out cause I cant find answers anywhere.

Basically I want to add a "share this" button to all the pages on my site, is there a quick way of doing this? maybe using an external stylesheet or something?

any advice would be much appreciated,

thanks in advance

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Answer:can i use external stylesheet to add "share this" button to my entire site

Is there any file they all link to? It can be css, js, or any file that can include html. If there isn't one already, you will need to edit them all, anyway. I might be able to write a script to add it to all of them for you, though, if you want it in the same place on every page.

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So I have a Windows 7 64bit desktop with 2 external hard drives that have shared over my network so I can view the files on my laptop(win 7 64bit) and watch movies and such on my xbox via windows media center.

I recently purchased a WD Elements 2TB external Hard Drive.
I connect the new drive to my desktop along with the other 2 external hard drives and functions with no problems until I try to share it on my network.

My procedure for sharing was opening my computer, right clicking on the hard drive, clicking share with.., advanced sharing, (in the sharing tab) advanced sharing again, click the share this folder box and hitting apply. And I get this error, "An error occurred while trying to share G. Incorrect function. The shared resource was not created at this time."

I was however able to add the new external hard drive to my media library in windows media center so my xbox can see the new hard drive no problem.
So now I need to get the drive on the network so I can see it on my laptop.

Whats more, If I disconnect the hard drive from my desktop, and connect it to my laptop, it will let me share it and I can see it from my desktop. (Baffles me...)

Any help or ideas on this would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Cant share external Hard drive "Incorrect Function"

I see you have the same issue as I do and are getting about the same help I have been getting, NONE
We will probably find out "Microsoft" will want to charge us extra if we want to share more than one way, they give us ONE free sharing but not 2 without more money.

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Well i tried sharing a printer with another computer and it all went well and when i tried adding the printer on the other computer it came up with a login box asking for user name and password. I did a little fiddling and found out i can't share anything with the other computer but it can share with me. Someone please help

Answer:Can't share with other computer

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I do not share my home computer, and have never set it up to be shared, but when I try to log on to our work server, (running Windows Small Business Server 2003), it tells me that for security purposes..

"Because this is a shared or public computer, Connection Manager cannot be downloaded. As a security precaution, Connection Manager can be downloaded only to a computer that is not shared or public".

How do I turn sharing off?


Answer:I do not want to share my computer but it says I do?

There should be a network connection wizard in control panel.
Run it and uncheck printer and file sharing when you come
to that page.

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As above, all images in my laptop are very distorted when displayed. Also the loadin from one page to another is exceptionally slow.May someone help, please? I don't know what drivers/softwares would redress the fault. Thank you all

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i do not know how to but this i saw it on, so i think it's not out yet maybe you guys will figure it out.

Answer:I have to share this with my computer builders

Damn that looks nice

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I have a Win7 home Premium box and I want to share folders and a printer with 2 XP laptops. I've turned off homegroups and all PCs are using the same workgroup.

One XP laptop can connect to the shared folders and printer with no problem and the shares appear in My Network places etc.

The other XP laptop ** can't ** connect via \\COMPUTERNAME (I get access denied error). Nor does anything show up in My Network Places. One way I can get it to connect is do this:

- Connect via IP - \\
- a password box appears, so I enter the my user name and password for my Win 7 account (I don't have a password account set up on the XP laptop, but I am using the same username as on the Win 7 box)
- I can then see the shares on the Win 7 box
- If I then type \\COMPUTERNAME I can now connect to the Win7 box and access the shares and printer no problem. Also everything appears correctly in My Network Places

Any ideas on how I can fix things so that I don't have to go in via IP first would be much appreciated!



Answer:Can connect to share by IP but not computer name

This may sound silly suggestion to even post on Windows Reference but will help avoid some annoyance with Windows Vista and Windows 7. The host file is the one where one enters hostname and IP Address pair manually as against being served by a Name server (ex: DNS). As always the “host” file is under C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\ or %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\ and hence cannot be edited by normal users.

To edit the host file,
Click Start – search for “Notepad“, right-click and select “Run as Administrator“. This should launch notepad with elevated privileges. Now, open the host file from the File menu, edit and save.

Work Cited
Edit hosts file in Windows 7 & Windows Vista | Windows Reference

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I had a folder shared with my XP computer when I had Windows 8.1, but now it's not sharing. I think the problem started when I stopped using my Windows username/password to get into windows 10. I have no password attached to it now. When I try to open up the folder from my XP computer, it keeps asking for that password, but if I put in the Microsoft password it doesn't open the folder either.
Can anyone tell me how to share a folder (or more) between my Windows 10 computer and my XP computer?

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I have a lumia 920 and an ASUS Transformer Book with Windows 8.1 and it lacks gps module.
Is there any way to share, tether or whathever the GPS info to the tablet?
Why I want to achieve this? For example, if I'm travelling it would be nice to use the tablet as my navigator system, like this maybe I could prevent draining phone's battery, and a bigger view of the map.
I appreciate your help! :)

Answer:How to share phone's GPS to computer?

i think this is a windows 10 concept of sharing the routes between the devices....i don't think its possible now.
we should wait for W10

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Is there a way to share an entire computer? If the computer name is Green box can I do something to share green box and not just folders?

I want to plug a computer in and use it for nothing but transferring files from one computer to the next. I have 8 computers in my house and keeping up the shared drives is killing me so I want to just Share 1 entire computer to all computers on the network.

Answer:Share entire computer?

you want a server

with one share

but to answer the question, c$ is a hidden share, just got to have the right credentials

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Hi all,

I know in Windows XP that the C$ shares is used for administrative purpose.
Is there any way to access files & folders via the default C$ share?

Let say, Windows XP already has default C$ share.
I dont want to create another share name just use all those default share resources.
How do I do that?
I have administrator level for the network.

Big thanks!

Answer:Accessing C$ share from other computer

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hey i have a desktop computer that i'm trying to connect to the internet. i don't have a wireless card or a long enough cat5. my desktop is:
xp pro sp3
intel p4 2.8 ghz
1 gb ram

and the "host" computer is:
vista home premium sp1
amd turion62x2 2 ghz
3 gb ram

i am trying to connect the both with a cat5 crossover and it's connecting but not doing anything else. it says it's connected, but i can't share files or connect to the internet. i manually made i.p. addresses for both and stuff. please... is there any way i can do this w/o spending any money?

Answer:can't share internet with another computer

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There is a printer hooked up to one computer on our network. All of the computers are on the same workgroup, called WORKGROUP.

There are 4 computers, 3 of them are 7 and 1 is Vista. All the 7 computers are 64-bit, but the Vista PC is 32.

The printer shows up on the PC it is plugged in to, but it doesn't show up on the others. How can I get it to show up on all the PCs?

Answer:Trying to share a computer on a Workgroup

Open the Network and Sharing Center window (you can type it into the search bar of the start menu). On the left side of the window, choose Advanced Sharing Settings. You will need to make sure NETWORK DISCOVERY and FILE AND PRINTER SHARING is turned on.

Once you've adjusted your settings accordingly, check to see if your printer is discoverable from the other computers.

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How do I make a network to share files, and other things from my laptop that runs XP to my dekstop computer that runs Vista? (Also, how can I print things wirelessly from my laptop [XP] from the printer connected to the desktop computer? [Vista]

Answer:How Do I Share Files With Another Computer...

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I have 2 computers at my house, both connected to the same wifi ssid. Is there a way to share files between computers without having to keep loading the files on a thumb drive to transfer?

Answer:Share files with another computer

Set up a HOMEGROUP and select the permissions you desire. HomeGroup from start to finish - Windows Help

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I have a network setup with in our home, and am able to connect to it through windows 7 but after a bit of time all the other computers dissappear off of the network. Also I am having difficutly sharing my folders on the network. The other computers in my home operate on Vista or lower so I am not sure of the issue. I have lowered the encryption and allowed windows to activly look for networks which it does well but it will only do this for a short period of time. Does anyone know how I can fix this problem? Like I said the network will apper and I do have access to it on occassion but then disappers and will not return. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:How do I share my computer on our network?

Quote: Originally Posted by ahosser

I have a network setup with in our home, and am able to connect to it through windows 7 but after a bit of time all the other computers dissappear off of the network. Also I am having difficutly sharing my folders on the network. The other computers in my home operate on Vista or lower so I am not sure of the issue. I have lowered the encryption and allowed windows to activly look for networks which it does well but it will only do this for a short period of time. Does anyone know how I can fix this problem? Like I said the network will apper and I do have access to it on occassion but then disappers and will not return. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi and welcome

Im pretty confident you are using homegroup for networking. Homegroup works well when only win 7 machines are on it but in a mixed environment it is iffy. there is a pretty simple solution. Instead of using homegroup, you can change to a work modol and use workgroup. that should make sharing easier and encrypion as well. homegroup uses IPv6, which can cause random drops, disconnects, etc.

To change to workgroup go into networking and set up new networj using the workgroup. when it is set up and working you can simply disable IPv6 and kill the homegroup.

Let us know if you need help with that
Kenn J++

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Start Orb > Search "reliability" (without quotes) > Select View reliability history.

Answer:Share your computer's reliability

Here is mine:

I think my reliability is sometimes worse. I get occasional freezes. Usually, the HDD light stays solid for a minute and I can't do much until the minute is over. But recently, it sometimes lasts longer. I'm suspecting it might be CIS, but the logs never show anything (I've check Windows logs too).

(BTW, why can't I upload attachments here in this board? )

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Let's have a thread to share our computer specifications.I custom built my own computer. I used a $50 foxconn motherboard. I have 4 GB Kingston HyperRAM which I overclocked by about 200 MHz. I have a 500 GB SATA hard drive with a 32MB buffer. My least favorite component is the IDE DVD drive. I have an Intel Core2Duo 6320 which has a stock clock of 1.86 GHz; I overclocked it to 2.42 GHz. my GPU is the nVidia GeForce 8400 GS which I overclocked to 715 mhz core clock, 1755 MHz shader clock, and a 534 MHz memory clock. I have Windows 7 RC and pre-ordered the finale version the first day it was available 

Answer:Share Your Computer Specifications

See Here... 

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how to share internet via usb to computer

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Answer:how do i share internet from one computer to the other via lan..

What are the OS running on each computer?  Are you using a router along with your modem, or do you just connect one computer directly to a modem?

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My computer in question is a Toshiba L455-S5980 running Windows 7
Home Premium.

I have a wireless network with a Linksys WRT160N router connected to a
Sony desktop running XP MCE(2005). In addition, I have another Toshiba
laptop running XP Home Edition.

With the new Win7 laptop in the Network I can see all 3 computers, as well
as access files sharing in both the XP computers. However, I cannot access any of
the Win 7 files from the XP computers.

When I go to Network and click on Win 7 name it shows two folders as being shared. Even though one folder indicates "Share" when I Right click on it and go to "Share with" it has a lock icon beside "Nobody" and I cannot change it to Homegroup Read/Write etc. The other folder "Share with" Advanced sharing and I do not know what further to do in ths regards.

The XP computers Workgroup name is MSHOME; however the Win 7 laptop was
named WORKGROUP by default, but I changed this name to MHOME where all 3
computers now have the same Workgroup name,
If anyone can assist me in establishing file sharing of the Win 7
laptop with the XP computers I would be most appreciative.

Answer:Cannot Share Win 7 Files With XP Computer

Set permissions manually on the Win 7 shares by typing "Everyone" without the quotes.

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Question: External Display

Just got another computer. Windows XP Prof/XP3, and cannot connect my TV as alternate display.

Using Latitude D620, had, Inspirion (?), and it worked fine.

Reloaded complete XP OS as when I bought the computer it had Vista (and I can't stand Vista), got a reinstall CD from Dell, reloaded all drivers (I think) and have spent the last week reinstalling my software.

How (or can), I get the TV to act as a monitor.

Realize this is quite lengthy, but wanted to give as much info as possible.

Answer:External Display


Since you haven't given any info at all about the TV, this is the best I can do.


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Hi can someone please help me please? I used to watch dvd on my laptop connected to my plasma via vga cord.But recently i had problems with my laptop casuing me to fully reinstall my os.Now when i try to connect through display settings there is only one screen instead of 2.How can this be fixed.cheers.

Im using a dell laptop 1545.Running windows Vista home premium,service pack 1.

Answer:No external display!!!

did you go onto the Dell website and download the video drivers for that machine
You should find a TAG number on the machine which you can use to find the drivers
goto this link you can enter the TAG number or the exact model to get to the drivers

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Hi, guys!I've bought HP ENVY  15-as005ur (x0M98EA). It has USB-C port. HP site says that USB-c can be used to connect external displays.How can I do it? I'm trying connect DELL 452-bccq dock station but no luck.All ports works fine but video doesn't

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Basically what I'm trying to do is output from my laptop (which has both VGA and S-Video outs) to a TV.

The problem I'm running into revolves around the fact that it's kinda an old TV. No S-Vid in, nothing fancy, just RCA inputs.

Apparently it's actually required, both by the hardware and by any driver I've tried (ATi's official drivers, Omega-drivers...) for the TV to actually respond or something when I attempt to switch the display to it.

What I'm using right now is a VGA->RCA adapter that I picked up on eBay. I can try to switch either with the keyboard command (Fn-F4) or in software, and the TV will flicker a bit (yes, the TV is set to the right input), but the display comes right back to the laptop.

Can anyone help me with this? Thanks very much.

Answer:External Display (TV)

I don't know much about the hardware you are using, but I do know they make S-Video to RCA adapters that don't cost much at all and are really simple to use. Sorry if that doesn't really help you.

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Hello, I have a compaq laptop with a 8200M G nvidia graphics card

I was previously able to view my laptop on an external display made by insignia via a VGA cable but am not able to do so now.

I was wondering whether it was my driver or something else that could be affecting this problem. Any help will be appreciated, I really want to see my laptop on that display. If anyone needs further information in order to help me please ask and I will provide, thanks guys.

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Question: external display

Trying to connect external disply to sony vaio laptop.When windows 98 logo shows on start up display shows but after it bigins to load the external display dont show after the c:/ prompt.Can any one help.

Answer:external display

what is the sony vaio load with?

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First of all, thanks for reading!

So, I plugged in my external monitor, then set the display preferences to "show desktop only on 2". All was great. Then I had the bright idea to experiment with different resolutions and see the result. Result: my external monitor didn't like the first one I chose, and now it just shows a black screen saying "signal out of range". Being that my laptop screen was off due to my "only on 2" setting, I have no display on either one. When I unplug the external monitor, I can use the laptop just fine, but as soon as I plug it back in, it remembers my brilliant settings and the external monitor goes off, as well as the laptop one, so I can do absolutely nothing.

I tried restarting in "safe mode", and somehow that got it back to the default setting of "duplicate these displays" which is awesome, because I can use the external monitor again. Only problem is that if I choose "only on 2" it still remembers my retarded resolution choice and I'm blank again ("out of range...")

So... is there any way to reset the resolution on the "show desktop only on 2" setting back to it's default? The only way I can access the options for that setting is by selecting it, and that turns off my displays...

Thanks again in advance!! I bow to all the gurus!


Answer:External Display help?

i have same problem, i want reset setting for "show desktop only 2" , anyone help

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I have a unusual case where I need to setup two mapped network drives as two different users to the same share location. When I attempt to map the second drive after inputting the user name and password the system goes on its merry way for a few seconds
and then returns me back to the username/password input.
If I change the second mapped network drive to use the IP address the two shares work happily. If I manipulate the host file and point two paths to the same address then I can also work around this problem. However, I would simply like to know why I am blocked
from setting two mapped drives to point to the same share with different credentials? 
TestFolder on TestServer is shared to TestUser1 & TestUser2 where the IP of TestServer is
If I map S: to \\TestServer\TestFolder using TestUser1, if I then map T: to \\TestServer\TestFolder using TestUser2 it will not work. 
Mapping S: to \\TestServer\TestFolder using TestUser1, if I then map T: to \\\TestFolder using TestUser2 it will work and I can access the folder as the two different users.
Case 3
If I map S: to \\TestServer\TestFolder using TestUser1, if I then map T: to \\TestServer\TestFolder using TestUser1 it will also work (but I am accessing S: & T: as the same user). 
Why do cases 2 + 3 work, but case 1 does not? 

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I have a minidisplay port to hdmi cable, which I can plug directly into my computer and then into the TV. I use a Macbook Pro, and when booting on Mac OS the wire works perfectly well, however when switching over to windows 7 the image is very weird it's very grainy, with lots of red dots and lines going through the image, and the image is also always flickering. I've altered every aspect resolution, tried every possible combination of hrtz and also updated the graphics driver. Yet still no difference, can anyone possibly explain to me why this is and if theres a solution. Thanks.

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My pc does not give display when i start my computer but gives display when i restart it.
My motherbord model is asus P5GC-MX/1333
recently i opened my cabinate and did some cleaning work+ i formated my pc with windows xp sp2
can anyone help me
thank you....

Answer:My PC does not give display when I start my computer but gives display when I restart

pls help me sm1

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