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Where is the rest of my hard drive memory?

Question: Where is the rest of my hard drive memory?

Hello...I have a W700ds and I just installed a second hard drive (500 GB) to my machine. So now I have a 500 GB drive (using this as the primary) and a 160 GB (secondary) drive. I also just installed Vista 64 on the machine. I made sure to set my drives to non RAID, so that I may use them as two separate drives. When I boot up, before Windows comes up, I can see that it finds both drives. Under "Physical Disks" it shows 465.7 GB and 149 GB. The issue is when Windows finally comes up. I check Windows Explorer and it states that I now have a 316 GB drive and a 137 GB drive. My questions are, why did the drive go from 465.7 GB to 316 GB? Also, is there a way to recover the "missing" storage space. If so, please let me know how. Thanks in advance, for your help. --Max

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Preferred Solution: Where is the rest of my hard drive memory?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Where is the rest of my hard drive memory?

Look for some hidden partitions. Lenovo creates them for recovery. If you have created recovery DVDs you "could" delete them. I would keep them around until I "really" needed the space.

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I have a 500GB hard drive that I use to dual boot with two linux distros. Now I have windows 7 installed (not dual-booting, just windows), so Windows has the entire hard drive to itsself. However, it's only reading 465GB. What happened to the other 35gb of space? When I installed windows the option was to select my 465GB hard drive, so it might have something to do with Linux.

Answer:Where's the rest of my hard Drive?

I found this while looking.


BUT here's the good news: you did NOT lose any space! When a disk manufacturer says the unit holds "500 GB", they really mean 500,000,000,000 bytes. But Windows uses "GB" to mean 1024 x 1024 x 1024 bytes, or 1,073,741,824 bytes. Using that definition, it calls that same 500,000,000,000 bytes "465.66 GB".

Now, what about the space used up by files? Well, Windows still uses that definition of "GB". So if it says your big file is 1.000 GB, it is actually 1 073 741 824 bytes! In this system, by the way, 1.000 MB is actually 1024 x 1024 bytes, or 1,048,576 bytes. Looked at another way, to store a file that actually has 1,048,576 bytes of data in it, it will occupy on your drive a space that Windows will tell you is 1.000 MB, NOT 1.049 MB. The space is still all there. Windows just uses a slightly odd-sized "yardstick" when it goes measuring MB and GB.

Source: [Solved] Getting full capacity from 500Gb HDD - Hard-Disks - Storage

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Today I installed Windows 7 from the disk on my old XP OS. This proved to be not what I wanted. I realized It installed Windows 7 but kept my old XP os. I noticed I had two operating systems to choose from. This is nt what I wanted. So I did a little looking around on the web and realized I need to install Windows 7 directly from the start up. So I did this and when I was intially installing I choose to reformat my hard drive. On XP my one hard drive was partitioned\. One part was for the XP OS and the other part was used for music and videos. I reformated the large portion that was for music and videos. Then Windows 7 installed. Everything ran well and I began to add any needed drivers. I went to install Adobe and I realized I only had a 10 gig hard drive not an 80 gig like before.

What happened? How can I get my other 70 gigs or so back? I'm kind of computer savy so any ideas to fix this will probably be understood at some level.

Answer:Where's the rest of my hard drive?

Can you do a screen snip of your disk management ?

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I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I have a T61, and I supposedly have a 120 GB hard drive, it's all in one partition (C and it should have 120GB, right? The problem is, for a while I've been noticing that I'm unreasonably low in free disk space (~10 GB) when I don't really have that many programs. I added up the space used by each folder I have and it's aproximately 40 GB. I then downloaded disktective to see where the rest of my disk space was being used, and according to them, my Hard drive is only ~50GB, as opposed to 120!!!! Has this happened to anyone before? According to windows, I have 120 and am using 110, but I can't find more than 40 being used. What can I do about this? Thank you very much,

Answer:Where's the rest of my hard drive?

Not sure about it, but i just guess maybe the backup files occupy the space. Did you set to back up at regular intervals? Try deleting the backup files to see if you can recover the space.

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Hello and good evening to you all. Okay, here we go, and i'm hoping that i can get some help with this please. I have a samsung Rv510 laptop that I purchased a few months ago from argos..exact link is here|categoryroot|Office%2C+PCs+and+phones|14418968/c_2/2|14418968|Laptops+and+netbooks|14419039.htm
I purchased this laptop in July, as I also have a desktop, and it has a hard drive disk space of 320gb hard drive(as advertised). I never really checked the hard disk space on it, when i was using it and I had loadz of stuff on the hard drives which I then copied to an external hard drive. I will be selling this laptop on gumtree is a few days, and I decided to restore it to factory settings yesterday, and ive done all the updates and everything is fine, but when I go to my computer, it shows the local disk C drive as 206GB free of 230. The only drive that shows is the c drive, and I know that there is probably the samsung recovery disk that takes some space, but for me to have 206GB left from a 320gb hard drive is way too small, and when I wanna sell it on gumtree, how can I confirm to a potential buyer that it came with a 320Gb hard drive please??? If i can try and claw back MORE of the hard drive from wherever it is hidden, that would be much appreciated. Any suggestions please??

Answer:WHERE is the rest of my 320Gb hard drive???

I'm guessing it has W7 installed and also guessing that this might work the same as Vista.
Click the start menu and right click computer from the list. Now click manage and then expand the disk storage menu at the left. That should list all the partitions on the HDD and their space... if it works like Vista :)

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Hi all,
I have a J7F2 (Jetway Mainboard) 2.0 GHZ, and a hard drive of 1TB (Samsung F1 Spinpoint). I checked at the Hard drive's property and the volume is 9.77GB, what happened to the rest of the space?, could it be the Mainboard is not compatible with the Hard Drive?, can anyone help / guide me how to get the rest of the space back?



Answer:Where is the rest of the Hard drive space?

What kind of machine are we talking about?

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Hi All,

I am stuck with a major problem in my new laptop, please someone help me to resolve this issue.

My laptop hard drive capacity is 500GB [approx 466 GB usable] which is not partitioned [single drive], after I reinstall windows 7 operating system the C: drive capacity reduces to 9GB!! I surprised how 17GB (approx) operating system get deployed on just 9GB partition.

Now my major problem is, I am not able to access rest 450GB of hard drive space. I have gone through all posting threads of this forum but unable to find solution for my problem.
Please find the attached snapshots.
I worried about this drive since rest all other drive marked as "healty", but there is no info about this space. I tried all other options which were explained in early postings to get it back online, unfortunately not able to succeed.

I even tried converting the basic disc into dynamic disc as the last option, but it warned me. Since I do not have sufficient knowledge about this option so I did not proceed further.

Please someone help me on how to resolve this issue.


Answer:Not able to access rest of 450GB hard drive space

Can you delete that partition (the 456gb one) then right click your C partition and click expand.
Does that work?

The 456GB partition looks deleted,but it'll rule out any quirks.

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Hello all,

I have a WD 750GB GB 2.5-INCH 5400 RPM SATA II HDD that I recently installed on my computer. When I attempted to do a clean install of windows, the windows setup could not find any drives. I formatted the HDD and created a primary partition. I admit I was rushing, and I clicked the partition (80GB) to install windows on.

I now only have 60GB of free space on my HDD, but what has happened to the rest of the 600+ GB on my hard drive? Can it not be accessed because the windows install is on the partition?

When I click on Computer, it only shows C: and it says I have 60.3 GB free of 87.3GB.

Is there a way of accessing this without having to clean install windows on the rest of the disk? I am worried that if I attempt to do it my windows 7 key won't work as I have already inputted it twice now. The HDD is 2 weeks old, so I would be surprised if it is already corrupt.


Answer:Created Partition on Hard Drive but now cannot access rest of HDD

Open disk management and you`ll see the rest of your hard drive, it`s unallocated space so it`s not showing up in Windows yet.

All you have to do is right click on it to format it and give it a letter. Then you will see it in windows and you can start storing data on it.

By the way, 87 GBs is way to small for the OS partition.

If you have a retail key you can use it as many times as you want on 1 pc at a time.

Tell us exactly what key you are using, from a retail Windows 7 you purchased, from the sticker on the computer etc ?

Once you get the other partition showing, we can tell you how to add some of it to your windows partition.

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I just recently built my first computer, it was on the high end since I wanted a machine capable of recording gaming videos at a very high frame rate. Quick specs...

COOLER MASTER HAF 932 Black Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case
EVGA 141-BL-E757-TR LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX X58 SLI LE Intel Motherboard
Intel Core i7-960 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor
CORSAIR DOMINATOR (6 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 Memory
2x Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Hard Drive
SAPPHIRE 100281SR Radeon HD 5870 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 Video Card
Antec EarthWatts EA750 750W Power Supply
Vigor Monsoon III LT Dual 120mm Fan CPU Cooler
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

I'm afraid the hard drives are slowing the rest of the machine down though. Whenever I'm loading up a game my hard drives seem to make an unusual amount of noise and take longer than you'd expect this high end of a computer to load. Even when browsing Firefox I will get random 1 second loading freeze when scrolling through pages, usually accompanied by again what sounds like my hard drive.

When using Fraps (a video recording program) to record gameplay, I can record in high quality at over 60+ frames per second, but as soon as the program splits the file (it will automatically break into a new video file every 3-6 gigabytes) my computer slows down to about 2-3 FPS for several seconds, then picks back up at full speed. Even on my old, much lower end computer I wouldn't have that problem. I cou... Read more

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Any help with this would be appreciated; I've asked a techie friend for some help but to only partial avail.About a year ago or so, my computer stopped being able to turn off completely.  I didn't notice it at first because I used to just leave the thing on all the time.  I wasn't terribly power conscientious, but one day, I noticed that turning the computer off (either from within Windows or by holding down the on/off button on the front of my tower) didn't cause the power supply fan to stop or the hard drive LED in the front to go out.   I also didn't do anything about it.Then, a few months ago, my computer started turning on and off randomly.  Holding down the on/off button would have no effect either way, and the computer would turn back on of it's own volition.  I took it to my techie friend and he said it was a power supply problem, probably a combination of the fact that my power supply stays on even when I turn the system off and the fact that my surge protector is out of date.  It's most likely been exposed to a few power surges unprotected.  So we replaced it with a spare that he had lying around.  However, even after replacing it, it still had the weird issue of not turning off even when the computer is shut down.  He checked the BIOS to see if there were any settings that were wrong, but he said it looked fine.  Of course, turning off the switch on the power supply still turn... Read more

Answer:Hard Drive and Power Supply won't turn off with the rest of the computer

Will it shut down in the safe mode?

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Hi, I purchased Dell Inspiron i14z Ultrabook, it has a hybrid SSD, it have 32gb SSD and the rest 470gb hard drive. It had Windows 8 and I couldn't stand it...

I changed the BIOS settings from Intel Smart Response to AHCI, used Wipe Drive, (which detected the hybrid SSD as two separate hard drives) to format both hard drives, installed Windows 7 on the 32gb Hard Drive (I assume this is the SSD part), and everything went great.

But when I click MyComputer, it only shows 32GB as my hard drive, how do I set the settings where it would show the rest of the hard drive that is not SSD?

Whenever I change the AHCI setting back to Intel Smart Response Technology, it gives me a brief Blue Screen of Death briefly, then restarts in a loop....Help would be great, thanks!

Answer:Windows 7 Home 64 bit, not detecting rest of hard drive in Hybrid SSD

If you wiped both of the drives then the other has No partition or drive letter. Open Disk Management then partition and format that other drive.

If you have a problem post a screen shot of the disk Management window, the full window.

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how do I know the rest of the ram memory in my lumia 1520 or other wp 8.1 devices???

Answer:how do I know the rest of the ram memory in my lumia 1520 or other wp 8.1 devices???

Have a read of this - Storage on my Windows Phone | Windows Phone How-to (United States)

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now im a computer tec and i know that memory cards and hdd are sold as "base 10" like 1gb=1000mb to them instead of 1024mb but im revisiting this question because i was looking into this for some time now and there are some people claiming thats its possible to use more then actual memory on these devices. now i saw a thread a while back, cant find it now though but these people say that its possible with some mods to get more memory out of your device. now from what i remember this apparently does not go without risk. They say if you push it too far you could damage your Drive/ card.
I believe this is possible because on Compact Disk and dvd's some drives have a "overburn" feature. This overburn has a ability to burn a little past the standard limit at your own risk. one more thisn i remember is that this was mainly done in the linux OS. anyone know anything on the subject?

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now im a computer tec and i know that memory cards and hdd are sold as "base 10" like 1gb=1000mb to them instead of 1024mb but im revisiting this question because i was looking into this for some time now and there are some people claiming thats its possible to use more then actual memory on these devices. now i saw a thread a while back, cant find it now though but these people say that its possible with some mods to get more memory out of your device. now from what i remember this apparently does not go without risk. They say if you push it too far you could damage your Drive/ card.
I believe this is possible because on Compact Disk and dvd's some drives have a "overburn" feature. This overburn has a ability to burn a little past the standard limit at your own risk. one more thisn i remember is that this was mainly done in the linux OS. anyone know anything on the subject?

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First, sorry if I'm a little slow with some of this as I'm moderate with my computer knowledge.

Earlier today I had 517 gb of memory available in the C drive. I restarted my computer earlier today and once it restarted I saw I was down to 1.84 gb. I ran crap cleaner already and did a quick scan with malwarebytes but no answers.

I also noticed a new file listed named c:\END. When you open this with notepad it says "conduitok"

There also seems to be ads and a new toolbar listed in IE. Any ideas how to find out what the heck is going on here?


Answer:Hard Drive Memory disappearing and c:\END appearing in c drive


welcome to the forums. The c:\End you can right click and delete. I would run Malwarebytes (free edition) and adwcleaner.

Also look here

Remove toolbars in IE

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now im a computer tec and i know that memory cards and hdd are sold as "base 10" like 1gb=1000mb to them instead of 1024mb but im revisiting this question because i was looking into this for some time now and there are some people claiming thats its possible to use more then actual memory on these devices. now i saw a thread a while back, cant find it now though but these people say that its possible with some mods to get more memory out of your device. now from what i remember this apparently does not go without risk. They say if you push it too far you could damage your Drive/ card.
I believe this is possible because on Compact Disk and dvd's some drives have a "overburn" feature. This overburn has a ability to burn a little past the standard limit at your own risk. one more thisn i remember is that this was mainly done in the linux OS. anyone know anything on the subject?

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I bought a hard drive enclosure so I could use an old (year old) 750GB drive as a place to store backups - the USB drive I've been using will only hold one system image at a time, and if I end up having to reinstall Windows using it I invariably lose some files.

I used a 3rd party disk utility program to wipe the drive- but it only shows about one half of what the drive is labeled as.
I went into diskpart and listed the volumes and it says the same! Now where could this other 300 odd Gigabytes have gone?

Answer:750GB drive shows as only 365GB drive - where's the rest of it?

Post a screen shot of Disk Management.

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Unit will not power up, power button light comes on when pushed but goes off after a few seconds. No fan or hard drive noise. I have tried a hard reset with no effect.

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I have Lumia 620 its work fine. but after hard reset i saw some network problem. i put Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone or many more sim but same problem no service. i search network its say no network found. plz help me

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Community Friends, I have a ThinkPad E531 and would like to upgrade it to 16 GB Memory RAM. The specs on say "The use of 650MHz SO DIMM memory is recommended for this system." BUT - When I search to buy memory, even on, I've mostly only seen 1600 MHz memory. Certainly, no 650 MHz memory. (1) Is 650 MHz memory even available? (2) Is 1600 MHz considering "overclocking" (which I don't want to do, because it presumably can result in more errors and shorter hardware life). Thanks!Joe


Go to Solution.

Answer:ThinkPad E531 Memory RAM Upgrade - Website specs say 650 MHz, Rest of world sells 1600 MHz

Specs. Your device uses PC3-12800 DDR3 low voltage.

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hey guys whats up...
will yesterday i wanted to repair windows..but through the repair it kept asking for missing files ..blag blah i gave up and i came to terms that iam iam going to lose my i did a zero fill on the drive but i stoped it half way through becouse it was taking a long time...i partioned the drive and installed windows..but its not showing all of my drive as it did before...i have a 120 gig drive its only showing where is my 9 gig....
thanks alot

Answer:where is the rest of my drive

it is not missing any space at all. metric gigabytes vs. binary gigabytes. a true gigabyte (binary) is 1024x1024x1024bytes. space is advertised by the manufacturer using 1 gigabyte= 1000x1000x1000 bytes. put 120,000,000,000 in a calculator and divide it by 1,073,741,824 and you will get 111gb.

this question doesn't come up that often but it is painful to answer , mods fancy a sticky?

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I would like to install a new motherboard, CPU and memory in my current computer using my current hard drives and current Windows XP.

My question is, can I install the above items in my current case and just hook up my current hard drives and have my current configuration of Windows XP boot? Or will Windows XP not allow a boot up?

OR, if is install the MB, CPU and memory, will I have to reinstall XP?

Thanks for advice,

Answer:New MB, CPU, Memory and Old Hard drive

I believe that if you were just changing your cpu and ram, you would be OK to keep you're current copy of windows, however I have always had to do a new windows install when I have got a new mobo.

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Question: hard drive memory

my problem is my pc needed a had two partions c drive/data d a total of 224gigs 112 on each partion.i took it to my brothers as i was installing more ram this he did as well as reinstalling op now only has 127 gigs on c drive i not know whats gone there a way to restore lost memory.

Answer:hard drive memory

Is your copy of XP(if its XP) pre service pack?.The original XP could only see HDD up to 127GB.Also did you delete both partitions before installing a new copy of XP.

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Hello, recently my computers hard drive memory has been almost completely filled up. I recently re installed windows so i had practically nothing on my computer. I had about 3 video games and about 100 pictures on my computer. I have a 250gb hard drive on windows vista sp2. For some reason it says around 245gb of memory is taken but the games and pictures come nowhere near that amount of memory. Any clues as to what may be the problem?

Answer:Hard drive memory gone

A reinstall can and will often leave the "old Windows" on the HDD taking up space. Unless you did a thorough cleaning (wipe and reformat) of the HDD I will assume this is the case. Have a look at the C: drive and see if there are "Old Windwos" folders.

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Question: Hard drive memory

Properties show free space 20% on 180 GB drive.   When I check the program files and my documents and C drive, the total is only half of what is shown as being used.   What is going on that the pie chart shows most of the drive being used and not free?  

Answer:Hard drive memory

check your rescue and recovery backup files, it is probably used by the backups of your systems. start -> program -> thinkvantage -> rescue and recovery. Delete those that you don't need.

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Question: Hard drive\memory

I am running windows xp on a hp pavillion desk top
A friend is sending me another hard drive and some more memory.
Can I connect two hard drives or should I just keep the other as a spare.
Is memory the same as ram( a stick that I can just put into the slot)
I am not new at computers but I am not knowledgeable about this

Answer:Hard drive\memory

You can connect the hard disk together and you find a standard cable has a spare plug too. There is a small jumper to connect two pins together for you to select

(1) Master
(2) Slave
(3) Cable select

Some manufacturer has another setting for a master working alone. There should be small diagrams on the disk showing the three positions of the jumper.

Best way is put both hard drives on cable select. The one goes to the end plug is alway the master and the one to the middle plug is automatically a slave. With one drive only alway plug to the end of cable.

Ram is a solid state memory (no moving part) while hard disk is like a record player with moving parts. Both give storage but the latter is for large volume of data that does not disappear when you switch off the machine.

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Hey, this is my first post so please bear with me.......
My hard drive memory is really low. I regularly clear my temp files which improves matters a little but not conclusively. I really cant understand why it is so low as i use an alternative drive for storing all large files such as music and photos, and do not play games so have no large programs installed. its showing 9% free but it should be over 50% i think.
I would be very grateful for some help here. Many thanks

Answer:low hard drive memory

Three things to do to find the cause
Update your anti virus, then run a full scan
Download, update and make a full scan with malwarebytes

If Negative

Take memtest
Guide to using Memtest86+ - Geeks to Go Forums

If memory is ok test with clean boot
same for Vista

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ok basically I'm running low on memory on my laptop, now my other hardrive area is preety much vacant, now how do I begin to save on that area?

I'm not sure whether its a seperate hardrive or psrtitioned or anything.


Answer:hard drive memory help

You can make your page file bigger but that will slow your computer down a ton and put a lot of wear on the hard drive. (and use more battery power)

You should get more memory.

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Well I got all my info backed up finally thanks to you guys here, and now I have a new hard drive to install. At the store I also bought my self a new stick of memory. And my question is should I install the mem or the hd first, the same time or does it matter?


Win 98 2nd
600 Mhz Proc
192 ramm

Answer:Hard Drive VS Memory

I see no problem with doing them both at the same time


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Hi all, ive got an old thinkpad x22 2662-59d model, and want to see about upgrading it. what memory and hard drive can i get? i was looking on a site called zoombits at their memory, but they haven't got anything for my model that i can see. thanks all!

thinkpad x22 2622 95g

Answer:what hard drive and memory?

Hi darthballs,It supports PC-133 SDRAM (maximum of 640Mb) memory and  2.5" (9.5mm) IDE / ATA / PATA drive up to whatever the maximum size is available in market.Hope it helps.

------------------------------------------------------------Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)ThinkPads:- T400[Win 7], T60[Win 7], IBM 240[Win XP]IdeaPad: U350Apple:- Macbook Air [Snow Leopard]Did someone help you today? Compliment them with a Kudos!Was your question answered today? Mark it as an Accepted Solution!   Lenovo Deutsche Community     Lenovo Comunidad en Español Visit my YouTube Channel

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I have a question, not sure if it's possible... I have 2 HD, 160 and 40gigs... i hardly use the 40... no i have 512mb ram, is it possible to convert some of that 40gigs and kinda make more ram from that then go out and buy more ram?

Answer:hard drive and memory

you can increase the Paging File
right click My Computer
-> properties
-> advanced
-> settings (performance)
-> advanced
-> change (Vitual Memory)

paging file is a file on the hard drive used as RAM.
the advantage is the ability to increase virtual memory
the disadvantage is the speed of the hard drive. it is much slower than normal RAM.
for that reason, I disable paging file on my system completely. but I have 1GB RAM, and I wouldn't recommend disabling it if you have any less than about 768MB RAM, unless you really do not run enough programs to take much RAM

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I'm just wondering why my hard drive memory increased from installing a game (Fate)?
It went from 44 gb to 44.4 gb, is there a reason to this?

Answer:my hard drive memory went up

Which one went up, the free space or the used space?

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I partition & formatted my hard drive, when I check to see memory on my computer icon, most of the memory is gone, how do I retrieve the memory back?

Answer:memory gone from hard drive

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Answer:pc memory/hard drive

The hard drive stores files such as image files word documents etc and u can instal programs on it.The Memory is where programs run and is emptied when u excite a program or shut down your PC.

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i hate to sound like a noob but well umm i am still learning .
i have alot of games but only so much space on my hard drive i also do movies and music what i am wondering do they all have to go on your hard drive?can you dl games to your memory?
i guess what i am saying is i need more room on my hard drive how can i get that without haveing to buy a new one or constantly dl and uninstalling games so that i can play another or store music and movies without useing all my harddrive space?will they function from a different location?how does that work?
point and i will read just need to know where and what to read so this dummy can get better performace out of what his cheap arse has
ty in advance for the info!

example: i do guild wars online it is a big program if i dl alil music and another game (call of duty 2) and then see a movie i might want to duplicate : i have to unistall something to make room for back up?

it is a real pain in my rear and i really want to figure out what i am doing wrong?

Answer:hard drive or memory?

the best bet would be to get another hard drive whether internal or external. Otherwise you could burn music to cd's so they dont clutter up the hard drive. you could also clean up the hard drive and get rid of old stuff you dont want or need and defrag it. you cant install stuff into ram, ram is what your system uses to operate . hope that helps

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my phone is not booting up after hard rest turns off after the at the spinning gears. when turned on it goes to the spinning gears at half of the progress line it gets switched off. Reset was done at in window 10 insider preview. mobile : Nokia lumia 630 pls help soon

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Ive installed osx on my P4 northwood 2.26 using the DD image copy method.. and using the vmware patched deadmoo release.

Master: 80 GB (windows xp installed)
Slave: 60 gb

i started of by allocating around 7 gigs for a partition on the slave drive for the osx install.. i left the rest of the drive as unallocated space.

I then successfuly transfered OSX onto the 7gb partition.. i then switched my slave drive as a master so it would boot osx. Success.

now with it all running i realised that the partition osx installed is limited to only 6 gigs.. i need more room to install shite.. (even though i cant get anything to work yet since even the rosetta patches wont work for me) so i want the rest of the unallocated space.. i loaded up a bootdisk and formated it into fat32..

well i still dont see it , anyone know the shell commands to mount it on the computer?


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I am running 32 bit vista and have a hard drive memory of 69.1 GB.

I kept getting messages to say computer very low on memory. I uninstalled all programmes except those installed as factory settings, virus scanner and microsoft office. I also did disk cleanup numerous times to no avail. I couldn't understand what was taking up so much memory.

I removed all photos which freed up about 6GB so was pleased with this. However,.....only a few days later I have only 996MB left and I haven't installed anything else. The only thing was a vista update which it said was important, but surely this would not take up so much space

Please help as I don't know what is taking up space and what to do

Answer:Help my hard drive memory disappears

I do not think that you mean hard drive memory. Memory has nothing to do with the hard drive. The rest of your post is worded as though you have lost space on your hard drive, space that is unaccounted for. If I am correct this is what you do
Make a full anti virus scan
Then download and make a full scan with malwarebytes.
If these steps do not produce any meaningful results
Download win dir stat which will allow you to see exactly what is on your hard drive.
WinDirStat - Windows Directory Statistics
Usually when questions like this come up, it is discovered that Shadow copies are taking up room, ie the system restore points. If you want to free the space taken by system restore, turn off system restore, then boot, then turn on system restore, then make a system restore point. You do not want to remove all the points as they are there in case of emergency.
System Restore

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I just installed WINXP PRO on my fujitsu lifebook c4230 laptop, and I'd like to add or upgrade more memory on it because it's still running slow. i installed xp from a clean slate and deleted WIN98 permanantly. As I was searching thru google for memory. I found something called "Memory" and another called "Hard Drive" What should I buy to get more memory on my laptop so windowsXP can perform flawlessly and open my programs in a snap! Below is a few information specs I got from the system information.

Total Physical Memory: 64.00 MB
Available Physical Memory: 9.75 MB
Total Virtual Memory: 2.00 GB
Available Virtual Memory: 1.96 GB

What's the difference between physical and virtual memory? and what's the difference netween memory and hard drive?

Answer:Laptop Memory/Hard Drive Help

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Evening all, could someone please tell how to find where my memory is being used by each program?,Acronis partition was using 46GB, I have reduced this to 10GB, I did not see the large improvement in c drive I was expecting.I have 58GB free from usable memory of 186GB. I do not have much information stored from my input, the rest is mainly programs. I do hope you all can understand this writeup. regards Aine

Answer:hard drive memory /program used

I think you mean disk space not memory (RAM). WinDirStat shows where disk space is being used including a graphical display. Just let the mouse pointer hover over the coloured areas to identify different file types, here click here

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I've never understood the relationship of hard drive capacity to RAM to system resources to whatever. Can someone give me a short-course explanation and tell me if I have enough stuff for today's needs? I have the following: Intel Pentium II with MMX, 300 Total RAM: 192 MB. 5 GB hard drive. System resources: 58 percent free. Don't play computer games much, but have lots of applications going, such as McAfee, Popup Ad Filter, Zone Alarm, a calendar program, Webshots photos, Ad-aware, Easy CD Creator. Also, how do I shut down some of the applications so they are running only when I want to use them? Do I just exit using the shortcut on the Desktop? Thanks.

Answer:Computers 101: Hard drive, RAM, Memory.

I'm sure someone will help me out here, but here's the short of it. Given what you are running I would say you're pushing it just a bit. Although it depends on how your system responds. If it seems sluggish or just plain slow then your tasking it a bit too hard. The pop up filter probably doesn't eat a lot of resources, and neither will Ad-Aware. The virus scanner and firewall will consume a good bit and I don't know about Webshots or the calendar program.

What operating system are you using? If you are using anything except Windows 2000 you can go to Start>Run type msconfig and press enter. Go to the startup tab and uncheck the programs that you don't want to run. They will launch automatically if needed but they won't run at startup which will free up some resources for you.

You may consider adding some RAM to your rig. That would help a good deal. Depending on your motherboard it would most likely hold 384Mb of RAM. If you want to add hardware then we really need some more detailed specs of your system.

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With reports from Computex 2007, several prototype products were coming out. One was PQI's "Flash Hard Drive 256 GB". I suppose this is similar to SSD. Anyway, if you use Flash HDD or SSD, do we have need for traditional Memory in their conventional slot then?

Answer:FLASH HARD DRIVE to do away with memory?

Considering that a flash drive has a latency of ~100000 ns versus ~50ns of DDR2 RAM and you have ~100MB/s throughput versus ~6000MB/s of DDR2..

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I am struggling with my hard drive memory on my laptop.

Im really struggling because I am unable to do things on my laptop now.

I have an acer aspire 4920 Laptop. Intel core 2 duo processor T5250, I have 120GB of memory. 1.5GHz, 867 MHz FSB, 2MB L2 cache. 2GB RAM. Thats all I know really.

In My C Drive I have 49.5GB of space and only have 2.93GB of space left.
In my D Drive I have 49.5GB of space and only have 6.92GB of space left.

I only have like 20GB at the most of music and photos etc but have hardly any hard drive memory left. What is happening to the rest of my hard drive memory???

I would like to know what to do to free memory up on my hard drive???

I dont understand why I have this problem of lack of space If I hardly have any media stored on.

Please could someone help me.

Answer:Lack Of Hard drive memory

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I have an old computer with a 386 processor and a 1.5gb hard drive which I re-formatted. When I tried to reinstall windows 95 it reported insufficient space. The hard disk is now only registering a capacity of 75mb?? How can I get the PC to recognise the 1.5Gb??

Answer:hard drive memory problems

Is it a full windows 95 disc not a restore disc. and have you got all drivers and software you need to reinstall

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Can't find manuals or videos for this specific model disassembly. I'm an IT pro and I don't want to chance damaging an HP case (I just did that to a G3). Help? Ideas? 

Answer:How to replace memory or hard drive?

Hello, Please try this : 1) Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee 

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Forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong forum. Hopefully if I did a moderator will move it to the right place.

I've got a Dell Inspiron running Windows 7. I just opened a my computer window and noticed that I have almost no space left on my C drive. I've got 1.8 GB free of 58.5 GB, down from 2.5 GB left just a few weeks ago. I have no clue how I've chewed up that much hard drive space.

This is my work computer and I don't use it for anything other than internet access and word processing. I run Chrome, and Word Perfect for word processing. The only data intensive folder I have is My Pictures, and it's got about 12.4 GB.

At the same time, it shows I've got 396 GB free of 397 GB on my D drive (local disk). So here are my questions:

1. Does anyone have any idea why I'm losing so much space on my C drive? I don't have a lot of stuff loaded on this computer and certainly my Word Perfect documents aren't gobbling up that much space.

2. Can I move folders into the D drive to start using space there?

Answer:Hard drive memory is disappearing

Have you recently run a disk cleanup tool? There is one built into Windows. Type "Disk Cleanup" into the start button search box.

Windows gradually gets larger to some extent through updates. But mine is under 30 GB and always has been.

How much space do you have allotted to System Restore. That can be reduced to save space if needed.

Do you use hibernation? If not, you can turn it off and save gigabytes equal to the amount of RAM you have.

Are C and D on the same hard drive? If so, you can in effect take space from D and give it to C.

You can also save files to D directly, but that probably would involve some manipulation of your "user" folders.

How large is your C:\users folder?

If possible, post a screen shot of Windows Disk Management.

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Hi Everyone,

I've had this problem with multiple hard drives, but when I delete a file or uninstall a program and go back to check to see if my disk has more space available, the free space doesn't change. (This occurs both on OS partition and extra storage partitions)

- I had norton Ghost installed and but uninstalled it along with the whole norton restore thing.
- I did empty the recycle bin
- I did a windows provided disk cleanup
- I would like to defrag but i don't have enough space.

If just feels like the memory isn't freeing up. I'm not sure what it is that taking up so much space. When i right click on C:\ and check the properties it tells me that I have used up 14.5gigs of the 15gigs available but then i go into the drive and check the file size of each individual folder (i.e "Program Files", "Windows", ...) then add up the files sizes, it doesn't come near the size of 14.5gigs. More like 8gigs.
Where's the rest of my 6gigs go?

I'm juggling with 700mb on my OS drive and would like to free more space.

*edit* The hard drive is NTFS format

Answer:Hard Drive memory problem

Give BCwipe a try. Download and install then try the wipe all free space option.

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i have been having lots of problems with my hard drive C and D drives .it tells me my hard drives are full even after i have defraged it ! can anyone help me?

Answer:fales hard drive memory

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My wife's ACER 5100 has lately slowed WAY down. It takes forever to boot and do anything. When it does finish booting the memory is 80% used up and the hard drive light is constantly flashing... I ran CCleaner and Easy Cleaner, as well as a full system virus scan. Any clue what the problem could be and how to fix it? I have attached the hijackthis log, but after that have no clue
Thanks for any suggestions.


Answer:Memory is all used up and hard drive ia always busy,,,

I see in your log that she has pcap installed. This is used legitimately in network monitoring/diagnosis software to capture info flowing across the wire. If you have never installed such software, I would deem it suspicious, as capturing network traffic can reveal account #s and other juicy things of interest to hackers.

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Having trouble on a fiends computer, P2, 233Hz, slow i know.But it been playing , on boot up, its ben checking memory, but has started to run thorugh this approx 3 imes before O.King it self, and then loading win98,But i has started to crash on boot up, get he post boot checks doe and then stops, requesting operating system in,Has anyone got any suggestion concerning why it keeps checking memory?and why it as started crashing on boot?Could this be just doen to memory, or is there something else happening, recently before all this happened I had put in a new 20Gb seagate hard drive in, could and if this has something to to with it, and how can I tell?

Answer:Is It bad memory, hard drive or conflict ?

If you want to stop the memory check just press ESC. Have you booting into safe mode? From there you could run scan disk and system file checker. If it won't boot into safe mode then try running scan disk from the C: promptTo boot into safe mode I have always pressed the Ctrl key as the PC is booting up before it gets to loading windows but others prefer to press F8. You will get a menu and you can choose which option you want by using the arrow keys

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Have a question regarding how to get memory off of external drive. I want to delete all memory from my hard drive. How do I do this? Thanks.

Answer:External Hard Drive-Memory

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 My new SL 300s ( 2.26 GHz Core 2 Duo) hard drive memory is decreasing rapidly. I have not installed any new packages. Please help.

_________________________________________________P8400 @2.26 GHz Dual Core 2 GB Vista Bu 32 SL300 Owner


Go to Solution.

Answer:Hard drive memory decreasing

Hello nmdial, please have a look at this thread to prevent decreasing disc space. Message Edited by Agotthelf on 12-03-2009 09:01 AM

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I work in the Communications department of a university. They are looking to buy memory and hard drive upgrades, 5 each. Here's some info:

-128MB RAM (qty. 5)
-20GB hard drives (qty. 5)

What brands would you recommend? I heard Crucial Memory is good:

128MB RAM for $44.09, I heard their product is good. Do you agree? What about for hard drives:

20GB 5400RPM Ultra DMA/ATA 100 for $59.00??
Seagate 20GB 5400RPM for $68.00??
20.5 GB - WD205EB 5400RPM Protg OEM ATA100 for $71.00??

Any suggestions? Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] with any suggestions, or if you need more info.

Thanks for any help

Answer:memory & hard drive upgrades

Hi, this is just my opinion, but here goes

First, the memory. Yes, Crucial is a very good choice for memory. Before you buy, be sure it is the correct type for what your requirements are ( use their Memory tool on the home page). Also, another good memory maker is Kingston. However, I do not believe that they sell directly to the public, so you would have to buy through a reseller. The important thing about buying memory is to be sure it has a lifetime warranty. This will protect you down the road, in cases of failure etc. under normal conditions

All of the Hard Drives you listed are good drives. I have no particular choice between them, Though I know from personal use that I have used Western Digital Hard drives without one failing on me. The only thing I see with the particular ones you have chosen is that they are all 5400 rpm drives. These drives will be a bit slower on seek and access, simply because of the speed of the platters ( 5400 rpm). If you have the budget, I would pay a bit more for a 7200 rpm drive.

Another Hard Drive maker to consider is Maxtor. They also make good drives.

Hope this is helpful to you

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A friend of mine has a Maxtor 120gb hard drive that has beem formated and reformateded and also partitioned. The problem is this-- He recently had a new computer built and took this drive out and had it installed in his new box BUT the drive now will only seem to format to 40gb. No matter what he does it will not go back to 120 gb. Any ideas what is going on? He sure doesn't want buy another new H/D.

Answer:Solved: Hard drive memory

What are the specs of the new system?

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I'm in the process of fixing a horribly infected computer, so the most logical thing to do is to reformat, but the problem is after the reformatation, i found that the other partitions were infected, and to make matters worse they re-infected (to my surprise) the partition i JUST formatted (virus scan of the reformatted partition showed approx 60 virues, bugs, trojans)

so the genius in me thought that i could just delete those partitions and re-allocate them into the c drive, and then reformat again...
when i tried that the d:/e: (2 other probably infected partitions) did NOT became unallocated space, instead, they just disappeared!
so when i look at the windows setup reformation screen, it only recognizes my C: drive to be active, even when i use various other programs to look for the other partitions, they exist, and can be restored, but only to replace the C: and will not recognize the full hard drive memory of 80 gigs.

Currently my computer stands at this status:
C: 40 gigs Recognized, allocated, windows xp installed, cleaned of viruses (because d/e are missing)
D: 30 gigs missing, ?, windows xp installed (inactive,used to originally take out important files after the initial virus issue, c drive did not have enough memory to carry another copy of Windows XP), probally still virus
e: 10 gigs missing, ?, just memory, probally still viruses

Of the 80 gig hard drive, only 40 recognized

So my problems is, i'm missing 40 gigs, it should have been una... Read more

Answer:Missing Hard drive Memory

If all else fails, reformat with Fdisk. Check your disk manager (start>control panel>administrative tools>computermanagement>disk Management), and do a print screen.

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Hi, I wonder if you can advise me how I can identify what memory type I need on my old HP Brio/Windows 2000 PC in order to upgrade it (currently 256mb)Also I'd like to fit a larger hard drive (currently 10g) how do I go about that and again how do I identify what I needMany thanks. Harley D

Answer:Upgrade Memory & Hard Drive

Try click hereIt's a very comprehensive site and should be of help.

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I would like to upgrade my hard drive to a SSD and also upgrade memory. I have a HP model 15-g010dx laptop/

Answer:Upgrade memory and hard drive to ssd

Roozell Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!Both are certainly doable. Here is the Maintenance and Service Guide for your laptop: Memory and drive information are on page 2. As to memory, there is only one slot, and it will hold a memory stick up to 8GB. As to SSD, any 2.5" SSD should work without problems. The Easiest way to migrate to an SSD is to use one with the same capacity as your hard drive, connect the SSD to the laptop using a USB-to-Hard-Drive cable, and use a "cloning" app to migrate the contents of the HDD to the SSD. When this is done, all you have to do is then swap the SDD for the HDD in the laptop. My personal recommendation is to use a third party tool known as Macrium Reflect to do the cloning. What I recommend is the following:1) Download and install Macrium Reflect (MR)2) Connect the new drive to the PC using a USB drive adapter3) Follow the instructions in this link: Shutdown the PC when done5) Swap the drives and reboot the PC. You should boot from the new drive without any problems. Good Luck

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Hi i have a compaq presario pc with 512mb of ram and 80 gb hddrecenly i done a pc recovery to fix a faulty boot up after that i went on my computrer and i found two probslemsfirts one is that even thpugh i have a 80gb hdd the,compiter only says that total disk space is 68gbsecond of all i am very low on memory only have 4 gb leftany help would be good

Answer:Hard drive memory issue

Go here click here as you really have way to little ram in your PC.Have a look in disk management and see if you have another partition which might explain the missing Gb. Remember that because of the way harddrives are measured your 80Gb is really only 74.5GBs. So in effect only 6.5Gb are missing.I have no doubt someone here will explain where it has gone.

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I already have 2 GB of memory on windows 7 32bit, so I'm guessing that I can't upgrade my memory any further.For hard drive, mine is currenly 120GB, but I would like at least 200GB, is it better to replace my current hard drive, or can I add to it using the ExpressCard/PC Card slot? thanks

Answer:how to upgrade my hard drive and memory on T60?

Whether you upgrade the amount of memory depends on the pocessor and whether your OS is 32 or 64 bits. It does sound as if you want to replace the disk in your system. Renee

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I'm using Windows 7.
My D: Drive has 11.6 GB of space. It says that it is now 98.6 MB free of 11.6 GB. However, the contents inside the drive only add up to 1.26 GB. How do I fix this problem?

Answer:Solved: Hard Drive Memory

Used TreeSize Free to find out the other 10 GB.

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The H/D on my Acer lap-top (5720G) is split into two partitions. The C drive is now getting short of memory, so I would like to grab some from the D drive and move it over to C. How do I do this?

Answer:Moving memory in hard drive

I think you must mean that your C Partition is getting full dont you,they dont have seperate memory?

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Just bought an external hard drive with 160GB memory. I tried to download all of my present hard drive file 32GB to the external one. It transfered 4GB and then I got an error message saying "you have either run out of space or the backup file is too large for the disk. Note, if the disk is formatted with FAT32 the maximum possible size for the backup file is limited to 4GB."
I have no idea what all of this means. Can you help me? I have windows XP.

Answer:External Hard Drive-Memory

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I'll soon be installing 2 additional memory chips, an extra parallel port and a second hard drive in my Compaq Presario 5461 with Win98-v2 OS. I want to do this all at the same time.

I've read that whenever something like that is done, I should back up everything, and make note of all my BIOS settings BEFORE I even open up the tower to install the new components.

Is this true?

Where do I find and record the BIOS settings for my Compaq??

Answer:Installing Memory and Hard Drive

When you bootup your computer, it'll usually say something like "Hit DEL to enter Setup" during the RAM count. This would be the BIOS. As for whther to backup, yes!!!!!!! There's a good chance a screwup will happen, whether your fault or not.

Just remember, i could be wrong.

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Hello guys ,I wonder if someone can help me.I bought a laptop few days ago ,OS windows 7and 320 GB hard drive,I am losing so much memory more than 35 GB so far without instaling any thing on it ,I just did the recovery disc thing when I started ,I'd love to know where did this memory go ?thanks

Answer:hard drive memory loss

Why is this thread marked Solved? Did you find the solution to your question?

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It seems that my computer whenever i go in the hard drive is just losing memory randomly and is very frustrating as i have used 71GB out of 465GB and i only have 2 games installed and Anti-Virus.

Windows Vista Home Premium
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
4.00GB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT

All it does is randomly dissapear and i want to know where it is going?

Answer:Hard Drive Memory dissapearing

It is not really memory that you are loosing, it is hard drive space that you are missing. How much free space do you have left. You should have 424GB left. If this is right, you have nothing to worry about. All is well

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My laptop is an advent 7201 which I bought about 3 months ago and is windows vista home premium.For the past 2 months,it has shown approx. 46GB free of 69.1GB.I installed sony ericsson PC suite on it transferred my photos from my camera phone to my laptop,then since I got a message that CAPI WORKER MODULE had stopped working,I uninstalled sony ericsson PC suite.My computer now shows 52GB free of 69.1GB.As far as I can see,everything on my computer is working O.K. and I am certain I did not uninstall anything else.Can anyone please explain to me why I now have more memory?

Answer:Hard drive memory puzzle.

When you removed the software did it perhaps take all the photos with it?Just a suggestion, I haven't a clue but if it did do that it wouldn't affect the way windows runs at all.

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Hello Member,
I have a problem with my PC. I could not see all files been saved on my desktop. I have a system check window that comes up with the following error message:
Hard Drive and memory errors are detected on your PC
To fix detected critical errors you I will need to purchase the full version of the product
Please help me

Answer:Hard Drive Memory Error

Not sure but it maybe be virus especially if they want money off you.
Until someone can give you the proper advice try downloading Malwarebytes updating and run it to see if it finds any problems.

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I've been having a problem like so many others with mysteriously disappearing hard drive space. It has been rather full for most of the time I've had it (i have lots of music and pictures) but it's never been an issue.
Lately though it's been in the red, the least amout of disk space i've had is 4 something GB left of 62.2. I tried deleting programs, deleting restore points, disk cleanups and that sort of thing like everyone else has suggested and it seemed to work for a time, and then I ran a disk defrag and all the sudden more and more memory was disappearing each time i would refresh the window. I stopped the defrag, deleted some more stuff and it seems to be stable at 7.52. I was wondering what exactly I can get rid of to get more memeory (I am not very computer illiterate and am afraid of deleting files and programs I need...) and was wondering why in general my memory was filling each time i would refresh the page.
It's a dell inspiron 1525 with vista home basic if that helps.

Thanks so much.

Answer:Disappearing Hard Drive Memory. please help!

First lets be sure that the memory is being used for legit purppses
Run a full Anti Virus Scan
Download and run a full and updated malwarebytes
How to Fix Shrinking Disk Space in Vista ? My Digital Life
applicable to Vista

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I have a Gigabyte 7ZXE Mother Board1.1 Gig AMD Duron Processor40 Gig Western Digital Ptotege UDMA 100 Hard DriveI tried replacing the extisting 64MB memory with Crucial 256MB 168DIMM PC133 NP CL3.I checked with thew crucial web page to get correct memory for the Mother Board.However when I installed the memory the hard drive failed.Any ideas?

Answer:add memory - hard drive fails

When you did all this you could have messed up the bios if u took power off is ur battery low ? is it a slave or master, if you had to take the ribbion off to get at the ram slot's is back in right order ???

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I have a problem with my laptop. It is a new machine with windows XP, 512Mb ram, and a forty gig hard drive. My wife was using it and she had two applications open, Word and Excel. When my wife went to save her work she received an error message saying the hard drive was full. So being the woman she is she saved it to a flash drive she had bought. When I looked at the files in question they totalled no more than seven hundred kilo bytes. I am worried now in case the drive is faulty.Can you help please?

Answer:No memory!!! hard drive full

How much of the drive shows as full when you right click on the drive and look at "properties"?

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I've just had a Corsair SATA 120Gb hard drive installed in my new computer. Trouble is when I checked how much memory I've got it said that it's only 111Gb in total with 67Gb free! I understand that a big chunk of memory would be taken up with basic systems memory, but it said I only have a drive with 111Gb in TOTAL, not the 120Gb as it says on the box! Can anyone explain where all the memory's gone?

Answer:Missing Hard Drive Memory?

For the record, memory and hard drive space are two separate things. That being said, hard drives have always had lower actual sizes than advertised. For years, the explanation was printed on the sides of the boxes, but it's become common knowledge, so the warnings typically aren't printed anymore.

A gigabyte isn't 1000 megabytes, it's 1024 megabytes. A megabyte isn't 1000 kilobytes, it's 1024....and so on. 111 GB of actual space on a 120 GB drive is normal.

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i have a new samsung laptop running windows 7 64bit.when i first set it up the 1tb hard drive partitioned. that was ok, everything worked fine. a couple of days later i couldn't start windows, no idea why. as it was new and not a lot of files on it yet i reset it to when i first recieved it. now the hard drive shows 2 partitions ,one of 360gb and one of 54mb. how do i get back to 1tb of hard drive?

Answer:memory missing from hard drive

You can do it two ways - Windows 7 has its own built in Disk Management Partition Tool or you can use a 3rd party Free download (EaseUs) - this link provides instructions for both - enter link description here

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I have a Dell Dimension 4600 with a 60 gig hard drive and 1 gig of memory. I run AutoCad and do drawings for my cabinet shop and the hard drive is almost full. If I bought a new 320 gig hard drive what's the best way to transfer the data? The only discs I have are the ones Dell sent with the original CPU. I have read in other posts that there is some times a problem reloading the operating system if you don't have the original retail installation disc.I have Carbonite service but I don't know if that will help or not.
Forgive me if this is a stupid question. I've been building cabinets for 30 years but I'm only 7 years old in computer.

Answer:Time for new hard drive and more memory.

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I cannot remember what the Hard Drive requirements are for the Windows 10 upgrade but I  do remember that when I read it I immedialy concluded my Tablet has nowhere near enough free space, with only just over 3 GB at present (and likely to become less).  Am I right in thinking that the fact that W10 will be replacing W8.1, so the memory memory it occupies. will be available, does not alter this?  It might be a daft question (I have quite limited expertise!) but it got me wondering if an external USB HD or some other device can be used?  I have read that any recent machine (mine is only a few months old) which can run Windows 8 now, will be able to run Windows 10. The suppliers of my Quantum View 10.1 Tablet emailed customers while ago to tell us we would be eligable for the upgrade.
I would welcome some clarification of this issue. 

Answer:Hard Drive Does Not Have Enough Free Memory?

I found the article that set me thinking.  A quote below ---- for my own benefit really as I expect the rest of you are familiar with it already. 
'So once again, to reiterate, if you bought your computer in the past, well five years or so, you are going to get pretty good performance out of Windows 10. It may even run on older devices.'

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Somehow adding 1Gb mem (2x512Mb) causes my PC to either reboot spontaneously or not see my HD at bootup.

I remove the additional mem and it boots and runs fine (note: running with just the two new sticks is fine as well).

The bios is reading all new mem correctly at POST.

Answer:Adding memory -> can't see Hard Drive?

It's obvious that the two sets of memory are not going to play well together.

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A week ago I had same problem 130 gig of hard drive memory and
was vanishing throughout the day.
it got down to 15 gig then I dont know what i did but it came back
Now yesterday same problem memory is vanishing and I went from 130 gig to 24 gig. How do I fix this

Answer:Hard drive memory vanished

This should help point you to the culprit in pretty short order.
WinDirStat - Windows Directory Statistics

My first guess is virtual memory is shooting out of control for some reason. would more than likely be the result of a bad app running.

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I have an ancient (7 yrs) Sony vaio that suits me fine except that my c drive is mostly full( 680mb free out of 7.8 gb) . This drive is the other partition of a d drive which is 10.1gb, which is mostly empty.  How can I get some of the programs from the c drive to the d drive???This notebook uses Windows xp.

Answer:memory problem with divided hard drive

You can't. Programs have to be reinstalled. Still, even if you reinstall programs to drive D, some programs' files have to reside on Windows partition (C). Your best option is to move some data files (pictures, movies, etc.), or repartition your hard drive, or get bigger drive.Whatever you do, Windows needs at least 15% of drive C to be free (1.2GB in your case).

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This is my old Thinkpad r40 which, by the clicking noises, signalled that the hard drive has died. So I need to replace it. now 60 gig, but with something larger....160 gig perhaps. But I can't seem to find the appropriate part. Or will any HDD do? While I'm at it, I will also add memory; currently at 512 to 2. I suppose that's the most it will take. Any particular brand? Then I have my files backed up by Rescue and Recovery and I want to recover. Can you help with that process? Running XP Pro, and I have the discs. I plan to use this as my backup notebook, as thankfully I have purchased a new Thinkpad. Thanks for the help.

Answer:Hard Drive and memory replacement + Recovery

Welcome to the forum!Your R40 will take any 2.5" (9.5mm) PATA/IDE drive. I shop here: for the RAM, it will take either PC2100 (DDR266) or PC2700 (DDR333) 200-pin laptop RAM, and the brand is generally not an issue.Hope this helps.

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I was woundering if there was a program that would permenantly erase any and all data (besides the registry data) on my computer. I had recently incountered spyware on my computer and it wouldn't let me get to the desktop it goes to the Windows XP loading screen and then it restarts again and i was thinking that if i destroyed all data on that computer that it might fix it. I'll take any advice or tips on how to go about this so please don't hesitate. For the programs i need FREEWARE


Answer:Destroying all programs and memory from a hard drive

Do you mean other than reformatting and reinstalling the os?

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This is a follow up on a previous post, but is enough of a change of topic to start a new thread... I think.

I've been trying to boot an old computer (for my parents - just for emails and a bit of Internet) using an 8 GB HDD. It hung before getting to Windows (98se), but worked OK as slave to a 1 GB master (also with 98se).

I then ran Check Disk on it and some errors were corrected, but it would still not boot - got to Non System Disk msg.

In searching net, came across mention of max memory on HDDs - the thing I read mentioned a max of 2 GB (normal memory, not RAM) - seemed to be a mobo limitation. So I tried the HDD in another computer and it booted fine.

Questions are:

have I run into a max memory problem - could that be true? mobo is DSI CA61 Rev B1. Computer has no distinguishing labels, but it has PIII 800 MHz CPU, 3 X 64 MB RAM.

if yes, is there a way around this - I want to run Windows XP Home on it (I could use 2 HDDs if necessary)?

Merci d'avance


Answer:maximum hard drive memory for mobo

Im a bit confused as you seem to jump from hard drive to memory and back. Which one is the issue? If its both, ill try and address them.

On an older computer there was a limitation to seeing large hard drives. You might check for a BIOS upgrade for that motherboard that addresses that issue. Dont bother upgrading if it is not listed as a fix.

As for memory, it is usually limited by operating system. Your correct on 2 gig of memory for XP, 2K and more modern operating systems. You can google for "3GB switch: and will find directions on enabling 3 gigs of memory in XP.

Finally, you can always use 2 hard drives or even more if supported. I always run 2 drives, one for backup.

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I am having a problem with memory on my computer, not enough of it! I really want to buy new games like Fallout 3 that are 8Gb, and my computer has all the specifications that it needs to play it except memory. I was thinking of buying an external hard drive but realized that you can't put software and games on it? If this is true, is there any other device that exists that can hold 8Gb without having to by a new hard drive that contains more memory?


Answer:Computer memory andexternal hard drive help?

Your post is unclear- there is a difference between memory and hard drive space, they are different. It would help if you posted your spec s we could see what you have.
If its the hard drivwe that worries you, you can run from an external drive. It will be slower than an internal ( althogh this depends on exactly what sort you get) but it should run.

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HiAsus a7n8x-x mobo, x800pro graphics, 1Gb ddr, 3Ghz (2.1 I think) barton, on board sound, xp home edition, 550 watt psu, 40Gb hard drive. This is used mainly for games like doom 3/hl 2/ut 2004/etc.I had another post going about changing my hard drive as current one is very old and getting a bit noisey, I got it 2 years ago and even then it was a refurbished one. Through the replies I have been advised to go for an ata 133 7200 speed ide 8Mb cache hard drive (approx £50).On the basis that my current hard drive could last another year ? which would give me a better performance boost now: replacing my old hard drive for the one mentioned above or adding another 512Mb ddr ram ie to 1.5Gb in total. My mobo has 3 memory slots taking up to 3Gb ddr.many thanks as alwaysP

Answer:better performance gain - memory or hard drive??

I would say given that you already have a gig of RAM you won't notice much of a performance increase with another 512 I go for upgrading your hard drive.

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I am running an AMD Duron 1300 mhz with Windows XP. This morning I got up and turned my computer on and it cannot find the hard drive now, the bios doesn't even register it.

Here's how it started:
I upgraded my memory from 1 256 meg PCI 133 to a 512 meg DDR. Upon booting up, everything worked fine through bios and then the sceen was simply blank (black), when it tried to load Windows XP. I reset the machine, and it said it registered a failed attempt to boot, and asked whether or not safe mode or normal. So I did safe mode, everything seemed to be working fine, so I restarted and it booted up just fine.

I then changed out my AGP video card, and it did the same thing, except this time I just told it to boot normally, no safe mode, and it started just fine. I loaded the drivers and everything without any problems.

So, now every time I boot up over the past 2 days it goes through bios and then gives me a black screen. I reset the computer and it registers a failed attempt to boot previously, and I tell it to start normally, and I leave it on all day without any problems.

This morning I booted up and jumped in the shower, forgetting about the need to reset, and it sat there on the blank screen for about 10 minutes, then I reset, but this time it couldn't find the hard drive and started scanning the CD roms and floppy drive for a master boot record. I had just run a scan with Norton the night before, and it auto-updates from the web, so it should be pretty accu... Read more

Answer:Changed out memory - cannot find hard drive now.

I'd reseat ALL of the cables, since this started right after you were in the machine.

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I would like to increase my computers hard drive memory which is currently 50gigs. I admit I have little knowledge regarding this, please could someone advise how to increase this.
I have a bog standard Packard Bell.
Also what is the best way to increase from 196Mb to 256Mb?
Sorry if my questions are on the ignorant side!

Answer:how do I increase my computers hard drive memory?

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I am no longer able to get the hard drive to recognize the memory stick from a digital camera. OS is Windows XP. Anyone with a suggestion?

Answer:Xfer fm Memory Stick to Hard Drive

Go to Start,Run then type Regedit.
Locate the following folder :
You should see a list of Vid numbers.Open them one by one,by clicking on the + next to them.Highlight the sub-branch and check the right pane of the window and look for the line which says "Devicedesc".This will help you finding which Vid corresponds to your camera.Once you have found it,delete the Vid folder which corresponds to your camera.Close the Registry Editor and reconnect the camera.
You need Admin rights to do that.
Cheers and good luck.

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I think I have a virus on my laptop. I'm receiving "hard drive and memory errors". There is a System Restore box that shows some critical errors being fixed and others needing me to buy an upgraded version of the software needed to correct the problem. When I click on Start, all my programs are gone. How can I remove the virus?

See below for the DDS info. Sorry for the length of it. I wasn't sure if I needed to only send a portion of it, so I'm sending all of it. I didn't see an ARK file, but will attempt to attach the ATTACH file.

I'd appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you.
DDS (Ver_2011-08-26.01) - NTFSAMD64
Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16421 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_29
Run by Linda at 22:02:09 on 2011-11-07
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.5941.2936 [GMT -5:00]
AV: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware *Enabled/Updated* {86355677-4064-3EA7-ABB3-1B136EB04637}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
SP: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware *Enabled/Updated* {3D54B793-665E-3129-9103-206115370C8A}
FW: McAfee Firewall *Enabled* {BE0ED752-0A0B-3FFF-80EC-B2269063014C}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:... Read more

Answer:Virus - Hard drive and memory errors

Hello and Welcome to TSF.

Please Subscribe to this Thread to get immediate notification of replies as soon as they are posted. To do this click Thread Tools, then click Subscribe to this Thread. Make sure it is set to Instant notification by email, then click Add Subscription.

Please note that the forum is very busy and if I don't hear from you within three days this thread will be closed.


Please note that these fixes are not instantaneous. Most infections require more than one round to properly eradicate.

Please stay with me until given the 'all clear' even if symptoms seemingly abate.

Kindly follow my instructions and please do no fixing on your own or running of scanners unless requested by a helper.


Please download ComboFix and Save it to your Desktop.

**Note: It is important that it is saved directly to your desktop**

* Ensure you have disabled all antivirus and antimalware programs so they do not interfere with the running of ComboFix.

Get help here

Double-click ComboFix.exe and follow the prompts to run it.

Your desktop may go blank. This is normal. It will return when ComboFix is done. ComboFix may reboot your machine. This is normal.

When finished, it shall produce a log for you. Please post that log, C:\ComboFix.txt, in your next reply.

Please re-enable your antivirus before posting the ComboFix.txt log.

-------------------------------... Read more

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Peter at the XP Support Forum suggested I contact you. Something is eating my C Drive! I am running XP Pro on a Gateway 450 Laptop. Last week, my memory was down to 1%. I ran Zone Alarm's virus and spyware scans which resulted in the removal of an IE plugin. My free memory was instantly back to where it should be: 15 GB of 30 GB, which allowed me room to defrag my disk. Since then, it has been on a steady decline, but I have not installed or created anything that would result in such a memory reduction. Each time I check the properties of my C Drive, the free memory is substantially less. I am now down to about 1.5 GB. I have followed all of the steps listed in your announcements. This problem seemed to start when I replaced Norton Security (due to an apparent conflict with the Windows Firewall) with Zone Alarm because I was having Internet connection (cable modem with wireless) problems. Please help! Thank you!

Log was analyzed using KRC HijackThis Analyzer - Updated on 8/4/05
Get updates at

***Security Programs Detected***

C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zlclient.exe


Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 9:54:16 AM, on 9... Read more

Answer:Hard Drive Memory Disappearing Rapidly

I'm just trying to get my original message to the top of the heap. Thanks.

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Hi I split my harddrive into 2 partitions and installed linux. I use windows 7 on the main partition and had ubuntu 10.10 on the other but I want to just remove ubuntu because I am going to add it to a different computer instead. I just removed the partition that ubuntu is on and it says I have free memory now instead of the ubuntu partitions.
How do I re-add that memory to my main C drive?

Answer:Solved: Hard drive memory adding

If you are looking to resize the C partition you could use Partition Wizard Home (freeware):

I have used the program to resize partitions and it worked flawlessly.

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I have a 100 gb 2008ish xps M1330 and am the only user of the pc and up until this point i thought vista was ok not much to complain about. like 2 days ago my c drive warned me it was full (97 gb) i performed a disk clean up (rid of 2 gb) tried to make it do a disk defragment it told me my laptop doesn't need it. i read on a wiki page about the shadow storage did all that (rid it of like 8-10 gb) and through this issue learned that vista may have some problems. like the windows permission (or atleast for me,seems like its not my pc sometimes) but i was happy that my laptop wasn't loading slow anymore until today its full again WTF i didn't do anything.. so i performed all the mentioned above methods and maybe i deleted somewhere around 7 gb and i honestly can not find any more gb to delete and even with the seven gb deleted my c dirve still tells me its full (still in the red) and its performance has went so far south (the performance rating is a 4 but i dont how significant that number is)...

so i've been deleting all my non Windows programs which were only i tunes and some small file guitar software. Now im left with 18 different windows programs and some google programs (all which it came with)
i just don't understand is it something i've done or the computer. Was my money wasted on this laptop??

Im stuck and these are the last things i know to do im not sure what all of them do

1. Try the compress my hard drive to save memory button (I dont even know if its safe ... Read more

Answer:Major hard drive issues with memory tried it all

any suggestions or reasons why i should'nt do one of them options or anything??

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I have a Dell Dimension 8200, pentium4 2.0GHz, 512 MB RDRAM, using Winows XP, home edition. The other day I got a "missing NTLDR file" error. Instead of choosing to repair, booting from CD ROM, I decided to delete the single partition and create 2 NTFS parttions, and re-install XP on the first one (C. During the installation, the formating part went smoothly. However, after that I got few "setup cannot copy the file <filenames>". I kept pressing ESC to continue without copying the files until I got the blue screen of death. I took the XP CD out, cleaned it, turn the power off. Then I retried to install, but got the same results. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Hard drive, Memory, BIOS ? problem

If you see setup seemingly suspended after copying a given file, while your CD-ROM drive is spinning madly and making noises, then setup says that it can't copy the file, then most likely your XP instal CD is damaged or just dusty. Try to clean it, or use a backup copy, if you have one, or borrow a XP CD from a friend.

If your CD-ROM behaves normally, and setup still can't copy, maybe your hard disk is failing. A disk surface check should be done. I don't recommend Scandisk for this purpose. Try something else, which boots from floppy, and doesn't use windows components to access hard disk. Spinrite, for example.

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