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Bios Loads fine, Windows loads then black screen, boots fine in safe

Question: Bios Loads fine, Windows loads then black screen, boots fine in safe

I am having this problem on my other computer. I just installed 2 cold cathodes into the case then wired it all back up with the cathodes connected into the power supply and now windows wont boot for me. The motherboard settings and bios load fine... then the normal windows XP loading screen comes up and loads then as soon as it finishes the screen goes all black and my monitor (flatscreen LCD) says that it is not reciving a signal... So I boot it in safe mode and it boots fine. I have already reinstalled my VGA drivers and still nothing. I have been attempting to fix this for a little over 3 hours now and still nothing. HELP PLEASE!

AMD athalon 64 3000+
Gig of DDR400
asus K8N mother board
Geforce FX5500

Thanks in advance!


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Preferred Solution: Bios Loads fine, Windows loads then black screen, boots fine in safe

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Bios Loads fine, Windows loads then black screen, boots fine in safe

Disconnect the cathodes and the try to boot. If it works then your power supply isnt putting out enough juice for all the extras.

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Hi, this is my first post on this site. My friend suggested it for me, so here's the deal:
I'm having quite a few difficulties with my custom PC running Win8. I think most of them relate to just having Win8 beta instead of Win7. Now I have Win7 and I'd very much like to install it, but I need to access my BIOS in order to do so. But here comes the problem that I cannot access my BIOS for some unexplicable reason - at least that's what I think.
I have tried everything you can do when the computer starts - pressing all the F-keys, pressing delete. Delete will make the computer not even go to Windows, but instead just remain a black screen. I'm thinking it's going into the BIOS but for some reason my monitor doesn't pick it up.
Now, I know that all my hardware works perfectly, my monitor can display everything perfectly when I'm inside my OS, and besides a few flaws in the Win8 beta - there's nothing out of the ordinary. Plus I can run heavy games like Sleeping Dogs and Battlefield 3 on highest settings, no problem. I've tried booting with my Win7 install cd in, but it will still give me a black screen.
I've also made sure all drivers for my motherboard are up to date and installed.
Any help would be appreciated!

Motherboard: P8Z77-V (ASUS)

Answer:Black screen in BIOS, but Windows boots up just fine. Need to access BIOS.

Try to reset the BIOS just in case. Here is more info:

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So loads extremely slow on my home network. It loads on my laptop with any other network and works great on my phone as long as I'm not connected to my wifi. Changing browsers or resetting my wifi has not helped. Something on my home network is the issue. What should I look for? Thanks

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I assume it's an issue with my refresh rate. When I turn the laptop on, the bios stuff is all displayed normally and just fine. When windows starts, I see a little blue bar about 10px at the bottom of my screen that extends all the way across. This occurs whether I use safe mode or normal mode. The windows display never covers the screen. If i plug in an external monitor, it's just a blank screen. It must be a software issue?? I've never seen anything like this, and the computer worked a couple weeks ago, the last thing I can remember doing is installing network card drivers for a mini-PCI wireless card. But if this was the issue, I thought that surely safe mode would work. HELP!!!


XP Pro

Answer:Screen works fine until Windows loads


Have you tried booting using 'Last known good configuration'?

If that doesn't work, and if you haven't done so yet, try booting using 'Enable VGA mode'.

You can choose these options in the Windows XP boot options screen (the same screen where you choose to boot into Safe Mode).

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System built 10 yrs ago.....Windows XP Media Center Edition Service Pack 3 (build 2600), CPU = 2.40 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core, MOTHERBOARD = MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD MS-7253 1.00 K9VGM-V Series, BIOS = BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG 01/25/2007 l Award(LPC) Flash ROM, DISPLAY ADAPTER = NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE, AUDIO = Creative Sound Blaster Live, MONITOR = Acer AL2216W 22.0"vis....After reading dozens of forums, My problem is similar, but also different. The system has operated almost flawlessly since built. The HDD is a Western Digital 10k rpm drive which normal is, you can hear it working. --- Here is the new problem -- Worked good few days ago, now when you turn it on, 1 normal short bios beep (not heard if you restart)-- If you start either way, the post or bios screen, Windows logo screen, (or if you try to go to safe-mode or boot from boot CD- CD is first boot dev.) there is no video to see and make selections. monitor wakes up but is still dark, After the usual time that it takes to boot, the welcome screen comes on, and windows is visible and operates as good as it ever has. The clock does keep the correct time and date and USB printer and scanner and USB hub work normal. Audio is good. No changes were made from good start, to bad start, just happened. Thinking about defaulting CMOS but afraid I couldn't get back and see BIOS to set back up. Any suggestions and help greatly appreciated. Thanks

Answer:No POST or BIOS video, but fine after Win loads

Your title is misleading. "NO POST" generally means the computer doesn't boot at all. Your system functions normally other than you're not seeing the boot screens prior to Windows loading. It could be a monitor problem, graphics problem, or BIOS problem. Temporarily remove the video card & connect the monitor to the onboard graphics port & see what happens. You might also wanna consider updating the BIOS; it appears you're still using the original.

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hi, i have limited tech knowledge, and usually find help through google searches, this one is not finding anything.

I stupidly ran an .exe file from web (thought was a info file which i open often, didnt see the .exe)
avg instantly reported 2 files were moved to quarantine.
the pc was making grinding noises, so i shut down.
Upon pressing the power button I get the light on the cd drive and power light come on, but screen stays black.
I can press F8 and get the the boot screen, but that has no effect.
I have inserted the xp disc (from old pc, this one came with it pre installed) does that matter?
Upon my searches online I have tried a site which suggested:
copy c:\windows\repair\system c:\windows\system32\config\system
copy c:\windows\repair\system\software c:\windows\system32\config\software
copy c:\windows\repair\system\sam c:\windows\system32\config\sam
copy c:\windows\repair\system\security c:\windows\system32\config\security
copy c:\windows\repair\system\default c:\windows\system32\config\default

Nothing happened there.

I am now doing a chkdsk /r
That quickly reached 50% then slowed down until 70% then dropped back to 50% ??? it is no longer making noises and gone to 51% after 2 minutes.

any ideas how to repair? im guessing its a boot.ini problem? a virus from the .exe?

I am happy to reinstall windows, but there are pictures of my 2yr old on harddrive which i didnt get to back up to portable drive, would like to rescue them first if possible.

Hope someone can ... Read more

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Acer Aspire One D255EWindows 7 UltimateIntel GMA 31501GB RAM, 1.6 ghz CPUMy above mentioned netbook starts with a black screen without even Acer logo or bios information, it remains black for a while until windows welcome screen appear, then every thing comes to normal until next start up,I had done several inspections in windows setting and it normally shows two monitors with Generic Non PnP Monitor label while actually there is no external monitor connected to its vga port,is this a bios problem? coz bios update did nothing, p[liz help me, thanks in advance

Answer:Black screen only on start up,windows boots fine ACER AOD255

I would suspect a hardware fault in the video controller whichgoes away when it warms up or when Windows does a videoreset during boot. Not easy to fix. -- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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I have been searching the last couple days for the solution to my problem:

System will take ~10 minutes to load windows after post. Results in Black screen with cursor. This is with the SSD and HDD plugged in. I have Windows on the ssd and all my user info and programs on the HDD. I set my computer up using Sean's Optimization guide. I can plug my HDD into an external port and ready everything on my Mac. So I was able to pull my main files.
I only get the BSOD when both drives are plugged into my tower.

This started on Sunday when my system was doing multiple updates and a system back up and lost power.

Things I have tried:

reset explorer.exe in regedit
added TDRdelay in regedit
SFC /SCANNOW which only went to 16% and would not complete
And reset permissions
Tried a system restore, would get error 0x80070057
None successful

Answer:BSOD w/ cursor when SSD/HDD plugedin; Windows loads fine with just SSD

Hello and welcome Always mate check this out

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I was using to download text-to-speech mp3 files. This problem just started today when I was about to eat my Sausage Eggs.

I have this problem on my Windows 7 computer but not on my iMac So I don't think the website is temporarily unavailable.
I tried to open the page on all web browsers. All of them just show stupid fail pages. Internet Explorer says "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage," Safari says "Safari can't open the page," Firefox says "The connection has timed out," Opera says "Could not locate remote server" and Google Chrome says "Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to

I tried to open the page on my iMac computer using all web browsers. They don't show any stupid fail pages, the page loads fine.
I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.7. Please Help. Thanks!

Answer:My Windows 7 Computer Can't Find And iMac Loads Fine?!

The main home page seems to be working for me. It looks like instead of just making mp3 files available for download they want you to approve an add-on for Windows Media Player and to set up an account. Assuming you already set up an account on your Mac, have you logged into it on Windows? Does your account profile define you as a Mac user? (If so, you may have to set up a new account that clearly does not limit your profile to Mac status.) My guess is the Media Player add-on is just so you can play the files using the player on their website. But that shouldn't be needed just to download an mp3.

Here is an example of a straight forward mp3 downloadable file:
(IE may ask for permissing to download the file.) Notice that it ends in ".mp3". If you can't get it working, repost with the exact web link you are having a problem with or at least the name of mp3 file you are trying to download. I may have to jump through their hoops to set up an account in order to duplicate your problem.

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day before yesterday, everything working fine. no errors or issues of any kind.
yesterday, we woke up and turned our computers on and one of them just had a black screen.

asus loading screen showed, then windows load screen for a sec. disappeared and just a black screen.
i can hear windows loading and the music when its finished, but nothing but a black screen.

F8, F5, Del does nothing. cant see anything.

asus P5LD2 mobo
my bios version is 0815
just installed xp sp3 a week or so ago with no problems.
intel pent4 CPU 3.0 GHz

took out battery on motherboard for half hour, reinserted and restarted. holding down delete button. got the bios screen and reset to defaults. save and exit, and then just black screen.
cant even see bios, asus load screen or anything.
just one beep.

reset CMOS and removed battery again. same situation as above.

the only time i can see anything is if i reset CMOS and battery and just the one boot. get bios and then nothing.

every other time. nothing. windows loads and has music, but i cant see anything.

monitor works cuz i can see load screen sometimes.
tried to go to safe mode to reinstall video drivers but cant get there.

i reseated my video card. (even wiped the gold connectors)
reseated my memory. 2x 512mb sticks and 2x 1gb sticks
never had a problem with memory before, they worked for 4 months now.

i can't boot from windows disc and repair as i do not know the product key for that comput... Read more

Answer:Black screen, no bios. Windows loads can't see anything

Unplug all externals (except Power; Video)
Unplug all internals (ie Hdd CD\DVD Drive)

Acually I wrote all this in the guide: Tutorial: No POST (Power On Self Test)

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Okay, So I have a Toshiba laptop that I wanted to restore because I had used it for school and it had a lot of things on it that I didn't need, and was running slowly. Instead of taking things off one by one, I thought it would be best to start from scratch again. I popped in the recovery disks I created, restarted the computer and booted from the DVD. I chose all of the settings to restore the computer to out-of-the-box settings and a window came up that said "Copying Files Please Wait..." After that screen disappeared after 10 minutes or so, Another window flashes on screen for a split second (didn't even get to see what it contained) and then an error window comes up reporting error 10-FC06-0002. The only thing I can do is shut down my computer, and it will not start up after that. After trying several times I decided to come here.

I know what you're going to say. "Before you come here, search or something, there's tons of problems like this on here." Well I did search, and all of the results told me to "make a copy of your disk and see if that works, if not its your HDD" Tried making an exact copy of the disk using a DVD copy tool from Google, no dice. Tried copying the files from disk to desktop to disk, didnt work. Copied the files to an old thumb drive and booted from it. Same problem. Made an .ISO image of the disc and burned it, tripped the error as well. No matter how I try to run the restore files, the same error message prevails. A... Read more

Answer:Recovery Disk error 10-FC06-0002 - HDD loads XP and Windows 7 fine

Sorry for double posting, but I was wondering if anyone had any answers to this? I realize now I should probably have been more brief in my explanation, and should have included the computer model in the Topic Subject.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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My asus n73jq boots up, I hear it start windows, all lights that should be on are on.
The whole time my screen is black, no mouse cursor nothing.

This happens now after I restarted my notebook because the graphics were garbled. Just restarts with a black screen. I can see that the screen light up to a lighter shade of black but it stays black.

So far I've done the battery out power button thing, reseated the ram. I couldn't get to my gpu though.

I will try another monitor shortly, but I am pretty stumped.

Two weeks ago i installed a new hard drive. I have installed all necessary drivers. It worked fine for he last two weeks. Some weird graphics while playing minecraft, one restart and black screen now. I don't get it.

Answer:Boots up fine, black screen.

hooked the notebook up to a monitor and its working..
I am going to try to install a newer graphics driver, but I am not sure what else to do. help.

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Hi, my laptop is a Pavilion 17-049wm.  It used to have windows 8 but I changed it to windows 7 when I first got it.  The computer worked great until the warranty went out and it started acting up.  The symptoms are, when the computer is put into sleep or shut all the way down, the monitor sometimes stays black even though the computer boots up fully. It used to be a lot worse but a little tweaking has made it blackscreen only 25% of the time. What I have noticed.  If I go into sleep, the screen always stays off. If turn the computer on with only battery power it usually wont start the screen.  (NO bios display or anything but still boots)  When the computer is plugged in the screen normally works. (About 80% of the time.)  These symptoms are actually an improvement over what it used to do.  I flashed the bios and it caused the screen to come on sometimes.  Before it would never come on under any condition and I had to use a secondary monitor. Things that I have tried that make no difference: swapping the ram in every combination possible including single sticks.  Taking the battery out and holding the power button for a minute.   Someone told me to take the battery out and leave it on ac power for about an hour.  The screen booted but I just chalk that up to it working better plugged in.  When I booted on battery it went back to... Read more

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I think this is where I should be posting this. I'm booting fine in safe mode, and it will be ok booting normal until I get to the desktop. Once I get there, I can see my desktop but it has lines across it and I'm not sure what's happening.

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I have a weird situation: Just a normal day working on my pc while it messages me, system rebooting. It reboots without any errors. I log back into my system, everything seems fine. I notticed on my taskbar none of my applications loaded. Usually, MSN, my vid card, winamp...icons are loaded up and icons are in taskbar but not there!

I performed many actions to no avail.
System restore, safemode boot, selective services boot, sfc /scannow and so on.
I checked in Event viewer and see 5-6 service that did not responde to the start or control in a timely fashion.
Ex: acrobat, asus, bonjour, apple....

Got one I dint like:
The server {06622D85-6856-4460-8DE1-A81921B41C4B} did not register with DCOM within the required timeout.

When i click on any applications mostly non-MS apps nothing happens. Not even the services starts up in task man. I tried to open the service lets say, Steam client and get the Timeout error right away.

Hope someone got ideas! Thank you guys :O)

Answer:Win loads fine but none applications will load up.

try reapplying the .exe registry settings from this tutorial here.
Default File Type Associations - Restore
...and if that fixes it, I would suggest a deep scan for viruses, they are usually the cause for that association getting messed up.

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For the last couple days my internet has stopped working. My internet connection is fine, but when I open IE or FF, it loads and loads and finally says "This page cannot be displayed..." and such. It happens for both IE and FF.
Last night a friend worked on it for a while, but couldnt figure out the problem. He finally restored the computer to a few days ago. This morning I got on, tried IE and FF, and it was working, but then I exited out and worked on something on Windows Movie Maker. I tried to get back on the internet, and I am having the same problem! Could this have something to do with Windows Movie Maker, or is it something else? I ask this because the night before my internet stopped working the first time, the last thing I was doing was using WMM.
Can anyone give me some tips on how I can fix this?

Answer:Internet connection is fine, but nothing loads!

Do you have Zone Alarm? If so see:

Workaround to Sudden Loss of Internet Access Problem

Zone Alarm Site Resolution

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ok, if anyone has seen my previous threads you might have seen me complaining about the speed of vista. now i have a powerful PC and i JUST reinstalled vista less than one month ago and AGAIN its loading so incredibly slow its painful and im about to cry. i have literally less than 20 programs installed on a 500 GB HDD and it boots up as slow as a win '98 20 mhz cpu computer. i swear, ive never been more confused in my life. i havent reinstalled or de-installed anything like at all, i upgraded to SP2 i tried to a system restore and of course, it failed. for the past week im literally finding myself going to eat dinner and then coming down to see that my startup programs are just finihsing after 30 minutes of initial boot. once they are all loaded the pc works like a charm and nothing goes wrong. if you say i have "too many startup programs" iwill laugh because i litteraly have 4 startup programs. yes ive tried no startup programs but it doesnt help WHATSOEVER. im just onwdering how windows can corrupt files like by itself. no its not a virus. i ve checked with over 4 diferent anti viruses. sigh... if anyone has a suggestion...please help.
i dont have enough money for win 7 but idk.....

Answer:25 minute startup...then everything loads fine...

Do you have any external hard drives or devices attached?

Any of those anti-virus apps set to run a full system scan at each start-up?

Where about is the delay occurring? Ie During the POST/BIOS or after the windows loading bar appears?

(P.S The HAF 932 is not a mini-tower case. It's full sized )

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Hey guys,

My computer running Vista home premium gives me a message at startup that says "Bootmgr is missing. Press any key to restart."

I press a key, and then vista just loads like normally it would! Strange indeed.

Still, i am concerned if this is bad. I don't know if it will lead to a problem someday or if it's just some minor error. How can i remove it?

I tried the install CD repair option, but it didn't fix it.

Thanks, Jason

Answer:Bootmgr Is Missing, But Vista Loads Fine

Did Vista come pre-installed or do you have the Vista DVD?

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Alright, so im about at my wits end. Basically I went to turn on my computer today (Vista Ult) and it shut down after getting to the windows loading screen. I've replaced the power supply, thinking that maybe it was dying anyway, checked all of the fans, re-thermal pasted my processor and checked all of the RAM. For whatever reason, I cannot get it to load normally, but it'll stay up in safe mode no problem. I'd be down for reinstalling my vista, but eventually when it restarts to continue formatting and reinstalling windows... my computer randomly shuts off the second it goes out of safe mode.Any help would be amazing.

Answer:Random shutdowns/Loads safemode fine

download a liveCD and boot from thatIf the comp does not restart its unlikely its hardwareHence, likely to be an issue with your vista. Virus SEO Agency & Web Design Agency

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Hi, I am having a mojor headache with a Toshiba Satellite Pro A120. The screen has started switching to blackout at random times and is happening more and more. It doesn't matter whether W
Jayindows has loaded or if I enter the bios,or boot from CD,or leave it sat waiting for me to select a boot device. It more often than not goes black but you can still see what should be on the screen, it's just not lit at all to see clearly. The laptop itself is still working fine as it works on an external monitor and makes system beeps, cd spins up etc.
Have tried the following:
Adjusting various settings in the graphics properties and within the bios but makes no difference.
It also switches back on if I press FN + F5 to swap monitors but goes off again after a few seconds.
It's not overheating as it's been stood all night and still happens sometime during boot when stone cold.
I've tried booting with / without the battery - no difference.
I've tried booting without the HDD - no difference.
I've tried removing the battery, pressing power for 60 seconds, then add battery, power and boot up again - no difference.
I would have sworn it was the inverter but it does the same thing with an inverter I know works! don't think it can be graphics as it works on an external monitor and doesn't go off.
I'm out of ideas and seeking a genius to sort this for me please!!!

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 - Black Screen - Fine on External Monitor - LCD fine

Apologies, the bit that says " *It doesn't matter whether W*
*Jayindows has loaded*"

Should actuall read: " *It doesn't matter whether Windows has loaded*"

My laptop keyboard is knacked too!


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Hello i know u guys prob get alot of first timers asking for help, so if u can please help me id be greatful.

Im running windows xp media center and the other day i noticed after hitting power my pc never went into the desktop it was stuck on a black screen after windows mode, so i tried defrag,reg clean,driver reset/updates,spyware,malware, virus scans and nothing. so i just wanted to try removing my anti virus (webroot internet esstentials) and it booted up fine after removing it in safe mode. so i thinking it was just webroot i installed norton internet security and it booted ounce fine but after the next morning it went black again after windows load and repeated the steps and it worked after i got rid of norton. does anyone have any ideas?

p.s. i did have a malware infection a couple of months ago but my pc has been running great after geting it with anti-maware bytes. and my graphics card is running fine now in norm mode. also of note my pc is showing 2 cd drives, if that might be the prob, my driver updater is also not working uniblue.

Answer:Black screen after windows load, fine after i deleted my anti virus in safe mode.

Try MSE or Avast. I'd never install either webroot or norton on my pc. MSE and Avast are both free and let me know if it still crashes with one of them. :)

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o, i was cleaning my sister notebook because it was full of unwanted programs,alot of unnecessary startup programs, so i downloaded tuneup utilities 2011(with registration key) and did all tuneup availables.
I also unninstalled like 40 programs plus++
I performed full avast scan, Full malwarebytes scan, Full trojan remover scan.
I had like 30+ restarting requests from the programs I was going to do them all in only one.
So after all the cleaning I've made, I decided to reboot it, But after that loading screen that says "Microsoft corporation", when it is going to enter account selection(doesn't show nothing) it gets black, blink, and then reboot.
I choosed to system not reboot in case of fail, then just stay a black screen, nothing else.
I can use safe mode normally(I'm posting from the notebook)
So I would apreciate some help, cuz if my sister know this, she would kill me because everything is always my fault.
And I don't have the vista installation CD(If there's no option i can download it no problem)
Things done so far:
-Prevent system from rebooting in case of system fail(Before this was just a reboot loop)
-Scan for Virus,Malware
-Driver update(Actually video driver only)
-Let it cooldown turned off
-Disable all startup programs at msconfig(Even thinking this wouldn't work because it doesn't even load windows)
Note: Tune up utilities made me delete alot of unused files, like old backups and system restores, and it cleaned alot of registr... Read more

Answer:Vista Loads only safe mode-BLACK SCREEN

Use Windows DVD or HDD recovery partition and boot into Recovery. Select "Windows System Restore" - choose restore point prior to commencement of cleanup.

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So my 2 year old satellite screen appears "dead". The system boots fine (XP) and I can see everything when attached to external monitor.

Is this video connection? screen? other? where should I have this repaired? THanks.

Answer:black screen - Toshiba notebook - boots fine with external monitor


Are you sure that you have not accidently switched to mode where your laptop is only displaying to external monitor. you should find instructions in handbook. See if both external monitor and Main screen show up on display properties, make sure you know how to switch back to your external monitor if it does not automatically find and display on external monitor first.

if the default monitor montor setting is not the problem then your screen has failed and you will need to have your screen replaced. if you still have warranty then send it back to manufacturer or where you purchaced it from.

No warranty? then take to local computer shop, (shop around dont just go to PC World or major outlet)
Laptop displays are very expensive.

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Anybody ever have this problem? It a first for me. Everytime I try to boot to safe mode it stops at acpitabl.sys and reboots.
EVGA 680i
EVGA 8800gtx
2 gb OCZ 7200
74 Raptors raid 0
OCZ 700 watt

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My internet is usually very fast i never lag in online games and i DL anywhere from 300-600k/s with cable. But only on my main PC which is directly connected to the router, i get really slow webpage loading. I use firefox, but also tried normal IE and still same problem. Basicly i can type in an address, it has the loading icon but it doesnt load for like 20-30 seconds, then all of a sudden it will load the page almost instantly, then say i click on a link on the page again, it does the same thing. meanwhile i can play warcraft with 45ms ping.

i did all the basic stuff, emptied cache, cookies, temp internet files, temp files, etc etc nothing works. i pasted my hijack this under here hopefully someone can figure this out its very annoying

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 12:38:38 AM, on 12/26/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Webroot\Spy Sweeper\SpySweeper.exe
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Hija... Read more

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I recently built a new system (specs in sig). I've been using Chrome at work and on my personal laptop/netbook for a while now and decided to switch on my desktop as I had been using FireFox.

For some reason, loading web pages and streaming video (YouTube) will sometimes delay for 10-15s in Chrome, while the identical page will load instantly in IE9 or FF12. Usually I will see the "Waiting for" message on the status bar at the bottom. One repeatable example is to load a YouTube video that has an ad at the start, and then press the button to expand the YouTube window, it will basically hang for 30-60s before adjusting the resolution/streaming starts again.

I've done a bunch of searching, but cannot figure this out, it's driving me nuts.

2 other machines with Chrome on the same network (wireless) do not have this problem. My desktop is using a Gigabit wired connection to the router.

Answer:Slow page loads in Chrome - but IE9/FF12 are fine on same PC?

I have the same problem

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I turned off my Anti Virus, NOD32, stopped bit torrent. I did the TCPsys max connections patch for Windows XP SP2. I even tweaked http network max pipes and connection settings to double the default values in about:config. I'm running off a cable connection. NONE of this is helping.

Ok, so tabbed browsing has really killed my firefox, not bandwidth connection wise though. Its like stalling something as a process. First I'll open firefox, load 10 tabs, they load fine. Close all tabs, reload the tabs again, and now firefox is acting all laggy, it loads things slow as hell. If I open IE, it loads a page fine. Firefox will act all slow to load pages for 10 minutes before it starts to pick up again. WHAT THE HELL firefox??? Anyone else get this after loading tabs?

Answer:Firefox 3 tabbed browsing slows up everything, but IE loads fine??

Yeah I noticed this too.

At first I thought it was hd defrag (haven't done that for months). Defragged, still get random pauses/stops in FF. E.g. get up from PC, I logoff and do whatever. Let torrent and other processes, run for a few hours. Come back, try to open FF. All the tabs seem as if they've been individually "trim on minimize". HD is crunching like hell, FF almost hard locks - it's a bit ridiculous.

You know - at first I enabled this with FF2. But after a while, i realized I'd rather have a gaping memory hole, then to hear my HD crunch as it loads from the slower page file. So I turned it off in FF2.

I have a feeling this goes back to their "solution" to the memory leak problem. Sigh...

*oh one last thing. I got my VERY first hard lock, since the dark days of using Via chipsets in 2001 - why? Firefox 3. Checking my eventvwr after restart, it showed FF hung for no reason and brought down my entire system. That's ridiculous.

The bloat of FF3 is actually re-opening the browser race for me. I'm actually considering Opera again.

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Hi there, I've been hooked on a game recently and been doing the same thing every time I turn my computer on for the past couple of months.  Only just the past couple of days something weird has been happening.  Upon starting up my computer, it'll load everything fine as usual.  Though, after about 5 minutes things seem to slow way down.  Whenever I click on something (Google Chrome, Start button, New tab, My game etc) The screen seems to freeze for about 5-10 seconds, then proceeds to load.  Sometimes it'll load fine or it'll be extremely slow until the process is complete.  After about 5-10 minutes everything returns to normal.
For months now, as soon as my PC starts up, i've been loading the task manager and terminating some processes (nothing important) to save them from opening up and clogging CPU.  Just things like AOL, MyTomTom (GPS programme), Webcam process, Windows Live Messenger etc.  
I've restored my computer back a couple of weeks and ran a scan, though the problem still persists.  It's nothing major, it's just extremely frustrating.
I've tried numerous online searches aswell, though I'm having no luck finding anyone with the same problem.
Any thoughts? 

Answer:Computer loads fine then runs really slow for 5-10 minutes.

Have you went to the msconfig and under the startup tab, disabled the programs from starting with your computer at startup? This may fix your situation of having the programs default to start with your pc.

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Hi, recently I had a friend of mine ask me for help with her laptop. I am pretty good with computers. The problem is when the browser Firefox or I.E (both up to date versions) try to load a page they get halfway and do nothing, except for They also can ping i've tried that and have tried everything from A-Z, I've used AVG a countless amount of times, the first time I used it found tons of Trojans. healed them and they went to the "vault" scanned again, later scanned again nothing...AIM and yahoo messenger work great no problem, and Limewire for that matter. I just actually ran a log from Hijackthis, i will post if i need to. Ooh and i am running wirelessly, connection to my wireless router is excellent. Thanks to anyone that can help!!!!

Answer:AIM and yahoo work fine but neither browser loads pages...

xzfloydzx said:

I've used AVG a countless amount of times, the first time I used it found tons of TrojansClick to expand...

Hi xzfloydzx and welcome to MajorGeeks,
If you found a bunch of malware on your friend's computer you should go to the Malware Removal Forum and do the procedures in the Read and Run Me First sticky. The nasties out there today can be very hard to remove using several programs much less just one.
Once you've done the procedures, post the requested logs and one of the malware experts will get with you. Please be patient, as they are very busy but they are the best. After completing those steps, see if the connection problem persists.
Good Luck.

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This has to be some sort of DNS resolution problem or something with the Exchange Server because when I load Outlook 2003 with an internet connection, it takes forever to load--like 5 minutes or more. However, if I pull the Internet connection out or disable it, it loads immediately. Then, if I connect to the Internet after Outlook is already loaded, it will connect to the Exchange Server very quickly.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Answer:Outlook 2003 loads very slow with internet connection but fine without it

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Hi all,

Please please help me with any suggestions. Mbam, Superantispyware and AVG come up with nothing.

My rpoblem: Internet Explorer loads any page fine, but then gives an error message saying it cannot display the page and redirects to a typical 'can't display page' page. Sometimes I can just click on the go back one page button, but sometimes it gives the error message again and I just cannot use the internet.

Please help, any ideas are welcome. Thanks,


Answer:Internet Explorer virus: loads fine, then says can't display page

Is your email working properly?


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Hi, everyone. I recently had a new computer built for me ( but I've had an issue with actually getting it to load past BIOS over the past two weeks.

Currently, the system will boot to BIOS, as I don't have an operating system installed on my SSD, and then go to a black screen with a blinking cursor if I don't input any commands to take me to the status/options screens.

Yesterday, I tried installing Ubuntu on the computer just to see if I could get a working OS on it, but it went to the same black screen instead of loading the installer. I've looked in the options and the computer recognizes my HDD, SSD, and USB, and I've swapped the boot order around more times than I care to remember, but I honestly have no clue what's going on. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:BIOS loads to black screen; won't boot OS from USB

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My friends computer (Compaq Presario SR1033WM-B PC
Intel Celeron Processor 2.8 GHz 512 MB DDR SDRAM 80 GB hard drive Windows XP) recently started having problems. When you try and turn it on, the Compaq logo comes on, then the bios info, then everything goes black. The monitor is still on but nothing happens. Does this sound like a RAM problem? The hard drive works fine in my computer as a slave (he was paranoid about losing files). Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you...........

Answer:Computer loads bios then black screen

Reseat the memory, make sure that the case is dust free.

If there are 2 sticks of RAM, try 1 at a time. Try 1 in different slots.

Post back after you have tried all this.

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Okay, I've had my computer for two years, and over the years there have been minor problems, but nothing I couldn't work out how to fix within a couple of days, but for the past month or so my computer kept randomly shutting itself down, then a few days ago it when I tried to log in in normal mode the screen went black before the log in screen came up, although the noise to log in still came, and everything else seemed to be working fine. there's nothing wrong with the monitor or the connection, as in safe mode everything works fine, it makes one long beep, then two short beeps when i first turn it on, which I believe means it is a video adapter problem? I have tried replacing the ram, and nothing changed, I tried clearing out the dust, nothing changed, I tried running a virus scan all clear, I tried re setting the whole computer, and still no luck, so please, please help me? I have no idea what else to do????

Answer:Black Screen - Fine in Safe Mode

Please check the website of your bios provider to check the beep codes. If it is the display adapter, you may need to replace it.

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I'm sorry to post as usually I can solve such problems but I'm a a loss.

1) My PC started up this morning and I can only boot into safemode. I turned on non gui boot and the loading list is the same as for same mode as it is for normal boot.
2) I grabbed the windows disk and tried the repair option. Nothing wsas detected and when I tried to restore to a previous point no restore points were available - very odd!
3) I enabled the sames services as safe mode and rebooted and again no luck. I also disabled all startup items.

I'm left with a possible driver issue but I remember in XP you used to be able to load them one by one - can't find that anymore....

Normally when I get this far down I give up and re-install, it's just that this PC has so much on it I know it's a few working days of setting it up again and further hours installing stuff as I'll miss things. The machine runs SQL server, Vsiaul Studio, full Adobe suite, SolidWorks, CorelDraw, sheduled tasks - the list goes on and on. Note when I click on Windows Update nothing happens, I've looked at the log and it looks like a windows media player updated happened 8 days ago but the machine has been re-booted since then.

It works in SafeMode so ther must be a solution but I'm out of my depth and wondered if anyone had any ideas


Machine: Del T1500, with raid 1 enabled
Graphics: Radeon HD 6950 - I've disabled the driver so it's not that
OS: Win 7 64bit Professional

Answer:Windows 7 Hangs on Normal Boots - fine in safe mode

Hi -

Use SysInternals AutoRuns and disable "start-up" entries 1-by-1 and see if you can locate the culprit.

Download AutoRuns from Microsoft TechNet -

AutoRuns does not need to be installed. It is a stand-alone executable and will run in Safemode.

Regards. . .



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my windows xp is starting fine but seems to be strugglling to load the start up apps. i had and removed the nmc.fubalca.n worm. if anyone has any suggestions it will be much appreciated.

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I'm getting a blank screen when my computer boots up. Not even a Bios screen or anything. But, Win 7 seems to boot up fine in the background. I can hear the welcome chime in the background after a little bit.
I was in the process of putting in a new SSD when this happened. Tried to unplug it and restart, but same problem. Now I have everything else unplugged but the graphics card, and the old hdds. Still nothing but blank screen.
I'm wondering if it's the graphics card or the power supply that are spotty. Fan is spinning on the graphics card, but I'm not sure what to make of that by itself.
Not quite sure what to do now....

Mobo: Gigabyte 870A-UD3 AMD
CPU: AMD Phenom 2 X4 955 Black Edition
RAM: GSkill DDR3-1600 4GB
Graphics: MSI N460GTX Fermi
Power: OCZ Fatal1ty 550W modular
OS: Win 7 Ultimate OEM - clean install

Answer:Blank Screen, No Bios Screen, Win 7 boots fine, Now What?

You might have the splash turned off in the bios. Have you checked the settings in there. When the computer boots start hitting the button to get you into the bios seeing as you can't see it.

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Hi Everyone,

I've been having a very strange problem with a laptop recently (a Dell Inspiron N5010). The problem started with a bad processor (Intel i3-380M), which I replaced with a used one (Intel i3-350M). A few days later, the used processor went bad also. I had a spare processor lying around (an Intel i3-370M) which I was able to put in. Now, however, the laptop does a strange thing - at startup, after powering it on, it hangs for about 10 - 15 seconds (monitor doesn't come on, fans and lights turn on, however) before the BIOS flashes on the screen. After this the laptop boots and runs perfectly normally (although it does seem to run a bit hotter than usual). The other strange thing it does is at shutdown - when I go to settings and hit 'Power Off', the laptop will appear to shut off normally, but then the screen turns off and the fan keeps spinning and the lights stay on indefinitely, until I do a force shut down. I've already tried several things, including opening the computer and checking all connections to the motherboard, resetting and updating the BIOS, checking RAM modules, and running the laptop in safe mode to see if it's some service causing the OS to hang at shutdown.The problem still persists, however. Curiously, if I select 'Restart' under power settings, the laptop will shutdown normally, but will restart with the usual long black screen before the BIOS kicks in. Has anyone experienced this problem before or have ... Read more

Answer:Long black screen before BIOS, Windows starts just fine (Windows 8 Pro)


Not had that issue before, had it when a laptop just wont boot after a CPU change at the point you have your hang. You have done the steps I would have suggested in update/reset the BIOS, just in case it is not recognising the CPU correctly.

Just a quick thought on your issue and try re-installing the Chipset driver for your model Dell again and reboot and see if that helps (may not but worth a try).

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Working on this one for a friend.

Vista home sp2

It will boot into safe mode and work fine. reboot to normal and we get the login screen once clicked it will start loading into windows but goes to a black screen with the pointer showing and would give an error on loading nvcpl.dll, I have used safe mode to turn off the Nvidia control panel on startup but now just get a black screen and pointer. I can Cnt Alt Del and get to the Lock, switch user, task manager, screen.

No signs of malware or virus.

Kind of stumped on this one.


Answer:Black Screen With pointer Boot to safe mode fine

First step would be to download and install the latest video driver from the nvidia website. If that doesn't work we'll try a clean boot using msconfig.

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We have multiple IBM T40 laptops that have this symptom with the screen:Multiple IBM t40 screens do this: Start pink at BIOS, then fine, then about 5 minutes later screen goes black or darkAnybody know what part is responsible for this failure.It seems fairly common on Google, so I would assume lenovo support has heard about it a lot and probably has some info.

Answer:Screen pink at BIOS, then fine, then about 5 minutes later it goes black or dark

rhyous, welcome to the forum,
I hope I am wrong, but what you are describing sounds very much to me as when the inverter or CCFLs (backlights) are failing. The clue is that they "start pink" which is indicative of this. If this is the case the options are limited.
Have a look in ThinkWiki at this page

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I have a G580 where if I press the power button to turn it on the fans stay and the owe and webcam LEDs come on, but the screen stays off. I shined a flashlight on it and theres no picture at all. No sounds either, except for when I plug in or unplug the power, then it makes the beep. That beep is disabled in the bios settings though, shouldn't be happening!If I press and hold the onekey rescue button though the screen comes on fine and give me it's menu. Select normal startup and the computer boots perfectly. If I unplug or plug in power now there is no beep, as should be the case.Can anyone tell me why this is happening and if/how this laptop can be repaired to boot normally with the power button?

Answer:G580 power button=black screen. onekey rescue button=boots fine.

hi acehawk,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
Can you try Downloading a BIOS update here see if that works.
Please download and read the read me file as well for Installation procedure.
Solid Cruver

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I have Windows XP server pack 2 and its worked for about half a year now with no problems, but when i went on it this morning it restarted when i moved the mouse to get off the screen saver and now when i turn on the computer it sticks on the windows xp load screen for ages and when it finally loads its just a black screen with the mouse. I can move the mouse but there is nothing to click on and ctrl + alt + del does nothing so i cann't get task manager up or anything else and the computer restarts it's self after about a minute. If i start it in safe mode the same thing happens but without the windows xp loads screen taking ages to load. Is there a way to fix this or what else can i do?

Answer:Black Screen after windows loads

Using Recovery Console, do a chkdsk /r

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After a disastrous attempt to load a Windows 8 Pro CD on my HP TouchSmart 600-1050 I had Microsoft load Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit) since they had screwed up my hard drive (too long a story for here) and I am now able to boot fine in Safe Mode, but not in Normal Mode where it goes to a black screen. I used my Net Book to search for answers and found one that said to let the computer boot to the black screen, then hit the sleep key to put it to sleep and any other key to wake it up. Lo and behold, it worked. I wait until I hear the Microsoft start beep and then put it to sleep and wake it up. It comes up saying my password is incorrect and to retry. I then put in my password and I am back in business. This is not a solution, but an acceptable work around rather than buy a new computer or spend more money on one that is three years old. Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem?

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I've been getting a black screen on my computer.The black screen occurs when the "Windows XP" Logo with the loading bar gets done loading,after that it goes black and nothing appears.The first time this happened was yesterday,I was in the "Windows system Recovery Console".This isn't system recovery,its like MS-DOS where you can input commands to be executed.What I did was use the command CHKDSK(Check disk)to see where all the data was allocated.After that I used the command CHKDSK /P Which scans the disk for errors.The thing is the first time it worked,the second time the black screen appeared.I used the same method over and over with no results,anyone know what it may be?PLEASE and THANKS for you REPLIES!

Answer:Black Screen after Windows XP loads up

chkdsk /p is an entire scan yet it takes no corrective measures...Run chkdsk /r and see what happens.

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ECS K7S5A, SiS 735 chipset motherboard
AMD 1.4Ghz
Radeon 9000Pro 128MB
Win XP
PS 400w
Envision monitor, model 980-e

I'm having a problem with a black screen after showing the windows loads screen. It stays black and I have to restart in safe mode. Does not show the HD light on while on black screen so I assume that nothing is trying to load up. I have reformatted 4 different times to fix this. It always works fine for a while(1 week to a month)but goes back to the black screen problem eventually. This last time I upgraded me power supply from 350w to 400w. No problems for about a month, then this morning I get a black screen. All monitor drivers are updated, video, an AGP. I had resolution set at 1024x768, 60hz refresh. With all the stuff I have messed with, this has been going on for about 5 months now, it seems that the monitor might be the problem. Also was having a little problem here lately before the black screen came back. System would boot up but the monitor would never actually come on, the light would stay yellow. Everytime I restarted it would come on and boot up fine, so I didn't worry too much. Please help me!!

Answer:Black screen after Windows loads

It sounds like a display driver problem.

Are you using Driver Build
Posted September 12, 2002?

You can get it from here:

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Hey im new here, this is my first post, i was just playing wow then i went and took a shower and went out for lunch while leaving it running, and i came back to a black screen, i couldnt seem to do anything about it, so i reset my computer, and i tried to start it in safe mode, when i do that it goes as if its loading a bunch of files, then it just stops and wont start up, ive tried it multiple times, and tried restarting it normally and it just goes to a black screen after windows loads, is there anything i can do about this? thx alot

Also my video card is a nvidia geforce 6600 i believe, and im using windows xp sp1.

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I turn on my computer, get the motherboard flash screen like normal and it goes through the normal booting stuff then goes to the Windows XP loading screen with the logo and the little progress bar. It loads for a few minutes like normal and then the screen goes black. The monitor goes into Power Save mode like it does when the computer is powered off/the monitor is disconnected/hibernate mode. However, since the sound is on, I know Windows and my desktop do load because I can hear the Windows music and such. But the screen is completely black, no cursor or anything. I have tried to boot in Safe Mode with F8 but it doesn't work nor have I been able to get into the BIOS. I do have Windows Recovery Console installed but not sure what to do with it. I also have the XP install disk/key available.

Any thoughts on what to do? I know this happened once before but I cannot remember how I solved it or if it resolved on its own.

This is an OLD computer but hasn't had any problems recently:
Intel D865PERL mobo (I think that's the #, it's from memory)
1GB ram
160 gb Seagate sata hard drive
Pentium 4 w/ ht 2.8 ghz
Nvidia GeForce X5900XT w/ 512 mb
SoundBlaster Live!
Windows XP Pro sp3

Currently I am using the vga connection for the monitor, may try and run it with the dvi connection just oin case that helps.

Thank you!


Answer:Windows loads but screen is black

Hmmm....sounds like your pc is sending a video signal that is out of range.
What exactly happens when you try running XP in safe mode? it's usually the place to fix this problem...
try setting your monitor to auto adjust when your Windows is up and running and the screen is black.

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I've just installed windows 7 ultimate 32 bit on my pc and now after it says "starting windows" it goes to black screen

the only way i've found to get around this is to boot the window 7 boot disk go to repair and click reset

any help would be nice

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I dont even know where to start here. I have had nothing but troubles since 2005 came around.
first of all, my RAID 0 (2 * 80 gig Segate 8mbcache SATA) broke one day over a month ago... and needless to say that has caused many problems because XP Pro was installed on the raid as well and it broke while I was busy.. many many issues here.
Moving on I installed XP on a 3rd 80 gig IDE drive. Everything is kool (kinda). I am trying to copy over files form the raid. yes it will work for a while , but I dont know if it is one of the hard drives, the sata cable, or the connection on the MB (asus K8v SE Deluxe) or HD. but it will just break out of nowhere.. i nudge the cabkles a lil restart and it works again.
By now you want to know why this is in the video section. I got sick of jerky graphics so I whent ahead and installed the drivers for my vid card (Geforce 5600 Ultra) and I restarted, and the drivers didnt take .. i did this a couple times, but windows wont recognize my card now for some reason. so I go back in the case to play with the raid drives again and I notice I didnt have the extra power connected to the video card.. so i thought kool maybe thats why the drivers arent working.. so i shut it off, add the power connection, restart, select my O/S to load, the Windows splash screen comes up like normal, then the screen goes black when windows loads.. I hear evverything loads fine but I just have a black screen. I cant boot in safe mode, last known good config..I ... Read more

Answer:Windows screen comes

as far as the hard drives, etc. i would uninstall the ide drivers from device manager, reboot. should reinstall them to any new config settings that are there. and if you havent already, id say reseat the graphics card just to be safe.

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So... I have a Toshiba Satellite p35 notebook. The only thing I've added to it is a 512 mb memory module. It has served me well for at least two years, with the exception of overheating. My computer won't bring up the welcome screen ( where you type your password in). It will start up, windows xp loads, then all I get is a black screen with my mouse. I've plugged it up to another monitor, so it's not a monitor issue. I've tried safe mode, every type of boot, and last known good config. What should I do? I lost my recovery disks, but I just ordered it. I'm hoping and praying it will make my computer work like it did before. I want to play WoW!!!

Answer:Black Screen after Windows Loads

Here's Microsoft's recent opinion After the Windows Logo displays or after you log on to Windows, a Windows XP-based computer may only display the wallpaper, a black screen, or a blue screen

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Hi there,

Yesterday I downloaded the latest update for Nero 7 from the Nero website. After the download (which was quite chunky) the installation started and then a restart was requested. After the restart, XP seemed to start to load and then everything went blank (black screen). I switched 0ff and now every time I try to start up I get the same symptom. Xp starts to load then the infamous black screen. I can get on OK on Safe mode (hence the post) but not in normal mode. Any suggestions as to the problem?

Answer:Black screen after windows loads


As you can get to Safe Mode ok, thoughts are...

1. Uninstall Nero and reboot if ok re-install the orginal Nero you had
2. Boot into Safe Mode and do a System Restore back to just before the Update to Nero was installed.

Seems as if Nero and one of its driver files has cause issue with your Windows install, so next question is is your Windows XP upto date full with all Service Packs and critical updates?

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Hi, I have been facing with this strange issue lately. On pressing the power button the laptop powers up with the lenovo logo then it again goes blank, then it again comes with the same lenovo screen and then boots fine directly into the welcome screen, which is fine but this isn't how it used to boot up until a week ago. A week ago upon pressing the power button the lenovo logo popped up and after few seconds it went directly to the welcome screen, it took about 8-10 sec to boot up but now it takes double the time, sometimes even a minute to go into the welcome screen because it boots twice. I have done test with the lenovo hardware solution tool which returned no error. I haven't made any changes to bios settings and the laptop is very mildly used just for movies and word tasks.

Answer:Lenovo Y70 boots into Logo screen then restarts, then again boots fine.

Hi thenextstar , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
SInce it passed the hardware test, what you can try is to isolate startup programs that may delay booting.
Try to disable some start up application and likewise performing clean boot may help. 
Check how it goes after this initial steps.

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Hi guys, i have a problem. I have a Dual Core Pentium 3gb running windows vista with the first service pack. I have a nvidia Geforce 786mb graphics card, soundblaster sound card, 2g ram, 500mb hard drive. When i turn on the computer it appears to load fine but right when i get to the part when windows vista 32 is loading and it shows the globe the screen goes dark and then says no signal. I can hear windows continue to load but the screen never comes back on. The computer starts up fine in safe mode however. Ive run a virus check in safe mode and found nothing. i did a system restore and that did nothing. any ideas of what could be going on? Thanks!


Answer:Screen goes black as windows vista 32 loads...

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I have a Dell desktop with Windows XP. When I turn on my computer, the Windows XP loading screen appears (with the blue loading bar), but then the screen goes black and never loads my desktop. My recovery disk boots and gives me the "Welcome to Setup" screen. When I hit ENTER to try to repair, it brings me straight to the screen that asks to create or delete partitions. If I hit "R" to recover, my Administrator password is no longer set to [blank] (in the past, I've just hit ENTER). I've also tried booting in VGA mode, Safe Mode, Safe Mode with the prompting screen, Debugging Mode, Last Known Good Configuration, etc, but it always ends up at a black screen.I've read that there are ways to load Windows by copying and deleting system files using DOS mode within the "R" recovery console, but I can't get that far without first changing my admin password.I realize formatting may be inevitable, but are there any tricks to either (1) change my admin password without loading Windows, or (2) repairing Windows with the recovery disk without clearing my C: partition? Do I have to delete partition C: to install a new OS on it? Or would that not allow me to access my files anyway? All I want to do is get my files off the drive before formatting, if possible.

Answer:Windows XP loads blank black screen

If that's all you want to do, I would recommend you get "Ghost Drive". It will save your data and allow you to reformat without losing your stuff. Although, you will need another computer just to get the software but I'm sure that task will be much easier for you. Just a thought.

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Hey all,

I've recently upgraded my Windows 7 HP 6200 pro machine to Windows 10 pro. It all went fine however this annoying problem, when I turn on the computer, the screen is blank for 1 minute.. I see no HP logo or any chance to boot into bios, or other stuff.. like info from devices that used to pop up..first thing I see is the Windows logo and the windows loads and works normally.. Also when I restart the PC the windows restarts and then just monitor "going to sleep" and won't boot until I hard power off and power on again

I've tried clearing BIOS battery out, trough the button,
I made sure I have connected VGA primary input and only the monitor that supports bios resolution.
I've tried doing sfc /scannow , updating , rolling back drivers etc etc updating BIOS to the latest version,
I only have onboard gfx card..

After reading many sites I learned that it has to do something with this UEFI bios or whatever,.. but previously I had no such problems on Windows 7. Does anybody know what I could do?


Answer:Black screen but Windows 10 loads normal

i have the same problem with laptop HP.

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Hello all.

I would appreciate greatly any help on this one. I'm trying to avoid a huge bill. Let me give you some background. I had to shut my comp off the hard way after everything froze and I couldn't get to task manager. Now, the thing will only load to the black screen with movable cursor. Just so you know what I've done: Setup shows 4 or 5 SATAs listed but the first 2 say not detected. System Restore didn't work. I tried 3 different points. The startup repair thing didn't seem to work either. I checked the hard drive and it's clearly still spinning, not clicking or anything like that. I'm not sure what else to tell you. Any ideas? Thanks a million.

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I recently installed a raid 0 set up with win7 64 bit. Everything works good (except it will not auto update bit I don't care about that) but when I reboot it to access the bios so I can overclock I cannot get into the bios. I have a wired USB keyboard that normally let's me in via the delete key. This is annoying as I need to be able to get in there at will. I do not have a slot for a ps2 keyboard. Thanks, Jared.

Answer:Win 7 boots fine but cannot access BIOS.

Can you access the raid bios with the keyboard?

Have you tried another keyboard?

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Hey, I was asked by a family member to clean out their laptop, so I went ahead and downloaded malwarebytes, ccleaner and a new antivirus. Then I turned on safemode and restarted the pc.
Now the laptop starts up and goes to the windows loading bar. As soon as its done loading the screen goes black but I can see and move the mouse cursor. A few seconds after that the pc restarts. Over and over again.

Useless info:

I interrupted the process and then I was asked if I wanted to restore the pc to a earlier time. After doing that, it booted into safemode. I cleaned out the pc (put a lot of work into it etc). I turned off safemode and booted it up regulary. For some reason I couldnt install the new antivirus but the old one was deleted (not an issue for this thread). Since i was in safe mode before I figured to fix the antivirus problem i will boot it into safemode again.Click to expand...

Now Im stuck again but this time, restoring it doesnt help, I cant do a full system restore because there is no backup image and the data on the laptop is important.
Startup repair doesnt help.
I figure that I only need to be able to turn off safemode somehow. Is there any way of fixing this?
Thanks in advance, I registered on this forum because of this problem and I will try and return the favor in other threads.

Acer Asipre
Windows Vista (idk if 32 or 64, i assume 32)
SU2700 Intel Premium processor
intel GMA 4500MHD
3GB DDR3 memory

Answer:Laptop can not boot into safe mode, boots fine regulary


Right now, everytime I start up the laptop, it goes to systemrestore.

I'd like to get to the window where it asks me how I want to boot the system. ("Boot Windows with the last working settings" or something like that). I know that this should boot it without safemode, but i don't know how to get there...

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I have to fix a laptop for a friend... I fixed the networking problem it had and after it worked for a day i started it up and it loaded windows vista but it went to black screen... Started it in safe mode does not work... started it in safe mode with command promt worked just fine but you can really do anything.... Please help i need it solved before sunday.... Thanks ahead of time.

Answer:LAPTOP goes to black screen after it loads windows vista!

You could try pressing F8 when booting up the laptop to get the Windows boot option menu and choose the option 'Last Known Good Configuration'.Hope this helps...

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Right before the password screen would normally appear (after vista has loaded), I just get a black screen with the mouse. I've run the diagnostics and received the following error message:

Error Code 0F00:137B
Msg: IDE device failed: Blank media or no media present in optical drive. Test requires media with data (Resource CD, Installation CD).

Safe mode works, but nothing I do there seems to work. Chkdsk returns no results and system restores have no result (still see the black screen). I deleted some video drivers because I thought it might be a graphical problem, but no luck. I've tried restarting from the "last known good configuration" but just get the black screen again. I heard that this could be a dead hard drive, but hope that's not the problem. Everything but the keyboard, mouse, and monitor is unplugged and there aren't any disks in the drive. I read that this could be a driver issue, but I have no idea what drivers to disable/uninstall. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

System stats:

Dell XPS 410
1.8 ghz intel core 2
1mb RAM
32x Vista Home Premium

Answer:Vista won't load (Black screen after windows loads)

What diagnostic test produced the error code?

I see the words "optical drive" and would think it is referring to the DVD drive. Place your Vista DVD into the DVD drive or invoke the recovery partition (usually F10 during boot-up) and run Vista System Repair.

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What happened:

I left to go to the store, so I shut down some programs through the icon panels (right-click Skype, "quit," etc.). After trying to close Steam, I got the 'ol "Please close game X before shutting down Steam." So I left it on that message, left my laptop on and left the apartment.

I came back to see a back-lit black screen. Tried shaking the mouse, nothing happened. Pressed space bar, waited, nothing happened. So I held down the power button and restarted it. Loaded to a black screen again, with no cursor, again.

Removed the battery, placed it back in and restarted it. Then I got the following message:

A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed.

Error code: 0xc0000225

You'll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. If you don't have any...

Press Enter to try again
Press F8 for Startup Settings
Press Esc for UEFI Firmware Settings
Press F9 to use a different operating system

After pressing Enter:

The application or operating system couldn't be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors.

File: \Windows\system32\winload.efi
Error code: 0xc0000225

You'll need to use the recovery tool on your installation media. if you don't have any...

Press Enter to try again
Press F8 for Startup Settings
Press Esc for UEFI Firmware Settings
Press F9 to use a different operating system

Googled the issue, was told to use Windows repair... Read more

Answer:Windows 8 loads to black screen; winload.efi missing.

How to use the BCDboot command in Windows 7/8/10. -> link

Originally Posted by Paladynne

So, if I can't get this fixed, is there a way to access the contents of my laptop's HDD so I can extract the files I need?

How to download and clean install Windows 8.1 if you have an OEM computer with UEFI firmware (BIOS) embedded Windows 8/8.1 product key. -> link

Do not delete the partitions on your hard drive, if you have important files on your hard drive and you will not be able to backup your important files.

- Select the partition on which Windows is installed (see screenshot below).
- Click on the "Next" button.

- You will receive the following message (see screenshot below): If the partition you've chosen contains files from a previous Windows installation, these files and folders will be moved to a folder named Windows.old. You'll be able to access Windows.old, but you won't be able to use your previous version of Windows.

- Click on the "OK" button.
- The installation of Windows will begin.

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I have an HP Pavilion 510c and When i turn it on it say hp then it goes to the windows xp screen and when it finishes loading the screen flashes and goes black and I cant do anything? How could i fix this?



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Hey guys, im new to this forums but im hoping to get some of my questions asnwered.

Let me start from the beginning so u guys know the whole backround of my home built computer. I bought these parts around april of 2005:

mobo = asus a8n sli deluxe
ram = 2x pc4000 crucial ballistix LED
cpu = AMD 64 3800+ new castle
video = evga 6800 GT
psu = antec true 550
sound = audigy 2 zs
hard drive = WD raptor, 74 gb 10,000 rpm
NEC 3550a dvd r/w
IDE :slim maxtor 60gb 7200 rpmhd
WD 80gb 7200rpm hd
belkin ide condroller pci card with a WD 60 gb hardrive connected
usb 2.0 iomega 80gb external HD
ATI tv tuner, tv wonder pro
this rig was running perfectly fine for about 8-10 months until i started having some problems. i had several problems but let me just fast forward to the biggest one.

My motherboard started freezing at the first image that popped up and i couldnt even access the bios setup. i RMA'd it and the new board asus sent me seemed to work fine. i first just hooked up the raptor hardrive, ram, and the nececities to run windows xp prof. and it worked fine. then i installed my sound card, ide controller, tv tuner, and all those drivers installed correctly and was working fine. i then plugged in 2 of my 3 internal hardrives on IDE1 port. and this is when i started having problems.

firstly, the screen would just TURN BLACK, until windows loaded and the first thing id see would be my desktop. i could not evne access bios because it was just black. so i unplugged 1 of my hardr... Read more

Answer:help~~screen is totally black until windows desktop loads

is the raptor your boot drive.?...put one HD onthe primary IDE connector ...try putting only one of the IDE drives on THE IDE secondary connector with a CD drive as slave

I'm done for the nite gotta eat

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V570 - works great!  Love it!Upgraded to Win8 but had probs with it so did a "refresh" and that pretty much cleared it up.Bored so got a Sammy 840Pro SSD.  Cloned with stand-alone Acronis Trueimage 2013.  Boots and works fine. Had the SSD plugged to the eSATA. Then I noticed that on cold startup, it was not giving me the BIOS options of F2 and F12, and pressing them did nothing - it just booted up Win. Did a lot of googling at this point but no joy.I then noticed that on a restart from Win8 , it DID give me the BIOS options and I could get into the BIOS.  But that's a dicey way to run!!!I early on (a year ago) found that you cannot re-order the devices in BIOS - it resets them to what it wants. (latest BIOS 44CN36WW which is 43 - an old one) Okay, so boot order is SATA port specific, I put my second HD into the primary position and hung the SSD off the eSATA cable.  It insisted that the SSD was bootable device 8 (LOL) and tried very hard to boot from the Realtek LAN port.  However it WAS giving me the BIOS options so I could hit F12 and choose the SSD and boot into windows. I also found that if I pulled the RJ45 before I hit power, it would try the Realtek, but then bounce to the list of devices - choose the SSD, and boot into windows. I moved the SSD to the DVD port (I had an adapter), but exact same thing - still calls it 8. So it works and is a good deal faster than the original Toshiba drive which did 90MB read.  But ... Read more

Answer:V570, cloned HD to SSD, boots fine but no BIOS

HiThis is actually because of the windows 8 fast startup feature. On shutdown, it actually goes to hibernation like state.You can disable it in the power options

Ishaan Ideapad Y560(i3 330m), Hp Elitebook 8460p!(i5-2520M) Hp Pavilion n208tx(i5-4200u)If you think a post helped you, then you can give Kudos to the post by pressing the Star on the left of the post. If you think a post solved your problem, then mark it as a solution so that others having the same problem can refer to it.

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Hello. I have a problem recently where this website I try to browse to for an online Madden video game league simply will not load. I can access it and use the forum just fine on my phone via cellular connection, or even other WiFi networks. But my phone on my WiFi and either of my computers wired into my router, it never allows me access.
I have FIOS and an Actiontech WI424WR router. Every other website works just fine. I have logged into the router and checked every setting I can think of.. firewall, parental controls, access/deny lists, website blocking, nothing looked out of the ordinary. I cannot even ping the website. I also did a complete reset of my router this morning, same issue. Any ideas?

Answer:Cannot access one website on my network, outside of my network it loads fine

what happens when you try to access it?

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Hello, my computer gets to the black Windows XP load screen with the loading bar and it just stays there, loading and loading and loading. All the safe modes and last known good config don't work either, they just get stuck loading.
I haven't installed any new hardware or software, and there was no BSOD. this just happened suddenly one day with no prior warning, and now I can't access my pictures and music and such.
I tried to repair from the Windows XP CD and it also just gets stuck and does nothing.
If you need specs, tell me.

Please help me and thank you.

Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2
Intel Pentium D processor
2 Ghz, 512MB of RAM

Answer:computer loads forever at black windows load screen

Hi doubt and welcome to TSF
Can you start in Safe Mode?
Tap F8 repeatedly whilst the computer is first starting and it will give you the option to start in Safe Mode. See if that is any quicker or if it's the same and post back.

Edit: Just seen that you have checked Safe Mode. Have you got your XP CD?

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For some time now, my BIOS has stopped working. When i press delete to start the BIOS when i boot, it shows a static white line (no blinking). See this image: Imgur

However, if I do not try to get to the BIOS, the computer will boot and work fine, and has worked for over a year without problems.

I still feels it is a problem, and as I want to upgrade my Hard drive and OS soon, I'd like to fix this strange bug.

The bug first appeared after I installed two SSDs, wich worked fine at first, as i successfully configured the SSD, but while reinstalling windows it bugged at some point.

Things I tried:
Unplugging all HDD -> same problem
upgrading BIOS -> Cant since the update I got from MSI requires to go into the BIOS to update

System information:
MSI Dominator laptop
Driver page: Notebook - The best gaming notebook provider 64

Possible solutions:
Repair BIOS in some way? the functionality seems fine, I think only the displaying part has a problem.
Upgrading BIOS whithout actually going into the BIOS?

Thank you for your time, and if I didn't provide enough info please say so i'll try to fix it.

Answer:BIOS freezes on load, but computer boots fine

Repair BIOS in some way? the functionality seems fine, I think only the displaying part has a problem.
Upgrading BIOS whithout actually going into the BIOS?

Shut down and pull the power cord out of the Notebook/Laptop then remove the battery and wait a few minutes before trying again.
Remove the SSD and try to boot into the BIOS, see what happens. Worst thing would be a notice of no boot device.
Flashing the BIOS with the same or newer file will depend upon how it is done for your computer, whether it needs the software on a floppy disk, a CD, a USB Thumb/Flash drive or can be done from within Windows.

One way to reset the BIOS on a Desktop is to pull all the power, wait a minute then remove the CMOS battery, about the size of a quarter, put it all back and try again. A similar procedure can be used with a Notebook but much more difficult to get at it and requires some experience and patience.

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Good Day and thanks in advance for any help!

I have a DELL XPS running MS XP Media Center ver 2002 SP 3
Intel Core 2Quad CPU
[email protected] 2.40ghz
2.40 ghz 3.00 GB ram
(I think that is how it is suppose to be written, actually greek to me).

When I boot in normal mode, once everything finally loads (which takes at least 10 minutes and even a slight mouse movement takes 10 to 20 seconds), I hear a clicking noise. From the Google searches I have titled this as "the click of death". However, when I boot in safe mode everything works fine....except although disk manager says that my newly connected Buffalo 3.0 TB external hard drive is installed, I can't see it under my computer. And, yes, I am an idiot and am only now trying to back up my data.

I am totally clueless when it comes to computers, but my logical thinking says that if safe mode works, then it's not my internal hard drive???

Answer:Hard Drive Click of DEATH_but boots/works fine in safe mode???

FileMakerMom said:

Good Day and thanks in advance for any help!

I have a DELL XPS running MS XP Media Center ver 2002 SP 3
Intel Core 2Quad CPU
[email protected] 2.40ghz
2.40 ghz 3.00 GB ram
(I think that is how it is suppose to be written, actually greek to me).

When I boot in normal mode, once everything finally loads (which takes at least 10 minutes and even a slight mouse movement takes 10 to 20 seconds), I hear a clicking noise. From the Google searches I have titled this as "the click of death". However, when I boot in safe mode everything works fine....except although disk manager says that my newly connected Buffalo 3.0 TB external hard drive is installed, I can't see it under my computer. And, yes, I am an idiot and am only now trying to back up my data.

I am totally clueless when it comes to computers, but my logical thinking says that if safe mode works, then it's not my internal hard drive???Click to expand...

You're running the 32-bit version of XP Media Center. The 32-bit version of any PC Operating System has a limit of 2TB disk size and access. It won't see the 3TB drive so, therefore, it won't show in "My Computer". When you start in safe mode, all connected devices are ignored. Try booting normally without the external drive connected and see if things go back to normal.

Did the "clicking" come from the computer or the external drive? If it came from the external drive, get... Read more

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Hi folks!Unfortunately, my 2 year old pushed some buttons on my Lenovo B590 laptop and something isn't right. Upon start up (Windows 7 64), I get a black screen with a moving cursor. Ctrl+alt+del doesn't bring up the task manager.I double checked the boot order in BIOS and that looks OK.Restarting in Safe mode works.I also updated the video drivers, and (strangely) I was able to restart in normal and everything looked fine. However, when I restarted again after that, I was back to the black screen in Normal.I've been Googling all morning, and done what I've found. If anyone else has any other suggestions, I'd be grateful for them. And if you have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to ask.Thanks!

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i recently had to reinstall my windows xp due to file corruption and now when i start my laptop after the dell loading screen which finishes in a second or two a black screen with a loading bar at the bottom apears which takes 5-7 minutes to complete after its completion the windows loading screen appears and then the logging window appears and after logging in windows start normally. PLZ help me if you know about this and tell me how to get rid of this black loading screen if possible.

Answer:a black screen loads before the windows load screen

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Hello all, My T61 with NV140M video card was running fine until yesterday when all of a sudden the screen had a strange hue with many red/pinkish dots on it and then the computer completely froze. I held the power button to restart the system only to realize the screen no longer displays ANYTHING at all. Strangely it boots fine into Windows 7 without any beeps (I was able to log in to Windows and hear the startup sound after swiping my finger) but I was not able to see anything at all on screen the entire time. While in Windows, I tried to switch to a connected external monitor with FN+F7 with no avail after many attempts as both screens remained completely blank. Also I realized that I was able to adjust the screen brightness (not sure if this is relevant at all but I thought this rules out problems related to the inverter/screen). I then thought this might have to do with the nvidia display chip that many people had problems with but don't know if this was my case as the laptop boots fine into Windows and that usually rules out hardware issues. The laptop is out of warranty and after speaking to a customer representative, I was quoted a fee of over $500 for repairs without given a cause... Does anyone have any prior experience with what I am experiencing and know what might be the problem? Thanks all and happy holidays.

Answer:t61 blank screen but boots fine?

It might not be a happy holiday for you when I say that it apears that the nVIDIA chip on the motherboard has died.

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Hello L'users My fancy problem with my W530 DOS machine 2441-B32. Age: 2 weeks.Bios was current (1.11) when I started installing W7 64bit. Before installation, I changed the BIOS setting to UEFI.OS Installation seems to be fine, no error messages from the OS or ThinkVantage so far. Funny is that I cannot access the BIOS any more. Here comes the plot. ************************************************************************************First message for about 5 seconds during boot procedure is: "To interrupt normal startup, press Enter" Problem: Pressing Enter does not interrupt the "normal" startup.  Second message for about a second is: [...]System BIOS shadowedVideo BIOS shadowedBIOS Version: G5ET33W (1.11 )[...]  [...]Press <F1> to BIOS Setup. Problems: Pressing F1 does not lead to setup. I did not manually shadow anything.BIOS was not secured from me with a pwd.  Third message for about half a second is: ThinkVantage Active Protection sensor diagnostics start. / The fourth message is the start message from a booting W7. ************************************************************************************ What I have tried: (1)BIOS Update Utilityg5uj07us.exe Executed under W7 says  BIOS image file is same as BIOS ROMAn update is not necessary at this time. So it seems that the BIOS is accessible by this utility. (2)Starting from the DVD-ROM is not possible, I tr... Read more

Answer:No access to BIOS on W530 after W7 64bit installation | W7 boots and works fine

The next BIOS release will solve this problem.  It seems it has not been posted to the support website yet.  Could you please e-mail me at [email protected]?  I will reply on Monday with a link to the BIOS version you need.  Sorry for this trouble.

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I just built my first PC last week and things have been fine for the most part. A few little problems here and there though. This might be a little long-winded but I would rather give as many details as possible.

My problem started with finally organizing my cables and peripherals. I plugged in my 2 external hard drives (2 different Seagate drives) into 2 rear USB 2.0 connectors and when I booted up, my computer kept going straight to BIOS without me touching any buttons. I would try to exit BIOS and start windows but I would keep looping back to BIOS everytime. When I unplugged them before I booted up, my pc would be fine. I could also access the data on the drives when I plugged them in after the boot.

I posted somewhere else about my issues and someone recommended disabling my usb and usb 3.0 legacy support. They also recommended updating my BIOS if it wasn't up to date.

Sure enough, I went into my BIOS and my version was 1.20 (newest version is 1.30). While I was in BIOS, I disabled my USB and USB 3.0 legacy support. Saved and exited and my computer booted up.

I downloaded the windows option for BIOS and tried to run it but I kept getting "Error : Firmware does not have flash (AFUWINGUI) support". So one question would be, is this error a big deal? I'm not going to try to install it from windows so I feel like it won't matter. After doing a little research I now see many people recommending not to do a windows installation... Read more

Answer:ASRock Extreme 3 Gen 3 -- can't access BIOS anymore. Computer boots fine though.

Is your keyboard USB or PS/2? Normally a USB keyboard will not work before booting until you've enabled it in BIOS already. So basically you need to use an older keyboard (or an adapter) the first time, and then enable USB in the BIOS to use your USB keyboard.

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Hi,I recently decided to upgrade my nvidia gfx drivers. After installing the drivers, I was presented with a BSOD. I rebooted into safemode and uninstalled the new drivers. Rebooted again and windows installed its default gfx drivers. I then decided to install an older version of my nvidia drivers, same story... i again went into safemode and uninstalled the drivers.After rebooting again, windows was in the process of installing its default windows gfx drivers when it BSOD again. Now when I reboot the screen stays blank. It boots normally as I can hear the windows startup sound, and can even log in as I can hear the log in sound as well.I am unable to get into the bios or safemode as I cannot see anything on the screen at all.The computer was working fine up until the first BSOD after installing the new nvidia drivers.Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could do?

Answer:Computer boots fine, blank screen

If this is a laptop (you do not state or what Graphics Card/Chip) then the nVidia Drivers may of been customised by the Laptop Manufacturer..

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I attempted to open an old Windows Live Movie Maker (version 2011) file I created in 2015 prior to "upgrading" to windows 10. File opens fine, I can hear the audio, video thumbnails are fine - but all I get on the main big screen is a black screen
and I cannot save out or publish. 
I suspect the problem may in part be due to the fact I am using mp4 files (a whole bunch edited together). I don't have the same problem using .MOV files - everything works dandy. So I'm guessing although mp4 files worked fine pre-Windows 10, for some reason
they no longer work in Windows 10?
Any suggestions?
Many thanks for your time.

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  I have replaced the Hard drive fresh install of XP and removed the CMOS battery to clear it. I am stil get the same results"Windows splash screen with moving dots stays on screen 10minutes" at bootup. what could cause this?any idea on things to checkAll the Lenovo System passed


Go to Solution.

Answer:x301 bootup slow after bios loads at windows first splash screen 10min

updated the bios to 3.07-1.05 that looks to have solved the problem.

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I recently transported my (Acer Aspire 5100 series, Windows XP) laptop using a normal laptop-carrying bag (the laptop was upside down for around 4 hours). As a result the battery ran out and when I next attempted to turn it on using the power cord the laptop booted up just fine, but the screen will not turn on (nor does the built-in OrbiCam camera light at the top come on). I can hear the normal music the system makes when turning on and the cd drive will open normally....
I have tried rebooting numerous times as well as taking the battery/power cord out and pressing in the power button for 30+ seconds while holding the laptop upside down (which for some reason was a very common solution that came up on a Google search). Still no luck.
I use this laptop for my daily work, need it desperately, and would greatly appreciate a timely response.
thanks so much in advance!!!

Answer:Rest of laptop boots up fine, but screen will not turn

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I loaded Windows 8 x64 about a week ago, it has booted fine every day until this morning. Instead of the loading windows logo its just a black screen that never does anything, I tried safe mode but F8 does nothing. What would cause this? It loaded just fine about 10 times, the only problem I had was with the installation I had to disable the hyper-threading to install the 64-bit version.

Any ideas!? Its very frustrating I would appreciate some advice today. Thanks!

Answer:Loads To Black Screen??

Durr....flash drive, but the feeling of relief haha!

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This morning I turned on my laptop, only for it to freeze almost immediately after everything had loaded. So I decided to turn it off then back on...on to see a black screen after the Vista OS screen finishes loading. I've tried to boot in safe mode, but I'm only given to options; 1) Start Windows Normally. 2) Repair and Start Windows. Both of these options have the same outcome, a black screen shortly after. Its a Lenovo 3000 N200 and I've had no problems until now. I don't really want to have to restore to factory defaults because I have far to much that would be lost. Also, the Lenovo Care Center thing doesn't load either. Anyone have some insight?

Answer:Black Screen after OS loads

Hmm, if I were to purchase a Laptop to IDE HDD adapter could I transfer files from it to my desktop + reformat?

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ok it is me again i am having some serious trouble with this toshiba foreign piece of [email protected]#&. so when i start this machine i see the toshiba screen then as expected i see the win xp splash screen. and it loads to the gui i get all the sounds and the normal indications that it is loaded up but a black screen and you can tell that the screen is working. now i did uninstall the video controller to see if it would show up on the next reboot like the forums told me to. now i got no display. but i am in windows. also i can not get into safe mode to change it back either. can anyone help me??????

Answer:XP loads, but to a black screen

It sounds like your graphics adapter got disable some how. have you been in the device manager lately? Try repairing windows. Also it could be that your bios is configured improperly. if you have more that one device installed, check to see if the one your are trying to use is set as default.

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I have been facing with this strange issue lately. On pressing the power button the laptop powers up with the lenovo logo then it again goes blank, then it again comes with the same lenovo screen and then boots fine directly into the welcome screen, which is fine but this isn't how it used to boot up until a week ago.

A week ago upon pressing the power button the lenovo logo popped up and after few seconds it went directly to the welcome screen, it took about 8-10 sec to boot up but now it takes double the time, sometimes even a minute to go into the welcome screen because it boots twice.

I have done test with the lenovo hardware solution tool which returned no error. I haven't made any changes to bios settings and the laptop is very mildly used just for movies and word tasks.

Attachment 71036

Answer:Laptop boots into LOGO screen then restart, then again reboots fine.

The zip you uploaded contains only one crash dump which is fairly old than the time you are talking about. And, your issue is not a BSOD issue, apparently.

Check the state of Fast Startup. Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
If it is off, turn it on and see if anything changes there.

Let us know the result.

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I have been facing with this strange issue lately. On pressing the power button the laptop powers up with the lenovo logo then it again goes blank, then it again comes with the same lenovo screen and then boots fine directly into the welcome screen, which is fine but this isn't how it used to boot up until a week ago.

A week ago upon pressing the power button the lenovo logo popped up and after few seconds it went directly to the welcome screen, it took about 8-10 sec to boot up but now it takes double the time, sometimes even a minute to go into the welcome screen because it boots twice.

I have done test with the lenovo hardware solution tool which returned no error. I haven't made any changes to bios settings and the laptop is very mildly used just for movies and word tasks.

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I am a newbie to these sort of forums, but unable to find a solution by browsing I came here.

I'm looking for help with my grandads computer. It is a very old custom build running windows xp. I've opened it up to have a look inside and it seems to have most things onboard such as graphics ect. I haven't been able to get on to the computer long enough to find out all the system specs.

The computer powers up, gives one beep as it usually would, shows the motherboard(?) splashscreen and then starts loading windows xp.

After this point it does one of 3 things:

The screen goes blank with no cursor and remains like that with all the fans ect stil running and lights still on.

The computer starts beeping continuously a bit like a siren and the monitor says 'no signal'.

The computer loads xp (enough for me to do a system restore which didn't help) but after a minute or so the screen goes grey/blue and stripey.

It's such an old computer but I'd love to sort it as my grandad enjoys playing chess on it but probably won't spend money on a new one!

Let me know if you need any more info/ me to do any more tests.


Answer:PC boots but then either goes blank, beeps or loads Windows and then crashes

Bad memory or power supply...

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Hi there,

Just been re-directed here by Broni after finding out that my issue is not infection related.

Here is the thread;

I recently, maybe 3 or 4 days ago, updated my video card drivers and did not have any problems. Just last night I was playing a game without issue. But this morning, once the desktop loads up, I have about 10-15 seconds and then my screen goes black. Not offline black, but a greyish-black.

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Black screen after Win 7 desktop loads up

Question: Were your previous drivers giving you issues?

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Hey goodday, i noticed my laptop started behaving funny of late. when i turn it on it, at the the prompt for my password, on typing in the password a black screen appears with the cursor movable. with this i have to wait for some time before i get to my desktop.
when the system starts, it freezes intermitently and shutdown also take heavens before the systems powerdown, i don't know exactly what the problem is.

i have a vista basic, HDD 80GB, RAM 1.5GB

please help me i need the system to be faster.

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Hi, I'm new here (nice to meet you all). I am a basic computer user that knows how to download, install, and fix basic problems. However, this is seemingly too advanced for me, unfortunately.

I have a Gateway LX6810, preconfigured from Best Buy with Vista Home Premium x64, 8 gb of DDR2 Ram, an Intel Core 2 Quad processor (at 2.33 ghz), and a Nvidia GeForce 120 video card.

My exact problem is as follows: My computer has been running fine since I got it about 2 weeks ago. It loaded fast, opened programs quickly, and was able to play Fallout 3 on max specs (other than resolution, as I have that set to my tv's 1280x720 ratio) with no stutter.

Now, as of three hours ago, I get the black screen everytime I start, right after the green Microsoft load bar. It lasts about ten minutes, then when the "Welcome" screen with the circular cursor comes up, that lasts another minute. I haven't really downloaded anything in the past few day, other than a small video file (which I watched and had no troubles with), so I don't think its that. Also now it takes Firefox about 30-40 seconds to load up instead of two or three. Normal folders still open very quickly. I'm half afraid to try a game right now.

I had noticed something funky when, about 5 hours ago, I went to open a rar file and it took about 2 mins to open. Keep in mind that I had opened that rar file a day or two ago without a hitch. About half an hour later, I shut off my PC. Realizing I wanted to look something else up o... Read more

Answer:Black Screen, loads after 10 minutes

Click on the start orb.
Click on search and type in msconfig
when msconfig loads look for autostart programs, it is possible that one of these may be causing problems. Turn them all off and slowly turn them on one at a time after every boot.
Also look at your processes to ensure nothing nasty is hiding.

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Earlier today my computer froze and when I restarted it, it loaded the XP splash screen but then went black. The computer was still running, but the screen was black and I couldn't do anything. I tried to reboot in safe mode, but it hangs on the "loading-processes screen". I've also tried repairing the region with my windows XP disc, but it didn't resolve anything. I've tried two different video cards and different RAM configurations, but the same problem persists every time. I have also done nothing new to my software, or changed any hardware arrangements in my computer over the past few months. Any suggestions? Your help would be much appreciated!!!

Answer:XP Splash Screen Loads, Then Goes Black

Is the cursor blinking in the upper left corner of the black screen?

Exactly what steps did you your repair efforts? Telling us may save a lot of "I've already tried that" comments.


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I am using a Compaq Presario V2000 (It's  a 2005) I reformatted using the Operating System CD, and reinstalled Windows. I load the Windows logo and then goes to a black screen and nothing.I loaded the Operating Systems CD again: On Welcome to Setup I press ENTER to set up Windows XP. I press F8 to agree to License Agreement. At the bottom of screen it says "searching for previous versions of Microsoft Windows" and does nothing else, it just freezes there. If I go onto Safe mode with Command Prompt it loads up to "multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\windows\system32\drivers\mup.sys" and then after a while it says something like beginning dump of physical memory but I can't read all of it because it automatically restarts. I would be so grateful if someone could help me. It may take me a while to check this because I have no way to access the internet at home and will have to go to sister's house to do it. God, when the system first crashed I thought "wonderful, I'll have to reformat and reinstall windows", how I wish it had been that easy! I'm not a complete novice, I have some experience with computers, but this has stumped me! Help please! Please help me!

Answer:Reformatted now loads to black screen!

What exactly does it say on this XP CD ? ?

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I have an H215, with an Antec power supply and a GeForce 9800GT video card running in this system.  Lately on a cold start, it just hangs on the Lenovo splash screen.  Pressing enter to get into the BIOS doesn't work. If I hold the power button down to power off, then power back on I load into Windows 7 normally.  The system runs fine after that.  This issue has just popped up.  I've also added a second hard drive, but again the system was running great with these upgrades until just a few days ago.  

Answer:Hangs on Lenovo startup splash screen, boots fine after reset

The issue was resolved with updating the boot order of the drives. 1st was blank and it started with 2nd slot. I also unplugged an external drive, and external CD writer.  Not sure what was going on but it's either the boot order or the drives messing something up.

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Bootup proceeds to the phase with the little green bar moving across it's path repeating. It repeats several times, then freezes in place for good.

Answer:startup repair says all is fine; boot in safe mode w/ nworkg is fine. but can't startup

Try setting up a clean boot in safe mode, shows how to in Vista here.
Remember to Hide all Microsoft services in Services. Reboot as normal to see if you can log in. Re-enable half the service to see if still ok. Process of elimination but all the info is in the link.

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I apologize in advance for my computer ignorance. When I started my Acer laptop today, it struggled to startup, then finally started in safety mode but then went to a black screen. I pushd ctrl alt del then task manager and asked it to start Firefox, which it did, with the black screen still behind it - no desk top. What do I do?

Answer:Black screen after startup - but internet loads


Take a look at this Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot and this Why is my screen black when I start Windows 7? for the problem you are having.

Let us know your results

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