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Defective X1 Carbon - dies randomly

Question: Defective X1 Carbon - dies randomly

Got my X1 Carbon yesterday. Does have the loose clickpad. Worse issue - it would power down randomly - as in you are typing and suddenly it goes completely dead, as in "lights out" or someone pull the plug type dead. Also does not sleep properly - often when it goes to sleep it dies and you get an improper windows shutdown warning when you restart it. Happens both with AC power and battery power. Was on hold for 1.5 hours trying to reach a sales rep to make an exchange and got disconnected. Tried to do factory restore just to see what will happen but F11 on startup does not work. The notebook looks great but otherwise I can't say I am very happy with my experience.

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Preferred Solution: Defective X1 Carbon - dies randomly

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Defective X1 Carbon - dies randomly

Way to go Lenovo... 20th Anniv. flagship model and units are shipping with missing parts, poor build quality/loose screws and who knows what other issues will appear in another week. If mine isn't perfect when I receive it on Monday it will be my last Lenovo. Your long-time Thinkpad users are very disappointed... What a joke! EDIT: Now it looks like we're getting DOA's... Awesome. Who's building these things?!

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I just received my new X1 Carbon yesterday. When I booted it up the first time the computer died after I set up username and password in Windows. Next time the same screen appeared but the username was ofcourse taken already. I logged into windows and the computer died. After 10-20 HDD checks the computer logs into windows and I can install some software (Visual Studio etc), but then it just dies again. Sometimes it can't even login to windows before it dies.  I've tried to format and reinstall windows but it doesn't help, sometimes I can use it for one hour, and sometimes just for 10 seconds.  I can't really say that I can see a pattern in this whether I'm using the AC chord or not.. I've also done a memory check and a harddrive check without any errors. I guess I have to return it and wait for a new one.. really disappointing =(  Any ideas Lenovo? 

Answer:X1 Carbon randomly dies

>>  Sometimes it can't even login to windows before it dies.  When this happened to me on my PC a couple years ago, the problem was my one of my fans had died (either the power supply's fan or a system fan; can't remember which.) .  The system was shutting itself off as a defensive reaction to overheating.

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Hi, I have had a T61P for about 10 months now and everything has been working great up until a few days ago. All of a sudden, my battery (6 cells) started dying very rapidly (40 minutes or less) with just doing office work and wireless on. I installed Power Manager 2 and made sure Maximum Battery plan is selected. The battery health was reported to 100%. After the battery was almost depleted next day and I plugged it back in, it said battery charge capacity is now at 70%. I didn't do a Power Gauge reset or anything. I only have 36 charge cycles. And now for some reason when I reach around the 50% mark when running on battery, it switches to "battery critical", turns on the flashing orange warning and goes to hibernation. I clocked it, and I only get around 40 minutes of battery life. (compare to 2+ hours just a week ago). My question is, can this be due to a defective motherboard? Or is it aging of the battery. I understand if the capacity drops after almost a year, but it shouldn't kill my battery at 50%. I had an R60 before that and had no problems.   Here's a snapshot of the Power Manager report. Thanks.


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Answer:Battery dies at 50%, defective?

digitalblade, It sounds like you might have had one or more cells in the battery go bad, especially if you only have 36 cycles on it.  As it sounds like you are still within the first year, and the battery is under warranty, I would suggest you contact service and get the battery replaced. Best regards, Mark

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I bought a brand new Thinkpad X1 Carbon laptop on May 17th, 2013. After about 2 1/2 weeks I began experiencing a thin (approx 4mm) band of discoloration (rainbow-like) eminating out of the left side of the LCD screen. The laptop has not left my desk in my room since purchasing it. I sent it in to Lenovo using the EasyServ system, and am now being told that I will likely have to pay out of pocket to replace the LCD as it is not covered under warranty. The request is currently being processed by the "Escalation Dept" at Lenovo, so hopefully this issue gets resolved without any monetary liability on my behalf. Lenovo generally has a strong reputation in the marketplace, and they market the X1 Carbon as being a great laptop for those who travel a lot for business. It will be quite surprising and disappointing if they decide not to stand behind their product of less than three weeks old!

Answer:Defective x1 Carbon Screen

unless there is physical damages to the screen, or that liquid is spilled on the laptop, then such issues with the LCD should be covered.

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Hi all, I just recieved an x1 carbon, and I noticed that my trackpad looked/operated sort of funny.   The bottom left side of the trackpad is seated slightly lower than the rest of the pad.  I also have a hard time getting the pad to click if i press down on the left-handed side of that area.  I can click the right hand side of the track pad fine.   Is this a defect?  I hardly use the trackpad, but I just got this computer, and if the trackpad is deffective, I should probably return it.   Also, I was wondering if other users have noticed if their screen has small vertical lines running thoughout the display - more pronounced if on a white background.  Also wondering if that is normal.   Finally, is anyone having trouble viewing their warranty online?  I purchased a 2 yr onsite warranty and I can't view it online. Thanks for any help

Answer:x1 carbon trackpad defective?

Your trackpad definitely sounds broken. The vertical lines ("screendoor" effect) is normal and highly discussed on this and other forums. I don't even notice it anymore on mine.I would recommend you try to do a return and get a brand new X1C while you're in the return window... In my experience, Lenovo warranty support is the absolute worst.

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I purchased a Carbon X1 back in December. Wonderful laptop. Worked great until around  two weeks ago, When I turned the unit on, The LCD showed a rainbow like discoloration on the lower corner (Very similar to the other posts here). I sent it back to the depot for repair. Last week I received a call letting me know that I have to pay $750 for a the repair since it?s not covered under warranty! There is no physical damage to LCD in any way. I have been disputing their claim but have gone nowhere.  I can buy a new replacement LCD on ebay for $60 including shipping so that what?ll do but as an IBM employee, I used to have very high regards for Thinkpad product line. I have a working T41 in perfect condition in front of me. This is terrible service. Disappointed CustomerAdmiral MaggieWashington, DC

Answer:Another defective X1 Carbon Screen

I have exactly the same issue. Still fighting with them.

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Hello all, So, as a loyal Lenovo customer I decided to purchase the X1 Carbon 2nd Gen (non-touch, I5 version). Last week I finally received it. Unfortunately, the first thing I noticed was a defective touchpad - very loose, the right bottom corner was not solidenough and made a weird noise while clicking it. It drove me crazy since I am used to the top build quality the Thinkpad series offers. I took to the local Lenovo service center, they actually replaced it on the spot and it made it better, not great but better. I still think there is something wrong there, since the bottom two "buttons" don't feet and sound as good as the upper ones. But that I can tolarate. The thing that really pissed me off was this: To me demise, after using the laptop in a dark room I noticed this massive screen bleed :(apologize for the ling stream of pics, didn't know how to thumbnail them)         My question to you guys, is this okay? is this an acceptable bleed? or should I do whatever it takes to get it repaired/replaced?   I just hope they will know how to handle this here at local center, as from my experience dealing with computer reps here, the local Lenovo agent (which is actually the importer)  will not replace it for me (their excuse is that it wasn't bought in this country) This is amazing, in one year Lenovo has lost it's entire reputation over the 2nd Gen X1 carbon. Please help m... Read more

Answer:Please help - Brand new X1 Carbon defective out of the box - is this normal? what should I do next?

this is defective. None of two X1 Carbon Gen 2 that i have do this.

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Hi! I'll just need to let off some steam and maybe someone even has a suggestion for me what to try. 1) Apparently, my trackpad is defective. It sometimes fails to recognise clicks and the middle mouse button does not work at all. At frist, I thought this was due to driver issues, but after the firmware upgrade didn't work I came to the conclusion that the hardware is faulty. 2) My TrackPoint doesn't stay where it should stay. The red rubber thing is mounted on a grey plastic cap which should stick to the keyboard. However, my plastic cap always comes off. The TrackPoint always sticks to my finger and then falls out. Seems to be a defective keyboard, although it was never handled inappropriately. 3) The display bezel isn't assembled properly. I've read this from many people here in the forums, so it is a known issue. The thin plastic front cover isn't glued to the bezel and comes off in the right bottom of the screen and at the same point, the bezel once detached from the display lid, but at least now holds after I pressed it back on. You would think Lenovo would provide some business-class support for a business notebook. After calling and providing pictures, I was told to wait for a further email. I didn't receive one until almost two weeks later because they managed to mistype my address three times. I had already provided pictures, but they wanted more. I sent more, sufficient to see the issues. They still told me to send more pictures. Obviously, I al... Read more

Answer:[Rant] T440s - Defective UltraNav, defective keyboard, defective display bezel and horrible support

Well... My organization has just dropped Lenovo ThinkPads from the list of recommended machines. The reasons being dismal ergonomics (the main reason) due to the clickpad and persistent quality problems. We were a ThinkPad-only shop for about 15 years. That is over now. This is very, very sad. I would pay a reasonable premium to get something like W540 with the best display, but the old keyboard (centralized and not a brain-dead positioning like the new one) and proper buttons for the mouse. Lenovo is really, really determined in killing the ThinkPad range. Hence, just return the machine. And buy something else.

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 I wish to share what could had easily been a wonderfull experience (very good hardware engineering) but is becoming a painfull one due to very poor service and customer relation. We recently acquired (January 22nd) a Lenovo X1 Carbon  2nd Generation. The computer was delivered in The Netherlands on the January 28th. I opened myself the box on the January 29th. I should mention that 1-2 days after Lenovo released the 3rd Generation in The Netherlands. It was also curious to detect that when I bought the computer there were pictures of all the three generations and on the site there is nothing saying which generation we were acquiring. In the specifications of the site it was also mentioned that the computer came with a 4 on 1 Card reader which is not provided in the delivered hardwere (yep - this was mentioned in the website when we purchase it and in the final specifications we selected) - in Europe this is said to be an illegal practice. I was not so concerned about that since I understood at the start the messy work with the images however I was not expecting it with the specifications - it became a surprise box (on the bad sense). On the January 30th evening I had detected a visible cable in the back of the screen, already with stress damage and wiring visible (see images below - note: i was not able to upload the images since the forum engine is always refusing their upload....). I am in Belgium today and I had contacted the Belgium Len... Read more

Answer:Lenovo X1 Carbon - defective hardware - very poor Warranty service

Link to image 1
Link to image 2
Link to image 3
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linked to antoher thread on this board. Everyone stopped trying to help there and I need help ...

Maybe this is a hardware issue?

Answer:Win XP randomly Dies

You can test the PSU with a multimeter. Do a search on the web and you will find info on how to do this. Also, make sure the memory you put in is good. Download memtest. You'll need to put it on a bootable floppy. Then boot from the floppy and run it. It will run continously. Leave that running overnight. If it is the memory it will tell you. And if it is a problem with Winxp you'll know it because the system won't have locked up. If it does lock up the problem isn't Winxp. But rather a hardware issue.

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Hello. I am in need of advice once again. I'm staying at my uncles house who uses Keyon internet service so its like broadband with some sort of dish? Anyways...

The speeds were pretty random and slow. Spikes of 3000 pings and averages of 600. Updated the firmware (7 years old) and average is under a hundred now. However the internet still just completely dies for random amounts of time... 2 seconds to a few minutes. Pings timeout to google or yahoo but not my router.

As far as the setup goes, there is a dish or antennae they have aimed a little dish on the roof towards a few miles away. The "modem" is in a plastic box attached to it. The cable runs into literally the cheapest "splitter adapter" ive ever seen, which wont work if you hook up the modem line into "data out" and the router line into "data in", which confuses me in the first place. Shouldn't that be the other way around?

Anyways, I tried wifi and wired connection. I didn't try to bypass the router completely but I don't think it will make a difference. I decided to get a ladder and look at the "modem" and I was a little shocked to say the least. I opened up the big plastic thing that stores it and it literally is just a piece of like motherboard mounted with one little screw, covered in ladybugs and cobwebs. So I sighed and just left it alone.

So now, average ping is very tolerable. 50-100. Speed is at about 2mbps which is fine. I just don... Read more

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Before i start, I am Running:

WinXP-Pro, Service Pack 3
2.22 GHz Athlon 64 3500+ Processor
2 Gigs of RAM
ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT Graphics Card

What appears to happen is that once in a blue moon, without any prior warning, the entire computer will lock up solid for about 15 seconds then black screen me and none of my input or output devices will work. That means, Mouse, Keyboard, sound, Monitors, etc. They all die simultaneously. The odd part is, the computer is still working as far as I can tell as the system doesn't even hiccup.

It WAS doing this more than it is now, however it seems to have reduced somewhat. I'm guessing that it has something to do with my power supply as me replacing the 350 watt supply with a 550 watt supply (for a completely different problem) seems to have reduced the occurence of this issue. Instead of happening once or twice a week it now happens once or twice every 2 or 3 weeks. It's still annoying when it happens. Anyone have any clue?

Answer:windows randomly dies

When you boot back into your machine...check the event logs and see whats happening just prior to the failure. If you can, check after a couple of occurrences and see if there are any similarities that might point you in the right direction. Anybody else have an idea?

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Question: Y500 randomly dies

Hello, Borught a y500 on amazon a few months ago, its runs great. However, the laptop suddenly just dies randomly, no blue screen, no shut down menu. It just dies, I reboot and check event viewer and its says it crashed(kennel-power). So then I checked for viruses, ran scans for chkdsk, sfc /scannow, and memory diagnostics, everything was fine. It also didn't overheat since the laptop died without gaming at all. The barrtery was plugged in as well I reset windows 8 just to check if its the OS's fault. It just died again today. If it's a hardware issue, what can I do to find out what component of hte computer is wonky? Would the limited warranty help me?  

Answer:Y500 randomly dies

Hi yomanking,
Thanks for posting and welcome to the Lenovo Community,
Am sorry that you?re facing this issue,
I?d like to help you with this case can you share with me the battery status is it plugged in and charging or not charging?
And I?d like to ask you when the machine shut off completely is it while working on the charger or the battery or both of them?
And can you tell me if you face this issue when you are using like a specific application?
Thanks and Best Regards,

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I have a user with a dell latitude d620 laptop. Her external usb mouse stops working every few hours-- apparently when she's doing nothing out of the ordinary, the "installing new hardware" dialog comes up randomly, and when she cancels out of it, the mouse will stop working at a slightly later time. Even the red LED light on the bottom of the mouse goes out.

We've tried different models USB mice, attaching it directly to a USB port on the laptop, via the USB port on the laptop dock, and even with a USB->PS/2 adapter via the dock's PS/2 port.... all with the same results. Every time, when the mouse is working fine, it'll pop up the 'installing new hardware' dialog, and afterwards it just suddenly stops working.

Any ideas? I have no idea what's going on.

She's running windows xp sp3 with symantec endpoint, all the usual office software, really nothing out of the ordinary.

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Not sure if I should post this here or the networking forum but I assume some nice patron will direct me to the correct place if I'm wrong.

For a while now, and for no apparent reason, my internet connection completely dies. But, it's only to my computer. My computer will slow down DRAMATICALLY, stuttering violently as I try to do anything. But if I restart my computer it comes back on as if no problem was ever there.

I am hooked through a router through an ethernet cable and my wife is connected to it wirelessly and she is never affected.

Is this an XP problem, hardware, or maybe even the hardwire ports of my router?

Help! =(

Answer:Internet Connection dies randomly?

Bump! Please help me!

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I've just bought the components for a new PC, and a friend has built it for me. Everything works fine for hours at a time, I can be playing games, browsing the internet, whatever. Then all of a sudden the PC cuts out, exactly as it would in a power cut, except for an almighty fan noise that kicks in and stays on until I hold the power button down to force the power off. When I say an almighty fan noise, I mean the loudest noise I've ever heard a PC make. I thought it was a hair-dryer turning itself on in the room the first time it happened.

Temperature doesn't seem to be an issue, everything's always around 40 degrees, and before I took it home the guy who built it stress tested it for hours up to 90 degrees without any problem. It has always cut out during web browsing (never whilst gaming) although that's probably just a coincidence.

Any suggestions? I literally have no clue whatsoever, what with being somewhat PC illiterate.

6GB (3x2GB) Corsair XMS3, DDR3 PC3-12800 (1600) Non-ECC Unbuffered, CAS 9-9-9-24, 1.65V
Intel Core i7 930 D0 SLBKP Bloomfield 45nm, 2.8 GHz, QPI 4.8GT/s, 8MB Cache, 20x Ratio, 130W, Retail
1TB Western Digital WD1002FAEX Caviar Black, SATA 6Gb/s, 7200rpm, 64MB Cache, 8 ms
Asus P6X58D-E, Intel X58, S1366, PCI-E 2.0 (x16), DDR3 2000 (OC), SATA 6Gb/s, SATA RAID, ATX
Item: Sapphire HD 6870 1GB GDDR5 Dual DVI HDMI Dual Mini Display Port Out PCI-E Graphics Card - Qty: 1
600W PSU, the only recycled component from my old PC (my firs... Read more

Answer:PC dies randomly, accompanied by loud fan

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Hi! T420 touchpad dies and trackpoint keeps on working. Sometimes after some time the trackpoint may also die. After boot, touchpad & trackpad recovers and is working maybe for an hour, or a day. Then it reoccurs. This happens randomly on some T420's, while other T420's doesnt encounter it never-ever. Any tips how to troubleshoot this one? Ran Lenovo PC Doctor and everything is fine, also cant find anything suspicious in Windows logs. Thanks in advance! 

Answer:T420 touchpad dies randomly

Hi eskoj
Try to run System Update and update all BIOS and drivers to see if the problems persist.
Happy 2012! 
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My computer has been randomly dying when i play graphic intense games. (Everquest 2, World of Warcraft, etc) The monitor says no signal and goes to standby and the sound plays the last sound playing for a few loops. I need to hold down the power button to turn it off. Sometimes after this happens the computer refuses to turn on afterwards, i would have to try a couple of times.

I have tried booting with only 1 of the 2 ram sticks (for both) and came with the same results. If the computer was already able to boot, it will. If it wasn't, it wont. I do not have an extra video card to test, and do not want to buy one until i know it REALLY is the problem.

Any input/ suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

My computer:
Windows XP
Asus A8V-Deluxe Motherboard BIOS Ver. 08.00.09
AMD Athlon 3400+
Nvidia GeForce 7800 GS 256mb
1536 MB RAM (mixed of 512mb value-select corsair and 1g generic brand)
520W power supply

Answer:Computer dies randomly in games

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I've had  a X41 Tablet for about 2.5 years now.  Just recently in the past month it will randomly die on me, meaning it will lose all power (No shutdown screen, nothing).  If I try to turn it back on, nothing will happen.  If I plug in the AC adapter, still no power.  The only way I can get it to start back up is if I remove the battery, then place it back in forcefully or wiggle the battery around while it is back in the slot.  If it does restart, the battery is still charged like nothing had happened.  So  it isn't the battery losing it's charge.  I even tried putting another battery in from one of the X41 tablets in our office after the computer had died and it wouldn't start.  My thoughts are it has something to with the connection on the board.  Any other thoughts or ways to fix this? Thanks,JohnMessage Edited by cranjx on 06-11-2008 10:34 AM


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Answer:Thinkpad Tablet X41 dies randomly

I would suggested having it inspected by lenovo themselves. Do you have a 3-year warranty?

--------Jasper Jugan - http://www.backpackboy.comx61 Tablet | 1.8Ghz LV7700 | 4GB RAM | MultiView/MultiTouch | Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit

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Hi everyone, I've been having the same problem for months now and have finally decided to try to get some help after attempting multiple fixes. I use both a wired connection and wireless connection on my new laptop depending on where I am in the house (if I'm hooked up to my docking station its wired, otherwise i'll be on the wireless). The wired connection works fine, but the wireless connection will often completely die on me without any apparent cause. I'm pretty sure the problem is with my laptop due to the following reasons:

1) My dad uses the same connection when he works from home, and told me he doesn't have any problems with it.
2) Just for testing services, I tried using a neighbors WiFi connection, and received the same results.

I've tried changing my DNS server between OpenDNS, Google's DNS, etc. and have not had any luck. I made sure my wireless cards weren't sleeping by un-checking 'allow the computer to turn off this device to save power'. I uninstalled Hamachi to make sure it wasn't messing up any of my settings and still had the same problems. I've updated all my drivers and even re-installed them.

Just to describe what exactly happens during these disconnects, any live connections prior to the point where the internet disconnects stay alive (usually, such as Skype calls, AIM connections, certain games, etc.) and will stay open until closed. Web pages behave in a similar fashion, and in fact will ... Read more

Answer:Wireless Connection Randomly Dies

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I've had this laptop over a year now, and just recently I've noticed when I leave it on a while and come back, either the audio of the entire laptop will die, or online videos just won't play. After restarting it goes back to normal until a few hours later when it happens again. I'm not sure what to do here. Can anyone help me out?

Answer:Audio/Video randomly dies?

You are not alone with this problem, since the last windows 8 update there is sound problems with a lot of PCs. You can try this quick solution here :

You just need to enter to the Control Panel -> security and System -> System -> Device Manager

Then look for "sound, video and game controllers" put the cursor over it press right-click and select "scan for hardware changes"

3 secs after that you will have your sound working again, you gonna need to repeat this procedure every time the sound is gone in your PC and till now it always worked to me.

This should solve your problem for now, we need to wait for Microsoft's next windows 8 update, it hopefully will fix the problem in a more permanent way.


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Well... I had a Win 7 Ultimate 64bit on this very machine (the one in my preferences) for almost 3 years until the moment when I said to myself: OK, time to refresh. And that only because my port 80 would die sometimes....sometimes thrice an hour for 10-15 min, sometimes twice a day. But it would happen every day. I re-installed with the hope it was just a bad Win installation but it happened again after just an hour in. What I tried? Well, I certainly tried a new router, but it didn't help. I knew it wouldn't since I also run Linux and OS X in home network and none is affected by this. I scanned old and new Win 7 with every possible malware finder, antivirus..etc. Even bought one (I have an "allergy" when it comes to A/Vs and such in general).. I went drastic today, I disconnected all devices (hdds, usbs, dvdroms, pcie) just to prove my point.. left a single 60 GB SSD with brand new win 7 with default drivers .. Took several hours but I still lost port 80 (it seems to be just port 80 since only browsers and windows LIVE are affected on my system)...Skype, FTP, rsync.. they'll all work just fine while nothing else web-wise does.

Help please! Any suggestions will be tested and reported.

Answer:Port 80 dies randomly, everything else works

What do you mean by "port 80 dies"? skype,ftp all works as you say. So not a tcp/ip routing/connection problem.
If you're having problems do:
in command prompt:


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I have a Dell Inspiron 15-5547 running Win 8.1. Every now and then the scroll feature (two fingers vertical swipe to scroll the screen), and the two finger tap for right click, will stop working. When this happens, all the other features on the touchpad seem to work. If I restart the laptop it starts working again. I've tried going into services.msc and setting 'Human Interface Devices" to automatic startup, but it doesn't help. There's something else pretty weird also... When I go into the system tray (lower right), right click the touchpad icon, and select Touchpad Properties, it takes me into the Dell Pointing Devices windows. Inside this window, there is a sliding switch to disable the touchpad. When I disable it, the touchpad still works. Weird. Does anybody have any ideas how I can get this sorted out. I'm also using a wireless USB mouse on the same laptop, not sure if that makes a difference. Thanks.

Answer:Touchpad scroll dies randomly

Hi Jools

Personally I would look to see what touchpad driver version you are using and then either update it with an in-place update, or uninstall (my favourite option, then install new driver) the current driver and then re-install, as it may just be a slight corruption.

Latest driver HERE
Also a thought, when the touchpad stops with the scroll feature, had your laptop been left not used for a period of time, like hibernation?

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My internet connection on my Vista machine dies after a few hours. If I restart, the connection will work again, but will die after a few hours again. I've used my computer with several different routers and for example in my friends' home network so I know the problem is in my computer because the internet connection always dies the same way. Usually if I'm listening music from my Spotify, that connection oddly stays on with that, same goes with some java based games like net poker and so on...messenger connection problem diagnostics say that problems are in the ports. Sometimes i've just been too tired to reboot and just kept doing something else with my computer without the internet connection then maybe an hour later the connection comes back to life. This problem is getting kinda old already that it's not funny anymore. Would appreciate if somebody had even a slight suggestion to repair this problem.

Answer:Internet connection dies randomly

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Hello there,
I've been pondering around this problem for quite a while now and I finally decided to inquire the mighty crowds of computer wisdom i.e. you all

I've had this exact same problem in my previous system (with Windows 7 32-bit and quite a bit different internals) but it wasn't nearly as frequent as it is now (with Windows 7 64-bit and brand new CPU/MB/RAM/GPU) - however, this problem never happened on my previous box while it had Windows XP installed for a short while. Namely, the audio in Windows would stop working at random, every app that uses an audio interface would freeze when attempting to access any sink, I can't change the volume or mute anything, and I cannot even reset the Windows Audio service (reset times out) when that happens - the only solution is to reboot after which everything works just fine. The only difference between my old system and this one is that now I rarely get the reset procedure to 'freeze' on 'explorer.exe - Playing log-off sound...' (requiring to force restart to continue the process), but now it more often hangs at 'Shutting down...' screen requiring a physical restart.

My audio stack consists of the integrated sound (disabled, I don't need it, but in my previous setup it was enabled) and two USB-based sound sinks, namely Logitech Z Cin?ma speakers (Default Device) and Logitech G930 headset (Default Communications Device). Both are connected directly to the motherboard USB ports so it's not a problem with wonky USB hubs.

The pr... Read more

Answer:Windows audio randomly dies (probably USB-related)

Hiyya inco and welcome for starters I am definitely no expert mate I run a straight forward Asus Xonar DG card (the Xonar supports 7:1 systems) with my Ivy B with a Logitec Z 506 speaker set up and I have no probs at all, and it is a fairly cheap card at that.
Now I don't know what your audio set up is and it sounds like Ben Hur to me but just as a suggestion why not try a different brand card? I just really like the Asus control module that comes with mine and Asus do a really nice range of sound cards.

I am just getting a gut feeling the Logitec card is not the full dollar.

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My computer is being extremely odd right now. Randomly, usually while gaming but at other times also, it will just die. When this happens, it kinda just freezes while repeating the same sound on a loop. It loses all video and sounds like all the insides shut off. When it does this, hitting reset doesn't really work, and usually I cannot turn it off and back on. If I try, I get no beep in POST which indicates to me it would be CPU or MoBo...maybe a power supply?

If I unplug the power from the back for a minute, I can restart it and it will go through POST with the beep and all, and say CPU is unworkable or has been changed, and then play fine for anywhere between 5 minutes to many hours with no problems, then it will happen again.

I cannot tell what wattage my PS is. I built most of this computer about 5 years ago, and have since modded the power supply case, and lost the sticker. The CPU is the original one I got when I built it, the MoBo is 4 years old, and the video card is new.

CPU Type Intel Pentium 4, 3000 MHz (15 x 200)
Motherboard Name Abit IC7-G (5 PCI, 1 AGP Pro, 4 DDR DIMM, Audio, Gigabit LAN, IEEE-1394)
System Memory 3072 MB (PC3200 DDR SDRAM)
Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GS (256 MB)
Audio Adapter Creative Audigy SE (SB0570) Sound Card

I come here to find the experts to help. I cannot afford to change everything or build a whole new computer, so I'm hoping someone will have had this problem before and save me lots of money by telling me what... Read more

Answer:Comp randomly dies, hard to restart

Hello & welcome to TSF

follow this link & download this program

it should be able to give you your voltages

the post them back here


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Hello, I've been having this problem for a little while now, and I figured this would be the right section to post it in (if not, please feel free to move it). This is the problem I've been having. While playing a 3D game, after a short while, one of 3 things will happen :1. The screen goes completely black and I'm left with no choice but to restart my computer.2. Similar to number one, except now the screen has random blocks of crazy colors all over, and I'm still left with no choice but to restart.3. The computer saves me the trouble of having to hit the power button, and just goes ahead and instantly restarts itself (screen goes black for a sec, and then I'm on the start up screen).And one more problem that I've chosen to separate from those 3; sometimes my computer just completely freezes and I need to restart. This happens seemingly randomly, at any time.I suspect this has something to do with a new video card I installed recently. I've had those 3 problems a bit before, but they are occurring much more frequently with the new card, and the random freezing thing is something new. So perhaps I installed it incorrectly, or its in some way not compatible with my system? I don't know, thats why I come here to ask you guys, any ideas whats going on?Video Card : Nvidia GeForce FX 5200**Might be worth noting that I did not purchase this hardware, it was given to me by a friend, therefor I have no documentation or disc with it**Misc System... Read more

Answer:Computer dies during game, also sometimes freezes randomly

If it is a used card i would install it in another machine....same symptoms and the card is dying....

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Hi there,

I can't seem to figure this problem out. Every so often (from seconds to a couple minutes) my internet connection will fail, but only for less than a second. Typically no one would even notice this, but it becomes a problem when you use software like Messenger or you play games online. The disconnection is long enough to sign you off.

I've been watching a ping I set to for a good 10 minutes, and sure enough, there are occasional spots where for just 1-3 attemps it will time out, then get replies just fine again.

I use a wired ethernet connection, not wireless. The ethernet port is part of my motherboard, its a fairly modern motherboard, not an old one, and I made sure the driver for it was up to date. Any ideas?

If this helps:
Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Travis-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . :

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Realtek RTL8168C(P)/8111C(P) Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.20)
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-E0-4D-84-B5-34
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::b87f:192c:248a:162f%11(Preferred)
IPv4 Address. . . . ... Read more

Answer:Internet connection randomly dies shortly

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Hi Everyone

In my previous house I would lose connection to the internet about 2-3 times a week. Since moving into my new house it happens more like 5-15 times a day. The internet light on my modem goes out and the broadband light blinks on and off.

95% of the time when I lose the connection it is for less than 2 minutes. But on some occasions it can take a half hour to work again.

Some more info:
- It happens on all 6 computers/devices in my household at the same time. (2 Macs, Win7 PC, iPad, iPod, PS3).
- All devices are connected wirelessly to modem. But, I have also tried Ethernet and still have same problem.
- I have tried 2 modems (including a brand new one that my ISP sent after I complained).
- I have tried using different jack points and cables.
- When the connection fails, I am still able to wirelessly access my modems config page. So wifi connection is not the issue.
- My ISP sent a technician out. He replaced one cable out by the road, but this did not solve the problem.

I have spent a few hours over multiple days on the phone with my ISP. First they said there was no problem with the line. Then they said there is definitively something wrong with the line. Then nothing wrong, then something wrong. Finally after they monitored the line for 3 separate 24 periods,they decided that the problem was solved. And I thought so too... I had good connection for about 36 hours. But then it started failing again, so far today I have lost connection about 10 times... Read more

Answer:Solved: Internet Connection Dies Randomly Often

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I have Lenovo T500 Thinkpad for around one year. The laptop started to die randomly without any notification, no blue screen, no shut down, it just dies as if there is no power to the laptop. First I thought it could be a problem with the battery so I replaced my battery with the battery of another Lenovo T500. Even after that the problem persisted. So I removed the battery and just connected the laptop to AC power. The laptop does not die any more and I didnt face any issues. What could cause a problem like this? Whenever I connect the battery, the battery icon on the task bar says its charging and even if I use the battery alone the laptop works fine for sometime until it dies randomly. Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks

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I have one laptop with Windows XP on it. The problem is that keyboard and mousepad both all together die randomly but usb mouse still works. This error occurs randomly. Not everytime i use the computer.

Anyone got the same problems?
Thanks in advance!

Answer:Keyboard / mousepad on laptop dies randomly

well based on the info provided my first guess would be that the keyboard is shot.... or ... if its a toshiba TE 2000 it might be the connector that the the keyboard ribbon connects to might be loose and need resoldering...but that would be the only 2 i can think of right at the moment... let us know how you fix it so it can possibly be of help to others

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it seems to happen most often when playing video or playing facebook games of any type. there is no warning the computer is just OFF. it has done this in safe mode as well and i wasn't even watching video or playing any games then. the only time it has done this before it was over heated. now sometimes it is hot and others it is not so it really seems random. no viruses, no malware, regular maintenance is kept up. if i can find a solution other than formatting the machine that would be great, or at least knowing if formatting would do me any good at all. i have downloaded hijack this and the TSGInfo follows:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7250 @ 2.00GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2037 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family, 448 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 183119 MB, Free - 107917 MB; H: Total - 953859 MB, Free - 765073 MB;
Motherboard: Sony Corporation, VAIO, N/A, N/A
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

Answer:computer shuts off (Dies completely) randomly

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As the title says, my mouse stops working for a couple of seconds and then starts working perfectly again. It mainly happens when I am playing BF3, the game freezes for a second, then I hear the usb-removal sound Windows makes and the game unfreezes but the mouse is dead, then game freezes again for a second and mouse starts working. During the moment mouse is dead all other USB connected things works, only mouse that dies.
It has happened a few times before when im not in any game.

Why is this happening? I have never had any problem with this before.
I have tried putting my mouse a different USB port and it helped for a day or two and then it happened again.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
i5 2500k
GTX 580 Twin Frozr II

Answer:Mouse randomly dies for a couple of seconds

I have had this same problem a few months ago. Although it happened with my mouse and keyboard simultaneously. My main harddrive was going bad. I replaced it and have not had the problem since. It was rather confusing at first as I had never seen these symptoms before from a bad harddrive.

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I have had my 3000 N100 Thinkpad for around 2 years now and after a year and a half I realised the Battery was no longer charging, soon after this happened my Laptop would just die randomly, when I say die I mean there is no shutdown screen  it is as iff all power to the p.c. suddenly stopped.At first I though it must be a Virus but after numerous scans and re-installing Windows the problem re-occured, Today I opened the P.C. and checked the fan as I thought maybe it was over heating and eventually giving in, I was relieved to see a load of dust and used the vacumn to clear the fan.I thought that would fix the problem but now if anything it seems worse, I know the battery is dead as the charge level is 0 and the battery indicator on the front of the laptop flashes 5 times organge before disappears completely...In a Final attempt I have disconnected the battery completely and am now running it only on the power adapter, I don't know if this will work but I need to do something...What could cause a problem like this, all of my settings are correct my power settings are set to always on with no hibernation.Any help will be wonderful.Thanks
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Answer:Computer dies Randomly (Battery also dead) [PICS]

Maybe the battery just went bad. The only way I can think of to test it would be to try the battery in another Lenovo 3000 or to try a new battery in your Lenovo 3000.

______________________________________________________T60 2623-D7U, 3 GB Ram. Dual boot XP and Linux Mint.T400 2765-T7U Windows 7Registered Linux User #160145FYI: I am not employed by Lenovo

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I've been having an issue with my X270 laptop since I bought it. The laptop is running Windows 10. What happens is randomly (this can take weeks, or days) the trackpad and pointing stick completely stops working. The only solution is to uninstall the drivers and reinstall them using an external mouse. I've tried various versions of the drivers, including the latest, and it still continues to happen. Any solutions to fix this?

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I got this laptop 2 months ago and it worked just fine but lately it's been dying randomly (the battery was at 98%) for absolutely no reason, no prompts all i can hear is a sound coming from the hard disk just as if the laptop was force shut down by holding the power button key. The laptop temperatures weren't high at the time (mostly all components @ 45°C). I use this laptop for college and it's been REALLY unreliable & I can't return it at this time since I'm at a dorm and i don't think it would even get a RMA since it happens randomly (you can't expect it at all - i only had word and microsoft edge opened and poof it's dead) - also i can always start it again instantly but SOMETIMES it dies again in the booting process. Also I successfully ran an Aida64 stress test until the battery died normally (it did NOT shut down). Any suggestions on what i should do? Edit: oops i sent this twice by accident


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Answer:Aspire E5-575G-5328 randomly dies on battery

Sorry you are having problems with your Acer E5 laptop. Based on the info provided we recommend the system be checked by the Acer repair location for your region. Please contact Acer from the country list posted at for assistance with this issue.

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I got this laptop 2 months ago and it worked just fine but lately it's been dying randomly (the battery was at 98%) for absolutely no reason, no prompts all i can hear is a sound coming from the hard disk just as if the laptop was force shut down by holding the power button key. The laptop temperatures weren't high at the time (mostly all components @ 45°C). I use this laptop for college and it's been REALLY unreliable & I can't return it at this time since I'm at a dorm and i don't think it would even get a RMA since it happens randomly (you can't expect it at all - i only had word and microsoft edge opened and poof it's dead) - also i can always start it again instantly but SOMETIMES it dies again in the booting process. Also I successfully ran an Aida64 stress test until the battery died normally (it did NOT shut down). Any suggestions on what i should do? Edit: oops i sent this twice by accident

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I got this laptop 2 months ago and it worked just fine but lately it's been dying randomly (the battery was at 98%) for absolutely no reason, no prompts all i can hear is a sound coming from the hard disk just as if the laptop was force shut down by holding the power button key. The laptop temperatures weren't high at the time (mostly all components @ 45°C). I use this laptop for college and it's been REALLY unreliable & I can't return it at this time since I'm at a dorm and i don't think it would even get a RMA since it happens randomly (you can't expect it at all - i only had word and microsoft edge opened and poof it's dead) - also i can always start it again instantly but SOMETIMES it dies again in the booting process. Any help on what i should do?

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Yet another problem with my peice of crap i call the "computer".

I got a new monitor at xmas, hoping to solve the problems i was haveing with my old one too no avail however.

Sometimes when im playing games etc it just looses the signal from the computer. Im using a 9800 pro 128MB graphics card, and cant understand why this is happening. The computer is still running fine though. It just wont display anything. Why could this be? I only got the card 3 months ago, it shoudlnt be doing this. It also at random intervals decides to artifact and under both circumstances i have to switch off for a while and wait before it will work again.

Things ive checked.

The card i sseated properly.
uninstalled it and reinstalled it
using latest drivers.
Using Direct X 9c
On board VGA automatically disables when AGP card is plugged in.
when uninstalled it seems to run fine from the motherboard connection (Hence im thinking dodgy card)
The car dis connected to the power supply as is nescessary.

Im totally stumped here. I can live with the situation but its not ideal, especially whe im playing gamesa and it just dies on me. Its as though the card is stopping sending the signal to my monitor.

Could this be a dodgy card? If so who do i contact about it? The place i bought the card from, or the manufacturer??

Any help would be great. Thanks.

Answer:Monitor randomly dies/video card probs

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I've had this laptop for about 2 weeks, and have Windows 10.  A couple of days or so ago, I unplugged it and took it into another room to use.  It was on battery at least 6 hours with no problems.  It's been plugged in since then. I just looked at the battery meter and it shows only 35% power remaining.  Why is it not fully recharged by now?

Answer:Aspire E5-575G-5328 randomly dies on battery

Hi,Try a battery calibration, the method is here:

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the last two days my machine has suffered a crash with similar symptoms. First, the display goes blank. I can see some disk activity. This continues for maybe 20-30 seconds and then the machine shuts down. Yesterday, I had to restart the machine twice b/c the first attempt also resulted in a shutdown during the boot process.I thought that perhaps it was an overheating issue, but I'm not convinced of that as today there was nothing obstructing the exhaust vents (though they were a bit dusty).I'm runing windows 7 pro, 64 bit. Have an NVidia card, but I don't know about the details. Where would I find them? Thanks in advance.


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Answer:Thinkpad W510 Display randomly dies and then machine shuts down

If it is a W510, graphics are probably 1GB NVIDIA® Quadro® FX880M.  It is hard to diagnose from a thousand miles away, but my first guess is overheating. I suggest installing TPFancontrol (free) and monitor temperatures.

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I bought new pc parts this week and also bought Windows 10 Home while I was at it, due to W7 not accepting USB 3.0. But shortly after, I started having bad audio problems when using my headset, which is connected to my motherboard's rear 3.5mm output.

The symptoms consist of:
- The audio cutting out suddenly after just a few minutes of usage, e.g. 30 seconds of youtube, combined with the microphone not picking up any audio.

- Sound panel not responding occassionally or becoming sluggish. Can pop up later when clicking on things like browser tabs.

- High Definition Audio Device disappearing from choosable outputs in the notification area.

- Realtek High Definition Device disappearing from the Device Manager.

- Random pop-ups saying that I've either unplugged an audio device or I've plugged in an audio device multiple times in a row.

- Sound panel showing activity from both random thing I'm playing, and the Test Sound button, but no sound actually playing in the headset.

- Usually the sound cuts out with a small crackle, but other times it's completely silent when it happens. When loading the desktop I can hear some crackling too.

- ARK: Survival Evolved crashing, giving me a memory write error, followed by a notification of a decive being plugged in instantly after.

I've tried:
- Installing the latest drivers through windows update, realtek's latest drivers, motherboard's latest drivers and various .cab updates being rejected because the drivers "are up to date&... Read more

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Windows 10.  model 10a7-ct01ww carbon X1.
The dolby digital plus turns itself off.  This started maybe two months ago?  I lost the Dolby back in September with another Windows update and got it back.
I have noticed that if you have it in the foreground it seems to stay on better.  If you do anything with the laptop, it turns off.  Sometimes minimized it will hold being "on".
I do have a OneLink Pro Dock.  The lenove solution center is no longer seeing the audio in the dock, i just noticed!  However "Speakers" shows both ports.  I use the port on the laptop to connect to speakers and hearing aid gear (realteck Hig Definition Audio).  I believe Windows has set the drivers to "Audio Endpoint"...?
I have tried to re-install the Realtek drivers (which brings down the Dolby), which did not help.
I need the Sound Virtualizer, Dialog Enhancer, and Volume leveler funtions as I am hard of hearing. 
Sorry to post a new thread on the Dolby issue but there are so mnay hits....
Thanks for the suggestions, help and maybe a FIX
Moderator edit: Fixed model in thread subject

Answer:Dolby Audio keeps turning off randomly on X1 Carbon 2nd Gen

Hi Db0000001, Can you clarify what computer model this is? You mention three. The title says T560, in the text X1 Carbon, and the model number is a ThinkCentre Tower. You mention the OneLink Pro dock - is it a model 20A7 X1 Carbon? Thanks!

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I think I found a new one... While testing an X1C, I've had users report, and witnessed myself, a strange issue. Documents will randomly zoom in/out, the user can be not touching anything, and whatever the active window is will start zooming (if capable). After thinking about it for a bit, I disabled the Pinch-to-Zoom touchpad feature through the UltraNav settings. This stopped the random zooms. Next began random rotations (another gesture feature of the X1C's touchpad). All this occured while the laptop lid was closed and the user was using external monitors, and mouse and keyboard. The exact setup is:X1 CarbonLenovo USB 3.0 Dock2 Monitors connected to dock via DVI1 Monitor connected to dock via USB using an EVGA UV+ 39 adapter This issue has occurred twice now, with two different X1C's, only for users who are using the 3 monitor setup outlined above. I believe it to be a conflict between the EVGA Display Link driver and the UltraNav driver. How that exactly works out, I don't know. But when those 2 factors are thrown into the setup the touchpads gesture features gain a mind of their own. I just updated the UltraNav driver from to The EVGA device is running the 8.1 Preview driver.  We will see if that nets any results. I know I have the option of eliminating the EVGA device and instead using the mini Displayport to VGA adapater, however I'd like to cut down the amount of external devices the user has to plug in ... Read more

Answer:X1 Carbon - Trackpad randomly zooms/rotates

Driver update did not resolve issue. Currently the only work around I have found is to disable trackpad gestures all together (if you just disable pinch to zoom it starts randomly doing a different gesture). Going to contact Lenovo directly and hopefully find a different solution, or at least make them aware of the issue.

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Not sure what exactly is going on here, bought an X1 Carbon 3448-2D9 second hand yesterday. Battery level is showing full and it appears to be charging properly but removing the charger the laptop switches off instantly.The laptop does turn on without the charger attached and will run for a while until it switches off by itself again, all the while the battery level is showing over 90%. Powercfg report shows that the battery is in reasonable condition.I could return the laptop but I quite like it and would rather fix it if I can, just need a little help diagnosing the issue. Any pointers on further tests or fixes would be greatly appreciated 

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  I don't know why, my X1 carbon 3rd Gen shuts off automatically and randomly, after I fold it. I changed the battery setting when I first got this laptop, I set "never put computer to sleep. However, it doesn't work. Sometimes, I fold it and put it on my bed, after few minutes, it went off automatically. I touched the bottom of my laptop, the temperture seems to be in a normal level. I am really confused. Have anyone had this kind problem before? It's really annoying. SOS ! ! !

Answer:My X1 carbon 3rd Gen shuts off automatically and randomly, after I fold it.

what do you mean by fold it? Do you mean you closing the screen?

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To add insult to injury, my X1 Carbon suddenly crashes randomly. Not only you see the new Windows 8 BSOD, you also see a garbled screen occasionally. But if you think that it's Windows 8's problem, then think again. I also got a garbled screen when I went into the BIOS setup!!!
Apparently Thinkpad's QC has gone down the drain. And I'm already preparing to look elsewhere for my next laptop after using Thinkpads exclusively since the 760ED. That's very sad.
Link to picture
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Answer:My X1 Carbon suddenly crashes randomly - artefacts on display

hyeung wrote:
To add insult to injury, my X1 Carbon suddenly crashes randomly. Not only you see the new Windows 8 BSOD, you also see a garbled screen occasionally. But if you think that it's Windows 8's problem, then think again. I also got a garbled screen when I went into the BIOS setup!!!
Apparently Thinkpad's QC has gone down the drain. And I'm already preparing to look elsewhere for my next laptop after using Thinkpads exclusively since the 760ED. That's very sad.
Link to picture

this seems to be a common problem with the X1 Carbon. Both of my X1 Carbon is doing this, one was like this as an open box unit, my other one is having the same problem after 1 months of usage.

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About 5 times a week, I'm getting a Blue Screen with Bug Check Code: 0x000000fe caused by the USBPORT.SYS driver.

I have tried to fully reinstall Windows 7 from the Levono Carbon X1 reinstall DVD, but the problem has resurfaced.

Can somebody please help me troubleshoot what is causing this erratic crash? There doesn't seem to be a specific app I am running when this occurs.

Answer:BSOD randomly occurring on Lenvo Carbon X1 - BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER

Hello blueplastic.

Update Intel usb3 drivers from .

And, Disable USB Selective Suspensd too.
USB Selective Suspend - Turn On or Off

For the devices, first, detach all the USB devices other than the keyboard and mouse.
Then, Update the drivers for them all, including the keyboard and mouse, if any third party drivers are installed for them.

Also have a look at USB Driver - General Fix for Problems.

Let us know the results.

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck FE, {6, fffffa800eb7cad0, 48766544, 0}

Probably caused by : WinUSB.sys ( WinUSB!WinUSB_PrepareHardware+157 )

Followup: MachineOwner

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Dear Support Team, I am happy with my Lenovo X1 Carbon, but I have one issue that appears randomly (though rarely): while most of the time, the touch activity is very precise and smooth, the cursor sometimes jumps around wildly to random places that I did not even touch remotely. For an example, I am touching in a line from the center top to the center bottom. Instead, multiple clicks per second happen in random positions all over the screen (performing all kind of actions I never intended). I have this once every few weeks and it also happened when I opened the laptop for the first time. In general, I believe it only happens right after opening the laptop. Typically, closing the laptop and re-opening it again fixes it, but I would like to have a long-term solution. Is this a software or hardware issue? What do you recommend I do (since it's the year of "do")? Greetings from GermanyMoritz

Answer:X1 Carbon Touch: Touchscreen cursor randomly "jumping around"

Likewise. This happens to me often and is making me crazy.  Anyone out there who can help? Also, I type fast and sometimes do not stike a key hard enough for it to register This is my third or fourth Thinkpad and this new feel is annoying.Also, Lenovo has changed its keyboard layout for some gawd-awful reason and the right side of the keyboard is different.  Both these (and the common complaint we both have) are very annoying for an old time user .

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I purchased the X1 Carbon new last year from Lenovo's website, with the largest warranty possible. Lately, the screen started turning off at completely randomly intervals, not dependant to the programs I have runnning (at least it doesn't seem to be). The screen will briefly turn blue, and then go black. I can immediatly resume normal function by touching the mouse or keyboard, but still, I would prefer this expensive laptop would not have the issue. My battery settings have been checked and the screen is set to turn off the display, "never." This an issue I should resolve via the warranty? I have no idea.

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hi, i bought an x1 carbon touch & the headphone stops working randomly when waking up.  i have to do a full restart for the machine to recognize the headphone again.  the speaker works fine, but once the machine goes to sleep, it's random whether the headphone will be functional again.  has anyone seen this?    OS is win8.    is this a windows issue, driver issue or hw issue? thanks

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This question has been asked by countless people, and the Internet is filled with a wild array of answers.
If you bought an HP system many years ago, and it came with Windows XP, and you have the re-installation disc, if your system dies or needs to be recommissioned because it's unreliable, can't you use the re-installation disc to install the OS onto the new system? I've heard some limitations are involved but I don't know fact from fiction on these:
1. You can reinstall only IF you upgrade the system with the same motherboard because the key for the install is tied to the serial number of the motherboard.
2. You can reinstall only if you move the hard drive of the old system to the new one (which for me would be impossible because the old drive is IDE and the new one is SATA).
3. You can reinstall only if the new computer is a model from the same vendor (e.g., if you have the reinstall disc for a Dell computer it will only work in another Dell computer).
4. If you call MS customer support and explain that your system's motherboard has died they will "reactivate" the license for you on the new system.
5. You can't do it in any scenario because your EULA will state that you agreed to install the OS on the one computer and agreed it would not be used on another system.
Anybody have any definitive answers on this issue?

Answer:T or F: Your OEM license for Windows XP dies when your system dies.

True...simple answer to your topic title.

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The title pretty much says it all.  It's a brand new laptop, never dropped or anything.  First instance occurred about 3 weeks after receiving it, but less than a week after taking it out of the box.  Took like 20 minutes of hitting the power button but eventually it returned to normal.  Two pictures of two separate instances are attached.   On a separate note, I've noticed some minor issues with the searching feature next to the windows button--sometimes no results will come up when I search for control panel or something similar. Is this just a dud?  It's my laptop but I use it for work when traveling, so I was not expecting such terrible reliability after hearing so highly of the Thinkpad brand.  I have a one-year warranty, but at the moment this seems more like a manufacturing defect.  I'd appreciate any advice on how to follow up with Lenovo on this. Thanks.    

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After researching what would be the best laptop for me that I could afford, I bought an Aspire E 15. The computer had factory defects that required me to send it back for a replacement. Now, I have to send THAT computer in to be repaired/replaced. This makes 2 of 2 defective! Where is Acer's quality control? Not only am I needing to send the computer back (the second time to do this) and wait up to an estimated 10 business days for it to be returned, I spent a number of hours determining there WAS a factory defect that couldn't be fixed from home. This is not to mention the frustration of having my computer shut down while I was in the middle of something and losing my work and then waiting for it to very slowly reboot. Acer, did you just make a deal to build these computers really cheap or did you design them this way?

Answer:aspire E 15 defective. Replacement defective also!

Ahhh! It just shut down as I was trying to print a return shipping label! I think something is loose inside. Quality? 

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This is brand new X1 carbon 2nd generation, running as normal laptop use with lid open. Sometimes unpredictablelly The adaptive keyboard settings (camera gestures) window just pop up automatically, then the screen will go to windows 8 Apps View. I clicked and switched to the desktop and closed the adaptive keyboard setting window, but it will repeat this right away. Sometimes it's even more crazy, it will return to the windows 8 Apps View immediately, no matter what you do. Initially I thought this is software issue, so I wipe out the system and reinstalled windows and apps, but it is doing the same thing. Contacted lenovo and of course they know nothing about it. Please help.


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Answer:X1 Carbon adaptive keyboard settings window and Apps view pops up randomly

Nobody had similar experience? Very disappointed with high end lenovo product.

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Over the last few months I've had around 7 different occurances of a monitor not displaying anything while powered on and hooked up. This has happened with multiple makes and models of monitors and also laptops, even the connections are different in some cases whether it be VGA, VGA to Mini display, HDMI, or HDMI to Mini display. The only similarity of all the occurances is 2 monitors were used while this happened. Each time I've replaced all the adapters and cords to see if that would fix it. The only thing that seems to fix it, is to switch the monitor out with another one. This happened after the founders update for Windows. All PC's are using Windows 10 64 bit. Any help would be appriciated on this! 

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Hello, Forum, Four questions, below, related to this issue: I alerted Lenovo the second day I had my y580 that the touchpad was stiff and unresponsive.I have other Lenovos, and the touchpad on those laptops works with ease and speed. The problem with the y580 touchpad is that you have to physically mash down the (hidden) mouse buttons to make them "click"  and that no settings adjustment makes the touchpad work with ease. Even manipulating the Synaptics settings for sensitivity, tapping and scrolling, including setting up tap zones, does not improve responsiveness. Setting up a right mouse button via tapping did not work either. No right button action whatsoever via the touchpad or tapping works. I installed and updated drivers from both Lenovo and Synaptics, and changed the settings to make the touchpad as responsive as possible. Nothing helped. I uninstalled and reinstalled the device. That did not help either. Since the entire machine is accessed through the touchpad, that means the usefulnessof this machine -- with its i7 processor and beautiful screen -- is severely limited. The machine is under warranty, still -- and Lenovo replaced the defective Synaptics touchpad with yet another defective Synaptics touchpad. This repair process has been going on for 4 months now. The day after receiving the brand new y580, I wrote Lenovo alerting them to the issue with the stiff, unresponsive touchpad. I also sent them reviews of this... Read more

Answer:Touchpad defective across y580s; repaired with 2nd defective touchpad; Questions

Any ideas on how to deal with this with Lenovo? They've now replaced the poorly-designed touchpad twice; it still doesn't work like it's supposed to. I have two other Lenovo laptops that work wonderfully. This one, however, is unusable because of thetouchpad.    

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Hi, I bought my Carbon Touch looking forward to activating with Verizon and replacing my current 3g ipad.  After hours trying to figure out how to enable broadband, I find out that apparently the "touch" models don't offer it.  Can someone at Lenovo explain how they can have promotional materials like the page at that says "ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch" and "Embedded 3G Connectivity" while not offering it at all? Then, I thought I'd return the Touch and get the regular Carbon, but I'm seeing now that, despite all of the reviews and promo materials that say otherwise, it doesn't support Verizon either.  How can this be true?  Just about every review that I read about these laptops is flat wrong on these topics.  What's the scoop? I tried calling technical support a couple of times and they were of no help.   

Answer:X1 Carbon Touch WWAN (Carbon does not support Verizon and Carbon Touch has no 3G at all)

Welcome to the Support Forums! I can definitely understand your confusion and I know you must be frustrated. I can clarify that the WWAN is optional in the X1 Carbon, from the same link you provided you can open the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch Ultrabook Specs it states there is Optional 3G WWAN.
Here is the the X1 Carbon Personal Systems Reference (You will find the X1 Carbon Touch on the very bottom)
This shows the different models of the X1 Carbon and what specifications are included. Unfortunately, I only see AT&T as the 3G provider on the standard models. From the Parts List it looks like there are other options to choose from that would make it a configured to order machine. You may want to contact Verizon to see if any of the WWAN cards work with their network.
I would recommend contacting the after sales team:
For Post-Sales Inquiries
Please call 1-866-42-THINK (1-866-428-4465) Monday - Friday 9am - 7pm EST
Example: (I dont know what your exact machine type is)

I really do understand your frustration, I hope you found this helpful.

Thank you for being a part of the Lenovo Family,Catie--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! This will help the rest of the Community with ... Read more

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Hi!I just got a new "X1 Carbon 5th Gen - Kabylake (Type 20HR, 20HQ)" and a "X1 Carbon Thunderbolt 3 Dock". I have an external screen connected to the dock and it works fine (VGA connection). I also have an other monitor with display (DP) connection that I want to use. But my computer can't find the other monitor, only the one with VGA connection. Is there any easy ways to fix this problem?Best regards

Answer:ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th gen can't connect 2 external monitors in X1 Carbon Thunderbolt 3 Dock

[Posted moved and topic edited for discoverability.  AG]

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Après avoir fait la mise à jour vers w10 mon lecteur d'empreinte ne fonctionne pas. Dans la gestion des périfériques il n'est pas visible. J'ai installé le pilote mais c'est toujous pareil, il n'est pas visible.. quelqu'un pourrait il m'aider ?
Google translate: French >> English
After upgrading to w10 my fingerprint reader does not work. In the management of the pheripherals it is not visible. I installed the driver but it is always the same, it is not visible .. could someone help me?Thank you
Moderator comment: Please feel free to post in your native language, but as the principal language of this community is English, please include a translation alongside for the benefit of other members. Regards.
Commentaire du modérateur: N'hésitez pas à poster dans votre langue maternelle, mais comme la langue principale de cette communauté est l'anglais, veuillez inclure une traduction pour le bénéfice des autres membres. Cordialement.

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Hi, after four weeks my brand new X1 carbon failed out and it doesn't boot anymore.I've tried several times but after pressing the on button it  just pulses the kyeboard back-light but do not start. Only resetting with a pin in the back hole it quite.I called the help desk and they opened a claim.Today, after 10 days waiting, they told me that the mother board will be available not before May 1st!!! sure they offered for my patience one more month of warranty period!!!Is anyone having the same issue? how can I contact some else in the customer support team to help me solving the problem?I bought the new pc to work not to waste time to be in touch with a no hepfull unknown person somewhere in the world!!!

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Is the SSD upgrade procedure the same as the old X1 Carbon ? What is the part number for the current 512GB SSD module ?


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Answer:New type X1 Carbon SSD upgrade to 512GB - Same procedure as old X1 Carbon ?

Read these documents:

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I used the 1st gen X1 Carbon for a while and found out that it's very robust and the touch feeling is very good. I guessed that all sides (A+B+C+D) of it are made by carbon fiber. Correct me if I'm wrong. But when I use my X1 Yoga 1st gen, which has only carbon fiber on A side (the cover behind screen) and uses "Super Magnesium" on C+D sides (the cover around keyboard and behind the keyboard), this design bring several problems: 1. " Super Magnesium" is still metal, if you crash it by accident, you may leave a scrath on it permanently, this happens more on edges;2. what's more, the paint at the edge of " Super Magnesium" will be rubbed away with time goes on, and you will see the white metal not the ThinkPad black;3. metal will suffer from deformation by force;4. the D side of my X1 yoga feels loose when you hold it with one hand, which make you feel cheap of this $1500 machine. Thus I hope the next gen of X1 Yoga or X1 Carbon can provide a pure carbon fiber version, for better build quality and user experience. How do you guys think about it?

Answer:Pure carbon fiber for X1 Yoga and X1 Carbon?

HelloThe small carrections about the case materials, according to the laptop specs.x1c gen1Display cover: Carbon Fiber;Bottom: Magnesium/Aluminumx1 yoga gen1Carbon-Fiber HybridSo, IMO the question isn't material itself related only, but the case parts painting quality.

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I was considering getting this laptop , probably leaning toward the touch version.  But display quality is really important to me, I do much software evelopment so i stare at thescreen a lot of course  I know this is not IPS panel, but more like the TN panel used in MacBook.   How does it compare to Macbook dispay (non retina). is it, worse,the same, or better? 

Answer:Display quality of X1 carbon / X1 carbon touch

I haven't spent much time on a newer MBP, but it's very equivalent to a MBP a few generations back, but is brighter. It's for sure usable, and while IPS would be prefered, I can easily live with it daily.

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I used the 1st gen X1 Carbon for a while and found out that it's very robust and the touch feeling is very good. I guessed that all sides (A+B+C+D) of it are made by carbon fiber. Correct me if I'm wrong. But when I use my X1 Yoga 1st gen, which has only carbon fiber on A side (the cover behind screen) and uses "Super Magnesium" on C+D sides (the cover around keyboard and behind the keyboard), this design bring several problems: 1. " Super Magnesium" is still metal, if you crash it by accident, you may leave a scrath on it permanently, this happens more on edges;2. what's more, the paint at the edge of " Super Magnesium" will be rubbed away with time goes on, and you will see the white metal not the ThinkPad black;3. metal will suffer from deformation by force;4. the D side of my X1 yoga feels loose when you hold it with one hand, which make you feel cheap of this $1500 machine. Thus I hope the next gen of X1 Yoga or X1 Carbon can provide a pure carbon fiber version, for better build quality and user experience. How do you guys think about it?

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I've been looking for a small, easily pocketable charger. Often the space occupied is mostly by the power cords, so I've been considering wall chargers where the brick directly plugs into the wall, such as the Targus APM69US - but I can't find any that have the new rectangular Lenovo tips. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Folks - I have two X1 Carbons sitting in front of me, both running Windows 8.1, trying to connect to my Samsung TV.The X1 Carbon (2014) has display corruption on WiDi, while the X1 Carbon (original) works fine. On the 2014 X1 Carbon, you get display corruption, and choppy squeaky audio every few seconds. With the original everything is smooth as silk. Any thoughts? I've already run Lenovo System Update on X1 Carbon (2014) as well as Windows Update, so everything is up to date. Don't know what else to try? Clearly, it's not the TV, nor the router, nor interference - since one machine works and the other doesn't... Thanks!  

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Does anyone know whether the displays of either the X1 Carbon or X1 Carbon Touch currently available on the Lenovo website are IPS, and if not, what panel type they are? The sales reps have told me conflicting things. On the product configuration screen, the display types are listed as 14.0" Premium HD+ (1600x900) LED Backlit Display, 720p HD Camera, No WWAN and 14.0" MultiTouch Premium HD+ (1600x900) LED Backlit Display, 720p HD Camera. No WWAN respectively. It's my understanding that in the past, the phrase "Premium HD+" has meant IPS. Also, if someone from Lenovo is reading this, could you please ask somebody in engineering who actually knows?

Answer:X1 Carbon / Carbon Touch Panel Currently IPS?

No, it is an outdated low resolution TN panel again with better than Lenovo usual almost zero contrast (below 150:1). Quote from Lenovo shop:Multitouch Premium ? Optimized for Windows 8, 10-finger touch on select ThinkPad models allows for fluid tablet-like interaction. Intuitive navigation enables browsing, scrolling, using apps, even gaming, with a simple swipe of the touchscreen. A capacitive touch panel trigger actions immediately, and the cursors follow your fingers around the screen without any perceptible lag or delays. Review TLE2, TN LED, Contrast: 885:1 

__________________________________ThinkPad (1992 - 2012): R51, X31, X220, Tablet 8.Do you care about privacy and security ? Leave Google behind

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would anyone happen to have a picture of the x1 carbon lcd lid thickness next to the carbon touch? maybe lead_org i know you have access to many thinkpads and i am a fan of your flicker thank you for have made such a great resource! looking to do a custom mod where i fit the regular carbon lid on my multi-touch lcd to get the battery indicator lights and also have the red "i" in the thinkpad logo glow with a mutlitouch pannel, but concerned about the depth for the lcd and thickness... anyone have any experience or ever try it? any input would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:X1 carbon lcd lid thickness vs carbon touch

does anyone have a side by side comparison of the lids so i can get an idea if the touch screen has more depth or if its just the rubber border that snaps in around the lid that is thicker? does any IT manage out there have access to snap a pic of a non touch and touch x1 one side by side? im looking to at least get a visual but i only have access to my x1ct... any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Been going back and forth and can't seem to find a screen that can replace my Thinkpad x1 carbon 3460 1f4 screen. Have found one for the 3448. Don't know if they use the same screen and pins?  See photo for description of the replacement screen I'm looking at.  


Go to Solution.

Answer:Can the Thinkpad x1 carbon 3448 laptop screen replace a Thinkpad x1 carbon 3460 1f4

The 3448 and 3460 machines use the same panels, hinges, lid, cables, etc.

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Question: defective GPU?

Recently, I bought a new XFX Radeon 6870 and haven't had any luck getting it to display anything in the monitor. I first tried sticking it in the same PCI-E slot of my old gpu and got nothing. I tried sticking it in a different PCI-E slot and still got nothing. Next I used my old GPU to check the device manager and couldn't find the new GPU. I'm pretty sure it's not a power issue since I'm using a 600W Ultra X-Finity PSU. So... does anyone know what I'm doing wrong =\? Thanks in advance.

Answer:defective GPU?

What's your old gpu?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Ultra PSU's have historically been bottom of the barrel psus... some of them so bad they could do damage to the machine and are to be avoided at all costs.

The Ultra X-Finity is a really old series (surprised they're still selling them) that's, at best, a Tier 4 psu from several years back. You'd be well advised to swap if for a decent one... take care of your hardware.

I still remember at DFI Street the name Ultra just brought shudders every time we heard someone paid for one...

Scroll down to the old list, tier 4. Official XS Power Supply Ranking Phase I - XtremeSystems Forums

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Question: Defective CRT?

If it wasn't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all

I got a new monitor that's listed in my sig. and the first one had these white spots in the glass so they sent me a new one. Now I'm noticing that the hue keeps fading in and out a light blue color?

Is there a adjustment for that? I have the refresh rate at 120hz.


Answer:Defective CRT?

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Hi, I bought a y50 laptop 5 months ago in the United States. I then took it to Turkey where I live and work. It turns out the laptop has a defective hard drive. I get the 'EFI Network 0 for IPv4 boot failed' error. The BIOS could not detect the hard drive. So, I called Turkish Lenovo support and they promised to fix the laptop. First, I waited 2 weeks for them to pick it up. They never did. So then I sent it to them.  They claimed since it was bought in America they could not replace the laptop and I will have to wait for them to order the part from America. (Why????) They refuse to replace it because it was bought in America. So, I waited for 4 months for them to receive the part. Last week they called and told me that they have fixed the laptop and are sending it back. I got it yesterday, turned it on, and guess what? The laptop is still broken with the same exact problem. So, either the lied to me and pretended to fix it, or they replaced the defective hard drive with another defective hard drive.  I bought this laptop 5 months ago for 1200 dollars, and I haven't been able to use it once yet. I can't wait another 5 months just to be able to use it. I am stuck in a hell here, as you can imagine this is incredibly frustrating and infuriating. I feel like Lenovo has robbed me of my money. I want some advice about what I can do. It seems I cannot rely on the Turkish Lenovo repair center, as they are either incompetant and/liars... Read more

Answer:I have a defective y50 and I don't know what to do

Sorry to hear of the frustration.  Here are a couple of things to check.......
Shut down Windows.  Once the computor is turned off then press the Novo button.  Select BIOS Setup from the menu.  On the first page of the BIOS Setup check to see that the hard drive is listed.  If it is then click on the Configuration tab.  There should be an option for PXE Boot To Lan.  Disable this option if it is enabled.  Next, click on the Boot tab and make sure the DVD drive and Hard drive are on the top of the Boot Priority order and that the EFI Network listing are on the botton of the list.  Then exit the BIOS Setup and save your changes.  Now see if the computer boots normally. 
For future reference, here is a link to Lenovo's policy on International Warranty Support.....

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Question: ?? Defective DVD

I apologise if I am in the wrong forum but I was uncertain where it should go.

Some considerable time ago I purchased a DVD edition of a TV series and have finally got round to viewing it. The Series has been put on 4 separate disks. 3 of these disks work perfectly the 4th and final disk works perfectly EXCEPT for the final episode which cannot be accessed.
The menu screen on this disk appears quite normal showing 5 viewing options 2 being the last 2 episodes and the other 3 being various "Extras". The cursor will move and select all the options except the final episode.
I have tried running the DVD on my PC with the same result. On the PC I have explored the disk and selected each of the .vob files and tried to play them on VLC media player. All of the .vob files on the disk produce some sort of output but both sound and vision are badly distorted (I should have mentioned that there is no distortion when autorun is used).
Is there any way that I can persuade this track to play as I am quite keen to discover the culmination of the series.

Answer:?? Defective DVD

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Question: Defective Or Not?

I recently purchased a Sapphire Radeon 9600 XT and ive been having the same problem ever since i got it. The problem is the VPU will stop responding in high detailed games, With VPU recovery on it will start responding again after it flickers but if i turn it of the computer hard locks and i can see the screen but its frozen while the sound plays. And the only way i can get the card to work properly is by underclocking it! but who wants a card that cant even run at stock speeds. It might be heat, but my temps are pretty good 30C idle and 36 under load. and i have a 350watt Antec PSU so it shouldent be the power supply. Ive tryed many different catyalst drivers and non seem to work, and ive flashed my motherboard/video card bios with the newest update, and ive done all my win xp sp1 updates and newest motherboard drivers are installed . Ive also made sure fast writes was off and its not overdrived.

Is the card Defective and ready to RMA?
or is there anything else i could try.

Thanks Bender;;

Answer:Defective Or Not?

Try uninstalling the driver and all Radeon software and any thing left over from your old card (Install and Remove software in control panel) in safe mode, don't let the hardware wizard reinstall, when prompted to restart click NO then while still in safe mode install the AGP controller driver from the disk that came with the motherboard restart, then install the video card driver and software.

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Last week I bought a 1TB 7k rpm WD Cavier Black HDD from New Egg. Today I finally got to install it. So I put the new HDD in its cage and locked it in place. Turned on the computer and popped in the HP recovery CD's to install Windows 7. Installation went fine, it took almost 3 hours for the whole install but everything went alright. After rebooting I noticed the HDD is very VERY loud. It also seems kind of slow. It makes a very loud gravel like noise every time it performs a task. The only thing I can relate it to is one of those radiation gieger counters or a truck running over gravel. What I was wondering is do you think there is something wrong with the HDD, do you think its defective from the manuf or does it just need to break in. The same type of HDD came with my HP computer and it didn't seem as loud as this one.

Answer:Not sure about new HDD, might be defective

If the drive is making those sorts of noises, this is not normal and should be returned for replacement.

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Hi everyone!Having owned a laptop for some time with a marvellous TFT display, I decided it was time to purchase a TFT for my desktop computer. So, a few days ago I ordered one which was on special offer in PC World for £99. It arrived yesterday. After unpacking it and hooking it up to its base, I noticed that it slanted downwards. So, I fiddled with the little screw on the back but all this is used for is to take off the arm so that the screen can be wall mounted. I am currently using the screen the ?wrong way round? in its base, although now, it is pointing at an angle up, so it does not hurt my eyes. To try and explain the problem further I have put a few pics of the problem on my webspace: click hereI would be most grateful if you could offer your advice.Many Thanks, James

Answer:Is my tft defective?

Had a look at your photos and to me the way you have it which you say is incorrect looks right to me, if there isn't a problem using it like this then I'd just leave it, only other idea is what does it look like assembled in you local PCW. I would presume they would assemble it correctly.

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Question: Defective HD

I had windows 2000 on my pc and decided to install linux, but i didnt want to go through the trouble of having to operating systems on one HD. so i put in an old HD that i had lying around. It worked fine for a while so I decided to copy my music from my other HD to this one. the problem is I did cut and paste because i thought it would save time. since they are two separate HDs, it wont but i wasnt thinking. I had to go to work and I left the computer copying. When I came home I went to see what happened and it seemed to work and then it froze up. when i rebooted the bios could not detect the hd. i remember having this problem with the hd in the past, but only after it screwed up. I has nothing to do with jumpers or cables because my other hd still works, but this one doesnt work secondary which makes the primary hd not work because it thinks its jumpered wrong. if you know of anyway for me to get my data off my hd with paying a lot of money, please give me a suggestion.

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I bought a P50 and it finally showed up today and I open it and it has a broker button on the keyboard. How can I return it? I do not want it fixed I want a whole new laptop I dont pay good money to get a broken keyboard to just send it somewhere when the thing has never been powered on yet. I can not beleive that they wouldnt notice the button half on. Sorry for the rant I am pretty pissed.

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Question: Defective HD?

I just installed a Samsung SP2004C SATA Hard Drive. when i installed windows xp onto it the screen either goes black for a good 30 seconds before the windows loading logo comes up or it shows a really dark shadow looking version of the windows logo. Then after i am in windows everything loads up really slow like IE,outlook,messenger ect ect. It also makes everything on my old IDE hard drive do the exact same thing while it's plugged in but when i unplug it i stop getting those symptoms on the IDE drive.

Now normally i would think it's a defective hard drive but that doesnt explain the fact that the volume control wont load and it tells me there are no audio devices installed. So i think maybe it is conflicting with my audio or tv card right? so i moved those around like musical chairs on different PCI slots and it still does the same thing. However the old IDE drive doesnt seem to be having these same audio/tv problems just the new SATA drive but it has the same slow down symptoms. Any ideas?

Answer:Defective HD?

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Question: SP4 pen defective

My SP4 does not write in one note or anything else but is connected to Bluetooth and button works to open one note? Any ideas of what to do?

Answer:SP4 pen defective

Does it write in Word, word pad, notepad etc?

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Question: Ram Defective?

Hi all, could someone tell me how I could check to see if one of my sticks of ram is defective, like is their a program that I would be able to download?

Answer:Ram Defective?

memtest. see my sig for the download

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i bought a g-skill 2 set ddr2 4gb pc2-8500 1066mhz(clearly labelled on the ram), i've check that all my components (cpu,motherboard etc) can support 1066mhz ram speed, but when i went into bios to check it says that the maximum ram speed available was 800mhz, and i also dled the latest drivers but still nothing happened, is it possible that the ram i bought was defective?

cpu ? e8500

motherboard ? Asrock 4Core1600P35-WiFi Motherboard (Intel P35/ICH9R Chipset, Socket LGA775 supports Intel Core 2 Extreme / Core 2 Quad / Core 2 Duo / Pentium Dual Core / Celeron, Penryn Quad Core Yorkfield and Dual Core Wolfdale processors, 1600(O.C.)/1333/1066/800 MHz FSB, 2 x 240-pin DIMM Dual Channel DDR-3 1333/1066 Memory (Max 4GB), 4 x 240-pin DIMM Dual Channel DDR-2 1066/800/667 Memory (Max 8GB), 2 x PCI-Express x16 (white @ x16 mode, purple @ x4 mode, supports ATI CrossFire), 3 x PCI, 6 x SATAII 300 ( Supports RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 10, RAID 5), 1 x ATA133, 8-Channel Audio, Gigabit 10/100/1000 Mb/s Ethernet LAN, up to 10 x USB2.0, eSATAII, 802.11g Wireless LAN, ATX form factor, All Solid Capacitor design.)

psu: silverstone 500w ST50EF-PLUS

RAM site:

Answer:I think I have defective RAM

You might try another manufactures DDR2 RAM. Companies like Corsair, Kingston or Crucial are good

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Only third day of my new Gen4 X1 Carbon.  Sound works fine .. then there is screechy sound from the earbuds that were plugged into audio.  Now no sound, no matter what I do.  I do have on site support but what do all of you think?

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I've been randomly getting the BSOD for about a month now. Sometimes it would happen again minutes after the restart, sometimes hours, sometimes, days. I don't think it's an issue with the hardware because I've reformatted XP about 4-5 times. I even tried install the Windows 7 release candidate and still got the BSOD with that.

I've done the mem86 test and it came back clean after one run through. The crashes stop all together however when I am only using one stick of ram. I've tried every combination of ram slot switching so I'm assuming it's not the fault of the motherboard. What's weird is there is no bad stick of ram. Both run fine by themselves; whereas when they're both installed that's when the crashes happen.

HITACHI 1TB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5"
Crucial Ballistix 4GB 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard
MSI N9400GT-MD1G GeForce 9400 GT 1GB 128-bit GDDR2
Rosewill RP550-2 550W ATX12V v2.01 Power Supply

.dmp files


Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.11.0001.404 X86
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Loading Dump File [D:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini092609-03.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

Symbol search path is: SRV*c:\symbols*
Executable search path is:
Windows XP Kernel ... Read more

Answer:BSOD- defective ram?


You are getting random ones first one links to your AntiVirus in ESET, second is ntfs.sys, third is utorrent.

I would be checking ram and use this and test with only one stick of ram at a time.

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Hey everyone,First, let me say that I did a search, and none of the solutions I found worked for me.I have a X61. Ever since I bought it, it would freeze when I tried to enable bluetooth. Now, this wasn't often, as I never had a need for it, so I overlooked it.Just four or five days ago, I installed Windows 7 ultimate in both my X61 and my T60. The T60 works like a charm. The same for the X61... almost. Problem is, I tried to sync my Blackberry with the X61 via bluetooth. No dice. I tried it with the T60, no problem.As I dug deeper into it, I realized that the bluetooth card is not recognized by windows. I am able to turn it on and off with fn + f5, but when I turn it on, Windows says "USB device not recognized". I have run system update and have installed all the latest drivers, I have tried letting windows install the drivers, but no dice. Windows says that the drivers are "version 6.1.7600.16385", but this doesn't match the driver for bluetooth.Neeless to say, I am somewhat miffed . I haven't called Lenovo, in case there is another solution out there that I haven't found.Any ideas are much appreciated. Best regards. Robert

X230x200T410X240TP Tablet 2

Answer:X61 with defective bluetooth?

Hi rmendoza58,It appears to me that it is a hardware issue. Better call lenovo support.Hope it helps.

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My grandchild has an eMachines Notebook, that is defective.

It's the HDD, that has issues.

The HDD is a Thoshiba MK6465GSX.

The Notebook has difficulties when booting, and cannot get out of post.

I have the HDD connected to another computer now, and can see it in Computer Manage window.

What to do, to save data ?.

The atatchment shows the HDD in Manager

Answer:How to get data out of a defective HDD ?

You may try the Partition Recovery Wizard of the Partition Wizard Bootable CD .

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I have been having problems with my Dedicated AMD GPU causing flickering and Random shutdowns.Will disabling AMD GPU in BIOS solve this issue here is a video of flickering

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I just bought a refurbished Soyo SY-KT600 Dragon Plus from Newegg and to my surprise, it didn't work properly. With only the RAM, CPU + fan, and a video card installed, the computer would not boot at all. The fans work, the light on the motherboard turns on, and there are no beeps. The only time it beeped was when the jumpers were set to 100MHz, but I changed it to 133MHz since my processor is a AthlonXP 2200+ Thoroughbred.

I checked Soyo's support, and it gave me practically everything I have already checked.

I also went over to a friend's house and tested my CPU, RAM, and video card, on his motherboard. Everything seemed to run fine since there was video and I was able to get into BIOS. After all this, I'm coming to the conclusion that it's my board. Anyone have any ideas?

My power supply is a 400W POWMAX:: Output: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

Answer:Motherboard defective?

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I tried searching but couldn't find an issue with the exact same symptoms as mine.
So I decided to get a RAM upgrade and purchased a memory module identical to the one currently in my PC, to up my memory from 4GB to 8GB.
I install the new memory into the free memory slot (my MoBo only has 2). This slot hasn't been used before and the MoBo is around 3 years old. I check it's seated properly and boot my PC. All sounds normal but I get no video output, no optical light to my mouse and no keyboard function/lights. No beeps from the MoBo either.
I try the new RAM in the original slot being used and it boots fine. I tried every possible combination and it just refuses to boot properly when either memory module is in the second slot.
What I don't get is why it doesn't boot with both modules inserted - if the slot is bad, why wouldn't it simply boot as if only one module was installed?
Any advice here would be very much appreciated.
RAM: Corsair 4GB 1600MHz (both modules)
O/S: Windows 10 64-bit

Answer:Do I have a defective RAM slot?

How sure are you that the Memory is identical? What is the basis of that presumption?

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