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X230 Trackpoint stick requires much more pressure to move than my other Thinkpads

Question: X230 Trackpoint stick requires much more pressure to move than my other Thinkpads

I prefer to use my trackpoint stick rather than the touchpad because I can leave my hands in typing position. Trouble is my X230 stick feels much harder to move than my other current and former Thinkpads. Even using the stick for just a couple minutes makes my finger sore. I have adjusted the Wndows control panel -> mouse ultranav -> trackpoint -> settings -> trakcpoint stick -> sensitivity to light touch. But I use other thinkpads (T430, x120e) stick with sensitivity set in the middle and they are much easier to start movement with. All Lenovo drivers are current. Seems that the X230 stick is different and requires much more pressure to get going compared to other models. Any suggestions or other adjustments I could try? Thanks.

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Preferred Solution: X230 Trackpoint stick requires much more pressure to move than my other Thinkpads

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: X230 Trackpoint stick requires much more pressure to move than my other Thinkpads

try putting the T430 keyboard in the X230 and vice versa.

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Hi, I recently purchased a new Thinkpad and I new about the new Trackpad that has removed the physical buttons, but I thought that I could get used to it. But, I never will, not the way I have been using a Thinkpad for the last 15 years. When using the computer for work I never use the touchpad only the trackpoint with the physical buttons, I use all 3 of the buttons. These are my two first problems with the new trackpad. 1. The force that is needed to left or right click with the new "the whole trackpad is a button" is really annoying and i really really hate it.2. The sound of the button when pressing the whole trackpad is really annoying, you can almost type silently on the keybord, but when pressing the trackpad button it makes a very annoying sound. This is the third and most annoying problem, a real show stopper for me. 3. When I do real work on my computer I use both my thumbs for left vs right click. The problem with the new trackpad is that there is no physical buttons AND they area for the buttons are not clickable, the whole trackpad is a button meaning that it senses which thumb was last registered resting in that area. On my old Thinkpad I usually rested both my thumbs on the physical buttons and this is where the real problem begins. If i rest my left thumb on the area for the left "button" first and after this rest my right thumb in the area for the right "button" and then left click, there will be a right click instead, ... Read more

Answer:Using trackpoint with both thumbs on new Thinkpads

Wellcome to the club of frustrated trackpoint users. The new clickpad-solution just does not work for me. People who do not use the trackpoint seem to like it, but the whole point of buying a ThinkPad is getting void without a working solution for us trackpoint users.

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Hi, I'm new to ThinkPads. Just got my E531 last week so I'm not sure it it's normal for me to have to press pretty hard on the trackpad to get it to respond as a left/right click for the trackpoint.  When I'm using the trackpad by itself its very responsive and smooth. It's very sensitive to the touch. This is why it's odd to me that it's not as sensitive when using it in conjunction with the trackpoint. I have to press down on it almost to make it click. Not sure if this is by desing. I dont want to ruin it if it's not

Answer:E531 Trackpoint + Trackpad pressure

look at the settings under Mouse in control panel then go to the ultranav settings.  You can adjust the sensitivity there of how hard you press.

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Anyone know of a netbook (small laptop) that has a pointing stick / trackpoint like IBM has on most of their regular sized notebooks?

I love the trackpoints to the point that i wont buy a notebook without one.
The touchpad only option is so 1990's

Id love to get a ASUS eee, but there's no way ill by one, or a similar netbook that dont have a trackpoint.

Other names the keyboard mouse trackpoint goes by for tagging / searching purposes:

NX Point
Track Stick
Mouse emulator
Pointing Stick

Thanks for looking.
Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Hello People

I've searched for hours now with google but I didn't find anything useful about either how a Trackpoint works or how one of these can be repaired.

I'm doing this because I want to get my old Compaq LTE5300 working neatly again. It's not as useful as a laptop rightnow because of a broken trackpoint and a broken battery. I've already found a tutorial how to get NiCd and NiMh Batteries working again. Going to try that tomorrow.
Well, there's another possibility for getting a TrackPoint to that old Compaq:
I've got a broken Toshiba with Trackpoint as well (Motherboard or Screen or both gone). That Trackpoint works well with the Compaq. Only problem is that I can't use the connectors to put that Trackpoint anywhere outside the case. Question: How do I prolong foil wrapped cables?

Maybe I'm writing a bit confused, but that's only because it's late here in CH.

Greetings Hans

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(I did a search for this topic and not sure where to post this- so please move to the appropriate forum, thanks.) Has anyone download and tried the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility to tweak and overclock the Intel HD 4000 graphics chip? Found here: Intel Extreme Tuning Utility Does the Lenovo Thinkpad in general support this Utility? I stumbled across these links from that describes the process:Overclocking Intel HD 4000 Part 1 Overclocking Intel HD 4000 Part 2 Overclocking Summary I downloaded the latest Intel Extreme Tuning Utility on my X230T and tried to get it to work but after installing and running the program  the window opens and just hangs there- not able to get into the GUI. If it is only Developer or Manufacturer specific and not able to work on Lenovo laptops then I say a mod or someone start shaking the trees and get the Lenovo developers / coders on this! thanks. Rob 

Answer:Overclocking: Intel HD 4000 (on Lenovo Thinkpads - example: X230 & X230T etc.)

That looks like a utility specific to Intel brand motherboards, which tend to ship with decent cooling solutions that can be easily upgraded.  And, of course, get installed into some kind of ATX case with supplemental cooling.
I would imagine that using such a utility would increase the thermal output of the IGP and decrease its life, as well as that of the surrounding components.  Unless they are specifically designed for gaming, notebook computers tend to have much more limited thermal "envelopes" for the amount of waste heat they can successfully dump, either through passive (radiation) or active (mechanical cooling fan) means.
Aryeh Goretsky

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When I purchased my tablet from Lenovo, I understood it had both touch and pressure screen functionality. It does not.
When I rotate the screen and fold it down the stylus pen doesn't work. Nor does the screen function as a touch screen. 
System Information:
     Product - 3434CTO
     BIOS GCET20WW (1.09)
I am running Windows 7.0 Professional, 64 bit.
Please advise as to how to make the pen (pressure) and touch  functionality available.
All assistance is very much appreciated
Below is the parts list for my machine.
Displaying results for : xxxxxxx
Mfg P/N FRU P/N Description Serviceable

FRU-Lenovo 4GB PC3-12800 DDR3-1600MHz So
FRU-Lenovo 4GB PC3-12800 DDR3-1600MHz So
FRUCM2FAN IntegrateSVToshiba
Lenovo Disk Tray-SATA7 Drive FRU 7200RPM
Sony Comet 3cell
FRU Marble Peak
LBL:Win7 Pro 32-bit/64-bit COA(FQC-02011

Moderator Note; s/n edited for member's own pr... Read more

Answer:No touch or pressure function on X230 Tablet screen.

you still have warranty? you probably have a pinched cable that needs replacement.

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Question: x230 trackpoint

Hey,sometimes when I move my pointer somwhere and then release trackpoint the pointer goes a little bit backwards. Can it be fixed?Regards 

Answer:x230 trackpoint

TrackPoint drift has been happening as long as I can remember, at least back to the X31.  Release the trackpoint, and it may drift towards the top left.  If you let it drift, it stops after a few seconds and after that works properly.  At least for me this happens infrequently enough so as not to be a big deal.

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Hi all,I have a rather unusual problem.My trackpoint in my Lenovo X230 is stopping to work.I have got a massage like this: have a latest drivers installed from: now it's working ok, because they are drivers from April, but if anyone had similar problem please let me know.I have to restart my machine with Windows 10 64bit to start my trackpoint to work again.If anyone could advise I would be thankful. Cheers.

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I never do these, but after extensive searching and trouble shooting without results, here I am.I have a Lenovo x230 laptop (2306cto model number) . The keyboard on it was having buttons stop working after extensive use, so I purchased a replacement keyboard for it (model CS12-84US). The keyboard is identical the previous one, including backlight functionality, and trackpoint. I swapped the keyboards, and all of the buttons started working again perfectly, except for the trackpoint mouse (little red button thing), the trackpoint mouse buttons, and also the backlight function for the keyboard (the Fn + Space only turns on the overhead light seated next to the webcam). I tried reseating it a few times, I checked all of the ribbons to ensure that there are no rips/tears, etc. I checked drivers again and again. The trackpoint section under the UltraNav Mouse settings is greyed out and inaccessible. I can't figure out what's wrong. This is a brand new keyboard. Help appreciated! System Details As follows:Spoiler (Highlight to read)Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60GHzManufacturer IntelSpeed 2.6 GHzNumber of Cores 4CPU ID BFEBFBFF000306A9Family 06Model 3AStepping 9Revision 1BVideo Card Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000Manufacturer IntelChipset Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000Dedicated Memory 64 MBTotal Memory 1.7 GBPixel Shader Version 5.0Vertex Shader Version 5.0Hardware T & L YesVendor ID 8086Device ID 0166Plug and Play ID VEN_8086&DEV_0166&SUBSYS_21... Read more

Answer:x230 Backlight and Trackpoint not working

Any ideas?

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Hello, I have a Lenovo X230 and have a quick question, is it possible to disable the TrackPoint knob (the red knob) while keeping the buttons active? Disabling TrackPoint through the UltraNav driver results in having both the knob and the buttons disabled, the same thing goes for disabling it in the BIOS. Note that this model only has those two buttons build in while newer Lenovo models has two pairs of buttons (above and below the TrackPad). See:

Answer:X230 - Disable TrackPoint but not buttons?

you can in a way. Just select advanced feature only within the ultranav selection for the trackpoint. This way the trackpoint nib would only act as page scroller and won't move the pointer per se. Then you can switch the trackpoint sensitivity to firm touch. This is what i do for people whom can't use trackpoints.

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I have thinkpad x230 which was running the stable and well supported windows 7. I upgraded to windows 10 a couple of days ago and I updated the synaptics driver from to the latest one lenovo released  19.0.12. 61 but the trackpont scrolling is bad and not smooth. In addition, I can't find any option to change the sensitivity of the trackpoint. I went back to the old driver I used in win 7  ( and smooth scrolling is back but trackpoint scrolling isn't working in start menu, edge browser or any metro app. I appreciate your help!!

Answer:X230 Trackpoint problem after Win 10 upgrade

Anyone has this problem or is it only me? Please help!!  Should I do a clean installation of windows 10?

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Everytime after I wake my thinkpad from sleep, the trackpoint wil not respond to anyinput until I press space key.How do I solve this problem?

Answer:X230's trackpoint acts wierd

Are your drivers up-to-date?

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Hi all, Since installing Windows 10 I am unable to change the sensitivity of the Trackpoint. I have to press insanely hard to get the cursor to move at a reasonable speed and it makes the machine rather useless for me. In Windows and 8.1 I had the options to change the sensitivity so the cursor would move on a light touch of the Trackpoint. Why has this function been removed? And is it coming back? X230 is officially supported for Windows 10 so you would say you at least get the options of changing the sensitivity. The latest drivers are installed using Lenovo System Update. At this point I'm seriously considering downgrading to 8.1 just to make the Trackpoint usable again. Thanks!

Answer:X230 Windows 10 Trackpoint sensitivity

Any news on this Lenovo?

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Hello, Prior to getting my X230, I had an X201, and the X201's trackpoint was very maneuverable: I was very precise with it and could control it how I wanted to. My X230 does not work this way: The trackpoint doesn't travel how I want it to. It requires more force to move it small distances. In Control Panel: Mouse, I have the pointer speed set to max and the trackpoint settings set to Light Touch. Enhanced Pointer Precision is on (I want it on).  There is definitely something wrong with my machine: I've tried out other X230's, and their trackpoints function the same as my X201's: easy to maneuver. My drivers are all updated. 

Answer:X230: Unsatisfactory trackpoint sensitivity/movability

I see no reason not to have Lenovo send u a new keyboard if u are still on warrantee. Keyboards are customer replaceable units and are easy to replace. I would give Lenovo support a call.

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Hello there, I have an issue with UltraNav TrackPoint while trying to scroll using the middle button. It seems Windows 10 are ignoring the middle button completely. I´ve tryied the solution I found here with the registry, but with no luck. I  remember the scrolling worked only for like two days after I purchased this repassed X230 tablet. After all the automatic Windows updates it stopped working. I tried uninstalling the driver and downloading fresh lenovo new one, but nothing... can someone here please help me? This issue is really annoying, otherwise I love the X230 tablet!

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Is it just me, or do the X230's trackpoint buttons seem really low? They don't seem to have a bump in the front that makes them easy to press. This in addition to how slippery and low the point is compared to the one on my X201 makes pointing and clicking a miserable experience. 

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Touchpad doesn't respond, and when I press trackpoint middle button it acts as a mouse wheel (opens links in a new tab, scrolls only if I press it on the empty space) or sometimes doesn't work at all. I had drivers for ps/2 mouse and keyboard installed , if I try to install drivers from lenovo site, I get an error : Synaptics device not found! 

Answer:x230 touchpad and trackpoint scrolling don't work

Welcome To Lenovo Community
 Please uninstall all touchpad drivers , restart and update the driver from the below link
Hope This Helps

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Basically, my problem is in the title. It feels fine when I just idle a finger on it, but if I tilt it diagonally, I start to feel some heat after a few minutes of use. Its like I'm touching a a hot surface of a cheap laptop under load. I thought it might have been because the CPU was under load, but this happened to me while browsing the internet and writting a paper in wordpad. Is this normal?

Answer:x230 TrackPoint (chiclet) feels extremely hot

how and why do you tilt a trackpoint diagonally for a few minutes?

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Hello, Im having problems with the trackpoint on my T500 Thinkpad, thats possiby only 3 weeks old. Everything was fine for a while, but then one day, everytime I tried to use the trackpoint the cursor switches to the middle click icon and refuses to move, unless I use the USB mouse plugged in or use the track pad. I can move the cursor with the trackpoint if I hold the middle button down, but other than that the trackpoint is useless Ive uninstalled and reinstalled the driversIve done the above and included the ultranav utility for good measure Nothing seems to work. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. 

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I  have problems with Trackpoint. I checked the BIOS, Driver Ultra Nav everything is normal. But my Trackpoint still inoperable. The picture shows trackpoint not recognized. I think my mainboar faulty. Please help me. Thanks ! P/S: I used ThinkPad T420 

Answer:T420- I can't move my using trackpoint

!!!!! I need your help !!!! Pleasse 

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So this is the second time I am experienceing a problem with my x1 trackpoint and with the debacle of shipping that happened last time, I don't want to have to go through this again. I have sent my unit into lenovo for the same problem about 2 months ago.  the problem is similar to the one outlined here ( the mouse finds a home in the bottom-left or top right corner.   However, I perfer the touchpad to the pointing stick, so this probably is not be a hardware problem (or it is and it's just faulty hardware from the start).   All I literally want to do is disable the trackpoint pointing stick.  but when I do, it disables clicking so that's not an option.   I really can't afford to go another 2 months without my laptop again.  not now.    Edit: I goofed my lefts and rights

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I recently purchased a Lenovo ThinkPad E440 from the official lenovo website and received it two days ago. I would like to use the TrackPoint pointing stick but I can't enable it via 'Mouse Properties' in Control Panel as the entire TrackPoint section is faded out (you can't check the box that says enable). Could someone please advise me on how I can enable the trackpoint? Not sure if this is important but the laptop has Windows 8.1 installed.Thank you.

Answer:TrackPoint pointing stick not working on brand new ThinkPadE440

Hi Pbahal,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
I?m sorry to hear that you are facing the issue with Track Point on ThinkPad E440.
I suggest you to uninstall current version of ThinkPad UltraNav driver, and download the latest driver for Windows 8.1 OS from the Lenovo link and install to resolve the issue.
Below is the link to enter the downloads page and install Wifi driver and check accordingly, please click on "Select Product" then in "QUICK PATH" enter the MTM no. select the exact model.
Hope this helps. Do post back if issue persists!
Best regards,

Hemanth Kumar

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Hi,This issue has been bothering me for quite some time...The trackpoint and touchpad stop working or sometimes it goes crazy if you move the laptop from one place to another. The mouse will come to normal once you put the laptop to sleep, and login again.I have installed the lastest drivers, reinstall windows, and even now I installed Linux and this problem persist across OS. I do have the lastest BIOS too.Any help is appreciated.

Answer:T43 - Mouse (trackpoint and touchpad) stop working when laptop move


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While working at my latop I thought of a novel idea on how to draw in Photoshop without having a pen tablet. My starting point was thinking about a way to better hold the mouse for a more accurate brush stroke. It came to me that if I somehow use it like a pen i could make sketches easily. I searched on the internet if something like this exists and I found about optic laser pens. However being impacient I started chopping one of my older laptop mice and came with the idea of attaching a crayon with paper tape to it. After a few adjustments it seemed a good ideea. However this is were it gets tricky. It's really annoying to use a button to draw a line. After a while the noise gets on your nerves. Also there's no way to control the pressure of the strokes. Having tried this I have thought maybe taping the touchpad with my left hand could do the trick. However it doesn't work that way. The touchpad driver isn't programmed to tap and hold the click until it is released. Obviously this isn't a good behaviour under normal circumstances. So I have scoured the internet looking for a solution but this is were my luck runned out. I have installed the Synaptics touchpad driver suite and I tested various settings to get the touchpad to work the way I wanted. It is clearly obvious that Synaptics can emulate pressure by measuring the contact area between the thumb and the touchpad. The harder the thumb is pressed the flatter it gets and the larger the co... Read more

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I have a new X300 with a clean install of Windows XP (SP3) and all of the latest drivers from the Lenovo website.  Whenever I click any of the three TrackPoint buttons, the TrackPad is not able move the mouse cursor for about 2 seconds.  During this time, I can still move the cursor with the TrackPoint.  I did not experience this behavior with my previous laptop, which was a ThinkPad T42 running Windows XP (SP2).Thanks for any suggestions!

Answer:X300: TrackPad will not move mouse cursor for several seconds after clicking any TrackPoint button

Could anybody running Windows XP on an X300 please at least confirm or deny that they see similar behavior?Thanks!

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Hi all, I have a strange issue a a bit enoying.Then I turn my x230 in a tablet mode, the mouse cursor keep moving randomly.Everything else works fine, I can use the touch screen and the stylus. If I suspend and restart the computer, the issue goes away ...My computer has been reinstalled with no success on this issueDoes anyone has the same issue ? ps : I use windows 8  

Answer:x230 mouse cursor move on its own in tablet mode

have you tried disabling the TrackPoint and or touchpad while in tablet mode?

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Hi, I have a Lenovo X230 and the only way you can see if the Caps Lock is active is via the onscreen hotkey notification. However... my old model of Lenovo showed the Caps Lock symbol on screen on the right or the left. The Lenovo X230 shows the Caps Lock icon right in the middle of the bottom of the screen. This is commonly where my cursor is when typing. I've looked in the settings but can only see options to change it's colour etc. Is there anyway to move the icon to the right or left of the screen? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:X230 - Hotkey On Screen Location? Move from Centre to Right or Left?

help?? anyone??

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Well, I'm building a new PC and I have a copy of Win2k Pro siting on my desk, is it really necessary to upgrade to XP pro now? Is it that much better than Win2k pro?

Answer:Stick to Win2 Pro? or move to XP pro

If 2K did you OK this long, might as well ride it out until Vista. I can find few compelling reasons to change now.

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Hi guys

Need to make a decision.

Currently running xp pro 32bit with tons of games and junk installed on it, all working fine.

I am just about to move up to 4GB of RAM for gaming purposes and my question is should I move to vista 64bit to recognise the total 4GB and perhaps get into some direct 10 gaming? Or should I just stick with xp pro 32bit and have everything running fine just with a little less memory?

In other words is it worth the hassle of reinstalling OS and games for benefits of vista 64bit?

Money is no object so don't factor that into your decision.


Answer:Stick with XP pro 32bit or move to vista 64 bit

I'd say go for the upgrade. XP isn't "the OS" anymore, Vista has evolved and is not the OS you complained about back when it came out. Vista is pretty good now, definitely worth the upgrade from XP (maybe not monetarily, if you're looking to BUY a copy of Vista, not worth it yet, but if you already have a copy...or *ahem* "have" a copy, then yeah, use it).

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I have a Win 2003 server, standard edition, 32 bit. This server has 2 x dual core xeons and 12GB of ram. Currently I run several VMs off this machine via VM Server. I have been thinking about migrating to Windows 2008 64 bit and using HyperV instead of VM Server.

First going from 32 bit to 64 bit on the host OS, would that give me any performance boost? Second, how do the two virtual products compare? I have been hearing great things about HyperV.

I am not concerned about cost since I am in Education and get very good pricing on MS products.

Should I just keep things like they are? Reinstall with Win 2008 64 bit on host OS? If so then should I use VM Server or Hyper V?

Answer:Stick with VMware server or move to Hyper V

With 12GB of RAM, I think you'll see a significant performance boost using a 64bit system since you then avoid PAE.

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I'm thinking about buying new computers (ours are about 6 years old and showing their age).

I now run XP and I'm trying to decide whether to order the new machines loaded with Vista or XP. I remember hearing the horror stories when Vista first came out but I haven't kept up with the buzz, so I don't know if things have smoothed out with it.

I'm NOT a "power user" by any means but since I tend to keep my computers for at least 5-7 years, I am concerned that XP will be far outmoded by the time I want to upgrade again.

Then, too, will XP handle the increased memory, speed, etc., in a new computer (I assume they can, since the manufacturer offers the option of OS).

What would YOU do?

Answer:Solved: New computer -- stick with XP or move to Vista?

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Can anyone throw any light on my new problem .

I am using Windows Vista Home on my Toshiba Satellite 350 and I am trying to save a file to memory stick.
I locate the correct file and click on ' send to removable disc '

I then get an 'Item not found ''box which contains the message ,

''Could not find this item This item is no longer located in C:\Users\Desktop.
I ( Or wherever am looking) Verify the items location and try again''
I have checked the location and I have the correct one .

I have tried this many times with different types of files/locations and I get a similar message every time I try to move the file to anywhere , not just the memory stick

I have tried dragging the files in to the box and get the same message ,copying and pasting does not work I still get the same message ?

Whatever am I doing wrong ?

Answer:How do I move files to memory stick using Vista

Are you kidding me?
You don?t know how to copy/move files on the other device?

You have to mark the file, then press CTRL+X (shortcut for CUT ) then go to the memory stick and open it. Then press CTRL + V (paste).

That?s all!

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Hey everyone! Long time reader, first time poster. I've been happy with Defender/SmartScreen. However, I'm interested in the lightweight AV along with an additional sandbox provided by CCAV. I'm most interested in keeping a light and snappy system, especially on my somewhat under powered laptop. Defender seems to run pretty light on my stuff for the most part. I also tested CCAV for a short time. The first thing I noticed was a lag in Windows 10 startup (don't have Creators Update yet). I also noticed significant lag in connecting to a machine over RDP as well as launching heavier applications and games. Could this be CCAV "learning"? I do notice marginal gains in app launching after a little while.. but those darn DRP connections..... I'm an educated user who practices safe computing habits along with the essential, popular Chromium browser extensions. Would I still be "safe" to continue using Defender given the newer style drive-by and ransomware threats? Or should I move over to CCAV and give up a bit of responsiveness for a light AV along with sandbox? I have no problem with a chatty AV and I'm familiar with Comodo as I've used their firewall on and off in years past. Any help would be much appreciated!

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   My hard drive (XP) is so full the message pops up constantly, the cause seems to be lots of photos, iTunes and especially MS Office taking up space.
I need to transfer data or programs especialy MS Office to an 8Gb stick then remove them from the hard drive to free up space.
I no longer have teenagers at home to do this sort of thing and have very little computer knowledge myself. 
All the obvious things have been done ie disc cleanup etc. there is just too much stuff stored, there is not enough space left to defragment.

Answer:Hard Drive Full - How do I move data to USB stick?

You cannot move programs such as MS Office to Flash drive because the program associated with data in the Registry and will be unusable after moved them.
But if you want to move photo or Documents or anything, go to search > All files and folders > All Hard Drives > in search box type in " *.[extension] " without quotes when [extension] mean extension of the files, example of use is :

  this will search for all png pictures and word documents found on your drives. Note that extensions are separate with comma sign.
After you find your file, press Ctrl + A then Ctrl + X and go to your flash drive then press Ctrl + V.
Thank you.

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For a while now, I have wondered why the virtual buttons shown in the utility don?t function as advertised. According to the utility, I should get a left click if I depress the left are of the touchpad, a middle click if I push on the bumps, and a right click if I depress the right half of the touchpad. In my experience, I get a left click regardless of where I depress the touchpad. The only exception is when I depress the bumps in the top middle of the touchpad?when I do that, the mouse enters some weird scrolly mode where I scan scroll stuff with the trackpoint. It definitely does not emit a middle click. But, more importantly, I cannot figure out how to get trackpoint mode to emit a right click. How do I get trackpoint classic mode to work? Is there a way to downgrade the drive or use a non-lenovo branded driver to get it to behave properly? Right now, I?m relying on an external mouse just to middle click and right click. I?m using Windows 10 b10240 and, as in the post?s title, my trackpoint driver is the latest listed on Lenovo?s support site (which I think WU actually installed for me)? Why don?t the virtual buttons work and are there any other workarounds that don?t involve using a mode other than Trackpoint Classic?


Go to Solution.

Answer:T540p unable to right-click with virtual buttons in trackpoint or trackpoint classic mode

Seems to have partially fixed iteslf since Windows Update (WU) installed 19.0.16. Now the right half of my touchpad performs a right click when in TrackPad Classic mode. However, the supposed ?middle click? zone still does a weird scrolly mode instead of sending a middle click. Guess I still have to use an external mouse to accomplish a middle click when using Classic TrackPoint mode, but at least the situtaion is better than when I couldn?t right click with this mode.

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Hi, I got an S230u Twist last autumn and have been really happy with it. At the time, I ordered a set of replacement rubber TrackPoint caps. When I replaced the original cap the other day, I realised that the replacement ones are about 0.5mm shorter than the original one, with the result that the H and G keys get caught on the edge of the cap; you have to hit them quite hard to get them to work. I compared all the new caps from the packet against the original one, and sure enough; they're all a little too short. They fit, but it's annoying to have to go back and make sure all my ""G"s and "H"s typed correctly.  Has anyone else had the same problem? Lenovo, could this just have been a bad batch, and if so can I return the unused ones for a replacement set that is the correct height? 

Answer:S230u - replacement trackpoint TrackPoint caps are too short

If you bought them from Lenovo I'd just try and return them. If not dispute on eBay/PayPal/Credit Card. But never use poor quality TrackPoint Caps. Remember if a computer is running efficiently so is the person behind it generally. 

ThinkPad Twist S230U-OS-Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bitCPU-Intel Core i7 3517U @ 1.90GHz Ivy Bridge 22nm TechnologyRAM-8.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24)Motherboard-LENOVO 3347CTO (CPU Socket - U3E1)Graphics-Wide viewing angle & High density FlexView Display 1366x768 ([email protected]) Intel HD Graphics 4000 (Lenovo)Storage-298GB Seagate ST320LT007-9ZV142 (SATA) 22GB SanDisk SSD U100 24GB (SSD) 29GB SDHC Card (SCSI)Audio-Realtek High Definition Audio

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Hi, I wonder whether there is a way to enable press-to-click for the trackpoint on the new x1? In the respective settings there is no such options and I searched everywhere, somebody found it? Next question: In order to avoid the annoying noise of the clickpad everytime you press it, I would like to use the tap function of the touchpad while using the trackpoint to move the cursor. Unfortunately, tapping on the pad seems to be disabled during use of trackpoint - any smart hack to get this workig? Thanks to all,J

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I'm loading stuff onto a brand new laptop that is running Windows 7, copying it from my PC (XP) using a USB stick
It's a rush job and I dont have time to learn Windows 7.
Simple question: with the USB inserted in the laptop, how do I move a folder from it to a folder in a library?

Answer:Move folder from USB stick to Library folder in Windows 7

Simplest way would be to open whichever library you want the folder from the USB to go in then 'drag and drop it' or you could also 'copy and paste' the folder.

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Lenovo is the latest PC maker to join the budding PC-on-a-stick movement. The company on Tuesday announced the Ideacentre Stick 300, a wallet-friendly compute stick suitable for use in multiple scenarios.

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Answer:Lenovo undercuts Intel's Compute Stick with cheaper Ideacentre Stick 300

It's too bad HDMI couldn't supply the power.

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Question: IBM Thinkpads

I have aquired 3 'Thinkpads' (they don't work) and want to take them apart and maybe get something working. A nice little project on these dark winter evenings. Does anybody know where I can download Instruction manuals or tutorials for this kind of thing?

Answer:IBM Thinkpads

Find out what works on each one... pull the good parts together... if they are all the same model number.

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Question: New thinkpads

Hey guys, haven't been here in a long while, but I need some suggestions.

Looking at the newest Lenovo Thinkpad line...

I just sold my 14" ThinkPad T61 which consisted of:

Intel C2D T8300 2.4 GHz
500 GB HDD
Integrated GFX
the usual...

I also have a ThinkPad W700 with the 2.0 GHz Q9000 Quad core, 8 GB RAM, a 250 and a 500 GB hard drive, hi res display..etc

The w700 is absolutely incredible, I love the machine, it's just not mobile enough (I'm carrying that back and forth with me to work daily, and it definitely does it's part of the job)

I need something to replace my T61 for the high performance mobility side, the T61 was incredible.

A fellow colleague burst my bubble this morning when he told me the newest i7 mobile processors were not ALL HT quad cores, so I searched on intel's website, and sure enough, hyper threaded dual cores. I have all my options picked out now except for the processor.

my two options now are the newest Intel i5 540m at 2.53 GHz (3MB L3), or the i7 620M at 2.66 GHz (4MB L3) with a 70$ price point for the i7.

I was all set to order the i7 until I found out that both this i7 and that i5 are only hyper threaded dual cores. I understand I have bragging rights with the i7 just because it's the i7, but is the 130 MHz and the 1 MB of L3 really worth 70 dollars?

I don't do any graphics, photoshop, blender, video, etc...My power is all for my virtual machines (I'm a network admin/engineer so I use a lot of them)... Read more

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Moderator edit: I masked your email address because SPAMbots pass through here quite regularly... please use the PM feature of the community... click on the member's name and choose "Send this user a private message'.


Hi breakney,Welcome to the forum!Before putting Win XP in there, go to BIOS and set SATA AHCI mode for the HDD to Compatibility, then save the settings and exit. XP should see your drive given that it's not broken.Hope it helps.

------------------------------------------------------------Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)ThinkPads:- T400[Win 7], T60[Win 7], IBM 240[Win XP]IdeaPad: U350Apple:- Macbook Air [Snow Leopard]Did someone help you today? Compliment them with a Kudos!Was your question answered today? Mark it as an Accepted Solution!   Lenovo Deutsche Community     Lenovo Comunidad en Español Visit my YouTube Channel

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Question: Thinkpads

Well after two semesters at college, I think it's time for me to buy a laptop. My obvious decision was a thinkpad. I'm currently looking at the t42/t43 models because they fit my price range(sub $300). I'm wondering if they would be future proof(reliably performing well) for the next 4 semesters.


Jae, there is alot on the internet concerning both the T42 and T43. In fact, Lenovo has a BIOS upgrade for the T42 that dates to July 3, 2007. There are many articles on the design and specifications for both models. I know several people who love their 42s and 43s. They are well built.

The bottom line question for me is in these cases is: Will it do what I need it to do? If I can answer "yes" then I go with it.

If after researching on these models you find they can work for 4 semesters and do what you need them to do then I'd say it is $300 well spent.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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Hi all: My machine is X220 4291-CN8Can I use it as GPS?What software do people usually use ?   

Answer:Anyone use thinkpads as GPS ?

do you have a WWAN card installed?

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So I recently had my system board replaced, and I *seem* to recall various things reporting MORE memory before the replacement, than before. The BIOS says I have 4096MB memory, as I'd expect.But when the BIOS prints its diagnostics at startup, it says: 637K System RAM Passed4029M Extended RAM PassedSystem BIOS ShadowedVideo BIOS Shadowed That figure of 4029M is also reported by memtest86+ when I run it. Is this the normal set of values for system with 4gb of ram? I'm presuming that the 2 BIOS's and the System RAM take up the 67MB missing from that figure, is that the case? - Tim

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Question: SSDs in Thinkpads

I can't seem to find much information on the SSDs being used. All I know is that Lenovo uses Samsung drives and most likely they are SLCs. Is that true? On the web I cannot find any reviews on the Samsung 128gb drives, only on the 64gb SLCs. Can I assume that the 128gb drives perform better than these early drives? How do the lenovo SSDs compare to the Intel X25-M? Would it be wiser to order without SSD and buy one of these on the internet? I could live with the capacity and on ebay they go for $400 bucks.

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my i7 came with storage capacity of320GB. I want to repartition to at least c, d, & e.........c drive being no more than 30GB/ : is it just like xp where we are given option to reformat disks and start from fresh, raw harddrive? In other words, how is clean install done with win7pro?

Answer:w510 i7 1.6-2.8 thinkpads

I've been planning to do this myself, but haven't quite at the time to do so.  I'm told Windows 7 has a shrink feature.  My recommendation is that you defrag first before attempting this.  I haven't touched mine yet, but I might do it this weekend to see if it works on the factory install.

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Just taken delivery of tablet with ultrabase. Wanted to load software so attached base. Now what???? Tablet shows no sign of recognising base. It is plugged in and attached so now what? I want to eject DVD tray, how? Distinct lack of instructions in box so please help.

Answer:ThinkPads Ultrabase

You can press the grey button on the right side of the dock where the CD/DVD tray is (provided it is installed) to eject it out. When docked with the tablet on, the left side of the dock should show a green and red light as well as the ThinkPad should see the optical drive.

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Most of modern laptops would heat up to around 90c. degrees when cpu is loaded to 100%. Big thinkpads are quite good: I know the coolest are 15 inch T and W thinkpads (because of larger heatsink).But is there a full comparison of different thinkpads with different builds that covers temeratures as well? For example, how X230 compares to T430/530.(assuming equal cpu model as this changes a lot). Looking forward the discussion/information.

Answer:Thinkpads temperature?

The temps will depend on so many factors it's not even funny.
T and W are not necessarily the coolest running ones at all. W510 in the QC guise was known for overheating.
I've never owned any of the *30 series, but both the standard and tablet X220 with i7 were running too hot for my liking.
The hottest running ThinkPad I've ever owned? Likely our old 15.4" T61p with T7700 and nVidia FX570M. What a piece of garbage that particular machine was...

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5 years ago, ThinkPads were the most reliable machine, period.
Today, judging by both colleague's experience and posts in this forum, this doesn't seem to be the case.
In general, what is the reliability of ThinkPads today? Compared to what they used to be.  Compared to other manufacturers.  Out of all the manufacturers around, who comes closest to the IBM ThinkPad of 5 years ago?
Please support what you say.  An anecdote is fine: "XYZ happened" "Support staff was ABC".  Observations from the 'Net, friends, work, is fine.  Unsupported opinions don't help.
mod edit:  starting you with a clean slate and conforming to forum rules.

Answer:Reliability of ThinkPads

Ok - I think you might want to look at a number of points to get a clearer picture.
TBR does a quarterly study of the major PC players - here is one from 2009 where we were #1 in commercial notebooks.
And this has carried into 2010 and 11.
Gartner positioned Lenovo in the leaders' quadrant in their magic quandrant assessment for 2010
PC Mag reliability gave us the top spot even though the model and the featured PC belongs to asus... ad dollars at work?
There is a long list of these, and most were based on their subscribers reporting so you can get various skews to the data and we could debate which might be more right from one perspective or another.  But, it is perhaps helpful to look at a number of these and then read a bit in our forums, the dell forums, HP forums, even Apple forums.   You see the same kind of stuff (not always the same issues) but stories of where things have gone wrong or people are pretty set on getting the manufacturer to own up to something and make a change.
I'm not sur... Read more

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Can anyone confirm that Fn+B works in rescuing a failed BIOS update? I currently have my W510 in the shop waiting for a replacement mainboard and have learned that this key combination works for Dell notebooks, as well as others. I have not been able to find any information on whether this works with Thinkpads, but if it does I'd like to give it a go. If not, then it can stay at the shop for a new mainboard.

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I work with and install T420, 400, 61, 500, X300, 43-41, etc. Some TP like T61 are connecting to WIFI during the Windows install process, some during the Windows Update process (at least finding the wifi driver), some during the o LenovSystem Update process and some I need to download the specific driver from Why this difference?


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Answer:Difference between T thinkpads

They are just different age and probably different operating systems.  Some, like T43-41 were designed and had images built before wifi was common.

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just wondering who out there if anyone has painted there thinkpads or customized them in any way my t61 is looking kind of rough and ive been thinking about painting it (please post pictures if at all possible)

T61, 15.4" 1.8ghz 4gb 500gb win 10R61, 15.4" 1.83ghz 2gb 160gb win 10 (for sale)

Answer:Customized thinkpads

     While I definitely don't recommend, or endorse doing this, here's a  Notebookreview link, to an interesting paint job.
Edit: I finally found Jack's post in our Lenovo forum:

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I really need to resolve this issue. My MBR is "broken" (restored to a non-lenovo stock Windows 7 MBR)  and now all my lenovo software and a lot of my hardware's software won't work. e.g. Intel graphics control panel, lenovo system update, lenovo power manager, etc... While loading any of these, I get "<application name> has stopped working....". Background: I previously removed a dual boot of Fedora I installed. However, the grub boot loader remained and I wanted to get rid of it. Normally Lenovo's Rescue and Recovery can be used to restore the boot loader (and remove grub), but I couldn't load R&R nor install a newer version. From what I could understand from reading online, R&R required the lenovo boot loader installed to work properly so I couldn't use it to restore my boot loader - a classic Catch 22.  I decided to borrow a windows 7 CD to use the repair feature. It worked by restoring windows 7's boot loader. However, ever since I did this, a lot of the preinstalled applications I listed above do not work anymore. None of the lenovo software work for sure. I have tried to reinstall some with no luck.  My best guess is that I can't use Window's MBR, but instead need to restore Lenovo's MBR / bootloader. However, after a search online I found Lenovo only provides the MBR fix for windows XP and 2000, not 7.  Any suggestions?  

Answer:MBR fix for Windows 7 thinkpads?

Fixing the MBR shouldn't alter the functionality of programs, unless you've changed the drive letter somehow.Reinstalling R&R within Windows should get it to work again, though.

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Halo , ok so i am restoring my t60p 15 inch from a scratch and still missing few new parts like LCD cover kit and Palmrest with FP . I already checked every possible website ( encompass only carries certain parts ) Now thinkpads parts .com claims to have lcd cover and palmrest in new condition so ok I placed an order on a cheaper part which was the lcd cover just in case they sell refurbs. ( u never know and neither do they ) I placed an order on Thursday ( called before to make sure ) payed with my debit card but no money was withdraw from my account so i called them on Friday and the same guy answered the phone...( coincident ??or they are not as big of a company as they they claim to be)saying that my order is being wrapped up and they charge after they is is Sunday and still nothing , no email and no money taken out of my account ... This whole thing looks a bit shady to me. I want to ask if anyone here ever used ?Thanks.

T60p Frankenpad

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Hey guys, Lenovo's T, X, and W series have been out for a while (especially T400/T500 series). When can we expect "refreshed" models, or completely new series of Thinkpads? The fact that the W700 is available for less than $1,800, and that includes getting the WUXGA w/Pantone super duper color calibrator, all the cheap add-on's, and even a year of warranty - albeit the cheapest - suggests to me that something new is coming to surprise us (and our wallets) sometime in the not too distant future. Or know? Intel's Centrino 2 has been out for a while, and Lenovo often times bring out new products to market after Intel releases a new line of processors. What do you guys think? 

Answer:New Thinkpads this fall??

if you look at the product release cycles in the past, we probably can expect new T, X, W, R series... T400s is out.. maybe it will be better in the future...

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Can I create recovery disk easily?

Answer:Will all Vista in ThinkPads be SP1?

Yes and yes.

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Hello, Im getting in custom with my new computer and start liking it... can anyone tell me where is the card reader? I have a 6460. It supouse to come with a card reader but I don't find it or it didn't came.I couldn't register it because it only allows me to do it in USA and I don't live there, not even bought it there. Is it important to register it ? what's the benefit?I still don't find a way to change the keyboard, I like another model, I found the 3 names of models lenovo has in it's page, but they don't have any description so is the same as nothing, I don't know wich I have, and don't know the one I like.Is also very difficult to find the ultrabay to remove the dvd bay, that I almost do not use, and put another hdd. May be is not fast as using an external usb hdd?   

Answer:new t61p and new in thinkpads

Welcome to the forum! Here's a little introduction to your machine, available in Dutch as well: Instructions on changing the keyboard and almost everything and anything you can think of are in the HMM: BTW, don't worry about registering your new ThinkPad.  Hope this helps. 

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For light use and best value, it can be a used/refurb X series. X is certainly not best value for that use case if new. Lenovo sells quite different models in the US and Europe, I'm asking for advice both regions. Light web and office use. It can be a new machine, too,  but I absolutely need the TrackPoint, so the ThinkPad (Yoga) 11e - which is just sold out, as I see, an update is coming? Hopeully with the TrackPoint - is out of the question.

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When the new generation of Thinkpads come out, will we still be able to customize and buy the previous generation of Thinkpads from Lenovo?  (e.g. buying the T430s after the T440s comes out)

Answer:New Generation of Thinkpads

I think they might keep the old model for a while and then you can't buy them directly from lenovo. Try the outlet/bustdoors. They have pretty nice deal from time to time. Best,  

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Hi all: I just found that the X220 4291-CN8 has a SIM card slot.Do it mean that we can use the Thinkpad to receive telephone calls ? If yes(that'd be really cool), what software do you use ?

Answer:Anyone use Thinkpads as a telephone ?

osager wrote:
Do it mean that we can use the Thinkpad to receive telephone calls ?

It means you can install a cell data modem inside and use that to connect to the Internet.
You don't need a SIM card to use a ThinkPad as a telephone. You just need a broadband Internet connection and software like Skype. Most ThinkPads have a built-in microphone and speaker.

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In T530 you ruined keyboardIn T540 you ruined trackpointLast usable Thinkpad is T520 It is really disaster. Keyboard and trackpoint were the main reasons for us to permanently buy Thinkpads. Now all of this is gone. That is sad. If Lenovo won't return back to professional design then we will be forced to swap to another brand after 15+ contented years with IBM/Lenovo. Really sad.

Answer:Thinkpads T530+ are disaster

Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I?m sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the design of T530 and T540.
Thanks for your feedback and I appreciate the thoughts shared.
While I think Lenovo still has an amazing build quality and the machines are tank-like in durability, people make comparisons within the same series. Many people have favorite features or design elements on a particular model, and because they value that, the design directions for new models may be seen as better or worse. The T series was always designed to be the business utility workhorse with roll cage, strong hinges etc.
As for quality, maybe not all the current systems available in the market now are tank-like how older ThinkPads were, but they also aren't as bulky or heavy. I still find them more durable than any other machine. You can always trust the machines and the warranty.
Best regards,

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With a 64-bit version of Windows 7, will I lose **any** of my only 4 GB of physical RAM to device MMIO? I'm updating an old Lenovo ThinkPad T61 (6459-CTO) from 32-bit Windows XP SP3 to Windows 7 (bit depth TBD).  I have no plans to upgrade the hardware from the exsiting 4 GB RAM and 160 GB hard drive.  I have read that on-board display-adapter memory (which can be several hundreds of MB), as well as  MMIO from other devices, was **always** mapped into the lowest 4 GB of address space.  It appears, however, that some chipsets support "memory re-mapping," which **might** allow me to use my full 4 MB of physical RAM in spite of the above.  As I understand it, this feature has become common recently, typically can be turned on or off in BIOS, and works by re-mapping the parts of physical RAM that are "eclipsed" by MMIO to address space above the 4 GB boundary.  I have no idea how to find out whether the motherboard and/or BIOS in my T61 supports this... I cannot see any settings that look relevant in my current T61 BIOS (vs. 2.26, 2009-05-11).  The readme from the latest BIOS for ThinkPad T61/T61p and Windows 7 32/64-bit (vs. 2.30, 2012/03/27) can be found at "".  It does't seem to have changed much since my version, and it does not **appear** to support memory re-mapping.  (I have no idea about the capabilities of the chipset itself.) Comes to that, I do... Read more

Answer:"Memory Re-Mapping" on ThinkPads with 64-Bit OS?

There is no way to re-map the memory on 965 chipset, no ifs ands or buts.
You do realize how old that platform is, correct?

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Dear Sirs, this is a complain and I hope someone will read it in order to make Lenovo ThinkPad's product line become the top choice again.I'm a ThinkPad user since... the '90. As a result I know the product and I use it daily. I've purchased a new T440 and basically my complain is about the quality. My feeling is that you "DownGraded" the ThinkPad and I don't understand why. You already have a low-cost line of products (IdeaPad). Why overlapping the two lines? ThinkPads are professional products, not consumer. I will be more precise why some examples:a. The ETH port is located on the right side. Most people are right-handed and use a mouse. Mouse and ETH cable on the same right side don't work well.b. The cover has nothing that helps opening it. How are you expected to open the cover? With one finger... with two fingers... holding the bottom down?c. The keyboard misses several keys and leds that are needed:1. CAPS LOCK: who much does a CAPS LOCK led cost? Nothing and it saves a lot of time.2. Contextual Menu: usually a key located between "AltGr" and "Ctrl". Very useful when typing text and running grammar correction. Don't answer that I can use the mouse because this is the typical answer by someone that doesn't use PCs for typing.3. The Numerical Keys.4. The HDD activity LED. When a PC doesn't respond as expected (or even freezes for a while) the first thing you look at is the HDD LED. There is no one any more.5. The PAUSE Key.d. ONLY 2 USB ports.The T440 is my Company's La... Read more

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W540: i7-4700mq, K2100m, 16 GB RAM, 500 GB Samsung 840 EVOT510: i7-620m, NVS 3100m, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB Samsung 840 EVO

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I just purchased a Crucial M500 240GB SSD to upgrade my T420 and after installation and reboot I get the dreaded "2100: Detection error on HDD0 (Main HDD)" error.   After Googling it seems that this is a common problem with ThinkPads and various SSD's it also appears that there is no known solution other than changingt to another drive. I would like to think that there are some SSDs  that don't cause this error and are safe to purchase knowing that THEY WILL work in the ThinkPad models.  Is there such a list of compatible SSD drives?  Sure I can return the M500 and try an Intel or Samsung but would these drives also be susceptible to the problem? Hoping I will be able to use my fantastic T420 with an SSD in the future.  In the meantime I will be installing using a spinning Seagate HDD. Thanks in advance for any suggestions Paul

T400 6475-8Q5 | 8GB RAM | WXGA+ | Seagate 500GB 7200 | Win 7 Pro 64-bit............T61 7658-CTR | 8GB RAM | WD Black 320GB

Answer:What 2.5" SSDs are compatible with ThinkPads?

I run a Crucial M4 mSATA SSD in my T420.  Does your SSD throw that error consistently?  IIRC my SSD did that too after a firmware update.  Crucial explained that they do some internal housekeeping that can make them slow to initialize for a couple of power cycles.  Mine did it once or twice and never again.
Have you checked for firmware updates for the SSD?  I can't guaranted that you don't have a compatibility issue but there may be other explanations.
[edit] Clarify: mSATA SSD.

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I notice all we see available so far is WWAN upgradeable.  Any idea what will be available preinstalled  and when it will appear as an option on the site? The site (under the T420s specs) lists 4 WWAN minicards.  Are they specific to a carrier or should we worry about the "best" one? And it appears that they are available at retail for considerable less than the $125 Lenovo will charge.  Worth installing it yourself or are the savings too small to justify the trouble. TIA, Perry

PerryW550s I5 QHCD, W520, I7 2720QM, M4 512 GB SSD OS/Program Disk, C300 256 GB Data Disk in Ultrabay Caddy; X220, I7 2620, Samsung 256 GB SSD, Intel 310 mSata Drv, T61, ancient but working, Asus MoBo, I7 2600k overclocked

Answer:WWAN card for the new 420/520 Thinkpads

Hello mate, According to the hardware maintenance manual there is 2 wwan modem you can install on the T420 and T520.The Qualcomm gobi 3000 FRU 60Y3257 and the Ericsson F5521gw FRU 60Y3277.Like the older Tseries some are locked and some are not. The FRUs mentioned above are unlocked.

__________________________________________________________________________________Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.ThinkPad T510 4313-CTO Windows 8 x64 - Intel Core i7-620M - NVIDIA NVS 3100M - 8GB RAM - 240GB SSD- Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 - Gobi 2000.ThinkPad Helix 3697-CTO Windows 8.1 x64 - Intel Core i7-3667U - Intel HD Graphics 4000 - 8GB RAM- 256GB SSD - Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 - Ericsson C5621gw

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All the new ivy-bridge laptops seems to have gone to this (t430s included).  I am dissapoint.

Answer:6 row chiclet keyboard for all ThinkPads now.

See this thead: 

--- ThinkPad T61 / Win 7 / Core 2 / 4gb RAM / Nvidia / Still used daily --- ThinkPad Edge 15/ i5 / Win 7 / TrueCrypt / 8gb RAM / Hated it, died at 1 yr 1 mo old --- ThinkPad T510 / Win 7 / TrueCrypt / i5 / 8gb RAM / Nvidia / Current primary machine --- ThinkPad X220 / i7 / IPS / 4gb / TrueCrypt / My Road Machine

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Are the track pads bigger on the 17" thinkpads vs the 15"? Thanks!

Thinkpad T500 - Intel Core2 P8400 (2.26GHz), 4 gigs of ram, 160GB/7200rpm hard drive, ATI 3650 GPU, WSXGA+ panel

Answer:Are the Trackpads bigger on 17" thinkpads vs 15"?

W700 and T500 had the same size trackpads. 

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Which series of Thinkpads have GPT disks and which have MBR? Also, how can one convert from one to the other (from GPT to MBR to support older operating systems, for example), considering that Thinkpads usually have only one hard drive?


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Answer:Are hard disks on Thinkpads MBR or GPT?

I think all thinkpads that came with Win7 had MBR drive. I don't know how it is now with Win8, but I would guess that they switched to UEFI only and GPT booting.

---T430s (i7 / HD+ / Intel 520 SSD / 16 GB Ram)Previous: X60s, Portégé R100

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we have some IBM thinkpad T23's that use docking stations. When Novell's Groupwise 6.5 is installed it works fine outside of the dock but when placed in the dock and GW6.5 is accessed, it prompts for email pwd (as normal), then pwd screen goes away and then BSOD "Beginning Physical Dump...."

We noticed that there were two items (noticed before placing in dock) in Device manager that were flagged. They are:

1. PCI Device: PCI Bus 0, Device 31, Function 3
2. Unknown Device: on Microsoft ACPi-Compliant Embedded Controller

These laptops are running Windows 2000

Any Suggestions?!??!?!???!?

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Hello!I need a new Notebook (I come from a T60p fully upgraded but I see its limits now during my tasks)Very interessting seems a new T61p with 8GB Ram, some Guys told its working.But none of them I found tried it with an T61p 14.1 Model - which I would prefer strongly.So I aks the wise guys:Which modell fits my needs?What are the rules, which tell me if this will work (Chipset and so on)?When should the needed 4GB DDR3 Moduls for this configuration be avaiable?  PS: I dont accept webcams and such Gimmicks within my Notebooks. If they can't be deselect in the configuration, they will get dismountet later. Greetings

Answer:8 GB on Thinkpads - on which models does that work?

welcome to the forum! any thinkpad based on the intel GM965 or PM965 or newer chipsets can accept 8GB system memory.   this includes all T61 and T61p models regardless of display size. you'll need two 4GB 200 pin PC2-5300 DDR2 667MHz SODIMMs.   i know these are available here in the US from various manufacturers (namely micron and samsung) but am not sure about availability in austria.

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I currently Own a T540P, I use the Large Size Battery for It, Which Other Thinkpads Use This Battery? The T560? T520? Which Models can use the same the Battery??? One of the reasons Why I bought the T540P was ability to get a larger battery for extended use where there is no power to recharge a battery. Oneida101

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Hi! I have tried to find out if the SPDIF output in the Z61p only is availiable via the external dock. In the technical documentation it is described but there seems is no reference otherviseif it for example is possible ( as on many other laptop's ) to access the digital/opticalinterface via the headphone output. i.e. connect a "mono" 3.5 mini plug to RCA cable and that way get the digital signal.Or in some cases use a optical 3.5 mini dummy plug to get the toslink signal. Or.. Is it only availiable via the docking station? So.. Anyone that has a clue..;-)

Answer:SPDIF in Thinkpads/Z61p

only the dock has the spdif out. If you need the optical and other digital sound connection, it is advisable that you use a usb sound card instead. 
It will probably work out cheaper too. 

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Is this true? According to Wikipedia: "Concerns over the fact that Lenovo is a Chinese company have caused the US State Department to restrict the use of ThinkPads for classified work.[34]"

Answer:US State Dept's use of ThinkPads?

The full news report from the BBC:  

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Just curious how many are still using the i Series, I am using one purchased in "98", and love it even though I just purchased a R61, the keys are worn smooth on the 1412 from constant use. I am wanting to "clean up" the clutter on the 1412's limited HD (2GB), (too many JPGs), and am curious if the i Series is Wireless capable?

Answer:i Series 1400 Thinkpads

if by "wireless" you mean internet, it should be, if it has a USB port then you should be able to connect, although it is probably USB 1.0 so don't expect too much out of it.
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IBM Thinkpad T60p: 2007-84UIBM IntelliStation M Pro: 6225-1SU

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Sometime ago I was told by a Lenovo rep that SUSE would be available on R and T series laptops in Canada, as they are in the United States.  To date, only MS is available.  Would you please tell if and when ThinkPads with SUSE preloaded will be sold to Canadians?  I am not interested in buying a laptop with MS on it.  Thinkpads are my brand of choice.  Thank you in advance for responding to my question.Regards,Bill D-GToronto ON

Answer:SUSE On ThinkPads In Canada

I have heard that it is available, but I do believe you have to call in to order it, as it does not appear to be an option on the website.

T61 15.4" T9300 (2.5GHz 6MB L2) Windows 7 Professional x64 4GB Memory, NVidia Quadro NVS 140M

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Id like to know what the latest thinkpad that has a PCMCIA slot and a RS232 serial port.  I am forced to use a PCMCIA card manufactured my a programable logic controller to interface with it.  I also need an old time RS232 serial port with this.

Answer:T Series Thinkpads with PCMCIA

The 15.4 inch T series which is the T500 have a PCMCIA slot, so does the R500, but there is no serial port unfortunately on the machine itself.... You can get an Advanced Mini Dock which has a serial port. Alternatively you can get older T60 or T61 and then get an ultrabay adapter for serial and parallel ports.  

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I bought my T500 in the USA and currently residing in Pakistan. I've gone to all the resellers, partners and what not to claim the power supply for the laptop that suddenly died. but none of these are honouring Lenovo international warranty. they say we only sell Lenovo and dont give warranty support, whereas there as several companies listed as warranty service providers in Pakistan on the Lenovo website.
can anyone help me with this? its been more than a month running around.
Moderator edit: This post moved out from a thread on a similar but different subject.

Answer:Getting International warranty on Thinkpads?

Hi dmirza, and welcome to the Lenovo User Community!
What's your model number, and Is your machine eligible for International Warranty Service in Pakistan?
To use International Warranty Service (IWS):
1. Enter the first 4 digits of your model number on the IWS lookup page.
2. Call the number listed for your country.
If your country is not listed, your machine is not eligible for IWS service in that country.
Lenovo support and service provider phone numbers are listed on the Support phone list page.

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I heard that some t510 and w510 laptops have ips screens.  Is this true?   If so, what thinkpads have this display tech? Thanks!

Thinkpad T500 - Intel Core2 P8400 (2.26GHz), 4 gigs of ram, 160GB/7200rpm hard drive, ATI 3650 GPU, WSXGA+ panel

Answer:Which thinkpads have ips screen options?

nope this is not true, they all use TN. If you want anything close to the IPS technology then you would have to get the Thinkpad tablet. 

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Hey, I have two Thinkpad T60s. I need one of them (2007-BTS) to be rejuvinated to the factory setting but unfortunately I have overwritten the hidden partition, and I don't want to pay $45 for the recovery CD. So, my question is, how can I make my other Thinkpad (2623-D2U) to make a clean factory recovery CD for me? I can create backups from my system, but I want have the factory settings to be backed up. Is it possible to ONLY backup the hidden partition containing the factory software?  On another account, is it possible to use the backup from one thinkpad to restore the other machine ?  Thanks for your comments in advance,

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I have an IBM ThinkPad 770E. When I am working on it, out of the blue, the
screen blanks out. If you look at it very closely, you can see a very faint
screen. The computer still works though. What can I do?

Answer:Ibm thinkpads screen blanks out

Hook up a monitor and see if it blanks out too. If not, the problem is in the screen itself, not in Windows or in a setting or anything.

Not much we can help you with if the screen is going bad... other than to help you pin down that it really is the screen.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech:
LarryCore begs for money

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I used to be a ThinkPad fan: I need my laptop for work, I'm a heavy user, and more important than anything is that it be indestructible.  ThinkPads used to be this. But I've heard that to no longer be the case.  Browsing this forum, it seems the rumors are correct: * The W series (which I would like to buy) is full, full, full of posts talking about hardware problems.  Many of these have been verified by Lenovo: broken RAM, problems with BIOS incorrectly controlling the fan, problems with certain SSD drives.* The T series had a terrible, widespread problem with cracks.  I saw the pictures!* From people's posts, support is hostile.  They wouldn't replace the cracked machines until they were forced into it/* And I see a post that the W520 goes at two-thirds advertised speed on battery, Lenovo knew this, and didn't disclose it. I'm sure that some models are still good.  But it seems that all-in-all, ThinkPads aren't made like they used to be.  Some models may work fine, but there's no way of knowing. What do you feel about it? No point in saying "I haven't had any problems with mine..." - the fact that one model happened not to have broken doesn't mean much.  I'm looking for a laptop I can rely on (big screen, fast, light preferred, willing to pay $) and, if I can't go to Lenovo anymore, I need to go somewhere else. --SRJ PS If I do go somewhere else: Does anyone make reliable business laptops anymore? 

Answer:Are Lenovo ThinkPads still reliable?

I would not recommend the W520, mainly due to the problems: 1. Various hardware problems as you mentioned, main problem, high propensity for random shutoff, not completely working turboboost for CPUs. Also all T520/T520i and W520 are pretty much the same hardware except for the graphics card. So what applies to W520 might also apply to its counter part in T series. 2. Bad bad repair service, at least in the US. If you know a little bit more about computer inner workings in general, the level 1 and 2 support are useless and waste of time and (phone bill)money. If you have a problem other than a trivial broken part, i.e. Keyboard, the Level 2 repair personal probably will not be able to trouble shoot the problem, and will just randomly apply some "solutions". The level 3 support at Lenovo HQ in NC suppose to be good, but only special cases will end up there. 3. Bad bad return/refund policies, if you don't purchase your laptop directly from Lenovo or you encounter problems after 3 weeks after purchase, your are done for. According to a lenovo premium business partner that offers warranty repair services and think server maintainers services, if your computer is older than 3 weeks, there are almost no hope for a replacement, unless in extreme cases. All you can hope is that the L2 repair will not destroy your laptop more than it was. I personally had bad repair experience and there seems to be no way to even get my 3 month old faulty W520 r... Read more

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I have a problem with my Lenovo Yoga Pro 2, in which I installed a 850GB SSD drive. it fell a few times and still works, but has a lot of issues - AND makes a lot of unwanted noise. The SSD drive was expensive, so I am now looking to get a second-hand Thinkpad X1 Carbon where I can at least  still install this big SSD drive. So can somebody please tell me what the last Thinkpad X1 Carbon was that had an mSATA-SSD? Thanks much...

Answer:Which Thinkpads X1 Carbon have mSATA-SSD's?

I think the answer is "1st sort-of".  1st gen used a special drive that was a non standard pin arrangement, but it was mSATA.  The drive will only work in that model.  They tend to be smaller and more expensive than normal mSATA drives.   2nd and later are M2.  All are 80mm long.

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I need to retire my T500 because I can no longer close the cover after one of the display hinges/frame broke due to material fatigue. The T500 still runs like a champ, but it's a pain carrying it around with the cover open. I'm thinking of buying a new 2016 ThinkPad, but I see they have stripped down a lot of things since the T500. Status indicators, etc. One of the best options for me was the removable ultra-bay for a 2nd hard drive. My setup relies on 2 drives since I currently multiboot 5 different systems. From the looks of it all the new Thinkpads have only one drive. I can live without a DVD drive, but I need something that will support 2 internal drives. Any suggestions?

Answer:New ThinkPads and multiple drives

Is one m.2 SSD + one HDD or 2.5" SSD an option?  Several ThinkPads models should support that.
[edit] The P50 can support 3 drives
and the P70 4 drives

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Hi All,i wanted to know whether all T61 thinkpads have integrated webcams? Thanks,preru1


Go to Solution.

Answer:Does all T61 thinkpads have integarted webcam?

Hello, Not all T61 thinkpads are equipped with webcams. Quite a few models do not have this internal camera. Norm

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Good day.I'm from Iceland but I'm really interested in buying a laptop from I would use a company called ShopUSA Iceland to get it to Iceland for me. Now, the only problem is the warranty. I seem to find it very hard to get in touch with any kind of customer support. I can not call the customer service phone number since I'm in Iceland and it's very expensive. I tried sending emails to [email protected] but they never answer any of them. I was also looking into Dell XPS Studio 13 and had some questions about that laptop, the customer support I got from Dell was excellent! They have live chat, phone numbers and emails...and the best part that they actually reply them and answer my questions. But to stay on topic, if I buy the Thinkpad R400 laptop or the T400 with discrete graphics, can I get service for it here in Iceland under the 1 year warranty?Here's what I customized. I haven't decided yet which laptop to buy. I also don't know if I need to upgrade the warranty to make it eligible for service internationally. R400 System specs:    System components    Intel Core 2 Duo Processor P8600 (2.40GHz 1066MHz 3MBL2) 25W    Genuine Windows Vista Business    14.1 WXGA TFT, w/ LED Backlight, Camera    Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD w/ 1394    3 GB PC3-8500 DDR3 SDRAM 1067MHz SODIMM Memory (2 DIMM)    UltraNav (TrackPoint and TouchPad)&nb... Read more

Answer:International warranty on Thinkpads?

Punch in the 4-digit number at the beginning of the model type on the International Warranty Service page to see which countries a particular model are covered in.
The 4-digit number is also at the top of the first customization page in the US online store e.g. ThinkPad T400 2764.
Or you could call Nyherji hf. - 354-567-7700 and ask them which R400 and T400 model types they support.
I use Skype for international calls - it's about $0.02 a minute to the US.

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I am just starting out learning Windows 7. I am reading an ebook by Mclean and Thomas titled ?Configuring Windows 7?

In chapter 1 regarding installing Windows 7 using a USB source, the procedure to prepare the USB device is as follows:

1. Connect the USB storage device to a computer running Windows 7 or Windows Vista.
Ensure that the storage device has no data stored on it that you want to keep (or that
you have moved such data to another storage device) because this procedure removes
all existing data.
2. Open an elevated command prompt and type diskpart.
3. At the DISKPART> prompt, type list disk. Identify which disk connected to the
represents the USB storage device.
4. At the DISKPART> prompt, type select disk X where X is the number of the disk that
you have identified as the USB storage device.
5. At the DISKPART> prompt, type clean. When the disk is clean, type create partition
6. At the DISKPART> prompt, type format fs=fat32 quick. When the format is completed
type active and then exit.
7. After you have completed these steps, copy all the files located on the Windows 7
installation DVD to the USB storage device.
8. Configure the BIOS computer on which you want to install Windows 7 to boot from
the USB storage device. Attach the USB storage device and then reboot the computer
to start installation.

Why do you need to go through the above rigmarole when you can just go to My Computer, right click the USB drive, format foll... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 installation from USB stick now USB stick not working?!

Try method two in this tutorial:
USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

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I just purchased a Acer M3450 running AMD Quad Core 4100 with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. It came with 6 gig of ddr 3 ram. It has four ram slots with only three used (3x2gig). I would like to add more ram up to at least 8 gig.
What will work better performance wise, adding one more stick of 2 gig making all dual channel or putting in just two 2x4 gig sticks in the dual channel mode.

Answer:Adding System Ram: one more stick or putting in new stick?

It won't make any noticeable difference one way or another. Your current 6GB will probably never all be used nor will be the 8GB.

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I can't check it ( .. Please check ít and print screm for me. Thanks
Type : 4508CTO
P/N : xxxxxxxxxx
Note from Moderator:  Serial number removed to protect your privacy.

Answer:Help me !! Check warranty for Thinkpads w500

please upload pic to free web and quote link..;thanks

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