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Unable to determine warranty

Question: Unable to determine warranty

I've been getting this warning for weeks now. It used to work just fine. Is there anyway to fix it or get rid of the warning ? Everything is up to date as far as I can tell .

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Preferred Solution: Unable to determine warranty

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Unable to determine warranty

I have the same problem with a twist although warranty registers in metro mode and not desk top mode

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Hi,  I have recently bought a Lenovo G580.  Lenovo Solution Center has a permanent warning saying it is 'Unable to determine the warranty status'.  I have been onto the Lenovo support site, check warranty status page and enter the serial number, it says 'Machine Type and Serial not found in iBase'.  What does this mean?  How can I check the warranty status (bought from a reputable retailer, so I assume there's some kind of warranty attached) and how can I get rid of this message out of Lenovo Solution Center?!Thanks.

Answer:Lenovo G580 - Unable to determine Warranty Status

welcome to the community!
what info is returned if you use your machine type and S/N here: ?

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I keep getting reminders that the status for my Thinkcentre M92z warranty is unable to be determined according to the Lenovo Solution Center. I just checked the warranty status at the recommended site and I still have almost a year left. Is there a way to update this so I don't keep getting the reminders?

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My X131e is still in warranty but whenever I put in my S/N and machine type for my X230, it doesn't deliver the info on the warranty. The lenovo Solution Center is unable to determine either. What gives? The X230 is very new and I'm happy with it, but if there's no way to figure out the warranty other than DIALLING Lenovo, which I don't want to do, I'm not gonna be purchasing a Lenovo device next time round. What's the status of my warranty on my X230? If it breaks and lenovo isn't bothered to repair the system, then basically Lenovo's gone insane.

______________________________________________________Owner of: ThinkPad SL510, X131e, X230 (not fond of)Other systems: MSI GT640, Sony Vaio PCG 709K, Dell Latitude D430,


Go to Solution.

Answer:My X230 isn't able to determine warranty"

Have you tried looking in the Lenovo System Health and Diagnostics app that comes installed on your system?  Under the Support tab there is a Warranty button that should check it for you.

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I have the ThinkPad T60p (2007 model) and Lenovo's spec sheet says it supports up to 4GB but not on the Intel 945PM and GM chipsets. However I'm unable to tell which chipset I have. I tried Belarc and it didn't mention any of the chipsets that Lenovo mentions. Does Windows (XP) or Lenovo have a utility I can use to identify this or all of the hardware I have?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Max RAM? Unable to determine hardware

Welcome to the forum!
While your ThinkPad will recognize 4GB of RAM in BIOS, only 3GB will be usable regardless of OS used, due to a chipset limitation.
This holds true for all R60/e, T60/p, X60/s/T and Z61e/m/p/t ThinkPads.

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Been receiving numerous BSOD for months. I never was able to determine the exact cause the first time. Most of the time the error occurs during a game such as Skyrim, Diablo 3. However, sometimes the error happened when watching videos on YouTube or even while idle.

Every time I thought I fixed it, I get a new one. Most of the time it was IRQ less than or equal. I swapped to an older card and it was less frequent, but still got them. Im back to the original card and still get the errors. Sometimes going days without errors, sometimes cant even go 20 minutes without one.

Im a bit lost in the dark on this one, documentation on the web point every direction, blaming video drivers, windows programs and even wireless adapters.

Answer:BSOD, unable to determine exact cause

The TP link network adapter is old.

fffff880`05e09000 fffff880`05fe7000 athurx (deferred)
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\athurx.sys
Image name: athurx.sys
Timestamp: Wed Apr 20 15:37:45 2011 (4DAEB071)
CheckSum: 001E1C78
ImageSize: 001DE000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
Update it from Download - Welcome to TP-LINK , by matching your device number.

And, Disable USB Selective Suspensd too.
USB Selective Suspend - Turn On or Off

Let us know the results.

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck D1, {74, 2, 1, fffff88005672cec}

Probably caused by : usbohci.sys ( usbohci!OHCI_ProcessDoneIsoTd+30 )

Followup: MachineOwner

5: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysi... Read more

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this has been a long standing issue.... I have never been able to send emails using an SMTP mailer. Never!

I am on a Mac (with Parallels). I use Bluehost for hosting. I have even tried a VPN to get this resolved and nothing works. Ever. But I am getting close to the heart of the issue after many years of trying (This issue has financially crippled my business - so any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated)

Here are some of the things that I found online that may be of use...

Also I saw something relating HIVE from Microsoft which relates to user profiles

I am at my witts end trying to resolve this.


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I seem to be getting the BSOD when playing games, most recently during a game of Dota2.

When the BSOD does occur my computer hangs and a weird, electronic - it's hard to describe - whining sound comes through the speakers.

I've run the SF_Diagnostic_Tool.exe as per the instructions. Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:BSOD Unable to determine origin

Hi bickas.

Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120% and Power Archiver Pro uses SCSI Pass Through Direct (SPTD), which is a well known BSOD causer. Uninstall the program at first. Then download SPTD standalone installer from, and execute the downloaded file as guided below :
Double click to open it.
Click this button only:

If it is grayed out, as in the picture, there is no more SPTD in your system, and you just close the window.
Free up the startup. Windows does not need any other program to auto start with it, but the auto start programs often conflicts and causes various problems including BSODs.
Click on the Start button
Type “msconfig (without quotes), click the resulting link. It will open the System Configuration window.
Select the “Startup” tab.
Deselect all items other than the antivirus.
Apply > OK
Accept then restart.
I would suggest you to uninstall Viscosity Virtual Adapter V9.1, at least as a test.

Unloaded modules:
fffff880`058b5000 fffff880`058c2000 visctap0901.
fffff880`0a13a000 fffff880`0a170000 WUDFRd.sys
fffff880`015d7000 fffff880`015e5000 crashdmp.sys
fffff880`015e5000 fffff880`015f1000 dump_pciidex
fffff880`015f1000 fffff880`015fc000 dump_msahci.
fffff880`010d0000 fffff880`010e3000 dump_dumpfve
Now let us know the results. Please be aware that a Stop 0x101 causes due to a wide range of possible causes, from hardware to software. So the entire troubleshooting may take a time and a lot of alternative tes... Read more

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Occasionally, my entire system will just hang and either be forced to restart, or, very rarely, it will be able to regain control and continue working. I've ran memtest and memtestx86 to determine if the cause is my ram, but both tests showed the ram is working fine. The cause could be my GPU, an ASUS R9 290, but I have already done two RMA's to have the card repaired.

To get a bit of insight on these BSOD's, my system is very unstable for most games. When running Rust, my system seems to be extremely stable and can run the game for eternity. Whilst watching videos on youtube, the system is somewhat stable, the potential of a crash is still there, but I am free to do as I please for hours. Now, when playing other games, such as: League of Legends, Garry's Mod, Fallout: New Vegas, Bordelands 2, the system is extremely unstable. The most I can get is a few hours and crashing is extremely frequent.

I have been told that doing a bios update fixes most problems of an unstable system, but my motherboard rejected the latest bios that I tried to use in the update. I am afraid I have nothing left up my sleeve, and thus, must turn to these forums.

I have used the DM Log Collector program, so the ZIP is attached below. I am hoping to have this problem resolved soon as I must escape this elo hell in League of Legends and reach my true potential: Challenjour.

Answer:Strange BSODs, Unable to Determine Cause Alone

So let's go through all that I do know and what I think I know.

System is somewhat unstable. BSODs are occurring a few times a day and seem to be reducing their occurrence as the days go on.

When the system crashes, there is not Blue Screen displayed, the system automatically restarts.

It would appear that Google Chrome could be possibly causing these crashes as I am able to play games for a longer period of time with Google Chrome closed. When it is open, the system will crash more frequently and even crash whilst I am watching videos or looking on various forums.

Some games retain stability for longer, Rust, World of Warcraft. Other games have some stability to them, League of Legends, Fallout: New Vegas. And other games will almost always crash within the first hour, Garry's Mod, Borderlands 2. So these crashes really depend on a factor. A factor that I do not know because I cannot read these .dmp files and someone has yet to view this thread and read them to me.

It's really a game of guessing and I am losing.

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W7X64 Pro
DDR4 Crossair 2800Mhz
M.2 Plextor 256GB Extended Drive System C: + Xp941 System C: 512 GB
WD Black2TB X3
XT750GB X2

When I run Windows performance Index
I get this message Unable to determine memory performance
Try various solutions avaliable on net.
Update hot fix memory as per as L3 cache more than 16MB
nothing solved this error windows still un rated

Answer:WEI Unable to determine memory performance Error

Welcome to the 7Forums!

It may appear your RAM may be a little faulty.

Try running Memtest86+ overnight.

Be sure to post back results.

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Hello, I am Bill and am in need of some assistance I believe. I mistakenly posted incorrectly and here is the corrected re-post.I have read the Preg guide and have complied with 1 through 56. downloaded dds.scr and it will not run (error message says "An unknown error has occurred. The program will be terminated." I deleted it, and reinstalled it to ensure it was not bad/corrupted. [I have ability to use a jump drive still]I also have a log file from HiJackThis program I was able to get on the computer, I don't know if I should upload it, so I will wait on that.7.I downloaded rootrepeal and have the logBefore I came here I was unable to use the task manager as it was saying "Disabled by Administrator" but I used a fix to get that function back.I do not have access to cmd.exe, internet explorer will not connect, neither will Firefox. Windows Update is also inoperative.I noticed the original anti-virus was not working, so with a jump drive, I was able to uninstall the old and reinstall Avast Anti-virus. I can not get it to connect to get a virus database with it though.The desktop is disabled and when I looked at what was selected for use, there is a icon of a black screen with "You are Infected" in red caps. I am unable to change it to anything else. (the desktop is not displaying it, as it is just displaying the "restore my active desktop"Now I am here, I am following the guide and will wait for instructions and not attempt anything els... Read more

Answer:Due to limited functionality, am unable to determine issue.

Hi,Welcome to Bleeping Computer. My name is m0le and I will be helping you with your log.Please subscribe to this topic, if you haven't already. You can subscribe by clicking the Options box to the right of your topic title and selecting Track This Topic.

Please avoid installing/uninstalling or updating any programs and attempting any unsupervised fixes or scans. This can make helping you impossible.

Please reply to this post so I know you are there.The forum is busy and we need to have replies as soon as possible. If I haven't had a reply after 3 days I will bump the topic and if you do not reply by the following day after that then I will close the topic.Once I receive a reply then I will return with your first instructions.Thanks

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Dell Inspiron 9400 LT
Win XP Pro
XP updaes will not install, and it takes 10 minutes for it to start up. Browsers don't always take me where I want to go.
I reviewed a similiar situation in another post and am going to try those tecniques.

Answer:My Dell 9400 is infected, but I am unable to determine by what.

That slow start could be caused by too many items in startup, a failing hdd, a very fragmented hdd or malware.
Suggest you backup all important files or create an image of the entire drive and store it on an external medium. If the 
hdd is failing, the more you use it the more likely it will become unbootable and unable to recover files.
Use CCleaner to cleanup the crud. Once you have done that open CCleaner and click on Tools and choose Startups.
At the bottom of that page you will see a button when clicked will allow you post the list of programs presently starting up
at boot. Post that list back here.
After you have backed up the computer and posted the list of startups you can run some programs to hopefully find and
remove whatever adware and malware is on the computer.
Use the instructions for Rkill, MBAM, AdwCleaner, Junkware Removal Tool, and Eset online scanner in your previous topic for a different computer.
Make sure that all active security programs are stopped from running/ disabled before running the scans.

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I built this computer about a year ago. Things were running smooth up until recently. I m usually pretty good at figuring out what is causing Errors on my computers but I cannot figure out what is causing this one. I do see kernel Errors in the event log but that is only about a bug check after it crashes.
I reinstalled windows
Updated the firmware on my C Drive and Motherboard
Installed windows updates
updated by graphics card drivers
Ran disk check on my C drive
I have attached all the logs. Thanks in advance for all the help.
Attachment 237336

Answer:Unable to Determine BSOD Cause. Occurs Randomly

Looks like problem with a NIC driver, update the following drivers:

Anchorfree HSS Adapter
fffff880`0f494000 fffff880`0f4a1000 taphss Tue Sep 15 21:58:23 2009 (4AAFF1DF)

Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet
fffff880`05000000 fffff880`0506a000 k57nd60a Tue May 10 06:42:30 2011 (4DC8C236)

Realtek RTL8192CE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC
fffff880`05279000 fffff880`053e4000 rtl8192Ce Fri Dec 03 11:56:21 2010 (4CF8CCD5)

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Ref case: SHA1: d752629e7fed54d4ccc7163e8f6bbb4efe2a558c
Would be most appreciative if you could help me identify this ransomware.  It has infected both my mother's and my father's computers.  I am only able to provide a screen shot of the ransomware message, which I uploaded to the ID Ransomware tool.  Unable to figure out how to attach the screen shot to this post, however.
It is a white text, blue background message, with two additional warning popups from a "Microsoft Support Desk" that provides a toll free number to call.  It does not ask for money in the message, but my father (unfortunately) did call the number, at which point they asked him for a lot of information about his computer and network settings, and eventually were able to take control of his computer by doing a screen share, at which point my father says the cursor was moving around on the screen by itself and lots of windows were being opened and changes were being made.  Then, the "help desk" people demanded money and threatened to report him to the authorities if he did not pay a fee for them to fix the problems, citing evidence of "illegal activities" they had located on his computer.  My father is a 71 year old retiree with not so much as a parking ticket his entire life!
Thanks very much in advance for your help

Answer:"Unable to determine ransomware" - only have screen shot, please advise

You can also upload screenshot on and give us download link 

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here is the thing - i need a tip, the internal sticker shows a lot of chinese picture, the only thing that is written with roman characters is the first line:it sais:  1584-100     (space)  S/N: a very long number - not sure if i should paste it verse below there is this:Regulatory model:  chinese bushy-writing       //     RMN:  HSTNN-F05C  - not sure if this helpsnow - the "my comp -> properties -> sais it's a HP 210-2000 but it might be too general, there were countless incarnations of the 210-2XXX unit uses 1,5 V ddr3  - 1GB  - 10600S samsung ram  - which renders the unit pretty much unusable, even after killing most of the services/processes it still eats 650-800 MB and opening a firefox literally ends the session.i need to know how to find the very exact type of the computer so that i can: buy a 2GB/4GB ddr3 chip  that would help, or just forget about it and dump it ;/any hints/tips welcome.kind regards,romanps. why does my "inside sticker" not look like any of the ones shown in the support vids? the computer was bought in poland 6 years ago, Have I been cheated? The chinese "writing" renders any support material totally useless.

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Ref case: SHA1: d752629e7fed54d4ccc7163e8f6bbb4efe2a558c
Would be most appreciative if you could help me identify this ransomware.  It has infected both my mother's and my father's computers.  I am only able to provide a screen shot of the ransomware message, which I uploaded to the ID Ransomware tool.  Unable to figure out how to attach the screen shot to this post, however.
It is a white text, blue background message, with two additional warning popups from a "Microsoft Support Desk" that provides a toll free number to call.  It does not ask for money in the message, but my father (unfortunately) did call the number, at which point they asked him for a lot of information about his computer and network settings, and eventually were able to take control of his computer by doing a screen share, at which point my father says the cursor was moving around on the screen by itself and lots of windows were being opened and changes were being made.  Then, the "help desk" people demanded money and threatened to report him to the authorities if he did not pay a fee for them to fix the problems, citing evidence of "illegal activities" they had located on his computer.  My father is a 71 year old retiree with not so much as a parking ticket his entire life!
Thanks very much in advance for your help

Answer:"Unable to determine ransomware" - only have screen shot, please advise

You can also upload screenshot on and give us download link 

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i have Time computer which i bought in 2004 and then later it went bust and now i have virus on the computer and try using the reload or recovery cd but i get the error message unable to determine bios lock please contact manufacturer which have gone bust and need to my computer back as quick as possible running please help much appreciate with owners of time computer or ho have experienced this problem please help! what shall i do and how to bypass it and reinstall windows xp because it's not happening with bootup disks

Answer:Time computer showing unable to determine bios lock?

HI, i have the same issue with tiny PC, any help appreciated. In fact what i would prefer is not tohave to do the reload, but it all keeps crashing on me, cant boot up even in safe mode. Got as far as defrag in safe mode then crashed and cant get anywhere near it now

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T42P 2374-Q39 Wireless Problems - I've tried every driver and followed instructions for install many times. I was able to successfully install it in the past but can't remember with driver/version I used. Using WinXP SP2 - just installed. Please help! Thanks!Message Edited by frustrated2009 on 06-05-2009 08:48 PMMessage Edited by frustrated2009 on 06-05-2009 08:59 PM

Answer:T42P 2374-Q39 Wireless Problems - Unable to determine exactly what driver I need

Bookmark this page, its the entry page to the Lenovo support pages for your 2374-Q39. In it you see you have the Intel 2200bg wireless card so this is the correct driver to use.

T500: Vista 32, 2.8GHz, 4GB RAM, 15.4" 1680x1050, 500GB 7200rpm, ATI Radeon HD3650 + Intel 4500MHD. T42: XP, 1.7GHz, 2GB RAM, 14.1" 1024x768, 250GB PATA, ATI Radeon 7500.

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I purchased a new xps13 from dell over two weeks ago.  Currently the laptop is working fine, however, I've tried tried to register the laptop under 'my products' multiple times since receiving the laptop.  Whenever I try to enter the service tag, it keeps giving me an error "Products not found. There’s no match for the Service Tags that were entered."  At first I thought maybe it was because the laptop was new, but it has been 2 weeks now and I'm still getting the same message.
Not only that, but I've been trying to contact dell through email for 2 weeks now and I always get the same "you will get a response in 24hour" reply but nobody ever replies.  I feel like the biggest moron right now because I paid for 3 years of 'premium support' and you won't even answer a freaking email.  I'm pretty close to just returning this laptop and buying a piece of *** macbook because at least apple responds to support requests.

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where to buy extended warranty 

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Hi friends, I am trying to extend my warranty on my X1 which expires next month. Unfortunately within the Lenovo support website I no longer see an option to extend my warranty, which at an earlier point this year was still available. It is my understanding that as long as I am still within my warranty I can still extend it, so is it still possible to get the extension by other means than the website? Thank you.

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I have an Ideapad S210 and I am trying to obtain warranty support as its battery has failed. The trouble is that I am unable to get any response from Lenovo when I try opening an online support case with them. The process I have used to contact them is to go to the support web page -> select 'Contact Us' -> select 'I have my product Serial Number, show me available support options' -> entered serial number -> press submit -> select 'Email Support'  -> select 'I need support for my Lenovo device' -> enter serial number -> press next -> fill in support form (contact details, type of support required, message, attachment), tick 'I want to receive a copy of my request', tick 'Yes, I have read your privacy policy and accept' -> press Send. A message then pops up saying that I will receive an email confirmation in a few minutes which will contain my personal reference number and that if I don't receive the confirmation email to try again. I have tried the process several times now and have never received a confirmation email. I do receive a copy of my request (as I ticked  'I want to receive a copy of my request'), but never the confirmation email with case number etc. Any ideas?  

Answer:Unable to obtain warranty support

Hello and welcome,
You might give them a call:
United Kingdom

IDEA-branded and B, C, E, G, H, K, N, Q, V, Y Series Products
English 0333-777-3991 (National Rate)

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I purchased an Edge 72 this week and its set up nicely. It came with an extended warranty for 3 years. Just tried going to web as per instructionsto register with my activation code - it doesnt ask for registration code and just tells me its a 1 year warranty expiring 2013-08-02 - which seems a funny one year let alone 3 years - cant be an unusual thing to try to do - any help out there?Apologies if I posted on wrong board.

Answer:Unable to register warranty upgrade

Hi.Welcome to Lenovo computing! Where did you purchase the machine from? Knowing this will enable us to know which company is offering the warranty. If this machine was bought from a authorized reseller, then you will need to get your serial number and receipt from the purchase and call Lenovo support. If all information checks out, Lenovo will help you get the warranty back where it is supposed to be.

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution!" This will help the rest of the community with similar issues identify the verified solution and benefit from it.

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I bought my x220 more than a year ago, sometime August 2011. Originally everything. It still is but I've been having issues with the warranty. I'm supposed to get 3 years warranty and the warranty is displayed correctly by the Lenovo software. However the last 2 weeks, I'm not getting any warranty info. It says unable to get response from warranty server. The end date is listed as not available, even though I'm supposed to have more than 500+ days.I've updated all the drivers and everything else works like a dream, only keep on getting this notification.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Unable to get response from Warranty server

Lenovo is aware that some models are unable to verify their correct warranty information through the Lenovo Solutions Center. There should be an update coming out within the next month or two that will correct this error.
If you would like, you can send me a private Message with your serial numbers and I will verify your warranty information in the Lenovo System.
Hoping to provide peace of mind

Thank you for being a part of the Lenovo Family,Catie--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! This will help the rest of the Community with similar issues identify the verified solution and benefit from it.Donate KUDOS and Click "Accepted Solution"

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Have used the following wesbite to check warranty availability for work for the last year or 2.  When I enter the serial NUmber, I get the follwoing error: "Unable to access the system at this time." The website that has previously worked is: the following websites for the same Looking for a valid way to verify warranty on HP products 

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It's been 2 days and I'm still getting this message? My warrant is active until September 2018 when I checked it manually.  So why am I getting this error on my laptop? 

Answer:New X1 Carbon - Unable to get response from Warranty Server?

 Why amd I getting this message?  

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I'm having an issue with the Lenovo Solution Center on my new PC. I bought it a month ago, and everything worked perfectly until a few days ago when I started getting an alert from the Lenovo Solution Center stating that it was "unable to connect and check the warranty at this time". I KNOW it's still under warranty, though. It's brand new! Thank you in advance for your support!


Go to Solution.

Answer:"Unable to connect and check the warranty at this time"

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
This is a known problem with the Lenovo Solution Center and they were working to resolve the issue.  In the mean time if you need to review your warranty you can manually check it using the link below......

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While attempting to do an upgrade from Vista Home Premium 64 bit to Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit I get the following message; "Setup was unable to determine if BitLocker Drive Encryption is in use." The only option then is to cancel the upgrade. I've tried installing 3 times now with the same results.

To my knowledge BitLocker isn't even installed on my pc. I have never even heard of it until this evening Should I try for a clean install? I have also had my CD/DVD drive vanish from My Computer after rebooting.

Thanks for any help.

Answer:"Setup was unable to determine...BitLocker"

Well, I know the Vista Home Premium version does not contain Bit Locker, are you encrypting the drives any other way?

Just asking, but are you compressing the drive?

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anyone can help?? Error : Machine Type and Serial Number Not Found in IBase.

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With all of the issues I have had, I now have another one - Both the SSD Drive and the System Board have been replaced. After the SYstem Board was replaced I can no longer use the ThinkVantage System Update, and the Warranty information is not longer correct (shows it has no information). I know the warranty is good for another 500+ days. Here is the information: C:\Users\XXX>wmic.exe baseboard get productProduct: qqqq2306CTC:\Users\XXX>wmic.exe bios get name, serialnumber, versionName: Phoenix BIOS SC-T v2.2   SerialNumber: R9TT5KD Version: LENOVO - 2540C:\Users\XXX>wmic.exe csproduct get vendor, name, identifyingnumberIdentifyingNumber: R9TT5KD Name: qqqq2306CT   Vendor: LENOVO Suggestions? TIA  Michael

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I recently had my SSD hardrive on my T410s (2901 CTO), replaced under warranty, but have for the past four days been struggling as I am unable to restore the backup properly to the new drive (which as per warranty replacement, should be identical to the old drive - it is certainly the same size at 119 GB). The system was Windows 7 (I believe 32 bit). Although I was able - using EaseUS To Backup 5.0, to restore the backup I made just prior to disk replacement, I am unable to successfully boot under the new drive. I further am unable to restore to factory state from the R&R disk set I made upon first receiving the machine (as it came without any Windows disks). I am at a loss now, as I had naively thought I had taken all proper backup steps, but evidently not....

Answer:Warranty Replacement hard drive, unable to restore

What happens when you try to boot from the EaseUS backup? What about when you try to restore from the R&R stuff?

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Unable to generate the redemption code after registering in HP.Laptop purchased on 22.09.16. Send e mail to, but no response.Unable to contact to customer care as the recorded message saying "send e mail" to redemption support.

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Hi, I have a few questions on my new HP Pavilion x360 Convertible, 1. I purchased it from Amazon on 2016-12-28, and received it on 2016-12-30, but my warranty already started on 2016-10-30, and will end on 2016-12-03. Shouldn't warranty begin after initial booting (or registering of) the device?2. When updating softwares, 6 of the softwares weren't able to download. Is this normal?3. Amazon, Netflix, and Priceline apps were pre-installed, and Amazon app was already pinned on taskbar. Are they really done by HP?I am starting to feel that this device might be used or refurbished one.  Please help.

Answer:Warranty period, unable to dowload some softwares after init...

 1- It is normal for warranty to be inaccurate on machines that ship to and are sold by a third party.The warranty dates can usually be changed by contacting HP and providing proof of purchase date. 2-If you are using HP Support Assistant-  that is not unusual, unfortunately. It may succeed later or you can go to your Support page and download/install updates manually. 3-Consider it as advertisement, to help keep price low on machines. Actually, they are not installed but simply shortcuts to Amazon or Priceline site. You can delete them. The Netflix is probably actual program installed since many people do use it for movies/shows. You can uninstall it.

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Hi there, The screen dezel for my 420 has a crack. Apparently my warranty does not cover it. Even worse, I am unable to order that part trough the Lenovo site or the service centers in the Netherlands. Can anyone point me to a location where i can order this part?  And Lenovo, why is this so difficult for laptops still under warranty? Thanks AJ Verboon

Answer:Service issue: Unable to order screen dezel T420 while replacement is not covered under warranty

Hi arijjanverboon, Here is a place you can order your part:,Laptop,Part,60Y5482.aspx The part you are after is the number 60Y5482.Ebay could be another good place to find it.Google the part number above and you will find a lot of places you can buy it from. Vince.

__________________________________________________________________________________Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.ThinkPad T510 4313-CTO Windows 8 x64 - Intel Core i7-620M - NVIDIA NVS 3100M - 8GB RAM - 240GB SSD- Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 - Gobi 2000.ThinkPad Helix 3697-CTO Windows 8.1 x64 - Intel Core i7-3667U - Intel HD Graphics 4000 - 8GB RAM- 256GB SSD - Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 - Ericsson C5621gw

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I bought a Lenov Ideapad 510 15IKB on 14th April 2017. Now I'm facing 2 issues with the warranty registration and warranty upgrade: Issue#1On April 16th I registered the base warranty of my product as it should start from the purchase date of my product. After few email conversations for purchase proof, finally on 3rd May, I received email confirming the base warranty registration of my product. It was starting from 14th April 2017 and ending on 13th April 2018. I checked the same on lenovo website. But few days back when I again checked the warranty status, it was restored to factory warranty (15 Oct 2016 - 13 nov 2017). I don't know why this happened and how this happened. When I contacted lenovo, they said that warranty is updated in their database but how can I beleive when I can't see this on warranty lookup section of the Lenovo official website. I have also attached the screen shot of warranty lookup page as of today (22 June 2017). Issue#2I registered for 2 year warranty extension under Back To School offer (Ticket Number - ADP-BTS-025399) on and made a payment of INR 999/- on 6th May 2017. On 10th May, i received an email confirming the receipt of payment and in the same email, it was mentioned that warranty certificate will be mailed to me within 7 bussiness day, but till the date I've not received any warranty certificate, I've sent so many emails in last one week, but I didn't receive any reply to any email. I tried to reach the A... Read more

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I Have a thinkpad t43 2687 DUU. purchased 2 years back.  It had 3 yr warranty.  Recently i had a problem with the  laptopand decided to reimage it since windows got corrupted.  The service partition didnt help in reinstalling the factory image.  The resue and recovery versions (3 as wellas 4) didnt work and had to order recovery CD's.    The fun starts here.   First time i called the case was created and got lost.  Nothing happened.   The second time i called the case was created and the recovery CD's were sent to Pennsylvania (zip code 15038) instead of irving tx, 75038.  No apologies from any tech support person.    Being routed to tech support, CRU support,  DHL in round robin fashion is the only thing that happened.      Finally the CD went to Lenovo itself because of bad address.   These guys do not even have basic address validation system in place before shipping something and theirtech support has very poor sense of US addresses.    Then after 3 days i again call them up ( no choice)  and they created a new case  but miss my apt number.   I called next day to confirm,  the tech support team said the CRU team will now be able to help, the CRU team told me that the case isnt closed yet and they cannot help.  called the tech support supervisor.   he was totally useless and didnt help one b... Read more

Answer:Problems with Thinkpad Warranty - Not recommended to buy Thinkpads due to poor Warranty Support

Welcome to the forum! I'm sorry to hear about your less-than-pleasant experience with tech support. While I understand your aggravation (I'd be pretty upset myself if I were in your shoes), I'd tend to believe that this is still an exception, and not the rule. My T43p (2687-D5U) came back repaired after three business days last week, no complaints on this end. I've been using ThinkPads for eight years now without a single bad experience with IBM support, and I've sent dozens (if not hundreds) machines for a repair over that period of time. There are incidents like the one you have described with every company. Once in a blue, a case slips through the cracks, it is human to err. And while I'm not demeaning what happened to you, or defending the company, you'd likely be in a worse spot with another laptop. Hopefully the disks will arrive safely, and help you restore that T43 to its full glory, enabling you to enjoy it once again. Good luck and keep us informed.

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Will post warranty maintainance agreement and the Warranty extention offer same level of services?
like cover for parts and labour? 
Whats the max period for extention 5 years from the date of purchase?

Answer:Y510: Will post warranty maintainance agreement and the Warranty extention offer same level of servi...

issues like the notorius broken hinges of y510?

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The battery on my out-of-warranty X201t will only hold 2/3 of its original capacity (reset doesn't help, drivers and bios are all up to date).  The battery itself is relatively new (< 1 year) and so still under warranty.  Whom do I contact about replacement?   I've searched the Lenovo website and can't find the phone number or email for opening a ticket on an in-warranty accessory when the machine to which it is attached is out of warranty. Thanks in advance.  DR

Answer:Dying in-warranty battery on expired-warranty X201t; whom to contact?

I'd start with the standard support number:
United States

THINK-branded products
English 1-800-426-7378 
24 hours a day 7 days/week

Z.  ( in Kona ATM )

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I have a Thinkpad T520 with "1-year post warranty depot" purchased as a Thinkplus maintenance offering (my original warranty expired and I forgot to extend it). I travel to India frequently. Will the International Warranty Service be applicable in India for this post-warranty extension too? The sales people were not too sure.  


Go to Solution.

Answer:International Warranty Service (IWS) and Post-Warranty Depot Thinkplus

Hi Nosaku,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per the query we understood that you are looking for International Warranty details for ThinkPad T520.
The warranty policy will differ from region to region, you can extended the system warranty in India, but before that check the below link to verify if your model is supported in India. You have to enter the MTM number of the machine and click on search so that it will provide the list of region where and all it is supported.
Note: Please contact the customer care of the region where you are looking for International Warranty and get the (IWS) policy details, because the parts will be available only for those regions & the parts will be vary from region to region.
International Warranty Services (IWS)
Hope this helps!
Best regards,
Hemanth Kumar

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sir service engineer told me that your ram socket burns due to heat or power fluctuation  and so we have to change your motherboard for that and this is not covered in your warranty. i have adp warranty .So can i arugu with them in these conditions  ?Is warranty doesnot cover issue due to power fluctuation , which cover accidental protection, too ?

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I ordered my W520 with 3 year basic warranty, but now wish to upgrade to 3 year onsite warranty instead. I tried the online warranty upgrade service but can't find any applicable option. There are post-warranty service of 1 or 2 years but I don't think it's applicable to mine. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Answer:Upgrade Extended Basic Warranty to Onsite Warranty

hey daysun,give a call to800-601-2047Hours of operation:M-F: 8:30 AM - 6:00 PMexcept public holidays.Currently only the following country has online warranty upgradeAustralia IrelandCanada JapanNew ZealandHong Kong United KingdomIndiaUnited States

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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 Hi everyone, I am in the process of acquiring a T510 online and were very surprised for not finding this 3 year basic depot warranty. This is the same kind of warranty I got for all my two previous Thinkpads (a T42 and T61p) and I used to see it there until one or two weeks ago. Has Lenovo stopped offering this 3 year basic warranty? In the Warranty and Protection Services > Warranty Services 3 Years, I can only find these options: --  3 Yr Battery--  3 Yr Priority Support Onsite--  3 Yr Onsite + 3 Yr Thinkpad Protection I would be interested in purchasing a 3 year Basic Depot Warranty if it is still available. Does anyone know something about this matter? I am otherwise ready to make my order. Thanks for any help. Cheers   .     

Answer:T510 Warranty: 3 year Basic Depot Warranty no more?

 Please!...Could anyone, from Lenovo or not, let me know for sure whether or not the 3-year Basic Depot warranty is still available? I need to put an order today or tomorrow...Thanks for any help with this question. Lin Yu

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I purchased a W700 and upgraded the std 1 yr Depot warranty to 3 yr Depot.When I enter the model and serial on the Warranty Status site it only shows thebase 1 yr Depot. How long does it take for the upgraded warranty info so show up?System InfoType:Model:Serial number:2757CTOXXXXXXX- Base WarrantyStatus:Start date:Expiration date:In warranty11/16/0912/30/10Description:This product has a one year limited warranty and is entitled to EZServ/Depot service. Customers may call their local service center for more information. Dealers may provide carry-in repair for this product.

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sir hi actually i bought my lappi last year in the month of may 25th and since i was in last year of my collage i did not bother  to extend becouse of money issue. can i extend the warranty of the lapptop now ??pls help and if yes then what all the procedure i need to follow. ?  w/w  aayan akash. 

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Help! My Lenovo 550 laptop will not connect to the Internet. Imagine my surprise when I called for help and was told my warranty was expired and they could not help me. My warranty expires in December 2012. I checked the website and sure enough it states I have only a 1-year warranty that expired December 2010. So, my 3-year warranty I purchased was never applied. I called sales support phone # on my receipt, and the message is that they are closed for a holiday then it hangs up. Email addresses are invalid. Tech support won't help. I was also told there is no mechanism for "formal complaints" - how convenient. Any ideas? I paid for this warranty and it really sucks I wasted my money. :-/ This is my first and last Lenovo product.

Answer:How to get warranty service when extended warranty was never applied?

Hi mercury,
First of all, welcome to Lenovo Community!
I'm really sorry for your machine warranty service status is not up to date in the website. Did you purchase your system directly from Lenovo or from some resellers? 
Anyhow, I would like to see how i can help. But i must have your details for escalation purpose. Could you send me a private message along with the details below?

Full Name
Machine Type Model (i.e. 7660-14A)
Serial Number S/N 
Email address
Phone contact
A copy (in pdf of image) of the receipt which clearly state the date of purchase as well as the system serial number

I really wish i could do something here to get this right. Hope to receive your response soon.
Thank you!

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My dell xps 15 9550 was purchased with a 3yr extended warranty.  After getting an email offering to sell an extended warranty, I checked the dell warranty status.  Sure enough, no extended warranty appears.  Is this a system problem or do I need to do something.

Answer:extended warranty not showing up in warranty status

Was it ordered from Dell, or from a third party - or puchased through a retailer?

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Hello; I've bought my new Y50-70 about 3 months ago it has issues with USB ports i took it to Lenovo customer service and they found motherboard to be the issue and they changed it to new one and now i got it back with the new motherboard but in warranty information it has the serial number on the new motherboard not the laptop itself and it says INVALID in the warranty status. i really need to change the serial number back to my laptop serial number so it can get the warranty right could you please help me ? Thank you 

Answer:Y50-70 Motherboard changed within warranty and now warranty says Invalid

First off, I am assuming you checked your warranty online?
Online warranty always uses your system serial number, not the part number. Have you tried checking on this link -
It could just be a website error, since I have seen issues on Lenovo website warranty check.
You should call to Lenovo Customer Service and verify with them that your warranty is valid. You can also ask to talk to a supervisor to clarify the issue.
You can ask them to send a confirmation email about your warranty but its a hit & miss. (with them sending emails)
PS: I had the same issue and they always said (on phone) that my warranty is valid. The website was NEVER updated with the correct information. That was about 3 years ago.

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Have purchased a netbook HP15AY-078TX bearing S.No. CND6300CVS & product id X5Q23PA#ACJ. Want to check the warranty and extended warranty offers.

Answer:Warranty & Extended warranty offer

Hello  Verify the warranty status here:     Extended Warranty : this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again !!  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee 

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Hi, My laptop's manufacturer warranty has expired on January 24 2016. Can I buy extend warranty for my lappy??  

Answer:Can I extend the warranty after its manufacture warranty has...

Hello, If unit doesn't have any issues right now, yes you can extend the warranty. if there is any issue with the laptop then after repair you can extend the warranty  #hpexpertday

Regards;SmileyI am an HP employeePlease click the White Kudos star to say thanks for helping.Please mark Accept As Solution if my help has solved your problem.

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My warranty expired a little over a year ago.  My situation is that my system won't start up (1 long beep, 2 short beeps, blank screen), and I have already determined that I will need a new system board.  The price for this is $475, and it is only guaranteed for 30 days labor, and 90 days for the part. I was told that I could possibly get a new 1 year warranty for around $150 which takes a few weeks to activate, but still seems like a great deal.  Is this true, and will it cover the system board that malfunctioned while not under warranty?

Answer:Purchase a warranty for an out-of-warranty T61p

Hi gpig,Why don't you give them a call and verify it yourself?United States1-866-426-0005Hours of operation:M-F: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM ESTSat and Sun: ClosedNote: All times are for the Eastern Time Zone.For expired warranty service, lenovo page says this:- it helps.

------------------------------------------------------------Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)ThinkPads:- T400[Win 7], T60[Win 7], IBM 240[Win XP]IdeaPad: U350Apple:- Macbook Air [Snow Leopard]Did someone help you today? Compliment them with a Kudos!Was your question answered today? Mark it as an Accepted Solution!   Lenovo Deutsche Community     Lenovo Comunidad en Espaņol Visit my YouTube Channel

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I have a SL400 Laptop and the warranty for my laptop expired.I have a problem with my charging pin and unable to charge my lapptop.Can any one please let me know if there any chance to purchase warranty after warranty expiration Thanks

Answer:how to get warranty for post warranty laptops

Goto (or the equivalent for your country). From the main menu, select Products On the Products sub-menu, select Services. On the left hand side of the screen, under Product Categories, select Warranty & Maintenance - Notebooks. You will find a (long) list of warranty offerings here.

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Good Day I have a T520 with dead pixels on the screen. I am trying to determine if I can repair it under warranty or if it should be repaired out of warranty. The LCD cover show no signs of being opened and the notebook has not been in for repair before. Upon internal inspection I saw that on the back of the LCD panel itself there are faint asymmetric grooves (like a small flat screwdriver was scraped against it.) Any help will be appreciated.

Answer:T520 LCD replacement. Warranty or Non warranty

Hi, LordPoisen
Dead pixels should be covered by your warranty. This is dependent on a few things: 1) The number of dead pixels. Lenovo's policy states that a machine must have at least three visible dead pixels for it to be replaced (as shown here). 2) The dead pixels must not have been caused by physical damage. 
As for the scratches on the rear on of the LCD, if these are determined to be correlated with the dead pixels, then the machine would have to be fixed out of warranty. Otherwise, however, you should have no issue getting it repaired under the terms of you warranty. You can get the process started by calling 0800-110-756 and describing your issue to them.
Hope it helps,

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Answer:Can I downgrade the 1 year thinkpad protection warranty to 3 year basic warranty?

No you can't. But you can extend the warranty for one, two or three more years. And take it from someone who has seen a lot of ThinkPads, accident protection is a good thing to have...

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As the title suggests - my invoice specifically says 3yrs warranty was purchased with my M3800 in November 2014. I'm now showing as out of warranty after 2yrs
I'm having issues with a screen that was replaced in May/June 2016 and would like a replacement as I believe the unit is faulty. Please can you get in touch to resolve.
Thank you.

Answer:Purchased 3 years warranty; laptop/account showing as out of warranty after 2 years

Hi DModi,
Thank you for reaching out to Dell Community Forum.
please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address along with the invoice copy.
Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information

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Hey all, I'm pretty spent on trying to figure out what went wrong on my T500 ( and how to fix it, so I'm most likely going to take the plunge on Post Warranty Warranty. Before I do so, I was curious if anyone has done this? I've been scouring the net and been unable to find a lot of information about how this process works. It just seems really vague. I'm under the assumption that I purchase the PWW ($150 for one-year depot, goes in effect 30 days after purchase) and I am then allowed to send the broken machine in, and it will be fixed with the proper parts replaced and returned to me? Also, other questions: 1. My battery does not hold a charge anymore. Should I send it attached with the machine or leave it off?2. Should I take out the HDD? I have files on it that I cannot risk losing to a reformat. Will this make a difference?3. The CMOS battery is not the one that originally came on the machine. When troubleshooting, a replacement served as a temporary fix. Will this be an issue? Hopefully someone can answer these. From what I've read, there's quite a bit of people suggesting it on this forum, but I have never read from someone who has actually done it. Just wondering if someone had the experience and could chime in.

Answer:Using Post Warranty Warranty
This is the only information given by Lenovo, and apart from that there is not lot of public document pertaining to this option.
1. Don't worry about sending in the battery, unless you have an issue with battery interacting with the motherboard. Is your battery Sanyo celled?
2. Yes you should take it if you don't won't touched.
3. Not sure, is the OEM CMOS or a generic cheapo one from ebay. I highly suggest that you get the original one, as i don't think the CMOS battery is CRU (i could be wrong here).
There are only a few people whom have done and reported it, but they are very vague about the process. 

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In trying to determine whether my current ATI Radeon 9200 Card is supported either in PCI or AGP, I ran EVEREST to determine it. This is a Screenshot and I am confuse about thr results. Is it that my PC supports both AGP/PCI ?

Answer:Trying to Determine - AGP/PCI ?

Take the side off the PC and see what slot it's plugged in to. The top one, if offset back an inch or so, from the rest, is the AGP slot. The white ones lined up in a row are PCI slots.

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GenuineIntel x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 10 Intel MMX(TM) Technology
if it says mmx is isnt going to be any faster than 233 right? so basically my processor is a 233 maximum at the moment no?

Answer:help determine my cpu mmx

Not necessarily, all CPU's since the MMX series still have MMX technology.

Download Aida32 and it will tell your your CPU speed.

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Hello Friends,
Does anyone know How do I determine if I have a 64-bit or 32-bit CPU? If any body has knowledge about it please give your opinion.


Answer:How do I determine if I have a 64-bit or 32-bit CPU?

What is your CPU.....Press and hold down the Windows Logo key and then tap Pause Break key......or go to control panel and click on System

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I was wondering if anyone knows how to see if a client machine has NT or windows on it.

We have added a few NT boxes to our network & one piece of VBA doesnt work on them.

Public Sub Open_Docs()
'this opens the user's explorer to the place where mail merge documents are stored

Dim browse As Variant
On Error GoTo ooops:
browse = Shell("c:\windows\explorer.exe \\server\database\Docs", vbNormalFocus)

End Sub

I guess shell(c:\windows\explorer.exe) wouldnt work on a NT box would it.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


Answer:can you determine an OS in VBA?

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Hi.Looking at buying some software for XP. It only covers 32 bit for xp. How do I determine for cetain if my win xp is 32 or 64 bit please?

Answer:How determine 32 bit or 64?

A 32bit program will work on a 64bit processor or operating system.Right click my computer - properties general tab will tell you what system.

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Does anone know of a program that can be booted from a floppy cd or usb drive that will tell me the hardware pre os.. on a blank machine for example

Answer:determine nic in pre os

AIDA16 apparently does thoug I've never used.

Ultimate Boot CD has this utility and many more:

Or take the side off the computer and look at the components. Most have a sticker or markings on the PCB that will identify what they are. If a device is integrated into the motherbaord then any drivers or info can be obtained from the motherboard manufacturer's website.

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Hi everyone. My computer seems to have been slowing down a little. I know why. The reason is because I have added more running processes to the computer. I have more things running in the System Tray than before. This, of course, is likely taking up more of my RAM. I know that it isn't Spyware or a slow CPU (2.53 Ghz isn't very slow) that is slowing down my computer so I narrowed it down to my RAM. However, I am not certain about this. I don't know much about hardware. Anyway, I have 512 mb of RAM. Is there a way of determining whether more RAM would increase my computer's performance or not?

Answer:How do I determine if I need more RAM?

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For anyone looking here, this is just a guide I thought up and I think this is pretty useful.
If you are deciding between 2 or more CPUs, use this equation:

A= Number of cores
B= Clock speed of each core
C= The cache of the CPU in MB, also make it as, for example, 6MB cache, that would be 0.6.
D= Your answer, or "CPU Rating".

A x B + C=D

We'll test this out with an Intel Pentium E6300, because it's the one I'm thinking of right now.

2 x 2.80= 5.6 + 0.2= 5.8

This can help you when buying a new CPU. I just thought that would help.


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I Have computer that is an Hp Pavillion 700. I want to upgrade the video card inside of it. It originally came with a Geforce 4 MX 420 video card. I want to upgrade it to a XFX GeForce FX 5500 / 256MB DDR / AGP 8X / VGA / DVI / TV Out / Video Card. I dont know if my AGP slot is 4x or 8x. Someone please help me find out. The system # on my comp is DA192A
The serial # is MX307A1031.

Please help me find out.
Thank You

Answer:Need to determine if i have AGP 8X

doesn't matter as long as you have 4x agp.

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size for virtual memory to set up on a P4 2.53GhZ pc with 1GB memory and 80GB hard drive running Windows XP Pro SP1.Other helpful advice appreciated

Answer:how to determine what the best

you may get some conflicting opinions on this one:my advice is just to let windows manage have 1 gig of installed physical ram so there should be no problems here with this ammount of installe ram with most tasks what so ever if you choose this option.some people say the ideal setting should be around one and a half to two times your installed ram in both the min and max value boxes.this stops windows from resizing the swap file when it needs to.with your ammoun of ram installed and set to system managed size it shouldnt happen often if at all.i have only 512mb of installed ram,i play latest games,edit video,photo etc and have tried various different settings for the xp swap file and can see no difference at all in performance when setting to either a fixed size,windows managed size or even running with no swap file at all.if you had a low ammount of installed ram then it may be a different story altogether.try various settings and see for yourself but as above i would just let the system handle it.

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guyz i just told that GPU has 2 types of socket.and i cant buy a new GPU without knowing the socket of my GPU(the place to put GPU in CPU).i think the best way is to open the CPU and take out to see what type of socket it is.But its kinda inconvenient cuz the screws on my CPU is kinda tight n hard to turn them are there any other ways than opening the CPU to determine the socket of my graphic card?

Answer:how to determine the socket of your GPU?

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Hi, How do I determine my laptop having a wake on lan feature on its adapter? and how much would it costs me to buy those adapter? (both desktop and laptop)

Answer:determine laptop's wol?

Pretty much all ethernet chips and motherboards made since ancient times should support WOL. The quaestion is whether the feature is enabled or if it can be set in the BIOS. Just Try It

I'd say the ethernet adapter supports WOL for sure, if the motherboard is really cheesy, it may not have the thing enabled.

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hey guys i was just confused on how to determine good graphics in terms of gb or hddr or cores or anything else ....pls help and should i go 4 amd or nvidia

Answer:How to determine whether a gpu is good or not

It would completely depend on what your budget is and what you're going to be using it for, would it be gaming?

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I have the problem that when the weather is hot the laptop starts acting super slow mo after about 10 minutes after start up. I have a E6400 with a 2.93Ghz cpu, 256 onboard NVIDIA video and 4GB of RAM. I bought this used on eBay 2 years ago and am only now discovering why it is overheating.

I run Windows XP SP3 on it and I know that it is this laptop that is having problems because when I used the same hard drive on my D630 I had it heatup just as much(as hot) but it did not slow down in performance. I had it running for a day during our last hot spell with no hint of overheating. Unlike the D630 of the bottom surface being hot enough to fry an egg on half of the bottoms surface from the location of the cpu and to the middle, the E6400 is only hot where the ROM drive is.
I had taken the back panel off thinking that it would resolve the heat problem but after checking the fan area, re-applying the caked and cracked thermal grease on the cpu I discovered that the problem was not the cpu overheating. I did notice that when I touched the cpu's heat sink that it was cooler to the touch(it was warm before but was now cool, as though it wasn't transferring any heat) after replacing the thermal grease but I noticed that the heat from this machine was coming either from the ROM or from whatever is under the ROM drive.
The bios version of this machine is A28.
Any ideas how I can diagnose what the problem is? I am guessing that the processors in my D630's is actually a good... Read more

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I have a pile of XP cds, and a ton of keys, and 2 dead machines. I'm booting them on life support and need to figure out what keys went with which installs so I can reuse the keys on some new kit I have coming.

Googled it, found nothing. Would really appreciate a hand on this one.

Thanks in advance all!

Answer:XP Pro Question - how to determine CD key used

Well, this works when run from the machine in question. Depending on how dead your machines are, I don't know if it will be of any help to you or not.

Edit - This doesn't seem to give reliable results.

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I often see minimum requirements for various software programs and one I see reference to quite often is OpenGL followed by a number, such as OpenGL 3.3 for example.

I have gathered that this has something to do with the graphics card, possibly it's drivers; am I right ?

How does one go about determining which OpenGL their equipment has.

Thanks for reading.

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sys infoIDE 40gb hdiskddr2 2gb 6400amd athlon 64x dual core 4000+built in VGA500watts psujetway m26gt3-svp mobomy problem is simple!my computer doesn't POWER ON for a certain hour! i got brand new psu installed brand new RAMthe rest old stuffhelp me determine what's causing it!its frustrated...! help!

Answer:help me determine the problem please!

you mean that your computer at specific times of the day, you can't power on your computer while it is fine otherwise?

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Can someone confirm whether my specific notebook supports 64-bit Windows 7? It is currently running 32-bit with no issue, but looking to expand RAM capability to 8GB.  HP EliteBook 8440pProduct: WH255UT #ABA   

Answer:Determine 64-bit compatibility

Hi: Yes, it can, but upgrading the memory is very tricky. See this related post...  

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I've been having a lot of corrupted files the past week on my 30 gig Western Digital HDD.  It's a little over 5 years old.  I have Windows XP Pro.  The HDD is partioned 4 times.  The first partion is the Operating System.  2 of the partions are backups of the Operating System.  The fourth is a data partion for SageTV 2.0.  I partion with PQMagic 8.1 with the patch.   I have a second 400 Gig Seagate HDD, about 6 months old, that is partioned many times.  Most of the partions are for data and 1 is for a backup of the Op Sys.Windows notifies me with the balloon window about a corrupted file.  I run chkdsk and all is well for a couple days.  Then I receive another warning from Windows.  This has been hapening for a little over a week.  Sometimes it finds one corrupt file, sometimes as many as 10.  Some of the files that become corrupt I haven't accessed in months.  Most of the errors have been on the smaller HDD.  The larger HDD has had 1 warning that had approximately 10 bad files.What can I do to check if the HDD is going bad?  What could be other problems?  Could my mother or memory be going bad?  Could it be overheating?  Because the problem has occured on both HDD's, it leads me to believe it may be the Mobo or memory.  I have memory check utilites.  Is there a Mobo utility?  Could it be anything else?  Any help is appreciated.

Answer:How to determine if harddrive is going bad

Run the diagnostics from the hard drive manufacturer web site and let us know what you find.

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We have a PentiumŪ II Processor 440LX chipset. We looked everywhere but we cannot find out what our front side bus speed is

Does anyone know of any software that we can use, that would tell us what our bus speed is?


Answer:How do you determine the bus speed?

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I'm having a hell of a time figuring out why I get the BSOD. I have a thread here:

There I had my minidumps examined and it seemed to show signs of faulty RAM.

Then I tried one stick problems...then the problems. Both again, and after several days, finally I get one crash.

I can't tell what it is anymore. A friend suggested maybe the mobo was having problems keeping up in dual channel, or that the mobo was set for a heavy demand on the RAM and when both are in, they can't work together fast enough.

I don't know...I'm close to getting new RAM, but would hate to still have the same problem.

I have 2GB (2X1GB) of Kingston PC3200 DDR 184 pin Value RAM. (Link to RAM given in thread listed above)

My PC is BRAND NEW, there seem to be no problems, brand new p/s, everything.

I'm half out of my head over this...I've had this system for nearly 3 months without stability!

Answer:How to determine if RAM is faulty

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In BIOS, what should I set my CPU Usage to? I have been wondering this, because sometimes my computer restarts by itself while I am in the middle of doing something on my computer.

I have 1.00 GB of Ram in my computer and I am useing Windows XP Professional - Service Pack 2. In BIOS, what should I set my CPU Usage to?

Also, what is a good Ram program I could use for Ram Boosting and Optimizing?

Answer:How do I determine CPU Usage?


do you mean the clock rate for your CPU?

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I just got a Sony Vaio and on the box it says it has 1 GB (512MBx2) DDR2-667 SDRAM expandable to 2 GB.

I want to expand to 2 GB but I don't know much about this, someone said something about making the pin numbers match or something weird like that...

Answer:How do I determine what kind of RAM I need?

xvszero said:

I just got a Sony Vaio and on the box it says it has 1 GB (512MBx2) DDR2-667 SDRAM expandable to 2 GB.

I want to expand to 2 GB but I don't know much about this, someone said something about making the pin numbers match or something weird like that...Click to expand...

basically any ddr2-667 RAM will work. does it have 4 memory slots or 2? you may need to replace it all for 2 gigs or you might be able to just add another 2x512

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i have attached the minidump file hope someone could help me read th dmp file. tnx

Attachment 204387

Answer:bsod please help determine the cause

Quote: Originally Posted by lanno

i have attached the minidump file hope someone could help me read th dmp file. tnx
Attachment 204387

1. Please note...It is much easier to find patterns, etc, when there is more than one crash.
We prefer you wait until you have at least two so that if one is corrupt the other probably wont be.

2. Avast can be a contributing cause of BSOD'S .
Please remove and replace with Microsoft Security Essentials AT LEAST TO TEST

Microsoft Security Essentials - Free Antivirus for Windows

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Okay some time I got info that my processor was an Intel Celeron 900Mhz,Socket 370.I'm not sure what higher but compatible CPU I can get.Some suggestions?

Answer:How to determine what CPU is right for my computer?

We'll need to know the manufacturer and model number of your motherboard.

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This was under a previous thread which was closed down but thought id share my 2 cents and start a new thread.

There is an inbuilt application called "Resource Monitor" which can do this for you.

Under Windows Seven (this is the only one I tested- might work under older operating systems) you can check what is currently downloading by:

Open Resource monitor by:

Method 1
1) Start Task manager ( press CTRL-ALT-Delete)
It will show a menu. choose "task manager"
2) After task manager is open click the "performance" tab
3) Towards the bottom of the screen there is another Tab - "Resource Monitor" click that
4) The resource monitor will open
5) then find the "network" tab and click it
6) under the network tab you will now see that it lists each application or service which is downloading something. It is usefull as you can then see if say MS office or adobe or whatever application is using your bandwidth
Method 2
1) Press "Start" menu and search for "resource monitor" and open it.
2) Follow from step 5 above

Answer:How do I determine what's downloading????

Are there any other ways to monitor the same in Windows Xp?

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Hi guys,How can I determine the heat my computer produce. I have to determine which type and capacity of A/C system I have to put in my Lab.Therefore, I need to know the heat of all of my computer that are running in the Lab. According to those information's, I will order the A/C.Thanks for ur contribution!!!

Answer:How can I determine the Heat

Some motherboards have  a senor in it see if there isn't any program that came with that will let you see it.  You can get a card from that will monitor the pc if it over heats

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I need to figure out the manufacturer and model of the motherboard in my laptop. It's a Toshiba Satellite P305-S8837. I've tried to look it up online and gotten nothing.

Answer:How do I determine what motherboard my PC has?
try that program

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Had this problem recently, but usually it's provoked by a specific cause (running many application and then plugging in my iphone with the itunes program running at same time). So i learned to avoid that.

Anyway, it just crashed on me, completely unprovoked (from what i can tell), and i'd like to know why. I've had to start and turn off the pc a few times today to look at the internals and what not, but i changed absolutely nothing.

How can i figure out why it suddenly turned off on me?

running on xp btw

Answer:How do i determine cause of PC crash?

It is just shutting down completely or have you experienced any BSOD?

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I like to play Pogo and some pop-up blocker or blockers is preventing me from opening games. Can you tell me how I can find these pop-up blockers files so they can be deleted? I am running Windows 98.

Answer:Cannot determine what pop-up blocker(s) is on my PC

Have you downloaded/installed the Google toolbar or similar? I know, by default, the pop-up blocker is enabled.
Also, what anti-virus app are you using?

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how do i determine my soundcard without opening up my pc?

Answer:how do i determine what soundcard i have?

Download & run Everest:

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I just bought a new wireless printer, YAY!!!! Or so I thought....the problem I have now is that I have MAC Address Filtering enabled on my router, and you can only access my network if the MAC Address is listed on my "Good" list in the router settings. Well this wireless printer has it's own IP Address, and that is how each machine on the network would connect to it. However, I can't get this printer to be able to connect to my network because I don't know the MAC address.

How can I find what the MAC Address is for the printer?

Answer:Determine MAC Address

Found these instructions on t'Internet:

Open a command window
Ping the address of the remote device
Type ARP -a
Locate Internet Address that you just pinged, and you will have the MAC / physical address of the device

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Hey guys!
I've just downloaded a movie and it's saying i need a codec to watch it. How do you go about working out which codec is the right one as there are heaps of them, and how to do you go about installing them?

Answer:determine the right codec

post the format type download.

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