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How does x120 compares to other netbook

Question: How does x120 compares to other netbook

Hi,When you consider that you can get an asus eeepc for 220-250$, I wonder if the x120 high price tag is justifiable. I own a x220 and love it, but really it wasn't that expensive if you compare to similar options (fast cpu, lightweight, long battery life...). When it comes to a netbook, the cpu are pretty much the same, along with size and weight. I wonder what the x120 would give me that an eeepc doesn't, given it's about twice the price! Thanks,Dave

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Preferred Solution: How does x120 compares to other netbook

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: How does x120 compares to other netbook

-ThinkPad name-ThinkPad Service-Better Chassis construction-Easier serviceability-Slightly better keyboardAnd you can get multi-year warranty with onsite and thinkpad protection if you are game for it.

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Hi, I recently bought a X120e notebook. I can see that it has a SIM card slot within. Also some drivers have been provided on the Lenovo support site for Gobi 2000/3000/Ericsson/Huwawei 3G modules. DOes this notebook come pre-fitted with one of these data cards ? Or do we have to buy one separately? Regards,Sandip


Go to Solution.

Answer:x120 e mobile broadband

doesn't come prefitted unless you specifically bought a laptop that was shipped with WWAN card installed.

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Answer:X120 reviewed by engadget

Battery life looks better, and I'm glad to hear that they fixed the heat issue.  It's still a bit on the heavy side, but then again it's not really a "netbook", is it?  Windows 7 Pro is a nice perk as well.

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For some reason my notebook has crashed. It was freezing when i was surfing the internet and now seems to have literally died.It goes in to the Samsung Recovery start page but won't actually start the programme.I have kept it up to date with all the updates both Samsung / Windows 7 . It is only out of warranty so cant send it back. Any one throw any ideas as to what might be the problem.I'm thinking myself the HD has given up the ghost.If thats the case how do i reinstall a new one as the X120 has no drive?

Answer:14 month old Samsung X120

As I understand it - the fact that it is just out of warranty as you put it, it could still be eligible for repair depending on how much you paid for it- ie: if it was a few hundred pounds then it is reasonably expected to last longer than your 1 or 2 yr warranty (depending on what it was) You can have a read through here enter link description here in the meantime and maybe someone else will come on and post more information for you.

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prod: 4290-44Q THINKPAD X120
Moderator edit by bananaman: Masked serial number to prevent misuse.

Answer:How to use Rupee symbol in the THINKPAD X120

SomnathThe Rupee symbol has still not made it to the Unicode Standards as of now,but you can download the fordian font and use it in your documents.More information in this link.Hope this helps you

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X120e has no mSATA mini PCIe compatibility, so Intel 310 SSD will be of no use for creation of high speed SSD + HDD system. But Super Talent CoreStore MV has standard mini PCIe interface, so it can be detected and used by notebooks with no mSATA support. The only problem is booting of OS from it as X120e bios has only PCI LAN boot option. Is it possible to leave HDD as the boot source in bios but only with boot sector, which will redirect to SSD, where Windows will be actually installed? Another option is to push Lenovo to add PCI SSD to boot options in bios. The guys with Dell notebooks have succeeded in this question and got an updated bios from their tech. support...   

Answer:X120 + mini PCIe SSD CoreStore MV

All I can think of is that you would have to try purchasing the Super Talent CoreStore MV mSATA mini PCIe SSD and experimenting.  I would strongly suggest buying from a reseller that has a good returns policy, in case it does not work.
Aryeh Goretsky

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Okay so i've been struggling to find a fix to this and Lenovo support hasn't really been too useful either. Basically the trackpoint is having issues working even with the newest bios, etc. and synaptics driver. It also is having problems with the old driver too?? Could it be in conflict with the new bios update? Lenovo Support gave me the advice to reformatte as it is a "software" issue and to repeat the same above process. Yet the problem still persists.  What steps should I try next?  Lenovo support seems reluctant to give me a hardware exchange Thanks in advance, any advice is open to testing! I'm just fed up with new drivers having bugs like this.  

Answer:x120 - Synaptics driver issues! Trackpoint not working

Does it just not work?

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How does this co. survive by giving anti-virus free? And how is it compare to MSE? As I notice some older computer can't run MSE

Answer:How's Avast 6 compares to MSE?

I like the silent/gamer mode,no silly ads. I use freeware listed on gizmo's freeware site, they rate it #1 of all free AV.

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- PC World

Answer:PCW Compares free AV apps.

The moral of the story....they are all "very good" or better.

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I just found a free version of Time Freeze and wonder how it compares to other similar products? It looks like it is only for 32 bit though

Wondershare Time Freeze-Free Virtual System Software for XP, Win7


Answer:How Time Freeze Compares

Well, there's a few comments about it at the bottom of this page.

Wondershare Time Freeze - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

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I would like to know if media player is ok on 10 and if it is easy to work with

Answer:Anyone using media player in 10 and how it compares to others

I use Windows Media Player every day and it is just as good as in previous versions of Windows. As in the past it doesn't play all formats so I also use VLC/Video LAN.

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I want to do some troubleshooting on some problem installs i have found for our Windows XP installs.

I can install some programs we use 3 times with the first 2 installations not working correctly and the third install working....

What I want is a program that get a "snapshot" of all files on the HDD, all registry entries, and all OS hooks.

I then want to be able to compare the "snapshot" of the original PC, the failed install, and the working install, in order to find out what is failing and see if I can figure out a "patch" (manually add in the registry keys with a *.reg file or use a simple *.bat file to copy any uncopied files... things like that). Basically I want to avoid having to reinstall

I have seen file comparrison tools but I want something that literally disects the install an tells me every change.

Answer:Software the compares XP OS before and after install of program?

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i have found the video card i want but its AGP and i need PCI the card is
ATI Radeon 9600XT
Detailed Specifications:GPU : ATi RADEON 9600XT

Bus Type : AGP 8X / 4X

Memory : 256MB 128-bit TSOP DDR RAM
RAMDAC Dual : 400 MHz

Memory Clock : 400 Mhz

Engine Clock : 400 MHz
Monitors Supported Dual

Awesome 3D gaming performance

Support for OpenGLŪ applications

Max Resolution : 2048 x 1536 @ 60Hz

Connector : 15-pin VGA , S-Video Out , DVI-I</SPAN>

What i am looking for is a video card that compares to this one but will work in my computer which is a Emachine T5048 and please im not looking to trade up computers but to upgrade parts in it heres a link to my comps stats if ya wanna know more

Please and Thank you

Answer:need help finding a video card that compares to...

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Sorry if this question has already been well covered :-)

I'm in the process of choosing a new antivirus program to promote to my (computer) customers. I've been prescribing NOD32 for several years but our national distributor has become uncooperative regarding commission payments so I intend to recommend another company.

Which brings me to my question: Where does one go to see genuine and authoritative comparative reports about the efficacy of antivirus software? I've just logged onto the Virus Bulletin site and that seems pretty good, but their full reports aren't free.

Anyone able to suggest another site, or lab, that produces regular software comparisons? Obviously I'm not talking about the type of sites that abound on the net, which purport to compare malware apps, but in actuality are just set up to market selected brands.

Thanks :-)

Answer:Authoritative compares of antimalware apps?

IMHO the only ones that are trustworthy and provide relevant results are AV-Comparatives, AV-Test here and for free AVs and Remove-malware, although this is a bit less scientific.

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I want to switch from my Lumia 830 to an Android phone. Which one has a comparable camera but isn't too expensive?
I really love the camera of my Lumia 830 but the operating system destroys the whole experience.
I like Windows Phone with its live tiles and design but it's just not there yet...
I have a fitness band I'd like to use but it's not fully compatible with Windows phone like many accessories. I also have some apps which are not available for Windows phone (for example an app to control my camera) and it's not as smooth as everybody says.
I am an experienced user, that means I know how to hack my phone and repair stuff and I've tried everything to make it work so please don't try to find things I did wrong or so. The only thing I don't want to lose are those amazing camera capabilities...
Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.

Answer:Which Android device compares to the Lumia 830 (Camera)?

Have you seen the news regarding Astoria lately? In any case I would like at the Moto lineup

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In May, Microsoft revealed that Windows 10 will have seven editions. At the time, the company only offered a brief description of each, but now it has posted a comparison site (via ZDNet) with more information.


Answer:Microsoft compares features across Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Educati

I think a lot of users here will be interested in this one.I also wish that the Device Guard would be available to Windows 10 Professional users (or even all of them) since it looks like one good layer of protection against malicious infections...

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Notice if you use Ad Block Plus with the default Easylist, you could be helping yourself much more.

I love Ad Block Edge with Fanboys Ultimate list and Malware domains

Answer:Stanford University recreated test that compares the best ad/tracking blockers

This is simply promotional content for Ghostery.

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I have just now heard of it.

Is it any good for PDF editing?

Answer:How SSuite Office - WordGraph compares to LibreOffice as Microsoft Word alternative?

Re: How SSuite Office - WordGraph compares to LibreOffice as Microsoft Word alternati

In one word,, yes.

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I have dell mini inspiron 9
and its os is on external hard drive I want to delete the os from the drive to make it as a storage and install new os for netbook..
windows xp sp3. , the os I want to install..

Answer:Netbook's os from external hard drive how to remove to replace new os directly to netbook

When you're booting from the new disk, just delete every hard drive partition.

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Hello all and thanks in advance..

I've burned up over 10 hrs trying to solve this puzzle and scanning through the forums. I haven't found a similar situation w a solution which is why I'm posting.

ISP: Verizon DSL, Westell 6100 modem, Netgear RangeMax router.
Setup works perfectly, bridged modem, Router assigns IP addresses, no worries.

1st machine:
IMac 2GHz Intel Core 2, OS 10.5.8, updated.
Connects perfectly via ethernet and wirelessly, WPA Personal authenticat. Also works using WPA-2.

WEP NOT good: asks for passphrase/key, I enter it as it is set up in the router control panel, it attempts to authenticate, then error reads "Connection Timeout."

2nd machine:
Old IMac PPC G4 1 GHz, OS 10.4.11.
Connects via ethernet through both modem directly and via the router.

WEP NOT good, error reads something like "failed to connect, Try Again?" I don't plan on using WEP, so I haven't looked at that setup in a while. I've been trying to set up the network as WPA. I understand there's some sort of incompatibility issue with the older Macs and WEP.

But... WPA NOT good: similar error to above, not a timeout. My router's broadcast is detected, but this machine cannot connect to it regardless of the authentication. Does NOT work via any WPA (1 or 2) nor WEP. Basically, it doesn't connect wirelessly. It will only connect if there is NO router authentication.

3rd machine:
Netbook, Samsung NC10-14GB, Wireless 802.11 b/... Read more

Answer:Ethernet connects 2 Macs, PC netbook; CAN'T connect wirelessly netbook or old Mac!

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Is there a type of in surance that I can buy?

Answer:Whahe netbook has Squaretrade t if my netbook gets stolen on vacation?

You might wanna asked the people you brought it from.

It would be best to not let people know you have it.

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I have a regular Medion laptop where the HD (40 GB) is in 3 partitions, C,D,and E the D and E for backup and recovery and see that the Medion Netbook (160GB HD) has 2 partions C and D for the same purposes. With these laptops come discs -Operating System Installation CD and Application & Support Disc.

Now the Acer Netbook (120GB HD) has just the C drive with no support CDs of any kind so what is the difference in design of the two? Why should Medion computers have all this itty bitty extra stuff and the Acer ( and probably many others) apparently needing none of it? Do the different systems point to weaknesses or strengths in their designs?

I'm rather perplexed - can anyone enlighten me please?

Answer:Acer Netbook and Medion 97160 Netbook differences

Recovery/restore disks/partitions...are not uniform in the way that they operate. Different manufacturers have different preferences.

Some computer system manufacturers use a recovery/restore mechanism that involves small, additional partitions...some don't.

The respective owner's manual and manufacturer's website should contain exact details of how these mechanisms work.


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I want to broadcast a wi-fi connection (assuming ad-hoc?) over my 1015PEM netbook and at the same time have the netbook connected to the internet using a USB 3g modem.

I have no idea how to go about this.

Thanks a lot!

Answer:USB Modem on netbook and having the netbook broadcast (wi-fi) for devices to join


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Hi, everyone. I am abt to get either a laptop or a netbook as a grad gift. The netbook seems the best - this young lady will be doing net surfing, playing music, some word processing, but no gaming, not much more: no protein folding or anything.

We totally have our home computer for any video editing, powerpoint, etc. she might need to do. If she needs a lot of computer for college, I can slap together a desktop for a few hundred.

So, if I go netbook versus laptop, what will I lose? 1. A cd/dvd plater. I figured that out - can I use the netbook USB port to run and external DVD player, or is there not even drivers and such for this?

Besides no DVD player, what else would we not-have, versus laptop?

Answer:What does a netbook lack? Graduation gift: netbook or laptop

It will have smaller screen to start with, lot less computing power, poorer graphics, less storage to name few. Although, keeping in view the usage I think a netbook seems very reasonable, as there is no gaming or any intensive computing tasks are involved.

You can run a DVD drive via USB of a netbook.

You may have a look at Asus 1005E, i think its a decent solution.

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Hi all,

I'm having to build a new system after my current motherboard fried, and I need help in the video area.

I currently have a Gainward GeForce3 Ti200 AGP 4x card with 128MB, and I have been very happy with it for all the games that I play. Because I'm replacing my motherboard with a socket 939 (AMD Athlon 64 3500+ CPU) I need to find a PCIe graphics card that will have comparable gaming performance as my current (though very old) AGP card.

I would rather not spend more money than necessary but I need to get a card that performs at least as well as my old one so that my kids can keep playing the games they are already used to.

If anyone can help I would really appreciate it! I've been out of the loop, so to speak, for too long and need some experienced advice. Also, if anyone can offer QUICK advice I'd really appreciate it...I need to order the parts ASAP so I can rebuild the system before they come back home!

Many thanks,


Answer:Need PCIe card that compares to AGP card I have now - HELP!

use this chart , this will be the easiest way for you to find a comparible card. if you're interested in an ATI card, then use this chart

it will be very easy to find a suitable replacement for that card. video cards have advanced so fast over the last couple years that it will be hard to find a card with specs as low as the TI200.

good luck

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Is there a USB lead or a lead of some sort that I can link from Netbook to Netbook if what sort? I want to link two Netbooks together and to transfer things from one Netbook to the other Netbook?

Answer:Netbook to Netbook lead

Have a look at this: Connecting two computers with a USB cable.

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Hello all, I wanna buy a S10e and I still have one question:   Can I install Windows XP onto my Linux-Netbook and same way Linux on my Windows Netbook? I wanna use Suse for all my net applications and still wanna Windows for just old games running on a long trip as flights ect.. Is it possible? Install booth? Thanks Message Edited by ykin on 01-24-2009 12:43 PM

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Yeh. It's not for me it's for my friend.

I like Toshiba, top 10 says
Toshiba NB205-310 is best.. But that might be outdated.


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dumb question: can I download W7 like I can W8 from

I can't seem to find a link to purchasing/downloading any old W7 versions, everything points toward buying W8..

I have a Dell Mini 10V and I'd like to upgrade it from WinXPsp3 to W7..

Answer:Buy W7 for netbook?

Unless your netbook has at least 2 GB of RAM (most had only 1 GB of RAM), you will be disappointed with Win7 on it. You would be better off buying a Win7 machine while they are still available.

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Good morningGuys

To testW8installedon a netbookthat I have.Installationquiet,but I'mfacinga seriousproblem:

The native resolutionof the screenof thisnetbookis1024x600, and theappmenustart asking1024x768 resolution,ieevery timeI clickon theappthe messagethat myscreen resolutionis too low andcan notuse theapp's.

I tried tochange the look ofMetrointerfaceto theclassicmenu,usingthe methods availableon the internet andwill notin any way.

Changingthe resolutionnative on my lcd isimpossible,someoneknows ifit is possible tochange the resolutionrequiredby theapp'sso I canuse it?

suggestionsare welcome

thank you

Answer:Canīt use app in my netbook

Read this : How to enable Windows 8 Metro style apps on an older netbook - Liliputing

I hope it works in Consumer Preview.

PS: use spaces.

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version 2.0 of VLC media player is now out

Answer:If you use VLC on your Netbook

Link dont work Sunny

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i have a hp mini 110 netbook running xp home just used for browing really Its getting a bit worn around the edges but runs ok I have a choice of the same model but a bit tidier running win7 starter from new What are my advantages with the win 7 regarding the O/S Both have 2gb ram thanks

Answer:hp netbook xp or win 7

Microsoft updates for XP are due to cease next April. You can still use the OS, but security flaws that are then discovered will not get patched. But if you have good antivirus / antimalware etc. the risks will be reduced.
XP will probably perform (a little) better than W7 with only 2GB of memory.
In the meantime XP Windows Updates may take an awful long time install each month (this is a common issue, see this thread).
Internet Explorer (e.g. v7 or 8) with XP will also be very slow and you would be well advised to install an alternative such as Chrome.
If you are not familiar with W7 there will be a bit of a learning curve.

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Question: NETBOOK HELP*****

I have a gateway netbook model is kav60 it has windows xp the last time i used it probably 6 months ago it worked fine. Now I turn it on and it gets stuck on windows xp loading screen. I tried Booting into safe mode and restoring to a previous point in time. When that was finished and it restarted the computer it just beeped and didnt work. Since it is a netbook it does not have a disc drive. What are some other options of things I can do I don't have money to spend to get it checked out.

Answer:NETBOOK HELP*****

Hello, and welcome to Bleeping Computer.
Can you still access safe mode?
Are there any important files that are on the computer?

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Question: help my netbook

password check failed fatal error system halted CNU9421FZ6

Answer:help my netbook

Hi, Enter   e9lov7380g   ( 3rd character is a lower case L and the 9th is Zero ) Regards, DP-K

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Question: Netbook

How can I make my mini 110 netbook faster


Welcome to SevenForums.

Increase the ram to the max allowable for that netbook.

Install a SSD. This will make a big difference. If you would like to pursue this option, let me know so that I can give you a procedure for putting everything that is presently on your hdd to an ssd.

What will also be a big help is for you to fluff out your system specs.

Update your SevenForums System Specs
User CP (located on the top menu bar) |
Your Profile | Edit System Spec (left-hand column)

To gather info, use Speccy (my favorite) or SIW or System Info

Add the word laptop or desktop or netbook to the
?system manufacturer? block, for example,
Toshiba Satellite L305D notebook.

Provide full windows version info, for example:
MS Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit

Use the ?Other Info? block for Optical Reader,
Mouse, touchpad, wifi adapter, speakers, monitor, etc

Scroll down and click on SAVE CHANGES.

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Question: netbook

how do i instal dial up internet on a netbook.i live where i can only get dialup.i gave my daughter a net book and i cant get any thing on it.the netbook has a phone line in the there a way to hook it up to home computer first to get a connection then hook it up in her room.the home computer uses juno i dont want to pay for another juno account.


Same way you connect - plug a phone line into the netbook. But if you're asking if you can both use the line at the same time, no - not if you only have one incoming line.

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I have a Samsung N220 Plus netbook that I'm quite attached to. I bought it second hand and made a few changes. Ram was doubled to 2Gb and I installed an 840 Evo SSD. I also have Windows 8.1 which was quite problematic because of screen resolution limitations with the OS. If the new Spartan browser is very efficient I'm thinking that my netbook will perform really well. I'm wondering how I will get on when I use Windows update to move to Windows 10 which still looks to be at least 4 months away. Has anyone got W10 preview running on an atom netbook and if so how is it working out?

Answer:How does it run on a netbook?

I'm also interested in this. I may attempt it on an old Acer netbook that I have.. It runs 7 Starter now, its pretty terrible, how much worse can 10 make it?

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Okay, this is a multi-faceted problem. I have a netbook, a 2go PC (don't make fun of it, it was a prize.) It came preinstalled with XP Pro, but I set it up to dual-boot Ubuntu. Well, I borked Ubuntu, so I decided to bring it back to Win-only.So here's what I did. I made two bootable flash drives, one with the Windows disc, using WinToFlash, and the other with the Gparted LiveCD. I booted to the Gparted drive first (sheerly out of impatience) and removed the Linux partitions and expanded the Windows partiton. Well, the operation failed. In retrospect, I don't think I shut down Windows properly the last time I used it, so maybe Gparted wasn't able to resize. But it showed it as the full size, so I just ignored it.Next I booted to the Windows install drive, to a recovery console, and ran fixboot and fixmbr. Reboot, and it still loads GRUB and fails.If I boot to the Windows flash drive and tell it to continue, it will actually boot into Windows, but the drive only shows as 15GB (the old size, not the full 60)So I reboot into Gparted and it still shows the ntfs partition as 60GB.So what do I do? I need to (1) make the system bootable again and (2) fix the partition size.Help?

Answer:How do you Fix MBR on a Netbook?

1) boot the System with a dos bootable CD like win 98 or something which can support fdisk command.Once the system is booted with the CD, Run below command.fdisk /MBRthis will remove the grub entry from MBR and so make your system bootable..Once the boot problem is fixed you can use a thrid party aplication to resize the partition size.Subhash Chandra.

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Question: Best for Netbook

Which OS do you find is the best for a netbook. Any software you recommend too?

Answer:Best for Netbook

Windows 7.

I would have said easy peasy, UbuntuEEE, but ever since ive loaded Win7 on my EEEPC it just runs so well i dont even boot into my *nix distro.

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Question: Netbook HP

My Netbook is brand new. Windows 7 HP, Keeps restarting over and over. Help

Answer:Netbook HP

Greetings, lovemymcdreamy.

A few quick questions:

What is the make and model # of your machine?
Was any hardware or software installed before this happened that might have caused the problem?
Have you tried Safe Mode?
Do you have the Windows or OEM operating system disk, or does the machine have a recovery partition?

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Question: Netbook to TV

I have an HP 2133 netbook. I am trying to make it work with a Samsung TV LN-S2641D. The netbook has a VGA output which I've hooked to the TV. The TV has a PC mode. It does not see the netbook signal. Any suggestions?

Answer:Netbook to TV

on the netbook, you may have to toggle a switch to get the signal onto the vga output - on laptops they use the FN and F key often F4 or F5

the toggle will be something like
Netbook screen only
Netbook screen + VGA Output
VGA Output only

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Question: Netbook

Upgraded my Samsung n145plus netbook to w10.

Finally metro apps work at full screen at 1024x600 without shoody resolution hacks

The start menu is a bit rough, and the new search feature takes a time to start. The cortana thingy doesn't work on my region. The new window animations are smooth and everything seems to work more or less fine

IE doesn't open (but Chrome does) I don't know why.

It starts and shutdown as fast as w8.1

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The Windows, system recovery disk and preloaded programs are all come with CDs. I think this is quite a rediculus arrangement since the netbook do not have a CD-Rom with it, which means we need to use some kind of other devices like an external CD-Rom to load the CDs. I suggest that the softwares should be loaded in a read-only SD card or USB drive so that we can read them with the netbook itself.  

Answer:CD comes with a netbook without CD-Rom

I didnt get any type of software with my S10.  No recovery disc or nothing..... just 2 manuals

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I have had my HP mini 2102 since it was new. It has always heated up fast but has been getting worse and worse to the point of burnsi think its a great computer but it takes about 5 minutes to become hot no matter what I do if I browse it heats fast if I play games it heats fast if I let it sit it heats fast I am getting annoyed since I spent a decent amount on this computer. I have tried getting a new fan and cooling pads but the new fan does nothing and the cooling pads only delay the heat.

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Question: Netbook in USA

I have a HP Mini Netbook which I want to take on holidays to the USA.What charger do I need?

Answer:Netbook in USA

I saw brits abroad they seem to use their own charger with a continental plug socket adapter. I presume the same for USA, but hang on to get confirmation before trying.

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Question: XP on netbook

Hi, i hope im in the correct section ?
I recently carried out a driver update scan using uniblue programm, during the scan the system froze.
To get out of the freeze problem (which had happened before) i attempted a reboot of the system.
Windows will not re boot, instead i have a screen ''windows failed to start, this may have been caused by a recent hardware or software problem..etc. etc. please insert install disc and select repair.

I do not have a boot disc, none supplied, no cd drive.

Its a Advent Netbook from pc world with the 'tech guys' reboot installed within, so i cannot access this to carry out a restore, pressing the usual F8 or F11 in fact ive tried them all and cannot proceed past the failure scree.

Help appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:XP on netbook

Any help please, still the same.

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Question: New Netbook

Hello guys.

I've bought a new netbook. My Question is do I need to keep the Adapter Plugged in ? or can I remove it when the battery if fully charged?

Because I read somewhere that's better for the battery life to keep the adapter on all the time.

Sorry if this is not the right section!

Answer:New Netbook

If the battery is charged, you can remove the adapter. Once the battery gets low, it will start warning you and telling you to plug it in. Then you should plug it in.

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Hi folding folks and folkettes

Has anyone or does anyone have info on folding on an netbook and if they have tried it, just thinking is this a good route to take as I use my netbook alot, just dont know if its worth adding it as a machine to [email protected]?

Can imagine its PPD would be low as hell, but then every point counts.
Is their a specific engine for netbooks, have Stanford thought of this area, I dunno.

Yes I could try it myself and be a guineepig, but thought for once I would ask the experts in folding

Answer:[email protected] on a Netbook?

Disclaimer: Not a Netbook expert.:-D Well, it would have to be run only when you're plugged in the mains as that would kill your battery post haste on the road! :eek I would install the SMP version as a service(no fuss no muss assuming it's a dual cored machine) and configure it to not run on battery and as a service. This way, whenever you boot up, the service is automatically started. I'm assuming W7/Vista here?

Windows XP/2003/Vista Console client only zip file (with Windows-service-install option).

EDIT: BTW, I would start at %50 CPU and see how the heat things go first.

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Question: S10 Netbook

I bought a lenovo S10 for school about 11 monthes ago and i now have sent it in 3 times, been on the phone with countless lenovo support teams to have it replaced, and then when my case finally got sent to customer relations no one ever called back! I bought Lenovo Because i thought it would be a Quality computer... and as i am a student i cant afford to keep sending this machine in. Someone help me with this problem please!

Answer:S10 Netbook

Hi and welcome ..  a peer to peer user forum..
..when you have a software problem or we could try to narrow down a hardware failure,   iam sure we found a solution..
But If your S10 have obviously a hardware problem, its better to call your local service .they could fix your problem.
sincerely KalvinKlein

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I just bought a slightly-used netbook. It comes with windows xp and other trial-type software, all pre-installed. There is a restore feature but since it does not have a CD drive there is somehow a restore image in a hidden partition.

Here is what I would like to do - how do I do it? I'd like to hook it up to my desktop via USB (it doesnt have firewire) and, using my partition manager, blow out its drive, install my own copy of windows and my own software. I haven't tried this yet as I dont have the right USB cable, but if I play the windows install CD is it going to recognize that there are two c: drives hooked up to my computer, and let me install the o/s on the 2nd one?

Also the other thing is, there are some drivers (i think) as part of the netbook's restore function - such as display, audio, usb, wireless net, etc. But since this stuff is not on CD, if I blow out the netbook's hard drive then I will lose this. How would I get them back? I dont think the windows install would have the right drivers? Its an Aspire One. Is there a place to download the original drivers from?

Answer:How to Set Up a Netbook

Buy a USB CD or DVD drive, then set the bios to boot from USB, this is the easiest way to do a clean install.

I suggest using Acronis to make a Full disk image of the hard drive, then if things don't work out the way you want you can restore the hard drive to its original configuration.

I really don't see an advantage to removing/destroying the restore partition, you can always remove trial-ware and other undesirable software using add/remove programs feature in control panel. Or use this software

For drivers, they should be available on the manufacturers website for download.

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I am a regular desktop PC user who uses Photoshop CS, Excel and Word etc. I'm looking to buy a laptop or netbook for first time and am seriously considering Samsung NC10. It has Windows Home XP on it, 160GB storage and 1GB memory. I realise it doesn't have a cd/dvd drive so am thinking of getting a LG slimline external DVD RW drive with Lightscribe as I am a singer and record and print my own cds regularly. Does anyone know if using these 2 together it would be possible to:Download Photoshop (and lots of simpler) software onto the netbook?Watch DVDs and listen to cds?Add extra memory to speed up the processor?I know these might seem obvious questions, so thank you for your patience!CheersFishtank

Answer:What can I use on a netbook?

Quote from: fishtank on May 07, 2009, 10:02:01 AM I'm looking to buy a laptop or netbook for first time and am seriously considering Samsung NC10. It has Windows Home XP on it, 160GB storage and 1GB memory. I realise it doesn't have a cd/dvd drive so am thinking of getting a LG slimline external DVD RW drive with Lightscribe as I am a singer and record and print my own cds regularly. Does anyone know if using these 2 together it would be possible to:Download Photoshop (and lots of simpler) software onto the netbook?Watch DVDs and listen to cds?Add extra memory to speed up the processor?I know these might seem obvious questions, so thank you for your patience!CheersFishtankI can't see why not it all depends on what you want, but what you have said sounds sufficiant. Any external drive will normally work the same as any other internal drive as long as you have the right drivers which should come with it.

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Question: Netbook to TV

hi allim connecting my dell mini 10 netbook to my TV i can get picture but using the pc monitor cable which works fine but i need an audio cable as sound only comes from the net book.i think i need a cable from the headphone jack that connects to the audio input ports below is a link to one i have found can someone confirm this is correct for what i need.cheersclick here

Answer:Netbook to TV

Yes, that's the correct cable.

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Question: Netbook with no OS

My friend has a HP Mini 210-1076NR with a bad hard drive. It was under warranty so HP sent him a new hard drive with no OS and a windows 7 recovery disk. He's asked me to put 7 on it. What is the easiest way to do this? Can I simply copy/move the contents on the recovery disk to a USB flash drive and boot from there? I almost bought an external DVD drive and used that to boot the recovery disk but the computer wouldn't have the driver for the DVD drive. I imagine I could put Ubuntu on my flash drive, boot that, then install the drivers for an external DVD drive. Please help.

Answer:Netbook with no OS

Hi microphonecheck and Welcome to TSF,

You need to use the Recovery DVD in order to restore it. As the DVD is installed it's using a built-in recovery disk on your HDD, and will install Windows 7 from there.

The driver shouldn't really be a problem, you might have to activate your USB external CD drive in BIOS though, so that it boots from that and not the HDD.

During bootup, press the "DEL" key.
Look around for "Boot priority" or "Boot order". Set "USB/DVD.." as first boot.
Reboot with the CD in the drive > Press any key to boot...

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Question: Win 7 on a netbook

Well the rpoblem first: When i turn on my netbook it turns black screen for a 2-3 mins then appears loading screen then it looks ok but when i try to open explorer or other thing i takes ages to load and sometimes freezes on screen.
Netbook : Asus a6r
Windows 7 Professional
Sorry for my bad english

Answer:Win 7 on a netbook

Since its a netbook, it may not have a very powerful processor or too much RAM. That may be causing the slowness of the system.

1) Try uninstalling any unnecessary Asus bloatware.

2) Update all your device drivers.

3) If possible, upgrade RAM to the max supported by your machine.

4) Make sure you do not store data files on your windows partition. Keep them on a separate partition.

5) Run CCleaner and clear out your temp files. Also do a registry cleanup, if you're comfortable with it.

6) Run a malware scan with malwarebytes antimalware.

7) Go to MSCONFIG and disable any unnecessary startup entries.

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Question: Netbook OS low RAM

Hey guys,

I have this netbook which is a awesome lappy, really well built and great netbook and i love it. Its a Acer Aspire One AOD27.

The only issue is ofcourse is RAM. It had stock of 1GB and I upgraded to 2GB.

Windows 7 is quite slow, not the best response times.
I need a windows platform.

What the most lightweight and fastest windows OS?

Thanks guys!

Answer:Netbook OS low RAM

Windows 7

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Question: Netbook very Hot

i don't know if this is the right place to post this
but my lil netbook seems to be running quite hot, ive had it since boxing day, and other than that, she hasnt faultered.

its on a flat surface, a table to be exact xD

any ideas guys?

Answer:Netbook very Hot

Quote: Originally Posted by iTom

i don't know if this is the right place to post this
but my lil netbook seems to be running quite hot, ive had it since boxing day, and other than that, she hasnt faultered.

its on a flat surface, a table to be exact xD

any ideas guys?

Download cpu-z, and gpu-z (both free) to keep track of the temps.


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I'm after a netbook costing around Ģ250.
Would prefer 2GB of RAM if possible & 250GB HDD.
Need to be able to boot from a USB stick as i have Linux on one.
And will be using it for wireless surfing around the house.
Apart from above what are the best makes & models to go for etc.
Any makes to avoid?
Any places to look at?
And was hoping to get it in the after christmas sales?

Answer:Which Netbook to buy?

i have a samsung 110 & very pleased with it, no idea on other makes

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Answer: When PC World says so! My wife's new Packard Bell netbook is highly rated with a Celeron 743 processor, 3 GB RAM, 250 HDD, and an 11.6 inch screen - but no optical drive. This is physically the same size as the larger Netbooks reviewed in PCA magazine. My wife bought the 3yr warranty, and it was expensive. Later when reading the literature I found we had a Laptop warranty, which costs more than double a Netbook warranty. PC World claims it is a laptop, on the basis of its specification. Did I buy a Laptop or a Netbook? Glen

Answer:When is a Netbook not a netbook?

click here looks like a netbook to me...can't comment any further on PCWorld, but i wouldn't be seen dead in the place...

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Question: new netbook

Which anti-virus should I use on a new netbook? Should I download the anti-virus on my virus protected lap top and then transfer it to the netbook?

Answer:new netbook

It's mostly about preference. I'm assuming you want free anti-virus.

I personally like Avast!

Some people like AVG.

Like I said, it's really up to you.

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Question: netbook

I have an extra laptop ( Gateway LT40 Netbook with only 1 GB ram ) My question is this. Can i run Linux Mint 17.3 ISO on a USB without installing, it has Windows 7 now ? Iam a newbie here but i allready put the Linux Mint ISO on my USB for my Acer laptop. The only thing i had to change was BIOS boot order, that was very simple.
Thanks Chuck


Yes you can. It's called Live Boot

Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk

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having installed W7 on my PC and got used to the Desktop etc I am now ready to upgrade my mobile netbook (Samsung NC10). No disk drive however - any suggestions?

Answer:XP to W7 on a Netbook

Try Here click here

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I have an Acer Aspire One A150 netbook that's just about 5 years old that originally came with Win XP Home installed on it. On a whim, I decided to install Win 8 on it.

I'm happy to report that it runs Win 8 very well and I believe it works better with Win 8 then it ever did with XP.

The netbook has a 1.6Ghz Atom N270 processor and is maxed out with 1.5G of RAM.

I installed Win 8 using an external USB DVD drive. The install went very smoothly and when I booted it for the first time after the install, all the hardware was working including the wifi, video, ethernet, etc... Win 8 did notify me that there was an updated driver available for the SD card reader which I installed. I thought I would need to hunt down at least 1 or 2 drivers but didn't need to after all. Device manager shows all hardware as working correctly with no problems indicated.

One glitch was that Metro apps wouldn't open since they require a minimum resolution of 1024x768 and the netbook's native resolution is 1024x600. I found this with a little searching on Google:

Run REGEDIT Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video Do a search for "Display1_DownScalingSupported" In the key containing "Display1_DownScalingSupported", set the value to 1 Quit REGEDIT and reboot the netbook After rebooting you will now be able to change the display resolution to 1024 x 768

The little netbook has been able to run everything I have thro... Read more

Answer:Win 8 on a netbook!

I have a Gateway LT4009u with an Intel Atom N2600 with the dreaded GMA 3600 video chip. It originally came with Win 7 Starter which ran like a dog. I blew away the Win Starter and put Lubuntu on it which is supposed to be one of the lighter versions of Linux. It ran better but still not as good as I had hoped. I purchased the Win8 upgrade for $15 because the computer qualified for the cheap upgrade and I have never looked back. This baby flies! No luck with the registry tweak to increase the resolution. I can get the change to take but the modern apps still won't run. Nothing but a black screen and a total hang up of the system which requires a hard shutdown to get back to normal. I suspect it is the graphics chip causing the problem. Also mine will take a 4GB ram stick in the single slot but it will only recognize 3 GB in either 32bit or 64 bit. I tried them both and just stuck with 32 bit. A third party Start Button (StartisBack) and I am a happy camper!

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Below is the info I have so far. I ran these scans I found from another Tech site. Anyway, can you take a look at these and tell me what to do about a computer that locks up at random times. Internet Explorer is the worst!! It locks everything up when it freezes. Malwarebytes scans clean. Also, Norton 360 says it's clean. Here are some logs:

Hijack This:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 10:52:38 AM, on 11/7/2012
Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (WinNT 6.00.3505)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v9.00 (9.00.8112.16421)
Boot mode: Safe mode

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Norton 360\Engine\\Navw32.exe
C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HiJackThis\HiJackThis.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = Read more

Answer:Help with a Netbook

Hi,Welcome to Bleeping Computer. My name is m0le and I will be helping you with your log.Please subscribe to this topic, if you haven't already. Click the Watch This Topic button at the top on the right.

Please avoid installing/uninstalling or updating any programs and attempting any unsupervised fixes or scans. This can make helping you impossible.

Please reply to this post so I know you are there.The forum is busy and we need to have replies as soon as possible. If I haven't had a reply after 3 days I will bump the topic and if you do not reply by the following day after that then I will close the topic.Once I receive a reply then I will return with your first instructions.Thanks

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Question: Netbook

I have a netbook that don't have a cdrom. I need to know how to reinstall windows on it?


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Question: Netbook +

Hopefully this is the right forum to request hardware suggestions.

I am looking at getting a second machine that is more mobile than my ASUS N61JQ-A1. These are the two models I am considering. Are there any others in this price range I might consider?? They are both under $600

Asus Eee 1201N - $482
Asus Eee 1201N

Asus UL20A - $533
ASUS | UL20A-A1 12.1" Notebook Computer | UL20A-A1 | B&H


Answer:Netbook +

Gee I guess this was not the best section to post this question

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so i pulled out an old acer aspire 1 netbook that had been gathering dust and thought why not pop windows 8 on and see how it goes.

prior to doing this i booted it up to see how quick or slow it was and it wasn't very impressive with xp and 2gb ram.

win 8
win8 installed easily minor issue with the display driver but if thats all i had to deal with i was not worried.

did some checking to see how it performed.....i was stunned to silence (also got it on my desktop spare hdd).

boots to start in 12 secs
shuts down in 3 secs
from sleep to start is 2-3 secs

uses less ram....a lot less
runs nearly everything and fully integrated with all hardware right away (bar the display driver).

minor issues doesn't run the apps due to resolution being 1024x 600, couldn't force it to 1024 x 768 but i suspect that will be sorted in the beta version or at least i hope it will be.

overall it runs smooth despite the age of the netbook the applications that do work with the resolution run brilliantly and there is little difference to my far more powerful desktop, sure there is some but no where near what i was actually expecting, the lag before opening apps and such is minimal.

while i'm not a big fan of the whole OS i have my reservations on my netbook the OS really shines through as a very well coded piece of software...if only bioware could optimise swtor to this degree.

Answer:win 8 on my netbook

But keep in mind, this is just Developer preview, there will be more services and features in actual version, so it will turn a lot more slower. If you have used Windows Developer preview (windows 7) you might remember how fast it was then. But when the beta came in, it turned slower

Luckily you don't need anything than your grandma's "Calculator" and it's ready for windows 8, it will not need that much performance

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Hi, i am back on the forums (finally!)
so anyways, i am currently selling my "Laptop" (in quotes for a reason and will see why) bcas i feel liek i want a netbook with cooler looks and plus i feel like im not using my laptop to the full potential. So i wanna use something similiar.
So i found this netbook. Its a HP Mini 110 and it has windows xp sp3 (i feel liek they should have windows 7 starter anyways)

it has a 1gb ram and i will upgrade to 16:9 aspect ratio 720p HD with hdmi port with a 3 cell battery (might consider to upgrade to 6 cell) with 160GB HDD Sata. It has Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor N270 (1.60GHz, 512KB L2, 533Mhz FSB)
so i was wondering if i can upgrade to 2GB ram (or not), is it possible to Install My Windows 7 home premium 32 bit (OEM) on it? Reason why is because since im selling my toshiba satellite a205-s4617 for $350 (look at the current specs) and i dont wanna add the windows 7 oem to that and i was gonna sell it to my mom (LOL) for her comptuer but she too poor so i thought...hey, i wonder if i can install it on the netbook (by using external dvd drive from a frnd) yeah

Answer:Is it possible? On a netbook?


1 GB is plenty and well more than you think. The netbook will run lovely with it even for video encoding and games (as best the gpu can handle at least)....meaning if you put 2, you will not feel or experience much of a difference.

Unless you truly like to have a million things open a time. Then that may be a little different.

If a notebook is currently not being used to "full potential", then 2 GB over 1 GB in a netbook will not offer you any benefit whatsoever. Save your money.

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so i pulled out an old acer aspire 1 netbook that had been gathering dust and thought why not pop windows 8 on and see how it goes.

prior to doing this i booted it up to see how quick or slow it was and it wasn't very impressive with xp and 2gb ram.

win 8
win8 installed easily minor issue with the display driver but if thats all i had to deal with i was not worried.

did some checking to see how it performed.....i was stunned to silence (also got it on my desktop spare hdd).

boots to start in 12 secs
shuts down in 3 secs
from sleep to start is 2-3 secs

uses less ram....a lot less
runs nearly everything and fully integrated with all hardware right away (bar the display driver).

minor issues doesn't run the apps due to resolution being 1024x 600, couldn't force it to 1024 x 768 but i suspect that will be sorted in the beta version or at least i hope it will be.

overall it runs smooth despite the age of the netbook the applications that do work with the resolution run brilliantly and there is little difference to my far more powerful desktop, sure there is some but no where near what i was actually expecting, the lag before opening apps and such is minimal.

while i'm not a big fan of the whole OS i have my reservations on my netbook the OS really shines through as a very well coded piece of software...if only bioware could optimise swtor to this degree.

Answer:win 8 on my netbook

But keep in mind, this is just Developer preview, there will be more services and features in actual version, so it will turn a lot more slower. If you have used Windows Developer preview (windows 7) you might remember how fast it was then. But when the beta came in, it turned slower

Luckily you don't need anything than your grandma's "Calculator" and it's ready for windows 8, it will not need that much performance

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Question: netbook

I am thinking of purchasing a Netbook, could you recommend one that I could purchase?


What is your budget as they range quite markedly in price?

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I need a small netbook as i work abroad a lot. I need to have built in wireless that will allow me to connect to WPA-PSK as this is the connection in my office. Can you recmmend a netbook that will allow this kind of qwireless connection?

Answer:which netbook! HELP!

WPA is the security of your router not a connection.

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Hey guys. I just got an Asus Seashell eee PC 1005pe-mu27-bu and I love it. I was almost about to get an iPad but really like windows OS, and I wanted to play Donkey Kong Country since my SNES just broke. I have a few questions for you guys.

I love the little apps from the apple app store and am trying to find some windows equivalent of them. I have (for PC) the skype program, tweetdeck, RadioSure (like ooTunes or AOL radio iPhone app).

For example, I am trying to find an RSS feed program
a program like sportacular
a fantasy sports manager program
an xbox 360 friends program

I know I can go to websites to check all this, I am just trying to make my netbook as much like an iPad as possible with the awesome benefits and features of owning an actual PC offers so I want little applications/programs that will do this like an iPad/iPhone.

Also, what 'cool' programs and/or applications and games are a must, especially for a netbook.

Thanks for reading and responding... WINDOWS for life!

Answer:Just got a netbook... have a few ?'s

You might want to check this out: Intel AppUp Center. I use it on my EEE PC, and it's pretty awesome. It's pretty much an app store specifically for netbooks. Check it out and see if it's got what your looking for.

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Question: a netbook instead?

Reasons NOT to get a laptop, but a netbook instead:
1) I dont want to lug around a 15.6" when I travel; a 10.1" is smaller & liter
2) I dont need 320GB+ HDD, 150GB HDD is fine as I have 2 external HDDs
3) I am not a gamer, nor a video editor, so dont need Core i3-i7
4) a larger laptop is a theft target over a smaller, easily hidden netbook
5) I could connect a netbook to a 20" monitor; but wont spend $120 for one if using a 15.6"
6) I rarely burn CDs/DVDs so dont need a burner; I have a USB DVD burner if needed

Only thing is the slower CPU and 1/4 less RAM; however, if netbooks max is 2GB, it should suffice
for travel, internet, etc.
If I do get a Corei3-i5 15.6" laptop, I wont get a desktop. However, I could get a netbook + a desktop as the main clunker for same price as a Core i5 laptop and get a 1TR HDD, 6GB RAM instead of 500gb, 4gb... oh, and I already would have that 20incher.

Answer:a netbook instead?

you know everything you just listed describes
a Apple I-Pad 3 to a tee

why Apple kicks but &
Microsoft Tablet is crap

I can't believe after Microsoft's bad experience with Vista
that they would double down & go for broke by
designing Windows 8.

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I need to know how to reinstall windows with out a cdrom or floppy disc drive. I don't have a usb flash and idon't have another computer with windows xp on it

Answer:Netbook with out cd-rom

Could you please reply with the product number of your Netbook ?? Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,K N R K 

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Question: Which Netbook?

Morning all,Please can someone give me a few pointers on netbooks and can anyone recommend any specific models?Thanks as always.Angry ;-)

Answer:Which Netbook?

samsung seems to be the popular onesxp or w7

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Question: new to netbook

I have just bought a netbook for my kids xmas pressy, I need to install antivirus software and Kaspersky have an offer on which you pay and then download. As a complete novice, is this a simple process and having purchased and downloaded the software to my desktop, how do I get it into the netbook. I have a wireless modem so I am guessing I can use this somehow, but can someone give me step by step ( in easy speak )instructions to help me out.Many thanksJoannep.s. any other advice on what to put on a netbook for initial use will be more than appreciated.

Answer:new to netbook

You do not need to pay for anti-virus software. There are free alternatives (e.g. AVG or Avast).I like this site as it is an easy way to get many of the free software downloads I use: click hereAll you need is a link to the internet.As it is for a netbook, I was recommend downloading the following:Opera;Pidgin;VLC;GOM;WinAmp;K-Lite codecs;Picasa;Irfanview;Avast or AVG;7-zip

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Ie9 using software rendering on my netbook. How can i get ie9 to use Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 on my toshiba nb305 netbook?


Answer:How do i get ie9 to use the gpu on my netbook

Click the Gear icon -> Internet Options -> Advanced
The option you need is first on the list. If it's checked, remove the checkmark and restart IE9. If it's not checked, IE9 is already using Hardware rendering.

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Hey all. I've currently got a 18" hp laptop, and I'm in the market for something I can carry back and forth to class a little more convieniently with a decent battery life. The wave of netbooks have caught my attention, mostly because of their compliance with my wallet.

All I'm looking to get out of it would be a word processor and a compiler. I was told that the cost friendly netbooks don't come with the power to compile, but these statements came across as more of a guess. Guess my question is:

(1) Can the netbooks out handle word processing and compiling?

and, if not:

(2) Is there a lightweight alternative that CAN handle this stuff and not add a terribly large amount to at the register?

Answer:Netbook going to cut it?

I have an eeepc. It's great. I'm not so sure about the compiling, but word processing is amazing. I hate those high priced laptops that aren't worth crap. If you're like me and are all about portability, you can not go wrong with a netbook. it really depends on what type of compiler you're running. If it's a stripped down compiler, and that's it... you should be just fine.

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I've got an old netbook - Samsung NC20 - that I bought about 5 years ago.

Back then it worked fine for browsing and Word document editing.

I recently had a need to start using it again after a long break. I got a guy to re install Windows XP and some other apps to give it a fresh start.

However, it is now blisteringly slow. Right clicking on an icon takes about 1 minute before the menu is shown.

Browsing in Chrome is almost out of the question. Opening Word takes an age.

It defineitely wasn't this bad all those years ago - are apps now more resource hungry?

Is there any way I can rehabilitate this machine for casual use?

The specs are:
CPU: VIA Nano 1.6GHz, 896MB RAM
Windows XP SP3
HDD: 140GB with 80GB free.
I use Avast to check for virus and I defrag with Auslogic defrag.

Should I reformat and install Ubuntu or something like that? Or can it be used with Windows?


Answer:Can my old netbook be useful again?

A lighter _buntu such as Lubuntu might be an option. Try from live CD/DVD (or USB) before installing to check hardware compatibility. Remember running 'live' will be a bit slower than a full install.

Lubuntu: "Lubuntu is a flavor of Ubuntu based on the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment (LXDE), as its default GUI. The goal is to provide a very lightweight distribution, with all the advantages of the Ubuntu world (repositories, support, etc.). Lubuntu is targeted at "normal" PC and laptop users running on low-spec hardware." from here:

Hope that's of interest?


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Question: Netbook SIM

I have an aspire one netbook with a slot to put a SIM card in it. I'm just curious to see how this works. Can I just plug this in and set it up on the netbook and it will use my airtime from my cell plan? Or do I need to purchase some type of data package from my provider? I already have an unlimited data package but do I need something else?

Answer:Netbook SIM

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my netbook had the \ntdlr boot error and cannot boot . i have tried to do the f8 safe mode trick but it wont work my netbook runs on service pack 3 but i tried my service pack 2 because of my old pc is ther a possible way of getting my computer fixed ???
0_0 blame truth

my netbook
hp compac mini 110
service pack 3

Answer:Help with my netbook

and welcome to the Forum

I would run diagnostics on the hard drive for starters

See this for how to make a bootable cd

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Question: Netbook help!

I am new on here so b gentle lol.. I have a brand new Acer Aspire X3900 with windows 7 and its connected to a d-link wireless router, all works fab! however my question 2 any of u reading this is..

We hav bought my mother in law a Zoostorm 10.2 inch netbook for her b'day and she has a brand new wireless router from tiscali (i have not seen it yet!) She has asked me to set this up for her on friday and thats fine..

I had a sudden thought this afternoon, how do i install the modem on the netbook if it has no disk drive?? HELP lol


Answer:Netbook help!

Copy the files to your pc.
Then transfer them to a usb flash drive.
Then load them onto your mother in laws.


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i am looking at buying a netbook and i have narrowed them to two both samsungs the N110 and N140 with windows 7 which one is best

Answer:which netbook is better


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Question: Which Netbook?

I am looking for a netbook (as cheap as possible) with the following min specs:

- 10" Screen
- 1gb Ram

Does anyone know of any good ones? I dont mind buying a refurbished one

Any advice would be great.

Answer:Which Netbook?

How about this one? I have the 1000H myself and it is really good!

[ame=]ASUS Eee PC 1000HE 10-inch Netbook: Electronics & Photo[/ame]

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Question: A cer NetBook

A nieghbour asked my to help with his Acer Netbook/Epson SX200 Allinone set up.Got that sorted, but as I was printing pages from the Epson 9instructionmanual for him I think I saw that the Word processor and a 'Note maker program were on a trial basis and needed purchasing a release code after a certain time.Did I see aright with this?I think I should advise him on this as he is a silver surfer novice I am sure he would not pick up on this himself.

Answer:A cer NetBook

If he needs a word processor, then Open Office is popular and free. click here

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I have a friend who is considering purchasing 3 different models of netbook. The first is 279 runs xp has a 160gb hard drive and an intel atom n450 processor. The second computer is the same is the first but runs windows 7, and is 329. the third is 369 and is the same is the second but has a 250 gb harddrive.

The intended user has never owned a computer before will be learning on it, and intends to use it as a word processor, to surf the internet, and watch movies hooked up through a tv.

My question is should he consider getting windows 7? and which computer do you think is the best for a long term purchase?

thanks so much for any replies.

Answer:Which Netbook is better?

Get Windows 7. If the second and third choices are similar, he should get the 2nd, and just get an external drive later if he needs more space.


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My Daughter is after a Good Cheap Netbook 10.2 bluetooth & internet connections around Ģ250,anybody with any ideas?also is it worth getting breakdown cover for it?if so who to go for ?if anybody can help me on this I would be grateful.gordie

Answer:Which Netbook to get?

Hi,This time I am using Alienware Area m5500 include its widescreen 15.4" display. Alienware Area m5500 has two graphics chips, which you can choose between with a flick of switch and a reboot. There?s Intel graphics for extended battery life and an nVidia GPU for gaming. Indeed, the m5500 features the same chassis so it?s size (326 x 278 x 31 (WxDxH), and weight, 3Kg, are the

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I have an old HP Mini 110-1006TU. My 1st & my last question is, can I use SSD on my netbook? Can it works just fine? I will appreciated any help from you guys!!

Answer:Is it possible SSD on old Netbook?

You can use SSD with a Netbook but is it worth it? They are still quite "pricey". Some are easier to fit than others - take a look here click here

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Question: Netbook

At the end of this week, I am planning on buying a 200 dollar Windows 7 Netbook that has a 465 GB hard drive? Is this a good price? And some people say that net books run slower than laptops or that they aren't good for gaming? I'm not a big gamer, and I'll really only be using it for software, programming with different compilers, managing files, and browsing the internet. Are there any perks to having a net book versus a laptop which is more expensive?


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So, Short version. I recently got a Netbook for FREE from someone at work that thought his was small, slow, and pointless. The HP Mini 110. (Decent little rig) I mentioned a little bit about it here.
He's being an Indian Giver and 2 weeks later yesterday made me return it. (After I bought a mouse, a case, and almost ram)

So, Now I want a netbook. and I want a good one. I have a beastly Rig for my main PC so I don't need anything extreme. but I want to do Youtube in HD, and have decent performance.

I've decided one of the best small form factor netbooks around is the
ASUS 1201N.. it sounds the best. That or the HP Mini 311

Thoughts, input, or suggestions?

Answer:What Netbook should I Buy...

Netbooks are useless. I saw one with 7 Starter, pressed Win+E - 2 or 3 seconds later Explorer loaded. My suggestion would be to build a cheap 14" laptop with an AMD chipset and either the new onboard DirectX11 graphics or an older chip that supports DirectX 10.

Again, netbooks are utterly useless - a smartphone might even be better, depending on the model.

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I am looking to buy a netbook. This will be my first laptop/netbook/portable pc and quite frankly I am confused by all the different reviews I find.
The main things I want the device to be able to do is:

Watch movies while travelling to and from work on the train.
Play games if possible - more likely old mmo game "Anarchy Online" so the requirements for it arent huge.
Use Photoshop CS.
Half decent battery life, 3.5 hours minimum

If it can do all these things well then I will be happy. Oh and I dont want to spend a fortune, under Ģ300 would be perfect.
So far I have been looking at the Acer aspire one 722 which looks nice but I am worried about the processor speed at 1.0 GB but 2mb Ram then I also looked at the Samsung which has 1.66 GB processor but 1mb Ram and reviews said that struggles with video :-s
Any advice would be helpfull, especially if anyone already has a Aspire one 722 and can give experience.

Answer:What Netbook is best for me

they do now have the power to do any more than use as for surfing the net. for more power go for a lappy.

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Question: Win 7 on Netbook

MY Hannspree Netbook Display died, so I was given a Sony Vaio Netbook PCG-4T1L.

Now the Sony has Win XP and Hannspree has Win 7 with a larger HDD. I decided to replace the HDD in the Sony with the one in my Hannspree. Before my Hanspree died, all of a sudden I could not use the internal mic or even an external mic as a matter of fact. Now I have the same problem with the Sony, plus the web cam does not work also now. I tried deleting the sound drivers, and after booting the computer, new drivers were automatically installed . However, it still did not solve the mic problem.

Does anyone know how to get my mic and webcam to work in Win 7? I swopped the HDD and everything works in Win XP, so the hardwares not the problem.

Answer:Win 7 on Netbook

Are the mic and webcam drivers installed?

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