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Connecting x220 tablet to a desktop to use it like a wacom tablet with stylus

Question: Connecting x220 tablet to a desktop to use it like a wacom tablet with stylus

I have a desktop that runs Windows 8.1. My x220 tablet runs Windows 7. I was thinking about getting a wacom bamboo tablet for my art in photoshop (which I make on my desktop... x220 isn't powerful enough for what I do in photoshop). Then I realized that my x220 tablet is kind of the same thing. Is there anyway I can connect my tablet to my desktop so that when I'm using photoshop, I can use the stylus on the tablet to control what I do? Many thanks in advance.

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Preferred Solution: Connecting x220 tablet to a desktop to use it like a wacom tablet with stylus

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Connecting x220 tablet to a desktop to use it like a wacom tablet with stylus

AFAIK, not easily:

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Hi all, i am looking for a good and reasonable alternative to the included stylus of the Thinkpad Yoga (which employs a wacom digitzer). First of all i thought it might be helpful for others to include a comparison picture in terms of size: From top to bottom these are the pens of: * Thinkpad Yoga S1  * Thinkpad Android Slate Tablet (v1, 10", n-trig digitizer if I remember correctly) * Wacom Intuos 3 * Good old pencil (for actual paper... ) As you can see, the Yoga's stylus is really really tiny, it's around 11 cm long and only 6 mm thick. Also the key for the right mouse key is in a really inconvenient spot as i keep on pressing it over and over. The Thinkpad Slate Tablet's Pen is actually quite ok regarding the feel / thickness, it's around 10mm (as is the pencil). The wacom is around 15 mm thick on the thickest spot  and has without any doubts the best feeling of all the pens. However it does not work on the wacom digitizers of tablet PCs.  So far the only clues I found on this forum is a post from 2010: This post is pointing towards Wacom pens that I can't find anymore... (articles starting with UG...) The only pen I found on the wacom page so far was the PL-900 "for tablet PCs" Read more

Answer:Pressure sensitive pen / stylus for wacom digitizers (Yoga, X-series tablet X200, X220, X61, X41...)

There's plenty of useful info here for pens: As for a cheap pen - eBay is your best friend here. There are plenty of cheap full size Wacom pens to be found such as these ones: Try finding Fujitsu Wacom pens as well - they have 2 buttons and an eraser.

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Hello.I recently bought an used X200 Tablet from eBay which, according to the vendor, was recently repaired and revised by Lenovo themselves.As I already own a Wacom Cintiq 21UX, I wanted to try its stylus on the X200, since according to some sources, it should work with the right driver. (Which I have installed, I believe)The problem is, although the stylus is recognized, the cursor doesn't follow it at the same speed that the stylus is moved. I don't really know how to put this into clear words, so here's an example and a visual demonstration: When the stylus is at the top centre, the cursor is just beneath it's tip. However, when I move the stylus to the top left corner of the screen, the cursor lags behind and stops about 2cm before reaching the border. The same thing happens with pretty much any other direction. Image: Also, I have to touch the screen with the Wacom stylus for it to recognize it, even with the ?Float*? function activated. Is this a known issue? Thank you in advance for any help or answers you can give me.*I don't know the exact English term for that function as I'm running a German version of Windows Vista Business.

Answer:X200 Tablet - Wacom stylus doesn't reach corners

i have an x201t and had the same problem .thankfully, this was solved by downloading drivers from  give credit to jesse andersen if this works for you, good luck!

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ASUS Announces VivoTab Note 8 Windows 8.1 Tablet with Professional Wacom Digitizer Stylus
The VivoTab Note 8 is powered by the latest Intel Atom Z3740 processor for a perfect balance between multitasking performance and outstanding energy efficiency
Las Vegas, NV (January 6th, 2014) - ASUS today announced the VivoTab Note 8, a Windows 8.1 tablet featuring a professional Wacom digitizer stylus, making it the best pen-based tablet for productivity or creativity. Designed for professionals and students alike the VivoTab Note 8 is bundled with Microsoft Office Home and Student, which includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. VivoTab Note 8s lightweight and the ability to use it one-handed make it an ideal mobile productivity tool. With slim bezels, a high-definition IPS display and an elegant design it deserves pride of place in any business or educational environment.
Powerful Quad-Core Processor
The VivoTab Note 8 is powered by the latest Intel Atom Z3740 processor for a perfect balance between multitasking performance and outstanding energy efficiency. With up to 8 hours battery life, VivoTab Note 8 can last for a working day. And with 2GB of memory, up to 64GB of solid-state storage plus the ability to use up to 64GB microSD cards, there is all the storage space you need for your apps and files. Accessing your data on the move is simple, too, thanks to a free year of unlimited ASUS WebStorage.
Precise inp... Read more

Answer:ASUS Announces VivoTab Note 8 Windows 8.1 Tablet with Professional Wacom Digitizer Stylus

Looks nice! However I don't like 8" tablets, but it still looks great

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Just got our Lenovo x 220 tablet from Lenovo excited to get to use the new laptop...BUT it didn't come with the stylus pen that is needed for the machine?!??? Called customer service was was told to send back the machine, that it simply does not come with a stylus?  Really disappointed in lenovo's customer service, and hoping anyone has had better experiences? Note touch function does work-it just didn't have the pen ANYWHERE within the box.....was so bummed....  

Answer:x220 Tablet doesn't come with stylus pen?!???

What? It does come with a stylus. What sense would it make for a convertible to not come with a stylus? Mine came with one.This is the thing: Lenovo makes nice machines, but you don't EVER what to talk with them on the phone. NEVER. they are morons on the phone.

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EDIT: In perhaps the most embarrassing moment to have asked for help in my entire life, I restarted my computer and everything works fine now.  I must not have restarted after one of the drivers was installed for some reason.  This topic can be locked. ---- Original Post: Hello, I am a digital artist so I rely on the hardiness of my X220's pen/stylus/digitizer for a lot of my laptop use.  This fall my laptop had a virus that required it to be reset to factory settings, and so I decided it would be a good time to upgrade to Windows 8.1 (from Windows 7) before installing any programs.  I now have Windows 8.1 and it is working fine; however, my pen is not being detected by my system.  My fingers are being detected on the touchscreen, so I know the touch screen works.  I did not try my pen since resetting to factory settings, so I do not know whether it worked before I upgraded to Windows 8.1.  I would assume the issue is a missing driver, but I could not find the right driver on Lenovo's website and the digitizer update utility produces an error when I click "Update."  I was wondering if anybody had an idea for what I could do.  I would assume I am not the first person to try updating to Windows 8.1 on an X220, nor the first to reset an X220 to factory settings.  However, a brief search of Lenovo's support forums and of the internet has shown no solutions to my particular problem. Here are drivers I am us... Read more

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My friend is looking at reformatting his desktop. I have a spare copy of XP Tablet Edition 2005 that I was going to use on my EEE w/ touchscreen before I sold it off for an R60.

His desktop, for what it's worth, is an X2 5000+ w/ 3gb RAM, 8600GTS, and a 12x12 Wacom Intuos 2.

What benefits, if any, would he get from Tablet Edition that he wouldn't get in XP Pro?

Answer:XP Tablet Edition, but not on a laptop? Desktop + Wacom

You could hook a Wacom tablet up to it and you would have the ability to use the inking features. You could do that anyway, but it sucks with a mouse.

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Just got this, and did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro. Installed all drivers, nothing funky in Device Manager, but the touchscreen and the pen are not working. Click on Pen Tablet Properties in Control panel and it tells me Supported Tablet Not Found on the System. This is my first time dealing with one of these, and am lost.  Lenovo Thinkpad X220 TabletIntel i7-2640M(2.8GHz)8GB RAM, 250GB Solid State Drive12.5in 1366x768 Multitouch LCDIntel HD GraphicsIntel 802.11agnBluetooth1Gb EthernetUltraNav, Secure Chip,Fingerprint reader, Camera

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After a fatal error in my windows, I had to reinitialize my windows 10. After I did so by the windows original tools, the windows became completely stable, but all tablet features are lost. Even thinkvantage cannot recognize many features and hardwares do not work. What should I do?

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When I use the X220 as a laptop I can duplicate the display through my SmartBoard projector but when I use it as a tablet and it is docked I have to turn the tablet and dock 180 degrees so I am not writing upside down on the smartboard;  that means the dock has the cables coming out the front.  I can undock and plug everything into the X220 but the beauty of the dock is that I don't have to!

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I have a new X220 Tablet, and the Pen and Tablet functions work perfectly out of the box as long as the unit is on the Ultrabase. As soon as I remove from the Ultrabase (or boot while not connected), the Pen & Tablet functions stop working. Conversely, if I dock the X220, the Pen & Tablet functions begin working again. The behavior is the same regardless of whether I have an external monitor attached or not. Any thoughts?

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Hi, I have here a X220 Tablet that seem to have a FAN problem.Often in the last days my CPU temperature is often over 90 CAnd the fan has problem to reduce the temperature.I have also situation that the CPU is going too hot and the tablet switch off! With the CPU tool TPFC.62 I can see that the fan speed is 2300-2500 RPMs.But this seams not enough to be. And now the strange thing:When I disable the graphic adapter ?Intel(R) HD Graphics Family? (Driver and reboot and do the same thing that I done to get the temperature over 90 C with the intel graphic adapter the temperature is not going over 83 C!!! The fan speed is 3500-3800 RPMs. Can someone helps me with this issue?  

Answer:X220 Tablet FAN Problem - temperature over 90 °C - tablet switch off :(

Hi giciorek,
I understand that your fan/temperature problems can be frustrating.  I would try updating your BIOS and also updating Power Manager.  (Some on the forum have tried downloading ThinkPad Fan Control, but that is not an official Lenovo solution.)
Download Power Manager here:
Download BIOS Update here:
In Power Manager, click Advanced at top right, you can Set Optimize Fan Control to Balance All Parameters under Battery Settings.  Set it to Reduce Noise Dynamically under AC.
Let me know if this helps.

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Hi all,    I have a really annoying x220 tablet disconnects from the internet whenever I enter tablet mode. The internet can be working perfectly fine while in non tablet mode but as soon as I switch to tablet mode, my internet disconnects. And if I switch back to non tablet mode from tablet mode, my internet returns almost instantaneously. I can load a page in non tablet mode with no problems, switch to tablet mode and the page stops loading. If I return back to non tablet mode the page resumes loading without so much as a pause or a hiccup. Also, when I switch the computer to tablet mode, wifi networks disappear off of the "available networks" list that were there before the switch.     I've tried everything, from updating network device drivers, reinstalling network device drivers, running diagnostics, reformatting my computer, uninstalling Norton Antivirus, system restoring to days before the last known working date in normal mode and safe mode, and contacting customer support (chat and call, managed to get a hold of a rep) but none of them have worked.    I also used to have a networking log before I reformatted/system reset to factory settings and there were a ton of errors with words like avsc manager failed to "something" ... I'll reinstall the thinkpad network managing program to create another log. Can someone please help me? My last resort is calling lenovo support again to have tech support come to hel... Read more

Answer:X220 Tablet Internet Tablet Mode Problem

hey kiul676,that's weird, could you check your bios is at 1.24. if it isnt go here and update :

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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The learning curve on this machine is steep if you want to take advantage of all the input options but I've put the time in and I'm starting to love it. There is one thing I wish Lenovo would address though. I see plenty of ThinkPad users with this problem going back to at least 2008, and no solutions forthcoming. The manual states: "On the display bezel near the screen is a row of buttons with which you can control your computer in the tablet mode, without the use of the keyboard."By default the buttons are set to turn your computer off, press CTRL+ALT+DEL, or rotate the screen 90 degrees. The manual goes on to describe how you can customize these buttons via the Tablet Shorcut Menu, which is accessed via Start > Programs > Lenovo ThinkVantage Tools > Tablet Utility.If you open this program you get a dialog box titled "Auto Screen Rotation Settings." This dialog controls what orientation the screen should switch to when you convert into tablet. So it really doesn't have anything to do with the buttons.The only dialog that allows any assignment of the tablet buttons is Windows Control Panel > Tablet PC Settings. Here the Buttons tab is supposed to list the actual buttons on the front panel and let you assign them, but the only one shown is the Screen Rotation button. This works fine, you can set the button's function for a single press and a long press. (Too bad it's not possible to use Shift by itself, but that is as-designed by MS.)It should go without sayi... Read more

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Has anyone come across a problem with PEN input not being available at boot but becoming available when you disable and re-enable the HID component.  As soon as you shut the machine down and restart PEN input once again unavailable.  Windows event logs contains no error message in relation to hardware or drivers and none of the devices show and issues in device manager.Any help would be appreciated.

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(I've just tried "preview post" several times and each time it's stripped the whitespace and turned my ten paragraphs into a megaparagraph. I'm going to try pressing "submit new thread" and hope it doesn't do it this time.)

My Wacom tablet's pen has died and I hope to have a new one arriving in a few days but in the meantime I dug out an old Hanvon Rollick tablet which isn't supported under Windows 10 (which I use) but I nevertheless found some Windows 7 drivers for it which people reported working under Windows 10.

The problem is my PC is trying to behave like a tablet e.g. putting that blue teardrop thing on text boxes on Chrome (I'm not sure of its correct name) and when I try to ctrl-click a link, it shows a little "ctrl" label under the cursor and won't open the link in a new tab like it's supposed to and just does it in the same tab.

It takes multiple tries to right-click and open a link and when I hover over the link the cursor keeps rapidly flashing between the arrow and finger icons.

It is very difficult to click minimise, restore or close on Chrome because hovering over them doesn't make them go red and clicking on them doesn't tend to make them do anything unless you try many, many times.It's being profoundly irritating in programs other than Chrome too but those are some examples.

I was used to old my Wacom (Volito 2) trying to do tablet-like things but stopped it doing bubbles with gpedit's "turn off pen feedbac... Read more

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Hi friends, I just received my X200 tablet. My digitizer pen doesn't seem to function properly. The pen tip moves the cursor around but it only 'selects' thing on screen. The eraser however does what I expect the pen tip to do. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong here. Please help! The tablet has Vista 32 on it currently. Thanks,Karma

Answer:X200 Tablet digitizer pen stylus only selects and eraser behaves like stylus

I reached out to the tech support. I'll receive a new pen in a few days. I hope its just a pen issue.

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This started happening after I upgraded to the pressure sensitivity enabled driver on my X201T with a multi touch layer. It's nice that I know have pressure sensitivty AND multi touch; however, my stylus seems to become uncalibrated each time I restart. Also, if I shut down the PC in tablet mode, and then power it on, the PC stops detecting my stylus as a stylus and just shows and functions as a normal regular pointer. I keep having to uninstall the touch screen driver and reinstall it every time this happens, in order to make things work again. Anyone else have this problem? Also, the Thinkpad update utility keeps saying there is an update to the multitouch driver, but everytime I update, the same effect as to the previous happens and the stylus stops working... I just download the driver from the Lenovo site and do the same procedure to fix this issue. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Answer:X201T stylus loosing calibration upon restart and stylus not detected if powered off in tablet mode?

I don't know if it will help with your problem, but I have been having problems with my X200 Tablet. I have an X200 Tablet and a few months ago Windows Update started to offer me a Wacom Touch Update. When I installed it, the pen and touch drivers stopped rotating properly. The pointers behaved as if the machine was  in primary landscape mode regardless of the display rotation. So I gave up on that update. However this week I replaced the hard drive with a new 256G SSD and did a complete reinstallation of Windows 7 (64 bit). After Windows and the Lenovo updaters had brought all the drivers and software up to date pen rotation misbehaved. I normally run the machine with "require password on wake from sleep or hibernation" and use the fingerprint scanner to unlock it. The symptoms were that the pen & touch worked fine and rotated properly when the machine booted, but after waking from Sleep or Hibernation and unlocking the machine, pen & touch behaved as if the machine was in primary landscape mode (i.e. the digitizer drivers were not respecting the display rotation settings). I looked through the forums and found a thread (X200 Tablet, Win7, Black screen freeze on sleep) that discussed problems after waking from sleep ( problems I didn't have), but the MS knowledgebase articles being pointed to suggested symptoms related to user logon. I installed the suggested Hotfix This solved the problem... Read more

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i have a w700 with the optional wacom tablet. when i set it to mouse mode i would describe its movements as twitchy which makes it rather inaccurate. i can get it to be much better by checking enhance pointer precision in the mouse options, but it doesn't stay checked. anyone else out there experiencing this issue or know of a potential fix? mb

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I recently got my X61 tablet back from the shop after having some warranty work done (replaced hard drive) and now I can no longer use my pen or any of the other tablet features.  Lenovo sent me recovery disks and they did not help.  I tried downloading the most recent drivers and I am still getting Wacom Code 10 - cannot load driver software.  What can I do?  The support people recommended sending in my tablet for more work but considering the fact that I was unable to get anywhere with the support people after four hours of messing around I have a feeling that they have no idea what is going on.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks. 

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Hey, I got a WACOM tablet (inutos3) but i cant efficiently write norwegian text thru the tablet.

Just gonna post the windows help information here:


Change the language you use in Tablet PC Input Panel

To use handwriting recognition for a language other than your display language or English, you'll need to upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate. (The handwriting recognizers for English and your display language?if available?are included in Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional.)

If you upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate, you can download a language pack for the language that you want to add. See "Which languages are handwriting recognizers available for?" later in this topic for a list of available handwriting recognizers.

For information on how to upgrade to a different edition of Windows 7, see Upgrade to another edition of Windows 7 by using Windows Anytime Upgrade.

To learn how to download a language pack after upgrading to Windows 7 Ultimate, open Windows Help and Support in Windows 7 Ultimate, and then search for "Download a language pack to get handwriting recognition for another language."

After you download the language pack and add the new input language, use the language bar on Input Panel or on the Windows* taskbar to switch between input languages.

Basically though, anytime upgrade doesnt seem to be working for Norway and buying a completely new windows 7 ultimate is a bit out... Read more

Answer:Writing with WACOM tablet

What version of Vista do you have now?

Reading that info it appears that if you have your display language set to Norwegian on the Home Premium or Professional versions (of 7, maybe Vista aswell) it will work.

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I have a Wacom (Volito) Tablet FT-0405 U0B installed since 2003. Recently I had an almighty Desktop PC crash which required emptying and re-installing my Windows XP. The Volito Disk has a Tablet Driver 4.73 which I understand from the Wacom Website is OLD and requires to be uninstalled which of course it is. I have attempted to download the replacement Download (Driver 5.24-5 RC) which Wacom offers and this has to all intents been successful. Everything is working O.K. such as Pen Tip Orange/Green, etc and the icon moves on my VDU as I write on the Tablet BUT NOTHING, apart from the moving icon, appears on the screen -not a mark. No sub-head instructions such as "write", "erase", "exit", etc., appear at the top of the screen either. Has anyone any experience and/or suggestions please as advice would be much appreciated. Regards, Buckland.

Answer:Wacom (Volito) Tablet

Is it possible the unit was damaged during the crash - power surge? And have you seen these?click hereclick here

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I would suggest contacting the [email protected] ask in their support forum

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I use an eight year old Intuos 3 which has developed some issues.
Sometimes when PC starts up message appears stating tablet driver is not running, but it will work up to a point - more like a mouse with no pressure detected.
Other times only the eraser end works.
Device manager states it's working properly, but although it's in Control Panel when trying to get in it states that no tablet can be found.
I have updated and then reverted drivers, removed and redetected in Device Manager, stopped and started services with no success.
Of course the tablet could have had it, it is old, but would that stop the driver loading.
I would replace but if this driver won't load it's quite likely that any replacement would use the same one, with the same problems.
Very grateful for any ideas.

Answer:Wacom Tablet Problem.

Have also tried to set the service start up to delayed but tells me tells me Error 87 could not be set.Parameter is incorrect.
So will try manual and start it up when all others have loaded. May be a conflict at start up.

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Intuos 3.Pen tip does not work at all, and the eraser tip behaves as the pen tip should (draws), and recognises all clicks.Have removed preferences but no change. This cured a similar problem a few weeks ago, so looks like I may have a deeper problem. There is a later driver available.

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So I was on today and I was looking into buying a tablet PC for myself.

I looked at HP, Fujitsu, and Lenovo (Formerly IBM).
I remembered seeing that the new Lenovo tablet PCs have wacom based pens and tablet features. I was pleasantly suprised because as everyone knows, Wacom is renound for all tablet like things for artists or anyone else who wants a pen-top interface.

But on newegg it doesn't specify which Lenovo computers have the wacom based tablets...

My question, is are all the ThinkPad X Series X61t ones wacom based? Or only some of them? I was wondering if anyone knew. (Newegg and other places won't seem to tell me...)
(I was looking specifically at the ThinkPad X Series X61t (776796U) model, as it has a higher resolution screen.)

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...possibly?Hello people. I've recently bought the wacom bamboo tablet for my vista computer. When i plugged it in vista automatically checked for drivers and installed them. I then tried to insert the installation disc into my dvd drive and found it didn't work. Thinking that the computer needed rebooting, i did so. when it started and my desktop loaded up the following message displayed before the computer shut itself off (blue screen);"The security information is invalid or has been modified. This program will be terminated"It gave me the normal options of start up mode i.e safe, normal etc. I chose normal and it booted up to finaly display the above message again but this time the sys did not shut down.wacom tablet seems to be working fine but i can't find it anywhere on my start up or device manager! I replugged my usb mouse thinking to sort it out but no joy. I tried the disc but again nothing happens. I've discovered that none of my discs are being recognised? My dvd rom doesn't play them!I suppose when bt fix my phone line and i'm back on the net i could try downloading the latest drivers for the wacom tablet and it might sort everything out (wishfull thinking).Summing it up;My dvd rom seems to have stopped working, and i keep getting the above message displayed everytime i start up?Can you help in resolving any of the above issues?Many thanks

Answer:wacom tablet misbehaving...

a lot of the time- but when one has a deep think about the logic perhaps sense creeps in.Many manufacturers have not caught with Vista in their driver implementation- indeed some have said they are not going to it is Microsoft's problem not theirs.So it could be Wacom is one of themTo get around this- go to Start/Programs/Accessories/system tools/compatibility wizard/ and reset the machine to run as XP or even 98.This should sort the Wacom business and may even the DVD player business to.Though why or how a bit of noncompat softwarecshould affest the player i canny get my hear around- it is a separate issue entirely i would think.

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Wacom has not been helpful at all (they haven't answered in two+ months), and I'm not sure where else to turn...

I've been having this problem with my graphire3 tablet. When I draw in mouse mode in every program that is not Photoshop, it draws several inches away from where I was actually trying to draw.

In Photoshop, however, it works properly. Pen mode works properly as well, in every program.

I have tried every available driver on Wacom's website, with the same result. All have been clean installs.

I don't know what to do. I guess the easy answer is "use pen mode", but I just can't get used to it.

(My OS is Windows 7 Professional)

I should also add that the tablet works 100% perfectly on my husband's computer. We have done the exact same things to install it.

Answer:Wacom Tablet Issues

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Anyone used one of these before?

I hear their great, and id like to get one for illustration and logos.

Anyone here have expirience with them?


Answer:Wacom Drawing Tablet

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Alright, so I recently bought a Wacom Tablet off ebay, slightly used but hasn't been touched in the last three years or so. I just got it yesterday (shipped from australia), and it doesn't work. I installed the correct driver for it off, I installed the painter program that came with it (though I'm sure that has nothing to do with the problem), I plugged the thing into my computer, I have all the parts, but when I click on "Wacom Properties" in my control panel, a box pops up saying "A supported tablet was not found on the system." and only one option, and that's to press "Ok" and move on. Now, the only thing that I'm scratching my head about is the AC Adapter that came with it. The prongs (?) are set up different from what would normally fit into the sockets in my house. I'm guessing they're different because it came from Australia, but then I don't know where to even plug the OTHER end of it into. There's nowhere it'd fit on the actual tablet, and I don't know if it's supposed to plug into my computer or what.

Anyways, if anyone could help with this problem, I'd be eternally grateful. Also, I'm wondering if anyone else has had a problem similar to this?

Thanks. Oh, and I hope I posted this in the right folder... I didn't really know where to go, lol

Answer:Wacom Tablet not found?

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I posted this question at the Wacom Forum but got no response (so far).
Thought I'd try it here.

I'm using Intuos 2-6X8 w/ Photoshop CS2 (Win XP Pro.)

I set my brush cursor display to 'Normal Brush Tip.' (Photoshop Preferences).

When I use the mouse the brush stroke is normal (the cursor and stroke are the same size.)
When I use the pen the brush stroke is smaller and and doesn't match the cursor. (it's centered and doesn't fill the cursor.)

Consequently, when I paint with the pen I have to guess where the edge of my brush is and I get a smaller stroke.

I reinstalled and updated the Driver but nothing helped.

Hope there is a remedy (setting?) because I prefer the 'Normal Brush Tip' setting.

Thank You,

Answer:Solved: wacom tablet

You're probably not pressing hard enough, or your pressure sensitivity setting (in the WACOM control panel) is too low. If you don't want pressure to affect your stroke weight, turn off shape dynamics in Photoshop's advanced brush settings panel.

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I've had this issue for more than 6 months, and have even returned the tablet to Wacom in Germany, and have had it returned with no fault found. The tablet is an Intuos3 wide, and was bought to replace an ageing Graphire 2. But it has never started up, although the eraser end works fine, the nib is completely dead. I have discovered however that if I boot the machine with the Graphire connected (they use the same driver and the Graphire has no problems at all), and then unplug said Graphire and connect the Intuos to the same USB port it works fine. So this is what I am doing. Not ideal reaching down behind the machine every time I switch it on, but it does work.I'm reluctant to update the driver in case I lose this method altogether.Just wondered if anyone has any ideas as Wacom have none.

Answer:Wacom Tablet Problem

Sorry, I should have stated, running Vista Home Premium.

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or is it a Kaspersky issue? Sorry if this is in the wrong forum!

My Wacom Intuos 2 tablet works fine, unless I try and use it with Kaspersky antivirus. The pen will not control the cursor within a Kaspersky box! I can move the cursor anywhere I like on the screen but as soon as it gets to the edge of a Kaspersky box - be it a pop-up one or the main control screen, it refuses to cross the line. It's almost as if there was a solid fence round the box! Weird.

I should probably send this to Kaspersky and Wacom but I wonder if anyone else has hit this issue?

Answer:Another Wacom tablet issue

I have the same issue, and was looking to see if there is a fix. Have you heard anything?

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Wacom Tablet keeps bringing up a driver error on Photoshop CS4 and Illustrator CS4.
(see Image)

Yet works seemingly fine when Photoshop / Illustrator actually opens...????

Any help with this problem would be greatfully recieved.

Current OS = Windows 7 Pro 64bit
Tablet = Wacom Bamboo

Drivers up to date with Wacom site and tablet worked perfectly on CS3 under Vista Home 32bit on the same PC.

Cheers guys for any help you can give.

Answer:Wacom Tablet problem..

How high is the cpu utilization and memory utilization when trying to open up?

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It works on my admin account, but not on this one...I'm guessing the driver can't start up on this standard account? Is there a way to change this?

Answer:wacom tablet not working =x

What model tablet are you using? I have the one listed in my specs (see below) and that works perfectly for me. In fact, I had to resort to using it for a while when the left mouse button failed (I have since got a new mouse).

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I plan on buying a copy of Corel Painter 11 along with a Wacom tablet, roughly medium size if i can, and i was thinking of a Wacom Bamboo or that Fun model or just try saving up for the Wacom Intuos 4 small or medium. I really want to draw n get my career going to become a Concept Artist for games but drawing in computers mostly. Anyone here with experience or read anything between the two line up models on which is better for me budget wise?

im shopping btw for software/hardware for school.


found this: Wacom Intuos4 Small Tablet with Painter 11 for Mac, Win with Academic Discount at

if the Intuos line up is a lot better than Bamboo one's.

Answer:What is the better Wacom tablet for artists?

If you are going to seriously draw something, you'll want to get the Intuos4 (small). I have small Intuos4 which is still a little hard to draw easily. I've never used the bamboo series though.

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I need to pick some brians and need some help. I bought a Wacom Intuos tablet from a lady used. She did not ship the power supply. And it is a serial connection, so we all know it needs one. But what I would like to know is can I put a usb/serial converter on it and not have to have the power supply. This I am not sure of. I do have the converter. The power supply is $25 a little pricey if you ask me. But no one asked.

Any help at this point is greatly appreciated.


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Anyone fuigure out the Wacom drivers on the X201 and Windows 8. I'm not finding any. 

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what price are they in england as nowhere seems to stock them in ireland. the only ones that they have are a make by "trust" but every magazine i pick up they say that wacom are the best. i am using it for photoshop 7 and i need somebodys advice.

Answer:wacom graphic tablet

A6 tablet from dabs is 73 inc vat

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Question: Wacom Tablet Win7

I have a wacom graphire 4, I use win7 home premium 64-bit.

I noticed one day that when I drew with it, the lines came out jagged no matter how smooth my actual drawing was. No tweaking of the preferences would remedy this. So I figured I'd update to the latest driver software.

I cannot get the tablet to work with the latest driver listed on the site.
it would not recognize that the tablet was there.
so I uninstalled it. Then installed the 2nd newest driver.
Uninstalled. Installed 3rd newest driver.
Uninstalled. Installed the oldest driver, figuring that the problem arose some time in the newer drivers.
That would bring up the preferences, but any change to them did not affect the tablet's behavior.
Uninstalled. Installed 2nd oldest, 3rd oldest, 4th... no luck!
the light is blue and just blinking. When I touch the pen to it the light turns green. it just behaves as if there is no driver software.

What should I do?

Answer:Wacom Tablet Win7

Hey keelin, I know you did the first one already , read this and see if it helps,

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I have a windows XP computer and received a bamboo capture tablet for Christmas. Due to events I just tried installing it onto my computer. The disk installed the driver fine, but the tablet isn't connecting. I've plugged the usb cable into every port on the computer plus tried with hubs and still nothing from the tablet.

How do I get the computer to recognize I've plugged the tablet into the usb port? I don't have any problem with my USB flash drives or the mouse I have hooked up to a usb hub. Any ideas?

Answer:Wacom tablet not recognized

Looks like it is a common issue with it. Unplug, uninstall everything software & drivers for the tablet, then reinstall the software & drivers. Do not plug back in the tablet, until told to do so.

Also, you can download the drivers from The latest drivers were just released on 1/15/13.

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I have an HP laptop with Win 7 Home Premium.
When I boot with my new Wacom Intuos3 tablet plugged in (USB), the system hangs after the Windows logo loads. (Dark blue screen). I have to do a hard reset to get the computer to restart.
Windows boots fine with the tablet UNPLUGGED. The tablet works if plugged in AFTER Windows is loaded.
I have tried all the available drivers for this tablet. Changing the drivers didn't affect the function of the tablet or eliminate the hangup at boot.
Wacom says the issue is not with their driver, but with how Windows is loading the services.
I have turned off "tablet pc input" in Services; "Wacom tablet service" is turned on. (Wacom tech didn't think these services conflicted but some had posted the suggestion to turn windows tablet pc service off.)
Although I can use my tablet, it's a real pain to have to unplug at each reboot.
Any ideas?

Answer:Win 7 HP hangs on startup with Wacom tablet

I had the same problem as this with an old scanner. The only way I could resolve the issue was just by leaving the scanner switched off until after the PC started

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I have installed the serial version of the wacom tablet, and it works OK, with the latest drivers, but,each time the PC starts a message comes up, saying that it is building a driver data base, like it did when i first installed it, anyone any idea why..........thanks.

Answer:wacom tablet drivers being loaded ?

no one at all? :-)

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I am trying to instal my wacom intuos tablet on my win2k machine. I downloaded the appropraite instalation software from the wacom homepage. But when first starting the WSetup.exe, I get the message "Windows 16 Bit Subsystem: \SYSTEM\CurentControlSet\Control\VirtualDeviceDrivers. VDD. Virtual Device Driver format in the registry is invalid. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application." However i can choose 'Ignore' and the setup continues. The next problem occurs when the installer searches the com ports for a wacom. It says COM3 is the only availible when both my external ports are empty. Im not sure if the two problems are related or not. If you have any idea what a solution may be or possibly direct me to one, esspecially concerning the former error, because I have had little luck finding any help in windows or on-line.


Answer:trying to instal wacom tablet. problems


I have no idea how to fix this. Since it is probably very specific to the product, this might not be the best place to ask for advice. I suggest you start on the website of the compnay that sold you the product, then try the product's web site. There might be a phone number you can call for support.


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]


Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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A recently bought Wacom Bamboo tablet works perfectly in Vista... completely smooth. Well, it's completely smooth in every program apart from Photoshop and Opencanvas... it runs at about 5 updates a second in those programs, rendering it completely useless. It runs like a dream in the Art Rage software included in with the product. The computer handles Photoshop perfectly when used with a mouse.

Any ideas? Reviews say it should work fine.

Answer:Wacom tablet and Photoshop/Opencanvas


What are the specs?


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soo i've had this problem ever since i formatted my original art laptop.

i'm using a wacom intous small, and any type of driver i use [latest, or the previous version] is pulling up this error message;
"api-ms-win-crt-string-l1-1-0.dll is missing, please re-install it"
and i've read online that i should install microsoft visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 ?? but when i install it, i get a unknown error and it'll show up in my uninstallable programs list, but the wacom driver still will refuse to install with the same error message. i've tried installing on 3 different laptops and still no luck??

general information;
i'm wanting to install this on a windows 7 compaq presario CQ56. the drivers claim to be able to handle windows 7 [i've actually installed the drivers on my old vista before, and there wasn't an issue]

i'm not sure where to go from here???

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I purchased the Satellite A500, Wacom DTI 520UB, specifically to be used with Wilcom embroidery software.

I have installed the software and it works fine on the laptop alone. But as soon as I drag it accross to the tablet and try and do something on there - it seems uncalibrate itself. I have to turn the tablet on and off for it to recalibrate. This is ridiculous. All I can think of that there is some conflict with something on the laptop that interfers with the tablet. The tablet seems to work fine on and older model toshiba with XP on it..

Anyone with any help it would be greatly appreciated as Wilcom and Wacom seemed to have given up. Thanks

Answer:Satellite A50 - Conflict with Wacom tablet


> The tablet seems to work fine on and older model toshiba with XP on it..
Maybe the tablet and/or software isn?t compatible with your new notebook that you use with Vista or Windows 7 I assume.

In your case I would contact the manufacture of the tablet. Maybe they can send you an update for the software or so. Just talk a little bit with the guys.

Make also sure that you are running factory settings and you have installed newest BIOS version.

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i recently bought a wacom bamboo tablet and at all times the thing is frigid!
i thought it would be kinda warm since its plugged in and its a mechanical device.

but i later learned that it works by electromagnetic resonance.
as far as i'm concerned it should be at room temp, since its not near any vents or fans. my room maintains about 72 degree temp. and when i put the side of my hand down for a rest or anchor, its incredibly cold.

this is probably a stupid question, but its a little annoying getting out a glove every time i want to use this thing, is there anyway to keep it warm? or am i just gonna have to buck up and stick with the glove.

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Windows XP Home SP2. Went to reinstall this Tablet after new Hard Drive to do a bit of Photo Editing and cannot get it to work. Worked under SP1 OK. It installs and the light on the Tablet comes on. Have downloaded and installed latest driver from Wacom site but still no go. Neither pen or mouse operate. Have installed it (and it works) on W98SE Laptop, but would prefer to use it on Desktop PC. Anyone else had a similar problem with Wacom Graphics Tablet?

Answer:Wacom Intuos 2 Graphics Tablet

the USB drivers before connecting the tablet? (You probably did, but it's worth a reminder methinks)Check in the control panel and see if the USB driver for the tablet is loaded - remove it, if it's there, and reinstall it.Might work.Storik

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i have a wacom pen & touch tablet (CTH-460) but my notebook with windows 7 does not recognize it. What changes should i make in windows configuration to solve this problem? thanks for any tip you can give me.

Answer:wacom tablet not detected on my pc windows 7

If you can look at your region's wacom web site you may be able to find both the owners manual and any drivers for that. I can't find that number but it is for sale used at amazon.W7 out to be able to use it as a hid or a pen input device simply but plugging it in. I get the feeling when I played with a wacom a few months ago I had to install the software before I plugged it it.Personally I have hated those things for decades. Someone must be able to use them. I have been unable to fix even minor things since the first ones were sold. good luck."The era of big government is over," said Clinton 1996

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I have downloaded and installed the latest driver for my Intuos3 Graphics Tablet and it works until I reboot, then it does not work.
Checking the Wacom Tablet Properties in the Control Panel, I'm advised that the "Tablet Driver was not Found".
What am I doing wrong?
It worked just fine in XP!

Answer:Wacom Tablet Driver Not Found

Try updating your drivers from here:

Dell - Drivers and Downloads

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Here's the problem: I recently got a new computer with Windows 7 on it. I downloaded THE most recent Wacom driver for my intuous tablet but the pressure sensitity won't work. I think it has something to do with the fact that I can't save any software into the folder called Program Files which is always a folder where software goes. There's a strange folder I've never seen before called "Program Files (x86)" and some software doesn't approve of the strange characters; this is the folder that the software is installing on (unless the software rejects it). On my new computer, "Program Files" folder a read-only folder and I can't remove the read-only setting even though I'm the administrator. I get an error message saying "An error occurred in applying attributes to the file: C:\Program Files\Commo...\Alphabet.xml Access is denied."

I've saved Photoshop into a folder that I made called "Graphics Programs." So, my tablet is working just like a mouse except there is no pressure sensitivity for programs like Painter and Photoshop and probably Illustrator is the same. This is a huge problem for me. I also tried reinstalling the graphics software thinking that maybe it didn't work because it was there before I installed the tablet's driver...this didn't work.

I went to the control panel and opened the tablet settings. It allows me to test pressure sensitivity there and everything looks setup properly.

Anyways, it would be nice to fix this ... Read more

Answer:HELP! Wacom tablet has no pressure sensitivity!

hi sillylady , are you using the 64bit version of the operating system ? if so did you download the 64bit version of the graphic tablet's driver?

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Alright, so i have this drawing tablet and i dont know what happened but when i plug the coard into the side of the tablet, it doesnt work. I've had the tablet for about a year and i dont know what to do, it looks something inside the tablet but i dont have the technological knowledge to know what im doing with out making things worse. Anyone know how to fix this?

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Hi all,

I was able to use my wacom tablet fine so far till few days ago. It just stopped working and only the eraser end is detected now.
Any help is appreciated!

- driver is updated
- tried with Intuos 2 and 4

Tech specs.:
- Sony VAIO VGN-FW139E
- OS Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit
- Core 2 Duo P8400 2.26GHz 3GB RAM

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Ok so I have a Wacom Tablet Inutous 3.
The drive only loads ONCE, and thats when my computer starts up and i log in. If for any reason i unplug the wacom and plug it back in, its wont work.

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When using some applications (tested: GIMP) my Wacom Graphire tablet lags and doesn't track short repeated brush strokes. The solution for this is to disable two settings that are on by default in Win7: "Press and Hold" and "Flicks".
Open the Control Panel and type "tablet" into the search field
Select "Pen and Touch" settings
From the "Pen Options" tab, select "Press and Hold" and click "Settings..."
Make sure "Enable press and hold for right-clicking" is unchecked.
Click OK.
Select the "Flicks" tab
Make sure that "Use flicks to perform common actions quickly and easily" is unchecked.
Click Apply, and OK.
This should solve the problem. Perhaps someone else can add details if there is a way to disable these features while a given application has focus. Perhaps this is part of the API, because ArtRage didn't seem to have this problem (it also appears to be a full screen app?). References: 920/Asus P6T Deluxe V2/6GB Corsair RAM/evga GTX 260(216)

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So years ago I saw the HP TX2510us model and fell in love with it. Even through the overheating and wifi card problems, I was willing to dish out the money and get one...

then life kicked me, hard, and I couldn't afford it.

Now.. I have a little breeze money again. But years have passed, and to a computer, that means a whole new evolutionary phase.

What's out there that is decent and affordable?
I've been seeing ebay sales for the 2510us model for as low as $350 with shipping, I missed out on that deal though by like 1 hour (stupid work!)

What I need it for:
Sketching/Drawing (main reason)
3D sculpting (more drawing programs)
Possible a little gaming (minecraft, maybe some other things like wow-ish, nothing super "high tech')
general surfing (under Wireless N speeds, so N is needed)
Touch screen with wacom (because I did my research and wacom is amazing, but a basic pressure-sensitive pen/eraser will work)
Movies (DVD)

Would love it to have 2GHz, 3+GB ram, 100+GB HDD, and a graphics card capible of handling some of the advance pixel shading and such (for graphic reasons, not game reasons)

The TX2510us had this: - HP Pavilion tx2510us Tablet PC AMD Turion X2 Ultra ZM-80(2.10GHz) 12.1" Wide XGA 3GB Memory 250GB HDD 5400rpm DVD Super Multi ATI Radeon HD 3200

Plus what's not listed is it's pressure sensitive, wacom digitizer,which is the most imporant part.

So... help me find something lik... Read more

Answer:Looking for Wacom Touch Screen Tablet

I use a tablet brand called Trust, it cost me ?60 and is brilliant, so Wacom isn't the only brand you can go for, there are other less expensive brands you can get brand new and function just as good!

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I have just installed a brand new Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet on my laptop. I had some initial problems with it crashing and the driver appeared to disappear. I had discussions with Wacom who told me to install a more recent driver.... which I have done, and it's seems to be behaving itself today. Now my mouse/cursor is being very bad. The pen off the tablet is mostly OK, but the mouse sends the cursor and the screen a bit haywire, forcing me to use the pen to operate. Mostly it misbehaves within the workspace and on the actual web page, not the toolbars. It's an old mouse and a five year old laptop, both of which have been excellent until now. I love my Wacom and would like to resolve this and keep everything going along in harmony. Any suggestions?

Answer:Mouse conflicting with my Wacom Tablet

Check the manual here -> testing optional mouse and troubleshooting steps might help you.

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All my pen does is moves the cursor upon hovering above the tablet, but when i attempt to click or drag with it, nothing happens. Any help with this situation?

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I have a Wacom Tablet installed on my PC running XP Professional. How do I use it with paint Shop Pro 8.1?In other words, how can I use the tablet as my input device instead of the mouse?

Answer:How Do I Use a Wacom Tablet in Paint Shop Pro?

if the Tablet is USB and your mouse is PS2, they will run together, Just install the drivers from the disk. I would presume if they are both USB they will also run together. You can use the tablet as a mouse replacement if you wish. It functions just the same in other programs, but not as versatile.

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Hello members of Seven Forums! This is my first post here, and I'm not too familiar with the forums, but I am looking forward to be a part of the community

Anyway, since I have seen lots of useful solutions to most of my Win 7 problems, I am posting a problem which I am experiencing with my Wacom Tablet and Windows 7.

I got a Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet for Christmas 2009, and was using it with my old computer.
When I got a new PC last year I plugged my Tablet into the computers and Windows installed its drivers and I installed its additional included drivers through its installation CD.
For months, everything was working fine and I got these additional cool features, such as an effect every time I tap or double tap on the screen (A little circle would go outwards from the pointer), get to draw on Stickies, which is handy for me as it is like a checklist, and the handwriting feature on Messenger 2010 would detect pressure, meaning the harder I press, the thicker the line is and vice versa.

All these features seemed to disappear after I changed one setting; disabling the 'Hold to Right Click' features as it was disallowing me to draw smoothly on my painting software and I already have a button for that on my pen. Then, the features stated just disappeared and I have no idea what caused them.
I have tried re-enabling the hold to right click feature and re-plugging in the device numerous times with no luck.

I don't know whether this is a hardware issue or caused by... Read more

Answer:Problem with Windows 7 and Wacom Tablet

You need to uninstall the drivers and reinstall them.

It is best to make sure all traces of the drivers are wiped with this; - Driver Sweeper

and then reinstall.

Regards....Mike Connor

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Wacom cintiq 12wx driver will not load
I have hp pavillion a730n
a few times it did "magically" work but after restarting/turning off and on it did not anymore
pen will move cursor but more like an mouse and very strangely

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Anyone with a Wacom bamboo fun graphics tablet out there?Advice wanted

Answer:Anyone with a Wacom bamboo fun graphics tablet

Just one and only bump

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My Wacom Graphire 3 6x8 tablet has been acting funny and I don't know why. It is 3 years old and out of warranty. It will select everything- even when I am not selecting anything- and won't unselect until I left-click with the mouse (the regular mouse, not the one that came with the tablet. I never use that), and sometimes it just won't work at all. I've tried adjusting the sensitivity and it didn't help. If I change it to make it less sensitive, then it doesn't work at all. I tried uninstalling the driver and installing a new one, and that didn't help either. I even tried going back to an old driver, and that didn't help either. And finally, I did a virus check, spyware checks, and defragged my hard drive, and also uninstalled and reinstalled Word, which seems to be where it's having the most problems (although every program is affected; I use it with everything, way more than I use the mouse), and nothing has done any good. I looked all over the Wacom website for help and the only thing I found in the FAQs that might be similar said to contact Wacom about "recalibrating the tablet". However, it only covers the more expensive Intuos tablets, not the Graphire tablets. I'm out of ideas and getting upset. My Wacom tablet is my very favorite piece of hardware; I simply can't get by without it, and it's not like I can afford another one!I emailed Wacom and have not heard back yet. :-?

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A little while ago I (and the user Superbird, thank you!) were helping a friend of mine with a Vundo infection. Eventually, I had her install Online Armor, since I haven't come across any other firewall I liked. However, Online Armor did something very strange; even though she told it to allow Wacom processes, it blocked the drivers of her tablet. Uninstalling the program was the only way we could figure out how to fix it. She works as a professional artist and obviously cannot go without her tablet, but I don't want to have her install Comodo because it's always been obnoxiously intrusive for me.

tl;dr, Online Armor blocked tablet drivers, can we fix it so she can have both her tablet and her Online Armor?

Thank you!

Answer:Why would Online Armor break a Wacom tablet?

Was the Wacom processes previously installed?

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So I think this is an old Vista problem that has yet to go away (Windows Journal, Dual Monitor, Pen Tablet).

I have dual monitors, a Wacom Intuos3 tablet, and the latest drivers (6.1.3-5) for the tablet.

It actually works fine in most software. However, when I run Windows Journal, the eraser tool and lasso tool are both off set about 300 pixels to the left of where the pen cursor is. This happens based on the software tool... it doesn't matter if I use the pen end or the eraser end of the stylus, I still get the offset.

Turning off the 2nd monitor "fixes" the problem. But, obviously, I want both my monitors to work at the same time as the eraser and lasso tools.

I've contacted Wacom, but have yet to hear back. Other threads I've read suggest that Wacom might be waiting on Microsoft for a solution.

Anyone got any ideas?


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I just got a brand new Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 14 and the touchscreen was working great, but once I installed my Wacom Cintiq 12wx onto the laptop, the touchscreen completely stopped working. It seems like the laptop is confused on whether to use the wacom or the laptop as a tablet and I really want them to both work simultaneously. Has anyone else been able to get their laptop to work with a tablet? Any help would be greatly appreciated since this is the second thinkpad yoga 14 ive gotten since the first one did the same thing and I first assumed it was a computer issue.

Answer:Getting Thinkpad Yoga 14 to work with Wacom Tablet...

Hi banana74
Welcome to the forums.
Can you please post the full model number of your TP Yoga 14? are you using Windows 10 (64bits)?
I have tried my TP Y 14 with a Wacom Bamboo and I have no problem using both, the touchscreen with the Thinkpad Pen Pro and the Wacom Bamboo with his own pen.
Maybe what we can do first is try to update the Wacom drivers of your Thinkpad Yoga from the Lenovo support site of you model.

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I have a Wacom Graphire tablet that is about 20 years old but I still use it most days. It survived the upgrade from W7 to W10 (somehow).

I have another computer that also has a Graphire tablet which does not work properly; this is a new computer that had W10 already installed.

I tried Wacom for drivers but their comment was that the hardware has been UBE'd (i.e.Overtaken By Events) and was now not worth supporting. I can see their point, even if it is a great shame.

So to the question: does anyone know of any drivers (legacy, general, generic, or whatever) that might do the job for a Graphire tablet?

Thanks for reading; it's just a shot....


Answer:finding a driver for Wacom Graphire tablet

You can export the drivers from the Windows 10 computer that it is operating properly on and then possibly install those drivers on the second computer through device manager. To export the drivers you will need a USB flash drive - or you can make a folder on the hard drive then burn that folder to a DVD after the drivers are exported.

Make a folder on the hard drive or USB flash drive. We'll call it Drivers for the example. Right click on start icon. Select Command Prompt (Admin). Run:

dism /online /export-driver /destination:E:\Drivers

The path in red will be to the storage folder you created for the drivers.

On the second computer open device manager. Right click on the device you want to add the driver for. Update Driver Software. Browse my computer for driver software. In the location block, navigate to the Drivers folder you created on the flash drive or burned to DVD. Make sure subfolders is checked. Then click next.

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Hello all. I'm thinking of purchasing a Wacom tablet , the Cintig 21 UX , and it says that I have to have a graphics card that will support more than one monitor. Right now my monitor plugs into my motherboard so I guess my video card is part of the motherboard. I do have one more open slot , but I'm not sure how to identify it. The empty slot thats on the motherboard is a black one and it has only one divider to it thats aprox one sixth of the total size. The Wacom spec's say it needs a DVI or VGA connection and a USB port , and I have extra USB ports. My computer is a HP Media Center PC ( m7760n ) it's a year old with 2 gig's of ram - the display I have now is a HP w22 flat display. I need help to get the right graphics card ( I think the slot in my pc is a PCI slot but I'm not sure ) . I have CS3 Photoshop that I'm useing now. What and how do I do to go about getting the right stuff to make this all work ? Thanks for any help ! George

Answer:Wacom Tablet - witch graphics card ?

Here are the specs for your PC (HP is always the best place to look first, they have good info on each model).

Looks like you have a spare PCI express x 16 slot.

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Hey fellows,
I currently own the Surface Pro 2 for 1 week. Quite happy with it until I read about the CPU upgrade. Microsoft offered me to send the SP2 back and order the new SP2 with the vPro-CPU (the 1,9 GHz isn't main reason to send it back / replace it with the SP2.5).
Now that I have a few days left to send it back and as the SP2.5 is currently out of stock in Germany, I'm wondering if there might be an even better deal for a productivity tool.
The following parameters are a must:
- i5/i7 CPU
- 10-13-inch
- min 1920x1080. Preferably higher (The Samsung Ativ Q screen would have been perfect but the product has been discontinued and we don't know what's coming up next yet.)
- WACOM pen
- price range: 1,000-1,100 Euro (USD 1,350-1,500)
- Windows 8 Pro (RT is not an option)
There are some pretty nice options for Windows 8 2in1 and tablets out there. But as soon as a WACOM comes into play options aren't that awesome anymore.
Do you think I should stick with the SP2 and just wait for the next round of SP2.5s? So far I'm not disappointed with the device at all. A higher resolution would be nice though.
Thanks a lot

Answer:Best 2in1 or Tablet 10-13 inch with Wacom Support?

If you like the device, I should stick with it!

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I have a wacom tablet. I got it from my brother and he didnt give me the software. Its a Graphire 3(or 4 not sure) CTE-430 if that matters. I downloaded a driver from for it. I am running windows XP and am using a Toshiba Tecra 8100 laptop.

Now my problem is that i cant seem to get the eraser function or the pressure sensitivity function (the darkening or growing of the cursor according to pressure) to work. It worked at one point when I first started using it but it randomly stopped working. It also doesnt seem to be fit to my screen size my brother said i might need to calbrate it with the software he didnt give me, and that I should try and download it.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I have two image editing programs installed on my Wacom MSP 16. Possibly, because of the high resolution of the Wacom, all the tools and other editing s/c are very small on the screen. Is there a fairly simple, not too technical way to increase the size of the tools etc.

Answer:Tools icons too small on Wacom Win 10 tablet.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU 550 @ 3.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 6007 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 310, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 183129 MB, Free - 127496 MB; W: Total - 389377 MB, Free - 349341 MB; Z: Total - 381257 MB, Free - 274010 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0C2KJT
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2013, Updated and Enabled

I have a Wacom CTE-440 graphics tablet that I used to run on my Win XP computer. I've now upgraded to a Win 7 computer, downloaded the new Wacom Win 7 driver but can't find where to set up the graphics tablet in the Control Panel like I used to in XP.

How do I set up the tablet to work on Win 7?

Answer:Solved: Using a Wacom graphics tablet with Windows 7

does this help

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I borrowed my friend's Wacom Intuos Small Pen Tablet a couple of days ago and it won't work on my windows 8.1 laptop. She did give me the CD with the drivers on it and I have tried installing them but it says that "The New Hardware Found dialog will briefly display and the status LED will light' , but they wont. I'm not quite sure what to do and I would really like to use this to animate something!

Answer:Why won't my wacom intuos small pen tablet work?

try a different USB port, or different USB cable??

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I'm wanting to buy a Wacom bamboo splash tablet, but I'm struggling to find out if the tablet is compatible with Windows 8? It's saying Windows 7 but I'm not too sure if it can be used for Windows 8? Could anyone let me know please its pretty urgent!

Answer:Solved: For wacom graphics tablet fans.

The Wacom site does list Windows 8 drivers for it:

Addtional software such as ArtRage should be downloadable with the serial from their website:

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I run XPSP3 and a new Asus motherbd with Core2duo cpu. I also have a PCI card with 2 rs232 9pin ports and a USB to serial adapter. I have not been able to get the Wacom drivers to find the tablet through any of these ports.

The ports show operating ok in the device manager.???? The same goes for the paralel port scanner. The scanner and tablet represent over $600, I can't afford to buy new ones. Is there any way to make them work with the new computer?

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I dunno what forum this should go in. Software or hardware? I think it's a tablet driver error as I've had them in the past, so I put it here.I was trying to add an application to the list to set specific preferences for and I always get this error.Thanks in advance for any help.

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I am facing problems using the Wacom Bamboo Multitouch with my Lenovo T410.Really it works well at the beginning that means the pointer on the screen moves according the finger movement on the tablet.After sometime time (few...) , specially opening more applications like notes  or others,  the pointer start moving discontinuously (stop & go...) ,  not following the speed and the direction of  the finger movement on the tablet , sometime starting commands without requests.I tried to reinstall wacom driver without success or improvement; I tried also to improve the priority of the process but no change happened.I've checked also the CPU and the PF usage but no problems there.Any suggestion ?

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I have recently come across a very strange problem when trying to draw in Corel Painter 6 with my Wacom Intuos 9x12 tablet. When I press down with the pen tip, on the drawing surface, and draw, the line i draw is about 10 inches to the left of where the mouse pointer is, and about three inches above. This only happens when I use my tablet- the mouse draws properly, and this only happens in Painter. I have no issues with the tablet in any other software. Also, this is a recent problem. Thanks for any suggestions.

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I haven't been able to find any information regarding this anywhere.

I do not use my Wacom tablet more than two or three times a week but I do notice that at windows startup two processes/drivers are loaded...
and Tablet.exe
I am wondering if it is possible to disable these from loading at startup - in the hopes that they will load when I hook up my tablet via USB.

my computer/software specs are below...

thanks in advance

Answer:disabling Wacom Tablet software at startup

hate answering my own questions but in case someone else is looking for the solution...

from the UK Wacom forum
Go to services and set the startup mode for TabletService to manual. You can later start the service with a shortcut to the command 'net start tabletservice'.Click to expand...

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I use an Intuos Wacom Tablet in Photoshop CS4 x64, and I've been driven crazy by an animated ring that appears when I touch the pen tip to a menu or slider. It made my movements much less precise. E.g. when I tried to drag a slider a short distance (say, 100% opacity to 95%), the pen wouldn't grab the slider at first; and then it would make much too big an adjustment (100% to 50%...).

I've now tracked down the solution, posted on the EU Wacom forum 2 days ago:Wacom Forum - Wacom Europe GmbH | View topic - small annoying things on vista...

Here's what it says:

"Vista has the 'pen inking' from XP TabletPC edition integrated, allowing gesture and handwriting recognition. You can control the settings in a special control panel for this, called 'TabletPC Input' panel. [Pen and Touch, W7.]
*Disable 'Press and Hold' to remove that circle.*

"You could also disable the service 'TabletPC Input Service' or go to device manager, select Human Interface Devices' and disable WacomVirtualHID.*

"Then Vista does not see a pen devices and will not activate those features. The tablet will still work fine on desktop and in usual pressure sensitive applications."

I had already disabled the tablet PC in Services, but apparently that wasn't enough. I disabled Press & Hold, and the ring has vanished.

This is probably well known to Wacom/Photoshop users who migrated to Windows 7 from Vista, but I migrated from XPPro, and the info was tolerably hard to find... Read more

Answer:Wacom Tablet, ring round pen cursor

Thanks for the info! I have an old Wacom 12x12 tablet and am thinking of using it with Win7...

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I received a new large Wacom Pro last week, and since then, my life has been hell trying to get it to work.

Something specific to my Windows 7 machine is blocking the computer's ability to detect the tablet's driver, causing it to work erratically, be detected as a HID mouse, have no button detection, and have no pen sensitivity whatsoever.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers off the Wacom website several times and even replaced my Wacom Pro, but after getting it to work with no problems on other machines (after getting rid of KB3004394 on them, which confused the issue I was having), I've narrowed it down to this computer specifically.

I've tried different USB ports to no avail. My dinky little wacom Bamboo Pen installs right back in just fine on the same USB ports, so it can't be a USB hardware issue. The drivers that I download and the drivers Windows 7 downloads seem to be okay, and are probably why my tablet works at all.

This is what I think the problem is: something in Win 7 seems to be blocking the driver in the USB connection itself. This is due to me getting the error 'THE TABLET DRIVER WAS NOT FOUND' when I try to go into Wacom Tablet Properties. I've got no way beyond that to troubleshoot the problem, however.

Possible suspects:

- Around 11/12, my computer decided it was not genuine. I can't remember what I did that finally got rid of this error, but I think the Check Disk OS scanner that can be accessed through the disk properties menu. Up... Read more

Answer:Something in Win 7 blocking Wacom Pro tablet driver from working

Sounds weird... Looks like new drivers for USB devices are not a) installed correctly or b) installed, but windows cannot find them.

Have you tried uninstalling the Bamboo Pen drivers, this drivers, and then reinstalling the new drivers? Sometimes that tends to fix this kind of issues. If this doesn't do the trick for you, revert to an old restore point before 11/12, then try to install drivers. That BSOD is not normal... maybe reverting to the old restore point can fix both your tablet issues and the BSOD itself...

Hope this helps

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The touch device on our x200 tablets has always been called Wacom Serial Pen Tablet.  Works fine in XP.  I'm trying to get one working with Windows 7 now.  The "multitouch" driver from Lenovo doesn't work (I don't think these tablets are multitouch anyways) and the driver straight from Wacom results in a BSOD.  The "Wacom Serial Pen Tablet" driver apparently comes with Windows 7, because it's there if I manually choose a driver.  I once got it to work forcing it to use that driver, but now after reinstalling again it just says the device cannot start.  Any ideas?


Go to Solution.

Answer:x200 Wacom Serial Pen Tablet in Windows 7

Have you found a solution to this problem yet? I am having the same issue and have tried multiple suggestions I've found online, but to no avail. I'd rather not go back to XP, but I'm getting there.

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Hello, I've just got a new Yoga 260 with totally fresh install of Windows 10 v1511 (just before the Anniversary update).  Unfortunately, I have had to uninstall the Wacom Pen driver (WinTab) because it is slamming my CPU (well, slamming one of the two cores).  The WinTab service - specifically, "Tablet Service for ISD Driver" - sits pegged at about 50% - or one CPU core.  Of course this means the fan runs non stop, and my battery life is awful. So, I've uninstalled the WinTab driver for now.  I've lost pressure sensitivity with the stylus, but at least the CPU is better.  I just wanted someone at Lenovo to know so that they can look in to it and hopefully get an update.  I'm on version: Thanks!

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I have a tablet which I love to use for Photoshop work.. It works great except that some one at Windows decided that it would be a good idea to have animated cursors. A ripple effect occurs everytime I click and animated circle show up everytime I right click or hold down the cursor.

Working with artwork these effects are incredibly ANNOYING, esp since I am clicking all the time and these effects ubstruct my view! Not to mention they are completely useless. I think I know when I am right clicking or clicking and don't see why I need this annimation to tell me that.

Does anyone know where I can turn these effects off? I looked in the control panel under Pen and touch but I couldn't find anything.

I do not think these effects should be standard in the Windows Seven Release. Perhaps they can be truned on as an accesibility feature for those who want it.



Answer:Wacom Tablet- Blinking Cursor Problem

I don't think it's accessible via the Pen and Touch options, or even in the WACOM pad's own interface
- try in the Control Panel under Mouse..

one of the options under "Pointers" is to "Allow Windows themes to change mouse pointers"
- it's done by un-ticking that box near the bottom..

- see if this makes any difference..

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It doesn't write, show as a mouse or anything.  I uninstalled all the wacom drivers and installed again.  I'm very confused, I did check my devices and under mice and other pointing devices it only list a ThinkPad UltraNav pointing device and wacom router mouse, nothing about a pen.  Any advice and help would be appreciated.  Been trying to find a solution online for a long time.


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Answer:x201 tablet pen doesn't work penabled wacom

Hi, MLBman
What operating system are you using? How long have you had this issue? And has the pen ever worked since you've owned the system?
Thanks in advance,

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I have been using the generic driver for my Wacom Grafire tablet but finally found an updated driver and installed it. I uninstalled the generic driver Windows 7 had automatically installed restarted and it reinstalled the old generic version instead of the new. I did this several times, each time stopping the Wacom customer services, uninstalling the pen tablet driver and restarting. I even changed my device management to manual but it didn't matter. It still automatically reinstalled the generic. Can you help?

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I've downloaded the correct driver and got rid of the old one.
When I plug the tablet in the light goes on but it doesn't change to green like it should when I put the pen on it, and it doesn't register the pen is there.
When I go to Start > Pen Tablet > Pen Tablet Properties it comes up with a message that says "A supported tablet was not found on the system"
I haven't used it for a long time on this computer, but it used to work. It works on the other computer I tried it on, and the USB ports on the laptop I want to use it on are working.
What's wrong with it? Help! I need it tonight to work on coursework!

Answer:Urgent help needed - wacom bamboo one tablet not working!

Does anyone have any clue? I really need to get this working...

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Hi volksi cant find a fonctional Wacom Driver for my x61 SXGA Tablet!I installed once the new Bamboo Driver (5.08) from the Wacom Homepage.But the Driver didn't wokk, i was written that none supported device could be find.So I installed the old Bamboo Driver (5.07) on it, and I had some Problems. I couldnt calibrate my monitor, there was only the arrow when i moved my pen and when i turned the desktop 270, there was a problem with using the pen: When I went with the pen down, the arrow went up. One positive thing was only that the pressure ability was working fine in photoshop.You know maybe which driver i should try? btw. i cant find this sticker on the Back of my tablet.greez

Answer:i cant find a fonctional Wacom Driver for my x61 SXGA Tablet!

Hi,Try the the found here.  It seems like it is a newer driver than the one I used for my tablet.  I hope this helps.

______________________________________________________________________???Thanks. Thinkpad: X61 Tablet 7764-CTO: SXGA+, 1.6 GHz Core 2 Duo, 2 Gig memory, 160 Gig HDD, turbo memory, and Intel AGN.

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Hi, Had a problem pop up after a resume under Vista (7764CTO): my bezel buttons (all four) stopped working along with the Wacom pen.  Device Manager showed that the "Wacom serial pen tablet" driver would not start (Code 10), but no other errors. Rebooting (cold) failed to resolve any problems.  Reinstalling the button drivers (even without first uninstalling) resolved the bezel button issue.  Because of the Code 10, I uninstalled the "Wacom serial pen tablet" device, then reinstalled several times without success.  I then attempted a System Update which downloaded drivers for a "Wacom penabled dual touch".  Trusting the update (yeah, big mistake), I installed the download.  Now I get Code 10's for the "Wacom penabled dual touch", and this is the only device that DM recognizes.  I'm assuming that the dual touch driver is for a MultiTouch screen, but remember I have an SVGA+. My research shows that others have had this problem (under XP too), but without an effective resolution.  The X61 apparently uses a modified Bamboo Fun tablet with modified drivers.  Attempting to install a device with my system's HIDDIGI.INF gives an incompatible software driver for this device error, but this INF is supposed to be the correct one for the Wacom serial pen tablet.  Attempts to locate/download a driver package have also failed (broken links or XP-only files).  Finally the Lenovo website driver matrix lists the MultiTouch ... Read more

Answer:X61 SVGA+ Vista Tablet w/Wacom Pen Driver Failure

Mike,I am going through the same problem now. When I first got the laptop the touch driver worked fine. Recently I had to send the laptop in for a new hard drive and they replaced the screen due to multiple scratches. The warranty covered a new screen so I took them up on it. When I received the repaired laptop the first thing I noticed is the the HID touch driver was missing. I tried to do all the updates and still no driver. I called tech support and they had me reinstall the drivers again. To this day I have not had any luck on getting the touch driver working or installed. They are sending out the box to send back to them. Did you have any luck with your issue> If so I would like to know what you did. I also have the 7764-CTO with 4gig of Ram. Great tablet up till now.

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