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Scroll with trackpoint only works downwards

Question: Scroll with trackpoint only works downwards

Hi there, Everything is in the title: when I hold the middle button of the trackpoint and try to scroll down, it works, but if I want to scroll upwards, nothing happens. What am I missing?


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Preferred Solution: Scroll with trackpoint only works downwards

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Scroll with trackpoint only works downwards

Nevermind, it's software related.

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Just received my yoga and downgraded to windows 7, even with the vertical scroll set to one line, the trackpoint is very sensitive. Also there is a initial lag with the trackpoint scroll, if I'm using the trackpoint for the first after a webpage turn, the first light touch is not registered, you have move the trackpoint very hard, which caused the page to move very fast down the page. Overall using the trackpoint on the yoga 460 (maybe with W10, it is different), has been an aweful experience so far, is there a patch or update that I didn't know about? Btw, I have Elan pointing device installed, I can not find Ultranav anymore, why is that? Elan pointing device seem to have less function than Ultranav.

Your mum

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I've been using Lenovo laptops for the last 10 years because of my preference for the trackpoint.  However, I recently purchased a P40 yoga and the trackpoint middle button scrolling is horrendous.  It takes 5 or 6 seconds before it starts scrolling.  Also, when you press the middle button, the cursor does not change to the scroll cursor.  Please help me fix this as I am very unhappy that my brand new computer does not work as well as my other (3 really old) Lenovo laptops.

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Is there a way to increase trackpoint scroll (with middle button) speed? it's too slow!


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Answer:trackpoint scroll speed

I assume you've tried adjusting the TrackPoint firmness?Apply this registry patch: to Mouse Properties > Wheel tab. Set the number of lines scrolled to what you want to it to scroll.

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How do I set the trackpoint to  scroll only   in windows 8??(the option seem to have disappeared...)

Answer:Trackpoint: Scroll in Windows 8

Hi, I believe this version applies also to what you are talking about: Cheers. 

If I helped you, please give me some kudos! ^^

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Hi, I have a X31 that scrolls using the trackpoint in FireFox and Thunderbird butmy X40 that I just started using will not scroll using the trackpoint in thesetwo programs.  X40 scrolls ok in other programs.  Any ideas? thanks in advance Mark S

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I have a T510 that I got a  couple of months ago, and I have been using the Trackpoint middle button for scrolling in Firefox, until a couple of days ago when this feature  inexplicably stopped working. I've tried restarting my computer, making sure the Trackpoint settings are set to enable scrolling, updating my drivers, but nothing seems to be able to bring it back. Has anyone else had problem like this (where the Trackpoint scrolling unexpectedly stops working) or know of any other reasons for why it would stop working?

Answer:Trackpoint Middle Scroll Not Working

Are the processes SynTPEnh.exe, SynTPHelper.exe, and SynTPLpr.exe running? Advanced UltraNav features fail to work if these aren't running. You may have disabled them in MSConfig or another startup program cleaner. Does hitting the middle button trigger the conventional middle mouse button?

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I have a T400, and I can't seem to get the trackpoint to scroll in iTunes. Does anyone know how to fix this?

T400Intel® Core?2 Duo T9400 2.53 GHz__Windows 7 Professional__3GB Memory__160GB, 7200RPM Hard Drive__14.1? WXGA+TFT-CFL__ATI Mobility Radeon? HD 3470--


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Answer:how to make trackpoint scroll in iTunes?

So 26 people viewed this and still no reply?! come on!

T400Intel® Core?2 Duo T9400 2.53 GHz__Windows 7 Professional__3GB Memory__160GB, 7200RPM Hard Drive__14.1? WXGA+TFT-CFL__ATI Mobility Radeon? HD 3470--

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Hi Guys After I have thinkvantage update, the trackpoint scrolled was not function in thunderbird, but all others such as IE, word, excel is OK. Do you know how to solve it? Thanks for helpfchau

Answer:X60 trackpoint scroll problem in Thunderbird

Hi fchau, and welcome to the Lenovo User Community!
Search for trackpoint scroll in the community and you will find the answer, for instance here.

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Hello. I am using a W520 i7 Win7 Pro 64 bit.Can someone tell me why the TrackPoint scroll function doesn't work in some windows/applications? For example I cannot scroll folders in Windows Explorer. I mean by holding the midle button and moving the track stick. Because by swiping two fingers on touchpad works great in same applications. Thank you.

Answer:W520 TrackPoint scroll problems

Are you on the latest UltraNav driver package? Middle-scrolling (Standard) works fine for me in Explorer.

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Last week or the week before my trackpoint on my T510 stopped scrolling.  The system is MT/M 4314-7QU running 64-bit Windows 7.  I've installed 15.2 19.0 but still no scrolling.  I'm not sure what happened or where to look.  I've also uninstalled the trackpoint in device manager, removed the driver and it's made no difference.  The touchpad works but I prefer the trackpoint.  This machine is less than 6 months old so it's still under warranty.  Any suggestions?

Answer:T510 trackpoint suddenly won't scroll

Hit Fn+F8, Manage Settings, UltraNav tab, TrackPoint Settings. Try the Standard Scrolling setting.

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From some reason cannot use trackpoint or Thumb Pad. Each of these are greyed out. After downloading the driver and starting the driver, the items are still greyed out. Any ideas on how to correct this? Could it be a registery setting.

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Hi all,  I want to change my trackpoint scroll style from smooth to standard but cannot find the way to do this. I went to the ultranav settings in the control panel (under mouse settings) and it was not an option when I clicked trackpoint.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!D

Answer:lenovo trackpoint scroll style

What machine?
What operating system?

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I updated the Ulranav driver and now the middle buttn on the trackpoint stopped performing the scroll function. I have tried manipulating settings to no avail. Any solution? Thanks everyone.

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Hello All, I'm having an issue with my new x120e where after a couple suspend/resume cycles both the Trackpoint scroll function and the ability to adjust screen brightness no longer work. Using the Trackpoint only yields results as a pointing device, and trying to use the brightness controls does nothing--no on-screen brightness level display. I've searched the forums but couldn't find these exact issues, and I'm using the latest versions of the UltraNav driver and Utility. Thanks!

Answer:No TrackPoint Scroll and Brightness Control After Resume

hey cbolos,check via and see that your Power Management software is at its latest version. If not, download and install.if it is the latest, uninstall all UltraNav drivers+Utilities and the Power Management.let window install its generic drivers. Test and see if it happens again

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I've been experiencing the issue where if a single user is logged into XP, the trackpoint scroll feature works flawlessly, BUT, if you use the XP switch user function and have 2 people logged in at the same time, the trackpoint scroll feature breaks down and doesn't work right. This is what I've found (short of re-booting the system): User1 logged on --> Switch User to User2, the scroll feature will work, BUT if you Switch User back to User1 the trackpoint scroll doesn't work anymore   So, to get it to work right for User1 again, Switch User back to User2 and Logoff --> Log back in with User1 and should work again. I've done all the driver uninstall/re-install excercises and have tried the native synaptic drivers too....  This just seems to be the way this works (unfortunately). Ironically, my old T30 had seemingly the same hardware, but I never had this problem with it... it was seemless when Switching Users.  Funny, I bought a ThinkPad T because I love the trackpoint... I wish they would get it to work right  So, anyone else experience this?  Any fixes?   

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I guess I need to stop installing drivers...  I unstalled the latest Synaptics UltraNav drivers for my X1 yoga today as advertised by System Update (Thinkvantage and companion).  Now it's super-finicky, difficult to scroll on the trackpad, but even worse I can't set the middle button on the trackpoint to scroll anymore!  It just resets to "middle-click" in Lenovo Settings.  I'm a bit beside myself because now I have a yoga that does not yoga (touchscreen does not work after updates) and now I can't even consistantly scroll  I tried to uninstall it as per the readme that came with the update but that does not even work, complaining that a dll file is not a valid windows application.

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This T61 was driving everyone crazy with extremely long  boot times, but has been restored to it's original Vista installation, after which it worked extremely well for a short time. Then the Fn key utilities began to die, usually after a System Update session. I've read numerous posts about restoring these utilities which indicate that there is a critical load order of the drivers.  It seems that you can download and install all of the proper drivers but if you don't do them in the right order they still won't work.  Peachy. Now my Trackpoint scroll button has fallen victim to the latest System Update session (more fool I).  This has finally pushed me over the edge as it was one of the features I liked most about the machine. I'm fed up with spending hours on trial and error downloads and installs and need to get some work done.  I'm looking for a "Start Over" procedure that would just clear the whole darn  bunch of  Lenovo drivers and utilities out and reload the whole thing in whatever order is necessary.  Failing that, the plan is to do a custom install of  W7-64 (required anyway for future versions of Adobe Production Premium video suite). Any ideas?

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Hi, I just got my Twist and while using it I've noticed that when using the TrackPoint's scroll feature in the Modern UI or any Modern UI apps that it acts like I'm using the arrow keys, this is most evident in the Startscreen. It works as expected on the desktop and trackpad scrolling works as expected everywhere. The first thing I did when it got home was to run all the updates that everything wanted, so I am on the latest driver. Anyone else experiencing this and does anyone know how to fix it? EDIT alternatively since this is my first Thinkpad, is this behavior normal?


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Answer:s230u trackpoint scroll acting funny in Modern UI

I think this is normal. Frankly, if I'm using a modern UI program I'm probably scrolling by touching the screen anyway, so it isn't something I often notice. 

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In a rushed situation, when removing the laptop keyboard to clean, I pulled off the middle button above the trackpad, in doing so breaking it. My question is simple. Is it possible to buy a replacement of just that button or would I need to buy a new keyboard/get it serviced.


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Answer:E320 trackpoint scroll button broken. Is it at all possible to get a replacement?

how did you break the trackpoint button? There is a piece you can break off under the red cap, which you can put back.Lenovo don't sell the scroll button separately (unless you are talking about the red cap).

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i had to go back to 14393, and the problem was solved, but the officical upgrade for 15063 is coming soon, so is there any solution?

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Hey All, I have Edge 330. My trackpoint scroll is scrollling down vrey crudly - as if i am pressing page-down continuously. This happens on all prgorams but IE. All other forms of scroll work fine (mouse or touchpad).I have the latest driver, and no idea what more I can do.  Any assistance will be appreciated.   

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I use X1 Carbon 3rd gen. Windows 7.
Scroll browser, every half of screen scroll, some lines are skipped maybe 10 or 15 lines. Screen scrolled with hopped.
It's very inconvenient.
Scrolling Method  option is "traditional" . "standard doesn't work.
Anyone know how fix it?  Is there any problem in "Synaptics ThinkPad UltraNav" ? 

Answer:X1 Carbon (3rd Gen, 2015) Trackpoint scroll problem in Chrome browser

I don't have this exact issue but my scrolling is very choppy, especially using the Touchscreen (but the Trackpoint and Trackpad too).  Does the same issue occur for you with the other scrolling methods? For me, it's like the X1 is having a hard time keeping up with the web pages but the lines/elements do load eventually.

____________________________________________________________2015 3rd Gen. X1 Carbon | i5-5300U+256GB SSD+QHD (2560x1440) | IPS Multi-touch2012 x220 (i7-2640M 2.8GHz) | 8GB RAM | IPS display | upgraded 256GB mSATA Samsung SSD + 160GB SSD

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I have a ThinkPad 13. I installed the latest Elan drivers (version:; dated: November 17, 2016)
Is there a way to disable horizontal scroll when using middle-button + TrackPoint? This post describes similar behavior and fix for another model:
I see a settings file: C:\Program Files\Elantech\ETDSetup.ini, but there are a ton of settings in there. Some screen shots...
I want to disable this:

And default to this:

Control Panel does not have options for this setting:


Answer:ThinkPad 13: TrackPoint - Disable horizontal middle-button scroll

I am going to bring this one back from the dead. I have a Yoga 260 and have this same issue. I would prefer to disable horizontal scrolling with the TrackPoint, but if I have to will disable it for the entire OS.

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Hiduring browsing or text scrolling using trackpoint and middle mouse button my X1 Carbon 3 starts to scroll the page and in about half of it jumps to next screen just like "PgDn" has been pressed instead of it, and the again scrolls few lines and jumps...I have searched thru system setup - Synaptics options and did not found any switch...Any suggestions how to force system to smootch continuous scroll?Grzegorz

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We are starting to Roll out the T440s laptop. We are running into issues with the Trackpad like everyone else. It appears that if I want to use the Right-Click button in the upper corner I can only do so if I am using the Trackpoint. If I use the trackpad and try to Right-Click in the upper corner it does nothing. If I use the lower corner it works 50% of the time.If I use the Trackpoint and the upper right corner it works. However if I use the lower right it does not. Is there a way to change the behavior of the Trackpad/point so that I can use either the upper right and lower right at all times?It's going to be a pain to train users to use only the bottom or top depending on if they are using the Trackpad/Point.Thanks!

Answer:T440s Top Right-Click only works with TrackPoint

I initially had this experience with my first Clickpad equipped machine, which was a T440s, and since I am a die-hard TrackPoint enthusiast, I simply disabled the touchpad in BIOS. It worked fine like that for me, but when I got my Helix, I decided to tinker with it for it to better suit my needs, and what I did was to make the right click areas bigger in the UltraNav config utility (Control Panel -> Mouse -> ThinkPad tab), and select Large in the button size.
After I did this, my whole experience of the Clickpad changed to the better, so I've enabled the touchpad again on my T440s, and the device is just superb to work on now. Sometimes I actually find myself using the touchpad, tapping (two finger tap for right click) and gestures specially, which I hardly ever do on my older ThinkPads.
Screenshot of my settings.
ThinkPad Mouse config
See if this helps you out.

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I made the jump recently from Vista 32 to 64 and after  installing drivers i noticed that i can no longer tap the trackpoint instead of left click - have you guys noticed that ?

Answer:Trackpoint driver works differently than the older one

 Same issue here with W7 - the UltraNav program says everything is working and the driver is the latest release.  However, the TouchPad is dead as a door nail.  Lenovo can you share anything with us on this?

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I have just received my new X240 Laptop which has Windows 8 OS installed.
For some reason, the TrackPoint is disabled and I can't enable it to make it work.
I checked even the BIOS setting and found that it's enabled just fine.
The touchpad works and I have the latest driver of UltraNav but the TrackPoint doesn't work.
I also tried to go to a previous driver of UltraNav but no luck.
Do you have any idea how I can enable the TrackPoint? under the control Panel it seems Disabled.
Moderator edit: Matched subject to content.

Answer:New X240 touchpad works but TrackPoint doesn't

Hello, I just really resolved "Famous" issue with Lenovo X240 Trackpoint and wanted to share my experience. In December 2014 I've bought Lenovo X240 and for some time used it with mouse only. Recently I took it the trip and recognized that TrackPoint is not working at all. I had X60s before and TrackPoint was always very userful, so I was very disappointed from new X240. Yes, I've checked it' was enabled in BIOS. Yes, I've tested all available drivers from Lenovo and Synaptics. I even bought new keyboard and replaced it - no result. Finally I decided to check contacts on the way from main board to TrackPoint. Bingo, I found defective soldering and what is pity - both brand new keyboards have the same defect! Please refer to attached photos. Shame on Lenovo, because Trackpoint is solid part of ThinkPad brand for sure. To fix it you need to disassemble laptop in the way that's required to change keyboard. You also need special low power soldering iron with sharp thin adapter, better binocular lens and hard hand like surgeon Smiley Happy Just re-solder contacts from flat cable that goes to main board to designated contacts at keyboard assembly. - I've marked exact place by red figures on attached photos.. To be 200% sure that you identified proper contacts to resolder, take something sharp and touch these contacts that look not well-made - they will move

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it only does this sometimes which is why it's so annoying :/ So, I boot up & start using my laptop, trackpoint scroll (middle button) is working fine but then it just stops working after 5mins or 1/2hr it hasn't actually done this in over a month but today it did it & a reboot did not fix it   I've had 2 Lenovo Tablet PCs before this one & none of them ever did this   

Answer:Trackpoint Scroll stops working after it has been working after bootup, intermitant

I know this is old post but...This sounds like a driver issue or a hardware issue. First verify your type of trackpad than download and reinstall the trackpoint software from Lenovo from here Drivers see if that helps. If this does not help this might be a hardware wear issue this laptops are 6 years old. I have one myself but I use Linux on mine.

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Hi there, I have a weird problem. First, I am running Windows 7 beta (build 7100) on my T60 (type 2007), so that could be the reason, and I assume it's probably software related in any case. But anyway, in case some of you have experience with the problem, here goes.The other day the mouse buttons on my UltraNav, for no apparant reason, stopped functioning. The trackpoint is working fine as is the middle scroll-button and the touchpad. But I can't left or right-click. Both the buttons above and below the touchpad are gone. Pretty weird, as the upper mouse buttons are connected through the keyboard-connector-cable and the touchpad and the buttons below that are connected via a seperate cable. I've checked the settings in the UltraNav tab and they're ok, and I'm using the latest driver (9137), and have tried reinstalling it.No luck. Any ideas - besides reinstalling/downgrading Windows, which I'll probably do anyway if nothing else helps?

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All of a sudden the Up & Down Arrow Keys, the Page Up & Page Down Keys, the Home & End Keys no longer work properly. Whenever I click on any of them nothing happens or I am taken to the very bottom of the page. The only way I can move up & down the page is to use the Scroll Bar. Any suggestions?

Answer:Only Scroll Bar Now Works

[[b]Please disregard...Keys are now back working again./b]

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No idea what happened. I was using the laptop without issue and suddenly the trackpad and trackpoint (and left/right click buttons) all stopped working. Went and grabbed a wired mouse, that works fine, as does the keyboard. Any ideas? I have been through the control panel settings and absolutely nothing has changed. Tried turning it off and on again, and truning the settings for each option off and on and reset to default, and nothing. Please help! This sucker is way to new for this... 

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I've got the latest drivers installed, but the scroll bar on the side of my touch pad only works in Windows and IE. Any tips on getting it to work in Firefox?

its a Synaptics touch pad on a HP notebook if it helps.

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Vista 64. The mouse is an old Logitech UltraX optical, which both MS and Logitech sya uses built-in Vista drivers. The mouse is recognised as a HID compliant device, so I don;t have many advanced options in the control panel / mouse options.

The wheel works everywhere except IE7 and office. Now I presume the office part will get fixed if I can get the IE7 part to work.

Any ideas?

Answer:Scroll wheel works everywhere except IE7 and office

sounds like you might have a bad mouse- my optical with vista drivers works (scroll) in IE and office (though sometimes you need to click the page). I recently had to replace my wireless mouse because the scroll stopped working properly ( there is like a gear in it that clicks- half the time it just spun "freely", and It would not catch to allow scroll function).

If you slowly roll the scroll bar, and it doesnt catch/click every 1/8" of an inch, then it is bad.

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Had to reinstal my Win7 after not being happy with Win 10 download - found I cannot use my cordless Logitec M210 mouse to zoom in & out using scroll anymore - tried Mouse settings/Control Panel & Keyboard sett's - no settings for zoom there. Can zoom in on pictures in Win Photo Viewer using keyboard but find it bit messy. My mouse zoom used to be great - had such a fine control. Any help appreciated.

Answer:zoom scroll no longer works in mouse

Hi & welcome to the Forum.

You will probably need to reinstall the Logitech mouse software. Go to the Logitech website & click on the downloads tab. Then search for your mouse & when you have found the right one, download the software & install it.

Make sure you get the 64 bit version if your Windows 7 installation is also 64 bit.

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Could anyone with working scroll please go to these keys in regedit and export them to a reg file and copy and paste the content here? I'm trying to fix non-scroll in MS apps only, meaning scroll works in other apps. MS are not interested in helping, eventhough its their FUBAR.

I like the reg keys from ALPS touchpad, best if its Ultranav.




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Had to reinstal my Win7 after not being happy with Win 10 download - found I cannot use my cordless Logitec M210 mouse to zoom in & out using scroll anymore - tried Mouse settings/Control Panel & Keyboard sett's - no settings for zoom there. Can zoom in on pictures in Win Photo Viewer using keyboard but find it bit messy. My mouse zoom used to be great - had such a fine control. Any help appreciated.

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I've not even had this up and running for a week and on the first day, and every day, the mouse will freeze where I can't get the pointer to move.  Yet, with that being said, I'm able to move the scroll wheel in the middle and the page does go up and down.  I'm recognizing a pattern where it seems, from my best memory, that it's only happening when I'm scrolling up and down.  No matter what I try to do, clicking the mouse, esc key etc. nothing takes it out of this lock down, but usually, in a minute or less, it starts working again. Any idea why this is happening and what to do about it.  Being this is a new computer and doing it right out of the box, I'm wondering "what's next?"  I've also become aware that I'll start typing and sometimes the first letter won't register, but I'm not going to worry about that now, it may be my error and trying to get use to the new keyboard, but will keep my eye on it - is anyone else experiencing something like this? Any suggestions on what to do about the mouse?  When it happened today, it was the longest lock-up yet.  I'd like to find a fix for this before it really turns in to a more re-occuring problem. THANKS!!! 

Answer:Mouse Freezes But Scroll Wheel Works???

Just happened again, a bit longer it seems, again with the cursor on the scroll bar, and yet, the wheel moved the page up and down - definitely a pattern happening here.

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The trackpoint middle scrolling button doesn't work for some of the newer applications such as ITunes, the newest versions of Picasa, Windows Live Mail, Safari, and Windows Live Writer.Below is a fix applicable to all Windows OS's. The location of the edited file may vary so look in the Device Manager under trackpoint driver details to find driver locations.The file must be edited as an administrator in Vista and Windows 7. To do this, at the programs box type in notepad and on the notpad program in the menu right click and select, "Run as Administrator."In Win7 x64 it is located at: (edit with Notepad run as Administrator).c:\Program Files\Lenovo\Trackpoint\tp4table.dat; Google Picasa*,*,picasa3.exe,*,*,*,WheelStd,0,9; Windows Live Mail*,*,wlmail.exe,*,*,*,WheelStd,0,9; Windows Live Writer*,*,WindowsLiveWriter.exe,*,*,*,WheelStd,0,9; Apple ITunes*,*,itunes.exe,*,*,*,WheelStd,0,9; Apple Safari*,*,safari.exe,*,*,*,WheelStd,0,9Especially for "X" series owners that do not have the touchpad this is helpful.Thanks for the tip by Matthew Kohut of Lenovo for mentioning that this technique had previously been done for other programs such as OpenOffice.Message Edited by dfumento on 05-13-2009 12:12 PMMessage Edited by dfumento on 05-13-2009 12:13 PMMessage Edited by dfumento on 05-13-2009 12:14 PM

X201s 1440x900 LED backlight 2.13 GHz, 8 GB, Intel X25-M 160 GB SSD, Intel 6200 a/b/g/n, BT, 6-cell, 9-cell, Windows Ultimate 7 x64 SP1 RC, 3G/4G WiFi Hotspot, Lenov... Read more

Answer:Fixing Trackpoint Scroll for ITunes, Picasa, Safari, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Writer

Added the New York Times reader which now has its second version based on Adobe Air.  ; New York Times Reader*,*,Times Reader.exe,*,*,*,WheelStd,0,9  Check out this review of the program: 

X201s 1440x900 LED backlight 2.13 GHz, 8 GB, Intel X25-M 160 GB SSD, Intel 6200 a/b/g/n, BT, 6-cell, 9-cell, Windows Ultimate 7 x64 SP1 RC, 3G/4G WiFi Hotspot, Lenovo USB to DVI converter

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I have an Aspire 5750, with the Elan touchpad with a verticle scroll bar on the touch pad.  Since upgrading to Windows 10 this no longer works, i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both with the current windows 7 and 8 64 bit drivers but i have have had no success, please could you advise if there is something I am doing wrong.


Answer:Aspire 5750 vertical scroll bar no longer works

Go to Device Manager. Do you see any device errors? Jack E/NJ

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Microsoft wireless 4000, Windows 7 (64 bit).

In Mouse Properties, I have assigned the scroll wheel on the mouse to page forward in my web browser (firefox) when I press down on the wheel. This worked fine up until recently. But lately, when I press down on the scroll wheel, a scroll symbol appears on the screen and the web page scrolls up or down with any vertical mouse movement, and does not page forward, as it did previously.

I made sure the settings for the wheel shows "forward (browser)" and applied this setting. However, the wheel continues to fail to utilize the "page forward" function and keeps bringing up the scroll symbol on the screen when I press down on the scroll wheel. Anyone know what's going on?

Answer:Mouse scroll wheel assignment no longer works.

Try setting the option to something else, apply, then set back to what you want. I had to do this with my Logitech mouse a few times.

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Hey, I recently had to reinstall Windows 7 Ultimate on my G530-4446. My touchpad works, but the scrolling doesn't. When I go to Control Panel > Mouse - I notice that the settings are no longer there to control the scrolling. I remember there was a driver I downloaded previously that corrected this issue, but cannot find it anywhere (I've been searching for 2 solid days now). If anyone could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Answer:G530-4446 - Win7 - Scroll on touchpad no longer works

hi mcal,
 Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
Here is a driver of your Touchpad, Please try to install this and see if it works with the Scroll feature
 "this should also put back the settings tab under mouse properties"
Windows 8/7/XP/Vista 64/32-bit Edition v16.3.15.1
This driver is updated version from synaptics website.
Hope this helps,

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I am running a MS-Dos program under windows xp. I have worked with the compatibility options and it works fine in the non-full screen dos window. However, in full screen the inputed data does not scroll - it just replaces a single line. In full screen, if you leave and go to another area of the program (such as a help screen) and come back, the scrolled data is there. What can I adjust? I have tried running under many options (95 compat, colors, different screen sizes)

Answer:ms-dos program under xp full screen does not scroll items - works fine in window

There's no need to start a brand new Topic for the same also have yet to let us know what program this might be as requested...

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On a Dell Latitude E5530 with the Alps touchpad, I find that the two-finger scroll gesture works very poorly in one direction. (I have the "reverse direction" option selected, and I can easily scroll webpages down, but up sometimes works okay, but often scrolls very very little at a time, or I have to press down quite hard on the touchpad to get it to scroll correctly).
I also notice that when I two-finger-tap to get the right-click menu, it often misses it, and I have to do it again, harder. But it doesn't seem that just "harder" is the issue, because two-finger scrolling webpages down always works well; it's just up that works poorly/ requires me to press much harder.
This is under Windows 10 Pro 64-bit; has happened under all Windows 10 versions (Anniversary, Creators Update, and Fall Creators Update), and has the Microsoft-signed, Alps-labelled, version 10.1207.101.103 date 6/23/2015 driver.
I have tried reducing the TouchGuard sensitivity; that didn't help. I've turned off all other gestures just to make sure that the touchpad wasn't misinterpreting my gestures - that also did not help.
Any suggestions?

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For a while now, I have wondered why the virtual buttons shown in the utility don?t function as advertised. According to the utility, I should get a left click if I depress the left are of the touchpad, a middle click if I push on the bumps, and a right click if I depress the right half of the touchpad. In my experience, I get a left click regardless of where I depress the touchpad. The only exception is when I depress the bumps in the top middle of the touchpad?when I do that, the mouse enters some weird scrolly mode where I scan scroll stuff with the trackpoint. It definitely does not emit a middle click. But, more importantly, I cannot figure out how to get trackpoint mode to emit a right click. How do I get trackpoint classic mode to work? Is there a way to downgrade the drive or use a non-lenovo branded driver to get it to behave properly? Right now, I?m relying on an external mouse just to middle click and right click. I?m using Windows 10 b10240 and, as in the post?s title, my trackpoint driver is the latest listed on Lenovo?s support site (which I think WU actually installed for me)? Why don?t the virtual buttons work and are there any other workarounds that don?t involve using a mode other than Trackpoint Classic?


Go to Solution.

Answer:T540p unable to right-click with virtual buttons in trackpoint or trackpoint classic mode

Seems to have partially fixed iteslf since Windows Update (WU) installed 19.0.16. Now the right half of my touchpad performs a right click when in TrackPad Classic mode. However, the supposed ?middle click? zone still does a weird scrolly mode instead of sending a middle click. Guess I still have to use an external mouse to accomplish a middle click when using Classic TrackPoint mode, but at least the situtaion is better than when I couldn?t right click with this mode.

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Hi, I got an S230u Twist last autumn and have been really happy with it. At the time, I ordered a set of replacement rubber TrackPoint caps. When I replaced the original cap the other day, I realised that the replacement ones are about 0.5mm shorter than the original one, with the result that the H and G keys get caught on the edge of the cap; you have to hit them quite hard to get them to work. I compared all the new caps from the packet against the original one, and sure enough; they're all a little too short. They fit, but it's annoying to have to go back and make sure all my ""G"s and "H"s typed correctly.  Has anyone else had the same problem? Lenovo, could this just have been a bad batch, and if so can I return the unused ones for a replacement set that is the correct height? 

Answer:S230u - replacement trackpoint TrackPoint caps are too short

If you bought them from Lenovo I'd just try and return them. If not dispute on eBay/PayPal/Credit Card. But never use poor quality TrackPoint Caps. Remember if a computer is running efficiently so is the person behind it generally. 

ThinkPad Twist S230U-OS-Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bitCPU-Intel Core i7 3517U @ 1.90GHz Ivy Bridge 22nm TechnologyRAM-8.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24)Motherboard-LENOVO 3347CTO (CPU Socket - U3E1)Graphics-Wide viewing angle & High density FlexView Display 1366x768 ([email protected]) Intel HD Graphics 4000 (Lenovo)Storage-298GB Seagate ST320LT007-9ZV142 (SATA) 22GB SanDisk SSD U100 24GB (SSD) 29GB SDHC Card (SCSI)Audio-Realtek High Definition Audio

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Hi, I wonder whether there is a way to enable press-to-click for the trackpoint on the new x1? In the respective settings there is no such options and I searched everywhere, somebody found it? Next question: In order to avoid the annoying noise of the clickpad everytime you press it, I would like to use the tap function of the touchpad while using the trackpoint to move the cursor. Unfortunately, tapping on the pad seems to be disabled during use of trackpoint - any smart hack to get this workig? Thanks to all,J

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     I have Dell Inspiron13 7000 series laptop.Everything was working fine until 2 weeks back.
Suddenly I wasn't able to use F11/F12 keys to controll brightness.Even if I clicked I wasn't getting the actual brightness bar.I checked some blogs and youtube videos, which helped me and it fixed my issue.
Suddenly after almost a week or so, I am getting another issue.I can scroll up or down the brightness however it doesn't change any brightness level.Right now it is too bright but I can't change it.
Has anyone been facing this issue or resolved this?
Laptop was in perfectly operating condition before.I have been getting these issues recently after regular windows update.

Answer:Dell Screen Brightness Issue - (Fn11/Fn12 works, Able to Scroll Up and Down, but no effect on brightness)

Hi Sulo11,Thanks for posting.Here is some information which helped another user with a similar circumstance:

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I find it very annoying...but apparently theres nothing you can do about it. And it gets much worse/louder over time.

Answer:Don't you hate how your mouse scroll wheel clicks and makes noises when you scroll up

Mines smooth and dosent click. Ive never noticed it on any mouse ive used either..

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I have an HP desktop running Windows XP, and everytime I use the mousewheel or the scrollbar to scroll up or down in IE or Outlook2003, the computer shuts completely down. I tried updating the drivers for the mouse, uninstalling and reinstalling them, I tried different mouses, and I can't seem to find a source for the problem. When the system shuts down I never get the "Win XP Has recovered from a serious error" message. Id appreciate any help I can ge>>>>

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Hello!I recently bought the Lenovo E570 which is great! However my main issue surrounds the laptops inabilty to use a vertical edge scroll or a one finger scroll which isn't accessible as this laptop only supports the two finger scrolling option. So I'm wondering if its anyhow possible to use an edge scroll, whether I'd need to download new drivers or a third party program? Or is it just not possible.

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can some 1 please tell me how to make the scroll bar thingy just like right now on the right right here on majorgeeks... man thats a lot of rights

you know the one that makes the page go down....

THANK YOU VERY MUCH :major:major:major

Answer:html (making scroll thingy :D) think it's called scroll bar

What do you mean? You want it embedded in a web page? I believe you will need a frame to do that.

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Hello, I got my new Lenovo Ideapad U410 (Windows 7) yesterday and I'm just starting to get things going. The one thing that has been bothering me is that I can't scroll uing the touchpad. It must be the Page Up button/Scroll Lock using the Fn Key, but I've tried it and absolutely nothing happens. The Fn Key works for the upper keys (F1, F5, etc.) but not for the buttons on the side (Home/Pause, End/Break, PgUp/ScrLk, PgDn/Insert). I figure I should reinstall keyboard drivers? I'm really sorry, I've looked through different threads but it seems they all have a different solution and I'm getting a bit confused haha.  Thank you!

Answer:U410 Scroll Lock / FN Key not working - I can't scroll using the touchpad

Hi, since you got the laptop yesterday, did you install / uninstall any drivers? Or did the problem exist  right up? ?f the former please roll the driver(s) back. ?f the problem occured later on,you could do a system restore, if you have a restore point, or even since the system is so new,you could restore to factrory settings. after backing up. Otherwise please call Lenovo support, they'll advise you.

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Hi I am new here

So I have this question. I bought a new laptop and everything seems to be in good order. I have pretty decent working knowledge of a computer and can troubleshoot most things myself, but this one really gets me.

Apparently,this scroll bar jumps back to it's original location after I try to scroll down, or change it's position in any way, so I can't make it stay. I have tried reinstalling the software for the external mouse, but it had no effect. This issue seems to be prominent with the touch pad on the laptop also, so we can assume it isn't a hardware issue, especially since all the other scroll bars work.

The programs I have an issue with are Reason v5 and Steam. Most of you are probably familiar with Steam so I will tell you where I have this issue there. It occurs in the games library with the scroll bar indexing the games on the left. Any ideas??

Thanks for your help in advance.

Oh and just to add to this. I tried scrolling with the keys and it also jumps back.

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^^, but I still want to keep the scroll bar. Its just the arrows which I want to get rid of.

Additionally, it it possible to make the scroll bar transparent but still keep the box that move (or change opacity settings at all)?

What about changing the color of the scroll bar? I always have trouble seeing the box because it is gray on gray.

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I know this has been brought up before, but I cannot remove the scroll lock from Excel as there is no scroll lock button.  I have tried Fn+C, Fn+delete to no avail.  It must be there somewhere?? Help wanted please.


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Answer:Lenovo W510 scroll lock stuck - no scroll lock key

Hi, Anton8
I did some research and found this document from Microsoft that may help. If Scroll Lock is turned on, but there is no Scroll Lock on your keyboard, then you may want to try using the On-Screen Keyboard and see if it is enabled there, There is also a setting on the status bar that should allow you to disable it.
Hope it helps,Adam

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Question: Trackpoint

I T440s which I updated to Windows 10.  I updated the Lenovo drivers after updating and I have the latest Trackpaad/trackpoint drivers.  I want to use the track point but not the touchpad.  When I go into settings and choose either "Classic Trackpoint" or "Trackpoint Only", the buttons on the trackpad do not work.  Help, Please. Jim

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Question: Trackpoint cap

I'm not sure if this is the place I'm supposed to post this. I absolutely hate the trackpoint when I type.  I type quite fast and I hit the trackpoint every once in a while -- but this is enough to really get on my nerves.  It's absolutely distracting.  Imagine typing out your thoughts then all of a sudden you hit the thing, get distracted, then irritated, and your thoughts gone.  ThinkPads are supposed to help you think.  The trackpoint unfortunately doesnt...  Are there a replacement tips that's depressed enough (and maybe colored black...) so that I dont hit it accidentally when I type?  Removing the tip works fine -- but it looks so ugly without it (makes it look like i'm using a broken equipment). Oh and I dont mind if the replacement cap will render the trackpoint unusable.  I just need it low enough so I dont accidentally hit it.


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Answer:Trackpoint cap
these are the three different types of trackpoint caps. You might get lucky with the first type and there is no black trackpoint caps produced by Lenovo. 
You can disable the trackpoint by pressing Fn + F8 in windows and then select trackpad only. You can also disable trackpoint from BIOS menu. 

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Question: Trackpoint gone...

I did the usual "Windows update" this morning. After the installation had completed I noticed that my Trackpoint has "disappeared"! There is no reaction whatsoever when pressing the red dot and I can't control the mouse with it any more. I then checked in the control panel (no trace) and then had to learn, that it doesn't even exist in the device manager, either. I then rebooted, no change. I then even powered off and reboot from power off again, still no trackpoint! And after I downloaded the trackpoint driver from the Lenovo drivers download site and wanted to (re-)install the driver, I got an error message "this driver can not be installed on non-trackpoint systems". ?!? What? What the %@[email protected]#*%?  Where has my trackpoint gone??? How come, that it has completely disappeared? How do I get this thing working again? Edited: I later noticed, that a part of that Windows Update apparently was a new "Wacom Two Finger Touch" driver. Might that have to do with my disappeared Trackpoint? Michael PS.: Boy - is this annoying to have to work without Trackpoint! 


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Answer:Trackpoint gone...

I just had to learn that there is a Fn-key (F8) that allows to enable/disable Trackpoint and Touchpad. I must have accidentally operated that button without noticing (in fact, I hadn't even known before that there IS such an option...).Its setting was on "Touchpad only". After re-enabling the trackpoint there everything came back to normal. Wheew. What a relieve! :-) And it (most probably) had nothing to do with the Windows Update - just an unlucky conincidence! Michael

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I did not suspect that this was a virus.  But while Google-ing for a solution I came across a post here that resoved the issue.
Based on Chrome support forums suggestions:
1. Even though IE and FireFox can download files I have tried to disable the scanning of download.  via a registry change under MS\policy key.
2. Disable Anti-virus
3. Renaming AVG8.dlls and rebooting.
4. Running Malware AntiBytes
5. Uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome.
My futile attempts to clean the machine:
1. I have tried to disable any toolbars (AVGSafeSearch)
2. Uninstall all AntiVirus appliactions.  I found traces of AVG8, AVG9, Advast, and AVG2104.
3. When that failed I loaded MS Security Essentials
4.  Check for multiple firewalls running
5. Installed new copies of IE and Chrome
6. Ran windows update, just to be up to date.
7. Ran SFC /Scannow
8. Ran SuperAntiSpyware
9. Ran Spybot S&D
10. Ran TDSSLiller
11. Ran HitManPro 3.7
The registry has strange random numeric entries that I believe came from a virus.  I am in over my head and need the help of a professional volunteer.
DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_x86 
Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16561  BrowserJavaVersion: 10.51.2
Run by Severe Family at 23:34:37 on 2014-07-17
============== Running Processes ================
c:\Prog... Read more

Answer:Chrome reports Virus Scan Failed on all downloads, IE works FireFox Works

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To help Bleeping Computer better assist you please perform the following steps:
*************************************************** In order to continue receiving help at, YOU MUST tell me if you still need help or if your issue has already been resolved on your own or through another resource! To tell me this, please click on the following link and follow the instructions there.CLICK THIS LINK >>> <<< CLICK THIS LINK
If you no longer need help, then all you needed to do was the previous instructions of telling me so. You can skip the rest of this post. If you do need help please continue with Step 2 below.
***************************************************If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lower right hand of t... Read more

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Hi there,
I have had this error for about 1 week after I installed/uninstalled several VPN services.  
I have "internet access"  on both Local Area Connection and WIFI but, none of my browsers are
displaying a webpage.  Skype works, TOR works (I am using TOR's default proxy
settings to get online with Chrome).  On Chromes start page it even shows my name as logged into
GMAIL! (before I switched to the TOR proxy settings.)
Here is what I have tried 
Flushing the DNS
release/renew ip
reset winsock
disabled/re-enabled both adapters
Unistalled/reinstalled both network adapters
shutoff the firewall
booted into safemode
removed my antivirus
Ran a few scripts
winsock repair
windows repair (all-in-one) tweaknow
mini toolbox
Run MBAM scan
and MSE scan
Reset IE to default.
Cleared proxy setings.
Re-installed the adapter client, service and protocols,
This is driving me nuts! Its got to be something easy that I am missing!
Any help would be appreciated!
MINITOOLBOX did these modifications:
also attached as txt file.

Answer:Can't display Webpage-Internet Access-Skype works,TOR works, GMAIL signs in!

Also the DNS has been set to Google DNS-servers.
Error: (07/14/2013 05:16:31 PM) (Source: PostgreSQL) (User: )
Description: FATAL:  could not create any TCP/IP sockets

Error: (07/14/2013 09:34:57 PM) (Source: cdrom) (User: )
Description: The device, \Device\CdRom0, has a bad block.
What you can try is to check with Google Chrome Portable ( if you have internet with it. 

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I did not suspect that this was a virus.  But while Google-ing for a solution I came across a post here that resolved the issue.
Nasdaq in thread helped me remove all the viruses and malware, but I still can’t download with Chrome with the virus scanning turned on.  Nasdaq also believes that there is a problem with ‘Security Center” because FSS.exe run as Administrator cannot report on multiple security features.  The last FSS.log will be posted shortly. 
Is it possible to get Chrome to download and scan these downloads?  Or will I need to reimage this machine?

Answer:Chrome reports Virus Scan Failed on all downloads, IE works FireFox Works

The fact that Internet Explorer and Firefox aren't exhibiting this problems makes me suspicious of Google Chrome being corrupt.
I would try uninstalling Chrome in the Control panel under Programs and Features.
I would then type regedit in the Search programs and files box and press Enter.
When the registry opens click on Edit and then click on Find.
In the find search box type Chrome and then click on Find next.
This should show up as highlighted in blue, right click on this and choose delete.
Do the same with Google Chrome.
Now download Chrome and install it and see if the problem still persists.
Warning:  Do not make any other changes other than those I've suggested.  A wrong change in the registry can result in your computer being unresponsive.
Edit:  I will not download anything to my computer unless I know exactly what it contains.

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My lenovo laptop b575e keyboard dont works, it works only in bios and linux systems. External usb keyboard works well in all places. In the past i  have worked on all versions of windows and several linuxes, and keyboard working well from windowsXP
trough Windows10. I see this problem after last windows10 threshold update.
I have tried to reinstall system with complete hd format, but keyboard dont works.

In bios keyboard working well, when i run from HirensBoot disc   on from  cdBootable miniLinux keyboard works, but when i run mini windows xp from this bootable cd keyboard stops his work.

I have tried to uninstall hd from motherboard, and have changed ram but dont works too.
can anybody help me?

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Hi Guru's
Internet works on and off with Built in Wifi -laptop but works good with Adapter.
It happened so many times. Sometimes it used to come back to normal when i switch my Modem& router off and turn it on..
this time it does not work even if i restart my modem and router. But it works perfectly fine when i attach a Wiressless adapter to Laptop .
Any help is appreciated.
Posting Minitool box log &  FSS log below
MiniToolBox by Farbar  Version:10-01-2013
Ran by Vinodh (administrator) on 20-02-2013 at 22:58:27
Running from "C:\Documents and Settings\Vinodh\My Documents\Downloads"
Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 (X86)
Boot Mode: Normal
========================= Flush DNS: ===================================
Windows IP Configuration
Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.
========================= IE Proxy Settings: ==============================
Proxy is not enabled.
No Proxy Server is set.
"Reset IE Proxy Settings": IE Proxy Settings were reset.
========================= FF Proxy Settings: ==============================
"Reset FF Proxy Settings": Firefox Proxy settings were reset.
========================= Hosts content: =================================       localhost
========================= IP Configuration: ===========================... Read more

Answer:Internet works on and off with Built in Wifi -laptop but works good with Adapter

Hello are you still having issues? 

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Before I describe my problem, I want to let you all know that this is my work laptop.  My work IT people have already tried a lot of things such as combofix, malwarebytes, restore points, etc for THREE DAYS.  Therefore, I apologize in advance if the work that they did make it more difficult to fix.  I am coming here as my last resort before they reimage my computer. 

At the beginging of this week (2/25), I noticed that I cannot access any website via Chrome.  Chrome shows a circle animiation in the upper left hand corner of the window.  I have no problem in accessing the same website with IE.  One interesting observation is that all icons (Gmail, Google Drive, Google Search, etc) show "color" when I bring up Chrome.  This usually mean that they can access their associated services.  Chrome can still access my gmail setting, including my bookmarks etc.  I looked and did not notice any redirection in my proxy settings.

I contacted my IT guys then an they tried every which way possible to fix my problem.  They noted that Chrome would work in "no sandbox" mode but that's not safe.  They said I had some malware infection and they took care of them.  However, even Malwarebytes show zero infection, Chrome never works.  IE never has any problems.

I hope that I can find some help in this forum.  Here is the DDS log.
DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_x86
Internet Explorer: 8.0.7600.17... Read more

Answer:Chrome only works in no sandbox mode | Internet Explorer works w/o problem

Hello TheBigDogz Welcome to The Forums!!Around here they call me Gringo and I'll be glad to help you with your malware problems.Very Important --> Please read this post completely, I have spent my time to put together somethings for you to keep in mind while I am helping you to make things go easier, faster and smoother for both of us!Please do not run any tools unless instructed to do so.We ask you to run different tools in a specific order to ensure the malware is completely removed from your machine, and running any additional tools may detect false positives, interfere with our tools, or cause unforeseen damage or system instability.Please do not attach logs or use code boxes, just copy and paste the text.Due to the high volume of logs we receive it helps to receive everything in the same format, and code boxes make the logs very difficult to read. Also, attachments require us to download and open the reports when it is easier to just read the reports in your post.Please read every post completely before doing anything.Pay special attention to the NOTE: lines, these entries identify an individual issue or important step in the cleanup process.Please provide feedback about your experience as we go.A short statement describing how the computer is working helps us understand where to go next, for example: I am still getting redirected, the computer is running normally, etc. Please do not describe the computer as "the same", this requires the extra step of looking back at... Read more

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Probably this is something simple in IE7 options/settings but I failed to figure it out.

This is happening on my desktop (am writing this on my laptop). It's failing to connect, with the exception being "secure" sites - https://....

Email is working fine.


PS this happened after we did Microsoft livecare free scan and implemented corrective actions (malware/virus deletions); it then prompted us to reboot, then indicated new Windows updates to install, and then it prompted us to re-install IE7

Answer:Solved: IE7 fails to connect to sites with http, works in https; email works fine

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My T400  display works  at BIOS startup but goes black was soon as Windows 7 starts to load..  Video out put  works  and I can see an  UN Backlit   image on the display.    Is there some sort  back light controller /driver that may be broken.


Go to Solution.

Answer:T400 Display works at start up but Dark after Windows 7 loads --- Video port works

Hi Dsieber,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per your query we understood that you are facing issue with No boot on ThinkPad T400.
This might be issue with display resolution.

Check booting the system in safe mode.
If the system is able to boot to safe mode then uninstall display drivers and check.
Check if can connect to any external display (TV or Monitor) to verify if the system is booting.

Hope this helps. 
Best regards,

Hemanth Kumar

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I'm having a similar problem to Chris Chu -

I just upgraded from Qwest DSL 1.5 Mbps with an Actiontec GT701 modem to the 12Mbps service with the Actiontec Q1000 modem, set up with just the default options.

I'm having a very peculiar problem. I can see the Q1000's GUI control panel ( and browse the Internet from a computer connected via wi-fi. However, a computer connected viaEthernet doesn't see the web or even the Q1000 control center. A ping from the Ethernet-connected machine times out. However, the Ethernet-connected machine CAN see the other machines connected to the Q1000 - I played an MP3 file from one of the other machines. So the router function for the LAN is working, but the Q1000 doesn't respond to a ping or let me see the external 'Net or even browse to the Q1000's GUI panel.

I've tried this with just one machine connected directly via Cat5 and none of the other Ethernet ports on the Q1000 used. I've done that from two different PCs, using 4 different Cat5 cables, and trying different ports on the Q1000. I've also tried it going through a D-Link switch with the same results from 4 different PCs.
All of these connections worked with the GT701 and the 1.5 Mbps service, but not with the Q1000. We even tried replacing the Q1000 with the same results. (Firmware versions were QAQ01-31.00L.34 on the first Q1000 and QAQ01-31.00L.33 ... Read more

Answer:Solved: WLAN works, WAN doesn't, router function works - Qwest ActionTec Q1000

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Hi, I'm a forum virgin so please be gentle with me.

I have a desktop and laptop sharing files and an internet connection via modem to D-Link router setup.

My laptop connects to the network via a Netgear PCMCIA wireless card when mobile and via an ethernet cable when sitting on the desk.

The wireless connection does everything it's supposed to do (network and internet access and sharing).

The ethernet connection only shares files but can not get an internet connection to be established.

I have Norton Internet Security but I think everything's alright with that otherwise I wouldn't be able to connect wirelessly. Correct? Are there different IP setup's for wireless/ethernet.

Why can I 'see' my desktop's files and share the printer via ethernet but I can't establish an internet connection unless I go wireless?

Everything's fine with the desktop.

Sorry for the ramble and thanks in anticipation.

Answer:Wireless fully works, Ethernet works for network but not for internet

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Hi there, I just connected a different (newer, but not brand new) external monitor to my T61.  When I toggle screens (fn-f7) the external display gets no signal in the 'external display only' position, but displays beautifully in the 'both' position.  This never happened with my old monitor.  I would like to use the external display and not have the laptop screen display.  Any ideas? Many thanks, Ellen

Answer:External monitor works only works when laptop screen displays

HTry this:After connecting external monitor, press win key+p and thrn choose projector only.Have a nice day

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I use MS Works (8.5) database for my company booking info, and mail merge the database into confirmation letters etc (MS Works word processor).

My office has a few computers networked, and they've all got works 8.5 on them, all of them mail merge without problems - except for my own desktop machine!!

As soon as I select Tools > Mail Merge > Open Data Source I get the error:

'Works cannot open the mail merge list you selected. The file may be damaged, or it may be in a file format that Works does not support.'

Can I stress again - these files work fine on all other machines (all XP), and the message pops up before I even select which file to merge with!!? Literally when I hit the menu item!

I tried uninstalling Works, removing all mention in the registry, and reinstalling - it still does it. The database file and letter files to merge them with are all held on another computer in the office, all computers access them the same way - using the MSHOME network, no workgroup or anything.

Any ideas?? Please help!!

I just tried opening one of the mail-merge letters and linking it to a completely empty database file, saving it and trying that on the problem computer. It still gave the error.

So it's 100% not the contents of any of the database fields that are causing this.

Answer:Works 8.5 Mail Merge Error - works on another machine on network though?!

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Hi all

I have got a new desktop PC, which works fine with Ethernet but I am not able to connect through wireless.When I tried to connect to the broadband, it says error connecting to the Broadband connection
Error 651: The modem (or other connecting device) has reported error. However, same comnnection works very well with my vista home premium Dell Laptop.

Thanks in advance

Answer:HP Pavillion PC with windows 8 works ethernet works well but not able to connect through wireless

How to reset TCP/IP by using the NetShell utility

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Have a WinXP Pro machine that the Paste function ceased to work on. Copy is still a valid option and drag and drop works for files. This is happening for both files in folders and from one text file to another. The computer is on an isolated network for TV production on our campus and does not have external access (even isolated thumbdrives).
I have removed the clipboard component and reinstalled it from an XP Pro (SP3) CD and it is still doing the same thing. If you try to run "clipbrd.exe" it will begin to launch but then does not respond. It is possible that we will have to reinstall XP on this machine, but I wanted to see if anyone had some good ideas on this first. We are using video production software on this machine and it is going to be a royal PITA to rebuild. I can get logs, but it takes some doing, so please be specific on what will be helpful in diagnosing this issue.


Answer:Paste is Greyed Out (Copy works, Drag'n'Drop works)

does this apply to you?;en-us;555173also you could do a sfc /scannowfrom the command prompt or run utility.

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on our dell 8500 we continually receive the title message,"works cannot complete the tasks, try restarting word or reinstalling works!"

My wife is the administrator and signed in as such which is supposedly the cure to get rid of this notice.

What next? Please?



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I downloaded some Microsoft updates, rebooted, and now my Microsoft Works Calendar won't come up. I've been to MS website and tried their fix - it didn't work. Next option is to delete Works and reload. My question is - will this deletion get rid of all of my data files along with the program? Also, is Outlook Express part of Works? I've tried to find out, but can't. I'm really concerned about making a mess of things.

Answer:Solved: Microsoft Works Calendar -works cannot access one or more files.......

Outlook Express is not part of Works.

What version of Works do you have and is it supported by Windows XP?

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The touchpad/trackpoint to move my cursor/arrow on the screen is not working. My USB Mouse works fine. Any ideas? Does not work when USB mouse is plugged in or not. Disreguard..........somehow it got turned off in BIOS

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Question: R400 trackpoint

I have a Thinkpad R400 with Windows 7 installed. I have tried several times to activate the trackpoint with no success.I have checked in the bios screen which lists it as active (automatic) but when I check under mice in the control panel it only gives me the touch pad not the track point.I performed a driver update which gave me UntraNav but it has the track point greyed out. Any assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:R400 trackpoint

Hi CountryLad, Have you installed Ultranav Utility and Ultranav Driver? Vince. 

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Hi, I have a Thinkpad x30, and die Trackpoint is great! Why is there no S10 or S9 with a Trackpoint? Should be perfect for these Netbooks. Best Regards,Stephan


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Answer:Ideapad S10 - Trackpoint?

Trackpoint is a Thinkpad only feature. This is one of the element tha distinguish Thinkpad from the rest of the Lenovo products.

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Hello. I have a w520 and a problem. Sometimes trackpoint is not working, and sometimes after reboot it begin working again. But after time it cancel working totally. I change a keyboard to a new and trackpoint works for about two weeks and now it not works again (. I have traing reboot a laptop, but it did not help ( To exclude a software problem I load new windows from a DVD, but trackpoint continies not to work... For all time touchpad and keyboard and mouse works fine. Trackpoint for all time have enable in BIOS. Trackpoint keys are not working also. May be anybody have an idea what problem with touchpad I have? Thank you. Stas.  

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I have a T60 laptop (purchased Jun 2006) which works great except for the trackpoint.  For the last few months, the trackpoint has not been working.  The touchpad works. Here are the steps I took to troubleshoot - 1.  Updated Ultra NAV driver and Utility software (the latest from lenovo website).  Actually un-installed old version and      re-installed new version2.  Updated the BIOS to the newer version and ensured that Trackpoint/NAV is set to enabled in BIOS3.  Replaced the keyboard (assumed it was a hardware problem).  During replacement, I made sure it was properly      seated to rule out a loose connection.4.  The motherboard was replaced last year (due to a another problem) so I assume it may not be the source of problem I have searched this and other websites but am out of luck.  Appreciate if any one can provide more leads/ideas to fix this.  I am not sure if this is software related. Thanks

Answer:Please help - Trackpoint not operational

how about the mouse properties is it enabled there

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Question: T440s - Trackpoint

I T440s which I updated to Windows 10.  I updated the Lenovo drivers after updating and I have the latest Trackpaad/trackpoint drivers.  I want to use the track point but not the touchpad.  When I go into settings and choose either "Classic Trackpoint" or "Trackpoint Only", the buttons on the trackpad do not work.  Help, Please.
Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.

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Question: Trackpoint problem

First of all, sorry if this questions been asked and answered. I've been searching off an on for several weeks for any online help to a trackpoint annoyance I've been having with no luck. I'm on a T61p running XP. (I upgraded the stock Vista, following an online guide). I have the Ultranav utility installed (I can see and change the options for the trackpoint/touchpad in the mouse control panel). Both the trackpoint and touchpad work. However, every once in a while the trackpoint just becomes totally unresponsive and the mouse pointer refuses to respond or move. For like 3-4 seconds. What's odd is that when this happens, the touchpad still works. (I'm trying to move or scroll with the trackpoint / topmost scroll button+trackpoint with now response, but use other finger to test touchpad and that responds.) It's really odd and really annoying. Has anyone had a similar problem? Any advice? Thanks!

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Question: Choppy Trackpoint

Hello, Got x120e the other day and I have one question: This is my first Thinkpad (and first time witha trackpoint) - the trackpoint moves kind of choppy. It's not smooth movements like with the trackpad, as if it's missing frames or something. It's still perfectly useable but seems odd. Is this normal?

Answer:Choppy Trackpoint

No, it's not normal.  Mine moves as smooth as the touchpad (if not smoother) and responds to how much I move the stick.  Have you looked into the UltraNav Properties field of the trackpoint?  I'll leave this up to the experts to help you here.  This is my first Lenovo product too. But I'll like to comment that I wish the trackpoint would be at positions where your fingers will be while holding the machine.  The middle position works fine for a bigger laptop, but this is an ultraportable. Remember the IBM PalmTopPC110? And the Toshiba Libretto: Some models' trackpoints are even located at behind the screen (i.e. on the lid).PalmTopPC110

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Hi all! The new s430 just arrived, containing some annoying problems :/ . One of them is the following: The Touchpad and the Trackpoint are not working at all. I can t de/activate them in the Win7-system-control. The drivers are up-to-date. Could it be a driver/software-problem? Greetings,Bvbnudel   

Answer:No Touchpad and Trackpoint

Hi Bvbnudel, Touchpad and Trackpoint are indeed different components, there is a little chance that will fail altogether. I would suggest re-install UltraNav driver and check with antivirus programs. For further assistance, please kindly contact local lenovo.UltraNav driver for Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Vista (32-bit, 64-bit) and XP (32-bit, 64-bit) - ThinkPad Support Center phone list for ThinkPad, ThinkCentre and ThinkStation systems

T61 + X201i

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Does anyone else have this problem?  Where the cursor keeps drifting after you let go when you are using the trackpoint? It doesn't do it all the time for me, but when it does, it kinda gets on my nerves.  Kinda takes the extra percision advantages away. Thanks!

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Answer:Trackpoint Drifting after let go

yeah i have that problem, and i have a friend with the same problem. its just because the rubber doesnt stay seated right on the piece is sitting on, if you push on it too hard. thats my guess, but i could be wrong. i notice if i dont push on the rubber part very hard it keeps that from happening. for some reason i always push straight down on the rubber piece and thats when it does it the most.

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For the past week or two it seems that the mouse clicks on its own on my T420. This is in TrackPoint only mode (TouchPad disabled) with press to select disabled. This issue is reproducible as it generally happens right after a normal click or unclick. For example, if I highlight text in a word processor by clicking and dragging my cursor over the text when I release the button the system registers a phantom click within the next second or so. I also have noticed these phantom clicks after middle clickling. Does this sound like a possible driver issue or should I go ahead and call to have a tech come out and replace parts?

Answer:TrackPoint clicks on its own

@nibs,Try uninstalling UltraNav, reboot the laptop then install it back and see if it helps. If problem persist then I guess its time to contact the techs.

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Just couple days ago, my TrackPoint started to get weird. It started to move extremely fast on certain direction, and even I set to the lowest sensitivity, it still move extremely fast. Basically I have no control of the track point anymore. I tried to plug in a notebook mouse with trackpoint turned on, I still can't move my mouse. I have to disable the trackpoint. I even tried to replace the red cap but still no use. Does anyone have this problem and know how to fix this? Thanks.

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Question: Trackpoint speed

Hello, I have lenovo X61s;  how do I speed up the pointer please?Angster


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Answer:Trackpoint speed

Open 'Control Panel > Mouse'.
Open the 'ThinkPad' or 'ThinkPad UltraNav' tab.
At the top next to 'Pointing Options', click 'Advanced'
In the 'General' tab, you will see 'TrackPoint pointing speed', adjust the slider,

Depending on which Ultranav version you have installed the steps may be slightly different, but they should be roughly the same.

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I recently got a Thinkpad T420.  One of my favorite features is the nub, but for the past few days the nub has been impossible to use.  It will click things randomly and rapidly and also freezes and shakes the mouse.  Once I deactivate trackpoint it works fine, but it's one of my favorite features. I just bought the computer two weeks ago so I can't imagine the keyboard breaking already. Is it a software problem or something?


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Answer:TrackPoint Problems

@OutWeRoll,Check and see if you have the latest UltraNav Driver and Utility. try booting into BIOS and reset to default. See if it helps.//JameZ

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I have an odd problem.  When I bootup to the login screen, the mouse is disabled.  I can use the keyboard just fine, but I can't move the mouse at all.  It's more of an annoyance than anything, but if anyone knows how to enable the mouse at startup, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your help,--sam

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Question: Trackpoint issues

Hello, I?ve got a Problem with the Trackpoint on my T460p running Windows 10.when I boot the device, the Trackpoint works fine for like 10 seconds, befor becoming unresponsive completly.The Trackpad and the Buttons above it, are working just Fine. The only problem I have with the middle button is, that the Trackpad becoms unresponsive for a few seconds after pressing it, when it?s mode is set to scrolling.Does anybody Else have this problem or can help me with mine?

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