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Can't set my Intel 4965agn card to connect to new N router

Question: Can't set my Intel 4965agn card to connect to new N router

X61tVista Business 32-bitUsing Windows to All,I have been using G wireless since purchasing my X61t in August 2008. Finally stepped up to N in my house. (LinkSys WRT310N) Wife's MacBook saw it and connected with no need to change ANYTHING. X61t, however, reports that it sees the router but that "The settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the reuirements of the network." (Mac 1, Windows 0) When I roll over the name of the SSID it correctly reported that it is an 802.11n signal. I looked at the wireless card properties in Device Manager and it lists 802.11n Mode as "enabled". Channel width is "Auto". I have tried the router with both 20 and 40... now set at 40. There is one setting that is confusing to see: The last item is labeled "Wireless Mode" and allows 6 settings with various arrangements of possible wireless interface standards: 802.11a, 802.11b, etc all the way to 802.11a/b/g" -but no mention of N in this section. I see no other settings there I recognize as related to connecting. Searches here on this board and acroos the whole set of forums came up with a few fixes which I have tried: go into BIOS and disable wireless then enable it, for example. Intel ProSet Wireless tool Diagnostic runs fine until it gets to Association Test and fails saying, "Not Associated". Although the router is set to broadcast one windows diagnostic reports that the network is hidden. Weird. Because the other computer is happily connected I agree with windows that the problem lies in the Intel card's configuration. The x61 sees the internet over a cable - no problem! Thanks in advance for any suggestions!Jonathan7007Hawaii

4276-37U -- W520. Keeping an X61t just in case.First laptop in my house was a luggable Osborne! Now that was a cool computer. (...for its time!)


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Preferred Solution: Can't set my Intel 4965agn card to connect to new N router

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Can't set my Intel 4965agn card to connect to new N router

Hi jonathan7007!

What's the model type of that X61T xxxx-xxx?

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I am trying to connect to a secured wireless network that uses wpa, AES, mschap2 and authenticates based on the Windows logon.  I don't have the option for this combination in Access Connections.  I uninstalled AC and tried using windows and I get an error message "An unexpected error has occurred" when I select AES and click next.  I've installed the latest drivers both from Lenovo and Intel and nothing helps.  I have no problems with other machines, just this X300.  Any help would be appreciated.  This is my personal machine and I NEED wireless connectivity.

Answer:cannot connect to wireless with Intel wifi link 4965agn

Did you try re-installing the 4965agn software?

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Is there a way to install an Intel 4965agn miniPCI in a Thinkpad T61?  Have updated BIOS, etc., but no combination works.  Get 1802 error re: unathorized card and Google work-around's don't seem to work on T61 series (on my laptop anyway). RegardsHSA

Answer:1802 error on Thinkpad T61 trying to add Intel 4965agn card

Welcome to the forum! My guess is that you're trying to install a generic Intel card, and this will not work in a ThinkPad, since the BIOS detects it and blocks the boot with the message you've encountered. Only IBM/Lenovo approved cards (with a FRU number on them) will work without triggering the error message. And from what I recall (might be wrong) there is no BIOS hack for newer ThinkPads, T61 included. Hope this helps.

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Is this card compatible with a satalite pro 6100 and will it support wpa encryption after installing this board?

Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN mini PCI WALN Express Card 802.11b/g/n, Nieuw



Answer:Intel 4965AGN mini PCI WALN card and SP 6100

Hi Jeroen,

I must disappoint you, the card will not fit in your machine.

Thats the card you?ve mentioned:
It?s an MINI-PCI "Express" card, but your Satellite 6100 has just an MINI-PCI but NOT "express". It?s just an MINI-PCI slot.

Here?s a MINI-PCI Express slot:

And thats a sort o card YOU WILL NEED since it fits into your slot:

Just look for cards which suit for an "MINI-PCI" slot. The best would be to take some atheros card, but you can also try an intel product.


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I bought an Inspiron 1420 for 640$ shipped or so from Dell last month and now I've been using it at my school campus.

It has a Intel 4965AGN Wireless-N Mini Card and the network says it's 300 Mbps connection here but at times when I'm using the internet, it would be slower than AOL!

I did a speakeasy speed test and got

20k kbps and upload 28 kbps

A few minutes later I did speakeasy test again and got about same but upload speed went to 4kbps.

Inspiron 1420, Intel Core 2 Duo T8300(2.4GHz, 800Mhz, 3M L2 Cache)
NVIDIA (R) GeForce TM Go 8400M GS with 128MB dedicated graphic memory
High Resolution, glossy widescreen 14.1 inch display
4 GB Ram sticks Kingston bought at Frys (memtest 20 hours no errors)
Intel 4965AGN Wireless-N Mini Card

Note: My lil bro is on a 4 yr old laptop and he got upload speed up to 7000kbps...
His download speed burst to 40000kbps and stayed there...
what is going on here?

Answer:Intel 4965AGN Wireless Card Slow? Inspiron 1420

Max speed the card supports != Speed of the wireless network your connected to.

Sounds like the campus network is the limiting factor, not your card. Heck, I would imagine that quite a few people (and maybe a handful of bandwidth hogs) are online at the same time.

And yes, I have the same network card in my laptop though I've only achieved ~130Mbps, which seems normal to me.

edit: Have you tried connecting to any other wireless networks besides your campus?

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here's all my specs before i get into the issue:

OS: vista home premium, 32 bit
wireless card: intel 4965AGN
laptop: inspiron 1520
processor: intel core 2 duo CPU T7100 @ 1.60GHz
no recent crashes to cause the problem, and i haven't been using much anti-spyware other than mcafee security center.

allrighty then, i don't know if that's enough information about the hardware or not. here's my problem, as detailed as i can manage:

my wireless seems really inferior to other computers. i'm right now in about the middle of my campus, UT austin, and i get disconnected from the wireless intermittently. just sitting here i've been disconnected 4 or 5 times over the past 40 minutes or so. in my apartment, they have their own isp, namely Airimba wireless. lots of times i won't be able to get onto the wireless (connect to the router). i just spent 35 minutes talking to a dell support technician, and basically he had me delete all my saved network connections and reboot the computer. problem not solved. it has been suggested to me that perhaps this is a hardware problem; the dell technician basically said vista might be causing the flakiness. one of my huge freshman classes is in a theatre, and i see people around me surfing the web, but i can't get a connection. it happens in certain class rooms too, where others get a connection, but the gods don't favor me.

anyway, i can't imagine that this is a server-side problem. everybody would be complaining. so... Read more

Answer:wireless help; vista, intel 4965AGN card, inspiron 1520

Hi andrestable

If you are currently using any flavor of the "ACM" (Arimba Connection Manager) software, I'd recommend uninstalling it.

I'd also recommend uninstalling your current driver for your Intel wireless adapter, and then installing this Vista driver set directly from Dell. It's from mid-November of 2007, only nine weeks ago or so, and might help --- --- follow the setup instructions as prompted. (*Note that the initial installation instructions are on the same webpage as the download*).

Once you have that package installed, test your connections. Should you continue to have difficulty, there is a wireless patch specifically for your model, and specifically for your wireless adapter: ---

I think that the 2nd patch has an excellent chance of helping significantly.

Remember, that when you are setting up your connections, you won't be choosing Ad Hoc, but Infrastructure. Your connections should also be enabled for Mixed modes, as the Arimba device is a 802.11b device, whereas other WiFi on campus is likely to be 802.11g. Your Intel adapter is able to do all four currently available 802.11 modes --- a/b/g/n.

To the networks that you most often connect to, you can set your laptop to automatically detect. Whether you connect using Vista's builtin Wireless utility, or use an Intel tool included in the driver download, you... Read more

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Recently, I found my Intel 4965agn wireless lan adapter on my T61 laptop automatically disabled after I connected to the public wireless network (no password required) in my university. Sometimes it could work for 3-4 hours, but sometimes it could only survive for few minutes.When the adapter was disabled, I cannot start it in any way except restart my laptop.But this phenomenon never happened in my apartment, where the wireless network has a password requirement.Anybody has the same experience or any solution? Thanks. BTW, My T61 is 7662-CTO. This problem happened on both Vista Ultimate 32x and XP SP3.Message Edited by musicx on 03-02-2009 11:19 AM

Answer:[Problem] Intel Wireless Card 4965agn Disabled for NO reason

Same problem... I've had this issue and reported it many times with no results from Lenovo or IBM. My card is an intel 3945ABG, and the same issue - not  problem on some networks and a disaster at school (many access points and a WPA-Enterprise security). I have taken out access connections and tried the intel pro wireless software.. while it hasn't fixed the problem, it's better. About once a week my card just turns off - disables itself somehow. The light goes out, and it disables itself in the device mangler (red x) but I can't re-enable it, the device manager just crashes. If I flick the Wifi switch, nothing, click enable in the pro wireless software, nothing. I have unchecked the "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" everything....  Someone from Lenovo, please give us an answer about this... I think this happens on most computers (all 4 thinkpads in my class have this issues), just rarely enough that no one complains. Is this a firmware issue? a irq issue? What do you need to solve this? whiteatom 

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As many others, I found that my new out of the box T61 was unable to connect to wireless routers.  After some troubleshooting, I found the problem was the power management property for the wireless card was set to low. I have my laptop power settings set to maximum performance both on the battery and when plugged in. Still, every time I reboot or come out of standby, I find I can't connect to the internet and when I go to the device manager and check, I find that the Power Management property is set back to low for my Intel 4965AGN wireless card.  This happens with the "use default value" unchecked and also with it checked.  The transmit power property always stays on high though. So, yes, I can get the wireless working by manually changing this every time I start up or come out of standby, but how do I force the power management property to stay on a high setting and not keep resetting to low?  What other software has the power to keep resetting this value, and can I stop it? I am currently using the Thinkvantage Power Manager, but I have uninstalled the Access Connections software as I found it to be entirely too frustrating for my use.  (perhaps part of that early experienced frustration was due to this power management issue)  I manage my wireless networks using XP network connections.  I've had my laptop for about 4 days now.  I absolutely love it, but this and a few other hardware issues continue to plague... Read more

Answer:A very specific question about Intel 4965AGN wireless card power settings

Dear friend, i have EXACTLY the same problem with dropping the power settings to low.Whenever this happens (even when i  am working normally - no suspend or sleep mode) i loose internetand the only way to get back wireless is by restarting. Is there ANY solution for this?New drivers? Something? Does lenovo know about this so us to give us an answer? 


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I have a "Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN" card installed in my new T61p. Can this card be used in 802.11n mode? The reason I'm asking is because although it seems to have some "advanced" options for "N", it only operates in 802.11g mode at best. My card doesn't connect when I set my wireless router to transmit in 802.11n mode only. Please advise. Thanks. Gary Grathen

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My laptop is Lenovo Y400 with intel 3945ABG default. I have a Intel 4965AGN mini-pci card so I want upgrade wireless card of my laptop. But when I replace intel 3945AGB with intel 4965AGN, I can't use it. In window7 I still see intel 4965AGN adapter in Network Connection, but wifi led is off. Press Fn + F4 does not turn on it. I can find any wireless network to use. So how to config Intel 4965AGN working with my laptop? Sorry for my poor english!

Answer:wifi card Intel 4965AGN doesn't work with lenovo Y400!?

can anybody help me

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It is possible to replace the wifi card that brought the Satellite L100-108 (Intel 3945ABG) for the one Intel 4965AGN?
Both cards are mini pci-e and the chipset on the motherboard (with the Everest says only that it is Toshiba), is the Intel i945GM.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite L100-108: Upgrade from Intel 3945 WLan to Intel 4965agn


Why you want to upgrade the WLan card?
I mean the Intel 3945ABG provide three different WLan standards.
OK, the Intel 4965AGN provides the 802.11 N standard but this standard cannot be used because the WLan card would need 3 wire wlan antenna?
As far as I know the L100-108 has been equipped with two wires Wlan antenna which is designed for A B and G WLan standard.

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Hello all,

I've been chasing the dropped connection issue with Win 7 and the Intel 4965AGN for a few days and after many driver and configuration changes I finally appear to have a stable connection after rolling back my driver to version (from 2007). I have also disabled IPv6, mainly because my router doesn't support it any way.〈=eng


Answer:Intel 4965AGN + Win 7 - FIXED (for me at least)

Glad you found the solution Ski! Just make sure windows doesn't help you out with an automatic update.

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Intel won't support OEM 4965AGN card in lenovo laptops, they don't connect to LINKSYS base stations in N mode.

Answer:Intel 4965AGN Problems

Not sure exactly what you mean, maybe you could provide a little more information? Searching the forum using "4965agn linksys" I found, amongst others, this thread which may be source of information for you.

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I just bought a T61 with Vista Business which I upgraded it to XP Pro SP2 and dowloaded all the updates. My wireless adapter is Intel 4965AGN version I have problems connecting to my access point in N mode. The only connection I can get is in G which gives me only 54Mbps. I'm using Linksys WRT300 wireless-N broadband router. I read most of the messages re: 4965agn  but i couldn't find a solution. I also stopped ThinkAdvantage Access connections service to let Window to manage the connection but to no avail. Can somebody please help.ThanksSia T61 7658-CTOCore Duo T7500 2.2GHzIntel 4965AGN v  

Answer:Hekp with Intel 4965agn

May I suggest you call Lenovo support. I had problems with the same card and they sent me a new one.

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Hi all, I have a X61 (7673 A22) machine which had been downgraded from Vista to XP. However, now I can't connect to any wireless network using this machine.I tried upgrading the drivers for Windows XP but it is still is not working. I get the following error message evertime I try to connect to a wireless network: "Windows is unable to connect to the selected network. The network may no longerbe in range. Please refresh the listof available networks, and try to connect again" But as far as I can see, there are wireless networks availabe. I have tried refreshing of the networkconnections and connecting again but it still does not seem to work!!! The current driver is the Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN is as follows: Driver Provider: IntelDriver Date: 3/28/2007Driver Version: Today I upgraded to the newer driver as follows:   I have even tried changing the Intel Wireless Card itself but the problem is still not resolved yet even with the new card. Can anybody shed some light on this problem? Thanks

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Working with an R61 with the above wireless adapter.  When I go into Access Connections to configure the profile I am only offered A, B or G... not N. Today I downloaded the latest driver for the Intel adapter... rebooted... and still no choice for N. I have an N wireless router ready to talk to the laptop... but where can I set it for N? Thanks for any suggestions. Tomster2

Answer:R61 with Intel Wireless WiFi 4965AGN will not allow N

what is your R61 type number?

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Hello during the last month i'm suffering from bsod all the time..

I think the problem is with the Intel wifi link 4965agn...

I'm attaching the minidump files..


Answer:BSOD possible cuase intel 4965agn

The problem is with your firewall. INFO. You should replace it with something newer.

BugCheck 1000007F, {8, bab38d70, 0, 0}
Probably caused by : fwdrv.sys ( fwdrv+a347 )
Image name: fwdrv.sys Timestamp: Mon Apr 15 19:28:31 2002 (3CBAAB4F)

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I have a T61 running XP with the Intel 4965AGN WiFi adapter.  I am connecting to an AirLink 101 300N router configured as WPA2 PSK with AES encription to support 300 Mbps connections.  My wife's desktop connects at 300Mbps using an AirLink 101 300N USB adapter, and my old T21 connects at 300Mbps using and Airlink 101 300N cardbus adapter.  The Intel adapter doc implies it should work at 300Mbps, but connects at 150Mbps. I have looked at the driver parameters and installed the latest Intel drivers from the Lenovo site.  Any suggestions on what I can do to get the Intel 4965AGN to connect at 300Mbps.

Answer:Connection speed on Intel 4965AGN

eghuff wrote: I am connecting to an AirLink 101 300N router . Your Airlink operates only in the 2.4~2.5GHz WiFi band.  A fully 802.11n Draft 2 compliant device, like the Intel 4965AGN, will only connect at ~270Mps for devices which support operation in the 5GHz WiFi band. When running in the 2.4~2.5GHz WiFi band they will only connect at ~130Mbps. If you want to achieve ~270Mbps connections with fully 802.11n Draft 2 compliant devices you need a router which supports 5Ghz band operation, or supports dual band operation in both 2.4Ghz and 5GHz WiFi bands. Running 40Mhz bonded channels in the 2.4~2.5GHz WiFi band to achieve ~270Mbps operation is generally problematic and it is prone to have mutual interference with 802.11b/g WiFi traffic in the vicinity.  Cheers, Bill

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T61Windows XP SP2 fresh install. No updates installed yet.Intel wireless 4965AGN card ... verified by opening up the machineIntel wireless LAN driver version 12.00.4000 downloaded from Followed instructions for installing XP on a T61 from When I  do a suspend (Fn+F4 or Start -> Shutdown -> Standby) it goes to preparing to shutdown screen for 5 minutes then returns to Windows with this error System Standby FailedThe device driver Intel(R) Wireless WiFi link 4965 AGN is preventing the machine from entering standby. Please close all applications and try again. If problem persists, you may need to update this driver. any help will be appreciated. TIA-mark  Moderator message:  Please update the location in your profile now, so that it complies with forum requirements!Message Edited by billbolton on 09-10-2008 05:38 PM

Answer:XP on T61 standby failed - Intel wireless 4965AGN

Hello Norky, i would suggest first to update your os.Do you use any other Thinkvantage program like hotkey manager or powermanager?It seems that your installation has failed in some points.  RegardsAndreas  Message Edited by Agotthelf on 09-10-2008 08:46 AM

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T61 6459-CTOWindow Home Prem 32 bitIntel 4965 agnLinksys WRT400n sim dual band router Windows device config indicate the Intel card is 'n' enabled. I've updated the drivers....1) Thinkpad Power Management driver ( current version 1.60 )2) Intel WIFI driver ( current version 13 )3) Lenovo Access Connection software ( current version 5.5 )4) Lenovo Hotkey features ( current version 2.23 ) Currently the T61 can detect and connect extremely well to the 2.4ghz band.  However it cannot even detect the existence of the 5ghz band.  I've made the SSID's significantly different and have changed various router settings between 20mhz/40mhz, channel numbers, etc.  I'm using WPA2- personal and have selected for the router to use  either TKIP or AES.  When I review the available networks in Thinkpad access connections, every single one indicates using a channel between 1 and 11 indicating either there are no 5ghz networks available anywhere.  I live in NYC in an apartment building.  The list of networks is at least 20 deep.  Although it is possible that not one is running a 5ghz network, it give me more suspicion that my card is not operation in the 'n' realm. So, maybe its the router?   I purchased a Netgear 3700, installed w/o setup software and no encryption and have the same result...a crystal clear 2.4ghz band and a complete absence of the 5ghz signal.  All while sitting right next to the router (so range is not the ... Read more

Answer:T61 w/ Intel 4965agn can't detect 5ghz networks

Hi Walterh7, and welcome to the Lenovo User Community!
If you at any time you get more than 54Mbps, you have a 4965AGN.
To get the fastest speeds you need to set WPA2 AES-only.
At short range you should get 130Mbps at 2.4GHz, or 300Mbps at 5GHz.
I have an X61 with a 4965AGN and Netgear WNDR3700 router, and I see those speeds.

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Hiis it possible to install the new Intel 5300AGN mini PCIe instead of the original 4965AGN?Why? just for fun  regards Martin T61p 6460-8ZG with XP-SP3Message Edited by sambaverde on 09-27-2008 05:18 AM

Answer:Running Intel 5300AGN on T61p instead 4965AGN

if it is not from Lenovo/IBM parts bin, then you will get an error during the bootup or it wont be recognised. So remember that when you change your parts, also it may avoid your warranty if anything happens, the card is not a customer replaceable unit. 

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My WiFi card was turned off by software to save on battery power. It should have been turned back on then the laptop was reconnect to AC power. But was not restored. I can find no way to the the unit on because everything I find says that it need to be done vias MS software.

Any help would be great.

Gary M

Answer:Intel wireless wifi link 4965agn

The above post should have read "...card was turned off..."

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After installing W7 on my computer I can't seem to connect to the internet anymore. There weren't any problems when I had Vista.

Any clues?

I have unchecked the power-thingy on device manager, so that's not it.

Security type: Open
Encryption type: WEP

Please help me!

Answer:Intel WiFi 4965AGN: limited access

Was it connected during install?

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Hi,I have a Lenovo C3000 N100 notebook (0768-BQG) which comes with an Intel wireless 3945ABG mini-PCI express adapter. I would like to replace that card with Intel 4965AGN (the same form factor) to use the 802.11n standard at home. I am aware that wireless adapters are authorized by some manufacturers and to avoid error 1802 ?Unauthorized network card is plugged in. Power off and remove the mini-PCI network card.? I would purchase a card with the Lenovo FRU number 42T0865 (Intel 4965AGN MM1) which is used in some ThinkPads.Here are my two questions:1. Is any BIOS version for 0768-BQG machines compatible with the Intel 4965AGN adapter?(TV Access Connections from version 4.40 seems to be).2. Has someone already made successfully such upgrading?I would like to avoid solutions.Thanks for any help, Peter

Answer:C3000 N100 and Intel 4965AGN compatibility

Hi, I am having the same problem with Lenovo 3000 V100. I tried applying a patch on the BIOS provided on ThinkWiki. Howeve, it didn't work. Any help would be appreciated. I understand that Lenovo maintains a Whitelist on the BIOS, which checks the devices at startup. And there are patches to bypass this option. However I haven't found one for 3000 series V100.  Thank you.

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i just replaced an old belkin g router with a d-link dir-825 extreme n dual-band router...i managed to get the desktop connected to the internet using a d-link dwa-552 pci adapter (after updating using the atheros version driver, the included software manager/driver on the cd was a pain-in-the-a$$)...

the macbook pro also connects to the router and the does the wii and the ps3...using WPA2 security...

the vaio laptop, with vista business 32-bit and an intel wifi 4965agn adapter will not connect to either the router ( or the internet in a browser window...

i updated the driver to the latest version...

the wireless network shows up, but when i try to connect it says "local access only" the vista diagnostic window it says "can't connect to primary dns server" (

i set up the router with this same laptop using a wired connection and the d-link set-up wizard, and i got an internet connection just won't connect wirelessly...

of course i reset the router and the cable modem (time warner/roadrunner)...

is it an ip address problem? if so, how do i solve it?

thanks for any ideas...

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me again
I've installed a Intel 4965AGN card in my laptop inspiron 1525
my question is
it has the regular black and white wires for two post card
it also has three extra wires
black, grey, and blue
it says uwb wwan in the compartment
the card has the post's 1, 2 and 3 marked:wave:
how do i hook this up
do i use the old black and white and put the blue one in the middle or what
I'm having no luck at all looking this up

Answer:Inspiron 1525 - Intel 4965AGN upgrade

Hi eyemfedup2

White wire to position 1
Black wire to position 2
Solid Grey wire to position 3

Same for the Inspiron 1721

From the guy at ebay Finally have it solved

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To whom it may concern at Lenovo: Please release updated BIOS for the T60/T60p series of Thnkpads that adds the Intel 4965AGN wireless adapter to the white list. Many thanks,Grayson Lang

Answer:Please add Intel 4965AGN to T60/T60p BIOS white list

why has nobody at Lenovo responded to this post?  There are many more users who have this requirement...

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X61 7675-CTOConfig: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM, Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN, Windows XP Pro SP2/3 I had previously piggybacked this problem on a post dealing with the same problem with Vista. I decided to post for XP and make one clear post of problems and solutions attempted. Upon receipt of machine, June 25, 2008. wireless would not connect on startup as it did not get a valid IP address. This required using the wireless interface to disconnect and reconnect. Using "repair" would not always result in a connection. Subsequently connection would drop frequently. Sometimes could be reconnected, sometimes would need to be restarted. Called Lenovo 6/26/2008. Found and installed all updates related to wireless including hot key support (dependency for ThinkVantage), Access Connections, and Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965agn driver. Problems continued. Disabled Access Connections. Machine would then connect on startup but drops continued. Machine is unable to reconnect itself after drop. Removed Access Connections. Drops continued. Installed "Network Magic" which enabled file/printer sharing which was not working previously but had no effect on connection drops. Note that during this time and to present, 1) a Toshiba laptop on the same network maintained wireless connections with no problems, 2) an identical X61 with identical CTO configuration experiences same problems on a completely different network 12 miles away. Progression ... Read more

Answer:Wireless Connection Drop Problem - X61 with XP and Intel 4965AGN

I have the same issue here. I have tried every means posted on the web, removing the Access Connection, maximized the power, the same problem still exists. I think I need to go buy another wireless LAN card but wonder why Lenovo doesn't know how to fix the problem?

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Thinkpad R61i / 8932-CTO which FRU for Intel PRO/Wireless 4965AGN?want 802.11n on my R61i which FRU is compatible? please see below thanks! 8932-CTO, 48x, 49x, 4Ax, 4Bx, 4Cx, 4Dx, 4Ex, 4Fx, 4Gx, 4Hx, 4Jx, 4Kx, 4Lx, 4Mx, 4Nx, 4Px, 58x, 59x, 5Ax, 5Bx, 5Cx, 5Dx, 5Ex, 5Fx, 5Hx, 5Tx, 5Ux, 5Vx, 5Wx, 5Xx, 5Yx, 9Sx, CEx, CFx, CGx, CHx, CJx, CKx, Clx, D2x, DYx, FFx, FJx, GFx, GTx, GUx, GVx, GZx, H2x xxB, xxF, xxH, xxl, xxM, xxP, xxS, xxU, xxV, xxY 42T0865 R 2 xxG 42T0867 xxC 42T0869 xxE, xxJ 42T0871 xxK 42T0905

______________________________________R61i 15,4" XP, SL500 15,4" XP, Ideapad S10 XP

Answer:Thinkpad R61i / 8932-CTO which FRU for Intel PRO/Wireless 4965AGN?

does your current machine use a abg card?? the 4965 AGN card needs 3 wires, while the abg card use 2 wires.  I will have a look at my machine for you tonight. But unless you have 3 wires i don't think the upgrade would work.

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Hello! I tried to replace 5100AGN with 4965AGN and I got error 1802 at boot (unauthorized network card). Since it's Lenovo part from now obsolete T61 I thougt there should be no problem plugging it into T500. Any way to overcome this ... problem? Thanks,b.

Answer:Intel 4965AGN MM1 (FRU 42T0865) not "authorized" to work with T500

Hi sponka,

Per lenovo parts list, the said card is not part of whitelisted cards. Only lenovo approved Intel 5100, 5300, 5350 and ThinkPad b/g are compatible:-

Hope it helps.

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Hi, I am experiencing what many other Lenovo users all around the world:
Here is the dump file:
My question is: What is you plan in oder to stop blue death on my computer?
The debugger output:
Serial of my laptop:
Type: 6457
Serial: 5GG *
Mod edit: Masked serial number to prevent mis-use.

Answer:Blue screen of death with Intel 4965AGN driver

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Can someone link to Windows 7 drivers for this card Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN. I have serched everywhere and I am only able to install vista ones but I want to install Windows 7 drivers instead of vista.


Answer:Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN Drivers

Try this site download the vista 64 bit drivers to your desktop the right click> properties> check the run in compatibility mode> in the drop down menu choose Vista. install as administrator. Hope this will help.

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After installing Win7 Prof x64 everything with WiFi was working correctly. Yesterday I wanted to try Vista x64 driver with Connection Utility. In the device manager it shows that device is working corectly but in fact it is not working at all. Uninstalling connection utility didn't help and windows cannot find any driver at the HDD or in windows update.

Any idea what could be done to fix it?


Answer:Problem with Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN

Uninstall it totally, restart, and let Windows reinstall it.

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I know the problem is not with my router because my other non-Lenovo computers with Wireless N cards are getting signals much above 54.0MBPS. Is there something I have to enable or do you guys have any ideas? I have all the latest drivers installed.

Answer:Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN not getting above 54.0MBPS

Your router must be 802.11n Draft 2 compliant  and  have dual band support (2.4GHz and 5GHz) to achive 802.11n speed with a fully Draft 2 compliant WiFi card like the Intel 4965AGN. Cheers, Bill 

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Hello - Intel 4965agn driver on x64 BSOD with large xfers when connected at link speed negotiated at N!!!! This seems to affect a lot of people. Does anyone know if a patch has been released? Intel has released a couple of driver revs since this issue was 1st observed, but none of them addresses the issue (several months ago!!!) At this point, I am a fraction of a sec away from dumping the Intel hardware and going with Atheros. I am only hesitating because I don't want to trade one set of problems for another (ie. I don't know much about Atheros stability and performance under x64 with N routers). Thanks, Michel


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Answer:Intel 4965agn driver on x64 BSOD with large xfers!!!!

sinanju009 wrote:  Intel 4965agn driver on x64 BSOD with large xfers when connected at link speed negotiated at N!!!!  How "large"? I'm regularly doing transfers in excess of 1GB using 4965AGN cards ruuning in 802.11n mode with Vista Ultimate x64 and the current Lenovo supplied drivers on various a T61 and X61, without any problems at all! Cheers, Bill

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HelloJust picked up Trendnet N router supposedly capable of 300mbps. its N card, I am seeing speeds above 200s.On my X61s with 4965, the most I am seeing is 130 which I guess makes sense since my router is not 5ghz. However, I can't even seem to maintain 130. It often drops back down to 50s. Any idea what settings I can check to make sure?Do I go as far as using thinpad connection software as opposed to just windows? I have Windows XP ProTHank you in advance.

Answer:X61s with Intel 4965AGN - problem keeping connection

sbkim wrote:

Any idea what settings I can check to make sure?
Make sure that the 4965AGN is set to "maximum performance" in both the Power Manager and Access Connections.

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Greetings all! I have a Lenovo X61s that I purchased, and I have decided to upgrade the wireless card in it so that I can use the 802.11n that I have at home. When I installed the new adapter in the Mini-PCIe slot and restarted the device I got an error message saying the the card was not supported and had to be removed.  Per the X61 matrix ( the 4965AGN is supported.  Has anyone else seen this? Regards,TC Labby


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Answer:X61s will not accept Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN

The BIOS has a whitelist of supported wireless cards. You need a Lenovo branded 4965agn card or else the BIOS will not allow you to boot the computer until you remove the card. The Intel 4965agn wireless card you are looking for is the FRU 42T0865.

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I have an R61 ThinkPad with 4 gig RAM, Vista 64, T9300, and the Intel 4965AGN wireless network card. The 4965 can connect to the wireless network (WPA2-AES), browse the web, download files, etc. The problem is the network card dies when attempting to copy large files on the network. The status light blinks, and then about 30 seconds into the copy, the light goes solid and the connection is dead. No repair connection efforts succeed. The only cure is to reboot.I have tried the drivers at the Intel and Lenovo sites. Each has slightly different results, but all result in the 4965 becoming non-responsive. I have completely uninstalled drivers when switching between the different versions. I have tried driver only and driver/software installs with no success.There are 3 other wireless computers on the network that can copy without a problem. The router is an N router. The other computers have G connections.What is the problem? More important, what is the solution? Bad card? (I received the notebook recently, and this has never worked.)

Answer:Intel 4965AGN Wireless Networking Crashing on Large Transfers

kamiller42, welcome to the forum,
I don't have a Vista TP with me at the moment, so you might have to look around a little for the following settings.
It sounds as though this could be a power management problem. If you are using Access Connections you need to ensure that in each profile you have best network performance selected in Wireless Settings / Further Settings.
There are also power management settings in Network Devices and in Device Manager, (advanced properties of adapter), which you should change as well to ensure that Windows cannot reduce power to, or turn the adapter off.
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Need help with fixing an error code 31 with my Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN network adapter. I have restored the the PC from scratch and installed the drivers, but still have the same problem. I also have an ASIX AX88772A USB2.0 Fast Etherner Adapter as part of a Toshiba port replicator which works fine. I have clened the registry of all errors.

Any advice on what I could do to finally solve this problem?

Answer:Satellite A300 - code 31 with Intel 4965AGN network adapter


What drivers have you reinstalled exactly? Normally if error code 31 appears in device manager it should be enough to reinstall only the driver. You can find it here: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

You can install the driver if you go to device manager and select the WLAN card. Right click on it and select ?Update Driver?. Don?t forget to choose the advanced installation where you can choose the driver yourself.


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Type: 7764-CTO S/N: L3-xxxxx OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Driver version: In a nutshell, my WiFi has stopped working overnight; that is, it had been working flawlessly for more than a year, and one day when I woke up it decided to quit. Here's what happens when I turn the radio on now: it will scan for APs as usual, but only report a fraction of the list as it used to - it may not report even the preferred APs, which it had no problems connecting to before - and never make a connection. On some rare occasions, it might be successful at making a connection, but the connection would be reported as limited (i.e. no Internet access) and it would not stay connected for more than a few seconds. 90% of the time the 802.11 radio would try connecting, fail, and power off. Here's what I have tried: I have tried updating to the latest driver, as well as reverting back to the Windows 7 bundled driver. I have tried making connections to several working networks (e.g. friend's home, office, cafes, etc) to rule out my router being the source of the problem. I have also tried running the Ubuntu LiveCD to see if it would work under a different OS. Obviously, nothing has worked. For those who are curious, ethernet connection is working fine. I'm leaning toward it being a hardware failure. Does anyone have other thoughts and perhaps even a solution?
Moderator Note; s/n edited for members own protection

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Hi,When I purchase T61 and start working on WiFi it was quiet good, real transfers big files around 6MB/s. So it was nice even with WEP2 encryption.Then I update my system through TV and my problem starts. Transfer beneath 1MB/s. So I start messing with drivers and its help for a while.Now I am back to slow connection and I've try every thing I can think about(reinstall sys VISTA  included) On new system I install new drivers from Lenovo and it is not working. It looks like the WiFi link freeze for a while and the starts again an so on like that. I have all parameters on high or aggressive or max performance, it do not help much. Any one some idea? Ah! I should add. I do not use Access ControlMessage Edited by gonzo111 on 03-17-2009 07:07 AM

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Hi everyone!

I've recently did a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate onto my Toshiba Satellite U400 laptop. For the most part I was online with a wired connection, and when I finally went to wireless, I started getting BSODs.

This SAME behaviour happened to me when I had Vista Home Premium SP2 installed before hand. I tried Ubuntu linux for a while and the wifi worked fine! (so maybe not a hardware issue? but a driver issue?)

I can make the BSOD repeatedly when flipping through picture albums on facebook for example. I have attached the debugging files in the hopes that someone with more technical knowledge can help me. I look forward to solving this problem once and for is very frustrating

Answer:[SOLVED] Windows 7 Ultimate BSOD when on Wifi (Intel 4965agn)

Hi -

I am finding 2 basic bugchecks in the dumps submitted -

0x9f - a driver is in an inconsistent power state
0x19 - bad pool header - the pool was already corrupted when the caller arrived

Ironically, both Intel wifi and your Ethernet drivers were named as the probable causes; I believe the Toshiba driver and webcam driver may be the real culprit(s) here -

TVALZ_O.SYS Thu Nov 08 19:07:46 2007 (4733CF02) - Toshiba
UVCFTR_S.SYS Thu Jun 26 01:25:19 2008 (4863526F) - Webcam driver

yk62x86.sys Mon Feb 23 06:44:18 2009 (49A2B642) - Marvel Yukon Ethernet
netw5v32.sys Thu Mar 26 09:10:37 2009 (49CBA8FD) - Intel wifi 5100/4965/39xx

The Marvel Yukon & Intel wifi drivers look fine to me. I suggest that you go after the Toshiba driver 1st, then the webcam driver -- check Toshiba for updates. If none, you'll have to disable the services related to them/ un-install the devices. The 1st w/ 2007 timestamp has caused problems in Vista and would most certainly do the same in Windows 7.

Regards. . .




Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.11.0001.404 X86
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Loading Dump File [C:\Users\PalmDesert7\Documents\_11-07-09f_TSF_Vista_Support[1]\TSF_Vista_Support\110609-17628-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

Symbol search path is: SRV*c:\symbols*
Executable search path i... Read more

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Ok i have a Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN in my Toshiba X205 laptop

We have a wireless N router set to pump out 300 megs/sec wireless, yet i'm only gettin a wireless G connection at 54 megs/sec

wats up with this????
thnx for the help in advance!!!

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Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN

Thats my WAN hardware and its supposed to max out at 300mbs i understand if it runs at 200, it used to run at a constant 244, but now (i dont know why but its been bugging me for months) its running at 54

please help but dont tell me to reinstall drivers or anything like that cuz i'll just get "p/o"'d for lack of a better term


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The originally installed atheros wlan adapter is just b/g and too slow for my network/needs

So I bought a n-draft one: 4965agn mm1 (intel) (it has got a toshiba p/n and s/n too)

I replaced the atheros one and plugged in the Intel - booted and installed the drivers - reboot -> adaper works fine -> reboot - nb stops at the toshiba BIOS screen without loading any windows. i can't even get to BIOS -> removed Intel wlan adapter and nb boots as usual.

Please let me know what I'm supposed to do to make things work

Answer:Satellite A210-14S - strange issue with new WLAN adapter Intel 4965agn mm1

no ideas?

google dind't help yet.

the laptop just doesn't boot windows and stops at the first screen (i think toshiba welcome)

i read about a whitelist but dont really understand what it is. is it possible that toshiba blocks certain pcie devices via bios?

i updated bios. my version is 2.00 now. i think thats the newest one right now.

please help me out. maybe recommend working n-draft adapters.

thanks in advance

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Usually internet speed is low since i start the laptop but i find a better speed after maximizing the use of energy of the wireless card. The problem is saving this maximization setting, because everytime i shutdown the laptop or even closing Explorer the configuration turns back to the "minimizing" position !!! I tried to solve it by using the energy management application but i wasn't able to find any setting for the use of the wireless card. Wireless device / properties/ Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN >>> Configuration >>> Advanced >> Property: energy administration and then a horizontal bar on the side, from minimum to maximum. Any help? Please ... Alfonso (Sevilla, Spain)

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Hi, I have an X61 with Vista Business 32bits and the Wireless card (Intel Wifi 4965AGN) does not work anymore. Here is the chronology of events: - A few days ago I realized that the Fn+F5 hot key was not working.- I tried to solve this problem by uninstalling the Intel wifi driver and reinstalling.- Uninstall was OK. When I restarted the computer, the system automatically detected the Wifi card as new hardware and tried to install the driver, but I got an error message "Unable to open the driver specific registry key for this device".- I have tried to uninstall and install the driver several times but I have been unable to fix the problem.- I have downloaded the latest driver from the Intel and Lenovo websites but the problem persists.- When I access the device manager there is an exclamation point on the Wifi4965AGN. If i try to update driver it returns a message saying thatthe driver is up to date.- I have tried to recover the system from the last backup point but when the system restarts it says that there was an undetermined error in the recovery and that it didn't happen. It seems like there is something wrong in my Windows registry but I don't know enough to solve it. It doesn't seem like a big problem because I actually created it by trying to fix the Fn+F5 problem so I should be able to solve it! Any ideas before I reinstall Windows? 

Answer:X61 Vista32: Cannot install driver for Intel Wifi 4965AGN (unable to open registry key)

You may want to check the following again just to be sure everything was done 1) Make sure the correct driver for Intel Wifi 4965 AGN is installed (Do you have XP or Vista?)2) Use System Restore (Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Systems Tools -> System Restore) to rollback your settings to an earlier calendar date prior to the  time the issue has occurred. Were you trying to restore using Microsoft's System Restore, or using the Rescue and Recovery tool? If this fails, you may need to reload Windows.Power off, then power on and tap F11 repeately to access Rescue and Recovery from our recovery partition.  Hope this helps, Mark  

 Do NOT PM me with technical issues. Post in the forum for assistance. Thanks

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Greetings;  I was wondering if it is at all possible to enable the "N" function of the card. I am running it on a 6458-5KU. Setup is on a new WD750N wireless router with Verizon issued Westell modem. The router has 2.4 & 5.0 gHz capabilities. I have Lenovo driver version as the latest installed. Are there only 2 wires to the card inside the unit with the 3rd not used ? Can one upgrade the system to the 42T0865 FRU to enable "N" capabilities ? Any knowledge greatly appreciated.Thank you,Donald

ThinkPads:T23 2647 PIII-M 1.0GHz, 14.1 XGA, OS/2 Warp Version 4, WinXP SP3T43p 2668 2.26PentM, 2GB, 15in 1600x1200, 128MB ATI FireGLV3200, XP SP3 T61p 6458 Core2 Duo 2.4GHz, 15.4 nVidia Quadro 570M, Win7 Ultimate SP1


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Answer:T61p - 4965AGN card questions

If your current card is 4965 AG, there is no means of enabling the "N" spectrum, simply replace the card.
Yes, you can upgrade to 4965AGN card, just leave the middle connector open.
It will do 300Mbps just fine on a dual band router.

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I have a T540P with the Intel Dual Band AC 7260. It seems one solution to the many problems posted here and on the Intel board is to get an AC compatible wireless router. To those who have an AC capable router and are finding it works well with the Intel AC 7260 card, what brand router do you have?

Answer:Best Wireless Router for Intel AC-7260 Card

TP-Link Archer D7

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Dear readers,I recently got hold of a x60 tablet and I'd like to get rid of the internal intel 3945ABG wireless, since it runs too hot for my tastes and leads to high temperatures of the right palmrest.The new intel 4965AGN wireless card is rumored to remain relatively cool.Is the 4965AGN compatible to my x60t?RegardsBen

Answer:x60t: is it possible to install 4965AGN wireless card?

weezer wrote:
Is the 4965AGN compatible to my x60t?

Unfortunately, not at this time.  Perhaps in the future?!?
In any case, the 4965AGN does not have a significantly differemet thermal characteristis from the 3945ABG.  It is the Atheros based WiFi card fitted to some X60 systems which is frequently reported as being a contribuing factor to hot plam rests.
As far as I'm aware there is no particular plam rest heat issues with either of the Intel Wi Fi cards.

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Has anybody tried using a standard wireless PCMCIA card or USB WiFi adapter with an X61 (I am using a 7764-CTO) ?How well did it cohabit with the built in wireless? Were you able to disable the internal one and allow the external one to work?Why do this? Some access points I want to use do not work with the built-in 4965AGN but maybe I can just plug in a cheap Wi-Fi solution as an expedient fix until compatibility issues are resolved either with the driver or the access points.This is for Vista Business 32. I have a Linksys WPC11 but Linksys have no Vista driver for it. Some of their later cards do have Vista drivers (32 only) so I would probably be going out and buying one of these.If you have tried this please relate your experience. How well did Access connnections cope ?Message Edited by hiker on 05-31-2008 02:22 PM


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Answer:Using a standard USB or PCMCIA Wireless card instead of the internal 4965AGN

OK So I bought a Linksys WPC100 which is a cardbus Wi-Fi G CardBus PCMCIA card.Interestingly in the local BestBuy the majority of adapters (USB and PCMCIA) do not list Vista as one of the operatiing systems they support. Also strangely even of those with a Vista Certified logo the majority do not list Vista as one of their supported operating systems. Clearly something non intuitive about being Vista Certified or the box specifications are generally not correct. I had the list of Vista drivers from the Linksys web site with me and it didn't correlate even as a subset or superset either with certification or with listing the operating system as supported. In fact not a single adaptor had all three factors, a driver available on the linksys site, certification and the operating system listed as supported. Getting over this by now mild frustration I bet on the WPC100. The driver on the disk provided installed and operated the card form Vista Business.When the machine is booted with the card installed (I haven't tested behaviour with standby and sleep or insertion while running enough to say yet) then the card appears as a second wireless adaptor. Connection Manager reports that the integrated AGN card is either disabled by the BIOS or hardware switch and Connection Manager does not function. This is OK. At least one knows where one is and that the connections being seen by Vista are from the PCMCIA card.Unfortunately the problems with the access point continued so all this exerc... Read more

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I purcahsed a T61 laptop and it stated in the specs that the laptop had a 4965abgn card with N disabled. I was told by the salesman that I could contact Lenovo and they woul dtell me how to enable the N frequency. After many calls I have not found anyone at IBM or Lenovo that know how to do this. My device manager says I have a 4965AG card.  My entire network is N and I need the speed and distance. Does anyone know if it is possible to put an Intel 4965AGN card into the T61 and replace the AG card?  Thanks

Answer:Is upgrade of an internal wireless card from 4965ag to a 4965agn possible on a T61

rustycape wrote: Does anyone know if it is possible to put an Intel 4965AGN card into the T61 and replace the AG card? As long as you use a Lenovo supplied 4965AGN card, it will be a straight forward swap-out.   Cheers, Bill 

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Hi Folks,This is my first post and I hope someone can help me.I recently bought a T61 with the Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN card running on XP.The problem I am having is that I can not stay connected to my wireless network.When I turn on the laptop automatic connection is spotty at best. Once I do get connected, as soon as I open a browser (Firefox or IE) the connection drops and my router freezes. I know the problem is not with the router because it works smoothly with my business Dell Latitude D620 or a very old Thinkpad A31p.I've tried everything I can to rectify the problem (drivers, settings etc.). It's not easy downloading drivers to a flash drive on my wife's desktop and copying it to my laptop. From my research on the internet, it seems a lot of people are having the same issue. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Wireless Connection Problems with a Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN

HiI have the exact same problem.  I have read about many others with the same issue.   I wish I had an answer for you.  There are a couple of things going on.  The Lenovo power management wants to turn the wireless off at a whim.   Authentication seems to fail for me with WEP turned on (works with other laptops using the same WRT54G).   I am running a T61 with Windoze XP.  Our work Wireless AP (WAP) has WEP enabled.   Wireless will work on the T61 at home with no WEP but not at work.    I am thinking about installing linux (running network manager) on the T61 becuase I know it will probably work.  I think the troubles are with the Lenovo wireless configuration utility. I am surprised that Lenovo has not fixed such a big problem.   It doesn't reflect a quality product.

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Ive tried many many methods to try to connect to my wireless network. It does shows up but when i try to connect it says the wireless card was unable to connect to it. Im using a Dell Vostro 1700. I know my internet is working because right now im using the internet through the ethernet port. But when i try to connect to my wireless network it says "Windows cannot connect to Joshua wireless" And the signal is on excellent so its weird. I am using Windows vista for the first time but i think i get the general idea but i would love some help to solve this problem !

Answer:Wireless card cannot connect to router!!!!

If your network is secured disable encryption on the router until you get a successful connection.

Make sure that you are not locking yourself out by using MAC Address filtering.

While connected by ethernet and trying to connect wireless ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:

Type the following command:


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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I own a Belkin Wireless G Modem/Router. I connect my computer to it via Realtek RTL8139/810x wired network adapter.

Just a moment ago, my computer could not connect to the internet. When I ran the troubleshooting tool, it suggested to "Make sure the other end of the cable is plugged into the router. If that does not help, try a new cable."

I checked the LED light on the network card, and it appears to be solid red. I'm not too sure about its usual colour when it was working fine. The modem's LED shows that it detected a connection from the cable. I tried to replace the cable with another one, but it the light is still red and the modem still shows that it detects a connection from the cable, but my windows is not able to connect to the modem. It failed to detect any connection.

I am currently using a D-link wireless USB adapter to connect to the modem.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong? Is there a problem with my settings or is the network card damaged?

Answer:Network card does not connect to my router

Have you checked the device manager to see if the onboard NIC is having problems?

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I have a DW1520 wireless card in my laptop and I can't connect to my friends router, which is a Netgear Wireless N-150 router. My computer has been able to connect to every other N or G router it's come across which leads me to believe that there is either an incompatibility issue between my laptop and the router or there are settings within the router that need to be changed. What are some steps I can take to try and resolve this problem?

Answer:Can't connect to N router with wireless N card.

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I've got a central computer that connects wirelessly to a router that connects to the internet.

I want to plug a secondary device into the NIC of this machine and bridge the connections so that my secondary device can access the internet.

When I bridge the connections, the internet is not accessable at all on the machine and the secondary device cannot see it either.

What am I doing wrong? Is there another way to do this?

Answer:Cannot get NIC to connect to router through PCI wireless card

Im not really following you on this.. You say you have:

AP/Router combo, which connects to the internet
Computer with a PCI card, and a wifi card (Wifi used to connect to the router).
A second pc to connect to the internet, shared through the 1st pc?

If so, dont bridge the connection. Run windows' "set up a small office/home office network" and there will be three or four options in there with pictures. One should be "this computer connects directly to the internet, other computers connect to the internet through this pc".

Secondary NIC IP should change to, and the clients will get an IP via DHCP.

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I just built a new computer, and I have been trying to hook it up to my network. I have a Airlink101 MIMO(their version of Linksys SRX) router(offbrand I know) but it works.
In my new computer is a Airlink 101 pci card. It won't connect to my router. I am able to connect to my neighbors network barely, so I know the card works. I have the exact same network card in another computer in the house, and it works fine.
I thought it could be the encryption so I turned that off, and it still didnt work. I repaired it multiple times, but it kept giving me an error box for "not able to connect to router"
I installed the drivers for the PCI card like i did for the other card in the other computer, but that did not help. I installed and updated the drivers, and tried uninstalling them too.
I realize it says there is only 2-3 bars of connection beetween my computer and the router, but that shouldn't be a problem.
Why won't my card connect to my router?


Answer:wireless pci card wont connect to certain router

do they both use the same protocol? I.e. 802.11 g? is one proprietary and the other not? is the router a pre -n draft router? If so it may not work....
if all the answers are no to the above, then your problem likes elsewhere. I think your problem is that your router is non-standard.

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hope someone can help Ive a Netgear router connected to my cable box and the kids have a Netgear wireless card in the pc in their bedroom. i can see the router on their pc at100% signal but i cannot connect to it. it used to work but not any more ive deleted the software taken the card out but still no joy the router seems to be working its getting a bit frustrating

Answer:Network Card Sees Router but cannot connect

Try "removing" any existing profiles click here and then go through the procedure to "Connect" again. In other words, run the wireless adapter's software, scan for "Available Wireless Networks", find and highlight the one that matches your router's SSID (network name) and select the option to "Connect" to it. You should be prompted to enter any WEP or WPA encryption key and, once "Connected", the wireless adapter should get its IP address by DHCP from the router and you should have network and internet access.There is a difference between the Wireless Network Adapter and Router communicating with a good signal and "Connecting" (as in "logging in") to your Wireless network.

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I am trying to connect an old Dell laptop wirelessly to our home network.
Visitors with newer laptops can easily connect, once given our password, but in the program provided for the Trumobile card, there does not seem to be anywhere to enter our password. It shows the signal strength as exellent, but actual connection as limited and we cannot connect. Network Connections/Wireless Connection/Properties shows nothing helpful. If we connect it with a LAN cable, directly to the MBR1210, it works, but this is not convenient. What have we missed?

Inspiron 1100, running XP
Trumobile insertable wireless card
Bell Netgear MBR1210 cellular modem/router

Answer:Trumobile card will not connect to modem/router

do you see the wireless network - I assume you are using the trumobile manager from Dell or a Dell manager- you could try stopping that manager and using the windows WZC (windows zero configuration) manager

you would stop / start the process in services
Start> Run > type CMD to open a command prompt box (A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ):

Type the following command

Control Panel>
Administrative Tools>

now look down the list of services - see if WZC is stopped and then look for Dell or truemobile service - post back any names here and we can confirm if needed

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Answer:Solved: One Router, Two PC's with a Wireless Network Card - How to Connect Both to Ro

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Hi guys

Have often browsed this fount of knowledge without actually posting but now I am stumped and really need help...

I have recently moved house and had new broadband installed complete with new Netgear N300 router. Now I am unable to connect to the internet even though my desktop says it can see the wireless network (though it does say it is unidentified). The network connection diagram in Vista suggests the problem is between the internet and the router but I know this is not the case as I have successfully connected other devices via the wireless network. I know the router is N and the card is G but the router should still work with the older card, right?

I have tried to download the latest drivers from Belkin for a version 8 F5D7000 but for some reason they wont install (when I click on the install file it thinks for a second then does nothing). No idea why this is the case.

Could it be anything to do with the fact that the card, being older, is WEP and my router has no option for WEP, only WPA onwards? If so, would the latest driver from Belkin in effect 'upgrade' my card to allow it to carry same encryption as the router?

If I can't solve then I'll no doubt end up buying a new PCI card but I didn't want to have to bother right at this moment.

Any help would be fantastic!



Answer:Cannot connect to wireless network using Belkin F5D7000 card and Netgear N300 router

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Clueless one here.

I purchased a Dell Inspiron 4000 Laptop through an old workplace several years ago and want to connect it to the internet using a 3COM FE575C-3COM 10/100 PCMCIA card with a dongle. The laptop is still set up to connect through a VPN that no longer exits (old workplace went under). and I'm not sure if that's hindering things. That'd be great to erase all settings for that if someone wanted to walk me through it, but that's not the main reason I need help. I am the "admin" and have the "admin" password on the laptop.

First off, the laptop can see the hardware (ethernet card) when I insert it, but the connection is NOT showing up on my Netgear router that is connected to my Comcast Cable Modem (which is currently working on my MAC and how I'm typing here). When I go to set up internet connection on my laptop, I'm pretty clueless as to what to do (obviously not dial-up). I've created about 2 new VPN's, but nothing works. I don't have wireless, but I did have a wireless card that was able to get me onto the internet a few times (presumably mooching bandwidth which I don't want to do), so I know it can work or at least should work with a correct card set-up. I don't know if the hardware I bought is bad, the internet connection is just not set up correctly and/or why my router is not even seeing my second computer.


Answer:Connect Dell Windows 2000 Laptop via cable modem using a router and PCMCIA LAN card

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I experience the following problem with a new one week old Lenovo X220 built with Intel Advanced-N 6205: After 3-5 hours it disconnects from a wifi router and would not be able to connect to it until I reboot the router. It happened the first time on Friday, I was connected to our Verizon FIOS router and after 5 hours I lost connection and won't be able to connect for 2 hours trying every possible thing until I rebooted  the router, what I didn't have to do with countless number of other laptops/cell phones. Now X220 loses wifi connection every 3 hours and won't be able to connect until the router is restarted. All other devices in a house work perfectly fine, my roommates probably already hate me for rebooting the router. Router: Actiontec M1424WR (Verizon FIOS) Other devices which were and still are able maintain connections with this router for many hours w/o similar problem:- my old Dell Latitude E6400- my Samsung Captivate cell phoneand bunch of other HP laptops, macbooks etc. What I tried and what did not help:- rebooting X220- turning X20 off/on- installing the latest drivers for Intel 6205 card for the Intel website- installing/uninstalling Intel Wifi tools and Access Connections- restoring from a backup (not a complete factory setting restore)- setting DNS/IPs manually for IPv4 and turning off IPv6 I tried to collect some logging with netsh tracing and it only tells that the driver disconnects during acquisition.Some clue I dis... Read more

Answer:Wifi issue with X220 (intel wifi card); It stops connecting to a router after 3 hours

When it is reproducible in Win 7, went to Ubuntu Live CD and everything works there.So the problem is either inside:- router- Win 7 Intel 6205 drivers including shipped and the latest one  I don't think it is that low level though as I thought, as in Win 7 it tries to reconnect each time disconnecting during "Identifying Network" stage, and setting IP, gateway and DNS manually do not help.  UPDATE: I was able to update Verizon FIOS router to the latest firmware and switched it from WEP to WPA just in case.

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Just got my Y510P laptop and after the installation of Chrome, I noticed that the text are blurry. That bugs me!! I tried to set the GT 755M as my default GPU card, but for some reason it is not letting me do it. It's running Intel's 4600 card as the default GPU card. So I tried to disable the Intel card, but after doing that, I can't even access my GT 755M card.  Not sure how to get about in setting my 755M card as the default GPU. I already installed the latest driver but its not helping. This is not even an SLI setup, so I don't know why it is doing this. I'm guessing Windows 8.1 is the main reason. Anyways, if I can't fix this, I'll most probably return it. But any help in fixing this would be great. Thanks

Answer:laptop Y510P is not using my GT 755M card but Intel's 4600 card. Default GPU is Intel 4600!!

Bump and Ditto on this issue. My y510p came with the Dual SLI ultrabay. I recently pulled the second GPU so I could install a second harddrive, and now instead of the GT 750M, my drivers default to the Intel 4600, but not everywhere; Photoshop is using my Geforce, PhysX is using my Geforce, but the monitors are using the 4600. STRANGE. BTW alamak, there are two reasons your text may be blurry, unrelated to the graphics driver:1. Are you using an external monitor on the VGA port? I have two monitors plugged in, the monitor plugged into HDMI has crisp text, the VGA monitor is blurry. They are identical monitors. (I wish this thing came with a DisplayPort like my old Dell XPS 15, I could plug four monitors into one port!)2. Your DPI settings are set larger than 100%. Chrome especially has this problem. If you are using a DPI higher than 100%, Chrome looks awful. Fix this by going to (right-click Desktop > Screen Resolution > Make text bigger or smaller > change the slider to Smallest). However this will set your desktop to use the LCD's native resolution, and everything will be tiny.

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Dear all,

I own a satellite A100-383 PSAARE. I would like to upgrade the wifi card, as the one it's installed right now (PRO/Wireless 3945ABG), does not give all the speed the line can achieve (100Mb down). Does anyone know if the card intel 5300 AGN is compatible with my laptop. If it is not I would very much appreciate suggestions.

Thank you

Answer:Satellite A100 - Upgrading WIFI card from Intel 3945ABG to Intel 5300AGN

Don?t think that someone can give you a proper answer since the compatibility depends on the BIOS?
If the BIOS would support the new WLan card, then you could use it for sure?

The point is that motherboards is able to handle the miniPCI WLan cards? the module is just plugged to the miniPCI slot and its removable?
So there is just an question regarding the BIOS support and I?m afraid you will need to test this at your own risk

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Hi there, Does anyone knows if this will work ? I'm planning to change the 5100 AGN card with an old Intel 2200 model because I want to play with OSX86 on my X200. -- Shay

Answer:Replacing my Intel 5100 AGN card with a Intel 2200 (X200 Thinkpad)

Not possible. The Intel 5100 is mini PCI-e while the 2200 is just plain mini PCI. Completely different slot.

\\ I do not respond to PM regarding individual tech support. Keep discussions in the forum for the benefit of others //

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Back in August of 2013 I ordered a Y510p with the SLI 750M configuration (see signature for detailed specs). It originally came with Windows 8 as well. It came with the famously terrible Centrino N 2230. From day one it was shotty and on the 2nd day of ownership completely stopped working until I installed 2 drivers and the annoying Intel PRO-Set Wireless utility from their site (no patch available directly from Lenovo). Now that its been a year and I've upgraded to Windows 8.1 its being problematic once again as usual. My issues:Connection randomly dropping, but usually picks back up in a few seconds. The router and connection are perfect/professional grade and work with all the other machines. The chip will say its connected to the router/internet however will not load any data. I have to refresh pages multiple times now and then just to get them to load.Chip will sometimes randomly fully disconnect from connection and will not automatically reconnect even though the network is configured to do so and is showed as being available.Chip/Network Connection/Slow Speeds when Bluetooth device being used. I use a ThinkPad Bluetooth mouse and occasionally a Creative D100 Bluetooth SpeakerChip cannot handle using Bluetooth Mouse and Bluetooth Speaker at the same time. Moving the mouse while audio is playing causes it to pause, mouse movement is sporadic. (This should not be a bandwidth issue, my 2008-2009 Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 Wireless Card with Bluetooth 2.1 can handle the load e... Read more

Answer:Lenovo Y510p upgrade to newer Intel 7260 2x2 (BGN) Wireless Card from Intel Centrino N 2230

I just posted a response on the other Lenovo y510p Intel 7260AC forum.  In a nutshell, I bought a Lenovo part: fru 04W3814, which is a Lenovo Intel 7260AC + Bluetooth 4.0.  Lenovo initally said they would support it, and have a hardware support case number.  They told me that they would support it.  I had not heard back.  I called and was given the "we don't support upgrades" answer, although it was their own part, and they acknowledged problems with the Intel 2230 card.
What I learned, is that I was not talking to Lenovo, but a third party company who would not let me contact Lenovo directly.
Moderator note; post edited to conform with the Forum Rules

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I was trying to make my sister-in-law's wireless connection secure (they've had wireless set up for awhile unsecured), and all seemed to go well until magically, it didn't. It allowed me to set up a password -WPA2/Personal, it was fine, other devices (ipod Touch and another laptop) connected to the network by putting in the right key. HOWEVER, the original laptop, now wants no part of connecting to this network. It finds the network, but doesn't even let me get to a stage at which I need to enter the WPA key. It automatically says it can't connect, and is very useless when I hit "Diagnose the problem". I am only marginally less clueless than the people that asked for my help, so please don't get too technical on me. I have spent hours trying to figure out what the problem is, and though I know it's obviously something with the computer's setting, I don't know what that is.

When I go to the Network and Sharing Center, rather than being a three-way "map", it's two - the computer, then the internet. There is nothing (ie, router) in between. I have no idea how to get that step back in there.

I have connected the router to the laptop directly, and an internet connection does come up, so it isn't an ISP issue. The wireless does work with the devices mentioned above, as well as my own laptop, just not the central laptop.

I understand it may be a TCP/IP issue (or something like that), but I don't kn... Read more

Answer:Wireless router problem - laptop finds router, refuses to connect

That IPCONFIG shows a direct connection to a broadband modem. If that's when you're connected to the router, something is amiss.

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Is it possible connect one DSL router with RJ45(LAN) output to Wifi ADSL router with RJ11 (telephone) input?

I want to use the wifi only on this adsl router.

a had find also
RJ11 to RJ45 Adapter

Converts RJ11 to RJ45 and Visa versa. Useful for connecting ADSL broadband modems to network switches etc. Uses the middle 4 cores to transmit the data.

Is this adapter work also in other way RJ45 to RJ11?
Enyone tried this?

Thanks for advice.

Answer:Connect one DSL router with RJ45 output to Wi-Fi ADSL router with RJ11 input?

steveke999 said:


Is it possible connect one DSL router with RJ45(LAN) output to Wifi ADSL router with RJ11 (telephone) input?Click to expand...

only if connected in a not obvious manner

I want to use the wifi only on this adsl router.
a had find also
RJ11 to RJ45 Adapter

Converts RJ11 to RJ45 and Visa versa. Useful for connecting ADSL broadband modems to network switches etc. Uses the middle 4 cores to transmit the data.

Is this adapter work also in other way RJ45 to RJ11?Click to expand...

no, that will not work as it is only a 'wire connector' and not a signal converter.

here's how; do not put anything into the RJ11 slot on the ADSL WiFi router.

connect an ethernet cable from a LAN slot on the router connected to the phone line
TO another lan slot on the WiFi router. This will cause the WiFi router to act very much
link a switch. Just be sure the DHCP service (on this device) is disabled and only the primary router has DHCP active.

You will still need to setup the WiFi configuration (but do so ONLY with a wired connection to it).

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This is the idea, I have DVR for CCTV and I need to configure it for port forwarding, and since it has only LAN connection it is not possible to connect in pocket wifi, so i used to have a wireless router since it has a LAN connection. But I do not know how to do this connection as the wireless router to be a bridge in my pocket wifi to DVR, Anyone know how to do this? Thanks!

Answer:How to connect pocket wifi to wireless router, to connect the dvr for cctv?

I'm not at all sure I understand. Are you trying to use the wireless router as a Wireless Bridge (to connect to the pocket wifi via wireless and the DVR via ethernet)? If so, does the router have wireless bridge (or AP Client) mode?

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I have a lenovo u160 running windows 7, a couple of days ago it seemed my computer was infected with something, giving a series of security warnings I had not seen before (not av security suite). It slowed the computer down for a few minutes.

After closing these messages, there seemed to be no problem, but then my computer was no longer connect to the internet. It connects to our router/wireless network, but not to the internet.

I tried resetting and unplugging the router and the modem, but still no luck. We have two other computers on the same network that are connecting to both the network and the internet.

I tried running rkill and malwarebytes twice and no malicious items were detected.

I restored the computer to an earlier point (2-3 days earlier)

On the toolbar in the bottom right of the taskbar, it shows a 5 white signal bars, with a "!" inside a yellow triangle.
If I click on the network button it states it is "connected" to the network. It describes the connection as "excellent" (4-5/5 bars).

Above the display of the available networks, it states

"currently connected to:
Unidentified network
No Internet access"

I am not computer savvy and have not run into this problem before. Thanks for your time and help.

Answer:possible infection, now can connect to router/wireless network, but does not connect to the internet

Hello,And welcome to, before we can assist you with your question of: Am I infected? You will need to perform the following tasks and post the logs of each if you can.Malwarebytes Anti-MalwarePlease download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.Download Link 1Download Link 2MBAM may "make changes to your registry" as part of its disinfection routine. If using other security programs that detect registry changes (ie Spybot's Teatimer), they may interfere or alert you. Temporarily disable such programs or permit them to allow the changes.Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.
For instructions with screenshots, please refer to the How to use Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Guide.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan.If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself. Press the OK button to close that box and continue.If you encounter any problems while downloading the definition updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Full Scan"... Read more

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Hi friends ...

I hav bsnl broadband connection in my home.... I connected a tplink wired for browsing...

I also have a belkin wireless router..... I connected those routers.... And only wired communication is possible
and i cant access in wireless connection... Pls help me

i m sttuggling....

Answer:How to connect tp-link adsl router with belkin wireless router???

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Hi there, I'm having a bit of an issue with one of my computers. It's fairly new, running on Windows Vista.

I am able to connect to a wireless router (Belkin), but I am not able to connect to the internet on this one particular computer. Another desktop computer on the network is able to access the internet. I just get the error "Internet Explorer cannot display the page" on the laptop whenever I attempt to open IE.
I've read through quite a few similar problems on other sites, but have yielded no solution. Any suggestions?

Answer:Able to connect to wireless router, but unable to connect to the internet.

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Bit of an odd problem here, hoping someone could offer solutions until I have access to the router settings.
So, I just moved into the 3rd floor of a house here in Boston. I have a desktop, and so I have always used ethernet cables. Unfortunately, the router is on the second floor of the home here, and it's impossible for me to run a cable, so I went out and purchased a wireless adapter (netgear n300). The adapter is great, not a problem. The problem is, when scanning for networks, I can see his router, which is using WEP. I connect, but it refuses to acquire an ip. I can connect to other networks fine, just not the one I need. The man who lives downstairs won't be home for a few hours, so I won't have access to the router until then. I have tried to get to the router from my desktop, but don't seem to be working, so I have no idea what the default ip could be. Are there any other possible explanations for why this could be happening? Also, what should I do in the router settings when I get access later on tonight?

Any help is severely appreciated!

Answer:Solved: Can't connect to wireless router.. but can connect to other networks..?

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I just got my Netgear router WGR614 v6. I was able to initally access to finish setup. Setup was successful but then whenever I started my IE, intead of loading my homepage, it will only load the Netgear login page while displaying my default homepage's address. But it has no problem connection to any other website.

So I restarted my laptop and reset my modem and router. After that,
I can no longer connect to The IE only displays this Dell page:
stating "Sorry, we couldn't find "

I'd like to know How can I connect to again because as soon as I unplug the cable from my router to the laptop, I lose internet connection.

Please help. Thanks much in advance!

Answer:Netgear router: Can connect to Internet, but can't connect to

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I have just rebuilt a laptop for a friend. I downloaded the latest drivers for the wireless connection from Acer website. They have installed correctly.

I can connect the laptop to the router by wireless and I can browse the local network and see the other PC's BUT the internet is shown as not connected. Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit. Other wireless devices (iPad for instance connect to the internet fine).

I have re-booted the router.

Anyone got any ideas?

Answer:Solved: Unable to connect to internet but can connect to router.

Same with an ethernet connection?

Open a (black) Command Prompt window:
Hold the Windows logo key and press r; in the Run box type cmd and click on OK.

Type the following commands:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]



Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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Hey all,

I'm trying to connect my wireless router to my wired router.

Ideally I want the following: internet--> A --> 3 PCs + B -->itouch+ps3 +laptops

A: Gnet External ADSL modem with 4-port switch bb0055 (note: this is a modem/wired router)
B: Trendnet Wireless router tew-639gr

All 3 PCs have internet, so i'm sure my wired router is working properly. Using an ethernet cable, I've connected a Lan port in my Wireless router to a Lan port in my Wired router. My itouch, ps3, and laptops can connect to my wireless but I'm not getting any internet. I've also been able to access my wireless settings and change a couple of things.

From what I've read online, In B, I need to turn off the LAN DHCP and change my LAN IP Address. I've tried a couple of things but it still isn't working. Also what should I set my WAN settings to in my wireless router?


Answer:Solved: Connect Wireless Router to Wired Router

Nvm fixed it somehow...

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I have been racking my brain for ages over this to no avail.

I am a professional designer with a digital press (canon imagePress C1)
What i want to do is connect the printer to a router and then some how connect that router to the main router where the internet comes in Wirelessly.

I cant plug a computer into the printer. The computers are upstairs and the printer is downstairs. There is also no way of connecting the printer to the main router(A)

My general basic idea is connect the printer to a router(B) via small ethernet cable.

Then me being optimistic Router(B) wirelessly sees router(A) so then I can print to it wirelessly from upstairs.

I hope this makes sense?!?!?!?


Answer:Connect Printer to wireless router (then to main router)


After doing some serach on google finally found this. Hope it will help you.

Router Setup Guide

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hi allplease helpI am pretty untechnical minded here so bare with me please.I decided to upgrade my netgear super wirless adsl router DG834GT (supplied by my isp sky around 4 may be 5 years ago) as wanted better signal for my laptop and gaming for my xbox 360. Thought it would be a doddle as the box says fully compatible with major DSL ISP'S, and was the same make.(NETGEAR WIRLESS-N 300 MODEM ROUTER DGN2200)BUT NO!I unplugged my old router and hooked up the new n300 one all the lights came on green went through the set up cd and it seemed to be fine until it got to the stage that it wanted to connect to the internet. no such says a couple of messages. " the router is set up with the static IP values read from the computer. however, there is no internet connection with these settings""select NEXT to enter the settings manually""Select EXIT to close the application"Itried to install a couple of times and the same error message came up several times though all lights were pc iteself(windows 7) noted there was no connection either and also sometimes brought up the error message"Windows has detected an ip address conflict""another computer on this network has the same IP address as this computer. Contact your network administrator for help resolving the issue.More details available in the windows sytem event log."so i uplugged it all and put my old router in and tada it worked fine , no set up no problem, no errors. Please help i would like to get it sorted asap a... Read more

Answer:Changed router modem and new router wont connect.

As far as I know the modem/routers provided by Sky are customised for use with their service, the DG834 models they supplied were not the same as the standard retail versions. If this is indeed the case, then it is possible that the modem/router you've acquired won't work with Sky. Perhaps another Sky user can confirm if this is the case.

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Hi everyone. I have a situation I just can't figure out. I am using the Comcast gateway router that they provided me. I have not changed very many settings on it. I have the firewall on low, using WPA/WPA2-PSK-TKIP/AES, and everything else is pretty much default.

The problem is this, I have a Samsung galaxy tab 3 7 inch, iPad mini, and two iPhones. Every day (sometimes multiple times per day) I have to reset my router for any of them to connect. I happens mostly on the Android device. While this is happening my windows 8 laptop and windows 7 desktop stay connected and can browse the net. The network shows up on all of the devices, but when I try to connect with the password I get some variation of "cannot connect to network." The only thing that happens on my PCs is that I cannot connect to the router's IP address with any credentials. When I reboot the router, all devices can connect and work fine and I can then connect to the router's ip address. It's weird and I'm not sure what to check next. Any suggestions?

Answer:I cant connect tablet or phones to my router without rebooting the router

Since you're using Comcast-provided equipment, it would be a good idea to give their tech support dept. a call about this issue.

I've seen a few cases in the past where ISP provided equipment needs tweaking to connect to all devices properly.

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My small home network is connected to a Z100G Zone Alarm router via wires. This router has WiFi but I do not use it as it is not wireless N capable. I would like to have wireless N to stream movies to a wireless N BluRay player. I would like to keep the Z100G because of the firewall function.

Can I just connect a new wireless N router to the Z100G? If so, would it then be best to connect all the network computers to the new router either via wired or wireless?


Answer:Solved: Connect Wireless Router to Wired Router?

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First I would like to say hello to everyone in the community as this is my first post. I would like to set up Linksys wireless router(wrt160n) with a Dlink wired router(DLR-604),The wireless would be the host router and I would like to isolate the wired router from that network,to protect my main computer's(2computer's plus network printer) from from my children s and friend's machines I connect to the wireless or wired ports on the Linksys.Thanks in advance, any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated .Cheers

Answer:Solved: Connect wireless router and wired router

This should be pretty easy. Just connect the D-Link router's WAN port to one of the Linksys router's LAN ports. The computers connected to the D-Link router will be isolated from the Linksys connected computers by the D-Link router's NAT firewall.

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I own two routers - D-Link DSL-504 (ADSL, not wireless) and D-Link DIR-635 (wireless).

The set-up used to be like this:
- Internet (ADSL) cable pluged in DSL-504 router
- PC connected to DSL-504 via Ethernet port
- DIR-635 connected to DSL-504 (Ethernet port to 'Internet' port) - DSL-504 works as a 'modem'
- Laptop wirelessly connected to DIR-635

Everything has worked (note: it wasn't me who set this up).

Unfortunatelly I have reseted the DIR-635 (wireless router) because of some troubles. Now the wireless router doesn't connect to the Internet. I can connect either computer via cable with the first router and it works like a dream. Computers can also see the DIR-365 router when connected to it via cable, but it does not see the Internet.

I've switched the setup on and off several times. Cables work. Computers work, they can see Internet from other sources.

I guess I need to configure the wireless router in some certain way, but I really have no idea, how.

I'd be grateful for your help.

Answer:Solved: Router cannot connect to Internet (via another router used as a modem)

Probably IP Address conflict as both D-Links would usually use for default internal (LAN) IP.

You would need to change the LAN IP address of the DIR-615 to another subnet such as for a modem LAN port to router WAN (Internet) port connection unless the DIR-615 can be set as an access point. Will need to check the User Manual to see. Will pull up a PDF and check.

Another option would be to set up using the following method by John Will.
Connecting two soho routers in a network
Tutorial from Johnwill from the Networking Forum

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect ... Read more

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I have a Lenovo Ideapad U330p laptop, and I've tried to replace the wireless network card on this model from the Intel 7260 N to an Intel 7260 AC. But the hell did I get for it, because when I started up the computer, I got an error that caused your computer could not boot.
I have checked this error message on Google search and on some online forums on the internet and it seems that you at Lenovo have added to the list in the BIOS / UEFI called 'white list' that controls the hardware of your computer based on a list where products is the = Approved, and products that are not on the list = Non Approved / Blocked for this model and make that you can not upgrade their computer needed the drivers are the same as the original Intel 7260 N, the only thing that prevents me from Upgrade my computer's 'White List' and should be removed from off the BIOS so that the end user can upgrade their computer without having to buy a new computer for the 700-1100 dollars, when a new network card only cost 25 dollars.
Had I known this before I bought my Lenovo computer, you had never bought a Lenovo PC, but continued with HP that you can upgrade without problems.
I will not buy any new Lenovo computer, as long as you use these methods.
I think it is wrong of you as a manufacturer to do it this way, I jar had HP before and have upgraded them several times without problems, but now I wanted to try a different manufacturer because of design, price, weight, ... Read more

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I have a wireless network, through LinkSys an access point and switch.
The access point acts like the router, I have to laptops which need to connect to the internet, they can see the intranet, but when I ping the router the host is unreachable. The ip's are static, and have been setup manually. I can't understand how they can reach the local network but not the external. Any advice?

Answer:Wireless, can't connect to router but can connect to intranet?

what are the numbers in nics
most routers default gateway lan

they can see the intranetClick to expand...

whats that mean
see ??
try run cmd ipconfig /all
what are the numbers here
then do a ping in cmd like ping

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I feel bad for starting a new thread on the subject, but I looked through a bunch of the other threads and I couldn't find a solution.

I am on a Dell Laptop (Latitude D600)
And I'm running Windows XP Ver 5.1 Service Pack 3
My ISP is Speedlink Cable
We are using an SMC modem/router SMC8014WN

My roommate can connect to wirelessly, and I can connect with a hard wire connection. I also can connect to the router (full speed), but I get limited or no connectivity to the internet.

I connect to the wireless via a 'NETGEAR WG111v2 54Mbps Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter' using the NETGEAR SMART WIZARD - Wireless Assistant WG111v2

When I run IPCONFIG /ALL the output is:

Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : GOAT2
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Mixed
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcom 570x Gigabit Integrated Controller
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-0D-56-DC-55-46
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . .... Read more

Answer:Can connect to wireless router BUT cannot connect to internet :(

Try putting static IP addresses in to your wireless network connection.
By the looks of it it seems your wireless connection cannot get an IP address automatically via DHCP.

Let me know if this works or you need help doing this.

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Network Description:
5 computers are connected to Linksys router (
the Linksys router is connected to the internet.

NetGear router is connected to the Linksys router (
2 computers are connected to NetGear router.
These 2 computers are able to surf the Internet but I can't see the other computers in network through them...

How should I configure the NetGear router to be able to see the other computers in the network

BTW: all the computers configured to WORKGROUP


Answer:Connect router to router and be able to see all the computers in network

There`s a good page HERE which almost certainly has the solution somewhere.

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My dell inspiron 1318 won't connect to the router so I can't get internet. I have tried it both wireless and with the ETHERNET (noticed my stupid mistake in the title once I'd posted and it's the only thing I can't edit!!) cable but no luck. I read a previous thread (now closed) where a member called agilchrist suggested doing this -
Device manager:

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type devmgmt.msc

Please respond to all the following steps. 1. Under Network adapters, please tell me all the devices listed. 2. Are there any devices under Network adapters that have a red x displayed? 3. Also, are there any devices anywhere in the Device Manager display with yellow ? or ! displayed? 4. should be enabled and working properly.

I have done this and was wondering if there was anyone out there who would be abloe to look at the results and maybe offer some help?

The results were as follows...
1) bluetooth device (personal area network)
Bluetooth device (RFCOMM) protocol TDI)
broadcom 590x10/100 ethernet
dell wireless 1395 WLAN minicard

2) no red x's displayed

3) under other devices there are six 'bluetooth peripheral device' all with a yellow triangle and and !

I have tried to do a system restore except my leptop says I don't have any restore points so basically I don't have a clue what to do.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Answer:laptop won't connect to router with or without router but can find it - help please!

So it can see the router's SSID, but can't connect to it?

Did you try the Window's troubleshooter? Might be a long shot, but something may be turned off.

Could also be malware that is preventing you from connecting. Try running Malwarebytes.

That's all I can think of.

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Hi all

A friend of mine currently has a wired network connected to the internet via a router. He has gone out and bought a wireless router already and he wants to connect a couple of machine and a laptop to the wireless router. I know he woulod have been better with a AP (access Point) but what i would like to know is if it is possible to connect his new wireless router to the wired one somehow. Any advice is greatly appreaciated...Cheers

Answer:Can i connect a Wireless Router to a wired router

Very simple:

Connecting two SOHO broadband routers together.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

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I'm trying to add a second router (linksys wrt54g) to my primary router (thomson tg782 ) via an ethernet cable in order to have wireless internet in the furthest part of my house but I'm not sure if they're compatible with each other.Can a linksys router be connected to a thomson router?

Answer:connect a second router (lynksys) to a thomson router

If you can configure the routers properly, any two routers can be used together. You will need to enter the setup on one of the routers and disable DHCP, so that only one router gives out IP addresses. Other than that, you should be able to link the two routers together with an ethernet cable and it should work fine.You've been helped by a 15 year old.

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