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Lenovo Settings unusable on Metro view, application crashes

Question: Lenovo Settings unusable on Metro view, application crashes

Hello, I wanted to see what are the Lenovo settings that we can alter by going to the Lenovo icon on the Metro view of my Lenovo Thinkpad S1 Yoga, but every time I try to go there (I've rebooted 3 times already) I get the message to either share usage statistics or not, and none of the buttons are clickable (I've tried the mouse, touchscreen, tabulation)... the Lenovo screen just closes after a few seconds and the application exits, so I cannot use those settings. I downloaded a package I saw here for 'SettingsDependency', but that didn't make any difference either. Any idea, what the problem could be? or maybe how could I disable that initial question about the usage statistics to see if I could get to the app and start using it? Thank you.

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Preferred Solution: Lenovo Settings unusable on Metro view, application crashes

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Lenovo Settings unusable on Metro view, application crashes

And I was thinking, could I manually create an entry in my registry to say that I've already selected to either allow or disallow my usage statistics to be sent to Lenovo? Any idea of the parameter and value that I should create in the registry? This is what I currently see...

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This is kind of strange. I think it is right after Lenovo Settings (Metro) 2013/07/11 and/or Settings Dependency Package 2013/07/08.  The Camera and Audio modules would crash if I go into those two, not showing the settings, preview etc.  If you do change settings in Camera app, it would crash also, looks like it try to call up the same modules.  You can still take pictures though. But Poweer, HotSpot, Location portions still work, looks like those are completely independent. I uninstall both Metro settings app and desktop settings dependency driver and reinstall - still same thing. I triied going all the way to settings dependency 2013/03/22 (ggsd20ww), no good. As there is no easy way I can find to load an older version of app from Windows Store, I tried sideloading 1.1.x from enterprise install doing Add-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online -FolderPath C:\lenovosettings, didn't worked at all for some reason, I have done that before. I did find a less than optimal workaround.  if you go intoC:\Program Files\Lenovo\SettingsDependency\CameraAudioand manual install that portion, (you get an extra package in add/remove program normal not there, jus settings dependency usually) it still won't work.butif you uninstall the cam audio Lenovo Settings (metro) apps's cam and audio won't crash anymore, but you don't have extra features anymore, just generic mute mic, auto exposure. so it is definit... Read more

Answer:X1 Carbon Touch - Lenovo Settings (metro) cam audio modules crashes

Hi, yipcw
My first recommendation would be to try a system Refresh. This is a feature that is designed to fix issues within Windows 8, so it may be able to help you with this issue. If you do a Refresh, then all Metro apps not from the Windows Store will be deleted, as will any apps that were installed from the web or a disc (such as games or Microsoft Office.) As such, some programs may need to be reinstalled, but your personal files like music or photos will not be touched.
To perform a Refresh, open the Charms Bar from the right and select Settings. Next, select Change PC settings from the bottom of the page. From here, open General and then scroll down near the bottom and look for Refresh your PC without affecting your files  and click the Restart now button below. This may be able to fix the issue. 
Hope it helps,

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hi. I'm new, and i have a big a$$ problem. Around 3 month a god i started getting the anoying and very well known, CiD: popups. I went to C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Owner\Application Data, and found a file called slow gram, containing 3 executables. 2 were named "ajgft6usdabjasdvuyafd" or giberish. There was a program running called "barbroam" or "barboom" or somthing like that. i killed the folder. all was well for a while, And then one day, i couldn't go to my computer. I cliked on it, and got the stupid flash light searching for a file. I clicked on it for hours, so i left it there. I came back an hour later. Still the flash light. I ran Security Task Manager, and found a file running called BOLT DATE.exe in aplacation data. I quarentiend it and killed the prossces. I went to the folder and found a bunch of other folders that looked suspicous. NOTE: I AM WRITING THIS AS THE VIRUS IS DOING THINGS.
Slow gram is back along with a bunch of otehr folders and .tmp files in C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Owner\Application Data!!!!!

= idk if its a thing that wasnt there before or not

List of newly found folders:

Digital Desing Ltd
Lionhead Studios (if this is a company, plz tell me for i have so many aplications on here its har to keep track)
Slow gram
Sun (may be java)
U3 (Conatins folder called "te... Read more

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Has anyone ever gotten this to work completely? Ever since I've installed it it's never worked properly. The mobile hotspot and location awareness options work, but when I try to access the power, camera or audio options I just get a blank screen and the app freezes. I've seen several updates to the Lenovo Settings app and the settings prereq application that must be installed before using it since getting my W530 2 months ago, each time hoping the new version resolves this problem. Any ideas?

Answer:Lenovo Settings win8 metro app

Hey there dajaco,
I've seen some issues resolved with the Lenovo Settings App and it's Dependency Package by uninstalling both, rebooting the machine, and reinstalling. To do this, you will have to uninstall the Dependency Package from the Programs and Features in your Control Panel. Once both of these are uninstalled:
1) Download and Install - Lenovo Power Management Driver for Windows 8
2) Download and Install - Lenovo Settings Dependency Package
3) Download and Install - Lenovo Settings App
4) Reboot
I hope this helps.

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Hello everybody, my first post, please be gentle ;-). I have recently acquired new T430 (N1T8BPB, already shipped with Win8PRO 64 PL preinstalled), after purchase i upgraded original 500GB hdd with new samsung 840 pro drive. After that, I did full clean reinstall of OS  (from MSDN media, OS license burned in EFI was properly recognized). Everything went fine, after initial OS installation I ran full system update, then installed lenovo update manager and downloaded/installed all software which popped up (bios and drivers, including lenovo settings dependency package, ver After that, I've installed lenovo settings and lenovo support from Store, and ran into following problems: - My lenovo settings power / camera / audio doesn't work at all (screenshot from power menu attached, audio/camera look exactly the same). - lenovo support doesn't automatically recognize my serial number (can't get warranty status etc...). I'm using localized version of Win 8 (PL). I've already tried to reinstall lenovo settings dependency package and lenovo settings / support metro apps, no effect. Summary: Factory preinstalled metro apps worked without any problem before I upgraded HDD to SSD and installed fresh OS on SSD (using the procedure described above). Anybody have any clue regarding those issues?Thanks!

Answer:T430, clean windows 8 install, lenovo settings/support metro apps problems

Did you check everything was working with the factory Win 8 installation etc first. Some drivers may not be available or hardware is not being detected. The most sure fire ways of doing a drive change are:- image the OEM drive to the SSD- use cloning software(in both cases all the partition need to be done.) For clean install other than above. Create the RECOVERY DVD's  and use them to install Win 8 again onto the SSD.There are a lot not using the OEM provided package and virtally all running into some problems including USB 3.0 not supported or working. Someone pretty well needs to see the various screen to see what if anything is wrong with the generic install as it finished.

T520 Model 4239 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QMbr>; Nvidia NVS 4200M Win 10 64bitZ70-80 I7 - 5500U 16GB GB - 1TB HD Win 10 64bit FHD 17.3", G840 w/2GB

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Anyone aware of this yet. The behavior has been observed in two clean Windows Installations on the T440s.

Answer:Lenovo Settings Dependency Package: Fingerprint Management Metro App Crashing (Scripting Error)

Can you please provide more details?  Screenshot, repro steps, etc?

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Hey Guys,

New to the forums, thanks for taking time to read my thread

So the metro version of IE11 on my Surface tablet is stuck on a webpage. I accidentally clicked through to one of those annoying ad pages that asks if "are you sure you want to leave this page?" (I don't know why that is even possible to program in, its incredibly annoying) Anyway, I'm stuck in a loop where it just keeps asking the question. I tried shutting IE down in task manager but it just reboots to the same page. How/should I set IE to boot to a homepage instead of last page visited? Any solutions would be very helpful.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

Answer:IE11 Metro Stuck on Webpage, unusable

force close tab in IE11 app on windows RT 8.1 - Microsoft Community

This link had the solution (Method 1 worked fine) If anyone has an answer for settings that avoid this problem from arising in the first place, please let me know


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I'd just upgraded to windows 10 yesterday, and I've been having issues with browsing files. Today, I was trying to change my background from settings, and as soon as the file browser opened up, it closed straight away. Settings also stopped working. It was frozen, and I had to close it using ctrl+alt+delete. Pretty much the same thing happened with 3D builder, however the application crashed after the file browser closed. Please help me out, I've done sfc/scannow and tried restarting windows explorer but nothing has even remotely helped. I can still browse files from things such as google chrome and paint.

Answer:Can't browse files from Settings or 3D Builder, application crashes

I've just managed to find out that the thing that stops working is called File Picker UI Host.

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I have my SL500 laptop hooked into a usb port replicator and monitor. When I try to change any settings like Extend, mirror or any setting within the lenovo graphics settings, the computer crashes, blue screens and reboots. Any ideas??

Answer:When I try to change the Lenovo Graphics settings, the computer blue screens and crashes.

We have 2 SL400 with that dock (43R8770) same problem.  One did it right out of the box and has been sent back for repair, the other worked for about a week then started the same thing.Lenovo has been absolutly no help what so ever.  They think it's a bad video card (2 out of 2?).We have tried to reinstall the sofware, swapped hardware, etc.I've searched for things to try but found nothing.  

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Just wondering if Win 8.1 somehow made available a "all programs" list view (as per win 7 start) versus the highly undesirable Metro all programs view ? Can't find any evidence of it ?
Is there a way to boot into desktop view directly (as opposed to metro view) yet ?
Or am I going to have to buy Start8 still ?

Also, is there a "what's new in Win 8.1" somewhere ?

Answer:"All Programs" List View as per Win 7 versus Metro view

Here is a video I made showing how to boot directly to the desktop in Windows 8.1.

Here is a whole playlist of both Windows 8 and 8.1 videos.

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or full screen mode? I saw "relaunch Chrome in Windows 8 mode" option and I don't like it. Re installed Chrome and it went right back to Windows 8 mode...that is full screen.

Answer:How do you take app out of metro view...

Hello sparhawk,

The tutorial below can help show you how to toggle back and forth between Metro and desktop mode for Chrome.

Chrome Browser - Toggle Between Desktop and Windows 8 Mode

Hope this helps,

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I'm on Windows 8.1 and I can't find this for the life of me (metro/modern UI settings).
Had made all of it pink at some point in the past, and don't use it much. Now I want to change it to a different colour because I plan to use it.

I open "Computer Settings" from the "charm bar", and for people making videos about it on Youtube, they have "Personalize" as the first option you see.

I can't find it. Clicking on Personalization inside the Modern UI opens up the regular Control Panel which doesn't have the modern bits in it.

When I do manage to open Personalization, it has only avatar, desktop and lock screen.

Just to clarify what I mean, I want to change the colour that's cerise/pink in the picture below.
Any tips appreciated!

Answer:Opening the settings for metro/modern UI settings

Hello Martienne,

Be sure that you are on your Start screen when you open the Settings charm to see Personalize.

The pinkish color on the left side of your screenshot would be the accent color you select.

If you like, Option One in the tutorial below will give more details to help.

Start Screen - Change Background Color and Image

Hope this helps,

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Suddenly i turned on my computer and wrote the password of my user then screen just turned black and nothing came up (not desktop view nor the metro view). Then i moved the mouse and i could see the pointer on the screen so i thought maybe i am on the desktop view (i still guess that's it) but the taskbar from below doesnt show up. I clicked on my keyboard "Windows" button which makes my laptop go to Metro View but it did nothing. All i can do is move the pointer around and use the task manager. Throught the task manager i can open folders, apps etc... but obviously my windows is broken and i dont know how to fix it.

I tried googling around this problem and couldnt find people with it. I tried to create a new task (in task manager) "explorer.exe" that did not work.

What can i do?

Answer:No taskbar nor metro view

Hello Reyabc, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Have you already tried restarting the PC to see if may have been only some glitch?

If that doesn't help, then you might see if doing a system restore (at boot if needed) using a restore point (if available) dated before this issue happened may be able to undo it.

Hope this helps,

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Hi,I've recently purchased a Y510P laptop with 2x Geforce GT 755M and an i7-4700MQ mainly for gaming, and I'm at my wit's end. Basically, enabling SLI in the Nvidia control panel causes games to crash within minutes. It doesn' seem to be related to overheating. I've tried Borderlands 2 and Sniper Elite v2, as well as the Unigine Heaven 4.0 benchmark on both Windows 8.1 and Windows 7: every single time, after a seemingly random amount of time (but never more than 30 minutes), the program just crashes to desktop, but as soon as I turn off SLI everything runs fine. Graphic settings are quite high in all cases.The temperatures do get quite high (up to 97C), but the crashes have been happening anywhere between 65 and 97C, not at a set temperature.I've tried the Nvidia drivers versions 337.88 (latest as of writing this post) and 327.62 (from the Lenovo website); both crash, though I haven't touched any settings outside of the "Set SLI and PhysX configuration" screen. In case it matters I remember that the very first time the problem happened, just after crashing to desktop, a notification popped up 3 times about how the Nvidia driver had stopped responding and had been restored. The second time I got a BSOD, and from then onwards the programs have just been crashing. Also, I have infrequently been hearing single short beeps coming from the computer at seemingly random times (often while the computer was idle), but no error messages whatsoever. The power... Read more

Answer:Y510P SLI unusable, constant crashes

You have tried several options which I think is correct. You have the latest drivers which is also fine. The power adapter of 170W also is good. The beeps you are hearing depict a problem with the Motherboard (Beep from a system is an error message). You may want to do more research and find what those beep codes mean. Just google beep codes, find your BIOS type and try to trace the problem those beeps are telling you. Another thing, you can try is use a cooling pad to keep temps down. Heat can cause severe damage to graphics cards and CPUs. Finally, and the last solution is a restore. You may want to backup all your important data especially My Documents and Local files. Since the drivers could have been corrupted, a system restore should definitely solve your problem. If it doesn't then it would be a hardware problem with your Ultrabay card.

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I need to make a short cut I can place on my desktop to switch to Metro view.

Is there any way to do this?

I have looked hard but can find no info on how to do this.

I do not want to use the keyboard short cut it must be a short cut OR a batch file.

Thanks in anticipation.

Answer:Shortcut to switch to Metro view

What's wrong with moving the mouse to the lower left hand corner and clicking on the Start menu button that pops up?

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Hello Everybody,

I have a little problem that just occurred and i can't find how to fix it.

Before when i used to go on the metro view it looked like this :

But now, everytime i go to the metro view the first app is auto selected by a white rectangle

I can't figure out what option trigger this.
I tried to look into the visual effect tab under performance option but nothing fixed it.
and i know for sure that this didn't happen before.

If anyone have any idea on where to look out to fix this, it would make my day!

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Metro start view Autoselected App

After Reinstalling everything from a clean 8.1 update 1 image i had using acronis, i nailed it down.

This behavior is bound to some specific software being open.

If said software is open, and you go in the start view, the top left app will be highlighted with a white rectangle.

As soon as you close the program, the rectangle is gone on the metro view as well.

Electronic arts Origin
VLC Media player 64 bit

Those 3 software trigger this behavior.

Evga precisionX
Jriver Media center
SRS Audio essentials

and all windows app i tried (calculator, command prompt etc) did not trigger this white rectangle.

I thought it could be 64 bit software doing this, but origin is 32 bit.

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I haven't identified a pattern, but now I get crashes too frequently to use my 2006 Gateway desktop. I just did a clean install of Windows 7 yesterday, with no success in resolving my crashes. Seeking help. Thanks in advance. See below and also attached files.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 116
BCP1: 8805C008
BCP2: 910D2A80
BCP3: 00000000
BCP4: 00000002
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1
Files that help describe the problem:
Read our privacy statement online:
Windows 7 Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows
If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

Answer:Computer unusable due to frequent crashes, even on startup.

Welcome to SevenForums

Start by updating to more recent drivers for your video card:

Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\nvlddmkm.sys (, 9.40 MB (9,853,248 bytes), 7/13/2009 4:09 PM)
Click on the Start ► Control Panel ► Programs ► Uninstall a program ► Uninstall everything related to; NVIDIA then delete remnants of its drivers/older drivers using Driver Fusion/Sweeper

Reboot the computer between each process.

Check for driver updates from Device Manager, by expanding the list under Display Adapters. Driver Install - Device Manager
Once drivers have been installed reboot.


Download and install the drivers from the link of filehippo bellow:Download NVIDIA Forceware 306.23 WHQL Vista -

BTW, what antivirus are you using?

Recommended antivirus program for Windows 7 based on stability compared to others:- Microsoft Security Essentials - Free Antivirus for Windows
Malwarebytes - The Free version
Good and Free system security combination.
Do not start the free trial of Malware Bytes; remember to deselect that option when prompted.

Run a full scan with both (separately) once downloaded, installed and updated.

Run the System File Checker that scans the of all protected Windows 7 system files and replaces incorrect corrupted, changed/modified, or damaged versions with the correct versions if possible:SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
Run Disk Check on your hard disk for file system er... Read more

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How do I arrange the favorites in IE10 METRO that appear below the address bar above the address bar to look like this:

See posting by chev65 07 Mar 2012

All I get is a long roll of frequently visited sites and favorite below the address bar

Answer:Thumbnail view of ie10 metro favorites

Welcome to the forums, have a look at this tutorial and see whether it helps:

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Just recently, opening photos in Facebook causes the annoying theatre view to open beneath the previous page, obscuring the photo.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Unless something has changed in the last Win8 update it must be a Facebook thing.

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Since Windows 8 will not directly support dvd playback, you will either need to buy the WMC pack or a third-party application. However, this means that companies such as Cyberlink or Arcsoft have an advantage with their blu-ray playback programs that also do DVD.

However, one thing that I found using Windows 8 is that it is very HTPC friendly, with the large icons and stuff making it a decent 10-foot User Inteface where you just need a Windows remote or a small keyboard/trackpad combo. All it needs is a Metro application for DVD playback (and ideally Blu-ray if you have a BD drive).

From what I can tell, Bluray and DVD licencing fees are about $20 each (maybe less), so companies such as Arcsoft or Cyberlink could possibly throw together a decent application that just does full DVD/BD playback for about $50-$60 and a DVD-only app for $30-$40, with higher end products that do more.

Would you buy such a product?

Answer:Would you buy a Metro Blu-ray/DVD playback application?

You don't have to buy anything.

MediaPortal is free, for a WMC type of program. Very customizable.

For a normal playback program, Media Player Classic Home Cinema or VLC.

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I keep all of my folders in Large Icons view but sometimes they revert to 'Details' view on their own! How do I get them to stay in Large Icons view permanently?

Answer:Folder view settings changing after I select the view I want

Hello kidxp, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you like, you can use the method in the tutorial below to set a default folder view for all folders.

Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders

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When I click onto the Internet Explorer tile on my Windows 8.1 Start screen Windows switches to the Desktop and opens Internet Explorer there as a Desktop application.

Can it really be possible that the Internet Explorer 11 is not a Metro application? Not that I am especially hot about the Start screen with all its tiles but it makes me wonder why the Internet Explorer - in my opinion the most important application for most "normal" Windows users - is not opening as a Metro application.

Is or is not the Internet Explorer a Metro application? If it is, how can I use it as such one?

Answer:Internet Explorer not a Metro application?

You have to tell it to run as a Tile, from within the Desktop Version. IE has to be the default Browser. The Setting is in Internet Tools on the "Programs" property sheet:

First you must set IE to Default, then change the settings in this Property Sheet.

The Desktop version is better though, before you change to Tile, go to "Tools->Active X Filtering" and make sure it is shut off, then when you switch to the Tile version, some sites that use Flash and Active X will work, but not all of them, Those only work int the Desktop Version.

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hi there,

just got my new yoga 2 pro-- really happy with the laptop, and also pleasantly surprised with W8.1. Definitely has a MSFT level quality to it (ie functional, but no strong eye to usability)

Anyways, while I have been pretty happy with the Metro interface (yes!) I have been trying to get my desktop experience a little more in line with how I would use my laptop/tablet. For example, i have made all the icons large and single click to open (so i can easily just tap the icon on desktop to open).

One thing I have been getting consistently annoyed with is the taskbar which is horribly small (for touch launch) and outdated looking.

Question: i am wondering if anyone is aware of an alternative to the actual taskbar to launch programs which look metro-style? I think the closest i have found is rocketdock, which is adequate. but i was hoping that there was a launcher specifically made with touch launch in mind for the desktop.

Also, i know this is probably going to be moot in about 9 months, when W9 launches with a touch-optimized desktop, but thats still 9 mo away...

thanks for your help!

Answer:Metro-Style Application Launcher (alt to taskbar)

The only thing I found that looks even close is this:
MetroSidebar Screenshots, screen capture

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I have just downloaded Win 8 and I am unable to connect my current email client (gmail) with the Metro Mail App. I have entered my account information correctly and it brings me to a page that asks for further information regarding Exchange ActiveSync settings, which I have no idea how to interact with. Help would be greatly appreciated, as this is the only major complication I am having with the OS (so far.)

Answer:Gmail not co-operatiing with Metro Mail Application

That's what I had the first time I tried it. The second time it just went straight in without asking for extra info.

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I just thought it would be nice to make a list of everything that we want updated to run in the Windows Store App enviroment:

DVD player: just a simple application that does what the $15 DVD player hooked up to your TV can do, and cheaper than Media pack (if not free)

DVD/BD player. like the DVD player, but can play bluray disks and handle all of the disk's additional features.


Full mkv/srt/etc codec pack (Media Foundation). So that all of the Metro apps can handle srt subtitle files and work with media files such as MKV.

Any more?

Answer:Metro/Windows Store application wishlist

bittorrent never hahahah M$ hates torrents

the BD player your going to have to purchase like POWERDVD 12 or something to play BD

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I just installed the Intel GMA 500 graphics controller on my Viliv S10. It had been running the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter, which didn't detect the screen's actual resolution but instead ran it at a slightly lower and distorted resolution. At the lower resolution running the basic display adapter I could scroll through the windows metro start screen and experience no flicker. Since installing the GMA 500 graphics controller I now can set the proper screen resolution but the start screen flickers when I scroll right or left and when the active tiles in the start screen refresh content, and when pinching to zoom on start screen.
I tried lowering the resolution to see if that was the issue, but I still experience flicker even at very low resolution. I also tried raising the screen brightness to the fullest extent (I saw this as a fix for flicker elsewhere) but the screen still flickers.

I haven't seen any screen flicker in desktop mode, except when toggling apps by dragging from left to right using the touch screen. Aero peek doesn't cause flicker nor does dragging an open window around the desktop. No flicker dragging open the right side information bar in desktop mode either.

Answer:Screen Flicker in Windows Metro view Intel GMA 500 graphics controller

My experience is that the Poulsbo has always been bad juju. Intel actually contracted the design of the chip to one company, and the drivers to another. To this day I don't believe the best drivers available truly take advantage of it's full capabilities.

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I was going to ask EA this, but their support contact form doesn't seem to work.

I used to play the Sims 2 on my pc. The pc was slightly underqualified, but besides slow gameplay it seemed to work fine. I had all the expansions save for University installed.

All of a sudden when I was playing it seemed to freeze,and a popup saying 'This application has crashed, application will not terminate' popped up. This happened around the time that I upgraded my pc with additional RAM and when I installed Free Time. I didn't know if it was the problem of either those things.

I still kept playing, but after a while I could only play for about 5 minutes before it popped up again. Then, I decided to play with an older lot that I created before the installation of Freetime. Strangely, I was able to play in that lot for hours and I never got that popup. The popup only came up during the actual game play, so not during CAS, or building etc.

I recently bought a new laptop. It's a special gaming laptop and it has really good specs, so I decided to buy it, mainly because I play the SIms 2 a lot. (See DXDiag). I installed all the expansion (including university), so now I have all the expansions+stuff packs on this laptop. I also copied all the custom content from my computer to my laptop. The installation went fine, and in the beginning everything seemed to run smoothly.

That was mostly due to the fact that I was building a lot more and creating families than acutal... Read more

Answer:Sims 2 problem: This application has crashes, application will now terminate

Hi it looks like the proble might be service pack 1 on your vista laptop
try unistalling it but i still have a problem with sims2 it the loading screens loadeds the pauses on the last part just over the bit about the bacon the says the application has failed and wil be teminated

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I have just upgraded from Windows 7 64 bit to Windows 8 and the metro app tiles are not working correctly.

For example, if I click on the mail tile and then go to charms, settings, I get no settings to add account. See screen capture.

The dots just spin round and round, nothing happens and I can't add an account or do anything.

All that is listed under settings is "Permissions" and "Rate and Review".

Can someone help?


Answer:No Settings Under Metro App Tiles?

Have you updated the Mail app since you installed Windows? If not, open the Windows Store and look for the word "updates" at the upper right; click there and install all the updates it offers. Most of the built-in apps have been updated once or twice since Windows was released.

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Hey guys, So I have been running Windows 8 for about 3 months now and i have encountered a problem. My computer starts up fine and I can log in but when it loads onto the metro screen for the first time it crashes. I can still move my mouse. I have tried CTRL+ALT+DEL and clicked on task manager but nothing happens. Sometimes I get an error pop up saying something is wrong with my PC and the search the internet for 'RESOURCE_NOT_OWNED'. Please could you help

Many thanks,


Answer:My computer Crashes on the metro screen upon start up!

Please provide this information so we can provide a complete analysis: Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

If unable to get into Windows long enough to generate these reports, try doing it in Safe Mode.
If you have problems with this, please post back and we'll attempt to work through them.

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Having an odd problem with my MS Surface Pro running Win 8: I get solid Wifi connectivity, but when I am on the Metro home screen and attempt to check mail, update or shop through the store, open NextGen Reader or open Internet Explorer I get a "You're not connected to the Internet" message. Odd that the mail icon has already informed me I have emails, the store icon has told me I have updates, and the NextGen icon has told me I have unread feeds.

If I go to the desktop and open Internet Explorer, it works perfectly.

If I change Internet Explorer|Tools|Internet Options|Connections|LAN Settings to uncheck the "Use Proxy Server" checkbox, everything works perfectly for the balance of that session: IE on the desktop continues to work, and I can return to the Metro screen and everything now works fine there. This continues as long as I don't shut down.

When I shut down and re-start, all settings revert back to what they were, and I have to go through the drill again. The "Use Proxy Server" box won't stay unchecked after shutdown.

The proxy server Address and Port for HTTP and Secure are always and 49445.

I double-checked, and do not have e-Rewards Notify on the system (known for doing this).

Does anybody have any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


Answer:IE Settings in Win 8 Differ from Metro to Desktop

there is something on it here

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Just updated two computers to Win 8.1. I have the same user profile on both computers. After finishing the 8.1 update, I can't access any metro-style screen (including PC settings) on either computer. I've tried running SFC and no issues were found. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

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Hi everybody i hope you are all doing great. Laptop Details:Lenovo Y50-70 Laptop (Lenovo) 203784720hq512ssd960m16gb ram I made a clean install to my lenovo laptop so I lost some essential applications that came with my laptop. I installed almost all the drivers and apps at lenovo driver support download page without problems but i could not find some of lenovo apps that came in my laptop when i bought it and I really need them. The only one available in the driver download page were Lenovo energy manger. The most importants for me that i need are lenovo onekey recovery app and lenovo updates. For onekey recovery I only need the app, not the files to restore the whole partition, because the recovery partition is intact, I did not format it. So I only need the app that opens it. Th apps I want to get back are:1. Lenovo Onekey Recovery app - The one I am more interested in.2. "Lenovo Updates' (lenovo updates is the name of the app) The scond one im am more interested in.3. Lenovo Settings4. Lenovo companion If someone can guide me to where to download each of them, it would be great. I would need for windows 8.1 64 bit or windows 10. Thank You, I hope you can help me.  

Answer:Where do I download Lenovo Y50 Onekey Recovery, Lenovo Settings. "Lenovo updates", Lenovo Companion?

Go to the Windows Store and do a search on "Lenovo."   You will find almost all the apps you need are available there.

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This has been bugging me for a while it pops up whenever I start the computer. I don't know to much about how to do things so please have some patients with me. If you can help me than I might just love you forever.

Answer:Error loading C:\Documents and Settings\ Network Service\ Local Settings\ Application Data\ hrcopul.dll

Have you run any scans for infections? I Googled hrcopul.dll, and everything that I found points to a infection.

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Hello, I hope someone can help me out,

since a few days my Internet Explorer 11 (newest version) crashes after a few short browsing time on my Dell Venue 8 Pro. There are specific mostly high crowded sites I can go to and it will freeze, or just if I tab/surf fast enough for example click links in a row. I had the same problem 3 months ago, and the only solution which worked was to reset Windows, install everything new. It worked so far until a view days ago, it began again to show the same behavior: slow site rendering, and freeze after a short time. The behavior is described for example here too by other users:

IE11 crashing constantly after upgrading to 8.1 - Page 2 - Windows Phone Central Forums

I already tried the following steps without luck:

- reset IE settings to default
- cleared all cache/cookies/settings
- deactivated every plugin (I didnt have any special installed at all, I just deactivated the default ones one Flash, adobe pdf, Intel, to see if it helped, it didnt)
- gave "all installed applications" rights to c:
- did a sfc /scannow
- cleared Windows Store cache (wsreset)
- enable software rendering (which though doesnt have impact on metro ie I think)

Heres one of the appangs:

Protokollname: Application
Quelle: Application Hang
Datum: 23.04.2014 11:41:36
Ereignis-ID: 1002
Ebene: Fehler
Benutzer: Nicht zutreffend
Co... Read more

Answer:Metro IExplorer slow and crashes after short time

I could solve it by creating a new Windows user profile, unlinking MS account, copying documents over, deleting my old one. I dont know why it solved it. I guess the "IE profile reset" features doesnt really reset everything, and the IE profile somehow was messed up. Someone have an idea how, or how I could prevent this in the future? Because like I mentioned in my first post, it happened before a few times. I am not using any tools like CClearner or something, I didnt have any addons installed.

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My Metro Applications and PC settings don't start after i click in it...
I click on the icons and the application don't start.
The Metro applications were working fine, but they stopped working.
Anyone have this problem or anyone know how to solve it?


Answer:Metro Applications and PC Settings don't start after click

Try running System File Checker, open a command window with administrative priviledges and type "sfc /scannow" (without quotes).

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When I go into Settings -> PC Settings -> Notifications I can no longer choose which apps display notifications. The entire section is blank. Please see the following image:

Anyone else experience this? Any ideas? I'm completely stumped.

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Good Evening all,   My Dahter,lol dropped her Y510 or rather pulled it off of her desk and although she was only playing music it seemed to pass the "Bounce Test" momentarily anyway because all of a sudden it said that there was a 349meg update to install so she did it and when it restarted the lap top it shut down after less then 1 minute of trying to boot! Since then there have been mix ups as to sending her the recovery CD as support sent it to her University address and the folks that placed the order were from the Phippines and perhaps they dont have postal or Zip codes there because this guy kept asking what the heck these numbers and letters meant and I knew right then and there that it was going somewhere else and it did, so they did it again and by Friday they still had not come after ten days of mix ups. My Daughter called today to say that they had come but when she put the recovery disk in it did the same thing it started to read the disk and then shut down. So on we went and I got her into BIOS and she went on and actually got into "Safe Mode" with the following options,1/ change the language, 2/return to the last good config,3/ go to a command prompt, so after almost three hours of trouble shooting with Dad she had had enough for now. So as the subject line asks are there any known scenario's where when the drive has been resized did the Lenovo Button still work and does it get you into the infamous "Hidden Partition where the recovery info is supposed... Read more

Answer:When the drives are resized does it always mean that it makes the Lenovo Button unusable?

sorry, i couldn't read the post ( tried three times ), but if we say, it's all about the headline, one key recover ( lenovo button ) won't work if you make any change on your volume ( sizes ).

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For the last 2.5 weeks my laptop has not located any network adapters (apart from Bluetooth) and the touchpad has been unusable, the cursor just jumps around the screen, mostly around the edges and randomly opens dialog boxes.  No idea what has gone wrong.   Tried system restores - no change, tried downloading and installing current WLAN and touchpad drivers from this site but no improvement, finally went to a full system recovery to start over but even that did not solve the issue. In device manager under Network Adapters I can only see 'Bluetooth device (Personal Area Network)' and 'Bluetooth Device (RFCOMM Protocol TDI)'. In device manager under 'Mice and other pointing devices' it shows 'Lenovo Pointing Device', claims it is working properly using Synaptics driver version Any ideas?

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Hello there,I have a 14-inch Lenovo Yoga 500, and it seemed to be working perfectly fine until now, since the charging port is literally unusuable. To begin with, the issue was very minor and turning the cable around or moving it would fix the problem. However, as time went on, it became harder for me to plug the charging cable, because the laptop wouldn't respond. After a while, I realised that there was a sweet spot and I managed to cope with that, but the laptop would still cycle between charging and not charging which meant that the laptop was charging at a slower rate. Unfortunately, now it has become impossible for me to use my laptop, because I have to spend a lot of time playing with the cable in order to get my laptop charged, but the problem was that even the SLIGHTEST touch would interrupt the flow and the laptop would shut down. Now I think that there isn't a way that I can adapt to this situation, because it keeps getting worse... I read online and some people said that Lenovo can change the motherboard if the laptop is still in warranty, which unfortunately isn't the case here. So now, I'm quite stuck and unsure of what to do. I really would appreciate any help towards my problem and if you can tell me how much it would cost to change the motherboard, or fix it by an easier or more efficient way. Thanks for any help in advice,Koce.EDIT: I have also tried out different cables, but the result was the same.

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OK so we all know that there is a new BIOS update for our machines.
F4 problem is now OK.. howerver this new BIOS version is worst!
We all know that there were a problem with the grapichs but at least the Nvidia was working..
Now the NVIdiA is completely unusable..
There's no way to make it work now.Only the Intel card is working.
Is there someone who can give me a backup of the old 7FCN35WW BIOS version.. because I'm going insane with this lenovo "support"
Moderator Note; subject edited

Answer:Lenovo Z710 New BIOS NVIdiA is completely unusable

Anyone ?! I need that bios ;(

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Hi guys,
I just joined the forums today.
My issue has to do with basically every internet browser I have and Nvidia Geforce Experience.  Whenever I open chrome and opera, both of them crash instantly.  Additionally, whenever I open firefox and edge and go to certain pages such as or, the websites crash.  On IE, it does basically the same thing; the only difference is that I go to the webpage it generally crashes on and it says IE stopped responding, but IE is still loading the webpages and I can still add a new tab!  Also, after getting an alert yesterday from Geforce Experience that a new video card driver was available, I clicked on the alert, only to have a window pop up saying that it crashed.  I tried to open Geforce Experience again.  Crashed again.
After trying to use a system restore point from October 18, 2016 (before I had this issue) I still had this problem.  A Microsoft support rep said that it is most likely a virus.  I did have trend micro officescan installed at the time, however, but i'm guessing some viruses can get past your security.
The only change I can remember is installing MSI Afterburner.  I may have downloaded a thing or two, but only used trusted sites to download from (Cnet, Opera, sourceforge).
As a last resort, I tried to used Darik's Boot and Nuke using a USB drive that I used Universal USB Installer with to put the DBAN iso on there... Read more

Answer:Browser Crashes, Application Crashes in Windows 10

How to receive help diagnosing Blue Screens and Windows crashes -

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The consensus on this build seems to be that it is feature complete, but would I be correct in hopefully assuming that the ability to delete files on import and choose default landing locations for pictures would be something that is to come?

I love Win 8 but it really seems almost massively incomplete standing next to say the Windows 7 early builds just before release versions. I mean stability wise etc. etc. as well.

I'm not just hoping for tweaks and minor bug fixes, but larger usability changes, the photo's app being just a minor example of this type of thing.

Just thinking out loud I guess.


Answer:Import settings on Metro Photo app incomplete or by design?

Metro apps are all about... simplicity. They do one Thing and they do it... ok not "Well"... more like... "Pretty"? (But not even then in a lot of cases).

The days of choice and configuration and, I hate to say but, the days of the power user are waning fast

If you are looking for control or options or configuration in a Metro app, you may never find it. It goes against the entire premise. One premise being that the user should not be worrying about where their files are... I wouldn't expect anything more by launch date. Maybe sometime in the future you'll be able to pay for the privilege of a usable, non-toy-like photo app in the app store...

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Every time computer is restarted, the weather gadget shows temps in Fahrenheit, although I have very clearly set it to Celsius.

This is what I can see when booted:

That temperature is in Fahrenheit.

I click the Metro gadget to enter Weather, and system immediately changes to Celsius, showing my locations:

Settings are correct in data.js at C:\Program Files\Applications\microsoft.weather_1.0.0.26_neutral_neutral_8wekyb3d8bbwe\js:

convertDataTemperature: function (toCelsius) { for (var _city in Weather.Data.cities) {
["temperature", "feelslike", "high", "low"].forEach(function (value, index) {
Weather.Data.cities[_city][value] = convertTemp(Weather.Data.cities[_city][value], toCelsius);
for (var _day in Weather.Data.cityData[_city].forecast) {
Weather.Data.cityData[_city].forecast[_day].high = convertTemp(Weather.Data.cityData[_city].forecast[_day].high, toCelsius);
Weather.Data.cityData[_city].forecast[_day].low = convertTemp(Weather.Data.cityData[_city].forecast[_day].low, toCelsius);
for (var _hour in Weather.Data.cityData[_city].hourly) {
Weather.Data.cityData[_city].hourly[_hour].temp = convertTemp(Weather.Data.cityData[_city].hourly[_hour].temp, toCelsius);

BTW, every now and then when PC booted the weather gadg... Read more

Answer:Metro Weather showing Fahrenheits, Celsius selected on settings.

Good one "

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when I open Settings - Apps & features I can't see the icons of Microsoft Corporation, neither in my taskbar, I only see a blank square with pixels, see below my example.
However, they are visible in the Start Menu
How to solve this problem.
Thank in advance for the co-operation

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when I open Settings - Apps & features I can't see the icons of Microsoft Corporation, neither in my taskbar, I only see a blank square with pixels, see below my example.
However, they are visible in the Start Menu
How to solve this problem.
Thank in advance for the co-operation

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I just upgraded my laptop (Lenovo Y460p) from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and I cannot open any Metro apps, including PC Settings or User Account settings. From the start menu when I click on an app, nothing happens. The bad thing is that there is functionality built into these Metro apps that I cannot access from the desktop, primarily reverting back to Windows 7 (which I cannot do because I cannot open Settings).

Also many of the desktop programs crash or will not open e.g. Paint and Snipping Tool so I cannot even take screenshots of what I am seeing!

Is there a way to fix these problems? Or is there any way to trigger reversion back to Windows 7 from the command prompt or control panel? I ran the sfc /scannow command and no errors were detected.

Answer:Cannot open any Metro apps (incl. PC Settings to restore Windows 7)

Press Windows key + X

Click Command Prompt (Admin)

Type in at the prompt OR Copy and Paste

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

Then hit Enter

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Running Windows 8.1. Have admittedly modified it quite heavily but perhaps someone could point me to the root of what I have screwed up.

Pretty much, any apps which have the purple wheel splash screen do not load (presumably crash). Normal windows settings work fine. Windows applications and Metro apps works with no hitches (I have none downloaded but default Music, Games all start with no issues).

Much appreciate any suggestions.

Answer:All Metro Settings crash (Acc, Display), Apps work fine.

Originally Posted by redsky

Running Windows 8.1. Have admittedly modified it quite heavily

Modified what? Using what? 3rd party software? Is your copy of windows a registered version? Can you recall when it stopped working properly? Have you tried restoring to an earlier state?

Could you give us more information?

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Hi ,How are you. I get this error over and over again in the Event Viewer:

1203 - Description              : The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID

                                   and APPID

                                   to the user NT AUTHORITY\LOCAL SERVICE SID (S-1-5-19)
from address LocalHost (Using LRPC) running in the application container Unavailable SID (Unavailable). This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool.

Could you tell me exactly... Read more

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I am receiving the following error in the Event Viewer from the source DistributedCOM (Windows 8.1 64 bit) :
The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID class identitification
 and APPID identification
 to the user Lenovo\Ewa with security identification SID
(S-1-5-21-1287633286-651115146-4152900111-1001) from the address LocalHost (using

LRPC) acting in the application container with identity SID
This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool.
It regards Zinio Reader application.
Please advice how can I fix the problem.
Thanks and best regards, Ewa

Answer:The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID

Hi Ewa,
It's just a example instead of your real ID.
The ID of yours {316CDED5-E4AE-4B15-9113-7055D84DCC97} must be in that list. Have you attempt to find it?
I have search it on my lab computer(Windows 8.1)as below:
Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]

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I have been having a long running problem with my computer. It started out as a lack of internet access which turned out tI o be a bad virus. I fixed that problem by doing a complete reformat of my system. I thought that that would fix the problem and it did for a bit.

After a week or so I started having BSOD. I went to a computer shop and we went to work on the issue. The BSOD's were showing that there was an error with my sata connection. I replaced the cables. The problem kept happening, so I replaced the motherboard and hard drive with a complete reformat again. Then I continued to have the same issues which included crashes, disappearing icons, weird error messages (x86 errors) and once in a while a BSOD. The BSOD's all say there's still an error with the sata connection.

I then decided to replace the power supply and upgraded to an evga 1300 watt. I replaced my case as well to a bigger one. I even replaced the ram sticks That seemed to fix the problems for a while and the BSOD's became very rare, but after a lot of use the weird error messages became very common. I really can't use the computer any more. I'm typing this on my laptop.

The computer shop I go to say's this is probably a hardware issue. They can't seem to figure it out. I've had it in multiple times. This is a nightmare for a computer owner. I have replaced virtually all the parts and my computer is still utterly unusable. The only program I installed since the last reformat wa... Read more

Answer:Disappearing Icons, Computer Crashes, BSOD, computer unusable

Why don't you just buy a new one! WOW.. Sorry..
Well, you SHOULDN'T have played with drivers...That is what's up.
Tried re-formatting AFTER doing those changes?
That computer shop owner though...I don't know what to say.
1) try reformatting to a version that is supported by the bios..(Check if it supports x64)...(fully ready)
2) post every error you get and attempt to find solution to each one. (Getting tired)
3) Can you mention WHEN did certain errors happen? before...after changing Processor and Graphic Card? (Getting worried)
4) Try lots of thing on the web. (hope time)
5) Revert back to the old virtual stuff. (shameful return)
6) take off the good pieces and attempt to use it on another computer or sell it. (Hopeless)

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Hello Large Brains,

I need some help. I recently installed Windows 8 Customer Preview over (not partitioned ((stupid))) Windows 7.
Everything seemed to work fine in the installation process. I did selected to KEEP my Legacy Software, Files & Settings...

THE PROBLEM is that when Win 8 opens up there is a blank screen. Charms load. Can access Search for Apps, Files, Settings. Search for Files and Settings works but NOTHING comes up for apps. I am forced just to win E myself into the old desktop and not use Metro at all.

I am on my 2nd install and has nothing changed. I did a SFC /SCAN as admin and it procuded some errors and fixed them but nothing has changed.

What do you think is the problem. I know there is a solution without having to REFRESH. That is just silly.

Please Help my friends,

Answer:Win8 Preview: No Metro Apps at all only "the view is empty" :(

Also, Has this been a common issue with others? Thanks!

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Hello,I recently installed a FRU SSD drive into my Thinpad t540P to use as a cache and program storage drive. I changed the default install location of programs and metro apps to the SSD drive and all worked well for awhile. Very recently, however, none of the lenovo metro apps (companion, settings, etc.) will open. They briefly open, and then close automatically. I have tried deleting the windows app folder on the ssd and changing the windows app install directory back to the default setting. I also tried manually deleting the lenovo apps from the windows app folder, but nothing has worked. When I try to reinstall the app from windows store, I get the error code 0x80073cf0. Hopefully someone can help me out!

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It seems like there is a bit of a problem with this new windows and my Lenovo z570 laptop - none or the tiles work and the machine keeps giving and error when it boots. It's also very slow... Not impressed and need to remove all my stuff and reinstall 7 :-( anyone got any similar experiences...

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Hello, I am using Windows 8.1 Preview. When I changes the View settings of files from "Details" view to "Large icons" view or any other view, changes takes place i.e "Large icons" view is enabled, but after i open another folder and then come back to the previous folder the view settings are keep reverted into "Details" view, which is very annoying . It was working good before some days, but from last 2 days this problem is appearing. Please help me. Thank You

Answer:View settings keep reverting to "Details" view

Hi and welcome to TSF perhaps the suggestions here can help Change folder views and options in Windows/File Explorer |
I will move you to the win 8 forum for further help.

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errorWhen an application crashes with the "blah blah Application has stop working" error, is there any way to obtain further details on the reason the particular application crashed.

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:How to view details on application crash

type event viewer in the search box .. open the application section and see if there are any critical errors listed.. That should point you in the right direction..

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my computer windows 98 runs slow interent explorer always saying not responding alot of red errors on viewer application and keys beside the infrmation on security page. some company told me to get a virus scan called it was a 150.00 i said forget it. how to get rid of errors is computer infected. mcafee says it is secure. mcafee also says quite often your computer at risk in red. thanks

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I had some trouble with my Desktop and have experimented with the themes. I have now lost the ability to show thumbnails of windows of the apps I have opened with a mouse over on the Taskbar

How can I view these thumbnails again..

Thank you...

Answer:How can I view Application Thumbnail on the Taskbar

Hello weka

I think this is what you are looking for - Taskbar Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable


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I'm just wondering if there will eventually be a means of running a Metro-compliant background task, such as Notification Area Icons In Win78 and Desktop? Theoretically these could be added to the harms menu somehow.

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Anyone else getting this problem?
When I click on All Apps on the Metro UI by right clicking on it, it just hangs there and shows a grey screen (My theme for metro.) Nothing comes up, when I press the Windows key it sortof glitches and relunches the Metro UI.
I'm considering doing a clean install now.

Answer:Metro "All Apps" View

Hello Motofota, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Check Windows Update, and install all available updates. There's a fix available in Windows Update that should fix this. Afterwards, try again.

Hope this helps,

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I can open the appliaction from the VB.Net appliaction. but it is not accepting the input parameters to set the filename to open in the Quick view plus application.

As of now i can able to open the appliaction , please guide me how to open a file when loading the Quick view plus.

This a piece of code i have used to open a file in Quick View Plus.

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I have a problem with my employees, sometimes during free hours or at working hours i can't check then what are they doing in there pc's, this my major problem during working hours, i need application where they can't notice that i'm viewing them thru my computer thru network access.. Please help me where can i find and download for free and use it
for free. thank you

Answer:Application to spy or view the status of my employee thru network

If you are running a terminal server environment. This is normally dependant on the size of your company. you can just remote desktop (RDP) and see what they are doing. you could instead use teamviewer and set it up on all of your employees pc's install "for the instant customer" on their pc's and have it run in the background and on your pc install the full version. set for personal use. so that they dont know it is running at startup you can always go to taskbar and startmenu properties (right click go to properties on the start bar and then tick hide inactive icons and customise to hide teamviewer. You can also control their pc's this way.
TeamViewer Download

Or you could install a proxy on the server that I assume you would have and then you can see every site that they visit on the network - look at installing squid 3 in a virtual machine environment. - only took me a few days to figure out (its in linux so you need some know how)

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Hi, so I just got my new Yoga 910, and wanted to change the settings so the F keys are default and me not needing to press Fn. I found a lot of posts on the forum, where people got it working by having the latest BIOS and Lenovo Settings app from the store. I have the exact same installed, latest bios and settings app. But my input setting screen is just empty, it shows three loading spinners when loading the inputs setting page, but then just goes empty. See attached screenshot.    Anyone else experiencing this? I have updated Windows and all the drivers, also tried uninstalling the settings app and reinstalling, but that did not help either. Hope someone can help.. -- Christian

lenovo-settings-input-empty.PNG ?31 KB

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I have a Thinkpad Twist and the "Automatically optimize for battery life" option under the Lenovo Settings app stopped working after I updated Lenovo Settings Dependency Package to The battery now stays fully charged instead of holding the level steady at 50%.Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

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Hi guys, I've had this problem for around 4-5 monthes but have never really gotten around to looking for a solution. Anyways, here is part 1 of my dilema. Lenovo Settings will not open. In fact, it seems to have disappeared completely, along with several "default" apps, such as Paint and Calculator. However, I am able to see them, yet cannot open them directly. View From the Home Button. Oddly enough, I can still open paint, though I have to do so via right clicking on a picture. Clearly they exist, but whenever I click on them and attempt to open them directly, nothing happens. Another issue I have is that the lock screen is stuck on one picture. I cannot change this picture, instead, when I try to change it, the loading wheel spins indefinately like so. If there is any solution to either of these issues please contact me as soon as you can. As you can imagine it's a little bit annoying having battery saver mode stuck on so I can't charge more than 60% for road trips. EDIT: I should also note that this is a Y50-70 I am using

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HI I was wondering if anybody knew of a way to show a particular app on all virtual desktops. I have a password manager that interacts with any window that requires a password and I dont want to have to move it every time I have a window that requires access to it. I like my applications separated into separate desktops as it is now, but a few applications I need to see on every desktop. Is there a way to do that?

Answer:Windows 10 Task View: Showing a specific application on all VD's

trinsic said:

HI I was wondering if anybody knew of a way to show a particular app on all virtual desktops. I have a password manager that interacts with any window that requires a password and I dont want to have to move it every time I have a window that requires access to it. I like my applications separated into separate desktops as it is now, but a few applications I need to see on every desktop. Is there a way to do that?

In Task View, right click on an application:

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All Windows 10 lovers,
I just got an update of windows 10 on my Lumia 535. I found few issues. I hope i'll get some solutions here.
Problem: When i visited into Store -> Downloads and Updates, it shows me list of all the apps which needs to update. But the worst part is that there is no way to view/find out that what is the updates available for a specific application. I tried long press on the list, but no luck.
Please let me know, if anyone has any other way to get the updates information.

Answer:Windows 10 - Not able to view application updates information into Store

Originally Posted by Devesh Mishra All Windows 10 lovers,
I just got an update of windows 10 on my Lumia 535. I found few issues. I hope i'll get some solutions here.
Problem: When i visited into Store -> Downloads and Updates, it shows me list of all the apps which needs to update. But the worst part is that there is no way to view/find out that what is the updates available for a specific application. I tried long press on the list, but no luck.
Please let me know, if anyone has any other way to get the updates information. I know, if i search any application into Store, it's shows that information over there in the list after long press.

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I have several Windows Vista 64bit machines and all are having the same issue.
When a user is in an application and then goes to save to a network drive, the machine freezes and crashes out of the application.

This only happens when the user changes the "View Type" in the folder listing.
Any ideas?

Answer:Changing View crashes PC

Do you know when this problem began? Try a System Restore to a point in time BEFORE the problem began. Here's the procedure: Be sure to check the box to show more than 5 days of restore points. If the first attempt fails, then try an earlier point or two. NOTE: You will have to re-install any software and updates you installed between now and the restore point, but you can use Windows Update for the updates.

In fact, an update may be the cause of this issue if it suddenly started on all machines at the same time and they use automatic update - so if this resolves the problem, you may want to change updates to manual and do them one-by-one, rebooting between each one, to see if you can find the one that's causing the problem and then uninstall that update and post the KB number here and then hide it until we can find the cause and a way to install it without causing the problem.

If that doesn't work, try a clean boot If the problem goes away then it's just a matter of tracking down the culprit causing the problem. Follow the procedures in the article. Once found, delete, remove, deactivate, or uninstall it. Once done be sure to reset Vista back to normal status as explained in the procedures. If the problem occurs in clean mode then just restore the system to normal status and reboot - this solution is not going to work.

Boot into Safe mode with networkin... Read more

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I'm Running XP and every time I go to a sight that has video, Internet Explorer pops up an error report and then my IE browser closes. It does it on Yahoo Movies when i click on a trailer to view, Gamespot, etc. This never used to happen. Any Ideas?



Answer:When I view Video IE Crashes

Any Ideas?

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Until a couple of days ago all my battery settings were working fine, but now the battery icon just disappeared in the Lenovo settings, so I cannot change anything. This is especially annoying since my chargin threshold is set to 80% and I do not know how to change it with this problem. I do not remember installing any updates, but I did change some things when my pc boots to get rid of a broken Linux partition in my boot menu. All other parts of Lenovo Settings and Lenovo Companion are working fine. Thanks for your help!

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Question: View settings XP

When using Windows XP the View settings - Thumbnails-Tiles-Icons-List-Details - always comes up as Thumbnails. I would like to change this setting so that the default is "Details". How do I do this? All my efforts to find a solution have failed.

Answer:View settings XP

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Question: View settings

In any Windows OS, where are the settings for 'folder view settings' stored?
I run CCleaner regularly and I do not know which item to uncheck so that my 'View settings' are not erased.
Kindly help me.

Answer:View settings

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I apologize in advance if this is detailed but I've tried to fix this a lot of ways and am still coming up short.

2 days ago, my Windows Explorer kept crashing and restarting, crashing and restarting. I tried a number of suggested things online and finally it stopped after I uninstalled an add-on for youtube on Mozilla.

Unfortunately, one of the other fixes I found and attempted was: go to Computer > Organize > Folder and Search Options > View > check Always show icons and never thumbnails > uncheck Display file icons on thumbnails
After I did this, everything went pretty big and semi-blurry on my computer...and long story short, I can't get it to go back to the original settings.

What I've done since then:
1) tried to restore default settings through the same process as above
2) changed the resolution, which helped it become smaller but it is still somewhat wide and blurry
3) gone to Windows Color and Appearance via Control Panel to change the effects under clear type
4) gone to Display Settings via Control Panel and messed around with no luck

As a caveat, I am currently teaching English in South Korea so taking it in somewhere is kind of a bust.
If you could help me in any way, I would consider you a best friend and wizard and love you forever. Please take pity on me during this holiday season. A million thanks in advance!

Answer:Please help with view settings!

Have you tried a System Restore to a point before Windows Explorer started to crash?

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I need some help!

I lost the Desktop app in the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen. I can replace it with a show desktop shortcut but I was looking to get the original Desktop app back.

Can anyone assist? I searched the internet with no luck.



Answer:Help! - Lost Desktop Metro Icon in Windows 8 Metro Start Screen

Search for Desktop on the Windows Start screen. RIght click on the resulting Desktop search result and specify to pin to the start menu.

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I suspect this is either a hardware or software problem on my computer, since it does not matter what website I am on. Whenever I try to view video with either Real player or Windows media player I get a blue screen for about 5 seconds and then the computer reboots on its own. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.

Answer:XP crashes if I try to view video online

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Okay, I've had this problem for a few months now with one site. All of a sudden, one day, my computer decided that when I try to view Badical Extreme's Doodle Board, I get the following Illegal Operation-

SBROWSER (Does the Same with IE) caused an invalid page fault in
module WININET.DLL at 0187:63004f2a.
EAX=041ac728 CS=0187 EIP=63004f2a EFLGS=00010202
EBX=041ac728 SS=018f ESP=0474fd4c EBP=0474fd5c
ECX=0057640c DS=018f ESI=833f5800 FS=5d0f
EDX=853f5868 ES=018f EDI=853f5868 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
8a 0f 84 c9 74 0b 38 08 75 07 40 47 80 38 00 75
Stack dump:
833f2550 00000018 0057640c 005761d4 0474fdac 630045a1 833f2550 041ac728 00000000 005761d4 6307a0b8 005761d4 c174e410 833ee000 833f2550 833f2000

Okay, so anyway... today, my computer locked up while I was viewing my forum at and I had to restart. When I tried to view that page again, I recieved the same error, as I do now with all other threads on gaia forums. I can view any other page on those sites, just not those particular pages. All my other computers view them fine, so I know it's not the page. I tried cleaning out my temporary files, clearing my history, deleting my cookies, repairing IE, everything I could think of. I have Windows 98 and Use both IE and SlimBrowser Lite (The same problem occurs in both). If anybody has any suggestions I'd be VERY appreciative. This one has me both stumped and extremely annoyed.

Answer:Browser crashes when trying to view certain pages.

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The newly bought 6 months old Lenovo X1 Carbon 2nd Gen frequently crashes when it is left unattended for 10-15 min when it is connected to the external Lenovo monitor. I gues it has something to do with monitor turning off settings but can't fihure it out, it is stupid that I see blue screen so frequently because the system can't figure out how to turn off the external display... lost so much work and so very much disappointed at both Lenovo and Microsoft... I had an X220 which I loved but next time I am going for a Mac! - a very disappointed customer

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When I change the view for pictures in shared pictures from tiles to thumbnails, it does not seem to stay at this view setting, I have checked the option to remember each folder's view setting in folder options, but still these folders settings still continue to change themselves, why is this, also when I change the icon of a folder, for music for example, this icon seems to dissapear and change back to it's original look after restart or when the computer is turned back on from standbye, thanks for all the help.

Answer:folders view settings

Try this, click here , Rhuddlan.

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I have Windows XP and the 'My Computer' view has changed from the normal organized view (where each drive is categorized) and now it looks like any other folder where its all grouped together. How can I change this? I tried the link in my start menu, my desktop, and my taskbar, but its all the same. Thanks!!


Answer:'My Computer' view settings

My computer, view, arrange icons bym uncheck show in groups

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I hope you can help me with a problem that is starting to boil my p*ss

I'm running XP Pro and I like to have folders in different views - some in list view som in thumbnails some in groups, you get the idea. Anyway for some reason XP thinks I want all my folders to be viewed the same, i.e. Tiles, sorted by name, not in groups. Not good.

Yes, I have the little box ticked next to "remember each folders view settings" but it won't. And I didn't push the "Apply to all folders" button.

Anyone know of a proggy to solve this or a registry hack or whatever. This is like a steering wheel down the pants - It's driving me nuts!!!

Answer:Folder View Settings

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Hi. I have searched all over the internet for an answer to no avail. My XP Pro does not remember the View settings when you close a folder. This also includes the Screen Size and other settings. At one time I updated to the most current SP-3 and that is when it stopped working.

I looked at a post here for a similar problem but the link to a fix didn't load, bad address.

I did see that the Shell Bag file was increased to 5000 for SP-2 and somewhere think I saw that it changed back when you updated to SP-3.

This problem has been haunting me for a few years.

Please Please help me figure it out.

XP Professional, SP-3 and latest updates, 3.2 Geg, 4 mb Ram
Few programs running at all. I load them when I use them.
I can post my Hijack but it doesn't show the problem.


Answer:My XP Pro Does Not Remember View Settings

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I prefer to view details versus icons when I open a folder. I change the views to details but eventually, icons always return. Is there a way to change the default folder views to detail and have it stay that way?

Answer:Default view settings

You may try this:

Open "My Computer", menu Tool/Folder Option, Under tab View, check "Remember each folder view setting"

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my folders view setting and size of page won't hold the way I like to set it, for instance in the control panel I like icons, but in my documents, I prefer to set it to details, and in the folder options I've checked the tic to "remember each folder view setting", but now, although things are set correctly, this funtion seems to be compromised somehow. How does one go about fixing this intolerable disobidience...

Answer:view settings problem (WXP PRO)


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1) In tools/Folder Options I always keep a check at "yes" for View/Remember Each Folder's View Settings.

2) I have read and used MS ARtilce 813711 which is at C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\FOLDER OPTIONS 2_files\FOLDER OPTIONS 2.htm.

3) I have changed the built in folder limit from 400 to 4000. Nevertheless, the folders almost always open in List View .

This is XP Pro SP2. I have been working on this for more than a year and it drives me crazy, especially when I am doing repetitive tasks like uploading photos to a website or moving files from one place to another. Any help welcome.

Answer:Folder View won't keep settings

there is a button that says "Apply to All Folders" click that, then Apply (at bottom), then ok.

sorry if you've already tried this, just a suggestion.

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When I loginto IE8 pulls up a Compatibility View window. After I login, I don't get the full screen. This is annoying. I have gone to tools, compatibility view settings and made sure no websites were on the list. Even after a reboot I get the same problem.

Any ideas where else you can eliminate the Compatibility View settings?

Parker, CO

Answer:Compatibility View Settings

Quote: Originally Posted by 56BelAir

When I loginto IE8 pulls up a Compatibility View window. After I login, I don't get the full screen. This is annoying. I have gone to tools, compatibility view settings and made sure no websites were on the list. Even after a reboot I get the same problem.

Any ideas where else you can eliminate the Compatibility View settings?

Parker, CO

Well Paul from Parker, Colorado, I don't have a webkinz code so I couldn't login but the only thing that could be causing this is the fact that the Web site is not coded to be fully compatible with IE8. Being there are discrepancies, stuff like this is bound to happen.

It might be worth checking out a different browser such as Google Chrome [] or Mozilla Firefox [].

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We have a web-based application that uses IE9, with Display intranet sites in Compatibility View checkbox unchecked.  The problem is other web-based applications require that this checkbox be checked.  Is there a way to create an icon that will
open this in IE with the checkbox unchecked, but still allow for it to remain checked in the other application?

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Hi, i have setup view in my documents by moving the divider that shows the size etc,but everytime i go back to my documents i have to set it up again? why can't it remember? thanks riptorn

Answer:Folder View Settings

Ok , set the folder to the size you want then go to organize, folder and search options, click the view tab and click apply to folders button, you may have to do this a few times in different folders, im sure there is a way to set it for this type of folder type ,will have a look.

heres brinks tutorial he explains it better.

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I just got windows 7 a few weeks ago and wanted to know if it remembers the folder views as well as xp ? When i had vista and i would configure all my folders,the sizes of the folders and the icons inside would rearrange and get all disconfiguered again.Like if i set some folders with medium icons some of them would become small icons..Also thumbnails pictures would dissapear and be replaced by some other pictures than the ones you originally customized..Has this problem been fixed in windows 7 ?

Answer:folder view settings

Hi Gbp007.

Windows 7 has this problem pretty much resolved and the applications of new views and settings work very well indeed.

Have a look at the following tutorial which should provide you with all the information you require: Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders

Hope this helps.

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Is there any way to set view settings for files and folders within libraries without affecting child or parent folders?

Answer:Library View Settings

As far as I am aware you can only set library defaults. You can't change folder views permanently. You can set them temporarily, but they will revert.

Regards....Mike Connor

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I have a new HP Windows 8 Pavillion Desktop. This morning when I click on any Metro page tile it flips as if going to Mail or People or Weather, etc. then flips right back to the Metro page. I called HP and they say it's corrupted and I have to call MS? I did this "refresh" thing once with this pc and lost more than I care to lost again. Isn't there something that can be done to fix this? Thanks great for any help! Jack ":-\

BTW, I checked restore points. Apparently by default it's not turned on. I though I had plenty of restore points as Advanced System Care by iObit reports every time I delete a program from their unistall programs feature that it is creating a restore point. Apparently not. So I can't try a restore point. I did turn it ON however. Again,

Answer:Click on Metro tile .. flips .. right back to Metro Page ?

Hi jack...I had the exact same thing last night. Almost all the apps did that. Some however still work. The uninstall/reinstall seems to fix those apps that have the problem. I think the issue began right after I downloaded and installed the "Patch Tuesday" Windows Updates. Have not uninstalled all those updates yet to see if they are the cause. Did you by any chance get the updates??

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I have been getting Application crashes when I start some programs. The last application I tried was a game called Call of Duty. I get a message saying that the program has stopped running and I can either have Microsoft check it out and fix it (which it never does), or close program.

Her is addirional information:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: CoDWaW.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 48f00193
Fault Module Name: CoDWaW.exe
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 48f00193
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 002b26fe
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 2d0b
Additional Information 2: 6c750c97094f825bef759f09243792b6
Additional Information 3: 3968
Additional Information 4: c1d3909159734729a286f1b50
If anyone has any ideas I sure would appreciate your help.



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I am running Windows 7 and for MONTHS, I have all different applications crash. Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, Windows Live Mail and some other software I use for real estate while I am working. The message is always that the program is not responding and needs to restart. This is driving me batty, because for work purposes the app crashes and I have to start what I am doing all over again. HELP!


I have also run many virus and malware scans and nothing ever fixes the problem.

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