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Thinkpad Edge 145 suddenly shuts down

Question: Thinkpad Edge 145 suddenly shuts down

Dear all advanced members. im posting here because of frustating condition of my THINKPAD EDGE E145. Hardware specification is:AMD Quad Core A4-5000, 2GB DDR3, 500GB HDD, VGA AMD Radeon Graphics HD 8330 Im just bought this laptop, and install Windows 8.1 64 bit version. Now the laptop can not be turned on. Everytime i push the power, the red led indicator is lighting, but then in seconds the power goes off or shuts down. Sometimes it got better and it can open the windows 8 booting logo, and then the power goes off again. Where is the problem..? there is no beeps or error code displayed. Thankyou..

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Preferred Solution: Thinkpad Edge 145 suddenly shuts down

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Well, my Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E535 is around a year old, and it seems there are now hardware issues. Sometimes the battery is charged to 100% or a bit less and after some minutes the laptop just goes off and makes a click. That was it. After I restart it, it says it has installed some software and I should make a restart, everytime. Also there is no more low energy warning appearing (it appeared some days ago but now not anymore), it is set to 10% seems to be something like this: is there some fix?the Update Manager of Lenovo does not find a fix, the Energy Manager does also not find a firmware update for the battery Do I really have to search and download this from your website again?! Which is the correct link for the Edge E535? Can't find it

Answer:Edge 535 shuts off/down suddenly

Hi, Mu5ch1n4t0r
Have you checked Event Viewer to see if Windows has recorded anything related to these sudden shutdowns? If not, if you open the Start menu and search for Event Viewer, you should be able to find it (it may say View event logs, but both will lead you to the same place.) Once in Event Viewer, select Windows logs, then System. From here, scroll through the log and go to the last time you remember this issue occurring. See if there are any errors or warnings that look related to this and post those here.
Thanks in advance,Adam

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I have a Thinkpad Edge e545 that I purchased about 6 weeks ago.  It has been shutting down sometimes with the blue screen, sometimes just blank, sometimes after only an hour or 2 and sometimes after 5-6 hours.  Does it pretty much evverytime I use it for more than an hour.  I have it propped up a little for over heating but since it shuts down sometimes after just and hour I am not sure if heat is the problem.

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Hello!I am trying to help a local non profit school with their Edge 15 laptops. I have 5 of them that are randomly shutting down completely, as if the power was completely removed. Doesn't seem to have an exact time limit.  Fans are running non stop. Here is what I have tried so far:different versions of windows 7, Linux boot disk, different battery power cords and combination of those two. Switched ahci to compatibility mode, lenovo power monitor, battery driver, power patch for v++ issues. Upgraded bios and also reverted back to factory settings on the bios. Cpu does not seem to be overheating. New thermal paste just in case.  Customer support is saying because they are a month out of warranty they wont talk to me so they refereed me to here.  Any ideas?   

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Hello!I have 2 thinkpads that are randomly shutting down completely, as if the power was completely removed. Doesn't seem to have an exact time limit, but it is generally after 30 minutes. battery has between 95 and 100% and the fan is running non stop. The air coming from the fan is not warm. The bottom of the laptop is not warm. The laptop is plugged into a wall outlet. Here is what I have tried so far:1. Verified power settings are correct.2. Verified power settings in bios are disabled3. removed the IBM power monitoring software.4. removed any unnecessary software.5. Verified that the fan is not dirty.6. Changed system cooling state to passive for "Plugged in".7. Removed CPU fan, cleaned old thermal grease off of all surfaces and re-applied a new layer of thermal grease.  warranty is expired as of June 2013 Looking around on Google, I see that this happens a LOT, but nobody ever writes what they did to resolve the issue. Any ideas? 

Answer:Thinkpad Edge 15 shuts down randomly

I am typing this message on a Lenovo Edge 15 with the exact same issue, and I have discovered an improvised "solution". If you put the computer in "sleep mode before 30 minutes elapses (i.e. 28:30) then the timer resets. I currently have some freeware downloaded called Cool Timer to warn me to put the computer the sleep each time and my Dad is writing a program now that will make the computer automatically sleep and wake it self every 28 minutes. I know this is not a perfect solution, but it is by far the best answer I have came up with after reading every forum available online. It makes the computer functional, which is a big plus.

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Dear all!  I have two problems with my Thinkpad x201.1/ When I use it with battery and charging then I plug adapter out, it suddenly shuts down. I take it to my office or repair service and do the same but it not suddenly shuts down.2/ it has been running fine but always suddenly shuts down in an instant, as if somebody turned off the power switch when temperature CPU up to about 55 degree C (using battery only or adapter or adapter + battery). But I take it to my office to use or take to repair service, it not suddenly shuts down. => Use it at home suddenly shuts down when CPU up to about 55 degree C. Use at office or somewhere else not suddenly shuts down whatever temperature CPU up to about 55 or 60-70!I find some topic talk about this problem but haven't got any good solutions. I would like hearing all idea. Thanks all!

Answer:Thinkpad X201 usually suddenly shuts down!

Had the same issue with the X1 carbon. send it in as it likely has a bad motherboard.

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Hello,My laptop has core i3 CPU. When I purchased it said that it was 3.2 GHz and within this year it has gone down to 2.40 GHz. Is this normal? Why has it done this?if anybody has answers please respond.

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I ve bought thinkpade edge 13 (0221RY6) and formated my hdd (was trying to install win XP). But now i am ready to switch on Windows seven and i am very sorry that i ve formated my HDD with pre installed windows 7.Somebody who has same machine PLS Can u give me your copy of recovery usb or link on it! Or any other help.THANKS!

Answer:I have lost my Recovery HDD with pre installed windows 7 on ThinkPad Edge 13 edge PLS Need HElp!

This is why one should burn recovery media before fiddling with the HD.
One option would be to download a legal Windows 7 ISO and install it.  Or borrow one.  You can use the product key on the bottom of your machine (or in the battery compartment) to activate the installation.  You may have to use the phone option to activate.
Working Legal Windows 7 Download Links 
To do this you must install the same version of Windows that came on your machine - but it can be either 32 or 64 bit.
Your machine came with Win7 Home Basic 32.  I can't say for certain that these "all version" ISOs include that version, but you can try and see.
Once you have Windows installed, go to the Lenovo support page and enter your machine type.  That will take you to a list of drivers and apps to download.  Expand the ThinkVantage option and install ThinkVantage System Update.  You can then run it and it will download and install the other software automatically.
I'm basing this on what I see on the US pages.  Yours may be different.
Good luck,

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Hello Everyone,I need suggestion what to do: buy ThinkPad Edge E54020C6003AGE (i7 4702MQ & GF 740M 2GB) or wait for Edge E550? in Germany is price about 830 Euros I use ThinkPads in last 10 years for study and gaming (R60, SL510, Edge 520) and wish sell my Edge E520 replace it with new one due stuck with old Radeon 6630M drivers (I cannot use a new AMD drivers when I try I getting mostly BOSD errors and latest Official Lenovo driver is from 2012) second reason is that E520 fan cannot be accessed & cleaned on easy way. In which month Lenovo mostly release new Edges, What is your option are Broadwell CPU + GeForce 840/940M in Edges worth to wait? In future I try to avoid AMD GPU due poor drivers support.I know that there is much better notebooks for gaming but I like ThinkPads

I Have this Lenovo Computers1. Think Centre M58 from 2008 an it is still good (Intel Q9550, 8GB DDR3, Radeon 6970, Intel SSD)2. ThinkPad E5403 ThinkPad Tab 2 (with it I have many problems)4. Lenovo Vibe Z2

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Hello,With my previous Thinkpad X61s I was able to press Fn key and use some alpha keys as a numeric keypad but with my new Thinkpad X1 there is no such feature. I have some applications which do require the use of numeric keypad (note that the keycodes received by the OS are not the same if the normal numeric keys are used). Please, do not suggest to plug an external USB keypad or keyboard, that's, of course, a solution (which I don't like at all). Anyone has some suggestion to overcome this problem somehow? Thanks!Kind regardsBoyan 

Answer:Numeric Keypad (on Fn+alpha keys) missing on Thinkpad X1 and Thinkpad Edge

As you are experiencing Fn+ alpha numeric keys are not working, I would suggest you to please update the Power Manager software and also update the Bios of your system from the below mentioned web link.
After this, please restart the system and check if the issue resolved.
Thanks & Regards,

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Hello, I just bought an Edge 15 and I'm wondering if backlight bleed is a common problem with it. There are several places around the edge of the display where the backlight discolors the screen. I've attached a picture; note the top edge of the screen especially. Is this normal, or is it worth looking into a repair?  Also, I'm surprised that this model does not appear on Lenovo's website at all. I have only found one review for it, and it seems Best Buy was the only one to sell it. Anyone know about that? EDIT: Apparently my thread was moved to the ThinkPad Edge forum, though I'm pretty sure that this is not a ThinkPad Edge series device (as far as I can tell that series was discontinued and this was not ThinkPad branded). If someone could clarify that would be awesome. Thanks!

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I have a ThinkPad 431 with Windows 7 the BIOS  turned on for always on.I switched on the USB option always on in lenovo utility. Thinkpad has 3 USB ports, two on the left and one on the right.The one on the right works when the thinkpad is in hibernation. The left ones don't. When thinkpad is on, all ports charge. Is this by design or is there a problem with my Thinkpad unit. I really realy need two ports for charging. 

Answer:ThinkPad Edge 431 Powered USB charging at only one port when thinkpad is in hibernate

I should mention that I don't have any yellow USB port. Neither the left or the right ones have yellow.

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Hi everyone, I'm wanting to buy a new laptop and currently deciding between this ThinkPad Edge E540 (479 Euros) and this refurbished ThinkPad T420 (299 Euros) I'll be using this almost exclusively for working with audio (music production, DJing, recording & listening to music) and almost nothing else - I run Ableton and Traktor which are quite CPU-heavy so the processor is quite important.Whichever I bought I would be taking the DVD drive out and putting in a SSD for the OS and my programs, and I would also be adding an extra 4GB of RAM.I don't have much money at the moment so the 180 Euros I'd save by buying the refurb would be very appreciated, however I really don't want to compromise the speed/lifespan of my laptop.---So my question is, how much do you think a 3-4 year old T420 (which from what I understand are one of the best laptops ever made) would compare to a brand new Edge E540 in terms of speed, and which do you think would last longer?---Thanks in advance for your input.

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in my opinion it's the worst ever.i bought this laptop a year and half ago ,last a few days ago it started to work once out 10 times i try to turn it on !i went to Lenovo maintenance in Jordan (that's where i live) and they told me i need new motherboard he told me it'll cost minimum 300 USD !!its better to buy new laptop .and as i started to look online a couple others had the same problemi don't know if it was factory problem or what !i am an old lenovo customer i still have lenovo thinkpad r51 which still works fine! and my new laptop is dead .i lost my faith in the brand .

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Hi, I've a problem. My pc sometimes shuts down suddenly and without any reasonable cause. It happens in various moments and I don't see the reapetibility of the situation.
Can it be caused from an insufficient power supply?

I've attached the system file zipped.

Answer:PC suddenly shuts down

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xp suddenly shuts down.wont restart.monitor light(orange) stays on .computer light(green)stays on.this normally happens within a couple of minutes.after rebooting it can keep running with no problems till whenever.sometimes on reboot "cmos checksum error-defaults loaded" then runs as normal.done all usual scans.any ideas,please?thanx.

Answer:xp shuts down suddenly.

You may need to replace your CMOS battery or update your BIOS. Computer CMOS informationCMOS checksum error

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This problem started a week ago.

When the pc shut down i can`t turn it on right away (nothing happens), so i have to unplug the power cord for about 10 secs to turn it back

i thought the problem was processor overheated, so i bought termal paste, now temps are good, arround 39C IDLE and 55 under heavy load.

so, i don`t know why my pc keep shutting down suddenly.

(i have pc specs in my sing, if you do need any other info just let me know)

i really appreciate your help, i`ll be waiting your answer, thank you.

Answer:Pc shuts down suddenly

I experienced something similar a few years back on an older rig, it turned out to be the PSU was dying might well be the same thing on your system.


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I recently had a serious Adware attack. Fortunately, with the help of Hijackthis and this forum, I was able to stop all the annoying pop-ups, but ever since my IE will suddenly shut down while I am browsing the web. I'm lucky I got to type this whole message.

Any advice on how to resolve this problem?



Answer:IE Suddenly Shuts Down

Firewall?Blue screen msgs?(could be Windows Protection Measure)tho it will tell
you usually"IE has caused a fault in xxxx & will shut down";Could also be a F/W
defense.Is OE functioning OK?A possible Kernal32 error(also reported usually); a
problem with your ISP(disconnection /time out);do you have call waiting?);is this
random or after set time?;is it possible the sites visited are restricted to members;
Is IE fully updated(IE 6?).If no error messages display,do full scan with everything
& run scandisk in thorough mode;# your advanced settings,restore defaults &
get back to us.

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Question: shuts off suddenly

My pc is shutting off with no warning. I bought a used video card to play a popular game. The card needed a bigger power supply. Since putting in the new power supply (400 watt) I was unable to install patches for that game. During the installation of the patch the pc would suddenly shut off. After reinstalling my old power supply I was able to install the everything I needed for the game. I reinstalled the new power supply and the pc started shutting off suddenly after 15 minutes or so. I replaced the new power supply with another new one (same power) and the pc still shuts off but now varies in the length of time it will stay on. normally 2-3 hours but sometimes longer or shorter. It will shut off whether it is being used or not. Never have a prob turning it back on. Have left the cover off the pc and had a stand up fan blowing into the case to keep the pc cool but it still shuts down so I believe it is not a heat issue. I have done all updates for the pc (drivers/windows/spyware/virus) have done multiple virus/spyware etc scans including reg mechanic. I do not have a problem with the pc with the old power supply in it but am unable to run the video card to its full capabilities with the smaller supply. I don't believe the card is the prob because it runs fine with the old power supply other than not being able to use the better graphic settings on it.

Answer:shuts off suddenly

You may need to look into the power supply's detailed specs. You old power supply might have used only one 12 volt pair of rails with a single amp rating, but the new power supply probably has two 12 volt rails each with it's own amp rating. If combined, the numbers add up to more amperage than the one you had before, but it is not used that way on your computer. Before, you might have had say 20 amps available that all circuits could draw from (numbers for example only, not accurate) and your graphics might have taken most of it. If now you have two 15 amp circuits, some circuits will be very happy with all they need, but the one that has the graphics card on it ONLY has 15 amps to share, graphics card, and all. You probably actually getting LESS available amps for graphics with the larger power supply.In short, look for a power supply with a single 12 volt rail around the 400 to 450 watt range, or go with a 500+ wattage with enough amps on each rail to cover your video card on one side (look for 12 volt amp specs on your old power supply).

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My PC shuts down all of a sudden all the time(Up to like 5 times now). There's no warning, and no blue screen. It just shuts down and then starts back up again instantly.

Also, i have gotten 2 Blue Screen errors, and 1 incident where the lsass.exe process terminated suddenly and started the "shutdown -s -t 60 -c"Dont remember the message"" command at the login screen. All within 2 hours.
And right now my computer just lost all sound, which means its probbably about to shut down again.

I restored my computer 2 days ago, and havent installed much since then. It was suggested that one of my 3 RAM sticks had gone bad. But when i opened my PC, i couldnt figure out how to take the RAM sticks out.

Why is it doing this?

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Hi, i'm having this problem where my computer suddenly turns off. The cases are when i open the computer from standby mode, it overheats and when i'm playing Far Cry. I have no clue why it does the turn off when i open from standby mode,
and when i play Far Cry. It doesn't happen at all with SimCity 4 O_o.

Intel Pentium M 2.00 Ghz
1.00 G Ram
GeForce Go 6600 128 Mb

Appreciate the help =)

Answer:PC suddenly shuts down

if you have cooling problems, then you know how to fix it already, provide better cooling.

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I have recently built a new system built around an ASUS A7V8X-x m/b, coupled with an AMD 2600+ CPU and 2x256 DDR 2700 RAM.The system unexpectidly shut when I tried to load Win XP, but remained stable when I loaded Win 2000. I loaded Win XP over the top of 2000, without any problems. Now when I try to load the software for my AstraMax scanner as soon as the PC tries to copy the files from the CD to the hard drive the system shuts down. Has anyone else had similar problems. I suspect the either RAM or the CPU is to blame, as the system only sees the CPU as a 2000+, not a 2600+. I have tried to set the bios manualy, but the system hangs when I adjust the chip to it's correct speed of 2083MHz (the system automaticaly picks 1666Mhz. Help!!

Answer:PC suddenly shuts down

I think but am not certain that your FSB speed should be 166 Mhz to get your CPU you be detected as 2600.If you have over clocked your FSB by too much then this could make your system seriously unstable.I dont think that the CPU or memory is the problem here.

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It asks me to Setup again.
All Bookmarks lost.
Any idea of a solution.
I am not that interested in being told that Browser XS, or Y, is the way to go. I using Chrome for this post but find Edge faster and would prefer to carry on using it

Answer:Edge ~ Now & Again, I suddenly lose everything

I have tried a System Restore, but it will not run because of other programs running

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Since this morning my Edge 15 shuts down every 15 to 20 minutes; It simply stops working and when restarting it says that window wasn"t shutdown properly.  No blue screen and nothing special in the event log. No overheating cause the laptop feels cold. Anybody got any idea what could be wrong ?

Answer:Edge 15 shuts down every 15 to 20 minutes

try checking the fan i had the same problem with my edge 520

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I bought this laptop a little over a year ago and now the computer is shutting down after being on for 30 minutes. Even on battery, booted to a Linux Flash drive,  running in the BIOS or propped up to let it vent, it crashes in 30 minutes exactly. It's core i7, 8gb, 1tb HD, Lenovo U530 Touch. Any ideas about what the problem could be?

Answer:U530 suddenly shuts down

New info. It cuts off exactly 30 minutes after being turned on. Even in BIOS.

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I am running windows 7 on this laptop which I bought back in April 2010. Just 30 minutes ago, my laptop suddenly shutdown without warning or whatsoever, and upon rebooting, it hung while loading windows. I tried running startup repair but nothing was found. I restarted another time and managed to get into Windows 7.

Could it be a failing motherboard?

Thanks for responses.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8169 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6970M, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 241427 MB, Free - 24409 MB; E: Total - 235308 MB, Free - 11353 MB;
Motherboard: CLEVO, P150HMx
Antivirus: Norton 360, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Laptop shuts down suddenly

check your temperatures and all the air vents are clear of dust

you are using it on a hard flat surface?

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I've been struggling with this for months and am at my wit's end. Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated!

Basically, without warning, my computer, for no apparent reason, shuts itself off. No shut down. It simply shuts off, as though the power had been disconnected. (It might be worth noting that on starting it back up again, chkdsk doesn't run.)

At first, I thought it was a random occurence and likely a hardware problem; possibly the Power Supply. However, my MoBo is set to power up the computer after losing power and, after one of these unexpected power downs, the computer doesn't start back up until I hit the power button.

I've also started to notice a link to downloading. Namely, if there's multiple downloads going on, it seems to trigger the problem. It shuts down almost every night, which is when I've got utorrent scheduled to run, and I've been able to trigger the problem reliably by initiating multiple downloads of podcasts in iTunes. It also seems to happen sometimes when web pages are taking too long to load.

It's probably important to note that the computer functions perfectly otherwise. I can tax the system with the latest games or a heavy set of video transcodes without incident, so I'd have a hard time believing it would be a heat problem.

Based on suggestions from others, I have tried replacing the RAM and Network Card, but neither has had any impact on the problem.

Any help anyone can o... Read more

Answer:PC Shuts down suddenly without warning

I'm not an expert by any means, but I guess there's no harm in having a bit of (possibly helpful) input...

It could have something to do with a faulty hard drive...I had something not so long ago where I had a lot of damaged secotrs, and copying things between disks would restart my computer (and sometimes never let it start back up)...

Have you got a spare drive you could test? Or if you have multiple drives, set the other 'good' one to the default download location and try to induce the problem.

I dont know what anyone else thinks of could be completely wrong, but I guess there's no harm in trying!

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need help!!! computer suddenly shuts off when setting up windows xp

Answer:Help computer suddenly shuts down

Maybe you could have read this first.
Guide To Making A Good Post:

If your computer is suddenly Shutting Down then firstly
1. Run Memtest86 to test your RAM.
2. Download the Testing software off your HDD Manufacturers website.

Then post back once you've done this.

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Hey guys,

I have a serious problem. I bought a new computer lately, it is superb but it has one error. Everytime i start my computer it shuts off after an undifined amount of time. It doesn't cleanly shuts down windows or something it just roughly shuts off. I did run a memory check, i build in another cooler for my processor and it didn't change anything. Sometimes it happens when i'm gaming, sometimes it happens when i don't do anything so it is a hard problem to analyse. When i am in safe mode it doesn't shut off.

These are my specs:

Amd Athlon 64 X2 dual core 6000+
2 GB memory
450W power source
Asus 8800GS graphic card

I hope you can help me!

Greetz Oliver

Answer:Computer suddenly shuts off

I would make sure your drivers are up to date and try a system restore if you have a restore point. Also, you might be able to find our more about whats causing it by looking at the event manager for dump files. Otherwise if its not a big hastle for ya i would consider a reinstall.

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Windows XP, SP2

While I am using my laptop suddenly computer shuts down. It shows a blue screen with some details of the error. But before I could read it, computer restarts. After restart, sometimes it may function normally and sometimes it would keep shutting down. I have to turnoff the computer completely for few minutes and then it would start working normally. This can happen at any time, there is nothing specific about this behavior.
This is happenening for 2-3 months now. Then it struck to my mind to check the log files of the system. So I checked system log files in computer management. It showed "iaStor" error there.

Whats this "iaStor" error ? Is that the problem for this kind of behavior ?

Secondly, the pointer on the laptop freezes for few seconds quite often and then its released from the frozen state. When I am trying to click on a link or trying to scroll down, the pointer or grabber sign freezes and then it gets released after 4-5 seconds. Whats this behavior due to ?

I did uninstall and reinstall the windows xp, but still it gives same behavior for both the issues.


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I have a lenovo laptop 512 mb ram 120 gb hard disk. It runs nicely but suddenly it shuts off but not always, it runs ok months after months. Main problem is that at the time of formatting it shuts off so many times and after trying many times OS can be loaded then it runs for some months, then again suddenly it shuts off. As shutting off does not maintain any time, any program or any sequence it is very problem to detect the problem. Even I have taken the laptop to the service engineer but that time it does not give any problem. I am using Quick heal antivirus and updated regularly. Please help me. Thanks

Answer:Laptop shuts off suddenly

Are you blocking the fans exhausts when you're using it. It may be overheating. If the fans are blocked and it over heats, it will shut down.

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My notebook computer has suddenly shut off three times today.

This has never happened before, except during times of cpu intensive activities,
such as video transcoding, where it has overheated.
...Then I bought a nice expensive cooling pad and it has never suddenly shut off since (until now).

The notebook did not feel that hot after any of the three times it shut off today,
and the cooling pad was turned on the last two times.

How can I figure out what the problem is?

Answer:Notebook suddenly shuts off

We can also check the memory and Hard drive .....

Bad memory will cause system shut down...
for memory you can use Memtest86
or Microsoft Memory test

and also bad sector on HD may casue that also...
For checking HD you can fellow

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helloI have a problem with my lenovo g50-70when ever I start to play a game after some minutes 5-10 minutes and sometimes even less my laptop automatically shut down I dont think its an overheating problem because the laptop doesnt get hot the CPU temps get to about 60 at max I really need helpthank you very much for your support much appriciated


Go to Solution.

Answer:lenovo g50-70 suddenly shuts off

hi saktani
Welcome to the Forums.
Chances are, if the shutting down problem happens on any game that you run or any graphics intensive task that you launch like watching youtube videos and/or it also happens while plugged-in / running on battery then there's likely a problem with a hardware component of the machine (e.g., the GPU).
Things that you can try:
1. Run a full diagnostic test on the machine using the Lenovo Solutions Center (see Checkup > Hardware Scan) or by using the Individual Windows Diagnostics then observe the results on the RAM, HDD, CPU, and GPU tests.
2. Download and install GPU-Z and observe the GPU temps (applicable only if you have the AMD Radeon R5 M230 Graphics)
If the machine shuts down while running the test then I recommend you consider contacting the lenovo helpdesk to report the problem.
Support phone list

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My lenovo T400 has been working well for over 1 year now and since this morning it sometimes suddenly stops working.
It shuts down like if the batterie would be suddenly empty. This happened while it was on batterie and while working on power supply.

I am running Matlab currently, which is using all the CPU but the temperature seems to stay around 70 degrees celsius. I realy would enjoy some advice as I can't work without having solved this issue....

Thank you in advance,


Answer:Computer suddenly shuts off

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Hi guys,

I'm just a newbie and don't know how to mess inside my PC.

I just want to ask what problem my PC might have. My PC is old, but it is the only one I have. Lately, after some time of using my PC, the graphics went crazy with big pixels and the resolution was messed up. When I tried to print, the output has gone crazy as well. Then all of a sudden my PC shut off. When I tried to restart, it shut off again immediately.Today, as I tried to start again, everything seemed to be fine, but again after hours of using the PC shut off again. I worried that I might be hurting my PC since the problem still persists.

Fans are working.


Pentium 4 (2.8 Ghz)
Board: FOXCONN 865A01
Bus Clock: 133 megahertz
OS: Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (build 2600)

I really need my PC for my upcoming school finals and projects. I'm desperate, please help.

Answer:PC shuts off suddenly after hours of use

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Sometimes my laptop suddenly shuts itself down, as if id just cut the power.

This usually happens while playing Crysis, is my computer getting to hot?
Im currently using WinXP, and it happens all the time, after about 20 minutes gaming. I used to run Windows Vista, and it happened only twice in 5 months. Anything I can do?

Answer:My laptop suddenly shuts itself down

My first question to you is this: do you notice any intense heat coming from the underside of the computer? Try playing the game in your lap, and feeling for heat (don't get yourself burned though!).

Also, what type of laptop do you have? (brand and model #)

In the past Sony Laptops were very known for overheating.

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my HP Paviliion 22z was one month old. I was using it and all of a sudden it shuts off. no warning message. I thought it's a power cord connection problem. but after I look carefully, no connection issue. I pressed the power button, it started and everything looked ok. However, this happens more and more often. It is less than 2 months old, as of today. no sign of slowing down or any problem using it. it just shuts down right away. looks like there is a power failure. but when i press the power button, it turns on and works just fine. lost the data I worked on. Very annoying. Anyway to fix it?

Answer:New HP Paviliion 22z All-in-One PC shuts down suddenly

It's under warranty. Let HP fix it. Do not tamper with it and make an issue worse.

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Hello All, My T500 shuts down suddenly at about 2 hour intervals. I am not sure if it has to do with overheating, as when the laptop is turned back on, the temperatures are very low. I figure a hot laptop can't suddenly jump 50 plus degrees. I imagine a temperature drop would be gradual.Also, when I have experienced overheating in the past, the laptop shut down wholly. Despite being plugged in, the light will go off and I need to do a battery reset. (take out battery, plug it and hold down power button while inserting the battery)But this was as if I had shut it down. It still charges and turns back on without issue.I checked the Event Viewer and have attached direct logs.I am hoping it is a graphic's situation and I need to reinstall the driver. any more information is needed, please let me know. Also, it is not warm to the touch when it shuts off.

Answer:Laptop shuts down suddenly

Hi Razorboi,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per the query we understood that you are facing issues with Auto shutdown on your ThinkPad T500.

There is fix for the error file which you have provided, please click here to visit the page and follow the instruction from that.
Is the system fan running?
Boot the system into ?Safe mode? option and work for a while to confirm if the issue persists in that also?
Run ThinkVantage system update utility to check for the entire latest driver for your system.
Run Lenovo solution center and run system diagnose to check if there is any hardware errors showing in that.

Hope this helps.
Best regards,
Hemanth Kumar

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Greetings-- my previous problem was wonderfully solved here, so am hoping help with new problem will be successful.

This past week I've suddenly developed a problem where without any warning the computer will shut off. The 'power' button on the PCU will go to an amber, and will not respond to repeated pressings. The only way I'm able to get it back on again is to cut the machine off at the power strip, then press the power button. I've run some various system scans, and nothing turns up.

I am using Windows XP, have a Gateway computer, and have NO CLUE about what is going on. Many thanks for your thoughts and suggestions. Please let me know what more information I need to provide for consideration.


Answer:Computer Suddenly Shuts Down

Hi there!

Before I can help you in any way, I would like you to give information on your computer, such as service packs are installed or not, do you get any error messages, have you been experiencing speed problems with the pc lately, or have you been fiddling with the registry( ). Thank you!
Looking forward to helping you!

Leslie CT

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My Spectre x2 keeps turning off automatically without warning, even when I'm just watching YouTube videos or using Facebook. There's nothing to signal that it's going to happen, it just goes to a black screen.

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I have a Lenovo 3000 N100 laptop. It has windows XP SP2 /Suse dual boot. It's battery went kaput long ago, so I keep on running it by mains power. The laptop is three years old and used heavily.

Today it suddenly stopped, while I was working in windows. I restarted and again it went off after 15 minutes or so after booting. The booting was perfect. I tried some more times in windows it boots perfectly and then died.

I ran Linux, it was all working fine and I worked for more than an hour before it died again.

The way it dies is similar to what happens if I suddenly remove the power source, it produces a similar kind of sound that way.

Is that a power issue?

Soliciting the opinions of the experts here

Thanks in advance


Answer:Laptop shuts off suddenly

Are you running it from mains? Or from battery?

If you are running from battery, then your battery could be on it's way out. You might need to buy a new battery

Otherwise it could be the motherboard. Especially considering it's 3 years old. If that is the case, start thinking about getting a new laptop.

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Hi there. i'm new to this forum...
i have a satellite A35-S159. After working on this laptop for some time, it just automatically shuts without a warning. Need help in this regard.

Answer:My Satellite A35 shuts down suddenly


Just in short: it is a typical symptom of overheating. The unit can not be cooled properly and when the temperature is too high unit shuts down suddenly without any warning. It is because of hardware protection.

Please try to clean up the unit. Probably a lot of dust in cooling grill don?t allow air circulation.


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I have a:
-Pentium III
-667 MHz CPU
-512 MB of ram
-Windows XP
-ATI Radion 7000 Video card
-Linksys Ethernet card
Hi Everyone,

Computers never cease to amaze me. Just when I think that the computer is running "the way it should be", the damn thing restarts on me. It happened a few days ago while playing Madden 2003. It happened this morning, while printing a picture, I decided to close Paint Shop Pro. For some reason, I am leaning towards this being a video card problem. More specifically, I think there is a conflict between the video card driver and several programs on the computer (i.e. graphic intensive). It has always been my understanding that a computer is SUPPOSED to remain ON until you tell it to TURN OFF. I hope someone on this amazing board can HELP ME OUT!!

Thanks In Advance,

Answer:Computer Shuts Off Suddenly


I'm assuming that you've confirmed that your CPU fan is working properly? (in case it's overheating)

Check out this site....if you don't have this driver, then try downloading and installing it:

I know that the specific error they mention doesn't really apply to you, but it might help your problem.

You could also disable your computer from automatically restarting with system errors. Right-click on My Computer, go to Properties, then Advanced, then Settings (under Startup and Recovery), then take the checkmark off "Automatically Reboot". This is probably what's causing it to reboot....while you're working on something that deals with graphics, and the system generates an error, it automatically reboots.

These are just a couple of suggestions.


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I'm from India. I bought a HP 15-ay106ne laptop through my uncle in Abu Dubai on 01-01-2017.After a week I noticed that it didn't charge to 100% it reaches 99% only. After 15 days I noticed that it suddenly shuts down when the charging reaches 15% without any notification about plug-in. After few days it shuts down in between 15% and 20%.Now it's shutting down in between 36%-40% of charging. I found that the battery backup is also not good. Original backup is 10 hours but my laptop gives 5 hours of battery backup.I gave my laptop in to a HP service centre and they said it has a hardware problem. In India the spare parts are not available so please go to Dubai with your laptop.I preferred to buy it in Dubai because of its international warranty. But now they are not going to help me out of this problem.Please help me to get my laptop in good condition. And suggest me how to decrease the cycle count.

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Lately, my computer has been shutting itself off suddenly, followed by a loud high-pitched constant tone, which lasts until I turn the power off on the power supply. When I turn the computer back on, I get a blue screen that says there was an error and the system has been shut down. If I leave it off for about 10 minutes and turn it back on, it will come on fine, but eventually shut off again. A friend of mine mentioned that this may be a motherboard issue, so I'm just wondering what everyone here thinks.


Answer:Computer shuts off suddenly

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My Toshiba Satellite L50-B-1HU shuts down suddenly three times last month.
Two times when the laptop was plugged to the power supply, one time when it was not (just working on the battery).

An overheating doesn't seem to be implied : the fan wasn't really hot after those 'crashes'. The laptop can be immediateley rebooted too.

Is this problem known and how to fix it ?


Answer:Satellite L50-B-1HU suddenly shuts down

On this virtual way it is not easy to say what is wrong there and what can be the reason for these shutdowns.
Have you used some certain application when this happened?

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Hello to the community,I have the desktop computer precision 390.When I try to install the windows or other operating, the computer is constantly deactivated.
How to search, resolve the problem?(A technical engineer said he has a motherboard problem ...)
Thank you very much.

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Hey guys! Was wondering if you can help. I am trying to play gears of war and it stops working right in the middle of me starting it up. It would play for a while load up and the game will stop working and the program closes. I tried installing it and running it as admin. Installed reinstalled the game and directX still nothing. Any course of action you can recommend would be appreciated.

Answer:Gears of war suddenly shuts down.

i had the same problem, the only way i could get it to work was to use a no cd /dvd patch, hope this helps

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My computer is having issues and I can't figure out what is wrong with it. Lately it's had this problem with just suddenly shutting off, especially when I'm playing a game. It will do it maybe once every day or every other day.

I turned off the hyper-threading function on the P4 and that stopped it for a couple of weeks but now its started up again.

Once it just suddenly restarted itself, but 99% of the time it will just shut off.

Every time it shuts off, I have to unplug it, wait for a couple of seconds then plug it back in. A couple of seconds after I plug it back in it will power up again on its own.

I'm not sure if it's the ram, power supply, software or what. What could be the most likely culprit?

Thanks and let me know if you need more details.

Answer:Computer suddenly shuts off

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Hi, my Name is Robin and well my Computer abruptly shuts down. Now I know it happens when i play game but im not sure if it only happens then. When I play it suddenly shuts down with no warning, goes black screen and after its shut down it starts up as soon as possible again. Why is this.. I need help

Answer:Computer suddenly shuts off HELP

you say it happens during games try lowering some of your settings you could be asking too much of your g card , do you hear the fans go faster during a game if so your card is struggling.

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Please help. My HP Pavilion Notebook, Windows XP, just started randomly shutting down (complete shut down, doesn't restart on it's own). Sometimes I can use it for an hour, but other times only 10 minutes. It just started doing that today. I haven't made any changes recently. Doesn't seem to be overheating.

I've tried searching the archives, but can't seem to find any recent posts (all expired) to try to find some answers.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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hey,i use a core i5 HP ab001na..lately,after charging my device to 100%,after a while(when it gets to 50% and below),it goes off without any warning but it doesn't happen when the charger is plugged in and also sometimes,after plugging my AC adapter,the notification i get is 'plugged in,not charging'....please,what should i do?

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My other computer suddenly shut down while i was playing a game. Then i smelled a burning odor. I tried turning on the computer again but it wouldnt turn on so i opened the case and felt the hardwares. The power supply and the harddrive were hot.

What happened to my computer? how do i fix this?


Answer:Computer suddenly shuts down...

have a look and see if you can see anything burnt on the motheboard.
powersupplies and HD are HOT - how hot - remember they do run very hot hence the fans.

when you turn on - do any fans spin up or lights come on - if not its likely to be the PSU.

you could try disconnecting the PSU from the MoBo and other devices and then switch on and see if fan in psu runs.

otherwise you probably need a meter to check if the psu is working.

whats the make/model of the PC and then maybe someone can advise more on parts etc.

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I was recently having issues with the LCD backlight on my Dell XPS M1530 laptop. So I took it to the tech guy who fixed the backlight issue. But, now I get sudden shut downs while I'm working on my laptop. The screen goes white for a second before it shuts off by itself. Could it be an issue with wiring inside which the tech guy messed up? Or maybe the heat? because I notice the shut down when mostly my laptop is resting on a wooden table for about half and hour. Any advise?

Answer:Laptop shuts down suddenly

Does your laptop have the Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT installed? If so your problems are very likely a result of the nVidia Defect (I have recently had a refund on a laptop I boughgt in 2007 because of this), have a look here for info, it's a very helpful website.

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hello techspot community!

My wife was playing Tetris battle on facebook, that time I was watching her playing tetris battle then suddenly my laptop shuts down. That incident happened twice. But it didn't happened when I was playing NBA2k12 earlier that day. And when I tried to turn it on again, at first try it did not power up so i took the battery out and put it again then it turns on. What happend to my laptop? could this be overheat? But I have a cooling pad with two fan. pls help me. I'm not the techie type, me just a gamer so pls I need help. It's an Intel core i3, ATI mobility radeon 5470, 4GB RAM.

Answer:My laptop suddenly shuts down

sounds like overheating to me

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Heres my problem:
When i start outlook and i hit F5 to check for mail, i get three spam emails (always the same ones) and then i get the message:

"microsoft windows ™ messaging subsystem spooler has encountered a problem..." etc

I guess thats the MAPISP32.exe thats necessary for sending and recieving email. So guess what happens, i cant recieve or send email. The only thing I know that I changed in the computer is that i recently disabled and then enabled again the system restore. I also recently installed SpywareBlaster. Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I run WinXP and MS Oulook 97.

Answer:MAPISP32.exe suddenly shuts down

You may have a corrupt mail spool. Call your isp and ask them if they can delete those first 3 spam messages and then see if it works.

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I've been struggling with this for months and am at my wit's end. Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated!

Basically, without warning, my computer, for no apparent reason, shuts itself off. No shut down. It simply shuts off, as though the power had been disconnected. (It might be worth noting that on starting it back up again, chkdsk doesn't run.)

At first, I though it was a random occurence and likely a hardware problem; possibly the Power Supply. However, my MoBo is set to power up the computer after losing power and, after one of these unexpected power downs, the computer doesn't start back up until I hit the power button.

I've also started to notice a link to downloading. Namely, if there's multiple downloads going on, it seems to trigger the problem. It shuts down almost every night, which is when I've got utorrent scheduled to run, and I've been able to trigger the problem reliably by initiating multiple downloads of podcasts in iTunes. It also seems to happen sometimes when web pages are taking too long to load.

It's probably important to note that the computer functions perfectly otherwise. I can tax the system with the latest games or a heavy set of video transcodes without incident, so I'd have a hard time believing it would be a heat problem.

Answer:PC Shuts down suddenly without warning

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Hey Techspot, I'm hoping you can help me out with a little problem I've started experiencing. I got a Lenovo G555 just last year, and everything's been going great with it so far. However, as of about a day ago it decides to start shutting down without any warning whatsoever. It seems that this happens at random also. Some times I can keep the laptop on overnight (I like to have videos playing while I sleep) with no problems, and other times it snaps off after not even 5 minutes. Thus I can't really finish a scan with avast! or malwarebites. I haven't done anything out of the ordinary either. I don't know if it's really overheating because I keep it in a similar environment as my Toshiba laptop that has remained on around the same amount of time with no overheating whatsoever. I'm running Windows 7 on my Lenovo.

EDIT: I thought that my problem was in fact overheating, so I cleaned the fan area with some compressed air. That seems to help a little bit, but my computer still has a tendency to shut down randomly, just a lot less frequently. I checked the temperature with SpeedFan, and upon startup my core temp is as high as 80C, then cools off to about 60C when I'm doing nothing. The thing that worries me is that SpeedFan can detect no RPMs from my fan. Fan1, Fan2, and Fan3 all show 0 RPMs in the program.

Answer:Laptop suddenly shuts down a lot

Chances are the thermal pads or the thermal paste on the CPU/video chip needs replacing

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Why does this Happen? I open a game-------Fable:The Lost Chapters--- After some minutes computer suddenly shuts down( NO WARNING AT ALL!!) (P.S.This game ran on this same PC a few months back;;;;;I also Have Security Essentials Installed;;So Virus attack can be ruled out)Windows XPDDr 400 512 MB RAM2.66 Ghz Pentium 4ATI RAedeon Video Card 64 mb

Answer:computer shuts down suddenly

does it do so at any specific point in the game? i dont think that'll be the case, because those are normally restarts. is there a shutdown time, or instantaneous turn off?if the latter, you could be in trouble. (have you played around with bios settings?)notice any anomalies in your system? feel free to mail me at [email protected]

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Hello All,

I will appreciate if you can help me solve this problem.
I noticed that whenever I type the word antivirus, mcafee, antispyware in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Google search, it closes the windows automatically.
The McAfee antivirus is not responding, it is not even let me uninstall it.
I got to ran the HJTInstall.exe and I am attaching the logs, so with your expertise you can give me more light on how to troubleshoot this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Computer suddenly shuts down

I am pasting it for easy reading...

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 09:54:42 p.m., on 09/18/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16705)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Diskeeper Corporation\Diskeeper\DkService.exe
C:\Program Files\McAfee\SiteAdvisor\McSACore.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE
C:\Program Files\McAfee\MPF\MPFSrv.exe
C:\Program Files\McAfee\MSK\MskSrver.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ulead Systems\DVD\ULCDRSvr.exe
C:\Program Files\ScanSoft\PaperPort\pptd40nt.exe
C:\Program Files\Brother\Brmfcmon\Br... Read more

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 My computer suddenly shuts down while i am running it... i bought the pc 2 days ago and it has been running fine till now. below are my comp specs so if you can help me pls do Amd Athlon X2 Dual Core 4200+ processor2gb ddr2 Legend Ram300gb Sata hdd500w power supplyAsus Mainboard A8N32-SLI Deluxe Mainboardthe case has 2 fans in it... 1 at the front and 1 at the backpls help if u can.Thx  

Answer:Computer suddenly shuts down

 Ethereal......... Do you have any sort of anti virus installed and running ?Is this a self build or store bought ?Is there any message displayed , before it shuts down?Does it appear to be running hot ?dl65  

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Just completed a clean install on a Lenovo Via Nano-based netbook (blow, fan, blow...) prevously running Win7, activated using previous credentials via the genuineticket.xml method. The ISO source is the same one that I have used on several other machines without problems.

After installing the OEM (Win7) drivers and going online to activate, I launched Edge to download Classic Shell. It started up with two tabs - one MSN, the other the "Start" tab. Each lingered for a few seconds, and then displayed the canned "this page is having a problem loading". Each tab then closes and the browser shuts down. Even using Edge as a PDF reader produces the same scenario.

Internet Explorer functions normally, and so I set it to the default browser for now.

Possible solutions I have tried, gleaned from various net searches, without resolution:
Create a new user profile and attempt to launch browser when logged in from that account.system file checker (no problems)dism ... /scanhealth and /restorehealth. No component store corruption found, restore completed normally.Delete the Edge app package folder from localappdata and reinstall Edge from powershell scriptTurn off flash support in the Edge advanced settings (using the 3 second time window that the browser actually stays running)Downloaded and installed all Windows updates as of today.chkdsk /f ... no problems

Just now I tried to load a PDF file using Edge, and after the crash checked the event log. It finds a crash... Read more

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Hi. I have a thinkcentre edge 72, 
Intel Core i5-3330s 3.20 GHz - Intel H61 - 4GB DDR3 - 1TB HDD - DVD/RW - Windows 7 Pro 64Bit
One day on startup (from power button) it just ran the fans for a 1 second, and then shut down, then the fans ran again after about 4 seconds for 1 second again and shut down, and repeats.
I took the thing apart, fiddled with connections, removed the ram and put it back in, then did the paperclip test on the powersupply.  The powersupply was giving out the required voltages on yellow, orange and red etc.  Powersupply fan runs.  Seams the powersupply is ok.
tried removing almost everything from the motherboard - DVD, harddisk, fans, power button (shorted the startup from the connection on the motherboard).
Seems to me either the RAM is no good, or the motherboard has a problem.  I don't have any suitable extra ram, so can't test that.
I guess before I go out and buy a new motherboard has ANYBODY ANYWHERE had this problem with a Lenovo ?   
Can Lenovo experts indicated what they think this might be ?
If Not, how can I get my hands on a replacement motherboard? I'd rather not change/upgrade as I don't want to have to reinstall windows 7 or risk data loss.  
Mod:  edited title to clarify problem description

Go to Solution.

Answer:Edge 72 won't boot, fan runs then shuts down, and ...

I see no other replies to this... I had somewhat similar problem, 3 days ago: I had Windows7 in "sleep"; when I pressed Power button, only got auxiliary fan full on until I pulled the power plug. Any subsequent reattachment of power resulted only in auxiliary fan full on.  An other forum entry's response led me to replace the CMOS battery. Problem fixed.

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Just completed a clean install of TH2 (1511) on a Lenovo Via Nano-based netbook (blow, fan, blow...) prevously running Win7, activated using previous credentials via the genuineticket.xml method. The ISO source is the same one that I have used on several other machines without problems.

After installing the OEM (Win7) drivers and going online to activate, I launched Edge to download Classic Shell. It started up with two tabs - one MSN, the other the "Start" tab. Each lingered for a few seconds, and then displayed the canned "this page is having a problem loading". Each tab then closes and the browser shuts down. Even using Edge as a PDF reader produces the same scenario.

Internet Explorer functions normally, and so I set it to the default browser for now.

Possible solutions I have tried, gleaned from various net searches, without resolution:
Create a new user profile and attempt to launch browser when logged in from that account.system file checker (no problems)dism ... /scanhealth and /restorehealth. No component store corruption found, restore completed normally.Delete the Edge app package folder from localappdata and reinstall Edge from powershell scriptTurn off flash support in the Edge advanced settings (using the 3 second time window that the browser actually stays running)Downloaded and installed all Windows updates as of today.chkdsk /f ... no problemsDrivers .... see below

Just now I tried to load a PDF file using Edge, and after the crash che... Read more

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Upgraded from 8.1 to Win 10 ok and all worked ok for a few days.
Tried Edge and was quite impressed with speed and performance until a few days later it stopped working.
When you open Edge the program starts but then immediately shuts down. Chrome and IE are both ok.
Tried the usual options of scanning all files etc and did not report any errors.
In safe mode when you try to open Edge it reports it cant be opened using the default administrator log on or similar.
Using Win 10 home. Other PC on Win 10 Pro is ok.
Any ideas?

Answer:MS Edge shuts down immediately after opening

I had the exact same experience with Edge: worked fine at first (I was not especially impressed initially--Firefox Developers Edition seemed far faster and was infinitely more customizable), but before I could continue my evaluation, Edge stopped working altogether. I believe that it stopped working when I did a system restore back almost to the very beginning, immediately before I installed Classic Shell--the restore was to correct the loss of tray "pop-ups" so that I could not switch wifi connections; the restore did correct that problem but left me without Edge or Cortana. I have since got Cortana (partially) back, but not Edge (Cortana does not respond to voice, except for the initial "Hey Cortana"; in contrast, Google Now works fine with voice commands via Chrome Canary).

Any help with restoring Edge would be much appreciated.


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Is anyone experiencing this? As soon as I open the browser, it shuts down within a second or two. Sometimes I will get lucky and be able to view a page but as soon as I hit a button on my keyboard, it shuts down again. I have tried fixing the start tab page but nothing has worked so far. Anyone have any feedback? Please and thank you.

PS: I sent Microsoft an e-mail and contacted Best Buy for help but no luck.

Answer:Edge Browser automatically shuts down

Miriam1559 said:

Is anyone experiencing this? As soon as I open the browser, it shuts down within a second or two. Sometimes I will get lucky and be able to view a page but as soon as I hit a button on my keyboard, it shuts down again. I have tried fixing the start tab page but nothing has worked so far. Anyone have any feedback? Please and thank you.

PS: I sent Microsoft an e-mail and contacted Best Buy for help but no luck.

I think i replied to your thread couple of minutes ago

Solved Microsoft Edge keeps on closing after a few seconds of opening it - Windows 10 Forums

Try and add another User in your system, then log in to that user account and see if you still get the Problem with Edge.

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Hello ...
I have had a Toshiba C850-A965 laptop for 4 years
and it's been working perfectly
untill one day recently, a message poped up saying that there's something wrong with the battery and should be replaced, but it was still the same, works for an hour and a half approximately
But, I went ahead and bought a new battery, the message disappeared
and i fully charged and then started the laptop
it worked for about 15 mins and then it shut down ( like u took the plug off from a desktop computer) without any warning
when i turned it back on, it was still fully charged !!! and the shutting down happend again and again :(
the old battery is still working fine
so that must mean that there's nth wrong with my laptop right? and the battery is bad?
please give me your opinions
thank you for your precious time

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My PC locks up / shuts down without any notice. It also takes a long time to start up. I believe the slow start up is because I have too much stuff opening up that is not really needed. I notice the lock up problem happens more often when I use Firefox (V3.0.5) then when I am using IE (V6). I tried updating to IE7 but had so many issues with it that I had to go back to IE6. IE was locking up and not loading pages. The log and zip file are attached.

DDS (Ver_09-01-07.01) - NTFSx86
Run by Molly at 17:55:04.57 on Sat 01/17/2009
Internet Explorer: 6.0.2900.2180 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0

============== Pseudo HJT Report ===============

uStart Page = hxxp://
uSearch Page = hxxp://
uSearch Bar = hxxp://
uSearchMigratedDefaultURL = hxxp://{searchTerms}&sourceid=ie7&
mDefault_Search_URL = hxxp://
uInternet Connection Wizard,ShellNext = iexplore
uSearchAssistant = hxxp://
uSearchURL,(Default) = hxxp://
mSearchAssistant = hxxp://
mWinlogon: Userinit=userinit.exe,
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Mine is Lenovo E455. It shuts down SUDDENLY and starts itself while I am in the middle of my work.  Just simple browsing and I was studying on my laptop and in split second it shuts down. No blue screen or related. Type 20DE-001PUS. Kindly advise accordingly. Dr Khan

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I use Sony Vegas 6 for video editing. Today I opened the program and went to the "Import" menu, but the program shut down and disappeared. I reopened it and went back to the menu, but again the program closed. This keeps happening when I go to the "Import" menu - any way I can get it to stop?Edit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

Answer:Sony Vegas 6 shuts down suddenly

Uninstall...reinstall...update Vegas 6 seems worth an effort.


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Just asking if anyone has any idea what's wrong with my notebook. I'm using satellite M200 + Vista home edition for like 6 months and there was no problem before.

My problem now is that my notebook will suddenly turn off without any warning or signs.
My notebook can only stay for approx 1 hour, I've checked the power option and there's nothing wrong with the setting.

So, if anyone has any idea maybe i can get some help.


Answer:Satellite M200 suddenly shuts down

It?s nothing wrong with your power, battery or whatever.
This issue looks more like a notebook overheating.

The notebook shuts down automatically to prevent the hardware from damage.
I think the notebook overheats because the ventilators don?t run with full performance due to the dust and debris inside the notebook.

What you could do is to clean the fans using the compressed air spray.
Such spray is an professional cleaning tool and you could buy it in most computer shops?


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I have a Satellite 2180CDT that when it is in room temperature and you install a program, it suddenly shutdown and won?t start again until it has cooled down. It also happens that it hangs in the middle of an installation so you have to restart it and when this happens it is very hot on the bottom. You can almost fry an egg in your knee :-)

When I tried to install windows it hanged itself in the middle of the installation and I then needed to restart the installation many times. After several tries I tested to have the air-condition blow 4 degrees cold air on the computer and then the installation finally went good. If you have it on and it just stands, it happens that it shutdown then too, but it often hangs itself.

I never have had this faulty before we installed more RAM memory and I updated the BIOS, can this be the problem or is it just a coincidence that it happened after that?
What can I do or what should I do? The guarantee has expired and I don?t mind open it though it doesn?t do much good when I can?t use any program without it shutting itself off or hangs itself.

With kindly regards

Answer:Satellite 2180cdt suddenly shuts down

For me it?s clear case. All this sounds like an overheating.
This could happen if the notebook is a little bit older and the fans cannot work properly because of the dust and debris inside of unit.
You should check the cooling ventilators and try to clean it with the vacuum cleaner.
Furthermore it?s not advisable to use the notebook on the knees. All the ventilators grilles around and uner the notebook must be free.
It?s important for the fresh air circulation!!!

Please check this possibilities!

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unit is only 2 months old.  boots up normally.  after about 10-15 minutes of use. screen suddenly goes black. no blue screen. no response from any key, mouse windows button etc...  press power and unit boots back up.  Battery shows good.  this happens when docked or un docked. Charging or discharging.  Unit does not seem to be hot.  Helix keeps doing this every 15-20 minutes.  Always boots right back up

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*Hello everybody*,
I'm having an issue with my L305D and maybe you could help me. I was working with my computer at my bed, and it suddently went turned off. It was maybe because the air at the botton wasn't circulating well. It is extrange because I used to do the same with my old A215 and nothing happens (maybe the more powerful processing capacity of my L305).

The strange thing with this is that afeter the shut down, the power button doesn't work neither the battery signal. My power button is back after a few minutes later but I must use the computer connected because the battery get slower to be recovery. There is any protection system for this computers? is this normal? The computer is realatively new, I'm really sad because I love Toshiba computers and I also love work at bed.

I hope you can help me with this issue or made some use recomendations.
Thanks for your help.

Answer:Satellite L305D shuts down suddenly

Many people make this mistake and block cooling vents at the bottom.
To be honest I can imagine your notebook reached critical hardware temperature and simply switched off.
Other way one thing is not clear to me. Was the battery completely empty when notebook switched off? Inside the notebook there are several temperature sensors and when the critical temperature is reached notebook will be automatically switched off. This protect mechanism should protect notebook from serious hardware damage.

When this happen after a while you should contact notebook to AC power supply and be able to start your notebook again.

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I have a Encore tablet. It was working fine at the beginnings, however, after 4-5 months it started to shut down suddenly every 30 minutes. I tried lots of things (incl. clean install, to send to the service etc.) but none was worked. Is someone exprienced this issue? and could find a solution?

Answer:Toshiba Encore WT8-A-102 suddenly shuts down

If it has Windows 10, then please head over to SETTINGS >> then click on UPDATES & SECURITY >> and do a clean install of Windows using the RESET THIS PC option.

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Hey everyone, so I recently got my laptop (ASUS G53JW) back from the ASUS service centre and that was to replace the DC jack port as the pin broke off in the port from the charger. They didn't change the motherboard, just the port as it was a defective part and caused the pin to break off.

I have no idea what they did to my laptop at the service centre, but since getting it back (yesterday) I have an issue with the laptop....I have started to get random shut downs without any warning at all. I am just sitting browsing the internet or playing a game and the laptop powers off without any blue screen, error, or warning. It boots back up right away, except for the latest time where it powered off (shortly after I plugged in my iPod) and then it kept shutting down in the boot screen about twice. I unplugged the iPod cord (and thus the iPod itself) from the USB port and that seemed to allow it to boot back up. Funny thing has started to occur as I changed what USB port I plug the iPod into, it randomly starts charging and then stops (but the cord is still plugged in)....

I checked event viewer, as I don't get a BSOD or anything and this is what I keep getting every single time these shut downs occur:

- System

- Provider

[ Name] Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power
[ Guid] {331C3B3A-2005-44C2-AC5E-77220C37D6B4}

EventID 41

Version 2

Level 1

Task 63

Opcode 0

Keywords 0x8000000000000002

- TimeCreated

[ SystemTime] 2012-03-31T2... Read more

Answer:Laptop Shuts Down Suddenly 0x8000000000000002

Event ID 41 Task 63 is merely thy\at the computer shutdown unexpectedly. If you are not having BSOD's please upload your event viewer logs
Please provide us with your Event Viewer administrative logs by following these steps:
Click Start Menu
Type eventvwr into Search programs and files (do not hit enter)
Right click eventvwr.exe and click Run as administrator
Expand Custom Views
Click Administrative Events
Right click Administrative Events
Save all Events in Custom View As...
Save them in a folder where you will remember which folder and save as Errors.evtx
Go to where you saved Errors.evtx
Right click Errors.evtx -> send to -> compressed (zipped) folder
Upload the .zip file here.

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My CPU has started to overheat. Does this come with age? The computer turns itself off, within as little as 30mins, even if it has not been used in a day.

SpeedFan says the CPU is 82oC

All the fans appear to be working. I have cleaned what i could and am waiting for a can of compressed air to arrive in the mail this week to get the dust out of the cracks.

Could the CPU need a new cooling agent?

How can i prevent the computer from shutting down? I work from home so this is my livlihood.


AMD Athlon Dual Core 64 X2 Processor 6000+ 3.10ghz
4gb Ram
Windows 7

Answer:Computer suddenly overheating - shuts self down.

Cleaning the dust out will be the biggest issue.

Another thing you could do is re-apply thermal compound to the CPU, which will help the CPU transmit the heat from itself to the heatsink.

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it automatically shuts while doing some work without giving any warning and after restarting it works fine for some days then again shuts down randomly

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Hi,  My IMB ThinkPad Suddenly Shuts Itself Down Everytime I Plug Something Into The USB Port, Please Tell Me Whats The Problem And Tell Me What's The Solution With This.    Amir.  Thank You 

Answer:USB Problem With IBM Laptops Suddenly Shuts Itself Down

It usually mean the USB port is short circuiting for some reason....

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Hi! I was using my laptop and it suddenly shuts down so I switched on again but after 30-40 minutes it shuted down again, I have tried to remove dust from his vents, reinstalling windows but still problem remained. Please Help Me HP Experts.  Thanks.

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Hello! So i've been trying to find a solution to my x360 laptop. Yesterday, while i was typing in microsoft word for some school projects, it suddenly shuts down. I thought it ran out of battery but i perfectly remember it was fully charged! But i did try plugging the AC charger anyway but to no avail, nada... no lights or anything went on. If someone knows a solution, hopefully you can reply. I'm desperate right now and deadlines are next week already so without my laptop i cant do much so, help!!

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My T400 shuts down itself suddenly and I cannot switch it on again. SOS! When I press on the power button, nothing happens....not even a single light or sound.....SOS!

Answer:My T400 shuts down itself suddenly and I cannot switch it on again. SOS!

remove the ram, and try to start the laptop without it. Does it beep?

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Hi all!

I need help!!! my computer suddenly shuts off and I have no idea why!!!


Answer:My Satellite L500 suddenly shuts off

On this virtual way it is not easy to say why this happen.
Please make two tests for us:
1/ start your notebook and enter BIOS settings. Leave it and tell us if notebook will shut off again
2/ start your notebook and start Windows in safe mode (F8 at start-up). Does the same happen again?

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Starting today, my Satellite M70 suddenly shuts down while I'm working.
I've checked the forum here, and I guess it's a heating problem.
When I looked at the fan opening, I saw that the covering was broken...
And the fan itself doesn't seem to work either...
There must have been some kind of accident.
Does the regular warranty cover such things?
Thanks in advance!

Answer:Satellite M70 suddenly shuts down: fan problem?


I think you are right and the machine is overheating.
To get this repaired your only chance is a service partner of Toshiba.

Unfortunately this kind of damage must be the result of some kind of hit on the notebook.
And normally this is not covered by warranty.


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Hello im stuck in a very bad situation, i try to use my PC, but it only will remain on for about two minutes and then shuts off, then i try to turn it on again but it will remain on less and less time, until i just cant even get to windows. Then i let it rest for 10 or 20 minutes and then again the same situation ive described above.

I checked the PSU and it seems ok, i even changed it for a new one, but the situation is still the same.

I cant make a ram mem test because it shuts off first, dont have enough time.

I checked the temperatures at BIOS when i start the PC, this is the status right after i turn it on:

CPU Temp: 75 C, 167 F. (its a Pentium D)
MB Temp: 29 C, 84 F.
CPU Fan speed: 3276 rpm. (is this too slow????)
VCore Volt: 1.216 V.
3.3V Voltage: 3.32 V.
5V Voltage: 5.107 V.
12V Voltage: 12.032 V.
Q-Fan: Disabled.

And this are the readings just a minute or two later (without even going to Windows yet):

CPU Temp: 93 C, 199 F.
MB Temp: 38 C, 100 F.
CPU Fan speed: 3276 rpm.
VCore Volt: 1.216 V.
3.3V Voltage: 3.32 V.
5V Voltage: 5.107 V.
12V Voltage: 12.032 V.
Q-Fan: Disabled.

And then the PC just shuts off.

Are these temperatures very high? if so, what could be happening, i don`t have it overclocked or something, and in the room the temperature is not so high, it is hot, but acceptable, ive been in worst temperatures with no problem at all.

I hope someone can help me, thankx!!!


Pentium D 3.... Read more

Answer:My PC shuts off suddenly, seems like a CPU temperature problem

Yeah, the cpu is way too hot so it stops working.

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Recently while I was scanning for trojans, with TrojanHunter (and cleaning my temporary internet folder), Zone Alarm Pro decided to shut down. The program quickly asked me if I wanted True Vector back up but I am wondering if this perhaps was the reaction of a malicious program inside the PC or if sometimes it happens and I shouldn't be particularly worried...

Answer:Zone Alarm suddenly shuts down...

Sounds like a virus/worm of some sort. A lot of them do that these days. Try downloading : Stinger BUT before you run it, change the name of the executable. That could fool the worm enough to stop it from closing it.

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Hi, I'm helping a friend out with her Acer Aspire 3620. Its in pretty bad shape, I attempted to wipe the hard drive and reinstall XP, but when the process begins the notebook shuts off suddenly. Chkdsk has the same results after about 5%. I suspect faulty power supply or overheating, anybody have any other clues or things I should try to keep it going?

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my HP desktop suddenly shuts down with no alert OS: windows 8.1 ( 32 )HP: hp compaq 8100 elite cmt pc it happens several times (abot twice in  day)and dont know why this happens .... i mean its not about heat cuz heat is little cool at roomwhile as working suddenly shut down without alertthis first time i use HP and if could not fix it am gonna back this PC to the shop

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Hello,I am having an yoga 720 15 and i am having an problem with the sleeping mode. I have already change the settings of the screen into go sleeping mode after 20 minutes but my screen is going into sleeping mode( going black and need to fill in password) after only a few minutes, by not using the laptop. i have already installed the latest windows updates. Is it having something to do with the biosupdate i did to reduce the fan noise?  bios version 4MCN25WWsomebody have a clue for this annoying problem?

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Hi there, During the last days I configured the w530 of my gilrfriend (OS is Windows 7).After installing the newest updates (Both, from Lenovo and Microsoft) everything seems to be fine, except that WinDVD doesn't work anymore! When I insert a DVD the program shuts down. I tried to disable the Firewall (comodo) and to deactivate Spybot, with no results. Also a clean re-installation with the setup.exe contained in SWTOOLS didn't work.Is this a known issue? Has anyone an idea how to fix it?greetings,ans-orange

Answer:WinDVD 10 SD suddenly shuts down after inserting a dvd!

Get yourself something else rather than worry about this.Media Player Classic Home Cinema and FFDSHOW codecs (google free) or VLC, also free. 

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odd problem...when i launch search, as soon as i try and input anything into any box, it shuts down suddenly and without any error messages. would appreciate any input. am running xp with 512 mbs ram, 1.1 gig amd chip, and 40 gig hd. all applicable xp updates have been installed.


Answer:search function shuts down suddenly

Sounds like something could be corrupted. Just a guess though. When I have had funky problems, I have tried a couple of things, which include a repair/reinstall. Basically, you run your WinXP disc in a repair mode. It should replace only the Windows files, so your settings will remain the same. You will have to re-update your "updates" though.

Again, just a suggestion.

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