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IE8 ignoring first keystroke

Question: IE8 ignoring first keystroke

Hello, After a lot of research I recently bought a Thinkpad Edge 15 (NVLGQUK) and, apart from being gutted that I have to press Fn before each use of the function keys (I use these a LOT for my job), so far, so good. It seems there's nothing I can do about this inspired Lenovo 'feature' but there is one thing my new machine does which I hope may be cured: When I launch IE8 my system ignores the first keystroke. This is annoying when trying to sign in to web pages. It doesn't seem to do this in Firefox. I can't see that anyone else has experienced similar issues from a web search- has anyone any ideas please? I'm running 64-bit Windows 7 and IE gives its version number as 8.0.7600.16385. Any help would really, really be appreciated! Cheers James

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Preferred Solution: IE8 ignoring first keystroke

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: IE8 ignoring first keystroke

Hi Anglichanin, and welcome to the Lenovo User Community!

In the BIOS (press F1 at the ThinkPad logo when the system is starting) you can change the default behavior of the Fn keys.

As for your IE 8 missing keystrokes, are your Windows Updates current? There's at least one long thread over at Microsoft on this, with various claimed solutions (keyboard drivers, viruses, anti-virus, ....):

Hope this helps!

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hello all,

I would like to remap my keyboard such that i can set, such as ctr+alt+del into one keystroke. Anyone know how to archive this. Currently i'm using Sharpkey to remap my keyboard. But somehow, that;s only work one to one keystroke. How to get mutiple to one keystroke

thanks for advance

Answer:Set multiple keystroke in single keystroke


You are my last post for the day; getting late.

Hope this works

Create keyboard shortcuts to open programs

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Question: really ignoring

it happened since i got the trojan, every time i turn on the computer, it pops up: 1)
"groove monitor .exe application error. the application failed to initialize properly (0x0000034). click on ok to terminate the application". then another pop up "microsoft office outlook. either there no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the message request. please in microsoft office outlook and set it as default."
here's my HJT log, thanks in advance

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 5:38:50 PM, on 3/10/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16414)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_11\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5\guard.exe
c:\Program Files\Common Files\LightScribe\LSSrvc.exe
c:\progra~1\mcafee\mcafee antispyware\massrv.exe
C:\PROGRA~1\\agent\mcage... Read more

Answer:really ignoring

Hi, I got your PM.

I'm leaving tomorrow for Seattle and won't be back til Saturday.

Give this a try.

Rescan with Hijack This.
Close all browser windows except Hijack This.
Put a check mark beside these entries and click "Fix Checked".

O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [GrooveMonitor] "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\GrooveMonitor.exe"


If the error continues, disable Windows Defender and fix the entry again.

If that doesn't work, PM a Gold Shield member to take over because I won't be on TSG until I get back.

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Answer:why are you guys ignoring me :*(

If you have problems just use the report button. Please do not report your thread unless more than 24 hours have past.

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Due in large part to Major Geek's endorsement, I purchased the registered version of Registry Mechanic. Now, they're supposed to offer one year of technical support via e-mail (they have no phone listed) in addition to upgrades.

Unlike most programs, including freeware, there are no clear directions on how to upgrade. One is directed to the WinGuides site where you can download the entire new version. In parentheses, registered users are encouraged to click a link which does nothing more than e-mail a copy of the registration number.

I have been trying to contact them for TWO WEEKS with a half dozen e-mails, and they refuse to answer. I would like specific information on just how to go about upgrading. There is no specific instruction on uninstalling the old version, if in fact that's what is necessary. Heck, even Ad-Aware has this all outlined in foolproof fashion and it's freeware.

And now they're ignoring me. This is highly irresponsible.

Answer:RegMechanic is ignoring me...

Odd, their reputation and relationship with us has been nothing short of perfect. That said, I will follow through for you and see if we can not get this resolved. I am sure theres a simple explanation and you will get satisfaction.

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Tried installing chipset, ethernet, audio, video, etc.... on a fresh install of XP. None of these will work, tried restarting, runnig form desktop, runnign form cd, nothing seems to work. PLEASE, HELP!

"Chance favors the prepared mind"

Answer:T40 is ignoring ALL drivers

Welcome to the forum! Have you unpacked the drivers from the appropriate directories after downloading them? For instance, your Ethernet should be in C>Drivers>Win>Ethernet. Good luck and let us know.

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hello, ive noticed that when my phone boots up and the pin code screen pops up, i can just click the back button, ignore the pin code and get full access to the phone - delete files, etc.
is there a way (beside password lock) to prevent this from happening?

Answer:ignoring the pin code

Password lock is the only way that I know of.

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Question: Ignoring formulas

Hi everyone,

I'm new to excel and was wondering if someone could help answer a simple question. I'm putting together a sheet of text. A lot of the cells have a dash before them e.g. "- After you have registered and logged in to the Xerox Extranet you will Presented with a page like this one."

However, it keeps trying to turn it into a formula because of the dash. Is there a way of getting excel to ignore the formula functions entirely?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Answer:Ignoring formulas

Try putting in a space before the dash, as that should stop it

e.g. " - After you have registered and logged in to the Xerox Extranet you will Presented with a page like this one."

instead of "- After you have registered and logged in to the Xerox Extranet you will Presented with a page like this one."

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I am using this formula but I need up to date information but will not display current information due to #DIV/0 errors. Need some assistance please.Current Formula:=SUM(E2:E47)/SUMPRODUCT((E2:E47<>0)*ISNUMBER(E2:E47))

Answer:Ignoring #DIV/0 in formulas

Is the issue that you do not want to see #DIV/0 errors when they occur or that you shouldn't be getting any #DIV/0 errors?The first part is easy to fix. Just put your formula inside an IF(ISERROR()) statement:=IF(ISERROR(SUM(E2:E47)/SUMPRODUCT((E2:E47<>0)*ISNUMBER(E2:E47))),"",SUM(E2:E47)/SUMPRODUCT((E2:E47<>0)*ISNUMBER(E2:E47)))If you are not trying to just hide #DIV/0 errors, but eliminate them, you'll need to determine what is causing them. Obviously this part of your formula is evaluating to 0:=SUMPRODUCT((E2:E47<>0)*ISNUMBER(E2:E47))Since we can't see your data, it would be hard for us to suggest a way to fix that.Have you tried to Single Step through the formula using Tools...Formula Auditing...Evaluate Formula to see if you can determine where the problem is?

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Hi, I have a minor log in problem after coming out of a sleep, I normally use a pin to log in but recently when I enter a pin it will say I have miss input the keys then after a few attempts it will give me the option to input a password this then does the same, If I then turn my surface pro off (this normally takes 2 or 3 attempts as it pushes me back to a log in screen) when I restart it logs in no problem. This only started yesterday and seems to be when it has been asleep for a few hours, I don't have things like hibernate or hybrid sleep active.

any suggestions welcome.


Answer:log in ignoring pin/password

Hi Raz! If this started yesterday, what changes have you made. Have you tried to restore to a earlier time??
Here's some recovery options for W10!

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My arrived U430 Touch arrived on Monday the 25th of August. By Thursday the 28th I had realised it was faulty and I have since then being trying to organise returning it. Its been a series of vague communications and errors, for instance it appears I have now been given two seperate customer numbers. It's gotten to the stage were the team supposed to be providing me with a returns code have started ignoring me. When they were replying the emails were coming from "[email protected]". I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this as I would really just like to have this resolved.

Answer:Lenovo Support ignoring me

Depending on where you bought the product, there is generally a 30 Day return policy with the retailers that they will take DOA or malfunctioning systems back before an RMA process can even be initiated by a manufacturer. Contact the retailer where you purchased this system and you may get a better response. I have a feeling they aren't ignoring you, they are just stuck in that 30 day red tape where supervisors will not say yes and they can't create an RMA because of system bound rules.

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why are there no administrators or moderators answering my last post ?

and while i can see that they are online and answering other posts ????

(let's see if this post gets answered or just deleted, "")

Answer:moderators are ignoring my posts

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I've noticed this on a number of occasions, most of which are too trivial to mention, that Window 7 offers you a dialogue box asking you whether you want something done or not, you click what you want, but it then goes and does the opposite.

Most recently Windows wanted to restart to finish intalling updates. It offered me the possibility of restarting later, which I clicked because I was midway through some heavy downloads. Within a minute it just went and restarted anyway against my instructions, scuppering the downloads.

I often get the sense with Windows 7 that I am not the owner of my computer. In fact it doesn't seem to have regard that you might actually be using the computer for something more important than its own petty machinations.

Answer:Windows 7 Ignoring Orders

Uh huh...Either something is wrong with your computer, ghost maybe, or you are not paying attention to what you are doing. Or maybe your mouse pointer is off center, maybe.

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New Windows 10 Home Computer, set up using PCMover from Windows 7 Home Premium Computer. A few problems, of course, so far mainly applications that did not transfer properly, and those easily solved.

One problem however I don't understand, and, therefore, cannot fix. I've gone into the settings for default applications, some of which are constantly ignored. I know that they are ignored, as WinPatrol keeps notifying me of attempted changes. One such pop-up is on the screen right now, stating that a change for files with the extension .avi have been changed from the setting to use VLC media player to use Windows Media Player. I clicked on No, to reject the change, whereupon a new one, this time for .cab files popped up. I will reject it, and a series of such changes will appear and be rejected.

This keeps happening, always for the same extensions, and I don't know how to stop it. Chants, exorcism instructions, banishment methods, all such would be appreciated.

Answer:Ignoring Default App Settings

Hi, some things you might (not) wish to know about default programs in Win 10:
a. A very few old version programs, if installed, cause defaults to revert to MS default on restart. E.g. Winzip.
b. Hyperlink association needs to be explicitly set in Control Panel, Default Programs, if changing browser or if unassociated.
c. Some people experience associations changing on Windows updates. Cause unknown.
d. Major upgrades (= Windows reinstall-like procedure) e.g. build 10580 in November cause associations to be reset. (MS might get this right next time).
e. Even when you have assigned associations, you might get a confirmation prompt using 'Open with'.
f. From Win 8 you can't set associations from within programs. Most such attempts do not give warnings.

I've not seen your specific problem reported. I'd suggest checking the programs you've transferred and have installed for old versions, and eliminate that possibility.

Also try a clean boot and see if the same symptoms arise.

(As an aside, I used Laplink's PCMover Image Assistant - uses a mounted disk image of the old PC -faster than the original PCMover)

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Whenever I try to go to, I'll get an error: Can't find this page/ this page does not exist! (same with, witch shares servers with Newgrounds.) It's the same on both IE and firefox. This started 3 days ago, and I've heard it works for other people elsewhere.

Answer:My Internet is ignoring a website?!

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running WIN98 and XP, internal rockwell hcf modem,single telephone line.WIN98; works OK,if anyone using phone reports 'no dial tone'.XP; dials out,regardless if any one using phone.No error message.Both systems have 'wait for dial tone' Checked.Anyone had same problem, or suggest a remedyMany ThanksTommy

Answer:xp ignoring no dial tone


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I hope you can help me - I've been on other sites waiting for replies for more than a week!! Please see attached logs per your instructions:
DDS (Ver_10-12-12.02) - NTFSx86
Run by Charlene B at 13:36:06.84 on Thu 12/23/2010
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_23
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.1014.153 [GMT -5:00]

AV: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011 *Enabled/Updated* {17DDD097-36FF-435F-9E1B-52D74245D6BF}
AV: Norton Internet Security *Enabled/Updated* {E10A9785-9598-4754-B552-92431C1C35F8}
FW: Norton Internet Security *Enabled*

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k rpcss
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k eapsvcs
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k dot3svc
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k Akamai
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG10\avgwdsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exe
C:\Program Files\IObit\IObit Security 360\IS360srv.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe
C:\Program Fi... Read more

Answer:Please Help other sites ignoring my request

Hello and Welcome to TSF.

Please Subscribe to this Thread to get immediate notification of replies as soon as they are posted. To do this click Thread Tools, then click Subscribe to this Thread. Make sure it is set to Instant notification by email, then click Add Subscription.

Please note that the forum is very busy and if I don't hear from you within three days this thread will be closed.


Please note that these fixes are not instantaneous. Most infections require more than one round to properly eradicate.

Please stay with me until given the 'all clear' even if symptoms seemingly abate.

Kindly follow my instructions and please do no fixing on your own or running of scanners unless requested by a helper.


While Spybot's TeaTimer is an excellent tool for the prevention of spyware, it can sometimes prevent tools from fixing certain things.
Please disable TeaTimer for now until you are clean. TeaTimer can be re-activated once your logs are clean.Open Spybot Search & Destroy.
In the Mode menu click Advanced mode if not already selected.
Choose Yes at the Warning prompt.
Expand the Tools menu.
Click Resident.
Uncheck the Resident "TeaTimer" (Protection of overall system settings) active. box.
If TeaTimer gives you a warning that changes were made, click the Allow Change box when prompted.
In the File menu click Exit to exit Spybot ... Read more

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I can see replies to my thread
but I can't get in there to reply. Same message ipconfig /flushdns.

I've googled for it and realised that I should be typing in cmd in Run. I've done that, got an MSDOS box, typed in ipconfig /flushdns and <enter>.

Message comes back as " Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver cache" but no difference. It still crashes. I may not be able to reply to any replies in this thread, either. Bazza

Answer:ipconfig /flushdns Please don't think I'm ignoring you but...

Empty your temp files and delete cookies, see if that helps Bazza.


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I created a great set of spreadsheets with formulas that were working perfectly. Now, when I enter data, the cell ignores the formula and nothing happens. This is true of all the sheets in the book. Help!!!!

Answer:Excel ignoring all formulas

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I purchased a HP laptop in April from ebuyer, however the system incorrectly shows the warranty will run out in Jan. I therefore contacted HP twice, on 03 May and 23 June seperately, and uploaded my invoice twice of course. Everytime I opend a case they promised to fix it in 2 weeks time, however it has been 3 months now, despite the fact that nothing has been fixed, they also closed my previous cases without notifiying me and explaining why? Could someone advise it it what HP's customer service always do to its customers?

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This started a while ago, and as Im on the affected computer its quite hard to type this because my single quote key is broken and it randomly types, thus I require a program to block this. Although I am adept with computers and could probably write my own program to do this specific task, I would like to know if you know of any programs that already do it to save me the time, I am having trouble finding one. Its very annoying and doesnt happen all the time, I have tried the windows accessibility feature of Filter Keys, but that is not what I want. Im pretty sure it isnt a virus or punkware, I believe it is hardware

So please, help me find a way to:
A.) Fix 'my LAPTOP's keyboard without replacing it (it is an internally connected laptop and replacement keyboards are ~$50)
B.) Introduce me to a program that can block a specific' keys keyboard input


Answer:Keyboard - Ignoring Keys

Also, since the single quote key on Firefox activates quickfind, it is especially annoying while using Firefox and I have been forced to actually use Internet Explorer a couple of times '''

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Hello and thank you in advance for any help

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (build 7600)Defaul Install
Latest certified drivers for all devices
Router: Linksys WRT54G with Tomato 1.27 (latest)

I have QoS activated in the router and download limits used to work just fine under Windows XP SP3 and Windows Vista, but since i upgraded to Windows 7 it will take up all of my internet bandwidth (downloading, watching youtube videos, etc)

I haven't tried tweaking anything so far, and have the same problem in all my home network pc's (2 more of 'em, upgraded with windows 7 too)
All Pc's are connected through WiFi
If i connect a Windows XP/Vista based PC it will respect QoS


Answer:Windows 7 ignoring Router's QoS

Try This....

QoS Bandwidth Reserve Limit - Vista Forums

work with it until you like what you see

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i have this code here to send out email... it works fine but it does not skip through the blank spaces in the recordset.

can anyone help me?
how do i incorporate the find null thing into this??

Private Sub Command35_Click()
Dim MyDb As DAO.Database
Dim rsEmail As DAO.Recordset
Dim strEmailAddress

Set MyDb = CurrentDb()
Set rsEmail = MyDb.OpenRecordset("Query Full Director", dbOpenSnapshot)

Do Until rsEmail.EOF
strEmailAddress = strEmailAddress & rsEmail("Secondary Email") & ";"

strEmailAddress = Left(strEmailAddress, Len(strEmailAddress) - 1)

DoCmd.SendObject , , acFormatRTF, strEmailAddress, _
, , strSubject, strEMailMsg, True, False

Set rst = Nothing

End Sub


Answer:ignoring null value in recordset

It needs to be done in the Query called "Query Full Director".
Which is the field or fields that are Null?

You can exclude Records with null values by entering
Is Not Null
in the first Criteria Row of the field that might be Null.

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New Windows 10 Home Computer, set up using PCMover from Windows 7 Home Premium Computer. A few problems, of course, so far mainly applications that did not transfer properly, and those easily solved.

One problem however I don't understand, and, therefore, cannot fix. I've gone into the settings for default applications, some of which are constantly ignored. I know that they are ignored, as WinPatrol keeps notifying me of attempted changes. One such pop-up is on the screen right now, stating that a change for files with the extension .avi have been changed from the setting to use VLC media player to use Windows Media Player. I clicked on No, to reject the change, whereupon a new one, this time for .cab files popped up. I will reject it, and a series of such changes will appear and be rejected.

This keeps happening, always for the same extensions, and I don't know how to stop it. Chants, exorcism instructions, banishment methods, all such would be appreciated.

Answer:Ignoring Default App Settings

Hi, some things you might (not) wish to know about default programs in Win 10:
a. A very few old version programs, if installed, cause defaults to revert to MS default on restart. E.g. Winzip.
b. Hyperlink association needs to be explicitly set in Control Panel, Default Programs, if changing browser or if unassociated.
c. Some people experience associations changing on Windows updates. Cause unknown.
d. Major upgrades (= Windows reinstall-like procedure) e.g. build 10580 in November cause associations to be reset. (MS might get this right next time).
e. Even when you have assigned associations, you might get a confirmation prompt using 'Open with'.
f. From Win 8 you can't set associations from within programs. Most such attempts do not give warnings.

I've not seen your specific problem reported. I'd suggest checking the programs you've transferred and have installed for old versions, and eliminate that possibility.

Also try a clean boot and see if the same symptoms arise.

(As an aside, I used Laplink's PCMover Image Assistant - uses a mounted disk image of the old PC -faster than the original PCMover)

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Using OE I know I've seen a setting to Ignore a particular sender or otherwise not receive any e-mail from that source.
I know (the setting) is somewhere and I can find it...........

My question is once I use the 'Block Sender' option, does the source receive notification of my action or does the action remain 'transparent' to the source?


Answer:Ignoring/Blocking a Sender

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I have updated my hosts file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts) to allow access to my webserver on but when I type http://church Explorer displays the "Cannot display the webpage" webpage.
(Not a server problem as works and http://church works on an XP machine with an identical hosts file. Vista 64 currently sitting on and can see all of 192.168.1.x.)

# # source server
# # x client host localhost
::1 localhost

I have tried flushing the DNS and rebooting Vista 64. Any other suggestions as to how to get Vista to use the new the hosts file? Thanks Chris.

Answer:Vista ignoring hosts file.

did you make the make the changes with a administrator

also i think the syntax is wrong
ip address host name church

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I am currently running WinXP Professional on my computer.  I recently tried to add another monitor to my setup.  My computer has several video card slots.  One has a different connecter than all the rest.  An NVIDIA Quadro2 Pro card occupies this slot.  When I inserted a new card into one of the other slots (and connected the new monitor properly), Windows boots and works fine.  However, the new card is ignored by Windows.  When I looked in Device Manager at the new card, it said "The device could not start (Code 10)".  I tried the same with a different new video card and the same thing happened.  When I removed my standard card and only left the new one, Windows booted fine, sending video data to the new card and monitor.  But when I put the old one in with it, the new card fails to start.  Help?

Answer:WinXP Ignoring Video Card!

You have to turn it on, Control Panel---Display

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Hello I have a little problem with my E531. I own it for approximately 3 weeks and I noticed some issues, although it is a great machine for that amount of money. 1.) Although I set (in PWR MNGR) cooling policy "Pasive", fan seems to run non-stop, no matter if CPU/GPU is loaded or in idle, and temperatures seems really cold, so I dont understand why it can't turn off for a while, according to my settings, the same situation is still even when I choose the most power-saving profile, the lowest cpu frequency, and so... 2.) This bothers me more than first point. Although I have selected stopping HDD rotation to "NEVER", HDD keeps turning off whenever it is idle, the same story, no matter which profile, no matter that I'm on AC... This is problem for me for one exact reason, cause there is a relation between number of power cycles of hdd and its probability to fail, because it makes some stress on hdd to start spin again, and I really dont need to save that little amount of energy, as I am on AC mostly of the time, I'd rather to prolong a lifetime of this machine. I checked this settings also in default windows power manager, they are same as in that lenovo manager, so I don't understand. Using W7 Ultimate 64bit SP1The newest versions of driversBIOS is not updated probably, but for now, I don't wanna make that risky procedure only because of that two issues. Thanks for help

Answer:E531 ignoring Power Manager ?

About the fan... does it sound (quite literally) like the same issue than this almost legendary problem with the previous model, E530? be pretty sad if they released a new model without fixing this.

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I've spent a lot of time using Windows 8 on my son's computer and on my own (Windows 7) computer in a virtual machine. And I've made a discovery: If I stick to the desktop side of the OS, I actually like Windows 8.

On both systems I installed Start8 by Stardock. (Also installed ModernMix, which opens App Store apps in a desktop window.)

My point is: I can ignore the Start screen and work entirely from the desktop. Done this way, Windows 8 is really good!

Would you endorse this way of using Windows 8, or does it have disadvantages or 'gotchas' of which I'm not aware?

Answer:Ignoring the Start Screen...Opinions?

Except the new things that were introduced, Win8 is 7 alright.
There are no disadvantages since you feel good by using comfortable programs.

The modern apps don't control key elements of the OS and you can manage all through desktop apps.
See control panel: you don't need the start screen for it, regedit, command prompt and all others still have it all to say.

Your question will have to be asked again in future versions of Windows, depending where the development will go.

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Got a second hand HP LaserJet 4 but it is refusing to print A4. Instead it continually flashes up the message LOAD LETTER.I'm using the correct driver for it which I got via my own printer Wizard. In the driver's 'paper' section I've adjusted it to A4 but the printer is not listening and keeps repeating the LOAD LETTER message when I try and print. Any ideas?

Answer:Printer ignoring request to print A4

When my HP printer at work says LOAD LETTER it means that the document I'm sending has been setup using letter size (an American specification) paper, not that there's anything wrong with the printer.So, check your word processor setup to make sure the paper size is A4.

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Of course, Windows 10. regardless of which software program I use (many for years), every DVD comes out the same format, with the picture shrunk and black bars all the way around. Not an issue with the software, as the internal "screens" of the programs show correct aspect. Also, original videos play correctly in VLC and WMP. So, it must be W10 issue. HELP!

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I have noticed that sometimes when using an app that the volume level is reset to the default 13 rather than my preferred 25. This only seeems to be for some apps and the overall app volume setting remains set to 25. Does it need the apps to be updated to recognise how the volume level settings are used in 8.1?

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Hey all,

It's been a while since I was here last, but from what I remember you guys & girls were great at helping solve my problems! Let's hope it still holds true

Anyway, I just bought a vBox by XCM so I could play my Wii through my PC. The software that came with it installs fine, but Vista (64bit premium) refuses to install the drivers that come with it. They are the correct ones, they are definitely 64bit, but Vista won't see them on the automated driver install, and if I try and select manually, it tells me that it doesn't contain information about my hardware. Well it bloody should as they are the only 64 bit drivers for it.

This is the product in question, Is there some way that I can make Vista use these drivers, as I know they are correct?

Any help would be great.



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First off, here's my current configuration:
IP35 Pro Off Limits mobo (Bios v.14)
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (3.0 ghz, etc, Wolfdale)
2x2gb G.SKILL DDR2 800 - PC2 6400, Dual Channel Kit
EVGA 640-P2-N829-AR GeForce 8800GTS SSC 640MB gfx card
Seagate 120gb SATA hdd 7200rpm (Primary- boot hdd)
Maxtor 200gb SATA hdd 7200rpm
Antec TruePower Trio 650w PSU
NEC IDE DVD-R/RW (model unknown)

I just recently purchased and installed a bunch of new PC components, essentially making a whole new system in the process. I worked out the majority of the kinks by visiting my mobo-manufacturer's forums, but no one can help me with my latest problem.

After most of my hardware problems were fixed, it was time to re-install Windows Vista, this time onto a new hdd. Vista installed pretty easily overall, though I encountered a hiccup here or there. The problem is that same hiccup is occuring again now that Vista installed and I was able to boot into the OS and start setting things up.

You see, I got into Vista, decided to start reinstalling drivers and software, and ended up installing my video card drivers. Of course this required a restart after it was all installed, so I obliged. Now, here's the problem: My computer doesn't want to boot from the hard drive. It wants to boot from the DVD-R/Rom drive. Even when I go into the BIOS, change the boot device priorities, even when I set all three boot device options to harddrive, it tries for a second before defaulting to the optical dri... Read more

Answer:New System ignoring hard drive

Could be an option in the Bios set to prevent booting order changes? as a security measure?

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We have a Windows XP machine on our network that is giving us a strange problem. We have it statically configured with an IP and a default gateway address which points to a router on our network. This is the same router that nearly all of our machines point to and none of the other machines have this issue.

If we open up CMD and make a ping request from an outside server (public or interal servers on other subnets) we get a 'destination host unreachable' error. We can ping the ip address of the router that is assigned as the default gateway.

We can circumvent this ip address by adding a static route ('route add' from CMD) directing all traffic on the network interface to the ip of the router. Once this is done we can ping and get a response from any server both internal and external.

We also tried doing a tracert (without have the static route added) to an external site by IP address. The tracert does not even show a hop for the router so it seems as if the request is never making it past the interface on the XP machine. We simply get an error saying it is unable to find the host. Interesting though it does provide us with a domain name for the ip address. So somehow it is able to reslove DNS. (We have a local DNS server on the same subnet)

Anyone ever experience something similar?

Answer:Windows XP Ignoring Default Gateway

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Is it possible to exclude (or ignore) categories from reports? so like i could put the transactions i dont want included under one category then just have the reports ignore it?

Answer:Ignoring transactions in Money 2005?

Which report did you want to generate? You can customize many of the reports to pick and choose which catagories and sub-catagories are shown.

Why don't you pick one report, think of generally how you want it organized, and I'll see if I can help you set it up.

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It's been almost a couple weeks and hercules has not responded to my technical support question. so anyone thinking of buying hercules might want to be aware of this.

So I'm hoping someone else might have an idea... My computer hangs attempting shutdown, restart, or standby; disabling the 7.1 Fortissimo III soundcard makes the problem go away. I've installed the newest drivers which are also hanging on shutdown. Also I frequently get poor audio quality during dvd playback... the card sounds good when it's working, but this is frustrating. If anyone has ideas please let me know. thanks.

Answer:hercules is ignoring me and my soundcard trouble.

If you have windows 98 the hanging on shutdown is extremely common. If you have a shutdown sound disable it - go to sounds in the control panel.

Did you unistall the drives and software for the old soundcard - there could be a conflict. What DVD player are you using and what kind of speakers - cheap speakers=bad sound.

Here's a shutdown patch from

If you run windows update there is also 2 more patches for the shutdown problem. There is also a patch for Soundcards that use the WDM driver type.

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So this is a little odd and i wasn't able to find anything on google, also the LTT forum and tomshardware werent able to help me, so now im posting here.
First, my System: ASUS Z170-PRO, ZOTAC GTX 980 AMP!, Intel Core i7-6700K with an almost fresh install of Windows 8.1
So it seems like my GPU is locked in its automatic fan control wich keeps it under 60°C at all times.
What i want to do is make the card run more quiet at the cost of running hotter (around 70°C). If i try to set the fan speed (either by applying a curve or setting it manually) it will comply at first, but then return to its automatic fan profile after 10 seconds (See screenshot).
I have tried GPU Tweak, Zotac Firestorm, and gave up at MSI Afterburner, all of them had roughly the same effect. i might mention that i had FurMark Running all the time while testing.
I might add, Speeding the fan up also has no effect
Screenshot: click here taken from MSI Afterburner]1

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I have looked at a related post in here but it had no joy.

I have a vista system with a hard and a wireless interface. The hard interface is fine and the wireless interface (which has a static IP address) is sometimes fine. Right now it is ignoring the static IP address and deciding to give it an address of and no amount of encouragement will make it use the 192.168.1.xxxx address it has been assigned.

Has anyone seen this before?


Answer:Vista Ignoring Static Address

TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Windows Vista.

Start, Programs\Accessories and right click on Command Prompt, select "Run as Administrator" to open a command prompt.

Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: netsh winsock reset catalog

Reset IPv4 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log

Reset IPv6 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log

Reboot the machine.
Another thing to look into is this fix: Vista Can't obtain IP address from some DHCP Servers

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Please help me on this.


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Hi guys,

Can anybody give some advice as to why this formula is not working:


I'm trying to analyse a bunch of data but I want to ignore the blank cells in the data series, without hiding/deleting them

Thanks for any help you can give me,


Answer:Ignoring blank cells in excel

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Hi, I'm new to the forum and would like to thank everyone who has contributed for sharing their hard earned knowledge.

I noticed last night that my Explorer (WIN XP Home SP2) does nort sort files correctly when it's set to sort by name.

It ignores the number 0 at the beginning of filenames and places names with the same letters but have numbers at the end above those without numbers.



when it should be:


I have the habit of adding zeroes and other characters to the front of filenames so I can access them quicker. So this error has totally messed up my workflow. I only noticed this when doing a wildcard search for a particular file type and noticed that some files with zeroes in front where not on top when I sorted the list by filename

The only change I've made to the registry lately is to disable the updating of the last file access; which I've done before without problems. The only other thing is a Windows update via the MS Win.Update site.

I've tried finding a solution via Google but mainly came up with tips like how to display the detail view and some older Win98 stuff.

Thanks in advance.
Peace, MJ

Answer:Explorer ignoring 0 in filenames when sorting and..

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I have an Epson LQ 300+ dot matrix printer network shared from a Windows XP machine.
I use a specific custom print size (W: 21.6, H: 13.95). I have a Windows 7 machine
that uses this printer. I have added the custom print size to the Windows 7 list of
print sizes.

When I print from the Windows XP machine, it prints ok.

However, when I print it from the Windows 7 machine, it prints the stuff but form feeds
as if it was set to print to an A4 page size.

I've deleted the printer and re-added it on the Windows 7 machine and I've set the
print size to use the specific custom print size; but it still acts as if it's printing A4.

Can someone shed some light as to what's going on?

Answer:Windows 7 ignoring custom print size

What driver are you using? One that Windows found? Or Windows 7 from Epson? Or Vista from Epson?

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When i import some files into WMM and drag them into the timeline, it fails to acknowledge any accumpanying sound. Strange thing is, it will be fine with one .wmv file... and not the next.

Very confusing. Possibly a codec clash? I don't know enough about these things. Any help it rectifying the problem?



Answer:Windows Movie Maker Ignoring Sound

Does this happen all the time?Remember you can't import any files in WMM. Please tell us which file types you are talking about.

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Hello. Following the advice from some of you regarding editing video footage, I would like to get working with Windows Movie Maker but my camcorder does not appear in the video capture wizard window. The camcorder drivers are enabled as I have checked them in the system settings. The only device recognised by WMM at the moment is my Logitech webcam. Has anyone got any words of wisdom how I go about getting WMM to recognise my camcorder? It is a Sony DCR-DVD201E model with USB connection......Also just wanted to say thanks for all the advice for my previous question. Cheers

Answer:Windows Movie Maker ignoring my camcorder

I've got the same issue. I'm using a Panasonic PV-GS14 connected to an Adaptec Fireconnect 8300 card. My device manager shows that the card and camera are working properly, but I cannot get either MM2.1 or intervideo WinDVD to control it.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Hi folks,

I made the unpleasant discovery recently that all my corporate laptops are using the wifi network even when sitting on their docks or otherwise connected to the wired network. Most of them have intel wifi cards, and the proset software allowed me to disable-by-policy wifi if a lan connection is detected.

Some, however, have a more generic wifi card that doesn't have fancy management software, leaving me with the default windows stuff.

In an attempt to correct the problem I
a) Put Local Area Connections at the top of the Adapters and Bindings list
b) manually assigned cost metrics to the connections in the tcp/ip settings

But no luck. Everything is still using wifi and ignoring my wonderful gigabit lan. Thoughts?

Should mention: all running windows 7 pro -- some 32 and some 64 bit

Answer:Windows ignoring my Adapters/Bindings settings

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I have set up a formula to calculate people's ages from their date of birth which works really well. This is the formula i used =INT((TODAY()-F4)/365.25).

I have copied the formula across hundreds of rows and the problem is when the Date of Birth cell is empty. How do i get Excel to ignore the empty cells in the calculation.

thanks for your help.

Answer:Solved: Ignoring Black Cells in Age Calculation

Welcome to the board.

Use DATEDIF instead of what you have. So:


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I made an Excel worksheet that needs to allow from 1 to 7 supervisors to enter info each month and average results. My sheet only works if all 7 supervisor colums have data entered. In addition, I need to have the average scrore updated monthly and show up in red if the average falls below 70%. That part I think I got, I just don't know how to create a formula to ignore the colums where no data is input. HELP PLEASE! I'm very new to Excel formulas. Thanks.

Answer:Solved: Ignoring blank cells in formula

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Please help with this formula problem, its driving me nuts.I am trying to do a formula in excel 2007 which subtracts this months total mileage from last months and puts the result in another cell. In the Oct cell the figure is obviously a minus as no figure is added yet so that shows as a minus which I have managed to ignore but if I put the data into a chart it shows a bar of however much the minus figure is.Is there a way of ignoring this minus figure in the unused cells so it doesn't show on the bar chart?The formula for the subtraction is =SUM(B12-B11)I have tried =SUMIF(B12-B11,">0") but this comes up with an error.Please help!!!!!!Thanks in advance

Answer:Ignoring minus figures in excel after subtraction


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we have a website that we need to force IE 10 to use desktop version on. It's a legacy site and removing flash from it at this time is not an option. So today based on what i read here: Developer guidance for websites with content for Adobe Flash Player in Windows 8

i put this meta tag into our site:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="requiresActiveX=true" />

However IE 10 Metro version completely ignores this and doesn't even prompt for to use the desktop version of IE.

A Note about my test environment:
I have a MSDN subscription and installed Windows 8 about 3 months ago (before official public release) but the version i installed says "windows 8" and not RC or anything like that. Could it be my version just doesn't have a full IE 10 build? Or is this a known issue? Unfortunately i don't know anyone else running Windows 8 full version that could test this for me.

any info appreciated!


Answer:IE 10 Ignoring Requires ActiveX Meta Tag on Website

With IE10, at least on the Desktop version, you can disable the Do Not Track feature by clicking on the icon in the address bar. I've had to do this for some web sites in order to have fuller Flash functionality.

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I have a table of "Output" values that I am referencing from another "Input" table using a match/offset formula. Within the input table, there may be some duplicate values.

For example, the inputs could be the numbers 1-100. Each number is a row which has multiple columns of information. If I were to add another row numbered "50" with the exact same column information as the existing row "50" then we would obviously then have a duplicate. In my output table, I don't want to just ignore the extra row of information, I want it to be sequential, starting with row 1, going to row 100. In contrast to starting with row 1, going to row 50, having a blank row, then going from row 52 to 101 for a total of 101 rows. I cannot seem to find an efficient way for the "Output" table to recognize the duplicate rows in the "Input" table and ignore those, and reference the next row's information instead.

In the end, I'd like to theoretically have the "Input" table capable of having 99 rows exactly the same, and 1 row different with the "Output" table displaying only the two unique rows in Row 1 and Row 2 respectively, of the "Output" table.

Answer:Solved: Ignoring Rows in Table Excel

Well I solved it myself, can't insert file though, too big, even zipped. I basically added a Filter table which would test the values in a row against the rest of the table's rows and if there was match (duplicate) it would spit out a 0 and if there wasn't (unique) it would spit out 1. Then I Created a unique row number next to each row of the output data and match/offset that to the Filter Table's unique number generator.

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Hi, I have a Sony Vaio laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium. I recently cleaned malware using Malwarebytes and Superantispyware. Now when I open Internet explorer the address in the address bar reads "http:// --c=5003" and the page can not be displayed. I have my homepage set to and I have reset Internet explorer but the problem still persist. I have searched the internet for the problem and found nothing resembling my issue. If anyone can offer advice or explanation I would appreciate it.

Answer:internet explorer 11 ignoring my homepage setting

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
See if this helps,
Troubleshooting Internet Explorer Issues
Use the automatic wizard here to reset ie
Be sure to Export your Favorites to a html file and save it where you can find it just incase the reset wipes them out
Internet Explorer - Import and Export Favorites

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I am writing an essay and for some reason my new para is being ignored by spell checker- I have never had this. It told me it was ignoring a field marked not to check... er- I dont recall doing this.I insurted a greek word that I need for my essay- its only after that it wont check it?How do I tell it to check it... it seems to ignor even new paragraphs! Cheers

Answer:Word and spell checker- ignoring some text?

Open your document, CTRL+A to select everything. Then Tools/Language/Set language and make sure that the language is set to English (U.K.) and that "Do not check spelling or grammar" is not ticked.I suspect that you've inadvertently entered a series of keystrokes that has set the language to "No proofing" or similar.

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My XP System Restore keeps on growing despite the max size being set at 1Gb. I clean it out every couple of weeks by turning it off and back on again. How do I get System Restore to stick to the set limit? Each restore point appears to be about 70Mb in size.

Answer:System Restore ignoring size limit

"My XP System Restore keeps on growing despite the max size being set at 1Gb"Just explain that again Akinbiyi, is the max set at 12%?

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ok here we go,

i changed the album info of a number of folders in the music folder to get a better search with them, (info missing or messed up). but media center refuses to take the new info and continues to use the old info which i though was overwritten. also transfering the new folders to my mp3 and there is the old info again. tried deleting and putting back, changing the album name, copying directly into the mp3 without media player 11.

driving me mad, please help

the emperor (not feeling too royal today)

Answer:Media center ignoring album info changes

Hi & Welcome.

Have you tried another .mp3 or another format along with another media player? Have you tried restarting your computer? Are you the administrator?

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I know that the hosts file is working, because sites are being blocked when I use IE. But those same sites keep coming up when I use firefox. I've cleared the cache, restarted firefox, and even restarted the computer. I've also made sure that firefox isn't connecting through a proxy

Nothing is working.

I've seen some posts suggesting people use some add-on. I'd much rather use the hosts file, if possible.

Operating system: Vista Home Premium - 64-bit

I know it shouldn't make a difference, but I changed the directory path to c:\broswers, instead of c:\program files (x86)

Please help.

Answer:Firefox is ignoring the hosts file in vista

I can;t seem to find the link to edit, so it looks like I have to put the update in a new post.

I tried chatting with firefox support, big mistake. The only useful piece of info I discovered is that if I ping a site in the hosts file, it pings So that means everything but FF seems to be responding to the hosts, right? The chat guy insisted the problem is Vista.

Any ideas???

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I have a Revo One, and want to add a third hard drive. Currently have a SSD with OS & itunes & 1tb HDD but want to add a third as a mirror space. It say this model supports 2 hard drives do not add another.  I is there an fairly simple way to add an extra satta connector and stick a new drive in. Or is external the only way to go.  

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Of course, Windows 10. regardless of which software program I use (many for years), every DVD comes out the same format, with the picture shrunk and black bars all the way around. Not an issue with the software, as the internal "screens" of the programs show correct aspect. Also, original videos play correctly in VLC and WMP. So, it must be W10 issue. HELP!

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i did a search on this, but didn't find quite what i'm looking for... i hope someone can help!
here's my situation in a nutshell- xp started messing up, giving tons of errors, freezing, then finally wouldn't load. Not even in safe mode (i was able to load it in safe mode a few times).

i'm guessing it was a virus i couldn't detect, even with updates (wouldn't be the first time).
in the past, it has been easier just to format.
but in the past, i was a win 98 user.
xp setup won't run from dos.
if i format, do i need to load 98, then xp? thanks a million!

here are my system specs for anyone interested:
amd 1.8 ghz
384 megs of ram
80 gig hd, partitoned (30/50 fat32) - set to main
40 gig slave

edit to add: boot order = cd, ide-0, floppy
also, i built this a few years ago... please don't tell me that's why it F*@&ed up

Answer:installing XP from scratch (formatting after ignoring warning signs...)

Does the windows xp cd automatically boot when you turn your computer on?

I'm not sure judginb by your post whether you've tried it or not.

If it isn't a bootable xp cd (usually a warez version), then install 98 with minimal options (saves time and hdd space) and then from within windows 98 put xp cd in, and choose the upgrade option.

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I need help summing up numbers in a row that are formatted as numbers, text, and blank cells. For example, A1:A20 will have numbers formatted as text and will also have numbers formatted as numbers.
A1 12:30
A2 2:30
A3 2.00
A4 8:00
A5 10:00
A6 2:00
When I sum these, the answer should be 4 (A3 and A6), instead whole bunch of formulas will add up all of the numbers. Have tried =sum(A1:A20), =sumif(A1:A20, range), =sum(sumif(A1:A20,{">0","<0"})) Please help.

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and sending a error messge illegal memory access unable to continue.I have read that the later software packages all fail under NT because they have a cutout that prevents access to ports.Is there a software library I can add to my C compiler library to allow me to access the port LPT1.I need a plugin one as an #include < > format because I am  hardware man not a software person.HELP I`m tearing my hair out with a GNU C/C++ IDE which works fine in its own way.Tester Dave

Answer:I`m trying to read write to LPT1 under XP but the system is ignoring my commands

newbie to C/C++ here... but I'll try.

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I buggered some things up, and ended up doing a factory reset in PFSense. Now there's something wrong with the DHCP server: I have the range set to X.X.X.50 - X.X.X.100, but it's not handing out IPs to computers in that range. In fact it's not handing them out at all. They're still getting IP addresses from somewhere (X.X.X.30, 31 etc.), but there is a huge delay, and they don't show up in PFSense's list of active DHCP leases. PFSense has only distributed one IP, and that was to my printer.

Why is it not providing DHCP leases to my PCs now?

Where are the PCs getting their IPs from if not from PFSense? From Windows?

Answer:PFSense DHCP Server is Dysfunctional - Ignoring Range

Normally a DHCP server "denies" requests for specific addresses if it has no range for it. Of course it can't deny a client just picking any address, but it sends a DHCPNAK which the client is supposed to honor if it follows protocol.

Could it be that you have another DHCP server running somewhere? A proper DHCP server is sending a server ID with each reply so you could sniff the traffic and look for pfsense's ID.

DHCP really is just a first wins protocol. If you have multiple servers and they all think they're authoritative, the first request that makes it to the client is it.

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Has anyone got a fix for this problem. When you look at pictures in a folder in Win7 the thumbnails will not appear. It just has the title and everything else is blank. Please also see all of these other people having the same issue...

It's a really big problem that so far Microsoft has ignored

Answer:MAJOR ISSUE WITH WIN7 - Microsoft ignoring problems

I only read about the first 40% of that thread you linked to, but those folks were not having your problem. They were all complaining about thumbnails being created slowly over a network. None of them said, or were asked, about the network performance. Were there others later in the thread complaining about thumbnails not being created at all?

Why don't you tell us about your environment. How many pictures in the folder? What View is selected? Your main hard drive, or an external drive, or something on a network? Also your RAM and processor speed.

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I recently purchased a new laptop that came with vista home premium, this is the first time I have used vista. I have having a problem of when I close a program it stays as a process in task manager preventing me from opening it again. So far this has happened to msn messenger, skype and not bittorrent. I have tried force killing the process from dos and it says it has killed the process but it is still there not letting me to open that program unless i restart my laptop.

Any ideas what is cauing this?



C:\Users\Perry>taskkill /pid 3960 /f
SUCCESS: The process with PID 3960 has been terminated.

C:\Users\Perry>taskkill /pid 3960 /f
SUCCESS: The process with PID 3960 has been terminated.

C:\Users\Perry>taskkill /pid 3960 /f
SUCCESS: The process with PID 3960 has been terminated.

C:\Users\Perry>taskkill /pid 3960 /f
SUCCESS: The process with PID 3960 has been terminated.

C:\Users\Perry>taskkill /pid 3960 /f
SUCCESS: The process with PID 3960 has been terminated.

C:\Users\Perry>taskkill /pid 3960 /f
SUCCESS: The process with PID 3960 has been terminated.

C:\Users\Perry>taskkill /pid 3960 /f
SUCCESS: The process with PID 3960 has been terminated.

Answer:Processes Freezing after closure, ignoring force taskkill from dos.

Hello Perry|

This appears to be an ongoing Bug that hasn't yet been fixed and can happen on any ones system randomly. I unfortunately do not know of a system fix that can stop this happening except to perform a clean install of the OS, which in my opinion is fairly extreme....

You can however download a program called Kill Process

kill process tool allows you kill your processes through an automatic command line. Simple interface as well which is similar to that of task manager

This may or may not work for you...



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I like to sort some of my folders by date and for some reason I can't understand, when I open an image with WPV, it gets sorted by name instead of date (the folder remains the same, it's just the WPV that screws everything). If I wanted to see whatever I have inside the folder by name, I would just sort it by name for god's sake. Is there any way I can solve this?

Answer:Windows Photo Viewer ignoring my folder sort options

I'm not going to be much help, but I was under the impression Photo Viewer worked this way in all the more recent Windows versions.

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I'm getting the problem where my ITE Smartguardian fan speed settings are not being applied in Vista with the Vista x86 version of that program. This program is right here. I'm not exactly sure how I should automate my fan settings so that when I turn on my computer, they adjust to the proper speed every time. I know Speedfan does not do this in the background and requires you to play around with it every time on reboot, or minimize the window, or whatever, but I'm looking for something more transparent.


Answer:Vista ignoring fan speed settings for fans on DFI Lanparty nf4 motherboard

Run it as an administrator.

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Just updated to Windows cyan & very disappointed.
Why when I select the desktop version of websites, am i being forced onto mobile websites.
This is extremely poor.

Answer:Windows Cyan - Internet Explorer ignoring desktop version.

And by me the latest Cyan update forced Desktop version even if I choose in the settings the Mobile version.

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I would like to use a VLOOKUP formula in my bank statement sheets in order to populate item codes from a lookup table. Some of the entries (lookup values) in a statement contain a date in the form of ddmmm (e.i. 21JUL). Is there a way of creating a VLOOKUP formula that will ignore the date in the lookup value and therefore populate correct item codes into the statement sheets...for example I have several instances of the entry BANK TRANSFER ON ddmmm, where ddmmm is the date (21JUL, 11AUG, 05SEP). I would create a lookup table with a single entry BANK TRANSFER ON and the VLOOKUP formula will recognise this entry ignoring the date in the lookup value.
Hope it makes sense. Thank you in advance. Heidi

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While I like most things about my Yoga 14 notebook, it has this annoying habit of going to sleep about 1 minute, even when it's plugged into a OneLink+ docking station.   I have the OS updated to the latest Windows 10 Creator's Edition and all device drivers up-to-date.   It's done this since I bought the machine earlier this year and I haven't been able to figure-out how to get it to honor the sleep settings in Windows.   Is there a BIOS setting or something that is forcing it to go to sleep after 1 minute?

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short explanation for those who don't have the time to read it all:

My Windows XP Home SP2 refuses to recognize Pentium D Dual-Core 2 x 3,4 Ghz processor, even though hotfix KB896256 has been installed properly. Device manager shows two processors but task manager only shows workload for one core. Cubase SX (sequencer software i use) does not allow me the use of 2 cores, so i assume it can not properly recognize them through the operating system.

Any help would be appreciated!

Detailed problem description

i am expiriencing an issue with Windows XP SP2. When i initially installed Windows XP a year ago, everything worked fine. After installing Windows Update KB896256 my Dual-Core processor was being recognized and used. In the task manager i was able to see the workload of both processor cores seperately.

A few months ago i had a problem with the system and had to repair the Windows XP installation. I could have reinstalled it, but i am using the machine for music production and it literally takes half a day to install all the software again.

The repair went fine and Windows XP loaded perfectly upon the first startup. However, i soon noticed that the machine was having much less processing power than before. Finally i realized that it was not recognizing my Dual-Core Processor anymore. I then re-installed KB896256 but it did not help. I che... Read more

Answer:Solved: Windows XP insists on ignoring my Dual-Core Processor

Have you checked Task Manager/view/CPU History/One Graph per CPU ?

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Ok, here's the problem.
I have a very large spreadsheet with catalog prices by location (we have four locations). What I need is to verify which prices are different by location.
I have each location in a different column and want to do a true false statement to check and make sure the prices are the same at each location. The problem is that we don't always grow the same plant at all lcoations so on cell may be blank. I can't figure out what formula I should use. Please help!

Answer:Solved: Ignoring Blank cells in an Excel 2003 Formula

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Hi, it has been over a year since I first contacted lenovo support about a screen issue and I still can't use the machine, support have been ignoring my emails for the past 3 weeks. In June 2009 I upgraded the warranty of my T60p to 5 years. This time last year a problem developed with the screen where it would simply turn off every few seconds or minutes and I would have to open and close the screen several times to try and get it to turn back on, it was completely unusable.When I called Lenovo however, they insisted that my T60p was no longer in warranty and the online warranty lookup showed the same thing. After dozens of emails, phone calls and several months later they finally accepted that it was still in warranty and agreed to repair the machine.I sent the laptop in to be serviced and collected it a week or two later and when I tried to power it on when I got home  the situation was completely unchanged, the screen was turning off just as much if not more than before.I immediately called/emailed Lenovo to complain and to arrange a repair and  once again sent it in.When I collected it this time I turned it on to find that the new screen had some pretty serious water damage or something, along both sides of the display were a series of dark splotches.Once again I contacted Lenovo to complain about the  way I had been treated and the terrible level of service I had received.At this stage, I didn't trust that if it was sent away again I would ever recei... Read more

Answer:Extended warranty T60p Broken for over a year, support now ignoring emails. Please help!

I wish I had something to say to help you, but this is a user forum, not much other users can offer that would be of any help. Only thing I can think of is to keep calling. I can definitely understand why you should at least get an extension on the warranty, but I don't realy know anything about the case. Hopefully you'll get this resolved soon.

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Question: keystroke?

please forgive me if this is in the wrong forum, but can anyone tell me how i can tell if i have a keystroke put on my computer, and that may not be the proper name what i am talking about is a tap sort of on the computer to keep record of anything typed.


Spybot S & D finds a bunch of keyloggers.

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Question: Keystroke lag

Keystroke lag problem:  My HP laptop running WIN7 intermittantly has keystroke lag problems, i.e., i type a letter and it will not show/be visible for a few seconds.  This problem always happens when I can hear, what I assume is,  the hard drive whirling.  I've looked at Task Manager during this problem period and nothing jumps out at me.  When the hard drive goes quiet, the delayed keystroke problem goes away.
I've read several past posts regarding this problem, but given my limited knowledge base, I'm not able to figure out a solution.   I've run virus, malware scans, nothing seems to help.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated. 

Answer:Keystroke lag

Have you tried defragmenting the hard drive and cleaning it using CCleaner?

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when on the net, and i want to type a word or a name in the search box. i cant type a certain letter in that word or name because it keeps sendin me to coccle site. see i cant use that key.

Answer:a certain keystroke

Sending you to a coccle site? What search engine are you using?

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Question: Keystroke Spy

Hello MG,

I d/l and installed the above program from here. My avg picked it up as a virus and hence I uninstalled it asap and ran the avg. Is there a keystoke that you can recommend where children cannot access it?


Answer:Keystroke Spy

It's not a virus but AVG likes to boost it's 'detection' ratings.

It should really be classified as a PUP (potentially unwanted program) and there ought to be a way of setting an exception for it so that you can use it without the antivirus bothering you or blocking it.

If you use AVG, all similar software will be flagged as a 'virus' until you find a way to set AVG correctly.

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Question: Keystroke Log

I would like to know if it is possible to retrieve data of keystrokes logged on a computer. If so, how? (without programs or hardware). Wife imputted info, but doesn't remember what it was. Can I go somewhere in Win XP and find that info just by a log of key strokes? Thank you for your help

Answer:Keystroke Log

If she can remember a particular word or phrase she typed in you may be able to find it by doing a file search and clicking on the advanced options.

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I'm running IE on MX. I like IE because of it's compatibility with all the other MS programs. But recently it has started not accepting ever keystroke, for example if I'm not watching what I'm typing and retyping every letter that doesn't appear, if I was to type:
"The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" it would come out like this:
Th quick brownfox juped over t lazy og.
I have tried downloading the latest version of IE and reinstalling it. It seemed to make a bit of a difference because it was really bad before I did it, but now it seems to be getting progressively worse again.
Any suggestions?

Answer:IE not accepting every keystroke

What kind of system is it running on, as in CPU speed, RAM, and OS?

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What keystroke will kickoff the start of a .Net app from the IDE?

Instead of using my mouse to click the play button to start the app. I want to key it. Anyone know?


Answer:.Net Start Keystroke ?

thought it was F5 for compile.

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Question: Keystroke Logger

Anyone know a good simple keystroke logger? I want to run it on my own computer, so stealth isn't really required.

Answer:Keystroke Logger

EnderW said:

Anyone know a good simple keystroke logger? I want to run it on my own computer, so stealth isn't really required.Click to expand...

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Question: Keystroke Loop


I'm running Vista Home Premium on a Gateway desktop that I purchased about 6 months ago. My problem is that from time to time the machine goes into a keystroke loop where a lower case 'L' ('l') is sprayed continuosly wreaking havoc and causing me to shut down the machine and restart it. Usually this happens after a period of inactivity but not always.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Many Thanks.

Answer:Keystroke Loop

This is resolved. As it turns out the keyboard itself was sending phantom keystrokes out of the blue when idle for a period of time. I replaced the keyboard and the problem disappeared.

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Question: keystroke monitors

are there any good free programs out there for monitoring the activities and or keystrokes on my computer?

Answer:keystroke monitors

take your pick.,GGLD:2005-10,GGLD:en&q=keyloggers

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Does anyone know of an application that makes you computer think you're typing when you're not? I'd like this application as a prank for some people I know.


Answer:Fake keystroke app?

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I'm trying but failing to find something is BASIC that will sim keystrokes. ie, i type in something in response to a prompt, then, based on the response, the program will simulate something like an F1, or esc, or ctrl etc. Eventually I hope to use this in conjunction with microsoft speech SDK to make a speech recognition program for RTS games. Something that will run in the backround and i can just say "library" and it will hit the hotkey for library.
Thanks a bunch in advanced

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I`ve got an HP Pavilion Desktop T3640 with Windows XP Media Centre edition 2005. Am using the keyboard that came with it.

To shut down, I have to click Start, Shut Down, and then Shut Down again when it appears in a new little window in the centre of the screen. I fancy it`s possible in one keystroke. The top left-hand key on the keyboard shows a black fingernail-moon, and seems to put the machineminto some low-power state - I don`t know if that`s hibernate or snooze or something else. Perhaps that button can be adapted to shut down. Or maybe another of the row of buttons could be reassigned.

Query 1: Any ideas about that ?

Query 2: Is that really too elementary a query for techguy, and if it is, can anyone recommend a kindegarten site for me ?


Answer:Shutting down with one keystroke ?

Hi try.
Right click desktop>select new shortcut>type
shutdown-s-t 0
The last character 0 [zero] shuts down immediately.
[2]= seconds etc.

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Question: Keystroke recorder

how do i install a keystroke recorder on my machine for free? im having an issue with a guy who is 21 (my sister is 13) and he is stalking her, i want my mom to be able to see what he is convincing her to do, etc...

i want to see what my sister is typing back. im trying to monitor basically without causing many problems, as she is on a thin line as it is right now between normal and having serious problems.

Answer:Keystroke recorder

This should help you SC-KeyLog 2.25

SC-KeyLog is a powerful, invisible keylogger that captures user activity and saves it to an encrypted logfile.

Use this tool to: Find out what is happening on your computer while you are away, to maintain a backup of your typed data automatically, to spy on others or use it for monitoring your kidsClick to expand...

there are other options in this part of the downloads

EDIT: please note tho that one or more of your security applications may flag up a trojan/keylogger when you install this type of software and that is normal.

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I was just wondering if there was a program available which can exchange keystrokes between computers rapidly in real time. E.g, if two people were to play a video game intended for two players, it could be achieved over 2 different computers with one computer sending the buttons he's pressing over to the other one.


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Question: Keystroke Loggers

Is there a way to detect and/or remove a keystroke logger program from a computer.?
Thank You.

Answer:Keystroke Loggers

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