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Thinkpad L430 Error Msg: 2000 thinkvantage active protection sensor diagnostics failed

Question: Thinkpad L430 Error Msg: 2000 thinkvantage active protection sensor diagnostics failed

One morning after I shutdown my laptop to leave for work and start it up again on the train. It gave me the: 2000 thinkvantage active protection sensor diagnostics failed. Everything is working fine. Is there a fix for this? Edit: I realised this is in the wrong section. Can someone help me move this please? Thank you.

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Preferred Solution: Thinkpad L430 Error Msg: 2000 thinkvantage active protection sensor diagnostics failed

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Thinkpad L430 Error Msg: 2000 thinkvantage active protection sensor diagnostics failed

Does this error only happen when you start up your system on the train, or does this error always happen when you start your system?

Active protection (APS) is the HDD airbag function, it detects when the system is moving then it parks the HDD heads in order to prevent damage, until the system stops moving.

APS is initialized by BIOS when the system is turned on. Part of the initialization is running diags on the sensor to make sure it is able to detect a non-moving state. If the system is being moved while this happens, then the diags fail and that error message happens.

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I dropped my laptop. (ThinkPad T60p) 
At Boot time I get the message: Thinkvantage active protection sensor diagnostics.
Then: hard drive not found.
When I replaced the HD with a new one and tried to re-install the OS from the CD I get the same message:
hard drive not found.
What is Thinkvantage active protection sensor diagnostics?
How do I fix the problem?
Eugene Verne
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Answer:Thinkvantage active protection sensor diagnostics

Hi Eugene-Verne,While installing Windows from the CD, did you set SATA AHCI to Compatibility mode in the BIOS? If the answer is yes then the hard drive connectors on the laptop may have been damaged due to the fall.Additionally, you can try running HDD diagnostic program from the BIOS to see whether it is even being detected by the BIOS.Hope it helps.

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I have an SSD installed rather than an HDD.  I uninstalled the Lenovo Active Protection software and there is no trace of the app existing in the Windows registry.  Yet when the X250 boots just after the BIOS POST screen and before Windows starts I see a one line text message reading "Active Protection Sensor Diagnostics Start" for about one second.  What is this?  It looks like there is still some component of the "airbag" system still running.  Do I need to do something else to completely remove it?  Or is this just a message from the system board that cannot be controlled?  I see no options related to it in the BIOS.

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I plan to replace the OEM hard drive on my ThinkPad X60 with a Western Digital Scorpio Black drive. I found a board posting on Scott Mueller's Upgrading and Repairing Forum site that seems to indicate that APS will work with this drive. Here is my question: Is there any point in purchasing the drive with the free fall sensor option? (This is more expensive than the drive without the sensor.)  Will this provide any additional protection above and beyond the Active Protection System. Will the internal free fall sensor in the drive be compatible with APS?  In other words, should I buy a Scorpio Black with or without the free fall sensor? Thanks!

Answer:ThinkPad X60 Replacement Hard Drive - Will free fall sensor work with Active Protection System?

Welcome to the forum!If I were buying a replacement drive, I'd get one without a sensor, but that's me.Having seen way too many laptops that have gone through a real "free fall" I'll say that a damaged hard drive in such an event is usually the least of one's problems...Good luck.

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I am running Windows XP Home on a Dell Dimension 2400 series. Recently re-installed operating system through Dell. We had trouble configuring Internet and were barely able to do online assist. I contacted service provider and he helped to configure internet manually. It worked fine until recently. I can access some websites, but others fail. When I run network diagnostics it tries to automatically configure, but with no complete success. It does, however,improve some functions/configurations. Also, I am constantly uploading and removing software applications due to the fact that I will (rarely) pay for things that I believe I can get for free. Perhaps I have removed something vital. I am attaching latest diagnostics report.

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hi, I'm using t420. I've replaced the HDD with a Crucial M4 SSD. I have some questions. The HDD will stop when a shock detected by TheThinkvantageActiveProtectionSystem. But now i'm using a SSD, I don't know that the Disk can be caused by stopping when a shock detected. Should I worry about it?

Answer:The Thinkvantage Active Protection System-Lenovo airbag protection

An SSD has no moving parts so there's no need to run APS. If you don't have any HDDs inside your T420, e.g. in the Ultrabay or mSATA, you can just uninstall APS altogether.

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recently i was having some trouble with my XPS crashes anytime then shows a blue screen and some error code(0*000000F4).I ran diagnostics and got some error in hard disk test.Error code was 2000:0142.Computer is still working but sometimes crashes then i have to power off and restart it.My Dell complete cover has expired..:(Do i have to get my hard disk replaced?Can you tell me how much it will cost me? or there is anything else that i can do?

Answer:Diagnostics error 2000:0142 (Hard Disk failed)

Hi demon2192,
Error code 2000:0142 means that the hard drive has gone bad and requires a replacement. As you are able to boot into windows, I recommend you to backup the laptop's data on an external hard drive. I am adding you as a friend. Please accept my request and reply through a private message with the system 'Service Tag' and 'Account Holder's' name. I will check the warranty status of the laptop and provide you the best support options available. Do reply if you have any further questions. I would be glad to assist.

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I just changed the hardrive on my R60 Notebook., unfortunately I am unable to reactivate the sensor chip suppose to protect the hardrive in case of imminent chock. What are my options, does someone is familiar with such situation?Thank you for your precious timePATRICK

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I'm always weary about third-party software and things extra to windows...specially programs that start themselves during windows boot. So I'm wondering about ThinkVantage Active Protection I really need it on my T440s? I've read it acts like an airbag to protect the HDD incase I drop or bump my machine. but what If its always sitting on my desk and I never drop it or bump it...then do I still need to have it installed?


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Answer:Do I really need ThinkVantage Active Protection System?

As long as your machine is runing a conventional hard drive and not a n SSD, I'd keep the APS installed. If you feel that it interferes with the operation of HDD, you can change the settings and make it less sensitive.
My $0.02 only.

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Hi, Every time I try to install ThinkVantage Active Protection System, I get this error on the setup "This installation package is not supported by this processor type." My processor is an Intel T3400. Thanks,Daniel

Answer:ThinkVantage Active Protection System will not install

Hello mate, You need a ThinkPad to install Active Protection System, i don't think it will work with a Lenovo 3000.

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I wonder why aps is not available for T520. Is it because the laptop has an ssd?

Thinkpad T520


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Answer:Thinkvantage Active Protection System For T520

HiIs the OS on your laptop fresh installed, not Lenovo preloaded?

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Hello all, I am looking to upgrade the hard drive in my T61p, however my only reservation is the active protection system. I would like to keep this feature, and was unsure if the sensor for this was on the Lenovo hard drive itself or if it was elsewhere on the system. I would like to install a Western Digital hard drive and retain the active protection system. Does anyone know if this is a problem? Thanks in advance.


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Answer:Active Protection System Sensor Location

the sensor is on the motherboard. and some hdd have an additional sensors on them too.  I have a WD 500 gig in one of mine T61 that i replaced last week, so it works okay. Any SATA hdd with 9.5 mm thickness and 2.5 inch factor is okay for your laptop. 

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i have a IBM thinkpad t41, i dun't know why it come out this message "ibm hard drive active protection sensor ", after that it come out ask me to type a password to log in. i never set password at notebook hard drive. pls help me~~urgent!! thanks!!

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ThinkVantage Update is showing an update to the APS.  New version is, current version is  When I install then restart it just says 'one update failed to install'.  How can I install this? [Edit] I uninstalled it then ran the update and it wouldn't download.  So I went the Lenovo driver download website and noticed that is the current version for my computer, so maybe doesn't exist?  I downloaded and reinstalled that, is still presented by the update program though.  Why is the Update program suggesting it then?  This isn't the first time I've have ThinkVantage Update present the wrong drivers.

Answer:[W520] Thinkvantage Active Protection System update not installing

Hey biznatch,Thanks for reporting this.Checked in TVUR it is showing but its only for 64bit and 1.77.05 for 32bit Win 7.Will escalate this to the team for their assistance.

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Dear Sirs, I've a Lenovo Thinkpad T500 with Windows XP Pro SP3 EN, that I reinstall. in this notebook I've also Sophos Safeguard Enterprise 5.50.1 installed that is compatible with Thinkvantage Fingerprint Software The problem is that I can not find any driver for the fingerprint sensor (Authen Tec Inc. AES2810). Can anybody help me to search a drivers for this device, or where I can download it ? Thanks in Advance and Best Regards, F. Paulo Pinto


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Answer:Lenovo Thinkpad t500 - Thinkvantage Fingerprint Software and Fingerprint sensor driver problem

I'm assuming you're using 32-bit XP?

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I updated the BIOS as some other updates. A couple of days later I ran the thinkvantage diagnostics and got 3 different error messages. I tried to restart the comp. and ran it again and got the same error messages. The error messages I got are........ Surface scan test WHD08-0OP, SMART Short Self Test   WHD16-01H, and Targeted Read Test  WHD20-PNN  One of them says the hard may fail. Does anyone know anything about these error messages? The hard drive is still working right now but I'm not sure if it will continue to. Could it have anything to do with the recent updates I installed?

Answer:T510 Hard drive error messages after running Thinkvantage diagnostics

hey ShamF,
i do not think it was due to the updates you have installed, though i could be wrong. Anyway SMART  is Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology.
It's a monitoring system for hard disk drives, thus it could be that your harddrive might be going down into the brink doom. I would recommend backing up your files just in case.
more into on SMART can be located at this wiki link :

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I have the following CD's :1. 2x Applications and Drivers Recovery Disc(ver. Oct, 2013).2. 2x Operating System Recovery Disc (win8.1 pro 64bit) (ver. Oct, 2013).3. 1x Supplemental Recovery Disc (ver. Jan, 2014).I tried to use them for installing the laptop OS, drivers and applications.There are two HDD's, SATA 500GB and mSATA SSD 16GB.The recovery process was failed after using the first OS cd or supplement cd the process doesn't follow up and I get a message say .. Recovery failed?I used all the steps one by one for recovery process, even the changes in BIOS.But I don't know why that process is not success !!!I mad pictures for that senario, but I dont know how can upload them here.This is my email if someone wants them just inform me.Could you please help me ?RegardsMazen [email protected]

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Windows defender runs a Health report and tells me that I need to update the driver as my HP Mobile Protection Sensor is not working correctly.I have the yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager. Can anyone help assist me please. Thanks

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Hi Dell Team and others,
I am getting the following Diagnostics error 2000:0142
Can you please help me?
Sujay Kamath.

Answer:Diagnostics error 2000:0142

Good day Sujay,
2000 - 0142 error indicates hard disk failure.
You may try to reseat the hard disk or the sata cable.
Worst case scenario, change your hard disk.

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On the 23.3.17 our building had a power shorage while my laptop (Service tag <Service tag removed>) was on sleep mode and connected to power grid.
As the power restored my Win7 cloudnt boot after sighing in part, and i had a frozen screen with mouse showing that it is thinknig (booting). I waited almost an hour, and no progress.
After rebooting many times i still couldnt log on into the desktop, i ran the Dell diagnostics and at the end, a pop -up screen apperd and showhed Error 2000-0142 Validation 111932.
As i read on your forums that this error code mean, the hard drive should be replaced, can this failure be coused by surge power when the power goes back again ?
The error code is atteched

Answer:Diagnostics error 2000-0142

It's possible, but more likely that the drive was failing and went over the edge during the outage.  In any case, replace the hard drive.

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IBM ThinkPad 600E:

Was dropped on the floor. Whacked out. Ran Scandisk ( Win98 ) for days now; fixed many damaged clusters. Tonight's scan showed more than 15, which it fixed, before I stopped it. ( I feel it is too damaged to bother with; requires new HDD. Also ran onboard Diagnostic program to see what it had to report. Diagnostics show HDD is OK (which it is not ), and suggests that the System Board has a problem:

DEV 001
ERR 91
FRU 3610

Anybody know what this means?

Does IBM have a download or disk to replace the Diagnostic program and the other ThinkPad info?

Answer:ThinkPad Diagnostics: Mobo error

Try here . If you cannot find anything then try IBM support.

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There was a grammar issue on a message that displayed from the Rescue and Recovery application.I took a screen shot in case it is needed. The text readsTitle:Rescue and RecoveryMessage:Rescue media enables you to access Rescue and Recovery tools, evenyou are unable to start Windows(R) environment, do you want to makea rescue media immediately?There is an "if" missing between the first and second line.Also, the last question should be it's own sentence. Unless you want to break it with a semicolon.

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Hey Dear.. 
I got this issue in my laptop, when i tried to boot it was not going through completely, and it was so slow and taking long time, and suddenly shut down. 
And when I did diagnostics I got this message:
Error code: 2000-01 45Validation 100177
Does this mean i need to replacement a new hard drive.
Please help

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My laptop takes a lot of time in restarting. Generally i keep my laptop on hibernate or sleep and it works perfectly for 1-2 weeks. But whenever I restart or shutdown, it takes lot of time in restarting. I have to start it 2-3 times then only it starts working. While restarting if i choose safe or networking mode it works fine but if I choose normal mode it takes time and I have to restart 2-3 times.
So to check the problem, I ran diagnostics test. Every test is fine except hard drive test. It shows error 2000-0142. Hard drive o- S/N S2WDFCJX
Kindly let me know the solution.

Answer:Hard drive error 2000-0142 on diagnostics

Thank you for writing to us!
This is a potential Hard drive failure error .If you are able to boot the system then kindly back up the data , update the driver and also the BIOS . Once that is done you can format the hard drive and re-install the Operating system .
In the case this doesnt work then we would to replace the hard drive,kindly private message the service tag and email address.

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I have gotten a message that says "thermal sensor error" twice so far.  I just got the laptop a couple of months ago.  Why am I getting this error? Should I just send the laptop back? 

Answer:Thermal sensor error on Thinkpad Edge E530

I've seen that error on my previous laptop 2 days after I got it.The error is displayed when the thermal sensor for the cpu isn't working, so you should return the laptop and get a new one or have the main bord replaced.

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For last couple of weeks I'm having trouble with my laptop, e.g. inaccessibility to folders and sudden hangup. So today I ran DELL Diagnostics and it produced error code 2000-0142  (I attached a screenshot of it). I searched the community and learned that this message means that my laptop HDD is failing!! What should I do now?
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Dell diagnostics produced Error 2000-0142 during self test for HDD.

It is likely that the hard drive failed and it will need to be replaced and Windows reinstalled on the notebook.  If the system is under warranty contact Dell technical support in the US and request that the hard drive be replaced and if you don't have restore media, request restore media.
 If you are in the US I can help you directly, and I will be sending you a friendship request.  In the meantime please reply with the model of notebook, and what version of Windows that you have installed. 

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Hello, I am very new to forums so I apologize ahead of time if I don't give all the correct information needed info in this thread.

I have a Toshiba U405-S2833 and it came with the TrueSuite Access Fingerprint Software.

I downloaded an update a few days ago but I cannot remember if it was for Vista or Toshiba. Since then, my fingerprints were all deleted from the system and when I try to re-register them, I get this error message "Error: failed to open sensor" I can't find the hardware to manually fix the sensor without going through the TrueSuite software.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance

Answer:Satellite U405-S2833 Fingerprint Error: failed to open sensor

I'm also having the same issue.

My boss uses a Satellite U405-2628 with the TrueSuite Access Manager and fingerprint sensor. Everything was working fine, then I updated windows and it stopped working. I looked back at the updates and noticed a TrueSuite update and thought maybe that had messed things up.

Then there were some other issues that happened that locked me out of the machine (Anti-Virus and loss of relationship with the domain... also my fault). So I decided to wipe the machine and install Vista fresh.

I got everything installed yet the TrueSuite software still could not open the sensor. After banging my head on this, I decided enough was enough and I restored using the Toshiba Recovery Discs.

That took a couple of hours and here I am, logged in under Administrator and the TrueSuite software still can't open the sensor. I'm not sure what else I can do, since it is back to factory settings.

As the above poster noted, HELP!


.... a little later....

Well, I got it to work, and this may be of use to some people out there since I haven't found any easy answers. I can't gaurantee anything and this is really convoluted... so here we go.

I first downloaded the newest update from Toshiba (util_fingerprint_27460A.exe), installed it and nothing worked.
Then I uninstalled the sensor from the Device Manger (right click, uninstalled) making sure to uninstall the driver as well (it should prompt you to do this)
Then, still in the D... Read more

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Hi,   I have an X60 Thinkpad and when I rebooted, I got the following error, "Active protection is not functioning as system detected the abnormal sensor status.  To diagnose the sensor device, run PC DOCTOR DOS - HDD Active Protection Test and if it still shows, contact Help and Service for repair."   The only problem is, my laptop only came installed with PC Doctor 5 for Windows and when I run it, I can't find any way to test the Active Protection System.  Help!
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Answer:Active Protection Error

I have the same problem,help me!

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Hi all, Since updating my T60 to ThinkVantage Access Connections 4.52 (Build: 7CV26WW), I have been getting one constantly repeated error message generated by "an incompatibility issue with Windows Vista (Home Premium)". Programme: AcSvc.exeMessage: printff: fopen failed The only option I have is to click OK, but the error message only keeps repeating itself. I have tried uninstalling TV AC and rebooting. The error message did no longer appare. After that I reinstalled TV AC, rebooted and the error message started apparing again. I really don't wont to give up using TV AC because of an error message, and I think there must be others out there who've faced the same problem, even if I have searched and found no one. Did anyone find out how to solve it?Does anyone know what to do with a printff error? Thanks! 

Answer:printff - fopen failed error by AcSvc.exe on Vista - ThinkVantage Access Connections

I have the same problem. Not sure, but I think it startet after applying Vista SP1. However I don't get the problem all the time, only when I change network profiles in ThinkVantage Access - Mabye a update is needed for ThinkVantage Access to run stabel on Vista SP1 ???????? Looking forward to soloution................... Kind Reguards Kim

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Hi,I keep getting windows popping up regarding update errors to do with ThinkVantage Toolbox. It is very annoying. I did some research and found that the ThinkVantage Toolbox is no longer supported and there is a new alternative by Lenevo. However, I could not find the download version for my ThinkPad R61 (8918-A23) running Windows XP. Where can I get the download for this machine, and what is the process for replacing ThinkVantage Toolbox? Thanks 

Answer:ThinkPad R61 (8918-A23) ThinkVantage Toolbox Error Messages Replacement Software

You need to uninstall ThinkVantage Toolbox and install the ThinkVantage Technology Center from here:
I would also install ThinkVantage System Update from here:
Here are all of your drivers, etc.:
Hope this helps!

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I'm sorry if this has been posted before but I've been searching for awhile now and can't find it. I was wondering if there was any type of diagnostics program for the U330 to test my cpu, fans and the general hardware.  Also i was wondering if anyone else with the U330 notices any keyboard sensor issues. Such as, I have to press firmly in the middle of the keys for it to register. Or I have to press firmly on the "T" or "Y" button for it to register the click. It's  very bothersome and I was wondering if anyone else with a U330 has a similar issue?Message Edited by droptopmetro on 05-15-2009 01:01 AM

Answer:U330 Diagnostics Program and Keyboard Sensor Issues

What do you mean by testing cpu/fan/ram? You can test cpu by OCCT or S&M and you can test RAM by memtest86+ Regarding keyboard - you should have it replaced, it's a common faoult in some ideapads.

//help will save the world

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"Active protection is not functioning as system detected the abnormal sensor status. To diagnose the sensor device, run PC DOCTOR DOS - HDD Active Protection Test and if it still shows, contact Help and Service for repair" My X61 sometimes once in 3 days my active protection will stop functioning and appear error as above. Im running Windows XP SP2 on it. I done the PC Doctor test on the drive and below is the result: ==================PC-Doctor Test Result Log==================Hard Drive: ST9120822AS  Hard Drive: SMART Status Test...Passed  Hard Drive: SMART Short Self Test...Passed  Hard Drive: SMART Extended Self Test...Passed  Hard Drive: Random Seek Test...Passed  Hard Drive: Funnel Seek Test...Passed  Hard Drive: Surface Scan Test...Passed Need advice and how to solve this. Thank you

Answer:Active Protection System error

You are not alone, We are having the same problem, it only different is that Im running on window vista SP2. It seem appear after the latest update, after 1 day of update. The PC DOCTOR did not help at all, just wasting my time by running this test. Appreciate if anybody can help or at least how to reverse the install latest update.

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I bought  lenovo edge E440 about a month ago, and today got this problem, what should I do? 

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HELP! Had to reinstall ThinkVantage Productivity Center after wiped out with reinstallation of XP Pro, SP3. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling...same problem.  Is it a Registry issue? And and all help very much appreciated.  When try to open TV Productivity Center receive the following error message:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "ThinkVantage Productivity Center has encountered a problem and needs to close"  (Same old Microsoft...) Technical Information: Exception InformationCode:  0xc0000005Flags:  0x00000000Record:0x0000000000000000Address:  0x000000000000000409daf There is additional technical information, but not going to type it all in at this point.  Let me know if needed, please. The following files will be included in this error report: C;\DOCUM~1\OWNER\LOCALS\~1\Temp\a245_appcompat.txt ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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I have tried a few different windows images, windows troubleshooting feature, and the latest versions of the drivers.
I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, disabling and re-enabling, re-imaging, updating windows. None have had the effect of actually making it work. I'm running win 10.0.10240, on dell latitude 5285 and 5289. This is affecting the entire Intel Integrated Sensor Solution Driver and all the included sensors, compass, accelerometer, gyroscope GPS and ambient light.

hardware id: HID\Vid_8087&Pid_0AC2
I would like to resolve this so that we can order tablets and have them work right in our org.

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Question: ThinkPad L430

I am trying to image a ThinkPad L430 with LANDesk.  The image blue screens early in the process and fails. I believe the spot to be the install of the USB drivers.  What is the correct driver and do I need to disable the USB ports during the image install process

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Question: thinkpad l430

thinkpad l430  when plugged into power ac the battery icon blinks 3 times and then goes off and wont start.the only way to get it to start is to remove the cmos then leave it 5 minutes and put it back in.then it works any suggestions

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Hi, just got a T400 2765-T6U (fresh install win 7 IBM genuine install) on ebay and it is listed as having 3gb of DDR3 PC-3 8500 1066 ram. but when I run the thinkvantage system health and diagnostics program the scan says: memory DDR2 667 Mhz.I am certain that the installed ram is DDR-3 8500 because I looked at it. My concern is that for some reason even though the computer has the faster memory it is not running at the 1066 clock speed. PS >I cant install any other software because I am returning it to the seller as it has a bad spot on the screen. He is offering a replacement but it will be an exact replacement so I really need to know why this reading is incorrect. I may ask for cash back.because of this reading. I dont understand why the thinkvantage system health and diagnostics is saying DDR2 667 Mhz and not DDR3 1066 Mhz (which IS installed).. Is the Thinkvantage program giving me a false reading?Is there anywhere else in the compuer OS that I can see the memory details and clock speed?The Bios only shows the amout of Ram. Thanks!

Answer:T400 thinkvantage system health and diagnostics reading memory speed as 667 not 1066

use HWinfo32 to check the ram speed.

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Bonjour, Je possède un Lenovo L430. Au boot, il y a 5 bips courts (cela pourrait correspondre au CPU). J'ai démopnte l'ordi, le CPU mais n'ai rien vu de spécial. A peine branché au secteur, le pc boot de lui m^meme, fait ses 5 bips, puis se coupe. Et il se rallume à nouveau, comme ca en boucle. Une idée? Merci d'avance,

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This is bugging me now. Ive got a T410 with a Gobi 2000 WWAN card and i want to try and get the GPS working. Ive installed (in order and from lenovo site)  The Qualcomm Gobi 2000 Wireless WAN Driver for Windows 7 1.1.250Access connections version 6.01Thinkpad Power Managment Driverand the hotkey features  And finaly ive installed the ThinkVantage GPS Enabler 2.81 Just for the record i can connect to the mobile boradband just fine. so the card is definatly enabled. Yet when i launch the GPS enabler and try to start it , it just errors  ---------------------------ThinkVantage GPS---------------------------GPS Enabler failed to start tracking. You need to check the following:- the radio hardware switch is turned off.- the device is still initializing after being powered off. Please wait for a few minutes.---------------------------OK--------------------------- Its trying to connect on COM8 which , in device manager is  Qualcomm Gobi 2000 HS-USB NMEA 9205  Any ideas would be really helpfull , being a bit of a techy i really want to be able to satelite track my laptop!

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Hi, I got Thinkpad L430 with Windows 7 32 Bit (factory installed windows 7 32) How can I install Windows 7 64 bit?? I dont have windows 7 64 CD to install , The Windows 7 32 bit  key can have for 64 bit windows 7??  


Go to Solution.

Answer:ThinkPad L430 ReInstall Windows 32 bit to 64

Hello and welcome,
The key you have should activate either the 32 or 64 bit installations.  You must use the 64-bit version (home premium, pro, ultimate) that matches your key.  You may have to use the telephone option to complete the activation.
You can download an ISO for the 64-bit installer DVD.  Google "legal windows 7 download notebook review".  Burn the ISO to DVD as an image, not as a file.
That will get you a clean Microsoft install.  After that you will probably want to install ThinkVantage Sytem Update and use it to download and install the appropriate Lenovo drivers and apps.

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Hi, I would like to buy a Lenovo Thinkpad. There are pretty good offers at the Outlet. I am not sure about the model that I should get. I am deciding between the L430 and the E430. While I have a preference for the L430, I have some concerns/questions: Regardless of the model choice, will a 14inch screen be enough for school and other stuff like watching movies?What are the advantages of the E430? Some models are priced higher than the L430. Background:I currently have a 15.6inch laptop. I think I want a smaller one as I need to carry my computer to school. The 15.6 inch is pretty heavy. However, I am very used to that format and a bit scared that a 14inch might be too small. E.g. if I work with Excel, Word, or Outlook. Although the L430 seems to be the more robust computer with the better specifications as compared to the E430, the L430 looks a bit old and it might not be as good as e.g. for watching movies. I want to use my computer both for school and free time. Thanks for your help! Yellow Squash

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brand new L430 thinkpad, bought through lenovo outlet. came with windows 7 home premium. when trying toconnect to a wireless network it picks up the ip (192.168.x.x) address but no internet connectivity. all other homedevices have no problem connecting to internet via that same wifi network. router registers L430, dhcp assingsthe 192.x.x.x. address but IP address on router side is registered as: FE80::3179:80C6:251E:927C what gives? tried installing windows 7 enterprise, but after clean instalation and only chipset and wirelessdrivers installed, same thing occurs. also, network and sharing center in both versions of windows 7 says"unidentifed network". network adapter is "1x1 11b/g/n wireless lan pci express half mini card adapter" whichseems to be a realtek one. heard some people had huge problems with "thinkpad 1x1 wireless adapters"so i was wondering if anyone has experienced same problems. what to do next? any lenovo gurus out therewith a suggestion? also, latest wifi drivers from lenovo website have been installed. that weird IP address iswhat's bugging me the most. FE80::3179:80C6:251E:927C. what gives? ipv6? why? i don't use ipv6. if i checkboth IP and MAC address on l430 side, it displays a normal array of hex numbers (ipv4). thanks for any info, help,suggestions... edit1: i tried both x64 and x86 operating systems. in both cases there is no internet access and networkis always detected as "unidentified" and "public". i can browse within my local network, bu... Read more

Answer:L430 - Weird Wireless Problem With New Thinkpad

ok, i did factory reset (windows 7 home premium x64) but the problem still home network is recognized as "unidentifed public network" (although during first bootafter resetting to factory defaults i clearly selected my network as "home network" - i thoughtmaybe the last time, when i got the laptop, i made a mistake and selected "public network"), ican browse local network but no internet access. on L430s side, local ipv4 address assignedstates as 192.168.x.x, default gateway, dhcp and dns servers are entered correctly(just like on all other devices connected to my home wifi network), but local ip address of L430on router side is registered in ipv6 form (and that if router actually "sees" L430 on its side,because sometimes although L430 says it has ip address assigned, router simply doesn'tregister it): name: L430IP: FE80::3179:80C6:251E:927CMAC: E0:06.:xx:xx:xx:xx other devices are correctly recognized on the router side name: T530IP: 192.168.x.xMAC: 9C:B2:xx:xx:xx:xx i tried turning off encryption altogether, tried WPA, WPA2, WEP, AES, TKIP, tried changingwifi channel, tried putting wifi channel in auto mode, tx power level on both router and L430sside, tried turning off "power saving" but nothing works. at all. i can't register my product, ican't update windows, nothing. can someone from lenovo please help me? thank you. just one other thing worth mentioning. i have various devices, with various operatingsystems ranging from ... Read more

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We own a L430 which we bought cca. 4 years ago. In the meantime, we've dropped it (right lower corner on the back of the screen is where it hit the floor) and since then the screen has developed lines/distortions which would go away after flexing the entire screen assembly back and forth. We've opened the laptop at least a dozen times to try and fix it permanently, but that would work only for a limited period. Now, we've decided to either buy a replacement screen assembly (meaning, LCD panel, both front and back bezels including all the cables) or a used L430. Our L430 has the 1366x768 resolution and has a webcam. We were wondering, if we purchase a used L430 that doesn't have a webcam, could we remove the webcam and front screen bezel from our L430 and install it into the L430 that doesn't have a webcam? Also, if we buy a L430/screen assembly with a different resolution (e.g. 1600x900), can we just swap it with the one in our L430 which has a lower resolution? Or do we need to swap LCD cables/ribbons too? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

T530: i7-3630QM, 16GB DDR3-1600, NVS 5400M, 2x1TB 7200RPM, 9-cell, HD+ 1600x900, WinXP Pro/Win7 Pro 64-bit L430: i3-2370M, 8GB DDR3-1600, HD 3000, 750GB 7200RPM, 6-cell, HD 1366 x 768, Win7 Home 64-bit

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Thinkpad L430 LAN Port LEDs not blinking and if connect LAN cable connection not showing. 

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Hello. TL;DR version - How can I restore Thinkpad L430 to factory settings? Long version: Some time ago, I bought a used Lenovo laptop (specifically, Thinkpad L430). Recently, I encountered serious problems with it's function. For that reasons and a few other minor reasons (like general maintenance, for example) I would like to reinstall my OS, deleting everything I installed and in this way restoring the laptop to original state (aka "factory setting"). I have Googled how to do that. I found that I should download OS from Microsoft using the product key. I found product of the Windows 7 Home Premium (which is the original OS present on the laptop from Lenovo) in the battery area (after removing battery). I tried using it on Microsoft website, but it returned a message that this product key is using OEM licence and that I should contact the PC's manufacturer to provide me with the OS. Now that I set the scene, my question is: What's the easiest way for me to achieve what I want, that is reinstalling the OS? How should I proceed? I found some info about Lenovo support providing recovery discs, but I assume that has to be paid for (which I don't want to) and I don't even know whether warranty is required for that or not. My laptop's warranty is probably void. So, can I somehow legally get OS on my system considering I have the product key, without having to pay for stuff? Many thanks for replies.

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I have bought a used lenovo thinkpad. My brother has used it before me with no problems. I tried resetting it, and after, I booted up and simply went to the thinkpad screen, And then it went black. I tried simply making a bootible usb hard drive. That also failed. Where is the download of the stock thinkpad L430 Windows 8 operating system? I went to support and found Windows 8 64bit (The original oporating system), and could not find the software. I am thinking it will install the right drivers and fix it. Soo can someone help me find this mysterious download? -James

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I have been using my sturdy L430 for a good while now, and while the laptop still works great - the speaker grill under the palm rest has chipped and is now coming off completely. Where could I find a replacement part? Thanks

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Hello and good morning,

I have Windows 2000,

and am getting a recurring issue that is keeping me from doing virtually anything on this computer;

When I start up the computer, and then click on My Computer icon, I get the following error message and cannot see any of the drives, nor move any folders. s

Your current security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page. As a result, this page may not display correctly...

ame thing happens in Windows Explorer and Internet explorer.

I've tried some troubleshooting in the run: REGEDIT area, to no avail.

In addition, I've tried opening internet explorer, internet options, going to the securities tab, and there's a big red minus sign, and the settings are "stuck" on high. (when I try to change the security level for my computer to medium, or medium low, etc) it "takes", but after i hit apply then okay, and close out of the window, same thing.

When I try to go back in to the options/securities section, it's stuck on high again!

Any ideas?

Much appreciated!

Answer:Active X Error My Computer Windows 2000

win2000 has kill-bit controls and this KB loads several of them

if you can use the command prompt, then the installer would/should run.
Download the update to another system and then access it remotely on a share
or use a thumbdrive to move it to your win2000.

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My computer boots just fine - although, perhaps, twice, it had booted and the opening screens were NOT what I expected. Then, I simply re-booted. Following that, I pressed ESC during boot and selected Diagnostic and this is what was displayed: Testing CPU: CPU Test - Passed. Hard Drive Connection Test - Passed. Boot Test - Failed. Error Code - BIOHD3, Warning - No Active partitions. Whoever undertands what the diagnostics found, please explain if there's anything I (or anyone) can do. I'm sort of on pins and needles, because, I feel there's a catastrophe waiting to happen.

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I am looking at a PCI compensating control to keep a workstation session active if staff are located in very close proximity to the workstation. I was told that there may be a proximity sensor device that plugs into the USB port on the computer and the user would then carry a device that communicated with the with the sensor to keep the session from a network enforced screensaver. Any advise on this matter would be much appreciated. I've tried a Google search and found some devices that would lock out a terminal, but not keep one to keep the session active.

Answer:Proximity sensor to keep session active

Welcome gwr477.

Perhaps something like USB Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors from MaxBotix Inc. may be for you? You could always send them an email to ask their device(s) could provide what you are after.

By 'keep a workstation active', do you mean to stop the screen brightness going dim or the screen going off?

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Is it worth installing? Or would this create issues for my laptop to operate properly? Moreover, would you please care to explain what the HP Mobile Data Protection Sensor actually does?Thank you.


View Solution.

Answer:HP Mobile Data Protection Sensor

Hi, It's a safety feature related to the hard drive.  If the Mobile Data Protection Sensor detects your notebook is falling, it instructs the HDD to park the drive heads in an attempt to prevent damage to the drive. I've installed Windows 10 Technical Preview on several machines and not found any issue with this, although it's possible you may need to install an updated driver ( this is provided by HP 3D DriveGuard software ) when you upgrade to 10. Regards, DP-K

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For some reason, touchpad edge scrolling, two-finger scrolling, and trackpoint+middle-button scrolling all fail to run in Microsoft Word 2013 (Office 365 University). They also fail to run in the Metro Mail App; and they mess with the zoom in Google Chrome. However, all three kinds of scrolling work fine in all other programs I've used, including other Office 365 programs (Excel 2013 and OneNote 2013). I have the latest version of the driver installed ( I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it several times, to no avail. I was strongly tempted to leave it uninstalled and use standard Windows middle-click for my scroll function instead, but that doesn't work in Windows Explorer (where the only scrollable area is also clickable).  Thoughts or suggestions?

Answer:Scrolling problem with Elan UltraNav driver on Thinkpad L430, running Windows 8.1, Office 365

Trackpoint + middle button scrolling works on all other apps except Google Chrome.    This stopped working recently and after some testing  I found that it is localized to just Chrome.  Works in Firefox, Outlook Mail 2010,  Powerpoint 2010,  etc.   I am using Windows 7 Pro on a X200S.      Is there a Chrome setting involved to correct this? 

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X301 - ThinkVantage Fingerprint SW unable to find Fingerprint Sensor: OS is XP SP3Device Manager is reporting that device is working properly(Device Authentec AES2810, driver version Agent scan report that driver is latest... ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software Version 5.8.2 with settings normal (Allow avoiding Windows password set) Any clues anyone? 

Answer:X301 - ThinkVantage Fingerprint SW unable to find Fingerprint Sensor

Go to device manager to check if the driver version is 11/xx/2008, if so, unintall it, and then reinstall the fingerprint software from Lenovo.  It will install the driver with version dated 10/xx/2008.  This solved the problem for me.

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Hi , I just wanted to say after lenovo update's very useful update, my pc now takes a good minute after boot-up for it to be responsive. Now, after boot, the connecting to internet circle just spins and stops. during this time, nothing else can be opened. when i click on itunes, the win 7 icon shows that it is active and then it goes dim again as if it was closed again. nothing works until the network is connected. thanks for the update...not any suggestions to reverse this other than reinstalling win 7? or do i just have to deal with this inconvinence since lenovo doesnt realize their update actually messes up their systems?

Answer:After Bios Update through thinkvantage, takes forever for PC to be active

Wireless or wired? Using access connections? You can try to go to device manager (in control panel under administrative tools) and uninstalling the offending network adapter. Then, reboot and let it find new hardware. You may need to reenter the wireless encryption key.

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Hi all, The combination of HP 3D Driveguard (software) and HP Mobile Data Protection Sensor (system device) are preventing me from using newer, larger (1TB and 2TB) external USB hard drives. I've uninstalled Data Protection Sensor and when I reboot the computer, the larger drives are detected and they work, but around 90 seconds later Data Protection Sensor reinstalls itself and kicks the larger hard drives out. The HP Mobile Data Protection Sensor entry in Device Manager -> System Devices has five associated files:C:\Windows\System32\accelerometerdll.dllC:\Windows\System32\drivers\accelerometer.sysC:\Windows\System32\drivers\hpdskflt.sysC:\Windows\System32\HPMDPCoInst.dllC:\Windows\System32\HPservice.exe It is the hpdskflt.sys file that is loaded onto each disk drive (visible in Drive Details in Device Manager) that is blocking the larger drives to be properly recognized. I've uninstalled the HP Mobile Data Protection Sensor in Device Manager (checking the box Delete the Driver Software for this Device), but upon reboot it loads again. I've uninstall the HP 3D Driveguard software with CCleaner, hoping that would get rid of loose ends, registry keys, etc., but although Driveguard did not come back, the Data Protection Sensor did. I disabled a service called 'HP Service" thinking that may be triggering the reinstall, but each time I reboot, the service has changed itself to "Automatic" instead of "Disabled". I've uninstalled multiple times... Read more

Answer:Uninstalling HP Mobile Data Protection Sensor

Go to the control panel and disable the drive guard there first. You may have to click on "Icon" view in the upper right corner to find it. ( It has it's own Icon and user control panel where it first must be disable)  Go to "Programs and Features" and uninstall it as you did before and you will be prompted to restart your computer.  Go to the device manage and find the Drive Guard under "System Devices"  Uninstall the driver as you did before and tick this box off as shown in the screen shot and restart the computer.    This will of course create a warning sign in the device manager, and it should stay that way even after restarting the computer. I believe the trick is to do it in the order that I've laid out here. If the program reinstalls itself it may be possible that the HP Support Assistant is installing automatically.

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All the documentation I read on model Satellite U400-10A (PSU40E-00K006DU) indicates that it has a HDD protection sensor installed.

I can not find this sensor listed anywhere in device manager and when I install the Toshiba HDD Protection Utility it tells me there is no sensor.

Does anyone have this model with the HDD Protection sensor?
If so, how can you tell?

Kind Regards

Answer:Does Satellite U400-10A supports the HDD Protection sensor


As far as I know the Toshiba HDD Protection Utility V2.0.2.3 (for Vista) was preinstalled on the U400 series? so in my opinion the sensor is available.

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Question: Failed diagnostics

I recently ran diagnostics on my laptop and I've received a ln error message saying my hard drive has an issue. The error code is 2000-0142. What do I do now?

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My Dell Inspiron 3521 with win 8.1 fell from table, then I tried to restart but it cannot boot and screen displayed
Checking Media [fail]Checking Media [fail]
I ran Diagnostics but the error code generated was
Error Code 2000-142
Validation 96672
Msg: Hard Drive 0 - S/N S2WZJ90D341179, Short self test unsuccessful.
I searched forum it was a hard disk problem. Then I used bootable usb stick with UBUNTU on it to check if files could be still accessed. Disabled secure boot and changed UEFI to legacy boot, restarted my machine and again  'Checking Media [Fail]'  msg displayed and then it booted into UBUNTU.
My drives were visible. I had Two Partition 700GB (NTFS) and 260 GB(FAT 32), 260 GB was accessible, i can browse through files but i could not open majority of them especially big ones. The error displayed was internal data stream error.
What is the solution to this problem ? is it necessary to replace hard disk, Is there any way by which i could recover my files?   
Product name: Dell Inspiron 3521
Bios Version: A05
Service Tag: 
Fixed HDD: ST1000LM024 HN-M101MBB (1000GB)

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My friend lend me his labtop to fix his computer. He told me he defrag his labtop
and now it won't boot up properly. I can boot up in safe mode with no problem but when
I start up Windows 2000 Pro I see the 2000 splash screen then I see some kind of BSOD error then it restarts the same why.

Why can I fix this is it the hardware or is it Windows ?

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When trying to start my computer it takes for ever to respond and eventually freezes up I ran  diagnostics  F2 on the Startup Menu and it came up with Failure ID ME5BGJ-27P8KD-XD7V7F-618R03. I have tried to reboot several times and get the same respons


View Solution.

Answer:HP PC hardware Diagnostics Failed

Hello @Willers, Thank you for your reply !!  Sorry to tell you that ,Whenever the Hard Disk Short/Long DST test fails that indicates that the Hard Disk Drive has failed and that requires a replacement to resolve the issue HP will provide a replacement Hard Disk Drive if the Notebook warranty is Active, If not you need buy a SATA Hard Disk Drive from a retail shop nearby Please Contact HP if your HP Notebook is under warranty, HP would replace the Hard Disk Drive and provide you a Recovery media to restore factory operating system after replacement (if you've not yet created Recovery Discs/USB Media) Note: Back up all the personal data to an external drive if it's possible. Otherwise you could connect the failed HDD via SATA to USB adapter with another PC or same PC after replacement of HDD & re-installation of OS and try copying /recovering the files. You can also refer to the below shown link for further support Please click on the link In order to Identify, Prevent, Diagnose & Recover from Drive Failures on HP Notebook Hard Drives & Solid State Drives :  You can Check your warranty Here to verify the status and Click Here to order a new Hard Drive.  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again !!  **Click... Read more

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when I tried to make a system update for my Thinkpad p50 (Windows 10  64 bit),the error "ADUP FAILED" displayed.. waiting your help

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I upgraded my Tecra M7 to Vista Ultimate last weekend and there are a number of things that do not work. It is very frustrating as I followed the upgrade procedures shown on this site diligently and am having problems.

Can anyone tell me which zip file contains the Toshiba HDD Protection Shock utility as I have installed everything (except Config Free as the Zip File seems to be corrupt) and I can't find it anywhere. I noticed that when Vista was going through recommend automatic updates after installation it recommend an updated driver for the HDD Protection utility, yet is nowhere to be seen and I can't find an installation program for anywhere. Does anybody know how to handle this?

Many thanks


Answer:Toshiba HDD Protection - Shock Sensor Driver does not work in Vista

I do not know if this can help but try to use HDD protection utility for Tecra M9.

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After upgrading to Windows 10 Creators Update (15063) from Anniversary Update (14393),HP Mobile Data Protection Sensor has been disabled/blocked:From Device Manager: "The driver for this device has been blocked from starting becauseit is known to have problems with Windows. Contact the hardwarevendor for a new driver. (Code 48)" Please help. 

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I had an HP 3D Drive Guard error after installing device drivers from Device Manager in Control Panel.  I looked at Google for answers and they said to find the correct driver on HP website, sp71811, uninstall the old driver and install the new one for this notebook.  I did that and got a missing .dll error after rebooting the machine.  I was told to uninstall again and reinstall and to be sure to reboot after the uninstall.  The install stated that it was incomplete that files were not completely installed.  I got an error message about a missing .dll file (don't have the error code now).  Something about a stack file error.  So I went to the device manager and uninstalled the driver for HP mobile data protection thinking that I could reinsall that from device manager but it removed the accelerometer.  Now I cannot unload HP 3D DG because of the missing accelerometer.  How can I get the accelerometer back and fix the original problem with HP 3D DG??  

Answer:HP Mobile Data Protection Sensor Missing in Device Manager

OK, the mobile data protection sensor came back in the device manager and I updated the driver.  Then I uninstalled the HP 3D Drive Guard and reinstalled the latest version for my notebook again.  I still get a VCRuntime140.dll missing error at start up.  It tells me to reinstall the HP 3D Drive Guard again.  Any advice for how to fix this?  

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The HP Mobile Data Protection Sensor still worked good in Anniversary Update, but after I updated to Creators Update, it can't be used again. This Windows 10 version of HP MDP which I downloaded in the HP's website. I've reboot and even reset the PC, but the problem cannot be solved. Please help! 

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The same problem HP Mobile Data Protection Sensor has been disabled/blocked (Code 48) after W10 creator update HP elitebook 8470p. SDD samsung EVO 750.

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  After upgrading to Windows 10 Creators Update (15063) from Anniversary Update (14393),HP Mobile Data Protection Sensor has been disabled/blockedPlease help 

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Answer:Failed to schedule Software Protection service for re-start at 2113-01-12T17:08:03Z. Error Code: 0x80041316 every few seconds.

Delete the 3 files from C:\Windows\System32\Tasks\Microsoft\Windows\SoftwareProtectionPlatform.
From the Windows DVD or ISO file go to Sources and use 7-ZIP to extract the install.wim file.
Copy the 3 original files from extracted install.wim (Windows\System32\Tasks\Microsoft\Windows\SoftwareProtectionPlatform) to a suitable location and add to each of them the .xml extension.
Import the 3 .xml files in Task Scheduler - Microsoft - Windows - SoftwareProtectionPlatform and restart the system.
Hope it helps!
Dan Visan

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hi there,I found there was a diagnostic failure on the mouse ,  how can I resolve it? guide me plz!screenshots have been attached to the question!

Answer:PC Hardware Diagnostics Test Failed

The screenshot is very helpful. It means there is a problem with the touchpad device. They can go bad. Are you under warranty? 

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Yesterday, I turned on my laptop and I started to have freezing issues a few minutes later, my cursor started with a spinning circle and with the message "not responding".I couldn't open any program on the desktop and the taskbar. I ran chkdsk and MalwareBytes but there as nothing wrong. Then I ran various diagnostics and got the same failure results just a few minutes after starting. Actually I had minor freezing issues last week and ran the same diagnostic and it passed... I even tried to do a reset to factoring settings to see if that could help to resolve these issues but I had the message that the reset failed. My laptop model
'HP Notebook - 15-af131dx".

Is the hard drive really dead and I need to replace it?

I hope you can help me and give me some advices. Thanks.


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My first post. Charge on battery went to 0.  Icon indicates "not charging" even when adapter is plugged in.   PC runs on power adapter.Ran HP EUFI diagnostic on battery.  Failed.  Said battery not installed (it is!) PC slow to boot up, even when plugged in. System check indicates BIOS is uptodate. Is it a hardware or software issue?  Thank you for your help.  

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Failure ID GSMAXS-5S9859-MFPV5F-60W503

Rebecca Goveia

Answer:Hardware diagnostics test failed

That means the hard drive needs replacement. Post back with the country you live in and we can help find a hard drive for you and installation instructions. Did you make recovery disks for it?

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Have a home wireless network:
Router = Netgear WGR614v6
Cable Modem = Motorola Surfboard SB5101
Host Computer = Dell Optiplex GX280
Remote Computer = Dell Latitude D810 (laptop)
Remote laptop has built-in Intel Proset Wireless card that is giving me the problem.

I can connect to the internet w/ the laptop no problem when i plug an ethernet cable from the laptop to my router. But when i use just the ProSet Wireless i can't connect to internet. Ran XP Pro Network Diagnostics and got "FAILED" on the following:
Network Adapters
Intel Pro/Wireless 2915ABG Network Connection
Default Gateway = (Same Subnet)
DHCPServer =
DNSServerSearchOrder =

Running Win XP Pro on both machines.

Will post results of ipconfig /all if needed. If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Network Adapter Failed Win XP Pro Diagnostics

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HP Notebook - 15-ay037ur (ENERGY STAR) I upgraded the notebook:1. I put new SSD instead of HDD.2. I put the old HDD instead of optical drive via optibay. After this the notebook is switching on very long time. It is OS Windows 10 64-bit. In some time (almost every time) I see error with HDD in OS Windows.I tested the drives by PC Hardware Diagnostics Test and received next errors: 1) PC Hardware Diagnostics Test Failed:Test Name: HPAdvSysDiag_HardDriveFailure ID:  QAP633-89V8HE-XD7X7F-613403  Product Number: P3T06EASerial Number: CND6325P8V 2) PC Hardware Diagnostics Test Failed:Test Name: HPAdvSysDiag_HardDriveFailure ID:  QAP633-89V8HE-XD7X7F-60KU03  Product Number: P3T06EASerial Number: CND6325P8V Please help how to fix this problems.

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New T61p...a couple of months old...XP Pro...had problems with bluetooth pairing and was guided to ThinkVantage System Update.I ran through all of the initial updates, downloaded and installed...had to reboot a few times before the system was completely functional.I then returned to ThinkVantage System Update and checked again for updates...there were about 6 more...downloaded and installed those.I rebooted and the machine stalled again, so I rebooted, hard, several times with no luck.I then used pc doctor to test, which came up with one error: SMBIOS - Failed.I have no idea what to do now. The login screen accepts my fingerprint, but not my password. And when I get into my desktop it continues to freeze up.

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Just installed the truesuite update and BIOS update.

Now when try to setup truesuite get error message the=at :failed to open Sensor" can someone please help. Thank in advance.

Answer:Re: Truesuite Failed to open sensor


I found one older thread about similar issue.
I don?t know if this can help you but check it anyway -

Have you tried to clean fingerprint database?

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Reason why is because it has less than 15% free space, right now it has 1 GB free of 8 GB, now when going into the drive it's of course the recovery drive and says if removing anything in the drive, recovery will be impossible, now I have no problem with my drive having that little space, however I like my diagnostics to be perfect so is there any way to clean out some recovery files? It's recycle bin is empty and thats all disk cleanup does, and while I'm here on my C: drive theres an invisible recycle bin with all the crap I've ever downloaded on this computer in what I'm guess a extremely small file type for the use of recovery, however since I had over 50GB worth of 100 KB or less files deleted (I do modifications and graphical add-ons for video games) it makes up a good 30 minutes of my virus scans, so is there a way to delete those without harming my computer?

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The first problem I had was I got a blue screen one day while playing a game and my computer just restarted.  The blue screen didn't stay up long enough for me to read anything on it.  I turned the computer back on, it got into Windows then went blue screen again and restarted itself again.  I tried loading in safe mode and my current antivirus (Avast) said it was missing a file to run a scan.  After a little time (in safe mode) got the blue screen again and the computer again quickly restarted itself.The computer's a Dell, still under warranty so I called them and they had me run this massive diagnostics tool built in there and it found there to be no errors.  After that they had me restore the computer to factory settings and now I can use it again; except still no antivirus program will work at all.I think it's a virus in that it causes every antivirus software I try to install (Avast, Avira and McAfee so far) to not be able to run at all.  I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling them many times and they all have various error messages saying files cannot be found to run them.The other aspect to the problem is that from the glimpses I did catch from the blue screen message I read MEMORY_MANAGEMENT so I googled that and it seems to be connected to memory failure of one kind or another.  I figured out how to run the build in Windows Vista Memory Diagnostics tool and it said there was definitely a problem with the memory... Read more

Answer:No antivirus scans can run, memory diagnostics failed.

You probably do have a virus stopping the scanners from running. I recommend running a scan with Housecall by Trend Micro This will run a virus scan from within your web browser and shouldn't be blocked by a virus (Though it can in some cases be blocked)Also try running a scan in Safe Mode - Just using your normal antivirusHope This Helps,Cameron Gray

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I've been having issues with the system running slowly. At  startup and when starting g a browser the disk is being accessed at a very high rate which slows the system  to a standstill. Often the browser is unresponsive for 20 seconds or more. I am running System Diagnostics from the startup menu. The SMART Check, Short DST and long DST all passed but the Startup Test failed. The diagnostics feature did not offer any more info about the failure or possible fixes. Does anyone know more about this test/failures/fixes? Thanks

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I acquired a X230s off eBay which is identical to an X240s which is very similar to an X240. The case is cracked in the corner from the prior owner dropping it hard and I ordered a replacement palm rest and bottom from aliexpress (will probably get it in about a week), but in the interim I noticed that closing the lid doesn't put the machine to sleep.I updated the BIOS, and unlike the X240s I have right next to it, closing the lid in the bios won't turn off the screen. I assume during the drop he broke the lid sensor, but the question is where is it.I've already taken the PC apart and didn't see anything out of the ordinary when compared to the X240s.I assume the lid sensor is in the same place as on the X240 so where is that?Googling thinkpad x240 lid sensor led me to FRU 04x5132

Answer:ThinkPad X240 Lid Sensor - where is it?

I don't have an x240 or x230s to look at, but here is how I usually figure out where they are. (It worked on my W540) The sensors have always been what is called a "Hall Sensor". In English, that means magnetic switch. There is a little magnet somewhere in the lower case, either in the palmrest or very near it. When the lid is lowered and the switch (somewhere inside the lid) gets close enough to the magnet, the switch is tripped. I take a small screw and roll it around on the palmrest until it jumps to the magnet. On my W540, the magnet is on the front edge, under the palmrest, so I assume the sensor is part of the microphone/camera module.  On an x230, which is probably similar to the x230s, the magnet is in a similar place.  If you take off the palmrest, you can actually see it in the speaker assembly.

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Hi Guys,I am in a trouble with a display issue. I bought a Thinkpad 13 and ask myself if this product has a light sensor to adjust the display brightness automatically. I cannot find it. Does anyone own this Thinkpad and could reply to me please? Thanks and many regards from Germany,Klaus

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i have a DELL XPS9100
CUST # 119614928
ORDER # 747507759
service tag # HC8NHYQ1
I also ran MANY other tests - including Windows 7 memory test - it passed
System Stress Test (Manual)
all passed but...

Advanced Pattern Test
Test Started

6/17/2016 9:15:17 PM
Error Message:
The pattern written (5555555555555555) did not match the pattern read (5555555755555555) at the physical address (000000025F55B088). The pattern difference was: 0000000200000000.
6/17/2016 9:15:51 PM
Test Finished:
Failed (Error code: WME22-0V0)
6/17/2016 9:16:05 PM


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I know that it is a hard drive failure but i dont know how to fix it can anyone help me please?!

Answer:Hard Drive Failed during diagnostic. Error Code 2000-0142

The drive needs to be replaced.  If the system is under warranty, call Dell with the error and they'll arrange that.
if the system is out of warranty, and you need a recommendation for a replacement drive and installation instructions, we'll need the full model number (i.e., Inspiron N5110, 5521, etc.).  
You're also going to need a set of recovery media -- if you did not prepare one when you received the system, you'll either need to download and make that (newer systems) or call Dell to purchase it (older systems).

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I have just purchased a Satellite L650/07C. When I purchased it from the reseller, I was under the impression that this model came with the hard disc drive shock protection system (Hard Drive Impact Sensor) feature.
I ran the Toshiba PC Health Monitor application but it appears not to have this feature - it gives me the Power, Temp and Fan settings that are being monitored as well as a hard disc drive status, but nothing about the hard disc drive shock protection system (Hard Drive Impact Sensor).

Under my Toshiba Utilities folder, there is the HDD SSD Alert application that shows the same icon as the one I saw in the reseller on their Toshiba Satellite when they demonstrated the shock protection system. I have ran this application but it just gives me a status message that the disk drive is working properly.

Could anyone please confirm for sure if the model that I have should have this feature.

Many thanks.

Answer:Re: Satellite L650/07C - HDD shock protection system (Hard Drive Impact Sensor)

Everything is fine with your laptop. I have made a screenshot and uploaded it to show you:

When you shake your laptop hdd ssd aler appears, however, you can disable it appearing.

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Question: L430 fan error

I get "fan error" message. Then laptop dies. It is lenovo thinkpad L430. Do I need new fan? Should I buy this?Or can u show me witch I shouild buy?

Answer:L430 fan error

Hi Colan,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
We verified the link, and in that it is showing only the Fan part. I am not sure that it will be suitable for your system. Usually part comes along with ?FAN & Heat sink? you can check with below link. My suggestion it to visit nearby authorized Lenovo service center to get it replaced with genuine parts.
Please click here to visit the link where you can get all the FRU parts for your system.
Hope this helps.
Best regards,
Hemanth Kumar

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OK, here's the scoop:  we've had a ThinkPad T400 for about 2 months that we're using in our IT department to build an image.  Initally, it came loaded with Vista Business, but I erased that partition and loaded XP Pro (to build our image).  The other 2 partitions are still there:  The rescue partition and the image partition.  Now, I erased XP and ready to load Vista again, but I can't access the rescue or image partitions using the ThinkVantage button. I tried using the R&R recovery disc but every time I hold the ThinkVantage and/or the F11 buttons, it comes back and says "NTLDR not foundClick Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" How do I reenable this functionality so that I can restore the laptop back to factory settings? Thanks, /Joe

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Hi all!I have ThinkPad x230 with preinstalled 64-bit Windows 7. Laptop has UEFI support, but current mode is "Legacy". I want to replace HDD with SSD and also reinstall Windows using UEFI (later I also plan to install Linux as second OS).I've searched and found [url= article[/url] with nice instructions about switching to UEFI. But what about ThinkVantage functionality? In some articles I've found information that several features will be unavailable when UEFI used (for exmaple fingerprint reader). Is it safe to switch to UEFI?Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad English.


Go to Solution.

Answer:ThinkVantage on ThinkPad x230 with UEFI

If you plan to use Win7 there is no benefit to installing in UEFI mode.  The reason is, because Win7 itself requires the CSM (compatiblity support module) which is basically all of the legacy BIOS features, even when Win7 is installed in UEFI mode.
As for the fingerprint issues you read about in the forum, those were all fixed a while ago, so there won't be any issue.  But some other Lenovo apps, such as Rescue and Recovery, won't work on Win7 in UEFI mode.  And within Lenovo, we don't do any testing on Win7 UEFI mode, so I'm not sure what other problems you might run into.
My strong advice is to use legacy mode for Win7, and UEFI mode for Win8.

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