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T60 changing disk to 250GB

Question: T60 changing disk to 250GB

I tried to ghost my 60G disk onto 250G on a different computer and it finished OK. But when connecting the new drive (250G) to my T60 it would not boot. Booting from Windows CD showed that all directories were ghosted correctly.What could be the problem?


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Preferred Solution: T60 changing disk to 250GB

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: T60 changing disk to 250GB

don't use Ghost use Acronis TrueImage.

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i bought transcend 250gb external hard disk 9 month ago and it was working properly till this june month but after that it is not working ,the led light is also not blinking . but from few days it comes for 1 minute and then again goes off

Answer:transcend 250gb hard disk led is not blinking

Hi XAXA,From a troubleshooting perspective there's a handful of things to consider. We should start from the ground-up. Let's consider the following:- Is the device receiving electricity? (If you plug something else in that same socket, does it turn on?) <check this one when your hard disk is NOT working>---- If the answer is yes you may have a fault in the electrical wiring to the device.- Does the device have a toggle or similar switch to turn on? If it is fouled you may not be making a good electrical connection. <play with the switch; does it flicker or give you unpredictable results?)---- If the answer is yes you may have a faulty switch (or button, etc.)- Does the device make (excessive) noise when it is turned on?---- If a lot of noise, or a scraping or grinding sound, you have a physical issue with your hard drive. A protectionary measure may be the auto-off feature which you could be seeing.- Is the device plugged into your computer? (We want a good connection)---- If no, you should plug it into the proper port-type (such as a USB?)---- If yes, please ensure you're plugging it into the proper port-type (if not the proper port-type you could be causing an electrical short; check the device's documentation)In any event, if none of the above helps you may do best by checking the owner's manual or searching for one on the Internet (usually available for free in .PDF form.) You could also take it back to where you bought it and have them take a look at it. In ... Read more

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Homework question 1. Computer detects the hard disk when connected but cannot send any data to hard disk as it does not show when' send to' is selected

Answer:transcend 250gb hard disk autorun is not working at all

We don't help with homework questions, here. Sorry.... :)

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Recently bought Athlon64 3200+, Gigabyte K8NF-9 F11, 1GB RAM & 250GB SATA seagate hard disk. The problem here is that the BIOS (Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG) recognizes the harddisk to be only 130GB. Does Gigabyte K8NF-9 supports SATA 250GB hard disk or its's something I've done wrong? Pls help me out here. Thanks.

Answer:BIOS can't recognize 250GB SATA hard disk

I had a similar problem, I thought it may apply to you.

When I first installed my XP Pro on my system with a new Seagate 250 GB HDD, XP created the C: drive at 125 GB, basically cutting the disc space in half. The rest was just unformatted.

Go to "disc management", and you might find your missing 120 GB in unformatted space.

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I've previously added two home made external disks, a 120Gb IBM and a 300Gb Maxtor, to my Medion PC (Pentium 3Ghz, 18 months old) without any problem. I'm trying to add a 250Gb Hitachi Deskstar but nothing happens - even the fact that a USB device has been plugged in is not recognised. As soon as I replace the disk with a 40Gb Maxtor, it all works fine, so the case and connections don't appear to be a problem. I've replaced the Deskstar, thinking it was faulty, but exactly the same happens with the new disk and Add New Hardware doesn't find anything. I'm on XP Home. Has anybody got any suggestions, please?

Answer:External Drive - 40Gb disk works but not 250Gb

I have experienced similar problems in the past and found that the drive had to be jumpered 'master' for the USB to see it.

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WD 250GB MyBook External Disk Drive can be detected but cannot be explored

I neeeeed your help on this. I have been --up and down looking around for a solution. Many did came through-- but I don't know which is which.

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Hi there

I've recently come into a handful of old 2.5" hard drives from the upgrade of some EPOS systems. Most of the drives work fine, but two of them, both 250gb nominal capacity (a Hitachi HTE543225A7A384, and a TOSHIBA MK2576GSXZ) both show up as 111gb in Windows (7 Ultimate 64-bit).

PassMark DiskCheckup (under the Hidden Areas - HPA/DCO tab) shows that the Max User LBA for these drives is set to about half that of the Max Native LBA and the Max Disk LBA which would explain the discrepancy. However; when I try and use the "Modify HPA/DCO" option to reset the Max User LBA to the Max Native LBA it just comes up with "Error setting new Max User LBA".

Anybody got any ideas or know of a tool that might help?



Answer:Solved: 250gb 2.5" Hard Disk Drives Show Up as 111gb...

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The Acer C: drive is now full and the Data D: drive is empty, but it is not recognizing it automatically. This computer is my brother's, he bought it new and has it at my house. It came formatted with no disc's and I'm not sure where his books for it are. Can anyone tell me how to activate the second hard drive so I can use itunes and download video, etc.

It would be very much appreciated. My brother uses the computer here but it has been here for at least 3 years maybe and the book is misplaced. He mostly uses it for youtube, facebook, and stuff like that and is less computer educated than I am at tech stuff, which isn't saying much.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:Aspire AST690-UP925A 250GB SATA hard disk first drive full and won't go to 2nd

Boot into Bios, usually by hitting F8 as soon as the POST screen appears and see if the hard drives are both recognised. If the spare drive does not show in the Bios it either has a fault or it is not correctly connected.

What OS is on the PC.

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Hey guys quick question

1. I have a 1TB Drive Partitoned in half C:5OOGB and F:500GB Now I recently Purchased another 1TB Drive and its already setup.

2. Id like to Change the Drive letter F: wich would be the Second Partition of The Drive C: and assign this Letter to the New Drive.

3.The main reason for this is because Im currently Running FS In the F: Partition of the Same Drive but instead would like to run it in the new drive.

All Registry entries made by FS is pointing to the F Drive therefore Re-assigning the letter to the new drive its a must for me thanks.

I believe just changing the Partition Letter F: wouldn't interfere with the OS considering the OS is on the C: Partition although it is the same drive but wanted to make sure before continuing

Answer:Changing Hard disk Letter through Disk Manament

Should we know what "FS" is?

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Hey. I wanted to do a software RAID1 to my current Windows 7 system disk. I saw a few tutorials and guides were this had been done.

I converted my present system disk (2 data partitions + system recovery partition + small boot partition?) into a dynamic disk. I was not able to mirror the disk because of the new Advanced Format sector sizes being different between the disks (old one 512 per sector, new one 4096 per sector). Anyhow.

I rebooted, and got the error "the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible"
When I boot the Windows 7 DVD and select repair, it can not repair the boot automatically.
It can not see the disk either.

When I boot into Hiren's limited XP, the Disk Management does only see a Dynamic disk - foreign. I don't know if that's my other disk or my system disk. It sees 1 dynamic disk, the USB stick where Hiren is running from and my CD drive. Screenshot at the bottom.
The Device Manager correctly identifies both disks.

At this moment, I have 2 HDD's connected. Both are 1Tb. One is the Samsung disk, with my Windows install (normally C:\) and a data partition (normally D:\). The other is a data disk (normally F:\)

When I boot into Linux, it does see my files and partitions. But it gives off many errors.

I suppose it's an error with the boot loader or boot partition? How can I fix this?
With the mismatch between sector size, I think I'll have to clone it onto a more recent disk, but it has to work, either as a dynamic or ba... Read more

Answer:Unbootable after changing to dynamic disk. Win recovery can't see disk

We only see problems with RAID and Dynamic disks here. Dynamic is intended to span a partition across multiple HD's. RAID isn't even redundant since many lose everything if one disk fails. So I would not do it.

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Hi Folks,

I have created an encrypted drive (X) on my system (Windows 7 - 64 bit) and wish to store my emails there. I did this successfully in Vista.

To do this I need to change X:/ from a Removable Disk to a Local Disk, please can somebody explain to me how and wehre to do this?
OS Name: Windows 7 Home Premium
Version: 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 build 7601
System Type: x64-based PC

Answer:Changing a Removable Disk to Local Disk?

All of my drives, internal\external\flash all show as local in the drives property page, what does the drive property of X say ?

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Hi, I want to buy a new hard drive for my desktop PC, and I was wondering if the western digital black 250GB hard drive or western digital enterprise 250GB hard drive would work better for such a PC. Both of the HDDs I mentioned are SATA, in case you're wondering.

Answer:Solved: western digital black 250GB vs. western digital enterprise 250GB

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Question: Changing Disk name

I've had other questions about this but I am getting near action. I bought a floppy disk drive to add to my computer so I can use Partition Magic 8.0 to move and reformat disks and data. I thought Partition Magic wouldn't work with Xp but have learned there are two exe files and one will allow me to use XP. To rehash, over the years XP has renamed my boot drive several times, and at present it is named J. I have another smaller drive that for God knows what reason is named C. I have transferred all the programs and data to the J boot drive. I want to move all the material on the larger drive J to the smaller drive C, then I will reformat J and hopefully get it renamed C. Next I would like to get all the programs and data moved back to the larger drive, reformat the smaller drive and use it for a backup drive. I know that once the larger disk is reformatted and hopefully renamed that I will need to reinstall all the programs on the reformatted drive. I assume that I can just drag and drop the data into the respective programs to get everything back to the boot drive.

I am confused as how to go about all this without losing the ability to access my files. I really don't understand the basics of that process and what will and what will not screw it up.

Answer:Changing Disk name

Sounds messy, let's sort it out. First, how many physical hard drives do you have? How are the partitions laid out? Do you boot from the J drive and have data on C? If you run diskmgmt.msc in the Start | Run dialog you should get something like the image in the file attached to this post. Or at least it should be attached.

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Question: Changing Boot Disk

Just joined this site and it really helps, all you usually hear is that Vista is horrible to work with but seems like people here figured it out, so thanks

A year ago when i built my new computer and decided to get Vista, I went to BestBuy and they gave me what I thought i needed. Turns out it was an upgrade version of Vista Ultimate and I ended up having to use my old IDE HDD ever since.

I'm wondering if there's a way to change so that Vista can load off of my SATA HDD, and will this help things run smoother?

Answer:Changing Boot Disk

I am not sure what you mean ?
The Upgrade Version can be installed on both SATA and IDE Drives.You can even do a clean install with an Upgrade Version.
Check this out :
Clean Install using Upgrade Vista
-Courtesy Brink.

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Question: Changing Hard Disk

I would like to change my Hard Drive but I don't have instalation disk for my Windows 7. I brought my computer 3 years ago and Windows was all ready installed and when I format my PC I don't need any Windows installation disk I got this recovery thing. So my question is what should I do so I can change my Hard disk and keep this Windows?

Answer:Changing Hard Disk

Here's everything you need to know...

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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I have a HP Probook 4530s and its hard disk has goine bad. I have replaed the hard disk with the new one but I do not have teh Hp recovery DVD or other hP media to load the operating system on this new disk. How can I install a fresh copy of Windows 7 Pro on this machine. I have a general OEM windows & pro installer DVD with me. When I select the Boot option on the start up menu, it takes me to System Diagnostics are abut I do not get the boot option. Can anybody help me on this.  

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Hi, I'm running XP and am having the following problem:

I installed a new drive two years ago to hold my music and other large files, so now I have a C and D drive.

I wanted to change my system drive to my D drive and installed XP on it. So now both C and D are running XP. When I logon, my computer prompts me as to which XP I want to load.

I'd like to make my D drive my system drive, it is now my boot drive and I would also like to make it my master drive and to reformat my C drive and make it the slave.
How do I do this?

Also, I tried to change the ribbons internally from master to slave. Now when I boot up I'm having problems as well. It is telling me there is a problem with my disk drive. To log on, I have to press F10. Please help me fix these problems.

Answer:Changing disk drive help

Hi .There are any number of approaches one could take...But I would remove the C: drive...leaving just the current D: drive and one optical drive installed/properly connected. That includes the removal of any flash drives/external drives.Then I would do a repair install on the D: drive, which would make it the C: drive.After that was complete and I had installed all critical updates...I would connect the other drive. If I did not want any of the files currently on it, I would just use the XP CD to delete all partitions/structures, etc. and then partition/format the storage partition(s) that I wanted.How to perform a repair installation of Windows XP if Internet Explorer 7 is installed - How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install (Stevens) - Windows XP Professional Repair install from CD - Louis

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Hello, I'm planning to change a new hard disk drive. Can anyone tell me what is the step(s) to be done? Do i need to reformat my hard disk?


Answer:Changing new hard disk

shamanking said:

Hello, I'm planning to change a new hard disk drive.Click to expand...

If you read this over, you'll realize it doesn't make a whole heck of a lot of sense.

It seems more likely that you're trying to replace a worn out drive , or add a new, extra drive for storage. But, that's just a wild guess.

Try posting back with a little more information, such as make and model of HDD, what computer/motherboard it's going into, with a little clearer explanation of what you're actually trying to do, and we'll have a better shot at helping you.

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Running XP pro, just wondering if there is a simple way to change the drive letter.

Currently have one drive as C:, DVD drive as d:, and the 2nd hard disk as E: and would like to make it F.

Any help is really appreciated

Answer:Changing a Hard Disk from E: to F:?

Control Panel > Admistration Tools > Computer Management > Storage > Disk Management

Right click on the drive you want to change, click "change drive letter and paths".

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My PC setup as HD concerns is:

- First HD with 8 partitions, including C: that is system, boot, active
- Second HD with one partition

Everything is working fine.

Except that the loading of OS (windows 7) is very slow.

So I decided to buy an SSD drive and I want that this drive becomes c: and ,after that, delete the former c: to gain space.

Please tell me the best way to do this.

I have tried several options sometime from now but I always end with a non functional system.

Please excuse for my not so good english.

Thank you.

Answer:Changing c: partition with a new disk

#1 Do you have a windows 7 install dvd ? and an activation code ?

Are you saying you want to carry over your current image of windows 7 ( problems included ) onto your new ssd ?

Or do you want to do a clean install on the ssd ?

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Here is my problem. Disk 3 is my brand new hard drive. I just formatted and installed windows 7 and have everything to my liking.

Disk 2 was formatted and I moved important information from Disk 0 to it.

Disk 1 is faulty and doesn't play into the situation.

Disk 0 is my only ATA drive. The rest are SATA.

I want to get rid of Disk 0 completly since its my smallest and slowest drive.

My problem is that when I disconnect Disk 0 from my computer, I get the "Boot failure, please insert system disk and press enter". This is because my 'system' disk is disk 0 and when I remove it, I can't boot into windows even though windows is installed on Disk 3.

My question is, how can I make Disk 3 the system disk so its the first boot device and goes to windows. Right now if I boot disk 3 first, windows will not boot. The only way windows boots, is if Disk 0 is set to boot first.

Does anyone have any ideas? I can't find any settings under disk management and Google has only yielded problems with bad hard drives. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Answer:Changing the system disk

Though not totally positive, I believe in order to boot from Drive 3 it would need to be made "active", as Disk 0 and 2 are.

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I have recently got a new much faster hard drive, however am not completely sure how to go about copying the entire contents of one to the other and using it to boot up from (speeding the process up). Maybe if you know of a tutorial that would be great thanks.Seb

Answer:Changing a hard disk

Questions1. what make of drive2. drive connection IDE pata or SATA3. make model age of PC (will BIOS read the new drive)4. Operating system 98 ME 2k XP?5. did you get any software with the drive on a CD?

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Question: Changing boot disk

I got my new hard drive today and wanted to copy my old disk to my new one and boot up from it, taking the old one out completely. How would I go about this?ThanksSeb

Answer:Changing boot disk

Have a look at this link click here it may help yopu copy your hard drive.

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Question: Changing Hard Disk

Hi, I have Lenovo 3000 N100 with 120Gb HDD. I would like to buy new HDD and replace the old one, but I would like to keep Windows Vista.Is it possible to replace HDD and have Vista and Lenovo Care on my laptop with another Hard disk? Thank youDamir

Answer:Changing Hard Disk

Yes, with the help of Acronis true Image Home, or such program.

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I have installed a SSD drive and successfully cloned my old hard drive. When i unplug the old hard drive the computer boots up fine but as soon as the old drive is hooked up it boots from that. How do i change the boot disc to the SSD?
Thanks in advance

Answer:Changing boot disk to SSD

Let's see if this is right.  You cloned your old hard drive, which had Windows 8 installed on it, to a new solid state drive, yes?  Your next sentence is confusing.  Do you mean that the old drive boots into Windows fine, but the SSD does not?  Or the other way around?  Or both?  If it is the SSD that is having trouble, my experience has been that Windows 8 does not like to be cloned, at least not with Ghost. You can try to repair from the recovery console, but a clean install will probably be necessary.  If any of the other things are true,  you may have a bad controller on the mainboard, or maybe just bad SATA cables. 

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Please help!

I am trying to change my boot disk from an old IDE hard drive to a new SATA drive. Both are the same size. I cloned the old drive onto the new drive using Partition Magic (and later tried Acronis when PM didn't work). I changed the boot order in my BIOS. But when I try to boot with the new disk, windows fails and says that "system32/hal.dll" is damaged.

Does the problem lie in switching from IDE to SATA? I am really hoping that I don't have to reinstall windows. Any ideas?

Answer:Trouble changing boot disk
That page has a few solutions listed, hope it helps

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I am running Windows XP Pro. I have all of the latest updates, etc. I removed a disk drive that was no longer required and would like to re-assign one of my disk drives with the previous drive letter. I was able to do so before, however, I've miss-placed the instructions I printed off of site, Computer Hope, about 7 years ago. Can someone tell me where I can find this info or how I go about doing this. I am not planning to change my "C" drive, just a extra drive that was installed after the fact. Thank you in advance for your assistance. 

Answer:Changing Hard Disk Letters

Right clik My the drive and right clik Properties..there will be an option for assigning a drive letter.NOTE: if you want the drive letter to stay the same even if other drives / uSB stiks are added as well use the same window and assign it a volume label in the space provided...

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I cloned the 1 TB HD that originally came on this laptop to a 500 GB SSD and then replaced the HD with the SSD. After the replacement I had 250 GB of free space on the SSD in the C: parttion and  the Drecovery) partition showed a size of 15.4 GB with about 12 KB of free space.The problem is i keep gettingl low disk space messages indicating i am running out of space on the D: drive in which i do not store any personal files. Per a search of this forum, i ensured there was no protection on the D: partition but kept getting the message. Using some Microsoft advice, I used the disk manager to shrink the C: partition by 20 GB thinking I could then allocate that to the D: partition by using the Disk manager to expand that partition.  However, the disk manager does not allow expansion of the D: partition and only offers shrink or delete options. I am really enjoying the speed of the new SSD but am really frustrated with what to do about this D: partition issue and the frequent messages. Anybody have any thoughts on how to correct this issue ?

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I have been using the same disk drive letters for more than three years. Suddenly the other day, when I started the computer many of the disk drive letters had changed. I used Computer Management to change them back to where they were but when I rebooted the computer, they had changed back to where they were before I made the changes. Is there any way to make them stay to where I changed them?

Answer:Changing disk drive letters

1) What is new or different since the last time everything worked properly (ie, new hw, new sw, virus, error, etc)? Any new usb device connected?

2) Have you run full system scans with BOTH your anti virus app and MalwareBytes?

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Hey guys. I just got a free Acer Aspire ONE NAV50 that was "broken." After replacing the screen with a new LCD and the keyboard with a new OEM board (net cost for me including s/h 55$) and reformatting the hdd to factory settings it works great. Minus right and left click on the track pad needing a bit more pressure than needed to acknowledge clicks.

Anyhow, this Windows 7 Starter is absolutely horrible. I have a Windows 7 Ultimate disc and run that on all my other devices. However this netbook doesn't have a disc drive. I don't want to go spend the money on an external disc drive just for the os so I'm looking into alternatives.

I was trying to follow this guide: Install Windows 7 From USB to make a bootable flash drive w/ my 4gb flash drive but receive a cmd error when trying to "CLEAN."

Is my 4gb flash drive just too small?... I do have a 160gb external hdd. Maybe I could use that?...

As I've always used the boot disc to do this, I'm a bit lost when I ran into that road block on that guide. Any help is appreciated.

Answer:[SOLVED] Changing OS w/o Disk Drive

Not according to this Microsoft Store Online but you need all the space

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When I installed W7, I installed it on a hardware Raid 1 set, with the BIOS disk controller set to RAID mode (it's an Intel ICH10R chipset on an ASUS P5Q). For various reasons, I ended up having to dismember the RAID set and the system is now booting from a single drive on the same controller that is not a member of a RAID set.

HOWEVER... the BIOS is still set to RAID mode, which just causes the boot time to be longer as it still needs to go through the RAID BIOS, even though there's no RAID drives active.

If I reset the BIOS to use IDE mode, Windows 7 fails to boot because it's only loading the RAID mode boot driver. I.e. I have the opposite problem to what's described in this KB article:

Error message when you start a Windows 7 or Windows Vista-based computer after you change the SATA mode of the boot drive&#58; &#34;STOP 0x0000007B INACCESSABLE_BOOT_DEVICE&#34;

I think what I need to know is: What's the name of the appropriate device driver to pre-enable so that when I switch back from RAID mode to IDE mode, it'll still boot ? I've tried enabling both PCIIDE.SYS and MSAHCI.SYS but that didn't fix it.

Any ideas ?

Answer:Changing boot disk driver on W7

<bump> - any ideas on this ?

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My computer has been crashing ever since my HDD disk "died" and I replaced it with a SSD (over a month ago). It was a clean install of Windows 7 Home Edition, and I did not save anything from the old disk. The guy at the store has no idea what's wrong...
The crashes seem to happen at random times, either 3 or 4 times in one day, or nothing at all for days. It looks to me that it happens more often when I am using BitTorrent. I also had some problems with Windows Update not working at all. Tried different suggestions and, since I managed to fix it, the crashes seem to be less frequent.
I have tried a whole set of suggested solutions that I have read in several forums. Installed and updated a lot of drivers, changed Anti-virus like crazy (AVG, Avira, Avast, Malwares, SpyBot), tried different Torrent programs (using qBittorrent now) and followed all these instructions to no avail.  As specified in this website, I ran DriveVerifier. It did crash right at startup, but it was an unrelated crash from a recently installed program, ToolWizCare. Uninstalled that and enabled DriverVerifier again. It had been running for about 10 hours when it crashed again, but it was the same old BSOD (IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, ntoskrnle.exe+6f400). 
Recently, I did a clean uninstall of both graphic's drivers and installed the Leschcat's Catalyst Unifl drivers instead (for switchable graphics). It seemed to help (no crashes for about a week), but today I had to b... Read more

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I recently setup Win 7 RC on a machine with 2 internal hard drives. I have windows and a data partition on the first drive (as C and D) and an extra data partition on the 2nd drive (as E).
What I have found is that when I start the machine, the two drives seem to be randomly allocated as disk 0 or disk 1, it is not fixed. When I look at the bios, Sata drive 1 (C & D) is always the first drive and Sata drive 2 (E) is always the second drive (although I then need to reboot after checking the bios, so I can't rule out something strange going on in the bios?)

I have only noticed this because I am also using truecrypt to encrypt the data partitions. Truecrypt seems to get confused by the disk order changing and can't automout the partitions correctly.
Does anyone have any experience of this happening? Why are the two disks not fixed as 0 as 1?

Answer:Disk order keeps changing on reboot.

Quote: Originally Posted by thomas85

I recently setup Win 7 RC on a machine with 2 internal hard drives. I have windows and a data partition on the first drive (as C and D) and an extra data partition on the 2nd drive (as E).
What I have found is that when I start the machine, the two drives seem to be randomly allocated as disk 0 or disk 1, it is not fixed. When I look at the bios, Sata drive 1 (C & D) is always the first drive and Sata drive 2 (E) is always the second drive (although I then need to reboot after checking the bios, so I can't rule out something strange going on in the bios?)

I have only noticed this because I am also using truecrypt to encrypt the data partitions. Truecrypt seems to get confused by the disk order changing and can't automout the partitions correctly.
Does anyone have any experience of this happening? Why are the two disks not fixed as 0 as 1?

What are the 2 HD's? sometimes a slow reporting hd can allow another drive to be polled first. We could also use some system specs


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I was changing some partitions in the Disk Management tool in Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management, and I accidently changed my boot drive to a dynamic disk (I thought it would only change the volume to dynamic, not the whole disk). According to Windows 7, the OS can't boot if it's on a dynamic disk, so I need to change it back. Did some research and found that the only way to do this is to clear all partitions from the drive. So here's where am I at:

It seems that I need to move all of my data to Disk 1, so that I can revert the other two drives to Basic and then move the necessary data back. I've got the space to do this, so I was wondering: How does the process of moving (or copying) the OS's files go? And am I going about this the right way?


Answer:Changing a Dynamic Disk back to Basic

Bump, just burning time until I find an answer, as I don't want to shut off my computer in it's current state.

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I changed my disk drive letters on one of my operating system but i think that i made a mistake. because cannot start up again, as it freezes when the welcome sign shows up, (except this time it doesnt show the welcome sign it shows the windows xp sign. I have two windows xp operating systems and I'm now on other operating system but i was wandering if i can change it on this system. Any help?

Answer:Changing disk drives on a different operating system?

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I bought a new computer and was trying to change the folders "Documents", "Downloads", "Pictures", etc. to the D:\ Disk.
To change the "Documents" folder, I dd it by creating a folder called Documents in the D:\ Disk and then accesing properties > location > move on the folder which was in the C drive, and then selecting the newly created one in the D drive.
But when I did so with the "Download" folder, I didn't create another folder and I just moved it to D:\
This created the following problem

The download folder was replaced by the D:\ Disk.
How do I create a new one and that it appears on the "Folders" section of "This PC"?
Thank you

Answer:Erased Download folder by changing it to D: disk

It is now in the root of D. Move it back to 'Default' and then try again defining a folder in the first place.

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Hi, I recently am not able to boot up windows with my Lenovo B500 as it has a bad hard drive. SMART has already said that it is bad. So i would like to know wether it is safe to change the hard disk and the steps to do so as i am not so much of a techwiz. Also if there are any certain hard disk that i need to use please do mention. Would be grateful for any help!

Answer:Changing the hard disk for the Lenovo B500

hi henndrong,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
Your main concern here is how toinstall the Windows back.
First can you try running a Lenovo One key recovery, to recover the system.
    If that works Create a recovery CD then Replace the Harddrive.
If Not then you will need to order a recovery CD. from Lenovo Technical Support
Then Replace the Harddrive.
With Replacing the Harddrive.
    This is your Guide in replacing the HDD's%20guides%20and%20manuals/B500%20&%20B505/Le...
Hope this helps

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Good morning.

About two years ago, I upgraded from XP to Win7 Pro x64. I have the full system disk, not the upgrade. XP was installed on a WD 500gb split in two equal partitions (D: and E:). Win7 is installed on a 500gb Samsung in one partition (C:). For some time, I have kept XP for legacy purposes. Recently, I decided to back it up and remove it so that I can consolidate that 500gb as a single drive.

Here is the problem - Win7 boots to C: but recognizes D: as the System drive, presumably because of the original XP install there. How do I get C: to be the recognized boot and system so that I can wipe and consolidate D: and E:?

Didn't know if this should be in Win7 or HD support forum, so I'm taking a guess.


Answer:[SOLVED] Changing System Disk after OS &amp; HD upgrades

have you done a clean wipe on the hdd that was supposed to be windows xp ?

did you change the hdd boot priority in bios so that it boots from the win 7 hdd by default?

if anything else you could do ,

try disabling all other boot devices except from the windows 7 hdd.

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A few weeks back, my C: drive started mysteriously filling up to the point where it was running out of space completely.
I would run CCleaner, organize things, clean out my downloads folder, and in some cases even delete some of the games I hadn't played in a while to make more room. A couple days would go by and it would be filling up again!
I finally figured out that my System Protection maximum disk usage was set to 50%, and Windows 7 was graciously creating many restore points every time I made any sort of change to my system (removing a game, for instance or installing a new one) and it was filling up my hard drive quickly.
I don't know how this got set to 50%, I certainly didn't do it as I didn't even know this existed. It is supposed to be 10% by default.
I changed it to 10% and deleted the old restore points. Things were back to normal for about a week, and then I noticed it was filling up again.
I just not checked it, and it was set back to 50% again! I changed it back down to 5% and again deleted the old restore points.
I have run Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, and I have run a full scan using Avast! Free, and I have run a full scan using Spybot Search & Destroy, and none of these have caught the culprit. Could anyone help diagnose why my system protection settings keep getting changed to 50% maximum disk space being available for system restore points? I would like to set this to 5% or 10% and have it stay there... Read more

Answer:System protection maximum disk usage changing itself to 50%

The easiest (and best) solution is to completely disable system restore and begin using disc imaging software on a regular basis instead. It's more reliable, all encompassing, and infinitely better protection.

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followed this step by step...and when ever i hit the arrow keys to select a disk partition in the list (says all are unknown) i get a BSOD and it stays there until i reboot.

this is a 8 year old HP and im installing XP pro 32bit and it does everything it suppose to do when booting except install to a hard drive, says windows doesn't detect a hard drive or partition. well i just got a new IDE 80 GB hard drive, all new IDE cables, everything.

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Hi,I am having some trouble. I recently upgraded my SSD to a newer one, and therefore i have the shipped one as a spare (MZ7TD128HAFV-000L1).So i wanted to put that SSD in an enclosing, but other machines arent recognizing the SSD.Not even the original hostmachine.The only way i can access the SSD is by placing it in an ultrabay, in the original host. (others wont work either).Can any one tell me whats wrong?My guess was that it was protected by password, or TPM or something. But ive tried alot, and i cant get it recognized in any other machine.Please help me!!!! Isnt it possibly to use the original lenovo (samsung) SSD in another machine? Seems stupid.

Answer:Changing SSD to another computer (T430, disk is MZ7TD128HAFV-000L1)

Hi, coretpDon't worry. Firstly, check out SSD firmware version.Read the page below: your case the reason of fw upgrade is another one then listed above, but new fw might resolve issue you've faced with.

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Hi, everyone. Last night I did something which may be considered rather stupid: I changed my hard disk's serial number (the eight-digit alphanumeric serial, e.g. "A1B2-C3D4", which can be viewed by typing 'vol' at the command prompt) and I did not write down the original serial that was replaced. Moreover, the program which allowed to do this does not have a "restore" option. Too late did I realize that mine was not a particularly smart move...

What I wanted to know is if there are any risks associated with what I just did. I mean software or hardware issues. I already had a problem with my antivirus (Avast). As soon as I rebooted my pc, it said that I did not have a valid license key, which I'm presuming is related to the HD serial number change. I simply solved this by reinstalling Avast and asking for a new home license key on their website, no biggie.
However, I'd like to know if there are other problems that may arise, and if there is any way of getting my old HD serial number back (if you recommend that.)

Thanks a lot in advance.

Answer:Risks of changing the hard disk serial number

Why exactly did you decide to download a program to change your HDD's serial number...?

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we have a pc here in the company with a windows XP installed and its hard drive is running out of space.

the hardrive has 2 partitions

currently C: and D:

the C: drive has 346MB (NTFS)
the D: drive has 791MB (FAT32)

i've changed the temp directory to D: so that the temp will go straight to D:, but when we download files larger than C: drive, windows does not allow to download it because the hd is running out of space. which means, windows still uses the C: as the virtual memory

since the D: drive is able to accept downloads larger than 400MB but less than its size, i plan to set it as the virtual memory,

how could i set windows to use D: as the main virtual memory?

Answer:hard disk low, changing TEMP directory doesn't help

Hi! Welcome to TSG
Go to Control Panel | System | Advanced, click Settings in the &#8220;Performance&#8221; Section. On the Advanced page of the result, the current total physical size of all page files that may be in existence is shown. Click Change to make settings for the Virtual memory operation. Here you can select any drive partition and set either &#8216;Custom&#8217;; &#8216;System Managed&#8217; or &#8216;No page file&#8217;; then always click Set before going on to the next partition.

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Hello all. I have recently done a repair install to fix an issue with Windows Media Player. But before that, I had changed the C drive or partition to active, and have read just now that the system reserved part should be marked active.

Can I switch it back to active without anything bad happening to the computer? Does anything else need to be in the parentheses besides "Primary Partition" and "Active"?

Answer:Changing System Reserved information in Disk Management

Does this computer boot and run as it should? If so I wouldn't change anything. Your repair and install might of moved your MBR Master Boot Record to your C drive.

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we have a pc here in the company with a windows XP installed and its hard drive is running out of space.the hardrive has 2 partitionscurrently C: and D:the C: drive has 346MB (NTFS)the D: drive has 791MB (FAT32)i've changed the temp directory to D: so that the temp will go straight to D:, but when we download files larger than C: drive, windows does not allow to download it because the hd is running out of space. which means, windows still uses the C: as the virtual memorysince the D: drive is able to accept downloads larger than 400MB but less than its size, i plan to set it as the virtual memory,how could i set windows to use D: as the main virtual memory?

Answer:hard disk low, changing TEMP directory doesn't help

Hi onechan, welcome to BC! Take a look at this Microsoft KB Article: How to move the paging file in Windows XP.

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I have downloaded and installed Tempro v2 on a Satellite A200. It is running fine.

However, tempro has a problem that was present on the version 1.x .

The low disk space alert is set to trigger, way, way too early at 25% disk space left on any partition. On a modern disk this is around 15GB. This is way , way too early to be told of a problem. I have swiched off this alert - which I don't want to do. There seems to be no way (that I can find) to set this alert to trigger at a more sensible value - say 10% disk space left or a given amount of disk space left - say 2GB.

Is there a fix for this or have I missed how to set this value as I don't want to run without knowing I am running low on disk space? Getting this alert at 25% is irritating.



Answer:Tempro v2 - changing threshold for disk space alert


I don?t think that you could change this value or settings?
Tempro sends the notifications about the status of the whole HDD and therefore you have received this message.

I?ve got this tool on my notebook too but didn?t find any settings which would help to disable the notification about single partitions on the HDD?

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So, I have a disk with Windows 7 installed on the 3rd partition of that disk. I want to move that installation to the first partition of the disk.

Repartitioning and boot settings aside, is there a way to do that? (besides using sysprep)

Last time I tried that, windows would load slowly and after ''Preparing your desktop'' screen it would just show the one-color desktop, no icons, no explorer shell loaded.
Alt,Ctrl,delete works, for running ''explorer'' from task manager, but computer, control panel or anything system-related does not open, instead it pops up an error window with, (e.x.)''{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}''... not found.

Thank you in advance.

Answer:Changing partition order / Moving installation on the same disk

Make an image with any imaging app. - Macrium and Easeus do good free ones.

Restore the image to the partition of your choice.

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Hi there,

I run an XP Intel core2 quad [email protected] , 2GB of RAM.

I recently bought a new 500GB SATA internal hard disk. I have installed it and formatted it and it is now working and visible on my computer for additional space. Only thing is, i want that to be my system drive now. The drive my system is on now is only 70 GB and i need more space on my system drive.

Can someone help me out? i want to copy all of the files/settings/programs from my system drive (the 70 GB one), onto the new one. Once i do that i want to reformatt the old one and use it as extra space. I have so many programs updated stuff and information on my system i really want to avoid having to install everything and go through everything again. I have looked at a couple sites on the net but i couldnt find anything that was really clear and step by step. I downloaded a version of Norton Ghost 14 but i am not quite sure how to use it.

If someone could help me out i would be real grateful.

Answer:Changing system drive to new disk & copying files

Model/Make of New and OLD hard disk ?

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I've just created an image of the files from my C: drive, which are on a 1Tb drive. What I'd now like to do is shrink the volume down, into two drives. Do I need to recreate the image, as I've changed it from the original when Reflect was run? If I don't, will a restore get rid of the secondary drive / partition?

Answer:Macrium Reflect...Burn image and then changing disk partition

An image restore made with MR will basically recreate the partition from which the backup was originally made.

IF you shrink the original partition, you would need to do another image backup.

MR doesn't provide an option to resize the partition as part of the restore.

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I really messed up my computer. In an effort to keep others from accessing my files, I have now blocked myself. I know now that I never should have changed anything, but I need to see if there is a way to correct it. Here is what happened.

I have two partitions on my hard drive c: where I keep my program files, and d: where I keep all my other files that I create. I went to the properties folder on d: and changed the "authenticated users" to "deny" all access so that someone visiting could not access my documents. It warned me that by doing so a person with dual access would no longer have access. As the administrator, I didn't think it would affect my access so I said ok. Then when I could no longer access the files, I did a system restore to two weeks prior to my changing this. The computer re-booted to the designated area, but when I went to access d: I'm still getting the access denied message. Furthermore, the disk appears to be empty. When I go to the diskmgmt run command, it says 100% free. Where did my files go? I have a backup but unfortunately, it is not a recent one and I can't even use it because I am still denied access. What do I do? Please help.

Answer:Access Denied message and empty disk after changing settings

I was able to fix the problem and all files have re-appeared!

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I am a very new lenovo user and have recently purchased a Ideapad Y460.The default harddrive is 500GB with 5400rpm speed.I wanted to change my harddrive to a SSD harddrive to increase performance. Before doing this, I created a factory recovery disc set (3 DVDs) using the pre-installed OneKey Rescue system.I am aware of the fact that for the OneKey Rescue button to work, the system needs to have a separate partition with the factory disk image. My question is that if I install a new hard drive, can the DVD Recovery Discs restore the original functionality of my laptop, back to its new, factory installed state?Will the OneKey recovery function correctly?Will the recovery discs sutomatically make the hidden partition, C and drives on my new SSD?Thanks for your time, and any help will be greatly appreciated.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Is restoring OneKey Rescue button possible on changing the physical hard disk?

Welcome to the Jungle,  Since Vista started the ball rolling on not including Operating System Disks with the purchase of a new computer more people have missed the bottom line of the tutorial (you know the one that everyone watches till the end,lol) that tell you how to make an ISO image of your system which is essentially a picture of your entire hard make sure you do this before you end up losing everything! Are you expecting to install a new hard drive and figure on using your recovery disks to install everything you have now onto your new drive???? If you are good luck with that. I see you mentioned that you are a "new Lenovo user" does this also apply to being a Tech because what you have planned gets sticky in a few area's and if you're not on the ball your system is going to be down longer than it will be up and running my friend. Please clarify what it is that your planning on doing and perhaps I can be of assistance with a touch more info.   You came to the right place we just need more info so you don't end up with bad advice. BTW any changes to your Hard Drive takes away the funtionality of your "One Key Recovery Button" and your hidden partition...Tiggerer

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I just replaced a Motherboard in a Pentium 4 system. It's a Gigabyte GA-8IG1000MK. When I start up the system it loads past post and the next screen. Before Windows XP loads I get an error message that says:

cME Disk Error - Changing SETMAX address to user space failed
Press any key to boot normally...

When I press a key the screen goes blank and the computer does nothing.

I have tried to boot the system up with my Ultimate Boot CD but it says that it cannot load DOS.

Any suggestions?

Answer:cME Disk Error - Changing SETMAX address to user space failed. Please Help!

Anyone have any ideas??


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I am geting a frequent reminder from microsoft that my pre installed windows in unlicensed. I went through the online verification process but this did not help (the prompted download fails on install). I have recently installed a new hard disk from a disk image so assume it is connected to this. When i check computer / pproperties, all looks fine, it says windows is activated & shows the product ID.

Can anyone suggest what i should do to get over this?

Answer:Windows 7 thinks it is unlicensed after changing hard drive (disk image)

There has been a recent thread on this but I don't think a result was achieved. ( I do know the difference between activated and genuine). If may be worth trying to see if the laptop will allow you activate a second time using telephone activation since if it fails it claims to let you speak to Microsoft.

If Windows isn't able to activate online, you'll have the option to activate Windows 7 using an automated phone system.

Open Windows Activation by clicking the Start button , right-clicking Computer, clicking Properties, and then clicking Activate Windows now.?

Click Show me other ways to activate.

Type your Windows 7 product key, and then click Next.

Click Use the automated phone system. If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

Click the location nearest you from the drop-down list, and then click Next.

Call one of the available phone numbers listed. An automated system will guide you through the activation process.

When prompted, enter the installation ID that's listed on your screen into your phone's keypad.

Write down the confirmation ID that the phone system gives you.

Type the confirmation ID into the space provided under Step 3 in the activation dialog, click Next, and then follow the instructions.

If activation isn't successful, stay on the line to be transferred to a customer service representative who can assist you.

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As the subject line says, I'm looking for a 250Gb HD to add a second HD to my main PC.Any suggestions/recommendations?Cheers

Answer:Which 250Gb HD should I go for?

That it's an E-IDE drive that I'm after, not a SATA one.

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Hi guys, I want to connect my ps3 hard drive on pc to use it on pc, so when I get my new computer I can use it with it straight away, but right now I want to use it on my current pc, I plugged in both the one cable and the other one (sata), that goes from power supply cable to the HDD.

when I booted the pc it said installing device drive software, and said, device is ready to use, I go to my computer, and it ain't there, do I have to set it as secondary in bios?

Win7 Ultimate final rev

It's automatically set as fourth IDE master. restarted pc and still doesn't show up, I heard I need to format, is that true? like that to know if I should re-gain windows 7 disk

Oh and t's actually 320gb

Answer:250gb hdd ps3 on pc?

Open up Disk Management (in the admin tools control panel), it should show up in there. I'd delete all the partitions and create 1 new one that incorporates the whole disk. Then format as NTFS.

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Question: 250gb and beyond

Hi all first post and yep theres a problem.... first the specs
MSI 915P Neo2 Platinum board
64bit amd chip
2gb crucial ram 3500
MSI FX5900SP VTD256 ddr
100gb ide
deskstar 250gb ide
deskstar 250gb ide
3 yamaha scsi dvd writers

quite a simple problem you would think....i need both of the 250gig drives to be unpartitioned ( os on one drive). so its down to the 137gb problem. all of the solutions i have read so far is based on the sp1 and sp 2 route .I.e format the drive at 137gig then install windows xp pro and, then update with the pro pack and the drive should be showing at 250gb , im not having too much luck with this approach has anyone any other ideas ?

Answer:250gb and beyond

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I wanto buy a samsung evo 850 ssd which is expensive for my budget but i think itll be worth it...
I need advice as i dont know if i need the 500gb as opposed to the 250gb.
Ill only be having my os and a maybe 2 games (overwatch and league of legends) and ill only be watching youtube and movies and doing homework via microsoft office. Will 250gb run out easy if i get it?
Thnks in advance.

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Hi My os : Win10 64 BitSSD : 250GB SamsungBefore posting here I searched here for a solution and i only thread that i find is here l Even if i shrink many of the software out there clones entire disk! Tried Macrium Reflect as per a CNET video, it says not possible to clone to my 250 GB ssd and my C drive is only 105GB with some software like AutoCAD etc.Any solution for this ?

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I've recently reinstall a fresh copy of XP Pro, I got a Gigabyte 8inxp MB, a WD 250GB install on primary channel as Master, with 2 partition, 125GB each

I've also got a Maxtor 250GB connect to ATA133 card

Before, I got everything up and running , then I install Maxtor drive, card, and Maxblast 3

and I have drive C = 125GB, D = 125GB, and G = 250GB(this is the Maxtor)

then I do a boot-from-cd and install a fresh copy of XP Pro
now I cannot see my Maxtor

I tried to use my Maxblast3 software to mount the drive, but it say it only detect the Windows drive, therefore it won't let me run

When I tried to run Maxblast3 in DOS (from a floppy), I have to format and erase everything, I don't want to do that, I have some important documents on that drive that I do not want to lose

all drive were NTFS

Answer:Cannot see my Maxtor 250GB

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hello,i have installed a 250GB Western Digital Caviar HD on my system. but i cant seem to get the full 250 GBi have installed XP PRO and service pack 1 but its showing 233GB and it says that its using 106 GB i dont know what to do to have the full 250GB showing, you guys have any pointers pleasethanksVJP4 3.2Ghz HTAsus P4 C800 E-Deluxe512mb PC3200 DDR RAMSapphire All In Wonder Radeon 9800 ProWestern Digital 250 GB Hard DriveAntec 350W PSU

Answer:cant get full 250GB

The drive manufacturers reckon a kilo is 1000 (reasonable, I suppose), but the rest of the computer world regards it as 1024.So a 250Gb drive is 250/1.024/1.024/1.024 = 233Gb.

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I just bought a maxtor DiamondMax10 250GB HDD...
and i bought an external case so i can use it on my laptop(toshiba A-50)..

I have used a 400GB external Drive on the same laptop before..
I have also used 200GB external drive before on the same laptop..
all of my previous hdd were western digital....

The problem is:
I wanted to format (partition) the hdd... but the computer said that the capacity (unformatted) is around 2 TB
i tried to format it as one partition, it wont do it...
I tried to minimize the capacity to an acceptable (close to real) level (set it to 230Gb) but it wont do it...

I tried to format it using FAT32, and it worked but to a maximum of 200Gb, it is ok... but the problem is that i can only use 10 GB after that the harddrive gives an error (write-protected)...

1- have anyone used Maxtor drives before as externals???
2- Have any one came across this problem before ???
3- Will it work in a normal PC or not?? (just to format it)... because getting a pc in here is quite difficult

Thanks in advance....

I used the windows XP disk managment tool...
and i used also Partition Magic 8.0....
all with the same results...

Answer:problem... 250Gb Hdd is seen as 2TB !!

What external are you putting the drive in?

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I purchased a new samsung eco drive 1tb hdd to add on to my custom built pc. I currently have the 250gb partitioned with xp on it. I installed XP on the new 1tb and when i have both hdd hooked up, XP gets a blue screen of death with the 250GB... if i unhook either one of the drives and run them alone, they run fine.
I updated the bios, chipset drivers, etc...

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My T510 is getting that and i'm not sure if it's enough space or speed.   is $63 dollars worth a 320gb 7200rpm hd?

Answer:Is 250gb 5400rpm hd enough?

whether it is enough depend on how much programs you have and how much you store on the laptop. 

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Question: Deskstar 250Gb Hdd

I just bought a new deskstar 250Gb Hdd which I am trying to install in my Compaq Pressario S3190UK

I know its got to be set to slave but I wasnt sure if I should set it up as a
16 head, a 15 head , 32 byte clip or auto spin dissable and all of those choises are available on the drive

I went for 16 heads and booted up

In " my computer " the new drive does not appear ( I still see all my original drives there) yet in System/Hardware /device manager it shows up under drives and on clicking its properties it says this device is working properly

Without seeing it in the " my computer folder " I cant really format or partition it so I then tried partition magic
That saw it fine and reported its size correctly . I told it to create an ntfs partition and use all the drive . It changed color as it should and all that was left was to click on make changes now but when I did that it went straight back to tell me the new drive had no partitions created

I tried various combinations, of primary or logical drive , small or large partitions and fat or ntfs but always it refuses the last step of actually creating the partition .
What am I doing wrong ?



Answer:Deskstar 250Gb Hdd

First I will assume your drive is showing up as the full size in the bios and is corrrectly identified.

If you are using either xp or win2k. Go to disk management; start>run type in diskmgmt.msc and hit enter. See if your drive shows up there; it should be listed as disk1, disk0 will be the master drive. If it shows up there, you need to partition and format the drive. Right click on the drive and choose to create a partition; I like extended partitions for data / storage drives. After you create the partition, right click again and choose to create logical drive. You can make the entire drive one partition or organize it into say 3 logical drives; whatever you want. After you create the logical drive you will need to format them. Again right click on the logical drive and choose format. Use ntfs for your drive. In fact if you use partitions greater than 32 gig, fat32 is not even an option.

Just think about how you want it organized before you start.

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Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Please do not type in all caps. It is considered rude and yelling.

How have you gone about connecting the drive to your PC?

Does Disk Management see the drive?

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I've recently installed a new MSI KT3 Ultra motherboard, and a new 250 gig western digi hard disk. Now, in the bios it recognises that the drive is 250 gigs however when i setup xp it only recognises it upto 130 gig and won't see the full size of the drive.I know 48-bit LBA mode addressing needs to be enabled and as far as I can see it is turned on in the BIOS and as i say, the bios recognises it as 250 gig but windows doesnt and only shows it as 130 gig.Any ideas?

Answer:BIOS Says 250GB HDD... XP says 130?


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I have looked through previos questions but couldn't find a solution. I have a 250g USB driven HDD not recognised by ny PC. I used the HDD on my TV so I think it will probably need reformatting. When plugged in it appears in Disk Management but without a drive letter and when I right click on the drive most of the options, including allocate letter are greyed out. Any solutions?

Answer:USB 250GB HDD not recognised by PC

I would recommend PartedMagic, it is now paid for software, but at only $4.99 it is a sound investment. Download it, burn it to a cd or put it on a USB stick and boot from it.
Have the suspect drive connected and PartedMagic should be able to see it and it will enable you to format the drive, whatever the existing filesystem is.

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Maxtor 250

Just put a Maxtor 250 GB into my mate's machine, Maxblast3 will only let me have 137GB, Windows XP will only see it as 31.4GB. I've managed to partition & format it in my own machine correctly but when I put it back in his, it F***s up again

I've updated the Via 4in1, the bios is already updated to the latest version

I'm guessing a new MB is in order ??????

Answer:Maxtor 250GB seen as 137

i've had that 2 with my 200Gb, windows only allowed 138Gb
do you have SP1 installed cuz that seemed to do the trick on with my 200Gb

:grinthumb The best of Luck :grinthumb
Greetz Selage

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Hello, I'm hoping I can find a solution to my problem here as I couldn't find one elsewhere on the net.
I have a laptop and currently have a 120GB hard drive in an external enclosure. I have just bought a new 250GB hard drive and have installed it in the external enclosure. Though partitioning and formating the 120GB was a breeze, I've had nothing but problems with the new 250GB.
Below are the specs of what I'm working with. In both Partion Magic and in the Win2000 Disk Management, it correctly displays the 250GB drive (233GB). Regardless of which program I use (ie. Partion Magic, Win Disk Management, command line FORMAT) I get problems.
Generally, what will happen is it will partition fine. Then it will begin to the formatting process (VERY slowly) and then either throw an error either during or at the end of the process. And this is when I try to format a very small partition (ie. 100MB). I have successfully formated a 10MB partition. On a large partition (ie. 30GB) the format process will start but will not progress.
The only two things I can think of is that the drive is faulty, or because I am booting my OS from a floppy there is some sort of recognition problem.
I can't run the diagnosis software from Maxtor because that requires the drive to be installed internally.
So any help to this problem will be greatly appreciated.
Additionally, how long should it generally take to format the 250GB drive in its entirety?

Comp: Toshiba Satellite 2805-S201
OS: Win2... Read more

Answer:What's with the 250GB Drive

HHhhhhhmmm...sounds like a bad drive to me. Do you have a desktop computer that you can use to attempt to format the drive??

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Question: 250gb hd problem

Hitachi 250gb hd, was working fine, everything was ok. It was split into two partitions a 128Gb clip, and a 104 gb clip. The 128gb clip had information on it. Now the drive is recognized in bios properly. When it boots to windows it comes up as 8gb, and has information on it, but I can't access it. One more thing the drive now says fat, when originialy it was ntfs. Under manager, The drive says it is split at 138g and 104 gb. Any ideas? when I run a drive test the drive says it has a bad cable, I swapped the cable out three or four times, to no avail.

I think I have it all listed, oh windows xp home, installed on it's own drive.

Answer:250gb hd problem

Has nothing to do with drivers or Spyware, it is more of a Bios issue. What is the manufacturer and model of the computer that this drive is in? Also, do you have SP2 installed for XP?

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Hello, I just ran out of room on my 500GB HDD, Its a 7200 RPM and I like the speed of it. I started looking for a new HDD when I came across an 60GB SSD. I never thought of buying an SSD before. Now I can't decide if I should get the SSD or the HDD ( same price) I need a new drive for linux, but my current drive only has 3GB left. I was going to partition 30GB to linux and keep 30 for Windows. Then transfer my OS to the remaining 30GB, that would free some room. I am a gamer so I need alot of room for games. If I get the 250GB HDD then I would have alot of room for more games and linux. But then I would not be able to boot Windows 7 in seconds. What should I get?

My specs:
Intel core i5 2500K ( stock speed )
MSI - H61M-P20(G3)
8GB of Vengeance DDR3 RAM @ 1333 CAS 7
GTX 550 Ti 1 GB ( Overclocked )
1 500GB 7200 Western Digital Caviar Blue HDD
500W PSU.

Answer:SSD 60GB or HDD 250GB?

Go with an SSD. If you choose the 60GB SSD, you will have just enough space for the OS and a Office Suite and a few other apps before you start to run out of space. If you can afford it, go with a minimum of 128GB SSD as your primary drive, then wipe your 500GB mechanical drive and use as a storage drive.

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I'm sure this is simple, but I can't figure it out and searching google hasn't found me any answers. I am building a new system. It all works fine. But I have a WD 250GB hard drive I"m using. When I boot from WinXP Pro CD, and go to format the drive and install the OS, it only tells me I can format 130GB of space. Nowhere to be found is the rest of my drive...

Any thoughts as to what I"m doing wrong here?


Answer:XP won't format whole 250GB HD

Hi, if the version of Windows on the install CD pre-dates Service Pack 2, you will get this problem.

Microsoft added the ability for Windows to see hard drives bigger than 137 GB in Service Pack 1 (and Service Pack 2).

If you have access to another PC, download Service Pack 2 (which includes Service Pack 1 btw), and integrate it into your install source and burn a new CD from which you can install. You can find good instructions for doing that here:

You can download Service Pack 2 (full 266 MB package) from here:

As a workaround, you can create a partition less than 137 GB, install Windows, and then install Service Pack 2 and you will be able to access the rest of the hard drive. Then you can partition the rest from the Computer Management interface (right-click "My Computer" > Manage...)

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I have two 250GB hard drive in my pc and I'm trying to install Windows XP Pro SP2. It's running on an Abit motherboard with Athlon 64 dual core 4400+ CPU. I got the computer from a friend and decided to do a clean install so I deleted the previous partions and made a new one. It went through the whole formatting process fine then went through the windows setup. It then did an automatic reboot but right after POST it gave me an error message. It said Trap followed by 0000005c ==============EXCEPTION=========================== and a series of hexdecimal messages afterworsd. I've done this twice and had the same problem and I just wanted to know if you guys knew anything about this?

Answer:Installing Win XP Pro SP2 on two 250GB HDD

Greetings gfx dude, Welcome to TSF!

Firstly, you only need to install the Operating System one ONE of the HDD's not both of them.
The second HDD can be connected as a "Slave" and can be used to 'save' everything that you download, plus emails and other data, such as music etc.
I suggest that you check the CD for scratches and marks; wipe it very gently from the centre to the edges with a lint free cloth.
To give you the best chance of getting Windows? installed without hassles, such as those you are experiencing, is to completely wipe the HDD with Darik's Boot N Nuke.
Wiping the HDD this way will completely erase everything off the HDD and take it back to a RAW unformatted state, as if it had just come out of the factory.

Just so that you do not forget anything when doing the installation, please read this...

The Windows? XP Installation Check List.

1. The Windows? XP SP2-CD (naturally)

2. Darik's Boot N Nuke (Click the coloured Link).

3. Please read this guide.

4. The Motherboard CD that contains all the necessary Drivers etc.

A couple of tips...
a. Darik's Boot N Nuke will take about 4? hours to completely wipe the Drive; however, this will vary depending on how big the Drive is. (That estimate is for a 80Gb HDD).

b. When you get to Figure 7 in 'The Guide', you can create more than one partition here by simply telling Windows? how big you want it. Should you do decide to create an extra parti... Read more

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hi ,everybody i have a dell d600 laptop with a 40 gb harddrive and 2 gb memory . my question is i am trying to install a 250 gb harddrive ,but the laptop doesn't recognise the drive ,so i can't install windows on it . i even bought vista .the laptop won't recognise the drive .help

Answer:250GB Hdd Not Recognized


What do you mean the laptop won't recognize the 250GB drive? Do you mean in the BIOS? When trying to install Windows? You can try to download a linux LiveCD like Knoppix or Damn Samll Linux and boot from that (F9 or F12 at the Dell BIOS) and see if it sees it. If so, format with QTParted or Fdisk and then try Windows again. Maybe the drive is bad.

Let me know if this helps.


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I've been looking at some of the features in Samsung Magician, and ran the Benchmark test twice. Both times I got very high scores, above the max listed in the program for all 4 tests. I have the drive set to MAXIMUM RELIABILITY. Just wondering about the scores reliability.

Scores in Parentheses are Samsung 's listed maximum high:

Sequential Read
549 mb (540)
Seq write
532mb (520)
Random read
97442 (97000)
Random write
70189 (66000)

Answer:Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250gb

Benchmarks are artificial at best [and a benchmark from the mfg is tailored to that particular piece of hardware] I would think you would get different results using a another benchmark program such as ATTO.

In short do not put too much emphasis on any given benchmark. Modern ssd drives are reliable and it should last for quite a while so I would not worry about the drive.

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hello i have formatted my new Portable HD after 4months but its showing used space 97mb can anyone pls tell me is that normal or is there sum problem ? i mean it should show used space 0 bytes ?

Answer:WD Portable 250GB HD

Is the file NTFS or other i.e. FAT32?

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I do not know what happened.. but I lost... 250gb+ of my files in my laptop. On the HDD where was 40gb free space now there is 326gb..
Most of my programs that I had... they just disappear... same with the movies.. (but for example .3gp files still are there)
Moreover, option "restore system" was disabled...
Those are logs from the OTL.. I dont know if it will help...
Extras -
I gave this laptop to a computer shop.. but all they did was trying to install antivirus.. then they did that checkdisk when you start the computer... before the login window (it took like 2h or maybe even more)... after that I took the computer back...
Now I dont know what to do, because files can be overwritten, due to the system partition.
And giving this laptop to a professional shop that is specialized in restoring files will cost me SO MUCH.
I beg you for help... on the HDD I had very important things
Thanks in advance,
Btw: Sorry for my english.. I hope you can understand everything

Answer:250gb disappear from hdd

Hello, please repost your question with the full OTL log here so we can advance.
Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs

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Would there be any conflict with this unit and W7.

I looked at this unit and it appears to me that it would be ideal for my laptop. I need about 120gb for backup of my C & D drives. I'm not sure if this unit is the best and find no place to compare it to other comparable products on the market.

If anyone has used this product I would ask your opinion of its performance and one other question. How long does it take for the first download of all files.


Answer:Seagate Replica 250gb with W7

If your only use is for disaster recovery, then this drive will do the job...That being said, I would recommend the purchase a large external drive that can also be used for storing individual files/folders...

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Just received and installed Maxtor 250GB HDD.I have a Maxtor 120GB as master drive, partitioned as C,D drive, all OK.Slave drive is the 250GB HDD. Been into Disk Manager and it shows as a 131GB partitioned drive.Been in Bios and it shows as 250GB. Where's the rest gone

Answer:XP will only recognise 250GB HDD as 131GB

click here

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Hey guys.
I setup my system on a 250gb hard drive but system reads it as a 127gb. I downloaded the software for converging it to its original form yet it won't let me as it is the C:// drive. If anyone can point me in a direction that might be able to assist, that would be awesome (i.e. a possible partition of the space that wasn't originally read?) THANK YOU!

Answer:Op sys is on 250gb, reads as 127gb

Do you have Windows XP Service Pack 2? That is the usual cause for this problem.
If you do not, you mayl not be able to partition the drive to anything larger than 132 GB... 127 or so after formatting the partition.
It becomes a catch 22. You could partition and format the hard drive to the 250 GB figure, if you had Windows XP Service Pack 2 to do the setup of the NTFS partition. It will work once as the full 250, or so, once it has Windows on it, but getting Windows on it prevents that.
There are solutions online you should be able to find with a Google search, but they require jumping through a few hoops.
One solution is to setup the hard drive as a slave in a computer that has Service Pack 2... or setup the drive with two partitions while slaved in another computer.
Alternately, set it up as 127 GB, then upgrade Windows with the Service Pack 2 disk you buy from Microsoft for $3.40, then use partition magic or Acronis to enlarge the partition.

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Bought a new Western Digital Sata HDD which I got today.
New in anti static bag and labelled WD2500AABS, says on it 250gb.
When I put it in my PC it shows as 40gb.
Thinking this may be an error I booted from Win XP CD to load OS and
it said 38.xx gb.
I have contacted the seller by Email but thought I may get faster and more reliable info from here.
I can of course return it but do not want to if it is me doing something wrong.

Answer:New 250gb Hdd Shows as 40gb

That model definitely shows as a 250GB see here
What version of XP? if you do not have SP3 you may not have support for large drives.
In Windows, click on Start->Run, enter "regedit".
Navigate to the HKEYLOCALMACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\atapi\Parameters registry subkey.
From the Edit menu, select New, DWORD Value.
Enter the name EnableBigLba, then press Enter.
Double-click the new value, set it to 1, then click OK.
Close the registry editor.
Restart the machine for the change to take effect.

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Hi to allI have just installed Maxtor 250GB HD into my P4 PC. Cmos bios reports the HD as 250GB during POST and Win XP C: drive properties reports that capacity is 250GB and used space is 134GB!!The only thing on the drive is the OS (winXP) it was brand new I partitioned/ formatted it using my XP cd. If I look at the properties individually on C: drive (windows, program files, docs and settings, etc) they add up to approx 1.5GB but C: properties is 134GB?any suggestions as to why XP is reporting the use incorrectly and a possible fix much appreciated.TIA

Answer:250GB HD showing too big used space

I recently installed a pair of 160gb drives and found on the Maxtor site that in order for the true capacity to be recognised by Windows you need 2 things[otherwise it only recognises up to 137gb];1 - to be running Windows SP12 - to run the Maxtor Big Drive Tool[available from Maxtor support website]

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Hey guys I'm new to these forums so be nice

I just partitioned my 250gb to 100 and 125 one i want to use for back up which i believe i will use my Acronis for.

The other i want to use as a regular hard drive, with windows XP or Vista,

But when i load the XP cd into the computer the XP disk does not see the USB 250gb drive at all (E: and F, how will i got about loading XP onto this drive?

Answer:I partioned my WD 250gb into two seperate ones, now what?

You are done.
Windows is installed on C: no?
The partitions on your removable USB drive can be used for more storage,backups.

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My 4gb USB pendrive appears as only 250mb (EDITED NOW )! What can I do? I have tried using the format option on right click...

Answer:My 4gb USB pendrive appears as only 250gb!

Heh, your complainaing about 246 free gig?

Ok I know you mean meg...

Well I would look in the disk manager in the control panel and see what the partitioning on it is. it may be partitioned wrong. You can delete and repartition it to the full 4 gig. then reformat it again.

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I am new to this forum and desperate to find a solution to my problem. My colleague told me of this service and here I am.I had a Windows98 PC with an external Maxtor 250GB firewire connected to it. I took the main HD out (the one with the w98) and installed new one and installed a newly purchased copy of XP. At this point I've connected my Maxtor without installing the driver thinking that XP would recognise it, but nothing happened. I installed the driver but nothing? it can be seen in the disk management as disk 1 and that's all; the next step would be a format, which I refuse to do it.I reinstalled my old drive (w98) back into the case, win98 started as normal, I connected the Maxtor and to my big surprise this drive is not being recognised anymore; even when the PC configuration is exactly what it used to be. I only can see the Maxtor through fdisk but not anymore as a 250GB FAT32, apparently now is a 40GB FAT !?!?!!.Please help me. I have far too much data on this drive including pictures going back 4 years and documents. This drive is a back up of my previous PCs. I cannot afford to lose this data.ThanksAndy

Answer:Cannot see Maxtor 250GB Firewire W98 pc --> XP pc

The data's probably there, just need to connect OK. I had trouble with my Maxtor OneTouch when I connected it without the Maxtor drivers installed, even on WinXP. Suggest you install Maxtor drivers properly before connecting. If that doesn't work take the drive to another WinXP comp, but install the drivers first!

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Hi I have an Acer T135 -S870 and would like to install a 250 Gb SATA drive but it is not recognised in the Bios or through Linux Mint that is installed at present on my 80Gb drive in the T135-S870 Could you help me please in solving this problem.

Answer:250Gb drive not recognised

Have you tried to connect only the new hdd with the same cable of the old HDD?

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I have a 250GB which seems to have failed entirely now. It's still detectable by Windows - is there any way I can recover the files? They're really important to me. I don't care what it cost to recover them, but of course cheaper the better

Answer:250GB Seagate HD failed

Contacy seagate. They should be able to help you.

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1st off sorry if this has be told before,

I have a 250gb external hdd which now only show 100mb.

It was an old hdd out of an old 7 laptop (which got accidently dropped and insurance replaced) I asked for the hdd back, which when I got it back was fine and working well, I did a quick format and not used it for over a year,

come to use it now to store movies and pictures on and it say volume 100mb?

How do I get the rest back?

Answer:250gb hdd showing only 100mb

Can you see it in Disk Management? (right click on My Computer and select Manage, then go to Storage > Disk Management). Disk Management (What It Is and How To Use It)
Is it showing the drive? Does it show the total disk size?

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Hi I have an Acer T135 -S870 and would like to install a 250 Gb SATA drive but it is not recognised in the Bios or through Linux Mint that is installed at present on my 80Gb drive in the T135-S870 Could you help me please in solving this problem.

Answer:250Gb drive not recognised

Have you tried to connect only the new hdd with the same cable of the old HDD?

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I have a 250gb Maxtor Diamondmax10 SATA harddrive. In windows it only reads/writes up toe 233gb, it shows that thats its limit. In everest and every other diagnostic tool (hell even BIOS!) they all say that its 250GB. Any idea how I can get my other 17GB back??

Answer:250gb HD only gets 233gb on Windows!

Upgrading Service Pack might help.

Also goto disk managment and see if theres any unallocated space.

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Hey this is my first post to this site so please feel free to nag more info out of me if i dont put enough onMy XP Pro recently got a 250 gb Seagate internal hard drive installed into it, yet it takes around 10 to 15 minutes for it to boot.So i decided in the end to have it as a secondary hard drive and have my 80 gb hard drive as a primary. yet when my 250 gb reaches over 91.9 gb full, it will not load anymore data, instead crash and say that i have lost all data that i was moving.If anyone knows whats wrong or even advice, it will be well appreciated.Thanks in advance.

Answer:Boot Problem XP PRO 250GB

How is the drive formatted ? ?NTFS/FAT32 ?2 things you can check: First in device manager find the IDE controller and then the drive andd right clik it and select Properties...Report back what mode it is in. If it's PIO mode this will account for the extreme slowness.2nd DLoad and run Seatools diagnostics on that drive to determine if it's healthy or not.The file is used to create a bootable floppy/CD so you can run it even if Windows won't run.Report back with your findings...

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