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How to create GPT Partition for onekey recovery windows8

Question: How to create GPT Partition for onekey recovery windows8

Plz any one can help me.....

i have purchased laptop last week with following configurations:
Lenovo G510 i5 2.5ghz with windows 8 and OneKey recovery feature.

My laptop was with windows 8 but i upgrade my hard drive 500 GB to 1 TB.
But now i am unable to recover my windows8 image by using OneKeyrecovery (novo).
So plz help me how to craete GPT partition style that will support for onekey recovery and recover Windows 8 image that is in my external hard drive.
Please send me the complete procedure to create GPT partition style supported for onekey recovery.Also solve the following questions plz.
1. How to create GPT partition style supported for onekey recovery?
2. Total Number of partitions and their actual sizes.
3. Size of C:
4. Size of D:
5. Size of recovery partition
6.Size of all partitions

Plz reply me at: ********

Regards: Aamir

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Preferred Solution: How to create GPT Partition for onekey recovery windows8

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: How to create GPT Partition for onekey recovery windows8

Dear Customer

Welcome in lenovo community

Please use the below link to download and install the Lenovo Recovery application so that you can do what you looking for

Link :


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1. Computer evidently malfunctioned during a windows update
2. Turn on computer, goes to HP blue screen and "thinking wheel", then black screen (never gets to login screen)
3. Have troubleshooted with HP on the phone
4. Ordered Restore cd.
5. Trying to recover files on hard drive before cd arrives.
6. HP walked me through seeing if the hard drive was damaged etc, PASSED test
7. I used IDE SATA cable and power supply to attempt to copy files to a working computer. The USB drive never showed up in "Computer" (such as c: drive or d: drive)
8. Read up on the situation, and was also told by HP that there is a corruption evidently and they are not sure if I have lost the files.
9. Evidently after reading several posts, I have concluded that I may need to create a partition on the hard drive.
10. HOW DO I DO THIS? or what would you suggest? I also tested the cables on another computer's hard drive to make sure the cables were not the problem, and the drive did appear for the other hard drive of a working computer.

Thank you for your help!

Answer:Windows8,Desktop,Need to create a partition on hard drive

hi, and welcome to eight forums ,you could use a live Linux to recovery files to a usb device ,it will be a learning curve if you never used Linux before .check this link for more details ..good luck

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Hello to Lenovo support(and community)! My laptop: Lenovo G560 (I have noticed some variable specification) I have bought G560 and it came with around 500GB hard disk;partition C: 420-430GB which is for application software, operating system, and user documents.partition D: 30GB for OneKey system reocvery and needed files, perhaps for factory restore.and two more partitions but they are invisible and only found them by running disk management. Now the problem is that I have my files(documents), app software and operating system on the same partition and I want to have only the operating system on C and have app and documents on another partition OR have a new 200-300GB(taken from C) for backups partition.**I know it is not recommended to have backups on the same hard disk, but this is a temporary solution. How can I shrink C to have unallocated space and use it to create a new partition(or more) without corrupting the D OneKey Recovery partition?   Thanks for supporting your customers!!!  

Answer:OneKey System, Recovery partition, need repartition. Will it corrupt recovery partition?

Hello OLL98, welcome to Lenovo forums!
You can´t use Onekey Recovery anymore if you change the partitions.
So please create your recovery media before, messing up with the partitions. My 2 cents.

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Hi, I have a just purchased the ThinkPad E550. I want to create recovery disks for the system. I have already upgraded the laptop to Windows 10 (system came with Windows 7). There is no OneKey Recovery icon that I can find, and I understand that this may not be available for anythign above Windows 7. How do I create the recovery disks? Thanks

Answer:How to create recovery disks for ThinkPad E550 with Windows 10 and no OneKey Recovery option

Hi srm17,
Welcome to Lenovo Community.
Does this help?

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There are discussions on creating recovery disks with OneKey Recovery 7.0. But my G500 is  with win8.1 and Onekey 8.0. I didn't see it support creating CDs. And when I tried to create such a recovery image, OneKey 8.0 said it needs 90G space. It looks like OneKey will backup all files from my C disk. I just want to create factory recovery disks, in case the HDD failed. Can anyone tell me how to create such disks? (It doesn't make sense to spend 60$ to order such disks from Lenovo)

Answer:how to create factory default recovery disk with OneKey Recovery 8.0? (G500, win8.1)

hi lenovo-user-kw,
Thanks for Posting!
Yes that option is not available on Windows 8 and 8.1.
This is tha way i think possible to extract a recovery media
Solid Cruver

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Greetings everyone! Problem 1I have a new Y480 (Windows 7 - 64 bit). When using OneKey Recovery and choosing to attempt burning 'recovery discs with existing backup image', then the defaults are chosen on the next screen (Source: Default Path; Image Path: D:\Lenovo\OneKey App\OneKey Recovery\backup.wsi), an error of: "The image file is not valid. Please select a valid image file" appears. The 'Select Another Image' option under the 'source' cryptically proves no help. Problem 2Also, It was stated in the documentation that system backups could be made to discs. NOT! Apparently the only option is a hard drive. It does not allow the disc drive to be a destination. BTW... the D: partition is too small to accept a system backup! Who planned that out? So... anyone out there able to help me make 'recovery discs with existing backup image'? Thanks!

Answer:Y480: OneKey Recovery: Cannot 'Create Recovery disc with existing backup image'

Scolex wrote:Greetings everyone! Problem 1I have a new Y480 (Windows 7 - 64 bit). When using OneKey Recovery and choosing to attempt burning 'recovery discs with existing backup image', then the defaults are chosen on the next screen (Source: Default Path; Image Path: D:\Lenovo\OneKey App\OneKey Recovery\backup.wsi), an error of: "The image file is not valid. Please select a valid image file" appears. The 'Select Another Image' option under the 'source' cryptically proves no help. Problem 2Also, It was stated in the documentation that system backups could be made to discs. NOT! Apparently the only option is a hard drive. It does not allow the disc drive to be a destination. BTW... the D: partition is too small to accept a system backup! Who planned that out? So... anyone out there able to help me make 'recovery discs with existing backup image'? Thanks!Hmm since the laptop is new,i would restore to factory settings, that may be best . Double click the OKR icon on your desktop and click on ''System Recovery'' a notice will pop up ''Do you want reboot your computer,into the system recovery environment'' click yes and then follow instructions. Please note ''?nitial state''stands for factory settings,so choose that when the option appears. Now AS SOON AS  the system is recovered,BEFORE doing anything else, please check to see,if your current problems  still exist Let us know how it goes.&nb... Read more

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Hi All, I am prepping a new Lenovo Yoga 13 for a user.  I want to create recovery DVD(s) for the new system with the OneKey Recovery software.  When I open the application there is no option to create media.  There are only a backup option and a restore option.  I called tech support and they advised if I attach a DVD drive the option to create media will appear.  I did this but no luck.....  I am attaching first a picture of what I see when I open One Key Recovery And secondly to show that I do have a usb DVD connected here is a picture of the DVD attached with a blank DVD inside it.  I have downloaded the lastest update to the One Key Utility and am running version:  Can anyone give any insight as to why the create recovery media isn't there for me?.....


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Answer:Yoga 13 doesn't have an option to create recovery media in onekey recovery

I found the answer to my own question.  Essentially in version 8 there is no way to create recovery media with this utility.  I came across the following link which I am going to try:

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I have a K430 and before I use it it (as with any machine I have bought) I wanted to make my recovery disc(s). Throughout this website there are guides to do this with version 7, but this desktop has version 4.0 of OKR I can save an image of my system partition but need the ability to install on to a clean hard drive in case of hard drive failure.  I have checked the Kb and forums and been through the Windows 8 programs but nothing points me the right way. This is compounded by the fact that none of my drive imaging tools like the Seagate drive that was shipped in this machine (Ghost4Linux, CloneZilla, Acronis Easy Migrate)  Where is my option to create said media? 


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Answer:How to create Factory Default Recovery Disc with OneKey Recovery 4.0

Just to close this one. I spoke to customer support on the phone as this post remained unanswered, There are no recovery disc to buy or create for this machine, so should the hard drive fail you would need to source your own discs. This machine will now be returned, a lost sale for the sake of a DVD. Must say the guy I spoke to on the phone was really helpful and courteous, sadly held back by company policy.  

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Whenever I try to create a full backup, the backup always seems to be complete after turning on the laptop monitor (not even from sleep mode, just the display turning off), even when the program said that there were two hours to go.  The backup, which was estimated to be about 75gb, turns out to be only 20gb.  When I try to create recovery discs from this seemingly incomplete backup, it always says that it requires five recovery discs.  Is this the number of recovery discs regardless of the size of the backup, and will the recovery discs restore the laptop to factory condition or the state of the laptop when the backup was made?  Sorry if this is an obvious question, but can the recovery discs created using Onekey Recovery be used to restore the system back to Vista if I install Windows 7 (RC or final version), assuming that the partitions sizes remain untouched?  Will I be able to restore to Vista from Windows 7 using this full backup (on an external drive) if I press the NOVO button after installing W7? Similar to the backup being complete after turning on after sleep mode or the display turning on, whenever I download anything off the internet and the laptop goes to sleep mode, the download is cut off after turning the laptop on from sleep mode.  Isn't the system not supposed to go to sleep whenever something is downloading or a backup is being performed?  Thanks for your help!Message Edited by blackhole23 on 07-21-2009 11:46 AM... Read more

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Hello..              i bought laptop z507- with win 8.1 and when the win 10 upgrade comes i upgraded it,now i want to create backup image of the os but wheni click on backup  on onekey recovery it starts the backup process and after 1 min it crashes automatically..plz help.

Answer:Can't create backup with onekey recovery on win 10

Vishvesh30 wrote:Hello..              i bought laptop z507- with win 8.1 and when the win 10 upgrade comes i upgraded it,now i want to create backup image of the os but wheni click on backup  on onekey recovery it starts the backup process and after 1 min it crashes automatically..plz help.Can you still boot to Win 10? If yes, can you revert back to Win 8.1?

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Hi guys!I've made OK bckup 3 amonths ago and succesfully recovered few months later. Now I try to make new backup onto new external hard disc, but I can't do this. The START button is grey. It's also the warning to close all windows, which are closed by my opinion (task manager doesn't recognize any). What is wrong?

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Since I deleted all drives, including the 24GB recover drive, I need to restore this configuration, please direct me to an application download that I can use for this. Would have to restore the OKR functionality. The reason I deleted this was that when installing Windows 8.1 it kept listing both drives (the 24GB and the HDD) as installable drives, and wanted to default to drive 0 (24GBFlash) instead of drive 1 (HDD). In Windows logic, a OS should be installed on the 0 drive (or the drive connected to the first available sata/ide connection). If you also have an updated version of OKR for Windows 8.1 I would rather have that thankyou, I have my own 8.1 license. I have seen some answers directing us to sending in the laptop to lenovo for this. I refuse to do that.  

Answer:Need to restore recovery partition and Onekey Recovery. [Y510p]

For DIY: It is possible to recreate the partitions but it will be difficult to make OKR function without a copy of the okr backup image. Also you may have misinterpreted the ssd cache as the recovery drive. So before starting to implement your plan be sure you have the correct information. Its not really as easy as you think so be careful. So without the okr image backup, your only choice is what everybody is telling you all along: send your unit to Lenovo. They're the only who can put back your system to factory default.

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I have a Z585 and created a onekey backup on an external harrdrive. The problem is, I accidentally deleted the onekey recovery partition. How do I get my system back from there?
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

Answer:Z585 - Onekey recovery with backup but without recovery partition

uff. You might want to obtain a recovery DVD from Lenovo support. Once you successfully factory restored your laptop with it, you can hopefully use OKR once again for backup.

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If you have a new Lenovo S10 or S12 or all type of notebooks, and  for a sum reason you have Lenovo OneKey Rescue 6.0 Partition Failure, the partition not boot and you do not have boot CDs, you unable to fix it ! it is impassible, bout you have a way to create a new factory boot CDs, mast download Ubuntu 9.10 OS and create boot mast boot from the CD, do not install the OS only UP.3.from the system you have the option to see the hided partition.4.copy the factory.000 fils to ordinary partition (20-40), do not forget the factory.wsi.5.boot from the windows xp and ran the Lenovo Lenovo OneKey Recovery 6.0.6.using the files to creating a boot DVD restore system .

Answer:Lenovo OneKey Rescue 6.0 Partition Failure Create New factory image Boot CD

there's available bios update for ideapad s9e, s10e, and s10

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Have created a recovery partition on my data external hard drive. Now all the pc sees is a recovery disc and not the data. Is it possible to delete the recovery partition and access the data, or failing that how can I access this data. I have windows 8 op system.

Answer:windows8 created recovery partition on external hard drive in error

You can turn off the Drive for recovery, this will then not take up no space on the drive other than the Recovery folder. this should not be deleted. Recovery only needs to be left on for the drive with the OS on it, Normally C:\

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For the OneKey recovery process I first did a complete backup to an external HDD.  Now I'm trying option 2, which is to create a bootable recovery disk.  I assumed this would be one CD that I use to boot the computer in an emergency, but the program tells me I need 10 DVDs or 65 CDs to do this.  Again, the help function is useless here.  Thanks in advance, Mike in Vermont, USA

Answer:OneKey Restore - Create Recovery Disc or MULTIPLE discs?

It's basically  just creating a dvd version of what you backed up to the external HDD.

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Hello everyone,  I've been attempting to create a backup image via the OneKey Recovery software on my Lenovo 3000 G530 laptop without success. Although I haven't allowed the image creation to continue for more than 2 days, it seems a bit long to create a 12GB image. The last 2 attempts at creating a backup image I've tried with and without compression. It starts at about 1-2 hours or estimated time but once it hits 24-25 percent, it begins to jump to 25-55 hours or estimated time remaining. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to speed this process up? Has anyone else experienced this? Kind regards,Janketh Jay, III

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Hi,i have a Y50 laptop for 1 year. last week it have gave HDD error and i sent it to service. They changed the hdd. But they have installed windows on only 1 hdd partition on whole disk.So i resized partition with easeus disk manager and created a second partition.after that i can not enter one key recovery with nova says that Onekey recovery partition has damaged so do not launch the main application i searched a lot and tried lots of things. i have set ids, enabled recovery in windows etc. i called support center and they said that they will send me recovery cd in 10 daysbut i must use my computer i can not wait 10 daysplease help i believe that there must be a very simple solution but i can not find iti didnt changed any partition except windows partition. so they should not be broken or damagedthere is many things in internet about easeus and one key recovery please help to rescue it. important note: i have backed up my clean installation of windows on my external hdd i want to restore it. it is not neccecery to wait recovery dvd for 10 days i think. there must be a way to recover it.

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Apologies for yet another question about OneKey Recovery (OKR) but after a day spent reading posts here and elsewhere I am lost as to how (if at all) it is possible to use OKR 8.1 to backup the system and hidden partitions so as to enable recovery to a new HD. System is B50-70 delivered 30/12/14 but built October 2014 with Windows 8.1 64 bit and OKR When I run OKR it offers me System Backup.  This backs up the Windows OS  (C:\).  I can see no options to backup the existing hidden partition or to create recovery disks/drive which would include that hidden partition.    Am I missing something please?   If not, is my best bet to dig out my Acronis?

Answer:OneKey Recovery 8.1: hidden partition(s)

For a total hard drive restoration, using Acronis would be your best option.  As you suspected One Key Recovery will only image the system partition which isn't much help if the hard drive has to be replaced.

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After failing to fix problems on my nephew's B50, I reluctantly used the OneKey Rec. button. Apart from the system being rolled back to the factory install of Win. 7, and not the factory install of 8.0 nor the update to 10, all seems fine. Although when I try to run a new backup with OKR, a message of "insufficient size on the target drive" comes up. After browsing through the D: drive, there is a couple of gigs worth of drivers and apps. Are these leftover from the first backup? Can I delete them in order to fit the new backup?

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Hi, when I use Onekey Recovery I see 'partition has damaged...'. I need reset my Windows 8, because the system stopped loading and began to automatic repair (with no result)..Please help me

Answer:OneKey Recovery - partition has damaged

Hi janzdanowski,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
  This seems to have been because of a Bad partition, or Possibly Bad HDD,
If the system is still within Warranty I strongly suggest you Call Lenovo Technical Assistance.
You need a Recovery CD to reinstall the Windows from scratch but- You need to make sure that the HDD is OK and does not need Replacement.
Solid Cruver

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 Well, So.. the problem is i already resized the C Partition, now i cant do a OneKey RecoveryI want to resize it back, but i forgot the initial size.. Maybe someone can help me?~Thanks P.S : Lenovo IdeaPad G40-45

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My OneKey recovery software is v3.0, but I have read elsewhere that there is a version 7.0, and the Lenovo support video refers to this version too and shows options that are not present in my K330 OneKey program. I tried to download new version, but there is no OneKey update for K330. Could someone please explain please? Regards,Martin 

Answer:Why OneKey recovery for K330 does not include "Create Factory defaults disks"?

Same question.. Can someone from Lenovo respond????????

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Hello. I apologize if this question has been asked before, but I read everything I could find on partitions and onekey recovery but I still do not understand the concept. I have a few questions for you.I purchased Lenovo Yoga 720 15inch version from best buy. The hard drive size is 256gb SSD. However, when I finished setting up the laptop, I noticed that my Local Drive (C) has only 192 space left. Right next to the Drive C, there is Drive D, which has 25gb space allocated by uses 1.7gb for Driver and YMC software only. There is nothing else in the drive, only drivers. As of now, after I installed all the programs necessary for me work, I have just 158gb space left in my Drive C. I would like to increase that space. I spoke to Lenovo on the phone and the guy told me that there is hidden partition in the drive for Lenovo Onekey recovery, which I do not think I need because I have done Windows reset before and successfully set up the clean format. Here are my questions for you. 1. Can I delete Drive D partition and merge it with Drive C without messing up my operating system? I have already backed up drivers from Drive D onto my external hard drive, and I would like to delete Drive D and merge it with Drive C. Please let me know if this is possible. 2. I looked for disk partition in the disk management, and it shows following:260mb Healthy (EFI System); 212.3gb (Windows C Healthy Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition); Lenovo (D Healthy Primary Parti... Read more

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Hello Guys

With the help of this forum iam able to sort out the mess (Error Code : 0xc0000225)

The thing is that my laptop lenovo G50-70 came with pre-isntalled Windows 8.1,
when i bought they said to take backup of the OS using OneKey Recovery,
since lenovo is not providing separate disks now a days,i forgot to take backup and i have tried to partition it using EaseUS then in the middle of this process i got an error 0xc0000225,i have solved this with the help of EasyRE neosmart (bought it online)
it worked but the recovery drives and system_drv drive are unallocated,just two local drives are Healthy
if i can make them work again i can get OneKey Recovery work again,
using EaseUS Data Recovery iam able to see the lost drives and files.
Is there any way i can make these drives work again i.e Healthy Partition ?

Thanks in advance

Answer:OneKey Recovery - Partition : Unallocated Space

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I'm use lenovo g550 and my HDD don't have a Service Partition  , How to Make a Service Partition ?I have installed windows 7 ultimete in my laptop, While installation I deleted service partition as its purpose was not known to me. Is there any way to make service partition?

Answer:About Service Partition for OneKey recovery feature.

no  replies yet....!! any how,  I have now recovered service partition on my laptop...

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I cloned my 1TB to an 256GB SSD few months back. Obviously, the SSD now has smaller partitions than that of HDD, however it does not bother me as it doesn't really affect me. But recently, when I tried to restore my drive to its initial backup using OneKey recovery, it tells me that the partition has changed and structurally incorrect.I need to restore the laptop into its factory setting. Any ideas on what should I do?

Answer:Z510 OneKey Recovery Partition Problem

remnant wrote:I cloned my 1TB to an 256GB SSD few months back. Obviously, the SSD now has smaller partitions than that of HDD, however it does not bother me as it doesn't really affect me. But recently, when I tried to restore my drive to its initial backup using OneKey recovery, it tells me that the partition has changed and structurally incorrect.I need to restore the laptop into its factory setting. Any ideas on what should I do?Its being discuss in several threads in this forum. Just try to search for it.

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Hello,  I have a T520 from a former employee that I would like to restore to factory settings.  The employee supplied the incorrect password after leaving the company, so the built-in recovery feature is refusing to continue with recovery. Is my only solution to re-install windows from a separate OEM disk, then later try to attempt the recovery from the recovery partition?  Is there a simpler, less frustrating and time consuming method?  I'll be going around today and creating recovery media for all our other PC's to prevent this in the future. Thanks,Kyle

Answer:How to create "Factory Default Recovery Disc" with OneKey Recovery

Howdy all, Quick update:  I reinstalled Win7 with a separate OEM disk, and am working on reinstalling all the T520 specific drivers.  One new issue is that the built-in recovery feature is no longer accessible!  When I press either blue Thinkpad button or F11 at bootup, it briefly enters recovery mode but then very quickly continues to boot windows normally. I was hoping to use the recovery partition, but it appears that I cannot - can this be correct?  I should always be able to access the recovery partition, right? Any help on this will be appreciated! Best Regards,Kyle

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What are the differences between these two methods? Does win8's native method back up only window's system files? and OneKey recovery method back up entire C disk? Per help doc from win8's "create a recovery drive", it looks like by default Win8 preinstalls a hidden partition on HDD with preinstalled recovery image, and when user creates recovery drive, Win8 will copy the preinstalled recovery image to target backup storage. Is my understanding correct? I tried win8's "create a recovery drive", it said it needs at least 16G space on target USB drive. I tried OneKey recovery, it said it needs 90G space. Does this mean OneKey recovery would backup all files under my C drive? If I just use win8's method, would I have problem if I have to restore the system on a new HDD if the old HDD was dead? Thanks,

Answer:differences between OneKey recovery and win8's "create a recovery drive"? (G500, win8.1)

hi lenovo-user-kw,
Regarding your questions:
1. The difference between OneKey Recovery and "Create a recovery drive" are as follows:
OneKey Recovery (OKR)
- can be triggered by clicking the OneKey Recovery inside the OS or by pressing the OKR Button.
- running the recovery triggers the hidden factory default image preloaded in the drive
- using OKR's System Backup method backsup the system partition only (eg. Drive C:\). If you have many files on the drive, you will need an external drive to save the backup.
Recovery Drive
- needs to be created within the OS. Can only be triggered by booting from the USB drive.
- on an OEM PC, this requires at least 16GB as it copes the hidden factory default image from the HDD for a full factory restore. Otherwise, 4GB will be enough to create a system repair disc.
More info:
Introduction to Lenovo OneKey Recovery 8.0
How to Create a Recovery USB Flash Drive in Windows 8 and 8.1
2. There are reports that you can't use the recovery drive with a blank HDD (like in this thread) but ideally, the recovery drive can be used to restore on a blank HDD as discussed in this article.

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I just bought a new Y400 sometime back. Win 8, OKR 8. 1TB HDD.It had incovenient partition sizes - with a large C-OS, a D: Lenovo and no separate partition for personal files.I like to keep personal files in a separate partition, so I was going to repartition the C drive, when I saw the threads about how OneKey recovery (OKR) will stop working if I did so.So I was searching for answers and I read the long winded procedure for re-installing OKR for those who have already partitioned their HDDs and their OKR stopped working.I also read something about serial numbers of the partitions, in some thread.Here is what I did -DISCLAIMER: Please do it at your own risk, what worked for me, may or may not work for you. I am not responsible if anything goes wrong.Prepare:A) Make a backup of your system using other cloning/imaging tools before you do this.B) Be prepared that OKR backup and recovery will still not work after this, and you might have to take the longer procedure to get OKR functionality back.C) I have just saved the backup image, NOT yet tried to recover from it, so cannot say for sure if that image will work. Saving of recovery image and restoration of that image using Novo button and OneKey Recovery (OKR) both work !!D) Even if it works, I do not know what parts of the system will be restored. What I did -1) I made System Repair Disc using Win's recovery system and also a system image using the same.2) Wrote down the Serial Number of all the partitions in the HDD (I h... Read more

Answer:For NEW system, how to re-partition AND make OKR (OneKey) Recovery work !!

Success.I backed up this repartitioned system using Marcium and then proceeded to restore the earlier saved system image using OKR and Novo button.It recovered the system to the earlier repartitioned state (not the factory state).As expected all the extra software that I had installed at that time, like Firefox etc, were also restored and are working on my system.So I can say that this procedure of using the original serial numbers of the HDD partitions for C and D is very likely to work.I hope those people wanting to keep the OKR working and repartition their new Lenovo systems find this thread useful using their original HDD partition serial numbers.

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Thought this would interest all of you that use OneKey Recovery 6.0 software..... A backup created with OKR contains several files as follows... factory0000.dsi - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -not sure what this file detailsfactory.000 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|factory.001                                  |factory.002                                  |factory.003                                  | these files are the main backup imageetc.                                              |etc.                                              |etc.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|fact... Read more

Answer:OneKey Recovery Backup - Identifying Partition Size

This is the factory.wsi for a backup that I created for a 80GB Windows partition.The file is being read by Notepad. It is a standard XML layout.  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?><Itwin Parts="1" version="5.0" VersionFile="PowerRecover-5.5">    <Part1>        <DiskInfo PartitionStyle="MBR" Cylinders="38913" TracksPerCylinder="255" SectorsPerTrack="63" BytesPerSector="512" Signature="-1006648321" One="-1006648321" />        <PartitionInfo BootIndicator="1" HiddenSectors="63" PartitionNumber="1" PartitionType="7" RecognizedPartition="1" StartingOffset="32256" PartitionLength="85904792064" />        <MirrorFileInfo>factory</MirrorFileInfo>        <Operation HDNumber="0" PartitionNumber="1" VirtualDriveSize="0" FileLengthLimit="104857600" CompressLevel="1">BackupDrive</Operation>    </Part1></Itwin>  The text in bold is the partition length in bytes. I have uploaded a picture for verification. It is a screen capture that shows the factory.wsi file open in Wordpad and the properties of the 80GB partition ,courtesy of Paragon Partition Manager software, showing that the partition size is exactly 85904792064 bytes. Click here for verificationMessage Edited by ortegaluis on 03-03-2009 08:48 PM

\\ ... Read more

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Hello.I made ssd drive formatted in yoga.I deleted all the partitions.I used to create partitions 100GB-system 20GB-recoveryI installed windows 8.1 profesional20 gb recovery -. Chcialbym aby dzialal program "OneKey recovery".When I run the system with "One recovery" is a system normally runs.How do I install OneKey Recovery ?    Comunicat:  This   system does not support the backup 

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I have a U410 that is only a couple months old. A few days ago I decided to take the plunge and accept the free upgrade to Windows 8.1. Big mistake. SInce the upgrade, I've had a slew of problems ranging from programs not running to hard disk integrity checks every time I restart the computer. I've already refreshed the computer (wiping all programs), with no luck. Now I'd like to restore from the recovery partition. However, when I press the onekey button I get the same behavior described here, and can't boot to system recovery mode.   Based on some of the posts in this thread, I gather that any change in the partition sizes pretty much breaks the onekey software, but that sometimes restoring the factory partition sizes can cause it to work again. I haven't knowingly made any changes to the partition sizes, yet looking at disk management I am seeing more partitions than I would have expected (not sure if they were there before the upgrade since I've never looked before). I would like to know if there's any way I can regain access to the recovery partition--and if not, what my best bet is for undoing the damage the 8.1 upgrade did to my OS. Thanks in advance for your help.

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I am currently using a G550 2958 Model Laptop, from the Lenvo 3000/Essentials Notebook Series.  This laptop came with a feature called OneKey Recovery, which I have used to create recovery disks for my computer, using 2 DVDs.  My problem is this: I wish to install a Linux operating system on my computer, but Lenovo filled the partition table.  Here is a summary of the partition configuration:  First Partition, Unnamed, Primary, NTFS, 200-300 MB, boot flag, houses Master Boot Record Second Partition, "C", "C:", and/or "OS Drive" (running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Service Pack 1), Primary, NTFS, approximately 187 GB, contains Windows installation and personal files. Third Partition, Unnamed, Extended, NTFS, approx. 30 GB, is a container for: Logical Partition: "Lenovo", Logical, NTFS, approx. 30 GB, lba flag (which I take to mean it's bootable), contatins data and drivers necesarry for operating the OneKey Recovery System in respect to creating images and usage of the NOVO button. Fourth and final Partition, "LENOVO_PART", Primary, NTFS, 13-17 GB, hidden service partition used for OneKey Recovery.  My question is this: I'm aware of the fact the OneKey Recovery will cease to function if I resize or delete any partitions in that I will not be able to create backup images or recovery disks, but since I have already done so and have no further need of OneKey, will booting the recovery disks automatically restore OneKey func... Read more

Answer:Partition Management in the Presence of the OneKey Recovery System

Hi willbuntu and welcome to the community,
Here's a thread where we were experimenting with resizing partitions and deleting them.  I made a full backup with OKR on an external hard drive and made the recovery discs.  I deleted D: and resized C: and installed Linux.  I was able to restore the system using the recovery discs.  The discs resized the partitions and put everything back the way it was from the factory. Then, I restored from my backup and everything was back the way it was when I started.
Make sure that the discs that you made will boot okay.

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Where Can I download or order a Boot Disc for my Z580?  It came with Windows 7, and PC World were offering a free upgrade to Windows 8.  I am currently unable to create a Factory Default Recovery Disc.  There is an error with the Onekey Recovery software in burning onto the DVD / Disc.  I have tried two different DVDs (4.7GB), and have tried a CD (740MB).  And I receive the same error about one fifth of the way through.The reason I am having to do a factory reset, is because my Wirless Network driver is not working, and the laptop no longer accepts external wireless USB dongles.  I can't get internet even with a wired connection.  It isn't to do with whether the wireless is switched on or not.  I've tried this.What is Lenovos policy about providing customers with the means to restore their Laptops?  In the past computer manufacturers / suppliers provided all the software and bootdiscs.Thanks


Go to Solution.

Answer:Request for Boot Disc Z580 Windows 7. Unable to create bootdisc using OneKey Recovery 7.0

hi Timneedshelp,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
 Have you tried performing Recovery using the Recovery Button?
Turn off the system then press the small button like the one on the photo
And it should boot your system to a Recovery Like environment giving your options to restore factory back up,
If this one failed or not working, I suggest Calling Lenovo Technical Support in your location for a CD option,

Hope this helps

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Hey guys, just bought my wife a new S12 with XP Home Edition.  I normally like to reformat new computers to start fresh and get all the factory-loaded crap off there.  Can I do that on this computer but still leave the recovery partition intact?  I assume so, but I just want to make sure.  In other words, is there anything on the factory c: drive that the recovery partition depends on to work properly?  Or is the recovery partition completely independent? And if I do this, I assume I will access the recovery partition (if it's ever needed) during startup since it will no longer be available on the c: drive. Oh, and will this void the warranty?  I hope not! Thanks!

Answer:Starting with fresh install of XP but keeping OneKey recovery partition?

Hi, i prefer a complete backupwith free tools from easeus acronis trueimage  ... on a second hdd.. for personal assurance ...  .. you can install all systems you like , starting from a scratch ...and void no warranty ...warranty only for hardware (all you can grab with your fingers i.e. S12   ... so delete software like  XP and you didnt make a backup.. or something is your personal prob... if you dont install a antivirus ... and get a malicious ... its your prob..   sincerely KalvinKlein

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Got my Yoga 13 a couple weeks ago and have spent time getting it set up the way I want.  I applied the Lenovo supplied partition hotfix to increase the amount of free space on my 128GB SSD.  This merges the D: drive into the C: (among other things).  I also have OneKey Recovery version 8.0 on my Yoga.  After applying the hotfix, my OneKey Recovery no longer works.  I can still see the 7.17GB recovery partiiton in Disk Management (PBR_DRV).  But when trying to use OneKey program I get error messages:  "Current system can not support back up" and "The program cannot find the service partition. This function is currently unavailable". Because my Yoga is still under warranty, I called software support at Lenovo.   They offered to send me a recovery DVD for $59 or one time technical support of $89.  Otherwise, he said Lenovo does not stand behind their hotfix.  It is provided "as-is". Needless to say I am unhappy.  I've purchased computers for years from various vendors.  This is my first Lenovo, but unless Lenovo stands behind their own products, it will probably be my last. See related thread here with similar woes -

Answer:Yoga 13 Partition Hotfix Breaks OneKey Recovery - BEWARE!

Since you only purchased your Yoga a few weeks ago what size was the D: partition before you ran the patch? I suspect you already had the new partition scheme (D: would have been about 4GB) so did not really need the patch and this may be the root cause of the issue. In the UK (or EU) our consumer rights would allow the return of the machine for a full refund, it seems those rights in the USA are not what they should be! Can you not get the shop you purchased from to help you? I would also tackle Lenovo again as they have no evidance that the hot fix patch caused the problem, which may have existed before you applied it. Unless they already know it causes the problem!

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Hello, I recently purchased a Lenovo G505s at Best Buy. I would like to take advantage of the OneKey Recovery System Backup however, the partition is too small. What would be the proper way to perform this backup or partition resize? Thanks, Mathieu

Answer:Lenovo G505s - OneKey Recovery System Backup - Partition Size

Hi Mathieu,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
Below is the link to view the detailed video to create the Recovery Discs using ?One Key Recovery? option.

OneKey Recovery - Creating Recovery Disks

Do post us back for further queries.
Best Regards

Shiva Kumar

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I am trying to restore my Lenovo G770 to its original state (factory settings). I tried to use the System Recovery option from the OneKey Recovery menu (which is the same as reaching it whilst booting the computer), but what that does is it restarts the computer a few times and keeps it exactly how it was before trying to do so. I also tried making the CDs by choosing Create Recovery Disc from the OneKey Recovery menu but I am given a message which says: This program cannot find the initial backup image. This function is currently unavailable. After looking at different threads, I realized it was because I resized the C: partition of the hard disk. Initially, when I first bought my laptop, the hard drive had 4 partitions by default which are of the following (My hard drive size came as 750GB): 1. The System Reserved 100MB partition (which is hidden and obviously in every computer by default). 2. The C: Drive partition (I don't know how big it was)3. The D: Drive partition (Again, I don't know how big this was)4. Finally, the OEM Reserved (Lenovo) 14.5GB partition (which is where all the recovery files are kept)  Now, I didn't mess with the OEM Reserved partition at all, but what I did was I deleted the D: drive and made the C: Drive bigger, so that I can use my space more efficiently. Again, the problem is probably caused because of resizing the C: partition.  My question is: How can I make it so that ... Read more

Answer:Lenovo G770: OneKey Recovery doesn't work because of resizing the C: partition?

Hi za1407 and welcome to the community,
When you deleted D: you deleted the drivers and applications that OneKey needs to restore to factory specs.  There were also hidden files on there it also needed.
At this point, just resizing the partitions isn't going to make OneKey work.
The only way to get it back to factory is to get yourself a set of restore discs.  This will resize the partitions and put everything back the way it was.
Here's a thread where we were experimenting with the partitions.

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System: Lenovo Yoga 700-14ISK 80QDThe nearly 4GB free space from the Lenovo partition were very tempting, so after researching if it's safe and such, I decided to give it a go using a 3rd party free software that saved me for many times in the past (MiniTool Partition Wizard). Interesting that most tutorials were about creating a recovery drive and removing the partition, but I decided for the moment to just get the free space until more is needed and I didn't found out that resizing with 3rd party software will mess up with your WinRe settings only after it was done. Here is the agent info:C:\Windows\system32>reagentc /info
Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE) and system reset configuration

Windows RE status: Disabled
Windows RE location:
Boot Configuration Data (BCD) identifier: 47251840-c09c-11e5-af06-00808a8e1ce5
Recovery image location:
Recovery image index: 0
Custom image location:
Custom image index: 0

REAGENTC.EXE: Operation Successful.After resizing and checking the recovery agent I realised that I lost details such as partition location, offset and id. After changing the ReAgent.Xml from the System32/Recovery with offset and id it wasn't enough to enable as I am missing the PATH for winre location etc.This is how my file looks now:<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>

<WindowsRE version="2.0">
<WinreBCD id="{47251840-c09c-11e5-af06-00808a8e1ce5}"/>
<WinreLocation path="... Read more

Answer:WinRE disabled after resize Lenovo Recovery partition, but OneKey Re works

Use a backup to external drive. There is little advantage backing up to a in drive partition if the drive fail all is lost.Various much better solutions exist.Its well know that resizing/adding partitions mess up Lenovo's partitions that are built. They don't provide a utility as best I know to correct this afterwards.

T520 Model 4239 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QMbr>; Nvidia NVS 4200M Win 10 64bitZ70-80 I7 - 5500U 16GB GB - 1TB HD Win 10 64bit FHD 17.3", G840 w/2GB

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Has anyone been able to transfer the OneKey recovery partition to a new hard drive on the IdeaPad Y430/530/730? Reason I ask is because I want to transfer the OneKey in the latest Y series IdeaPads to a Y410. I have placed a hard drive for a Y430 in a Y410 and it boots into it just fine with the NOVO button. I was hoping I could transfer it over and recreate a Windows image for the Y410. However, I have noticed that OKR 6.0 will not run in a Y410 [at least when I installed it on mine]. It may work on a fresh install of XP [hopefully]. Any help is greatly appreciated.

\\ I do not respond to PM regarding individual tech support. Keep discussions in the forum for the benefit of others //

Answer:Transfer OneKey Recovery Partition To New Hard Drive on IdeaPad Y430/530/730?

I suppose you'll not be able to transfer recovery partition image from one HDD to another.OKR 6 runs flawlessly on XP on every Lenovo Ideapad or Len3000 new series - I checked on Y510/Y710/s9/G410.

//help will save the world

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J'ai vraiment besoin d'aide.
Je possède un PC Lenovo ideacentre K430 livré avec windows 8.
Mon fils c'est amusé a bidouiller plusieurs options et résultat,  il a fusionné 2 partitions cachées et maintenant je ne peux plus restaurer mon pc. En effet, la fonction "Onekey recovery" ne fonctionne plus et il est donc impossible de restaurer mon Pc aux réglages usine.
Les partition qu'il me reste sur le disque dur sont :
(informations donné par Easeus Partition Master 10.0)

Mon fils me dit qu'il a fusionné 2 partitions, celle qui fait 800.00 Mb et qu'il en a créer une qui fait 301.34 Mb avec la lettre de lecteur Z: mais celle ci est vide il n'a rien mis dessus.
Comment est ce que je peux remmettre le PC avec les partitions d'origine et ainsi pouvoir restaurer mon PC avec "Onekey recovery" ?
Je vous remercie par avance pour tout vos conseils.
Moderator Note; translation of above
I really need help. I have a Lenovo IdeaCentre K430 PC comes with Windows 8. My son is a fun tweak several options and found it merged two hidden partitions and now I can not restore my pc. Indeed, the "OneKey Recovery" function no longer works and it is impossible to restore my PC to factory settings. I still have the partition on the hard drive are: (information given by Easeus Partition Master 10.0)
My son told me he merged two partitions, one that makes 800.00 Mb and that he create one that is 301.34 Mb with the drive letter... Read more

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When specifying back-up location, whether default or to an external device, it says I've not enough space, need 94GB. Can that true? I have a new system, with no graphics, etc., pgms, so the size seems very large. 

Answer:Lenovo Yoga2 OneKey Recovery system partition backup space requirements

You will need to defragment the source partition before imaging to keep the size down. The default partition has not got much space, I don't know why it is a default location. Use an external HDD. 

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Hello all, I'm new here so I need help with my laptop. I just bought this laptop last year and this few days, I can't seem to boot it. The windows boot manager is not booting giving me two errors, one is error code 0xc0000034 and another error code is 0xc0000185. I tried using the OneKey Recovery to do system restore but it says the partition has been damaged and cannot be restored. I did not do any partitioning to the hard drive besides the default C: and D: drives. I also tried using windows 8.1 USB drive (since the laptop doess not have ROM installed) to repair the window, but it doesn't work. I can't reset it nor refresh it nor system recovery. I don't understand what is wrong with my laptop. Can someone please help me and guide me on what should I do? 

Answer:Lenovo Y500 OneKey Recovery partition damage + Windows 8.1 doesn't boot

feiyer wrote:Hello all, I'm new here so I need help with my laptop. I just bought this laptop last year and this few days, I can't seem to boot it. The windows boot manager is not booting giving me two errors, one is error code 0xc0000034 and another error code is 0xc0000185. I tried using the OneKey Recovery to do system restore but it says the partition has been damaged and cannot be restored. I did not do any partitioning to the hard drive besides the default C: and D: drives. I also tried using windows 8.1 USB drive (since the laptop doess not have ROM installed) to repair the window, but it doesn't work. I can't reset it nor refresh it nor system recovery. I don't understand what is wrong with my laptop. Can someone please help me and guide me on what should I do? Can you please elaborate how you initiate the OneKey Recovery?

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Hello, I don't have the recovery partition on my system anymore, but would like to reset my Ideapad Yoga 13 to factory status. Is this possible somehow? All the guides I've seen assumed that my recovery partition was still intact. Thank you for your time. Regards


Go to Solution.

Answer:Create Recovery Media/Do Factory Resect without Recovery Partition

To reset your PCSwipe in from the right edge of the screen, tap Settings, then tap Change PC settings.(If you're using a mouse, point to the top-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, click Settings, then click Change PC settings.)Tap or click Update and recovery, then tap or click Recovery.Under Remove everything and reinstall Windows, tap or click Get started.Follow the instructions on the screen.NoteYou'll be asked to choose whether you want to erase data quickly or thoroughly. If you choose to erase data quickly, some data might be recoverable using special software. If you choose to erase data thoroughly, this will take longer but it makes recovering data less likely.
Refreshing your PC without affecting your files

If your PC isn't performing as well as it once did, and you don't know why, you can refresh your PC without deleting any of your personal files or changing your settings.

If you upgraded your PC from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 and your PC has a Windows 8 recovery partition, refreshing your PC will restore Windows 8. You?ll need to upgrade to Windows 8.1 after the refresh has finished.

Applications you?ve installed from websites and DVDs will be removed. Applications that came with your PC and apps you've installed from the Windows Store will be reinstalled. Windows puts a list of removed applications on your desktop after refreshing your PC.

To refresh your PC

Swip... Read more

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I am working on my sisters Toshiba L655d-S5055 notebook. windows 7, 3gb, amd v120 processor, 250gb drive. Started with error msg at boot "encountered a problem communicating with a device at startup......". Couldn't get by this error. took out drive, inserted into usb-enclosure, and tested. numerous sector errors. She has also lost the recovery disks I made for her. I used partition software to scan just the recovery partition, and there are no errors reported there. What I would like to do, is to copy to a flash drive, or make new recovery dvd's from this recovery partition; then I can use the coa from the back of the notebook (if necessary) for full install onto a new hard drive. However, I can't use the toshiba notebook for this; I can only use my desktop pc for the xfer; using the toshiba hard drive as a usb external drive, and the toshiba media creator software will not install onto my desktop pc (doesn't give me a reason). I would prefer to go the dvd-route, but flash drive would be ok, too. Any info is appreciated. thanks.

Answer:how to create recovery dvd's from recovery partition mounted as usb-external drive

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Hello, I've used the recovery media creator to create a USB flash drive recovery media.

If i then use that to restore the Windows 7 installation onto a new hard drive (as SSD) will that drive itself have the recovery media partition on it?

So if I then lose the USB stick could I restore again by holding down zero when powering on?

Or does it recover the Windows partition and nothing more?

Thank you

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I recently bought a Satellite Pro L850-1UJ with Windows 8

I've created a new partition (so i could use it as data room)
i.e. C: the windows system AND Z: my data

after that, i could NOT use the RECOVERY MEDIA CREATOR to create the recovery dvds
BUT the partition still exists and i can see the inside files from windows

IS IT a way to extract the files from the recovery partition or any other clue how i could fix the partition scheme so the RECOVERY MEDIA CREATOR could recognize it

Many thanks for your time...

Answer:Satellite Pro L850-1UJ: How create recovery DVDs from recovery partition

After changing HDD partitions structure it happens that ?Toshiba recovery media creator? cannot find recovery files. These files are marked with special markers that in your case cannot be found anymore.

I?m afraid now is too late to do or change anything. You are not the first one with this problem. We always write here that first step should be recovery media creation and later you can do whatever you want. You can even delete it.

Now you can just order new recovery disc at

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Hello!I just bought a Lenovo IdeaPad with a windows 7 32 bit version. There was no system disk added. I learned that the windows 7 version is hidden in a recovery partition. I now want to create a system disk to save the windows 7 32 bit version just in case and install a windows 7 ultimate 64 bit version on the computer. Can you tell me what I have to do? Thank you!

Answer:How to create a recovery system disk from the hidden recovery partition?

Hi and welcome,
One way is to save a recover set ... with OKR ... or better do this Backup before  ...but no way to get a  pure Windows 7 Install Disc if you mention this  ...  
And Windows 7 64 Bit will not run on Atom based machine.. i.e. S10/S10e/S10-2 ,S12 Intel/Nvidia ...
(and even when, it lacks of memory 2GB (due the intel chipset restrictions) is good for 32 Bit based systems, but not really enough for 64 Bit based systems, so there is no benefit for use a 64bit on a netbook)  
S10-3t W7 64 ?
sincerely KalvinKlein 
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --
Want more ? For further information to get the most of your S-Class machine 
Lenovo Energymanagement Backup  Windows 7 Driver Windows 7  Install
XP Startup  Small WebCam Guide  Lenovo Easy Capture    Clean XP Install
Resolution > 1024 x 576 / 600  Works with XP Only Try this for a Windows 7 Solution 

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When I push the Q: recovery drive> Create recovery media, I get a message saying "Windows cannot find 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Lenovo\factory recovery\recovburncd.exe'. Make sure you types the name correctly, and then try again."How do I go about fixing this and creating a recovery disk?

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Hi, I am trying to create a recovery drive on a new ThinkPad Yoga 15, but that is failing because the recovery partition seems to be empty. - Computer Management > Storage > Disk Management shows 3 hidden partitions. All three are 100% free (empty). - Control Panel > Recovery > Create a Recovery Drive throws error "We can't create a recovery drive on this PC. Some required files are missing. [...] use your Windows installation disc or media." - The laptop shipped without any installation disc or media. - Running >reagentc.exe /info throws "Operation failed: 3. An error has occured". - Running >sfc /scannow results in "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations". Where are the recovery files, and how can I create a recovery drive on this system? Thanks.

Answer:Recovery Partition Empty & Can't Create Recovery Drive

The better part of a month later and still no reply from Lenovo Support? I would appreciate a response. I paid a lot of money for a device that does not work as advertised. Thanks.

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Dear All. My T440s no longer has the recovery partition.I'm with Win 8.1 Pro, but I would like to restore the system. How can I do to restore and create a new Recovery Partition? Thanks,Lucas Mendes  

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Hello all, I'm new here. I bought a Lenovo G50-70 at the end of 2014. I want to create a recovery media of my RECOVERY PARTITION. Ok I have Lenovo OneKey Recovery App v8 but with that application I can't create a recovery media of my recovery partition, I can ONLY create a recovery of my current partition (in this case: C: ). I don't want that my current partition has 119 GB. My recovery partition has 15GB, my question is: How can I access there to record it in a USB, DVD or my PC? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Lenovo G50-70 create a recovery media (of recovery partition)

macrium reflect

find joy.

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Well I finished my project - the program script allows me to create MBR and GPT hard drive partitions with a recovery image partition. The script also allows me to install 3 different versions of windows. and lastly it allows me to capture a recovery (push button reset) image. which can then be used to create recovery media..

Here is the Menu Snippet:

WinPE 5.1 was the preinstallation environment use for testing

Answer:Create a Recovery Partition and Recovery Image

Good one! I always have to go back and look up the procedure and commands when doing this. Really a help for an old brain.

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Hi, i had a problem with my Lenovo Yoga 13, I recovered all the data but the partitions are all messed up, and Onekey Recovery doesn't work. I know is something about the partitions, I had also a problem with something called "Intel Rapid Technology" giving me an error, i fixed it creating a partition and setting the id of it (i saw that on this forum somewhere). My list of partitions is this:    Number    Type           Size            Offset------------- ---------------- ------- ---------------Partition 1 OEM           1000 MB      1024 KBPartition 2 System       260 MB        1001 MBPartition 3 OEM           1000 MB      1261 MBPartition 4 Reserved   128 MB         2261 MBPartition 5 Primary       92 GB          2389 MBPartition 6 Primary       4096 MB      95 GBPartition 7 Unknown     8191 MB      99 GBPartition 8 OEM            12 GB          107 GB The partition 7 is the one that I created. I think that partition 1 and partition 8 should appear as "Recovery" type partitions, but I don't know how to set them so. The data in the "D" partition is all there, but i'm not sure about the others, but... Read more

Answer:Lenovo Yoga 13 disk partitions for onekey recovery... or delete onekey?

hi iperich,
In some cases, if the partition structure of the hard drive is changed, OneKey Recovery may cease to work.
If you're leaning towards freeing up space on the Yoga 13, check this Yoga 13 Hotfix.
Alternatively, you can also try the following.
1. Create a recovery drive (if it's still applicable - this is to backup your recovery partition into a flashdrive)
2. Follow this guide by Yikes2000. on how to manually repartition the Yoga 13.
In regards to manually deleting partitions 6,7, and 8, this would be fine if the OS is located in partition 5 (ensure that you back-up important files first).

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make recovery patition

Answer:how to create a recovery partition

type backup in the run box, open backup and restore center, and create an image, preferably on an external drive.i hate computers!but cant help myself....

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I have a computer with the F10 option when I first turn on the computer. The hard drive failed so I have replaced it and installed windows 7. I am wondering if I can create a recovery partition when I turn on the computer and use the F10 option to restore back to when I first installed windows 7?

Answer:Create F10 Recovery Partition

I don't think you can create a partition that will do that by pressing f10, but you can create a system image of your system that is activated and will restore your PC to exactly the way it is when you create the image. You can burn it to DVD, a separate partition or a USB stick. This would be my suggestion to you. Get your computer exactly the way you want it with all your basic and primary apps installed and everything activated. Then make a system recovery image and a recovery disk. To do this go to Control Panel>System and Recovery>Backup and Restore and look on the left hand side of the Windows and you will see both options. Click create a system image and tell Windows where to save your image and it will make an exact copy of your partition. Then it will ask you to make a recovery disk. Follow the instructions on doing that and you will have a backup of your system at it's bare minimum.

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How could i create a recovery partition, so that i could reinstall windows xp?
And if anyone can give me extra info that would be real helpful.
thx in advance.

Answer:how to create a recovery partition?

It's a bad idea to make one. You have limited access to the partition, and it is useless if the drive fails. Just use your original CD or make an image of the drive on an external.

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Thank you for reading! Skip to the bold part below if this is TLDR. I've tried searching around for answers, but I'm afraid that I'm just not familiar enough with what I'm hoping to solve to even know if I'm searching in the right place. So again, thanks for your help in advance!

I recently picked up an Asus laptop, a SDD to replace the the laptop's HDD, and a HDD caddy to hold the HDD in place of the CD/DVD drive. After a fresh Win 8.1 install on the SDD, I made system images of both the SDD and the HDD with the Win 8 OEM install (both stored on external drive). I also created a USB recovery drive and then formatted the HDD.

Fast forward a few weeks... It's last Friday. I'm about to leave for a business trip. I boot up my laptop and a screen comes up telling me to "reboot and select proper boot device". I pull the SDD out, hook it up to my desktop, and see that the drive shows up, but it's blank. A little googling turned up a few reviews from other people with the same issue. On rare occasion, it will wipe itself. Using the USB recovery drive and the Win 8.1 system image, I got things up and running again.

Now for my question, instead of constantly carrying around the 2 USB drives holding the recovery and system image, can I create a recovery partition on my HDD that I can boot too if my SDD wipes again? (Could I copy or clone my Recovery USB to a partition on my HDD?) Then I could just keep the SSD system image on the HDD in case I need to restore it, right?
... Read more

Answer:How do I create a recovery partition on a 2nd HDD

You can always create a System Image Backup on a second internal drive, as long as it is not part of the backup. You could also copy the current WindowsImageBackup folder to the internal drive for re-imaging the SSD.

The term "Image" may apply to many different type of files. For instance, a Windows 8 OEM system image may be a .wim file used to reset the system to factory conditions. The type of file would certainly determine what utility was necessary to recover that image.

A recovery drive will normally have the Factory image of Windows 8, unless you have replaced the install.wim with a new one. But all this does get confusing if the exact type of image being referred to is not known.

Be aware, when you create a Recovery Drive, the entire drive can be used for nothing else. That is why Flash drives are normally used.

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I want to create a recovery partition on my windows xp desktop. Pretty much i want to be pompted when the pc boots to hit f10 and have a count down of 4 seconds . I know this would be done through boot.ini however i have no idea how to do so. Also id make a seperate partition on my hd of ten gigs just for the backup image. Im guessing id use ghost to make the backup. But if someone could help me.... I'll appreciate it. Thanks

Please mail me on [email protected]

Answer:How to create recovery partition?

There are a couple of items you would have to do. First create a new partition, format it with FAT32 and make it bootable using DOS or The version that comes with Ghost. Create your image using Ghost or Acronis and save it there. You will have to install the imaging program on the partition as well put it in a folder called Ghost. Then you will need to create an AUTOEXEC.BAT file to load Ghost on start up saved in the same folder. I would make the parition bigger this way you can keep a few different images stored if you want. Finally you will need to alter you Boot.ini file. Create a copy and save it somewhere easy to remember first in case you make a mistake and need to restore the old one.

The boot.ini should look like this:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\Ghost="Recovery Partition"

You can change how long the wait in seconds is by altering the timeout value.

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i have a year old hp pavilion a6425n and it shipped with a 250 gb hdd witch i later upgraded to a 500 gb hdd and i lost my recovery option.. can i make a new recovery partition using my win7 disk so if i press F11 during boot it takes me to setup?

Answer:how do i create a 'recovery' partition?

Hello cammy,

Here is a tutorial that may apply to you from this very website, try it out: Recovery Partition - Create

"Recovery Partition - Create" tutorial creator - severedsolo

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Can anyone advise me how to create a recovery partition like those new HP computer? Thanks.

Answer:Create Recovery Partition

I found an article from PC MagazineMake a Recovery PartitionHope this is of some help

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By mistake my little brother have formated the recovery partition.I am not able to refresh the PC through update&recovery option in PC settings...I have HP pavilion 15 8.1 single language. Please guide me create the partition again.......

View Solution.

Answer:How to create recovery partition??????

Hello, Thank you for posting in the HP Support forum. Welcome! I am afraid you cannot create recovery partitions if they are deleted. End users cannot do it. If the computer originally came with Windows preinstalled by HP (e.g. OEM Windows), then you can purchase recovery media from HP. They are usually cheap. You can use it to restore your computer to factory default condition. Here is how to do it:>>>> And once you receive the recovery media [DVDs or USB pen drive], here is how to use it to restore back to factory/Windows default condition:>>>>  If the computer originally did not come with Windows preinstalled, but you installed it on your own after that, then you need to use Windows installation media to reinstall Windows. You can get Windows installation ISO images from Microsoft web site and then burn it on a DVD >>>>  Please, let me know if this helps and works for you. Don't hesitate to post back for follow-up questions.

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my sony vaio laptop model is VPCEH26EN.I recently installed windows 8 pro 64 Bit.I formatted whole hard disk and installed windows 8.I had a oem recovery partition when i bought this laptop with windows 7 preinstalled.By this hard disk partition ,i used to recover the whole windows to its factory condition by using F10 key.The recovery hard-disk partition was of only contains the whole windows with some software already installed .But now i have no recovery partition now.So please tell how to create recovery partition with in 12GB for future purpose.The windows default system image creation usually taking 40 gb space.So its of no use.Please tell how to create a recovery partition which can be used to recover windows to its factory condition using F10 key in case of any error in future?????????????????

Answer:create recovery partition

You would like to remake the Sony Vaio VPCEH26EN Windows 7 Recovery Partition with Windows 8?

You can remake the Sony Vaio VPCEH26EN Windows 7 Recovery Partition with the Recovery DVD's.

For Windows 7.

How to make Sony Recovery Disks:
View Document
How to use Sony Recovery:
View Document

How to use Sony Hardware Diagostics:
View Document

How to order Sony Recovery disks:

1.Go to
2.Enter your computer's model number (for example, PCV-XXXX), and click List Parts and accessories.
3.Follow the online instructions to order the Recovery Media Kit.
If you are not able to access the Sony Direct Accessories and Parts Center Web site, contact a customer service representative at 1-800-488-7669.

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hi, Folks

i run windows 7 and wanna make a recovery partition hitting the F key on startup like toshiba's one. The toshiba recovery utility is no longer available. Who can help me to do it?

Thanks in advance

Answer:How to create a recovery partition?


1.) On Toshiba notebooks there is no recovery partition. They only have an image of factory settings stored on second partition in HDDrecovery folder. This recovery procedure can be started in advanced boot menu of Windows (F8) and if you select ?Repair my Computer?.

2.) It?s not possible to create such a partition and then you have to press only one single key to start this. I think it?s pretty complicated to create such a recovery partition.

3.) You can create your own image using a backup program like Acronis TrueImage. Save this backup on the second partition or external HDD. You can restore this image using the Acronis boot disk. It?s very easy and I do this on my notebook too.

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I am attempting to create a recovery partition. The instructions I have received to create the partition state to type fdisk from command prompt then choose option 1. However, when I type fdisk I receive the message it is not a recognized command. Any ideas? I got this from this site is another computer i have, here is it's spec's HP 864n Windows Xp Pro Sp3 Pentium 4 2.66ghz 1024 RAM

Answer:How to create a recovery partition

Why not, after installing, updating, etc. to where you want to create a recovery partition, why not just clone the HD? That way, if the original HD goes, you just pop in the 2nd one and you're back up and running. Just a thought.

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Hi all,
I'v trying to create a recovery partition on my Windows 8.1 PC.
I followed the guide here: Restore Deleted Recovery Partition2
I've put install.wim onto my recovery drive (R:\WIN8\install.wim)
When using command prompt to point windows to the recovery drive using:
REAGENTC /SetOSImage /Path R:\Win8\install.wim /Index 1
I receive the message:
REAGENTC.EXE Operation Failed: 3
I've looked around for a solution and i can't find anything applicable.
Can anyone help?
Many thanks!
1]: [click here

Answer:Trying to create new recovery partition

I've put install.wim onto my recovery drive (R:\WIN8\install.wim)

you don't make a recovery drive - install.wim does that for you
Create a folder on our C drive - Win81-Recovery
copy install.wm into that folder
right-click the Windows Start screen button and select Command Prompt (Admin)
type in
REAGENTC /SetOSImage /Path C:\Win81-Recovery\INSTALL.WIM /Index 1
press enter
now type REAGENTC /Info press enter

you should get operation successful
that's it

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As I posted under different thread, my Windows 8 computer crashed a week ago.
A Dell technician replaced a new motherboard. Then, Windows 8 was restored using a provided Windows 8 recovery media DVD. Now, windows 8 runs super.

What I now found was that the original recovery partitions were disappeared. in the main hard drive.
I could not create a recovery drive (in flash drive) without recovery partitions in hard drive.
Is there a way to re-create the original recovery partitions ? If so, how?

Answer:How to create recovery partition

Buy the factory recovery disks.

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Hello All,
I have seen this thread: request: HP Recovery partition/dvd of Windows 7. I want to make a recovery partition on a clean install of windows 7. This is what I did:
1. Download HP Recovery Manager for Windows Vista
2. Install it.
3. Go to C:\Windows\SMINST\RAMDSK\Windows\SYSTEM32
4. Run Shrink.exe

Before when I ran it it said it couldn't create a recovery partition. To run it asks me to click next when it says "This installer will create a recovery partition and an initial restore point" and I did. But now when I run it as administrator it says its verifying the file system and it says it is preparing the harddrive for recovery partition creation and gives me an error : "Resizing of the windows partition failed or the disk is not recognized!The recovery partition cannot be may try to delete files i the Windows partition, defragment the drive and/opr use a 3rd party tool to reduce the windows partition in size.". I tried everything.

On the screen it gives me the error it said it will restart the PC in a few seconds and it counts down and it shows click finish to restart. When I wait or click finish it just closes and does not restart my computer.

I reinstalled it lots of times.

In Shrink.exe.log it says this:


Shrink.EXE - 4, 0, 2, 59 - Compiled on Feb 7 2007 14:08:38 - Executed on May 16 2012 19:26:18

UP is C:\... Read more

Answer:Create HP Recovery Partition

Why do you want a Recovery partition on the same HD, which can fail and lose the ability to recover.

A much better plan is to save a Win7 backup image externally so you can reimage with the Win7 boot CD/DVD in 20 minutes to the same or a replacement HD.

I would also consider with HP getting a far superior Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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I have a Flex 14 Ideapad having 25 GB of solid state disc as a different partition. Now I am thinking of creating a system recovery disc in this drive. However I do not see any option of choosing this drive in the dialogue for creating the receovery disc.Could you please guide me as to how to create the recovery disc / partition for Flex 14 laptop on another drive on the computer itself.Thank you in advance

Answer:Create a Recovery Partition

You have a number of misunderstandings going on here. Firstly, all Win8.1 installations have a hidden recovery partition on the boot drive. You need a separate recovery disk/usb stick in case you get to the point where you cannot boot from the main drive. Best approach is to make a recovery disk/stick and choose to copy the recovery partition too, but do not delete it from your PC when it offers.The recovery drive will be bootable (that's the point) so if you managed to get it on an internal partition you would have to make a dual boot configuration. This would be an odd way of doing things and against design. I recommend against such a strange approach.

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please how can i create recovery partition again ??  

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I have been away and not used the laptop for a few days and got the above message in a grey text box asking me to OK it. It is not something that I have initiated. Is this something I should be wary of or is it OK to continue using laptop? I'm using AVAST anti-virus which is up to date. Any help greatly appreciated.    

Answer:G555 - system back up default path created in D:\Lenovo\OneKey\OneKey Recovery\ PROMPT

Sounds like you or someone hit the One key backup button on the upder left of the laptop.

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Help!I have Y450 with Windows 7. I tried downloading and installing the drivers from the support page, but when I tried accessing the desktop navigator, it doesn't work and caused bluescreen a few times. Onekey recovery doesn't work and neither does the onekey theater nor the dolby shortcut. What should I do? Am I missing some drivers?

Answer:Y450/desktop navigator/ onekey recovery/ onekey theater

have you downloaded the right driver? see to it that you have chosen the right driver including the bits...(32 or 64 bits). in my experience, the most common cause of blue screen is due to wrong device driver...try this driver for your desktop navigator: Windows7 64 bits (Desktop navigator), Windows7 32 bits (Desktop nivigator) i also have y450 C2D P8700 running 64bits windows 7 ultimate, it runs smoothly...

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Computer : Lenovo IdeaPad P580 with Windows 7
Hi ! My internal HDD died, but I managed to backup everything with both the Windows 7 utility (both files and system image), and OneKey Recovery. The HDD was changed and set back to factory default. I can easily restore the files, but the system image from Windows 7 utility is not detected. I want to try to restore my computer with OneKey Recovery.
1. When I press the OKR button in Windows, the OneKey Recovery program is displayed, as it should.
2. I ask for a recovery, it says the system will boot in recovery mode.
3. I get the BIOS splash screen, then Windows 7 splash screen, and then Windows simply boots normally.
4. The OKR button won't activate the recovery mode ; it simply acts like the power button.
My problem is much similar to the one explained in the topic "One-Key Recovery will not boot into recovery system (y450)", however, the Lenovo's hidden partition is already hidden (its type is already set to 12). This video also provides the very same solution, but it doesn't seem to apply to my case.

Let me explain :
I have 4 partitions :
1. One hidden partition of 200 MB*. I've read it might be the WinRE environnement, I should not touch it. Originally, it had no name, but I gave it the name "Environnement WinRE". Its partition type ID is 07 (NTFS Windows).
2. My main partition C:, type 07. Size : 653,44 GB
3. Lenovo's D: partition, type 07. Size : 25,47 GB
4. Lenovo's hidden diagnost... Read more

Answer:Can't boot OneKey's recovery mode, OneKey button does not work

good question.  I can't offer any suggestions here but would also like to know if those other partitions are really needed if you have a complete cloned hdd with those other partitions as a backup.  I don't like the idea there is at least 40GB of unnecessary partitions and data reserved that I cannot use.

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I have updated my Ideapad Z580 to Windows 8 and  noticed, that some features are not working with Windows 8, such as Power Managment, OneKey Recovery and Theater and some others. I visited driver download page and found some drivers, that helped me there. But I didn't find OneKey Recovery and OneKey Theater utilities. So, where I can download these utilities for Windows 8?

Answer:OneKey Recovery and OneKey Theater are not working for Windows 8

For windows nowhere but i have instaled OKR for w7 and i tried to backup current state and i am done but i did not test restore process yet..:/

-------------------------------------Lenovo IdeaPad U410, Core i7 - 3517U, 8GB RAM 1600 MHz, 1 TB + 24GB SSD HDD, BIOS: 65CN15WWWindows 7 Home Premium -> Windows 8 Pro RTM (upgraded without problems)

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As most of us know, Acronis True Image can create a recovery partition, that is available while starting up a pc / laptop with F11 key. While it sounds like i great idea, there is one issue with this. It's price for Acronis.

So i've been thinking as well with using a google to find a similar software, that can do same thing. But my google skills aren't as good as i would like it to be.

Here i'm asking for your help guys. If you have found one please let me know. So far i've found this one

create a bootable recovery partition to restore a pc. like oem's F11


but ... well just want to know is that everything ? Or there is other software that can help me creating recovery partition.

Yes i do understand i will need space from my Hdd. Not sure what else could possible go wrong

Cheers in advance for your help


Ps. Please excuse my bad grammar english. Still learning.

Answer:What software can create recovery partition ?

I would just create an image - beats reinstalling.

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I've successfully created a Windows 7 Recovery partition as follows in the past, but when I try this with the Windows 10 Installation DVD or flash it says permission denied:
Windows 10: Create a System Installation Partition to install Windows (Installation Partition, not image)

1.) Boot From the Windows 10 Installation USB Flash drive and choose cmd from troubleshoot.

2.) Create a 16GB partition at the beginning of the hard drive, then partition the rest of the hard drive as you wish as follows:


select disk # (note:where # is the number of the partition in the output of the list disk command.)

Create Primary Size=X (where X is in megabyte hint: 16 GB is exactly 16384MB)

3.) Copy the entire USB Flash drive on to the 16 GB partition and make the partition bootable.

Open the command prompt and type this:

diskpart (note if not already in it)

list disk (note: disk number next to disk)

list volume

select volume # (note:where # is the number of the partition in the output of the list volume command.)

list partition

select partition # (note:where # is the number of the partition in the output of the list partition command.)

delete partition # (note:where # is the number of the partition in the output of the list partition command.)

select partition # (where # is the partition you want to format on the disk note the number beside partition in the list partition output.)

create partition primary size=16384


FixPar... Read more

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In a fit of over zealous tidying up after installing Win 10 on my lappie, I deleted the 450MB Recovery Partition that the upgrade from Windows 7 created at the end of the main partition.

1) What was actually in that partition and why would I want it.

2) If I do want it, how to re-create it ...?


Answer:Re-Create that 450MB Recovery Partition?

Recovery partition is where Windows stores the WinRe.wim which allows you to create a recovery disk or get into the recovery environment to repair/Trouble shoot/Restore/Reset/Refresh etc...

Now that you've deleted it. Those features won't be available and you won't be able to create a USB Recovery disk.

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I bought my z5070 with HDD in it now it is so slow, so i bought SSD, i want to create a recovery partition as the one that came with the basic HDD(the one that we use to restore from using OneKey Recovery), so how can i create it?? or at leat coping it. i tries with the acronis that came with the SSD but i always fail "not supported file system" or something llike that the acronis gives me

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I want to create 2 partitions in my hdd but I have no idea how to do it. I have 80GB hard disk. I have recovery CD and I want to ask if anybody knows is this possible to do it by that recovery cd.

Thanks for any help!!!!!

Answer:How to create partition in Satellite 105 via recovery CD?

Hi nina,

Use the Expert Modus with the recovery CD.

You make a Partition with the recovery CD

- Choose ?Expert mode? pressing number two
- Click OK and press ENTER
- Look in: must be selected to CD-ROM drive
In the middle window choose GHO file and press ENTER
- Using TAB button you must mark information about drive and so on and press ENTER
- Using TAB button mark again middle part of window (blue line) and with space bar activate ?New Size? box
- Put inside new partition size and press again ENTER button
- The question ?Proceed with disk load?? confirm with OK

or use the Partition Magic 8 this is a good and a simple Software for Partitions of the HDD.

I Hope this is a Help


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Hi Guys,

So, I have a Toshiba Satelite L505-141 (from Greece) and my hard drive broke. Unfortunately, I have lost my recovery discs. I have changed my hard drive, I have installed the OS but I would like to have my computers as it was (with all crapwares ... Wink )

I found a guy with the same laptop and he can send the recovery disc. Actually, he already sent me the 2 disc (he sent me two copies of his CD online) that he created when he bought the laptop (through the Recovery media creator). Those discs though are not bootable and (I read) that you just use them and when you restart the system goes through the recovery wizard. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me (at least with the CD my friend sent me).

Do you know any way that I can do it? I mean to get from my friend a recovery disc? Can he create an ISO from his recovery partition?

Any suggestion is welcome!

Message was edited by: GeoKoro13

Answer:How to create bootable DVD/USB from Recovery Partition?


To be honest I don?t have experience with this stuff but i found very interesting document in Toshiba knowledge base -

Check it out.

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I'm using Windows Vista and I'm trying to achieve this...

1) Copy my C: Drive partition to a DVD
2) Have that DVD be bootable and be able to recover the entire partition back into the partition.

I've got my Hard Drive partitioned into 4 parts
C: - OS
D: - Documents, Program Files, AppData (and other windows folders)
the other two are not relevant.

So basically if anything goes wrong with my OS I want to be able to throw the DVD in and boot to it, have it restore the C: partition.

So what software would I use to do this?

Answer:Create a bootable Partition recovery DVD

Acronis True Image will let you "image" your entire drive or partition to CD/DVD media and restore it at a later time. The backup set itself will not be bootable, but True Image will create a bootable CD version of itself that you can use to run True Image natively (meaning you boot from that CD, load the application, remove that CD and then put in the backup CDs/DVDs and do the restoration, or use True Image to create new backup sets).

There's nothing on the market today that will automagically create a bootable backup recovery set; the only one product that ever did that automagically was Powerquest Drive Image. It would put the actual application on the first CD (it didn't burn DVDs when it came out and disappeared before DVD burners/media even became popular) and you could use that backup set to restore.

The only difference with True Image is you need the TI recovery CD + your backup set, hardly a big problem. You can burn off multiple copies of the recovery CD as required, one for each set if necessary.

Good luck...

It's possible to create a recovery set using Norton Ghost and then you can create a new CD and put the ghost.exe executable on the CD, but you'd still be required to do other steps to make that CD bootable in the first place so you could then access the ghost.exe file to run it. A bit more hassle than most people care to bother with, I believe. But it's possible... and you can use other imaging tools to do similar tas... Read more

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OK what I need to do is complicated. I have been searching for hours and cannot come up with a solution.
I have a computer with Windows 8 Pre-installed. It has a recover partition. I have disabled UEFI in the BIOS until I can finish installing Windows 7. I do not have any blank DVDs or access to a USB drive. What I want to do is delete the files in the Windows 8 recovery partition and put Windows 7 installer there. Then boot from that and replace Windows 8 with Windows 7. I have the drivers already downloaded to go onto the recovery partition. I have been unable to find any resources online to do this. I already Have a Windows 7 ISO ready to go.

Answer:How do I create Windows 7 Recovery Partition

How do I get over 100 views and no responses?

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I would like to create a custom recovery partition for windows 8.1 that I can use to refresh the pc. I would like to include the drivers that are required. I am unable to locate a tutorial that can help me do this. Anyone know how I can do this?

Answer:Create custom recovery partition

Maybe this will help:
Refresh Windows 8 - Create and Use Custom Recovery Image

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As with most new home computers these days, the manufacturer will include a bootable recovery partition on the hard drive instead of sending you a recovery CD.
I?m currently building a new system with windows 7, and after installing some of the most common applications I want to create a bootable recovery partition on the hard drive, as well as a bootable image on a CD.
The question is I?m not really sure how to do this?
I know of programs such as Norton ghost and Acronis, but I was looking for an easier solution, perhaps a free program?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:How do I create a bootable recovery partition?

Hi -

The recovery partitions are found on pre-manufactured OEM systems. You can create a system inage on a partition, external drive, DVD, etc...

See "system image" - from Microsoft, Windows 7 Support -

Regards. . .



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My laptop came with windows 8.1 innitialy. I had upgraded my os to windows 10. Some days back I had to do " restore factory settings " on my pc due to some problems and my pc started with windows 8.1 again.  So, How should I creat recovery partition that would recover my pc back to windows 10 with out going back to windows 8.1. Plzz Help me ASAP.

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Although this is my first post here, I am no stranger to this forum. So I have a blank hard drive which is for a notebook laptop with no DVD drive. I am planning to install windows 7 but I also do not have a 4GB () flash disk, at least not at the present.
So I though of creating a recovery partition. I am using windows 7 on my laptop and I have a SATA to USB cord. I have been creating partitions for some time now so I though it will be just the same process except that it is on another HD. Here is what I usually type on the console window.

list disk
select disk X
list partition
select partition X
X:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt60 X:
But when I was done with the process, transferred the HD to the notebook it did not boot into the set up process.
Although I don't know the problem, I suspect that the problem might be this last line :

X:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt60 X:
Please help if you can.


Answer:How to create a recovery partition for a blank HD

I think you are better off to make a USB recovery stick. Those sticks cost pennies. - $0 - $10, usb stick

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Yesterday i have upgraded my HP Envy 15-201TX Laptop from W8.1 to W10. As this is the genuine version of Windows which is only available for 1 Year so I wanted to have a Recovery Disk/Partition. So i deleted the old Recovery Partition(:D) which contained W8.1 given by HP and tried to create a Recovery Partition by myself using Windows Recovery Tool but i'm not able to do it, an error appears everytime i try do it "A Problem occurred while creating the Recovery Drive."
Steps are as follows: Control Panel > Recovery > Create a Recovery Drive
I have checked "Backup System Files to Recovery Drive".

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it says it all in the title really.

Can I create a restore cd from my HP partition using the Recovery Console? as I cant boot to desktop.


Answer:Can I create a restore cd from partition using Recovery Console?

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In the old windows 7 pro, the recovery partition is missed

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I have been fixing PCs for friends and family for years, some of them are really good at screwing up an OS a only couple months after i install a fresh copy of xp or 7. i would like to be able to create a restore method simple for them to use to reset there machine back to my initial installed state. was thinking something similar to newer PCs F11 restore method or something i could add to a bootloader in 7 or xp making it a "dualboot" with just the OS and the recovery.

Answer:create a bootable recovery partition to restore a pc. like oem's F11

Since you'd be loading a backup image into a Primary partition created for this purpose, it can be reimaged using F8 System Recovery Options.

However this is not optimal because if you're making your own backup image then it can more easily be saved externally so it's also available in case of HD failure - or you can do both.

Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
System Image Recovery

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