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HD upgrade for S10e Linux SSD system?

Question: HD upgrade for S10e Linux SSD system?

I just received my new S10e with Linux OS. I tried to install a SATA Harddisk and wanted to install Windows XP. Both harddisks , the preinstalled SSD (4 GB) and the new SATA disk are shown as Harddrive 0, ID 0 and BUS 0. installation of OS fails as both drives are accessed identically. Is there a way to switch off the SSD or change the harddrive, ID, or Bus no? I've found no option within the BIOS. Thanks svfa

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Preferred Solution: HD upgrade for S10e Linux SSD system?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Question: S10E with Linux

Yesterday I received my S10E preloaded with Suse Enterprise. I did the standard updates  and ran out of disk space. looking at the age of the OS I was underwhelmed so I tried to install  OpenSuse 11 I could not get that to work so I went to what I know the best. I installed Kubuntu 8.10 (intrepid). That was great and what I am using now. There are two items that I can not get to work and was hoping that people could share tips here and experiances.  The two items are the Battery Meter, and the Microphone. I have told external mikes work fine but i have not tested this. The next thing I want to do is replace the wifi applet (knetwork?) with wicd.    

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Completely my my fault, but I have deleted the hidden recovery partion on Ideapad S10e
Product Name: 4068RFG
Bios Version: 14CN66WW
Lenovo SN: 11Sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Just wondering if there is a USB key executable which it can boot off to restore available from Lenovo
Recovery CD does not work without this partition.
Many Thanks
Moderator Note; s/n edited for members own protection

Answer:Linux Recovery Partition on s10e lost

Hi and welcome...
the linux version (suse) comes with CD ... that installs Linux complete as i know...there is no recovery partition for linux ...
If you want Linux back ...i prefer other distris instead of old SLED...
Download on other computer one of these : Opensuse ...Mint 8 Ubuntu 8.04 (dont prefer9xx buggy) ...
and prepare on a bootable USB-Stick  ...
sincerely KalvinKlein

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please help, pulling my hair out. I am trying to load xp on s10e with an external cd drive, starting Fn + F12, going to boot options, changing boot options to boot from usb cd, F10 save and exit, but not getting much joy, any solutions available please as linux is not for me, much rather pay for a system i understand and too many white hairs to start on linux now.

Answer:how can i boot xp onto s10e from external cd drive on suse linux

Hi,first you should delete all linux based partition.. do this with parted ...or other progs...via cd... and if you want to install (not nlited or something ) Windows XP be sure that ServicePack 3 is included... to avoid sideeffects after preinstall, like (ups no cam driver available all drivers you need ...beginn to install with chipset driver... sincerely KalvinKlein

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Hi Just wondering if anyone can help me with this. I just got my new Lenovo Ideapad s10e a couple of days ago. I don't really understand how the windows recovery/reinstall works. But if I install Linux on the pc, is it still possible for me to reinstall/ recover windows in the future? 

Answer:Ideapad s10e. Restoring windows after linux install???

Hi, first i prefer in general to save the whole HDD to another USB HDD with Easeus TodoCopyFree Backup here or Clone with Free DiskCopy or with Acronis Trueimage if want to buy the very best solution software (its faster,more options) ... because any partition or formating could do that your possiblity of restoring factory windows is gone , where all bytes sometimes want go zero.. But if you want to install Ubuntu 9.04 you have the chance with WUBI... WUBI here it installs Ubuntu direct (fast Online access prefered) as deinstallabel programm in windows ! and this without having fear of loosing any recover function....i tried this out with my factory installed harddrive, (recovered everytime by acronis trueimage)...And i must say this is a very cool solution, in conjunction with quickstart in the end got 3 Systems on one harddrive without any fear of loosing something... and if you dont want it simply deinstall the software...Short Instruction:Download the wubi installer.... click to start the program... it asking which variation of ubuntu/kubuntu/ 3-4 varies... how much room on hdd (17GB default is enough), language, name & password.... then starts download... after restart you have a menu (but no destroying grub) windows or ubuntu ....quick choose ubuntu with arrow up/down and ubuntu will do a complete install....after 30mins or so... ready... how the speed of this system ?... i see no difference between a normal install ubuntu ... Read more

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In attempting update the BIOS of my U300-153, which is described as OS independent on the download page, I find that the provided upgrade file in
does not include files to make a bootable CD, as described in the instructions at IOS&FID=TRO0000000b07
where Option 2 Step 2 lists the files which are in the zip, and these are required to make a boot cd. The files listed are not in the zip.

This forces me to use Windows. My Windows is broken and I daren't repair it, since Windows repairs destroy data (stated clearly on the recovery CD packaging) and Linux co-installations. My Linux is working fine, and I don't want the Windows anymore.

How then can I upgrade the BIOS? Either:
1. Use a true OS independent package (ie the promised bootable CD approach). I don't find such a thing here.
2. Reinstall Windows, thereby trashing the laptop.

Any suggestions?

Aleksander K

Answer:Satellite U300 - How to upgrade the BIOS on a Linux system?

>How to upgrade the BIOS on a Linux system?
This is not possible since the BIOS on the Toshiba page is a win-based BIOS version and if you want to update the BIOS then you have to install the Windows OS and then you could execute the exe file?


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Hello all, I wanna buy a S10e and I still have one question:   Can I install Windows XP onto my Linux-Netbook and same way Linux on my Windows Netbook? I wanna use Suse for all my net applications and still wanna Windows for just old games running on a long trip as flights ect.. Is it possible? Install booth? Thanks Message Edited by ykin on 01-24-2009 12:43 PM

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Question: S10e RAM upgrade

I need some help! I just bought my lenovo s10e ideapad with 1GB RAM... but I ve realized need more RAM I wanna know what is the maximum RAM i can upgrade... I searched at best buy memory finder and it says the maximum RAM supported for lenovo s10e y 1.5Gb... I need some help! I want to partition my HD but I cant using partition magic... any comment? Thank u all!

Answer:S10e RAM upgrade

the max is 2gb.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -AMD Phenom II X6 1055T / 2xATI HD5770 CF / 8GB DDR3 / 4x500GB RAID-5 / Win 7 Ultimate x64Lenovo S10e Black / 2GB DDR2 / 160GB HDD / 6-cell battery / Win 7 Ultimate x86Motorola Xoom

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IdeaPad S10e (4068-2VG XP 1Gb 4Gb-ssd +160Gb-HDD)  Can I upgrade my netbook with Windows 7?


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Answer:Upgrade Win7 on s10e

Hi and welcome..
Why not ? Windows 7 Driver table .. prefer to Backup and update BIOS before you .upgrade..
sincerely KalvinKlein

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I purchased S10e and the netbook came with 4GB SSD and 160GB SATA hard drive. Is it possible to upgrade the SSD drive? If it is, where can I find this 4GB SSD drive? I saw the memory and 160GB SATA drive when I opened up the back panel.

Answer:Upgrade SSD Disk on S10e

Hi,the 4GB SSD are soldered onboard chips.... the place is on the upper and below side near the touchpad under the palmrest on the motherboard ... not upgradable ...on standard S10 and S10e the are no chips and controller soldered..the only way is to switch the 2,5" Sata-HDD to an 2,5" Sata-SSD... Best regards KKMessage Edited by KalvinKlein on 03-24-2009 09:56 AM

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Hi out there, anybody else with this issue?My S10e was bought around August 2009, barely transported, and if, with the original Lenovo Neoprene sleeve.Much of the chrome on the hinge caps (both sides) is peeling of just by touching it with the finger!

Answer:S10e hinge caps chrome coming off - END OF SERVICE FOR S10e?

Does not look good. Service partners neither in Germany (where it was bought some 6 month ago and bears a 2 year warranty) nor in South America (where I happen to be now for longer time) have the parts available for delivery. I wonder what is it good for if part #´s are available if parts are not... Part # 45N3863. 

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I am looking for guidance to upgrade the memory of my s10e:Can I upgrade to 1GB or 2 GB?What vendors are recommended?The manual is not clear on this.Thanks 

Answer:Memory upgrade qustion for s10e

Hi,you can upgrade to max.. 2GB .. due Chipset limitations...S0-DDR2 Dimm 667Mhz or 800Mhz fits ... any good brands like corsair, kingston,crucial,hynix,samsung ....How to change this look here Due different factory configurations by lenovo  (onboard soldered memory could be varied)answer how much mem upgrade will work or not isnt so simply as earlier....Possible upgrades:1 GB memory S0-DDR2 Dimm 667Mhz or 800Mhz if 1GB is onboard soldered and 1 Expansion Socket is freeupgrade with 2 GB stick wont work ... 2 GB memory S0-DDR2 Dimm 667Mhz or 800Mhz if  no soldered onboard and 1 Expansion socket is filled with 1 GB Memupgrade with 2 GB stick work ... 2 GB memory S0-DDR2 Dimm 667Mhz or 800Mhz if 512 MB onboard soldered and 1 Expansion Slot is filled with 512 MBsimply flip 512MB stick out and insert 2GB memory stick... onboard 512MB will blend off...result 2GB usable memorybest have to look inside your machine before you buy mem upgrade...  sincerely KalvinKlein 

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Hi guys, Really enjoying my Lenovo ideapad but i need more juice on the road, so i have been looking for 6-cell batteries. I dont seem to find much but finally i see Lenovo has a 6-cell for the S10e on the website. Also i see another battery Click Here  . As it says it for the S9 and S10.. could someone verify thats this will work in my S10e?  It had 5600 mAH so the best capacity ive seen at a decent pricepoint... Also if you know of any other places i can get batteries suitable for my netbook would be much appreciated if you could tell us where. What i really need to know is basically does the S10 battery work with the S10e netbook?   Thanks, -Twisted Message Edited by TwistedAkimbo on 01-18-2009 11:27 AMMessage Edited by TwistedAkimbo on 01-18-2009 11:28 AM


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Answer:Lenovo S10e Battery upgrade

Official Lenovo batteries contain Sanyo cells while the battery in your link probably has Celxpert cells which, I suspect, are of lower quality.  If you buy the OEMs, you'll find cheaper prices on Ebay.Message Edited by PeZzy on 01-18-2009 11:45 AM

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Hi everybody,
I have a Lenovo ideapad S10e with 1 GB RAM,
the computer is not fast enough for me and I want to accelerate it.
I think about changing the RAM.
Would it help, how much RAM can the computer handle,
what is the type that would match, and any other suggestions.
Thank you all!!
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

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Hello, I have managed to copy/clone my SSD with EASEUS partition master, after which my D rive (160 Gb) became C, and vice versa. Than for some STUPID reason I used shipped recovery disc to revert SSD 4 Gb to original, because I did Windows update and I wanted to have factory setting as backup, which I did. Than in same matter I used Partition master to copy disc C to D and than trough bios remove SSD HD from boot.Now here is the problem, windows does not start after I exclude the SSD HD from boot list and my screen just turn black with _ in top right corner.Also I tried to use Partition doctor from EASEUS, but when I use fixboot option result is same.I also bought same netbook for my friend and I did the cloning procedure no problem with PM from EASEUS, I even copied entire Preload from my friends S10e and Copy/Paste it on D on my S10e, but that did not bring much luck.Btw the "Recovery DIscs" which came with my netbook are for S9e not S10e, could it be that it did some thing that messed up my S10e so I can't clone it and use as boot drive?Anyone with similar problem or solution please help, I almost throw it out of window today when all I tried for past three days failed-Thnx in advance!DANKObananko

Answer:S10e problem - used recovery that came with S10e and now I can't boot from D drive??

Anyone with any ideas?

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I have updated BIOS from AHCI to Compatible.  I have Windows 7 Home on a bootable flash drive.  When I boot, it boots fine, but after starting, it is looking for a NTFS formatted drive and needs more than 3.8G.  Can anyone help? Any questions please ask,  I would like to get this ideapad running with Windows 7.Thanks for your time in advance.\Jack

Answer:I have a S10e now with reformatted but now NTFS. I have been told that I can upgrade to Win 7.

i'm not sure what you asking but if you want to check if your computer is ready to install windows 7, install windows 7 upgrade advisor.

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I'm facing a weird issue with my otherwise absolutely terrific S10e. If I were to pick it up, move a bit - just a notch above gently - it goes into a system freeze. Where only power / wireless radio keys work - while mouse, keyboard and the hdd stop responding. I've to eventually turn the system off and then restart it, to make it work. Any ideas as to what might be going on in here? 

Answer:System Freeze - S10e

Hi kursed, It sounds like a hardware failure to me, and you need to have the S10e serviced or replaced. The procedure is to call Lenovo Support and talk to a friendly person - explain the problem, maybe he has an idea to solve the problem, otherwise get a Case-ID number and instructions on how to proceed. --Hans

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Answer:Need help for System Restore on S10e with Win XP

Hi and welcome,
no text ?
press the OneKeyRecover Key to start up in recover mode...
or press F11 when start ...
sincerely KalvinKlein

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I haven't even installed linux yet, or tried it on live CD. Currently I have a system running windows xp, ultimately I would like a system with dual OS (linux + windows). I plan to gradually become less dependant on windows, until I only need it for gaming purposes, if that. I have little idea as to how possible or impossible this dream of dual OS is, as I have searched google and the site for information yielding no definitive answer.

Ideally I would buy another hard drive, and install my chosen distro of linux on this, so that I have XP on one and linux on the other HDD. Can this actually be done? Would this form the basis of a workable dual OS setup? Ubuntu, Kubuntu and madriva are distros that look promising, having been recommended by and gotten good press from I can try before I commit and wish to, using live CD. Is this a no risk way of trying them?

Do all distros of linux require compiling of their kernels in order to achieve greatest effectiveness?

I run a PC I have personally built with an MSI K8 Neo4 motherboard(integrated AC97 sound), AMD 64 3000+ CPU, Belkin wireless network card(is used a lot for internet connection via router), GeForce 6600 graphics card, 450 watt PSU.

I appreciate help on this issue, its fairly urgent, would like to be able to know for certain how to go about switching to linux ASAP.

Answer:LINUX Question: want to install linux on windows xp system + few other questions

Yes, it can be done that way. You can either put it all on one hard drive, which can result in two broken operating systems for beginners, or on two seperate ones. Linux requires 2 partitions, so keep that in mind when setting things up. I've installed Linux both ways; I had to get creative for the 2 OS on 1 setup.

If you install on 2 hard drives, make sure Windows is installed first, then install Linux. If you use the linux boot loader, things should be easier in the end. Be sure to make a boot disk/recovery/emergency disk when prompted in the Linux install.

I had a friend who had a RAID 0 or 1 setup and tried to use a live CD on his computer and it broke his array for some reason. He ended up reinstalling Windows because of it.

It depends on what you plan to do with the OS, in respect to compiling the kernel. If there is a driver you want to add or a modification you wish to make, you may need to recompile.

On the topic of drivers, some distros don't come with wireless drivers for all cards. You might want to look into a wireless driver for your Internet connection before deciding on a distro. Either from Belkin (they might have) or native to the distro. Sound might also require a driver search.

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I bought an IDE-USB Adapter and connected a DVD to the Netbook. But the device is not found even by the BIOS, too.So I can not install the System. In addition there will be no BIOS update available for LINUX to detect DVD drives if this is the problem.How can I make my Recovery DVD run on my Lenovo Ideapad S10e?


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Answer:S10e: How can I make my external DVD being detected to boot Recovery System

BIOS are OS independent. This is most likely a Linux problem. Did you mount it properly [within Linux environment]. Sorry, I am not too tech oriented in Linux thus I cannot help you much. Is the DVD drive detected when you press F12 [or the likes] to boot from something other than the hard drive [after the bios splash screen]?

\\ I do not respond to PM regarding individual tech support. Keep discussions in the forum for the benefit of others //

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HelloI had a somewhat big problem my netbook FREEZE at windows xp welcome screen (the moving rings stop)do not tell me please to try system rescue& recovery, because it also FREEZE at the moving rings above microsoft corporation!! Not a HDD problem as i think, because i can log windows through safemode and every thing looks normal I tried an xp booting cd through usb dvd-rom,but also this does not work (although the usb-cd rom is firt in order in BIOS)the same cd on the same dvd-rom works normally on another computer (laptop) S10ewindows xp service pack 3 appreciating your cooperation,thank you   

Answer:S10e: my netbook FREEZE during downloading windows or system recovery

Hi Re_Sword, say XP starts in safemode... even when you recover the sys hang up at start...(thats where the graphical user interface starts .. all drivers ...memory allocates...if there are faulty , causes a hang up)could be a faulty memory.. remove the battery , unplug the hatch ... and remove the memory..(if you have one S10e with soldered 512MB mem, there is factory 512MB plugged in...)  no fear you dont loose your warranty...close ...try to start ... if that fault coming up again...  best call lenovo for service...or where ever you bought it... sincerely KalvinKlein      

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If I change my operating system to linux and delete my old operating system entirely, will I be able to still use system restore to change my old operating system back?
Please help. All help is appreciated.

Answer:If I change my operating system to linux, can I still use windows' system restore?

The simple answer is no. If you remove an OS then you can not use it to do a restore because it is no longer there to run the restore program. What I would recommend would be to have a duel boot system.

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Hi, I'm running Fedora Linux on my Yoga 2 Pro with BIOS version 76cn31ww. The latest version is 76cn38ww, and I would like to upgrade. The upgrade system, however, appears to be available only for Windows. Is there an alternative way of upgrading my BIOS? (e.g. ThinkPad systems often provide a bootable ISO file). ThanksSøren

Answer:bios upgrade on linux

Google Windows 8 PE and burn it to a USB or CD and boot with that, then run the bios update.It's like a live-cd for windows.

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Why are you using Vista? Why not another OS like Ubuntu Linux?

If you'd like to see what Linux looks like THESE DAYS, take a gander at this eye candy:

Heh heh, you may resume your troubles installing Vista. Good luck.

Answer:Why should I use Vista? Why not upgrade to Linux?

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hi i have got an acer one running linux os but can not get on with it, i have just got a windows xp disc and license and an external cd/dvd drive but do not know how to do it. (ok i will admit i am scared) that i may cock it up, i even got a cd on how to do it from the usa (e-bay) but but still scared to take the jump.
can anyone help in step by step easy 1.2.3. how

Answer:linux to windows xp upgrade
This is for you.GOOD LUCK!!!!!
Post what you've done.

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I had to buy my young son an Acer Aspire One for school a few years ago. He has since changed schools and no longer uses his netbook, but my wife and I would like to get it up and running again. The problem is that neither of us is familiar with Linux (Linpus Lite) as we both have laptops with Windows as their OS.
At the moment we're just trying to get videos to play. We've seen that the Aspire One has VLC installed (version 0.8.6i Janus), but there is no video when we try to play an .avi file, only audio. We also got the following message the first time we tried to open an .avi file:
"cannot find codec matching selected -vo and video format 0x44495658."
My questions are the following:
a) Will updating the VLC player to its most recent version solve the problem of the missing codecs?
b) If so, how can I upgrade since there is no direct link in the menus of the program itself? If I go to the official website and download the current version of the VLC player, where should I install it?
c) If the lack of video is simply due to missing codecs and it is not necessry to download the latest version of the player, which codecs should I download and where should they be placed upon installation?
Many thanks indeed to those who can offer assistance.

Answer:How to upgrade VLC player on Linux

Try this codecs pack - download and install link text

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My E5-471G has always had issues in BIOS, taking a while before letting me go onward, seems to be sped up by clicking keys on the keyboard.  Over the last several months, it's been taking longer and longer to get to the BIOS screen at all while turning the LCD on and off.  Since I have the original stock (factory) firmware for BIOS, I want to try upgrading. Sadly, I don't even have a copy of Windows to use the upgrade software provided on Acer's site.  How can I upgrade to 1.21 or 1.24?  Is there a boot disk I can use?  Can I upgrade using a Linux tool? I understand it might not fix my problem but I figured it's worth a try.

Answer:From Linux, How do I upgrade the BIOS in my E5-471...

You can try creating a boot drive to MS-Dos on a standard thumb/usb drive, copy the BIOS file to a folder in the thumb/usb drive, then running the .exe BIOS file through DOS.Used to work for me on older machines all the time.  Otherwise if the .exe is only compatable with Windows, you will need to get the computer booted to Windows in order to perform the flash.

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I originally posted this in the vista section but thought i might get some help in here too.i'm trying to figuire out which vista package i should be buying from my local store but i can't find much information about it.I'm currently running mandriva as my windows xp sp2 died and the install disk was mutilated by my angry dog.Can i get the basic vista package which retails for around £50? or should i be getting a different one? I've still got the xp product key attatched to the side of my computer as someone said you need this to upgrade.Clueless here, has anyone got any suggestions ?Thanks

Answer:upgrade from mandriva to linux?

I meant Mandriva to Vista sorry (night shifts messing with my eyes)

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I have been a part of the insider program since 5/12/15. Always participated in the insider program to help improve windows 10.. I wake up today to see my build is no longer activated so i call to activate and am transferred to a rep that proceeds to tell me that he can not activate it and I have to purchase a windows 10 key... Are you kidding me have we all been strung along this whole time. I will not use another Microsoft program if this is how they are going to operate.

Answer:Will never upgrade now time for linux

Use this tool to do the upgrade. You can also use it to make a ISO for a clean install.

Windows 10

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My E5-471G has always had issues in BIOS, taking a while before letting me go onward, seems to be sped up by clicking keys on the keyboard.  Over the last several months, it's been taking longer and longer to get to the BIOS screen at all while turning the LCD on and off.  Since I have the original stock (factory) firmware for BIOS, I want to try upgrading. Sadly, I don't even have a copy of Windows to use the upgrade software provided on Acer's site.  How can I upgrade to 1.21 or 1.24?  Is there a boot disk I can use?  Can I upgrade using a Linux tool? I understand it might not fix my problem but I figured it's worth a try.

Answer:From Linux, How do I upgrade the BIOS in my E5-471...

You can try creating a boot drive to MS-Dos on a standard thumb/usb drive, copy the BIOS file to a folder in the thumb/usb drive, then running the .exe BIOS file through DOS.Used to work for me on older machines all the time.  Otherwise if the .exe is only compatable with Windows, you will need to get the computer booted to Windows in order to perform the flash.

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Hello everyone!
I am new to this site and I this is my first question, so here it goes.

Well first off my current setup is Windows XP Professional and Linux (Fedora Core 6
to be exact) dualbooted using GRUB. And I am planning to purchase a Windows Vista Business Upgrade but I am
not sure if the upgrade will overwrite my current boot configuration
or not touch it (which I doubt from all of the stories I have read about Vista
being an MBR hog). And if the upgrade does overwrite my boot configuration
then will I still be able to boot to vista and fix my bootloader with a program such as Easy BCD or
will I have to use a Linux Live CD (such as Ubuntu) to fix my GRUB or will I have to use a whole new bootloader?
Please post any ideas you have.

Thank you for reading this,

Answer:Is it possible to upgrade XP Pro to Vista while linux is installed?

most distros have a way to make a boot disk. make one
or use a live cd I don't know how grub works but you would need to make sure that the live cd has grub ( I use lilo the command to use with lilo would be lilo -b /dev/hda after you chroot to the parttion where linux is installed )
just be prepaired to rerun grub and write the boot loader to the MBR

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Hi everyone

Yesterday I installed Linux Mint MATE 17.1 and liked it really fluid and clean everything works .

Everything was fine until I decided to settle a new tool ( shutter ) , and when I wrote sudo apt- get update began errors. Do not update and said that it could not connect to server. I changed servers Sources of Software and was the same for hours ...

I could not find anything on the internet, until a small network corner I found this:

This morning it already updated , but can be repeated , so if you're using Linux Mint , wait and not despair as last night.

Greetings to all and have a nice day

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Hi,I have an old Hp compact dc5100 and I want to upgrade the bios. I use ubuntu and there's any manual or procedure to do this in the hp drivers page.How can I do?Thanks for attention

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I'm running CentOS 7 on E7470, and a few of the devices aren't working, like smart card reader, fingerprint reader, etc. According to some sources, deploying the latest ControlVault firmware/drivers package may fix some of those.
The native installer is built for Windows, and I was wondering if it'd be possible to do the upgrade by either booting a Windows portable/live version and running the upgrade, or, copying the installer to a USB and doing an upgrade in the way it's done with BIOS upgrades on Linux?
Perhaps LVFS? (Although compiling that on CentOS 7 is not really straight forward)

Answer:E7470 firmware upgrade on Linux

Here's another (risky?) idea: There's a Windows 10 VM running on top of libvirt/KVM, and I can do USB passthru of Broadcom 5880. Driver isn't applied by default, so I'm tempted to try how wrong might things go if I were to install ControlVault2 firmware and drivers for these devices as they're passed thru to the VM.
Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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Hi i need to upgrade my Bios version from the Linux version to Windows. Because:1. While Booting and having HDMI and VGA cable connected it hangs up. I need to remove hdmi(monitor nr. 2) and boot. After this i get the windows loading and everything.2. I am only using Windows with my own key. I dont need an embedded Windows key in Bios. Can i upgrade my bios to the latest version. Because i have seen that they have included some fixes for my graphics card also. My Intel one. My PC Aspire XC-605 Bios currently : P11.A3LBios version needed: P11.B4 Would it work if i just boot into Freedos and start the BIOS update to just overwrite without checking if everything works.(Like it does and aborts now)

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I am trying to see if the latest SSD firmware upgrade available here solves the problem with suspend resume. I do not have Windows on my laptop so I was wondering what is the route people are taking to apply firmware upgrades which are only released as executables and not bootable ISOs.

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Hello I would like to upgrade my BIOS to test and hopefully fix some issues on linux (screen support and poor wifi)The current tool is window only, so won't work on my pc Can lenovo offer an iso image to upgrde the bios? (Seems it is available for other models) Thanks 

Answer:Y50-70 Linux BIOS upgrade help (iso needed!)

 I have the same issue. Even a DOS version would be helpful.

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I recently bought a Satellite z830, of which I am very happy.

Since my job requires it, I wiped the hard drive and installed Ubuntu linux instead of the default Windows installation.
I now wish to upgrade the BIOS to the latest version, but unfortunately it is available as a windows-only .exe

Is there any way to upgrade the BIOS version using only Ubuntu?

Thanks you

- Chris

Answer:Satellite Z830 - BIOS upgrade on Linux?

Since the Toshiba European driver page provides just an Win-based BIOS update version, you will need a running Window OS in order to update the win-based BIOS. :(

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So I was having some mobo trouble (IDE 0 wasn't working), and figured it was time for an upgrade. Bought a Asus A8N-E, and an AMD 64X2 4200+, and a BFG 7900 GTX.

Me, being entirely too eager and stupid, installed all of this without having uninstalled my previous video card drivers (ATI Radeon 9200).

Now when I boot up into windows I get the blue screen of death with the following error:
0x0000007E (blah blah)
With no reference to a driver whatsoever.

When I boot into linux it complains about my xorg.conf file.

I tried putting the old mobo back in but it doesnt even make it to the loading windows screen.

I also tried using the Recovery Console to disable whatever had ATI in the name under listsvc, but to no avail.

Answer:Hardware upgrade, now windows/linux won't start

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My system specs are.
Sony VGC-V2C, Pentium 4 -3.20 GHz -2Gb RAM -400Gb Hard Drive.

I have used this PC for almost 10 years, Used XP on it without any trouble until recently a blue screen kept popping up and the computer restarted. It was really frustrating. I tried installing win7 on it but it would not overwrite the existing XP on C partition, I installed on the D partition but it appeared in a 4:3 resolution, so I changed the hard drive and installed linux peppermint 5, but I'm not happy with it, its very confusing. so I thought of vista, will it work on my PC? if not then can you tell me, any other OS that resembles windows, and is easier to use than peppermint and Linux.
And please no upgrade to a new computer, I don't have the money or the tech-savvy nature which forces to buy a newer PC, every 10 years..
I just need a PC that I can watch movies on, a few applications and internet use for facebook, twitter and browsing etc.

Answer:Upgraded from xp to Linux peppermint. Now want to upgrade to Vista?

Your best bet is to put XP back on the system.

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Is there any way to read out version of firmware on wd15 docking station from linux?
Is there any way to update firmware of the wd15 docking station from linux or bios?
Does instruction
work for wd15 firmwares or is that only for laptop bios?
if instruction works do I need to use seperate wd15 firmware
or one bundled with windows driver package

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Hi there....
I have an acer aspire 6920 which was running windows 7.
Once it had broken down and I tried Linux puppy to fix it and absolutely loved it.
So I kept thinking about changing over to Linux.

Last night, out of nowhere, the system fix virus attcked. I switched the computer off immediately. Then booted in safe mode.
I am computer illiterate a d have learnt from experience.

Right or wrong here is what I did...

I restored the system to a previous point. My logic was that the computer should be okay for a while, so use that time to back up quickly. Hopefully, when the virus surges its head again, I will have backed up already, then I can play around afterwards.

So I restored it... Worked well

Booted in normal mode.
Perhaps because the Internet was on... This update appeared again and system fix struck again.... Realised that should have switched Internet off...

Tried to boot in safe mode..... Won't let me....
Bios setup.... No way to enter in safe mode...

Then remembered my Linux puppy.....

So loaded linux puppy.... Worked well.... Backed up both c and d drives.... So I am safe....

Now my question is....

I am strongly contemplating installing ubuntu or Linux mint... I will make a choice in a day or two... So goodbye windows....

Then if I install, do I have to be worried that this system fix is lying buried in the system?

If yes, how to scan for it?

Many thanks for your thoughts...

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I have a old dell laptop that I found. PII 300mhz with 256meg. What OS should I install on this laptop, I think this is just going to be a mp3 player for the garage. Any suggestions

Answer:Linux/other OS on old system

Ubuntu. Download a live cd and try it.

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Morning All I ahve a Revo RL70 that I want to use for a HTPC, I have only just reliased its runnign a Linux BIOS (Ver P01-A1L 12/08/2011). I am trying to reflash this to a Windows BIOS but it keeps failing.Tried P01.A2 and P11.A2 both fail. P01.A2 fails with: ROM File ROMID is not compatible with existing BIOS ROMID.Existing BIOS ROMID is A45SL016ROMID for upgrade file is B66A1018 P11.A2 fails with: 3 - Error: ROM file size does not matcg existing BIOS sizeExisting BIOS ROMID is A45SL016ROMID for upgrade file is C76A1 I am running the upgrade using the AFUWINx64 utility in Windows 8 through an elevated command window. Many thanks for any advice or assistance offered.

Answer:Revo RL70 - BIOS upgrade/changes Linux-->Windows

you can't cross flash BIOS versions since the Linux version doesn't have windows product key embeeded on the BIOS.

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Morning All I ahve a Revo RL70 that I want to use for a HTPC, I have only just reliased its runnign a Linux BIOS (Ver P01-A1L 12/08/2011). I am trying to reflash this to a Windows BIOS but it keeps failing.Tried P01.A2 and P11.A2 both fail. P01.A2 fails with: ROM File ROMID is not compatible with existing BIOS ROMID.Existing BIOS ROMID is A45SL016ROMID for upgrade file is B66A1018 P11.A2 fails with: 3 - Error: ROM file size does not matcg existing BIOS sizeExisting BIOS ROMID is A45SL016ROMID for upgrade file is C76A1 I am running the upgrade using the AFUWINx64 utility in Windows 8 through an elevated command window. Many thanks for any advice or assistance offered.

Answer:Revo RL70 - BIOS upgrade/changes Linux-->Windows

you can't cross flash BIOS versions since the Linux version doesn't have windows product key embeeded on the BIOS.

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I currently use Windows 98SE and I'm thinking of getting XP. As I'm not confident all my hardware & software will work on XP I'd prefer to run both. I seem to remember reading somewhere something about when you install XP it gives you the option of operating a dual boot system. Is this so? If so:1)Is it OK if you already have 98 installed?2)Will it allow you to install other operating systems such as Linux, or would you need to use Partition Magic to do this? (I already have PM, but it is only version 5 which wouldn't work with XP.) Would PM do the job differently or possibly better?3) Am I right in thinking that a new version of XP is due out soon, which might be worth waiting for?4) Is it true that I can't buy XP upgrade edition if 98 came installed on the computer when I bought it?

Answer:Dual booting Win98 upgrade to XP & possibly Linux

Having Windows 98 installed doesn't make any difference. But you need another partition to install WindowsXP to.You would need to let Linux install LILO or GRUB. The Windows boot loader doesn't support Linux. In other words you couldn't access Linux.I understand that Windows XP SP2 is on the horizon, but don't know any further details.The Windows XP SP1 installation made no objections to my Windows98SE disc, when I upgraded. That same disc came with my computer. However I don't know how legal this is.

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There is a new firmware release (FWNV15) for the NVMe SSD of the X1 Carbon 5th. I'm wondering if there is a way to perform the upgrade on a machine with no Windows installed on the internal SSD?
I've installed Ubuntu on the NVMe SSD and have a external USB Drive with Windows 10.
I tried to run the Firmware Update Utility on the "external" Windows 10 but no luck so far. Windows reboots and after it's up again the utility just shows some generic error message.
Also, there doesn't seem to be a booteable ISO.
Any recommendations on how to upgrade the firmware with my setup?
Moderator Note: Edited subject to match content.

Answer:Upgrade NVMe SSD firmware to FWNV15 (X1 Carbon 5th Gen) on Linux

The upgrade utility sometimes fails before it reboots windows with a message like "can't initializie linux system". So I investigated further and found that the updater in fact is an ELF binary  $ file fwupdater_i686_Win10_LPMoff
fwupdater_i686_Win10_LPMoff: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, interpreter /lib/, for GNU/Linux 3.8.13, not stripped Which also seems to be pretty easy to use: $ ./fwupdater_i686_Win10_LPMoff
PROGRESS --- start firmware update.
Usage ./fwupdater_i686_Win10_LPMoff <Model> <Serial> <Firmware> [Option]
Model : Drive Model Name.(Mandatory)
Serial : Drive Serial Number.(Mandatory)
Firmware : Firmware Image file path.(Mandatory)
Option : Additional Option string starts with `-'.(Optional)
PROGRESS --- completed with status(8). And the necessary info which firmware to use is in a file called $ cat
"THNSF5512GPUK TO","5KLA5102","5KLA5104","TINYCORE","fwupdater_i686_Win10_LPMoff","5KLA5104_NVME.sig","L","TOSHIBA"
"THNSF5512GPUK TO","5KLA5103","5KLA5104","TINYCORE","fwupdater_i686_Win10_LPMoff","5KLA5104_NVME.sig","L","TOSHIBA" However, I'm not absolutely convinced I'm brave enough to run this utility  Is anyone from Lenovo in this forum who is willing to confirm my findings?

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Hello all,
After some searching I thought I'd ask here.  Does anyone know of a system-wide EQ for Linux Mint, similar to the Realtek one in windows?  I did come across one called PulseAudio, but that seems to be either out of date or not maintained anymore from what I read.  Not a big deal, just like having the ability to dial in half decent sounds on youtube and the like.
Apologies if I missed this already.

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I'm running Linux on a standalone pc and plan to move the HDD to a new system running Win 7. Will a solution like EasyBCD provide boot up choice to either OS on their respective drives? I think one drive is SATA, the other IDE. Not sure which is with what OS.

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Currently running Xubuntu 16.04 on a dual boot system managed by Grub2 (W10).
Daily drivers are actually either Linux or Windows 10, depending on what I am doing (excluding gaming which is solely done in Windows).

Xubuntu 16.04:
Stock kernel by Xubuntu + mainline compiled kernel
PPA Manager
ZSH shell (replacement of BASH)
Oh My ZSH extension
Grub Customizer
Timeshift (Backup Tool)
Synaptic tweaks such as: Consider recommended packages as dependencies
Removed some stock apps and replaced with others

Some other quality of life apps and tweaks (reference guide for those who wish to tweak to a certain extend: 10 things to do first in Linux Mint 18 Sarah - Easy Linux tips project)

On other systems I run one or another of the following:
Debian Stable Branch with XFCE
ZSH shell (replacement of BASH)
Oh My ZSH extension
Synaptic Package Manager
Grub Customizer

Additional tweaks on Debian system were made.

Arch Linux with XFCE (Kernel 4.8.7 as well as LTS):
ZSH shell (replacement of BASH)
Oh My ZSH extension
AUR repos enabled
Custom rules for certain packages and dependencies to not be upgraded
Other tweaks on the system

Answer:Soulweave's Linux System

The " Professor " of Linux! Not much more that can be said.

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Here is a neat program that allows Linux users to use Microsoft's Office on their machine.

Wednesday March 27, 2002 - [ 03:16 PM GMT ]
- by Tina Gasperson -

Codeweavers is the company known for its work with the Open Source Wine project. Wine emulates the Windows environment and comes with just about every Linux distribution. Performance has been spotty until now. Today, Codeweavers announced the 1.0 release of Crossover Office.
This product only makes sense for people who already have a Microsoft Office CD. If you don't, stick with StarOffice or pay Microsoft USD $370 plus tax for the suite. But if you do have Office 97 or 2000 laying around, Codeweaver's Crossover Office will let you fire up Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access in Linux, and even surf the Internet with Explorer, or check your mail with Outlook.
Click to expand...

Post back on what you guys think of this....

Answer:Want Office on your Linux system???

I just noticed this article as well But I've also noticed this little gem at ArsTechnica:

gobe Productive 3.03
by Zach "johnnyace" Brookheart

Ars reviewed the 2.0 version of gobeProductive for BeOS back in the day, and if you read that review then you know that this was a software package that no BeOS power user could live without. Well, now version 3.0 is out, and it's a solid, updated port to both Windows and Linux. In this review, I?ll be looking at the Windows port with an eye to introducing the package to users who aren't familiar with its particular feature set. That being the case, I don?t feel the need to hit on any features that we?ve all come to expect in a word processor or a spreadsheet program (e.g., spell check).Click to expand...

It's an office suite originally for BeOS. The new version supports Linux and Windows as well. It looks rather sleek and has a small memory footprint (that's what the article says)

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I finally want to make the switch over to Linux how do I select the right version for me ?

Answer:Selecting a Linux Op System

LiveCDs are a good way to start as there is no installation to fool around with. It's been recommended by Adrynalyne, MG's resident Linux geek, that PCLinuxOS is a good starter for people who want to have the least amount of pain moving from Windows. I have Kubuntu installed but I'm just starting to learn so I can't really help you much except that it's working nicely with all my peripherals.

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Hello all,
After some searching I thought I'd ask here.  Does anyone know of a system-wide EQ for Linux Mint, similar to the Realtek one in windows?  I did come across one called PulseAudio, but that seems to be either out of date or not maintained anymore from what I read.  Not a big deal, just like having the ability to dial in half decent sounds on youtube and the like.
Apologies if I missed this already.

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How do i install linux in my system which is already have windows xp.

please tell me step by step.


Answer:How do i install linux in my system

Have you looked at this sticky at the top of this subforum? It seems pretty step-by-step to me.

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Hi all,reason i'm asking, is because i'm downing Red Hat, and planing on making it into a second OS. I've already downloaded the first 2 ISO at 650 mb each, and am downloading the final CD today. Should take another 8 hours or so. So if i have a second hard drive, and install Linux on this, when in Xp for an example, will i still be able to save files onto my other hard drive? Or will XP be able to see the hard drive at all?If it does use a different filing system, how would u get files from one OS to the other without resorting to CD's, Floppy or a network ( as to say put then on another computer and copy them back again )???Any info on the subject would be greatly resived!Cheers all!

Answer:What Filing System does Linux us?

Window$ won't be able to read your Linux drive but Linux might be able to read your windows drive. What file system is your XP on, is it NTFS or FAT32?

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Interesting article on how to remove some programs and system utilities you may not need. I turn off bluetooth in my box and wish it were not added by default, as I don't have a BT adapter....

Here is the link and at the bottom are more articles.

Answer:Speeding up a Linux System

Great information there. Thanks for posting the link.

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Question: Linux File System


Is it possible to access a hard drive formated in the Ext3 file system with a Windows PC?

The reason I am asking is that I was reading a review on the Linksys Network Storage Link here:

and in the article, it mentions that you cannot swap the USB hard drive with a Windows PC. And it made me wonder if it was possible, with the help of some additional software , could one access the drive with Windows?

I am looking into this product which is another reason I am asking this question. Opinions about this product are also welcome.

Thanks for any info.

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-----Hi.Recently I bought a ThinkPad Edge E420, I want to install Linux in other partition without damage actual Windows7 system and mainly without damage the recovery system. My question is:Can I do a partition aside c: partition and install there Linux without damage the recovery system which is executed with the f11 key, I mean, The original boot system of the laptop remain unchanged? Can I recover the original system again after installing Linux with f11 key option? Sorry for my English Language skills and thanks for your help.-----

Answer:Linux and recover system

It should be okay as long as you don't change the primary bootloader.Do remember to create recovery discs and make sure they work before doing anything.

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I have a PC with 2 40GB HDs. One HD has 2 20gb partions (1 NTFS, 1 Fat32) and the other 40gb in EXT3 (I think thats it) with SuSE 9.1 on it. Lilo is my boot manager right now and here is my issue. I need to remove Suse and reutrn the drive to NTFS or Fat32, but if it requires me to format the Windows drive, no problem, it needs to return to 1 partition anyway. I know I could probably do it with some expensive Partion Magic but I need to do this for free and easy. Note that I know nothing about Linux (yes, I know I have a computer with Linux but I dont have the time or patience at this point to deal with it).

TIA guys.

Answer:Formating Win/Linux System

Kido1986 said:

I have a PC with 2 40GB HDs. One HD has 2 20gb partions (1 NTFS, 1 Fat32) and the other 40gb in EXT3 (I think thats it) with SuSE 9.1 on it. Lilo is my boot manager right now and here is my issue. I need to remove Suse and reutrn the drive to NTFS or Fat32, but if it requires me to format the Windows drive, no problem, it needs to return to 1 partition anyway. I know I could probably do it with some expensive Partion Magic but I need to do this for free and easy. Note that I know nothing about Linux (yes, I know I have a computer with Linux but I dont have the time or patience at this point to deal with it).

TIA guys.Click to expand...

So you're willing to nuke both partitions? Just do that. Why ask the question?

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I have been offered a trial download/install of this OS but do not know anything about it.I would welcome comments from users as to whether it is a better alternative to Windos 7 which I have only purchased recently.Apparently it is possible to run it side by side with Win7.

Answer:LINUX Operating System

There are dozens of Linux systems, you will have to tell us what the one you have is?
Most Linux systems will let you run them from the CD without having to install it on the hard drive so you can see if you like it or not and to make sure its going to be compatible with your hardware.
Its not an alternative to the Microsoft Windows system, it is a completely different system under the bonnet. On the surface they look the same, my son, who is a Windows user, comes home and he is completely at home using my Linux Ubuntu system.
You can run it with Windows, when you boot you will have the option of selecting which system you want to use, in fact on this new computer I'm not going to install Windows because I have found I was never using it, so I couldn't see the point on spending out on something that I never use.

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Is it possible to do System Restore for Win XP from any linux based Rescue Kits?

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I have an asrock 775i65g mobo and originally I had a P4 3.06 GHZ LGA 775 installed but then I installed a C2D E4500 because the mobo supports C2D's. However, I starting to find that a lot of the games I play Lineage 2: The Kamael, and Half-Life 2: Lost Coast are getting much lower fpses like 21 and under when I had much better framerates with my P4 oced to 4 ghz.

Is it because the dual core isn't being used because I've already tried different methods of fixing the dual core. Another problem is that when I set affinity I get a blue screen of death saying INVALID_AFFINITY_SET.
Can anyone please help me? Thanks in advance

Answer:CPU upgrade brings severe lag (moved from hardware & Linux Support)

Did you do a repair install or a full reinstall of your OS after you put in the new chip?

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Is it possible to upgrade the Bios of my Qosmio X500-12V under ubuntu linux?

I really don't want to install windows just to upgrade the bios. I even tried to use a live WinXP cd but it didn't work :(

Answer:Re: Qosmio X500-12V - BIOS upgrade running Ubuntu linux

No, as far as I know the BIOS on the Toshiba European driver page is win based? so you need the Windows system to get the BIOS flashed.

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I purchased the Dell XPS 13 (2015) Developer Edition in the UK which comes with linux factory pre-installed. Can I upgrade to windows 10? Does the upgrade void Dell's warranty? Is the upgrade for free, or do I need to purchase a license? I will not be reverting to linux.

Answer:Dell XPS 13 (2015) Developer Edition - upgrade from linux to Win10

No upgrade to Windows 10 for free for you.
If you want Windows 10, you will need to buy a license.

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My Win 8.1 machine was set up with 2 hard drives, an SSD for the OS, and an HDD for my user data. After a random reboot (I had changed the Workgroup name) just after the login screen appears, the second HDD thrashes and then crashes the win 8.1 OS. If I disconnect the second user data drive the OS loads and runs fine.

To try and figure out what was going on, I pulled the drive and plugged it into a USB drive enclosure. When I plug the enclosure into a running WIN8.1 machine, it thrashes for 10 seconds and kills the OS. The same thing happens when I plug the USB drive enclosure into my wife's WIN 8.1 laptop....poof goes the OS. So then I plugged the enclosure into my Chromebook (linux) and the Chromebook can read all my files just fine with no problems (doing a backup now).

So the big question is, what is Windows 8.1 searching for on my drive the second it gets plugged in.....i.e. what indexing file, executable file, security status, or partition status can I change or delete off of the second drive so that it doesn't piss off the OS. What does the WIN 8.1 autorun the second a new drive gets seen by the OS?

Answer:USB HDD Kills Win 8.1 not Chromebook or Other Linux system

Is the other two machines set to boot off of USB, if available? Check their bios settings. Your computer should not have crashed, just because you changed the workgroup name. Sounds like something else is going on with your computer, or that drive.

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Are there any other operating systems besides windows or Linux? What about the macos? Can it be installed on a pc? What do I need to buy to get macos x work on my pc? Any other OS out there?

Answer:A Operating system besides Windows or Linux??

You cannot legally install Mac OS X on any non-Mac hardware. There are a wide variety of other operating systems out there such as the BSD family (FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, etc.), Haiku (which is a derivative of the BeOS model as I understand it), and several others with niche userbases.

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Hi I have the great task of writing a report comparing the above mentioned operating systems. And i have two particular areas which are causing me a few problems.I have to compare under the final two headings:1. Processing, including threading and concurrency issues.2. Memory Usage.Is concurrency the same as concurrent processes??If anyone can help with these 2 sections i would be incredibly grateful!Thanks in advance

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I was just wondering what some of the people with linux experience think would go into a good machine to run linux on. It would just be to learn the operating system and would be a 3rd machine. Maybe post specs for what you think the system should be built from and reasoning. Thanks

Answer:Good system to turn into linux box

Not an expert in Linux as this OS doesnt like me, wont work on my PC or laptop for one of many reasons but

For linux, the latest and greatest is VERY hard to support, get mainstream parts.

For audio I do know however, soundblaster sound cards are some of the only that work and by far the easiest to get working. I do however still hate them

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I have linux developer. I never backed up any files from my developer to external hard drive. can anyone assist with it? thanks


Answer:needs to back up all files in my system using linux

Back up everything? Is it really necessary?

If you can get the system down to a very quiet state, then you could just copy everything and pray that there won't be many changed files during your backup session. Something as simple as cp, rsync, tar or dump would do.

Another option is to boot from a Linux CD, mount your / on the hard drive and the external drive, again use cp, rsync, tar, dump, whatever you like to copy stuff over. This will make sure that all the files are in sync.

To get really good online backups even from a busy system, you have to use snapshots. And for snapshots you have to use LVM.

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What is Windows registry equivalent in linux and how do you clean the registry in linux.

How to do junk files cleaning in linux?

Answer:how to do registry and system cleaning in linux?

There is a program in Linux that is a equivalent to Ccleaner in Windows, it is called Bleachbit! If you run it as root you can remove even more stuff. But as a caution I would watch which boxes you tick as it could mess up your system if you're not sure what you're doing!

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I have been reading about latest Linux software and that they have never been so much better. A computer Shopper magazines said it is on par with Win Xp on one review (SUSE Linux).I'm curious about it but I am not sure about few softwares such as games, applications etc, that will works in Linux?

Answer:Is Linux operation system any good?

I've installed Suse Linux 8.1 and, yes, it was very easy to do so.As an operating system it does more or less what XP does but in a totally different way. It's fast and stable but takes very much longer to boot.Almost all the software you require (Office, Graphics, CD burning etc) come with it or are fairly easily installed.Don't expect to play any cutting edge games though.You will find it a steep learning curve but, if you keep at it, it will become a very interesting passtime!

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Is it possible to make my system into a dual booting XP home/ Linux system I have 30 gigs free, 512RAM.

I don't know much about Linux but would like to learn and I'm just seeing if one can even set up a dual boot system.
Thanks in advance!

Answer:Dual boot XP/Linux system???

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HI guys, The network I run is server 2003, but from what I've been reading linux really has some great monitoring tools.

I've got this box sitting around just begging me to put linux on it so I was wondering what flavor you guys recommend.

Pardon me if I seem noobish, I haven't had much experience with Linux.

Answer:System admin looking for linux advice

What exactly do you want to accomplish with the box?

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Hi guys,

I'm sorry this is kind of weird and long winded, but I don't know what do do and I could really use some help

I have a Dell Studio 1558 laptop which came with three HDD partitions - a utility partition, a recovery partition (which was set to Active) and the OS partition with Windows 7 Pro installed on it.
I was really determined to triple boot Windows 7, Ubuntu and a Hackintosh system and last week I got to it. My Windows OS was full of junk, so I used the recovery utility (Dell DataSafe Local Backup) to restore the system to its factory state. It worked. Great.
I got on GParted and deleted the utility and recovery partitions, and moved the OS partition to the front of the drive. Unsurprisingly any attempt to boot the computer was met with BOOTMGR MISSING. I used the Windows 7 install DVD to install the Windows bootloader onto the Windows partition. The computer booted Windows fine.
Got out GParted again, shrank the Windows partition to 55gb, set up two more 55gb partitions after it, then allocated the rest of the drive space as a shared partition (for data all three operating systems will use.)
So sda1 was Windows 7 Pro, sda2 was blank HFS+ partition, sda3 blank ext4 partition, and sda4 blank ntfs partition.
I installed Ubuntu onto sda3, and the GRUB bootloader with it. I then had a working Win7/Ubuntu dual boot system. This afternoon, everything was working absolutely perfectly.

I booted into Windows intending to uninstall the junk from Dell and load m... Read more

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Ok, I've messed around with linux in the past and want to try for a very specific task.

I need to have one computer in my office run a power point type of program and hopefully have a reliable remote to scroll or select different slides.

I was doing a little reading and here is my tentative plan:

get a epia board (m-itx)
ide to compact flash card
load puppy linux on it and open office
get some type of usb remote
hook up a monitor

so, would i be able to do this with this setup?
ideas? comments?

can i get puppy linux to run from a compact flash card, or would a simple usb drive work as well? is this motherboard dependent for usb booting (i think so, whereas the ide/compact flash adaptor would force it to load on the ide channel, which most motherboards would support)

thanks for any help.

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I have windows vista but i was trying to put linux xubunu, or ubuntu, or any of those onto my external hd to boot my computer through the external to run linux. Unfortunately i accidentally downloaded it onto my c drive and now i have two os on my desktop. Can someone please help me delete that from my desktop, and also can someone help me install it onto my external? Thanks

Answer:second operating system (linux xubuntu)

Personally I would use Parted Magic to format your external drive first(or any other partition program).

Make at least three partitons

1) 10 to 15 Gb

2) as much space as you like ( depends on the size of your drive)

3) 512 MB to 2 GB

Partition 1) will be for the ROOT ( / ) partition. Thats where your main linux os files will be.

Partition 2) will be for the HOME (/home) partition this is where all you personal files and folders will be. Remember most modern linux os's have the ability to read and write to windiows partitions so make thios a size to suit your needs. I ususally make mine about 50 Gb.

Partition 3) is for the SWAP partition. Usually twice the size of the ram you have installed up to a max of 2GB. There is a bit of confusion about swap so further reading may give you more info.

Put your GRUB into partition 1).

Thats it really with your drives connected to the pc you should be able to install from your linux CD/DVD.
As to getting rid of your botched install I can not help. May be a good idea to do fresh installs all round.


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I would like to copy my dvd movies to my pc hard drive running windows xp, then copy off the hard drive to a flashdrive, then play them on my new netbook running Linux off the flashdrive. Is this even possible? I don't know how to copy the dvds to the hard drive, so would first like advice about that, but then I could figure out the next steps - I just don't know if Linux will play. Lots of trouble to go thru if it won't even work.

Answer:DVD to pc to flashdrive - will Linux system play?

Please read the rules:
Circumventing Copy Protection - While we believe it's reasonable to make backup copies of CDs and DVDs that you own, a lot of people break copy protection for the wrong reasons. The law is still vague, at best, as to if it is legal to break copy protection in order to make such a backup, even for personal use. (The DMCA, for example, seems to make it illegal.) As a result, we do not allow discussion of how to break copy protection at this time. If we can find a nice way to draw the line, we may reconsider this in the future as laws get sorted out
We are not allowed to help you with this.

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We have an option system restore in windows xp like that do we have a system restore option in linux?

Awaiting for the reply.

Thank you for your valuable time.

Answer:system restore option in linux - do we have this

No. There are few backup programs that work like system restore on linux, but they are not setup automaticly

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I am thinking of buying a new base unit which has a Linspire Linux Operating System as standard and, as I already have Win XP Home operating system, how easy would it be to replace the former with the latter?

Answer:Can I install Win XP over Linspre Linux Op System

Easily.If your xp came preinstalled it can't be moved. If it's a bought retail copy, then as I said easily.But why not buy with xp? What's the machine?

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I need a FS that will work on all 3 OS-es, but not FAT32 - need >4GB files. Any such?

Answer:File system that works for Win, OSX and Linux

NTFS can be utilized by all 3.

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laptop spece:     amd apu  A10-8700p , amd readon R7 m360 2 Gib graphics , 8 gb ram  with 1Tb hdd(Gpt ) problem : laptop comes with windows 10 but for my education i have to use linux i try all those linux(fedora,centos,linux mint) with single boot and dual boot but when i try to install red hat distro like fedora cent os i encounter some error while start-up live image and after install 1 or 2 reboot centos stop working, in fedora lots of problem occur like every first time open fedora its fridge then I have to restart then i can able to enter and some time having issue with access my internal drive and both wireless and wire connection screen flickering low audio volume and after few days its finally stop working .in case of linux mint everything going well but while try to install my graphics drive only a white ui layout showing nothing else button and other text on it not visible and if i complete the install its require a reboot and after that it wont start . encounter with virtual box : installing virtual box in widows 10 and install linux after few min got error amd driver stop working and am not able to use them after test those linux installation on my desktop which is i3 4GB ram and had no issue with it its running smooth (mbr partition)

Answer:seems linux not working good with my system

Have you looked here?

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I got a new pc. It has ubuntu 10.10 on it. Did ask for it to be removed prior to shipping but the man ignored me.I have 3 legit windows discs. 1 xp home, 1 xp pro and a windows 98 . I found where to set the cd to run first on boot up in bios. None works though the drive is working because it can read the discs as they can be seen in th D drive with files in them. Tried countless times, all 3 disks but nothing hap[pens it just continues to boot to Ubuntu .I have absolutely no idea about linux. I cant understand what to do next and the man has gone away on holiday! Can anyone help please? ThanksRight...can get one cd the xp home to boot up to press any key to continue...then black screen. Nothing

Answer:Linux system cant boot xp disks

Do you see a message, "Press any key to boot from CD", when booting with the install disc inserted? I have had several Linux distros installed before reverting to Windows XP Pro, and never had any problem getting the Windows disc to boot and install.

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I am currently running XP Home on my pc, which is a few years old. I have recently noticed an overall performance drop that Windows is notorious for after a few years of use. I've been thinking of installing Linux (Ubuntu) on my system instead. I want to completely remove XP from my system, then install Linux. My questions are when I install Linux, will it remove the previous install of XP for me ? Also, will I have to reinstall all of my drivers, and will the new Linux install work with all of my current peripherals (printer,etc.) Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. (XP Home, 1G RAM, 80G HD)

Answer:Installing Linux on XP Home system

When you go to install, it will remove XP as part of the installation. Linux uses a different filesystem than XP, so anything that is in XP (documents, bookmarks, etc) will be gone.

It may be helpful for you to take note of all hardware installed in your system prior to removing Windows. This includes sound cards, video cards, modems, ethernet cards, wireless cards, everything, as you may need to manually locate drivers for the few things that Ubuntu doesn't install automatically. You may want to check with each manufacturer's website prior to making the switch to ensure that they have drivers, but Linux does come with a large base of drivers, so it makes it hard to say Yes or No it will not have what you need.

You may also need to find Linux alternatives to software you use everyday. Microsoft Office doesn't work natively (not sure if it works in an emulator), but there are alternatives. Not all programs have an alternative, therefore it may be beneficial to have both XP and Linux installed, but sharing the hard drive so that you still have everything you need to use.

If you need more assistance, post back, and someone will help.

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I have some old laptops i would like to get some sort of use of provided its worth even using them.

One of them has a intel celeron 700 mhz processor and 256 mb of ram
Another has Intel pentium 3 1,133 mhz processor and 512 mb of ram

What linux distros would some of you recommend?

The one with slower processor and memory i assume even with a linux distro that can run stable on it won't get very good flash videos.

Answer:Operating system ( linux) for old laptops?

Those specs are very limiting, as your processors are quite slow, and your RAM is minimal. What was on them to begin with? WinXP, or something even earlier?

I posted a thread somewhere on this forum about a lightweight replacement that I custom remixed from Lubuntu, called XPubuntu. Although to be honest, even that might be too much for your old anemic lappys?

If XPubuntu isn't for your machines, the lightest weight distro that I have ever used (with a graphical GUI environment and full set of user programs) was AntiX. You may want to also check out Puppy Linux, although I have no experience with that one.

Stay away from the more well known Gnome, KDE, & Unity desktop environments. Usually I would tell folks to look for XFCE, LXDE & Enlightenment desktop distros. In your case, even those MAY be too much. You should probably be looking at Openbox, Blackbox, Fluxbox, IceWM, JWM or WindowMaker desktop environments. Less eye candy equals lower resource draw. It might be a challenge to find the right mix of "least amount of desktop environment resource draw" versus "graphical aesthetics to feel comfortable enough to get things done."

Depending on your level of computer expertise and comfort level, you may also want to consider installing a "server distro" (no graphical environment), then installing a lightweight window manager of your choice. For instance, Debian server is considered a very solid, stable, and popular... Read more

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Hello all ... I am currently I a running XP Pro on an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ with 2 Gigs of RAM and 750 Gigs on 3 hard drives. Could anyone please point me to a link that will tell me how to install Linux as a second operating system?


Answer:Installing Linux as a second operating system

There are oh so many Linux tutorials, where to start...

We have a sticky right here on this forum, you may want to browse through.

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Hi, I have installed linux. Installation was good, nothing gone wrong. But after press linux in grub i have gotten problem. VCE INIT ERROR (-22) and my computer has freaked out, I have radeon r5 m430 and intel i5 7th . ya i know its not a good connect. In bios i cant switch graphics cards to intel i5 that my computer could launch normall linux. So what can i do with it? 

Answer:Linux problem during starting system

"Linux" covers a lot of territory. What specific distribution? 

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my laptop is having redhat linux OS, and i want to add windows xp.
when i keep windows xp cd to install in my laptop. first it is asking "please
press enter to boot from the cd" and then when i press enter. iam getting blank screen. i want to keep both linux and windows in my laptop. please help me if u can

Answer:windows xp booting problem on linux system

If memory serves me you need to partition the HDD into two C/D then install XP on the first partition C:\ NTFS then install Linux the second D:\Linux Format. If the boys at Linux have come up with a better way that's great.

I think VMARE and some others opensource programs can do this too.. You need to look into it at the Linux level. Or maybe someone here knows more about Linux. I am more of Windows Wired/Wireless Networking type of guy

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There are lot of Portable Linux Operating Systems. Its difficult to choose one. I just want to know what linux distro do you prefer...
My requirements are...
*Should be preloaded with VLC, Firefox/Chromium, LibreOffice and some basic apps.
*Should have easy GUI.
*Should boot in few seconds even with old pentium 3 hardware.
*Should be lightweight (less size)
*Should be error free (less crashes, hangups)
*Should not be a battery sucker(low power consumption)...
*Should support newer wireless (Intel, Atheros & Ralink) hardwares.
I am going to use it in a CD/DVD.

Suggest your preferance to me...

Answer:Which Linux distro will you use for a Portable Operating System?

Try one of these. Mint Mate is the more advanced system.

Portable OS - Carry your OS on an External Drive

Emergency Kit - save your files from a dead OS

PS: CD/DVD is not a good idea.

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Ive been toying around with the idea of installing linux alongside windows XP making a dual boot system however a friend of mine had avit of a nightmare trying to get rid of it as well as making the system unbootable when he got rid of linux, all i want to know is if i decide that i dint get on with it how easy is it to get rid of without mucking up windows

Answer:uninstalling linux on dual boot system ??????

You are quite right to be wary of installing another OS. In any operation of this sort things can go wrong, and your first priority should be to be able to restore the system to it's original state if things don't work out.The best way to do this is to take an image file of your existing setup before you begin, using Drive Image or a similar program.If you haven't got Drive Image, you must ensure that everything is backed up, so that you could reinstall XP if the worst happened.However, if you are careful and follow the instructions, it should be OK, and I wish you well with Linux.

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I have a dual boot windows / linux system. But, recently, windows has become very slow to boot up. Once it has booted, the system works fine, as quick as ever. On boot up, it seems to hang for several minutes with just the wallpaper on the screen, then eventually it will complete booting up.

Linux is booting fine. I've run AVG antispy and antivirus, adaware se, spybot etc., but they come up with nothing.

I'd really appreciate some ideas on what the problem could be and how to resolve it.

Thanks in advance,

Answer:windows slow to boot on xp/linux system

Hi colb

A few things to look at: your Boot log, your Event logs, and look in on your auto-start processes.

[ ... And a little question: do you have a wireless printer, or other wirelessly connected PCs on a home network that this computer belongs to? [Windows can delay quite a while waiting for responses from non-responsive wireless devices].

Boot Log
Something is likely waiting for a response, or simply having a lot of trouble getting started - let's take a look and see what we find.
1) Reboot.
2) As the computer begins to restart, start tapping the F8 key to view the Boot Menu.
3) From the Boot Menu, choose "Enable Boot Logging"
The next time Windows starts, it will create a Boot Log - called NTBTLOG.txt in the [system drive]:\Windows folder.
4) You can view this file yourself, manually, with WordPad or Word, or nearly any word processor (or text editor that can view large files). Or you can employ a third-party BootLog Analyzer, such as BootLogXP - which has a free 30day evaluation version --- --- I don't have much trouble viewing the logs manually, but many folks like to use analyzers, since they do save time. If you use BootLogXP, in fact, you won't have to mess with tapping F8 - you can schedule the logging from within the program.
5) Make a note of the module holding things up, and we'll have a look.

EventViewer -
These logs cover how well things are starting up as well!
1) Cl... Read more

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