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Install SSD on Z580 (Sata and windows 8)

Question: Install SSD on Z580 (Sata and windows 8)

Hello i have a Lenovo z580. (Product ID: 2151JAG) I hope this question will help another users. I want to sustitute the 500GB HD that are built in with a new SSD disk of 500GB too.The old HD will go to the DVD slot and the SSD unit will have the Operating system (Windows 8) Need i make any changes in the BIOS to support the SSD starting the system from it ?The SATA controler for this model is SATA 2 or SATA 3? Edd. Install SSD on Z580 (Sata and windows 8)

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Preferred Solution: Install SSD on Z580 (Sata and windows 8)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Install SSD on Z580 (Sata and windows 8)

eddrishh wrote:Hello i have a Lenovo z580. (Product ID: 2151JAG) I hope this question will help another users. I want to sustitute the 500GB HD that are built in with a new SSD disk of 500GB too.The old HD will go to the DVD slot and the SSD unit will have the Operating system (Windows 8) Need i make any changes in the BIOS to support the SSD starting the system from it ?The SATA controler for this model is SATA 2 or SATA 3? Edd. Install SSD on Z580 (Sata and windows 8) No. The changes will automatically be detected and reflected in the configuration.

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Hello, I have a nForce 3 motherboard with built in SATA, i was wondering weather i could simply buy a SATA drive and install it within windows without having to start right from the begining with a fresh install.

I currently have a 20gb and 80gb on IDE and was wondering if i could simply just add a SATA drive to my system as storage (not OS drive).



Answer:Do you need to install sata during windows install? can i upgrade my pc with sata?

The simple answer-yes.The detailed answer- (ignore the bit a about drivers on floppies)

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for most of the driver packages this tab coming(see the attached picture below).AND FOR FOR SOME APPS ITS SAYING NO PROPER  DEVICE FOUND......    what might be the problem?....kindly reply as soon as possible.. THANKS IN ADVANCE..


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Answer:windows 8 cant install driver ON Z580

This means the some files of the previous already extracted setup are same as the one for the new setup. Thats it.For better drivers refer to the lenovo china page.\ if you are having difficulty installing from the normal us site.

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Hello I have purchased new Laptop z580.It cames with Windows 8..I want to install Windows 7. But unable to install it... I have set Admin Password and then disable Secure Boot.and in a Boot Menu I have set type to Legacy..from UEFI somethingThen I have again one more Option Like Boot Prioritty : in which UEFI Support and Legacy Support Which I have to choose. When I select Legacy Support in Both then try to install Windows 7. but I am getting error like Unable to install Windows on selected Partition.  "windows cannot be installed on this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style."  Can anyone suggest right steps to do that.? I have taken recovery of Windows 8 to USB. and I don't want to temper with the Recovery..How to install Windows 7 into Lenovo Z580?

Answer:lenovo Z580 install windows 7

Hello and welcome,
You are probably getting that message because you are running the install in legacy mode but the the HDD is GPT partitioned.
You could boot in UEFI mode (not secure boot) and run the install.
You can run the install as you are in legacy mode but drop to DISKPART and convert the drive to MBR. It might also be sufficient to just select the advanced partitioning options and remove all the partitions.
Either way you'll lose the on-disk recovery options.  Don't lose that USB drive.

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Hey Guys! I have bought a Lenovo Z580 recently and I was thinkin of upgrading it to Windows 8.Please help me on weather I should go ahead with this upgrade.Are all the essential drivers available?What will be the features that I will hav to sacrifice on?Will my feather touch pannel i.e. Volume up-down ; Dolby home theatre system ; One key recovery work?Will the exclusive lenovo softwares like veriface etc work?Will my touchpad work in d same manner? I.e. 2 finger scroll etcIf Yes, where can I download these drivers from?If someone could help me wid it, it would be of immense help. Thank You!


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Answer:Is it a good idea to install Windows 8 on my Z580?

Vatsalchoksi wrote:Hey Guys! I have bought a Lenovo Z580 recently and I was thinkin of upgrading it to Windows 8.Please help me on weather I should go ahead with this upgrade.Are all the essential drivers available?What will be the features that I will hav to sacrifice on?Will my feather touch pannel i.e. Volume up-down ; Dolby home theatre system ; One key recovery work?Will the exclusive lenovo softwares like veriface etc work?Will my touchpad work in d same manner? I.e. 2 finger scroll etcIf Yes, where can I download these drivers from?If someone could help me wid it, it would be of immense help. Thank You! HiIts's entirely upto you, i will though tell you what you asked so that you could decideThere are drivers available for z580 windows 8 on both the us site and chinese site  (open this in google chrome only)The voum buttons and the touch button wold work, though you will have to install the windows 7 version of Lenovo energy management since there are problems with the windows 8 version like the keys not working or settings not savingAfter installing windows 8 on windows 7 pre-installed sytem, one key recovery would stop working. You should make recovery disk in advance though i do not assure that they would work after installing.Veriface  is not compatible with wind... Read more

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I got my new z580 last week. It comes with windows 8. I need to downgrade the system to windows 7. I tried serveral windows 7 disk with difference edition.Always got error message upon start the laptop :  image failed to verify access denied. Need help.Thanks


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Answer:can not install windows 7 for Z580, access denied.

Have you tried tuning off UEFI under boot in the bios, also see if their is an secure boot option turn it off also if there is. John.

Win7 Lenovo Ideapad Z580 i5-3210m HD4000 Win7 x64 8gb 1600MHz Samsung 830 256GB SSD

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SM Bus ControllerPCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E22&SUBSYS_397717AA&REV_04Universal Serial Bus (USB) ControllerPCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E31&SUBSYS_397717AA&REV_04unknown device ACPI\VPC2004 USB2.0-CRWUSB\VID_0BDA&PID_0139&REV_3960 drivers needed for windows 7 64bit thanks


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Answer:z580 windows 7 64bit install drivers needed

Here are the support pages for your Z580:
You can use the OS drop-down to limit the display to Win7x64 drivers to see what's available. The chipset driver *may* address a couple of your listed items. The others may require deeper digging.

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I created a separate partition for installing Win XP Pro.  I labeled it F.  When I run the Win XP Pro install disk, all I see is the full 500 GB partition available.  This has worked on other notebooks with Vista and 7 preinstalled.  What am I doing wrong?

Answer:Install Windows XP Pro as a dual boot OS with preinstalled Win 8 on Ideapad Z580.

The best way to dusal boot a NTLDR os(Win XP) and a BOOTMGR os(Win 8,7,Vista) is to install the ntldr os first and then the windows 8 os. Orelse it could be difficult to use win 8 after win xp installtion though it is possible by using boot sector restoration tool. this helps

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Story: my company got two Z580 for me and my collegaue. His was Windows 7 edition (Win7 sticker at the bottom), mine Windows 8 edition (Win8 sticker at the bottom). Since we use Windows 7, I had to reinstall the system (to Windows 7). Everything went fine to the point when I had to install Nvidia drivers. The installer states that I don't have compatible hardware. This is odd becuase I have also Nvidia "Geforce with CUDA" sticker, and even BIOS knows I have dual card (Optimus). Windows by itself detected Intel chip and unknown VGA one. I tried Lenovo drivers (for Nvidia) and also the ones grabbed directly from Nvidia site. Any help/hints are greatly appreciated.Thank you in advance.

Answer:How to install Nvidia driver for Z580 (Win8 version) with Windows 7 Pro?

Welcome to the forum.
Try updating the chipset driver, Intel graphic driver and then the Nvidia driver. Nvidia will not get installed without the Intel graphic driver. Also make sure that switchable graphics is enabled in BIOS. Here is the link with all compatible drivers.
Please let me know, If the issue is not resolved. Also let me know is it 32-bit OS or 64-bit?
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I just formatted and installed.Drivers missing after a Windows 8 Pro x64 UEFI Install Here is a snapshot:   1) Why Windows UEFI'ed installed couln't be able to detect THOSE 3 DEVICES thus INSTALLING THEIR DRIVERS? 2) Windows Legacy Instaled misses not only 3 but 6 devices. 3) Last but not least, although identified my wireless card (BroadCom 802.11n) hence Wi-Fi drivers are installed by Win8 themselves, by connection speed is way to slow........ HELP and explain please!!

Answer:Drivers missing after a Windows 8 Pro x64 UEFI Install on a Lenovo Z580 ideapad

Hello NikosGr, Windows 8 is still a new Operating System, therefore glitches still need to be worked out in future updates. Make sure to go to Lenovo's support website and see if there are any drivers for those devices for Windows 8. Try the Windows 7 drivers too as some of those will work with Windows 8. As for the Broadcom card being slow, they are decent cards, but not the best. I've had issues with mine when I first got my laptop. Hope that helps.

A+ Certified

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hi . i have a ideapad z580 . i want clean install windows 7 ultimate 64bit .my disk must be gpt or mbr ? i want two partition C and D . in my bios setup is a option named  uefi . it must be on or off ?my laptop hardware is here :

Answer:i have a ideapad z580 . i want clean install windows 7 ultimate 64bit . my disk must be gpt or mbr ?

In general, if uefi is enable the disk can be formatted as gpt style partition disk. If uefi is disable the disk can be formatted as an mbr partition style disk. The Win 7 64 bit installer can install Windows in a gpt style disk.

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I just formatted and installed.
Drivers missing after a Windows 8 Pro x64 UEFI Install
Here is a snapshot:

1) Why Windows UEFI'ed installed couln't be able to detect THOSE 3 DEVICES thus INSTALLING THEIR DRIVERS?
2) Windows Legacy Instaled misses not only 3 but 6 devices.
3) Last but not least, although identified my wireless card (BroadCom 802.11n) hence Wi-Fi drivers are installed by Windows 8 themselves, by connection speed is way to slow........
HELP and explain please!!

Answer:Drivers missing after a Windows 8 Pro x64 UEFI Install on a Lenovo Z580 ideapad

Lenovo Z580 comes with Windows 8 preinstalled, I don't understand what you were trying to achieve? :huh:

Is this after converting to GPT / UEFI . Am bit confused.

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Hello.After Windows 10 came out, i noticed that my laptop working and booting not in UEFi mod.First i tried to go into OS settings (windows 10) and put there uefi setting on restart. Its booting without uefi at all.Tried to press f2,f1,f8,f7,f12, del keys - nothing.Tried to update bios from lenovo site - still nothing, i cant access uefi bios.Tried to install Windows 8, Windows 8.1 - cant boot into uefi of get uefi bios.What I'm doing wrong, direct me please? p.s. I'm using lenovo Z580.

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Hey guys. I have a quick question about installing XP Pro on a Dell desktop that I have with a SATA hard drive.

Apparently I am supposed to find some SATA drivers, install those to a floppy, and point the Windows install to that floppy when starting the install. The only problem with that is, I haven't had a floppy drive for years, so that isn't an option for me.

How can I get around this??

Thanks everyone

Answer:Windows XP install on SATA HDD

It depends on the controller and how you have the BIOS configured. I've only really used Intel chipsets, and then they are set to standard IDE-mode, meaning not AHCI or not RAID, you don't need to load any special drivers, aside from the Intel Chipset drivers once Windows is installed.

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hey, i have a sata disk as my windows disk and i need to reinstall XP, the XP installation wants a floopy with some sata stuff before being able to load the disk into the installation program,

so i wonder what is it, it want me to put on a floppy ?

Answer:windows XP install on sata

It wants the sata drivers, they are usually located on the cd that came with the motherboard, you copy them to a floppy and watch at the bottom of the screen when loading XP for something along the lines of "IF you need to install 3rd party drivers press F6".

You press F6 and insert the floppy, with any luck it finds the drivers and continues the install

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i recently formated my hadd to get a clean start, i have a xps gen 5 with 2 gigs of ram and 3 wd raptors usualy runing in raid 0 and an intell ee. so after i formated the drive i created a new raid volume with 210 gb leaveing 13.5 gb for a partion for randome junk if i ever have to for mat again which will probly happen when all the vista bugs and dx 10 cards become cheap. but anways,
i poped the xp pro sp2 disk in and started the install then it said could not find a hard disk to install to. so after a while of reading i was told to install the driver of the sata drives to the computer and that should work, wel this being the year 2007, who the hell uses flopy disks anymore, so that said after a while of makeing some virtual flopy drives and some creative use of a usb key turned into a flopy disck i tryed that and nothing happend and it wouldnt install the drivers,
so i went into the bios and changed the sata drives to combonation mode so they actlike pata and it installed xp fine but only on one hard drive, and it wont let me install intel matrix sortage mgr or the driver for the drives any one got any ideas, that dont involve going back to the 80`s with some flopy disks because i dont wana shell out $10 for a drive, if you need any other info just ask my bios revison is a04 or ao4 i am not sure if its a o or a zero,
also most of my drivers wont install, i only got a few to install, my video card and things like my network controler, also i a... Read more

Answer:sata windows xp install


You need a floppy drive and a floppy disk with those RAID drivers on it. Unless you want to purchase a new motherboard with an onboard RAID controller it? That latter sounds much more expensive.



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it just says no hard drive connected when i run windows setup

i have 1 120GB SATA Western Digital HD


Answer:Windows will not install on a SATA HD

Do you have the disk that came with the drive?

During the OS setup, it will ask you for "third party" drivers, make sure you select that and pop in your disk. It needs the drives on that disk in order to recognize the drive.

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i'm trying to install windows xp onto my new samsung hd520ij sata hdd. according to samsung i dont need a driver for this drive and all i have to do is partition and format the drive. the problem is that the windows installation doesnt recognise the drive at all. i've checked bios and there is no drive recognised there either. the drive is connected correctly as it shows up in post. my system spec is as follows:

asus A7N8X m/board
athlon xp 2500+
2GB PC3200 RAM
Radeon x850 g/card

Answer:trying to install windows xp onto new sata hdd

you are installing on SATA drive, there is an additional step:


Most newer BIOS allow an Alternate method for SATA . . Go into the bios and check the "Sata Operation" setting, change it to "Raid Autodetect/ATA if it is not already. Now try to install XP ( Verbage will vary by manufacturer )

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OK, so I just installed a new HD. - Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EARX 2TB 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive

I hooked it all up and the BIOS seems to see it.
And Windows "found new hardware" and "installed drivers".

Now what?

Answer:How to install a new SATA 6 HD under Windows 7

BTW, I'm not seeing a D:

But the new HD is "working properly" in Device manager.

Is this normal?

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When I try to install windows it duse not see the hard drivers I have tryed every thing.

win xp pro
athlon 64 3800
asus a8v deluxe
2 x kingmax twin 1 gig ddr400
wd 200gig sata
wd 36gig raptor 1000rpm sata
asus a92oose
pci 1-0 4 serial
pioneer dvd burner

I have tryed downloading the latest raid drivers and when installing windows f6 for scsi and windows will still not see the hard drives. Bios can see them and sata is enabeled in bios.


Answer:please help sata windows install

If I understand you correctly you have loaded the drivers. With your drives you shouldn't run a RAID configuration as you will be limited to the smallest drive's size and if you run JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks) you gain nothing and lose much.

So, go into BIOS and disable all SATA RAID functions. Don't worry, the SATA ports themselves will be active, you are just disabling RAID. Reboot, hit delete to enter BIOS and your drives should show up in the BIOS window.

If they now show up it is time to install windows. Prsonally I would start from scratch by deleting any partitions whn windows asks. Hit F6 when prompted and reload your drivers BUT do NOT uselect RAID when asked. Just make your Raptooor C: and load windows to it. When prompted make the bigger slower drive D: When windows is done go back into BIOS and change Boot ordr to Hard Drive; CD ROM; Removable and remember that you have two disks so there should be a hard drive boot order in the same window. Make sure the Raptor boots first. Reboot and you should be in business.

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My pc died on me and due to a lack of spare cash I bought a cheap pc. It is a AMD Athlon 64X2 dual core 3600+ and it came with only 500mb ram. It also has vista pre-installed. The pc was so slow, I thought this was probably due to the lack of ram, so I bought another 2g ram (total 2.5g ram) but the machine still takes ages to do anything, if I am running a file convertor then I cannot surf etc. I have a legit copy of XP pro and would like to install it on this pc instead of vista. I am assuming from what I have read that it is not possible to simply put the xp disc into my pc once vista has loaded and simply 'upgrade' (or downgrade) to xp.  I have downloaded all the xp drivers for my current pc, however I am far from an expert at this.The problem is my pc uses sata drives and I have read that xp cannot install on a sata drive as it does not contain the drivers for sata. I do have a floppy disc that came with a raid card and the floppy contains sata drivers, but my pc does not have a floppy drive so I can't boot from the floppy to load the drivers first.I was wondering whether it would be possible to copy the drivers from the floppy to a memory card and load them by booting from the built in card reader prior to booting from the xp disc (is it possible to boot from a card reader?). Another option is that the pc has 2 hard drives, is there any way I could install xp on the second drive, load all the xp drivers and then use acronis to clone the drive onto the... Read more

Answer:Installing xp on sata drive, can I boot from card reader to install sata driver?

That is simply not true, you can install xp straight to any SATA drive.

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I Can't Install a sata hard disk with a PCI sata controller card.?
My mb is MSI KT4V with AMD athlon 1800.My bios is AMI.
There is no option in my mb for a sata hard disk so i brought the sata pci cotroller card.
In post it shows the raid in my pci slot but cant detect my hard disk. It is a Segate 7200 rpm 160 gb hard disk.My sata pci controller card come with a driver cd but i cant install its driver in dos mode. and i think its for the windows version.
How can i install the single sata drive in my comp.
please help me...

Answer:Can't Install Sata Hard disk With PCI SATA controller card

Probably some fakeraid BS..
You have to enter the RAID BIOS and configure the drive as a RAID0 array or something similar. If it doesn't detect the drive in the RAID BIOS either, look over all your cables. Make sure you have power to the hard drive and suchlike.

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I had another post about this, but my problem has changed.

I have an asus A8V delux motherboard and I'm trying to use a 250gig SATA drive with it. the drive is the only hard drive on the system. I extracted the data from the CD to the floppy containing the drivers for the drive. Then, when I booted the system, I hit F6, selected the Windows XP drivers for the motherboad, it seems to accept them, I hit continue, but it wouldn't let me install it because it doesn't find the hard drive.

This is my first time ever using a SATA drive, so it may be something extremely basic. The bios recognizes it in either SATA slot I stick it in (during boot it says SATA 0(or 1): XXXXXXXXXX ) (Xs are w/e it says about the device).

Answer:Using a SATA drive to install windows

can you identify the the SATA chipset on your motherboard?

ex. is it VIA? is it silicon image? is it Hightech Point? is it SIS? is it Intel? is it ALi?

if you can locate which company the chipset is from then go to their website and download a driver for the controller. they usually consist of

1. separate folder for floppy installation(these folders are usually told in readme.txt and normally does not exceed 1mb)
2. utility app(after windows installation is done which does not fit nor needed for initial windows installation)

also are you sure that your sata controllers are enabled in your bios? some motherboards have more than 1 sata controller on the motherboard and has separate options in bios.
ex: intel ich5r sata(not sure if i got the model name right) + silicon image sata.

how many sata connectors are there?
if you have 2 connectors then you have one sata controller. if you have 4 then you are likely to have 2 controllers(possibly diff company).

if all else fails

do you see the sata bios screen after the intial POST?
can you enter the sata bios?(usually TAB or some Fx or ctrl+x)

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I have a Gigabyte Ga7n 400 pro 2 motherboard and 2 sata 120 hard drives.

I have set up raid boxes before but this is a first.

I created the new raid 0 stripe array in the bios all seems fine the I start the new install of windows xp sp2 and use the f6 and specify the drive, the install goes on and at the select partition to load part it still shows 2 drives instead of the single raid drive I created in the bios.

Can anyone help me to resolve this?


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Hello all,
The motherboard in my Sony Viao quit on me so I pulled my 2 sata hard drives (Maxtor Diamondmax 10 6L160MO's), other drives, ram, etc got a new case, mobo and fire it up. It goes through the boot process and says missing operating system. I boot to my WinXP Pro cd and of course it does not find the drive, so I hit F6 to install raid drivers and it just keeps trucking right past that and goes onto loading windows files. I finally get to specify additional device push "S" to specify drivers or press "Enter" if you don't have disk, blah, blah, blah. When I press "S" it takes me to search the floppy drive (I don't have a floppy drive), when I press "Enter" it loads the rest of the windows files and reboots. Upon restart we are back into windows setup, a vicious circle. I wanted to save the info on the hard drive but fear I am past that now, what with the formatting and all, LOL. Anyway, where I am now is stuck in this boot up circle and windows is not getting installed. I can go into the recovery console or the part where I format again. What do I do?

Answer:SATA Drives, How Do I Install Windows?

Welcome to TechSpot!

Need to put the drivers on CD, but a CD with a bootable FDD mode. Nero and some CD burner software can do this. But if you didn't get a FDD or you don't have one then, you got a problem. Did the SATA HDD come with a CD? If it did then use that CD to Masterblaster to install the SATA HDD on your system.

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I'm using an ASUS K8V Deluxe motherboard, and I have a SATA hard drive. When I try to install windows xp, setup does not recognize that this hard drive is there. I've solved this problem before by inserting a floppy with the drivers on it during Windows installation. However, I don't know which drivers I need for the K8V Deluxe or where to find them! I searched the ASUS website under Downloads, but there were no drivers that I saw that were specifically for the VIA SATA controller. Does anyone know where to find these drivers?

Answer:Windows Install Doesn't See SATA HDD

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Here's what I'm working with:

Asus P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe
WD 74gig SATA

Trying to install Windows OS but it won't recognize the drive w/o the SATA drivers which requires a floppy!! Grr...who uses floppy anymore? Anyone know how to get around this without a floppy or am I going to have to do a salvage dive into one of my old computers? If I can burn the drivers onto a CD, anyway to make the windows install disk look at a cdrom drive?

Answer:Windows OS Install on SATA drives

-Highway- said:

Here's what I'm working with:

Asus P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe
WD 74gig SATA

Trying to install Windows OS but it won't recognize the drive w/o the SATA drivers which requires a floppy!! Grr...who uses floppy anymore? Anyone know how to get around this without a floppy or am I going to have to do a salvage dive into one of my old computers? If I can burn the drivers onto a CD, anyway to make the windows install disk look at a cdrom drive?Click to expand...

As far as I'm able to find, XP requires a floppy for drivers during setup. You might can get away with a USB floppy if the BIOS supports booting from them.

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I will be re-formatting and re-installing Windows XP onto a 500GB SATA2 hard disk. The original drive was a 160GB IDE and I decided that given that I'm re-formatting everything, I might as well re-install onto my other hard drive since it's bigger and faster.According to everything I've read, in order to load Win XP onto a SATA drive, I need to load the drivers using a 3.5" floppy disk. I have a drive available but I was wondering if it was possible to load the drivers off a usb pen drive. I presume that because there is no OS, it won't detect the USB pen.Am I correct, or is there another method that avoids using a 3.5" floppy?

Answer:Windows XP SATA driver install

You can create a slipstreamed instal disk with the sata driver integrated but if you have a floppy drive available why bother?What exactly do you have against using a floppy?Goin' Fishin' (Some day)

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I cannot install Windows XP onto a SATA hard drive. I read that I need to install the drivers for the HD separately during the Windows installation but how do I do that.

Professor Falken

Answer:Cannot Install Windows XP onto SATA drive

Do you have a floppy drive in the computer that you're looking to install XP to?

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I managed to replace the SATA HDD I had new which was faulty today lukily.From when I fitted & installed a SATA drive for my friend it was a quick job formatting but that was 120GB this drive I am doing on a new machine with a Asus A8V-E Deluxe board using a Athlon XP64 3500 Venice, 2x 512 PC3200 DDR400 & 160GB Seagate SATA drive the formatting (Now doing it all over again, see why in a mo) is taking ages to format like a ATA 100 IDE Drive.I am formatting this new 160GB drive again as when installing windows the bit where the files are loaded after Formatting it stopped and prompted me the ?.dll files were not known windows XP files etc but I hit enter about 20 times to install them then I got into desktop finally switched off went for meal came back and Blue screen problems then reboot back into windows.Then I went and had a look in the log files in system admin folder thing and Red against Windows install folder.So I thoguht I would update the firmware on my Asus DVD Drive which was as high as it could be.I am now Formatting again (slow process again) to see if it happens again.In the Bios there is SATA option which is EnabledAnd the Onboard Sata Chip is set to IDE, am I right that it should be IDE for this Sata Chip or should it be Raid ?I am running a single 160GB Seagate SATA Drive so my thought is SATA chip is correct at being on IDE and not RAID.Please help.

Answer:SATA & Windows XP Install Problems again

I have a Seagate 160GB SATA Drive.First off I made sure that SATA was enabled in the BIOS. Then installed the INTEl SATA RAID drivers for my motherboard (yours might be different).Then I installed the software that came with the hard disk.Then I fitted the drive. It was detected and the SEAGATE software automatically loaded up and quickly formatted it for me.At no time did I get a message about dlls. Nor should it, it was purely a bare NTFS drive I wanted.Hope this helps.

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How do I install windows 98 onto a newly built PC with a SATA Hard drive?

Motherboard: Asus A7N8X deluxe (on board SATA controller)
Hard drive : Maxtor Plus 9 SATA

It's all set up hardware-wise, and I have my boot disk etc. I just don't know where to go from here

note: i have run FDISK, and it seems to have made some partitions, although not recognised in DOS and I can't partition them :S


Answer:Clean install Windows on SATA

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I have a computer system based on a ASUS A7N8X-E Motherboard. I had 2 WD360D raptors running in a RAID 0 configuration until 1 was damaged and fails to power up I removed that one and now Im trying to use just 1 raptor drive for the computer. Whenever I start up the computer, I get an error message saying "incomplete raid set". After I get passed that and try to install using windows xp cd, I use the sata drivers for my controller and files are copied. After it reboots and the computer boots up again, it fails to continue the installation of windows xp. I believe it is because of the incomplete raid set.
My questions would be;
How would I solve this problem?
Do i use any jumper settings on the back of the drive if I am only using 1 drive? (previously I had 2 drives)

Ive deleted the partition on the drive and tried formatting but does not continue the installation of windows

Answer:Windows XP install SATA issues

yea booting from sata is kinda messy and i thought of trying it but decided against it. try going into your bios at startup (push del when its starting up) and see if RAID is turned on, try turnin it off. also one of the beauties of sata drives is that they dont have jumpers so you dont need to worry about that.

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Just picked up 2x160GB Maxtor hard drives, running RAID 0. Booting windows off my current drive and using the disks as storage works fine, but windows wont install on them. I start the install, hit F6, select my SATA drivers when I need to, but windows tells me it cannot find any hard disks....any idea why? This is using a KV8 Pro. DO I have to chage something in my BIOS?

Answer:Windows won't install on SATA drives, HELP!

Viper87227, Windows XP will not let u install windows into a C Drive that is over 32 GB. There are ways to get around it, but you'll need an additional HD to do so. ALSO,

You HAVE to install the SATA drivers while in BlueSetup Screen, druring the begining stages of install you have to press F6 and use the driver disks that originally came with your Raid card.

You REALLY should not have C driver over 32 GB's anyway, i have a 40 GB C drive, with a LOT of programs installed, and i still won't fill it up.

D E F G drives are all for storage for me, equalling about 430 GIGs now.

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I have purchased a new SATA drive so that I can install Windows 7 on a separate drive to my current XP installation. Should I format/partition the new drive using XP before trying to install Windows 7. If I do this I cannot choose C: as the drive letter as this is already allocated to the XP drive. Does this matter?Also I would like to install the 64 bit version, which my hardware is capable of running. Will there be any problems with dual booting between XP 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit?

Answer:Windows 7 install on new second SATA drive

I would format it first then install 7, though remember to use NTFS not Fat.I have had no problems duel booting XP 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit. Installing 7 could not have been easier, it took care of nearly everything without my help. When you boot into 7, whatever drive it is installed on becomes your C drive.

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I try to install XP to a computer with 7 on it because of poor performance and it comes with the well known "No hard drive installed" message.I dont have the SATA drivers of the motherboard nor a floppy to put them into.How can I solve this problem?My motherboard is MSI Neo-v 649.Thank you.

Answer:Install windows XP to SATA driver

Installing XP on a SATA drive requires an additional step:

XP Help And Support: 108. How Do I Install Windows XP On A SATA Hard Drive

However, Most newer BIOS allow an Alternate method for SATA . . Go into the bios and check the "Sata Operation" setting,

change it to "Raid Autodetect/ATA if it is not already. Now try to install XP ( could be IDE Mode, Compatibility Mode or Legacy Mode - different BIOS use different terms )

some will say IDE instead of ATA)

If there are no such settings you'll need to slipstream the sata drivers on the XP CD, follow the instructions in this guide :


Resolving "Setup did not find any hard disk drives" during Windows XP Installation - How-To Geek

Have you checked the MSI site to be sure the other XP Drivers are available for that board?

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I want to start from scratch with a Gigabyte GA-8KNXP, 3.0 Ghz processor and install a single W3200 SATA drive with Windows 7.I will be installing a solid Nvidia 7800GS gard to go with it and 2gb of memory.I'm stuck on the process of the setup of the HARD drive. The manual is a bit confusing on the hookup and drivers. Which can / should I use for the easiest install, the SATA0_SB which I believe is the Intel chipset or the SATA0_II, the Si chipset?I have the same setup but using IDE drives on an existing system. It has been rock solid stable and reliable for 5 years now. Any help appreciated.

Answer:ga-8knxp sata install windows 7


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Let me start by saying that I am far from computer illiterate and have read the readme's. I see the folder that came with mobo has the drivers however these are 30mb big and windows xp will only accept a floppy with f6 option. I see in my readme that it says

3. Press F6 for third party SCSI or driver installation at the beginning
of text mode installation. Press 's' when setup asks if you want to
specify an additional device, and insert the diskette labeled
'Silicon Image SiI 3112 SATARaid Driver Installation Disk' .

Where is this image or disk? I cannot find it.

Answer:Howto install windows xp with onto SATA

All You need to do is locate the exact drivers from the disk for the SATA and then put them onto the floppy disk.

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I returned my Rosewill RC209 SATA card and purchased an IDE to SATA Adapter. I am now trying to install Windows XP on my 1TB SATA Western Digital Hard Drive. I am aware that Windows XP cant format on a SATA Drive without SATA Drivers. The problem is my motherboard doesnt support SATA as standard (reason why I bout IDE to SATA Adapter). I have no way of getting drivers for hard drive. XP asks for a floppy diskette but I dont have a floppy drive and I dont know what drivers to get since my motherboard doesnt support SATA. Im stuck. How do I install Windows XP on a SATA Hard Drive thats running off an IDE to SATA Adapter. THANX!!!!!

Answer:How to install Windows XP on SATA Drive

I think that you need the floppy drive and drivers if you are instlling a RAID. I just formatted and installed XP on a SATA hard drive. It installed like it normally does. You should onl need the SATA drivers for install on an array of disks. Have you tried to install normally?

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Hi All

Ok, I have been pulling my hair out, with an issue trying to install Windows 7 on a new build PC. Initially I was installing Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, but a file error on file extraction scuppered that. On retry I got the same thing, so I ended up deleting the small partition (made by Windows) that was on the drive and formatting. Then I got MISSING BOOTMGR errors.

I took the drive out and plugged it in as an external drive on my laptop, I then formatted it and copied some files to it to check it was working ok - seemed fine.

I downloaded the 90 day Windows 7 Enterprise edition 64bit, I changed some bios setting then reset them to 'fail - safe', I can now get it to the stage where it will boot off Windows 7 CD to install, but at the point of detecting the HDD it can't see it, I put the motherboard driver CD and searched on there - nothing.

The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L (Windows 7 Compatible) and HDD is a Western Digital WD3200AAKS 320GB SATAII.

Why did it see the drive to begin with and now it doesn't? Could it be an issue with the hard drive itself? I don't want to have to buy an other if there is no issue with the drive......please help.

Many thanks in advance.

Answer:SATA Drive - Windows 7 Install - WHY!?

Wipe the drive with Killdisk and try again -


Download the ISO (or the .exe for USB drives) from here

Then (if you have chosen the ISO) burn the ISO using IsoRecorder: ISO Recorder v3 Download (How to use IsoRecorder)

Boot from the CD/USB and wipe the drive - be careful which drive you are wiping, as it is designed to make data recovery near impossible

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hello all
im trying to install windows xp professional (legit) on my new server (See sig)

Motherboard: ASUS A8V-VM
CPU: AMD Opteron 144
Mem: Corsair XMS 512mb DDR400 (single channel)
HDD: Seagate Cuda' 120gb SATA (not sata II or 3.0gbs, the old sata150)[i am reusing hdd from old file server]

My computer loads into the windows setup and when I press enter to enter the setup, a message comes up saying it cannot detect any hard drive and to make sure it is plugged in properly and powered on. The hdd is plugged into SATA port 1 on the motherboard and power is given to the hdd.

My question is, do I need to install sata drivers through floppy? i read through the manual and it didn't say anything about this, but Im starting to wonder if this is the cause.

Thanks for any input.


Answer:Windows does not detect sata hdd during install

You shouldn't have to.

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so i managed to get myself the windows xp tablet edition software to install on my new touchsmart tx2 laptop. the problem i have is when i place the cd in and attempt to install the software i get the dreaded BSOD with the stop error of 0x0000007B. looking the error up i find that its a sata issue and i need the sata drivers. thats not a big problem for me to get its getting passed the bsod. it wont even get to the install it just takes 5min after pressing any key to boot from cd that it crashes. any help on my situation? its an HP and unfortunately their bios is idiot proof and wont let me do any advanced changing to the bios.

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Ok, just got finished building my new compy and I am trying to get Xp OS to install. I get past the add additional drivers (Nvidia Raid Class Dr. and Nvidia NForce Storage Controller) and get them to install but when I get to install Xp now? "press enter" part it comes back saying that it cannot detect a hd and must quit set up. I am working on Gigabyte S-series Am2 mobo (GA-M57SLI-S4 ver. 1:1) and using two Hitachi Deskstar hds @ 250 Gbs ea. in a Raid 0 (3gbs-s SATA).
This is my first Raid and second Sata install. Now onto to what I have done...
I have followed the manual explicitly, ie. I followed the steps listed to first enter the system Bios and enabled the Raid controller, then saved and went into the Raid bios to create the Raid saved, and went back to system bios to select the Raid to a boot device and saved. Now as I said Xp is not recognizing the hds and refuses to finish installing.

I have also tried not undoing everything and just installing without the Raid using just the Nvidia Raid Class Driver that is supposedly required w/wo A Raid with the same results.
I have now redid the Raid array.

I noticed that when I went into my bios that it also does not seem to recognizing it. When I go into Advanced bios settings, under Hard Disk Priority, it lists the Raid;
1. SCSI-0 Nvidia Stripe 465.76Gbs.
2. Bootable addins cards

However, under Standard; it is not listed. see below,
IDE channel 0 M drive (dvd drive)
IDE channel 0 S drive (cd/rw)
Drive A: Floppy... Read more

Answer:xp install is not recognizing SATA Raid nor single SATA hd

hmm, strange - have you formatted your hard drives already? Do you have Win XP with SP2 - SP2 is needed to recognize large hard drives.
I don't know how complicated it would be but if all else fails maybe undo the raid configuration format your hard drives (if they are not already) then do the raid thing. I am a beginner so these thougths/ideas might be irrelevant.

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I want to do a reformat of my hard drive but its a WD Caviar Blue / SE / SE16 (SATA II) and windows xp Media Center Edition won't recognize the hard drive during install, because its a sata unless I install the drivers from a floppy disk. I looked on the Western Digital sight but not sure which file I need. Can anybody point me to which driver I need so that windows will be able to find my hard drive during the install.

Answer:Sata Hard Drive and Windows Re-Install

Western Digital wont have the drivers that you need.
Whats the make/model of the system?

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Here is my situation.

We got 4 XPCs ( at work for testing purposes. These puppies come with built in SATA controler and all the goodies.

So I've installed all hardware into the box I go to boot it I notice I don't have floppy. So I stop the boot open the box and hook up the floppy drive.
I boot it again (SATA drivers are ready on the floppy) it goes thru these steps.

- boot from boots
- I wait a sec blue install screen comes up stating "Press F6..."
- I press F6 a couple of times thinking great here we go.
- Next screen displays 2 setup messages before it crashes.
- Loading Machine Authentication Data
- Loading Windows Executive file
- CRASH!!!
- with this message.

"I386\NTKRNLMP.EXE Could not be loaded.
Error Code is 4

Setup cannot continue."

I've tried everything I could think of, new cd-rom, new memory, memory tests, another HD, tried installing XP that worked fine even with ot without pressing F6.

I am stumped. Is there an updated winnt.exe that will allow me to install it. WinXP is using an updated installer I think in 32bit shell unlike Win2k's 16 bit install shell.

Any and all help is much appreciated.


Answer:SATA and Windows 2000 (clean install)

Just a thought, probably way off base, but slow the machine down to it's lowest BIOS settings. You've changed out the RAM which would have been my first thought but.....

I'm not familiar with the boxes but maybe go to one stick of RAM and whatever options you have in the BIOS to slow it down.

Last, run the W2K chkupgrd.exe util (on the CD); it generates a report on what is/isn't OK for W2K... Is everything complient?

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Working on a pc with a sata drive, Asus k8vse deluxe mobo. On bootup the drive is recognised as a serial drive, but it is not displayed in the bios, When I boot from a winxp cd to reload, this also cannot find the drive.
If I boot the pc normally, the old install of xp boots up.
How do I repartition, format & reinstall windows, & how do I get the bios to recognise it?

Answer:Solved: Sata Drive - Windows Install

You probably need the floppy driver disk to load early in the XP install, when you see the Press F6 to load 3rd party drivers message at the bottom of the screen.

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Hi all,

It's been a while I was unsuccesfully trying to install Windows 7 Home 32b using a USB stick.


HP Compaq dc7800 Small Form Factor
Intel Core Duo E6550 2.33GHz
2048 MB DDR2/667MHz
System BIOS: 786F1 v01.04


The former copy of Windows7 got corrupted by a virus
I tried to reinstall it completely (not upgrading), got stuck at "Windows is loading files"
I installed Ubuntu, used it for a couple of weeks
I would rather need Windows, tried but failed again
I ran DBAN wipe on both HDDs

After this, I could get to Win7 installer's partition selecting section, but none of the HDDs are available for installation, it's asking me to check BIOS settings in order to access them.
Given the following Storage Options in the BIOS:

Removable Media Boot: Enable
Legacy Diskette Write: Enable
SATA Emulation: IDE

In this case, highlighting any of the disks at partition select, I get this warning when I click Next:
"Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu."

The other SATA option is RAID and if I choose this, the 250GB disk seems to be available for the install, but I get the error message:
"Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. See the Setup log files for more info."
- sadly, I couldn't find any log viewing possibil... Read more

Answer:Can't install Windows, probably because of wrong SATA setting

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I've just bought parts and collected a new PC system. My Motherboard is AsRock M3A785GXH/128 ASRock > Products > M3A785GXH/128M

and regarding to the manufacturer it should be Windows 7 hardware ready.

But I can't install Windows 7 pro 64 bit on my new system. The Windows 7 installation application can't see my harddrives and want a driver to them. I assume that should be a driver for the SATA controller on the motherboard. I've tryed to use the drivers on the motherboard cd-rom and tryed to use the drivers froms asrock homepage, but Windows 7 wont accept them.

I have contacted AsRock about this issue, but I'm wating for an answer and hoped that you guys might has seen this problem before, and will answer quicker than AsRock Support

I should say that I cant install Windows Vista Business 64bit without any problems at all.

Any suggetions would be appreciated!


Answer:Install Windows 7 SATA controller driver

Are you trying a clean or upgrade install? Are you booting from a DVD or USB?

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here is my story. abot 3 weeks ago i've bought a new SATA hard drive. i have old P4C800-E mb and IDE harddrive with XP running. so i unplugged IDE disc and was able to install windows xp on sata drive,-later got all the updates including service pack 3. few days later - the blue screen of death appeared on my new hard drive. i formatted and tried to reinstall for nada. most of the the time - it didn't show the hard drive in the bios at all. than i read on this forum that i can't install XP on SATA drives because of no drivers there for SATA (somehow i did though). i got desperate and have bought brind new windows 7 ultimate - now - first time it went up to "completing installation" - then rebooted,-then again everything from beginning... after the second time - it gave me a message - no hard drive:(( so my question is - is it possible that the SATA hard drive is defect?it's pretty warm when i touch it? or - my bios is outdated? o shuld i just buy another IDE hard drive and get rid of SATA? thank you!

Answer:can't install windows 7 on new SATA hard drive

another thing is - could it be that my psu has not enough watt to power that SATA 500mb

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Hey all, I'm having an issue trying to clean install windows 8.1 on this new B50-30.It's the Celeron N2840 model (MCA32MH). I have replaced the HDD for a SSD (Crucial bx100) and have created a UEFI bootable USB stick holding a Windows 8.1 With Bing image (I get past the enter serial part now, image matches stored key). During Windows setup i get the following message:Load driver - A media driver your computer needs is missing...etcI cannot select any harddisk.  The sata controller is set to AHCI in bios, I have tried loading the latest Intel chipset drivers during setup. I can only add the SM bus driver from the list and it doesnt work. I also get the same error on a different Win 8.1 image.Somehow it seems to be missing the drivers, which drivers should I use? Isnt it regular Intel? Or could it  be something else? I have done the exaxt same on another B50 (older model) last week without any issues.. Any ideas? Cheers,Arie

Answer:B50-30 sata driver - unable to install windows 8.1

hi Arie,
Welcome to the Forums.
If you;re able to see the SSD in the BIOS and/or see it under Disk Management while using the stock HDD then you may want to consider the following:
1. Boot from the stock HDD and update the BIOS
BIOS Update Utility - Ideapad 305-15IBY, Lenovo B40-30, B50-30, B50-30 touch, E40-30 Laptops
2. Update the SSD's firmware to  MU02 (latest as of this writing).
3. Using the stock HDD, connect the Crucial SSD and convert the volume to MBR first to see if there's a compatibility using the drive as GPT.
If none of the above methods works then there's likely a compatibility issue with the SSD's controller and/or the BIOS (similar to this thread). In this case, consider using a different brand (e.g., Samsung) and observe.

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Hello everyone - I have been trying to install XP on my main office computer for about a week now and have about lost it! It's okay though, I'm trying to relax - hopefully someone here can help me.

I have a Shuttle small form factor PC with two SATA drives in it controller by a si3112 controller. Normally, you do the whole "press F6 during install" and stick the drivers on a floppy disk (ha, floppy disk...) and viola!

Lacking a floppy disk drive, I first tried making several custom install CDs using the massstorage driverpack from These had various levels of success - I have a stack of about 20 install CDs that have either bluescreened or had some other corruption. I do get to the end of the text install usually with these - as in the drivers work for the the first part of the install and I am able to format the drives, start the install, etc.

I bought a floppy drive at some point during this whole process and tried the usual method. This again works - as in XP install sees the drives, can format them, etc. Right before it is about to copy the files over at the end of the text install I get a message asking for the drivers again. There is nothing I can do at that point - it can't find the disk or anything so I'm SOL.

Has XP forgotten that I already gave it the drivers? furthermore, that the drivers appeared to work the first time around?

Anyway - between trying making my own XP installs and trying the regular way that is S... Read more

Answer:Windows XP SATA RAID Install issues

Try using nLIte to 'slipstream' the drivers onto an install CD, just select 'Drivers' on the 'Task Selection' window, click 'Next' then click on 'Insert' and navigate to the Sata drivers .INF file.
nLite will even burn the disk for you !

I would get some CD-RW disks for this.

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hello, So i bought an ADATA M.2 SSD to put in my Ideapad Y510P, it has an M.2 slot.In the BIOS it does see the SSD, so i started to boot windows 8 from a dvd, now when i select the SSD to install it on, it gives the following error:Windows can't be installed on this location, the followig has happend: 0x80070002 I already tried to boot windows 8.1 from usb but the same thing happend, then i updated the BIOS since there was a newer version available, this also didnt help. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed??   Bram  

Answer:Can't install windows 8 on M.2 SATA SSD Ideapad y510p

Have you disabled SecureBoot in BIOS? If you could post a picture of the error, that would be great. And exactly at which step you are getting that.

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I have a gateway 838gm desktop computer that start having problems so I bought new hard drive for it and i poped in my windows xp cd into the dvd drive and it boot and i pressed any button to continue and it partitioned the new HD and started install windows xp but after a while after installation it just went to a blank black screen with no message. I've tried everything. What can I do to fix this problem?

Answer:New SATA Hardrive attempted windows xp install

That system is a media center PC, came with a SATA the fact that the drive is SATA should be a non-factor.User Manual Page 48 indicates that you have restore/recovery CDs and not MS Genuine XP install CDs. Same page also indicates that instructions for using said CDs is in hands of owner.Restore CDs are often dependent upon files which are stored on the hard order to work as planned. These files probably exist in a separate, possibly hidden partition which was created by your system enable restore operations successfully.Since a new hard drive would not contain such files, attempting to restore the system...logically should fail (IMO).A search of the Gateway site...reveals little to me. Any of the links that appear to contain info re reinstalling XP...don't seem to work for me.If I had a system like this...I would just a. Install disk cloning software on old drive. b. Clone old drive to new. New drive would be exact copy of old. c. Remove old drive, replace with new.Louis

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I have an asus a7v600-x mobo, with 512 mb of pc3200 ram. i am using a maxtor diamondMax plus 9 80gb SATA hard drive. everything is brand new, fresh out of the box from tiger direct. here's my problem . . .

during the installation process of win xp (or 2kpro, cause i tried it, too), after the setup files have been loaded, and the screen changes to the option to install xp or repair on lod installation, i press enter to install, and i am told there is no hard drive, then the entire computer just shuts down! the sata drive is recognized during POST, so i am confused. the mobo came with a cdrom that has drivers, etc on it, but with no OS, i can't run it. this very same process has occured about twenty times, with me trying to find something in BIOS to tweak to get it to run.

help me, please!!!!!

Answer:SATA Drive not recognized by windows during install

There is an option to load other drivers by pressing F6, you may need to consult the MB manual to get the drivers off the CD that came with it and put them on a floppy disk.

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I have an ECS KN1 NForce4 motherboard and an SATA RAID (2 x Western Digital 200GB SATA Drives) setup.

I downloaded the latest NForce drivers and copied the appropriate XP RAID Drivers to a floppy.

I start the XP install, Press F6, select the drivers for the SATA RAID and then press Enter to continue. The install loads some generic SCSI/3rd Party drivers and then says 'Windows is starting...' at the bottom.

Then my computer reboots.

I've tried with both an original XP Pro setup disk and one embedded with SP2. Same thing happens. I've tried with 5.10 Nforce drivers, and with the newest 6.6 drivers. I don't have any other drives attached to my system - just the CDROM as IDE0 Master and the SATA RAID.

I am out of ideas. Got any for me?

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My old IDE system drive failed so I bought a new Seagate SATA drive and windows wont install. During the installation process I get the dreaded 'setup was unable to create a new system partition...' message and I cant escape it. I currently have no windows installed so I only have the CMD to work with...please assist me.

Answer:New SATA hard drive, cant install Windows.

And when you get to the partition page it shows the hard drive as unallocated space, correct ?

Follow this tutorial.

Clean Install Windows 7

and look over Greg`s

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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I have a pata drive but am thinking of getting one of those 750GB seagates with the sata connectors on it. I had heard about installing windows xp on a sata drive was a pain in the butt because of the lack of drivers for the sata controller, or has this changed? The install disk I have is a very recent version of windows xp home with sp2. Will there be drivers on the CD for my P5W DH sata controllers? Will I need to get a old floppy disk drive from ebay or would a usb floppy work?

Answer:Windows XP install on Sata hard drive

For this reason alone I still have a floppy drive lying around the house. I think I heard with Vista you can use USB but as far as my experiences with XP pro SP2 you will need a normal floppy drive.

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I'm having a very strange problem. Trying to reinstall XP Home on a SATA drive, and I get through the installation, but it gets stuck on the screen saying Windows can't start normally. It is a new computer that I purchased my own copy of XP (can't stand those bundled packages) and initially it worked for about 6 months on the SATA drive, even though the startup was ALWAYS problematic. It Finally crashed. I have succeeded in loading XP onto an IDE drive, just for troubleshooting sakes, but I dont want it to stay on that older drive. I tried 2 different SATA drives, and XP does the same thing on both--installs but then won't start.

I have slipstreamed my XP startup CD with the SATA drivers, and I notice during the install screen it says "UNKNOWN MBR" for both SATA drives. Also, yesterday I noticed a bad video card so I'm going to buy a new one today--but would that cause these type of problems? Both drives are good, and I can view their contents with a USB external case on another computer. Recently I downloaded FixMBR and used that on one of the drives, but I suspect it is some kind of SATA problem overall and I would like to resolve that.

Other facts: Neither Recovery Console nor In-Place Upgrade come up as options on my XP CD. ONLY install, or delete/create partitions. Also, I installed the newest BIOS.
Any ideas?

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I have a new build using a gigabyte 990FXA-HD3 mother board AMD FX processor and 2 WD 1tb drives in RAID-1. The bios is seeing the drives in RAID 1 configuration but every time that I try to load Window 7 it does not see the drives.
It does not give option to load additional drivers with F6 or anything else. Tried putting SATA drivers on USB drive to install but will not allow because no drive to insal them on to. Drives come up in Bios.

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Hello, friends I want to multiboot windows 7 with windows xp. But, I am unable to install Windows Xp. I am getting an error.The error code is : Stop:0x0000007B.I know this is because of sata drivers. But, I am unable to find sata drivers for the windows xp setup. My chipset model is-Amd A70M FCH. My notebook's model no. is Hp 1000-1b 10 au.  I want to install windows Xp., as I just love it and want to play some of the very old games. I'll be very thankfull if anyone provides me with the sata drivers. I also tried to change the sata mode to Ide but there is no such option in the bios.  I have legacy mode enabled but, it's not working.Thanks.

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I just built a new PC and I am unable to install windows on the computer. I have tried installing Windows XP and Windows 7 but none of them work. When I tried to install Windows XP, I got the error unable to read hard drive. When I tried to install Windows 7, it gets to the point where it loads all the files and brings up the screen Starting windows but after that the screen just goes blank and the monitor cannot find a video source even though the computer is still on.

I tried plugging in another hard drive which already had windows xp installed on it. The computer booted fine but it could not find the 500GB WD hard drive.

I looked in the BIOS and it seems that the MB recognizes that there is a hard drive but it is having a hard drive reading it. If i go into the onboard device config it doesnt show the SATA controller.

I am wondering if there is a solution to this, any way I can install the drivers or is it just a faulty hard drive. My system specs are given below.

MB: Asus P7H55-M PRO
Chip: Intel i5 650 3.2 GHz
RAM: 4GB DDR3 (2x2GB) Kingston
HD: WD Caviar Blue SATA, 500 GB

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Cannot install Windows on WD 500GB SATA hard drive!

You can try to change the SATA controller mode (in the BIOS) to IDE mode. Windows XP setup should continue without a problem. You could keep the mode set to SATA or AHCI but you then need to install the appropriate SATA/RAID drivers at the F6 prompt at the beginning of Windows Setup. However, you will need a floppy drive for that. If you don't have a floppy drive, you can try making a slipstream CD which is a Windows CD with the SATA/RAID drivers included. Google, Bing or whatever to find several guides on how to create a slipstream CD.

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Installing XP on an HP Mini 210-1076NR which is designed and came with windows 7 Starter. Im installing it from a usb drive (Netbooks,hps, dont have cd drives). Upon installation i always get the bluescreen of death. I was told that i need to slipstream the SATA drivers into the windows installation, so that windows can detect the harddrive. I tried to look in the bios setup and do it from there but there wasnt an option. Question?? Where do i find the SATA driver?? Is it a single file?? or multiple?? Thanks for any help!

Answer:Need Sata Drivers to Install Windows XP on new date Motherboard

You may try getting the driver straight from the manufacture from HERE The one you need is probably the Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver

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Hi, I was wondering if it was even possible to simply migrate from a simple SATA boot to a RAID 0 array without having to reinstall the OS. If so, is there a guide I can follow on how to do so? Sorry if this is the wrong place, just tell me where and I'll repost if so. The RAID topic seemed old and this is a bit different so I decided to post another topic.

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Motherboard: ASUS P5B Deluxe
Processor: Intel Core2Quad Q9650 @ 3.0 GHz
Memory: 4096 MB RAM
Video Card: EVGA GeForce 9800 GT

Answer:Move a Windows install from plain SATA to RAID 0?

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Hi, I've been reading tutorials on this site on how to load SATA drivers within setup but that assumes I have a driver on floppy disk or anywere else.

I don't have SATA driver, instead I wanna be able to load SATA driver which is shiped with win7 setup(located inside a setup)

win7 setup does have alot of drivers included, how do I access them and install manualy? paricualy SATA driver

thank you.

Answer:How to install SATA driver located in windows setup?

It shouldn't be necessary to install a SATA controller driver. Win7 installer should have almost all SATA drivers ready.

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I was recently giving a desktop tower which ran vista home premium. when i received it the hdd was missing so I installed my own sata hdd and went to install vista home on hdd but vista doesnt recognize the hdd. when in bios my sata hdd is set to master sata 1


I put in an old IDE drive and vista installed fine.

I then installed windows 7 on my sata drive no bother.

i have also booted up from the ide hdd to try and format the sata drive in disk management but still doesnt find sata hdd

so my problem is why cant i get vista to install on the sata drive but i can get windows 7 to install.


System Product Name aspire m3641
Main Board mcp73pv
System s/n 92D1REZUCP83709DA52702
Manufacture Acer
MB Manufacture Acer
Bios Version 08.00.15
SMBIOS Version 2.5
Bios Release Date 05/23/2008

any help would be gratefully appreciated

Answer:[SOLVED] Windows Install doesnt find sata hdd

finally after trying all day i finally got my comp to recognize my sata hdd

i had to download the AHCI_NVIDIA_10.3.0.16_Vistax64 drivers and install them via usb drive at windows install

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hi guys, i need help. i am not sure it's windwos 7 problem or my configurations

i tried to install windows 7 RC on the below setup (all new), but failed

1. SATA harddisk, WD Cavier 1T
2. mobo, Gigebyte GA-GM-785-S2H
3. SATA optical drive. LG-GGC...

the last two components work fine if i replace the SATA HD to a IDE HD, meaning the existing system (xp) started normally. no windows 7 installation

but, when i try the 3 componenets togehter to install windows 7 (the SATA HD was not even formated). the scenarios were:
1. if i configured the cmos to see the SATA HD as AHIC mode, the system would freeze at "verifying DMI pool", not even bothering to start the windows 7 installation disk (even i defined only one start-up device, my optical sata).
2, if i configured the cmos to see the SATA HD as Native IDE mode, the system would go to the optical sata and found windows 7. THE PROBLEM came during "windows is loading files". after like half min, the error message popped out, saying an I/O error occured, either i had a external usb drive corrupted or a storage fault.

The problem came out when i had no usb devices attached at all. then i also tried to copy SATA mobo driver to a usb stick and connected to the system. but still the same problem.
i also tried clear cmos, load default profie,

My questions:
1, how to solve this....
2, should i set native IDE mode before installing windows 7(also other windows systems?)
3, what is at least the correct way to install... Read more

Answer:windows 7 install error, I/O communications, SATA drive

First of all can you please go and check your the motherboard model as the one you have provided does not seem to be right. Have you tried disconnecting the optical drive and seeing if the the bios boots past the verifying dmi pool message? If not do this first.

If it does go past this then it means your hd is not the issue. If it doesn't go past this then it may be an issue between your mobo and the hd. Check for a bios update for your mobo and then post back here.

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I have a new Gateway Media Center with a problem. I can not install the operating system with the sata hard drive. If I put an ide hard drive in the computer I can install an operating system. Gateway has sent me a new SATA hard drive and I have the same problem. Can you help me with a solution.
Thank you

Answer:SATA Harddrive will not allow me to install Windows Media Center

Does the system even see the SATA drive? If not you may need the driver disk for it and need to press f6 when prompted to load the drivers when booting from the MCE CD.

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I just recently purchased two new SATA hard drives and was able to set both of them to PRI MAS and SEC MAS and have my optical drive set to 3RD MAS. I am able to boot from the windows cd and it gets to the load screen and after a longer then usual wait time it gets to the screen and says "Windows cannot find one or more mass storage devices".

Im lost here guys whats up?,

Answer:Windows XP OS install wont finy my SATA drives

should be a guide here for sata driver install disc
if not here to a google or read your MB manual
I'm gussing this is onboard sata controller setup

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I've changed my OS to winXP SP3.

After reading a lot of posts I finally installed my new OS but with SATA Compatibility mode. I've tried to change again to AHCI mode but all times I've tried Windows crashes in the loading. I've also tried to install the Storage manager afther installing the OS but it fails. So I've decided to change the XP disc including the SATA driver but afther dowloading all the drivers concerning my computer I can't find the SATA driver.

Can anyone tell me where the .inf file is?


Answer:Satellite A300 - Need SATA driver to install Windows XP


First of all it?s not possible to change from Compatible mode to AHCI after Windows installation. You can only do this before you install XP otherwise you?ll get a BSOD.

However, if you have downloaded the Storage Manager you have to extract the files from .exe file. Open a commandline and type the following command:
'-A -A -PC:\<path for extraction>'

After this you can copy the inf files to external FDD or integrate it in new XP installation disk.

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new system
2x360gb seagate sata
enabled RAID on the sata channels in bios
booted (past post) to the raid screen
hit f10 or whatever
added both my drivers and created the mirror array

now i boot from cd into 2k
hit f6 to load extra drivers
load the floppy, select the nvidia raid driver

then it finishes loading then comes to the windows post to choose setup new install or repair
i choose setup and it says no harddisks detected

any ideas?

abit kn8v1.1
im using the floppy w/ nvraid drivers that came with the mobo

Answer:SATA RAID + Windows 2000 install, drivers?

ive had problems in the past with this too. i dont have a clear cut answer for you, sorry.

how many times have you tried? ive had times where windows didn't see the drive, i got through the process again, and then it does.

the floppy that came with the board, does it have a 2k driver? my floppy for my board has a seperate 2k and xp folders. are you pointing to the right one? that floppy should work and im grasping at straws on this one. check via or whatever raid controller you have and download older and if they have it, a newer sata driver. then try the different ones.

ill see what else i can come up with.

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I'm trying to get my win7 setup going but during the RAID driver setup screen it goes wrong. I put the drivers on a USB disk from the motherbord support CD and the drivers are being detected by windows setup, but when i select them and click next, they seem to install(dont get any confirmation of succesfull install) but i do get a window that says "No new hardware found".

Even ik i put both RIAD controllers (Intell and Marvell) in IDE mode i still get the screen for selecting drivers when it should skip that(i cannot select the RAID drivers in the Win7 setup when in IDE mode)

Please advise on what i can try next. Hardware setup below

Asus 1155 SABERTOOTH P67 INTEL rev3.0
Western Digital 3.5" SATA3 2TB Caviar Green
Intel 1155 Core i7-2600K 3.4Ghz OC
Gainward nvidia GTX580 3GB CUDA PHANTOM
Corsair DDR3 8GB 1600 2x4GB Vengeance

Answer:Windows 7 setup - SATA III Driver install fails

You should not have to install a RAID controller driver in Windows 7 these drivers are native to Windows 7. In the setup does it recognize your HDD? Does your motherboard support SATA III?

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Hi all,

I am using a Fuijitsu Siemens Scaleo P 2540 PC.
This was the out of the box system configuration:
G31M MS-7379 version 4.0
2x2048mb DDR2 667 mhz
QuadCore intel 6600 2,4 GHz
Low end 128 mb Geforce graphics card
2x 500GB WD7500AAKS 7200rpm
Vista Home Edition

I bought this nearly 2 years ago and downgraded immediately to windows XP.
And I connected two extra Sound cards (1x M-Audio PCI and 1 x Digidesign Mbox 2 mini USB powered) and some external hard drives.
In the 2 years after my purchase I never did a reformat/reinstall (exept the downgrade) until about 2,5 months ago, the reinstall completed just fine on the windows partition.
About a week or so my problems started:
-One of my internal drives (a disk with 1 partition) suddenly wasn’t showing in This Computer. So it was panic. I used some partition table tools (they might have f’d up everything on there.)
-The system froze for no reason (it seemed) and became unusable.
So I thought I did something wrong with the installation of drivers and stuff and tried to get it working again with a fresh installation to back up all my data. That did help a bit and I could only back up my files to USB with a average speed of 300 kb/s. After 2 days of copying it froze again. I noticed that when I disconnected my Wacom tablet (USB powered), the system booted significantly faster.
So with this in mind I got a new PSU (+100Watt upgrade to 450) and a new Hitachi SATA HD.
I cleaned up the fans and such so I could get a fresh start... Read more

Answer:Solved: Cannot install Windows XP, Vista or 7 on SATA Harddisk

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When I try to install windows 7 64 (fresh install) on my new Inspiron 3650, it says : "A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing If you have a driver floppy disk, CD, DVD, or USB flash drive, please insert it now"

I went on dell's website and downloaded the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver for Windows 7. I've successfully extracted the driver (64 bit) from it and tried to feed that driver to the Windows 7 installation, but it said that it was the wrong driver...

Here's the list of files for the driver I've used:
Any ideas on how I'll be able to find the right driver and install Windows 7 on that PC please?
update: I'm installing from the USB 3.0 port using a flash drive.

Answer:Need sata driver to install Windows 7 on Inspiron 3650

I did install using the DVD instead of USB. Everything went well. For those with no other choice than USB here's some clues :

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I am looking to expand the two sata ports on my acer TC-710 MOBO H1H4-AD2 with either a PCIe to internal sata multi card or sata multiplyer card. I have one PCIe x1 slot and one PCIe x16 slot. Will their be a compatibility problem with drivers? Will I get the speed of multi ports?

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hello... now I have v16.2.21. synaptics v16.3.8.8 Thanks...


Go to Solution.

Answer:can i install synaptics v16.3.8.8 for Z580 ,win 8 64bit ?

Hi rgulian
Welcome in Lenovo Forums
Unfortunately  the only version that can work on you model is otherwise it cannot be 
Please let me know if there is anything else needs to be clarified 

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When trying to install the driver it always says "This platform is not compatible with Intel(R) WiDi or the application is in use.  Anyone able to get this to work. I wanted to play with it on my Nexus 4. 

Answer:Z580 WiDi can't get the driver to install.

WiDi SetupMake sure you have all of the hard ware that supports WiDi.You must have:1. A 3rd or 4th Generation Intel Core Processor2. An Intel HD Graphic card3. An Intel Centrino Wireless Card4. Intel® My WiFi Technology (Intel® MWT) and Intel® Wireless Display must be pre-installed and enabled.See this list for the specific requirements: If you have all the hardware listed above, then, see this list: Make sure you scan at the Intel driver site in IE. You have to update the following drivers to their new versions:The order of installing is important!  Start with the video card, then the PROSet/Wireless WiFi, and the last is the WiDi Version.Here are their current driver versions.Video Card ? Intel HD Graphics 3000 Version, 10-17-2012PROSet/Wireless WiFi Software Version 15.03.1000.1637WiDi Version If you have any problems, after you install the updated drivers, take a look at this post. He gave some interesting info about the PROSet/Wireless set up. You may have to follow his installation suggestion. 

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I need to install Win XP Professional and remove the Windows 7 home Primium because I can not connect to my domain but hey tried it with several SATA disk and nothing that another solution would have,


Answer:Satellite U505-SP2017L - SATA driver for install Windows XP


Which SATA drivers you have already tried exactly?
Normally you can download the Storage Manager on the Intel website. Check this!!!

Alternative go into BIOS and choose the HDD mode ?Compatible? instead AHCI. Then you don?t need an additional driver.

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I have just bought two brand new WD 500 GB RE4 HDD's and connected them coorectly for RAID 1.
I have changed the BIOS and Pressed Ctrl+F to create the RAID and this has been successful.
When installing Windows you obviously get to the aprt where you need to load the floppy drivers to locate the drives...

I have downloaded ever driver from the Gigabyte support drive and loaded them onto a USB, not one driver can be seen when the USB is "Browsed" too...

How important is it that the drivers are on a floppy, as I do not have a floppy drive or access to a floppy and drives.

Also what driver should be downloading as I tried the 3.2.1540.17 one and that was not seen, so I just downloaded them all in an attempt for success.

Any one with any advice its greatly welcomes thank you in advance

Answer:RAID 1 Gigabyte SATA Cannot find the array during Windows 7 install

Hi and welcome,

We need a bit more information about your hardware, especially the motherboard - there are many models of Gigabyte motherboard. Please follow the instructions in this tutorial to populate your profile with the relevant information, and I'll see what I can find for you:

System Info - See Your System Specs


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Currently, I have XP Home installed on my Dimension 8400 with 160gb SATA hard drive.  I wanted to upgrade to Windows 2003 Server.  I was going to do a fresh install.  The setup for 2003 said it cannot see any hard disks.  I assume this has something to do with the SATA hard drive...  I need to know how to get the setup to see my hard drive.  Server 2003 didn't work, so I put the XP Pro cd I have in to see if it could see the hard drive, and same result. 
What can I do to get the setup to see my hard drive?  Is it a configuration in the Bios?  It is set to auto recognize the drive... 
Thanks in advance!

Answer:Windows Server 2003 install cannot see my SATA hard drive

You need the SATA drivers on a floppy.  Look in the downloads section for the drivers.  Windows setup asks if you need to add a SCSI driver.  When it asks, press F6 with the driver floppy in.

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Yea yea, the dreaded SATA drive dilemma for fresh clean windows install.

But i read somewhere that any WinXP with SP2 integrated can read SATA drives for a fresh clean new installation... and that does include MCE 2005 right?

So can anyone confirm this is true? Also, I read you should get the latest drivers for your SATA drives once you login to Windows. So, when all this is said and done, will it have all the features and equal performance to a SATA drive that was originally installed with the damn floppy and stuff?


Answer:Windows MCE 2005 can read SATA drives for fresh install right?

Theoretically if a drive and controller work fine with AHCI calls and can be set for "IDE/ATA" mode meaning they appear as a regular old IDE/ATA controller to the operating system they should work.

For me, across several hundred builds, I've never had much success using any version of Windows with any SATA controller hardware unless it's pure Intel (almost always works except for the latest ICH7/8 controllers which don't have drivers in XP/2K3/MCE2K5 bare installer CDs/DVDs), or you get lucky.

I wrote a guide for adding SATA drivers to any Windows CD and making it a custom installer disc, you can find that guide here:

It's long, it's overly thorough, but that's just me. If it helps, so be it... if not, well, you'll figure something out I guess.

Good luck...

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I'm planning to install Ubuntu on my Z580 standalone, thus removing Windows 7 installation. I'd like to know, if I'll one day feel like getting back to Windows 7, will I be able to install Enhanced Experience 3 on it? I mean the tweak making the booting faster etc.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Z580 - Enhanced Experience after a clean install

Use the OneKey Recovery program on the computer to burn the Factory Default Restore disks first--that way, with the help of this post and the OneKey Recovery 7.0 Engineering program, you'll be able to reset it to the state it came in, if you ever want to.

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Hi With Windows 10 looming I bought a new SSD to install onto.In the meantime I installed the existing win 8 until Win 10 was available, no problem there. When I installed Win 10 on the new SSD (clean install because Samsung migration doesnt work with Win 10) I cannot access the Bios via F2 I know there are a lot of threads on this and have gone through them (tried fn F2 boot up etc etc) but cannot get F2 backI have tried the Restart under Windows Recovery Settings and restart to change UEFI to no avail.Sometimes F12 doesnt work and can only get this back doing the restart under recovery settings Has there been a solution to this yet? I looked at the bios update but reports Rom equal or older than install (or something like) and so will not flash, presume up to date.

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i tryed to run recovery disc but it ask me the recovery disc 1 after i run thinkvantage recovery and i dont have it -so i want to install the xp regulary but it doesnt recognize the hard drive-what i think that i need sata drive in order to install-where can i get it?

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I got a new problem.

My fresh windows 7 install on my Samsung EVO SSD works fine, but it does not want to recognize a reattached truecrypted hdd to my system. The HDD does not show under device manager, if I right click on it in explorer it hangs for a minute and then gives me: 0 bytes capacity/0 bytes used description. Truecrypt won't mount it since it cannot find the 1st partition it only sees the device.

I reattached my old sata hdd which still has win7 (exact same windows as installed on my fresh SSD), but now in IDE mode via BIOS. And the truecrypted drive seems fine, so it is not dead. Windows recognizes the disk, it is healthy under disk management, truecrypt sees and can mount it, I can assign a driveletter or remove it and so on.

Why won't my new Windoes 7 install on my new SSD (which has AHCI in BIOS enabled btw not sure if this means a thing) not see my Sata-drive?

Answer:New windows 7 install wont recognize my crypted healthy sata 320gb HDD

Did you reinstall TrueCrypt on the SSD?

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I was using the search feature on the forum to answer this question for somebody (I had answered it before and I was trying to find that post). I found that this was a frequently ask question that was never properly answered

Asus never thought it was important to explain it to people. I guess they thought everybody was rocket scientist. they have a boat load of raid drivers and floppy discs maker on this disk. they fail to realize that most people don't even know to go to their cd to even make a disk. most mobo makers will ship a floppy for their sata drivers.

go to your D:\Drivers\VIARAID\6420RAID\DriverDisk (I think it is this one. the sata one) with D being your cd rom drive of your Asus cd and make a floppy (you will see a floppy disc maker here)

boot from your windows cd to reinstall windows

hit f6. when prompt, load your floppy. finish the rest of your installation process to install windows.

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Which password to use if laptop is in safe mode ideapad z580 ?
Mod's Edit: Copied Subject line into Body of message for clarity.
                   Link removed as Malwarebytes deems link as unsafe
                   System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

Answer:z580 - Which password to use if laptop is in safe mode ideapad z580 ?

hi akshu_13,
Welcome to the Forums.
If you're running on Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1, you should use the same password that you've set on your account.
If you're running on Windows XP, by default, you will see an additional Administrator account and the password is set to none. If you'll be using your own account and not the Administrator one then you should use the same password like in normal Windows.
Windows 8/8.1 can use a Microsoft Account and a Local Account. If you boot in Safe Mode only (not Safe Mode with Networking), you won't be able to use the Microsoft Account login as it requires internet access to verify your credentials, thus, you will need to use a Local Account.
Let me know if this helps you out.

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As you can guess, during clean windows 8 install recovery partitions were deleted and Z580 doesnt boot.  BESIDES sending the laptop back to Lenovo which i last option i have. Is there anyway i can re-install the original partitions and data by placing the hard drive into another laptop and using the working Windows 8 OS to create partitions .. etc .. I know this is all over the forums but haven't found a solution post. Please re-direct me if there is an answer or reply here. Thanks in advance!

Answer:Recovery Partitions all deleted. How to re-install using another laptop? Z580

Hi RikeshPunja,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I?m sorry to inform you that as the clean installation is done while installing Windows 8 OS (Operating System) in Z580 Laptop the partition can be re-created if and only if recovery media is created before formatting the computer and if restored using the same recovery media, as there is no recovery media created, changing the Hard drive and installing will not work as expected.
I would Strongly Suggest Calling Technical Support for Assistance this is the only available option to get this query resolved, Click here to open a link where you can select the country and get the exact contact support number, I?m sure they will be a great help.
Do post us back for further queries.
Best Regards

Shiva Kumar

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I seem to be having an issue with the wireless on my Lenovo Ideapad Z580.

After a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate I have no wireless. The "Network Controller" controller comes up as flagged under Device Manager. Installing the wireless drivers provided from the official website doesn't help, they either tell me I don't have the correct hardware or tell me it hasn't installs and gives me the option to reinstall using recommended settings, which also doesn't help.

Any help at all would be really appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Lenovo Ideapad Z580 No Wireless after clean install.

I seem to be having an issue with the wireless on my Lenovo Ideapad Z580.

After a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate I have no wireless. Click to expand...

The Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 laptop supposedly comes with Windows 8 64-bit.


Do the following in that laptop:

Download MGADiag and save it to your desktop.

Double-click on MGADiag.exe to launch the program.

Click "Continue".

Ensure that the "Windows" tab is selected (it should be by default).

Click the "Copy" button, the leave the report window open.

Paste the report back here in your next reply.


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After my recent update, none of my Network Connections, Wifi or Lan is visible.. Alon with that it is creating a isuue of connections. All my previous connections are lost.
Please help me with the same.
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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As the title says, just wondered if theres any lenovo software the works with the z580 ? lenovo companion on windows 8 offers some stuff but its listed as u series ect ? cheers for replys inadvance,mike

Answer:(z580) Just wondered what lenovo software will work with the z580 ?

hi mikee77,
The Lenovo Z580 comes with these lenovo pre-installed apps:
Lenovo OneKey RecoveryLenovo OneKey TheaterLenovo Cloud Storage by SugarSyncLenovo Energy ManagementLenovo Companion
The Lenovo Companion is like an app store the features:

Third-Party Apps and Ads
Lenovo products, Tutorials, Application showcases, Lenovo accessories information, Lenovo Cloud, and a link to Lenovo blogs and articles

Most apps listed on the Lenovo Companion will work on the Z580 as long as it meets the system requirements (i.e. If an app is made only for Touchscreen models, then you will need to get the non-touchscreen version or if there's a Utility app that senses temperature on a specific model, make sure Z580 is on the supported models).
Click here for more information on the preloaded softwares on the Z580 and click here for more information on the Lenovo Companion.
Hope this helps.

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The tech who came to fix my machine replaced the motherboard, which then necessitated a new hard drive. He walked away and left me hanging. Because ALL of my data is on the old drive. I can reload the programs, but some of that data was critical - like my user IDs and other things for work. Anyway, I was able to see (before he replaced the drive) the file structure on the old drive and go in and did see all my files. I have two parts to this question.
#1. Why did the system switch the letters? C: was my boot drive with 990 GB and all my data, and D: was 10GB for my recovery. After he replaced the motherboard, C: was empty and D: was 900GB with all my data, etc. I thought that was very odd and figured only he could have caused that.

#2. I need to get the data off my old drive. I purchased an Eagle external case for the old drive, popped it in and connected everything. My computer does not see it. I'm really frustrated, since this entire issue has already caused me to lose about 4 days of productivity - for two events happening on Tuesday and Wednesday, I'm about flipping out. Is there something else I can do to get the data off the drive and copy it over to my new drive?

Answer:Using Old WD Sata Drive after new SEA Sata install

When you say that the Tec ''REPLACED'' the Motherbord was it an Identical one as you had before?? My guess is not thats why he put another hard Drive in. If the NEW hard drive was installed I take it you have put an Operating System on it Win7/Xp ?? This will become your ''C'' drive replacing the 990 Gig as being another Motherboard your 990 will not be recognised on the new motherboard as Master. Your new drive ''C'' will become the ''Master'' and your 990 will become the slave. You say that after booting from the new ''C'' drive your 990 is not recognised, Have you been to Computer Management then Disk Management to see if it is listed there ?? Also have you been to the Bios and is it showing there ??? Can you not connect the 990 in the computer case thus aleviating any USB probs ???

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A Horrible end to a LONG weekend after a Sandisk extreme SSD 480GB  update on a Z580 running Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium .  After a long sequence of events, I ended up with a machine that can't boot, and the screen goes blank when F2 is pressed (although the backlight stays on)  FN+F2 will turn the backlight off or on.  F2, F8 no longer works, as well as F12, NO WAY TO ACCESS BOOT MENU.  Even with the no drive, there is no error!! (it should say that the boot device wasn't found, or whatever).  It seems the BIOS was somehow changed during all this, and is now mostly dead, even though I never went into it except to detect the new SSD.  Putting back the original HDD does nothing to fix this, and the computer is unusable. I will list the events in order.  Note that at all times, I unplugged the laptop, removed the battery, etc.  The worse part in all this is that replacing the original drive did NOT bring the machine back from the dead.  This laptop is about a month old, and worked fine before all this,  URGHHH!!!!  I also did a LOT of internet research, and think this also happens to others in one form or another.  One person said pressing B during a boot would restore the BIOS, no such luck, I have tried everything! 1) Imaged the original HDD on... Read more

Answer:Z580 BIOS Dead after SSD install, no F2, F8, F12, ORIGINAL DRIVE NO BOOT

Hi and welcome to the communityPlease refer to this thread in bios recovery. Might help you.

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