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"IR Hardware Not Detected" message when trying to set up TV on Idea Center A700

Question: "IR Hardware Not Detected" message when trying to set up TV on Idea Center A700

When I am trying to set up my computer to get TV from my set top box the computer identifies my signal and shows a small picture of the live TV. When I click on next I get a message - IR Hardware not detected. Can someone please tell me to what this refers? My wireless remote works and the set top box has an IR cable that is only a few feet away. My TV remote picks it up easily. Is there more hardware that needs to be bought for the TV to work with this computer? Thanks, David

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Preferred Solution: "IR Hardware Not Detected" message when trying to set up TV on Idea Center A700

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I am trying to do a Live TV setup.  I go through the menus and the computer picks up my signal from the cable and set top box showing the TV in a little box.  On the next screen I get a message "IR Hardware not detected".  If this refers to an InfaRed Control Cable is this something extra I have to buy and put on the computer?  My set top box has an infa red cable and from where my computer is sitting my remote easily changes the cannels on the TV in the next room. Thanks, DBE

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Hi, I am from India. I am eager to buy  K220-Idea center K5358 3FQ with 22" LCD MONITOR. Anybody here can give following details as it is required before going for purchase: 1.Which Motherboard is used in this PC? Howmany RAM slots are there? Up to what capacity I can install RAM in future?Does it have HDMI port? 2. Is Hard disk supplied is SATA_2 standard? 3.Does DVD writer supplied is on SATA interface? 4.22" Monitor supports which resolution?Does it have HDMI In? 5.Does this system supports WINDOWS 7?  On the Driver Download page there is no drivers for Windows7 provided by Lenova company. From where I can get it? Please answer my que so I can PURCHASE 2 PC. THANKS!     

Answer:K220-Idea center K5358 3FQ Specifications of Hardware used in

Welcome to the forums The system has drivers available for windows vista,If you want to run windows 7 you can wait untill its released in october and check again.

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Hi, yesterday I had an issue with my laptop because I couldn?t connect and detect any Wi-fi network, the Bluetooth device was unavailable too, The network icon just showed available a Ethernet connection but I did not had cable so, I couldn't connect to the internet and I was looking a way to "turn on" the network adapter but I couldn't and I gave up.I download a report from the networks config and it showed the status for the Wi-fi & Bluetooth device as: DOES NOT EXIST (Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4 Wireless Network Adapter and Bluetooth Device) Today I turned on my laptop and the Wi-fi was available again, I checked immediately the Lenovo Solution Center App in the section "Instantanea" to compare the changes in hardware and software vs yesterday and in the section for Network Board there is a change, yesterday there was not a available devices for Wi-fi and Bluetooth and today there are both "like they were added today".I'm worry about having the same issue in the future, my laptop is my work tool and if it fails again like yesterday what could I do?Attached a picture of the Lenovo solution center from today showing the difference vs yesterday.  

Lenovo sol center - feb4.jpg ?215 KB

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I am unablke to make the remote control work at all, do I have to synchronise it with the computer or register it in some way - please can anyone help

Answer:remote control idea centre A700

Which remote, white or black?

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Dear Friends,I have an IdeaCentre A700 - 40241CU.  When I click on the Windows Media Player Icon, nothing happens.  When I put an audio CD in the player does not respond.  Any suggestions? DBE

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I just got my new Lenovo IdeaCenter A700 today and have been busy setting it up.  I was trying to set up the TV on it, and used Windows Media Center.  I plugged the tv cable in to the back of the computer and selected "live tv setup".  I then put in my zipcode and it was downloading some things and then came up with a blue screen.  When the computer restarted the information below was the MS error message.  I have attached the files mentioned in the log.  This happened to me twice.Hope you can help. Please let me know if you need anymore information. ******* Problem signature:  Problem Event Name:    BlueScreen  OS Version:    6.1.7600.  Locale ID:    1033Additional information about the problem:  BCCode:    4a  BCP1:    0000000076E5FF2A  BCP2:    0000000000000002  BCP3:    0000000000000000  BCP4:    FFFFF8800AADECA0  OS Version:    6_1_7600  Service Pack:    0_0  Product:    768_1Files that help describe the problem:  C:\Windows\Minidump\102110-15849-01.dmp  C:\Users\fennis\AppData\Local\Temp\WER-36941-0.sysdata.xmlRead our privacy statement online: the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy state... Read more

Answer:A700 blue screen of death when performing Live TV Search in Windows Media Center

I have the same issue.  Did you ever get it resolved? Thanks

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hello, i'm running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and i'm trying to setup my tv signal on the windows media center. i have a hauppauge pvr150mce card who comes bundled with a microsoft ir transceiver including the ir blaster. when i run the tv signal setup wizard, after selecting the source, i get an error saying "ir hardware not detected". that is weird because the ir devices is installed and listed in the device manager ("consumer ir devices" under system devices and "mircosoft ehome infrared transceiver" under human interface devices). more than that, i can even use the remote within the media center application and it is fully responsive and working) but every time when i try to setup the tv signal i get the same weird error. because of that i can't even skip this stage and i can't setup tv signal on media center. i've already read any threa on the internet and tryed everything. uninstalled the devices and reinstalled them. connected the device in different usb ports, installed latest win7 updates from the hauppauge website. the hardware is listed in both the hauppauge website and microsofts as fully comaptible with win7. it also worked fine with vista. what can i do ???...

Answer:windows media center - "ir hardware not detected"

Ok after millions of attempts trying all sorts of things i finally ended up shoving two headphones into the jack of the usb hub for the MCE remote and vaalla it worked got past the ir hardware detection although it doesn't control my set top box like it used to before in vista I'm satisfied for now till i get around to buying some IR bugs. i hope this helped because it sure drove me nuts

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Question: Idea Center B 305

I ve Idea Center B 305. It does not start. what could be the problem?

Answer:Idea Center B 305

Hello Nikita,
If the system is not powering on then you should check the power cable is properly connected.
You may reconnect the power cable also.
I would suggest you to contact the support center if your unit is in warranty.
You can find the support center contact detail from the mentioned below web link.
Best Regards,

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I'm sure there is a fan on my A520, however I cant hear it, and the pc shuts down sometimes 6 times a day. How do I test or repair the fan, any help would be greatly appreciated.Timfitz

Answer:A520 idea center fan

hi timfitz,
Thanks for Posting!
You can check this guide on how to reach the fan part
You can also check that manual for the Fan's Part number for purchasing.
hope this helps

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Question: Idea Center K210

I need Help in a quick way. My IE 7 is screwed and I have to do a system reinstall. I have the OneKeyRecovery, but nothing seems to be working as far as getting to the recovery partition. I was told once before to boot up and when I see the Lenovo logo press the One Key Recovery button on the keyboard, and I should get a screen and click Recover Factory Backup to start recovery function >> follow on screen >> and press E.... this did not work..Please someone help me to get to the recovery partition. I went in the other way and what do I choose? Update Base Backup >> Recover Base Backup >>> Instant Backup >> Instant Recovery......I am not concerned about losing what is on the computer I have backups....Thanks in advanceBama158

Answer:Idea Center K210

While I am at it...where and how do I get a recovery CD for my Lenovo K210 Idea Center systemThanks Bama158

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Question: Idea Center K330

Just got the machine back from Texas after having 2 new motherboards installed by in home techy. The machine would beep twice on bootup and it took a keystroke to get it to boot. Now it beeps once but does boot and operate OK . I understand beeps are the way the motherboard communicates that something is wrong . The machine uses XP Pro X64 and the bios is supposed to be set for it. The in home techy reconnected the HD and optical drive several times to try to stop the beeps .There are 4 Sata ports. Two are red and two are orange. HELP...Thanx Arnie
Moderator note; e-mail address removed to stop the spambots getting it

Answer:Idea Center K330

Hi Arnie, welcome to the forum,
In principal you are correct about beeps being an indicator for something being not quite right with a system or it's mainboard. However a lot of system / mainboards do emit a single beep at boot which has the opposite meaning; it indicates the presence of a working graphics card / chip.
That said I'm not personally aquainted with the K330, but according to the Hardware Maintenance Manual (2.43MB) it should start without a beep when boot is set to "Quiet Mode".  Could you maybe check that the BIOS isn't set to "Enhanced Mode", basically you need to do the opposite to point 3 in the following text which I copied from the manual.
To enable beep, memory count, and checkpoint code display whena successful POST occurs, do the following:1. Start the Setup Utility program. See ?Starting the Setup Utilityprogram?.2. Select Start Options.3. Set Power-On Self-Test to Enhanced.
Please let us know if this helps.

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Question: K330 Idea Center

DVD eject button difficult to use when tray open.

Answer:K330 Idea Center

Gently push the tray inward.It should close?

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I recently purchase Lenovo 3000 N200 series laptop (Model: 0769-BWG or TY2BWUK), with Window Vista Home Premium.On first boot everything was fine. I first tried to capture video from my miniDV camcorder via Lenovo multimedia Centre (Cyberlink Power Director), it works well. I also enjoyed some of my DVDs on Lenovo Multimedia Centre (Cyberlink Power DVD). Then, I set-up Windows media player 11 for my mp3 files on first run, everything is still fine.On the next reboot suddenly I got few messages, related to Lenovo Fingerprint software (fpapp.exe), Corel Snap plus software and Lenovo multimedia software (UI_res.dll missing). It instructed me to re-install software. I reinstalled all the above software, it works fine on re-installation. But as soon as I open Window Media player 11, all the above software stop working.Lenovo Multimedia software never uninstalls. Other softwares where able to uninstall and reinstall correctly, but fail to work after window media player run.Any ideas!

Answer:Pre-installed Lenovo specific software (Fingerprint, Message Center, Multimedia Center) problem

The great idea is - to update Media Player. But telling you by secret - it's a bad idea. The really great idea - not to use MP at all. Use Winamp, foobar, VLC(+skins) or iTunes, but not MP...No trust for MicroSoft since Longhorn appeared.

//help will save the world

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Hi.  I am thinking of buying an Idea Center K330 77274DU from New Egg, three of them in fact.  I am wondering about my ability to buy spare parts for these machines in case they break down.  I want to be able to fix them myself without sending them in for repair.  Will Lenovo sell me the motherboard for these machines, or the processor or memory chips, etc?  Or do I have to send the machine in for repair, like replacing the motherboard.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:Can I buy a motherboard for My Idea Center K330

hey darcopro,for this, give a call to our sales team as they are able to give you an answer.

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Hey,I need a good suggestion after I tell you my story. I have a Lenovo K210 desktop computer with Vista originally One Key Recovery. The OneKeyRecovery never worked but I have reinstalled this Vista once by getting to the recovery partition manually.I purchased Windows 7 64bit OEM CD. I dual booted it to this machine, and now have Vista Home, Windows 7 64bit, and Recovery Partition for Vista on this machine. What I want to do is minimize Vista to factory install and give Windows 7 most of the Hard Drive. I tried to do a reinstall of Vista and when I did it would not do it, because it said the partition is not the same. It is.. in my opinion that the recovery for Vista is seeing Windows 7 partition, (not the recovery partition) and thats why it is saying it is not the same. I thought maybe take out Windows 7 so Vista could see the recovery partition and get Vista back to just factory install and maybe put AV only on it and reinstall Windows 7 to the larger partition. OR eliminate Vista all together except for the recovery partition , but not sure how to do this since it is hidden and has no drive letter. I don't want to completely lose Vista. Can you suggest how to unhide the recovery partition, and how I can make a copy of it then I can reformat the whole drive.Thanks,Bama

Answer:K210 Idea Center Story

I'm really not sure why Lenovo is in business when they do not support their forums. Next time it won't be a Lenovo but back to Dell. That will not be too far in the future...... Thanks for no reply, I doubt I will be back here for any reason...... Bama158

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I want to add a second monitor to my B520, but the only monitors I have connect with a DVI cable.  I don't see a DVI plug anywhere on the B520.  Is there a way?  If not, if I buy a monitor with HDMI connections, can I connect it to my B520 using HDMI?  My B520 is 3D and touch screen.  Thanks in advance.  New to the all-in-one world.

Answer:Idea Center B520 - how to add second monitor?

I have a second monitor on my B520 added with HDMI. Works great.

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We recently purchased a K210 that came with Vista Home installed.  We upgraded to Windows XP Pro so we could put the machine into our Active Directiory.  We have all of the drivers for XP from the Lenovo site but we have an intermittant issue where the K210 can't find the domain after a reboot.  I remove the computer name from the Active directory and we successfully add the k210 back to the domain.  Is there anything that can be done to prevent this?

Answer:Idea Center K210 on a Domain

First thing first moving from Vista Home to XP Pro is a downgrade (now that I got that of my chest)Second your problem is not a hardware problem because you stated  "I remove the computer name from the Active directory and we successfully add the k210 back to the domain."That leaves you with a configuration problem. You mention that you got all your drivers for XP from Lenovo, because of the limited information you gave us I can give you three options 1. Go to which will help you check your network drivers (Information Pack which can take some time but very throw,)2. You can down load a program called Driver Updater Pro by There is a cost but more then worth it.3. This will cost you in man power, however I think it's one of the best options. Every system on your network keeps an event log of everything that happens. <Right click "COMPUTER" this will bring up a sub menu pick "MANAGE" this will bring you to "COMPUTER MANAGEMENT" in that window you will find "EVENT VIEWER" open that and you will get a listing of all administrative event. This should give you a clue as to what is going on on your network. I would still do option two, i install iot on almost all of my clients and they enjoy the inproved proformacethis! Hope this helped

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The USB ports cycle on and off thus disabling the mouse and other USB devices.  Any thoughts on how to fix would be welcome.

Answer:USB power failure in my K210 Idea Center

Uninstall all USB drivers from the Device Manager and restart the system to get it install.
Install chipset driver.
If you have ATI Chipset then install it from the mentioned below web link.
If you have Intel Chipset then install it from the mentioned below web link.
Also, update the BIOS and check if it resolves the issue.
BIOS update is available for Windows Vista and Xp (32bit)
Best Regards,

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Hi AllFor Lenovo AIO C225 - Graphich Driver HW IDS : PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_9838&SUBSYS_368017AA&REV_00You can use driver from below link direct link 

Answer:Idea Center C225 - Graphich Driver

Welcome to Lenovo Community!
Thank you for providing the valuable information regarding the Graphic driver issue. Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
Best Regards
Shiva Kumar

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                                            please someone help me in getting lenovo idea center k 200 drivers

Answer:Lenovo Idea Center K200 Drivers

where can i get lenovo media studio

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Hi all,I have a K320, where no com port is outside available, but when i look in the device manager, i see a com port. Is there a com port avilable on the motherboard, and can it be used? Or are there any restrictions? RegardsBerti

Answer:Idea Center K320 missing com port

Vielleicht ist auf dem Board ein RS232 Anschluss vorhanden, der jedoch nicht aufgelötet ist. Hast du mal das Mainboardlayout in der Users Manual (Hardware Maintenance) angesehen?Grüße

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I need a new computer, THE Hard drive installed in it still good, the mother board went badI want to buy a new computer but I DON"T WANT WINDOWS 8can I just swap out this HD and place into a new LENOVA computer?I have tried windows 8 and it gave me a freaking headache, and frustration beyond belief.I just can't can't handle it....If I can't swap it out how easily would be to install windows 7 and delete windows 8 off the computer, can I use my reinstall disks that I have?very frusted that this happenedi...I will admit I don't take to change well due to medical conditions, took me 6 years to get off of DOS in favor of windows......LOL....

Answer:Idea Center K300 failed after 2 years

OH and all my pictures, video projects are on that HARD drive if I can't use it in the new system can I use it as an additional drive....pull off my photos (few anyway) and use it as additional storage?

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i have only had my lenovo b320 series multitouch all in one pc  for only one week , which i got from amazon  and i was dissapointed over the week end when it just stopped working the actual OS is working fine i can do every thing as usual  LOGIN AND LOG OUT etc  but just not with the touch screen because it has just stopped working completly it does not respond to any thing i do and i have tried cleaning the screen, rebooting pc & restoring to factory condition  but nothing has worked so if there is some thing that im missing please tell me because i just want it to be working again (oh and i have even tried calibration which did not work because the touch screen is completely unresponsive and just acts as a normal monitor ) so please help me out


hey RICO04,try reinstaling the touch panel drivers that is available here : the touch panel is not working, plug in a usb keyboard and mouse to get it done.

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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When using an application with Audio, audio does not respond. I need to turn it off and retry again.Otherwise Audio works perfectly. The Realtek driver is up-to-date, or so MS says.I would greatly appreciate any help. I am first time poster. Thanks,Hamavran Idea Center K210, 57078894, Vista P

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Hey, Hope you are having a good day. I have just decided to reinstall Vista because of too many things that are an issue. I am NOT infected, But I believe my registry is screwed, because after I did some scans like Combofix, and AVZ, and HIJackThis. I did this trying to find out what the picky little things are that keep nagging. After I did the computer went crazy. IE 7 got messed up tried to upgrade to IE8 and when I got it installed could only run as administrator with the protected mode off. Could not turn it on, tried resetting the default settings, did not help finally did a system restore. Appears okies now BUT I think it is ony a matter of time.....NOW My question....can you give me simple tut's for a One Key Recovery Install. I have everything backed up, but in reading the book it is a bit confusing. I know there is a recovery partition in on the hard drive, and the harddrive is sufficient to handle the recovery. The only reinstall I have ever done is with XP and a recovery CD. Would appreciate any assist with this. Thanks in advance, Bama

Answer:Reinstalling Vista on the Idea Center K210

Bama, If you believe that your registry is messed up did you get any UAC prompt?Is UAC enabled in your system? After re-installing vista export your registry to another location if you want to restore it at some time. Regarding the recovery issue,there are two options for you one is the instant backup and the other is the restoring to the factory settings.Since you want to re-install vista you have to use the factory backup. Power on the computer. When the screen displays the ?Lenovo? picture initially,press the ?LVT? key on the keyboard to start the Rescue System, where youcan select OneKey Recovery. Select Recover Factory Backup to start the system recovery function.  Follow the onscreen instructions, and press E on the keyboard to start recoveryif you are sure to recover.  Please wait in the process of system recovery. Do not interrupt the operation. After the system is recovered successfully, the software prompts to restart thecomputer. Restart the computer and enter the system.   Message Edited by vijaysaradhi on 08-12-2009 05:58 PM

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Why when i install Windows 8 Pro 64 Bit will Hang ??? Than i install windows 7 anything is ok  no more hang how to sole it ??

Answer:idea Center B500 Windows 8 Problem

There are a lot of driver problems going to windows 8.  Any further information you could give would help others. Are you getting any error messages?  What do you mean by hang?  When or at what point in the boot process does it hang or does it hang after it has been running awhile?  

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Tried starting my B520, all I get is the Lenovo splash screen. Did the complete unplug and tried multiple times. Any suggestions. Thanx in advance. John

Answer:B520 Idea Center Boot problem

can you enter bios?if you can disable the splash screen and see were it hangsif you not got a clue remove ram and startreplace ram and test if no go unplug the hdd and see how you get onif no go download a linux live cd/usb and test with that and make sure its all workingif all working see if you can boot into the levono one key (i think its called) and try a repair

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I have dowloaded, uninstalled B310 Camera driver still no camera is detected by my ideacentre, Kindly assist.

Answer:Idea Centre B310 webcam not getting detected

I suggest you to perform below mentioned steps, they might resolve the issue.
1. Click Start ? All Programs ? Lenovo USB2.0 UVC Camera ? Amcap.
2. Choose Options ? Preview from the pop-up window to display the image in the video capture window.
If there is no image display in the AMCAP video capture window, Please confirm that preview in the options has been checked.
Most Important:
3) Confirm that Devices ? Lenovo USB2.0 UVC Camera has been checked.
If there are other devices in this option, do not check them. Only choose the ?Lenovo USB2.0 UVC Camera? device, and the window should display the camera image. An image, which is caught by Lenovo PC camera, will be displayed in the video capture window. Adjust the position and pitch angle of the camera to ensure the whole face is displayed in the video capture window.
You can also refer to the User Manual Guide of IdeaCentre B310.

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After upgarding my Idea center A 720 to Windows 8 PRO 64 bit I was not able to instal driver for TV tuner. I have download all drivers from for Windows 8 but driver doesn´t works with PCI TV Tuner.Does any body experience with the similar issue?  

Answer:Idea Center a 720 - problem with Windows 8 driver for TV tuner

I have the Yuan MC907 TV Tuner and have the same pronlem. There are no drivers for Windows 8. My tuner is currently worthless. When I called Lenovo they told me to contact Microsoft?

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I have upgraded to windows 10, but the bluetooth mouse and keyboard doesn't work and the bluetooth module wasn't in the device manager so i went back to windows 7.Is there an updated driver can someone help please many thanks in advance.chris

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Purchased an Idea Center B320 several weeks ago. During first week suddenly was unable to boot and a "...unable to locate hard drive partition" message (or something similar) appeared. Lenovo tech support was ineffective, first having me restore original settings (and losing all my data) and then suggesting I return the computer to retailer where I purchased it. I exchanged unit for a new B320. After two weeks use, upon attempted restart, got same message and despite repeated tries, was unable to boot. I unpluged machine, replugged it in, and then was able to boot. Since then this has happened one more time (upon restart) and disconnecting then reconnecting the power supply worked again.  My questions are: 1. Any ideas for a more permenant solution?2. Anyone else had a similar problem? I am wondering if this is a widespread product defect? 

Answer:Persistent Boot Problems in Several Idea Center B320's

You might want to list the complete model number as there are variations on the b320 - I have one and there has been no problems at all on the booting.  Mine is a B320 77602WU.  I'm not sure what the variations are but I've notifced quite a difference in back side jacks and arrangements. Sounds like a hard drive or connection failure but ???? Maybe one of the smarter ones has some ideas for you.

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I have a new K320 w/ the Intel i3 core, 6GB ram, and intel integrated graphics. I want to start playing games (World of Warcraft) and my monitor is a generic eMachine 18 inch at 1366x768. Can this handle the demands of the new games coming out or should I upgrade? If so, to what? I do not want to spend over $150 on a graphics card. Thanks!

Answer:Video Card for Lenovo Idea Center K320?

I have the same system I added a radeon hd 4550 1 gig video card because the intel integrated graphics just wont handle playing games. How ever there is a catch to adding a video card to this system and that is the power supply that comes stock. I had to upgrade to a 450 watt because it only comes with a 280 watt psu. Even the low end video cards like mine require at least a 300 watt or greater. But it definatly makes a big difference when playing games. If you want to play games like wow or crysis you will probly want a better card than I have.

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 I hope you guys can help,I recently reformatted my computer and installed windows XP on it I was sick of vista , I downloaded all the drivers but i can't seem to find one when i go to device manager is shows that one is missing, the  Video controller (VGA compatible) i have downloaded countless video drivers off of the lenovo website and still can't seem to find the right one its giving me a really hard time when I try to play my PC games, my computer is the lenovo ideacenter k210

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Q:  Do I need to do something special to the BIOS when installing a wireless card in the computer? Bought an ASUS PCE-AC55BT B1 ACI Dual Band PCIe Wif-Fi card because the on-board WiFi was causing blue screens.  The card was not "seen" by Win 10 and, after installing the driver with an OEM CD, the card was still not visible in Device Manager.  I had removed the on-board wireless card from the motherboard and that device no longer showed in Device Manager. 

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Here is my issue...
My computer is about 2 years old got it because it was supposed to be awesome for gaming. For the past month now its just been randomly shutting down....or i should say it is randomly shutting off, completely. No warning no shut down procedure just straight to the always scarey blue screen of death. All thats left on is the power button light on the front of the tower, no green power light on the back of the case. Ive taken it up with verizon since i have their security suite and according to them it is not spyware or a virus. At first I thought it was over heating so i cracked the case and gave a little help with a regular household fan on a low setting giving it a bit more air flow, but even with that i figure couldnt be overheating because at times it will shut down minutes after powerup.Could it really just be that it needs a good cleaning physically? Or am I going to have to shell out money for a new power supply? How can I diagnose the power supply of that is the issue? Ive rolled it back to a restore point and so far its run ok for ten minutes. Any ideas? What could be the problem? Hardware, software, spyware? Any help is seriously appreciated.

Answer:Hardware, software, syware..... no idea

Well, clearly, one of the steps here is to clean out all the dust, expecially in the processor and video card heatsinks. Also, while you're in there, reseat ALL the cables, expansion cards, etc.

Next, I'd give it a memory test, at least a couple of hours on one of these. Any failures are a problem, these should run error-free for as long as you let them run.

Microsoft Memory Diagnostic


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Hi,I want to upgrade Ram and graphic card i my all in one ideacenter B320 desktop.current specification of my desktop:CPU - 2nd gen cor i3 (3.10 ghz)RAM - 3 GbGraphic - 1 Gb (AMD)   can i upgrade ram to 6Gb and graphic card to 2Gb or 1.5Gb.need guidance pls help.......                                                  Thanx in adwance..........


Go to Solution.

Answer:Need guidance to upgrade RAM and Graphic card in my all in one idea center B320 desktop.

hi Mahendranaik63
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I guess this B320 Data can help you with the upgrades.
Lenovo B320 Data Sheet. (The Information your looking for is under "KEY SPECIFICATIONS").
Also check this Personal reference guide under Lenovo B320 page.
Hope this helps.Cheers!!!

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So i just received my new Idea Center 710-25ISH and while running the Lenovo Solution Center software i get the Mother Board Usb Test Failed. Idea Center 710-25ISH Type: 90FB   90FB001EUSWindows 10 Home 64 bit  i7-6700 32 Gb Ram  Firware: FWKT6CAWindows Update is done to latest, witch is 1607 as of 04/23/2017Lenovo Solution Center software version is: 3.4.003 The desktop is new and i only connected the keyboard and mouse to the two usb ports by the ethernet plug (usb ports it maybe 2.0, as they are black color) Now, done some research before i posted this and found out if i move the keyboard and mouse to the top usb blue 3.0 ports the test passes with no problems, so my question is: What's going on with the other 2 usb ports why trigger the mother board usb failed test? Thank you.P. 

Answer:Idea Center 710-25ISH Mother Board Usb Test Failed - 90FB001EUS

The front two usb ports are USB 3.0 On the machine backside, the top two usb ports are USB 3.0, the bottom two usb ports (next to ethernet connector) are USB 2.0. Lenovo Solution Center is known for bugs at times.   

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Quick question! What would happen if I repair my friends current installation with a Windows XP Home disc when she has Windows Media Center edition installed on her computer?


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I plan to build a system with an Intel Core 2 E6600 with a NVidia 8800 GTX and was wondering if there is any big problem with running my copy of Windows 2000 Professional I already have. I still use it with my 3Ghz Pentium 4 and it's been perfect for me.

If it's not wise to run Windows 2000 on this new hardware is it better to get Windows 2003 64-bit or Windows XP 64-bit and why? I pretty much use my computer to play games like Half Life 2, Flight Simulator 2004, Doom 3 and to watch movies and look at pr0n.

Answer:Windows 2000 on new hardware, is it a good idea?

FM 3370 said:

I plan to build a system with an Intel Core 2 E6600 with a NVidia 8800 GTX and was wondering if there is any big problem with running my copy of Windows 2000 Professional I already have. I still use it with my 3Ghz Pentium 4 and it's been perfect for me.

If it's not wise to run Windows 2000 on this new hardware is it better to get Windows 2003 64-bit or Windows XP 64-bit and why? I pretty much use my computer to play games like Half Life 2, Flight Simulator 2004, Doom 3 and to watch movies and look at pr0n.Click to expand...

Boy that pr0n is gonna look great with that 8800GTX. </heavy_heavy_sarcasm>

2K had it's time in the sun, now it's past. Get XP SP2 on there and you'll be fine. As most others will tell you, with any 64 bit OS you're going to encounter issues with gaming and drivers. I personally don't have any issues at all on this Core 2 Duo running at 1.66 GHz and using Intel GMA950 onboard graphics, so that monster you're going to build would absolutely scream with XP or Vista for most intents and purposes.

But sticking with 2K at this stage in the "game" of Windows and computer hardware would be like putting racing stripes and a Recaro seat on a Segway...

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For the first time ever, I built a PC in late July. Since the first week of owning it, I have gotten the same BSOD once a month, at least. The BSOD's almost all occurred while gaming as well. I also have experienced 5-10 PC freezes, and I am at a loss. I have run Prime95 and Intel's diagnostic program, and the CPU has passed both fine. I have yet to run Memtest though, mostly because I am a bit fearful of stress testing and don't really know how long to do it for (surprised I even did any with my CPU) and just am worried that pushing it to it's max will shorten its life. I have not stressed tested my GPU, and figured it wasn't the problem as the GPU is at full load a lot of times during most days and these blue screens occur about once a month.

My hard drives seemed to cause a problem because of the frequent freezes. I also cannot put my PC to sleep, because it almost always freezes at the welcome screen when it wakes. I ran SeaTools diagnostics for my hard drive, but it froze my PC instantly. I have two of the same hard drive, but it only freezes at this moment when I have both hooked up. I cloned my main drive to my secondary drive and tried booting with each one hooked up individually. In both cases, I did not freeze when running SeaTools. Both drives also passed its diagnostic tests.

So, here I am, at a huge loss. I have tried several other forums, but people rarely answer and mostly just say to update drivers, which I have already done. I don't know what else I ca... Read more

Answer:Monthly BSOD, Hardware Failure, No Idea what it is!

Hello and welcome Rayz mate the memtest would be a good run

MEMTEST one you will need to make a bootable disk set the BIOSto optical (or USB if preferred) boot the machine and let it run for at LEAST 8passes unless the errors come up straight away. Takes fair time to complete andsome leave it running overnight.

But first run these and delete any rubbish you find with the malware scans the ADW just run the Clean button when done.< DO NOT runon a SSD

download from bleeping computer

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So, I upgraded some hardware x3 720 BE, asrock extreme 3 mobo, kingston hyper x, hopefully a GTX 550 ti or somthing similar soon And of course with no warning that I ever saw Vista locked me out of windows.

Is there some way to get my cd key with something like winkeyfinder (I tried but it wont recognize my thumb drive)

Any help appreciated.

Answer:Hardware upgrad Vista needs revalidation, no idea where my key is

HardCopy said:

Can I get a cookie?Click to expand...

You're still using Vista, and want a cookie?

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Hello everyone. I'm new here and this will be my first post on here. I'm sorry if I have started this post in a wrong thread. I'm unsure of where it should go. Anyways, I'm not a tech expert so that's why I here. I will try my best to describe my problem tho.

First of all, I have been having this problem since last week. The problem is that it just auto shut down on me without any warning.

I thought it was because its overheating/the cpu reached it limits hence why it auto shut, but thats probably not the case.

And since that happened I just thought to myself that I should just reinstall windows. Haha. I thought that would solve my problem. But it didn't.

This crash problem occured when I opened game. I also realised that it happen as well when I browse the internet using firefox. Like after I opened it for a few minutes it then shut down.

However, if I'm not opening anything else and just at the desktop and only transferring files for hours, the crash never happen unlike after I rebooted, went to firefox, then googling stuff and then poof, it crashed. I also checked the cpu too, but its not overworking itself. Its just chilling.... Oh, and I checked it from task manager.

I already tried uninstalling the nvidia drivers and went to surf the internet afterward. No crashes at all. I could watch youtube as well without having it crash on me. But when I reinstalled the driver back. It happened again.

So... I don't know really wha... Read more

Answer:I have no idea where this should go... Edit: This should go to hardware but I dunno how to move it.

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Already 16 days over still no laptop..i payed money but No working laptop..what is this.its not fair...why you people selling used laptops?? i raised a complaint after 2 days of purchasing..and i submitted service report given by lenovo technical engineer..i need my money back or else i want new working laptop. thatsit.please understand it..we paid money value of it.many times i called to customer care,no use,no proper support.anyone help me please
Moderator Note; picture of document showing s/n & private information removed to prevent possible abuse

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Lenovo ran a hardware test - give warning for "local connection test. the desktop is connected wirelessly. (so far).why? 

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I am using Idea Pad S10-3s, and same as most of the user, I want the computer to play 1080 movie smoothly, so I bought a Broadcom crystal HD BCM 70012.  However, after installed in the netbook in the PCI-e slot, it cannot detect the decoder.  Can anyone have any workable suggestion? I know that there is a thread for S10-3t here (, but it is too difficult for me to update the bios.  Besides, I am not sure if 3s and 3t has any difference and therefore I am not dare to update it.  Is there any easiler method or alternative products that can have the same fuction and easiler installation? Thank you very much.

Answer:Broadcom crystal HD BCM 70012 - Idea Pad S10-3s cannot find the new hardware. Help!!

It does not work with the S10-3.

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I've been kickin around the idea of making a website and I want to host it at my house. I don't expect many hits realistically, I can't see their being more than 10-30 hits a day at it's peak. I'm not too concerned about bandwidth and upload speed. It's not going to be more than 1-3 pages with mostly text with some pictures, so I won't be hosting any downloads.

Do any of you host websites at your house? What are the major security concerns? I plan on using Ubuntu 9.04 for it. This is the hardware I was thinking of using, I didn't think it needed to be that powerful and I wanted it to use the least amount of energy possible since it'd be 24/7. - Winsis Wi-01 Black SGCC &#47; ABS Mini-ITX Tower Computer Case 200W Power Supply - Computer Cases - Intel BOXD945GCLF Intel Atom processor 230 Intel 945GC Mini ITX Motherboard&#47;CPU Combo - Motherboard / CPU / VGA Combo - Crucial 2GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 &#40;PC2 5300&#41; Desktop Memory - Desktop Memory - Seagate ST9120817AS 120GB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache 2.5&#34; SATA 3.0Gb&#47;s Internal Notebook Hard Drive - Laptop Hard Drives - Sony Optiarc Black 8X DVD-ROM 24X CD-R 24X CD-RW 24X CD-ROM 2MB Cache SATA Slim Combo - CD / DVD Burners

I would assume an Atom would be sufficient.

Answer:Hosting a website at your house. Good/Bad idea? Hardware questions as well.

really to host a website it isn't difficult at all, grab a good copy of ubuntu server edition and apache. the only thing that really limits you is bandwidth. Also if you don't plan on getting many hits then hardware is a minimum. The atom processor would do just fine in that case, but if you ever got a lot more traffic then it might become a problem.

I used to host a website from my house on a modded xbox...worked fantastically.

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Answer:any idea for hp 250 G2 administrator password . the message ...

Try 39698527

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My idea pad Y 570with Windows 8 closed suddenly when my Norton antivirus was fixing an issue. After turning it back on I get the following message.EFI Network 0for IPvd4 (28?D2?44?10?B7?97) boot failedWhen I press enter I was getting the same message if I pressed enter again it brought me to a reboot options.I made a change inbios. And I am able to start the computer after the boot failed message appears twice. Does anyone know what I need to do to remedy the boot failed messages?

Answer:Idea pad Y570 boot failed message

I think for some reason after your sudden forced shutdown while Norton antivirus was fixing something, the boot list was changed to the network boot. You can disable "PXE Boot to LAN" to get rid of the network boot on the BIOS boot device list.

Lenovo Y470: i7-2670QM | 8 GB DDR3 1333 MHz RAM | Nvidia GeForce GT 550M | 500 GB 7200 RPM Seagate HDD | ASUS PCE-AC56 802.11ac Network Adapter | Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

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I installed avast 4.8 pro and its not getting detected by action center.

what to do?
i have updated avast and windows.

Answer:avast not detected by action center

Hi Dinesh,

Reboot a couple of times and or go to Programs and Features to Avast and click on it and choose Repair Install and reboot. It should go away. I sometimes have the same problem whenever I install Avast on a new build.

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My window security center detected one or more firewall is running. The detected firewall is norton internet security 2007 (NIS) and kaspersky internet security 7.0 (KIS). i have remove the NIS using the SymNRT. But why is the security center still detecting it? is there ways to remove the detection from window's security center?

Answer:2 Firewall Detected In Security Center

solved after i reformatted

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Hello everyone, this has got me beat, but I know you guys will have answers . . . .

At the moment I dual boot Windows 7 and Windows 8.
I have just added Media Centre to 8 (yes I've got my key = 10days) and all went smoothly . . . until the dreaded alert 'TV Tuner not Detected' !!
Of course it works perfectly on the Win7 partition, but is there any way for it to be recognized in the Win8 Partition?
Or is the only way to eventually lose my Windows 7 and rely totally on Windows 8. Presumably the TV Tuner Card would then be detected. TV Tuner card is AVerMedia A336 MiniCard Hybrid DVB-T and driver up to date.

Regards . . . David

Answer:Windows 8 Media Center - TV Tuner not Detected

Welcome to EightForums, davevont.

Go into Device Manager and see if it's listed. If not, scan for new devices to see if it finds it.

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*Ahem* Hello. I recently bought a set of Logitech Speakers. Windows, (7 64-Bit Home-Premium) however, does not detect the center or subwoofer speaker. I have the audio drivers installed. I am using an HP Compaq DC5850 Small Form Factor. It has an AMD Phenom x4 9600B CPU in it. Please let me know if there is a way to fix this issue. Thank you for your time, and have a great day!


View Solution.

Answer:Center or Subwoofer speaker not detected by computer??

Hi, The following specs says Audio: Integrated High Definition audio with ADI1884 codec (all ports are stereo)Microphone and Headphone front portsLine-out and Line-In rear ports*Multistreaming capable*Internal Speaker It does not have subwoofer port. Now, up to your Logitech set to decide where to send signals to. Regards.  

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I have Webroot Spy Sweeper and Action Center isn't recognizing the program:

Webroot is an AntiVirus+AntiSpyware program. It doesn't show up in the Action Center Menu, but however, the program itself is running smoothly:

When I first installed it Action Center recognized it... but when I rebooted my computer Action Center doesn't find it.

Is there a way to fix this? I have Windows 7 and my Webroot version is

Answer:Webroot Spy Sweeper Is Not Detected By Action Center

It may be one of the AV & Anti spyware programs that MS doesn't recognize.
Had that happen to me before and I just ignored it as I knew what I was running.

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When I click on the little envelope Message Center icon on the taskbar, I get the error message:"C:\ProgramData\Lenovo\Messages\messages.html was not found."  And it will not display any messages.Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

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i keep getting this when i open certain folders and the application data is so long that i really have no way of knowing what this means... i get two error boxes back to back...
anyone got any ideas?

OS: Windows XP Home Edition, SP3
CPU: AuthenticAMD, AMD AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+, MMX @ 2620 MHz

Application data:

UFRVSS5kbGwNCj4gQzpcV0lORE9XU1xzeXN... Read more

Answer:Error message (app data) when i open certain folders (no idea what it means)

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Hello, my name is Izara. Recently i can't hear any sound from my laptop and awhen i clik the volume button it says "Hardwae changes might not have been detected" what does it mean? and is there  solution?

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When I run the 'Trouble shooter' in 'Hardware & Devices' I always get a message at the end 'Hardware changes might not have been detected'. What does it mean and how to fix it? (I only have a very limited knowledge in computers.)

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Hi, I have Lenovo Thinkpad T420.I am trying to connect eGPU with PE4L adaptre via mini PCI-E near the rear memory slot,I can't get the eGPU detected in the windows...Tried to do many different methods.the eGPU works on different (ACER) laptop, so the issue isn'tin the adapter or the eGPU.I saw that in some laptops there are option "Default Primary Video Device"which I don't have...Any ideas how can I make it work? Thanks.

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Hi - just purchased a Gateway P7902h Laptop on the 30th - it came with 64 bit vista and I decided to upgrade the OS to Windows 7 (64x as well).
Ever since the install the laptop has been unable to detect my graphics card, a Geforce GTX 260M. Every time I open a driver installation program (Gateway site only has the drivers for Vista 64x so I tried those, then the Windows 7 64x ones from the Nvidia website.) I get a 'could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your hardware' error.
Looking through the Device Manager under Display Adapters, it only has the Standard VGA Graphics Adapter and not the actual card itself. Can anyone help?

Answer:Hardware not detected.

If you would navigate to device manager. click on the display adapter> properties> then details> in the drop down menu hardware ids> snip it and post the identification. And lets see if we can direct install a driver for it. Just in case you need to know. Thanks. Fabe A Preferred Method of Uploading/Posting Screen Shots

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I have problems with my usb ports not recognizing hardware. and my dvd drive misreading dvds.Windows trouble shooters says hardware changes might have been detected. My laptop is an HP2000 350US with windows 7

Answer:Hardware changes might not have been detected

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Hello, my name is Izara. Recently i can't hear any sound from my laptop and awhen i clik the volume button it says "Hardwae changes might not have been detected" what does it mean? and is there  solution?

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When I plug in my mp3 or my digital camera my found new hardware does not pop up, it's like my usb ports are not detecting anything can you help?

Answer:new hardware not detected

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Hi. I am using hp laptop envy m6 touchsmart and suddenly my keyboard stopped working properly. Some of the keys are not working and whenever I press the letter q, a, and number 1 the key next to it presses automatically. I've tried troubleshoot and it says " Hardware changes might not have been detected". Please tell me how to fix this problem. I thank you in advance

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I have an old laptop (aswell as my desktop), & am having problems getting it to acknowledge any new hardware through the USB port!

It's a...

DELL Inspirion 3000
48mb RAM
(Running WIN95)
I also tried just plugging my new digital camera in (Mustek MDC-3500) through the USB port, - NO new hardware was detected!
Then when i went through CONTROL PANEL/ADD NEW HARDWARE...
it found nothing again! Tried to go through the manual "detect" process, but none of the choices for adding were USB, or even anything remotely resembling USB! Not even any choices for EXTERNAL MEMORY!

Could NOT get it to recognise my camera!!!

Help please Guys & Girls!!!

Do i need to obtain a driver? Is WIN95 not apt? Why does the lap have a USB port if so???
I tried to install my cordless mouse & it's sensor through the USB the other month, & nothing again!!!

IS this a lost cause? SURELY i can get it to recognise that something's been plugged into the USB port??? HOWEVER old the lap is!!!!!!

Answer:USB: New hardware not detected!!!

Windows 95 revision B (or was it C or D?) had limited USB support, earlier versions had none.

Even with USB support Win 95 is unlikely to work with the camera. The specifications say Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

The presence of USB ports is no indication of their being useable.

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I have had a myriad of startup problems now for about two weeks. Sometimes my pc starts up fine, and other times I have to go through the startup repair routine, and do a system restore. When I check my hardware after a problem the error indication is always on my PC. I can then fix the problem (drivers missing) by running the fix program but then a couple of days later it happens all over again.

The message is always "hardware changes might not have been detected" Can some one please tell me how to fix this for good. I am so tired of having to wonder if I will have a computer to use each day.

Answer:Hardware changes might not have been detected

What's about Inside your "Device Manager". Have you some yellow exclamation marks pointed on some devices?

You might want to check if pci or pci-e card are well inserted in their slots, if USB devices are well plugged too....

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I am trying to re-install my wireless adapter but Windows not recognizing it for software download. I am using XP on HP laptop.

Any help appreciated.

Answer:Hardware not being detected.

Wireless can be a pain! At least you are not trying it in Linux...

How about posting some specs about the laptop, brand and so forth, and also the brand/model of the wireless card. Helps a lot to have that.


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Hi guys!

I need help on how to stop Windows telling me that a new hardware is found.. my printer, which is already installed (a plug and play canon) and working just fine. Windows keeps on prompting wizard everytime I boot.

This started after I installed a DVD ROM drive and RAM, so I can't really tell which one caused it.

Is there a way to solve this?

Answer:Hardware detected..?..

This is a known issue in XP, especially when the Add New Hardware Wizard wasnt run to install your new device,

option to fix I know of as a first port of call is when your PC boots up again and the Add Hardware Wizard pops up... Click Next and let the Wizard run until the end it most likely wont find a driver but click Finish at the end and not Cancel as the wizard will re appear.

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Hello: I'm new to Windows Seven forums, thus I come seeking help. I using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit (previously ran Vista Ultimate 64 bit), in configuring by WMC I recieve message "IR hardware not detected", however I can move forward or backward with RC6 controller. It is Microsoft's Media controller and receiver. In the device manager I find "eHome infrared receiver (USBCIR), Microsoft eHome Infrared transceiver and HID-Compliant consumer control device". All are in working order. During TV setup "select a working tv signal" I can see and hear the channel, but once I click next "IR hardware not detected" Also, I using windows 7 7100, help is needed. Thank you

Answer:IR hardware not detected

me having the same problem too,i bough a IR Controller and its working fine on WMC, but when i come to setup my TV Card, it can detect my TV Card, can even preview the video, but once i click on NEXT, the same error message prompted, i even bough an external USB Sigma Tel IR-DA dongle, oso cannot help....
anyone with any solution for this problem??

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My computer does not detect any external hardware attached, When I connect my Ipod to the comp , it does not detect it, When I try to connect my cell phone to my comp, it still won't detect it, by detect it I mean it won't give the pop up saying 'new hardware detected'....I try looking in 'my computer' and 'device manager' but still won't show anywhere, I have tried different ports.Thankyou.

Answer:Hardware not Detected

it had also happened to me...but try to turn off your i-pod and then connect it to your pc again...if it doesn't work  still, then try to configure your i-pod, some i-pod is like, when you connect it to pc a message will appear on the i-pod the options that you want to do, select "data trandfer mode". (just trying to help, nothing to lose if you'll try it)

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I was recently infected with some malware that does a few things:

Disables Task Manager
No matter how often I delete the registry entry for disabling the task manager, a simple refresh shows that the key was recreated. Changing the value to 0 doesn't work either.

Changes my wallpaper
A blue wallpaper is always on, reading "Warning: Spyware threat detected on your PC." and "Your computer has several fatal errors due to spyware activity." It also insists that I download an antispyware program. The wallpaper has a link that opens Internet Explorer and takes me to a list of obviously rogue antispyware programs like Antispystorm.

Random popups
Occasionally a false security center pop up warns me of infection and even lists a trojan or worm like TrojanDownloader.xs and msconfd.dll, which I'm sure are false results. I know when they are coming because a yellow exclamation mark icon appears in the Notification area.

I've run Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D (in saf e mode)
There were plenty of items found and deleted but they simply do not go away. If I rescan after removal, all the malware reappears...
System Restore is not an option as well. For some reason, I'm not allowed to return to the previous month even though there is only one restore point for this month.

I am using Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 3

Answer:"spyware Detected" Wallpaper And False Security Center

Hello and welcome. Please do these first.Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.alternate download link 1alternate download link 2Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on Download_mbam-setup.exe to install the application.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan. If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself. Press the OK button to close that box and continue. If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected.Then click on the Scan button.If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and click on the Start Scan button. The scan will begin and "Scan in progress" will show at the top. It may take some time to complete so please be patient.When the scan is finished, a message box will say "The scan completed successfully. Click 'Show Results' to display all objects found".Click OK to close the message box and continue with the removal process.Back at the main Scanner s... Read more

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I recently purchased an Acer Aspire 4520 series laptop and everything was working fine until recently. When I try to play a DVD through Windows Media Center, the screen will turn blue and a message will say that there is no audio device detected. Also, windows media player is also unable to play DVDs. It can still play music and video files located on my computer, but DVDs are a no go. What would you suggest I do?

Answer:Windows Media Center - No Audio Device Detected

try using this open source program andyou don't need any extra stupid codecs to go with it
I use it for playing everything video related.
It loads up faster and when you skip forward it it loads faster too than media player

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I think after i downloaded a game online my computer got infected with a virus. This virus stopped my security center from working and its telling me to download a vista virus scan which is like 90 dollars and i cannot afford that at the moment. The virus doesn't let me do anything on the administrative account like go on the internet or get my documents but it does let me do those things in the guest account. What can i do? what can i download to get rid of this virus. btw i cannot download on the guest side of the computer since it does not have administrative power to do so. please help.

Answer:virus detected windows secuirty center not working help me!

I dont mean to be a jerkous but - Google is your friend. I have seen viruii similar to this, and its usually for a fake 'Cleaner' which they charge you for.

I hate this new breed of malware...

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Hello, I am using Vista 64 bit now and I notice that system try to install SP2 but fails many times, I manually download SP2 from MS website but can not install it. They suggest me to install Upgrade Readiness XXXXX first, and I did it but still can not be upgraded. Do I need to download SP2 from Lenovo website? Thanks

Answer:Upgrade to Vista SP2 (Idea Center K230 Vista 64bit)

Try re-installing windows update agent,and then installing the downloaded SP2

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Hi there, I have a problem with my bluetooth. It used to work, but i haven't used it for about a year and the system was reinstalled a couple of times since then. My operating system is Windows 10 64bit build 14393.My model is Thinkpad T510 4384y17In the BIOS security I/O blutooth is enabled A can't find any bluetooth or unindentified device in device manager. As i recall from windows 8 the bluetooth have an inbox driver, so it should be automaticly installed with the OS. The FnF5 also doesn't work for me in windows 10, and i can't find any driver or on screen monitor upgrade, that would help. Checked with multiple "driver detector" software, non of them found anything. Also i checked, that the hardware is connected properly. Do you have any suggestion what should i try? Thanks,Shad

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I just got GTA Vice City. When I go to set up the options, it says No Audio Hardware. This really sucks. I have a Hercules Digifire with the latest drivers.

Answer:No Audio hardware detected

try reinstalling the game, and install the latest patch for said game. the patch will be avalible via internet on the game maker's website, but to save time i'd run a google search.

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When I switch on my computer using XP Pro new hardware is detecting requiring rebooting before normal operation. The battery seems OK - are there some settings to be changed?Thanks in anticipation of your help.

Answer:New hardware is detected every time

have a look in device manager to see if you have two of the same item, if you have remove both and reboot you should then only have one and hopefully removed the problem. One may have a yellow mark this will indicate the offending hardware

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Hi There,
I have a HP Zv 5000 laptop. I was having window xp boot up problem. So I decided to re-install window xp. After all the set up, somehow my mouse touchpad did not get detected! Anybody have any suggestions? Please help..I appreciated!

Answer:Mouse Hardware not Detected!!!!

You need to reinstall the driver for it. Look on the discs that came with it or here

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USRobotics Modem 1785-00, Sportster 0461 is not detected as new hardware during startup.The modem was installed after a hard drive erase, f-disk and windows reinstall.The modem was working when removed from another computer.  The 0461 is replacing a previous modem that worked.When checking "Modem" in the Control Panel, the first msg box that displays is titled "Install New Modem".I have downloaded the driver for the modem from US RoboticsWhat should I do next?

Answer:modem not detected as new hardware

cfmoore...Here's a link to all the information you'll need including the installation maual for your modem:  005684-00, 005685-00 FaxmodemThat link will provide you with PDF manuals and installation well as a link at the bottom of the page for the driver/firmware for your device.Pay close attention to this manual:  Installation GuideKeep us posted...

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hello and thanks to anyone who may reply! I recently re-formatted my computer and i seem to have a problem with my sound card (?). When i try using windows media player, i get the following message: "cannot play back the audio stream: no audio hardware is available, or the hardware is not respoonging". i went to the control panel just to test sounds etc, but can't even do that... the option is not available to me. ANY ANY ANY ideas as to what i can do?

thank you v. much and Merry Christmas!

Answer:audio hardware not detected

Try uninstalling your sound card from the Device Manager, then reboot, and reinstall it.

Which sound card is it by the way?

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I have a 2006 HP Pavillion DV 9000 laptop that doesn't show any wifi hardware in Device Manager. It has a functioning ethernet adapter in DM that I used to download Windows updates but I can't find a driver update for this adapter. There are four entries under Other Devices in the DM: 2 for Base System Device, 1 for Coprocessor and one called Unknown device.
I downloaded all ccritical updates and some optional along with uninstalling each of these entries and rebooting hoping the drivers would be installed.
There is a switch for Wifi and indicator light on the front of the unit. This switch has a power light that stays orange no matter what position I put it in.
I am open to all ideas.

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Hi guys,

I desperately need some help. All of a sudden I'm not getting any sound from my system. I have an Asus Xonar D2 installed, windows recognizes it but no sound comes out. Connected speakers, headphones, nothing works. Thought it might be faulty sound card, so I decided to buy a cheap Creative Audigy. Installed hardware and software, Windows recognizes it but still no sound. I'm dumbfounded, no clue what to do.

I re-installed back my Asus Xonar, re-installed software/driver, Windows recognizes (Working Properly) but NO SOUND.

No conflicts in Device Manager.

If it were PCI/MB failure I would assume that Windows won't be able to detect it.

Any ideas, cause now I'm going crazy.

PS. Re-installed Windows as well. Nothing works

Answer:Hardware Detected but no sound


First off don't freak out XD.

Second, Try going to the manufactuers website and download the drivers from there. if that don't work let me know.

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I have tried killing the worm or malware or whatever it may be with Spybot - Search & Destroy, Norton AntiVirus 2003, AdAware SE Personal, HiJackThis and Malicious Software Removal Tool, but the problem still remains.
What should I do? Here's my log (from HiJackThis of course):

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 13:26:48, on 2006-04-10
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)

Edit by chaslang: Inline log removed! Cleaning procedures not followed!

Answer:Windows Security Center has detected spyware/adware infection! HELP!!!

Welcome to Majorgeeks!

Please follow our standard cleaning procedures which are necessary for us to provide you support. Also there are steps included for installing, running, and posting HijackThis logs as attachments.
Run ALL the steps in this Sticky thread READ & RUN ME FIRST Before Asking for Support
Make sure you check version numbers and get all updates.
Very Important: Make sure you tell us the results from running the tutorial...was anything found? Were you unable to complete any of the scans?...Were you unable to download any of the tools?...Did you do the on-line scans as suggested? etc.

After doing ALL of the above you still have a problem make sure you have booted to normal mode and run the steps in the below link to properly use HijackThis and attach a log:
Downloading, Installing, and Running HijackThis

When you return to make your next post, make sure you attach the following logs and that you have run these scans in the following order too (these scans are covered in steps 6 & 7 of the READ & RUN ME sticky)
Panda Scan


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I run a new hybrid PCI Tv Tuner card (Geniatech X8000 DVB-T) on a Vista 32 machine - it has stopped working recently and I really need help resolving it, as I'm now at my technical limits!

It worked fine on its native software (TotalMedia 3) but never worked in Media Center, despite having Vista compliance stickers all over it.

The other day I was trying to set it up in Media Center when the Total Media stopped working saying "the device is not available, or is being used by another application. Please close any applications that may be using the device and try again." However - nothing is running in the task manager that may be using the tuner.
The card appears in Device Manager as working with no conflicts.

The tuner card definately works in my other machine, so is it a Vista problem? Neither MC or Total Media can detect the card, even though it's clearly there in device manager.

I have reinstalled hardware and software many times, updated from Arcsoft and Geniatech websites - I'm sure I have the most recent drivers.

This seems to be connected with the error pop ups saying the Media Center receiver Service stopped working and was closed. This occurs every time I open Media Center.
I've looked at Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services>Windows Media Center Receiver Service and tweaked some of the settings to no avail.

I'm a bit lost now, would really appreciate any input. Thanks!

Answer:Tv Tuner Not Detected, Media Center Receiver Service Closed Down

Oh yeah, the computer I'm running:

Quad Core 2.6 (Q6600), 4GB RAM, 500GB on Vista 32bt (SP1)

and I'm aware of a microsoft hotfix for the media center problem, but everytime I try and unpack it there's always an error code 40

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I am having trouble restoring XP Media Center Edition from a Ghost 9.0 image.

This is the situation: (and please read through before assuming that this has to do with side-stepping paying for software, which it doesn't, and closing the thread.)

I have this copy of Vista that I want to put on my notebook. My notebook has my copy of XP MCE on it which has my installation of Pro/ENGINEER installed on it. I do not have my installation disc for Pro/ENGINEER anymore and it is really expensive to just go and buy again, so I would like to transfer my XP MCE with it to my desktop so I can use Pro/ENGINEER on that, and install Vista on my notebook.

I took a ghost 9.0 image from my notebook (from a few months ago) and tried to restore it on my desktop. Obviously, all the hardware is different so I have been trying to repair the installation to install the new drivers. My XP MCE disc is at home in another state, so I've been trying to use my friend's XP Pro disc to repair my installation and update all of the drivers.

However, I have been having trouble. When I use the XP Pro disc and click "continue" at the window where it asks to continue setting up windows or repair using the repair console it shows my the partition with the windows installation on it, doesn't list the file system like it should, and says that the partition is nearly empty (less 2 MB) and I can't continue with repairing. My only option is to format it and do a fresh install. It a... Read more

Answer:restoring XP Media Center Edition with different hardware

Well, I'm making headway. After running BOOTCFG /LIST it appears that there are no windows installations listed which is why I am having trouble repairing it.

After running BOOTCFG /SCAN I receive errors suggesting that there are errors in the file structure or otherwise on the volume.

Running chkdsk informed me that one or more errors where detected...
I think fixing these errors so that I can properly scan and add the install to the list will solve my problem about not being able to repair the install. If anyone has run into this or knows how to help, let me know. In the meantime I will work on fixing the errors...

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I'll appreciate some ideas on how to safely migrate an existing ATA Center installation across server Hardware. The capacity of the present ATA Center Server was sized for a Pilot deployment. Now we plan to move into full blown deployment. In-place
Hardware resource upgrade is not a likely option. Additionally, the motivation is not to do a fresh install of the server, more importantly not to start learning the environment afresh.


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I am very seriously looking into opening a Lan Center. I've even come up with a name and looking into Location in my town for rent. I have been into multiplayer pc games for about 12 yrs now. Attended many lan parties, and helped run a few. I've never prepared for something of this magnitude though. If I am going to get this business going I want to do it right. I want the players to want to return. I have no problem with the gaming hardware. I have been building pc's for 10 plus yrs. I am self taught at everything. My networking skills are average or slightly above I would think. I'm planning on having 30 to 35 pc's set up at first. There will also be 10 to 15 stations for people to bring there own pc's. They still pay to play on a high speed network. Bandwidth is my first question. I know I need switches and not hubs. I am that smart (heh). I am familiar with trunking and cascading on a 10/100 mbs switches. My question is should I go this route and have 2 32 port 10/100mbs switches cascaded or 4 16 port 10/100mbs switches trunked 4 way. Or 24 port switches which seem more available. Or should I just go with Gigabit Switches and if so which ones and why. Would something like this work 96 port switch with gigabit uplink . Next question should I go with on board gigabit lan or spend the extra and get network cards for each pc.

thanks for any help guys.
if I get this thing going sometime I will throw a party when we open for the [H]'ers.
M... Read more

Answer:Hope to open Lan Center have Hardware questions

Generally speaking you should stear away from cascading switches unless its absolutely neccessary. The only time I do that nowadays is if the physical topology requires it. As for what speed your switches should be, I'd stick with 100BaseT for the clients and GigE uplinks to your core switch. To be honest, when you consider the low amount of bandwidth actually required by today's games (36Kbps-96Kbps), you could easily support your requirements with a 10BaseT network. However, it's not even funny to recommend a 10BaseT network for any modern enterprise. In your case 100BaseT will suffice just fine.

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I am reinstalling WIndows XP (again) on my X61 Tablet. I downloaded Multimedia Center for Think Offerings from When I install it however, I get the error message inside an "entitlement" window:  "this program can only be used on IBM or lenovo hardware" Please Help!! Dave

Answer:X61 Tablet -->> multimedia center -->> can only be used on IBM or lenovo hardware

Does you X61 have an offical IBM/Lenovo USB DVD burner attached? As i know the x61 doesnt have a CD/DVD RW by default. "This package only works with Think systems that have CD or DVD recorders."

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Hi, i ran Full Hardware Scan test by Lenovo Solution Center but i faced with some fails ;  report log : ??? Windows 10 pro x648gb ddr3 ram i ran the test on ultrabase docking station with external monitor. i dont know if it can effect the scan? What should i do for these fails?    

ThinkPad X201 3680-AD6 / Intel Core i5 M560 2.67Ghz / DDR3 8GB / Intel SSD 730 Series 240GB / 12.1 WXGA 1280x800px / Dual boot Win10 Pro x64 - Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64bit + X200 Ultrabase + ThinkVision L2250pwd

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I have an X230, running Windows 10 Professional (x64) Version 1607 (build 14393.576).  My version of the Lenovo Solution Center is 3.4.002. When I try to run a hardware scan, I get a throbber ("Loading"), but the scan never loads.  It doesn't matter whether I select "Run Quick Tests" or "Select Tests"; same result. I successfully ran a scan a month ago, using an earlier version of Solution Center (3.3.003), but that version won't work now, either (same result, perpetual throbber). Solutions?

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