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my lenovo h430 makes a noise when i try to turn it on and does not turn on

Question: my lenovo h430 makes a noise when i try to turn it on and does not turn on

it makes a noise like this and does not stop until i turn it off. it does not work and just makes a noise. any kind of help would be appreciated thanks.

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Preferred Solution: my lenovo h430 makes a noise when i try to turn it on and does not turn on

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: my lenovo h430 makes a noise when i try to turn it on and does not turn on

or anything thats the cause would help

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 Hey everybody, A couple days ago, my Lenovo IdeaPad Y400 started randomly losing power and turning off (just turning off; not going through the shutdown process).  I thought this was weird/annoying but I could always just push the power button and boot it back up again.  I planned on doing a system restore today from a backup I have on an external drive, but before I could do that, yesterday I put my laptop into sleep mode, and it randomly shut off while sleeping and wouldn't power back up.  I can't get it to turn on from either the main power button or the NOVO system restore button.  What's more, my laptop no longer even recognizes when the power supply is plugged into the machine: the LED on the front panel doesn't light up when the cable is plugged in.  It won't power up when just the battery is plugged in, either. I don't think the problem is a power supply issue.  My mom has a Lenovo laptop as well and I went to her house today to check.  Her power supply fits my laptop but my laptop won't work with hers either. I found a bunch of solutions online like taking the battery out, holding the power button for 60 seconds, then plugging it back in.  Some people said to hold enter and the power button at the same time, some people said to remove the RAM before holding the button, some people said to hold the laptop upside-down or at a 45-degree angle when holding the power button, etc. etc. None of those suggestions w... Read more

Answer:Lenovo Y400 won't turn on, makes strange clicking noise

hi pianojordan,
Welcome to the Lenovo Forums.
From your observation, it does look like there's a problem with the CPU since this is where the clicking noise is comming from.
   - Link to picture
if you have the Y400 non-SLI model, the Intel HD Graphics (integrated to the CPU) is normally the one that's being used when the unit is turned ON (if the CPU is defective, this may explain why you're getting the system gives a no display).
In this case, if the machine's no longer under warranty, I would try and reseat the CPU, reapply a thermal paste and check for burnt areas on the motherboard. Otherwise, I would contact lenovo and report the issue as you may need to send the unit for warranty work.
As for purchasing a new motherboard, I wouldn't do this yet unless it's recommended by soneone who have access to low level motherboard repair tools. You may opt to send the unit to lenovo (for out of warranty repair) or to a local computer repair center to verify the parts needed to restore the system back.
Help items:
Y400 Video Disassembly (see FRU Videos)
Y400 maintenance manual
PC Memory, Processor and Motherboard Diagnostic Flowchart

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 Hello - I have an Inspiron 15R (2 yrs old). Uploaded photos yesterday; today it won't turn on. I get a clicking sound CLICK click click click...when I turn on the power. Tried the power cord with and without the battery in and looked on the DELL site but no answers. The disk door opens and closes and the power will shut down (the noise will stop).  Your insights will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Answer:Inspiron 15R won't turn on - makes clicking noise

Anything other than the replacement of a mainboard or screen is a $159 flat charge but will include installation only - recovery of your files from the old drive would not be included.
Dell Out of Warranty repair:
If the system does still recognize the drive, you can try mounting it in an external case and seeing if you can read any data.  If the system doesn't recognize the drive, professional data recovery will be required.  That starts at about $600 for a basic attempt and can reach into the thousands depending on how much data is there and what damage has been done to the drive.

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I basically spent the entire day (yesterday) assembling a new pc and after a few minor problems I got it up and running, After installing windows, all the drivers, and just finishing the last few updates.
Turned the machine off, switched the power off (via the switch in the back of the psu) and hooked up the storage HDs, when I returned power to the machine all the fans immediately started and there was a strange humming noise; like the fan is speeding up and slowing down but with a lower tone.
The machine is now completely unresponsive and after I turned off the power and unplugged it, removed the HDs, SSD and cd drive (which were working normally) and everything from the back (mouse/keyboard/monitor) so I move he machine out and get a better look inside. When I turned the power on the fans turned on but a lot slower and the humming was almost gone.

I really need help figuring out what happened. this is my build

Answer:PC won't turn on and makes weird humming noise

Just tried to turn it on again after leaving it overnight and it turned on, with the case power button, but after that it didn't respond when I tried to turn it off so I turned it off with the psu power switch and now its back to the same nonresponsive state with the fans (all of them) twitching as soon as I turn the psu power switch.

The humming from last night is replaced by a low pitched squeaking noise each time the fans twitch.

(sorry for double posting the edit button disappeared on me)

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My laptop does not boot up. When I plug in the charger the led light on the laptop indicates it charging but when I go to hit the power button to turn on and I hear a clicking/ popping sound with the caps lock light blinking and led blinking on laptop with a black screen. Please help Dont know what to do have a warranty but am nervous.

Answer:My Dell XPS 13 laptop won't turn on - makes clicking noise

Is there any chance you have a HDD and it is clicking?  Or is the clicking in the speakers?

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Answer:My notebook wont turn on. Only makes a clicking noise and no...

My computer wont turn on. Just clicking but nothing on the screen.

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***Warning: I'm very, very tech unsavvy*** Example: I put a large game disc in the player yesterday, it recognized there was a cd in there, for instance, after much work and time on behalf of the computer, but although it's a game with hundreds of files and hundreds of megabytes on it, it registered one media track 40-something bytes only. Nothing else. That's the kind of thing I get if I'm lucky enough to have it recognize anything there at all, lately. Mostly, it doesn't recognize them at all anymore. As a matter of fact, part of its erratic behavior is that half the time, if there's a cd or dvd in the drive when the computer is turned on, it gets stuck on startup before the user account screen pops up and won't go anywhere unless I open the tray up. It's driving me crazy. Do I have a bad drive or is the drive okay and there's something wrong with some software somewhere? What say you, to the noob?

Answer:[SOLVED] CD/DVD drive, lights turn on, makes noise, tries... but doesn't recognize!

Hi and welcome to TSF try the info here How to troubleshoot common problems that occur when a Windows XP-based computer cannot read a CD or a DVD

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I had it for nearly 2 years,Lenovo Y50-70 Touch -2 days ago while playing games on it, I smell a chemical smell coming from it so I immediately shut it down just in case. The next time I turn it on, it was fine the backlit keyboard glow red as usual but no display, and now it shut down after 4 seconds (with the fan running) whenever I turn it on except, sometimes It stay on (but still no display and no fan running).I got no experience into opening pc and such, I I tried opening it up and remove the dust that built us by quite a bit and tried to locate where the chemical smell was from, I though it was probably from the Fan or Coolers as it seems more strong there but not sure. After trying to turn the laptop on a few time the strong smell kind of dissipate a lot, and smell weaker.I been having a hard time trying to pinpoint just which part of the laptop is needed to replace. So if anyone could help me in the right direction it would be great. I just hope it wont have to buy a whole new motherboard x.xAlso idk if thats helpful information, but the first year playing games was fine, but the 2nd year and the laptop kind of overheated so I tried to cut down a bit and the fans were making more noises than ever. Especially when opening a new game or google chrome.

Answer: Laptop turn on for 4 seconds (No Display, Fan noise) and then turn off

A chemical smell to me tells me it's likely a failing/burnt out capacitor...It would be best to have it checked out at a shop...

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I had it for nearly 2 years,Lenovo Y50-70 Touch -2 days ago while playing games on it, I smell a chemical smell coming from it so I immediately shut it down just in case. The next time I turn it on, it was fine the backlit keyboard glow red as usual but no display, and now it shut down after 4 seconds (with the fan running) whenever I turn it on except, sometimes It stay on (but still no display and no fan running).I got no experience into opening pc and such, I I tried opening it up and remove the dust that built us by quite a bit and tried to locate where the chemical smell was from, I though it was probably from the Fan or Coolers as it seems more strong there but not sure. After trying to turn the laptop on a few time the strong smell kind of dissipate a lot, and smell weaker.I been having a hard time trying to pinpoint just which part of the laptop is needed to replace. So if anyone could help me in the right direction it would be great. I just hope it wont have to buy a whole new motherboard x.xAlso idk if thats helpful information, but the first year playing games was fine, but the 2nd year and the laptop kind of overheated so I tried to cut down a bit and the fans were making more noises than ever. Especially when opening a new game or google chrome.

Answer: Laptop turn on for 4 seconds (No Display, Fan noise) and then turn off

A chemical smell to me tells me it's likely a failing/burnt out capacitor...It would be best to have it checked out at a shop...

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Hi guyz,i have ordered a Lenovo Ideapad U430 Touch 1 week ago and since the first start there is a strange noise -If you press the power button it makes a short click noise - sounds like an electrical contact is not ok.What do you mean should i send it back and get a new one? BR, 

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So I had a problem with my T500's backlight initially and long story short, disassembling the computer has now caused the problem in the title. Whenever I plug in the battery/charger and push the power button, the fan will spin and the hdd will whirr a bit, but then after about 3 seconds, the fan will stop and the hdd will click off and cease whirring. The computer will no longer respond to the power button regardless of how many times nor how long the power button is held. I'm looking directly at the wires that carry power. Everything seems to be plugged in. I did the lenovo power trick (IE the 10 one second presses followed by the 30 second long press) and the computer does the 1-3-3-1 beep when I take out the RAM. The monitor is not plugged into it in any way, shape, or form. I do not know if this affects it. However, I have tried attaching the monitor and it still does this. Is there a piece that may have been knocked loose or something? I'm willing to try anything right now because at this point it's a literal brick now.

Answer:Lenovo Thinkpad T500 will turn on for roughly 3 seconds, then turn off and stay off.

Hi npesina, welcome to the forums,
there could be different reasons for the system behaving the way you describe, my suggestions;
remove all hard, SSD and optical drives to see if you experience the same,
remove all RAM, without replacing the drives, and test to see if you receive a system beep code,
remove all components which had previously been removed to test again.
The ultimate test would be to remove everything attached to the mainboard including the CMOS (BIOS) battery excluding the power socket, CPU and the fan. When you attach the power cable the system should come to life, the fan should run and beep codes sound.  After that its really just a case of putting the system back together one component at a time testing inbetween each component replacement, leave the main battery and CMOS battery until last to save having to always connect / disconnect the keyboard in order to turn the system on.
If at any point you experience the same issue as now it may well be that the component you replaced at that point or it's attachment socket on the mainboard  is the culprit.

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Hi... lenovo gave me a replace computer... y70-70  According to them, the laptop is a new one and not a rebuilt one... Since the first day I picked it up and used it at home... When I turn it on, starts a pitched noise and it ends when I turn the laptop off. That sound is so annoying to work I cant work more than one hour due to the annoying noise/sound...   That sound does not come from the speakers... What can I do? what is the problem? I need a quick response because I am travelling to another country in few days and I wont come back until 6 months before. Regards

Answer:lenovo y70-70 touch pitched sound when I turn on and ends when I turn off

Diian wrote:Hi... lenovo gave me a replace computer... y70-70  According to them, the laptop is a new one and not a rebuilt one... Since the first day I picked it up and used it at home... When I turn it on, starts a pitched noise and it ends when I turn the laptop off. That sound is so annoying to work I cant work more than one hour due to the annoying noise/sound...   That sound does not come from the speakers... What can I do? what is the problem? I need a quick response because I am travelling to another country in few days and I wont come back until 6 months before. RegardsIf the unit is still under warrantee you can return it or request for repair. This is a peer to peer forum. Only Lenovo staff can decide for return, repair, etc. So better make a call to them.

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I am using Windows XP and have been using yahoo messenger to communicate with my mother. One rainy day my computer starts giving me these messages that say, The application or DLL C:Windows system d3d8thk.dll is not a valid windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette. If anyone know what that means please let me know. It applies to any type of messenging program including apple, i tunes ect. THEN, the next thing that I noticed is that I cannot put any type of cd in...program, music nothing without the thing going crazy. The so called compter guy here in town already replaced the cd rom about 2 years ago. Whenever I put a cd in, my computer starts this cycle of turning on and off about every second and will not quit until I eject the cd. Another thing, when I turn my computer off, it takes it a very long time to turn on like it is not loading right. PLEASE HELP

Answer:cd rom makes computer turn on and off

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Hi, Since about a week i have a lenovo Y500 laptop. The HDD of the Y500 makes more noise than my old laptop. You can clearly hear it when it's silence in the room. The noise doesn't sound unhealthy but it reminds me of my old computer. I can hear the HDD spinning, but i can also hear a fast "clicking sound" presumably when the HDD is accessed.  Is this normal? Do all Y500's have a relatively loud HDD, or do i have a defective copy?

Answer:Lenovo Y500 HDD makes too much noise?

hi MYR,
A hard drive clicking noise is mostly caused by a faulty head, bad circuit board, or when the head is put to halt to prevent it from leaving the platter.
- Link to picture
Alternatively, you can try to run a diagnostic on the drive by using the tools below. If you get an error, there's most likely an imminent failure on the drive and I recommend you report it to lenovo support for service,
For the HDD diagnostics, you can use:
HD Tune (universal)
Data Lifeguard Diagnostics (for Western Digital HDD)
Seatools for Windows (for Seagate/Samsung HDD)
In addition, check this site for common causes of HDD clicking noise.
Hope this helps

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I recently changed modems for one of my computers and I've been having some problems with it.

Whenever i plug in the modem via the usb into the computer after a couple of seconds the computer suddenly turns off, if i leave the modem plugged in and start the computer up again then before windows can fully load it turns off again. It keeps doing it until i unplug the modem.

VERY occasionally when i plug the modem into the computer (like 1/30 times) it won't turn off the computer and it works fine.

I know it's not the modem that's the problem as i've tried it in 2 other computers and in them it works fine.

The modem is a D-Link DSL-200 and im running XP.

This person here seems to have had the same problem but they fixed it by disabling 2 options in bios, i tried to find those options but i can't find them:

I really hope someone can help as it's driving me mad.

Answer:Modem makes computer turn off

Is it a laptop I have once in my relatively short time fixing computers seen a usb device draw more power than the laptop could handle. I'm also assuming that by suddenly turning off you mean crashing?

Listing as much as you can about your computer will also help speed up your search for a answer.

CPU, Ram, system manufacture or Mother Board model can all be found under Start/Run type Dxdiag and press enter let it check your drivers if asked.

good luck

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I'm stumped! One of my PC?s shuts down whenever someone uses the network printer! I?m have a peer-to-peer home network with 3 PC's all running WinXP Home (SP2) and a Brother network ready printer, all wired to a Linksys WRT54G v3 router. The problem started 3-4 months ago and affects only one PC, an eMachines Celeron D340. When you send something to the Brother to print, the printer emits a long beep and the PC shuts off immediately, like someone pushed the power button.

Initially it was a random event with the PC shutting down occasionally. My efforts to find a solution over the weeks must have done something because now it shuts down 95% of the time in response to a print from any PC on the network. This morning I even discovered that the PC will shut down when I push the GO button on the Brother to wake it up.

The affected PC also has an HP Inkjet printer attached that is shared on the network and so far there has been no problem using it.

Steps taken to resolve the problem:
-Searched internet for similar questions/problems (not much luck)
-Removed dust build-up from mobo, cards and power supply (not much buildup).
-Monitored temp and voltage with Speed Fan under a variety of conditions.
Speedfan readings during a Sandra burn-in run:
temp = CPU 61o C max / avg ~53o , voltage: 3.26 / 5.02 / 11.54 (avg ~ 11.64)
-Swapped router ports with another PC as well as the printer.
-Swapped / replaced Ethernet cables.
-Virus scans with AVG &am... Read more

Answer:Network Print Makes PC Turn Off

See if you can borrow a hub/switch from somebody. Take the Linksys router out of the mix and hook the hub/switch in its place. It sounds like the combination of printing causes a voltage spike/drain/short when packets are sent between the two and the Linksys compounds the problem. When you hook the hub in, run a 3rd cable to the Linksys from the hub (Linksys has to supply DHCP addresses for your network at boot time, unless your PC's have static IPs.

Since the printer is a network ready printer, can you use your browser to get to the printers setup screens? I'm fishing here, but if you send other packets-port 80 html-does the PC shut off when that happens?

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In Vista and Windows 7, there is the option of turning off User Access Control (UAC). That is the prompt that asks for confirmation whenever you do an administrative task.

Don't turn it off. It results in every process running at High Integrity. Windows has integrity levels for applications, marking them as trusted or not. Internet Explorer, by default, runs as Low Integrity. Because it is exposed to all manners of attacks when browsing the internet. A Low Integrity process cannot modify a higher integrity file or process. Thus setting IE as Low Integrity protects your system. The other name for this is Protected Mode.

However, when you turn UAC off, IE runs at High Integrity. And any malicious web page that hits IE will have full access to your system.

You can see this for yourself if you download MS SysInternal's Process Explorer. Go to View > Set Columns, and checkmark Integrity. You will now see an integrity column. Turn UAC on and off and see the difference.

Answer:Don't Turn off UAC, makes everything High Integrity

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I recently purchased a Lenovo 80XL03FVUK which works fine, but within the last few days it had started making a quiet but noticible crackling noise as it runs. Is this something normal or should I get it looked at?

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I have a HP Envy with Win 8 and it's a year old.  I must be turning on some sort of function inadvertantly and I would like to know what it is and how to shut it off.   Every day or two every key I touch will pop some function like going to files, opening favorites drop down or things like that. This seems to affect all the keys in some way or another.  All I can do is restart it and I am good till next time.     I'm assuming it must be some combination of keys I am hitting by accident.    Can you tell me what this is or more importantly just what to do to end it without restarting every time.    Thanks

Answer:What am I hitting that makes my keys all turn into functions?


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I recently removed my video card then put it back in, changed nothing else, and now when I turn on my computer, I get no display on my monitor. And it makes a 2 second beep every 10 seconds or so. Im not sure what to do in this case, so if anyone could help that'd be awesome. Thanks in advance

Answer:Computer makes 2 second beep after I turn on every 5-10 seconds

That means you either have an incompatible card
or it's not plugged in right.
Read you Motherboard manual.Did you buy the right slot type ?

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Recently when I try and turn my laptop on it makes this loud beeping noise .

Answer:Laptop makes beeping sounds when I turn it on.

The beep pattern is important:  1, pause 1, 3 pause 3, etc?

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[Solved] New build won't turn on, makes a zap sound; using a multimeter?

Hi, I am building my first computer - it actually started out an upgrade of an old Compaq, but I had to get a new motherboard (got the ASUS M4A785TD-M EVO AM3 AMD 785G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard) when I found the new CPU (Phenom II) was not compatible. Basically the problem that I have is similar to what is described in [removed cause I'm a noob] ("New PC Build - PSU makes noise similar to a short 'zap'"). However, I'm not sure the zap sound is coming from the PSU. I have a 600W CoolMax PSU. Like the user in that thread (maXimus4444), I only get a zap once. The motherboard's LED light comes on when I plug in the computer, but when I press the power button there's just the zap and no other signs of power whatsoever.

I have an old case, motherboard, and CPU that I can test some of the components on, and when I switch these components (PSU, hard-drive, dvd-drive, video card) back to the old motherboard and CPU, the computer boots up OK with no problems that I can see. I cannot test my new CPU on the old motherboard as it can't handle a Phenom II. I also can't test my old CPU on the new motherboard as it doesn't fit the AM3 socket.

In that other thread, the person eventually said he resolved the problem and this is what he said caused the problem:

I had one of the jumpers on the front panel switch connector installed correctly.... Read more

Answer:New build won't turn on, makes a zap sound; using a multimeter?

First, could you confirm the following please:

1. You have tried switching the power switch pins around? In case its on incorrectly, and I will assume you've connected them as per the instructions in the motherboards manual.
2. You have connected the 12v ATX (4pin) power connector to the motherboard
3. You have connected the big (20/4) pin power connector to the motherboard
4. You have connected the CPU cooler fan lead to the CPU FAN connector on the motherboard.

It's possible you have recieved a dead PSU, but I would say its more likely the power header is incorrectly fitted.

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Answer:My acer aspire E1-522 won't turn on it makes sever...

Hello, Could you give me more details:1- How many beep? Short and/or long?2- Have you tried a power reset?

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I apologize for my English, but I have something to say. Trying to finish my PhD thesis, I decided to buy one of the last Lenovo creations, the ThinkPad Twist. Bought the last February, the fan noise becomes more and more like a hair dryer that never stop; I can?t work more than one hour because the noise is hardly resistible. I took the laptop to the library and the noise stop the calm of the place? After this incident I tried to contact the support center to have one solution. This is my history: First call to Lenovo support center, I explain the situation, a fan that never stop and sound like a hair dryer?. Answer: They propose me send the computer to the repair center: ?tomorrow UPS will take the computer?. Just here fine, but I didn't?t receive the e-mail confirmation. Second call, I give the number that they told me to write over the box for UPS , and I ask for the confirmation mail? they send me the confirmation mail and finally the Lenovo Support Center guy told me that UPS wouldn't?t go to my home to take the computer, according with my warranty, it?s my responsibility to the send the computer to the support center? -So I decided to change my warranty to have the ?On site/In-Home Service?, that means ?a technician will be dispatched to arrive onsite, typically the next business day. *** Onsite service is available in metropolitan areas only?, and I live in Paris. - Upgrade warranty bought May 02, 2013 (Th... Read more

Answer:When your Lenovo Twist makes a noise like a hair dryer …

Hi Emilio, welcome to the forums,
sorry to read about your experience so far and would like to share some points which you might like to consider based on my personal experience as an IBM / Lenovo reseller.
In most of Europe the standard warranty conditions are for so called "carry-in" or "bring-in", this means that the customer is responsible for transporting their system to the service depot / partner, by post or other means.
Also it can take a little while, sometimes three weeks, for an on-site warranty extension / service pack to be fully activated when purchased some time after the system itself, even in the IBM days, and would not cover a call which had already been opened / started.
As your system is working, although the fan seems to be permanently running, you may need a little more patience and let's wait and see if they will cover your already opened call as an on-site.
I know this isn't maybe what you wanted to read, but is based on my experience, and as experiences will differ I can only hope that the right solution arrives for you a little quicker than I personally would expect.
edit; typo

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Hello Friends,   I bought a lenovo T61 laptop 6 months back. It worked fine for few months. I did get a wierd problem these days i.e When I try to move my laptop from my laps or move it from one place to other place It makes wierd beep kind of sounds from speakers. When I off the speakers I wont listen any sounds. It also makes sounds when I try to say hibernate and try to close the lid I mean top of laptop. It makes a huge Noise. I sent my laptop to lenovo coustomer care. they did change my motherboard but it did not resolve my problem. Could you please any of you guys know the cause of the problem let me know. I would really appreciate you guys. Did anyone had this problem before. Thanks in advance. Best Regards,Sandy

Answer:Lenovo T61 makes wierd noise when moved from one place to other

Can you describe the noise in more detail? Could it be the sudden motion sensor for the hard drive kicking in?

MacBook Pro, with an aluminum unibody enclosure **As of September 15, 2008, our company has completely switched to Apple. Having used ThinkPad products for over 10 years, we had desperately tried to find just one reason to continue using these products, to no avail. We are of the view that ThinkPads are no longer premium products. We wish you the best of luck with your ThinkPad! Happy computing?**

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Hi , i have this labtop , and it is really annoying , when FAN makes noise constantly. Temperature is normal between 40-50 Celzius degrees.  Everything is updated (bios, drivers etc) , and when i start the computer, it starts to make noise, and if i open some tabs in web browser , so noise just increases like i were playing BF4 with ultra details or something like that. Please help me,  is this  "normal" for this labtop (in that case i will return it back to shop) or it is just broken one or can i do something for solution.  Thank you for advice 

Answer:Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 2 13 Orange FAN makes noise

Hi, I bought this Laptop 2 days ago and this is indeed annoying! I had a 12 years old Acer and a new i7 Lenovo, and both are completly silent. Sometimes when the CPU is working, like compiling code, it could happen that the fan starts working, otherwise they are off. But the Yoga 2 13, the fan is working all the time? Why Lenovo?I assume that if there is no software solution for it, it might be the usage of wrong hardware or maybe the hardware architecture is wrong, why the fan is always on. @LenovoCome on, please fix it or tell us the reason!

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I have a black lenova thinkpad laptop and once in a while when i turn on the laptop, it makes 8 beeping noises and the screen wont turn on at all but it sounds like the laptop is on. I have tried fixing this by keeping the laptop in the fridge for a day because i think it was becaue it was over heated. Once i take it out, it works perfectly fine. But when it happens again it eally gets on my nerves and it sometimes happens at poor times when i actually NEED to use my laptop. This has happened probably over 12 times now. I have no idea how laptops work or what the different parts of them are called. So if there is a solution, please explain it in a simple manner. Thank you!

Answer:Lenova Think pad makes 8 beeps and screen wont turn on

Hello and welcome,
Please tell us what model laptop you have.  The Hardware Maintenance Manual for you laptop probably has a "beep code" section that may help narrow down the situation.
For example. if a T420 emits One short beep, pause, three short beeps, pause, threemore short beeps, and one short beep. It can be a memory module or the system board.
The beep codes may be common to all ThinkPads (I'm not sure...) but it would be good to look up the documentation specific to your machine.

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I just build my new pc, I tried to turn it on but... nothing just a high pitch sound coming from case.I know that it's not video card or power supply.
Anyone has the same problem or know how to fix it?Thanks.

Answer:computer won't turn on and makes high pitch sound

Shorting motherboard? Remove the mounting screws and check for shorts to the case

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My laptop, Inspiron 17R, started making a clicking sound when I pressed power button. I'd shut it down and try again a few times and could sometimes get lucky to get it to load up, unfortunately now its not loading up at all. I've tried removing battery and putting it back. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

Answer:Inspiron 17R makes clicking sound and wont turn on

Sounds like it's most likely a bad mainboard -- try powering up without a battery.  If it will but won't with the battery installed, the battery is bad -- if it won't boot on AC only, chances are the mainboard is bad.

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I have a 6 month old Ideapad Y530. Recently, my disc drive has been making a noise every 30 seconds as if it had just been closed. Any idea what is causing the noise and how I get it to stop?

Answer:Lenovo Ideapad Y530 CD/DVD Drive makes noise every 30 seconds

Hmm, that is pretty wierd, could be a hardware problem in which case I would call Lenovo and send it in for warranty repair.

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My T43 makes a noise and get extremely hot. I sent the machine 3 times. They replaced the fan, however the problem still exists. The second and third time before sending the machine, I escalated the case to level 2 and executive engineering level.  Third time I got a call from engineering technician saying that they cannot fix the machine any better and I need to call for a replacement. When I called, as usual I get to go through so many levels of their process to know at the end that they cannot replace the machine, they want me to send the machine again. I am not sure if they cannot fix it 3 times, how can they fix it even if I send it again. If the technician suggested since they use refurbished parts, the machine cannot be fixed any better, I am expecting a replacement. I don't get any answers other than getting escalated to another person. I bump into several people who simply do their desk job of filing case after case on the issue than addressing and resolving the issue. Extended warranty looks like bogus.   They don't have the reputation of IBM Thinkpad anymore. Their service and warranty sound like a joke! Has anyone had similar issues, how did they get addressed? I appreciate any help from others in the forum.Message Edited by badlenovoexp on 12-25-2008 02:03 PM

Answer:lenovo lousy service -- T43 fan makes noise, machine gets extremely hot

Welcome to the forum! T43/p units are known for heat and noise issues. Posting the full 7-character model number would help us assist you better. What you can do: a) Install ThinkPad Fan Control, version 0.25 or 0.33 (that's the one I use on all T43/p units that go through my house) b) Undervolt the CPU and GPU using NHC: Good luck and keep us posted.

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I've been working on computers for many years and have come across something that ive never seen before. I have a hp media center pc m7067c that does not turn on and the power supply makes a faint clicking sound every second. When i unhook the ps from the mb the sound goes away. I know the ps works cause ive used it in another pc. All the drives power up in another pc and I have put in a new mainboard and still have the same issue. Any help would greatly be appreciated!!

Answer:pc won't turn on and power supply makes faint clicking sound

Given that you are SURE the sound is emanating from the power supply find a dark location (at night with no lights on in the room) and observe the power supply for a brief flashing blueish light. If detected it is most likely a short arcing in the PS. Another alternative might be a bearing starting to fail on the PSU fan. truenorth

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In a shock turn around, Microsoft announced today that Windows 7 technical testers will be receiving a free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate.
In recent weeks Microsoft has faced angry reactions from bloggers and beta testers when they originally announced the testers "thanks" was the discounted pre-order offer. Blogger Paul Thurrot claimed: "the painful thing here, for beta testers, is that they've been screwed" which demonstrated the reaction to the previous announcements.
In a blog posting at Microsoft's Windows Team Blog, Brandon LeBlanc confirmed: "to show our appreciation, members of the invitation-only Windows 7 Technical Beta Program will be eligible for a free, final copy of Windows 7 Ultimate." All current members of the English technical and international mini-beta programs are eligible for a full non-upgrade copy of Windows 7 Ultimate Edition. Testers can get access to their copy in one of two ways:
* Download a copy and product key via Microsoft connect, English downloads will be available August 6th and other languages will follow as they become available.
* Boxed retail copies are available in a limited amount and are being offered on a first come, first served basis. These copies will not be ready until October 22nd or later.
ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley recently highlighted the testing process and how the focus has been taken away from Microsoft's beta testers. Testers are no longer held in such high esteem it seems as Micros... Read more

Answer:Microsoft makes a u-turn, Windows 7 testers to get free copy

thats gr8.

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My Dell Vostro 2520 will not power up and only makes 3 beeps, repetitively.
This only happened the FIRST time I switched my laptop on from updating Windows 8 to Windows 10.


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I have built my pc during summer and it has been fine until two days ago. It started with a crackling noise and my pc not turning on correctly. It's not my pc case nor the power output as I have tried multiple sockets and my pc buttons do work as I have tested them multiple times. The only way to turn my pc on is to give it a power jolt by shutting down the power through the power output or button on the PSU itself, sometimes it takes multiple tries. I have tried checking the cables to see if everything is correctly connected and it seems to be so. I wonder if it's the cable or PSU itself that's a problem...
PC specs:
CPU - Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor
CPU Cooler - be quiet! Shadow Rock Slim 113.8 CFM Rifle Bearing CPU Cooler
Motherboard - MSI Z97-GAMING 5 ATX LGA1150 Motherboard
RAM - Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3-1866 Memory
SSD - Samsung 850 EVO-Series 120GB 2.5" Solid State Drive
HDD - Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
HDD - WD - 2TB Desktop SATA Hard Drive - OEM - Green 3.5"
GPU - MSI GeForce GTX 970 4GB Twin Frozr V Video Card
Case - Corsair 330R Titanium Edition ATX Mid Tower Case
PSU - XFX 550W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply
Monitors - LG 23EA63V-P 23.0" (Main) iiyama ProLite E2271HDS (Secondary)

Answer:PC won't turn on - PSU crackling noise

crackling sounds like bad connections, partly broken wires, bad capacitors in PSU.
Cable is easy enough to change as they are standard.

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have this dell latitude d610 laptop it made a noise then turned off. Thinking it is the fan. Now won't turn on. So if your fan broken not working will your computer turn on at all. I know the battery is good because ir was working fine until that noise. Or when that fan made the noise could it of made the Motherboard go bad


Answer:laptop won't turn on after noise

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First of all.. the laptop makes a very loud noise since i bought it, i guess its a design or something,when gaming its very very loud i turned of the CPU intel boost to 3.1ghz from 2.4 still works so loud...and what is the "Fan Always on" option and does it effect,if its removed? Thanks

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I just installed Windows XP every time I dail up to the internet I hear the modem noise. I turn the speaker down in modem properties. But it still makes the noise. How can I turn it off? Also how can I turn off the auto update? As always thanks in advance. BanC

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Hello, I recently got a HP notebook for light gaming to replace my maingaming computer while it's being fixed. I was playing factorio with some friends, when my computer screen went black. It didn turn off because I could still hear sounds. About 2mins later it turned off, I've tried everything I know. When I try to turn it on there is no sounds, no lights , no nothing. I really need it fixed because I'm falling behind in school work.

Answer:Wont turn on no lights, no noise, no nothing

Dear Customer,  Perform a hard reset of your notebook computer before you try any other troubleshooting steps.Reasons for a hard resetA hard reset has the following effects:Clears the memory.Reestablishes the connection between the BIOS and the hardwareThe following conditions can be helped by the hard reset:Windows stops responding.The display suddenly goes blank.The computer does not wake from sleep or hibernate modes.Software applications freeze or fail to respond.Hard reset a notebook with removable batteryHard reset a notebook with a sealed or non-removable battery   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee

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Hi, I am using Lenovo G series Laptop. Some noise( Seems like fan sound) come out while using the laptop.  Could you please let me know what might be the problem( Mother Board or CPU Fan) ? and also how can I resolve the problem.  Thanks,Jemini. 

Answer:Making Noise While laptop turn on.

I am able to resovle the problem myself by just cleaning the fan.

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Any suggestions? I'm using Windows XP.

Answer:How do I turn off that horrible modem noise?

click here hope that helps?

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I was cleaning the inside of my computer, cleaning the fans, 3rd time and after I tried to turn it on but it didnt work. I might have bumped some wires so it doesnt work. My computer makes a ticking noise while a green light blinks each time it ticks. I am also a novice at dealing with computers. I have a hp pavilion a824n.
I have a picture and willing to take more:


Answer:Computer will not turn on, ticking noise

Looking at the pics it sounds fine to me.
What happened to the hard drive, standing upright and backside closed to the cabinet, was it that way? I guess not. Keep it in the bay.
I see the power cables might disturb the processor fans, take care of that.
Let see...

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I'm visiting in China and found their computer filled with trojans/viruses/worms, how can I get rid of them? The computer sometimes turns to a background on startup and freezes frequently. It is a custom installed computer model. If anyone can help me get rid of these things, I would really appreciate it. Thanks. Here is the main.txt and extra.txt from dssDeckard's System Scanner v20071014.68Run by Administrator on 2008-07-05 22:17:12Computer is in Normal Mode.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- System Restore --------------------------------------------------------------System Restore is disabled; attempting to re-enable...success.-- Last 1 Restore Point(s) --1: 2008-07-05 14:17:20 UTC - RP1 - 系统检查点Backed up registry hives.Performed disk cleanup.-- HijackThis Clone ------------------------------------------------------------Emulating logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 2008-07-05 22:18:44Platform: Windows XP Service Pack 2 (5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer (6.00.2900.2180)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\system32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\csrss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\WINLOGON.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeF:\Rising\Rav\CCenter.exeC:\WINDOWS ... Read more

Answer:Infected With Unknown Virus That Makes Computer Screen Turn To Backgroud Only On Startup

Hello and Welcome to the forums! My name is Carolyn and I'll be glad to help you with your computer problems. HijackThis logs can take some time to research, so please be patient with me. I know that you need your computer working as quickly as possible, and I will work hard to help see that it happens. Please do not run any other tool untill instructed to do so!Please reply to this thread, do not start another!Please tell me about any problems that have occurred during the fix.Please tell me of any other symptoms you may be having as these can help also.Please try as much as possible not to run anything while executing a fix. If you follow these instructions, everything should go smoothly. I am sorry that we were unable to reply to your post sooner. The forums have been very busy. I'm afraid I have unpleasant news for you. There is evidence of several infections on your computer. One or more is a Password Stealer It allows outsiders to monitor your Internet activity and private information. It then sends the stolen data to a hacker site. If the Computer has been used for any important data, you are strongly advised to do the following, immediately: Disconnect the infected computer from the internet and from any networked computers until the computer can be cleaned.
If you have ever used this computer for shopping, banking, or any transactions relating to your financial well being:
Call all of your banks, credit card companies, a... Read more

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How do I turn off the beep noise that come from the inside of my laptop? (NOT the beep that come out of the speaker or headphone!)
It's getting on my nerve. I'm unable to disable it.
I tried disable it from
and setting the value of Start from 1 to 4, but the laptop still beep! (The beep doesn't come out of the speaker or headphone. It seems like it comes out of the laptop. Even if I plug my headphone/earphone, the beep come out of the laptop, not the headphone/earphone)
I just want to disable the beep. (I'm not talking about the "default beep" in Control Panel -> Sound.)
On the other side, my computer is working fine. It's just the random beep that annoye me.
(I'm using Windows 8.1, and there is no "Non-Plug and Play Drivers" in device manager)

Answer:How do I turn off the beep noise from the inside of my laptop?

When does this beep occur?
How often?
Are you doing any specific task when this beep occurs?
There is no such default, random beep built into a Windows 8.1 system (or any other Windows OS for that matter), so I honestly have no idea what it is at this time.
How old is the system?
If it's not coming from the speakers, where do you think it is coming from?
Can you record it & zip up/upload an MP3 file?
Regards. . .

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Hello there...i have nokia lumia 735 but i have a problem.My front camera makes pictures dark when i take a photo and turn it. How to fix that ??????????

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When I turn my volume up, I hear a continuous beeping noise. It all started when I put my new video card in (Radeon 9700 pro)

Oh, and my sound card is Sound Blaster Live! 24 bit.

Please help, thanks.

Answer:Long beeping noise when I turn my volume up on full.

When you fitted the video card did you accidently unseat the soundcard?

Have you checked?


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I have a Dell desk top, windows Vista, 1 GB RAM, 250 GB external hard drive.I was working on the computer, no internet up. Only a Word Document up. I wanted to play a game I had installed on the computer over a year ago, Chuzzles.  I opened a folder I made for extra not often used games. I double clicked on the Chuzzles icon, but missed the icon. So I double clicked actually on it. It didn't open. I double clicked twice meaning 4 times, by accident again. The Chuzzles screen came up, it was the not full screen one, so I clicked the full screen option.The monitor then turned a blue and white fuzzy mess with 3 letters across the screen, one letter was "e" and the date 2010 came on the screen with it. Then my tower started making a loud whirring like an engine and there were 3 beeps that occurred over and over every 2 seconds.At my brother's instruction I tried to turn it off at the tower with the powen button, didn't go off. I unplugged the tower at the wall. Then I tried plugging it in again, then pressed the on button. The computer went right back into making the whirring noise and the 3 beeps over and over and nothing came up on my monitor, black screen. I was really concerned at this point. Couldn't turn the computer off with the power button so I unplugged it again.  I waited half an hour before doing the start up process again: Still the noise, beeping, and won't turn off, and nothing on the monitor. I unplugged the computer, w... Read more

Answer:Comp made loud noise, beeping, won't turn on

Forget Geeksquad...let's save you some cabbage if we can.If it's been off for awhile power up...tap F8 repeatedly before you see the Win splash screen...this will load safemode...1st thing to try is Last known good that and re-boot.If that does not work boot into safemode w/networking...See how things run in this mode and report back with your findings...

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I have a white HP Roar wireless speaker. It is fully charged.When I turn it on I get a continuos beep loud noise and I am not able to stop so I can use it as a bluetooth device to play music.How can I fix this? It has been working fine the first two months.Thanks!

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I've only had this computer for circa a year, and now, when I try to wake it up from sleep, the screen stays black, tho if I press a few keys, I'll get a high pitch noise and get a screen with white noise that looks like the attached picture. Is this a hardware or driver issue, and how can I fix this? I don't want to have to keep restarting this computer, as I had to to get to this forum. 

Screenshot_20170910-224714.png ?5367 KB

Answer:Screen Will Not Turn Back On From Sleep Except for White Noise

Look in the event log and see if a device is throwing an error at resume.  The only time I saw a similar error was on a (non-Lenovo) desktop and the problem was the video driver.

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Hi People,

Turned my computer off last night to hear a Moderately Loud High Pitch Noise that wouldnt stop unless I turned the power off from the back. The computer will not turn on anymore and when ever the power supply is turned on fro mthe PSU the noise resumes.

Think I have a dead PSU... or worse?

2gb ram
sata II hdd
Win Vista

Answer:Moderately Loud High Pitch Noise (and no turn on)

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Help please! My family and I own the HP Envy 23 all-in-one PC. Unfortunately most recently it has stopped turning on. There power light doesn't show nor are there any noises/ beeps. We have checked the power source, so that doesn't seem to be the problem. We purchased a new adaptor (120 W). I've tried the F10, down button, enter button sequence using the wireless keyboard. Nothing has worked.

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Hi. My HP 15 touch smart notebook crashed a few weeks ago and I just had the computer for less than 6 months and I still have at least 6 more months of warranty on it. But I had accidentally took the battery pack out while putting the computer on charge and I put it back in and tried to turn my computer on, and so far for the last several weeks I couldn't do my school work bc it won't turn on. There is no noise, the fan won't turn, the screen won't display. The only that works is the charging light (orange when its dead and is charging; white when its half charged and is charging). I have tried all methods to get it to turn back on and none have helped me so far. Is the only thing I can do is send it off to be repaired? Or do I need to just buy replacement parts?

Answer:Complete dead computer - no noise, fan whirring, screen turn...

Worrells2000 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!While this PC is still under warranty, you should contact HP Customer Support directly to have them put you in touch with HP Technical Support to see what they can do about diagnosing and repairing your machine remotely.I did this recently and the HP Tech was able to remotely access my PC from the Internet and do the needed repairs.If HP can not fix it, then you should be able to insist on a replacement -- at no charge!If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page: After you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to some one -- it can take a while!Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".========================================================================

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Hi I'm new here

Ive had my laptop for about 2 years and it's undergone many problems - broken screens,dust in the fan etc.

yesterday I was using it as normal when it switched off completely without any warning.
I'm used to this happening as my laptop regularly overheats and switches off like this.

However, when I turned it back on it made a high pitched noise that kept on getting higher until the laptop switched off again.
I think the noise was from the fan.

There was also a weird slight smell of burning plastic.
My laptop won't turn on and when I plug it in the orange power light doesn't come up.


Also in the past week the hing on one side of the laptop has broken off.
The screen still worked and any wires were still intact

Answer:Satellite C660-23M won't turn on and made high pitched noise

yesterday I was using it as normal when it switched off completely without any warning.
I'm used to this happening as my laptop regularly overheats and switches off like this.
There was also a weird slight smell of burning plastic.

To be honest, all the details don’t sound very good…
Everything looks like some serious hardware problem causes that the notebook cannot be powered up.
I cannot say for sure what’s wrong here but probably the motherboard or CPU has died.

Anyway, your data on the HDD should not be affected and I guess you could get access to your whole iTunes library. You need to remove the HDD from the notebook’s HDD bay and you will need to use an external USB 2.5” HDD caddy to connect the this notebook’s HDD to another computer as an external USB HDD.

This will allow you to move and to backup the data to another good working HDD.

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hi, I have spectre 360 with 7th Gen i7, 13 inch. it is making a loud noise when the fan is spinning and heats so fast. the heat is unbearable in the left side of the laptop. i bought it just 7 days ago..Can someone help please?

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Hello everyone,It seems that my XPS 9550 has a motherboard issue. I have got this laptop for several months before this problem happen. At first, the power button needs to pressed twice before the computer can turn on. Pressing it once will only cause the button to light up and fans to start spinning for only seconds. Then, after about a week, the problem got worse. I have to static discharge the BIOS and charge the computer for about 12 to 24 hours to get it working again. The light indicator did show that the CMOS battery is dead several times, and I had the CMOS battery replaced, but still no luck. I have run the diagnostics many times, but everything seems perfect. And I can get into the OS once the computer powers post points out a similar problem, but I think it has nothing to do with the battery or most of the motherboard components.Does anyone have encountered this before? Any advice will be appreciated.- Peter

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I purchased a IdeaPad Z580 laptop, with Windows 8.  The current BIOS mode is UEFI, with Secure Boot State = On.  I am trying to setup a dual boot with Linux Ubuntu or Mint?  Is this possible?  Thank you.

Answer:Ideapad Z580 - turn off Secure Boot State, or change to legacy bios and turn off UEFI?

Yes, I have the same question. Can someone help?Many Thanks in advance.

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I have configured ad-hoc network for internet sharing from my PC. Normally I start it by
netsh wlan start hostednetwork
As I noticed the hotspot is automatically turned off when I turn off WiFi adapter. So I have two questions:

How do I turn on WiFi by command line, so that I can control it from various commandline scripts?
How do I configure the script for WiFi for autostarting hotspot whenever WiFi is turned on?

netsh wlan ...

Answer:How to turn on WiFi adapter from command line / How to turn on hotspot

Quote: Originally Posted by Anakunda


I have configured ad-hoc network for internet sharing from my PC. Normally I start it by
netsh wlan start hostednetwork
As I noticed the hotspot is automatically turned off when I turn off WiFi adapter. So I have two questions:

How do I turn on WiFi by command line, so that I can control it from various commandline scripts?
How do I configure the script for WiFi for autostarting hotspot whenever WiFi is turned on?

netsh wlan ...

Ad-Hoc requires that you restart the session each time.

Connectify pro has an auto start option that does this but it's a paid version, connectify lite is free but I'm not sure if has auto start.

Download - Connectify

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I have a bit of a strange issue with my computer. Forgive me if I'm a little too descriptive, but I'm not sure which details are relevant and which are not for such a problem. First, the specs:

Model: eMachines T2984
Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 2
Processor: Intel Celeron D Processor 340, 2.93 GHZ, 256K L2 Cache, 533 MHZ FSB
Power Supply Unit: Bestec Model: ATX-250-12E REV: P7
Motherboard: I can't tell, but it appears to be an Intel motherboard by the number of Intel labels on it
RAM: 512 MB DDR SD originally, added 1 GB a couple of months ago
Let me know if you need anything else...

Yesterday, I got home from shopping around 1PM, and I tried to start the computer. I pushed the power button, and nothing happened. I checked all of the cords, and they were all plugged in. Not knowing what else to do, I opened up the case to see if there was something obviously wrong. The only thing that I noticed (other than a bunch of dust) was that the power supply unit was still hot. I shut the computer down about 5 hours earlier after about 20 minutes of use, so it seemed strange that the power supply was still hot. I unplugged the computer just in case there was some sort of fire hazard.

At this point, I called a friend who suggested that the problem might be with the motherboard or the power supply unit.

A few hours later, I plugged it back in to try to get it to work. As soon as I plugged it in, the entire unit suddenly started "running" by itsel... Read more

Answer:Computer Doesn't Turn on, Fans and Some Lights Turn on Automatically

I would suspect that the Power Supply Unit (PSU) is going south. If you have a spare one laying around, install it and see if the problem goes away.
You can buy a new,better PSU from Newegg for about $40.00. I have used a Thermaltake 430 watt in one of my machines for some time now and it works well.
You will have to check the size of your PSU to be sure a new one will fit into the eMachine.
Here's the page with that PSU on it. It's the last one on the list.

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Hi All,
I am using Windows 8.1 and had to refresh my computer as I was experiencing some problems. Everything seemed to be normal so I started slowly installing the programs I had before. Now a few days after, I find that my wireless device is Off and Flight Mode is On. I have been in settings but the relevant switches are disabled.
Can anybody tell me how to fix this please ? I really don't know how it happened. Can it be that my laptop is still infected ?

Answer:Turn Off Flight Mode & Turn On Wireless Devices

Is there a physical switch on your laptop for wireless? Often on the edges of your laptop... easy to miss.

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Wife updated Norton twice and had two Norton Firewalls and Windows Firewalls running together. Paid twice for the 2 updates. Removed Norton Completely and then re-installed Norton 360 Security Version 5, but am still unable to turn off Windows Firewall under Windows XP Pro and also cannot turn on Automatic updates, getting message "we're Sorry, the Security Center could NOT change your Automatic Windows Update setting. To try changing these settings, go to SYSTEM in Control Panel. On the Automatic Updates Tab, select AUTOMATIC (recommended) and then click OK. None of this works, then tried using an app to reset Security Settings and that didn't work either. Any suggestions on what I try next. I would like to reinstall Norton 360 Internet Security Version 5, I know there are those out there that hate Norton and the overhead that comes with it, but over the years I've gotten used to it and I like it very much. Thank you, PhotoRay

Answer:In XP Pro can't turn off Windows Firewall or Turn on Automatic Updates

How did you remove Norton in the first place?

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Hi to all Eight forum.
I m here with a strange problem, it happens from yesterday, the problem is when I playing games on my Dell inspiron N4050 and then the main power where the charger pluged in is turn off (it is the most problem in my country that there is heavy short fall of power), the laptop is remain ON just for 2 or 3 seconds and then its suddenly OFF. its not happening before, why is that,? why is the laptop didn't get power from the battery.?
when not playing games. and the main power (electricity) is gone, then this problem is not occurred.
plz understand my problem and reply me.
sorry for my bad English.

Answer:Laptop suddenly turn off when main power turn off.

Could it be overheating protection?

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Although i configured "notification text" for low battery level in the energy options from toshiba power saver, there is a acoustic alarm. Is it possible to switch off this acoustic alarm ?

Answer:How to turn off the turn off the notification sound of Power Saver?


This should be possible. Did you check the Toshiba Power saver setup settings?
You can change the option called "Notification method" from "Sound+Message" to "message" only or "No action"

PS: What notebook do you use???

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Hey guys, little help here please.
Sometimes when I try to turn on IS it tries to turn On but everything greys out and nothing happens. Last time I tried it was about 4 hrs ago and since then its been hung up there. I can't open IS from settings now, Loading... shows up and it crashes after ~20sec. I can't turn off wifi because it becomes 'frozen' and when I press Back/Start button nothing happens but if I long press back button it show my active window is Start screen even though I am still in Wifi settings. After I release button wifi closes and end up in start screen.
I know if I soft reset everything comes back to normal. 99% I can even turn on IS. But why does this happen and how do you solve this problem (I know in the past some ppl used to have it)

Answer:Internet sharing doesn't turn on + cant turn off wifi

After a bit of searching this was the only answer I could find.
Remove/uninstall your nokia acount, install access will get your internet sharing.
Not sure if that will help you or not but it's worth a shot.

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Hello Microsoft team,
We need for an application to unplug and replug usb3 - not physically but with a program.
We checked a lot on the internet but did not find answer how to do it in windows 8.1 pro (in c++).
We know that hibernation creates something alike, but how can we only turn down the power of usb3 and return the power back on back via program (in c++).
Thank you for your help.

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I have this issue that when I turn on my computer, the power LED does not turn on but you can hear the fans working properly. I don't the issue and I'm not much of an expert with computers. Please help me solve this issue because I'm completely clueless.

Answer:Try to turn on my computer but only the fans work and the power led does not turn on

How old is the computer, what was the last change you made to the computer and when you last shut it down did it shut down correctly?

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I can't turn my computer on. The fans and lights turn on for a second and then turn off. a few seconds later they'll turn back on and then turn back off. I've had this computer for 4+ months now, i built it myself. it recently started doing this but i'd just turn off the PSU (Power Supply Unit) and turn it back on and it woould fix it. now it doesnt fix it anymore. i've re-slotted the RAM (Random Access Memory) and pushed it in firmly, but that hasn't done anything. i've tried different power outlets and pushed everything into the MOBO (Motherboard), i havent messed around with CPU (Processor) because that's just a pain in the a**... i was wondering if there was anything else i could do before having to take it into a local repair shop, lol.

as for my computer specs

CPU (Processor): Fx-6300 AMD
GPU: R9-270x AMD
RAM (Random Access Memory): 8GB Ballistix sport
MOBO (Motherboard): ASRock 970 Extreme3 R2.0
PSU (Power Supply Unit): Corsair X500 w 80+
Case: Rosewill GALAXY


Answer:Fans turn on, lights blink and then turn off/on repeatedly.

First, I would unplug everything that isn't necessary. Everything external except for the keyboard and monitor. Internally, just leave the CPU, RAM and video card installed. See if it turns on. If not, you might try and test the power button. Disconnect the power button from the mobo. If the pin headers allow for it, use the reset button as the power button. If not, you can use a flat head screwdriver to power on the computer (cross the two pins for the power button with the blade of the screwdriver). If you do this, just be very careful. Touch only the power button pins and nothing else! You could easily damage components by touching the screwdriver to the wrong thing.

Some motherboards have a power button right on the board that you can press to power on the computer. I looked at a pic of your board and didn't notice one.

If that doesn't do it, plug the power button back in. You might try and play around with the RAM. I don't know if you have 2 or 4 sticks of RAM, but try and boot the computer with only one stick of RAM at a time. If there's a bad stick, you'll find it through this process of elimination.

If none of the above works, then it might be a bad PSU.

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Running Windows Vista Ultimate.

Display turns off after about fifteen minutes regardless of whether I am actively using the computer or not. The only way to turn the display back on is to close and then open the lid. This disconnets me from AOL, so I have to sign back on again, and if I was emailing, I might lose my current email.

Under Power Options, I have 'Turn off the display' set to Never for both On Battery and Plugged in. Under 'Put the computer to sleep' I have both On battery and Plugged in set to never. Nonetheless, the display still shuts off while I am working.

What do I need to do to prevent the display from turning off at odd intervals?

Answer:Vista Ultimate x64: turn off display, will not turn back on

sounds like your display drivers are crashing.

Do not rely on windows update drivers - go to graphics chipset manufacturer website and get latest drivers

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I just put together my first computer 6 months ago. It abruply shutdow in the middle of writing a paper for school. I couldn't turn it back on right away. after trying a few times, it turned on. All the fans are working even the fan on the power supply, the motherboards lights are on. My graphic card in on the motherboard. I think it might be my power supply because when I first put it together I didn't plug in the smaller power connection to the motherboard and the same thing is happening, black screen. It's like my computer isn't giving my monitor any feed. I will have more info when I get home. I can't get in to bios or safe mode.

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Any recommendations? Here Drive+ had turn-by-turn GPS navigation for FREE. But it doesn't work on Windows 10 anymore. Are there any other free alternatives? Ones that don't use an internet connection, preferably.

Answer:Free turn-by-turn navigation now that HERE Drive+ is NOT available for Windows 10?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Any recommendations? Here Drive+ had turn-by-turn GPS navigation for FREE. But it doesn't work on Windows 10 anymore. Are there any other free alternatives? Ones that don't use an internet connection, preferably. The official Microsoft maps app is the best way to go. It has the same downloadable maps feature.
Check this out: Here's how Windows 10 Mobile HERE Map fans can switch to Microsoft's new Maps app | Windows Central

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This is driving me crazy. My HP has Windows 7 and everytime it connects to the internet (wireless connection) Windows Live Messenger opens down in the left hand corner taskbar near the start menu. I close it, and fifteen minutes later it will open again.
I opened the options and unchecked the boxes pretaining to 'Run Windows Live Messenger when windows starts' but it still repeatedly opens. I use hotmail, but i really have no use for Messenger. The program is not listed under add/remove programs. Someone please help me turn this thing off.

Answer:Solved: Windows Live Messenger-TURN IT OFF TURN IT OFF!

It should be listed in Programs & Features under Windows Live Messenger or Windows Live Essentials. If you still can't find it listed then go to and re-download the installer, reinstall it, then uninstall it.

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After, switching the phone off and on again, the light did not turn off. I allowed the battery to run out, yet the light did not turn off.

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I can't turn my computer on. The fans and lights turn on for a second and then turn off. a few seconds later they'll turn back on and then turn back off. I've had this computer for 4+ months now, i built it myself. it recently started doing this but i'd just turn off the PSU (Power Supply Unit) and turn it back on and it woould fix it. now it doesnt fix it anymore. i've re-slotted the RAM (Random Access Memory) and pushed it in firmly, but that hasn't done anything. i've tried different power outlets and pushed everything into the MOBO (Motherboard), i havent messed around with CPU (Processor) because that's just a pain in the a**... i was wondering if there was anything else i could do before having to take it into a local repair shop, for my computer specsCPU (Processor): Fx-6300 AMDGPU: R9-270x AMDRAM (Random Access Memory): 8GB Ballistix sportMOBO (Motherboard): ASRock 970 Extreme3 R2.0PSU (Power Supply Unit): Corsair X500 w 80+Case: Rosewill GALAXYthanks 

Answer:Fans turn on, lights blink and then turn off/on repeatedly.

You can try a new  RAM stick.What you describe can be: Anything overloads the PSU, or a failing PSU Bad memory in the low region. BIOS  can't run without it. Bad CPU, or heat sink not in placeDisconnect the HDD and the DVD drive. (Power off, of course.)Power on. Does it  show the  BIOS?

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it just vibrates like it turned on but nothing appears or lights up on the screen

Answer:I tried to turn on my nokia lumia 630 but the screen doesn't turn on

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question it just vibrates like it turned on but nothing appears or lights up on the screen Hi there - Have you tried leaving it on the charger for awhile? That's usually the first thing to try. Let it get some juice in it and then try turning it on. If that doesn't work, you may need to download the WDRT program on your computer and plug your phone in there to reset it.
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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Hello Folks,

I'm not sure if my issue is with hardware (possibly MB?) or graphics card, so please forgive me if I've posted in the wrong section. The first problem I was having was random blue screens of death that displayed graphic card driver issues. I was able to remedy that by updating my graphic drivers and have not had an issue since.

However, ever since then I have been running into another hardware or graphics-related issue that is random and completely stumping me. What is happening is, I will be on my computer, leave and turn my monitor off, and (randomly) when I come back to use my computer again, when I turn on the monitor there is no signal and a black screen (e.g. when I turn my monitor on my desktop will pop up and the light on my monitor will turn blue, when it doesn't turn on there will be a black screen and the light on the monitor stays yellow as if it is idle). I have tried swapping out the monitor to see if that was the issue and the same problem persists, so it does not appear to be my monitor or VGA cables.

The only way I can temporarily fix this issue is to reboot/restart my computer and viola! The monitor works again and I can see everything. This issue is very random. Sometimes I can go weeks without an incident, other times this is happening a couple times a week. I honestly don't know if it's my motherboard or video card or what. My PC isn't overheating, I'm not overclocking, and all of my drivers are updated.

I'm not sure what... Read more

Answer:Turn Off Monitor, Turn On Later and Black Screen, PC Still Running

try checking your power options settings and set it to high performance then check in advanced power settings and do not allow hard disks to sleep

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I have lenovo ideapad g585gc 59-356202 e1-1200, dvdrw, 4gb, 500gb, radeon hd 7310m, 15.6" led, ....
Almost 2 years old.
Yesterday it didn't want to turn on, and then I took out the battery and try without it and then turned on and everything is ok.

1. with battery (with or without ac power) won't turn on
2. without battery (of course, with ac power) turn on

The problem is evidently in the battery. I want to buy a new one, but how can I be sure that the battery is really dead?

Answer:Lenovo won't turn on with battery, without battery turn on!

There are no good practical ways the average owner can test the battery. You have to go on the evidence.

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Yesterday my lenovo Y50-70 shut off while I was using it. The screen went black and then turned off. I can't turn it on anymore. I press the power button, it lights up (the power button) for 3-4 seconds and then turns off completely. When trying to turn on, I don't hear any hardware trying to start up at all, as if the laptop was completely dead. Really need help, I'm a college student and need my laptop up and running as soonas possible

Answer:Lenovo Y50-70 won't turn on

Hi vlads_, 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
If you still have covered warranty , it would be best if you call in tech support for the in warranty service . 
You may check the warranty here .
1-877-4-Lenovo, 1-877-453-6686 Schedule a Callback for faster support
How was it if you turn it on using the Novo button (item 8 page 3) instead. 
It suppose to turn on the pc too. 
Check if the charger is also working , Try directly plugging the pc to a known good wall outlet without the power strip .Would the battery led blink?
Opening the bottom cover may void the warranty if damage may happen. (page 34)
Doing power drain may help. ( Unplug the ac adapter and remove the battery then pressing down power key for 20 seconds . then release and place back battery and try plugging it to test .
Update us how it goes.
** edited for additional link **

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Hi, I just got my laptop about a week ago from Newegg, and it has been working fine so far. Last night I let it charge all night, and this morning I went to turn it on, and it wouldn't boot up. I tried holding the power button for a long time (about a minute), and nothing changed. When the power cord is plugged in there is a blue light on, but that's the only change. I try holding the power button with both the charge cord in, and not, and still the same. I don't really want to have to RMA it or return it if I don't have to, I would prefer to resolve it myself. I work out of town for extended periods of time, so if I have to send it in, I will be out of a laptop for at least a month. Would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks, James

Answer:Lenovo Y50 won't turn on.

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Sorry to hear of your problem with the new computer.  Try doing this several times in a row.......
1. Unplug the charger / adapter. 2. Press and hold the Power Button for 15 seconds. 3. Plug in the charger / adapter if needed and power up the system to see if the problem was resolved.
If that doesn't resolve the power up problem then I am afraid your best course of action is to RMA it back to the Egg.  The other option is to contact Lenovo Support for warranty service.  Unfortunately both options will leave you without a laptop for a period of time.  You can find the phone number for Lenovo Support in your country or area by using the link below....

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Hello!I have a problem whith my brand new laptop lenovo z50-70. It won't turn on only when it is on battery. The battery is full almost 100%. Then the laptop turn in sleep mode, hibernate or shut down and when I press the power button the laptop do not turn on. The two lights power and battery light per second and fade. The only way to start it is to plug on the AC/DC adapter and when press the power button everfthing is ok - laptop is turn on, windows starts, the battery is ok. 

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Hi any help is massively appreciated! My lenovo G50 won't turn on. I was using it and it said there was a problem and it needed to reboot.  When I press the power button, it starts to turn on, shows the lenovo welcome screen then just gives a black screen and doesn't do anything else.  This happened last week too, and it eventually started working again but there's definitely something not right.  Please, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. I have lots of important documents on my computer I need and haven't backed up! Thank you in advanceNicky

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When you turn on the notebook is turned off and on as you can see in the video . You can not go to bios. This is very rare. Any ideas.

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Hi, I have bought a lenovo z50-70 about 2 months ago, and it does not turn on, I tried to unplug both battery, power cord and AC adapter, and I even replaced both, but it still doesn't turn on.Is there anything I could do? I will contact Lenovo Service tomorrow, but I have to send them the notebook to see what the issue is.Thanks.

Answer:Lenovo z50-70 does not turn on

IonMunteanu wrote:Hi, I have bought a lenovo z50-70 about 2 months ago, and it does not turn on, I tried to unplug both battery, power cord and AC adapter, and I even replaced both, but it still doesn't turn on.Is there anything I could do? I will contact Lenovo Service tomorrow, but I have to send them the notebook to see what the issue is.Thanks.That might be the best option to follow.

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Hi there! I am having problems with my Lenovo s10-3t. I was still able to use it before it didn't turn on. I used it at school and when it notified me that I only have 10% battery left, I turned it off till I reached home and charged it from 11:00pm-1:00am (which I usually do). When I turned it on that morning around 9:30am, it won't turn on anymore. With battery on, the battery indicator will just blink once and will not continue booting. Not even the power indicator nor the hdd indicator will lit. The screen is not displaying anything, no logo, nothing.. Please help me. I did all the suggestions I've searched here in the internet but nothing happens... Thanks! 

Answer:Lenovo s10-3t won't turn on

try the old hint... remove battery remove power unit, press around 30 seconds switch on button , insert charger cable ...
try to start without battery ... if that works ...try with inserted battery  ...
regards KK

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I remember having the laptop on standby mode before I slept (with the AC adaptor plugged in). The next day, the laptop does not turn on. No signs whatsoever, not even the LED indicators. I tried the 10-press solution I read here in the forums, didn't work. 2 days later, I tried doing it again and the laptop suddenly turned on! However, when I tried to plug in the adaptor, it doesn't work, and the laptop died down again. What could be the problem? I'm sure it's not the motherboard since it suddenly opened anyway. Could it be the AC or the CMOS battery? (Not using the laptop battery, but still works for a while)

Answer:Lenovo S10-e does not turn on

hi mikkieugenio,
Welcome to the Forums.
When the unit turned on a couple of days later, did you get a black screen with the LED lights? Or are you able to boot into Windows then it shuts down? If it's the former,  the GPU is probably bad and needs a reflow.
Have you considered taking the unit to a lenovo service center / local computer repair shop?

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I want to discontinue use of McAfee (which came with the initial install) of my Windows 10 computer, and turn on Windows Defender.   I don't know where to start.

Answer:turn off mcafee and turn on defender in windows 10

Open the start menu. Select  "Control Panel". Select "Programs and Features". Find and select the McAfee program in the list then click "uninstall" at the top of the list. When it has finished uninstalling Windows Defender will activate itself.Go back to Control Panel again and select  "Security and Maintenance" . In the security drop down list it should say Windows Defender is turned on.

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My E-system laptop automatically turn off in five seconds after turn on without displaying?

Answer:my E-system laptop turn off in five seconds after turn on

Possibly overheating because fan on CPU has failed. You will need to open the back of laptop and see if fan is spinning.

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New W510.  (4318 CTO, 16GB, WIndows 7)  Used new 640GB drive to install Windows 7 Pro x64 from scratch.  Installed lasted versions of drivers from Lenovo W510 support site.  Almost everything works, except the WiMAX. WiMAX shows up and seems to be properly controlled in the preload.  It does not show up in my rebuild, so the HW is there. Among other things, I installed Power Management Driver, Power Manager, HotKey Features and the Intel WiFi WiMAX 6250 v13.00.0000 (both WiFi and WiMAX parts) but just the WiFi part shows up in the OnScreen Display when using FnF5.  The WiMAX does not.  The drivers show up in the Control Panel programs list and there were no problems indicated during installation.  Am I missing something or is there a trick to the installation order?

Answer:W510 WiMAX cannot turn on or turn off with FnF5

A bit more information:  Under Network Connections the WiMAX adapter is listed as unplugged. Local Area Connection 2   Network cable unplugged    Intel(r) Centrino(R) WiMAX 6250 Seems odd to me that it is not listed as a wireless device. Any suggestions on how get the WiMAX working?

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During updating my lumia 520, phone turn off and wont turn on

Answer:During updating my Lumia 520, my phone won't turn off and won't turn on. What should I do?

WP 10 is still heavily flawed, dont install them just yet especially on low end lumias wait for its official release

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I have a x201 cto using 64bits Win 7. The wireless adapter is intel advanced-N 6200. However, I found my wireless always turn off suddenly and I can not turn it on anymore (even using Fn+F5) until reboot. Does anyone have same experience? Please tell me what's the problem. Many thanks


Go to Solution.

Answer:x201 wireless always suddenly turn off and can not turn on again.

Yes, i have the same issue. Though it suffices if you deactivate and activate your WLAN adapter @ networkcenter, you don't need to reboot. This happened to me a couple of times as well.

I disabled Multi-Core in BIOS so i don't have regular lags.I always keep energy saving settings to "Maximum Performance" so i don't have regular contrast issues.I deinstalled ThinkAdvantage Access Connections so i don't have random WLAN Adapter "power offs".

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If I unset "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" on the Power Management tab of my USB Root Hub properties, then when I attempt to restart my computer from the Start Menu, Windows shuts down but the computer itself keeps running,
i.e. the power light stays lit and the fan continues to run. In order to actually shutdown, I have to press the power button for a few seconds. Upon reboot, there is no indication of a failed shutdown from Windows. However, I am able to shutdown from the Start
Menu without problem.
Is this really the intent of not allowing the computer to turn off a device connected to a USB port, i.e. you can shutdown but you can't restart? Seems a bit arbitrary to me.
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Service Pack 1
Acer Aspire 5560
AMD A6-3420M APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.50 GHz
8.00 GB
All device drivers and the BIOS are up-to-date.

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