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Graphics card not turning on

Question: Graphics card not turning on

I recently bought a new graphics card due to my old one giving out. The new graphics card I got was the GTX 960. I think I plugged everything up right. I uploaded some pictures I thought were viable into helping me find the solution to my problem. I'm really feeling like ****. I was so excited to receive my new 200$ graphics card and to find out it wont even turn on has really got me bummed out. Can someone please help me?
(8pin connector is plugged in)
(6-pin connector is plugged in)
I dont have the last image for some reason it wouldn't upload but anyway it's connected to the PCI-E slot.

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Preferred Solution: Graphics card not turning on

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Graphics card not turning on

Any luck with this?

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Recently i've opened my NZXT tempest case and while i was opening it i forgot there was a side fan (Graphic card i think) and i acidently yanked the connection off after plugging it in the fan wont turn on. Also there are 2 of those "plastic connectors". did i somehow break the fan while acidently pulling it off? Or did i loosen somthing. The graphic card is a AMD HD 6870.

Answer:Graphics card fan not turning on

Hello, soulgadget.
Those "plastic connectors" are called 'molex connectors'. And you haven't made it totally clear whether you yanked off your add-on GPU's connector (which should be connected to the mobo) or your side-fan's connector. I personally have never seen a GPU having it's fan on the side of the case
A photo would be helpful. I don't want to speculate anything, in case it ends up damaging your machine further.

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the other day i came home turned my pc on with the big fat button at the front (start button), and i noticed that the graphics card fan didn't turn on with the processor fan. the next day i found another graphics card that fits into my PC, so i shoved it into the pci-e slot, then i hit the big fat turn on button at the front of the case, waited for a couple of secs and the graphics card fan didn't turn on with the processor fan. the fan always used to turn on with the processors fan. without the fan on i used a program and it showed me the temperature of the graphics card and it was obviously overheating

the original fan that was in my pc was a old geforce 7300gt the card i used to replace that when i realized it didnt work was the 9500gt.

Please help me fix this problem cause its screwing the whole family up


Answer:Graphics card fan not turning on

You say it is obviously overheating. What symptoms are you getting? What temperature is the card? Are you running any graphics software that would control the fan on the card? Does the fan connector plug into the graphics card or the motherboard header?

Fill out your complete system specifications please so that it is easier to assist you.

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I'm having a very wierd problem.

Basically when I start my PC up and get to the windows logon screen - my monitor is switching on and off quickly. Like it cannot keep up with a refresh rate. The screen also sometimes goes white.

If I manage to log on to the PC, after the PC has settled the issue stops - so im not sure if it is some odd software causing it or whether it is something to do with the monitor.

I Have a CTX TFT Monitor and a Radeon X800 Pro using the Omega drivers (which I have used for years)

I hadn't upgraded the omega drivers any time before this started, and I have the most up to date drivers now and the issue is still going on.

Any help appreciated,

Answer:TFT Monitor / Graphics Card - Turning on and Off

Have you tried waiting for the computer to load up, and then turning the monitor on? Try giving it a couple of minutes to make sure.

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I installed a new graphics card to my PC and it's using a DVI-I to VGA adapter and it's connected with a VGA (Yes, it IS a DVI-I) When I connect it using that the computer turns on, the monitor turns on, and there is nothing displayed on the monitor. The GPU (gigabyte gtx 770 4gb) is in correctly, I've checked many times. I tried using the mobo graphics and when I do, the monitor stays off and I hear one long beep and 2 short beeps. Whenever my PC turns on the light that shows it's 'loading' goes off after a few seconds and a quick tap of the power switch will shut it off completely. I'm so confused as to what to do and afraid I screwed everything up. I think it's a PSU problem but can't be sure. It's more than enough watts as well.

Answer:Monitor not turning on with new graphics card

Have you check your memory. To make sure it is still seated. Sometimes it can get jarred loose. When installing other computer parts .

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Hi,my setup is Acer Aspire m3201 phenom quad 4,windows 7 64bit,onboard Ati Radeon HD3200.I would like to switch off the graphics card,and replace it with a suitable PCI-e card.Is this possible.If so how?PS I am 90yrs old ,so an early reply would be helpfull ?onefoot appropiate,probably.

Answer:turning off on board graphics card

Hi, onefoot. You had asked the same question a few days ago at click here.As we said there, onboard graphics will automatically switch to the dedicated graphics card when the latter is installed.If it doesn't we'll let you know what to do.What graphics card are you going for by the way? Is there a particular reason for wanting to upgrade the graphics. G

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I recently bought a new graphics card to update an old desktop (Dell Optiplex GX270 Mini Tower) with the hope of a mediocre home theater PC. After much research, I bought a HIS ATI HD4350 512MB DDR3 graphics card. However, I'm having trouble getting it to display video.

The power supply is just the factory Dell 250W max unit (14A on +12V). The graphics card company recommends a 300W supply, but everywhere I have read has said that my power supply should EASILY handle this graphics card. I have read about several people using much less (watts and amps) and having no problems. I wish I had an extra power supply to test the computer with, but I don't have one. So this is the next step unless there is something I'm missing (hopefully).

So basically what is happening is that the computer has no problems if I use the integrated graphics and associated VGA output. However, once I put the AGP card into the slot, the monitor acts like it is not getting a signal from either the graphics card or the factor VGA port. The rest of the computer is getting plenty of power and I'm pretty sure that it is fully booting into windows, but the monitor is blank. As far as the card, the fan is spinning and it seems to be getting power but there is just not video output. I've tried the VGA, DVI, and HDMI inputs. I've adjusted the AGP aperture in bios and nothing changed. I've also tried disconnecting everything but the PSU, fan, hard drive, and video card, but... Read more

Answer:New AGP graphics card: fan is turning but monitor is black

The specs for this card show that 300 watts is the minimum spec for a power supply. Make sure the first video device in the bios is set for AGP and not PCI video

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I was playing Modern Warfare 2, and just after a match had finished, and was changing to the game summary, instead of going to the game summary, the screen was was covered in vertical lines alternating dull yellow and dull green (similar colours in the game summary menus). it stayed like this with the sound in the background still going for like 15/20 seconds. it woudn't allow me to ctrl alt delete, or escape or anything. I believe it had froze. The screen just went to no signal and turned off. I tried resetting the computer, but the screen doesn't come on (i turn the screen on and off and the screen stil goes to no signal). I took out the graphics card and put it back in and the screen still doesn't turn on. I also tried switching the dvi plug to the 2nd one on my card and it still doesn't turn on.

The card is XFX Ati Radeon HD5770. I bought it yesterday, after my original card ASUS Nvidia 8800GTS 640MB was artifacting (2nd time its happend), which is currently being fixed under warranty(2 months left)
The card has been worked fine the last 2 days.

when i try to turn the computer on it doesn't seem to start up like it use to, even without the screen working - there is no beep which usually happens when u first turn it on.

Anyone know what the problem is?

My comuter specs are:
Cpu: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 (2.4Ghz/4MB/1066FSB/Dual Core)
Mother board: Gigabyte 965P-S3
Power Supply: Antec Neo HE500 500W
Ram:kingston 2GB Kit (2x1GB) 667Mz
Screen: Acer ... Read more

Answer:Screen not turning on - i believe its graphics card related

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Hello everyone. Hoping someone here can solve this issue. I have a Galaxy Geforce GTX 660ti graphics card in my "old" HPE 400f. i say old because I've had it since 2010, longest running PC I've ever had so far! Anyways I got this beefed up graphics card so I can play games on high settings and so far its been great, the only thing that's been happening is that the fan of the card seems to turn on every 5-10 minutes. At first, it only happened when I was playing Star Wars the Old Republic and not WoW. But now it seems to be happening with no matter what game I play. My brother even got me a new power supply and even the fan of the ps was loud at first but then it quieted down after a few weeks but the fan of the graphics card still seems to turn on then turn off. Is there something in the settings of the GC that I have to fool around with? Or is it maybe because of my motherboard? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Answer:Nvidia graphics card fa6n keeps turning on

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I Just bought a Gigabyte GTX 650 Overclock version for my computer, but after installing it my computer doesn't display anything on the monitor. With out the Graphics Card the computer turns on fine with no problems, when it turns on it has a short beep then startsup. But with the Graphics card the computer turns on, the fans are on etc. but there is no beep and the monitor doesn't get any signal. There was no previous graphics card it was just the standard VGA graphics Adapter (in device manager).I'm using Windows 7 32 bit                4 GB of ram                Intel Pentium D CPU 3.20 GHz                Thermaltake 500watt PSUI'm sorry if i haven't provided enough information, I'm not very tech savy

Answer:Computer Not Turning On After New Graphics Card Was Installed

Have you got the 6 pin power connector plugged into the graphics card?Have you tried reseating the card, or a different slot if you have one, or tried the PC again with the card removed?These issues are usually related to either something not being plugged in, or not quite making a connection.Try the above, and let us know how you go, welcome to the forums

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hii,   how to install nvidia drivers that has come with driver cd.  I tried but failed to do that show driver is not compatible with hardware?  i couldn't understand that problem ? 

Answer:How to install nVidia Graphics card driver in z570 core i5 2gb Graphics Card

Hi pdayya, Which exact model NVIDIA graphics adapter do you have in your Z570?have you flicked the switch on the front of the laptop? In case of discrete nvidia graphics have a look here... Zehn

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Hi, I have a EVGA e-GeForce 7600GT 256 MB PCIe Video Card which supports the SLI technology allowing me to link up 2 or more graphics cards for greater performance. Now this card has DDR3 memory. I wanted to know if I can link it up with a DDR2 memory graphics card which also supports SLI. If I can, how will this difference affect performance?

Answer:Linking a DDR2 memory graphics card with DDR3 SLI graphics card?

Now this card has DDR3 memoryClick to expand...

Which card?? "A card with DDR3 memory", or "A thingy with a red switch on it" tell us just as much.
But if it's not another 7600 GT you're trying to SLi, just forget it, especially if you're going to buy the other card.

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Win ME:
Dial-up is slow enough (I don't have a choice), but loading graphics has slowed things down even more. How do I turn off this feature?

Answer:Turning Off Graphics

Control Panel > Internet Options > General Tab > Accessibility button: there may be some settings in there. If not, click the Advanced tab, and go thru the list and uncheck anything that mentions images or graphics, etc.... Or, just be patient and I'm sure someone else will come along with better info for you


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My new PC has everything in it except for the system RAM and graphics card. I've had to turn it on a few times to ensure my wiring for fans and lights and whatever are right. When it turns on I can tell from the DVD drive that it reboots, I assume because the BIOS notices there's no ram and reboots.

So my question is this, is there any harm in doing this? I doubt it, but for something that costs so much money there's never any harm in being 100%!

Answer:Turning on without RAM or graphics?

There should be no harm, but it also proves very little as well. The fans can come on and the optical drive can open even if there is a problem with the configuration or the hardware, as in a bad motherboard, powersupply, or even a short.

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Hi for the last 4 months ive been trying to fix a problem that ive been having with my computer.
about 4 months ago I did a major pc upgrade where i replaced my motherboard, processor, ram, heat sink, power supply and case, the only things I used from the original computer where 2 HDD's, 1 SDD and my AMD radeon HD 6950 2gb.

Now ive have the most strange issue where i can be watching a video off the HDD or surfing the web on youtube etc and not long after I start the activity my computer will turn off like if I had flicked the switch on the back of the power supply and then it boots back up again and will run fine until i start up an activity again and then it does exactly the same thing and reboots, there is no BSOD shown nor Dumps Created.

Ive tried many things to sort this out and have RMA'ed the power supply and the motherboard (the motherboard wasn't a direct replacement as they didn't sell my original board anymore which was a gigabyte ga-x79-ud5, now i have an asus p9x79 deluxe). I have tried only plugging in one HDD/SSD and then tried a spare HDD when that failed, i have tried one ram stick at a time and still nothing.

now heres where it gets strange whilst trying to rule out differnt hardware i switched my AMD card out for a very old 512mb, pcie 1.0 x16 nvidia graphics and since then my computer has been running marvelously i can have it playing videos for hours, days even(although i havent properly tested for days) and not a single problem at all.

The ... Read more

Answer:Random restarts with AMD graphics card but not Nvidia graphics card

Quote: Originally Posted by cannotdisplay64

so i think ive narrowed it down to a driver error with amd and another driver with my new board, a damaged AMD card, a second dodgy power supply or something else that i haven't thought about or discovered yet.

Has anyone else had a similar problem or have any suggetions as im pretty much all out of ideas at this point and its starting to grind my gears that i cant use my expensive new computer as it should be. Any help is appreciated.


P.S. sorry about any spelling or punctuation mistakes made but Im very tired at the time of writing this and will be going to bed

The comparison you are making between GPU brands is pointless as a diagnostic. The MAIN difference I can see is that one card requires external power, and the other one does not. A proper diagnostic would be to test another GPU that requires external power.

I've heard that the specific PSU you bought will sometimes not power all the hardware it is supposed so.
People saying it could barely power a SSD, or even an extra fan.

My thoughts. Try using another PSU, try using a similar GPU. Use your old PSU and see if it still happens for starters.

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Can i install a tv tuner card (psi) and a graphics card (agp) at the same time?
Also how to I disable shared graphics? I am running Windows XP

Answer:TV Tuner Card, Graphics card, Disabling Shared Graphics

RichardB49 said:

Can i install a tv tuner card (psi) and a graphics card (agp) at the same time?
Also how to I disable shared graphics? I am running Windows XPClick to expand...

You sure can!!,not sure what you mean by shared graphics though

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My graphics display suddenly stopped for my computer. My PC is not even recognising my monitor, I tested my monitor with some other PC's and it is working properly. I though graphics card not working.??

But since my existing graphics card is gone and there is no on board graphics card on my PC I am not able to uninstall existing graphics card and install new one.

Could some one please suggest me what to do in this situation to see some thing in monitor so that in can start doing Uninstall/Installtions.?

Thank you very much for your replies in advance. I really apprecite it.


Answer:How to install graphics card when the existing graphics card in not working.

You could always stick the new one in and boot up in safe mode. Then proceed to uninstall all the remnant drivers. That *shouldn't* cause any problems, but it may be choppy when you boot up.(I've had this happen before, swapping a Riva TNT2 for a GF6600).

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I am trying to upgrade the on board graphics (SiS 650)on a Packard Bell Imedia 5064 to an AGP card. The onboard is only 32Mb and the card will give me 128Mb. The card in question is an old Nvidia 400 FX that I happen to have. I can disable the onboard through Device Manager but the AGP card is not recognised. I have looked in the BIOS but all I can do is change how much of the RAM I can use for graphics. Any help would be appreciated as I am doing this for a family that are a bit short of cash.Thanks

Answer:Turning Off Onboard Graphics

you should be able to disable in the bios what model of motherboard are you useing if you do not have a maual try the manufacturers website or google

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I've been having lots of problems with my Precision M4800. After getting it back from Dell's support it worked for a while then crashed and refused to boot. Since then I've been trying to get the graphics card running again. I decided to try turning switchable graphics off and on but now my screen is blank.
When I say blank I mean the display backlogged doesn't even turn on. When I power it on, the indicator LEDS light up normally and I can hear the computer working but nothing shows up on the display. I've tried mashing f1, f2, f6, f8, ctrl+alt+enter, delete, Fn+F1, Fn+Esc and f12 during startup but still nothing shows up on the display. I've also tried removing the battery and holding the power button for 30 seconds. I ran the LCD built in self test and it passed, so the problem 100% isn't with the panel.
If it helps I also ran Preboot System Assesment twice and while nothing showed up on the display, the computer beeped the code 333 both times. This indicates that "PSA diagnostics did not record the system user pressing Y or N after the video test. Please ensure that you accurately answer questions that are prompted during the diagnostic." Unfortunately, nothing shows up on my screen so I dont know whether to press Y or N. I gave it a go anyways pressing N whenever it beeped at me (the beeps before the error code) but it just stopped beeping after a few times.
I don't have any personal data so its fine if I have to do some sort of ... Read more

Answer:Blank Screen after turning off Switchable Graphics

Well, I managed to reset the BIOS setting to default by unplugging my CMOS battery. Hopefully this helps someone else.

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ASUS GT240 graphics card "ERROR CAN NOT FIND GRAPHICS CARD" Can anyone help me with this error message? I can hear the windows startup sound but it shows no display so i plugged the cable into the motherboad and an error box opend wich stated "ERROR CAN NOT FIND GRAPHICS CARD" with no additional information. I searched online and found that asus smart doctor can cause this and they recommend that you uninstall and reinstall the drivers to fix this problem but the pc is not picking up the graphics card to reinstall all the needed drivers. I also found people with the same problem and after they did a clean install of windows7/vista and all the drivers the error box still appeared. Does anyone know how to resolve this problem? Your help will be greatly appreciated.


Do you have the PCIe set as first to initialize in the BIOS? Also, have you tried the card in another slot on the MoBo? Have you tried cleaning out the slot with canned air? Have you tried using a pencil eraser to gently clean the contacts in the GPU where it plugs into the PCIe?

And please, thoroughly fill out your System Specs by clicking on the tab under your post.

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I have a desktop system which is quite old. But it was quite decent to play some of the games infact still now there is not any issues in it.Recently some of the new games stopped working in my desktop. Tekken 7 for example gave me an error which says "graphics card doesn't meet minimum requirements". I dont have quite a powerful graphics card in my system that may be the reason. But surprisingly the same game worked on my office's desktop which was Dell Optiplex 3040 with no graphics card and i5 processor.Here is the snap of my system...Do I need to upgrade the graphics card only or the whole system. If possible I would like to spend my whole budget for decent graphics card if upgrading only it can solve the issue...

Answer:Do I have to upgrade Graphics Card only or the whole Mobo + Graphics Card

I dont see your system specs or a snapshot of system. Knowing model number and make of computer works as well instead of a snapshot if you know that. So what is the system specs of computer info of the system that your thinking about upgrading?Your office computer the Optiplex with the Core i5 is able to handle games because the Integrated Intel HD Graphics are actually not that bad. The Intel HD Graphics can make games playable, but depending on the game they will either play well or play ok, or crawl with low frame rate. The error message your getting is that the game tests the hardware before it runs and due to GPU being to old it will abort and give up this message. The good thing is that most desktops have a PCI Express slot available to add a video card. The video card to add depends on if its a small form factor type of computer or small tower where card dimensions might be an issue was well as what you have for a power supply and what type of card you want to add to just be able to play the games or do you want the higher end performance such as from a nVidia GTX GPU card where you might have to also upgrade the power supply to handle the heavier load of the system. Lastly some games are GPU intensive, but happy with 1 or 2 cores of a CPU. Are there any other games other than Tekken 7 that dont play that you would like to play? As well as any games your considering buying in the future to where we need to make sure you dont under upgrade your system and end up ha... Read more

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I just installed my graphics card and it hasnt changed performance much. My intregrated card uses 128mb ram I think. I have 768mb ram and it still says 640mb ram after installing the new card it did not free it up. I guess the old controller is messing with it?

In the device manager I disabled the display adapter before installing the new card. However it was a nvidia controller and there is lots of nvidia stuff in the device manager
since my new card is using nvidia software also I really dont know what else to to disable or uninstall.
The display adapter is now the new card that part is working I guess

The card I just installed is 3d fuzion Specifications
GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® MX 4000
Bus Type: PCI
Memory: 128MB

here is the link to more specifications

These are the specifications on my computer

Microsoft windows xp home edition version 2002 service pack 2
Emachines T6528
AMD Athlon 64 processor
2.21 ghz
it says 640mb ram tho I have 512mb and 256mb rams sticks in it.

Answer:My intregrated graphics card is messing with my new graphics card

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I have new dell with ATI RadeonTM X300.. it supports 2 display mode.. I was wondering is it better to use one graphics card with dual screen.. or having two graphics card on same system. I have extra dual head GeForce FX5500 from my old system.

I am using system for video editing and graphics.

thanks for any help

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I have an HP desktop, with Windows XP, and an AMD 64 X2 dual core processor with an on board graphics card (which supports one monitor). I added an add-on graphics card (which supports 2 monitors), but had to disable the on-board video card to do so. Is there any way to use/enable both graphics cards so I can view 3 monitors at the same time?

Answer:can I use onboard graphics card AND add on graphics card simultaneously?

I don't think so... I wanted the same thing but ended up disabling my on board graphic card... But maybe I'm wrong...

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Hey, recently, I have came up with an idea of a fourth monitor, but my GPU (970) supports only three, which ones that I own. It has fourth one but I don't have the right cables for it for now.
I noticed that my motherboard has two open video ports, one being VGA which I needed. So, I tried just plugging it in and seeing what happens but it doesn't seem to work, I have tried looking for results around the internet and BIOS but they don't seem to work. The three monitors which I have plugged into my GPU, work perfectly fine, but, as I said, the motherboard's VGA port doesn't work. I have heard that such thing definitely is possible, but I cannot find out what I need to do.

Does anyone have an answer to this?

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Hey, recently, I have came up with an idea of a fourth monitor, but my GPU (970) supports only three, which ones that I own. It has fourth one but I don't have the right cables for it for now.
I noticed that my motherboard has two open video ports, one being VGA which I needed. So, I tried just plugging it in and seeing what happens but it doesn't seem to work, I have tried looking for results around the internet and BIOS but they don't seem to work. The three monitors which I have plugged into my GPU, work perfectly fine, but, as I said, the motherboard's VGA port doesn't work. I have heard that such thing definitely is possible, but I cannot find out what I need to do.

Does anyone have an answer to this?

Answer:Z97 Use Integrated graphics card along with external graphics card.

There are two different z97 models by ASUS, as far as I know. One is z97 A and the ohther is z97 K. Make it sure which one is your. Then go to ASUS's website and download the Intel Graphics driver for your particular model.

If the proper driver is assigned, and the BIOS is not blocking the integrated graphics, then the monitor plugged in to the motherboard's end should work.

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Hi i am rishikesh from india wana ask a question is lenovo y410 775754q model having a Integrated graphics if so  is there an option for putting addition graphics card into it. aslo my laptop is geting to much heated up at a very short interval  i am much worried abt it pls give me some suggestions

Answer:Integrated graphics card or Discrete graphics card

Buying a notebook means you have almost no upgrade options. You can't upgrade your video.Dust inside causes overheat. So also does the airflow blocking - like holding laptop on you knees.

//help will save the world

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Oddball question I know, but I can't find an answer to this specific question and now I'm paranoid that I may have somehow borked my PC worse than it was before.  I'll give as detailed of an account as possible, so please don't mind the length.  Here's what happened;So my GeForce 8800 GTX's fan was making a horrible buzzing sound and every time I tried to run a game, even something graphics-light like Torchlight, the card's temp would jump up to a terrifying 77+ degrees.  Since the rest of the computer was running nice and cool and because of the fan's noise I figured it must be the card's fan.  Cleaned it, installed it back in, same thing was happening.  Took it out, decided to unscrew the fan to give it a really good cleaning...and managed to get a screw stuck inside the card.  Stupidity on my part, but doesn't change the fact that now my 8800 GTX is pretty much dead.   Then I remembered that I use to have an 8600.  Asked a family member where she put it.  Found it...inside a box...without anything covering it.  Can't blame her, she doesn't understand computers all that much, but taking into account where it was left and that she probably didn't handle it properly it was dubious at best that it would work.  Still, I figured "what do I got to lose?" and installed the thing.  Turned on the computer.  Mobo lights up, but no boot-up be... Read more

Answer:Should a CPU's fan spin even with a dead graphics card/no graphics card?

QuoteNow for all I know this is what is suppose to happen, that without a graphics card the mobo doesn't start the boot sequence at all.Do you have onboard graphics?Does the 8800 GTX still work even though the fan is stuck? If so, then you know your mobo and CPU are OK.

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Several Lenovo product lines offer, as the highest powered CPU, an "extreme" version.  For example, in the W530, you go up to the 3840QM cpu, then jump to the 3920XM "Extreme" chip.    This give you slightly more computing power, but at a cost: the power consumption jumps from 44W to 55W (rated/nominal - actual use is about 10W less I  think).  I've steered clear of such processors in the past, because the thermal management issue of 25% more power scares me a little bit. I've typically bought a unit with a non-extreme CPU with the highest  specs.  But this got me thinking: if you turned off integrated graphics on the CPU, how much would that reduce power usage? It strikes me that an extreme processor not doing graphics might use less power than a non-extreme that is.  In this case, there would seem to be little danger of over temperature with the more powerful CPU. I did retrofit a T9500 into by T61p.  It worked nice, but the temperatures did go up.   

Two W530s, i7-3820QM, 2.7Ghz, 500Gb Samsung 850 Pro, 1920x1080, nVidia K2000m/100m, Win 7 ProT510, M540, 2.53Ghz, 1Tb hybrid drive, Win 7 ProTwo T61ps, T9500/T9300, 2.6GHz, 8Gb RAM, 256Gb Samsung 840 Evo, 1900x1200, nVidia 256Mb FX 570m, Win 7 Pro/Ultimate


Go to Solution.

Answer:Does turning off integrated graphics lower CPU power, temperature?

In my experience, the actual use is about 10W than the rated power consumption. I know my 2720QM will hit 55W package power consumption despite being rated 45W.I don't think you can turn off the integrated graphics because Optimus requires it to handle display output to the internal LCD.You can however use ThrottleStop > TPL > Intel Power Balance > CPU 31, GPU 0 to have the chip divert the most power to CPU rather than the iGPU.In the W520, ordering the 55W XM will cause the machine to ship with a beefier 55W heatsink instead of the 45W heatsink. In the W530, all heatsinks are 55W by default.As for your T61p with T9500, you can use RMClock to undervolt the CPU to get lower power consumption and heat output. You can also do similar to some of the newer CPUs, albeit with coarser controls.

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Hi all, I'm new to graphics card, please have mercy. I have a hp pavilion P6000 series PC, it's 5 years old now. I had my graphics card replaced into a NVIDIA GT 610 graphics card 5 months ago. When I started using this graphics card it was okay for a week, no lags. It then started lagging for no reason and I don't know why. This lag occurs after a few seconds after desktop interface is shown on the screen. When it's lagging the mouse cursor doesn't run smoothly, it teleports when I'm moving my mouse, and when I put the mouse cursor over an icon the icon doesn't have that fade blue light shown immediately. So, I had to go to GeForce Experience app to reinstall my driver. After reinstalling the driver everything runs smoothly. No lags. Sometimes the screen just turns black and turns back on again and said that the driver stopped working and has recovered and everything runs smoothly ( this does not happen after I reinstall my driver, only happens if I had not reinstall my driver). Can someone help me with this problem? I'm really sick and tired of reinstalling my driver whenever I want to use my computer. Do drop questions if you don't understand what I'm talking about. Thanks

Sorry for my bad English.

Answer:NVIDIA GT 610 Graphics Driver Problem,lags after turning on PC

Have you used nvidias auto driver tool to download the latest drivers?

Could be the card is going bad-was a lemon.

Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers

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I understand that reducing or turning off graphics acceleration in Windows can improve overall system performance, reduce memory use, stress on the drivers, (etc.)

Other than that, what does reducing or turning off this feature accomplish? What are any disadvantages to doing this?


Answer:Solved: Question About Reducing or Turning Off Windows Graphics Acceleration?

I use that for toubleshooting. I don't think anyone does that actually... at least people i know.

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If my motherboard currently has an intigrated graphics card, but has a PCI-E slot, do I need to do anything special after inserteing my graphics card and installing the drivers, or should it just work right away?

Answer:How do you switch from an integrated graphics card to an "external" graphics card?

Most modern PCs will detect the new installation of the PCI graphics card and automatically disable the onboard graphics, so yes it should just work.

If for some reason you have problems, you may have to make a change in the bios, I cannot be more specific because each bios is different depending on manufacturer, and model of the motherboard.

Install the card, connect your monitor to it and boot up, when you get into Windows install the driver and reboot.

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Hey everyone, I'm in dire need of some help with my PC. The computer turns on fine, and boots up (can hear the windows start up tune) but I can't see anything on the monitor. Here's the details:

I was playing a computer game on friday, and during that it crashed. I have no idea if this is when things started or not, but I restarted and it was fine.

On sunday I had another crash, only the screen flickered once or twice and there were green pixel lines going from top to bottom of the monitor , about 2 inches apart in a perfect pattern. When I restarted, there were no graphics on the monitor. The light was flashing indicating it was on power saving mode.

I took the computer apart, unplugged everything, and put it all back together, and for whatever reason it worked fine for about 6 hours.

The next day I turned the computer on, and it loaded fine, but shortly after there was the return of the green pixel lines, with the added addition of the top left corner of the screen being filled with green pixelated triangles in a perfect pattern. These were flickering furiosly.

I tried restarting my computer, and again I got no graphics posted to the monitor. However the computer booted up fine, and I heard the start up tune, and 5 minutes later I shut it down by pressing the "Power Off" button on my keyboard.

I tried another monitor and again, got nothing. I then tried taking the computer apart and putting it back together again, only this time it didn'... Read more

Answer:Graphics card doesn't post any graphics to my monitor, computer boots up fine

Its usually just the graphics cards, they do fail especially if they overheat - then video card fan not speeding up might have been the problem - most are dynamic and should actually speed up under load. Depending on the manufacturer of your 8800GTX you might be able to get it replaced under warranty if they have a 3 year or greater warranty.

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How to reproduce (occassionally): 1. Have a Lenovo P70 w/ latest Lenovo drivers installed + all Windows updates in place.1.a. have Hybrid Graphics set in BIOS.2. Play some Counter-Strike (or most any game that goes full-screen that relies on the graphics card).3. exit the game.4. be forced to hard-shut down the system because all you get is a black screen (keyboard buttons work but no response from OS). How to not have the problem:Same steps above except for1.a. set graphics mode to use Discrete graphics exclusively.  Are others experiencing this issue? Is this a known issue? 

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My name is Apoorva. I am from India.

Now I would like to know the basic difference in terms of performance for an onboard graphics card and an external graphics card for a Laptop.

What could be a major difference?
Also, for Onboard graphics, it is said on all the branded website that the size of it is upto 384MB shared.

So, say for instance, if I go for an external graphics card for a new laptop which I am planning to purchase and the size of this external graphic card is 256MB or 128MB and as Onboard graphic card already provides 384 MB shared memory, therefore the question is that how could that external graphics card sizing 256 MB deliver better performance as compared to Onbard graphics which sizes 384 MB shared?

Also, how are the new laptops launched by HP in India in terms of performance, mobility & stability?
The Laptop which I am looking for falls under 6700 series and is a business series laptop.
Waiting eagerly for a reply...

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Some games when played use the Integrated Graphics card instead of my NVIDIA. How can I SAFELY disable my Intel HD Graphics 4600 Integrated Graphics Card?   Thanks

Answer:510p How to safely disable Intel HD Graphics 4600 Integrated Graphics Card

In the Nvidia control panel go to the manage 3D settings. There is a pull down menu in there under global settings and choose the Nvidia GPU. This will use the 750m for all 3D applications. 

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I tried everything,installed the drivers for my AMD,disabled the drivers for Intel (it switched to microsoft basic graphics instead of the AMD),couldn't find anything in BIOS however...if anyone got some advice,please share it with me because I can't take low FPS in games anymore when I got a laptop with such good specs.

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Does anyone know a good Graphics card for use for medium gaming, but mostly on using Adobe Software, for example, Photoshop and Illustrator.
Please find below link to Upgrade options I'm looking at for my old PC:

Recomended the entry level 6600GT lineup for Gaming

I'll list too, in case break in link:

Processor: Athlon 64 3000
Heatsink and Fan: Original Manufacturer
Memory: 1x 512MB 184 PIN 2.5V 400MHZ
Motherboard: NF4UK8AA-8EKRS
Socket Type: 939
Memory Slots: 4x DDR
Chipset: NVIDIA nForce4 (CK8-04) Ultra
AGP Slots N/A
16x PCI-Express Slots 1
1x PCI-Express Slots 2
PCI Slots: 4
CNR Slots: N/A
Onboard Sound: 7.1 channel AC97 (Realtek)
LAN: Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000) MAC + PHY (Vitesse)
Onboard Graphics: No
USB Ports: 4
Parallel Ports: 1
Serial Ports: 1
Form Factor: ATX

Look forward to hearing on your advise, Best Regards

Answer:Whats a Good Graphics card for Gaming and using Adobe Software-Graphics


I've done a lot of research on this because I built a new system back in August. While I am not much of a gamer, I needed a very good NLE machine. However, the card I chose is quite the gamer card but had all the extras I needed to run Adobe Video Collection.

I picked the Connect 3D Radeon X850XT Platinum card from Tigerdirect. At the time it was $350 but I know it's cheaper now. It's got everything you need for a demanding application like Premiere Pro 1.5 and its related software. 256MB of GDDR3 memory and dual DVI outs. I highly recommend this card. I've been using it since the start of September with Adobe and it's great.

Your CPU and memory are a bit more of an important factor with rendering and burning though. My new PC has a 3.4Ghz P4 and 2GB of 533Mhz dual channel RAM. It's an exceptional increase in speed and productivity over my old 2.4Ghz and 512 Rambus.

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I want to reduce power consumption and was wonder if I could switch from the deditcated Nvidia 8600M GT to the integrated graphics? Having the card on while just web surfing, I only get 2 to 2:30 hours.

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Specifications:Intel H55 Mobo4x 1GB Corsair DDR3-1333 ValueRamIntel i5 750 CPU with Zalman CNPS5 CPU coolerLeadtek GTS 250 512MBWindows 7 ultimate 64bitGigabyte 585watt (Model: GE-585A-C2)Load temperatures:CPU: 45 CelsiusGraphics 58 CelsiusProblem:In games: Screen starts to go black after a while and then flashes back to game... Keeps on doing this more frequently and for longer if you keep on playing. When you come back there is normally a graphics glitch like a small line of blurred graphics for a second and then it goes back to normal. This happens more frequently in graphics intensive games.[Happens the quickest in Racing game: GRID]What I've tried:*Installed new CPU cooler(ZALMAN mentioned above), CPU temp was running bit high.*Dusted components/ fans*Checked all the connections. *Installed latest drivers for graphics card (from leadtek and then tried latest from nvidia.)*Uninstalled Intel TurboBoost*Did windows updatesI suspect that it is my graphics card. I'm considering taking it to the place I bought it and asking them to take a look at the card since it is still under warranty.Any other suggestions/ Advice??

Answer:Flashing Black screen in graphics intensive games (Graphics card?)

If it is still under warranty i woulld not hesitate to return it for a replacement...

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Hello,I can't seem to find specific information about this pc related to this topic. I have a client that wants to have a hdmi port and dual monitor installed. I looked everywhere in the bios settings, I tried using a usb-to-vga adapter & and vga, dvi-d cable & vga (this mirrors both monitors, but cannot extend the display). When I changed the settings on the bios to use the built in graphics, it gives me the option to enable multiple monitors but cannot use my pcie graphic card. If i select to use the pcie graphic card, i cannot use the built in graphic ports or the usb-to-vga adapter (it does not see the other monitor) and also if I use the dvi adpater and the vga it mirrors the display. I'm guessing that the bios does not support dual graphic cards but thought of asking here. The reason the client wants this is to be able to connect a projector using hdmi and to have dual monitors. Any information will be greatly appreaciate it. Thank you.   

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I have a Satellite 1100 with the Intel 82830M Graphics Card. The latest driver is version 14.7 which I have just installed - the Graphics icon in the bottom right corner changes from a multi-coloured square to a blue screen when you install this, and the mouseover text says "Intel(R) Extreme Graphics".

However, since installing this, my display freezes every time I start a game, or if I go into Display Properties & change anything. A hard reboot is then required. Also, the startup process takes 2-3 times as long since this upgrade.

Has anyone else experienced this problem ? Does anyone know of a solution ? I have seen a few posts on other forums about this, including some saying that this issue was caused by XP Service Pack 2. Can anyone confirm this ?

Answer:Problem with latest Graphics driver for Intel 82830M Graphics Card on Satellite 1100


I assume you have installed the graphic card driver from the Intel website and you use NOT a Toshiba graphic driver which was designed especially for the notebook usage.
Well, Toshiba recommend using the Toshiba drivers. In this case you should try to use the recommended graphic driver which you can download from the Toshiba driver page.

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Is there any way to upgrade graphics card in T400 laptop ? At presently, the laptop has  "Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD ", please advise me. Thanks

Answer:Can Graphics Card be upgraded in T400 'Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD' Laptop?

I don't think so

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hello everybody, my name is Brian, I own a dell xps 13 (9350) purchased in 2017, but its the 2016 model with intel iris 540 graphics, its also the model with the QHD+ touch-screen, 3200x1800 resolution.
not sure if it matters what else the system has spec-wise, but ill include that also.

My question is in regards to the colors, and what this screen is producing picture/video quality-wise when I'm viewing colorful photos, or watching videos with colors on youtube;

I've watched quite a handful of videos on youtube about the dell xps 13, and a lot of them suggest that this laptop comes "a touch off" in terms of color gamma and/or color accuracy - whatever that means, but they say the xps 13 out of the box, with no settings adjusted other than what dell and intel have done, that the color and screen needs to be calibrated. 

how do I know what to do and how to check if I need it? I mean, everything seems to be good looking, but if its off and I just don't know it, I would like to know how to modify these "said" settings, as I want the most out of my xps 13!

I'm also experimenting with different power-plan settings, trying to configure this machine for the best possible battery-life, and also longevity in overall-life span. meaning I want to preserve this machine in ways possible, without reducing any of the added benefits of having such a high-performing laptop.

I bought this xps 13 from a friend, we actually traded. I gave him my ipad... Read more

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I'm having a problem others seem to encouter, but can't get it resolved. I bought a ATI Radeon 600X Pro 256MB/PCI-E card. I have an Emachine T6410 computer with built in ati xpress 200. Specs found here

My problem is after installing the card my computer doesn't recognize the hardware. As soon as I put the card in, my monitor will not work. The computer boots up and the monitor has power, but no picture. The card fan is working...i can hear it. I take the card out and it works fine.

Here is what I have tried:
-Called emachines for support and after disabling my onboard graphics, still doesn't work, they say call ATI
-Tried support from help, they say its the computer
-Tried disabling in BIOS, but it doesn't offer a selection for that. It also does't have a PNP feature. Only first initial display..which I tried on PCIEX
-Plug monitor to both card, and onboard.
-Check MSI website and I do have updated BIOS

I can tell that the onboard graphics are disabled due to large scale print. I tried uninstalling the drivers, but when i turn it on it detects and installs the built in graphics. I just can't get the monitor to work whenever the card is inserted. If it would work I could manually install the hardware and drivers. I'm thinking I need a different BIOS that would let me use PNP and disable onboard graphi... Read more

Answer:Problem installing new graphics card on Emachine/onboard-graphics

An extreme option

As you do have the option of a working computer prior to installing the new card I would back up any files that are important to you..
Then, before I would pay someone else BIG bucks, I would put in the new card and try a fresh install of windows. Force it to recognise your new card. The drivers that Windows will pick should suffice until the install is done and you can then install the card specific drivers from your disk.
This is given ONLY as a choice. I am not sure this will solve your problem but IT IS something this cheap bas____ would try before paying someone else.

Good Luck and check back, maybe someone else will contribute a better idea.

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Hi - does anyone know if it is possible to manually control what graphics card to use?   I can set it in the power plan options, but I want to set it manually too. I might need to use internal graphics even if I have power on, or the discrete graphics on battery, and that is not reflected weill in the "timed" options you get through the Power Plan.  There is no way to set it with the Notification Area icon, or through the Nvidia control panel :-/ regardsLars

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I usually make a habit of checking Event Viewer (EV) on a regular basis, having installed new drivers and a new graphics card this morning, without a hitch, I decided to check EV since this was a rather big change to the system.

Sure enough there was some new entries. However when I looked into them, they offered little information as to what the problem was. When I used the link to see what online information was available, the Microsoft site came back with no information/fixes for this problem. These errors do not seem to be affecting anything, but I just wanted to know how you folks think I should proceed.

Here are the two errors and what info I could pull from EV:

Device Center -

- System
- Provider
[ Name] DeviceCenter
- EventID 0
[ Qualifiers] 0
Level 2
Task 0
Keywords 0x80000000000000
- TimeCreated
[ SystemTime] 2013-01-28T15:58:54.000000000Z
EventRecordID 6396
Channel Application
Computer PC
- EventData
Unknown Node:#text -->

Second error will be in the next post.

Answer:New Graphics Card new Event Viewer entries (NOT graphics related??)

The driver detected a controller error on \Device\CdRom0.

+ System
- EventData
0E00800001000000000000000B0004C001010000000000000000000008480700000000000000000005B9060000000000FFFF FFFF02000000580000840204000001200612080100000000000004010000000000000000000040538B0A80FAFFFF00000000 0000000010B0830A80FAFFFF000000000000000000000000000000001B000000020000000000000000000000700004000000 000A00000000530000000000000000000000
Binary data:

In Words

0000: 0080000E 00000001 00000000 C004000B
0008: 00000101 00000000 00000000 00074808
0010: 00000000 00000000 0006B905 00000000
0018: FFFFFFFF 00000002 84000058 00000402
0020: 12062001 00000108 00000000 00000104
0028: 00000000 00000000 0A8B5340 FFFFFA80
0030: 00000000 00000000 0A83B010 FFFFFA80
0038: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
0040: 0000001B 00000002 00000000 00000000
0048: 00040070 0A000000 00000000 00000053
0050: 00000000 00000000

In Bytes

0000: 0E 00 80 00 01 00 00 00 ..?.....
0008: 00 00 00 00 0B 00 04 C0 .......?
0010: 01 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
0018: 00 00 00 00 08 48 07 00 .....H..
0020: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
0028: 05 B9 06 00 00 00 00 00 .?......
0030: FF FF FF FF 02 00 00 00 ????....
0038: 58 00 00 84 02 04 00 00 X..?....
0040: 01 20 06 12 08 01 00 00 . ......
0048: 00 00 00 00 04 01 00 00 ........
0050: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
0058: 40 53 8B 0A 80 FA FF FF @S?.????
0060: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
0068: 10 B0 83 0A 80 FA FF F... Read more

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Okay, I'm really depending on you guys to help me out here.
So, my computer is overheating at temps ~above 60C. My Nvidia Geforce GT 335m wont update, from the nvidia download page, nor from device manager. I was just simply updating my drivers from Device Manager, when I went to update my VGA Graphics a screen came up and said an error was encountered with Nvidia GeForce GT 335m. Now device manager says VGA Standard graphics adapter cannot start. Could this be causing overheating? I'm also getting strange crashes in League of Legends since this happened, where I get a Black Screen and need to hard reboot my computer sometimes after games.
Anyway, its like my Nvidia graphics card is "missing" or something. P.S. I also have an under laptop cooling fan.Edit
Also, would restoring to factory settings return my drivers to default again, and possibly fix this problem?
Here are my Computer Specs"

Model:Alienware M11xR2
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU U 250 @ 1.07GHz
Installed RAM: 4.00GB (3.8 usable)
Windows 7 64bit
Display adapters: Intel(R) HD Graphics and Standard VGA graphics adapter

Answer:Overheating, missing graphics card, and VGA graphics adapter not working.

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Hello everyone.

Always been so grateful for the help here - I have a brief and probably rather simple question to ask.

Currently taken the plunge and am building my first PC here! Feeling like I've come a long way to get to this stage.

I was asked if adding a dedicated graphics card (PCIe or AGP) would take some strain off the CPU itself for processing graphics. I know it would open up some space in RAM, but will it relieve the CPU also a little?

Second thing is, would placing a graphics card in an AGP or PCIe slot take up some of the PCI bandwidth from other plain PCI devices? I ask this as the PC will be used for audio production, and the PCI soundcard itself will most likely send and receive a lot of data. I wouldn't want a graphics card 'hogging' any space that way.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I'll be extremely grateful for any advice anyone can give me!

Answer:Quick question - Graphics card relieve CPU over onboard graphics?

adding a dedicated graphics card (PCIe or AGP) would take some strain off the CPU itself for processing graphicsClick to expand...

I don't think so. The graphics must still be processed by the CPU regardless of which type of graphics output you have. Luckily, PCs are designed so that the CPU has to do as little graphics processing as possible. For the most part, this is 'sent' to the GPU for processing. However, adding a separate video card will greatly improve graphical performance (esp. in games) when compared to on board video. This is because the video cards have their own memory dedicated solely to processing video. On board video must share the system memory.

would placing a graphics card in an AGP or PCIe slot take up some of the PCI bandwidth from other plain PCI devices?Click to expand...

No. The PCI slots and the AGP/PCIe slots each have their own bus that run completely independent from each other. I have seen PC's with 4 cards in the PCI slots, and everything ran perfectly smooth. When the PCI cards were removed, there was absolutley no change in performance (a friend of mine and I actually ran some benchmarks 'cuz we thought the same thing a few years ago).

Good luck building that PC!! If you have any questions, we're here for ya!!

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Hi all,

Video card appears to be reaching the end of the road, with regular crashes of 0x117 type. After extensive attempts to fix it, the conclusion is that the card needs to be replaced.

I plan to acquire a completely new computer when I go overseas in 8 days time. Until then, a band-aid solution occurred to me to last this week: use the onboard graphics integrated in the motherboard instead of the (failing) discrete graphics card.

Some background info:
Motherboard is GA-G31M-ES2L
Graphics card is nVidia 9800GT
Current display interface is DVI connected to graphics card. VGA cable available.

My method is:
1. Update motherboard (GA-G31M-ES2L) drivers.
2. Uninstall discrete graphics card (nVidia 9800GT) drivers.
3. Reboot and access BIOS.
4. Via BIOS, disable graphics card and enable onboard graphics.
5. Save and shutdown.
6. Disconnect DVI monitor cable from graphics card, also from monitor.
7. Connect VGA monitor cable to motherboard, also to monitor.
8. Boot

I would lke your opinion on this planned course of action which potentially could be nigh unfixable.

Answer:Enabling onboard graphics/Disabling graphics card method

That is just how you should do that, it's unremarkable.

Should not be a problem at all, it's routine, you could add another card later and be just fine after disabling on-board again.

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Hope someone can be of assistance here (apologies in advance for the stupid questions)Ok I've just bought a 22" widescreen monitor and discovered my onboard graphics don't support widescreen resolutions (ie: 1680x1050). Also, I am getting a second, smaller monitor to set up dual monitorsI have one AGP and one PCI slot available (not PCI Express), very little cash, and lots of questions!1. Which is better (AGP or PCI) and why? I presumed AGP due to the speed and the fact that it's dedicated to graphics, but after googling AGP VS PCI, I found loads of people slating AGP saying they're really unstable, likely to crash your system, etc 2. Are most modern cards likely to support widescreen resolutions?3.1  Will it be easy to run 2 monitors off one card with 2 sockets (ie: 1 x VGA and 1 x DVI)?3.2  And if so is this going to be another factor that determines whether I go for AGP or PCI?3.3  If the answer to 3.1 is "Yes", will I be ok to plug 2 VGA monitors into it via use of the "DVI-VGA adaptor"?4. How does the installation process go? I plug the card in, plug the monitor into it and switch on? Will it be natively recognised or will drivers be needed? And if drivers are needed do you have to add the card first? And if so does the monitor still activate and allow you to see what's going on to install the drivers?

Answer:AGP or PCI graphics card - to replace onboard graphics AND set up dual monitors

I'm not saying they're wrong, but I've never had a problem using AGP graphics cards over PCI based graphics cards, but I'm just one guy, and I've never bought a "cutting edge" card.  I'm guessing people complained about AGP cards due to a variety of issues -- drivers, etc.

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I am Techsavy8 from India.

Now I would like to know the basic difference in terms of performance for an onboard graphics card and a dedicated graphics card for a Laptop.

What could be a major difference?
Also, for Onboard graphics, it is said on all the branded website that the size of it is upto 384MB shared.

So, say for instance, if I go for a dedicated graphics card for a new laptop which I am planning to purchase and the size of this dedicated graphic card is 256MB or 128MB and Onboard graphic card on the other hand provides 384 MB shared memory, therefore the question is that how could that external graphics card sizing 256 MB deliver better performance as compared to Onbard graphics which sizes 384 MB shared?

Also, how are the new laptops launched by HP in India in terms of performance, mobility & stability?
The Laptop which I am looking for falls under 6700 series and is a business series laptop.
Waiting eagerly for a reply...


Answer:Solved: Difference Between Onboard Graphics a Dedicated Graphics Card

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Hi everyone.I have a CPU IBM with tthe following  description: ThinkCentre A51 8136-KYMBased on 8133-34Y: Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 531 with HT Technology, 512MB, 40GB 7200RPM S-ATA HDD, PCI Desktop (4x4), Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900, 48x CD-ROM, Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet I need to work with 3 monitors, and have bought a GeForce 8400GS graphics card that allow to plug 2 monitors in addition to the integrated graphics card.As far as i have tried, i can't make them work as i pretend.Can anyone help me get to a solution? i have tried some BIOS alternative values in VIDEO configuration, but i can only make work the integrated or the additional; but both togheter, no. I'd really appreciate any Help.  Emilio   

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i've been slowlying overclocking my video card to see how far i can push it with it still be safe. i've been using RivaTuner to do so. For some reason though i have the fan set to 100% it keeps turning off after a few minutes. Could this be just from overclocking it? Could it be a power supply deal? I was eventually going to update the bios with whatever settings i find to work the best, do you think i should change the bios fan speed to 100% first and see if that works? I have a Nvidia Geforce 8600 GTS on Vista Ultimate.

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Hi there,

Firstly i hope i'm posting this in the right place, appologies if not.

I'm not a very techy person so i'll try to explain clearly.

I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 2735 running on vista premium.

I recently reformatted and installed a different version of vista.

how ever once this was done i had a few drivers missing. I managed to download all the ones i needed.

I have downloaded the correct wireless driver according to Fujitsu " Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection"

It is showing in device manager as all ok.

How ever in order to turn the wireless on i used to press Fn and F1. This has no effect now. I'm assuming this is due to the reinstalation of Vista.

There is another way to turn it on which is via windows mobility centre, how ever the wireless option is grayed out.

Does anybody have any suggestions, your help is appreciated in advance lol



Answer:Wireless card / Turning it on an off / without Fn key

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hello all, i was wondering if anyone can help me??
my monitor turns itself off and i was wondering if it was my graphics card?
its a evga gt9400 1gb (not very good)

thing is everything is working properly and doesnt get to hot (55-60 c max)

its not the cable cos when i use the cpu monitor port it works constantly(standard vga)

any ideas please, thanks

Answer:Monitor turning off(is it my card??)

Many new monitors have sensors on the front of them that let them go into powersave mode if there is no motion detected. Move slightly from time to time and you should be fine.

BTW - You can turn motion detection off in the Monitor menu options.

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I have opened my friends laptop i.e. HP G62 to clean the fan as there was an error. I assembled the laptop again and everything seems fine but the wireless utility is not turning ON. In the device manager it says that hardware is working fine and the driver is also updated. But wireless can not be switched ON. When I press the wireless enabling button, the light on the button turns blue from red but the wifi does not work. Can anybody help??

Thanks in advance for your precious help.

Answer:HP G62 Wirless Card is not Turning ON. Please help

Using the picture at STEP 19. re-seat the wireless card and check that both antenna leads are connected properly :-

EDIT : Remove the Memory Cover using STEP 1 to expose the wireless card.

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i am looking to buy a new graphics card to upgrade from the integrated crap that is ati x200 series 64 mb which although i didnt realize really wasnt what i needed to play battlefield 2142 and battlefield 2 so please help me i don have a clue what im doing in this area i have pci-e slots and a £100 budget

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I have a H535 and added a PCI GeForce GT610 that will support up to 2 monitors. I can get both onboard and PCI to work using 3 monitors, except when I have to turn off the computer.  Then the onboard graphics card fails to activate.   Here is what I have to do to get it working correctly again (I call it "the shuffle").Turn off computerUnplug PCI cardTurn on computer (boots using onboard graphics)Turn off computerInstall PCI cardTurn on computer Then everything works fine again until I have to turn off the computer at which point I have to do the shuffle again.

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I intend to buy a new laptop - primary use is MS Office, watching movies / live webstreams and browsing. However, I do use it for video editing occasionally using a software called "Pinnacle Studio MovieBox". This software has a reqmnt for "direct x 9 or 10 compatible graphics card with 128 MB" Currently I have HP G42-478TX, which works great. As I look to buy a new laptop, if I go for an i3/i5 intel core processor (windows 8/10) laptop with Integrated graphics card (NO dedicated graphics card), will it be sufficient to run the above software? Or will I need a dedicated NVIDIA type graphics card ?

Answer:Intel Integrated graphics vs Dedicated graphics card ?

Hi and welcome, arhagar
Even outdated (a bit) laptop with CPU and integrated graphics chip Intel HD 4000 supports DirectX 11. Of course, the memory is shared, its size is more then 128 MB.
So, purchase almost any IvyBridge based on or later laptop, integrated graphics chip might be enough for the basic video editing tasks. It'd be good to choose models with dual channel memory support, 12...16 GB and even more memory installed, depending on the video file size. Also SSD is a must have drive, IMO, so, input/output operations will be not a bottleneck.
Definitely, dedicated graphics chip might increase video editing performance.
To compare different mobile graphics chips take a look at this benchmark list, for example. Do you need significant graphics performance for the video editing tasks only, not for the hi-res video demonstration or gaming? That'd be an answer.

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I've just bought a samsung laptop that has a intel hd 400 and nvidia gt 650 m display adaptor. I would like to see what I'd get in windows experience with the nvidia card but Only runs with the intel hd 400. Have tried going into nvidia control panel and and make the nvidi card the main one. I am using windows 8.

Answer:Graphics graphics card issue in windows experience

Modern Intel systems swap between internal/external graphics processors depending on need, the WEI is hardly a detailed indicator of performance in any case. Get something like 3DMark which will push your system enough to use the dedicated GPU and you'll get a far clearer idea of your computer's performance/speed at the end;

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Hi,I've been looking all over the internet to find an answer to my query. I just got the new Elite ThinkPad T500 15.4" widescreen with discrete graphics. I have the ATI Mobility Radeon 3650 with 256mb graphics card on it and I want to know if that card can be upgraded to a better ATI graphics card like the FireGL that is available on the W500 or even the FirePro that is AMD's best graphics accelerator? Also, I am aware that I cannot switch out my GC for another company like NVIDIA, but I just wanted to verify if this information was correct? Lastly, if my GC is soldered on to the motherboard and not upgradeable, what are my other options for better graphics acceleration? Thank You... 2.53 GHz 1066MHz 6MBL2, Windows Vista Business 64, 15.4" WSXGA+TFT wth CCFL, ATI Mobility Radeon 3650 with 256mb,4 GB PC3-8500 DDR3 SDRAM 1067MHz SODIMM Memory (2 DIMM), 160 GB Hard Disk Drive, 7200rpm, Intel Turbo Memory 2GB, DVD Recordable 8x Max Dual Layer, Ultrabay Slim (Serial ATA), Express Card Slot & Smart Card Reader  

W500 running Windows Vista x64 SP 2, 4GB RAM, 160GB HDD, Discrete Graphics, WUXGA display.

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I intend to buy a new laptop - primary use is MS Office, watching movies / live webstreams and browsing. However, I do use it for video editing occasionally using a software called "Pinnacle Studio MovieBox". This software has a reqmnt for "direct x 9 or 10 compatible graphics card with 128 MB"Currently I have HP G42-478TX, which works great. As I look to buy a new laptop, if I go for an i3/i5 intel core processor (windows 8/10) laptop with Integrated graphics card (NO dedicated graphics card), will it be sufficient to run the above software? Or will I need a dedicated NVIDIA type graphics card ?

Answer:Intel Integrated graphics vs Dedicated graphics card ?

I have Pinnacle Studio 15 on my one laptop with a Celeron 1000M 1.8Ghz 2MB L2 Cache and it works just fine for editing etc. I bought one of those RCA capture boxes by Pinnacle and have no complaints. My integrated graphics are a Intel HD2500 I have been told. And i3 or i5 would have better integrated than that of what I have on my laptop.So if your not playing video games, you can go with Integrated, but if you might use it at all for gaming then modern GeForce GPU laptop would be a way to go.Video play on a Geforce based laptop would be better also, better fps and if you plan on connecting HDMI to a TV etc, it will work better than integrated.If your looking to go as cheap as possible the integrated will work according to my weaker Intel CPU/GPU running Pinnacle Studio 15.

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I turned on my pc yesterday and was greeted with "no signal recieved" on my monitor. As my graphics card is getting ons a bit I thought maybe it had died without warning. However after removing it and connecting to the onboard video port im still getting no signal. I've proven the monitor on another pc which was fine and tried the problem pc on another screen which gave a similar no signal message. Im not getting any strange beeps and it sounds as if its booting up ok. I can't see the bios to confirm if i need to change over to onboard video manually even without the graphics card in.
It's a M2N32 sli deluxe board with 8800GTX card so im probably overdue a failure somewhere, but some help to exactly where the problem lies would be greatly appreciated. cheers

Answer:No video signal from graphics card or onboard graphics?

If you aren't getting beeps, it appears that the card and the video chip are okay.
Try a different VGA cable between the monitor and the computer.

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Lately I have been having graphics problems in games. There are these " artifacts", wierd shapes, triangles, ect that appear and "shot" through my screen. it is hard to explain what it looks like, except that it is NOT normal.

It is hard to say when these appeared. I have recently got a different monitor. It is not new. It is a Dell CRT monitor. I replaced 1 CRT with another because I am cheap .

I have the latest drivers, I think, for my graphics card ( GeForce 5700 LE ). Not great , but not terrible. I play the games with either low or medium settings. I ran a benchmark test that was terrible.

Any ideas as to weather it is the card or monitor?

Answer:Solved: Graphics problem, monitor or graphics card ??

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Hello there, I am looking for a dirt cheap, Windows 7 suitable graphics card for use with a PC designed for multimedia purposes (watching films, listening to music etc). I would like to be able to use the full visual effects Windows 7 has to offer. It must have an S-video output and be compatible with the Asus M3A78-CM Motherboard. I have 1 PCI Express x 1 slot free and 2 x PCI 2.2 slots free.

Please provide some suggestions, doesn't have to be brand new.

Either that, or something like the Gadmei XGA/VGA LCD TV BOX. I want to connect my PC with the motherboard mentioned previously to my CRT TV (Panasonic TX-28PL4 Quintrix). The motherboard has onboard graphics via dvi and vga outputs. The TV has an S-VHS plug on the front, as well as RCA Audio/Video sockets. On the rear, it has 1 spare scart input.

What are your thoughts?

Answer:Graphics Card/Onboard Graphics for Media Centre PC

the graphics card listed in my specs may only be 64MB, but it surprisingly runs aero.
If that seems to be not quite what you're looking for, another card I would recommend is the nvidia 8400GS. It may be 512MB, but thats about as high as it's specs go, but you will need a more powerful PSU (300W+). The 8400GS is about ?30 and a vga to RCA adapter seems to be about ?5 (i recommend you buy the adapter before the card).
The one in my specs just has a VGA port, but the 8400GS has vga, dvi and hdmi (i think the hdmi may need some further cabling in the case, not sure though)

NB (the card listed in my system specs may actually be the GeForce 7200GS, all system information programs tell me that it could be both and there's no sticker on it. all i know for (kinda) certain is that its 64MB )

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I took my heatsink off to clean it for dust and reapplied thermal compound. I seem to have done that part right since my core temperatures are down (it barely touched 50C during a 15 minute CPU Stab test and that's in a warm room) but my graphics card isn't being detected and my onboard graphics isn't starting correctly (according to the device manager). When the computer starts it gives a message to the effect of "didn't post correctly or last boot failed". As far as I know I didn't go near the graphics card and it is definitely still receiving power as the fan's still moving. I haven't used the compuer in months but the last time I used it the graphics card was working.

Any ideas as to how I should proceed? My best guess is that I misapplied the thermal compound (it was my first time and it did not go smoothly) and have damaged the north/southbridge (whichever connects to the GPU).

Answer:Graphics card not working and onboard graphics not starting

You may have bumped your graphics card and it may need reseated.

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I recently purchased an Acer Veriton (M498G) desktop which has an i5-650 processor, Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) and Intel HD Graphics listed as the video card. I also purchased a PNY nVIDIA Quadro FX 380 PCI-E card for improved picture editing and home video viewing and editing. I have already replaced the original 300 wattt power supply to a 430 watt Antec Truepower I had on hand and boosted the RAM to 8 gigs from the original 4.

Question 1) Am I getting any improvement in visual quality or system speed with the Quadro or is it a waste of money and I should just save up to buy a bigger video card? This card was on sale for $115.

If I am getting improvement then I need to ask another question.

Question 2) Instructions for the Quadro installation are as follows...

1--Uninstall the existing VGA driver.
-Remove the existing Display Driver via "Add or Remove Porgrams".
-Shut down your computer.

2--Remove your Existing Graphics Board (or Disable Integrated 3D Graphics Controller).

skipping instructions on how to remove existing graphics board

-Systems with integrated (also know as on-board) 3D graphics may require you to disable the integrated 3D graphics system. Consult the owners or vendor manual that came with your PC on how to properly do this.

So how do I disable the onboard? just uninstall the driver? The only driver I can find on the uninstall menu is "Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver" does this sound correct? I did find the option in BIOS and ... Read more

Answer:how to disable Intel HD Graphics to install PCI-E graphics card

It's likely to be an improvement, but check it and see.
Onboard graphics are disabled in the BIOS (Try looking under "Integrated Peripherals" or something similar.
You probably don't need to do this, but it's nice to know how.

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I just plugged my monitor into the new card (HD4770) and it works, did not disable or uninstall the integrated graphics. the integrated is a NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE chipset. The performance index went higher on paper but other than having better resolution I don't see a huge improvment. I still have video lag trying to watch streaming hd movies and my new camera (Panasonic Lumix ZS7) wont play video in HD over my computer. Must I disable and even uninstall the old integrated graphics too or am I missing something else?

Answer:I just installed a new graphics card, must I disable the old integrated graphics?

Have a look in your bios to see if it has an option to boot from pci-e or intergrated.
What is the motherboard you are using?

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I am trying to install a PCI slot graphics card and the directions say to disable the Integrated Graphics first. I have no idea how to do this and the Gateway email support keep sending me answers to questions I didn?t ask. Also, once I disable the Integrated Graphics will I be able to navigate thru Windows to re-enable them if the graphics card should for whatever reason not work?

My specs:
Model: Gateway E-1800
BIOS: Intel Corp. EA81520A.15A.0009.P06.0109191538 09/19/2001
CPU: Intel Celeron, 1200 MHz
OS version: Windows XP 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2
First installed: Sat Aug 13 15:53:40 EDT 2005
Browser: MSIE 6.0; AOL 9.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1
== MEMORY ==
Total RAM: 256MB (BIOS), 255MB (Windows)
Resources: 90 %
Memory slots: 2 total, 0 free (128+128)
== DRIVES ==
C:\ (NTFS) 76316 MB total, 63332 MB free
D:\ (CDFS) 421 MB total, 0 MB free (CD-ROM)
Video: Intel(R) 82815 Graphics Controller(1024x768, 24-bit)
Monitor: PTW 2160

Answer:Disable Integrated Graphics/Install Graphics Card

you'll have to disable it in the bios (i think its either F2, F10, or F12...tap this as soon as you turn your computer on). you'll need to disable it first, shutdown, installing the pci card, then boot up.

sometimes, the onboard graphics card will automatically disable itself when the board detects another video card.

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Hello there, I am looking for a dirt cheap, Windows 7 suitable graphics card for use with a PC designed for multimedia purposes (watching films, listening to music etc). I would like to be able to use the full visual effects Windows 7 has to offer. It must have an S-video output and be compatible with the Asus M3A78-CM Motherboard. I have 1 PCI Express x 1 slot free and 2 x PCI 2.2 slots free.

Please provide some suggestions, doesn't have to be brand new.

Either that, or something like the Gadmei XGA/VGA LCD TV BOX. I want to connect my PC with the motherboard mentioned previously to my CRT TV (Panasonic TX-28PL4 Quintrix). The motherboard has onboard graphics via dvi and vga outputs. The TV has an S-VHS plug on the front, as well as RCA Audio/Video sockets. On the rear, it has 1 spare scart input.

What are your thoughts?

Answer:Graphics Card/Onboard Graphics for Media Centre PC

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What I really want to know is how to disable my Radeon HD 4350 graphics card, so that I can swap to Intel HD on-board graphics.

This is so I can compare the two on their Windows Experience Index.


Answer:How to turn off a graphics card and re-enable the on-board graphics

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I am thinking about buying a new AGP araphics card. I current ly have SIS Real256E onboard graphics, which are 64mb shared.

I have a free AGP slot and want to install the new card there.

I have read in differnet places that you need to disable the onboard graphics first or sometimes the bios will automatically detext and change it.

I have already been in my bios/cmos and seen that where it says "onboard video memory" it has a list of 16mb,32,64 and 128. This is currently set to 64.

Where it says "Primary display master", it has a choice of 'PCI' or 'VGA/onboard' and this is current ly set to PCI, which really confuses me because I thought this would be set to 'AGP/onboard' because the computer uses onboard graphics.

So, could anyone tell me the steps for me to install a new graphics card under the above conditions.

thanks, from Edd

Answer:INstalling new graphics card and disabling onboard graphics

It look for pci first but if there isn't one it will look for AGP. When you get a new agp card, set it to AGP and install the card.

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I recently bought a new computer specifically so I could play high end games; I'm not incredibly tech savvy and I'm sure you're all like me in the sense that when you get a new toy (ie, computer) you just want to play the crap out of it.So, low and behold, I try and play one of my favourite games (Team Fortress 2) and the graphics are HORRENDOUS. I then find out that my computer is using integrated graphics- NOT the 100+ quid (UK currency haha) graphics card I bought.I have literally exhausted EVERYTHING I can think of in order to get the thing to show up in my devices.My motheboard is an ASRock Wolfdale 1333-GLAN/M and my graphics card is an ATI Radeon HD 4850 512MB.Please help, it's driving me crazy not knowing how to use my graphics card; also, the thing is inserted correctly into my computer [EDIT] Also, I'm using Vista 32 bit!

Answer:My computer won't pick up my graphics card, only integrated graphics. Help?

you need to disable the on-board graphics via your BIOS setup.You also need to plug your monitor into the video card, rather then your on-board output.

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Hi there, so I just installed windows 7 on my friend's computer. Previously they had a ATI graphics card (not sure which version) but now it says it has a Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. Because of this, the resolution isn't displayed correctly and everything is enlarged. This is very annoying. Can anyone help please?? >-<

Answer:Graphics card missing? Standard VGA Graphics Adapter

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Hey everyone.... How r u all??? Nice to meet u all..... ^_^

well my friend bought a laptop it has on board graphics and also a additional nvidia graphics... now when I run game the on board graphics card is getting detected and not the nvidia card.. I tried in bios but in the display part there are only 2 options 1 is optimus whic allows bot nvidia vga and intel vga to work and the other one allows only the intel vga to work... so is there a way to make games recognise nvidia or can I disable onboard graphics through device manager??

laptop model: lenovo ideapad z570
graphics card: Nvidia geforce gt 540m

and one more thing...In one of the game I checked PES 2012 it shows as its using onboard graphics.. and I tried arkham city and tried enabling hardware acceleration physx but it said the laptops hardware doesnt support it....

one more thing I just went to nvidia control panel and in there 3d settings and there global settings its written there preferred graphics processor is integrated graphics.. and I couldnt change it.....

can I disable the onboard graphics card in device manager???


Answer:Solved: On board Graphics Detected not Graphics card

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I'm going out to buy a new video card this weekend . This means that i have to disable the on board video card. I couldnt find where in bios i do this so if someone could tell me where abouts can u disable my on video card and activate the new card im getting witch will go into the AGP slot. The mobo is a Sapphire Axion series if thats any help at all.

Answer:Turning off On-board video card

changing BIOS settings doesnt depends on Motherboard manufacturer, it is dependent on BIOS (weather Award or Flash).

as if this is award BIOS, you'lll find settings in On-Board Settings, and you'll find there, On Board VGA (Enable/Disable)

also, Boot VGA from (PCI/AGP)

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Good evening, I recently had to reinstall Windows 7 on my G780, and I downloaded the drivers from the website. I downloaded the Nvidia drivers for the graphics card, but even though I tell the Nvidia control panel to run the card for my programs, it doesn't turn on. I've restarted it and shut it down, and updated to the most current version but it doesn't activate. If anyone's got an ideas or a solution, I'd be happy to hear it. Thanks!

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My friend has bought this graphics card:
(GeForce 210, 64-bit, DDR2 PIC-E, in case you don't trust the linK)

She's saying that her monitor doesn't turn on (no power light) when she pulgs in her new video card, but her onboard still works. I had her install the new drivers before putting the new card it, and that didn't work, and we tried resetting her bios. I know she has a Slimline system, but i'm not sure on the mobo specs

Answer:Monitor not turning on with new video card

she might have you take out the new video card so she can get into the bios to turn off the on-board video

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Hello.The problem is as follows: if I put in the sd card, when the tablet is on, the sd card is recognized and a pop-up window appears, but if I put the sd card before I turn on the tablet, the sd card will not be regonized. So to be able to read files from sd card I have to put it in every time I turn on the tablet. Any suggestions? 

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It's a custom build and came w/no manual for the card so I'm looking it up as I write this. What could be causing this? Its a brand new machine.
Card is ati radeon 4890
AMD quad core
vista home premium
4 gb ddr3 ram

I checked connections, cleaned some dust off the inside; the cpu temp was 38 C, HD 43C; usually they're about 35-40. I had just finished playing Silent Hill homecoming but it had no problem w/that.

Answer:Monitor not turning on; red lights on vid card

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I have a friend who has a 4350, and is a mechanical engineer major. As such, he would like to change his 512mb 4350 into something geared more towards his needs. I vaguely remember someone mentioning the ability to install FirePro drivers onto a 4870, but that's all I know about this process. If someone could post a guide or point me in the right direction that'd be great.



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Its my buddies setup, we just bought a new GFX Card for him, 8500GT 512mb, PCI-E

Heres his setup,

1gb RAM
450watt PSU
AMD 64 3400, I believe? Not sure on that..

But before he was running a very very crappy PCI video card, and now he jumped up to a pci-e video card, and heres what happens we swapped out the cards, pulled out the old put in the new, and when we turn it on, the monitor just stays off, it doesnt power on.. doesnt even show post.... any idea? we called XFX they said update the bios and we did that... and its still not working, some help would be excellent thanks.

Answer:New Video Card, Monitor Not Turning On...

Do you know exactly which PSU it is? If its a cheap one, it may be the problem.

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Is there a way to either disable the ability to turn off the wifi on the S10 and S10-3 netbooks or to send a command from the command prompt that will re-inable the WiFi if a student has switched the wireless switch off and then logged off. Here's my problem, In some classrooms, students are flipping the wifi switch off or moving out of the range of the WiFi signal. Either way, when they go to log off and then log them back on the next morning they can't login with their AD account and the teacher will contact me to have me physically plug them back in so I can get into the Function F5 menu. I can go in and swtch the switch to the WiFi mode but I want the laptop upon boot to perform the Function F5 part and turn off the Wireless card so I don't have to connect the Ethernet and log them in wired to perform the Function F5. So is there a command? Can I run a script before the computer turns on that would enable the WiFi provided that I flip the button on the side? ThanksJeremiah O'Neal

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I have been trying to make my computer sleep or go on standby but leaving nic card on. I have been so far unsuccessful. My pc goes to standby like after 20 min --- but when it does so it shuts down everything including hard drives and nic card.

I have u torrent and like to download stuff during nights - - - but since my pc shuts down everything i cant download anything.

I need a way to make my pc go to sleep but not turn off nic card and hard drives.

Following are my pc details:-

OS - Win xp Pro sp3
motherboard - GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R S775, P45, FSB1600, 4DDR2, PCIE2.0,
cpu - INTEL BX80570E8400 CORE 2 DUO
E8400/3.00GHz/6MB/1333FSB/LGA775 CPU
nic card - Realtek RTL8168C(P)/8111C(P) PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC
plz help

Answer:How to make my pc sleep without turning off the nic card

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Okay, the power went out in my house, and when it came back on my computer wouldn't start up, or rather, my monitor wouldn't. So I'd turn the computer on and the monitor light would just stay orange. I thought my monitor just bit the dust, it's pretty old, but, I tried on a new one, and it did the same thing. I turned the pc on and off one or two times, and it started up and ran fine (or so I thought), but a few hours later while I was doin' stuff, the monitor light flicked orange, and the screen went black.
I'm assuming that my video card died, but honestly, I don't know very much about hardware... So I'm asking for advice? If it is actually the video card, don't I need to um, be able to see what I'm doing to install a new one? I don't know, gah!

Answer:Monitor not turning on.. Video card problem??

it would be great if u would give us the specs of your computer and at least what video card u have.

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hey folks!! the prob is that i just bought a new system, a core 2 duo 2.33ghz, 1gb RAm,Intel DG33FB motherboard with inbuilt 10/100/1000 gigabit LAN card.......k till here! now when i connect my DSl net cable n check out the surfin speed....i got a shock so bad............mannn it took around 1 min to open a google homepage !!!

Now i had ma previous PC, which is a bygone celeron.1.2ghz!! with an xternally fitted Realtek RT8139 LAN dis old sys ma dsl connection gives me a 1mbps net speed wid around 500-600kbps dwnload speed (torrentz i mean)...but in my new 1 which shud hav given atleast dis a mere 65kbps!!

wat can b da prob.........plzz guys n gals help me out!!!

Answer:Why is my LAN card turning 1mbps DSL speed so slow???

Reset your dsl modem. Anytime you plug a new device into external modems (cable/dsl) they dont act right.

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I have a T500 that I got around Christmas time that hasn't caused me any issues up until this...I have Vista Ultimate and the WiFi link5300 (i can give more hardware info, but I don't think it's releveant...)  I had turned off the wireless when taking a trip a couple of weeks ago using the FN+F5 way, but hadn't turned it back on for a while, as I don't really use it that much.  The other day, I tried to turn it back on, and was immediately sent to a BSOD - the BSOD comes back with DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and then ndis.sys as the file that caused it... I've updated my wireless card drivers through Lenovo update, but that still didn't work, and the problem persists - any ideas on how to fix this?

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hey folks!! the prob is that i just bought a new system, a core 2 duo 2.33ghz, 1gb RAm,Intel DG33FB motherboard with inbuilt 10/100/1000 gigabit LAN card.......k till here! now when i connect my DSl net cable n check out the surfin speed....i got a shock so bad............mannn it took around 1 min to open a google homepage !!!

Now i had ma previous PC, which is a bygone celeron.1.2ghz!! with an xternally fitted LAN dis old sys ma dsl connection gives me a 1mbps net speed wid around 500-600kbps dwnload speed (torrentz i mean)...but in my new 1 which shud hav given atleast dis a mere 65kbps!!

wat can b da prob.........plzz guys n gals help me out!!!

Answer:Why is my LAN card turning 1mbps DSL speed so slow???

double posting is bad. Bad noobie.

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My computer (a Dell Inspiron 620 desktop) has a VGA port and an HDMI port built onto the motherboard for integrated graphics. I have recently installed an Nvidia GeForce 630 2GB dedicated graphics card, and it has 2 DVI ports and 1 mini-HDMI port.

I have a DVI monitor and a VGA monitor (DVI-VGA adapter used) connected to the graphics card. I was trying to connect a projector to the VGA port on the onboard graphics, but I couldn't get it to use the onboard graphics with the card installed. In BIOS > Advanced > Graphics Options, there is one setting: Intel Multiple Monitor something. It has two options: Auto and Disabled (currently Auto). Its in-BIOS description states that it can use both onboard and dedicated cards to run multiple monitors. However, no luck.

Windows has shown a third monitor in the display settings, with a bunch of "Attempt VGA Connection" options. Selecting one and choosing Extend Desktop opens a "Unable to Save Settings" error. Ubuntu does nothing to recognize anything.

Is it possible to use both the onboard and Nvidia graphics together? Or am I better off buying a mini-HDMI to VGA adapter and connecting it to the Nvidia card and the projector?

Thanks for reading all my extended description.

PS: I would like to get this working in Ubuntu (currently 13.04), but getting it in Windows and Ubuntu would be a bonus!

Answer:Use Graphics Card and Onboard Graphics Simultaneously

Most of the time, no. Installing an addon card disables the onboard chipset.

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This is my first post to this forum.

Could anyone recommend a good video card for under or around $150? I'm not a hard-core gamer by any means, but I would like to play recent games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, and other new, related FPS and adventure games (not into role playing or strategy though, like WarCraft and such).

I built my computer 1 year ago, it's pretty basic: Pentium III 1.6 Ghz, 256 MB memory, a Biostar motherboard with both AGP and PCI (I think) ports. Like I said, I don't need a hardcore accelerator, just something that would let me play games at a decent clip--my onboard graphics card just isn't cutting it.

Is there a big diff between Radeon and Geforce? These seem to be the two big brands out there now. Is either one better than the other?

Second question: This one may make me look like an idiot newbie. I'm in China right now, but before I return home to the USA I'm pondering whether it would be a good idea to buy my graphics card here in China.

What do you think? The prices seem to be a bit lower than in America, and they sell Radeon graphics cards (or so they say they are). On the other hand, if the card doesn't work on my system, I obviously can't fly back and exchange the item at the store.

Has anyone had experience buying hardware from or in China? Are there are good Chinese video card brands that you would recommend?

Thanks for your help,


Answer:graphics card rec AND: graphics cards in china

I doubt that your mobo is 8x... possibly, but I'd have to have the model number. So I'd go for an older card, unless you can get a great deal (you can always build a better system, or upgrade the one you have if it is 8x AGP...).

Radeon vs GeForce... it all boils down to personal preference. The newest cards are so close it doesn't really matter.

Bottom line: If you can get a great deal on a reputable company's card, I'd do it.

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