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Windows Server Essentials Domain

Question: Windows Server Essentials Domain

So I need to migrate my old windows home server to an OS that can use advanced format hard drives.

I installed WSE just now and was looking for some information on how to configure it.

I I though there was supposed to be a way to connect to the server without joining a domain though?

I notice the server does not how up on the network from my windows 7 PC How do I get to the connector software? Do I have to join the Domain?

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Preferred Solution: Windows Server Essentials Domain

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Windows Server Essentials Domain

Define "connect" to it.

I've just purchased a new Dell server with Server2012 Essentials for a work project, and while it is configured for a domain I can US RDP and shared folders from computers that are not attached to the domain. Granted because it's all in development at the moment I am using a admin account on the server for access rights.

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Anyone know if you can install it as a non-domain server? It forced me to provide a domain name during the installation.

I don't want MS domains anywhere near my home network. I want a standard network server.

Answer:Server 2012 Essentials Beta - Domain Only ?

TechLarry said:

Anyone know if you can install it as a non-domain server? It forced me to provide a domain name during the installation.

I don't want MS domains anywhere near my home network. I want a standard network server.Click to expand...

That's what regular Server 2012 is for....

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I don't know if this is buried here on HOCP or not, but here it is just in case.

There is an article on SuperSite that explains how to add a computer to a Server 2012 Essentials machine (i.e. install the connector software) without it taking over the workstation and adding it to the domain.


Hopefully MS won't put some sort of bullshit block in for this in the final RTM.

Answer:Apparantly you CAN attach to Server 2012 Essentials without Domain

Nice to know. Might allow more people to use it w/o worrying about domain administration.

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IP settings 

Subnet mask




Windows 7

IP address automatically  





error code reads 


following error occored wen DNS was queried for the servise location (SRV)

record used to locate an Active Directory Domane Controller (AD DC) for Domain



error was: "This operation returned because the timeout period expired."

code 0x000005b4 ERROR_TIMEOUT)


query was for SRV record_ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.dalek.local.

DNS server used  by this com... Read more

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Because nobody else has done it and I know there are many out there that have tried to find this kind of information but was unsuccessful nor had the time or resources available to spin up a VM to "quickly" setup a new test domain just to get this info... I hereby present you a report of the defaults for Default Domain Policy and Default Domain Controller Policy: Domain Controllers Policy.htm Domain Policy.htm


Answer:Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 x64 new domain Default Domain Policy defaults

Or just not change the defaults and create a new linked one.

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So, I am trying to setup Windows Server 2012 Essentials. I have it installed, and it boots to the dashboard, and starts the"Set Up Windows Server 2012 Essentials" dialog, it leads to "Error occurred during Installation" and says to reboot, or save logs, I have a copy of the logs files, if anyone would like them.

Answer:Windows Server 2012 Essentials

re-download and re-install.

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I keep getting a 153 error on disk 3. How do I determine which disk is 3? I have 3 new 4TB drives, does this mean one of them is bad? I have like 70,000 of these errors now and smart tools etc all say all of my disks are healthy. I'm non longer able to stream most stuff from the server, and writing to this disk seems to be causing this error.

All I could find is this when searching for the error (Same error I am getting only I have it like 70k times over a few days).

Answer:More Windows Server Essentials Problems

Looks like it's time to replace the drive. As for which one it is; this is why when I build a server I label the drives prior to putting it into production ( by the low-tech method of booting up without a drive plugged in, determine which one it is, rinse/repeat for all drives in system ).

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I want to choose an OS for a media server, has to be Windows. I have valid keys. The server hw is pretty old, its an old SuperMicro with AMD Opteron, 6GB DDR2 etc.

Which of these is going to have the lowest resource usage? I don't need to use any pc backup features, just run it as a server with the usual tasks like Plex/Emby, downloading etc.

Answer:Server Essentials 2012 R2 vs Windows 10 vs WHS 2011?

2012 Essentials gets my vote but I bet it's less featureful than WHS2011. Based on how many strange happenings I have on my workstation at work with a clean non-OEM install of Win10 TH2, I would not use it for a server at all. Here's to hoping 2016 is better in reliability than the counterpart 10...

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I have a new client with one server running Windows SBS 2011and 5 computers
that log into it.  The server is in a very unstable state throwing tons of errors at every angle, so the office has chosen to buy a new server running Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials. 

My question is ? can I
setup the new server offsite and domain then when I get to the office completely
back up the old server, create new local accounts on the client computers and copy the data (My Documents, Favorites, Desktop Files and etc.) over to the new local account,
shutdown the old server, bring up and copy all the data to the new server, and then have the new client local accounts join the new domain?  Since this is such a small new domain,
does Windows Server 2012 R2 Essential require a DHCP and DNS server or can the SonicWall handle that?

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I'm running Windows Server 2012R2 Essentials and I started the http://server/connect on a Windows 7 Pro SP1 machine. The problem is that the connection process stopped...
If I manually start "C:\Windows\system32\Essentials\ClientDeploy.exe" -LaunchedFrom:resume -Server: the systems says "Your account is not a member of Administrators". The account I'm logged on with is __clientsetup__$.
Below is the log file, in the end it says "Add user to local admin group.". That clearly didn't happen (I checked). 
Any suggestions?

Cheers, Hans
[2184] 160314.125903.8868: ClientSetup: Exting ConnectorWizardForm.RunTasks
[4016] 160314.125903.8868: ClientSetup: JoinNetwork Tasks returned TaskStatus=Success
[4016] 160314.125903.8868: ClientSetup: Reboot Required
[4016] 160314.132027.0046: ClientSetup: Back from the Client Deployment Wizard
[4016] 160314.132027.0046: ServerDiscovery:HostsFileUpdater: Removing hosts file entry: SRV01
[4016] 160314.132027.0202: ClientSetup: Saving Wizard Data
[4016] 160314.132027.0358: ClientSetup: Set autologon temporary local admin.
[4016] 160314.132027.0358: ClientSetup: Creating user __clientsetup__$.
[4016] 160314.132027.0670: ClientSetup: Add user to local admin group.
[4016] 160314.132027.0826: ClientSetup: LookupAccountSid (computerName = [], sid = [S-1-5-32-544])
[4016] 160314.132027.0826: ClientSetup: NetLocalGroupAddMember (server = [], groupName = [Administrators], domainAcco... Read more

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I'm trying to help a friend to get their Windows Server 2012 Essentials setup up in their small business.

Server is operational, but I'm having issues connecting PCs to it...

I'm able to get to the server page by going to http://(servername)\connect
I can download the connector software, when I run it it finds the server it ask for user name and password.

After entering info it tries to connect for 20-60 seconds and fails with:

Cannot coonect this computer to the network
The Server is not available. Try connecting this computer again, or for more information, see troubleshooting connecting computers to the server.

any idea what could be causing?

could this be caused by network issues? They are using ATT DSL for internet access, with a ATT model, that is referred to as ""

They also have a zyxel smart switch, it seems that both ATT DSL and Zyxel switch are acting as DHCP, and both might be issuing IP addresses.

Another thing I noticed that they are using IP phones for all office phones.
All PCs are connected to the network with an IP phone as a device in the middle, that seems be slowing down the phones from normal gigabit to 10/100 only.

Any help would be grateful.

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I have a WSE I use for backing up and stoaring data. I have like 10 hard drives connected to it 8 of which are running drive pool.

The Motherboard is toast, and well although it wasn't having any issues keeping up with some cameras and file storage and backups, I guess it might be time to replace it with my 4770k office PC (ex gaming rig) and upgrade that machine.

If I simply swap out the MB's are boot off the Hard drive with WSE be able to adapt to the new hardware? Can I at least recover the CD Key because I can't seem to find it anywhere.

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Also, I earlier posted a link to a reported work-around for the connector software forcing workstations on the Domain.

Look that over as well if you intend on proceeding with this.

I have not tested this work-around yet, but probably will tonight.

Answer:Windows Server 2012 Essentials has gone RTM and is live on TechNet

Refresh me again on why you're so adamant about not allowing workstations to join the directory?

When I come across biz networks that have servers and workstations all in workgroup mode...I LOL at the "pizza tech" that set those up.

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I am a first time windows server essentials user and i recently added my computer into the server but there is a conflict due to some kind of registry error and i can't delete the registry file from my computer since there is no user found on the permission for drop box. How do i gain permission to delete the registry

Answer:Registry Problem in Windows Server 2012 essentials

what do you mean by "added my computer into the server" as it's not clear what you did.
and clarify "there is no user found on the permission for drop box"
it should list local accounts and possibly the SID of a deleted domain user (if you mean you added your computer to the domain that Server 2012 Essentials creates)

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Download Windows 10 Client Connector Update for Windows Server Essentials 2012 R2 as it now available at Microsoft.

Windows Server Essentials Connector is software that helps you connect your PC or Mac client to Windows Server 2012 R2 with the Windows Server Essentials Experience server role enabled. It also enables and manages key client-side functionality of Windows Server Essentials Experience. On a PC, it provides client backup, a tray icon and the Launchpad, the Dashboard for management of remote servers, and a VPN profile with the capability of auto-dialing and monitoring client health from the server side. On a Mac, it provides health monitoring and the Launchpad.

Get it from Microsoft here.

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When I attempt to add domain controller to existing domain in server manager I get a message saying that the domain controller for the domain cannot be contacted even though I can ping the IP of the DC. However when I run DFSDiag /TestDCs /DOMAIN:HOMELAB.COM I get an error saying either the specified domain doesn't exist or could not be contacted. I have my DNS settings on the ethernet adapter pointed at the DC IP. Not sure what else to do.... A little help would go a long way.

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I am trying to add Windows 10 clients to Windows Server essentials 2016. It seem that in order for the server to see the clients I must the clients join the server server Domain. (Currently they are in a workgroup).

It looks like one has to change the Windows10 clients to access the WSE-2016 DNS. So in windows 10 I go to networks, bring up the adaptor setting. Bring up "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IvP4) and instead of "Obtain the DNS address automatically" change it to always get the DNS address on the WSE-2016 (found with ipconfig).
Then within Windows I use ?System?, ?about?, and Join the server DOMAIN. It now works. The client can now see the Server domain.
I can then see the Server files and the server can see the Windows 10 shared files.
There are still problems however.
When I reboot the Windows 10 client. I have a brand new user screen with only some of my original desktop icons showing. Do I have to essentially rebuild up everything on my desktop again!
Question: Is there not a way to have my original desktop appear when I am joined to the Domain.
Second, since there will be times when the server is off I used the router static DNS IP address as the alternative address in the above dialog box of the Windows10 clients. Seems to work since the client can access the internet even with the WSE 2016 off.
Here is my second question. I have a few home laptops as well. If I force the DNS to the server what happens when I travel. ... Read more

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I am trying to add Windows 10 clients to Windows Server essentials 2016. It seem that in order for the server to see the clients I must the clients join the server server Domain. (Currently they are in a workgroup).

It looks like one has to change the Windows10 clients to access the WSE-2016 DNS. So in windows 10 I go to networks, bring up the adaptor setting. Bring up "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IvP4) and instead of "Obtain the DNS address automatically" change it to always get the DNS address on the WSE-2016 (found with ipconfig).
Then within Windows I use ?System?, ?about?, and Join the server DOMAIN. It now works. The client can now see the Server domain.
I can then see the Server files and the server can see the Windows 10 shared files.
There are still problems however.
When I reboot the Windows 10 client. I have a brand new user screen with only some of my original desktop icons showing. Do I have to essentially rebuild up everything on my desktop again!
Question: Is there not a way to have my original desktop appear when I am joined to the Domain.
Second, since there will be times when the server is off I used the router static DNS IP address as the alternative address in the above dialog box of the Windows10 clients. Seems to work since the client can access the internet even with the WSE 2016 off.
Here is my second question. I have a few home laptops as well. If I force the DNS to the server what happens when I travel. ... Read more

Answer:Adding Windows 10 Clients to Windows Server Essentials 2016

When Windows client computers are not joined to a domain they use the local SAM database to authenticate to the client computer. When the computer is domain joined you are using an AD user account to log into the computer. These accounts are going to have different SIDs as well as local profiles on the system. If you log into the computer with an account that has local admin access, you can simply move or copy the data from the local user account folder into the domain account user folder. The user folders inherit permissions from the root C:\Users\<username> so they should automatically gain access to the newly copied data.

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Dear Community,

My company use around 700 desktops and laptops on a domain. our file server has a home share drive that the AD links to and then maps when a user logs onto any machine when using their domain account. my problem when I log onto my normal laptop
it says network name is no longer available. when I log onto another machine it connects and maps normally. all other servers UNC name works normally. I can ping it by DNS and IP and can RDP to it but not see any shares.

Please can you help?

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I recently replaced our Windows Small Business Server 2003 with a Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials server using the same domain name and same computer name. When I tried to join an existing Windows 7 Professional computer to the new domain,
i kept getting trust relationship errors. I logged on to the workstation using a local login and rejoined the domain but now all the items on the desktop have disappeared including the connection to Windows Live Mail. Can I restore this?

Allen K Dunn

Answer:Windows 7 Professional and Small Business Server 2011 Essentials

According the issue, I suspect that your machine created a new user profile in this case. The user profile path is stored in registry, here
is the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList(check the picture).  Please check the value of ProfileImagePath.

Also, please take a screenshot of C:\Users and post is here.William Tan
TechNet Community Support

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I have just succeeded in hooking my Windows 10 client to Windows Server Essentials 2016. To do this I had to switch the W10 from a Workgroup to Domain setup.
All works fine except most of the desktop items originally on the client icons disappeared. Worse when I launce things like Outlook, Word etc. I have to initialize it from scratch.
How does one get all the settings, desktop icons etc. to re-appear on this new account that is now chanced from a Workgroup to a Domain setting.
I am an administrator (and only user) on both the W10 and WSE-2016. I see under users my original name on the W10/Workgroup and a new name. The new name does not have many files in it. I assume that?s the problem. But when I copy stuff from the old name folder across the programs are still not initialized correctly.

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The Client Connect to Windows server 2012 Essentials not working for 1 PC on a network. It didn't work a year ago when I set up the domain and the other 8 PC's connected, but the HDD died so I did a fresh install in Window 7 Pro SP1 and put in all the updates
and tried to connect agian.
The error is that it can't find the server.
I've tried everything else I've seen on the forums, IP v4 only, DNS is only set to the Windows Domain server.

below is the log for the connect attempt, does anyone have any ideas?

10/24/2016 15:11:38  edc] wmain: Start of Computerconnector
[10/24/2016 15:11:38  edc] wmain: Calling Computerconnector::ShowWizard()
[10/24/2016 15:11:38  edc] CComputerconnector::ShowWizard: Initializing common controls
[10/24/2016 15:11:38  edc] CComputerconnector::ShowWizard: Done initializing common controls
[10/24/2016 15:11:38  edc] Displaying the wizard
[10/24/2016 15:11:38  edc] CComputerconnector::AnotherInstallationErrorDlgProc: IDD_ANOTHER_INSTALLATION_ERR Page Initialization
[10/24/2016 15:11:38 1054] CComputerconnector::Run: Installation is ready to run
[10/24/2016 15:11:38 1054] GlobalData::Initialize (, , C:\Users\BPOWELL.JMS\Downloads\ComputerConnector(, 1033)
[10/24/2016 15:11:38 1054] ExpandEnvironmentStrings return (C:\Windows\Temp\Client Deployment Files\)
[10/24/2016 15:11:38 1054] CComputerconnector::Run: Running Task: Id=1 Description=Downloads the file
[10/2... Read more

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Hello i now have a copy of windows NT Server. How can i Setup my own Domain???
First timer to Windows NT Server 4.0

Answer:Windows NT Server 4.0 Domain

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Well I have Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise installed on a Oracle Virtualbox system.
I have setup the domain and everything correctly, however, when trying to connect another virtual system / my computer It does not work, both says it is unable to resolve DNS settings. How do I fix this?

Answer:Windows Server 03 - Domain Help.

Domain Connection error Information:
The following error occurred when DNS was queried for the service location (SRV) resource record used to locate an Active Directory Domain Controller (AD DC) for domain "Server.Local":

The error was: "DNS name does not exist."
(error code 0x0000232B RCODE_NAME_ERROR)

I don't know how to install the DNS

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How would I set Windows XP Pro to become a domain server?

Answer:Windows XP Pro Domain Server

Hi there...

I'd start by checking at MICROSOFT HOW-TO'S

Other than that...check the manual or the help files!

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We have an important LOB application (QuickBooks 2018) that requires that requires Internet Explorer 11 for QB to operate correctly.  Unfortunately our server runs Windows Server 2012 Essentials as an operating system (not R2).  From reviewing
various Microsoft documents, I realize that IE 11 is not supported on Server 2012.  However, we need to be able to run QuickBooks, which requires that version of IE.  Upgrading the server OS to 2012 R2 would take hours, because there is no in-place
upgrade option.  We would have to reinstall and configure the OS again from scratch.
Is there anything we can do to resolve this problem?
Thanks for any assistance you can offer.


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what I will do:

I will setup a new Domain.
1 Windows 2003 server will be the main server (also with Exchange 2003).
The two other Windows 2003 server must be also in the same new domain.

but how to do it?

must I synchronize active directory of the 3 servers?

can someone give me some tips how to manage this at best?



Answer:1 Domain with 3 Windows 2003 server?!!?

Moved you to Networking, where you may get more responses


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There are two domain controllers on a network. One is the 'current' domain (Server 2008), and there are several machines (plus old domain server running 2003).

I've managed to migrate a few machines over to the new domain, remapped drives, etc, with no problems.

The issue I'm having is that when the old domain controller is powered on (so some folks have access to certain resources on the network), it 'pulls' members of the new domain (including those who were never part of the old one) into the old domain.

Everything *looks* fine, until you see that the network they're connected to is 'olddomain.loc', and not ''. Resources on the network cease to be available, etc.

Is there a... I don't know... elegant way of bringing the old domain controller, and all members of that old domain, over to the new domain, without a lot of grief?

I'm new to this, so apologies if I'm being somewhat vague.

Answer:Windows Server domain controller...

I would say more than likely you have a DHCP and DNS server conflict going on.

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hi guys,

have a server running 2003

and two workstations each running windows 7

if i go \\ (both workstations are static ip as im sharing printers on them)
i get the error i have attached to this post...

i can ping everything,but cant access shares via \\

i have restarted:
the server
network switch
workstations but just get this error

i know its not a firewall problem as i can ping server and workstations from any machine

the applications the server is providing is working on the workstation

any suggestions?


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We have an NT server with 20 users and have just bought a new server with Windows 2003 server specifically to run Terminal Services. This will host a management software package that is currently used on the main site, and will allow users in two other offices to run it, accessing the one database.

I was assuming that the new server would simply be a member server, belonging to the existing domain and it would all be straightforward. But it occurs to me that there may be some considerations with regard to licenses, the fact that one is NT and the other 2003, where the database is located etc. that I should be aware of before charging in.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Answer:Windows 2003 Server domain

MS licensing is very hard to decipher, but my best guess is that the NT licenses are sufficient for the server except for the Terminal Services licenses. You will need specific Terminal Server Client licenses in either per seat or per server configuration. If you have a good handle on who will run the client software, you may want to get per seat, but usually, per server is easier to manage. You may want to contact your MS contract agent if you have one to clarify. When I have had complex licensing issues, it took their experts up to 3 months to figure it out! And they expect everyone to comply with rules they can't figure out. Good luck!

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My company wants to get rid of the server 2008 cause the machine is failing and make each pc work on its own as it not using the server for anything but logins ... Last pc I change from the domain to the workgroup and couldn't log back into the user name ... Any help here as so far I'm only seeing reinstall each pc one by one , to get this done properly

Answer:Take windows 7 pc off of server domain without reinstall

Are you trying to login using your domain user credentials after you pulled it from the domian? That would be a problem.

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I have a Windows 2000 server not a domain controller in an NT4 domain. Problem is that I can see the machine account in server manager on the PDC but it is greyed out and it does not appear in the Network Neighbourhood either. I have all the correct WINS and DNS entries and I can ping the 2000 server machine name from the PDC and ping the PDC machine name from the 2000 server.

I have removed the macine account from the NT Domain and readded it but still greyed out. Anyone any ideas.


Answer:Windows 2000 server in NT Domain

Have you tried to connect to shared drives on the 2k machine? If you can, then you have no problem except that NT does not acurately dipict the server in server manager. This may be due to the new dynamic DNS type messages that 2k uses that NT doesn't understand. The only problem I have had with this type of setup is when the 2k server is the print server. Some print drivers don't want to print from NT4 machines to a 2k print server.

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I'm setting up a little network at my house between all my roommates PCs and a box running win2003 server. They are all currently on the domain and physically going through a switch and access the internet via my DSL through a hardware firewall (Which for now is currently configured to be wide open). I'm having a problem with the PCs seeing each other or shared drives on the server. All of the boxes can ping the internet, and ping the switch... but I can't directly ping one from the other. I know it isn't DNS since I'm pinging the actual IP not the host name. Anyone have any suggestions?

Answer:Windows 2003 Server Domain problems

1st stupid thing to look at: Are there ANY firewall programs running on ANY of those machines, including the DC?

2003 Service Pack 1 I presume?

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I googled it but couldn't find much justification for answers.
lots of people say use the DHCP on your windows server PDC, some even go so far as saying the domain will not function if you use an external DHCP (i know this is incorrect it will work fine).
what i cant figure out is the reason that people prefere WS DHCP, some people say AD integration but dont mention how DHCP and AD are integrated.

In my setup i would like pfsense to handle my pptp server and if i have it doing that it seems just as easy to have it do DHCP and assign DNS to the windows server. also if the PDC goes down for whatever reason it's easy for me to remote in and simply change the DNS settings in pfsense to a new DNS server and have clients reboot, then they at least have internet until the server is back up. this would also mean i could turn the server back on when doing a repair and not have to worry about 2 DHCP servers on the network.

any insight would be great!



Answer:Windows Server as DHCP or pfsense on domain?

The main reason I can think of is the dynamic DNS updating that happens with Windows clients in the domain.

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Anyone know any good software firewall for Windows 2003 Enterprise domain server? I have looked at Symantec's Enterprise Firewall but it's only for the standard version of windows 2003 and not the enterprise version.


Answer:Firewall for Windows 2003 Domain server

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For some reason, I am not able to add my Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit Machine to my Windows Server 2008 R2 machine. I am very new to this, but Active Directory is enabled and I have created a local FTP on the server, and I added Windows 7 Server Management console to the Windows 7 machine.

My domain name is kirves.domain, is this too long? I also added the IP config manually to both machines. Both are using the same DNS and Alternative DNS IP. The IP is not controlled by me so much, it is more controlled by the ISP.

So I can see both machine on the network, I can PING the server from the Windows 7 machine using the IP and DNS IP. But I cannot add the Domain to the Window 7 machine.
I did or I think I did correctly put the Windows 7 machine in the Group Policy.
So what am I doing wrong? It shouldn't be this hard.

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Hello. I'm trying to connect my Windows 7 Professional computer to a Windows 2000 Server. Both are located on my network under the same router. I have already configured the LAN Authentication Level. I get the following error when attempting to join the
The following error occurred attempting to join the domain "DOMAIN":
An attempt to resolve the DNS name of a domain controller in the domain being joined has failed. Please verify this client is configured to reach a DNS server that can resolve DNS names in the target domain. For information about network troubleshooting,
see Windows Help.

Thank you for your help!

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I have 2 sites both belonging to the same domain. However the domain controller in the second site needs to be completely replaced from windows 2000 to 2003 on a new server. There are about 25 users and i would like to know the best way in doing this change over. Please can anyone advise me.

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I have 2 domain controllers, a primary and a secondary. The primary machine is breaking down and I am going to retire it.

I need to install DNS and DHCP on the secondary server, and promote it to the primary. In what order do you recommend?

Do I demote the first, promote the second and them move DNS and DHCP?

Thanks for any advice

Answer:WIndows 2000 Server Domain Demotion

Adprep /forestprep and then dcpromo. Here is an MS paper on the procedure:

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After 5 days of trying to make a domain using Windows Server 2008 and getting a DNS error I cracked it and my other laptop could join my domain.

But what goes around comes around.

I made an account in Active Directory Users and Computers and made it a standard user but in the log on screen I entered the credentials I get an error.

"You cannot log on using this method please contact you local administrator" or something like that.

Can you help me with this error?

Answer:New Domain Error - Windows Server 2008

Quote: Originally Posted by Pie015

After 5 days of trying to make a domain using Windows Server 2008 and getting a DNS error I cracked it and my other laptop could join my domain.

But what goes around comes around.

I made an account in Active Directory Users and Computers and made it a standard user but in the log on screen I entered the credentials I get an error.

"You cannot log on using this method please contact you local administrator" or something like that.

Can you help me with this error?

Welcome Pie015 to the windows 7 forums.

Have you set up the ad permissions for "users" to be able to log onto the server from remote?

What groups have you added "users" to..


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windows 7 not joining 2003standard domain server. windows xp is not giving any problems..tried changing DNS settings and done windows update, but problem not resolved.

Answer:windows 7 not joining 2003 domain server

Does it give an error, and your sure its 7 PRO? So you have set the DNS for the affected machine to the server correct (wasn't sure if you did it to client or server)?

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I am trying to connect Windows 7 to the domain of a Windows 2008 Server. We have ~20 other Windows XP clients able to join and connect to the domain.
I get this error message when trying to join the domain:

An attempt to resolve the dns name of a domain controller in the domain being joined has failed.

I have the TCP/IP set to obtain the IP automatically and the DNS as static with the correct DNS IP.

I can ping the server using both it's IP and host name.
DNS functions propperly when the host name is typed into the URL bar.
It also says that I have limited connection but I think that is because the network that all these computers are connected to is not connected to the web.
Any ideas?

Answer:Cannot join the domain with Windows 2008 Server

Make sure you have network discovery enabled and ipv6 disabled

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I want to configure a domain in windows 2000 server could anyone please send me the steps to do that. It will be very helpful to me.

Awaiting for the reply.

Thanks for your valuable time.

Answer:Domain Configuration in windows 2000 server

You would be better served buying a book or two on the subject, it is a far too complicated process that cannot be explained in a forum.

You probably can find used books on Amazon for cheap.

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I am trying to help a friend set up a small business office (less than 10 users) with some sort of central user database so they can log into each computer with the same profile and password authentication. He has computers using XP and 2000 and a central server just acting as one to store files (Server is not loaded on it). Without an Active Directory, how can I setup centralized authentication. The only thing I am used to is Active Directory. Any help[ would be appreciated.



Answer:Windows central user server without domain

You cant setup centralized authentication without a server. If you want all your users to be able to logon to every computer in your office they would have to be connected to a domain or you will have to setup their username and password on every computer.

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I have a problem and it is that I must log on vpn server before I log on the domain

in windows xp I can tick the "Log on using dial-up connection"

how do I do this in windows vista / 7

kind regards


i am not that good in english :-( so please be

Answer:windows 7 logon a domain controller through a vpn server

in internet explorer>tools (top right corner)>internet options>connections tab>add vpn

hope this helps, good luck

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After getting New Workstations, I wanted to connect that to the SERVER but Windows 7 could not log into domain of our server with Windows Server 2003. Besides following the proper process/steps.

I am able to use the printer and internet shared through SERVER though.

Please help me. I am able to ping the server but not the domain.

Answer:Windows Server 2003 Domain Problem

Were the workstations ever successfully joined to the domain? Are they completely unable to join the domain or do they prompt for a user/pass which fails?

If you cannot join the domain but can ping the domain controller, you may not be applying a suffix like .com or .net or whatever might be specified for your domain. You can launch Server Manager on your domain controller. Navigate to Active Directory Domain Services->Active Directory Sites and Services->Sites->Default-First-Site-Name->Servers, right-click on your primary domain controller and select "Properties". Note the exact spelling and suffix in the Domain field. Make sure you are entering that when you attempt to join the domain on those workstations.

If you are failing to log into the domain controller on the workstations, make sure you are using the domain name and a backslash in the user field before the domain admin user name. DOMAIN\Administrator for instance instead of just Administrator.

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I have just installed a server with MS Windows 2003 server sp2, it is running a domain. When I try to log into the domain on the server from a work station, it takes about 30 to 60 seconds before the desktop comes up. Now I have another network with this same setup and logging in takes seconds. Would be great if anyone could shed some light as to what is going on.

Answer:Windows 2003 Server, Domain issues

Check the logs on the workstation. You will almost assuredly see netlogon errors. Check the logs on the server as well. Usually a DNS issue. Are you using roaming profiles or folder redirection? If so you could have physical network issues that is causing it to take forever to move the data down the pipe.

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Can anybody tell me how i can create a trust relationship with a Server 2003 server onto a NT4 Domain. I cant get logged in the strange thing is, is that i can see the domain but cannot get logged onto it.steve

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Hi All-
I have a windows 2008 server that will not be joined to a domain but I need to allow RDP. How can I accomplish this?
Kevin -

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I had been adding machines to our domain just fine and then the other day I get this below and I seem to not be able to add any machines anymore. I have no idea what to do at this point...can anyone lend me a hand/brain?

This is what I get:

The error was: "DNS name does not exist."
(error code 0x0000232B RCODE_NAME_ERROR)
The query was for the SRV record for _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.OURDOMAIN
Common causes of this error include the following:
- The DNS SRV record is not registered in DNS.
- One or more of the following zones do not include delegation to its child zone:
. (the root zone)
For information about correcting this problem, click Help.

Answer:can't add win xp sp3 machines to Windows Server 2003 domain

Post IP of server

Post IPCONFIG /ALL of a workstation

Do you at least get the challenge for domain admin account credentials when joining?

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I need to change the server where my domain is, I already move the Global Catalog, all 5 roles, Dhcp and dns.

On command prompt I wrote dcpromo on the new server and make this a Domain controler.

The problem now is that the old server still the PDC, how can I change this to make my new server PDC and to make the old server stop being a Domain Controler.

And where can I see which one is PDC and BDC after i do the change.


Answer:Move Windows 2003 domain to new server

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   Dear Team
       I have windows 2012 R2 domain server. It is connected domain perfectly windows 7 pro .
      But if i connected domain windows 7 ultimate . It is showing DNS error. I am joining same process win7 pro.
      please help me how to join windows 7 ultimate in domain.

   Note. I give my client PC windows 7 ultimate network proper DNS.

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Dear Sir,
We have windows 2008 R2 domain controller and we have just purchased windows 8.1 desktop but after joining domain users are not able to access windows 8.1 local d drive. all computers having same OU with other OS like windows 7/8/8.1.
We have enable removable storage access policy to block pen drive but local drive also block. if i remove this computrers from domain or move at computer OU then its working fine.
please help me to resolve this issue because i have 150 windows 8.1 desktops.



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Hi, I bought a new lenovo G500s essentials note book. It's a freedos system.  I am trying to install windows server 2003 in it. But I am getting blue screen error . error message like ths, Technical Information: STOP: 0*0000007B (0*FFFFFADF2CE323C0, 0*FFFFFFFFC0000034, 0*0000000000000000, 0*0000000000000000) Can someone please help. Regards,Priya.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Blue screen error while trying to install windows server 2003 in Lenovo G500s essentials Notebook

Hello and welcome,
The Google says that error means "INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE"
You could try going to BIOS and setting the HDD mode to "compatibility".

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Maybe someone can help me at the good old hardocp forum. every other forum i go to can't give me the answers lol.

i have a windows 2000 server box home set up with active directory and all that and i have another box with Redhat 9.0. How do i get the redhat box to log onto the domain so i can get access to it's resources? do i have to add a reference someone in the host file on the redhat box? please help me out and i'm very new with redhat. thanks


Answer:Redhat 9 logging into a windows 2000 server domain?

You must use Samba to do this. There are some great howto's online for Samba.

Change the name of the Samba group(My Group) to your domain name. Change the authentication from "user" to domain add your domain controller's IP address and add the Linux box's name into DNS.

If you have Samba installed already you can accomplish all this by using the Samba server configuration utility. You WON'T need to manually edit any config files to get this to work. I have it setup right now on my network and it works fine.

I know that is a simplified version. Post again if you haven't gotten it to work yet.

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This seems like kind of a dumb question. The last time I dealt with mixed mode Active Directory was with Server 2000 and 2003. After that I have always just upgrade 2003 domains to 2008 R2 and installed new domain controllers.

So this client is still using Windows Server 2003 Standard (not R2) with Exchange 2010. They have two of these Server 2003 domain controllers in their office and Exchange 2010 resides in one of our datacenters with a site to site back to their primary office on the same subnet without a domain controller in our datacenter. That will change in the future. I am now setting up a second site in a different datacenter so they have DAG for high availability. This is it's own subnet and will have it's own domain controller. I would like to use Windows Server 2008 R2, but before I run forestprep and domainprep, I want to make sure I am not going to cause an issue with their Server 2003 servers, especially winlogon. I can only imagine them coming in on Monday and not being able to authenticate on the network.

Answer:Windows Server 2003 and 2008 R2 Domain Controllers?

You can definitely have 2003 and 2008 domain controllers in the same domain but the forest functional level will be limited to 2003.

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Hi Everyone ,

I am just wondering if anybody could please help me with the following or direct me to the relevant links .
We are running Windows Sharepoint services 3.0 with the internal database microsoft##ssee . We have to move the sharepoint services to a new server which has a different domain .
Currently the active directory authentication is used ..

will it be like following ?
1) Install the windows sharepoint services on a different server.
2) Copy the databases from the following location to another server.
3) May be some manual changes to the databases for authentication?

Please help!


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our Windows 10 all clients are hanging while login to domain server. 1 PC which is not part of domain can access domain server without any issue, but all domain clients hangs. I have restarted the domain server but still issue has not been resolved.
Please help in this.

Windows server 2012 R2

Thanks & Regards

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Hey guys,

Just wondering if any of y'all knew how to set up users to be able to access the server without having to configure a domain? It's just a small in-home network so we just feel that having a domain would unnecessarily complicate things. But when we tried just setting up a local user and then using that login/password, it didn't work.

And also, would it be possible to set it up so that each computer on the network would only have to login once (instead of having to log in every time they wanted to access something)? Or possibly even script the computers to login automatically?

And yeah, using Windows Home Server would probably be a lot easier, but this is also a learning experience to get used to 2003 as they are implementing it at work too. ^^;;

Anyhows, thanks in advance!

Answer:Windows Server 2003 - Users on Network without Domain?

I'm sure if you just setup simple file sharing you can do that (for sharing files). But logging in to a user account on the server means you have to setup a domain and a user base. I don't think there is a way to set it up so that the user will only have to login in once. As for automatic log on, I'm not sure about that. You might as well not set up user accounts and just put out shares on the server with restrictions on them that can be accessed without a login.

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i have a windows 10 workstation on a 2012 server domain.

how can i make a shared folder on the w10 workstation that does not require a password ?

is there a group policy settings or registry entry ?

Answer:windows 10 + server 2012 domain (how do i get a no password share ?)

share the folder with 'everyone' and give it read-write perms?

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Maybe someone can help me at the good old hardocp forum. every other forum i go to can't give me the answers lol.
i have a windows 2000 server box home set up with active directory and all that and i have another box with Redhat 9.0. How do i get the redhat box to log onto the domain so i can get access to it's resources? do i have to add a reference someone in the host file on the redhat box? please help me out and i'm very new with redhat. thanks


Answer:Redhat 9 logging into a windows 2000 server domain?

Yeh you have to setup samba and tell it to use a password server (2K domain controller). I haven't done this myself but it shouldn't be too difficult.


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I am moving a NT 4.0 Terminal server to a Windows 2000 domain from the current NT 4.0 domain. What is the best way to do this for a server? Is it the same procedure as for a workstation? This server is also a Citrix server.

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Is there anyway to have a network printer automatically installed for each user onto on the domain so that they do not have to go to "add printer" each time they log onto a different computer?


Answer:Windows Server 2003 Domain & Printer Question

Yes. In the logon script you can use con2prnt

There's also some vbscript you can use. An example can be found at that link. Just put the script in your logon script.

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Windows Server 2008 is one of Microsoft Windows' server line of operating systems. Besides Windows 7.Windows Server 2008 are the latest and more secured versions from Microsoft. Windows Server 2008 has many new features included that system administrators of small and large companies will enjoy.
Many use Windows 2008 server as a workstation.That means A group of computers and devices on a network that are administered as a unit with common rules and procedures.And the host computer manage these computers through its admin account and password.
If you have lost windows 2008 server local admin password, I think it is easy for you to recover the password.But what if you have lost windows domain password? Things will get more tricky and all of the computers in the domain paralyze.These passwords also called AD password.Before solving your password problem, you need to know what is Active Directory Domain Controller. What is Active Directory Domain Controller?
A domain controller is a server that is running a version of the Windows Server operating system and has Active Directory Domain Services installed.
When you install Windows Server on a computer, you can choose to configure a specific server role for that computer. When you want to create a new forest, a new domain, or an additional domain controller in an existing domain, you configure the server with the role of domain controller by installing Active Directory Domain Controller (AD DS).
There is the diffence bettwe... Read more

Answer:How to reset Windows Server 2008 domain password

This method to reset Windows Server 2008 Domain Password is Quite helpful me...
Currently I'm using Windows Server 2003, and this is also applicable to it.
Many thanks for sharing this nice one.

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I have vmware installed on my computer and set up multiple test environments to help my studying along. I have a SQL lab set up. It consists of a 2 Server 2003 machines. The one is running AD and RRAS. It has two network cards, one bridged to a physical NIC on my computer with the subnet and the other a VMWare virtual switch on a different subnet, The second lab machine is just running SQL Server and has one virtual nic connected to the subnet. I am trying to connect to this SQL machine with ip (static).
My host computer is running windows 7 pro 64 bit. From this instance I can open a command prompt and successfully ping the SQL Server by IP. I added the name to my Hosts and LMHosts file and can now ping using the actual computer name, SQLSVR, as well.
One more piece to this. I have a Linksys router which is running Tomato v1.27. On it I have added a static route saying the subnet traffic should be directed to That is the IP for my AD/RRAS server in the SQL VMWare lab.
I hope all of these details make sense. I am not completely green but not a veteran yet so I hope my information makes sense.
I can successfully open, what do you call it, when you open your start menu and choose Computer - explorer right? Anyway, within that I can put in the ip address, put in credentials, SQLDMN\administrator and password temp, and see the mssqlserver share. I can then add the admin... Read more

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I am able to add Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 clients without any issues. However, I receive an error stating the network path could not be found whenever I try to add the Windows 10 client. I have verified all settings, including authentication credentials, DNS settings, and IP settings. All devices have both IPv4 and IPv6. All clients were added from the same network using the same settings (DHCP with DNS set to the IPv4 and IPv6 servers).

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I have just set up a computer with Windows 7, and I'm apparently missing something simple, but I just can't find it.

I installed Windows 7 on the machine and everything works great. I then joined the computer to a 2003 Server domain. Everything still appeared to work fine. However, when I log into the domain on the Windows 7 computer, I don't have the correct permissions on the local machine.

I can access the domain. The login works fine. There are no errors. However, when I try and access anything on the local drive, like explorer.exe, it tells me that I don't have the permissions to access it. I can run some programs, in some directories (like Program Files), but if I try and run anything in the Windows directory, I don't have permission. I can access things on the domain, and I can even use Firefox to view the contents of domain machines, mapped network drives, and even the local C drive. I just cannot run anything that's in the local Windows directory.

I can access the local drive using either the domain administrator account, or the local machine administrator account. However, using either of those accounts, I'm not allowed to change permissions on that folder! I can see that the folder is set as read only, but when I attempt to remove the read-only flag (using either account), it tells me that I don't have permission to do that.

I've also tried to give the domain user administrator permission on the local machine, but that has no effect either. That part really con... Read more

Answer:Windows 7, 2003 Server Domain, Local Permission

This thread at TechNet seems to relate to your problem. It mentioned something about you need to set the password the same as the Administrator's password of the Windows 2000 system. And also you need to change the NTLM authentication level in Windows 7. Even though you are on server 03 this may still apply.

Read it here> Can't connect Windows 7 Pro to Windows 2000 server Domain.

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I have a Windows Server 2012 R2 domain in the dmz. I have a Windows Server 2012 R2 domain in the network. I can access the one in the network to the dmz without a problem, but I cannot access the one in the dmz to the network. The ip addresses in the network are different than the ip address in the dmz. I fowarded the ports but the dmz box still gets blocked. I tried to do it by VPN after setting the router to accept VPN. The connection still gets blocked. I set all the firewall settings.

I'm not sure where to go from here, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Answer:Windows Server 2012 R2 connecting 1 domain to another through 2 routers

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I have two Win2k3 server boxes one is the current Domain with ancient hardware, and the other is a nice brand spankin new box. What I need to do is transfer the domains settings and accounts, etc to the new box.
Is there an easy way to backup the settings and do this?

I used the backup tool to save the system state from the old hardware box but am not sure if this is the correct way to go about the domain transfer.

I was told on original NT4 you could simply specifiy a 2nd box as the backup domain and if the primary went down the secondary would simply take over. In this situation I could set the secondary and simply "fail" the primary but I can't find how to do this in 2k3.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS: I've been searching google and windows help and not really finding pertinent info but will keep trying.

Answer:Windows Server 2003 Domain settings transfer

I believe the procedure is to set up your second box, promote it to domain controller, replicate AD, and then bring over FSMO rolls onto the new box.

Then retire your old box.

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hey there, the office that i work at doing odds and ends for everything and anything doesn't have there networking setup in a domain enviroment, its in a peer to peer workgroup i think you call it. Basically my question is this...what does a server need in order to become a domain there seperate hardware or software or is it built into windows 2000 server. Right now the Dell 1400 SC server has 1Gb of ram and (2) Pentium III 1125 MHz processors. What would we have to do in order to get the server setup as a domain controller????? We plan on doing a clean install of everything if we can use this server as a domain controller... Also, i think one of this initial problems that they never had a domain controller setup is because most of the computers are running 98SE (about 28) some XP (about 6) and some 2000 pro (about 6) Im not sure if the 98's were a issue with a domain enviroment? Any and all info is greatly appreciated!!!!!!! Thanks for reading!

Answer:setup A domain controller on windows 2000 server???

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Hi everybody.
I have a problem accessing the shared resources of a Windows Server 2003 domain controller from laptops with Windows Vista (different versions, same problem).
I can easily and rapidly access all the shared resources of all computers on the network, while accessing to shared resources on the server takes long, long, long time, no matter if I use a cable or wireless connection, no matter if my computer is part of the domain or not.
My laptop is a dual boot system with Windows XP Professional SP2 also installed, and there is no such problem accessing the same resources from Windows XP.
Thank you for any suggestion.

Answer:Windows vista vs Windows Server 2003 domain controller

...Nobody knows anything?

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Ok here is the deal me and my partner here at work have narrowed our problem down to this. We currently have a windows 2000 server on the network that has files that we would like to be able to access anywhere in the building from any computer in which where on. The problem is we have all of the computers on a single domain and the server is just on in its own workgroup. We have noticed that when we take a random computer off the domain and put it in the same workgroup as the server we can access shares fine but as soon as we put it on the domain and try to access the win2k server shares we get an "unexpected network error"(is what the message displays). So I'm thinking that we should just put the win2k server on the domain to and things will be fine, but in the past I guess there’s has been a problem of doing this because the win2k server wants to be the domain controller, when we already have a bigger better computer to do that for us. All we use the win2k server for is a web server and an IRC server and to share files. So what I am asking is there anyway to get around connecting to the shares on the win2k server without adding it to the domain or is there a way to add it to the domain and disable something that will prevent it from wanting to be the domain controller.

sorry for the long post I just had to get it all out there. thanks for any input or help

Answer:windows 2000 Server shares problem domain vs workgroup

easy. add the 2000 server as a member server to your AD domain. and set permissions for the shares

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hi, how exactly do i set this up completely, is there a newbie's guide online that anyone knows about for this? i have a 4 computer network(includes my server) that i'd like to be able to control using a domain rather than a work group, my server(as listed dimension 4100 which is using windows server 2003 instead of XP Pro) i know how to setup a domain controller and such but how do i add computers to the domain and users and printers and such, i really need a dummies tutorial for this if anyone can are also good, thx for any help

Answer:windows server 2003 and xp pro in a simple basic SOHO domain

Well its kinda hard to give a "dummies" tutorial on this one.
Are you going to make your server a DHCP/DNS/DDNS server ?
If so.. you need to make sure you talk to your ISP so you can have that static IP to call your own.
Once your done with that, make 1 machine a DC ... very important.
Once you have that done.. you need to join you other machines to the domain. Go to your my computer and hit properties..
Select the Computer name tab and select "change"
You then can join your machine to the domain.

DO NOT forget to create the local/network Accts !
Create your AD (active directory) groups and have fun.

happy hunting

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Hi all,
I am currently helping my company prototype automated Windows installation via network. I am using Server 2008r2 and Windows Deployment Services with Windows 7 as the
OS being installed on the client computer. Everything works fine EXCEPT joining the client PC to the domain. DNS is configured correctly, client computer is already prestaged in Active Directory Computers as the user "Client1" with a password of
"password". I have posted my unattend xml file and the relevant section of the Panther/UnattendGC setupact.log and setuperr.log files. 
2017-06-29 09:25:04, Info                         [DJOIN.EXE] Unattended
Join: Begin
2017-06-29 09:25:04, Info                         [DJOIN.EXE] Unattended
Join: Loading input parameters...
2017-06-29 09:25:04, Info                         [DJOIN.EXE] Unattended
Join: AccountData = [NULL]
2017-06-29 09:25:04, Info                         [DJOIN.EXE] Unattended
Join: UnsecureJoin = [NULL]
2017-06-29 0... Read more

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I would like to create a new group.
Each time I create a new user in this group the user automatically receives all admin rights in the doman.
Is it possible?


Answer:creating admin group in Windows Server 2003 domain

Setup a template user and then clone it. Best way to do it, Put all your templates in one OU.

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My Windows 7 Pro is on a domain. On the domain I have all the Users folders under their own drive letter which is where all their "Documents" from their XP systems are linked to. By doing this all the info they have in their documents on their
pc's gets backed up every night with all the other data. Their documents are not available offline on their local machines.  
Example: On the server is U: and that contains folders for each users documents and any software folders that are needed to work with their programs. I am trying to do the same setup with W7 documents and I'm having an awful time. I have been searching high
and low for a solution and I can't figure it out.  I have one machine that an IT person did for me a few years ago but I can't figure out how he did it and I want to learn how myself since I have 8 more machines coming in. 
This is how he has it setup on the W7 machine in Documents Properties:
Nancy (\\Main\Users) (U:) THIS IS THE DEFAULT 
Public Documents (C:Users\Public)


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When ever I run "DCPROMO" and go through the active dirctory for domain wizard it locks up after is asks me for the domain name. It will just sit and and go into not responding. Ocasionaly when I flush the DNS in the command prompt it lets me by and doent lock but that does not work all the time. If anyone knows why this occurs and has a remedy for this issue please post. Thanx


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I've been surfing for an answer a few days now on "How to connect windows 7 to windows 2000 server Domain.> I already added the Computer Name and User on the Server.> I already changed the "Network security: LAN Manager authenticaion level" and "Minimum session security for NTLM SSP based (including secure RPC) Clients  and Servers."> I disabled the Firewall on Windows 7.*** I'm just a Beginner on Networking ******The weird thing is, I can see the Computers on the Network and I can Open the Shared Folders on the 2000 server, but when I open the Sub-Folder it hangs (Using Quad-Core, Windows 7 Pro and not part of the Domain). But I have another computer running in Windows 7 Pro with Core 2 Duo processor and can easily open the Folders on the Server with no problem at all. I don't know why is that happening.***I hope you can help me.Thank you.

Answer:Can't connect Windows 7 Pro to Windows 2000 server Domain.

I know you have add the computer name and user name on the server, but you did not join the computer to the domain. Therefore if you try to access the share on the server, actually it accesses with an account of the server system. If you log on with Administrator in Windows 7, you need to set the password the same as the Administrator's password of the Windows 2000 system.
Also you need to change the NTLM authentication level in Windows 7.
Network security: LAN Manager authentication level
Please change the NTLM authentication level to ?Send LM & NTLM - use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated?. Please refer the following article.Arthur Xie - MSFT

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Hello all,
I am currently having an issue with one Windows 7 PRO pc(fully up to date windows and drivers) accessing one windows server 2008 share. This particular server 2008 share is accessed by about 20 users that have no issues accessing this share. I can see the file if I browse to the network share via \\192.168.x.x\share.
When I browse to \\servername\share it displays one folder out of 100. I can resolve the server name by I.P. and FQDN. I can see other network shares just fine on this server also. Firewall is off and AV is uninstalled on both servers. This is the case for all users on this pc including domain admins. I have un joined and renamed this pc from the domain as well. I'm at a loss and any help is appreciated.

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Hi there,

I am testing some of our computers on our school system and got to the stage of joining it to our domain. They joined fine but the domain had never been connected to vista or windows 7 so it tried to upgrade itself. This crashed the server because it only had permission to change the sub domain. Is there any way to join without this effect happening or could someone at least tell me in more detail what happened?

Answer:Connecting Windows 7 to Windows Server 2003 Domain.

Which server version(s) are you running over there? Server 2003 or Server 2003 R2?

I work in IT at my uni, and we have an eclectic mix - but I have joined countless machines here that are running Vista to the AD (previously it was Server 2003, but we recently (2 months ago?) upgraded our DCs to 2003 R2 - and have never had this happen before....

however, I could talk to our network admin tomorrow to see if he had already previously performed some sort of patch to allow for Vista based machines to join the domain....

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We were  configuring  active directory domain service(AD DS) from server manager for an ?active directory federation services? certificate requirement which is used while configuring  ?certification authority ?  under
setup type-> Enterprise CAs
While configuring ADDS , under Deployment configuration, we have selected ?Add a new forest?(as there was some issue while selecting add a domain controller to existing domain) and provided a new root domain as ?
next step we have provided the ?Directory Service Restore Mode? password
How can we revert server to old state ? The server earlier was SharePoint server.

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This was originally posted in the Server 2012 forum, but perhaps it's more applicable to Windows 7.


I've joined the Windows 7 Pro workstations to the Domain using the SERVER2012/Connect app and that seemed to work fine.  I made the Users all Standard, not Admin, and access to the Shared folders is working fine too.  Users appear to be in the
Administrators group on the local machine, which is what I need.
However, a number of our applications aren't working correctly ... one writes changes to HKey Current User and those changes will not stick.  Some IE sites that require changes have to be made each time; those changes don't save.  Some
of the ODBC connections to SQL databases are behaving strangly as well.  I tried checking permissions on the Windows Registry keys, and they looked OK.  Turning off User Access Control did not help either.
If I log on to the workstation not using the Domain Account I don't have this problem.  And, one of the workstations which had performed the Windows 10 Upgrade while connected to the previous Domain Controllder works fine.
Any direction would be greatly appreciated!   Thx DMiller

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I have a windows 7 domain account and used to have a share set up on a workgroup server. Now I can see the server but none of the shares. If I log in with my local account I can see the shares. Not sure why my domain account can't see the workgroup share. 

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Dear all,

Please I am taking the MCSA/MCSE exams and at present studying for 070-291. I do follow every step in the MS press self study book and installed the server 2003. Every test works well but when I promoted the server to DC the SRV records that I am supposed to see are missing. I am told in the book that under domain1.local (this is the domain name I follow according to the book) six other sub-domains should appear under domain1.local but none of these sub-domains appeared. I installed the DNS server according to the guidelines given in the book. The server is installed on a PC named computer1 which has 2GB RAM and 120 GB hard drive. The server was demoted twice and each time it was reinstalled but the problem still exists. Below is the test from the
The server is configured to use static IP address but the adapter being used for the internet connection is set to obtain its address automatically and is
DcDiag /fix and NetDiag /fix commands:

DcDiag /fix test:

Domain Controller Diagnosis

Performing initial setup:
Done gathering initial info.

Doing initial required tests

Testing server: Default-First-Site-Name\COMPUTER1
Starting test: Connectivity
The host 97e4073b-27b9-4e58-afb9-94a97642dbda._msdcs.domain1.local could not be resolved to an
IP address. Check the DNS server, DHCP, server name, etc
Although the Guid DNS name

(97e4073b-27b9-4e58-afb9-94a97... Read more

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Will it work. The company I work for is having a problem with a 3rd party company who we do check deposits with. The call and told the person that they "will no longer support windows 7 later this year please update."

Is it just me or are some company's forcing people to update. We are still using a Windows server 2003 R2 which is the companys Domain/DNS/DHCP/File Server and Exchange. I upgraded all workstations from Windows XP to 7 earlier this year. What should I do. I'm already pushing to move Exchange to Exchange 365 in the cloud. But our CEO does not want to spend the money yet.

Answer:Windows 10 add to Windows Server 2003 R2 Domain

Mistalakeboy said:

Will it work. The company I work for is having a problem with a 3rd party company who we do check deposits with. The call and told the person that they "will no longer support windows 7 later this year please update."

Is it just me or are some company's forcing people to update. We are still using a Windows server 2003 R2 which is the companys Domain/DNS/DHCP/File Server and Exchange. I upgraded all workstations from Windows XP to 7 earlier this year. What should I do. I'm already pushing to move Exchange to Exchange 365 in the cloud. But our CEO does not want to spend the money yet.Click to expand...

Considering 7/14 is end of the line for server 2003. You got bigger issues to fry. That server's gotta go.

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Currently I am having some rather strange issues with a domain controller in an active directory domain. This issue is only with our main Domain Controller server. All connections/Users are constantly being disconnected from the server and network shares they are attached to. Only connections that stay active are ones that are domain shares that are replicated across all our domain controllers, which only occurs once we remove the main DC from the network do the propagated versions become available.

We originally thought this to be a drive issue, as one of our SAN disks in a raid array was throwing errors. this drive has been replaced and the Virtual array was rebuilt successfully. Also we have disabled the dual onboard gig NICs and installed an intel pro 1000 MT dual PCI-X.

Any ideas, Random thoughts, Personal Experiences... All help welcome. Thank you all in advance. :banghead

System is a Dell PowerEdge 6600
Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition
4xP4 Xeon 1900Mhz
150GB RAID0 system drive
170GB SAN in RAID5 (Storage)
2250GB SAN in RAID5 (Storage)

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Windows Server 2012 R2

Domain Join User Not Able To Access Internet Need Solution.


Server Attach 2 Networks Card.
Private Network

Public Network
Default Getway:
Internet Working On Domain Controller

Client User:
Now I Want To Access Internet on Client User without Proxy Server
Kindly Guide Me Complete Procedure.
Guide You In Depth.
Server Attach Two 2 Network Card
1st Network Card Attach Internet Wire
Ip Subnet: Default Getway:
2nd Network Card Configure Private Ip
Ip: Subnet: Dns:

Now Private Network Card Wire Attach In Cisco Switch 2950
And One Wire From Cisco Switch 2590 Connect To Local User System
Client Ip Subnet: Dns:
Client System Join Domain Successfully
Now My Question Is I Want To Access Internet On Client PC Without Proxy Server.
Waiting For Good Reply...

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REG-PRNTSRVR1\Administrators local security group contains DOMAIN\Domain Admins as a member.

The default 'Print Server Properties' security tab has 'Administrators (REG-PRNTSRVR1\Administrators)' with full blown permissions. Under Advanced Security Settings, there are two entries for this; one of them has 'View Server' and 'Manage Server' checkmarked applying to 'This server only', and the other for 'Print', 'Manage Printers', and 'Manage Documents' applying to 'Documents and printers only'.

I am RDP'd into REG-PRNTSRVR1 as my own credentials, a member of Domain Admins security group.

Why in the world do I not have the ability to modify these default permissions or modify the settings of printer queues? Even the 'Security' tab of printer queues say 'Administrators (REG-PRNTSRVR1\Administrators)' has full blown permissions ('Special Permissions' not checkmarked though).

Answer:Unable to modify printer settings as Domain Admin logged into Windows print server

Is domain admins added to the local Print Operators Group?

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I have a child domain server03 [], that is part of a parent domain server02 [], right now the main DNS server is on the parent domain server02 and server03 uses this as it's DNS server.

How can I setup a Enterpise wide compatible DNS server on server03 so that if the link is cut between server03 and server02, all local users will continue to be able to authenitcate properly with server03, that this will not interfere with operations when server02 and server03 are connected.

I guess I would list the first DNS server on server03 as server02 leaving as it is, then set the 2nd dns server to server03 once it's setup correctly.

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Configuring DNS server for a child domain server

I think you're getting DNS and Active Directory confused.

Are you looking for authentication, AND name resolution - or simply authentication?

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So I finally have all my drivers installed after doing a clean install of Windows 7. Now I need to know the Essentials that I basically have to need to run some programs. Because I can't install Skype or Snag It or anything really like that, I keep getting erros. This is all I have installed so far (Picture):

Thanks in advance! :P

Answer:Windows 7 Essentials (Not Microsoft Essentials) After clean install

What error's are you getting?

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Just curious if anyone has run into this. A win2k server with multiple win2k workstations. All is working fine, but one workstation. This workstaion can be added and removed from the domain all day long without an issue. However, when you try to logon to the domain it error out with DOMIAN is not available.

Answer:Win2k server , Win2k worstation - can add to domain but not logon to domain

when you're logged on locally, is everything in ipconfig correct? when you run an nslookup on the domain, does it return your dns servers? DNS is the root of many evils in a w2k environment, but it's odd that only the one machine would be affected.

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