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Has anyone used Small Business Server 2011 Essentials?

Question: Has anyone used Small Business Server 2011 Essentials?

It sounds like it would be well-suited to a home file server/backup, as it does full backup of client systems. It sounds like it does some of what WHS does, but is meant for a business market.

I think at one time SBS was able to do WHS-like drive pooling. I haven't seen any info, but can SBS 2011 do that?

I am just curious how well it works. Right now I have Server 2008 running with a virtual WHS for backups, but it's not really optimal as backups aren't really backed up. I have the clients doing a SyncToy backup, but it's not as reliable as I would like. I thought SBS could replace the pair working together, and would remove some complications and maybe be a little more dependable.

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Preferred Solution: Has anyone used Small Business Server 2011 Essentials?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Has anyone used Small Business Server 2011 Essentials?

I just picked up a new client thats getting an entire new office setup and got this OS for his server, will post back when its installed and used a bit, its going on a Dell T310, 8gb ram, Xeon 3430, 300gb SAS in raid 1

(5 Workstations will be OptiPlex 380, 8gb ram, quadro fx1800, c2d 2.93, Win7 pro x64, 250gb sata)

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I recently replaced our Windows Small Business Server 2003 with a Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials server using the same domain name and same computer name. When I tried to join an existing Windows 7 Professional computer to the new domain,
i kept getting trust relationship errors. I logged on to the workstation using a local login and rejoined the domain but now all the items on the desktop have disappeared including the connection to Windows Live Mail. Can I restore this?

Allen K Dunn

Answer:Windows 7 Professional and Small Business Server 2011 Essentials

According the issue, I suspect that your machine created a new user profile in this case. The user profile path is stored in registry, here
is the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList(check the picture).  Please check the value of ProfileImagePath.

Also, please take a screenshot of C:\Users and post is here.William Tan
TechNet Community Support

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I am planning on getting windows small business server and I was wondering to install it do I need both a domain name and a webhost? Or do I just need a domain name? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!!

Answer:windows small business server 2011 installation

Just a domain name, which you can make up and time of installing the OS.

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Has anyone gone from SBS 2008 to SBS 2011? Just wondering if it is worth the effort to upgrade to the latest SBS.

Answer:Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 Standard?

It would be a migration not an upgrade, there has never been an upgrade path for any version of SBS. It depends I guess on whether you think the benefits of SBS 2011 over SBS 2008 are compelling enough and or your hardware is due to be updated. Personally I wouldn't consider the differences between Windows 2008 and R2 and Exchange 2007 and 2010 enough for me to migrate if I just setup an SBS 2007 server in the past 18 months.

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Is there a way to connect PC's running 8.1 to a network where the exchange server is running MSBS 2011?

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Running XP Pro, 32 bit.

I need real-time blocking. No networked pc's (only 3 pcs).

It would be nice to have a couple freeware options--any recommendations?


Answer:Is MS Security Essentials the Only Free Anti-Malware for Small Business?

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i am having microsoft windows server 2003 for small business server Service Pack 1.iwant to run an application build up with ASP.NET & SQL DATABASE.for generating reports we are using crystal reports.
while running the application i am gettig an error message as

File or assembly name CrystalDecisions.Web, or one of its dependencies, was not found.

i tried to copy all the dll files in to the bin folder.still the problem is not solved..
Source Error:
Line 13: debugging ASP.NET files.
Line 14: -->
Line 15: <compilation defaultLanguage="c#" debug="true"><assemblies><add assembly="CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine, Version=9.1.5000.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=692fbea5521e1304"/><add assembly="CrystalDecisions.ReportSource, Version=9.1.5000.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=692fbea5521e1304"/><add assembly="CrystalDecisions.Shared, Version=9.1.5000.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=692fbea5521e1304"/><add assembly="CrystalDecisions.Web, Version=9.1.5000.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=692fbea5521e1304"/></assemblies></compilation>
Line 16:
Source File: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\HomagIndiaCIS\web.config Line: 15

Assembly Load Trace: The following information can be helpful to determine why the assembly 'CrystalDecisions.Web' could not be loaded.
=== Pre-bind state information ===
LOG: DisplayName = ... Read more

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I want to upgrade a client's peer-to-peer network to an actual 2003 domain. I am comparing Server 2003 Standard Edition with Small Business Server. I thought that Small Business Server was Standard Edition with a few extras like Exchange Server, which I don't need. However, SBS is quite a bit less expensive than Standard, which surprises me. I haven't yet found a side-by-side comparison on Microsoft's website and was hoping some of you could help.

Why is SBS cheaper? What's missing that is included in Standard Edition? Which version should I recommend to my client? It's a small network that's unlikely to ever grow beyond 5 clients, if that's any help.

One important point is that we need full Terminal Services functionality. Are there any limitations on Terminal Services with SBS? I plan to set this client up with some remote access via Terminal Services Advanced Client.

Thank you for your help.

Answer:Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition VS. Small Business Server. Which should I go for

Would you actually be purchasing them?

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I want to choose an OS for a media server, has to be Windows. I have valid keys. The server hw is pretty old, its an old SuperMicro with AMD Opteron, 6GB DDR2 etc.

Which of these is going to have the lowest resource usage? I don't need to use any pc backup features, just run it as a server with the usual tasks like Plex/Emby, downloading etc.

Answer:Server Essentials 2012 R2 vs Windows 10 vs WHS 2011?

2012 Essentials gets my vote but I bet it's less featureful than WHS2011. Based on how many strange happenings I have on my workstation at work with a clean non-OEM install of Win10 TH2, I would not use it for a server at all. Here's to hoping 2016 is better in reliability than the counterpart 10...

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Ok, Hers the story; I purchased for Dell a PowerEdge 420SC with the windows 2003 SBE server, now as you may know if you use the OS Install CD thay provided with the server on any other dell computer it would install, with no serial nessesery.

Now I have a second Domain Controller (DC) that I want to add to my current network and the 2003SBE is the only one curently functionig as the DC.

So I went and i made the second server another DC in the existing network, now the 2003 SBE is complaing about licensing violations, and it shuts itself down and on top of all that is wont sync the domain.

So as i see it i need to "upgrade" this SBE server, and i dont see how i can do that with out haveing to re-do the entire domain (20 users/20 computers) and i dont need to go computer computer and transfer setting for 20 user and computers.

so what i want to know is there any way for me to change the SBE server into a STANDERD server?

Answer:Windows Server 2003 Small Business Server (DELL) - Changing the licensing to standert

Wait maybe Iím reading things wrong here but did you install the 2nd server with the same disk as the first server? There can only be one server running the sbs version of 2003 on a network everything else must be installed with a regular windows 2003 disk. If you installed the 2nd server with SBS as well then you need to promote the first server back to primary controller and then you will have to bring down that server and reformat with a regular 2003 disk

Windows Small Business Server is a single-domain solution that is not intended to be integrated with other Windows-based domains. You are not permitted to establish explicit trusts to other Microsoft Windows NT-based domains or to Active Directory service domains. Also, Windows Small Business Server does not let you create child domains. The computer that is running Windows Small Business Server must have all operations master roles and must be at the root of the Active Directory forest.

What I think happened is that when you brought up the 2nd server it grabbed the master roles and since they both NEED to be master because they're both sbs editions there's a problem. SBS is a good deal for a small business but you have to be aware of its restrictions.

Anyway before i go any further Iíll wait on more details on how everything is setup maybe Iím looking into stuff that doesn't apply

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Ok, Hers the story; I purchased for Dell a PowerEdge 420SC with the windows 2003 SBE server, now as you may know if you use the OS Install CD thay provided with the server on any other dell computer it would install, with no serial nessesery.

Now I have a second Domain Controller (DC) that I want to add to my current network and the 2003SBE is the only one curently functionig as the DC.

So I went and i made the second server another DC in the existing network, now the 2003 SBE is complaing about licensing violations, and it shuts itself down and on top of all that is wont sync the domain.

So as i see it i need to "upgrade" this SBE server, and i dont see how i can do that with out haveing to re-do the entire domain (20 users/20 computers) and i dont need to go computer computer and transfer setting for 20 user and computers.

so what i want to know is there any way for me to change the SBE server into a STANDERD server?

Answer:Windows Server 2003 Small Business Server (DELL) - Changing the licensing to standert

Nope. You shouldn't have gone around installing your copy of SBE on more than one computer!

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Here is the scoop.

Small Business - 7 employees and about 15 computers

Current Server -- runs Windows XP Pro. Serves primarily as data storage. The only programs that physically are installed on the server are

Windows XP Pro
QuickBooks Database Manager
Tax Software Database Manager
Acronis True Image for Backups
That's it.
We are set up in a peer to peer 10/100 Wired Network using a Workgroup setup. All computers are set to a specific IP address.

We use Cisco POE Networking equipment including a UC500 for the main component (it's phone system, network switch, fax receiver etc).

The reason I ask if we should change is we are going as paperless as possible and the UC500 will handle our fax situation for us but HAS to use exchange server to do so.

I tried ONCE to install and configure Small Business Server and was never able to get to run correctly (ie all the systems to see and access the server) and I have never used Exchange Server.

My questions relate as follows:

1 - Based on our usage is Small Business Server (or something like it) warranted. Will it help us or hurt us?

2 - What does it take to get it up and running correctly?

3 - Exchange Server does this need to run on the main Server unit or can this just be installed on another machine with Windows XP and let it do it's thing? If so how hard is it to install and configure?

4 - What is a fair price to pay someone to do this work if I cannot pull it off myself?
FYI - I do have all the softw... Read more

Answer:Small Business Server, Exchange Server -- Should we move to it?

GCS said:

1 - Based on our usage is Small Business Server (or something like it) warranted. Will it help us or hurt us?

2 - What does it take to get it up and running correctly?

3 - Exchange Server does this need to run on the main Server unit or can this just be installed on another machine with Windows XP and let it do it's thing? If so how hard is it to install and configure?

4 - What is a fair price to pay someone to do this work if I cannot pull it off myself?Click to expand...

#1- SBS would be great. However if you are planning to ever grow over 50 users in the next couple years, just spend the money and time NOW (if you can) and just go Standard. Getting away from SBS is a PITA.

#2- SBS is pretty easy. You use wizards on the whole thing. Install the OS, do step by step configurations, etc. I'd focus on getting your domain working first, then after it's running getting Exchange going.

#3- SBS includes Exchange. It's an all-inclusive system designed for small businesses.

#4- Might have more luck asking around in Networking forum, but maybe some of them would come in here and see this question as well. I know many of them pretty much charge flat rates for SBS installs.
All that said though, you're going to want to run a server OS on something better than workstation hardware. You need to be looking at buying some server hardware.

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Are server is starting to show its age and its time for a replacement. I am thinking that we really don't need to have a typical server. Right now we use our server for three things:
1. Host accounting software
2. Host time tracking software for employees
3. Host employee files - There are 10 employees who have computers and pull information from the server.

The cheapest I am looking at is over $2,000 between new server + install.

Is there a reason I couldn't just use build a decent W10 desktop and turn file sharing on?


Security - Currently, we have several people who are logging into the client computer instead of the server as the server doesn't support W10 clients. So having everyone log onto their client instead of the server wouldn't really change much. But, I wouldn't want anyone with our wifi password to be able to pull files off the server. Could I just create a homegroup and add each of the clients to it? This should allow me to password protect the data.

Internet - I am not 100% on how the internet is run, but the internet works fine even when the server is down. Would it be simple as unplug server and plug in new file server then set each client to pull from file server?

Is there anything I'm missing? Thoughts?


Answer:Small business. Do we really need a traditional server? What about just having a file server?

I generally wouldn't recommend using any desktop OS as a server outside of the home. Especially if you're dealing with critical data.

One, and don't take it personally, but if you don't have any idea how the network and routing is set up at the place, why are you replacing their servers? This is a recipe for disaster.

Two, you're going to need to nail down a lot more about the requirements for those accounting and time tracking software packages. That alone should give you an idea of server requirements. How much storage you need, and how you handle backups and such would be the next questions.

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Hi guys,

I work for a small company and as the most technically literate person here I have been charged with setting up the server. Its a Lenovo ThinkServer TS 130 with Windows Server 2012 Foundation. We need this server to do quickbooks, ECC, and Shipworks. We also have outside sales people the will need to get in out of office. I am not intimidated by the work but don't know where to start. If someone could help me out I would be incredibly grateful!

Thanks so much!

Answer:Small Business Server Help!

Call the vendors, they are your friends, if they won't do it for you, then they will at least send you the directions for installing/migrating.

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would windows 7 professional be enough as an OS for a small business server?

server mainly for:
file backup
file sharing
printer connection
simple website hosting

Answer:small business server OS

Others may not agree, but I'm always in the mindset of using the proper tool for the job. It sounds like Server 2012 Essentials would do the job nicely.

As for website hosting, given how cheap 3rd party hosting plans are, I wouldn't consider running one inside my network anymore.

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I have a friend that is starting his own business and he needs to set up a server where two computers can access the same software. Microsoft Office and Bankruptcy software are the two applications he needs the two client computers to have access to. What would be his best option to accomplish this? I have looked into MS Small Business Server (and Essentials) or Terminal Services but I am not sure what would be the best option. Or is there anything else out there I should consider.

I am an IT support tech for a company but have most of my experience in hardware.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Can SBS 2003 be setup using a router to do the routing and still be able to use Outlook Web Access and Sharepoint Services?

Also can you have your website hosted on a server with a servername .local and not .com?

If you don't have the answer can you point me in the right direction?

I am setting up a server that doesn't have a static IP address and planned on using as a dynamic updater. I wanted to have a business card website hosted on the server too. I host my own website on my server but have a .com name for my server and cannot get the outlook web access to work. I would like to have my cake and eat it too.
Thanks in advance,

Answer:Small Business Server

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Having trouble with this.

If I look in System, It says "Microsoft Windows Server 2003 for Small Business Server Service Pack 2".

However if I run the SBS Best Practices Advizor, it says I haven't gotten the SBS SP1 installed.

???? Perplexed.

Answer:Small Business Server SP1

Their is a seperate service pack for sbs that was different then the standard windows service pack. It is possible you installed straight sp2 and not the sbs sp2 I guess. The thing might not be able to realize sp2 as well.

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We have several Networks with Windows 2003 Small Business Server, and a variety of Operating Systems. So farWindows XP is the only problem. Day by day more people are being disconnected from the network. They get a message saying they're no longer connected to servername, yet they can still get internet. We have My Documents rerouted to the user folder. The only way to get the user back onto the domain is to unjoin them from the domain, and rejoin the domain. This started happening when SBS 2003 first came out, and weren't that many patches. It's starting to be seen on more then a hand full of computers now. We thought it may have been patches, but it wasn't. On the computers we replaced the network card, didn't work. We replaced the cabling, and that didn't work. We're at a loss, and can figure this out. We've looked it up on google, and saw it's happening to several people, and no one ever found a reply back. Windows 2000, and 98 have nver been disconnected, only the XP computers. Your help would me most appreciative.

Answer:Small business server

What is the DNS on the workstations?

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How many of you use Small Business Server 2008/11. I just got a new job with a small consulting company and SBS is one of the main products that they use for their clients. It looks pretty simple and installation automatically configures most of the stuff. I am going to download the trial and put it on my ESXi box to play with it.

Answer:How many of you use Small Business Server?

It's the most popular server we install for our clients.....can say it's my bread 'n butter.

Many people can set it up in a basic minimal fashion. But there's a TON of money to be made it REALLY getting your clients excited about it and using all of its functionality. Depending on the size of the much conversion from peer to peer or previous basic server is can easily get from 3k to over 7k just for the consulting/setup/training services that can compliment a good SBS setup.

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I am having an issue with Exchange and Small Business server 2003.

I need to create some Mailboxes for forwarding and re-directing purposes. However, when creating the user accounts and mailboxes, when I try to Modify the "Forwarding" properties it gives a "not an object" error.

The e-mail addresses that need to be forwarded to are outside of the Domain.

Is there anyone that give me a hand??

thx in advance.

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I currently manage a small business server(tower). It's currently to slow and does not have enough capacity for our needs.

Server Uses - DHCP, DNS, AD, PervasiveSQL, WSUS, File, Print, FTP, Antivirus

Possible additional uses - Exchange, pfSense

I'm currently proposing a 24u rack with the following components.
Dell - 2410 24u Rack Cabinet with casters
Dell 1850 - 2x Xeon 3.6GHZ, 4GB Ram, 2 73GB SCSI
Dell MD1000 - SATA Hard drives. 4 - 1TB Western Digital Drives in Raid 5, with plenty of room for expansion.
Tripplite Battery Backup - Rackmount, 1000w

My main question is connecting the MD1000 to the 1850. The 1850 is listed on the compatibility matrix for the MD1000, however im looking at this 1850 specifically.

Would that be compatible? Any input, suggestions, or feedback is appreciated.

Answer:Small Business Server Setup

as you appear to be running sql, that suggests you might be using some line of business application. take it from someone who has just been burnt - run your line of business application seperately from your small business server. also, pfsense is a router distro...the only way i can see you running this alongside sbs on the same hardware would be to virtualise them. for a production environment i would not recommend virtualising sbs, not unless you are going to run it on something quite a bit pokier than you are currently suggesting.

whats the budget for this project?

i've been really pleased with a poweredge 2900 III that i put in for a customer a few months back. single (dual capable) xeon quad core 2.5ghz, 4 gigs of ram, 5x 73gb 15k sas drives in two arrays, dual psu's, rd1000 backup. really nice performance, and honestly not that expensive - considerably less than the website price, get an account manager. this runs pretty much every feature of sbs 2003 r2, alongside sql and a line of business application - soon to be placed on it's own box!

run your sql on another box, appropriately specced for the number of users plus a bit of extra capacity for growth, and then run pfsense (also check out untangle) on something like a business hp desktop with some intel nic's.

edit: i suppose before getting on my soapbox and preaching at you about decent kit to buy, i should have asked what you are currently running all of those services on...often a few t... Read more

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We have a Power edge 2400 dell server running with sbs 2000, with all the client computers connected to it running on a network, we recently got a new server with sbs 2008, I am not able to connect the clients to this server because it has created a network of its own, when I run the connect program on the clients it gives me an error.The old server is acting as the domain controller, they are both connected to the same router. How do I connect the clients to the new computer now, I am not able to migrate because our old server has no active directly and nothing has been configured on it properly, it has been used as a file sharing system all these years. Waiting for replies

Answer:Small Business Server 2008

I've no idea about SBS2008, but SBS2000/2003 were intended to act on their own within a domain.  They don't play nicely with other domain controllers.  I strongly suspect the same is true of 2008.  You will need to remove the clients from the 2000 domain (while connected to that server) and then join them to the new domain with the new server connected.

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Hi, my existing network has 3 pc runnin win 2000 with dos client; and a server runnin a dos dispatch/accounting operating system as a workgroup network. I bought a new dispatch/accounting application that requires Windows Server. How do i configure windows Small Business Server 2003 so i can continue to use my old dispatch system and add a xp workstation and a server running SBS 2003 and my new dispatch software. I would like to be able to migrate my customer data base from old to new over a period of time but keep my operation running.I understand my new server will be the domain server which i will setup with 2 nic cards, a DSL router with a static IP. How do i set up my LAN so all 5 pc share data from both servers?

Answer:Small Business Server 2003

do you want us to help you pick up your paycheck too? Ummm.....

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How to configure my Small Business Server to send me notifications via e-mail if any services or error occur. I will also need performance logs also. How do I configure this?

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I AM HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM! WHOO, we can pull our hair out together!

currently I am following this:

we are running a SBS 2003 machine and it's acting as our dns server and domain controller. I want to make a copy of it and then promote the copy to the primary, demote the one that is dying to a secondary and eventually pull it off the network. the new SBS will then get the IP of the old one to pretty much copy it entirely.

I have also read that you can't have 2 SBS's running at once....but in this case you would not be running them at are only trying to make an exact duplicate of the one that is running. I keep saying "there has to be a way". I'm struggling a bit but I was going to try demoting my primary small business server and making the one i'm trying to duplicate the primary and see if that changes anything. this is frustrating and it seems microsoft doesn't have too much on the way of "fault tolerance" in the event you want to recreate a sbs if it fails...

my situation isn't a full upgrade...but it's similiar...i just want to copy the sbs i have now and recreate it on another machine before this one dies!

I also found might be helpful.

Answer:Small Business Server Issues

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread when you have a new issue. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread.

I've created a new thread for your issue here.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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I have recently acquired a Dell PowerEdge server from my employer and want to use it in my music studio. Its still runing Small Business Server at the mo, therefore I want to remove the OS, format both of the drives (which are mirrored btw) and install XP.

My questions are as follows:

1. Will the format require that I have to manually re-config the mirroring - I know there is no dedicated raid card in the machine, assumption is that its taken care of by the motherboard.....?

2. Can I go about the format as I would normally?

Would greatly appreciate any advice as I have gigs of audio which I could then backup onto I want this machine's spec, it kicks the proverbial out of my current one!

Answer:Removing Small Business Server for XP

If the mirror is created on the PERC then the mirror is maintained on the bios of the raid controller. So you won't have to re-create it.

You can format as part of the OS install. I assume you will use Windows 2003 server. If you're using Win 2k you will need to install the drivers for the raid card. Do this by hitting f6 frantically when you get the blue boot screen from booting from the windows disk.

If the raid controller is a PERC you can get drivers for them by looking up the service tag on Dell's site.

Does this help?

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Here at work we have one server which is doing everything...
-File Server
-Exchange Server
-Active Directory / Public folders / roaming profiles
-MSFT Business Contact Manager Database Server (running on SQL Server 2005)
-Quickbooks Database Server

I was looking into some some lag caused during morning peak hours, and I saw that it was maxed out on disk I/O. The server only had 2gb of RAM, so i figured it'd help to increase that.

Purchased 2 more gigabytes, Installed them, but only shows 3gb instead of 4. What should I do?

I've read a lot on this subject, but I get a LOT of conflicting information, especially because this server is doing so many different tasks. For example

technet blog
The predominant scenario where the /3GB switch is not only recommended, but actually required is with Microsoft Exchange servers that house public folders and / or mailboxes. Due to the way that Exchange handles memory management, the additional 1GB of user mode memory is required to ensure that the Store.exe process does not run out of virtual address space.Click to expand...

and then microsoft support
Because Microsoft Small Business Server installs as an integrated domain controller and Exchange server, we also do not recommend setting the /3GB switch when you run Exchange Server 2003 in a Small Business Server environmentClick to expand...

One makes it sound like i need it, the next makes it sounds like Small Business Server shouldn't ever do it.

Anyway, hopin... Read more

Answer:Server 2003 Small Business + 4gb RAM = /3g or not?

I don't get why adding 2 GB's of memory was how you wanted to address a disk I/O issue?

On SBS you should leave things alone, the /3gb switch has an effect on kernel mode and user mode memory. By default it's split down the middle. Kernel mode gets up to 2 GB, and user mode gets the same, up to 2 GB. If you've got disk I/O issues, you probably should look at extending the array with additional spindles or moving to faster disks.

Edit: as far as memory issues go, moving to 64bit could help a lot. Again, from your description its hard to tell if that has anything to do with your problem.

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I am running the above and all email for all the accounts seems to be going to the administrator - can anyone help ?

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I am installing a new windows 2003 small business server in my office, and I am now running a windows nt server. How can I transfer my shared files, and my quickbook files to my new server?What is the easiest way of doning this? Please help me. Can I use active directory with small business server? If so how. One more question can I stop the server from locking it self after I leave it alone for a while. PLease help.

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We have a pc running Small Business Server 2000. When we start the server up, if we don't logon right away the computer freezes when the logon screen saver comes on. The only way to get back to the logon is to physically shutdown the computer. After logging in to the server I checked the screen saver settings and it says there is no screen saver selected. What is causing this to happen and how can I fix it? Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Small Business Server 2000

After you installed the Server OS be sure you have all the current drivers for your deivces and then apply the latest service pack to the OS. Also check to make sure there is no power management stuff active in the BIOS....not a good thing on a server!!

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Hi, i'm about to move to a small business which currently manages its existing 4 workstations using laptops connected to wifi.
When i start we will be bringing in another couple of pc's, and i was wondering whether it would be worth our while managing the computers via a mini server, and if so, what equipment would be recommended?
I'm coming from an organisation which has 100+ pc's, printers, etc on a network managed by 2 servers. i have a little bit of IT knowledge but have never managed one of these servers by myself.
Any recommendations welcome.

Answer:Should I Install a small business server

It's impossible to say.
There are so many variables that need looking at to see whether it's needed or not.
My instinct is saying, the complexity introduced will likely outweigh the benefits for six computers. But as I said, there's many more questions that need to be asked before any sort of decision could be made. Not least of which is, how sensitive is the data on the machines.
Personally, I don't like wifi for businesses, preferring the more secure cabled approach. Perhaps that's just my inherent mistrust of anything that can be intercepted by someone else. Passwords and phrases are the weakest link as it's been proven over and over again in exploits. The craving for ease of use often outweighs common sense when it comes to security.

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Dear all,

Recently i noticed that everytime i login as another user on my PC and configure exchange email for that specific user i noted that it takes another 4GB from my Small Business server hard drive.

Any idea of why this happenes or how i can prevent this?

Thanks all.

Answer:Question about Small Business Server

//scratches head.

How are you measuring this?
Which partition on the server gains this much weight?

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It might help to read my previous post found in a different forum:

This is just to clarify on what I was told in response to my previous thread.

For my small business, I have another company located in a different part of the country that will need to remotely access my server and use it as if that computer was sitting directly in front of them. The problem is I need multiple users to work on this computer at the same time.

In response I was told that I need to have a Terminal Server. I have the box that I would use the Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition software on, here are some specs:

CPU: P4 2.8 Ghz
Ram: 1 GB SDRAM (cant confirm speed at current moment); can upgrade ram if need be
HD: 160 GB

If I bought the Windows Server 2003 SE for $999; and then bought a 5 pack of TS Client Access Liscenses for $749....would at LEAST 5 users from this partnering company be able to access the computer at the same time as if the computer were sitting in front of them, and are the specs of this computer enough to manage those 5 users without too much distraction?

Is the box even fast enough? Or do I need to invest in a more powerful server?

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Quick question on Win 2k3 Small business server do I just have to "reset" my computer do get the license back? I accidently deleted WS03 and now the server thinks on my domain that WS03 is still active, can I correct that and get that license back to? I'm better on software with apps than on OS's to be honest and my server experience is pretty basic up til now. See attached. I only have 10 licenses and am thinking of adding another user. I figure this is a pretty basic question if someone knows how to restore a computer and then reset it on the server, or do I have to find the machine in question and do something first? Thanks in advance

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I was wondering if it would be better to build or buy a server. If it's better to buy, please recommend a few good pre-built servers. If it's better to buy, please recommend a good parts list.

It's mainly going to be a ESXi host with maybe 8 VMs, most of them running SQL Server. My budget is around $2500. Can you guys help me out?

Answer:Build or buy a server for small business?

Please see:

Just about everyone here will tell you that you will be better off building, assuming you the skills and/or patience to do it.

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A friend of mine is going to give me a copy of small business server 2003 and I have a question, can it be an active directory domain controller or did microsoft strip that feature out of small business server 2003?

Answer:Can small business server 2003 be a DC?

Small Business Berver HAS to be the Primary Domain Controller.

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I want to set up my laptop to access the office network (running Windows SBS 2003. The laptop runs on Windows XP Professional.I have administrator rights on the office network, and am already a user via my PC in the office. I thought I would simply be able to use my user logon for the laptop, but not so.How do I do it?

Answer:Small Business Server 2003

I can't help - so I'll just bump this posting to the top.

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Microsoft is ending SBS product with the new Server 2012 product comes out. SBSe will become Windows Server 2012 Essentials (tying into Office 365 and other MS cloud solutions. SBS Standard will be eliminated. So I guess this means a more traditional two DC setup, separate Exchange server for my small business clients who want or require in-house servers.

I'm not terribly happy with this decision.

Answer:No more Windows Small Business Server

well this sucks.

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Hey guys,

Looking for a rack-mounted server for a small business to store about 1TB of data on (Plus growth). What are your recommendations?

Contemplating Linux, but might go Windows Server 2008 (simplicity for the owner)
2 core 3.0+ Ghz or Quad core 2.6+ Ghz
3 TB or more (SATA would be fine) RAID 5 or better
2x Gb Ethernet

Use: storage location for about 20x Windows PC backups as well as come Quicken data. That's it. Data to be stored form the PCs can amount to 1TB or more.

No active directory
No fancy services really.

I'm hoping to keep < $3000

I've been looking around at IBM, HP, Dell, but I have no experience with any of these aside from an old dell R900 and some Sun servers.

I appreciate any help and will elaborate on areas if needed. One question though... Worth going rack-mounted? or should I convince him to use tower form factor?

Answer:Recommended Small Business Server

Does your switch support 802.3ad (LACP, Aggregation, whatever else they call it). ? I assume thats your reasoning for multiple NIC?

Any of the vendors mentioned will have entry level hardware platforms for small business. If you're using Linux, use a viable distribution, that has paid support option available to you. There's nothing that hurts more than telling your boss your free OS is having issues and you have to read forums all day to track the error, when a few bucks upfront can buy you some backend support when you need it, now.

If you go 2K8R2 (and I personally suggest you do, especially if you're in a all Windows environment anyway). Load it with as much memory as reasonably possible. If you think 4GB is good, put 8GB in.

Regardless, no matter what option you choose, load it up with memory, and have a backup solution built into your $.

You can easily get those needs into a 3k machine.

Rack mount looks cool, but if you have the room for a tower setup, its going to generally be cheaper to have configured pound for pound, and it allows for more
expansion generally speaking.

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Hi All,

I work for a small non profit in the chicagoland area; we have previously used a Dell Desktop with RAID 1 as a fileserver of sorts, but something seems to be wrong on the hardware level regarding the onboard raid (motherboard issues I think) and I am looking to replace it.

I've been looking at the Dell T110 II but Dell will only include a Raid controller if you order the hard drives from them, and they want to charge $916 for 2 2TB hard drives. Suffice it to say, that won't fly with our director.

Since we only really need a very reliable file server, should I:

1. Buy the server without onboard RAID and get a 3rd party RAID controller to use my own drives
2. Get a regular old desktop from the home store (or build one myself) and use the onboard RAID?
3. Try to convince my boss to pay up for the "factory engineered reliability" of Dell's HD's?
4. Another option?


Answer:Buying a small business server

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I have installed a test version on a dual boot laptop as I want to start learning how to runa proper server network for my business.

The install is complete. I went through all four disks.

What I haven't got a clue about si how to add the ext4a machnes on my network. When i go my Computr- properties- change and change the workgrooup to dominan local.smallbusiness I get an error message.

Must the operating ststems ( XP pro and XP64 PRro be reinstalled for all these machines?? there are 5 in total.

Also just for a real small business is it good to go this way. I value the exprerience and technical advancements but if It won't bear any dividents compared to a workgroup then please explain why?

Answer:Server 2003 for small business

1. Please slow down when you type and spell things correctly. It's hard to read.
2. What is the error message?
3. You do not have to re-install the OS in order to add it onto a domain.
4. Do you have the server running when you're trying to add other computers? It's not clear from your post.
5. What are the needs of the business? If they need things like an exchange server, then you may want to look into Small Business Server 2003 (commonly referred to as SBS 2003) as it has more features and is very cost effective.

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I am unable to change user and or admin passwords logged in as either. It returns an error, of not being able to find the specified file. I am curious as to the correct procedure and or troubleshooting advice at rectifying this issue.?

Also, In exchange 2003 what is the easiest way to make exchange user email boxes available to mobile users from the outside (like pop3 email), as opposed to requiring them to login in to the remote web access module to check mail. Many would prefer to open Microsoft Outlook and click send / receive, and have it automatically download the email.

Thanks in advance to all the experts lurking.
Novice Admin.

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I'm setting a Small Business Server system. Right now I'm just doing testing and have a single Windows XP Pro client. I went into the system and created a user and added the computer to the domain (using the built-in wizard that runs at setup time). I'm then directed to go the client system and point the browser (IE 6 in this case) at a URL on the server. I can get to the server just fine (pings also work between the systems) but, when I try to join the client to the doman, I get a message indicating that the list of computers in the domain can't be found! When I go into the Active Directory on the server I can see that both the username and the client computer are present. Anyone ever seen this and/or know of a solution?


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Hi, my existing network has 3 pc runnin win 2000 with dos client; and a server runnin a dos dispatch/accounting operating system as a workgroup network. I bought a new dispatch/accounting application that requires Windows Server. How do i configure windows Small Business Server 2003 so i can continue to use my old dispatch system and add a xp workstation and a server running SBS 2003 and my new dispatch software. I would like to be able to migrate my customer data base from old to new over a period of time but keep my operation running.I understand my new server will be the domain server which i will setup with 2 nic cards, a DSL router with a static IP. How do i set up my LAN so all 5 pc share data from both servers?

Answer:small business server 2003

A few ideas -

Since the SBS is set to be on a domain. I would say you could leave it on the domain and leave all PC's on the Workgroup you have then you will need to make sure to setup the permissions on the server so you can connect in to the drives and application that resides on it...

Does this new application run directly off the server or does it just require a network drive mapping?

If the application is loaded directly on the server and can be ran on it and it does not have to be housed on a client PC. Then you can Remote Desktop into the SBS server and load the 2000 clients with the Remote Desktop Client found here - and then be connected diretly to the server and do what you need to. Then over time as you go to the new system fully you can add machines to the domain and then phase out the dos app.

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I have a friend that wants to setup a little network in his automotive repair shop. Talking 2 computers in the office and another in the reception area, that could be used for general browsing while customers wait and the likes.

I'm leaning towards SBS2003 because of a few features he wants.

-RDC from home, so his wife can handle the financial stuff and day to day of the shop.
-Centralized storage for schematics, logs and the likes.
-Able to share documents, calendars and such.

I showed him a small jist of what SBS can do and he seems to like it, now I just need to find the hardware to run it. I was looking at a PowerEdge T105 with 4GB of RAM.

I know the requirements are low, but I just wanted to make sure that the T105 wouldnt be wouldn't be underpowered, and would fit right.

TIA for any and all input!

Answer:Low Budget Small Business Server.

skip the T105, skip AMD, go with the T100. Altought it is just a Optiplex machine pretty much. Only handles raid 1.

may want to compare pricing to the T100 vs the Poweredge 840. Poweredge 840 should be replaced or discontinued so should have good deals. could also go with the outlet. But sometimes when i compare the smaller ones vs PE 840 with Raid5 we only see like a 100-200 difference.

I have a 105 in the office as a bitch box I dont like it much, but for 3 computers should be fine.

I would also just use pop3 connector for email, and just a dynamic dns name to access RWW.

should be a cheap easy setup to get going tho.

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I have a dual opteron machine running SBS.
Everything was working fine on our network until we changed the local acces policy.Now, all VPN's are down and all external RDC connections are down.

I can access the server via RDC internally via its IP assdress. However, anything external has failed.

I have confirmed that all local policies allow remote access.
The SBS acting as DHCP and handles all routing. There are no other servers.

The only change that was made was changing a local policy to allow a user to access the server locally.

We were making a mirror image of the server and when we set it up on a new machine, we could not reinstall new drivers for the network because local access was denied.
So we changed this setting by removing the remote access ability on one account. This allowed us local access with that one account.

Now all VPN and external RDC's are down?

Any ideas?

there are a total of 6 desktop client users and 5 mobile VPNS.

Answer:Windows Small Business Server

From your post, I am going to make an assumption that you are using Routing and Remote Access (RRAS).

1. I would remove the policy that affected the connectivity.

2. I would need to know weather another HW firewall is involved in this. It appears that the ports are not being forwarded properly. Which would explain why you are unable to connect from the outside.

Hope this helps...

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I had to close my business last year for personal reasons. I have the server my no longer have the password to 'open' it up. I'm desperate and have tried everything today...have to access my QuickBooks files. Everything was backed up to Mozy, but don't have that password either.
Also, I have a MyBook sitting here, which may have the files I need, but don't know if it does, how I would hook it up, etc.

Any ideas?? Can I somehow bypass the 'login' of the server (I researched online and apparently I can, but would have to have two Internets running...maybe I could do that with my router?)

It's complicated, but maybe someone can help.


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I was using a dedicated computer as a server for my small business and recently purchaced a new server. I am having a problem turning that dedicated computer(old server), I cannot figure out how to....1. remove the partition in the harddrive , 2. after the partition is gone reformat the HD so that I can install windows 2k and use this as a workstation. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm running out of hair! Thanks in advance.


Answer:Trouble with MS Small business server 2k

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Just found MS Small Business Server 2003 180 Day Trial version in a draw.
Anyone used it? Is it worth playing with? And comes with FrontPage2003?
Or just very nice coasters??

Answer:Small Business Server 2003

Yep, just coasters

You can get SBS 2008, Server 2012, etc... trials for free from the net. SBS 2003 is over 10 years old now, so I don't think it would be worth tinkering with if you can run some of the later trials.

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i didnt know where to put this...
maybe a server forum should be created...
(or maybe im being stupid and missed it)


i have a power edge server running small business server.
im trying to get exchange working...

i installed SR-2 for SBS

the problem is that the IIS is causing errors so i need to
reinstall IIS...

i started to folow the procedure for reinstalling IIS
and now its asking for a cd...

they have sbs cds but not sr-2 only standard sbs
do i need to download a sbs service pack two edition
or will the standard cds work...

any advice appreciated...

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i have 3 computers and want to buy a server computer so the 3 computers can run the same program where all 3 share the same data form the program and when one computer saves something new in the data base of the program all 3 computers show the update.

what equipment do i need and how do i do it

Answer:need help building a small business server

The equipment is secondary to the capability of the application in question. You have to have a multi-user application for something like this to work. Why don't we start with the name of the application you're going to be using?

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First, I'd like to thank you all for your site!  Awesome reads!The skinny:Sm company running SBS 2003r2 with all updates4 nodes running xp sp3All have typical setups (running the ConnectComputer...etc.) I did the normal setup on the server as well (running the wizards)  I'm not certified, but probably certifiable.  I'm relatively new to SBS and servers in general.  Here's my problem:  The network and all computers working great.  Then, last Thursday, one user can log into the domain, but when she wants to get to the "companyweb" or other "server" sites, it is requesting she log in.  Once, she does, it's all fine.  But everytime she opens the "companyweb" it will request her to log in.  She can surf the www, but not the company site.  This had happened once before and because the user had let his password expire, and I reset password. It worked.  I checked to see if she is allowed to be in the website, she is.  This time, it's not working and I'm at my wits end. I'd appreciate any suggestions.  All the best,Brian

Answer:Small Business Server - Companyweb

Did you already read the basic information? Microsoft has went a number of security updates. User Log-In is one of the issues.

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Our company is looking to either build or buy a new server. Currently running on a pretty old SBS 2003 box. We are looking to move up to SBS 2008 and bring our email back in house with Exchange. The company currently has less than 25 employees. I'm finishing up my last few semesters of college, and then I will become full time. I've never actually built a server so I'm leaning towards just buying one, however building obviously offers pretty good savings.

I'm confident in setting up and running the software but a little leary on hardware. Just shopping around on newegg I see a ton of difference between building a normal box and a server. Since we are only looking at a standalone box this is why I thought to build rather than buy. Any recommendations?

Answer:Small Business Server - Build or buy?

Well it really comes down to risk, and availability of parts. The question to ask yourself is are the savings worth the lack of warranty, having a new part on site the next day, when your server is down, is a beautiful thing.

Have a look at refurbished units, you can get some great price breaks, and the equipment is basically new.

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Good Morning. We are a smaller retail business with 20+ stores located in 3 states. We are seeking a linux proxy server solution that has the ability to filter/block inappropriate websites and content. My assumption is that I will get a linux proxy server up and running at one of the stores than configure the DNS servers in each company computer and/or laptop to connect to it. Now, a few questions ....

#1: Does anyone have any good proxy solution for someone who is not well versed in proxy servers? Also, while i'm not sure what difference this will make ... we will be directing all stores computer to this remote proxy server that will be present in one of our locations. This is not to proxy server that will only be running within the same network of the computers.

#2: Is there a way to PREVENT store employees from changing the DNS servers on there computers to circumvent the proxy? I know you can change it at the router however changing it in windows will bypass the router settings.

Our store computers run Windows XP or Vista ... with a few Windows 7 computers in the mix. We need a solid FREE solution that will solve our problem. We have used OpenDNS in the past, which is an easy to use solution UNTIL employees start changing the DNS servers.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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OK. I asked this on another forum, and I'm curious about general opinions on this idea:

With the new dual HT/ Quad core chips out lately, I've been thinking about a potential market: home server for proxy/ firewall/ centralized storage with backup or a very small business (3-10 users) server with Base Linux OS and virtualized Windows DC/ file/ print server, Linux SQL server, and Linux Web server for a web based accounting/ POS app. I'm sure they could be useful.

The big things would be idle power consumption, performance, and cost. (I suppose the idle power consumption would be part of the cost, but I'm narrowing it down a bit.)

Which would be better?
1. AMD Athlon II X4 635 (quad core, 2.9Ghz, $119), 8GB memory, 760G motherboard
2. Core i5 530 (dual core with HT, 2.93Ghz, $125), 8GB memory, H55 motherboard

The cost difference, with the same memory, is currently about $52 in AMD's favor ($360 compared to $412)
the power consumption is in Intel's favor. I am not considering overclocking.

What do you guys think?

Answer:Home/ very small business server

Have you seen WHS?
I mean, it's truly a Windows HOME Server...Does all of this minus the POS.

It's truly very slick software. Slick enough, an example: if you have File1.xlsx on Machine 1, and the same File1.xlsx on Machine 2- it'll only back that file up ONE time.

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Hi guys, I want some tips on that one. I don't know if this is the right place for it, if it is not, please move it mods. Thanks.

A small business, with approx. 7 computers plus 2-6 roaming notebooks. Right now, one of the computers have a shared folder that serve others. Problem is, this machine is failing like crazy. Plus the fact that it doesn't have much in the way of access restrictions, and it is not reliable... Win7 doesn't like share access outside of "HomeGroup", and it's easier to put roaming computers (like some lappys some people bring) to access a share than to join the Home Group all the time.

(edit: all desktop computers run Windows 7 64-bit, most lappys too. Only 2 of the laptops runs XP).

I want to implement some kind of a server structure, with all the files and printers on one machine. It would be nice to have some kind of access control for the files and printers, nothing too fancy, just two or three group of users, folders that are shared for each group member's only, folders for each user individually, etc. Something like roaming profiles would be nice, but not urgent.

Any tips on getting this running? I got a WinServer 2008 R2 trial, but I haven't get to it yet. Can I do this using Linux reliably and easily? Or is WinServer a better way?

I don't work there, it's for my mother. I have my regular job, so I don't have much time to maintain this - but I like to tinker with it, I would try... Read more

Answer:Server for a Small Business - tips

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I am in need of a disk for Windows small business server 2000 cd/dvd i have a dell license with my old poweredge and i would like a disk for it , If anyone knows a place i could get a download of the disk ( to use with my license) or a place to order it cheap... I would appreciate it!

Answer:Windows 2000 Small Business Server

I think the key will be specific to the Dell media so it may be an eBay job.

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Hi all
Had a problem with outgoing mail not being sent. Restarted server and now it won't finish booting. Stays at "applying computer settings" and never finishes. Where do I start?

Answer:Small Business Server won't finish booting

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Hi all,

I am trying to set up a new user in MS small business server running exchange.

From the "Small business administrator console" I click on "Users" "Add user", I then get a "folder Add User not found warning"??. Can I go about setting up a user and exchange mail box in a different way or do I need to install the Add User folder?

Any help greatly appreciated.


Answer:New user MS 2000 small business server

Hi Replying to my own message but thought may assist others. When set up as a domain not a work group the user is set up in "Active Directory Sites Services Users and Computers" then add the user in the users section, I live and learn ( however slowly)

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I work in a Architects office, we have a small network setup with Exchange Server and a File Server Machine. Our File Server is 640GB and it is almost 90% full, we used to have an IT guy but now he is gone.

It is very important for us to setup a backup system. Our network is run as follows:

1. Domain server,
2. Exchange Server
3. File Server (640GB)
4. 10-12 computers.

So what would be the best/cheap option for us to create a automatically backup of our file server. I was thinking in Setup a RAID 1, configuration in one of our computers with 2-2TB hardrives and get some software to backup the info regularly there.

We have not money to spend and we want to be able to use the hardware we already have?

Any help will be appreciated.

Answer:Best Backup for Small Business File Server!

In order to have an effective backup system so that the recovery time of the backed up data is efficient and so that you can recover from a disaster as efficiently as possible you will need to first need to state how much backup space you have and how these backups are going to be stored physically (Are they going to be easily stolen?) once you have that in mind you need to state what backup procedure you would like to implement since you would not have a never ending supply of backup capacity so that you can restore to any hour of any day if need be.

If you have enough storage capacity I would recommend you implement a Grandfather, Father and Son backup scheme. so that data can be retained for as long as possible and if a particular file needs to be restored from 2 months ago then it can.

Once you have chosen a backup scheme we can then help with how to backup your data. Firstly can I ask where the data you would like to backup is stored? Is it on the local server or the local machines? Also how was your data backed up previously?

Hope This Helps,

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basically a friend of mine works for a small business in town. they need a server to store tons of research and databases on it so it can be accessed from the network. they also want to be able to access these files while they are at home via internet. now the computer is easy part, some sort of dual core machine with mirrored raid drives and fast internet connection with decent network.

is gigabyte network worth it?

and for accessing the files away from the office, would you recommend setting up vpn for everyone to access? if so, which vpn service and how? if not, should i go with some sort of ftp server setup? any suggestions would be appreciated. its been awhile since i have done this. thanks.

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I work as a paralegal in a small law firm (4 people) and I also moonlight as the IT person in the office. I'm not a network professional by any stretch of the imagination but before I began working as a paralegal, network administration was the path I was walking.

I learned enough to understand the basics of a file/fax/application/backup/print servers and got those setup here in our small office. I also had a bit of training with active directory but again, I wouldn't exactly call that training extensive, nor do we have an active directory here at the office. We operate as a simple workgroup.

In our office, we all use yahoo/gmail for our emailing needs and while it suits us just fine, it does look rather unprofessional to put on a business card or give out to other attorneys/law professionals. I would like to setup a mail server so that we can have centralized archiving and a professional looking email address.

We have a server running windows server 2003 / SBS 2003 and a static external ip address from our ISP.

I've done a bit of searching around and I would prefer not to pay some hosting site an absurd amount of money per address. What would be the best way for me to go about setting up a mail server for our small business? Should we host it on site since we have a static ip? We have plenty of space on the server, 3TB free to be exact. We also have plenty of bandwidth to spare.

Would it be easier to rent space from a hosting service and ru... Read more

Answer:Setting up a small business mail server...?

While I have done some SBS 2003/2008 work I am by no means an expert. If you have an SBS 2003 server then you already have Exchange and the ability to host your own e-mail. But, to do so will entail a certain level of risk in exposing that server to direct connections from outside entities. Also consider this. If e-mail is a critical communication path for the firm then having your e-mail hosted may be worthwhile. Should your connection drop or, heavens forbid, your server die, then you will still be able to communicate.

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Does it support more than one domain controller? I thought I heard that with it you can only have one DC, is that true? If not, is there something else limiting about it that I should know of? TIA

Answer:Small Business Server, Quick Question

DragonNOA1 said:

Does it support more than one domain controller? I thought I heard that with it you can only have one DC, is that true? If not, is there something else limiting about it that I should know of? TIAClick to expand...

SBS must be the root DC and hold all of the FSMO roles.

You can add additional domain controllers, but you must adhere to the previous statement.

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Hi all,

I'm trying to find an antivirus solution for sbs 2003 - i have Norton on all my workstations so don't need anything to kick out to all of them. Also, does anyone have any opinions on what i should use to secure the MS exchange 2003 server?

thanks in advance..

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Just bought a laptop for our office with Windows 8 pro.

Trying to add it to our network of servers/printers/etc.

Our server is a desktop that runs Windows 2003 server. From there I can manage all users. Usually with the users I set up, I can simply add user/password, and I am able to hook up to network. All stations run windows xp.

Few questions, what is the best way to connect laptop so it can access servers, printers etc? can it do it wirelessly?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as the newbie IT guy in our small Real Estate office.


Answer:Adding laptop to small business server

im going to assume your network is using Active Directory.
On the server go to (bear with me havent used 2003 in a while) I think if u go START then My computer right click on my computer and go to properties. in that window look for computer name then you should see "Domain" does it have a name for domain?
I think you can also open a command prompt and type in "ipconfig /all" and look for DNS suffix.

If there is a domain name on the laptop go to Computer > right click > go to properties > go to computer name > click Change > select Domain bubble > type in that domain name > click OK > it will ask for credentials, type in an administrator account that is on that win2k3 box.
It can do all of that wirelessly no problem. Do you know if you have a print server?

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With Microsoft no longer supporting their SBS in the future I have been looking into other, much cheaper, solutions for small business' than what Microsoft will have to offer. I was just curious if anyone has had any experience with Zentyal and what their thoughts are about it? Also what kind of hardware do you think would be needed for a company with about 30 users? Are there any other Linux based solutions that you would recommend? Thank you.

Answer:Zentyal Small Business Server (Linux)

wyatcj said:

Are there any other Linux based solutions that you would recommend? Thank you.Click to expand...

Check out ClearOS....branched off of a distro years ago you may have heard of..ClarkConnect.

Spend some time with both, choose the one you need. I'd focus on fast can you get good is it.
I've made most of my living off of SBS...but I doubt I'll spin over to *nix for a replacement. Can continue to earn income from reselling O365, managing clients networks...providing BDR services, etc.

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Hi all,
I am running a small business server 2003. I am getting a HTTP error 401 when I try to bring up the configure backup option in server management. The program is asking for a login and password. I have given it a valid login and password and the request window for login and password continues to appear. After times it fails with an ASP.NET error and at the end of the error states HTTP error 401.
Look where it suggested ie, Microsft KB and IIS help. Still can't seem to find a solution. The only thing I can remember doing prior to this error appearing was setting up a FTP Server.

Any and all help would be appreciated

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Anyone have a suggestion for a proxy server app for a small company running a 2K AD domain. I am running spector cne for monitoring purposes and it works great. In fact I would highly suggest the program to anyone looking to monitor employees work habits. However, after numerous failed attempts to get the site blocking functionality working with a spector tech, they basically suggested going with a standalone proxy. Looking for something that's not going to break the bank to deploy within the next few months.

Answer:A good small business proxy server?

ipcop, with advproxy, urlfilter, and block-outgoing-traffic.

That's what we're going to implement.

does AD (LDAP) authentication, Windows (NT) authentication, radius, local... etc.

pretty nice.

Very easy to setup and maintain as well (built from linux, runs it's own custom distro)

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My Server won't shut down.

My Remote Access Router exe will not activate or come up.

I think I want to 'clean' the entire Server and start over. How can I safely do this?


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Will Mac OS 10.2 & 10.3 have the ability to save files to our Small Business Server 2003 domain controller?

Answer:OS 10.2 & 10.3 using Small Business Server file shares

In short, yes, but you have to disable the following policies in your domain's GPO:

- Microsoft network server: Digitally sign communications (always)
- Microsoft network server: Digitally sign communications (if client agrees)

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Hey guys,

I was wondering if any knows of the incompatibilities/issues when trying to connect to a Windows SBS 2003 using SMB. I have a client that is trying to scan a document via a copier to a network folder but even though the machine has the correct domain user name, password, permissions and hostname/folder details, it will give an authentication error. On this particular copier, you have the option to browse to the folder, but this also fails.

I do know that the scan to folder option works, because we have had the copier scanning to individual PCs before. One of my colleagues who is on vacation had something similar happen to him, but obviously I cannot get in contact with him.

Any advice would be great.

Answer:SMB & Windows Small Business Server 2003

It appears to be a common problem; most of the info I found is that the Digitial Signing would need to be turned to disabled in Domain Controller Default Policy. Though this did not help this machine, it looks like what would cause the issue.

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Hey guys,

I have a Small Business Server 2003 STD in a HP ML330 Server.

I have a good one for you all!

Its a standard install of SBS2003, it only seams to run 32-bit software applications, and it will NOT run 16-bit applications, this includes 16-bit setup.exe files!

Need help on this, cant figure it out!

Thanks for all your input.

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I am trying to confirm that I need additional CALs for SBS 2008 in a work group environment. The server will be sharing files locally and running a third party software program that the clients (~20 workstations) will connect to. All authentication is done through this other software, and the workstations (running XP pro) will not be using any other services on the server.

Do I need a CAL for each of the workstations that is going to be connecting? I am assuming that file sharing would count as a service, but I can't find any information pertaining to work groups.

Thanks in advance for any advice

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I would love to post a hijack this report or TSG sys info but I can't even log into my server DELL Poweredge 420 server running 2003 Small Business Server. CTRL-ALT-DELETE doesn't work--I have tried many different keyboards. I have backup's of the user data, but not of the server system partition data. The client computers seem to be working OK but one running XP Professional I'm sure has a virus. I am more concerned about the server at this point and what is going on. I could clean up the client computer but I think it would just get reinfected from the server. Notice this is an old server and this could be a hardware failure also. I've had the memory fail once which I had to replace.

Things I was thinking of doing.
1. Boot Ubuntu 10.4 from a thumb drive on the server (not sure this would work), and copy all the server data off the system and data partitions to an external hard drive.

2. I have a RAID 1 mirror (two 80 gb drives), and I was thinking of breaking the mirror C: and D: drives and loading a new installation of XP or Small Business server on the C: drive and seeing if I could run some virus program pointing to the secondary plex on the D: driver to clean it up and restore from there. I would really like to see if I could get a bootable CD or DVD that would boot from the E: drive and be able to do virus cleanup. Any help here would be a god send.

If you think I should post to the server forum I will. Just thought this might be the righ... Read more

Answer:Small Business Server 2003 Hijacked.

The server problem was fixed by a recommendation from a fellow techie. Log onto to the server in safe mode and see if the problem ctrl-alt-delete not working problem goes away -- which it did!. I was then able to log in without being in safe mode.

Thank god it was that easy. No virus found after logging in.

The client computer is crashing with BSOD mentioning watchdog.sys. I will follow the instructions given at the top of this forum and post that problem separately.


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I asked this awhile back but I wanted to check back in with you all. I'm running windows small business server 2003 in which I have some connected to it through VPN connections. Is there an easy/free way to offer these users that are connected to my server through VPN remote assistance?

Answer:remote help through small business server 2003

You don't need VPN...just use Remote Web Workplace. Ports 4125 tcp and 443 tcp forwarding to the LAN IP of the server.

From there...when logged into RWW as the have the ability to offer remote assistance to the workstation users of the SBS LAN.

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I have an XP Pro installed in my computer and i want to install Small Business Server 2003 Premium Edition on the same computer. Do i need to format first the computer and install Small Business Server 2003? I'm not really sure in this case

Answer:Windows Small Business Server 2003

Partition your hard drive and isntall it. Use Partition Magic to partition. Then you can dual boot.

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Hi All,

I am running MS2000 small business server with a domain set up (not a work group), I am also running MS Exchange. When I go to add a new user in the Administrator console, I am advised that the home folder does not exist? Am i setting up the user in the right area and will they automatically be given an Exchange server email box?

Thanks for any help.


Answer:New user in MS2000 small business server

Hi Replying to my own message but thought may assist others. When set up as a domain not a work group the user is set up in "Active Directory Sites Services Users and Computers" then add the user in the users section, I live and learn ( however slowly)

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I have a small business and currently run 2 pc's one of which is the server. They are both around 3 years old however the server has started to run very slow. I've been advised that I may be as well to buy a new pc to replace this but don't want to di that if it will not improve the speed. I've also been advised to run a seperate server that doesn't get used as a pc. I have very little knowledge of computers and would appreciate some help.

Answer:Slow server help required for small business

If it once ran fast enough, but doesn't now, it's almost certainly not a new PC you need - hardware doesn't wear out/slow down over time. What you almost certainly need is to restore your server PC to some earlier time when it hadn't accumulated all the crap that tends to slow PCs down over time. Worst case, a fresh install of Windows would help - but /\FruitBat/\ may be along with his comprehensive list of less drastic things you can try in order to de-crapify your computer.

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This pertains to Small Business Server on an XP system that is 2 years old.
Found a "bad block" in my event view. The Disk Manager shows one of the raid drives with and exclamation point, but it shows healthy. I can right click and it shows I can reactivate it. I have never done this so would like to know what it will do.

Any other suggestions?

Answer:Small Business Server 2003 problem

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i have just purchased windows 2003 server small business edition.
i need to know whether i can use the features, such as active directory to control users and shares etc over a wireless network???
I'm sure i can but any information on it would be great.


Answer:Windows 2003 server small business

active directory ect should not be affected by the way you connect to your network

i am not expert but

using wires or wireless should work fine


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I have an older seagate travan 4 tape backup that came with backup exec 2.0. I have small business server 2003 and am only going to backup some shared documents as the tape is only 4-8 gig capacity.

Should I get the latest version of backup exec or is the built in back up utilty reliable? Since the new version of Backup exec is several hundred bucks I was wondering about the pros & cons besides price?


Answer:backup Small Business Server 2003

Travan tapes are not the most reliable media out there, I would try it with the built-in first and make sure it actually works. Make sure it backs up and then make sure you can actually restore from the tape. According to all I have read the built-in works fine. I have read about issues with back-up exec and some other programs running on SBS 2003.

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Hi All,

I have an SBS server that is unable to have computers added to the domain because every time the DNS goes to look up _msdcs.<ourdomain>.com it encounters Error 32 which it says is caused by high load. Seeing as we can't get anything onto the domain, I doubt there is high load, and task manager shows low usage on CPU and memory. There was a microsoft KB article about this problem and my boss took 4 hours to follow all the steps and it didn't work. Unfortunately I don't have the KB link. Has anyone run into this problem before? I can provide pretty much any information needed to help.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Small Business Server 2003 DNS error 32

Assuming the usuals are in place....
*Server uses itself as its one and only DNS server in TCP properties?
*DNS forwarding is setup, so either your ISPs DNS servers..or better yet..OpenDNS DNS servers
*Nothing else is running DHCP on your network...the SBS box is running DHCP..and its handing out its own IP as the DNS server for your that your workstations are using the IP of your SBS box as their one and only DNS server
*Is this SBS box multi-homed? Or single homed?

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I have installed the fax service on the server and need to know how to connect a workstation to use the shared fax printer on the server. The workstaions are running XP Pro. Any ideas?

Answer:Small Business Server 2003 Fax Service

Almost the same as installing any other printer. To begin go Start\Run and type \\servername Double click the fax you wish to install and follow the usual prompts. If the wizard does not recognize the printer\fax you will need to use the installation disc that came with it.The first time you connect to a shared fax printer you will be asked if you want to install the Shared Fax Client. This will install shotcuts on the Start menu for sending faxes, and will also make it possible to monitor faxes as they are sent.

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How many domain controllers can you have in Windows Server 2003 Small Business? How many are you limited to? Thanks

Answer:Server 2003 small business question

1, a small business does not require multiple domains. For that you would need the full version of Server 2k3.

First hit.

"2) The server is a single domain solution, meaning that the network is isolated technically from joining another larger private network. This ensures that Small Business Server is not appropriate for large enterprise branch offices, where corporate network connectivity would be a requirement."

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Hi All,

I bought a 15 user licensed Back Office Small Business Server which was un-installed as the company grew and SBS was no longer adequate for their needs.

The software includes all documents and licenses and have a proper invoice from the company, confirming that it has been completely un-installed from their servers and that now i am the licensee.

I installed Back Office Small Business Server successfully using the registration ID provided on the original CD case. However, it asked for a 15 digit ID before it installs office 2000, which I can't find anywhere in the pack or on the back of CD.
Called the company and they claim that they had gave me all the documents and Cd's and either can't be bother to look for it or they really think it was in the back.

However, this leaves me in a somewhat undesirable position, as I have already paid for the complete bundle which included Novell, NT Workstations, FaxWare, ARCServe, Backup Exec and a few others and am not able to complete the installation of my server and am left with a intranet without a domain controller.

Can anyone suggest where or how can I prove that I have genuine license and obtain a new 15 digit id for office 2000 that is included in Back Office Small Business Server.

If this does not come free, as I have already invested a lot in hardware and software, I have no choice.

I did spend some time browsing Microsoft site hoping that I will find an option to apply for a new one but couldn'... Read more

Answer:Back Office Small Business Server

Hi big-brother

Welcome to TSG!

Please do not post duplicate threads. Reply here:

Closing duplicate.

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I am in the process of creating a disaster recovery plan for one of my clients. Here is what I want to do...

I want to load ghost on the server and do weekly full backups of the server. The problem is that the server is setup with software RAID 1. How would Ghost react to that?? Would it be able to restore to RAID? I can't find the answer to this question in any of my reading.

I will also be doing other things for disaster recovery, Ghost is just in the event of a full system crash. I want a way to restore quickly instead of going through the entire re-install process from scratch...which is what I would have to do now in the event of a total system crash. Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:Is this possible with Windows Small Business Server 2003???

Lyquist said:

I am in the process of creating a disaster recovery plan for one of my clients. Here is what I want to do...

I want to load ghost on the server and do weekly full backups of the server. The problem is that the server is setup with software RAID 1. How would Ghost react to that?? Would it be able to restore to RAID? I can't find the answer to this question in any of my reading.Click to expand...

I've ghosted SBS systems with hardware raid without any issues. Since the raid information in a software mirror is written to disk, that information would be included in any ghosting operation.

In short, you shouldn't have any issues with it.

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Hi Everyone, I am a web designer and I have a question pertaining to Intra office servers V's say 1&1 Hosting company...the thing is I need to explain to a client why they cannot host a web site that I have designed for them on their "Windows 2003 Small Business Server" that is already designated to the domain that they want for their web site that I have created?.and why it would be more practical to host it on such a hosting company as 1&1, (and that they need to use a different domain name, because the intra office server is already using the one they want) I understand that an intra office server may not be able to handle the high traffic load that a web host can, but to explain all of the differences to my customer ?.well?.I am a designer so hosting and servers are fairly new to me. Any advice on this one would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a bunch everyone!

Answer:Windows Small Business Server Question

for starters , it leaves their server open to the outside as port 80 (HTTP) must be open. If for some reason their server became compromised through a vulnerability in their web server, then they are in for some unwelcomed downtime and some really pissed off customers. Of course, that's worst case scenario but a VERY feasable one at that.

It's ALWAYS a good idea to separate front end business layers like web sites from actual working business layers like domain/file servers. Exposing a Server to the outside world like that is an accident waiting to happen.

It sounds as though this company really needs to hire a networking consultant, or maybe you could start to do the same as an additional service to your clientelle.

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i have just purchased windows 2003 server small business edition.
i need to know whether i can use the features, such as active directory to control users and shares etc over a wireless network???
I'm sure i can but any information on it would be great.



Answer:Windows 2003 server small business

well as far as I know setting it up will be just like a wired network. are you asking for information on how to set up the server to control user access and file sharing?

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Does anyone know if Microsoft Business Contact Manager come included with Small Business Server 2008?
Thank you.

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