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Is there a Beta version of Longhorn we can buy and test ?

Question: Is there a Beta version of Longhorn we can buy and test ?

I have seen this person has the newest OS from Microsoft: Windows Longhorn How do people get this legally, I would like to test it out myself, I have heard it is pretty stable now ?

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Preferred Solution: Is there a Beta version of Longhorn we can buy and test ?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Is there a Beta version of Longhorn we can buy and test ?

"this person" was just a link to the general forum index and has been deleted
considering the forum wars that have occurred in the past why dont you just save a pic and then free host it?

Generally you need to be a registered beta tester w\ Microsoft

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I am trying to download a BETA version of an app so I can test it but when I click "Install", I get asked to "Allow access to location?" to which i then hit "allow" and the app appears to start downloading. HOWEVER I then get
a message stating "Can?t download. Sorry you don?t have permission to download this app". 
Please can you suggest why this might be the case. I don't have any trouble downloading any other apps. 

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After taking the Forum Ed's advice click here and biting the NOF bullet, I've managed to come up with what I think is a pretty respectable here to view the almost complete beta version, which is currently on my own webspace, but will be placed on when absolutely ready.Feel free to give my new site a thorough test, though bear in mind that the Charter page is still waiting for its definitive content. The only slight problem that I can find is that the headings in Courier New font are a bit too small in Mozilla. Is this because I chose the "browser fixed" version of that font? Would, say, the baltic version be better? It's fine in IE anyway.Any constructive comments are welcome. Thanks very much for your time.

Answer:Please test my website (version 2 beta)

It doesn't fit an 800 wide window without horizontal scrolling.

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Question: LongHorn Beta

Anyone know of any sites that walk you through removing the 60 day trail so you don't have to keep re-installing the longhorn beta?

Its not like I'm trying to hack it or anything; I mean its a frickin beta no point; but the install is very annoying and I'd like to keep it running longer then 2 months.

Let me know if anyone has seen anything on this.

Answer:LongHorn Beta

So, how you like Longhorn?

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I am building a new system. It is anthalon 64 based.

I would like to start off using longhorn.
Does anyone know how I could get on the beta?

What are the pros and cons of running it so far?
I can't find allot of info so far, so any help is greatly appreciated.

Answer:Is there any way to get on the beta of longhorn?

Once Longhorn is closer to completion, there will likely be an open preview of the latter betas and/or RC editions.

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I looked around on Google but I didn't find much, but I figured you guys would know. Is it available? Is it coming out?

Does it have capable drivers for any hardware? I'd like to try it out now that I don't need a stable system for school.


Answer:Longhorn Beta - is it available?

if your really looking for a stable system I wouldn't look towards the beta of anything.. why not stick to XP?

edit\nm you said you DON'T need a stable sys

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Question: Longhorn Beta

Hello, I am obtaining a copy of Longhorn Beta version off a friend and I just wanted to know if I can run it along side with my XP installation... apparantly longhorn has winfs... would that run along well on a partition with ntfs? will longhorn even run on ntfs? and also what are the miminum system requirements to run it?

Answer:Longhorn Beta

Well, I'm sure that we're talking about an illegally obtained copy of the OS here, so you shouldn't even install it. Not to mention that the OS isn't going to be fully functional and probably won't be compatible with any of your drivers.

But, proceed at your risk... I'm not sure how well anyone is going to be able to answer your question since Longhorn (actually called Microsoft Vista, now) hasn't been released.

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I downloaded Longhorn Beta 3 and have it running in a virtual machine right now. It looks pretty slick. Did anyone else download it and mess with it??

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I here people taking about differnt longhorn builds and my question is can I legally download a beta copy or something?

Answer:Can I legally get a longhorn beta?

If you're an MCSE, I think you usually have access to those types of things.

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check this site for the next problem/solution from M$

Answer:Longhorn Pre-Beta Reviewed

Oh boy I can't wait to donate some more moola to BG so he can give it to someone else.

I saw on TV the other day that he donated $100,000,000.00 to some country. So if it ain't the Government it's him........

I think there is a message there somewhere...............

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You'll have to follow the steps in order to get a key.

Answer:Longhorn beta 3 download

why would you want that? just buy vista if you want it for $130

EDIT :: mybad, just replied before reading...

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Hi everybody

I was wondering where can i find windows longhorn beta cause i wanna try it out.

Answer:Where can i find Windows Longhorn(beta)?

u do realise that this isn't stable. and the beta uses alot of system power. and according to your specs its going to see slow to you.

For those of us that are MSDN members
For those of us who arn't

The review site was actually Toms Hardware. Here are a few rticles here

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Longhorn Beta 1 Schedule Revealed

According to my sources at Microsoft, the software giant has set its sights on July 27, 2005 as the release date for Longhorn Beta 1, though obviously that date could slip if the company is unable to hit internal bug requirements. The current escrow build for Longhorn Beta 1 is 5101, a few builds older than build 5103, the current internal build in the Beta 1 fork.

As reported previously, Microsoft recently forked the Longhorn build process to segregate Beta 1 code check-ins from the post-Beta 1 (or what we can think of as the Beta 2) code path. Recent leaks of Longhorn builds are from the Beta 2 code path, but we can expect them to be quickly eclipsed by the Beta 1 code base as Microsoft makes that milestone widely available.

As far as the Beta 1 schedule goes, Microsoft's test teams are required to complete testing by July 22, but they need to achieve the "0 active bug" designation in order to ship Beta 1. On Monday, there were 123 active bugs in the Beta 1 fork. That number had dropped to 86 by Tuesday.

Answer:Longhorn Beta 1 Schedule Revealed

I wonder how many bugs will be in there once they ship it

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Well, with the recent upgrade to 64bit, im interested in the beta version, to test it out, see where it is going to go.

Anyone know where I can download the beta version, since it is legal to download this?

Answer:Where can I download Windows Longhorn Beta

Tin_10 said:

Anyone know where I can download the beta version?Click to expand...

"According to sources close to Microsoft, recent release schedules that have popped up on the internet regarding Longhorn are inaccurate and outdated. Today Windows Client Codename 'Longhorn' hit the milestone of M8-2. The next and final milestone before a beta is released is M9 which is currently due on 16th March 2005. Beta 1 of the much anticipated OS is due within May 2005. These new dates paint a picture of Beta 1 being released at this years WinHEC 2005 (late April) if it's indeed ready."

Windows XP 64-bit Beta

edit: 1,000th post!


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It says something about it being being released but I can't find it anywhere. Does someone know where or how to acquire it?

Answer:Windows Vista/Longhorn Beta 1

It isnt released to the public just MSDN Subscribers and the testers MS asked. It is out there but it is leaked and not all versions work correctly.

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According to today is the release date for the official Longhorn Beta 1...

Anyone know the validity of this?... I have access to MSDN should i need it, but I wanted to check with people first before i go harassing my friends at work to d/l it for me

Answer:Longhorn Beta 1 Release today?

When is MS releasing the full Longhorn?

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hi just been looking on the net at longhorn beta's and im just wondering are they real or just some clever people trying be be microsoft is there any real betas yet as i had one and it was just rubbish got i got and tranformation kit now thats looks good but you are still running xp anyone wish to comment please do

Answer:longhorn beta fake or real

I would leave Longhorn well alone for the time being as there are some real betas around as well as fakes. Longhorn has many many bugs in it as it is still in development and you must know what your doing to install it or is will **** your system. The Beta versions are for developers and beta testers that know what there doing.

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I am havving difficulty getting my SBLive 5.1 working in Windows Longhorn (Beta edition). The drivers that come with longhorn only offer 2 channel sound, but installing the latest windows xp drivers does allow 4 channel sound, but when Dolby Digital 5.1 channel sound is played or emulated (using dolby pro logic) the sound is all stuttery and crackles a lot. This didn't happen in xp with the same set of drivers. Is there a way around getting 5.1 sound to work properly in longhorn, or even any beta drivers to do this?Brad

Answer:Problems with SBLive 5.1 in Longhorn Beta

The reason "This didn't happen in xp with the same set of drivers" is because those drivers were meant for XP not longhorn, and I very much doubt that you will be able to find any drivers for a "Beta OS" the whole idea of a "Beta version" is to find out how stable the platform is and to help discover any compatability change the subject slightly when did longhorn go Beta? and how do i go about getting a copy?

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Windows Longhorn Server Standard Edition

English - German - Japanese

Windows Longhorn Server Enterprise Edition

English - German - Japanese

Windows Longhorn Server Datacenter Edition
English -
German - Japanese

Windows Longhorn Server Web Edition

English - German - Japanese

Windows Longhorn Server Itanic Edition (Itanium)

English - German - Japanese

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Microsoft plans to ship the first beta of Longhorn Server shortly after Longhorn client Beta 1 reaches testers this summer, with all signs pointing to an August debut. Windows Server head Bob Muglia also said the company is considering a version of Longhorn Server designed for home use.

The revelations came in an online Web chat on Wednesday, in which the moderator asked participants to "please join us in the first part of August for a chat about Longhorn Server Beta 1." Microsoft Watch first reported the news, noting that it would be uncharacteristic for Microsoft to hold a chat before it releases the code.

During Wednesday's chat, Muglia took questions from users ranging from improvements slated for Longhorn Server to the future of Active Directory. In response to a query on whether Microsoft would deliver a version of Longhorn Server designed to manage multiple systems in a home environment, Muglia hinted such a SKU might be planned.

Answer:Microsoft plans to ship the first beta of Longhorn Server

Whats the benefits of Longhorn ?

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Hey all,

My buddy told me that his Dad got some Windows Longhorn pre-beta release or something when he attended a computer conference in Seattle, he says that it's "Build 5048 from the WinHEC conference" (his words, not mine so I hope that makes sense). Anyways, I'm wondering what will happen if he (or me, or anyone else running XP SP2 for that matter) were to install one of these "pre-releases" of Longhorn. I've heard about them from different places but I don't really know what the story is.

Anyone know what someone could expect as far as compatibility, functionality, etc... ? Anyone with experience with the Longhorn pre-leases?

Thanks guys

Answer:Buddy has Longhorn beta from Seattle conference, should he install??

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Today I attempted to install my copy of Longhorn. Here is my story.

I want to install this on my second, empty hard drive, so I decide to install from Windows. Everything goes well until I have to restart. I do, it boots to setup, but then I am told the drive isn't available for use. Funny, it said it was in Windows.
So, I try again, nothing. I decide, "Let's start the install from DOS." Now it doesn't even show the drive. So I go to install it, thinking I will be able to rename the "Windows" folder for Longhorn, and instead it renames my folder w/ XP, leaving XP useless. "####!" I say, but since I have no choice, I continue.
When I get to the "Hardware search" part, it says it takes 10 minutes tops to search. Cool with me, so I go and take a 30 minute shower. I come back down, hard drive is whirring, but no movement since I left. I restart, try again. And again. And now I have 2 "Microsoft Codename Longhorn" options in my MBR. What is up?


Answer:Tried to install Longhorn beta, hardware search locks up, more. Read please.

Since you have a legal copy of Longhorn, you must be a Microsoft authorized beta tester. I'm sure there's a way for you to contact them with a bug report; you may have misplaced it They'll be very happy; the reason they have beta testers in the first place is to see what kind of hardward their stuff doesn't work on.
If you're not a Microsoft authorized beta tester, I have two observations:
First, I don't doubt you're having problems; you're trying to install a pirated pre-release version of a beta operating system...of course there are going to be problems. This is the wrong place to ask; nobody here has any experience with's not out yet.
Second, read the rules...

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Just finished downloading it, going to install it on a partition to check it out, you can download the torrent here, deleted pretty interesting I think, and I thought longhorn was just code name for vista? Is this just a modified early release of vista or was longhorn actually an abandoned os between xp and vista?

Answer:Updated version of Longhorn released

I think that's illegal. They're distributing via torrent, recoding Microsoft's beta...

Smells fishy.


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Anyone had access yet can report back any improvements over RC1 / RC2 please.

Answer:business version versus beta version

and I'll let you know.

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What version of Vista is Vista Beta RC1 a beta version of? Ultimate? This is the first beta of Vista that I have installed.


Answer:Vista beta is beta of what version?

Yes RC1 is Vista Ultimate. If you setup user accounts /w password and not automatically logging in then you see that right at the bottom of the logon screen. As well as under the system properties. Actually there quite a few places that displays it.

Have fun with it and give as much feedback to Microsoft as possible.

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Hey, I'm in the process of porting one of my apps from android to windows and I'm looking for some people to help test it out! At the moment it isn't available but it will have support for Windows 10 (desktop and mobile) as well as windows phone 8.1 so I'll need people who can test on 1 or more of these devices. Thanks.
If you're interested please email me at [email protected]

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Just Curious...

I will (as soon as the download completes)

Answer:Who will beta test 7 SP1?

Already using it here.

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Hey, I'm in the process of porting one of my apps from android to windows and I'm looking for some people to help test it out! At the moment it isn't available but it will have support for Windows 10 (desktop and mobile) as well as windows phone 8.1 so I'll need people who can test on 1 or more of these devices. Thanks.
If you're interested please email me at [email protected]

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So i'm a HUGE NHL fan and i love WP, i've had an Android (Galaxy Note 2, LG G2 ect.) I've had the iPhone 5 and 4s but i keep oing back to WP. The thing that bothers me about the OS is the lack of certain key apps, luckily alot of 3rd party developers come through (Rudy Huyn). However, we're lacking an NHL app and i just wanted to make an app that has ALL the same links, stats and articles as the website and Android/iPhone counterparts. I've done that with a WebWrap App with a few extra features, It runs decently on my phone (Blu Win HD) it's only a snapdragon 200 though so it's a bit laggy. I was wondering if you guys would like to beta test it for me. I'm updating it with Push/Text notifications as well as favorite team selection.

Answer:Who wants to BETA Test an NHL App?

Yes sir!! Sign me up

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I signed up for a beta app on wpbetame. I was wondering if anyone else has done this, and if so, how long does it take the develops to send the download link?

Answer:What to expect with beta test

Originally Posted by wp8-1 I signed up for a beta app on wpbetame. I was wondering if anyone else has done this, and if so, how long does it take the develops to send the download link? I have been a better tester all the way back in Windows Mobile 5.0. To answer your questions: It depends, really, on the developer.
Response time: Some developers respond within hours or minutes after I provide comments. Some take a couple or so of days while other take weeks to respond. A few might have taken months, but I don't think this is a healthy time-frame for the developer.
"Requirement" for beta tester: Some beta testers require technical feedback from co-programmers, but I'm guessing majority of the beta programs in the Windows app community rely on normal user feedback that answer questions such as "what did you do before the error happened?", "how frequently did you encounter the issue?" or "How can the app be improved?".
Download links: Links generally become available within 2-3 days after the developer submits his or her app to Microsoft.

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I received this email today. Thoughts on registry cleaner from a reputable company like Raxco?
Dear PerfectDisk User,
As a valued PerfectDisk customer, we wanted to give you an opportunity for a ?sneak peak? of a brand new product that will be available soon from Raxco Software. We would like to invite you to join the Beta program for PerfectSpeed, which will be launched later this summer. PerfectSpeed includes a safe registry cleaner, duplicate file remover, trace eraser, and more.
In order to participate in the PerfectSpeed Beta Test, you will need to read, agree to, and electronically sign the Beta Agreement.
Please go to, click on the PerfectSpeed Beta Test Agreement link, READ COMPLETELY AND CAREFULLY the Beta Test Agreement and electronically "sign" the beta test agreement by completing the form with your Name, Phone number and email address. The technical requirements for participation in this Beta Program are listed herein.
Important Information:
Installation of the PerfectSpeed 2.0 beta software will remove any existing licensed copy of PerfectDisk Rx Suite 1.0 If you want to re-install PerfectDisk Rx Suite 1.0, you can redownload from PerfectDisk Rx Suite Download Center.
As a reminder, PerfectSpeed is a brand new product. It is not a replacement for your PerfectDisk product.
Raxco Software is excited about PerfectSpeed, and with your help, we will ensure that it is an exceptional suite of PC performance tools. We hope you wil... Read more

Answer:PerfectSpeed Beta Test

Raxco products are nice ... but using a beta of any Registry Cleaner sure requires guts !

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I tried the procedure on my personal PC. Worked well.

I had picked up a trojan (ldpinch) that my regular procedures and software (Spy Scanner by Webroot both in safe and normal modes) wouldn't touch, so I thought this would be a good live test. Spy Scanner seemed it was getting rid of it, but it came back after a reboot into regular mode, no matter what I did.

Tis gone, and gone well. I also use this hard drive to store backups of around 6 other computers over the years, nothing fancy, just the entire drive of the other computer dumped into a subdirectory. Those were cleaned as well, some of these backups are around 15 years old.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Answer:@chaslang - R&R Beta Test XP Pro

Thanks for checking out the process on Win XP.

I'm almost ready to post a new version of the MGtools program geared towards Win9x and ME. I just have a few things to finish off and I'll send you a PM when it is ready for testing. Thanks again.

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I was wondering how to go about beta testing 10

prev. tested mill

was out of the loop for 8

do not want to be left out of 10

Answer:where can i sign up to beta test 10

Here -

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Hey everyone,
Interested in Beta testing Ad-Aware 12 and getting a sneak peak of what's to come? Here's the info you need!
Download: http://www.lavasofts...d-aware-12-now/
How to report bugs: http://www.lavasofts...o-report-a-bug/
On the Lavasoft forums, please start a new topic when you have found a bug: http://www.lavasofts...2-beta-testing/
Thank you!
LS Team

Answer:Beta Test Ad-Aware 12!

to BleepingComputer.Thank you for taking the time to visit us and provide information about your product.Since you appear to be an Authorized Company Representative (Author, Developer, Researcher, Support Team, Sales), please read the information I have just sent via PM to your inbox.ThanksThe BC Staff

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hey all i just have a few questions about the beta for wow.

Answer:W.O.W stress test beta!

i got accepted to try the stress test beta and downloaded the game (which took me 8 hours). and the next morning i installed it and it says it has an error so i cant play it at all what do i need to do?

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According to a recent Windows 8 development roadmap doc, looks like the Windows 8 beta test is going to be finished by September - which means it'll be a short period of time in between official announcement and actual beta testing. Don't know about you, but I totally plan on jumping on this and checking out the new OS in beta while it's still early.

Answer:Windows 8 Beta Test

I think we all ought to go to Linux !!!!!Will Windows 8 be 32 or 64bit ??It is interesting that Windows 8 Beta is NT6.2, as opposed to NT7, which does show that is is based of Vista/7, rather than a fresh start.Oh dear , well we will just have to celebrate 25 years of innovation since OS/2 ??

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Hey everyone,
Interested in Beta testing Ad-Aware 12 and getting a sneak peak of what's to come? Here's the info you need!
Download: http://www.lavasofts...d-aware-12-now/
How to report bugs: http://www.lavasofts...o-report-a-bug/
On the Lavasoft forums, please start a new topic when you have found a bug: http://www.lavasofts...2-beta-testing/
Thank you!
LS Team

Answer:Beta Test Ad-Aware 12!

to BleepingComputer.Thank you for taking the time to visit us and provide information about your product.Since you appear to be an Authorized Company Representative (Author, Developer, Researcher, Support Team, Sales), please read the information I have just sent via PM to your inbox.ThanksThe BC Staff

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I hope this falls into this forums theme. I have written some software. Where can I go to get it beta tested..

Are there places you would recommend..

Any advice apperciated..

Cheers Possum..

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Hope you guys enjoy, see how eset did in this test.

Answer:ESET SS 8 Beta Test

Excellent test/review Viper007

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Big news !
Avira 12 beta test has started. You need to register !
There are some problems with the certificate.To download the beta antivirus i recomand IE !
Who has the courage to participate ?

Answer:AVIRA 12 beta test has started

Why not you? (personnaly i lost my trust on Avira few years ago)

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I have just had an mail from Norton asking me to download and test this program. I assume this has nothing to do with the PCA beta testing to which I have agreed to take part.
So I should ignore this offer ??

Answer:Norton IS 2012 Beta Test

I forgot to tick "Subscribe ti this post"
So I try again.

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I got thru the instructions/test's with no problems (if I did them correctly). I did run AVG Anti-Spyware in safe mode, went back to double-check the instructions and saw where you had edited that today after I had already completed the test.

I do have a couple of suggestions, nothing major, just some observations. I will wait until I hear from you before going into that, give you a chance to make sure everything was installed and run correctly.

Thank's Chas,


Answer:@chaslang - R&R Beta Test - XP Home

Thanks Steve!

Matacumbie said:

I got thru the instructions/test's with no problems (if I did them correctly). I did run AVG Anti-Spyware in safe mode, went back to double-check the instructions and saw where you had edited that today after I had already completed the test.Click to expand...

Yes I edited that today. We want to keep everything in normal boot mode to start and only run in safe mode when necessary while fixing things in the forum with special procedures. Too many people have had problems dealing with safe mode especially while getting logs. I also changed a few other things in the procedure a little while ago. One had to do with only toggling System Restore if malware had been detected and removed.

Matacumbie said:

I do have a couple of suggestions, nothing major, just some observations. I will wait until I hear from you before going into that, give you a chance to make sure everything was installed and run correctly.Click to expand...

Post them anytime you want!

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Pretty smooth sailing, but to be fair, I had most of the tools previously downloaded.

Attached is the Combofix.log (log.txt) and the I did not attached the AVG Antispyware log as it simply read "Nothing found". I can do so if you want though.

With the Combofix, one thing to be aware of is what I believe to be a false positive kicked up by Avast during the running of this application. I have attached the Avast warning screenshot for you.

Comments ...way, WAY simpler and loved it. MGtools is awesome. The whole process was much simpler and quicker for your novice to average PC user.

Answer:@chaslang - R&R Beta Test - WinXP SP2

Thanks for testing this Lev!

Lev said:

With the Combofix, one thing to be aware of is what I believe to be a false positive kicked up by Avast during the running of this application. I have attached the Avast warning screenshot for you.Click to expand...

You forgot the screen show and this would be good to know about so we can add it to the procedure for users to know about.

Lev said:

Comments ...way, WAY simpler and loved it. MGtools is awesome. The whole process was much simpler and quicker for your novice to average PC user.Click to expand...

Thanks! This is what I was aiming for and also with the automation, it will make our lifes easier since many things will be automatically done correctly. Thus we won't have to spend so much time posting messages to get things done correctly.

Comments for you:

Uninstall this 3+ year old version of Spybot:Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.3.1 TX
Uninstall Java(TM) 6 Update 2, reboot and install Sun Java Runtime Environment
Have HJT fix the below unnecessary startups
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [SunJavaUpdateSched] C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0.3\bin\jusched.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [QuickTime Task] "C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe" -atboottime

Thanks again!

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OK, I have been going through the readme files for the very first time ever.

I've gotten stuck on MGTools. Apparently AVGFree can not be turned completely off (at least I don't know how) and I'm getting a virus detected message, SHeur.SNT. I don't believe it, but until I figure a way around I can't use MGTools.

SUPERAntiSpyware was a pleasant suprise. I use a registered version of SpyScanner with good results. I had stopped using Spybot several years ago, but have installed it for the purposes of beta testing.

This particular OS (I have serveral hard disks for this computer, this is the latest and largest install) is new enough to be pretty bug free guarenteed. Do you want me to continue this thread when I try it out on other Win98se OS's, or start new ones? I have a feeling some of the older installs aren't as clean as I would like them to be, but I have nothing concrete to base this on (other than knowing my son).

Also, do you want me to go ahead and post the logs as if there were problems?

One other point, which is pidling. Win98SE has MSConfig, I used it to set up the Normal/Safe mode boot screen (shown how on MG actually). I don't know what differences between XP and Win98se there are, but it exists. I use the load screen because with fast CPU's it is a pain trying to get into Safe Mode, which is the standard mode I use on my personal cleaning procedures. Since the screen times out on reboot I tend to... Read more

Answer:@chaslang - R&R Beta Test - Win98SE

Just in case it helps, my Win98se screen


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Norton 360 v4.0 beta is now available for testing from Symantec's website,
You can find more information and download Norton 360 V4 Beta here:
Free Virus Protection - Norton 360 v4 Beta Download

I will be beta testing on another laptop while enjoying Kaspersky Internet security 2010 on my main laptop.

Thank you and +rep if I helped!

Answer:Beta test Norton 360 V4.0 for free!

Thanks! I beta tested version 3.5 free too when it was being tested. I will try 4.0.

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AppleSeed Program -
A program where customers can test pre-release software products in order to provide Apple with real-world quality and usability feedback.

OS X Beta -

What is the OS X Beta Seed Program?
The OS X Beta Seed Program gives users the opportunity to run pre-release software. Test-drive beta software and provide quality and usability feedback that will help make OS X even better.​
How can I participate?
Join the OS X Beta Seed Program and accept the Beta Seed and Confidentiality Agreement. Apple will provide a Beta Access Utility for your Mac, which gives you access to pre-release versions of OS X in the Mac App Store Updates panel.​
Remember to backup your system and data!

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click here But remember its a beta at present. I have installed it and so far no problems...:-))

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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0.3 Beta Test

For those interested we have released the next public beta of our software. We would like to request that users test the new beta and post your feedback so that we can continue to improve the product.

Thank you

Answer:Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0.3 Beta Test

I will look into it, thank you.


Installed and it works just fine in windows 10 technical preview. The only thing is a visual glitch on the top bar of the app. (see screenshot) Every other function seems to work quite well in blocking threats and scanning and updating etc. (other than the known issues.) For scanning I did have scan for rootkits checked, and I enabled the explorer context entry. It also seems more responsive. I also have everything under advanced settings checked. Updated over top latest stable malwarebytes.

I will later test win 8 and windows 7, as well as vista.

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Hello again!

Last time I've promised to present our Firefox extension in May and now it's time to do it.
We've just started Adguard for Firefox open beta test.

Few words about us and our product
1. What is Adguard for Firefox?
Adguard is an ad blocking extension for Firefox browser.

2. Why Adguard rather than ABP?
Because our extension is better, faster, easier and better-looking. Adguard is an adblocker of new generation. We don?t hold on to the code, written years ago. We listen carefully to our users and react to their wishes and suggestions.

We?ve created our own infrastructure, that includes:
+ Extensions for all popular browsers
+ Applications for Windows and soon for Mac OS, Android, iOS
+ Our own ad filters, which we support relying on feedback from usersClick to expand...


edit: doesn't work on Cyberfox, it installs but disappears from UI at next launch

Answer:Adguard for Firefox open beta test

I've been using it from yesterday and it works great. It's definitely fast. Removed Disconnect and Adblock plus.
*Not giving my final opinion though.

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In co-operation with AVG, for a limited timer available for Beta Testers, not an AVG product

Dear Sir/Madam,

As a member of our Beta Community we are offering you 3 months of FREE access to - an innovative, new privacy product. helps you manage any privacy issues or risks to your Facebook profile through a web-based dashboard.

How works:

Identifies privacy threats on Facebook
Monitors your profile and friend network for potentially damaging posts
Highlights compromising photos within your network of friends
Recommends changes to keep your profile safe

3 months of access is valued at over $20. Get yours FREE.

After the 3-month trial is complete, you will have the option to continue using the service for a small fee, switch to the free service (with reduced functionality), or to delete your account.

There is no risk to you, and your personal data will not be used for any purpose other than your own protection.

There are a limited number of places available, so register now by visiting You will be asked to sign up using your facebook account.

If you have any questions about this beta test, please contact us at [email protected]

Jiri Tuma @ AVG Beta teamClick to expand...

Official Homepage



Answer:Limited Beta Test for Facebook Protection (not AVG)

I voted NO.

I don't want more Apps to access my profile details, even if it's my email only.

The last App I tried was Songbird (beta), next day I got emails from them and so I had to un-subscribe from their mailing lists.

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Another smooth clean up procedure that was easy to follow.

Attached is the Combofix.log (log.txt) and the I did not attached the AVG Antispyware log as it came up "No report available". I assume that was due to being clean? Can run it again if you want me to.

With combofix, a message popped up stating "Failed and needs to close", so I clicked OK, but it didn't close and ran normally. Again, if you don't feel satisfied with this I can run through again.

Loved the simplicity of disabling UAC and re-enabling.

Answer:@chaslang - R&R Beta Test - Win Vista Ultimate

Thanks Lev!

Lev said:

Another smooth clean up procedure that was easy to follow.Click to expand...

That's good news!

Lev said:

With combofix, a message popped up stating "Failed and needs to close", so I clicked OK, but it didn't close and ran normally. Again, if you don't feel satisfied with this I can run through again.Click to expand...

This is not expected! Could you just try running ComboFix again and let me know if this always happens? Thanks!

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Avast Endpoint Protection [Beta-Test]

Avast is pleased to announce the public beta release of updates to the family of Avast Endpoint Security and Server Security products. Your testing and feedback are encouraged. There is no restriction on public beta distribution, however, this is not a final release and you may experience unexpected results.

- Windows 10 compatibility
- Win XP update issue fixed
- Behavior Shield functionality is now part of File system shield
- EA DB updates
- Many other minor tweaks and fixes

Known issues:
- Settings may apply to managed computer with delay
- Firewall may require additional restart
- Console reports show Win 10 as Win 8

Enterprise Administration [8.0.373.0]

Small Office Administration []

Managed EP Clients [10.1.1605.490]

Server Security (FSS/ESS) [10.1.1605.490]
ht... Read more

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New Security Suite Beta Test folks, sign up here.

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AVG AntiSpyware - No report available

MGTools - Ran MGTools.exe and UAC pops up immediately, could not "Continue" or "Cancel" after several tries, had to restart.

After restart, I was able to locate the \MGTools folder and run DisableUAC.reg. Seemed to work OK, received all the prompts and warnings.

Ran the GetLogs.bat and UAC pops up again, had to restart again.

After restart, ran GetLogs.bat and it completed with no problems. Apparently, UAC was not disabled until the restart.......I guess. :confused

I went thru the MGTools procedure twice just to make sure, same results.Click to expand...

I will be logged on but it might take awhile to get back, got to do some paper/report work before morning.


Answer:@chaslang - R&R Beta Test - Vista Ultimate

Thanks for the beta report Steve!

Matacumbie said:

MGTools - Ran MGTools.exe and UAC pops up immediately, could not "Continue" or "Cancel" after several tries, had to restart.Click to expand...

I'm going to ask Halo to comment on this! He has tested this a bunch of time with no problem. Also Lev has had no problem either. I also had several other users run it during normal cleaning. I had no such comments from them either. Seems like you had an issue just running the MGtools.exe program immediately even though it extracts. On other OS's the MGtools.exe file extracts and then runs the C:\MGtools\GetLogs.bat file, but our testing with Vista showed that it would not automatically run the bat file. Thus we changed the instructions for Vista to disable UAC after running MGtools.exe and then we have you manually run GetLogs.bat

It also appears that the process did not automatically ZIP the hijackthis.log file that was created (see it in C:\MGtools ). You are the first person to experience these problems.

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Hey Chas,

The MGTools link on the XP page and the Vista page and the 2000 page and the 98 page are not working where it says... just get this message...

However, below it, if you click on MGTools here on each individual OS page...

it takes you to this link.....

...which does work okay.

Answer:@chaslang - R&R Beta Test - General Issue

Thanks Lev! Check them now. They should be okay. When I upload a new version of MGtools.exe yesterday, it changed the attachment ID which messed up the links. Eventually I plan on having MGtools downloadedable on the main page from the Anti-Spyware folder which should prevent this from happening.

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Marcin (RubbeR DuckY) -

I am overjoyed to announce the first public beta of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0. I know you've been waiting a very long time for this and so have we! The purpose of this beta is to get feedback from the people we care most about -- our users!

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0 ships with a completely redesigned user interface to make the product easier to use, more informative, and provide quicker access to key functionality.We have built in and improved our Anti-Rootkit and Chameleon self-protection technologies that have been in beta for the past year. Additionally, we've rewritten Malicious Website Blocking and improved native x64 support. Most importantly, our detection and removal engine was significantly improved under the hood and kicks even more malware butt! This is the biggest rewrite we have ever undertaken, and we hope you?re thrilled with the result.

With the launch of 2.0, we'll also be moving to a subscription licensing model, $24.95 per year. As more and more people have come to rely on us for malware protection and cleanup, our costs in bandwidth, hosting fees, infrastructure, salaries of our researchers, QA department, and more have grown immensely. Though our company is about more than just making money, we are a company and we do have to make money to pay our staff to continue doing what they love, which is fighting malware. The subscription model will help us to be sustainable for the future while stayin... Read more

Answer:Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.00 Beta Test

got it

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According to this article and comments:

Mozilla Firefox may choose to Beta test some beta ads in the six spaces of the Tab browser when new tabs are created. Critics are saying that this is their response to paying Google missions of dollars in revenue in order for Google to be Firefox's default search engine provider. Some good news is the following:

These will not be pop-ups or pop-unders of any kind, they will only show in the new tab boxes. Once you visit nine web sites and or nine bookmarked pages, you will never see them again.

The project may be shelved as well. Preliminary testing according to Firefox's CEO did not go well:


Answer:Firefox MAY (Not Will) Beta Test Ads In Tabs Concept

They were only targeting new installations. But, like you said, it may be shelved.

Like version 29 was not enough...

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Hope you guys enjoy the test.

Answer:Norton Security 2015 Beta Test

i hope they fixed their download protection problem if norton think one downloaded file is dangerous even if not really! it will delete it and can't restore i lost near 5gb of downloads by its layered protection 2014 was not good in my opinion but thank you nice review.

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BETA OPEN | VIPRE Antivirus/Internet Security/Internet Security Pro 2017 Version 10.0 Beta 1
ThreatTrack Security is proud to announce the availability of our new VIPRE 2017 Version 10.0 Beta 1. This beta includes:
VIPRE Antivirus 2017 Version 10.0 Beta 1
VIPRE Internet Security 2017 Version 10.0 Beta 1
VIPRE Internet Security Pro 2017 Version 10.0 Beta 1
Improvements & Bug Fixes Included:

Improved Active Protection
Fixed Default Settings For Advanced Active Protection, Edge Protection, and Handle Threats Automatically
Improved Feedback Between VIPRE & Outlook
New VIPRE Theme Backgrounds
Various Minor Improvements

How to upgrade:

You can download and install the new versions here:
VIPRE Antivirus 2017 Version 10.0

Beta Key: 4117L-ZU9KZ-G2A9C-MXH4K-2KSZF
VIPRE Internet Security 2017 Version 10.0
Beta Key: 405V5-5KVP2-FG56B-NFBUH-GXEVX
VIPRE Internet VIPRE Internet Security Pro 2017 Version 10.0
Note: VIPRE Internet Security Pro is not compatible with Windows XP

If you would like to test a different version than the one you have installed, download the version you want to test. Run the installer, and then your VIPRE will be upgraded to the new version. You will need to use the beta key that corresponds to the version you downloaded for testing.
If you are running version 8 or 9 of any VIPRE version, you can upgrade by checking the beta flag in your installation and then checking for software updates.... Read more

Answer:BETA OPEN | VIPRE Antivirus/Internet Security/Internet Security Pro 2017 Version 10.0 Beta 1

Thank you friend but has little time to test 12 days but is appreciated the effort, thank you.

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Looking for some IT folks that can help beta test my software. Basically allows active directory administration via a mobile phone.

IIS, .NET 3.5 SP1, Powershell v2

Will be looking for feedback and any trouble reporting. Will offer discounted or free license depending on feedback/troubleshooting help you provide in the event of an issue I can't duplicate.

Mods, please let me know if there is an issue with me posting this.

Answer:Need Beta Test - Mobile Active Directory Administration

interested filled out the beta test form on your site

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Thank you all for your wonderful feedback. I'm excited to announce a second public beta of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0. The following changes have been made.
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware now scans the registry hives (HKCU keys) for all user accounts instead of just the current user account so that a single scan can now detect and remove all malware and malware traces from the entire system
Chameleon now functions for running Malwarebytes Anti-Malware against infections
Chameleon updated to deal with the latest rogue/fake AV infections
Several application crashes fixed
Several issues causing BSODs under certain scenarios fixed
Scan and protection logs improved to use more consistent formatting
Several items in the UI will now display in their translated language instead of showing only in English
Scan results can now be saved at the end of a scan prior to taking any actions against detected items
Threats quarantined by Malware Protection may now be restored without rebooting the system
Quarantine tab now refreshes to display recently quarantined threats without restarting Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Scan logs are no longer blank under certain scenarios
HTML and BBC options removed from export log function
Number for objects detected during scans is no longer misaligned
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium now functions correctly on XP with self-protection enabled
Dashboard now informs user when they have a 1.x license key installed but no 2.x key and gives them the opportunit... Read more

Answer:Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.00 Beta Test (TWO) -- DOWNLOAD

I didn't know anything 'bout this BETA thingy!
Gonna jump in!

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This is another review and test by PC Security :


Answer:Norton Internet Security Beta 2015 TEST

I am not a Norton fan or a user. But I like it after this review

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According to, Spybot Search & Destroy version 1.4 Beta 1 has been *officially* released for BETA TEST. If you aren't comfortable with possibly running into errors and crashes and freezes, DO NOT download this version. Wait for version 1.4 to come out for public use.

A note: if you downloaded the *accidentally released* 1.4.1 beta, it's your choice to use the beta, go back to 1.3, or keep on using 1.4.1 TX. TX was created to test possible things that could go wrong, and could possibly break your computer!

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Sorry for the possibly not so good quality.

Used Software: Camtasia Studio, VMWare Workstation 10

Tested with this malware pack:

Virtual Machine specs: Windows 8.1 Enterprise 32-Bit
2 GB RAM, Quad-Core processor

Answer:Norton Security 2015 BETA Test without Internet

Thanks for testing I like the SONAR performance offline..

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Below is the list of changes.

Several notifications removed based on user feedback so that there are now fewer pop-ups
Amount of system RAM used by Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium/Trial significantly reduced
Memory leak in scans fixed
Memory leak in database updates fixed
Scan speed improved drastically on some systems where scans were very slow in previous betas
Browsing speed now faster when Malicious Website Protection is enabled than in previous betas on some systems
Multiple items may now be selected in Quarantine for deleting or restoring at once
Several issues with limited user accounts fixed
Scans now run as expected under limited user accounts (it is still highly recommended that users scan regularly from an administrative user account in order to detect and remove all threats from the system)
Malware Exclusions and Web Exclusions are now retained when upgrading from one version of 2.0 to another
"Help" button in About tab now opens Malwarebytes Support webpage
MBAMService no longer crashes when upgrading from version 1.75 PRO or trial
Protection is no longer disabled after upgrading from previous 2.0 versions
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware no longer crashes under some circumstances after updates
Legal text removed from About tab
Antirootkit Database and Malware Database versions now identified separately in scan logs
Scan logs now contain more information about protection and license status
Scan logs now list status of Chameleon self-protection
Scan logs now... Read more

Answer:Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Beta Test (THREE) -- DOWNLOAD

Is this the stable release version of MBAM 2.0 or it's still a BETA/RC build?

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Question: BETA version ?

I often read about "BETA" versions; what exactly is a BETA version?

Answer:BETA version ?

Its a program still in testing. Getting people to test it to Iron out all the bugs

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Just downloaded new version.

Answer:Reg Seeker new 1.45 Beta version

care to give us the link all I can find is regSeeker beta 1.35.....Thankyou very much

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A new Version 1.70 of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is in BETA Testing -General Details of the updates in the 1.70 BETA VersionA Zipfile download of the BETA version is here, but only for testing if you wish -Only just released for forum testing, but it is on the open forum area -

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Hi all

NEW AVG Beta version 17.7.3032

NEW AVG Beta version 17.7.3032

With best Regards

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Relevance 50.43%

For all those that will be interested in some good news for a change, MBAM is about to release a new version that is almost finished Beta testing by members on their site.Link is to results of Beta tests and latest results of the trials - -

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Whats new:

*Web Monitor: Scans all http traffic for malware, blocks malicious URLs.
*AV bug fixes
*Generic stability improvements

Answer:New ZoneAlarm Beta version 11.0.761.000

This is only for ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2013, must have an account with CheckPoint and enroll in the Beta program to download.

ZoneAlarm Beta License Agreement


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Ok so here's the ques..

Wen i got my pc loaded it had normal XP!! but then i uploaded my IE to 8Beta vr!!
N den i dunno y it strtd givin probs like sumbody tryin to brk firewall n sendin private info..
So now i tried reloadin it..n wen it gets loaded it shows XP beta ver???Y??? n it gives some sort of errors..n all...n it has a site given on desktop sayin report a XP SP2 bug!!!
Im tryin to save my D,E,F drives..n reloadin C..???
Does it need a hard format???
Coz i just dun want ne thing BEta in my PC..
its very annoying..PLZ help me....
I need Serious HElp..plz...
waitin for ur replies!!!
plllzzzz help im seriously tired of tryin it!!!

Answer:Why is my PC loadin Beta version XP???

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Hi all

NEW AVG Beta version 17.8.3033

New AVG Beta version 17.8.3033

With best Regards

Answer:NEW AVG Beta version 17.8.3033


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- Fifth Beta Release
- Added uninstall feature.
- Improved speed of Safari cleaning.
- Improved QuickTime cleaning.
- Fixes to Yahoo! widgets.
- Lots of UI improvements and bug fixes.Click to expand...


Answer:CCleaner for Mac Version Beta 5

I might start recommending friends/family who use Mac OS X to give CCleaner a try.

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Hi all

NEW AVG Beta version 17.7.3031

NEW AVG Beta version 17.7.3031

With best Regards

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Hi all

NEW AVG Beta version 17.9.3040

New AVG Beta version 17.9.3040

With best Regards

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Hi all

NEW AVG Beta version 17.7.3030

New AVG Beta version 17.7.3030

With best Regards

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Hi all

NEW AVG Beta version 17.9.3039

New AVG Beta version 17.9.3039

With best Regards

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Hi all

NEW AVG Beta version 18.1.3041

New AVG Beta version 18.1.3041

With best Regards

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click herebest add-on i have ever put on a browser.

Answer:IE PRO7 new beta version out

On your recomendation sunny I will give it a try!

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I am in india, i updated mu lumia 1320 by changing region and language.... But my Cortana is not fully functional!!!!!

Answer:Why did I get the beta version of Cortana?

Cortana is still in Beta for US region and for other countries like India,UK and China its still in Alpha.
So, you cannot expect a full-featured Cortana at this moment.

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If you fancy a walk on the wild side click here

Answer:Beta Version Of CCleaner

click here

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I am looking for the beta version of vista and i want to get the current release of the beta. i have SP2 and XP and want to know if there any compatabliy issues or problems whith the beta. I know they are consistley changing things and the computer is only a spare i had laying around the house but i have some important things on there so i am asking for all the help i can get .

I am open to any suggestions


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Hi all


1) NEW AVG Installers without ZEN

common setup now used also for AVG product
only AVG Antivirus is installed now
2) New Anti-Exploit module for better protection against exploits, shellcode and other malicious PE files
3) Changes in minimal installation components (now Behavioral shield is included)
4) In case that DNS does not resolve our installation and update URLs correctly, the program will use Google DNS servers

Bug fixes

Fixed bug when games were minimizing themselves every 30 minutes
Fixed problems with Outlook plugin
Fixed name of Avast window in task bar
Fixed Help screen (help was not displaying proper page on some places in UI - typically in settings)
Fixed Boot Time Scan
Fixed bug when in some cases AVG would try to update from wrong URL (where Avast update files are stored)
Fixed bug which caused that Last computer scan time was not displayed correctly
Fixed automatic login into zone after purchase in AVG

Download links:

AVG AntiVirus Free
AVG Internet Security

With best Regards

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I am using a Vista based system. I downloaded the IE8 (beta) from the MS site. Everything seemed to work fine in the compatability mode, except for my games from Real Arcade. The support people at RA say that they are only compatable with IE7, and that I should reinstall it. Since I have large portfolio of games with them, I am frustrated at not being able to use them. I have deceided to switch back to IE7, but I cannot find how to do so. I have tried resetting the internet settings thru the control panel, but that didn't work. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to uninstall IE8 and reinstall IE7? Thanks.

Answer:How to undo IE Version 8 (beta)?

To uninstall IE8 beta 1 or 2 from Vista, go to Control Panel, Programs &
Features, then click on "View installed updates", you will find IE8 there &
you can now select 'Uninstall'.
After a restart, your Vista will have reverted to IE7.

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Changes in HWiNFO32

Added reporting of TRIM command capability (for SSD).
Improved sensor monitoring for Giga-Byte series: H55.
Improved support of nVidia GT21x series.
Fixed support of several nVidia GPU sensors.
Added monitoring of nVidia GPU temperature for G92, G94, GT200, GT21x.
Added reporting of ATA drive media rotation rate in RPM (if drive supports reporting).
Fixed detection of first DIMM on certain nVidia chipsets.
Improved sensor monitoring for MSI series: Big Bang Trinergy (MS-7580), P55-GD80 (MS-7581), P55-GD65 (MS-7583), P55-CD53 (MS-7586), H57M-ED65 (MS-7587), P55M-GD41/45 (MS-7588).

HWiNFO32 Download

Answer:HWiNFO32 version 3.36 503 Beta


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Hi all

NEW AVG Beta version 17.9.3037

New AVG Beta version 17.9.3037

With best Regards

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Hey everyone,

On my PC I have a beta release version from earlier this year. I have just purchased a student version of windows 7.

What will be the easiest way to install it?

Reload my PC with Vista, then upgrade using the student version?


Answer:Beta Version upgrading

Did you download or do you have a disc? If you downloaded, then burn it to disk and do a clean install would be my recommendation. Make bootable iso from student d/l

Hope this helps.


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Trend Micro are proud to announce the release of HijackThis version 2.0.2. This is the first non-beta release of HijackThis since our first release back in March. We since have been working alongside many HijackThis support communities to ensure that our changes reflect their needs. New features and fixes are listed below.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with HijackThis, it is a free software utility that generates an in depth report of registry and system settings by scanning your Windows computer. The resulting log file can be examined by experienced users or web-forum helpers to determine what may have infected your PC. HijackThis makes no separation between safe and unsafe settings in its scan results. Expert users are provided the ability to selectively remove items from your PC, such as malicious or unwanted software. In addition to this scan and remove capability HijackThis comes with several tools useful in manually removing malware from a computer.

A common practice for novice users is to generate a HijackThis log file and submit it one of the many web-forums devoted to helping people fix their computers by using HijackThis. Experts at these forums provide information on which items are causing your problems and how to remove them safely from your computer.

New features include:
AnalyzeThis statistics
Windows Vista and IE 7.0 improved support
Improved whitelisting for non English o/s
Added capabilities to clean ActiveX Desktop Components
Installer version o... Read more

Answer:HijackThis version 2.0.2 ... non Beta

Thanks for the heads up Mucks, I'm yet to install this my Vista machine

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Hi all

Malwarebytes version 3.1.1 beta

Malwarebytes version 3.1.1 beta available for download

Hello all

I'd like to invite you to try out our latest beta version of Malwarebytes -- v. -- available for download from this link.

You should be able to install directly over any earlier Malwarebytes version you might be running.

Here's What's New & Improved:

Performance/protective capability
? Multiple enhancements result in reduction of memory usage
? Faster load time and responsiveness of third-party applications
? Improved performance of Web Protection
? Faster Malwarebytes 3 program startup time and responsiveness of user interface
? New detection and protection layer with machine learning based anomaly detection (to be deployed gradually even if it shows ?enabled? under Settings)
? Improved Self-Protection by requiring escalated privileges to disable protections or deactivate a license
? Enhanced malware protection techniques and remediation capabilities
? Added an automatic monthly scheduled scan in Free mode

? Added ability to control the priority of manual scans on the system
? Added setting to turn off ?Real-Time Protection turned off? notifications when protection was specifically disabled by the user
? Added ability to exclude the last website blocked by Web Protection via the tray menu
? Fixed several defects related to conf... Read more

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