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Linux problems with X -configure

Question: Linux problems with X -configure

I just installed Gentoo distro of linux onto my laptop. Kernel I installed with is 2.4.28.
When I try to configure Xorg I'm able to "emerge xorg-x11" fine but when I try "Xorg -configure" it just goes blank for a second then comes back with "Fatal server error: Caught signal 11. Server aborting" messagee. What is going on here?

Laptop specs:
15.4" (1280x800) LCD
ACER 2012WLMI model
mobility 9700
512MB pc2700 ram
Pentium-M 1.5GHZ

and I don't think rest specs are important. If anyone can help me here it would be appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Linux problems with X -configure

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Question: linux X configure

hey, all.

before i ask this question, i'd like to thank all of you in this community for answering my questions. it is helpful, especially when the HOWTOS don't work for me or i screwed something up.

it's also fun to read posts and replies and learn, and to answer other people's questions.

okay... group hug that we have that out of the way.

i am beginning to use linux on a more regular basis, now. i found versions of my chat clients and such. and you'll be proud to know that i am in CLI more often than X ...well... that is until my chat clients worked. now i am constantly in X, only i use CLI to get around and do stuff.

2 questions that i haven't found an answer for because i either don't know the terminology of what i am trying to do, or it just isn't out there in my sight on the net.

1)how do i set X up so that everything is displayed sharply and such? right now, my X display looks like windows loaded in safe mode with no video no it isn't that bad, but it's not so great. maybe the video driver is configured incorrectly?

2)i downloaded netscape, and will probably download mozilla as well to replace netscape. anyway, netscape installed fine and runs well.... but i have to launch it from CLI. i don't feel like navigating through CLI to get on the web when i know i could just place an icon or something on the desktop or in the "Start" menu. how do i do this?

3)ok... Read more

Answer:linux X configure

1) Either means you have a font problem or you're running at a too low resolution. Try pressing CTRL+ALT+NUM_PLUS/NUM_MINUS to change the resolution and/or check your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file. As for fonts, well there's many How-To's on that, too.

2) Depends on what window-manager/desktop you're running. Just Icewm.. well, I guess there's a menu-file you can edit. 'man icewm'?

3) You'd have to add the path to the binary to your PATH environment-variable, or create a link from a pathed directory to the binary.

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I've set it up and cannot receive mail because I've entered wrong information in the configurimng.How do I open the pages to correct this ?Please help. Best wishes. Derek Miles.

Answer:Linux - RE-configure Evolution.

I don't use evolution myself - but usually (like most email clients) with Linux there will be a tab at the top with settings or options as the heading and one of these will take you to the page to change/add/amend your email account details

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Hi, I'm new to Linux so bare with me, here we go.

Since I have win 7 64bit installed, I thought that it would be correct to
use Linux 64bit too, wrong!!!

The DOS works only with 32bit(BIOS f.34), so I downloaded the
Linux Mint 12 KDE 32bit, and this one works like a charm.

The problem is, and here is my question,

How do I configure wi-fi in Linux?

It asks for some information like a MAC address and some other stuff, of which I have little or no clue.

But this MAC address really confuses me because it seems like there are many kinds:



Router MAC ID



Answer:How to configure wi-fi in Linux mint, 32bit?

Go to the Terminal, try command MintWifi

You may or may not need NDISWRAPPER.

This method worked for me:

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Hi, I recently downloaded the Wubi Installer for Linux Ubuntu 9.04 and it has been working fine with Windows XP (SP3), I installed it onto a new partition. Shortly after I decided to do a full restore using Samsung Recovery Solution III on my Samsung NC10 netbook, which must have removed something that was used to dual boot Linux. This was my first experience with dual booting so I don't know what the Wubi installer changed to make dual booting possible originally.

Could someone tell me what I have to change or download to get it dual booting correctly again please?

Thanks in advance =)

Answer:Re-configure dual boot with Linux after XP full restore

Download SuperGrub. It will fix most probs.
To avoid your prob , in future load Xp onto the first partition of the first hard drive then install Linux.

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Hello EightForums administrators and other members

Today, I installed Linux Mint 13 to try some appliactions, programs and other good things.
I downloaded it normally , followed guide from this forum and after installing it I don't have network connection.

I tried with all type of network switches and activated Legacy Network Adapter but it don't work (I configured in network adapter for ex. External Network 1 , I want to say it's not say : Not Connected in VM Settings).

When I turn it Linux Mint says : Disconnected - you are now offline.

How to configure network and the Internet to work with Linux Mint VM ?

Thanks in advance and please answer soon.

Answer:Windows 8 Hyper-V-How to configure network to work in Linux Mint Guest

I'm new to Hyper-V myself but I think there are 2 guides you should follow:
Hyper-V ? Create Linux Virtual Machine in Windows 8

How to use (vista example):
Hyper-V - How to Use in Windows 8

And there is someone that manages to add network to Vista so maybe you can apply that to LMDE.

Good luck

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I had Windows 7 Ultimate x64 installed on my system now since it has been out. Today we had a bad storm come through and knock power out for a minute or so. I go to turn my pc back on, (plugged into a surge protector) and windows cannot startup. It goes to start up repair, couldnt find a fix. So i figure i'll just format and reinstall windows, everything has been saved to my slave drive anyways and ive been wanting to reformat for awhile. Ive tried many different things so i figure lets go with the format. I pop the disc in and go to start installing. Format the partition, had to use diskpart because it wouldnt create that system reserved and i set the primary partition to active. All my slave drives (2) are currently unplugged, power and sata cable. It gets as far as restarting after installing and then goes to completing installation and i get a pop up. Windows could not configure the system or something along those lines. It then restarts.

I've searched these forums, searched everywhere and tried everything but its still not installing. I've installed it multiple times on this computer and never had any issues. Anyone have any suggestions to try?

quick rundown of system specs
biostar t series ta790gx 128m
6gb ddr2
150 gb master drive
amd athlon x2 64 4200+
Radeon HD 3350

Thank you and if i missed a fix throughout these forums for this i apologize

Answer:Installation problems, windows could not configure...

The exact error message would be very helpful.

It sounds like a surge may have damaged something, or at the very least screwed up your BIOS. I'd remove the RAM, disconnect everything from the motherboard, and leave only the CPU, one stick of RAM, and the video card installed, then boot into BIOS and restore defaults, reboot, then configure your BIOS the way you want it. It would also be a good idea to test your RAM and your hard drive. Once you post the exact message it may be easier to pinpoint the problem.

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Toshiba NB100
Memory 1GB - Kinston - KTT667D2/1G
Ubuntu 8.04 - Ubuntu Netbook Remix -CD from Toshiba
CD-rw/DVD-rw LG GE20 externel USB-drive
Keyboard differences


I was very happy to buy my netbook from Toshiba.

First I configured the System ready - reaching the Ubuntu-desktop the first time and everything was fine. Then I navigated the menues and soon found "Aktualisierungsverwaltung" in German - should be "Updatemanagement" in English - and started. After that I had a slow system with, no soundcard and the later downloaded bios-udate 1.6 did not work too.

I bought the LG DVD-burner (~75US/~60Eur) and restored the system with the Ubunto Remix-DVD. That worked good and is done in about 10 minutes. I bought a Kingston memorymodule too and replaced the original one. The Kingston-modul works fine too.

After i had read the thread, that the BIOS-update doesn´t work after Ubuntu-update I tried it again and now I have a good working BIOS 1.6.

But I have still 2 faullts:

The "|" (pipe-symbol) is not as shown on the keyboard Fn+X - it is Fn+Alt+<.

The 151 Update-"pakets" still damage the System - I tried it out for 2 times doing nothing but restore, setting network and updating.

The new sound-driver 1.06 I found at Toshiba-Germany and Toshiba-France are dead links (404), the Toshiba help line will now fix this since 2 weeks and do not call back.

Any ideas?

Answer:NB100 Linux - problems with update Linux and update BIOS

Read this link regarding bios update, and Linux updates

Try this link for the sound

The keyboard link on my for | is Fn+Alt+z. This for the UK keyboard.
Have you checked that your keyboard is correct for your country?


System/Preferences/Keyboard shortcuts

Hope this helps

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I will give you an idea of my set-up then what I am trying to do and what I have done.

I have a BT router with Static IP, two wired computers, both have DHCP IP?s but BT Router makes static IP?s assuming computers MAC address don?t change (according to BT)

I am trying to connect using Remote Desktop and port forwarding for each PC e.g.

The port is open when checking via but when trying to connect via Remote Desktop it times out/doesn?t connect.

I have set each PC to listen on the respective port in regedit but still nothing.

Windows Firewall is also configured to allow connections through each port.

Still nothing?

Any ideas of where I?m going wrong?

Answer:Problems configure Remote Desktop with port forwarding

Have since reset the port listening to deafult 3389 and allowed this port through my router and it works.

So therefore the problem is when I change the port? Any ideas??

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I just purchase a Trendnet 432brp wireless router and I'm struggling with getting it working.
First I put in the EasyGo CD for installing the router and followed the instructions to the letter but the connection of the ethernet cable from the router to the computer was not recognized.
No configuration can take place without the internet connection and that can't take place unless the computer recognizes the ethernet cable. Help !!

Answer:Trendnet 432brp wireless router configure problems

Please supply the following info, exact make and models of the equipment please.

Name of your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
Make and exact model of the broadband modem.
Make and exact model and hardware version of the router (if a separate unit).
Model numbers can usually be obtained from the label on the device.
Connection type, wired or wireless.
If wireless, encryption used, (none, WEP, WPA, or WPA2)
Version and patch level of Windows on all affected machines, i.e. XP (Home or Pro), SP1-SP2-SP3, Vista (Home, Business, Ultimate), etc.
The Internet Browser in use, IE, Firefox, Opera, etc.

Please give an exact description of your problem symptoms, including the exact text of any error messages.

If you're using a wireless connection, have you tried a direct connection with a cable to see if that changes the symptoms?
For wireless issues, have you disabled all encryption on the router to see if you can connect that way?
Have you connected directly to the broadband modem to see if this is a router or modem/ISP issue?
If there are other computers on the same network, are they experiencing the same issue, or do they function normally?

On any affected computer, I'd also like to see this:

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD (COMMAND for W98/WME) to open a command prompt:

Type the following commands on separate lines, following each one with the Enter key:





Right click in the comm... Read more

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Hi all,

I? hoping someone can help as I? very new to Linux.

I've recently done an install of RedHat linux hoping it would co-exist with WindowsXP. One of the problems I'm having is that I had to move my Windows disk after the installation and now the Grub bootloader won't start Windows.

I've edited the lilo.conf.anaconda file so the Windows line points to the right place and I get an error: NTDLR not found. Anybody have any ideas on what I can do, barring a full reinstall of Linux.

My Windows copy is due for a reinstall anyway, so that wouldn't be a problem, depending on whether or not it would then overwrite the Grub bootloader.

On a second note, I can't get Linux to recognise that I have a second monitor connected, but that's not as important.

Somebody please help



Answer:Problems with Linux

does it get to the Windows boot up screen? does it appear that it was booting windows or is it a GRUB error?

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Question: Linux problems

I recently burned an iso copy of Mandrake Linux to a cd-rom
but i dont know how to install it - i an currently running windoze
ME and i have alot of mp3's, i use KaZaA alot , so i want to do a dual boot but i dont know how, any suggestions?

Answer:Linux problems

Use partition Magic to resize your partition first. Make a few gigs of unpartitioned space then boot to the Linux CD, while you are installing it will create a bootloader for you that will allow you to Dual Boot with no problems.

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Question: Linux Problems

When i try to install lime wire on linux from the limewirelinux.bin file i get the following message. what do i do? Am i never user to linux, only got basic knowledge.Extracting the installation resources from the installer archive...Configuring the installer for this system's environment...No Java virtual machine could be found from your PATHenvironment variable. You must install a VM prior torunning this program.Cheers

Answer:Linux Problems

Which Linux are you using?

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Question: Linux 7.1 problems

I'm installing redhat 7.1 on a dell gx260, and im having problems getting active x to start. I downloaded an rpm for it, but i cant even transfer it to the computer because of reoccuring errors. Anyone have this problem?

Answer:Linux 7.1 problems

ActiveX is a microsoft "technology" that is only in internet explorer, and is not available on linux. Are you talking about some other activex? What is this rpm you are downloading?

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Hi,I'm having a few problems with linux, which I just cannot solve.First of all, realplayer is being a pain. I installed the latest v10 which works fine. Other than, it's choppy sound - and... BBC's radio player that apparently does work ith Linux wont play because HXPLAY or RealPlay cannot be found or something. I created symlinks to these files, in the plugins directory - but this doesn't work. Apparently one or two people have the same issues.Furthermore, Graphics are a nighmare and the system can be choppy at times. Installed the default graphics driver for my systsm, a real 256e Onboard chip. However, I don't think it is compatible, so I will be getting a cheap 8x agp card - can anyone suggest any of the Nvidia's that will work? I.E. FX5200 or a GeForce 4 400MX? Mainly just to get the graphics acceptable, not stunning.Other than that, everything seems pretty much perfect.Hope someone can shed light on the realplayer issue. I'm using Mandrake and SuSe for daily use, but the same happens on a Debian server box. :-(Regards,Gareth Roberts

Answer:Linux Problems, can anyone help?

I might as well see if anyone can help me with Squid, as it fails to start it's process?Do I remember correctly you have to configure it, and create two directories one a log and one a cache and define these before it will let you start the process?Thanks,Gareth

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Hi all,

All help greatly appreciated.

I am using an ASUS T3 (series) barebone with 2gb ram and a 4600+ am2 processor, with a 22inch hanns g monitor via VGA, with onboard graphics (Nvisdia 6150 chip) and onboard NIC (nvidia)

I used to use linux on here and everything worked fine, the NIC worked perfectly, and the screen displayed to top resolution 1600 x 1200
Then my wife said she needed a pc with windows XP on so I reformatted the HD on this one with XP and thats when my problems started.

I am unable to use the built in NIC, it give me a red light but always gives itself an APIPA, I have since put in a new NIC and this works fine, but TBH I want to use the onboard one.

I also have installed the ASUS drivers via the disc and site, and the Nvidia onboard graphics won't work to its full affect, it basically maskes the screen go blank when loading up and then I have to restart the machine.

Sorry if I have put this in the wrong place, please move as neccessary.
Kind regards,


Answer:Linux now XP and now problems

I've moved you over to the XP forum, this is really more driver installation issues.

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HeyI'm having a few problems with the copies of Linux on Issue 130's DVD.It says to burn the ISOs to a CD, which seemed simple enough, but (for whatever reason), I am unable to even find the ISO images.I am using CDBurner XP Pro 3, which has ISO/Image burning capabilities.I have tried creating an Image, but when browsing through the extracted Linux folders, for whatever version, no ISO files are found.Could some one advise me how to burn any of the distro's on the disk to a useable CDROM - and any software better suited to burning Images.Much appreciated.Thanks.

Answer:Issue 130 Problems with Linux on DVD

first off to find the linux distributions create a folder on your harddrive insert dvd / Right click dvd / then click explore open the linux folder choose which distribution you want / right click the distribution select copy open the folder you created then right click mouse over open folder select paste this will transfer it to your hardrive then navigate to the folder using your burning software as for burning my personal preference is nero which is a pay for suite but there are also a few free ones Deep burner have used this for audio and it works fine and it does have a selection for ISO so may be worth a try click here

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Hey guys, I've only just installed Linux 13.10 today, and I'm brand new to the OS. I keep getting a problem with my secondary HDD.

The facts:
128GB SSD Partition
Windows on 60GB
Linux on 30GB
3GB spare for w/e.

I then have a 1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue dynamic HDD, partitioned into 3 main sections (but they're a bit split up due to a repartitioning issue - see photo)

The 'Stuff' partition I can access from Linux, but the 'Games' and 'Spare' partitions give me this message every time I try and mount:

Error mounting system-managed device /dev/sdb2: Command-line `mount "/mnt/622CFFFC2CFFC8D5"' exited with non-zero exit status 12: Failed to read last sector (590368767): Invalid argument
HINTS: Either the volume is a RAID/LDM but it wasn't setup yet,
or it was not setup correctly (e.g. by not using mdadm --build ...),
or a wrong device is tried to be mounted,
or the partition table is corrupt (partition is smaller than NTFS),
or the NTFS boot sector is corrupt (NTFS size is not valid).
Failed to mount '/dev/sdb2': Invalid argument
The device '/dev/sdb2' doesn't seem to have a valid NTFS.
Maybe the wrong device is used? Or the whole disk instead of a
partition (e.g. /dev/sda, not /dev/sda1)? Or the other way around?
Being a complete newbies, I have no idea what to do, can you help?

Answer:Mounting problems on Linux

Hiya. You are getting this error because you are trying to mount a partition of a Windows 'Dynamic Disk', which the 'mount' program can't handle without some considerable preliminary setup. Not sure if you can convert it back to 'Basic Disk' or not, but that would be the simplest.

If you are determined, well it'll be a good learning experience. Here's some instructions (haven't tried them, myself):

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I am running WinXP and due to a college project I want to install Redhat linux 6.2 as this is the one we are going to be using. I downloaded the ISO file from the redhat site and burned it to disk, the problem is I cannot get it to install, it will not boot from the CD and when I make a boot up disk on floppy and try and boot from that it gets as far as 'searching for boot from floppy...ok' then it hangs and goes no further. I have made the floppy more than once to eliminate the chance that the floppy is corrupted in some way but I get the same result. Can any linux gurus out there help?

Answer:Problems installing linux

are you using Nero?

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**Just now realized I should have put this in the linux section up above..... DANGIT!**

Not sure why but my rig does not like the linux GUI's. Im on my laptop now while trying to get gnome to work in Fedora Core 10 on my main computer.

Any live CD w/ a gui, I cannot boot into.... KDE.. Gnome... XFCE... none of them work.
If I use, say, the Ubuntu 'alternate install disc', it will install fine. When I type my usn/pass into gdm, the gui comes up and it loads it halfway and freezes. Server installs work fine, but as soon as I try to istall a GUI, I have the same problem. I get to gdm, login, and when loading the desktop it freezes. The live cd's wont even boot.

I tried using onboard, but it just gives a blurb about how xserver failed to load and falls back to text.

I have:
evga 730a mobo
5600+ am2 proc
2x raptor 36.7g in raid 0
1 cd/dvd reader
1 floppy
pc power n cooling 430w
2x1gb ddr 800ballistix

The onboard video is, I believe, geforce 8200.

I cant find anything in Ubuntu forums, Fedora forums, RedHat forums, or any other forums as to why I can only run command line linux.

I have gotten a couple kiddy whompus distro's to work.... such as backtrack 3 (with vga=ask boot option), slitaz, some gaming distro that really sucks, and a couple other non-main-stream distros. Windows works fine... server 08, and 03, Vista, and XP would work if I could find the CD.

I was going to try OpenSUSE next to see if that will work since I haven't tried... Read more

Answer:Problems Installing any Linux w/ a GUI

Have you tried disabling the onboard video in the BIOS? Thats the only think I can think of (i'm a noob)

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a mate installed a linux program and agreed to install something called LILO (College Linux), now he can't access windows, he has fdisked the whole drive to remove the partition but the loader still comes up.Any way of getting rid of it so he can go back to windows?

Answer:Linux / Windows Problems

If you have a Windows boot disc, try starting to dos if it gets the type FDISK/MBR then restart comp

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I recently got linux to work, but I'm having trouble with a driver for an Atheros wireless card.

I'm fairly new to linux and I just realized the drivers in linux are a bit different, and building them is a bit out of my league (or really obvious and I can't see it)

Here is the driver if it makes a difference. Link

Answer:Linux Driver Problems

What Wireless card is it specifically?

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I have a T61 laptop that that had Linux on it but I am trying to installing WinXP on it. the drive is blank but I keep getting the message that there is no disk found when I try to install XP. Is this something to do with the SATS drive? Thanks.

Answer:Problems Installing XP on a Linux T61

You ned to load the AHCI driver via the F6 Floppy method or integrate the driver using nLite. Follow this guide to integrate the driver using nLite. I am assuming you will be installing Windows XP 32-bit.

\\ I do not respond to PM regarding individual tech support. Keep discussions in the forum for the benefit of others //

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I just built a linux server box running Clarkconnect linux (red hat 9.0 striped down). I am mainly using it as a loca file/print server right now. Running Webmin 1.130.

My issues are coming from trying to use Webmin to control the server. The problem I am having is installing server modules. I have tried to install; fetchmail, apache, mysql, and other server modules. **the issues is not just with server modules but mainly server modules**

I will install the modules through the standard module install tab built into Webmin. After installing it says that the modules are installed into -- /usr/libexec/webmin/module name --. After the install I will go into the server tab and I will have the error -- The module program module could not be found. Maybe module is not installed on your system, or your module configuration is incorrect.

I am not sure how to get my modules to install properly or configured properly. Please someone help me uderstand what I am doing wrong or give a link to a How-to on webmin

thank you,

Answer:Linux Webmin problems

It sounds as though you are installing the webmin modules correctly. What I think you are seeing is that when you try to run a webmin module for software that is either a) not installed or b) is installed but not in its normal way you will get these errors. For instance, if you installed apache2 from source, webmin will throw up an error. Check here for a way around that. its the same for everything. If you have a distro such as redhat 9, webmin knows where apache lives, but when you do it yourself (which is best IMHO) you just have to work with the module config to get all the pointers worked out. I also had to do this with MySQL on fedora core 1.

good luck! I have a few more tips on webmin at my site

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Linux seems to be having a problem with my ethernet adapter. I was wondering what I should do for my linux to be able to use it...The problem is as follows...

As linux (redhat linux) is uploading before it hits its graphical interface its stalls at the part labled eth0 and says that it failed

I'm just starting with linux so I don't got no freakin' clue what to do!


Answer:ethernet problems on linux

What version of Red Hat? Or Fedora? How old is your NIC?

Is there a DHCP server that the machine can connect to? IIRC, it defaults to DHCP, and rather than assigning a bogus address if it can't find one, it simply fails. There's some text file you have to edit to change this, but I'll be darned if I remember what it is.

Alternatelty, it could be a driver issue. Try going to your NIC manufacturer's site and getting the most recent Linux drivers. They usually have good instructions.

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Linux seems to be having a problem with my ethernet adapter. I was wondering what I should do for my linux to be able to use it...The problem is as follows...

As linux (redhat linux) is uploading before it hits its graphical interface its stalls at the part labled eth0 and says that it failed
I'm just starting with linux so I don't got no freakin' clue what to do!


Answer:ethernet problems on linux

Hi ironchef!
I am a nOOb, too, but I am curious...
Do you have the specs on your card? What is the manufacturer, etc?
What I'm getting at... Wonder if we can check the hardware compatability lists and see if that card is supported.
If it is a newer card, perhaps its time to use a newer distro (which would have a newer kernel - perhaps with support for your card that RH-9 doesn't have?)

Yes, what is the distro you are using, exactly, and the NIC that you have in your computer?

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I have recently installed redhat 8, i used partition magic and partitioned the HDD, i set it up so i could dual boot, now when i start it up i need a boot disk to boot linux and i can not seem to bott my windows 2k, when it starts up it just comes up with "L_" and does not do anything else, i cannot type any commands or anything, how can i solve this problem? Any Help Much Appreciated, Thanks Scott MacDonald

Answer:Linux Boot Problems

Restart and boot the computer with a boot disc click here At the prmpt type:FDISK /MBR Click ok and give a few seconds. Restart and see what happens.

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First of all, I try to log into or gmail and for gmail it just says loading and doesnt do anything, and for yourpsp ir comes up with the word "registration" and these wierd characters at the top-left corner: 
And secondly, what do I need to download for RedHat Linux? there are too many .iso images and they are too big... dont worry i am upgrading meh connection from 256/64 to a hunky 1.5/256

Answer:Very odd problems/RedHat Linux

and it happens on firefox AND IE (i use firefox for very, very obvious reasons)

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This is a summary message of the status of sound on recent Linux distributions as posted on Ubuntu, OpenSUSE and other forums.Linux recognizes the codec as Realtek ALC888. People have reported two options:- use snd-hda-intel module with "options model=3stack-6ch" to get a working 6 channel sound setup. You can use "speaker-test -Dplug:surround51 -c6 -twav" to test if all 6 channels are working.** Headphone jack sense does not work. If headphone is inserted, sounds comes out from both the headphones and external speakers. And the speakers cannot be turned off by using any options in the mixer.- use snd-hda-intel module with "options model=lenovo-ms7195-dig" to a working headphone/speaker setup. Speakers are silenced when headphone is inserted.** Not all of the 6 channels work (as tested using speaker-test). IIRC, only 4 of the 6 channels work (no sound for center and LFE).Is there any known workaround to get both a working 5.1 setup and headphone jack sense ? This happens with Alsa-1.0.16.Thanks,- dBera

Answer:Sound problems on Linux

i had put ubuntu on my y510 it didnt work well at all so i got rid of it... i looked around a bit nobody really offers generic drivers sooo i uno waht to say...

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XP Pre-installed on Dell Vostro 1510
Resized XP partition (used Acronis DiskManager) restarted and booted back into XP (I did not wipe data)
Booted Linux Live CD (OpenSuse 11.1) installed on 40GB unallocated space
Checked XP Partition: Intact
DSR Partition: Unknown
Linux Wireless didn't work, only solution would be to buy new card
Uninstalled Linux
Booted into XP: XP Working
Destroyed Linux Partition

And now I am stuck here, my computer cannot boot up, a Dell System Test thing shows up and asks me if I want to perform system tests. I have checked hardware, it is a software problem.

How would I fix my computer without losing my data?


Yanjchan (my username is a typo!)

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i installed linux mint and boot it up by press f8 then hdd boot option and use the top option which is load 64bit linux mint 18/
how do i make it so that i can just turn on pc and get it to desktop just like a windows pc.
i installed 32 bit comodo anti virus but i click the icon and it obviously does not work , when i tried to install the 64 bit version i just got error reports and it aborted the install ........ what other free anti virus could i try.
finally am i now stuck with linux on the spare pc i put it on because i cant get my windows recovery discs to do a factory reset , is ther another way to get windows back

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hi everyone, im new to this forum and was recommended it by a friend, this is my first thread. recently ive built my self a new computer.

the specs are as follows

coolermaster elite 330, amd 64 x2 5000+, geforce 8400GS overclocked, 2gb ram and alive SATA2 motherboard.

this is my first build and i only became interested in computers a few months before. to save money and the hope to keep it simple (ironicly mistakened) i decided to install ubuntu 8.4 as my operating system. first i had trouble getting it on but eventually i managed it. anyway, my next step was to install the drivers for my motherboard and graphics card. the driver for the graphics card is more important because it currently has no drivers and is unable to do any 3D acceleration and other sorts of stuff, i do plan to do some light gaming on it like counterstrike etc.

anyway ive tried putting the driver disk into the computer and it doesnt auto run, i try and do the job my self by pressing on the auto run folder and everything elce i could think off clicking on. atfer this i went on nvidia site and downloaded the correct linux driver. i saved this to my desktop. tried to run it but it wouldnt, it just wouldnt repond when i clicked on the auto run folders or anything.

i know linux was probably not the best O.S to pick as this was my first build however, id like to try and get this right. i havent got internet access to this computer yet-i need to replace my wired with a wireless router so i can... Read more

Answer:linux driver problems

There is a Linux forum here. You might get a better and quicker answer answer there.

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Im completly frustrated right now, and out of things to do. Hopefully someone here will have an answer or direction.

Info about my comp:

Abit NF7s
Athlon 2800
SATA HD (Originally had Win XP on it)
ATA HD (Arch Linux)

I tried putting on Arch Linux on my ATA Drive. The installation went fine (i think). I put the grub loader onto my SATA HD. When i went to boot, the grub loader wasnt working. The screen just kept displaying 'GRUB' all across the screen, and kept repeating. Nothing would boot.

I decided to just try to get my Windows XP working again. I did this by booting off the WINXP cd and going into the recovery console. I tried the fixmbr , fixboot, bootcfg commands from tutorials ive read, but it wasnt working. The error i would get now is "Error Loading Operating System". Now, Im really panicking, as i have A LOT of information i dont want to lose. When i go into the recovery console, i still see my files, can read log files, but when i try to access some other directories, it says 'access denied'.

I then decided just to re-install Windows XP onto my SATA drive. When the XP installation listed the Partitions, it had listed the NTFS partition, but it said i couldnt install onto it unless i format or partition it (i forgot if it said format or partition, but it was one of the two). As i said earlier, i have many things on the drive that i dont want to lose. So i just stopped the install.

So next i tried to put WindowsXP... Read more

Answer:Booting Problems (XP and Linux)

Load windows Recovery console and type fixmbr, and maybe a fixboot.

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Hi, since two weeks i tried to install Lubuntu on my Pavilion.The issue is that every Operative Systems, apart native windows10, doesn't detect many notebook's components, like audio system, battery, microphone and more (wifi and bluetooth works correctly)..On every boot of linux OS or RemixOS, terminal shows this errors:(first 5 lines)I have disable secure boot yet, but same results..How can i fix them?Thanks for the helps.

Answer:hardware's problems with linux and others.

Ps: My Pavilion uses UEFi and the system is 64bit.

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've just installed Red Hat Linux 6.2 for x86 processors on my PC. It installs fine, but it cannot boot. When LILO tries to boot, it fills the screen with DOS-like read-outs then comes to these lines:

Kernel panic: tried to kill the idle task!
In swapper task ? not syncing

then it hangs the system, and I have to hard reboot by turning on and off the PSU. I had removed all unnecessary hardware at the time of the install, and I was installing it to its own disk. The spec at the time was as follows:

540Meg Quantum Maverick HDD
Ricoh CD-R
Matsui CD-ROM
384Meg Pc100 RAM
850Mhz AMD Duron
Gigabyte GA-71XE4 MoBo, with latest AMIBIOS (version F9) and AMD750 chipset
Microsoft Natural Keyboard
Micrsoft COM Mouse

I also tried it on a partition of my 2nd HDD in my usual setup (40Gig Maxtor, 4Gig Maxtor, 3COM NIC, Aztech Modem, Vibra 16, A4Tech mouse, rest as above() with exactly the same effect. I have tried both the LILO installed on the PC and the bot floppy the installer made, again to the same ending

Someone has tried to convince me it is the AMD chip that has caused the boot failure, but I am not sure at all. If it is, Linux will just have to wait until I have got myself a P4...

Answer:Linux Boot Problems

Lots of things can cause a Kernel panic, but its generally hardware related. I imagine that a driver that's compiled into the kernel doesn't like your hardware.

The first thing I can suggest is, if possible, try to get a more up to date version of Red Hat Linux and try that. We are up to version 7.3 now.

That's crap about it not working on an AMD I have 2 AMD systems here at home and both of them have linux installed on them.

Don't give up. Linux can initially take a while to master installation of, but keep going it will work.

If possible could you try to boot from the CD, and type "linux rescue" and the boot: prompt, your system will then be mounted under /mnt/sysimage . Go into there are post a copy of a a file falled dmesg which will be at the following path


post that file here and let me take a look. you can copy it onto a fat partition if you mount it or onto a floppy. post back if you do not know how to do that.

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One of my friends have WinXP installed on his comp.
And he was trying to install College Linux on his comp but it didnt find any hdd's , and the same thing happens when he tries to install Windows.
Can any1 help plz?

Answer:Windows & Linux Problems..

Chances are, he needs to load drivers to get the OSes to recognize the hard drives first. Your not really giving us much information to go on, and I'm also confused how he has XP loaded, but your saying he can't install Windows? If he has XP loaded, it should be very easy for him to find out what controller his drives are using, and if he needs a driver disk or not.

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hey guys, i installed realvnc on fedora core 6. But whenever i try to start it, it says its started but when i check it isn't, and when i go to kill the process i cant because it doesn't exist (meaning it hasn't started) anyone have any ideas how to fix this. I have been working on getting this to work all day and i am stuck on this last problem. Just not to long ago i was able to connect from my linux server to my windows laptop fine, but from the windows laptop to the linux server it wont work and i think its because realvnc server isn't even started.

Any ideas? as you might guess i am quite anxious to get this working.

Answer:realvnc problems with linux

vnc server

First off, which distributors linux are you running?
(i recommend DEBIAN-its free and im my experiance just flat out better)
(also comes with 2 preset GUIs these may be helpfull for noobs)
Just a peice of avice try using an edited Telnet server, for more security.
who knos it might better than what you had in mind to begin with.
(its what i did,)

Questions and mored Email to
[email protected]

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I need to get some drivers for my network card.
It is the on-baord card that ones with the AOpen AK 89-MAX.
which is the Realtek Gigabit Ethernet card.
I can't find driver for mandrake linux. so if anyone can hep me find some that would be great thanks!


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well i just installed redhat linux 9.0 as a dual bot on m computer with win xp pro, i have a p4 2.4ghz and 533mhz fsb, 512 megs ddr pc3500, nvidia 5200 128 meg ddr with dual monitor support, 120 gig 7200 rpd hd partitioned 3 ways, the linux partition is 10 gigs, any way the problem is that i do not have a driver installed for my video card and every time i try to start linux i get a scrambled screen, either that or the monitor just cant take wut its putting out, is there ne way u know uf that i can install this driver from a command prompt, do u know of any place i can get help wth this prob. I had a hard enough time actually getting the os installed if there is ne thing else u need to know feel free to post

Answer:linux video problems

You're going to need to do this...


Log in as 'root' with your password, and do the following:

cd /usr/X11R6/lib/X11
cat XF86Config > ~/test
cat test|mail $$$YOUREMAIL

Replace $$$YOUREMAIL with your real e-mail. Reboot and check your e-mail, if there is nothing there you may need to write the whole thing down

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Hey guys..

I'm using SuSE Linux personal 9.1 and i am having some problems viewing certain web pages.. like this one..

when i come here it puts the web page in the center of the browser and has quite a bit of space on the sides.. also the text looks alot smaller than usual, is there a way to make it expand to fit the browser? or is this how its supposed to be.. im kinda new to linux...

also how do i change the icons in the start menu thingy?

and i cant get firefox to install as a tar file..

i downloaded amsn messenger and it works great..

please help..

Answer:Problems with SuSE linux 9.1

OK i got firefox installed the all of the other problems are still there

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Hello, I tried to install Ubuntu & Android-x86 to my HP Pavilon X2. The OS is working but audio isn't working and battery percentage not showing. How can I fix it? (Model: HP Pavilion X2 Detachable 10-n101nt)

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A little background:
I was curious about learning about webservers and such, so i compiled apache, and started one. I was having fun with it too, but now i've got a problem, not sure whats causing it. I dont know that much about the computer i'm running as a server, it was given to me by my mom who works for the town, its one of the ones the town no longer uses. All was running fine, when i had to shut it down last night to see if i could get my dsl modem working (another long story) and i wanted to take extra 'strain' off the internet line. Anyway, this morning i tried to boot it, and i'm getting all sorts of errors. First, i cant connect to the internet, gets stuck on "Bringing up eth0" and then fails. then a few other things fail, but it moves to quickly for me to see what they are :-/. Now i'm in text mode, and i cant do anything. I try to use startx or xinit to start gnome and get a few errors: (logged in as root)
Could not init font path element unix/:7100, removing from list!

Fatal server error:
could not open default font 'fixed'

then it tells me about reporting errors related to a server crash, and i get another error:
XIO: fatal IO error 104 (Connection reset by peer) on X server ":0.0" after 0 requests (0 known processed) with 0 events remaining.
I also cant open the log for free86 because it says i have to be root or trusted user (if you were paying attention, you'd find this odd, because ... Read more

Answer:linux server problems...HELP!!!!

To see the error messages during boot-up do dmesg | less and use up and down to navigate, try logging into X as another user (Starting anything as root is VVERRYY (Notice not only is it bold and capital, but I write each letter twice ) frowned upon, causes security risks and other problems), if that doesn't work, try making a new user (command is adduser) and see if that works, maybe it's just root's defautl config, post the errors from the dmesg | less and also tell us how your network is set-up and IP adresses, a little graph would be nice

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Whenever I'm installing any distro of Linux, at least most of them, I always have mouse problems. The mouse is fine in the GUI install of Linux, but when my system goes up, the mouse is frozen at the center and doesn't work. I want to use my mouse though, any help?

Answer:Linux Mouse Problems

The mouse protocol that is detected by some install program like anaconda is not the mouse type you are choosing, or the mouse type it is selecting is wrong. try something generic. what distro are you using? I maybe able to direct you towards some programs you can use to change your mouse settings....

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I'm not technical but my IT life was OK until I uploaded Win 10 from Win 7, Home versions....
My files in Win 7 could be seen by my 2 Linux machines via my home LAN (BT HUB 5 Router)and I could work on my projects on my Linux laptop or desktop whilst others were using the Windows machine.
I assumed, foolishly, my network life would continue as before under WIN 10.
With Win 10, my Linux machines see the folders on 10 but cannot see the shared files! Win 10 will not even see a USB stick connected to the router - no problem with the linux machines.
I spent fruitless hours searching WIN & Linux forums for why this is so but to no avail.
It seems to me that Win 10 is designed not to network with any software which is not Windows!
Can I really be the only person in the world who works with both Windows and Linux on as home LAN?
Any help would be much appreciated....

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hi i finally decided to install suse linux 10.2 and i have had nothing but problems, the installation was nuthing but smooth, had to use commands , now finally installed. My Atheros Ar5005G wont install, tried everything ( noob to linux ) and my ati dosent have linux drivers. can someone help me with the Atheros Ar5005G drivers , internet is more imporant as the screen looks fine right now.thnaks.

Answer:linux 10.2 - wireless netowork and ati problems

Atheros not natively supported in Suse 10.1 , but you can download and run a Madwifi driver for your card after installing Suse .click here for a " madwifi how to " . madwifi stands for Multiband Atheros Driver for WiFi these are for Linux/Open source . Ashley

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2 things.....

1. Unable to find my logitech mouseman dual optical mouse

2. Unable to find my Epox 8RDA+ Motherboard's lan card. Realtech RTL8201BL PHY

Sigh... please help!


Answer:Redhat Linux and driver problems

well, that realtek chip is actually an invisible chip that only operates on a hardware level. what you actually need is the nforce-net modules (modprobe nvnet, i doubt if redhat provides them). if you know how to compile your own kernel, the 2.6.X-mmX series contains a reverse engineered driver for nvidia's nforce ethernet (it works flawlessly for me).
check for the official drivers.

can you further define "can't recognize" for us? does it work but only certain functions? not work period? usb? ps2?

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i just added a new hard drive and installed ubuntu on it. all works fine, i can load both xp and ubuntu. however:

1. after adding the new drive with linux the start up time is MUCH longer. all programs load and i can click on the my computer icon but then i have to stare at the rotating flashlight for about 2 minutes till the system gets a hang on itself.

2. after it has loade i can see my 2 drives, one with windows the other with all my personal stuff BUT i can't see the new third drive which has linux on it. i can see it is listed and working properly in the device manager but not in my computer.

3. i wanted to see if the slow startup is fixed after i unplug my new added drive but then windows will not boot. the GRUB thing starts but gets an error 17. i have to plug in my new hard drive and select windows from the grub option menu. is there a way to uninstall grub so windows loads itself properly?

please someone help me out! anything is welcome. thanks in advance!!


Answer:some problems after adding a new drive with linux

It would help if you described the hard drive setup a bit more. What kind of drives (IDE/SATA) connected to where in what order (master/slave)?

Windows cannot read Linux filesystems by default. You need to install a special driver if you want to do that.

GRUB keeps its configuration files on the Linux partition - unplugging the Linux drive is not a good idea. You can still boot Windows from the GRUB command line of course.

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hi all. newbie here, i have a relatively not bad self taught knowledge of windows.

right, i have purchased a toshiba NB250 netbook with linux installed. ive gone to install windows 7 from disk and it comes back saying there is not enough room to store temporary files. which after searching up means that the disk is formatted to linux and windows cant read the disk.... so i downloaded a program called rufus to make a bootable usb drive. in the mean time while i made that i thought i would swap the 250gb hd with linux on and put a spare 40gb hd in the netbook to use to try this bootable image on. so i put the 40gb hd in and powered up and it already had an install of windows 7 on it and booted up nicely. so i thought what i would do was try the 250gb hd on my home pc and install windows 7 through that. i then downloaded a program called test disk that would read the linux formatted 250gb hd on my home pc. it found it and i wiped the disk clean. i then made an entire partition of NTFS formatted 250gb HD and then proceeded to install windows 7 to it. all installed nice and fine and booted up via my home pc. i then put the 250gb HD back in the netbook and proceeded to power up. the netbook proceeded to the follwing black screen with...

"error: unkown file system entering rescue mode..... grub rescue> now after looking up i have found out that grub rescue is some kind of rescue program for linux? if so then how come there are still some linux files on the HD??... Read more

Answer:linux to windows 7 install problems

Well, it won't work like that

Windows needs drivers related to the hardware, and is not suitable to move to dissimilar hardware.
Since you are at an early stage, just re-install Windows while 250GB HDD is in the laptop.

I believe you could have installed Windows in the first place if you used a tool like GParted and shrunk the Linux partition some.

Anyway, download and create bootable media of Partition Wizard free. And boot laptop with it while having 250GB attached. Delete any partitions on it, and create a single NTFS partition (optional). Then boot with Windows installer and install as usual.

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I have a time computer running win xp home sp2 and i want to install Mandrake Linux 10.1. i have downloaded the ISO images and burnt them to cd. i boot from the cd and it starts the linux installer. i get to a part where i have three option.1.remove windows and install linux2.partition the free hard drive space and install linux on it3. manually partiton my computer through the linu installer.i tried option 2 but when it started doing it it said 'ntfsresizefailed' how can i stop this and install it somebody help me

Answer:Linux install problems on ntfs

Try Partition Manager or Partition Magic - get that to set up the required partition onto which you can install Linux.

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Ah, yes I am installing Mandrake Linux 9.1 right next to my Windows XP pro. It worked fine.

When I boot, it shows the Mandrake Linux screen like normal - but it stops at Mounting Other Filesystems and stays like that for awhile and eventually says (exactly):
Mounting other filesystems: spurious 8259a INTERRUPT IRQ7

I looked this up, but I can't find anything.

AMD Duron 1.2ghz
80 gig maxtor
20 W.D
512mb ram
Radeon 9200
XP pro

Yes, I have run Linux before. Actually, I run it alot ^_^

Answer:Mandrake Linux 9.1 Boot problems

are you running an nVidia graphics card? if so you might want to update to the latest drivers. I've seen that problem on Mandrake 8.1.

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I recently installed Ubuntu Linux, and after a lot of work I still couldn't get it to connect and found out that I have a winmodem. Now I want to go ahead and reinstall Windows so I can get things done on the Internet, and throw together a system out of my old parts to play around with Linux on.

I put in the Windows XP Pro cd, and restarted. It booted from the CD fine, and I deleted the partition, and created a new partition. I formatted it using NTFS (quick and full), and it copied the files successfully. When it restarts, it says "Error loading operating system." I thought maybe it left something from grub or linux behind, so I went into the repair console and used fixboot, fixmbr, bootcfg, and about everything else I could, no luck.

My computer guy seems to think it has something to do with timing, because he said that he had the exact same problem with his sempron pc, and he put another processor in and installed windows, and then put the old sempron back in and it worked fine. I don't have any AMD processors just lying around, so thats out of the question. But he says that he will do it for me for $20. I want to get every opinion before I pay to have it fixed, because I would rather just do it myself and make it a learning experience.

If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Problems installing Windows after Linux...

Also, I forgot to mention that Linux will reinstall flawlessly. I have also tried installing XP Home, and Windows 98 without luck.

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I recently did an install of linux mandrake linux 9.0, which created new partitions to my HD. However, I seem to have some issues with my Windows XP (fat 32) partition being recognized correctly by chkdsk or autochk. Here's the error I get:

C:\>chkdsk c:
The type of the file system is RAW.
CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives.
When I look at the properties of C:\ under "My Computer" it tells me the filesystem is FAT 32. So does disk management of administration tools. All of the files seem to work fine otherwise. Any help on why this is happening and how to fix it would be appreciated.


Answer:problems with chkdsk after linux install

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I considered getting linux for a pc im hoping to build as oppose to Windows xp professional but was recently dissuaded by a fellow computer enthusiast (who knows rather more than me, I must admit ). The issue was that with linux, playing computer games on the system may be difficult if not impossible, due to no directx availability. I was just wondering whether this was true because when I looked into using linux I didnt encounter anyone having troubles of this nature. Please can you tell me if this is a problem, and perhaps how it can be bypassed if I felt like reconsidering my OS.


Answer:Does linux have compatibility problems with games?

Games can be a little bit of a problem with Linux. That said, there are people here far more experienced than a newbie to linux such as myself that may know ways around the issue. That said, there's nothing at all stopping you having a dual boot system with windows AND linux, linux after all being free.

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Im running windows xp professional on an ntfs partition. I have a sound blaster live platninum and geforce 2 mx 400. My cpu is a amd duron 900.
When i run windows xp I have problems with my sound studdering, such as when I first login to windows or when a get an error chime, etc....
The only modification I have done to my computer recently is I installed caldera open linux workstation 3.11 on its own physical partition, which i made using partition magic 7
I do not think that this would affect the windows partition at all as the linux kernal lacks support for writing to an ntfs volume but i wanted to make sure.
also if anyone knows what the cause of this problem can be, could u please help. Thank you

Answer:winxp/linux sound problems


yep u r right linux cannot write to the ntfs partiton , not only that but winxp cannot detect the linnux partiton , it is just detected as a healthy unknoen partiton

your problem might be because of corrupted sound drivers, try downloading the latest drivers from

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I keep receiving these messages every time I boot into my Kali Linux OS: [   11.022004] ath10k_pci 0000:03:00.0: firmware: failed to load ath10k/pre-cal-pci-0000:03:00.0.bin (-2)[   11.022043] ath10k_pci 0000:03:00.0: Direct firmware load for ath10k/pre-cal-pci-0000:03:00.0.bin failed with error -2[   11.022053] ath10k_pci 0000:03:00.0: firmware: failed to load ath10k/cal-pci-0000:03:00.0.bin (-2)[   11.206307] nouveau 0000:04:00.0: priv: HUB0: 084014 ffffffff (1b70820d)[   11.206378] nouveau 0000:04:00.0: priv: HUB0: 10ecc0 ffffffff (1870822c)[   12.507176] nouveau 0000:04:00.0: DRM: Pointer to TMDS table invalid[   12.507208] nouveau 0000:04:00.0: DRM: DCB version 4.0[   12.507210] nouveau 0000:04:00.0: DRM: Pointer to flat panel table invalid[   26.822162] nouveau 0000:04:00.0: priv: HUB0: 084014 ffffffff (1c70820d)[   26.852965] nouveau 0000:04:00.0: priv: HUB0: 10ecc0 ffffffff (1c70822c) These messages appear on the black screen just before login information is asked. Is this some kind of a problem? If yes, Can you please give me a solution to it.

Answer:Kali linux crash Problems

i think it's better if you ask on the Kali Linux community:

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help my computer doesn't work at all any more!I was formatting my computer, in order to try a copy of Windows Media Center, but during install, i was missing a disk. I decided to use a different version of windows XP, but then I noticed that my Windows XP disk was missing(!). I decided to give linux a go temporarilly, until i could get hold of a new copy of XP.I do all this, but i'm too n00b to set up the wireless network, so I left it for the night.The next day, i found a copy of windows XP professional downstairs! I went to install it, deleting the SuSe Linux partitions, and it did its copying of the install files. However, on the reboot to install, the screen went black, with just a flashing "_" in the top corner.So, I reinstall SuSe to have another go at networking, to no avail. Back to windows Xp, still the same problem.So i try installing Suse and Xp to different drives, each time over writing, etc, etc, but no, no advances on the original problem of the "_".I then remembered having a similar problem previously, and that it might be the boot loader. So, I go on the GNU Grub website, and it tells me to do FDISK/MBR. I go into the recovery console, but that doesn't work, so I format all my disks and use FIXMBR (It seemed the best option on the HELP command), but now I can't acess the windows XP disk, on the screen it says "Searching system components" or something along those lines, then goes blank.Please help me, i have been trying to get windows up and running for over ... Read more

Answer:help help, boot problems linux and windows!

Can you boot with the XP CD?

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hi to all we are running a linux proxy with a win 2003 dhcp we can not go on to the net when i try to acsess the rooter to reset it i cant log on to it till i have reset the only then can i get on restet and when i do this it stays on for a hour if im lucky then it gos down again pleas pleas pleas help i am a bit of a ameture with linux

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I am having some major problems getting the ATI drivers to work in Linux. I have tried 4 different versions, and keep getting the same result. I am using the driver for XFree 4.3.0 from ATI. com. First, I tried to use Mandrake 10.0. I could compile the drivers, but could only get 2D to work, no 3D. I then tried Mandrake 9.2 and 9.1. Same problem. On 9.2 I tried downgrading to XFree 4.3.0, the version the drivers were made for. Exact same result. No 3D. The error message says that there was an error, and that 2D will work, but 3D wont. After installation, I went to the ATI control panel, and it said the card was in PCI mode. Lastly I tried RedHat 9.0, with stock XFree 4.3.0. EXACT SAME RESULT! I never had any problems with NVidia's linux drivers. I did exactly what the instructions said. Anyone have any luck getting these to work? I will try just about anything! Everything I am doing is being done on the system in my sig.

Answer:Radeon Linux driver problems...

I had a similar problem using Gentoo. Some suggesting using AC kernel sources. Worked for me. Worth a shot if you don't mind recompiling your kernel.

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Currently Using Vista as main OS, but on the computer I have installed:

Ubuntu Linux 9.10
Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit SP2
and Windows 7 beta build 7400

hoping to get a proper copy of Win7 by the end of the month, but currently struggling to make anything other than vista work, and if you read my topic about pcsx2, you'll see what a struggle that is! Using GAG bootlaoder as my bootloader, GRUB from linux wouldn't work.

Vista is the only one it can make work, when i try to boot Win7 beta, ti says botMGR is missing, guessing that's cos it's expired, but it said that before if i booted that HDD, if i loaded vista, the loader would see Win7 and load it up fine. but that loader disappreared after reinstalling vista 4 times and i found GAG.

Linux is on a partition of the Vista HDD but isn't available in GAG.

Any help guys? . Have googled for hours and found nothing helpful!

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Ok, I am trying to backup my DVDs within Linux. I found this tutorial:

I have all the tarballs/rpms down'd, and I was trying to install them. All of them installed fine, except the transcode. I've tried installing it from the tarball, I’ve tried installing it from CVS, all to no avail. Every time I get to ./configure for transcode, it rolls through for a while, and then tells me that it can't find ffmpeg/avcodec.h. I've tried installing ffmpeg in every way I can think of, tarball, rpm, cvs, and I still can't get transcode to find it. I've emailed the transcode author, thinking I might have a bad tarball, but I've tried several of them.

Anybody have this problem before? I found one thing by googling it, but it just says, "install from CVS" and then it works. I'm at work now, but I'll post the exact error message when I get home tonight.


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Well right now I am trying to build a primary domain controller in linux, here is my set up:

SuSe 10

I've used Yast to update everything to the latest version.

When I issue the command to populate the LDAP database it gives me these errors:
Use of uninitialized value in substitution (s///) at /usr/local/sbin// line 120, <CONFIGFILE> line 16.
Populating LDAP directory for domain foobar.tld (S-1-5-21-2139989288-483860436-2398042574)
(using builtin directory structure)

adding new entry: dc=example,dc=tld
failed to add entry: no global superior knowledge at /usr/local/sbin/smbldap-populate line 469, <GEN1> line 2.
adding new entry: ou=Users,dc=example,dc=tld
failed to add entry: no global superior knowledge at /usr/local/sbin/smbldap-populate line 469, <GEN1> line 3.
adding new entry: ou=Groups,dc=example,dc=tld
failed to add entry: no global superior knowledge at /usr/local/sbin/smbldap-populate line 469, <GEN1> line 4.
adding new entry: ou=Computers,dc=example,dc=tld
failed to add entry: no global superior knowledge at /usr/local/sbin/smbldap-populate line 469, <GEN1> line 6.
adding new entry: uid=Administrator,ou=Users,dc=example,dc=tld
failed to add entry: no global superior knowledge at /usr/local/sbin/smbldap-populate line 469, <GEN1> line 7.
adding new entry: uid=nobody,ou=Users,dc=example,dc=tld
failed to add entry: no global superior knowledge at /usr/local/sbin/smbldap-po... Read more

Answer:Problems with SuSe Linux, OpenLDAP, and Samaba

Good luck, I had really good time setting this up

You have to set up LDAP first, then go over the config files in /etc/smbldap-tools before you can do any smbldap* stuff.

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I found the answer: In Win7 Disk Management (Control Panel/Admin Tools/Computer Management/Disk Management) Right Click the Drive, in my case "L" and select delete. Never mind the warning message that pops up about losing data, if you have no data there you do not want, and delete the Drive. This makes the drive unallocated. Then Right Click on C Drive and extend it to take back the space that was allocated for the additional drive.I just tried to install Linux Mint on my Dell Studio Desktop 540 PC with Windows 7 SP1. Mint created its own partition and installed ( I gave it 200.6 GB). I got a "Failed to Load" error from Mint and on restart there was no dual boot option to go into Mint. I tried installing again but this time I allowed Mint to dismount the various partitions on the PC such as my USB stick and SD Card. After restart still no dual boot and I could not find the dual boot option in my BIOS. In an attempt to regain my disk space I downloaded EaseUS Home Edition but it was unable to find my now unallocated disk space. I was able to use Windows' Disk Management to extend C: into most of the unallocated disk space but I was left with 5.96 GBs of Free Space, apparently from the second install attempt. I have assigned that drive a Drive Label "L" and it is showing up as healthy and as a Logical Drive on the PC. Now, how can I get back that drive space and assign it into C:? Or should I just use it to store files in and count my blessing... Read more

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Hi i have a new PC with Linux loaded i want to install my vista, i put the dvd in the tray, windows loads and gets to the part where i want to install windows, 2 partions are showing , but it says it cannot be installed in any partition because it needs NTFS.
so i try to use the format button - it then comes up about losing data, yes carry on then, i then get "Failed to Format the selected partition [error: 0x80004005]"

Can anyone please help.

Answer:New PC - Installing Vista Problems - linux loaded

Hello Christian16 and welcome to the forums

Do you want to dual boot, or just install Vista and remove Linux?


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Man oh man! I never thought it would be this hard to do! I have a total of 2 computers. I have linux redhat 8.0 setup on the server and win 98 setup on the other cpu, I use a D-link router and both are behind the D-link(2 connections to the server and one to the win 98 cpu). the D-link is attached to my cable modem. I can access the server http page by typing in the IP of the server(via DHCP) from my win 98 cpu but I cant access it outside my own network??? I have read alot of documentation over the last 2 weeks and Have not been able to advance one step although I am getting pretty firmiluare with linux,lol. Can somebody please help me figure this out! If I can access an http outside my network that would be a huge break through for me! Where do I start and what do I do!

Answer:problems with setting up an http server on linux

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Ok, so to start out, about 2 weeks ago I got a virs on my computer and decided that it was time for a reinstall of windows. So installed windows, and it worked perfect for about 3 hours, then it froze and restarted, then it would last about 2 seconds of idling and it would freeze, even if I restarted several more times, so I cleared CMOS and it would last about 3 minutes and then freeze. Then it would go back to that 2 seconds of idle and freeze. So I figured it was probably a hardware issue(components dying), so I moved my ram into a different slot and it worked fine for a few minutes, and then it did that 2 seconds freeze. After a while it got the the point that it was freezing while loading the windows and then after a while it wouldnt even post! wtf is that? ohh yeah Im getting off topic, anyways, I downloaded memtest86 and my memory checked out, which STUMPED me, because I coulda sworn that was it. Then I was looking at the best buy ad on sunday morning and saw a 320gig hdd so I was like, hey wtf, lets do it. So I got it and installed it (removed my 250gig that I had in there) and reinstalled windows, it lasted a few hours and froze and then started freezing a lot after that so I restarted and it did the same 2second thing. so I disconnected my optical drives because my dvd reader is ancient and it came out of a pII, and I thought that might have been it. So after I disconnected them, it worked awsome for about 10-15 minutes and then BOOM, back to the 2 second thing. I h... Read more

Answer:Major windows xp problems, but linux works

Could it be the PSU?

I had a customer with stability issues and it turned out to be a power issue.

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I had my folding farm setup using a router and a couple of hubs to hook to the internet, so the individual boxes could send and retrive work units from Stanford.

this consists of one windows box running ME and 11 boxes running SUSE 8.2 Linux. All were folding and this system has worked for months.

the Cable modem hooked to a Linksys router which was hooked up to the main two boxes that i work with, and the hubs and the other boxes. two weeks ago the farthest down the line boxes quit being able to connect to the internet. by the next day the second set of four boxes had quit accessing. then the two main boxes were the only things that could connect.

by friday night there was no access at all, spent all day saturday reconfiguring and replacing pieces and parts and nothing would work. working with the Cable One tech support got the one windows box to go on line.

However I could not get any other boxes to go online, nor could I use the router. And if I turned the Windows box off I had to reconfigure it to work every time i went back on.

Replaced the router and no luck, rewired and reconfigured and no luck, then the windows box refused access to go on line and cannot get it to talk to the modem.

Spent all day sunday getting this one box to reprogram and work on line, have spent the last week and a half trying to get the routers to work between the box and the modem.

if I hook it in then I can not get it to work, no matter what i tried, and the cable company is useless in ... Read more

Answer:Need help with Linux folding network setup problems

i'm having a hard time imagining your network topography... can you elaborate? maybe a diagram?

sounds like with you connect one pc to the cable modem, everything is ok, but when you use a router, it gets fubared?

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I have an adaptec 2940UW, 2 wide Cheetah drives & 1 narrow (Connor) - all SCSI.
I had Win95 running on Cheetah1(ID14). I had previously attempted to install Win2k on what
I'll call Cheetah2(ID0), partition1, dual booting with RH Linux on other partitions on Cheetah2.

That was not very successful on several accounts, so I proceeded to reinstall both
operating systems on a freshly repartitioned Cheetah2(ID0).

After (re)installation of Windows 2000 Professional on Cheetah2(ID0), I began looking for
the Ntldr,, Ntbootdd.sys, Boot.ini etc.
It was NOT on the Cheetah2 drive. Finally I discovered it on the Connor drive (ID2). During the Win2k
boot there is an option scrren of what to boot - Win2k pro or Windows, if I select win2k pro,
everything proceeds normally & the OS boots from Cheetah2; but if I select windows, I end up on
the Connor (ID2) & windows(95) starts but cannot complete. From there I can access Cheetah1,
but not Cheetah2. The failure to boot win95 doesn't bother me - I have working Win95 on Cheetah1,
which I can boot by altering the boot drive in the 2940 BIOS.

The problem is that in trying to alter the boot.ini & boot into RH linux, I run into problems that I
believe are related to Ntldr,, Ntbootdd.sys, Boot.ini etc. being on the WRONG drive.

Some years in the past the Connor drive was my boot drive (for win95) & I think on my first attempt at dual booting
Win2k & Linux on the Cheetah2, I may have c... Read more

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well im am trying to install afew things on my linux box. and this is a new world to me coming from windows .. im used to just clicking the exec and selecting a directory and that was the end of it .. now i really dont know what to do.

im trying to install
- TeamSpeak - which is a tar.bz2
- DivX Codec - which is a tar.gz

if anyone has any guides or rule of thumbs about how to install the different packages that would be great

Answer:Progam Install Problems - Linux (SuSe9)

ok. i'm downloading the files to see how each installs. both are in a format similar to .zip or .rar
for teh .bz2, in a terminal, run tar -xvjf filename.tar.bz2
for the .gz, in a terminal, run tar -xvzf filename.tar.gz

be back after i've looked at em more closely.
usually, after running tar a directory will be created.
cd into that directory
ls (list files)
less README or whatever - this usually tells you how to install
if it's a source that needs to be compiled, usually, ./configure;make;make install will do the trick (as root).

for divx. untar it. cd divx*. be sure you are root. if not, type su <ENTER> (enter password at prompt) - then run "sh"
for looks like windows...ewwwww. lol. anway, untar it. cd ts2*. be sure you are root. run "sh" (make sure you have x window system open - chances are you do, it's suse. if you have graphical interface, you do)

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One of my friends found recently an older gaming motherboard he had that he was going to throw away because he had no need for it. I said I'd take it off of his hands if he is just going to toss it out because I have a socket 939 Athlon 64 3500+ CPU and a pile of DDR RAM sticks not being used, as well as a bare case to stuff it into. It was pulled as a working board back around 2009 and sat in his closet in an ESD bag ever since. The CPU and RAM he ended up selling to some other friends so it was just a bare board. The board is also very clean like new condition and so no dirt and dust in CPU socket etc.Installed everything successfully and the motherboard got past POST and started to go through the installation process of Windows XP, and then part way through I got a fast BSOD and then it rebooted itself. I then tried again and Windows XP would not boot off the OEM install CD. So I figured maybe its a bummed DVD-ROM, and so I swapped it out with another knon good IDE CD-RW drive and it started the boot process off the drive and then the disk was just going forever without getting to the installation process but instead just a blinking curser it top left corner.So I then held power button in and then turned it back on and swapped the Windows XP disc with memtest86 and ran that for 4 hours successfully without any problems reported.So I then grabbed another known good not scratched like new XP install disc like the other and booted off of that and this time it started to ... Read more

Answer:Gigabyte GA-K8N-SLI OS install problems both Linux and Windows XP

Try the install with only 1 stik of RAM in the slot closest to the CPU...

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Hi all
I got my brand new XPS13-9350 today. I ordered it with Linux as OS. As I have some spare Win10 Pro licensed, I did a clean install of Win10 Pro. So far so good, except for two issues:
In Device Manager, the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers entry has a yellow exclamation mark and says:
"This device cannot start. (Code 10). An I/O adapter hardware error has occurred"
I have installed the correct Intel Chipset driver from the dell website.
Also, if I go to the dell drivers page and do "detect drivers", I get
Driver detection not available Please try again later or use the Find it Myself tab to find drivers by Service Tag or see a list of drivers available for your product.
I tried to download a windows restore image, but it seems I can't do that, because my machine is configured with Linux.
I would be grateful for any hints what I can do.
Thanks a lot

Answer:XPS13-9350 Linux to Win10 Problems

What mode is the system set for - AHCI or RAID?
Did you install the Intel storage driver:

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HELP!!!I have managed to connect to the internet via a netgear router and cable modem to the internet with XP. When I try with Redhat Linux on the same PC however, I can't seem to connect. I get as far as the ethernet setup but cannot connect to the internet

Answer:Problems with ethernet connections in Redhat Linux

click hereI'm not very good at Linux,but you should be able to find something here(patches/fixes,etc)

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Hello everyone,

First of all I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read this read.
I just installed Ubuntu 6.06 on my Compaq Presario 2545US and I am unable to connect to any wireless network. I have checked the device manager and the built in wireless card seems to performing correctly. I don't have a static IP address with my DSL, so I'm using DHCP to automatically detect everything (DNS server, gateway, subnet mask, etc.) As far as I can tell, its not successfully detecting them. I can't connect directly to the router (
I tried connecting via ethernet and it works just fine. I ensured I have the right ESSID and hex key for the WEP, but still no luck. Below are the specifics of my system. Please save my sanity and help me figure this out.

Processor: 2.4Ghz P4
RAM: 1GB PC3200
HDD: 60.0 GB
OS: Ubuntu Linux 6.06
Wireless Card: Broadcom BCM4036 802.11b/g PCI


Answer:Problems Wireless Networking Ubuntu 6.06 (Linux n00b here)

Try checking here,
Good Luck

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Hello everyone,

First of all I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read this read.
I just installed Ubuntu 6.06 on my Compaq Presario 2545US and I am unable to connect to any wireless network. I have checked the device manager and the built in wireless card seems to performing correctly. I don't have a static IP address with my DSL, so I'm using DHCP to automatically detect everything (DNS server, gateway, subnet mask, etc.) As far as I can tell, its not successfully detecting them. I can't connect directly to the router (
I tried connecting via ethernet and it works just fine. I ensured I have the right ESSID and hex key for the WEP, but still no luck. Below are the specifics of my system. Please save my sanity and help me figure this out.

Processor: 2.4Ghz P4
RAM: 1GB PC3200
HDD: 60.0 GB
OS: Ubuntu Linux 6.06
Wireless Card: Broadcom BCM4306 802.11b/g PCI

Edit/Delete Message

Answer:Problems Wireless Networking Ubuntu 6.06 (Linux n00b here)

Heya: not that this site doesn't have many many many GREAT minds, but you should also check here:

edit: also, this place has this 'folder' for you wierd types:


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Okay I am totally new to IPTables and networking in Linux. I have a linux box hooked to my network and want to change the source and destination address of certain packets for VOIP purposes. All I have done so far is created a script for IPTables and activated it, but it doesnt seem to do anything. Here is my script as follows:


iptables -t filter --flush
iptables -t nat --flush
iptables -t mangle --flush

iptables -t filter --delete-chain
iptables -t nat --delete-chain
iptables -t mangle --delete-chain

iptables --policy INPUT DROP
iptables --policy OUTPUT DROP
iptables --policy FORWARD DROP
iptables -t nat --policy POSTROUTING ACCEPT
iptables -t nat --policy PREROUTING ACCEPT

iptables -A INPUT -i lo -j ACCEPT
iptables -A OUTPUT -o lo -j ACCEPT

iptables -F PREROUTING
iptables -A POSTROUTING -p all -s -o eth0 -j SNAT --to
iptables -A PREROUTING -p all -d -i eth0 -j DNAT --to

service iptables status

Okay, How do I check to see if Network Filtering is turned on and do I need to use IP forwarding? Any help appreciated...


Justin Curtis

Answer:NAT SNAT DNAT Problems New to IPTABLES and linux networking

What exactly do you want to do? Are you sure it's not IP masquerading you want?

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I'm running RedHat 6.2 on an intel PIII 600, using LILO dual boot with Windows. I have been running this install of linux stably for two years or more. In the last week or so, I have been getting failure messages at boot and shutdown. The system still basically works, but not everything.

Problems include:

- can no longer see Windows disk partition from linux

- numerous daemons fail to be killed appropriately on shutdown, though most start successfully on startup

- it no longer tries to start lpd on startup, and I am therefore unable to print

- fsck runs on every startup, because filesystems are apparently not unmounted cleanly on shutdown

I can think of two things that were outside of my normal usage patterns that might be connected in some way to these problems.

1) in the week or so before I noticed this problem I was installing a few new things...nothing major, just little toy and game programs. Perhaps something here touched files it should not have. If this seems likely to experts out there, what should I look for?

2) I'm in part of the continent that experienced the great power outtage last week. Could have been a power surge that didn't agree with my machine. I'm not sure if I think this is likely, since the problem seems to be software-related, not hardware-related, but it could be.

So...what do people think?


Scott 8)

Answer:linux boot/shutdown problems suddenly appeared

Have you done a surface scan on your hdd?

What exactly do the daemons say when they don't die properly?

1) sounds weird, I've never heard of any app that would cause all this. Granted, I haven't heard of everything, but it's unlikely. Did you have to install these apps as root?

2) could cause filesystem corruption as ext2 is not journaled - I guess that's what 6.2 uses. But does fsck report anything?

Have you checked /var/log/messages to see what's going on?

cat /proc/filesystems tell which fs's are supported by kernel, but I don't think some of them would just disappear.

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When I put in the second floppy disk of the 4 to install Win2k I get this error: "File hal.dll could not be loaded. The error code is 7".

Interestingly Windows XP runs on it fine but its an older laptop so I want to run Win2k instead.

I've tried using Windows 98SE bootup disk and cleared the system files and copied over new ones from 98SE but the same hal.dll error keeps displaying.

Answer:Problems installing Win2k on laptop which used Linux but currently uses Win98SE


".. the same hal.dll error keeps displaying" ..after I stick in the 2nd floppy disk when trying to install Win2k.

I've also tried the system restore feature on Win98SE's bootup disk with no results. I'm not sure if the system restore feature is the same as manually copying over the system files like I mentioned earlier so better I make myself clear.

I'll try experimenting with Winternals ERD commander. If that fails I'll install Windows XP to see if it has a better system restore feature just so I can try to install Win2k. (since they both use the same kind of file system it's worth trying right?)

Any other suggestions are appreciated, thx in advance.

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Hi, about three weeks ago, I bought the Z710 with preinstalled Win 8.1, upgraded to Win 10 and then added Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon as an alternative boot option using the Grub2 boot loader tool. While I have no problems booting into Linux, the Grub2 Windows option "Windows 8 (loader) (on /dev/sda5)" always ends with a Windows Boot Manager Error 0x000000e ("The Boot Configuration Date ... is missing or contains errors"), File: \Boot\BCD. Now if I hadn't successfully done the same upgrade on a desktop PC from Win 7 to Win 10 recently where Linunx Mint had already been installed on a separate partition, and where everything works fine using the Grub2 option "Windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda1)", I would have thought the Grub2 entry on my IdeaPad was faulty. But this can't really be the case. So for the time being, I can only start Win 10 by pressing the Novo button, opening the Boot Manager's Boot Option Menu, selecting the option "Windows Boot Manager (ST1000LM014-SSHD-8GB)" and then pressing ENTER. This works fine. Is there anyone with a similar experience who might know the solution? Thank you for reading this.Jens

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I had setup a linux redhat 9.0 box as a default gateway and my router before but the box went down and me and my cisco teacher forgot to document everything that we did to set it up. I thought i could handle redoing everything but I keep getting a host error. even though it's sappose to be dynamicly assigned. I entered the isp's dns servers in my /etc/dhcpd.conf file and setup firestarter found at . Which handles iptables, and sets up your eth0 as wan and eth1 as your lan connection. I have a crossover cable running from my lan card to my d-link switch which then has two computers running off it.

I'm useing a class A network and using the ranges for the ip's being handed out by dhcp. But I keep getting a host error??

I know before we set something in eth0 and eth1 text files but I'm not sure where to put those and can't find any doucmentation from when we set it up before in the papers we have that talked about it. Does anyone have any idea's?
specs for my client machine and the linux box are in my sig.

I'm doing another fresh install of redhat 9.0 now so I can't start fresh.?? any idea's anyone. Or any good tutorials someone can send my way??
thanks in advance.
where do you place echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward??

Answer:problems setting up linux box as default gateway and router


Was this a typo?

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I am now trying Linux Mint Cinnamon. ( Am on it now via the DVD.) The problem I have now is that it installed successfully to the C Partition apparently. I continued to try it before re-starting. When I restarted I changed the boot priority back to the HDD, but it wont boot, The writing comes up ( sorry can't remember the screen name) and tries to boot, then states :
Verifying DMI Pool Data.
Error: Unknown file system.
Entering rescue mode.
GRUB rescue. The cursor then keeps flashing and nothing happens.
So what has gone wrong?! I can't get out of the boot screen without manually switching of on the tower.
On entering the BIOS I read ' IDE Ch. 2 and 3 Master Disc HDD SMART capability disabled'
Is that normal? I changed to 'enabled' but no change.
I haven't tried yet to access my cloned XP drive, nor, if necessary, tried finding an option to format the Linux partition. Nor looked for a wqay copy the cloned HDD back to the XP partition.
Thanks in advance for anyones' help.
Read more: click here

Answer:Linux Mint installation and subsequent boot problems

Please see your other thread.

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Hi,I bought two XPS-13 laptops which were both pre-installed with windows. I have since partitioned and installed Ubuntu on both.One of the laptops had persistent wifi issues disconnection issues. The wifi on the problematic machine was also unreliable at resuming from suspend, and had poor range. I was also seeing many PCIe bus errors in dmesg.
In an attempt to get some stability, I tried everything, from firmware, bios kernel versions, kernel/module parameters.In the end I decided to replace the wifi card with an Intel 8265, which has worked flawlessly since installation. One thing I did find while removing the killer card, which could be related to the poor range, was that the tension in one of the antenna coaxes had detached the barrel of the connector from the killer wifi card. the card was also not installed squarely within the pci express socket.
As for the other laptop, which has exactly the same operating system configuration; the wifi hasn't had any problems whatsoever.
So I think it is just "luck of the draw", my guess is that a certain batch of the killer cards have a poor manufacturing yield.

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Hi, I am trying to install linux on my Elitebook 840 currently running Win7Pro64.What I want to achieve is dual boot. I have already used Disk Management under Windows to shrink the main partition.Made 100G room for the new operating system. PC obviously works fine after that  The problem is that during the linux install, the installer cannot recognize my hdd.The list of available partitions is empty. There is no option for "install along with Windows" etc. I am getting suspicions my HDD is encrypted or protected in some other way.How do I check it? I have done similar installations before with no issues.This time I am unable to move forward with Ubuntu 16 from USB flash drive.Tried also Ubuntu 12 from an older bootable DVD booted from USB DVD drive.Same symptoms from both attempts and I used *the same* DVD couple of weeks ago to make dual boot on WinXP and other, older machine. Appreciate any suggestions.

Answer:Problems installing dual-boot linux - no access to the drive

Hello, Welcome to HP Support forums. Thanks for posting. Could you please do the following: Go to Start >> Control Panel >> BitLocker Drive encryptionCheck if it is enabled/active.  In Windows - download Trend Micro's HiJackThis app: Save and run the exe file. 1) Click on "Do a scan and save log file" buttonAfter scan, if a log file pops up in Notepad - that is excellent. If not, choose "Save log" button and choose to save the log file somehwereThe log file - open it, choose "Select All" (CTR + A) , then copy it and paste it all here in your next reply. 2) Open HiJackThis app again - in the Main screen , choose "Open the Misc tools section".Choose "Open Uninstall Manager" button. Choose "Save list" button and specify where you would like to save this log. When you press Save button a notepad will open with the contents of that file.Copy and paste all the info and place it your next reply You can now close HiJackThis and delete it. Looking forward to your next reply.

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Hi, I am trying to install linux on my Elitebook 840 currently running Win7Pro64.What I want to achieve is dual boot. I have already used Disk Management under Windows to shrink the main partition.Made 100G room for the new operating system. PC obviously works fine after that  The problem is that during the linux install, the installer cannot recognize my hdd.The list of available partitions is empty. There is no option for "install along with Windows" etc. I am getting suspicions my HDD is encrypted or protected in some other way.How do I check it? I have done similar installations before with no issues.This time I am unable to move forward with Ubuntu 16 from USB flash drive.Tried also Ubuntu 12 from an older bootable DVD booted from USB DVD drive.Same symptoms from both attempts and I used *the same* DVD couple of weeks ago to make dual boot on WinXP and other, older machine. Appreciate any suggestions.

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Hi, all

I have a file server on linux box. It's used to work fine on Win xp. Now I have new Win 7 box on LAN. It seems works when I map a drive on one shared folder from file server. It didn't ask me user name password and automatically connect. While on XP at the first time connection XP will prompt for user name and password. And I have an old application, which use the file server, runs fine on XP. Now on Win7, it can't access remote drive by complaining no permission nobody. I think Win7 use nobody as user name to connect the remote drive. Is that possible I can change the remote drive login user name and password. I mean let Win7 prompt for a user name and password when connecting to remote drive.

Answer:problems about shared folder from samba(linux file serv

I think my problem is similar: I connect to a NAS (Western Digital Mybookworld, where I opened a ssh channel, so I can control linux box there - with basic linux and samba) from Windows 7.
Usually I choose its name (\\mybookworld) in explorer and it connects without asking any password.
After 4-5 minutes of inactivity Windows can't access anymore the linux box and seems to me an authentication problem, since other pcs in the network continue to communicate with my nas. If some program was connected, it crashes and it's impossible to kill the process from task manager.
Then I try to put IP address of my NAS it reconnects for some time, then the same.
I must reboot everytime, but due to hanging programs windows does not reboot. I have always to switch power off brutally.
I tried to remove credentials, to activate/deactivate ntlmv2 and ntlm and lm authentication via registry (windows 7 home premium has no gui for that, you must pay some fee more to have a fully functional system?)
No way
I tried to shut down every firewall

I don't want to reinstall Windows XP. Anybody there can hel us?

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Hello fellow TS'ers

Some months ago, I switched over one of my spare boxes, an HP Omnibook 6000 (PIII 600mhz, 256 MB, 80GB HD) from Win2K to Kubuntu 7.04. Everything seems to be ok, apart from one issue - video playback.

Under Windows, I can view every single format: Xvid/Divx, MPEG, DVD and so on without any issues, but under Linux the same films and clips will run with speed problems (jerkiness, slowdown) and the picture quality is severely reduced along with artefacts and pixellation.

I've tried just about every solution imaginable and despite months of research nothing seems to resolve this or point towards clues. I have posted on virtually every Linux forum and specialist graphics group but to no avail.

Trying a different distro didn't help - as a test I used Knoppix and experienced the same issues. So does this mean there is a problem with the open source drivers(codecs?) and my graphics hardware? (ATI Mobility P/M Agp 2X) If anyone can offer clues, suggestions or advice I'd really appreciate it as I've exhausted all other avenues and my current work-around is using Win2K on a dual boot just to watch films properly.


Answer:Video playback problems with my laptop under Linux (play fine under Win)

"every solution"? Really? Even the sledgehammer+anvil one?? Why do you even ask if "everything" has been tried?

First. What video player software are you using?
Second. Yes, your video and audio drivers can have a huge impact.
Third. Running KDE or GNOME on that machine is just masochistic. Use Xubuntu instead.

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