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Logon times -- what is reasonable for a 300 person remote VDI environment?

Question: Logon times -- what is reasonable for a 300 person remote VDI environment?


Right now with the current set of GPOs (like three dozen or so) and configuration it takes approximately 1-3 minutes for users to login. Our old computer system with terminal servers would take 2-3 minutes for users to login, or if about the same time -- there were other issues such as horribly under-specced and overloaded servers with 40 users per terminal server.

With a brand new set of GPOs (about a dozen or less) and OU structure that I carefully made and designed after spending several hours analyzing the existing GPOs and OU structure, it takes on average 16 seconds to login (best being 12 seconds, worst being 22 seconds). This uses VMware View Persona management storing profiles at \\srv-persona1\EXP_Profiles$\%username%. This is currently not being used by our North American environment.

If we use a persistent local profile through VMware View, login time is 2 seconds flat. Our Asian environment of at least 100 users uses this + the brand new set of GPOs and OU structure I created, but without VMware View Persona management (again -- persistent local profile).

At minimum, my supervisor is wanting to get the login time below 10 seconds -- aiming for 2 seconds, while using Persona management. He told me he would like to get rid of all of the GPOs (or as much as possible). I responded saying this is unrealistic and wrong, defeating the purpose of why GPOs as a feature exists and would also result in higher maintenance time and more frequent reprovisioning of hundreds of automated floating pools (something that from my understand is a pain in the butt and takes a very long time to do).

I don't think 2 seconds is a realistic goal. I think 10-20 seconds is fine. By industry standards / typical login times "at best" -- what is actually reasonable, why, and what company (or what is the size of the company)?

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Preferred Solution: Logon times -- what is reasonable for a 300 person remote VDI environment?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Logon times -- what is reasonable for a 300 person remote VDI environment?

I'd shoot for 5 seconds, but 10 seconds is about the limit I'd accept.

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Anyone mind posting it? I'm having trouble coming up with one that works in both Vista and XP:

Map Drives
Rename drives
Map Printers

Answer:Your logon scripts in Vista/XP Environment?

What part of the script errors out for Vista on you? I still use the same "net use S: \\servername\sharename" that I always have.

I don't have any for renaming. Printers I generally don't load from a script anymore, used to do that a while ago with older DOS programs that just used LPT.

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On December 17 my husband and  I made the mistake of letting a tech person who called remote into my pc. I can't believe we fell for the scam but we did. We didn't give out our credit card information. He was mad when we asked that he stop the remote process. Later the next day we could not log on to the pc. There was a funny screen asking for a password - somebody later told us it was a "hive" password. We took the box to the computer repair shop in town that we have used. They removed the hive password. They recommended "F Secure" security program so we bought that. My daughter advised we change the IP address. We went on the chat line with  Verizon - they said Verizon has a secure IP address and didn't seem concerned but explained several ways to change it.  They said it's more important to change the WIFI password - the password we use to connect to the home wireless router. I think he meant the first password we use to log on to the computer. 
We have Windows 10, 
Verizon said I could check the IP by doing """.  They also said you cannot have the same static IP address all the time. 
They said we could change it ... they described two ways to do this: 
a)  Disconnecting all wires to the router.... Then wait 4 hours..... Then reconnect......The IP address should now be changed
  they said alternatively we could break the DHCP release from within our router, type in a... Read more

Answer:Mistakenly let a foreign tech person remote into my pc

First, place a "security freeze" on your credit file at all four major credit bureaus. Your best protection against someone opening new credit accounts in your name is the security freeze (also known as the credit freeze), not the often-offered, under-achieving "credit monitoring". More info here:
Using a known-clean computer, change ALL of your passwords, on everything. All of your hardware, (routers, modems, computers), network, email, financial sites, bank accounts, shopping sites, credit card accounts, utility accounts, etc., etc. Make a list of everything and start checking them off as you get them all changed.
Back your personal data files on your potentially compromised computer, then wipe the hard drive, reinstall Windows, get all of the available Windows updates and then restore your backed up data.
Now you can worry about occasionally changing the IP address if you like.
To keep from having to go through all of this ever again, get into the habit of backing up your computer at least once a month. (Something like Macrium Reflect Free works well).

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Hi, I hope you guys can help... the other day I was reinstalling windows 7 when a power blackout happened
... the process was just starting, I mean really.. I literally clicked install windows and after like 5-10 seconds the power went out ... ok so after that I turn on the computer and I find out that my session was still there but I couldn't log In it says "the user profile service failed the logon user profile cannot be loaded"... I tried reinstalling windows 7 with the disk thru the bios but it seems that I can't access the bios either... the only thing I have left is system recovery options which are only accesible through pressing the power button when I turn the computer on... Startup repair doesn't work, tried several times... I don't have an image recovery, neither does the system restore option works... it seems that the only hope I have is the command prompt option but I have no idea what to do there... the only thing I tried was creating a new admin user but it didn't work... I don't care about my files... I just want to be able to install windows 7 again from scratch... could I do that from the command prompt? or like anything at the recovery options environment ?
Hoping you guys can help me

Answer:Stuck at windows logon / recovery environment

Here you go:

Clean Install Windows 7

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I would like to use Remote Assistance to enhance my heldesk. I keep seeing instructions where it says that I need to configure the Novice machine. I have 100+ workstations on my domain. I find it hard to believe that I can't make all the Group Policy changes from the Group Policy in my Active Directories. If I can't make Remote Assistance work from there and push out the policy changes to all of my machines then it's totally useless to me. Anything that requires me to go "touch" 100+ machines isn't worth my time. I'll go purchase RealVNC with the Deployment tool.

Now here's the question: Can Remote Assistance be configured for use in a domain, from the main group policy in Active directories without me personally setting up each client?


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Supose you have two Windows 7 or newer machines in home network. Is it possible to configure *Unsolicited* Remote Assistance? I've tried that, but I cannot successfully set allowed helpers list in *gpedit.msc*, since every tutorial I've seen added
domain group or domain user into the list and I don't use domain. Is even possible to configure this feature for non-domain environment?

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Our district is on the prowl for a replacement product to something we have used up until this year, called NetOp. It provides our lab monitors and teachers with the capability of watching over what kids are doing on their screens in class to ensure that improper web browsing isn't going on, etc. It can also be used to send out files to desktops during class.

This year we have had to turn the product off since it has a large known issue with crashing Microsoft Office products. The company is very slow in updating for bugs that are found, and in turn, we couldn't let the broken app keep crashing kids' Office projects. We have been pretty disappointed with the product ever since we got it, as the company has always promised a better program but always failed to deliver on their word.

We are looking for a replacement to this program and are curious if any other districts use any better software? I know there are very expensive ones out there that are for corporate, but we need something along the price level of Netop that is affordable. We have Active Directory now so if the program ties into this, even better.

Any suggestions from techs out there would be helpful. If you use the product and are happy with it, this would be ideal.

Our machines are nearly all Windows 7 x64 Ent now on the client side, so if your environment matches and you have a product that works well, please tell!

Answer:Remote monitoring software for use in a high school environment?

Spector soft has some decent monitoring software that is cheap

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With regard to Remote Installation Services, in Win 2000 Server,
Please tell me what is Pre-Boot eXecution Environment (PXE) ROM in windows 2000 Server. From where I can get this environment.
Also what is Remote Start Floppy Disk (used for installing Win 2000 Professional at NODES in a Network) and from whre I can have it?.
With regards,

Answer:What is Pre-Boot eXecution Environment (PXE) & Remote Start Floppy DiskROM

Have you checked the Microsoft technical pages for W2K Remote Installation? If not, see if <a href=> this</a> helps.

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Hi,It seems to take a lot longer to logon recently could you please take a look at my logs. I have run ad-aware three times and spybot. Spybot noted that my microsoft anti-virus and firewall were turned off, but I guess that is because I have Norton anti-virus installed instead.Also, can you please lead me through removal of the Yahoo and google toolbars from my IE session.Thank you, RhodesLogfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 22:36:33, on 1/1/2008Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSvcHst.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\AppCore\AppSvc32.exeC:\Program Files\Ad-aware 2007\aawservice.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSvcHst.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\CTsvcCDA.exeC:\PROGRA~1\NORTON~1\NORTON~1\NPROTECT.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\HPZipm12.exeC:\PROGRA~1\NORTON~1\NORTON~1&... Read more

Answer:Extended Logon Times

Welcome to the BleepingComputer HijackThis Logs and Analysis forum. My name is Richie and i'll be helping you to fix your problems.Apologies for the late response,as i'm sure you can appreciate we are absolutely snowed under with logs.If you still require help,please post a new Hijackthis log into your next reply.

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Hi All,

First time poster, long time reader.

I was wondering if anyone could help me out here.

I am an IT manager at a school (800 users in total). I have only recently taken over, and we have migrated to Windows 7 (also upgraded the domain to Windows 2008 R2). The school employs a rather expensive IT consultant (friend of the Bursar), who is constantly on my case, as i literally ripped his solution apart (RM if anyone knows that name?) as I convinced the school to move to a more standard / corporate solution for the IT.

This consultant is stating that the performance (logon times) are slow, and i wanted some feedback on the people on here.

In a nutshell,

- Windows 7 desktops (32 bit, Professional)
- Windows 2008 R2 domain.
- GPO used obviously for locking down the OS - though a low number of GPO's
- GPP used for mapping of drives (students get 2 drives, staff up to 6 depending on role)
- GPP used for mapping printers (30 printers onsite, but never more than 3 printers mapped per user session)

On average it takes approx 25 seconds from log on to the desktop.

I've always though that if the log on time was below 30 seconds in the above environment then that was acceptable? Not blistering, but certainly not "slow"?

Any feedback would be appreciated.



Answer:Acceptable Domain Logon Times

Assuming the rest of the logon time is similar, 30 seconds is pretty good. I generally don't focus specifically on one section unless it stands out as significantly slower than the rest of the boot process, either. As a quick aside, I would say that on reasonably middle-of-the-road hardware in today's sense, anything quicker than 2 and a half minutes from POST to logged in is quick, and anything in addition to that needs to be considered in the context of the environment (are you doing a lot of GPP, whcih slows down logon? Running logon scripts? Lots of services to start, especially antivirus, app virtualization, etc? Do you have a baseline to compare this to?).

As someone who deals with a lot of what you're questioning now as a day-to-day job, I would say one of the most important things to do when you're considering boot performance on client machines is to have a reasonable representation of the hardware in the environment (as many of the models you would expect a user to have at their desk as possible), and the image you expect to push out to those machines, as your launching point for starting to clear the fog on your own environment's performance numbers. Using xbootmgr to take boot traces, you start by seeing what you have pushed to the client machines and how it is performing on the hardware you have in it's current form (taking 5 - 10 traces to normalize times is a good idea). Then, you look at ways to shore up those times, looking at things like what can you delay... Read more

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Hi All,

I have been using the PC for a long time, but since of late I am
concerned of keep track of the Computer usage. Appreciate if anyone
could let me know the following.

A> Keep track of the Logon / Logoff times of the Computer.

B> What applications have been opened and closed.

With regard to the abvoe. Kindly let me know if there are free software
that do this job for me. Or whether the system itself is able to the job.

Your Comments would be much appreciated. THanks

Best Regards

Answer:Solved: Logon / Logoff Times !!

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I have a new-refirbished T60 so this is new... I set up the Client Security and Fingerprint logon applications and find that after power up the Fingerprint requests for finger swipe as expected but if you don't swipe your finger,[after 1-2 minutes] the PC boots as if I had logged on! Not good! Note that Fingerprint swipte system does work as it should AFTER HIBERATION...meaning it does wait for the swipe. Advice? The Bridgeman

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This happened 156 times in the last 24 hours & over 300 in the last 7 days. Uhh? Should I be upset, alarmed or concerned?

Although my account is the only one on the computer and it is listed as an admin account I have received errors which I did not have privledges. I do not recall the specifics or times this has happened. But almost always when I dl and try to save to C:\(root) I am denied. Unless these two might be related due to spyware/hacker? I am not concerned about my privledge issues

The Error:
An account was logged off.
Account Domain: NT AUTHORITY
Logon ID: 0x1594087
Logon Type: 3
This event is generated when a logon session is destroyed. It may be positively correlated with a logon event using the Logon ID value. Logon IDs are only unique between reboots on the same computer.
-Provider[ Name] Microsoft-Windows-Security-Auditing[ Guid] {54849625-5478-4994-A5BA-3E3B0328C30D}
EventID4634Version0Level0Task12545Opcode0Keywords0x8020000000000000-TimeCreated[ SystemTime] 2010-04-08T15:14:57.881250000Z
EventRecordID8199Correlation-Execution[ ProcessID] 520[ ThreadID] 576
TargetUserSidS-1-5-7TargetUserNameANONYMOUS LOGONTargetDomainNameNT AUTHORITYTargetLogonId0x1594087LogonType3

This happened 156 times in the last 24 hours & over 300 in the last 7 days. Uhh? Should I be upset, alarmed or concerned?

Answer:Anonymous Logon 156 times in 24 hours

Concerned . Run a thorouh anti virus check and malware check.


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I`m trying to restrict the logon hours in my Win XP Pro SP2 with the following command:
net user accoutname /times:M-F,8am-11pm

net user accoutname /times:M,8am-11pm

net user accoutname /times:M-F,8:00-23:00
In all I`m getting a Net Helpmsg 3768.

What can I do?

Answer:Problem with logon hours (net user /times)

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Hi all,

I use my work laptop as my personal machine. When I logon away from the domain it takes about 3 minutes of the verbose message "waiting for user profile service" before it will show the desktop. Any ideas how to change the time out period for how long it waits to find the DC before continuing the logon process?

I was a sys admin in a previous life but now a systems engineer and haven't had to meddle with this kind of group policy or local windows settings in a few years and google hasn't returned anything meaningful.

Thanks in advance.

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My Notebook HP elitebook 840 G1 always show windows explorer not responding and then restart will show profiles logon failed. Not work using safe mode. I have tried several times to install new windows 7 but always show this message. This error always appear after I finished installing drivers and applications. Need help thanks.

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I was just wondering where I can go to setup user access times to permit a user from using the computer during specified times. I haven't been able to locate where i do this from using XP. Can anyone help me out?

Answer:Win XP- Setting up users logon access times could format the hard drive and install linux or bsd.

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Hello! I would like to set a task in Task Scheduler to automatically do something when I log in, but only if that login happens during certain times (for example, 6:45pm through 6am on weekdays, anytime on weekends). Is there a way to have multiple criteria on a task, or would I need to have a task enable another task to chain criteria together? I know I can have multiple triggers, but those run the task whenever any of the criteria are met (OR conditions) and not when all of them are met (AND conditions).

(If it helps, I'm going to modify this tutorial to display a message if I log in during those times.)

Answer:Running a task on user logon ONLY during certain times

Do it as a startup script. You log in, the script runs.

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Hi all,

I use my work laptop as my personal machine. When I logon away from the domain it takes about 3 minutes of the verbose message "waiting for user profile service" before it will show the desktop. Any ideas how to change the time out period for how long it waits to find the DC before continuing the logon process?

I was a sys admin in a previous life but now a systems engineer and haven't had to meddle with this kind of group policy or local windows settings in a few years and google hasn't returned anything meaningful.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Slow Logon Times with Domain Account

If you are connected wirelessly you should first check you internet connection signal.
Start from this and if the laptop is Dell unistall the wirelless driver and let windows install it.

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I entered three wrong logon passwords on my brothers laptop, now its frozen. none of the buttons work including the power switch. is there any way of reseting the computer without opening it up and removing the battery???

Answer:I put a logon password on my laptop & was wrong 3 times

Errrrr no you would have to taker it a part to get at the jumper to reset the password or battery top wipe the BIOS. HO yes this is a screwdriver job you better take it to a workshop for them to do this... Next time you will know not to mess about with your brother Laptop..You did not say what make of Laptop it was???

[This message has been edited by paul smith (edited 01-29-2000).]

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Question: Remote logon

Good day

Someone is logging on to my pc. How can i stop this?

Thank you

Answer:Remote logon

Hello Douwana,

You can disable Remote assistance (click on link) to prevent anyone from being able to log on to your computer remotely.

Hope this helps,

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Answer:remote assistance "the person you are trying to help is not responding"

Hi, robertmatthewclarke, and welcome to the forums.

First off, a little word of advice. When you type things on the net, it is hard to show emphasis as you would by raising your voice - so the convention has become that to show / indicate shouting one uses all capital letters.

However, unless you really mean to shout at us, I would advise that you do not do that - it is considered poor manners and will usually result in most folks not trying to help you.

That being said, do you have RD set to allow incoming connections? Are you behind a firewall / broadband router? Do you have a firewall (software) installed on your computer?

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Ok Guys. This problem has stumped me for some time now. Lets see who can come up with the solution.

Im the Net Admin for a cybercafe near where i live. We have 30+ workstations and 2 NT4 servers that do domain logins, fileserving, DHCP, etc. These machines also distribute the config.pol windows policy files. For some time now, we have been seeing some significant delays during all logons and logoffs from the client machines.

Here is a step through of the problem.

1 - Computer is turned on, or logoff is chosen from start menu of a user already logged in.

2 - Wait 15-20 seconds.

3 - MS Networks Logon screen appears (Username, password, Domain).

4 - User types in name and password, hits enter.

5 - User has to wait 15-25 seconds for the login to be verified.

In steps 2 and 5, there is obviously something wrong. it shouldnt take the NT machines that long to authorize domain users. The HD's of the client machines are not busy, so i dont think its some background process causing the delays. I cant figure it out.

Could there be some misconfiguration on the part of Domain Servers? or maybe on the client side? I cant find anything that is out of order. There is also a slight delay when the win98 machines go to network neighboorhood, however, i always just thought that this was win98 looking for broadcasts. Also, a good point to make is that any NT machine i have had on this network logs on and off with no hitch, none at all. Another point is that once the user has logged... Read more

Answer:{Advice Offered} - Delayed Logoff and Logon times

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I am having a very similar problem to the user in this post:
However, I am experiencing these multiple failed logins from different computers in my house, at different times. Each time it is the same pattern of 3 dozen or so logins with different usernames, all at about the same time. I have 2 Win7 computers that attempt these logins, and 1 Win8.1 that also does it. I also have a Win10 system (new) that does not do this. I came to this conclusion from the originating IP addresses.
When the logins happen, they appear to be in a burst, and a given computer will only attempt these logins every 36 hours or so. My router log is also peppered with DoS attack messages which appear to be from TWC DNS servers (?). Not sure if this is related or not.  
I have a new Netgear C7000 router, and I'm new to TWC. I have run Avast anti-virus, Spybot, Malwarebytes, and tdsskiller, all report clean. Also interestingly enough, although these logins go on in the background they do not appear to affect my network performance at all.
From Googling some of the weird login names (e.g. TMARDLKT93319) I found the other user's post with the same behavior on this forum. I also found a Python script called RouterHunterBR that apparently tries various router login user/pass combos looking for vulnerabilities.  Here is a link to this script:  https://g... Read more

Answer:Multiple Windows Computers trying to logon to my router at different times

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***************************************************If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lower right hand of t... Read more

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Edit: Removed content since I could not get a response to a relatively simple question which I found the answer to on my own.

Bet if I make an ignorant comment that the only thing you people appear to know is:

Download and run HijackThis
Download and run SpyBot Search & Destroy
Download and run AdAware

And if the question can not be solved with any of the above patented replies.
Ya'll don' know jackshyte!


Answer:Remote Logon/Logoff?

No joy

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Hi All,

I have setup a small network using Server 2k3 as the OS for the server eveyone else uses XP. I have a remote user that wants to be able Access his files on his local machine in the office. Right now i have him logging into the server and then into his machine. Is there a better way to do this? A way he can remote directly into his PC? FYI there is only one public IP address and the server uses that

Answer:Remote Logon For Customers

do you all VPN?

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Does anyone know of a program that will tell me who is logged into what machine on the network AND how long they have been logged in?

I have searched and searches and ....... and cannot find anything.

Oh and these computers are on a domain.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!!!!!1

Answer:Remote Login times, etc...

log on a machine remotely or locally?
if it's remotely u can c it in terminal services manager
if it's locally i think u can find it somewhere in the add ins of mmc
i'll check it for u

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My company (A) employs project managers which handle projects for an
outside company (B). Company B provides the PM's with a configured
laptop running Windows XP. They are unable to install anything on this
laptop. Company B is a large corporation and very security intensive.
The PM can do one of two things on the laptop:
Both scenarios include the PM sitting at his company A desk and
connected only to the internet, via a DSL line.
1.) On the desktop of the laptop is a Cisco icon that allows the PM to
access the VPN of Company B and access Company B's network and use
their programs.
2.) Using Remote Desktop, the PM can access a Company A server and use
email, etc.
The problem is that they are unable to stay connected to both
simultaneously and the need to!
What they would like to do is the following:
1.) Boot up computer and login locally.
2.) Using Remote desktop, connect to the Company A server.
3.) Once connected, minimize, remote desktop.
4.) Log in to Company B via the Company B VPN.
As needed, switch back and forth by maximizing/minimizing the remote
desktop connection.
However what happens during testing is that Remote Desktop
automatically begins to disconnect as soon as the user connects to the
VPN (step 4). A
"timeout" error is then displayed and remote desktop disconnects. Is
this possibly a Windows 2003 Server setting that is automatically
disconnecting this user (considers the user as idle and disconnects?-
can it be chang... Read more

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I phoned Microsoft (Ireland) this morning to try and talk to someone about a problem. After choosing options on several successive menus I chose an option and was told to 'go to www. whatever', and cut off. I want to talk to a person, not be referred to the internet - that is why I am phoning. How do I get access to a person please?

Answer:Solved: How do I talk person to person to someone at Microsoft?

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Man Uses Remote Logon to Nab Laptop Thief

I guess this guy should have stuck to watching porn on the stolen laptop and he wouldn?t have been caught. Let this be a valuable lesson to all you thieves?.sit around watching porn and you're safe.

His first efforts to figure out who stole the laptop by logging on remotely were stymied, Caceres said. "It was kind of frustrating because he was mostly using it to watch porn," he said. "I couldn't get any information on him." But then the suspect typed in a name and address to register on a Web site, and a few hours later, police caught the suspect.

Answer:Man Uses Remote Logon to Nab Laptop Thief


Tech-savvy victims are increasingly supplying police with information leading to arrests, authorities said. In May, a White Plains woman whose laptop was stolen also used remote access technology to sign on, then activated the stolen computer's camera and snapped pictures of the man using it.



"This is what happens when you have victims who get involved and use the available technology to their advantage," said Fischer, commander of the White Plains police detective division.

Gee, how well spoken that detective is

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Hey Guys,

I can't seem to log onto my TS to get to my work PC desktop...

I have been using my laptop in the past to do this, but this is now in repair. When I try top log on with my home desktop, by entering the url ", the Remote Connection page opens but will not allow me to hit the connect button.

Any suggestions?

I am running XP on the home desktop, and on the laptop.



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Lately when I try to logon to my computer from a remote system through Remote Desktop, I get the following error message:

"The Local System Does Not Permit You to Logon Interactively"

I've checked the Local Security Policy on my computer and can't find anything out of the ordinary. Does anybody have any advice on how to correct this problem? Do you think it may be something that I'm overlooking?

Please respond..........


Answer:Logon Problem with Remote Desktop


Have a look at these:;EN-US;q289289;EN-US;q276590



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Okay, I had admin account and recently changed my name of the account, that is, actually the username to log on to my pc. Now I tried to remotely log on using the credentials with new username then it is complaining it can not login. I tried to explicitly put my user name in the 'Allow log in through Remote Desktop Service ' of local security policy in control panel->admin section. I can add other users there whom I did not change the username but when I enter my changed username it is complaining that it can not find that object. It certainly seems to be a subtle win7 bug to me. Has anyone encountered this and solved it before? Thanks!

Answer:changed my username now can not logon remote

Does not make any sense. How would it help to solve my problem? Are you replying to correct post?

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I am adding smart card support to an existing remote control application.
My research has led me to the conclusion that I need to read credentials from the local smart card, transport them to the remote workstation and use them in a credential provider there to  perform an interactive logon. I have been led to believe this
by my inability to find another way, however I have not gotten this to work either, so I need to validate the approach.
Is this the correct approach?

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I use NO-IP and when I put my noip address into the URL bar and hit enter the remote popup logon box shows my actual IP that the client will be logging onto. Is there any way I can have my noip name show up in the login/username/password box or some other way to customize what the logon box says other than the actual numbers of my IP.

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I've a problem with RDC from Windows 7 Ut x64 (IP I'm using it to remotely connect to a PC running Windows 7 Ut x32 (IP It takes each time almost 10 seconds just to login to the remote PC. After it everything runs just smooth. Phase that takes time is this one:

I believe it's something like "Securing Remote Connection" in English.

I've tried many things and I can say that the problem is by the client PC. I've another Win 7 installation on an other HDD on the client PC and with this installation login it lighting fast.

Can someone help me ?



Answer:Remote Desktop Connection slow to logon

Nobody has an idea ?

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I have recently setup Remote Desktop Connections from a bunch of Windows XP Pro PCs to a remote server running SBS 2003. Users can connect happily and consistantly. I am using a product called 'WinConnect Server XP' which allows multiple connections without the need for a Terminal Services server. Everything works very nicely as long as the session users remain active. If the RDC session is allowed to sit idle for too long the Log On screen appears and if the username and password are not entered within a minute the session is disconnected. The users are telling me that it happens as quickly as 5-10 mins of being idle. I have tested it from my location and see the same symptom after 30 minutes.
The 'disconnect when idle' setting in WinConnect Server XP is set to 'never'. I've been told that having the clock enabled on the task bar can be enough to keep a session from being idle but this makes no difference.
Note that the message is not the Terminal Services message where you just have to move the move the mouse or strike a key to stop being disconnected. It doesn't say anything like that. The server logon screen just appears. The RDC session is still going at the time, but if the user details are not entered soon enough the session will then be cut off.
Any ideas?

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Hi all, I'm trying to remote into a user's computer in another office of my company. After putting in the user's credentials I get "You do not have access to logon to this session". I've already removed fInHelpMode from HKEY_Local_Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server and rebooted but get the same error when trying to log in as the user. I can connect and log in as administrator but in this case I need to connect a printer via TCP/IP so I need to be logged in as the user. I can remote into other computers just fine.

We are an XP Pro shop. Computers are Dells, I beleive the user is on the same model I am, Dell latitude E6400.

Any ideas?

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Could anyone point me to the best way of gathering the boot times of a list of remote computers? I've tried a couple of Powershell scripts I found, but couldn't get them to work for me.
I know the Windows Performance Analyser can do this, but i want to be able to gather the info remotely.
Thanks for any help.

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I have two brand new Windows 7 Professorial Machines and when I connect to them via Remote Desktop, the logon screen shows "Windows XP Professional" and the classic logon screen. When I try to logon nothing works, domain user, administrator, local user, etc.

I have looked at all the local security policies and since these are joined on the domain, I've looked at the Group Policies, and see nothing that would force an "XP" mode during Remote Desktop.

We do have a Terminal Server (2008) and a 2003 Domain Controller, but I am not using it to connect to these brand new machines.

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Hello All,

I have had to reinstall my laptop and now i'm having some trouble finding the tweak to remove the "insert a smartcard" option from my logon box when i try to connect to an external computer with the remote desktop client.

I know it's there because i once found it. Only forgot to write down what the solution was.

Can someone help me out?

Answer:Insert a Smartcard option logon screen Remote Desktop

You should be able to find it in Device Manger, it may be under "Other Devices" but not sure, It may help to click on the view tab in Device manger then choose the "Show all Devices" once you find it I would think that disabling the device would prevent the option from showing up.

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This is scary and I'm wondering how it happened:

I sent an 8-page fax to a gov't office with personal info. I had sent faxes to them before with no problem. Let's say their fax number is 332-3333. I used the same method as usual, clicking on "TO" and selecting the contact from the list.

Today, I met a friend in a store and she said "Oh, by the way, I received this fax regarding your daughter by mistake, the other day." Embarrassing, but thank goodness she's a good friend instead of someone else.

When I got home, I checked my Windows Fax "sent" folder. It appeared normal and that fax appeared to have gone to 332-3333. I clicked on Properties and the recipient number was again, 332-3333. BUT when I clicked on the DETAILS tab, I saw "CSID= 422-1944" and that's my friend's phone number!!

My question is, how did this happen? My friend isn't on my contact list and I have never sent her a fax. The only connection I could think of is that I had phoned her on the telephone earlier that day, before I sent the fax.

(I tried phoning the gov't office, but they're not answering, so I have no idea if they received the 8-page fax that I sent on Sunday. I re-sent it today).

Just thought I'd post this to the forum because I'm a bit freaked out right now.

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Hello Everyone

Is there a feature in Outlook where a whole department which receives emails daily (Accounting) can somehow organize themselves to show what each person is doing. Right now they are seeing the emails but not telling each-other what there doing and we think that some things might get missed. I had an idea of using the categories and changing the colours/names to each person in accounting. But that would make each staff members email extinct. I see an option called tasks in Outlook could there be a way of doing it in there? We are all using Outlook 2007 and running Exchange 2010.


Answer:Organizing emails for each person so we know what each person is doing

I hate to be cute(but can't resist), and this will bump your question back to the top of this list....But what your suggesting is the managers job(assign and track task). Outlook is not the place to manage your business.

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I have a Windows 8.1 Enterprise PC.
When I try to logon to this PC remotely using RDP, I get a black screen with a mouse cursor.
This will stay there for 1-2 minutes, then I get access to my desktop.
This is happening from any PC, whether I attempt from a PC on the local LAN or remote LAN.
I have seen a number of similar posts, but I am able to logon if I wait. Once in all works fine.
Seeking to find out how I can find out why it is taking so long to logon and hopefully find a way to fix it.

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Hello, this is probably minor bug report on Remote Desktop Connection  version 10.0.10586 (and at least 6.3.9600)

I have configured smart-card  only logon in my RDP file (gatewaycredentialssource:i:1). I use cryptographic tokens, which are actually a combination of smart card and reader.

When I start remote session without a token connected to the computer, I see the message "A smart card reader was not detected. Please attach a smart card reader and try again". The only way to continue is to close the  the Remote Desktop
Connection window, connect the token and launch RDP file again.

To the contrary, when "gatewaycredentialssource" parameter is set to 4 (accept both login/password or smart card), the token can be connected at any moment and will be found automatically by RD client. You do not need to restart the client in this

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At my company, we're currently operating in a workgroup environment. We would like to switch to a domain environment. We have two servers running linux, one server running Windows Server 2003, and roughly 20 workstations. The workstations are all XP Pro except for 2 laptops running Vista.

The Windows server is used as a terminal server, and really does nothing else. The original intent was to utilize thin clients, but this has not happened. Currently, the Windows server is very much underutilized, with 0-1 connections being the norm. (Yes, it does get used, just not much.)

One linux server is our file server. It also runs openldap, subversion, and a few other tools. We want to use ldap as a central location for credentials to various services. (logons, vpn, file shares, email, subversion, etc.)


Is it advisable to use the Windows server as a terminal server and primary domain controller using Active Directory? (We're considering using samba to be the PDC, but then we lose some of the capability that AD offers, most notably group policy editing.)

Does Active Directory work well with OpenLDAP to synchronize passwords?

Is there a better solution I'm missing?

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User got emails sent to herself.. from herself.. when she wasn't here..

I know some people have permissions to send as other people.. but I don't think that is what happend. One of the emails subject line is: 557, and the contents are "969" ...
The other email subject line is: 57657, with contents being: 5556..

Both of the messages headers show it came from IP
Heres a snippet


X-Originating-IP: []
X-SpamReason: No, hits=4.9 required=7.0 tests=HTML_80_90,HTML_MESSAGE,
Received: (qmail 20268 invoked from network); 6 Jun 2006 08:17:23 -0000
Received: from (HELO (
by <removed> with SMTP; 6 Jun 2006 08:17:23 -0000
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2006 11:18:40 +0200

Now I really don't think it's a company site.. and if you go to the IP directly.. it asks you to log in to 'Viking'.. if you tracert it, it lokos lke it comes from .. which is in like.. a different language..

Should the user be worried? I suppose I should have her change her password to be safe..?

Answer:E-mail sent from and to same person.. but person not here

A little more info can be found at:
Not that it will get anywhere, send a letter to the abuse-mailbox listed.

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in attempting to update AVG to the 2011 version click here but have reached a point where I am now looking for a competent replacement. I know there are several around but having not used them I would appreciate information on the experience of others.I am considering Comodo and Avast at this stage but any advice would be welcome.Many thanks in anticipation.

Answer:I have been more than reasonable

We have been using MS security essentials and windows own firewall since we purchased a lap top seems to work very well no problems and does not slow the l/top down. will be changing over the desk top next as this works well.

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I have three users on a Windows 7 computer. none will log on, they all give "Windows failed the logon. the remote procedure call failed and did not execute" it doesn't matter how many time i reboot the computer, all three accounts same error. Googling the problem produces spammy results. exact quote produces "no results for" "searching without quotes" message

Answer:Windows failed the logon. the remote procedure call failed and did not execute

Have you tried booting in "Safe Mode" and see if the problem persists.

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When I start my computer it will display the welcome screen where i can see other accounts (with pictures). Now when i try to logon remotely (remote desktop) I also get the welcome screen showing all available users (some dont have passwords). What I want is to make the remote logon in classic mode (wherein i have to manually type the username and password) and local logon to use the welcome screen. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi all, I'm trying to remote into a user's computer in another office of my company. After putting in the user's credentials I get "You do not have access to logon to this session". I've already removed fInHelpMode from HKEY_Local_Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server and rebooted but get the same error when trying to log in as the user. I can connect and log in as administrator but in this case I need to connect a printer via TCP/IP so I need to be logged in as the user. I can remote into other computers just fine.

We are an XP Pro shop. Computers are Dells, I beleive the user is on the same model I am, Dell latitude E6400.

Any ideas?

Answer:Remote Desktop "you do not have access to logon to this session"

1. admin tools/remote desktop - start service
2. tightVNC and you'll bypass all windows

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I have three users on a Windows 7 computer. none will log on, they all give "Windows failed the logon. the remote procedure call failed and did not execute" it doesn't matter how many time i reboot the computer, all three accounts same error. Googling the problem produces spammy results. exact quote produces "no results for" "searching without quotes" message

Answer:Windows failed the logon. the remote procedure call failed and did not

Is this the same computer you had problems with last week?
Have you tried running sfc /scannow? You have to do that from an elevated command prompt. Sometimes you have to do it in safe mode.

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OK, I did my homework, so is this all I'm gonna need (in addition to safe surfing)?

OS: Windows XP Pro (version 5.1) SP3
anti-virus: Avast Free 5.0.418
firewall: PC Tools Firewall Plus Free
anti-malware blocker: SpywareBlaster 4.2
anti-malware scanner / removers: Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.44 freeware
SUPERAntiSpyware freeware 4.33.1000
clean-up utility: Glary Utilities
browser: Internet Explorer 8

Assuming IE8 is like IE7, here are the security settings I'll use:

Trusted sites security level: Medium-high
Internet security level: High <-- Medium-high to download^

ActiveX controls and plug-ins:
* Download signed ActiveX controls: Prompt
* Download unsigned ActiveX controls: Disable
* Initialize & script ActiveX controls not marked as safe: Disable
* Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins: Enable
* Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting: Enable

* Installation of desktop items: Prompt
* Launching programs and files in an IFRAME: Prompt
* Navigate sub-frames across different domains: Prompt

^ For some reason, IE7 requires me to do this even at a Trusted Site and even with:
1. "require server verification..." unselected, and
2. Security level for Trusted sites zone set at Medium-high.

And if my NetGear WGR614v6 wire... Read more

Answer:Is this enough to keep me reasonable safe?

Moved your thread to software considering you are not crying out directly for malware removal

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Hey all,

I've been running my system under full load for twenty minutes.

I've got RMClock, CPU-Z and ATITool open to monitor, and I'm also using Orthos to stress my RAM and my CPU.


LeadTek 7950GT TDH 256MB -- 90 degrees
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 2.4GHz -- 48 degrees [won't let me overclock yet, it's running at stock speeds with a Zalman heatsink].
Transcend 1066 2 x 1GB -- 64 degrees

These temperatures seem all right for twenty minutes of full load? I'm scrambling to find a VGA heatsink at a local store, but I've been told a graphics card of this power can safely handle temperatures of up to 100 degrees.


Answer:Temperatures Reasonable?

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Question: Reasonable prices?

What would be a reasonable price to "reimage" a machine?
(ie wipe off all the trojans/adware/spyware)

Reimage including databackup and a reinstall of the os and drivers.

Data backup being a loose sense of the term and including just music, photos, documents, email, and favorites, and just to be nice also throwing on a few apps that are essential...itunes, aim, firefox, spybot,antivirus of choice.

I know geek squad's prices...and they are...about on par I'd say for the amount of time it takes to do all of the above but what do you guys think?

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I keep hearing people who have fairly modern PC's (although perhaps lacking a good graphics card) talking about buying a PS3. I would like to tell them that they should really consider spending $200 to $250 for a new video card and using their PC to play games thereby saving themselves the much larger cost of a PS3.

Is this reasonable advice? If they were to upgrade an Intel P4 (3.2 MHz with adequate memory, hard drive, sound quality, etc.) by buying a fairly good quality video card, would that put the machine into a comparable quality such that it would run most games available for the PC such that it would compare fairly well to those same games running on the PS3?

It doesn't have to be extremely high quality. I'd just like to know if it would be reasonably accurate to say that upgrading a fairly modern PC (with a P4 CPU - not a Celeron) with a good quality video card would put it into roughly the same level of performance for playing games as the PS3.

Answer:Would you consider this advice to be reasonable?

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OK, I did my homework, so is this all I'm gonna need (in addition to safe surfing practices)?OS:....................................... ...........Windows XP Pro (version 5.1) SP3anti-virus:....................................... ..Avast Free 5.0.418firewall:....................................... ......PC Tools Firewall Plus Free blocker:..........................SpywareBlaste r 4.2anti-malware scanner / removers:..........Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.44 freeware....................................... ................SUPERAntiSpyware freeware 4.33.1000clean-up utility:..................................Glary Utilities .....Internet Explorer 8Assuming IE8 is like IE7, here are the security settings I'll use:* Zone: Trusted sites   * Security level for this zone: Medium-high* Zone: Internet   * Security level for this zone: High <-- Medium-high to download^   * Custom Level button :      * ActiveX controls and plug-ins:         * Download signed ActiveX controls??????????????????????..Prompt         * Download unsigned ActiveX controls????????????????.????..Disable         * Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting?..Disable         * Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins????????????????....?????Enable   ... Read more

Answer:Is this enough to keep me reasonable safe?

You're fine.

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Good Afternoon, Gentlemen,
I am sorely, at least I think so, of the sound advice that you hand out, on a very regular basis.
I have had an Acer Aspire One 722-C62kk with an 11.6” screen and 4GB for a couple of years. And it has done – and is doing – the job I wanted it to do; namely to take on holidays with us so we can keep in touch with friends whilst on the holiday. But we are just back from 2 weeks in Lanzarote and I must admit that I have found it s-l-o-w. I do not know anything about chips and, therefore, would be very grateful if someone could recommend a notebook with a faster chip in it. This is where I will probably annoy some of you: I would like one that is 5 to 10 times faster!! Also I am not looking for a new notebook – these all seem to come with Windows 10 which I do not like – but a second hand one with Windows 7 preferably 64Bit Home Premium or similar with USB 3.0 port(s). I am quite willing to go to £100, but for a good one am willing to stretch up to £200. If a company that trades in second hand notebooks has options and any of you know a reasonably reliable one that would also be helpful.
I know I am being picky, but at my time of life I am getting more and more specific and that is why I am asking you gentlemen.
Any and all – no matter how rude – replies will be very gratefully received.

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Do you think it`s possible?My friends mother is asking me if i can get a PC with the usual extras (ie modem, keyboard, mouse, speakers etc) with reasonably good graphics, cd re-writer, dvd rom, 17" monitor & printer....I`ve been looking but I don`t seem to get [email protected] the moment I`m trying to build another very basic computer for my wifes friend....(she only wants to pay 150---no monitor) & that`s been hard enough.Thank you in advance for any feedback

Answer:Looking for reasonable PC with extras around £400


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I put a bios password on my harddrive and it isn't accepting it and it accepts the hdd user password and they the same my hdd Is saying frozen in the bios...I have my dead family member pics on there and music...I can prove it's my harddrive please someone help...I can't erase my stuff off...I also bought a external hard drive case so I can back up my data. I will be off work.....thanks and God blessedited by moderator: Removed phone #

Answer:can someone please help me...I will gladly pay reasonable

No money or phone numbers needed, I'm in Australia.How To Remove, Clear, Reveal, Unlock or Reset BIOS Security Password

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Hi all,

I'm currently looking into buying a new server for the company I'm interning at. The issue is I'm somewhat clueless about IT in general, so I'm concerned an offer I've received for a Dell PowerEdge T430 server which I've pasted below is a rip off. The price I've been quoted is $4020,10.

Here are the specs:
"Server Dell PowerEdge T430 8B, (1)*Intel Xeon E5-2630v4 Processor (2.2GHz, 10C, 25MB, 8.0GT/s QPI, 85W), 32GB (2x16GB) 2400MHz RDIMM, PERC H330, DVD+/-RW, (2)*1TB SATA 6Gbps 7.2k 3.5" HD Hot Plug (up to 8x3.5"HDD), Broadcom 5720 GbE Dual Port on board, IDRAC8 Ent., (2)*750W, No Rails, 3y NBD"

Any advice would be very much appreciated!

Also if it helps the initial uses of the server would be secure data storage, hosting an email service for 12 staff members, and if possible setting up a hybrid disaster recovery solution, for instance linking the service to a cloud based service like Microsoft Azure.

If anyone out there can suggest a cheaper and viable alternative that would be ace!

Best regards,


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Noticed today that switches with 10 GbE ports are starting to become quite low in price on eBay. Is this a sign that the price is finally starting to move or are these switches junk, lacking features or not usable to attach a server or two and start playing with the speeds?

I'm mostly seeing HP 2900's but there are others too.

edit: maybe there are just rear stacking ports? The fronts must just be sfp 1 GbE?

Answer:10 GbE starting to become reasonable for home?

ProCurve 2900s have normal gig ports for connecting to clients.

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Is this a reasonable graphics card?

ATI RADEON 9800 Pro 256Mb AGP

It will be used with a Gigabyte 8VM800PMD-775 mobo

on a 2.8ghz celeron with 1gb Ram, 200gb hdd



Answer:Is this a reasonable graphics card?

How much does it cost?
I recommend a 6600GT video card. It should costly almost the same, and you get a lot more performance.

The two bad things are these:

a) You must have a good, quality 300-350 power supply, from a good, well-known manufacturer, with at least 20 A on the 12V rail, in order to have a stable computer.

b) The performance of a 9800 PRO or a 6600GT will be limited by your current CPU (is it a Celeron D or a Celeron?).

Good luck!

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I have four rather old HDDs that are either not recognized by the system or that cause computer shut down when connected.

Is it reasonable to attempt to repair these? It is my understanding that the majority of all HDD failures are electrical and not mechanical. If this is true, then I would conclude that most problems are caused by the replaceable control board on the HD.

BTW I have a circuit board on order to attempt the repair of a 250GByte Seagate HD (a Barracuda 7200.10).

This HD seems to be an ideal candidate for home repair because it immediately shuts down the computer when power is applied. There is a direct short from the HDs' 5 volt input pin to ground. That short circuit exists even when the board is removed from the HD.

Obtaining an exact replacement seems to be the trick. I 'think' I have done that.

Answer:Is It Reasonable/Sensible to Attempt to Repair a HDD

It's not as simple as replacing the PCB on most modern drives, you may also have to move the original ROM chip or firmware that contains the specific drive parameters to the new PCB. Unlike older drives, new drives are all slightly different and unique. With the 7200.10 a PCB swap may work because its an older drive.

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This morning yet again I found it impossible to open my Broadband although eventually it staggered into life sufficiently for me to open a Broadband Speed check wherein I obtained 55.27 Download and 9 Upload.
Could someone please tell me if that is a good, bad or indifferent speed?
I contacted my Broadband supplier and the system is at the moment great.

Answer:What is a reasonable Broadband speed?

Sorta depends on what you're paying for. Faster than anything I get

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A long tale of woe that ends with some questions. Please bare with me in the background explanation.

For over a year I've been having occasional flurries of crashes, hangs and (rarely) BSODs. Months would go by with no problem, then dozens of crashes or hangs in a week. The event logs and rare dumps have not been helpful. People here said it sounded like hardware problem, but no diagnostics I ran could find a problem.

I took it to a pc repair shop which could find no hardware problem (and of course it would not crash or hang for them). The suggested (as did people on this forum) that it probably was ZoneAlarm Internet Security. They installed the Kaspersky Internet Security product (for a fee, of course) and said that should fix the problems. 2 days later it froze 3 times and did automatic reboots 5 times.

I took it back. It still wouldn't crash or hang for them. They said Windows probably needed to be reinstalled - that my update from Win7 Home to Pro corrupted something. Rather than mess up the installation again I asked them to do it (for a fee, of course).

During their attempts to reinstall Windows it started crashing for them. They succeeded on their 3rd attempt, ran some more tests, checked the configuration, and found problems with the ram. They said ram I had was incompatible with the mother board and buggy, but the problems could not be detected by the diagnostics. They also said they had to reinstall Windows a 4th time because the 3rd reinstallation ... Read more

Answer:Reasonable explanation for crashes?

OCZ is high quality, but it is also one of the least compatible memories on the market (meaning it works properly with the fewest hardware configurations)
I use it personally and have for years with no complaint. ...and certainly without the problems you describe, though I always verify the motherboard/ram compatibility before I purchase a motherboard.

If the ram is actually bad it can cause any number of seemingly unrelated problems and errors. Since basically everything processes through the ram and it can be only one stick or one specific memory address on a stick that actually causes the problem. It's possible this bad address can go for months without being used until a specific set of circumstances pops up.

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A four month old mid-range factory built computer.Functions exactly as it should, but ignoring the sound advice "If it aint broke don't fix it" i would like it to sound less like a collection of busy fans, which it has!I am prepared to spend some more and replace the PSU, CPU's fan and even the case fan.The video card fan seems blameless, stalling for one moment doesn't change the rushing noise.The PSU is probably the most justifiable replacement. It is a bog standard ATX of 300w.I wonder if click here will do the trick. (5th down the list) the 435W job)?The case fan is a standard affair drawing warm air and pushing it out of the back. It is possibly an 8cm fan (approx 7cm between screws) and draws its power from the mobo.Probably not contributing much windrush but suggestions welcome?The CPU fan sits naked on a sort of 4 legged gantry over a very elaborate dome of fine fins and Intel trade mark. Doesn't seem responsible for much noise, but again, any comments.

Answer:In the name of silence or reasonable quiet

are you positive it aint the graphics cooler as mines noisy as hell! you could always invest in some heat pipes that will cut out most of the noise!

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I have scanned this site with no results plus tried putting ISP/costs/availabilty in Google to no avail. Can someone suggest an ISP for my daughter who wants one to use from say 8pm to 8am? As she can only access it at these times a 24/7 supply is not wanted. Broadband is not an option because of the cost.

Answer:Reliable ISP at a reasonable cost.

Hi.How about Freeserve Pay As You Go? click here

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I realize that this is a bit of a vague question as it depends on so many things, I would just like a guideline.Pent4 2g/768mem/XPpro/quite a few progs run on startup.How long from pressing the restart to up and running again?Any comments pleaseRay

Answer:What is a reasonable restart time?

About 2 minutes in total here. Four users.If the PC hasn't been shut down or restarted for several days, it takes more time for Windows to shut down all running processes.Once Windows has actually shut down all processes, it takes about 45 seconds for it to go through the restart/boot-up before getting back to the Welcome screen.

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I'm getting about 40 min. running time from my Vaio laptop with NO energy saving features enabled, and frequent HD access. Is this about what you'd expect?

Answer:reasonable battery capacity?

It sound kind of short are old is your battery if more then 2 years it's time for a change.....

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Hello Everyone, I have a compaq 5wv-280 machine that has an AMD Athlon 900mhz processor in it. I'am able to go as high as a 1.4gig athlon thunderbird processor. My machine has 200mhz (FSB) I see that this processor is pretty expensive yet. Can anyone tell me where i can save a few dollars on one of these? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, E J FITZ

Answer:Looking for a reasonable place to buy a processor.

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This is NOT a serious problem, just more of an annoyance which is intriguing me.
With 4gb ram, a reasonable dual processor and graphics card, one would expect a reasonably good performance whatever the case.
My automatic startup consists of just Avast AV, Java, and Malwarebytes although l also get additional icons on the taskbar for the Network and Sharing Center and Action Center.
I use Firefox as my main browser.
I also use SuperAntiSpyware, CCleaner, and Defraggler reasonably frequently, so l know that my system is clear of any junk, malware, spyware, and that no viruses are present.
I fire the system up in the morning, bring up Firefox and all is fine, and reasonably quick.
Do a fair amount of downloading using the MiPony download manager to access rapidshare files, but with my crap connection, the max download speed seems to hover around the 280kbs mark.
I may also have two FF sessions on the go, as well as the downloading, so whatever l do after that seems to really slow the system down.
I have even run ConvertX at the same time as all of the above and the system came to a near grinding halt.
Now l know that all of the above are processor/ram hungry but surely with my specs the computer should more than cope?
Maybe l'm missing something obvious or my dual processor system just cannot cope with more than two ram hungry programs running at the same time.
Has anyone got any ideas or do l just have to live with it.

Answer:Any way of speeding up a pc with reasonable specs?

Hello Willy,

You could pick and choose between the options in the tutorial below to try and speed up the performance of your system some.

Optimize Windows 7

Hope this helps some,

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I wanted to hear some opinions about the situation in the office I work in.

Recently we changed accounting software and my advice to change to Office 365 was rejected. Still all 15 employees want their emails to be safe and backed up.
Some employees don't delete their emails, so I end up with approximately 10 GB PST-file size per year per user. Of course I split them year by year. The problem is that they want to keep even pst files from 5 or more years ago. Always available. My idea is now, that I make a one time backup copy of recent years and a daily backup of the actual year.
I made some tries already with EaseUS. But I'm not satisfied.
I'd prefer not to schedule it and leave it up to the employee to decide when to make the backup. So, let's say the employee leaves earlier for some reason why leaving the PC on until 7 pm or so? Also a power cut could prevent that scheduled backup entirely from happening.
Here's a list of what I need the backup software to be able to do:

- Start the whole backup process with a double-click on an icon (on the desktop). EaseUS needs more steps incl. always having to set the Shutdown option manually.
- On the destination file storage or NAS I want to overwrite the previous file, not to create version after version. Or even better: Create a new version but delete the old version afterwards. PSTs are really a hard case since you can't really make incremental backups. I also doubt that some employees will understa... Read more

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Some folks may have read my other thread... About a Dell laptop that needs $1,000 of repairs 25 months after purchase.MOST products, you would expect to last at least five years before wearing out - washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, should last even longer, and they take serious abuse!... A quick inventory of my house has The same EQ I bought in 9th grade (I won't say how old it is, ahem, but it was Made in USA, and "Tattoo You" and "Moving Pictures" were the new albums I played on it!) A VCR I bought in 1994, playing through A TV I bought in 1990 Guitar amp bought in 1979 Now, I understand that technology becomes obsolete pretty quickly, but really... How long should the hardware last? I had a cassette player go bad after 12+ years - it was a bummer, but 12 years seems reasonable.So, I'd like to open up this question:[size=16]HOW LONG should a piece of computer hardware REASONABLY last?[/size]

Answer:Reasonable Obsolescence - A Survey

Well, that depend on how well made it was... If you got a "cheepie" laptop, then usually, you get what you pay for...[glb]Flame[/glb]

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I subscribe to Norton 360 but have got the trojan Antivirus XP 2008 with its annoying porn popups and messages. Via the chat facility, Norton advisors have removed part of the problem remotely but the popups have come back and other irritations, like slow running remain.They have now escalated my call to their virus specialist and want to charge me 70 for a detailed consultation plus check of the PC and clean up. Am I being reasonable thinking that Norton 360 should have stopped the trojan in the first place and it's a bit much having to pay them to clean up. The adviser was quite aggressive saying that I should have this done straight away otherwise I might spread the virus on the internet and my ISP will cut me off.I'd be grateful for views on Norton's stance.

Answer:Antivirus XP & Norton 360 - Reasonable?

Do a quick Google for "Antivirus XP 2008", have a look at the first hit from bleepingcomputer, should be able to sort it yourself.Google is your friend.

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Ok, I am basically new here and have a system I built in the middle of 2007. I am trying to see if it is viable to upgrade any of the components to make it a little more competitive for the rest of this year, but I don't know that there is much I can do with it without buying multiple components.

I have:

MSI AM2 Athlon 64/X2, PC6400 mem. capable motherboard
4600+ Athlon X2
NVIDIA 9600GT 512mb
2 gb PC6400 DDR2

I am currently running 64 bit Windows 7, and despite 2gb of memory it runs well.

Basically, I don't know if there is much that can be done with this. It's kind of stuck where it is. I could get a little faster dual core X2 processor, but I don't know that it would make much of a difference. Obviously a quad core CPU would require a new motherboard and CPU, so might as well do that with a whole new computer build. I could upgrade to 4gb of dual channel memory, but I don't know that games/programs would utilize it enough to be worth it. Video card wise, I have a 19" 1280 x 1024 monitor, so I whether or not a better video card would get a huge difference in framerate at that resolution I'm not sure.

I am primarily looking at this in regards to games like Bioshock 2, etc. coming out this year. I would just like to run those newer games a little better for this year until I anticipate building a new system in 2011. I have heard a lot of people say that 4gb of memory isn't totally used by most applications yet. I have heard that un... Read more

Answer:Possible reasonable upgrades for my 2 year old system?

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I am trying to find a touchscreen monitor that is actually priced reasonably. It needs to be between 10 and 12 inches and the pixel resolution needs to be at least 1024x768.

I can't find any for a fair price. They make all kinds of good ones though... for $250 and up! They can't be THAT expensive since you can buy android tablets for like $150. Even mouser doesn't carry touchscreen LCD panels anymore that have a greater resolution than 640x480.

I have managed to find ONE that has a somewhat reasonable price but it's sold by a shady looking seller. Half of the reviewers didn't receive a working unit and the other half did.

I call ******** on these prices. They don't cost that much to produce. Something like that shouldn't cost more than $100. I'm not willing to spend more than $150 on a touchscreen monitor unless the resolution is 1280x720 or greater and even then I'm not spending more than 175-200.

So where is a place you can buy these from that are priced reasonably? If there are none, can I buy a $100-$150 android tablet just for the LCD panel, take it apart and somehow re wire everything up for use with a PC?

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I believe that I have an on-board graphics card installed on my computer. Previously I was able to use Google Earth, but for some unknown reason I was no longer able to use this programme. Various alternatives was advised via Google help and error messages, but none seem to work.My remaining alternative (according to Google) is to get a 'better' graphics card.Any suggestions for a straight forward replacement. Not into high speed gaming or fancy high capacity 3 D's. Something cheap and simple, with possible links would be ideal.Final question: Is it possible to fit an additional graphics card to on-board system!.

Answer:Cheap and reasonable graphics card

Yes it is possible for you to have additional graphics, you will have to disable your onboard graphics once you have a new graphics card.Do you know what expansion slots you have available so that suggestions for graphics cards can be suited to your needs.

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Hello all,

Just wondering whether any of you guys out there can recommend a reasonable free text editor for Windows for knocking out some Perl in - I just dislike Notepad for this kind of thing...
Im sure there are loads but just wanted some recommendations...


Answer:Reasonable Free Text Editor

and I only know this because I'm stuck having to learn this horrible language this quarter.

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I have Comcast cable. The Motorola Surfboard modem is connected to my desktop via Ethernet cable. I occasionally have to work with friend's laptops, and need to connect to the Web wirelessly, so am considering getting a wireless router. Trouble is, I can't find much info on the Web that tells me what I need, and prices go from $25 to $1200. I figure I only need something very simple, since I have no home network or multiple computers throughout the house.

So, can anyone recommend a good and relatively inexpensive router? Review in PC World liked the Belkin N, but have no idea if that's suitable or overkill or what.

Answer:Best reasonable cost wireless routers

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This is after being on for over 12 hours, mostly idle.

Meant Q6600

Answer:Is my e6600 running at a reasonable temp?

After 20 minutes of playing a game:

Should I re-seat my CPU, maybe get a new heatsink fan?

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I have a very annoying issue wherein the small rubber V-shaped or triangular pegs attached to the base of the extended battery of my U150 have come off; so now the laptop wobbles when I type. I've called the service center (Philippines not India), they were very nice and courteous, but had no replacement part number so they cannot replace the part even if I am under warranty! How ridiculous is that?!?!  It would be so easy to mail me a pair of pegs and I would simply superglue it on the base.  What they offered is even more absurd!  They want me to give them a $90+ deposit to send them my whole battery pack (that is working just fine) which they are willing to replace in order to get the new legs on it.  We're talking about a pair of pegs worth no more that 25-US-cents!!!  Does anyone have any solutions? Or is there some other mystical resource to get these rubber pegs replaced? This issue has been going on for two months, and Lenovo has not replied, emailed, nor called as promised by the customer service receptionist who said they would refer my claim to Lenovo.

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Currently I am unemployed and so when I found out that my PC broke (this is a friend's) I was devastated to realize that Windows XP (Pro or HE) both range around $100 for the standard full edition. I am currently running it off of Bart PE but that isn't much help because I can't even view pics or access the internet. My other friend told me however that you can get Windows XP as cheap as $70 for the stripped down, "No Manual, No Colorful Box," edition. Problem is... I can't find this mythical store/site. Is he bluffing or does this place exist (and where?) Thanks heaps

Answer:I need a complete XP Reinstallation... at a reasonable cost

I found it for $89.99 at:

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I' running Vista an a new HP Pavilion Laptop, with Firefox as my browser. Everything is falling into place, but when I open this Forum it is so small that I must Zoom in at least three times to get it large enough to read! I don't have this problem with anything else, that I know of. How can I get this site to open in readable size??

Answer:How to open this Forum in a reasonable size

there is a little drop down tab at the bottom left of this forum that may help

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My other question is how much does it cost to upgrade Vista 32bit to Vista 64bit? My software source (school) only sells the 32bit versions (for hella cheap).

Should I suck it up and get Vista Home 64bit from Newegg for $99 or try to upgrade from 32bit to 64bit (which hopefully would be cheaper)?

Answer:what's a reasonable price for vista home 64?

Buy the 32bit version from your school, and acquire a 64bit disc by other means. Your serial will work on either (Vista/Win7 are both this way).

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i have been told 1155 is going away, but i was told that just under a year ago and its not proving to be true. i just came into a little extra money, and am considering the best mother board i could get my hands on for 1155.

this is what i am looking at. and im hoping to get some suggestions and hopfuly hear from someone who has it- - ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77 LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb&#47;s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard

Answer:help picking the best reasonable 1155 mobo available

Eventually, all sockets go away, but I haven't heard anything particular about 1155. Are you mistaking that for 1156, which is about gone?

As long as you have a good brand and a little bit of luck, I'd just shop on the basis of desire features and price/support.

What does "best" mean in this context?

That particular board is certainly more than you need for most purposes and would be a waste of money for a typical installation. But you may need each and every one of its features. I don't know.

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My nephew suggested recently that I buy some extra memory for my Dell Dimensiion 8250 computer, which is a couple of years old. Knowing that I have Rambus RD-RAM, he searched the Net and told me RD-RAM was both harder to find and more expensive than he expected.

He went to PrimeWatch and found only two websites which had RD-RAM available. Then he went to eBay and told me I could pay $400 for 1G of CD1066 RD-RAM or $256 for 1G of PC 800 RD-RAM.

I have two slots of 256 RD-RAM -- PC 1066, unless I'm mistaken -- which means I have two open slots. My nephew told me I could fill the two open slots with 512 PC 1066, which would give me 1.5 G total. Or, he said, my PC could hold up to 2 G of PC 800 RD-RAM. (All of this terminology is new to me, but my nephew appears to understand it quite well.)

I remember hearing a while back that the price of memory was dropping rapidly, but my nephew told me that seems to have changed. Is it possible that I could find better prices for RD-RAM than those shown on eBay?

Answer:How easy is it to find RD-RAM at a reasonable price?

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My wireless router does not seem to be working for Internet connectivty despite many reboots. It's (Netgear fm114p) been in use for less about 10 months. The only thing I can think of is I had some wiring work done to an electrical outlet. Since then, it started requiring power reboots during the day (due to losing a signal); then within the week (yesterday), the lights are not working correctly.


Answer:What's the Reasonable Life of a Wireless Router?

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What is a reasonable bite rate (i.e. keep as much quality as can be) to convert CD to MP3. My ears are not very musical.

Answer:Reasonable bite rate convert CD to MP3 files?

128kbps at 44kHz is the norm and sounds good enough to my ears.

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