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Need open firmware router that will fit in structured media panel

Question: Need open firmware router that will fit in structured media panel

Hello all,

I am planning to buy a router that will go in my structured media panel. It is a Leviton brand one. I put a piece of plywood behind the panel so it doesn't matter if the router mount holes match with the panel. I can drill through the panel and mount the device to the plywood. I am thinking to just get a couple of wireless access points to place around the house and a wired router that goes in the panel. I would like to get it without the wireless (don't want antennas wasting any space in the panel). I also want to find one that can handle open firmwares. Can anyone recommend a good router for this situation? Thanks.

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Preferred Solution: Need open firmware router that will fit in structured media panel

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Need open firmware router that will fit in structured media panel

Mikrotik Routerboard 750GL. A little larger than the size of a patch of cards. 5 ports ethernet, no wifi (optional I think).

edit: Here's a 10 port model, 5 GigE and 5 FaE.

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Im looking to tidy up my structured wiring box and complete the terminations on my network cables. I have several structured wiring boxes (between studs) in my equipment closet. I need a 24 port patch panel to to the punchdowns on cat6 and 5e cable. Ideally it would mount into the structured wiring box. I have found many different rack mount patch panels but i dont think those will fit. I am looking at one on the egg below. It has very good reviews on egg and amazon and is only $40.

Does anyone know of a panel that fits structured wiring boxes?

If i go with a rack mount - how will i mount it since i dont have a rack?

Are there any cheap decent racks u know of?


Answer:structured wiring - 24 port cat6 patch panel

if you are planning on using the structured boxes say from leviton you need to get there patch panels and switches to be clean.

what we normally do with those crappy structured boxes is zip tie or screw in a switch into them and terminate the wire directly to it. other equipment gets ziptied in

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Hello, i am trying to update a Router model Asus RT N10 firmware but the files have a TRX ending , anybody know how to open these?

Thank you

Answer:how to open a TRX file to upgrade router firmware

You don't open them, you just point it to that file,

Looks pretty straight forward, here's a link to your manual too,

Page 30 is what that snip is from.

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I have an old Linksys WRT-54G that I thought might be getting a bit long in the tooth. There was a recent sale on the new D-Link DIR-657 which is a full featured current gen model, that supports wireless N, support QOS automatically for game and video packets, and supports USB print server and file sharing function. I decided to upgrade for the cheap price of $20 on at the recent onesaleaday listing.

I expected to get a bit of an improvement in connection speed - after all that old Linksys router is about a decade old. I've not really spent time on wireless yet to compare at all, but for wired there is no change to speak of. I was surprised, because I figured that old v2 WRT-54G 200mhz processor might have been holding me back. It apparently was not.

I ran eight simple speed tests with each router pretty immediately after swapping them out. I ran four cities twice on the tests. ( Here are the results.

WRT54G - 13.54 and 16.58 down and 1.04 and 1.08 up
DIR-657 - 11.71 and 17.60 down and 1.07 and 1.08 up

WRT54G - 8.51 and 8.72 down and 1.07 and 1.07 up
DIR-657 - 5.98 and 8.75 down and 1.07 and 1.07 up

WRT54G - 6.46 and 5.05 down and 1.01 and 1.06 up
DIR-657 - 5.03 and 6.40 down and 1.06 and 1.06 up

New York
WRT54G - 15.30 and 16.77 down and 1.07 and 1.06 up
DIR-657 - 20.20 and 15.73 down and 1.07 and 1.05 up

Hopefully this helps someone else in their decision on whether to upgrade the... Read more

Answer:Linksys WRT54G v2 w/ Tomato firmware vs D-Link HD Media Router 1000 DIR-657 speedtest

I loved mine but it didn't quite handle the 150mbps fios package all that well....

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Networking Pros,

I'm redoing all the network, whole house audio and coax wiring in a new house we bought. We recently had new electrical service put in with the main panel in the basement as well as a 100A subpanel in the attic to feed the 3rd floor and some second floor rooms. I'm planning on having a main structured wiring enclosure in the basement that will contain my main network router, network switch(es), co-ax splitters, etc. My questions/concerns are these: (thank you in advance for any advice)

1) Can/should I install a sort of structured wiring sub-panel in my attic that would contain a network switch and some coax splitters? I'm thinking it would make sense as it would keep my runs shorter and fishing wires easier. I would "feed" that sub-panel with a cat5e into the switch and an a coax that could be split up there as needed.

2) The run from some of the 3rd floor remote bedrooms, while within the 300ft cat5e limit, is probably about 225-250ft. If I had the switch in the attic, then then continued to the basement, would that help the signal strength/speed? Or would have having the upstairs "sub-panel" in the attic negatively affect speed with a bottle-neck of sorts with the one cat5e wire "feeding" all the jacks on the 2nd and 3rd floors?

My bro-in-law mentioned that he thought adding a sub-panel in the attic for network wiring would add more points of possible failure and it wasn't a good idea, but as I contempla... Read more

Answer:Structured Wiring "Sub-Panel" like my electric?

Wiring and sub-panels are OK in the attic, but I wouldn't put Ethernet switches or video distribution amplifiers there because the temperature can easily be 150 F on a hot summer day. I would put them in a closet below ceiling level.

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Hello, recently I bought a Notebook and I want to change my display settings. I got Intel HD Graphics Family installed on my computer. When I got to the system tray and hit the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel icon it should open the Control Panel window but nothing happens to me. I have read all the instructions that Intel has but nothing of these worked. Graphics — How to open the Intel? Graphics Properties window

My PC specs are:
Fujitsu Lifebook A Series
Core I3
6.00 GB RAM
678 GB Hard disk
Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit
2.20 GHz.

Hope this helps. Please answer.

Answer:Can't open Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel

Have you tried re-installing the driver or see if there is an updated driver?

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Is it possible to replace a routers firmware w/ something other than the original firmware to update from wep encryption to wpa encryption and all the other features that these new routers have? If so is this hard to do and is there a big risk or really screwing things up?

Answer:Replacing router Firmware w/ third party Firmware?

nope its easy, and as long as your smart and follow the few basic guildlines very unlikely chance of damaging the router. Biggest suggestion is never do the update via wireless as if you loss signal or what not could loose a bit of data for the router update.

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When I execute the Panel Firmware Update at, the Raydium FT (Ver. 2.32) application windows opens. I select the only menu, Functions, then Update FW and I am presented with a password prompt. I can't find the default password anywhere in the manuals or documentation.
What is the default password or where can I find it?

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I have a Nvidia NVS 5200 M running with Intel 4000 and Windows 7 on a Lenovo T430S.Whenever I load the Control Panel -> Display settings, I can see options just fine, but I click on any of the drop down menus and they appear for a second, then immediately disappear (fast enough that I can't change settings).There's a similar problem when I look in the Intel Graphics Media Control Panel. It constantly appears to be "loading" - the mouse icon turns into a little blue circle off an on, continuously. Similar thing with the settings, too - they appear and let me change them, but immediately return to the original setting. I can change them if I act SUPER quickly to make the change then click Apply. But 99/100 I'm not fast enough.All drivers are up to date. I have no idea what to do (reinstall or uninstall this Intel Graphics control panel? How? Or somehow change a setting on my graphics card).Please help!

Answer:Windows 7 Control Panel Display and Intel Graphics Media Control Panel Constantly

Try uninstalling both drivers, then reinstalling them. Sometimes a clean driver update works better.

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Question: Router Firmware

I am wondering what firmware I can flash on my new Hitrontech modem for extra security.

Answer:Router Firmware

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Question: Router Firmware

Is there any way to do a firmware downgrade on a Linksys BEFW11S4 Wireless Broadband router? Ever since I upgraded the firmware, I have been having all kinds of problems with my connections quitting. I have tried logging onto the router to downgrade to the original firmware but it fails every time. I am getting sick of unplugging the router and restarting the modem every time this happens. My connection to the internet won't even last a day before it quits! If it is not possible to downgrade is there ANY way to fix my problem without going out and buying a new router?

Answer:Router Firmware

There should be a reset button on the back of the router. This will reset everything to default so you'll need to reconfigure everything.



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Question: Router Firmware

I was wondering your opinions on router firmware. My router is a Linksys WRT160Nv3. I purchased a Roku player and started streaming my video to my tv. The router was terrible, and would not go into wireless N mode. Well it would, but my roku, laptop, and phone would not connect to it.

I looked around and installed DD-WRT, now it works great. I heard tomato is good too, so was just looking for feedback. Thanks

Answer:Router Firmware

tomato is this like android and there Jelly bean

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Question: Router firmware

I was wondering your opinions on router firmware. My router is a Linksys WRT160Nv3. I purchased a Roku player and started streaming my video to my tv. The router was terrible, and would not go into wireless N mode. Well it would, but my roku, laptop, and phone would not connect to it.

I looked around and installed DD-WRT, now it works great. I heard tomato is good too, so was just looking for feedback. Thanks

Answer:Router firmware

DD-WRT is great, but I would look into powerline adapters if you are streaming video. You get much better throughput and is less of a load on the router.

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So I have TP-Link MR3420 wireless router and Windows 7 and 8 in use.

First I replaced the router's original firmware with Open-WRT -firmware, but it did not support my 3g usb modem, so I tried DD-WRT, and then the problem begun: the router's web-ui worked only via my phone, but the I could ping the router, so that was not a big problem. Then I searched from internet how to install original firmware back to router via commands, and followed the instructions, it was all going very well, until there was a command something like ''delete linux'' and after that ''reboot''.

After that I could not connect to the router any way. I have tried pinging , but ''destination host unreachable'' and ''request timed out'' comes always. I have tried hard reset and set the computer's ip to static but no, nothing happens. All lights in the router are just blinking all the time.

TL;DR: My router has no any kind of firmware in it, and it does not aswer to ping. Is there any way make it working again?

Sorry for my bad english. Thanks in advance!

Answer:Router with no firmware, help!

Depending on your willingness, the link below explains what is needed to unbrick the router.

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I have a Dlink DSL-2640R Router which i have had for about 3 years but have not updated the firmware on it in that time. is this necessary and important to do. if it is how do i do it ?

Your help and advice will be most appreciated.

Answer:Router Firmware Question

A great thing to follow with computers and networking equipment is "If it is not broken, don't fix it." This is something that always gets me in trouble because I like to tinker with my computer, router, and etc.

If your router has been working just fine for the last 3 years then I think upgrading the firmware is optional. If you are comfortable reconfiguring the router if something goes wrong and you won't have anybody in the household attacking you because the internet is down, here is a how-to from DLinks website on how to upgrade the routers firmware: How do I update the firmware on my DSL router? | D-Link UK

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Brand : Motorola
Model : Surfboard SBG6580

I've had a problem with my internet dissconnecting a lot when I play online games, and sometimes when surfing the internet. I'm just trying everything to fix this, so I'm trying to upgrade the firmware of my router.

Answer:How do I upgrade my router's firmware

Hi hellbandit, Have a look here SBG6580 - How to get firmware upgrade? - Comcast Help and Support Forums
here is a quote from a poster

"That is not a modem, it's a gateway device and this is one of the big reasons many of us here recommend NOT to get combo gateways like this, it makes firmware upgrades impossible since they are controlled by Comcast and there is no offcial way request an update."

Does'nt look too good

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I have Linksys Etherfast Cable/DSL Firewall Router hooked to my desktop using windows 98 and my laptop using windows XP. It's a wired router. I was told I didn't need a seperate firewall because this one came with one, but when I try to update the Firmware, this is the info it shows:
BEFSX41 - Instant Broadband™EtherFast®Cable/DSL Firewall Router with 4-Port Switch/VPN EndPoint
Firmware Date : 11/27/2002
Firmware File Size : 470KB
Firmware Version : 1.44
Click here to download the firmware.

Click here to download the Release Notes.
Now does this mean this Firmware hasn't released an update since 2002? And if so how can I protect my computer from hackers if it's that outdated? When I do download the so called update, it asks which OS I'm using and being the desktop is the main one, I checked windows 98, so is my laptop protected too even though that is windows XP? Also when I do download the upgrade, it tells me I already have that file and do I want to overwrite it. That kind of tells me there is no update.

Answer:Router Firmware question

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Hi this is Chris
I have done some research and have gone through different routers all that seem to either d/c on playing games or just not connect at all. I have gone through the Belkin N+, Netgear WRN2000, and now going through the Linksys WRT310N
Right now the ethernets are giving out reasonable speed for playing games (WoW)
However the wireless signal is horrible. Something is definitely wrong because its way slower than dial up. I havent installed new firmware yet because I am trying to get DD-WRT on there however ive been reading the installation guide and its really confusing to me.
Can some1 help me out here. My current problems are:

Havent set up QoS yet, want to make WoW main priority
Havent installed new firmware, DD-WRT really really confusing to install (maybe som1 can walk me through it? ^^)
Ethernet speed is reasonable but still a little dissapointing. for those that understand when 1-2 ppl play WoW latency ranges from 120-300ms
Tried connecting wirelessly latency shot up to 14k.......
plz help

Answer:Firmware for Wireless Router

Hi there

The main reason for wireless slow downs is interference. To learn about channel interference SEE HERE. There is also a great article by Microsoft that proposes other sources of interference, and how to fix this HERE .
As for installing DD-WRT, just right click HERE , Save As... and save it somewhere where you will find it later. Then navigate to "Firmware Upgrade" in your router's configuration GUI. Select the file you downloaded and begin the firmware upgrade. After it finishes, go to Administration -> Factory Defaults, select YES to reset to defaults.

You can then proceed to install the standard or mega versions of DD-WRT by using the generic download files and following the same process as above.

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Not sure if posting in the right place, but hope someone can help. I have a dlink dsl 2780 and a huawei hg533, I am wanting to put custom firmware on them both but not sure which one is best. after looking about I am all most sure they have broadcom chipsets in them. which dd-wrt says it will work on most broadcoms and also something called tomato. or will I be better using something else. thank you to anyone who offers advice.

Answer:Custom router firmware

Check the ddwrt compatibility list. If your router(s) are on that, then use ddwrt. I've ran it on 2 routers and been very pleased.

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I have a netgear wnr1000 v2. I have been in the router settings and had it check for the latest firmware. It tells me I have the latest and that version is Now, when I go to the netgear website and look up my router here: it says the latest version is So I download it and go to install it to my router and get the error "Firmware upgrade failed. Please check your file." I know it's the right file. Only 3 files are in the installation and they are .html, .img, and .txt, and the image file is the installation one.

Answer:Router Firmware Update

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I am thinking of changing the firmware of my Linksys WRT54G router to the open source application of Tomato.

Has anyone done this?

Based on post at, the hack is supposed to give your router more features and allow you to tweak the router's settings.

Any thoughts?

Answer:Linksys router firmware

Give it a try, but keep another router handy in case something screws up. Come back and tell us how it went

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Hi all. I have a Linksys WRT54GL v1.1. I'm currently using the DD-WRT v23 SP1 firmware. I see that DD-WRT v24 SP1 is out, but that I'm actually recommended to use the SP2 beta.

Anyways, being a bit of a networking noob, I have one simple question:

Is there any point to me flashing and upgrading my router to the newest firmware builds? I'm experiencing no issues to speak of currently. Hoping there are some guru's here that can let me know what I should do.

Answer:Upgrading Router Firmware?

Honestly, if you aren't having problems and the new firmware version doesn't provide some sort of feature that you need...I wouldn't suggest it.

I once upgraded the firmware of my router to try to alleviate a problem I was having with dropped packed. It was a Linksys and I was using the Cisco based firmware. Well, once applied, the router rebooted everytime I ran a traceroute command. Which was real bad since my ISP was coming out the next day and would clearly have a case for blaming my router when a simple traceroute caused it to reboot. It took a few hours with Linksys on the phone to determine the problem was in the firmware and they got me back to the old firmware and the problem went away. And I've left it there to this day.

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I just realized that I can change my router's (Netgear wgr614) firmware. How useful is this? Are firmware's specific to a model, or are there 3rd party firmwares that can add some performance or better administration, the way you can get 3rd party drivers for your video card?

Answer:router firmware tweaks

It depends on what exactly the new firmware does that will improve your router from it's existence firmware. Does this new 3rd party firmware offer something your current firmware doesn't? Is there something you want to do that your current firmware won't do?

If you are thinking about upgrading to DD-WRT then make sure your version will work with it. But to be honest, the Netgear WGR614 isn't the best choice if I was wanting to upgrade firmwares on my router. I have the same router but v.4 and I wouldn't upgrade the firmware on it.

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I have a Cable & Wireless ADSL2+ Router 108Mbps 11g, it is wired to my PC: I can access the internet, etc. no problem and the network appears on my laptop but the connection speed is woeful. Having read through other postings on this web page I believe I have tried everything apart form up-grading the firmware and here's the problem:Where can I download the firmware?The C&W support is useless and there is no download page on there website???

Answer:C&W Router Firmware Download from where?

Who made the router , any manufacturers mark or serial numbers on the bottom . Ashley

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I have got and set a Linksys E1200v2 router with the latest Tomato (Shibby) v1.28 firmware and everything seems to work fine. My goal now is to get the maximum possible performance, stability and security from the router. Along with establishing an OpenVPN service on it - but I?ll get to that after I get to know the firmware better.

The folks at the Tomato forums aren?t particularly helpful so I?m asking you guys since most of the questions would apply to the routers in general. I have found and thoroughly read the Tomato Firmware Menu Reference which explained a lot of things and I?ve googled the remaining ones but I still have some questions (partially) unexplained so I am addressing you all in hope that you can help me.
WAN / Internet:
- MTU - When (in what case) should the MTU be changed? Can I benefit (in a usual home environment) by increasing or decreasing the MTU?

- Route Modem IP - Does that simply mean that the router's WAN IP address will be modem's LAN IP (eg. instead of the IP address that the ISP provided (meaning modem's WAN)? Or is it something else?

- Bridge, br0, STP - What is being bridged, what does br0 stand for? I don?t think I?m bridging anything on the router. Is STP the function that prevents the network from crumbling down in case of someone connecting an UTP cable in two switch ports and thus creating a loop? I don't think that's likely to happen at home, so should I enable or disable it (to get maximum performanc... Read more

Answer:Router - Tomato firmware

Anyone, please? If you'd only answer a couple of my questions or even just one I'd really appreciate it!

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I am using a linksys wrt54g and i have been using it since 2 years ago with no firmware update, i have problems with portforwarding, could it be firmware issues?

Answer:Should i upgrade my router's firmware?

Well, a firmware upgrade is certainly one thing that can improve the performance and reliability of many routers, I'd certainly give it a try.

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I have this router and the firmware in there is in .img file - but it looks that my router dont know how to use it and I found somewhere that it want a .bin filre

now I have problem that it supports LAN (cable) like before but it cant connect to internet

how to get right firmware or fix this problem?

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Hi all,

I have a wrt54GL router, and I was wondering what people thought of various firmwares?

Right now I'm using X-wrt, but to be honest I don't really like some of it's gui.

What would people suggest? I was thinking about using Gargoyle, but I'm not too sure how stable it is: It seems to have a lot of nice features, such as an easy to use (unlike X/openwrt) QoS utility and bandwidth quotas.

Maybe DD-Wrt or tomato as well, but I wanted to get some input.


Answer:Router Firmware Comparison?

I too would be interested in what people have to say about this. I've glanced over some of this stuff but haven't had the time to seriously research it. There are several members of these forums whose opinions really mean something to me so I hope some of you chime in.

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I was wondering if anyone knew of good third party firmware for the D-Link 604 Router. I've heard of DDWRT and Tomato and some others but none of them work for the DL604 afaik.

Anyone here know of one?


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There is a new firmware upgrade for my DG834N netgear router. click hereIt seems to be working fine but I dont understand fix 2. should I update or not? I'd like to improve wireless performance tho?

Answer:router firmware upgrade

If it 'ain't broken ...... Ashley

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i have a linksys WRT54G v3 router and im in a bit of a bind.... i was originally having problems with it kicking me and my roommates off the network... i decided to try updating the firmware... unfortunately, i downloaded and uploaded the incorrect firmware for this router... it seemed to be working, but i wanted the correct firmware, so i download the correct firmware and uploaded... here's the problem.. it said upgrade was successful, but not it is virtually unusable. i cant connect wirelessly or wired.

the power led continually blinks and never stops no matter what i try. i've tried reseting the router in all ways i know how (i googled it) but nothing seems to work... shorting the pins inside is another possible solution, but it would void my warranty, and im not sure i want to do that. is there a certain method using the reset button that would reset the firmware? any and all replies/solutions are welcome and very much appreciated.

Answer:reseting router firmware

Have you tried contacting Linksys? They would probably have the best solution for you, and could direct you to perform them without voiding your warranty.

Just a thought.

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Is this necesssary? I have a Linksys WRT54G and I do not use the wireless access right now. I have 2 computers wired to this router to share cable internet.

Answer:Do I need to update my router firmware?

I would think you don't have to, but why not?
That router is also a switch with the 4 ports in the back and the firmware updates are like any other piece of hardware update. If you want to keep everything up to spec on your computer than this should be also. But in the end it is your choice. Hope that helps.

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A while back I read an article about a comparison between I think it was 2 different third party router firmwares. I cant remember which magazine ran this article. Does anyone know? I know Tomato was one of the firmwares but I cant remember the other one.

Also, if any of you know anything about third party firmware for routers I would like some advice to. Pros and cons of using it and what your experiences with it and whatnot are. Thanks.

Answer:Third Party Router Firmware

odds are you're talking about Tomato vs. DD-WRT. Tomato favors usability over richness of features, doesn't require as many reboots, has better QoS traffic shaping, better visual bandwidth monitoring and is easier to install. DD-WRT packs on the features (especially on the advanced end) and lets you tweak far more, but has a slower GUI and requires reboots on every config change. DDWRT has a more complicated install procedure that puts people in fear of bricking their routers, and has been said to be less stable (requires reboots every few days).

Might be relevant to note that Tomato has released updates more recently than DD-WRT (DD-WRT updated about 10 months ago, Tomato 1 month ago), and that the Tomato reviews on most sites are for really early versions, ~1.09 or so, while the most recent release is 1.25. DD-WRT reviews and comparisons are typically for v24, which released over a year ago, rather than the v24 SP1 release.

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I just downloaded the latest version of firmware for my linksys wireless-B broadband router (BEFW11S4). The file that was downloaded is a .bin file. What do I do with it to update my router's firmware?

[Update] - Nevermind I figured it out. All I had to do was log onto the admin thingy and select the binary file to upgrade.

Answer:Router Firmware - BIN File?

go to your routers homepage Ex. http://192.168.x.x

Once your in your routers homepage go click on the administration tab , once the adminstration tab is clicked , a line below provides you several options to select from. Select the (firmware upgrade ).

in there it will say

Please select a file to upgrade ______________________ Browse

click on the browse button and locate where you saved your firmware bin file

i would usually save the bin file to my desktop for the simple reason its easy to locate.

once you locate your file scroll down and click on upgrade. This may take a few seconds and when the meter is done click on the continue button and u should have an updated firmware for your router

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I have got and set a Linksys E1200v2 router with the latest Tomato (Shibby) v1.28 firmware and everything seems to work fine. My goal now is to get the maximum possible performance, stability and security from the router. Along with establishing an OpenVPN service on it - but I?ll get to that after I get to know the firmware better.

The folks at the Tomato forums aren?t particularly helpful so I?m asking you guys since most of the questions would apply to the routers in general. I have found and thoroughly read the Tomato Firmware Menu Reference which explained a lot of things and I?ve googled the remaining ones but I still have some questions (partially) unexplained so I am addressing you all in hope that you can help me.
WAN / Internet:
- MTU - When (in what case) should the MTU be changed? Can I benefit (in a usual home environment) by increasing or decreasing the MTU?

- Route Modem IP - Does that simply mean that the router's WAN IP address will be modem's LAN IP (eg. instead of the IP address that the ISP provided (meaning modem's WAN)? Or is it something else?

- Bridge, br0, STP - What is being bridged, what does br0 stand for? I don?t think I?m bridging anything on the router. Is STP the function that prevents the network from crumbling down in case of someone connecting an UTP cable in two switch ports and thus creating a loop? I don't think that's likely to happen at home, so should I enable or disable it (to get maximum performance)?
... Read more

Answer:Router - Tomato firmware

Anyone, please? If you'd only answer a couple of my questions or even just one I'd really appreciate it!

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Hi allI have a Netgear DG834G router and Sky is my ISP. not sure what version it is as I cant sem to find any info? My question is, 1-Will this router work with Windows7 64bit or do I need to update the firmware? 2-If I do need to update the firmware, how do I do it?Thanks in advance

Answer:Update router Firmware?

As far as I am aware, routers are not OS dependent - in other words they should work regardless of which OS is being used.

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I am having a problem with downloading my linksys router firmware update.
(BEFSR41 Router)
The file download is downloaded to File Name BEFSR41v3_3_V.05.00 Code.bin
It download ok but it displays VLC Player icon and want to open in VLC Player format and will not open can't figure what program to open with

Answer:Router Firmware updating

You don't actually open the file. You browse to it from within the router's interface. See the generic Linksys upgrade instructions here: upgrade_instructions_routers,0[1].pdf

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I have a WRT54G v5 and was wondering if there is any firmware that will speed up things. Transferring files between computers seems to be a tad slow. Also, anything that I could do to help decrease my ping? Or should I just get a new router?

I primarily do gaming online and web browsing and transfer things from computer to computer.

Answer:WRT54G, new firmware or new router?

The V5 is a very crippled router..hardware wise. Yes you can get a version of DD-WRT on it...quite a few steps involved compared to flashing a better model like a version 1-4 with DD-WRT, and not much performance gain...because as decent as DD-WRT can only do so much with so little horsepower.

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I picked up a WRT54GL a week or so back after someone recommended I pick one up instead of picking up a PCI wifi card and external antenna to pick up a relatively week wireless connection.

A bit of background info: I live in a park of apartments owned by my university. They came up with the ingenius idea to install wireless APs through the park, so residents could pick up a wireless connection in their apartments and they wouldn't need to run ethernet through all the buildings. Great, right? Yeah, except they ran out of money in this project and the APs are not powerful enough to penetrate into the apartments and give a strong signal. So this is where the DD-WRT enabled router comes in.

I don't have a whole lot of experience with wireless network, outside of setting up small home networks in the past. I messed with the DD-WRT firmware a bit, and have successfully bridged the network to one of the wireless APs in the apartment complex. Only real problem with that is I'm fairly certain they don't want me doing that because they have no control over my router if it decides to go a bit batshit crazy. I'm willing to do it if its my only option, though I can only get 10mbps (if even that) when transferring files from my computer to another through the access point. I'd like to setup the router to essentially be like any home router, but instead of using the WAN port to get its Internet connection, it'll use the AP signal I set.

I'... Read more

Answer:Setting up a router using the DD-WRT firmware.

Having run a pair of WRT54G with DD-WRT firmware in the past, let me share my experiences:
Here is how I would configure that router in your situation

1. Setup in bridged mode. This is really the only way to do it, as the linksys routers don't seem to support AP Client mode (a feature of a lot of standalone access points). You can't setup anything more fancy like WDS, because you don't own the other router.
2. Go into the VLAN configuration and set the WAN port on your router to be on the same VLAN as your LAN ports. You now have a 5-port switch instead of a 4-port
3. Head over to the advanced options, and crack up your transmit power. 100mw seems to be a nice level before the router starts to have overheating problems
4. If you're only getting 10mbit, that's just how good of a signal you are getting. You can try getting the high-gain add-on antennas from linksys. One thing that i've seen work well is building a parabolic-style reflector out of aluminum foil to put behind your router, opposite the AP you are connecting to. You are trying to make your omnidirectional router into as directional of a device as possible. Hooking up cantenna or other yagi-type anntenas to get a better signal is also a a possibility.
5. If you plan on doing any bittorrent or other filesharing, make sure you have the maximum number of concurrent connections set, and a lower than normal timeout. These routers don't play very nice with those protocols until you do t... Read more

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I have an older Dell running XP. Would like to wipe the operating system and do a clean install but have some programs I no longer have install disks for so I can't. Tried to complete the Preperation Guide. Defrogger worked fine. DDS would not run and it just gave me an output file full of gibberish. I tried to attach the text file but it was too large. Since DDR wouldn't run, I downloaded Hijackthis and have posted the log file instead. GMER ran fine, (took a long time) and I've attached the log file.

Any help getting this machine cleaned up will be appreciated. Thanks!!

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 11:22:06 PM, on 12/20/2010
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.17093)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\AAWService.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Common\Google Upda... Read more

Answer:Computer 2, explorer freezes, can't open control panel, websites open that I didn't type address for

Hello , And to the Bleeping Computer Malware Removal Forum. My name is Elise and I'll be glad to help you with your computer problems.I will be working on your malware issues, this may or may not solve other issues you may have with your machine.Please note that whatever repairs we make, are for fixing your computer problems only and by no means should be used on another computer.The cleaning process is not instant. Logs can take some time to research, so please be patient with me. I know that you need your computer working as quickly as possible, and I will work hard to help see that happen. Please reply using the Add/Reply button in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Do not start a new topic. The logs that you post should be pasted directly into the reply. Only attach them if requested or if they do not fit into the post.Unfortunately, if I do not hear back from you within 5 days, I will be forced to close your topic. If you still need help after I have closed your topic, send me or a moderator a personal message with the address of the thread or feel free to create a new one.You may want to keep the link to this topic in your favorites. Alternatively, you can click the button at the top bar of this topic and Track this Topic, where you can choose email notifications. The topics you are tracking are shown here.-----------------------------------------------------------If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you... Read more

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Greetings all. I was hoping there were some knowledgeable folks here with regards to Roxio and/or Win Media Player and Vista. I am running Vista RC2. I have had no problems with it, and I actually think it's fantastic. However, last night I upgraded my DVD ROM's firmware ( a Plextor 715A ) and now I can no longer play DVD's on my PC. If I try to use Roxio, it tells me it will not play while the TV out port on my Video card is enabled, and if I try to use Win Media Player, it says the PC is low on virtual memory. Now I have no TV hooked up to my PC, and the TV port is always on, so nothing I can do about that. I did find out what really happened while searching for a fix for the Win Media Player "virtual memory" error. The problem is not virtual memory at all. Microsoft says this issue is a result of corrupted or missing licenses. Then I got to thinking, hmmm, upgraded the firmware on my DVD ROM, which as far as the computer is concerned is now a new piece of hardware, and now the licenses are all screwed up. This is a copy protection thing. So... Now I have to make it so that Win media player will ask to get new licenses when attempting to play media. MS's support pages tell how this can be done in XP, but there is no support for Vista yet. The XP method cannot be applied to Vista because files, folders, locations, and registry entries are different than they are in XP. So, my question is, does anyone know how to fix media licenses and get new li... Read more

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I decided to upgrade my Linksys BEFSR41 Version 4.3 Router to the latest and greatest Firmware Version: 2.00.4 but ever sicne then ive had nothing but internet problems. Conflicting ip's, internet disconnection, slow internet. i did some research and there is a big thread on the Linksys forums and everyone is saying not to use the 2.00.4 version and go back to Firmware Version: 2.00.3

does anyone kno where i can find earlier firmware versions i can seem to find anything on the linksys website to roll my FW back to 2.00.3

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I'm always looking to tweak things and this seems like it could be cool and fairly easy. Has anyone else done this?

What kind of benefits can I see if I use this?

Answer:DD-WRT firmware on my Linksys WRT54G router?

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need BT Voyager 210 ADSL router firmware

Answer:need BT Voyager 210 ADSL router firmware

Read THIS and then look HERE

No guarantees that it will work.

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Does anyone know how to update the firmware on a D-link DI-804 router ? On the Dlink homepage they say that I have to open my web browser and go into the web configuration and click the "System tools" menu and select "Upgrade firmware", but there is no such menu ??

Does anyone have some links for a page that has some guides on setting up the firewall settings ?

Answer:Updating firmware on a Dlink router

Hey there,

OK, I don't know the specific models off the top of my head, but i assume this is universal for them, anyway, whether it's a wireless router or a regular router you will definitely need to do the firmware upgrade from a computer that has a direct wire connection to the router.

Now the rest is conjecture on my part. I assume it requires for you to first download the firmware upgrade onto the computer, and then you can log into the web utility on the browser so that now the menu should appear if it ain't there. If it's still not, check to see if you have any web filter programs going on. Otherwise, maybe you have to run the upgrade directly from the file.

Either way, I would highly recommend checking their support site for more information, possibly even a web forum. I haven't been there in a while so I don't remember what's on there.

None the less, I hope whatever information I gave you is helpful.
o Draith

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I was wondering how to remove the firmware from my router. I have heard about flashing it or something but I'm not sure how to get it to work. I need to remove the firmware because ever since I upgraded the firmware my internet randomly drops and won't reconnect for a day or so.

I may not be able to reply to the post for a day or so given my internet may drop again. So please any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:URGENT: Removing Firmware from Router

I am not sure you can unless you can find the old firmware for the router, you are probably shot here.

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I have a netgear WPN824v3 router. Firmware Version V1.0.7_1.0.8NA. It needs to be updated. I go to and down load Firmware Version 1.0.8_1.0.7 then go into my router hit upgrade and select my file I downloaded and it says invalid file name. The file is zipped so I try to open it using winzip it says error: internal error processing iso image. Am I doing something wrong here LOL im just trying to upgrade my firmware. Please help. Oh Im using a laptop running windows 7 thanks

Answer:netgear WPN824v3 router Firmware


Try redownloading it again and make sure you have the correct file for your region (as they have a North American one and a None NA one) and you should not need to unzip it as the router updates from the .img file type.

If you are using Firefox to download or connect to your routers menu, then try IE as Netgear confirm that this may happen in Firefox 3 versions and they have not updated as yet to fix this.

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Hi all and happy new year,
I have a belkin router which I installed afirmware upgrade, all went fine but when it gets switched on now it only shows the red power light and a green ethernet light when I plug in the pc.

any one out there know how to talk to the router so I can get it back and runing.
Have called and emailed belkin total waste of space and time, If this cannot be sorted then it will make a nice paper weight.

before we did the upgrage the F5D9630-4 would lockup you had to reboot maybe twice a week.

Answer:Belkin router firmware upgrade

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I have not upgraded my wireless router's firmware for over 2 years. I am attempting to download the file from Cisco's site. It keeps wanting to save to NOTEPAD automatically. I sent it from there to the desktop as a zip file. Will that do for the router upgrade or do I need to bypass NOTEPAD somehow??

Answer:Linksys Router Firmware Upgrade

Which model do you have?
Every firmware file I have seen from Linksys was a .bin - if you have a zip file, you need to unzip it.
Then you need to get a wired, not wireless connection to your router before you apply the update.
Next browse to your router's web interface (usually or by default) the address depends on how the router was set up.
Then you have to find the page to update firmware, browse to the file you unzipped and install it.
If you need more specific info, please post model and version plus your computer's ip address.

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Oh hell. Upgraded my router firmware and all seemed to be going well with configuration until I did a restart and seemed to lose my network connection. Appears that router is now not establising a connection with my ISP. I have enabled DHCP and enabled automatically detect settings, disabled use proxy server.Have also enabled TCP/IP which is set to detect settings automatically and enabled netbios over TCP/IP as I have a static IP address..The really odd thing is that I can establish contact with the router but I cannot now change any settings as I keep getting prompted to connect and of course, when I do, there is no connection. This appears to be preventing me from getting anywhere.Router is synced but no online connection.Running IPConfig was giving very odd results whcih I did not note and this has now changed to the following which I think is still wrong:Connection Specific DNS: blankIP Address: My IP AddressSubnet Mask:default Gateway: My IP addressI am running XP SP2 no problems until this evening. Fully virus scanned, multi spyware portected and firewalled.Router is 3Com 3CRWDR100A-72 and I just updated to the October 2005 firmware release v2.06In addition:Subsequently looking at the status details of the connection reveals the following:Physical Address: BlankIP Address: Address: Gateway, DNS and WNS all blankI have swopped to another system that has not been used since installation and the connection is not made th... Read more

Answer:Upgraded Router Firmware - cannot connect to ISP

One thing that you should always do, in case you need to revert to the previous firmware, is make a backup of your configuration. I have a manual for your router, but it's on my other PC, so I can't refer to it right now. But hopefully, you did do that, right?click here and download one of the earlier listed firmware revisions. Install it and with luck, you will find that it will work and you will only need to configure it again. First perform a factory rest from the UI if you can.

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Hey all, I was updating the firmware for a Rosewill RNX-N4 router, after I uploaded the files using their website it said Update Succeeded etc. So I tried to connect, course the config was whiped so I did the first time setup, setting my ip Statically and accessing the website. Well I could not connect to the router that way either, pings would come back destination failed. So I went and did a hardware reset of the config to set it to default again and no change. So did this firmware update fail and now the router is borked?

Answer:Cannot access router after firmware update!

It doesn't do DHCP by default?

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I recently decided to upgrade the firmware to my Linksys router. Although I wasn't technically experiencing any issues before the upgrade, my previous version did not include WPA encryption like the newest version.

Since I performed the upgrade, my connectivity is lost anywhere between 2 and 6 times a day. I have isolated this issue to the router by directly connection the computer to the cable modem (no problem then persists). Additionally, the WPA encryption never worked. Whenever I applied a WPA PSK, for some reason, the wireless signal would decrease to virtually non-existent.

Do I need to downgrade the firmware? Does anyone know how I go about doing that?



Answer:Linksys Router Firmware Issue?

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HiI have used a Netgear 834G wireless router for nearly 4 years, left continuously on. In the last 6 months, the router occasionally drops its connection and afriend told me a frimward update could resolve this.I am nervous this could in some way be irreversible should the upgrade go wrong and I would be left without a connection.What are your views?CheersSam

Answer:Firmware update for Netgear router

Did one only yesterday, very simple. Only two dangers; getting the wrong firmware version or having a powercut during the upgrade.You need to carefully check the model number on the underside of the router - the one I did yesterday was a v3, so I can tell you what version you require if it's the same.

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I have an issue with my home network and I am not sure if it is the router or just a simple firmware/driver update for my hardware. Basically I have 2 computers connected through wire to a WRT54G that I got 5 or 6 years ago. I don't use the wireless signal.

I am an online gamer so I like to keep my lag to a minimal so this issue is pretty annoying. If I am by myself, with only my computer on, I don't experience any bandwidth lag. When I turn on the 2nd computer, it starts to lag. I won't even be surfing the net on the 2nd machine and it creates lag spikes. For example, yesterday I started playing on a server with only 16 PING and it wasn't lagging at all. She then comes in and turns on her computer to write a paper. I then start to experience bandwidth lag. She doesn't even have to have her browser open. No downloading updates or anything just a computer sitting there that happens to be online because it is connected to my router. I unplugged her Cat5 cable from her computer and my bandwidth lag goes away.

In my opinion, a 6 MB connection should not stutter with only 2 computers connected to it. Especially when the 2nd computer isn't even doing anything on the web. Am I wrong in assuming this?

Why am I experiencing this behavior? Is it time for a new router or would a simple firmware update possibly fix the problem? I haven't checked the latest firmware for at least 6 months so it may be out of date.

Any ideas as t... Read more

Answer:Time for new router? Firmware Update?

Something on the other computer is very likely using upstream bandwidth. Could be a virus, or bittorrent, or Limewire...

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To make this quick and easy, I attempted to install what I thought was new firmware on my Belkin router. The process of installing apparently never finished. At this point the router is compeletely dead (except for the lights flashing on the front), which means I can't access the web interface.

Does anyone know how to get the router back to life? How can I install firmware when I can't access the web interface? Do I now have a paper weight?

Thanks for your time!!

Answer:Belkin Router and screwed up firmware

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v3.01.38 now available for upgrade

Answer:netgear router DG834G V2 firmware

visit click here for full instructions

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I recently had problems with a Linksys firmware update and needed to revert back to the old to resolve problem. I was given the following ftp site by Linksys

when on the page click on PUB folder, then NETWORK folder - it has old firmware for all Linksys routers and versions - just download and install the old over the new. Current firmwares of course can be had on their regular web site.

Hope this helps.

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I upgraded the firmware on my network everywhere NWR04B wireless router. Now, I can't access it through or whatever that number is, I can't connect through the internet. The reset switch does nothing and I have unplugged/reset everything! How do I take off this firmware upgrade and put the old one on?

Answer:Wireless firmware... router not working now?

If you have the user guide, their is somes intructions on how to recover a failed firmware upgrade, they mention to use the tftp program that came with the upgrade. You can try to reset you router to factory default (not sure if it will work)
to do so you have to press the reset button for 3 sec or more.
Also one recommendation: NEVER upgrade the firmware of a router thru a wireless connection, use a wired connection.

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I have a linksys BEFSR41 router and I updated the firmware to the latest version and now I am having email and web page problems.

My pc's with windows XP work and web pages work fine.

My 98 and me computers can't send emails or connect to some web pages. Other web pages come up fine.

I have called tech support about 5-6 times and tried many things with no results.

I have changed the MTU with 5 different sizes with no results.
Tried setting up the DNS on the pc itself with no luck
played with the port range forwarding by adding 110 25 113 and 80 with no luck.
Added 25, 110,25,143 to the port triggering settings with no luck either.

They are sending an older version of firmware but I was having problems accessing some sites with the older version with all my pc's so I feel I am kinda stuck. Tech support is not that good as every time I call...I get a different answer and the people barely speak english.


Answer:I updated my firmware for my router now I have a problem...

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I have a Linksys BEFSR41 ver3 Cable/DSL firewall router.
I can access it OK, but each time I go to instal the most recent firmware, I get an error code..'incorrect host address' if I use the installer or error code 'Warning! upgrade file pattern error' if I upgrade through the router.

I have double checked to make sure I have the proper upgrade, and have sucessfully flashed this router in the past.
I reflashed the router with 1.05.00, which is what I started with and it accepted it.
But still does not accept 1.46.02

It seems the firmware version numbers have a bit of 'distance' between them and I do wonder if the Linksys posting is correct:

Any ideas on what might be wrong?

Answer:Linksys router.....firmware won't instal

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This article really has me thinking I need to get serious about my router.

Buy a new, quality router. You don't want a router that's years old and hasn't been updated. But on the other hand you also don't want something too new that hasn't been vetted for firmware and/or security issues in the real world. Also, any router your ISP provides is going to be about as crappy and "recent" as the awful stereo system you get in a new car.Click to expand...

For security, is it okay to save money and buy a used router on Amazon Warehouse Deals?

Any idea how to download and install the latest firmware before connecting it to the internet?

Answer:Changing router firmware with no connection

Download the firmware update before disconnecting whatever connection you have now. Plug in new router, connect PC to router, browse to routers admin website and install new firmware.

Personally I wouldn't buy a used router, you have no idea what problems it has. At least a new one purchased locally for ease of returns has a warranty.

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I'm entertaining the idea of using a wrt-based firmware on hardware and use just as a 4 port gigE switch and a monitor for a USB-connected UPS. I don't need wireless at these locations, just the ability to run the apcupsd daemon. I could, of course, just use a separate switch but it seems like it ought to be both power and cost efficient to repurpose a consumer grade router for this. We've got a generator, so the UPSes are only there to carry over until that fires up. I'm interested in monitoring the state of the UPS (voltages, battery condition, etc). Using apcupsd seems a reasonable fit for this.

It's a bit of a challenge trying to wade through various databases to find just gigE switch ports and USB. I could, of course, use a route with radios and just disable them.

Thoughts? Suggestions on hardware? Warnings on what to avoid?

Answer:wrt firmware router for gigE switch and usb?

How many locations are you looking to deploy with this? By the time you wade through all of the options, I'd bet your research time would be more than a used/refurb NIC for an APC UPS.

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Have a WRT310N Linksys wireless -N Gigabit Router. Trying to add my daughter?s game. Couldn?t use my password, so backtracked and fixed with starting over. Used disk that came with router. Thought I did everything right.

Did a ?Device Detail Report?: all the items normally found. Found this ?Firmware Version: 1.00.4 and Firmware Date: 12/31/1969 4:00:00 PM?.

Some of the people on MG?s know my age. I was in high school back in 1969, and the office staff may have had electric typewriters. Student?s learned on manual typewriters. We didn?t have computers back then. How can a company have a firmware date of 1969?

Not worried about adding the game, did it before, push one button on router game is added.

Tried to update, said had it. Anybody else having this problem?


Answer:New router with firmware date of 1969?

It's just a typo, A funny one though, i was 3 years old in 1969!!:-D

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Hi everyone:
My Asus DSL-N11, misbehaves in Wireless mode. I have therefore connected both my laptop and my PC (3 rooms away) by a 30 metre Ethernet cable. This seems to have cured the dropped connections that were plaguing the system, but now I cannot form a Homegroup. Both machines are Windows 7/64 bit: the PC is a newer, FULL o/s copy, the laptop o/s came with it.
PC very recently built, has a Giga GA-EG41MFT-US2H board with a dual core 6400 and 4 Gb DDR3 RAM.
Problems began when I tried to update the Firmware from ASUS UK. The download showed as an Adobe X PDF, but Adobe could not open it. The router was initially installed in a XP machine (no problems with that) which I moved on. I managed to install it under Win 7 on the lappy, and it works with both machines, but after reading the manual I note that only 98,ME,2000, XP & Vista installation instructions are included.
I intend to reset the router and start over with a fresh install. Can I then use the Vista installation to reinstall the router? And will I be able to make a Homegroup?
Thanks to all.

Answer:Router Firmware/Networking issue

Quote: Originally Posted by Bertison

Hi everyone:
My Asus DSL-N11, misbehaves in Wireless mode. I have therefore connected both my laptop and my PC (3 rooms away) by a 30 metre Ethernet cable. This seems to have cured the dropped connections that were plaguing the system, but now I cannot form a Homegroup. Both machines are Windows 7/64 bit: the PC is a newer, FULL o/s copy, the laptop o/s came with it.
PC very recently built, has a Giga GA-EG41MFT-US2H board with a dual core 6400 and 4 Gb DDR3 RAM.
Problems began when I tried to update the Firmware from ASUS UK. The download showed as an Adobe X PDF, but Adobe could not open it. The router was initially installed in a XP machine (no problems with that) which I moved on. I managed to install it under Win 7 on the lappy, and it works with both machines, but after reading the manual I note that only 98,ME,2000, XP & Vista installation instructions are included.
I intend to reset the router and start over with a fresh install. Can I then use the Vista installation to reinstall the router? And will I be able to make a Homegroup?
Thanks to all.

Hi Bertison and welcome

You certainly can use the Vista instructions and installer if you install in compatibility mode.

To do that you simply right click the installer, go to properties, then compatibility. Choose Vista and install.

Let us know if you need further assistance.

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I just went out and bought a TRENDnet Wireless Router (Model: TEW-432BPR) and tried getting it up and running but I?m running into problems partway though. After I've gotten past all of the connection of wires (which I've checked time and time again, even individually checking each wire by connecting them individually from my ISP box to the computer and pulling up a site) it begins to check Firmware and immediately comes up with a message first telling me that this wizard is only for a TRENDnet router (which it is), then tells me to check and make sure the Ethernet cord is connected in the right port in the back and into my computer correctly (which it was), and then tells me I should update the Firmware for the router, which I have sitting on my desktop, but cannot seem to find a way to get it onto the router. I've tried logging onto the router using it's IP address when it is all hooked up (thought it makes little sense to me how I can without a connection to begin with). Should I head on over to Future Shop and have a little rant, or am I just missing something?

Also, sorry for the solid wall of text, just feelin' lazy tonight.

Answer:Wireless Router Firmware Issue

Normally ypu have to install the software BEFORE you connect the router.
Try uninstall and starting again this way

Studio T

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Okay, I just successfully installed dd-wrt on my wireless FON router.

I have no clue where to go from there. The wireless signal can be seen by my laptop, and i can connect to it, but if i try to open a web browser, i get a page cannot be displayed. The laptop gets assigned an IP address od:, so it is assigning me an IP, i'm just not sure if it is the correct one. read on...

I am assuming this has to do with configuring the wireless router. My wireless FON router is connected to hub or a router (i am not sure, it came with my xbox and it says "Gamester" on it, with 5 ports). The Gamester is connected to my Speedstream 5667 dsl modem.

I am kind of new to this forum, so if you need more info, just ask. Anyone know where I can start to solve this problem?
I can also access the router by typing in into my browser. I think i read somewhere that I need to find the IP of my router? or wireless router? I have no clue

Answer:Solved: How to configure dd-wrt firmware on router??

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Hello everyone.

I am currently running a Linksys BEFSR41 V3 with firmware 1.06.01. I am not sure if one exists, but is there a firmware, whether official or aftermarket that will add QoS addition to the router?

If not, or if you don't know, what is a good high quality QoS capable router under $100? Going to be using it with DSL.


Answer:QoS Router - Linksys BEFSR41 V3 firmware?

I'd buy a router which supports DD-WRT firmware. It has nice QoS features as well as more features than I've seen offered in any SoHo router. Check the DD-WRT site/wiki for a list of compatable routers. Most are under $100.

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So I'm thinking my router is going bad, but I want to try a firmware upgrade before buying a new one. When I go to the netgear download site, it gives me instructions for installing the new firmware and among those instructions is:

Write down all settings that you entered when previously configuring. (Usually this includes information such as ISP configuration and wireless security settings.)

I actually have no idea what those settings are because A) it was years ago, and B) someone else did it. How do I find out these settings and get the new firmware to work properly?

Answer:Upgrading router firmware and don't know info

i have always had netgear routers for wireless. i have mine plugged into a modem. if the router is really old u might be better off with a new one as they are a lot faster. my first one was 11mbs. my new one is 54mbs.if u decide to buy a new one just unplug the one wire from the computer and leave the rest plugged in and shut off the computer and modem and router and shut off the surge protector if its plugged into one. when u get the new router put the plug in that u saved from the old router that went into the computer and turn on the computer. then turn on your modem, then turn on the router. the instructions usually give u the correct order and im going from memory.if its done right u wont even need the install disk as it should find the router automatically.and u should have an internet.then if u want to have a password u can go to the website and add one. hope this helps u.

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I upgraded my Linksys BEFSX41 with the current firmware. Now when I try to login to the routers IP to configure settings, it times out trying to connect to

I went to command prompt and it still shows that IP as the gateway etc, but when I try to ping it, the request times out. Any help?

Answer:Help! Upgraded router trouble now

It may have put itself into the default settings (i.e. back to its original IP and subnet) when you installed the update. Get out the quick-start guide and use that to log in to the router.

If that doesn't work, try restoring the router to its factory default settings. There's probably a button on the back that will require a ball-point pen to press that when pressed as the manual instructs will reset the firmware on the router.

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I recently upgraded my wireless-n gigabit router model number wrt310n to the 2.0.01 firmware and now i dont have any wifi and i cant access my routers webpage to downgrade it back because the admin password isnt working now for some reason. is there anyway to get back on or do i ahve to get a new router?

Answer:linksys router firmware problem

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I just bought a new router to replace a dying old Linksys G router. The one I bought is a new Gigabit router from Netgear, the WNR3500L. I read a bunch of reviews on the router, and it seems like most deal with third party firmware. So that leads me to the question.

What feature/features are included in third party firmware that make it desirable over what Netgear builds into the devices? I'm not doing any weird routing or other network functionality, and my only remote access is handled through a domain name on my WHS box.

Answer:Basic Router Firmware Questions

Usually speed, extra functionality, or crappy 1st party firmware are why people change.

For instance my WRT310n was pretty flaky on the linksys firmware, however is absolutely rock solid on DD-WRT. Even though I am only using it as an AP, it made a device I wanted to throw out a window, into a stable easy to manage reliable part of my network.

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Hi there. I have been trying to open Internet Explorer and it tries to open and then just closes without loading. I looked at previous posts, and I realized I cannot open Internet Options in the Control Panel either. I have tried to run the sfc \scannow and a black window opens and closes before I can read it or even see the words in the window. I have tried to run in safe mode and that does not work either. I have tried to boot in Safe Mode with Networking and it says that my internet connection is working fine (and my Mac laptop is connecting to the internet through the same connection). Also, McAfee will not load and I cannot uninstall it. I think McAfee might have it's own virus that is causing the problems. Please help!

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Chrome goes to a page that never loads then hangs and the Java Control panel won't open just the box frame of it will show.

I've done just about everything I possibly can to remove java from the computer with exception to a re-format; something I'd rather not have to do.

Chrome works in the machine's account, but not the Domain account. I am the admin of the domain Java works on every other machine but this.

Latest chrome
Latest Java
Tried removing everything from the registry that had sun/oracle/java in the name. Tried solutions in:

Even tried removing the entire account and the user directory associated with it.

Nothing has worked. I am at my wits end and am ready to call it a day and format the system. It's been months since chrome was working right.

Answer:Chrome won't open, Java control panel won't open..

Why not try some other browser, you can try Nightly this is basically Firefox for x64 windows, it works perfectly on my computer for few months, no crashes, fast and stable.

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/** Guitar Scales Program
* I have been writing this program and as it has grown I wanted to
* make it more organized thus I learned about structured programming
* but I am having some trouble.I think that I have found a way that
* works. I can get the first two menus to load (select_scale &
* select_key) however as soon as they pass the int values to
* "open_scale" there is an error it must be in the way I send the
* variable data but I am not sure why or how to fix it I get no specific
* errors such as " missing ';' " there is a memory error instead I don't
* wish to post all of it (using visual studio by the way).
* This program presents two different menus to select a musical scale
* and then key
* (select_scale, select_key).
* *The rest of the code is located in open_scale.* *
* After which it searches the appropriate .txt file
* (ifstream open and seek).
* and inputs the values to an array.
* ( x[11] ).
* Then a simple 'cout' and a little display structure is all that is needed to
* output a mock-up of a guitar fretboard.
* Thank you in advanced for any help!
#include <iostream>
#include <windows.h> //console design ex:SetConsoleTitle
#include <fstream> //if and ofstream gets txt content
#include <string> //duh

using namespace std;
int select_key_menu(void);
int select_scale_menu(void);
void open_scale(int, int);

int main()
SetConsoleTitle ("Guita... Read more

Answer:structured programming

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anybody outhere who's good at pseudocodes, flowcharts...should let me know pls

Answer:structured programming

Let you know what?

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Question: structured wiring

I've been debating on planning wiring the entire house with cat6 connections I've read a coupkle guides. All of them are for houses in the process of being built. Has anyone done this with an existing house? Trying to figure out a rough budget. How hard is running cables through existing walls?

The house is a 2 story with an unfinished basement all total would be 7 rooms total to be wired up to a central box in the basement. Any ideas? Or would staying with wi-fi be the best bet?
Posted via [H] Mobile Device

Answer:structured wiring

My house is a two story with unfinished basement. The common wall in my house happens to be in the garage so i was able to cut a section of drywall out, drill down and up, then drill in the attic. I ran a 1 1/2 conduit from the basement to the attic, acter that, its pretty easy to run cable in the walls.

For walls i recommend getting some of the fiberglas polls for running cable, much easier than fishtapes.

As far as structure panels, onQ is pretty standard.

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I'm in the market for a router/switch/wireless access point for a buddy of mine.

I have had great success with the Linksys WRT54G and the DD-WRT firmware. It made my router incredibly stable not to mention all the extra features are awesome. I even went through the trouble of finding the right version of router that had 8MB of ram to flash it with.

I wanted to hook my freind up with a new router running DD-WRT because it is so stable and he is always complaining about having to reboot his router.

The only differences "spec" wise that he needs gigabit switching and wireless-n.

Answer:Reccomend me a Gigabit Router/Switch/802.11n with DD-WRT firmware

Asus RT-N16

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Does resetting the router revert it back to the original firmware, or are firmware updates maintained?

Answer:Does router reset maintain updated firmware?

when you reset a linksys router it resets everything back to the factory default including the here

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hi i have a befsr41 linksys router. i am trying to resolve a problem with xbox live network sharing, it wont work for longer than 5 mins usually, anyway, they have a new firmware upgrade which is supported by xbox live. i cant flash the rom. error: Upgrade action is not finish!!Upgrade file pattern error.any sense to anyone, desperate to go live with my flatmates.

Answer:linksysy router firmware upgrade error.

BEFSR41 website support click here Maybe you will have to go back to the factory default and try again. Maybe a good idea to ask Linksys. There is also the Easy Answers pages click here or the troubleshooting guide click here

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looking at replacing my old WRT54GL (running Firmware: DD-WRT v23 SP2 (09/15/06) std) because a measly couple hundred bittorrent peers kills it when I want 10k+, it also dies in older games like Arma 2 that tries to query 5000 servers directly in a span of 3 seconds.

IP FILTER is limited to 4096 so it tends to kill the router for 5min~ until the old connections time out.

I seen the ASUS RT-N56U for $99 + tax

Is it worth it? I noticed it DOES NOT support custom firmwares... so I intended to use the default firmware.

What I need:

Stable for P2P (IE thousands of bittorrent connections, without crapping out) while still being able to game/browse

Stable in general (heat, speed, responsiveness,good firmware)

Is 8mb flash / 128mb ram good enough?

How is the firewall / bandwidth monitoring on these?

Are there better alternatives in this price point? The $60 price jump on the N66U for DD-WRT support seems... steep.

Are there any downgrades I should be aware of from my old model (literally a 7 year old router on 6 year old firmware)? Other than looking like ugly?

From my research this looks good, the dubious claim of 300,000 concurrent connections (on a $99 router) is what makes me ask

Upgrading my old firmware isn't going to get me any more mileage in the max connection department, right? 16mb ram / 4mb flash didn't seem to age well.


Answer:New router time (N56U, default firmware?)

For your current router, I suggest trying some different firmware first, Like Tomato or TomatoUSB.

FWIW, I use a Linksys E2000 with TomatoUSB. It's stable as a rock.

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We've recently installed a Level One FBR-1461 modem/router on a network with a fixed IP address. We need remote administration but that's not available with the early firmware version installed. A firmware update (via zip/afw file) was sent by Level One tech support in Germany, but not accepted by the router.

File is:

LevelOne-FBR-1461A-V1.35-RC24-180-80.3_sso_levelone.afw (about 3.5Mb)

I've tried shortening the file name to (perhaps) a more acceptable length, but the router will not accept the upgrade.

Has anyone else had problems or found a solution?

Answer:Level One Router Firmware update problems

I'd contact LevelOne first, I suspect they can figure it out pretty quickly.

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Hi guys .. I'm kinda new here.. I'm experiencing an annoying problem on my router .. Here's the problem ..
The router works well for some hours but suddenly the internet light/led on my router just turns off and the DSL led starts blinking (in attempt to make a connection ).. After 30 sec or so the DSL led turns solid green and the internet led turns red and vanishes after 2 or 3 secs..The dsl starts blinking again until internet led turns red again and vanishes again too.. This cycle continues for hours and i can't access the internet during this time.. This happens on a daily basis... I'm really fed up..I purchased the router a week ago .. I'm really frustrated by this...
I tried to do what everyone would ie, firmware update but there doesn't seem to be any firmware for my H.W version of the router...I'll upload a pic of the router version..
Plzzz help me to find a proper updated firmware for my router or a way to troubleshoot this mess..
Dlink DSL-2750U
H/W rev : A1

Answer:How to upgrade my DLINK DSL 2750U router firmware..

It would appear to me the problem doesn't lie with the router; rather, it's the DSL modem. I would suggest contacting your Internet provider initially, and asking them if there have been any outage issues, and perhaps checking out your modem. If that all works properly, plug a PC or laptop into the modem directly via Ethernet, and then run that for a while to see if that's stable.

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I have a D-Link DIR-655 router that someone somehow loaded Mikrotik firmware on. I do not have the login or password to access admin screen. Defaults and variations do not work. I want to load the original OEM firmware back onto it. I have the factory firmware/bin file. It there a 3rd party flashing utility I can use to flash the router without having to log into router? D-Link support was useless. There must be a way as somehow the firmware is loaded onto a blank chip during manufacture.

Answer:How to flash router firmware with lost password?

D-Link support was uselessClick to expand...

In what manner were they useless please - IMHO they are usually excellent
Of course if by useless you mean they stated that the wrong firmware having been loaded to the chip, the standard way of resetting a router password to default would not now work and therefore the equipment is for practical purposes - scrap, then I agree
From router user manual
If you forgot your password, you must reset your router. Unfortunately this process will change all your settings back to the factory defaults.
To reset the router, locate the reset button (hole) on the rear panel of the unit. With the router powered on, use a paperclip to hold the button down for 10 seconds. Release the button and the router will go through its reboot process. Wait about 30 seconds to access the router. The default IP address is When logging in, the username is admin and leave the password box empty.

However there is every possibility I think that the wrong firmware written to the chip will negate the reset of the password and the writing of the right firmware
You may consider it the same as a failed BIOS flash

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I would like to update a D-link DIR-655 router firmware
I downloaded an update that is a zip file that contains
a single *,bin file. How do I update this router with this
file? I would like to also install program called sharepoint
so I can share drive on a USB port that is on that router.
Any suggestions on how to update this router and use
a put a network drive on a USB on this router? First I need to
know how to use the bin file.
Thank you,

Answer:Update D-Link DIR-655 Router firmware w/bin file

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Ok...I am using a linksys wrt54gs router ver. 6 and it says I have to update my firmware (because the power light just blinks and i can not connect to the internet). The company's website

says i am suppose to download the new bin file for the new firmware and it says i am supposed to go to this web address to complete the update So I downloaded the firmware update but the problem is i can not connect to that page. i get an internet explorer can not connect. WTH?! how can I fix the firmware problem if the companies own website for the router is down? any suggestions because i am clueless. If you do have another way please be specific because I am not exactly tech savy. thank you for your assistance.

Answer:Solved: Linksys router firmware problems

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I have a:
Wireless-N Broadband RouterWRT160Nv2
with the firmware:
Firmware Version: v2.0.03

Is there anything better out there to drive this router?

Answer:Hoping to find a modded firmware for my router...

Quote: Originally Posted by acurasd

I have a:
Wireless-N Broadband RouterWRT160Nv2
with the firmware:
Firmware Version: v2.0.03

Is there anything better out there to drive this router?

Not from the #1 name in alternative firmware; DD WRT!

Their website says this regarding support for that router:

"Currently we cannot support this router due to the lack of driver support for the ethernet switch used in the router. We are currently in contact with Linksys and check if we can solve this issue but it's completely uncertain if and when. "

There are others out there such as OpenWRT, Tomatoe, and SveaSoft... but you will probably have the same issue with them that dd wrt describes above.

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linksys wrt54g v3.1 firmware update will not load.

I unzipped the file, held the reset for 1 minute, unplugged for a minute (and then did some emails - would that be a problem?) then went to admin/firmware, selected the file, clicked "update" the web page, for 20 minutes, read:

This webpage is not available.

The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

More information on this error
Below is the original error message

Error 2 (net::ERR_FAILED): Unknown error.

Any advice? They want 30 dollars to help me update this router: I don't have that.

I'm running XP.

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Solved: router firmware update will not load

Try going to and logging into the router's configuration pages normally. The firmware upgrade page is described on page 41 of this WRT54G User's Guide

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I have been having a problem updating the firmware on my TRENDnet TEW-432BRP wireless router. When I try to update the firmware by going to the device webpage, I click on 'firmware' and click 'browse' to select the firmware file, the internet browser freezes and crashes. Any Ideas?

Answer:Solved: Router firmware update problem

Doesn't make much sense to me; as soon as you click on 'browse' it really has nothing to do with the router I think.

With your browser if you do File - Open File... - do you get the same crash? If yes you have some general browser problem. If you don't crash this way I have no idea what's going wrong, and would try a different browser.

FWIW I am using the same router and, at the moment, Firefox 10.0 in Windows XP SP3 and have no issues with 'browse' for a file.

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I have a Belkin f5d7633-4 wireless G router.

Id like to update my firmware for this router but I cannot find the exact model number on There are various alternatives such as F5D7633uk4 and F5D7633uk4A but not mine!

Does anyone have any suggestions??


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Should I upgrade the firmware of my netgear wndr3700 router so it will now support ip6 protocol instead of ip4. The update in in netgears website. The support for my router has expires so I would need to pay for support if there any problems.

The netgear wndr3700 works perfectly right now with my computer and wireless blue ray player..

Answer:should I upgrade router firmware to support new ip6 protocol

If it works don't change it.
I would old off updating until you find a reason to change it.

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I recently received a new modem which works fine with my Acer PC and a Lexmark printer. However, my HP laptop cannot access the Internet because it does not recognize the network. It does say it is connected to the correct WiFi SSID. The computer is an HP Pavilion dv7-1132nr using Windows 8. I do not know when I purchased it.

Answer:How to upgrade my DLINK DSL 2750U router firmware..

The computer is an HP Pavilion dv7-1132nr using Windows 8. I do not know when I purchased it.Click to expand...

HP Pavilion dv7-1132nr Entertainment Notebook PC
It originally came with Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 64-bit.
It appears to have an Atheros or Broadcom wireless device and a Realtek ethernet device.
Its support site provides no drivers for Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

How long has yours been running Windows 8?
Is it running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, 32-bit or 64-bit?


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