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Looking for router with an Open NAT/DMZ port! Does it exist?

Question: Looking for router with an Open NAT/DMZ port! Does it exist?

Hello folks... I am sick and tired of constantly fiddling with my static IP address on consoles and with my router in order to try and get Open NAT, or trying to choose which ONE of my many consoles get to be in the DMZ, only to have something reset my settings behind my back. Really sick of it.

So, I want a router than designates one of its physical Ethernet ports as OPEN NAT or DMZ, and anything connected to that port, all switches and devices that may be attached, are automatically OPEN NAT or DMZ. This would be phenomenal for me as I already have all my consoles and other entertainment devices already hooked to a series of switches going back to one port on my router, all hard wired.

Where can I buy such a router, and if it doesn't exist, why the hell not?

EDIT: Just found one that might work from T-P Link on Amazon... it seems to have a dedicated DMZ port, but then I realized that I am forced to use a specific router with MoCA by my ISP (I have FiOS). So can I then buy a second router, give it a static IP, set that static IP as DMZ in the first router, and hook all my devices that I want to be Open NAT/DMZ to the second router by turning off NAT completely on the second router? Will that even work?

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Preferred Solution: Looking for router with an Open NAT/DMZ port! Does it exist?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Looking for router with an Open NAT/DMZ port! Does it exist?

just get a static ip for every console you have... plus one for your router to connect your household's other devices, pcs/tablets/phones

set them up all on a switch that connects directly to your isp, none of your consoles will need NAT or DMZ...

but tbh, most consoles are pretty NAT friendly, maybe your problems aren't with that...

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hi everyone

i was wondering does anyone knows how to open port 21 on their router

i need help opening port 21

My router is DL-524

Answer:How do i open port 21 on my router

You need to get in to your routers settings by typing your routers ip address in your browsers address bar.

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Hi everyone !

This is my first post on this website but i really need help and please excuse my poor english

So recently my brother has blocked some ports on our home router because he thinks i play too much video games. ( i actually

dont play a lot ! ). He says there are alternative ways to make it work again and challenges me to figure out how to change the

ports back to normal but he would not give me the access to the router, meaning i dont know the Login and password for it.

Plus I am not allowed to reset the router to factory settings.

For about three days I have been looking up ways to change the ports on my router through my computer but nothing has

worked so far. I have a gaming tournament coming up and I really need to practice with my team but i cant get access to it.

Can anyone please help me with this! I appreciate it !!!
below is my system's information,

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A6-3400M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 18 Model 1 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3560 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon(TM) HD 6520G, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 468745 MB, Free - 420932 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer Inc., K53Z
Antivirus: None
I am not that good at computing but i am trying to learn~

Hope you guys can give me awesome feedback, thanks!

PS( i play league of legends! )

Answer:Possible way to open a port without router access?

well... are you sure that he didnt just block the ports on your computer?... and it the router is blocking a port... you must have access to the router to unblock them

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Friend has relatively new custom built PC -AMD 3000, 512 MB ram,Win Xp with SP2 installed, Norton antivirus and personal firewall. Cable broadband connection via a router and ethernet port. After SP2 installed ran shields up on which showed Port 80 open.I don't know situation prior to SP2 install (mate knows very little about PC's and has never checked firewall)but wonder if this is connected in some way to router. i.e. does port 80 have to stay open to communicate with router and will all be closed on internet side of router. Any info would be of great value including how to close said port 80 if needed. Thanks.

Answer:Cable router and open port 80

on routers port 80 is open by default because its for basic internet connectivity with out it you wouldnt be able to onto the internet. This is open by deafult.

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I want to know how to open a port on my Siemens Cable Router, I think the version is 2604, not sure where to find the version number (haven't found my original box for the router either).

I am trying to set up an FTP using guild ftp, and I have no idea what to do. A friend told me to open up port 21 or something...

How do I do this?

Answer:how do I open a port on my siemens router?

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Hi Everybody
I want to make a normal minecraft server for my friends.. But I can't forward ports because my internet connection has 2 router and i don't have access for the second router (the reason of that is my internet provider).
I thought the second router has opened port (eg.: 80) and I should use that, but i don't know... Isn't worked.
Can I open port in this case?
Thanks for any help, and sorry if made same language-mistake the English isn't my mother tongue and i just learn it.

Answer:Open port on 2 router system, without access

You cannot have two routers connected so I suspect you have a BT Openreach Modem connected to a Router, this is the usual set up for a Fibre connection unless you replace both with a VDSL Router.
You need only access the Router and Open ports on that but many routers supplied by service providers are quite basic and cannot be changed from a standard setup.

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Hi (hope this is in the right forum)I access the control panel for my own website using the URL : click hereI am behind a Netgear RP614v2 router, and had set the port forwarding up on port 2083. I recently became unable to access the site from home. It is just timing out when trying to connect. If I disconnect the router and go straight through my modem, the site works fine. And from other people's PCs it is working OK.I have tried: Restoring the router to default settings, and upgrading the firmware to the latest version. Any ideas?

Answer:RP614v2 router - blocking port that I need open?

Port forwarding wont work.Try disabling the firewall, seeing if that prevents it.

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my new room mate helped me with a router set up before and at some point I changed the ISP and reset everything with a new password. My room mate asked for the new password, so I logged into my router and from there he took over, copied the password and also opened up a port range to go to some IP address which I don't know whose it is. The next day my laptop wouldn't start and ran some Repair application. Eventually it started back up and I ran a virus and spam check but found nothing. My question is: why would my roomate open up a range of ports? And what risk does this pose for me? I actually just disabled the open ports but I don't want to overreact either. Thanks!

Answer:risk of open application port on router

Ports are how your computer (or router) communicates with the outside world. Your roommate may need to open some ports for programs that demand specific ports to function optimally. He may have a game system that requires port activation. Not as scary as it sounds. I would ask your roommate just to make sure he knows what hes doing.

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Can someone help me with a dummyproof step by step how to: Linksys 8 port router: Open up firewall for PcAnywhere 10.5

I now that I will need to logon to the Linksys router and then open up the port(s). The questions is what prot number for PCAnywhere 10.50 and what do I need to change on PCanywhere to go in thru that said port?

help please..

Answer:Linksys 8 port router: Open up firewall for PcAny

By default PCA uses ports 5631 TCP and 5632 UDP

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hi all just as the title says, i cannot figure out how to do it, what is a trigger port ? questions questions can anyone help me please

Answer:how do i open port 6888 in my belkin router/modem?

sorry it was port 6881

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I have had trouble with CAll of Duty United Offensve and connecting to a server. I have Call of Duty original and that connects fine to severs, i have no firewall except windows which i have stopped running. I spoke to activision and they said to open the port on my Belkin router, but i don't know how to do that, i need to open port 28960 which is used for United Offensive. PLEASE HELP!!!

Answer:Call of Duty United Offensive multiplayer problems + how to open a router port


Try reading here :

I googled using the port number you quoted - and there were a number of 'hits'.

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I recently got a new router from my isp. I plugged it into my pc using ethernet cable, but couldn't get the machine to recognise it. I spoke with netgear customer support who advised me there is a fault with my computer and it doesn't recognise my lan port.

The motherboard (where the port is located) is 3 months old. Its a gigabyte GA-M61pm S2. No lan in device manager. no light when cable is plugged in.

So I went and bought an ethernet card. Installed this. Still no LAN in xp under Device manager. No light comes on in either port when I plug the cable in.

Anyone got any ideas? Im at a total loss so would find any suggestions you might care to throw at this helpful


Answer:Lan Port Doesn't Exist?

Can you go online without the router installed?
Is the onboard LAN enabled it the BIOS?
As far as the NIC card, try reseating the card or try a different slot if possible

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Hey guys,

I'm looking for something that I can plugin to my Linksys BEFSR41 Wired router. I recently obtained a laptop from my work that has wireless capabilities, and what I want to do is possibly have something that I can set on top of my existing router that maybe plugs into one of the ports with a wire. The router sends the connect to the WAP and the WAP sends the info to the laptop.

Everything I'm finding is either a full wireless router, or like a 4 port switch with wireless or something... doesn't something out there exist for what I'm looking for? Cause linksys doesn't have it... :/


Answer:Any one port wireless access points exist?

They do but they will probably cost more than a SOHO router.

Just get a router and disable routing and DHCP.

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Hey all I am doing a setup at my office and need a router that can support the following

16 ethernet ports RJ45 AND wireless connection 802.11/g/n (preferably G)

I haven't been able to find one yet, but if there aren't any available does anyone know how i can create setup that would support a single network of interconnected devices which include

8 ethernet printers (RJ 45)
8 laptop computers (connected wirelessly)

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Do routers like this even exist? (16 port, and support for wirelss 802.11g/n)

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I am aware that you can put a PCI card into a PCI-X slot (and I know that PCI-X is NOT the same as PCIe) but do not know if the reverse is possible. Can anyone shed some light on that subject?

Alternatively can anyone reccomend a dual port NIC that will work with a 33Mhz 32 bit PCI slot?

The end result of this is that we have a system that needs to have 2 network ports and only has one slot free. I've found plenty of PCI-X cards - but no PCI cards (or at least none that explicitly say they are).
The cards that I've found that I'm ambiguous about are the Intel Pro series of dual port cards. They list PCI/PCIx under the tech specs - but I'm not sure how to read that. Anyone have experience with them?

Answer:WIll a PCI-X card work in a PCI Slot? Do Dual port PCI cards exist?

how fast do you need? I can tell you for a fact that do have an intel 2x 100mbit card in my freebsd box.. no pcix there.

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Looking for a router (non-Cisco) with the following features:

Enterprise-grade hardware (Fast CPU with good memory, large buffers and fast switching)
Enterprise-grade OS (dynamic routing protocols, built in dhcp/VPN/firewall/QoS, possibly spanning tree, port channeling, possibly vlans)
Minimum 4 gigabit PoE ports
Strong and stable 11n WiFi

I looked at EdgeRouter and it almost fit the bill however it lacked built in wifi, PoE, and port channeling.

Answer:Does this router exist?

Lower end Fortigate does all this except maybe Port channeling. I don't think the 60WiFi does port channels... Medium range and up units definitely do though

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I have a server on my LAN that gets a certain port forwarded to it when an outside customer needs to access that server. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but the customer sends its requests through its IP address. I used to have a router where you could enter the IP address as the "origination IP" for the forwarding. None of the modern routers (that I have seen) use this anymore, and the customer can't seem to get through to the server without it. Numerous calls to ITs have not helped (I am a franchisee, and the franchisor has its own help desk, as does the customer). The franchisor wants to sell me an antiquated Netopia (5 yrs old - lol) that does this, but they would refuse to give me password access to my own router! Since that is not acceptable, I am looking for a router I can purchase and configure myself. Does anyone know of a modern router with this capability?



Answer:Does such a router (still) exist?

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I know this is a n00b question but I just want to make sure my plan will work before I pour money into it.

I have a dell giga bit router with dsl going into it and the dell router doing DHCP.

I have room very far away from the router with 2 net drops in the room in the wall.

The problem is that there are 5 devices which all need their own IP on the network but only 2 jacks.

Can I plug a hub or some device into one of the wall jacks and the 5 devices into the hub/device and all 5 devices get a unique IP from the Dell router?

Answer:Router and Hub co-exist nicely?

Yes.. I have 2 differant hubs running off my router which is happy to pass out an IP when needed.

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Ive exhasted most other options so...
I thought it would be pretty simple to replace my spegitti juntion of a network with a single router.

I need.
1 fairly good router with:
1 wan port.
1 voip port
BT client
1 port for sharing storage to window and linux.

I would like
good possiblely N class wireless.
some QoS
another voip port
usb2 power support or internal storage.
fast nas access.
media player with hdmi port(hey lets go the whole hog

its the last 3 options on my Need list that cause problems, I can only find two, ANY suggestion would be very welcome.

Answer:Does my perfect router exist?

marli2 said:

Ive exhasted most other options so...
I thought it would be pretty simple to replace my spegitti juntion of a network with a single router.

I need.
1 fairly good router with:
1 wan port.
1 voip port
BT client
1 port for sharing storage to window and linux.

I would like
good possiblely N class wireless.
some QoS
another voip port
usb2 power support or internal storage.
fast nas access.
media player with hdmi port(hey lets go the whole hog

its the last 3 options on my Need list that cause problems, I can only find two, ANY suggestion would be very welcome.Click to expand...

indeed; each of these are not router issues or features, especially the HDMI connection - - that's a video interface, not a networking connection.

USB2 makes no sense, as a router sets next to the modem and your systems NETWORKING devices attach to it. If you want to use Internet Connection Sharing(ICS) eg:
modem --- system ---- other system​the other configuration
modem --- router --- systems​is far more flexible and has better performance and control

Fast NAS access is dependent upon lots of factors, but 99.9% of the time, the router is not an issue in performance.

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So, I'm wanting to add a wireless setup in my apartment. I have been looking at a few, but am left wanting more.

I am currently living in South Korea, so I don't really know how that will affect the outcome of my venture. I assume that I can get most of anything computer related, but I could be wrong.

I have a very small apartment, and a Macbook. I have been considering both Airport options (Extreme and Express) from Apple, but am not sure.

Here's the skinny:
- I would love to have a router that can I can stream music to and plug speakers into a'la Airport Express.
- I would love to have a router that I could plug my USB drive into and access wirelessly a'la the Airport Extreme. (I brought a 400gig drive full of movies and stuff as I didn't know what the entertainment was like here...but thought I wouldn't understand most. And I can't.)
- I am not really suck on an Apple product. I just want what I want. Functions. Also, there is no Korean native version of the Extreme. I could have it shipped to me for a little extra flow, but if I can get it here, why not?
- I would like an N capable router. My Macbook can easily be flashed to support N, so if it really is a performance boost, why not?

So, does anybody out there make a router with these options? Music streaming and hard drive sharing? I know they have N routers.

Anyway, are there any recommendations you can give me for my dream router, or if not, just a good one? I haven'... Read more

Answer:Does my dream router exist?

Run Linux with Two NICs, and Wireless NIC, get however many ports you need for that switch. I think there's a distro that's for Router. You'll be able to plug in USB devices.

I am not sure if there's such an all in one router you're looking for. I've heard of Network Storages but not on a router.

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I have an ethernet router, and I will soon be purchasing a laptop with wireless capability. My question is, is there such a thing that I can plug into one of my routers ethernet ports, that will act as a wireless connection between the router and my laptop?

It's really hard to explain, but I hope you know what I mean. Wireless routers are way too expencive for me lol, so I'd need something like this if it exists, and I seem to remember hearing they did....

Answer:Wireless thing for my router, does it exist?

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Internet Service Personal Router Static IP MAC address of LAN Port or WAN Port

Hello friends,

I have purchased static IP from Local ISP Provider . Problem is that the tech support of local ISP provider is asking em

Which Port would you like to bind your Static IP

Also they ask me whats the MAC Address of Router
Pls see attached screenshot
As you can see Internet port - 74:44:01:94:E0:79
Whereas LAN Port has mac address - 74:44:01:94:E0:78

Which is routers mac address?

I have no idea.

I know we have two ports in router (mine is Netgear 300N Model)
1. WAN (Internet) Port
2. LAN Port
Could anyone really help in explaining me
1. Which one is routers mac address
2. Static ip should be binded to LAN or WAN Port

Pls guide Thank You

P.S. I intend to use DVR for CCTV for remote viewing later

Answer:Internet Service – Personal Router – Static IP – MAC address of LAN Port or WAN Port

I Don't know what your talking about directly but I'm willing to try. Can you explain a little better what the isp person is asking you? From the screenshot I know the bottom section is your local connection and the top part is your WAN connection. If that helps any.

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I want to upgrade my Netgear DG834 modem router and want to replace it with a gigabit modem router (i.e. an ADSL modem-router with gigabit wired ports) I don't mind if it also has wireless. The only ones I can find are DSL/cable gigabit routers :( Any one know of any please?

Answer:Does a Gigabit ADSL Modem Router exist?

I think the only ones you can get at the moment are plain wireless routers with Gigabit , nobody does one with an ADSL modem at the moment , although there is nothing to stop you having a separate modem and wireless router , that way you can have it all . Your only other option would be to get your hands on some exorbitant commercial kit ( Cisco ?) and sell your house to pay for it !!!. Ashley

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I stored some files on my D drive which is an external hard drive ...

Lately I have had this happen a number of times with totally unrelated files in different places on the D drive.

I try to open them (in Excel, but I don't think that matters) and I get an errors saying the file does not exist and to make sure it wasn't deleted or renamed ...

However, if I copy that file to folder on my desktop it works just fine.

Is this a hardware problem with my external drive? It is not true of all the files ... for instance there are say 19 similar files in a folder and maybe 2/3 of them give me errors while 1/3 do not.

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I have been using an DSL Siemens speedstream 6520 router at home. I usually carry out some R&D by placing servers behind the router. I access the services on each of the servers from the ouside using port forwarding and it has been working fine for http, ftp, RDP, any user defined ports etc but in the case of port 25 SMTP its not working at all. I have checked the port on the local lan and I am able to telnet to that server but from the outside only on this port 25 I am not able to telnet. But If i were to change the SMTP port number from 25 to any other port like 24 or 26, I am able to telnet from the outide. Is there any way i can make SMTP port 25 to work and access the same from the outside.


Answer:SpeedStream 6520 DSL Router - Port forwarding for port 25

Is it possible that port 25 has been blocked by your ISP? This is a pretty common thing for ISP's to do as a SPAM prevention measure.

As you can see, there are quite a few ISP's blocking port 25 on this list.

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1. Is this a wired or wireless connection issue?
2. Who is your Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

3. What type of Broadband connection are you using?

4. What is the exact Make and Model of your Modem, Router or Modem/Router Combo
Netgear WNDR3800, Cisco DPC3008

5. What is the Name of the Anti-Virus, Security or Firewall Software
comodo firewall

Answer:router not passing port scan after opening port

Have you tried a different port to see if that port is being blocked by your ISP?

I also see that your parsing TCP to UDP, probably doesn't make a difference to the port being open or closed but it might be better to set them both the same or set to Any.

Another problem you may encounter is your IP may change, most ISP's like to change your IP every so often so you may have to set up a DDNS with a hostname in order to access the services you want remotely.

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I tried opening port 27015 for my gmod server on my PC (windows 10). The interface is linksys smart wifi. I tried adding a rule for my inbound rules under port 27015 in my firewall. I checked on and it said the port is closed on my public IP.

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so i opened my port 25565 (or so i thought) went to test to see if its open on multiple sites and....all of them say its closed.

Answer:router not passing port scan after opening port

Start the application you opened the port for and then test the port, it should report it as opened.

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Customer has a Linksys 4-port router, loaded full. Customer buys laptop. Customer wants laptop to be wireless.

Being that the customer already has his 4-port router full, I'd like to get him an access point that has wired ports on it as well. So my question is, can I use 2 routers on the same network? I'd assuem there's be all kinds of headaches with the addressing.

Also, we have DHCP turned off, as I have each computer assigning it's own IP address.

If anyone knows of an 8-port wired with wireless, please let me know.

Answer:Linksys 4-port router + Linksys 4-port wireless router = work together?

You can buy another 4 port router with wireless, and just configure it to by an access point only.

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I need to upgrade my 5 port router to a 20 port router. But I am having problems with the 20 port. It seems that the UdpD packets are not going thru. The settings seem to be the same as the 5 port. And I know the 20 port is fine. I have tried different ones.

Does anyone have any experience with these? Or had possibly run into this problem in the past?

Due to other reasons using a different router is really not an option.

Answer:Question on Dlink 5 port to 20 port router.

couldnt you have just added a switch?

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I have a cq50-120 and a motorla sb6121 . Both have gig ports but laptop will not hook up to router at gig speed . I have tried different cables cat 5 type . I have tried a different laptop different router and even bought a 5 port hub all ghz ports .

I am lost . I do know computer and networking from back in the NAVY I was on submarines and a torpedo reload crushed my spine a few years later I got I got my MCSE 4.0 and CCNA years ago after I got out of the NAVY then the pain got to bad and I had a morphine pump installed in me. That meant I am total disabled. I do help out local folks with simple problems .

May the med is stopping is stopping me from thinker straight
ANY I deas

Answer:Laptop gig hz port to router gig port problem

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Currently have a Verizon router with all ethernet ports in use. Need an additional port. What is the best way to do this?

Answer:need additional port on 4 port ethernet router

a network switch connected to your router
click here

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This is one of the errors that was in the report I received when I ran Farbar scanner. I have
no idea what this means or how to fix it. I would really appreciate the help.

Answer:Unable to open LEGACY_wscsvc\0000 registry key. The key does not exist.

Please download and install Speccy to provide us with information about your computer.  When  FileHippo opens, click on Download latest version in the upper right pane.
When Speccy opens you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Click on File which is outlined in red in the screen above, and then click on Publish Snapshot.
The following screen will appear, click on Yes.

The following screen will appear, click on Copy to Clipboard.

In your next post right click inside the Reply to Topic box, then click on Paste.  This will load a link to the Speccy log.

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:
• List last 10 Event Viewer log
• List Installed Programs
• List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
• List Minidump Files
 Click on Go to start the scan.  Once it is finished highlight the text, copy it and paste it in your next post.

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Hi Folks.

Very new to ADSL and networking in general. Therefore, I'd appreciate it if your answers were as much as possible in laymen's terms.

Here's my problem:
I bought a D-Link DGL-4300 gaming router and attempted to couple it with a Prolink Hurricane 9000C ADSL Modem/Router. Essentially, the Prolink is a modem with a single port router combined. Thus, it has a Ethernet output.

Now, when I connect the Prolink alone to my PC, everything works just fine. However, when I connect the Prolink to my D-Link router's WAN port (according to D-Link instructions) and then connect one of the D-Link LAN ports to my PC, the Prolink and D-Link does not communicate with each other.

In other words, I cannot get Internet access with the D-Link connected. But, all the LEDs light up properly. The D-Link WAN, Prolink LAN, D-Link port 1 (PC), Prolink LINK (synchronized with ISP), etc.

When I first setup the Prolink, I inserted the CD and provided Username and Password as requested and all was fine. When I connected the D-Link also I went to its homepage and entered the Username/PW combination. But it never accesses the Internet via the Prolink. The PC communicates fine with the D-Link, but D-Link doesn't do so with the Prolink.

What could I be doing wrong? Could it have something to do with the fact that I'm connecting two Routers together as opposed to a pure modem - router combination?

Any suggestions on how to solve this problem would be... Read more

Answer:How to couple D-Link Gaming Router with Prolink ADSL Single port Router?

you probly have both units configured to do dhcp and routing. They will conflict. Two routers=bad. I would turn off the nat and dhcp on the Pro link and let the dlink do the heavy work.

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Yahoo games won't open boards It appears,port 21 is closed, and it be opened. That's all I want to know, but this site requires 100 words, so the rest is all filler. How can I open access to port 21 ? Does anyone know how to open a PORT File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is one of the oldest Internet protocols. FTP servers open their machine's port 21 and listen for incoming client connections. FTP clients connect to port 21 of remote FTP servers to initiate file transfer operations.

Answer:How do I open a port that is closed, Port 21 specifically mike

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I need to test the bandwidth capability of a Router for troubleshooting reasons. It appears the Router is chocking on higher bandwidth downloads as this was suggested for me to try this. I never had need to do this before and have little idea other than the basic re-cabling connections.

Two Towers, both running Win 7 Pro; I'll call the WAN side PC A, the LAN side PC B
MB's have the same AMD 970 chipset, one tower has a AMD FX8350, the other has a AMD FX6300
Router is a TP-Link TL-WDM3600 (Gigabyte) running openwrt firmware
Both are in the same room (for convenience) with 6' Cat5 (or 5e) cables.

Other than setting 'Network Properties' of the PC B to Auto, what addresses do I set PC A to?
What and where do I change in the Router as to addresses and DHCP settings?
Should this be a DHCP Client or a Static address?
What else do I have to address oin the Router?

Lastly; am I accessing each PC via a web browser or just by 'Explorer' like I would normally?

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Hi I have tried many resolutions and nothing. It all worked before with 2 cheap routers off of my cable modem (High Speed Cogeco Cable) but I couldn't password protect the routers because my wireless for laptop wouldn't log on at all?

1) So now I have a new rca cable modem (from provider) to a linksys ezx55w 5 port switch (not in the uplink port I assume since I have tried with and without from modem).

2) From switch to D-Link Di-524 (for wireless in yard and garage if I choose to bring laptop out here or around) to two computers in garage

3) From switch to 100+ foot of cat cable to house to an X-Micro also wireless for where laptop mainly stays) (cheap router but works great)

So all should be fine as I have researched and had replies to do it this way for ease of not conflicting hooking 2 routers together.


After reading I do not see if there is something in the settings I should do to each router still...since they (to me) are on seperate lines from the 5 port switch? Or maybe is this a cause from my provider not allowing me to use 2 seperate lines as I see it as well?

ANY HELP is greatly appreciated please been working on this for over 3 weeks now and read so much that all the scenerios don't make sense anymore.
Take Care,

Answer:HERE WE GO AGAIN...ROUTER, 5 port switch ROUTER off MODEM? and Wireless.

the linksys is not a router it switch it's not a managed switch
you can not give it a ip address
try the d-link first then the switch turn off dhcp in the x-micro
past that I don't do wireless

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I recently added a Linksys WRT310N Wireless-N router to my home network and can no longer access my web/ftp server from outside the local network. Previously, I was running a ZyXEL EQ-66HW ADSL gateway in router mode as a hub and wireless AP. With the ZyXEL running by itself, I had no problem running XAMPP (Apache/FileZilla/etc..) on my internal server with a dynamic/DHCP ip address from my ISP. Problem was that I needed wireless-n and the ZyXEL only went up to G. So I put the ZyXEL in bridge-mode, turned off its wireless and DHCP and connected the Linksys as a router/firewall/AP. So far, no problem - bridge works, Linksys gets the external DHCP address, internal network gets its subnet from the router and the wireless is up. No problems routing internal to external - everything external to internal times-out. I can ping my ISP/DHCP external address, however. So it seems to me it a firewall problem. I tried forwarding my main ports 80/20-21 and opening the same on my COMODO personal firewall. No luck. I turned on DMZ to my server with COMODO still on, nothing. Disabled software firewall and tried both regular forwarding and DMZ. Still nothing. Help? I had the same problem before with the Linksys when it was using a cable-modem. Also, I was using AVG firewall before when it worked - I have newly switched to the COMODO.

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I am trying to set up a home network with a 8-port Gb router and a 4-port 802.11n router.
The 8-port router will be in my media cabinet and 4-port wireless router will be in the study. How can I set this up so I can have the effect of a 11-port system with wireless network?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:8port Giga-bit router + 4-port 802.11n router

Would you mind sharing the make/model of the two units?

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Hello! I've been trying to search this problem up at google but I can't seem to find anyone in my situation. Anyways my account have been deleted from the login screen, basicly. I was in the SYSTEM ACCOUNT to see if I could change some settings in my computer.
After I logged off, and tried to login to my normal account again. It was not there. Only the Administrator account to which I used to get into the SYSTEM ACCOUNT. Now, my user does exist. Because when I go into users in my documents
It is there, and the one im trying to get into is called "natalask". I've been trying to go and see if the account is disabled, but there is just 2 accounts that exists there where I  can choose to disable and enable accounts. Administrator
and test, I created test after this I couldn't get into natalask by the way. Does anyone know my problem? How do I solve this?

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I have two PC interfaced USB multimeters of same model (MASTECH MS8340 B). For my research work, I have to record voltage and current simultaneously with time with these two multimeters (as this is having data logging options). One meter assigned to record current in PC and the other one record voltage in PC. Operating system: Windows 7, 64 bit. When current measuring multimeter alone is connected to a PC via micro USB-USB cable, it records current as expected. And similarly, when voltage measuring multimeter alone is connected to PC via micro USB-USB cable, it records voltage as expected. But if the two multimeters are connected to a PC in two different USB ports, and if the program is opened to record both current and voltage data, it shows an error says ?Port error, Port already open?. The point is both meters are connected in separate USB ports. Now to record the results I am using two computers one for each.
Is it possible to connect the two (same) USB multimeter devices in a single PC? Kindly post solution.
Sorry for the detailed text.
Thank you
With kind regards,
M Kanagasabapathy

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I have two PC interfaced USB multimeters of same model (MASTECH MS8340 B). For my research work, I have to record voltage and current simultaneously with time with these two multimeters (as this is having data logging options). One meter assigned to record current in PC and the other one record voltage in PC. Operating system: Windows 7, 64 bit. When current measuring multimeter alone is connected to a PC via micro USB-USB cable, it records current as expected. And similarly, when voltage measuring multimeter alone is connected to PC via micro USB-USB cable, it records voltage as expected. But if the two multimeters are connected to a PC in two different USB ports, and if the program is opened to record both current and voltage data, it shows an error says ?Port error, Port already open?. The point is both meters are connected in separate USB ports. Now to record the results I am using two computers one for each.
Is it possible to connect the two (same) USB multimeter devices in a single PC? Kindly post solution.
Thank you and Sorry for the detailed text.
With kind regards,
M Kanagasabapathy

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sorry if my english is bad :)

I cant open any port.
I have windows 7 32bit (default firewall) , router tp-link td-w8910g.
-turning off firewall in windows, port-forwarding on router
-DMZ on router, adding rule in firewall
-UPnP on router, turning router firewall off
-repairing firewall, turning it to default settings
-opening windows in safe mode
-even tried on different router

Always port closed or timed-out using or any other scanner

On Win7 I never had any other firewall.
Really dont know what to do now.

Can anyone help?

Answer:I cannot open port / port forward

I found something that might be interesting. I turned on reporting and:

#Fields: date time action protocol src-ip dst-ip src-port dst-port size tcpflags tcpsyn tcpack tcpwin icmptype icmpcode info path
2010-12-16 13:06:07 DROP TCP 61450 6112 48 S 2371182864 0 65535 - - - RECEIVE
2010-12-16 13:06:09 DROP TCP 61450 6112 48 S 2371182864 0 65535 - - - RECEIVE
2010-12-16 13:06:13 DROP TCP 61450 6112 48 S 2371182864 0 65535 - - - RECEIVE
2010-12-16 13:06:21 DROP TCP 61450 6112 48 S 2371182864 0 65535 - - - RECEIVE
it looks like firewall is droping connection... but it has a exception that should allow this connection :/ any suggestion?

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I originall posted a topic in SevenForums the other day, though I recently found a closed thread here with a problem that sounds very similar to the one I am having; however the one response it got was very dissatisfying to my disappointment.

The thread I found on here stated the following:

I work for an organization with about 300 employees and almost all have computers. I have experienced the following issue on several machines over the years and still cannot find an answer anywhere on the internet, so I am posting here.

I have an HP business desktop that has two parallel ports in it: LPT1 and LPT2. On a rare occasion the printer connected to LPT1 will jam and I have to clear the paper out of the paper path. After I clear the jam, the computer is no longer able to print anything to LPT1. If I use the application that prints to LPT1 again, I get an error in the application stating "The requested resource is in use. (170)" Others on the internet have reported similar errors and in a few cases, the exact same error, but no luck with a solution. Further, there is no error in the Event Viewer's application or system logs.

So, I have tried:
+ uninstalling LPT1 port from the Device Manager, reboot, and still no luck. Same error.
+ uninstalling LPT1 port from the Device Manager, shutdown, disable the parallel port entirely, boot into Windows, shutdown, re-enable the parallel port, boot into Windows. Same error.
+ Reassign LPT1 port to LPT3. Same error.

More in... Read more

Answer:"Parallel port not working" Re-open: Must manually change LPT port after each reboot

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I have a linksys 4-port router (BEFSR41) and I would like to add a linksys wireless router to this configuration so that I can reach computers outside this main room, but I'd like to keep the computers in the main room connected by cat5 using the current router. I am clueless when it comes to these wireless routers. I am looking at this Linksys 802.11g Wireless Router but I am not sure about it because of all these 802.11 models. I'd like to stack the wireless router on top of my current router like so:

Can this work? Basically I am wondering how the wireless router will connect to my current router and if there will be any issues that might complicate things with this setup. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Have 4 port router; Can I add wireless router?

Yes, you can connect any wireless router to it. Few things though:

1. If you've got the cash to spend, you should look at draft-N/MIMO wireless routers, usually identifiable by their price and multiple antennas. In addition to "higher bandwidth" (108mbps), the range is greatly extended.

2. The procedure for hooking up any wireless router to an already existing router and forcing it to an AP is simple. Turn off the DHCP server in the wireless router, and assign it a static IP outside of the existing router's DHCP scope (ex. if current goes from, make the new wireless one, and change the range to start at .101 or .102 instead.)

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i was previously informed that our system has an open proxy and/or open there any software than can help me determine this or is there a way to find it within the system itself...please, any info would be appreciated.

since being informed computer has been reformatted. does reformatting remove or close the open ports/proxies??

Answer:open proxy/open port

Use the netstat command:

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Help!I have a friend's p266MMX Laptop (64Mb Ram, Win 95b), and am trying to install a new PCMCIA modem. I have installed it, but running diagnostics on the modem results in the above error, and of course Win 95 tells me the modem is busy, or being used by another programme when I attempt to dial. The port 3 is working fine, and in devices, there are no conflicts for the ports, modems or PCMCIA (although I did initially have to reistall the drivers for the card bus from the Win 95 CD).Additionally, on boot, windows re-detects 'new hardware' (I assume the modem), reinstalls it, and then in devices, 2 modems appear, one with a conflict. Removing the conflicting one has no effect.My friend informs me that 'his mate did something to it' before handing it to me. I found this information particularly useful.....Does anyone know where I am going wrong, or what I should do next?Thanks!

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Does anyone know of a non cisco router that can run 2 port 80's ?

Answer:A router that can have 2 port 80's

2 port 80's? Port 80 is used for http traffic, and most routers support more than 2 http connections.....if that's what you mean. Maybe you mean 2 WAN connections?

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I have a 4 port Wireless netgear router and I cant get a stable connection with the wireless function. I have 5 pcs in the house, 4 desktops and 1 laptop. I want to plug them all in and ditch the wireless. I have an old netgear 4 port ethernet hub. Can I unplug 1 slot in the router and run a patch cable from the uplink port on the old eternet hub to the empty slot on the router and then plug 1 of my desktop pcs and my laptop to the hub and still get internet access through the hub/router?

Answer:4 Port Router 5 PC's what can I do?


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Question: Router Port

Dear All,

How could i know the router port address.

Any help ?

Answer:Router Port

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can somone please help me... im trying to setup my ports so i cna downlad stuff with this program but im behind a router? aim- lovelaker

Answer:i need the port for my router

What program are you referring to?Why will it not download without opening ports? If you open ports, I suggest you look for a software Firewall.

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Hello, I am in the market for a router, I am looking to hook up at least 10 machines. Any suggestions out there? This will be used in conjunction with road runner and will be primarily used for file transfer and the occasional gaming.

Thanks for any suggestions.

The cheaper the better , but I know you get what you pay for so even if it's high shoot.

Answer:Need a 10+ port router.

why don't you get a standard 4 port router and then a 16 port switch uplinked to it.

Since the only 16port router i found was at a minimum $375 ish.

And you should be able to get a normal soho router and 16 port switch for under $60.

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Looking for a good 8 port router to replace my 8 year old outdated Netgear. Everything is hard wired. NO wireless needed. I may add a server at a later date and use the 1 gigabyte port. I see very mixed reviews with the new netgear stuff. Does anyone have a rec.?

Answer:I need an 8 port router

You won't find many 8 port routers. What you really need is an 8 port (or more) switch. Get a gigabit switch if you are looking at that down the road. Then you can get whatever router you want.

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I currently have a Linksys WRT54G wireless router. I also have a 750gb external USB/esata hard drive. Is there any way I can connect my hard drive to the router with some sort of ethernet-to-USB adapter (I don't think it's possible though)?

Also, can I have a recommendation for a wireless router with a USB port for my hard drive? I'd prefer not having to reformat the hard drive. Wireless G is fine, but I wouldn't mind N or even with gigabit. =)


Answer:Router with USB port?

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Hi everyone. I am looking to buy a new router and out of the two I have selected, both have USB ports. I would like to connect my printer to the usb port on the router so I can print wirelessly because my printer does not have wifi support. Right now I have my printer hooked up to my desktop computer(does not have wifi support). My computer is hard wired to my router via an ethernet cable as this is how it has internet access. Whenever I would like to print something from my laptop, I have to take the usb cable that is connected to the desktop (the printer's USB cable that connects to the desktop) out and I have to plug it into my laptop and than I have to print. I was wondering  that once I get the router with a USB port and I connect the printer to the USB port in the router, will I still be able to print using my desktop. Of course I will be able to print from my laptop, but since my desktop does not have wifi, will I still be able to print using that. 
Thank you.
P.S: Here are the routers I have selected:
Netgear Nighthawk r7000:
Netgear r6250:

Answer:new router with USB port?

Me personally I never did the method of connecting the USB directly to the router. However I looked it up just on your Netgear and found this (see pasted below). Personally IMHO it's easier when a printer that is not networkable (WIFI or hardwired via CAT5/Ethernet) to connect it to a computer and share it out. 
But from what I read to do what you described here is the instructions and link I found it on:
Does R6250 have USB 3.0 port?
There is a USB port on the back side of R6250; it's a USB 3.0 port. You could use the USB port to connect your USB drive, HD, or Ready SHARE printer. The USB 3.0 read/write speed is 2-3 times faster than USB2.0 port.
Where can I find more info about the ReadySHARE features- USB Storage Access and Printer?
ReadySHARE Print lets you connect a USB printer to the router's USB port, and you could access the printer wired or wirelessly.
To set up ReadySHARE Print:Step 1: Connect the USB printer to the router's USB port with a USB printer cable.Step 2: Install the USB printer driver software on each computer that will share the printer. If you do not have the printer driver, contact the printer manufacturer to find and download the most recent printer driver software.Step 3: On each computer that will share the printer, download and install the NETGEAR USB Control Center utility.
You MUST install this utility before you can use the ReadySHARE Print featur... Read more

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Ok ive been here before and got help really fast...and very good help at that....

I am not good at networking...its a pain in my ass...but i am trying to host a personal site off of my own home computer with my adsl connection, with unlimited bandwith...but im having trouble...i got a server program static ip is, and my wan ip is am able to access my webpage from my home network...the problem im having is i cannot get the page out of my network sombody told me about fowarding ports...which i have done...i may not have done it right tho....i went here and followed step by step....that is my configuration...and i think i have the ports fowarded but i may not...everything is running as it should....if you kno of what i can do to get this to work correctly then it would be much appreciated....if you need anymore info from me about my configuration you can contact me on yahoo messenger here punished_by_metal_n0r4d_xpgx or on aim here xXxn0r4dxXx ...or if you prefer email send to [email protected]

Answer:Port and Router hell

I dont have your answer but have you tried typing HTTP://your_internet_ip ?

If you have, and got nothing then your router should have some type of logging. Look at the log and see if it is rejecting your other computers IP on port 80. If it is then your router is not forwarding that port to your internal IP. That will at least boil down where the problem is ( internal or external )

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I've had this question for such a long time and have never been able to find an answer. Hopefully it will be soon.

This is the setup here at the house

PC (my pc) --> HUB Roadrunner cable modem

so, the modem connects to the host PC, the host PC and my PC both connect to the hub. That's how we share.

my PC for years has always been lacking in freedom compared to the host PC, because I can't do certain things the host can, for example, host games.

I know with a router you have to port forward the router and the pc's will "free".

BUT with my setup I have never been able to find an answer as to how this is done?

How do I make it so my PC is able to be "free".

Thank you, I appreciate any help!

My pc has vista, the host pc has windows xp

Answer:Port forwarding with no router, PC to PC help!

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Maybe a little off-topic, but i'm looking for a firewall/router as well. Right now the most important thing to me is firewall capability cause I'm sick of software solutions. Any suggestion on which brand/model to get?

Answer:Good 4 port router?

If I had a nickel for every time a "good router?" question came up...

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ok, running a Linksys, 4-port, BEFSR41 router. A few weeks ago, one of my PC's was unable to get online. After extensive troubleshooting, I found that the port the PC was hooked into was throwing out a false IP. I attempted to set the PC to, but that didnt help. My question is, whats goin on, is that port officially dead, and how could it have happened?

Ive reset the router, left it unplugged over-night, all that stuff
Talk to me people, bring it

Answer:Router port death?!?! Is it possible?

I've personally seen several switches and one router lose a port, it's quite possible. If it works normally on the other ports, that's probably what happened.

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I have recently joined Sky Fibre Broadband and have the Black Sky Router. I have a Security networked DVR which I setup along with a free standing Foscam IP camera. I know how to set up port forwarding for both these items and did so without much trouble. They were both viewable from a remote laptop as well as smartphone. However after about 4 days the security DVR stopped working after examination I found that the ports 80, 8670 and mobile port 101 were no longer being forwarded, but the port 8090 for the Foscam camera was working and still being forwarded. I contacted Sky to check if they were blocking the ports, they say they are not. I know I have set them up correctly because they worked for a few days. Has anybody got any ideas. All suggestions much appreciated.

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I've got a four port router (linksys)working with a cable modem. Will I be able to expand my router with a simple ethernet hub?
I have one leftover from before I got the router.

Answer:Expanding 4 port router

Yep, just plug connect the hub to an uplink port on the router, or a regular port on the router to an uplink port on the hub, or if neither have an uplink port then connect them with a CAT 5 Crossover cable.

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I've been trying to set this up on my own for quite a while now and can't get it to work! I'm wondering if this is even here's what have:

- verizon fi-os service
- primary router (from verizon) connected to internet via coaxial cable.

- Asus WL-500W router
- 1TB USB external harddrive
I wanted to use the ASUS router as a primary and attach my HDD so I could use it as NAS / FTP server, but I have to use the verizon router because I can only connect to internet via coaxial connection.
So basically what I want to do is to take my ASUS router (attached to external HDD) and connect it to my primary router so I can access my HDD on the network. It would be nice to use it as NAS but I also want to try to use it as FTP file server.

Hope I didn't jumble my words too badly...TIA for any help!!

Answer:Looking to use 2nd router with USB port as NAS/FTP server

see if this works

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together
Shamelessly stolen from a John Will Post

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

This procedure bypasses the routing function (NAT layer) and configures the ro... Read more

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Alright first off i would like to say ... I hope this is the right category ...Here is my setup, My cable modem is connected to a router upstairs, which branches off to an upstairs comp and another router positioned downstairs, which is connected to my computer. Now here is my problem im useing Azureus (p2p downloading program ... or Bittorrent program)Im not getting a full connection. So I was wondering if its because Of the two router setup ? IE: Its not getting to the desired port because of the first or second router ?From what i understand i've opened up the port i want to use, TCP and UDP type of the same port. I;ve set it up so its the same port for both  And set it up to where the program is allowed to go through the firewall ( Windows Defualt, Never had problems with it before) ... Don't know if i did something wrong there.Anyone who could help me with this, it would be much appreciated it.Uptairs ~ D-link (some crappy router my cable modem came with)DownStairs ~ Linksys 4 port Isp ~ Charter (if that makes a diffrence)Any other info needed to assist me i can give no problem. Thank you in advanced.

Answer:Port/Router Problems

Two routers frequently causes problems? Is there a need you wave for a second router as opposed to a range extender, etc.?

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Anyone know if any company makes one of these? Please don't respond and try to tell me about what I should try and do, I know I already want this product if it is made. The question is has anyone seen this product?

Answer:8 port router with wifi

This should do:

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This seems to be quite a common problem. I have read what I found in search, but it seems to be individual to each OS and I am an idiot anyway.Basically, in my situation, my Netgear router says it cannot find my Ethernet port! AOL, my ISP, said that I obviously don't have my ethernet drivers installed. How do I fix that?I have a Dell Inspiron 2400 desk top with Windows XP and Service packs 1 to 3 installed. I recently had to do a complete reinstall of my OS and drivers, and now I cannot get my router installed.My ISP is AOL, as I have said, and they have actually been very helpful,and got me back on line using an ADSL BT Voyager 105 modem (which I had to borrow from a friend). But I would like to get a router back, especially since AOL sent me a new one when I threatened to go to Virgin!Any advise would be welcome. I hate to ask, but the last seven days have tired me out and I don't know where to go for help!N

Answer:Router says I have no ethernet port!

Dell does not make a Dell Inspiron 2400 desktopThe model that you have is a Dell Dimension 2400 desktop Enter the ?Service Tag No.? which you will find listed on the case at Dell site and all the drivers for your model will be listed click hereDownload the first two items listed under ?Network? the ?Broadcom 4401 Integrated NIC Diagnostics Utility? and ?Broadcom 4401 Integrated NIC Driver? install and the Ethernet Card will be reinstalled Would also suggest that you also download all the drivers for your Dell model and burn to a CD just in case that you have to use at a later date

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I currently have a modem connected to a cheapy 4 port linksys to a 40 port + switch. The network seems to be dying lots and I thought it may be due to the cheapy router. What would be the best solution to replace it with?

Answer:4 port router solution?

what do you mean dying?

no internet, no interconectivity between clients?

what is plugged into the linksys

what is plugged into the 40 port switch?

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Hmm i will be honest here i dont know much about router or networking so keep it simple here please. My first router is Netgear DG834GT and the second is Linksys WRT54GS. I am trying to host wacraft 3 games but it requires ports 6112 to 6119 to be open. I followed this
and this guide
I have done it for to same with the second one to but i still cant host it says that port 6112 is blocked. Help me please.

Answer:2 router port forwarding

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I just got a new job and it appears that the new company blocks outgoing ports. I have a Synology NAS that I use to stream music from on the go. The NAS uses port 5001, but I can't access it from work. Normally I would just find an open outgoing port then use port translation to switch it to 5001 internally, but my router does not support it. Due to having 2 internet connections at home, switching to another router is not a preferred option (see the fully story here:

Short of adding another router between my modem and my current router to handle port translation, are there any other options for getting access from work? Is there a free service out there that will do this for me? Is there another totally obvious solution that I am missing?

For the record: Yes, I realize I will likely be breaking corporate policy attempting to circumvent security measures, but all I want to do is stream music, and the company does not block Pandora, so I see it as being no more harmful than speeding.

Answer:Port Translation Without Router?

gangolfus said:

I just got a new job and it appears that the new company blocks outgoing ports. I have a Synology NAS that I use to stream music from on the go. The NAS uses port 5001, but I can't access it from work. Normally I would just find an open outgoing port then use port translation to switch it to 5001 internally, but my router does not support it. Due to having 2 internet connections at home, switching to another router is not a preferred option (see the fully story here:

Short of adding another router between my modem and my current router to handle port translation, are there any other options for getting access from work? Is there a free service out there that will do this for me? Is there another totally obvious solution that I am missing?

For the record: Yes, I realize I will likely be breaking corporate policy attempting to circumvent security measures, but all I want to do is stream music, and the company does not block Pandora, so I see it as being no more harmful than speeding.Click to expand...

so because it's just music, you won't infect the network or cause harm ? OR KILL the incoming bandwith ?

Personally, do your self a favor, go ask permission, if the network admins say NO it's for a reason.

Id say it would sure suck if the big boss found out you were doing it, and got fired JUST because of music, let alone infecting the corporate n... Read more

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Hi all,

I have three computers working off of a LinkSYs router. 2 of the 3 computers are working great. The third computer which has been working for about 2 months, now will not let me get on the internet. When I unplugged the cable for this computer (Which is running windows 98SE) and put it into the port that my #2 computer is on, I was able to log on to the internet.

Would this mean that I need a new router? When I plug in my cable from my #2 computer into the port that was not working, it also does not work.

Just need confirmation that it appears I may need a new router>

Or is it something else.



Answer:Can a port not work on a router?

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Using a DynDns account I am able to access my Netgear DG834GT (R1) Wireless router 'admin' web page from the Internet, by typing dns <hostname>. I get access to the web interface. If I type <hostname>:8080, which is what I configured I get nothing. Why is that ?

I then want to then access a second wired Netgear FCVS124G router (R2) and access its 'admin' web pages on port 8081, but through R1. So I added a service and a rule in the port forwarding section for R1. I also enabled R2's web interface on port 8081. If I type <hostname>:8081 I get a log entry in R1 : <date> - TCP Packet - Source:,2043 Destination:,8081 - [fvs124g rule match], but I dont get the web interface. Any ideas why not ?



Answer:Port forwarding to second LAN router

This might help:

Routers differentiate networks, so you need to have your interfaces on each side belong to a different subnet so that the router knows how to route packets.

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Tech support for my router said to try 'DMZ' setting for better media streaming (it sucks as it is now).

I know what that is. I asked what other settings I could change to reduce packet loss, and he said check router port settings.

Could router port settings increase/decrease packet loss for media streaming? What should I change?


Answer:Router port settings for better tX

Can be dependant on two factors:
What Router ? (this one may be important !)
Some ISP ask for certain ports open and certain ports ideally closed, you will need that info from them.

Also your Router instruction manual should be available from the manufactures support page, or by search google (putting in your model number and the word "manual"

Also Windows version may be useful too

I'd start with a call back to the ISP, with the Routers page opened in Internet Explorer. Ask them what settings to specifically adjust

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TerryNet said:

Essentially port forwarding punches holes in a router's natural (NAT) firewall. No router means no need to port forward.Click to expand...
OK I was looking to port forward to speed up my Internet and downloads. So it's not possible?

Answer:How do I port forward without a router?

Hi all,

Is it possible to port forward without a router and how do I do it? I tried typing in and I get nothing. Even if I did go into the Interface I still don't know how to setup port forwarding and I don't have a router.

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I've had the Linksys BEFSR41 router for a while and it simply isn't getting the job done, performance wise.

The problem isn't so much with the connection being completely lost (forcing you to reconnect the router, as is the case with many of them), but it has the tendency to lag my connection (high pings and/or packet loss), especially when more than 2 people are online.

I've heard something about Windows 98-based systems and ones with Windows XP having issues that may cause these lag issues. Is that true?

People keep recommending their own routers, but is there really a reliable, non-wireless, 4-port performance router out there?

Answer:What is the best non-wireless, 4-port router?

I use a Netgear RP614 that i've never had any issue with.

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I'm looking for a router with dedicated dmz port built in. I would relay love to find something I could use like ipcop where you can have red, blue, green and orange network connections Anyone know of anything like that aside from building and ipcop or smoothwall firewall?

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i posted not too long ago on how to hook up a secondary router to the primary router so that i could get my own wi-fi signal in my room. My room is separated from the house so the signal barely reached. Turned out to be really simple.

Originally, before i connected an additional router, i successfully had a port forwarded (so my friends and i could play Minecraft) on the Netgear router. School got in the way, eventually added this new router (Linksys running tomato firmware). Well, we are ready to play Minecraft again but i am unable to forward the proper port using the new setup.

i have no idea where to begin or what info will be useful, but here is my basic settings on the second router:

Type: DHCP
MTU: Default

Router Address: (The primary router is set to
Subnet Mask:
No static DNS
DHCP Server: Yes
IP Address Range: - (Don't know if it matters, but my computer has a staic IP of
Other info: i tried to edit the port forward settings on the primary router but it no longer lets me. It no longer lets me forward that specific port, saying it is already in use. So it seems to at least acknowledge that the additional router is already forwarding that port?

i am assuming that i need to somehow forward my IP address or the IP address of the additional router. i also read that maybe i need to set one router to bridge mode? i am just worried whatever i try is going to sc... Read more

Answer:Port Forwarding On Second Router

Can you post screenshots of Port Forwarding pages of both routers please?

I don't know what ports Minecraft use.

In short:
On 1st router create a port forwarding rule with the ports you want open that routes to the 2nd router WAN IP ( in your case). And on router 2, create another port forwarding to your PC with the same ports. Also open those ports on your PC in firewall.

However, if the last 2 screenshots above are from 2nd router than you need to change the LAN IP configuration, say, (for router2 LAN IP) and DHCP to (192.168.2.whatever-192.168.2.whatever). No need to change anything on router 1.

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Hi all

My 8 port router/switch just died on me (old linksys SR8-10/100mb) it was over 12 years old

Im looking for another Router(maybe a 100/1000) with at least 8 port switching on it. Or an equal setup...

My home is hard wired Cat please no Wifi sugesstions.

Hook-ups so far:
I have 3 rooms with computers, 1 PS4 , 1 entertainment(Tv/Blueray), 1 printer, 1 Wifi(for wifes iPad)

ADDED: Comcast only gives me 50 MB down and around 5 MB up avg.(Speed test) Do I even need Gigabit ??

So any suggestions would be great...Links to products you suggest would be Awesome.

Answer:Router/8 port switch

Would it be unreasonable to have the 8 ports separately from the router? It does occupy another power outlet, but it does expand your options exponentially.

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I have a DSL connection, qwest, with an Actiontec 701 modem hooked up via USB 1.1 to my computer.
I purchased a Dlink DIR615 wireless router to get our game consoles to work without wires all over the house.
Well, the router does not have a USB1.1 port in it, when I disconnect the usb from the back of my computer, it does not access the internet anymore through my modem.
I am thinking I have to somehow set up the Ethernet cable to run from the computer to my modem instead of the USB cable but I have no idea if this is correct!!can anyone help me please!
Thank you

Answer:help with router set up usb port on modem

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Hey guys my cousin in Poland shares his internet connection as follows:
DLS connecion->Speedstream 5660 modem/router->Switch LG LS3108PA 8 port 10/100Mbps->computers

His computer IP is I want to opena port to forward data to his PC. But I can't seem to connect to the router using"speedstream" or as the manual says to do:

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance

Answer:Port forwarding on a DSL router.

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I have a netgear WNDR4500. What I want to do is stream video from my PC to my IPAD using a program I downloaded from the IOS Store. I simply cant seem to get the router to forward the port.

I will post 3 pics showing what I see on the router side and what the streaming program is asking\ erroring out. I guess I simply have no idea what the hell I am doing. Any suggestions? The program on my IPAD just errors out and does not see the PC at home at all.


Answer:Serious help with port forwarding on my router

are you trying to access this media server from outside of your network?

what settings is the IPAD asking for?

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Ok am not even sure if this is in the right category, sorry if it isn't. I was wondering what port forwarding is, what it dose, and how to do it. I was wondering because i got a router that has a built in firewall, and i am using this router for xbox usage. I want to get my computer to share it connection with my xbox, but i am having problems. The problem i am having is that i cant even get my computer to detect the router. I have everything set up right am sure of it. well anyway i followed the steps at xbconnect( thats what i want to use for my xbox) as to how to setup a network setup for my computer to share it connection with the xbox. it says you should not use a port that is directly beside the "uplink" port on your router. what is the "uplink" part of the router. Is it the wan port? And it also told me "If your router has a built in firewall, you will need to forward ports 8602 both incoming and outgoing to the internal ip address of your pc."

Once i got everything set up and computer restarted, my Internet no longer works Whats up with that The ip i am told to put into the browser( dosn't take me to the setup wizard for the router. And i have no idea why? I would really be glad if you guys could help me out

Answer:port forwording, router help!!!

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Hello,My daughter will be sharing a house with 5 other students at university, so there will be a need for 6 PCs to be connected to ADSL broadband via a wireless router. As routers seem to standardise on 4 ports, can anyone suggest the cheapest way of achieving 6 access ports?Reading other postings for wireless routers, there seems to be a hit-and-miss experience of usable range. Can anyone recommend a wireless router/wirelss PCI card combination that is cheap but has good range? Many thanks

Answer:6-Port Wireless Router

4-port wireless routers have 4 wired connections. The 4 does not refer to the wireless part. Connecting 6 computers wirelessly will be possible.Range is a major issue and it will depend on both the distance between the router and the computer and on what obsticles (walls, floors etc) are in the way. An old house with thick stone walls will obviously be more of a problem than a modern house with plasterboard walls. Choosing a sensible (central) location for the router will help.One technology which does improve coverage is MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out). There are a few new routers offering this technology and it does appear to improve coverage considerably. However, being new technology, it does not come cheap. An example of MIMO equipment is the Belkin Pre-N equipment. Although this is a cable modem router it can be linked to an ADSL modem router for use on an ADSL line. Cost for such equipment would be ~120 for ADSL modem, Wireless router and one wireless card for a computer. Assuming you have one pc connected using a wired link you would then need an additional 4 wireless cards for the other computers. These would cost 60 each.

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I cant host wc3 games, and i dont know how to port forward because i have a dynamic ip... im using netgear

Answer:port forwarding w/ router

You should have a static, not dynamic ip address if you are trying to do port forwarding. In a port forwarding configuration you must specify an ip address to forward the ports to. Let's say you reboot, and then your ip address changes. The ports are now forwarded to the wrong ip address. So you would need to reset port forwarding every time you reboot or log onto the net. You can on the other hand port forward for a single session if that's what you want. But then once you relogon you will have to reset all those setting again.
select your router from the list and it will tell you how to port forward.

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I am using a Zywall router and have a number of pc connected behind this hardware router in a home network. Everything works fine.
I just installed a new software firewall on one of the Pc and did a Shields up test which showed an open port 443.
I realise that without making adjustments to the router, I am not scanning the pc but the router but don't know how to interpret an open port 443 showing up on the router.

Is this a security issue or can I ignore this?

I also accessed the router management console. The router was originally set up by a friend who I can't ask at the moment. I noticed a few things in there that I don't understand.

1. Port 443 shows up with an auto-generated-self-signed_cert (see attachment) - what does that mean and is this related to my earlier query?

2. The router log shows various IKE Packets being transferred - what does that mean? (see attachment)

3. I notice that a VPN was set up - when and how is this actually is this being used?
(see attachment)

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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hey guys,

Finally got cable installed at my uni house, theres gonna be six of us using the connection but it'd be nice to have 8 ports.

im looking at the netgear FVS318 which seems like it'd be cool

anyone got anything around that price that is better ?!

Answer:8 Port router sudjestions plz

I would not spend $100+ for 8-ports, that's just a waste. Why not get a switch or two and a 4 port G router (wireless may come in handy and "it'd be cool")

You can get a G router for what? $30-40 now?
An 8-port D-Link switch is $20 this week at CompUSA.

Or what I said could all be crap since you're in the UK.

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i want to connect to my computer from out side computer and my computer is behind a dsl router
i know that i have to forword a port that i want in the router
i do this and i tried to conect to my computer by entring the router public ip
and the port that i forword it but it also doesn't work
what i can do to be able to connect to my computer from my work computer
please help me
note i have billion router (bipac - 5100s)

Answer:what after forwording a port in the router

You have to forward that port to the IP of your computer behind the router. If it have a built-in firewall, you have to open the firewall up for that port.

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How do you forward ports to your router? I am using an NETGEAR DG834G Integrated ADSL Modem 54Mbps 802.11g Wireless Firewall Router.


Answer:Port Fowarding On Router


Type http://router.Ip.Address (possibly into your web browser.
Here you will be able to open / close different ports for different services.

This is possibly not what you are after, could you explain your problem a little bit more?


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I have Norton Firewall installed on my computer and I just got a warning saying that the router just tried to scan my ports. I have never received this warning ever before. Is this normal? Thanks.

Answer:Port scan from router

Hey, nah itz just hackers trying to get in, thatz y they invented firewalls.

U know, something good did come from this, I looked at my firewall logs to see if a simular ip is there (something is familuar bout that address), and found out that I have a backdoor.

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I have a D-Link 624 Router connected to a DSL Modem. I run a Dell E521 Desktop (w/ Win XP (can't run Linux on it for graphics reasons)) and Toshiba Satellite L305D Laptop (w/ Win Vista, * Mint Linux (primary), and Puppy Studio) connected. I set the Router to allow 'Home Network' access for the Laptop to the Desktop files, but for various purposes we aren't allowing internet access to the Laptop.

I'm not very familiar with porting through a router, but I do understand that Ports can be opened through a Router for different purposes. I would like to allow access for (or Pandora Radio) to the Laptop but don't know what steps to take, or if it is even possible under these circumstances.

I looked through some of the Forum Threads but didn't find any directly related to this issue. I would like to learn more about working with Ports. But if you can point me in the correct direction for guidance in the matter stated above, or have suggestions/answers, I would greatly appreciate it.

If you prefer, you can contact me directly at the follow email:<snip>
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Opening a Port through a Router

hi - generally setups like this allow all outbound ports by default and thus i think that the issue is probably not to do with a firewall blocking ports. Can you give details of the 2 networks you are running (i.e. the one that is on the LAN side of the Dlink and the network between the WAN side of the DLink and the ADSL Modem). It also could be down to how the ADSL Modem is NATing the traffic (how a Modem has one internet facing IP and multiple internal IPs on the LAN).

Post some more detail and i will help you out

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I need help, just spent all day with our ISP engineer trying to get our internet connection up and running. They are providing internet over Wimax. We are running two servers and a network of 20 PCs. First had a hard time trying to convince him that the IP address on the router could be changed to a IP address that matches our subnet and that DHCP could be turned off on the router. Our internet is now up and running

Next problem was trying to get him to set up port forwarding, our webmail for email server runs on port 3000. Got him to type in the details forwarding port 3000 to our server.

The problem we have is that we can't access the webmail and when doing a port scan it is showing port 3000 as block.
I would like to find out if their router is blocking port 3000.

Is there any program or website that can show me which router is blocking port 3000


Answer:Which router blocking port

I think that there is no way for a single program or website to determine how many routers you are using. And if it can't tell how many, it can't tell which is doing any blocking.

You've only mentioned one router, and have said that on that router the port is forwarded to "our [email?] server" so my first guess would be that some other router or software firewall is blocking the port.

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here is another noob question? Is there any benefit to get dual wan port router for home use? Is that for only redundancy or can it increase download sppe (2x1mbs=2mbs speed)?

Answer:Dual wan port router

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