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Confused about router support for 5 GHz band. All wireless N routers support it??

Question: Confused about router support for 5 GHz band. All wireless N routers support it??

Someone told me in another thread, and I also read here, that

All Wireless N routers support dual-band 802.11nClick to expand...

implying that any wireless N router can use the 5 GHz band as well as the 2.4 GHz band. Isn't that the implication?

Then why is it that when I browse routers, only some of them list both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency, while others list only 2.4 in the specs? I want to switch my network over to 5 GHz in order to get away from all the interference I'm getting, as discussed in this thread.

So what's the real answer? Will any cheap "wireless N" router be able to do 5 GHz, (e.g. this one?) or do I need a more expensive dual band one?

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Preferred Solution: Confused about router support for 5 GHz band. All wireless N routers support it??

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Answer: Confused about router support for 5 GHz band. All wireless N routers support it??

No. The 802.11n standard supports 5GHz, but does not require it. Now if a device was 802.11ac, it will have a 5GHz radio since that standard only works on that freq.

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Answer:h520 wireless card (realtek 8188e)-does it support dual band router

hi Dia,
As per this pdf data sheet, the Realtek RTL8188EE is a single band (2.4Ghz) Wi-Fi card. If your router is a dual-band, you need to configure it to broadcast 2.4Ghz frequency so that the Ideacentre H520 can connect. Otherwise, it will not be able to connect to the 5Ghz band.

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i cant seem to find it supporting the 802.a only b and g Does it support 5 GHz. or not? I can't see the 5 GHz. wireless network in my house only the 2.4 GHz. and in the advanced properties of the wireless I don't see the 802.a

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Answer:Does the Y570 Builtin Wireless Support 5 GHz band?

Probably not.What wireless card is installed?(Check Device Manager)

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Answer:Does E420s support 5.0 GHz band wireless network?

Hi csoft,You message is empty. Maybe you would like to re-post again? Otherwise i'll remove this thread.Cleo

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Does my Yoga 2 pro supports Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 card? Thanx

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So it seems like this Laptop doesn't support 802.11ac.i've search this forum and the net, and it seems like either the wireless card or the laptop just doesn't support 802.11ac. I've updated the drivers to the latest Intel drivers, as well as tried using the latest drivers that Lenovo suggest but even though it says "Intel Wireless LAN 11abgn, 11bgn, 11ac) it doesn't. Has anyone actually been able to get 802.11ac working? even for the radios to show as being supported? netsh wlan show drivers output: netsh>wlan show driverInterface name: Wi-FiDriver : Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260Vendor : Intel CorporationProvider : IntelDate : 18/06/2014Version : : Native Wi-Fi DriverRadio types supported : 802.11b 802.11g 802.11n 802.11a still not sure if this a Lenovo problem or an Intel drivers problem ... does anyone know? It's kind of crazy that the card being advertised as being capatible with ac isn't ... I've searched this forum for some answers but alot of the replies to any wireless issues have been suggestions on different settings ... no specific answer to the 802.11ac non feature.


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Answer:T440p - Intel Dual band wireless N7260 - 802.11ac support

Well just the name alone suggest its the N version of the 7260 that you have. The AC version is Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260. So yeah, no drivers will get you what you dont have.

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I'm running Hyper-v manager on my thinkpad workstation, after I've created virtual wifi switich.the internet connection keep connecting / disconnecting frequantly.once I switch off the hyper-v it is fine.I did all required troubleshooting, windows updates and drivers updates, finally I tried the same virtual machine on another toshiba laptop with normal specifications comparing with thnkpad and it is working fine

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I've got a TP-LINK TL-WN721N Wireless USB adapter, and I'm currently using it as an Access point via the software "Connectify".

My cellphone connects well(WPA2-PSK) but I would like to connect my PSP slim to it, which only supports(WEP and WPA).
Now Connectify supports only WPA2 and WPA, but is there any way to connect my PSP by WPA?

Any method or software?

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

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I have a Linksys wireless router, w54.. series (couple of years old), you know the type that's really popular? I'm not home right now to get the full model and numbers. I will update this post with the model and etc later when i'm at home. But anyways, my ISP is Cavalier and have that G2 (adsl) connection. They serve up the connection using dynamic IP. I can't seem to get the Linksys wireless route to work using the dynamic IP setting. Does that particular wireless router do not work with dynamic IP? Do I need a new wireless router so I don't have to reset my router every time Cavalier switches IP address to me? If the Linksys doesn't support dynamic IP what brand of wireless route will? Please advise.

Answer:What wireless router support dhcp from isp?

Dont you have to give them a login/pass when you use ADSL??? Im pretty certain in most cases (at least all i've ever come across) you need to provide a username/password, which can be set inside the router.

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O.k. here we go. I have a few computers that are upstairs and since I rent I don't want to drill holes in the floor to route cables. I want an app that will allow me to take an old notebook that I have (that doesn't have a cd rom) and take the incoming wireless connection and make it hardwired.IF I could get XP installed on the machine I would just use ICS and go from there. I can't get any large (ie cd based) OS to install, so something on a floppy would be great.

Any suggestions?


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I have not been able to find much info on setting up ANY of the free router distros to use Wireless N.

Finding specific hardware support lists is even more difficult.

I have pfsense up and running, but it will only do G speeds on any N card.. and my N card is not supported, nore will pfsense even fully boot with the card installed no matter what mode I try to boot in.

Supposedly Vyatta supports wireless as supposedly a few other packes do.
But all I can really find is questions that never get answered about how to actually get it working.

I really don't want to get a seperate access point if I can help it.. might as well go with a crappy consumer router if I am going to go that route.

If I have to go with a seperate access point, it needs to have a Gb port on it.

Answer:Wireless N - any router distros support it?

zeroshell supports atheros n cards now.

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I'm now using the Prolink 8000 USB modem.Thot of going wireless but can't find a Router that can accept USB connection from my modem.Is there such a thing that can convert USB to RJ11?

Answer:Any Wireless Router that support USB 2.0 Modem ?

Dont think there is one. Router itself usually gives wireless and direct connections - but I could be wrong. Good luck

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I was wondering how many concurrent wireless connections or users the average router/AP like say a WRT54G can support? I suppose it matters what each user is doing torrents vs browsing, and maybe how many wired ports are used? but I can't seem to find any kind of numbers on the manufacturers sites

Answer:# of concurrent wireless connections router can support?

I would say more than your internet connection can handle

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What are the magic words in the description of a wireless router that says it supports the dual antenna 6200 to its max throughput.  Currently using a D-Link DIR-655, but looking at Linksys E-3000.

Answer:wireless router to support Centrino 6200 2x2

you should look for the word 'MIMO'.

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Does anyone happen to know of a WIRELESS router (802.11b/g) that happens to have a RJ11 (telephone port) for dial-up modem?

I know someone that wants to use their laptop anywhere in the house (despite the slow connection of dial-up)........
.... and I'm having a hard time trying to find a wireless router that has this capability....
any clues?

Answer:Wireless router w/dial-up (RJ11) support?

3com used to make a LAN modem (not sure if they still do) that you could connect to the wireless AP.. Look on ebay..

Could probably do the same with a smoothwall box.


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I'm hoping someone can help me with this... I've tried hp livechat, and hp australia tech support (got redirected to an unhelpful and incomprehensible indian call centre) and both cannot answer what i thought was a simple question. does anyone know what LTE bands the lt4132 module supports? i've just ordered an elitebook 1030 x360 (P/N: 1GY40PA) and it comes with this module. i've found the quickspecs sheet: it seems to list the band support for every module EXCEPT the lt4132. any help would be much appreciated. thanks in advance. seraph

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Hello,My laptop has HP lt4114 LTE 4G Module for WWAN.So, I wonder what kind of LTE Band and frequency supported with this module, HP lt4114 LTE 4G Module.I could not find any specifications of this module for supporting LTE Bands or frequencies.Please let me know the information about it.Thanks in advance 

Answer:Support LTE Band or frequency of HP lt4114 LTE 4G Module

Robin515 wrote:Hello,My laptop has HP lt4114 LTE 4G Module for WWAN.So, I wonder what kind of LTE Band and frequency supported with this module, HP lt4114 LTE 4G Module.I could not find any specifications of this module for supporting LTE Bands or frequencies.Please let me know the information about it.Thanks in advance You need to contact your mobile provider on this HP has nothing to do with WWAN connections.

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Hi, Does my Acer Aspire v3-371-58sj support dual band WiFi (does it support 5ghz frequency)? Thank you in advance! 


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Answer:Does Aspire v3-371-58sj support dual band frequenc...

Thanks, according to what I can see that notebook uses 802.11 AGN wireless functionality which should support the 5 GH and 2.4 GHz bands.

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Is there anywhere on the webs that has a table or some kind of listing of (almost all) routers and whether they support snmp or not? I'm looking specifically for the Netgear wgr614

Answer:routers that support snmp

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Hi guys ..

My Router is dying ( Always needs re-booting ), so i decided to get a new one,
after some reading i found that N routers are the Top now, but you need a laptop that support N routers .
My question is how can i know if my laptop support A G or N routers .

Laptop : Dell Inspiron 1545
Network adapter : Dell Wireless 1397 WLAN Mini-Card
Marvel Yukon 88E8040 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller
OS : Win7
Thanks ,,,,,,

Answer:Does my laptop Support A G or N Routers ?

Hiya pal

Most Routers are backward compatible, in other words they will support G, B & N so you should be ok. But double check when purchasing just to make sure ... I would advise looking for a good "branded model" with good support. ie. Netgear, Dlink, Linksys, Belkin etc.

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hey me and a few friends have bee looking all morning for a wireles G router that supports bridging but cannot seem to find one that does.i was looking at the DI-624 AirPlus Xtreme G High-Speed 2.4GHz (802.11g) Wireless 108Mbps Router

and the

WRT54G - Wireless-G Broadband Router

the problem is that i have 2 pc in my room, and one of them does not have a pci slot available for a wireless card. so i was looking to use a router (or anything) to plug a onboard NIC into and also something for the other computer (laptop) to interface with in my room
the big problem is that i will be trying to access my friends linksys AP for the i-net

id appreciate any info or maybe some info on hardware that could to this for me

Answer:routers that support bridging?

You might try the D-Link DWL-G810 802.11g Bridge and a switch. I don't know if that bridge supports more than one machine though. You'd have to try it and find out (or contact D-Link).

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I know cortana is not apart of the deal if I do not have a windows phone.
My question is, will I be able to use the voice command system on my android through the band?

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huawei ascend w1 u00 Support UMTS 2100 .Can I know w1 h883g Support UMTS 2100 Frequency .
Is there any one use w1 h883g with network that support 2100 mhz

Answer:Does Huawei Ascend w1 h883g Support UMTS 2100 Band?

Simple search on the internet and you find answers - Huawei - Ascend W1 - Mobile Phones - Specifications

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I have read so many different opinions (by computer tech people) on this issue that I am unsure who to believe. Some say if you don't go to 'dodgey sites' you are at no more risk than you are now, others say that you are at huge risk for when the XP support ends.

I only use the internet for email, facebook, a local E-Bay like site where you can buy and sell things and a bit of web browsing.... you tube, online newspaper, online forum groups I belong to (like this one) , and that's pretty much it. I don't download movies or music. I have avast anti-virus, malwarebytes, and super antispyware installed, and the windows Firewall.

Do I need to panic and buy a whole new computer?

Answer:Confused re XP support ending in April 14

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No IPv6 support on new Belkin routers per Belkin tech support.

Support for IPv6 on the Play Max Wireless Router

Does the Play Max Wireless Router support IPv6 on the WAN side, LAN side or both.

Thank you in advance.

Discussion Thread

Response (Santosh B.C) 04/05/2010 10:38 AM

Thank you for contacting Belkin Technical Support.

Thank you for taking the time to write to us. We understand that you want to configure the router with IP V 6 Ip address.

We are sorry to state that Belkin router can only be configured for Internet protocol TCP/IP version 4.

Thank you,

Should you have any further questions, please take a moment to review our Knowledge Base at or let us know.

Please ensure that in order to reply to this email, or access any attachments, you must follow the link shown above and click 'update' at the bottom of the email to be able to respond. Do not reply as we will not receive your email.

Santosh B.C
Technical Support Agent
Belkin Technical Support
Customer (C. M.) 04/03/2010 06:30 AM

Answer:No IPv6 support on new belkin routers

Well time to look at the Cisco Linksys E3000 instead. As that's where I headed for. Why over the Easter Weekend I was helping my brother-in-law setup his free Cisco Linksys 802.1n from Cox Communcations. He and I have Cox both have the same plan. But I didn't see what the fact that his wireless 802.11n downloads was very quick. Even though be both have Power Boost, his E2000 is quicker than Belkin N+. Wow! An on the Gizmo site online there is a short review on E3000 in 802.11n mode and it's quick. There is EnGenius ESR9850 that's suppose to be showing 700mbps on LAN to WAN and WAN to LAN on wired connections where P2P is showing 19,721 max connections instead of the norm 200 max simulations connections. As 802.11n is over 100mbps too.This is 10/100/1000mbps the NPU is all-in-one SOC meaning the wireless chipset is integrated into the chip. NPU speed is 384MHz and the onboard RAM is 32MB. Online this wireless 802.11n router is only $49 to $59 on some sites. Belkin N+ V2 uses this setup, but looks like some other companies have spiked up the firmware or hardware to get max connections speeds.

After two years of owning first Belkin N+ it has served me very well. But like all PCB wireless routers they tend to degrade and start acting up after heavy duty usage like I have place this router though. Plus these newer routers seem to have full speed ahead not like 2008, 2009 where they seem to be half speed. 2010 wireless routers not all but those I've ment... Read more

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Hi there

Is THIS true -- W7 Mainstream support to end in 2015 -- I thought W7 was going on until around 2020.

This comes from FORBES - usually "Semi reliable" -- beware a lot of irritating ads that popup while you are trying to read the article -- there's no malware or "Malvertisements" in the article - just gets a bit irritating

Microsoft To Abandon Windows 7 Mainstream Support. Pressure Builds On Windows 9 - Forbes

I see EXTENDED support will continue but that's a different Animal.

BTW OT here but there's quite an interesting feature elsewhere - XP to get an un-official (not Ms) SP4 -- for those running XP as a VM that might be interesting too - although as always with "Unsanctioned" patches it's very definitely A.Y.O.R. - although the site does have credibility.

Note also from same magazine so you might get a few ads when reading - no malware though.


Answer:Jimbos confused - W7 Mainstream support to end 2015

Mainstream support will end on January 13, 2015.
However, extended support will continue until January 14, 2020.

The difference between mainstream and extended support is that during mainstream support, updates to Windows 7 may include new features, subsystems, and so forth in addition to security updates.

Once mainstream support ends and extended support comes around, Windows 7 will only receive security updates.

To put this into perspective, mainstream and extended support for Windows XP ended on April 14, 2009 and April 8, 2014 respectively.

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Hey all I am doing a setup at my office and need a router that can support the following

16 ethernet ports RJ45 AND wireless connection 802.11/g/n (preferably G)

I haven't been able to find one yet, but if there aren't any available does anyone know how i can create setup that would support a single network of interconnected devices which include

8 ethernet printers (RJ 45)
8 laptop computers (connected wirelessly)

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Do routers like this even exist? (16 port, and support for wirelss 802.11g/n)

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I'm looking for a way to cover a big house with wi-fi. I've already tested with WRT54GL and it wasn't enough, so my idea is to buy 2 routers with good coverage and link them into bridge/repeater/WDS mode (I don't even know the difference to be honest). Since I've never done that before, I'm looking for an advice on which routers to buy and how to make it work altogether?

At first, 2x Unifi LR LongRange was a promising solution, buy as far as I understand it, they both need to be physically connected into router with UTP cable, so that's out of equation because I can't drill holes into walls.

How about 2x ASUS RT-N12 D1, would they do any good? They have pretty decent reviews and are also cheap, but do they even support signal repeating?

Answer:Buying 2 routers that support bridge/repeater/WDS

The best solution is to get a wireless system which supports creating a "back haul" over 5 GHz between APs which then allows the 2.4 GHz radio to be solely dedicated to servicing wireless client traffic.

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Hi! i have a linksys 3200 router and i am wondering what all External USB HDD work with it. I have a WD 1 TB but it doesn't seem to work with it. I know that with the latest Firmware the router supports drives upto 3 TB so i know my capacity is not the issue but rather it seems that the drive itself just isn't recognized at all.

Anyone know of any drives they know work with this model?

Answer:Routers with built in USB storage support question

If you are running stock firmware on the 3200 check out this guide -

Also is your external drive USB powered or external powered? I know that some of the newer e series linksys routers don't supply enough power to the USB port for the 2.5 inch drives (at least none that I have seen yet... check online thought for additional confirmation)

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I currently have a desktop and Orange Broadband but am thinking of going wireless so that I can use a laptop / notebook in other parts of the house. Am considering buying an Acer notebook and had almost decided to switch to BT wireless but not sure whether this would be compatible with the Acer OS?Have been browsing this site for advice and came across threads about wireless routers e.g. Netgear. Can't understand the point of paying more for wireless broadband if I can just buy a router which will do the same job so am I missing something?Appreciate any help and advice on which I should go for.

Answer:Wireless Broadband / Routers totally confused?

"Can't understand the point of paying more for wireless broadband if I can just buy a router which will do the same job so am I missing something?"Yes, I think you are missing something.Broadband is broadband is broadband to the point where it enters your house.It only becomes 'wireless', if that's what you choose to do, within your house.As you say, you can use a router to wirelessly connect laptops/PCs in a number of rooms throughout the house rather than running wires all over the place."not sure whether this would be compatible with the Acer OS?"The OS is irrelevant. As long as your new laptop is wi-fi enabled (and most laptops are nowadays), that's all you need.

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Ok, so I'm finally looking into replacing/consolidating my current network setup (cable modem > bb router > 100mb switch > comps/wap) and need a little advice. If possible, I really wanted to purchase one device to handle all/most of these tasks. The device that looks like it is coming the closest to what I am looking for is the D-Link DGL-4300. The one thing that is keeping me from getting this right now, is that it does not support jumbo frames. See here and here for more info. Now the Asus router in the second reference link there would be a decent wireless-less alternative, but the review makes a point to say that the routing options and interface are outdated, barren, and unfriendly, whereas the routing features on the 4300 are fairly highly regarded.

Question is, then, does anyone know of a gigabit broadband router (wireless pref., but not req'd.) with good routing features and support for jumbo frames? Price range for consideration probably needs to stay under $200.



Answer:Gigabit broadband routers with Jumbo Frame support?

<$200 for a gigabit router w/ jumbo frames support? Hard. Gigabit switch with jumbo frames + ipcop box w/ Intel PRO1000s under $200? Easier.

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Hi all,
I have a Virgin Media Super Hub with a 60mpbs connection in my study on the first floor. The hub is connected to my NAS and my laptop, both wired. Wireless is disabled on the VM Super Hub, but it is not running in modem mode since I need access to the extra LAN ports.
A gigabit cable runs from the study to the living room on the ground floor where it is connected to the LAN port on a TP-Link n router. There are three devices connected to the router, again wired. This router acts as my hub for all the devices in the house (approx 10 devices in all). I use only the TP-Link as the wireless router since its performance far exceeds that of the Super Hub.
Unfortunately, none of the routers are dual-band. Now that I have a couple of dual-band capable devices, if I enable 5Ghz on the VM Super Hub and retain the 2.4Ghz on the TP-link, will I get the benefits of dual band? If not, what would I need to configure in order to achieve that? Do they need to have the same SSID?
Many thanks.

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What is the highest speed possible when connecting the wireless-AC wifi card to a wireless-N router? My wireless-N machines get 100Mbps speeds on my wireless-N router but the wireless-AC machine only gets 35Mbps.  I understood "AC" to be backwards compatible with "N".  Is does connect but the speed is much lower than the "N" equiped machines. Do I actually need an "AC" router?

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Answer:T440s Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 with wireless-N router

there are lots of problems wih the Intel 7260 card, it's not just you, issues are slow speeds, disconnects, no data transferred at all.

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 I bought TPS230U in may2013, and one monthe ago, the laptop just turned off by itself and wont turn on anymore. I had tried troubleshoop refresh and resetting options but it doesnt work.
My warranty certificate is still valid for itnernational support (now I live in  Brazil), so that, I called Brazil“s support (My laptop ID is: Type 3347 2GU S/N xxxxxxx 13/02.
At the first time I contacted by phone, the attendant asked me to (once again) turn off the laptop  and call back again. Well, I did it, adn (of course) it didnt work. So I called once again. The second the new clerk said I should buy a cd or dvd ( which could not be via USB stick ) , download from other computer and copy  an image file  that lenovo would understand the problem . I explained that I had not cd to record that moment. But he was very rude, and told me that it the  support goes to my house and concludes that there is a software problem and not hardwa, I was supposed to pay for the visit. So, I went to a store and bought a recordable CD , recorded the ISO file and got home to insert it into the laptop and....for my surprise,  my laptop doenst have any  entry for CD ! I feel that lenovo has been really disrespectfull with me and all I want is to have a simple support to my laptop, but I still couldnt have. Pleaase let me know how can I solve this problem before my waranty term expires!!! 
Moderator Note; s/n edited for member's own protection

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i currently have a dell Inspiron 5558 laptop for over an year now but the screen stop working over 6 months ago, i looked up the warranty information at the time of screen stopped working and was re-assured that it showed February 18, 2017 therefore i did not consider that it is very urgent to call tech support since i have other laptops. today when i call the support service, i was informed that product was not registered and i have to pay $233 to replace the LCD screen, they still argued that dell warranty website showed the correct information but when i looked it up, the website still displays the same.  did anyone else encounter this issue??
below is the warranty service which is still display at this time

Answer:Dell Warranty is reflecting incorrect data as per technical support and support manager

Was the system purchased direct from Dell, or at retail - or on EBay, Amazon, etc?

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Does lenovo has a plan to support  intel ac 7260 for yoga 2 13? I have read this thread. bios(v1.15) is still not support. And Where is old bios version link about V1.09?It seems can support Lenovo-branded  ac 7260 netcard.    

Answer:Does lenovo has a plan to support intel ac 7260 for yoga 2 13? Current bios(v1.15) is not support.

Dear Web32
Welcome in lenovo community
The only supported card on this model is Intel 7260 2x2, 802.11 BGN .and the applicable BIOS version is 96CN29WW (V1.15)
Can you please explain more what is the issue with your Wifi 

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i bought a lenovo thinkpad edge which is missing the model sticker from the bottom left of screen
all i need is a link to the most recent windows 7 drivers including bios update
and i would like to know a list of processors i could upgrade to current cpu is i3 m370 @2.40ghz
this website does not recognise serial number or product so i will post all th details i can below .... please help !!
TYPE 0319 - 2AG
S/N LR - xxxxx     11/10
Mod edit: S/N removed

Answer:Unknown thinkpad bios support and processor upgrade support needed

Welcome to the forum!
Your model is a ThinkPad Edge 15
ThinkPad Edge 15 0319-2AG
i3-370M(2.4GHz), 4GB RAM, 500GB 5400rpm HD, 15.6in 1366x768 LCD, Intel HD Graphics, CDRW/DVDRW, 802.11bgn wireless, 1Gb Ethernet, UltraNav, Camera, 6c Li-Ion, Win7 Pro 64
You can get the drivers from the EOL page: 

Since you have an Intel model, you can upgrade to any of these CPU's:

Intel Core i3 370M, 2x 2,26 GHz, 3MB Cache
Intel Core i5 450M, 2x 2,40 GHz, 3MB Cache
Intel Core i5 460M, 2x 2,40 GHz, 3MB Cache
Intel Core i5 480M, 2x 2,66 Ghz, 3MB Cache


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I keep receiving calls from fake MICROSOFT Tech support with various telephone numbers. Strange, they do not show up in my phone on line logs. They wanted me to go to FASTSUPPORT\763721586 ( do not use  these numbers). It is a company  called they also give you a complaint department where you can enter the number that you feel is causing you problems, the number of the LOGMEINRESCUE type remote access code. of course it is clear to them that you are suspicious and they will get rid of the  phone operator who didn't succeed. So do not bother to leave any complaint.


Appears you are dealing with a well known scam.Microsoft does not make unsolicited phone calls, display pop-up alerts in your browser to call a support number or send unsolicited email messages to request personal or financial information or to fix your computer.Avoid scams that use the Microsoft name fraudulentlyIs that call from Microsoft a scam?Tell Your Relatives: No, Microsoft Won’t Call You About Your ComputerMicrosoft calling? Mind the tech support scammer!Tech Support Scamming through unsolicited phone calls, browser pop-ups and emails from "so-called Support Techs" advising "your computer is infected with malware", “All Your Files Are Encrypted" and other fake "alert messages" has become an increasing common scam tactic over the past several years. The scams may involve web pages with screenshots of fake Microsoft (Windows) Support messages, fake reports of suspicious activity, fake warnings of malware found on your computer, fake ransomware and fake BSODs all of which include a tech support phone number to call in order to fix the problem. If you call the phone number (or they called you), scammers will talk their victims into allowing them remote control access of the computer so they can install a Remote Access Trojan in order to steal passwords and other sensitive personal information which could then be used to access bank accounts or steal a person's identity.These are a few examples.Call Windows Help Desk Immediately Tech Support Scam Fake Your com... Read more

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I have a T430s laptop and it is less than 6 months old. It starting getting blue screens within a month of purchasing it. Technical support has been helpless in trying to fix the laptop. First, tech support told me to turn update my computer daily. Then another tech support employee told me to turn OFF my auto updates. This did nothing and over a few weeks the blue screens progressively got worse. Next, tech support told me to run a diagnostic on my computer which turned up nothing. Then, they tried giving me recovery discs and a new hard drive. After that failed they took it in to replace the system board which made the blue screens worse. Then they sent me MORE recovery CDs to try to fix the problem and that also made the blue screens worse. I called tech support after this and they said they would send in a request for a replacement laptop. I was told I would hear from someone in a couple days. FIVE days later I got a called from someone asking if I wanted a replacement and I said yes. Then I was told I had to wait two more business days to get contacted about it. Another 3-4 business days later, someone called me to tell me that they would NOT be replacing the laptop despite the fact tech support could not fix the laptop. After calling tech support once again, I was told that they wanted me to send in my laptop again for up to 7 business days! This is completely unacceptable. I have had problems with this laptop almost the entire time I have owned it and no one knows... Read more

Answer:T430s constant blue screen and no help from customer support or tech support. Help!

What are you running when you get the blue screens?  (operating system and applications)
Are there messages in the event log when it crashes?

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I have just sent a thinkpad back for repair for the first time in over 20 years of owning  Thinkpad.  I have had 8 thinkpad  series laptops in my time as well as a few desktops and now lenovo phones. I am absolutely horrified with the diabolical Thinkpad support. This is meant to be business level support. I feel like I am phoning up Curry's.  Laptop sent back with hard disk in it and I am being told now that it "turned up without a hard disk in it". Now undercurrent of me lying. Original problem had not been assessed and I still don't have my laptop back after 3 weeks. Customer service agents just tell you anything they want to get you off the phone. I suppose all things come to an end but my loyalty to the Thinkpad brand is probably over now.  I am sure I am not the first. Has anyone else come across this?

Answer:Terrible Thinkpad Support Premium Prices for Sub-Standard Support. Business users avoid now.

Oh, yes. I'm going through something similar over the last few weeks. Here is my thread on it.Been updating it every week. All I ever get is blown off no matter who I talk to. Good luck getting your situation resolved. I'm guessing it was sent to their depot in Tennessee?

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We are Dell resellers and had placed an order for 43 Laptops - Dell Latitude 3560 with Dell on 13th June, 2016. We delivered them to our customer on Friday 17th June, 2016. On Monday 20th June we discovered that all the Laptops are faulty and are not functioning properly. They have not been able to use a single system due to touchpad issues in the entire lot
We have made innumerable calls Dell to resolve the problem, but the team is unable to identify and rectify the problem. 
We have spoken to our partner account manager, regional account manager, Service Specialist and Escalation Team, requesting them to provide us with a solution at the earliest as their work is getting hampered. Our customer has to deploy the same by 1st July however they do not have any Dell Laptops functioning correctly.  
How do we escalate this to the Dell management and get a replacement ASAP

Answer:Who do you contact if the DELL India Escalation and Support Team fails to provide support for brand new Laptops

Hopefully one of the Dell rep see your post and be able to help. If no one answer your question then I suggest you contact Technical or Customer Support in the link below.

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I clean installed windows 7 on my Y650. Then camera is not working, microphone is not working (even if I use external microphone, it is not working). I tried using vista driver but not working. is there any way to make them work? really frustrated ...

Answer:IdeaPad Y650, no microphone support, no camera support in windows 7

same problem here, internal AND external microphone are not working after a clean install of Win7?Does anyone knows where can I find the driver for the microphone?

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I paid for 3 years of support and accidental damage in home support. Together, it cost around $400 on my new XPS laptop. Afew months after I bought XPS 15 9560, I pulled out the charging cord, and a round piece of plastic that was inside the port came out too.
I called technical support at 5 pm EST, and received someone in Southern India. I gave them my information, and they confirmed that I had service. They then fought with me for 15 minutes, telling me I could NOT have any in home service. The representative, who kept calling me by my first name (no respect)  said I had to send my laptop to a depot in Texas for them to identify the issue. Finally, after I insisted, the representative, S. Sirya Kiran, FINALLY allowed me to get in home support IF I sent him photos of the damage. I did. Finally, I received an email telling me to select a date for service, which I did, 12/18/17 between 9 am and 1:00 pm .
I took time off and waited. No one came by 11:30, or called. So I contacted World Wide Tech Services. They then told me they didn't have enough techs to handle my area, so they were NOT coming. I asked why no one gave me the courtesy of a phone call and they had no answer. They said a new company, Unisys, would contact me. (I doubt they ever will.)
Is this what Dell gives people for their money as far as support and accidental damage in home service for $400? This is an outrage.

Nelson Timken

Answer:Laptop Charging Port Broken---Paid for Support---Got No Support

repeat of his earlier post from this morning

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The Microsoft Product Support Reporting Tool facilitates the gathering of critical system and logging information used in troubleshooting support issues. This information helps diagnose problems in the software quicker and provide solutions. Download.

Answer:Use Microsoft Product Support Reports Tools for troubleshooting and support

Thanks for the link,,Very useful..

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Hello there, I'm interested in finding out more about the X220 - In particular the actual bandwidth available to the i7 Version of the X220 with it's USB 3 port. I'd like to be able to use the Black Magic Design Intensity Shuttle with this laptop, however it requires a Super Speed USB 3.0 Port. It's common for laptops to only use a single PCIe lane interconnect, giving the USB3 Port only 2.5gbps of available bandwidth. This won't be enough to allow that capture card to work  A similar situation also exists for the Expresscard slot - To be able to support Expresscard v2.0, It needs to provide 5gbps (2x PCIe v1 lanes). If it does this, It's possible I can buy an USB 3 Expresscard which will have enough bandwidth to use the card. In short I would like to know if the super speed USB 3 port can actually function at the intended speed, and is not crippled to half rate. 

Running an 4286CTO - X220 i7 2620m, 4gig Ram, 320gig HDD. 6 Cell battery


Go to Solution.

Answer:X220 - Expresscard 2.0 Support / Full Super Speed USB 3.0 (i7) Support?

hey SuperRoach,i recommend getting in contact with Lenovo Australia via the link below >>

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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Started about a month ago - pops up over and over and over and over - about every five minutes or less.  I've got a Dell Studio XPS with Windows 7 Professional.  Another forum said to just uninstall Dell Support Center (Support Center Software) - but when I try to uninstall it - THE SAME STUPID WINDOW POPS UP ASKING ME TO INSERT THE SOFTWARE.  I tried doing a Browse and it's looking for DSC20.msi.  I haven't managed to find it yet.  I have at least found \Program Files(x86)\Dell Support Center but there's so many sub-directories...
I shouldn't have to be jumping through so many hoops just to uninstall a program.  This is driving me crazy and I haven't found an answer online yet.

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I've just purchased a dual band wireless router, but not sure which is the best (or recommended) way to set up the wireless element.
Is it better to create two separate networks with unique names on each band (i.e 'My Network 1' and 'My Network 2'), or to give both bands the same network name ('My Network')?
At the moment, I've given them separate names, and noticed that some of my devices don't even see the 5GHz network when scanning for available networks, but it's no problem to change if that it what is advised.

Answer:Best way to use a dual band wireless router.

Yes best to split the networks, the old stuff will not see the 5Ghz as not compatible so set them for the slow band and the other stuff with the fast band.

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Looking to replace the venerable Linksys WRT54GL with something that can do G and N wireless (older laptops, newer laptops, and a Boxee Box), as well as at least four gigabit ports for our LAN.

As well, looking to get 100Mbps internet plan, so it has to support minimum 100Mbps downstream to LAN and WAN devices.

Any recommendations? Much thanks everyone

Answer:Dual band wireless router with Gb LAN

Netgear WNDR3700 or higher series.

Linksys / Cisco 4200

Asus RT-N56

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hello, i am looking for some advice on this type of router, at the moment i have a thompson speedtouch 585, connected to my desktop via ethernet cable, and one laptop that runs wirelessly also my son has a ps3 which also connects to internet through this router, i have another laptop coming for xmas which will share this too, so i was looking to by another router that may support all these things better, the thomson one is not bad, but we have had it for a few years, the thing is i have searched in my system information to see if the desktop would support an N router, (the thompson one is b/g,) but not exactly sure what to look for or where,i have a packard bell iextreme x2711 running windows vista 32 bit operating system, intel(R)core(TM)2 quad cpu 2.40Ghz,if anyone could advise if the n router would be ok on this system i would be grateful

Answer:wireless n router dual band

The computers will all work with an "N" router because of backward compatibility with "B" and "G". However, the enhanced performance of 802.11n will only be realised by connecting with 802.11n Wireless Network Adapters in the computers.I couldn't find a 'spec' for your particular PC but, if you go into Device Manager ("Start > Run", type DEVMGMT.MSC and click OK), expand the Network Adapters section and double click your wireless adapter, its Properties should indicate if it's 'G' or 'N'.

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I know there are multiple solutions for wired routing, but what about wireless (N band)?

Reason I am asking.

The new performance routers are in the >$150 range and that is almost as much as a Atom powered computer. Of course the Atom will be more user modify-able.

I know you can't really just look at it from a cost angle, but more from a project angle.

Ideal solution would be one of those slick new net-tops as a wireless router.

Just curious.

Answer:Anyone MAKE their own WIRELESS N band router?

It's pretty simple, just create a wireless ad-hoc network and then enable internet connection sharing on a laptop or any other device with a wireless N adapter.

Presto, your other wireless devices connect to the laptop/nettop via ad-hoc (host-to-host) which consequently shares its wired internet connection with the other devices.

Actually it's a really good thing you brought this up. My wireless router (being used as an access point) is dying (can't manage more than 1 concurrent connection without having serious stability issues) and I've got an old crappy HP desktop and a spare USB wireless adapter that I could use in its place until I feel like scraping up a spare $100+ bucks to spend on a decent WAP. I'm too friggin' broke.

Would save me getting disconnected from the wireless on my laptop whenever my girlfriend starts up FarmVille on hers.

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So I am sitting here on my MacBook Pro which in my opinion does not have any wireless issues whatsoever, it works. I still own this ThinkPad with a garbage wireless card, and I feasted my eyes on an Intel 7260 but lo and behold, it isn't on the whitelist! Scouring eBay and Amazon I did find a FRU, but would the number of that FRU be the same on the Hardware list? Lets see, well I cannot even find it. All I get are Page Not Found errors which to me is a hilarious joke of Lenovo's support. What does this mean for me? Is my X230 at a very very unnecessary end of life? Should I like, fork out £1400 for an "upgraded" model that probably won't fix most of my problems? My problems is money and saving money. Should i now look elsewhere? No, because I'd rather keep my money to actually FIX my current laptop's problems (the N2200 is a garbage card and would like to replace it with something that's up to date to todays technology but that isn't happening by the sounds of it) I am frustrated with my current laptop's problems and it's having a large effect on my studies. And possibly you can also lose customers by inadequate non-existent support and failure to give us the freedom to actually let us upgrade for those who do. For those who don't, more like.

______________________________________________________Owner of: ThinkPad SL510, X131e, X230 (not fond of)Other systems: MSI GT640, Sony Vaio PCG 709K, Dell Latitude D430,

... Read more

Answer:Lack of X230 information on Lenovo Support, where's my old support?

GLaDOSPulse wrote:
All I get are Page Not Found errors which to me is a hilarious joke of Lenovo's support.

Seems to work for me...
System service parts: click here!
X230 FRU: click me!

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Comcast email customer service is one of the leading service providers within the fields of email service providers. Comcast email support team does not solely resolve your issues however conjointly they enhance your accounts’ settings in order that you'll use your account with optimum ease. they assist you in backing up your important emails, login issues, and security from malicious software problems, clearing junk or spammed emails, lost or forgotten passwords. Slightly you need to take care chunks is therefore always. 24/7 client support is offered by Comcast email help for any of Microsoft email services or the other. problems like Hotmail account not performing on iPhone 6, Hotmail not sending on iPhone, Hotmail not receiving emails from my server, how to reset Comcast password on iPad etc are mounted by us in less amount of your time. Tools of on-line troubleshooting, remote access, email recovery and #password #reset are employed by comcast email support number to deliver solutions. you'll avail Comcast customer services anytime from anywhere. call the e-mail recovery engineers now on Comcast email customer support (Comcast Email Help).

Answer:Comcast Technical Support By Email Support Number

You can also contact roadrunner because now a day’s roadrunner email is one of the finest web email service providers. Roadrunner email is used by the customers worldwide. Users are facing issues like password reset, account setup issue, account hacking issue, receiving and sending emails issue and many problems, to please contact roadrunner.

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This is a General question regarding the end of support for XP. I realise at the end date the computer should be backed up in case you have to format the disc at any time after the end of the support period.

My question is does the built in Windows back up in XP when backing up the system include the installed updates? Or is it best to use third party software to do this.


Answer:[SOLVED] End ofThis is a general question regarding the end of support for XP support

I believe Windows just backs up your personal files and won't do the entire OS. You'll need a 3rd party program to do the entire HDD.

Also you really should think about upgrading to Windows 7. Staying on XP after the end support date is not recommended as you will lose security updates from Microsoft as well as patches.

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When I installed Win8 on one computer I need a H.P. printer driver. So I went to H.P. support/download did not find the needed driver so I called their Tech. support. A friendly support guy looked at my system and told me my copy of Microsoft Win8 bought at Best Buy was not a legit copy, also my system had been infected and they needed to remove my Win8 clean my system and reinstall Win8. made me a deal of a reduced price of $250US I knew this was not right so I begged them good buy went to Best Buy where I have good friends in the Geek Squad. they got the needed driver and printer works fine.
Today my Netgear routher died, called Netgear to get my lifetime warranty. This also was a support in India guy said it would cost $39US to make sure it was the router I said thanks but no thanks. Took my old Netgear router back to Best Bye where I bought it three years ago and they gave me a new Netgear router. I needed setup help so called Netger as new user also in India guy was friendly looked at my system and helped me get it setup. Then he informed me my computer was under attack and my files were being read he could fix my system and protect my files for the small sum of just $85US. Well I was using a small backup H.P. computer on the Net. hardwired and it was almost never used. So I knew it was a India Tech. support scam again.
I think these guys in India do support for many Mfg.s and software makers, and it's an easy way to gleen a lot of fast cash from people who trust the br... Read more

Answer:Tech. Support Scam from India support bases.

Are you sure you were using legitimate HP/Netgear phone numbers? Where did you get the numbers from?

Are you sure it wasn't just a variation of the scams the FTC are starting to crack down on?
How Windows tech support scammers walked right into a trap set by the feds | Ars Technica

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The crew at Legit Reviews had a lot of nice things to say about the ASUS RT-AC3200 they just reviewed. If you are wireless router shopping, this review should be of interest to you.

As part of their Extreme Series, ASUS has released their RT-AC3200 Tri-Band 802.11ac router that features one of the fastest data rate combinations of any router on the market today. With a theoretical top speed of 3200 Mbps, the ASUS RT-AC3200 uses two 802.11ac networks (5.0 GHz and 2.4 GHz) with three transmitters a piece for a 3x3 antenna configuration.Click to expand...


Answer:ASUS RT-AC3200 Tri-Band Wireless Router

What's confusing me about Asus's offerings, is that the newer/faster the model, the less well it performs (even with newer firmware updates this appears to be the case)?

I mean, I'm all set to get the 87u at this point, but even it's glowing reviews imply the 68u still can outperform it, is this also true for the AC3200 model (which seems to not have a similar naming convention)?

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I have a Dlink 655 and love, but I'm playing with the idea of getting a dual band router. Not sure switcheable vs simultaneous dual band, either. What are you're recommendations for a good dual band wireless router? How's about the Dlink 825?


Answer:recommendation for a dual band wireless router

wrt320n - have one, love it!

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Using with a Netgear MA101 USB Adapter.Does anyone know why I keep losing my wireless conection?PCs are both running XP.PCs less than 5 mtrs apart (one on ground floor other in room above, wooden floor).I have tried all sorts of configuations, no WEP, 64bit WEP, 128bit WEP, trusted MAC numbers.Upgraded to the latest firmware.Works ok for a few mins (sometimes hours), then all I get is 'Wireless Network Unavliable.'

Answer:Netgear DG824M wireless B/band Router

Have you tried phoning Netgear tech support? I had a problem with my wireless router (the print server on it stopped working). One phone call to them and they talked me through a few options which all failed. They then said they would send me a new router to try. If it worked, I should send the old one back to them. The router arrived the next day and worked so I sent the old one back.If you have a look in the consumer watch forum for Netgear you will see that they have excellent customer service.Hope this helps.RegardsFitshase

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I have Telewest Broadband (in the UK) and just had to return a Linksys WRT54GS router as I couldn't get it to work when I VPN'd into the office from home.

Spent 2 hrs on the phone with Linksys support - they failed to get it working and suggested the unit might be faulty. After further research it seems this model doesn't work with VPN - so I am now looking for recommendations for a wireless router that supports VPN.

My budget is about £50. - Any suggestions appreciated.

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I need to change my BT Homehub 2 router and an thinking of going dual band wireless. Has anyone any particular views on what I should look for when deciding which to get? Cost is important so top of the range is out for me. I have considered the BT Homehub 4r but is this the way to go or is there something better?

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am having trouble at the moment getting a stable WIRELESS connection with my fibre (plusnet)
am connecting to a ps3,xbox,laptop and ipad. but the wireless keeps disconecting but plusnet say i have a stable connection (wired) but sent me a new router which was ok for a couple of weeks but started again .they said i might need a dual band router but i told him it worked ok (slow)with only 1mb and a wireless G router and now have wireless N router and 45mb speed.have also got a belkin F5D8235-4 AND A BELKIN F5D8633-4
router, which is best or should i get a dual band router,

Answer:router choice help (dual band) WIRELESS

also what is the difference between my 2 and a DUAL BAND ROUTER.
and what is the USB port for on my router.

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I'm looking to buy a new wireless router. Being the geek that I am, I'm interested in buying one that has the most features (that I can actually use).

I've read that the Linksys WRT54G lets you install Linux onto it, allowing you to do LOTS of neat things.

Do any other routers have similar features? (eg. allowing other programs to be installed onto them)

I'd like to just buy the WRT54G, but it's around $60 at my local stores. Other routers such as Netgear and D-Link are only $20 - $30.

Do any of these other routers support features like I mentioned above?

Answer:Wireless routers with hacked firmware/bios? (I'm looking for a new wireless router)

it comes stock with linux on it actually, but yeah, only linksys routers are flashable so far (due to the open source)

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Question: router support

i have 2 pc`s and one laptop at home.i connect to the internet with a 3g data we have to keep moving the data card from one computer to the other depending on who wants to use it.i was told to buy a router to connect all my computers with one data card.can someone explain to me how this i need cables to connect the computers or is this completely wireless.

Answer:router support

Since you have a data card that obviously isn't compatible with a router, you'd have to use ICS to share the connection. Microsoft ICS (Internet Connection Sharing)

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Does the AT&T ewire 2701HG-B router support WPS?

Answer:Does my router support WPS

Did you mean the AT&T 2wire 2701HG-B router?
If so, did you carefully check if there is a "WPS" button on it?

I think it does, I searched a lot and I couldn't find anything except this:

There's an option to enable or disable it, which probably means WPS exists... Or is it not the same modem.. I don't know.. honestly, I searched for 10+minutes, I didn't find anything else..

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I am trying to set up a wirless network using BT Yahoo 1Mb Broadband and NETGEAR 108Mbps Wireless Media Router WBT634U but, am basically getting absolutely nowhere, I am relatively new to this WiFi set up and nothing is going like it says in the brochure.Grrrrr Please help me Spiderman!!!!!!!!!Ed

Answer:Netgear Wireless Media Router with BT Yahoo b/band

Ed747,You really need to give us more info on your setup.The first question has to be what adsl modem are you trying to connect with. Note that this router does not have a modem built in and you cannot use the usb modem supplied by BT Yahoo.Assuming you are using a seperate ethernet connected adsl modem to terminate the adsl/broadband signal then have a look through this previous hereRegards,Rioja

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Hi there

Right, I really need some help here - I thought I had done this correctly but clearly not as it still doesn't work

Basically, I got my sister a wireless router, and purchased a big antenna for her to take up to Uni, as she has rented a house with loads of friends, and it's massive with very thick walls.

Luckily, the router and modifications mean she can access it all round the house (although she has had to put a long cat 5 cable in to put it on the middle floor).

When she finally got round to purchasing internet (from "Be") they sent her a wireless ADSL modem / router.

Here is the problem:
The router they sent doesn't have the range needed in my sisters house.
The router I gave her doesn't have an ADSL modem.
They also don't have a telephone cable going to the middle floor, only cat 5.

How can I connect the two routers together?
I know it's possible by turning off DHCP etc from the second router, but it doesn't seem to be working.

More info:
Router "A" is the ADSL modem/ wireless router they provided.
Router "B" is a Kcorp KLG-575 - pdf manual can be found: here

Connection info from a pc connected wirelessley to router "A":

Physical Address: 00-16-6F-96-2F-BD
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DHCP Server:
Lease Obtained: 20/11/2007 16:21:12
Lease Expires: 21/11/2007 16:21:... Read more

Answer:Connecting two routers together - One wireless ADSL, the other a DSL wireless router

You need to get her a wireless Access Point and place it in a central location in the house. Select the DSL modem and configure the Access Point to connect with it...

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Dial 0800-098-8590 for HP Technical Support, our technician are here to give best solutions for your issues at any time. Feel free call us for your HP your issues, HP Printer Support.
3">[click here

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I have a Thinkpad T450s and it is just over a year old. It still has 3 more years of warranty. Edit: Warranty type: TPJ (This product has a four year limited warranty which includes a warranty upgrade. This product is entitled to parts and labor and is entitled to Depot service).Recently the lenovo solution center gave an critical error for the HDD (Read test failure) and I submitted an online request reporting it. Without even sending me an email or contacting me, they sent me a new part and gave me zero information about it. Apparently every other person can replace a HDD now!  I have created 3 more cases calling their tech support to send the laptop for a depo repair. Everytime the request is rejected 'at the vendor' according to the customer care. Neither the customer care people or tech support can tell me why. Every time they create a new case, tell me I will receive a depo bag nect day, and I dont receive anything, have to call depo customer care and on hold for minimum 40 minutes, only to hear that the case has been rejected they dont know why.One tech support told me now I have to send the new part back before creating a new case, otherwise it will be rejected again. but he does not know how I can send the new part back. The return label sent to me was for the faulty HDD.Can anyone help? What is the point of paying for warranty if I receive this type of service? 

Answer:HORRIBLE tech support and warranty support

You do not state which type of warranty you currently have, there are a few which will affect how TS will or can respond. I hope you get this resolved to your satisfaction...

T61, 6465, Vista

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What is wrong with MS Tech Support, they say they dont support One Drive. I cannot connect to One Drive with any of my Windows phones, iPhone, or Android cell. I called tech support and they told me they are not trained to support One Drive for cell phones. I have spent lots of money on my equipment to be told they do not support it.

Answer:What is wrong with MS Tech Support, they say they don't support One Drive?

Did you go here?

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Some how my old friend managed to upgrade my PC from Windows XP to Windows 7 with that chipset driver CD I gave him. I don't know how he did it. I would ask him but he moved to Germany. Anyway I've heard you can run the setup with Windwos Vista compatiblity mode but I don't know if it is safe. Anyone know?

Answer:Motherboard support CD does not support your operating system

Download the drivers from the manufacturers website. The driver CD is likely outdated anyway.

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Tech was unable to set up network printing for my 6835 and I was promised a call back. Have not received one. 

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As we know Dell is one of the most reputed Brands in the field of information technology because of it provides high-quality services to its customers. But still sometimes some products of Dell might face some technical issues and due to these type of issues, some important work may get stuck. So if you don?t want to face such kind of situation then contact us we will help in keeping your Dell product Error-free. So for that, you have to dial our toll-free Dell Support Number +1-888-989-8478. For more details please visit our website-

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Call Technical support. Thank you! Support +1(877) 210-0840

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Hi, I've got a d-link DSL G640T modem / router and would like to know if it will support 8mb broadband? If it will, I want to upgrade with BT. How can I find out?Thanks all, Dio

Answer:Will my mopdem / router support 8mb BB?

The router should be capable of 8 Mb broadband, but you may get a slower speed than that if your line isn't up to it. If you live close to the exchange and the line is good quality you should get 8 Mb, however if you live a bit further away you might get a slower connection.

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Hi all i have read the forums but am still confusedi have a compaq presario sr1705uk desktop pc and dont know if it has a network adapter one site i went on says it has intergrated networking but i dont know if that means i dont need an adapterthe other thing is i am on virgin media and have an extrnal modem via ethernet so i assume i need cable wireless router? how does this connect to the pc and what is the best router with the gratest distancelastly the pc i want to connect to has no adapter so do i need a usb dongle?please need your expert helpthanks

Answer:wireless router im confused!

I'm slightly confused, what are you plugging the Ethernet modem in to? Is it an Ethernet port in your machine? You also say the PC you want to connect to doesn?t have an adaptor, is this a laptop?

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   I meet a issue on win7 Professional(Service Pack1) as connecting to a wireless router supported dual bands(2.4G & 5G). After one SSID get PBC prompt, other can't get PBC prompt on win7.  
   But click two SSID(2.4G or 5G) can both get PBC prompt on win10.Pls help check why Only one SSID can get PBC prompt on win7 and other can't get PBC prompt on win7. Then
win10 has no this issue. Thanks<o:p></o:p>
The steps are in the following. 
1.enable 2.4G & 5G wps on wireless router "Connect" button to connect a 2.4G SSID firstly in win7's Wireless Network Connection (not choose "Connect automatically")<o:p></o:p>
3.win7 will get 2.4G PBC promt that display "You can also connect by pushing the button on the router"

4.win7 fail to get 5G PBC promt(pic1 no ""You can also connect by pushing the button on the router") if click "Connect"
button to connect a 5G SSID later<o:p></o:p>
5.Reboot win7, then click 5G SSID to try to connect 5G firstly
6.Win7 get 5G PBC prompt and fail to get 2.4G PBC prompt later if click 2.4G SSID.<o:p></o:p>
We find WIN7 client also meet this issue in following dual-band routers ( 2.4G & 5G wifi chips are same vendor)<o:p></o:p>
Netgear R8500(2.4G BCM4366+5G BCM4366)
Netgear R8000(2.4G BCM43602+5G BCM43602)
ASUS AC-1200 (2.4G MT7612EN+5G M... Read more

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Yo! As the title says I have in my possession an Asus RT-N56U Dual Band Wireless Router. A friend gave it to me, since the 2.4 GHz Band stopped working. He says that the Antenna could have melted because he tried resetting the device, upgrading its firmware, and verifying that the Router's page had the spectrum enabled.

I also tried those steps to verify it to no avail.

Any suggestions?


Answer:Asus RT-N56U (Wireless Router) isn't broadcasting 2.4GHz Band

1st, check that the 2.4 antennae is on and that the 2.4 SSID is broadcast in the wireless setup page of the router.

If that all good, you could try to update the firmware

Networking - RT-N56U
Manuals are under Manuals & Document
Firmware is under Drivers and Tools (skip the beta version and grab the nexy one - Version

Might as well have a look at the FAWs too - there might be a solution there.

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As the topic states, I am trying to find a router that can authenticate TO a server that requires PEAP authentication. I don't even know if such a thing exists... :-x

But in either case let me try to explain the background of my situation and what I am trying to do.
I just recently moved back in to dorms at my college after a semester of living at home. I decided to bring my newly built rig to school with me. When I plugin my wired connection for my laptop (so that I could send in the information (MAC addresses) of my router+new desktop) I see that I need some sort of verification. I did some asking around and find out that my school had implemented PEAP authentication to both wired and wireless networks. At this point I figure out how to get my laptop up and running on the network (so that, at the very least I have *something* to get online with)
Now, I tried following my schools documentation for wired PEAP again on my desktop ( ) however, on my desktop there is no Authentication tab in my connection properties.
So, after that, I try to see if I can just use my router (relatively old) and split a connection with the NAT gateway. But, it would not grab an IP address (99% sure its because it cant authenticate with the PEAP on the server).

if any of you know of routers that can authenticate to a server that uses PEAP could you possibly tell me the make/model/approx... Read more

Answer:looking for a router with 802.1x/PEAP authentication support

Understand that your request..... maybe be against the forum rules (bypass security). However, I'll let the Mods decide which is which.

Now to answer your question, I doubt there is any non-pc device that can authenticate using 802.1x (only exception being printers, some barcode scanners/pda devices).

Your only option really is to get it working with a PC and to use ICS or other NATing software.

I'm not sure if 802.1x works on x64. Assuming you have xp sp2 running, go to services and look for wireless zero config service. This service usually is used with wireless devices, however, it also handles the authentication pieces. Make sure this is running and you should see the 802.1x tabs on your PC.

Good Luck!

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Looks like its time to upgrade from my older Linksys WRT54GX router to a new one.
My question is which new routers support IPv6?? How can you tell?? Is there a comprehensive list of new routers supporting it??
(If I am to upgrade, might as well get a nice one that supports it).

Anyone have suggestions for a good/great (wireless) router that plays nice with Win7 x64?? Something in the sub $200 range. Willing to spend more for a better product.
(In doing some research I have seen poor reviews for virtually all routers, no matter the make/brand... so maybe I should be looking for the "LEAST WORST"..LOL)

Currently I have 4 hardwired computers and 4 wireless devices (1 computer, 3 "other"--ipod touch, wii, etc)

Anys suggestions will be appreciated.

Answer:Which home router support IPv6 ??

"Looks like its time to upgrade from my older Linksys WRT54GX router to a new one.


I have WRT54G since the beginning and it works still, what are u wanting to do from having a specific ipv6 router?

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Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo BADDDDDDD.I have been emailing Buffalo support in UK for the past 6 weeks. I have a problem that lots of others are experiencing, which is my router loses its settings. They are the most unco-operative, obstructive support centre I have ever experienced. They fail to read the description of the problem, they cannot supply a remedy. I have tried all the things they suggested. Instead of suggesting returning the unit, they have abandoned my case, and left me with a defective unit. They are allegedly almost worse than Belkin.

Answer:Buffalo router support diabolical

If you are sure that you have been wronged, refer the matter to the local authority Trading Standards section. I'd like to bet that that will make them a tad more receptive.

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Thanks for providing these important website info regarding SoftwareIf anyone need netgear router technical support Visit Netgear Router technical support linksys customer service Cisco router Customer Support D-link Router Tech Support

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Receiving following error message when running my PS4s connection test and currently online gaming is almost impossible - 'The router in use may not support IP fragmentation and some functions may be limited....' I've contacted both Sony and my internet provider (Vodafone) and got no where. My Ps4 is the only device in my home having this issue and my PS3 works fine. Sony blames Vodafone and Vodafone blames Sony. I've been researching this issue and I've tried every fix I could find to no avail including port forwarding and a ping test to find correct mtu. The error message appears using WiFi and Ethernet. Apologies if this is the wrong site to ask this question but I'm desperate for some kind of solution, any feedback or suggestions would be really appreciated.


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Sonicwall is too pricy right now. Meraki goes the same. Sonicwall is nice because it can filter traffic too. Can anyone recommend a custom build solution for firewall that can also filter.

Answer:ROuter/Firewall to support 1GBE

Whats the budget ?

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What are some cheap routers that support Multiple WAN ip's with NAT?

1 to 1 nat

Answer:cheap router that support multiple WAN IP's NAT

xincom twin wan router.

Its not bad its not great either. The firmware has a long way to mature. Personnaly I am waiting for m0n0wall to support twin wan's.

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Hi all,I am new to the forum and I am currently looking for a modem-router or just arouter to which I can connect a printer and external HDD. I have only one computer but would like to move around the house. any ideas any one?many thanks

Answer:modem router with usb to support printer and HDD

Any modem router with ethernet connection ports would enable you to do this. (and most do)Wireless would allow you to move (the PC around the house)Look at D-Link, Netgear, Linksys.You would need a network enabled printer (eg click here)or a print server, though a few expensive modem routers incorporate a print server. You also need a network attached storage device to provide the external HDD. Search using Google for NAS devices.Connect printer and NAS device to router using ethernet network cables and PC by wireless and you are there!

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Hello, Folks..

I was planning to upgrade my OS (Windows XP pro) from 32-bit to 64-bit, and found out my current router won't be supported for the OS, according to their web site.

If it is true, what brand support 64-bit OS currently?
My knowledge over wireless tech is between noobie to intermediate, so please easy on me~

Thank you...

Answer:Which brand Router support x64 Windows XP?


Routers are device independent. As long as TCP/IP is installed, NETGEAR routers work with all operating systems. However most of the information in manuals assumes installation and maintenance is done in a Windows operating system. For information on Windows TCP/IP contact Microsoft or the network interface card vendor.Click to expand...

Reread the underlined part, as you seem to've misread it the first (or second...) time around. Your router will work with any operating system that supports the TCP/IP protocol, even XP64. Routers just need a network connection, they don't need drivers installed on the computer. The only problems you might have running XP64 are drivers for the devices in your computer, such as LAN adapter, modem, wireless network card, etc.

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So my girlfriend and I just inherited her dad's Netgear WNDR3700v3. They said the power switch on their surge protector got cycled one day and suddenly the router stopped broadcasting its SSID. After swapping out the router they still had various wireless connectivity / general internet issues, so they got their ISP out and found that specific issue was on their side... I'm not really network savi, for whatever reason, but I know that SSID broadcasting has to be on and the Wireless Radio has to be on. Both boxes are checked for both bands in the router setup and the indicator light is solid-on on the front panel of the router, yet I still can not detect the signal on our phones. What's really strange is that after putting a hardline from the router to my computer I can connect via my computer's WiFi... What could it be?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:NETGEAR Dual Band Wireless Router Not Broadcasting SSID (Yes! The box is checked!)

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So I'm going to set up a wireless access point to allow a small business to go wireless. I'm interested in something that will serve them well. It doesn't need room for expansion, as long as it can support 4 to 7 users right now (about)... not more than 10, though.

Do I need to go with something professional or will the regular Linksys WAP11 be enough?

Answer:Best wireless access point to support 5 to 10 wireless users at the same time?

for more than 3 users, avoid 11b.
get 11g equipment

for 7 users, go for a linksys WRT54G. its semi-professional in that it runs linux and can be flashed with modified firmware painlessly.

i'd recommend leaving it "open" to avoid hassles.
however, if its use needs even the slightest bit of security, use WEP.

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From what people tell me some routers can generate WPA pass code it is hard for person to make a key rather then router generated key and harder to crack

What is better for secure for a the wireless router? have the router generated key or make up the key?

What is better WPA or WPA-2.

The WPA has more passcode string from what I understand.

Answer:Do all routers do this ( what is better for secure your wireless router )

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