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Help me get ready for CCNA Grinding!

Question: Help me get ready for CCNA Grinding!

Hey everyone,

I am 25 and am in Phoenix, AZ. I am currently pursuing my CCNA to start my networking career and am seeking some guidance. My experience and knowledge thus far is pretty fragmented, I know a little about a lot PC hardware/software/networking/virtulization/data storage/VOIP/security.

I currently work as a technical support agent providing Tier 1 VOIP support for a small company here in Phoenix. We support about 11 different VOIP providers and we provide their Tier 1 support, I support all of these clients in many aspects, from moves/add/changes all the way up to troubleshooting their Cisco/Adtran/Edgemarc devices and calling carriers for T1 circuit issues. I have a lot of experience with Polycom and Cisco phones, so I'd like to move into my CCNA Voice at some point.

I feel that after I achieve my CCNA, I'd like to get started on some VMWare/HyperV certification as thats where my curiosity is.

I have enrolled with IT University Online, they had a deal on Groupon for $100 which included the following courses.

640-822 Cisco ICND1 CCENT
640-816 Cisco ICND2 - CCNA
640-461 ICOMM v8.0
640-553 IINS
640-554 IINS

I've got until 11/17/13 before all of it expires and I'd like to get as much done as possible. Has anyone had any experience with IT University Online? Do you think it's of good quality and sufficient for my needs?

I've also decided that GNS3 will not be sufficient enough for me and I would benefit from having some physical hardware to play with. I have been looking around on eBay for CCNA Lab Kits and I am pretty lost as to what I need and what I should get. I am hoping to not spend anymore then $300 or so on a CCNA Lab Kit. Can anyone provide some guidance here as to how many routers/switches I should get and what models? What tools do I need? I've got puTTY and Wireshark already.

I am also facing some motivation problems, honestly I couldn't care less about networking or Cisco for that matter, but I do not want to get a 4 year degree at a college and feel that getting a CCNA would be a great way to start to my career.

How do you guys stay motivated to learn this stuff and what keeps you going?

Thanks for any help or feedback!

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Preferred Solution: Help me get ready for CCNA Grinding!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Ok, can anyone explain the difference between these two books?

If I'm starting in on learning Cisco CCNA Which one of these do i want? Or do i want both?

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Answer:CISSP & CCNA:Security vs. CCNA

The CISSP is in a different world, you can't compare them.

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Right, got a brand new pc 2 weeks ago. Been really lovely to me so far, apart from the HDD grinding..
I've looked through the whole interwebs and a bit more but none on the solutions has helped me! I've disabled Super fetch and Windows search which helped a little. But i still hear grinding from my harddrive? is it just my case (ive removed the harddrive screws)?
I've been looking into the Reliabilty and Performance monitor and it looks like Svchost.exe is causing the problems.
Trying to get screenshots of it (in the reli and perfor montior) but for some reason its being quite quiet! Bah!

Light grinding
Semi grinding
Semi grinding 2
My system specs:
OS: Windows Vista 64 Ultimate

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (2400 MHz)
GPU processor: GeForce 8800 GTS 512 512mb
Motherboard: eVGA 780i SLI
RAM: 2 x 2gb OCZ Reaper PC2-6400
Soundcard: Creative X-FI ExtremeMusic
HDD: 750gb WesternDigital CavierSE16

Is there any other information i can give?
Thanks a lot!

Answer:Harddrive grinding and grinding and gri....

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As in title, is it safe to assume that a usb 3.0 flash drive is Ready Boost ready? I'm not finding any that actually say they are. This question assumes that the device will be plugged into a 3.0 port.

Answer:Is it safe to assume that a usb 3.0 flash drive is Ready Boost ready?

I plugged my SanDisk 32GB USB 3.0 Thumb drive [noted by the blue insert] into my front USB 3.0 port, right-clicked the icon in File Explorer, click Properties then clicked the ReadyBoost tab, see that I can use it for ReadyBoost up to 4094MB or about 4GB. I could make the size less but not more. Where I'd see more use would be on Notebooks with the SDHC card port and 4GB or less physical RAM, mainly because the SDHC card doesn't protrude very far and less damage if bumped. Same for card readers on Desktops.

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I am running with Vista Starter SP1, and it happened that my USB is compatible with the Ready Boost so I can use it excellent.
Now, remember the option saying that "Use this device" and "Do not use this device"? I can remember that checking the "Use.." when I opt to use the feature, and it works.
The problem is that I wanted to disable this Ready Boost because I am going to use my USB now. When I click Properties>General, it says that the total memory I have is 1.87 GB, 1.86 of it is in use (and I guess it's for Ready Boost). When I navigate through Ready Boost tab (in case checking "Do not use..."), there are no options available! And the only thing it says (image is in here ) is that I need about 235 MB to start Ready Boost. I get surprised, because about 1.86 GB is already used for Ready Boost, yet there is no option for disabling it?

There are no files in the USB, except this cache file containing the Boost. I suspect that the system doesn't recognize the existence of the earlier boost, and thinks that it is only another file.

I tried to do the following:
1. Reformatting the drive
2. Manually deleting the cache
3. Deleting the cache using administrative command prompt
4. Stopping Ready Boost service in services.msc

But to no avail. It reformatting and deleting always give me the result that the disk is write-protected. Even utilizing the remaining 12 MB doesn't work, it always say that it cannot be performed because the di... Read more

Answer:Error with Microsoft Vista's Ready Boost and USB memory? Cannot disable Ready Boost.


Are you fully updated at SP1?

Update your system & continue to do so until finished!

You should then load the memory stick & sort it out!

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Question: grinding help

beside the fact it is very annoying sometimes my hard drive just grinding away for no reason. i did a gwscan on the Hd no errors found should i be curious abut this? is this happening to any oneelse? i have windows vista home premium express upgrade 32bit

thank you

Answer:grinding help

I would back up any important data asap.

Grinding is not good, your system may crash soon, I dont mean to scare you but, usually grinding on a HD drive means it wont be lasting very long

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Question: grinding fan

I have a fatal1ty an8 sli motherboard and the smaller fan on it sometimes will make a grinding noise. it'll speed up, then come to a near halt(this is when it makes the grinding noise) and then speed back up and repeat the process. in the image below it's the orange fan near the bottom left. sometimes the fan works normally but usually it does this...should i be worried? the metal part of the fan is hot enough that i can barely touch it for a few seconds before i have to stop.

Answer:grinding fan

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Question: Serious grinding!

OK not serious but at the moment my hard drive will not shut up, constant CPU usage between 3 and 6 percent accessing something. All I can see in the task manager is a little bit of avg and some system tasks. Im at a dead loss on this. I thought I had it sorted when I told the .net framework to sort its self out all in one go instead of using a background process but it has started again.

Anyway any chance of you guys glancing over the hijack log.


Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 09:44:36, on 07/11/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP3 (6.00.2900.5512)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG9\avgchsvx.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG9\avgrsx.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG9\avgcsrvx.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories\XboxStat.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\issch.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools Pro\DTProAgent.exe
C:\Program Files\Nuance\NaturallySpeaking10\Program\natspeak.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG9\avgwdsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Java... Read more

Answer:Serious grinding!

C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe, the Java Quick Starter service can cause unnecessary disk access. Unless you use a lot of Java applications and want them to start as fast as possible, open services.msc (Start->Run->services.msc) and change its startup type to manual. This is a particularly annoying service and will re-enable itself everytime you update the Java Runtime Environment.

I'd also disable the Java Update Scheduler (C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exe) and the installshield update service (C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\issch.exe) but then I prefer to take manual control of my updates rather than letting them happen automatically.



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Question: T61 grinding fan

I have a T61 7658 CTO, and the fan has been making more and more noise as time has gone by.  It started as a light clicking while the fan is running, and now it makes a fairly loud grinding noise.  I'm well out of warranty, so that's not an option.  Does anyone know if there's a way I can fix this, or do I need to replace the fan?  If I do need to replace the fan, any idea where I can get one?

Answer:T61 grinding fan

Bearing on the fan is properly running out of lubrication. Someone say, if you pull on the fan itself, it should pop off, which allows you add some high quality bearing oil/grease. I never tried this myself, so i don't know whether this will actually works.  If worst comes to worst, just replace the fan yourself, you can source one from ebay for around 70 to 100 USD.  Message Edited by lead_org on 04-05-2009 07:54 PM

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Hello everyone, I just bought an S10 because of how good quailty Lenovos are claimed to be. I, however am having a problem with my newly bought IdeaPad S10 4333-22u. As soon as I turned my Lenovo on and it booted to Windows I noticed the fan came on and was buzzing/grinding. It mas making a noise as if the bearing in the fan were going bad or the core of the fan needed a few drops of oil. I am a PC Tech by trade and have encountered many failing fans so I am familiar with the sound they often make before siezing. After the Netbook ran a little while and heated up, the buzzing/grinding wasn't so loud, but definately present. You could hear the noise from quite a distance away. After searching the web, I found threads complaining of S10 fan noise, but the general idea I got from the forums was simply that the "whirring" noise of a normal operating fan was simply quite loud for a netbook when the S10's fan was at full RPM. My fan on the other hand, is clearly and quite audibly gridning. I don't believe this is what the users on these forums mean when they refer to the S10's noisy fan, correct? I really like this Netbook and would rather not return it, so I called Lenovo and they promptly sent an RMA Fed-Ex label so that I can send the unit to their service center for a heatsink/fan replacement. My question is, what does everyone mean when they say their S10 fan is loud? Can anyone describe it? Is it possible someone can record the noise their S10 makes and up... Read more

Answer:Just bought an S10, fan grinding right out of the box

Well, I suppose it's the fan blades rubbing on the fan housing like I just read deep in one of the threads. Either way, to the service center it goes....

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Question: Grinding Sound

Hello, I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T61 Laptop. When I work on the laptop, it suddenly start producing a grinding sound. It is coming form the Top-Left corner of the laptop. It is not coming all the time. It is not coming immediately when I turn it on. But if I use it for like 30 minutes, it will start producing the sound. It will produce this sound for the next 15 to 30 minutes and then gradually stop after that. This happens every day. Is it a heatsink+fan issue? How can I fix this ? Thanks. 

Answer:Grinding Sound

It sounds like your fan is failing. My fan has failed on my old Thinkpad x61 tablet. You can get the instructions here look at page 88, the steps are there. PM me if you need any help. If you replace your fan remember to get new thermal grease.

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Question: harddrive grinding

i was wondering if there is any software that can stop a hard drive from grinding

Answer:harddrive grinding

no.... only way to fix that is back up your data and buy a new HDD and format it....

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hello i just build a i7 cpu this past weekend and i noticed the past 2 days everytime i have the computer on for 3 hours or so i get a grinding sound. can someone please help idk what this is

Answer:grinding sound please help

You'll have to take the cover off your case when you hear it and see for yourself. It could be any of the fans doing it.

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Soemthimes, not always, normally when I start the pc up after not using it for a night it makes some sort of a gridning/loading sort of noise.

It can be loud or soft and can last from 5 to 15 seconds.

Theer isn't anything stuck in the cpu fan.

Any ideas what's causing this?

Answer:Grinding on startup?

check all sys fan and then check hdd then check cd drives

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I am not a Mac guy, I have no idea what I am looking at.
I am at a remote location where there is no actual tech support of any kind. The Mac Book Pro of a colleague has been experiencing severe slow-downs over the past few days. Stuff doesn't highlight anymore, response is overall slow, the Internet connection speed is crawling.

My laptop (PC) works just fine when it's right next to his machine, there's no issue with the wireless infrastructure.

I am not even sure where to start looking. The user says that he didn't install anything weird as far as he can tell. and that it's been getting slower over the past few days. Any suggestions on where to even start looking for this problem?

Answer:OSX is grinding to a halt

Might consider asking an Admin/Mod to move this to the Apple forum as that's where almost all Apple/Mac/OSX support gets the attention. Yes, OSX is an operating system but, even so...

As for a suggestion, tell him to open the Utilities folder in Applications and then find Activity Monitor (should be the very first icon upper left as they're in alphabetical order) and run it a while to see what's going on. Look for processes that are consuming a lot of CPU time, or excessive RAM usage. It's not too different from Task Manager in some respects so you should be able to get some idea of what errant app or process could be dragging the machine's performance downward.

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Question: PC Slow/Grinding

The past two weeks, my PC has been at times slow, freezing, and constantly grinding.Each time I do the CC/SAS scans and it helps until a week later.So figured I would post the details of my PC and let me know if something else is wrong.After I did all the scans yesterday it worked just fine today.MBAMQuoteMalwarebytes Anti-Malware version: v2012.02.15.03Windows Vista Service Pack 2 x86 NTFSInternet Explorer 9.0.8112.16421Johnny Ola :: JOHNNYOLA-PC [administrator]2/15/2012 2:36:09 PMmbam-log-2012-02-15 (14-36-09).txtScan type: Quick scanScan options enabled: Memory | Startup | Registry | File System | Heuristics/Extra | Heuristics/Shuriken | PUP | PUMScan options disabled: P2PObjects scanned: 197898Time elapsed: 7 minute(s), 7 second(s)Memory Processes Detected: 0(No malicious items detected)Memory Modules Detected: 0(No malicious items detected)Registry Keys Detected: 0(No malicious items detected)Registry Values Detected: 0(No malicious items detected)Registry Data Items Detected: 0(No malicious items detected)Folders Detected: 0(No malicious items detected)Files Detected: 0(No malicious items detected)(end)SAS (Oh great, my SAS log from yesterday can't be found...six things were removed, what do I do)DDS txtQuoteMalwarebytes Anti-Malware version: v2012.02.15.03Windows Vista Service Pack 2 x86 NTFSInternet Explorer 9.0.8112.16421Johnny Ola :: JOHNNYOLA-PC [administrator]2/15/2012 2:36:09 PMm... Read more

Answer:PC Slow/Grinding

If there is a grinding noise it's probably the harddrive or the fans. You can check this by opening the box and disconnecting the fans one by one and see if the noise still persists. If the noise is still there you can run a diagnostic on your hard drive. Run hard drive diagnostics: tacktech.comMake sure, you select tool, which is appropriate for the brand of your hard drive.Depending on the program, it'll create bootable floppy, or bootable CD.If downloaded file is of .iso type, use ImgBurn: imgburn to burn .iso file to a CD (select "Write image file to disc" option), and make the CD bootable.For Toshiba hard drives, see here:Note : If you do not know how to set your computer to boot from CD follow the steps here

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Hi all, I'm based in Portugal and I've bought my Yoga 910 back in March. Despite all the well known problems with fan noise I've been able to stand it however during the last weeks my yoga has been developing a terrible grinding noise from one of the fans. The issue seems to be mechanical, as if the fan on the right of the keyboard is hitting the back part of some of the keys ("enter", "backspace" and surrounding keys) or eventually hitting some part of the metal casing. By pressing some parts of the casing it seems to decrease the noise but it always comes back. I've found a video on youtube that shows what is happening ( however in my case the problem only comes from one of the fans. If the common fan noise can be already disturbing this one is even more annoying. Would like to know if anyone had a similar issue and the best solution to have this sorted out. Thanks!  

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I bought a new WD 2TB HDD and during the format process there were two points where it made a buzzing noise for a few seconds (the rest of the process was completely silent as usual). Could it just be random or bad sectors? I really don't like a new drive that has bad sectors because it will probably deteriorate quickly.

Answer:Grinding while formatting new HDD

Noises like that are unusual. I'd run a hard drive test diagnostic on it. WD has tools available for testing drives last drive I had that was new that made a strange noise crashed about a week later. It was a 300GB Hard Drive that occasionally would make a loud ping noise followed by drive chatter then it would get silent. The event log for this archive data file server showed many warnings in yellow that the hard disk is about to fail with delayed writes etc. This drive also was very hot to the touch which as abnormal for the fact that everything else in the tower was cool to the touch and adequate airflow. I sent this drive back RMA and got a replacement 300GB that ran warm, but not as hot as the prior drive that failed. This replacement refurb drive lasted over 2 years without issues.

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Hi there.

Recently I have noticed that whenever I run a graphically intensive program (such as a new-ish game), my framerate will decrease over a five minuite period.
Before this problem occured I could run the the same games perfectly smoothly.

I had a similar problem to this a few months back, in which I found that the large vent on the side of my computer was almost completely blocked. Cleaning the dust away from that vent returned my computer to normality.
However this time the vents on my computer are still clear, and opening up the computer revealed virtually dust-free innards.

Could this problem be related to over-heating like last time? I have no way to read the temperature of my computer (that I know of), it doesn't have an external thermometer.

I don't know if this'll be any help, but here is a screenshot of my CPU usage while running one of the aforementioned games running a rolling demo. The rolling demo loops around every 2 minutes. I did not touch the computer during this time. I've marked the time when FPS drops become very noticable (from ~30 to jumping between 5-20) with a red line.

On the same rolling demo, I took screencaps with the FPS counter showing every 30 seconds from starting the program.
These were the results:
Time - FPS
0:30 - 53
1:00 - 62
1:30 - 65
2:00 - 56
2:30 - 50
3:00 - 31
3:30 - 12
4:00 - 15
4:30 - 15
5:00 - 5

I don't know if any of this will be of any use to anyone, but I thought I'd include it none-t... Read more

Answer:FPS Grinding To A Halt

Heat or a failing graphics card can cause your problem.
Low quality PSU's can cause heat problems
Filling all four RAM slots can cause voltage problems. 2 X 2GB is a better setup.
What Brand and Model is your CPU?

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Question: Grinding noise?

Hello. I've been hearing a grinding noise for sometime on start-up on my PC. Occasionally, the PC will pretty much hang at the windows XP logo. When this occurs i just hold in on the power button and go through the boot process without any problems. However, the grinding noise that comes at the start is very loud and doesn't sound healthy at all. I've opened the case and there's no cords in the way of the fans. What could the noise be? Should i have concern? My computer runs fine after the noisy few seconds into the boot but becomes normal after it passes the windows XP logo.

My specs:
nVidia 8600GTS card 256 GPU
amd 3800+ 2.4 GHz
1 gig of ram

For more detail:
But my card gcard is now nVidia 8600GTS card 256 GPU.

Sorry this is confusing. Tired after the holidays :) thanks for any/all help.

Answer:Grinding noise?

try and isolate if it is coming from a drive or a fan
did you upgrade the psu when you upgraded the video

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when i first got the gfx card it was fine, recently over 6months on, there is a noise that is easily noticable when i stop/start the fan for a second.

it's sounds like it's beginning to i just need to use a paint brush to get of dust or should i go deeper and unscrew it all and clean it out. how about lube on the fan itself?

Answer:XFX TI4200 - fan is now grinding a bit

I recommend doing the latter - or better yet, getting a better fan for it.

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Question: Grinding sound

When Windows is closing down I think the hard drive is making a grinding twice before it closes down. It's not a beep but a grinding. On two seperate occassions it has done this.

Running: Windows XP, AMD gigabyte motherboard 1.8, 768 RAM, x800 ATI radeaon card.

What could be causing this?

Answer:Grinding sound


First of all, let me say you need to back up this drive immediately unless you want to risk the chance of losing all your data. This drive might be ready to bite the dust, so get that done.

I would go to the drive manufacturer's website and download the drive utility and run it on this drive to see what might be the problem. You need to get tha done quickly while the drive is still operational.

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Question: Grinding Noise

Hey guys, I logged on this morning to my pc and started to play a game and all of a sudden every few minutes the game would just crash for 10 seconds or so then be fine. When the crash happened i couldn't press Ctrl+Alt+Del so i know it wasn't the actual game itself crashing or losing connection etc.

So then i decided to take off my headset and try see if there was any strange noises and there was a really weird grinding noise for 2-3 seconds.. then game pc crashes then 10 seconds later everything is perfectly fine.

Anybody had this issue or know any solutions? If you need any additional information don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks in advance, Pompey.

Answer:Grinding Noise

Oh my god, not long after writing this thread... Now my PC just turned itself off without any warning, bleeps or grinding noises. Didn't even reboot, just switched itself off.

When i boot up my PC, i don't get no errors, it boots up as quick as it ever has.

Microsoft XP S3 Pro

Intel core 2 DUO CPU
E4600 @ 2.40ghz

Graphics; Nvidia Geforce 9600GT

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I am having trouble with my HP pavilion notebook. When using media (online or offline) it intermittently freezes and makes a loud grinding sound. Sometimes its just for a second but sometimes I have to force a shut down to get it to stop. Also when I am listening to music or audio books with the lid closed, it will intermittently stop for a few seconds and come back on (it is set to "do nothing" when lid is closed). I have checked for over heating, that is not the problem.

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Hello, My lenovo P50 is about a year old and has started making this weird grinding noise. I suspect dusts in the fan and the easier option would be to hand it over for lenovo to look at but Im in Abuja, Nigeria. Doubt there are any Lenovo certified centers here. The sound started about 3 days ago and it gets really loud.Does the sound affect performance? I do alot of intensive 3D rendering and compositiing in After Effects, performances seems to have dropped whenever I try rendering. So all I've stopped doing any CPU intensive work to prevent probable damage. I have the 4k |i7 6820HQ | 16gb ram | 256 SSD| 2TB HDD. Thanks   

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Hi friends,

Last week when I turned on the computer, there was a grinding sound from inside the CPU. Suddenly I turned off
and opened it.I thought it was coz of dust.So cleaned and again turned on,then it worked fine.Yesterday morning when I turned it on,again it made that grinding sound.I don't know whats wrong with my CPU. The hard disk,motherboard,SMPS all are new .Is there any problem with my CPU fan or HD?Today morning also I got the same problem.I turned off and removed the side panel.Then again turned on and now its working fine.I think the sound is probably from the fan.But the SMPS is new one.So I'm confused that is it power supply fan or CPU fan or will it be the HDD. Plz help me...!!

Answer:Grinding Sound From CPU

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over the last day my pc seems to take an age to shutdown,previousley it took a few seconds now it takes 20 to 30 seconds.running xp hme on an athlon 2600 512mb of memory.not down loaded anything other than last security update kb828035.i have also down loaded itunes.i have done a system restore and all is fine for couple of shutdowns then starts taking an age agian.any help or ideas would be greatfully recieved

Answer:pc grinding to a halt

Bring up Task Manager (Ctrl, Alt, Delete and go to Applications and Processes) and see what's running at shutdown, karl1483.

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Hello, Im getting a nasty noise from my pc at start up, never on restart. Ive had the cover off and tested the PSU but its fine ,also replaced fan on heatsink, it made no difference. Its definitley coming from the heatsink or CPU, very odd. Luckily I have a new motherboard bundle waiting for Xmas! Everything backed up. Cheers.

Answer:Grinding noise From CPU?

Stop each fan in the system one at a time. Use something like a coffee stir stick to hold the fan blades. Insert the stick before you pw ON not after.

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Question: grinding noise

hi guys
i have a problem everyday my computer make a grinding noise and during
that time my computer is frozen , i cant do nothing until it stop by itself.
does it mean i need a new hard disk or can i fix it.
thank you in advance

Answer:grinding noise

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What is up with my PC?It's not ancient (just over a year old - OK, I know that's a contradiction!)Windows XP, 256MB of RAM, 60Gb of free disc space. It'll chug along quite nicely for a bit, then suddenly start whirring as if it's doing some really memory hungry task (while all it's doing is displaying a web page) Can take forever just to open a Word document. And when it comes to closing down/logging off - it can take 5 mins or moreIs there some diagnostic software or something I can buy/try? I had Norton Utilities on my old 95 machine, and this seemed to work well, but have heard bacd things about it for XPThanks for any helpDave

Answer:PC is grinding away and really slooooooow

To be honest 256 mb RAM is the bare minimum for XP.Have you done any PC housekeeping - cleaned out temp files, temp Internet files, defragged, check disk?Or use this click here

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Would someone please tell me how I could find out what version of IE I have installed on my computer. When I click onb some things I can see IE 8 comes up. My problem is I gave no permission to install it on my computer. I dont mind having IE8 but my computer is gone VERY slow inBooting up.I have stopped most of Progs at start - up. I have 250GB free on C: drive. I use NOd 32 Antivirus. Please help someone.

Answer:grinding to a halt.

In IExplorer click help|about IExplorer.

As for the second half of your question I cant say for sure but possibly automatic update put it there for you. I think it may depend on how you have it set.

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Question: Grinding Noise

I have an Everex Explora, AMD Athlon computer and at the start up and when I am searching for info it makes a grinding noise while it is loading the information. Also twice last week after typing and searching for what I wanted I heard a loud grinding noise. Not knowing anything about computers I have no idea what is the problem. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Grinding Noise

Hi lag
Grinding noises aren't good. It sounds like you hard drive is going. I would back up your important data NOW. You can run a scandisk (surface scan) and defrag to help test out the hard drive. Many manufacturers of hard drive also have utilities on their web sites you can run to test out the drive. Is your system under warranty? Many hard drives come with a three year warranty.

[Edited by Lurker1 on 06-19-2001 at 01:04 PM]

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Question: Grinding noise?

can someone please help me?
just a few minutes ago i was simply browsing and heard a loud grinding noise from my pc, i checked all the fans and it seems to be from the gpu, i restarted pc and still goes on. i left it off for now but i cant seem to find the cause, nothing is hitting anything

Answer:Grinding noise?

You wouldn't be able to see anything. The grinding noise occurs when the ball bearings go ( at one point the balls start showing wear and don't run "round" anymore, causing the fanblades to tumble.)
Simple solution: you need a new fan. In cases of emergency (like you can't get your hands on a new fan anytime soon) there is a way to prolong the life of the fan a little bit. You get some graphite powder from your automotive supplier, peel back the fan label and carefully put a little bit onto the center of the fan.
I really mean CAREFUL the stuff is worse on cloth than laser toner
Make sure to put the label back on and don't use any form of will only cause a mess.

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The story so far....

Came home from a week abroad. Kids had been looking up game cheats (suspicious). System (HP desktop, 3 years old, upgraded from Vista to Win 7 Pro x32) was running slow and coming to a gradual freeze. Had been working just fine before I left town, and for the last few months since I upgraded.

I get home - system is now at the stage where it will boot to the login screen - I can login but immediately freezes once all the icons have loaded. I can boot in safe mode, manage to run AVG 9.0 scan, no problems found. I try a system restore - no joy - freezes after a while. The problem gets worse. Can no longer boot in safe mode, PC now gives me two options - boot normally or do system repair. Try the latter - it loads files, but then goes to a blank screen and hangs. If I attempt norml boot, I get to the windows 7 logo, but it just stays there for hours.

I do have recovery disks. Tried booting from them (after altering th eBIOS to boot from drive), again loads files,and get the loading bar, no logo this time, but then, again, no further progress.
I can get to the BIOS, F10 Setup and F11 System Recovery (which gives same result as above) - no option for safe mode anymore, just system repair/normal boot options. F8 doesn't get me anywhere.

I'm stumped - any ideas?

Answer:Win 7 Grinding Halt

It could be a hard-drive failure - have you tried running scandisk?
try scandisk /autofix
/autofix - This option will fix any errors it encounters without prompting you first. By default, when you use the /AUTOFIX option, ScanDisk will save any lost clusters it finds as files in the drive`s root directory. If you want ScanDisk to delete lost clusters instead of saving them, include the /NOSAVE option. Using the /AUTOFIX option, ScanDisk will also prompt you for an Undo disk unless you include the /NOSUMMARY option. The /AUTOFIX command can be used in conjunction with the /CHECKONLY and /CUSTOM options.

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Question: Grinding To A Halt

My laptop is relatively old in PC terms, purchased December 2002. I recently reinstalled Windows, etc, to try to eliminate the problem I will outline, to no avail.

The laptop boots into Windows nice and quickly. If I don't do anything too intense, it will run fine for days on end without rebooting. However, there's two pieces of software I run quite often which use all of the CPU power. These programs will run fine for about 3 minutes, then the PC will grind to a halt. The pieces of software in question are:

Mixed In Key ( which scans MP3 and WAV files to detect BPM and key.
dbPowerAmp ( which is used to convert music files from one format to another (usually ripping from CD to MP3).

I have the latest versions of both of those pieces of software, and all the updates for Windows XP. Even when not running any other programs (aside from Zonealarm firewall and AVG Free anti-virus), and only one at a time, they will function perfectly well for a couple of minutes and then suddenly the performance will drop off. For example, re-encoding MP3s from one bitrate to another should yield a rate of 4x or greater throughout, which it used to do. However, after the first 2, the rate gradually drops to a much more disappointing 0.2x - yes, a fifth of the speed.

While running these programs, I've monitored CPU usage using TaskManager, and they continue to use maximum CPU, but their RAM usage drops considerably, often just aft... Read more

Answer:Grinding To A Halt

start/run/ devmgmt.msc /click okare there any yellow or red marks showing click on display + and right click on driver click update

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Question: Grinding Noise

Hello, I have recently heard what sounds like a grounding noise coming from my computer. I usually only notice it when the computer is searching for something (say a Google search), and I seem to especially notice it while searching on e-Bay. Once the site or page is found, it then stops making that sound. Is this something I should be concerned about? Is there anything I can do to stop it, or repair it? Does this mean the hard drive is about to crash? I have a Dell Computer, and Windows XP system. Thanks for the help.

Answer:Grinding Noise

Just to be on the safe side do a back up if you havent done.Open the case and try to isolate the noise.

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Hi, can any one advise me? I have been getting a grinding noise from my PC roughly monthly since I obtained it in Nov. 2004, I think it may be when I push it a little??could this be the hard drive protesting ? it`s a pentium 4 3000ghz, asrobs.

Answer:GRINDING noise from PC

Some hard drives can get noisy when there is a lot of disc activity.......I have an IBM Deskstar 80GB drive which sounds a bit like a boiling kettle when working hard.It has done for the 3 years since I got it.Also some fans will speed up when temperatures rise and can become very loud.If this noise is infrequent,only happens when you are working the pc hard and most importantly not getting worse over time then I would be inclined to ignore it.If it's annoying you then you will need to track down the culprit and consider replacing it with a new quieter version.

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I normally operate with Firefox. I am told that I should have a memory usage on Firefox of around 120000K. Over the last couple of weeks my PC is grinding to almost a standstill with a memory usage of nearly 400000K! At this point web pages take around a minute to change. The only way I can get over this is to reboot the computer, but within 45 minutes the MU has risen dramatically.

I also cannot use Windows Explorer or AOL browsers.

I also keep having a message stating that applications are failing to start '..........because MSVCP71dll was not found..' A souple of taps on 'Enter' clears this.

I have no idea if there is a link between the two problems. I cannot make any sense of MSVCP71dll on a Google search.

Please can anyone help me get out of the mess I am in. Any replies must be in words of one sylable, as I have great difficulties in understanding computer jargon.

Answer:PC grinding to a halt......almost!

First, please post your basic system info by using this:

TSG SysInfo

What version of Firefox are you using? Have you added any add-ons recently? Have you installed any other software recently? The error message is related to a software issue.

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Question: CCNA + ?

Hello all-

I have a (military) background in aviation electronics. I graduated from an extended campus (military base) of Embry-Riddle with a 4 year degree and two minors. On a side note, I am only a private pilot. My degree qualifies me for a job in airport management, not 747 piloting. I won't get into my electronics based day job for fear of making this a rant.

I will be starting the CCNA classes here ( Note: check the IT certificates at the bottom) in March. Also, I'm working with just under 1.5 years worth of career changing time. (PM for any needed details on my sob story/strange life) I originally considered using my extra time/money to take the Linux/UNIX classes in parallel for a Linux cert.

I have a 1.5 year ticking clock, a great ability to study, learn, and take tests (Go Navy!!), and an unrelated degree with no IT experience. My question is this: Should I use my extra time and resources on the Linux/UNIX classes or one of the other programs? Maybe the MCSE? Finally, if so encouraged, I could possibly pull off 3 programs.

The results of these classes/certs will be a dramatic career change. I know that I will not start off making top dollar, or even middle dollar given the above information. I'm mostly looking for the most bang for my upcoming time in school.

Answer:CCNA + ?

Interesting. My opinion would be to try to get your foot in the door now. See if you can get a networking position, even if it is part-time. From what I have learned, companies value experience over certifications. If you can go into an interview and say that you have your CCNA, that is good. However, if you can go into an interview and provide your certification, along with a list of all of the real-world situations where you applied your skills, that will be even better.

Also, chance are, if you get into a network position, that the company will want to hang on to you after you prove your worth and get your certs.

I hope this will be at least some help, if any!

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The problem I have is that when I am online I get ads popping up at random, sometimes visually, sometimes audio only, and I hear mouse clicks sort of "behind" whatever page I'm looking at. It is driving me crazy.

I have HijackThis installed, as well as SpyBot S&D, but I am a Cisco CCNA and not much of an XP aficionado. I do learn fast though. Can someone please coach me to learn these tools?

I'd really appreciate the help.

Answer:CCNA needs help with XP...

Let;s start with a Malwarebytes scan. It will give us a good idea of what is happening.Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.alternate download link 1alternate download link 2Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan.If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself.Press the OK button to close that box and continue.If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected.Then click on the Scan button.If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and click on the Start Scan button. The scan will begin and "Scan in progress" will show at the top. It may take some time to complete so please be patient.When the scan is finished, a message box will say "The scan completed successfully. Click 'Show Results' to display all objects found".Click OK to close the message box and continue with the removal... Read more

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Question: CCNA=DONE!!!

I just got back and passed the CCNA with a 832. I'm so glad to have this done with now. Three months of studying finally paid off .


Good job! NP next?

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Question: ccna

mod delete pls

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Question: CCNA

So I want to learn more about networking and im not really sure where to start. I can do simple stuff like setup my dlink router and dell switch and what not but I want to have a more indepth understanding.
Are there any good free online resources yall recommend?

I was also thinking about buy some older cisco stuff and try to learn that...what would I need to buy in order to learn and prepare myself for something like the CCNA?



I'd start by getting a nice prep guide book and downloading GNS3 and playing with that to see if your up to it before you drop cash on the routers and what have you.

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i was thinking, for someone who has basic to no understanding of ccna material what would be the prerequisite before trying to go for CCNA certification???
would it be something like A+ to Network+ before attempting CCNA certification? can someone maybe offer some advice?

thanks for any information

if wrong section, sorry,

Answer:any CCNA 's in here?

what is your general background with computers? just a user? enthusiast? administrator? regardless, to be fair, you could probably just dive right in...

if you want some hand holding, and depedant upon your timescales and finances, one way for you to achieve it would be through the cisco academy... (the other advantage of doing it this way is that a) you get to meet people along the way and b) they will have a decent lab of kit for you to play with).

alternatively, get yourself a couple of books, a few bits of kit of the bay, start to play - and then ask lots of questions!

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Question: CCNA, then what?

So, I'm going to be finishing up everything for my CCNA here rather soon. I'm looking at my options and don't know excatly which route to take.
Eventually I want my CCIEs in Routing & Switching as well as VoIP.
So, should I go CCNP => CCVP => CCIEs? Or should I focus on one at a time? CCNP => CCIE R&S => CCVP => CCIE V?

Answer:CCNA, then what?

yeah they say sticking with the cisco route is good, i was planning on getting my ccna and studying for ccnp but also start getting into MCSE

i had to hold off on my ccna studies for sometime i was planning to take the test by now but i have been busy with other things

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Question: I want my CCNA

I graduated with my BS in comp sci last may and I miss learning already, so I figure why not go for some certs. (all the compTIA ones seem pointless and too easy, cisco / MS is next)

I figure I might as well buy my own practice lab and materials, so i check ebay and craig's list. I found this setup

and the price fits my budget. I looked into taking the CCNA boot camp at new horizons and it would end up costing about $4500

Is the CCNA something I can tackle with some dedication and hard studying on my own? Or are the classes worth the price?

Also, Would that setup have everything I need to pass the current CCNA test?

Answer:I want my CCNA

i didn't take any class's for ccna and i passed my first time. but then again i taught my self networking, programing, ect. and i had access to cisco eqp. to test, train, and mess with. having access to cisco eqp. is a huge help so if you can't get any, i would say take the class.

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Question: CCNA

My employer is providing me with the CCNA ICND1 and ICND2 courses and books. Yay! It's spread over several months though...


cool story

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Question: CCNA Lab

I am thinking of working towards my CCNA (or CCENT) and I know I will need to build a lab for it. Would one of the lab kits on eBay be worth my time, or would I be better off getting the pieces individually?

Right now, I am looking at this one. - CCNA - CCENT

I already have the wife's approval as long as it helps my career, and since we need a networking guy at work for are upcoming large installs I am thinking it would be a good move for me.

Answer:CCNA Lab

Do not bother building a lab.

Free. Heck even Cisco's Packet Tracer is enough to get you through the CCNA and probably the CCNP.

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I'm Looking to get my CCNA i have some gear I have gathered over the years looking to see if this will help give me the practice I need.

from top to bottom
2924-XL-24 IOS 12.0
2924-XL-24 IOS 12.0
2924M-XL-24 IOS 12.0
2610 IOS 12.3 with WIC DSU T1 AND WIC-1T
2620 IOS 12.3 with 2X WIC DSU T1 AND 1FE 2W
3640 IOS 12.4 with 2E 2W AND WIC DSU T1 AND SERIAL 4A/S
3660-MB-1FE IOS 12.3 with 2x 1FE 2W and 4X WIC DSU T1

not in rack
2610 IOS 12.3 with 1E 2W AND WIC DSU T1
2924M-XL-24 IOS 12.0

sorry for cell phone pictures


Answer:Looking at get my CCNA

That's a bit overkill for a CCNA, although would be useful moving forward with CCNP route/tshoot.
Would need some sort of layer 3 switch such as a 3650 to flesh that out.

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Question: Ccna

how long did you study? how many times did you take the test before passing?


KingSteve said:

how long did you study?Click to expand...

it depends on the subject.

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Question: Your CCNA Lab....

What hardware have you got in your labs at the moment?

I am looking to build a basic lab for ICND1 + 2 I will probably use GNS3 for some of it but you can't beat having the real stuff

Answer:Your CCNA Lab....

Whatever I've picked up for free. I have a few 1721's, a 1751, a few 2950's and 2924XL's, and an 871w. GNS3 will get you pretty much everything you need for the CCNA. Now working on the CCNP, so I'm going to have to add a couple of layer 3 switches.

Weren't you stressing about work? What made you decide to move on the CCNA?

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Question: CCNA?

I remember in 2002 I was involved in a program through my highschool learning cisco materials (books from them, etc).. and I *think* I obtained my CCNA by completing the class, but im not sure. I remember taking Cisco tests online almost every week... so im assuming what I took WAS for some type of certificate. I know CCNA's expire every 3 years, so it wouldnt really help me now... I'm just kind of curious as to whether or not I might have earned the certification. Besides calling my old school to find out... is there anywhere else i can contact? and would having that benefit me at all, even though its almost 8 years old?


you probably took the cisco network academy courses (CCNA discovery and exploration) that would help you practice for the ccna exams.

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Question: Ccna

Anyone do it ? Any tip you can give me ? Like what I should focus on


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Question: CCNA

Hey guys,

I'm interested in getting my CCNA. I've looked around community colleges in my area and they all have bullshit programs that involve A+/Net+ and things I couldn't care less about. I really don't need to go to school for 13 months and have 9 months of worthless junk.

Looking for some reccomendations on how to set up my own lab to mimic what a school might offer as well as some books/study material. I figure I'm smart enough to figure it out myself provided I have the correct equipment/learning materials.



There's a sticky about using a virtual lab.

Basically, get the ICND1 and ICND2 books and dive in. Here's a good link about labs:

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Question: CCNA

Hey guys (and girls)
I'm doing my ICND1 & 2 courses soon and i was wondering if anybody here could shout out a few things to expect and sites that could help me brush up on the the subjects.
Should be ok but as i am a member here I thought I may as well ask some gurus for some guidance on what to keep an eye out for etc



From the threads like this in the past I've learned one thing, You can never be too ready for a test.

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Question: Ccna

Forgive me if this is too off topic, and moderators, please move it if it is.

I have been offered to send me on the CCNA course, doing it part time over two years.

Now I am well aware that this is an opportunity to be grabbed considering cost, but what I really would like to know is what I am letting myself for.

What sort of doors does this sort of qualification open, or is this too narrow a field with lots of competition?


If i were u i would go on the course. Wether there is competition in the field or not. If u aply for a tech job somewhere and they see that uv got a ccna qualification, ur chances of getting that job are higher.

Im taking this course and its four semesters over two years.
go to for more info.

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Ok school is taking too long and my job is cutting hours. I was a tech for about 2 years before I got my current job. Im going to school right now for Networking but they wont let me skip the how to use a keyboard class this semester. Im thinking of just grabbing some books and doing it on my own. Im sure I could accomplish taking the test by at least Jan. 2010.

What I need help in is what kind of materials/books would be the best for my situation?

What kind of simulators are there when working with routers I dont have?

Are there any other test I should study up and take also?

Answer:Help going for CCNA

Todd Lammle's books and CBT Nugget videos are great.

If you must use sims, Boson Netsim is a popular one I hear, or you could also use Dynamips/Dynagen to simulate a lab.

However, I still recommend getting the real thing. 2621's and 2950's were what I used.

Take ICND1, then ICND2. Do not take the CCNA all as one test unless you preach Cisco.

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Question: CCNA Lab Kit

Can anyone recommend a place to buy a CCNA home lab, I'm looking for 2 routers and possibly a switch. If someone here has equipment they're looking to sell, please email me as I'm in the market for a kit. I'm just beginning so I was also wondering if anyone has any recommendations on hardware for a beginner. I've looked at and ebay, but it seems like everyone claims their's are the best to start with. I'm looking to spend up to ~ $350 - $400, but I don't want to make a mistake on such an expensive decision. Also, I would really prefer 100Mbit hardware just so it can actually be used later on, but if this is unrealistic with my budget or experience, please let me know. Basically I need some real, honest advice, not some sales person's tricky ads, any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.


Answer:CCNA Lab Kit

Ebay link
Are you just beginning as in self study/motivation? Or are you in an actual class? I've taken a couple courses on cisco in highschool and in college and I believe it was the 2500 series routers that we used. So, that's the ones I linked to. The ebay package doesn't seem unreasonable. Sorry I can't recommend a switch.

If I remember, on Tuesday I'll try to take a peak in the hardware closet at my college to see what series of routers and switches we were using.


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Question: CCNA?

Hi, is there anyone out there who is strudying the CCNA 640-801?I took the exam last week, i thought i was ready, then a question come up in the exam that almost seemed impossible.Just wondering if there was any advice of anyone who has been through the ccna certification.Cheers


Possibly best to post this in networking / speakers corner.

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I studied for a bit, and i feel im ready to take it. The only problem is that im not sure what the acctual exam is going to be like. I used the Cybex CCNA book by Todd Lamale, and have been doing practice exams using Transcender software.

On the acctual exam will there be router simulations? Is it anything like the simulations on the Transcender tests?

On the Trancender tests they allowed me to use short hand commands (ex. 'config t' as opposed to 'configure terminal'). Im assuming I'll be able to do this on the acctual test....


Answer:anyone take CCNA (640-801) ??

On the acctual exam will there be router simulations? Is it anything like the simulations on the Transcender tests?Click to expand...

Yes there are 3 to 4 sims and thier not too similiar to transcenders. And as far as I know you can use some shorthand, I did and got a 100% on the sims.

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Question: Any CCNA's?

Are there any CCNA's on here?

Answer:Any CCNA's?


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Question: help me with ccna

iam preparing using todd lamle book for ccna and hotcerts.
com ccna guide , will i be able to go through the pass exams .
i heared its reall beast . wanted to know ur guys opinions

Answer:help me with ccna

Lammleís book is pretty good, but I wouldnít just read one book Ė read several. For example, in Toddís 5th ed Study guide, he has very little info on NAT. You may get questions or even a simlet about NAT on your test.

Another good book is the CCNA ICND Exam Certification Guide by Wendell Odom. Itís a bit dry but he does explains subnetting thoroughly. You then can use the short-cut tricks Lammle teaches you about subnetting to really be prepared.

By the way, if you donít know subbnetting very well, you will fail.

Finally, you need a router for some hands on training. In the past you could probably pass without it, but now those simlets will kick your ass without real hands-on experience. If you canít afford a real router (check ebay) your next best choice is a router simulator from Boson or Network Visualizer v5 from Lammle.

Use any list of exam type questions you get (hotcerts?) to simply test what you know; do not use them as a brain dump or as a study guide.

Just to repeat, if you canít do subnetting pretty much in your head, you will fail.
Good Luck!

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I currently am working as a network analyst but would like to move more toward a network engineer position. I would like to work heavily with routers, switches, and high level hardware. I have worked with some Cisco stuff before and took a class in college for it. I would like to know what the best way for me to get a CCNA would be.

Just as a little background on myself which might help in letting me know the best way. Have a BS in network and communications management, A+, MCP, 3-5 experience in the network field.

Answer:Best way to get a CCNA?

SnowPunk98 said:

I currently am working as a network analyst but would like to move more toward a network engineer position. I would like to work heavily with routers, switches, and high level hardware. I have worked with some Cisco stuff before and took a class in college for it. I would like to know what the best way for me to get a CCNA would be.

Just as a little background on myself which might help in letting me know the best way. Have a BS in network and communications management, A+, MCP, 3-5 experience in the network field.Click to expand...

I just studied the CiscoPress CCNA study guide, and used a router sim for the sim questions. I read the book once through, and then reread it again. Test wasnt very hard at all. Sounds like you have a great background for it already.

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Question: CCNA

Hi allI am not sure this is the best place for this post but it was the only one I could find. I am looking at doing the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Assiciate) and I was interested in any other feedback about the course and or if it is worth it?Thanks


Cisco courses are well recognised.I am going to start an IT Support Cisco course later this year.Good luck with your course.

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Question: CCNA

hi all,i passed the ccna 3 years ago and it is now up for renewal! Anyone know what study material is best for preparing for the 640-802? What is the router / switch to buy of ebay these days?Iv worked as a techy since i passed and havent really done much with my ccna but iv just got a new job which requires my cisco knowledge so i need to freshen up!any advise please??cheers

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Question: ccna 640-802

hi all my ccna 640-801 has just expired! :( so its time to renew, i think im going to do the icnd1 / icnd2 route this time.can anyone plz tell me which routers and switches will be best to buy from ebay as i dont really know whats what for the 802 as opposed to the 801. cheers

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Question: CCNA

I've heard the new test is pretty hard, but someone on the forums said it's mainly subnetting. Which is totally easy.

I've been cramming wtih the Dummies CCNA second edition, and i've already taken semester 1-4 in Cisco's Academy.

Is the hands part a full router configuration? Or small objectives, like install an ACL or RIP.

Any words for advise? Does everyone over react about how hard this test is?


There is a lot more than just subnetting. Routing, serial interface setups, ACLs, etc.

The sims are not complete setups; they were mostly "here's a network, host A can't talk to host C, fix it" and you had to either 'no shut' an interface, or assign a correct IP, or enable a routing protocol, etc.

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Question: Ccna

Well I want to do my CCNA and would like to know you guy's opinion on it along on what book I should use. I started using this book last year but never finished studying for the exam seeing that I had to do my SAT's.
I hear everyone saying how challenging this thing is and scaring me off. I know it would not be as easy as the Network + but to make it so like hell?

btw I am A+ and Network + certified but have no experience with networks beyond 25 nodes or Cisco routers. guess I will need a good router sim.


heres the books i own.... all cisco press...
CCNA 1 and 2
CCNA 3 and 4
CCNA Intro Self Study Exam Cert. Guide
CCNA ICND Self Study Exam Verty Guide

also the self study guides come with a decent network might want to look into some night school type thing to get some hands on with the routers because the labs that the books come with kinda suck... the books will get you past the test but not the real world trouble shooting stuff....

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Question: Url Ccna

Can someone provide me with an URL of a free tutorial site for the CCNA course? Thank you

Answer:Url Ccna

I am currently enroled in a CCNA course. I'm just about half way towards my CCNA.

We do all our work at the Cisco Academy online. And you may register for free I believe at this link. However, this is only the written information. You don't get any hands on experience.

But you may also find some more information at Cisco.

I may be able to answer some of your questions as well...

Good luck.

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I have a Dell DImension Desktop (not a big Dell fan, but it was free, it's my only PC). Anyway, lately at startup I've been hearing a terrible grinding noise from insode the computer, it usually quiets down a bit later after startup, but a grinding/buzzing noise is always there to some degree.

I immediatly figured it was a HD problem, that the HD was grinding. I went to staples and picked up a new 80GB maxtor HD and installed it (removed the old one entirely). I re-installed windows at that point but the grinding noise IS STILL THERE! The noise is basically identical so I am starting to think that it was neve a HD issue, if it wasn't what else could possibly be grinding like that!? Maybe a fan somewhere? I'm not completely computer illiterate, but I obviously have no clue what's going on, please help me!


PS_ if it helps im running off of a GeForce FX 5200 256 MB Vid Card (ya, I know it's not the greatest), I havea GIG of staple's RAM and that's a bout all I think you'll need, plz help me out here!

Answer:GRINDING/BUZZING it the HD or..?(HLP!)

A fan is the only other moving part unless its a floppy or cd in the drives

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Hello, now before anyone posts,
"oh, the ball bearing is broken" or w.e
hear me out
as we all know, its cold outside and when i came home today to turn on my pc, the card started to grind for no reason. i restarted and same thing. i noticed it was around 30C on the card, and i started up sc2 to see if it still worked.
i noticed, as the gpu got hotter and hotter, the less sound it made. at about 41C it completely stopped making any noise. i then turned off sc2 and still no noise. ive had this happen before. my question is. could the metal inside the card be contracting that much, that the fan actually comes in contact with it? i swear, the hotter it got, the less noise it made and vice versa.
anyone familiar with this behaviour?

Answer:Video Card Grinding?

Quote: Originally Posted by Impulse Fire911

Hello, now before anyone posts,
"oh, the ball bearing is broken" or w.e
hear me out
as we all know, its cold outside and when i came home today to turn on my pc, the card started to grind for no reason. i restarted and same thing. i noticed it was around 30C on the card, and i started up sc2 to see if it still worked.
i noticed, as the gpu got hotter and hotter, the less sound it made. at about 41C it completely stopped making any noise. i then turned off sc2 and still no noise. ive had this happen before. my question is. could the metal inside the card be contracting that much, that the fan actually comes in contact with it? i swear, the hotter it got, the less noise it made and vice versa.
anyone familiar with this behaviour?

Very weird indeed mate.

I've heard of cards suffering from whining capacitors and such (only happening when the card is put under extreme stress or when pushing VERY high frames per second [200 plus]).

Have you tried messing around with a fan profile? Like putting it all the way up to 100%? to see if the grinding gets worse or....

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hi there. in the past 2 days my dell laptop seems to have slowed down to the degree it can hardly go online. i run Avast, Spyware Terminator and Windows Firewall and occaisionally scan with Malwarebytes and A-squared. this security set up has been fine for a long while. I have installed Vista SP 2 last week and wondered if this could be the prob. please help as I am very worried.

Answer:Laptop grinding to a halt

1. Softwarea) Clear out all temporay files and folders -- use Crap Cleaner click hereb) Scan for malware spyware and viruses --Free Anti Spyware :- Superantispyware click hereMalware removal tool click hereFree Antivirus softwareAvast4 click hereorAVG antivirus click herec) Clean the registry -- Free Registry cleaners :- RegscrubVistaXp click hereRegseeker click hereTweakNow RegCleaner 1.3.2 click hereEasycleaner click here ( Use with care, It advises you to back up the registry first, this is a good idea as it cleans rather aggressively. ) d) Pagefile (Virtual Memory) -- Rght click MY Computer - select propeties - Advanced tab - Performance - advanced tab - Virtual memory click change, you can put the page file on a differnt drive (if you have one), click custom size and set Initial size to one and a half times the amount of memory you have fitted i.e. 512MB memory = set to 768MB, set maximum to double your memory amount i.e. 512MB memory = 1024MB click ok.If your hard drive is full and there is not enough room for the pagefile this can slow down, freeze or even cause the PC to crash (restart).e) Cut down on the programs that load at startup -- Start - Run type msconfig - startup tab- untick everything except for firewall, antivirus and antispywareand the services that run in the background. click here

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My AcerAspire V-7 482PG has started making periodic grinding sounds when I am playing an audio or video file, but only after the laptop has been running for a while.  A re-boot solves the problem, but only for a while.  I have updated all my drivers, so I don't think that can be the problem.  Any help?

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For the past few months my netbook has been running slower and slower, I dont know if its just Windows doing its stuff and slowing the computer down or if it is actuly Malware. So I ran the programs as it explained in the FAQ so please find attached the log files. SAS didnt make a log file but I guess that is because nothing was found. For some reason RootRepeal wouldnt run so I have also attached a zipped document with screen shots of the error messages. There was also an error with MGtools but it appeared to complete successully though, I have added this error to the document too.

Answer:Windows 7 grinding to a hault

Hi there and welcome. I am currently reviewing your logs and will get back to you with a set of instructions in the next post I make to you.

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Hello. Currently i Have in my PC:Q6600 2.4 ghz8800gts 312 DDR32gb of ram500gb WD sata HDDSound Blaster Audigy500watt PSUAlright so my computer has up and decided that it hates me. For about three months it worked without any major issues. I noticed some absurd artifacting with my GPU but decided i'd just replace it eventually. My problem is that recently my computer has gone nutty. Whenever I decide to do anything (open photoshop, install programs, ect) it starts to give me laggy sound. Windows itself takes about 5 minutes to get past that initial loading screen and then 1 or 2 minutes to actually load my user. Under a normal circumstance I would just guess CPU but it's stranger. Once photoshop opens it gives a GPU error, whatever, I get it, it's broken. Yet it works fine, no lag, nothing. I render videos, and nothing. I open fallout 3 and it lags until it gets to the menu and the sound is fine for the rest of the game. It seems to only lag on loading screens. About an hour ago I started hearing loud grinding noises from inside my case. All of this leads me to believe it may be my HDD. It seems that the sound skips any time the HDD is accessed but I'm not sure. So I wanted to get a second opinion.I ran a CPU stress test and it never got above 60C at 100% for 3 hours. I ran a ram test for 20 minutes with 0 errors. My GPU gets up to 72C with artifacting almost nonstop In games there are specific models that seem to make the oddest thing ever occur. Giant tr... Read more

Answer:strange grinding noise

Two problems at the same time:1) Hard drive is going bad.  If the grinding noise is coming from the hard drive, that's means it's about to crap out on you.  Back up your data as soon as you can 'cause you may not get another chance...2) Video card.  99% of the time artifacts on the screen mean a video card problem.  The other 1% of the time it's drivers. have your marching orders.  Replace both the hard drive AND the video card.

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My AcerAspire V-7 482PG has started making periodic grinding sounds when I am playing an audio or video file, but only after the laptop has been running for a while.  A re-boot solves the problem, but only for a while.  I have updated all my drivers, so I don't think that can be the problem.  Any help?

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I am struggling with Grinding noise while using my HP Laptop-HP G62 Notebook PC. I have cleaned the Vents using Compressed Gas Can, but this did not help much. Checked HP Support Assistant for possible driver/software updates, but no updates are available.

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My w550s laptop fan is making a loud grinding noise whenever I turn it on.  I've tried cleaning and then replacing the fan but the issue persists anyway. Any tips on how to resolve the issue would be greatly appreciated. I've attached the sound for reference. (it sounds like a bearing is loose but I'm not quite sure) 

Answer:W550s fan grinding noise

Welcome shadowsonmywall1. Is your CPU and GPU running hot when the laptop fan is making a loud grinding noise?2. Did you remove the thermal paste before replacing with a new fan?3. Have you tighten all other screws on the laptop fan?
4. Use grease to oil the bearing of the fan.
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Hi, I have the same/similar problem as dude 1234. Firefox using 100% CPUI didnt want to steal his post so I made my own.I have doing a bit of research on different things for browsers, this amongst them. (Well I dont know that its the browser actually).Every now and then my computer seems to just grind away, fans rev to their limit, windows wont open and the whole system drags for ages then to a total stop.It seems as though it is a memory problem, but having read that post, I wondered if it was my browser? I have a Pentium 4 CPU 3.00 Ghz 1.5GB of RAM. My computer doesnt always play up like that but it has its moments.The easiest way to get past it is to close everything and then restart F/F, this does cure it but is really inconvenient if I have lots of windows open.Can I do anything to cure this phenomenon please?

Answer:Same as dude 1234 CPU Grinding away at 100%?

Well your computer is better than mine and, anyway, I have investigated and determined its not a processor or memory problem. Try using Opera browser and see if you think that eliminated the problem. I'd be interested to know."Browser" is the name of the software you use to download and display web material. Examples of browsers are:- Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome.In case you are not familiar with the term "software", it means a computer program. Computers have hardware (all the electronic bits), and software (all the instructions that are given to the hardware to make it do something useful). My apologies if I have over-simplified this, but it sounded like you needed to know.

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Hi, fairly new W10 install based on W7 upgrade.

Stock drivers for everything.

While playing computer games recently (particularly DOSBOX ones) I experience that the system simply grinds to a halt after a certain time.

Even trying to get a Task Manager/Process Manager running (ctrl-alt-del) then takes ages and nothing will close and I can only reboot the system.

There is no hard disk activity during that time. Memory is always around 2G (50% of 4G in use).

During this "system slowdown" any sound that is still playing in the computer game is then also "fragmented" or "slowmotioned" (the hagging, intermittend sound). Almost as if it is caused by audio.

I have no clue what this could be. Also during these slowdowns usually from what I can see there is no high CPU consumption.

I believe also sometimes after a while it restores itself, ie. some YouTube video playing in a browser will resume playing normally without all the delays and hickups.

Simply crawls to a halt. Do you people have any idea what this might be? And how to diagnose it, if in any case?

Currently I'm having to reset (reboot) this laptop time and time again. I did install a few audio tools / enhancers like "DFX" and another one (that I just removed) but I don't think this is related to those installs (?). I'm seriously... I believe I have no errors like this (the dragging of the computer and the audio) unless I'm playing a DOSBOX game.

And every DOSBOX game has it (t... Read more

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My y510p is making a small grinding noise by the hdd is this normal?
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Well, my HD has been making some weird noises... i cant tell if its the sound of grinding or if its the platter arm bouncing/getting caught somewhere...

The thing is, my hard drive works perfectly up to that point, and my computer only seems to do it under high stress for a long ammount of time. (as if the computer heating up might make a difference?) Ill be running a system-wide virus scan from Panda Antivirus Platinum, and at some random point it starts. This doesnt happen all the time it could happen at any time, like maybe installing a game after my computer has been on all day.

Its like a "(click, click.....................bwaAaaaaAAAAAAaaAAAAa)"

Not quite grinding its hard to explain

The drive's a Seagate 30gb.

My Hypothesis:
1. My $chitty power supply (a Deer 300w) at some point has trouble powering the drive, like maybe a jump in voltage... the the drive's internal parts would not be where the drive thinks they are, or maybe a lower voltage would cause things that are normally synchronized to get out of wack...

2. My ECS mobo installed in that particular system?
3. Could the drive be heating up too much? How could i test this?

Well anyways, if it starts to happen i have to completely turn the system off, as "restarting" via the button in the front doent acutally restart everything, and the problem would still occour.
Even after turning it completely off, i have to let it sit for about an hour before i can ... Read more

Answer:Odd Drive noises etc, grinding?

Your drive is dead. I've had this happen several times. before you use it again, i would suggest buy another dirve, copy the bad one to the good one and then have fun pulling the old one apart to see how it's broke. if you keep using it you'll lose all your information anywhere from a week to a month after it started making the noise.

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Hi All,  Anyone facing the Grinding fan issue on the G770 ? if so what can be the possible causes and any fixes ?   Regards

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This laptop was taking over 5 minutes to boot and even after it finished booting it would pretty much grind to a halt after running the internet browser. This laptop was only really used for facebook so there wasn't a lot installed on it and not a lot at start-up either, using process explorer I couldn't see anything using a stupid amount of memory or disk read/wright at all, so I was at a loss as to what was causing the slowness. After booting into safe mode and seeing that it was running as expected I figured there must be something running in the background causing the issues. So I ran through your README thread and Malwarebytes did remove some threats. This seems to have fixed the issue but the laptop still isn't responding quite as quickly as I would expect so I would appreciate it if someone could take a look at my log files to see if there is anything left behind?

Answer:Laptop grinding to a halt

Please re run Hitman and have it delete the Potential Unwanted Program.

That is the only item I can see that needs removing.

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When I boot up my y470, the fan makes a grinding noise for about 3 seconds,  then is perfectly normal. I think there's something wrong with my fan's bearings, even though it's only 2 weeks old (terrible manufacturing quality apparently). How do I go about putting my warranty to good use here? I'm in Canada.

Answer:Y470 fan grinding noise
Canada, right?

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I've only had my laptop for 3 months, and I've had the grinding sound for maybe a month now. It's mostly when I turn it on. But it also resumes grinding at a constant pace every few seconds, it grinds for a part of a second, even as I type this. It's a very low sound, though, unlike when it starts, it's a bit louder.

I've also been having slowdown issues, as I'm sure that's relevant.

It's an HP Pavilion zt3340ea
512 RAM
Centrino 1.6
60 GB

Answer:New laptop grinding sound

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My Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop fan is making off-and-on grinding sounds. What could cause this. I bought another fan, but cleaned out the old one and a clump of dust came out. It still makes that sound. Maybe I should replace the fan? Is this grinding noise dangerous?

Answer:Dell Inspiron Fan Grinding

Try cleaning it again, but if you have the new fan in hand, you are better off replacing it. Laptops have a hard enough time keeping cool when everything is working never mind when a fan is malfunctioning. I'm sure it is not pushing the amount of air it is supposed to.

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I have four fans in my computer: one in the power supply, one in the processor, one on the back of the casing and one in my video card. At least one of them is making a horrible grinding or whirring noise when I switch it on first thing in the morning. It goes away after the computer has warmed up a bit and doesn't come back for the rest of the day, even if I power off for a while and power back on a bit later. It'll be back next morning though.

I've tried opening up the computer while the fan is making this sound and having a good listen but I can't tell for the life of me which fan it is. Does anyone know if there's a technique to find the dodgey fan amongst many fans? I tried searching on google but it always just returns results on how to fix fans or what to do in the case of discovering a noisy fan (but not how to distinguish which fan it is). My friend suggested sticking the end of a pencil in each fan while they're spinning to test and see if the noise stops but I don't like this idea, it sounds dangerous. I don't want to get electrocuted or damage the fans.

I did also try removing any dust from each fan (impossible for the PSU fan because its inside the PSU) in case that was the cause but nope, it still happens.

Answer:Solved: Which Fan is Whirring/Grinding?

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Can someone please rescue me? I'm having an unresolved issue on the below thread & I'm going nuts. I had transferred my grinding-noise issue from this forum, but now I'm thinking it may be a virus. Please help (either on this thread or the below thread):

Answer:Grinding Hard Drive - please help!

Well jellym,

You have been told, by both NiteHawk and motherboard to have HiJack This fix some things in both of these threads below, and not one time have you said you did.

So first be sure to put a check by what is in the quote below and have HiJack This fix them.

Run HighJack This again and make a new log. Then post the new saved log. Please! DO NOT post the old HiJack This log!

In Hijack This, check ALL of the following items. Double check so as to be sure not to miss a single one.
Next, close all browser Windows, and have HT fix all checked.

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page=
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar=
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Window Title=Access4Less
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchURL,(Default)= Read more

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