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Problem Streaming Video through a wireless G Network

Question: Problem Streaming Video through a wireless G Network

Okay HardForum, I need your help troubleshooting the bottleneck in my network.

The Basic problem is this; I am getting choppy video streaming from server to my wireless
laptop in the next room. Media player Classic is pretty bad, VCL player clears it up a
little, but still pauses to buffer a couple of times for a 350 MB file that is less than an hour in length.

Can I fix this w/o using a wired connection?
What are the limitations of Wireless G networks?
What/where is the bottleneck in the network?

A more detailed description:

Here is my setup.
Linksys WRT300N v1.1 running DD-WRT v24-sp2 (10/10/09) mega.

Stream From:
Windows XP Desktop
Intel P4 3.4GHZ
2GB Ram
5400RPM Hard drive
10/100Mbps Realtek RTL8139 NIC
(no wireless card)

Stream To:
Windows XP laptop
Intel Core 2 Duo 1.4GHZ
2GB Ram
NVIDIA Geforce 8400M GS
Hard Drive 4500RPM
Dell Wireless 1390 WLan Mini-Card (wireless G)
I don't have a wireless N adapter for the laptop

Here is an example to illustrate what I am seeing on my end. I am streaming a 349 MB
video file from my server to my laptop with a run time of 48 minutes 12 second. With
Media Player Classic I see stuttering(frame jumps) and stoppage(video stops for .5-1.5s)
right away during the introduction. With VCL player I see 3-4 stoppages due to buffering
interspersed throughout the duration of the video. (More so in the evening see below)

Apartment Diagram:

I live in an apartment complex with a lot of Channel saturation in the Wireless G
spectrum. Using inSSIDer I could see 53 individual AP. When I setup my router I picked
the least saturated channel in regards to # of AP on a channel, the surrounding channels
interference and the relative signal strength of each AP. I ended up choosing Channel 2
(yes I know each channel does over lap each other).

inSSIDer Channel Graph:

See inSSIDer Access Points Table for more information:
# of AP on a given Channel
Channel 1: 13
Channel 2: 3 (including me)
Channel 3: 0
Channel 4: 2
Channel 5: 1
Channel 6: 14
Channel 7: 0
Channel 8: 4
Channel 9: 1
Channel 10: 1
Channel 11: 13

How accurate is the Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility in regard to the "Speed" it reports?
The Utility will sometimes report Speeds of 11 Mbps(see picture) and right now I am
getting 36Mbps with being less than 4 feet from my router. I see this actively decreasing
around 6pm-9pm when everyone gets home and is on the internet obviously, causing
more interference. I do see more trouble streaming during these “peak” hours.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility:

BroadCom Chip info:

inSSIDer Signal/Time Graph (Note my network is the Bold Red Line):

inSSIDer Access Points Table:

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Preferred Solution: Problem Streaming Video through a wireless G Network

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Problem Streaming Video through a wireless G Network

1st up, I`d have said the 5400rpm drive in the WinXP box with the realtek 8139 NIC, then I saw the chart with the Channel saturation. Surely channel 3 would be better for you with only 2x users either side!?

1st off, skip that realtek card, I`d use a decent quality Intel for replacement, done this myself recently and saw quite a noticeable increse in throughput.

2nd, maybe try running a cable to rule out the wireless side of things (if it`s still somewhat choppy it`s the server side hardware, if it cures it it`s almost certainly the popularity of wireless G in your area).

That is quite some use of the limited bandwidth allocated for wireless G, if you want to be naughty, set your location (Router GUI) to one other than yours and see if you can sneak onto one of the channels not normally available to you to see if that helps, not recomended though.

Lastly it`s time to upgrade the antennae on your router or better still, upgrade your router to a dual band one with wireless G and N if your laptop supports N that is.

Sorry just re-read your post, you don`t have N capability on your laptop.

Looks like your only options are, in order of cost (cheapest 1st(maybe))

1) run a cable (kinda defeats the whole point of having a latop though)
2) use directional antennae on your router (again you`d be kinda limited to where you can use it)

I have just noticed that there is one signal stronger than yours in the graph, "Looksea" are you closer to that AP than you are to your own or is he likely using DDWRT or similar with the RF output jacked up for the same reasons you`re experiencing?

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Using VLC player, when streaming video over wireless network to a laptop, the stream starts to get choppy after about 10-15 seconds and video freezes up. This occurs to all type of video media, no matter the codec used.

- It works fine however over wired. I've changed all the settings of the wireless adapter to achieve max performance but the problem still occurs.

- Method to access the video files is simply from windows network drive.

-Network utilization when playing movies is usually between 1-10%, cpu goes to 70% max when streaming 720P, also RAM usage is about 70% , so I've already ruled out insufficient hardware.

The laptop runs windows vista, has a celeron M processor, 1 GB ram broadcom 802.11 g network adapter set to 54 mbps. The router also has the same bandwidth.

Anyone encounter this problem too? or can suggest a workaround?

Answer:problem streaming movies over wireless network

Over wired I see 720p streaming to my PS3 take 50 to 60mbps, being on 11g you aren't going to be able to sustain that. Regardless of the speed your adapter is reporting reaching 54mbps is near impossible in real world scenarios, you're going to need to stick to wired or pull the file over before watching instead.

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I am looking into getting a wireless setup for my home. Currently I have 3-4 computers in my home network and would like to stream DVD images, MPEG-2, and Divx files from my server to my HTPC using wireless. All other computers are wired. Which wireless system should I be looking at? I like Linksys with SRX technology. Is that sufficient and is there something else I should be looking at? Is there a big difference in speed between the SRX and one without? My main concern is enought speed to stream large bitrate movies. BTW, the distance from the router to the HPTC is about 30ft away on the same floor with 2 walls inbetween.

A Network Noob

Answer:Wireless Video Streaming needs...

I would run a cord to it personally. If you must go with wireless, I'd stick with something that uses a standard 802.11g connection, and not some crappy accerator or pre-n crap.

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Hi all,

Can you experts out there kindly advise how I can stream those MPEG2 videos I have in my hard drive to my TV wirelessly.


Answer:Wireless video streaming from PC to TV

I don't think that's possible.

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Hi All!
I work for a college and we have recently started recording the BBC Bytesize programs using a PC equipped with a PVR WinTV card. It stores about 4hrs of video in a 2.5gb file (which I didn't think was too bad)!
At the end, we are hoping to store all the video (around 50hrs) on our server to hopefully be streamed around the network, but there seem to be so many options to choose from at this point.
For example, what is the best file type to use (*.mov, *.mpg, DivX) etc etc. Also, would it be risky having a whole classroom (15 users) view this data all at the same time in term of bandwidth usage or should we just play it safe and only give teachers access to the footage to be shown through the projectors.
Any help, hints and tips in the world of video streaming will be appreciated! Is there anything I should be looking out for too?

Thank you in advance

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I need a reliable "N" router for video streaming from my PC. I've been reading various user reviews (Netgear, D-Link, Linksys, etc.), but opinion are all over the place and I can't find one router that the majority agrees on. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thank you.

Answer:Wireless router for video streaming

I own a netear router like this, but i also recommend Lynksys routers, they are both similar spec.

Could you post your budget for a better recommendation.

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I recently installed XP SP3.  And now when I try to play any type of video clip through the browser, my wireless connection drops and the video resets.  The wireless connection will re-connect eventually but it will drop again if I try to play the video.  I don't know for sure if this in an SP3 issue but it does seem awfully coincidental.  Are there any solutions short of rolling back to SP2?Thanks

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Hey everyone! Happy holidays

I got a 3tb hard drive to store all my movies that are split between 5 other hard drives as of now, and i'd love to be able to hook it up to stream them over my entire network (including PS4)

I have a DLINK DIR-820L dual band router with a USB port that says it's a "SharePort", which has so far worked on my two computers but not on the PS4. And this method is overall crappy since i have to sign on to a webpage and watch the movies from there, which is really weird since my router is secure and i don't want to have to sign in with a user and password every time i want to watch something. Not to mention it doesn't work at all on the PS4.

Basically i'm looking for a way to hook up the 3tb Hard Drive so i can watch anything on the drive from both my laptops, my desktop and my PS4. All the guides i've searched for online give me the same generic information and none of it helps.

I've had the networking active and working with the hard drive hooked up to my desktop, and made a homegroup or whatever to share between computers. But that leaves out the PS4, which is the only non-wirelss device in the chain (it's plugged directly into the router)

Can i network everything through the USB port on the router without using the "SharePort" software? Or can i network everything through a homegroup like i had before, with access for my PS4?

This is so confusing, if anyone can help i�... Read more

Answer:Help with Streaming Video over a home network

You might need a media server.. I use serviio.

Here are some other options

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Hello all, I wish to pick your brains please :)I am wanting to set up a video and audio distribution network in the house.I would like to have a central server with all the video and audio on which is accessible from may be as many as 10 or 12 seperate zone computers.Will it be possible to employ a gigabite network and be able to listen and watch several films and sound tracks in different zones at the same time from the central server? Is this a matter of employing user friendly interface software which will enable you to scroll through menus on the zone computers to pick the tracks/ films from the server? Obviously the hardware spec should be good to any suggestions for server and zone computer spec if its feasible.If I wished to use each of the zone computers for surfing and normal pc word processing etc would it make sense to dual boot and partition them with say media centre for if you wish to use the entertainment network and maybe xp for surfing to try to avoid conflicts?Please offer all advice possible I am sure this should be possible but would need to get a techy to help me set it up but am still a bit unsure if it would work or if their are other observations to be made.

Answer:Video, Audio streaming network

10 - 12 "zone"/client computers? Are you setting up a video-viewing shop?The critical aspect will be your server's ability to service so many clients concurrently, with a worse case scenario of all of them wanting to access the same video or audio file/track.Your client computers configuration can be standard; Media Centre is essentially XP Pro with extra GUI modules integrated, so either will do.I don't know what exactly you would want such a setup for, but I can't see what extra benefits dual-boot capability will give your client PCs.It depends what level of service you intend to provide each client computer ~ the optimum would be the ability to have separate partitions with server based software handling the load balancing and masses of memory so particular files which are in high demand are left resident in memory.As you are struggling with XP/Media Centre for the client PCs already, the server side is going to be a lot more complex (and costly).There simply will not be enough space even in this forum, to reasonably "offer all advice possible".

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I am new to the forum so please bear with me - I have a few questions that have been bugging me.My internet access has previously been limited to dial ups on a work laptop. I plan to buy a laptop for personal use. I would also like to be wireless and in the next few yrs set up a network with a media centre pc for video streaming. 1. I am confused between the speed offer by my broadband provider IDNET (somewhere between 2-5mbps) and the speed of the router. Is it the case that the data arrives at my house at 5mbps and then I can send it around my house at much faster speeds?I assume that a speed of 2-5mbps will mean that I have to download HD broadcasts etc... before watching rather than being able to watch 'live'? Or have I just got this completely wrong?2. If I use the router to connect to the internet will one of the computers have to be on to allow both to connect to the internet? Is there any way around this?3. Can I just plug an external drive into the router to allow me to back up data or does it need to be connected to a pc?4. Any suggestions as to which router - I am happy to spend c£100. many thanks.

Answer:Which router/wireless networking/video streaming

<<< I am confused between the speed offer by my broadband provider IDNET (somewhere between 2-5mbps) and the speed of the router. >>>If you subscribe to a 5Mbps service with an ISP, you have a connection that will allow you to download at speeds of up to 5Mbps. Your home network, the connections between PC and router and between different PCs will run at 100Mbps for wired ethernet connections and 54Mbps for wireless connections using 802.11g protocol. <<< If I use the router to connect to the internet will one of the computers have to be on to allow both to connect to the internet? Is there any way around this? >>>When you install a router, it is the router and not one of the PCs which establishes the connection to the ISP. All computers connected to the router get their internet access over the LAN from the router and no computer is dependent on any other computer for internet access. They are totally independent.<<< Can I just plug an external drive into the router to allow me to back up data or does it need to be connected to a pc? >>>There are external hard drives with an ethernet interface, but these are more expensive than the more usual USB 2.0 or Firewire drives that need to connect directly to an individual PC.<<< Any suggestions as to which router - I am happy to spend c£100. >>>With ADSL, you want a combined "Wireless Router & ADSL Modem". Models from any of the mainstream manufacturers should be fine - Belkin, Linksys, Netgear,... Read more

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I am an WP8 user since last December and recently I bought a Seagete Wireless Plus HDD to use in pair with my iPad Air. As always with Apple I had to buy a media player that supports the most common video formats (.avi) with audio format (AC3). After I bought an app I was able to stream play all of my movies on my iPad. Then I decided to do the same on my Nokia 920 with Windows Phone 8.1. Unfortunately I found you that again those formats are not supported on the platform (only Android supports them out of the box). As it is .avi format I was shocked to find our this as it is a Windows format. So here is my questions:
Has anyone found a way to stream video's with .avi video format and AC3 audio formats from Seagete Wireless Plus HDD. On a side note I know there is not WP8 Seagete application but some videos are streamable via thir web application.

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I'm posting this here cause I really don't know where it's rightful home should be!

I recently purchased the Philips SLA5520 to stream my music from my PC (in upstairs bedroom) on my home cinema in the sitting room. Basically it didn't work. When I finally got it to list the songs on my PC, it just wouldn't play them! I got my money back!

So now what I'm after is something similar, but I don't want to stop it there, I want to be able to stream video clips and my photos also.

I know there are systems out there that do this, but I dont know what they are and which is the best. I don't want to have to bring it back again so I don't mind spending a few quid if it is worth it. Also wondering if the best solution is to buy a new home cinema with wireless technology built into it?


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Hello,  I have a new  x100e (Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit, 2GB RAM, 250GB hard drive).  Lenovo Access Connections says my wireless connection is good (4 out of 5 bars on the indicator) and says speed is 72.0 Mbps.  When I try to view video on YouTube, it plays 3 or 4 seconds then stops with the spinning circle in the middle of the screen for another 4 or 5 seconds then plays another 4 or 5 seconds, and on and on.  It's made viewing video streams not worth the trouble.  If it is something I really want to see, I'll pause the playing and wait til it all loads - which can be a while.  I previously was using an S10 Ideapad w/ WinXP and never had this problem.  What gives? 

Answer:x100e Wireless Video Streaming SLOW

I am also struggling with very slow data transfer speed in the same WLAN ThnkPad x100e downloads well under 10 Mbps. Strangely, the same metering service shows well over 70 Mbps with another Levovo PC, ThinkPad E320. I have done complete factory reset, all updates, including BIOS and obviously not running any CPU or bandwidth consuming applications while measuring the speed. In the photo you an see that the latency and upload sppeed are at same level, while the download speeds are massively different. Lenovo diagnostics didin't help to solve the issue.  I would really appreciate tips to solve this.

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Hi all,

i hope somebody can help me...

My computer is a HP Laptop Model Number DV2815EA running windows vista 32 bit. Its a few years old.

Recently i have had problems with my wireless adapter turning itself off whenever i watch videos online. It doesn't happen all the time, but if i am watching something for more than an hour it will cut off. There is a blue light and a switch on the front of the laptop, and when the wireless adapter is off, the light changes to red.

The light will change to red sometimes whilst watching video, and the only way i can turn the wireless back on is if i restart the system. Even if i activate and disable the wireless adapter using the external manual switch, or the internal controls using the wireless assistant.

As you can imagine this gets very annoying when i am mid way through a show and it cuts out!

Also, not sure if this is relevant but i can no longer either watch videos on full screen as the image gets jolty.

Things i have tried;

1) restoring the system to a previous restore point - i tried this but for some reason the only restore points i could find were ones dated after i started noticing the problem.

2) reinstalling the wireless adapter driver and video card driver.

3) running a full 6 hour antivirus scan - I am using Eset NOD32 antivirus and also i scanned using comodo cleaning essentials.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Answer:Wireless adapter cuts out during streaming video

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This is a bit of a complicated issue, and I'll admit I'm over my head on this one. I have a Gateway laptop running Vista SP1 that is connected to my home wireless network. The wireless connection will work great....except when I try to stream any video. Once I stream video, within 10-15 minutes of the video starting my wireless connection will go from Connected to Limited or No Connectivity. If I am doing anything else on the web, be it reading web pages, streaming audio, or anything else that does NOT involve video I will stay connected.

Here's where things get stranger, when I go into Network & Sharing Center to try to repair the connection, I'm unable to do so. If I try to disconnect from the network, Network & Sharing Center will stop responding and cause Windows Explorer to crash. Checking the culprit of the crash I noted that svchost.exe is causing the system to crash. Once Windows Explorer restarts, I'm able to use the computer normally, except when I try to get back into Network & Sharing Center, Windows Explorer will stop responding and crash. The only way I can resolve this is to restart the computer.

I originally thought that this was an issue to a recent Windows Update, so I performed a System Restore to before the updates, which did not resolve the issue. I'll be happy to provide any more information if asked later on, and any advice would be helpful.

Answer:Wireless connectivity issues when streaming video

Just a quick bump to see if I can get any help with this issue.

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I've got a windows 7 pc running. usb wireless adapter connected to my fios router downstairs which connects to the internet...

I also want to stream hd media files to my western digital wd live thats on my desk right next to the windows 7 pc connected to my 32 lcd mounted on my bedroom wall.

I connected the ethernet port on the pc to a old netgear router (not wireless) and then connected the wd live to it.

Presto - windows 7 sees 2 networks, one says internet access the wireless one, and the other says no internet. Streaming works perfect over the hard wire network, but the pc wont connect to the internet... its like it doesnt know to use the wireless connection for the internet even though its the only network where it clearly says there is an internet connection...

what do i need to do so that windows knows to always use the wirless connection for internet, and the wired network just for local file sharing?

Answer:wireless network for net + wired for streaming... help

Set a static address on the wired interface with just the address and subnet mask, no default gateway or DNS servers configured.

Or combine the two networks, which seems to be the sensible answer...

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hello, my name is chris.

i have recently upgraded my machine.

Windows 7 Home Premium x64 (inc Service pack 1)
Asus Crosshair IV Formula
AMD Phenom II 1100T x6
Corsair Vengeance 4x 4gb 1600mhz
XFX Radeon HD6870
2x WD 20EARS 2TB Sata drives
1x sata HP 107d
Netgear DG834PPN Wireless Router (Connected via LAN)
(using ie9 and chrome)

The Problem:-

on both IE 9.0 X64 edition and Google Chrome (both with up to date flash video software.
Streaming videos, it starts playing brilliantly.


- OPEN Youtube video
- Loads fast and starts playing
- watch for 5 seconds
- skip video ahead 2 minutes.
- Loads fast (almost seemless)
- watch for a minute
- skip ahead another 2 minutes
- Buffer time is getting longer.
- watch to finish
- close page

- OPEN new Youtube video
- Loads slowly
- watch for 5 seconds
- skip video ahead 2 minutes.
- Loads very slowly
- play for a minute (jittery)
- skip ahead another 2 minutes
- Video doesnt play.
- Close page (no obvious programs using the network)
- Routers'traffic' lights are extreamly active (both internet and connected lan port)
- Downloads, browsing, p2p, streaming all slowed to a crawl or no-existant.
- During this, - The Global Broadband Speed Test says 0.9 Mbps download speed or less.
- Physically Disconnect LAN connection and wait for 10 seconds.
- Reconnect Lan
- Everything goes back to normal

- Sometimes before disconnecting the lan i wait and eventually the lights slow ... Read more

Answer:browser/streaming video/ network probrem


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i have a lan at home with various devices and its sluggy on hd need help on choosing
the right hardware!

right now running twonky media manager and serviio of 2gb dual core pc hard wired to a dir 825 dlink router ! on the router theres is a external hd my book world bluering edition this hd contains video folders managed by pc with twonky or serviio!

the clients are sony media boxes smp-n100 and sony smp-n200 a led allshare samsung tv also hard wired,xbox 360!

by times movies are sluggy hd movies are worst considering that most of clients are hard wired rj45 why is the video playback poor !

is the pc running 2gb no good enough,is the dlink 825 not a good router for this could the fact that external hd is on the router instead of pc a problem!

if i need a better router please let me know wich one
i was looking at asus with dlna certified firmware ,
i tried qos engine in router but just cant figure out how this works!
anyway i know some of you know what im talking about !

Answer:network video streaming hardware help needed

What is your CPU and your GPU.

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I have two windows 7 computers connected to my router and one laptop with Win7 connected wirelessly, also WinVista 64bit connected to router.
Anytime I watch a movie through the network, it constantly stops and buffers. At least I assume its buffering.
I use VLC player and I've never had this problem until I switched up to Windows 7.

Is there any known issues with this type of problem. I can't find anything on Google

Thanks for any info

Answer:streaming video constantly buffering over network

The first obvious (potential) issue is the firewall. Chances are, your router has the firewall enabled on it, you'll need to login to it to check; enter your default gateway (probably something like into a browser. If that doesn't check out, determine what port(s) VLC wants to use and check the Windows firewall by going into Control Panel > System & Security > Windows Firewall and allow VLC access.

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HiI bought a belkin wireless G router a couple of weeks ago and have been having a problem with video streaming and downloading large files, it stops after a couple of minutes and says buffering but never gets any futher and with downloading large files it downloads at a normal speed for the first minute or two then the speed drops to zero. I tried updating the firmware via the belkin web site and this solved the problem but then when switched on the coputer and router the next day the problem was back again, I once again. I have tried updating the firmware again which again sorted the problem only for it to come back after I had powered down and restarted everything. I was wondering if it is a problem with the router not storing the firmware upgrade or is it something else?I am using a laptop with a 2meg virgin media broadband connection which works fine when it is connected straight to the modem.Many thanks in advancejoni

Answer:Belkin Wireless G Router video streaming problems

What version of Windows? What Belkin model number, there is an issue with a couple of specific Belkin models. Connection via USB adapter?

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I recently installed Windows Service Pack 2, actually three times after reinstating my computer software to the original state by erasing and reinstalling the full software install CD on my computer's hard drive for Window XP Home. I have no problems playing games with my new FX 5200 Ultra video card by BFG, but I am at random times getting the annoying green screen that blanks out my videos I am streaming or playing(happens when I am streaming more often). Then after that happens usually, the computer reboots or shuts off. I never had this happen before. My computer's memory tests ok so why can I play games with this never happening but when I am streaming or watching video through Windows Media Player, etc do I get the "green screen blankout" and then often the shutdown of my computer? I have 512 MB of system memory and 128 MB of video memory! I use System Mechanic and it shows I have at least half of my memory even during playback so what is the problem here? I can attach my system computer file of my information if you like in an e-mail if it will help. AND YES I HAVE THE DIVX CODECS. I thought about that to and uninstalled and reinstalled them with the same random problems. PLEASE HELP ME. This is really annoying.

Answer:video playback and streaming. Video card problem or software?

Well, it seems u dont have a hardware problem. this problem occurs only when u r watching videos. so i guess its the media player. take my suggestion, stop using it. Download this pack: KLite Codec Pack. I think the latest version is 3.2. Its got all the codecs u need to play compressed videos, and dvds. Its also got an advanced media player which can play any video u open it with like wmv, dat, mpg, rm, mov, avi, divx..... of course, the codecs for these formats r included in the pack.

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Hello all. At the moment the core of my networking setup is as follows...

1. A SFF built in an old SG01 as a router. Core 2 duo or quad (honestly forgot which), 4gb RAM, older Intel PCI dual-slot 1Gb Ethernet 2-port card (one goes to cable modem which is currently provisioned at a 105 Megabit connection, other goes to switch) - Regular PCI, not PCI-E. =Software wise, I am using the "Untangle" router/gateway distribution in free/open source mode. Seems to have a lot of good features and to be relatively easy to use with a nice WebUI. So far I'm generally happy with it, but I am open to other, similar distributions.
2. A TrendNET 8-port unmanged Gigabit switch (TEG-S80g), 6/8 ports filled. It seems to be a fairly simple SOHO gigabit switch. First slot obviously coming from the router's "internal/LAN" NIC. Most of the others filled via wired connections to other PCs or devices, with the last one connected to....

3. Netgear DIR655 old wireless router. Bridge mode, all routing functions turned off, 4 hardwired ports busted due to an old housemate yanking a cable out of it accidentally. Just being used for wireless at the moment. WPA2 encrypted.

Pretty much everything that is physically wired, is wired using CAT6 or CAT6a cable, and generally seems to work pretty well. The performance problems I've had are pretty much exclusively on those that connect wirelessly. Signal strength is pretty decent all things considered; the probl... Read more

Answer:Network upgrade advice - Wireless for HD streaming, other elements etc..

Your firewall / switch are more than sufficient for the bandwidth your pushing.

I think the forum favorite here are the Ubiquiti Unifi WAPs.

Keep in mind that while 802.11N is the faster spec, the 5ghz range has poor wall penetration compard to G, so utilizing a couple of WAPs for good coverage is key depending on your physical environment.

Unless you've got the money to blow, 10Gb is WAY overkill and you'll never see the benefit.

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After spending an hour trying to get things working and throwing more than a few controllers across the room, I've decided to give up and just try to do something about this crappy wireless network I have in my house.

Here is the deal. I have my main gaming rig on the top level of my house. With it is the modem and router wired to my computer. I have 2 other laptops that get fairly heavy use connected to the router wirelessly, as well as another desktop in the basement that is rarely used but still connected.

My problem comes when I want to stream 720p or 1080p movies from my main rig on the top level to my home theater 2 levels down via my PS3 or 360. Normal movies work fine, but anything HD stutters like hell. Considering I have a 120" projection screen down there, I want to watch in HD.

If I tell everyone to stop using their computers and turn off anything that hogs up bandwidth it will work, but I don't want to have to do that. I want everything to work flawlessly. So what should I do?

I have a Linksys WRT54G wireless router.

Answer:At my wits end with my home network. Wireless streaming woes.

You need more bandwidth like a wireless N router. But IMO look into power line networking. This is what I use to stream to my PS3 via PS3 media streamer. I use a pair of Netgear 500mbit adapters

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I have Vista home premium and being a new user I am facing a lot of issues.

1) My internet keeps on disconnecting (will rather call it an interruption as I don't need to manually reconnect). I don't have problems in browsing but this interruption (for some seconds) generally disconnects me from any server I am connected to. For Eg. Texas holdem poker on Facebook / Bridge base online / Hamachi ..etc etc..I am having problems playing any game online (.. I tried a laptop having XP and it worked fine so I am quite sure this is not a network problem.

2) I am unable to watch online streaming which is played on wmp. I have installed the add-on (firefox) for it but then also it isn't able to play it. The internet explorer just crashes when I tried to play it on it. I can watch Youtube/ Metacafe videos.

3) Another issue is the loading of Java applet. I have installed the latest Sun java JRE 1.6.0_07.

Someone please help a newbie..

Answer:Frequent Interruptions in network and problems in watching video streaming

I am having this same problem with my new HP Vista laptop and my school's wireless network. My old Dell XP laptop works fine on the school's network, and my new laptop works fine back at home.

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Hi Guys,

I have a PC in the study running Windows 7 Home Premium x86, and in the lounge a Samsung HT C5900 3D 5.1 Home Cinema System.
The PC is connected to the network via 802.11n, and the Cinema System connected directly to the router via an RJ45 cable.
Folder Sharing and Permissions have been set so I can access My Video's folder on my PC via the Cinema System and watch the video's on my TV :)

I have an online subscription with LoveFilm, and also watching YouTube video's on my TV would be cool! Is it possible?

Is there a way I can stream online content to the Cinema System via the PC?
I have herd people have managed to do this using similar equipment, one person via an Xbox. But I have no idea how.

Thanks, Dan

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Serious, what's up with that?

I have a Belkin PCMCIA card, not the best but it hasn't given me a problem otherwise, and I have a Linksys wireless router.

So whenever I go to a webpage that has an embedded streaming WM content or when I try and "preview" a song that streams on a website I buy CDs from, it totally kills my wireless network.

It seems to shut down my wireless card, and then when I start it up again it snags my neighbors wireless and not from my Linksys router in the same room. The only way to get it to access the router again is to reset the router (or unplug/plug it back in).

Any ideas? I'm already running the latest drivers (from 2003), so I guess the easiest thing to do is just get a new wireless card that may behave better with windows and media player.

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Ok everyone this is my first time i hope someone can help me THIS is the problem when i go to fox. com to look at tv programs like house i can only see it in the little screen when i try to look in full screen mode the sound is ther but the video is in slid screen mode now when i look at my proceesing its at like 87% memory in running how do i fix this and why is so much memory taken up with 64% processing appire 5100 acer 64x2

Answer:video streaming problem

what kind of video card are you running?

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I am trying to stream video from and other sites with embedded video. Media Player just locks up or says "Buffering" or "Connecting" forever. It works fine on any other computer in my house just not mine. I am using media player 10, I also tried installing 9 and had the exact same problem. I don't know if it is a Codec problem or what. I can't figure it out. It has nothing to do with my firewall since the other computers that work fine are on the same firewall. Even reformatting does nothing! Is there a substitute for Media Player that I can use? If I download the file first then play it, then it works fine, I just can't stream direct.

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I've been having the same problem for a while now. When I try to watch a video online, I can only load a small portion of it at a time. The progress bar will only move part of the way (usually only a minute or two out of a 30 minute video) and then completely stop. I've tried waiting for several hours to see if it's just slow, but it just stops.

It's not a matter of a slow connection--mine is very fast.
This happens both in IE and Firefox. I have cleared my cache and reinstalled Flash Player, but that didn't help either.

Any ideas???

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I recently did an upgrade on my laptop, just so I can have a clean version of Windows 7 ad start from scratch as the system was feeling a bit clunky. I m planning on doing a clean install and formatting soon (maybe tomorrow), but for now I currently have a problem.

So before the upgrade, I had no problem playing YouTube videos, or any other videos on streaming sites using both Mozilla and Chrome. I could watch videos on wither piece of software at 720p without any problems with lag and stuttering. After this upgrade, nothing seems to work. When I try to watch YouTube videos, even on 360p I will get major slowdown on the video itself and when using the laptop. Thos only occurs when the videos is playing, and when stopped it goes away. I have looked at task manager to see the CPU usage and when playing videos the usage of it is in the high 80s and lower 90s percentages.

The current actions I have taken are these:
I have disabled hardware acceleration in both Adobe Flash Player and Mozilla.
Removed enhancements on audio in case it was audiodg tampering with it (had this problem before)
I have disabled all of the add-ons I have present in the browser, including Adobe Flash Player
When I did this, the Mozilla's own container was still giving me high CPU usage
I have tried booting with just Microsoft applications and drivers running and still get the high usage
I am currently doing the following:
Running a MalwareBytes scan
Running a MSE scan
Uninstalling Adobe... Read more

Answer:Video Streaming Problem

Have you installed/updated ALL of the system and hardware drivers? You should be using the drivers from the manufacturers website, not the default drivers installed by Windows.

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I have a Dell SC600 tower computer, several years old. It has a P4 with 2.66 GB speed. I have 2 GB ram, 7200 rpm hard drives and an Internet Connection that varies between 2 and 5 MB. I'm guaranteed 2 MB...but most of the time if I check it, it's a lot faster.

This particular problem has started since I installed Windows 7...I never had it in XP. When I installed Windows 7, I didn't have the problem, it seem to have started recently. It could have started when I replaced RC with the Release version.

When I try to play a Video...regardless of the source, it plays for a few seconds, then stops, then plays for a few seconds, then stops, and never just plays. The Video buffer never fills just stays at the current location. \

I don't mind waiting till the buffer reaches 100% and then start playing the video...but no matter how long I wait, the buffer indicator doesn't move.

Any ideas?

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my computer seems to have developed a problem. when I'm watching streaming video it acts like it is buffering every 10 seconds or so making it appear choppy. I'm connected to high speed dsl and all was fine yesterday. the system is free of malware and everything checks out ok. I did have a problem yesterday. when I navigated to a web site that I use all the time all of a sudden I got a stack overflow error message which replicated itself until IE crashed. first ime I ever saw that error message and I haven't seen it since then. could I possibly have a memory ram stick that is acting up and should be replaced? thanks

Answer:streaming video problem

try this program it's free for 30days.

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My system specs are below. I use XP home SP1 everything updated execpt SP2, including video and audio codecs. My browser is MSN premium and I use to be able to use MSN priemium to stream online video via mediaplayer on my last comp with XP home. Now when I left click it gives me three options: open file (which fully downloads in to a temp folder), save file, and download file later. There is no stream option.

How do I set left click to automatically stream with media player the video or even the audio link?

Answer:problem streaming video

check mediaplayers' options

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hi, need help..

i'm experiencing a major problem with video streaming or watching videos from sites such as yahoo, nba for morethan a week already; but has no problem watching videos from youtube, metacafe, & the likes or flash videos.

everytime i click a link to a video it doesn't load, and it will stay 1 or 0% all the time. clicking play does nothing. it's just stuck at 0 or 1%, play state is always stuck at "ready". whatever browser i use the result is still the same.

from what i know, nba & yahoo (like featured videos, news) either use Quicktime or Windows Media Player to load & play videos. my prob is it suddenly stopped playing videos for no reason. my media player is upto date, quicktime, realplayer & other codecs are upto date. just wondering why i can't view a video from those sites? does anybody know a solution? anything i need to do?
my OS is XP pro, connection speed is ranging from 700+ to 900+ kbps (dsl connection).
i use IE 6 & Firefox 1.5

Answer:Video Streaming Problem

There could be a number of issues at hand over here. First of all you have an older version of Firefox. The latest one is 2.0.1 which you can here. Can you post an example of a video you can't see.

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ok, so far i've only noticed this to happen with .asf files, and i have no idea why it's happening. when i open the .asf files, windows media player pops up and then starts buffering, which is normal. but then after it buffers some, it will start to play the files but i can only hear it. there is no video whatsoever; just a black screen. i've tried downloading codec packages, opening it with other players, upgrading my windows media player, and some other stuff. i think my player just can't recognize that file format for some reason because i have streamed other VoD files before that had the extension .asx i think it was. if anyone has had this happen and knows wtf is going on, or if anyone just has any ideas that might help, plz help.

Answer:streaming video problem

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My Computer:Compaq 5000 (5BWME2)20gig HD512mbRAM733mhz Processor---------------------------My Internet connection:RESULTS:Running tests. Please wait...-- Starting download test... Done!-- Starting upload test... Done!Testing complete! Your results are:- Download speed: 1.466 Mbits/sec ( 28 times faster than a 56k modem )- Upload speed: 486.000 KBits/sec ( 14 times faster than a 56k modem )=========================================================REPORT:Applet, v1.0 ; ReportEMBARQ High-Speed Internet Bandwidth Server, Ver. 1.0There are 0 people ahead of you in the queueGetting Report data. Please wait...-- Getting Data ...Time Stamp UL Speed DL SpeedMbits/sec Mbits/secMon Apr 12 12:29:50 GMT+00:00 2010 0.486 1.466Mon Apr 12 12:24:27 GMT+00:00 2010 0.486 1.467Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 GMT+00:00 1970 0.000 0.000Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 GMT+00:00 1970 0.000 0.000==========================================================When I attempt to stream live sports events from : ESPN.....the picture skips and stops intermittently and/or stops for extended periods. I have spoken with my Centurylink support folks and they have told me that my connection and speed are adequate for this. The also informed me that it is my computer that needs "tweaked" to solve this problem. I HAVE run your scan(test) of my computer: Manufacturer: CompaqModel: Compaq pcOS: Microsoft Windows XP Home EditionCPU/Ram: 996 MHz / 510 MBVideo Card: ... Read more

Answer:Problem Streaming Video

Your system is outdated. You only have 512MB RAM & you're using weak integrated graphics. Since it can't accept any more RAM, you should install a *real* video card (standard PCI), or at least go into the BIOS & try increasing the video memory amount to 11MB. I'm curious why you list your CPU as 996MHz in two areas but 733MHz in another?

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I consider myself to be quite good with networking, but I have stumbled across a problem which is starting to bother me. Basically what is happening is when I play any kind of video stream from any given site on the net, my internet connection drops and the only way to revive it is a power cycle of the router. I haven't had this problem until recently (past few months) and I have owned this current router (Linksys Wireless B router) for 3-4 years. I've gone over all of my router settings and everything is set properly. I thought to myself perhaps my router was blocking that video stream via a port block on my router. But this can't be since I even tried opening every well known port on my router (0-50k) for a few minutes to see if that would work but to no avail. Therefore I believe it could an actual router hardware issue. The conclusion I've come to is that I think the router's buffer is recieving the video stream packets in the router's buffer but cannot handle the flow and is discarding them, which in the process locks up my router and thus requiring a power cycle. I think it may be time to buy a new router! What do you guys think?

Answer:Odd video streaming problem...

Put a hub on the outside of the router and sniff the traffic. You might see something in there.

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OS: Windows XP
Video: Intel on-board
Ram: 1gb

I've got a PC having video problems streaming but only with these sites that stream live football games and sports events. It runs fine with youtube etc. No problems with movies or anything like that. All the basic stuff checked like updated video drivers, disk space, flash etc. Also tried disabling hardware accelerator. The sound works fine but the video runs in slow motion. My thinking is the on-board card or lack of memory but the fact it runs other site such as youtube I'm doubting this. BB speed is excellent so this is not the problem. Any ideas?

Answer:Video streaming problem.

Look to the web pages FAQ's and see what the minimum requirements are. You may need a video card with separate video memory to play this site. Also when streaming, stop the video from automatically starting, and let it buffer for a few minutes (there may be a grey progress bar ahead of the actual playing progress bar)
Be sure to update Java and Shockwave.

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I just set up a brand new computer that is having problems across all browsers streaming video from sites like YouTube or Facebook. The video appears to be in slow motion/stuttering.

The PC is a Dell Precision 3620, intel (quad core 3.2 GHz, 3.6 Ghz Turbo, 6MB, w/ HD Graphics 530); 16 GB RAM; integrated graphics card. Windows 7 Professional.

Here is what I've already tried:

*I disabled Hardware Graphic Accelerator on all browsers.
*I made sure Adobe flash is up to date.
*I cleared internet history.
*I made sure windows is totally up to date.
*A different computer at the same location (network drop) did not have trouble streaming videos. Other computers on the same network are not having trouble streaming video.
*I checked memory usage and performance when the videos are stuttering and nothing appears to be taking up an exorbitant amount of resources.
* I checked to see if there was an update for the graphics driver (there wasn't)

I rebooted the computer and for a little while, videos streamed ok, but after a few hours, the user reported that videos were once again stuttering/ appear to be playing in slow motion.

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I have a client with a Q-See DVR that they would like to access remotely. The web interface works fine internally (192.168.x.x). I opened up port 80 and 2000, and setup dynamic dns for them. I can connect to the web interface remotely, but none of the video shows up. Any ideas?

Answer:Q-See DVR Video Streaming Problem

Maybe a browser issue? I have a client with a different vendor's DVR, but we can only view the video in Internet Explorer. It installs an ActiveX component, which then makes everything work. Firefox, Safari, Opera - none of them work.

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I have had a problem for some time now with WMP9 and streaming video. the problem is with all formats EXCEPT .asf and .wmv. those two work fine, all others crash WMP9 with an "unknown error". After this had happened a few times I decided to send an error report on it to see if it might find a fix. It came up witth an article that said I needed to update my copy of MPEG Encoder. I do not have that application(yes it was refering to an application, had a link for me to dl it)
I did at one time attempt to install Adobe Premiere but it did not install correctly and I uninstalled it. it included a version of MPEG Encoder in it, so gave that app a shot, it did not fix the problem.

I can play all media formats if they are on my machine. I can also stream these files using Quicktime or RealOne(but I don't like those apps)
The problem also seems to occur in K++(Kazaa) If I try to preview any video types other than wmv or asf, I get the same error as when streaming.

As I said, this has been going on for a while now, I've looked around, asked around and searched old threads here. I can come up with nothing and no one seems to want to help me other than suggesting a format. I do not subscribe to the theory that a format is a fix for anything, so that is not an option. I need to fix this, it has gone from being a slight annoyance, to being a huge headache.

Answer:Streaming video problem

Adobe Premiere is known not to uninstall the codecs it has installed and I personally have had problems with this. IIRC all i had to do was to delete the offending files from windows system folder.. I'm sure you can find the exact instructions how to do this if you search the web (that's how i got them).

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Ok I am a techy myself, and am no novice to compters. But this problem has stumped me cold in my tracks. Heres my info

Windows XP SP1 with patches dating up to SP2
VII 100Mbs/sec NIC Adaptor
Router disabled for this problem
Pentium III 1.7 ghz processor
1 gig ram
300 gigs HD's, partitioned, 150gigs free
Windows media player 10
DSL internet connection

When tring to stream a video, any video, any web site, though to the windows media player, it doesnt connect. It tries at first then just returns to the ready option. Refreashing the page does nothing but agravate me further. So here is where I started.

First I checked my nic, ping -t, tried the video with that running and I got complete replies to my nic, the video never came up.

Then I thought, maybe my router is going bad, I removed the router and went from extenal modem strait to pc (rebooting of course). Tried the video again, nothing.

Thats all the hardware I can test, thus I moved on to software tests. I checked windows media player. I uninstalled it, and reinstalled WMP10. Once again, nothing.

Here is a stumper and maybe a root cause, while downloading the WMP10, I noticed I was only downloading at 40k/sec. Slow for even dial up, however I'm on DSL. AND the connection status screen shows a 100Mbs/s connection. Could have been the servers I was connecting to, but it was 1:30 in the AM, so I ruled that out.

This computer has streamed video perfectly before, and I dont think its the ... Read more

Answer:Streaming Video problem

what at you using to encode the video with? eg, Widnows Media Encoder 9, or VLC Media player etc etc?

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Whenever I click a video link WMP tells me that it can't play it and if the file is on the internet I should connect to the internet... But I am on the internet.

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Hi there :)

I'm running into an odd problem. It started a couple days ago for reasons unknown. If I try to play an embedded video, such as this, the video will begin to play in media player as normal, but a download progress window will also open. This didn't use to happen, but here's the really weird part- if I cancel the download progress window, everything is fine; if I let it go the video will either restart, or stop playing all together along with an error message stating that the file cannot be found.

I tried clearing my TIFs, relocating my TIF folder, checked and rechecked every setting I can see, and everything looks fine. It's kind of baffling =[

Any ideas?

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Hello everyone,

I've got a problem with trying to watch streaming videos, they run for a couple of seconds and then stop as they try to buffer.

The thing is, everything was running fine up until a couple of days ago and then this buffering problem happened. I recently did a fresh install of everything, running XP with service pack 3 and the newest version of Firefox. I'm pretty sure my flash player is also up to date. Is anybody else having this problem? Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:Streaming Video Problem

Is this just on Youtube? Try a different viral video site like Daily Motion.

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I am having problems with streaming videos from some, er, adult sites and also, intermittently, from the eminently respectable BBC iPlayer. The problem is continual buffering so the video plays in short bursts, which destroys the impact. Sometimes the buffer counts down which is equally odd. It does not seem to affect YouTube though. Is this a problem for my ISP, which is AOL? Suggestions welcome.

Answer:Streaming Video Problem

what connnection speed do you have?johnny

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This is probably something very trivial but whenever i am streaming video on a website such as youtube on ma laptop it works perfectly however when i attempt to change the video to full screen mode the screen goes black,and if i hit escape it returns to normal and the video is still playing,any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Hi,I have setanta broadband but are having problems viewing this and other videos via the internet. I have downloaded up to date flash versions, i have also download firefox etc and also cleared a lot of files off my PC but it still not helps. The videos start buffering then after 5 seconds or so freeze and start buffering again.Can anyone advise me on this problem?Thanks in advance.

Answer:Streaming/Video problem

Google for "Broadband Speedtest" and see if your data throughput is what you paid for. If it is OK in the test, it could be that the slow down is at the other end.Major sporting events may have peak viewing audiences too big for the service provider, though you would think that since Setanta's business is based on this, they would have adequate bandwidth.

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Running Win7 Pro SP1, Chrome ver 63.0.3239.132

When I go to the page loads just fine. At the top of the page there is a black bar with a choice entitled CBSN which is their streaming video site. Most of the time clicking on that works. Every once in a while I get a screen that says:

"This page isn't working. redirected you too many times. Try clearing your cookies."

I clear my cookies and it doesn't help. I can't get the page to work. I've tried rebooting and that doesn't help. I keep fiddling around and finally it will work.

Does any one have any ideas as t what is happening and how to correct the problem when it happens? I hope I'm making my self clear.

Thanks, Henry

Answer:Streaming video problem

I just went to the website you mentioned and I don't get any errors at all. I am using the same features as you have. I think that it may be your internet causing this problems.

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I'm running Win XP Home with SP2, fully up-to-date, with WMP 10. I had no prior problems with streaming videos. However, I recently installed Nero, after which I find that streaming to WMP 10 no longer works. Instead, the files have to be downloaded first. I've checked the file associations in WMP 10 and Win XP, and ensured that .wmv and .wma files are to be opened with WMP, but that doesn't help.

Shall I try re-installing WMP 10? Or is there some setting in WMP that was overwritten by Nero?

Thx for any advice.

Answer:Streaming video problem

some people have rolled back to an earlier version
also uninstall and reinstall nero

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It happens for the speedy joe video player on drama video website. & daily motion and wat videos are not loading. Youtube works fine, so anyone knows what is the issue for this?Edit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

Answer:Video streaming Problem

Sppedy Joe is the nickname for what is called the JW Player and is offered by Longtail Video. The link is below. You might want to check out their help forum as your problem may be one of compatibility.

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The problem i am facing is ,when i play a video the  streaming stops and the whole system will hang and it needs restart,But the same video streams well when I use earphones or audio jack.I am fed up with this problem,can u please provide me a solution how to resolve this problem.

Answer:Problem with video streaming

Hi @AKKIP, Welcome to the HP Forums! I read your post and wanted to reach out to help you! In your post, you had said that currently your HP Pavilion 14-b003tx Ultrabook is having sound issues.  You could try: 1. Right click the Speaker icon in the bottom right corner by your time.2. Click Playback Devices.3. Click Speakers.4. Click properties.5. Click the advanced tab on the Properties window.6. Change the Default Format drop-down to the highest quality.7. Apply the properties.8. Click OK to close the properties window. Restart the Notebook and test the sound. Here is a link to help troubleshoot the sound. Please let me know how this goes. To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!  Thanks. 

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I am having issues with streaming video from my PC to my TV by means of an HDMI cord. It used to be very simple: I would plug in the HDMI cord to both the PC and TV, change the settings on the T.V. to "HDMI", and on the PC press the "windows key + P" to change the settings to "duplicate" or "extend". I tried clearing everything up with my Norton services, but I can't find any issues.
Now the streaming won't work and I am not sure why. If I create another account on the computer it sometimes works but after enough times of streaming video, that stops working as well. The last time I tried the visual part worked, however I couldn't transfer the sound to the T.V. even when I tried adjusting all the settings. Anyone have any ideas?


Answer:Streaming video problem

I guess no one has encountered this before?

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can any1 help with this wont play mpeg files it just plays the sound within media player divx and power dvd.
they did play and now they dont ,plays avi no problem
help sort this
Thanx Andy

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I'm having a problem playing any kind of imbedded streaming video. I first tried to watch a streaming broadcast, and the site told me I needed to download Media Player, which I already had. However, I thought I might need an update, so I downloaded the newest version (9) and it still didn't help. As you know, this version cannot be uninstalled, so now I'm stuck with it. I think there may be a conflict between Media Player and Real Player, but I'm not sure. Can anyone please help with this???

Answer:Streaming Video Problem

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I am having this weird problem for sometime and i have been trying to find a solution for a long time. Why not give it a try here :)

First of all i bought an ipod one month back and was playing around with it. One day i got the spotify app and saw that it has a wireless offline streaming service ( mind you this is the free one , hence i cannot save any songs) so i thought i will give it a try. but for whatever reason my spotify app couldnt find my device ( It is indeed connected to the same wifi and all). I thought it was a problem with my spotify client hence reinstalled both app and spotify in my pc. But still the problem continued. Then i tried this with my netbook ( installed spotify and logged into my account) and it worked perfectly. Weird problem ! I decided to not to use this feature because i didn't want to use my netbook as much as my laptop.

Then last day i heard about iTunes home sharing. Now i only have 8gb space in my ipod. So when heard that i could stream everything in my library through my WiFi i was amazed. Hence i turned home sharing on in my itunes and tried to open the library from the ipod. The same problem started showing up. Again i tried the same with my netbook and it worked fine.I could access my library in the netbook but not my laptops library. ( I could detect my laptops library but whenever i tried accessing it, the library will load for sometime and show up as an empty one).

Now i am not sure what is causin... Read more

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I have a slightly strange problem with my wireless broadband connection (when my laptop is connected to my router by a cable there are no issues at all, everything is perfect). When wirelessly connected, I am unable to play streaming media on BBC iPlayer, 4OD etc. All other web pages seem to load ok and at a decent speed (and my laptop remains wirelessly connected at all times with full reception according to the icon in the notification area of the windows task bar), but streaming media will almost always not load (very occasionally it will play).
Using the iPlayer?s diagnostics page connection speed test returned the following results:
Download Speed: 14535 kbps
Streaming Speed (1) : 0 kbps
Streaming Speed (2) : 0 kbps
Streaming Speed (3) : 0 kbps
Running the same test whilst connected with a cable returns these results:
Download Speed: 14505 kbps
Streaming Speed (1) : 10637 kbps
Streaming Speed (2) : 14593 kbps
Streaming Speed (3) : 14925 kbps
Does anyone have any idea what is causing this and how I can fix it?
My broadband provider is Orange, Dell studio laptop with Windows 7.

Answer:Wireless streaming problem

Yes! I have exactly the same problem. On my Windows 7, 64-bit machine the issue is exactly as you describe. My broadband provider is also Orange.
I have a Windows Vista 32-bit machine and that works fine. On my 64-bit machine I have tried disabling my anti-virus (Avira), reinstalling all drivers, changing encryption settings on the router (as suggested by Orange) and also the wireless channel (again suggested by Orange). None of this works at all and I can't stream most media. Oddly, if I go to Soundcloud, it works fine wirelessly. It is very, very odd.
I get the same style results on the iPlayer diagnostics page. Connected via Ethernet cable I am also okay. Does anyone have any ideas at all? I am now going to try this machine on other wireless networks and see what happens.

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Currently when I watch online streaming videos, picture quality looks fine, but streaming is not constant. Seems like refresh rate is slow and when I watch video, seems like it pausing and I cannot watch proper video. What do I need to do to get rid of this issue?Here is some info about my system:Microsoft XPHome EditionVersion 2002Service Pack 3Inter Celeron CPU 2.4GHz, 1.49 GB RAMAdapter:Intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphic Controller64 MB MemoryCurrent Settings:Screen Resolution: 1600 by 900 pixelsColor Quality: 32 bitScreen Refresh rate: 60HzQuestion2:Manual of my monitor says that optimal resolution for this monitor is 1920 by 1080 and when I try to change the setting, 1600 by 900 pixels is the highest I get, what do I need to upgrade in order to get 1920 by 1080?Thanks

Answer:problem with quality of video streaming

This is a very handy and informed forum: You may get better advice here;There is also this forum:

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I'm trying to watch an online stream on (the one on the homepage). However, I always get a problem where it just doesn't load. WMP tries to open it but stops after about 10 seconds. Sometime the stream works perfectly though, which perhaps means its not WMPs fault, but theres something wrong with the computer. I've tried searching for a solution, but nothing is working. Any tips?

I'm using XP media centre.

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I am unable to view streaming media [ live & on demand ] from a particular site, on some of the PCs on my small LAN. The site requires Adobe Flash 10, which has been installed; more accurately upgraded from AFP 9. I allowed the browser to notify me of the required update and obtain the update automatically, instead of uninstalling AFT 9.

On my Vista Ultimate SP0, I am successful.
On my Vista Ultimate SP1, I am unsuccessful.
These computers have identical hardware & same browsers; IE 7 & FF 3.0.3
I have obtained all critical and important updates on the SP1 computer, but the problem persists. .
Problem occurs with IE 7 & FF 3.0.3
SP1 PC runs AVG Internet Security 8. Uninstalling AVG IS 8 does not result in success.
No improvement by running IE 7 without add ons, because it needs the Adobe Flash Player add on.
No improvement by disabling all services except Microsoft services and disabling everything on the startup tab in the system config utility [ msconfig ].
No improvement by running in safe mode with networking because Adobe Flash Player will not run in Safe Mode.
On my XP PRO SP3 computer, I am successful. IE 7, FF; Windows Media Player 9. AVG 8, [ free ]; Windows XP Firewall
On my XP Pro SP2 computer, I am unsuccessful. IE 7, FF; WMP 9. No AntiVirus, as a trouble shooting step. Windows XP firewall.
These computers do NOT have identical hardware.
No improvement, on the SP2 PC, running IE 7 without add ons. No improvement runni... Read more

Answer:Solved: streaming video problem

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I have watched many streaming vids from youtube or movie dvds. at the bottom of each screen is a sliding thing that enables me to advance or rewind to a certain point.

i just subscribed to a streaming video site and their sliding thing will slide all the way to the "end" or right and then i cannot move it at all to either advance or rewind. the movie continues to play but i have to sit through a lot of junk most of the time.

i have emailed my problem to the site and they just asked me for my RAM size and computer speed. i gave them that info but am a bit skeptical simply because their vids are the only ones that have this problem.

first, is there a name for that sliding thing? second, any clues on what i might do to bypass this problem?


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Hi , for the last month or so i have been un-able to view youtube and a few other sites videos without awful buffering times and stopping , starting constantly.It seems only videos using adobe flash player have this problem , works fine and buffers with lightning speed.I have a 2meg connection which i know is slow these days but have been told i should be able to view streaming videos with no problems.I have tested my connection speed which looks fine , done antivirus and antispy/malware checks and also used a registry fix program but still to no avail , as far as i know my sytem is clean. I am using mozilla firefox as my browser.Any help on this would be very much appreciated.Thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: Video Streaming Problem

I have the same problem you are describing. I've done the same things you have with no luck. Hopefully, someone on here will be able to help us.

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Hello. I've got a Lenovo G585 that's about 4 months old. I've already had a few problems with it but they just seem to fix themselves.. But for about a month now, I go on youtube and try to stream a video, and my internet cuts off immediately! Literally. I can't go on any website after this, all I can do to fix this is turning my computer on and back on. I tried logging out but that doesn't change anything. It's very annoying because everytime this happens I have to drop everything I was doing to restart my computer. You could tell me "Just don't go on youtube" Buut I love youtube and I use it quite a lot. Please help! Thank you
Moderator Note; post moved to here to start new thread, subject edited to reflect content.

Answer:G585 Video Streaming Problem

hi itszoegee,
Welcome to the Lenovo Forums.
What you're encountering is really weird as your internet connection just cuts off when you go to youtube. Perhaps you have a security software that automatically locks down your internet connection when you access certain websites? It'll also be helpful to know if your IP address gets change, the security software that you use, or the internet goes from Internet Access to Limited Connectivity during the incident.
Also, try to boot in Safe Mode with Networking and see if the problem persists (this will isolate the issue of a third party software that might be causing the issue)
Let me know your findings,

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Hi, i got this new computer about 3 weeks ago. When i watch streaming ( mostly), sometimes it will freeze my browser for 5sec-10sec (but the sound is still going) and come back after. When i try to watch it in 720p or HD, it will lag but only the video 1/2 of the time, while the sounds is just fine.

I updated all my drivers and reinstalled my firefox/chrome.

Over 720p will work for 15mins then starts lagging like crazy. A

Also, when i open anything (i think with ''Flash'') my browser will freeze for 5sec. The chat from beside the video will take for ever to load and make my browser lag.

Thank you.

Answer:[Streaming] New computer but video problem.

Download the latest Adobe Flash Player. Test your internet speed at

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I cannot see videos or listen to audios anymore. I keep getting the message of "can not create direct show player" in a small box when I want to listen to any radio programs. Does anyone know what this is about? I don't see any references to this here or elsewhere.
There is a npdsplay at the top of the box.

Can you direct me to where to look?


Answer:streaming audio/video problem

the only thing i can think of is to check internet options - advanced

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I am currently working on a modeling web site and I want to offer a

online portfolio where models can post their photos, audio and video

files, thus making it a multimedia based portfolio.

Here is the list of the files I plan to allow the models to upload in

their portfolio
Photos - .gif, .jpg, .bmp
Audio - .mpeg, wma, mp3, ram and wav
Video - .avi, .mpeg, .mpg, .ram, and .mov

I am trying to find a way for users of this site to view the audio/video

files without having any file format specific plug-in or player installed

on their desktops. So far I have concluded that it would be best if

somehow I can manage to stream down the audio and video files on the

client’s desktop in Flash format since this would require the clients to

have only a Flash player which is a very common plug-in now a days.

I am seeking a way to convert the various files that models upload i.e

mpeg, wma, mp3, ram, wav, avi, .mpeg, .mpg, .rm, and .mov to a common swf

Flash format.

Is anyone aware of such a tool or piece of application that would

automatically convert all uploaded files to Flash format. Also if there

is a Flash component that would allow real-time streaming of the flash

files in the client’s browser without saving the swf files in the

Internet Cache or Temporary Internet Files folder.

Any help, advice or pointers on this matter would be highly appreciated.

If anyone has developed such a feature in the past... Read more

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This is a Windows 7 machine, Pentium 4, 2.667 GHz. I have 2 GB Ram. I got hooked on You-Tube and the old Star Trek series

It worked great for a couple of episodes, then suddenly it would only play for a couple seconds, then a few seconds of loading, then play a few seconds, etc.

It's doing it in nearly every video application.

I have a 5 mb internet connection. When I had the 1 mb connection it worked fine.

I've tried running in full performance mode with none of the Win 7 graphics enhancements, that doesn't help. I'm not sure what else to change.


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Hey, just got SpeedBit to help stream YouTube videos faster, and I have a problem getting the right browser to show up. My default browser is Firefox, but whenever I search a video and click on it, it opens in IE. I would like it to open in a new tab in Firefox. I checked the settings and there isn't anything to help fix it...


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Long story short: Whenever I try to view streaming WMV video in my Windows Media Player 10, all I get is the audio. The picture is just black. All local files work though, and my roommate (on college network) CAN view the files that I cannot, so I don't think it's a network thing.

Two videos I cannot see:

Any idea what my problem might be?

Answer:Solved: WMP Streaming video problem

Are you on a laptop by chance?

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Im running fire fox and when i look at streaming videos (in web pages the problem doesnt seem to present a problem with windows media player or win amp) such as you tube it will occasionally freeze with out warning. All connectivity will die immediately my browser will freeze, i cant log onto online game, i cant re open my browser i cant open windows media player i cant open win amp, any thing. but my programs that were up when it happened stay open and connected. Now when i do try to open them after this happens they show up in my task manager but they do not open in explorer. They wont appear as applications either in task manager only as processes.

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I seem to have a very unusual problem with video streaming on my computer. Whereas all the other computers on my network stream videos fine, my laptop 'stops' continually whilst watching flash or quicktime videos. I have a very fast and reliable internet connection, and my laptop is high spec. I've tried everything from firewalls, antivirus, settings, I even have the same problem in safe mode.
Can anyone help? Thanks.

Answer:Strange problem with video streaming

Welcome to TSF....

Could we have some system specs on this laptop please include make and model and service pack installed?

What programs are you using for the video streaming process?

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Please Help;

i have an Nvidia GeForce Fx 5200 video card operation on windows xp Pro, and when i try to play/ stream videos, the video quality is bad, and everything seems red-ish, but is still visible. Everywhere else the images are normal, while playing video games for example, and are not red-ish.

Thank You Very Much for Your input.

Answer:Problem with video streaming/playing

Same thing here

I got a 6800, but i'm havin the same problem. My games n stuff still work, but all my movies have like a redish coating to it, and it all seems brighter. I tried multiple different file types, n if it's video, it's screwed up. I tried updatin the drivers, didnt work either. I'm at a loss, and it sux cause i got A LOT of movies... that's almost the only thing i use this beast for... movies n games. If anybody can help out here it'd be appreciated.

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I can't play streaming videos on my MSN homepage, just shows loading but no video or audio. I'm using IE and Windows Media Player but no success. I've disabled my firewall and checked it against my laptop which plays the streaming videos just fine and has the same OS and software versions as my desktop. WMP on my desktop can play back all the various media files that I have on my HD, just not streaming videos from MSN (also from which is where some of the media content comes from on MSN).

My setups on both computers:
Win XP Pro, SP2
IE 6.0.2900 SP2
WMP 10

All the options on the working laptop fore IE and WMP seem to be the same, no apparent differences.

I've received two responses from MS and followed their suggestions but it didn't solve the problem.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a problem, when I watch a streamed file it shows down the right side a greensih set of colours in rows, all the way down.If i reset the depth of the display to 16bits it goes away for 5 seconds and comes back again.I have reinstalled WMP 9, no luck, and also Windows XP itself.I have the latest drivers and updates for both Nvidia card & windows.Please can anyone help.

Answer:Video Playback & Streaming in XP - Problem

Try using winamp to watch them,full screen,if it still does it,then its likely the monitor.If is goes away,then its something with WMP and the cure is already installed on your machine(as I haven't the faintest howto fix WMP)click here

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I have searched many forums, including Microsoft's, and have read various reports of problems streaming video after SP2 has been installed, but have found no solutions. HELP! This is driving me nuts. It doesn't seem to be a universal problem, but in the cases I found, we all have the same symptom: After installing SP2, streaming video with WMP10 no longer works (it just stalls out while trying to connect). If given the option to choose RealPlayer, streaming video will work. So, it appears it's a conflict between WMP10 and SP2. I tried rolling back to WMP9, as it worked for some, but it did not work for me.

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Every time I get on I try to access the streaming video, but all it shows me is a gray screen. I have upgraded to IE 11, I have Windows XP, 2 GB of RAM. Intel Pentium M processor 2.00GHZ. Other sites such as works, but the and websites are having problems. ANy suggestions as to how to fix this? Thanks.

Answer:Problem getting streaming video on websites such as

Do you have the Adobe Flash Player installed? What about the latest version of Java Runtime Environment 6 update 14?

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I just got a new laptop two weeks ago (windows 7 professional). After first start up monitor broke down and it had to be taken to repair, well that's another story.. monitor works now after it was changed. Now problem is streaming videos on internet. It worked nice at first couple of days. I have to say there have been similar problems occasionally also with my old xp home edition, sometimes play button had to pressed every 10 seconds and sometimes network connection cuts down(once a hour at least)and this could be fixed with xp network diagnostic.Internet connection itself does not cut any more with new win7 but video streaming does not work (play button have to be pressed every 10 seconds)and at the same time it works well with old xp. Then i did broadband speed test and result for xp home edition 2,2 Mbits and for win7 professional 0,5 Mbits. How can this be possible, anyone could help ? Another thing, i ordered ThinkPad T510 and just noticed that logo on the monitor says T510i. Have i got wrong model ? Have to say first experiences with new lenovo laptop are not very good

Answer:T510 Wireless streaming problem

operation system 32 bit:Genuine Windows 7 Professional 32

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I cannot say with 100% certainty that this problem started when I upgraded to Windows 8, but it has just become a problem recently, so I suspect it is related to Windows 8. I have a server with Windows 2011, and I use it to store my DVD collection, and then I stream the videos using a Boxee. When my wife is using the Boxee to stream a DVD - or even the PS3 to watch something on Hulu Plus - if I'm playing a game on my computer, whatever stream she's watching hitches up and freezes and generally doesn't work. When I turn the game off, it works fine.

I was under the impression that the wireless activity would just be handled by the router and my computer wouldn't be involved. I don't know much about networking, so I don't know how to fix this. I have the Windows 8 PC as a member of HomeGroup so I can access the server's files and make adjustments without having to remote to it - I have no idea if this is part of the problem, but I'm putting it out there as a potential part of the problem.

Any suggestions anyone has would be very greatly appreciated.

Answer:Problem with wireless streaming while using computer

Check the QoS(quality of Service) in the routers gui interface.

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Having recently got Broadband, I discovered the delights of playing high quality streaming video (movie trailers, music videos, etc.) over the net. This worked well for a while, but over the last few days it hasn't been working properly. They either get stuck at some point in the "buffering" process and don't play at all, or they eventually start to play but with no sound or picture or the occaisional second or two of sound and no picture. Lower-quality videos still play okay. I had to reinstall media player the other day and presumably something has got screwed up in my media player or browser settings to cause this, but I can't find what. Any ideas?

Answer:Streaming video playing problem with Broadband

my media player has been playing up this past few days also and dont know why as its all set up correctly to.mostly with the video trailers,it either sticks while buffering or i get the picture an no sound.

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There is a website(newtvworld) which allows to watch live tv channels over internet. But I have a problem that i can just stream few of them. The error which i receive is "Cannot load m3u8: Cross domain access denied". Someone suggested me to enable the "access data source across domains" in Miscellaneous option of security tab of Internet explorer. After doing that now I am receiving another error which mentions "405 method is not allowed" while having streaming. So what is the proper solution or by
which way i can do my work?

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my videosonic colorific monitor controls tell me that my video card has too high a Gamma setting, the card is nividia ge2force. how can i correct the card, or what else might be giving me the too dark picture? audio and motion of play are finetimes new roman4black

Answer:streaming video too dark, Gamma problem?

Just right click on desktop, choose properties, settings tab, advanced, click on the geforce tab.. Then select color correction.

If it's not there, you may need to update your drivers.

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I have been experiencing distorted color while trying to watch certain videos online. For example if I want to watch a video on the thumb nail and video advertisements are in color, but the video content from this and other sites plays in black and white or only in very dull colors. Even more confusing is the fact that this only occurs while my laptop is connected to the AC adapter. If the computer is unplugged the color returns to normal then goes back to black and white when the charger is reconnected.

I have tried updating all my drivers but it hasn't had any effect. 

Answer:Video Streaming Color Problem While Charging

What specific laptop model?How long have you had the laptop before the issue started?Is the AC adapter plugged directly into the wall outlet?Is that the original AC adapter that shipped with the laptop?

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Hi guys,

I get emails from Real all the time telling me new trailers and stuff to watch, so I clicked them and they start loading in Real Player (no. 10 btw) and when it's finished loading the audio streams perfectly, but the video is VERY slow frame rate and doesn't stream. It only picks up like every 50th frame or something and shows that.

I have a 150kbps ISDN broaband connection (and that's what was automatically detected by realplayer as my connection) I have also tried playing around with the bandwidth settings but none of it makes a difference.

Hope someone can help. I have a 2ghz speed, pentium 4 248MB ram and the broadband connection. it should stream fine...but it seems to have trouble with the video. I have all the updated drivers.


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I?ve just set up a small home network using a netgear dg834gt Everything is working fine apart from when I use winamp I now can?t stream radio and it won?t fetch and cd titles from gracenote. I also use music brainz to identify cd tracks and similarly it won?t fetch any titles.If any one has any ideas I would be grateful, as I?ve just spent all weekend searching the web without any luck.

Answer:new network setup causes streaming problem

Login to the dg834gt Admin UI and check the firewall settings. These may need some tweaking to get streaming to work correctly, but be careful not to compromise your security settings.

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Hi Don't know if this is really the right forum, but I'll give it a shot. Since shifting to the e530 from my old Toshiba i suddenly experience problems when I want to stream movies wireless to my TV. I'm using the Serviio program which worked like a charm on the old laptop. I have had periods without trouble on the E530 but there has alway been problems when the TV suddenly can't find the server or it keeps dropping connection after a few minutes. It's fine when I try a wired connection or try out the old laptop. I never experience any internet problems and can download without problem at my maximum connection which is 6m/sec. Has anyone experienced streaming problems. It could be Windows8 problem as the old laptop was on Win7. Cheers, Stephan

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After I installed NERO7 i can't play anymore window media player (Video streaming) over the internet.

When i uninstall NERO7 i can play the window player without any problem.

Anybody knows how to configure so that i can play WMP as my default for video streaming? Maybe NERO change my default video streaming.


Answer:Window Media Player Problem (Video Streaming)

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my ability to view vdeo requiring lincense verification
has been screwed up somehow...
when i click on the link at the source website to view the media player 10
automatically comes up and then the license aquisition window appears, but
before it can complete to keep the process moving along....a script error screen
appears and kills the process.
i have done a registry repair, a virus scan, and a spyware scan...and the problem still
exists...the odd thing is... a couple times a video played...but 48 out of 50 times this
same problem occured....i just don't get it.
i'm on win xp service pack 1 and ie 6.
i have attached a pic of this script error screen for reference and a logfile
of a scan.
please help me.. this is driving me nuts !!!!!

Answer:problem w/streaming video and digital rights management

Go to this folder: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM

- Open Explorer to C:\Documents And Settings
- Click on Tools | Folder Options
- Click on the View TAB, and select "Show Hidden Files And Folders"
- Click Ok
- Click the "All Users" folder
- Rename the DRM folder to DRMOld

If the DRM folder still can't be found:
a. Click on Tools | Folder Options
b. Click on the View TAB, and Uncheck "Hide Protected operating system files (Recommended)"
c. Rename the DRM folder to DRMOld
Note: you can undo the View Options changes outlined in Step (b) if you want.

Then try again.

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Hi! Somehow, last week while I was sleeping, I lost the ability to view Netflix instant movies, TV Shows from sites like and, news video from Yahoo and CNN and also cannot hear the broadcast from my local radio station's web site (it's too fuzzy on my stereo). I use IE 6.

I first contacted Netflix support - 3 times - because that's where I initially encountered the problem. When trying to view films I got a Digital Rights Management error. The support people ran through all of their options with me. I also spent the week searching the Internet for solutions. I uninstalled (rolled back) Windows Media Player then installed WMP 11, reset Digital Rights Management, attempted to update my sound driver and maybe more.

It seems my OS is not recognizing the DRM reset. We tried renaming the file to "hide" it, but that hasn't worked.

Because I am unable to view TV episodes on several sites, Yahoo and CNN news videos, and cannot listen to the radio site (though I can hear general sounds on the PC ) the Netflix support people admitted they'd run out of ideas and advised me to contact OS support.

I welcome any ideas or suggestions. Thanks!

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I cannot view streaming audio and video files from webpages. i have the problem on both my firefox and internet explorer. On internet explorer it just shows a small red "X" on the side. On firefox it just shows a blank space where the media player was supposed to be embedded. My Media player works fine for playing all my offline media but it wont play any online media from other webpages. Can anybody help me with this.

Answer:Problem With Viewing Streaming Audio and Video on WMP in Browser

ive already updated my firefox and IE and installed the firefox plug-in for WMP.

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Just after I purchased this inspiron 13-5378 (intel core i7) immediately after setting everything up and running smoothly, I tested it by watching a few videos on youtube. I noticed that videos just stop loading and the whole chrome browser just hangs for a couple 10seconds if i "jump" along the playbar too quickly/repeatedly. Then the video would just show a green screen and I have to reload the page to continue watching. Was a bit shocked since it was a new PC, and that other than that it is much faster than my previous laptops (which were admittedly quite old, 5 years or more old haha)
This still occurs occasionally for about a month now. It's really irritating so i decided to post here. Is there anything i can do to fix it? Is it a problem with this model's weak graphics card? Do i have to upgrade to a new one to resolve this? 
Sorry, I'm not really a tech enthusiast so i'm quite unknowledgeable about this things. Any advice is very much appreciated. Thanks a lot! (:

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I'm having the exact same problem as who reported: "I have been experiencing distorted color while trying to watch certain videos online. For example if I want to watch [a video] the thumb nail and video advertisements are in color, but the video content from this and other sites plays in black and white or only in very [washed out] colors. Even more confusing is the fact that this only occurs while my laptop is connected to the AC adapter. If the computer is unplugged the color returns to normal then goes back to black and white when the charger is reconnected."
I'm using the factory AC adapter, plugged into the wall. I've tried updating "AMD Radeon R5" video drivers to no avail.
The problem started the day after warranty expired - I kid you not :[

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