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MS SQL Hardware server setup questions

Question: MS SQL Hardware server setup questions

This is more of a hardware / networking question. Here is what's going on.

Currently we have a Whatsup Gold Dell T400 server that just can't handle both WhatsUp and MSSQL. We are deciding to split the boxes up and get a R510 (Or T610, depends on the price our rep can get for us) for the SQL server and keep WhatsUp on the T400. The hardware requirements will be very much satisfied (1xQuad core, 8 gig ram, 300 gig 15k SAS drives, 64 bit Win2k8, dual GigE NICs) with the new server but I've never worked with SQL server that was as utilized as this one so here is my question:

What type of network congestion will this create being there will be a lot of traffic going between these two boxes? Since both boxes have GigE NICs, I'll probably be putting them on their own GigE switch since the rest of the network is 10/100 so I'm hoping that if there are any network problems they would be resolved.

I've heard of fiber channel but don't know what it is or if it would be worth the cost in this (as I would need fiber channel cards in both servers).

What is the best way to set this up? I guess I'm just looking for some insight from some SQL gurus.


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Preferred Solution: MS SQL Hardware server setup questions

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: MS SQL Hardware server setup questions

1 GB should be fine, i would break them off into their own VLAN if there is going to be a lot of broadcast traffic to cut down on congestion

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Hey everyone--going to say thanks for even reading this (let alone for any suggestions) before I start.

I work from home with a buddy. It's a two story building with a "warehouse" out in a secured garage outside. The computers look like this:

Two main computers that we use in the office
One computer in the garage (w/ a wireless card, as running wires would be a pain)
One computer in the basement (w/ a wireless card, as running wires would be a pain)
Two laptops (not necessary, but we use in the house)

I'd like for all of these computers to be on a network that saves everything on a server (the computer garage could be the server if needbe, or we can have the server somewhere in the house). I'm upgrading all computers in the next month, so they should all have the necessary software for us (one new laptop and two new PCs).

I want to be able to log into any of these computers in either my name or my coworkers name (and be able to change anything on one, then log into the other and access the know, like a network should be)

I'd also like the computer in the garage to be wireless (we can have a laptop out there, that would be fine).

My questions:

What's the best server to set up (HP, Dell...going to use a newer server that uses SAS 2.5" drives, and we don't need much storage (I think a couple 73gb drives would be more than fine for now)

What software should be used? I'm assuming win 7/8... Read more

Answer:Home Network Server Setup (please help--hardware/software questions!!)

Do you need email or anything like that or just file storage? It its just storage, I'd stick with a mid-grade Synology or QNAP NAS. Get a couple NSAS drives or enterprise SATA drives and call her good. I'd personally go Synology over QNAP. You can then backup to USB HDDs or an online service like Crashplan.

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Hey Guys. I am going to get a mail server up again, but what should i use for a hardware setup? There will be only a few users. The last one i had setup with exchange 2003 was a 900mhz intel with 512mb of ram and a 40gb hard drive. That didn't go over to well.

Answer:Server Setup Questions

Will you be using exchange 2010? If so, it is now optimised for vitualisation. If you are going that route. We are. Soon we'll be going from 2003 to 2010 clustered via virtual machines using ESXi 4.1 update 1.

Some info:

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I had a couple questions on what part of the chain to put my new server, wireless router and firewall. The server will be handling DHCP and I want the current DHCP router to handle only wireless connections. I also have a netgear firewall I want to put in place. The general chain I see that would work is:

Modem -> Firewall -> Server (DHCP enabled) -> Wireless Router (DHCP Disabled, assigned IP range)/Switch to connect to the rest of the network.

Currently, it is a basic setup: Modem - Wireless Router - Switch - everything else

Please correct me if I am wrong on that. Also, setting the default gateway... would that be the firewall? or the New server? First time setting up server and can't seem to find info on this. Thanks!

Answer:Server setup questions

the gateway should be your firewall...depending....may have to be your server if you want to set this up to do what you you want client seperation on the wireless? or seperation from just the wired?

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Currently, I have my two computers networked at home behing a gateway router.

I am playing on making one of the two a server. Here are the questions:

1. Will I have to remove the router from the setup since I will be using one as a server.

2. Should I get a static IP address?

3. Should I get a faster connection other than my current ADSL?

4. What would be the hook up configuration so that my other computer would still be able to access the internet.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Server over an existing network setup questions.

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When I want to install another hard drive, will it show it has one large amount or two seperate drives?

There is a media share feature, how do I actually put media in these folders?

Answer:I setup Windows Home Server but have a few questions

I haven't installed my copy yet, but I was under the impression you'd see the unformatted disk appear in the drive list, and then you could add it to the pool of total storage. As for the media share, I would assume there are specific folders to put music, pictures, etc in.

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The current setup I have is as follows:

* CoolerMaster Elite 330 Case
* Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H 780G motherboard
* AMD X2 AM2 BE 2400 2.3GHZ
* 4GB Crucial pc2-6400 (2x 2gb)
* 1 Samsung 80gb SATA (Operating System)
* 1x 1TB Seagate SATA 3.0GB/s

I received my 120 day trial of WHS yesterday and plan to install it on this setup. Will I be able to find all the correct drivers needed to run it on this system? Any suggestions during install/setup of the OS? I have another Samsung 80gb to match the one I currently have. Would it be effective to run the OS on a RAID setup, while all my media is on the 1TB drive alone, not on a RAID setup?

I was also wondering if it is possible to run this Windows Server Connector on machines "outside" my own network and run weekly backups (like my mother and fathers computer's 300 miles away). If so, how do I go about doing so?

Answer:Windows Home Server: My Hardware Setup

You might find this info useful. WHS does not use raid it uses "Drive Extender"

And under normal raid setups the data drive is the one being raided not the os drive. The os can be reloaded but if the data drive dies it's lost. This however doesn't pertain to WHS - the more disks the merrier with WHS because it copies data from one drive to another for backups.

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I'm building a new Windows Home Server box with a 2 year old Shuttle PC. The server will be used for a home network that has 5 computers. I don't think it will have too much traffic, as everyone has their own music library stored on their local computer, thus there shouldn;t be any streaming. It will mainly be used for back-ups and to store documents.

My questions are:
1. Currently have a Athlon 64 3500 (socket 939) running @ 2.2 ghz (not overclocked). The processor can be upgraded to a 939 dual core. Is the single core 3500 enough or would it be better to have a dual core processor.

2. The ethernet port on the PC is only 100mbps, should I upgrade to a gigabit? The router on the network is not a gigabit, but the 2 switches can run at gigabit speeds. All the PC's and this server are connected to switches, not to the router directly.


Answer:Build a new Windows Home Server box, some hardware questions

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I am getting ready to upgrade an office with some new gear, but I have some questions about a few things first. The office I am going to be upgrading has 11 total computers all running some version of Windows - XP through 7.

The firewall/router/VPN device I am looking at is a ZyXEL ZyWALL ZWUSG20. It looks like people like it a lot. It looks like it only allows one person to VPN into the network at a time. I think 1 connection will be plenty for them, but was wondering if the next model up (ZWUSG50) would be better to go with since it allows up to 5 (comes with 2 VPN licenses to start). Also, anybody know the pricing of extra VPN licenses for these things?

The Zyxel unit should allow me to eliminate their current old as dirt Linksys router, correct?

Everything is going to be upgraded to Gigabit, probably a couple 8 ports and 3 or so 5 port switches unless I want to add more drops to some of the rooms. Any recomendations on 5and 8 port Gigabit switches?

As for the server, they are going to be using it mostry as a file server, but are going to need at least RAID 0+1 on it. They will also be using it as the main Quickbooks server as well as the server for another accounting software. I was thinking that I would want a Quad i5 or Xeon with 8GB of RAM.

I was planning on either running Server 2008 Foundation or maybe simply Win7 Pro x64 on it since they will not be needing to use it as a domain server - they will be staying in a workgroup. What are the pros/cons of S... Read more

Answer:Upgrading an office setup - questions - vpn, firewall, switches, server.

I've had good luck with Netgear gigabit switches. An 8-porter ran solid on the first floor till it was replaced with a 16-porter which is still running solid.

As for the server, you might want to look into virtualization, could make your life a lot easier.

For quick ftp uploads, I wouldn't want to modify someone's system without them knowing how to remove the modification. An easy way would be to setup a web-server running extplorer.

It allows for fine grained access controls as well as being free.

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Post a huge error log file on how your video card crashed. Whats the most common answer?

"Update your drivers"

I seriously doubt ANYONE can actually read those longass logs and be able to comprehend and troubleshoot off them...just my thought (I know I cant and I've been working on computers since I was little)

But this is the real problem I have, and I swear if anyone asks for the log, you're not getting it

There isnt really a consistency with this problem but I will, at times, randomly get the Blue Screen Of Death and then it says the driver Nv4_display.dll is the source of the problem. Well after search after search on google to see if any forums had talked about this issue, all I found was

"Gimme your log"
"Update your drivers"

and then the person who was asking for help would do so, and then say that it didnt work and now more errors were coming up. I am currently running a

Gigabyte Motherboard consisting of:
GeForce 4 TI4800
AMD 2.1GhZ Processor 2800+
768 MB of DDR3200 RAM

Now does has anyone had similar problems or knows what the cause of this may be?





Answer:Couple of questions about how people handle Hardware questions

well i think its obvious. update your

so you get the 'blue screen'. sounds like a windows problem? reinstall maybe...
how old is your vid card? perhaps its faulty...
Does it happen most often during boot-up, idle, gaming???

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I have just finished moving my OS from a 3TB hard drive to an SSD. I now have 2 matching drives that I would like to set up as a RAID array. A couple of questions:

1. Do I need to backup the data that will be on the RAID before setting it up and then move it back once it has been setup?

2. Do I format them before I go into the RAID setup utility or does that utility do it for me?

3. Will the RAID just appear as a single drive letter on my system?

4. Evidently I have the choice between RAID0 (for performance) and RAID1 (for redundancy). I hhave an extensive back up scheme in place so is there any reason not to use RAID0?

I know that I enable the RAID in the BIOS and then there is a place in the boot sequence to get into the RAID setup.

Answer:RAID Setup - Alienware - A few setup questions?

What are you hoping to get out of a RAID0 setup? If you have User data on the hard drive, such as movies, music, documents, pics, etc....there is no need for RAID0. Hard drives are more than fast enough for that kind of data.

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I have a Dell dimension 2400 with Windows XP service pack 2. Now at boot-up I get a hardware wiazard attempting to install drivers for unknown hardware. I lauch the wizard and it finds nothing. I insert my Canon cd with drivers and it still finds nothing. Under Printers my printer is on lpt1, online and the default printer. Under device manager it shows 4 unknown devices in yellow with yellow ? marks.

I have disabled and deleted these and they comeback each time the hardware wizard runs. The com1 and ecp printer 1 devices all show that they are working properly. I have deleted and attempted to reinstall software drivers . The installation process halts when the system attempts to ping the printer and determines that there is no connection between the desktop and the printer. I have rebooted the system and printer. I have checked the cable.

I have tried using all of the usb ports on the pc. I have swapped the cable out and tried a new cable. Bottom line Windows says that the com and lpt ports are working. I have checked connections. Is my controller card shot and windows doesn't realize that its dead. Or is there a registry issue since I had this spyware trojan virus. Any ideas? I have the answer for getting rid of the spy crusher virus if you are infected with the spycrusher Virus malware.

The same hardware wizard routine kicks off for the hardware wizard whether or not the printers are connected or not. I have stopped and restarted the spooler as well.

I'm St... Read more

Answer:Hardware Wizard Wants To Setup Unknown Hardware

You might want to look at the Device Manager to see what type of device it is listed under. To access this follow these instructions:

Click HARDWARE tab
See what the Device Manager recognizes the device as.
Go to and seach up the drivers for your computer.
If nothing else works, try installing all the drivers, Windows will tell you if the driver will work or not. Good luck and post results plz.

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Why we should setup a self-owned DNS server and Proxy server for enterprise environment, rather than using an external free service.

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Hey Guy's I am just about to finish up my Home Server Build, and had some Questions. I was wondering what you guy's would recommend for a Home Server / Backup Server OS. I would like to try to go with Linux. I have used Linux before several of the different versions mostly Ubuntu, I have done the No GUI OS's but I think I would like to have a GUI here.

2. I would like to make this accessible from anywhere if possible, Using Wake on Lan, and then some type of connection. The Connection I should use is really what I am unsure about. Will having a connection like this pose a Severe Security threat? What is the best way to Go about this? Does having an OS with a GUI make the OS less secure?


Answer:OS For A Home Server, and How to Setup a Safe Acess Anywhere Connection to a Server

Windows Home Server. Supports Wake on LAN, Remote connection, Media Streaming (local and internet), backups.

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Hi Guys
can anybody tell me how I would connect xp to windows 2003 server as a network printer so I can send fax from xp to windows server 2003 and I want windows server 2003 be able to send and receive fax then I want xp view faxes from windows server 2003. Can anybody tell me how I would be able to set this up?

Answer:xp to windows server 2003 fax server (network printer setup)

You need to add Fax Services to the server.

start -> control panel -> add/remove programs -> windows components.
Make sure Fax Services is checked. If not, check it and install the service.
Then follow the wizard to share the Fax printer on the network.
Once that is done, on your XP clients, go to \\servername or surf to the server via My Network Places and install the fax printer.

That should be all you need to do.

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I have started searching around for the correct docs on how to do this but haven't had much luck finding one that addresses what I'm trying to do.

I have an existing Windows 2000 server and am going to replace it with a server running Windows 2003 Server R2.

I would like to know the best way of doing that. Most of the docs I have seem talk about it as though you're keeping the same server hardware in place. That's not what I'm trying to do.

So, you don't have to go through all the steps I need to do. If you could just point me to the correct doc and give some helpful hints I would appreciate it.


Answer:Help Needed To Migrate Windows 2000 Server To Server 2003 On New Hardware

Need to know what services you are running on the server to be able to help you further.

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i have 2 dns servers running server 2003
they are both connected to the same switch (they sit right next to each other)
they are both setup vertually identical (identical hardware)

one of the servers surfs the internet fine - the other is ALOT slower at surfing & disconnects from workstations sometimes.
someone mentioned in my last post about dns looping. i want to make sure i have not messed up my dns nic settings.

what i have done:
installed latest nic drivers
checked my cisco switch for errors on the port. (zero errors)
made sure the port and the nic were both set to auto detect (they are)
they are both running at 100/full

BTW - all my workstations have the "dns client" service disabled

this is what i have
server 1
p dns:
s dns:

server 2
p dns:
s dns:

is the above settings causing dns looping ? or could it be causing some of my problems ?

Answer:server 2003 - dns server - nic properties setup HELP needed

How exactly do these servers get to the internet?
What is the Gateway set to?
Is one of these the DCHP server?
Which is the primary DNS server? Are they replicated correctly?
What OS are these running? (2003 SP1 or R2)
Why have you disabled DNS client on the workstations?

Much of this will be needed to determin the problem.

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I have a client with a web server running Windows 2000 Professional. They also have a server on the network running NT 4. They have been told that there is a device that will route requests to the NT server if the 2000 server is down that costs about $100. I have not heard of such an animal, and if anybody can shed some light on this I'd really appreciate it. The device should somehow, I suppose, automatically detect that the machine at IP address A is not responding, and route the web request to IP address B. Anybody?

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The first... is clustering.
How easy (if possible, as I have never clustered) is it to basically just mirror two servers?
I can setup Server 2003 as well as all the apps... I just need all the data to be mirrored, in case one goes down- the other takes over.

The second isn't really a Server 2003 question, but setting up a Web Server.
I figure I could run Linux on it. How would I situate this Web Server with respect to the intranet/internet?

Answer:Server 2003 Server Questions (Situations)

Why not just set up mirrored hard drives in the server you already have?

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Hi all ,

This is my first post on this website , i hop i can find some one to help me .
The problem is i installed windows 2003 server on my computer and i don't know how can setup ftp server and web server on it ? i create the domain but i faild to do the rest . I have MCSE 2000 but i feel i don't take anything , I am looking for any help like pdf file or book can i buy .
also the ask me for dns server on my home page , is it the dns ip address comes with my ip static address or not ?

Thanks for help !!!


Control panel. add/remove programs, on the left add/remove windows components, application server, iis. Click on details of iis for ftp.

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I am asking because I think this solution would be better than using the

sidewinders vpn solution that the firewall is provides?


Answer:Anyone setup ISA 2004 server as a dedicated vpn server in the dmz?

Yes and it's one of the best firewall products I've ever used.

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I would consider myself a moderately skilled computer user. However one of my weaknesses has been understanding networking and FTP servers, and the articles on how to get them setup are very poor on the "what do I do now" or "off the track" kinds of issues. So I am sheepishly seeking some advice.

I now have a need to run a FTP server on my home network. I have a DSL connection that I run through a DSL modem provided by my ISP and from there it goes into a Linksys wireless router and then it is wired right into my Dell XPS.

Enter stage right with a freshly D/L'ed copy of Filezilla Client and FZ Server. Then I shut down my firewall to get it to run and then figure out how to get through the firewall later.

I fire it up and try to connect to the default and it fails to do anything else. I tried to by pass my router and connect directly but failed to get the FZ server to do anything but fail to connect. All of the guides I have read do not offer advice on what to check if such and such step fails and so I am stuck. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Answer:FTP Server setup issues with Filezilla Server

OK, I took two screenshots of what I am experiencing. I changed the server address to "localhost" and still no love. Please anybody, any ideas?

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I've been forced to make some changes to my home Internet connection. I used to have a commercial grade DSL product which comes with a Cisco demarc router/modem and uses a public, routed /30 to connect to the customer prem router. I'm now moving to a residential grade product.

The Cisco and the routed /30 are history. I'm using a TPLink TD-8816 as my new modem. I've elected to use it in bridge mode and have my DIR-655 pick up the PPPoE function for a couple of reasons.

1/ best luck with dyndns now that I'm going dynamic IP
2/ I don't need the extra non-routable /30
3/ increased likelihood of best results with MTU/MSS fragmentation issues and performance by having my LAN gateway do the fragmentation
4/ simplicity

So, on to my two questions:

1/ I'd still like to be able to access my modem's admin interface. I've assigned it's LAN side to I've read that Tomato and some other firmwares have a particular place to put this information for accessing the modem. Anything that can make this work properly on the DIR-655? Google found some pretty goofy workarounds where people bypassed their SPI firewalls with weird patching that I'm not going to do.

2/ After burning in the new modem I decided it was working OK and groomed the cables and wall mounted the new modem. As part of this it was power cycled and left off for a while. The DIR-655 never noticed the WAN port ethernet transition... Read more

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One: At present I have an Evesham 14.00 Athlon running on XP Home I have a second hard drive fitted which I use for backups it has 17GB of data on it.I am giving this machine to my daughter the new machine I have ordered will have 2 120GB HDD's fitted.My question will it be easy to remove one HD put in my present backup disk and move my files over then return to the original setup?Two: will I have any problem activating Office XP on the new machine?Three: I have networked my PC and Laptop using a Lynksis Wireless G Broadband Router. The PC is connected through a 10/100 card. If I transfer this card to the new machine will I just have to run the network wizard to get back on track?

Answer:Three questions to do with new PC setup

1) Yes just move the old drive in the new computer and copy the files over. Windows will see the drive, just open her up (in windows) find all of your files and copy them over. It can only be data files, pictures etc. Any programs will have to be reinstalled.2)If Office XP has already been activated on the old machine then yes you'll have to buy a new copy or contact MS on what to do. If you plan to use Office XP on both machines, you'll have to buy a new copy. If its just on the one machine (the new one) phone MS tell them and they should help. (i think i'm right there)If you have a laptop and PC only then you are allowed to use office on both with no problem.3) Not to sure but use the rograms\Accessories\CommunicationsNetwork Setup Wizard to setup a network. (networking isn't my thing.

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Question: PC setup questions

I'm looking into some CG and video editing stuff, and some gaming (duh) and i just wanted some of your opinions on where I might be able to find something for a good price. And whether i should get an AMD 64 or P4. Also, what do you suggest graphic-card wise? Here are some links of computers im looking at, and i would like to have a really nice one, so im guessing that's why the price is a little steep. thanks.

the others i was looking at were configs so i cant really put them here. I was looking at and

Answer:PC setup questions

gee thanks a lot, i spit my coffee onto my lcd screen when i saw the price for the VAIO . . .


but seriously, had i HAD coffee in my mouth, i would be calling HP tech support . . . which is a punishment in itself . . .

3 words :


that vaio system is more than $700 OVERPRICED . . . dont waste the money . . .

also . . . its kinda hard to say which cpu you should use . . .

intel good for video editing

amd good for gaming . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

i'd go with a socket 939 amd athlon 64, reason being, is that the newer p4s run hotter, they usually require newer, untested technology, etc . . .

good video cards . . . eVGA or XFX 6800GT . . .

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Question: ip setup questions

In setting up my network if my ip address is and I have 30 hosts what would my subnet mask be? Ill thinking also would my network address be? What would the broadcast address be? Thanks for your help

Answer:ip setup questions

If you were setting up a network, using a public IP address would be a really bad idea. Perhaps you should study that chapter a bit more, because I believe some of the concepts were missed.

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i finally got a burner and was wondering how i should set my ide channels. i've also got a dvd-rom, and a zip. what i thought i would do is set the hard drive and the zip on ide 0 and make them master and slave respectively, and put the burner and dvd on ide 1 and make them master and slave respectively. do you agree?

Answer:ide setup questions

well I guess you may get various answers to this one but the way I was told to do it was if you have a burner don't put it on the same IDE as the CD/DVD rom as data travels one way at a time so having then on separate channels there is no slight bottleneck... but with drives with getting larger buffers I don't think thats much of a concern these days.

BUT I COULD BE VERY MUCH MISTAKEN... if so the tech who told me will get such a whoopin mext time I see him!

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can someone explain to me what is needed to create a VPN?
i want to be able to connect to my home computer files from my shore house.

is it possible to set up a VPN with just XP? or do i need to purchase additional software or hardware?


Answer:vpn setup questions.

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This friday, I am getting a Gigabyte Radeon HD4850 1gb in to add to my system. After posting my specs, I would like to know if my PSU is sufficient, and if my CPU would bottleneck my new graphics card.


AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+
2 x 1gb ram
2x 2gb ram
1 500gb SATA HDD
350w PSU

THIS is my computer's specs from HP. It was a free computer I got from my teacher which I have breathed new life into.

As of now, I have an old 8500gt 512mb in there. I experience no problems, even when overclocking to 650mhz core and 1700mhz shader.

Answer:2 Questions about my setup

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My boss has given me the task of researching how to set up a DMZ to put our Exchange and Lync edge servers on. I am relatively new to Cisco IOS so I am unsure of how this will all work but we just came up with an idea to make this easier on us all. Currently we have a cisco 1921 as our router. We are looking to add in a 891 as our DMZ router.

Our idea is to have one cable going from our cable modem to our 1921 like it is now. This will be for basic internet traffic and for easy VPN access for our remote users. We will have a second cable going from the modem to our 891 and have the 891 set up to use a different public IP from the 1921. We will then have the edge servers off the 891's switch interface and the fastethernet interface on the 891 will have a cable connecting it to the 1921.

I am wondering if this is a legit setup for a DMZ? It seems a little funky to me since there are the 2 separate internet connections with 2 different public IPs coming in. I am also wondering how we will go about routing SMTP and Lync traffic from the DMZ to the inside. I have a good understanding of how to do these things with one router and no DMZ, but this setup is throwing me off.

Lets use SMTP as an example. Will something like this work?

DMZ 891 Router-

interface fastethernet0
ip address
ip nat inside

ip nat inside source static tcp 25 interface gigabitethernet0 25
Inside 1921 Router-

ip nat inside source static tcp 25 interface gigab... Read more

Answer:Questions about DMZ setup

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I have a Presario 715 laptop with an internal modem. I'm on XP and have just reloaded everything after putting in a new hard drive. There are a couple of settings I can't find.
1) I can't turn off the speaker on the modem. It's full blast. I went to control panel,phone/modem,modem,properties/modem and moved the slider all the way to the left, rebooted still full blast. Slider still shows all the way to the left. I had it off with my previous drive.
2) Font size while on the net using explorer. I go to view, text size, larger and it looks great. If I close explorer and come back in it goes back to normal size. Any thoughts? I have it set up as clear type.


Answer:Two XP setup questions

HI, I am not certain of this but I thought that was the normal action of text view was that it stayed where you put it. I does on mine. Peace Mal

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Hi Gang - I have a number general information questions this AM. I am bundling them all together - I need this information clarified.I thought these up yesterday & I am just not positive my understanding is correct. Please go through them & answer the ones you want - Thanks

Video Card & Sound Card: Do these come integrated on mother board if buy from company like Dell? If they are self-configured on the mother board - can they be swapped for an upgrade? What should the recommended amount of MB be for this card - PC will not be used for gaming.

Does a person need 256 Megs of Ram these day to run XP & lots of photos at a decent speed?

What about an opinion on CD-RW-DVD hardware. If you have this piece do you need to have a CD-ROM as well?

Do Cable Modem, DSL, T1 - These connections all come over the phone line? I am assuming that you do not need 10/100 Ehternet in the PC if on Cable Modem & DSL & no network. DSL & Cable Modem are external modems only. If NWorked then need 10/100 network card.

This is really a basic question - Are terms Internet & Web interchangeable? I seem to hear both terms & would like to know if one should be used over the other.

Thanks for your clarification - Monique

Answer:Hardware # of questions

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1. the post screen says, single data mode activated or something like that at 133 mHz. shouldnt it say double data mode, at 266 mHz

if i am using a 512 DDR (PC2100) which is 266 mHz.

My board im using is an asus a7n8x-x which can use 3200/2700/2100/1600 DDR.

My CPU 2200 xp (266 mHz)

2. how do i activate the ultra dma on the harddrive,
the ati multimedia center says i have to activate that for On Demand Television (pause live tv), i was pretty sure it was installed with the ultra dma when i installed the hardrive.

Answer:hardware questions?

check your bios settings

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Question: Hardware questions

Ok here are some questions i have about my mouse and key board.

My key board is a.
microsoft comfort curve keyboard 2000

I like it works well and last one i had lasted me 15 years be for i bought this newer one.
This is not wireless.

My mouse is a wireless.
logitech mouse M215

Works very well long battery life.

Ok my questions are pretty much the same for both.

I have been noticing that when i watch my task manager in the cpu usage my mouse can spike from 1% to 4or 5% when i use both at the same time i can see that my mouse and keyboard use about 10%

Any way to get these two to use very little cpu.I do not think i have ever seen mouse and keyboard ever use that much.

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O.k ...imjust gonna sk them in the same thread becouse i dont wanna spam the

well n e waysmy first question is.....if i build a seprete computer...and i place my old hard drive into it will i stillhave all my games and programs installed on my new computer......or is there n e way to save them...kuz i dont wanna re download and buy my games over again..../?
---------------NEXT QUESTION------------------------------

iv been thingking of placing a new cpu in my xps 400...but my motherboard suck and dosnt support good ones.....the form factor that xps 400 computers have i believe are BTX i just wanna know if its possible to place a better mobo in my computer BTX form factor ovcourse....and with an upgraded PSU.?

Also..i know i have to modd the case a lill bit..meaning the backplate that comes of in most computers doesnt come of in my DELL....(EPIC FAIL) imahave to cut that piece of ....also mybe cut out some designs in my side panned..not just to look pretty but to allow some air cooling in it......

just wanna know.....IS ANY OF THIS POSSIBLE.....??????????????????
can someone plz tell me whats the best btx mobo out there one that supports A pentium d 960 or possibly better....

Answer:few Hardware questions

You can't buy BTX boards, nobody uses them except for a few OEM builders like Dell, its a dead form factor. Plus the Dell case uses a few proprietary connectors for the case connectors. As I posted to your other thread, you need to consider selling your Dell as a complete unit and do a new build from scratch.

Ideally you reinstall Windows and all your programs/games when you build/buy a new computer. This ensures that you don't transfer over any existing problems, nor any of the Dell software and drivers unique to that system. This also gives you the best performance and stability. Also the Dell OEM Windows license is only good for the Dell, you are not allowed to re-use it on a different computer.

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Question: Hardware questions

I am new at this part.

On motherboard, I put a power supply in and hook it all up.
On this computer, I am getting no power except for a green light on the motherboard.

On an older motherboard, I notice there is no plug-in for the power supply-is that normal?

Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

Answer:Hardware questions

there has to be some type of plug on the mother board to get power to it and everything that connects to the mobo

and for the first part of your everything like cpu, hd, ram, and video card hooked into the mobo?

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The following question have come up because recently the motherboard of my Dell was fried and I wanted to expiriment w/ a few things.

1. I have a 512mb memory module in my gateway of DDR memory, is it ok to add the 256mb one from the Dell to it, and if so will any files be transfred or how do I erase what is currently on there.

2. Is it possible to just buy a new motherboard and place all the old harware on to it. Do I need to buy the same kind of motherboard or even the same type of processor. I was hopping to change from the Intel Pentium 4 to an Athlon of some sort.

I'm sorry if any of these questions don't make sense. I'm not an expert by any means and my knowledge of hardware is pretty limited. I'm taking an A+ class this year so hopefully that will help. Thanks for your help.

Answer:Questions on Hardware

Well not knowing what model Dell you are talking about, there are somethings that will most like be problematic. Dell systems usually use proprietary motherboards. In otherwords the case and the motherboard were designed to fit together. I/O positions and such would make it difficult if not impossible to replace the motherboard with something not designed for the system. Also the fact that your system software the came with the dell, such as the operating system provided by Dell will not install on a sytem and work properly (if at all) if not using the stock provided motherboard and chipset.

As far as ram and things like that possibly even the processor will generally work on a new or different system. THe drives (Hdd, Optical) will usually work fine on different hardware.

So basically for the Dell, if it is not covered by the warranty, replacing the motherboard will likely be a cost prohibitive endeavor. You could build a new system that could use some of the parts from the dell for possibly the price of having the stock motherboard replaced or maybe a few dollars more.

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I have these questions which seems unrelated to each other but they are for me.
HDD questions:
1. What could be possible life expectancy of WD 1TB HDD 5400 which was bought in early 2009 and was running in PC for almost 24/7 a day nonstop. Could it go any moment?
2. When I will buy new SSD HDD and put it as my primary hdd with OS and most software on it, and put my old WD 1TB HDD 5400 as secondary HDD only used for storing some files rarely used.
2a. Will it still take electricity?
2b. Will it keep turning and making noise? (while not being actively used, but still connected on board)
2c. Will it keep running when i wont be using it, but it will be connected to board ready to use anytime?
2d. Will keep aging?
You know what im asking im just wondering whether its not old enough, and safe to put into new PC while it was overused so much in the past..
1. AMD used to make less quality and more overheating CPU's than Intel in the past AFAIK. Has it changed lately? IM about to buy new PC and am currently trying to resolve for myself whether to go for intel or AMD. I definitely need something cooler and better quality, also less electricity taking. Would it be still intel or are they fairly equal now?
2. Im not too familiar with new CPU's. So I wonder whats the difference between i5 / i7 quad cores, and six cores, and eight cores. I noticed that quad core for example is more expensive then six core CPU and I dont comprehend how is that possible since... Read more

Answer:Few hardware questions (concerning HDD's CPU's GPU's etc)

anyone ? :a

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Okay, here is the layout: I am upgrading my current PC (custom built and runs like a gem) and building a new one from parts laying around..

Current PC:
Asus A8V Delux mobo

1) I bought the sound blaster audigy 2 platinum. Sound cards works perfectly, but I cannot get the addon piece (that allows remote control to work). I am out of IDE ribbon slot connectors (I think that's what their called) on my mobo. I have one from my Harddrove and one from my CD-ROM. I have no where to connect the one from my new addon piece. I tried connecting it with the slave end of my CD-ROM IDE ribbon with no luck. What can I do to get that working?

2) The floppy drive will not detect any discs. I have the ribbon cable running from the drive to the mobo properly. My PC detects the drive.

3) I currently have a marvell yukon onboard 10/100/1000mbps NIC. When I open the baby up in device manager my highest setting is 100mbps full/half. What's going on with this? Where's my 1gs option? Do I need to download extra software?

PC in building:
Old-Genuine Intel (I believe it is, supports P4) mobo
Harddrive: Western digital 100AA 10gb

1) Originally to a drive not detected - system halted. So I checked my IDE cables etc. and tried to boot into BIOS to check to see if my PC was detecting the hard drive (as master). When I was in BIOS, I could not scroll up or down, it was as if my keyboard just stopped working (it was connected fine and I got to bios my pressing DEL+F10). I t... Read more

Answer:Several Hardware Questions


2) The floppy drive will not detect any discs. I have the ribbon cable running from the drive to the mobo properly. My PC detects the drive.

cable is probably backwards. if the light on the drive stays on it is almost certainly backwards

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I know its alot but I need MOST of these questions answered...
Well, here goes...

What is the best brand for a motherboard? I was thinking Asus, Abit, and MSI, possibly gigabyte

Whats the best Video Card Brand (NOT Chipset, Ati/nvidia)? I have no clue

Who makes the best cases? Im thinking antec.. maybe those aerocool cases on newegg

The best Motherboard Chipset? Im thinking either an ATI Xpress 200 or an Nvidia N-force 4

Who makes the best Networking equipment? Im thinkin belkin, Microsoft, and Netgear.. Oh and D-link or Linksys..

Who makes the Best LCD Monitors NEXT TO Viewsonic?

Do you people prefer Intel or AMD Processors?

Raise your hand (or post something) if you even like the Xbox 360....

Do you people prefer Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, gamecube, the coming Nintendo Revolution, or
the coming PS3?

Whats the Best hard drive company? Its between Seagate, Maxtor or Western Digital...

Whats your favorite PC Game?

I mainly need the motherboard and chipset questions answered, but the more answered, the better...

Thanks soo much people, Zman...

Answer:PC Hardware Questions...

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Right now I upgraded my computer with new hardware and have been causing some problems mainly with the new installed hardware and such..... Basically what I want to do is to reformat without losing all my files and such. I'm interested in purchasing a new HD to transfer all my files that are currently on this HD to my new one. Then reformat my old HD and use that to have windows on it. I'm looking for a 100+ GB HD, and i'm not familiar with what I type I need to be compatable with my computer. I think it's the Mobo that matters right? I have a NF7-S v 2.0 and I was looking around at new egg and maybe someone here can help me select a decent HD. Thank you

Answer:Hardware questions maybe you can help me with

Well unless you have a board out of the ordinary you can use a standard IDE hard drive. They are basically the drives that sit in the 3" bays like a floppy drive and have the wide ribbon cable plug into them. So long as that is what you have already, another one with about 120 gig shouldn't set you back too much.

Get a decent one with 7200rpm etc... Alternativle you can get an external USB/Firewire drive which will be about twice the price. Either way you connect the new one to the computer, et windows read and install it and then drag the file and folder you want over to the new one.

Reinstall windows on the old drive and then copy back over any folders you want on the old drive.

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At least you admitted that you are asking for homework help, most people think we don't realize.Can I ask though, if you are an English speaker then why are all the handouts in Chinese?Doesn't matter.Most of those answers can be found with a simple Google search very quickly.Try Googling it first, and if you can't find anything post back and we'll point you in the right direction.However, this isn't a homework help site so we won't tell you the answers straight off.

Answer:Re: Some questions about CPU and hardware

That's because I'm living in China. I read the course details and it said the handouts will be chinese and english but it turned out all chinese. I paid the fees for the course. I thought If I post here I can get some straight and simple answers for me to easily understand. I feel bad for people to do homework for me although I just want to understand rather than completing my homework. I guess I'll just delete this post. Thank you for reading this post and please delete thread post. Sorry for the trouble.To GX1_Man:I cannot do that.. I'm not studying anymore and this course is the only thing to keep myself busy. I've explained my situation to my instructor, he explained some question of my homework and I do understand most of instructor's explanation. But the only trouble is they explained things like internal frequency in chinese. Most of answer are written in handouts but If I spend a little time to understand what "it" means and how "it" works, I think I don't have problem to pass the exam.

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Ihave 2 questions on hardware

1.I was just got a used HP 6910p laptop. It has an 80g 7200rpm hard drive in it. I have a 160g 5600rpm hard drive. Which would be the best to use.

2. My daughter has a Dell D620 that would not start up. The lights were blinking and I found out it was a memory problem. It has 2 different slots for memory. one is on the bottom and the other under the keyboard. After moving the modules back and forth I narrowed it down to a bad slot attached to the motherboard under the keyboard . Is it okay if she only uses the slot on the bottom? That will still give her 2g which is the max per slot.

Thanks in advance

Answer:2 questions on hardware

Which would be the best to use.Click to expand...

Entirely subjective. The 80G is a faster drive; but, I suspect the noticable difference will be so close to zero that I would choose the larger drive. That assumes both drives have the same amount of cache. If the 160 contains twice the cache as the 80, it could perform faster.

I don't think it matters which memory slot you use as long as the system isn't one of those that require slot one to be filled before it will recognize the memory in slot two.

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Question: Hardware questions

I'm making a new gaming computer for myself and had a few questions that i knew could be answered here.

I'm having trouble deciding which video card to get. I'm thinking about an x1800 or x1900.. but i was also thinking about getting two video cards. I was wondering, would one card be as good as two cards if the two cards by themselves were only half as good as the single card?

(i hope you understand what i'm saying)

Also would you recommend SLi or Crossfire? I'de really like to get either an x1900 or get two geforce 7800s.
Another problem i'm having is which hard drive should i get. Is 10K RPM REALLY that much better than 7200 RPM? And how does having multiple hard drives work?

I'm still not sure which mobo i should get. I'm pretty sure i wanna get an ASUS and i was looking at a few that i liked. But i guess it depends on what kind of video card setup i'm gonna have before i can determine which motherboard is right for me.

I was also taking a look at some processors. The FX-60 is expensive but i'm considering getting it. I heard somewhere that the FX-60 isn't as good for gaming is FX-57.. is that true at all? And another thing.. why is the FX-55 priced the same as the FX-57 on Newegg? Wouldn't you think the FX-57 would be better and more expensive. Links:

http://w... Read more

Answer:Hardware questions

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Question: Hardware questions

Hello there

Didnt know where to post it so I made it under "Device Drivers".

Anyway, I want help for building my own gaming PC. I'm going to give full specs and I also add picture of the case end of this post.

So the first thing is how big should be my power supply?
I know that my CPU should take something about 100W. GPU should take around 200W. Speakers around 40W. I dont know how much will take power the Monitors though but I have in mind FHD 28 or something like that.
Also can somone make clear to me the diffrence between HDD and SSD. If I buy HDD then should I necessarily need SSD? If I do then how much SSD should I get?
Ive seen some PC's on sale which has like 1TB HDD and 8GB SSD , others have 120GB SSD.

Specs :
AMD R9 270x ( GPU )
AMD Athlon II x4 (Quad core 3.8GHz) ( CPU )
Sharkoon T9 Value Green ( CASE )
Now about the GPU, should I take the 4GB or 2GB? The money difference is few bucks. Also which company made GPU should I take : MSI ; SAPPHIRE ; GIGABYTE ; XFX ; POWERCOLOR?

Some of these are called OC-edition, toxic-edition, boost-edition, BF4 and so on.
GIGABYTE GV-R927XOC-4GD-GA / Radeon R9 270X :

Sharkoon T9 Value Green :


Answer:Hardware questions

Matis said:

Hello there

Didnt know where to post it so I made it under "Device Drivers".

Anyway, I want help for building my own gaming PC. I'm going to give full specs and I also add picture of the case end of this post.
THANKSClick to expand...

Hi Matis.
Welcome! And... a couple of pointers...

1) Questions about Builds should go in THIS Forum. Be sure to read the stickies at the top first.
Mailpup (Or another mod) may notice and move your inquiry for you.

2) You generally should post the same question only once and only in one place. Otherwise some of the mods and others tend to get a bit cranky.

3a) You might post an intro, here. Ravisunny2 has taken up the mantle of welcoming newcomers, and offering some helpful links on how to get the most of your Techspot Experience. This is something I used to do, and Kimsland before me. Ravisunny2's post is basically the same as I was welcomed with and which I used to welcome others.

3b) Right now, on this topic, just be a bit patient, and hope that Mailpup notices, and moves your post. Likely will happen within a few days.

4) THEN One or more of those experienced with your particular questions will chime in after it is moved. I have done some recent builds, but I do tend to overbuild. Others will be more inclined to help you squeeze the most bang for the buck. You might review the stickies I mentioned above, and be ready to answer those questions.

I am not going to cro... Read more

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I have two questions concerning my PC's mother board.

I have a Pentium 200 (no MMX) and the M/B is made in Taiwan with no manufacturer name anywhere in the manual. All it says on the cover is " 586 PCI All I/O Green & PNP Main Board ...... Intel Triton 430 VX PCI-597".

1- the other day I dug up my mother board manual and in it it states that my processor socket is a ZIFF SOCKET 7. Does anybody know what that means ?

2- Also, it seems that there is a jumper on the mother board to enable USB support. Also, it seems that I can enable USB support from within the BIOS. Can anyone tell me how this can be?

Thanks for any input.

Answer:2 Hardware questions

Zero-Insertion-Force: the processor should go into the socket without force(there is a lever on one side of the socket that you lift to release the processor).
As for the USB, if the usb port(s) are physically there all you need to do is enable the jumper and go into bios to enable it there, if the port(s) is/are not there then you need the usb adapter.

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I have a couple of questions regarding RAID and an old Dell Im trying to keep alive.

First question: When trying to run a RAID, do the drives have to be identical? As in manufacturer and model? I bought a RAID controller card for my old dell and want to try some configurations. Also can you implement a RAID to an existing system? Like if I want to keep my OS on its current drive. But run a RAID for my backup storage drives.

Question 2: The old machine im working with is a Dell Dimension 4550. Im running out of places to put my HDD's. It only has two real slots for HDD's. I'd like to buy a new case and just put the hardware in it. Is it just an ATX MOBO that would fit in any ATX style case? Or is it proprietary and pretty much stuck to that case?

Thank you guys once again for your help!!!!

Answer:Several Hardware questions

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1. so do i have socket 775 lga? meaning will this be a good processor upgrade for me? (i just need a dual core for my game) can anyone tell what motherboard i hav efrom the info? i want to know if i have any extra SATA slots...if i get a 64gb SSD and put my windows xp on it, will i notice any performance improvement?because with my 2gb ram, everything seems to be snappy as it is...dont know if its worth to get the ssd for OS partition.thanks

Answer:few hardware questions

I'd open the case and look at your motherboard for its product part number ID such as my motherboard a Biostar has in big bold identification near my CPU  ( MCP6PB M2+ ). Sometimes its not in silkscreen and is a label affixed to the motherboard. With this information you can look up your motherboard to know what it will support. Just because you have a socket 775 (socket) doesnt mean you can stuff any socket 775 CPU into it and have it work. For example a friend of mine had a ABIT FATAL1TY Socket 775 gaming motherboard that ONLY SUPPORTED Pentium 4 and Pentium D CPU's. There was no BIOS update available to support the socket 775 Pentium E5400 2.7Ghz Dual-core that he bought. He ended up having to replace his motherboard to get the Pentium E5400 dual core to run.If you list your motherboard we can go from there.

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Is it possible to increase the processor from 1.70 GHz to 2.0 Ghz on my T42?Thanks. Debi

Answer:T42 Hardware Questions

Welcome to the forum! Yes, you can install a faster CPU, the 2.0 would be known as Pentium M755. Along with that you'll have to install a so-called "long" fan to be able to maintain proper cooling of your CPU and GPU. Hope this helps.

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Question: hardware questions

hey guys.
anyways, im still looking for da hardwares.
My budget just got a huge jump, from 900 to 1500 bucks. the 1500 is MAXIMUM, and not a SINGLE cent more.
i need to know which hardware i should buy. they must be from Ewiz, and the 1500 includes the tax and shipping. shipping area code is 95135
but there are some hardware i MUST buy. this includes:
no dvd, cd drivers, mouse.
that 3 dollar keyboard
intel core 2 duo E6850
memery: i dont HAVE to have this one, but i would want to use one. but im no expert o ram. Kingston KHX8500D2K2/2G D2-1066 2GB HyperX Memory Kit with 1066 speed
hard drive: 150 to 320 is ok.
oh, i need a relitivly good card.... like gt 8600 gt or something.
which motherboard, though?

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I have a question about finding what processor I have, what speed dvd drive, speed of modem I have ect...

I know you can go to the properties of my computer, but all it says is 'genuine intel(r) cpu'
T2300 @ 1.66 GHz

please help i want to trade in my old notebook but i cant get the info they want

Answer:Hardware questions???

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Im ordering a new mobo and cpu and sata harddrive.

Im guessing I should clean install on the new harddrive and start it up like that and have my current one as a secondary. My Qs are this

Will my comp blow up if I dont do a fresh install on the new harddrive?

Are their any programs that will trasnfer my stuff from my old IDE harddrivce to my new sata one?

Answer:Questions for when I put my new hardware in

you guessed it right , just dont forget to set the boot order right in bios (so it wont boot from your old hd)


Originally posted by DwayneDays
Will my comp blow up if I dont do a fresh install on the new harddrive?

its a computer not a dynamite obviously not , if youll try to boot from the old hd after connecting it to the new pc windows likely wont load (as the hardware is diffrent)


Originally posted by DwayneDays
Are their any programs that will trasnfer my stuff from my old IDE harddrivce to my new sata one?

just install windows on the new hd and connect your old hd as you alredy had in mind , then youll see its partitions in windows explorer just drag & drop or copy & paste to the new , ntfs file system have permissions so youll probably get an *access denied* error while tryin to access some folders, just set the permissions properly and it will be fine , see this thread

its a good idea to keep the old hd in the new pc , for backup , you can backup to other partition/s on same hd but it may go bad one day which is why backing up to another hd is much more reliable , use a good backup software like good sync

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This is my current setup and am wondering if there's anything that can be improved.
primary hard drive 210GB Samsung SSD
secondary hard drive 931 GB Western Digital
8 GB DDR 3 dual channel memory
2TB Western Digital Passport external hard drive
Intel i5 2500K processor (not overclocked)
After running Winaero WEI tool I was supprised to see my primary hard drive is the bottle neck as it's SSD. Is there a way I can tell that SSD is primary, and not the old hard drive?

I run Windows 8.1 as main computer, then with VMware I run Windows 7 from secondary hard drive (all of its files are on secondary hard drive).

I noticed with the VM running some programs take a while to load the first time. For example Maple and Photoshop take 10 seconds, but if they are closed and open again then they take 2 seconds to open. Also with the VM and Firefox running 75% of memory is used. Does this mean I need more RAM?

Answer:Best setup with hardware

All that means is drive as far as windows is concerned is slower than the graphics card, memory ,and processor is. that means nothing. u'r computer is fine.

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Question: hardware setup

I am currently trying to update my hard drive and dvd and was wanting to know if there was any guides avaliable to show me how to set up my 2 hard drives as slave and master and my 2 dvd drives as slave and master. I am trying to set them up on a RAID connection. What is the best way to do this?

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Question: hardware setup

I have 2 hard drives one 80 gig seagate and the other 250 gig seagate and two dvd burners. i have, on my mobo one IDE plug and 2 sate plugs. I have 2 IDE to SATA converters. What is the best to set these up and how should i set jumper pins on the dvd burners and hard drives.

Answer:hardware setup

I would say run the 2 hd on the ide to sata converters. 80 gb ide/sata master, 250gb ide/sata slave for files and storage.
Put the 2 burners on the IDE cable as optical drives are noticeably slower than a hd. I am pretty sure it does not matter what dvd drive is master or slave other than apperance (ie: C:,D:, etc)

Whatever os you have may require special steps to install and operate the sata ide controllers and/or get them to boot

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Question: Hardware Setup

Hi everyone. I'm about to buy a new hdd and was wondering what the best setup for me would be. Currently I have a 60gb 7200rpm hdd, a dvd drive, a cd burner and a dvd burner. I will be buying a 120gb 7200rpm drive. Both hdds have an 8meg cache.

What would be ur recommended setup in relation to which component on what IDE cable? And in relation to which hdd to install windows xp on.

My motherboard aslo supports RAID, but not too sure if i should use it or not.

Thanks for you help!

Answer:Hardware Setup

Speaking for myself here, i would throw the OS on the smaller hd and set that one as Master.

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Hello. I am installing 2 Samsung 850 Pro (256gb) versions and am going to set them up as RAID 0. I am just going to list the options I see the motherboard BIOS is giving me when creating the RAID and would like to know what the best setup is and maybe more explanation on what each option is about? Thank you for your time.

Questions about RAID setup:

1. Stripe Block - The higher the better? 64kb up to 256kb

2. Initialization: Fast or none?

3. Gigabyte Boundary: On or off?

4. Sector Size: The higher the better? 512 B up to 4096 B

5. Read Policy options: Set to NA? Read Ahead? or Read Cache?

6. Write Policy options: Set to Writeback? or WriteThru?

Answer:Questions about RAID Setup

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So, I just got received my W520 and I'm in the process of setting it up, but I've run to quite a few snags. I'd like to use my own imaging software (Terabyte Unlimited Image for Windows / Bootable Image for Linux). I created an image of the factory installation (the entire hard drive: boot, windows and thinkpad restore) and restored it to a different hard drive, but when I put that hard drive in the ThinkPad, it wouldn't boot. It doesn't even give me a "missing operating system" error or anything like that, It just shows a blinking underscore and does nothing. I've done this many times on other systems and never run into this, so I'm feeling lost in the woods here. Does this have something to do with UEFI?  Is there a hard drive lock in the BIOS that needs to be disabled or something?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Got my W520, now onto the setup questions...

Geekabunga wrote:I created an image of the factory installation (the entire hard drive: boot, windows and thinkpad restore) and restored it to a different hard drive, but when I put that hard drive in the ThinkPad, it wouldn't boot. It doesn't even give me a "missing operating system" error or anything like that, It just shows a blinking underscore and does nothing. Did it come with Windows 7 or Windows 8?

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Hi Folks!

So I'm building a new computer. Everything seems to be working so far. I'm at the point now where I need to format my drives and restore my system image onto the main drive.

My setup:

2 x WD640GB in RAID 0 (already configured; listed as unallocated space)
1 x WD750GB as photo drive
1 x WD1.5TB as general backup

The image is currently on the 750GB drive. I want to restore the image to the RAID 0 drive. How do I do that using Windows 7 Install CD? Or BIOS? Or some other way you may know?


Giving out +1's for response speed and quality.

Answer:New HDD Setup - Formatting Questions

Was the image you created from a RAID array previously?

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Hey Guys
I got a question about my first wireless point 2 point setup my question is from my picture is that the correct way of doing that?


Answer:questions about my first wireless P2P setup

You might want to describe what you are trying to accomplish, and then we can figure out the best set-up.

First of all, you should connect the access point on the right with the router on the right with an ethernet cable. I have no idea what connecting the antenna posts directly would do, but I imagine it would burn out the radios.

Also, you have two routers. Do each of these have an internet connection? If not you shouldn't need a router on both ends. Also depending on what you're doing, you might not need a router and an access point on the other side either.

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HI!! I was referred to this forum from a friend on another forum. That being said, let me post my questions. My experience in this area is very very new. A little information that may be needed: I own a design company that i run at home. Work has been good and i would like to bring on some friends to assist. I have a studio built at my house. On my network i have 8 computers. Five of the computers are based in my studio. Those 5 are the following:

1 FTP server, OS: Server 2008 R2
1 WAMP Server, OS: Windows 7 32-bit
3 Design/ Work station computers, OS 7 pro 64-bit

My overall goal is to setup a workgroup for these five computers. HOWEVER, i would like them to access files on my FTP, BUT users that are setup on each computer, i want to be able to assign only certain folders located on the FTP.

Clients, Design Templates, Work files.

If a buddy is on one workstation, we will call him Joe101. Well Joe101 is setup as a user on a workstation through accounts, but i only want him to access the Work files folder on the FTP and not be able to access Clients or Design Templates folder.

Next, I would like to be able to access the HTdocs folder on my wamp BY WEB Browser from another station. The same rule still applies as above. I would only like to allow certain users that are setup on workstations access to my WAMP.

Now if someone could tell me how to set this up, wether it be on the FTP or on each workstation/ design station it would be gre... Read more

Answer:Workgroup setup questions

I think the easiest way to set this up is to have a FTP server on each machine that allows you to setup access for each one of your friends on the servers. That way you can go into the program and give each friend a username and password and set the folders on which they can access and give them read access or whatever access you want. Each ftp server program is different on the way you set those up and pretty easy to do when following the instructions. Each one of you friends in turned would have a ftp client to access the servers each with the username and password you provide and when they login they will see there only able to access the folders that you assign.

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Hello Guys & Gals,

I need a bit of knowledge with raid and can't really find answer using search here, google and youtube.

So I have a windows 8.1 system with 6 internal (3 hdd, 1 ssd, and 1 dvd and 1 bdrw) sata drives, 4 external drive hdd.

Now i am going to be adding a new system card for more drive support and here is my questions.

Is there a way to use a pci card for more sata drives and have one of those drives as a raid drive to raid 1 my c: drive? I want a mirror of drive c: (ssd) just in case. I have a copy/clone of c: currently but I want a active mirror of it.I really do not want to move drives around if at all possible.
I simply want to add a card and a new drive to that card to mirror c:.

That brings me to question 2 which is if it can be done can the raid drive be of different type and size? Meaning my c: is (ssd 512gb) and I want to use a hdd of 1gb or more. I know the space is lost and wasted but I do not want another ssd as raid/mirror.

Last question, If both my questions above can be done how the heck do I do it?
I am good with basic stuff and some advanced but have never used or tried raid in my life.
I just recently cloned c: drive from 120ssd to the 512ssd which was easy and the 512gb ssd run great now as c: drive and the 120 is in storage now.

So if anyone could answer my questions i would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks in advance

Answer:Raid Setup Questions

1) An actual intelligent raid card that would be worth Sh*t would cost more than another 512GB SSD (a lot more!!!!)
2) If you went that route, you'd have a nightmare getting the boot drivers loaded onto your existing Windows because you would HAVE to move the boot drive's connection to the raid card.
3) A Raid mirror replicates the changes on one drive so that the second drive is as close to identical, in real time, as possible. No matter what, using a traditional drive as the second drive in a mirror would cripple the speed of the SSD. (Does a 4-5 times slower storage subsystem make you want to rethink that?)
4) One HUGE weakness of a raid one (mirror) is that, if one drive gets infected or corrupted, the mirror is too, faster than you can blink your eyes.

Since name brand SSD's now have a 10 year life and are not prone to the hardware failures that traditional hard disk drives are, why do you want a mirror?

Do you want to be able to add more storage?
Are those external drives using USB 3.0? (its ten times faster than USB 2)

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Last computer I built was 2004, so I need some help with this one. None of this is written in stone so all suggestions are welcome.
OS drive will be 60 gig SSD. I plan a swap file on a 750 gig mechanical drive unless you think it will be o.k. on the SSD; I worry about continuous rewrites on the SSD which might shorten it's life. Computer is built primarily for playing Rise of Flight and eventually other flight sims, and I don't know if they will be writing things on the OS drive a lot.
1. Should I partition the SSD to keep my install of RoF off the OS partition should I need to reinstall windows (usually happens once in a while)? What is the recommended size of the OS partition for Win 7? I never install programs on the OS partition, but know most programs install themselves or parts of themselves onto the C drive despite our best efforts to prevent that.
2. How big a swap file will I need? I have 16 gig of ram, and also need to know how to keep stuff from being paged out into that swap file. Plan a static size swap file on the mechanical drive if win 7 allows that.
3. During install how do I move the my documents folder off the SSD? I did it with XP but don't remember how.
4. Does Win 7 64 run older programs? I'm still using Office 2003 on my XP machines, it's the only copy I have and would prefer to use it rather than pay for a new version if it will run on the new OS.
5. If I use a boot manager to install multiple bootable Os's, does this ... Read more

Answer:Setup questions win 7 new comp

Don't have all the answers for ya, but:

3. just plug it into another computer as a secondary drive and drag the files off of it.
4. It will run older programs it has a compatibility tab under properties.
7. If you run Microsoft Security essentials along with malwarebytes you should be fine.

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Here what im looking for.. budget is around $150-200 (would always like to go cheaper if possible)

My network will be in one LARGE living room.. I could consider going wired and hiding all the wires to the best of my ability but it is an apartment so I am limited. There are no walls that will block the signal.

Ive got 2 pcs (so I will need 2 PC desktop cards or usb cards) Id prefer USB but if they are not as good as the desktop cards id use that.

1 WD-TV LIVE.. It should be next to the router so I will simply run a cable to it.

I want to have wireless-n with gigabyte ports. Ive looked a lot into the 3rd party firmware and that looks great so that is a plus.

So basically what im asking or is.. which wireless-n router should I get?. (will be used for gaming so good firmware is important) and which 2 desktop cards should I get?

Answer:Wireless Setup/Questions

Check out this thread:

Then for maximum compatibility buy network adapters from the same MFG.

I personally recommend D-Link.

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See the attached. Why aren't the files placed under "Workgroup" under "1850 House"? Can they be moved there?

I am finding it very difficult to find files for earmarking (sp?) when I want to do "SynBack" backups or synchronizations. If all were in one place the job would be so much simpler.

Another ?: Some of the folders do no have as descriptive a name as I would like, but I find I can't change names, at least in some cases. Is there a way around this impediment? For example "Cal" under "Toshiba" is a folder to which I would like to give a descriptive name.

Thirdly, how do I added a new "place" to "1850 House?" There is one important folder that I can not access because it is no where to be found in the "tree."

Sorry to be back here again!


Answer:Questions re my wireless setup

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A few weeks at work i set up two Linksys BEFSR81 10/100 routers in our office, connected them both to the WAN our building is connected to, connected the two routers together, then hooked up about 10 computers to them between each other. I left all the default settings unchanged and set up our computers on our own workgroup.

Anyway, since they've been running, it works fairly well, especially for file transfers, but i notice that now AIM seems to disconnect randomly at times, e-mail has trouble getting through occasionally, and sometimes when you click on a link to a website we'll get a "This document contains no data" error.

I've looked around Linksys's knowlege base and haven't been able to find anything. On the setup for the routers it says if you have two routers connected together you have to set up Static IP routing, but it doesn't explain how. Anybody have any ideas or tips? Do i need static IP routing? Is there something else i can do?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Router setup questions

Please produce some kind of diagram, it will help understand your situation.

How are you connecting the two routers? From WAN to WAN, WAN to LAN, LAN to LAN? Ahhh!

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I have a few question regarding my computers security. I removed Norton Security 2006 from my computer yesterday. I have had it on my computer for almost a year with no problems when all of a sudden it would not allow me to connect to the Internet properly.

I enabled the Windows Defender firewall until I download another. I am thinking of downloading Zone Alarm.

Currently I have the following programs on my computer.

AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5


Ad-Aware SE Personal

Windows Defender ( runs at start up)

Sptbot-Search & Destroy with Tea Timer (runs at start up)

SpywareGuard (runs at start up)

AVG Anti-Virus (runs at start up)
If I download Zone Alarm will it conflict with any of the above ?
I update and runs scans every day.

Should I run scans using the above on each user account ?

When I downloaded AVG-Anti Virus today I noticed that there is another free download. AVG Anti-Rootkit. I have no idea what that is.

Should I download it ?

All the above programs are free versions.

Windows XP Home, SP-2, IE-7

Thank You for your time !

Answer:A Few Questions About My Security Setup

I enabled the Windows Defender firewall until I download another. I am thinking of downloading Zone Alarm.Uh, Windows Defender is mainly an anti-spyware/anti-malware program and does not have a firewall. I hope you mean that you enabled the Windows Firewall. Having said that, the Windows firewall isn't a widely accepted one, and I would recommend that you download a more complete one. Zone Alarm's free version is much better, than the one in Windows, so, at the very least, I'd say go for it. Some here may recommend another free firewall, too.Currently I have the following programs on my computer.AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5Spyware-BlasterAd-Aware SE PersonalSUPERantiSpywareWindows Defender ( runs at start up)Sptbot-Search & Destroy with Tea Timer (runs at start up)SpywareGuard (runs at start up)AVG Anti-Virus (runs at start up)If I download Zone Alarm will it conflict with any of the above ?It shouldn't. I update and runs scans every day.Should I run scans using the above on each user account ?When I downloaded AVG-Anti Virus today I noticed that there is another free download. AVG Anti-Rootkit. I have no idea what that is.Should I download it ?Should you? I'd say that is up to you. It (AVG's Anti-Rootkit program) does scan for certain things that none of the other ones do, however.

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I ordered a new laptop that should be delivered tomorrow, and I was hoping someone could answer a few questions for me. This is the laptop I ordered: - Toshiba Satellite U845W 14.4" Core i5 6GB Widescreen Ultrabook

Toshiba Satellite U845W-S410 14.4" Widescreen Ultrabook, Intel Core i5-3317U, 6GB DDR3, 500GB HDD, 32GB SSD, Windows 7 Home Premium (64-Bit) - PSU5RU-00Q003

I have never had a SSD before. The Windows 7 will be already installed on the SSD. I was mainly wondering how I go about installing the programs that I use. The SSD is only 32 GB. How much space does the OS take up, and is it advisable to install all or most programs on the SSD (or at least certain programs I use often - Firefox, Thunderbird) - or do those use too much space?

My other question is... I believe Toshiba installs a lot of crapware on their machines. Is it possible to download a clean copy of Windows 7 Home Premium and use the activation key that comes with my notebook to replace the operating system? Or should I just uninstall as much of it as possible?

When I received my current desktop computer, I didn't realize how helpful it would have been to create a partition for just the OS and programs, keeping my data separate. It would have made the backup process much simpler for me. I am hoping to do a better job setting this one up. Any advice or recommendations are appreciated!

Answer:New laptop setup, SSD questions

I have been searching for more information about SSD/HDD, and came across the advice quoted below to

1. Move the Windows paging file to the HDD
3. Move the Windows restore points off the SSD.

Would either of these be useful and perhaps give me a little extra space for at least a few main programs? I am thinking my email program will be way too big, and Firefox itself might fit, but if I stream a movie or something would it automatically be temporarily saving all that data to the SSD also?

Programs and files on SSD vs HDD for max performance... - config-customize - windows-7
First thing you always want to do if you have your boot disk as SSD and second internal HDD get the Windows paging file off of the SSD. Reasons are that SSDs are expensive, the page file takes up some space but that is neglegeable, the paging file is constantly changing and parts are over written which is bad for an SSD because SSD has shorter life time of rewrites then HDD so the page file is needlessly eating away at parts of your precious SSD.

To do this click start>right click computer>properties>on left side tab click "advanced system settings" you need administrative rights>Performance>go to advanced tab>under virtual memory select "change">uncheck "Automatically manage" at top>now all your partitions should be listed, in this order select a partition on your HDD. Easiest to select system managed b... Read more

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 I just got this refurbished ThinkPad today and was hoping the connection to my Airport Express Wireless network would get through fine, but I kept getting an error when trying to connect that way.I talked to the Apple guy for awhile and we eventually got the network connected, but the only way it will connect is in an non-secure network. So, he told me to contact ThinkPad to support to see how you can set up a truly secure wireless connection? Any ideas/tips would be swell?.

Answer:R40 Wireless Setup questions?

Welcome to the forum!What's the 7-character code of your R40? If you have only "b" wireless card, it won't connect to anything else than WEP encryption, WPA is out of the question.That, however, may not be the only answer, that's why I'm asking about the machine type.Good luck and let us know.

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Hi All,

I run various AV clients and I usually set them up to scan certain directories everyday, IE: ill scan user profiles, and the WINDOWS directory... I was just wondering what directories you guys schedule to scan.. I think scanning the entire C:\ drive is just a waste of time, what do yall think??

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Just received my W530 in the mail and I've been trying to get up to speed on all the new technology out there and how to properly setup my computer... I've tried various searches but haven't got a clear answer I don't think - here goes:  W530 8gb RAM (2x4), K2000, 500 gb HDD with raid option, x64 win 7, hi res screen I already bought a Samsung EVO SSD 250GB for the main drive which I will pickup from my US mailbox on Monday. The reason I bought the computer is because my 4 year old Acer just couldn't handle the intensity of PlanSwift and On-Centre digital estimating programs for construction. In addition I dabble with Chief Architect Premiere for 3D house design and the Adobe Suite to do graphics stuff for the company, etc., etc. I will likely take some CAD related courses at school as well in the future. My plan was to install OS and programs on the new SSD in the main bay and keep current project files on there. All misc pictures, videos and company files and other things on the HDD which would be in the UltraBay. I currently use about 180 GB and have another 250GB stored on an old laptop which I'd like to transfer over so everything is on one laptop. That one will be for internet searches in the garage for dirtbike repairs  Questions: 1. Is it worth getting a 128 GB mSata drive for the OS (under $100 for Crucial)? Then have all program files on SSD in main bay and misc files on HDD in ultrabay? do I need an adapter for the ultrabay o... Read more

Answer:new W530 setup questions...

Great to see you taking such as assertive role in setting up your new machine. 1. No an msata ain't worth it.  It's a sata II 3Gb/s port so the OS would be severely throttled.  Yank the hdd and place it in a hdd caddy ($7 on ebay) and use it for all your data, music, video and archived junk.  Then plop in a 256Gb ssd.  Perferably the an MLC drive like the Samsung 840 Pro.  It's the king.  Or a Toshiba Q Pro. 2. Again the msata drive is limited sata II so it's not data optimized.  Use the slot for WWAN instead, grab a Gobi 4000 off ebay for cheap. 3. SSD in the main bay, hdd (in the caddy) in the ultrabay. 4. Yes, very straight forward.  Just get another 204 pin 4Gb 1600MHz.  Or yank out what you have now and get a single SODIMM of 8Gb 1600 and wait for DRAM prices to fall, they will, and get the other 1x, 2x, or 3x 8Gb for a total of 16 to 32Gb.  Then you can RamDrive with the overhead some for blazing i/o. 5. Hdmi if you need audio, if not DVI with dedicated audio is the best route. and 6.  Sell all your unused parts on ebay to fetch some meaningful cash for the upgrading.

W530 | 3840QM | 32g @ 1.35v CL9 1986z | 512g 840 Pro | 1t HGST 7200 | FHD AUO v.4 | Quadro K2k | GOBI 5k | Centrino 6300

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I have a Dell Dimension 8400

with 1 80GB SATA150 HD

if I am going to a RAID 0 setup

1. Do I need a 2nd HD of the exact same size and type?
2. Do I need purchase a RAID controller card or is that function already on the Dell mobo?
3. Any other suggestions?

Answer:Questions about RAID 0 setup. Need Help?!

Search Feature is your friend

Read these threads first :
Anyone explain RAID ?
Recommendations for RAID 0 Stripe Size
The latest Intel chipsets have RAID capable southbridges & the Dell Dimension 8400 page seems to confirm that you can indeed run a RAID HDD system. Do you have anything in the BIOS setup (either Del or F2 during the POST sequence) concerning RAID options ?

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Hi everyone...I have some probably dumb questions...but I have to try to ask anyway...

1. Do you think there is a period of kind of 'run in' that is natural for a newly installed system? I'm talking about after you have all your bios, services, OS, software, programs tweaks out of the there a period for a new PC build where it kind of settles in like a house? Is a fresh PC build prone to some glitches? The reason I ask is because my W7 build (about 2 weeks old) tonight failed to start and got a repair/ or start Windows normally message...just kind of out of the blue it was...I powered off, disconnected the HD cables, reconnected, and it booted up the next time

2. Is it a myth that installing the OS and software on an unpartitioned HD of around 1TB is foolish? I mean, would you be crazy to do that? Use a 1TB HD, unpartitioned for the OS...

3. SSD's...are they reliable right now? How glitchy are they? What are some respected work horses in the SSD field?

4. Can you partition a hard drive after you have installed the OS and all your software? I want to maybe try to partition this 1TB hard drive that has my OS and programs etc

Well...I thought I had more questions but I can't think of any more right now. I'm a bit rattled about my new build. Thinking about a reinstall onto an SSD and using my 2 1TB drives as backup


Answer:Questions about initial setup

1) Its not the PC that needs to settle, its the user. After all that installation and tweaking, it wouldnt be surprising to come across a bad/incomplete/incompatible install here or there or a driver conflict or a tweak gone wrong or a user error. When you start using the machine all these show up, then you iron them out one by one till everything's working harmoniously.

2) Having at least 2 partitions, one for the OS and programs and one for data makes sense. It lets you preserve your data if you need to reinstall the OS and keep the OS and programs on the fastest part of the hard drive. I'm talking about platter drives here. In any case you'll be wasting that one TB if only the OS and programs reside on it, most of us would be using just a 50gb-100gb partition for that.

3) Well SSDs are expensive, thats the only problem. Otherwise they are awesome, they're fast and boot quick. You want to improve your WEI score, get an SSD. Thats the single most worthwhile investment you can make apart from additional RAM, in terms of performance.

4) Ya, you can partition the hdd after installing the OS and programs, only thing is windows wont let you shrink the existing partition below a limit, so you'll still end up with a ridiculously large system drive. Solution is to use Partition Wizard (freeware utility) to shrink to size of your choice.

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Hello ladies and gentleman. This is a link to my otherthread which elaborates on the rest of my pieces but for the time being I'm having issues with my processor and RAM team.

I'm thinking about purchasing an AMD Opteron 148 for its price and OCability. However I'm also thinking about purchasing Corsair XMS 1GB Sticks (2 of them) DDR 400... By doing this, I'll be sacrificing a lot of mhz in relation to my RAM if I OC my CPU... I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations because the difference in price between a DDR 400 and 500 is $50, and I'm willing to pay the difference if DDR 500 is the only solution for optimability... otherwise I'd like to stick with DDR 400.

Also I'm wondering if there's a huge difference in the speed of the RAM in terms of mhz...

Also, my second concern is, I'm planning on buying a PSU without SLI support... Should I care about SLI support for the next 3-4 years?


Answer:PC Setup Questions and More... Any opinions welcome - plz.

I guess it all depends on how extreme you want to go with your overclock. A good pair of 400Mhz if it has nice low latency will OC just fine. But if you really want to take things to the limits, you can dish out the cash and get some DDR500.

But if you are an exteme overclocker (to the extent of getting high end ram) I am surprised at your choice of boards. The A8N-SLI deluxe/premium are good solid boards (I have the deluxe), but not the best for overclocking. For the money there are far better choices.

And as for SLI, IMO, it is only worth it if you are getting 2 high end video cards right from the beginning. It doesn't really make sense to me to get an SLI board with only one card with the plan of upgrading to two in the future. By the time you get around to the upgrade, it'll be cheaper to buy a higher end card that would outperform two of your current cards.

So as for your PSU question... unless you are going the SLI route right away, I don't see the need for the PSU to be SLI ready. Either way there are always adapters for things like this.

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I've started this as a separate thread following on from

as I had really piggy-backed someone else's thread, and I have a few other questions which are better addressed in a new thread.

I'd like a few issues cleared up which I only "sort of" know about so I can make sense of a few things:

1) I gather that if you have say 4 USB ports on your computer and that you have both USB 2.0 and 1.1 enabled on your computer, that all 4 ports can run either 2.0 or 1.1 - ie, it's not a case of 1 might be the USB 2.0 port and the others 1.1? I'm pretty sure on this one, but let's confirm anyway

2) In plugging a new device into a computer for the first time, exactly WHEN would a hardware conflict occur, if there is the potential for one to occur? What I mean is, normally when you plug in a new device, you get the "Found new hardware" message, followed by "Installing your new hardware" - so if the new device was going to cause a conflict, would it only do so once Windows attempts to install the hardware, or would it freeze as soon as you plug it in? I ask this because I get a freeze as soon as a USB 2.0 stick is plugged in.

3) This follows on from Q2, because I now wonder whether the freeze is being caused by a power/wiring issue. So the next question is:
Are the USB 2.0 and 1.1 controllers physically separate? I mean, on the other side (inside) of the port where ... Read more

Answer:USB 2.0 Hardware conflict questions

ozegirl said:

I've started this as a separate thread following on from

as I had really piggy-backed someone else's thread, and I have a few other questions which are better addressed in a new thread.

I'd like a few issues cleared up which I only "sort of" know about so I can make sense of a few things:

1) I gather that if you have say 4 USB ports on your computer and that you have both USB 2.0 and 1.1 enabled on your computer, that all 4 ports can run either 2.0 or 1.1 - ie, it's not a case of 1 might be the USB 2.0 port and the others 1.1? I'm pretty sure on this one, but let's confirm anywayClick to expand...

Actually, that's totally not true. USB 2.0 requires USB 2.0 hardware. If you have USB 1.1 hardware, then add USB 2.0 hardware, both will be enabled, but only the USB 2.0 hardware ports will support USB 2.0 speeds. If you have USB 2.0 hardware on the MB, then you can enable USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 and then the statement is true.
2) In plugging a new device into a computer for the first time, exactly WHEN would a hardware conflict occur, if there is the potential for one to occur? What I mean is, normally when you plug in a new device, you get the "Found new hardware" message, followed by "Installing your new hardware" - so if the new device was going to cause a conflict, would it only do so once Windows attempts to install the hardware, or... Read more

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Hellow, i'm thinking of building a pc myself. Now i'm searching on the internet for all the hardware. Sometimes the information says that the product is 'Sli-ready'. I know Sli technology is the technology from nVidia for dual graphic cards but i find the 'Sli-ready' thing also on power supplies, ram memory, motherboards, ...
Could anyone tell me what it is? I suppose it would be faster but my question is: does all my hardware need to have the 'Sli-ready' certification if i want to have some advantage of it?

Please help me
yes, I come from Belgium and my English is bad

Answer:Sli-ready hardware questions

SLI is basically two graphics cards working together to provide faster performance in 3D applications. (ie: Games). Note that two cards does not equal 2x performance. There will be an increase, but it won't double your framerates.

The only things that 'really' matter for SLI are the card(s) and the motherboard. SLI refers only to nVidia based systems. The video cards need to be designed for SLI, and have to be matched (ie: two 8800 gt cards) and a motherboard with an nVidia SLI chipset.

SLI-certified RAM is really a marketing ploy. There is no real advantage to getting 'SLI' certified RAM. Just get good quality RAM with fast timings, and you're fine.

The PSU's are a bit of a grey area. Naturally, two video cards put more strain on a PSU, but some of the brands I've seen 'certified' for SLI are a bit iffy. I'd be more inclined to get a high-quality PSU that's not SLI certified than a mediocre brand that bears the SLI label. My two cents.

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So I am running Vista at work now and we got a new piece of whiz-bang software that cost us lots of money and surprise, it doesn't support Vista and won't very soon
So, I decided to be clever and run it through the Microsoft Virtual PC. It works *yay* but now I am having an additional issue.

2 questions:

I use a 3DConnexion Space Navigator for this stuff and even with the drivers installed it won't recognize it. I'm not surprised since the virtual PC isn't directly connected to the device but is there a way to do this?


The other question is the MAC address for the virtual network connector. Where does it generate from? Is it linked to the address of the physical one? Is it a randomly generated series of characters? Is it something I could potentially change if I wanted?? (which is what I'm hoping....)

Any help on either of these guys? Thanks!

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Okay, I noticed on that AMD cut prices on their 64-bit line; the price on the 3800+ looks especially nice. This made me consider upgrading my system, but I have two questions: first, what are the popular/best motherboards for AMD 64 systems? Secondly, let's say I buy a Gig (2 x 512mb) of Kingston HyperX RAM for my system. If the motherboard had slots for 3+ sticks of ram (the first two of which would be taken up by the new RAM), would it be beneficial or harmful to put my old 512mb PC3200 Value-RAM in as well?

(I am somewhat behind on my hardware knowledge lately, as I must study for college rather than reading about hardware, so if I am making any great errors please let me know)

Answer:Easy hardware questions

If you stuck in the value ram it will make all of the ram run at the speed of the slowest stuff. I really dont think 1.5 gigs will be much of an improvement over a single gig and the performance hit wouldnt help either. The Asus A8N boards are very popular, mostly the Deluxe and SLI versions. There are others so just read the reviews on any that look good, newegg always has tons of customer reviews.

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Hi,Just found this site.I searched and searched google, but cant seem to get a simple straight forward answer to a couple of questions.the questions are:(1) How does bus speed relate to the system clock(2) Why do the buses on a motherboard operate at different speeds?Hope someone can explain this to me in simple terms ?cheersjason

Answer:Couple of hardware questions

Try Googling again, lots of info out there..

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I deleted the thread content, becuase I realized I may be breaking a contract agreement by publishing internal information on upcoming parts in the microchip industry. Sorry about that, but I asked a question about parts my company are makeing that have yet to reach the market, and I remembered that I had to sign a confidentiuality agreement a few years back, so that is why I deleted , to be on the safe side

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HELLO MajorGeeks! im a bit of a newbie when it comes to computers and i have a few questions :
can my motherboard support ddr2 video cards?
can i also add pci video cards not only agp? because i know my motherboard has 3 pci expansion slots ... what else can i add in the pci slots? and i also dont understand whats an amr card... because i read this in the manual :
Because the installed AMR card will occupy the same external connecting
position with the PCI card installed in ?PCI3? slot, you will not be able to
install any PCI card in ?PCI3? slot if an AMR card has already been
installed in the AMR slot.

and also... how do i know what kind is my current cpu cooler... because i want to install a pentium4 3.0 ghz processor and i'l need a cooler and i dont know if my current one that cools a celeron 1.8 will be good enough...

heres my motherboards manual (mine is the p4i45GV version) R5.0.pdf

heres what everest had to say:
Field Value
Motherboard Properties
Motherboard ID 62-P300-001368-00101111-040201-INTEL$I45G300_P4I45GV BIOS P3.00
Motherboard Name ASRock P4i45GV

Front Side Bus Properties
Bus Type Intel NetBurst
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 100 MHz (QDR)
Effective Clock 400 MHz
Bandwidth 3200 MB/s

Memory Bus Properties
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 133 MHz (DDR)
Effective Clock 267 MHz
Bandwidth 2133 MB/s

Chipset Bus Properties
Bus Type Intel Hub Interf... Read more

Answer:a few newbie hardware questions

can my motherboard support ddr2 video cards?Click to expand...


can i also add pci video cards not only agp?Click to expand...

Yes, but AGP is the better choice. So, go with AGP for your primary video card. If you need an additional card for a multiple monitor setup, then you could add a PCI video card, although that may not be necessary since many cards nowadays will support two monitors.

i also dont understand whats an amr card.Click to expand...

Most likely, you'll never need that slot. So you could have 3 PCI cards installed. Here's a little info:

also... how do i know what kind is my current cpu cooler... because i want to install a pentium4 3.0 ghz processor and i'l need a cooler and i dont know if my current one that cools a celeron 1.8 will be good enough...Click to expand...

Don't count on your current cooler being adequate for a pentium4 3.0 ghz processor. Take a look at coolers, i.e. heatsink/fan assemblies, and you should see the supported processors stated by the manufacturer.

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Hi guys, I'm interested in building a pc so I would like to know what certain parts do, or what different varieties of parts there're avaliable. Unfortunately, I've been searching for tutorials or articles for information above, but all I can find are reviews on the newest processor, or ram, but nothing about information a newbie like myself should know. Like, what do the different CAS for rams mean? Or what does a socket on a motherboard do or mean? What's bus speed? Just basic questions like that. So if anyone could give me some sites to let me gain some computer knowledge I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Answer:Computer Hardware Questions

Here's one worth looking at:

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Just found this site.

I searched and searched google, but cant seem to get a simple straight forward answer to a couple of questions.

the questions are:

(1) How does bus speed relate to the system clock

(2) Why do the buses on a motherboard operate at different speeds?

Hope someone can explain this to me in simple terms ?



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Im planning on getting some upgrades:

Athlon 64 3000 -

512 x 2 Ram -

Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro -

Motherboard -

Just wanted to ask if these are all compatible with each other.
I was also wondering if they give a good 'bang per buck' or if there is something better in terms of performance per dollar. I'm also on a slight budget, around 300-400.

I mostly use my computer for games but I'm looking for something that will last me a 3-4 years in the future.

Any comments would be great
Thanks !

Answer:Hardware Upgrade Questions

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I've upgraded all of my computers to Windows 7. Including my wife and children's older computer. I build all of my desktops myself so there's no particular model number or brand name for any of the desktop computers. After loading Win7 on my wife's machine I noticed that Win7 still seemed a bit sluggish. This is due to the fact that all of the hardware in it is pretty old.

So here are my questions. Is Microsoft going to give me a hard time for upgrading this computer after only a month of 7 use? Or am I going to be able to upgrade motherboard, cpu, graphics and memory with no trouble?

I should add that Win7 was installed using an Upgrade DVD if that helps.

Answer:Hardware Upgrade Questions

Quote: Originally Posted by mechman

I've upgraded all of my computers to Windows 7. Including my wife and children's older computer. I build all of my desktops myself so there's no particular model number or brand name for any of the desktop computers. After loading Win7 on my wife's machine I noticed that Win7 still seemed a bit sluggish. This is due to the fact that all of the hardware in it is pretty old.

So here are my questions. Is Microsoft going to give me a hard time for upgrading this computer after only a month of 7 use? Or am I going to be able to upgrade motherboard, cpu, graphics and memory with no trouble?

Good question. Do your upgrade. When you want to install 7, and at the point that your key is requested, just ignore and continue with the installation. When you are done, try it, be sure your are satisifed. Then install your programs. Try again, be sure you are satisifed. Then supply your key. If it is accepted you are done, just enjoy. If it is not accepted you will be given a number to call. If touch tone installation, using the phone, fails, a person will speak to you. Explain the situation and you will be set to go and enjoy.

follow the instructions and the upgrade v full retail should not be a problem.

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I'm running a 12 year old Dell Dimension 8250, Pentium 4 2.4 GHz with the Ram Maxed out 1.5 Gb running XP SP 3. The display adapter is an NVIDIA GeForce MX 420 with 64 M I believe. I can't find a way to verify 64 or 128 but think it is 64.
In task manager I see 55 Processes running while I type this with the applications MS Outlook, Control Panel, Google Chrome-Major Geeks Support Forum and Device Manager running. With this I have CPU usage jumping between 40 and 60%. PF Usage is at 1.14 GB.
I don't do games but do watch documentaries and You Tube. This drives CPU Usage to 100% and is basically a waste of time. It has not always been this way and I'm not having much luck finding the problem. I've removed/reistalled Browsers and double checked Adobe Flash versions.
I thought I'd post and see if anyone had a suggestion other than spend $800.00 which I do believe to be a valid recommendation.
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Hardware/Video questions

A 12-year old computer from any maker is a very long run. But software and computing tasks today take a lot more resources than computers from that day - sadly much because of badguys who have forced us arm our systems with very resource intensive security apps. This means - especially when starting with just 1.5Gb of RAM.

Have you scanned for malware? With what?

see if anyone had a suggestion other than spend $800.00 which I do believe to be a valid recommendation.Click to expand...

With "End of Life" for XP looming around the corner (April 8th) buying a modern computer with a modern operating system is my best recommendation. XP will not suddenly stop working, but there will be no more security updates from Microsoft after that date. And there are reports in security circles that badguys have already developed malware to exploit vulnerabilities that have not been discovered by the goodguys and that there will be an onslaught of malware released shortly after that date.

Also, several of the major anti-malware software providers have announced they will cease XP support too shortly after MS stops.

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I want to hook up wireless in my house, what hardware do i need to buy and do i need a isp or just the hardware???

Answer:questions about wireless hardware?

Depends on what it is you want the computers to be able to do. Most of the hardware is the same though, so here's a basic list:

1 Wireless router
1 Wireless card/adapter for each computer you want to connect

If you want to have wireless internet, then you need Broadband service from your internet provider. (DSL, Cable, etc.)

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I don't need aero or fancy junk all I really want is the os.
My questions concern hardware mostly. For example when I bought my Compaq latop it
had XP media edition which didn't support native command queing.
I wiped the drive installed XP Pro and now have NCQ. Is home basic and premium the same as home xp
was to pro xp? Do I have to get Business or Ultimate to get full hardware capabilities?

The hardware I will be using is e4300 OC to 2.4
2 gigs DDR2 533
seagate 320 gig
nec DVD Burner
8600GTS VC
Antec true 480 PSU

Answer:vista hardware questions

zalazin said:

to get full hardware capabilities?Click to expand...

Can you explain that better? What are you looking to do specifically?

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Ok first off, I need a new video card for my computer, it's a dell dimension 4100 -1 GHz. I was thinking of the Geforce4 MX440 64MB. I was wondering if that would be a good upgrade for my computer? Also, I've been pricing that card on price watch, and was wondering which companies make a good card, or are they all pretty much the same? Also what price range should I be looking at? For example a Jaton Geforce4 sells for $35, is that a good deal or is it a piece of crap? I'm planning on building a new computer at the end of the summer, I basically need the video card to play EVE this summer

Answer:Couple of hardware questions

Thats a good deal, but in your case I would spend just less the 50 bucks more and get the ATI Radeon 9500 128meg card. I think the main companies you would want to buy from would be ATI and probably NVIDIA. (not promoting ATI because I work for them). hehe

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hi there ,,,,

I got few questions concerning hardware terminology , some new terms has evolved nowadays...which i'd like someone to explain them for me ....

1) Is there any difference between P4 & Northwood processors ?

I used to knew that both r the same , but i saw on gigabyte website that a certain mobo supports P4 and doesnt support Northwood they must be different

2) Whats the Hyper-threading technology ?

There are now both processors and mobo that supports hyper-threading tec. ..... SO >>> What does it mean that a processor (or a mobo) has Hyper-threading tec. wats the advantage ?

3)If anyone in the USA , wats the average price for the following :

a- 3.00 Ghz P4 processor ,FBS 800 , with HT technology.

b- A new mobo. supporting the previous processor , ex: Gigabyte GA-8PENXP

c- 256 Dual DDR chip .

Thanks for ur time...

Answer:Simple questions about hardware...

I believe Northwood is the code-name for the newest P4 (there have been several revisions). Hyper-threading technology allows the OS to treat the processor as two processors (if the OS supports it). Basically, you can assign programs/processes to each "processor" - the software must also support Hyper-threading. To check prices in the US, go to

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