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802.1X on tomato/DD-WRT firmware

Question: 802.1X on tomato/DD-WRT firmware

I have a WRT54G with the tomato firmware and i don't see anything about 802.1x and DD-WRT says it supports it but i can't find anything about it, i am looking to setup a 802.1x network for my wireless network here in my house, does anyone know a cheap router that supports this?

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Preferred Solution: 802.1X on tomato/DD-WRT firmware

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: 802.1X on tomato/DD-WRT firmware

You might need OpenWRT for this, though there may be DD-WRT builds including these kinds of tools.

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Hello, I have a router called Belkin F5D7633au4A. My question is very simple, though i could not find any information on the subject. Tomato is not supported on this model - so my only option would be to buy a new router.

This belkin router i have currently cost $200. Question one, specs in the router, Could i buy a $50 router, install tomato firmware - and then it would function better than the Belkin? Is it really the firmware that is the main thing people look for when it comes to routers? I don't know anything about them therefore i don't know, but I don't know if the specs are the things i should be looking out for. Tomato comes with a signal booster, so that should be a huge improvement.

Here is a link of tomato. LIFEHACKER DOT COM/344765/turn-your-60-router-into-a-user+friendly-super+router-with-tomato

Yes, the firmware is MUCH better than my routers firmware, for one my router doesnt have QoS. If i got the cheap router from the guide there, would it actually function better though the specs may be worse?

Thanks for your time to read this and I would also like to thank you for any answers in advance.


Answer:Tomato firmware or..

So what is the problem with only using the proper Belkin firmware upgrade for this expensive router?

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Tomato v1.08 was released yesterday, quickly followed by v1.09 to fix a bug.

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I'm running a Buffalo WHR-HP-54G with Tomato v1.19. If I purchase some addition Linksys WRT54GL routers and load the same version of Tomato on them, can the three routers be configured and used in WDS mode?

Thanks. Sorry for the n00b question

Answer:Tomato Firmware - Some Questions

yes u can bridge them.

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I have got and set a Linksys E1200v2 router with the latest Tomato (Shibby) v1.28 firmware and everything seems to work fine. My goal now is to get the maximum possible performance, stability and security from the router. Along with establishing an OpenVPN service on it - but I?ll get to that after I get to know the firmware better.

The folks at the Tomato forums aren?t particularly helpful so I?m asking you guys since most of the questions would apply to the routers in general. I have found and thoroughly read the Tomato Firmware Menu Reference which explained a lot of things and I?ve googled the remaining ones but I still have some questions (partially) unexplained so I am addressing you all in hope that you can help me.
WAN / Internet:
- MTU - When (in what case) should the MTU be changed? Can I benefit (in a usual home environment) by increasing or decreasing the MTU?

- Route Modem IP - Does that simply mean that the router's WAN IP address will be modem's LAN IP (eg. instead of the IP address that the ISP provided (meaning modem's WAN)? Or is it something else?

- Bridge, br0, STP - What is being bridged, what does br0 stand for? I don?t think I?m bridging anything on the router. Is STP the function that prevents the network from crumbling down in case of someone connecting an UTP cable in two switch ports and thus creating a loop? I don't think that's likely to happen at home, so should I enable or disable it (to get maximum performanc... Read more

Answer:Router - Tomato firmware

Anyone, please? If you'd only answer a couple of my questions or even just one I'd really appreciate it!

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I recently updated my WRT54G router with the latest tomatoe firmware. It's been working awesome for the last few days and now for whatever reason I cannot access the internet. I erased the saved memory, did a hard reset of the router, still no luck.

Answer:Tomato Firmware, Internet

Can you access the router over your LAN?
Have you done a reset on both your modem and your router? (press then release the "reset" button on the back of each device)

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I have got and set a Linksys E1200v2 router with the latest Tomato (Shibby) v1.28 firmware and everything seems to work fine. My goal now is to get the maximum possible performance, stability and security from the router. Along with establishing an OpenVPN service on it - but I?ll get to that after I get to know the firmware better.

The folks at the Tomato forums aren?t particularly helpful so I?m asking you guys since most of the questions would apply to the routers in general. I have found and thoroughly read the Tomato Firmware Menu Reference which explained a lot of things and I?ve googled the remaining ones but I still have some questions (partially) unexplained so I am addressing you all in hope that you can help me.
WAN / Internet:
- MTU - When (in what case) should the MTU be changed? Can I benefit (in a usual home environment) by increasing or decreasing the MTU?

- Route Modem IP - Does that simply mean that the router's WAN IP address will be modem's LAN IP (eg. instead of the IP address that the ISP provided (meaning modem's WAN)? Or is it something else?

- Bridge, br0, STP - What is being bridged, what does br0 stand for? I don?t think I?m bridging anything on the router. Is STP the function that prevents the network from crumbling down in case of someone connecting an UTP cable in two switch ports and thus creating a loop? I don't think that's likely to happen at home, so should I enable or disable it (to get maximum performance)?
... Read more

Answer:Router - Tomato firmware

Anyone, please? If you'd only answer a couple of my questions or even just one I'd really appreciate it!

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This is a real stupid question, however I'm currently using WRT54G v2.2. Which firmware do I download?

Tomato_1_28.7z (3MB / SHA1: 832e9cd5d6437eeb758e898d8c22834578f0cb36)
OR (16MB / SHA1: 5bd25717048abb6b58d316f622bfd79434fe6451)

Answer:Tomato Firmware Question

There are the same just compressed differently. Zip is always the safe choice on windows.

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I am running the latest tomato firmware on a WRT54GL. Currently, a transfer between two desktops on the LAN ports tops at around 10M/ do i make this xfer happen at 100M/s. I was not able to find a good answer via Google search.

Answer:Tomato firmware and interface speed

If you mean that your transfers are going at 10mb/s, then everything is normal as that comes out to be ~100mbit.

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I have an asus RT-AC3200 router that I want to flash with the tomato firmware to enable more features. I have to pick the right one of course so that I don't ruin the router. But, it is kinda of confusing when you go to shibby's website. The main download page tells you that you need K26ARM7 for this router:

Tomato by Shibby Tomato Firmware

However, when you open the link, you see multiple folders for this firmware each with several files to download. I can see a 132 folder and a 136 folder...etc. Now, which one should I download??? Some firmware files names have AIO in them which I suspects means ALL in ONE ? And some others have VPN !!

index powered by h5ai 0.26.1 (

Anyways, I actually downloaded this one : from the 132 folder because I saw it done in another website and entered the router page and tried flashing it with it. The process finished successfully, however when I rebooted the router I was never able to connect to it. I was afraid I ruined it, but luckily I was able to restore it back to the original firmware using asus rescue mode. It worked after that.

Now, I want to try it again. WHICH firmware should I choose? Did I pick a wrong one? Should I use a special way to do the upgrade other than just browsing for the firmware file in the router setup page and hit upload? Maybe all firmware files in there work but some come with more features? Anything else to pay attention to when d... Read more

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I'm wondering what this is....Vlan, running off an Ip from cisco? Its under device list and its the only VLAN listed item.
I've never seen this connection, wireless is disabled...What is this?! I've recently jumped to Tomato Firmware and i'm worried about a security hole that I didn't patch. Its listed as VLAN I have no experience with this hence why i've come to the best.


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I am needing some help setting up Tomato firmware that is on my router for QoS. I have tried several ways of finding a way to throttle my connection when utilizing SABnzbd+ to no avail.

I am not quite sure how to set up rules for the firmware for nntp traffic. Watching Netflix and Ooma traffic take precedence for my connection. I reckon I could filter by IP address and give my Linux rig the lowest priority.

Can someone give me some pointers for tpossibly setting up QoS properly with Tomato?

Answer:Tomato Firmware QoS for nntp traffic

They are port based, so all you would have to do is lower the priority for port 119 going to that machine and make everything else higher priority (assuming you are not using port 563 for encrypted usenet).

I could type it all out for you, but there's already a wiki that provides way better instructions -

There is some router overhead for running QoS, so you might want to look at other options on the linux box if they are available.

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I was just wondering how this stacks up against a modern router? Safety-wise that is. Leak Test get through my router firewall. Is there a test for inbound traffic?

Answer:Is a wrt54g with Tomato firmware a good firewall?

Sorry, i can not find any reference to the model No. you posted, can you post a link to the router, or alteast supply a brand name?

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Hello everyone!
My problem is that after installing Tomato v1.25 on my WR850G, I get no wireless signal whatsoever from the router. Could someone please walk me through the correct way to set this up?


Answer:Tomato Firmware on WR850G (No wireless signal)

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Hello! I've been using tomato firmware on my WR850G for a while now, but one thing bugs me. Whenever I turn on my computer, the LAN connection seems "groggy"- for example, it will take quite a while just to load Gmail. However, after a minute or so, it's all good and I'm browsing as fast as ever. Could anyone please help me with this?

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Hi I'm having some problems trying to install my new router and modem after my 2wire burned out on me. I just bought a new TP Link T-8610 modem and a linksys wrt54g.

First problem is , they both have the same gateway/ default IP , so i keep getting these IP conflict messages, sometimes it connects to the internet sometimes it doesnt.
I would like to have the IPs sorted so i can can access both my router and my modem web-config .

Second problem is , I tried to flash my linksys with the 1.19 Tomato firmware but it keeps telling me that "Upgrade are Failed"...

Not really sure why, I just try to upload the .bin file and it doesnt work .

Any help will be appreciated, Thanks a lot

Answer:Solved: 2 Problems - IP conflict & Tomato Firmware

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I'm a nOOb with hardware firewall stuff...I've always just installed ZA or Comodo and was done with it...I'm trying to minimize the amount of security software installed and am curious how to "maximize" my hardware protection...I have a Buffalo WHR-G54S router with Tomato 1.18 firmware installed...does this cover me as far as NAT goes or are there settings I need to change? Or is what people refer to as a "hardware firewall" a completely different piece of equipment?

Answer:Buffalo WHR-G54S + Tomato firmware = hardware firewall?

Essentially all that a traditional 'consumer class' router provides by way of a 'firewall' is NAT and SPI. NAT provides a large degree of security (though you're certainly not immune to spoofed packets), and SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) eliminates malformed packets that can be used to exploit access to network/computers (also built into Windows SP2 Firewall).

A 'real' firewall serves to provide a very granular means to restricting both inbound *and* outbound traffic. As most consumers aren't looking to limit outbound connections, it isn't typically found in most hardware. There are some higher end routers that feature elements of UTM (Unified Threat Management) that actually screen out malware/viruses as they come through the router, and serve to significantly (but not entirely) reduce the need for client-side filtering. They also typically have a yearly subscription attached to them.

I could go on, but does that answer your question?

Edit: Your Tomato firmware does provide NAT coverage unless you modified the defaults.

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I currently have a Linksys WRT54GL router version 1.1 with Tomato-mlppp_v125-mp3alpha6, but I would like to reflash it to a more updated Tomato firmware.

I see that there are Tomato several mods by Shibby and polarcloud. Can someone recommend a good Tomato firmware for my router?

Please note that I think this model has (16MB RAM, 4MB flash), so the firmware must be able to fit in 4mb of flash.

I just don't know which of Shibby's builds that will work properly without bricking my router as there seems to be an issue getting the correct firmware that will fit in the small 4MB flash of the WRT54GL router ver 1.1


I found Shibby's firmware version tomato-ND-1.28.5x-117-VPN.trx and I reflashed my router with this. The flash stated it was successful, so I'm going to give this a try and see what happens.

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i upgraded my linksys firmware to the latest tomato firmware and am unable to access the GUI, keeps saying wrong password. the readme says to reset the router and use the username\password admin but it still will not let me in. the router works fine but i want to be able to access the router. any help would be appreciated. thank you

Answer:help! flashed my linksys router with latest tomato firmware and unable to access it

Hard reset the router with the reset button. When that's done, make sure the factory defaulted firmware is now in place. Make sure you can now access it with default credentials.

After that flash it again, and make sure your caps lock isn't on.

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My ISP, Telus, provides me with an Actiontec modem. I want to use my Linksys WRT54GL with the Tomato firmware in WDS/Repeater mode. I can't seem to be able to configure the Linksys router to repeat the signal of the Actiontec modem.

I followed this guide:

Yet, it's not working because it doesn't mention anything about entering the credentials of the main network. The Actiontec modem is configured with WPA/WPA2 with a username and password. The guide doesn't mention anything about entering that information nor does there seem to be a way to enter that information in the Tomato firmware. I figure that it cannot repeat the signal if I can't even do that. Also, how do I obtain the MAC address for the Actiontek modem?

For those that are using the Actiontec modem, how do I know which kind of security mode it's using? Under security in the modem, it lumps WPA and WPA2 into one option. I can't pick either one, but this option, which lumps it together. I will need to know because Tomato doesn't lump them together like what the Actiontec modem does.

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I have an old Linksys WRT-54G that I thought might be getting a bit long in the tooth. There was a recent sale on the new D-Link DIR-657 which is a full featured current gen model, that supports wireless N, support QOS automatically for game and video packets, and supports USB print server and file sharing function. I decided to upgrade for the cheap price of $20 on at the recent onesaleaday listing.

I expected to get a bit of an improvement in connection speed - after all that old Linksys router is about a decade old. I've not really spent time on wireless yet to compare at all, but for wired there is no change to speak of. I was surprised, because I figured that old v2 WRT-54G 200mhz processor might have been holding me back. It apparently was not.

I ran eight simple speed tests with each router pretty immediately after swapping them out. I ran four cities twice on the tests. ( Here are the results.

WRT54G - 13.54 and 16.58 down and 1.04 and 1.08 up
DIR-657 - 11.71 and 17.60 down and 1.07 and 1.08 up

WRT54G - 8.51 and 8.72 down and 1.07 and 1.07 up
DIR-657 - 5.98 and 8.75 down and 1.07 and 1.07 up

WRT54G - 6.46 and 5.05 down and 1.01 and 1.06 up
DIR-657 - 5.03 and 6.40 down and 1.06 and 1.06 up

New York
WRT54G - 15.30 and 16.77 down and 1.07 and 1.06 up
DIR-657 - 20.20 and 15.73 down and 1.07 and 1.05 up

Hopefully this helps someone else in their decision on whether to upgrade the... Read more

Answer:Linksys WRT54G v2 w/ Tomato firmware vs D-Link HD Media Router 1000 DIR-657 speedtest

I loved mine but it didn't quite handle the 150mbps fios package all that well....

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Exploration of XML Namespaces

System Requirements

Excel 97 or higher

Operating System - Windows 95 & 98, NT 4.0 & 2000, Windows Me, Win XP



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I currently run pfSense and the QoS does fine but I want a nicer interface with the awesome pie charts and such that Tomato gives, but I am not even slightly willing to go back to a router that will actually run Tomato. Anything out there?

I think I will be running Untangle once again as well soon. pfSense or something else for T/P and Untangle for filtering and other stuff.

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I am trying to coble together two non-working Zen Xtras into a working one. I receive a message: "Firmware Problem," and am instructed to reload the firmware. When I attempt to do so, the firware does not recognize the device although the device shows up in My Computer as a Zen Xtra. I have reloaded the drivers. When I attempt to reinstall the firmware, it states that it cannot detect the device and please connect it now. How do I resolve this lack of recognition?

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Question: DD-WRT or Tomato

What is the difference between these 2 firmwares for a WRT54G?

Answer:DD-WRT or Tomato

A ton.

Go read the feature list between them. dd-wrt has more features. Tomato less, but some say more stable (not in my experience though).

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Question: Tomato vs DD-WRT

i was wondering if anyone had experience with Tomato firmware on their routers. i know that DD-WRT is pretty popular, but i couldn't really get it to work well on my buffalo wrt-hp-g54, and have just installed Tomato, which seems to be working pretty well, so far. anybody else have opinions on the two?

Answer:Tomato vs DD-WRT

dd-wrt works on buffalo's, thats what i like to use.

i loaded up tomato on a spare router, but never really got around to looking at it, dd-wrt has everything i'd need

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Question: DD-WRT or Tomato?

I haven't tried DD-WRT but is it ok to be switching back and forth between OS's? How many flashes can a LinksysWRT54GSv4 take? Has anyone tried both? Which is better?

Answer:DD-WRT or Tomato?

Yes you can flash back 'n forth. Naturally there's always a chance you might brick the router when flashing firmware....stock or 3rd party. But properly and carefully done....usually it's fine.

I found tomato a little ligther and quicker, DD-WRT has some more features you may or may not use.

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Question: Tomato Help

I'm using Tomato firmware on a Linksys WRT54GL router. With the Bandwidth Monitor I can see the realtime chart as well as the 24 hour chart, but nothing ever shows up under Daily, Weekly and Monthly category. Does anyone know how to make it work?

Answer:Tomato Help

I remember reading about a bug with DHCP causing charts to show up blank years ago... wonder if it's that.

Could try flipping DHCP off/on and see if it the charts populate.

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Question: Tomato or DD-WRT?

It's been about 3 months since the question was last asked.. and more people here seem to favor DD-WRT over Tomato.

However, i've been reading up a little bit on both and some people seem to say tomato is more "responsive and quicker" whereas DD-WRT may offer more features but those can either come at a price or the regular user wont need them anyway.

Has any of this changed? those comments I found were pretty dated.

To note, I have a brand new Linksys WRT54GL, going to be used in my small network between 1 desktop, 2 laptops, xbox 360, wii. I am looking for a fast firmware, that is stable and will allow me to monitor the bandwidth (I have comcast )

Answer:Tomato or DD-WRT?

I found Tomato to be a bit snappier. I compared against standard DD-WRT though, not the mini. I think the graphing was equal in both though, basically just a built in mrtg.

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Question: Tomato!

Hey guys,

I'm trying to install Tomato on my Linksys WRT54GS, and every time I try, it instantly says "Upgrade Failed" the bars start to move, then about 3/4 says failed again.

Am I using the right file?? I've tried each one....and same issue :/



Which version of the router do you have? It should have the version number on the bottom. Later versions of that router were nerfed and require alternate ways to install 3rd party firmware.

See here:

And here:

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Is it possible to replace a routers firmware w/ something other than the original firmware to update from wep encryption to wpa encryption and all the other features that these new routers have? If so is this hard to do and is there a big risk or really screwing things up?

Answer:Replacing router Firmware w/ third party Firmware?

nope its easy, and as long as your smart and follow the few basic guildlines very unlikely chance of damaging the router. Biggest suggestion is never do the update via wireless as if you loss signal or what not could loose a bit of data for the router update.

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I might have a strange set up but I want to set up a basic VPN so when I access public wifi I won't be as paranoid and I'm just a bit curious about this.

Modem ------ Basic tomato router [.0.1] ----- Tomato with USB + VPN server [.0.101]
I followed this guide and although I would prefer to install it on my main router, my secondary one has optware installed and functional but I mostly just use it as my print server.

Would it be a simple task to change the options in that guide so I can configure my main router to allow me to connect to that router?

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Question: Tomato for RT-N66u

Where can I find the correct and most current version of Tomato firmware for Asus rt-N66u. I am going to be installing the device in a friends house. I am a DDWRT kina guy but the last I heard the firmware is buggy for this model and Tomato is really stable. Thanks!

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I installed tomato on my wrt54g a while ago and set it up as a bridge / disabled dhcp etc.

It was working fine, but now I need to change some settings and I plugged my laptop into one of the ports on the "Switch" in the back and realized I dont have an IP to connect to...

How can I connect to the tomato administrator?

Answer:How to log into a tomato bridge?

you can use NMAP to do a sweep..
but its easiest to just bring it offline... and default it... (reset)
also try the defaults... tomato is

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OK so I formatted my computers. I also had to move my router, since the only way my basement computer can get internet is through a router serving as either a Wireless Ethernet Bridge or Wireless Client.

I have Tomato firmware on a WRT54G v1.0. It was working fine as a WEB until I unplugged it, brought it upstairs and tried to make it work again. If I place the router in WEB, I connect fine to my home network, but I can't get to the internet. Windows 7 blames the gateway for having a "broken" connection to the internet despite the fact that I'm using said "broken" gateway to lodge this message.

I'm behind an AT&T U-Verse 3800HGV-B. There is no DMZPlus on any computer behind my router.

If I use "Wireless Client" mode then I can get internet, but it just makes life difficult when I really want Wireless Ethernet Bridge (transparent router). I've tried setting the router's IP (in WEB) to something inside the DHCP pool for the gateway, and something outside. In both cases, I get solid network connectivity for clients behind the router but no internet.

The tutorial I used was here:

I've tried resetting the router several times (to "stock"). This changes nothing, I either get full internet with Wireless Client or no internet at all with Wireless Ethernet Bridge.

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Question: Tomato Motherboard

I have obtained a tomato motherboard and according to the source it is suitable for Use with PII/PIII/Celeron CPUS but they do not say up to what speeds does anyone know more about these motherboards.

Answer:Tomato Motherboard

You will need to find the model number of the mobo - it should be on it somewhere, possibly on a sticker.

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Question: Tomato Motherboard

I have recently replaced my old motherboard a Tomato motherboard. I do know where to connect the 9 pin "d" connector ,for my mouse, on my case to. The only likely connectors on the motherboard are labeled COM1 and COM2, but my mouse does not respond in windows. Any help out there?

Answer:Tomato Motherboard

Have you tried another mouse? Sometimes from one motherboard to another, especially if it's an older mouse, just won't work (I've got two of them, work fine on one machine, isn't gonna happen on the other one).
P.S. BTW, also check in your bios when the computer starts to make sure you have the com ports enabled.

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need a new router...

considering tomato and a WRT54g or w/e i need.

or a DIR-655 with its stock firmware... i like the dLink since a friend has it and it has every option i would ever want, except the bandwith usage charts...

i read lots of awesome reviews for tomato, except sometimes people run into issues and such... and i just want it to work generally. but tomato really interests me.

Answer:tomato vs. Dlink DIR-655

buffalo hp-g54 + tomato

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I have a E4200 router and I struggle to stream video to the top floor of my house.
I know tomato can help reach the routers potential.
So I figured Id try this tomato I keep hearing about....and then I see there are a dozen types of tomato.

Any advice on where to start?

Answer:Where to start with Tomato

Check compatibility to your router for what version to use otherwise you might toast the router!

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I'm thinking of selling my D-Link DGL-4300 and getting something that gives me more customization, what's the best router for DD-WRT or Tomato?

Answer:Best router for DD-WRT or Tomato?

Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 is a good choice, but it's hard to come by.

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I use a Linksys WRT modem with Tomato firmware. I have the radio turned off. I use it as a hardwired ethernet router.

I'm wondering if the Tomato firewall is enough? I'm confused because I read that the security is greatly increased with Tomato, yet there's not much to the firewall. Just a couple of check boxes.

I understand that hardware firewalls are best. Does the Tomato firewall qualify as such?

Assuming the Tomato firewall was enough - I have not been using any software firewalls, just the built in ones in Windows 7 and XP.



Answer:Is Tomato Firewall Enough?

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Well here's me problem. I have 2 switchs that I'd like to use to expand the number of computer hooked up to the internet. One is an older (large case) Netgear FS105 that has a button for uplink/normal operation. The other switch is a brand new Netgear GS605 gigabit.
My WRT-54G has the latest tomato firmware on it and with deviced plugged directly into the back, no problems. Trouble comes when I try and hook up a switch, then a computer. I haven't tried hooking up a different computer (just mine) so that's something I'll try but for the life of me I can't get anything to work. Sometimes the network icon in the systray says acquiring address, but no packets are sent or received! Sometimes the icon jump on and off saying network cable unplugged, not, is, not, is, like a freaking blinking LED.
The router has the default DHCP server enabled and I've tried setting my computer to auto and static IP. Nothing works and if I unplug the switch and try and plug the computer directly into the router like it was, nothing works, required a reboot. The motherboard is an ASUS P5B-E with the Alltansic gigabit, no strange protocols, not even QOS is enabled on the computer!
Very frustrated and pulling my hair out with this one. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:WRT-54G, tomato, and switchs don't play

Do you get a linklight on the Linksys and switch when you uplink them?
You're uplinking using one of the LAN ports of your Linksys router, correct?
Since one of the switches is gigabit..and auto-mdi/mdi-x is part of gigabit standard..we don't have to worry about "uplink" or "crossover"'s all automatic.

One thing that's state your PC sometimes flashes the "disconnected" symbol...I'm guessing you mean the red X? If so...the issue isn't your router at all..but the connection between your PCs NIC and the switch itself. Do you have another PC/laptop you can try?

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I have a buffalo router running tomato firmware, and I have a 250 GB folder on my D drive and I have tomato's CIFS Share enabled and pointing to the shared folder.

I would like to be able to access this share remotely, so I can pull up all my files while on the road if needed.

I have a dyndns account setup so I can always point to my ip addy at home while on the go...

is there some easy way of doing this? seeing that the router now has access to that share?

Answer:Tomato w/ CIFS Share

Trikzy said:

I have a buffalo router running tomato firmware, and I have a 250 GB folder on my D drive and I have tomato's CIFS Share enabled and pointing to the shared folder.

I would like to be able to access this share remotely, so I can pull up all my files while on the road if needed.

I have a dyndns account setup so I can always point to my ip addy at home while on the go...

is there some easy way of doing this? seeing that the router now has access to that share?Click to expand...

cifs gives the router access to the drive. not sure how you'd further be able to use that.

ddwrt gives you a pptp server. if you used that, you'd be able to access the drive remotely.

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I'm using the newest tomato firmware on my Asus RT-N16 router. I cannot seem to get my speeds to gigabit however. I know for a fact that the router is a gigabit router, I have the newest driver for my gigabit network card, and all cabling is at least cat5e.

I used to use DD-WRT on my old router and I'm more familiar with that, but I started using Tomato on my asus and like it much more. However, I cannot find anywhere to change the LAN speed from 100mb to 1000mb, or any options regarding link speeds. I'm pretty sure this is a problem with the settings, since all hardware is gigabit capable.

If anyone has a good bit of knowledge in Tomato firmware, I'd appreciate the help.
edit: SOLVED

Answer:Can't get gigabit speeds (tomato)

Nevermind, one of my cables actually was older.

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Hi there. I'm a student on a shared network with housemates. I own the WRT 54Gl which served faithfully in blocking Limewire and other P2P downloads so that everyone can use the net for study purposes. However recently Limewire 5 has started to wreak havoc on the network and i am unable to block it using the usual Layer 7 block on Tomato firmware. Any help would be appreciated.

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I just installed tomato on my Linksys WRT54G version 2 router and wow, it's an impressive package. I've been playing with the QOS setttings and like what I see. I am now able to game in Xbox Live while downloading full files from steam or IE with seemingly no lag on my Xbox live multiplayer game. The next thing I'd like to do is have video streaming not lag out the playback when I'm downloading something. What QOS settings do you guys use? I like watching things at, but since there isn't a whole lot of upload involved in video playback it seems that prioritizing packets using QOS is less effective.

What do you recommend?

Answer:Share your tomato QOS details!


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After I moved all of the stuff from my old house, I brought my old XP computer and put in my room. My Vista is in the living room. I wanted to connect the XP computer to the Internet but I have DSL so I cant connect it directly. I borrowed a Linksys WRT54G ver. 6 from my friend and I was wondering if I could find a way to use Tomato on it. Thanks in advance for all the help

Answer:Tomato on Linksys WRT54G ver. 6

With all due respect, WTF is Tomato?


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I have a WRT54G v8 that I've had for years that I am using as a WAP for my home. It's fairly stable as it is with the signal strength pretty strong throughout the house. I have to restart it occasionally but it's pretty stable for the most part.

Would I see any improvements if I load DD-WRT or Tomato onto it and configured it back to a WAP? I have never flashed the firmware on a router before but from my understanding it's pretty easy. I also don't care if the thing bricks as it's very old and it would just encourage me to upgrade.

Thanks for the input!

If it means anything, I only have a few devices using the signal. A smartphone and a few laptops is all.

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I have my house wired with CAT-5e. I have my wireless router (Linksys WRT54G w/ Tomato) on the bottom floor at one end of the house. It does manage to cover the entire house, but I would like to use a second identical router I have to provide better coverage. Using WDS is one option, but it takes the wireless and acts as a repeater which halves the bandwidth. I am wondering if there is a way to "daisy-chain" the second router to the first router using the wired WAN/LAN, just on the opposite end of the house. Is it possible to have it act in such a way that the two routers are transparent...that when I look for a wireless network, I would only see one option although it is sent from two routers? I am currently running Tomato, but am willing to go to DD-WRT (or any other option) if Tomato cannot do this. Thanks!

Answer:Wired Wi-Fi Extender (Tomato/DD-WRT)

Just set the second router up with the same SSID but on a different channel. Disable routing/DHCP/etc on the second one, connect the cable from the first router to a lan port on the second and give each it's own IP address but point the second's gateway to the first router. google for guides onsetting up wifi roaming for more details.

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Been trying to get this setup working for a while now. I think I'm just doing it wrong, but then again maybe not.

First question: Can Tomato handle passing VLANs upstream (assume I'm using Tomato as a switch rather than a router).
Second question: How?

My current setup:
Tomato'd WNR3500L with 2 WLANs -> Dell 2716 -> pfSense

For whatever reason when I try to tag the virtual WLAN and do all the corresponding changes upstream I can no longer pull an IP on it. I'm not sure if I'm missing something on the Tomato side, the pfSense side, on the switch itself or if it just can't be done.

Hopefully this isn't too vague a question.

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Has anyone tried this? I've got a Linksys WRT54GL with Tomato firmware and an old FON router running DD-WRT.

I'm trying to increase the range of my wireless network and since I couldn't even get an N router to do much in terms of proving the range, I figured WDS is the next step. However, I've tried setting this up before and I couldn't for the life of me get it working.

I set up the WRT54GL according to the FAQ on Tomato's homepage here

but the DD-WRT version on the FON doesn't have WDS specific settings. Any ideas on what settings to use on the DD-WRT router so that it can repeat the wireless signal properly?

Another option is to just get another WRT54GL and flash it with Tomato for, hopefully, better compatibility.

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is there any? i really like my tomato wrt54g router, i dont want to switch firmware interfaces.

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I have recently installed a Tomato BX98-3D motherboard and the mouse does not work. On the FAQ at Zida, it says that their cables must be used as others are not compatable, and to refer to the original supplier. As this is not an option open to me, I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem and how to overcome it. All suggestions welcome.

Answer:Tomato motherboard/mouse problems

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Looking at upgrading my current pair of WRT54GLs running Tomato 1.27 with WDS for some N goodness. e3000

I've been looking at these two bad boys and wonder if they support WDS by default. Anyone know? I know information is scarce because they have only been out a very short time.

Answer:Linksys E2100L - Tomato DD-WRT Support?

Says Yes for DD-WRT, here are install instructions for this device (but you need to be logged in):

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I was looking at the QOS section in tomato (just installed it; first time). I don't need to prioritize certain types of traffic, I just want to give priority for all traffic on one computer over another computer on the network.

So my questions are:

How do I tell tomato to not prioritize different types of traffic, just to prioritize one IP address or computer over another.

And also, am I correct to assume that I will now need to assign a static IP address to the computer with priority instead of it randomly grabbing one via DHCP? Or would I be better off only giving that computers MAC address priority (is this possible?).

I used to give the LAN1 (first) ethernet port priority in the default firmware, and that was super easy... but I take it you cannot do this with tomato, unless I missed it...

Thanks for the help

Answer:Tomato: Giving priority to one computer


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ok so my main router is a Buffalo WHR-G54S device, my secondary device is a linksys WRT54G v2(or v3 as i have two), both have been upgraded to the newest version of tomato.

I have set the SSID on the Linksys to the same as the Buffalo, I have setup the registered access points list in the Baffalo to have both devices mac addresses.

On both access points I have set them up with tomato to be in Wireless Ethernet Bridge mode.

besides this is there something I am missing?

I see the Linksys Mac address in my Client Monitor app on the Buffalo so it seems to be connecting. From there I do not know what I am missing. I know I did this a few years back with the buffalo as the access point but now I want it to be the main router.


Turns out I am an idoit, while typing this I got it working.

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I have a WRT54GL running Tomato v1.23.

If I connect a computer directly to the modem, I get 15 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up.
If I connect a computer to the router wired or wifi, I get 11 Mbps down and 0.22 Mbps up.

I'm running WPA2 and no one else is on my network

What gives? Should I go back to dd-wrt?

Answer:Tomato on WRT54GL killing upload!

Have you tried resetting to defaults?
Do you have another wrt router to test? Maybe this one is a bit flakey...WAN port about to go belly up or something.

Tomator or DD, online modem tests are about the same for me, they allow me to get up to max speed that the router can handle. And Tomato even gives me slightly snappier web surfing response.

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I ordered an N66U and it will be delivered today. I have long known about Tomato, but never really took the time to learn about what it really does. Since I ordered the new router, I have been reading a bit about Tomato, however, I still do not know if it will be worth me installing when my router shows up.

Should I install tomato, and if so, what will it gain me?

Answer:Have an Asus RT-N66U coming... Tomato???

Tomato is just an upgraded firmware very specific toward consumer routers. The firmware that comes with most routers is usually junk in features, but with a pretty interface. There are others out there besides Tomato, DD-WRT probably being the most widely used and each have pro's and cons feature wise, stability, and consumer router support.

It really isn't a matter of needing to flash a consumer router, it's a matter of want. Most do it to squeeze extra performance on the hardware and add additional features to make a cheap $50-100 router as powerful as some small business routers 2-5x the cost. Most of the features work great, Quality of Service tends to be the one issue that is iffy across the board though. That's where the Pro DIY systems like pfSense and Cisco/Sonicwall style gear shows its worth.

Installing it is a breeze. Just google search the model and version of your router + Tomato or + DD-WRT and they're pretty much laid out. Follow the instructions carefully. Simple as logging into your router via the web browser, going to the upgrade firmware tab, find the new firmware, and upload.

What will it gain you? Well, are you interested in Networking? I assume so since you posted it here. It will get you some nifty features (VPN server, VLAN, QoS, Content Filtering, and much much more) and it's a GREAT place to start learning about routers/routing. Flashed mine a few months before starting my Cisco CCNA 1-4 course and... Read more

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i finally hae my comp back up and running.i need to know if there is a way to configure tomato on my router so it gets the best performance. is there a tut somewhere or a pdf? i hear it is really good but i hae no knowledge of using it, could someone p[oint me in the right direction please?

Answer:How to configure tomato on linksys router?

Tutorial: Secure Your Network With Tomato - -
Tomato Firmware |
Tutorial: How to turn a Tomato firmware device in to a transparent Access point - AnandTech Forums

Just google "tomato firmware tutorial" if you need more links..

Hope this helps


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I have a home network that was running DD-WRT, until I ran across a reason to switch to Tomato:

VLAN'd Guest wireless that I was able to set off of my home network, limit the bandwidth to 2Mbps, and require a disclaimer to be signed before use.

VLAN'd wireless that has full bandwidth, but I can use it for guest systems that I'm working on, but can't touch my internal network (client malware infected machines)

and my home lan for everything else (plus a 2.4 for mobile and TV, and a 5GHz band for my stuff that matters)

That worked fine. Probably to the point where if I wanted to go more complex, I probably would need to look into something along the lines of Ubiquity for WAP and route with a PFSense based setup, or see if there are any Fortigates at work, that way I'm working on something relevant to my day job.
Well, related to that, I've got a new ESXi server, and it's powerful enough for me to feel like I can run a full time home lab. With that, I'd like to set up a domain controller.

I don't necessarily want everything on the domain controller though. I've not quite figured out how to VLAN off any of the wireless stuff while another device does DNS and DHCP.

Would it be possible to still let Tomato do all the heavy lifting, and set up my home 2016 domain controller to run internal DNS? I feel like it should be, but it's been so long since I've had to do this, and when I did, it was always "server tak... Read more

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Currently I have a Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 wireless router running tomato 1.28. The router sits in the basement in the front corner of the house. The signal is actually very good from the basement, but only on the side of the house where the router is sitting.

Is it possible to add a second router to extend the wireless? I would want to have the second router connected via Cat6 instead of wireless. I would probably go with a WRT54GL.


Answer:Extending wireless with tomato routers

Yup..any wireless router or AP will be fine. Connect via patch cable. If it's a wireless router, make sure you connect it with a LAN port of that second will not use the WAN/Internet port of the second router. Disable DHCP on the wireless router, and be sure to change its default LAN IP to be in the same range as your primary router..but use a common access point IP for the last octet. Like .245 or .250.

Can use the same SSID, or a different one..just make sure different use 1 and 11.

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Hey, I am usually great with computers, but I have never been good at networking.
Anyway, I used to be stuck with an old D-Link router. Really bad, horrible range, bad user interface. I always ran into trouble trying to port forward. Anyway, I got a new Linksys WRT series router and I ran into the same problems. I forward the ports correctly but they do not forward. I have Tomato firmware installed, which is widely used, and I use OpenDNS. I take all the steps of normal Port forwarding, I have a static IP set up and all that, but afterwards I go and check on sites such as and it says the port is closed. My ISP is comcast if that helps any. Does anyone know what could be the reason? I have windows firewall disabled 24/7, and zonealarm recently was unisntalled since I never used it. Antivirus is avast!

Answer:Port Forwarding- Linksys WRT (with tomato)

Try enabling the Firewall and allow an exception for the port in question.

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I'm trying to get a better connection in my detached garage. I'm currently using the built-in WiFi on my laptop getting. My signal is decent (50%) but internet gets laggy (at some points unusable). My current router is a WRT54GS v4 with Tomato and signal output at 92 on a unused channel. I was intending on getting WRT54GS v2 to use as my router and the v4 to use as a bridge then plugging in the laptop directly into that. Could it be possible my router is going out or just plain doing to much? I have a BEFRS41 to do routing duties so the 54GS can stick to WiFi.

Answer:2 WRT54GS's w/Tomato for better WiFi connection

Personally I never liked the BEFSR routers for the simple fact they always died on me. How far of a distance is it between the house and the garage?

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My SMC router died last week after 3 years of faithful service.
I replaced it with a Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 wireless router.
Works fine. Then I flashed it with the Tomato firmware.
Everything in Tomato seems to work fine except now I have no internet access and since there is no documentation for Tomato I am stuck. I figure it is something simple I am overlooking. Any ideas?

Answer:How do I configure Tomato for internet access?

I am assuming you have already checked to make sure the outside interface is setup acquire IP address automatically?

Can you ping an internet ip ( from the router itself? If so you might just need to reboot or repair your Local Area Connection. Static IPs on your network? Do you have the right default-gateway address?


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So I finally replace my DI-624 piece of junk with the WRT54GL and it has been fantastic. No more disconnects through the day!!! Anyway, I have a question about QoS:

I ran a speed test and got my up/down numbers and plugged them into QoS. 6500kbits/s down, 420kbits/s up. Those are 95% of the lowest figures I got running the speed test. Last night I decided to try and max out my upload and play a game, to see how QoS handles the traffic (I setup dst port 27015 as high priority and torrents at lowest priority). I took off the cap of 15kB/s upload in uTorrent and let it go as fast as it can and then fired up team fortress. At first, my ping was 300ms. I then lowered the upload speed of 420kbits/s in QoS to something like 380 and got my ping down to 55ms. No matter how much more I lowered the upload speed, my ping would not go below 55ms. Then I put the cap back on uTorrent and my ping went down to 26ms (what I usually ping on the server). uTorrent was pretty much the only program uploading so I had plenty of free upload speed when the ping went down to 26ms.

My question is, is the ping being twice as slow a result of the extra processing necessary to prioritize traffic when it is maxing out the value you plug into QoS? Thx!
Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

Answer:QoS question with Linksys WRT54GL and Tomato

From the TSG Rules, which you should have read when you joined.

P2P Instructions - The purpose of P2P is to illegally trade copyrighted material. We do not support the use of P2P networks and any threads requesting help for them will be closed. This includes Kazaa, Bearshare, WinMX, and the like. If you're interested in the topic, you are free to discuss it on our site (and please visit, but information on how to use them will not be provided.Click to expand...

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I have an Asus RT-N10 flashed with Tomato, and I was trying to set it up as a Bridge to pick up the signal from my Rosewill EasyN400, so I changed the IP from to because that is the IP I use to access my Rosewill router's config.

Well now I can't access the Tomato log in using either IP

Answer:Changed router IP... now I can't find it! (Tomato)

Disconnect / turn off the Rosewill. They can't both have the same IP. Reset the ASUS and it should show up again at the new IP. Then change its assigned IP to something else before turning the Rosewill back on.

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Like the subject states, my Buffalo wireless router running Tomato is having an issue where it will appear to lock-up and stop functioning. What happens is that the wireless radio light stays solid and all of the network connections cease transmitting any sort of data. Everything is up-to-date and works fine for an extended period of time except for the occasional lock-up and necessity to power-cycle the router. Any suggestions?

Motorola SURFboard SB5101U
Buffalo WHR-HP-G54
Tomato Firmware v1.28.1816
Chicago RCN 10Mb Cable Internet

Answer:Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 running Tomato and locking up every so often.

I've always had better luck with DD-WRT on the Buffalo routers than with Tomato. I'd put DD-WRT on there and see how it works for you. You could also try just resetting the router back to defaults and setting it up from scratch.

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Hello. I was hoping to get some quick help from someone here. I am going to start sharing my cable connection with a roomate. I want to just give them enough internet without them killing my bandwith. I see this QoS screen but I have no idea what to enter. I want to give my computer which is on port 1 on the back of the router 100% access to all the bandwith....... and trickle down some high speed crumbs to the roomy. Is there a quick way to set the Tomato 1.25 software to limit port 2 to minimum bandwith.

Sorry I am a complete nub when it comes to this stuff. I read so many Tomato cofiguration guides tonight and all of them are to prioritize certain types of data and devices with MAC addresses over the router. I just want to gimp port 2 on the router..........not wireless.... im going to run an Ethernet cable to their computer.

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Gang - I recently upgraded from a netgear router, to this Linksys WRT54GL router, but one feature I sorely miss, because I have kids - is the very definitive LOGGING that Netgear provided. The log was kept by actual http address [that is the long form] so it was easy to see what sites were visited. It would email the log to me whenever it was full.

The Linksys logging is effectively useless with the standard Linksys firmware. But I'm wondering about some of the other Linux-based alternative loads for this little router. Do any of them provide explicit logging like I had with Netgear?


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Okay, well, we just upgraded to ATT U-Verse from TWC at my apartment and they specifically told me I couldn't used my old wrt54g with tomato I've been using for QoS, bandwidth monitoring, etc. They told me I wasn't allowed to have *any* router behind the 2wire. The model of 2wire they gave us is the 3800HGV-B. They also gave us an 8 port gigabit belkin switch.

I really, really (I can't stress this enough) despise the 2wire router they gave us. I'm going to be getting a wireless N router soon that can be flashed with dd-wrt or tomato (I've used both, either work for my needs).

Is there a way to hook a router up behind this 2wire router that I can use to monitor all traffic, distribute IPs to my clients, create custom rules, QoS, etc? I would prefer the 2wire just to act as a passive modem, if that were possible.

They also fed me some BS (I assume it's bs) about changing the settings inside the 2wire, I might brick it. Sounds like a terrible firmware to me, adjust a setting that is available from the homepage and you end up bricking their router.

I'm just looking for advice. Currently I have 2 computers off of the 2wire, and then 6 machines off of the switch. I'd prefer to have just a router connected to the 2wire, then everything connected from there. Is that possible with these?

Thanks...sorry for rambling, any advice is appreciated.

Answer:Question regarding 2wire router + tomato linksys


I just did this for a client of mine last night. He has AT&T U-verse, and he had a 2-wire router also. I don't remember the model, but it was a LARGE unit with a usb & coax connections.

Anyhow the thing was such a piece of shit constantly giving him issues, I went ahead and purchased a WRT54GL, and put Tomato 1.27 on it.

There are a few options you can do here. If the u-verse connection is via PPOE, you can set the 2wire unit to bridge mode, thus only enabling the modem function. From here you would need to setup the PPOE connection in Tomato, etc.

Another way to do it would be to leave the exisitng 2-wire unit as is, disable the wireless interface, and then give the router a static IP, and set the 2-wire's firewall settings to have that IP address on the DMZ.

I understand this may be a poor idea since to my knowledge it would be double NAT on the addressing, but the DMZ should be enough of a work around.

In the 2-wire unit, when you login there is also an advanced console menu.
Either use the IP address of the unit, IE or you can use the DNS that is built in which I believe is

Ideally the best thing would be to set the unit in bridge mode, but AT&T being 1940's Germany status in regards to their equipment/control, I am not sure you can do this on U-verse, vs standard PPOE/DSL, as I believe U-verse is just two pairs, IE VDSL or RADSL (Fellow posters please correct me if I am... Read more

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I was about to post a thread requesting help on an issue regarding my girlfriend's new laptop not connecting to my wireless router, but after some more research and tinkering, I figured it out so I thought I would post up my solution instead to hopefully help someone else out in the future.

The Situation:

My girlfriend bought a brand new Dell Studio XPS laptop with Windows 7 Professional. As soon as she powered it on, the wireless adapter was able to detect my wireless network as well as others in the vicinity, but was unable to connect to my wireless network. However, internet and network would work flawlessly if connect via a wired ethernet connection to the router. Also, my old HP Laptop, my gf's work Dell work laptop (both running XP) and my iPod Touch could all connect wirelessly with no problems.

My Router:

Linksys WRT54GL installed with Tomato 1.27 firmware
Security Settings: WPA/WPA2 Personal with TKIP/AES Encryption

A Development:

I spent a lot of time doing research trying to find the answer to the problem, and then did some tinkering and found that if I disabled the Security all together (no encryption or passkey), then I was able to connect to the wireless on the laptop. Obviously, I didn't want to leave the network unsecured though.

Things I tried:

Updating firmware on router: I was using Tomato v1.23 and updated to v1.27 - no change

Disabled MacAfee Firewall and Antivirus - no change

Disabling IPV6 protocol on laptop wireless adapter: I would to to the... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 Laptop won't connect to Wireless w/ Tomato

I've been having endless problems with our Windows 7 laptop connecting to wireless. I'm running Tomato on a WRT54GL and your instructions got it working perfectly!

Thanks for posting your fix!

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Anyone here who has experience with Tomato 1.19 on WRT54GL ???

I followed the wiki page for Tomato as far as I could but there's a glich somewhere. I unpacked the downloaded Tomato archive, it went smoothly, I opened the WRT admin applet, went to the upgrade tab, selected the proper .bin file and hit the button. When I did, IE7's page changedover to a blank... it was responding apparently to the router telling it to put up a page out of its own store [something like ] it was blank..
I waited several minutes, as the Tomato faq says, logged back into the router and it was unchanged. ???

So here I sit. What went wrong?? is there a step left out of the Tomato instructions?

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So I have FiOS with the TV package so that means that I need to keep the Actiontec MI424WR to let the STB's get IP's.

I wanted to use my WRT54G w/ Tomato v1.25 so I followed the directions here to put the Actiontec in a double bridge mode:

That is the best way to do what I need done and for the most part it works fine with every PC and laptop in my house EXCEPT my damn Aspire One netbook.

Wired works fine with the onboard Ethernet, but whenever I connect wirelessly, I cannot get anywhere. The weird part is I DO get an IP from the DHCP server but I can't ping anything. Loading web pages stalls at "Looking up xxxxxxx" at the bottom bar in Firefox.

If I run an "ipconfig /all", everything checks out.

Running the connection repair in Windows 7, it says its not getting a response from the DNS server...

Why does every other machine in my house work fine (including 2 other wireless laptops)?

Wireless worked fine when I was at my school today so its not the netbook, and it worked yesterday when I was still using the Actiontec for wireless.

REALLY strange part is that I did a hard reset of the WRT54G (after backing up the config of course) and connected my Asipre One to the default wireless network that is created and I STILL couldn't connect. I DO get an IP but nothing works....

Answer:My netbook and my Tomato WRT54G don't want to play ball.

Do you happen to have a DNS server hard-coded into the wireless adapter's network settings?

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I would really appreciate any advice on the following setup:

RV042 v.3 gateway in load-balancing mode with 2 adsl lines.
A Tomato Linksys E3000 to handle all DHCP + QoS + bandwidth monitoring + traffic shaping on the lan.
I want to avoid double-nat if possible.
I would like to retain access to the dsl modems' GUI if possible.
I would like the setup to be as secure as possible.

I currently have the RV lan port connected to the wan port of the E3000 using static wan on the E3000.
DHCP is disabled on the RV.
The E3000's wan ip is entered as a DMZ host on the RV

The E3000 has a lan ip on a different subnet than the RV and has DHCP enabled.
The E3000 is in gateway mode because in router mode there is no access to the internet, which means I have double-nat.

The above setup is working for me, but is there a better alternative configuration?
Many thanks!

Answer:RV042 + E3000 Tomato Linksys configuration?

I cannot think of any smooth way of doing this....and the functional way has you doing double NAT, which I simply do not tolerate by design. DMZ'ing the 3000 and I think you end up having it not work well with load balancing of the RV0. I think the only thing the RV0 lacks is good bandwidth monitoring, just use a 3rd party tool to monitor that, sling the 3000 off it it in access point mode.

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So, the reality of what I'm looking to do is smacking me in the face right now...and it would be a whole lot easier to have a bit of low end hardware pulling fulltime duties rather than relying on a laptop to do it all through virtualization.

That, and VMware and Hyper-V don't play nice on the same hardware, it seems.

So, here's what I have:

Thinkpad P50 i7 6700, 2x 512GB SSD (with room for a 2nd M.2, but I'm holding off), 64GB RAM. It's my VMware system, and I have a nice little VMware setup on it...but, it's on my main laptop. It gets turned off. It gets used as a personal system, and can only be a part time learning tool.
Intel NUC i5 4250, 12GB RAM, 256GB MSATA SSD, 1TB HDD. It's my ESXi server, and runs my personal stuff for testing and home server needs. It doesn't exactly have the headroom to expand beyond the 4-6 VMs I run off it full time.
New Intel NUC i3 6100, 16GB RAM, 480GB SSD, room for M.2. Setting this up as a Server 2016 Hyper-V for the test network.
Netgear R7000 w/ Tomato firmware. I switched to this so I could have bandwidth limitations, captive portal for guest network, etc. It's currently running a Class B for my home network for both WiFi and Ethernet, but has 2 virtual wireless networks on different subnet: a Class C for the guest, and another 2nd class C for the test network.
Zonet 16 port intelligent switch. Supports VLANs...if I can just figure out what to do with them.

What I want to do... Read more

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If you had a single nic pfSense box such as a NUC, would using dd-wrt/tomato/openwrt as a managed switch work instead of paying for a gigabit switch that supported VLAN? Would performance be worse with dd-wrt/tomato/openwrt (my thought is the custom firmware adds overhead vs a vlanswitch)?

If so I suppose then all you need to do is disable DHCP on the ARM router, enable VLAN so that the pfSense box can communicate with the modem. The ARM router can still be used to add wifi to the network with no issues?

thanks in advance, just thinking about solutions for home networking in case a friend wants to upgrade to pfsense

Answer:Intel NUC w/ pfSense with DD-WRT/Tomato as VLAN switch?

If you are willing to spend nuc style money why not get an edgerouter lite instead?

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I've set up OpenVPN on my Netgear R7000 (with Tomato firmware) for a specific IP address on my network. I've also put in a firewall script which acts as a kill switch should the VPN connection drop.

iptables -I FORWARD -i br0 -s <ip address> `nvram get wan_iface` -j DROP

About once a day, our internet connection dies for all devices (Wifi and Eth). I connect to the router over the LAN and it still has an active DSL connection. I disconnect the internet and reconnect using the router web interface, and then everything goes back to normal.

I fear the firewall script I'm using is preventing all devices from reaching the internet upon VPN disconnect.

Happy to send through the router logs if that helps. Many thanks in advance.

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Quick question:

Actual installation looks pretty easy... but one probably silly question:

Will Tomato retain all current settings on my router, or will I have to set it up again from scratch? If from scratch, is there an easier way to ensuring I get all my custom configurations, then from going screen to screen and writing it down? I do periodically back up the config - will Tomato recognize that file?

Anything else I should know? This will be a new adventure for me...

Answer:Installing Tomato on Linksys WRT54GL question

is there an easier way to ensuring I get all my custom configurations, then from going screen to screen and writing it down?Click to expand...

Go screen to screen and save screen shots.

I doubt that the new firmware will recognize the old configuration file, but you may as well try.

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Hey all,

I am looking to boost my wireless signal so I can stream HD content seamlessly, more than my current WRT54G (v 8, so I can't use 3rd party tomato firmware on that).

I already know quick fixes, such as this

but my question is, will a tomato based linksys wireless G router outperform a wireless N router? Which is the better one to go with. Also, I know there are wireless N routers that also support tomato firmware, which I would be wiling to do, but it tends to get more costly. I would like to stay below $50, if not at max $50.

Any help is much appreciated!

Answer:Tomato w/ WRT54G Linksys vs Wireless N router

ilarehson said:

but my question is, will a tomato based linksys wireless G router outperform a wireless N router?Click to expand...

No in my experience with several different setups. No matter how much you try to crank up a G unit with DD or Tomato, (with stock antennas to keep it fair) can't touch what I've had (and still currently have) an N unit broadcast to.

I ran several different wrt54gl versions with DD and Tomato in my current house, an old 3 story farmhouse. My network gear is up on the 3rd floor. I never had full 54 megs with my laptops down on the first floor. Not long ago I snagged a wrt150N for free, so took that home..flashed with DD...replaced my 54gl with it. I get full 54 down on the first floor matter where I am. I can even watch Hulu on my laptop often stuttered before or I had to let it spool up several times during an episode.

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I updraded to windows 10 and I love it! I think its much better then windows 8, what I never liked it before. So I mod my windows 10 to my taste and I try to login my Linksys router and this error sign came:

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred while connection to . The SSL - party rejected a handshake message due to unacceptable content . ( Error code : ssl_error_illegal_parameter_alert )

The page you are trying to view can not be shown because the authenticity of the received data can not be verified .
Contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.
I tried to shot down antivirus, firewall everything. Still it can't login my router. And I dont want to reset my router, because I
have mod alot of hours on that. Do any of you in this forum haves the same problem?

Answer:Cannot login my Linksys router with Tomato WRTGL54 1.1

I have a Linksys WRT1900AC and logged right on the Smart WiFi site. The firmware is stock. Using Edge browser.

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Looking to possibly mod (and I don't mean loading customer firmware...I mean hardware mod) a Wireless N dual band router. If you have a hardware mod guide that will assist in boosting signal range and quality, I'm all for it. Barring that, I'll do one router on each floor of the house (one upper level - east end, the other lower level west end) as APs.

I'd like to have the ability to run DD-WRT or Tomato on the units. Dual band is required. As I am interested in boosting the signal as far as possible, a guide to hardware modding them, or a unit with standard sized external antennas would also be useful.

Not looking to spend more than $100 per unit (if getting 2x units), or $200 total (whether 2x units, or 1x unit with antenna modifications) to get this working. Units must have the following:

3 antennas per frequency (2.4 + 5.0GHz)
Wireless N support DD-WRT or Tomato firmware available
GbE uplink port (yes this ia required)
4x GbE LAN ports (switched)

Any help is appreciated.

Answer:Need decent Dual Band N router with DD-WRT or Tomato capability
BTW, 30 seconds on Google...

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Comparing performance differences in stock/DD/Tomato..on the GL router...max combined throughput/separate download-upload, and total connections...

Answer:Interesting article on wrt54gl...comparing stock vs DD vs Tomato

A good read, just kind of goes to show you that know matter what firmware you throw at it, the wrt54 is what it is . . . I would be interested in seeing what happened when QoS was turned on with DD-WRT, though. Still, from a purely routing perspective . . .

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i upgraded my linksys firmware to the latest tomato firmware and am unable to access the GUI, keeps saying wrong password. the readme says to reset the router and use the username\password admin but it still will not let me in. the router works fine but i want to be able to access the router. any help would be appreciated. thank you

Answer:help!! flashed my linksys WRT54G version with tomato 1.27 and cannot access GUI

what password are you using? Sometimes different linksys models have different things.

Did you try:

User: admin
Password: admin

Pasword: password or password1

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I set my router to wireless client bridge mode, but now I am unable to access the admin page with ; which I was using right before setting it to client mode. I did not change anything besides putting it client mode, have I missed something here?

Answer:Tomato Wireless Client Bridge Mode Issue

No telling. Your best/easiest bet is to just do a hard reset (hold reset button for ~30sec), then start over.

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Spoiler alert, I work for SevOne.

However, I know a bunch of you love getting the most performance and data out of your DD-WRT router. Well the company I work for, SevOne, recently released a free VMware solution to monitor network traffic and source out bandwidth issues. Normally this software is targeted towards businesses monitoring hundreds of thousands of elements, but it works just as well on a home network.

Anyway, I wrote up a quick tutorial on how to integrate it below for those of you that are interested:
Download SevOne's Network Performance Management Software

1. Boot and do the initial setup on the SevOne VPas

2. Log Into Your DD-WRT router. I am using a Buffalo N600 WZR-HP-AG300H running DD-WRT v24SP2-MULTI (11/20/11) std, but any version of DD-WRT should work, and the instructions should be pretty similar.

3. Click the "Services" Tab and find the bit about RFLOW / MACupd:

4. Set the following options:
RFlow: Enable
Server IP = The IP Address of the SevOne VPas
Port: 9996
MACupd: Disable
Interface: Lan & WLAN
Interval: Whatever you want, I recommend 10 seconds

5. In your SevOne VPas go to the home screen, and in the bottom left click "Add A Device"

6. Fill in the following fields:
Name: Name of the device
Alt Name: Whatever you wish
Description: Whatever you wish

Polled By: SevOne Appliance
Frequency: I recommend 5 minutes
Polling: Enabled
TimeZone: Whatever you wish
Automat... Read more

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I'm attempting to use my Linksys WRT54GL with Tomato 1.27 as a wireless bridge, with an Airport Extreme (MB053LL/A) as the main router. Following instructions at and configuring the Linksys as a wireless client, I can get things working just fine with no security enabled on the Airport Extreme.

However, as soon as I turn on WPA2 on the Airport Extreme, and setting the appropriate security entries on the Linksys, suddenly things go belly-up: the bridge no longer seems active.

I've tried, on the Linksys/Tomato side, various combinations of WPA2 and TKIP, TKIP/AES, and AES...and nothing seems to work. I'm quite certain that the password is the same, too.

Is this simply a mismatch of WPA2 versions or somesuch? Am I simply doomed to failure? I just bought the (used) Airport on Craigstlist; I'd hate to have to sell it right away and get something else, but I will if it's not going to work.

Any thoughts? Many thanks.

Answer:Airport Extreme as base, Tomato as wireless bridge--WPA2 not working?

I haven't ever used tomato or an airport extreme, but I've had no problems using ddwrt on a wrt54gl as a wireless bridge. It might be worth a shot to try ddwrt instead of tomato and see if it works.

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I was prompted to update my Battery firmware I have a genuine battery in my Thinkpad edge E520 that is out of warrenty The firmware failed and disabled the battery so it is no longer operating How do i reverse this firmware or disable the battery bios check?

Answer:Battery firmware has just killed my battery. How do you justify pushing firmware that does this?

Hi, welcome to the forums.
Here it is the support site link for your model just in case.
I'm guessing that the computer is booting but the battery does not provide any charge, right?
I did not have that issue, but I'm just guessing, What will happen if you apply the battery firmware update again? You can download it manually from the support site: "Lenovo Battery Firmware Update Utility for Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit), 8.1 (32-bit, 64-bit), 8 (32-..."
This is what it cames to my mind right now, I hope it helps.

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I'm trying to set op and OpenVPN endpoint on my netgaear R7000 router with advanced tomato.
Its supposed to be set up so when I am abroad I can connect to my router and access the internet from my home American IP address. Its NOT to get access to my lan.

Anyone know a step by step to get this up and running this way ?

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Hello guys, I'm trying to make some changes at our home network. I have a wrt54gl (v1) flashed w/ tomato v1.25 and a wrt54g (v5) flashed w/ dd-wrt micro. I have tried following a couple of instructions on google without any luck. Does anyone have had this kind of setup or know what I should do? Thanks.

EDIT: It's now working. I changed my PSK to a simple one.

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Greetings fellow friends,

I recently moved next door to my new IT job. Quite literally, its an old neighborhood with many commercial complexes, and some old houses from the 40's. My company bought the property on both sides of our building incase the future requires expansion and for now I am living there! Woot, no more drives to work!

Our CTO said it's fine if I use the 30MB Fiber Optic broadband for my own personal use at home, However he is not willing to allow me to run CAT Cable to my house. I installed a Wireless Router (WRT54G) using Tomato 1.25 underneath a desk nearest to my Basement Bedroom Window, and am able to receive excellent wireless connectivity VIA Notebooks and other devices throughout my house.

However, My desktop computer does not have a wireless card and I do not plan to put on in due to resource conflicts, and I do not like what Wireless Interferance does ocasionally.

I thought it would be best to goto the store last night to buy another router, this one was a WRT54GL and I flashed it to Tomato 1.25 immediatly.

I attempted to use Access Point + WDS mode as highlighted in this readme (How to use WDS?)

I run a private network using PFSENSE on 10.8.20.* ranges, and there is DHCP. When I connect wirelessly to the router under the desk I receive a 10.8 Address via DHCP which is carried from our primary network/routers to the Wireless Router, And then to me.

However, what I want to d... Read more

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I'm moving this weekend, which means new internet service and a good excuse to upgrade networking equipment.

I've reviewed the router recommendation thread, which has some great information. I've also checked out the Tom's Hardware link for router benchmarks.

I have a question I haven't yet found an answer to online. The benchmarks are for routers running factory firmware, not DD-WRT or Tomato. So, how does a ~$50 consumer router running custom firmware stack up against a nicer ~$150 router from the recommendation thread?

Basically, I love the flexibility you have when running DD-WRT or Tomato, but don't want to give up too much performance for that flexibility.

I'm considering the following options:
- Normal Linksys or Buffalo running Tomato
- Nicer Linksys running DD-WRT
- D-Link or TRENDnet running default firmware

I do light-to-medium gaming, and heavy torrenting. Gigabit ports are preferred, but 100 Mbit ports that actually support heavy sustained throughput would be fine.

Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:DD-WRT/Tomato consumer router vs nice router

Heavy torrenting will kill most ~$50 consumer routers even with Tomato or DD-WRT on them.

A more expensive router such as a DIR-655 will stand up to heavy torrenting.

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