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Need a wireless adapter for my external HDs help

Question: Need a wireless adapter for my external HDs help

I have 2 Western Digital external hard drives, Models: #WD2500E032 and #WDB200D032-000 and I would like both of the hard drives to be wireless!

My question is, what would be the best wireless adaptor that I would need to get? Do I need to get 2 of them?

I would like both of the HDs to be accessible by any of my computers, laptops as well as desktops, PC's as well as by a Mac notebook!

I basically need something that would reach a good distance, something stable and reliable!

Please let me know

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Preferred Solution: Need a wireless adapter for my external HDs help

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Need a wireless adapter for my external HDs help

Look into the StorageLink feature on some Linksys wireless routers. It will turn your USB drive into a NAS. Not sure if you can connect multiple drives. Its slow, but I understand it works.

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Hello, I would love to ask for some help!
I've recently purchased the newer Dell XPS 13 9360 Non-touch (not the 2 in 1) and am having some trouble with using an external monitor. The screen (on the external monitor) keeps on flickering and has a very unstable connection. 
I've searched and found that apparently lowering the power output of the WIFI network adapter can fix this problem. 
The problem is that the current XPS's wifi adapter doesn't allow the power output to be changed. The previous fixes were geared towards intel wifi adapters.
The general power settings for the computers doesn't show wifi card power controls.

I have updated all the drivers for the computer including the wireless adapter. Still the options doesn't change.

Has anyone found a way to get a stable external monitor to work with the Killer Wireless Adapter cards?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:XPS 13 9360 External Monitor Flicker with USB C - HDMI Adapter [Killer Wireless Adapter]

For what it's worth: For me (XPS 13 9360, QHD, i7, 16 GB, Killer WiFi), external screens are perfectly stable, even with wireless being on relatively high throughput load, albeit not high power (energy) load.
I am connecting both HDMI and DisplayPort displays, each with cheap native USB-C adapters (i.e. through Thunderbolt). I also have full success with a Dell DA200, through its built-in HDMI graphics adapter.

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Hi all

I just bought a D-Link wireless cardbus adapter (DWL-G650), followed the included instructions and yet windows won't recognise the new hardware. Currently, it is actually plugged in but it is as if the adapter is non existent. Did I purchase a dead adapter?
I'm running windows XP SP2 on a Compaq Presario V3118au.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Answer:External wireless adapter not recognised

So when you insert it you do not get the beep noise or anything from your laptop?

Also in Device Manager, it doesn't show up? (Start-->Run-->devmgmt.msc)
And there aren't any yellow querried symbols in Device Manager?

If No, then I'd say hardware issue on the card, or the pcmcia connector in the laptop

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 900 @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 3002 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 1309 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 287270 MB, Free - 241658 MB; D: Total - 17669 MB, Free - 2556 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 1484, 77.39, P X330 01 1Z 09 AN8
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

Quick question - regarding compaq presario laptop
if I install an external wireless adapter to solve cxn issues, do I have to do anything to internal adapter settings? Thanks

Answer:Internal Wireless adapter & external same

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I recently purchased a Etekcity Dual Band USB adapter (5G capability) to use in place of the internal 2.4 wireless adapter. The drivers installed successfully with no problem. All is well with the internal wireless card. When I disable the internal wireless card to search for wireless networks with the USB adapter, it states no networks are in range. I have full connectivity with the internal wireless card. The USB adapter does not show in ipconfig /all regardless of if I boot normally or boot in safe mode with networking. I am using Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1. I have connected the USB adapter to another computer and confirmed the adapter is working correctly. The laptop is a HP Pavilion dv7 64 bit OS. Does anyone have any ideas?

Answer:External Wireless Adapter not locating networks

is it showing up OK in device manager ?

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Alright, so, just to begin, here are my specs:HP pavillion a305wMicrosoft Windows XP Home Edition, version 2002, service pack 1hmmmm... ok, this brings my attention suddenly to another question, but for now, I got 248MB RAM.Intel Celeron 2.70 GHzOk, so first problem. I finally got the internet setup up in my apartment (about 6-7 hours of work total) and then got the wireless router to work (another 2-3 hours). But, after all of that, I still can't quite use the internet! So basically, I got a Wireless USB Adapter for my desktop. Normally, it works fine. That is, until I decide to plug in my External Hard Drive. If I do that, I lose internet. If my hard drive is already plugged in and then I plug the USB Wireless Adapter in, the computer doesn't even recognize the USB device and says there's a malfunction. Its not the USB ports. I've tried them all, in all combinations, not to mention my keyboard, mouse, and technically the external hard drive all work, just not the wireless adapter when the hard drive is plugged in. Also, I don't think its the adapter. That's what I thought at first, and just returned the one I had for a different one. The first one was a linksys, and now the one I got is a netgear. Two different adapters, two different companies, same problem. This leads me to believe it may be a configuration problem or a software problem with the computer itself, but I have no idea how to fix it. If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate the help. Second question: I know... Read more

Answer:External HD + Wireless Internet Adapter Not workin

i have no clue about the wireless problem... mabey a hardware confilct... but as for the ram... you only have one 256 stick apparently, either that or somthing is robbing over 256mb's of your ramEDIT: i forgot to mention, just buy a internal wirless card, one that runs off of PCI or somthing

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Hi, my notebook wireless adapter problem is still not fixed. In the meantime, I wondered if it's possible to use an external wireless adapter card?

How do I check if I have a slot for an external wireless adapter card? I have a slot on my laptop (Ei System 3089) on the right hand side but the BT Voyager Wireless Adapter card simply does not fit in more than about halfway.


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When I use the MWA, connected to my TV, I have the sound coming from the tv-speakers. Is it possible to have the sound to an external audio-system ?

Answer:Can I have sound on my external music system when using the wireless adapter ?

For which device? If its a Surface or windows 8 Tablet then yes you just need to change the audio playback device. On the phone I don't believe its possible but if your watching a movie and split the sound the audio may be out of sync. If your TV has audio out connect that to your external source and it will be all synced up.

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Hi, I want to use WiDi functionality on my intel HD Graphics 3000 processor z570 laptop,  WiDi application requires the intel wireless network adapter. but my laptop got atheros AR9286 wireless Network Adapter.1.   so is it possible to replace  Atheros Wireless Network adapter with intell wireless network adapter. or 2.   I wonder if there are any ways of successfully running WiDi functioanality on my laptop.I'm raising this query because i want to share my laptop screen on my LG Smart TV which supports WiDi screenshare functionality. i did go through this link reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

Answer:replacing atheros AR9285 wireless Network Adapter with Intel wireless adapter for lenovo z570

hkhr wrote:Hi, I want to use WiDi functionality on my intel HD Graphics 3000 processor z570 laptop,  WiDi application requires the intel wireless network adapter. but my laptop got atheros AR9286 wireless Network Adapter.1.   so is it possible to replace  Atheros Wireless Network adapter with intell wireless network adapter. or 2.   I wonder if there are any ways of successfully running WiDi functioanality on my laptop.I'm raising this query because i want to share my laptop screen on my LG Smart TV which supports WiDi screenshare functionality. i did go through this link reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.Refer to the hardware maintenance manual partslist portion to see the allowable replacement of the wifi card. Takenote that you can't just replace the card with the same model number without complying with the indicated fru number. Doing so, will result to a error message at startup. This restriction is popularly called as the whitelist. An alternative to the desired wireless communication between your TV and your unit is to have ChromeCast. You might want to explore this since this is easier compared to the replacement of the wifi card.

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Looking for usb or serial external PCMCIA type ll slot.

Now what im tring to do, is...

I currently use my cell phone with a data cable to connect to any computer as a modem. then i can dial out using a special service from alltel called Acess mobile link (slightly higher speeds than regular dialup and this eliminates the middle man and i have unlimited data download) Anyways... they also offer a PC card for type ll slots (common on laptops not on PCs) witch is setup to basicaly do the same thing that my cellphone is doing only i can not find any thing that would allow me to use the card with out having a type ll slot. ANYTHING would be nice. like a "usb adapter" would be nice, or even an "external type ll slot".

Any ideas besides "buying a laptop" would be nice

Answer:"Wireless PC card" adapter? USB or External type ll slot or ANYTHING

Not sure if I am understanding your right or not....

But would something like THIS do the trick?

It'll give you a type II PCMCIA slot in the back of your computer.

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how do i get these to work together one computer has the qwest modem the other the usb and i want to have a wireless connection for internet but they dont connect and see eache other

Answer:Solved: Bluetooth 2.0 usb adapter class 1 and qwest wireless modem w1000 adapter

Does the bluetooth adapter recognise the modem but can't connect?

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I have two problems so i will explain the scenario then number out the issue. I had a new hard drive installed, when i booted the laptop, it worked well. The wifi in my area is very low so I was told I can use a wireless adpter to "boost" the signal strength received. I was given a Encore ENUWI-N3 Wireless Adapter to use. I installed the utility program from the official website and the computer still did not recognise the device, so I deleted the program. I then lost connection to the internet, and at the time i thought the wifi can dropped (i later realised that was not the case since my phone's wifi was still connected). I then reinstalled the software ( the executible file was saved on the harddrive), and it give me the same message that there are no drivers for the adapter.

I shifted my attention to my failed internet connection, after troubleshooting it give me a error 28 message stating that there were no drivers installed for the Broadcom wireless adapter that is internally installed. I tried a system restore to before i tried installing the Encore adapter, and still nothing, the system continued to give me the same message and it registered in the "device manager" as unknown device named "ethernet controller" with a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark. I have been able to borrow a laptop and download the LAN adapter fron the ACER support website, and although it had no "set up.exe" file visible i was able to get... Read more

Answer:Encore ENUWI-N3 Wireless Adapter plus internal broadcom adapter issues

What is the purpose of all those links at the end of your post?

What is listed in Device Manager under Network Adapters?

What, if any, warnings or errors (yellow or red) flags are anywhere in Device Manager?

While trying to connect by both ethernet and Wi-Fi ...

Please attach a screen shot of the Networks page (don't collapse the Radar, Connection or Signal History) of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector. If you need help with that see TSG Posting a Screenshot. FWIW to take screen shots with Windows 7 or Vista I prefer to use the built-in Snipping Tool.

Also show ...

Open a (black) Command Prompt window:
Hold the Windows logo key and press r; in the Run box type cmd and click on OK.

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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I have this laptop and it comes with a 2.4ghz wireless adapter. I see in the specs that it can come with a 5ghz ac adapter as well. I would like to upgrade it to the 5ghz adapter.
If someone could tell me which model adapter that is so I know that it is compatible before I buy it.
Thank you!

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I have a printer (with wireless capability) wired to desktop (Windows XP) and a wireless laptop (Windows 7). My question is, can the printer be connected wirelessly to the laptop as well as wired to the desktop, or does everything have to be wireless?
Another question: If I want to share files between the two computers, do they both have to be the same operating system? (one is Windows XP and the other is Windows 7)

Answer:Solved: Wireless Laptop/Wireless Desktop (via wireless adapter)/ printer

I would guess that the printer can be connected by ethernet and wireless, but I've never had one with both capabilities so I don't really know.

I once had a printer that worked OK connected to a network plus connected to another computer by USB. Even so, that may depend on the particular printer.

There may be two operating systems that cannot file share with each other but I don't know which ones that might be. Windows XP and 7 are fine sharing with each other (but not claiming that nobody has had any problems).

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Hello, this problem has really confuzzled me. I have just bought a new wireless USB adapter, ran it through the setup entered the password etc. Fine. Nicely connects to the router everytime (well ok most the time). But it cant seem to find the internet, which i know is there because my house mate has no problems with it. I've read quite a few complaints about this adapter. Is it worth just returning it and trying a different one? Or does anyone have any ideas?

It finds the submask, ip address, sets a channel automatically. One thing i noticed though is it doesnt create a gateway. (i asume cos i cant find the net). I did have internet before but they were wired. I've since then disabled the normal ethernet adapter and disabled the old connections. So i dont think theres anything conflicting.

Please help?!!
Thank you in advance i really appreciate it.

Answer:Belkin Wireless adapter - can connect to the adapter, but not the internet!!!

I'm going to guess that the IP address that it finds is 169.254.x.x and the subnet mask is, right? It's really NOT connecting to the router, which is why you don't have a Default Gateway or DNS servers.

You don't have to disable the wired interface to connect wirelessly, there's no conflict.

I'd suggest you first disable the encryption and see if it connects. If it does, then you need to make sure you enter matching passwords for the encryption on each end. Note that for WEP you should ONLY use the HEX password, do not use the passcode option.
Please supply the following info, exact make and models of the equipment please.

The name of your ISP and country of residence.
Make/model of the broadband modem. If dial-up, please specify.
Make/model of the router (if any).
Connection type, wired, wireless.
If wireless, encryption used, (WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc.)
Make/model of network card or wireless adapter.
Make/model of your computer (motherboard if home-built).
Version and patch level of Windows on all affected machines, i.e. XP-Home (or XP-Pro), SP2.

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thanks for looking in and trying to help. I have a laptop with Windows 7 on it, and as usual today the laptop's screen frame also accomodates the internal Wireless Internet antenna. I am able to use the existing networks when they are close enough to me.

But I wanted to have a better reception, so I bought one of those USB-based Wireless Internet Adapters (WIA) which have mounted a little 5 dBi antenna (dBi = Decibel) on its side. I bought recently a much larger 22 dBi antenna, which I can use to replace the smaller antenna on that WIA. Windows also recognized the USB device correctly (please see the screenshot link:, but the connection tool at the lower right side of Windows (system tray area) displays only those networks which the internal screen frame antenna captures.

I tried already to disable the internal antenna, but then I don't get any network. Why can't the Network Connection icon not show networks the USB WIA might capture? What is it I am doing wrong?

Please don't mind to ask me for additional details here, I will provide them as additional details.

Answer:Laptop: Wireless Internet Adapter: Windows 7: Can't use the adapter. Why?

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HI All...

i have a laptop

working withe win7 pro

and the Ethernet adapter and a wireless adapter disabled together in the same time until i restart the laptop

i format the laptop
and download the driver and install it in the laptop

and it disabled again

help please

Answer:[SOLVED] ethernet adapter and a wireless adapter disabled

What brand and model is the laptop?

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I'm not totally computer-literate when it comes to hardware and such, but I am fairly literate with most computer terms. So in advance, I apologize for any confusion a misused hardware name may cause.

Also, before I begin, let me just say that the issues hereafter discussed apply to a computer separate from this one. This computer works fine, but the one I will be talking about, my computer, is the one without an internet connection at the moment.

So recently, my network adapter decided to stop working. I won't go into the details, but it's completely fried, and I'd much rather spend the money to get a new one instead of go through the hassel of trying to fix my old one. And thus we come to question number one:

Do most (if not all) network adapter cards work with most PCs? I have a Dell Dimension 4500 with Windows XP Home edition with highspeed cable internet, so would pretty much any network adapter do the job? My stepdad, who is fairly computer-literate (though often too cocky about it) says that pretty much all network adapters will work with any computer, unless the computer and network adapter are old or new, respectively. Also, what are the most reliable brands of network adapters? What kind of details about the product should I look for when purchasing?

Now on to the second part of my post: wireless internet adapter. For a while, my computer has been a few feet from the router because we had/have no way for a cord to reach anywhere else, particu... Read more

Answer:Network Adapter/Wireless Adapter compatability

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So, I've been using Ethernet for a while now to access the internet on my PC. I never really use it because I'm always using wireless, but few months back my wireless just suddenly stopped working so I've been using an Ethernet cable ever since.

Anyway, I wanna get back to using wireless but the problem is: I don't know how. I have no wireless adapters and no wireless option to set up a new wireless connection.

I go into: Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center > Set up a New Connection or Network > Connect to the Internet > But, the only option I get are Broadband (PPPoE) or Dial-Up. Shouldn't a wireless option be here?

I then look to: Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections but there's only one icon there: Local Area Connection and that's my Ethernet cable which I'm using right now. Shouldn't there be a lot more here?

I've gone into Device Manager and checked my Network adapters but there's only one: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller. My other PC (literally, the exact same PC to this one) in the room next door works fine and has got a bunch of other adapters, I have no idea what's happened to this.

Yeah, I'm a newbie to this. Basically, I want to start using a wireless connection but I have no idea how.

Answer:How do I change to wireless? No wireless option, no wireless adapter

What is the make and model of the PC? Is it a laptop? Is there by any chance a switch that turns the wifi on/off?

If the wifi worked in the past and suddenly stopped working, I would suspect that the adapter failed but it could also be switched off or the driver got corrupted or otherwise disabled somehow.

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I've been using my USB adapter for quite awhile now and decided to go back to my laptop's wireless adapter and when i did it refuses to connect to my Internet.
I try diagnostics but it says there is no problems but it would keep verifying if the network diagnostics service is active. However it is functioning but still doesn't find a reason to why my internal adapter isn't connecting to the Internet.
Could it be that my laptop's network adapter is not functioning? 

Answer:my wireless adapter won't connect but my usb adapter can

Did you check your wireless settings to make sure the device is enabled?Control Panel/Network and Sharing Center/Change adapter settings which is on the upper left side of the page.What does it say for the laptop's built in wireless adapter?To answer your question, yes it is possible that it's "broken" and will not work.

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I have a laptop dell xps M1210 with Intel(R) PROSet 3495 ABG. It has been working well for several years.

Yesterday morning I got an error: "Problem applying profile", then it couldn't been connected.

I did a lot of things.
1) Update the driver from 10.5 to version 12.1
2) Make sure "Wireless Zero Configuration" service started.
3) Uninstall the wireless adapter and reinstall it.
4) reboot the machine.

It is not working today. The error becomes "Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless Software was unable to detect a supported wireless adapter.".
By checking the device manager for connectivity, everything looks good.

One thing I must mention is sometimes I got an error that is "Microsoft Help and Support Center has encountered a problem and needs to close...."

The detail is Error signature
AppName:helpctr.exe AppVer: 5.1.2600.5512 ModName: ntdll.dll
ModVer: 5.1.2600.5512 Offset: 0000100b.

I am frustered but I don't want to reinstall windows system.
My OS is win xp pro sp3.

Thanks for your reading and help.

Answer:Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless Software was unable to detect a supported wireless adapter.

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i have an acer laptop and recently updated my computer with th latest intel pro/wireless software. and this is what happened.

When I right click on the Wireless icon -everything is greyed out except for
- When I click the Troubleshooter the message is CURRENTLY THERE ARE NO
-When I click on OPEN Intel proset Wireless the pop says Intel
PROset/Wireless was unable to detect a supported wireless adapter. Pls.
install a supported wireless adapter.

* If I go to drivers and look at Network Adapters - it shows Intel
PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection in green but if I right click it, I
see a pop-up that says ADAPTER STATE NOT FOUND IN REGISTRY. If I click OK
button on the pop up, it shows a window with 5 tabs( General,
Advanced,Driver, Details, Resources) - In the general category its says"
This device is working properly" and the Device usage shows Device enabled.

i uninstalled both the drivers and the sofware and reverted to the old one but to no success.
after doin a lot of research i have to come to know a piece of program that tells me that i have 3 wireless adapters. probably the duplicates? but how do i remove them and make my wireless right

Answer:Intel PROset/Wireless was unable to detect a supported wireless adapter. Pls. install

its an intel pro/wireless 2200BG

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Please help  Symptoms:Cannot establish connection to wireless network (either association fails or unable to obtain IP configuration)Periodically unable to detect broadcast signal from wireless access pointWireless radio deactivates itself off from time to time  Steps taken to diagnose/resolve problem:Other PCs successfully connect to Internet via same wireless network, signal strength/stability optimalNo physical barriers or signal interference between problem PC and wireless access pointSSID and network encryption settings entered correctly in router setupSSID and network encryption settings entered correctly in wireless connection management utilitiesProblem PC can connect to Internet via wired connection to cable modemProblem PC can connect to Internet via wired connection to access pointHardware wireless radio switch toggled to 'On' positionWireless radio powered on through ThinkVantage Access Connections utility (until self-deactivation)No errors, conflicts or malfunctions indicated for wireless network adapter under Device ManagerLatest driver software for wireless network adapter installed (vers Protocol installed for device and set to automatically obtain IP and DNS server addressesAll wireless network adapter properties set to default valuesOption to automatically switch off wireless network adapter is de-selected Problem persists regardless of whether using ThinkVantage Access Connections utility or Windows XP to manage wir... Read more

Answer:Malfunctioning wireless network adapter (Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AG)

I have similar experience too, but malfunction only happens when I am trying to connect to my school network which is WPA2-enterprise or WPA-enterprise. My wireless seems to work fine at home with WPA-personal. All other laptops work fine (so it is my laptop). The signal is fine because it register 100% strength. Basically, mine works for a few minutes, then it starts malfunctioning (school network only). During malfunction, it cannot detect any wireless network (even those that aren't WPA-enterprise). When it can detect wireless network again, it may or may not be able to reconnect to the school network.

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Hi all, I've setup a wireless network useing the Microsoft MN-700 wireless basestation and wireless pci card and wondering if anyone has had any luck running like Linksys or Dlink wireless adapters with microsoft wireless access points or basestations?
I want to hook a PS2 to my network but its in a different part of the house. And only a few companys make wireless adapters for the consoles. I'm looking at the one made my Linksys from Compusa or Bestbuy. Any help would be great. Thanks

Answer:Running Microsoft wireless basestation with Linksys wireless adapter questions.

As long as they use the same standard you will be fine, the AP you have supports 802.11b and 802.11g so get an adapter that supports one of them.

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I have been experiencing wireless wifi connection problems with my HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop. I am running xppro (I went from vista to xp pro..took a long time as I am slow) Anyway, I read that you can add another wireless network card as a work around, in the event that the internal wireless card breaks/dies.

I bought a BelkinWirelss G USB network adapter- F5D7050 and tried to install it on this laptop. I was able to install it on my IBM T23 and Gateway laptop. I had to disable the radio on the gateway before it worked. The IBM is old and has no built in wireless card. ON my HP pavilion dv6000, I slid the wireless button to disable and also went into device manager and disable there too.

For some reason after loading the Belkin in, it does not find any wireless networks. I called Belkin and spoke with their help desk but they were not helpful. My question, short of disabling my HP wireless card, do I have to remove the actual software (uninstall broadcom ) so the computer will look only at the belkin software?

My HP laptop, warrantied expired 2 months ago. Any help would be appreciated..

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I will start this off by freely admitting I'm not great with computers and usually don't know what I'm talking about.

I have an Acer Aspire 4720Z laptop.
I recently wiped it clean and installed Windows XP, and have not been able to connect to wireless internet ever since.
I used the Acer website to download the drivers, extracted all the files, etc.

When I open Intel PROSet/Wireless, I get an error message that it is "unable to detect a supported wireless adapter. Please install a supported adapter."

Also, Intel PROSet/Wireless does not appear on my Device Manager. (The only things that are listed under "Network adapters" is 1394 Net Adapter and Broadcom Netlink Gigabit Ethernet.) I feel like that's probably part of the problem, even if I'm not sure why, haha.

What can I do to get my wireless access back?

Thank you.

Answer:Intel PROSet/Wireless unable to detect a supported wireless adapter

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I have a x61 with built-in wireless Intel WiFi Link 4965AGN network adpater (driver updated to latest version Just converted my wireless 802.11g router (Linksys) to a 802.11n router (D-Link DIR-655).  Wired connection works great, but wireless is not able to connect in 802.11n mode (only connect in 802.11g mode at the slower 54Mbps). ThinkVantage Access Connections (updated to version 5.02) can identify the new router as 802.11n at 100% signal strength but is not able to connect in 802.11n mode.  Tried to edit the wireless mode of the location profile in Access Connections but there is no selection for 802.11n.  I cannot find any more setup I can edit.  Any known issue with ThinkVantage for 802.11n connection or compatibility issue with Intel WiFi Link 4965 AGN network adaptor?   


Go to Solution.

Answer:Wireless AGN network adapter unable to connect to wireless N Router in 802.11n mode

awkc wrote:  802.11n router (D-Link DIR-655).  Wired connection works great, but wireless is not able to connect in 802.11n mode (only connect in 802.11g mode at the slower 54Mbps). The DIR-655 only operates in the 2.4 Ghz WiFi band so you will never get 270 Mpbs connections from a 4965AGN (which is properly 802.11n Draft 2 compliant dual band device) with it. You need a 802.11n dual band router to get full 802.11n speeds with a 4965AGN. Try enabling WPA2/AES encryption on both the 4965AGN card and your DIR-655 router and you may be able to get 130 Mps connections. Better still, ditch the DIR-655 and get a Linksys WRT-610N or similar (that is, a dual band 802.11n Draft 2 compliant router).Cheers, Bill 

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Hey guys, need some urgent help here.

I have a program on my computer called Intel(R) My WiFi Technology, which has something to do with my network adapter (Intel (R) WiFi Link 1000 BGN). I recently had an annoying notice popping up from this program saying 'The Wireless Network Adaptoor could not be found'. So I decided that I should find a solution on Intel's forums. I came across a thread that discussed my problem, and one of the Intel workers mentioned that Uninstalling and Reinstalling the program would be the best solution. So I followed the steps and came across a huge problem . Turns out that once I removed this program, my computer wouldn't connect to my wireless network in my house. I went onto my other devices throughout the home and they all seemed to be working fine, and that my router was still working fine aswell. I went onto my other computer and downloaded the program onto my USB, and installed it back onto my original computer. There still wasn't any difference, and my computer still currently can't connect to my wireless access point. I've rolled back drivers, updated them, and I've refreshed wireless network adapters in my Network and Sharing Center in Control Point. I'm starting to run out of ideas, and I really need some help. My computer can still detect networks though, but I've discovered it can connect to my Mobile Phone's Access Point, meaning I can connect to 3G through my phone. I'm sus... Read more

Answer:Uninstalled/Reinstalled Wireless Network Adapter - Can't connect to Wireless Router

Make sure you have the latest wireless driver from your laptop manufacturer's web site.

Delete all wireless profiles. Then try again to connect.

Please attach a screen shot of the Networks page of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector and show ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista or 7 type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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I am using a Tosiba L650-10M (Part no:PSK1JE-00S00XAR) notebook.This laptop came preinstalled with windows 7 64bit home edition.The Wireless adapter was working properly.But suddenly a couple of days back,The Wireless network adapter stopped working.It doesn't show up in device manager as well(Not in other devices).The LED for wireless adapter (orange colour) is not on(It switches on for fraction of second and goes off when system starts).I uninstalled the driver and thought of reinstalling it again.But even though it is not working.I updated the BIOS to iNSYDE 2.40.Then i installed Windows 10 hoping any new updates might fix it.But it dint help.Is there a problem with hardware?Because the LED is not on(This laptop neither has a external switch for switching on adapter nor the function key working),Please help..I have attached the image of details of my system.


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my wireless adapter was not recognized then i installed the wireless network adapter driver 6hwc05ww for my thinkpad R51. now the device is working problem is i cannot control the adapter with Fn+F5 hotkey it only works for the bluetooth adapter. please can anyone tell me what to do to resolve this problem. i am using windows xp service pack 2.

Answer:thinkpadR51 fn+f5 not working for wireless adapter after installing wireless driver 6hwc05ww

do you have these items installed they are required for it to work properly ?Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 or later?Access Connections for Windows XP version 5.71 or higher?ThinkPad Power Management Driver for Windows 98 SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7 version 1.60 or higher?Hotkey Features Integration for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 version 3.02.0000 or higher

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Hi. I have an IBM T40 Thinkpad laptop running Windows XP with CISCO Aironet Client Utility installed to manage my wireless networks. I don't understand the point of this utility as I find the Windows XP wireless connection management more reliable and straightforward, but I don't know how to disable this thing. I would if I could and I have tried, although not that hard.

Anyway, I was using the CISO Aironet Client Utility (or whatever it's called) fine, then I visited a friend's house and needed to get on his network. He started poking around and one day it was working and the next it was broken. It kept saying it couldn't find a radio signal or that it was off. I came home and it wasn't working for a month or so.

One day, I messed around with it and it started working again. Only problem now is whenever I shut down my laptop and re-open it, it never reconnects to my wireless connection automatically. I always have to do it by hand.

Any suggestions here? How can I get it to reconnect automatically and if I can't, how can I get it to use the Windows wireless features that are built in and bypass this CISCO stuff?


Answer:CISCO PCI Wireless LAN Adapter (Aironet) Won't Auto-Connect to Wireless Network

i'll move to netwroking you should get a better response

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Hi All, I have ThinkPad R500 2714 - CTO laptop. And I am in a great need of 64 Bit wireless drivers. My Wireless card isThinkPad 11b/g Wireless LAN Mini PCI Express Adapter III.  I have 2 operating system CDs with me, they are:1. Windows Server 2008 64 bit.2. Windows XP SP2 64 Bit. I tried installing Windows 7 64 bit wireless drivers it installed successfully but not able to connect to the internet. I tried installing Vista 64 bit Wireless drivers it gave an error saying OS not supported. I didn't find drivers for Win Server 2008 64 bit or Win XP 64 bit. Can any one help me in finding Wireless drivers for either of above two OS??  Its very urgent, thanks in advance Pratap

Answer:R500 2714-CTO :Need 64bit Wireless drivers-ThinkPad 11b/g Wireless LAN Mini PCI Express Adapter III


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Hi all, new to this site and also to owning a laptop. Bought what I believe to be 2009 Thinkpad R500. It works well with windows 7 installed. I bought it  so that I could stream music in my shop connected to my stereo. I sometimes think I should have maybe save up a little more and bought a new laptop. Paid $200 for it. Anyway I was wondering if anyone could tell if the item below will work with my laptop? My thoughts are to some time in the near future to also install an outdoor wifi antenna on my house. One thing I did notice in my shop which confused me a little was when I had my laptop and my wife's laptop down in my shop, her signal strength was around 20 mbps and mine only showed 13 mbps. Any ideas to why?    Add Long Range Wi-Fi to your Computer: Whether you're using a Mac or Windows laptop or desktop PC, the UA600 attaches to an available USB port (2 USB ports for maximum performance) on your computer and provides long range Wi-Fi connectivity for connecting to your home Wi-Fi network or a Wi-Fi hotspot.Maximum Wi-Fi Range: The internal High Power 600mW Amplifier (12x the power of standard adapters) is optimally paired with a High Power 5dBi Wi-Fi antenna to provide maximum wireless range and performance. Simple Setup: Setup is quick and simple: Insert the installation CD, install the software and plug in the High Power USB Adapter. Great for Power Users: The High Power USB Adapter is designed for Wi-Fi users that demand the most fro... Read more

Answer:Will it work with R500? Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-300N 600mW USB Adapter.

Welcome to the forum!
I'd stay away from the offering that you're considering.
If you want to spend money, get a proper wireless router that runs on both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands and call it a day. Your wireless card (which we know nothing of at this moment) can also be upgraded if so required, under certain conditions.
Good luck.

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Mine is Dell Inspiron 3537, Os: Windows 7 Ultimate x64. My laptop wifi works fine for some period of time, but suddenly the current wireless connection gets disconnected and no wireless networks appear in the list. The network connection icon in taskbar changes to no network connection (small monitor with yellow exclamation icon). The wireless adapter is still enabled only.
Well i found a way to bring back the connection and to show the available wireless networks by disabling and enabling the dell wireless adapter under "change adapter settings" in Network and sharing center. But this problem keeps repeating at unpredictable intervals and i have to disable and enable the wireless adapter everytime!. Please help me with a solution.
I have already tried the following,
1. Re-installing,updating wireless network drivers.
2. Re-installing entire OS with full format of all hard drives.
3. Disabled (unchecked) "allow computer to turn off this device to save power" option under power management tab of dell wireless adapter properties.
4. Changed the power saving options for wireless adapter to "maximise perfomance" for both on battery and plugged in modes.
Having tried all these still no luck, the problem persists. I borrowed a digisol wireless USB adapter from my friend. this works fine all the time with no issues.
I have no idea why mine is not working properly. please do help.

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Opinion please: I have an hp pavilion laptop dv2000 and I am going to purchase either a wireless pc plug in module card or one that has a usb adapter.. would like opinions on which one is better for the long run.. I am looking at a Netgear one. both say compatible with windows xp which is what I have. and my router is a netgear already.

Answer:Solved: Wireless plug in module card vse wireless usb adapter

wireless module wouldn't work, ended up with the usb port adapter. Will try it tonight.. Wish me luck

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Hi everyone: Iím having an extremely frustrating problem connecting to my Netgear DG384G v3 wireless router in my flat.

In short:

Ever since I reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled Windows XP Pro, internet browsers do not detect a connection to the internet despite a wireless connection being detected in the network connections (and the icon in the system tray) when my wireless adapter is plugged into my PC. Connection problems only occurred after the reformat, another PC in my flat connects wirelessly to our router with no problems (before, during & after the time I reformatted; Iím posting this using his PC) and the router config settings have definitely not been changed in any way so its not a router problem. It appears that the wireless adapter is able to detect a signal from the router but the router is not sending information to the adapter (I canít even connect to the router setup IP address

More detailed:

1) I wiped the PCís harddrive then reinstalled Windows XP Pro Ė I thought the recovery disk would have drivers with it (like others Iíd used) but it didnít so I had to manually find nVidia chipset & 3com Ethernet controller drivers and SP1 (for USB 2.0 functionality), download them on another PC and transfer and install them on mine. I got SP2, this didnít change anything, I changed back to SP1, still no change to connectivity.

2) When my Netgear WG111 v2 wireless adapter is plugged into a USB port, Windows recognises it as a d... Read more

Answer:Can't connect to net despite wireless adapter connecting to router's wireless network

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Nowadays, wireless router is a basic device at home because wireless access point (AP) is required. Sometime, a wireless repeater is also needed in a big house especially that with a big yard. Actually, without wireless router, only a Windows 7 laptop can be turned into a WiFi hotpot or a wireless repeater. Many discussions can be found online regarding how to turn Windows 7 laptop into a WiFi AP or virtual WIFI hotpot, however, the internet surfing is based on a local area connection. If wanna extend a WIFI signal to an enhanced new wireless AP, generally two wireless adapters are considered.

Here, differently, with only one wireless adapter but without 3rd-party software, we can setup a wireless repeater in a Windows 7 Home Basic or Home Premium laptop with only one wireless adapter. This can boost the wireless signal to smartphones, tablet computers, or other wireless devices. Also, the mobility and flexibility allow extending the signal to a yard or a garage conveniently as you want.

It is known that a virtual wireless adapter can be created with a third party software or only Windows 7 built-in commands. But in Windows 7 Home Basic or Home Premium, usually the virtual wireless adapter cannot be created or a hosted network cannot be started. I found a specific approach to clear the issues.

We can follow the steps (successful setup in my two Windows 7 Home laptops),

1. Click Start, point to All Programs, click Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and th... Read more

Answer:Turn Windows 7 Laptop into Wireless Repeater with One Wireless Adapter

This method is available for starting soft AP of Windows 7 Home Premium laptop when set up repeater, some third party softwares or methods can create soft AP for Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate only.

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I just installed a new TRENDnet Adapter 54Mbps 802.11g. It connects to the wireless internet and shows that the signal strenght is excellent (full bars) and it keeps on sending packets but receives no packet at all. I tried everything but its not working. When I try to "repair" the connection it takes for ever and then it shows an error like 'fail to obtain IP. Please contact your ISP.' It also shows many other wireless connections available around but same thing happens when I connect it to any of those connections. Please Help me in this regard. I am running Windows XP.

Answer:PCI wireless Adapter connects to the Wireless internet but does not receive packets.

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Dear all,

I thought I have met this problem before before my two wireless adapters both stopped working.


My case is a little different from those I found on this forum.

1. When I upgraded my thinkpad x200 to win7 64bit, I don't have "Wireless Network Connection", but I fixed it by stopping one setting of Kaspersky and it came back, so when I first found my PCI-E wireless didn't work, I thought the same thing happened, although I didn't remember the details, I tried the Kaspersky, don't work.

2. I updated the drivers, uninstall-install, start-stop-start WLAN AutoConfig... I have done a lot that can be searched on line, never worked for me.

3. Tragedy happened, I adjusted several common options on BIOS, then after several tries I made to make 5300 work, USB wireless died Don't know how to recover it, and back to my laptop again.

Could anyone here help me out? Really appreciate it! I have spent two days on this stuff, if no one can do this, I guess the only way is to reinstall the OS, that's the least thing I want to do.



PS: Unavailable wireless adapters have all zero Mac addresses, also can't be found in control panel.

Answer:PCI-E intel 5300 wireless doesn't work. Then the USB wireless adapter

Problem solved. Thanks anyway.

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Issue: Adapter detecting other surrounding wireless networks, but not mine

1. I create profile manually (Network and internet --> network and sharing center --> manage wireless networks), and it connects to my network no problem, although still not recognizing on the list of available networks. At this point the internet is working.

2. I unplug from USB port and switch it to a different one, internet stops working

3. I try re-making the profile manually as I did before to no avail, also tried switching back to previous USB port. No go.

4. Suggestions? Any help is much appreciated.
OS = Vista, Router = Linksys WRT54GL , security is WPA Personal, firmware is updated

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Hello TSG Forums,

I've got quite the challenge for you guys. I've gone through two different tech support lines, three computer savvy friends, and every troubleshooting trick and tip I could scour off of the internet. All efforts have been in vain thus far. So as to not make this post too long, I'll get to the point.

I recently bought a new wireless adapter to connect to the internet with. Previously I was using an older adapter that my room mate was lending me. ( a Motorola Wireless USB Adapter WU830G to be exact.) At first when I installed the motorola it didn't work. I can't remember what I did to make it work for the life of me, but I eventually twisted my computer's arm enough that it gave in. Now it's uninstalled from my computer, along with (I hope) all the drivers and programs that were using it.

So I bought a new adapter (Belkin Wireless G Plus MIMO USB Network Adapter - F5D9050) read the instructions carefully, and made sure that it was installed just as the manual says. (Install the software, wait for the prompt, etc etc.) Everything seemed to be going smoothly until I tried to configure my connections. (Where the wireless detects all the access points, and you put in your WEP key etc.) The wireless adapter seemed to be doing nothing. The device manager showed the adapter with no problems, and no errors, but the program was stubbornly pretending that my wireless adapter didn't exist. After trying multiple USB ports, uninst... Read more

Answer:Missing Wireless Network Icon; Wireless Adapter Not Working!

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Does anyone out here use a wireless router instead of an adapter for their computer?

Right now, I use a wireless N adapter, and I game on it. Most of the time its fine. I am just wondering if setting up a wireless router with a custom firmware in client mode will do a better job of providing signal to my machine.

Right now it's got a rosewill 150mbps 802.11n card in it.
My router is a netgear WNDR3700 with openWRT on it.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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hi guys

I am constantly getting disconnected from my online games and xbox live parties and it is starting to frustrate me. Here is what I have:

Netgear Wireless - N Router (WNR2000) and a Wireless-N 300 USB adapter. I'm running vista home premium x64 SP2.

Here is my ipconfig :

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Keiths-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection 5:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : RangeMax Wireless-N USB Adapter WN111v
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-26-F2-A5-F5-70
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : Sunday, May 09, 2010 10:23:38 PM
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : Monday, May 10, 2010 10:23:38 PM
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
NetBIOS over Tcpip. . . . . . . . : Enabled

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Conn... Read more

Answer:USB wireless adapter + Wireless Router = xbox live LAG

Is the PC you are sharing the internet to the Xbox losing connection

would you post back the make and model of any modems and routers you may have and how everything is connected together , wireless, cable and what is using what connection to what device

On the PC when you have a good connection do the following ipconfig /all and pings - see below
then when it disconnects repeat the test

i want to see if the PC to internet is a good connection and if you are losing connection between the PC and Xbox only

{ipconfig /all}
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here
We would like to see the results from ipconfig /all post back the results here
-> Start
-> (XP - enter the following in the RUN box)
cmd /k ipconfig /all
-> (Vista or Windows 7 - enter the following in the Search box)
cmd /k ipconfig /all

A black box will appear on the screen -
rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy

then reply here and
control key + V to paste
{Ping Tests}
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here

Start> Run {search bar in Vista}> CMD to open a DOS window and type:

T... Read more

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I got a new Linksys E2000 router a few weeks ago. It works fine with all the wireless laptops I have in the house, however I can not get an internet connection on this particular desktop PC using a Linksys Wireless-G PCI Network Adapter.

I've tried updating the driver but to no avail.

Any help would be apreciated.


Answer:Solved: New wireless-N router won't work with wireless-G PCI adapter

Shouldn't be a problem unless you have the router set to use 'N' only mode.

What encryption are you using? Have you tried connecting w/o encryption?

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hi I ve spent too many comp: a T40, 2373-72U.  first prob., yellow question mark in "Other Devices" >> "Network Controller"...2nd, when i press Fn + F5 (wireless), i get a message saying "No Supported Wireless Adapters (802.11, WAN or Bluetooth) are installed in this system" 3rd, no wireless connection icon in network connection folder..i've installed so called adapters, Thinkadvantage access connection, but to no please how do i connect wirelessly!!!???  (wired is OK).  thanks in advance.

Answer:Wireless Adapter is wireless connection to internet ...HELP!

Assuming you're running XP, here's your wireless driver: After downloading it, you must unpack it from C>Drivers>Win>Wlanint. Hope this helps. 

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My internet has been working fine until a few minutes ago, when my connection just vanished.
I went to try and reconnect but my Belkin N Wireless USB adapter could not find any wireless networks to connect to.
While searching for a connection, the light starts blinking like it is searching, but then it says that it can't find any. Also, when I plug in the adapter, a popup comes up saying that there are wireless networks nearby, but when I click it there are still none.

I've tried reinstalling drivers but still nothing. I'm not sure what else to try because I'm afraid I might mess something up even more.
If you need any more information just ask.
Please help me to fix this problem. Thanks.

Answer:Solved: Wireless adapter cannot find any wireless networks

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Hi Everyone,I'm running a W510 with Windows 8 on it. I have an extremely annoying issue with my wi-fi network network card and I have no clue where it's coming from.The wi-fi networks at my home and office work perfect and I haven't had a single issue with them. I recently started travelling a lot and tried using wi-fi on various locations such as open wi-fi on airports, secured networks in hotels, cafes, guest homes etc. Most of them are not workable. Here's what's happening:I can usually connect the first time I try, but after a few minutes, and hour top I get kicked out of the network or end up with "Limited" access. When I try to reconnect the it goes into and endless "connecting" state. Trying to disconnect hangs the pane and no actions are possible until I:1. Restart the explorer.exe process, which it "Not responding"2. Disable and Enable the wireless adapter though the Device ManagerAfter that in case of some networks I can connect again for a few minutes, but then I all repeats all over OR I cannot connect back at all.I have tried using A LOT of networks in various places, and I'd say with about 80-85% I experience the described issue.I case of some of the networks I had a chance to connect by wire and they were working perfectly. Often I have other people around with me and of course I'm the only one facing the issue, it's not that I have really back luck for wi-fi networks. Plus my phone connects to majority of them without issue.In many cases when I switch networks... Read more

Answer:W510 Wireless Adapter: getting kicked out of most wireless networks

Hi, MikeZyc
I've seen this issue on many machines running Windows 8 with Intel wireless adapters. One fix that has worked more often than not is to navigate to Control Panel ? Programs and Features and uninstall the Intel Management Engine Driver. This driver seems to cause the wireless connectivity to get lost or not connect at all in Windows 8. Try uninstalling that, then restarting the computer and see if any improvement is made.
Best of luck,

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On a Dell Inspiration 1545 Laptop with a Broadcom 4312BG wireless chipset (I believe), the driver installed (stock from Dell), when I try to scan for available networks, nothing shows including mine that is three feet away. My other laptop in the same place sees four networks.

I'm running XP pro w/sp3,
No firewall or security software,
No encryption, passwords etc.,
Device manage shows good, the connection shows in Networks with no issue.

I originally tried the software included with the 'Dell' package which was a Intel program (??), but it couldn't find anything. Then I just tried the Windows program, but the same thing.

Other than a broken cable(s) to the internal antenna, or a outright
defective chipset, is there a Windows 'Service" if stopped would cause this to happen?

Answer:Wireless adapter is working, but can't find wireless networks

I got a similar problem with 2 laptops, one a Toshiba 2400-s201 and the other an Acer 5050, both running XP

I have even tried to install USB wireless adapters, thinking that the wire to the antennae was broken/disconnected, but I get the same thing there.

In both cases I have done fresh installs of XP. If I hook up with a wire they work fine.

There has to be something we are missing in Win XP.

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Budget is around $150 for both. I want the highest speeds possible obviously from both, however I'm unsure exactly what speed the USB interface limits this to so I've included a card as well. I'd be interested in either one based on whichever will get me the best speeds but remain in my price range. I also need a new wireless router as my current one seems to suck, quite a bit. So help me out, you are all smarter than me when it comes to this stuff!

Answer:Recommendations: I need a new wireless USB adapter/card, and wireless router.

If you can use a PCI-E slot, check out this thread:
And his other thread about performance here:

If not, you could always look for a decent USB adapter that allows for extra antenna additions then purchase the antennas he lists. The stickied "Router Recommendation Thread" also has a lot of helpful information and links:


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Hey , I am currently experiencing a major problem in my system . It seems that the wifi software has been deleted i.e. the wireless adapter driver and the software has been somehow been uninstalled . This issue began after the recent Windows 8.1 update . These are my laptop specs :- Operating System: Windows 8.1 Single Language 64-bitSystem Model: HP ENVY 15-k004neProcessor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4510U CPU @ 2.00GHz (4 CPUs) I've tried to fix the issue by installing all possibly compatible drivers and softwares but none of them seemed to work .I've also reset my pc to factory state using windows recovery as well as Hp recovery and yet the problem was not fixed .I also checked online for solutions but since the laptop products vary , the issue does not seem to be fixed .  Looking forward to helpful advices ...   Thank you.  

Answer:No wireless connections availble / Wireless adapter driver d...

Hi If a Factory Fresh install has not worked, then there is the possibility it is disabled in the BIOS or the Hardware has failed. If it is software related... Then we look in Device Manager; View; Show hidden Devices  to see if it is actually acknowledged. NEXT...  As an adminstrator, in a Command Prompt Window, typegetmacThis will list MAC addresses for those items that are present, and may not be connected.A good number would be 3,1 x Ethernet1 x Wi-Fi1 x Bluetoothand then typeipconfigand in the long list look for named devices have a matching MAC address.Along with Device manager this is a way to determine the number of devices.  NEXT  type netsh wlan show driversnetsh wlan show interfaces ping loopbackping  (your default gateway) Now you should have an idea if the Physical Hardware exists, and if does are there any drivers or addesses etc associated with it.  If you then post any relevant details we can move on to the next step. If in doubt please ask.

Happy 2 [email protected]

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I have verizon fios wireless router (m1424wr) hooked up to my desktop. putting another desktop in bedroom with vista and shows to have nvidia nforce but I doubt it is wireless. going to use D-Link adapter. Do I have to hardwire that computer first (ethernet cable) in order to set it up as a wireless using D-Link?

Answer:can I hook up non wireless with adapter without pluggin in cable to non wireless

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HP G6000
ADM Athlon 64 x2 Dual-Core Processor TK -53
1700 MHz
2048 MB

I switched my laptop on one morning and the the wirelss light on the front, which is usually blue, stays orange as if it's switched off. My wireless internet now doesn't work and the broadcom driver has gone missing from device manager.

I've done a lot of research and the problem seems to be common, I just can't find a solution. I've have tried the following to no avail;

- Uninstall/reinstall wireless drivers
- Update BIOS/drivers
- System restore
- Memory diagnostic
- Unplug power and battery, then hold power button for 30 secs
The most obvious answer would be to say it's an internal problem and my wireless card is broke, however I find it hard to believe, how it can just stop working one morning. I keep my laptop on a cooling tray, so it can't be fried.

I can't afford to pay for any repairs and my warranty has run out, I'd be really grateful if someone could solve it. I can't cope without internet any longer lol.

If you require anymore details let me know, however I'm on a friends laptop and may be slow in replying, please bare with me.

Thank you.

Answer:Wireless stays orange/wireless adapter missing


{Device Manager}
Post back the results in device manager
Start > control Panel {Vista set to classic view}> system > {Vista, device manager on left hand side} {XP hardware Tab, device manager button} > network adaptors, click on the + > post back the devices listed there
are there any ! ? or X

for windows 7
start > control panel>
System and Security>
Device Manager

There maybe a problem with the driver or indeed the switch

To test if switch you could download ubuntu - download the ISO
right click on it and burn a bootable CD
now put the CD in the pc and boot off the CD
run ubuntu from the CD only - DO NOT install
see if wireless works

have a read here

in device manager, right click on
Altheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter.
Now reboot the computer, then windows should find new hardware, let it find the driveron the PC, see if that resolves the issue

If not, you mat need to reinstall the latest driver from the HP site

Another solution may be the battery

Make sure the battery is above 25% charge
Now run the battery down, with the wireless switch OFF
Disconnect the battery from the machine
Reconnect the mains power
pressed for 30 seconds on the power button,- reboot the PC leave the battery OFF
and wait for all programs to load - then s... Read more

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Hello friends!

I'm having a bit of trouble tonight trying to connect to my wireless router. Here are the specifics-

Router: Linksys Wireless B
OS: Windows 7
Wireless Adapter: Netgear Wireless G

I used the Netgear installation disc and ran the setup wizard. I was able to connect easily initially, and firefox opened to my google homepage. I tried a simple google search and it went offline. The taskbar icon shows "connections available" and when opened and prompted to connect to the found network, it was "unable to connect". I opened the Netgear set up wizard and it just keeps scanning the channels and never connects. Any suggestions??


Answer:Netgear Wireless G Adapter to Linksys Wireless B Router

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I have a Microsoft Wireless Network Router and a Microsoft Notebook wireless 11g adapter and they work great. I am running the Base station on a desktop running Windows XP and the laptop is running Win 98. I bought a Belkin wireless USB 11b adapter for a third desktop running Win 98 but can't get the belkin adapter to connect to the network? Any advice or help would really be appreciated.
TIA for any help!!!

Answer:Using Belkin wireless adapter with Microsoft Wireless Router

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On a Dell Inspiration 1545 Laptop with a Broadcom 4312BG wireless chipset (I believe), the driver installed (stock from Dell), when I try to scan for available networks, nothing shows including mine that is three feet away. My other laptop in the same place sees four networks.

I'm running XP pro w/sp3,
No firewall or security software,
No encryption, passwords etc.,
Device manage shows good, the connection shows in Networks with no issue.

I originally tried the software included with the 'Dell' package which was a Intel program (??), but it couldn't find anything. Then I just tried the Windows program, but the same thing.

Other than a broken cable(s) to the internal antenna, or a outright
defective chipset, is there a Windows 'Service" if stopped would cause this to happen?

Answer:Wireless adapter is working, but can't find wireless networks

Go into Device manager and "uninstall" the wireless adapter. Then hit rescan to force Windows to redetect and reload the driver. If that doesn't work, you have 2 possibilities. Bad card or bad antenna connection.

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Over the last two days, I've noticed that my laptop has been losing it's wi-fi connection. When I open the network connector, none of the local networks, including my own, appear in the list. I've checked that the network adapter is switched on (I've even switched it off for a few seconds and switched it back on), and I've refreshed the list multiple times to no avail. When I restart the computer, my wi-fi connection is restored, but after a few hours it drops again and I have to restart the computer to reconnect. I'd also note that it's most likely not a router or modem problem, as nothing else is losing wi-fi connection (xbox, cell phone, etc.)

Thinking it may have been the result of a virus, I've run a Malwarebytes Scan in Safe Mode. The Scan log is included at the bottom of this post. I thought this may have fixed the problem, but a few hours after restarting the computer, it happened again.

My computer is a TOSHIBA Satellite A305, running Windows Vista Home Premium. If there are any more specific details that you need, please let me know. I greatly appreciate any help I can get with this. As of right now, it's just a minor inconvenience, but I don't want it to end up being something that would shut me down completely.


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Database version: v2012.06.17.07

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 x86 NTFS (Safe Mode)
Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.19088
Matt Banfield :: MA... Read more

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I looked in Device Manager and don't see a wireless network adapter but under Network Infrastructue Devices I see "Microsoft Wireless Router Module". Are these the same thing? Thanks for help!

Answer:Wireless Network Adapter vs. Wireless Router Module

The device listed in Device Manager would most likely be your NIC (Network Interface Card) on your machine. This is the card that sends and receives data to and from your machine.

Wireless Router Module is most likely some software which enables your machine to obtain DHCP requests from your router as well as support other features which would not have been made available with the default settings. Based on the place you found the module 'Network Infrastructure Devices' I can assure you that an infrastructure device is not the same as a NIC

If you are able to provide a screenshot I may be able to offer a better explanation

Hope This Helps,

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I can't connect my new belkin wireless adapter to my 3COM router even though i have entered the network key correctly (check and doubled checked). I got it working briefly the other day, but every time i try to connect to the network its unable to renew an IP address neccessary for connection.I have checked that the DHCP server in the router ie enabled. Please help?Can someone walk me through the steps?

Answer:Belkin Wireless G adapter and 3COM wireless router

When you installed the Belkin adaptor, did you install the belkin software? I have found this to be very troublesome and have reverted to using Windows (Windows Zero Configuration) to drive the wireless adaptor. You may have to uninstall the Belkin hardware and software and start again to get WZC to work.

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Thanks for all your help! Im all fixed up now, got everything transferred over to the new HDD, got the new HDD installed and everything is working wonderful now. I tried checking to see if the failed HDD was under warranty but they couldnt determine that with my serial number, I still have it but will try again for warranty.

I do have a new problem now, if you want to try and help me with this one! I have a Gateway Ationtec Wireless DSL modem, GT704-WG installed, now my son has a school computer we need to hook up to the wireless internet, I bought a Belkin N wireless USB adapter for his computer, downloaded the software and plugged in the USB adapter , the light blinks blue on the Belkin but it shows no wireless connectivity? what am I doing wrong? am I suppose to do something on my Gateway? or do i use the same setup I did when installing the DSL modem on my first computer? Ive been at this all morning and Im ready to toss in the towel! my PC has Windows XP home ED. and sons PC has Windows XP PRO, mines is a Dell 4500 and his is a HP 7540.
any advise?? please

Answer:Question about setting up wireless on a computer with a USB wireless adapter

Have you properly setup the wireless network? Installing the USB adapter is only one part of the wireless networking. Run the wireless setup in the Control Panel. Follow the instructions carefully

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I bought the D-Link Xtreme N Dual Band USB Adapter (Model: DWA-160) and installed the drivers and such, and my computer detects the actual USB Adapter fine, but the software that came with the device doesn't, and gives me the message "Wireless Adapter Not Found!"... It does say that it's compatible with XP/Vista, and I'm on 7, so maybe there's a problem there?

I checked for special Windows 7 drivers for the device but I couldn't find anything. I phoned my internet service provider for help, as well as the D-Link help line and neither gave me anything that worked. I've uninstalled/installed it several times, trying different variations and nothing seems to work. It's not the device itself that's malfunctioning because the exact same thing happened to the one I traded in for this one, same model, same results. Also, my USB ports work fine (I've tested it) and my router is not far, and has a strong signal to where my desktop is. I've even connected my Nintendo DS/Wii to it easily from the same distance.
I'm at a loss for what I have to do... All I want is to connect to my router and have access to internet. I hope someone can help me!

P.S. If you need any specifications on my hardware, etc just let me know.

Answer:"Wireless Adapter Not Found!" - Internet Adapter Problem

There are Windows 7 drivers here: You need to determine which version of the adapter you have to obtain the correct drivers.

D-Link Xtreme N Dual Band USB Adapter

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I have a Toshiba laptop running XP Service Pack 3 with a Linksys Wireless-G Notebook Adapter WPC54G ver 2. Can I connect to a wireless N network with this adapter. Reason im asking is i can connect to the N access point/router but can't connect from there to the internet.
Also if I had a wireless-N adapter can I also connect to a Wireless G network?
Any help greatly appreciated.

I have connected to other wireless g networks but this is first N network i tried to connect to.
Message i get when trying to connect to n network i get limited or no connectivity.

Answer:Solved: Wireless G Notebook Adapter to Wireless N

you should be able to connect as they are backward compatable

So a wireless B adapter (which I have in my laptop) connects to G or N

I suspect there may be other issues

What else is connected to the N router and does it work ok onto the internet

Do you have secruity enabled on the router, if so take it off and try without secruity enabled

it may be a firewall on your PC is blocking you from connecting

Try the following
Ipconfig on Vista
Vista does not handle permissions the same as XP.
Locate the command prompt short cut in your start menu. Right click it, choose run as administrator, then try the ipconfig.

If you want to always have the command prompt run with elevation
Right-click the command prompt icon, choose Properties
Select the Shortcut tab
Click on Advanced
Check Run as administrator

How To Open Command Prompt From Right Click Menu:
Just hold down your Shift key and right-click anywhere on your desktop, in a folder or on a folder to open Command Prompt. The current location of Command Prompt will depend from where you open it.


its important to do all the ping tests

1) Ping the default gateway
2) ping by the name
3) ping google using IP address

all details below
ipconfig /all

TWO Methods to do that - some people have problems with ONE----

ONE ---------------------------------
ipconfig /all

rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply he... Read more

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I have 2 computers. One has internet; one doesn't. The main computer's OS is 2000. It has internet. The other computer's OS is XP. It does NOT have internet. So I bought a router and hooked it up to the main computer. My internet is fine. So I bought a wireless USB adapter and hooked it up to my other computer. It gets a signal, but I can't seem to connect to the internet. I connect to the internet by AOL (I click on AOL on my desktop, I put in my password,it dials up, and then I'm on). So on my other computer, I clicked on AOL, put in my password, but it doesnt even get passed step 1. It's error message reads that my firewall was interfering. So I put it so that the firewall accepted AOL. I tried again and I got the same error message. So I turned my firewall completely off and, guess what? I got that same message! Help me...

Answer:Wireless Router and Wireless USB Adapter trouble... :(

a router that "dials up"??????

did you do the setup on the usb adapter, does it show up in device manager as the right one, have you setup encryption on the router and not the xp machine?

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Is one noticeably better than the other. Obviously I'd like to get the USB card for it's mobility/ easy installation/ plug and play etc. But will the USB network adapter take a hit in speed?

For reference I'm looking into the following.


Also open to other suggestions (i.e. newegg) as well.

Answer:Wireless USB network adapter vs. Wireless PCI card

i use 2 usb adapters with no issues with speed. id actually prefer a pci card because its more hidden and no extra wires.

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I have a 2.4 ghz wireless adapter for my PC... i just bought a new set of wireless phones and they are also 2.4 ghz... when i turn the phone on, i notice that the sound starts breaking off when i get closer to my adapter (it sounds like driving under a bridge with your radio on), but as i go farther away, its more clear...

Can my adapter be interferring with my phone frequency?

Answer:2.4 Ghz Wireless adapter and 2.4ghz Wireless Phone

change channels on your phone or router/adapter

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I have the linksys wireless g pci adapter WMP54G, according to the box it is compatable with wireless B. I have it installed on my new Vista desk top computer that i bought today with the correct drivers. It will connect to my neighbours wireless g router so the adapter is working. however it shows a signal from my DLINK DI-514 Router but when i try to connect i get this error message "wireless association failed due to an unknown reason".
I have called DLINK and Linksys and they are no help.
I think that i need to somehow set the adapter to B wireless but i don't know how or if it is supposed to be automatic.

Please help me i have spent countless hours trying to fix this.

Answer:Wireless G PCI Adapter will not connect to my Wireless B router but I should

I see the post is pending an answer from Linksys
You could try their Live Chat :

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Ok, I've got a Linksys WRK54G router, with firmware 1.55.04(may 2004) and I just recently got a new laptop that uses a wireless N adapter. It refuses to connect to the router. It sees the network, but can not verify. The computer can connect, I tested it on another, newer router, and the network is working, I tested it with my PSP and DS. But still, for some reason, I cannot connect. How do I fix this? Is it an update, and if so, how?

I'm also going to need to buy a new router soon, the one I'm currently using is being borrowed. If I get a Wireless N router, will all the Wireless G and B devices be able to connect to it? Any specific models that I should get? It does also need to be able to connect to a desktop via ethernet and needs at least 1 additional wired port, in addition to the desktop.
EDIT: It needs to be capable of port forwarding, preferably with support for wireless port forwarding.

Answer:Solved: Wireless N adapter to OLD wireless G router

Yep, any decent 802.11n router should allow 802.11g and 802.11b connections.

I have a D-Link DIR-615 that's worked well for me, and they're pretty inexpensive to boot.

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I have had this latop less than 18 months. This is the 3rd time I have suddenly lost wireless connectivity. Previously It has miraculously return after a period of a week, but not this time. Even my computer tech can't work out why. Yes, I have done all the trouble shooting advice suggested to the many other consumers with the same problem and nothing works. The wireless adapter isn't even listed in the Device Manager. Any thoughts or feelings on this situation or is my laptop a lemon?

Answer:lost wireless connectivity and have no wireless adapter in d...

Windows XP? I was going to suggest using the PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI, but you may not have it installed. Which OS did your notebook ship with?  Reinstall it and then try internet acces via your wifi again. If it still does not work, then run the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI --> Component tests --> wireless. Run the test.  If it fails or even if it doesn't, contact HP to report the issue. I had to use the warranty to have my kid's HP Pavilion 15" notebook's wifi adapter troubleshot and repaired. The HP Service Center came up with the same results tyhat I did. The adapter had failed. They replaced it and  returned it to me. As a result, I had a happier 15 year-old again.

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I have an Intellinet 802.11 G router, I bought a Linksys AE1000 N adapter. it says on the box that it is compatible with 802.11 A,B,G and N devices. The problem I have is the PC recognizes the default signal from the router and it says the adapter is functioning properly but they will not communicate. The computer connects fine with the ethernet cable. Is something set wrong? Thanks in advance

Windows XP Home - fresh install, no anti virus or spyware installed yet
Pentium D 2.80 Ghz
2 GB memory

Answer:Solved: Wireless N adapter to Wireless G router

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Can anyone tell me if a wireless USB adapter is as good (reliable / speed) as a desktop card.

Answer:Wireless USB adapter or Wireless Desktop Card?


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i bought a d'link wireless usb 2.0 adapter to connect my broken laptop to wireless
i have a belkin wireless router that is set correctly
my 2 other laptop connect fine with their built in wireless cards with full 5 bars
but when i turn on my laptop with the wireless stick
it only get 1 to 2 bars
and also can't connect to my 360 to listen to music
i called d'link and they said it was the router
then i called belkin and they said it was the usb wireless stick
usb stick -
wireless router -
there is no built in wireless in the broken laptop
thats why i bought the usb wireless for it
i am only 8 feet away from the wireless router
any help would be great
and also
a friend said windows 7 will be free for people who have purchased vista
is this true?

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EXTERNAL VGA ADAPTER not working. When I plug the external monitor to Laptop directly using VGA Port, don't get any output to external monitor. Docking station works fine though. HDMI port is working fine. Tried FN+F4Upgraded the drivers, BIOS, Firmware, etc. None of the above resolves the issue. 

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I have an external USB HDD plugged into PC 1; I have Router. So PC 2 can see the external HDD, while PC 1 is off, I was wondering if I got a USB-RJ45 adapter and plugged the HDD into my router, would it show as a network drive?

I'm guessing it will not since there's nothing in the external HDD to maintain an IP or MAC address, but wanted to throw the idea out there.

I know about NAS, but an adapter is much cheaper.



Answer:External USB HDD into Router via Adapter?

As you already said, an adapter cannot do this. There are NAS devices out there that don't have internal hard drives at all and only share USB (and printers). Or, get a NAS box that comes without hard drives and supports USB.

A USB switch would work too - you can switch the USB device between two computers. Just take care not to switch over without "safely removing" the disk.

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I've tried 3 now.
All work OK first day.
Next day I get a few flickers where the display stops for a second.
Nothing to worry about. I can live with.
Next day, gets worse. It sucks, but I can live with and don't want to go to the bother of returning.
Next day worse.
Next day worser.
Next day I'm shouting and yelling and trying no to swear.

First one I bought: cheap one - fairly well reviewed.
Next one: one of the more expensive ones. Same thing happened.
Current one (one of the more expensive ones, different make): it's started. I know where it's going.

I have updated my BIOS and anything I can find on my HP laptop.
I use the latest drivers from the manufacturer.
This just sucks!

I desperately need 3 displays!
I have an existing one from the HDMI port.

Is there one particular make that is recommened?

All bought from Amazon.


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So, XP 32bit sp3 isn't detecting / showing a HD attached via a USB connector.

Device Manager shows the 'device status' as "This device is working properly."
Safely Remove Hardware shows the brand name/etc under a USB Mass Storage entry.

I tried removing UpperFilters and LowerFilters as per:

Because I couldn't find:

I restarted, and got told that windows had found my ****, but needed to restart, so it automatically restarted me a second time.

That didn't help me display a drive.


Eventually I found out how to do this:

My Computer -> right click -> Manage -> Storage / Disk Management

Which started up a wizard, which allowed me to partition and format the new drive. Cool. Looked like I could use my drive, as the partitions were showing up in My Computer (needing to be formatted, but that's cool).


Then I had to restart the computer (once or twice) before I got the free time/chance to put anything on the drive. (formatting sucked up about 6 hours of my free time)


Device Manager shows the 'device status' as "This device is working properly."
However, Safely Remove isn't showing the brand name of the HD anymore.
Disk Management doesn't show the drive either.
And obviously, My Computer isn't mapping the drives/displaying them.

Bt... Read more

Answer:New HD, external USB adapter - not recognized

So I went and bought a new external case for the drive, and plugged it in (via USB).

Plug and play recognized it, and said new hardware found.

Safely Remove shows the brand name of the drive.
Computer Manager/Device Manager shows the brand name of the drive.

However, Computer Manager/Disk Management does not see it.
And obviously, it doesn't show up in My Computer

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I have a Western Digital MyBook 1TB External HDD. I got it from my work (circuit city before it closed) and was able to get it extremely cheap. I was unable to get the A/C adapter however. I do not know what kind of adapter these things take or what specifications I need to know. I would really rather not purchase one from Western Digital or any adapter from anywhere that is "specifically made for a MyBook" because I know it will cost an arm and a leg.

What i'm asking is if anyone knows exactly what kind of adapter I need/would work. then hopefully radio shack or ebay will have one that I can pick up much cheaper. Thanks in advance.

Answer:WD MyBook External HDD A/C Adapter??

Look in the area where the adapter plugs into the External, it should tell you what voltage and amperage you need. It will probably be in the area of 12V 2Amps. This may be on a sticker attached to the back of the unit or embossed on the casing itself. Any power adaptert that provides the proper voltage and amperage and also has the proper sized plug for your drive should work for you.

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Hi all,  New poster but proud X61t owner here.  I'm a doc and would like to use my BT microphone (VXI Xpressway) with my Dragon Dictation software on my Lenovo but am having problems getting it all to work. Some pertinent data: -The machine is natively BT capable-I put Win 7 on and that seemed to help it run even better.-I tried using the microphone with the pre-existing BT drivers and got poor recognition results so wanted to try an adapter     that works on my Win 7 desktop (with the same microphone, beautifully.)  The adapter installs with no problems, but when pairing the BT mic, it shows it in the Devices window with a yellow caution triangle and a message indicates that drivers aren't installed successfully.  The mic has no extra needed drivers. So, out of my depth, I'm wondering if this is maybe a driver clash problem or failing that (since that's all I got ), someone here has a notion of what I can try. Thanks very much!   

Answer:No luck with an external BT adapter

hey mptrauber,try this.- uninstall the bluetooth driver that is currently installed- win7 should install its own generic BT drivers.- pair up your BT mic with the unit and try again.Since the BT Mic works on a desktop, could you test it on a different laptop? I would like to know if it works or it doesn't

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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I purchased a USB Wi-Fi antenna because I'm working far away from the nearest router.It's a Sinmax Model "SI-5000UGL". The antenna came with a disc that loads Realtek's "RTL 8187 Wireless LAN Utility" with Windows startup.When I plug the antenna into the USB port, the power light flashes on and off five times and the computer makes the "USB connection" sound.Sometimes I connect - that is, the blue light stays steady, the little red "X" on the system tray icon goes away, and I can select a network by using the utility. Sometimes all that happens is the light flashing and USB connection sound described above.I'm running 32-bit Windows 7 on a Dell Latitude.It happens on any of the four USB ports. It has happened in five different locations around the US, trying to connect to different networks. Sometimes I can connect to a network, other times I cannot connect to the very same network.When I first used this antenna in August, it worked fine. I did not first start having problems until about two months ago. It seems to happen at random, regardless of how long the machine has been powered on, logged on to Windows, or in any one "location".I have tried two different USB connector cords.I have Googled to my heart's content.I can't find the initial driver (RealTek) disc to reinstall.Thoughts?Thanks!

Answer:External Wi-Fi Adapter Sporadic at Best

Google "home made wifi antenna"some are pretty good. You may want to try one or two.Using a satelite antenna dish (small) gets some very good resultsUse "Network Stumbler" to check the results (free software)-hope this helpsfalcon 

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Years back, being cheaper than external drives I had bought an internal drive as a backup. I also bought an USB to IDE/SATA kit in order to make the backup with. Well the kit seemed to be problematic and so I scrapped it and bought another one only to find the same problem.
it then occurred to me that perhaps the problem is that though the kit has a power supply the HD did not have power going to it--it only attached to the 2 SATA parts.
So I was wondering, how do I get power to it? What is the adapter for such a thing called and does it exist?
See attached photo to see my HD. The pins are not those fat ones but small ones

Answer:Internal HD power adapter for external use.

The two connectors on the right are power, far right , SATA, center.
The connector you have marked power is not power.

On some drives a connector for jumpers is in that position.

What model drive are you using?

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I am now using a 2nd HDD in the internal Style Bay of my Satellite T5200-802, which I do not want to remove anymore.

I am looking for an external Style Bay Adapter (via USB/ Firewire) for the above to use my Toshiba Style Bay Bridge Media Adapter.

Can someone let me have the correct Toshiba Part No., the dealer (mailorder) - where I had bought the notebook - say they can only order once I have the correct Toshiba Part No., as they are only specialized on complete Notebooks etc.

Thanks for help

Answer:External Style Bay Adapter for T5200


As far as I know there is no external adapter. My opinion is that you can use your second HDD as external device. I use external 60GB HDD integrated in USB 2.0 Slim Size Hi-Speed 2.5" Hard Drive aluminum Case.

It is easy to use and to connect if I need it.


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Hello, I seem to have run into quite a problem. I have a WD external hard drive that uses a power adapter. The power adapter quit working, so I came across another one that had the same input, but a different output. Being in a hurry, I didn't look at the output. I simply plugged it in and the hard drive powered up. About five seconds later it powered off as if I had simply unplugged it. The output for the original adapter was 12V_ _ _ 1.5A. The one I tried using was 20V_ _ _2.0A. I have an identical second WD external hard drive I was running(which is why I tried to find another adapter since this second drive was in use), however I decided to unplug the second drive to use the adapter from it to test it on the drive that stopped working(since it was the right adpater and it was functioning). When I plugged it into the drive, I still got nothing. Could I have damaged the drive? If so, is this fixable? Thank you for your help.

Answer:External hard drive adapter

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Is it possible to add an antenna to this G router??
Would i have to open up or what?

And is there a way to add an antenna to the XBOX Wireless G adapter??

Answer:Add external ant. to M$ Router mn-700, XBOX G Adapter

If the antenna is detachable with an industry standard connector, you can connect a better antenna.

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I just received a ThinkCentre X1 and it is placed in a room without a good wifi signal, I connected my external wifi card and I am now getting much better reception. The problem is, everytime I try to connect to the internet (using any of my browsers) the computer detects some type of error and forces a restart. The error code is listed as BAD POOL HEADER. I called technical support, they had me run a diagnostic and everything came up fine. I am back to using the internal card and it works fine but I am getting very poor reception. The external network card works perfectly on my other PC. Any idea on what the problem is? Technical support offered absolutely no help in resolving this.

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I've had insolvable problems with the internal network adapter on my Thinkpad T61. Verizon technical support suggested that I simply use an external adapter (USB-to-10/100 Ethernet). Does anyone have experience using such adapters (I know that Linksys and Belkin make them)? Is there any reason to think they wouldn't work with a Thinkpad?Thanks in advance,

Answer:External USB-to-10/100 Ethernet adapter: will it work?

I'm assuming that you're reffering to WWAN, since you mention Verizon, and not regular wireless LAN.If that's the case, you'll have to purchase a card from your cellular provider.However, if you're referring to wireless LAN, then I fail to understand what you're trying to accomplish, so please kindly clarify.

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I have a HP Compaq 6910p notebook/laptop? The external power adapter rated output is 19 Vdc 4.74 amps = 90 wattsMy old notebook/laptop is a HP NC8000. The external power adapter rated output is 18.5 Vdc 3.5 amps = 64.75 wattsI would like to use my 6910p power adapter on both computersAm I correct in thinking that you must match DC voltage, I.E. 19 v/18.5 v = Same but amps and watts don?t matter as my old NC8000 laptop uses less.In other words although my 6910p power adapter can produce a maximum of 4.74 amps and 90 watts my NC8000 will only take/use 3.5 amps and 64.75 watts.I don?t want to ?blow up? my old NC8000 so can someone confirm that what I?ve said above is correct.Thanks in advanceFF

Answer:External Power Adapter Question

"In other words although my 6910p power adapter can produce a maximum of 4.74 amps and 90 watts my NC8000 will only take/use 3.5 amps and 64.75 watts."Yes, that's quite correct.18.5v does seem close enough to 19v that it would work (the basic input voltage is regulated and changed as required inside the laptop) - but I won't offer that as a guarantee that all will be OK.Are the DC ends that go into the laptop the same physical size - often they are different.

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not sure if i am going to explain myself too well but we see, a friend was telling of an external case into which one can plug any hard drive and then connect to usb port with cable attached and use the drive from there it would appear to be a docking station type set up, any one know what these are called and where they can be got?johnny.

Answer:external hard drive adapter

johnny,You should be able to get one easily, just google usb to external hdd adaptor.There are some good deals on EBAY.

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ok my friend has a device to be able to use a IDE internal drive externally
via the usb port i was wondering would something like that be able to be found for a sata drive. The case i have only has 2 slots for sata and it came with a dvd lite scribe burner and a HD both sata but I unhooked the burner for now so i can use my other sata drive that already had my apps and music,movies on it from another pc. the cd burner that is hooked up is a reg ide I dont know what the name of the device he is using or if it even has a name but its pretty neat has a power cord for it and you put the hard drive in it well slide it in and he hooks the internal drive to the usb port thru it.

Answer:SATA hard drive external adapter

This one.


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I was recently given a used Western Digital (P/N WDBAAJ0010HS-01) external hard drive but unfortunately it did not have the power adapter included. I tried to find a replacement through WD, but it appears they don't have the model I need available. Amazon and Newegg yielded results that were either not compatible or, shall we say, less than reputable. Anyone found a replacement for their similar device with relative ease and without splurging on a universal adapter?

Answer:Replacement Power Adapter - WD External Drive

That looks to be more of a serial number than the model number? All I can find tells me that it's sold in euro countries.

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I am running Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) on a Dell Inspiron 560. I am using a DI-524 D-Link wireless router. I have an Acer Aspire One Net Book running Windows XP Home it is equipped with an internal wireless network adapter. I can connect/communicate with router and access the internet with no problems whatever. However, when I connect an external wireless network adapter e.g. Alpha AWUS036H I cannot get a connection when I disable my internal network adapter. I have also tried the Trendnet TEW-424UB USB external wireless network adapter and the symptoms are exactly the same.

If I leave home and use another Wireless point of access I have no trouble connecting using the external adapters which means the problem is confined to my personal home network.

I have removed and reinstalled my router, and the network adapters drivers etc. I have uninstalled my Norton Firewall and and disabled my Windows firewall to no avail. I have removed my WEP security features and tried to run it open with no improvement. I have connected the external network adapters on a neighbours computer running XP to see if I could connect to my home network. That didn't work as well.

Bottom line is I simply cannot get an external wireless network adapter to work with my router. Yet my internal netbook adapter connects with no problems at all.

Any ideas?


Answer:Cannot Access Internet With External Network Adapter

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Hi all, here's my problem:

I recently bought a new Lenovo laptop after spilling a little water in the touchpad/keyboard of my old Toshiba Satellite. I think it fried the Satellite's keyboard as I couldn't get the keyboard to respond and the computer was stuck in BIOS mode. As far as I know, the broken laptop's hard drive had no water damage. I took apart the whole thing and inspected everything and there was no water inside the machine (imagine my disappointment when it was dry inside but still broken...)

Anyway, I bought a USB to IDE/SATA adapter with the hope of recovering the data from the broken laptop. Unfortunately I cannot get Windows 8.1 to access the hard drive. It registers the drive in Device Manager and says it's working properly, but no autorun will pop up when plugged in. I checked in Computer Management -> Storage which also shows the drive, but when right clicking it, every single option is greyed out except Help. I can't assign a drive letter, open it, explore it, etc..

The drive is listed as Healthy (GPT Protective Partition). The drive also had a Windows 8.1 install on it. It's a 750gb Hitachi SATA drive.

I tried using the adapter on ANOTHER Toshiba Satellite (not the broken one - a slightly different model) which is running Windows 8 (not 8.1) and I get the exact same problem - device shows up in device and storage manager, says it's healthy, but again, every single option is greyed out and I can't browse any of the folders or access it in any mean... Read more

Answer:Cannot access external hard drive via USB adapter in Win 8.1

Did you try setting the bios and try to boot off the "bad" drive? If it works, just copy the info you need onto another backup device. Reinstall the info on your new HD after rebooting. You can change your boot order back, but it isn't essential as long as no USB device is plugged in.

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Hey everyone, it's been a long time since I've had to ask anything on these forums, but I'm glad they're still here when I need them! I've done some looking into the problem, and it seems like there aren't many resources on my problem.

I'm trying to connect my television to my laptop, via an SVideo connection. The problem is, my graphics card does not, and CAN NOT, have its factory/updated drivers installed. The graphics card is currently being run under "Standard VGA graphics adapter" drivers.

(The reason I can't put drivers on the card is because it's fried. I'm suffering from a burnt-out, defective NVidia GeForce 8600M GS, like many other people, and I'm mired down in court documents that I'll be using against HP in small claims court.)

Are there another set of drivers I could try that would allow my laptop to use an external display?
Is there a way to set up an external monitor under standard VGA graphics adapter drivers?

Answer:External Display on Standard VGA Graphics Adapter?

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I have not been able to successfully install my graphics card after upgrading to windows 7 ultimate.

I would like to know if there is anyway to detect an external monitor using the standard VGA Graphics Adapter as my graphics card.

Answer:External Monitor using Standard VGA Graphics Adapter

Welcome to seven forums. IMO You should first read through thie thread and get your graphics card driver installed, then you shouldn't have any problems. Fabe Windows not recognizing NVidia GeForce 8400M GT

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