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IPCop and WRT54G

Question: IPCop and WRT54G

I need to allow my wireless to connect my IPCop. I am using a green and red networks. I switched the IP on my Linksys router to and the green network on my IPCop is How can I get my router to communicate with IPCop?

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Preferred Solution: IPCop and WRT54G

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: IPCop and WRT54G

Just run a cable from your Green NIC to one of the routers LAN ports and use the router as a AP, it can also double as a switch. If you want to get a little more fancy you can throw in another NIC and create a Blue zone which if i remember right is IPcops wireless zone (Seperated from the green zone)

Also disable the routers DHCP server as i imagine your IPcop is taking care of that now..

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Question: Can IPCop Do DNS?

I have an IPCop machine in my home which works fine. I right now have no add-ons or plugins installed so it's a fairly vanilla install and working no problem however I was wondering if this IPCop machine can do my internal DNS so I don't have to always address each machine via internal IP (10.1.1.X). I would rather like to ping and or ssh to the machine name. Is this something IPCop can do or must I stand up a dedicated DNS server for this?

Thanks for any info!

Answer:Can IPCop Do DNS?

IPcop does DNS cache services. You should see the area to config this on the Web GUI. It has been awhile since I've used IPcop, but I know the service is there. I think it's under Hosts. You put the IP address and name of your PCs and also you need to assign a domain name to your internal domain like or something. Then you point all your client PCs to your IPcop box for DNS and this will give you DNS resolution for your internal network.

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Has anyone used IPCop. It is freeware, but I wanted to know if it is worth my time? Has anyone had issues with it?Claims to be a stand alone Linux based program that converts a computer into a router. There seems to be an ample amount of plug ins for it

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I am looking for a good firewall, and I think IPCop is probably the best one that I could find that does what I need it to with a good interface.

I am looking for a firewall first and foremost.

But, I would like some good IDS capabilities and MUST have good QoS. I do downloading via Bittorrent, VoIP, and web traffic. I also have an internal wireless network which is using WPA and an external wireless network with no encryption (lower QoS). I would like to give priority to HTTP and VoIP. And, of course, I would like to stop any and all traffic that I don't authorize (IM, etc.), only the ports I want open should be open. And (lots of needs with this!), I want to host a server or two off the net connection (website and mail server). And since I work with other peoples (usually infected horribly) PC's, I plan on having another interface for those PC's (and on a separate VLAN).

Yea, I need a lot, but it seems doable.

So, with those needs, I think that IPCop would be good enough. But, would it be enough? Any other recommendations?

Answer:IPCop and QoS and IDS/IPS

-The best QoS is still pfsense. The wizard setup walks you through it and it really is better than any other ones out there. The only bad thing about pfsense is that it does not have any IDS built in, but it does have a very good firewall.
-Second would be Endian IMO. It has a great IDS system and decent QoS out of the box. Very clean interface and distro as well.
-IPCop/Smoothwall would be next, can do great things with mods, but out of the box not as great. Plus even with QoS mods it does not really compare to pfsense.

They all will do your basic firewall (no open ports except what you want open), NAT, DHCP, multiple interfaces, ability to do servers (really just port forwarding...), etc.

I would probably go for pfsense in your situation since most of your needs surround good QoS. IDS is really overrated most of the time anyways for home use IMO. The firewall is good enough on these distros that IDS does not do much.

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Question: IPCOP?

I watched the Systm Video (I miss Tech TV Stupid G4) about IP COP but I already have a router (Buffalo Tech WHR-HP-G54) and I want to know if it's even worth it to build an IPCOP machine? I have all of the parts already and If I do how can I factor in my wireless router? and can I still use the 4 ports on the router?

I basically want to know what can IPcop do that my Buffalo router can't (Besides WIFI)


what do you want it to do exactly?

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Will post this in the Distributed Computing forum as well.

Found this really awesome post by this wizard. It shows how to get [email protected] to run on your IPCOP machine to use up the cpu power that ipcop leaves behind.


Answer:[email protected] on your IPCOP box

Regardless of the cause, without explicit approval from the powers that be, cross-posting across multiple forums is not allowed. However, I'll leave this in here so others can at least see it (I know I don't frequest DC as often as I probably should).

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Question: IPCop help

Hey guys, I am having trouble getting my IPCop machine workin. I want to use it as a firewall and keep my current router, which is a WRT54G v4. I am stumped as to the way to do this:

Cable Modem --> Router --> IPCop --> Switch

How would I go about setting that up?

Answer:IPCop help

your WRT54G has a firewall builtin... probably very similar to IPCOP's...

i'm thinking this may not be the right application for IPCOP... is there any other features (that maybe your linksys doesn't have) for IPCOP that you wanted besides the security of the firewall?

IPCOP is kind of supposed to be a replacement for your router (or what i like to call, a NIB, network in a box)

now if you wanted to use the linksys for wireless connection, and your IPCOP for firewall, NAT, and routing, i would go

cable modem -> ipcop -> LAN PORT on linksys (dhcp server disabled, set static address to admin access) -> LAN PORTS PCs/switches/etc

OR you could double up the firewall and nat on your wireless network by connecting the WAN port up to.....

cable modem -> ipcop -> switch -> PCs/ WAN port on linksys (all devices connected to this via LAN ports or wireless would be double firewall, double NATed) / etc

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Question: Ipcop question

Is it possible to add a driver to ipcop 1.4.11 as my on board nic isn't in the list it comes with? I found the driver it needs but since I'm a linux newbie, I don't know how to add it in the ISO to the list of drivers.

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Bottom line is I want to run IPCop in a virtual machine on my main PC which runs VMWare Server. I know this can be done but I'm still trying to piece together exactly how to set up the network settings. I have three NICs and I'm thinking

1st NIC (Red) to DSL modem
2nd NIC (Green) to LAN switch
3rd NIC (Green) to LAN switch

I want NIC 1 to act as the red interface in IPCop. It should interface with my DSL router and pick up an IP from ISPs DHCP. I was thinking NIC 2 will present itself as the gateway to the lan (my home network gateway is NIC 3 would not be configured in VMWare at all and just act as normal DHCP client, picking up a 172.27.34.x IP.

My question is, how do I configure NICs 1 and 2 in VMWare server? Bridged? Host? Nat? Does this make sense?

Any comments would be helpful.

Answer:IPCop in VM on host PC

i think you want bridged networking and then in the advanced settings i think you can bind it to a specific virtual adaptor that is then bound to the physical adaptor...

at least thats how i think it works, i would very interested to know this also though!

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Question: IPCop problems

not getting much help from the ircop irc channel.

i have ipcop working fine, except for a couple things. the dynamic dns feature isn't working yet. i have a dynamic dns account with, and ipcop has them in their drop down box of supported dynamic dns proviers. yeay. but its just not updating

i put in the relevant information, my domain, my username, password, although there is a hostname field, i have no clue what should go there, although ive tried everything i can think of. i force update and nothing happens.

anything special i have to do outside of the dynamic dns section to get dynamic dns to work?

Answer:IPCop problems

Make sure the contact port is open? Not even sure if you need to or not. Does the log say anything about a firewall hit during the time you did a force update? Never played with dynamic dns on my box.

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I am currently using IPCop, but I need to do a reinstall of it since a update buggered up a mod I am using.

Since I have to reinstall anyways, I was thinking of giving Smoothwall Express 2.0 a try. I see in the comparison between Express and Corporate versions that the Corp version has support for SCSI. Does this mean that the Express does not include any type of SCSI support? My machine I am gonna run this on is a IBM Netfinity 4000R 1U server with a SCSI drive.

Also, what are some opinions of Smoothwall Express users? Do you like it?

Answer:Smoothwall vs IPCop?

I haven't used smoothwall in awhile now. I found it to be pretty good. But I'm liking monowall ALOT. Very very powerful router solution.

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Hi All
I have tried IPCOP and with the added features works quite well, I was just thinking is there any better or easier produts to use? I need content filtering and some form of cache like Squid preforms. I would love something easy to use as I dont want to spend all my time configuring things.
I have an old celeron 2.4 GHZ with a 40GB HDD and 512 RAM to run it on.
Thank you for any advice.

Answer:IPCOP how good is it?

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I was wondering if it is possible to use my IPCop Firewall as a DNS machine? I know it can be used as DHCP server as I can edit the /etc/dhcpd.conf file listed in it but not sure what its limits are.

Anyone use IPCop for DNS and DHCP?

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I am in the process of upgrading my IPCOP box (had newer faster computer laying around). The current setup is as follows:

AMD 750 mhz
256 RAM
1 GB NIC to Green (LAN)
1 GB NIC to Orange (DMZ)
100 MB NIC to RED (Internet)
100 MB NIC to Blue (Wirelesss)

The switch on the Green subnet is a 10 port Gigabit managed switch (Dell 5012).
The wireless router is a Netgear 802.11g on the Blue Subnet.

I am going to be upgrading to:
Intel PIII 933 mhz
512 MB RAM
1 GB NIC to Green (LAN)
1 GB NIC to Orange (DMZ)
100 MB NIC to RED (Internet)
DLink DWL-G520 802.11g Wireless NIC to Blue (Wireless)

The switch on the green subnet will be the same.
Will no longer need a wireless router. I am hoping that I can figure out how to set up and configure the Wireless AP Addon for IPCOP to manage all the wireless out of IPCOP.

The primary reason for the upgrade is because my blue interface will be going from a NIC to a wireless NIC with the Wireless AP addon. I figured why not upgrade the whole thing, I had the parts.

Anyway the question I have today, mainly for those that have used both IPCOP and Smoothwall is which do you feel is a better setup and why. I will be using 4 NIC's (LAN, DMZ, Internet, and Wireless) and this is not for security or business, simply to learn, because I want the coolest network in the neighborhood, and because I can.

I have been using IPCOP for about 4 years and I am definetely happy with IPCOP and the support on the IPCO... Read more

Answer:IPCOP vs Smoothwall

If your happy with IPCop and it's doing everything you want it to do ..then I say just stick with it ..

I have used IPCop in the past ..and gave Endian a try as well ..but keep going back to Smoothwall because it can do everything I need it to do and the community is great for getting problems solved and even creating new mods to get what you want accomplished done..

With SW3 using the 2.6 kernel, using the same mods that I used in SW2 , it seems to run faster now .. I don't have any numbers or anything, just purely subjective.(2.6celery w/768megs ram, 20GB hdd)

IPCop is a great distro, I just prefer Smoothwall for the community support and I am more familiar with it's guts I guess...


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Question: IPCop troubles

Well, my story goes as I installed IPCop and configured everything (correctly I believe, but apparently not, keep reading). I have no idea why it is not letting me go out onto the internet.

I'll post pics later of my setup (as I am at work now).

Answer:IPCop troubles

Is it getting a WAN IP address?

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Question: Test IPCOP?

So I have a latest version of IPCOP running on my LAN. Just a simple Green + Red + Blue config:

- Red = WAN
- Green = LAN
- Blue = WLAN

My question is there a way to test the firewall from inside or outside and make sure there are no problems? Also where is the best place to get a speed test to verify I don't have a bottleneck for security?

Answer:Test IPCOP?

If you simply:

There are quite a few out there, just try running a few and see if anything comes up.

One thing to note is that sometimes things are unavoidable and are actually your modem. For example on mine I run smoothwall (what IPcop is based in part off of) and i always get a FTP port open and another random port, but it is just my stupid modem and if you try to connect to those ports it does nothing.

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Question: Ipcop vs Pfsense

I'm starting to build my own router / firewall device for a network.
I originally decided on ipcop after researching both that and smoothwall for hours and hours.

Somehow I missed pfsense and after deciding on ipcop, now quite like some of the added features in pfsense.

My question is, to anyone that has any experience / knowledge with either of these products which would you recommend and why?
I have seen quite a few comparisons where pfsense comes out on top but these date back to 2009

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Question: Ping and IPCop

im just wondering if anyone that uses IPCop knows how to prioritize ping in the traffic shaping, an example is if someones d/ling from my ftp and im playing games i do not get any lag, but my ping will go up, just wondering if i can prioritize icmp traffic

Answer:Ping and IPCop

Section 2.5.6

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Question: IPCop question..

EDIT: Nevermind.. delete this, if you would.

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Would this be adequate to run ipcop?

compaq dp2000
pentium 1 200mhz
64mb ram
2 ISA 10mbps nics
3.2gb hdd

Or is that pushing it?

Answer:Minimum req. for IPcop?

Yep. That should run it fine. IPCop's limitations are general Linux limitations. The minimum is something like a 486 processor. Depending on you load, your setup should be fine for home use.

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Question: IPCop questions

I'll have time in the weeks to come, and always wondered about starting my own IPCop box.

(#1) Are these specs going to handle massive traffic (say 5-7 boxes doing random internet activities from web to P2P to data transfering over the network etc)?
Pentium Pro 200
3 NICs

(#2) How will this hold up if I decide to do VPN or use ClamAV / F-Prot antivirus network scanning? Will it still be tough as nails and not choke?

I read this guide: Perfect Linux Firewall Guide (IPCop) and where it says I need 3 NICs, (#3) is it possible to have two segments of secure (Green) networks?

Reason I ask this is because I have two Linksys Routers that would act as switches to different points in my house, and 1 router can't support all 7 boxes.

If I do it this way with two routers each with 192.168.1.x and 192.168.2.x, (#4) is there any way that I could do network shares with a computer on each segment?

Not really looking to spend more $$$, just to work with what I have.


Answer:IPCop questions

If anything - scrouge up some more memory and you should be good

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Question: IPcop question

im going to be setting up an IPcop box pretty soon but im a bit confused about the setup. Right now i have a simple home network 4 or 5 computers connecting to an WRT54g some of them are connected to the switch others use the wireless. Now im not planning to use the Orange or Blue networks just the green for ipcop to start with, Now for the wired users im planning to hook the IPcop nic to one of the switchports on the WRT54g and just use it as a switch but how would i be able to let the wireless users hop onto the network. Im thinking i would need a wireless ap and connect it to one of the switch ports.

Also should i scrap the WRT54g and get a regular switch + wireless ap?

Answer:IPcop question

no, the WRT54G will work just fine. Turn off the DHCP server on it and assign it an IP like the following: - IP COP - WRT546

just take the line out of hte IPcop box and put it into the switch part of the WRT54G. Connect your clients as needed and it should work without problems. What your not doing now is though, using the "internet" port on teh WRT54G. Your IPCOP box is doing that now, along with DHCP.

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Question: IPCop issues

Ok, so I finally got IPCop up, but now my connection SUCKS. I have about 10 computers on it. Whenever I go to a website, the HD in the IPCop box goes crazy. I guess it's just making logs and such. But I ran Cnet bandwidth meter and I only got this,[h]/WTF_M8.jpg
My connection is 4000/384 (Comcast), And with my old router I would get those speeds on tests. Also (it could be the server) I am DL a BF2 demo as a test, and it is Dl at 15kps. My IPcop box is a Pi200 with 64MB ram, and a 1.5 GB HD. Any help would be GREATLY appriciated.


Answer:IPCop issues

I had the same issue here not to long ago. It turned out to be something with the hardware. I ended up changing one of the nics and the HDD and I got my connection speeds back. The card that was switched out was an oldie and so was the HDD.

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Been using Smoothwall for a year now... and I *think* that I like IPCop better... just thought I'd share that... if anyone wants to make a cheap linux router, I'd give IPCop a serious look.


Answer:Tried IPCop today...

QwertyJuan said:

Been using Smoothwall for a year now... and I *think* that I like IPCop better... just thought I'd share that... if anyone wants to make a cheap linux router, I'd give IPCop a serious look.

QJClick to expand...

Ok, but the big question is why?

Details man, details!

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does anyone have know how to setup the advance QoS addon for ipcop i got it installed and everything but i cant really figure it out, its a very complicated addon to use. i followed the steps from the wiki but got really lost and not much of it made sense.

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Question: ipcop addons?

so i got my ipcop box up wasnt much trouble at all. more trouble figuring out which interfaces were red/greeen/blue seeing as how i used 3 nics all with the same realtek chipset

its all up n good now tho and im quite enjoying it. but i was wondering what are some addons you guys typically use for it?

Answer:ipcop addons?

Advnaced Proxy, URL Filter, CopFilter... Or, you could use Endian instead and not worry about getting copfilter to work witn Advanced Proxy.

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Question: IPCop and FreeNAS

I have been running IPCop for about a month now and I must say that I am impressed with all of the features that are available.

I was wondering if anyone has tried to run FreeNAS (or alike) and IPCop on the same hardware, one installation of each Distro on one CF card and/or HDD. The idea being that I could have a SAN and a firewall in one small form factor machine.

I don't know if this is even possible, but I have googled it with no luck, any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:IPCop and FreeNAS

Wait you want to run dual operating systems at once?

Pretty much you could just load linux on a server and load the extra programs and make it do everything ipcop and freenas does. You could also load the samba stuff onto a ipcop install. There are a lot of ways to do this with a hard drive based install. Running the os off compact flash would just add some work.

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Question: IPCOP box finished

this is pretty sweet, i put together my IPCOP box on tuesday and it has been running rock solid ever since, about 2 days now, everything seems to be working great, getting it up and running was a breeze i had one minor problem that took me about 2 hours to figure out, for some reason IPCOP dhcp was not giving out IP's to computers on my network and i could not figure out why, then i figured out that when i ran the setup and gave the DHCP adress range i put in 198.168.x.x instead of 192.168.x.x so i reinstalled everything and changed it toe 192 then it started to work great.

right now my setup is, linksys cable modem > IPCOP BOX > wrt54g > network computers

now that i got the basic stuff setup what else could i do with it? could i have other programs like cacti or some kind of bandwidth limiter running at the same time and machine as ipcop and not have trouble?

and ipcop addons any good ones, in another thread i was told the advanced QoS mod is good

i want as machine like ipcop but can also do bandwidth limiting based on computer/ip complete graphing of bandwidth statistics and stuff like that.

and yes i know a7n8x, radeon 9800pro, 512mb pc3500 ram and 60gb maxtor its overkill lol


Answer:IPCOP box finished

AMD_Gamer said:

could i have other programs like cacti or some kind of bandwidth limiter running at the same time and machine as ipcop and not have trouble?

and ipcop addons any good ones, in another thread i was told the advanced QoS mod is good]Click to expand... card is a bit overkill for something you usually run headless. I built mine in an ultra small form factor Deskpro, an old P3 866. Just brought it back out of retirement...I get bored at times, so overhaul my network every few months. Retired my RV082 router for a few weeks..brought the IPCop box back online a few days ago...feel like installing a few addones like Copfilter. (antivirus and a few other things)

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So last night I was unable to get IPCop to see my 3 new PCI Linksys Gigabit LAN cards based on the Realtek chipset. I then decided to try Smoothwall Express 3 and must say it was very nice. I like the interface much more - seems to look more professional. Also more important the OS was able to detect my hardware with no problems. So far I am still in the early stages of configuring it to my needs but I think I may end up sticking with SWE. I know that IPCop is more mature and has a edge when it comes to add-ons but I never really took advantage of them and the community for SW seems to be larger and easier to use and read.

I am no way saying IPCop is garbage as I used it for the last 2 years fine. I just thought I would try another and like what I see.

Answer:Tried SMW 3.0 Over My Trusty IPCop

using smoothy here too, still on 2.0 but going to switch to 3 this weekend. SM community is great, and there is a ton of mods to customize your smoothy.

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Question: IPCop and MoBlock

I'm looking to setup a blocklist on my IPCop machine so I don't have to install PG2/MoBlock on any of my workstations and was wondering if MoBlock can work with IPCop or if they have an addon that goes with IPCop. Basically, I just want something that operates like PG2 with blocklists that works well with IPCop.


Answer:IPCop and MoBlock

well...with dans guardian, and banish you can accomplish something like this im pretty sure

i kno what youre going for but i dont think ipcop has that implemented yet

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Question: P3 Router - Ipcop

I am thinking of starting a new project and am looking for some inside info.
I want to use my old P3 as a router with Ipcop and use 2 old Linksys routers as switches
Example: Internet to Modem/// Modem to P3 ipcop////P3 to router one (4 port wire)//// Router one to pc's
P3 ipcop to router two(4 port wire and wireless- G)
from hear I need the wire port and wireless to work so one pc can connect wireless and one through normal LAN port

Now for Router one(4 port wire) all i need to do is give it a new IP like (or similar) and disable DHCP

For router two(4 port wire and wireless-G) do I follow the same steps so that both wire and wireless WORK or is their more to it for router two

I know their are other ways of doing this but since i all ready have everything needed for this set up this is how i want to do it

Answer:P3 Router - Ipcop

I use IPcop and it rocks. Modem to red(external) NIC - green(internal) NIC to switch. Then you can connect your wireless access point to your switch. Its very simple to set up.
All your services, DHCP, DynDNS, and whatever else you want is all done by IPcop. I use just about everything it has. time server, proxy, dns, dhcp, ids. its great..

Got to get out of the habit of calling those home routers, routers though. You wont be using the routing on those, just the switch ports and the wireless access point.

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I am looking at switching one of my clients over to IPCop from smoothwall for some other reasons, but I was wondering if anyone knows if the Adzapper Mod is available for IPCop? I found an Adzapper Plus mod, but I dont really like it. I would love to find the simple one like used in smoothwall.

And before anyone starts the this reason that reason on an adblocker, we use it at this office as they love to click on banner ads and give other people their information plus get tons of viruses and spyware

Thanks in advance!

Answer:adzapper for IPCop?

The "Copfilter" add-on for IPCop includes an add-blocker.'ll want to run IPCop on some decent hardware else it will be slow.

More effective...why not Firefox with ABP? And a quality antivirus program that deals with ad/spyware well, such as Eset NOD32...or Kaspersky?

Beef up the workstations with Spybot..frequently updated and immunized, as well as SpywareBlaster...frequently updated.

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Question: IPCop and iTunes

I'm having trouble sharing iTunes libraries over my Green and Blue networks using IPCop, can anyone offer any advice? Searched everything I could find on IPCop, FreeNAS, daapd, itunes and still can't seem to get this working.

From my IPCop box I have a green and blue network setup with Zerina OpenVPN.

A FreeNAS server is on the green network at, and uses mt-daapd to share a directory to iTunes users on green with ports TCP 3689 and UDP 5353. I can access the library and play music from other computers on the green network without a problem.

However, when I'm on the blue network using a laptop, I want to be able to access the same library from iTunes without using a VPN set up. I tried setting up DMZ pinholes for both ports that iTunes and mt-daapd use, but I still can not see the shared library from my laptop on blue.

The FreeNAS server can ping hosts on both green and blue. Anyone have an idea?

Answer:IPCop and iTunes

iTunes music shares (DAAP) rely on UDP broadcasts going to an avahi/zeroconf service, which may be needed to run on both blue/green interfaces. it basically announces devices to the network, so you need to run it on both blue/green subnets and those particular interfaces

if you can find an avahi module for ipcop, i'd use that. however, you're likely going to have to use a real, honest working linux service and set up & open ports for it by hand to the UDP multicast address on UDP port 5353, for each of the interfaces.

$IPT -A INPUT -p udp --dport 5353 -d -j ACCEPT
$IPT -A OUTPUT -p udp --dport 5353 -d -j ACCEPT

hope that helps.

as for bouncing DAAP traffic between blue/green, you have to set a rule between subnets for that UDP broadcast traffic, and also for the TCP traffic between the subnets so the clients can actually browse/download from the itunes DAAP server.

iptables should be able to forward the packets, though im not sure how ipcop handles packet forwarding between subnets/zones in it's UI. definitely something to ask in the ipcop forums.

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I'm putting together a box to use as a router/firewall because I've gotten sick of my linksys befsr41v3 taking a dump everytime I let one big torrent, let alone a couple, get goin good.

I've installed and used ipcop along with a few of its mods like url filter, it seems to support more nics than smoothwall which didn't even find the nics when I tried to install it on my same test machine.

So would anyone recommend one over the other? and once I do get either of two up and running If i switch both of my linksys over to being just hubs they wont bomb out on the torrents anymore, right?


Answer:ipcop vs smoothwall

Bump, also wanna know.

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Question: IPcop or pfsense?

I am trying to decide which to go with, the machine that it's being installed on can either have an 8 gig or 80 gig and I would like to cache so things run a bit smoother. Does pfsense support it? I see that IPcop has that feature out of the box...

So the main things I am really concerned about are QoS/shaping/caching

Answer:IPcop or pfsense?

Keep pfsense on the firewall. IPcop or any firewall shouldn't allow Wan > Lan access like you want to happen automaticly. The following is how to forward a port in pfsense.

1) Enter the pfsense box's IP in a web browser address bar and login.
2) Goto: Firewall > NAT
3) Click on one of the + symbols on the right.
4) Go down to External port range and enter the port for the game server.
5) In the NAT IP box enter the IP of the pc or server running the game server.
6) Enter the port number that you used in step 4 in the Local Port box.
7) Enjoy

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Question: IPCop failover

Has anyone configured their IPCop system to failover to a dial-up connection when their primary connection (ADSL, Cable, etc.) goes down?

From the FAQ it appears to be possible. Looks like the failover part may be automatic but manual intervention may be required to go back. Anyone automated the "goback" side?

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Can any of these distributions set caps on how much bandwidth a given machine can use? Perhaps dropping their throughput after X gigs of transfer has occurred? I checked out the untangle, pftsense, and monowall sites but could not find anything like this.

Answer:Pfsense, ipcop, etc...

I recall IPCop being able to ( you may need the QoS add-on package)...and I know PFSense can because I have mine set to cap the max rates up/down that the boys computer can consume.

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Does IPCOP support multiple WAN connections for load sharing and redundancy?

Answer:IPCOP and multiple WANs

pfsense does, I don't know how well tho.

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Is there a difference. Im running a wrt54g with the hacked firmware, and firewall on. I only have a 5mb cable connection, is there any advantage of running a seperate firewall box/router?

Also, I see lots of users with small lans and multiple switches, what is the point of this??

Answer:router vs m0n0wall/ipcop??

its the [H] factor!

You could be just fine with the router you have...but wouldn't it be cooler to have a dedicated box in your attic that routes your internet??

honestly, there is no good reason for lots of switches or a dedicated box on a small lan....buts cool

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here's the network layout:

the domain, dns and mx are all setup correctly. if i send an email from my gmail account to a valid email address on the domain i see the incoming traffic hit the firewall rule on the dg834g. i am, however, having some problems setting up the port forward on the ipcop box.

i thought the source port would need to be any, but ipcop won't let you do this. i'm sure i had this working yesterday using (on the ipcop box) source port 25, destination port 25 and destination ip address but i turned everything off last night, restored it this morning and now it doesn't work.

i've tried deleting and recreating the port forward but that doesn't seem to have made any difference.

has anyone come up against this problem before, any suggestions for a resolution?


Answer:help with port forwarding in ipcop

Sorry for being a bit off topic here but, i would not recomend running a server AND a router in vmware on a laptop behind a home grade router using wireless lmao. You and i both know that this is really not very good for production nor for trying to learn either.

Also, have you tried setting the wan port of ipcop to be the DMZ server on your real router. This may help sort out your problem.

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Ok - right now my IPCop has 3 identical NIC's and the current set up is "Green + Orange + Red".

Right now my clients on "Green" have no problem connecting but I wanted to change the config to get get rid of the DMZ area which would mean I have no need for "Orange".

I am wanting to add a wireless AP and change the config to Blue rather than Orange but I can't find the right option to use.

When I changed the config to "Green + Blue (Red is modem/ISDN), Red did not get an IP so I changed it back. Any ideas?

Answer:IPCop Network Configuration?

There should be an option for Green + Blue + Red but not ISDN. Also, you don't have to reload IPCOP everytime you can just type "setup" at the command prompt after logging in as root.

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I finally upgraded my works internet from a 1.5 DSL line to comcasts 20mg cable service (more like 30 . Anyways, I have a horrid Sonic Wall TZW in there now, it likes to lock up and runs hotter then a toaster. For now since I am "testing" the line, its running into a VIA M10000+ 512mgs +10gig hard drive and 3 nics. Everything works great, but I am concerned that once I start doing 30+ users this hardware will be insufficient

I am thinking at least a P4 2.6+, 1gig and 4 Intel PRO nics. I will keep a spare router pre configured if this ever goes down, so no worries. Heck, maybe a E2180+MB+1gig ram for $100?

I will be running several plugin's for Ipcop, mostly spam/proxy/ect.

Answer:Ipcop box, ideas wanted

Get untangle if you want something that is very easy to configure, and has LOTS of features to keep your network secured. Endian is also pretty good as well.

Theres no point in messing round with squid and dansguardian etc in ipcop, its not worth the hassle when untangle is pretty easy to configure, you just have to enable web filtering. Also untangle has support if you need it.

If you want to use the untangle features that require payment go ahead, there are things like active directory auth and stuff like that.

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Well I finally broke down and built an IPCop firewall. I have been experimenting with all of the features that are available. So far I am impressed.

From what I have been reading DansGuardian runs much better than squidguard. I have been trying to install DansGuardian on IPCop 1.4.10 with no luck. Everytime I install DG and DG GUI I get the dreded "500 Internal Server Error" when I try to access my IPCop. Are there any "packages" for DG that will work with 1.4.10? From what I can tell there are installs for 1.4.9 and I have tried them all... Well all that I can find anyway...

Keep in mind this is my first run with *nix.... Please go easy on me...

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I just found out that it IS filtering.... But I cannot access the web interface on the firewall. It is now blocking Ebay...

Answer:Installing DansGuardian on IPCop 1.4.10

Not an answer to what you're looking for...but if you're getting into IPCop a big..I encourage you to check out Copfilter

It's these added features that got me really interested in linux routers

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I'm going to take an old dell and throw three ethernet cards into it. I plan on using one for the wan, one for lan, and then another into an AP for captive portal. the box will be used as a gateway, router, etc (basically to give me more options than my linksys has now). Which distro would you guys suggest (or any other recomendations)?

Answer:Monowall v Smoothwall v ipCop

I've played with Mono and Smoothwall and preferred Mono. I found it very feature packed and reliable.

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just wondering what the general conscesus(sp?) is here .. I have been an avid user of Smoothwall for a couple years now , and just recently started playing with IPCOP at home. There are mods and features for both that I like ..some are the same , some are different. I am still learning the ins-and outs of IPCop , so can't give a totally fair comparison as of right now between the two..

Being used to Smoothwall and all its mods and its community ..I of course favor it right now. But the more I play with IPCop , the more I am liking it too.

I like the advproxy, urlfilter add-ons as well as Dansguardian for content filtering .. so that is why I am running with these particular linux firewall distros , because it had that option opposed to something that was just strictly a firewall.

pick what you prefere ...and tell us why


Answer:Smoothwall Express 2.0 or IPCOP?

I have been using Endian for a couple months now and I like it better than any other *nix firewall distro I have tried.

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I need a firewall and user authenticator for a small network with dsl internet.

My PC is LEX Light System PC PC/cv860a.pdf

VIA C3 EBGA 800Mhz
3 x 10/100 RealTek
4GB SF Card

I need to know which is good pfSense or IPcop?

Why I am asking this question is mainly my PC is now a solid PC.

Answer:Please sugtiongest me pfSense or IPcop

I like PFSense a little better, the QoS/Traffic shaping is superior...important to me for online gaming, and limiting impact of other PCs to it.

Try both...can set either up very quick, see which you prefer.

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So I installed ipcop as a virtualbox VM. The NIC in my host machine is a TP_Link wireless adapter. I set up two network adapters in virtualbox for the ipcop VM which are in Bridged mode. I have a few Windows VMs that I am trying to route through ipcop, which are also in Bridge mode. How do I go about doing that?

Answer:Trying to get other VMs go through a virtual installation of ipcop

Not familiar with virtual box, but you would need to put a virtual switch behind ipcop.

You shouldn't have both (virtual) nics bridged.

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Can IPCop be used solely as a proxy server using the addl addons? I need to filter web content for my domain but do not want to upset the VPN that I already have configure using some VPN routers. my though is I could just block Internet Connection settings using Policy and set proxy that way. All request go through IPCOP box and bad ones return block.

Answer:IPCop as Proxy Server

You could just not use the additional features. Check out the Advanced Proxy, URL Filter, and Cop Filter add ons.

So to answer the question, yes.

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what is the difference between smoothwall and ipcop? i just got my ipcop box up and running and im looking for new stuff i can experiment with so i went to the smoothwall website and read the Documentation on installation and admin and it looks like a copy of ipcop?

also what other good firewalls can you get?

Answer:difference between smoothwall and ipcop?

its the other way around.....ipcop is based off of smoothwall

the main bread and butter so to speak for linux based firewalls are ipcop, smoothwall, and clarkconnect home edition.

ipcop being the only one of the three that doesnt have a commercial version of it.

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I am a linux n00b, I'll admit that right away so you know where I'm coming from, I don't buy into the open source community as much as some people here but to be fair I'd like to give it a shot wherever I think it fits.

I have few users at work that need to setup home LAN's with web-filtering, mainly due to kids... since $$$ is always an issue in home environments I figured I'd give open source a shot

I believe my best shot at this is with IPCop & DansGuardian , is that correct? Are there any just as good other options by the way?

In any case... I have IPCop 1.4.10 running fine , only the protected & external interface setup on it. (green & red?)

now I'm trying to add DansGuardian and having one hell of a time

1) I noticed that DansGuardian does not like the latest IPCop version, but I am trying to follow this website here which claims that it should work

2) I have both the dansguardian and dansguardianGUI tars copied on there in \tmp

3) I used tar xfz name.tar.gz to extract both and I have put them into \tmp\setup

I did not use the ssh or scp commands, I used WinSCP to copy files over and then its terminal window to do the simple tar xfz....

now what do I do?

Answer:Need help installing DansGuardian on IPCop

Did you look at the two files:


Seems like they might be useful....

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I just purchased 3 Linksys 10/100/1000 PCI cards from Newegg and I threw them into my IPCop and it can't find them. Anyone know if there are any options? Does Smoothwall 3.0 have better hardware detection?

Answer:IPCop Wont See My Cards

What is lspci showing?

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Having just installed IPCop I figured it would be a good idea to move away from blocking websites using a hosts file. (G0atsie anyone?) Anyone have any good guides for this sort of task? What addons would do the job best. The easier and more GUI the better.


Answer:IPCop - Website Blocking

I highly recommend that addon. Instructions and screenshots are also available there.

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I use DynDns to update my dynamic IP from my ISP 24/7 to my "red" interface on my IPCop. I just checked to make sure they match and of course they do...

Now when I try to ssh -p 222, it fails. I then checked to make sure that my IPCop has "SSH" enabled via the SSH Access page in the GUI setup and it looks OK to me...

Is there somewhere in IPCop that I need to specificy that when an incoming request comes in on port 222 (default ssh port) to send the request to 10.1.1.x? I can't find that considering you could have multiple machines running SSH on the green interface, no?

Thanks for any input!

Answer:Unable To SSH To Home PC (IPCop)

....the check box is right in front of you bud. Check Allow TCP forwarding and forward the TCP port to your IPCop box in the Port Forwarding page.

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Being that we are on such a super powered most awesome forum with a search feature, I found no one had asked this question.....oh wait.... we dont have a search feature. hmm. lol sorry guys, its just frustrating as hell not to be able to search for anything. anyways....

IPcop ...anyone use it? anyone like it? anyone dislike it?


Cisco PIX, i was told someone figured out how to make a home brew version of this? anyone know about this?

Answer:2 Questions: IPcop / Cisco Pix

I can't find the link at the moment, but yes it's possible to make a homemade Cisco PIX firewall. However not cheap. You need a PIX ISA flash card which are regularly on eBay but expensive ($700-900). For example.

Then you need a older intel mobo with ISA slots. Like a PII 350 or something. A case, some ram, and some Intel PRO/100 NICs.

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So I've downloaded the ISO, burned it to CD.

ISO runs fine, but when it trys to load the LOG file it tells me that it can't and restarts.

I've looked at the documentation and the installation looks so straight forward.

Any ideas?

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this is sweet im about ready to start work on my IPCOP box im using old parts from my previous computers, and i just got back from FRY's they had a badass mid tower case for only $20 its very cheap but good for an IPCOP box. My system is going to be overkill im using my fairly old nforce2 A7N8X and an athlon Xp 2400, some pc3500 ram, radeon 9800pro, 3 old hardrives, 3 old 10/100 NICS including the 2 onboard the motherboard so yeah its going to be a pretty powerfull box, im going to be running other programs like bandwidth limiting and QoS programs and other cool stuff, maybe even make it a web server or install windows server, im not sure how much it can handle and not effect IPCOP.

any suggestions or things i should know about setting up an IPCOP box it seems pretty easy.

right now im going to have it hook up to my linksys cable modem then on the other side of the IPCOP box its going to run to the switch on my WRT54G with DHCP turned off and have it being used as an wireless AP.

Answer:ready to start work on IPCOP box :)

Yeah, I have a suggestion...don't put all that stuff in the box. It just draws more power. Only thing the HDD will do in that box that'll take space is logging stuff. If you can, get the oldest, cheapest, quietest perhaps AGP card you can find for that box. You should run it without a monitor after setup anyways, cuts down on the power use.

AMD_Gamer said:

im going to be running other programs like bandwidth limiting and QoS programs and other cool stuff, maybe even make it a web server or install windows server, im not sure how much it can handle and not effect IPCOP.Click to expand...

Nope, the only thing you can do on that box when you put ipcop on it is...nothing. It'll be a router only. No running Windows server or anything like that on it. Hell, I'd even tell you to keep looking for an even older computer personally...that is quite overkill for an ipcop, and you're not even doing gigabit routing. Other than that though, your setup sounds pretty sane, green connected to switch, red connected to modem, woot.

And oh yeah, make sure you replace the stock crap QoS with teh Advanced QoS mod first thing.

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When I booted up my laptop tonight (PC1), I can't get connected to the Internet. I went through all the power cycling of the ISP modem, ipconfig release/renew, netsh winsock reset, etc.

My laptop is connected to an IPcop box which is connected to the ISP DSL modem. Interestingly, I'm able to connect to the Internet (via the IPCop box) on a spare laptop (PC2). If I plug directly into the DSL modem, I get net access on PC1.

When connected via IPcop on PC1, a wireshark capture shows I can't even get past the default gateway (a ipconfig /release returns an error of "An error occurred while renewing interface Local Area Connection : unable to cotact your DHCP server. Request has timed out.") Moreover, while PC1 is connected to the IPcop box it pulls an IP address of the ISP. With PC2, it pulls the private IP address of the IPcop box.

From what I can deduce, the onboard NIC of PC1 is functioning and the IPcop box hardware is functioning.

While everything was perfect yesterday, is there a setting in IPcop that would filter traffic based on the MAC address of PC1? Can I reset IPcop to default settings?

Should I test something else?

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i setup an ipcop box last night, not my first time i have used ipcop before as my firewall but this is the first time i have a mac on the network, all my other computers work fine but not the iMac running OSX, it gets an ip via the ipcop DHCP server and i can ping and all that over my network but the mac has no outside internet connectivity, i dont know much about Macs it is my parents but i did find in the system options the network config screen and everything looks good to me?

any ideas?

also when i first set it up last night it worked fine but when i woke up this morning it stopped working?

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OK - I have a problem. My home lan which is behind an IPCop firewall dishes out the following range to my green interface clients: - .110

The problem is I am now working from home for the next two weeks (Linux Engineer) & I found that I am unable to VPN into my Intranet due to the fact that when I do connect via VPN, I am assigned - .200 and because my home LAN and work LAN have the same scheme, it conflicts.

Should I change my home LAN to dish out a different internal IP range or do you guys have any suggestions?

I don't think this matters but this is a Cisco VPN and I am using "vpnc" to connect from my Linux machine and I also had a friend bring over a Windows XP Pro laptop and it still fails.

Thanks for any info!

Answer:Changing DCHP Scope on IPCop

Change the home scope, renew your ip, then try vpn...cant hurt!

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I'm looking to relieve my Dlink DI604 of it's network routing duties and put an old Dell P3 box with 2 NIC's in it's place.

All I really need is: DHCP Server, Port Forwarding, QoS, static dhcp addresses (lan)

so nothing too complex, just the basics, but anything added from there is a bonus.

I do a lot of torrenting/gaming and my router is startin to barely chug along while trying to keep up with the traffic & I've read that even an ancient pc w/ onboard networking an a PCI 10/100 NIC will outperform any standard home router.

I'm also really concerned about the Web UI of the router, if hardware requirements weren't an issue, I'd be using Untangle, hands-down. It's UI is perfect, and the interface for viewing html/pdf reports of network logs for individual lan clients is pretty amazing, but I'm lookin to install this on a 2 GB CF card or a smaller usb drive.

So what would be the best performer as a basic router?
ipcop, pfsense, smoothwall, etc?

Current Setup:


Answer:ipcop/pfsense/smoothwall as router?

I am a fan of ipcop , for your basic needs you could pretty much just choose one at random and they will all be great.

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I have used IPCop since before version 1, it is a wonderful distro, but I noticed that with traffic shaping enabled it was cutting my download speed to a crawl, about 1/4 the normal speed (i have comcast 6000/384) with traffic shaping off I get 15,000/1500- but thats powerboost kicking in, and with traffic shaping turned on i get 2,000 down and whatever uplink speed I set, anyone ever notice this or get a fix? or is it powerboost screwing things up?

BTW- I tried endian & same issue(not suprisingly, as its based on IPCop), but clarkconnect did not screw up the bandwidth, but it still messed up VOIP calls while down/uploading

I really like IPCop cuz i have a few things installed onto it
Wireless Lan, and a download proxy that stores Windows/Symantec/Adobe updates, it comes in handy when doing re-installs having the updates download at full network speed

Answer:Endian & IPCop Traffic Shaping

Smoothwall Express 3.0 has QoS built into it now a great community behind it and butt load of mods with more and more getting ported over from SW2.0 every week .. might wanna check it out ..might not ..just throwing it out there


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I'm finally looking to get rid of the PC that has run IPCop for me all these years. I want to replace it with a commercial hardware product. I'm wondering is there is anything cheaper than a Cisco ASA that is going to meet my needs. I need all of the following features to be supported by the product.

All ports must be gigabit.

I need at least 4 ports, but more would be nice.
RED - goes to my cable provider
GREEN - used for my home network
ORANGE - used for my kids home network
BLUE - used for wireless

The GREEN interface has access to the BLUE and ORANGE networks through NAT. However, those networks don't have access to any other network (except RED) unless I open specific holes for them.

For example, friends that come over can get on the BLUE wireless network and get out to the Internet, but they can't get to anything else. When I want to use the wireless, I have a hole open on GREEN network that allows BLUE network users to VPN into a server on the GREEN network. Once I'm VPN'd in, I can access the whole green network. I can access the BLUE network from the GREEN network without having to do a thing.

The same thing applies to the kid's ORANGE network. They can get out to the Internet and have their own printer on their network, but that is it. I can administer their machine from the GREEN network without having to do anything.

The unit does not need to have wireless built-in. I'm fine plugging in an access point... Read more

Answer:Can anything but a Cisco ASA replace the features of IPCop?

Seems to me that you're current setup more then meets you're needs. Just getting the itch for something different or are you in need of some new features?

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ok, new problem, i have comcast and now i seem to have 6200/356(this is what i speedtest at) and i have shaping on, it wont let me speed test over 2000 down with shaping on, where when i had 4000k i would test at about 3300 with shaping on, any one else getting these same problems, is it a ratio of down/up speed, like the ack packets taking up too much of the upload since the upload is so small in ratio to downstream?

Answer:IPCop slowdown after speed upgrade

The two latest patches released (1.4.7 & 1.4.8) are very buggy. 1.4.9 is on the horizon in the next week or so, and I would recommend just reloading your box with that when it comes out.

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Ok, basically I want to run an http proxy in IPCOP. Meaning, I want to put in my home IP address in firefox connection settings and have it route HTTP requests through there. I am running the Proxy in IPCop locally but I don't believe this is the same thing. I'm talking about external use... is there an addon for it?

Edit: I see there may be a way to do this through SSH... I will read on about it.

Answer:Running an http proxy through IPCOP

SSH can handle port forwarding at least, so you could SSH back to your IPCop box, setup a port forward from your local port 8080 to be forwarded to on the remote side (in this case it will be the IPCop loopback, not your own any names or addresses put in the field concerning the remote side are resolved on the remote side) and then tell Firefox to use and you should be good. Mind you the tunneling over SSH will likely slow things down a bit, and you might tweak the compression settings to see if those help at all.

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Without trying to screw with source code and to get it to work, is there a nice alternative for snmp/firewall OS that I can setup on the box and have it work?

Answer:Smoothwall/IPcop like OS for Sun sparc proc

Openwall, Aurora Sparc Linux (not a fw distro per se), and if I am not mistaken there may be a smoothwall port to SPARC out there somewhere (very obscure though).

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I have always used a simple router at home which NATs everything and seemingly provides protection. Why use IPCop or Smoothwall? I'm currently running WRT54G with DD-WRT. What gains are there over my cheap router?

Not trying to be flame bait. Just trying to learn something so I can improve my network at home.

Answer:Soho Router (NAT), IPCop or Smoothwall?

bump because i want to know also.

I'm using a WRT5GS w/ Tomato firmware. I'd like to see why I should slave my old P3 into a m0n0wall or smoothwall.

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Ok so now IP COP has started to annoy me for the first time ever. I click on the reboot button and it won't restart at all. It clicks but doesn't do shit... it still online if I go back to the main home page. I also can't change any settings for logging. Default is 56 days, if I try any other value, say 32 in this instance, I click save, and it goes back to 56. What gives?

Answer:IPCOP 1.4.18 won't save settings, won't reboot

Try a different browser? Empty temp internet files/cache.

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Which one of these do you use?

Also, where do some of you all get your xbox360 or playstation Visio Stencils?

Answer:pfsense, m0n0, smoothwall, ipcop

Been using PFSense lately....because it's strongest in QoS/packet shaping...keeping my online gaming smooth as buttah!. Other web browsers and downloads don't hurt my online gaming performance, and the VoIP support produces better voice quality for my Vonage.

IPCop is also great...a lot of add-on packages...a cool UTM add-on is "CopFilter". getting a bit long in the tooth though.

m0n0 and Smoothie I found boring.

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hi, I want to set up a hardware firewall using an old compaq pentuim 133 mhz. As far as I know, I need to install ipcop on the old box, with the modem and a nic card? However, I am using NTL's cable modem 300kb and the software reports that the processor needs to be at least 166mhz. is there any way around this? The compaq also has a 1gb hard drive and 64 ram.

My main machine is running xpsp2, 40gb hd, 256 ram and 850mhz amd duron

thx in advance khaz

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I've been using IPCOP for 4 years or so. So far so good.

I got a new Intel Atom board with DUAL LAN NIC's. Its a great small board, ITX size. One LAN is red, the other green. I have a wireless PCI card in there too, but its not assigned to any color interface.

I installed IPCOP on it using a thumb drive as the flash HD. Everything boots. In fact the routing works, I am using IPCOP right now to access the internet.

Well now here is the strangest problem I've encountered with IPCOP. Everything is installed and working. I am able to ping google, etc. However I can't access the web interface! Its .. I even connected a keyboard and monitor back to the IPCOP machine to get back to the linux command line. Under setup I choose as the green interface IP.

I don't see whats wrong here. Everytime I try to connect it just stalls, in the lower status bar it says "Connecting to 192...." and then nothing happens. This is fucking annoying. WHY IS THIS NOT LETTING ME CONNECT? I even tried from two different PC's, I even tried using a cross over cable from my laptop to the green interface of the router. But same thing happens. I can't connect to the web interface on the default IP and port and using httpS. I even used IE and Firefox. Same result.

I tried to do an IP range scan of to .255. But nothing is responding. Probably because green is blocking pings? But why on green side? I don't kn... Read more

Answer:IPCOP can't connect to web interface

I don't have any experience with IPCop, but I'm guessing it probably has the netstat utility. Use that to see if it's listening on port 445. Make sure the http daemon is running.

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Anyone have some information, maybe like "orange network for dummies"??

i think my problem has something to do with using the proper DNS, since i've been using the smoothwall's orange ip for dns, but i think that i have to use my ISP's??

i dont know which ip i should use for my ISP's DNS... the ip of my red nic?

how do i find out what the ip is of my isp's dns

I'm lost, it's late and im frustrated, help?

Answer:IPcop/Smoothwall Orange network help

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I would like to turn my server (which runs ubuntu now) into a debian (or ubuntu or other *nix) server and have a ipcop virtual machine. What would be the best way to do this? Or is it possible to install like the smoothwall (or ipcop etc) interface on debian or ubuntu?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Debian + ipcop virtual machine question

In my testing a virtual firewall appliance yielded terrible results. Check specs below my main rig isn't very powerful but your mileage may very. Also check this out

As far as porting over the Smoothie WebGui to your Debian box, it might be easier to straight up run IPTables and control traffic that way. This guide is a little old but it should point you in the right direction

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How would you go about running a road warrior VPN setup so you can VPN into your network from a laptop and use your home internet connection to surf the web, say you are sitting in a coffee shop or you want to access the network? I am looking to do this with pfsense, ipcop or one of those router distros?

Can you setup pfsense like this so you can use the pfsense box to do your internet browsing? what about if you just want to access the network?

Answer:Road Warrior VPN solutions with pfsense and ipcop

Not sure how pfsense or ipcop handle it, but you would need to disable the split tunneling on the vpn connection to achieve what your wanting to do

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I've got a problem, I have a Trixbox setup on my orange subnet of my IPCop. (See network "diagram" below). It works great from inside the firewall, and over site to site VPNs. I can call out to a SIP provider and can call in from them as well. The only issue I am having is with phones registering to the external IP address (see configs below as well). They register with the Trixbox fine, will ring and can place a call, but no audio in either direction. I've scoured the internet with no luck on any of the fixes. Here is what i have done so far:

o Forwarded ports TCP/UDP 5060 - 5082, and UDP 10,000 - 20,000 to my Trix (
o sip_nat.conf is as follows:

realm =

Internet -> IPCop (orange) -> Trixbox

Anyone who can help me out with this, please do! I can't get it to work for the life of me.

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I'm looking to build a near silent, energy efficient, yet powerful linux firewall for my home. There will only be between 3-5 computers on the network. I have a comcast 6mb/2mb connection (i know, not FiOS ). My goal is something small and uses little energy. I know I can get away with a cheap computer off ebay, but I want something small.

This is the motherboard/cpu i'm looking at building the firewall around...

The ram will be this:

My main question is will IPCop or Smoothwall run fine on a system like this?
Also, do I install DansGuardian within one of these distros or is that a separate firewall distro?

As for the hard drive, can I use a usb stick or a CF card?

Thanks and sorry for the n00b questions...

Answer:Smoothwall/IPCop Gurus (Hardware Related)

Should run fine.

Dansgaurdian is a mod that installs on top of smoothwall or IPcop. Note that dansgaurdian might make things pretty slow on that hardware as it needs some horsepower most of the time.

You can use a CF card with a CF IDE adapter (cheap on ebay), but note that you will want to look on the forums for smoothwall or IPCop to make adjustments so it does not burn up the CF Writes too quickly (turning down logging, etc.).

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HI all,

After hearing some rumours about my ISP (Virgin Media) and some upcoming speed boosts, I started pondering my hardware.

Currently I have 30/3 from Virgin and I recently hear from them telling me I`ll be stepping up to 60/6 (I`m assuming the upstream boost).

This led me to wondering if my hardware is still up to the job, most notably my IPCop box.

At present it is a Compaq Evo SFF, 733Mhz, 512MB PC133, running off a 2 or 4GB CF. It has 2x Intel pro 1000 MT`s, one is my LAN and one was my DMZ (no longer in use) the WAN is using the onboard Intel 10/100 card.

Now I had always assumed that the WAN on the onboard 10/100 would be sufficient until I broke the 50Mbps barrier, so I`d not worried, but after hearing from the horses mouth that I`ll be hitting 60Mbps, I`m now concerned, but, need I be!?

Worst case scenario I reconfigure IPCop with the 10/100 disabled and use an Intel Pro 1000 for the WAN and one for my LAN. But, do I really need a gig card for only a 60Mbps connection? Also bear in mind that the 2x Intel Pro 1000`s are on a riser using a single PCI slot.

A few points:

I`m quite familiar with IPCop by now so I`m not opposed to keeping it, but would I be better off with something else?

I`ve had a sort of half-hearted semi-stab at PFSense in the past but I was in the middle of other stuff at the time and couldn`t seem to get it to work, I`ve since done some reading and it seems I needed to set up an outgoing rule to allow connections out (... Read more

Answer:Free upgrade from ISP prompt some questions RE: IPCop vs PFSense

I bet you dont get the 6 up.

You have s 10/100 why worry baout hitting 60mbps?

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I just finished setting up my ipcop box/gigabit switches/wireless etc. and I can use the Net on my Xbox 360/PS3/PSP but not on my Windows XP comp what gives ? I shouldn't have to setup anything right ? Any quick ideas ?

Answer:Windows client can't connect to the Internet (ipcop related)

Did you do a ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew when you started?

The PC may have finally just renewed it's lease with it's DHCP server possibly.

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My current setup:

1. 2wire DSL Modem/Router
2. D Link gigabit switch
3. Four PCs. One of which is a Windows Home Server box

I want to monitor the internet usage of my WHS specifically. I am using an online storage/backup service, which I can manually allocate bandwidth for, and I want to be able to monitor how much bandwidth it's actually using. I wish my Modem/router supported SNMP, but from what I read, it does not do any type of internet activity monitoring. (Unless I can upgrade/hack the firmware, which I have not found a way to do).

So, I've tossed around a lot of different ideas that would allow me to monitor my internet activity.

1. Buy a new router/modem/switch/etc with SNMP support
2. Build a Clark Connect/IPCop box
3. Put another NIC in my Windows Home Server (based on Win2k3) and run the net connection through it.

#3 intrigues me, but I have no idea how that would work. I assume the modem would be connected directly to the WHS, then the WHS would act as the router. How would that play nicely with my router/modem?

Answer:Easiest/Cheapest way to monitor internet bandwidth/activity? IPCOP?

Since you mentioned you mostly just want the WHS box to be monitored why not just use an app that monitors your net usage on that box, I know its pretty ugly but it'll do the trick without having to buy any new hardware or doing some wacky network setup. I know there are some free and some commercial software for windows that does this just fine and makes pretty graphs but right now the names of any of them escape me, mostly becasue I use Tomato on my WRT54G to monitor my entire network bandwidth

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IPcop current version.

Is there any solution for this problem? I am trying to install on a 20GB ide drive and getting the "unable to make log file system" error.

I am trying to install it in a REX PC

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I have IPCop running at another location, using a few modules also, including zerina, which is supposed to allow me to vpn from home or wherever to access it. According to the instructions for zerina, after I install it on IPCop, I need to install OpenVPN on the computer I want to use to VPN into it. During the install of OpenVPN, I encounter this:

Output folder: C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\bin
Extract: openvpn.exe... 100%
Output folder: C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\easy-rsa
Extract: openssl.cnf.sample... 100%
Extract: vars.bat.sample... 100%
Extract: init-config.bat... 100%
Extract: README.txt... 100%
Extract: build-ca.bat... 100%
Extract: build-dh.bat... 100%
Extract: build-key-server.bat... 100%
Extract: build-key.bat... 100%
Extract: build-key-pkcs12.bat... 100%
Extract: clean-all.bat... 100%
Extract: index.txt.start
Extract: revoke-full.bat... 100%
Extract: serial.start
Output folder: C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\bin
Extract: openvpn-gui.exe... 100%
Output folder: C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config
Output folder: C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\sample-config
Extract: sample.ovpn... 100%
Extract: client.ovpn... 100%
Extract: server.ovpn... 100%
Output folder: C:\Program Files\OpenVPN
Extract: OpenVPN GUI ReadMe.txt... 100%
Create folder: C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\log
Create folder: C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config
Output folder: C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\bin
Extract: openvpnserv.exe... 100%
Output folder: C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\sample-config
Extract: sample.ovpn... 100%
Extract: client.ovpn... Read more

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Question: Wrt54g V2.0

I'm having some issues with the WRT54g. I'm pretty unfamiliar with this router, just got it the other night. Anyways, I've flashed it and downloaded the updated firmware for it. So the problem . . . I'm able to ping the router and get a response when I am wired to the router, but I can't ping myself or any of the other 2 computers wired to the router in my house. Also, our laptop is picking up the wireless signal from the router, but it is unable to actually connect to the net. Same thing, the computers that are wired to the router are unable to connect to the internet, although it shows us as having an active, strong network connection. So from what I can tell, we are getting a wireless and wired connection, but for whatever reason we can't actually connect to a network or ping each other? I've checked the subnet mask and all of that fun ipconfig stuff and everything matches up. Any ideas?

Answer:Wrt54g V2.0

Who is your ISP? What modem do you have?

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Hey Guys,

I'm trying to flash my router to DD-WRT firmware but I can't find one that works. I'm getting that "Update are Failed!" error message on all of them. I've tried about 10 different version of the DD-WRT, they all result in that error message.

I reset the router to factory defaults and still no avail.

Thoughts? I've been here to see if there are any responses on what to do. I found this and tried doing that but they still fail...

Answer:WRT54G V6 and DD-WRT

I would ask here

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I'm currently running a wrt54g and would like to get a second one up and running. I've plugged the second wrt54g into the first...but can't seem to get internet when connecting to the second.

What settings do I need? Please help!


Answer:How to set up TWO wrt54g's?

Run an ethernet cable from the Lan port on #1 to a Lan port on #2.
Disable DHCP on #2, and assign it a fixed IP address ( should work).
Linksys has an article on this:Search on "Two Routers".

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I have decided that i am going to install dd-wrt on my router however when i downloaded the code and read the notes it said that v23sp2 Standard was not compatible with wrt54gv6. Which version of the code do i need for a v6 router?

Answer:dd-wrt on wrt54g v6

I think the micro version, (atleast the mini version) the dd-wrt forum has a whole bunch of info on it

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Question: WRT54G To AP?

I would like to change my WRT54G wireless router into a stand alone AP only. I am using IP cop for DHCP and the usual and would like to put the AP (WRT54G) on the blue network.

Can someone please tell me what needs to be disabled or configured in the WRT54G for this to work properly?

Answer:WRT54G To AP?

I'd flash DD-WRT onto it.

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This is my first post on these forums, though i have read a few useful resolutions for some of my previous problems.

Anyway, here's what i have on my plate. Currently i have a network that communicates with the internet via an ISA 2006 Server. Everything from Mail Transfer to Client Internet Browsing is routed through this machine. Before i go any further i must let it be known that i do not administer this network internally, as it is used by one of my clients. I administer this network as well as many others with varying configurations from my own office (configured similarly, just on a larger scale). The network in question also has a linksys WRT54G router running DD-WRT that i had originally put on site to make original configuration and Telus OCA registration more convenient. Now i am trying to set this little router up as a secondary way of opening a remote desktop connection to a machine on the internal network in the event that there is a hardware failure or instability on the isa server.

From the experimenting that i have already done using identical routers on my own network i have come to the following conclusion - The internal computer will only respond to the request if it comes in on the router that is configured as that computers gateway. The problem is that i still want all traffic to be routed across the ISA Firewall until i open a terminal session to the internal machines and change these settings MANUALLY. Also, i have configured the router(s) to for... Read more

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I have read and read the wiki and tutorials and all the version specific info. I have done everything it says to do to a "T".

When I log into the router, after doing a 30/30/30 hard reset and waiting, go to Administration and then to firmware upgrade, choose the vxworks_prep_v03.bin file and hit apply, it says "Upgrade are failed" almost immediately.....

I have been searching and searching and cannot find where I am going wrong here...any ideas?

Answer:need DD-WRT help on wrt54G v5.0

I have not ran into that particular issue. have you posted on the dd-wrt forums? some of their wiki pages are out of date so you could be following the pages correctly, but a step is wrong or being left out.

silly question, does the router already have dd-wrt on it? if so you just do a straight flash with the new firmware.

Posted via [H] Mobile Device

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Question: WEP WRT54G Help...

Alright, I've tried EVERYTHING to get WEP to work on my WRT54G router to no avail. I set a 64-bit phrase, get the four provided keys, put them into the computers in the house through windows wireless network connect settings, but only the first computer will ever work. The rest won't transmit data, I just get a "connected with problems" error in the bottom right of the screen. I know I'm missing something but can't figure what, I've fooled with the setting for hours with no luck. Any ideas guys?

Answer:WEP WRT54G Help...

I guess you have the Default Trasmit key set to one? In that case all your computers should use the first generated key.

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Question: DD-WRT & WRT54G

2 questions for you folks...will the DD-WRT firmware have any effect on the wired performance of the router? Or does it only play a role on the wireless side? I understand it offers additional features..but will those also only affect the wireless side?

2nd...which versions of the WRT54G are capable of the mod?

Much appreciated

Answer:DD-WRT & WRT54G

Can help your range a you can punch up the strength of the output signal. can say you can get better performance....when you're at a distance where the stock output would begin to fall off.

His list of supported devices..."DD-WRT"?#Features_.28Overview.29

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I am so used to enterprise class switches and such that I haven't kept up to date on the home front. Long story short - I currently have a DI-624 in place, but it is starting to have some challenges. I have a WRT54G v2 that I am putting dd-wrt on it. So the question is will this Linksys out perform my ole Dlink? or leave the 624 in place? I know that there a love/hate with both models, I am looking for actual experienced answers.

Thanks all

Answer:Di-624 vs WRT54G w/dd-wrt

I only own a WRT54g with DD-WRT on it. I don't think it's the fastest (as in processor speed etc.) switch there is, but it has quite a few features, which is important for me. I cannot complain about its 'performance' at this point, though I think its VPN speed is limited, I have not found that limit yet.

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