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Dlink Firmware.

Question: Dlink Firmware.

I tired a search before but wasn't getting the right stuff. Same with google. Perhaps I am just being daft, but anywho, to the question at hand.

Do DLink Routers have 3rd Firmware like Many Linksys Routers have? If so, could someone please point me in the general direction? Thanks. Google, is not an acceptable answer The initial firmware that comes with it simply baffles me.

Thanks again

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Preferred Solution: Dlink Firmware.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Dlink Firmware.

It depends on the router, and mainly what OS it's running. For example, there is custom firware for the DSL-G604 because it's running MontaVista linux to support the TI AR7 dsl chipset, but other Dlink routers may run other types of embedded OS which don't easily support 3rd party firmware design.

Likewise, the Linksys WRT54G and its variants are running a linux based OS, but other products such as the BEFSR41, while somewhat similar in hardware architecture, don't run the same OS which isn't as flexible to 3rd party modifications.

So it really depends what OS the product is running as to the easy of developing and installing custom firmware.

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i just got a Dlink DI-514 wireless router and was wondering if this was one of those routers whose firmware can be upgraded so instead of 11 mbps it can peak at 44 mbps. if not, does anyone know the max speed that this router can reach? what kind of PCMCIA wireless card should i get to have maximum performance with this router? i would prefer something inexpensive, under 20, if anyone has one to sell i am interested.


Answer:Dlink DI-514 Dlink 802.11 2.4 GHz wireless router, firmware to 44 mbps?

Uh, go look on D-Links web page and find out. I'm sure it will say. If it will do the 44Mbit then you will have to get compatable D-Link 802.11b cards that can also do the 44Mbit. Again the information is on D-Links web page.

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Anyone have version 1.8 firmware and is willing to upload it or send it to me? I've been trying for the past week and a half to get it but dlink's stupid ftp server is always down. I even sent a support email to them and they answered back after about 3 days and on top of it lied about fixing the ftp server..... . Google search turned up no mirrors except for driver station which had version 1.7 which I already have.

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I just bought the dir-655 router, replacing my old dd-wrt router, based on very positive customer reviews on the internet. i have found the router performance degradation (longer internet latency) is pretty bad over several hours of light use and it quickly reached the state of unusable until I reboot the router. The problem does not exist on my older router. see the chart below.

I have turned off all advanced feature of the dir655 router, (QoS engine off, Wish etc) and didn't see improvement.

is this normal or I should need to replace another one?

Answer:Dlink dir-655 needs reboot (w/ latest firmware 1.21)

Well I just tested mine with speed test...
Before restart (been on for 6 days)

After restart.

Run a speed test to see how bad it is... Or does it even show up on a speed test? At this point I think you may have a bad router.

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Does anyone know how to update the firmware on a D-link DI-804 router ? On the Dlink homepage they say that I have to open my web browser and go into the web configuration and click the "System tools" menu and select "Upgrade firmware", but there is no such menu ??

Does anyone have some links for a page that has some guides on setting up the firewall settings ?

Answer:Updating firmware on a Dlink router

Hey there,

OK, I don't know the specific models off the top of my head, but i assume this is universal for them, anyway, whether it's a wireless router or a regular router you will definitely need to do the firmware upgrade from a computer that has a direct wire connection to the router.

Now the rest is conjecture on my part. I assume it requires for you to first download the firmware upgrade onto the computer, and then you can log into the web utility on the browser so that now the menu should appear if it ain't there. If it's still not, check to see if you have any web filter programs going on. Otherwise, maybe you have to run the upgrade directly from the file.

Either way, I would highly recommend checking their support site for more information, possibly even a web forum. I haven't been there in a while so I don't remember what's on there.

None the less, I hope whatever information I gave you is helpful.
o Draith

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I flashed my DIR-825 to the new F/W 2.03NA.
Wireless is a little slower, but range is 15 feet further.
Could be due to local conditions.

Per all ports are stealth, not just closed!!

Any one else using it?
If so, what are your experiences?

Thank you in advance for your input.

Answer:Dlink DIR-825 new Firmware 2.03NA - your thoughts

Firmware tweaks or fixes code commands. So prior to your firmware update how was the wireless?

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Hi guys .. I'm kinda new here.. I'm experiencing an annoying problem on my router .. Here's the problem ..
The router works well for some hours but suddenly the internet light/led on my router just turns off and the DSL led starts blinking (in attempt to make a connection ).. After 30 sec or so the DSL led turns solid green and the internet led turns red and vanishes after 2 or 3 secs..The dsl starts blinking again until internet led turns red again and vanishes again too.. This cycle continues for hours and i can't access the internet during this time.. This happens on a daily basis... I'm really fed up..I purchased the router a week ago .. I'm really frustrated by this...
I tried to do what everyone would ie, firmware update but there doesn't seem to be any firmware for my H.W version of the router...I'll upload a pic of the router version..
Plzzz help me to find a proper updated firmware for my router or a way to troubleshoot this mess..
Dlink DSL-2750U
H/W rev : A1

Answer:How to upgrade my DLINK DSL 2750U router firmware..

It would appear to me the problem doesn't lie with the router; rather, it's the DSL modem. I would suggest contacting your Internet provider initially, and asking them if there have been any outage issues, and perhaps checking out your modem. If that all works properly, plug a PC or laptop into the modem directly via Ethernet, and then run that for a while to see if that's stable.

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I recently received a new modem which works fine with my Acer PC and a Lexmark printer. However, my HP laptop cannot access the Internet because it does not recognize the network. It does say it is connected to the correct WiFi SSID. The computer is an HP Pavilion dv7-1132nr using Windows 8. I do not know when I purchased it.

Answer:How to upgrade my DLINK DSL 2750U router firmware..

The computer is an HP Pavilion dv7-1132nr using Windows 8. I do not know when I purchased it.Click to expand...

HP Pavilion dv7-1132nr Entertainment Notebook PC
It originally came with Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 64-bit.
It appears to have an Atheros or Broadcom wireless device and a Realtek ethernet device.
Its support site provides no drivers for Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

How long has yours been running Windows 8?
Is it running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, 32-bit or 64-bit?


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SO this is what is happening.
When i upload the downloaded image file from DLINK official site,this happens:-

Please provide me the solution.
"File is too large"
What is this.I have never seen this problem.Please Help!!!

Answer:Dlink DSL 2750u Firmware Update problem.

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im not sure if im suppose to be connected to internet or not when trying to upgrade to openwwrt with this router and having no luck I can do reset to factory no problem or reboot no problem but that is it please help.thanks

Answer:my dlink wont let me update firmware am i suppose to connect

1st you need to download the firmware file, then you need to enter the router's menu to update the firmware. Open a browser window, type in the router's address, then enter the username & password to be able to access the menu. This is explained in your manual & at the D-Link website, unfortunately you didn't post the model number.

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Thought this deserved it's own thread.

I'm returning to post a follow-up; This appears to be the root cause of my issues... on a number of seperate installs. (Setting the WAN Speed to 10 resolves some connectivity issues.

Dlink has posted the following information as of Sept 23.

The firmware that was shipped with the DI-524 has the WAN port speed set to 100mbps. This can prevent connectivity with some DSL and Cable modems. For this reason we have put together this article which explains how to change the setting so you can get a successful connection. Be assured that this inconvenience will be fixed in the next release of firmware which will be applied to future releases of DI-524.

We sincerely apoligize for the inconvenience!

Click here for details on how to change the speed

Answer:Dlink firmware connectivity issue - WAN port speed set to 100mbps.

Bumped once more to hi-light issues for others.

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I have a PC connected to a Dlink 614+ wireless router on one end of the house. A PC in the middle of the house with a syntax USB adaptor. A PC at the other end with a Dlink 520+ adaptor. I also have dlink 800AP+ (repeater access point) that I'd like to add to the mix.

I was trying to replace the syntax adaptor with the 800AP set as a access point, but I can't seem to connect between the access point and the wireless router. Any pointers, or do I just need to forget about it and set the 800AP+ as a repeater only.

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I am trying to coble together two non-working Zen Xtras into a working one. I receive a message: "Firmware Problem," and am instructed to reload the firmware. When I attempt to do so, the firware does not recognize the device although the device shows up in My Computer as a Zen Xtra. I have reloaded the drivers. When I attempt to reinstall the firmware, it states that it cannot detect the device and please connect it now. How do I resolve this lack of recognition?

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Is it possible to replace a routers firmware w/ something other than the original firmware to update from wep encryption to wpa encryption and all the other features that these new routers have? If so is this hard to do and is there a big risk or really screwing things up?

Answer:Replacing router Firmware w/ third party Firmware?

nope its easy, and as long as your smart and follow the few basic guildlines very unlikely chance of damaging the router. Biggest suggestion is never do the update via wireless as if you loss signal or what not could loose a bit of data for the router update.

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Guys I just want you to look at my setup in my net cafe as of now if there will be some problems that may occur... ANd I also have a question regarding this setup...

ISP's are from same provider using a Motorola Canopy.
Routers are connected for gamers to play LAN games.
Router 1 has an IP of
Router 2 has an IP of
Default Gateway of Client PC's and Server 1 connected in Router 1 were configured manually to
Default Gateway of Client PC's and Server 2 connected in Router 2 were configured manually to

My question is...
Will both of my Internet Connections work together???
or One Connection will automatically shut down and all of the PC's will hook their internet connections to the other one???

Any answers or suggestions to make my setup better will be appreciated...

Thank you very much...

Answer:Dlink DI-604 to Dlink DI-604 router to router connection

I think you are likely to have issues here, why not simply use a dual-WAN router, much cleaner and it will provide automatic load balancing and fail-over functionality.

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I was prompted to update my Battery firmware I have a genuine battery in my Thinkpad edge E520 that is out of warrenty The firmware failed and disabled the battery so it is no longer operating How do i reverse this firmware or disable the battery bios check?

Answer:Battery firmware has just killed my battery. How do you justify pushing firmware that does this?

Hi, welcome to the forums.
Here it is the support site link for your model just in case.
I'm guessing that the computer is booting but the battery does not provide any charge, right?
I did not have that issue, but I'm just guessing, What will happen if you apply the battery firmware update again? You can download it manually from the support site: "Lenovo Battery Firmware Update Utility for Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit), 8.1 (32-bit, 64-bit), 8 (32-..."
This is what it cames to my mind right now, I hope it helps.

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Question: dlink

Without phoning and paying for Tech Support how do get a dlink WBR to function. Thanks . Dave


I'm not trying to be an a$$ but about the only thing we can tell you is to plug it in the electric socket and connect to the modem.rolleyes

You have given no information to work with.
What model number is the router?
What is/is not happening?
Any error messages?
What operating system is on the computer trying to connect?
Wired or wireless connection?

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Question: dlink di 524 E1

I cannot view my website by typing my domain anme in the browser from within the network but if I am on a machine outside the network I can use hte dominnames fine.

I cannot use the ip of the router while on the lan just takes forever then timesout.

How can I configure the router to let me use domain names internally?

Answer:dlink di 524 E1

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Question: Dlink 825 Help

Hello i just bought a dlink 825, it is a wireless n,a,b,g router.

i am trying to connect it wirelessly to xbox live using the xbox 360 wireless adapter, but when i scan, no wireless networks were found. All my other computers that are wireless work fine. My xbox is also in range.

Is there any way or setting to get my xbox to recognize the router.

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Question: DLINK dir-655

My Sony Tv was working fine with my Dlink DIR-615,but when I upgraded to the 655 it will not connect to the router. The connection is good ,it just dose'nt like this router. How do manually put in the IP address. I know where to enter it in the TV but can I give it an IP within my range of the router and copy over the rest?

Answer:DLINK dir-655

If it is wired you should be able to, I usually put my bravia on Static so its easier to do 'play-to' stuff with it.

Unless the connection is literally bad it should be as simple as adding in a static outside of DHCP scope, but within the subnet (or go static, and then provide a lease reservation for the MAC of the TV) then enter in the subnet mask used by the subnet, your router as default gateway, and whatever DNS you are using (from your ISP, your Router, or some public like googles /

The TV (depending how old) should have a network 'status'/diagnostic to tell you if it can hit the net and lan at that point.

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Question: HELP: dlink

hey guys i have a dlink di-524 wireless router
and i cant seem to ever have a good signal.
My 2nd computer cant connect most of time, and also has very low signal the rest of the time.
Today friend comes over with laptop and still have low signal and i cant figure out what to do to fix it.
also i have wep security enabled with password.
I cant figure it out
Can someone help.

p.s. i just went to dlink website to get new firmware, but keep getting error of
"quickstart does not detect a dlink router."
go to website to see if update firmware is available

But when I go , i cant figure out how to install the firmware.

updatek guys bad news i upgraded the firmware
and now i cannot log in to router or internet.
i changed the channel still nothing.
damn this dlink sucks
how do i get back now my original firmware.
i emailed dlink but by the time they get back to me.....

Answer:HELP: dlink

"and now i cannot log in to router or internet.
i changed the channel still nothing."

I don't understand. How can you change the channel w/o logging in?

I don't think that there is a firmware "roll-back." You have to download and "update" to the older version.

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Question: dlink dlw 132

Hi all.
Trying to install drivers for a dlink dwl g132.
Daughters original broke, bought a new one, tried to install the drivers, the old were removed the new installed. Things didn't work so i did it again.
Now the drivers will not install.
The disc spins and the setup starts but then just stops.
I have tried add remove, manually getting rid, registry search, there seems to be nothing left yet it still wont install.
Any clues.
XP home.

Answer:dlink dlw 132

Try using this driver direct from the DLink web site. I'm assuming you're using Windows XP. Unzip the downloaded driver but do NOT run the setup.exe file. Use the info in this thread to install the driver using the Device Manager/Hardware Wizard.... Good luck!

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Question: Dlink Dir -615

Hello! I have gotten my router for about 2 month now and I JUST CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE! It disconnect very often... The only way I know of to fix it is to pull the power and plug back... PLEASE HELP! Its running on 5.10 Frimware.

Answer:Dlink Dir -615

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Question: dlink help

unpluged a lead to my dlinkroutor di 524 wont connect to intenet error message saying check yr wan setting

Answer:dlink help

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Question: Dlink and VPN


I am currently working remotely and have been trying to log into my works network. They use Checkpoint Secureclient VPN software and I get errors. Previously another collegue fixed this up so I could work it, but unfortunately the set up guide is gone and the collegue is gone.

I understand that I had to change my modem IP address to and the subnet mask to, but I've tried this and my modem can no longer find anything, the connection stays as (modem ip address) and when I try to repair the connection (hoping it will change to 192....., it cannot find anything )..

Any help available on this?



Answer:Dlink and VPN

Changing the address on your modem doesn't really make sense to me. By modem do you mean the address of your computer? Does your internet access work? What are the errors? What is your network setup like?
From what I can tell it shouldn't make a difference what your internal network address is for VPN connections considering that both addresses are internal. Is there any more information you can add to the post?


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Question: Dlink Di-524

Hi, i just bought a new DLINK DI-524 wireless router today i ran the setup with nothing wrong and i restart the modem and try a website on firefox. and what a suprise..! it doesn't load up a page! what's going on?
When i run a network cable directly from the modem to the pc it works with no dramas but with this new router the wireless or cable doesn't work from the router doesn't work.

Answer:Dlink Di-524

Did you power cycle the modem when you connected the router? That's a required step.

Please supply the following info, exact make and models of the equipment please.

The name of your ISP and country of residence.
Make/model of the broadband modem. If dial-up, please specify.
Make/model of the router (if any).
Connection type, wired, wireless.
If wireless, encryption used, (WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc.)
Make/model of network card or wireless adapter.
Make/model of your computer (motherboard if home-built).
Version and patch level of Windows on all affected machines, i.e. XP-Home SP2.

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Question: DLink DI-624

Just curious if anyone here cares to give this a quick review. Also just curious as to what is ment by this under the wireless section in the router setup

Authentication : Open System Shared Key WPA WPA-PSK

I am going to research this after the post of course, but I figured i would post the quesiton anyways.

I personally like the router, just want to see what other think, and what the best precautions are that can be taken to make it as secure as possible.

thx in advance


Answer:DLink DI-624

I have one, it works, no complaints, but I don't have anything to compare it to.

When you use WEP, you can use either open system or shared key. I'm not 100% sure what the difference is, but when I select shared key Windows wont prompt me for the network key when I try to connect. It's probably Windows' fault not the DI-624's.

WPA is more secure. If you don't have a radius server for user authentication you can use WPA-PSK which uses a pre-shared key to connect. Windows also has a problem using WPA. It's better with SP2, but I still get too many disconnects, so I just use WEP.

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Question: Dlink DWA-547

This is the worst piece of crap ever...sorry for starting like this but Dlink is something i will never buy again...ever..

Their self service portal doesn't work with firefox since it's active x didn't work in IE8 even with compatibility view turned on.

I had to actually boot up a virtual pc win xp with IE 6 to be able to write a support inquire and even then the select os menu didn't show windows 7.

When i finally finished writing my inquire and posted it didn't show up in the list of active support errands so f*ck it. I'm asking the pro's guys.

I have Windows 7 x64 with all the latest updates and whatnot....i downloaded the latest driver for the wireless network card and installed it, when finished the installer said no adapter was found. in the device manager it says if i remember correct error 10 device cannot start...

i installed the driver available in windows update after this and i got no further. it seems like the card has win7 support but to me it doesn't seem like it...what do you say? i did a reinstall of windows and i got the same problem despite my efforts.

Answer:Dlink DWA-547

Quote: Originally Posted by premier69

This is the worst piece of crap ever...sorry for starting like this but Dlink is something i will never buy again...ever..

Their self service portal doesn't work with firefox since it's active x didn't work in IE8 even with compatibility view turned on.

I had to actually boot up a virtual pc win xp with IE 6 to be able to write a support inquire and even then the select os menu didn't show windows 7.

When i finally finished writing my inquire and posted it didn't show up in the list of active support errands so f*ck it. I'm asking the pro's guys.

I have Windows 7 x64 with all the latest updates and whatnot....i downloaded the latest driver for the wireless network card and installed it, when finished the installer said no adapter was found. in the device manager it says if i remember correct error 10 device cannot start...

i installed the driver available in windows update after this and i got no further. it seems like the card has win7 support but to me it doesn't seem like it...what do you say? i did a reinstall of windows and i got the same problem despite my efforts.

Hi and welcome

Some things come to mind. first, I assume you are using homegroup for networking. Homegroup sometimes causes random, drops, slowdowns, connectivity problems etc.

Is it a laptop? they often have key combo's to enable wifi. Sorry abt the basic question, but hey you never know.

Er... Read more

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Question: Dlink DIR-615

Woke up this morning and my internet was not working

Pluged the computer directly in to the modem(cable modem) and it worked.
can not navigate to the Routers control pannel i get the page can not be displayed

all 4 ports are glowing (nothing pluged in) and the globe indicating an internet connection is glowing red..

ive tried everything i could reset a billion times called d-link and my ISP and nothing has worked.. Im awaiting a call from a "Product specialist" in the morning but Im impaitnt and would like this working..
I need ANY help i can get, PLEASE

My problem is similar to this, but his was solved by moving the routers location oddly enough..
1. The router had ALL (even on unused ports) its lights on but not
blinking. So I figured may be it has hung so switched it off and then
back on. But the problem persisted.
2. Connected my computer directly through the university modem; the
internet works.
3. Reset my router and things should be back to normal, right?
4. No. In fact now not only am I unable to connect to the internet via
the router but I cannot even locate my router anymore (the generic gives me the message "the page cannot be
5. I tried pinging the IP address but to no effect.
6. The TCP/IP settings on my computer are currently set to be DHCP
enabled. Should I switch to static? If so, then what should be the
Gateway address? Will it be the one that the ISP uses?
7. I tried running the setup wizard (the cd... Read more

Answer:Dlink DIR-615

Some things you can try here.
Update the firmware to the latest version available on the manufacturer's site.
Reset the router to factory defaults and reconfigure.

If that doesn't at least get a wired connection to the router, it's probably dead.

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my dlink router will only work with certain sites, while hooked up with my xbox but when im not using the router it works just fine please help i couldnt find anyone else that knew what to do.

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After the storm on Friday night, I haven't been able to access my internet provider's website, nor have I been able to send or receive e-mail - when I search cogeco website, it redirects me to something called Dlink and it looks like a yahoo search which I never use....

I called Cogeco and they think a virus in my Dlink router..... Norton didn't find any virus on my computer - is there a way to scan Dlink ? or do I need further software/security ?

I honestly thought this was the result of the storm and was giving cogeco time to deal with it.....but when I turned the wi-fi connection off on my phone, I was able to receive my e-mail, so now I'm pretty sure it's the Dlink....

I look forward to your suggestions !

Answer:Dlink may be the issue ?

Make sure you wire a computer to the router. Do not do this wirelessly!
1. download a fresh copy of the firmware for that device
2. reset the hardware (there's a paperclip hole for this)
3. login after the reset
4. IMMEDIATELY set a new admin password
5. load the new firmware from step 1
6. IMMEDIATELY reset the admin password again (I also change the SSID)
7. disable remote management
configure your Router, DHCP range and any applicable WiFi settings

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Can anybody help me acess my home network remotely from work?My routers IP Firewall and NAT both turned on.PC1 is called main IP is called Lounge IP computers have XP pro SP2 & AVG 7 Free, standard windows firewall.I've tried using Realvnc, Tightvnc and Ultravnc.My problem is that I can connect to PC1 but after disconnecting if I then try and connect to PC2 the whole thing fails. I can get all computers rebooted including the the router and it will not connect again. I have to uninstall all the software both ends and re-install.Does anybody know what settinds I should have in port forwarding etc?I would be very grateful for any help.

Answer:Dlink G604T and VNC

HiI dont know wot the problem is but ive got away round it. when ur on ur home pc go to click here and sign up for a free account. then click on add Pc and install the software. once done this and your at work go to the same website and enter your user name and password and click on ur Pc then u will will be able to remote your PC( your home pc must be turn on and conneted to the internet) if u need any more help jus askLee

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I have the problem of windows 7 32 BIT is not compatible with dlink 520 +

Answer:Dlink dwl 520 + driver 32 bit :(

Quote: Originally Posted by mielon

I have the problem of windows 7 32 BIT is not compatible with dlink 520 +

First hi and welcome.
I just visited dlink and they have a 32bit driver (vista) which will work on your 520. Just do a google for it or goto

You could help us help you be filling in your "system specs" in usercp


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Recently the DIR-625 router in my house has been giving me problems. It started on Friday when I went to RDP into my Laptop from a remote location and the connection could not be made. I figured there was a problem with the internet connection, but when I got home all was well with the modem, and all of the lights on the router indicated that things were OK.

I looked at my Laptop and Windows indicated that the wireless network connection had "Limited or no Connectivity". I restarted the laptop and got the same results. My desktops (which are all wired) were working fine. When i tried to access the router (192.168.01) the page did not load. I power cycled the router and the modem (for safe measure) and everything went back to normal.

About one hour later the same thing happened. My bother was not able to get to the Internet from his wireless iMac. I rebooted the router again and everything came back up. After searching the internet I found someone that said that the router's address ( might be conflicting with another device using the same address, such as a modem. On a lark, I changed the routers address to, but the problems continued.

In the router config screen, I saw that my brothers iMac was a "Wireless N" device. Since his iMac was the most recent change to the network, I switched the router to "g and b" modes only. This worked for a while, but a few hours later everything was reporting "Limited or ... Read more

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Just got this link via email for the DIR-685. and curious to know what the thoughts are in here. To me sounds pretty good other than way too overpriced.

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I ordered a DGL-4500 from DLinks Web Site because it was shown as in stock yesterday.

I just called to see why my order did not arrive (I ordered it Overnight P1). The nice gentleman looked in to it and found out that it is actually NOT available and is not shown in any DLink warehouse as available for shipment.

If you plan on ordering this from DLink, or anywhere else for that matter, I would do a phone order and verify it's existance.

Answer:DLink DGL-4500 NOT Available...

TechLarry said:

I ordered a DGL-4500 from DLinks Web Site because it was shown as in stock yesterday.

I just called to see why my order did not arrive (I ordered it Overnight P1). The nice gentleman looked in to it and found out that it is actually NOT available and is not shown in any DLink warehouse as available for shipment.

If you plan on ordering this from DLink, or anywhere else for that matter, I would do a phone order and verify it's existance.Click to expand...

Thanks for the heads up.

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Question: Solved: Dlink

I can't get the drivers for a dlink DWG-120 USB wireless card to load. Tried to install five times but it still will not install. HELP.

This is not my system, but it is an HP with a 1.3 celeron and 512 of RAM


Answer:Solved: Dlink

whats the operating system

go into devcie manager and see if its listed there

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Question: dlink router

Hey all,

Trying to connect to my dlink di-604 router. Network consists of 1 desktop and a laptop, both are running winxp home sp1.
Internet works fine without setting up behind the router. Cable modem is a surfboard Sb5100.
Both Pcs are configured for obtaining an ip address and dns server automatically. When i connect the router to the desktop and obtain an Ip address when connected through the router, I get a 169.x.x.x. (invalid ip address) OR i sometimes get my external IP address and I can connect to the internet using the desktop, while the laptop (if i connect it to the router) gets the 169 ip addy.

thx for your help

Answer:dlink router

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Hey peoples

I have a problem, I`ve got a bigpond elite usb modem and a Dlink DGL-4500 wifi router. Now the poblem is I was assurred that the modem would work in the usb port on the router by the people who sold the modem to me but I it just does`nt work. My vodafone usb modem worked ok?

The support from bigpond tell me they dont deal with third party routers and to direct me to a third party network company (gizmo). Now gizmo want my credit card number upfrount and I aint goin there.

Has anyone got the same or similar setup/problem?

Answer:dlink 655 and bigpond usb

tr00pertj said:

Hey peoples

I have a problem, I`ve got a bigpond elite usb modem and a Dlink DGL-4500 wifi router. Now the poblem is I was assurred that the modem would work in the usb port on the router by the people who sold the modem to me but I it just does`nt work. My vodafone usb modem worked ok?

The support from bigpond tell me they dont deal with third party routers and to direct me to a third party network company (gizmo). Now gizmo want my credit card number upfrount and I aint goin there.

Has anyone got the same or similar setup/problem?Click to expand...

Can you connect the router to the modem via a network cable rather than by USB?

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Question: dlink wbr2310

my dlink wbr 2310 router wont connect i just bought when i do the cd installing and i get the connection part it says no connection but i on my pc through my modem right now can someone help me fix this problem

Answer:dlink wbr2310

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Does anyone use these two units? I have been trying to configure a wireless network at home and for some reason, the accesspoint never gets recognized even when I enter the IP address manually. Dlink's manual and website does not help at all. If anybody has any suggestions, please reply.

Thank you for your help

Answer:Dlink DWL-1000 and DWL-650

Sorry I don't have the answer for you . . . a bit heavy for a retired benefits geek. You're ambitious . . . going wireless . . . and u an HR geek. Since you're not getting much action here (it was the weekend after all), I'll ask around. B

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need a new router...

considering tomato and a WRT54g or w/e i need.

or a DIR-655 with its stock firmware... i like the dLink since a friend has it and it has every option i would ever want, except the bandwith usage charts...

i read lots of awesome reviews for tomato, except sometimes people run into issues and such... and i just want it to work generally. but tomato really interests me.

Answer:tomato vs. Dlink DIR-655

buffalo hp-g54 + tomato

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Is there a setting for the dlink 655 router to make it work with vista? My dgl-4300 died last
weekend which worked great with all my computers. I replaced it with the dir-655 and my
computer with vista-64 won't work.

I turned off SPI and it work worked for a while then went back to not get out to the network.
My laptop with XP has no problems wired or wireless. thanks.


Answer:dlink 655 and vista

does it not see the network?

do you have an N card in your computer, try setting the 655 to G only

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Question: Dlink 4100

The strangest thing just happened, this router has been rock solid for around 2 years. All of the sudden last night it just stopped working, but not completely. It allows me to ping and also get to google by IP and also search google. It only works with google though no other site. Yes I have rebooted it and all that fun stuff. I know its the router because i put another one there and it works fine. Tonight I'm going to do a firmware upgrade and also if i need to reset the router. Has anyone ever seen anything like this before?

Also i guess i should mention that recently (past 2 months or so) after a few days of being on i cant get into the interface and had to reboot it. So maybe it was slowly dying? The whole google thing just seems so strange to me.

Answer:Dlink 4100

Next time you can get into the admin settings, i would ensure that the configuration hasn't been changed. There are a few exploits going around that try to change the settings on your router to a different DNS and things.

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For the small handful of 855 models that made it to market..some are being recalled...faulty wiring leading to piss poor performance

Answer:DLink DIR-855 recalls

This happened back in Feburary, and the DIR855 has yet to go back on sale. Seems like an awful long time for just a simple "Wiring Defect". They also pulled the DAP 1555 dual band media bridge from market at the same time.

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im trying to install the router on my laptop dlink DIR-628 ill try to make this one short
:perating system vista home premium 64x::
im installing it on the disk after im done everything like setting up the router i type in the router information like name and password . then :it says verifing router settings yes there is a line under and after 5-8 minutes it says problem # (something i dont remember lol) and click cancel, eject disk,reboot and then run installation agian
i tried it again but same thing happens oh yea it saves the router info on my desktop and then the problem appears

have i done soemthing wrong with the cables?

Answer:Solved: dlink DIR 628

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Question: Dlink Router

i have a Dlink router DI-514 that on a daily basis will change today the system ( router ) time reads 14 july was set to the correct time yesterday but it continues to change.

any thoughts?

Answer:Dlink Router

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Having some trouble with my router. Its almost a year old now, and up to this point has worked fine.

I cant access it at all, wired or wireless. Internet isnt working on it, and i cant connect to it by going to 192.168.1(the router says its and that didnt work either, but i dont normally put the zero in and it works fine).

Ive tried power cycling the modem and router, multiple times in different ways (modem first then router, disconnected from eachother, etc). Some of the lights on the router are not coming on tho. The power light comes on fine, the Status light comes on briefly if i power cycle, but it does not stay on(it should be solid) the internet light blinks(router says it should be solid indicating a connection...i think tho it normally blinks) and the network light blinks if i connect my laptop to it.(solid=connection blinking=traffic, based on the bottom of the router).

I have tried different cables, that didnt work. I tried using the reset button, idk if the router normally does anything indicating the reset button has been pressed, but i didnt see any indication. when connecected, the network icon the toolbar says its "connecting" with limited access.

Im connected now directly thru the modem. the LINK light blinks no matter where its plugged in, goes out if i disconnected the cable from it to the router/pc.

Windows Vista
Dlink DIR-615 Rev A1
Modem: Arris Model:TM502G

Answer:Dlink dir-615 Problem

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Question: DLink DGL-4500

No, that's not a typo.

Have you guys seen this thing?

Looks like the price is going to be $239 Retail

Answer:DLink DGL-4500

Yeah couple of weeks ago we had a post about a few of their new products...looks like they combined some of the features of the 4300 on the hardware of the 655.

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Hello, I really need help with this. Dlink doesn't have a driver for this adapting device for 64x Vista. Of course they have one for 32x but I'm tired of waiting for a 64x to come out and I really need to use my extra RAM, so I was wondering if anybody could help me with this. I read somewhere that some people just already had there PC plugged into the internet and Windows automatically installed the drivers, I might try this, but I wanna see other people's opinions first. The device is the DWA 130 rev. A.

Answer:Vista 64x and Dlink DWA 130

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How can i get the drivers for my DWA-542 work in vista i cant find out how

Answer:dlink DWA-542 in vista


Originally Posted by zettabyte

How can i get the drivers for my DWA-542 work in vista i cant find out how

Have you tried downloading the drivers from here? Also look at the FAQ's. Which country are you based in?

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Question: dlink modem help

A friend gave me a dlink wirless router (model 625), I set up a password and forgot it, could you help me reset password please. I reset modem and tried to log onto and not able to log into either. What am I doing wrong? HELP PLEASE !!!

Answer:dlink modem help

exact model of the d-link
should be a reset button or hole on the back hold in for 30seconds
that should set back to the default settings

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Question: dlink website

for some unknown reason when i go to the physical address of my dlink router i see this

and am unable to type the necessary characters to access the site...any ideas?


Answer:dlink website

Did you change the User Name from Admin? Can you access that area? If not, go directly to D-Link website and get firmware there.

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I got a DI-604 router for free from a friend, and was wondering if this network setup would work

I already have 1 DI-604 that is used for everything, wnat I wanted to do is use 1 DI-604 for just a router, and use another one as a DHCP server, both would be connected to a switch so no load would be going through them. I couldn't see any info on D-Links site on whether the router can operate as just a DHCP server or not. Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:DLink DI-604 Question

Yes it will work just fine for a DHCP server. Just plug in one of the LAN ports to the switch (you'll need a crossover cable if not autosensing). Make sure to disable the DHCP service on the other so you don't have two DHCP servers conflicting.

Of course, all DHCP clients will have their gateway set to that router, but if you're not using an internet connection on the network, that won't make much difference.

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Hi wondering if anyone could help me i have recently bought a DLink DSL-924 wireless router which came with a DWL-G122 wireless dongle. The problem is that my connection keeps dropping randomly even though the connection strength stays at excellent. It's happening on the computer with the dongle and is becoming increasingly annoying. Any help offered would be greatly appreciated thanks for your time.

Answer:DLink DSL-924 router

Try is on all PC Hard wire & Wireless connecting to routerNew Network Connection SettingStart- Setting-Network Connection-New Connection Wizard-next-Connect to the InternetNext-Set Up My Connection Manually-next-Click Connect using a broadband connection that is always on next Finish

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Question: Dlink app request!

Is there a dlink app out there that'll ping out and tell me the ip of a dlink device and its model number. Basically we have serveral dlink devices on the network and my boss wants me to write down all the ips of the routers/switches/hubs in a book and give it to him.

Answer:Dlink app request!

you could try angry ip scanner (GOOGLE it)

it wont give you the model numbers but will tell you all IP's connected to the network

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Question: DLink Router NAT

Can someone explain to me how my router can use NAT to simulate one computer, or one connection to the server? Im at college, and it is okay for us to have a router for multiple connections, but the internet login is needed for the internet to be accessed. I cannot use the PPoE to login. I need to login from my main computer, and allow the rest of my computers to have full internet capacity. I tried and cant seem to get it right. Here is a link to the manual if that helps explain things. Someone mentioned using a MAC address clone? I really havent had to do anything like this before and would appreciate any and all help.

Thanks in advance,

Answer:DLink Router NAT

The manual is missing a crucial picture. You should have a spot for a username and password on the same page you enter the ip address. That should be all you need to access the web with all systems using that router. Thats how my Linksys is...even though I don't need to login on my cable connection.

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Question: DLink DGL-4300

I have been looking for a wireless 802.11g and a gigabit router. I found this one, does anyone have one of these or have experianced this type of gaming router..

Answer:DLink DGL-4300

yeah i actually just saw this one online last night, but after more looking into it, it seems like either they havent actually come out yet or just about everyone is backordered. i dont count the dlink store because their price is $20 more then anyone else listed it as.(even though they were backordered). it relly looks like a pretty sweet router though.....

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I have a DLink DI-624 Wireless router, 2 DWL G-520 wireless cards, and two laptops connected to the network. Also, one computer connected through that blue ethernet wire. I'm on Telus Planet's ISP.

Here's my problem: Everyweek, all the computers connected to the router in wireless, loses it's connection and it cannot connect. I have to go back to the main computer that is connected through a wire, go into the DLinks web bases set-up, go to WAN, hit apply, continue and it solves the problem. Is there any way I can fix this? It gets so annoying fixing this problem every week.
I think that the problem is with Telus's dynamic IP addresses. In the DLink set-up, I chose the Dynamic IP Address though.

Thanks guys

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Hmm, well I can't even do ipconfig/renew... it says that the request timed out. The "repair this network" function in winxp doesn't work either. Fails after trying to release/renew the IP. I tried going to the router's web interface,, and for a while I could navigate around the homepage along with some (but not all) tabs. When I tried to, say, save a setting, IE would bitch that it's working offline and needs to connect, then hands me the 404. Recently, it started to ask me for firmware upgrade when I try to go to Broken router? Any suggestions?

Answer:Help! DLink 604 not working :(

By default, that router is a POS... and yes I also have it. Are you sure you didn't change the default IP address? If not, then I'd recomment unplugging all your shit for a few minutes. Give it a try after that, and report back with success or failure.

If you already tryed that, then I'll hafta think some more, I hope I didn't insult you.

Actually, now that I think of it, how hot is it... It might just need a little rest. It sound supersticious, but leaving your shit off once in a while does it good.


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I have a Dlink router, it's not wireless or anything, and it's causing problems when I download with bit torrent. I usually download 4kbs to 10 kbs max with bit torrent, everything else I get 100-500. I read something the other day about opening up the ports on the firewall and I did that, but I think I'm missing something because my downloads are still slow. The ports I have open are 6881-6889. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Answer:DLink DI-604 and Bit Torrent

torrents are scetchy, they are looked on like other P2P applications used to distribute copy protected stuff.

I can't say how to fix it, but most BT clients regulate based on sharing.
The more/faster you share, the more your d'loads with increase.

Or so I have been told.

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Question: dlink niggle

On booting pc from cold the air plus adapter fails to connect to the router. Nothing I do seems to get it to connect, except to keep moving the adapter to different usb ports. I could live with this niggle but the same problem has arisen on a second pc in the house. Any ideas?. Once connected,there is no problem.

Answer:dlink niggle

by the late loading of the DLink driver.Try booting the computer with the router turned off. Then, when everything (including the DLink driver) has loaded, switch the router on.

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There was an old thread about this, that seems to be closed, so I'm reposting -

I use a VoiP phone (Avaya) for my work at home behind a Dlink 655 router - the only other networked device is the PC. Voice quality varies widely, and frequently within the same call. Many times the voice quality is so poor, we just have to end the call.

I have read that the upload and downoad times should be about equal for good VoiP quality - but that isn't going to happen. So I'm trying to maximize the features on the router as much as possible.

I purposely purchased the Dlink655 because it has settable QoS options. So I can set the phone to the highest priority (the lowest number), and put its IP address in. What is the protocal used for Voip Phones ? Does anyone have any other suggestions for getting consistently, good voice ?

The download speed is much higher than the upload speed - which makes sense since I can easily hear the other person, but they can't hear me.


Answer:DLink 655 QoS configuration

Actually, VoIP normally takes from 30 to 90 kbits/sec bandwidth, depending on how high you crank the voice quality up.

This is probably not a bandwidth issue, unless you have really slow bandwidth on the upstream side.

Maybe you could do some tests. First off, post your speed test results from so we can see what you have.

Next, please run the following test.
Register at DSLReports and run their Line Quality Tests. It's best to run this test with a direct wired connection to eliminate any wireless issues from the results. It's useful many times to run this test several times, and we'd like to see each of the results. Post the results link from the top of the test display page for each test run here.

The link to post is near the top of the page and looks like:

If you wish to post this result to a forum, please copy/paste this URL <- sample only, yours will obviously be different!
and your IP will be disguised.

Copy/paste that link here.

Note: You will have to enable PING (ICMP) request response either in your router (if you have one), or in your computer's firewall for direct modem connections. This is very important to get the most important part of the test to run.

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Question: dlink router

Is anyone having problems with intermittent wireless connectivity with the dir-655 router, or is it just me?Sometimes it works & sometimes it don't! It's been perfect for 6 mo's but lately have experienced problems with it. I've queried the guys in Bombay,Calcutta, & New Delhi & have tried several of their suggestions to no avail.I'm beginning to wonder if they haven't led me down the proverbial path & gotten things really screwed up! I'm running WinXp, SP2
Should I consider pushing the "reset" & start all over again? What's the consensus of opinion? Thanks
Afterthought: Maybe this post belongs better on the "Networking" forum.If an administrator sees this could you please move it? Thanks

Answer:dlink router

Try updating the firmware.

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Question: DLink Question

I don't know if this should be here if its in the wrong place can one of the staff move it.

I am using Dlink 624 as a router for my internet and that router connects to three other computers. Can i stop one of the computers from having internet access besides pulling the wire?

Answer:DLink Question

You can configure Mac address filtering on your router and only allow which computers you wish to join the network.

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I have a network with the DSL modem connected to a DIR-615 that works as it should.
However I want to extend the network and make a new wireless network at the same time.

I bought a DWL-G810 bridge and an additional DIR-615 router to try to accomplish what I wanted to do.

However: It does not work.. As I have used the bridge to connect directly to a computer with no problems (after I got the IP-setting right) I thought it would be as easy as putting the ethernet cable into the new DIR-615 set a new SSID, WPA and IP-range, and voila! a new net is born..

It didn't

The globelight on the second router is red, and no Internet passes by.

Any ideas what to do?

(PS. I have tried the DWL-G710...don't like it, don't want it... ;-) )

Answer:Dlink DIR-615 --> DWL-G810 --> DIR-615?

Have you tried resetting the devices after you have connected them?

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Question: dlink problem

my dlink wireless usb adapter suddenly stopped receiving signals from my dlink router.i reinstalled updated drivers but to no avail. cannot open dlink icon on desktop either.
also tried a linkys adapter with no luck. what am i missing?

Answer:dlink problem

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Hi all, Simple question really. The above web cam is for sale at and I was wondering if its a barain or not at 20 ish. I have a CMOS camera which isnt that good to be honest. The quality is poor and I was hoping it to be better then this. Someone mentioned that its best to find a CCD camera which the dlink is, my recent early present of a quickcam express from logitech for roughly the same price seems to fall short of expectations.Any one offer any insite into which one i should go for or stick with? Views commments etc appreicated. P

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Does anyone know where I can get a Windows XP driver for a D-link G-510 wireless adapter card without having to add 2 toolbars to get it? Thanks:-D

Answer:DLink driver for WIN XP

Hi my friend , you can try this link :wave

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Question: dlink wbr2310

my dlink wbr 2310 router wont connect i just bought when i do the cd installing and i get the connection part it says no connection but i on my pc through my modem right now can someone help me fix this problem

Answer:dlink wbr2310

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Question: dlink drivers

I had to perform a reinstallation of windows. Now I am trying to reinstall my wirless dlink driver and card; dwl-g650. I have the cd and followed the instructions. When I turn back on the computer to recognize my card I get an error: "this application has failed to start because athcfg11.dll was not found reinstalling the drive my correct this problem." It doesnt find the driver when running found new hardware. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall several times and still get the same error. Is this dll missing and how do I get it

Answer:dlink drivers

I believe one of the things I have run into with wireless cards, is you have to install the software before you install the card in your PC, so remove the card, install from the CD, and try again, if that fails hop over to dlinks site and download a new driver set.

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For some reason when I try to get my xbox 360 on live it restarts and keeps on restarting. I have updated the firmware to most current a couple weeks ago. It just started to happen when I use my xbox. Can anyone shine some light on this?

Answer:Problems with Dlink DI-624

Mine too has constant reboot when one of my machine is plugged into it.

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I got this setup and all the stuff to make the 108mbps work and it showed connected and all was good at 108 but no sites would open.. befor I did this the tech at D link recommended against it lol. Should I have gotten the Linksys G router with Dual antenna? Would it have been a better router? This D link only has one antenna wich is odd as the older ones had two. Thanks for any info.

Answer:DLink DI-624... Super G?

dual dipoles (antennas) have nothing to do with whether or not the AP/Client will communicate at the 108 Mbps signalling rate. Two antennas have to do with whether or not the AP supports diversity. Anyway, sounds like your associated but your either using WEP configured incorrectly or the Turbo G function is not working correctly. I'd back it down to standard .11g. That's going to be your most compatible solution and give you a baseline. Could be a couple of other things but make sure no security measures are enabled, standard .11g on both AP and client, and run an ipconfig /all from a dos prompt to find out if your getting an IP.

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Question: Setting up a DLink

Ok, I have a DLink AirPuls G Pocket Router I think its called and was wondering how to set it up.
any tutorials/instructions are appreciated.

Note: Looks like this

Answer:Setting up a DLink

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I have a D-Link AIRGUARD wireless router that wont get a WAN signal when connected to a cisco UbR905 broadband cable router. The cable company has my account configured to use either a static or a DHCP ip address. I have directly connected to the cisco cable router and have been able to use both the static and DHCP services with no problem but when i try connecting from the cable router to the wireless there is no WAN light and so there is no internet access. All the workstations have a local wireless signal and I have tried configuring the router both with DHCP and statically but it seems the signal isn`t making to the wireless router. The wireless modem also checks out btw as i have tested it separately and have been able to see the WAN light and get internet service on a different network.

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I just installed a DWL G520 (H/W Ver:B3 and F/W Ver:4.20) into my computer after swapping out my old DWL G510. My wireless signal (AP) is a DI 624 (Ver:C and F/W:2.53) and then is repeated by a DWL G800AP(F/W 1.04). I can no longer connect to the network and signal strength is only one bar (ie weak). It has nothing to do with the firewalls on the computers including the windows firewall because even with them all disable it doesn?t work. I swapped out my DWL G510 because it stop working complete last week, wouldn't detect a network at all. Hope you guys can help me out.
Thanks KlP

Answer:i think it is the dlink dwl g520

cnet review for g510
gone through 2 cards both would not be recognized , were tried on 4 different system/chipsets/OS and not once would the systems recognize the card.​and znet review for G520 may be useful.

Znet also notes
it's compatible only with Windows. If you don't mind its laborious installation, the DWL-G520 is a solid wireless solution for your PC. Otherwise, we suggest an easier-to-install USB wireless adapter.​

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I have had this router for roughly 3 years now, and have always had some hickups with it. Lately. it has been getting worse, and I am really not sure what to do.

I have Comcast highspeed with peak download speed of 35mbps. I do not have anything hardwired to it, but on WIFI it is a nightmare! My laptop would often get less than 1mbps download... At first I thought maybe it is something with my cable modem and comcast, but my phone can connect to the same connection and pull 21mbps. Upon disabling WIFI and enabling it again on my laptop, it resolves it. My mom was visiting last week, and her Macbook Pro was having same issue, bah! I stream Hulu at times on my xbox or ps3, and I can't even get passed buffering due to this issue.

What can I try? Is it just the router going bad? I tried FW updates, changed settings. Right now it's on B/G/N mode. Hardware REv: A3 FW: 1.35NA

Answer:Dlink DIR-655 Problems

Try changing channel and channel width and to G/N.

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Question: apache and dlink

Ok problem... how can i make it so that my website on apach connects thrugh my real IP not my routers (default for all dlink routers) were do i set it to my real ip so other people on the internet can connect to the website.

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Question: Westell and Dlink

My son has a Westtell DSL modem. I have a Dlink wireless router DI-713P. When the two are connected I am able to surf the web. Cool huh.

Now here's the problem. Certain web pages are not accessible?? hotmail, MSU search engine etc.
I have looked at the setup configuration on the Dlink the IP address is a 192.168.blah.blah number confusing because I can surf other pages. I am unable to change the IP to an Internet ip address. The brain children at Bellsouth will not help because Dlink is not supported through them.

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Question: dlink di624

i think di624? im too tired to look .. time for bed.  drivers? i hate being tired i cant think straight

Answer:dlink di624

What? What exactly is the point of this topic?

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My dlink N150 keeps disconnecting, please help.

Answer:dlink disconnecting

You have given us nothing to go on here.So let's get some info first.
Was this always a problem /
Any error msgs ?
Wired or wireless ?
If wireless,let's see this:
Wifi test exe. Hint from Johnwill

Download and run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspecto from
on the problem machine. Post a screen shot of the main screen here.

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file. To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button
to upload it here.

Note that this application requires NET Framework to run. If you get an error about a missing function, download and install NET Framework.

Full details are here

Have you downloaded the most current firmware for your router ?

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Question: dlink trouble

hi heres whats goin on...i have a voice over ip type system and im using a dlink dir615 wireless router, ive recently been having issues when surfing the net messages like unable to display page an such. i hit refresh a few times an it works. lately thou ive been unable to connect to the net at all without havein to reboot the system a few times.... ok as of today i cant connect at all thru the router not wirelessly or connected thru the router with a cable. i know its not my modem cause im connected directly to it now and its working well.
funny thing is it says connected on my pc an even gives a speed but when i try to open the browser says page cant be displayed.
all the green lights are on on the router. no error messages or anything.
im using hp laptops with vista an xp.
thanks for your time

Answer:dlink trouble

I also have had a lot of issues with the DIR-615's. Personally the only way I got close to solving it was to replace the firmware with DD-WRT. but in the end I just went with another device.

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Question: dlink router

I have a dlink 615 router for my broadband at home.the other day it wouldn't connect so i try logging into the router with my user name and password and it wouldn't let me access it.the only way i could get in was to use the name admin and no password.its not been hacked.when i was in the setting my user name and password are still why i'm i not able to set a new password or user name.
first time its happend
whats going on.


Answer:dlink router

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I've had a Dlink DI 624 Rev C for like 2-3 years and it has worked absolutely amazing for me! After the past few weeks, my signal has become really low and unberable. My computer which is connected to the router, runs outstanding, but my wireless laptops, (2 floors up), run really slow. I don't understand, why all of the sudden, the signals have become really low. My atenna is still connected and working. I have tried different solutions, such as changing the channels, resetting the router, getting rid of 2.4 ghz phones. Can someone please help and come up with a solution? Thanks!

Answer:Dlink 624 messed up

Did the antenna's orientation get changed? If it's now pointing directly towards the computer two floors above that could explain the weaker signal.

Sometimes routers will work better after a reset to factory default settings and reconfiguration.

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I have router DI-604 Ver.D1,
to the router are connected 2 PCs and router is connected with DSL modem

I HAD this problem,
on PC everyhing worked ok, on the other one sometimes yes and sometimes
i could't access to Internet i had to turn off and on the router and then it was ok for few hours/days.
On the router is no firewall, no filter as well on the PC's

Originally there was firmware Ver.3.06 so i updated on Ver.3.11
Afterwards PC which worked before, was still working, but PC with problems before couldn't access Internet at all.

So I went back to Ver.3.06, but during firmware uploading i got message, that router is not accesible.

Now one PC work still ok, but from other one i can ping other PC, but can not ping router
(and also can not access web interface for configuration).
I have a feeling like original IP address for router was change.

Anybody can help?


Answer:Dlink DI-604 not accessible

See what gateway the PC with operational internet uses. The gateway address is the router address.

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I had everything working with the router, including newest firmeware updates, until i tried to do MAC filtering. It was taking along time to load so I shut down Internet Explorer and loaded it back up again (internet explorer) and typed and the internet explorer error page came up. At the bottom of that page it said DNS sever couldn't be resolved. Didn't know what to do so I hit the 'reset' bottom on the router to return the DI-624 back to factory defaults and I still can't get access to it by typing The login pop-up screen doesn't appear. what now...?

Answer:DLink DI-624 problem

try to get a fireware update.
cable your system directly to your HS modem, go to the vendor's site
and download your MODEL and VERSION specific update.

You can then recable to the router and attempt the update

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Question: Vista & DLink NAS

Running Vista Beta 2. All seems fine accept I can not logon to my DLink DNS-300 Attached storage. The user & pass are perfect I can verify this from any number of WinXP machines on the same network. I've created new accounts on the NAS as well. Vista will allow me admin access into the control panel of the DNS-300 via IE & Firefox but reports an error when I try any of the user accounts as a user. It seems to insert the machine id infront of my user name & I think the DNS-300 doesn't like this. ie MYLAPTOP\MYNAME when my logon is MYNAME.

Any ideas anyone? Has anyone had problems connecting to NAS from vista?

Answer:Vista & DLink NAS

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Question: dlink router

am using a dlink router model num d link vwr> when i connect my lap top ( os: vista) i get "this computer is connected to an unknown network" an am getting the 169.254.x.x ip address > tired release and renew > butstill no go> what can be done

Answer:dlink router

Click on the box to always connect to that particular network. It will never be unknown again.

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i cannot see where to change the mac address. to the people who say i cant change it. my friend changes his all the time. if you dont know move on

Answer:dlink di 634 m. is it possible to change the mac add.

Hi and why would you want to change the MAC address?
Looking at your past messages I would tell you no you can not change a MAC address by a novice.

I still would like to know why you think you have to change it.

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Okay, I've read thru the other posts but I still don't have an answer. (I probably just missed it cause my brain hurts)

Here it is: 1 pc running XP, 1pc running 98', connected with DI-604 router. Both individually have access to the internet and email.

Problem: Neither one of the pc's can "see" each other.

Desired result: I would like to be able to share all files and printers between both computers, full access from one to the other.

I am sure it is something simple that I am overlooking, please help.

Answer:XP / 98 pcs with Dlink router

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Question: dlink wbr 2310

I bought a kobo and it can't connect to a network because it is protected by a password. Guess what I can't remember what the password is. Can i create a new password and how do i do this, or is there a way to find out what the password is????
Please anyone.

Answer:dlink wbr 2310

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