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wrt54g range

Question: wrt54g range

I plan on purchasing two wrt54g's and flashing them with different firmware to increase the power levels for longer range. If i was to bridge two with some generic omni's off of ebay, what type of range should i expect? For the most part it would be line of site, with a few obstacles. Unidirectional antennas are not an option.

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Preferred Solution: wrt54g range

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: wrt54g range

Rakinos said:

I plan on purchasing two wrt54g's and flashing them with different firmware to increase the power levels for longer range. If i was to bridge two with some generic omni's off of ebay, what type of range should i expect? For the most part it would be line of site, with a few obstacles. Unidirectional antennas are not an option.Click to expand...

Hmmm... I doubt you can double their THEORETICAL values... which are 300ft outdoors and 100 feet indoors. So, maybe 450 feet? It's just a guess.........

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What will go farther?

Answer:Router Range - WRT54G DD-WRT box versus DIR 655 box

Wireless range? I have a few 54G's with DD on them and while they did their job (and still doing some ap work for me) the cheap(er) N router that I got has better/further range; so I'd say the 655.

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im using linksys WRT54G and DD-WRT firmware
how do i port forward a range of ip? and wats port triggering used for

Answer:LinkSYS WRT54G port forward range ip

cyclone9 said:

im using linksys WRT54G and DD-WRT firmware
how do i port forward a range of ip?Click to expand...

and wats port triggering used forClick to expand...

Sorry about this one... but seriously... triggering

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Auto-sort line 2 into line 4 based on line 3 - longest to shI have 3 ranges (rows) of data (times). The data is input into row 2, based on the order of row 1 as follows:1 - Departure location (set)2 - Travel time (input)3 - Departure order (longest to shortest) (auto-sorted)I want the row 1 data to be auto-sorted into row 3 based on longest duration to shortest duration in row 2. I think this one has pushed me to the limit of my knowledge and I've been trying to find the answer from dozens of sites, but ... you are my last hope.

Answer:Auto-sort range 1, based on range 2 into range 3

Per the Excel help files:MATCH(lookup_value, lookup_array, [match_type])"The MATCH function searches for a specified item in a range of cells, and then returns the relative position of that item in the range."e.g.
1 21 33 42=MATCH(33,A1:C1,0) would return 2 because 33 is in the 2nd position of the range.e.g.
11 21
12 33
13 42=MATCH(33,D11:D13,0) would also return 2 because 33 is in the 2nd position of the range.MATCH doesn't care about the actual Excel Column or Row because it returns the relative position of the lookup_value within the specified lookup_array, e.g A1:C1 or D11:D13OK, so let's look at the formula I suggested, and break it down. =MATCH(lookup_value, lookup_array, [match_type])=MATCH(LARGE($B$3:$I$3,COLUMN()-1),$B$3:$I$3,0)lookup_value: LARGE($B$3:$I$3,COLUMN()-1)The COLUMN() function returns the Column number in which it resides. e.g. In Column B, COLUMN() will return 2. In Column C, =COLUMNS() will return 3, etc.Therefore in Column B, LARGE($B$3:$I$3,COLUMN()-1) will be equivalent to:=LARGE($B$3:$I$3,1) which will return the longest Travel Time in B3:I3. As you drag that across, the value that COLUMNS() will return will increment by 1, giving you:=LARGE($B$3:$I$3,2) in Column C=LARGE($B$3:$I$3,3) In Column Detc.LARGE returns the actual Travel Time from B3:I3, but we want the Departure Location, right? To solve that we use MATCH.Since MATCH returns the relative position of the looku... Read more

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Please Help - ASAP - Thank you in Advance.
(I did also post this under Business Applications, before realizing it should probalby go here - sorry about that)

I'm just STUCK on this one last bit of my code to finish off this macro for a meeting today

I am Copying a Range of data, from a specific sheet on about 36 Workbooks
I need to paste only certain columns from that copied info, into a new worksheet.

Maybe I'm making this sound too difficult... at this point all I need is:

Columns A-E, K, P, S-U, W, AB-AC, AE-AH, AJ-AK, from the "TargetData" (Defined Range) on Customer Targets worksheet of Test1, to Paste into Columns A-S of the Build Worksheet

This should be easy right? I'm having a mind block...

Answer:Excel Macro - Move Specific Columns from Range to New Range - ASAP If Possible

There have been a bunch of views, but not replys or suggestions. Am I not including the right information? Is this not posted in the right place? Can someone please help me?

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Hello my network guru's!

I am racking my brains out trying to figure this one out...

Setup for system i am working with:

Server 2008 Std SP2 x64
- DC/AD/DNS/DHCP - using DHCP Reservations for all systems

Our internal /24 range is the same as a parent company to which we are going to bridge our network with to share resources on their side with out needing to go out to the internet so i need to change our ip range since we are considerably smaller than them.

I have set up on our DHCP server a SuperScope, thinking this would work well with the least amount of work and not having to set up a 2nd DHCP server on another box.

I have our Internal range: /24

and i created a 2nd scope range of /24

the 2nd scope is what i want to start using for all the systems.I already added all of the reservations for all systems manually so they will get a set IP.

So for testing i did this.

First thing i did was deactivate /24 scope and activate the scope.
Now i began testing a few things

1. Did a fresh install of windows 7 pro in a vm - it picked up the new DHCP server easily with no problems and was assigned a IP

2. Took a system that was on the old /24 range and did:
ipconfig /renew (/release first) - wont pull an IP and sticks with a 169.* IP
disable / enable the NIC - wont pull an IP and sticks with a 169.* IP
reboot the system - wont pull an IP and sticks with a 169... Read more

Answer:Moving to new internal IP range - systems wont grab from the new range?

ah, the fun of reIPing a network. went through that myself a few years back, somebody thought it would be fun to use the entire network for our entire LAN. then just randomly pick IPs to assign to stuff. so printers were,, just whatever they thought somebody else wouldn't have thought of. Had about 300 - 400 devices on the network, so brought that down to /28

That is very strange. have you tried to reboot the DHCP server since you set all this up? maybe it isn't realizing what zone it is supposed to be handing out from or something.

When I changed my stuff, I did what you are trying for the most part. changed the range and then let everything just grab from the new range.

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Please Help - ASAP - Thank you in Advance.

I'm just STUCK on this one last bit of my code to finish off this macro.

I am Copying a Range of data, from a specific sheet on about 36 Workbooks
I need to paste only certain columns from that copied info, into a new worksheet.

I think I've attached a sample of the code, and some test workbooks I've been using.

Any advise would be helpful. I know this should be easier than I'm probably making it...

Answer:Excel Macro - Move Specific Columns from Range to New Range

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Need a formula that does the following.if a2:a50 = food then return the value of the cell in the same row.example if the formula searchs and finds a15 equals food then the formula would return f15's value of "good". Any ideasThanksmessage edited by soul_dad_5

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Excel 2003a = shift (range name)b = 10/24/10 (cell reference)c = 10/30/10 (cell raference)need to count shift with occurance in Date Range 1 if >=b or <=c or Date Range 2 =if >=b or <=cSame date within to seperate range names.Cannot seem to get this to work using SUMPRODUCT or SUM array. Assuming it is a syntax problem, but not sure.Have been struggling off and on for days. Please help!

Answer:Excel 2003 Date Range with Range Names

Please review the How To referenced in my signature line and then post an example of your data.Include some input data and the expected output based on that data.With a better understanding of how your data is laid out we should be able to offer a solution.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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For example, I have named a box of cells (3 across and 3 down) with the name Tile1.I now want to be able to enter =Tile1 at another location and for the data that makes up Tile 1 to appear. How do I do it?

Answer:how to copy a named range of cells to another range

Try this:In the Name box (to the left of the formula bar)Select Tile1Select CopyNavigate to the cells where you wish to copy to:Select PasteSee how that works.MIKE edited by mmcconaghy

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I am trying to lookup a range of values within excel and then return a list of values within one cell.

Here is an example of the data.

Data Sheet

Acura A new york
Acura b charlotte
acura c los angeles
acura d San Francisco
BMW a San Diego
BMW b Rochester
BMW c San Antonio
Lookup Sheet

Acura a C

Basically I want to see all the acura values from the range of a to c written to a single cell on the lookup sheet. So after the lookup, the lookup sheet would look like:
Acura a c New York, Charlotte, Los angeles
I've tried using a mixture of arrays, matches, lookups, etc... but Im stuck. I think it may require some coding which I am not strong in.

any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Excel Lookup Range and return range

Hi there, welcome to the board!

While someone might get a fancy formula, and I know you could do it that way, I think it'd be too difficult to manage, let alone go back to it in six months and still understand it. I would go for VBA and write a UDF. This does work, assuming the car type is in (specifically in this example I use below) column A, the letters in column B, and city in column C. This also is predecated on the assumption that column B is sorted in ascending order, otherwise it won't work. If that is going to be an issue, we would just need to put in a sort routine in the array. That being said, use this code...
Option Explicit

Const sDelim As String = ", "

Function GETLIST(rLook As Range, vType As Variant, vStart As Variant, vEnd As Variant) As Variant
Dim wsLook As Worksheet, iStart As Long, iEnd As Long, iStop As Long
Dim i As Long, arrData() As Variant, vData As Variant
arrData = rLook.Value
iStop = 0
For i = LBound(arrData) To UBound(arrData)
If LCase(arrData(i, 1)) = LCase(vType) Then
If arrData(i, 2) = vStart Then iStart = i
If arrData(i, 2) = vEnd Then iEnd = i
If iStart > 0 And iStop = 0 Then
vData = vData & arrData(i, 3) & sDelim
End If
If iEnd > 0 Then iStop = 1
End If
Next i
If iStart = 0 Or iEnd = 0 Then
Exit Function
End If
If Len(vData) ... Read more

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could you tell me if this syntax is correct

Answer:range(c).cut (sheets(sheet2).range(A1))

It's technically impossible to know if the syntax is correct without knowing the variable types of c, sheet2 or A1, but probably not. I'm assuming you're looking for something closer to:Range("C:C").Cut Sheets("Sheet2").Range("A1")How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

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I want to know an exel formual for the following - Any help would be great

Date Range
01/12/2013 - 03/14/2013

How many days from the date range 01/22/2013 - 02/21/2013 are in the above date range

So answer for the above would be 31

Thank you for your help!

Answer:Excel 2010 - Count # Of Days In A Date Range That Are Part of Another Date Range

Hi LucianC - try entering this info:
Start Date in A1
End Date in B1
=DateDif(A1,B1, "D") in C1

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 Has anyone experienced the same problem ? Is there any solution to solve this problem ?

Answer:Unable to enable full RGB Range (set Quantization Range as full)

which machine models are we talking about here?

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I?m still new to Excel programming and I need some help with using a range name in a Range.Select Macro.

This macro will increment a cell location on one worksheet (CountNum) which will in turn spit out a cell location to goto (Dbase_Loc).

Public Sub Cust_Dbase2()

Sheets("Accounts").Range("CountNum").Value = Sheets("Accounts").Range("CountNum") + 1


Here is where I will use the new found cell location (Dbase_Loc) in a Range.Select statement to goto the cell location on the Cust_Acct worksheet.

All help will be appreciated

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I wanted to know what I/O range and memory range means. I was trying to figure out the IP of my machine, and i came across these two terms.

Answer:I/O range and memory range

Here are the links to what you are asking

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Question: WEP WRT54G Help...

Alright, I've tried EVERYTHING to get WEP to work on my WRT54G router to no avail. I set a 64-bit phrase, get the four provided keys, put them into the computers in the house through windows wireless network connect settings, but only the first computer will ever work. The rest won't transmit data, I just get a "connected with problems" error in the bottom right of the screen. I know I'm missing something but can't figure what, I've fooled with the setting for hours with no luck. Any ideas guys?

Answer:WEP WRT54G Help...

I guess you have the Default Trasmit key set to one? In that case all your computers should use the first generated key.

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Question: WRT54G

In a earlier thread I had problems getting my toshiba laptop to connect to the WRT54G and I have that fixed(but with limited connectivity). on the status page time is not showing,the destination lan ip is not showing submask or default gateway either. DHCP is off and the wireless is in gateway mode.nothing is pingable and I can't access the internet or my local lan. I'm a little bit at a loss as to what I can do right now. As before setup is Cable modem----->BSF41 4 port wired router--------switch----------WRT54G. Any suggestions as what else I can do to get access to my lan and internet for my wireless laptop?


The dreaded Atheros wireless chipset?

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This is my first post on these forums, though i have read a few useful resolutions for some of my previous problems.

Anyway, here's what i have on my plate. Currently i have a network that communicates with the internet via an ISA 2006 Server. Everything from Mail Transfer to Client Internet Browsing is routed through this machine. Before i go any further i must let it be known that i do not administer this network internally, as it is used by one of my clients. I administer this network as well as many others with varying configurations from my own office (configured similarly, just on a larger scale). The network in question also has a linksys WRT54G router running DD-WRT that i had originally put on site to make original configuration and Telus OCA registration more convenient. Now i am trying to set this little router up as a secondary way of opening a remote desktop connection to a machine on the internal network in the event that there is a hardware failure or instability on the isa server.

From the experimenting that i have already done using identical routers on my own network i have come to the following conclusion - The internal computer will only respond to the request if it comes in on the router that is configured as that computers gateway. The problem is that i still want all traffic to be routed across the ISA Firewall until i open a terminal session to the internal machines and change these settings MANUALLY. Also, i have configured the router(s) to for... Read more

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I just installed the 2.2 release of DD-WRT on my router after having some issues with speeds and dropped connections. All I have to say is...DAMN!

Speeds are rediculous now, both wired and wireless. I'm moving large files at 10x the speed I once was getting. The other little tweaks in the F/W are pimp too.



Answer:WRT54g + DD-WRT = WOW

Nice Info ,Thanks for the Heads Up

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Question: WRT54G To AP?

I would like to change my WRT54G wireless router into a stand alone AP only. I am using IP cop for DHCP and the usual and would like to put the AP (WRT54G) on the blue network.

Can someone please tell me what needs to be disabled or configured in the WRT54G for this to work properly?

Answer:WRT54G To AP?

I'd flash DD-WRT onto it.

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I have decided that i am going to install dd-wrt on my router however when i downloaded the code and read the notes it said that v23sp2 Standard was not compatible with wrt54gv6. Which version of the code do i need for a v6 router?

Answer:dd-wrt on wrt54g v6

I think the micro version, (atleast the mini version) the dd-wrt forum has a whole bunch of info on it

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I'm currently running a wrt54g and would like to get a second one up and running. I've plugged the second wrt54g into the first...but can't seem to get internet when connecting to the second.

What settings do I need? Please help!


Answer:How to set up TWO wrt54g's?

Run an ethernet cable from the Lan port on #1 to a Lan port on #2.
Disable DHCP on #2, and assign it a fixed IP address ( should work).
Linksys has an article on this:Search on "Two Routers".

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I have read and read the wiki and tutorials and all the version specific info. I have done everything it says to do to a "T".

When I log into the router, after doing a 30/30/30 hard reset and waiting, go to Administration and then to firmware upgrade, choose the vxworks_prep_v03.bin file and hit apply, it says "Upgrade are failed" almost immediately.....

I have been searching and searching and cannot find where I am going wrong here...any ideas?

Answer:need DD-WRT help on wrt54G v5.0

I have not ran into that particular issue. have you posted on the dd-wrt forums? some of their wiki pages are out of date so you could be following the pages correctly, but a step is wrong or being left out.

silly question, does the router already have dd-wrt on it? if so you just do a straight flash with the new firmware.

Posted via [H] Mobile Device

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I am so used to enterprise class switches and such that I haven't kept up to date on the home front. Long story short - I currently have a DI-624 in place, but it is starting to have some challenges. I have a WRT54G v2 that I am putting dd-wrt on it. So the question is will this Linksys out perform my ole Dlink? or leave the 624 in place? I know that there a love/hate with both models, I am looking for actual experienced answers.

Thanks all

Answer:Di-624 vs WRT54G w/dd-wrt

I only own a WRT54g with DD-WRT on it. I don't think it's the fastest (as in processor speed etc.) switch there is, but it has quite a few features, which is important for me. I cannot complain about its 'performance' at this point, though I think its VPN speed is limited, I have not found that limit yet.

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Question: Wrt54g V2.0

I'm having some issues with the WRT54g. I'm pretty unfamiliar with this router, just got it the other night. Anyways, I've flashed it and downloaded the updated firmware for it. So the problem . . . I'm able to ping the router and get a response when I am wired to the router, but I can't ping myself or any of the other 2 computers wired to the router in my house. Also, our laptop is picking up the wireless signal from the router, but it is unable to actually connect to the net. Same thing, the computers that are wired to the router are unable to connect to the internet, although it shows us as having an active, strong network connection. So from what I can tell, we are getting a wireless and wired connection, but for whatever reason we can't actually connect to a network or ping each other? I've checked the subnet mask and all of that fun ipconfig stuff and everything matches up. Any ideas?

Answer:Wrt54g V2.0

Who is your ISP? What modem do you have?

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Question: Wrt54g v5

Hey All,

I have a linksys router connected to four computers and putting out a wireless signal. I also have a PC upstairs I would like to get online, and have a WRT54G V5 wireless router that I want to use like a wireless USB stick. Is this possible without downloading additional firmware beisdes official Linksys firmware?


Answer:Wrt54g v5

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Question: DD-WRT & WRT54G

2 questions for you folks...will the DD-WRT firmware have any effect on the wired performance of the router? Or does it only play a role on the wireless side? I understand it offers additional features..but will those also only affect the wireless side?

2nd...which versions of the WRT54G are capable of the mod?

Much appreciated

Answer:DD-WRT & WRT54G

Can help your range a you can punch up the strength of the output signal. can say you can get better performance....when you're at a distance where the stock output would begin to fall off.

His list of supported devices..."DD-WRT"?#Features_.28Overview.29

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Question: WRT54G + WRT54G

Hi all...i have a question for you.
I have a WRT54G vrs 1.1 functioning as my main wireless router...however, I have a big house, and cannot get coverage in all parts of my house. Now, i have an extra WRT54G from linksys that i just picked up, which i believe is the newest revision of the router (havent looked at it yet)....and i was wondering if and how i could run cat5 to it from my main router so as to spread out a wireless signal..ect...and what changes in the settings i will have to make...ect. Currently there are 3 computers wired to the main 54G router.....and 3 computers/devices that take the wireless end of things.
Any help would be great
Also, i have just recently noticed using a 3rd party firmware and upping the power to the much extended coverage will i get outta this if i go this route?

Answer:WRT54G + WRT54G

Yes, it will work, but dont plug the incoming CAT5 into the WAN port. Just pick any of ports 1-4 to use. Keep in mind that you will also need to copy over your WEP/WPA settings, as well as any MAC addresses that you've explicitly listed.

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Hey Guys,

I'm trying to flash my router to DD-WRT firmware but I can't find one that works. I'm getting that "Update are Failed!" error message on all of them. I've tried about 10 different version of the DD-WRT, they all result in that error message.

I reset the router to factory defaults and still no avail.

Thoughts? I've been here to see if there are any responses on what to do. I found this and tried doing that but they still fail...

Answer:WRT54G V6 and DD-WRT

I would ask here

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Question: wrt54g boost

is there a way to boost wrt54g radius ? im a noob in networking and i was just wondering if i could do this easily or not


Answer:wrt54g boost

With some of the replacement firmware available (the ones that void your warranty) you are supposed to be able to adjust the output strength. I have not messed with them enough to be able to recommend one though. There are some forums at LinksysInfo that may offer more info though.

A non-warranty voiding way would be to look at replacement antenas and wireless repeaters.

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I need some help with configure my Linksys WRT54G wireless router to work with Cavalier's C2 internet. The Linksys WRT54G work flawlessly when I configure to work with the motorola cablem modem when I was with Comcast (they blow btw). So I switch to CavTel's dsl (advertise as 8mbps download but i'm only getting 5.1mbps but oh well it's just as fast as comcast imo). Well i tried everything to get the damn thing to get through the internet...nothing works. The last thing I need to do is to reset the router to factory setting. I'm going to do that tonight. I called CavTel customer service and they told me that they're serving the internet via DHCP (which is even easier then Comcast's static IP address setup). Is anyone running a similar setup? If i connect the ethernet cable from adsl modem to my computer I can get fast internet, but i'm trying to set the router up so I can have access from my other computer. Let me know if you have any idea or encounter similar problems. Thx!

Answer:Need help with WRT54G and Cavalier C2

Since you can connect without the router, maybe the DSL modem is looking for the MAC address of your PC and when you hook up the router its not verified. Try cloning your PCs MAC address.

Or maybe just power cycle everything, hook everything up, unplug the modem and router, wait about a minute, plug the modem back in, let it power up, and do the same with the router..

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Question: wrt54g PROBLEMS

I'm trying to connect a wrt54g router with 2 pc's to share dsl among computers. I have the
desktop wired to the router running Windows98SE and my notebook has its linksys notebook card running WinXP. On the desktop: Once I connect the modem, to the router, to the desktop I can't get internet. All I get is "Page cannot be displayed". I can however access the router. What information do I need to configure the router with to get internet? For the notebook: I get an excellent signal, and again, no internet. Do I need to obtain a domain name and/or how do I properly configure the notebook card so I don't encounter this? Please help

Answer:wrt54g PROBLEMS

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Question: Linksys WRT54G

I have a Linksys WRT54G for about 3 years now and am now being told the lates versions do not come with a Linux based firmware.
I believe mine is a 1.1 version and would like to know if I update the latest version of firmware for my router, does that mean it no longer operates under the GNU code?

Right I am running "Firmware Version : v4.20.7"

Answer:Linksys WRT54G

Firmware source up to version 4.20.9 are available in the Linksys GPL Code Center.

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Can somebody provide me solid, surefire way to increase the mW on my new WRT54G router? I've read a couple tutorials but what is working for some isn't working for others. Thanks.

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Ok, here is what I am trying to do.

My neighbor has wireless internet and has given me their WPA code so I can use their signal. The problem I have is that my desktop is on the other side of the apt and I bought one of the USB Wireless adapters & plugged it in. It recognizes the network & I can login, however the signal is very weak/low and the signal keeps dropping.

I need to find a way to increase the signal strength to my bedroom. I have a Linksys WRT54G wireless router and was wondering if I could configure it to work on my desktop instead of the USB adapter (to gain better signal).

Is this possible and if not, what other things can I do to gain signal strength.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Linksys WRT54G help

doesn't work that way. You need a WRE54G on the side of the house that your neighbor is to grab that signal and retransmit it to your desktop. Takes some semi-advanced configuration though... I've always done it manually so you might have luck using the cd that comes with the device.

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Question: WRT54G trouble

So I've been dealing with this issue for awhile and its finally starting to get to me.I am not very network savy i pretty much just plugged this thing in and it worked etc.I know how to log into and stuff but thats about it.The problem I'm having is about once a day I have to unplug the router and plug it back in to get it to work.Anyone know what would cause this?Its turned on the lights work and everything I just cant do any kind of network stuff (internet etc)

any info would be great,so I can stop hearing my parents say "Reset the internet again its not working"

Answer:WRT54G trouble

Are you doing any P2P file sharing? I used to have some trouble with mine, then I flashed it with the Tomato firmware, and everything was fine after that.

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how so well let me explain so i found this on amazon and ordered it
its a wrt160n v3 ddwrt compatible =)

NOW look at what i found if you have a donor router to hack off the external antenna connectors do it but in my case i needed to buy

so to recap for $50 i have a linksys 802.11 N ddwrt router with external antennas this kicks the pants off the the craptastic 160nl that does not use broadcom chips

Answer:Wrt160n its better than the wrt54g!

I'm running a wrt150n which is the prior model to that, but has external antennas stock, flashed with DD, running in access point mode off of my PFSense router. Kicks the crap out of the various wrt54gl models I ran...when it comes to range and speed.

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i have an extra wrt54g with dd-wrt...i want to try tomato out. do i just download the latest .bin file and update using the firmware updater in dd-wrt?

Answer:WRT54G dd-wrt update..!

antok86 said:

i have an extra wrt54g with dd-wrt...i want to try tomato out. do i just download the latest .bin file and update using the firmware updater in dd-wrt?Click to expand...

What version of the Router do you have?

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Question: Linksys WRT54G

Does anyone know, is there any way to tell if someone is hacking into my Linksys WRT54G wireless router? My lights are flashing when I,m not on the internet.

Answer:Linksys WRT54G

Turn on WEP or WPA, whichever your router supports.

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Question: WRT54G Problems

So I went out and bought a wireless router a couple of days ago and from the beginning I've been plagued with random disconnects. The router is a WRT54G Linksys. I've done some searching on the internet and my wireless problems seem to mimick everyone elses very closely.

The wireless randomly disconnects no matter what I try (currently working my way down in MTU (1200) atm. Tried changing to different channels with no luck also.

I should also say, I've got two different computers hooked up to the router. The first is through normal cat5 straight to the router, the other is wireless. They're BOTH having this same problem.

Does anyone know how to fix this or am I pretty much screwed?

*It's using the newest firmware

Answer:WRT54G Problems

could it be your cable/DSL modem? try disconnecting the router and go straight to the modem and see if it stops

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Question: WRT54G Firmware

Hey guys.
After some thinking on the matter, I've come to the decision that I'll at least TRY to keep my wrt54g and get it working. However, I've heard a bunch of talk about using aftermarket firmware. I was wondering what one you guys would recommend. I've seen stuff about both Sveasoft firmwares, as well as several others. I'm in the dark as to what to go with.

Any advice?

Answer:WRT54G Firmware

Sveasoft - if you want a lot of features and a fruity GUI
OpenWRT - if you want even more feature but a command line interface (unix users tend to like this one)
HyperWRT - if you only want increased TX power over the stock firmware
DD-WRT - if you like the Sveasoft firmware but think the guy that runs the company is an ass (he is)

Also, if you have a version 4 unit, you're pretty much stuck with openwrt.

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I currently use a WRT54G v5 router to connect to the internet. It has the DD-WRT v24 firmware on it.

Every now and again, the desktop that is connected (through ethernet, not wireless) loses it's connection and I have to restart my computer. This is extremely aggravating because it disturbs my work.
I have tried connecting straight through to my computer with the modem and the problem goes away. So i have narrowed the problem down to my router.

Using XP's network repair option does not work. The repair stops at "Acquiring network address..."
It seems as if the computer loses its IP address. The "ipconfig" commands in CMD do not work either.

please help.

Answer:WRT54G w/ DD-WRT problems

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*posted on whirlpool too, hoping for millions of responses, lol*

As stated in the title, my router keeps cutting out for like 10 seconds and then BAM! It is back on and pretending nothing ever happened. This wouldn't be much of an issue, but I'm playing online games and using VoIP programs, so it disconnects me from those and takes around 3 or 4 mins to get back into everything.

I heard it getting overheated was a problem, so I took it out of the hub, and set it up in my room. Heat is definitely not the problem. It just disconnected again 30 minutes ago, so I had to cancel out of my game and come make a post here, haha.

It isn't just the internet, it is the entire network. Like, I was steaming music from my computer to my xbox, and it crashed for 10 secs, stopping music and again, taking a min or two to reconnect each other.

This means it aint my ISP i presume, due to the home network dying too.

Any ideas on how to fix this?


My side question, is... I have this router that isn't wireless, but worked 100% before I moved house and got this new wireless one. Now I connect to the network through cable, it is my dad / sister that uses wireless. Wondering, can I connect the old router in to my computer and the wall, and then stick the new router into my old one for the wireless only?

So basically, if the new router dies for 10 secs, I won't get disconnected, only the wireless down for a bit.


oh, are there a... Read more


WRT54G Constantly DISCONNECTING!!! - Linksys - DSL Hardware - Whirlpool Broadband Forums

that would probs just be easiest to see details / progress made.
hope this isn't against terms of use or something, linking to another forums site, lol
sorry mods if it is!

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Question: WRT54G-S Question

So heres my story...I have a desktop wired to my WRT54G router, a desktop wireless with a WMP54GS card, and a laptop with a standard 802.11g wireless built in card. If I buy a WRT54GS router, I know i will see a little improvement in my wired and wireless desktop, but will I see an improvement in the laptop? Thanks in advance..

Answer:WRT54G-S Question

review of the WRT54G which is an A/B mode router

review of the WRT54GS which is a B/G mode router

I would go for the B/G mode

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Question: WRT54g Repeater?

Is this possible?

What i have two WRT54g routers
One is setup as the gateway, and the other is not doing anything(its in a box)
I only get wireless on one side of house.

Is there a way to set this one up to repeat or bridge my connection to the rest of the house?

EDIT: This is my parents vacation home, and I cannot move the modem and router to a more central location.
Its also in the middle of nowhere, so going and buying something else is not an option.
If nothing can be done, then its ok, but I would think there I could do something with this extra router I have

Answer:WRT54g Repeater?

Yes, it can be done with an alternate firmware on the one you want to be a repeater.

Put in your model here, you will have to find the version number on the bottom as well:

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Is there a way that I could have my Linksys WRT54G Router put my computers behind a proxy?... ie... I want to have an HTTP proxy of for my PC's... Could they all stand behind it? Verses having to tell each invididual PC to use that, force all PC's under that proxy for HTTP use?

I don't mind if it involved firmwire modifications...
Also... I wouldn't mind if it could also have a list of "no proxy sites"

Anyways... Just a thought...

I may be better off making a PC to be my proxy and/or firewall... who knows...

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Hey, all.

Currently having an issue with my laptop and its wireless.

The set up:

Router: WRT54G
Firmware: DD-WRT
WIFI device: Intel 5300 AGN.

The issue I am having is sudden complete disconnects from my wireless. In addition to such, I am getting massive lag in World Of Warcraft.

More detailed description of disconnects: The internet will browse nice and snappy (bandwidth test of 5MB down and 2MB up), but it may suddenly completely lose its connection and have to get a new address and whatnot.

WoW lag: When I am plugged in via a LAN cord to the ethernet port, I can get 60 FPS. When I am on wireless, 22FPS, and EXTREMELY laggy. Other online games do not suffer the same way.

Any ideas? Do I need a better router?

Answer:Issue with DD-WRT + WRT54G

what does the "connected speed" do? does it bounce around?

what version of the router?
what NIC are you using in your computer?

if the router and NIC are negotiating speeds, then you'll see massive lag and such in games...but things will seem seamless in a web browser.

Edit: Here is a link to a test I did a few years back when I was using an Intel 2200BG network card with a WRT-54g router
network connection was stable until I used it...every time it negotiates, there's major lag.

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hey people

i am wanting to buy the linksys WRT54G broadband router. However i have seen the speedbooster version.

can anyone help me as to which one to buy and do they both come with the 'single button setup feature' to automatically detect IP addresses etc.

Please help me people i am stuck as to which one to buy


Answer:linksys WRT54G help

The speed-booster version is better, unless you plan on modifying it, then it depends on what models your modification works with.

do they both come with the 'single button setup feature' to automatically detect IP addresses etc.
Click to expand...

Not that I know of.

If you plan on using custom firmware, or modding the device, you need to be aware that Linksys has changed from linux with recent models to avoid liscensing issues, so you may not be able to modify the device you get unless you specifically shop for a model that you know the modification will work with.

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Question: WRT54G Firmware?

Is anyone using a non supported hacked version firmware for their WRT54G? I heard that there are many available and was wanting to try it. Right now I am just using Linksys version 3.01.3.

Thanks for any info.

Answer:WRT54G Firmware?

Gonna try this when I get home. Site loads slow.

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hey guys, i need some expert advice here. i have a wrt54g version 8 router flashed with the latest dd-wrt firmware. im trying to connect the wre54g as a repeater. any help or a point in the right direction would be nice. ill post the settings i had when i get back to where the network is setup. thanks!

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Question: wrt54g settings??

how do i assign static ip to differnt devices on here. was able to on my netgear and dlinks that let me clone the devices MAC id and assign an IP. how can i do this on hte wrt54g?i dont see any LAN settings at all.thanks


or are you supposed to STATIC IP it on the device it self (ps3, nas, pc etC.) and the router will detect it?

Answer:wrt54g settings??

antok86 said:

or are you supposed to STATIC IP it on the device it self (ps3, nas, pc etC.) and the router will detect it?Click to expand...


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Been getting interrupted about every 30 seconds to 2 minutes, my internet doesn't disconnect but i get a huge 5 to 20 second lag spike. I thought it was my service provider at first, connected straight to the modem and everything was fine. So i am assuming the problem is with the router. Installed the latest firmware but the problem still remains. Also my dad has Vonage running through it, but it had been working fine until recently. Any ideas or just a bad router?

Answer:WRT54G v.6.0 Problems

I would go buy another router and try it so you'll know if its the router or not.

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im going to be flashing my WRT54G V2.2 with the DD-WRT i have been meaning to do this for sometime, im just planning to follow the instructions found here is that the right place to follow and is there anything i should know before i do this?

i dont really have a reason i just want to see what its all about. i am however very interested in the URL redirecting you can do, so when people are connected to me AP if they open up a web browser i can send them to my own web page, im going to be building a file server and when people connect to my router with the DD-WRT firmware they get sent to my webpage wich has information about my file server.

Answer:flashing DD-WRT to WRT54G

I've flashed a few routers so far, and I used those very same instructions to flash my WRT54G v.3 to DD-WRT. Under 'uploading the firmware where it says:

7. The router will take a few minutes to upload the file and flash the firmware. During this time, the power light will flash.
8. A new page will open, wait about 5 minutes before clicking "Continue".
9. If flashed successfully you will now be at the DD-WRT web interface.

It really does mean wait 5 minutes. It may take even longer, but not 'hours' time. I completely disconnected the router from my cablemodem to decrease the chance of error.
I also opened the pages I thought I'd need in multiple tabs of firefox before I started at it so I'd have troubleshooting info in case things went south.

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Question: Upgrade My WRT54G?

I have 2 Linksys WRT54G v2.2 wireless routers running at home and I was wondering if by now there is a new model that has been released that is better and may also still support Linux firmware like the older WRT's?

I don't have any reason to upgrade as my AP's are rock solid running DD-WRT however I was wondering if anything has been released that is far better than the old WRT's.


Answer:Upgrade My WRT54G?

The MIMO units have slightly better range than the DD-WRT running cranked up around 70.

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Question: WRT54G 1.1 Dead?

Well, I think it finally happened, my trusty ole Linksys router may be dead. But, seeing as how this has been my first and only router (I think i've had it for 2 or 3 years) I thought maybe I'd run it by you guys since I've never had to deal with a dead SOHO router. Just a note; I've been running DD-WRT for a month or two. It is still handling DHCP fine, I can telnet to it, I can get to the WebUI. It just will not get a WAN IP. It stays at Thinking DD-WRT was the problem, I put the newest Linksys firmware on - still the 0's. So...I'm assuming its dead...just hoping a couple people may have any tricks to revive it? And obviously, when plugged into it; i get nothing. Can't ping, no web pages, nothing. Any help is appreciated!

Edit: Plugging straight into modem works. So obviously a router problem. Just looking for a possible way to revive it! Please help! I dont wanna lose my 1.1!!!!!!

Answer:WRT54G 1.1 Dead?

I've got one of those. It acted funny a while back, and I had to use a cable to get to it's settings. I fiddled with some things, and strangly enough when I messed with the channel it sprang back to life. I figured it must have triggered some kind of reset.

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Question: DSL/WRT54g NOOb

Ok so i got some dsl from the only provider here in germany TKS and i knew that the router that they sold was crap so i bought a wrt54g v3 which is hooked up to my dlink dsl modem

So i did some research and found out that i should upgrade the firmware and now even after that I still have the same problems as before which are the router does webpages just fine and messengers ok

but when i try to play an online game or download anything i either get booted or the download gets to about 3-7mbs then just stops

i have succesfully changed the firmware to a DD-wrt one but maybe i either have set something wrong with my router or i got the wrong firmware this is the one that i downloaded

anyhelp will be much appricated

Answer:DSL/WRT54g NOOb

What games are you trying to play?

Put the IP address of your computer in the DMZ. Applications & Gaming\DMZ and see if that fixes the problem. If so then you need to figure out what ports the game you are trying to play uses and port forward them to your computers IP address.

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Hi, i finally got it set up and everything but withOUT the linksys router my internet connection is 5x faster acording to i was download at a max of 52KB now it is 14KB please is there anyway to fix this

i have version 6 of the router and i already did a firmware upgrade

Answer:just got a Linksys WRT54G and i need some help

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While trying to install DD-WRT on my router yesterday. More than likely it was my fault. But I followed the instructions exactly. I know I did .

It was a v.5. With linksys software, I've had lots of problems with it killing my connection lately. Even the wired connections would die, and I'd have to reboot my modem daily. So I thought flashing it would solve the problem.

I've done a little reading, but I'm starting to get overwhelmed. Would my best bet be replacing it with another WRT54G v.5? Would it be worth shopping on ebay for an earlier version? Or does anyone recommend another brand?

Answer:I bricked my WRT54G.

Before giving up....I'd go for the revival methods. If you do give up and get another..I'd recommend better a version other than the dreaded V5.

However...revival methods (and I've brought a few back from the dead with these)

Last week I de-bricked my version 1...when the awesome Tomato 3rd party firmware came out a while ago, before their website said "Don't attempt on V1 routers..they don't get along"..I tried flashing mine from DD to Tomato. Bricked. I left it alone for a few months..since I have a few other WAPs to fiddle with. But last weekend, was bored, spent an hour reviving her.

Manually set your NIC to or so, snm.
10 base, 1/2 duplex.

Use the Linksys setup utility provided in the link's an GUI EXE, not the usual tftp utility, but a more automated one. Combined with running a steady -t ping, shorting the pins on the flash, after several attempts I managed to click the upgrade button at the right time and it shoved the Linksys firmware down the throat of the wrt. Then a few hard resets later..she ran fine, reflashed with DD..good to go.

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I am having trouble hooking up my neighbors Linksys WRT54G wireless router successfully.

Heres what it looks like:

Bellsouth DSL > DSL Modem > WRT54G > Laptop

I can connect the DSL straight to the laptop and it work fine. When I connect the router to the modem is where I have problems. I went to and set the router setup to PPOe with the [email protected] & password. Then I ran ipconfig /all and put the MAC addresses listed into the MAC filtering and set to Permit Only. I set security to WEP and generated a passkey. I went to the wireless network setup, saw the router, set it to "open" and "wep" and copied the passkey into it.

Heres what puzzles me...I can connect to the router wirelessly, goto CMD and ping and get a reply. But when I goto IE I get nothing.

I don't know what to do at this point. When I goto the router "STATUS" screen...over PPOe it shows disconnected, and clicking connect doesnt do anything. But when I set the router to DHCP instead of PPOE I can get a connected status with IP's and such. So should the router be set to PPOE or DHCP?

Answer:WRT54G Bellsouth DSL

I can connect to the router wirelessly, goto CMD and ping and get a reply. But when I goto IE I get nothingClick to expand...

This sounds like a DNS issue. Try opening IE and instead of going to try going to That is the ip address for If that works then your DNS settings are not configured properly.


I just realized that if DNS wasn't working you wouldn't be able to ping so this first part should probably be ignored.

But when I set the router to DHCP instead of PPOE I can get a connected status with IP's and such. So should the router be set to PPOE or DHCP?Click to expand...

If everything is working fine when you select DHCP what's the problem?

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Question: WRT54G and ADSL?

Hey all,

Im getting ready to set up a wireless part to my network now that i have the money available.

I was intending on getting a Linksys WRT54G. However I've read that this will not work with my ADSL internet. Since I use BT Internet ADSL connection this might not be too good. Altho i could just keep my BEFSR41 shareing the internet.

Can anyone shed light on the matter?


Answer:WRT54G and ADSL?

i have a wrt54g and i'm not sure what could prevent it from working with adsl. you'll still need an adsl modem though.

i'm sure someone will come along who has adsl and comment on it.

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I bricked my Linksys WRT54G router this morning, a description of the incident is posted here:

Depending on the advice that I get, I might try the shorting 2 pins trick to see if that will allow me to tftp, but I don't think that will work in my case since I apparently used the wrong flash of DD-WRT. I will probably need to JTAG in order to debrick, but I lack the tools. Does anyone here enjoy debricking Linksys routers and if so, how much do you charge?

Answer:Anyone here know how to debrick WRT54G? If so, how much?

Honestly, it's probably not worth it to pay someone. You can pick up a new wrt54g for ~$30, you'll pay almost that much in just shipping.

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Hello All

I just replaced and was given a WRT54G ver2 router with a WRV200 wireless router. The reason was to separate their wireless network from one they are giving their clients, and this router allows multiple SSIDs. So far the only challenge with this router is the rebooting after almost every change, but so far it is a great router past post Now that I have this router I am wanting to play around with it some...I have seen several members say that they have flashed this router with a 3rd party firmware (dd-wrt). Question: what does this do for the router? Does it increase the potential of this device?

Thanks in advance

Answer:another WRT54G question

It gives you many more options than just what linksys gives you, vpns, AP only mode, you can adjust almot every option imaginable. My favorite is the power output. normally 28mw, running at 80 mw now with no problems and probably 2x distance coverage.

I would highly recommend checking it out.

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Question: WRT54G Apache Help



Fedora Core 5
2 Windows XP (Wired)
1 Laptop (Wireless)

Linksys WRT54G v5

I have just installed Fedora and started the httpd service. I can access the APache test page on the Fedora computer by »linux, », » I am unable to view the test page on the Fedora computer by »MYIP, »MYDOMAIN. I am unable to view the test page from any other one of my computers or computers off my LAN. I have opened up port 80 under the port forwarding section on my router. I have DHCP disabled in my router conifguration and I have assigned static IP's to all of my computers all of which can access the internet. I have tryed putting my Apache IP ( in the DMZ section of my router with no luck. I have the most recent firmware version for my router. Does anyone have any ideas what is going on here?


Answer:WRT54G Apache Help

You said you allowed port 80 through your router but did you make sure it gets forwarded to the IP address of the fedora machine? Also, your ISP may be blocking the port but that would not stop you from being able to access it via local ip address on the other machines on the network.

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Question: WRT54G Woes.....

Alright ive been having problems with my WRT54G. I have internet going through my cable modem fine, but anything through my router just wont work. no internet at all. ive tried resetting the router and modem, and flashing the firmware to the latest.
anyone have any ideas?

Answer:WRT54G Woes.....

nothing weather its wired or wireless? also double check to make sure you plugged it into the WAN side of the router (basic yes but you never know), DHCP enabled unless you have a static ip? also power cycle? power down all hardware, modem, router, pc's..power up cable modem till online, then router, then pc's? also have you tried a different cable from the modem to the router?

also maybe try running WINSOCK FIX

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Question: WRT54G troubles

I am running the most recent version DD-WRT on my Linksys WRT54G v4. For some reason, when I do a fresh install of an OS and they try to update it, I cannot. I can finally do updates when I go to a LAN party at some convention or a friend's house, but not mine, but after I do this somewhere else, I can then do updates at home. My question becomes, what is really causing this? Is my router causing this? How can you tell when your router is taking a dive?

Answer:WRT54G troubles

How are you connected to you router at home?

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Question: wrt54g thoughts

I am thinking about buying one of these in the next week. I just wanted to hear some real world thoughts about it. Thanks guys.

I know about the linux add on you can do...thoughts on that...and

the 7.5db upgraded antennas....your thoughts.

Ive read a few reviews and they all seem favorable, and i like that you can replace the antennas or add a cantenna to it.

Thanks guys alot

Answer:wrt54g thoughts

Mines been working wonderful with newest firmware. I hammer it with gigabytes of downloads weekly and all my gaming activities and its only needed to be rebooted once. Wireless is stabile and fast. The 54G was the top rated wireless router in Portable PC Magazine. Have no comment on the 3rd party firmware as I never use it, but I heare alot of people get some serious kick ass stuff outa using Sveasoft firmware instead of Linksys stuff. Most people here will agree its the low end router of choice among enthusiasts of all kinds.

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I'm quite content with the features of the stock firmware that the WRT54G v2 has but theres one thing in particular I was wondering if an open source firmware could provide. I'm wondering if there is a firmware out there that boosts the power to the antenna. my router is upstairs and downstairs the signal is spotty at best. I'm considering buying an external antenna but I was thinking that just boosting the power maybe enough. Does anyone have any knowledge on WRT54G firmwares? Any help would be much appreciated.

Answer:best WRT54G firmware? is one of the more popular firmware versions out there. This one will allow you to boost your signal like you wanted to.

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Question: WRT54G problems

i have a wrt54g v8 latest firmware and its nothing but problems first it wont load all webpages it just loads whatever it wants and randomly this is on all 5 computers in my house including mac. then i have DHCP to start ip at but when i go to check the computers they are assigned started at im think its because the router ip is but i have it to start at XXX.30 i dont want to use 3rd party firmware again since i already bricked one about to return this and get a dlink i didnt have anyproblems with my old dlink before it broke

Answer:WRT54G problems

antok86 said:

i have a wrt54g v8 latest firmware and its nothing but problems first it wont load all webpages it just loads whatever it wants and randomly this is on all 5 computers in my house including mac. then i have DHCP to start ip at but when i go to check the computers they are assigned started at im think its because the router ip is but i have it to start at XXX.30 i dont want to use 3rd party firmware again since i already bricked one about to return this and get a dlink i didnt have anyproblems with my old dlink before it brokeClick to expand...

You updated firmware before setting up router at all ? i

cable plugged into the right port... right no uplink button depressed etc.. plugged in

reset the router first off. follow its reset instructions

plug cable modem directly into 1 computer. try to open a page. make sure the cable modem is sending DHCP and not giving one of those SETUP webpage interfaces. (much cursing when swapping internet providers now saying their modem has a inital setup/recovery interface....... my firewall is openbsd, local terminal only....and hard to get to.. but that was a problem)

step2: (that computer sees the internet, gets ip, can use web
connect a computer to router, (dont bother plugging it into internet yet)

First box should read: Automatic DHCP, if your dsl then its PPPOE

step4: Set Device ip/subnet &l... Read more

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Hello Team.
Here's the details to a problem I have never seen before. Probably has a simple solution, but if it does, I have no clue.

3 year old Linksys wireless WRT54G.
Upstream ISP is a Charter cable modem connected to the Linksys.
Have one Desktop hardwired to the router via ethernet. This one has just dandy connectivity.

Problem is my laptop.
The wireless on the laptop with the router worked great previously, (up until a day ago) but I forgot my WEP key and to get a new one,. I needed to reset the router as I also forgot my linksys admin password.
so, I reset the router, got in, set SSID and simple WEP. Simple right?

Here's the strange part..
Laptop sees SSID and it connects.
I receive an IP address on the laptop. gateway, DNS servers, everything.
Now..I can PING any ip address I wish from the laptop.
I can bring up any webpage I wish via IP.
However...nothing will resolve via DNS. Nothing.
I changed the DNS servers to one's I know work, even changed them to charter cable's...
but nothing.
The desktop connected via ethernet can resolve just I was's a laptop issue right?
except.. gets ever MORE strange!!

I bring the same laptop to my office, and when I connect at work, BAM! I can get anything via DNS..and everything works fine..

anyone have a clue?


Answer:Link Sys WRT54G: Never have seen this before

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Question: Ugh.. WRT54G Woes?

I got this wireless router and thus far have only had 1 computer hooked to it. My family recently purchased 2 laptops.. and after about a week of fiddling around..

I think I have finally come to the conclusion that the linksys router is only allowing ONE computer at a time to connect wirelessly.

Strange what its doing also. Doesnt matter if security is enabled or not. On the 2 computers that are unable to connect, i can see the wireless network, but when I double click it just sits there trying to connect. Never gets past that. Sits for a minute and then it just refreshes the network list and mine is SOMETIMES missing. Other times its still there but its not connected.
Please wait while WIndows connects to the 'xxxx' network.

Waiting for network...


Answer:Ugh.. WRT54G Woes?

Kassem said:

I got this wireless router and thus far have only had 1 computer hooked to it. My family recently purchased 2 laptops.. and after about a week of fiddling around..

I think I have finally come to the conclusion that the linksys router is only allowing ONE computer at a time to connect wirelessly.

Strange what its doing also. Doesnt matter if security is enabled or not. On the 2 computers that are unable to connect, i can see the wireless network, but when I double click it just sits there trying to connect. Never gets past that. Sits for a minute and then it just refreshes the network list and mine is SOMETIMES missing. Other times its still there but its not connected.

Please wait while WIndows connects to the 'xxxx' network.

Waiting for network...

NEVER STOPSClick to expand...

It sounds like it's not even connecting through the wireless. Try resetting (to factory default) your router and reconfiguring it -- WITHOUT putting security. Sometimes that helps.

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OK. My WRT54G v5 works for the PC it's hooked up to via ethernet. It works for the laptop that's using a Linksys WiFi PCMCIA card. However, my Nintendo DS won't work with it! Says it isn't compatible with its security settings. How do I fix this and retain wireless functionality with the laptop?

Answer:I'm About To Kill My WRT54G v5.

Are you using WPA-PSK? If so I don't believe that the DS is compatible with that encryption. If you are running WPA-PSK try WEP instead.

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Question: IPCop and WRT54G

I need to allow my wireless to connect my IPCop. I am using a green and red networks. I switched the IP on my Linksys router to and the green network on my IPCop is How can I get my router to communicate with IPCop?

Answer:IPCop and WRT54G

Just run a cable from your Green NIC to one of the routers LAN ports and use the router as a AP, it can also double as a switch. If you want to get a little more fancy you can throw in another NIC and create a Blue zone which if i remember right is IPcops wireless zone (Seperated from the green zone)

Also disable the routers DHCP server as i imagine your IPcop is taking care of that now..

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Guys, I hope someone can help me out. I checked a few threads here and elsewhere, like this one

but it went over my head pretty fast.

Hopefully I'm not the typical 'help me' n00b. Bought the router (v 1.0 - was this a mistake?? - I checked the site first and there wasn't a huge group shouting 'don't do it' over there). Get it home and try to connect my PC to the net through it, DSL connection. No luck - DIAG light is flashing. Manual says update the firmware to thlatest. I try pressing reset button for 30 seconds (both powered down and powered up), nothing. So I go here

I follow all the steps, dowload the latest firmware update for my specific unit from Linksys, reconfigure my Networking settings, and then I get to this line at the end

6. You may now proceed to upgrade the router’s firmware with the files that were downloaded.
7. Once the upgrade is complete, the router's red Diag light should no longer be blinking.Click to expand...

Everything smooth up to this point, but... how do I go about doing that? Hmmm.. ok, in the actual upgrade files that I downloaded, there is a Read Me. Aha!

1) Before you start, be sure you are using a PC that is connected to the WRT54G
via a wired (Ethernet) connect... Read more

Answer:WRT54G v 1.0, can't get it up and running

if your connected to the router and the router is not connected to the dsl modem, are you then able to access the router interface? If so, then the router and the dsl modem run in the same IP range and this can cause a conflict. Change the ip of the router to something like

Then you will probably have to connect the pc directly into the dsl router and get into its interface menu and change it to bridged mode (you do this if the modem is a router/modem, as most seem to be).

Once you do this, then you should be able to connect the router to the dsl modem and have no issues with connectivity. You should be able to get on the net and also be able to access the routers interface.

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Question: Bricked WRT54G

I have just bought a bricked Linksys WRT54G and with so many tips and instructions on how to unbrick it, i'm not really trying to go thru a lot of hoops in sorting thru it all. Is there someone out in the forum that would help in getting it fixed if i sent it to them? From the info gathered its the version 1.0. I really wanted a Dlink since my wireless B is Dlink. Anyway, any help would be appreciated. Send email for faster reply.

Answer:Bricked WRT54G

you should post in the Networking & Security forum to get some replies, maybe there they will now about your router

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I have a linksys wrt54g router and I need a hacked firmware that can do the following thing.

I need more advanced logging of incoming and outgoing. I would also like it if it would automatically resolve dns addresses. Could someone point me to some good firmware that can do this?


Answer:Need WRT54G Firmware

Take random text from your request:

"wrt54g router and I need a hacked firmware"

Use it as a search term on router and I need a hacked firmware

Find multiple hits on the first page, or if you want to actually work a bit try searching for "wrt54g firmware"

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Question: wrt54g pings

Does anyone know the the setting in the Linksys wrt54g control panel is to make it respond to external pings. I can ping it internally, but not externally. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:wrt54g pings

On the Security menu, disable "Block WAN Request".

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Well my room mate went out and bought a wrt54g last semester and its been running fine but recently it starts to lock up... the internet will stop working completely and neither my laptop nor my desktop can access the routers page... to remedy this resetting the router gives me a window of about 2-3 minutes of accessing the internet or accessing the routers page before it once again.. (surprise) locks up...

My wrt54g at my parents house is of course running good ole dd-wrt however after further investigation the wrt54g my room mate bought is a series 5-6 router, or as they call it 'neutered' with less memory and all the stuff that helps them out and it seems most reported attempts of flashing it leads to bricked wrt54g's....

does anyone have any ideas?

Answer:WRT54g keeps locking up =\

I think just about every 54G is flashable these days, it's just a little more involved process. I just flashed tomato on a couple brand new routers that my parents' bought. I'm pretty sure one was a v5 and the other was a v6. It involved flashing a couple special firmwares first, but after that it was just like usual. I've got em set up in WDS mode to extend the signal range in their house, and they've been working fine for the past month.

Here's the page I used:

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Question: WRT54G Router

I have a Linksys WRT54G v2 broadband router and my laptop is connected to it wirelessly, all seems to be fine except one thing. MSN Messenger, WIndows Update,, etc.. anything on Microsoft servers does not work. How do I fix this?

Answer:WRT54G Router

can you tracert to
or ping

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Hi this is my first post here so please bare with me. At my house they do not offer high-speed internet but about a quarter of a mile away they have public wifi. So after reading off net I built a cantenna. So now here is my problem I just bought a Linksys WRT54G v 2 Wireless Router, Access Point, DD-WRT v23 sp2 loaded. 200 MHz; 16MB RAM; 4MB Flash, 250MW POWER off eBay. This is what I would like to do. I would like to be able to pick up the public wifi from the router and distribute it throughout my house using the same router and pick it up for use with my laptop with built in wireless card. The problem is I have no idea how to set up my router to accomplish all of this. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Help with WRT54G v2 and Cantenna

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Question: Linksys WRT54G

Just got one today
Not mine, building a HotSpot for a friend.
Any ways I have the Sveasoft Satori v4.0 for WRT54G. (my model is 2.0)
But I would really like to know a few things, before I kill bran new hardware.
1. Is its web interface somewhat the same?, screenshots?, can I go back to linksys bin easy?
2. Is the mW safe to change? (heat issues?)
I don't need any of the extras that come with the sveasoft software, I will be running a linux machine that will do all the VPN and bandwidth junk, but the mW upgrade sounds like a good deal.
oh and 3. is there something newer out, I downloaded this long time ago and save it to my hd, thought I might get one of these access points some day

Answer:Linksys WRT54G

Interface is pretty much the same with a bunch of extra settings from what I've seen. I still havent got one yet of my own.

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Question: WRT54G vc WGT624

I'm going to be replacing my BEFSX41 Linksys router with either one of these two. I'm not going to be using the wirless capabiliteies yet, mainly just wired. However, I'd like to know your opinions on which you like better? I read that the Linksys was based off linux so there was more 3rd party firmware, but I also hear that netgears was good as well.

What are your opinions?



Answer:WRT54G vc WGT624


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Question: Linksys WRT54G

hi im new here and am in need of help.i got given the Linksys WRT54G router by my cousin yesterday to use so i am able to go online on my playstaion 3. now im a bit confused. im with talktalk and i am using the SmartAx Mt882 modem. it says adsl on the modem and apparently the linksys router is dsl. does that mean i cant use it the routerif i am able to use it could someone quickly run through how i should be connectiong it up like the wires and things. many thanks

Answer:Linksys WRT54G

forgot to add i didnt get a cd to help set it up

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Just got this router and installed the DD-WRT firmware (which could be the problem,) well for the past few days the thing has just died on me. For example, i come home from work and i can't get on the internet nor can anyone else, I have to restart the router, cable modem, and computer to get it back. I can still connect to other computers that are hard-lined to the router to transfer files, but 0 internet and the green light for it is on too. Now could it be the firmware or something else?

Answer:WRT54G keeps dying.

Check the temperature of the box. Make sure it is not having thermal problems.

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I currently have a linksys wrt54g running dd wrt. I ordered a netgear wnr2000 hoping to get improved performance and reception... looking to see if i ordered a good router or should get a different one.

Answer:wrt54g replacement?
I personally have never had a good time with ANY netgear products. However you will hear conflicting opinions by others.

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Question: WRT54g and dialup

I have to change my computer ip to for ICS to work. But if i do that, I cant connect to the router at What can I do to be able to access the router while keeping the ip for my computer?


Answer:WRT54g and dialup

Can you clarify your need? Are you going to be using a Windows box behind the router to act as a dial-up server using ICS?

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Question: Linksys WRT54G

Anyone have any problems with the Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router? After updating the firmware and setting all configurations, I couldn't get it to work. I've tried to connect my PC thru wired and wireless connection, all the time the connection was slow (only partial website was displayed on my web browser) or it won't even connect to some webserver. Try downloading something from the web and it won't work. I've bought another WRT54G and same problem exist. Is it my problem or the Linksys WRT54G won't work with Shaw Cable Internet service?

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I've been using my WRT54G for at least 4 years if I'm not mistaken. I've never had any issues with it at home. I use it to connect my iPad, iPhone, MacBook, and XBOX 360 (wired). My question is should I just leave it as is or will I see any performance gain on upgrading my wireless home router? I eventually would like to get 6-10 IP wired cameras for home CCTV system.

Just curious if there's bigger / badder / better hardware out there...

Thanks for any advice.

Answer:Upgra54de My WRT54G?

Move to a machine running something like pfSense, and then use the wrt54g for wifi only, or upgrade to something better for ap duty. I use a pair of D-Link DAP-2553 for wifi (one for 2.4 and one for 5Ghz), and a little box running pfSense for router duty. It works very well.

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Question: linksys WRT54G

I am seeking a little help / opinion on the following issue....

Current network config... ISP is Mediacom cable, feeding a Motorola modem, followed by a symantec 100 hardware firewall appliance doing NAT. Then I have a linksys WRT54G ver 2 wireless router, nominally running WPA encrypted G mode to a linksys card in a laptop. Both the firewall and router have current firmware upgrades.

Downlink speed is ~2.5 Mbit/sec when my laptop is directly wired to the firewall via a 100 Mbit/sec eithernet connection. Downlink speed is ~1 - 1.5 Mbit/sec when directly wired to a port on the linksys router. Similarly I am seeing ~1 - 1.5 Mbit/sec via the encrypted wireless link. .... Hope that all makes sense!

Now the question .... does the WRT54G inherently exhibit slow throughput (way less than the marketing guys ratings), or is there a way to configure the unit such that I can get ~2.5 Mbit/sec on the output side of the router? At present my network is stable (no dropped connections) and usable. But ... I want to tweek things, if possible, to access the full bandwidth. Any suggestions on where to explore, and/or is there another wireless router on the market that is more robust.

TIA for any help... Jim

Answer:linksys WRT54G

the symantec appliance/router both nat.

how robust you think you need.
bite the bullet and get a t-3 line, you'll showup everybody you email.

are you really downloading at the values you mention or going to test sites/your own isp, there's a difference.

the fact that you have a 54g router doesn't mean you'll dl that fast.
it depends on your isp/plan if they have basic thru warp drive connection speeds and many will have you pay a premium for the faster connection.

some isp's limit dl to 1.5mb/s and ul 128-768kb. does yours?

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I am using sveasoft's alchemy firmware and I've filled in the information so that the router can act as a VPN endpoint. When I dial in, it does connect, but I can't do anything useful like access folder shares or the computer itself behind that network though. Is there any other configurations that I missed?

Answer:WRT54G VPN endpoint

Can you ping any computers behind the router? Make sure the subnet of the local machine you are connecting from does not overlap with the subnet of the IP assigned through the VPN tunnel.

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Question: Linksys wrt54g


I have a Linksys wrt54g router , have had it for 2 years ans never used it. No tech support is available from cisco due to age of it.

I have Vista Home Premium 32 bit desk top, and i would like to set this up to use a Toshiba satellite windows 7 64 bit laptop in my home.

Can you direct me to a proper tutorial to do this or instructions you might have?

thanks in advance

Answer:Linksys wrt54g

When it says shut down cable modem, which is what i have, i am to unplug it?
thanks again

this is a dead link apparently as on the web page


* Linksys by Cisco: WRT54G User's Guide (PDF)

i found it on google

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