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Need: Server-based re-imaging application (Remotely Re-image clients from server)

Question: Need: Server-based re-imaging application (Remotely Re-image clients from server)

Hi, i've recently been doing work with an internet cafe and we need a solution for re-imaging. I have an image created with ghost but I have no software to use to distribute it and the client PC's only have CD-R/RW and the image is 4.3GB.

I tried to use Ghost recovery disk to map the network drive where I have the image but the recovery disk didn't couldn't detect my network card (I'm guessing it didn't support the specific NIC of the client PC's)
I need a software solution that will let me re-image any computer from a centralized location (server) over the network. We have about 40-50 client PC's. So far we have been doing manual installs (The entire server crashed and took all the old software with it so we're starting from scratch)

If anyone could help, we could open this business a lot sooner than expected with software that can do this!


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Preferred Solution: Need: Server-based re-imaging application (Remotely Re-image clients from server)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Need: Server-based re-imaging application (Remotely Re-image clients from server)

A free solution would clonezilla or even RIS or WDS
EDIT: You also might want to look into Steady State

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I need to find a way to create an image file and be able to remotely re-image two Panasonic Toughbooks CF-29. I would prefer to use Windows Server. I have seen this done before however I have no clue how to do it.
Any information is greatly appreciated.

Please note: I must do it remotely from the server.

Answer:How can I re-image a computer remotely via a LAN server?

You need to setup PXE boot on the laptops...if they support it. Then you need a boot image server which responds to the broadcast requests of the laptops which are for an IP address on the network segment they are on and then a pointer to back to the image server. Depending on how your network is set up, you may need to configure a relay agent to grab the broadcast request traffic from the laptops and then forward them to the appropriate server. On Cisco switches, this functionality is supported and is called ip helper.

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I have a print server running 2003 standard sp2, I have been looking for a way to allow helpdesk staff install and manage printers without logging into the server and without adding them to the admin group.

So I added them to the power users group and the print operators group, that worked fine they were able to UNC ( \\servername ) to the server and install printers, drivers, as well as uninstall drivers? printers ect????.
Now the problem??? this works great from an XP box, but when we try it from a windows 7 machine we get access denied. More specifically it acts like it is going to install the printer then when it comes to the driver installation part it fails ?Printer driver was not installed. Access is denied.?

No changes have been made to the permissions I can log into an XP machine with my profile and it works fine log out go to a Windows 7 machine use the same credentials and I get the above message access is denied. I am an admin of both machines on the windows 7 machine I have UAC turned off completely. Running XP Pro SP3 & Windows 7 pro both are 32 bit machines.

I should also add that I have made the necessary group policy changes to allow printer operators to Load/Unload device drivers and under the local policies/security options I ensured that the Prevent users from installing printer drivers was Disabled.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Answer:Windows 7 & 2003 Server Standard SP2 Unable to remotely install driver on print server

How do you enter the credentials on the Windows 7 machine? I've noticed that you have to use "domain\username" rather than just the username in some cases.

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A long time ago I did not work with Windows Server NLB.
Is it possible via NLB to route incoming requests to different application servers based on the user's IP?
I would like to force requests in Europe to go to my application server in Europe. And requests from Asia went to Asia.
That is, the balancing is not by the load, but by the locality of the user.


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Hello all, I am currently working on a project and I am in need of a way to run applications off of a central server from an XP client. The applications that need to be run are from the Microsoft Office package. This is for a school project, if more information is needed I can try to provide it, thanks for the help.

Answer:How to set up an Application Server to run office from a central server?

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A friend has NT4.0 server loaded and wanted to replace his desktops with thin clients but i believe it requires TS edition. He doesnt want to upgrafe t0 2000/2003 server as yet and wonders if there is any kind of patch / software that can be used to enable thin clients be used with NT 4.0 ( not TS edition) only ?


Answer:NT 4.0 Server- can it be used for thin clients ?

I would say no, not without TS.

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Please kindly help me in solving this problem, I can access internet on the server but not on clients. Clients are showing little or no connectivity error message. My O.S is XP. The server uses LAN 1, it receives and sends signals properly but the clients use LAN 2 and could only send but not receive signal.



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i am retiring a DC which holds the DHCP role for my domain.

i moved my DHCP database from one 2k3 DC (old) to another 2k3 DC (new) following the instructions from

i have also authorized the new server and everything looks fine. i had no problems during the database move other than having to specify DNS dynamic updates registration credentials on the new DC. i used the domain admin because from what i read it just needed an account that can authenticate. the old DC / DHCP server did not have anything in there.

my problem is that when i stop DHCP on the old server and try to test with renewing the IP on a client, the clients are not seeing the new server and they are unable to pull a DHCP address. i have done a lot of searching and reading but i cannot find anything relating to the issue or how to see what is happening behind the scenes in order to diagnose.

any suggestions?

thank you!


Answer:new DHCP server not seen by clients

you are starting the DHCP service on the new server? No firewalls? The clinets can ping the server? Get wireshark on it and see whats going on, make it simple, cut it down to a basic network, 1 host, the DHCP server and 1 switch

I normally just move the data bases and it works.

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Ok, I have a small domain (less than 30 clients). For security reasons I am not using DHCP. All servers are running Windows Server 2003 and all clients are XP.

I am a network admin by trade, but have worked with Windows since the beginning, so I have a pretty fair understanding of how the domain works. I understand that DNS is the backbone and that all sorts of problems will pop up if the DNS isn't working correctly. When I check the DNS on the domain controller I only see the servers and one client when I know damn well that there are at least 10 clients currently running.

My first question is this: if DHCP is not running, do I need to build the DNS records manually? Does DNS require DHCP in order to authenticate the clients and create their records dynamically?

All of the clients are placed in Active Directory and their suffixes match the DNS servers.

I'm pinning my hopes on DNS being the source of my problems, as I am getting really weird issues - systems refusing to allow any user except admins sign on, print servers refusing to allow anyone other than a local admin to map to their printer, despite "everyone" having full rights in the security tab, etc, etc. The problems are driving me nuts.

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i have connected a server 2003 and 14 win xp clients. the server acts as the DNS and active directory as well as it is the one that assigns IP addresses. once i join the computers to the domain i get a limted connectivity on all clients computers. they are all connected to a hub. what could be the main problem???

Answer:server 2003 and xp clients

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Hello, I am in the IT dept in my company, and I am having trouble figuring out how to fix a printer issue. One of our locations recently had their Ricoh printer swapped out for a newer Ricoh, and now nobody can print to it. If they try to print from an application, it will crash the application, and a test print will fail as well. I am however able to print a test page from the server that the printer is shared from.
I have tried the following so far:
- Removing the printer from a client PC and adding it again
- Manually removing the print driver and reinstalling it
- Reinstalling the drivers on the server using an updated Universal Print driver from Ricoh's website

Thanks in advance for any suggestions anyone has.

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I have a small office network with about 15 clients, the server is running Win 2K3, XP clients. It has been running great for about a year. Tonight I tried to add a VPN server role (I keep asking myself why I wanted to do that). So, I shut down the Windows Firewall/ICS service, and started up the VPN role. Never even tried to use it.

Then, I found that my network was running slowly, but still works, including running applications from the clients that are located on the server. But, when I try to browse to the server from any of the clients, the server does not show up when I browse through Microsoft Windows Network to the domain. But all the other clients are there. When I go to the server, and try to browse the same way, none of the clients show up. Well, that's weird, so I removed the VPN server role, and restarted Firewall/ICS service, rebooted the server. I can ping using IP addresses both ways. I can even use the server to control the clients with remote desktop connection. But still, they don't show up in explorer. Clients are still using the server as DHCP server and domain controller. But things are noticeably slower, and I can't browse to it. Any ideas???

Thanks to all in advance for any help!!

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Hey all.

Anyone out there using Software Update Server to distribute patches to their clients?

I'm having a hell of a time to get it to work.

Here's what I've done so far:

I installed SUS1.0 SP1 on a patched and updated Windows 2003 Server.

I sync'd the server with the windows servers to receive all the updates and created the settings file to include all pertinent info.

I installed the latest WUAU template with the four options and created a new GPO to force the settings out to each client:

Auto Updating: Option 4 (Auto download and schedule installation) at 1pm every day (it's a test setup).

I've set up the GPO to point to the intranet server.

Rescheduling is enabled to wait 5 minutes after system startup.

No auto-restart is enabled.


The client is an XP Pro machine with SP1 installed. It has been added to the AD Domain and I've checked its effective settings and it is receiving the GPO changes.

But nothing happens at 1pm. It's pissing me off...

Anyone have any suggestions?

Answer:MS SUS Server not updating clients.

This website has been a great source
good luck

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I hope someone can help me with what I hope is a simple problem.
I am trying to access my network at my office from my laptop out in the field.
I have enabled all the required ports and settings in my Dlink DI-604. I am able to use remote access here in the office and connect to all of the computers, yet I can not do the same from home or when I try to dial in for a test. Neither the server computer Win98 or client WinXP are available when I ping them. I can access the router through the internet, but that is as far as I can get.
How do I set up the server running Win98 to act as an "access server" and is this possible?
Sorry for being long winded, and thanks for any help in advance.

Answer:Win98 server and XP clients

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At work, we have replaced our old server (Win2000 Server) with a newer, much faster one (on Server 2003). It's used for authentication as well as running our databases.

Why would all the other computers on the domain run way slower now? This occurs when they boot up, someone logs on, and when simply running progs. and accessing data. Most of them are on Win2K, one is on Win98.

The new server has a different name than the older one, so could they still be trying to access the previous machine? Or... is there something they're all looking for which used to be on the older one but wasn't copied/installed on the new one?

I really feel like they're looking or waiting for something, but I don't know what.

Answer:New server, now clients run slower

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Hi, I hope this is the right forum to post this to. I need to know if you can set power schemes from a Windows 2000 server to connected computers? I want to set a computer so that no matter who logs on, the computer will always be on and not hibernate. I know you can do this with Windows Server 2003 but haven't been able to find anything for Windows Server 2000. Thank you - TechGirlAZ

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I have 1 DC running SBS Windows 2000 Server and 32 client computers. Yesterday, 3 Windows 98 client computers and 2 XP clients’ computers lose their connection with Server.

-Windows 98 could not log on when prompt to enter user name and password:
“Domain password you supply is not correct, or access to your logon server has been denied.”

-Windows XP: Log on OK at local computer but when it try to access the map drive on Server:
\\Server\<share folder is not accessible. you might not have permission to use net share resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions Network path was not found.

The only way that I seem to be able to get around it is by uninstall and reinstall WINS server, this fix the problem: all 98 and XP machine work as normal.
But it works for about 10 hours and problem come back again. I have to do the same thing again and again to fix the problem when it comes back. The weird thing is WinXP was effected by WINS too.

I did scanned for virus; No error in event viewer, DHCP, DNS and WINS is install on the same Server and function, all client could ping Server OK. I can browse all client PC from Server.

Any idea? Would you please helping me to fix this problem.

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All the clients on my network have trouble accessing certain sites while my server has no trouble whatsoever with any sites. is a good example:

My server acesses it fine but all of my clients can practically not load the site at all requires tricky timing on the refresh button and multiple clicks on any buttons that may appear at the site to accomplish anything.

I have a DSL connection and my network is commposed of a 24-port repeater hub and 3 computers with 10Mbps NICs installed.

What would cause the problem I'm experiencing?

What's special about sites like yahoo? ..Why would my server work 100% fine with yahoo while my clients have so much trouble?

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Server accesses websites that clients can't

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Move this if its in the wrong place...
I'm planning a new server for my job. It will be primarily for file sharing among different workgroups/domains as well as some other light remote access duty.
I've been wanting to use Solaris 10 for a long time and if I can make it act like a normal Windows domain server in some aspects then I'll be a very happy man.

Answer:Using Solaris 10 as a domain server for XP Pro clients?

Not familiar with Solaris 10, But OS X Tiger server can even dish out policies

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I have configured Windows Server 2008 fax and can send faxes from the server and Vista clients. I am unable to send faxes from XP clients. I can connect to the shared fax printer from the XP clients, however when I try to print to it, it appears to be working, but I never get the window asking for the fax number.

I've added the 32 bit drivers, as suggested at and in an article here on Experts-Exchange, but it still isn't working.

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Is there a util that I have missed?
Does AD not give you the ability to
find computers that are run by 9x?
If not, and I am new to this, how do I
administer policys to clients that are
not running a NT workstation or win2k.

Answer:managing clients 9x with win2k server

Try this site, may help you out on your question

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Ugh and here we go again.

I get into the office and none of the computers are working "online". The network is up and running fine, I can ping all nodes, no issues in the event logs on either the clients or server.

We log in as a domain user, and we're prompted with "Offline Files - Working offline". I can ping the server though. If I browse to "\\sbs01" im greeted with 1 share, Users.

Now if I log in as a local user and I browse to "\\sbs01" I'm greeted with all the shares.

This is really getting to me, does anyone have any advice or ideas what the hell is happening?

Answer:Windows Clients Can't Find Server (SBS 03)

can you post an ipconfig /all from the server, and a workstation?

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ok i have server with norton installed (windows 2003)(clients xp) i installed the server on the server and installed the clients as manage.

they see the server fine and i can see the clients on the console. it will push any configuration changes i do to it. but the clients fail to download the virus updates. kind of beating my head on this.

this network has no internet acess.

any help? i did make the server primary server.

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Hello Everyone!!!

Friends Recently I got a job in a small company which has One DNS Server and another server used for POSTMASTER and PROXY for internet.

My responsibility is to maintain all the systems and Server. But I am very new in networking. So can u pls help me in few points like:
? How to maintain the Server, what r the thing I should keep in mind.
? How I can maintain all other PC without going to every client desktop.
? How I can configure other PC from my server like- disk defragmentation, software removal/installation, system shutdown, antivirus update and scanning etc.

I hope u r getting what I want to know. So if U can give me tips then pls help me.
If there is any online good tutorial on this then pls give me that link.

Thanx & Regards

Answer:Maintenance of Server and Clients in a network

How did you get this job? Anyway, that was a cheap shot, I apologize. Doing this helps me sharpen my own skills, since as some guy once said, "If you want to prove you know something, explain it to someone else."

This is general, not step-by-step:

The best way to do maintenence on a series of desktops connected to your server would be options inside your servers' OS. You should be running a server-edition operating system (Windows 2000 Server as opposed to say Windows 2000 Professional). Most server OS's have tools for sending out updates to all the boxes that they serve or are in their domain name under them.

Also, if your sending identical updates to identical boxes (giving them all Windows, Office, yadda yadda), then third-party software can help you out loads. You're gonna wanna make sure that you back up all the data somewhere, so you don't lose it all, so somethign like Norton Ghost could be very helpful in scheduling automated backups.

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Server Spec:

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P67A-D3-B3 P67
CPU: Intel Core i3 3240 3.40GHz
Memory: G.Skill 4GB DDR3 1600MHz RipjawsX
Power: Corsair HX750i
Storage: 30GB Kingston SSD (Boot Drive)
10x 6TB WD Red (NASware 3.0) (No RAID)
Case: Antec Nineteen Hundred
OS: Windows Server 2012 R2

I own a small production company which have a total of 8 staff members. We are planning to move to a new office and I have been building a storage server for the team to store all project files. We handle uncompressed 4K video files so a 30 second clip is around 10GB. I want to upgrade to 10GbE networking on the server side and provide each client computer with the full 1GbE bandwidth. Is this possible without having to purchase 10GbE cards for all 8 client computers? Do you think 1GbE is enough for the client computers or should each computer be upgraded to 10GbE? What performance benefits would each machine receive in terms of read and writes from WD Red HDDs? The drives themselves have a sequential read speed of 173 MB/s and write speeds of 165 MB/s.

I was thinking of purchasing the Intel X540-T2 NIC for the server. Do you think it's a good choice, it's really cheap on Amazon:

I want to wire everything up with our existing Cat6A F/FTP cables. Also, is an i3 with 4GB DDR3 enough for what I am wanting... Read more

Answer:10GbE Server to 8 1GbE clients

All 10 Gig switches are backwards compatible with 1 Gig. If you get a 10GbaseT switch, those can down clock to 100 Mbit.

What's the purpose of the server? Is it to just store the video files or are the client computers actually connecting to the server's storage to do processing work? If the clients are just storing files on it, how often are simultaneous writes happening on the server? When is data read off of the server? Is the server the primary place to store all the video files? Are you backing up these files? Is time of the utmost criticality where it turns into significant monetary losses?

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So I was up until three a.m. last night trying to figure out why my DHCP server keeps dropping my computers, and losing connectivity to the web every 2-3 minutes...

And I am friggin stumped

I am running Windows Server 2000 - legit version - and I am pretty sure I have all my DHCP scope settings correct. I have remade the same scope 4 different times tying up any loose ends, and I still get the same result.

I am running a single fiber NIC, that dumps out to my switches through a dual 10/100/1000 NIC, where it meets with a 24 port gigabit Netgear switch. Then the switch goes to two routers for wireless connectivity.

My machine and all the other desktops/laptops drop even when nothing is happening. Their IP leases aren't lost, and the server swears they are connected.

So basically, I'm screwed because I can't come up with any more answers.

Please help if you can, I would greatly appreciate anything.

Answer:DHCP Server Dropping Clients

Its not DHCP. If you could provide more info
Do the clients still have LAN connectivity when the internet drops?
Is there anything in the event log
Can you still get to the internet from the service
Is the server the gateway or running RRAS/ISA
Plus the standard battery of tests.

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hi guys,

have a server running 2003

and two workstations each running windows 7

if i go \\ (both workstations are static ip as im sharing printers on them)
i get the error i have attached to this post...

i can ping everything,but cant access shares via \\

i have restarted:
the server
network switch
workstations but just get this error

i know its not a firewall problem as i can ping server and workstations from any machine

the applications the server is providing is working on the workstation

any suggestions?


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Hi all,
I've a problem do not understand, and help me to solve: 
1. Clients (Windows 7 Pro SP1) can't ping/connect to server (Windows Server 2003 SP1 x64bit) but server can ping/connect to client
- Firewall turn off Server and Client
- Note: Clients (Windows 7 XP SP1) can ping/connect to server (Windows Server 2003 SP1 x64bit) but server can ping/connect to client
- If I setup the new clients (Windows 7 XP SP1) and join domain that difficult and appear error
- I added a host (A) in DNS server but the client does not ping... (- Request timedout)
System info:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Geteway:
DHCP Server:
DNS Server:
2. Error info
Sources: DNS - Event ID: 4007 
Sources: DNS - Event ID: 4015
Sources: NetBT - Event ID: 4321
Sources: dhcpServer - Event ID: 1059

Answer:[HELP] Clients can't ping/connect to server but server can ping/connect to clients


The security programs may affect the connection between windows 7 and DNS server.
I would suggest you to disable all the security programs and firewall to check the issue.

Also, check if the clients can ping each other successfully.

Test it
Clean Boot and
Safe Mode and check if there are conflicts.

Regarding the error information, you may refer to the following articles.
Event ID 1059 ? DHCP Server Active Directory Availability
"Duplicate Name Exists" Error Message When You Start a Windows XP Workstation
Event ID:4321
Windows Server 2008:
Troubleshoot Event ID 4015 ? DNS Server Active Directory IntegrationTracy Cai
TechNet Community Support

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What do I need to do to be able to log into my home computer from somewhere else?

I have a router, I can access that remotely, I have a web cam attached to the router, I can access that remotely. I have the computer set for remote desktop, although I'm not sure I can get to that outside of my network (so I probably have something configured wrong) but, isn't there a way that I can access it directly without using remote desktop?

Answer:Help with accessing server computer remotely

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I'm needing to connect via a modem to a Win2000 server system and have never done this before so I'm seeking some guidance.

I believe the server has been set up to accept this sort of connection and there's an account set up which ought to allow this.

So what do I do at my end?

I've got a system running Win2000 pro and I've got a modem but now what?

Do I set up a DUN connection to the server? And what then happens when I dial up to it?

As you can see, I'm completely in the dark but need to get to the position where I can administer the server remotely.

Answer:Connecting remotely to Win2000 server

You could setup a vpn connection. But the server need to be configured as well

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So my Boss made a remark to me that he wanted to be able to access the files on our server at work remotely. He wants to have all the capabilities of accessing the files as he does when he is in the office. The only problem is that he travels a lot with work and he need to access those files. How would I go about accomplishing this for him? The server is running Windows Server 2003 and is behind a couple of routers. What would be the first steps I need to take to get it to where he can access all the files he needs to remotely. Maybe something that he can type in an IP and then maybe a password and be good to go.

Thanks for any help.

Answer:My Boss wants to access the server remotely.

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Good day all,
Looking for advise on the following problem;
I am currently installing two new Windows Server 2003's, I have about 70 computers (all running XP w/sp2) spread out through 3 states. I need to save/backup each of the comps onto the server (including user profs). I have read quite abit on the proscess of doing this. However I was thinking, could I not just install a prog like Norton Ghost 10.0, copy the C: image, save it as a partion on the server (making the partions be just another drive for each comp). If this is possible, then could I access these partions from a different comp (so as to image a new HD when one goes bad)? I know, it doesent make sense to me either, lol.
Please let me know if i am on the right track with this, and thanks in advance.


Answer:Imaging on the server.

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hi there..

I'm handling a win2k advanced server as a firewall in my department. Before this, we're using linux RH9 and in linux, i can even view current activities of all clients within the network using ETHERAPE programme. Is win2k server provides any similar facilities??

Thanks in advanced.

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HI Guys

im trying to get HD stuff to stream and its jerky as hell so, in order to rule out the network I dropped back to a x-over ethernet cable with the server direct to a device (I tried a laptop and a HD media player). However, this was still jerky. So, next step, I put a free FTP server on the server and then tried to connect via FTP and copy over the file. The best I could get was 11meg a second.

For the life of me, in my simple view of things, all seems good so, I thought i'd ask the experts for tips. Please take a quick look at the specs below and see if you can see why I'm only getting 11meg and im open to suggestions!
Desktop(Ftp server)->x-over->Laptop(Ftp client) = 11meg a second
Desktop(Ftp server)->homeplug(bedroom)->Laptop(Ftp client) = 4meg a second

Ouch. So none of these are particuly good considering the direct connection with nothing in the middle.

The PC's specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 @3.00
Ram 4gb
Vista Home Premium 64
Boot disks SATA1: 2xWD Raptors (stripe)
Storage SATA2: 2x Hitachi 1TB disks (stripe)

Important bit?:

Generic Marvell Yukon 88E8056 Ethernet Controller

Settings below, any ideas?
Flow control - TX/RX Enabled
Interrupt Moderation - Enabled
IPv4 Checksum Rx Enabled
Jumbo Packet - 1514 (smallest option, cant disable)
Large Send Offload (IPv4) - Disabled
Max IRQ per sec - 10,000
Priority & VLAN - Priority and VLAN Disabled
Receive Buffers - 512
Speed & Duplex - Auto-Negotiation (tried forcing 100/f... Read more

Answer:Network - poor performance even on FTP (1 server, two clients)

Answered on another board. You're confusing bits and bytes here.

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Hello! I graduated with a degree in Art so it totally makes sense that my boss puts me in charge of the network, but ONLY when we have a problem, right?? We have a contract with an IT company, but they leave a lot to be desired. A LOT.

I have a few issues that I need help with, but I'm just going to start with one! I've been searching Google for hours :confused and I would REALLY APPRECIATE any help!

Yesterday after most of the users had gone home, our whole network (XP clients) disconnected from the server and couldn't synchronize files, couldn't get to shared drives or folders, but could still use the internet just fine. I had to restart the server to get them to connect again. I'm hoping it doesn't happen again today because everyone will be looking to me to fix it, and I haven't a clue why this would happen suddenly (besides that the IT company put 3 new software apps on our computer - they have remote access - over the weekend. All of which look like they essentially do the same thing). None of the other settings have changed that I know of.

Are there any places I should be looking to make sure it doesn't happen again? I can't even begin to think what could have changed with a software install that would cause this. We haven't done anything else on our end, and who knows what the IT company has done?

Thank you!

I'm going back to searching now. I feel like I keep getting close to the answers I need, but they aren... Read more

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I have a project due for my networking class and i was wonder if you guys and gals can help me out.

I need to know what kind of Web server software is used on the site?

it may be ANY webemail client.

thanks for the help.

Answer:what kind of server software is used by email clients?

wtf are you talking about? please clarify your question.

I need to know what kind of Web server software is used on the site?Click to expand...

what site?

it may be ANY webemail client.Click to expand...


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I have a POS system that has a server running Win2000 pro, and the clients are running Windows 95. The server displays all of the clients in Network Neighborhood, but none of the clients display the server when Network Neighborhood is opened on the clien side. Network communications are fine, and the clients are capable of pinging the server. Anybody have an idea how to make the server visible again (it originally was before I applied some Microsoft security patches).

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Clients are being set up to use VPN when offsite – should it work in the same way when they are onsite?

Answer:Should VPN work when Clients are attached to same router as Server?

BillBald said:

Clients are being set up to use VPN when offsite – should it work in the same way when they are onsite?Click to expand...
If your firewall is not set up to block VPN traffic outward bound then it should, but why would you want to if they are onsite.


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Hi, can someone point me towards a good guide that will help me setup my office's wired network with one main server through which all the traffic goes while filtering everything I have blocked?

Also, I have a 5 port hub, can I work with it or do I need a bigger switch?

I only have 5 PCs in my office.

Answer:How to setup a server and clients using wired connections?

You would be way ahead to invest in a good 8 or 16 port switch which supports Jumbo Frames. I presume you would want internet connectivity as well in which case you should invest in the best router your budget can afford and that too should support Jumbo Frames. I assume that you have a windows based server so the question there is what kind of hardware powers the server?

This actual configuration of a small office connection wise is fairly simple, All computers and the router attached to a good quality switch should serve you well. If there will be a lot of traffic run through your server and your hardware supports has or support two NIC's then it would be a good idea to Team a Pair together which would provide failover ability. Should work well as long as you have the hardware to support it. You get what you pay for!

In order to use Jumbo Frames in your network keep in mind that all connections must support it or it will not work.

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Hello all, hope this is the right channel for the issue we have.
We have an email server and two people/pc's that need full access to a email client like outlook. Both people need to see the incoming and outgoing email to make sure emails arent answered twice. So real time access to one mailclient for all emailaddresses for two pc in differnet locations

The interface from the email provider is tiem consuming as you cannot click on the email boxes like you can at outlook or similar software.

hope i made myself clear.

thank you, Jay

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I have an existing network with Verizon FiOS that has the router built in to the modem. We have 3 computers hooked to that network....2 wired, 1 wireless.

I have a server machine that I am using to practice for my MS certification exams. I have Windows Server 2003 installed. It is an Active Directory domain controller,with DNS and DHCP.

I also have an old laptop with XP Pro.

Neither of these are on our existing network. My goal is to connect these 2 machines to another router (with wireless capabilities turned off) and then connect this router to the existing one to provide internet access to the new machines.

I want the server to operate as DNS and DHCP. I do not want the router(s) to do it.

So, the existing router (FiOS) has an IP of, and it gives IP's to the 3 machines connected to it. This is fine, but when I connect the server and XP machines to the new router, I want the server to give out IP addresses, not the router. I also want to be able to join the XP machine to the AD Domain on the server so I can start playing with RIS, and assigning permissions....and all the other stuff I need to learn for my exams.

Existing router: Actiontec MI424-WR
New router: Netgear WGR614 v10
All computers are XP Pro except for the server and one Windows 7 Ultimate laptop.

Does anyone know how to do this and make everything work correctly?

I hope I've given enough information

Thanks in advance for any help!

Answer:Network with 2 routers, 1 server, multiple clients

You can have domain running in the home with the equipment you have posted above. I did that here myself. You need Windows client OS that supports domain. Pro series does. Server 2003 has NAT feature and can be your router using additional network card. One Card would be labeled WAN and the other would be called LAN. This can be connected to a 5/8/16/24/48-port switch or even add AP to the mix. So it would be modem to Server to external switch. Having the Server with DNS, DHCP and Active Directory active plus the NAT works great. Take some time to get it all working though. For extra SPI hardware firewall I had use one of those belkin wireless turned off wi-fi, DHCP then connected the server LAN to Belkin then back to the switch. This is optional don't have to do this just saying that's how I did it.


Use a wireless router connect only server to and use external switch from the router to your other network devices. This is another way to do with on domain. Doing this way you don't need to install another Nic card in the server box.

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Here's the situation:

I have a client with a 2012 R2 Standard Domain Controller
It was installed around August this year
It runs a single Hyper-V instance of 2012 R2 Standard, configured as a member server on the domain, and set up for RDS so that they can remote in and work on their software.
Clients in the office are all Windows 7 and 8 Pro and joined to the domain
There are 8 mapped network drives.
The only changes made were on Wednesday, where I installed Licensing for RDS and the accompanying user CAL's.

Yesterday, i was contacted and told that remote desktop was not functioning. Any attempts by domain user accounts get this error:

I can log in via the local administrator account.

In addition, on an internal workstation, none of the mapped network drives function, instead prompting for a user name / password. It appears that updating a password at the PDC does not affect access, nor does it update the required credentials at the workstation: they appear to be using the cached login. When attempting to log in with a different user account on the same workstation, i get "the logon server is unavailable".

The DC is pointing to itself for DNS.

The DC can be pinged from the workstation.

Changing the firewall on the DC does not help.

The member server is pointing to the DC for DNS.

Last night the issue seemed resolved when i changed the domain policy to Require use of specific security layer for remote (RDP) connections / RDP

The issue seems to ... Read more

Answer:Sudden problems 2012 R2 Server / Clients / RDS

I'd work on just the mapped drives/user logon first.
Any gpo set on the users ou or PC ou?
Dcdiag comes back clean?
Clear the DHCP entries, dns entries and see if a PC getting a new IP helps after a reboot?

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i use win xp 20005 os.the problem here is my server can access all sites but when it comes to clients on the network,they can not access some sites  as eample of such site is server can access hotmail at all times but my clients can' is very irritating.can some one pls tell me what to do?

Answer:clients can't open sites server opens

Sounds like a firewall or proxy restriction to me.

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Hi all

I have 2012 standard trial and I want to use it to backup my client machines - what WHSv1 does for me at the minute.

Is there a way to add essentials like functionality to standard? I don't want to purchase any licenses as this is for a home testing environment.

Looking to de-comm WHSv1 to free up the extra gig of RAM.


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any recommendations for backup software to backup client machines connected to a windows 2003 server? i was looking at drive image 7.0 from symantec.

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Hi, can someone point me towards a good guide that will help me setup my office's wired network with one main server through which all the traffic goes while filtering everything I have blocked?

Also, I have a 5 port hub, can I work with it or do I need a bigger switch?

I only have 5 PCs in my office.

Answer:How to setup a server and clients using wired connections?

You would be way ahead to invest in a good 8 or 16 port switch which supports Jumbo Frames. I presume you would want internet connectivity as well in which case you should invest in the best router your budget can afford and that too should support Jumbo Frames. I assume that you have a windows based server so the question there is what kind of hardware powers the server?

This actual configuration of a small office connection wise is fairly simple, All computers and the router attached to a good quality switch should serve you well. If there will be a lot of traffic run through your server and your hardware supports has or support two NIC's then it would be a good idea to Team a Pair together which would provide failover ability. Should work well as long as you have the hardware to support it. You get what you pay for!

In order to use Jumbo Frames in your network keep in mind that all connections must support it or it will not work.

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I want to control all clients systems through server computer. Pl help me. I want all clients to connect through proxy and they must not access internet without putting proxy address and i also want some sites to be blocked on clients systems.all clients and any outside laptop can access only allowed websites.plz help me.

Answer:How to control clients systems on networking through server on lan

"I want all clients to connect through proxy" - You'll need to set up a proxy server. There's many solutions out there.

"they must not access internet without putting proxy address" - Once the proxy server is set up, you'll need to configure their web browsers to go via the proxy. Users would not know what the proxy address is.

"i also want some sites to be blocked on clients systems" - You might want your firewall to do some blocking.

Think this is more of a project than a support request.

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Anyone ever done this? A guy is looking at me to help him get a NAS box using the built in directory server to host home folders for his users from a Synology unit. I looked at an open source client but was unable to get it to authenticate properly to the NAS. Any advice? Scratching my head...

/edit...i should clarify it as an LDAP service, basically, want to bind Windows 7 client to an LDAP directory hosted by a Synology Disk Station...

Answer:Using Linux as a directory server for Windows clients

Are you trying to have the Synology host the directory server, or just the home directories?

No clue on the first, but I doubt they do that, I've never worked with one.
However, you can simply install samba and edit a few config files within linux to act as a domain controller for Windows clients, they join the domain just like a Windows server was running Active Directory. You can configure the path to the home directories in Samba to point to the Synology share.
(Disclaimer - I have only done this in test environment, and have no production experience with it's reliability long-term)

If you're less experienced with Linux, I believe turnkey has a samba "directory server" prebuilt VM you can download and manage via web interface. Again, I've messed around with a few of their appliances in testing, but never run one in production, and I have not used this particular appliance at all.

Good luck, and let us know what you come up with!

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I'd like to get some thoughts from anyone who has implemented XMPP for Windows server, with client software for a LAN. Ideally free software (even for small business use) but pay software is ok if that's what you've got experience with. In short, some of our employees are looking for a secure internal chat program (no AIM, IRC, etc), I'm familiar with IRC already but have no experience with XMPP.

Answer:XMPP Server and Clients for small business

Openfire and Spark? There are lots of free/open source XMPP clients and servers out there so it's really a matter of what features you need.

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Company just installed a SBS 2011 Server and all new Windows 7 Pro Client PC's. I have an older Windows Accounting sytem that I must support on the new system. It uses Dos based printing to print to local print ports. I thought all I would need to
do is use NET USE command to redirect local printer ports to network shared Printers and be done. In this case I have been able to successfully use NET USE command to forward ports but print jobs never leave Local Client Print Queue. Job
left in local queue with print error. I have used several Printer/driver combos, down to one of the simplest Print Drivers HP Laserjet III. I was able to successfully use NET USE command on a local Win 7 workstation to redirect the LPT Ports to local shares
with USB Printers attached but when I try it accross the network from Win 7 Client to print share on another Win 7 PC or SBS 2011 Server print jobs do not leave local queue? Is there a Default Group Policy setting firewall rules to block Printer Port forwarding?
I know it should work but there is something I am missing?

Answer:DOS Printing. SBS2011 Server, Windows 7 Clients

cesedgwick wrote:

Company just installed a SBS 2011 Server and all new Windows 7 Pro
Client PC's. I have an older Windows Accounting sytem that I must
support on the new system. It uses Dos based printing to print to
local print ports. I thought all I would need to do is use NET
USE command to redirect local printer ports to network shared
Printers and be done. In this case I have been able to successfully
use NET USE command to forward ports but print jobs never leave Local
Client Print Queue. Job left in local queue with print error. I have
used several Printer/driver combos, down to one of the simplest Print
Drivers HP Laserjet III. I was able to successfully use NET USE
command on a local Win 7 workstation to redirect the LPT Ports to
local shares with USB Printers attached but when I try it accross the
network from Win 7 Client to print share on another Win 7 PC or SBS
2011 Server print jobs do not leave local queue? Is there a Default
Group Policy setting firewall rules to block Printer Port forwarding?
I know it should work but there is something I am missing?

What Win7 do you have - is it 64-bit or 32-bit?. If it is 64-bit your
application maybe uses some 16-bit utility to print, which only works
on 32-bit Windows. I till now had no issues with net use to networked
printers for DOS type printing. It works without issues on 32-bit and
64-bit Win7.
To test if your printer redirection works use the PRINT command from a
... Read more

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I have 7 thin clients working on a Pentium 486 server. Needless to say its inefficient in the extreme.

What is the minimum config. server i need to setup to have these work optimally ?


Answer:Solved: What capacity server for thin clients ?

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Hi everybody,

This is my 1st Post, hope you will interact ...

I need a free SW to be as client to manage my quote on the file server (Windows2000), rather than dealing with the regular file explorer.

Answer:free SW to Manage file server remotely

what exactly are you looking for ??

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I don't typically have to ask a great deal of questions about anything computer related. If I don't know something... a simple search tool of forums such as these gets me an answer I need fairly quickly. But, I have not ever even heard of this issue before.

All of our business files are stored on a PC set up as a quasi-server here in the office. Up until last Friday everything worked great (except for the random Vista on an XP network issues). Today we come in and my boss says he can't see any of the files from today (his PC is the server).

He can see all other files from previous dates. Everyone else can see all files from ALL dates, including today. Everything we put on that PC, now, is completely invisible to the host-PC itself.

It's kind of weird. Normally I'd tool around with it until it works, but it's not my PC. If anyone has any solid theories (or set-in-stone solutions!) I'd greatly appreciate it!

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Invisible files on server, viewable only remotely?

virus/malware free?
Logon that pc with another profile. If you can see all files, your boss has a corrupt profile.

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I have been trying to access a server while not on location that I need to be able to upload files to and also view files placed there by others.

This is actually for a class I'm taking at University and I have tried Tech Support there and thus far no one there can help. They had me try to map a drive to my computer but that was unsuccessful.

I can connect to the VPN using Cisco Anyconnect under a split tunnel (which is actually a new development...couldn't even do that as of yesterday) and the next step I was instructed to take was to set up or map an a new drive and type in the address for the server and then I'm supposed to get a prompt for my credentials but they are not accepted and I don't understand why. I am not sure what I may still need to do or what I may have actually done wrong that is preventing successful connection to the server.

Another suggestion I got was to consider that my antivirus program is blocking the VPN in some way but I don't think that is the problem anymore.

In fact, I specifically receive an error message that says to check my spelling otherwise there may be a problem with my network but Windows is unable to identify any issues. There is also an "error code: 0x80070043 The network name cannot be found."

Would it be possible that this has to do with a firewall?

Any sort of help/suggestions will be appreciated.

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I use the Lights Out plug in to schedule the up and down time for my server. It would be really nice if there was a way to remotely wake it if I need it when it's in standby. Mine is not setup where I can conveniently hit the power switch.

The only stuff I find searching is Magic Packet, but that is to wake up client computers with the server, not the other way around.


Answer:Windows Home Server, wake remotely?

Not an expert on it, but will work?

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Like so many others, I am in need of some help. Here is the basic environment

Server 2008 R2 as AD DCServer 2012 R2 as MS SQL database server dedicated to a single applicationThree sites linked via static VPNs, all authenticating off the same DCMixture of Windows 10 and Windows 7 Pro PCs as domain clients
I just setup a GPO granting local admin rights to users in the Remote Desktop Users group. This is to allow these trusted and vetted users to install software updates on the PCs that they have access to using Remote Desktop.

Since implementing that GPO, nobody, not even the Domain Admin account, can access any of the domain client PCs using Remote Desktop with a single exception. There is only one PC that Remote Desktop still works for.

I have chosen two of the problem PCs to guinea pig different solutions on, while using the one working PC as the template for a working setup. All PCs have the necessary services set to automatic start and are running (RPC, RDP, RPC Locator, etc.). From
the DC I can remotely manage any of the PCs and access their registry remotely. They all respond to ping via both IP and NetBIOS name. The DC's DNS is running and has current entries for all PCs and both servers. All network shares, printers and mapped drives
work without issue.

The only other problem is that the Event Viewer is not remotely accessible on any of the problem PCs. While logged into the DC as the Domain Admin, I can remotely manage any of the PCs in the domain ... Read more

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I have a guy with a network using a Small Business Server 4.5 machine that runs Proxy Server 2.0 to provide the internet connection. He has an employee that he really likes but is having problems with that employee using AOL Instant Messenger despite the employee being asked not to do so. He would like to do something discreetly on the server to prevent the use of AIM on the network without having to install any programs on the clients. Is anybody aware of any techniques or software that can be used on the server to prevent AIM from being used on the clients?

Answer:Need technique to disable AIM for clients under Small Business Server 4.5

Check out the following URL:

Scroll down to Countermeasures (near the bottom). I think that you should be able to implement the suggestions with Proxy Server 2.0 (although I haven't used Proxy Server myself).

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What do you think, is it a good idea, to use Microsoft Security Essentials on production server and clients at the company?

Answer:Use Microsoft Security Essentials on productive server and clients

Because it never causes BSOD's.

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Hi folks,I have Windows Server 2003 32 bit as a domain controller and need to get a printer on this to server the clients, which are mixed - 32 bit and 64 bit.The problem arises in when I go to install the drivers on the clients, I'm told that the server has the wrong driver installed. I'm certain it comes down to the mixed environment as I can print from the 32 bit clients, but the drivers dont install for the 64'sAny tips on how to navigate round this?Thanks a lot,TBK

Answer:Print driver Issues: 32bit server, 64 bit clients

and has had people losing the will to live. It can be done, however.Try pasting this into your's a link to a PDF file that might help. If it looks a bit too techie for you, post again, and I'll try something else.

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So yeah, for simplicity's sake let's take a hypothetical situation and say mom and pop are trying to keep a horny teenager off dirty websites. There's two options: a transparent proxy, or a standalone proxy (both powered by Dansguardian, of course). If we go with the transparent, the kid can just yank the box off the network, directly connect, and he's surfin' porn again. If we go standalone it's even easier, all he has to do it turn off the proxy option from Windows.

Assume that there's no talking with this kid; he'll do whatever it takes to get porn. The only solution is to force him to go through the box. So what do we do? My brain is fried here, I can't think of anything. The best I could come up with is to block all HTTP traffic to everything except the proxy from the router, and then the internet will only work if the proxy is used. Of course, the router's username and password would be kept secret. What do you think? Can you think of a better solution?

And just for the record, the situation above is fake, I'm just wonder how best to keep my kids safe (they're pretty responsible, I'm just paranoid). And no, answers like "talk it over with them" and "good parenting" don't count.

Answer:Forcing clients to use proxy server, when they have physical access to the box?

If you had a transparent proxy set up, you could physically secure it and your networking gear so that the kid couldn't physically bypass it. It sounds like an extreme way to protect kids from "bad things" on the internet, but it's always an option. And if you actually want to make sure the kid can't access porn, you'll have to deny all sites and then only allow ones you have approved. Otherwise there will always be a ton of sites that aren't blocked and the kid will still get his porn anyway.

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our Windows 10 all clients are hanging while login to domain server. 1 PC which is not part of domain can access domain server without any issue, but all domain clients hangs. I have restarted the domain server but still issue has not been resolved.
Please help in this.

Windows server 2012 R2

Thanks & Regards

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VPN can be served from the firewall/router or a server itself. coupla questions:

1. should VPN connections end at the firewall/router? if so, after connecting to the firewall/router, how would the remote client access domain resources (like windows 2003)? after all, firewall/router VPN connection != server domain connection. does the remote client need a separate logon? what if the remote client can't see ANY domain resources nor ping any of the network resources even though firewall policies have enabled internal network access from VPN connections?

2. should VPN connections be passed through the firewall via opening port 1723 and gre47 for somn like w2k3 to server VPN itself because it can authenticate win-logon and therefore access network? wouldn't this be a security risk of sorts? when w2k3 is setting up remote access for ONE nic connections, all domain resources get disabled. anyone experience this? is RAS made for TWO nics instead of one?

3. which method is better? pro/cons of both?

Answer:should remote clients connect to the VPN on the firewall or be passed to the server?

I prefer to terminate vpn connections at the edge. Further, I like to feed my dns info through the edge of my networks. So when you connect, you can access that dns server, which has the records for my AD domain.

Once that's done, as long as the connecting machine is a member of the domain, you should be able to log in.

( I won't ask about resources and bandwidth, as I figure you already have that taken into account. But I will say remote desktop is a wonderful thing )

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Heya. I have barely any experience hosting game servers; the last time I did it was many years ago.
I'm wondering whether it's possible to host a game server (e.g. Counter Strike Source, or The Hidden) with a GNU/Linux operating system (probably Ubuntu) and have Windows-based clients connect to the server to play online.
I tried researching the issue but it seems this is not a popular question. Search results seem to indicate that it's perfectly doable, but reliable confirmation would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Answer:Host Game Server on GNU/Linux for Windows Clients

As long as the game can support both OSes, it should be fine as the data between computer is the same.

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Hi all,Upon searchng the startup list on this website I found the following entry.Clients Server Runtime Process csrss.exe X Added by the W32/Sdbot-CPF worm and IRC backdoor. The process is running on my Vista machine. I ran Malwarebytes and Superantispyware but the process continues to run. Does this mean that the computer is infected? And if so, how do I clean it out? Besides this process there are about 90 others running at the same time. Thanks for the time.

Answer:Clients Server Runtime Process csrss.exe Possible Infection

If you still have those logs from Malwarebytes Anti-Malware can you post them?If not then perform the following scans with updated databases of each of the following and run full scans:Download the following:Malwarebytes Anti-MalwarePlease download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.Download Link 1Download Link 2MBAM may "make changes to your registry" as part of its disinfection routine. If using other security programs that detect registry changes (ie Spybot's Teatimer), they may interfere or alert you. Temporarily disable such programs or permit them to allow the changes.Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.
For instructions with screenshots, please refer to the How to use Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Guide.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan.If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself. Press the OK button to close that box and continue.If you encounter any problems while downloading the definition updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is sele... Read more

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I hear that I need to make changes to the MTU, RWIN, and possibly other settings to maximize the performance of a gigabit network. And since my Win2K Server is on slower hardware (P4 2.4Ghz with 512MB RAM), enabling Jumbo Frames will help.

Can you give me advice on what changes to make to the configuration and what values to use after installing the gigabit cards?

This will be in a mixed environment of gigabit Win2K Server and gigabit/100mit WinXP clients all connected to a single unmanaged gigabit switch supporting 9K Jumbo Frames.

Answer:How to configure gigabit server/clients for best network performance?

Does your current load ever come close to network capacity? If not then I don't think it is really worth tweaking it, performance gains will be negligible.

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I have a DNS role set up on my home server running windows 2k3 server. I use it to access dev sites. If my server name is "server", I can access http://dev1.server, or http://dev2.server. In my linksys router, I have options for 3 static dns servers. I have the static internal IP of my dns server as the first entry, and blanks for the other two.

The problem is, when I boot up a client computer, it doesn't seem to be picking up the local dns. When I run ipconfig /all, it shows for the dns entries, my internal IP for the server as well as two that it received from my ISP. The only time it works is when I flush the dns on the client and renew the connection. After that, it's fine and I can see the internal dns is working correctly (all entries point where they should). However, after a while, it seems to "lose" the dns entries of my local server.

Any idea what's going on? Thanks.


Answer:Trouble getting home server DNS to work with clients and router?

When you get the problem again, can you do "ipconfig /displaydns" and copy that info. Try to see what happens if you can ping the DNS server by just name or by the fully qualified domain name (FQDN). Also try by IP address of the DNS server. I'm assuming the IP address will work.

After that, do "ipconfig /flushdns" and "ipconfig /registerdns", and copy that info here.

You can also just append your DNS suffix under Advanced TCP/IP Settings on your NICs and see if that helps, or otherwise add your preferred DNS server instead of automatically acquire it. However, once you move your computer, you'll probably want to take out this info.

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Hi Everyone,

I am running a Domain from a Windows 2008 R2 Server. At the moment Windows Updates are not working on the Server, or the corresponding clients.

On the Server I see the following error message -

Notice above that the "Most recent check for updates" is listed as never, as is the "Updates were installed".

I don't honestly believe that updates have never worked on the Server despite what is shown above.

From one of my Windows 7 client computers I see the following -

Notice in this instance that the "Most recent check for updates" is listed as the 23/04/2013, and "Updates were installed", is listed as 10/04/2013.

I tried the "Answer" shown in this link -

Windows Update Error 80072efd

After resetting the Proxy settings on the Server I saw the following -

Furthermore I have tweaked various Group Policy settings related to updates and there has been no improvement.

There is no 3rd party Firewall on either my Server or the Clients, so there is nothing to configure on this front.

Finally when setting up new clients they are able to install updates on my network whilst they are not Domain members. However as soon as the new client becomes a Domain member it gets the infamous Error 80072efd message.

Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


Answer:Can't update Windows on Server or Clients (error 80072efd)

The 2efd error is often related to connection problems - check the firewalls, and any GPOs related to Windows Updates.

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Hi everybody,

a customer has a problem with his KMS.
He imaged clients with a syspreped image and activated the clients properly.
Now he got some clients, which can't be activated. And we can't find the error.
The error showed, that he didn't meet the threshold.
The server count shows 50, so it should be possible to activate the clients.
Any idea/help is appreciated

best regards


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my wireless router died so now im using this cheapy netgear router thats been lying around forever and now when i attempt to join a remote game server with another computer on the network both clients lag out.
I never had this problem with any other router i used. Any ideas to fix this? thanks

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I have a small company that wants 2 users to log in remotely (with a possible 3rd by the end of 2010 and a 4th by Q1 of 2011) via Remote Desktop.

They have a small application that each user needs to use when logged in via Remote Desktop. They want both users to be able to log in from home or from anywhere else using their laptop.

I have access to a used SBS2003 R2 box and a used Server 2003 R2 box. The server comes with the original CoA sticker and original software. I can reformat the hard drive and use either of the two machines with a clean install of each.

Would you use the SBS or just the Server? They have no need for Active Directory or Exchange or anything else. If I use Server 2003 R2, do I need to install Terminal Services?

I told them that I'm no expert, but they would still like to use me and told me that they're okay with me looking things up or asking for help.

Thanks, guys!!

Answer:Small company wants a server for 2 users to log in remotely... sheesh.

Have you considered using LogMeIn ? Its a real simple setup and good for non-IT professionals who don't want to have to configure routers, or firewalls.

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Strange problem- I am trying to log into our AD domain at a new windows 2003 server, I can log in fine with some admin username's (i.e. the top one, and one with low admin rights), but cannot log in with others that we use (it gives message saying username and password are incorrect, they defo ARE correct)

Strangley enough we can log into this server using terminal services remotely from any other pc using these same usernames. I cannot figure it out at all, the server concerned is just a file server, not a DC.

any suggestions??

Answer:Solved: Can remotely log into 2003 sever but not at the actual server!

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Okay, I am looking for a good and effective way to store and image harddrives, Im working in IT for a company and the issue is that each department requires different software, and instead of having an image for ever kind of system for each department what my goal is, is to have base images for each system, and then a configuration server that'll configure that system with all the software I select for that system, does anyone know of a way to do this?

Answer:Imaging/Configuration server system

Maybe usae a base image and something like Installpad.

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OK so our DHCP server is on a 2000 server machine.
A couple people in our one dept are running 2003 server.
When we enable DHCP on our 2000 server, one of the 2003 machines starts sucking up IP addys till they are all gone. Also, if you look at the DHCP control panel, under the list of clients, the icon next to the offending machine is different. It has a picture of a computer, with a small yellow telephone next to it.
The offending machine has only 1 nic, so why is it eating up IP addys??

Answer:Wierd DHCP problem 2000 server 2003 clients

Does the Win 2003 server have RRAS installed installed and running, if so IIRC it will request and reserve a large number of IP addresses for use by VPN or direct dial connections to it.

As a workaround you can create a DNS reservation for the MAC addy of the offending computer so that it will only be able to get one IP.

I believe RRAS is the culprit though.


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I have a Win2K single controller domain where user logons at any Win98SE client machine fail where a password is required with the message “Microsoft Networking: The Domain password you supplied is not correct or access to your login server has been denied”. This includes the “Administrator” user.

However, a same usernames set with no password can log on without problems, is recognised by the domain as a logged on user & has full functionality.

I suspect that it is a relatively simple “settings” problem but after a fair amount of experimentation and searching through “Help” and on the Internet, I still can’t work out what’s wrong.

Additional information:

i) I can log the user names onto the Domain Controller (the only Win2k machine currently on the network) using the designated password, so the problem isn’t a simple password error.

ii) A number of machines have the Win9x DSClient installed. This allows limited enquiry on Active Directory using a “Find People” facility. This also fails , giving the message “FIND PEOPLE The specified Directory Service has denied access. Check the properties of this Directory Service and verify that the Authentication type settings & parameters are correct”. (What’s not clear on what “directory service” is being referred to; presumably it is one on the Win2K domain controller?)

iii) When I first promoted the Win2k Server to be a Domain Controller, I didn’t experience this problem. Since then, I have demoted and ... Read more

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I support a network consisting of a Windows domain running off a Windows 2003 domain controller/file server/print server where most of the clients are running Windows XP (balance are Mac OS X machines). I've been experimenting lately with Windows 7 Professional, but am finding that any time I add a printer in Windows 7 and connect to one of the shared printers hosted on the Server 2003 machine, all other clients are unable to use the printer. The blocking happens gradulally; when the printer is first installed, the XP users will occasionally get an error when printing (complains that drivers aren't installed for the printer), but will usually be able to print. If after setting up that printer I actually print a page from the Win7 machine, that will ultimately block them completely. They'll get the missing drivers error any time they try to print or try to open the Properties window for that printer.

The printers in question are Kyocera Mita 3035 multi-purpose machines; all drivers are installed on the server, and this has worked well with all other client machines. The network is new within the last four years, with Cat.6 cabling and gigabit ethernet (copper) switches in between. The server is a Dell PowerEdge server running Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2, with all updates applied.

I'm hoping this is something that someone has seen before. For now I've built a workaround by setting up another shared printer on the server specifically for the Windows 7 mach... Read more

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This may be a very stupid question, but can't think of the logical answer. Let's say I have a Win2k print server and both Windows and Unix clients that need to print to the HP printers.

Now would it be possible to have a unix print server as well? Or no, because the two print queues would not know about each other, so what would happen when a windows client prints to printer1 the same time a unix client does?

Or is there a way to set up the unix clients to print through the Windows print server?

We also have a samba server in our network if that changes things?


Answer:Unix and Windows clients printing to a Win2k Print Server?

If you run samba on the clients, you can send to Windows print queues. I don't have any links on hand, but check out for a how-to.

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We have 2 x Server 2008 R2 domain controllers and 120+ Windows 7 x64 clients.
We have a print server which runs Server 2008 R2. We have several other servers which also run Server 2008 R2.
An issue occurs intermittently and apparently at random, whereby a client will be unable to resolve the host/computer name of the print server.
When the issue occurs, we have confirmed the following:
- The client has a valid IP address.
- The client?s DNS server addresses are correct.
- The client can ping the IP address of the print server.
- The client can resolve the IP address of the print server by using nslookup and the server?s FQDN.
- The client cannot resolve the IP address of the print server by using nslookup and the host/computer name of the print server.
- The issue can occur regardless of which domain controller the client used to log on.
- When the output of ?ipconfig /displaydns? is printed to a text file, many of the other servers in our domain are present in the DNS cache but the print server is not.
- After the ?ipconfig /flushdns? command is executed, the client can resolve the host/computer name of the print server immediately.
If anyone has any thoughts on the cause of this issue and how to resolve it, I would be very grateful.

Answer:Windows 7 clients intermittently unable to resolve host name of server

Hi Squelchy,

How many computers are having this issue? From your statement below, I see one.

whereby a client will be unable to resolve the host/computer name of the print server.

Have you tried updating the NIC's driver?

What if you are logged on as a different User from that PC, are you able to replicate the issue?

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Is this possible? I've got my free copy of server 08 and a 'older' spare PC that I'd like to install it on (I hope). Putting system requirements aside, is this attainable? The main thing that attracts me is the advertisement that server 08 can run php and side by side.

I've searched and looked around, but I haven't really found anything useful. That might be a sign...

Answer:Server 2008 as a Web Server/File Server/Print Server

I tested Server 2008 on an old HP Compaq nx9600 laptop (P4 3ghz, 512mb RAM, ATI Radeon Mobility X300) I had lying around in my cabinet in an attempt to practice migrating and upgrading WSS 2.0 from a 2003 server to WSS 3.0 on the 2008 server on the laptop. It ran slow as shit when the WMSDE database running lol.. but without it, it was as smooth as Win2003.

I say give it a try.

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What options are out there for getting a disk image from a Dell PowerEdge R310 with a SAS 6/iR card?

It looks like Clonezilla should work?

Long story short, I'm cleaning up a clusterfuck of a mess. 1U server with 3 drives in RAID0. No redundancy, obviously, and this is an important system.
1.8TB RAID0 has a 100GB C: partition for OS and software and the rest goes to the E: partition for data.

I'm needing to image this and reconfigure the RAID, so there's a 2 disk RAID1 for OS and software, and 2 disk RAID0 for data.
1U server so only 4 drive bays.

I tried the Windows built-in backup and restore, but it won't restore.
Per a Microsoft TechNet article, I think it was, said you can only restore to the same size or larger disk, regardless of partition size.
Sooo... that was a no go.
Preferably free software.

It looks like Clonezilla should support RAID, but are there any other options? I'd like to have more than 1 option on Monday when I try this again.

The Paragon Server Backup trial might work too, since you can create a WinPE environment and I could inject the necessary drivers.

Any other free options out there?

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Document imaging for windows is not included in Server 2003. I have office 2000. I know it's included in office 2003 but I do not have it. Any suggestions?

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Low gal on the totem pole at a new job so I have the oldest, slowest machine. And then another gal left....and left behind a nice, new, fast machine! I'd like to swap machines, but have no help at work other than someone carrying the unplugged machine.

I installed Norton Ghost v 9 on my machine thinking I could make/copy a disk image of my machine into my folder on the server...unplug/move machines and then restore the disk image to the new machine. Norton is asking me for "Domain" "User" "Password" info. I can browse to the path/location where I want to put the disk image. I don't use a password to log onto my machine and know the password for the server. I've tried filling in different info, but am getting an error message. (I'll write down the specific message next time I try this at work)

I'm familiar with individual pcs, home network and using this program to back up/make disk images of my own pcs, but am not that familiar with more "formal" networks.

Can anyone explain these terms to me? Or explain what info the program might be looking for? I just don't get why it's not working when I can browse to the location for the image.

THANKS...I appreciate your help

Answer:Disk Imaging Local Drive to the Server

Problem is, depending on the version of Windows you're using, the image from your old machine likely won't work on the new one. If it's Windows 2000 or XP, the two machines must have the same I/O chipset, or the image will bluescreen on the new hardware, and you'll need to at least do a repair install to get it working again (there are other workarounds that can be done before imaging, but they get somewhat involved). In the end, it's probably more trouble than it's worth.

If you're mostly worried about your work on the old machine, just take the drive from it and plug it into the new one as a secondary drive, so you can access and copy off your files.

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I have a PowerEdge 1950 3rd generation server that is running Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition R2 SP2 and is running Terminal Services. The drive configuration is two 150 GB SATA drive hooked to a PERC 6i integrated controller in a RAID 1 configuration. My department has purchased replacement SAS drives and housing so I can replace the SATA drives with SAS for faster disk performance. What is the best way to make an image of the current software and transfer it to a new SAS disks? I don’t have Ghost or Acronis and never had much luck with those programs when imaging servers with RAID controllers. Besides rebuilding from scratch what is another quicker method of transferring the current image to the new drives on the same server? Full NT backup and restore?


Answer:imaging a terminal server for disk replacement

The PERC 6i is capable of connecting directly to up to 8 SATA/SAS disks IIRC, but you may not have the necessary breakout cables to do so. Quickest solution would be to shut down your TS, put all 4 disks and the PERC into a temporary chassis, create two arrays and image between them using dd on a live cd or something similar, then delete the SATA array and reassemble in the normal chassis with only the SAS disks. I don't think this would be my first choice though, it requires too much fiddling with hardware.

I would use Acronis/Clonezilla/Ghost and just image the whole disk over the network to some spare storage, swap the disks and create a new array and then image back. There's not really any easier/better way.

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Figured I'd see if anyone [H]ere has come across this problem.

We have shared public folders on one of our servers running Server [strike=]2003 Standard[/s] 2008 R2 Standard; all clients are Win7 Pro.

For some reason, the network shares will randomly drop out and become disconnected. Red X's, failure when connecting ("Share no longer available" etc etc). Anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or two later, the share is reconnected again.

On my machine, I've tried running a ping -t to the IP of the server and the ping will run 99.9% of the time with no timeouts, but despite that, I'll still lose my shares randomly. This basically eliminates network connectivity as the issue. We've also tried switching cables and network ports to make sure it wasn't a bad port.

Today we copied the public directory to an external drive, ran that drive off another server (running 2008 R2) through the USB, remapped the shares....and no one complained of the share randomly dropping today.

We're not sure what it is on that particular server, but we've pretty much narrowed it down to that server. Not sure if it's a setting in Windows that's messing with it. We've disabled the firewall and the AV on that server. A guy at school I asked tonight mentioned stopping the Network Discovery service and/or flushing the DNS cache on the server....I was going to bring that up tomorrow and see if anyone's tried that yet.

Server is not ... Read more

Answer:Random shared drive drops between Server 2003 and Win7 clients

Is this server a DC or anything or just a file server? You mentioned 7 months old, why didn't you go with 2008R2 on it from the beginning?

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The service packs (SP1 for 7 and SP2 for Vista) have been approved for install. Clients just don't detect that SPs being available on the server.

I ran WSUS Detection tool from Microsoft and it said 'passed' and clients are able to contact WSUS Server.


Answer:Windows 7 and Vista clients don't update Service pack from WSUS Server

Are they picking other updates up still?
IIRC, WSUS only downloads a minimal SP - so that the clients have to be fully updated before they will see the SP offered (but I could be wrong - it's been a while)

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The SQLProfiler can be used to capture and analyze SQL being submitted to the SQL Server. There is no way to view the result set which is the result of the execution of these SQL. Can the Message Analyzer be used for this purpose ? I need to view the results
as part of troubleshooting.  If yes, I would appreciate if you can tell me how to achieve it.

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Does anyone know of a FTP server, for windows, that has some type of a web based management utitlity. By web based i mean some type of a client that is logged into similarly to like a linksys router or something similar. I've been seaching around for a while but can't seem to find much.


Answer:Web based FTP server

I'm not sure it supports FTP, but the little I've seen of this, it's great.

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Alright some of you here know I am a Firefighter and I am also our IT director. Well my Chief made me the IT guy, I told him what I was going to do, I changed over from P2P to Windows Server 2003. Now he got mad at someone for locking THEIR computer in THEIR office (not his the Chief's office) and now he wants NO PASSWORDS on any computer. Not to mention I brought my OWN server from my house and spent my money buying the parts, software, and monitor for it.
I need help with gathering all the Pro's and Con's of having a Server Based vs P2P Network.......
Please help me from not wanting to quit my job.

Answer:P2P vs Server Based

What's to say? The thing that springs to mind is: No good deed goes unpunished.

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I am going be moving all the shared folders on my Server 2003 file server to my new Server 2008 VM and want to do it in a way that will allow my clients to be able to access them as if nothing happened. I have been reading about the Windows FSMT (File Server Migration Toolkit) and it will copy over all the permissions and everything but I am not sure how to go about making sure the client will still be able to access the shares especially if they have mapped any of them. If i change the IP and host name of the new machine to the old one after the migration is complete and then shutdown the old server will everything run smoothly? What is the best way to go about doing this?

Answer:Migrate Server 2003 file server shares to new machine (Server 2008)

you can do this or you can change DNS so that the old server name points to the new server IP. You need to turn off StrictNameChecking

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


this means that you can name the server what ever you want but if you go to the old host name it will also take you to the new server.

Don't forget this needs to be completed and rolled out after the users log off but before they log back in

As old user move on and new users join make sure that you link them to the share via the new host name so eventually the old host name is fased out and you can remove the above reg key.

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I have clients that want a backup server in case of a failure of their main Windows AD server.

Would I be better off with backup/restore programs like Acronis True Image or Symantec System Restore or Symantec Ghost, or would I be better off setting up a second Active Directory server? Would the second AD server one take over if the first one failed? Would it replicate data and user settings etc? Would it add unneeded complexity for us and the clients?

Anyone who may have some insight to this, please give some suggestions.

Answer:Point of a second Active Directory server? Better than an Imaging backup?

Erunt is very good you can set it to back up the registry every day. Its free and can be got from here

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I use Norton Ghost at work to push out images to PC's in use here. I'm looking for something similar I can use with my Windows Home Server, basically what I want to do is reload my primary PC with Vista and baseline drivers, image it and then push it out again when something gets screwed up with it in the future... Any suggestions?

Answer:Need suggestion for Imaging software for my Windows Home Server

Isn't this one of the basic, primary functions of WHS, and why anyone would be running it in the first place?

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I have a client who has a server and they want to be able to fax from it from any of the client computers. Is there software out there that allows this?? It would have a server component for the server and a client component for the clients. Thanks in advance.

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